2019 Year in Review

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2019 Year in Review People • Land • Legacy

Michigan Nature Association

“Milky Way Over Lake Michigan” by Daniel Sandin

A Year for Hope Each year, we set out to protect, maintain, and restore critical habitat in the fragile ecosystem that makes up this unique state. And each year, we are met with challenges – some that are surmountable, and some that are seemingly overwhelming. 2019 ended with a number of positive conservation achievements. We celebrated the removal of the Kirtland’s Warbler from the Federal endangered species list, and the reintroduction of the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) in Congress. The latter, if approved, would redirect $1.4 billion of existing federal funds to states to implement congressionally mandated Wildlife Action Plans – a plan that MNA was a key partner in helping to develop for the State of Michigan in 2015. But 2020 has come with a new set of challenges, and hope seems elusive as we face a global pandemic the likes of which few of us have experienced. In these uncertain times, I can at least report on the many signs of hope we saw in 2019 for Michigan nature.

“Whether protecting critical shoreline, fighting invasive species, or helping to educate the next generation of conservationists, we continue to build on hope for a better future”

The Michigan Nature Association itself was the recipient of hope for our future, with the receipt of a Consumer’s Energy Foundation Planet Award. The grant award is helping us protect, restore, and enhance 575 acres of critical habitat at or adjacent to eleven of MNA’s more than 180 nature sanctuaries. Some of the restoration work began this past year, and there is much more to come. It is with much determination on the part of MNA, its staff, board members, and volunteers, that we achieved all that you will find in this Year in Review. And those accomplishments would not be possible without the support of members, like yourself, who place your trust in us to protect Michigan’s natural heritage, for generations to come. Whether protecting critical shoreline, fighting invasive species, or helping to educate the next generation of conservationists, we continue to build on hope for a better future. Thank you for all that you do – while the challenges of 2020 are unlike any in recent history, still I look forward to working with all of you to protect Michigan’s incredible natural landscapes, forever, for everyone.

Cover Photo: Tahquamenon Falls State Park by Paul Mrozek Back Cover Photo: Thorne Swift Nature Preserve by Mary Lightner

“Lakeside Picnic” by Jen Blindert

Achieving National Recognition

Earning a Mark of Distinction This year, MNA achieved land trust re-accreditation through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance. MNA provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence that MNA’s lands will be protected forever. Maintaining accreditation is one of the many ways MNA is committed to conservation excellence. It means our conservation work and business practices meet the highest professional standards within the national land trust community. Earning the accreditation seal, a true mark of distinction, speaks volumes to our members, donors, and the public about our ability to uphold their trust and protect important natural lands forever. MNA is one of 1,363 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance’s most recent National Land Trust Census. MNA is committed to continuing to meet the highest standards into the future and is proud to be an accredited land trust.

Michigan Nature Association has made an extraordinary commitment to excellence, trust and permanence in land conservation.

Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance

“Learning Nature” by Greg Bodker

Building a Geography of Hope

Protecting Michigan’s Natural Treasures Growing Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary to 520 Acres Thanks to hundreds of donors who helped raise needed funds at the end of 2018, we finalized the purchase of 60 additional acres at the Estivant Pines in spring 2019, protecting more old growth white pines, Montreal River frontage, and wetland buffer at MNA’s most iconic nature sanctuary. Acquiring a New Sanctuary to Create Habitat for an Endangered Butterfly A grant from The Conservation Fund with funding from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources helped MNA acquire a third sanctuary in Newaygo County. As part of the larger 250-acre Newaygo Prairies Conservation Area, MNA is undertaking active restoration at the new Brooks Oak Pine Barrens Nature Sanctuary to create suitable habitat for the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly and other rare species. Restoring Rare Natural Communities Across the State Large scale restoration projects enhanced or restored native prairie, oak pine barrens, and oak openings at several MNA nature sanctuaries, including Five Lakes Muskegon, Butternut Creek, Tiffin River, and Saginaw Wetlands Nature Sanctuaries.

2019 Consumers Energy Foundation “Planet Award” Recipient

Creating a Center for Environmental Education Following the donation of the Franklin F. and Brenda L. Holly Nature Sanctuary in Mason County in late 2018, MNA initiated plans for managing the new sanctuary as an environmental education center beginning with the development of a trail system, and adding talented new staff to lead restoration work and connect the Holly Nature Sanctuary to local schools and the greater community in the Ludington area. Earning Recognition as a Planet Award Recipient The Consumers Energy Foundation selected MNA for one of its first Planet Awards, awarding a three-year, $250,000 grant to help protect, enhance, and restore nearly 600 acres of critical habitat at eleven nature sanctuaries in eight Michigan counties. The targeted areas are some of the last strongholds for rare, threatened and endangered plants and animals in Michigan. Building a Wildlife Sanctuary in the Upper Peninsula A unique partnership through the North American Wildlife Conservation Act grant enabled the transfer of land from the The Nature Conservancy in Michigan to expand MNA’s Swamp Lakes Moose Refuge Nature Sanctuary in the Upper Peninsula’s Luce County to nearly 300 acres, a sanctuary for bear, moose, otter, and more!

Coolbough Natural Areas by Randy Butters

Restoration and Renewal

Being Good Stewards of the Land Ongoing stewardship maintains the important conservation values found at our nature sanctuaries over time and enables visitor access to our popular sanctuaries. It is because of the dedication of our sanctuary Stewards, interns, and hundreds of volunteers that we are able to manage over 180 nature sanctuaries across our large state.


2019 highlights include: • Began stewardship activities at one of our newest sanctuaries, Brooks Oak Pine Barrens, including boundary marking, and habitat restoration. • Conducted prescribed burns at seven nature sanctuaries to help sustain populations of rare plants and animals such as the eastern prairie fringed orchid and the eastern massasauga rattlesnake.

hours worked by MNA volunteers in 2019

• Established a new demonstration garden as we continue the transformation of conventional office park landscaping to one that is bird, butterfly, and pollinator friendly at our headquarters in Okemos.

2019 in Numbers 181

sanctuaries monitored (100%)


volunteer workdays & guided hikes


invasive species workdays


partner research projects


prescribed burns

Kinawa Middle School Vernal Pool Field Trip by Lauren Ross

Inspiring the Next Generation

Connecting Children with Nature Many of us take our opportunities to enjoy nature for granted. But that is not the case for thousands of Michigan children who have very few chances to explore the natural world. All children deserve access to nature for its many health, recreation, outdoor skills, and education benefits. Our School to Sanctuary partnerships, field trip grant program, and Discovery Day collaboration with the Eliza Howell Park Partnership in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit are just some of the ways we strive to connect children with nature across the state. In 2019 we funded 21 field trip grants for over 1,400 students. Magic happens when kids get outside to learn, but don’t take our word for it:

“We’ve never done anything like this before.” Students, Fordson High School “I barely knew anything about bees. Now I know tons of stuff!”

“Some kids who don’t always shine academically within the four walls of our classroom had eyes lit up the whole week in the woods.” Andrea Hartland, Teacher, Bath Elementary

2019 in Numbers

Ethan, Elementary Student “I had fun when we went hiking. Also it was awesome to see a snake and frog too.” Nikolas, Elementary Student



grants awarded to schools


“Loved that red winged blackbird.” Courtney, Elementary Student


School to Sanctuary Partnerships

Karner Blue Butterfly Family Fun Run & 5K by Patricia Pennell

Moose on the Loose Family Fun Run & 5K by Jan Foxen

Turtle Trot Family Fun Run & 5K by Lauren Ross

Monarch March Family Fun Run & 5K by Lauren Ross

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

People Making a Difference The Race for Michigan Nature, a statewide series of Family Fun Runs & 5Ks, hosted hundreds of runners and volunteers at our four locations in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and Marquette. Despite having to cancel two of this year’s races due to unforeseen circumstances, we had a great year of sponsors and partners as well. Each race spotlights one of Michigan’s rarest species and helps to promote the importance of protecting Michigan’s remaining natural areas. The species highlighted are Karner blue butterflies, monarch butterflies, turtles, rattlesnakes, lake sturgeon, and moose.

The runs are endorsed by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports and each qualifies for the Pure Michigan Challenge, where runners and volunteers accumulate points to win special prizes. Help protect rare, threatened and endangered species throughout Michigan by registering for a race near you. Races are open to families, strollers are welcome, and most are pet friendly! Find more information about the 2020 race schedule on our website and Facebook page.

Endorsed by:

Congratulations 2019 Winners! Location Kalamazoo Grand Rapids Rochester Detroit Marquette Ann Arbor

Top Male Runner Tyler Smuskiewicz John Pauley Postponed to 2020 Postponed to 2020 Seppi Camilli Malcolm Bambling

Top Female Runner Liz DeBoer Annalise Elliot Postponed to 2020 Postponed to 2020 Julia Olson Rachel Ryan

A Statewide Impact MNA makes a statewide impact because of hundreds of dedicated Stewards and volunteers who care for and maintain our nature sanctuaries—we thank them for their invaluable work. We also thank our many partners that make these projects possible, including: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, The Conservation Fund, U.S. Forest Service, Michigan Audubon, Leuthold Foundation, Michigan Natural Features Inventory, Eastern Michigan University, Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Michigan Karst Conservancy, Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area partners, Brooks Township, and The Nature Conservancy.

2 E




Land Acquisition 1. Brooks Oak Pine Barrens Nature Sanctuary MNA added to its Karner Blue Butterfly sanctuary network in Newaygo County with the addition of this new sanctuary. 2. Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary Addition Our 2018 year-end fundraising campaign paid off with the addition of 60 acres along the southern border of the Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary, including frontage along the Montreal River. 3. Swamp Lakes Moose Refuge MNA added nearly 120 acres to the Swamp Lakes Moose Refuge in Luce County, made possible by a North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant, and The Nature Conservancy parnership, which will continue our efforts to protect and restore the wetlands and adjacent habitat at the sanctuary.


Monarch Egg on a Flower Petal by Mary Rasmussen


1. Tiffin River Reforestation MNA conducted planting and prairie restoration on 36 acres of this 97-acre property in Lenawee County. The project was funded through the Conservation Reserve Program which is administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service – US Dept. of Agriculture.



1 12 2 E


5 E 10




E E 4 3
















E 1


2. Five Lakes Muskegon Oak Pine Barrens MNA conducted mowing on 25 acres of woody encroachment followed up by a prescribed burn. The mowing was funded by USFWS – Partners for Fish and Wildlife program and the burn was funded through a Michigan DNR Wildlife Habitat grant through partnership with The Wild Turkey Federation.

Education & Outreach 3. Brooks Oak Pine Barrens Restoration This restoration project, funded through an endangered species mitigation grant administered by The Conservation Fund, consisted of pine plantation removal, as well as a prescribed burn, wildflower overseeding enhancement, and light brush removal and tree girdling at the sanctuary.

9. Climate Change Training In partnership with the Land Trust Alliance and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, MNA staff and board members received training about the climate science and available conservation planning tools to help us better care for the ecological integrity of our sanctuary system in an uncertain future.

4. Butternut Creek Prairie Fen Stewardship staff and volunteers cleared woody encroachment followed by a prescribed burn to restore a portion of the prairie fen. The project was funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service- Partners for Fish and Wildlife program.

10. Dolan Prescribed Burn & Research Partnership MNA conducted burns in the savanna restoration zone of the sanctuary and coordinated with Grand Valley State University researchers to begin a multi-year study of savanna response to different burn treatments.

5. Saginaw Wetlands Oak Openings Restoration Brush mowing and a prescribed burn were conducted at this sanctuary in Huron County to restore great lakes oak openings along the Lake Huron shoreline with funding by the USFWS - Partners for Fish and Wildlife program. 6. Holly Nature Sanctuary Trail Establishment MNA’s newest Regional Stewardship Organizer identified the trail layout, and the initial trail was roughed in and marked with trail markers. 7. Spotted & Blanding’s Turtle Surveys MNA volunteers conducted surveys of Spotted and Blanding’s turtles at a number of sanctuaries in the Lower Peninsula to better understand the turtle population and habitat usage at these locations. 8. Cattail Management This project sought to prevent further encroachment into the critical Poweshiek skipperling habitat in Oakland County, in an area adjacent to the habitat and hopefully begin expanding the available habitat.

11. Dedicated Johnson Memorial Nature Sanctuary In January, the Board of Trustees officially named this sanctuary in Keweenaw County the Sharon E. Johnson Memorial Nature Sanctuary. 12. Coolbough Natural Areas Barrens Restoration About 4 acres of the natural area had trees girdled and understory brush thinned to restore the oak pine barrens habitat for Karner blue butterfly and other species in preparation for a future prescribed burn.

1. Addison High School at Goose Creek Grasslands As part of a School to Sanctuary partnership, students learned about the prairie fen at Goose Creek in the classroom and then participated in a service learning workday at the sanctuary. 2. Newaygo Middle School at Karner Blue Nature Sanctuary After learning about the sanctuary in the classroom, students pulled invasive spotted knapweed and planted appropriate native species at the nature sanctuary as part of an MNA School to Sanctuary partnership. 3. Center for Sustainable Future Students visited the McCulley-Bastian Nature Santuary and pulled garlic mustard and scouted the sanctuary for pollinator habitat. 4. Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership MNA co-leads the Michigan Vernal Pools Partnership to raise awareness and conduct trainings with professionals and students, inspiring the next generation of conservationists.

13. Rizor Nature Sanctuary Bridge Replacement The failing bridge was replaced with a new bridge at this sanctuary in Livingston County.

5. “Discovery Day” at Eliza Howell Park MNA worked with partners to promote conservation and nature education at this City of Detroit park in the Brightmoor neighborhood.

14. Wilcox Warnes Trail Improvements Eagle Scouts assisted MNA in constructing new boardwalk sections to make the sanctuary easier to walk in the spring when portions of the woods are wet.

E. Environmental Education Fund Mini-Grants MNA funded field trip opportunities for 21 schools to bring over 1,400 students to natural areas across the state. K. Race for Michigan Nature MNA hosted the Race for Michigan Nature, a statewide series of Family Fun Runs & 5Ks.

Thank You to Our Supporters Thousands of individuals across the country generously support MNA with their membership dues and other financial gifts. We are also extremely grateful for the contributed services and work of our many volunteers, whose names may not appear on these pages. Every gift to MNA makes a difference, be it time or treasure, and we thank each of our supporters for their dedication to protecting Michigan’s natural heritage. MNA is very appreciative of the contributions by each and every member, donor and volunteer. We have made every attempt to be accurate in our donor list, which includes donations made between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019; any name not included was done so unintentionally and we apologize for the omission. Names with a (*) next to them denotes our Guardians of the Future, supporters who, through estate planning, make a planned gift to MNA. These individuals and families create a lasting legacy and protect even more of Michigan’s natural heritage both during and beyond a donor’s lifetime.

Hooded Merganser Hen and Chicks by David Dalrymple

$10,000 and up Jennifer Adderley Consumers Energy Foundation William Cooke* Frank Holly* Sharon Johnson* Fred Larmay Hilda Nash David and Jeannette Sharpe Anonymous (1)

$1,000 to $9,999 Alec and Judy Allen* Christiane Anderson Doris Applebaum* Audubon Society of Kalamazoo Leon and Linda Bakke David Baur and Bernice Natoli Greg and Linda Bodker* Rebecca Brock Charles Stewart Mott Foundation May Chen Community Foundation for Muskegon Melvin and Mary Ann Czechowski Robert and Linda DeLap Donald and Christine Diehl Darcy and David Dye Harry and Sara Eick Dr. James H. LoPrete

Paul Gambka Aubrey and Martina Golden Rex Guelde Ann and James Hancock Robert and Elizabeth Herbst Neil and Mary Hodges* Clifford and Shirley Johnson Kurt and Maura Jung Robert Kachman Stephen Kelley and Mary Catherine Rentz Keweenaw Community Foundation John and Joanne Kleis Anna Paulina Foundation Douglas and Celeste LaBar David Lindberg Robert and Marion Martin Nancy and Gregg Maze Maureen Michael and Roger De Roo Frank H and Nancy Moore Foundation Janet A Morosco Ms. Margaret Myers Evan and Sue Noyes Theresa Pearch Drew and Karen Peslar Foundation Ward Randol, Jr. Don and Carolyn Reed* Debbie Remer* Bill and Donna Remer Ken Ross Randall Schau John Schlansker

Thank You to Our Supporters

William and Irene Sonnett Donald and Karen Stearns Nancy Steiner Joan and Mark Strobel Martin Tatuch James Tercha The Taheri Foundation Dori Turner Ruth Vail Robert and Helen Van Eck Joyce Van Ochten Andy Walz Scott and Cynthia Weaver Betty White* James and Marva Williams David and Joanne Wood Anonymous (11)

$500 to $999 Angela and William Aldrich Larry and Pat Bacon Dr. David Baker James Bauer Kim Beal and Gladys Chrostek-Beal Michael and Diane Bennett James Bizer Carol Branch and Deb Ledford Betsy Briere

David and Sharon Brooks Daniel and Stacy Burton Marilou and Thomas Capo John Carlson John and Patricia Case Christopher Chamberlin and Joanna Pease Community Foundation for Southeast MI Copper Country Audubon Club Gary and Jennifer Course William and Kathy Davis William and Valerie DePriest Stan and Betsy Dole* David Ewert Kirk and Carly Fifer Yardeners of St. Clair Shores Susan Frazier Liz Gannon Vera Gerhardt Lynn Weimeister & Don Gilmer Richard and Marianne Glosenger Charles and Nancy Goodrich David & Carrie Grellmann Susan Gumpper Chris and Tammy Hamilton Dan Hardie Virginia Hathorne Jim Hewitt

Anna Holden Nora Iversen and John Talbot* Alan and Cara Jones Mary Karshner Carol Kauffman Steve Keim and Vera Kraft Paul and Judith Kindel Ken and Marlena Kirton Yu Man Lee & Jon Noyes John Lehman and Maureen DelaneyLehman Gisela Lendle King Scott MacLean William and Mary Martin Dr. Bradley McMath James Mihelcic and Karen Curry Moran Noel Moore Margaret R. Moran Patrick and Christine Muldoon Craig and Nancy Mullenbrock Terence and Patricia Murphy Ken and Emily Nietering Fred Oeflein Mary C. Payne Joe Pitlanish Blair Reamy Tony and Susan Reznicek Michael and Libby Robold* Jim and Pam Rossman Mary Saylor

Manfred and Judith Schmidt Donald and Brenda Schnell Karlin Sevensma Ken Shaw Steve Tomashefsky and Rebecca Sive Paul and Aggie Steiner Kyle and Carol Troyer Roger and Rebecca Tuuk Craig Tylenda Ken VanPatten Brian and Joan Wake* Glen and Edie Walter Marshall Weingarden Whistling Frog Tile Inc. Jane Giblin Steve Wisinski Jean Wynn YourCause Stan and Kathy Zasuwa Cathleen Zepelin& Anonymous (9)

$100 to $499 Susan and Keith Abentrod* Dawn Abt-Perkins Dr. Lewis Rosenbaum Angela Adamec Cynthia Adams

Thank You to Our Supporters

$100 to $499 Cont. Bruce Alden Matthew Alder Robert Alexander Ameriprise Financial Leon Anibal Nick Annicchiarico Mel Annis Mary and Lawrence Austin Thomas and Linda Baes Ruth Baker Amy Bakowski Beverly Bandt Lisa Bartlett Jennifer Baumgartner and Nicholas Panzica Thomas Bausman Thomas Beauvais Pat and Ronald Beechem Jonathon Beeton Catherine Belkowski Rosemary Bell Carol Bennett Dan and Peggy Bennett Jim Bergman & Penny Hommel Larry L Bernhardt William and Jan Bingham Harry Bird Elizabeth S. Bishop* Cathy and Terrence Blake Bill Bobier Stuart Bolinger Phillip and Mary Borkowski* Stacy and Timothy Bosch

Robert Bowden Jr. and Ann Fitzpatrick William and Angela Bowman Beverly Braden Ms. Kristine Bradof John and Patricia Bradtke Clara Bratton Janice Bright Carol Brodbeck Donald and Mary Brown Lawrence Brown Linda Brown and David Dupont Gerald and Rose Burke Lee Burton and Roberta Shaw-Reeves James Buschmann and Shirley Sampier Carolyn and Kerry Bush Cathy and David Butts Gary and Amber Campbell Joanne Cantoni Ruth Caputo Julia Caroff Catherine Carter David Cartwright Charlotte Catoni Jeanine Center Philip Chamberlain Kristi Chapman Melody Charlton Steve and Deb Chester Christopher Clampitt Michael and Terri Clark Thomas Clark Don and Barbara Clay Daniel and Suzanne Closner

Dottie Clune and Jill Henemyer Joanna Cohen Angela Collada Thomas Cook and Anna Owens Marilyn Cooper Michael and Sylvia Cooper John Copley George Corliss Patricia Cornett Michael Coughlin Judy Peck Virginia Cox Elizabeth Crosby David Crossett Anne Crotser Jim Crowfoot Beth Dannenberger Catherine Davis John Davis, Jr. and Marybeth PritschetDavis Robert Dawson Irene Day Lillian Dean David DeGraaf Larry and Diane Detter Drs. William and Robin Dickson Alfred and Alice Diebel Dr. John and Judy Dircks Anne Doran Julie Dorfman & Jerry Herst Wanda Dowdall Howard and Nedra Downing Don and Nancy Dunlop

Jim and Deb Dyke Mary Edgar Erick and Ashley Elgin Deborah Elliott L. Edward Elsholz Ron Emaus and Jan Sovak Joe Engel Toni Enright Doug Ensor Jennifer Enzer Marlene Epley and Leo Sheets Daniel and Martina Ezekiel Wayne Falda and Ann Tideman James and Fran Falender Liz and Sam Febba Finlandia Foundation of Michigan Dale and Ruth Fitch Jeff Fleming Mary and Terry Foltz Robert and Ruth Fountain Jan and Brad Foxen Matthew and Terri Franzen Jean Friedel Ron Gamble and Faye Stoner Linda Gary George Gearhart Fred Geis Dr. Orin and Charlette Gelderloos Renate Giannini Linda Gill Sue Goens Malcolm and Rita Goodwin James Gother

Thank You to Our Supporters

$100 to $499 Cont. Chris and Elaine Graham Judith and John Graham Sally Graham Judith Grantz Greater Lansing Orchid Society Tom Green Robert Grese Rosemary Grier and John Welch Edward Groves and Heidi Grether Diane Gunn Sondra Gunn Lloyd Haines Beach and Marianne Hall Laura and Norman Hamann Marlys Hamill Jacqueline Hand John Hand* Linda and John Harris Kenneth and Cathy Hart Tim and Nancy Hartshorne Douglas Harvey Jane Hayes John Hazewinkel William Hamilton and Susan Heathfield John and Rebecca Heck John Heidtke Susan Helsel Daniel Hendrickson and Stephen Jukuri Larry and Mary Hennessey Holly Hereau Jim and Peg Hertel Phyllis Higman Charlene & Timothy Hill

Gretchen Hirsch Martha Hitchiner Bill Hixson Melissa Hoeppner Amy Hofing Doug and Marie Holem Angela Hornsby Stephen Howard Anna M. Hradel Karen Hubbard Julie Hurley Julie and Michael Hussar Keith Alan Huth Steven Huyser-Honig IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Addison and Debby Igleheart Kerry and Mary Irons Abdeen Jabara and Holly Maguigan* Andi Jacklyn Ken and Stephanie Jacobsen Virginia P. Jamison Thomas Janssen Doug and Katharine Johnson Kathy Lund Johnson and Mark Johnson Michael Johnson Robert Johnson Shireen Jones Ron and Mary Junttonen Rachel Juris Robert Kahl Bill & Linda Kail Jacquelyn Kallunki

Sona Kalousdian Karen Kane Thomas Kearney John Kelley Woody Kellum Bob and Judy Kelly John and Elaine Kentala Natalie Kent-Norkowski and Travis Norkowski Michele and Larry Kerr Susan Kielb Kyle and Kevin King William and Deborah Kingsley* Sue Ellen Kingsley and Terry Kinzel Jacqueline Kinsman Donn and Kris Kipka Judith Kirkeby Don Klotz, Jr. Leah Knapp Mary Knight Jonathan & Laurel Kniskern John R. Knott Ellen Koehler Margaret Kohring Jim and Kathleen Kortge Richard and Ann Kraft Jon and Nancy Kreple Kroger Community Rewards Paul Krombeen Stan and Brenda Kuchta Leslie Kuhn Ponon D. Kumar, M.D. Elizabeth Lacey

Mary Ann LaMonte Anne Lasovage Glenn Latinen Laughing Loon Gerald Leary Gerald Lee Walter Lehman Linda LeMieux Marguerite Lentz Bill and Nancy Leonard Margaretha Lester Joslen Letscher John and Janet Lindgren Patricia and James Lindsay Livonia Garden Club John Lloyd Margaret Loffelman

Cotton-tailed Rabbit by Tim Kluisza

Thank You to Our Supporters

$100 to $499 Cont. Richard Lorey Thomas and Elaine Lovitt Barry and Karen Ludwig Jo Ann Lynch Bruce and Cynthia MacDonald Neil MacDonald Jay and Beth Machielse Merry MacRae Erwin and Roberta Madorsky Georgia Makens MALEHA Ralph and Marlena Markel* Jeanne Marsh and Steve Shevell Claire and Steve Marshall Warren and Wendy Martin William and Shirley Martinus Ronald Massie Colleen Matula Jon Mayes Edith Maynard Frederick and Kathryn Maynard Erin Maze JB McCombs and Grace Menzel* Barb McCulley & Duane Bastian Paul and Susan McEwen Kathleen McKevitt and Don Dickmann Lila McMechan Kay McNeal Barbara Mead Rebecca Mehall James Mertens Yvette Messing

Leanne Meyer Michigan Crossroads Council Michigan Gateway Community Services Barb Michniewicz and Gerald Nordblom Tracy Miller Stephanie Mills Joanna Mitchell Rita Mitchell Robert and Jennifer Moll Ms. Deb Montgomery Dennis and Pauline Moore Julie and Tom Moylan Bill Munson Wayne Murphy Andrew Mutch Larry Myland William Nakalsky Robert and Kimberly Ness Annadele Neuser Jill Neuville* Catherine Niessink Elaine and Richard Noake Doug and Michelle Norton Tim Nowicki Oakland Audubon Society Edward O’Brien Marian and Vincent Orihel Charles Otis Dane Page Jeannine Palms and Dale Petty Alta Parsons Richard and Mary Paul

Jerry and Pat Peck Margaret Pekarek William Peppler Petal Pushers Garden Club Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Michael Philip Rosemary Philip Jim and Betsy Pifer* Judy Pleshe Nancy Pokerwinski James and Margaret Ponshair Port Huron Garden Club Thomas and Sandra Post Ron and Helen Priest David Putt Junia and August Querio Alan Rackov Rada Radebaugh William and Barbara Rafaill Carol and Stephen Rall Michael and Susan Raymond Raymond James Margo and Bob Rebar Mr. Dean Reid Dennis and Chris Reineke Sigrid Resh John and Diane Revitte Florence & Benjamin Rhodes Kit Rich Jeff Richards Mark Richardson Carolyn Roberts

Mark and Kathy Roberts Lynne and Jamie Robertson Rocky Roll Bill and Nanno Rose Fran Rosen Kenneth Rosenman Ralph and Elizabeth Rossell Steven Rosswurm Jerry and Fran Rucker Jim Rypkema Ruth Sablich Kate & Ralph Safford C. Lynn Sagar Christine Samida Kathleen and Randy Schafer Cornelia Schaible James and Carolyn Schenden Nancy Schermerhorn Carol and Melvin Scherpenisse Marcia Schlinger Horst Schmidt Lynn Schram Phyllis Schroeder Dr. Elizabeth Schultz Pamela Schultz Riet Schumack Marcia Schwarz Elizabeth Seagull Janice Selberg Tina and Peter Selde Jan and Jim Senneker Mark and Mary Shantz

Thank You to Our Supporters

$100 to $499 Cont. Robert N. Sheap Richard Sheehan Larry Shulman and Rhonda Rochambeau Donald Smalligan and Mary Kenyon Dean and Anne Sousanis Bill Spengler Tom and Kathy Steelman Jeff Stein Sandy Stein Robert Stelzer K. Stockwell Julie Stoneman and Paul Jurczak Wayne Stordahl Kay Stremler and Ron Sell John and Carol Stuht Elly Sullivan* William Sullivan Ann Surratt Matt Swanson Robert and Renee Swanson Stephanie Swartzendruber Scott Swinton and Sylvia Morse Karen Sykes Betty Tableman Bing Tai Kay Takahashi & Richard Brewer Charity Taylor Elinor Taylor Melanie Tercha Robert Tercha The Staats Family Laura Bethany Thomas

Joel and Barb Thompson Forrest Tiedeman Rosemary Tinetti Eileen Tomasik Robert Tomasik and Norman Horowitz Paul and Alice Tomboulian Fred and Alyce Townsend Lewis Tripp Paul and Catherine Tulikangas Diane Vale Phyllis Valentine Mary Vallad Mark Van Eizenga Chris Van Gorder Mary Van Heuvelen Charlene Vanacker and David McFarlane Ben VanderWeide Jo Ann Viinikainen Lynn and Ann Vincent Curt and Janet Vogel Ordeana Sala, Treasurer Margaret Walter Robert Walter Susan Waltz & John Smith Mr David Wanty Susan Ward Stewart and Noreen Warren Tom and Nancy Washburne Celeste Watts John Watts Leonard and Margaret Weber Will and Joan Weber Roger and Barbara Webster

Virginia Webster-Smith Virginia Weingate Richard and Annette Weiser Don Weiss Geoff Weller Michael and Michelle Wenisch Aaron and Agnes Wesche Carolyn White William and Linda Wichers George Wickstrom Marshal Wied Nancy Wierenga Wild Ones Red Cedar Chapter Wildtype Design, Native Plants & Seeds Lee Williams Robert and Clarice Williams Lee Wilson Chris Wise Alan Wiseman Joseph and Sally Wolf Rochester Garden Club Wood’n Spoon Samuel Woodworth Ronald and Laurie Wurst Janice Yaklin David and Kathleen Young Ted Zahrfeld Walter Zarnoch Mary Zednik Gary and Charyl Zeh Elaine Ziettlow Anonymous (62)

“Capture the Sun” by Greg Bodker

Thank You to Our Supporters

Guardians of the Future Leaving a gift to the Michigan Nature Association in a will, trust, or life insurance policy or other planned gift has a lasting legacy. Those who have included MNA in their planned gifts are our “Guardians of the Future� because their actions are protecting the future of MNA and its nature sanctuaries across the state. The following individuals have chosen to be Guardians of the Future: Delrae M. Abbott Susan and Keith Abentrod Alec and Judy Allen Doris Applebaum John Assenmacher Steve and Karen Benkert Elizabeth S. Bishop Greg and Linda Bodker Phillip and Mary Borkowski William Cooke Roger W. Cooney Betty Debus Stan and Betsy Dole Dorothy Louise Fisher Richard Foster Jeff Ganley and Asansaya Pondet Barb Haman

John Hand Neil and Mary Hodges Brenda Holly Frank Holly Shannon Horne Nora Iversen and John Talbot Abdeen Jabara and Holly Maguigan Rama and Gokul Jinka William and Deborah Kingsley Barbara Link Trust Bruce and Patricia Loughry Linda Luneack Ralph and Marlena Markel Fran McCauley JB McCombs and Grace Menzel Donn and Kathy Miller

Betty Muller James Munro Jill Neuville Jim and Betsy Pifer Don and Carolyn Reed Debbie Remer Michael and Libby Robold Stephen and Barbara Ross Ruth Sablich Don and Susan Schmitz Elly Sullivan Gerard and Lynette Szydlowski Raymond Travis Brian and Joan Wake Betty White Cathleen Zepelin Anonymous (8)

To learn more about how you can contribute to the Michigan Nature Association, please contact Executive Director Garret Johnson at gjohnson@michigannature.org or call (866) 223-2231.

Ogemaw Falls by Joy Ziemnick

Thank You to Our Supporters

New Guardians: The Bodkers Greg Bodker does not remember exactly when he first became aware of MNA. He is an avid birder and photographer who gives presentations throughout Michigan, so it may have been an encounter with someone at one of those events. Or it could have been the MNA nature sanctuary sign he and his wife Linda see along M134 on their way to their summer place on Drummond Island. What Greg and Linda do know is that MNA addresses their deep concern about the environment and loss of habitat. Members for 12 years, they recently made the decision to include MNA in their estate plan, becoming our newest Guardians of the Future. Their planned gift is designated for the Bertha A. Daubendiek Sanctuary Preservation Fund, which provides a permanent source of income for stewardship and the maintenance of MNA sanctuaries and plant preserves. “We want to preserve space for future generations,” said Greg, “So MNA’s mission to permanently protect and care for habitat throughout the state is extremely important to us.” “We greatly appreciate Greg and Linda’s foresight and thoughtful generosity,” added MNA Executive Director, Garret Johnson. “Guardians of the Future support MNA’s mission long into the future. We are so thankful for all Greg and Linda do for conservation right now in Michigan and for the lasting legacy they wish to give to future Michiganders.”

Photo Courtesy Greg and Linda Bodker

“Summer on the Pine River” by Jason Steel

Financial Summary Fiscal Year 2018-2019 This condensed financial statement for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2019 is based on an audit prepared by the independent certified public accounting firm of Flegal and Melnik CPA. Copies of the audit and MNA’s Form 990 Report to the Internal Revenue Service for FYE 2019 are available upon request.

Expenses Administration & Fundraising 16% Conservation 54%

30% Outreach & Education

Income Miscellaneous Contributions




Grants & Restricted



ASSETS Cash Receivables Investments at Market Value Property and Equipment Sanctuary Properties Other Assets

589,637 198,702 6,304,058 737,960 13,398,755 117,933

48,199 179,186 6,048,844 778,648 12,501,067 87,949




LIABILITIES Accounts Payable Payroll and Payroll Taxes Annuity Liability

9,409 28,857 23,395

6,509 28,855 23,273




21,285,384 21,347,045

19,585,256 19,643,893


35% Endowment

About Us The Michigan Nature Association is a nonprofit conservation organization working to protect Michigan’s rare, threatened and endangered species, imperilled natural communities and unique geological features. Founded in 1952, MNA’s members, donors, and volunteers have built a remarkable network of more than 180 nature sanctuaries across the state – the largest network of natural areas established and maintained by a nonprofit conservation organization in Michigan.

Board of Trustees


Yu Man Lee President

Garret Johnson Executive Director

Kurt Brauer Vice President


Margaret Welsch Secretary

Andrew Bacon Conservation Director

Ruth Vail Treasurer

Rachel Maranto Stewardship Coordinator, L.P.

David Cartwright Trustee-at-Large

Zach Pacana Regional Stewardship Organizer, E.L.P.

Bill Bobier

Robb Johnston Regional Stewardship Organizer, W.L.P.

Kara Haas Garret Johnson Steve Kelley Gisela Lendle King Stan Kuchta Paul Messing

Bill Atkinson Regional Stewardship Organizer, Thumb Nancy Leonard Regional Stewardship Organizer, Keweenaw Natalie Kent-Norkowski Land Protection Technician

Outreach & Education Julie Stoneman Outreach & Education Director Lauren Ross Communications & Events Coordinator

Operations Paul Steiner Operations Director Sherry Stewart Member Services Coordinator

All uncredited photography is taken from the MNA archives. Please direct questions about this publication to Communications & Events Coordinator Lauren Ross by emailing lross@michigannature.org or calling (866) 223-2231. Great Egret Nestling by Zach Pacana

© 2019. Except where used with permission, entire contents copyright 2019 Michigan Nature Association.

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award-winning author of Ruin and Recovery: Michigan’s Rise as a Conservation Leader

“In the Light of Day” by Randy Butters

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