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Strong Roots

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Spending the day with Grandma

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Through the

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all things are possible. Eighty percent of learning is done through a child’s eyes. It can make all the difference when it comes to reading, computer usage and blackboard instruction. For many children, the key to better grades is better vision. That’s why a top quality eye exam should be at the top of your back to school check list. The talented team at Boling Vision Center looks forward to serving you and making sure that your children have everything they need to appreciate all of the possibilities a good education can provide.

Schedule your child’s eye exam today. 800.283.8393

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2013 Silver Award Winner Editorial and Design Awards Competition

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1. Sunflowers 2. Tailgates Photography: Classic image photography Makeup: Camellia Maalouf, Camellia Cosmetics Granger

3. The Tooth Fairy 4. Crock Pot Dinners

Ooooh, it's Notre Dame Tailgate Season!

5. Kids that are Excited About School!

It's game time this weekend and even though it's in the 90s, I can feel the football excitement in the air all over Michiana. Oh, how I love that we get to enjoy Notre Dame football season here!

6. School Uniforms

Speaking of this issue's cover just extra special or what? Special thanks to Rockne from South Bend—yes, this precious little cover guy is really named Rockne and yes, he is a serious Notre Dame fan! Thank you, Rockne for such a fun photo shoot filled with giggles, dirt, a little football tossing and all the boyish charm of a happy child. This could be one of my favorite September covers ever!! Enjoy your family time this month with all the wonderful-ness that September usually brings to us. There are so many opportunities to Stand For Family this month—from reading with your kiddos at bedtime, to working on homework together, to eating dinner together around the table and sharing stories from the day, to tossing a football around in the front yard.

7. The ND Bookstore 8. Ronald McDonald 9. Rescued Animals 10. Feeding the Deer 11. The Century Center 12. Wine Colored Nail Polish

FAMILY and Family time is so very precious. Enjoy all that you can this month as we kick off fall together!

13. A Great Do!

14. Surrounding Yourself with Those That Lift You Higher.

Betsy & Family


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p. 20


Get WILD in

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About the artist Casey Kiel lives in Nappanee with her husband Matt and their four children – Mason, Caleah, Makinzie and Caden – who are the inspiration for this comic. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education and works as a Graphic Designer for the University of Notre Dame and as a freelance artist.

By Casey Kiel


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Testimonials From Our Readers I use your publications to know about my area, my target market, and to network. Thank you for you wonderful contribution to my life. - Valeria I love reading the FAMILY Magazine not only because the great articles always hit home, but I love looking at the monthly calendar to see all the different family oriented events in the area. It’s nice to have a monthly calendar of family friendly things to do for me and my son. - Ashley Chapman, Elkhart I came across the Family Magazine a month ago by chance because a friend had a copy of the June issue. I read it cover to cover and could hardly wait to read another issue. What I like most is that the topics and articles are relevant and feel personal and relatable. It’s nice to We'd LOVE to hear from you! have a local publication like this. I am so glad contact: I discovered your magazine because it is well The FAMILY Magazines worth reading! - Christina Lehman 100% Recyclable




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4 Letter from the Publisher, Things We Love 5 Reader Testimonials 3 Coloring Contest Winners 8 The FAMILY Month Calendar 11 Book Reviews

by Brittany Bowman

5 Movie Review

by Cole Pollyea

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Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple...” ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

family recipe

14 “Sushi” Sandwich Recipe

By Noelle Elliot

family grandparents

14 The Strings that Hold us Together

By Pam Molnar

16 Strong Roots Make Flowers Bloom

Spending the day with Grandma By Pam Molnar

family expecting

12 5 Games from Your Childhood 18 Debunking the Myths of Midwives By Meagan Church Worth a Replay

By Michelle Shirk

30 Natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments By Sarah Lindsey

family mom

20 "The Missional Mom” Book Review

28 6



By Meagan Church

22 Dear (Moms, Choose Otherwise)

By Meagan Church

26 Begin Again

By Charrise McCrorey


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family matters 32 Stop Fretting

By Diane Johnson

family mommy & daddy 34 Curse You, Rocket Math!

By Jane Suter

28 Healthy Back-To-School Lunch Ideas


By Noelle Elliot

38 My Fride, My Life

By Chaunie Marie Brusie

calendar of events

44 Go to for tons of additional family events – updated daily!

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The FAMILY Month 8



Weight Loss Seminar, Lakeland Weight Loss Center


Grandparents’ Day in the Park, St. Patrick County Park


Labor Day

Gym Fit Open House at Inspire Athletics

12th Anniversary of 9/11

10 12

Lakeland Breastfeeding Class for Moms & Dads

National Pet Memorial Day

1 3 5 6 9 13 14 Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa

October 4-12, 2013

Elkhart Dining Days Restaurant Week Dine for the special price of $25 (3 course meal or 2 meals) at local independent Elkhart restaurants on Friday, October 4th through Saturday, October 12th. Elkhart Dining Days will give ALL local foodies and families an opportunity to enjoy special three-course dinner menus or two meals for $25 from many participating restaurants throughout Elkhart.
Participating restaurants will donate $2 from every meal purchased to benefit Church Community Services. Church Community Services cares for those with limited to access to food and the nutritional help needed to raise healthy children. Services include a client choice food pantry, emergency financial assistance and a job and life skills training program. Enjoy great food for a great cause! Learn more at

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Attend sporting events this fall in cozy, customized style with these one-of-a-kind handmade blankets from Wearsomefun in Elkhart. Need a bag to carry the blanket in? No problem - they can provide that too! Sport your school spirit and stay warm this fall. Whatever you do, Wearsomefun has the customized options you're looking for! Wearsomefun, Elkhart 574-596-6983

Michiana Celtic Fest

The 2013 Michiana Celtic Festival slated for Sunday, September 1st at Howard Park has live music and festival activities starting at 10:00am and run throughout the day until 6:00pm. Activities include the Scottish Highland Athtletics Invitational Competition, border collie herding, farm animals, kids games, ancient weaponry skills, clan and historical displays and Celtic food and beer merchants. Admission to the festival is $5. (Children 12 & under are free.)

Capturing the first day of school School lunch box note

Think they would know how to use it?




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Calendar 19



Youth Archery Lesson, St. Patrick County Park Brown Barn

Victory Over Violence 5K

First Day of Fall


Niles Haunted House Scream Park






















27 F






Alarming trend: Herion is on the rise among Hoosier teens According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (IPRC), 2.1% of Hoosier high school seniors have ever used heroin, which is about 50% higher than the national average. The Center reports that drug abuse among teens starts with the family medicine cabinet, where youth have easy access to prescription medications. From there, as one teen described it, “You’re always chasing down your first high.” Shockingly, herion is popular among young abusers because it’s readily available and cheaper to obtain than other forms of drugs. The Center urges parents to talk openly with their children about the danger of drug use and help to ensure that teens don’t start on the slippery slope of drug abuse by continually counting the legally prescribed pills at home and keeping the medicine cabinet locked. Caring adults also can watch for warning signs of drug abuse including depression, a lack of motivation, constant lying about friends and whereabouts, severe weight loss and frequent tiredness and sleeping.


ELYSIUM is probably the most violent, down-and-dirty sci-fi movie that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, so this is definitely not one for the kids. Sometimes having a script riddled with visceral action scenes and gruesome brutality is a mis-step because the movie lacks a strong cast and good writing to carry them out, or the movie incorporates them to consume time (to distract the viewer from the other flaws), but that’s not the case here. With ELYSIUM, you get actors that really take control of the film and a script that’s right on. Matt Damon is truly the actor best fitted to the role at hand (as he channels some of his inner Jason Bourne). He can deliver on all of the required aspects of the performance: being able to convey biting humor, being able to commit emotionally touching behaviors of sentimentality and having the ability to be totally awesome, all the while being a little hard-edged. Damon plays Max, a hard worker in a post-apocalyptic world where the rich get to live on a privileged planet called Elysium, while the poor stay on Earth to suffer. When he is subjected to an extremely lethal amount of radiation at his job, he is given five days to live. Then, he decides that he will do whatever it takes to get up to Elysium, where he can be healed. The whole movie is very thought-provoking because of the different themes and ideas it expresses through character relationships and magnificent production design (thanks to the well- done screenplay). Messages about greed and poverty are displayed to the point where one may think they are watching a sci-fi version of Wall Street. Money

100% Recyclable

Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed.” ~Robert Gallagher

Cole's Rating: (3½ out of 4)

Reviewed by: Cole P.

never sleeps, right? I don’t know about that, but I’m sure that you won’t be sleeping while you’re watching this flick. ELYSIUM is a great film. So far this year, I’d say it’s the second best (behind "THE GREAT GATSBY"). Something interesting to note about my praise of this film is that I’m not even a big fan of sci-fi, but this movie surprised me. It’s a perfect way to escape reality: enter a dark movie theater and witness writer-director Neill Blomkamp work his magic on the silver screen. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again, and I guarantee that his current achievement will make you appreciate our world a little bit more. If not for the quality of our living, then for the quality of filmmaking that we can be exposed to.

My name is Cole, I’m an incoming Freshman at Penn High School, and I’m an unconditional film lover. Check out my website for more insightful reviews! Editor's note: This movie review is for adults-only! Make it a date night to see this sci-fi thriller, but be sure to leave the kiddos at home! THE



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FAMILY book reviews

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know Edited by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and John Holdren Reviewed by Betty Strantz, Children’s Services Associate Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library

Story Snoops is a completely free service created by four moms to help you find what’s best for your child to be reading. Reviews of all sorts of books for kids ages 8-18 are here for your perusal, with helpful information from a parent’s perspective, including mild to graphic language warnings and more. As a busy mom, you’ll be glad to have the resource and we’re happy to tell you about it!

Do you have a child entering kindergarten this year? If your answer is yes, then you will want to check out the revised and updated 2013 edition What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know edited by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and John Holdren. This Core Knowledge book provides kindergartners with the fundamentals they will need for a lifetime of learning. This book explains how to begin building literacy at home by reading to your kindergartner and engaging in conversation by asking lots of questions and choosing activities that build background knowledge. With the guidance of this book, you will be able to help your child take the first steps in learning to read and write.

Language and Literature – You will find Mother Goose rhymes with suggested rhyming activities to emphasize the sounds of the spoken word. After reading the poem "It’s Raining, It’s Pouring", the “Make a Connection” box suggests you read with your child about seasons and weather in the science chapter. This book explains that a fable is a special kind of story that teaches a lesson and also includes what lesson should be learned from the fable. Also included are sayings and phrases that we all say such as, “April showers bring May flowers,” along with an explanation of the meaning. The story section has “Talk and Think” and “New Word” boxes to help explain the context of the story.

History and Geography – The history and geography section offers a simple and friendly introduction to our world with color pictures, information and fun activities. Visual Arts –

Your kindergartner will be introduced to colors, lines and patterns with suggested questions about art.

Music – You and your child will be moving to the beat of the music, making loud and quiet sound and singing favorite songs. Mathematics – Measuring with hands and feet, counting by twos, fives, and tens, sorting everyday objects and even shapes and sizes show your child how to have fun learning math skills. Science – Introductions to how seeds turn into plants, rain and snow, pets and their needs, our five senses, how to take care of our earth, magnetism and famous scientists are in this section. Each subject area has “Talk and Think,” “Take a Look,” “Make a Connection,” “Do It Yourself,” and “New Word” boxes that ask age-appropriate questions and has suggestions that stimulate thinking and build vocabulary. I recommend this book to anyone that has a kindergartner entering school for the first time. This 2013 edition is available in Children’s Services at the Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library.

Invisible City By: Brandy Bowman

Reviewed by: Brittany Bowman You open the first page and you are inserted into the modern day scene of a blog post. The scene is set as the blog depicts the new strange things that have been happening in Josh's, the main character's life. The book, Invisible City, seats you on the edge of your chair, wondering about the next ironic event that will happen. Harris uses many different plots and ancient Mayan histories and myths to keep the journey flowing smoothly. Josh Garcia is just a normal kid, until a turn of events takes place and his archaeologist father is claimed to be dead in the jungles of Mexico. With further accusations, the gringos report back to the Garcia family that he had been strangled by a jealous husband, the result of Andres Garcia seeing another woman. Josh is determined to clear his father's name and set his now dysfunctional mother back into peace. However, he quickly realizes that there is much more to this case than just jealousy and affairs. With the help of his new friends, Ollie and Tyler, they travel to Mexico to solve the mystery and strike revenge on whoever killed his father. Once in Mexico, they meet the person they referred to as the Chetumal Woman, the person thought to be the cause of Andres Garcia's frequent trips to his archaeology sites. In a shocking discovery, Josh is told that this woman is his long 100% Recyclable

lost sister—yet another mystery for the British kids to discover. The chase starts from that point and the two siblings and the friends are split up, now heading different ways with their struggles. Josh manages to reach a lost Mayan city, but everyone else isn't as fortunate. The citizens in the invisible city bathe Josh with information that he can't exactly grasp. He must start a new mission; to end his ancestor’s search and to possibly save the world—and it is all up to him.

Hi, I'm Brittany Bowman! I will be a freshman this year at Edwardsburg High School. During elementary and middle school, I was always interested in reading and writing short stories. Writing just comes naturally for me. My mind tends to just go with the flow. Some of my other interests include track and cheer. I live on a lake so I also love to swim and go tubing with my friends or my sister. If there was something that I would like to forward others, I would have to say always believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Never give up on your goals! Or your dreams!




LIVE fun


Games From Your

Childhood Worth a Replay By Michelle L. Shirk, J.D.


e hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting your childhood this summer via July’s column on nostalgia-inducing books and August’s article about 80’s and 90’s kids’ movies worth a repeat viewing. Ready for another trip down memory lane? Grab some snacks and round up the kids for a family game night featuring one or more of these classics.

1. Candy Land

(Ages 3+) – There’s a reason this brightly-colored confection is often used to introduce kids to the world of board games. Token movement is controlled through cards with colored squares, meaning young players can enjoy this game even before they are able to count reliably. The possibility of a last minute change-up through the drawing of a special card keeps things interesting until the game’s end. While repeated trips through Candy Land may prove a little tedious for adults, it’s still fun to check out the ways the game and characters have changed over the years. In my 2010 edition, Plumpy and Mr. Mint are out, Queen Frostine has been downgraded to a princess and there’s a new guy in town called the Duke of Swirl. You can get a peek at the current game board at


(Ages 8+) – If you have fond memories of Sunday afternoons spent collecting “DEAL!” cards, you’ll be happy to know that this old favorite is still available from Winning Moves Games. PAYDAY allows players to proceed through a calendar-shaped game board featuring opportunities to make money from investments and windfalls. Of 12



course, as in real life, there are also bills to be paid for groceries, auto repair and more. This game teaches some of the same money-handling skills as Monopoly in a less monotonous fashion, since players can easily plan for the game to end after a certain number of months. While PAYDAY is a great family game, the excitement of wheeling-anddealing gems like “Dipsydoodle Noodles” and “Fly-By-Nite Airlines” makes this one an equally solid choice for adults to play after the kids are in bed.

3. Don’t Break the Ice

(Ages 3+) – What’s not to like about a game that involves pounding on plastic ice with a hammer? I’m pleased to report that the current version of Don’t Break the Ice produced by Milton Bradley feels very similar to the one I remember from my childhood. In this game, players take turns knocking ice cubes out of a square frame while trying to avoid knocking loose a larger cube occupied by an ice skating polar bear. An adult or older sibling will need to complete the somewhat tricky task of positioning the ice cubes in their frame. However, the actual game play here is simple enough for even very young children to grasp. Printed on Recycled Content Paper

4. Mad Libs

(Ages 8+) and Mad Libs Junior (Ages 5-8) – If you’re looking for a pink, angry night of game-playing fun with your anteaters, look no further than Mad Libs! As you probably remember from middle school sleepovers, this pencil-and-paper word game invites players to supply various parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and more) to create zany stories. The Junior version simplifies the game by providing a list of suggested words for each story. With dozens of Mad Libs books in print featuring titles like “Gobble Gobble Mad Libs,” “Mad About Animals Mad Libs” and “Mad Libs from Outer Space,” your family should be all set for your next noisy road trip to the circus.

5. Mouse Trap

(Ages 6+) – Yes, this classic game comes with complicated instructions about collecting cheese and trying to capture your opponents’ mice, but let’s be honest – it’s really all about building the mouse trap! Putting this complicated device together requires a delicate 23-step process involving a boot that swings from a lamppost, a stop sign controlled by a rubber band and a diver that lands in a washtub. Kids and adults will love watching the crazy components work together to capture the colorful mice that serve as game tokens. To avoid unnecessary delays, parents should punch out the plastic/cardboard game components and take a preliminary scan through the trap-building instructions well in advance of family game night. Sources:;

Michelle Shirk is an attorney currently taking a break from litigating to pursue her writing career. Her primary topics of writing interest include adoption, travel, family and local events. Michelle is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School and longtime resident of the Northwest Indiana area.;

RIDE THE Hesston ghost train! Last two full weekends of October

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Take a Terror-iff-ic ride through the haunted woods of the Hesston Steam Museum behind a real steam locomotive. Your train will be haunted by many ghoulish creatures: ghosts, goblins, witches but the scariest of all the Mad Lumber Jack is sure to find you as well. Ride trains on three railroads including the Shay. The Hesston Ghost Train is frightening fun for everyone. (Appropriate for young children). Fall colors are at peak brilliance. Ride three railroads, shop The Depot Store and grab some delicious food. The Hesston Cider Press will be in operation with fresh squeezed apple cider, warm or cold. A great fall treat! See the Saw Mill operate and take a wagon ride. FREE Parking, Rain or shine. Located on CR 1000 N (East of SR 39) 219-778-2783 weekends Museum Grounds open at 11:30. Trains start running at Noon - 5:00 CDT

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(exit 4 9) LaPORTE

for 2013!

Discount Coupon! Bring this ad for one FREE children’s train ride with one paid adult ticket, one free ticket per visit.

Enjoy our new fully functional historic soda fountain!

Offer not valid Labor Day Weekend. Expires 1/1/2014 *There is an admission charge for the Steam and Power Show.









Visit us onli


FAMILY grandparents

the strings

that Hold Us


By Pam Molnar


e recently had dinner at my parents’ house. Four generations of my family spent the afternoon talking, laughing and celebrating another year together. The age difference between the oldest and youngest generation was 80 years, but that did not inhibit the conversation. As the family historian, I brought my video camera along. My 92-year-old grandmother often reminds us that we may not all be together next time. With the video camera recording, I asked my parents and grandmother some questions about their childhood. The kids were fascinated to hear that the generations before them did the same kind of things they did – they went to school dances, rode their bikes and wore braces. My daughters were surprised to hear that “Granny” got her first doll and buggy at the age of 12. After our video session, my parents got up to check on dinner. My husband and son sat close by immersed in a game on TV. Afraid to lose the girls to their electronics, Granny had an idea. “Linda,” she called to my mother. “Do you have any string?” “It’s in the bottom drawer of the desk,” my mother said while waving in the direction of the desk in the kitchen. My 12-year-old daughter, Delaney, got up to get the ball of twine and a pair of scissors for Granny. “I’m going to show you how to play Cat’s Cradle,” Granny told my girls. This simple game from Granny’s childhood was lost with the advent of TV and video games. I remember my grandmother teaching me and my sister how to play when we were younger. I watched from the kitchen as Granny wrapped the string around her arthritic hands to set up 14



Printed on Recycled Content Paper

the starting point of the game. I could hear her give instructions as I set the table in the dining room. “Michaela,” she explained to my 15-year-old. “See these two X’s on the sides? You pinch them with your thumb and middle finger; bring them out and under and through until you have the string on your hands.” The girls took turns trying to manipulate the string without knotting it. The three of them laughed as they dropped the string again and again. After a few failed attempts, my grandmother called me in for back up.

Here’s what makes Growing Kids special:

Educational Excellence: Our students enjoy educational activities designed to inspire growth. And they have fun along the way.

Extraordinary Care: Staff members are committed to providing individualized attention in a creative environment with an unmatched level of safety and security. Exceptional Value: Don’t take our word for it. Visit other child care facilities in the area. It’s the best way to see for yourself what makes Growing Kids such a great value. Five centers in South Bend, Elkhart, and Valparaiso. • Full or part-time care • Evening care as late as 11:30 pm • Infants (6 wks) through school age • Camps–winter, spring, summer • Monday-Friday; only 6 holidays • Before/after school care For more information, call 574-220-6400 or visit

Save $50 100

“Pam, can you show these girls how to do this?”

New emrollments only Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 12/31/13 4 years in a row

I stopped filling the glasses with ice and walked back to the family room. My grandmother had me set up the first game so she could show the girls how to pinch the X’s and bring them through. When she took the string on her hands, I showed the girls the next move. We continued for a few rounds until the girls felt confident enough to try it. They practiced under Granny’s guidance until they were called to dinner. When we finished eating, the girls went back to the family room while the rest of us lingered at the table. I expected them to turn on the TV or text their friends, forgetting about the string that lay on the table. Instead, we watched as the next generation picked up the strings that has held us together for so long and continued the game.

Enroll NOW!

ONE FREE Saturday Care per month

(approx. 5 hours) Check with any center for details.

Explore the 20 acre corn maze with over 3.5 miles of paths! Also enjoy Hay Rides, the Cow Train, 2 Huge Goat Walks, 16ft Spider Web, Milk the Cow Exhibit, Farm Animals, Straw Mountain, Pumpkins, Fall decor, Concessions and many more fun activities for the family that cover our 90 acre farm!


Gian ! Jum t pi Pillo ng w!

Season starts September 14th! Tuesday - Friday: 4pm - 9pm* Saturday & Sunday: Noon - 9pm* Closed Mondays *time last person admitted

Open Weekdays for School Groups 9:00am - 4:00pm (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Pam Molnar is a freelance journalist and mother of three. She hopes that her daughters will remember this moment when they pass the strings down to the next generation.

100% Recyclable

18430 U.S 12 East, Edwardsburg, MI 49112 574.370.3403 THE



FAMILY grandparents

Strong Roots Make Flowers Bloom:


Spend the day with Grandma

By Pam Molnar

t is no surprise to hear that families today are busier than the generations before them. After work and school, soccer and dance class, we don’t have very much free time. Even our time to visit with Grandma is limited these days. As a result, our children are missing out on the family stories and traditions of the generations before them.

I often tell my kids to live in the moment. Life is full of moments and opportunities to make new memories, but at our current pace, we often miss them. It is the moments in our lives that help us to make connections and strengthen our relationships. Don’t wait for another moment to pass. Cancel your plans, gather your kids and head over to Grandma’s house. Make the effort to restore the lost the art of just spending time together.

only one sharing is Grandma. For example, if the youngest is 6, start with a memory from the age of 6. If the next youngest is 10, then have everyone 10 and older share a memory from that time in their life. Don’t forget

Pass down a tradition

Ask Grandma to share something from her childhood with your children. Whether it is a game, recipe or song, sharing with the next generation rekindles Grandma’s memories and creates new ones for your kids today. When my grandmother was a child her family made homemade raviolis every year before the holidays. Sharing that tradition with her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren has allowed us to bond as we rolled, filled and had the occasional flour fight.

Get to know each other better

Make a list of questions that you may not know about each other and write it down in a journal. Try asking each person to share a memory from a common time in their lives. Start with the age of the youngest child in the house and move up to the next age until the 16



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to fire up the video camera to capture this wonderful moment.

Shake up your family tree

Ask Grandma to tell you the names of her parents, grandparents and siblings. You may discover family names that have been passed down for generations. Find out what part of the world your family comes from and when they arrived in this part of the country. If Grandma speaks another language, ask her to teach you a few words. Does your family have any traditional clothes or music that has been hiding in the attic? Pull them out and tell their story.

Your family in pictures

Let Grandma be the tour guide down memory lane. Pop some popcorn and pull out the family movies. Dig to the back of the closet and dust off the photo albums. Your kids will love to see the house you grew up in and your childhood pets. Let them laugh at the crazy clothes you wore and the hairstyles of the day. Don’t forget to take out the baby pictures of each child and show them how much they have changed in just a few years.

Bring Grandma into this century

Ok, kids, it’s your turn. Bring Grandma a Tiger Beat magazine and gush with her over One Direction. Introduce her to Instagram. Show her how to play Just Dance on the Wii or Minecraft on Xbox. Explain what emojis are and send her a few via text. The technology of today, while part of our kids’ every day, is mind-blowing to our parents and grandparents.

Take silly pictures

End the day on a high note. Set up a back drop with a sheet and decorative lights. Print out photo booth prop templates like eyeglasses, hats and mustaches or use some items from a box of dress-up clothes. Take multiple pictures of your family being silly for the day. Preserve today’s memories by framing those pictures and displaying them in a special spot in your home. Every time you pass you will be reminded that fun can be shared by family of all ages if we just take the time.

Pam Molnar is a freelance journalist and mother of three. She hopes that her daughters will remember this moment when they pass the strings down to the next generation.

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FAMILY expecting

Debunking the



By Meagan Church

about Midwifery

“So, are you having your baby in a barn?” Unfortunately that is a question some people ask when they hear a woman has chosen to use a midwife to deliver her baby. While the use of midwives in the United States has climbed over the last few years, they still only assist 10 percent of births, as opposed to over 90 percent in some other developed nations. Perhaps part of the low numbers in the U.S. is due to the myths surrounding who midwives are and what exactly they do. Kristin Vincent, certified-nurse midwife who practices as part of Saint Joseph OB-GYN Specialists and Midwifery, has faced many of those myths during her 12 years as a midwife. Kristin currently practices at both Memorial Hospital and Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, and has caught over 1500 babies throughout her career. And, no, none of them were born in a barn.

With Kristin’s help, we debunk six of the most common myths of midwifery:

Midwives are only for home births. “That’s a very common one. When people hear that someone is using a midwife, the first thing they think and assume is that they will have the baby at home. The truth is that more midwives are delivering in the hospital than out of the hospital,” Kristin said. She went on to explain that in the state of Indiana, certified-nurse midwives (CNMs) can legally deliver at home, in the hospital or in a birth center.

Midwives don’t allow pain medicine and epidurals in birth. “That’s another one people worry about. I always tell people, ‘You’re having the baby; not me. This is about how you want to have the baby.’” “People who choose midwives often have an opinion about having a baby and that’s what matters,” Kristin explained. “Currently, 47 percent of women in our practice have epidurals.” Kristin said the hospital average is around 80 percent . She has no objection to women choosing to receive pain medicine if they need it. “Everybody’s level of pain is different.” If the patient so chooses, the midwives do offer alternatives, including laboring in the water. “We like people to get in the tub. I think the water works better than IV medications and reducing pain,” Kristin stated. “I always say that if you get in the water and it doesn’t work, you need an epidural.”

Midwives aren’t formally educated. “A CNM is somebody who has a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and then goes on to midwifery school where they receive a master’s degree and specialized training. Their training involves obstetrics and gynecology, well-woman primary care, and newborn care,” she explained. Kristin went on to say that the difference between an OB-GYN’s education and a CNM’s is that an OB-GYN receives surgical and high-risk care, but a midwife doesn’t. In addition, the OB-GYN does not receive the well-woman primary care training that midwives do. As Kristin said, “Midwives are considered low-risk pregnancy specialists.”

Midwives aren’t covered by insurance. “Actually, we are covered by more insurance companies than most offices because we practice at both hospitals. Insurance companies require us to have a preexisting collaborative agreement 18



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with a physician,” Kristin said. “Insurance companies like that because the research says that’s the safest thing to do. If a patient needs a C-section, I know who to call because I am already working in collaboration with that doctor in my practice. I don’t have to find someone else who I don’t have a relationship with.”

Midwives only handle pregnancy and birth. Kristin pointed out that midwives can also act as primary care physicians for women and do gynecological visits as well. “We do a ton of gynecological care. I like to be able to care for people even after they have their baby. When you get to know someone and like them, it’s hard to find someone you trust and who has your same philosophy. You don’t have to do that with us. It’s a continued relationship.”

Midwives don’t handle chronic health conditions or high-risk pregnancies. “If you develop a high-risk condition or have a chronic underlying condition, we can comanage with an OB-GYN. Some practices may turn you over to a different doctor, but I don’t find that’s beneficial to the patient. Most patients chose a midwife for a reason and they still want to see that midwife,” Kristin said. She has also co-managed high-risk pregnancies that have included twins, repeat C-sections, vaginal delivery after a C-section (VBAC), bleeding disorders, clotting disorders and even a patient who had a pacemaker. “If you think about it, 30 percent of my patients are high-risk. If I couldn’t co-manage them, that would be 30 percent of my patients who I couldn’t see,” she said. “Even with 30 percent of high-risk patients, we still only have a 7 percent C-section rate overall. It’s because we follow the research and practice accordingly.”

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In the end, Kristin pointed out that oftentimes the midwifery difference is that it’s about the patient and what she wants. And, in her typical, honest way, she said, “You’re having the baby; not us. Everyone has a different idea of what they want their birth to be. Some want an epidural when they walk in the door and some want to be buck-naked in the corner. I don’t care. It’s whatever you want.”

Meagan Church is married to her highschool sweetheart and is the mother of 3 kids. She is a writer and children’s book author. She is also the brainpower of the online resource Unexpectant, exploring the realities of birth, babies and beyond.

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The Missional Mom Book Review and Q & A with author Helen Lee How one author believes moms can change the world. By Meagan Church

In the book, “The Missional Mom: Living with Purpose at Home and in the World,” award-winning writer Helen Lee encourages and inspires moms to live with intentionality and purpose, even when they are elbow-deep in diapers or racing off to soccer practice. The following is an interview in which Helen explains her perspective and belief that every mom has the ability to change the world for the better, and she gives practical examples of how they can start making a difference today.


What inspired you to write “The Missional Mom”? “The Missional Mom” was inspired by my own struggles with motherhood, as I found myself having a very hard time with the idea that my life was supposed to be about my children and nothing else once I became a mother. That was the message that I felt was being dictated to me by both Christian and secular culture, and it was very difficult to live life that way. When I started learning about the missional church, I started realizing that there was a different way to think about motherhood, and the book is the way I worked through those questions and my own struggles.


Can you define what it means to be a missional mom and why it’s important? A missional mom recognizes that her primary purpose in life is to love God first and to follow the mission to love one's neighbors and make disciples of all nations. In other words, the primary purpose of a mom is no different than that of any Christian. Of course, rearing our children is part of that mission—but it's not the entirety of it. I think being a missional mom is an important corrective to the trend we are seeing in mothers today to put children at the center of their lives, when we know as Christians that we must first put God and His purposes at the center of our lives. 20




How can moms find a sense of purpose and mission? The most important thing is to recognize God's calling and purposes needing to take primacy in our lives. Once we are aware and embrace the concept, then it's all a journey of trust and obedience. We ask God to show us how He would want to use us, what person or issue He would want us to be aware of and serving and then take baby steps to obey. Once we open up our minds, hearts and souls to putting God and His purposes first, then we are able to start seeing God at work all around us and sense where He is calling us to contribute.


In the book, you tell the stores of real-life missional moms. Some of them have done incredible and global missions. That sort of scale can seem daunting to a mom who is up to her elbows in diapers or racing to soccer practice. What are simple examples or starting points of becoming a missional mom? The book does have stories of women who are called around the world, but not all of them have that calling. Everyone has a specific mission to live out, and for many of the moms who did end up going around the world, it all started with simple steps of obedience in the beginning. For example, just raising your own awareness of the needs and issues in the world today is an important starting point. Don't close yourself from what is happening around you; start educating yourself about issues such as world hunger, sex trafficking and other challenges around the world. Or start closer to home and get a sense of where the needs are in your particular community or even your particular street. The whole idea is to reorient one's life so that we recognize that we are put here on the earth for a larger purpose, and that we become more and more attuned to God's nudgings in how to live for that purpose. Printed on Recycled Content Paper


What about your own story? When do you feel you became a missional mom?

I have by no means "arrived" at being a missional mom; I am still learning and growing all the time in this area. But the process of writing the book was unbelievably eye-opening and liberating for me. I realized that I was being the typical suburban parent, swept away by the cultural trends around me to put my children first. When I realized that God had plans and a purpose for me that went beyond motherhood, I felt free to start exercising my gifts for His purposes and that brought new life into me and into my motherhood journey. I became less selfabsorbed in our own family's life and started to understand that we could not sit idly by and do nothing about the global needs around us. I realized that we were called to be missionaries even in our own neighborhood and began taking more initiative to build relationships with the people on our block. Missional motherhood has reoriented my life in positive ways that have helped us recognize and withdraw from the selfcentered parenting that had consumed our lives earlier.

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14678 State Rd. 23 Ste. E Granger, IN 46530 (574) 273-8888 Meagan Church is married to her highschool sweetheart and is the mother of 3 kids. She is a writer and children’s book author. She is also the brainpower of the online resource Unexpectant, exploring the realities of birth, babies and beyond.

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Dear Moms,

Choose Otherwise By Meagan Church

The dishes can wait. At least this is what I told myself recently when I walked into the kitchen and found a pile of dirty dishes staring back at me. As I walked to the coffee pot, I could feel the crumbs, dirt and pet hair from the past few days cling to the bottoms of my feet. The floor needs vacuumed. And mopped. The dishwasher needs emptied and more dishes need to be washed. The counters are crumby. And that’s just the housework. I haven’t even gotten to this week’s work deadlines. The kids would be coming down the stairs soon enough, asking what we’d be doing for the day. I could choose to make it an at-home workday. Or, I could choose otherwise. I chose otherwise. And, I want to encourage you to do the same. Instead of attacking the chores and other tasks right then, I packed up the kids and we headed to the zoo for a morning with friends. Now, it’s fall, or nearly so, which means back to school has come and gone. The sports practices and game schedules have started again. And so has your taxi service of shuttling kids to and from school, practice, youth group, friends’ houses and more. It’s like what Peter De Vries said: “A suburban mother’s role is to deliver children obstetrically once and by car forever after.” Of course you are more than a taxi driver. Even though you may not always feel that way. You are more than a schedule keeper and queen of the calendar. You are more than a lunch lady and a homework hound. But, in the nitty-gritty of the everyday responsibilities and the 22



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unending task lists and the coordination it takes to raise kids these days, it can be hard to remember that you are more. But, you are. And, you have a choice. You have a choice to think back with regret at the summer bucket list you did not complete, about the beach trips that didn’t happen or the campouts you never quite got around to. Or, you have the choice to look to now. In the hustle and the bustle and shuttling to and fro, have you noticed that fall is here? Have you sensed the change in the air? Have you taken a moment to look at the trees and realize those shades of green are fading and morphing to colors of brilliant yellows and oranges and reds? No? Not yet? Well do so. Today. Look at this moment in time and look beyond the schedules, the dirty dishes, the homework and piles of school papers. In fact, just forget about them for a moment. Forget about the responsibilities and “should do’s,” and listen to what you really want to do. Do you regret not having a backyard campout this summer? Then pitch the tent this weekend. Who cares if it’s cold? Who cares if the kids have soccer in the morning? Make some memories now because once this moment passes, so does this opportunity. Here’s the thing: just as the season of summer quickly faded into fall, this season of life will soon change to another one. This is the only time your kids will be this age. Don’t let that get lost behind the stacks of dishes, under the piles of laundry or in the hurried schedule of modern life. Choose otherwise. Shirk those responsibilities for a day before this season changes to the next. Before the changing leaves of today have fallen and been raked away. Before the kids have grown and headed to college. The dishes can wait, but this season of life won’t.

Choose otherwise.

Meagan Church is married to her highschool sweetheart and is the mother of 3 kids. She is a writer and children’s book author. She is also the brainpower of the online resource Unexpectant, exploring the realities of birth, babies and beyond.

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Begin Again Chilly mornings

with hints of frost in the air, the scent of crisp new clothes and the excitement of new beginnings mark the return of our children to school. There is a certain familiar feel to the pre-autumn air that always takes me right back to my own school days. I remember being delighted to choose which new outfit to wear first, ready to shed the clothes of summer and change into “school clothes”. I recall not always choosing wisely, as the days remained hot and I had been too excited to wait to wear the warmer sweater and boots. The return to school meant for us, as mothers, a return to more normal schedules. I would heave a huge sigh of relief as the children were once again occupied by something more predictable than the slow swirl of summer fun. There was a certain bittersweet emotion as we saw our children growing into another level of learning; and taking step towards becoming independent from us. Some years were better than others. If the prior school year hadn’t gone as well as we’d hoped, we saw the new one as a clean slate. A do-over, with new teachers, new classes and new opportunities to create success. Our children set sail for their school adventure.




By Charrise McCrorey

Just like our children, we are meant to unfurl our own sails. I know how it is—there is so much energy required to raise children, run a home and advance a career, that it’s sometimes difficult to pause and remember who we were before all this. Though my children are now grown, I can still remember the frustration I felt about time slipping away unnoticed. It’s important to take care of our own need for growth as well.

Moms – Keep growing

As adults, we are not meant to stop growing. In our formative years we learned the value of reaching for more advanced goals; something as simple as the graduation from grade school to middle school. Once we complete our formal schooling, we move into the next phase of our life, which is learning to live on our own, choosing a mate and starting a family. For me, this started early; I married at 20 years old and began my family right away. The years sped by, and before I knew it I was 45 and in a job that was literally killing me. After a serious health crisis, I actually woke up to my life and began to get curious about the legacy I would leave when I died. And then I got busy with intention, living a life of service that would leave no regrets at the end of the game.

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Here’s what I learned:


Be a beginner. I used to think that I had to look accomplished, that people would respect me for what I had learned. I was overly-concerned with looking like I had everything figured out. I was afraid to make mistakes. When I decided to begin again, I got an adrenaline rush and realized that that if I’m not learning, I’m not growing. Who cares how I look to others?

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The best is yet to come. No matter how good things get, I know there is something surprising and delicious just around the next corner. I learned that it’s up to me to be open and to pursue new opportunities for growth, even though opportunities for growth sometimes look like huge challenges. It always serves me somehow.


Don’t settle. I was comfortable in my life. I had great kids, a fabulous husband and a pretty good life. Yet, in my heart, I knew something was missing. I knew I was not playing the game of life FULL OUT. There were signs. The spirit was rising up in me, guiding me, holding me. If I hadn’t followed that inner wisdom, I’d now be living a much smaller life.


Get clarity. Though I knew there was more for me, I wasn’t sure what that was, or who I was, for that matter. I began a self-awareness journey that has resulted in extreme clarity about my gifts, leading me to live my highest purpose. I read thousands of books. I subscribed to blogs, took courses, meditated and even hired my own coach. I took this on like I would any other project. I got serious about getting clear.


I decided I was worthy. Once I realized that I didn’t feel worthy, I got motivated to look into that belief. I now know that there is a shadow of that belief in almost everyone. When I changed my belief, anything—really, anything—became possible.

ff $a5ll 0SemOester! F tration Regiasid in full) (p


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This isn’t really just about me. It’s about you too. Greatness is not just in some of us. It’s in all of us. Listen to that voice.

Charrise McCrorey is Certified as a Business & Transformative Coach, working with businesses and individuals around the world. Her local office is in Elkhart, where she resides with her family.

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FAMILY mommy & daddy


here are many things I love about summer, but to be honest, seeing the empty lunch boxes collecting dust on a shelf may be one of my favorites. I have four sons, which means I make sixty lunches a month. In September I am eager to create healthy colorful lunches but by May, most of the lunches are thematic hues of brown. Despite my son’s dietary preferences, I elect to pack them all the same thing.

l o o h c S ch n u L A Guide to Thinking Outside the Box By Noelle Elliot

Do not ask your child to help you

It sounds like a good idea, but will it end up taking three times as long. Granted, my children are all under the age of ten. If you give your child options, you will end up making custom lunches for everyone, which by October will drive you crazy.

Adding to the complexity of our school lunches, we avoid peanuts. Not because we have an allergy, but because some of their classmates do. So we omit PB and J as an option. My husband is a teacher and knows firsthand that a healthy lunch is pivotal to a child’s behavior in the second half of the day. If the lunch is filled with junk, the child will be bouncing off the walls or falling asleep by the afternoon. Making a healthy lunch requires preparation. I probably think about it more than most people, but the good news for you, is that I can offer some cost effective and time efficient ideas to make lunches your kids will like.

shapes. I also like to pack special lunches for holidays. For Valentines Day, I choose a red theme and pack strawberries, a tomato basil wrap and a side of red peppers.

Plan ahead

I work full-time and after the kids have gone to bed, the last thing I feel like doing is making lunches. So, on Sunday when I do the Get reusable lunch containers grocery shopping, I plan the lunches for the week. I buy extra large Plastic bags are not only wasteful, but they do not tortillas to create wraps. Two large tortillas will make four wraps. Th e lid keep food from getting smashed. My favorite is also plastic and I us Pita bread is also a great alternative to sandwiches. I create lunch containers are called Bento Lunch Boxes ea dry erase pen twenty pre-made wraps or pitas to store in the refrigerator so I and can be found at www.easylunchboxes. to leave can easily place them in their lunch. Cutting vegetables ahead of notes or draw com. They are BPA free, dishwasher safe and funny time also saves the hassle. faces that can have three compartments. A set of four is less be than $15. washed off. Use leftovers

Be colorful

If a lunch looks fun, a child is more likely to eat it. In every lunch I have a seasonal fruit, a vegetable and a main entree. My boys like to dip things. I will pack baby carrots or cut peppers and a side of hummus or ranch dressing.

My boys forget what they had for dinner the night before. When I know we are going to make pizza, I make sure to make an additional one for tomorrow’s lunch. I also do this with Pasta noodles. I make an extra batch of plain pasta, so that I can dress it up in a different sauce the next day.

Be creative

Buy in bulk not individual servings

Cheese is a favorite. I buy cheese in bulk and cut it into cubes or if I feel really ambitious, I use a small star or heart cookie cutter to make 28



Trust me, seeing the conveniently packaged bag of chips or exciting Lunchable can be tempting, but it is not only unhealthy, it's overpriced. Printed on Recycled Content Paper

Create your own Lunchable with deli meat, cheese and whole-wheat crackers.

Search the internet for creative lunch ideas

There are several sites you can find that have great ideas when you feel like you cannot make one more sandwich. My favorite is

Easy Lunch Recipes Cream Cheese Roll-up • 2 oz. cream cheese, softened • ½ tsp raw honey • 3 or 4 diced strawberries • 1 large tortilla Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and spread evenly on a large tortilla. Roll it up and cut into two wraps.

Sides Cucumbers cut and peeled or peppers.

Supermom Trail Mix I created this when we had several boxes of snacks with small amounts left. I mixed it together and called it supermom trail mix. It can include goldfish, raisins, almonds and dried fruit. I have even thrown in cereal like Mini-Wheats or Alpha-bits. The extra effort you put in will give your little one a boost in the middle of a long school day. Remember, when they open their lunch each day it is a little hug from you.


as young as 1 1/2 years old

Progressive Small

class sizes


Noelle Elliott is a social media junkie, blogger, writer and career woman. She lives in South Bend with her husband, four young sons and two chocolate labs.

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program from recreation to competition









FAMILY expecting

Eat up! Natural remedies for common pregnancy ailments By Sarah Lindsey

Glowing skin, doubled cup size and shiny hair

are all commonly touted as side effects of pregnancy. But there are some other pregnancy symptoms usually kept on the quiet such as heartburn, nausea and constipation. You know, the things no one ever really talks about when mentioning the lovely glow. The good news is that there are simple, natural remedies for these common pregnancy ailments…and you can find them all at your grocery store.


Your gestating body experiences an increase in progesterone, which causes digestion to slow down and intestinal muscles to relax. Also, your growing baby applies pressure to your lower abdomen and intestines, which can result in a fecal blockage. Vitamin supplements are also known to cause constipation, especially if the doctor prescribes that you take several together (such as iron, calcium and other prenatal vitamins.)

GINGER THE PREGGO MAMA’S SUPERFOOD: Studies have shown ginger to be effective in relieving nausea and morning sickness. Emily Streich takes you beyond the ginger snap by sharing some different ways of adding ginger into your diet:  Use fresh grated ginger in cooking, (especially good in stir fries!).

 Drink tea made from simmering fresh ginger in water for 10-20 minutes.

 Use powdered ginger in baking or cooking.

Remedy: The best solution for constipation is to avoid it in the first place.

Do this by staying hydrated (drink at least eight cups of water daily), eating a well-balanced diet (full of fruits, veggies and whole grains) and getting plenty of exercise. If it’s already too late, then try drinking a glass of prune juice, increasing your fiber and fluid intake and taking a warm bath.


Hormonal variations, such as the aforementioned increase in progesterone, are to blame for that horrible burning sensation in your throat and chest. The valve that normally prevents stomach acid from backing up into the esophagus relaxes, causing irritation. As your baby grows, an increasing amount of pressure is placed on your stomach and intestines, thereby passing stomach acids into your esophagus and causing heartburn.

Remedy: Ginger, ginger and ginger. Try brewing a nice, hot cup of tea. If you find warm drinks difficult to stomach, then consider a cold glass of ginger ale. You could also try snacking on ginger candy or ginger snaps. Another option is to take a papaya supplement with meals.

 Take ginger capsules.




Printed on Recycled Content Paper

Morning sickness and nausea

While no one really knows what causes “morning sickness” or nausea, it is likely a result of rapidly increasing hormones. An enhanced sense of smell and a sensitive stomach also contribute to the problem. Some women also experience nausea as a direct result of taking prenatal vitamins.

Remedy: A simple switch from taking your vitamin supplements

in the morning to taking them at night can sometimes solve the problem because by the time the queasiness kicks in, you will already by snoozing. The remedies for curing heartburn – ginger and papaya – also work wonders for curing morning sickness. Emily Streich, LM, CPM, and instructor at Bastyr University, says that if you are vomiting, fluid replacement and electrolyte replacement are important. An alternative to Gatorade is coconut water, which can be found in many natural food and grocery stores. Also sucking on ice cubes made of coconut water or weak red raspberry leaf tea can also help nausea while replacing some lost electrolytes.


While some women struggle with constipation throughout their entire pregnancies, others might experience the opposite extreme. This could be caused by an increase in exercise, diet changes or even as a result of taking prenatal vitamins.

SHOP TIME! Take this list with you next time you head to the market so you can stock up on these much-needed remedies. The prepared mama can avoid a lot of discomfort by having these on hand.

REMEDIES AILMENTS Prune juice.......................... Constipation Ginger................................. Heartburn, nausea Papaya................................ Heartburn, nausea Coconut water..................... Nausea Red raspberry leaf tea......... Nausea Yogurt................................. Diarrhea, yeast infection Pumpkin............................. Diarrhea Black tea............................ Hemorrhoids Potato................................. Hemorrhoids Cabbage............................. Yeast infection Flaxseed.............................. Itchy skin Fatty fish ............................ Itchy skin (salmon, anchovies, etc.)

Remedy: While these suggestions don’t make diarrhea go away,

they will help you through the nasty experience. Plenty of water is necessary to keep you from getting dehydrated. Put down your pickles and ice cream and make a switch to the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Streich says, “Pumpkin is also a veggie that contains a lot of fiber and can be very good at firming stools, and finally, yogurt contains many good probiotic bacteria, which can help the digestive system.”


Hemorrhoids, blood vessels that become swollen, most often appear as a result of straining due to constipation and increased blood flow to the nether regions.

Remedy: “Trying to keep stools soft is the key to not worsening

them, so make sure there is adequate fiber and water in the diet, and stop processed foods,” says Streich. Applying chilled witch hazel packs or soaking in a warm sitz bath can help alleviate the pain. Streich suggests holding a (cool) black tea bag on the area, which can help soothe and shrink. You could also cut a potato in half and hold it on the area for the same effect.

Itchy skin

Higher estrogen levels and stretched skin are at the root of your constant itch.

Remedy: The best way to turn off the itch is to add more EFAs

(essential fatty acids) to your diet. Streich says, “These can be in the form of fish oils from fatty fish that are low in heavy metals and toxins such as sardines, wild salmon and anchovies or a plant-based source such as flaxseed or flax oil.” As you may notice, eating the right foods can prevent most of these ailments from even occurring. Streich notes the importance of maintaining a healthy and varied diet since it makes up “the building blocks used to grow a baby and keeps the mother strong and healthy through the pregnancy, birth and beyond."

Yeast Infection

Due to higher estrogen levels during pregnancy, your vagina produces more glycogen, which creates a breeding ground for yeast.


Increase your dietary intake of foods containing liveactive yogurt cultures (such as cottage cheese, yogurt and Kefir milk.) Streich says that miso, kimchi and sauerkraut contain beneficial bacteria as well. Yeast feeds on sugar, so reduce your sugar intake while battling a yeast infection.

100% Recyclable

Sarah Lindsey is a freelance writer and mom of four young children who specializes in family nutrition.




FAMILY matters

STOP fretting

By Diane Johnson

The coach blew his whistle. Rather than run for water, the team members swarmed a couple of players. This was serious business. My boys, Derek and Dean, were at the center of this growing circle. Right before they were swallowed by the hungry crowd, I saw the puzzled looks on their faces. As I debated whether or not to go and check on the herd, the little football players’ heads whipped in my direction. Derek and Dean emerged from the center of the crowd and led the way to where I sat. The crew followed close behind. My nerves quivered as the pack converged upon my chair. It was clear something needed an answer. Shoving in from the back was #49. “Did they ask her?” he whispered. The others shushed him. I scanned the nearby parents. They were not fazed by the commotion. I trembled. What could be so important to bring a pack of football players to my chair? “Momma…”Derek started. He looked at Dean. Dean nodded and focused on my face. Derek started again, “Momma, who was born first?” As the question left his lips, the pack shoved in tight and my chest constricted. This water break was taking quite a long time. “Well, um, you both came close to the same time,” I lied, hoping the pack couldn’t smell my fear. “Oh look, the coach is waving you back; better hurry or he’ll make you run!” I said hurriedly.

Why would I lie to a pack of eight and nine-year-old children, you ask? Well, for starters, I knew this day would come. I knew at some point my boys would want to know who was born first. Then, the peace I had protected would be shattered. “I’m older, that’s why I get to pick first,” would replace the current decision-making method of long rounds of rock, paper and scissors. I assumed this moment would come from the boys alone. I did not expect to be cornered by a pack of boys in shoulder pads and helmets. It is a bit overwhelming, sitting in the midst of the pack. Especially, when the herd was hopped up waiting for the information bomb that would give them the ability to torment the last one out. With the crew back on the field, I had less than thirty minutes to come up with a game plan of my own. All I had to do was convince the boys that forty-five minutes meant nothing when you were born on the same day. With shoulder pads, helmets and bodies loaded in the truck for the ride home, I held my breath. The question would arise at any moment. The boys sat in the back discussing who they wanted to invite to their birthday. Derek spoke. He had a question and I felt my chest tighten. “Momma, how many kids can we invite to our party?” he asked.




Printed on Recycled Content Paper

“What?” I found myself confused. I was not thinking about body counts for parties, I was focused on the question.

The Jewish Federation invites you to our PJ Library Program, A Fun Fall Day.

No longer able to contain myself, I began the conversation. “Uh, guys? Did you want to talk more about the question you asked at practice?”

September 29th • 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Matthys Farm 57754 Crumstown Hwy South Bend, IN 46619 Join us as we pet the animals, hop on a hayride, navigate through a corn maze and pick pumpkins.

“About who was born first?” Dean asked.

Cost is $7 per child

(no charge for kids 2 and under or for kids who do not want a pumpkin).

“Yes,” I trembled. “No,” they answered in unison. “How many can we invite to our party?” I was worried about the catastrophe to come when my children blind-sided me without a care in the world. Moments like those make me proud of my boys and the lessons they teach me. I thanked my lucky stars for smart boys and vowed in the future I would not spend years fretting over a simple question. I would address it and move on. My boys have since learned who came first and have yet to use it as a means of solving disputes. I have kept my word and not fretted over simple questions. Although there was that one time the boys’ teacher asked about splitting them up for fourth grade…

PJ Library offers free Jewish themed books for Jewish children up to the age of 8. You can sign your children up for PJ Library at this event or by contacting Sarah Lotter at the Jewish Federation

For more information, or to RSVP Contact Sarah at 574-233-1164, by email at or by visiting our website

The CreativeVillage

Find us on FaceBook!

Art, Education & Inspiration Come and see us at the Village for your free gift!

Handmade gifts and vintage items by local artists

A Unique New Shopping Destination

51772 SR 19 Elkhart, IN (North of the toll road) • 574-326-3103 •

Want to get your kids

Moving ? • Boys & Girls Gymnastics • Tumbling • Adult INSANITY® Classes (Childcare available!) • Birthday Parties


Diane Johnson is a proud mother of a pack of boys. Her twins are twelve years old and still teaching her that fretting is not worth the energy.

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Inspiring people to excel in athletics and life.

Get $15 off your registration fee! Expires 9-30-2013

24615 C.R. 45, Suite 3 • Elkhart, IN • 574.295.4348 THE



FAMILY mommy & daddy

Curse you, Rocket Math! (A musical) By Jane Suter


ove it or hate it, Rocket Math is the latest craze in elementary education. Its purpose, according to the official Rocket Math parent letter, is to memorize math facts "...until everyone knows all the facts in this operation instantly, without any pause before answering." It is memorization with an emphasis on speed, as all of the tests are timed. I could rant on all day about this Mario Andretti multiplication, but instead, I decided to put it to music.

(To the tune of Elton John's, Rocket Man) It came from school last night: homework. Parent letter, came with it. And they're gonna try, a new curriculum. I miss old math so much, I miss that life. Why can't things stay the same? But AmericaAAAaaaaa is far behind. And I think it's gonna be a long long time `Till speed facts sink into my weary mind, I'm now a mom who drills my kids at home. Oh no no no, curse you Rocket Math! Rocket Math, faster FASTER -- one minute long. And I think it's gonna be a long long time. `Till speed facts sink into my weary mind. I'm now a mom who drills my kids at home. Oh no no no, curse you Rocket Math! Rocket Math, faster FASTER -- one minute long. Freaked out and nauseous, these are my kids. Tomorrows test is letter "L". And there's no one there to save them, if they fail. And all this pressure, I don't understand. It's now my job to get to "Z". Oh Rocket MaaAAAAaaaathhh, Rocket Math. And I think it's gonna be a long long time. `Till speed facts sink into my weary mind. I'm now a mom who drills my kids at home. Oh no no no, curse you Rocket Math!. 34



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Get Closer to pluto this holiday Save up to 30%

on rooms at select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels this fall! Offer valid for stays most nights sept. 29 – Nov. 22 and Nov. 30 – dec. 23, 2013. Just add Theme Park tickets to take advantage of all the fun! Plus, enjoy special seasonal events, such as Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party**, Holidays Around the World at Epcot® and so much more!

St. Joseph County Parks

Book Aug. 1 – Sept. 15, 2013 for travel Sept. 29 – Nov. 9, 2013 Book Aug. 1 – Nov. 3, 2013 for travel Nov. 10 – Nov. 22, 2013 and Nov. 30 – Dec. 23, 2013

*The number of rooms allocated for this offer is limited. Length-of-stay requirements may apply. Savings based on the non-discounted price for the same room. Additional per-adult charges may apply if more than two adults per room at Disney Value, Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. No group rates or other discounts apply. Advance reservations required. Offer excludes campsites, 3-Bedroom Villas and is not valid at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms or The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. 30% savings for select Disney Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Resorts; lower savings for other Resorts. Disney’s Art of Animation – family suites available on discount from 9/29 – 10/5; 10/20 – 11/2; 11/10 – 11/22; 12/15 – 12/23/13. **Separate event ticket required. GS2013-10784 ©Disney

Jane Suter is an award-winning writer and mom of two very energetic boys, one in kindergarten and the other in second grade. Born in Chicago, she is proud of her Midwestern roots.

100% Recyclable

Contact contact your MENNO TRAVEL today! 574-534-1521 1-800-635-0963 THE



o p x E2 013

Provided by The FAMILY Magazines Saturday October 26, 2013 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM The Century Center, South Bend

FREE for Kids! $5for Adults (12 years & under with paid adult)

Open to the Public! Parent Resources:

• Camps for Kids • Family Entertainment • College Planning • Birthday Parties • Day Care • Family Dining • Fitness Centers • Education Centers • Tutoring Centers • Dance Centers • Health & Wellness


tin Pain ace F e som Awe

Fun Activities Including:

• Inflatable Bounce Houses • Face Painting • Crafts • Games • Storytelling • Balloon Artist • Performances • Guest Appearances • Trick-or-Treating at Vendor Booths!

* Events are subject to change at any time

Dozen of gre s prizes at drawi and ngs!

Wear Your Costume and come Trick-or-Treat!

Entertainment and shows every half hour starting at 10:30 AM! B at

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For New Patients Includes Exam, X-Rays and Cleaning

Cleaning valid only if oral health qualifies. Offer good for each family member. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. No cash value. Expires November 30, 2013.



6502 Grape Road, Suite 882 | Mishawaka Monday - Thursday 8-5 • Friday 8-1

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Michiana’s Largest Michiana’s Michiana’s We Bring the Selection! Largest Largest

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Licensed and Insured




FAMILY matters

My Fridge, My Life

By Chaunie Marie Brusie


we cooked dinner together the other night, my husband closed our refrigerator door and paused, looking over the mess of preschool papers, crumbling crafts, and endless family portraits penned by our four-year-old. “You know,” he said. “I love our kids and everything, but I think I would be a lot happier if our fridge wasn’t such a mess.” I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It is kind of annoying to knock papers off every time I open the door,” I said with a chuckle, shaking my head slightly. But the truth is, I love everything about our refrigerator and the jumbled junk that adorns its doors.

Because it’s more than a fridge; it’s our life. I love the dry erase calendar that I doodle ridiculous drawings on every month. I love that every spare inch is covered in our girls’ drawings. I love that I have approximately 4,531 portraits of myself with giant ears and a uni-brow from my preschooler. I love that our weekly menu, a Pinterest-inspired creation, sits perched haphazardly on the side, usually forgotten and bypassed in the lure of B.L.T. pizza. I love that there are messy fingerprints and a letter magnet set missing half its letters and to-do lists that are always buried and never “to-do’ed.” There are forgotten family portraits, clippings of newspaper remembrances of loved ones lost, and flyers for upcoming kindergarten meetings to mark the entrance of our first daughter in the fall. (Sob.) All of the “stuff ” that makes up our life as a family. In becoming a mother rather unexpectedly, I’ve had to learn a few things about parenting in what has sometimes felt like fast




Printed on Recycled Content Paper

forward time. With three kids aged four and under and two jobs, I feel a bit some days like I’m stumbling through, ad-libbing the whole thing, rushing through on survival mode. So in the middle of the day, in meeting deadlines, changing 50 dirty diapers, (no, really, the baby eat a lot of blueberries) trying but always forgetting to take the laundry out of the dryer when it’s done, sometimes it’s nice to be forced, in the midst of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, to be reminded about the most important lesson that motherhood has given me.

n e t r a g r e d n i K


That happiness?

more at

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School! Now Registering for Fall Classes!

Is all in the little things.

Please call our school office at 574.264.4855 for more information or to schedule a tour. Visit us at or!

In the little things that make up our life— in the preschool graduations and family weddings and baby showers, in exclaiming over each and every drawing penned by the kids, no matter how many they’ve already given you in the last hour, in a hastily scribbled-in date night.

St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School 1331 North Main Street Elkhart, IN 46514

So I will risk knocking off a few papers in the hunt for a midnight snack or overlook a few smudged handprints on my faux stainless steel refrigerator doors. And keep it just the way it is.

St. Thomas the Apostle School is Catholic in character, but open to all faith traditions. Approximately 12% of our current enrollment is non-Catholic.

as hom St. T ol Scho ” n “A ed a v i e c te re e sta on th d! r rt ca repo

Chaunie Brusie is a labor and delivery nurse and mother of three. Her first book, Tiny Blue Lines, a non-fiction guide to young motherhood will be released in 2014.

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• Outstanding Academics

• Christian Family Atmosphere

• Safe Environment

• 21st Century Learning Facility

• Before and After School Care

Recently Renovated and Expanded THE



Birthday Party Resource Guide

Everything you need to plan the party of the decade for your kiddo!

Inflatable Playground

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Did your team get a big win? We want to see your pictures! Submit group/team photo and detailed info on the winning team of kiddos ages 12 and under Make sure the kids’ parent’s give permission to submit! Submit high resolution photos and info to info@


Hey Kids! Color this page and win! The coloring contest winners will be featured in our November issue of FAMILY Magazine and receive a 1 year membership to Star Martial Arts! One winner will be selected from each of the three following age categories: 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12 years of age.

NAME: _________________________________________ AGE: ______ ADDRESS: __________________________________________________ CITY: ___________________________ STATE: ______ ZIP: _________ DAY TIME PHONE: __________________________________________ PARENT’S NAME: ___________________________________________ E-MAIL: ____________________________________________________

For your chance to WIN, color your best picture and mail entries to: STAR MARTIAL ARTS • 5776-48 Indian Ridge Blvd • Mishawaka, IN 46545 • 574.277. KICK (5425). Coloring contest is open to children 12 years and under, and entries must be mailed by October 8th, 2013. Winners will be featured in the November issue of FAMILY Magazine and will be notified via phone or email by Star Martial Arts. Winners' artwork will be featured along with their first name and age. For additional coloring contest entries, this coloring page may be photocopied and printed off. 100% Recyclable






Wagon Wheel Theatre

Have Fun! Respect Discipline Focus Confidence Self Defense Bully Prevention Leadership 42



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Must bring in this coupon Offer expires 9-30-13 Not valid with any other offer.

Find the words below in the Star Martial Arts word search puzzle. Words can be forwards, backwards, diagonal, vertical or horizontal.

Fitness Yes I Can Star Martial Arts Integrity Courtesy Goal Setting Perseverance

Never Give Up Good Grades Stranger Danger Black Belt Kick Punch

Printed on Recycled Content Paper

“Sushi” sandwiches • 3 Pieces of whole-wheat sandwich bread • 1 or 2 bananas • 2 tablespoons nut, almond or peanut butter • 1 tablespoon of honey Cut the crusts off the bread and roll as thin as possible with a rolling pin. Spread the nut butter evenly. Place the banana on the bread and starting at the side closest to you, tightly roll the banana-nut butter mixture up and press to seal into a roll. Put a dab of honey on the end to seal it. Cut roll into 4 even pieces. Repeat with remaining bread. Serve with a side of mixed berries and celery slices.

yum! 100% Recyclable




September 2013 Calendar of Events September 1

September 8

Involving Families Community Expo

Grandparents Day in the Park

620 W. Edison Road, Mishawaka Come and discover the opportunities and resources our community has to offer. Everyone from belly artists, face painters, photographers and midwives will be there to answer you questions.

St Patrick’s County Park, South Bend Make a day of it with your grandkids! Come out to St. Patrick’s County Park and celebrate National Grandparents Day and honor the important role grandparents play in our children's lives. The park is a great place for generations to enjoy together. Bring a picnic, enjoy a nature hike with riddles, stop by the Brown Barn for a quick craft, discover aquatic plants and animals with a hands-on activity, play at the playground and most importantly, enjoy quality time together in a beautiful atmosphere. Craft supplies are limited.

11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Blueberry Festival in Plymouth

Centennial Park, Plymouth, IN Fun for the whole family with a variety of fun activities including rides and plenty of food options.

September 4 Tree Top Tails 10:00 AM

11:00 AM-4:00 PM

September 10

Harris Branch Library Treetop Tales resumes this month. Children of all ages are invited to listen to stories, sing songs and participate in finger plays at Treetop Tales on Wednesdays, September 4 and 18 at 10:00 a.m. at the Harris Branch Library. Registration is not required and all ages are welcome. An adult caregiver must attend with children ages 7 years and younger. For more information call 271-3179.

Back to School Craft

September 6-7

4:30 PM- 5:30 PM

Bristol Hills Storytelling Festival 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Elkhart County Historical Museum, Bristol The 24th BRISTOL HILLS STORYTELLING FESTIVAL invites you to come early and share your story with a supportive group of your friends and neighbors in the Swapping Ground. Five committee members of the Bristol Storytelling Festival are local tellers who all started with that first shared tale. Come and tell your true, funny, tall or personal tale that goes between “Once upon a time” and “The end”. Be brave, have fun and give your story wings in the Swapping Ground. Call 574-875-9135 for more information.

September 7

Dentistry From the Heart

3:00 PM- 5:00 PM

Bittersweet Branch Library It’s back-to-school time! Children have a choice of two different crafts to make at the Bittersweet Branch Library on Tuesday, September 10. Registration is not required. For more information, call 259-0392.

Show and Parade Poms Battell Community Center Students age six and up will be given the opportunity to learn dance routines and parades. Bring a friend and join the fun. Class is free of cost.

September 12 Fun First Fishing 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

St Patrick’s National Park, South Bend Kids and their parents are invited to attend this beginners’ fishing lesson. Basic fundamentals about rods, reels, hooks, lines and baits will be discussed. Registrants receive a free aquatic theme poster or coloring book! Registration and payment required by September 9. Price per person is $3. To register call 574-654-3155.

5:00 AM-6:00 PM

September 13

Boys & Girls Club Gran Fondo - A charity cycling event

Niles, MI Celebrate "40 Years of Fear" at the Niles Haunted House Scream Park. The three haunted houses are updated each year for fresh fear! The Field of Screams will keep you dazed and confused or ride the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride. Free admission to the midway for fiendish food and ghoulish games. Free parking. Call 269-445-9184.

Mahoney Family Dentistry, South Bend Mahoney Family Dentistry will provide adults 18 years or older with their choice of a FREE cleaning, extraction or filling. Registration stars at 5 a.m. and treatment begins at 6 a.m. Patients will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Middlebury, IN A charity cycling event. One Day-Two Great Event. A metric century ride for avid cyclists and a family fun ride along the pumpkinvine trail. Cost is $25 per family.




Niles Haunted House Scream Park

September 14 Marble Madness 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Harris Branch Library Children in grades 1 through 6 and their parents

*Please be sure to call ahead to confirm times and information.

are invited to bring their imagination to Marble Madness on Saturday, September 14 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Have fun creating an incredible path for a marble using egg cartons, cardboard tubes, popsicle sticks, cereal boxes and more. Registration is required and begins Saturday, August 31. For more information, call 271-3179.

Mountain Biking for Youth

Bendix Woods: DeNeve Shelter, New Carlisle If your kids love to be outdoors and ride bikes, this is the program for them! The Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association is holding this intro to Mountain Biking. The session will include a discussion and demonstration of basic mountain biking followed by a guided ride on the amazing trails of Bendix Woods. All participants must bring a bike helmet, mountain bike or BMX bike that has brakes and gears (if it has them) in good working order and most importantly, a desire to have fun. Recommended for children ages 8-16, and accompanied by an adult. Registration and payment are required by September 9. Contact: 574-654-3155.

September 15

Bike Michiana for Hospice 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

St Patrick’s National Park, South Bend Cyclists can take part in rides ranging from 3.5124 miles. Proceeds will benefit The Hospice Foundation and the Bike Michiana Coalition, both outstanding not-for-profit organizations in our community. Call 800-413-9083.

September 16

Cursive writing for Kids and Teens 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Calligraphy Studio of Anne Binder With the focus on teaching children keyboarding, there is little time spent in the classroom learning how to write using paper and pen. This class is designed to teach children 10 yrs and older how to write in cursive and how to read cursive letterforms. The amount of sessions is open to accommodate different learning abilities of the individual student. Price of the class is $15 per lesson.

September 17

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Information Night 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Mahoney Family Dentistry, South Bend Dr. Asad Ansari from Memorial Pediatric Specialties will co-host the September TMJ & Sleep Therapy Information Night. Learn more about how non-obtrusive oral appliance therapy combined with a specially designed treatment plan may help your child with obesity, bed wetting and ADHD. Appetizers and refreshments provided. Please call (574) 272-0466 to reserve your seat.

Printed on Recycled Content Paper

Have an event you'd like to submit? Visit! September 19 I Make It!

South Bend Art Museum Come and begin your morning making music and art. Embrace that imperative force that drives your little one’s life: the need to make it themselves! Be the facilitator of your child’s art and create side by side in an exploratory and process oriented environment. Each class will begin with a music circle and transition into art making. We will explore the exquisite textures and colors of felt and paper, and the basic techniques of, drawing, watercolor, cutting, stringing and felting

Youth Archery Lesson

St Patrick’s County Park Join park staff for archery lessons. Equipment provided. Get hands-on experience with all the equipment and enjoy a personalized shooting lesson. Registration and payment required by September 16. Price per person is $10. 574-654-3155

September 20 4th Annual Yard Sale

A Rosie Place, South Bend Huge yard sale at A Rosie Place, lots of miscellaneous items...donated from the community to benefit the families of medically fragile children we serve! 574-235-8899

September 21

Notre Dame vs. Michigan State 3:30 PM

Notre Dame, South Bend Come out to the University of Notre Dame for fun filled day, including a tailgate before the football game begins!

September 22

Children’s Auditions for Annie! 2:00 PM -6:00 PM

First United Methodist Church First United Methodist Church is located at 333 N. Main St (enter the side door off of Madison and go down to the basement).

Patients and family members are invited to create a glass “Garden Tile,” a unique contribution to the Garden Tile Wall in the Marie Yeager Cancer Center. Each tile is meant to be a personal expression and added to the Garden Tile Wall. Participants can choose to decorate their 6” x 6” clear-glass tiles with a variety of colored glass pieces. The theme is nature, specifically flowers. Water Street GlassWorks will fire the tiles at their Benton Harbor studio and bring them back to the Marie Yeager Cancer Center to be installed on the Garden Tile Wall. The tiles will create a wall of colorful artwork for all to enjoy for decades to come. Call Cathy at (269) 927-5361.

September 27 The Cherry Orchard 8:00 PM

South Bend Civic Theatre In 1900 Russia, an aristocratic family faces uncertainty as change comes to their family home, including the impending destruction of their beloved cherry orchard. A classic play of people whose way of life is being pushed aside leaving nothing but memories and unrequited hopes. Two great playwrights combine to create a feast of characters in moments humorous and sad. For more information and show times visit

the South Bend Civic Theatre’s website. * Playing from 9.27.13-10.6.13

September 29

CROP Walk of St. Joe Country 2:00 PM

July 27

Howard Park in South Bend

The Cat Returns 3:00 PM

DeBartolo, Notre Dame High school student Haru rescues a cat that was about to be run over by a truck and discovers the cat is actually a prince named Lune. Out of gratitude, Lune's father, the Cat King, asks her to marry Lune. Haru is brought to the Cat Kingdom, where she starts to develop feline features. When she is prevented from leaving, the Baron and Toto, two statues that have magically been given life, provide assistance in gaining her freedom.

September 30

Monday Special; Burger and Fries $3.99 Trevi’s, Osceola Come in to Trevi’s any Monday and enjoy the special of a Burger and Fries for only $3.99!

“We strive to ensure your experience with us surpasses your expectations. That’s why I believe in an integrative approach to dental care that incorporates the Golden Rule philosophy where we would only do those things that we would have done to ourselves. We also use the most current technologies which provide the best possible dental and proactive solutions found in the industry today.” ~ Dr. Matt Brennan

September 25

Ballet and Tap class for kids

5:30-6:30 PM (Ages 4-6) 6:45-7:45 PM (7 & Up)

Battell Community Center This class is a ballet and tap class (30 minutes each) where children will be learning the very basics of each style of dance. Leotards and tights are encouraged, or clothing that is easy to move in. Class held in Dance Room II. This class is free of charge. 574-258-1664.

Glass Garden Tiles Art Project 6:00 PM-8:00 PM


Marie Yeager Cancer Center, St Joseph, MI 100% Recyclable




FAMILY matters

The Elkhart Humane Society Needs your Help! Loving animals are in need of families! Each month the FAMILY Magazine will feature one dog, cat, and a bunny who are waiting to find their forever homes! Please contact the Elkhart Humane Society for more information at (574) 848-4225.

Skip Skip is a staff favorite at the shelter and we are all so excited for him to find his forever home! He is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.


Powder is a sweet girl that is about 10 months old. She is mellow and laid back, with a little dash of spunk thrown in. Powder gets along great with other animals and is spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She would be an amazing addition to almost any home!




Printed on Recycled Content Paper

The ElectricPineapple


Manicures • Perms • Color • Cuts Razor Cuts • Foiling Call or Walk In! Tuesday 11am-7pm Wednesday thru Friday 7am-4pm Saturday 6:45am-12:30pm

102 N. Chaptoula Street • Bristol, IN • 574-848-4955

Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. Peacock is a beautiful girl that was rescued from her free-spirited hopping days. Mrs. Peacock is ready to go to a home that will give her lots of love and attention.

54687 County Road 19 Bristol, IN 46507 (574) 848-4225

100% Recyclable




At Memorial Childbirth Center, we’ve welcomed more babies into the world than any other regional hospital. And we know how important your delivery day is to you. That’s why Memorial offers a birthing experience as unique and special as your new family, combined with the peace of mind of our expert care. With the region’s most advanced Newborn Intensive Care Unit, you’ll receive high-risk expertise, if you need it, and compassionate, individualized care. From the spacious, spa-like rooms, to massage and hydrotherapy, we give you the freedom to design the childbirth experience you desire. Come tour our Childbirth Center, where there’s more than you may be expecting.

OPEN HOUSE | TOURS | 574-647-3540 Memorial Hospital of South Bend • 615 N. Michigan St. • South Bend, IN

Family Magazine September 2013  

Connecting the Savvy Mom in Michiana

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