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WINNEMUCCA Visitors Guide 2017 Crossroads of the West

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Welcome to Winnemucca!

Winnemucca Municipal Golf Course

The City of Winnemucca welcomes you to our community! Our city has five well-maintained parks with sheltered picnic areas, playground equipment, restrooms and other amenities that are perfect for a leisurely picnic or your next family gathering. Vesco Park is located on Mizpah Street, and contains playground equipment, sheltered picnic areas, restrooms, three softball diamonds and two tennis courts. Also at Vesco Park you can find the Winnemucca Skate Park, offering plenty of dips and dives for skateboarders of all ages. The park plus the nearby golf course cover 65 lush acres. Perhaps the feather in Winnemucca’s cap is the beautiful nine-hole municipal golf course. The course features well-maintainted greens and two pond fountain features. Tee times are available during warm weather months. Winnemucca has two swimming pools — Bode Howard Memorial Pool is an indoor facility offering both lap swim and open swim hours six days a week. The Memorial Pool is located next to Vesco Park. Sage Heights Pool, located north of Winnemucca just off US Hwy. 95, is open during warm weather months. Located on the south end of Winnemucca is the Sports Complex, boasting four regulation-size softball diamonds. Located on the east end of Winnemucca is the new soccer complex and Boys and Girls Club building.

Memorial Pool

Vesco Park

Sage Heights Pool

City of Winnemucca

City Hall

100 Years of Service

Call Winnemucca City Hall at (775) 623-6338 for more information or to reserve one of the parks; or stop by and see us at 90 West Fourth St. in downtown Winnemucca.

Visit us online at Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 3

Welcome to Winnemucca! Welcome to Winnemucca! Our great City is celebrating its centennial this year, incorporated on October 4, 1917. We are extremely proud of the successes that our City has enjoyed during the past one hundred years and are truly excited for the next one hundred. Winnemucca has been a resting point for travelers since the 1860’s and we continue to welcome our visitors with first class facilities and friendly atmosphere. Our area is famous for its open space opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, photography, birding, rock hounding, ATV trails, camping and hunting. Our rich history includes numerous historic buildings and an outstanding museum to explore. Our community offers many nice gaming venues, hotel rooms and restaurants, including a fine Basque family-style dining facility. Our golf course, complete with water hazards, is widely acknowledged

Winnemucca Mayor Di An Putnam

to be the best nine-hole course in the State of Nevada. Our region has one of the largest known deposits of gold reserves in the world and our mining industry provides well paid jobs to thousands of our local residents. Our area also produces more agricultural products than any other county in the State and ranching remains one of the primary industries. Our local events include the world famous Shooting the West Photography Symposium, the Superior Livestock Auction, Winnemucca Wheels car event, Balloon Festival, Run-A-Mucca motorcycle event, several Car Shows, Basque Festival, Dutch Oven Cook off and many others. Our area holds many rodeo events each season, including the Silver State International Rodeo for High School finalists from all over the world and the Western States Ranch Rodeo Finals. I sincerely hope that your visit to our City is extremely enjoyable. Take time to learn our history and be sure to join us on September 30th to celebrate 100 years of growth — Mayor DiAn Putnam

Winnemucca is the only town in Nevada named after a Native American The City of Winnemucca was named after the famous Northern Paiute Indian Chief Old Winne­mucca by one of President Lin­coln’s map makers. When Winnemucca was young, before the discovery of gold in California, several white prospectors came into the area of the Humboldt Sink from the Boise River country. When they first saw Winnemucca, he was wearing only one moccasin and his other foot was bare. In the Paiute dialect, “mu-cha” means mocca­sin and the white men referred to him as “wan-namuc-cha” — or “one moccasin.” This name, part English and part Paiute, pleased Winnemucca, and he adopted it as his new Chief Winnemucca name, being referred to thereafter as Wan-ne-muc-cha by his tribe. The chief spent a lot of time in the region of the town of Winne­mucca, attending “fandangoes,” ritual gatherings of several hun­dred people. Chief Winnemucca and his daughter, Sarah, traveled across the country, bringing attention to the plight of their people. In 1880, they presented their case in Washington, D.C. A statue of Sarah Winnemucca is housed in the National Statuary Hall Collection in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. As a spokesperson for her people, Sarah gave The Sarah over 300 speeches to win support for them, and she Winnemucca statue in met with President Rutherford B. Hayes and SecreWashington, D.C. tary of the Interior Carl Schurz in 1880. Her 1883 autobiography, “Life among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims,” was the first book written by a Native American woman.

Winnemucca Fast Facts

Photo courtesy Michelle Hammond

The Humboldt County Courthouse. • There are about 7,500 people in Winnemucca. • The population of Humboldt County is roughly 18,000. • Humboldt County receives 8 inches of precipitation annually. • The average summer temperature is 98, while the average winter temperature is 20 degrees.

Historic photos used in the Visitors Guide are courtesy the Humboldt Museum. Learn more at 4   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 5

100 Y E A R Celebration

Winnemucca celebrates 100 wonderful years From one end to the other, the city of Winnemucca is bursting with pride as we celebrate 100 years of incorporation. The early days of Winnemucca were, like all mining and railroad towns, a bit tumultuous. The town has shaken off those wild west roots, however, and now is a beautiful, green and placid oasis in the desert. There will be Centennnial events throughout the year, and the city will host a grand event on Sept. 30. In addition, a book about the area, commemmorative coins, mixers and other celebrations are in the works. Check the website www. for more information.

Winnemucca’s main street of commerce, Bridge Street, is a busy area in this 1916 photo

6   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Winnemucca 1865


Twin Creeks Mine (Humboldt County) 4th Thursday of each month, April - Sept Contact Angela Prindle for more information - 775.635.4206

Phoenix Mine (Lander County)

3rd Thursday of each month, April - October Contact Shar Peterson for more information - 775.635.6640

Gold Quarry (Elko/Eureka County) 2nd Thursday of each month, April - October Contact Colton Blair for more information - 775.778.2327

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 7

Winnemucca Visitors Center combines past and present Winnemucca has long been a stopover for weary travelers winding their way through the treacherous routes of the Great Basin. Today, due to its central location between San Francisco and Salt Lake City, it continues to offer a long list of lodging, dining and entertainment amenities that lure travelers off the interstate. Venture through the antique wooden doors of the newly-improved Humboldt County Visitors Center and you will find a wealth of

The displays at the Buckaroo Hall of Fame trace the rich history of the cowboy life in northern Nevada.

information about the area, and you’ll The Humboldt County be welcomed by the Humboldt CounVisitors Center is open for ty Chamber of Commerce. This group self-guided tours six days per week has mastered the “art of the welcome,” (may be closed for events); Sundays and the staff there is a treasure-trove of seasonal. For Winter hours and knowledge about Winnemucca and the other information, call the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce, surrounding areas. (775) 623-2225, or log onto A major display in the Visitors ter is the William Humphreys Big Game Collection. This is a collection of more than 53 big game specimens representing more than four continents. Visitors are also treated to the Buckaroo Hall of Fame, a display of authentic buckaroo life from those who helped tame the Great Basin. Other exhibits in the Visitors Center include those representing the mining and other local industries, as well as historical representations of the Great Basin, the pioneer trail, local Native American heritage and Basque heritage. The Humboldt County Visitors Center is full of local history and information and should be on the “must-see” list for any traveler.

William Humphreys’ Big Game Collection

Buckaroo Hall of Fame The Buckaroo Hall of Fame is located inside the East Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center. The display pays tribute to the cowboys who helped tame the wilds of Nevada, and includes memorabilia from several area cowpokes. Each year, a new addition is added to the fold, the display yields new insight into the lives of those who worked with cattle and horses so many decades ago. The well-displayed array of artifacts gives visitors a glimpse into the hard life that many of these range riders faced. Worn saddles, boots and spurs attest to the many hours of labor they’ve seen, while photographs of weathered faces - proud of a life well-lived - gaze back at visitors. The Buckaroo Hall of Fame is open 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Saturday (Sundays seasonal). The exhibit is free and open to the public.

BLM Rock and Mineral Display The rock and mineral display inside the Visitors Center showcases the many types of materials that are found in the northern Nevada desert. Each display is labeled by type, and also notes the location of discovery. Also on hand are antique bottles, and even the model of an Agustasaurus skull, found locally. 8   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

William Humphreys’ Big Game Collection is a display of 53 large animals collected over many years.

East Winnemucca Blvd • Winnemucca, Nevada


Behind Wingers

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Winnemucca celebrates 100 years in 2017 10 0 Y E A R Celebration

In this 1915 photo a car drives down Bridge Street near the first County Courthouse. That building burned, and a new structure designed by famed architect Fredrick Delongchamps was built on the same site.

A brief history of Winnemucca By David W. Toll Winnemucca has never laid claim to being the oldest settlement in the state, but its location has been more or less continuously occupied since about 1830 when beaver trappers like Peter Ogden established a camp here on what they called Mary’s River.

The Lafeyette Hotel in downtown Winnemucca was a popular and well-regarded boarding house in the 1880s.

A street scene from the intersection of Bridge and Third Street in downtown Winnemucca, 1929

10   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Above is the first Winnemucca Post Office. Located on Fourth Street, the building was constructed in the 1920s, and it was only the second federal building in Nevada. After a remodel in the 1940s, the building today serves as Winnemucca City Hall. Twenty years later, when westward bound wagon trains began using the Humboldt Trail, the trading post on the southern bank of the river at Graveley Ford came to be called Frenchman’s Ford, and by 1863 when it was renamed for the last time, in honor of the principal Paiute chief of the region, a rough settlement had grown up along the river bank. In 20 years more the transcontinental railroad had been built along the hillside to the south and a rival townsite was established upslope from the old village at the river’s edge. For

years, until they grew together around US 40, there was friction between the railroad-dominated Upper Town and Lower Town, where the farmers and ranchers carried the weight Despite its split personality in those early years, Winnemucca prospered as a shipping point and commercial center, and in 1872 the bustling young town had wrestled the county seat away from failing Unionville beyond the Humboldt Mountains. Brick buildings graced Winnemucca’s streets in the middle 1870s as its population grew to 1600 people.

An Outlaw’s Innocence By Cheryl Upshaw As illustrious as Winnemucca’s history is, the town’s few claims to fame are relatively minor. There’s a single mention in a Johnny Cash song. Trampled by Turtles once sang about a broken-down Buick coming through. And, allegedly, Butch Cassidy robbed First National Bank on September 19, 1900. An easy-to-miss monument to the occasion sits knee-high on the corner of Fourth and Bridge. Just a block down, at Butch Cassidy’s, the bar named in honor of the notorious criminal, there was a mural of Cassidy and his Wild Bunch painted on the windows. Though Cassidy was famous for robbing trains and banks, another robbery in Wyoming led historian Lee Berk to believe that another man was responsible for the robbery at First National. Surprisingly, the real culprit wasn’t an infamous outlaw. It was one of the banks owners: George S. Nixon, future senator. While Nixon was on the pointed end of “a murderous-looking knife” when the bank was held up at noon that September, he was likely in cahoots with the man holding it to his throat. Between that threat and the other two men, whose pistols were trained on him and his staff, Nixon was compelled to open the bank’s safe. Nixon had written a letter to the Pinkerton Detective Agency, stating that Cassidy was not present. In January of 1901, he wrote, “While I am satisfied that Cassidy was interested in the robbery, he was not one of the men who entered the bank.” This story would later change. According to Humboldt Museum Executive Director Dana Toth, Nixon’s bank was failing and he couldn’t afford to have such a dark splotch on his record and expect to win an election. Instead, the robbery was an easy excuse to get out of the banking game. And what better way to cover his tracks than to pin the robbery on Cassidy - what was one more accusation on the outlaw’s record? Over time, the cracks in the story surfaced. Nixon didn’t attribute the crime to Cassidy until several weeks later, though he could describe each of the robbers in detail. Several other men were accused, however, but the charges never truly stuck. The amount stolen changed with time, and was quoted as between $29,575 and $32,640 - a huge sum for the turn of the last century, regardless.

Above, the First National Bank in downtown Winnemucca still stands today — albeit with some remodeling and paving of the streets. Below, the Silver State newspaper from the day of the robbery shouted out the news.

A recreation of the ‘wanted poster’ for Butch Cassidy after his alleged robbery of the First National Bank in Winnemucca

It is unclear, this many years on, how much of the robbery was theater. Once the robbers had exited the bank and run to their horses, hitched in front of F.C. Robins & Cos store, Nixon ran out after them, guns firing into the air. A short exchange of fire followed, though, according to local newspaper The Silver State, none of the bullets from either side found its mark. “Chet’s Reflections,” by Chet and Kim Brackett, tells an account of Bige Duncan, supposedly a relative of the writers, who wanted to buy and operate a ranch. The cost to buy the ranch, along with the necessary operating capital, would have been significant. The Bracketts wrote that when Nixon heard how much Duncan would need, he said, “The only way you could get that kind of money out of this bank, would be to rob it.” Bige Duncan was accompanied by his

brother Tap Duncan, who, according to the Bracketts, had been known to run with the Wild Bunch. After turning the Duncan brother down for the loan, Nixon wrote a letter to the men, stating he wanted to meet them in Denver regarding a business deal. They agreed and it was in Colorado that Nixon supposedly hatched the scheme that led to the robbery of First National Bank. The bank, he said, was in trouble. Nixon offered the men the opportunity to rob it, provided they would do so in such a way that no one got hurt and no one knew that Nixon was involved. Nixon could stop banking and run once again for public office. Few facts are clear in this case. First National Bank was robbed, with five people inside, at noon on September 19, 1900. The robbers were chased for several days across the desert, but were never found or arrested. George S. Nixon went on to become a US Senator. An unsolved robbery was attributed to Butch Cassidy.

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 11


Most of the people who make their home in Winnemucca have their livelihood tied to the land in one form or another. Agricultural pursuits and mining for gold, silver and other precious minerals are what bring many families to our small city, and love of the rolling hills and deserts are what make many of them stay. Winnemucca is located 167 miles east of Reno and 265 miles southwest of Boise, Idaho. The city covers 5.4 square miles and has about 7,500 people. The city of Winnemucca is the seat of

Photo by Michael Michaelsen, Winnemucca Publishing

Heavy equipment pairs with high-tech processes in the modern gold mining industry. Humboldt County, and, since much of the county is rural, nearly half of the population lives inside the city limits. Winnemucca sits at a geographic crossroads — Interstate 80 takes travellers east and west through Winnemucca while U.S. Highway 95 brings drivers from Oregon and Idaho into the middle of town. Jungo Road takes adventurous drivers into the heart of the Black Rock Desert. Finally, a rail line with daily Amtrak service runs parallel to many of the town’s major streets. The city is also a cultural crossroads. There is a large Basque population who speak their native language, Euskera, and practice the customs of their homeland on a daily basis. In addition, there is a large and active Hispanic population in the community. Finally, northern Nevada is enriched by the presence of several Native American tribes, one of which, the Western Band of the Western Shoshone, has a colony within the city limits of Winnemucca. Photo by Amy Pointer

12   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

A look at our past — Ever wonder what became of old Winnemucca, the town where brave pioneers sought their fortune and weary cowboys hitched up their steeds after a day on the range? Those days live on at the Humboldt Museum, along with the Great Depression, the Roaring Twenties, and even the Ice Age. The museum offers a compendium of area history through its many artifacts. Visitors can see a turn-of-the-century parlor, early model horseless carriages, a set of bones from a local mammoth, and much more. The collection encompasses all of Humboldt County, with artifacts from Paradise Valley, rural areas, and Winnemucca. The museum itself is a piece of old Winnemucca. Built in 1907, it was a downtown church — until it was picked up and hauled across the Humboldt River to its present site, at Jungo Road and Maple Avenue. A second, larger building was added on when the museum’s collection outgrew its humble home. Also on the museum grounds is the Cumley- Richardson House, currently undergoing restoration, a historic store and the newest addition — a 1950’s bus that formerly belonged to the Humboldt Hotel. Inside the museum, every artifact at the museum comes with two supplements — a story, and someone who loves telling it. The staff of the museum will gladly take you back in time with an introduction to the treasures of Humboldt County’s history. The Humboldt Museum is located adjacent to Pioneer Park at 175 Museum Lane, and is open Wednesday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; closed Sunday - Tuesday. Admission is free, and donations are accepted. For more information visit them online at www.

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 13


Enjoy mountain biking on several groomed trails

The “Bloody Shins Trail,” a single-track course located east of Winnemucca, offers beginning riders a 12-mile course. The trail is fairly easy and climbs in elevation from 4,570 feet to 4,820. Intermediate riders are invited to try their skills on the 12-mile track, a slightly more difficult course which rises 1,000 feet. Both courses are open March - November. No matter what type of two-wheeled adventure you’re looking for, the hills and deserts around Winnemucca offer exciting terrain. Nearly every weekend during the warmer months, riders take to the trails to eat a little Nevada dust. The “Bloody Shins Trail,” a 12-mile trail that begins right on the edge of town, is a good place to start. This rolling single track course is divided into beginner and expert grades (the last five miles range from intermediate to expert level) and offers endless views of the distant mountain ranges. In addition to the Bloody Shins Trail, the Sonoma Mountains (the range to the East of Winnemucca) offers old pack routes, cow trails, and Jeep trails crisscrossing the sagebrush strewn flanks of the hills. The Sonomas also excel for back country excursions, whether accessed by bicycle, motorbike, horseback or hiking. Several of the deep V-shaped canyons offer spring-fed creeks and pleasant camping experiences.

Mountain bike on Winnemucca Mountain

Get one of the best views in northern Nevada when you bike (or hike) to the top of Winnemucca Mountain. The Winnemucca Mountain Bike Hike Trail is accessed from Sage Heights (just off US Hwy. 95). Choose the 1 mile or 3.5 mile loops up the side of the mountain — or if you’re feeling strong take the 6 mile ride to the summit. For more information visit www.winnemuccabikeshop. com or stop by Bikes & More in downtown Winnemucca.

14   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Find miles of tracks and roads for outdoor fun!

Not everyone prefers to travel within the confines of a car — and astride a horse isn’t always the best way to spend a day in the desert. Sometimes, you just gotta take the bikes or ATVs out and eat some dust. Humboldt County has hundreds of miles of back roads that are ready for you to ride. Most motorcycle enthusiasts begin their desert trek accessing trails behind Winnemucca Mountain

(the big hill west of town with the “W” on it), or by driving their trucks and trailers up Water Canyon Road and parking at one of the campgrounds there. A second good jumping-off point for motorcycles and ATVs is Sand Pass Road, located just 11 miles north of Winnemucca on U.S. Highway 95. This road travels almost due east into the

desert, and affords some awesome views, as well as a terrific ride! The Sonomas are excellent for back-country excursions, and are frequently accessed by riders both on motorcycle and mountain bike. Other options for riding include the Santa Rosa Mountains, above Paradise Valley; the Sand Dunes and Sand Pass Road north of Winnemucca and the Jungo area west of Winnemucca.

Winnemucca Sand Dunes are acres of fun The Winnemucca sand dunes, located just a few miles north of the city, offer ATV enthusiasts, campers and folks who just like to dip their toes in the sand ample opportunities for enjoyment! The large, drifting dunes are a favorite with area ATV riders, who love the gently rolling hills and expansive landscapes. If you go, remember to pack plenty of water, sunscreen and maybe a jacket – sands can pack quite a sting! The Winnemucca sand dunes are easy to find, just hit US Hwy. 95 heading north from Winnemucca. The dunes are on the left (West) side about 8 miles out of town. Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 15

Champion fish, record game and great bird hunting Winnemucca: Home to the Elusive Chukar If you love bird hunting, then you should know this area is synonymous with good upland game hunting. Northern Nevada claims legendary status as the “Chukar Capital of the Country.” There are a few reasons why. Long seasons and liberal bag limits make for more hunter recreation days than any other upland game bird. Plus, only the Great Basin can duplicate the original chukar habitat of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the birds’ native countries. Only here will you find the steep, rugged canyons with talus slopes and rocky outcrops that provide a perfect hideout for the birds. That makes a difference when it’s nearing sunset and you’ve already bagged your limit of six. That’s not to say the experience isn’t a humbling one. Cecil Hawkins says, “The chukar has bagged more hunters than hunters have bagged chukar. Always remember that.” Still, there will always be a next time.

Big Game Challenges Hunters Those who enjoy the sport of big game hunting will want to give Humboldt County a try!  From the steep hillsides of the Santa Rosa Mountains to the wide deserts found throughout the area, Humboldt County seems to be prime territory for big game animals. The area is home to large herds of antelope and mule deer, as well as mountain goats and bighorn sheep, and their elusive predator, the mountain lion. Hunters from outside of Nevada should visit the Nevada Department of Wildlife Web site, for more information about obtaining an out-of-state hunting tag, or get in touch with one of the area’s many hunting guides, who can help with every detail.

Visit for more information about hunting in Humboldt County and northern Nevada.

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Paradise Valley is a day-trip treasure just north of Winnemucca Paradise Valley is one of Nevada’s best-kept secrets, tucked between mountain ranges and surrounded by ranches. It’s a place where someone can kick up their feet, enjoy the scenery and do just about anything stress-free. Paradise Valley is about 40 miles north of Winnemucca on U.S. Highway 95. Unlike the craziness of a big city, where everyone is hurrying to get somewhere, the town lacks noise and chaos. It’s the kind of place that can be summed up as having a fire station, a church, a post office, a park and a school. Most of Paradise is ranches; along State Route 290, cattle graze everywhere in large fields — and sometimes in people’s yards. Further into town, you can visit an old cemetery and old buildings that existed during the mining years. But the real draw of Paradise is the great outdoors — and in the spring and summer, the place to take in nature’s beauty is Hinkey Summit, a popular spot for fishing and camping, which turns yellow with flowers once a year; it’s definitely a beautiful sight to see. Small streams and a large creek — Cottonwood Creek — run throughout the town and local ranches, and can be great for fishing. Paradise Valley is a great place to get away and relax. Hunters, crafters, photographers, nature lovers or those looking for a piece of Nevada’s past will be glad they discovered this part of hidden Nevada.

The treasures of yesteryear are found in Paradise Valley.

The Lye Creek Campground above Paradise Valley is a cool and green oasis in the high desert.

Paradise Valley

RV Park Showers • Power • Sewer • Water • Wifi Monthly,Weekly or Daily Rates For information and reservations call Laurie


The Adobe Book your stay at the historic Adobe. Accommodates up to 10 people.

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60 Main Street, Paradise Valley, Nv

20   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

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Drive a little, do a lot! The northern Nevada back country offers freedom to anyone who enjoys being able to pitch a tent, hike or bike the hills, fish the streams, pursue quality big game or pit themselves against the rugged terrain that supports the ultimate upland game bird, the chukar. Springtime arrays of wild flowers will delight photographers, and the scenic vistas they capture on film will leave a lasting memory of the area’s beauty. Beauty and nature are as near to town as Water Canyon, just a few minutes’ drive into the Sonoma Mountains. This is a great place to picnic, hike or mountain bike. A longer excursion, but every bit worth the drive, is a ride north to Hinkey Summit in the gorgeous Santa Rosas. From May to mid-June, the vast panoramas of Hinkey Summit are awe-inspiring. On your way back to Winnemucca, stop and visit the picturesque town of Paradise Valley. Just a short visit and you’ll know why it got its name. Like to fish? Humboldt County boasts some amazing high country trout water. Check out our reservoirs, streams and creeks. If you’re the exploring type, there are numerous old mining ghost towns hidden, almost gone, throughout the area. If you like the outdoors you’ll never be bored in and around Winnemucca!

For more information things to do near Winnemucca, visit the Outdoor Recreation section of the website

Martin Creek near Paradise Valley

Bilk Creek Reservoir north of Winnemucca

Photo by Michelle Hammond Urain

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 21

There’s always a rodeo in the heart of Cowboy Country!  The heart of Cowboy Country is Winnemucca, so it’s only to be expected that much of the year’s entertainment is dedicated to the interplay of man, horse and cow. Winnemucca does it up big, hosting some of the best rodeos in the west! Great riding, roping and steer wrestling talent is always on hand to take on equally talented bucking livestock at the annual Tri-County Fair and Stampede. Equine events continue throughout the year as Humboldt County hosts competitions for working cowboys, high school rodeo, barrel racers, and more big roping events than you can shake a stick at.

Bull riding during the Silver State International Rodeo Photo by Tony Erquiaga, Winnemucca Publishing

Silver State Invitational Rodeo heats up Fourth of July

Photo by Tony Erquiaga, Winnemucca Publishing

The Silver State International Rodeo is “where runners-up become champions.” Over 500 high school rodeo contestants who just missed going to the national finals rodeo come instead to Winnemucca to compete for five days in July. 22   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Rodeo Events 2017 March 1 & 2 Winnemucca Cow Dog Trials March 3 Stock Horse Challenge March 3 - 5 Ranch Hand Rodeo Barrel Bash March 4 Ranch, Rope & Performance Horse Sale March 4 & 5 Ranch Hand Rodeo & Wild Horse Race March 31 – April 2 777 Hairy Horse Barrel Race April 22 777 Spring Fling Barrel Race May 25 - 29 Nevada State High School Junior High and High School Rodeo Finals June 17 Ladies Ranch Rodeo July 3 – 8 Silver State Invitational Rodeo

Ranch Hand Rodeos take the West by storm The American cowboy has been a worldwide icon since the early 1800s and the values, traditions, heritage and cowboy code are still alive and well, even today. There are ranch cowboys still out there calving, branding, gathering and doctoring, whether full time or part time. Northern Nevada celebrates this tradition with three huge Ranch Hand Rodeos. The first, the Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo weekend, features not only competitive events for ranch teams, but a cowdog trials, working cowhorse competition, as well as a barrel race. The event also boasts one of the largest Western Trade Shows this area sees all year. Over the Fourth of July weekend, the border town of McDermitt gets into the action with their own Ranch Hand Rodeo. The Western States Ranch Rodeo Association has come together to promote and preserve the heritage of the cowboy tradition through sanctioned ranch rodeo events designed for the full and part time ranch cowboy. The WSRRA is dedicated to providing a showcase for the full and part time cowboy to compete in WSRRA sanctioned ranch rodeo events — and all qualifying teams and individual event contestants gather to compete at the WSRRA finals in Winnemucca in late October and early November. For information about the WSRRA, visit their official website, To learn more about the Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo visit the website:

July 14 - 16 Winnemucca Summer Cutting & Winnemucca Stock Horse Classic July 21-23 Cow Country Classic Team Penning & Sorting September 1 - 3 Tri-County Fair & Stampede September 14 - 17 ACTRA NV & ID Team Roping Finals October (date TBD) 777 Junior Rodeo Play Day November 2 - 5 Western States Ranch Rodeo Finals Wild Horse Race Finals All dates are subject to change

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 23

Mining influences yesterday and today While it may not be apparent from a fast glance from the freeway, there’s hardly a hillside in this area that has not been explored for mining. This area is rich in silver (we are the “Silver State” after all, as well as gold, copper, industrial mineral, precious stones and other ores. Today, you won’t find miners tugging burros along a trail anymore — now mining is high-tech and huge. Enormous shovels and trucks carry tons of ore to processing facilities, where the microscopic minerals are removed. If you’d like to take a tour of a mine, Newmont Mining Corp. offers tours Above, the Tungsten Concentrating Plant was once high on the side of Winnemucca Mountain. Below, the National Mine in it’s glory days. of three area mines. See their ad on Page 3 for details.

Modern excavators move tons of material at Barrick’s Turquoise Ridge underground mine.

24   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Boys & Girls Club both a shining star and a safe place With construction wrapping up this spring, the Winnemucca Boys & Girls Club is poised to make a significant and positive impact on the community. The Club is slated to open in early 2017 with a contemporary facility designed to meet the needs of all residents. The Club will boast 36,000 square feet to include a game room, academic classrooms, commercial grade kitchen, and a fine arts center, a state-of-the-art fitness area with a walking track, a stage with a green room, and multi-purpose fields for sports. Boys & Girls Clubs have a rich history of providing area youth with a safe place to be after the school day ends with high quality enrichment programming. Our mission is to inspire and enable young people to realize their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. The Club will offer daily access to a broad range of programs in five core program areas: 1) Character and Leadership Devel-

The William N. Pennington Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca will be opening in the spring of 2017. For more information connect with them online at, or on Facebook at: BCGWIN. opment; 2) Education and Career Development; 3) Health and Life Skills; 4) The Arts; and 5) Sports, Fitness and Recreation. The Club was designed with the primary purpose

of serving area youth after school however, by innovative design many needs can be met. Featuring multiple uses for all residents the Boys & Girls Club of Winnemucca is an integral part of the community.

1996 Crew Photo

Safety is our #1 priority

See how we’ve grown. TSX: SSO NASDAQ: SSRI

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 25

Gaming is the Nevada tradition Gambling was first legalized in Nevada in 1931 to help reduce the impact of the Great Depression. As a point of interest, that fateful bill was introduced by freshman Assemblyman Phil Tobin of Winnemucca. There are many types of wagering available in Humboldt County, and depending on your mood, skill and your pocketbook, your choices vary. Below is a rundown of several different types of games available around the area, and how to get the most out of each.

Slot machines

ing of casino games — and they offer a chance to win huge sums of cash for a small investment. There are many different types of slot machines out there — from the traditional favorite single pay line slots to multi-line video screen slots with bonus features and up to 20 pay lines.

Slots are usually the first thing visible when one enters Video poker a casino, and they’re typically a gamer’s introduction to Video poker is the modern rage. In a small amount of space inside a casino, players can the gambling world. Slot machines, with their blinking indulge in Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild and bonus and progressive poker action. lights, themes and fast pace, can be among the most excit- This is a show most casinos would be hard-pressed to put on live, so the new computer video poker machines are a winner for both the house and the gamer.

Blackjack Though Blackjack originated in France, the casinos of Nevada have made it their own. Casinos each offer slight variations on the game, but the basics remain the same: The dealer places two cards before you, deals themselves one face up and one face down, and then you have a decision to make: draw or stand.

Keno Easy to play, keno is one of those games that gamblers either love or hate. Many grumble that the game has a low payout percentage — the odds are that the house will make a good living off of keno players. Others love the game, because it is one of the few casino wagers that can yield big payoffs for a small investment. Pick the right numbers, and you could go home with your pockets stuffed with cash!

Craps How to play. Are you kidding? This article is far too short to teach you how to play craps. This dice-throwing game is one of the most complex to learn, but also one of the most exciting. There are many different wagering options in a craps game, as well as many different outcomes depending on the roll of the dice.

Sports Betting A long time ‘til the outcome. With sports betting, time is on your side. As far as entertainment values go, your $10 never stretched so far! For the cost of your wager, you’ve earned two or three hours of sports entertainment, at the end of which you might take home the prize. Wagering on sporting events actively involves you in the game, since once your bet is placed you have some real interest in the outcome of the game.

26   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |


Northern Nevada!

Publishing The Humboldt Sun The Battle Mountain Bugle Lovelock Review-Miner Fallon-Fernley Mailbox News The Nevada Rancher Magazinee Inside Northern Nevada Magazine and online at

Humboldt County

Elko County

Community u ty Newspapers e spa p p

Special Publications

Winnemucca Pershing County

Lovelock Fernley Lyon County

Churchill County


Battle Mountain Lander County

Wide Reach – Great Rates!


Publisher: Peter Bernhard General Manager: Matt Dierlam

Managing Editor: Michelle Cook

Call Toll Free (866) 644-5011 1022 S. Grass Valley Road, Winnemucca • (775) 623-5011 • Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 27

Humboldt County Events

Photo by Jess Smith Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 28

Ranch Rodeo Weekend celebrates the work of real cowboys Held March 1-5, 2017 the Winnemucca’s Ranch Hand Rodeo celebrates 28 years as the largest and most exciting in Nevada! Thirty teams compete for bragging rights and prizes in Saddle Bronc Riding, Calf Roping, Wild Mugging, Team Roping, Ranch Doctoring and Team Branding. Also on tap are the Ranch, Rope and Performance horse sale, wild horse racing, a stock horse challenge, barrel race and cowdog trials. Don’t miss this wild weekend of western action — held the first weekend in March each year.

For more information about the weekend’s events,

Photos by WT Bruce

Visit for more information  

The Ranch Rodeo weekend contains so much more than a rodeo! The Stock Horse Challenge (shown at top) lets both professional and amateur trainers show off the skills of their animals. A Ranch Rope and Performance Horse Sale is also held. At right, the Cow Dog Trial is an exciting event that highlights the skills of cattle dogs working either in singles or a brace. Don’t miss watching these highly-trained animals as they put cattle exactly where the handler wants them!

Other events during the Ranch Rodeo Weekend include the Winnemucca barrel race, Pee Wee Events for children, cowboy church, a huge trade show, and of course, the Ranch Hand Rodeo performances. For 2017, enjoy the Saturday, March 4 performance at 11 a.m., or Sunday, March 5 at 10 a.m. These are ticketed events, for more information visit

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 29

Shooting the West XXIX:  The Nevada Photography Experience March 6 - 12, 2017 There’s a very special gathering that happens each spring in Winnemucca. A group of the finest photographers in the west come to the heart of Cowboy Country to learn more about the art of snapping the shutter. Shooting the West is a photography symposium with distinguished presenters in many different photographic fields. Throw in workshops, participant shows, juried contests, vendors like Manfrotto and Epson, portfolio reviews, great Basque food and lots of Winnemucca style fun… and you have a pretty good idea what it’s all about. Symposium attendees have the chance to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in photography, to get tips from the professionals and to learn about making it to the photographic “big time,” — getting published. This year the Shooting The West symposium is set for March 6 - 12 at the Winnemucca Convention Center. For more information contact Shooting the West at (877) 623-3501, visit them online at or connect on Facebook: Shooting the West.

High-flying fun at the Winnemucca Balloon Festival May 19 - 21, 2017

Up, up and away! Colorful hot air balloons fill the sky with 6 a.m. launches planned for all three days from the Winnemucca Sports Complex. Friday is media day; Friday night pilot meet and greet and candle sticking at the Pig Restaurant. Saturday and Sunday feature 6 a.m. gate opening at 6 a.m. launches (weather permitting). Tethered rides 7 10 a.m. for $7 per person. For more information about the 2017 event, visit 30   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Photo by Larry Angier

Calendar of Community Events March 1 - 5 2017 Ranch Rodeo Weekend

The Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo celebrates 28 years as the largest and most exciting in Nevada! Thirty teams compete for bragging rights and prizes in Saddle Bronc Riding, Calf Roping, Wild Mugging, Team Roping, Ranch Doctoring and Team Branding. Also on tap are the Ranch, Rope and Performance horse sale, wild horse racing, a stock horse challenge, barrel race and cowdog trials. Don’t miss this wild weekend of western action!

For more information visit

March 6 - 12, 2017 Shooting the West XXIX

Shooting the West is a photography symposium with distinguished presenters in many different photographic fields. This year the Shooting The West symposium is set for March 6 - 12 at the Winnemucca Convention Center.

For more information call (877) 623-3501, visit at or connect on Facebook: Shooting the West.

Visit for more information  

Humboldt Sun Photo

The Run-A-Mucca event will bring bikers from around the country to Winnemucca over Memorial Day Weekend. For more information about the 2017 event, log on to

May 19 - 21, 2017

Run-A-Mucca rumbles into town over Memorial Day weekend

6th Annual Winnemucca Balloon Festival

Up, up and away! Colorful hot air balloons fill the sky with 6 a.m. launches planned for all three days from the Winnemucca Sports Complex. Friday is media day; Friday night pilot meet and greet and candle sticking at the Pig Restaurant. Saturday and Sunday feature 6 a.m. gate opening at 6 a.m. launches (weather permitting). Tethered rides 7 - 10 a.m. for $7 per person.

For more information about the 2017 event, visit

Gorgeous skies, the wind in your face and the rumble of a huge engine — there’s little to compare to riding a motorcycle in Nevada. For the 16th year Winnemucca welcomes riders to stop and play awhile! Planned for this fun three-day event are a poker run, poker stagger, lots of free music and concerts, bike games, bike show and vendors, a “burning bike” that lights up the night — plus the chance to win a beautiful raffle bike!  Buy the Run Package before April 30, 2017 and receive your Run Shirt, Run Pin, Poker Run and Poker Stagger hands plus the Run Bar-B-Que for only $40. The next event is set for Friday through Sunday, May 26 - 28, 2017. For more information hop online and visit

“Making Sense of Investing” 401K Rollovers • IRAs Stocks • Bonds • Mutual Funds Tax-Advantaged Investments Certificates of Deposit Life Insurance

400 First Street • Winnemucca, NV Walter J. Vetter, AAMS® Financial Advisor

Toll Free 1-877-623-6020 625 Sheehan St. Suite F

For All Of Your Investment Needs Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 31

May 26 – 28, 2017

Photo by Michael Michaelsen, Special to WP

Run-A-Mucca Motorcycle Rally All motorcycles welcome! Enjoy free outdoor concerts, a memorial service, event cruises, games, bike show, vendors, poker run, and don’t miss the “Burning Bike!”

For more information about the 2017 event, visit

June 10 – 11, 2017 Basque Festival

Honor a unique heritage during this fun-filled, exciting event. Watch a colorful parade; cheer at games of strength and endurance; dance to Basque music; attend a Holy Mass; and, enjoy a traditional Basque family style picnic. Fun for everyone!

June 17, 2017

Koyote Cruiser’s Car Show Spend a nice summer day gathered around motorized vehicles. All types of cars and trucks will be on display for your viewing enjoyment. Prizes and trophies will be awarded.

Connect on Facebook: Koyote Kruisers Car Club

June 18, 2017

Paradise Valley Father’s Day Barbecue The food would be incentive enough to make that 35-mile trip to Paradise Valley via Highway 290. But when you add a beautiful summer day and fantastic barbecue fare, this event is sure to be the most delicious Father’s Day present he’ll ever get!

Photo by Kathy Bengoa,

July 1-2, 2017 McDermitt Ranch Hand Rodeo Ranch hands from Nevada, Oregon and Idaho compete in Nevada’s longest continual-running ranch hand rodeo. Contestants compete for prize money in a number of working events. Street contests and dances add to the festivities set in McDermitt, 70 miles north of Winnemucca. Saturday also features the Stock Horse Race and Ride Off Challenge, Sunday has Jackpot Roping. For more information contact Steve Maher, (775) 621-6190.

Celebrate the Basque heritage with us! The Basques are a people like no other. Their homeland is the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France, but their language and culture are unique. More than a century ago, a handful of Basque sheep herders settled in Winnemucca and Humboldt County. Thanks to those pioneers and their descendants, the rich Basque heritage is inextricably woven into our local Photo by Tony Erquiaga, Winnemucca Publishing culture. There is one Basque restaurant in Winnemucca: The Martin Hotel, serving up Basque cuisine with a combination of savory flavors, complete with a hearty infusion of garlic. Paella (a rice dish with chicken, seafood, vegetables, and spices) and chorizo (a spicy sausage) are as familiar to Winnemucca as burgers and fries. For the true Basque dining experience, you can eat family style, sitting at a long table and sharing food and stories with other restaurant patrons. This year, the Basque Festival will be held June 10 - 11, 2017. It is a glorious celebration of all things Basque — the Irrintzi dancers don their colorful costumes, traditional Pyrenees music fills the air, and the people of Winnemucca — whether of Basque heritage or ‘Basque for a day’ — turn out for a lively parade.

32   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Photo by Tony Erquiaga, Winnemucca Publishing

Fast cars and good times! July 21 - 22, 2017 Winnemucca Wheels If you love classic cars, Winnemucca has the celebration for you! Winnemucca Wheels features two days of fun with all the polished perfection you could want! Enjoy the ever-popular show ‘ shine with dozens of classic autos, a parade, a free concert in the park and so much more! Don’t miss this unique and familyfriendly event!

For more information visit

July 21 - 22, 2017 Good Times Drag Races

Photo by Michael Michaelsen, Special to WP

Drivers, start your engines! The drags are roarin’ into town with enough racing slicks, cherry paint jobs and shined up chrome to make you think you’re on some back country road in the heat of summer with James Dean.

For more on this event, visit their website, or follow on Facebook: Northern Nevada Racing Association

July 3 - 8, 2017 Silver State International Rodeo While the High School Finals Rodeo welcomes finalists who finish ranked 1-5 in their sport, the “runners-up” have their own rodeo. The Silver State International Rodeo is for contestants who finish ranked 6-10 nationally, and is billed as a rodeo “where reserve champions become champions.”For 2017, the SSIR adds Junior High competitors, too!  Come see the future professional rodeo athletes compete for glory.

For more information visit

July 4, 2017 Taste of Winnemucca Fourth of July Celebration This is Winnemucca’s best (and tastiest!) family event. Vesco Park is full of excitement as local restaurants show off their food, there are games for the kids, the Lazy P Adventure Farm petting zoo, face painting, a dunk tank, displays, vendors and lots, lots more! Fireworks cap off the Independence Day celebration just as the sun bids farewell to the day.

Photo by Michael Michaelsen, Special to WP Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 33

July 14 - 16, 2017

Winnemucca Summer Cutting One of the world’s fastest growing sports, cutting offers tremendous excitement and drama for horse, rider and spectators alike. This cutting showcases the many hours of hard work and dollars spent by trainers and owners who are put to the test and rewarded, either with trophies or individual satisfaction.

Plenty of fun at the Tri-County Fair!

July 21 - 22, 2017 Winnemucca Wheels

If you love classic cars, Winnemucca has the celebration for you! Winnemucca Wheels features two days of fun with all the polished perfection you could want! Enjoy the everpopular show ‘ shine with dozens of classic autos, a parade, a free concert in the park and so much more! Don’t miss this unique and family-friendly event!

For more information visit

July 21 - 22, 2017 Good Times Drag Races

Drivers, start your engines! The drags are roarin’ into town with enough racing slicks, cherry paint jobs and shined up chrome to make you think you’re on some back country road in the heat of summer with James Dean.

For more on this event, visit their website, or follow on Facebook: Northern Nevada Racing Association

July 21 – 23, 2017

Cow Country Classic Team Penning The fast-paced event of Team Penning is exciting for spectators and competitors alike.

Labor Day Weekend Aug. 31 – Sept. 3, 2017 For more than 132 years, the Tri-County Fair & Stampede has remained a northern Nevada favorite, offering something for just about everyone. From Thursday through Sunday, August 31- September 3, there will be competition in more than 20 different divisions, a carnival, livestock show & sale, and fun for the entire family. Additionally, a “Bulls and Broncs” rodeo will offer Western style excitement and action for the 96th year as Nevada’s oldest continuous rodeo. Things have sure changed for the Winnemucca Labor Day Rodeo. Belt buckles are a little brighter; cash prizes are a little bigger. The first formal competition began in 1921 when 14 of the county’s cowpunchers, fresh off the range, were hosted by the Winnemucca Volunteer Fire Department at makeshift locations all over town. From steer roping to bulldogging, bronc riding and horse racing, the festivities presented a lot of good-natured fun. That fairly humble beginning was touted by locals as the First Annual Nevada Rodeo and editorials in the Humboldt Star hailed Winnemucca as the Rodeo City of Nevada. The entire weekend continues to be a highlight year after year. For more information visit

For more information call 775-851-1889

August 2 – 4, 2017 Superior Livestock Auction Cattle buyers and sellers from across the nation come together via satellite and in person for this annual bid bonanza. Golf tournaments, great entertainment, a Western Art & Craft Show and plenty of food make this event a favorite for locals and visitors alike.

It’s been a great ride for the Winnemucca Stampede Rodeo!

For more information visit

August 4 - 6, 2017 Nevada Christian Motorcyclists Rally Approximately 100 Christian motorcyclists will be coming into Winnemucca to hold their Nevada State Rally at the Winnemucca Events Center. There will be praise and worship services, bike games, skits, food and lots of fun.

For more information email 34   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

Sept. 1 – 3, 2017 Buckaroo Heritage Western Art Roundup The Roundup features artists, poets, craftspeople and inductees into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame as well as demonstrations and buckaroo poetry readings.


Sept. 14 – 17, 2017 ACTRA NV & ID Finals Roping Lots of excitement at this bi-state roping event. Ropers compete not only for cash and prizes, but the best advance to the National Finals.

For more information call (775) 304-5433.

Buckaroo Heritage Western Art Roundup

Sept. 18 – 25, 2017 Good Sams Fall Samboree

Nov. 24 - 25, 2017

The Nevada Good Sams Club gathers at the Winnemucca Event Center for good times and good friends during their annual Fall Samboree rally.

Festival of Trees

For more information visit Good Sams Nevada online at:

Oct. 1 – 31, 2017 Fall Farm Festival The Lazy P Adventure Farm hosts the Fall Farm Festival on weekends throughout October.

For more information visit, or find them on Facebook: Lazy P Adventure Farm

Nov. 2 - 5, 2017

Western States Ranch Rodeo Finals Ranch Rodeo is an event that was re-created a number of years ago to return to the roots of rodeo — the duties and challenges of real working ranch hands. Events simu-

WSRRA Finals late what the ranch cowboys do for work each day on the ranch. These events involve plenty of friendly ranch-versus-ranch competition. In today’s fast paced environment it is rare that one can go to a sporting event of any kind and see and feel the camaraderie and the friendliness that is apparent at a ranch rodeo. This is one event you don’t want to miss, as cowhands from around the west gather in Winnemucca to compete for cash and glory! 

For more information visit

The Winnemucca Lions Club lights up the East Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center with an assortment of decorated trees, tabletop trees and wreaths. The beauty of this display is indescribable! All the items are on silent auction, with the proceeds benefitting the Lions Club and their projects. Don’t miss this heartwarming event!

Find the Winnemucca Lions Club on Facebook: Winnemucca Host Lions Club

Dec. 2 - 3, 2017 Christmas Craft Show Crafters from all across Humboldt County come together to display a year’s worth of handmade goods in this holiday craft show that has continued on for over 40 years. The show is held at the West Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center.

Travel Safety Tips Fall Farm Festival • Best Tire Value Promise

A family Owned Agriculture Education and Entertainment Farm





• Free pre-trip safety inspection • Free Brake & Visual Alignment Checks • Free Flat Tire Repairs Come See Us!

Our business is earning your trust and keeping you safe for all your adventures. 3290 Fountain Way, Winnemucca, NV 89445 • (775) 625-4960 Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 35

Drone photo by Jim Dandy Productions

Visit for more information  

Go back to your roots at the Fall Farm Festival Every weekend in October The Lazy P Adventure Farm hosts the Fall Farm Festival on weekends throughout October. Featuring educational displays and interactive activities for children and their families. Students can put knowledge into action while interacting with live farm animals, challenge their critical thinking skills navigating a corn maze, experience “agriculture in process” as they observe and learn about growing corn and pumpkins, and to just simply utilize all their senses to form a memorable experience on the farm. A huge six-acre corn maze, a straw maze for the kids, a haunted attraction, informative Freeze the Moment Photography displays about agriculture and an amazing pumpkin patch await you and the family. The Lazy P Adventure Farm Fall Festival is a

For more information visit, or find them on Facebook: Lazy P Adventure Farm

Each year the corn maze at the Lazy P Adventure Farm is created to match a current event. The 2016 maze, pictured above, was Peanuts themed, the 2017 maze will honor the town centennial.

great event for families, as there is plenty of But when nighttime comes, the Barn pumpkin picking, pony riding, straw mazes of Terror comes to life, with scares and screams for the older crowd. and other kid-friendly fun.

Christmas cheer!

Winnemucca celebrates Christmas with several events throughout the season. The Chamber of Commerce hosts a Kickoff in mid-November, the Lion’s Club continues the pace with a Festival of Trees the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the Jolly Old Elf himself leads the Parade of Lights in midDecember. For everyone ages 2 to 92, there’s plenty of Christmas spirit to be found in Winnemucca! Photos by Michael Michaelsen, Special to Winnemucca Publishing

36   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |




Dine-In • Carry-Out Catering 775-625-4024 1734 W Winnemucca Blvd, Winnemucca, NV 89445 775-778-0606 1760 Mountain City HWY Elko, NV 89801

1770 Mountain City Hwy Elko, NV 89801 775-753-4935 1985 W. Winnemucca Blvd, Winnemucca, NV 89445 775-623-2000

Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 | 37

Winnemucca Area Lodging — Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Motels and RV Parks BED AND BREAKFASTS

20. Motel 12

The Adobe

451 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

Paradise Valley (775) 621-6981 or (775) 761-7575


Bl vd .

To I-80 Exit 178

Old Pioneer Garden Bed & Breakfast

E. W in ne m

uc c



95 ela



Bl v a uc c


150 Miles W. on Jungo Rd. 435-749-9204

9 8

10 6

W .W in ne m

Soldier Meadows Guest Ranch


1987 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-625-3100

22. Candlewood Suites





460 E. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2700




RV PARKS Winnemucca KOA

13 Ha



5575 E. Winnemucca Blvd.






1. Holiday Inn Express








410 E. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2915



2805 Unionville Rd. Unionville, Nevada 775-538-7585


21. Frontier Motel

22 21

Model T Resort/Casino RV Park


3 2

1130 W. Winnemucca Blvd.

2. Motel 6 1600 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-1180

Winnemucca Hotels and Motels


3. Santa Fe Inn 1620 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-1119

4. Super 8 Motel

To I-80 Exit 176

12. Economy Inn


New Frontier RV Park 4360 Rimrock Road 775-621-5272

Paradise Valley RV Park

1157 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-625-1818

635 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-625-3342

5. Model T Resort/Casino Quality Inn

13. Town House Motel

Westerner Trailer Lodge

375 Monroe St.

800 E. Fourth St.




6. Best Western Gold Country Inn

14. Days Inn

Winnemucca RV Park

511 W. Winnemucca Blvd.

5255 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

1130 W. Winnemucca Blvd.

921 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-6999

7. Winnemucca Inn


Paradise Valley 775-578-3777


15. Scott Shady Court 400 First St.

741 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2565


Orovada Sawtooth Station RV Park

8. Park Motel

16. Scottish Inn

740 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2810

333 W. Winnemucca Blvd.

9. Pyrenees Motel

17. Winners Hotel & Casino

714 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-1116

185 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2511

Diamond A Motel

10. Regency Inn & Suites

18. Val-U Motel




705 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-4898

125 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

11. Winnemucca Holiday Motel

19. Budget Inn of Winnemucca

670 W. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-3684

US Hwy 95 Orovada

775-623-5248 251 E. Winnemucca Blvd. 775-623-2394

38   Winnemucca Visitor’s Guide 2017 |

McDermitt 25 US Hwy 95 S

Denio Denio Junction Sunset Drive, Denio 775-304-1783

2017 Winnemucca Visitors Guide  

Our high desert city is full of classic charm. Our historic downtown area is interspersed with delightful boutiques, restaurants, pubs and t...

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