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Drawing on location around the world


PREFACE Moving to a new city can be intimidating. I have done it many times since I left my hometown of Barcelona in 1987 to attend college in Pamplona. I've also called Reno, Palm Springs, and Washington D.C. home, but it was only when I settled in Seattle in 2006 that I discovered a new way to deal with the stress of landing in unknown territory. I picked up a notebook and started drawing what I saw. I sketched my new street and marveled at the height of the fir trees up the hill. I drew bus commuters lost in their own thoughts, bent over their laptops, working on a crossword puzzle, or sipping tall cups of coffee. I sketched the snowcapped mountains around Puget Sound as my kids played on the beach. Most days, you can still find me drawing around Seattle, gaining new appreciation for the city with every sketch I make, no matter how fast or accurately rendered. With every piece, my skills are sharpened and my connection with the community becomes stronger. I wish my pen and sketchbook had been my companions more often, as I was growing up in Barcelona. Sketching such a beautiful place might have kept me grounded. But you never know-without leaving, I might never have encountered the art of urban sketching.

-Gabriel Campanario Seattle, March 31,2011

BECOMINGAN URBAN SKETCHER No extravagant tools or formal artistic training is needed to draw on location. Let your hand interpret what your eyes see, as you explore your city, making marks on paper.


As hobbies go, urban sketching gives you a lot of bang for your buck. With nothing more than a piece of paper and a pencil, you are equipped to start drawing your city or village, the people who live there, and the things that are happening in it. The beauty of sketching is that, almost by definition, a sketch can be completed as simply and quickly as you like. It can involve making a fifteen-minute sketch of the view from your window or whipping out a collapsible sketching stool and spending an hour or two capturing the way the light hits that beautiful old church. In either case, sketching stops the clock and lets your mind turn off all the noise. Although many creative professionals use field sketching in their work, urban sketching is purely for fun-a chance to step away from the computer and just draw for the sheer joy of it, without deadlines or objectives. It has the power to turn a moment of boredom into a creative pastime. In a sense, urban sketching can be more about the experience than the result. If you make urban sketching part of your routine and continue with it in your travels, you not only end up with a work of art in your hands, you create a de facto journal of your life­


o Laura Frankstone is oblivious to passersby as

1. We draw on location, indoors or

she sketches in downtown

outdoors, capturing what we see from direct observation. Urban sketching is a raw and pure form of art that requires drawing from life, rather

office window) to the exciting (a day at a ballgame or a once-in­

than from photographs or the imagination.

way photos don't, evoking the sounds, smells, and recollections of the places in which you created them. You'll notice, too, that your skills will be sharper, and

In most cases, urban sketching is practiced on the street. Some sketchers lean up against a tree or the corner of a bUilding or sit on a stair or bench. Others bring along a folding stool. In daylight or at night, whether

you'll gain a new appreciation for your surroundings. Drawing

it's hot or cold, in rain or sunshine, urban

something forces you to look at it, really look at it. When

sketchers draw what they witness.

sketching far from home, you are immersed in the local culture, your sketchbook sparking interactions when it draws curiosity. Although sketching is a solitary activity, it becomes social when you share your draWings online and meet other people to draw together. The Urban Sketchers website has connected a truly global web of sketching enthusiasts. A site correspondent from the United States travels to Barcelona for the first time and has a built-in sketching companion and guide-how cool is that?

!:) Kansas C ity s Cathy '

from the mundane (fellow bus commuters, the view from your a-lifetime overseas trip). The sketches bring back memories in a

Portland, Oregon.

2. Our drawings tell the story of our

surroundings, the places we live, and where we travel. Sketching the urban environment produces more than a hand-drawn representation of a given place. Behind each drawing is a story of what was happening before our eyes: a bUilding being torn down, a business closing its doors, or an encounter with a stranger in the subway. Sketches become first-person accounts of life as it happens.

Johnson documents the demolition of a historic bridge.

SEE THE WORLD, ONE DRAWING ATATIME In more than 500 drawings that span every continent urban sketchers share their experiences of drawing in cities around the world, from well-known metropolises, such as London and Seoul, to small towns, such as Davis, California, and Kandern, Germany. Discover the story behind each impression and gain valuable insight from the artists who captured them.


AJ.P/Fl1l1 'lA....A� "'A J' ... n b.�ff: �,,3

Sandwiched between a bay and a lake, life in Seattle revolves around water. Ferries taking commuters across Puget Sound, cargo ships coming from Asia, fishing


Gabriel Campanario Some of my best memories of growing up in Spain are of summers sketching in my parent's hometown ofMontemolin. When I was a teenager, I would sit

boats en route to Alaska: water-related

in the middle of the street during siesta time and draw the ruins of a medieval

themes abound here, providing plenty of

castle sitting atop the highest hill in a 20-mile (32 km) radius.

opportunities for local sketchers to draw.

For the next two decades, the demands of adulthood got in the way of practicing my favorite sport, drawing in the street. But moving to Seattle was the excuse I needed to begin again, drawing every day. I started drawing in a pocket sketchbook as a way to record my experiences and get acquainted with my new

"Urban sketching gives me a sense of belonging to the city where I live now. It helps me set roots."

city. From sketching on the bus to drawing during weekend excursions, daily sketching became a habit and a way to improve my illustration skills. Now, it's just part of who I am: an urban sketcher.

318 I The Art of Urban Sketching


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About the Author


Journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario is best

This book wouldn't exist without the generous

known as the founder of Urban Sketchers, an online

contributions of the artists featured. My sincere gratitude

community and nonprofit organization dedicated to

goes to every one of them for trusting me with their

fostering the art of on-location drawing. He's also the

images and their words, and for meeting the tight

author of the Seattle Times blog and weekly column

deadlines. Eduardo Bajzek, Tia Boon Sim, Simonetta

"Seattle Sketcher," an illustrated journal of life in the

Capecchi, Lynne Chapman, Victor Martinez Esc6mez

Puget Sound region. Campanario's journalism career

(al.a. Swasky), and Luis Ruiz provided invaluable help

has spanned newsrooms in his native Spain, as well as

on the chapters featuring their cities. I shudder to think

Portugal, Nevada, California, and Virginia. He lives in

where I would be, personally and professionally, without

Mill Creek, Washington, with his wife and two children.

Michelle Archer.

Campanario was sixteen when he drew his first urban

Special thanks to my editor, Mary Ann Hall, who

sketches in Montemolin, Badajoz, a picturesque Spanish

helped shape what seemed an overwhelming number

town set amid groves of olive trees, where his parents

of drawings into the book you have in your hands now,

were born and raised. He didn't know yet that he was

copy editor Pat Price, art director Regina Grenier, book

an urban sketcher.

designer Luke Herriott, project manager Betsy Gammons and all the team at Quarry Books for this precious gift, which I hope will inspire generations of urban sketchers for years to come.


2012 by

Text ©

Quarry Books


Gabriel Campanario

Illustrations © I ndividual Artists

First published in the United States of America in 2011 by Quarry Books, a member of Quayside Publishing Graup

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(978) 282-9590

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www.quarrybooks.com Visit www.Craftside.Typepad.com far a behind-the-scenes peek at our crafty world! To see more work by the featured artists, visit www.urbansketchers.org and fiickr.com/groups/ urbansketches.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be repraduced in any farm without written permission of the copyright owners. All images in this book have been reproduced with the knowledge and prior consent of the artists concerned, and no responsibility is accepted by the producer, publisher, ar printer far any infringement of copyright ar otherwise, arising from the contents of this publication. Every effart has been made to ensure that credits accurately comply with information supplied. We apologize far any inaccuracies that may have occurred and will resolve inaccurate ar missing infarmation in a subsequent reprinting of the book.

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Design: www.studioink.co.uk Cover illustrations: Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, (front, top); Paul Heaston, (frant, bottom); Rolf Schraeter, (frant fiap, top); Kumi Matsukawa, (front fiap, bottom); Jana Bouc, (spine); Waft Taylor, (back, top); Nathalie Ramirez, (back, bottom); Gabriel Campanario, (back fiap, top); Alvaro Carnicero, (paper back, front & back) Map on pages

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Profile for Michelle Echeverria

The Art Of Urban Sketching - Drawing on location around the world  

The Art Of Urban Sketching - Drawing on location around the world  


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