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From the Editor Legendary Leaders was added to Lemonade Legend Publishing to spotlight the unique individuals creating their own legends and leading the world to a better place. Who we are and where we are going all start with the story of where we were. Legendary Leaders is an exclusive magazine that captures snapshots into the stories and experiences of our featured guests. Stories naturally bring people together and our purpose is to provide platforms from which to share powerful stories of authenticity; to unite, inspire and educate people on a global level. We strive to be the leader in storytelling for growth and impact. Enhance your brand visually and vocally by revealing your story in Legendary Leaders. We spotlight business leaders and entrepreneurs in an exclusive space to leverage the new paradigm of storytelling marketing; our endeavor is to optimize the scope of your brand and unveil you as the authority in your space so you can dominate your industry.

Michelle Faust

Zondra Evans, Angel Tuccy, Michelle Faust

WHAT IS A PUBLICITY PLAYBOOK? It's actually a Google folder, it holds all the publicity plays we create in a 3-day live event. TV interviews, professional photos, sizzle reels, press releases, a Media One sheet, an 8-page exclusive magazine, digital ads, a landing page, promotional flyer, and a listing in Zondra TV Network Digital Directory. It's very robust, and with proper marketing can provide enough publicity content for a year.

NOT EVERYONE HAS GREAT MARKETING SKILLS, WHAT THEN? That is part of the Playbook as well. We teach you in workshops how to use all this juicy content. We provide a workbook that captures the key points and includes your notes. You always have it as reference as you promote yourself month after month. If you have a marketing professional just hand over your Playbook.

THIS IS A COLLABORATION OF THE THREE OF YOU, HOW DID THAT COME TOGETHER? MICHELLE: Zondra has been a role model for me for as long as I have known her. Angel Tuccy is my amazing media and business coach. Angel coaches Zondra too, so we know each other well. I love working with them. The energy and excitement feeds off of all three of us. We each have our own unique talents, teams, and markets; but we share some common goals, purposes, and ideals. A great combination to come together and brainstorm how we could elevate the visibility of our clients and offer a bigger space to showcase them. ZONDRA: The Power of Association is great. If you want to excel, learn the Power of Collaboration and Brand Extension. You don't have to build everything yourself - alignment is key. I always say I would rather eat 1/8 of a slice of the pie than to never even taste the pie. When Michelle came to me with an idea to team up for a media extravaganza I was all in.


MEET THE TEAM The Best Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts honored Zondra with the Communicator Award winner for Best Director. Zondra TV Network is in good company amongst other winners which include Amazon, ESPN Films, Publicis, Sapient, Macy’s, PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Forbes Media, and Savvy. Angel is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, Best Selling Author & PR Media Specialist. Angel was awarded “Most Influential Woman of the Year,” “Best Morning Talk Show” and “Best Talk Show Team” during her decade in broadcasting. Michelle has a long list of sales awards and achievements from 20 years in pharmaceuticals sales. She is a two-time bestselling author and her publishing clients are all bestselling authors as well. Creating Lemonade Legend and seeing its success in a short 3 years is what she considers her greatest accomplishment. LEGENDARY LEADERS | 3

Collaboration cont'd... Lemonade Legend brings a different angle to print media and creates impact through storytelling. From there the ideas and opportunity blossomed into an incredible 3- day event to be held in Dallas quarterly. ANGEL: When I was released from my position as a radio show host, I decided to jump fully into the public speaking world - where I discovered the "business side" of speaking. I didn't know it at the time, but teaching how to leverage media interviews came very natural to me. I love being a “media matchmaker”, bringing people together who need guests, and who are looking for exposure. The Publicity Playbook is a great fit for me and is something I can wholeheartedly recommend to my clients knowing the value of what they are getting. MICHELLE: I needed professional photos for Legendary Leaders, which is an exclusive magazine highlighting individuals making a difference in the world through leadership. Zondra TV has a full studio, makeup artist, and photographer on site, and a growing network for streaming TV. We knew we were on the cusp of an exciting one-of-akind event. One that would provide a multilevel platform of exposure created in one location, over 3 days, with the collaboration of the best leaders in print, film, media, and streaming TV to shine a bright light on our people. WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLES? Timing and flow. The group has so much fun networking and sharing ideas in the "green room" it can slow down a tight and carefully designed schedule. These 3 days are so packed with filming, content creation, and coaching moments that we need to stay on schedule. But it's so fun to see the connections being made and know valuable relationships are being formed. It's a good problem to have.

"This has been an awesome honor and privilege to be a part of Publicity Playbook this week. So much energy, fun, and learning, all wrapped up into one package. I highly recommend attending. It will expand your horizons beyond what you ever thought possible." ~ Sally Wurr, Author and Motivational Speaker


ZONDRA, WHY IS STREAMING TV AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT TO THIS PACKAGE? Streaming TV is a new way to reach your audience with video content that can be monetized in many ways. With streaming, you create multiple revenue streams for your business and give yourself an edge over other businesses that are just now catching onto this trend! Streaming is the future of entertainment. The growth in this industry has been exponential, and it's only getting bigger from here! We included it in the Playbook to provide you with greater distribution and visibility. We teach you about it because If you're looking for a way to grow your audience and increase revenue, streaming might be the answer. Not only that, it's just so much fun!

ANGEL, WHAT DOES LEVERAGING MEDIA MEAN? As a Media Specialist, I teach entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers how to leverage media, or, as I like to call it, “Other People's Audiences” to get their message out into the world. There are an unlimited number of journalists, podcasts hosts, and media opportunities looking for stories to share. Someone, somewhere, right now, needs to hear about you. I teach the tips and systems to help clients get in front of 100+ stages a year, and featured on 1000's of media news journals. What we create at this event is a community of leaders who come together to lift each other up and celebrate together.

MICHELLE, HOW DOES SHARING YOUR STORY FIT IN? It's where it all begins. Your story is what shapes you as a person. Where your values and beliefs are developed, how your morals are shaped and what your passion is. Knowing and understanding your story is how you discover your WHY. People do business with your brand, and your brand is your why. We weave in your story through TV interviews, your magazine, photos, ads, all of it reflects your story. Who you are, and what you are made of. LEGENDARY LEADERS | 4

WHAT IS THE QUOTE YOU OFTEN USE IN PROMOTION? "All the World's a Stage" ~ William Shakespeare. It's what LLPP is all about. Virtual stages can be a Zoom call or virtual event. Everytime we post on social media - it's a stage. Live stages aren't just presenting on a platform to an audience. It's networking, one- on- one meetings, focus groups, and chance encounters. And then there is podcasting, radio, and streaming TV. Are you prepared for any stage, anywhere? Your playbook will provide you with everything you need to be seen and be heard. Michelle Faust LemonadeLegend .com

Angel Tuccy makeyourbigimpact .com Dr. Shellie Hipsky signing the studio board

IF ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE IS THIS ONLY AVAILABLE LIVE IN DALLAS, TX ? We are very pleased to announce a newly created virtual version of The Publicity Playbook. All of the components of the live event have been transformed into a virtual format, so this is available to people all over the world. Participants get a TV interview, virtual photos, the magazine, press release, sizzle reel, media one sheet, all of it. Instead of a makeup artist, we send you a makeup bag and Zoom kit to look your professional best in a virtual setting. We hold the workshops with other virtual clients so there is still that element of camaraderie and networking. This is truly a global event, customized to your publicity needs. We will be able to serve people on a much larger scale. LEGENDARY LEADERS | 5

Zondra Evans zondratv .com

WHO IS THE IDEAL CLIENT FOR THIS EVENT? This is terrific value for anyone wanting to scale up their visibility to grow their business and brand. We believe that it is a must for authors, speakers, and coaches. These industries rely on a high level of exposure to sell their books, get stage bookings, and attract coaching clients. Authors often will stop marketing their books too soon or don't know how to get off to a fast start. Speakers and coaches are in a very crowded space and need to have the means of marketing themselves in a way that shows who they are in a multi-dimensional way. Your message doesn't sell itself. Your topic won't make your book fly off the shelves. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. By watching a TV interview, reading your exclusive magazine that digs a bit deep into character and values, having sizzle reels and short video clips to attract busy people with short attention spans, and a press release gives you national, even international, distribution; you will get attention. The Lemonade Legend Publicity Playbook is packed full of value, giving you content and guidance on how to use it effectively for a year or more. You can't get that anywhere in one place in the span of 72 hours. But it doesn't stop there, because of the connections you make with everyone involved in the event. It is the gift that keeps on giving. We are not only proud of what we've put into this event, but we are also excited! Planning it, attending it, and providing the deliverables feels like getting a massive dose of pixie dust. Because this is how we serve

Carey Conley and Angel Tuccy during a workshop

" I just completed the 3-day Publicity Playbook and I can't rave about it enough. We have done two TV shows; Legendary Leaders and Fireside chat. Headshots, full makeup, I get to be in a magazine and I met some really amazing people. I've got my media package together and I'm ready to role!" ~ Carey Conley; Author, Vision Coach and Professional Speaker. HOW CAN EVENT?





https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/lemon ade-legend-publicity-playbooktickets-388901333357 Special thanks to Carey Conley, Kari Petruch, Sally Wurr, Molly Campbell, Shellie Hipsky and Michelle Mras for joining us in April and offering their own individual talents to help us make LLPP even better! LEGENDARY LEADERS | 6

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Sharing your story essentially serves an important role in both your personal and profess ional development.

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When Great Tree

At Lemonade Legend we are dedicated to ensuring your voice be heard. Even if you feel you have no voice, or don’t know how to express it or develop This is about YOU, it. We will elevate your story to be heard your story, and above the crowd, to resonat e clearly what you want amongst the noise by giving to do with it you unique stages to share from. Storytelling powerful means is a of healing yoursel f, helping and creating a persona others, l brand for yoursel several platform f. We offer s for sharing to help you find the best fit for you and where you want your story to be heard. This is about you, your story, and what you want to do with it. Even a story that is written and away in your private tucked spot is an empowe ring process. But, sharing it to the world and showing up brave, courageous and real is an extraord inary place to reside and rejoice in who you are, and all that you offer. You have a personal experie nce that is a sacred and treasured life story that you have lived and survived. It is your passionate gift to yourself and the world.

Lemonade Legen

d offers:

• The Lemonade Stand • Lemonade Legend


Magazine • The Lemonade Legend Podcast • Self-Publishing Services

Get Ready To SHINE! Exposure • Credi bility Authorship • Mark eting/Branding and much, much more!

Do you have a book to get into the hands of readers? Do you have a stage to deliver your message? Does your brand rise above the noisy marketplace? It will also boost your brand, because your ideal market will resonat e with your story. They will know, like, and trust you for your honesty and authenticity. It’s how people do business now. Schedule a call today to talk about the story that’s bubbling up https://scheduletimew inside you now. ithMichelleFaust.as.m e

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ARE YOU PREPARED? Join us for Lemonade Legend Publicity Playbook where you’ll learn from the experts how to create media and publicity assets that will help your story shine on any stage, anywhere! https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/ You’ll walk away with all the tools you’ll need to get your book, brand, and message in front of your audience. Some of the features in this one of a kind event are: • TV Interviews

• Press Release

• Exclusive Magazine

• Speaker One Sheet

• Sizzle Reel

• Digital Ad

• Landing Page

• Makeup Artist

• Photo Shoot

• Membership

• Community

• Complete Playbook

LEMONADE LEGEND PUBLICITY PLAYBOOK Two value-packed options are available

Live in Dallas, TX Virtual from your home or office Live events quarterly. Virtual are bi-monthly. Register now to secure your spot. Scan QR code to register or visit www.eventbrite.ca/e/lemonade-legend-publicity-playbook-tickets-388901333357


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