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my name is Micha ,I'm 28 I’m graduated in Architecture and I’m specialized in Interior Architecture and Archviz . As interior designer, after my graduation in Architecture, I started to be interested in materials, patterns, textures, and everything could made of a simply room, a perfect alcove where to live , work, cook and spend time with family and friends. I really love “authentic” materials, like wood, stone, natural fibers, as I love the idea of creating a new idea of “habitat”, made by people and for people. I care about details, trends, functionality and I put attention to people’s needs, dreams and to their personality. I'm calm, reflective and I have a high degree of patience, flexible. I’m willing to relocate in UK, in order have the opportunity to professionally grow up. I really love challenges , and staying in my comfort zone is definitively not my cup of tea!

TECHNICALSKILLS ia id ue ps vray revit 3dsmax autocad sketchup office


architecture interior design space planning photography presentations archviz sketches 3d model moodboard post-production specifications product selection

PERSONAL SKILLS verbal and written communication team working problem solving motivation self confidence logical thinking open minded emotional intelligence good taste fashion sense

EXPERIENCE and ACHIEVEMENT 2013/2016 I started my experience as a Draftsperson during my university years, collaborating for different Architects in Italy. I dealt with space planning, bespoke furniture and Archviz and Rendering most of the time. I participated to two Architectural contest, as well. (OpenGap and YAC) 2016 During my last year as a student, I spent one month in Montenegro, working on urban design, landscape architecture and on a restoration of two abandoned factories (OBOD and Kosuta), in the ancient city of Cetinje. During the Stage our group collaborated with the University of Podgorica. 2017 I graduated in the end of January 2017 and I started my Internship, as Architectural Assistant, in March 2017, at Studio Antonio Bugna (Bari,Italy).I worked there until September 2017. I worked side by side with the principal Architect, giving my contribution in space planning, bespoke furniture, specifications, structures and frameworks, giving my opinion and using my knowledge to made of a simple task, a recognizable element of the studio’s brand. We worked on residential most of the time and sometimes on commercials. I’ve also worked on interiors, presentations and boards for clients who came in the Studio. I had also the opportunity to work on construction sites. During this period, I’ve obtained the Official 5SRW Vray Certification by CGworld. Nov. 2017 After one month spent in Bristol UK, to study English, I came back to Italy and I started a new adventure as Interior Designer Assistant whit Fadia Bechara. With a degree in Interior Design (Los Angeles US), Fadia gave to me the great opportunity to work on hotels and high-end residential in the heart of Puglia, with international clients. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about interiors, materials, style and mood. I gave my contribution in space planning, in order to create the best functional arrangements. I also helped her in finding pictures, elements, moodboards, rendering and presentations, and on sites, as well. 2018 From the beginning of 2018, while I’m still collaborating with Fadia as a Freelancer, I start to work on several kind of projects, dealing with refurbishment and redecoration of interiors. As a freelancer, in addition to space planning, visualization and moodboards, now I’m working on technical drawings, specifications and permit documentations.

OTHERINTERESTS music, music hystory, cgi and vr, food and patisserie, life styling, aereal yoga, photography (wedding, live, street), cars and motorcycles, social networks and social marketing, pinterest and instagram, reading and writing, fashion design and styling.

Via Giuseppe Bottalico 44 _70124 Bari Italy +39 3420739507

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Draftperson 2013/15 Italy

Architectural 2016/17 Assistant 2008 Studio Antonio Bugna

Diploma Italy

Interior 2017/18 2016 Master Degree Architecture Designer Politecnico di Assistant Bari_Italy Fadia 2017 V-Ray Bechara CertiďŹ cation Freelancer 2018 5SRW CGWorld 2018 Advanced Diploma Interior Design level 4 UK

Via Giuseppe Bottalico 44 _70124 Bari Italy +39 3420739507

HOW I MET I always had a good sense for fashion, I mean… I’ve always been obsessed with fashion . I loved playing with my clothes, matching together texture and shapes, looking if they were working together or not. I found fashion magazines eyecatching, and fashion shows made me dream of some colorful and utopian world where you can wear everything you want (at the time I haven't been in Camden Town, yet!). I was a creative child, needy to satisfy this hunger for creativity. I put all my energies in fashion drawings, landscape paints, little handcrafts. I wasn’t a genius, of course, I was just a normal creative child. But there was something else I really loved, even more than fashion, and they were my Lego bricks. I used bricks to create my own architecture, and I was fascinated by the sense of “home” that those tiny enclosed spaces could make. I loved putting Christmas lights into my small houses, so that I can watched them illuminate the windows.

When I was 14 my parents gave me the opportunity to design my new room by myself. I made a lot of furniture arrangements, using hand drawings in scale, and coloured pencil. It was also the first time I used AutoCAD to create a 3D model of the pieces of furniture I chose. I was happy to see the final result satisfied my expectations. I started to design and modelling everything I could image. Beside fashion magazines, Interiors Magazines took place. When I was 18, after my High School Diploma, I decided to study Architecture.

In order to join the Architecture Faculty of the Polytechnic school, I had to move to Bari. Bari was the perfect environment for me. I met the right friends, I had a lot of amazing flat mates, and most of all I had the opportunity to test my interior design skills with very simple tasks, like: redecorating my room, changing the furniture arrangement, and creating the common areas more functional and suitable for 6 different people. (In other words we had a lot a fun moving objects around the house) . Bari was my (first) turning point. I was surrounded by inspiring people and I was living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Meantime, I studied really hard in order to achieve my Master Degree in Architecture.

MY PASSION Being an Architecture student wasn’t easy, at all. As architecture student you have to put up with with demanding professors, all-nighters and long hours classes, in order to follow several projects, and being in time with your exams schedule. We worked from Landscape and Urban Planning to Residential projects. That was the time I learnt to be multitasking and well organized. I learnt to work in team and autonomously, I learnt how not to lose control. That’s also the time I learnt that creativity and beauty could have rules, to reach a goal that is essential for both Architecture and Interior Design : balance. With no doubts, academic studies are my fundaments and the rules I learnt are my pillars. But, the more sensible student I was, the more analytical I became. During my years as a student, I travelled a lot. I was in England, Netherlands (twice), Spain, Austria, Malta, France, Croatia and Montenegro and all around Italy, of course. That really opened my mind to other cultures and habits. I started to use photography to catch that human routine and then express my feelings about it. What I felt was that something was missing in our projects at University. Harsh geometries were placed in urban planning, generating static compositions, in proportion with urban dimensions and landscape. But they were forgetting the human scale, leaving between white and smooth walls, only the void. Long and shiny boulevards, only showed lack of space for people, lack of humanity and emotions, and sometimes this lack of humanity could generate an no-functional space. “If I were in that street, I would feel uncomfortable, awkward and alienated”, I thought. So, that was how I met my passion. From Urban Planning to Interiors, design without emotions generates only beautiful boxes. People needs and desires must be a starting point in every level of design, to reach the goal of functionality, while attention to details makes designers able to create spaces where even emotions can take place.

Tate Modern London_ Photography Michela Cordisco

Michela Cordisco

07 Lucania 08 14

Memoria Kitchen Olive Oil Bathroom

22 Apulia 24 32

Vettriano Living Room Studio in Yellow Home Office


Exotic Gold 38 Bedroom

Almo’s Restaurant


MIAL Apartment


Pugliese Showroom


Palazzo Ventura Luxury Hotel

62 Contact 52 Bonus Range Presentation Kitchen Design


Traditional House in Genzano di Lucania Italy_ Photography Michela Cordisco

LUCANIA From sacred woods to rural houses, a beautiful region surrounded by untouched nature


ith less than 600.000 habitants all around the area, this ancient region is one of the most fascinating places in Southern Italy. Lucania, also known as Basilicata, take its name from the Latin word “lucus”, meaning “sacred wood”, and for a reason. Lucania is, indeed, surrounded by green mountains, and low urban density shows a big amount of uncontaminated nature, everywhere. The most interesting thing about this place, is how its urban development is stuck in the past. Walking in the streets, in old towns, you can feel as you have travelled in time. Children play games in the streets, elderly people spent time just sitting on a chair outside their house, next to the door. The sense of community is still strong, especially in villages and towns on the mountains, which are more isolated and hard to reach and people there know personally all their fellow citizens. Life just goes on at a slow and relaxed pace. For a designer, working here is challenging. Traditions are strong, as the rural roots, so is fundamental that projects are respectful of traditional house and of the simple life style of Lucania people. Michela Cordisco


Genzano di Lucania Italy_ Photography Michela Cordisco

Photography Family Archive



A family 60’s kitchen, in a private apartment, needs to be renovated

After the Second World War from, the 1950s to the late 1960s, Italians went through a period of strong economic growth, known as Italian Economic Boom. This phase of Italian history represented a period of momentous change in Italian society and culture. People could finally afford for a new car, a motorcycle, holidays, a television, new homes, new appliances and new furniture.




Ktichen and dining table. Photo Michela Cordisco

his family ‘60s kitchen, is a nice example of the effects of the Economic Boom on people life. The kitchen, is quite big, well equipped. There was a freestanding oven + gas hob, a double sink, and a wood cook stove in the right corner, often used to cook. The kitchen had got also an expandable table, perfect to host relatives and friends. Even if there was an entire dining room in the house and a living room, this kitchen was the most used room of the house. In the early ‘60s all the new appliances, pieces of furniture, home decorations, had got the only purpose to show and reveal to people coming in the house, the family’s socioeconomic status. For this reason, as the “Salotto Buono” (literally the Good one Room) mustn’t be never used, Kitchen was the heart of the house, where all kind of activities (cooking, dining, watching television, reading, spending time with family and friend), took place.


Wood Cook Stove and a chair. Photo Michela Cordisco


Moodboard Michela Cordisco (Adobe Illustrator) . Images via web


n important part of this project is understanding the context, the history of this family, and the way which this space will be used, while in the same time, is important trying to not forget the value that this kitchen has for the family. The kitchen is long 4.45m and 3,20m large. There is a single door, and a French window, which allow the access to a beautiful back garden. I decided to not change the actual layout of the kitchen, because it is already functional, and in order to remind that space where so many events happened. In the project the French window is replaced with a big glass wall, allowing the access and the view on the back garden from the kitchen and from the dining table. The style is industrial, with a touch of rural sense. Green polished tiles for the wall behind the kitchen ,that is entirely made of steel, and concrete for the floor, are mixed with rustic elements, like seamless wood.

Rocker Chair in Red Laquered Wood by Billiani

Floor Plan Michela Cordisco (AutoCad + Photoshop)

Only one chair is different from the others: Rocker by Billiani in red lacquered wood, will bring a touch of Rock and strong colour in the mood.

Render Michela Cordisco (3dSMax + Vray + Photoshop)


O LIVE OIL BATHR OOM Refurbishment and recoration of a bathroom for a single man


ne of the major production in Lucania, is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. EVOO is one of the best DOP products, used in large not only in kitchen, but often used as a beauty product for hair and skin, thanks to its vitamins and antioxidant properties. The EVOO in Lucania, has a rich smell, robust flavour, and a fantastic goldish green colour, that inspired me for this project of a bathroom renovation for a single man.

As this bathroom is long and narrow, I decided to divided the room in two areas, with different ceiling heights. The first area has the sink, with units for storing, and the sanitaries. A dropped ceiling will give a sense of a shorter and intimate space. The second area, is entirely designed as a one big shower box, enclosed by glass wall, and a pivot hinge shower door. The window will be enlarged, while a tiny secret garden, between the window and the shower box, will guarantee privacy.


The room is long and narrow, with a bath tub not used anymore.

Residential Floor plan and section. The shower box has a pivot hinge door, while privacy is guaranteed from plants. The drawings are realized by using Revit + Photoshop


Moodboard Michela Cordisco (Adobe Illustrator) . Images via web

OLIVE OIL Bathroom refurbshment



he style and the mood are inspired by the beautiful colour of olive oil and olive trees. Rural and traditional, but very fresh and modern at the same time. Perfect for a man who lives alone. To highlight the two area I choose different materials: white tiles with a “textile effect� for the floor and the wall in front of the sink. Behind the sink and the sanitaries is a waterproof wall paper. For the shower box two shades of the same special plaster.

Assonometric. The shower box has a pivot hinge door, while privacy is guaranteed from plants. The drawings are realized by using Revit + Photoshop

Products in the moodboard Sink + Units: Esperanto by REXA Design , White Tiles: Barbican by Peronda, Wall Paper:

by Inkiostro

Bianco, Plaster: by Keracoll, Towels Westwing, Accessories H&M home.


Moodboard Michela Cordisco (Adobe Illustrator) . Images via web





Render Michela Cordisco (3dSMax + Vray + Photoshop)

A bedroom that needs to change face


his is a simple project of a redecoration proposal for a single bedroom. This bedroom needs to change its face and to switch from a bedroom for a teen girl to a place where relaxing, reading, taking a cup of tea and working. All the orange elements are replaced with neutral and warm colours,

like ivory, beige, pale green to enhance the sense of comfort and relax, and the sense of warmth, as the room is north facing. A touch of gold and black and white geometries area used to create the right mood and energy to concentrate and work.




Floor Plan. Space planning Michela Cordisco. (Autocad + Ps)



Bespoke double sided shelf designed by Michela Cordisco


he client for this project inherited the unfinished property from her father. Now she’s interested in moving into the house with her family. As only the concrete frame is built, the project consist of an accurate space planning, that will suit the family perfectly, with 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room and a lot of storage space. The focal point of the project is the bespoke TV shelf. This piece of furniture, literally wraps two pillars, creating a double sided shelf. The side facing

the living room (a), will be used as a TV shelf, with cabinets for books, CDs and DVDs. This is the side where also a fireplace can take place. The opposite side (c) has tall cabinets for the kitchen. In this way this bespoke piece of furniture, by separating the living room from the kitchen, is the central core of the house, around which the other rooms are placed. This create a dynamic space, where circulation for every single activity of the family, is guaranteed.


APULIA an incredible fertile ground where to work as Architects and Interior Designer


inding the word to describe how amazing this place is, is not an easy job. Labelled as one of the most beautiful region in the world from National Geographic, this outstanding land, graceful touched by the Adriatic Sea along 865 Km, is a place full of inspiration for creative people. Amazing food, amazing beaches, stone constructions and Romanesque Architecture are the iconic elements of “Puglia�. For the (lucky) people born in this place, the Adriatic Sea is an important landmark and a predominant element in their daily life. As is possible to notice along the seaside walk in the city of Bari, the sea is literally int the city, where the waterfront seems to be in a mutual connection with the water. Beside the sea and the role that it has in the economy of this region, what makes Apulia really unique is its variety of traditions and cultures. Its position in the Adriatic sea makes Apulia an important bridge between east and west, generating for centuries an incredible exchange of traditions, habits, languages, foods and construction techniques. The history of interchanges makes these people aware that without sharing and connection with other cultures, there is no variety, no possibilities to grow as a community.

Even though these people are really attached to their traditions, and they work very hard to preserve their cultural identity and folklore, their cultural background makes them really open minded to new possibilities. Just an incredible fertile ground where to work as Architects and Interior Designers. Michela Cordisco



Bari WaterFront_Photo by Michela Cordisco



House in Polignano a Mare Collaboration with Studio Antonio Bugna Bari


he project takes inspiration directly from the sea, and from a picture: “The picnic party II” by Jack Vettriano. This stunning town house, a traditional stone made construction with vaults, is situated right in the heart of Polignano a Mare, a small town, known also as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” it's just over 30 km (18.5 miles)from Bari.

The owners of this house, is a young couple, who wants to restore and refurbish the property, in order to move in. During my months as Architectural Assistant, I worked on the interior design project for the living room, situated at the first floor of the house, and then on the structure of a mezzanine in the bedroom situated at ground floor.



On this page. The ispiration comes directy from the colours of the sea, and from the passion that this couple have for the beach. On the other page, the Living Room. Wedding photo and living room render by Michela

Wedding Photo Michela Cordisco

Cordisco. Beach image from web.


26 Moodboard by Michela Cordisco Illustrator Images via web



he style is inspired by the traditional construction of the place and by the sea. The ceiling of this room is high, for the presence of the vault, that remain uncovered. The room is open, spacious, airy, and bright. Using white plaster for the wall, the sense of space and freshness is increased, in a town where summer can be very hot. The floor is in light oak parquet. Calacatta marble has been chosen for the L-shaped bench and for the coffee table. A touch of indigo mixed with copper/pink gold are the choices for decorative pillows and accessorizes.

Moodboard and stye Michela Cordisco Floor lamp : LT Mire by PSCBath Sofa: Olivier by Flou On this page TR. Space planning Studio Antonio Bugna DR. Assonometry of the room with the vault. 3Dmodel by Michela Cordisco REVIT


Render of the living room by Michela Cordisco 3DSMax+ Vray+ Photoshop



oom situated at the ground floor of the house, with a private access from the street and a private bathroom. To enlarge the amount of space, as the ceiling is quite high , for this room we designed a mezzanine. The structure is made of a thin and minimalistic frame made of steel. The staircase is designed with the same minimalistic style, with a comfortable desk integrated with the structure.




Ilaria and Aron. Photo Michela Cordisco

Home Office in Gravina di Puglia


Handcraft in Gravina Photo Michela Cordisco




laria is a fantastic journalist and remarkable writer. She is committed in a lot of cultural activities in the town where she was born, Gravina in Puglia. The request from Ilaria was to have a good space planning for her home office. A place where she could do all her working activities, but in the same time a private space for reading, relaxing and hosting friends for a cup a coffee. The room has been ideally divided in two areas. A lounge area, with a comfortable


sofa, an armchair and a floor lamp, and the office area just behind the sofa, with book shelves against the wall. The lounge area, is marked by the presence of a rug, while the sofa easily divides the room in two parts. The floor is in warm cherry wood, and walls in dove-grey. In order to bring energy to the room vivid colours like , and lively pattern are used respectively, for the upholstery of the sofa and for the pillow cases.

Moodboard and Space Planning Michela Cordisco Tripod Floor Lamp Brooklyn by Adesso


Lounge area Render MichelaCordisco. 3DSMax + Vray + Photoshop


Lounge area Render MichelaCordisco. 3DSMax + Vray + Photoshop



Perspective, from the Bar area to the Dining Area Michela Cordisco REVIT

ALMO’S Gourmet Sandwich Restaurant Collaboration with Studio Antonio Bugna Bari

How to design the space for a restaurant where the Chef is a popular Master Chef contender? How to combine a colourful and vivid personality with the interiors of an old buildings? This project tries to give an answer to difficult questions, by designing the layout of this Gourmet Sandwich Restaurant, in the city centre of Bari.




lmo is a talented and popular Chef, known for his presence at Master Chef Italia 3 as a contender. With his colourful personality, and his passion for the Apulian cooking, Almo has also got the second place of the competition. Few years later, he wants to open his own restaurant, devoting his talent to a simple and zero kilometres cooking, made of fresh local products.


he location is the ground floor of the historic “Kursaal Santa Lucia�, a beautiful palace in Liberty Style, built in 1925 and designed by the engineer Orazio Santalucia. The building, which contain also a theatre hall, is situated right in the city centre, looking at the sea. Unfortunately, not used anymore as a theatre, today is closed to the public.

Photo via web

The Theatre Kursaal Santa Lucia in an old photo.


Space Planning Autocad + Ps Studio Antonio Bugna/Michela Cordisco Under Perspective Michela Cordisco Revit + Ps


he layout of the restaurant, is designed to be the best possible configuration for the chef, and, at the same time, respectful of the place, which has high vault ceilings. The customer hall has different areas, with different kind of tables and seatings: counters with stools for a fast meal, banquettes and booths for more intimacy and rounded dining tables for formal dinner.

The style reflects the Chef’s personality. Yellow and blue Italian ceramic tiles for the floor of the Bar Area, and for the wall behind the booths. For the dining area, coloured herringbone parquet, calacatta marble and olive wood for tops, counters and tables. For the restroom, shades of blue for the special plaster and the sanitaries too.

Ceramic Tiles Plagiano

Herringbone floor U- COLOR

Coloured sanitaries CARTESIO

Showroom, ground floor Functional scheme Michela Cordisco Illustrator


P UGLIES E SHOWR OOM Collaboration with Studio Antonio Bugna Bari




his project is an extension of an existing Construction Showroom. The new building was already designed, and the Studio worked on the interiors and part of the exterior. The extension is made of two levels, ground floor and basement. The ground floor, is the main level, with a reception, a lounge area, offices, and the areas where tiles and coverings, parquet, and wellness are showed. For this level, all the elements are bespoke, designed to display finishes and samples. The basement, has a complex floor plan (left page). In this area the customers can find a great quantity of finishes, lighting, bathroom furniture, sanitaries, faucets, floor coverings in stone and ceramic tiles.

References: showroom ideas, via web


s the client and owner, is really young and passionate about interior architecture, this project is a collaboration with the client, who has really strong idea about the style and the mood. The style is contemporary, and minimalistic, so the elements designed to display the merchandise, are geometric, light and linear, almost stylised. Black iron is combined with olive wood, which has a characteristic honey colour, so to create a cosy and hospitable ambient.


A funny Mondrian big frame, designed to show pieces of new wallpaper. The table is inspired by the traditional tailor table.


round floor, with the reception, lounge area, four offices and bathroom . On this level are dispayed wood floors and parquet, wall coverings and tiles, wall papers, and wellness elements.



This elements are completely exchangeable, and mobile. Designed to display ceramic and stone tiles, they are screwed from the floor to the ceiling.








This light box is designed to display long boards of parquet, placed inside the vertical frames. The same structure can be used to have a briefing with the customers and show them the samples.








Space Planning Autocad + Ps Studio Antonio Bugna / Michela Cordisco Bespoke furniture Autocad Studio Antonio Bugna / Michela Cordisco

Sunset on Poligano a Mare.. Photo via web


PA L A ZZO VENTUR A High-end Hotel and Luxury Space for events Collaboration with Fadia Bechara Style


alazzo Ventura (Ventura Palace) is an old family palace, placed in the old city centre of Polignano a Mare. This massive and historic propriety was built in XVIII century by Ventura family and is a landmark for the town. Unfortunately, due the high cost necessary to its maintenance, the Palace has been abandoned for a very long time, until a Canadian client decided to buy the property, to turn the place into an high-end residential and luxury hotel. A lot of foreigners are investing in Polignano property or in Salento, and they often need of architects and interior designer to restore and refurbish these extraordinary homes. For this project, I worked on space planning and interior design with Fadia Bechara.



Palazzo Venutra, Interiors bedore the restoration

his intricate structure consist of a ground floor, with entrance from the street, a courtyard and an old cellar, used to store wine. The first floor (in the image below) consist of six massive room, and a central hall. On the top floor, there is a terrace, with a beautiful view on the city and the sea. The project aim was to turn this old house, into a luxury hotel with a Bar at the ground floor (into the cellar), and 8 bedrooms, with all kind of comfort, 6 situated at the first level, and two on the terrace, with private view over the sea.

12 00

00 12

12 00

First Floor with six Double Bedrooms space planning Fadia Bechara/Michela cordisco





Photo Michela Cordisco



he idea of the client about the mood and style for this particular room was to recreate a cosy place, extremely intimate, and inspired by the mountain retreats. She wanted a luxury alcove, for customers who want to relax not only during the summer. This room, was originally a kitchen, with a fireplace used probably to cook. We decided to keep the fireplace, using a bioethanol fire place instead of the wood on, and we placed a bath forward the fire. Also, we designed a mezzanine to increase the space. On the first floor of the room, there is the fireplace with bath, and a small en suite bathroom. On the second floor, the chimney stack, not used anymore, would be used as a shower box. While in front of the shower, a double sink take place.

w is

hile the project and the necessary documentations are ready, Palazzo Ventura now available for events.

Fireplace Room 48

Palazzo Ventura The duchess of Puglia

Moodboard Michela Cordisco Room plants Fadia Bechara/Michela Cordisco


Rendering Michela Cordisco 3dsMax+Vray+Photoshop Rendering of the first floor with double bed, fireplace and bath



Cooking Island


A private cooking learning center

Range presentation Space Planning, Moodboard, 2d drawings, 3d Model, renderings and presentation by Michela Cordisco 2018













CONTACT Michela Cordisco Via Vulture 166 Rapolla PZ Italy 70124 Via G.Bottalico 44 Bari BA Italy 85027 0039342037507




THANK YOU! For your precious time and consideration!

This presentation is realized by Michela Cordisco using InDesign Where no specified, all the space planning, moodboards, 2d drawings, 3d models, photographs and renderings are by Michela Cordisco between 2016/2018

Michela cordisco 2018  

Interior Design and Interior Architecture Portfolio

Michela cordisco 2018  

Interior Design and Interior Architecture Portfolio