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Mike y 8 Sept 15th, 2016

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Snuggle Sacks

Super Scarfs for I love Yarn day!

back to school ideas

Hawt off the Hook with Mikey

Heya Crowders:

For me, this past summer would be the “Snuggle Sack Summer Pile Up”. It was crunch time to produce all of the projects in tutorial format for the Yarnspirations Lookbook. You know how you see projects and you get the crochet jitters in your fingers with excitement? The Snuggle Sack Series created that for me. The Ice Cream Snuggle Sack, of the series, is my most favourite. In person, it is super sweet and maybe a little cherry on top too. Well, the cat didn’t think so! It was also crunch time to get all of our ducks in a row to prepare for the 7th Crochet Cruise heading to Alaska. There was 106 crocheters on board and it was incredible. Between a fabulous mix of personalities with those who attended combined with gorgeous weather and incredible scenery, it was a cruise that created lifelong memories. We are in process of organizing our official photo galleries. We took nearly 5,000 photos of our journey from classroom to fabulous excursions. It’s now fall, the kids have went back to school. For us here at The Crochet Crowd, this marks the start of a new season. We are now in Season 8 of The Crochet Crowd. Over 8 years of free tutorials and resources provided to crocheters globally. We are exceptionally busy as we work up our fall schedule of ideas and projects. It’s cooling down, at least here in Mid Western Ontario, Canada. I get the urge to hook more and be more creative. Directly ahead is the 2nd Go Around with the North Carolina Tent Sale on Sept 26 - Oct 1. From Monday to Saturday. Daniel and I will be on-hand from Sept 26 - 28 only. We have another function to attend back here in Ontario and cannot stay for the entire sale. It is anticipated to the biggest tent sale on record for North Carolina. Clean out those vehicles and save space for the yarn. The deals are expected to be sharp as there is a lot of inventory to clear.


Hawt off the Hook with Mikey Second Monday in October marks the Canadian Thanksgiving. On Oct 10th, we give thanks. Our thanksgiving is a month or so earlier than the American Thanksgiving as our harvest is pulled in earlier due to weather. When Americans fled into Canada during the civil war, they brought with them the tradition of Thanksgiving. Originally, our Thanksgiving was at different times of the year but eventually was settled on the second Monday of October. Then we have I Love Yarn Day on Oct 15th. The Craft Yarn Council of America is challenging all knitters and crocheters to teach at least 1 person their craft on Saturday, Oct 15th. They are calling it ‘Stitch Forward’. Passing your skills from one person to another. Your stitch on and play along. Finally, Creativ Festival is back on Oct 27 - 29, 2016. It’s at a new location for the fall. International Centre, Entrance 5. Their website hasn’t been updated to give you any sneak peaks yet of what’s happening at the show. Daniel and I will be on hand as an exhibit only. We are not selling anything this show. We will have a small exhibit for meet and greeting only. With 3 Crochet Cruises this year, we just ran out of time and money to be able to put on a massive exhibit as usual at Creativ Festival. We will be featuring Pinky Boots, which I still have to finish. So as you can see, in the land of crochet and The Crochet Crowd, we have a lot of hot coals in the fire. We also need to thank our team Jeanne and Laura Jean for all their hard work and devotion to the crowd. Another big thank you goes to Sherry, our travel agent for our crochet cruises. We had a blast with you and Ron in Vancouver. You were amazing organizing and keeping tabs on everyone! Happy Hookin’ - Mikey


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Facebook Shares their Love Spinrite Weekly Sale

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Mikey’s Videos Library Diva Dan, who just never know!

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Crochet Cruises Updates Blogs Knot to be Missed

Let’s Get Hooking! Now that the kids are back in school, the cooler weather is approaching and our fingers are getting twitchy for projects, the Crochet Crowd is ready for a few months of intense tutorial schedules, fun and new projects for your enjoyment. For the kids, we are so excited that has come up with 8 Snuggle Sacks. Can you imagine having to video tape and make each one personally in just under 5 weeks!? YES that was a lot of crocheting to do, yet alone film, edit and create graphics and ideas. We could almost say, where did summer go? We are back into the swing of things and boy do we have lots going on. We hope that you can take the time to go through this edition. Everything from needing a bit of help for our Closed Captioned Videos, to being part of some new adventures with your favourite retails in some exciting challenges. So enjoy and thanks for being part of The Crochet Crowd. After all it is about community sharing the passion for crochet. - Diva Dan


Our Summer Lovin Challenge Winners Pg 10

A Thank You in Alaska Pg 17

8 snuggle sacks for 8 prizes the kids


Super Scarves. Be a hero, show your love for yarn with these Fab ones. Pg.16

Plus many challenges, events & prizes


Jo-Ann stitch along with Mikey and Yolanda pg 5 Spinrite North Carolina Tent Sale pg 15 Pinky Boots goes Live at Ceativ Festival Pg 27

Crochet-A-Teers Needed pg 9

More Ideas. Pg 21


Join Mikey and Yolanda on the first ever MYSTERY crochet & crochet knit along with afghanThefeatures solutions with a commonly Jo-Ann stores. asked question we receive. What is it? Stay tuned.

GO TO JOANN.COM FOR MORE INFO Share on the deicated Facebook page or use #handmadewithjoann




Hot Dog


Snuggle Sacks for a Boy’s Movie Night



Ice Cream



Snuggle Sacks for a Girl’s Movie Night



Snuggles Sacks &

8 Prizes

Our latest challenge. Check it out on With prizes sponsored by Choose your favourite snuggle sack and enter for a chance to win some fantastic yarn to make another Snuggle Sack! Or enter as many as you like. 8


Crochet-A-Teers Needed Closed Captioning Volunteers Needed Living in a truly global world, YouTube has opened up a new way for those that believe in lending a helping

hand to learn and spread the passion of our hobby a whole lot easier! With the new Community Outreach Closed Captioning Service, we can now have everyday volunteers from all around the world, to help us and go through the script that Google often misses out. With a bit of time, listening to the video

and correcting any mistakes that Google might have created, we ask anyone, that would love to make it possible for

the hearing impaired to give us a hand. It is a huge request from our fans to have ‘proper’ closed caption on our videos and we agree but time truly beats us apart. This is where you can come in. This is why we are asking you, if you can be part of this community outreach and volunteer. Mikey wrote a blog in how to be part of this awesome

community involvement and what you need

to do to be involved right in your own home. We hope you can learn, watch, and help others in being

a part

of The Crochet Crowd. We also thank you for making this possible for all those that have hearing and

speech difficulties. You are really helping others out in a very special and much needed way.

Help Out


Congratulations to the Winners of the Summer Lovin’ Crochet Challenge


Nonya Bragg

Darcella Curtis

Lydia Taljaard

Our Summer Challenge is now over but we have some fabulous dressed girls proud and happy with their personally made crochet clothing. Good Job Girls! You can see alll the great work on our Flickr page. The following crochet tunics have been made by Linda Daniels,Tammy Yocum, Trisha Matthews, Tracy Gosset, Gilad Ayalon, The following Scalloped Top have been made by Becky Simmons, Karen Klimek, Miriam Walter, Ruth Boshell & Sara Gruber. The following Beach Keen Cover up have been made by Anicia Bothell, Kristen Hubbard, Linda Schmeelk, Kelli Kelley & Laura Barnes.


Eye Candy for Crocheters

Barbara made some Twiddle muffs for her Aunt’s nursing home. Nice Idea!

Magen made these awesome slipper socks for soon to come cold weather. They look warm!

Teri finished a C2C from her friend’s mom left over yarn. A very Nice and Beautiful gift!

Jessica finished the Block Throw with the help of Mikey’s Tuts. Great Job!

Thanksgiving is coming soon for us Canadians. Cute Turkey Chloe!

Did we just see a mermaid? Nice work Olivia!


Using the ever popular Caron Cakes, Robyn like many others are doing the Virus Shawl. Beautiful!

Serena finished this granny square using the Jacob ladder technique. Lovely!

Cyrstal did Jeanne’s Glacier cowl using the the Caron cakes. Colourful!

Amazing work by Crocheters

Jennifer did the Solarium Throw with fall colours. Stunning work!

Sara loved the first hat she made so here is another one. Very Nice!

Jamie got 2nd place at her fair for her Farm afghan. Congratulations!

Samantha made these adorable Teddy bears. Every Cute!

Michelle had some fun yarn bombing one of her Kitchen Chairs. FUN!

Wow. A rocket snuggle sack! Fantastic work Yvonne!

Many of these patterns are ideas and inspiration created by the crowders themselves. Also you can go to our Facebook Page, Click ‘Photos’, them ‘Photos Posted by Others’ and scroll down to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to say you love their Creativity!


Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

With Giggles on sale, this Rainbow Blanket is perfect!


Soft and a bit of texture, Lovie is a unique yarn. Try this baby jacket

Baby Sport Yarn big balls would make great baby blankets

North Carolina Tent Sale

the more more more yarn sale event

Sept 26Oct 1, 2016

Mikey & Diva Dan dates Sept 26-28.

Back with requests for a autumn sale.

Click for more info

More Selections More Cashiers More Space More Bags More Bargins & More Fun!



Super Crochet


For those love a super long scarf for a fashionable statement try these patterns. You can after all make the size that you like best. The longer the better! These scarves were design for I LOVE YARN DAY on October 15th. So express your love for yarn with these super scarves.

23 45 1. Pump up the Volume Super scarf


9 Great ways to show off your scarf Mikey will be having Videos on how to makes these scarves very soon. Stay tune to


2. Crossing Paths Super Scarf 3. Granny Takes a Dip Super Scarf


4. Big Tartan Super Scarf 5. Super Granny Super Scarf 6. Highline Super Scarf

This was a wonderful cruise. The sense of community was felt the moment you stepped into that room. It carried over to the multiple stitch socials that occurred all over the ship. It was fun listening to and watching other passengers talk about our group. Think they all wanted to join in ...Debbie

As someone who is very introverted and shy, the thought of round tables terrified me. Having to sit with a group of strangers every time? EEK! But after the first meeting I knew it would all be OK, everyone I met was warm and inviting. The thing that touched me the most was the moment I realized that every request of “May I join you” was answered with “Of Course!” You have no idea how much it meant to me to feel included. ...Lisa T

I am truly thankful from the bottom of my soul for everyone who had a hand in making this crusie possible. This was an eye opener for me. Being able to vacation and enjoy my crafting at the same time in a warm environment was a dream come true. I am hooked on crochet cruises. Getting myself ready for the next one and telling everyone I know that crochets about it. Hoping to get more to come along. ...Trya

A dream cruise for many, a first for some, over 100 crocheters of The Crochet Crowd went on an adventure to see the beauty and awesomeness of the Alaskan Frontier. Some only knowing each other on Facebook, others brought their friends and family. But one thing that happened as we all stitched a new stitch, we all connected and created an amazingly inclusive and bonding group. There were plenty of laughs, tears of joy and tears of acceptance. Many came not knowing what to expect, nervous and shy, by the end, confindence rose, smiles were beaming and personal lives blossomed. The team of the Crochet Crowd, Mikey, Jeanne and Diva Dan thank all those that came with us for our Crochet Cruise. We had a blast! It was so good to meet all of you, we have lots of video and photos to share with you all. The journey from being cyber friends to being face to face relationship will be forever treasured with hopes to meet all of you again through our wild and fun crochet adventures. Alaska was beautiful and so were the people we all connected with. ...Thanks for being a part of adventure! Mikey and Diva Dan

You can see the More photos on our Flickr Page


The entire cruise is a wonderful memory! ...Tami

I’m such a homebody kind of person and going on this cruise was amazing. I’m forever changed by the new friends I have made. ...Rachel

It’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I didn’t get any of the projects done, but I come away with a strong sense of community. ...Diana

I met new people who I will be friends with for a long time. ...Vicki

A crochet cruise was a dream come true!



I was so happy and laughed so much, met so many new first time crochet crowd cruisers, who I hope to see on many more future cruises.

I have an extended family that accepts me as I am!! ...Joyce


I hate to say good byes... I say see you next time! ...Steven


Crochet Cruises We have lots planned and, yes, we are planning for 2018. But if the cruising bug and crocheting is hooking you to the high seas right now be sure to check out we have in 2017.

Hawaii is almost full but we have a few spots left. For those that are not a fan of cruising, we have our first land retreat at Disney World in Orlando. Right after that, we have two amazing cruises planned. One to the Eastern Caribbean and other to the Western Caribbean. Check out the themes for these cruises. They are going to bring a lot of fun! We just announced our Southern Caribbean Cruise for 2018. The destination of this cruise is to some of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean! Plenty of Sun and Warm rays away from the nasty winter cold! For all the information check out the Crochet Cruises. We will be soon having a new website for ease of navigating. Also you can contact Sherry our dedicated Travel agent of the Crochet cruise. She is a saint! We thank her for all the amazing work she is doing to keep all the groups together.


Only 15 spots left for Hawaii on the Crochet Cruises with the Crochet Crowd.

Crochet Market Ideas! Ideas

Eyelets & Texture Blanket

Cabin in the Woods

By the Seashore

Autumn Leaves

Easy Going Blanket

Cat and Mouse

Earthly Tones Octagonal

Fall Colours Granny

Feather and Fan


Tutorials by Mikey

Top Down Shawl

Try these patterns with the new Caron Cakes

Corner 2 Corner 2 Afghan

Lattice Lace Wrap

Big Triangle Scarf

Bricks Afghan

Openwork Scarf

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

Click 22

Next year is the 150th birthday for Canada. Like other exhibits we have done that feature our global community, we are asking for help for the construction of the large Maple Tree to be on exhibit in Ottawa for the Celebrations. Daniel is making a large Maple Tree and needs your help to make crochet maple leaves that will be mounted onto the frame to create a luscious maple

Find out more on how you can become part of this global support for Canada’s 150th Birthday!




Verb Noun Adjective

For some kids, going back to school is a dreaded time of year… for some parents, they kick up their heels and wish them off to school with a big smile! You catch my drift! Hey everyone, it’s Laura Jean and we all know it’s school time. So lets make it fun for them.

Bee Back Pack

Frog Back Pack

Pencil Pouch

Alligator Case

Daisy Bookmark

Bear it Case

It was an exciting time of the year opening the door to the changing of the seasons and a rapid succession of holidays! To get you started on some fun things to crochet for your own or a teacher’s gift I have put together this list.




Facebook Picture of the Week

Jeannie Hayness Green crocheting on the trials of Mount Rainer. What a veiw! After a great hike to the top, this would be my idea of crocheting! Get out that hook and enjoy the view. Jeannie was working on a cowl while spotting the view. What a beautiful picture .


Blogs ‘Knot To Be Missed Tips



Baby Mermaid Pattern with tutorial

Glacier Cowl Pattern create by Jeanne Caron Cake Pattern Ideas

4 colour Granny Square afghan tutorial

DIY I Love Yarn Fridge Magnet.


Substitution, compare bernat blanket with super value.

Pinky Boots Live at Creativ Festival

October 27, 28, & 29, 2016

being held at the new Venue, The International Centre Entrance 5 Mississauga. Just near the Toronto Pearson Airport.

For More Information


Every Bernat Blanket Ball @ a Michaels Store with the


logo will have a number inside that you can enter online to claim your prize. Every ball is a winner!

WIN 28




Diva Dan! I hope everyone’s Summer was a fabulous one! Fall is fast approach but me being a weather nut, here in Ontario they say it will be above normal prediction to this year’s fall season. I am okay with that. I bit more sunshine and a few more warm weeks, I can’t complain. The one thing for certain, when the cold weather hits, so do the hooks and the yarn balls. Having a warm fall may set many back from getting ready for that Holiday rush of making crochet projects for Santa’s List. But not me this year! My goal this year is not to let this beautiful weather delay my reasoning for not doing those long list of holiday projects. With the Caron Cakes that were just released and many other new patterns, there is just to many ideas and projects to explore. I am so looking forward to start working on the super scarves series! I am a huge fan of BIG and HUGE! LOL I am not always a size queen! Mind you, Michael and I do have those conversations from time to time *wink wink*. But I just love the fashion statement. Living in a small town too would raises some eyebrows! Be loud and love your passion is what I say! We have a great fall season coming up. Michael and our team have been working hard to inspire and create new ideas for your hook and balls. Also we hope to see many of you in North Carolina at the Spinrite Tent Sale. Don’t forget we will be at Creativ Festival for the final reveal of Mikey’s Pinky Boots. She’s big. She’s colourful and She’s wearing kinky boots! ‘Mikey can over do things a tad.’ Thanks for your patience, it has been a while since we have sent out our Mikey Magazine. Summer was a time for reflection. It’s my work in the garden and enjoy the time well spent, sometimes doing nothing but watching the birds, chasing the cat and of course making sure Mikey stays out of trouble! Diva Dan


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