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Nov 26th, 2015

In This Issue Mega Bulky Cowl

Diva Dan is doing the MacramĂŠ?


NEW Tutorials Including

2 New Afghan Tutorials

You make me smile

Hawt off the Hook with Mikey

I’ve been thinking a lot about the art of appreciation. Many of us crocheters and give it away as a gift. Some of us have a gulp in our throat looking for that flicker of light in their eyes. You know that one… the look that says thank you without even saying it. Sadly, in some of our lives, the appreciation of our creativity doesn’t get recognized as much as we hoped. In some cases, we know they accepted our gift but you get the overwhelming feeling they didn’t like it, even though they claimed the did… only to find it in next year’s garage sale.

Daniel and I have been together for 7 years now but there was a moment in our first year that changed me. You see, Daniel is a fanatic with his garden. He loves it, it is his treasure. He can spend hours digging around the dirt, moving plants, trimming and more. For me, I have an attitude of “Whatever floats you boat!” It’s not important to me as it is him. So one gorgeous afternoon, I had to mow the yard. One of his massive perennials was over grown and growing over the border of the garden, it was lying partially on the grass. I saw it, I looked around… and I bulldozed that plant to tim buck two! Firstly, I don’t know what I was thinking, having flower petals and green leaves blown for several feet across the grass, he is going to notice… Hindsight is 20-20. Yeah, I’m an idiot! To my horror, I didn’t realize he happened to be looking out of the window and seen me do it. Crap, now I can’t blame the damn cat! He pushed opened the window and screamed, “OH MY GOD!” So loud, I definitely heard him over the grinding of the lawnmower. Oh boy... I got a tonque lashing. He said one sentence and then I felt like 2” high. “I was so proud of that plant… How could you?” It never occurred me the strong passion he has for every living plant of his. What one plant in amoungst hundred? To him, it was all summer of taking care of it, only to have me ruin his hard work without care. I learned that one afternoon through a very significant moment. Firstly, don’t mess with Daniel’s plants but most importantly, just because I didn’t see the creativity and what it meant for Daniel clearly, I learned that I need to be more vigilant and perceptive to the creativity Daniel has and what is important to him. Happy American Thanksgiving and Hookin’ - Mikey


Contents 3 Yarn Talk 4 Tri-colour Cowl 5 Globetrotter Shawl 6 Facebook Holidays 8 Easy Pleasie Aghan 9 Simple Textured Blanket 10 Open Work Scarf 11 World largest Stocking and Meet Mikey! 12 Facebook Selfies 14 Jeanne’s ?s 15 Ticky Tacky Sweater 16 Mikey;s Video Library 18 Spinrite E-Tent SALE 19 Most spots open for the Cruises 20 Ideas from Yarnspirations. com 22 Facebook shares 23 Facebook Meme 24 Black Friday Sale 25 Last Weeks Features 26 Diva Dan! 27 Past Issues

Happy American Thanksgiving!


This week

Yarn Talk For the Fur Babies

Cat Paws Stocking Tunisian Rib Stich Hat How to Crochet with Wire Zig Zag Baby Blanket

The *NEW* LookBook just in time for the Holidays

Photo Model on Cover Page, Rachel Cantwell


Tri-Colour Cowl T

ry this Crochet Cowl. This cowl is really interesting and definitely a statement to wear this winter. Mega Bulky Yarns are in demand this fall. Many new crocheters and knitters love this yarn as projects can be doing really quickly. The stitching is unusual as the half double crochets are in the middle bar.

Get the Pattern, Video and Blog


Globetrotter Shawl We would like to say this is one of the most interesting and outstanding shawls that we have even did as a tutorial. The Globetrotter uses super fine yarns so this will take a while to crochet but the results are worth it. Be sure to watch Mikey’s video on how to do the Bruges Lace. Mikey’s suggested helpful tips on how to centre yourslef to do the curves used in the pattern is very helpful. :)

Get The Pattern, Video and Blog This Pattern calls for Patons Kroy Sock FX. The use of colour transitions beautifully. But you can use any super fine yarn of your choice. You can also see other options for yarn choices HERE


Shares of Holidays

Pat’s cute little wreaths would be great for the tree.

Rhonda’s Jewelled Snowflake is every so pretty! Catherine had so much fun makeing these little stockings for Gift Cards

Allannah made this wonderful nativity scene. Very well done!

Customized Stockings by Lori Grondin.

The snowflake sugar cookie scarf is adorable on Alana’s Niece!


Landy has been busy made several Snowflake scarfs

Tina out did herself with the holidays decorations.

Barbara did the Happy Holidays Afghan. WOW!

Shares of Holidays

Linda’s On the Dot Stocking is colourful. Awesome!

Peppermint and Spearmint Afghan. Love the two colours Donna!

Robert finished his Noel Granny Throw. Well Done Robert!

Leslie’s First Christmas Beanie. The tree is fantastic! Simple! This Snowflake Afghan is just stunning! Great Work Gabriela!

These are many samples of what The Crochet Crowd Community is doing for the up coming Holidays. Brenda’s Fabulous Snowman is going to a friend.

Many of these patterns are ideas and inspiration created by the crowders themselves. Also you can go to our Facebook Page, Click ‘Photos’, them ‘Photos Posted by Others’ and scroll down to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to say you love their Creativity!


Easy Pleasie Afghan T

he yarn does all the work in this pattern, choosing Bernat Blanket and doing the most simplist V stich, it really couldn’t be any easier.


ozy, colourful and great for beginners, Bernat Blanket yarn is still the top choice for many crocheters.

Get the pattern, video and read the blog and tips. Bernat Blanket comes in a range of colours and shades. Be sure to check out your local crafting store or shop online at Yarnspirations. com for the fabulous array of options.


Simple Textured Blanket U

sing the Crinkle Stitch, this Simple Textured Blanket has traditional elegance without the hard work involved. It’s a cozy blanket that can bring warmth to any room.


he Crickle Stitch alternates two stiches to prevent the typical train track look of an afghan, therfore giving a very lovely testured look.


earn how to do this afghan with Mikey.

Get The Pattern, Videos and Blog Remember that buying Caron United Yarn $0.15 goes towards the Children of Fallen Pariots Foundation. You too can do a little extra during the holidays just by buying a ball of yarn. Yarn shown in Picture. Caron United Dark Green


Open Work Scarf T

his Openwork Scarf is actually quite an enjoyable pattern to learn and use. Once you get the rhythm of it you are off to the races.


aura Jean did our sample for this week using Caron Simply Soft Ombre ‘Stormy Seas’. She thought since it is going to be Black Friday coming up, how appropriate to do a scarf in ‘Black’

Get The Pattern, Video and Blog


Set your Sights on some Christmas lights and bring your holiday cheer to see the biggest stocking of the year!

More information will be coming soon! Check out for the latest updates. 11

Last week we asked our fans to post their ‘Mug Shot Selfie’ working on their crochet project, showing us what is on their hook. Here are a just a few people out of 700 or so. Crocheters (even Knitters) from all around the world smiling and proudly showing what they are working on! But if you look closely, look at the smiles, the joy and happiness people do when it comes to crochet! Seriously, what a fantastic group of people!



Facebook ?s with Jeanne First time attempting Victorian thread ornaments. Opinions on starch vs glue/water for stiffening. from Dani B. I turned to Mikey and Diva Dan for this one since I don’t have any experience with thread ornaments and stiffening. Mikey recently experimented with different methods of stiffening from using sugar to starch to glue. The both agree the Elmers glue and water method is the best way to go. Please explain working with the WS and RS, including in rounds. Also, can you work strictly either one while making afghans? from Kristin B. Sometimes crochet pieces are two sided, which means if you could flip them over and they would be the same on both sides. Afghans can be that way. But sometimes there is more design and texture to one side of a piece. The designer will choose and state in the pattern when you are working the wrong side (WS) or the right side (RS). I have worked many afghans where the entire afghan is worked in the round completely on the RS, so yes it can be done.


I want to make a polar bear rug but was wondering if you can scotch guard yarn? from Shawna W.

Is there a way to make the soles of slippers nonslip? from Mickey F. There are many possible methods and ideas for making your soles non-slip, but my favorite way is to use just regular clear silicone that you can easily find at your local hardware store. It comes in a tube in the chalk section of the store. Just smear it or add small dots on the bottom of the slipper and it will not only be non-slip, it resists water.

I want to say that is a fantastic idea and I wish I had thought about that sooner! I read the can of Scotchgard Carpet and Rug Protector and I believe it would be safe. Carpet in our home is made up of a type of yarn fiber, so why not. But I would suggest that you make a little swatch and test it for discoloration before using it on your project.. And please post your project on our wall when it’s finished. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a crocheted polar bear rug.

Jeanne is looking for questions on Facebook to answer.

Let the Party Begin!

So it Started! What will your TICKY TACKY sweater Look Like!!! What kind of Fun can you create!

Do you know who this? This is Karen Ellis a really good friend of ours! She will be with us LIVE on Facebook to judge the ticky tacky sweaters! Here she is shopping to come up with her version to wear. Stay tune for the fun LIVE with us and Karen Ellis!

Get the Details to have a Bit of Creative FUN!


Holiday Ideas Tutorials by Mikey

Granny Rectangle Afghan

Cozy Posy Wristers

Chain Links Pillow

Christmas Tree Skirt

On the Dot Stocking

Trendy Baby Blanket

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

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Mikey’s Afghan Colourful, Textured & Adventurous

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Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

Lacy Picture Frames


Rainbow Bear

Visor Hat

Crochet Cruises Update


Sherry our Cruise agent has suggested that there are some last minute cabins available for the March 2016 Crochet Cruises in the Caribbean. If you are interested in a last minute vacation and be part of a wonderful group of friends and crocheters. This is a great opportunity.

For more information on the last minute opportunities. please click here. 19

Get Your Own Card Imagine free shipping anytime exclusively for members of The Crochet Crowd! Need an emergency order of yarn, get your code and keep it on file! Only at Does not include any sales from the Spinrite E-Tent.



Christmas Tree Throw

Crochet Tripod Hat

Perfect Pattern Poncho

Striped Mittens

Check Please Blanket

Gutsy Textured Cowl

Christmas Tree Skirt

Textured Hat

Eight Shades Ripple


Shares from Our Community

Wendy finished her Lily Lake pattern by Jane Crow. Really beautiful! I can’t imagine sewing all this together but WOW Fatma Fantastic!

Abigail is so proud of herslef. This is first adult size blanket! Awesome!

Nikiesha HOTH is the Triangle scarf with Fringe. Nicely done!


Gina’s Tiger, Lions and Bears baby Blankets won her 1st prize. Congratulations!

Liisa has been busy making gifts. Lots of Amigurumis!

Candice did the stepping texture hat. Love the colour variation!

Shannon got her Mystery Afghan done. It looks amazing Shannon!

An adorable little unicorn! Sarah did a FABulous job!

Crisa made this outfit for her sister in law, The Cowgirl outift is extra cute!

Check in with us, we will post on Facebook, the photo Meme of the day. We like you to come up with something clever for the photo. We will pick the one we like, then add it to our Magazine!

What would your meme say?

I think the Shirt says it all!


Starting Today, Thursday, Nov 26 through to Monday, Nov 30, 2015, Yarnspirations is having their annual

Black Friday Cyber Yarn Sales.


Each day of the sale will be different and runs out in 24 hours. Be sure to check out or even their Facebook for the sale of the day.


e l a

Our Features from Last Week’s Magazine Edition We love seeing what people had done by reading our Mikey Magazine. Here we have Oogoo oogoo made some slippers for the whole family! Mary Joy’s daughter loves the new Granny Stripe Hat! Margie worked on the Granny Rectangle & Kathy finished her Granny Square hat!

To see our last week edition.


Diva Dan! I know, I know, you see the picture, you love the scarf but it not crochet! But this is a crochet magazine! Once in a while Michael and I, (mostly me) like to try something new out! Sure there are a lot of yarns to explore but some of those yarns, well, lets say, there is not much we can do with them. They have one purpose, a trend yarn that crocheters AND knitters buy insistently but soon discover they have their limitations! I get excited to try a trendy yarn! After all, it is like on a whole new wardrobe. Big and Bulky is absolutely in trend for the fashion side of the business. Teenagers and young adults love the size and thickness of these yarns. Since a few years ago when arm knitting was popular, (Mikey has some great videos on how to arm knit), enthusiasts wanted big and bulky yarns that was colourful and nice to wear. Before long, the industry started playing with the idea. But as a crocheter, I would need a super size hook to do this and it sometimes takes strength! The results are a thick and big scarf to make a fantastic statement but I do find it bit too thick for my tastes. So late last year, I decided to try my idea to use Bernat’s Mega Bulky yarn and do some Macramé projects with it. Macrame! Mikey would said, Who likes Macrame? ( in a very sarcastic voice.) I ended setting up in the laundry room closet and decided to teach myself how to do the simple stitches. It is sad that a style of craft has a bad reputation with that heavy and bristly cord back in the 60’s. Hours later, I came out of the closet with a soft and fabulous scarf. (*wink*) Mikey was floored. So from me to you, here is a video that I found that you can learn how to do the square knot in the photo. The photo is just the alternating square knot, with three colours of Mega Bulky. You can play around with any combinations and make it as wide and as long as you want. The length of each cord is about 4 times longer then you want the scarf to be to wear, that’s a rough guess. I have been ask to do videos for some of projects and they will appear in the new year.


Enjoy and Happy American Thanksgiving! -Diva Dan

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Mikey Magazine: Nov 26, 2015  

We explore more winter and thick crochet projects that include afghans and cowls. Lots of Show'n Tell by Crochet Crowders from around the wo...

Mikey Magazine: Nov 26, 2015  

We explore more winter and thick crochet projects that include afghans and cowls. Lots of Show'n Tell by Crochet Crowders from around the wo...