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June 15th, 2016

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Heya Crowders:

“It’s in the Bag” my friends. Welcome to our Bag & Tote Edition. Our team has been working on bags over the past several weeks. What I enjoy from bag making the most is the practicality of the project. I don’t always need another scarf or a hat but bags, oh yes, I find myself storing items and using yarn totes all the time. I love looking at crochet bags and determining if my crochet projects would fit inside. This is a garden tote bag. While I don’t spend any time in the garden, the deep pockets on both sides are great for hauling the necessities. You know, like yarn and crochet supplies! Being this is made of cotton, it’s definitely more durable than most bags that I get at the store. It’s sturdy, thick and strong. Hook me up! On the crochet cruises earlier this year, we worked on starting the Starfish Bag. It’s pretty spectacular and I love seeing our cruisers and other crocheters finishing up their projects. Everyone has a unique sense and taste. It proves our diversity as a human species which is kind of a deep topic but, oh so cool too! It’s been cooler than normal here in Ontario, Canada. I cannot believe I am still wearing a sweater all day, nearly everyday. Come on summer. I find I crochet more when I am cold. I get squirrelly (meaning antsy pants) when I am sitting in front of TV. My hands must do something. If I feel too hot, the yarn and hook takes a break. If I am cold, watch out yarn, you’re going to get a workout. Yee haw! We are pretty proud of our Laura Jean for developing her new bag pattern. She is new to writing crochet patterns. She did several revisions and was open minded to critique. It’s a really hard process in the beginning. We take for granted steps that are automatic and don’t always say out loud. She did a terrific job and perfected it with revisions. It’s easy to make errors in this process, trust me, I’ve done my fair share. If you are looking for projects with low time commitment, you may want to consider making bags. Be sure to use cotton yarn for strength and durability. You will regret using acrylic as it can break or severely stretch to a Santa Claus’ Gift Bag. Been there, done that, got the big bag to prove it!


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Mikey’s Videos Library Diva Dan, who just never know!

A Bag of... Yarn! Making Crochet bags are a whole lot of fun and are quite easy to do. Especially around this time of year when making afghans and winter cloths just doesn’t seem fitting for the warm and enjoyable summer season. With Beach season, farmers markets are bustling & even downtown streets are busy with summer sales, it’s great to be able to make your own homemade bag and carry it around with shear pleasure knowing that you made it yourself. Like here in Canada, plastic bags are a taboo and reusing your bags for the environment’s sake is the right thing to do. We get tons of compliments for the crochet bags we bring in the stores. A lot of people are often a little jealous that we can whip up a few bags perfect for groceries. Remember when making bags, use cotton as it is strong and breathable. Mercerized cotton is also fantastic. Double strong and shiny. An example is Patons Grace Cotton; great colours and very vibrant.

10 Awesome Bags 23

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Project Maple 24 8




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Winners for the Feel Good Challenge


We have our Up Coming 5 Challenges coming soon. Cathy Goes to the Market


Enjoy - Diva Dan


Hamptons Beach Bag D

o you love crochet thread? Love using a smaller hook? This bag is for you!


o you have some crochet thread laying around that you have not used becuase you want something fast to make? Making a bag out of crochet thread may seem daunting but this bag hooks up fast!


sing a double treble crochet, this bag can be achieved quite fast. Using a variegated thread crochet thread, you can create in no time at all with lots of style.


really nice bag to make and love how the colours transitions in this pattern. Give it a try.

Hamptons Beach Bag


We have 3 amazing challenges coming up. All the way to September! Giving you plenty of time to gather up your favourite yarn or be part of all three. - We have The Reach for the Beach fun wear Trio Challenge. - We have the Afghan Trio Challenge. 3 different afghans for your style and liking. Choose 1 or all 3 to do during the summer months. - Coming in September we have this awesome challenge that we are not allowed to share yet! It will rock! 5

Starfish Bag This Starfish Bag is perfect to go to the beach with. Large enough to add towels, beach gear and all your cool accessories that you wear on the beach. This bag speaks summer all over it. The yellow, the blue, just reminds us of summer weather, beach, sand, water and of course all the stuff for the kids to play with! This pattern is basically a hexagon with a star pattern in the middle. Sewn together, then a quick border for the opening and handles, this bag will be a delight to make. It’s also a great pattern to review some diagram reading skills. Don’t be afraid of this one, Mikey has a way of teaching that will make you understand with ease.

Starfish Bag


We really love this Starfish bag for the beach! A bit more daunting to do but so worth the time and effort. This bag has so much potential to be display and proudly carried around. These are just a few of the samples what crocheters from The Crochet Crowd are showing us. Some very iteresting colours combos and ideas. The following have been made by Kellianne Bridges-Thompson, Linda Kosalowski, Lyn Neihaus, Markie Felch, Ruth Perez Boshell, Jessica Nook, Cindy Sake Kennedy, Betty Dereniuk & Edna Pasual. Looking Great Girls!


String Beach/Market Bag Want to make something quick and really easy. This bag is great for those shopping excursions. Once you make the base is all easy downhill from here. Repeating the same pattern over again untill you reach the top. The handles are thick and big for strong support but you can design them anyway you want. We even took this bag to the beach, with it’s lacy look, you can easily shake out the sand. Learn how to make this bag with the help of Mikey’s video. Simple, FAST and fun to make!

String Beach/Market Bag


Wow, these bags are easy to do and lots of crocheters are doing them! No shortage of ideas and colours. Love seeing the many varieties coming from this pattern. Lots of awesome market/beach bags being made, including by April Hutcherson, Brenda Murray, Cassie Hutchison, Cheryl Baker, Bawn Kuczaj, Alma Colon, Elzabeth Edwards, Heidi Hudson, Jade Hansen, Kate Paige, Leeann McGarry, Lisa Bear, Lisa Fowler, Lucy Grieve, Megan Neighbors, Patricia Liesenfeld, Peggy Bowers, Punkee Wheeler, Rhonda Jozefowicz, Robin Reed, Stitchseby Mimi, Susan Chang, Tracey Cooper, Trcia Scott & Peggy Bowers.


The Glamour Market Bag T

his is one of Mikey’s favourites. With a very wide mouth opening, you can get your large produce easily in this bag without crushing your lettuce!


bit of a challenge reading the directions but watch Mikey’s video for a complete understanding on how to do this bag. There are some challenges to this one but so worth the effort.


tylish and so chic for the market, this bag has glamour and function.

Glamour Market Bag


Star Cluster Market Bag T

his was our first ever bag challenge we did a few years back. A fantastic bag! The lovely star pattern sets this apart from the rest of our bags in our video library.


se a nice luster cotton for this bag. It would really set this bag apart from all others.


he pattern has a unique way to make this bag however Mikey shows in his video a different way that makes it super easy to achieve the same results.

G use!

ive it a try, it really is a great bag to make and to

Star Cluster Market Bag


Q+A with Jeanne Jeanne is looking for questions on Facebook to answer.

One of the nicest ladies that I ever met from going on 2 Crochet Cruises is a lady named Bernice. I wanted to share her crocheting story and she has a few tidbits of advice to share with all of you.

I was taught by a family friend when I was about 11 or 12 during a weekend visit; everything I did not learned that weekend was self-taught from how-to books. I learned basics more than 60 years ago, but made only a few thread potholders and small doilies for a dozen years. I finally tried yarn and made my first afghan about 50 years ago, but did little crocheting till I was expecting my first baby 40 years ago; then it was put on hold again till I was expecting grandbabies. Now that I am retired, I crochet almost every day. 1. When the starting chain is very long, use a separate ball of yarn to do the chain in case you need to add or subtract stitches so you don’t have to unravel the whole thing and start over. 2. When counting numerous stitches, place a stitch marker or piece of contrasting yarn at specific intervals; then if you get interrupted or lose count, you don’t have to start over at the beginning. 3. Save the label from your yarn and clip the laundry instructions; attach those to any item you sell or gift so the recipient knows how to care for it. 4. To use a different yarn than the one called for in a pattern, make a sample gauge, measure the number of stitches and compare with the pattern gauge and increase or decrease stitches to meet the pattern gauge. Thanks Bernice for such useful tips! Mikey’s Note: Bernice is one of the most profound speakers of encouragement I have ever met. “It’s not selfish, it’s self preservation!” She will always have a special place in my heart. - Michael


This was posted by Amy T. in the Crochet-Along Crochet Crowders Facebook Group a couple weeks ago and thought was such a inspirational story I wanted to share with all of you. I had a great gifting moment yesterday.  I was stopped for lunch while traveling home and was seated near a table of 3 ladies, one with a very little baby. After getting a peek of the little one in mommy’s arms I told my daughter she looked about 10 days old to me. Being the fearless, never met a stranger, gal that I am, I asked about the baby’s age. Turns out she was 3 weeks old and was born prematurely. I thanked the mom for sharing and congratulated her. I told my daughter I had some baby hats in the trunk that would fit the little one and my daughter grabbed the keys and ran off to grab the hats. My daughter presented the mom with a choice of hats. She chose one and my girl chose another. All the ladies at the table were just thrilled by the little hats and offered to pay me but I refused. I explained that it gives me greater satisfaction to see the happiness and joy of an unexpected gift. I am sharing this with all of you because the hat pattern is from Michael Sellick’s charity challenge; I am so thankful for his wonderful talent and creativity. I even shared with the young mother where to find the videos so she too could learn to crochet as she shared that she had always wanted to learn. Such a wonderful moment of kindness.  Thank you Amy T. Working a circle for base of a basket. Why does it keep puckering/not laying flat?? I’ve tried turning each row and a bigger hook, which helped some, but ugh! What am I doing wrong? from Kat The “potato chip” effect when crocheting a circle usually happens when there are too many stitches in the circle. The suggestions for the starting round for making a flat circle are: single crochet = 6-8; half-double = 10; double crochet = 12-14. Try starting over with less stitches in the first round.

Support Your Favourite Charity

Help your charity by being part of our challenge. We thank everyone for being part of our challenge! Until next time, we hope you have enjoyed and will continue to support your favourite organization.

Find out more information what this challenge was about and patterns that can help YOUR Favourite Charity. 14

A Word of Thanks

We like to thank all that participated in our Feel Good Charity Challenge. We’ve never done this type of challenge before and were thrilled to see so many involved. What we learned throughout was the kindness and the importance that many crocheters felt with the organization of their choice. Whether it is because it is local or a personal relationship/awareness, the organziations that each crocheter donated to was quite vital to them. As with any challenges that we have done and to the winners, we congratulate you on the random draw. However, if we were to look at all the amazing and wonderful donations, the winners are all of you that made something with your heart to give for those that need it most. The true winners of are the people in need. So a very huge thank you to you all!

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Community Leader Winner - Kathryn Davis


For the Charity Challenge, I chose to make hats for children in my local community. I made 24 hats of various sizes and colors, and donated them to Turning Point, a local non-profit organization benefiting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They offer services such as support groups, counseling, and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, all free of charge. Turning Point is truly a force for good in this community, and for many, can be a beacon of hope in what feels like an otherwise hopeless situation. Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of learning about Turning Point through my school, the University of Alabama School of Law. Focused on giving back to the community, every year the law school hosts a big charity auction, where local businesses donate goods and professors at the law school donate their time and talents (like cooking and ballroom dancing lessons) and the entirety of the proceeds go to Turning Point. The Domestic Violence Clinic at the law

‘Turning Point is truly a good force in this community’

school also provides free legal representation for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, with the vast majority of their clients coming to the clinic on referral from Turning Point. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the planning of the auction each year, and I’ve watched as my best friend has championed the rights of victims through the Domestic Violence Clinic. She would tell me about some of their struggles (keeping their identities confidential, of course) and about how for some, if not most, Turning Point undoubtedly saved their life by providing them with a safe place to go.


So knowing just how special and life-saving this organization is to the Tuscaloosa community, I knew that I wanted to crochet for them. Specifically, though, I wanted my crochet to go to the children of Turning Point, who are innocent and so helpless in these horrible situations. I hope that my crochet can serve as some small comfort, and I am so excited to continue to make items to donate to them after this challenge is all said and done.

‘I hope that my crochet can serve as some small comfort’ I dropped off the hats today, and they were so excited to receive them! They even took a picture of me and my best friend (who came with me to deliver them and served as the photographer) with the hats to put on their FaceBook page. The representative who received them also told me that there are two women at the shelter now who are expecting, one who is due any day now. She picked up one of the smaller hats that I made and commented on how perfect it would be for one of the newborns. That moment was unbelievably touching, and I am so honored to be able to give back in this small way.

‘I am so proud to say that I am part of the Crochet Crowd, where people all over have used their talents to help make their corner of the world a little bit brighter. I also want to just take a moment and let you know how wonderful this whole challenge has been. I am so proud to say that I am part of the Crochet Crowd, where people all over have used their talents to help make their corner of the world a little bit brighter. This has been a truly inspiring experience, and everyone who works so hard to make the Crowd what it is should be VERY proud of themselves; I am so proud of you all. So thank you for inspiring so much good, and bringing out the best in so many. - Written by Kathyrn Davis


Congratulations Hat Winner

Mary Green choose to donate for Project Robby

and Crochet for Cancer


Congratulations Afghan Winner

Vikki Higginbotham choose to donate to Benefis Hospital NICU



Community Leader Runner Ups be feature one of you for each Stephaine Cadorette Weof will our next 4 editions of the Mikey Magazine. We will share your stories Luise Waldhauser on why you donated and to whom. We hope this can bring awareness to all Karen Dietrich those that may live near you or have been touch by the same reasons to doTiffany Skerrett nate to your favourite organization.


Crochet Cruises Update Crochet Cruises 2017

We have a few spots left for an awesome 2 week Hawaii Crochet Cruise beginning February 2nd, 2017.

Plus, we have our Fall cruises for Oct. 21-28 Once Upon a Crochet Cruise where a Little Crochet Magic can Happen. Oct. 28 - Nov. 4, Wicked Step Stitches Crochet Cruise Halloween Monster Mash!


For all the Information

Cathy Goes to the Market To market, to market, to market I go!!! What better way to start a Saturday morning than to pack up a couple of reusable tote bags and head off to the market, with hubby in tow! I need someone to carry my treasures you know! (Oh man, I totally did not plan that little rhyme!) I live in a very small community with about 900 people, and we have a Farmers Market, and until about 3 years ago, I didn’t know what made a Farmers Market as opposed to a Market. In our community it is difficult to maintain the Farmers Market status in the early spring, because there is not much freshly grown produce available for the farmers to bring. To be designated a true Farmers Market we have to have at least 50% local produce, or farm raised meat, flowers etc., and the other 50% can be manufactured goods. It is a fine line at the start, when garden produce is scarce, to have enough vendors to attract customers and still maintain the ratio. And did you know there is an inspector who goes around from time to time making sure you are following the rules? WHO knew? Some Saturdays, my sidekick/hubby, Gary, and I go as vendors. We sell a myriad of products, including my hand made jewelery (but no produce). The secret to selling at the market is to be engaged with the people. I never sit, and am always at the

ready for a good conflab with the people who come to see what we have, and try to convince them that they need that exact thing! We have found that a smile and a warm greeting go a long way in having them linger at the booth long enough to have a good look and not go sauntering past. One reason people stop at our booth is to see what we have that is new. We are always finding something new and different to introduce to our table. We keep our staple items that shoppers come looking for but it is always nice to have a surprise or two. A huge addition to our marketing strategy is to have The Square which plugs into our phone and makes it possible to take credit card sales. It seems the way of the world now is to not carry cash. I have to admit that even in a small market like we have, we usually come home with a wonderful array of fresh veggies, flowers and fresh baked bread, and most of these come from the Mennonite vendors who make up a large part of our market. But I draw the line at buying pies. If I don’t buy them and bring them home, hubby cannot argue that I am the best pie baker around! He has nothing to compare them with‌.tee hee. Happy spring and enjoy the fun of a home town or nearby market! written by Cathy Lund 21

Crochet Market Ideas! Ideas


Grape Bunch Potholder

Yoga Mat Bag

Crochet Apron

Willow Basket Throw

Canning Jar Toppers

Cherry Pie Hot Pad

Apple Wreath

Handy Basket


4th of July Beach Bag We did this bag last year as part of our challenges. It’s a great bag to do! Waves are hot, especially those sunny heat waves during summer! This bag can express your style and your love of colour. Done in 5 panels with a quick crochet border and crochet attachment, you will love the look and style! Being a fabulous solid bag, it’s great for those small things that your carry around with you. Watch out for the handle holes on the finally few chevrons, this is the only real change to the pattern. But other then that. This bag is a fabulous bag to do!

4th of July Bag


Garden Tote Bag A

nother bag we did as a challenge last year. This garden bag was actually quite popular. With the uses of little pockets, many crochets turned this bag into their little go to bag for all their crochet projects.


his bag can’t be any simpler. All it is single crochet, perfect for an easy project and maybe for a newbie.


hange the colours any way you want. You can be creative. Maybe even create this bags using all your scrape yarn. Imagine a mutli-coloured bag with lots of wildness added to it.

Garden Tote Bag


Rich Textures Tote T

his textured tote was one of most popular bags in our library. The texture was what attracted many of our crochets to have fun with this bag.


sing the wheat stitch, you will learn to do a bit of cabling and a puff stitch to create that look of wheat.


t really is an exceptional bag to make and to proudly carry it around! People will ask, ‘where did you get that awesome bag?’ You can of course reply back that you made it yourself with a big smile!

Rich Texture Tote


Eye Candy for Crocheters

The Entrelac Pillow is perfect for this chair by Amy. Well done!

Love the colours for this Bavarian stitch afghan by Pamela

What a cute little set for that perfect baby girl by Margarita.

Fantastic baby set by Kimberlee. A dress some shoe and a blanket. Nice!

Sharon’s little kitty is sleep so comfortably in her afghan. AWE!

For all those bird lovers, this afghan by Diana is well done and done in Tunisian crochet!


The Pajama gobbler monster is super cute by Tess!

These girls are having to much fun from England, Thanks Carol!

A pod of Mermaids by Kitty. Wow that is a lot of crocheting!

Amazing work by Crocheters

Dianna afghan and colour distribution is really well done! Nice afghan!

An Explosion of flowers for this wreath done by Gitte. Superb!

Leanne’s afghan has everything. What a great piece of work!

Fatima is enjoying the outdoors with a little crocheting. Sounds perfect for us!

Living once on a farm, this is super cute! Well done April!

Julie did the Floral Cami. Easy to do and great to wear.

Many of these patterns are ideas and inspiration created by the crowders themselves. Also you can go to our Facebook Page, Click ‘Photos’, them ‘Photos Posted by Others’ and scroll down to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to say you love their Creativity!


Choose from Bernat: Viva, Satin, Dippity Dots, Mega Bulky, Blissful, an Boa.

Bernat Blowout Sale‌ Choose from the selected brands above June 13th - June 19th, 2016 Ends Sunday Night at 11:59 (EST)

Spinrite’s E-Tent Try out these patterns from with your new order!

Using Bernat Viva you can make this Stripes on the Side Scarf


Mega Bulky is awesome thick and great for this easy blanket

Soft and fluffy is Bernats Blissful which is so nice for a double loop cowl

Tutorials by Mikey

Fluffy Unicorn Blanket

Step Up Pillow

Bubble Bathmat

Cabin in the Woods Afghan

Ripples in the Sand Afghan

Eyelets & Texture Afghan

If love the teaching, the patterns and the down to earth nature of Mikey, then take the time to subscribe to the Crochet Crowd’s YouTube Channel. You will get updated with all the latest videos that could spark your next project!

Click 29

Dragonfly Bag W

e are so proud of Laura Jean. She is one of our team members that helps out with Facebook and other things here on The Crochet Crowd! This is her first pattern that she has ever create with written instructions.


est assure, as Laura jean found out that writing her own pattern can be a whole field of challenges but she over came and did a great job. We are very thrilled for her! Way to go Laura Jean!


ou can see the dragonfly pattern. Any easy bag to do and great for those that LOVE dragonflies!

Dragonfly Bag


Fringe Benefits Bag W

ith Bernat Maker yarn just coming out in the market, This is a new yarn that will be fun to use. The nylon look is vintage and groovy! Plus it is strong and light!


e are really enjoying this new yarn. It crochets really well! Any Stitch is very attractive with Bernat’s Maker Yarn.


his hip and nifty bag has trendy all over it! The beads and fringe is what makes this bag so awesome! As soon as we saw this bag, we loved it! Easy to do and a little patience to do the fringe, you can have a lot of fun designing your own style!

Fringe Benefits Bag


Facebook Picture of the Week Stephanie Holyfield made 20 wedding dresses in 2 months. Now that is fast and talented! They all look amazing and even the ladies!! What a great bunch of ladies enjoying themselves on a fantastic festive day. A sure reason to be smiling! Awesome Job Stephanie!


Blogs ‘Knot To Be Missed Tips



Crochet a Ballerina Bag

Using Bernat Blanket Brights, check out this Star Blanket by Mikey

Fantastic Cabbage Roses

Crochet Jellyfish and many other Sea Creatures

Add a Little Cuteness to your Shower Curtains Free Cast Away E-Book 33

d e n

o p t Comeo See Us Across Canada s P Stitch Socials

Scenic Route 34

Calling ALL Canadians! Stitch Stop Postponed Dear Friends It is with the unfortunate news, and as you may have heard, I have had a heart attack. My complete right side of the heart was over 95% blocked. I arrived at the hospital in Kitchener-Waterloo and had two stents added to my right side of the heart. I am currently home and resting well, even though I do feel good, I must go back for more surgeries as I have issues with my left side arteries with the same conditions. With the medical advice from the doctors, traveling and exerting myself for the next 3 months is out of the question. Michael and I have discussed Stitch Stop with worries and disappointment. We have put medical advice due to our situation in front of trying to continue with Stitch Stop, we had to post pone Stitch Stop. With the amount of driving, meeting fans and energy need for such a daunting but awesome adventure, the stress and endurance needed for this event is not a risk we want to take at the present moment. With less than 3 weeks away from us, there is no way for me to heal as quickly as we would love too. With a year of planning, money spent and working with our partners, it breaks our heart. (No Pun Intended) However, with Canada becoming 150 years old in 2017, we have turned to odur sponsors and suggested that next year would be a far better reason to have the adventure to celebrate our great nation. We will be keeping ALL of you in mind. As much as we are very disappointed with this decision, Michael has expressed deeply, ‘health comes first’. Please forgive the inconvenience that we may have caused during this time. So please accept our rain check for 2017. We will announce the dates as we restart all of our planning once again in late fall. Yours Truly Daniel Zondervan AKA Diva Dan on behalf of Michael Sellick aka Mikey 35

Next year is the 150th birthday for Canada. Like other exhibits we have done that feature our global community, we are asking for help for the construction of the large Maple Tree to be on exhibit in Ottawa for the Celebrations. Daniel is making a large Maple Tree and needs your help to make crochet maple leaves that will be mounted onto the frame to create a luscious maple


Find out more on how you can become part of this global support for Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Diva Dan! As many of you know, the past few weeks I had a heart attack. I am only 42 and I knew it was about to come since heart disease is very high in my family. I don’t smoke, I eat well and love healthy foods. Playing sports is not my thing but Michael and I do try to go for walks regularly. Has it changed my life? Yes and No! Knowing that it is in my family, I thought I was doing what I can do prevent the prediction but the outcome left me with disappointment. I was expecting symptoms of shortness of breath, light headiness, and pains in the chest. I had none of those! Just tingling feeling in my arms so intense that I was crying. I seriously thought it was caused by the rototiller I was using that very morning. Thank goodness Michael was home and later I was rushed to the best hospital in Ontario for cardiac treatments. To date, I am feeling great! The operation was quick and painless with two stents on my right side of the heart. While it has taken me sometime to get back to everyday life, I will say that it has been hard to sit down and really start working on the Mikey MAG. So thanks everyone once again for being patience that we haven’t been able to get one out in almost a month. There is still much to ponder and think about. Even though I am really taking it easy, it doesn’t make life any easier. Questions and thoughts have been filling my mind, depression hits and the need to get out and do something is very strong. Here in Ontario, we do have rehab programs that are very supportive for such things. I started yesterday! At 42, it is a hit when I see so many of my friends at the same age with no problems. Oh well, life goes on and shit does happen. Keeping it real, what ever disease that you come close to death with, you will always come back with a renew look at life. (Good and Bad) Emotional pain can be very strong and that can take time to heal as well. I am very lucky for Michael! Love him dearly and we still laugh! Laughter for us is sill the best medicine no matter how long life takes you! But thank you to all of you for all your support, prayers and wishes. Diva Dan


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Mikey Magazine: June 15, 2016  

In this crochet magazine, we are going nuts for Crochet Bags. We have free patterns and lots of show'n tell from crocheters making them. We...

Mikey Magazine: June 15, 2016  

In this crochet magazine, we are going nuts for Crochet Bags. We have free patterns and lots of show'n tell from crocheters making them. We...