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Philosophy & Leadership

At KW Commercial, we believe that you are only as good as the people you are in business with. That is why we make it our priority to be in business with the best.

The Keller Williams philosophy of success through people and of seeking out win-win partnerships has fueled our company’s growth to the second largest real estate company in the United States.



To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.


Or no deal


Do the right thing


Always come first


In all things



Seek first to understand

To be the commercial company of choice for a new generation of real estate agents and owners.


Ideas before results


Together everyone achieves more


Starts with honesty


Results through people



Cindy Hill CCIM, Multi-Family Division “I have been a KW Commercial agent for over two years now and could not think of a better commercial company to work for. The “cap” on commission and the profit sharing is the best fee structure around. The management and support staff could not be better. I would recommend KW Commercial to any commercial agent.”

Ray A. Rodriguez Multi-Family Division "I have specialized in selling apartment buildings for 10 years and I have had the opportunity to lead my team at some excellent commercial real estate firms. With that said, it is my experience that KW Commercial offers the best model and platform available to entrepreneurial agents in the multi-family brokerage industry looking to excel in a team environment."

Jay Martinez Retail & Office Division "I feel KW Commercial has an unparalleled compensation model, along with seasoned agents, creating investment brokerage synergy. I had compelling offers from every reputable commercial firm, but saw a business model which will eventually put most competitors out of business. KW Commercial shares market information and everyone has vested interest to help you succeed, really breaking the norm in Commercial Real Estate. At KW Commercial, we have recently recruited top agents from national firms and all disciplines: Industrial, Apartments, Retail, and Office. I see exponential growth in our commercial division in the future, as its success and market share will begin to materialize throughout the country."



Danielle Hoston Multi-Family Division "I joined KW Commercial in 2009 because I strongly believed in the strength of the commercial platform that was being created. Other commercial agencies had antiquated ways of doing business that were not working in the current market and KW Commercial offered a renewed energy and structure that I was excited about. Over the past three years, I have seen KW Commercial deliver on and exceed my wildest expectations. My team has grown, continues to thrive, and now runs more efficiently. Joining KW Commercial was the best move I’ve made for my team!"

David Meir Multi-Family Division “I have been at KW Commercial since 2009. I was introduced to KW Commercial through one of my colleagues and I was quickly put in touch with the President of KW Commercial for an interview. After the meeting, I began to understand the vision behind the system that he was trying to create for KW Commercial. The KW Model has a great infrastructure, great benefits, support, and networking system but WITHOUT giving up 50% of your commission. Since I have joined KWC two years ago, the company has grown from 850 agents to over 2000. I have been extremely happy here and am proud to work in a system that does so well at catering to our needs as agents and that let’s us keep most of our hard earned money in our pockets!“

Hirsch Sherman Multi-Family Division “With the help of their progressive technology platform, strong infrastructure, and competitive fee structure it is no wonder why KW Commercial is the fastest growing commercial brokerage company.”



Jered M. Levine Multi-Family Division "KW Commercial not only as a company but as a culture, encourages and supports commercial agents in branding and building their own business.”

Dana Mendez Multi-Family Division "Deciding to join KW Commercial has been an amazing decision for my career. Here, I have the tools to grow my business from the first level to the seventh. I have taken advantage of all they have to offer, from the business models to the training. In addition, there is a wonderful culture here between the leadership and agents; I have learned firsthand from fellow agents and ownership by serving on the Agent Leadership Council (ALC). Each year has been better than the last and I have seen that same pattern from all the agents who join KW Commercial, from the newer to the most seasoned – this is an amazing office that achieves success because they understand that by helping YOU grow, they will too."

Henry Garcia Multi-Family Division “The Keller Williams philosophy of success through people and of seeking out win-win partnerships has fueled our company’s growth to the second largest real estate company in the United States.”



Daron Campbell Multi-Family Division “I chose KW Studio City after 20 years of brokerage at two other national firms and co-ownership of a very large franchise, primarily because of the trajectory of the company. KW is on the rise (leaping to recently becoming #2 in the world) while most other brokerages are shrinking and struggling to survive. KW is also very progressive. They have committed and taken the leap into commercial brokerage and will soon be one of the largest commercial firms in the nation. Additionally, KW is dedicated to technology and real estate education. As a result, they have the most advanced systems coupled with the most informed and educated agents in the industry. In real estate brokerage, the future and the present is Keller Williams.”

Ron Feder Industrial & Investment Division “After being affiliated with large regional firms as well as operating independently, KW Commercial offered a recipe for success that was unmatched in my previous endeavors. KW Commercial has the most unique compensation model I have ever been exposed to. The support team is excellent and their platform will allow me to continue conducting my business in the way that I have for 25 years. Joining KW Commercial also allows me to interact and network with some of the most talented, high level commercial agents in the business. There is no better commercial broker model in our marketplace and I am happy to call KW Commercial my new home.”

Rich Johns Multi-Family Division “KW Commercial’s advanced tools of continuing education, up-to-theminute research and a client – centric platform have allowed me to serve investor clients better than ever before and have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”


Operating Principal

Harma Hartouni A ten-year Los Angeles-based real estate professional, Harma Hartouni runs a highly successful and reputable real estate team. Harma & Associates has ranked as the #1 team not only in the region and office, but amongst the top 1% teams in the nation. In addition to his real estate team, Harma has launched Keller Williams Calabasas, acting as Operating Principal. Shortly after its opening, Harma also took on the role of Operating Principal of Keller Williams Studio City.

After receiving his GRI, CRS and Brokers License designations, Harma Hartouni became the #1 Team Leader in the nation in recruiting Commercial Brokers. He was recognized by the NAR and featured in Realtor Magazine's “30 under 30” Issue in 2009 for all of his accomplishments. Currently, Hartouni oversees over 50 active Commercial Brokers between three offices including KW Commercial Calabasas, Studio City and Los Angeles DGA. Recently, Hartouni said, “I strongly believe the KW platform and business model will be the next revolution taking over the commercial world. With those tools, KW Commercial will dominate most products in our industry”.

With his leadership style, belief in succeeding through others, and his commitment to helping each broker grow to their full potential, Harma Hartouni has overseen the growth and success of multiple commercial offices.


Branding & Marketing

The Following can be created by our full time In-House Marketing team: 

World-Class Branding and Marketing Materials

KW Commercial International Marketing Book

Marketing Packages, Set-Up Sheets, Listing Presentations , Virtual Tours


P O S T C AR D D E S I G N S :

F L YE R D E S I G N S :





Referral Network

Point of contact within your market center for referrals from all levels of Keller Williams Realty

Bio and Website displayed on public International Website,

Opportunity to build a referral network among Keller Williams residential agents and leadership teams on an international level

KW Commercial sponsored local networking events and mixers.


Public KW Commercial Website,, and individual agent sites (both with integrated listing search)

Members-only Intranet

eEdge marketing tools

Prospect Database

KWCLS - Syndication Tool

Discussion Board

SHIFT Commercial: How Top Real Estate Brokers Tackle Tough Times Following on the heels of Gary Keller’s New York Times best-selling book, SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times, SHIFT Commercial brings commercial brokers the 12 tactics to help them thrive in any market.

Based on interviews with top commercial brokers from across the U.S. and Canada, SHIFT Commercial gives you the tools to position your commercial brokerage practice.

Best Practice Tool Kit

Access to LOIs, RFPs, Commission and Engagement Agreements, Building Surveys, Financial Models, etc.

Referral presentations for residential agents


International leverage for purchasing services from our approved vendors with exclusive discounts available to KW Commercial members.

Member Exclusives with REI Wise KW Commercial members have free access to the platform CCIM Institute awarded the “Best Technology Product of the Year”. This online platform automates and integrates: 


Lead Generation

Financial Analysis

Listing Presentations


Internet Marketing

Prospect Database

The KW Commercial Prospect Database gives our members a platform to network and generate leads. 

Over 100,000 Active buyers with thousands more to be included

All Asset Categories: Office, Industrial, Retail, etc.

Tenant Relationships

Landlord Relations


In the Keller Williams model, an agent “Caps” when certain levels of earnings are achieved. This means that after predetermined numbers are reached, the agent keeps 100% of the commission instead of splitting the gross commission with the Market Center. This 100% agent split will continue until the agent’s anniversary date rolls around at which point the process of attaining the Caps restarts.

The Cap is comprised of two parts: The first, is the Franchise Royalty. The Franchise Royalty is $3,000. This amount remains constant throughout all Keller Williams Market Centers and is not negotiable. Usually, this cap will be reached first.

The second part of the Cap, is our KW Commercial Market Center Cap, which is $37,000 for all three market centers (Studio City, Calabasas and Sunset). Each component of the cap will be deducted from the gross commission until these numbers are reached.

In summary: 30% of each deal will be deducted to pay the $37,000 market center cap, and 6% from each deal will be deducted to pay the $3,000 franchise royalty cap for the anniversary year. When an agent Caps they will receive 100% of the commission on future transactions for their anniversary year.

The Cap is calculated on closed transactions only and determined on the date funds are received by the Market Center.

Profit Share Model

At kw, our associates are full business partners with the owners of the market centers. Agents that participate in Keller Williams profit sharing are recognized and rewarded financially for bringing other talented, productive agents to the company by receiving a share in the profits generated by the entire office. We believe every kw associate has the opportunity to earn a stake in their company’s profits and this practice has changed many lives in the process. When you join kw you are able to get your share of profits in any kw office without the risk of financial investment. With our profit-share model you become vested after 3 years with Keller Williams, potentially a life long passive income stream that can be willed to your heirs.

KW Commercial’s commitment to excellence spans across all of our international practice groups.

From office properties to land brokerage, if you have an area of specialty or are looking to enhance your career by branching into the commercial world, KW Commercial can take your business to new heights.




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