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A Student Publication of the University of Hawai`i • Honolulu Community College • April/May 2015

Congratulations to the class of 2015 Members of the musical group #2wavycrew, made up of HonCC students, show their enthusiasm as the end of the semester nears.

Ka LĀ photo by Alyssa Baligad

Victim speaks out

Graduation list

Students sound off

Photo execellence


A victim of sexual assault wants others to know they are not alone.

A complete list of students who are graduating this semester.

Students get a chance to tell admin what they really need at HonCC.

HonCC photography students show off their best work.

Two big campus events show why the school is a leader in sustainability efforts.

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Automotive students make new friends

efits both of our students," said automotive instructor Warren Takata. “They learn about each other’s culture and each country’s ap-

proach to learning automotive technology as well as the equipment, and facility they train at.” Takata said students are

able to converse, and new friendships are formed by using new technology, such as Google translation and even YouTube. . “They had a lab session and were able to perform alignment, front suspension repair, noise diagnosis, and wheel bearing service. It was a very busy, but rewarding two days.” Takata said through the support of funds from Honda International to benefit Honolulu CC students and a sponsorship with Hawaiian Airlines, the college is able to fly a few students to to learn at the Kadan facility for a week later this summer.

Dutro presented at the HSA last year, but this was the first time she submitted to the award. “I selected my topic because I was inspired by the film Schindler’s List. International Holocaust Remembrance Day was just on January 27th, so there was this opportunity for resurgence of the conversation about the Holocaust. It’s extremely important to have discourse about the

Holocaust as more than just facts, which is why I wanted to view it through a sociological lens,” Dutro said. "I really wanted to research and get as close to understanding the social environment in these Nazioccupied countries, and how the various social institutions worked together to create a sort of noxious atmosphere, morally.” Dutro learned a lot in the process of researching her

paper, and how it impacts views of the Holocaust in today’s society. “In conversation about the Holocaust, we focus on 'never again' and the moral commitment we have to ensuring events can’t escalate like that again. Unfortunately, we neglect the sort of environments we foster in the process, such that anti-Semitism, according to data from the Guardian, is actually on the rise."

Ka L� staff

For the fourth year in a row, Honolulu Community College welcomed back students from Kadan Automotive Technical College from Sendai, Japan. Their visit consisted of a tour of Honolulu’s automotive and diesel programs. In addition to the tour, seven Kadan students stayed back to spend a day and a half learning alongside Honolulu’s automotive students. Each year since 2011, Kadan has sent a group of students and faculty to visit the Honolulu CC facility. “This partnership ben-

Students from Japan's Kadan Automotice Technical College visited Honolulu CC this semester to work with automotive students here

Student wins award for Holocaust paper Ka lL� staff

Second year Liberal Arts student Nikki Dutro won the Undergraduate Student Paper Award at the Hawai‘i Sociological Association Annual Meeting held in February. Her paper, titled, “Silence and Social Constructionism: The Socialization of the Holocaust” was also presented at a session at the conference.

Alyssa Baligad

Krisangela Johnson Maia Miller

April 2015


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Student beats out professionals 'It was a fun and amazing experience' By Ka L� staff

Second semester Construction Management student Nicole Granciosa recently won the surveyors' challenge at the annual Hawai’i Land and Surveyor Association Surveying Conference. The surveyor’s challenge is an annual event held at the conference. This year’s challenge was to figure out the height and area of the Hawai‘i Prince Hotel ballroom foyer. The person with the closest estimation of the height and area of the foyer to the nearest tenths received their name on a perpetual plaque. Granciosa competed against experienced surveyors as well as licensed surveyors in the state of Hawai‘i. “Nicole is an example of the quality of instruction that our students receive here at Honolulu Community College," said Assistant Professor, Norman Takeya.  “I didn’t know what to think when I won. I was shocked,” Granciosa said. “I was competing against surveyors with years of experience. Some of them have backgrounds in civil engineering or

Nicole Granciosa beat much more experienced competitors to win the annual surveyors' challengers.

geodetic engineering. I’m nowhere near that, but it was a fun and an amazing experience. I’m learning from great teachers everyday.” In addition to her studies, Granciosa also interned at not one, but two agencies – the Department of Transportation, and Leaps & Boundaries, Inc. “Both internships are teaching me the basics of land surveying,” she says. “I am learning how to

pace, calibrate points, sketch in a field book, draw maps on the computer and much more. My co-workers from both internships try their best to teach and pass on their knowledge to me and other students who are willing to learn about this field.” “The greatest lesson that I’ve learned so far in my internship experience is that you never stop learning. All my co-workers from both internships tell me that they learn something new everyday regardless of how long they’ve been in this career. No two days are the same and that gets me excited to go to work.” Granciosa plans to graduate in the spring of 2016. After graduation she plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a field related to construction management. “Honolulu Community College has been a great experience so far. Within a semester I’ve made friends, made close relationships with my teachers, and I was lucky enough to land two internships. The college has definitely made me feel comfortable compared to other UH campuses I’ve attended," she said.

April/May 2015

School goes international to celebrate Hokule'a trip HonCC celebrated the worldwide voyage of Hokule'a this spring with a full slate of events from around the world. Included in the activities in March were Hawaii events that included learning about the ancient art of star navigation, and poi ball making. Then the events went international, with a Bollywood Dance workshop led by renowned choreographer and dance artist Willow Chang and a performance of Indonesian music. Finally, there was a celebration of poetry from around the world, with readings by HonCC's Kimo Keaulana and Derek Otsuji, as well as student winners of the school's Caring for our 'Aina poetry contest. The event is sponsored by the Honda International Opportunities Fund Grant Advisory Committee.

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April-May 2015

Victim: Silence can't be tolerated

to wear. ”I’m doing this project to raise awareness about sexual assault,” she explains. “It’s been a big issue. I just retired from the military and being a survivor myself (from sexual assault) I wanted to be able to help other people tell their story because I don’t feel that other people take it very seriously or as an awareness, so it’s coming together and letting other survivors know that they’re not alone dealing with this situation in their life. ” By going public with her photographs , Williams hopes to give others the opportunity to know they are not alone in their situation and to let them know that they can be heard. One of her

goals is to keep the campaign going year after year and gain donations so she can eventually expand it to a non-profit organization. After getting out of the military, Williams said that for a long time she couldn’t find an outlet for the emotions and struggles within herself. Then the artist within sprouted. She fell in love with spray painting, but later felt it wasn’t enough and something that only helped for a moment in her mind. In November 2014, Williams got interested in photography, and the artist within went from a sprout to a blossom. She started her own photography website called www.kikisfreestylephotog- this past January. After experimenting with it for a little bit, she fell in love with black and white photography, which she says can capture the soul and raw emotions she’s experiencing and targeting. After this campaign, Williams is aiming to start another project this July, and she wants to call it “Emotions" because the photography is going to be built off of everyone’s emotions expressing what they’re going through or have gone through in life. “I want people to know that you’re not alone in your situation and with expressing yourself, don’t be scared to let yourself feel emotion, to be able to tell your story and to help others tell theirs,” Williams said. “So it’s all of us coming to together, survivors coming together and being able to tell their stories.” If you would like to help Williams's cause, here is a link to her other website where you can purchase a few of her shirts she now has on sale: noCache/1. April is also child abuse prevention awareness month. In April the state Capitol was flooded by over 5,000 pinwheels put in the ground by volunteers to represent children who are abused throughout the state. This was the state’s seventh annual Pinwheels for Prevention planting and was sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii.

encourage students to further their self-discovery through their writing. Kwon explained simply that, “writing is a visual medium for your voice.”

Kwon continues to explore her own self-discovery through her teaching, writing, and yoga. As reflected in her recent book, The Sum of Breathing, Kwon entertains and intrigues readers with a journey through personal growth and development. Don Lee, author of The Collective, says Kwon’s technique involves “mixing stories, poems, memoir, and spoken word.” Kwon described her recent work as her “experience in being blonde.” Those who have met or seen Kwon can identify the personal relation. “I’ve let go of what society dictates,” Kwon declares, striving to “live on the edges of things.” This is precisely what can be read in The Sum of Breathing.” Voice, more essentially, breathing, is how Kwon approaches challenges and reality. “The mind is reflected with breath,” she said.

When asked if she had a favorite spot on the island, Kwon responded that she has a more open-minded awareness in that a favorite place is “whereever I put my mat.” Studying and teaching yoga at Open Space Yoga is another of Kwon’s skills. “Yoga class is beyond the mechanics of achieving a pose, you have to have clarity and concentration.” She integrates what she studies in yoga with her effort to stay open to other’s realities, and in finding find liberation from societal boundaries. In achieving clarity and selfdiscovery, the use of breathing and writing have contributed to Kwon’s accomplishments as an author, yoga instructor, professor, and an overall balanced person.

By Alyssa Baligad Ka L� staff writer

Nakemiah “Kiki” Williams, a recently retired U.S. Army soldier and now a student at Honolulu Community College, says “silence kills.” That’s why she hopes telling the story of a sexual assault she suffered will help not only herself but others, too. Williams, originally from Newark, N.J., was sexually assaulted in Korea while serving in the military in 2013. After spending time feeling alone in her situation, she started thinking about what she could do about it. That’s when she decided to rise up and become a voice for other survivors who might also feel alone and ashamed of assaults they suffered. She’s starting a campaign with her own funds to help raise awareness about the problem that is receiving widespread attention on college campuses all across the country. For instance, the U.S. Justice Department reports that one in five women are sexually assaulted during their college careers, and according to the federal Department of Education, 3,300 forcible sex offenses were reported on campuses across the U.S. in 2011. Being a self-taught photographer, Williams conducted a photo shoot in her house with other victims to help capture the emotions of being assaulted. She’s using the photos to help promote her project, posting the photos on her social media networks and printing them out on shirts for others

Ka LĀ photo by Alyssa Baligad Nakemiah "Kiki"Williams is hoping her photography project will help raise awareness about sexual assaults on college campuses and around the country.

In class, poems & yoga, it's all in the breathing By MAIA MILLER Ka L� staff writer

Breathing, writing, and teaching may not seem to be interrelated; however, English Assistant Professor Brenda Kwon has come to discover that they are essential facets in achieving clarity through self-discovery. After having started her writing career, Kwon found teaching English composition and literature to be a skill she enjoys. Whether online or in the classroom, she finds the interaction with students to be very rewarding. Kwon encourages students to, “find themselves [and] something to say.” Along with her conventional classes, Kwon has found more ways to improve her online classes via social media and adjusting her tone in communications to

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

Spring 2015 graduates Administration of Justice

Jennifer Ann Aragon Erolito G. Blas Gretchen Medina Carnate Loraine Dait Doliente Micah C. Langaman Lindsay Moi Heong Mieko Fukata Jeanette Matsuda Kent Joe Palting Pacanuayan My G. Tran Terry Eugene Walker Jr. Lauren Michelle Wolfe

Darrel Andres Agno Crystal Aml Carvalho Jalen Ken Chang Clarence Arthur Cottrell Dwight Matusalem Dotimas Sean P. Hood Jenifer Anne Jenkins Thad D.Y. Kim Joshua Ramos Laborte Pene Langi Chad C. Lomibao Leimomi Tristine Muraoka Paul P. Perry III Mitchell K. Resurrection James K. Stabilio Jaymie Yee Ting Wu

Auto Body Repair & painting Robert Andaya Cabanting Jr. Denzel Soliven Corpuz Jonathan Anoka Kenji Kamada Benny Honorato Manago Jr.

Aeronautics Maintenance Technology

Automotive Technlogy Gary Joseph Canite Jr. Youngmin Choe Aaron B.N. Choi Raymond Martin Cordero Vincent Grande Duldulao Isaac Enojardo Pauahi Polly Garrett Alissa Kapuaonaona Huddy Laurence Tumacder Mariano Ronson Troy Pagdilao George Gascon Pascual Jr. Bradley Ray A. Rivera Eric Felipe Tacto Taylor T.Taefu Michael Kang-Long Wang Alan Tzy-Fong Yang

Larson Lee Abilla Rex Dalija Bolosan Wesley Avery Cook Jr. Nhat Bao Tran Do Kamuela S.K.C. Lum Christopher Odo-Chang Shane Kalei Yataro Philpot AmberGrace T. Seguin Erick Yim Skinner Gregory Alan Ozaki Wessel

Applied Trades Edward K. Abalos Jr. Devin K.Adkins Lance Tetsuo Akagi Justiny Mahealani Alimoot Sean A.Amorozo Kyla K. Aquino John Issac Araujo Eric K. Awaya Mana olana Aweau Justin Lee Kaleookekaimalino Ayat Charles C. Blanton Kristin Kapono Brown Maura S.K. Cabatu Craig A. Campbell Dorothy B.P.H. Chong Lawrence Edward Chun Jennifer Elena Chung Ciesiolka Kyle Kaianaalii Colunga Kekoa B. Crowell William Kaipo Cruz Reid Hiromu Cummings Durwin Dacquel Norman E. Deguzman Nathan Ryan DeVera Amanda Anuheake'alaonapuananiouka Yuk Jun Devoe Leia K. Duenas Jonathan T. Duldulao Benjamin Thomas Dumaran Jr Kerry H. Ejima Christopher K. Elgarico Dylan Kenichi Ellis Corey R.S. Enomoto Theron Matthew Kanekuokoa Ernesto Richard T.T.J.K. Espina-Bain Jared N. Fetters Corey L. Fukaya Keola M. Fukunaga Zachary S. Gaea Edward E. Garma Mark Edwin Hagiwara

Carpentry technlogy Photo of campus life by William Dotson Jason A.M. Hattori Scott Akira Higa Brandon Kabaar Higgs Kenneth Hsu Milton A. Hunter II James K. Iwasaki Jeth Elaydo Jacalne Justin K. Jenkins Matthew M Johiro Michael K. Jones David Jong Colby T. Kagawa James A. Kagawa Dean Kanichi Kawamoto Tae Hong Kim Geoffrey M. Kop Dominik Pascal LaChapelle Kevin S. Lee Samuel K. Leleiwi Ronald Jun Mong Pomaika'i Loo Bradley Minoru Luko Darin KinSing Lum Kip K. Masuda Yul Kazuhiro Matsumura Andre Kazumi Medina Matthew Stephen Molnar Jon Matthew Kazuo Nagamine Tammy M. Nakamatsu Erin Ai Nakamura Byron K. Nishihira David Takeo Nishimura Toni Kahili Peralto

Jamie Quitevis Keani C. Santos Ian-Jacob K.R. Sato Kingsley Kanoa Saturno Thomas D. Saylor Tanya Wailana Sing Chow Edward R. Snyder James A. Spear Shane B.K. Spencer Patrick J. Stachel James P. Sullivan Liuana F. Teleaai Bryan M. Tomooka Kekoa H. Uemura Pedro Kapunahele Velasco Christopher Allen Wee Summer Lily Puanani Wong-Leong Stacy Alicia Wright Kyle Makoto Yoshida Lee T Yoshikawa Ivan M Yoshioka Cory Jason Yuh

Architecture Eng. & CAD Technology Patrick Anthony Agag Acierto

Rodney Faylogna Agbayani Aleczander Abraham Alika Akana Brittany Alexandria Morris Andres

David Peter Behrens Nathaniel J. Chromczak Naomi Dang Peter P. Faualo Christian Keith Lai Rodhel P. Manarpiis Brandon Mun Yip Matsumura Robert Matsumura Patrick Julian Ng Kaela Aiko Nu'u Mea Lani Nishimura Ronsen Wayne Panui-Hatori Daniel Taliloa Vladimir Nikolayevitch Trecker Melody Cortez Ulep

Commercial Aviation Tyler Kainoa Matsuzawa Ah Loy John Keonimana Yutaka Good Anna Noelani Higashi Kawekiu Janine Kuuleimomiokaena Kawainui Emmanuel Munoz Phil Centeno Ramil Nevin Kalani Yoshida

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

Spring 2015 graduates Communication Arts

Fashion Technology

Amixa-Ray Farinas Calzado Hazel T. Gacula Linda Ann Inamasu Jondee Kualikahokuokalani Jenss Simeon L. Manginsay Brittany Pualani Montilliano Roy Muneyuki Ogasawara Cassandra Leigh Osborn John Devin Bahet Ramos Kayla Kiyomi Rivera Jerrica Rae Rowlette Louis Bruce Aukai Scheer Stephanie Louise Stoner Leighton-Richard Hiroki Taira Kevin Nacapuy Tumbaga

Shailanne Dallas Kamealani Ah Loo Joliber Belocura Albano Cherrie Lyn Gomez Beltran Channelle Amberly Chung Irene Mababa Cramer Karen Atianzar Dulatre Charae K. Leleo Alexander Jacob Propios Savanna Lynn Rains-Cole Kyle Kalani Noboru Woolsey

Fire & Environmental Emergency Response

Computing, Electronics & Networking Technology Wilfred John B. Pascua Kelsey Akemi Batangan Marvin Arnold Rigor Buenafe Zachary Walter Dial Khresmar Baria Dumayas David A. Dunlap Aaron Gabriel Eliazar Kevin Pinera Garcia Jasmine L.K. Hoapili Janet Elaine Howze Chance Hajime Kawasaki Christopher E. Lee Edward Lee Chauncey Kalani Lovell William C. Ng Alphonse Matthew Salvador Rigor Philippe Thomas Salvador Rigor Michael Soo-Min Son Ryan Joseph Souza Jeffrey James G. Visaya Aaron Arthur Yri

Construction Management Arcoiris Cuetara-Higa Jose Cardenas Dingle Jr. Cherish-Marie Ellis Samuel Jung Martin Taca Lagazo Jr Rodelino Pidal Mata Lalana Dolly Moe Ulieli Valu Pauni Jackylyn Ballesteros Plan Aran Alan Shintani Mabel M.W. Wong Ryan Jun Fai Yip Brian T, Young

Cosmetology Janel R. Alarcon Kyra Keolalani Burke Cynthia Cartwright Cheryl Haunani Casanova Erin L. Chang Elyssa Marie Cinco Chelsey DeAnna Colon Ohelo Kristen Correa Oranna M. Davis Hulali K.C. DeLima Katelynn A. Dillon Angela Guixing Feng Ashley Jane Kainani Kamaka Jhun Nicole Hiwalani Kauwalu

Photo of Campus life by Timothy Lapitan Kristin K.C. Kini Brandee Ann Kimie Koyanagi Jennifer P. Kua Shantelle M. Kurihara Michelle Ku'uipolani Maranan Reid Mitsuko Morinaga Lois N. Nicholson Martha Diaz Nishimura Felicia Iris Martinez Cassandra Ashley Keiki-Lani Owen Kari Miyako Sakuda Tatiana Marie Torner

Diesel Mechanics Jaegan Lee Mercado Dacoscos Trevor Anthony Fanguy

Early Childhood Education Samjhana Ghimire Acharya Kelsey Akemi Awa Keiko Nonaka Batara

Ashley Lynn Bell

Barbara Jean Becraft Antoinette Lyn Cabebe Debora S. Camp Bryan P. Chee Maxine K. Cooks Gena Lehuamakanoeokapomahina Demesillo Noelle Seabury Fowler Napassachon Fox Akeyo Hatakeyama Garcia Christine V. Goris Debra Chong-Gum Danielle C. Hiscock Nicole Renea Hubbard Kristine Jiaer Huang Sydney Elise Johnson Michelle T. Kapule Akemi Kato Mina Kato Linda K.A. Lau Nicole Christina Lee Shirreen M. Keliinoi Pauahi Leoiki Wendy Mae Bangi Luis Joycelyn Lum

Lucia Maravalli Ariel Rochelle Mateo Georgine Lai See Perez Annie Quach Elizabeth K.C. Ramirez Janet G. Ramelb Shannon Leina'ala Cosma Reyes Eileen Pasol Ricardo Brianna Tavai Pohaikealoha Saifoloi Desiree A. Serapion Kaylapaige Leigh Tolentino Jaydinel Tesoro-Montero Margarita Ashley Torres Huong Kim Quach Tran Heidi K.H. Twiggs-Akau Jasmine-Ann Kuuipo Leilani Vager Sheena M.L. Yamamoto Jasmine-Ann K. Vager Carianne Michie Wong

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology Jerryl J. Bayang Jonah G. Cadiz Jumar P. Campollo Elvin V. Chau Charles T. Ferrer Jon Roz Gajonera Gazmen Benigno Guerrero Guan Hui He Dave DeLos Reyes Lamug Eddie C.W. Lau Robbi-Anne Yoshiko Stacie Liu James T.U. Marzan Glenn Tetsuro Okubo James Shigeaki Omori Joshua Melchor Puno Marvhin Castro Sadio Wilfred Anthony Tomas Brian T. Young Jonathan Alan Jose

Pomaikaiokalani Logan Ahinga Derrick Lance Agustin Alcayde Kenneth Lee Barlow Scott Whalen Batula Paul Jose Belford II Victoria Alexis Cariaga Camacho Chase Oliver Kamehaokalani Carveiro Kaitlin N. Dillon Terence James Fong Julio Ruben Fuentes Vinson Gao Rona Lee Regis Gallardo Kahalepau'ole Kainalu Gabriel Evaristo D. Gomez Justin Uyehara Inocelda Cathy Kiana Keiko Kapua Kyle Seiji Noeauokalani Kawabata Bryant Cole Lani Ryan M. Liu John Kelepine Lopes Michael John Machado William Bruce Manning Robert Kaniela McGrath James K. Montalbo Matthew Noa Kaleilanakila Neves Anthony Huynh Nguyen Branigan Pono Ali'i Juan Nunes Bonnie Tatyana Pacheco Jacob Daniel Perri Anthony Peterson Johnathan Kalikiano Antonio Reyes Andrew Jake Risteter Les S. Shiroma Lorrence A. Suyat Treyson D.A. Takushi Jeffrey Sarceda Tarape Zachary Kaleka Kuane Genko Tokumoto Kylene Joy Ramos Udarbe Royce Yamamoto Paul-Spencer Yasuo Tojo

Human Services Esther Christian Jason Drew Custino Julie L. Kawasaki Tiffany Khamphaphanh Richard Anthony Pekala Jr. Anthony Peterson Genine Marie Pascua Tacadena Randall Takeo Takeshita LaDonya Keikilani Peke-Kalona Thrower Heberona Foasepi Toeaina

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

Spring 2015 graduates Liberal Arts Sierra Mikaela Acklin Tiana Agas Acosta Ashley Rose Leialoha Josefovicz Adams Kevin Tomas Aganos Kelsey Dawn Agpaoa Dustin Kaniala Ahuna-Haliniak Cady Kaylani Elizabeth Akana Johann Andersen Robbie Satoshi Asamoto Melody Valdez Bangi Kamahuialani Johnette-January Barbett Scott Whalen Batula Shirell Leimaile Aguilar Bell Makenna Kahelelani Belmonte Debora Christine Benedict Rebekah Mikiko Berliner Mikela Ku'ulei Branco Sean K. Brown-Hussey Jannette Domingo Bueno Keoni Alan Bumgarner Jane Chieko Nishida-Calalay Jade-Lin A.K. Chang Natalie K.W.L. Chang Evangeline Saturnino Chapman George Quebral Condus Tyler I. Costa Jhonalyn Robante Cuestas Ednalyn Durana Dasalla Jeeverson Acal Dayuha Tyra J. Dela Cruz Randy Ming Yang Duong Kathleen Binamira Duran Nikki K.M. Dutro Ada Krystal Espejo Chablis LaFrance Estrella Bergonia Cathlyn Nofo Faagutu Brysen C. Fiesta Titilua Mililani Fraser Nicole H. Fu Ariel Kekaulike Makoto Fukino Kahalepauole Kainalu Gabriel Evaristo Daniel Gomez Michelle S. Goto Jevin Guieb Garrett Y. M. Higa Landon Noeau Honeychurch Chaz James Ele Hooke Jenna K. C. Inouye Roldan Lucas Isidro StaciaLee Leialoha Jaeger Jesse Ray Johnson Larissa Brittany Johnson Emil James G. Juan Kawailani Patricia Kaahaaina Mary Ann P. Kahalehoe Jennifer Megumi Kakio Sheila T.K. Kamai Javelle K. Kaneakua Nora Ava Kent Robert Mendiola King Kohl M. Kitagawa Duke Kalena Komomua Darwin O'kalani Kenji Kozai Marynell Christiana Quero Kucera Miye Taylor Kuwata Blaine Lee Labayog Elizabeth N. Lau Kiley Mieko Kaleiho'okipa Lau Elliot Joshua Lazo Kayah Cudal Leano-Ulit Patti A. Lee Rebekah Park Lee Vanessa Gascon Lee Samuel H. Longgat Briana Leoncia-Waiola Lopez Klayton Ye Hung Lou Darren Yoshito Loui Chauncey Kalani Lovell Johanna Krista Macedon

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

photo of campus life by Alyssa Baligad Daryl Brandon Delos Trino Madela Donovan A. Malinay Ao Malufau Ryan Canoneo Mandado William Bruce Manning Jasmine Puanani McClain Nicole D. Mercado Rowena Razo Mergillano Nikki Son Nakamura Jared Shigeo Nakashima Sez Aubrey Napoles Marilynn Gail Ngirailild Annie Ngoc Ngo Faith Misao Nishita Thomas M.K. Odoardi Chellina Manibog Okumura Christopher Lloyd Pacholczak Serina-Anne Castellano Pasion Kawau'i A.K.F. Perez Adam D. Perry Lawrence Long Buu Phan Ronald V. Prieto Dennis Tungpalan Rabanal Vignesh Ram Rathnam Melissa Gasilos Rivera Puuwaialoha Roback Sean Thomas Nahinalau Russell Matthew Payne Sage Ashley Baptista Salvado Jesse K. Santana Chanel Ann Kau'ionalani Santiago Janet Adolfo Sauni Joann Hee Jin Shin Les S. Shiroma Roxanne Marie Siebert Susanna T. Siu Jordan Nicole Sonner Gina Renae Stephens Kayla Louise Svelling Lynn Eseta Taamilo Justin Agen Pangan Tabbay Andrew Masaru Tagawa Natasha Nani Aiko Takahashi SuFen Tan Justin Guerrero Tano Prince G. Taylan Daniel James Thai Corey Keanu Thomas Leilani Germaine Thompson Jesse A. Tibayan Madonna Temanaia Tinorua Thu Thi Minh Tran Nicolette Mahealani Trevenen Angela Berta Tuika Cleighton Kenichi Uchima Glenn David Menor Valencia Julius A. Vea Marciel Valiente Velasco Johvan Christopher Vicente

Ieok Si Vu Desiree Ann Gabriel Wabinga Jamie Michelle West Chelsea Sayuri Emiko Wolke Michelle G. Wu Brittany K. Yadao Daisy Duyao Yadao Ryan Akiyoshi Yamada Chavon A. Yamashita Kevin S. Yeh Yukiko Yoshihara-Burianek

Music & Entertainment Learning Experience Kamauliola Gary Kaapana Agunat Shelby Michaux Benson Wivina M.B. Ibay Chantel Mayumi Ikehara Rayton Mark Lamay Jarett Lapitan Makeda L. Morris Amy Nohealani Nakama Rock Anthony Orozco Lloyd Acosta Orsino Melvin Frederick Borja Reyes Janelle Saole Todd Ken Sato Julian Kazuki Silveria Guy Taro Slover Gregory Collin Teter Kristel Shayne Leano Zuniga

Occupational & Environemntal Safety Management Johann Andersen Greg Agcaoili Barayuga Joseph T. Bussen Derek Masao DeMauro Stephen Balan Erhardt William Makanui Friel III Richard Gene Gallarde Sela Esther Gray Rebecca Nona Kamakawiwoole Renee L. McClung Lee Timothy Mark Scalzone Terry Carthon Palmer

Psychology Terry Carthon Palmer Madonna Temanaia Tinorua

Rennel Eslava Bautista Jaypee Bonilla Preston Jason Ceria Justin Wai Sun Ching Rin Dao Dane Kaina Dimaya Austin Cole Sada Higa Royce-Rodney Ku Kiakila Keala Ka'ii Kanoe Linohau I Kamalie Ilar Jonathan Iloreta Waily Rodrickson Isamo Matthew H Maetani Khue Minh Nguyen Thomson Huu Nguyen Zachary Ga Wei Pang Clemencio A. Rarogal Jr. Benedict Rasay Mark Jansen C. Sales Tirso S. Soliven Jason Velzy Timm Micah Kailihao Yuen

Sheet Meet Metal & Plastics Technology Kiana Kuuipo Alatasi-Verdugo

Lancemark Pablo Cera Dennis L. Famisan Cody Shigeo Wee Fukuhara Kelsey Talalotu Ichinose Crystian-Jeremy Ricafrente Mendoza Phoebe Nagako Nohealani Morimoto Bryson Takao Nakashima Darren Baoit Tungpalan Dennis Ray Ulmer

Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair Josiah P. Fernandez

Welding Technology Christian R. Bautista Christian-Jasper Rafael Dela Cruz Robert R. Gacusan Alessandro Giraldi Kristy K. Inouye Kevin Inthirath Devin Ken Ibata Iwamoto Kalawaia William Hanalei Kamai Michael B. Lamug Kaika James Ke'eaumoku Lima James Isaac McGowan Randy Campos Mendiola Devan S. Nakayama Theodore W.K.K. Palmer Wyatt M. Pedro Chelsey N. Ramirez Allan James P. Reganit Chase Kekumuokawaikapu'ola'ie Sasaki Kalamau Christian Rivamonte Bautista Rick Earl De Moe II Joshua George DuBois Michael Banda Lamug Sean Michael Leong Devan Seiichi Nakayama Aaron Joshua B Osalvo Wyatt M. Pedro Daniel Robert Sanders Chase Kekumuokawaikapuolaie Sasaki Kalamau Sterling Tyler Simon-Ganti

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

What do students want from school? Adminstration asks, and gets an earful of answers By Maia Miller Ka L� staff

For the first time in nine years, the campus administration this spring reached out to students through a focus group, seeking honest feedback on issues and topics that are needed to improve the school in the near future. Now the school is promising to take action on what the students told administrators. The focus group was composed of student volunteers from almost half of the various programs on campus. The students were randomly assigned to a group of approximately seven students; each group separated into different rooms. Each group had a facilitator who led the group discussion using questions provided by the administrators, and a note-taker who recorded audio and transcribed the responses. Among the topics most frequently raised by students were ease of movement through and within the UH system, including transfer of credits to Manoa. Stu-

dents also want to see a school website that's easier to navigate and have offices that are open longer. They also raised concerns about individual programs at HonCC. Irene Cramer, a senior student in the Fashion Technology department, noted the importance of having adequate work space. “We have little to no storage

Ka L�'s crossword (For answers:

space, so everything just gets thrown on top of the work tables where our projects are,” she said. Several other participants, representing auto body and human services program, noted that the lack of full-time, on-campus staff in their programs affects their learning experience and time management. “Our program director teaches in the diesel program super early

in the morning. He lives out on the West Side-and by the time he comes to auto body, he’s so exhausted," said one student. "It can be dangerous since we have to use machinery to lift and move heavy parts.” University College Dean Marcia Roberts-Deutsch said she was pleased with the responses from students, which will help set priorities for improving the campus. “We anticipate implementing a new five-step approach to helping students move through their academic experience by Fall 2015,” she said. The newest focus is for students to “thrive.” She described this as the step following a student’s success with their programa a follow-up step to see how students fair after graduating or transferring to continue their education. Roberts-Deutsch also said she hopes that this plan and future developments will help make students' transitions between campuses and through academic pathways smoother.

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April/May 2015

Best of HonCC Honolulu Community College is full of talented students in everything from carpentry to photography. Once again, the editors of Ka L� are proud to showcase the best work from just one of our classes, Art 107D, Introduction to Digital Photography, taught by Marty Nikou.

Arnel Abendanio

JANICE Valoria


Larry Medina

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

Keyan Ishii

Victor Gonsalves

Vania Graves


KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2015

2 events highlight sustainability work By Ka L� staff

Ka LĀ photos by Alyssa Baligad Students helped prepare the imu one day in advance of the school's Ho'olaule'a, then got the food ready on the day of the event. . At right, a heater made out of recycled material by Steven Arakaki.

Two events on campus in the same week of April highlighted the school's efforts to be a leader in sustainability. Several hundred students, faculty and staff attended the events, first the annual Ho'olaule'a, which celebrates the school's mala, and then, the next day, a fair that featured some of the school's best ideas for projects that incorporate sustainable practices into every day campus life This year's Ho'olaule'a was the fourth annual event celebrating Ka Māla o Niuhelewai (the garden of Niuhelewai) that is growing near the rear of the campus grounds. The garden is a "hands-on venue for students, faculty, staff and the community in supporting the Hawaiian understanding of sustainable mālama ʻāina application for producing food for Hawaiʻi,” said Mark Alapaki Luke, Hawaiian studies instructor and chair of Kūlana Hawaiʻi, Hawaiian Programs Division. Plenty of people from all over campus turned out to enjoy various food items prepared in the imu, pa'i'ai (pounded kalo or poi), mele (music) and activities, including ʻaha (sennit cordage) making, lei lāʻī (kī or ti leaf) lei making and kōnane game (resembling checkers). In keeping with the sustainabil-

ity theme, everyone was encouraged to bring their own reusable plate or container, beverage cup or bottle, and utensils for their lunch. On the next day, students, faculty, departments and offices from all over campus participated in the Sustainability Showcase. Many entered submissions describing practices they have adopted which have reduced use and incorporated reused and recycled waste materials. The winner was the Chemistry Department for changes it has made in reducing use of materials in labs, replacing lab components to reduce use and waste generated, and recycling materials used and produced in lab experiments, said coordinator Cynthia Smith. School members, too, demonstrated their talent for going green. The four top winners were a glass table by Tyler Edrada, a heater made from recycled material by Steven Arakaki, a Hawaiian war club by Charles Fernandez, and a storage box by Matt Sugihara. Many people and groups – including the school administration, Kokua Hawaii Foundation and Johnson Controls contributed to the event. Prizes and give-aways included seedlings, a solar backpack, reusable utensils and lunch and tote bags, which will become important when a plastic bag ban on Oahu goes into effect in July.

Debate tournament has record participation By Ka L� staff

More than 100 students participated in the Spring debate tournament on the Honolulu Community College campus this semester. It was the most participants ever for the event, which brings together students in all speech classes to practice in a friendly but competitive environement what they've been learning all semester. Working in teams of three, the students formally debated topics such as whether vaccines should be mandatory and community colleges should be free. The winning team was composed of Kelsi Nicole Baltazar, Britney Mina and McNeil Rosete.

Student debaters gathered in a classroom for a group photo before the final round began.

Members of the second-place team were Angelica Alcaraz, Sharayah Gentry and Gabe Viloria. The top 10 individual speakers were: Shirley Chung, Jodie Feng, Angelica Alcaraz, Fara Lee,

Andrew Pang, Sharayah Gentry,

Johnny Zhu Kelsi, Nicole Baltazar Audrey Lacaillade and Michelle Luu.

Debate provides students the

opportunity to improve their oral communication skills, build confidence, and find their own voice for the first time, said asst. professor of speech Karadeen Kam.

Profile for HCC Student Media Board

Ka Lā April/May 2015  

Ka Lā April/May 2015  


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