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Honolulu Community College Spring 2020

Cover art by Alyssa Baligad (Halo) 2

Shaina Kawaguchi - Watercolor

Liejun Wu - Watercolor

Editor’s Letter: In this Spring 2020 Art & Soul issue, SMB is proud to be showcasing art from Hon CC’s Keiki Center, the current students, and the alumni of Hon CC. Unfortunately, as we all know COVID-19 had changed the course of many plans for all of us, including the publication of this magazine. I am pleased to finally present this issue. This is the first Art & Soul addition of its kind. Thank you Hon CC for all the memories, spring 2020 was my last semester at Honolulu Community College. Thank you Mr. Mike for all the years of guidence and helping me become a better editor, writer, and person. I’m thankful we both got to work together for our last semester at Hon CC. You have left an amazing impact on my life from that first day when I came from Mr. Marty’s photography class to inquire about the SMB position. Thank you to all of my creative art teachers and other teachers for helping me become a well-rounded and educated person. Thank you to the current SMB workers, Sadie, Allan, and Kris for helping out so much during spring 2020. I wish we had worked longer together. Lastly, thank you Kiki, Tee, Vania, and Steff, the team from the very beginning that had brought the Art & Soul magazine back to life in 2016 with its first issue in over a decade titled, ”Reborn.” Cheers to this Art & Soul issue and to the many more I hope to come forth after it. In your words Kiki, ”I am proud of you. This is the last ride homie.” -Halo -This magazine is dedicated to Mr. Mike Leidemann


Art done by students at the Keiki Hau’oli Children’s Center 4



LED glove movements and photos by Tyler Linmark


Wake up Yolanda Apuya

In a gym at night, Faith plays volleyball with her teammates. Faith goes to school in the morning and works in a coffee shop in the afternoon. Five feet two inches, with strands of white hair. Diagnosed with knee pain and arthritis. Take one Acetaminophen, two Advil’s and now three tablets of Oxycodone. Head and body hurts, therefore depressed and frustrated. Daylight shines in the room, Faith did not hear her alarm. She is late for work, supervisor calls her in the office, and says you’re fired! Face filled with tears, no one to call and no one to turn to/ Faith’s boyfriends come and go. What do I do now? No job and no friends. Faith popped four pills and falls asleep.


Artwork by Alexander Young Pencil & marker

Birth of a baby girl Yolanda Apuya

In a cold hostpital room at 7:00am, is a handsome and kind man. I’m lying on my back with a strap around my 39-week belly. The sound of the heartbeat echoes in the room. From the hallway comes the sounds of a female groaning in pain and cursing. The bed is soft, covered with white sheets. A dull pain can be felt on my low back. My mouth is stuffed with ice chips. Eyes are heavy, legs can’t move while the mind tries to rest. The television is playing The Price is Right, while the baby’s heart beats in the background. A nurse adjusts the heart monitor on my belly. Jasmyne is in a breech position, an external cephalic version was done. Jasmyne turnd manually by OB/GYN doctor. Hands are placed on mom’s tummy, then the baby is pushed around until her head is in the birth canal. But unknown is the ubilical cord wrapped around Jasmyne’s neck. The doctor says push down, chin is tucked in chest, pushed as if I am having bowel movement. Jason says breath and shows me how to breath. Jasmyne weighs in at 5 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long. Beautiful baby girl with ten toes and fingers. Mom and dad feel euphoric.


Jake Luedtkee 10

A Relaxing Day

Brent Faith

Janelle Ballesteros

Listening to the waves crash, a girl named Rei sits on the soft beige sand as the sand goes between her toes. She looks in front of her and is surrounded by the ocean. as Rei places her feet in the water, she shivers a little. Rei sees tiny fish by her ankle swimming in the water near her. Listening to the wind blow by her ears, as the sun shines down on her, she feels relaxed. as Rei starts to sit in the shallow water, she looks up at the sky and all the stress goes away. Watching the clouds slowly, Rei looks up to see if a cloud looks like a familiar object. A raindrop falls on her body and she believes the rain might come pouring down. Rei remembers swimming in the ocean one time while the rain started to pour on her. As Rei feels the little sprinkles of rain fall down on her, she notices the rain starting to stop. Rei knows the sky will become clear and a rainbow will soon form later.


Elephant Ears Janelle Ballesteros

While I was walking through a botanical garden full of colorful plants, some hanging and some in pots, an elephant-ear-like plant has caught everyone’s attention. Walking closer to the elephant-ear-like plant, Gen notices some are in water while others are in pots of dirt around the garden. Walking toward the plant, Gen feels how smooth the plant is compared to other plants. She takes a step to the right and stares at the same plant in the water. The tag on the plant says Kalo, taro. She remembers learning about the plant back in the middle school. Gen decides to buy a plant like that to remind herself of elephant ears. Gen loves watching the plant in the water grow more than the kalo plant in the pot of dirt. The first time Gen saw a plant that looked like elephant ears was in the botanical garden. Gen continues to walk around the garden and look at the rest of the plants. Suddenly she left the botanical garden and went to find a store that sells Kalo plants.

Blaze Enriquez 12

Destinee Ader

Caitlyn Akamine Lii


Paintings by Chad Tkoe 14

The gate of life, By those who strive, For tradition to thrive. Knowledge from the past, Made to last, The nets time has cast.

Love for the land and sea, Care for the â€˜Ä ina is what I see.

Hoang-Ha Nguyen 15


Blue Skies with White Lies Brandson Lu

A once clear blue sky is covered by the white of lies, threatening to cover the radient light currently shining onto Jake. The expensive clouds threatens to smother all if the shining rays, All clouds first start from a single droplet of water and what once was a small problem, is now a massive problem. The snowball effect can’t be reversed, so what a simple email could fix, ended up being an hour call to resolve the problem because of a simple white lie that Jake told himself, “I am too busy, too stressed out, too stretched thin.” Jake’s sky was almost blanketed by the problems that seemingly innocuous white lie caused. “Man,” Jake sighed,”never again.”

< Photo manipulation artwork done by Benjamin Harmeyer 17

Third Eye

Joanna Vongphakdy Sitting here next to you I can feel your toes glued to the ground. I feel your emotions rushing in like the beggining of a storm. Your body tenses up like the current of the ocean it’s so strong. I patiently wait to see what’s about to forth come in this reading of yours. It’s the eye of the storm that’s what has begun. The anticipation got me eagerly singing a song. Heartaches, tears and joyful reconnections, I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken, I pass you a message that you have longed from a past family member, without a crystal ball I can already tell you that this is all. Some things you have missed and some things you question, Where did everything go wrong? Hearing the voices of the people that once looked after you telling me their message. Your beloved one whispers in my ears and tells me that they are still watching over you, and that you need to be strong. A quote is the precious message that’s been spoken, “No matter where you go and how far along, I will always be here with you no matter how wrong.: It’s a message sent from the heavens above, A friendly remimder to tell you you are still loved from your favorite person. Little things gifted from your beloved, I present it back to you. Oh have you forgtten. The memories that I brought back upon you, shal always be a blessing and not a lesson.

Photo manipulation artwork by Benjamin Harmeyer Bottom image - Pen & Paper> 18


Carmela Elaine Carino

Caitlyn Akamine Lii 20

Rajni Agpooa - Pencil


Fallen Petals By James Heffner

The skies of Kyoto blocked the Sun on a cool Spring day. Cherry blossom petals fell onto brink green grass like a light rainfall drifting slowly to the Earth. Nature isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the only cause for this scene, something more divine made this blessing. The chirps of birds were carried through the wind, decorating the grey pallet the sky offered. The falling petals lessened in number, natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rain slowly made way for sunlight, but there was no Sun in sight. Beauty slowly dulls; nothing nice has an end. The many days of rain prior led to this specific moment in time. The last of the petals fell. What remained was cold and barren wood. Modest beauty looked like it never graced its hard yet scared surface.


Background photos by Halo/Alyssa Baligad 23

“Lost in Thought” Nakemiah Williams - Alumni Polaroid & thread-work



(Inspired by a Magritte painting of an open window.) Paula Rath-Alumni I’ve always lived As one of the flock, but now it’s my time to escape the walls of sameness, the stringent bonds that trap me here. deaf to the cries of the flat-faced flock, through the window I flee with a whisper and into the welcoming air.

“Gash” Nakemiah Williams - Alumni Polaroid & thread-work


Original Cover Art By Brandon Kubo (Sub-lo) Alumni


Find That Light Larson Abilla

The waves crash hard on the shore They cover the rocks in blankets of foam Relentless waves of attack Keep knocking you over, holding you back These raging waters want your soul So keep your focus and control Closer than you think Don’t get tired The storm is gonna pass So find that light Closer than you think Don’t get tired The storm is gonna pass So find that, find that light Find that light The clouds roll in like a fog The color of asphalt, vision is gone You panic, lost & confused The sky and the ocean blending in hue Keep charging forward through the mist You'll save yourself, if no one will

Closer than you think Don’t get tired The storm is gonna pass So find that, find that light Find that light

The twisted lightning fingers glow You see the searchlights and You know your going home Closer than you think Don’t get tired The storm is gonna pass So find that light Closer than you think Don’t get tired The storm is gonna pass So find that, find that light Find that light Find that light Find that light


PAIN Aster Sarte

Dedicated to combat veterans past and present, dead or alive in honor of their hardship, struggle, sacrifice and the memories that hunt them: their pain. Deep in the mud Soaked in the rain Sun is beating drowning my brain Uphill sore No downhill brakes Thrown from the skies Crashed on my face It seems like I no longer care about pain The more I run the more I see you again The more I hear your name disappear Is there anyway to stop this game? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going mad and I am to blame It seems like I no longer care about pain Free from your love Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never want to see you cry Back from the dead Back from your hell I keep on squeezing out the life you left lifeless burning in the fire It seems like I no longer care about pain


Joshua McClinton Album Cover art

Xiya Ling

Pencil and paint 29

Mahalo Plant Kalo By Ashton Obrero

When they tell me God is everywhere This is what I picture Immersed and surrounded by ‘āina and culture Conversations as rich as the soil Grow me and replenish my soul We plant ourselves waist-deep while we kanu ke kalo So Hāloa and Kapalai is who I mahalo.

He Ala Hou

By Cedric Adversalo A path unknown by me Revealed by Hāloanakalaukapalili Now set as my goal Not raised this way But chosen Being able to feel the ‘āina Caring for my kaikua’ana And in turn, be nourished by him Weith ‘iki passed down from kūpuna And a drive to live sustainable And learn my culture I hope to follow this path throughout my life A sustainable one A traditional one A Hawaiian one But this isn’t anything new It’s somewhere inside me Just waiting to be brought forth I feel like I’ve been here before It’s like I’m reunited


Artwork by Meg Willitz Left page-Digital art Right page-Watercolor


ByYongming Lin

Left image-Watercolor Right image-Ink & water

Xiya Ling

Watercolor 32

Xiya Ling


Yongming Lin Ink & water

Dayln Keyes Watercolor



Swimming in Pollution By Angelica Baclig Angelo looks out to see the sun glistening upon the horizon. Angelo runs towards the water with sand between his toes. Angelo steps in the shallow water setting his feet on large debris. Angelo is looking for animals but only sees garbage floating around. Angelo swims in the shimmering blue, dirty sea. The thin water and plastic bags laps gently around his skin. Rough thin plastic is scraping the side of Angelo’s body while stroking forward. Angelo dives deeper and plastic gets stuck to his face. With every arm stroke, Angelo sticks his arm through plastic can holders. Beneath the skin of water, Angelo’s fingers touched fishing nets and lines floating as he swims to the top. The water kept him buoyant and warm but so did the plastic bottle caps. Angelo didn’t even want to swim today, but he did because he saw something. Angelo sees a monk seal that was suffocating from fishing line around the neck. Angelo tries to save him but it was too late, he looks behind him and saw more dead animals floating with the rest of the people’s pollution.

<Blaze Enriquez (top) <Gloria Passi (bottom) Ilustrations by Alyssa Baligad


By Leonard Bruce As I got closer I saw the sun start to light up the plants to help show its vibrant color I saw the sun start to glisten off the water and thought of the beauty that was surrounding me, The sun lit up the beautiful life that resided within this pond, How the animals could live in peace in this place they call home, I then started to think of how there was more of this beauty that nature gave us that we took for granted and abused, How much of this we have destroyed and continue to destroy it And how there will be no more of these peaceful enviroments if humanity continues this pattenr of behavior

Digital art by Alumni Ululani Siangco Left & right page 36


“What we call fate does not come into us from the outside, but emerges from us.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

Waiting for Euphoria Paula Rath - Alumni

Perhaps, if I simply sit here in silence, with sunshine on my face, it will come – that euphoria I have been seeking all these years. The unexpected euphoria that came fluttering into my semi-conscious state as I lay helpless on the bathroom floor. It was a fall, unconscious yet undeniably consequential.

My husband ran toward me but my body and blacked-out mind were helpless to respond. I fell with a brutal force, a force too powerful for my fragile cervical spine to resist. After that moment nothing was ever quite the same.

Multi-layered art pieces by Paula Rath-Alumni


But through the darkness My desperate need for these mystifying creatures vanished of those early morning hours when help arrived. Or did it? a queer clarity came to call in the form of fluttering green-gold objects (or were they creatures), dancing like early autumn leaves Why, defying any sense or sensibility, to surround and mummify me do I try, desperately at times, in a splendid cocoon devoid of fear. to return to that inexplicable state of euphoria, They were unintelligible, free-floating, that willingness to give myself entirely nameless, unidentifiable things, not alive, yet owning to the nameless, faceless, mysterious the characteristics and the prescience of a living being. enveloping green-gold entities Their gentle caresses surrounded my paralyzed body with kindness and the utmost care. They were my safekeepers when my primary protector was forced to leave me to go for help. An entirely irrational euphoria set in, and I believed that somehow everything was going to be alright. that came from nowhere to care for me? No thoughts of a life locked in paralysis. Or did that color-specific euphoria emerge from within me? My protectors wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t allow that. Only the joy of being alive.


A Gamerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journey Nam Nguyen

A dark, cavernous tunnel yawns before me. Flames from a dozen torches flicker along the walls. Dull lights dance across jagged crevices. Skeletons lay silent in the dirt, yet the bones beckon to curious adventures. Thousands of warriors have died; a girsly scene of futility and blood stain the walls and ground. Thousands more warriors will perish. The fear of failing my quest surges forth, yet I press onward. I must trust in my wits and knowledge.

Shadows creep at my back as I march into the maw of the beast. Hordes of nightmarish creatures wage an onslaught against my poor soul. The path to treasure holds countless trials, but every victory brings me closer to the promise of riches. Each battle hones my experience. Every skrimish sharpens my skills. I can strike harder, dodge faster, and withstand pain longer. Finally, the end boss is revealed. I dodge left. I attack right. A mistake is made. I try to recover, but the error is fatal. The boss cleaves into me with a devilish grin. I die. I throw my controller to the ground. I guess now is time to return to reality. I yawn as the computer screen flickers across the jagged pieces of a controller. School work beckons to me.


Shadows creep at my back as I march into the maw of the beast.

Allan Salvador Woodwork

Kristofel Abella Woodwork


My 5 Minute Moment Angelica Baclig

I was walking through a crowd of strangers that were holding leis and balloons. Trying to look for familiar faces, while I was finally gathered in the middle of my family. With my diploma in on hand and leis being put around my neck, I looked around and saw smiles on peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s faces.

Artwork by Eden Rittenhouse Watercolor


As I was standing in front of the school, I paused and stepped out of reality. I felt the wind blowing in my hair, leis itching my neck and the grass tickling my ankles. I started to reminisce the times my friends and I had for the last four years. I was squinting to see as leis reached above my brows. I hear my family and friends saying,”Congrats, I’m proud of you.” Reading those books, passing those classes, doing homework has finally paid off. I got that rolled up piece of paper and the glory to walk in a maroon and white gown. The biggest moment of my life was only a five minute moment.

Artpiece by Jason Yee








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CONTRIBUTORS Angelica Baclig Jason Yee Eden Rittenhouse Paula Rath Allan Salvador Kristofel Abella Nam Nguyen Meg Willitz Ululani Siangco Leonard Bruce Gloria Passi Blaze Enriquez Dayln Keyes Xiya Ling Yongming Lin Cedric Adversalo Ashton Obrero Joshua McClinton Aster Sarte Cade Macayan

Nakemiah Williams Carmela Elaine Carino Benjamin Harmeyer Joanna Vongphakdy Brandson Lu Destinee Ader Janelle Ballesteros Brent Faith Jake Luedtkee Yolanda Apuya Alexander Young Tyler Linmark Keiki Hau’oli Children’s Center

Liejun Wu Shaina Kawaguchi James Heffner Rajni Agpooa Larson Abilla

< Halo/Alyssa Baligad editor-in-chief


Editor’s final note: At age 12 I had saved enough money from mowing lawns, cleaning parking lots, and helping out with my grandmother’s cleaning business, all so I could attend the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I would ride 2-3 hours on the bus to class from Wahiawa, and 2-3 hours back. Art was in my soul from a very young age. My earliest memory of drawing was from around the age of 4 years old. I remember a particular teacher at the academy that always wore the most unique earrings that would stretch her earlobes downwards making the weight of the jewelry well pronounced. Once she wore brocolli earrings. She had told me that there was no right or wrong way to do art, that there were no rules when it came to this beautiful thing life had given us. She then said, ”The only wrong thing one could do, is to not do art at all.” There is no escape from a passion that yearns within our soul, especially from something so terrifying, yet so exciting such as art. I just want to encourage all of our students and anyone else interested and in love with art as much as I am to never ever stop doing what you love and don’t take to heart anything negative anyone may have to say about the pursuit of your passion in the art realm. Keep going and don’t stop! Sincerely, Halo

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Meg Willitz Digital art

Art & Soul: Honolulu Community College, Spring 2020

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The creative arts and literary magazine of Honolulu Community College.