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What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela? -- Share your thoughts about the life and personality of Nelson Mandela.


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Readers Respond: What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela? Responses: 163

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By Alistair Boddy-Evans



Nelson Mandela

Apartheid in Africa

From the article: Biography: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Steve Biko Apartheid

South Africa History

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An inspiration to many, Mandela is a man of many achievements -- from the creation of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation, MK) to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think is his defining achievement? What was it about his personality that helped him achieve what he did? What can we all learn form the life of Nelson Mandela? Share Your Thoughts

Personality of Nelson Mandela I admire his conviction, his fortitude, his ideal for a just society, his principles, his dignity until the death. It's an example of a real man. Ads World War 2 Photos Explore Photos of Historical Events With the Google Cultural Institute. Gain Dual Citizenship Secret to Gaining Dual-Citizenship Grab Second Passport, Free Report Single Mom Grants 2014 Moms, Make Time For School. You May Qualify For Grants To Start School! See More About biography of african leader nelson mandela

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Nelson Mandela’s Quality Nelson Mandela’s quality as an owing leader is value based and forward looking. His paramount leadership mindset was based on rejection of the “banality of evil” and admonition of envy. Manifested in his adoption of “Citizenship in a Republic." —Guest Michael Harris Ph.D., Academic

A Great Person I loved Nelson Mandela because he did a lot of good things in his life. I miss him very much. —Guest cassie

The Freedom Freedom is an English language. But to me you are the image of the freedom, you describe it so much

than the white. —Guest Olotu wole clement

Integrity What i admire most about Nelson Mandela was the love he had for Africans thereby, fighting for freedom and against discrimination. —Guest henry

Amazing I'm sad to say that I didn't know much about Mandela before he died. I am only 14 and I live in America. But now that I've found him I can't stop thinking about him or researching him. I am truly amazed at the things I've found. He is truly a man sent from God and I know that right now he is sitting with Him in Heaven. Long live Nelson Mandela. —Guest Stefanie

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Michael Harris PhD, Nelson Mandela, Quote  

Michael Harris PhD, Nelson Mandela, Quote , African History, Nelson Mandela, Quote By Michael Harris PhD Academic