MICA Project 2022 Impact Report

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Celebrating 10 Years

The MICA Project was founded by two law students in 2011 and began operations in 2012. From those two young graduates to a current staff of 16, the MICA Project has seen tremendous growth.

2022 was the perfect example of that growth - MICA received funding to expand its legal programming in rural Illinois, to oversee the provision of legal services for Afghan parolees in eastern Missouri, and to expand the Children's Immigrant Advocacy Project.

Despite its growth to a million-dollar budget, individual donations remain a substantial portion of the MICA Project's revenue. It is thanks to the many, many people who have supported this organization that we have been able to continue growing and working with the immigrant community to achieve family unity and avoid deportation. Thank you!

I think our community needs more of thatpeople who support what's right.

We met Akoua in 2013. We worked with her to convince immigration authorities that her marriage had been genuine and help them understand the traditional, cultural aspects of her relationship that didn’t always match a whitedominant archetype. She eventually received her permanent residency (green card) in immigration court.

After waiting the required 3 years, Akoua was able to work with us again in 2022 to obtain her US Citizenship. She, her husband, and their two beautiful children attended the oath ceremony in downtown St. Louis.

Now, we’ve submitted an application for Akoua’s mother to come to the U.S. to be able to live with her. She says she can’t wait for some help with childcare and of course for her children to get to grow up close to their grandmother.

Akoua's Path 2013 BeganworkingwithMICA 2018 Immigrationcourt Receivedgreencard 2021 AppliedforUScitizenship 2022 NaturalizedUScitizen! Appliedforhermom

10 Years in Review


4597 Cases

We have worked with clients from more than 65 counties, from five continents.


Twenty percent of our clients have been children, many have been unaccompanied minors

3,800 sofar



80% of our cases have resulted in immigration benefits, including work authorization, legal status, and family reunification

Forty-five percent of our clients have fled persecution and violence in their country of birth

More than 4,800 community referrals have been made to supportive services, averaging one or more per case

www.mica-project.org 3

1198 cases from...

...47 countries

49 deportations avoided

21 clinics with...

...267 participants

Central America: 386

South America: 40

Mexico: 210

North Africa: 16

Afghanistan: 238

Asia: 13

240 obtained permanent status or work authorization

1,000+ connections to resources

800+ volunteers and supporters

2022 Year in Review

www.mica-project.org 4


Edis started working with MICA in 2013. He fled to the United States all alone, as a minor, in order to escape people who were trying to kill him.

In the United States, Edis moved in with his uncle, who lived in rural outstate Missouri, hours from a major city. He didn't fall within the service area of the existing nonprofits. Luckily, the MICA Project had recently started for just this reason - to fill in the gaps.

Edis went on to win his asylum case. One year later, he applied for permanent residency - his green card. Five years after that, he applied to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

We're incredibly honored to walk with our clients throughout the long and arduous immigration process, which often lasts 10 years or more. In the same way, Edis has walked with us throughout MICA's 10-year history.

Thanks to our Children's Immigration Advocacy Project, we can continue to work with clients like Edis in even more holistic and impactful ways.

72 CIAP cases in 2022

Who We Are

Clients, supporters, staff : This is our community.

www.mica-project.org 6

Equity Plan

Equity is one of MICA's core values. MICA is committed to creating and maintaining an organization grounded in equity and respect for community members both internally and externally. MICA embarked on an equity assessment to facilitated its grow in anti-racist and equity-centered practices as it reflected on 10 years of operation. MICA partnered with Revision Connections Group and consultant Melanie Powell-Robinson to review the culture, conduct an artifact review, provide anti-racist tools and resources, facilitate staff workshops, and provide recommendations on non-traditional ways of organizing the nonprofit to best align with its equity goals.

Leadership & Succession Planning

Equitable Compensation Plan

Wellness, Balance, Job duties

Culture Review

Melanie Powell-Robinson works as an executive coach and equity consultant for individuals and organizations through her company Revisioned Connections. In addition, she partners closely with consultants who support efforts to shift organizational culture and build team alliances for all groups, especially those with traditionally marginalized voices

www.mica-project.org 7
Structuring Employee Feedback & Review

Most of MICA's clients have a difficult journey to the United States. But once they get here, the challenges continue. The legal system is treacherous and there are no public defenders - even for children.

Helen entered the United States as an Unaccompanied Minor and reunited with her family in rural Illinois. She had to travel hours to get to the MICA offices because no other services existed near her home.

In order to attend her asylum interview, Helen and her MICA Project attorney traveled hours to Chicago and up 30 stories to the asylum office. There, with her attorney by her side, she bravely shared the traumatic experiences from which she fled. Helen was granted protection and permission to stay in the United States. We look forward to walking with her on the next steps of her journey.



Please note: These are initial numbers and may be adjusted based on GAAP accrual standards.

Grantors: 20

Donors: 546

Volunteers: 110

Event Attendees: 300+

Expenses: $898,225

In addition, MICA transferred $155,000 in assets from its reserves into the purchase of the property at 2650 Cherokee Street. We're thrilled about the ways this move will contribute to MICA's longterm sustainability, while also conscious of the increased occupancy costs that will be incurred in 2013.

Grants 64% Donations 27% Events 5% Staff 80% ProgramDev. 6% Occupancy 5% Other 5% PrintingandPostage 2% Revenue: $1,010,150
9 Earned Revenue: 4%

Thank You!

We spent 2022 celebrating MICA's 10-year anniversary and the relationships we've built with clients and other community members.

As we navigate 2023, we're grateful to have you by our side The policy landscape is still bleak. The Biden administration continues to perpetuate many of the harmful narratives and implement similarly unjust policies to those of the previous administration.

But with your support, MICA continues to expand so that it can be responsive to community need. We work side by side with our clients to confront the inequities in the system and to make sure their voice is heard, not silenced.

We're now charting our course for the next decade. Thank you for being part of this community!

The Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA Project) is a community organization committed to working with low-income immigrants to overcome barriers to justice. The MICA Project utilizes legal services, organizing, advocacy, and education to promote the voice and human dignity of immigrant communities.

Mission Vision

We live in a safe and welcoming community for immigrants, demonstrating a shared understanding of the dignity and worth of all people.

1600 S. Kingshighway, Ste. 2N, Saint Louis, MO 63110