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Miami Country Day School is a college preparatory learning community committed to educating the whole child. Through the core values of honor, respect, wisdom, and compassion, we prepare students to be lifelong learners. We inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional, and spiritual potentials by valuing every student every day.

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A Message from the Head of School


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Portrait of a Graduate A Miami Country Day graduate will: • Be intellectually curious and an independent thinker. • Demonstrate confidence in his or her abilities and resilience in the face of challenges and disappointments.


Academic Awards


Sports Awards

• Evidence a commitment to lifelong learning and reading in his or her personal and professional lives.


Class Notes

• Demonstrate good character and make good choices.


Ask an Alum: Elizabeth Finny‘15


Always a Spartan: Sandi Lewis Retires

• Practice honor, respect, wisdom, compassion and mindfulness.


In Memoriam

• Possess a strong work ethic in all aspects of his or her life.

Baccalaureate and Commencement Photography by Open i Studio

Commencement issue


A Message from the Head of School Commencement Address to the Class of 2017 “On behalf of the Board of Trustees, administration and faculty I want to welcome all of you to the Commencement for the Miami Country Day Class of 2017. A very special welcome to Senator Lauren Book, our commencement speaker, and all of the friends and family who have traveled from out of town for this celebration. I want to also thank and congratulate all of the parents of our graduates. Without your efforts and sacrifices none of us would be here today. You should be proud. What was going on in the world 18 years ago when the Class of 2017 was making it’s presence known in the world? • The Sopranos debuted and went on to become one of the most popular series in television history. At the same time that HBO introduced us to the Sopranos, Nickelodeon began the airing of SpongeBob SquarePants. • Eighteen years ago the 6 billionth living human was born. Who knows? Maybe he or she was member of the Class of 2017. • The Dow Jones topped 11,000 for the first time. • After 22 years of painstaking restoration Leonardo di Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper was once again put on display. • Two daring adventurers (Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones) circumnavigated the globe in a hot air balloon without stopping. • But the big movie story 18 years ago was the release of the long awaited Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, which was the first installment in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It became a box office hit despite the scathing criticism of the character Jar Jar Binks. • Matell’s cultural icon, Barbie, celebrated her 40th birthday and still didn’t look a day older than the day she hit the toy store shelves in March of 1959. • In a college dorm room at Northeastern University, an enterprising young student named Shawn Fanning created Napster and the music business was never to be the same. Last but not least... • The soap opera star Susan Lucci finally won a Daytime Emmy after being unsuccessfully nominated a record 18 times. I’m sure all of us can remember exactly where we were when we heard the news about Susan’s Emmy. And then 18 years ago, of course, the members of the Class 2017 were born. And for those of us who have had the opportunity to attend the various awards ceremonies and other events like the senior project presentations and yesterday’s Baccalaureate ceremony, we know that individually and collectively this class has accomplished extraordinary things during their time at our school. Certainly, we know that greater things are yet to come. The Miami Country Day Portrait of a Graduate and Mission Statement speak to a commitment to be lifelong learners and persons of character and integrity. In so many ways this group of young people embody our mission and portrait of a graduate. For this, our school community is both very proud and profoundly grateful. Thank you Class of 2017 and congratulations.”

John Davies, Ed.D. Head of School 4

Class of 2017

13 Year Club

Joshua Abeckjerr

Jonathan Abramowitz

Adrianna Arguetty

Melissa Benedek

Sasha Bhardwaj

Gaby Chariff

Taegan Charles

Chance Chavies

Amanda Delaplaine

Aaron Dillworth

Jesse Grosman

Jacob Chase

Phillip Kassab

Veronica Ortiz

Alec Rosen

Jordan Sale

David Bensabat

Alex Cohan

Rebecca Fulford

Griffin Sennett

14 Year Club


Years of Service 30 Years

5 Years

Terri Broce Mark Fifer Claudia Londono Jacqueline Niang Kelly Pierce Millie Sanchez Adriana Sandoval Bruce Tabatchnick

Teresa (Terry)Alfonso JoAnn O’Neill

25 Years

Marilyn Greenfield

20 Years

Marisol Sardina

1 Year

15 Years

Cristina Acosta Emma Chomin Shandle Dossou Jessica Furth Elsa Garcia Lindsay George Laura Gomez Cynthia Gomez Martin Jonas Terry Gregory McMillan John Pantesco Anthony Reyes Bianca Ricart Pamela Russell Lindsy Seidel Carolina Stromeyer David Valdes Sara Wright

Joanne Aronson Laura Cayon Candee Comstock Elizabeth Long

10 Years

Gisela Alexander Jesse Bernstein Lillian Cuevas Paule Ebrahim Linda Jarvis- Guerra Deborah Lee Vanessa MacAdam Walter Pineda

Harriett Teplicki Service Award Sophia Tranoris

This award gratefully acknowledges a staff member for the countless hours, behind the scenes contributions, and outstanding performance devoted to the smooth, continuous operation of Miami Country Day School. 6

Faculty Awards 2017 Edwin B. Cole Award for Teacher of the Year The Edwin B. Cole Exemplary Teacher Award was established in 1989 to acknowledge and honor Ed Cole’s service as the Board President for 12 years. Every year at graduation, the administration recognizes a faculty member whose service and presence in the school community reflect those qualities and characteristics Ed Cole modeled so well—dedication to Country Day, excellence in leadership, and going beyond the expected criteria of one’s job. The 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year is Karin Davis. Collaborator, imagineer, intellectual, and child advocate are four descriptors that encompass the gifts shared by this extraordinary educator in the Lower School community. Her actions define her inspiration for students, colleagues and parents alike. Mrs. Davis perceives each of her students as unique creators and thinkers, pushing their boundaries with possibilities. Techniques reflecting visible thinking, critical thought and creative expression are typical of her repertoire. An astute listener, when her colleagues expressed challenges of reporting student learning, she took ideas, combined with research and best practices from other schools and produced a draft of a new report card in collaboration with another colleague. Introducing writers workshop to her class, she realized it was a different approach than the experience of writing familiar to most parents. With the belief that we teach the entire community, she designed a week-long writing course for parents. Parents wrote, published and shared their works, rekindling their love for writing with some of them going on to formal publishing.

C.W. Doc Abele Alumni Award for Distinguished Service The C.W. “Doc” Abele Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to the School honors an alumnus or alumna who has embodied the characteristics of a Portrait of a Graduate while serving the school in a spirit of honor, respect, wisdom, and compassion. Claudia Figueredo, class of 1990 and President Emeritus, Alumni Board, was this year ’s recipient and was recognized at the 2017 Commencement Ceremony. 7


Lauren Kleidermacher, Salutatorian | Attending the University of Pennsylvania

Class of 2017 Award Winners

Trustee Award: Chiara Settineri

Senior Alumni Award: Jordan Sale 8

Class of 2017




Class of 2017

Valedictorian Alessandro B. Marchesani Salutatorian Lauren Kleidermacher President Jordan Paul Sale Joshua Isaac Abeckjerr Isabella Jocelyne Abily Jonathan Pinke Abramowitz David Abrante Mary Elizabeth Allen Arianna Arguetty Chad Elie Azeroual Dray Veronica L. Ben-David Melissa Therese Benedek David Benjamin Bensabat Max Elan Berlowitz Sasha Bhardwaj Nadine Sarah Bloch Gilan Blum Nikita Bogorad Steven Cole Boucher Giulia Nicole Bronzi Olivia Christine Bronzi Anthony Ernesto Cambo Gabriella Chariff Taegan Sullivan Charles Michael Chance Chavies Christian Alexander Claramonte Alexander Cohan Alexander Isaac Cohen Arthur Benjamin Cohen JosĂŠ Alejandro Cortez Buznego Indira Eve Dandridge Natalia de la Guardia Violeta de la Guardia

Riley Nicole Deitado Amanda Emily Delaplaine Aaron Carlo Dillworth Kamran Djahed Ibrahim Famouke Doumbia Natalya Egozi Kassandra Espinosa de los Monteros Garcia Hector Estupinan Alberto Ignacio Fernandez Katerina Mary Filpi Rebecca Lynn Fulford Luna Sofia Garcia Pereyra Paula Mercedes Garcia-Armenter Alexis Alejandro Goya Amelia Beatriz Gregorio Jesse Daniel Grosman Sami Eid Habib Wendi Jade Halpryn Laurel Carolyn Ivory Dashaun Denise Jackson Chase King Jacob Leon David Jammer Sasha Jenkins-St.Prix Christina Foreman Johnston Photini Kamvisseli Suarez Emily Paige Kanter Phillip Sasson Kassab Camila Kassin Colten Jacob Katcher Jacob Merrick Katz Valeriy Kuchuk Riley Andrew Leoni Channise Aryan Lewis Matt Liebowitz Jordan Bradley Lips 11

Tyler Alexander Luby Matias Julian Marine Kelsey Allysandra Marshall Ashraf Gamal Marwan Sierra Michelle Mathis Asatta Joy Mesa Mallory Kaye Meyer Natalie Mlikota Gabriel Joseph Ortegon Maria Veronica Ortiz Marcano Mia Paez Lisa Paravano Milan Hemant Patel Alec Michael Piroso Jesus A. Quintero Malave Samuel Carlos Robins Gabriel Rodan Alec M. Rosen Justin Johnathan Russell Ana Daniela Salas Mina Gabrielle Segall Griffin Charles Sennett Chiara Settineri Alexander Louis Slezynger Karl Michael Smith Samuel Smith Misha Sternberg Laura Tuil Maria Luiza Moretti Vasques Jay Francis Weaver Zachary Jesse Weinberg Jon Owen Wesley Sofia Marion Zamboli Ian Spencer Zigel

Valedictorian By

Alessandro Marchesani, Cornell University

Alessandro addressed the Class of 2017 at Commencement. My fellow graduates. I could stand before you today and tell you that life will be easy, that you have been handed the tools to succeed, that you have have the keys to the kingdom. However, I won't. Here I go. I'm going to rip the bandaid off. This might sting. Life will be hard, it will be a thrilling, deceiving, and an upsetting roller coaster, filled with twists and turns, the challenges of everyday life. The difficulty of life should deter you from continuing down the path laid ahead, but, rather, it inspires, motivates, and reinvigorates your desire to succeed.

kangaroo in the face, and even the savage grandma in game theory who stole the prize money. We all know that our years at Country Day have been challenging. We all know the ups and downs we have gone through, our sacrifices, the challenges in our path. You know it , I know it. If our years at Country Day have been hard, then life beyond must be challenging on a whole other level. We have come a long way and sacrificed a lot to get here today, to our graduation. I recommend to you to not give up, to not back down in the face of adversity. Look within yourself, be brave, find what you want in life, and take risk in order to find who you are, know what you like, and from there, gain the capacity to know what you want in life. From there, we can keep on going, persevere, and there will be no limits to your success in life. These four years for me have been a ride. We have not just made memories along the way, but l can honestly say, friends for life. Wherever our next adventure, college, takes us, near or far, we need to hold on to our roots, our origins. Our education and values instilled to us by our parents, teachers, and other mentors guide us along the way. It is easy to lose sight of one’s values and become lost at sea. Our values and friends, are anchors to our origins, and we must hold them close to keep us grounded and remind us of who we are. That's why we need to hold on to both our friends and our education, both calming influences on our personal storm, and two solid foundations we can depend and rely on.

I, myself, am incredibly proud to have attended, learned, and graduated from Miami Country Day. We have learned a lot over the years at this fine institution. Mr. Hutsko taught us how to solve integrals and construct Taylor series. He made us laugh with Skype contests, the high pitched “uums” and “whaat”, and good old Jeff Foxworthy. Our AP Stats class will never forget how to quantify freshness and whether or not smoking causes cancer. Our AP Calculus BC class will always hold on to our National Board Certification, to our never ending list of probations, and our class song, Lil Yachty’s Sprite Commercial. Mrs. Dorn taught us the stories of Juana and Kino in the Pearl. She showed us how Julius Caesar got stepped to and betrayed, as we reenacted the scene and stabbed the naive fool with plastic forks. Mr. Brennan taught us the tale of Moby Dick, the scandalous Queequeg, how to dry a fruit, and how to release the Kraken. Ms. Sardina showed us the reality of life, cutting through political and social bs, we saw people for who they really were. Ms. Pearson, our Colombian grandmother, introduced us to the intricate weavings of the incestuous Buendia family in One Hundred Years of Solitude, Jose Arcadio Buendia's popping up like rabbits, one after the other. Doc Conea taught us the ways of the Supreme Leader and showed how to pray for take home quizzes. And Mr. Konen showed you another life through Youtube. He showed you flying squirrels, a man punching a

For me, my four years of high school combined are like the 200 individual medley, a swimming event composed of 4 different strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. Each stroke represents a different feeling, experience, and mindset. Before we can enter the race, high school, we need to warm up. Our path to our individual greatness, fulfilling our maximum potential, requires a solid foundation from a young age. The early childhood years in elementary and middle school are crucial to the development of each individual, instilling in them the ability to reflect, analyze, ask meaningful questions, and see what lies beyond the surface. While I may not have attended Country Day for over a decade, I can proudly say, that our primary and secondary teachers water our seeds so 12

Class of 2017 that they may grow, nurturing and guiding us onto the path to success. From there, we are ready to enter high school. Sophomore year, the forgotten year, the awkward gap between busy bee freshmen panicking over grades to the SAT prep book devouring juniors. Just like backstroke, sophomore year is that mid year, where one is still trying to figure things out and begins to make strides towards independence. Here, we experiment, take risks, dream big, expand our thinking and horizons, and gain insight into our way of life. As a sophomore, and a backstroker, one begins to understand the grand scheme of things, as the greek word Sophos denotes we gain sufficient knowledge and skill to serve some use to the community, yet still lack sufficient skill and knowledge to perform tasks efficiently and correctly. The backstroke, a transitional stroke, remains where swimmers begin to make their move, rooting out the contenders and leaders from the rest of the pack. The middle 50, a pivotal point, where the strong are separated from the weak, and one gains insight, as one transitions into a new stroke. Junior year, the epitome of high school, the year where we flourish, stress, and overload on AP and SAT courses, all in the hopes of going to a good college. Why jump through all these hoops? Is there some rulebook, outlining the sacrifices we must make to achieve success in life? No, we are simply taking risks, running on fumes and loads of caffeine. The coffee steam coming out of our ears, and just like breastroke, we glide through a tough year. With friends by our side, we come out of our shell, taking a favorable position in the race, possibly taking the lead. Breastroke is a elegant stroke, requiring perfection, an efficient technique, and the right, calculated moves to advance. An art, we skate through junior year on egg shells, making the right moves to avoid landing on the wrong space, which would launch us back, forcing us back to the drawing board. The perfect year, I

would say, requires not only the right moves, but ingenuity. Allow me to indulge you with some truth about me. Junior year, for me was a blessing. Not only did I grow as a person, but I discovered a newfound passion for Art History. My teacher, Mr. Lovett, inspired me to see history in a new light, the story of our origins. History is the story of the past, each event and moment defining our existence. Artworks and writings help capture and preserve a moment in time, the situation, the people, the atmosphere, every detail. Mr. Lovett pushed each and one of us to see beyond the canvas, to feel the story intertwined with the artwork. I will never forget the lessons instilled by a fellow role model, history buff, and art enthusiast, Mr. Lovett. I emerged a math geek, swimmer with gills, and an art enthusiast all wrapped up in one. Into senior year, the final leg, the highlight of our high school careers, the last chance to show people who we are, the year where you rise to the challenge. Just like freestyle, one is consumed with lactic acid, muscles sore, aching for rest, but we are determined to go on and finish with a bang. Our last year, where we enjoy ourselves and decide our future. Each decision deliberately impacts our future as we choose a path, college, and eventually, a career. The road might appear terrifying and unhappy, but even in the bleakest moment, there will be something that makes you happy. You must find that something special, embrace it, and make it count because life is short and we want to end up in life, enjoying and living it, rather than churning through monotony and regretting something that could have been. Swimming and high school are not easy. There are ups and downs, hard school days, challenging practices, Mount Everests of homework, heart-wrenching main sets, and many more obstacles which leave you wondering, is it worth it? Though challenging, 13

Grad Stats The 102 graduates are attending 52 Colleges and Universities

388 college acceptances

$8,216,304 awarded in scholarships The Class of 2017 had 4 Silver Knight Nominees

Commencement we must keep on going and perserve because success lies on the other side of the tunnel. Marie Curie remarks “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” The belief in our potential should inspire us to seize the moment, to never lose faith in the face of adversity, and to more importantly, to keep on going in spite of what's at stake. The drive to succeed and persevere motivates us to take charge and become the leaders of tomorrow.

make your parents, family, and teachers proud, but you make a difference in your community, in the world, and for future generations. Before I go, I wish to impart some wisdom to our class. I say to you, take these precious memories with your friends and classmates and learn to live the next chapter of your life to the fullest, as every day is a gift.

Deepak Chopra eloquently states “the next step in man's evolution will be the survival of the wisest”. It takes a special group of individuals to defy the natural order of things and achieve success in life. You truly are the best of the best, you will emerge from your cocoons and become the best in your profession, truly contributing and making a difference in the world. Before me today, are the doctors, economists, leaders, scientists, educators, mathematicians, athletes, and artists of tomorrow. All of you will work together to solve problems around the world, impacting change globally. Miami Country Day’s mission has served its purpose. It has prepared us for what comes next, handing us the tools to handle the challenges of everyday life and succeed in the future.

Commencement Speaker

Lauren Book Florida State Senator, renowned child advocate, former classroom teacher and best-selling author

Highlights from Lauren’s Remarks

Truly, I stand in awe, in admiration and respect for my classmates, who can walk out holding their heads high knowing they have made their school and parents proud. Each and one of you are individuals with incredible potential, with an awareness of who you are and what you can do, capable of formulating intricate ideas and speculating about the world around us. Your ability to challenge the status quo, look inward, and develop one's beliefs on a particular subject define who you truly are. Quite an amazing accomplishment!

Senator Book’s inspirational address to the Class of 2017 advised the graduates to take a moment to reflect on their journey both as a student at Miami Country Day and as a person; to think about their experiences and the people that have shaped their lives; and the lessons that brought them to the present moment. “You are not only the clay, but the sculpture, the art, and the artist and that you are a constant work in progress,” Senator Book shared. “You get to choose the direction in which you progress.”

As a final thought going forward, I say to you, dream big. There is so much in this world that might drive us to dream smaller than who we really are, that might force us to think in narrow lanes despite our broad potential. This is a time in our country’s history when we need everyone to think big, to not assume that just because problems in society look big that you can’t help to solve them. Never accept the premise that you are too young to create change in this world. Never believe that you don't have what it takes to solve the problems in this world large or small. If you allow yourself to think big, then within you, you have the ingredients for success and the ability to create change in this world. Not only will you dream big, but you will succeed in this world. Not only do you 14

2017 Glen Turf, Upper School Director

Addresses the Class of 2017 one day,” never knowing the talents (or special individuals) they would truly become . It’s the memory of using a grandmother’s term of affection, Chiqui, to get Hector’s attention and Ms. Kelly scolding, “Glen, you know that’s not his name, right?” It’s the memory of interviewing one of the most poised 8th graders I have ever met, yet never imagining that Sierra and I would one day be sitting in a clinic, in the middle of Madrid, trying to navigate the European Community’s medical system. And it’s the memory of sitting in the stands, of the newly named “Coach ‘O’ Court,” watching an 8th grader play basketball, yet never imagining that I would one day be watching Channise win a national championship at Madison Square Garden. You see, although your senior year has been filled with a string of ‘last moments,’ if you search hard enough, you’ll be able to remember many ‘firsts’ that, I hope, will complement the ‘lasts’ to create a bountiful scrapbook of amazing moments that will never be forgotten. As a Country Day family, our paths will undoubtedly cross again—maybe just at Publix or the Aventura Mall, but maybe at an airport halfway around the world or while sitting at a small café in the most remote of towns. Today, as we say goodbye, it’s not a ‘last,’ but, rather, just the mid-point of the journey we will continue to share.

I have found myself over the past few months taking stock of ‘final moments.’ When it was announced back in October that this would be my last year as Upper School Director, everything became a ‘last this’ or ‘last that.’ I would imagine that, as you all are about to move on from Miami Country Day School, you, too, have had a similar year as I have—your last Homecoming, your last holiday singalong, your last Minimester, your last meal in the Garner Center, your last…fill in the blank. It is my sincere hope that all of those ‘last moments’ combined with ‘happy firsts’ and ‘adventurous middles’ to collectively form one great Miami Country Day School experience.

Over time, I have learned that every graduating class has its own unique personality. Some rambunctious, some demure, but always memorable. As I call the names of the final graduates of my tenure as Upper School Director—from Abeckjerr to Zigel—I am happy that the Class of 2017 is my ‘last class.’ I am honored to end with you, for you have enriched our community much more than you will ever know—not just over the past ten months, but over the past fourteen years. Every teacher sitting in this audience today can attest to that. So as you accept your diploma today, behind the formal written words and signatures by Dr. Davies and Mr. Bellows, are our faces, the lessons we have imparted, and our best wishes. Take them with you, remember your ‘firsts,’ remember your ‘lasts,’ but most of all, remember. I know that I will remember the great Class of 2017 as the ones with whom I had the privilege of sharing this wonderful and unique occasion. Thank you.

As I attended various senior events over the last semester, I began reflecting on my first interactions with many of you, and marveling at how you never know when your paths will cross again and what the future holds. It’s the memory of Michael Sale, Class of 2009, walking his little curly haired brother to the Lower School bleachers – never imagining that we would one day be sharing this stage in this incredible facility. It’s the memory of watching the de la Guardia sisters perform in 8th grade and thinking, “Oh, maybe they’ll be decent members of our chorus 15



Class of 2017




Silver Knights 2017 The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards Program is a highly regarded student award program. The purpose of this awards program is to recognize outstanding students who have not only maintained good grades but have also generously applied their abilities and talents to contribute noteworthy service to their schools and communities. Each nominee is evaluated on their use of skills and talents for the betterment of the community; creativity in problem solving; and the quality, consistency, and measurable impact of service. Nominees are expected to be school leaders and possess strong character. They are evaluated on their use of good judgment and their perseverance in overcoming obstacles. Academic achievements, honors, awards, and advanced study in the nominee’s category are also important. Upper School English teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Dorn, is Country Day’s Silver Knight Coordinator. She assists the nominees with the application process, qualifications, and other requirements associated with the award. During the 2016–2017 school year, four MCDS students were nominees for Silver Knight awards: Mary Elizabeth Allen (Athletics), Amanda Delaplaine (Vocational Technical), Lauren Kleidermacher (Math), and Alessandro Marchesani (World Languages). Mary Elizabeth received an Honorable Mention for her category of Athletics. Congratulations to our nominees! Since 1992, there have been 10 MCDS Silver Knight winners and 25 MCDS Honorable Mentions. The Silver Knight Awards program was instituted at The Miami Herald in 1959 by John S. Knight, past publisher of The Miami Herald, founder and editor emeritus of Knight-Ridder Newspapers and 1968 Pulitzer Prize winner. The program is open to high school seniors in public, private, and parochial schools. Over 65 high schools in Miami-Dade County participate. 19

Mary Elizabeth Allen Athletics, Honorable Mention

Amanda Delaplaine Vocational Technical

Lauren Kleidermacher Math

Alessandro Marchesani World Languages


Outstanding Journalists – Daniel Gallup, Karen Rosenbloom, Daniel Strouse

April 24, 2017

Amused Literary Magazine: Editorial Excellence – Veronica Ortiz

Orchestra Awards – Alexander Slezynger, Rebecca Fulford, Sami Habib, Veronica Ortiz

Amused Literary Magazine: Layout and Design – Violeta de la Guardia, Max Sochacki

Orchestra Director’s Awards – Natalia de la Guardia, Violeta de la Guardia

National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Award – Danielle Geathers

Drama Awards – THESPIANS – Veronica Ortiz, Amaris Rios, Leon Jammer

Four Years of Excellence in Yearbook – Olivia Bronzi

Sandi Lewis Drama Scholarship – Camryn Davis


Excellence in the Visual Arts Awards – Danielle Amoils, Arianna Arguetty, Riley Deitado, Maria Bordovskikh, Milan Patel, Sofia Kauderer, Evelyn Abramowitz, Brianna Buchler

Harvard Book Award – Ryan Finvarb Princeton Service Award – Rachel Thomas


Cornell Book Award – Gabriela Nayor

May 3, 2017

Smith Book Award – Sydney Sazant

Scholastic Writing Awards – Melissa Benedek, Veronica Ortiz, Violeta de la Guardia, Isabella Pedraza, Natalia de la Guardia, Sasha Jenkins-St. Prix, Karen Rosenbloom, Maria Luiza Vasques, Ian Zigel, Arian Djahed, Laureen Jean-Jacques

Williams Book Award – Eric Bernstein Wellesley Book Award – Carly Garazi University of Chicago Book Award – Lila Rosendorf

The Alliance For Young Artists and Writers: NATIONAL SILVER MEDALIST – Melissa Benedek

Bryn Mawr Book Award – Victoria Torrego Brown University Book Award – Danielle Geathers

Senior Achievement in Journalism – Ian Zigel 20

Brandeis Book Award – Evan Meiselman

Alexander Cohen, Phillip Kassab, Camila Kassan, Lauren Kleidermacher, Jordan Lips, Tyler Luby, Alessandro Marchesani, Sierra Mathis, Asatta Mesa, Veronica Ortiz, Lisa Paravano, Milan Paatel, Gabriel Rodan, Ana Salas, Chiara Settineri, Misha Sternberg, Jay Weaver, Owen Wesley, Ian Zigel

University of the South (Sewanee) Writing Award – Christian Nguyen The University of Pennsylvania Book Award – Daniel Cross

Gateway Prize for Global Citizenship – Taegan Charles

Mount Holyoke College Book Award – Mahima Aggarwal

National Merit Commended Students – Veronica Ortiz, Chiara Settineri

Florida International University Book Award – Daniel Dana

Excellence in World Languages Award – Luna Garcia Pereyra

Rhode Island School of Design Book Award – Maria Bordovskikh

Excellence in English Award – Asatta Mesa

Rochester Susan B. Anthony / Frederick Humanities Award – Luna Aros

John W. Owens, II, Excellence in History Award – Sofia Zamboli

Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science Award – Rio Lynk

Hassan Tabatabaie Excellence in Math Award – Alessandro Marchesani

Rensselaer Medal for Math and Science Award – Ryan Finvarb Excellence in Science Award – Lauren Kleidermacher Ken Harris Scholarship Award – Alexander Sayfie SAPERE AUDE HONORARY: Director’s Award for Academic Improvement – Violeta de la Guardia

Grade 9 – Sabrina Cabarcos, Sophia Cartolano, Camryn Davis, Brianna Espinosa, Klara Meyer, Sofia Paredes, Asha Yearwood

Helen Donnell Excellence in Art Award – Danielle Amoils

Grade 10 – Isabella Allen, Jeremy Cross, Isadora Figueroa, Isabella Pedraza, Felipe Rangel, Louis Siegler, Elizabeth Stone, Madeline Sukhdeo

Pam Locker Excellence in Drama Award – Sami Habib

Grade 11 – Daniel Cross, Daniel Dana, Samantha Dorfman, Ryan Finvarb, Gaby Nayor, Laura Ramirez, Lila Rosendorf, Rachel Thomas, Victoria Torrego

John Wicker Excellence in Music Award – Melissa Benedek Excellence in Physical Education Award – Becky Bibas and Connor Sazant

SALUTATORIAN Lauren Kleidermacher

Presidential Excellence Award – Joshua Abeckjerr, Jonathan Abramowitz, Arianna Arguetty, Sasha Bhardwaj, Guilia Bronzi, Olivia Bronzi, Christian Claramonte,

VALEDICTORIAN Alessandro Marchesani 21


Director’s Award for Outstanding Community Service – Grade 9, Camryn Davis; Grade 10, Ben Kreger; Grade 11, Kenya Richemond; Grade 12, Asatta Mesa

SILVER KNIGHT NOMINEES: Mary Elizabeth Allen for Athletics Amanda Delaplaine for Vocational Technical Lauren Kleidermacher for Mathematics Alessandro Marchesani for World Languages

Hugh O’Brian Leadership – Isadora Figueroa Jill Thomas School School – Maria Luiza Vasques

SILVER KNIGHT Honorable Mention: Mary Elizabeth Allen

National Leadership “I DARE YOU” Award – Isabella Ballesteros

Daughter’s of the American Revolution – Amanda Delaplaine

George Eastman Young Leader’s Award – John Sayfie

Mike Ruggles Current Year Service – Sierra Mathis

Student Government Award – Karen Rosenbloom 13 YEAR AWARD – Joshua Abeckjerr, Jonathan Abramowitz, Adrianna Arguetty, Melissa Benedek, Sasha Bhardwaj, Gabriella Chariff, Taegan Charles, Michael Chavies, Amanda Delaplaine, Aaron Dillworth, Jesse Grosman, Chase Jacob, Phillip Kassab, Veronica Ortiz, Alec Rosen, Jordan Sale

William J. Creeden 4 Year Service – Chiara Settineri Independent Schools of South Florida Star Student Award – Violeta de la Guardia, Natalia de la Guardia Excellence in Community Service Leadership Award – Ana Salas, Sierra Mathis, Mary Elizabeth Allen, Alessandro Marchesani, Olivia Bronzi, Chiari Setitineri, Asatta Mesa, Luna Garcia, Emily Kanter

14 YEAR CLUB – David Bensbat, Alexander Cohan, Rebecca Fulford, Griffin Sennet Senior Recognition for 250+ Hours of Community Service: Mary Elizabeth Allen, Melissa Benedek, Nadine Bloch, Giulia Bronzi, Olivia Bronzi, Taegan Charles, Violeta de la Guardia, Riley Deitado, Amanda Delaplaine, Katerina Filpi Jesse Grossman, Sami Habib, Emily Kanter, Alessandro Marchesani, Sierra Mathis, Asatta Mesa, Mia Paez, Justin Russell, Griffin Sennett, Chiara Settineri, Karl Smith, Misha Sternberg, Jay Weaver

Headmaster’s Unselfish Servive Award – Grade 9, Ellie Cohen; Grade 10, Isabella Allen; Grade 11, Danielle Amoils; Grade 12, Mary Elizabeth Allen




GOLD AWARD – Evelyn Abramowitz, Isabella Allen, Harrison Breslow, Danielle Burstein, Benjamin Kreger, Taylor Lynott, Isabella Pedraza, Rhiannen Reig, Kayla Rosen, Laureyn Russell


SILVER AWARD – Kyle Grosman, Laureen Jean-Jacques

GOLD AWARD – Mary Elizabeth Allen, Amanda Delaplaine, Emily Kanter, Colten Katcher, Alessandro Marchesani, Sierra Mathis, Chiara Settineri

BRONZE AWARD – Alexa Altman, Arushi Beohar, Chaz Berkowitz, Danielle Bernstein, Noah Billante, Liany Blum, Anthony Cervone, Jaden Feldman, Isadora Figueroa, Gabriel Gonzaga, Benjamin Hug, Alicia Kelly, David Lohse, Ryan Luby, Michael McPherson, Nathan Outten, Valeria Quintero Malave, Juan Valdes

SILVER AWARD – Mia Paez, Justin Russell, Ana Salas, Misha Sternberg BRONZE AWARD – Melissa Benedek, Sasha Bhardwaj, Nadine Bloch, Gilan Blum, Olivia Bronzi, Taegan Charles, Jesse Grosman, Sasha Jenkisn-St. Prix, Christina Johnston, Emily Kanter, Veronica Ortiz, Alec Rosen, Karl Smith, Jay Weaver

GRADE 9 GOLD AWARD – Ashley Hidnert, Gabriella Marchesani, Jack Rodriguez, Asha Yearwood


SILVER AWARD – Matthew Allen, Sofia Cabarcos, Camryn Davis, Andrew Lips, Sofia Nores, Connor Sazant, Francesca Settineri, Zaria Thomas-Notice

GOLD AWARD – Isabella Ballesteros, Danielle Geathers, Israel Goihman, Ava Hansen, Nyasia John, Ana Machado Rusconi, Christina Palop, Blaise Pronesti, Sydney Sazant

BRONZE AWARD – Hannah Amoils, Tatiana Barnes, Becky Bibas, Sabrina Cabarcos, Ellie Cohen, Sean Finny, Jack Finvarb, Autumn FlintBurns, Emanuelle Hart, Sofia Kauderer,Tyler Knohl, Samantha Loeb, Ethan Mayer-Perez, Andrea Nelcha, Maria Silva, Rianna Washington

SILVER AWARD – Danielle Amoils, Milan Bass, Kenya Richemond, Rachel Thomas, Daisy Zand BRONZE AWARD – Leandro Antonaccio, Luna Aros, Lucia Bruzzi, Jonathan Choeff, Nicholas Collins, Zachary Hart, Benjamin Horn, Rodrigo Iglesias-Rijnsburger, Laurel Ivory, Amanda Martin, Dre Medici, Carlos Ortega, Andre Rodriguez, Karen Rosenbloom, Alexander Sayfie, John Sayfie, Victoria Torrego, Alejandra Valdes, Yannick Waingarten, Khalil Winder, Michelle Yakobi 23

SPRING 2017 SPORTS AWARDS Spring Sports Awards and Major Sports Awards – 2017 Miami Country Day School Major Upper School Awards Athletes of the Year

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Student Athletes who will be taking their athletic talents to college: Indira Dandridge Howard University - Volleyball Colten Katcher Marist College - Football Kelsey Marshall University of Miami-Basketball Channise Lewis University of MarylandBasketball Dashaun Jackson St. Leo University - Basketball Ibrahim Doumbia - University of South Carolina - Basketball Laurel Ivory University of Virginia - Soccer Mary Elizabeth Allen Emerson College - Soccer Amelia Gregorio Whittier College - Water Polo

2016-2017 Student Athletes

Jonathan Abramowitz Channise Lewis Kelsey Marshall

Sportsmanship Award Sierra Mathis Joshua Abeckjerr Harrison C. Greenberg Award Alexis Goya Mary Elizabeth Allen Sandra Lee Kenna Award Amelia Gregorio Griffin Sennett Spartan Award Sam Smith Laurel Ivory Major Middle School Awards Harrison C. Greenberg Award Jovan Joseph Mia Batista Sportsmanship Award Romain Vinois Andrea Pantin Outstanding Athlete Award Yakira Wardlaw Ryan Mendelson


Varsity Baseball Most Valuable Player Award – Austin Pollak Coaches Award – Connor Goodman Cy Young Award – Jorden Gross Spartan Award – Jordan Sale, Kian Andersen Gold Glove Award – Griffin Sennett Middle School Baseball Most Valuable Player Award – Eric Germeus Most Improved Player Award – Lukas Peterson Coaches Award – Timmy Houser Cy Young Award – Zac Wyka Varsity Softball Most Valuable Player Award – Michelle Yakobi Spartan Award – Mary Elizabeth Allen Coaches Award – Saarah Rassif Junior Varsity Lacrosse Most Valuable Player Award – Noah Reines Coaches Award – Carlos Cardenas Most Improved Player Award – Nandan Aggarwal Defensive Player of the Year Award – Paul Clifford Offensive Player of the Year Award – Chaz Berkowitz Varsity Lacrosse Most Valuable Player Award – Ryan Finvarb Coaches Award – Blaise Pronesti Most Improved Player Award – Daniel Strouse Defensive Player of the Year Award – Matthew Hanson Offensive Player of the Year Award – Sam Robins

Boys Middle School Lacrosse Most Valuable Player Award – Lucas Crespo, Ryan Mendelson Coaches Award – T’Kari Donaldson, Josh LeHockey Most Improved Player Award – James Surnamer, Naszir Mantilla Rookie of the Year Award – Jose Garcia Defensive Player of the Year Award – Oliver Zigel Boys Middle School Tennis Most Valuable Player Award – Max Castanon Most Improved Player Award – Austen Reiss Coaches Award – Daniel Tzalik

Plaques for Nominations Miami Herald Scholar Athlete of the Year 2016-2017 Nominee Jonathan Abramowitz Amelia Gregorio FHSAA Academic All-State 2016-2017 Nominee Jonathan Abramowitz FHSAA Academic All-State 2016-2017 Nominee Amelia Gregorio

Girls Middle School Tennis Most Valuable Player Award – Gabriela Martinez Coaches Award – Brooke Kovacs Rookie of the Year Award – Lucia Burton

FIAAA Scholar Athlete Nominee 2016-2017 Nominee Joshua Abeckjerr

Boys Varsity Tennis Most Valuable Player Award – Evan Meiselman Coaches Award – Alexander Slezynger Spartan Award – Harrison Breslow

FIAAA Scholar Athlete Nominee 2016-2017 Nominee Sierra Mathis

Girls Varsity Tennis Coaches Award – Danielle Bernstein Most Improved Player Award – Stella Nixdorf Girls Varsity Water Polo Most Valuable Player Award – Amelia Gregorio Offensive Player of the Year Award – Rhiannen Reig Defensive Player of the Year Award – Gabriella Palmisano Rookie of the Year Award – Tyler Knohl

Silver Knight 2016-17 Nominee – Athletics Mary Elizabeth Allen

Special Awards Four Year Plaque Veronica Ben David – Softball Sophia Gostfrand – Softball Sierra Mathis – Softball Christian Claramonte – Water Polo Eric Bernstein – Water Polo Griffin Sennett – Baseball Jordan Sale – Baseball Juan Martin Caro – Water Polo Zachary Smith – Water Polo Sam Smith – Water Polo Milan Bass – Tennis Alexander Slezynger – Tennis Mina Segall – Tennis Amelia Gregorio – Water Polo Gabriella Palmisano – Water Polo Sofia Zamboli – Water Polo Five Year Medal Jonathan Abramowitz – Water Polo Kian Huyer-Andersen – Baseball Austin Pollak - Baseball




Boys Varsity Water Polo Most Valuable Player Award – Jonathan Abramowitz Offensive Player of the Year Award – Eric Bernstein Coaches Award – Sam Smith Spartan Award – Karl Smith Boys Middle School Water Polo Most Valuable Player Award – Riccardo Di Giuseppe Coaches Award – Michael Bernstein Defensive Player of the Year Award – Jake Grossman


Class Notes Bruce Matheson ’61 – in addition to serving as an MCDS Trustee, Bruce has also shared his time and passion for the environment with the youngest Spartans. For the last couple of years, Bruce has spent time in Mrs. Wilson’s Senior Kindergarten class to learn about their study of the mangroves and to share his knowledge and interest in the environment. To share the results of their collaboration and thank him for his time and expertise, the class created and presented him with a book called “Biscayne Bay Buddies Understand and Discover Diverse, Interesting, & Exciting Species”.

Brenda Schamy ’06 – is partner and co-founder of Dischino & Schamy Business and Intellectual Property Law and co-owner of The Box Miami. On May 13th, Brenda participated in Angel Watching Over Me (AWOM) Foundations’ Woman’s Day event held in Miami Beach. AWOM’s GIRLS CLUB is a resource for young girls to learn the importance of being an individual, building self-confidence, and consequently being a leader. This event featured panels from industry leaders, local influencers, a beauty station, light bites, unlimited drinks, shopping, raised funds for the ongoing guidance of these young women, and much more.

Michael Vazquez ’85 – is the Vice-President at MECO MIAMI Inc., one of the oldest existing equipment companies in Miami. He was recently appointed the Southeast Regional Director to the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) Board of Directors. This association represents all the Equipment Distributors in the U.S. and Canada. They combine annual revenue of twenty-three billion a year, and this does not include the manufactures revenues, such as Caterpillar and John Deere, etc. In his new role, Michael hopes to appeal to the small dealer market, while maintaining MECO MIAMI’s active competition with other distributors.

Richard Lamondin ’06 – received the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Great Miami Chamber of Commerce's HYPE Awards ceremony. This award recognizes young professionals who have succeeded at establishing and maintaining their own business. Richard ’06 and Lawrence Lamondin '08 are the founders of EcoSystems, a water and energy conservation company working in the real estate industry that has saved over 1 billion gallons of fresh water to date.

Manny Diaz Jr. ’91 – is back in his hometown as the Defensive Coordinator for the University of Miami Football Team. On Sept. 19th, Manny stopped by his alma mater to give a “chalk talk” to the Country Day community, which included alumni, parents, faculty, staff and, the middle school and varsity football teams. Manny spoke about his experience at MCDS, and the lifelong lessons he’s learned and continues to learn throughout his career. During the 2016-17 season, UM finished their regular season with a 9-4 record, defeating teams like Duke, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and N.C. State. They also played in the Russell Athletic Bowl and ended their season with a victory over West Virginia.

Sari Libbin ’09 – Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce hosted its 5th Annual City National Bank Better Beach Awards luncheon on April 27th 2017 honoring influential, trendsetting leaders in the local real estate industry. This event recognized the very best from several categories in the industry. The sold-out event hosted 300 professionals who gathered at the 1 Hotel South Beach. Sari Libbin was the winner of the Rising Star Award in the real estate agent category. In 2016, Miami Beach Agencies hand-selected their best new agents and over the course of the year, these finalists competed amongst themselves. Sari Libbin from the 2016 class, displayed the initiative to immerse herself into the real estate industry, to go above and beyond the minimum requirements, and has excelled amongst her peers. Sari Libbin works for The Hechtkopf Group at Douglas Elliman.

Tracy Towle Humphrey ’96 – and her husband Jeff Humphrey are the proud new parents of Clover Towle Humphrey. Clover was born on November 9, 2016 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach and weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 20.5" long. Colton Towle Humphrey, who is 4 years old, loves being a big brother and adores his baby sister. Clover enjoyed her first visit to Miami Country Day School on January 9, 2017 to see both basketball and soccer games!

Liza Schwartz ’07 – is the designer and CEO of Liza Schwartz Jewelry and was recently featured on Good Morning America. She prides herself in designing handcrafted jewelry in the U.S. with the finest quality materials. Each item has a blend of European sophistication and a hint of Miami's carefree vibe to create original pieces. The jewelry lends itself to be stacked and layered effortlessly. A favorite of Celebrities and Fashionistas alike, Liza Schwartz Jewelry has been featured in O The Oprah Magazine, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Self, Health Magazine, People Magazine & more.

Kim Juanico McAdam ’02 and Brian McAdam welcomed a beautiful baby girl on July 23, 2017. Ava Sammy McAdam weighed 7lb 13oz and was 21 inches long. Both parents are excited to welcome baby Ava to the world. As Kim begins this new journey, we continue to be thankful for her work in the South Florida community with People In Crisis United at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Kim was recognized by Miami Country Day School as the 2014 recipient of the L.B. Sommers Alumni Award for Distinguished Community Service.

Emily Estefan ’13 – graduated from Berklee School of Music in 2016, formed her own record label, Alien Shrimp Records, and signed a multi-year distribution deal with Sony Red. Emily directed and led an amazing performance in her Festival Miami debut on Feb. 2nd at the University of Miami’s Gusman Concert Hall. She performed a few numbers from her debut album, Take Whatever You Want, which she produced and is also available on iTunes. Emily’s performance as a musician and singer captivated the huge audience of her own family, her “Country Day Family,” her many friends, UM students and guests.

Arie Zakaryan ’03 – graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in August 2016 with his PhD in Clinical Psychology. He walked for Commencement this May 2017. He is completing his postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at the Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children's). Certainly, 14 years of medical growth and completion of fellowship in September, 2017 can only encourage his joy as a pediatric psychologist on the pain team at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 26

Ask Alum an

Five-Minute Interview with Elizabeth Finny, Class of 2015 What are your favorite things about Duke University? My favorite things about Duke are the people I’m surrounded by and the opportunities the University gives me to follow my passions or discover new ones. Also, Duke men’s basketball games are like no sporting event I’ve ever been to—they’re exhilarating. Do you consider Duke University to be a good match for you? While Duke is highly competitive and can be incredibly stressful sometimes, I would not opt to be anywhere else. What are you studying? I’m majoring in Visual Media Studies (which I’m using to be like Communications since Duke doesn’t have that), getting a certificate (1 credit more than a minor) in Policy Journalism and Media Studies, and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies. What has been your favorite class or outside project during your first two years at Duke? I really liked this mandatory introductory class that I had to take for my major called Theories of Visual Media Studies. While it was 8:30-11:00 every Monday morning, it was cool because it was all presentation based and very interactive. Different groups would present on current issues like artificial intelligence, politics, the presidential race, gun violence, etc. The final was completely self-created, and I chose to write a fictional story. Have you been back on the MCDS campus since you graduated? Do you keep in touch with any of your former teachers? I’ve been back on the MCDS campus many times since I’ve graduated, at least once every time I come home (but usually more than once). Besides the fact that both my parents work there, I’m still close with a lot of the faculty that I grew up around. I keep in touch with quite a few of my former teachers and always make an effort to stop by and see them or grab a meal when I’m home. Do you think you were prepared for your college courses and college life in general? I’m not sure that I could have been more prepared for college since it’s so different from anything I’d ever experienced up to that point. So as far as MCDS goes, I think it prepared me as best as it could for college. However, the academics are so rigorous and the idea of living at school was so foreign that nothing could really have prepared me for that. What did you do over the summer plans? This summer I participated in a program called DukeEngage—an immersive service program—and worked at the Hate Crimes Working Group in Cape Town, South Africa. The Hate Crimes Working Group is a coalition of organizations that spearheads advocacy and reform initiatives pertaining to hate crimes in South Africa. When you think of MCDS, what are some words or phrases that describe the school? As cheesy as it sounds, the first word that comes to mind when I think of MCDS is family. Having both my parents work at the school, and having my brother attend as well, made my family life so ingrained at MCDS. I spent many hours having meaningful conversations and forming relationships there. The faculty and students are people that I grew up with and made me who I am today. 27

Always a Spartan Sandi Lewis Retires

Congratulations on your outstanding career at Miami Country Day where you touched the lives of so many. “In so many ways Sandi Lewis is Country Day and Country Day is Sandi Lewis. Mother of two alums, Steve ‘84 and Samantha ‘86, 30 years of teaching English and Drama in the Middle School and Upper School, and directing countless stage productions from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream to the classic Middle School production of The Legend of Sagebrush Sal! "Ms. Lew" as her students affectionately called her, touched the lives of countless aspiring young writers. She helped found the school's Thespian Troupe and played an important role in launching the careers of several Country Day graduates in the entertainment business. Her students have forged successful careers from Broadway to LA. In three decades at Country Day, Sandi Lewis has created an enduring legacy that won't soon be forgotten.” - Dr. John Davies


In Memoriam Legendary Bal Harbour Shops Founder, Stanley F. Whitman, Dies at 98 “It would not be an exaggeration to say that Stanley Whitman is one of the reasons that Miami Country Day School is still in existence today. Stanley was instrumental in shepherding the school from a proprietary to a not-for-profit institution. Serving as one of the first Trustees, he and his wife, Dottie, supported our school for more than three decades. Stanley was one of Country Day’s best friends and favorite people!” – Dr. John Davies, Head of School Miami and Miami Country Day School lost a very special friend on May 24, 2017. At 98, Stanley F. Whitman, passed away of natural causes in his Miami Shores home. Mr. Whitman was the visionary real estate developer and founder of Bal Harbour Shops, one of the world’s topproducing luxury shopping centers. Stanley and his wife, Dorothy (Dottie) who passed away in 2008, lived in Miami Shores for 68 years.

In November, 2015, during the school’s 75th Anniversary year, Head of School, Dr. John Davies, recognized the Whitman Family as members of the inaugural class of The 1938 Society. The 1938 Society recognizes the leadership of those benefactors whose cumulative monetary gifts or irrevocable gifts to Miami Country Day School have reached $1 million or more. The Whitman Family served the school in so many ways and their generosity continues to benefit students and teachers every day.

Stanley and Dorothy Whitman gave over 30 years of commitment to our school. Stanley served as one of the original trustees and played a major role in helping Miami Country Day transition to a non-profit independent school. He committed his time and resources in support of the many projects on campus, most recently the Whitman Library and the Center for the Arts.

The school is fortunate that the Whitman Family legacy continues with Stanley’s grandson, Matthew Whitman Lazenby who serves on the Board of Trustees. Matthew and his wife, Kristin, have three sons, two are Spartans with their younger brother following close behind.

Friends and Leaders of the Miami Country Day School Community: Bruce Matheson ’61, Stanley Whitman, and Jack DuBois at the school’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in May 2014.

The Whitman, Moore, Chaplin, and Jove Families celebrate the completion of the Securing the Future Campaign and the dedication of the Whitman Library. 29

Student Success Network One goal: success.

Now introducing our music lesson program! Lower School students can opt for personal instruction in violin, piano, guitar, and more during school hours. ________________________________ Academeic Tutoring | Test Prep | Individual Coaching | Specialized Servicess | 305.779.7211 |



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