2020-2021 DONOR REPORT

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WITH GRATITUDE TO THE COUNTRY DAY COMMUNITY A year like no other. At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, I urged each one of us to practice flexibility and grace - with one another, and with ourselves. We learned that we needed both and discovered what worked and what didn’t. We saw the brightest smiles under masks with eyes sparkling above, and we adjusted throughout the year around the various learning tools and wellness checks. We reconnected with students without the usual Miami hugs, but nevertheless, with all the usual love. We learned that sometimes masks slip down, and that we must be vigilant to keep them up and on. While we had high hopes that the school year was going to be virus-free and back to school as before, it soon became clear that there would not be a return to “before the pandemic” anytime soon. We made decisions about how to come back to school and deliver on the promise we make to our families - that we will educate the whole child, in accordance with our mission and our core values. We embarked on a journey that lacked description because it was a road yet to be traveled. Upon reflection, I am genuinely proud of the tremendous efforts and successes of the team at Country Day, that, despite significant headwinds, was able to: • • • •

Ensure our students could learn on campus and in-person; Avoid, through steadfast adherence to protocols, any on-campus transmission of the virus; Make sure our students could enjoy athletics and art performances; and, Organize an in-person and indoor commencement ceremony for Class of 2021.

I am proud of and grateful to the Spartan Community for staying united and remaining true to our Mission, our values, and our identity. You showed up for our students in unprecedented ways. Our students are fully formed human beings for whom the connections we make allow them to thrive as learners and as people. I am also appreciative of the many people listed in this report who contributed gifts that totaled over $2.2 million in philanthropic support for our school. Philanthropy fuels our ability to deliver on our mission for every student, every day, everywhere. For Country Day, the culture of philanthropy supports every aspect of the school’s mission, from the buildings you see on campus to the experiences our students have every day that aren’t as obvious. Thank you! While this is a brief summation of 2020-2021, I know everyone has their own story to tell about last year. You’ll find different aspects of the year included in this report by way of captioned pictures, infographics, and donor stories. I know for Miami Country Day, considering all that we endured with changes in protocol, adjustments to how we do things, and constant monitoring of our community, it was truly a year like no other. Most importantly, I’m so proud of our teachers, students and families who rose to the occasion in big ways and allowed “school” to go on. Country Day is on the Move… It remains an extraordinary privilege to lead this community and in year three, I am as energized to do so as I was in year one. Despite the continued challenges that the pandemic has brought, we are moving forward with purpose as we begin to implement the strategic plan in the 2021-22 school year.

Aside from adapting and thriving in all the ways we did as a community, one of the great accomplishments we achieved together, under the leadership of the Board of Trustees, was the revision of our mission statement and our core values, the crafting of a vision statement, and a new strategic plan. Miami Country Day’s future is bright, and I am so very happy we are moving toward that future, together. Our new logo system and brand refresh launched with the start of the 2021-22 school year, bringing a project that started before the COVID crisis to a successful close. The new logo has been overwhelmingly well-received. It is visually appealing and elegantly captures our identity as a modern “country day” school located in Miami. Secondary logos have been designed for several signature programs, such as the Abess Center for Environmental Studies (ACES), the office of Global Initiatives, Equity, and Belonging (GIEB), as well as Impact Studio, about which you’ll learn more in the coming months. As we implement the commitments in the strategic plan, you will learn more about the programs and initiatives that we will launch, and I ask you to consider ways you can be a part of its success. I welcome conversations about the plan, and I invite you to reach out about sharing your experience, expertise, and, of course, resources to fulfill this important next step in Country Day’s journey. Thank you for being a part of the Country Day community today, tomorrow and for its future. With gratitude,

Mariandl Hufford President and Head of School




James W. Moore ’65


James W. Moore ’65 can still sing the MCDS Alma Mater from his years as a young student. As an alumnus, alumni parent, former President of the Alumni Association, and now as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, where he has served for 28 years, James is more committed than ever to ensure the future of Miami Country Day. The Garner Moore Family walks the talk and supports our students and teachers every year. Every initiative and building on the Miami Country Day School campus has been supported by The Garner Moore Family, a family involved for over 70 years.

Matthew Whitman Lazenby PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD

Matthew Whitman Lazenby is President and Chief Executive Officer of Whitman Family Development, LLC, and is the fourth-generation leader in the family-owned business that began developing commercial real estate in Miami in the early twentieth century. Matthew has served on the Board for 15 years and started his tenure as President of the Board in 2020. He and his wife, Kristin, continue to support the legacy his grandparents established as longtime benefactors of Miami Country Day. As President of the Board, Matthew leads the 22-member volunteer group whose areas of responsibility include supporting the Head of School as their sole employee, managing governance and best practices, stewarding the school’s resources, and securing philanthropic support for the financial sustainability of the school.

INSIGHTS FROM OUR BOARD LEADERS What does the addition of Purpose as one of Country Day’s core values mean to you? JAMES: Honor, respect, compassion, and wisdom, when engrained along the path toward higher learning lay the purposeful foundation of achieving the status of a global citizen, one who contributes to the betterment of society and leads its advancement with character. MATTHEW: In order to succeed in school and in life, we need to know where we want to go. We need direction. We need purpose. At Miami Country Day School, our community of students, teachers, and administrators is purposeful in all that it does and this gives added meaning to our work.

How would you describe the school’s future under Mariandl’s leadership? JAMES: As a member of the search team that brought Mrs. Hufford to our School, I humbly take pride that immediately she has charted a path that will take our School, our students, teachers, and administration toward innovative achievements that will be recognized and copied by independent schools throughout the nation. MATTHEW: Miami Country Day School is poised for excellence under the leadership of its 7th Head of School, Mariandl Hufford. Her advocacy for the institution and all of its constituents is empowering and she is committed to seeing the school reach its full potential. Her Board of Trustees stands proudly behind her.




2020-2021 BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees are the guardians of Miami Country Day School’s mission to educate the whole child and inspire our children to develop their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional, and spiritual potentials by valuing every student, everyday, everywhere. The board meets five times a year to review and approve strategic proposals that are relevant and vital to our school community, as well as to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission. At the Annual Board Meeting, the Committee on Trustees proposes and prepares qualified candidates for election. The elected members serve our institution for three years. Each member may serve up to two terms, however, a unanimous decision of the Executive Committee would allow the member to serve additional terms.


The officers of the board occupy the leadership positions that guide the board activities and decisions.

James W. Moore ’65, Chairman Matthew Whitman Lazenby, President Christopher Bellows, Past President Claudia Brod, Vice President Sol Saad, Treasurer Sean Clancy, Secretary G.J. Bakker, Assistant Secretary


Vanessa Abramowitz Matt Allen Mike Allen Janice Barefoot James Bergman Barry Brodsky Robert Finvarb Gigi Jeffries Karleen Halliwell Angela Julien Kevin King ’95 Adam Malamed Sebastian Malo Bruce Matheson ’61 Gerald W. Moore ’68 Anne Paulk Mark Piper Howard Premer Julie Pronesti Matthew Storm Stephen Temes Valerio Toyos Crystal Wagar


Alex de Carvalho ’85 Mariandl Hufford Caryn Lubetsky

The remaining trustees outside of the officers make up the members of the board that help guard the MCDS mission.


Thank you to Vanessa Abramowitz, Matt Allen, Barry Brodsky, Bruce Matheson ’61, Julie Pronesti, and Sol Saad for your years of service and philanthropic support as Trustees. Vanessa Abramowitz served on the Board for seven years. She was the Chair of the Philanthropy Committee and a member of the Strategic Planning & Coordination Committee. Vanessa and her husband, Larry are parents to Jonathan ’17, Evelyn ’19, and Gabriela ’21. Matt Allen was a member of the Board for six years serving as the Chair of the Athletic Steering Committee and a member of the Finance Committee and Building & Grounds Committee. Matt and his wife, Lisa are parents of Mary Elizabeth ’17, Bella ’19, and Matthew ’20, Barry Brodsky served on the Board for three years as a member of the Building & Grounds Committee. Barry is the proud parent of Aaron. Bruce Matheson ’61 served on the Board for six years as a member of the Building & Grounds and Philanthropy Committees. Bruce is a proud alumnus of Country Day. Julie Pronesti was a member of the Board for six years serving on the Building & Grounds Committee and Philanthropy Committee. Julie and her husband, Tom, are the Founders of the Annual Giving 7500 Club and the parents of Blaise ’18. Sol Saad was a member of the Board for 11 years serving on the Executive Board as Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee. He was also a member of the Audit Committee, Strategic Planning & Coordination Committee, Financial Aid Policy Committee, Investment Committee, and the Planned Giving Committee. Sol and his wife, Julie are the parents of Danielle ’15.


Our trustees that have left a legacy behind for what they have given to the school are acknowledged for their role.

Barbara North Burton J. Michael Garner Javier Holtz Osmond C. Howe, Jr. Terry Jove Lawrence M. Stanfill MARK PIPER NAMED TRUSTEE EMERITUS Continuing as a Trustee Emeritus, Mark Piper was on the Board for 29 years. He began his tenure in 1992 and during the time served on Finance, Philanthropy, Land Acquisitions, Audit, and Planned Giving Committees. He also served as Chair of the Investment Committee. Mark is married to Sheryl and their two daughters, Helen ’07 and Maggie ’10, attended Country Day from SK-12th grade.


Our trustees that have left a legacy behind for what they have given to the school are acknowledged for their role when they are no longer with us.

Richard S. Banick † Edwin B. Cole † Elizabeth Hach † Michael J. Franco † Stanley F. Whitman † † Deceased



Mission+Values CORE

Miami Country Day School empowers every student, every day, everywhere to learn with vigor, explore with purpose, strive for excellence, and serve with honor, respect, and compassion as global citizens. We do this in a community where every student is known and included by engaging the whole child, in and out of the classroom as they discover their full potential.














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As parents of three at Miami Country Day School, Alex and James Bergman, walk the talk every day! They have made a $1 million planned gift to the school joining the Legacy Society, they supported the Campaign for the Arts as Ambassador Donors, and they are members of the Benefactor’s Club for the Spartan Impact Fund.

Miami Country Day school is not just a great place to educate your children; it’s also a family and community. We invest so much in our children, we look after them when they are home, and we want to make sure that we give them as much as we can to prepare them for their adulthood. By volunteering at the school, we feel we are not only helping our own children but our family and community.”

In addition to giving philanthropically, they generously share their time and expertise. You can usually find both of them on campus as Parent Ambassadors touring prospective families for the Admission Office. As a Trustee, James has regular Board meetings to attend and committees to support. He is the Chairman of the Future Vision Committee to secure philanthropic gifts for the school. The Bergmans served as Chairs for Annual Giving in the past and both assist as a volunteer for the Office of Philanthropy inviting others to join them in their support of the school. Alex serves as a Vice President of the Parents’ Association Executive Board. On Give Miami Day, James has been outfitted as the Spartan mascot sharing Spartan Pride and encouraging families to support the school.

“Together, the time we spend serving on these committees keeps us invested in our school and ensures that we can give our children the best start for their adult life. Being a volunteer at Miami Country Day School is just part of being a parent. When we moved to Miami ten years ago, we didn’t know anybody, and thanks to Country Day we are fortunate enough to have built an amazing network of friends, some of whom we look on as our family. If Country Day had not brought us the happiness, laughter, foundation for education and excellent network of families, we would undoubtedly have moved back to the cold and damp climate of Europe. With all the above in mind, any project or initiative that further adds value to Country Day, the campus and most importantly to enrich the lives of our children, future grandchildren and generations to come, most definitely has our focus.”

~Alexandra and James Bergman Parents of Jack, Class of 2020; Chloe, Senior; and, Josh, 1st grade


OUR 2020-21 FACULTY AND STAFF Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your dedication to our students!

Marnie Allen 40 YEARS

John Wicker 36 YEARS

Steve Mathes 32 YEARS

Susan Glick 26 YEARS

Cheryl Skalberg 17 YEARS

YEARS OF SERVICE RECOGNITION Each year, we recognize our faculty and staff who celebrate milestones in their years of service at Miami Country Day School. Join us in honoring their commitment to our students. 5 YEARS Laura Bender Emma Chomin Elizabeth De La Cadena Shlande Dossou Josephine Frigerio Jessica Furth Lindsay George Laura Gomez Lindsy Hanono Gregory McMillian Lissette Pumo Anthony Reyes Bianca Ricart Carolina Stromeyer Sandy Villamizar 10 YEARS Abra Adrabi Daria Cirisano Jimmy Cudzilo Lourdes De La Huerta Ingrid DeBlasio Alice Florin Jaime Giraldo Sean Hill Helen Kunde Leigh Kurk Francesta Marcelin Salvatore Alicia Silva Candida Silva Steven Strober

15 YEARS Yann Abily Renee Finny Egda Chirinos Andrew Malcolm Nora Pardave Lucy Pekoc Denise Rivera Tania Vargas 20 YEARS Scott Brennan Annette Fulton Michael Hutsko Kelly John Carroll Kelly Glen Turf 25 Years Michele Parizo 30 YEARS Chris Hayes Chuck Sennett 35 YEARS Denise Wilson 40 YEARS Marnie Allen



Thank you

TO A LL O F O U R 2020-2021 D O N O R S for supporting our students and teachers with your philanthropic dollars.

The 1938 Society The 1938 Society recognizes the leadership of those benefactors whose cumulative monetary gifts or irrevocable gifts to Miami Country Day School have reached $1 million or more. In 2015, during the school’s 75th Anniversary year, former Head of School, Dr. John Davies, recognized members of the inaugural class of the 1938 Society. A sculpture titled Wisdom by Santiago Medina was installed on the Plaza de Colombia to honor present and future members. Thank you to our current 1938 Society members for your generosity to Miami Country Day School.

The 1938 SOCIETY $1,000,000+

C.W. “Doc” and Hette Abele The Bautista Family The Bergman Family The Chaplin & Jove Families Michael J. and Katherine E. Franco

The Garner Moore Family Roger L. Koch The Parents’ Association The Whitman / Lazenby Family



Spartan Impact Fund

Thank you to all of our donors for being a part of the Miami Country Day School community and for your philanthropic support of our students and teachers. The Spartan Impact Fund is an annual appeal for donations to support the school’s Mission. Dollars raised are spent within the fiscal year and support current year operations and the day-to-day life of every student and faculty member by funding a variety of programs. 2020-2021 SPARTAN IMPACT FUND DONORS HONORARY TRUSTEE $25,000+ Steven and Claudia Brod Miguel and Rosangel Cabrera The Garner Foundation Matthew and Kristin Lazenby Sebastian Malo and Maria Soledad Alvarez Malo Gerald W. Moore ‘68 and Victoria Fernans Moore ‘74 James W. Moore ‘65 and Kathryn M. Kassner Matthias and Conny Nixdorf The Parents’ Association Anne Paulk Pines Ford Lincoln Risse Brothers School Uniforms John and Nicole Sette Daniel and Andrea Standen Valerio Toyos and Janet Pomares-Toyos Nicholas and Jocelyne Woodhouse

Jared and Melissa Lustbader Josh and Stacey Mandel Thomas and Tai Mendoza The Minski Family Arkadiy Pervyy-Bakhtin and Ganna Sova Gregory and Alissa Pool Alexander Reus and Elizabete dos Santos Reus Chuck Roberts David Salanic and Alexandra Haime-Salanic ‘05 Luis and Vivianne Silveira Randall and Melina Starr Andrey and Tatiana Svanidze Richard and Kirsty Tester Thelma Venema J. Randall and Charmaine Waterfield Nicholas Zocchi and Janice Barefoot 7500 CLUB $7,500 to $9,999 Larry and Vanessa Abramowitz Guilherme Balsini and Barbara Hoepers Balsini Chris Bellows James and Alexandra Bergman Raul Beyruti and Lizeth Munguia Barry Brodsky Stephen P. Brunetti ‘85 Wayne and Arlene Chaplin Jeff and Gigi Jeffries Kevin J. King ‘95 and Tricia A. King Lee Krelstein Adam and Jackie Malamed Mark and Sheryl Piper Omar Sharam and Valentina Semtei Craig and Mijanou Spurdle Stephen and Holly Temes

BENEFACTOR’S CLUB $5,000 to $7,499 Mike and Elizabeth Allen Craig Anderson Anonymous Zachary and Amber Berger David Bodnick Franz and Brittany Buerstedde Roberto Cordeiro and Milena Fraga Dias de Oliveira Cordeiro Alejandro Del Palacio and Mireya Beyruti Gil Dezer Justyn and Allison Feldman Jose Gregorio and Maria Alvarez Jack and Karleen Halliwell Naftali Holtz and Victoria Shusterman Sharon Lior Joshua and Stephanie Maes Edward and Irene Mandel Gregg and Barbara Miller Samuel and Michelle Ohev-Zion Alex and Carol Perez Michael and Diane Rosenberg Gabriel and Yulia Shaoolian The Miami Foundation Jerry and Judy Tilis Michael and Helen Tilis Jeremy and Victoria Traster PALM SOCIETY $3,000 to $4,999 Bill Abbo and Jessica Mishaan ‘03 Matt and Lisa Allen Gennaro and Andrea Cariglio Jose and Maria Castro Rafael Cedeno and Daniela D’Alessandro Cedrik and Geraldine Denain

LEADERSHIP CLUB $10,000 to $24,999 Leonard ‘62 and Jayne Abess Lev and Olga Khasis Anonymous GJ and Joyce Bakker Felipe and Monica Bautista Harry and Leslie Benitah Jeff and Lindsey Boyd Spencer and Sandra Deering Vanessa Elias Peter and Lauren Feld Mark and Eloah Fisher Uri and Karen Geiger Robert and Mariandl Hufford Daymond and Heather John Constantine and Angela Karides Oliver and Laurie Lloyd Showing appreciation to Caryn Lubetsky (center) for her three years of service as Parents’ Association President are Parents’ Association Executive Board members, Lisi Port and Rochelle Finvarb.

Alexander Dombrowsky ‘92 and Anna Blackman Marc Druckman Adam and Brenda Duke Robert and Rochelle Finvarb Morris and Arlene Goldfarb Arthur and Carole Green Phillip Hudson and Sandra Kaufmann Allan Kahane and Patricia Kahane Sanjay ‘87 and Vicky Kamlani Richard Kreisel-Kilstock and Danielle Rich Brice and Maya Le Troadec Alexander Lekht and Milena Sidler Leonard and Alice Lekht Benjamin Mandel and Kristin Roberts Bruce C. Matheson ‘61 Jhonny Mercado and Gabriela Mendoza-Mercado Todd Michaels and Brandi Paul Benjamin Ohana and Caroline Touitou Ohana Fernando and Jenny Pedraza Carlos Perez ‘11 Paolo Rosellini and Eliana Maes Rosellini John ‘08 and Ana Salt Sean Smith and Stephanie Denault Smith Lawrence and Carol Stanfill Craig and Danielle Storch Matthew and Natalia Storm The Blackbaud Giving Fund Glen Turf Scott and Sarah Zdanis FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE $1,500 to $2,999 Alejandro Agurcia and Denira Borrero David and Gisela Alexander Aonymous Anonymous Anonymous Cesare Antonini and Stephanie Katz Kenneth and Yanina Barrington Victoria Baudoin Shlomi and Cristina Ben-Shmuel Dan Bernstein and Laura A. Stuzin Elizabeth Bram The Bronish-Lovett Family Jorge and Georgia Carstensen John Cartledge Sean Clancy and Dina Cellini Matthew and Lyndsey Cooper Timothy Davis and Karin Stirk-Davis Jeffrey and Michele Erez Salvador and Maricer Escalon Sebastian Falconi and Mariella Isaias David Filler and Catherine Rodriguez-Filler Andrew and Samantha Gallacher Lindsay George

Brian and Darrah Gilderman David and Ilana Gitman Carlos Gomez and Marylu Escobar Valeriy Goncharov and Mariia M. Osokina Gregory Haefner and Victoria Cerami-Haefner ‘79 Christian and Holly Hansen Terry and Fred Jove Alan Kluger and Amy Dean F. Jay and Carmen Leonard Cary and Caryn Lubetsky Robert and Allison Ludicke Jon and Ann Jeanette Lyman Jeffrey and Sophie Marquart Steven Mathes Robert McNish and Irina Koyfman Alan and Laura Mendelson Aileen Messinger Gordon Messinger Gunther and Nicola Meyer

James Schainuck ‘75 Pedro Serrano and Carmen Bigles Michael Shearer ‘94 Lara Shriftman Chris Sloan and Carla Kaufman Sloan Adam and Tere Spiegel Jon Paul Toppino ‘88 and Stephanie Howe-Toppino ‘89 Lele Toole-Tracy ‘81 and Dwight Tracy Davide Veglia and Marta Fasoli Mark and Liliana White Bill and Juliet Wolk DIRECTOR’S CLUB $500 to $1,499 Julian Abuin and Karina Cincci Palionis Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous

Sixth graders (Class of 2027) showcased their STEM projects with teachers, Mrs. Finny and Ms. Brill.

Stephanie Nunez ‘07 Lonnie and Dara Ogulnick Lorena Pardo Claudia Pearson Kristopher E. Pearson Jarrett Perlow ‘97 and Joshua Adrian Anatoly Petukhov and Yulia Petukhova Brett and Jennifer Pollak Edward Pontchek and Joanna Bednarek Howard and Ilene Premer Paul and Doris Richards Ken and Robin Rubens

Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Christopher Apone ‘94 Alejandro Badia Juan Barberi and Paula Montoya Jack and Rita Barouh Kenneth and Valerie Barrett Daniel Barsky and Kimberly Prior Joseph Bassett and Joanne Green Suzanne Bassett Michael and Kelly Beltran

*Donors are listed at their highest level of giving. MCDS DONOR REP ORT 2020/2021


Guy Vanderhaegen and Natacha N. Standaert Jay Weaver and Marta Lavandier Norman and Eleanor Weiss Daniel and Wendy Wolansky

The first in MCDS history – Upper School Drama produced and shared their hybrid performance (pre-recorded; in person via zoom filming) of Drowsy Chaperone. Special thanks to Dezerland drive-in for donating the use of their property.

Aaron Butler and Satcha Pretto Joanne Capano Joseph Cartolano and Angela Alvero Tabitha Charles ‘85 and Jerome Charles Jonathan and Sarah Clement Jim and Jan Connor Harrison C. Davies ‘09 John and Roxanne Davies Christopher Day and Asya Pashenko Inigo de Zabala and Eva Dalda Dennis and Debra DeGori Leslie DiMario Hassia Diolombi Crockett Nikolay Dmitriev and Kate Vasilenko Michael and Samantha Dorfman Moises Egozi and Deborah B. Baker Frank and Emily Eismont Brett and Valerie Evenson Bud and Maria Farrey Frank and Blanca Fernandez-Quevedo Jose Finkelstein and Ludmila Mazankova Steven and Derry Fishman Todd and Alice Florin Jim and Shellie Fulford Jorge Gomez and Elena Londono Marilyn Greenfield Tercio and Cristiane Gritsch Samuel and Claudia Grossman Eid Habib and Ria Maxwell Federico Halperin and Maria Touceda David and Penny Hatz Cirilo Hernandez and Martha Padron Rolando Holz and Laura Ferreira de Melo Alfonso Jaramillo and Flavia Ranzini Todd and Lisa Jerles

Daniel and Angela Julien Helen Kunde Mark and Peggy Kurland Michelle LaMarre Alejandro and Clarisa Leal Simon Lee Yang Lin and Ying Cui Richard and Katie Manhire Jerry ‘62 and Patricia Markowitz David ‘85 and Susan May Nicole Maynard-Sahar Mike and Deborah Nunez Peggy Ochandarena Jose Oronoz and Fabiola Garcia-Oronoz Mathew and Allyson Papunen Julio and Nora Pardave Tom and Julie Pronesti Robert ‘58 and Jaye Quimby Julio Ramos and Patricia Mond Helen Rees Zasha Robles and Carmen Casadella Carlos Rusconi and Roseli Machado Charles and Jennifer Sennett Kathy and John Sette, Sr. Brent Sheldon and Marie-Eve Sirois-Sheldon Carlos and Candida Silva Mike and Sheila Simpson David and Sanela Skokna Rasciel and Maria Socarras Solange Stanislas William Svingos Bruce and Meryl Tabatchnick Daniel and Cristin Thorogood Marcos and Gisell Torres Dennis Truax and Idania Diaz Richard and Tatiana True

CORNERSTONE CLUB Up to $499 Yann and Ruth Abily Gabriela Abramowitz ‘21 Leonardo and Leyda Abreu Laura Abreu-Grondin William and Virginia Acquario Jonathan and Abra Adrabi Terry Alfonso Marnie Allen Audy and Marie Alvarez Amazon Smile Foundation Christina Andersen Luis Angeles Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Sophia Arcila ‘24 Zoey Arnold ‘21 Daniel and Joanne Aronson Nick Athanassiadis and Karen Davis Aristides and Lina Atoa Jonathan Auguste ‘21 Leolin and Tracie Auguste Tommy and Melissa Babil Ludlow and Colleen Bailey Fred Baisden ‘57 Joseph Ballarini and Sann Htoo Jeremy and Amanda Barouh Allexii Bassette ‘21 Gabrielle Bassette ‘25 David Batcheller ‘07 Mia Batista ‘21 Ali and Batoul Bazzi Cleve and Cindy Bell Jonathan and Marisue Beloff David ‘98 and Angela Benjamin Ricardo Blum and Adriana Sandoval Alexis Boutin David Bovio Jennifer Bovio Nakia Bowling Scott Brennan Romain Breton and Kristina Martinez Edward and Kelley Brill

Kirsten Brown-Garcia Francesca Bruno Chiara Bruzzi ‘21 Laura Buccellati ‘88 David Butter ‘13 Ruben Calderon Kate Carlson ‘21 Susan Stanfill Carlson ‘82 Richard and Cheryl Carne Giuliano Carrafelli and Majcha Manomai Anne Casadevall ‘21 Kristy Castro Peter and Laura Cayon Linda Chambers Christine Chancy ‘08 Lyle ‘81 and Clara Chariff Taegan Charles ‘17 Lunel and Cathy Cherenfant Martin and Egda Chirinos Emma Chomin Conor Clancy ‘04 and Ana Clancy Jamie and Melissa Coates Edward and Sheila Cohen Jose Colon and Shannon Menge Stan and Candice Comstock Henry and Margarita Courtney Anthony and Deborah Criscione Martha Crossman Nancy Crowell Ruth and Jonathan Cruz Jimmy Cudzilo and David Sanchez George and Gianinna Dargham Mark and Diane Davidner Camryn Davis ‘20 Aleczander Day ‘21 Alexandra De La Cadena Edwin and Elizabeth De La Cadena Julia De La Cadena Lourdes de la Huerta Julio DeAracama Ingrid DeBlasio Victor Depradine and Monica Payan Francesco Di Giuseppe ‘23 Riccardo Di Giuseppe ‘21 Matthew Dimos and Masrochatul Muawanah Carolyn Dorn Shlande Dossou Renaud Doura Noujan and Paule Ebrahimi Satya Ebrahimi Brooke Ehinger Wendy Eichel Ilan Epstein and Minette Schwartz Epstein ‘06 Whitney Fair Michael Fallik Tamara Feola Michael and Renee Finny Christian Fisher

Lauren Fitzgerald Dessalines and Fernande Francois Harris Gilbert and Sunny Friedman-Gilbert Daniel Fruman ‘21 Rebecca L. Fulford ‘17 Annette Fulton Juliette Fulton Sheika Ganthier Atalie Garcia Grace Garcia Danielle Geathers ‘18 Caritas Gentle Jackie Gerry Jaime Giraldo and Liliana Alzate Jon ‘04 and Florina Gitman Richard and Ivonn Goihman Samantha Goldsmith ‘21 Hollye Gomez Eric Grabois and Jennifer Safren Alyson Greenfield ‘93 and Bill Giovannucci Anthony Grondin

Christopher and Tanya Hayes Ronald Henley John Hernandez and Nelly Vargas Madelyn Hertz ‘16 Steven Herzberg ‘07 and Janelle Cruz-Herzberg Sean and Shannon Hill Philip and Michelle Holcman Lenora Holmes Steven and Amy Hurwitz Michael Hutsko and Carroll Kelly Mirelle Isma Ana Izaguirre Ashley Jefferson Michael and Cheryl Jester Charles and Rosa Johnson Pamela Johnson Tripp Jones ‘88 Van Jones ‘56 Kim Jordan Alexandre Jorov and Maria Agapitova Sang and Jung Kang

Congratulations to the coaches and players on the 2020-21 Spartan Varsity Boys Basketball Team on winning Regionals. Go Spartans!

Andrew Groothuis Emerance Gummels Gertrude Gummels Rolando Guzman and Cristina M. Pla-Guzman John Gynell and Laurie Malaga Sami Habib ‘17 Anthony Haderer Nicole Haime ‘07 Tommy Haney Lindsy Hanono Jordan Hatz ‘21

Felipe Kaplan and Ursula Velarde Kaplan Neisen ‘69 and Ana Kasdin Randal and Lauri Kassewitz L. Robert Kay ‘60 Vadim and Karina Kobrik Yasmin Koch Brandon Kochen ‘07 and Janine Shub Kochen Jenna Kochen ‘05 Chad Konchak ‘00 Lorelai Konen ‘21



Peter Konen and Marisol Sardina Beatrice Krasnow Maya Kreger ‘21 Uwe and Andrea Kreuter Leigh Kurk Seth ‘88 and Leslie LaVey Mary Lavin and Joseph Cappello Debbie Lee Laura Carla Leon Pino The Leoni Family Barry and Jeannie Lewin Seymour and Marilyn Lieberman Susanna Linfield Claudio and Celia Lisman Jack Lombardo ‘21 Claudia Londono David and Beth Long Susana Lopez Ramon and Eileen Lugo Bruno and Christine Luz Vanessa MacAdam Andrew Malcolm and Vanessa Cabrera Adam and Jewel Malone Francesta Marcelin Nicholas Marcelin Alicia Matho Jana McCarthy Allen and Julie McDevitt Michael McMillan and Carol Cassis-McMillan Ian and Avra McNamara Ryan Mendelson ‘21 Margaret Merrill Anderson Miguel and Alexandra Perraro Cristian Miguez Leo and Elvia Milanes Iddet Milian-Prada

Livia Minetti Judith Mistor Jack and Libby Mitten Russell Mofsky and Kristen McLean Antonio Moura and Claudia Estrada Chiara Moura ‘23 Frederick and Jennifer Muhlig Spencer Multack and Kimberly Goldstein Multack ‘97 Brian Mundey Ulises Muniz and Laura Rodriguez Charlie and Dana Myers Natashia Napoles Gil Navon and Antonieta Branger Mirelor and Serafina Nelcha Michael and Michelle Nevin Jacqueline Niang Yefim and Felicia Nivoro Mary Novas Silvia Novelli Lara Oehlert Kristjan and Hilda Olafsson Brittany Oleksy Margareth Olmann Millie Ortiz Raul Ortiz de la Renta and Renate Juengling Marco Pacheco and Arlyn Hidalgo Mark and Ana Padgett Richard and Lynn Padgett Eric and Ingrid Palmisano Phelana Pang ‘93 Gerardo Pantin and Rosanna Pantin Escudero Bryan and Michele Parizo Tejas ‘01 and Devi Patel Jason and Katy Pelletier Cynthia Peroe Kelly Pierce

Spartan Homecoming festivities are a wonderful tradition representing a true spirit of friendly competition among the Upper School classes. Pictured here are members of the Class of 2022.

Walter and Danielle Pineda Sean ‘96 and Annette Polley Jason and Lisi Port Francis and Jaqueline Puglise Christopher and Lissette Pumo Barry and Matilda Puritz Vekhoto and Jamie Puro Joe and Olan Quattro Jeffrey and Julie Respler Gary and Vanessa Ressler Ahuva Retter Norman and Jean Reust Anthony Reyes Nicholas ‘96 and Lisa Richberg Ian and Mona Rieger Melody Rivera Pascal and Jill Robert Fabien Rocca and Veronique Gillet Susana Rodriguez Marcelo Rojo and Sara McDevitt David and Kristi Romanik Thomas Romanik Michael and Stephanie Rosen Cynthia Rosenberg Agnes Ruiz Mark Runge Nicholas Ruskowski and Michelle Farina Barth ‘59 and Gail Satuloff Save Our Sisters Paula Sborovsky Graziano Sbroggio Georgia Scharite Alexander Schoch Amanda Schouten Rand and Lisa Shapiro Jared Sher ‘93 and Rebecca Neilson-Sher William Silva Michael Slotnick Jackie Smith David and Marra Smith Natalia Socarras ‘21 Eric and Lee Solomon Bob Spatig and Johnny Prugh Garrett Spear Steven and Jessica Sperandio Samantha Stanton Griffin Steutel ‘20 Maureen Stout Steven and Johanna Stowe Kenny and Nina Stowe Steven and Karen Strober Jerry and Linda Strom Frederick and Cheryl Stromeyer Tom Sverkounos and Marisol Ferro Ochiel Swaby Ian and Tiffany Tabatchnick Paola Tedesco Tervis Company Giving Fund Jessica Theulen Michele Thibodeau

ALUMNI FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE Gregory Haefner and Victoria Cerami-Haefner ‘79 Stephanie Nunez ‘07 Jarrett Perlow ‘97 and Joshua Adrian James Schainuck ‘75 Michael Shearer ‘94 Jon Paul Toppino ‘88 and Stephanie Howe-Toppino ‘89 Lele Toole-Tracy ‘81 and Dwight Tracy

Students in Ms. Wolgast’s fifth grade class (Class of 2028) gathered on the steps in the Taplin Gallery of the Franco Center.

Jane Tiffin Allen and Angela Tongue Walter Toole Rhett and Stephanie Traband Mack Tracy ‘21 Maria Valenzuela-Williams Mike and Kim van der Leegte Tania Vargas Luis Velarde Emilia Veve Muniz Romain Vinois ‘21 Kirk and Crystal Wagar John and Leslie Wallace Sabrina Walters William and Alba Ward Richard and Michelle Washington Hailey Webb ‘21 Jake Weiss ‘12 Rosemary Welstead Carl Whitmer ‘71 John and Kim Wicker Christopher and Denise Wilson Gladys Xiques ‘90 Wen Cui Xu Jeffrey and Nadia Zananiri Stephen and Deena Zaron

Alumni Donors Thank you for supporting your alma mater! ALUMNI 7500 CLUB Leonard ’62 and Jayne Abess Stephen P. Brunetti ’85 Kevin J. King ‘95 and Tricia A. King Gerald W. Moore ’68 and Victoria Fernans Moore ’74 James W. Moore ’65 and Kathryn M. Kassner David Salanic and Alexandra Haime-Salanic ‘05 ALUMNI PALM SOCIETY Bill Abbo and Jessica Mishaan ‘03 Alexander Dombrowsky ‘92 and Anna Blackman Sanjay ‘87 and Vicky Kamlani Bruce C. Matheson ‘61 Carlos Perez ‘11 John ‘08 and Ana Salt

BEACON SOCIETY Anonymous Christopher Apone ‘94 Tabitha Charles ‘85 and Jerome Charles Conor Clancy ‘04 and Ana Clancy Harrison C. Davies ‘09 Ilan Epstein and Minette Schwartz Epstein ‘06 Rebecca L. Fulford ‘17 Danielle Geathers ‘18 Tripp Jones ‘88 L. Robert Kay ‘60 Chad Konchak ‘00 Seth ‘88 and Leslie LaVey Jerry ‘62 and Patricia Markowitz David ‘85 and Susan May Phelana Pang ‘93 Robert ‘58 and Jaye Quimby Jake Weiss ‘12 Gladys Xiques ‘90 SPARTAN PRIDE Fred Baisden ‘57 David ‘98 and Angela Benjamin Laura Buccellati ‘88 Christine Chancy ‘08 Jon ‘04 and Florina Gitman Nicole Haime ‘07 Van Jones ‘56 Brandon Kochen ‘07 and Janine Shub Kochen Chiara Moura ‘23 Spencer Multack and Kimberly M. Goldstein Multack ‘97 Tejas ‘01 and Devi Patel Nicholas ‘96 and Lisa Richberg Barth ‘59 and Gail Satuloff Jared Sher ‘93 and Rebecca Neilson-Sher Griffin Steutel ‘20 Carl Whitmer ‘71 YOUNG ALUMNI CLUB Gabriela Abramowitz ‘21 Anonymous Sophia Arcila ‘24 Zoey Arnold ‘21 Jonathan Auguste ‘21 Allexii Bassette ‘21 Gabrielle Bassette ‘25



Congratulations to Allexii Bassette, Class of 2021, on being a member of the girls Varsity Tennis District Championship team, and for her individual qualifications for states. Allexii also received recognition as a six-year player for the Spartans. Allexii signed her letter of intent to play at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama.

David Batcheller ‘07 Mia Batista ‘21 Chiara Bruzzi ‘21 David Butter ‘13 Kate Carlson ‘21 Susan Stanfill Carlson ‘82 Anne Casadevall ‘21 Lyle ‘81 and Clara Chariff Taegan Charles ‘17 Camryn Davis ‘20 Aleczander Day ‘21 Francesco Di Giuseppe ‘23 Riccardo Di Giuseppe ‘21 Daniel Fruman ‘21 Samantha Goldsmith ‘21 Alyson Greenfield ‘93 and Bill Giovannucci Sami Habib ‘17 Jordan Hatz ‘21 Madelyn Hertz ‘16 Steven Herzberg ‘07 and Janelle Cruz-Herzberg Jenna Kochen ‘05 Lorelai Konen ‘21 Maya Kreger ‘21 Jack Lombardo ‘21 Ryan Mendelson ‘21 Sean ‘96 and Annette Polley Natalia Socarras ‘21 Mack Tracy ‘21 Romain Vinois ‘21 Hailey Webb ‘21

FACULTY AND STAFF DONORS Yann Abily Laura Abreu-Grondin Abra Adrabi Gisela Alexander Terry Alfonso Marnie Allen Luis Angeles Joanne Aronson Aris Atoa David Batcheller ‘07 David Benjamin ‘98 Lauren Benton Alexis Boutin Jennifer Bovio Scott Brennan Kelley Brill Dan Bronish Fran Bruno Vanessa Cabrera Ruben Calderon Kristy Castro Laura Cayon Linda Chambers Christine Chancy ‘08 Tabitha Charles ‘85 Egda Chirinos Emma Chomin Iara Coltro Candice Comstock Nancy Crowell Ruth Cruz Jimmy Cudzilo Karen Davis Karin Stirk-Davis

Elizabeth De La Cadena Lourdes de la Huerta Julio DeAracama Ingrid DeBlasio Matthew Dimos Carolyn Dorn Shlande Dossou Paule Ebrahimi Michael Fallik Michelle Farina Marisol Ferro Michael Finny Renee Finny Lauren Fitzgerald Alice Florin Dessalines Francois Shellie Fulford Annette Fulton Juliette Fulton Sheika Ganthier Atalie Garcia Lindsay George Jackie Gerry Jaime Giraldo Hollye Gomez Alyson Greenfield ‘93 Marilyn Greenfield Eid Habib Anthony Haderer Lindsy Hanono Chris Hayes Tanya Hayes Ron Henley John Hernandez Sean Hill Michelle Holcman Mariandl Hufford Mike Hutsko Mirelle Isma Ana Izaguirre Ashley Jefferson Carroll Kelly Peter Konen Helen Kunde Leigh Kurk Michelle LaMarre Clarisa Leal Debbie Lee Carla Leon Pino Susanna Linfield Claudia Londono Beth Long Susana Lopez Charlie Lovett Christine Luz Vanessa MacAdam Andrew Malcolm Francesta Marcelin Nick Marcelin Steve Mathes Alicia Matho Ria Maxwell Nicole M. Maynard-Sahar

Ian McNamara Cristian Miguez Leo Milanes Livia Minetti Russell Mofsky Paula Montoya Masrochatul Muawanah Rick Muhlig Jacquie Niang Mary Novas Jose Oronoz Millie Ortiz Ingrid Palmisano Nora Pardave Bryan Parizo Michele Parizo Katy Pelletier Kelly Pierce Sheryl Piper Cristina Pla-Guzman Chris Polite ‘02 Johnny Prugh Jamie Puro Olan Quattro Melody Rivera Jill Robert Pascal Robert Laura Rodriguez Kristi Romanik Cynthia Rosenberg Agnes Ruiz Mark Runge David Sanchez Adriana Sandoval Marisol Sardina Chuck Sennett Jen Sennett Candida Silva Michael Slotnick Jackie Smith Marra Smith Bob Spatig Garrett Spear Maureen Stout Steven Strober Tom Sverkounos Ochiel Swaby Bruce Tabatchnick Paola Tedesco Michele Thibodeau Allen Tongue Glen Turf Maria Valenzuela-Williams Tania Vargas Emilia Veve Muniz Alba Ward John Wicker Denise Wilson Wen Xu Nadia Zananiri

GRANDPARENT DONORS Leonardo and Leyda Abreu William and Virginia Acquario David and Gisela Alexander Anonymous Jack and Rita Barouh Suzanne Bassett Jonathan and Marisue Beloff David Bovio Joanne Capano Richard and Cheryl Carne Edward and Sheila Cohen Anthony and Deborah Criscione Martha Crossman Mark and Diane Davidner Noujan and Paule Ebrahimi Frank and Blanca Fernandez-Quevedo Morris and Arlene Goldfarb Steven and Honi Goldstein Arthur and Carole Green Marilyn Greenfield Lenora Holmes Charles and Rosa Johnson Allan and Patricia Kahane Mark and Peggy Kurland Leonard and Alice Lekht Seymour and Marilyn Lieberman Sharon Lior Claudio and Celia Lisman Allen and Julie McDevitt Mike and Deborah Nunez Richard and Lynn Padgett Barry and Matilda Puritz Ahuva Retter Norman and Jean Reust Ian and Mona Rieger

Thomas Romanik Michael and Diane Rosenberg Michael and Meryl Schertzer Kathy and John Sette, Sr. Rand and Lisa Shapiro William Silva Michael and Karin Standen Lawrence and Carol Stanfill Kenny and Nina Stowe Jerry and Linda Strom Frederick and Cheryl Stromeyer William Svingos Jerry and Judy Tilis Walter Toole Thelma Venema John and Leslie Wallace Norman and Eleanor Weiss Rosemary Welstead Stephen and Deena Zaron IN MEMORY OF Moshe B. Asher Daniel Fruman ‘21 Rino Carrafelli Giuliano Carrafelli and Majcha Manomai Catherine Cartolano Joseph Cartolano and Angela Alvero Lori Collins Spencer Multack and Kimberly Goldstein Multack ‘97

Ruth Davis Nick Athanassiadis and Karen Davis Alan Greenfield Marilyn Greenfield Suzanne Hoffmeyer Noujan and Paule Ebrahimi Jane Hufford MCDS Office of Philanthropy The Parents’ Association Frederic Lagrassa Fabien Rocca and Veronique Gillet Ellie Levy ‘09 Brian and Stacey Levy Rachel Lior Sharon Lior Maria Lopez Romain Breton and Kristina Martinez David McKay Mark and Sheryl Piper Ernesto & Morovia Pages Luz Marina Pages Jonina Pitchman The Parents’ Association Dagmar Reus Alexander Reus and Elizabete dos Santos Reus

Members of the 8th grade (Class of 2025) enjoyed an in-person Reflections Ceremony in May.



Marilyn Greenfield Brian and Stacey Levy Julio and Nora Pardave Save Our Sisters Mariandl Hufford Anonymous Moses Jerles ’29 Alan Kluger and Amy Dean Dagny Jerles ’27 Alan Kluger and Amy Dean Josh LeHockey ’21 Anonymous Jacqueline Ludicke ’21 Robert and Allison Ludicke Francesta Marcelin Mark and Peggy Kurland The Alumni Office organizes the annual Senior-Alumni Career Day in November. Thank you to the alumni participants from 2020: Craig Green ‘93, Mary Beasley ‘08, Jenna Kochen ‘05, Cam Murphy ‘06, Scott Grondin ’06, Albert Katz ’12, Brenda Schamy ’06, and Tatiana Peisach ’07.

Ruth Roberts Portables

Ashley Bearfield Anonymous

David Row Jeremy and Victoria Traster

Christine Chancy ‘08 Chiara Bruzzi ‘21 Mark and Sheryl Piper

Rasciel Socarras Rasciel and Maria Socarras Hassan Tabatabaie Bill Abbo and Jessica Mishaan ‘03 Jose Calero Ann-Margaret Villar Kathy Wallace John and Leslie Wallace WCA/Heidi Hewes Chapter

Caera Charles ’25 Tabitha Charles ‘85 and Jerome Charles Taegan Charles ’17 Tabitha Charles ‘85 and Jerome Charles Cole Clancy Conor Clancy ‘04 and Ana Clancy


Wendy Cudzilo Jimmy Cudzilo and David Sanchez

Abra Adrabi Richard and Cheryl Carne

Alessia Depero ’26 Allan Kahane and Patricia Kahane

Dora Adrabi ’34 Richard and Cheryl Carne Jonathan and Abra Adrabi

Maya Depero ’30 Allan Kahane and Patricia Kahane

Maya Adrabi ’31 Richard and Cheryl Carne Jonathan and Abra Adrabi Marnie Allen Jon Paul Toppino ‘88 and Stephanie Howe-Toppino ‘89 The Parents’ Association Mark and Sheryl Piper

Harry Florin ’24 Todd and Alice Florin Jonah Gallacher ’31 Mark and Peggy Kurland Lucas Gallacher ’29 Mark and Peggy Kurland

Steve Mathes Mark and Sheryl Piper Stanley Miller and Michiko Otani Ashton Michaels ‘28 Todd Michaels and Brandi Paul Caleb Mofsky-McLean ’25 Russell Mofsky and Kristen McLean Jolie Multack ’25 Anonymous Daniel Nivoro ’29 Yefim and Felicia Nivoro Brittany Oleksy Mark and Peggy Kurland Ingrid Palmisano Joseph Bassett and Joanne Green Konnor Pearson ’33 Claudia Pearson Kristopher Pearson Blaise Pronesti ‘18 Tom and Julie Pronesti Raphael Puritz ’28 Barry and Matilda Puritz Royal Puritz ’30 Barry and Matilda Puritz Selah Puritz ’31 Barry and Matilda Puritz Lorenzo Ribadeneira de Niemeyer ’25 Allan Kahane and Patricia Kahane

Giancarlo Rodriguez ’31 Anthony and Deborah Criscione Leyka Rojo ’24 Allen and Julie McDevitt Lola Shapiro ’28 Rand and Lisa Shapiro Caleb Sloan ’27 Chris Sloan and Carla Kaufman Sloan Sydney Solomon ’27 Ahuva Retter Alexander Spiegel ’28 Adam and Tere Spiegel Andres Spiegel ’30 Adam and Tere Spiegel Glen Turf Elizabeth Bram Sheika Ganthier Mark and Sheryl Piper Jeff Watson Harrison C. Davies ‘09 Sydney Wolansky ’33 Daniel and Wendy Wolansky

2020-21 CAMPAIGN FOR THE ARTS NEW GIFTS Yann and Ruth Abily Peter and Laura Cayon Edwin and Elizabeth De La Cadena Lourdes de la Huerta Julio DeAracama Dessalines and Fernande Francois Juliette Fulton Hollye Gomez Rolando Guzman and Cristina M. Pla-Guzman Sean and Shannon Hill Ana Izaguirre Kim Jordan Peter Konen and Marisol Sardina Leigh Kurk Mary Lavin and Joseph Cappello Matthew and Kristin Lazenby Debbie Lee Susanna Linfield David and Beth Long Vanessa MacAdam Alicia Matho Russell Mofsky and Kristen McLean Frederick and Jennifer Muhlig Eric and Ingrid Palmisano Joao Pedro and Maria Andrade Jason and Katy Pelletier Falk and Natascha Preussner Christopher and Lissette Pumo

Agnes Ruiz Mark Runge Michael Slotnick The Parents’ Association Maria Valenzuela-Williams Whitman Family Bal Harbour Foundation John and Kim Wicker GIFTS IN KIND Kevin Burns and Rob Flint Wayne and Arlene Chaplin Phil Collins Paul and Laiz Lardi Majestic Mirror and Frame Josh and Stacey Mandel Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

CERAMI SCHOLARSHIP FUND Gregory Haefner and Victoria Cerami-Haefner ‘79 James Schainuck ‘75 JACK DUBOIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND Barth ‘59 and Gail Satuloff 2020-21 SPARTAN RELIEF FUND DONORS Joseph Bassett and Joanne Green Ali and Batoul Bazzi Chris Bellows Lyle ‘81 and Clara Chariff Sean Clancy and Dina Cellini Renaud Doura Jim and Shellie Fulford Sheika Ganthier Robert and Mariandl Hufford Helen Kunde Barry and Jeannie Lewin Cary and Caryn Lubetsky Josh and Stacey Mandel Michael McMillan and Carol Cassis-McMillan Samuel and Michelle Ohev-Zion Marco Pacheco and Arlyn Hidalgo The Parents’ Association Graziano Sbroggio William Silva Rasciel and Maria Socarras Jeffrey Wenzinger Bill and Juliet Wolk

John Wicker, Upper School Music Teacher, celebrated with members of the Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) when he conducted his final performance with the group in May. Congratulations on your retirement, Mr. Wicker!





Zoe Arnold SCIENCE

Michael Athanassiadis

Chiara Bruzzi

Mariapia Onorato

Kaylee Parizo


Mary Hanson ART




Maya Kreger MUSIC

Andrew Weaver


Congratulations to our 2020-21 Spartan Nominees! The Miami Herald Silver Knight Award is one of the nation’s most highly regarded student awards program. The purpose of this awards program is to recognize outstanding students who have maintained good grades and have also unselfishly applied their special knowledge and talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities. The Silver Knight Awards program was instituted at The Miami Herald in 1959. Thank you to Carolyn Dorn, Silver Knight Award Coordinator, for your leadership and support of 12 MCDS Silver Knight winners, 28 MCDS Honorable Mentions, and 111 MCDS nominees. The Silver Knight program will now be coordinated by Marnie Allen. Carolyn Dorn has coordinated the Country Day Silver Knight program for 30 years. As a faculty member for 40 years at Country Day, she served in many roles starting as a 5th grade Language Arts teacher in 1973 and finishing her teaching career in 2019 as an Upper School English teacher. She received the Edwin B. Cole “Excellence in Teaching” Award in 2003 and coordinated and sponsored several organizations and programs, such as: the Optimist Oratorical Contest, Anchor Club, Key Club, English Honor Society, Amused Literary Magazine, the Silver Knight Award, and the Senior Project. During her years Carolyn served as an advisor for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors and a mentor to new faculty. Interesting note…Carolyn worked for every Headmaster from Ken Harris to John Davies; she spent nearly 50 years in education and is continuing to assist as a volunteer with the Alumni Office.


We invite you to become part of this annual tradition of giving at Miami Country Day School. Support the 2021-2022 Spartan Impact Fund with your gift today!

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