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I NSI DE Buoyancy Cup

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Students Earn Recognition

M iddle school students who demonstr ate M CDS's four core values of honor, wisdom, respect and compassion can receive the Core Values Awar d. Evening of the Ar ts

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Avenger s: I nfinity War

BY I SABEL L A GAL OFRE Core Values has become an important part of our middle school. There have been awards for them since the 2012-2013 school year. Six years ago some teachers got together to recognize students who do special things, good students?service to the school, and students who demonstrate the four core values of honor, respect, wisdom, and compassion. Then they decided to give a monthly award to three students. The award is a certificate, a medal, and a $10 bake sale coupon. There have been 18 Core Value Awards winners in the year. There have been six Core Value Winners from every grade.

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Mr. Mathes, the director of the middle school said, ?There were a lot of teachers who wanted to give the award after every

Photo by Rachel Hodes Above: All of the students who've received a Core Values Awar d dur ing the 2017-2018 school year. month. Mrs. Pekoc was one of the major people who wanted the idea to happen, but I have to be honest and say that I probably came up with the idea and then shared it with the team leaders.? Mr. Fallik, the eighth grade team leader, and an eighth grade social studies teacher said, ?The eighth grade team decides on the monthly eighth grade core value winners by having weekly team meetings with all the eighth grade advisors, where we often discuss students who we think are worthy. We share our experiences that we had with those students and we try to remember certain things that they might have done to show the four core values.? Continued on page 4

Wendy Walk, 2018 BY RACHEL H ODES

On April 8 the annual Wendy Walk took place. The walk was hosted in Hibiscus Park Miami. Numerous events went on throughout the day like a zumba class warm up, a 5k, and multiple rafles.

BY JAK E GROSSM AN Orlando Fest is a yearly competition that happens at a high school performance auditorium in Orlando. Only some Middle School electives can perform at this competition. The electives that perform at Orlando Fest are Beginning Instruments, Beginning EBO, Middle School Chorus, Middle School Concert Band, and Intermediate EBO.

Before the walk began, Dr. Jonathan from the Sylvester Cancer Center and Dr. W. Gregory Sawyer from the University of Florida came down and spoke at the Walk.

This year the students of Miami Country Day Middle School earned first place in all music sections. In EBO and in Chorus, MCDS received superior marks in the majority of their categories. Superior is the highest Continued on page 5 grade that you can get in music grading or performances.

This year was the ninth annual Wendy Walk and it was a big success. A lot of kids from Country Day came to support the From left: Bella Brod, Sienna Rosenber g, Tiana Tolles, Olivia Cooper, Sier r a Landes Family Foundation and Rosen and Stephanie Rosen. especially because of the Rosen?s whose children go to school at MCDS. Wendy Landes was the sister of Mike Rosen, father of Kayla (11th grade) and Sierra (6th grade.) The event started at 10 am and the park quickly filled with many people and even pets. The park was set up with a sign up/tee shirt booth, dj booth, merchandise tent, raffle booth, and a stand for bagels from Einstein Bros. There were stands for sponsors like Deliver Lean and Lanzo Construction. They also had a frozen yogurt truck and a taco truck. Across the street was a truck to donate blood and people donated blood.

Playing in Orlando

In Orlando Fest, MCD middle school students and lower school students performed and represented MCDS. The competition at Orlando Fest is not easy. Several other schools also have competing bands, choruses, orchestras, and other music performers. The Arts Director, Ms. Alfonso, said, ?I think we have been going to Orlando Fest for about seven years.? ?It is challenging to play in front of judges,? said Ms, Alfonso. At Orlando Fest, the students are graded on several aspects of their performances. Some of these aspects are posture, music reading, dynamics, keeping tempo, and playing the right notes. Grading aspects can be very detailed. For example, EBO students are graded even on their bow direction. Continued on page 6

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This year?s Buoyancy Cup took place on March 9th. The boats who won the Buoyancy Cup were, The Unicorn in first place, The Cig in second place, and Rock the Boat in third place. The Unicorn was built and navigated by Alex Mendelson, Evan Hurwitz, and Ryder Rosenberg. The Cig was built and navigated by Cody Halliwell, Nate Giovannucci, Anthony Calfa, and Tkari Donaldson. And Rock the Boat was built and navigated by Kyle Johnson and James Scher. Out of the twenty-eight teams that participated in the Buoyancy Cup, eleven of those teams made it across the pool and back without their boat sinking. The middle school Buoyancy Cup has been going on for fifteen years. Mr. Finny, the middle school dean of students, explained that the Buoyancy

Sink or F loat? Buoyancy Cup: Agreat MCDStradition Cup started in high school as a physics project. Mr. Hori, the physics teacher in the high school at that time, started the project to show the students how buoyancy works. Middle School Director Mr. Mathes said, ?The Buoyancy Cup has changed over time because of the more entries, better boats, and the number of people who attend to watch it. This year one of our sponsors, which is the company that supplies with all the cleaning people, advertised and gave us some money to advertise. There was a little spot set up where teams would go over and take their picture and got their pictures for free.? Mrs. Muhlig, the 6th grade math teacher, watched the Buoyancy Cup for the first time because this is her first year seeing it. She said that her favorite part about watching the Buoyancy Cup was watching the ones that were having trouble and sort of sinking, but in a good way. ?I think the

Buoyancy Cup is important to the middle school because it gives students a chance to work together and to think creatively,? said Mrs. Muhlig. Amy Bhakta, a seventh grader, who participated in the Buoyancy Cup with her friend Lauren McGaffic, said that she enjoyed the Buoyancy Cup except for when she fell of her boat before it sank. The name of their boat was the Speedy Bees. Jessica Levy, a sixth grader who participated in the Buoyancy Cup, said that her favorite part about the Buoyancy Cup was building her boat called Taste the Rainbow, with her other group mates Cristina Hernandez and Luci Pasqualin. ?I think the middle school Buoyancy Cup is sort of the same from the lower schools Buoyancy Cup,? said Jessica. ?The only thing different were the rules.? Jessica, Cristina, and Luci were able to get their boat across the

L eft: L ogan Sennett, Natalya Neal, Ameya Beohar, and Shaelyn Davis Right: K enneth Bar rett and M ichael Ber nstein

Photos by Alessandra Di Cataldo and Rachel Hodes

pool and back in 2:04 without their boat sinking. Indira Schargel, a sixth grader, said that she enjoyed watching the Buoyancy Cup. ?I enjoyed watching the Buoyancy Cup because I know that the kids that participated in it worked really hard to build their boats, and all the boats came out great!? ?I think that Buoyancy Cup is a great tradition at Miami Country Day School,? said Mr. Fallik, the eighth grade social studies teacher and the middle school journalism teacher, ?I love how much work the students put into their boats and the sense of competition.? Overall this years Buoyancy Cup was great, everyone had fun and all the boats were great! The middle school can?t wait and looks forward to next year's Buoyancy Cup!

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Celebrating Core Values CONTI NUED FROM


Mrs. Pekoc, the seventh grade team leader, and seventh grade science teacher explained that the seventh grade team decides on the Core Values Award winner by also getting together with all the seventh grade teachers. The teachers submit names of students that they think are worthy of the Core Values Award and then they vote on who they think should be the winner. Mrs. Finny, the sixth grade team leader and the sixth grade STEM teacher said, ?I decide who the monthly Core Values recipient by asking the sixth grade team to think about a student they would like to nominate who shows the four core values.? She further explained, ?I think the core values are important to the middle school and to the whole school. We do honor our students because in these years it?s hard, and we try to remind the students who they are and what is important in our community.? Arianna Cartellon, a sixth grader who won the Core Values Award said, ?Ever since I won the Core Values Award, I am more conscious of my behavior because I want to prove that they were right about picking me and not because I know that I am not going to be chosen again.? She also said that it was a surprise to her when her name was called at the assembly because it was her first year at the school, and she didn?t know that middle school had the Core Values Awards.


6th Gr ade Arianna Castellon Gabriel Jaramillo Avery Sinnes Mia Finvarb Broghan Muhlig Lindsey Temes

Photos by Rachel Hodes The team leader s pose for a picture with the M arch Core Values winner s: Broghan M uhlig, Giulianna Schamy and I sabella Tor res.

7th Gr ade Hanley Ramirez Logan Sennett Anthony Calfa Danielle Respler Giulianna Schamy Amy Bhakta 8th Gr ade Miranda Marquez Ben Malamed Riana Doctor Luke Nixdorf Isabella Torres Jake Grossman

Mia Finvarb, a new sixth grader who also won the Core Values Award, said that she was so happy when she won the Core Values Award. ?I feel like all the work I did paid of by winning the Core Values Award.? Below is a list of all the Core Values Award winners:

Above: November Core Values Winner s Anthony Calfa, Aver y Sinnes, and Riana Doctor. Below: October Core Values winner s Ben M alamed, L ogan Sennett, and Gabr iel Jar amillo

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Wendy Walk 2018 Arecord-breaking year ?The event usually raises $20-25,000 and this year it was double,? said Kayla Rosen, she was Wendy?s sister in law. ?When it first started it was 20-25 thousand and then for the last few years we?ve been trying to get sponsors so it?s been more like $30-35,000 and I thought sponsors were a good idea and we should really try and get sponsors because that?s what will make the big difference. And it did? Before the event we already had 16,000 in sponsors. In total the event raised $50,000! ?The Wendy Walk has impacted my life because since I can remember I?ve been doing walks and supporting my aunt with my whole entire family,? said Sierra Rosen. ?Wendy was very sweet, kind, outgoing, and considerate of others,? said Sierra. ?I felt good devoting my time to a family that has lost someone to cancer,? said sixth grader Cecilia Storm. ?I loved walking with my friends and helping with the raffles to raise money for sarcoma,? said Ella Gilderman, a sixth grader. During the three point one mile walk several families in Hibiscus gave out water to the participants. The sun was shining all day so it was important for everyone to stay hydrated. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a great time. Anyone driving past in a car would be able to see the hundreds of smiling faces that day. ?It was a wonderful experience and there was a lot of laughter in the air,? said Jashan Singh. ?I decided to go to the Wendy Walk because I?ve known the Rosens for a long time and I wanted to support their cause,? said Merritt Lubetsky in the sixth grade, ?My favorite part about the Wendy Walk was the actual walk. It was lots of fun.? The Wendy Walk clubs at school are separate from the actual walk, but at the end of the year they donate the money they raise to the charity anyways. In total 400- 450 tickets were sold for a minimum of 20 dollars each. Over 300 people showed up. ?I thought it was fun,? said Cecilia Storm. ?My favorite part was at the end when one of the houses had a sprinkler set up and we got to run into them.?

Sixth grader Tyler Sastre said that the walk is special because it?s walking for cancer and it helps people. ?There?s not that many events for sarcoma and this is a pretty big one,? said Mrs. Rosen In addition the Wendy Walk does other events like spin classes and more.




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Arts and Entertainment Winning OrlandoFest CONTI NUED FROM


ompeting is not the only goal of attending Orlando Fest. Another goal of attending Orlando Fest is to learn and improve in front of judges and audiences. There are



three judges at the competition. Some Middle School performers who have shared thoughts about their experience at Orlando Fest are Renan Custodio, Alex

Kalvarskiy, Felipe Blaya, and Robert Depradine. Robert Depradine plays the violin in both intermediate EBO and Concert Band. Renan Custodio plays the clarinet in the class of Concert Band. Felipe is also a member of the EBO. Renan Custodio said, ?Before the performance, I get scared not to mess up, because I have a microphone next to me.? Other students shared that they had similar experiences as Renan. Alex Kalvarskiy said, ? To prepare for Orlando Fest, our class played the song every time we could.? Alex described the songs that his group played. He said, ?I performed with the clarinet, the songs were the Eye Of The Tiger, March 8th Blues, and Late Pass. The last two songs were written by 8th graders at MCDS.? Felipe Blaya said, ? I prepared by practicing music every morning in my EBO class.? Felipe Blaya also commented, ?I performed the songs "Kabuki Theater", "Fiddling to Boston", and "Star Dancer.? Felipe Blaya said, ?I played music because it was fun to spend time with my friends in class.? ?The only struggle I had was the boring bus ride,? said Alex Kalvarskiy. He also expressed boredom about, ?The wait before we could leave the theatre which was seven hours.? The performances happened on Friday. At the end of the performances, late on Friday, the students went to the hotel to sleep. Early Saturday morning, all of the students and teachers are able to go to Universal Studios at Orlando and have a fun time. The students are able to explore the park without supervision from teachers. Ms. Alfonso said, ?My favorite part about Orlando fest is being with the students.? Felipe Blaya a seventh grader said, ?My favorite part of Orlando Fest is going to the parks, trying all the rides, and spending time with my friends.? In Orlando fest, the students and the teachers stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. Robert Depradine agreed with Felipe when he said, ?My favorite part about Orlando fest is going to Universal and riding all of the rides.? Alex Kalvarskiy also wanted to share the best part of his trip, ?My favorite part about Orlando Fest was spending time in the parks.?

Evening of the Arts BY JAK E GROSSM AN Concert Band member said, ?We practiced during our elective concert band and prepared our pieces for the concert.?


vening Of The Arts is a once a year performance that happens in Spring. There are are many performers in this performance from different elective classes. Some examples of those electives are EBO, Beginning Instruments, Middle School Band, and Dance. All of these electives perform for one day in the CFA for anyone to see.

Marco Pacheco who is in intermediate EBO and Concert Band said, ?I take my instrument home during the weekend to practice.?

Many students have performed in The Evening Of The Arts for many years. Most or all of the these students will continue to perform in high school. They may change their Arts Director Ms. Alfonso said, ?This event is supposed instruments or performing to show what we do in class everyday.? in high school, ?This is my thir d categories because there are other year. it was fun performing arts electives Evening Of The Arts has been a choose from in high performance for each of the last fifteen because we played to school. years. It is hard work for the students and good music and the teachers to make this performance happen. Although the viewers probably people cheered Juan Pablo said, ?This is don?t notice the difficulties, the and there was my third year. it was fun performers and the teachers have them. because we played good

good food.?

In Evening Of The Arts, many of these performers had some struggles preparing for their performance.

- J.P. Casas

Ms Alfonso said ?All the arts disciplines perform including dance, music, drama and theater.? Tyler Koch who is an eighth grader said, ?There was not enough time to change into our new clothes for each performance.? Seventh grader Lucas Velloso who is in Concernt Band said, ?Well, one of us didn?t even have our music.? Declan Scott who is a seventh grader said, ?Well I wasn?t sure about all of the music so I did my best and played the notes I thought were correct at that time.? Juan Pablo Casas who is an eighth grader said, ?Some people were not sure where to go.? Ms Alfonso said, ?It is a challenge to schedule everybody so they get the time that they need. It is hard for visual arts, because they have to display art work. But, other than that, the arts team is very good and we always make it work, because the students are great.? In Evening Of The Arts, different electives practice differently depending on what they are supposed to learn for the performance. It is hard work and takes a lot of practice. Tyler Koch in Dance said, ?We rehearsed, and we did dress rehearsal.s? Some of the students had to learn and practice on their own after class. Declan Scott who is in Beginning EBO said, ?Well I went to EBO; he taught me stuff; and I learned in the class.? Juan Pablo Casas who is in intermediate EBO and

music and people cheered and there was good food.?

Lucas Velloso said, ?This was my second year. It was fun because we got to watch all the other groups perform.? At MCDS it is mandatory to take one arts class during middle school for one year. Tyler Koch said, ?Well, I needed a art elective and Dance was pretty fun so I heard. That made me choose dance.? Juan Pablo said, ?I enjoy listening to music. So I chose music.?

MCDS has many performances in addition to Evening Of The Arts. For example, there is a fall concert and a spring concert performed at the auditorium at school. Some performing groups also perform at assemblies. Also, Evening Of The Arts and the other school performances include high school music class performers.

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The Newest Game Obsession

The Funniest Show on TV


Fortnite is a very popular video game. The game consists of mostly building, shooting, and trying to get a Victory Royale.

BY NOAH GAUDET Impractical Jokers is a funny TV show that has been on TV for a very long Time. The TV show came out on December 15, 2011, and aired on TruTv and Comedy Central UK.

The TV show Impractical Jokers has 160 episodes available to watch as of now. The show is still releasing episodes as their last episode was May 3, 2018. The Impractical Jokers cast has a net worth totaled of 2.4 million dollars.

The main cast members of the show are James Murray, Sal Vulcano, Joseph Gatto, and Brian Quinn. The characters' My favorite episode of Impractical Jokers names in the show are also was definitely when the guys their real life names. These in New Orleans and took These four best were Four guys work very well sips from random people?s fr iends do together and it is easy to tell drinks. The loser of this that they are really good episode had to turn into a anything to friends and have a lot of fun swamp monster. when they are joking around make their show with each other. the funniest out Another one of my favorite there. episodes was when Joe, Murr, Since the cast works so well Sal, and Q go into the together the show is very supermarket and take items from random entertaining and fun to watch. peoples carts. In this episode they also The whole point of the show is for the pretend to know random people , and the four guys to compete in public challenges objective of this was to get that person to and embarrass themselves in front of their agree with them. The loser of this episode audience on TV. The people they're had to ask random people if their pranking and the loser of that episode has wedding proposal was good enough. to do something very embarrassing at the end of the show. There are many reasons why I really like this show and one of them is because they Something they have done at the end of do things that other pranksters would not an episode was a challenge in front of an do. These four best friends do anything to audience that made the loser of the day make their show the funniest out there. feel the pain of pregnant woman.

In Fortnite there are two modes: Battle Royale and Save the World mode. In Battle Royale you play until the last person standing, and in Save the World you kill all the zombies. The initial release date for Fortnite Battle Royale was July 25, 2017. The developers have been working on Save the World since 2011. The Designer of Fortnite is Darren Sugg, and the composure is Rom Di Prisco. The publishers of the game are Epic Games and Gearbox Software. The Developers are Epic Games and People Can Fly.

In Fortnite there are three types of gamemodes there is Solo which you play by yourself. There is Duos mode which you play with one other person and Squads mode which is a squad up to four people. In the Squads game mode and Duos there is a setting that you can play by yourself against other Squads or Duos. There are also new game modes that are there for a small period of time like, Sniper Shootout, 20 vs 20, High Explosives, Blitz, 50 vs 50, Solid Gold, etc. Continued on next page


Surviving Mars is a new video game that was released on March 15, 2018, with awesome creativity. It is a single player game with a building aspect to it. The goal is to make a colony on Mars that survives until the colony is destroyed by the game itself. There is no winning or game completion, but there are achievements. It is an infinite timeline with infinite solutions. But, the game throws random conditions at the player. There are different options to start the game. Set-up options include establishing different sponsors which allow different starting playing tools and aids that will help the player. Set up happens on the startup screen. One of the different set-up options is to determine how many ships a player can operate and take back to earth in the mission. The most often used set-up is with sponsor International Mars Mission. Choosing sponsor International Mars

Mission, the player has four trips back to earth. Another set-up choice involves the commander profile. The commander profile set-up allows the player to change how much knowledge he or she has about surviving on Mars. The commander set-up choices are many: Inventor, Oligarch, Hydro Engineer,

Doctor, Psychologist, Politician, Futurist, Ecologist, Astrologist, and Rocket Scientist. If you start as a doctor you will have more knowledge about taking care of the people in your colony. On the other hand, if you start as a rocket scientist then you have more knowledge about fixing your rocket. The set-up choices are so detailed that

they also include a logo for the player?s mission. The logo has minimal effect on the game, but it changes how the player?s rocket appears and other physical properties that are built throughout the game which also carry the player?s logo. A final mission set-up involves what is called a Mystery Section which allows the player to change the storyline of the mission. Basically, this means that the player?s set-up can decide nearly all components of how his or her game ? the mission - is played through, including how it starts and finishes.

Once a player finishes his set-up, the mission starts and his spaceship lands on Mars at the area chosen by the player. The game designers introduce real photographs to show the terrain where the player is. Continued on next page

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The Biggest Superhero Movie Ever BY A RTYOM T RUK HACHEV SPOI L ER-FREE REVI EW Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that Marvel has been working on for almost a decade. It is a very iconic film that was made from all of the comic books, the previous movies, and superheroes. They have all led to this iconic movie. Most of the movie is about Thanos who is the main protagonist, and is trying to steal the Infinity Stones, The Infinity Stones are six incredibly powerful objects relating to different aspects of the universe. These stones were created by the Cosmic Entities. Each one of the stones possesses unique capabilities that have been enhanced and altered by various aliens. There are six stones total, there is the time stone, mind stone, soul stone, reality stone, power stone, and the space stone. If you possess all of the stones at once you have the power to kill half the universe with the snap of your fingers. To watch Infinity War you have to understand it fully. To understand it fully you will need to watch Dr. Strange. You will also need to see the first and other previous Avengers movies. You also need to see most of the other marvel movies so you can understand this movie. The powers of these heroes you won?t really know until you see the superheroes movie, like his or her own movie. The movie is kind of confusing because Thanos is supposed to be the villain but the movie is about him, so in the movie the protagonist is Thanos, and all the other superheroes are the antagonists. The settings of the movie are very nice, like Earth, Titan which is a fictional planet where Thanos?s relatives were originally made. There is also Vomir where the soul stone is located. There is also the human-made star Nidavellir and Knowhere, which is where all of Thanos?s spaceships are located. There was Zen-Whoberi where Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy is from. The superheroes in this movie had wonderful acting. Chris Hemsworth as Thor especially did a really good job, Spiderman?s Tom Holland also did very well. Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man did a wonderful job as well as all the other actors in this movie. The first Avengers movie was similar to this movie in various ways. The movies were similar because Thanos made the attack in the first movie with the aliens, and he had those exact aliens attack Wakanda, which in my opinion was the best part of the movie. Those aliens in the first movie were actually Thanos?s aliens which it talks about in the movie. This movie?s directors were Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. They did a wonderful job directing this film. These directors also did well directing the last two Captain America movies, and they will direct the next Avengers movie. These directors did an overall really good job. This new movie is on top of the grossing charts this year, with the movie?s total grossing as of May 1 to be $857,531,270 Worldwide, $322,831,270 Domestically, and the Far r ight: Captain Amer ica meets his match in Thanos. Bottom r ight: Shur i, from Black Panther, makes an appear ance in I nfinity War.

rest foreign. The release date of this movie was April 27,2018. The runtime of the movie is 2 hours, 3 minutes. Marvel is releasing a new Avengers movie in 2019, and everybody is hoping that it will continue the way Infinity War ended. The movie?s widest release has been 4,474 theaters, which is a lot of movie theaters if you think about it and that was only 6 days after the release.

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Surviving Mars CONTI NUED FROM Immediately, the player has three rovers or little ships with different responsibilities and abilities. The different rovers or RC?s are called RC Explorer, RC Rover, and RC Transport. The names of each RC is somewhat self-explanatory. The RC explorer is used to explore new areas during the mission on Mars and acquire knowledge, for example about materials. The RC explorer has a small storage unit that allows it to collect materials. The RC Rover is used to transport all kinds of stuff and people, and it also has a small storage unit for materials. The RC Transport has the largest storage unit. It transports the materials needed in a player?s mission to build where and what is needed to complete the mission. The RCs collect the materials to build the player?s colony. The better the player builds his colony, the longer it will last. There are hundreds of different materials on Mars. The most important building category that is needed is what generators for the colony to operate. After a player collects the necessary resources using the RCs, he can build a power generator. For example, one of the power generators that is most economical in cost is a wind




power generator.

The reason Fortnite got so popular was because of the way you are able to build, The cost is important because cheaper and there many different places on the items can be at the beginning of the map, like Greasy Groove, Tomato Town, game. The building opportunities are Pleasant Park, Retail Row, Tilted Towers, very diverse. A player can have cables and a lot of more fun places. There is also that power other machines. For example, places that are unnamed like the place a drill can be used to collect concrete and next to Flush Factory, the Motel, the glass which are two materials useful as forbidden Castle, and etc. the game plays out. A player can also power a space dome and have oxygen inside and then have farmers to grow There is breaking news that tilted towers food for other places that mine resources is getting destroyed by a meteor. Proof of to build more. this happening is the telescopes pointing up, a giant blue flair in the sky, a creepy The mission involves creating a voicemail saying that the world will end civilization. The better the civilization on April 18th, and rumors that, that?s the better the colony. when tilted was getting destroyed, but it didn?t happen so we don?t know if it?s Another customization for this game?s real. Everyone now is confused with what mission is that you can change attitudes the developers are going to replace Tilted of the NPCs (game characters) encountered by the player in the game. I Towers with, but on April 18th it didn?t have not seen this in any other game. For happen, so maybe in Season 4 we?ll find out what happens. example, you can make the game?s mission more difficult by adjusting MPCs attitudes. An intriguing attitude The item shop is a big part of Fortnite, choice example is that a player can make new skins coming out everyday, very rare the MPCs act like they hate each other or skins that never came out ever again. act normal as if they have no opinion. There is a very rare backpack or backbling as it is called in Fortnite, the Brite Bag, it The home is a leaked backbling that only the screen set-up options are so founders of the game should have, but intricate that a some people say you can get it if you find three llamas in a game, or if you hack you player can can probably get it. A llama is a type of change how chest that there are only three of, in a his or her building looks game, you can probably find one in a game if you?re lucky, but not even close to and where three. they are positioned in the game. Another rare item is the Skull Trooper, These building and the Ghoul Trooper, which both came set-up options out on a Halloween special event, these allow a player two skins are some of the most sawed to create a after skins in Fortnite, the reason is because of how cool they look, the rarity, and that most people who have the skin are pros, because Halloween was when the game pretty much almost came out, so you must be good if you played for that long. The Ghoul Trooper is probably the one that?s more rare, because it was more



expensive and a bit ugly in some people opinions. V-bucks are a currency in the game which you can buy with real money, and you can buy V-bucks on Fortnite, and you can use V-bucks to buy stuff in game like, skins, pickaxes, hang gliders, dances, and other cool stuff. The Battle Pass is a thing you buy with V-bucks, and it?s challenges that you complete for cool skins, dances, gliders, etc. There is a battle pass for every season, and you have to buy it again every season, The battle pass in season two ended on tier 70, and you got the very cool black knight skin, and for Season three, it went up to tier 100, and the reward is The Reaper, but they basically put John Wick in the game, which is awesome. They usually have a theme for every battle pass like for season two it was medieval, and for season three it was space. But for Season one there was no battle pass because they were still developing the game. Save the World isn?t the best part about Fortnite, it is basically a co-op Survival game, and there is zombies coming at you and you have to kill all of them, Fortnite was originally supposed to be just the Save the World, but they came up with Battle Royale later on, and the bad thing about Save the World is because the game costs money, Fortnite Battle Royale you can get for free, you can just download it. Save the World on the other hand is minimum $40, which is pretty expensive for that game because it?s not the best of games. Fortnite came out with a mobile version and it is basically Battle Royale, but on mobile devices. It is awesome that they got to make a mobile version because it is hard to make a game the same as it is from console on to mobile, so that?s impressive.


George and the two other animals tear across North America destroying everything in their path.


ampage is a science fiction movie with an insane amount of action all throughout the movie. In the movie Rampage Davis Okoye, a primatologist has an unbreakable bond with an albino gorilla named George. Davis had saved this gorilla when he was just a baby and when George?s mom was murdered in front of him. When a science experiment comes crashing down on earth, George the gorilla gets infected by the CRISPR and turns in a huge powerful creature. As

CRISPR was a science experiment done in space and when it got out of hand it had come crashing down on earth. As George and the two other animals tear across North America destroying everything in their path. Davis Okoye is determined to get his best friend back to his normal self and tries to make sure nobody gets hurt during the process. Dr. Kate Caldwell shows up and apparently knows a cure for Davis?s beloved gorilla. Davis is ready to do whatever it takes to get George cured. Davis and Dr. Kate Caldwell go through much trouble to get to Chicago trying to find the cure for these animals before they destroy

Chicago and hurt the people living there. I enjoyed everything about the movie even though it was very nonfictional. The connection between Davis and George the Gorilla really set the tone of the movie. Rampage also had a lot of action all throughout the movie keeping it very entertaining.

Rampage is a movie based on the arcade game ?Rampage? from 1986. The arcade game was created by Bally Midway. In the Arcade Game, you choose a character which you then destroy buildings with to gain points while the military is also after you, trying to kill you which will make you lose. Warner Bros currently owns all rights to the property with their purchase of Midway Games.

Rampage is an action-packed movie with everyone?s favorite, Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of a The director of Rampage was Brad primatologist, Davis Peyton. Brad Peyton was also " Rampage also had one of the four producers along Okoye. The movie also has other great a lot of action all with Beau Flynn, Hiram Garcia, cast members like and John Rickard. Carlton throughout the Cruse, Ryan J. Condal, and Naomie Harris (Dr. Kate Caldwell) from movie keeping it Adam Sztykiel were the ones 007 and Pirates of the had written the screenplay ver y enter taining." who Caribbean movies. for the movie. The movie had a Another important very high budget of 120 million character from the movie was Jeffrey dollars. The movie was filmed in the city Dean Morgan (Agent Russell) who also of Chicago, Illinois. played in the Walking Dead and Grey?s Anatomy. Rampage was brought to theaters in the United States April 13, 2018. Rampage is The three animals in the movie were releasing in the rest of the world infected by CRISPR. CRISPR had turned throughout the months of April and May. the animals infected by it into huge powerful creatures. The main animal It has grossed $334 million worldwide, affected from the movie rampage was an making it the eighth highest-grossing albino gorilla (George). The other two film of 2018. The movie made animals affected by it were a fox and a $35,753,093 on 15 April 2018 which was crocodile. These three animals team up to the wide release of the movie. destroy the city of Chicago

blackmails him is someone that sometimes hangs out with his group, but none of them really like him. He just follows them around and infiltrates himself in everyone's business. His name is Martin, and he?s kind of the typical annoying geek.

REVIEW: Love, Simon Love, Simon is a teen romantic started BY A L ESSANDRA DI CATAL DO comedy. The movie is about a emailing 17-year old that comes out of the closet each other every day. It became a routine as a homosexual. He hid who he was for and something for Simon to look forward a long time until one day one of his best to. After a while, Simon started to try to friends called him and told him to check figure out who Blue was. That is what out a web site. It was a website that the whole story is about, figuring out everyone used, and so everyone could who Blue is. see what other people posted on it. Simon?s friend, Leah, was the one that Later in the movie, Simon was so told him to go to the website. anxious to hear from Blue, that he uses the school?s public computer to email The characters are the typical teenagers. him. When he was done, he got They go to school every morning, get distracted by a teacher and forgets to sign coffee on the way, and complain about out of his account. After he just leaves their lives. But they talk about their the library one of his feelings and they?re sensitive. That?s not ?friends?looked something that teens really do nowadays. through all his emails and decided to blackmail him. He tells There he saw that there was someone like Simon that if he him, someone that was in the closet, but doesn?t get his friend, this person came out online. They signed Abby, to date him, he?s the paragraph as Blue since they didn?t going to show want to reveal their identity to everyone. everyone the emails. The moment Simon saw that he Simon, feeling trapped, immediately related to it. decided to do what the blackmailer was asking him to do. Simon decided to email Blue to show his support. He told Blue about his story and how he feels being in the same situation The ?friend?that as him. After that day, Simon and Blue

I actually enjoyed this movie. I found it inspiring and very romantic. I also found it motivating for the LGBTQ, it?s something that kind of represents them. Becky Albertalli is the author of the book, ?Simon vs. The Homo sapiens Agenda?, which later became ?Love, Simon?. The author says she has learned

a lot in the five years since she started writing Simon vs The Homo sapiens Agenda, particularly about who has the right to tell certain stories. ?It?s kind of awful that we have gotten to 2018 without this being a part of our culture,? said Albertalli. "But sometimes I get kids who are not in a place where it is safe to come out, but they read the book and they felt less alone because of it." The budget for this movie was $17 million, which is very little compared to most movies. In return the movie made over $50 million. Considering how little the cast was, and that they didn?t have many sets, you could tell that not much money was spent on it.

REVIEW: AWrinkle in Time Despite the amazing visual effects in the movie A Wrinkle in Time the story line was confusing and didn?t make sense. Throughout the movie I was a little confused because certain scenes didn?t add any value to the movie and made me rethink the lessons and the points that should be learned from watching it. A Wrinkle in Time was released into theaters February 26, 2018. The movie is about a teenage girl named Meg Murray and her quest to find her father, Dr. Murray played by Chris Pine, who has been missing for five years. She is accompanied on this journey by her adopted younger brother Charles Wales and a boy from her school named Calvin O?Keefe. In addition there are three ?beings? that can shape shift into whatever they?d like but for the majority of the story they look humans. Their names are Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who. Meg Murray, the protagonist, is played by Storm Reid. Calvin O?Keefe is played by Levi Miller. Charles Wallace played by Deric McCabe. Meg is an awkward and troublesome girl. She is picked on by the school bully and was sent to the principal office for her bad grades. Charles Wales is an odd kid and, basically a genius. It is ironic because even though he has book smarts he is easily brainwashed and still very ignorant, as are all children his age. Calvin is a sweet boy and is very curious

of Meg. This might Charles welcomes his BY RACHEL H ODES be because he?s trying friend Mrs. Whatsit. to distract himself from himself from his Before the scene ends Mrs. Whatsit says own circumstances or because he the tesseract is real and runs out. genuinely cares about her and may even like her. The tesseract is the discovery that Dr. Murray made and supposably disappeared because of it. When Mrs. The Missus are played by Reese Whatsit says this it gives Witherspoon, (Mrs. Whatsit) Oprah the family hope and once Winfrey, (Mrs.Which) and Mindy Kaling that happens the story picks (Mrs. Who). Since the director chose to up quickly. put these famous people in the movie, I believe it took away from the movie and Of course it is impossible focused on the actors rather than the plot. to include all the details a I found it hard to concentrate on the story book includes into one line when I kept focusing on Oprah as an movie but the writer actress. She is such a powerful person, as definitely could've gone is Witherspoon and Kaling. In a way it into more detail on the evil made some sense because these forces that are trying to characters have been living for billions of destroy all good. The years and larger-than-life like. characters spent too much time on earth and didn?t get to the bad planet with This movie is practically Storm Reids? enough time to develop the big break and by adding these iconic climax. women took a lot of attention off of her. Although these actresses weren?t necessary for the movie it definitely Even though the movie hyped it up way more. wasn?t that great it did a pretty good job following the book and first movie. The movie began the same way the book did that was published in 1962. It was a dark and stormy night when Meg, The budget for the movie Charles, and their mother Kate played by was 250 million and as of Gugu Mbatha-Raw were in the kitchen. May 2 the movie has made Charles was making them sandwiches 126.5 million. This was a and warm milk because he couldn?t huge loss of money for sleep. All of a sudden a mysterious Disney. character comes with rag like clothing. Meg and her mother are in shock while

REVIEW: Three Wynwood When you walk into Three Wynwood the restaurant has very unique decorations all throughout inspired by the mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The restaurant has blue chairs, green sofas, and black with gold tables. These colors are all inspired from the art Frida Kahlo did. The restaurant overall has a very unique interior that you will not see anywhere else.

BY T HOM AS VAN DER L EEGTE Three Wynwood has one hundred seats and a ten seat chef counter. As you walk in there is immediately a bar located straight ahead. Across from the bar is a counter set up with chairs where you could also sit if you would like too.

The outside of the restaurant where the entrance is has a sign glowing blue saying ?Three?. Around the sign by the entrance there are three very colorful pieces of art. These three pieces of art could are most likely there because the restaurant is called ?Three?.

On Rotten Tomatoes the Tomatometer gave the movie 39% Rotten. I wouldn't discourage someone from seeing this movie because once again the visual are pretty impressive. I would say though for someone who has read this book and likes it a lot to not get their hopes up.

which had opened for preview October 26, 2017. The restaurant did very well on their opening day and went on from there. The restaurant has a very famous chef, Norman Van Aken is known as the founding father of New World Cuisine. Norman Van Aken makes the most delicious Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African, and American

Continued on page 16 Three Wynwood is a new restaurant

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Sports Spring Sports Wrap-up BY T HOM AS VAN DER L EEGTE The Spring Sports for the middle school flew by this year with many wins and losses. The Spring Sports for the middle school were baseball, water polo, softball, JV and V lacrosse, and the girls and boys tennis teams. The middle school's boys tennis team ended the season with the best record of all the Spring Sports with 8 wins and only 1 loss against Ransom Everglades. The baseball team ended off their season with 3 wins and 11 losses. The baseball team had won two games against Doctors Charter and their other win of the season was against Cushman. 8th Grader Jake Goldberg said that he was not pleased with the outcome of the season and thought the team could have done better throughout the season. The water polo team ended off the season with 1 win against Riviera Prep and the other 7 games ended up as losses. 8th grader Jake Grossman said that even though he thought the team could have done better, he still had a lot of fun during the season. The softball team played as well as they could and beat the number 1 team in the conference said assistant coach Jeffrey Watson. The Softball team had 6 wins and 7 losses this season. Assistant coach Jeffrey Watson also said that he was very pleased with the outcome of the season because of the level of talent the team had.

The JV lacrosse team played a very well season with 7 wins and 3 losses. The team had lost two of the three games against Belen and the other one against Ransom. Even though the team had many new players who had not played lacrosse before, they had still managed to have a great season with lots of potential in the future. The varsity lacrosse team had ended the season with 4 wins and 6 losses. eighth-grader Noah Gaudet said he was happy with the outcome of the season but still thought the team could have done way better then they did. Even though he thought the team could have done better he ended up having a lot of fun and will definitely play again next season for the high school team.

loss against Ransom. 8th Grader Zack Freedman said, ?I was not pleased with the outcome of the season because we had lost the last game of the season?. Zack said that he felt the team could have done better but in the end, he had a lot of fun. The head coaches for the Spring Sports teams were Jimmy Simpson (Baseball), Eleni Pizanias (Water Polo), Chaka Bainbridge (JV and V Lacrosse), Janet Haas (Boys & Girls Tennis), and Chris Antonopoulos (Softball).

The Spring Sports awards ceremony took place on Wednesday, May 8, 2018.

Photos by Open I Studio

The Spring Sports for the middle school all had an overall good season even though some had many losses they had all have gotten better and hope to have more wins next season.

The girls' tennis team had 6 wins and 4 losses at the end of the season. 7th Grader Lucia Burton said she was happy with the outcome of the season and enjoyed being on the team. She also said that she enjoyed playing with the team and hopes to be on the high school tennis team next season. The boys' tennis team had the best record of the middle school spring sports with 8 wins and 1

Spring Sports Awards M iddle School Baseball Most Valuable Player Award ? Timmy Houser Most Improved Player Award ? Yoav Haiat Spartan Award ? Dario Martin Gold Glove Award ? Jake Wyka Boys M iddle School L acrosse Most Valuable Player Award ? Noah Gaudet, Beck Trafton Coaches Award ? James Brill, Andrea Pantin Most Improved Player Award ? Daniel Estupinan, Evan Hurwitz Defensive Player of the Year Award ? Rainen O?Kurley, Romeu Szulc Boys M iddle School Tennis Most Valuable Player Award ? Daniel Tzalik Most Improved Player Award ?Luca Donayre Coaches Award ? Efe Deniz

Gir ls M iddle School Tennis Most Valuable Player Award ? Lucia Burton Rookie of the Year Award ? Scout Hudson Most Improved Player Award ? Remi Rosenfeld Gir ls Var sity Water Polo Spartan Award ? Chloe Cartledge M iddle School Water Polo Offensive Player of the Year Award ? Kenneth Barrett Coaches Award ? Jake Grossman Spartan Award ? Chloe Fong Defensive Player of the Year Award ? Tommaso Figari

Middle Schoolers Help Score Another Championship BY A L ESSANDRA DI CATAL DO

This year there are six middle school students playing in the the Varsity Girls Basketball Team. The students are Riana Doctor (8th), Kristina Godfrey (7th), Karina Gordon (7th), D'Yani Gregoire (8th), Sydney Shaw (8th), and Emani Theodule (8th). Coach O, who also coaches middle school girls volleyball, is the coach for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. This is his 14th year coaching varsity girls, he?s never coached anywhere else. All of his coaching experience has been here, in Miami Country Day. ?My favorite part about coaching is actually seeing kids achieve their dreams and goals, in terms of playing college basketball,? said Coach O, ?We?ve been fortunate to have a lot of our kids to actually move on to a lot of good colleges to play.?

Emani Theodule, an eighth grader on the team, has been playing for five years. But this is her first year on the team. One of her favorite parts about being on the team is learning from her coach and her teammates.

Riana Doctor, another eighth grader on the team, has been playing the sport for three years. This is her first year on the team too. She really likes scoring in the games.

?My favorite part of the sport is scoring in offence,? said Emani, ?I love basketball. It?s a big part of my life, I play it everyday.?

?My favorite thing about being part of the team is experiencing teamwork.? stated Riana. ?Basketball is a big part of my life, because it will help me go to college for free.?

Karina Gordon, a seventh grader, has been on the team for just one year. She has been playing for three years. Her most cherished part of basketball, like Emani, is scoring.

?My favorite thing about being part of the team is that we act as if we?re a family so we get along really well,? said eighth grader, D?Yani Gregoire, ?So off the basketball court we?re all really close.?

?My favorite part of being on this team is getting to travel with my teammates and have fun with them,? stated Karina. ?Basketball is definitely a big part of my life, if I didn?t play basketball I wouldn?t travel as much.?

He feels that the middle school players are very important. One of the things they?ve been able to do in terms of sustaining the excellence, is they?re been able to get kids out of middle school level. Which they?re able to keep them for a very long time, and so if they are able to impart their habits on the kids earlier, the program just stays at a certain level for longer period of time. Because the earlier they get them, the better they can help them become.

She has been playing for Country Day for three years and a half, but she?s been on varsity for only a year and a half. D?Yani started playing basketball since third grade. ?My favorite thing about basketball is being able to compete against other people and show my skills.?

She said that it?s a big part of her life, because when she?s on her senior year she?s going to try to get a scholarship so she can go to college. Kristina Godfrey is the other seventh grader on the team. She?s been playing basketball since she was four years old, but this is her first year on the team. She likes playing with a team and having fun in the court. ?The best thing about being part of the Country Day team is being able to travel a lot, and we play a good team so it?s good competition.? said Kristina. These are all the amazing middle school students in the varsity girls basketball team. They all have bright futures in this team, considering that they have so much talent at such a young age.

Sydney Shaw, is one of the eighth graders on the team. She has been playing for three years, the same amount of time she?s been on the team. She loves the thrill she gets on the games, and her teammates. ?It?s definitely a big part of my life,? said Sydney, ?I don?t know what I would be doing if I wasn?t playing basketball.?

Photos by Alessandra Di Cataldo M iddle School Var sity basketball player s (From left): D'yani Gregoire, Emani Theodule, K r istina Godfrey, and Sydney Shaw. Not pictured: K ar ina Gor don and Riana Doctor.

Tennis season comes to an end BY A RTYOM T RUK HACHEV Tennis is a very competitive, and important sport in Miami Country Day. ?We don?t really do drills in practice, and when we warm up we just hit the ball back and forth, and sort of just get loose, but we do run a lot in practice and you could get tired really easily.? Said Scout Hudson who plays on the Girls Tennis Team. ?Tennis doesn?t intervene with school because school is work, and Tennis is hard. But if I had to choose school s more important than tennis.? ?The start of practice we do some drills, play some games, and just play against each other.? said, 8th grade boys tennis

player Lucas Chemla. ?So i got on the tennis team by trying out in 6th grade and I made top 5 so I didn?t have to tryout anymore, basically if you?re a starter, which is numbers 1-5 then you don?t have to tryout the next year or any other year.? ?The drills that we do are, in & out which is when one person hits the ball to another person, play a game, and then after one point another person goes, and then the other person.? said Lucas Chemla. ?We divide it up sometimes boys and girls, and sometimes together, and we practice our forehands our backhands, we do volleys, serves, overheads, and so we have a big basket out balls, and we just keep feeding the balls, and everybody just works on their strokes, placement, and their game.? Said Tennis head coach Janet Haas. Janet has been working hard and coaching tennis, basketball, cross country, for more than forty years, and almost fourteen years at this

school. Janet is a very experienced coach and she knows lots of good and helpful drills to make you better and stronger. ?Tournaments from my perspective are very good, we love the competition, we love going to other schools, maybe making new friends, I love watching the team play 5 singles, 2 doubles, for boys and girls, all the kids have lots of fun, they love seeing other players from other schools play, and that?s the most important part and the fun part is competing. This year the biggest competition for the boys was Ransom and for the girls it?s Carrollton.? Said Janet Haas. ?The games that we play are touch defense, king of the court, and mostly just sets.? Said 8th grade Tennis player Daniel Tzalik, ?So the boys team has played 9 games and my individual record is 7-2, or 7 wins and 2 loses.? Coach Frigerio said that it is her first year coaching the middle school tennis team at Miami Country Day. ?At the beginning of the year, we usually did singles, and doubles in practice, and now we just let the kids choice what do,

like touch defense, in and out, sets, kind of the court we do sometimes, and all of those games.? Said Coach Frigerio, ?The boys are 8-1 so the boys killed it this season, and matches, they have been very competitive, we never had easy wins, they were competitive.? Coach Frigerio also said, ?The girls with the most potential I think are Scout Hudson, and Lucia Burton, because the both try very hard, they learned a lot this year, and they are both just really good players, Lucia on the team is #1 and Scout #3, and on the boys team its #1 Max Castanon who is probably the best on the team, and he?s also only in 7th grade so that makes him have more potential I think.? Nina Vara said, ?An average practice is us having fun, playing games like touch defense, king of the court, sets, and just lots of games.? ?My individual record is 8-1 so I?ve played 9 games, won 8, lost 1.? Said Lucia Burton. ?So on the boys team the #1 player is good, but other players could also beat him, so I would say #1 or #2.?

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Around MCDS One Student's Experience with the Oratorical Contest BY A NA M UNI Z RODRI GUEZ

Teachers always tell you that the hardest thing about writing an essay is starting it, and of course, they are right. Writing my oratorical essay took a long time and was very difficult. I would spend class time writing the first paragraph, only to delete it at home. Then after writing about a million versions of the same paragraph, I decided to do a personal take on the essay. Since I come from a long line of immigrants I felt the best way to approach this was by telling my own story. Once I started writing, I couldn?t stop and I wound up finishing my oratorical essay in one day. It was easy presenting the subject since I am so passionate about it and it affects me in a personal way. I was shocked that I had qualified for the final round but not because I thought I did badly, but rather

because the thought of speaking in front of the whole middle school made me very very nervous. I practiced and practiced until I had almost memorized it. Presenting my speech was the easiest part of the whole contest! The hardest part was definitely writing my essay. I?m very grateful for the experience that the oratorical contest has given me. I have learned a lot, and even lost some of the fear of presenting in front of a large audience.

Clockwise from top left: Jose Garcia, Ana M uniz Rodr iguez, Oleg Petukhov, and M ir anda M arquez

Advice: Be Kind BY JAM ES SCHER Seek kindness The importance of being kind goes a long way. Being kind makes YOU feel good. An act of kindness leaves an everlasting impact that is not forgotten. Think of a time in your life when someone was kind to you or when you showed kindness to others. I bet you never forgot that moment. As I reflect on my 2 years I spent at

Movie Night

MCDS I would like to share some advice. Reach out to others who are not so popular. Put yourself in their shoes. Think how nice it would be to notice those who pass you by with a simple gesture of striking up a conversation. Perhaps you won?t become best of friends but the thought of letting someone know that they matter and are noticed will have a wonderful impact. Being sensitive to others makes you a better person. You have the power to make someone feel better by just being kind. We all crave to feel love and acceptance, for some it?s not as easy to fit in. Step out of your comfort

This year, the 8th gr ade r aised $1,000 to donate to a school in Puer to Rico. On Fr iday, M arch 9 they hosted a M ovie Night fund r aiser. They showed the classic film, Back to the Future. it was a fun night for ever yone, and helped reach the $1,000 fund-r aising goal.

zone and appreciate the differences in others. Seek kindness, seek gratitude, seek peace, seek love. This is my last year at MCDS. I made a wonderful friend with someone at MCDS. Most people would ignore him. They would ignore him because of his differences. He may not look or act cool enough for others but for me I saw in him a sweet person who needed a friend. I saw myself in him. I did not want him to feel the way I used to when I first started out here. Not having anyone to talk to had a profound

impact on me. I?m not sure how many of you realize that there are kids at school who walk around feeling like they don?t belong, who are not popular or cool enough. It sucks to feel like you are not good enough to be noticed. If you decided to do a lot less judging and a lot more loving, that would make a huge difference. Be good, be your true self, and just be kind. Practice empathy and your heart will feel rich.

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Maker Fair

Best Buddies Fifteen of our Best Buddies club member s had a fun and meaningful day on M arch 9 bowling with their Buddies from The L ear ning Exper ience School in South M iami.

Page 16 agree with the server?s suggestion. An item they only make during dinner hours, the tuna tartare which is served with baby lettuce, and a sauce that is a creativity from the kitchen, blending condiments from different continents and you have a lemony creamy sauce. By just blending, yuzu with sabayon!

REVIEW: Kyu Wynwood through the KYU, an Asian restaurant located in BY CHL OE POROSOFF menu, I Wynwood, one of Miami?s most noticed many environmentally friendly happening districts where graffiti artists choices. Grass fed beef, range chicken, are found. Opened in February of 2016, and duck. with a James Beard nomination a year later, for ?Best New Restaurant?. KYU, a wood fire Asian experience has a team Then we ordered our appetizers. The that plants trees for the wood used for avocado salad prepared with feta cheese cooking. and a zesty lemon ginger dressing, which is homemade. My father and I shared our favorite, and also a favorite of the chief When you first walk into the restaurant delegator of the restaurant. The pork and you are not only greeted by the hostess shiitake gyoza, alongside a smoked but also by the artwork. As soon as my truffle ponzu sauce for dipping. My family and I were seated, we were mother decided to be more daring and approached with a menu. As I read

As for the entrĂŠe we decided to pick and share from the Smoked section. The Beef Short Ribs cooked with sweet soy and garlic sauce. This entrĂŠe was succulent and the flavors are salty and sweet. The dessert list is simple with interesting flavors. My suggestions, if you are a chocolate fanatic, is the dark chocolate s?mores cake with banana-bourbon ice cream, topped with toasted marshmallow. Do not dare to walk away without tasting

REVIEW: Three Wynwood Chef Norman van Aken has won many awards such as the James Beard Award for Best Chef and I recommend you try his food at Three Wynwood.

would definitely be the fried chicken and waffles. Three Wynwood also serves sweets on the brunch menu such as french toast.

Three Wynwood has the option of having a 3 course meal or even the 5 course meal.

The Three Wynwood lunch menu contains foods such as shrimp ceviche,potato salad, and tomato salads as the first plate. As the main plate they have foods such as scallops and grilled duck breast. The best part of the lunch menu is definitely the dessert in which they serve homestead mulberry pie covered in whip cream.

Three Wynwood is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are also private events available at Three Wynwood which you would need to email them for more information. For Brunch at Three Wynwood they have delicious seafoods such as roasted oysters and ceviche. They also serve snacks for brunch like tomato soup and biscuits. My favorite on the brunch menu

Three Wynwood has an amazing dinner menu which contains grilled papaya and a really good spiced flounder. The restaurant also has very unique desserts for after dinner which are all different types of cheeses from all over the world.

MCDSEvening of Dance

the chef's selection of sorbet flavors depending on season. Mango sorbet is not one to ignore. Sorbets, are refreshing, 100 percent natural without additives, and great dessert during a warm summer evening. So why did I choose KYU? The concept of KYU of being a green restaurant, and for every time it takes from nature it gives back in folds. The Chief delegator was the former General Manager for Zuma, a well-known sushi restaurant on Brickell and downtown Miami frequently visited by celebrities. The Chef Mr. Michael Lewis believes that ?the art of finding perfection is something imperfect? this is also called wabi-sabi in Japanese philosophy. Cooking is an art, and not every dish will satisfy everyone. At KYU, the open kitchen can be seen from any place you sit. Inside KYU?s kitchen, the team is creating the epitome of taste by using sustainable local meats and fish as well as organic fruits and vegetables. No wonder it can take two to 4 weeks depending on the moth to get a table reserved. Delightful to find condiments from different continents come together to make a dipping sauce or a bowl of rice. KYU is the best!




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