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July 2022



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JULY 2022 • VOL. 43 NO. 7

20 | Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Predicting the outcome of a Sales Meeting is easy. Sort of.

Industry News 26 Nuts & Bolts

30 Shifting Gears

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38 New Products


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6 | Under-promise and over-deliver


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12 | Bottom Line Gary Bartecki


16 | Feature Story The Raymond Corporation

This issue will examine ways to increase sales and time efficiencies by switching things up from your daily routines.

A Century of Innovation drives today’s material handling industry; The Raymond Corporation marks 100th Anniversary

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July 2022


Cover Story Dave Baiocchi

Under-promise and over-deliver The title of my column is the mantra of many aftermarket professionals in our industry. Nobody ever wants to get a reputation for not living up to their commitments. But as easy as this guidepost is to talk about, it remains elusive and difficult to master. The reasons for not achieving this on an ongoing basis are wide and varied. No, it’s not always “Murphy’s Law”. My friend Murphy gets the blame all too often. I think that to achieve this goal we must understand that this process, is less about actual “promises” and “deliverables”, and more about managing customer expectations. That is the real goal here. It’s not simply our ability to deliver on time and under budget. It’s really about the strength of our connection to the customer, our understanding of his priorities, and the efficacy of our communication. Do we interface with our customers in a way that they feel is authentic, trustworthy, and reliable? I have found over the years that customer dissatisfaction normally starts with our inability or unwillingness to communicate, especially in situations where the customer is constrained to wait longer than they expected, or pay more than they anticipated. Assessment first In the service industry, many customers are already emotionally compromised from the first encounter. They know they have a problem. What they don’t know is HOW MUCH and HOW LONG. This frustration is evident even as we try to assess what steps need to be taken to understand the scope of the project. These customers many times want you to adopt their urgency and sense of panic. They press you to make verbal commitments very early in the process about both the repair diagnosis, the estimated costs, and the expected timeline. In these moments, service professionals need some backbone. ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to make (or even make allusions to) estimated costs and timelines for repairs until the assessment process is complete. Diagnosis and troubleshooting are a part of the repair process. We cannot manage the 6


July 2022

customer’s expectations BEFORE we are fully aware of the requirements. One of the best practices I have seen involves providing the customer with a written statement. It can be emailed, texted, handed to customers onsite, or distributed by road technicians. “We understand your urgency and your concerns about affordable equipment repairs. Please understand that we cannot and will not provide any estimated costs or timelines for any repair until a complete assessment of the machinery has been completed. This is a process that may require multiple approvals from you for disassembly and inspection PRIOR to starting repairs. We will communicate with you at regular intervals as to our progress in diagnosis.” The last sentence is the key to success. The more frequent the updates, the more control you will have in the process. Get the facts. • Do we understand the entire scope of the repair? • What parts are needed? • Are the parts available? • How will parts availability affect the timeline? • Do we have the right tools (including software)? • Do we have qualified technicians? Only after we have these answers should we approach the customer with a repair estimate and timeline. We cannot afford to let the customer’s urgency set the pace or accelerate our decisionmaking. I am fond of telling stressed-out customers that I understand their anxiety, but in the end, they will be glad we took the time to get it right the first time. Bad news on the doorstep Nobody wants to deliver bad news. Bad news sucks. So, we avoid engaging it until the last possible minute. This is a recipe for disaster. The news won’t change during our wait for the inevitable. So, put on your big boy

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July 2022


Cover Story continued

pants, “embrace the suck”, and communicate confidently. Below, I have listed some “go-to” phrasing that may help you navigate these waters. “We discovered some difficulties with your machine, and wanted to make you aware of what your available options are”. I use the word “difficulties” because it’s the only word that doesn’t cast blame. Using words like “problem”, “issue”, or “failure” tend to leave the blame on the customer's shoulders. “Difficulty” however is a word that simply calls everyone to action. It isn’t impossible, catastrophic, or unsolvable, it’s just difficult. I use the word “options” because it calls everyone “forward”. “Options” generally follow the same pattern in any emergency repair operation. • Option 1: Order new parts now, and complete the repair ASAP • Option 2: Investigate alternative options (aftermarket parts, sublet, or partial repairs). • Option 3: Button it up and bill the customer for inspection and diagnosis. If possible, it helps to have estimates of the costs of all 3 options in your pocket. That should be easy to calculate on option 3. The other two options may take more time to assemble, but even without estimated pricing, our communication with the customer is about OPTIONS. When our discussion with a customer revolves around an unforeseen circumstance, the worst thing we can do is simply throw it in their lap. “Your transmission is toast”. “Your battery is completely shorted out”. “Your frame is cracked”. OK…now anticipate what the NEXT QUESTION will be. It’s not hard. They’re the same questions every time. • How much? • How long? • What are my options? When you use the OPTIONS method, you present the bad news ALONG with at least SOME of the answers to the questions that you know are coming next. Even if you may not 8


July 2022

know the exact costs, or the timelines yet…. anticipating and laying out the framework for what comes next, let the customer know that YOU are already thinking ahead on their behalf. That gives them a degree of comfort even in the face of really bad news. Speak…then memorialize in writing So many ruined customer relationships die on the altar of “but, you said”. The verification platform for “verbal agreements” is limited to the memory of the parties involved in the conversation. It’s just my observation, but I find that memory tends to be governed by the agenda of the listener. When committing to anything, especially relating to pricing or time frames, be sure to ALWAYS back it up with written confirmation. Email and text messaging are cheap insurance for your reputation. If things are misunderstood, a summary text or email gives both parties the opportunity to get things squared EARLY in the process. Nobody wants to disappoint a customer. Not using written confirmation only increases the chance that you may disappoint them TWICE instead of just once. Summarizing agreements also makes you look like a professional. I can’t think of one time I have received a discussion summary email from anyone where I didn’t walk away with respect for the other party. Yes, it’s an investment of time and effort, but it pays dividends. No padding In an effort to never over-promise, some of us are tempted to over-price and overestimate timelines in order to avoid the discomfort of dealing with an unforeseen circumstance. This is more insidious than it seems. You are not fooling anyone. Customers easily catch on to what you are doing, and in most cases, you end up running them off. Either the padded estimate is too uncompetitive, or the customer gets tired of trying to second guess what the REAL costs are going to be. Most customers would rather be given a reasonable estimate and then deal with circumstances as they arise. We all know that in the aftermarket arena, surprises happen. Attempting to artificially account for the unexpected is a bad idea.


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July 2022


Cover Story continued

The “I didn’t forget about you” quotient This is one of the most effective, and least used methods of managing expectations. Conventional wisdom is that if the customer is not complaining, then….” let sleeping dogs lie”. The truth however is that the dogs are not sleeping, they are wide awake, they are anxious, and they are waiting for your call. When you don’t have the answer yet…there is a temptation to simply wait until you do. We fail to realize however that most customers have a latent fear of being forgotten, sidelined, or otherwise overlooked. They know we are busy. They have heard our phones ringing off the hook. When information is slow in coming, they always fear that we have abandoned them. Most of us avoid the “circle back” phone call because we fear that the customer will be angry. Seldom is this the case? The words “I just didn’t want you to think we had forgotten about you” create a positive emotional bond with the customer that earns their respect and trust, even in difficult circumstances. Especially at the end of the day, never leave the shop without trying to contact every waiting customer with a “didn’t forget about you” message. E-mail and text messages are ok to do this, but given the opportunity, don’t ignore the power of actual voice-to-voice contact. No matter how hard we try, circumstances will eventually put us in an over-promise / under-deliver quagmire. Our ability to manage expectations, constantly communicate, and present multiple options as situations evolve, is the hallmark of an exemplary aftermarket organization.

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Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 40 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director, and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail editorial@MHWmag.com to contact Dave

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July 2022

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July 2022


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Digitalization-Proficiency-Resilience What a week. Just finished listening to Jim Cramer summarize the Q1 results from the major retailers. Worse than expected, with their stock prices taking a hit. The main reasons for these results are: • Unexpectedly high costs throughout Q1 • Inventory impairments • Sales mix changes • Supply chain disruptions • Freight Costs Revenues may have been close to expectations. The gross margin and the operating margin, however, both missed. Foot traffic was up but sales patterns changed to more essentials as opposed to big-ticket items. The freight and transportation cost increases were staggering. About $1 billion for Target was not expected. I would expect any distributor of prepackaged goods to fall under this array of disruption. Most will be taking hits unless they fall under the “Discount Store” umbrella which is doing better at hitting numbers. The important thing here is that “higher cost,” “inflation,” and “supply chain problems” are now only becoming known in the public sector. Consequently, dealers can expect to be exposed to these issues through their distributor customers and hopefully have courses of action planned out to assist customers and avoid collection problems. Are pre-packaged distributors the only OHIO RACK customers to worry about? I doubt it. Every We BUY & SELL business with a significant distribution function will Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging also have to deal with the NEW & USED five “reasons” noted above. And as far as manufacturers 800-344-4164 Fax 330-823-8136 are concerned, they are also subject to the five “reasons,” Email: ohiorack@cannet.com www.ohiorack.com different from the distributor 12


July 2022

level of disruption, but still disruption that will eat up both time and dollars. One of the major problems deals with the cost and timing of deliveries. Not much you can do about transportation costs unless you move your warehouses closer to both your receiving and customer's locations. It seems that both manufacturers and distributors are analyzing these options to build or rent more warehouses where a high concentration of customers is located. Another show I was listening to discussed how companies are “handling” the cost increases. They are: • Do not pass them on yet. Do so when they really need to. • Pass on 100% of the increases as incurred. • Pass a % of them on for as many years as it takes to recover 100%. Let us assume many of your customers find themselves dealing with the five “reasons,” which of course could cause cash flow problems for them, and then cash flow problems for you. Consequently, tighter customer credit reviews and a weekly review of AR to spot problems before they get out of hand should be considered. To aid in this process you may want to calculate your Days Sales Outstanding at least weekly to see how the trend is tracking, and which customers are causing any increase. After tracking all that is going on in the lift truck industry, the construction equipment industry, the rental industry, and the construction industry, I believe we are in this trick-bag for many years, and no matter what industry you are in there is a need to get more resilient if you hope to maintain your influence in your market area. Let us face it. Customers will be in a state of flux financially, either because of customer problems or the direct impact of the five “reasons” or some combo of the two. Add on to that the price increases in equipment yet to come plus the higher financing costs lead me to believe

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July 2022


Bottom Line continued

dealers can expect pushback going forward when it comes to long-term leases with maintenance. Thus, my title for this month’s column: Digitalization The construction industry and related dealer networks are diving in to cut the time and cost to plan, manage, bill, and complete the work in a timely fashion. These technology cap-X expenditures are making contractors more competitive and profitable compared to how they operated ten years ago. The same should apply to lift truck dealers. Proficiency Upgrading your technology package will allow you to reduce the time it takes to complete a project or daily work requirements. And any reduction in clerical work provides the opportunity to move employees into more meaningful jobs or to just adjust the number of employees. The sales, parts, service, and rental departments will also become more accountable to management to help cut costs or speed up production, which also helps offset pay increases

given to employees to keep talent and offset inflation-related adjustments. Resilience Planning and taking steps to manage a new set of business metrics and customer needs ensures that you will be one of the last men/women standing. From what I see OEMs are reducing the number of dealers they have. Why do they do that? To do more with less using their best operators to get the product into the market. If you can take your metrics into the HI-Profit status in the Disc Report, then I would consider your company to be one of the consolidators working with the OEM. And we did not even start on the future of EV of forklifts. One last comment about how banks are dealing this these five “reasons.” Not very well as far as I can tell. Meaning every dealer has to be prepared to comply with bank requirements and any current bank covenants. To walk into a bank meeting and get nailed for violations is not a good place to be. And if your balance sheet and/ or free cash flow has deteriorated keep in mind that the new Least Accounting rules will add debt to the balance sheet which could put you in violation of covenants. More on this later. And since costs are bouncing around so much, I thought I would include this formula for calculating selling price based on the cost of the units under consideration. COST/ 100% - PERCENT GROSS PROFIT REQUIRED Cost = $10,000 Required GP = 35% 100-35 = 65 the divisor $10,000/65= $15,384 sell price $15,384 sell price – $10,000 cost =$ 5,385 GP $5,384 /$15,384 = 35% margin Stay in touch with customers and see where they are headed. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC and a Wholesaler columnist since August 1993. E-mail editorial@ MHWmag.com to contact Garry.



July 2022

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July 2022


Feature Story The Raymond Corporation

A Century of Innovation drives today’s material handling industry; The Raymond Corporation marks 100th Anniversary

Steve Raymond, SR - Credit The Raymond Corporation

In June, The Raymond Corporation celebrates its 100th anniversary. It was 1922 when George Raymond Sr. bought a controlling interest in Lyon Iron Works, a small foundry in Greene, New York, and a few years later began producing lift trucks. Since then, the company has invented and patented technologies that have become industry standards. Today, innovations from Raymond, such as the double-faced wooden pallet and narrow aisle concept, are in nearly every distribution center in the world. For a century, Raymond’s integrated intralogistics and material handling solutions have helped customers optimize, connect and automate their operations to achieve a new level of performance. Through 100 years of innovation, Raymond has changed Michael Field, CEO, Raymond the material handling industry through best-in-class forklifts, integrated automation, telematics, virtual reality education, and advanced energy solutions. “As an end-to-end solutions provider, we challenge ourselves each day to continuously 16


July 2022

deliver and improve solutions that empower our customers to run better and manage smarter,” said Michael Field, president and CEO of The Raymond Corporation. “Since its founding, Raymond has been driven to help customers increase efficiency and improve operations. It is this focus that has helped us continue to contribute to the future of the supply chain and to the success of so many of our customers.” This milestone anniversary is a testament to a firm focus on innovation, quality, and service — principles that have shaped the company from Raymond’s early days. Raymond piloted many advancements and technologies central to meeting the industry’s most critical needs by creating solutions that help customers address the challenges they face today as well as prepare for the future. Here are just some of the advancements that changed the industry. Creating the industry standard A forklift touches nearly every item consumers use in their daily lives. Every consumer purchase relies on a well-run supply chain and a continuously improving material handling industry to get the product in the consumers’ hands when and where they want it. Moreover, today’s fast-paced material handling industry requires the ability to efficiently stack, store and transport goods to keep the supply chain moving. In the early 20th century, The Raymond Corporation laid the foundation for many significant industry advancements when founder George Raymond Sr. and William House, a Raymond designer and mechanical engineer, patented the double-sided wooden pallet and the hydraulic hand pallet truck. The innovations provided a low-cost option for higher vertical stacking. House and Raymond donated the pallet patent to the industry, paving the way for it to become the standard in inventory storage.

A HISTORY OF INNOVATION. A LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP. As The Raymond Corporation turns 100, we’d like to mark this milestone by recognizing the loyal customers, trusted partners, and dedicated employees who have made the past century possible. From our roots as a small foundry in Greene, NY, to our leadership position on the global material handling stage, we’re proud of our long history of innovation, quality, and service, and our steady commitment to the places where we live and work. Thank you, again, to our remarkable people. Your vision and skills have driven this company—and this industry—forward since 1922. We look forward to seeing what you achieve over the next 100 years.



July 2022


Feature Story continued

Optimizing warehouse space Today’s warehouse managers recognize an optimized warehouse as a competitive necessity, and narrow aisle capabilities are key. Yet, this approach was not commonplace until Raymond helped introduce the narrow aisle concept in the early 1950s by patenting the first electric narrow aisle lift truck, which reduced the required turning radius from 10 to 12 feet to 7 to 8 feet. The Raymond forklift design moved from a counterbalancing chassis to a “straddle” approach that preserved its gravitational integrity by straddling the pallet with baselegs, which became the basic principle for narrow aisle forklifts. Paving the way for automation Today, flexible automated technologies, such as Raymond Courier™ automated guided vehicles, efficiently and reliably perform a variety of repetitive tasks, freeing operators to accomplish more value-driven tasks and learn additional skill sets. Technologies such as easy-to-implement vision-guided solutions help answer demands such as rising operational costs and labor challenges. Some technologies built on research and development efforts date back to the early 1980s when Raymond introduced the ELECTOTE automatic guided vehicle. This breakthrough advancement provided horizontal transportation for manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing applications. Prioritizing the operator experience Raymond has a reputation based on topnotch quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. This reputation is built on providing solutions that bring day-to-day warehouse and distribution operations to a new level of performance. The lift truck of today is no longer “just a lift truck.” It’s now seen as the operator’s cockpit, and ergonomic enhancements help deliver operating efficiencies, productivity, and operator security. In the early 1990s, Raymond hired a former fighter pilot turned industrial designer, Tom Noonan. His approach brought operator comfort and ergonomically designed equipment to the 18


July 2022

forefront, as he applied fighter jet design concepts to the lift truck control handle. This allowed operators to execute all functions of a lift truck with just one hand. Unleashing the power of data Telematics solutions help reveal data to optimize, connect and automate operations within a warehouse or distribution center. The ability to access this data helps create greater visibility within a facility, increase efficiency and optimize operations to help customers achieve their goals. Nearly a decade ago, Raymond introduced the iWAREHOUSE® Fleet and Warehouse Optimization System, which supplies actionable data for managers to root out inefficiencies throughout their operations. iWAREHOUSE integrates data from a variety of sources, so users can track and measure work activity to drive continuous improvement and gain a more complete picture of a business. Solutions for the future Today, Raymond offers a single source for complete intralogistics solutions, with the technology and know-how to provide customers a competitive edge. It is committed to supporting its customers in driving their businesses forward and achieving their goals. Raymond is steadfast in its focus on delivering innovative material handling products and intelligent intralogistics solutions that will help customers optimize, connect and automate their operations and drive the entire material handling industry forward. “It is a humbling experience to see just how much the company has grown while never losing sight on what it stands for,” said Steve Raymond, former Steve Raymond president of Raymond Material Handling Concepts and grandson of Raymond’s founder. “From our first innovation 100 years ago, Raymond has always been looking ahead to find solutions that drive the material

Feature Story continued

handling industry forward. I am proud of the legacy my family has built.” Courier, iWAREHOUSE, and Raymond are U.S. trademarks of The Raymond Corporation.

Material Handling Wholesaler

would like to CONGRATULATE The Raymond Corporation for 100 years of EXCELLENCE and as a GREAT FRIEND in the material handling industry.

The article was submitted by The Raymond Corporation to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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July 2022


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Predicting the outcome of a Sales Meeting is easy. Sort of. Crystal balls. Don’t you wish you had one when you were preparing for a big sales call? Even more when you were in a big sales presentation? Predicting the future is actually pretty easy if you’re armed with three things: 1. Information about the prospect and his business. 2. The right questions. 3. The ability to see the big picture. Susan C. Gatton, a sales consultant who specializes in sales strategies for Fortune 500 Companies says, “A crystal ball is nothing more than taking a broad look at information derived from reading existing stuff and asking powerful questions. Information that (if understood) will predict the future.” Gatton continues, “There are three places to gain crystal ball information. Past, present, and future. Just look at the elements of each time period, and how they affect the prospect and his use of your product and/or service, and presto, you create your own ability to predict the future.” Pretty cool huh? Here is the information you need from each of the three in order to become a successful predictor of the future (of your order): The Past. The past may have pain it’s where experience has come from. Success and failure have their roots in what has already transpired. Your job is to gather historical information so you can understand the best way to communicate your ability to help in the future. Knowing the past is an easy way to gain an understanding of the present. • Review the customer’s original needs. • Review how they and why they bought before. • Review the players and their personalities. • Review how the decision was made. • Review the problems which surfaced and how they were resolved. 20


July 2022

The Present. The present is fleeting. No one (especially your prospect) has time to do much more than put out fires and deal with the day-today. Stephen Covey differentiates between urgent and important his Habit #3 (Put first things first) is the real path to success. If you are able to get your prospect to see the importance you can get him away from what he perceives as urgent (but really isn’t). Urgent is his situation important is your ability to communicate help. (NOTE: Help first, get the order second.) Collect information about what is working, and not working from the customer’s point of view, and share your company’s perception of these issues. Collect information about the changes which have taken place in the customer’s company, how they have impacted the decision-makers whom your company has worked with in the past, and how that relates to their present situation. Read all company literature, newsletters, annual reports, and industry trade magazines. Become fluent in the prospect's company and industry. Determine what past problems still exist and maybe prevent present success. Share with the customer the recent changes in the industry, or other experiences, and what the impact of those changes will be on the prospect’s business. Share the changes that your company is going through, and the impact of those changes on the customer. Share your big picture and experience in a way that creates a leadership image. The Future. People love to talk about their dreams. If you can get them going, they may see (and verbalize) how you fit in. Past is important, the present is more important, and the future is most important because that’s where you will develop and live your relationship. You need to know the path your prospect wants to take their road map, and their vision, so you can get on that path, and become part of that vision.

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July 2022


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Sales Trends continued

• Ask about his company’s specific future plans and needs to find out the one big goal or big project for the year. Find out specific plans for achievement. • Ask all decision-makers about their future plans. • Ask the customer about what changes they see, future industry trends, and what impact they will have. • Share your industry trends that will affect how your company will do business in the future, and how those trends will impact your business. • Share some of your company’s future plans and show how that will establish (or maintain) a leadership position. Nothing complicated is presented here on the surface it appears to be just basic fundamental blocking and tackling. Almost. It’s fundamentals from the customer's perspective. It’s information from the prospect’s point of view you know, the only one that matters.



July 2022

I’m looking into my crystal ball and I see big sales in your future. Do you? Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com. For information about training and seminars visit www.Gitomer.com or email Jeffrey at salesman@gitomer.com or call him at 704 333-1112.

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Become a CIP dealer and take advantage of our leadership in VRCs and expanded world-class product offerings. With the launch of CIP’s Modular Mezzanine and Safety Products, we now have a full product line that meets all of your customers’ storage, safety and efficiency needs. Combine that with our aggressive financial incentives, training and support and you’ve got everything you need to succeed. Product and Service • Industry’s best VRC Material Lifts • New Modular Mezzanine to serve a broader customer base • Full line of Safety Products • Industry’s fastest installation time • Short lead times

Financial Incentives • Aggressive pricing structure • Additional annual rebates based on sales Training and Support • Warm transfer leads • Remote product and sales training • Protected accounts • Dealer support hotline • Co-branded Marketing Materials

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Become a CIP Dealer today and receive the following benefits: • Exclusive Leads vetted by CIP Solution Specialists. Our dealers close 50% of CIP leads. • CIP Lifts are manufactured in-house and adhere to all government and industry specs. • Fast, Responsive Support. • Hands-On Training. • Marketing Incentives.

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July 2022


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Raymond adds new thin plate pure lead solution to energy portfolio The Raymond Corporation has added a new power solution to its Energy Essentials Distributed by Raymond®'s portfolio of batteries produced at Raymond’s facility in Greene, New York. Partnering with EnerSys®, Raymond offers thin plate pure lead (TPPL) technology to deliver fast-charging and maintenance-free power that provides customers with the high-performance energy needed to optimize their operations. Compatible with both the Raymond® 8210 walkie pallet truck and Raymond 6210 walkie straddle stacker truck, the TPPL power solution provides an industry-leading alternative power solution. www.raymondcorp.com www.enersys.com

Millwood acquires Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate, Inc. Millwood, Inc. acquired its 10th Ohio and 32nd location nationwide. The acquisition was made official on May 2 after Millwood Co-owners and Partners Chip Trebilcock and Steve Miller made the trip to Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate, Inc. in downtown Cleveland to meet with management and team members who will make the transition to the Millwood family. With this additional location, Millwood will be able to supply whitewood pallets, crates, and other products and services to much of northeast Ohio and beyond. www.millwoodinc.com 26


July 2022

Toyota Material Handling, Cornell Engineering announce partnership on innovative forklift learning studio Toyota Material Handling (TMH) and Cornell University’s College of Engineering have announced a unique partnership dedicated to the development of an innovative learning studio that incorporates Toyota equipment to elevate immersive engineering education to an entirely new level. The Forklift Learning Studio will be built and developed during the summer with the goal of officially launching it to Cornell engineering students at the start of the fall semester in August. Toyota and faculty from Cornell Engineering’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) began discussing this partnership late last year as a way to revolutionize the way engineering students learn by finding a more optimal balance between lecture and lab sessions. www.toyotaforklift.com www.engineering.cornell.edu

The Crosby Group and KITO CORPORATION to combine businesses in 2nd half of 2022 The Crosby Group and KITO CORPORATION have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to combine both businesses. The business combination will be effected through a cash tender offer by The Crosby Group to acquire all of the outstanding shares of KITO CORPORATION. Until close, The Crosby Group and KITO CORPORATION will continue to operate as separate, independent companies. www.thecrosbygroup.com


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Rental Equipment Investment Corp. acquires Cahill Services, LLC Rental Equipment Investment Corp. (REIC), a portfolio company of Kinderhook Industries LLC, announced the acquisition of Cahill Services. Cahill represents REIC's second addon acquisition under Kinderhook's ownership and REIC’s 14th since its inception. REIC’s acquisition of Cahill represents a unique opportunity to add a growing, differentiated specialty rental model that leverages both proprietary technology and local market expertise to provide critical specialty rental solutions. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. www.reicorporation.com www.cahillservices.com

The Ecopoint charger from Ecotec is a full featured industrial battery charger available in 2 models for 8 hr. and 10 hr. recharge. The standard ECO-250 control offers data management normally found only in much more expensive chargers. For pallet jacks, consider the fully automatic STC taper charger. Plugs into any 120V outlet for convenience and portability. For the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility, consider the Access high frequency charger. Models are available for both conventional and opportunity charging.

Orbital Wrapper manufacturer reports high demand for wireless, automated operation TAB Industries, LLC reported that 90 percent of the TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping systems purchased in the 11 years since its development feature the company's wireless automation package. Devised as an optional convenience to speed the pallet wrapping process, the wireless automation package enables a single lift truck operator to manage the entire pallet wrapping function by remote control without leaving the seat of the forklift. www.tabwrapper.com

Do more for your forklift fleet. • Speed Limiters

• Zone Speed Control • Shift Inhibitors

• Ignition Interlocks

• Plug & Play Installation • TEX™ Telematics with Access Control / Impact Sensing


ECOTEC Ltd. LLC 150 Marybill Dr. • Troy, OH 45373 P: 937.606.2793 • F: 937.606.2026 www.ecotecbatcharger.com

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July 2022


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Delta-Q Technologies ships its four millionth battery charger Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q) has announced the shipment of their four millionth battery charger. With each charger representing the potential to save one metric ton of emissions, this significant milestone equates to four million metric tons of carbon emissions saved since the company’s founding, further cementing its imprint on global electrification and sustainability. www.delta-q.com

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Flow-Rite trades workstations for construction site A team of Flow-Rite employees recently traded their office and manufacturing workstations for a construction site when they volunteered for a Habitat for Humanity project. Together, the group of eight worked to help a local Grand Rapids, Michigan family pursue their dreams of attaining safe, clean, and affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity of Kent County provides individuals and families with a brighter future. Founded in 1983, it has served more than 600 families and built more than 400 homes. www.flow-rite.com www.habitatkent.org



July 2022

Host and Founder of The New Warehouse Kevin Lawton interviews material handling, distribution, and logistics leaders who are doing new and innovative changes in their business. You can hear the current and past podcasts by going to www.MHWmag.com. If your company would like to be interviewed or if you know of someone we should interview, call Material Handling Wholesaler or email editorial@MHWmag.com. To advertise in this new exciting feature, contact Dean at 877 638-6190


July 2022


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Rojas Heavy Equipment joins LiuGong North America dealer lineup

Young joins Felling Trailers as SouthCentral Regional Sales Manager

LiuGong North America has welcomed a new dealer in its home state, with the addition of Rojas Heavy Equipment to its dealer lineup selling construction equipment. Covering the southern coastal markets of Texas, Rojas Heavy Equipment has several locations throughout the area. The dealer headquarters are in Alamo, Texas with additional branches in Laredo and Brownsville. Rojas will look to expand within the San Antonio and Corpus Christi markets as well. The company is also working on upgrading or constructing new facilities within the region for its branches, including relaunching its dealership in South Texas.

Felling Trailers Inc.has recently named Mike Young as a regional sales manager to serve the South-Central territory. He will be responsible for all sales development, activity, and dealer support within Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. As the regional manager for the south-central territory, Mike’s primary responsibilities will be to achieve region market share objectives with the existing dealer base and develop new dealers in the assigned territory, providing training and product support. Mike will be taking over the south-central region once served by Gary Knudsen, who retired at the end of 2021.

www.liugongna.com www.rojasheavyequipment.com

Green Cubes Technology expands executive team Green Cubes Technology has announced four significant executive appointments to its leadership team - Ken Gregory as Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement, Alan Forster as Vice President of Sales for Americas, Rita Faunce as Vice President of Sales Operations and Customer Experience, and Rocio Castellanos as International Controller. These executives join Ken Johnson, who was appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) last year. The team will provide leadership to sales, supply chain, operations, manufacturing, and customer support functions for continued growth within Motive (including Ground Support & Materials Handling), Stationary (Telecom & Data Center), and Mobile (Industrial Automation) Power market segments. www.greencubes.com



July 2022


Ferri named ASSP’s Safety Professional of the Year The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) has named Abby Ferri, CSP, its 2022 Safety Professional of the Year. The risk management and safety consulting expert has been an ASSP member for 20 years and has helped advance occupational safety and health in many ways. Ferri played a key role in a recent ASSP governance change that involved creating a diverse advisory group to replace the Society’s House of Delegates and enable the Board of Directors to fully govern the organization. She served on the Governance Task Force that researched association governance trends, interacted with ASSP members, and developed the recommendations that were later adopted to strengthen the Society. www.assp.org

Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Black Equipment acquires portions of Gorbel® CEO Brian Reh appointed Vice Tennessee and Arkansas operations for President of MHI Gorbel® Inc. has announced Hyster Black Equipment, just announced a significant expansion to its sales and service territory in the southern United States. Black Equipment has acquired the Briggs Equipment territory as the Hyster® dealer in the Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Tennessee; and Jonesboro, Arkansas markets, effective April 29, 2022. Black Equipment is already the authorized Yale® dealer for these markets and will continue to operate from its existing locations. A family-owned business, the material handling dealer has grown from a single facility to 11 locations covering parts of seven states.

that Gorbel CEO Brian Reh has been elected to serve as Vice President of MHI. In this role, Reh will be a vital part of solidifying the organization as the authoritative resource for material handling. Reh has been involved at MHI in various capacities for more than 15 years and has been a key participant in recent initiatives to set the direction for the organization. Reh and Gorbel® are key members of MHI industry groups that focus on overhead lifting and ergonomics. www.gorbel.com


• Adjust parameters • Test inputs • Restore settings


The Zapi 16 handset allows for compatibility with 16 different trucks!

Flight Systems Industrial Products · 800-333-1194 · shop.fsip.biz


July 2022


Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends Each month, we give you a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market.

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven D industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.

Displays the top five buyers nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only.












































































Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit www.edadata.com/how-it-works



July 2022






82 82


Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit www.edadata.com/how-it-works

QUALITY& VALUE For Over 60 Years

Power Steering Units Cylinders Pumps Valves

New & Remanufactured Exchange Precision Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts


www.haderinc.com • e-mail: hadersales@haderind.com www.MHWmag.com

July 2022


Forklift-International traffic skyrockets! After starting its journey in the U.S. four years ago, “Forklift” is now one of the top addresses for dealing with used material handling equipment. 66% year over year growth rate in traffic has skyrocketed the marketplace to a level where it can simply be considered a “no-brainer”.

If you compare these numbers to other online channels like Google Ads, where you pay at least one dollar per click and often times hundreds of dollars for a lead, not leveraging the advantages of a marketplace like Forklift-International has detrimental effects to any forklift dealer‘s business. “Sometimes it is hard to understand, why people spend thousands of dollars on Google while totally ignoring marketplaces. Due to the automatic importing system, machines are online within a minute and results show in no time. It is the easiest and affordable way possible to have success online” says Forklift International Sales Director Monty Alexander. This month, “Forklift” will start giving out a lead guarantee.

Last month, dealers like Russell Equipment Inc, Zoom Lift and Equipment or Toyota Material Handling Northern Carolina achieve results with Forklift International that no other online channel can deliver. On average the top 10 dealers on “Forklift” pay less than Costs Costs per $ 0.06 for a per click (high quality) click on their request Top 10 machines and Dealers $ 0.06 $ 9.15 $9.15 for a high-quality lead. May 2022 Ranking: Rank


For every new customer joining, it is being promised a certain amount of generated leads, based on the amount of machines in stock. In case the goals aren’t met, the contract will be extended for free until this amount is reached. Interested companies can sign up with a lead guarantee by scanning the QR-Code below or by visiting bit.ly/3kmdHc8



Toyota Material Handling Northern California


Easy Street JD&S


1 Source Material Handling


Zoom Lift and Equipment


FMI Trading LLC


Russell Equipment Inc




Miller Equipment Co


Discount Forklift


Alta Equipment Company


July 2022

Call Dean or Monty now and learn how we can get you on our top 10 list next month 877 638-6190.


Largest online market for used forklifts, attachments and work platforms.

2001 Elwell-Parker ESI160 H & K Equipment Coraopolis, PA | 412 490-5311

2011 Crown FC4520-40 Russell Equipment Twinsburg | (330) 405-8300

2019 Hyster H100FT

MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123

CAT Lift Trucks 2P6000 Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400





Clark TM12 Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400

CAT Lift Trucks 2EP8000 Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400

2016 Carer QW200118

Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400




2012 Hyster H80FT 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898


2014 Hyster H60FT MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123

2014 Hyster N35ZDR-21.5 Zoom Lifts & Equipment Chester, SC | 704 975-1377

2015 Hyster S60FT

Lift One Charlotte | 704 587-1040

2017 Carer QW213202 Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400






Combilift C10000 Kensar Equipment Company Indianapolis | +1 (317) 787-3400

2022 Noblelift FE4P60Q Easy Street JD&S, LLC Carol Stream | 630-682-0021

2010 Autolift E180AT36B

(D5-180) H & K Equipment Coraopolis, PA | 412 490-5311




2008 JCB 930 1 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875



July 2022


Industrial Manufacturing planned Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads Industrial Manufacturing Shows 4.1% Decrease in May 2022 SalesLeads announced today the May 2022 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 142 new projects in May and 148 in April in the Industrial Manufacturing sector as seen in the enclosed chart. INDIANA: Pharmaceutical company is planning to invest $2.1 billion for the construction of two processing facilities in BOONE COUNTY, IN. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news. Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type • Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 124 New Projects • Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 53 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 45 New Projects • Expansion - 54 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 45 New Projects • Plant Closings - 11 New Projects Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States) • North Carolina - 13 • Indiana - 9 • California - 8 • New York - 6 • Ohio - 6 • Pennsylvania - 6 • Tennessee - 6 • Washington - 6 • Wisconsin - 6 • Georgia - 5

NORTH CAROLINA: Plastic material mfr. is planning to invest $80 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in GASTONIA, NC. Completion is slated for Fall 2025. CALIFORNIA: Biotechnology company is planning to invest $75 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their laboratory and processing facility in LA JOLLA, CA. They have recently received approval for the project.

UTAH: Nutritional products mfr. is planning to invest $50 million for the construction of a processing facility in BEAVER, UT. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

During the month of May, our research team identified 12 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Hyundai Motor America, who is planning to invest $6 billion for the construction of an EV manufacturing facility in SAVANNAH, GA. Construction is expected to start in early 2023, with completion slated for Spring 2025. Top 10 Tracked Industrial Manufacturing Projects ALABAMA: Aluminum products mfr. is planning to invest $2.5 billion for the construction of a manufacturing facility in BAY MINETTE, AL. Completion is slated for 2025.


MICHIGAN: Pharmaceutical company is planning to invest $160 million for an expansion and equipment upgrades at their warehouse, manufacturing, and laboratory facility in GRAND RAPIDS, MI. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

NEBRASKA: Industrial supplies mfr. is planning to invest $58 million for the expansion of their warehouse and manufacturing facility in VALLEY, NE by 80,000 sf. They have recently received approval for the project.

Largest Planned Project


NEW MEXICO: Investment firm is planning to invest $2 billion for the construction of an aluminum products recycling and manufacturing facility in LOS LUNAS, NM. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Construction is expected to start in late 2023, with completion slated for 2026.

July 2022

MASSACHUSETTS: Battery mfr. is planning to invest $45 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 67,000 sf manufacturing facility at 501 Griffin Brook Dr. in METHUEN, MA. They have recently received approval for the project. They will relocate operations upon completion. CONNECTICUT: Biotechnology company is planning to invest $36 million for the construction of a 50,000 sf laboratory and processing facility at 2195 Day Hill Rd. in WINDSOR, CT. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America.

Distribution and Supply Chain planned Project Report Data provided by SalesLeads Distribution and Supply Chain Shows 13% Decrease in May 2022 SalesLeads announced today the May 2022 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Distribution and Supply Chain industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 148 new projects in May and 170 in April in the Distribution and Supply Chain sector as seen in the enclosed chart. NEW JERSEY: Film production company is planning to invest $125 million for the construction of a 300,000 sf warehouse, film studio, and office facility in NEWARK, NJ. They are currently seeking approval for the project. Completion is slated for late 2024.

The following are selected highlights on new Distribution Center and Warehouse construction news. Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Type • Distribution/Fulfillment Centers - 45 New Projects • Industrial Warehouse - 136 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Scope/Activity • New Construction - 40 New Projects • Expansion - 56 New Projects • Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 65 New Projects • Plant Closings - 12 New Projects Distribution and Supply Chain - By Project Location (Top 5 States) • Ohio - 13 • California - 10 • Indiana - 10 • Texas - 10 • New York - 9 Largest Planned Project During the month of May, our research team identified 4 new Distribution and Supply Chain facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more. The largest project is owned by Canada Post, who is investing $366 million for the construction of a 585,000 sf warehouse and distribution facility in SCARBOROUGH, ON. Completion is slated for early 2023. Top 10 Tracked Distribution and Supply Chain Project Opportunities GEORGIA: Consumer products mfr. is planning to invest $205 million for the construction of a 1 million sf warehouse and distribution center at 950 Logistics Pkwy. in JACKSON, GA. They are currently seeking approval for the project. MICHIGAN: Pharmaceutical company is planning to invest $160 million for an expansion and equipment upgrades at their warehouse, manufacturing, and laboratory facility in GRAND RAPIDS, MI. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

NEBRASKA: Industrial supplies mfr. is planning to invest $58 million for the expansion of their warehouse and manufacturing facility in VALLEY, NE by 80,000 sf. They have recently received approval for the project. MINNESOTA: Logistics service provider is planning to invest $50 million for the construction of a 235,000 sf warehouse and distribution facility in LUVERNE, MN. They have recently received approval for the project. MISSOURI: Cleaning products mfr. is planning to invest $50 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a distribution center in ST. JOSEPH, MO. Completion is slated for late 2023. FLORIDA: Aviation service provider is planning to invest $40 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their hangar, warehouse, and office facility in BOCA RATON, FL. The project also includes the construction of a 64,000 sf hangar and office facility. ARIZONA: Third party logistics provider is planning for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a recently leased 451,000 sf warehouse and distribution facility at 2250 S. Litchfield Rd. in GOODYEAR, AZ. NEW YORK: Global online retailer is planning for the construction of a 250,000 sf distribution center at Whitestone Expy. in COLLEGE POINT, NY. Completion is slated for late 2023. CALIFORNIA: Beverage company is planning for the construction of a 205,000 sf warehouse at 791 E North Ave in FRESNO, CA. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America.


July 2022


New Products

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Safety Systems & Controls adds Nomad X to pace-one zone speed control product line With addressing customers' desire to protect individuals at forklift crossings, Safety Systems & Controls has expanded its Nomad RF transmitter with a transceiver option. Nomad X is mounted on each side of a pedestrian crossing. It can be mounted on a crossing gate, pedestrian barrier, or standalone support. Each Nomad X consists of a mounting box containing a PC Board with an internal timer, push-button, battery, and pilot light (LED). www.loadingzonesafety.com

SpotSee rolls out new tilt monitor, TiltWatch RFID SpotSee® has expanded its TiltWatch product line to include an indicator that combines tilt-monitoring capabilities with passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The new TiltWatch® RFID alerts users when a product has been tipped or mishandled. TiltWatch RFID was designed to encompass all the benefits of a conditionmonitoring program while also giving users an electronic record of information, captured in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system www.spotsee.io

CLARK Material Handling Company launches the new S40 IC Pneumatic Forklift CLARK Material Handling Company has announced the launch of the S40-60 IC Pneumatic forklift truck. Built-in capacities of 8,000 to 12,000 pounds, with a true 12,000-pound capacity, this latest addition 38


July 2022

to the S-SERIES line boasts many of the same SMART, STRONG, and SAFE features that customers have come to expect from the S-SERIES family, while also adding to the Built to Last promise of all CLARK trucks. www.clarkmhc.com

Merlo P72.10Plus. The sweet spot in telehandlers Merlo’s Heavy-Duty range of telehandlers, which includes the P72.10PLUS, is engineered to meet the needs of all industries required to move heavy loads under all conditions, safely. The user-friendly P72.10PLUS offers excellent telescopic performance without limiting the speed of work. The maximum load capacity is 15,800 lbs. The low pivot, the no-flex boom has a lift height up to 31’3”. Top load at full height is 9,000 lbs. Maximum reach of 17’1” easily manages 4,500 lbs. www.ams-merlo.com

McGuire introduces the UniChock McGuire's new UniChock wheel-based truck restraint can help prevent unexpected trailer departure or movement from the loading dock during the loading process, providing an overall safe work environment and reducing the risk of accidents. This universally effective chock is especially beneficial for any docks that service trucks with liftgates. The UniChock's unique profile and zinc-plated steel teeth provide a secure grip on the ground that is unparalleled in the industry. The chock's aluminum construction also makes for a lightweight, easily maneuverable restraint, while maintaining its durability. www.wbmcguire.com

PARTNER with AIT. Give Your Customers More Than They Expect. Give Them AIT’s Quality and Your Service.


American Industrial Transmission Inc.


20395 Hannan Pkwy. Walton Hills, OH





July 2022


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of flexibility to work in tight and awkward spaces. They can handle payloads up to 18 kg and reach up to 1800 mm, allowing customers to automate a variety of physically demanding The new LiftMaster 7000 and/or repetitive tasks. The seventh axis enables from LiftWise allows users continuous dispensing, welding, and material to lift or lower a variety removal applications, regardless of access angle, of parts into position for without the need to reorient the arm. The maintenance or other needs. cobots are perfect for limited-space retrofits and Featuring a high lift capacity applications such as machine tending, pick-andwith a compact and maneuverable design, the place tasks, quality inspection, and palletizing. hydraulic lift table provides easy operation for www.kassowrobots.com some of the most demanding operational tasks. The LiftMaster 7000 has a lift-off capacity of 5,500 pounds and a full capacity of 7,000 pounds. Softeon continues to advance integration A pump handle is used to precisely raise/lower and optimization of Mobile Robots, Put the table with a maximum lift height of 38 Walls, other warehouse automation inches. www.lift-wise.com Softeon has announced the continued Interroll presents new plug-and-play expansion of its software support for materials handling systems, especially conveyor platform for automated for mobile robots and put walls. While Softeon production environments easily integrates with and optimizes virtually With the new Light all types of materials handling systems in the Conveyor Platform (LCP), distribution center, it is seeing special interest Interroll is expanding its by companies in mobile robots and put walls range of products with a technologies for which it provides comprehensive platform-based material-flow software support. While very different from each solution that significantly other, both mobile robots and put walls share increases the productivity of some common attributes. For example, both can manufacturing processes. Designed as a plug-and- be deployed at a lower scale and price point, and play modular system, the LCP allows all system expand flexibly over time. Both mobile robots integrators to implement scalable belt conveyor and put walls also offer the opportunity to drive sections very easily in order to quickly meet improved productivity and reduce the need for customer-specific automation requirements for adding workers in what continues to be a very material flow. www.interroll.com challenging labor environment. Softeon can integrate with robotic systems in different ways. If a customer chooses to use the robot’s application Kassow Robots makes its Automate software to manage picking, Softeon can easily debut, showcasing the KR Series of integrate its WMW/WES in that way, often still 7-Axis Cobots managing location and inventory information and Kassow Robots have sending needed picks and locations to the AMR been showcasing the 7-axis software. cobots in Kassow’s KR www.softeon.com series that offers speed and power combined with a long reach and a high degree

LiftWise® introduces high-capacity Hydraulic Lift Table to simplify maintenance, other operational tasks



July 2022

New Products

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Stahlin Enclosures contributes to the success of an outdoor emergency device

LEDtronics LED Dimmable Canopy Luminaire an easy install for lighting applications

Stahlin® Enclosures announces the availability of a case study showcasing how Stahlin® helped Metis Secure Solutions with modified enclosures that provide reliability and durability in a new emergency warning product line: the MS-6100 Emergency Help Station. This innovative alerting device is housed in a weatherproof, vandalresistant exterior Stahlin® enclosure that expands the application of the emergency notification system to locations such as outdoor parks, bus, train and subway stations, parking garages, parks, and courtyards.

LEDtronics® presents a UL-listed, surface-mount, dimmable addition to its lineup of low-profile LED canopy lights for parking garages and other area lighting applications, both indoors and outdoors. Consuming only 45 watts, the luminaire replaces HID lights of up to 175 watts—an energy savings of up to 75%— offering an output of 5,000 lumens of pure white (5000K) bright illumination through a white, frosted lens. This translates into luminous efficacy of 111 lumens per watt. It operates on a wide voltage range of 100-277VAC, as well as a wide operating temperature range of -40°F to ~+104°F.

www.stahlin.com            



The Superior Turret Advantage

Save 50% Space Mutiple Options ✧ camera

180 Fork Rotation Versatiltiy 0

Make unloading & loading a breeze

systems ✧ fork positioning & much more

Easy to use

800-359-3052 www.superioreng.com www.MHWmag.com

July 2022




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Corrugated Steel Rack Deck Punch Deck ® • Solid Deck Economical • Strong • Easy Install • Fast Delivery Painted • Galvanized • Stainless Steel



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Reman Engines/Gas, LP & CNG

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Celebrating over a decade as the global leader in New, Used and ReConditioned Industrial Battery Technology and Accessories.

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Pre-sell maintenance? Manage warranty expectations? Sell accessories? Introduce your service team? It should! LEARN HOW TO POSITION YOUR DEALERSHIP TO COLLECT EVERY AFTERMARKET DOLLAR.

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July 2022

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New Prod uc : Page 3 ts

The Original Drop-In, Lift-Out Guardrail

Save Your Assets

• People • Products • Equipment • More

The Most Competitively Priced Safety Products In America! 1-877-728-3891 | www.save-ty.com

Guardrail / Hand Rail

Twin Rail

Guardrail • Original LIFT-OUT design cuts installation costs in half!

Hand Rail

•D urable steel protection.

•F ully welded sleeves to hold and capture rails.

•D esigned for quick and easy release, but can be bolted together if desired.

•M odular hand rail protects employees from entering unsafe areas.

•E asy installation, simply assemble and anchor down. • Posts available as Inlines, Corners, •S tronger than typical handrail. or Ends in 18”, 26” and 42” heights. • Top Rail is 42” high and MEETS • Stocked in 4’, 6’, and 8’ sections. • Rails available in 2’ – 10’ in 1’ OSHA FALL PROTECTION if • 42” tall standard. increments. used on a mezzanine. •M EETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Rack Protection


”, 4

“V” Face Post Protectors



8” & 12”


End of Aisle Rack Protection

•R ack protection creates a visible guide through aisles and saves thousands in damage. • Available in 36”, 42”, and 48” in • ¼” material. either single or double ends. • Four mounting holes. • Curved end has an 8” I.D. and is • Accepts ½” anchors, which 8” and 12” tall. are available upon request. • Choose floor angle thickness of ½”, 3/8”, or ¼”. •A vailable in 12”, 18”, and 24” with 4¼”, 5½”, and 8¼” clear opening.

Flush hardware

Pallet Guide/Stop •T wo products in one! Keeps flue space clear and prevents damage to walls behind rack. •A vailable in 42”, 45” (42” with 3” overhang), 48”, and 51” (48” with 3” overhang). •E asy installation and creates reinforcement for the rack. • Flush mount hardware included.

“Live chat at www.save-ty.com”

Our Products at Work Dock Safety

Fabric Gate

Dock Stop HD

• Protects against unwanted visitors, insects, birds, and debris from entering the work area while allowing air to flow through. 48” tall. • High visibility, breathable fabric. • Easy operation, requiring just 3 lbs. of pull force to extend the fabric barrier. • Accommodates doors from 8’ – 16’. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

•S top fork trucks from driving or backing off the dock. 42” tall. • Available in 8’ – 9’ and 10’ – 12’ sizes. • I ncludes two 5” steel posts with 12” x 12” baseplates with gussets for strength. • Reinforced cross bar for strength behind panels. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet

Pivot Gate • Choose from 60”, 65”, 72”, 96”, or 120” clear opening. • Easily pivots to up or down position – requires only 10 - 20 lbs. of lift force. • Ships mostly assembled – minor assembly required upon receiving. Simply anchor to the mezzanine floor. • Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

PickerPal Mezzanine Gate • 6 self-closing arms that operate independently. •A s the pallet is unloaded the top arms close, creating a safety barrier. • 6’ or 8’ width. • Includes 8’ tall rack frames and height limiter. • MEETS OSHA and IBC REQUIREMENTS

Call Toll Free to Order: 1-877-728-3891

Industrial Safety Gates

Single Swing Gate

Double Swing Gate

• I deal for stair openings, ladders, and platforms. The “Save”ty Swing Gate bolts to existing rail opening to provide a one-way, self-closing gate. It is a simple and economical way to comply with OSHA. • Each gate has 2½” of adjustability. • Single Gate requires a post for a strike plate. • Designed to fit hand railing up to 2” O.D. • Single Swing Gate can fit openings 14” – 50½”. • Double Swing Gate can fit openings 16” – 52½”. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS


Telescoping Gate •A djusts to fit openings from 18” to 36” and is self-closing. • Can be installed on guardrail or handrail (2” O.D. max), regardless of brand. • Can be inverted to swing either left or right. • Springs designed for over 1 million cycles. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Building Column Protectors

•S teel bollards protect a variety of facility assets.

•P revent damage to building support columns or mezzanine columns.

• Surface mount to concrete or direct bury.

• Impact rating: 8,000 lbs. at 5 M.P.H.

•E conomy 4½” O.D., Yellow or Red, 5½” O.D. Yellow only, 24”, 36”, or 42” tall. • Standard 4½” O.D. 42” tall, Yellow with welded top, available with welded eyelet.

•A vailable in Short, Slim, and Standard. Standard is 42” tall, 24” wide for 6”, 8”, 9”, 10”, and 12”. Yellow is standard, but red, lime green, and orange are available.

• Direct Bury 5½”, 6½”, and 8½” O.D., 84” tall, yellow.

•W hite reflective band standard on lime green and orange.

• Square Bollard 4” square tube. 42” tall with painted steel cap.

Quality Ergonomic Lifting Equipment Since 1940 Explore the widest range in the market

Tel. (888) 345 1270 Email: sales@interthor.com www.interthor.com






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