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May 2021



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MAY 2021 • VOL. 42 NO. 5

24 |  Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer Are you a sales leader or sales chaser?

Dean Millius General Manager/Publisher

Industry News 32 Shifting Gears

36 Industry Insight

38 New Products


42 Source Directory

6 | Dealers at a

Crossroads – Choosing the Right M&A Transaction COLUMNS

10 |  Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi The CX

14 |  Bottom Line Gary Bartecki Transitory Planning

18 |  Feature Story Edward E. Gordon

Job Shock: Solving the Pandemic & 2030 Employment Meltdown Part III:


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This issue will look at a variety of safety aspects to keep your employees and customer safe. We will look at the Industrial Truck Association's Safety Day and OSHA's Safe+Sound week coming up in August.

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May 2021


Cover Story: Nathan Perkins

Dealers at a Crossroads – Choosing the Right M&A Transaction Option 1 – Sale to Manufacturer The primary manufacturer will often have a right of first refusal or a contract with the dealer that complicates a sale to any other buyer. Pros • A transaction “on rails” • Reduce due diligence and closing process

• • •

As we enter the later stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, equipment companies in material handling and related industries are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Some businesses have even flourished in the last few quarters. Buoyed by changing trends in consumer consumption, purchase behavior, and decentralized commerce – and further bolstered by the broader reopening of the country – the outlook for dealers is strong. Typically, after an adverse economic event, there is significant pent-up demand for business liquidity events. Our current moment is no exception. M&A activity is once again on the rise, and established owner-operators are asking themselves tough questions. “Do I have another market cycle in me?” “Is now the time to sell?” “What would life be like without my business?” This uncertainly doesn’t end once an owner opts to pursue a liquidity event. Instead, a whole new set of questions may arise. That’s because a sale process isn’t binary. Sellers have transaction options. Partial sales are possible, and even complete sales have differing sets of pros and OHIO RACK cons, depending on the buyer. For the purposes of this We BUY & SELL article, we’ll explore four sale Portable Stack Racks options: to a competitor, to a Flexible Packaging financial buyer such as private NEW & USED equity, to a manufacturer, and 800-344-4164 to an employee stock ownership Fax 330-823-8136 plan (ESOP). Email: ohiorack@cannet.com www.ohiorack.com



May 2021

Cons Sale proceeds are fully taxable May trigger depreciation recapture Often a lower valuation than other transaction options Seller gives up all future participation in the growth of the business

Option 2 – Sale to a Competitor When most owners think about a sale, this is the option that first comes to mind. A larger player or deep-pocketed upstart who wants to take over your customers and/or territory will offer to buy your dealership. Pros • Widely understood process • The buyer understands your market’s dynamics • That familiarity may facilitate a smooth transition for your customers and operations

• • •

• •

Cons Sale proceeds are fully taxable May trigger depreciation recapture Employees, including long-tenured staff and top talent, won’t be retained For example, a buyer won’t need 2 CFOs Those employees who are let go will generally be left with hard feelings and little to show for their efforts


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May 2021


Cover Story continued Option 3 – Sale to Private Equity Most PE deals are a type of leveraged buyout. To complete an acquisition, a private equity firm will lever-up a company’s balance sheet with private debt. Once in charge, the PE firm may seek to professionalize operations and drive future efficiencies. Pros • Selling shareholders may receive a substantial portion of the purchase price upfront, potentially at a valuation premium • PE buyers are often focused on growing and scaling a business, rather than completely absorbing it • Structural and operational changes may support add-on acquisitions

• • • •

Cons Sale proceeds are fully taxable May trigger depreciation recapture PE firms often have the final say in operational and M&A decisions Seller may be required to reinvest some of their sale proceeds in the new business structure Risk of using excessive leverage, amortized with after-tax dollars

Option 4 – Sale to an ESOP Similar to a management buyout, a company finances the purchase of an owner’s stock. But in this instance, the buyer is an employee trust, rather than a management team. •

• •


Pros Sellers can defer or eliminate capital gains taxes on sale proceeds and maintain upside The Company receives tax deductions equivalent to the sale value and can become a tax-free entity as a 100% S Corp ESOP Does not trigger a depreciation recapture event The Board of directors continues to oversee operations


• • •

Cons Employee trust cannot pay more than fair market value A highly structured deal process Regulatory oversight by the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service Outside lenders can often provide nonresource financing, but this may only cover a portion of the transaction (seller notes fund the remainder)

May 2021

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong option for dealership owners who decide to move ahead with a sale. But there are “best fits” relative to a seller’s needs and goals. A well-reasoned decision can mean the difference between a positive transaction and a seller’s remorse. So, let’s review these options based on an owner’s priorities. Seeking a Complete Exit Owners that want to cash out and not look back should give serious consideration to a manufacturer or competitor sale. Both options will likely represent the cleanest of breaks – free of continuing management duties and most other ongoing entanglements. A sale to a manufacturer sometimes represents the express lane for some owners and the only option for other dealerships. If ease, time-to-close, and transactional simplicity are paramount – even at the potential expense of a decreased valuation – this may be a desirable option. Of course, both transactions are subject to capital gains taxes, as well as depreciation recapture, so a premium valuation can take on outsized importance. With that in mind, a strategic sale to a competitor may yield greater returns. Looking to Gradually Step Back If you are interested in paring back your day-to-day involvement while diversifying your personal portfolio, a private equity or ESOP sale may be right for you. Both can provide a partial liquidity event with potential upside. Ongoing “skin in the game” takes the form of rolled equity in a PE sale and retained stock and/ or stock warrants in an employee stock ownership plan transaction. Dealerships seeking an infusion of outside talent could be well-served by a private equity buyer. These firms often specialize in industry-specific transactions and provide operational know-how and human capital to scale their portfolio companies. The common tradeoff is a loss of independence. While selling shareholders may play a role in the restructured entity, day-to-day control is generally assumed by the PE firm. If a dealership already has the bench strength to facilitate a gradual leadership transition, an ESOP may be an attractive PE alternative. Sellers and their companies can reap the associated tax benefits with only a 30% sale to an employee trust. Even in the event of a majority or 100% ESOP sale, the company’s board of directors will continue to operate the business, and

Cover Story continued sellers can continue to earn a salary and a maintain meaningful role, without being obligated to stay. Interested in Diversification Only While certain owners may be fully invested in their dealerships, it could be the right time to get chips off the table. The case for an ESOP is very compelling under these circumstances. Selling shareholders can complete a partial, fair market value sale to an employee trust and still maintain a majority interest. Under a minority ESOP, operations and leadership remain virtually unchanged, while the company benefits from increased cash flow, thanks to the ESOP’s tax incentives. Employee-owned companies, on average, are also more stable and productive than their non-ESOP equivalents. The stock incentive can help foster increased employee engagement and provide a unique incentive for attracting and retaining top talent. An employee-owned company also has significant flexibility to accommodate evolving stakeholder goals and future growth. Partial ESOP sales can be followed by a range of transactions including secondary ESOP sales, M&A or PE deals, and ESOP plan terminations. As a result, owners have the latitude to actively shape their business legacies even after a minority ESOP sale. The sale of a company is one of the most significant transactions a business owner will face, and it can have a huge impact on their future and the legacy they leave behind. An educated seller will always end up with the best possible outcome given the available options. Taking the time to explore the full impact of transaction alternatives on all your stakeholders will put you in a position to avoid surprises and ensure you’re on the best path. Nathan Perkins is recognized as an expert in the investment banking space and speaks regularly on the topic of ESOPs as a liquidity strategy for business owners. Throughout his 20-year career, he has advised on over 300 ESOP M&A transactions encompassing over $1 billion in value. Prior to joining CSG in 2014, Nathan was a Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he focused on ESOP strategies for ultra-high net worth families. He held a similar position at Morgan Stanley for over seven years. E-mail editorial@MHWmag.com to contact Nathan.

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May 2021


Aftermarket Dave Baiocchi

The CX The primary task in the distribution business is to care for the customer and meet their needs. This is an indisputable fact. A wise man once told me that “NOTHING happens until something is SOLD”. Selling, however, used to be a much simpler process. In days past, the customer purchased equipment. It was our job to demonstrate to the customer that our brand, its capabilities, and our support team were the best fit for their needs. If we could prove that…. we usually got the order. Things are not so simple anymore. Our transactions with clients are no longer so one-dimensional. Where in the past the customer was looking to simply purchase equipment, both the customer’s needs and our offerings have now evolved. It used to be that we had customer “presentation opportunities”. This was our singular opportunity to create our best “pitch” and gain an advantage. Over the years, our customers tired of the “pitch”. They no longer want sales presentations. In fact, they no longer want to purchase equipment. This started the industrial movement away from selfsufficiency, and toward core-competency. An example: If my customer bakes cookies for a living, they naturally want to devote all of their time, energy, creativity, and attention toward baking cookies. Everything else involved (packaging, storing, and shipping the product) is NOT BAKING. These may be necessary functions, but they are not the core competency. Customers discovered that there are other organizations that have a core competency that involves these functions….so, “let’s partner with them to do that…so we can bake cookies”. This is where the 3PL business was born. Manufacturers wanted every square inch of their plant floor dedicated to manufacturing. That desire to focus on core competency gave rise to an entire industry. Even the 3PL business has a point of focus, and (surprise) it’s not about forklifts. Their core competency is getting the products delivered to their final destination as cost-effectively as possible. They want to invest their time, energy, creativity, and attention to material flow, logistics, and transportation. Once again, they want SOMEONE ELSE to care for the equipment fleet.



May 2021

The evolution in our customer base toward corecompetency has shifted our primary encounter with customers away from “selling equipment” and toward “building advisory relationships”. In order for the dealership to secure repeat customers today, they have to do more than represent a good OEM, have a sales story to tell, and train their techs. They have to expand their discovery methods to truly craft customer solutions that are SPECIFIC to the objectives of each individual customer. They have to design relevant and accurate fleet reporting, then, schedule regular meetings where real-time data can lead to meaningful fleet decisions. Relationship selling requires constant visitation, ongoing discovery, and a focus on continuous improvement. No more pitch-and-close. No more one-and-done. We are no longer hired to provide equipment, and bill repairs by the hour. This is a much deeper offering, that will require us to satisfy a new set of expectations. The new standards will include: • Optimized solutions • Accurate operational reporting • Specific actionable advice • Ability to adapt to real-time change • Ongoing communication • Trackable cost reduction This means consultative partnering can’t be reserved in the purview of the sales department. As I am fond of saying…” the customer couldn’t care less about our departments”. He wants our solutions to be seamless, efficient, almost invisible, yet so valuable that the fleet nearly “pays for itself”. Every customer-facing department and employee has to understand what is at stake, and how the expectations have changed. The new B2B buzzword today is the “Customer Experience”. You may have seen the new acronyms float through your Linked-In feed. The “CX” (customer experience). The “ICX” (interactive customer experience). What is the CX? The CX is simply a model for customer interaction that not only engages customers with products but also establishes an emotional connection with them. It uses a hierarchy of connections that starts with providing data, moves into actively resolving primary needs,

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May 2021


Aftermarket continued then continuously resolving ongoing needs in a way that engenders customer confidence on a long-term basis. The CX informs customer interaction at every level, and every customer-facing employee is trained to support the objectives of the CX. Is building a CX platform really necessary in our business? The short answer is YES. The reason is that our customer’s needs have so drastically changed, that we need a way to orient our resources and ensure that our practices actually support the new expectations. Some organizations have an entire team, including senior executives, that actively and continuously manage the CX. I’m not talking about computer companies or clothing stores. I’m talking about forklift dealerships. One notable example was created by Associated Integrated Supply Chain Solutions, out of Chicago. Shari Altergott served as their VP of Customer Experience and crafted a CX solution that resonated so well, that she started her own firm to help other organizations replicate CX success. Her company - The CX Edge, now assists dealers (and others) with focused customer interactions that are consistent with the goals of their CX objectives. When asked about the Material Handling Industry’s adoption of CX initiatives Shari

had this to say: “While the Customer Experience is nothing new to this industry, in fact, many MH companies have grown their business through deeply personal relationships with clients. However, some have been slow to embrace how buyers and these relationships have changed over the last 20 years. We need to begin to look at the Customer Experience as a measurable strategy with goals and investments instead of an ideology.” Many of you already have an active CX. Many of you do not. Like it or not…this is the new business model. Expanded discovery, customized solutions, and the investment of time and attention to ongoing customer requirements maybe feel awkward and unsettling. Each department will need to adopt new processes and re-think their customer contact practices. Next month, I will continue this series and suggest measures that each department can take, to position themselves to actively manage their CX. Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 39 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director, and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail editorial@MHWmag. com to contact Dave.

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May 2021

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May 2021


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

Transitory Planning We have been hearing the word “TRANSITORY” coming out of DC a lot lately. Transitory this and Transitory that to the point where I had to look it up to make sure what DC was inferring or talking about. TRANSITORY- Not permanent. Brief duration. Temporary. Not persistent. Interesting since DC uses the word TRANSITORY when discussing inflation, the value of the dollar, interest rates, unemployment numbers, and so on in response to Fed numbers which seem to indicate inflation, the value of the dollar, material costs, fuel costs, and interest rates are starting to head in the wrong direction. From what I have been reading that seems to be the case and after adding in Stimulus dollars and the Infrastructure dollars it kind of makes sense that we will have a lot of dollars trying to buy goods or invest in the market. Costs and interest rate increases seem to be real with the value of the dollar becoming more volatile than anticipated. You feel it every day. Gasoline prices, material costs to build and service your product lines, a slowdown in purchase delivery’s, a lack of chips, wage increases, projected tax increases including a “driving” tax (to pay for infrastructure bill) all have been increasing and show no signs of backing off even though DC says they are transitory and scheduled to reverse shortly. So, industry leaders have two choices to consider. Believe these “transitory” increases will soon return to normal with zero interest rates, 2% inflation, and reductions in your current costs of doing business. Or believe these cost and tax increases are here to stay to the point where planning for them to stay is required. I believe the latter course of action is the one to take even if you believe these financial metrics will reverse the course and not require any action to protect your balance sheet and income statement. But better to be prepared than find yourself behind the eight-ball a year from not unable to pay your bills or meet bank covenants. What makes this planning exciting are price changes dramatically moving up at unprecedented rates, making it almost impossible to bid jobs unless they have a Cost-Plus adjustment to capture price increases incurred to protect your margins. 14


May 2021

With this type of activity taking place annual budgets may be a think of the past for a while. You may be better off using 13-week budgets and cash flows to capture what is taking place currently. Then slowly move back to a more formal budget process once your cost structure and activity return to “normal”. Both balance sheets and income statements tend to deteriorate during times like these. Not only do we incur unplanned cost increases, but also delays in finishing a job, or delays in delivering new and used units. And let us not forget that your rental costs will increase as well. In short, costs are jumping around and mostly increasing while at the same time billing gets delayed, both of which causing reduced profits and cash flow. Bottom line: less cash in the bank and higher inventory cost levels requiring additional financing and interest costs. Let us recap the impact on your Balance Sheet. • Cash- down • A/R- Down because of delayed billing and up from price increases • Inventories- Higher, which may cause a problem once prices settle down • Rental Fleet- Costs higher • Fixed Assets- Cost increases with a higher cost to operate • A/P- higher • Accrued expense- higher • Notes payable-higher. • Equity- most likely takes a hit. How about the income statement? • Sales down due to delays. Up from price increases • Higher Cost of Sales. Higher cost of inventory • Higher labor costs due to extended time to complete job • Travel costs higher- increased fuel costs • Higher interest expense- higher rates and additional inventory to finance • The actual cost to service rental units may be higher than the contract amount

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Material Handling Wholesaler_7.625x9.875.indd 2


2/5/20 May 2021

9:01 PM 15

Bottom Line continued • Higher-income taxes being discussed • Bottom line- most likely takes a hit And even if cost transitions back to pre-pandemic levels dealers may wind up with inventory costs higher than normal on the books that get costed out at higher than anticipated costs which reduce margins. Needless to say, using annual budgets does not work under these circumstances. Shorter budget periods a must. In addition, cost and inventory controls are more important than ever because you do not want unit or parts costs on your books that destroy your normal expected margin rates.

Transitory planning for short periods necessary for the balance of 21 and probably 22. Transitory revenue planning required to offset volatile cost activity. Hope you had a chance to read Part 1 of Job Shock. Part 2 now available. Part 1: https://www.mhwmag.com/features/ featured/january-gordon-report-introducing-a-newwhite-paper-job-shock/ Part 2: https://www.mhwmag.com/features/jobshock-part-ii-solving-the-pandemic-2030-employmentmeltdown-what-changed/ Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail editorial@MHWmag.com to contact Garry

For more Bottom Line go to www.MHWmag.com



May 2021

Resonant Dealer Services





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May 2021


Feature Story: Edward E. Gordon

Job Shock: Solving the Pandemic & 2030 Employment Meltdown Part III: The Kids & Workers Are Not “All Right” Many students and workers cannot accept the new reality that they are undereducated for many jobs in this decade’s labor market, let alone future ones! KNAPP has created a robot for warehouses with the dexterity to recognize and sort random items with 99 percent accuracy. Once such robots are put into operation, humans would continue to work alongside them, but the catch is that these workers will need a whole set of additional skills. “If this happens 50 years from now,” stated Pieter Abbeel, an artificial intelligence professor at the University of California, Berkeley, “there is plenty of time for the educational system to catch up to the job market.” The trouble with his prediction is that the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up companies’ plans to further automate workplaces today! Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, small business owners have consistently reported that the quality of labor was an important business problem. In a February 2021 National Federation of Independent Business survey, 56 percent of the respondents were trying to hire and 91 percent of these employers reported few or no qualified applicants for their job openings. This situation is the result of outdated regional education-to-employment systems across the United States. They have largely become broken pipelines with an inadequate flow of people qualified to fill local jobs. Unfortunately, this skills-jobs gap has persisted throughout the last two decades. As a labor economist, Kevin Hollenbeck wrote in 2013, “I am reminded of the adage about the frog in the pot. If you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump out. But if you put a frog in a pot of water and then slowly boil it, the consequences will be dire for the frog. . . . We (workers, employers, policymakers, and politicians) like that frog, have not been alarmed enough by the signals of a widening skills-jobs gap . . . to jump to action, and now we face the dire consequences in the form of a “talent cliff.” The COVID-19 pandemic has made this talent cliff steeper.  The switch to remote schooling has meant that many students may be behind as much as a full grade level. Jobs go unfilled due to the lack of qualified applicants while more workers remain unemployed for six months or more and the labor-force participation 18


May 2021

decreases. Clearly, the kids and workers are not “all right.” Denial or wishful thinking will not change this job shock reality. Knowledge Shock The 2017 film “Hidden Figures” focuses on the lives of three African-American women who NASA hired because of their advanced math attainments. Through making important contributions to NASA’s space mission, these women overcame race and gender discrimination, earned the respect of their co-workers, and secured career advancement. These three women are unsung heroes of the U.S. space race against the Soviet Union. What was a major reason for their success? With the long-term help of their parents, each of the women overcame formidable barriers to obtaining the educational preparation that developed their mathematical talents. Education is a shared responsibility between parents and schools. Education should begin at home. Habits of learning should be instilled there. Parents can help a child learn-howto-learn by fostering each child’s personal talents and interests. Unfortunately, America’s popular culture does not esteem educators or link educational attainment to success in life. Parents are the primary motivators of their children.  If parents do not believe that doing well in school is very important, neither will their children. Many parents also believe that their local school is providing good education to their children. Regretfully this is often not the case. Education levels have not kept pace with skill demands in workplaces. There is ample evidence that K-12 education in the United States is not providing many students with the educational foundations needed for their future development. Every two years nationwide achievement tests are given to students in grades 4, 8, and 12. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) commonly called the “Nation’s Report Card” is conducted by the U.S. Department of Education. Recent results have been nothing short of alarming. Students are ranked at four levels: below basic, basic, proficient (at grade level), and advanced (above grade level). The Grade 4 test results in 2019 were: 65 percent read below grade level, 26 percent were


May 2021


Feature Story continued at grade level, and 9 percent were above grade level. Fourth grade is a crucial point for reading attainment because in the first three grades students are taught how to read, but by the fourth grade, they should have attained a level of reading proficiency that enables them to learn how to learn. At grade 12 in 2019, 37 percent received NAEP reading scores of proficient or above. However, 30 percent were at the below basic level which was larger than in any previous assessment year. In math, only 24 percent of high school seniors were at the proficient or above levels. Yet paradoxically the U.S. high school graduation rate has been rising. How can this be explained? Gradelevel standards are being downgraded or bypassed. For instance, failing students are enrolled in special “credit recovery programs” that allow them to move on to the next grade or graduate with no or minimal academic standards for a passing grade. Clearly, all high school degrees are not equal! The NAEP scores indicate that a large proportion of U.S. students are not equipped with the basic educational foundation needed for success in postsecondary programs. About 67 percent of high school graduates attend higher educational institutions. After six years only about one-third complete a degree, certificate, or apprenticeship. Many of these students take either the SAT or ACT exams that are designed to access their readiness for higher learning. Between 1967 and 2017 overall test scores on these exams have declined. In 2019 only 37 percent of ACT takers and 45 percent of SAT takers tested fully ready for post-secondary programs. Most higher-educational institutions are compelled to offer remedial education for entering students. About 40 percent of entering freshmen are now enrolled in non-college credit reading, math, or written communication classes. At some institutions over 90 percent of entering students need remedial education. Poor student preparation is also leading to declining quality in higher education. America does have excellent schools and universities. On the 2020 Social Progress Index, the United States ranked first in the world in the quality of its universities. But on this same index, the United States ranked 91st in student access to a quality elementary/secondary education. Over the past decade, the decline of the U.S. rank on this indicator has been greater than that of any other nation. Unless widespread systemic reform of U.S. K-12 education becomes a national priority, a significant proportion 20


May 2021

of the next generation of American workers will be under-skilled for employment in the workplaces of the future. COVID-19 Learning Consequences Since March 2020 almost all K-12 students have been receiving at least some instruction remotely rather than in the classroom. When the pandemic subsides, what kind of learning losses can we expect? • Millions of low-income and rural students lacked reliable internet access and about 3 million mainly low-income students were not enrolled in school. Many will likely fall behind a full grade level or more. • The longer the pandemic persists, the greater the harm to students being taught fully or partly online. • Online learning is less effective for younger students as their attention spans are limited, and it also negatively impacts their social skill development. • Two major testing services reported that the math scores of elementary students dropped 5 to 10 percentile points in fall 2020. Both noted that their 2020 testing pool was significantly smaller as dropouts or students lacking access to digital technology were absent. • High school dropout rates most likely will increase COVID-19 has also led to a severe decline in enrollments at America’s community colleges. Student enrollment was down 10 percent in the fall of 2020 compared to that of 2019. Because community colleges are an important component of apprenticeship, certificate, and other job preparation programs, this is a significant blow to the development of a more skilled workforce. Moreover, community colleges are the most accessible post-secondary option for low-income Americans whose K-12 education has suffered most due to a lack of internet access. The Best Time for Education Reform Is Now! In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Brookings Report “Beyond Reopening Schools” cogently states “it is hard to imagine there will be another moment in history when the central role of education in the economic, social, and political prosperity and stability of nations is so obvious and well understood by the general population.” Now clearly is


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May 2021


Feature Story continued the time for local, state, and federal action to revitalize K-12 education in the United States. It is time to go beyond piecemeal reforms and playing “blame games” if we are to close the widening gap in the quality of U.S. education. There are some fundamental components of quality education that can be learned from the study of the world’s most successful educational systems. 1 Great teachers: The key to boosting student results are improving instruction. Teachers need to thoroughly know their subjects and then receive

extensive training and coaching in instructional methodology before and after they begin teaching. More top college students need to become teachers. To attract and retain these recruits, we need to frontload their compensation so that entry-level salaries are competitive with those of alternate professions. To keep their skills up-to-date, teachers need a quality professional development program throughout their careers. 2 Effective Principals: School principals need to be educated and trained as both efficient administrators and drivers of instructional improvement. They have

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May 2021

Feature Story continued a key leadership role in fostering a culture of high expectations in educational attainment for teachers, students, and parents. 3 Updated curriculums: All states need to mandate strengthened 21st-century curriculums to give more students the educational foundations necessary for highskill/high-paying employment. To accommodate the diverse interests and talents of students, more options should be available at the high-school level including career education programs and advanced placement courses. 4 The Key Role of Parents: The switch to remote schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have greatly increased parent awareness of the difficulties teachers face in keeping students engaged and in helping them make progress in their day-to-day learning. This should motivate parents to take a greater interest in the quality of the schooling their children are receiving and cooperate more fully in fostering their children’s daily academic progress. The Looming Disaster of Job Shock As low-skill jobs shrink due to automation, underprivileged elementary, high school and community college students will bear the brunt of technological advances. They are under threat of becoming the “technopeasants” of the 21st century. We are referring to millions of our future workers who deserve an education systemically updated to meet the knowledge and skill demands of modern workplaces. America needs them to become part of a new talent pool for the 21st-century, not the victims of job shock. Coming Next: “Job Shock Part IV” Businesses across America now complain about the low skills of many job applicants. Yet, they often resist job training or employee reskilling programs. “Job Shock” will next review this paradox in our business culture and what needs to change to avoid potentially dire economic consequences over the next decade. The monthly Gordon Report Webinars will be focusing on key topics of the “Job Shock White Paper.” For more information on signing up or viewing these webinars, go to www.imperialcorp.com/ whats-new/webinars or go to www.MHWmag.com for part 1 and 2 of this series.


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Edward E. Gordon has consulted with leaders in business, education, government, and non-profits for 50 years. Ed is a big picture thought leader connecting the employment dots between business, education, and training. www.imperialcorp.com E-mail editorial@MHWmag.com to contact Edward.


May 2021


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Are you a sales leader or sales chaser? I grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey. We lived at the corner of the busiest intersection in town. I was 15 years old when we got a puppy named “Thing-a-majig.” The cutest, friendliest mutt-puppy you ever saw. One morning, about a week later, I opened the front door to get the paper — and the puppy got loose. She started running as fast as she could — right for the traffic. I started chasing her — hopelessly for five blocks, across busy streets — my little dog was gone — I was panicked (and out of breath). I decided to run back home, and ask my dad to use the car and find the dog. I ran straight to my parent’s bedroom. “Dad — dad,” I panted, “The — dog’s — runaway — car — chase — it!” “OK son,” he said,” “Let’s jump in the car and find your puppy.” I turned to run out the door – took one step, and tripped over the dog. You see, as soon as I started to run the other way, the dog chased me!

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May 2021

Chasing your prospects too hard? Trying to push too hard for the sale? Follow up with a thinly disguised: “Is the money ready? Can I come over and get the money?” Do you figure that the best way is to be assertive and tell him why your company and product (or service) are the greatest? Right? — Wrong, sales breath! Try the opposite approach. Try running the other way by being attractive through your value. Create the law of attraction, and — let the prospect chase you. It’s the best sales and follow-up technique you’ve ever experienced. And the easiest way to sell: let them buy. EARLY WARNING SIGNAL: No returned phone call. If prospects are not returning your call — whose fault is that? You’re chasing too hard. They’re running away. You couldn’t get their interest — you couldn’t get them (they aren’t interested enough) to chase you. Other tell-tale symptoms that the chase is going the wrong way: • You are still cold calling (or direct emailing) to get prospects. • You’re uncomfortable about calling. You are unprepared, or you have not established the needs of the prospect and are unsure of their status, or you don’t have much rapport with the prospect or some of each. • You are having trouble making appointments • Prospects just won’t decide and you keep hounding them. • You’ve followed up a few times, and now you’re searching for a reason to call them — but you can’t think of one. • The prospect is giving you a bunch of lame excuses. And worse, you are accepting them. If chasing people too hard makes them run away, why are you continuing to do it? The way I got my puppy-dog to come home was — I led the dog home. You can either lead the field or be in the field (some people are in the left-field). Your challenge is to lead your prospects so they will follow you — and turn into customers. Here’s the simple solution: (NOTE: I didn’t say easy, I said simple. There are no easy solutions.)

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May 2021


Sales Trends continued Create a better market position for yourself. Are your prospects and customers reading about you – or getting the information they can use written by you — in their social media accounts? Are they gaining helpful information on your website? Have you recently spoken at their annual meeting? Or are you thinking “brochure,” “appointment,” and “product demo” or “corporate video?” Wrong thoughts. Those are competitive thoughts and lead to a dissertation by you and your competition as to who is better – and always lead to a battle over price. A battle that everyone who fights in it loses. To create the position, you seek: Getting qualified people to call you – you’d better get beyond the typical marketing materials. ASK YOURSELF: Where are people seeing you or talking about you?

TELL YOURSELF: It takes time to create the position. REWARD YOURSELF: But once you do, people call you to buy, instead of you calling them to sell. The secret formula? The magic potion? Real simple… whatever you do with your outreach, always have a prime objective at your core. Here is the one that has worked for me: PRIME OBJECTIVE: Put yourself in front of people that can say “yes” to you and deliver value first. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at www.GitomerLearningAcademy.com. For information about training and seminars visit www.Gitomer.com or email Jeffrey at salesman@gitomer.com or call him at 704 333-1112.

For more Sales Trends go to www.MHWmag.com

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May 2021

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2010 Toyota 8FGU25 8 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875

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2013 Toyota 7FGCU45 Best Deal Forklifts Montebello | 805 416-4565


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May 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Toyota Material Handling honors top Forklift Dealers with President’s Award Toyota Material Handling (TMH) announced the winners of the annual President’s Award which recognizes the top Toyota forklift dealers in North America. The prestigious award recognizes the dealers who perform at the highest level in parts, service, equipment sales, customer satisfaction, and overall operations. The winners, announced during Toyota’s Annual Dealer Meeting on March 22, will celebrate together in London and Scotland this fall. The winners of the 2020 President’s Award are: • Allied Toyotalift, Knoxville, Tennessee • Conger Toyota-Lift, Green Bay, Wisconsin • Dillon Toyotalift, Nampa, Idaho • Lift Truck Supply, Tyler, Texas • Lift, Inc., Mountville, Pennsylvania • Madland Toyota-Lift, Bakersfield, California • PennWest Toyota Lift, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania • ProLift Toyota Material Handling, Louisville, Kentucky • Southeast Industrial Equipment, Charlotte, North Carolina • Southern States Toyotalift, Tampa, Florida • Southwest Toyotalift, Mira Loma, California • Summit ToyotaLift, North Haven, Connecticut • Toyota Material Handling Systems, Scottdale, Georgia • Toyota Material Handling Northern California, Livermore, California • W.D. Matthews Machinery Co., Auburn, Maine www.toyotaforklift.com

The World of Concrete® Show kicks off large-scale Las Vegas conventions Officials at the World of Concrete® have rescheduled the 2021 show to June 8 to 10th, with education sessions starting on June 7th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. In a news release, organizers explained the decision 28


May 2021

to move the dates back several months was not easily reached, however, they feel it is the right choice for everyone involved. World of Concrete 2021 will adapt the Informa AllSecure Plan at the event. AllSecure is Informa’s approach to ensuring high standards of safety, hygiene, cleanliness, and quality for operating events for all our exhibitors, attendees, speakers, and press. www.worldofconcrete.com

Safe + Sound Week announced The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced the date for Safe + Sound Week. This year it will take place on August 9-15, 2021. Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event held each August to show your business’s commitment to keeping workers safe year-round. Safe + Sound Week is also a time when information and ideas are shared to help get your safety and health program started or improve an existing program. Download the Save the Date and share that you’ll be participating in Safe + Sound Week on social media using #SafeAndSoundAtAWork. Registration opens in July and details will be on the website. www.osha.gov/safeandsound

Combilift celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a dance challenge Ireland-based Combilift celebrated St. Patrick’s Day last month with a global dance challenge to the World. In a post released on their social media accounts, the Combilift team members started the dance to celebrate the day with the Jerusalem Dance and encouraged others to join in the fun. To view the video, go to the link below. www.mhwmag.com/nuts-bolts/combiliftcelebrates-st-patricks-day-with-a-dancechallenge

Host and Founder of The New Warehouse Kevin Lawton interviews material handling, distribution, and logistics leaders who are doing new and innovative changes in their business. You can hear the current and past podcasts by going to www.MHWmag.com. If your company would like to be interviewed or if you know of someone we should interview, call Material Handling Wholesaler or email editorial@MHWmag.com. To advertise in this new exciting feature, contact Dean at 877 638-6190


May 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Toyota Material Handling North America Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Group announces consolidation of Toyota, announces Dealers of the Year Mitsubishi Logisnext Raymond Dealerships in North Florida Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA) will launch a two-brand, one-channel distribution trial program with the dealer networks of its two main group companies – Toyota Material Handling and The Raymond Corporation – in an effort to address the evolving needs of customers. Effective May 1, 2021, Raymond Handling Consultants, LLC (RHC) and Southern States Toyotalift (SST) will be managed as one organization representing both the Toyota and Raymond brands. Both RHC and SST have existing locations in three major Florida markets – Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville – and both dealers have enthusiastically supported the new partnership. www.tmhna.com www.toyotaforklift.com www.raymondcorp.com

Hy-Tek Material Handling & WorldSource Integration acquired by Dunes Point Capital Hy-Tek Holdings formed Hy-Tek Material Handling, Inc. and WorldSource Integration, Inc. have been acquired jointly by Dunes Point Capital, LP (“DPC”) to form Hy-Tek Holdings, a material handling automation integrator serving clients in diverse end-markets and applications, including eCommerce, third-party logistics, and parcel. The acquisition was announced by Hy-Tek Holdings CEO Sam Grooms. Columbus, Ohio-based Hy-Tek Material Handling is the premier single-source provider of material handling solutions. WorldSource, headquartered in Nashville, TN, is a material handling automation integrator. Under the Hy-Tek Holdings umbrella, Hy-Tek and WorldSource will offer expanded products and services to the material handling industry. The two companies will continue to operate under their respective names. Management structures and operations, including 500-plus employees and eight facilities, remain in place. www.hy-tek.com

Americas group announced the recipients of its 2021 Dealers of Excellence for Cat® lift trucks, Mitsubishi forklift trucks, and Jungheinrich® warehouse products. These dealers are recognized for providing superior customer service and innovative material handling solutions. This year’s recipients are: • Equipment Depot Kentucky – Louisville, Kentucky • Fallsway Equipment Co. – Akron, Ohio • G & W Equipment, Inc. – Charlotte, North Carolina • Holt of California – West Sacramento, California • Maquinas Diesel, S.A. de C.V. (MADISA) – Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico • Miami Industrial Trucks – Dayton, Ohio • Morrison Industrial Equipment – Saginaw, Michigan • Prolift, Inc – Buffalo, New York • Quinn Lift Inc. – Fresno, California • The Bailey Company – Nashville, Tennessee • Wiese USA, Inc. – Central Division – St. Louis, Missouri www.logisnextamericas.com

Riekes Equipment receives “Nebraska’s Safest Companies” Award


The annual Celebration of Safety hosted by the National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter to recognize companies and individuals who don’t take shortcuts with their safety. This year 114 companies will be honored virtually as Nebraska’s Safest Companies for their dedication to outstanding safety programs. Riekes Equipment has an exemplary safety record that is better than the national average compared to their industry classification and will be recognized at the event for a second time.





May 2021

Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

CLARK Material Handling Company announces expansion of Standard Warranty Program CLARK Material Handling Company has announced an expansion of the CLARK standard warranty for Carriage to Counterweight and Powertrain coverage for up to three years. Specifically, beginning April 1, 2021, the CLARK Protection Plan standard warranty now covers: Full “Carriage to Counterweight” for two years or 4,000 hours, whichever comes first and the powertrain for three years or 6,000 hours, whichever comes first. This warranty change actively demonstrates the highquality engineering, manufacturing, and componentry that goes into each CLARK product. This new and expanded “bumper to bumper” the standard warranty ensures that when purchasing a CLARK product, it is indeed “Built to Last.” www.clarkmhc.com

Ace opens in Clinton, closes in Knoxville, Tennessee Electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane and wire rope hoist manufacturer Ace World Companies has opened its third facility— in Clinton, Tennessee. The company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of lifting solutions for some of North America’s most demanding applications. Its equipment is widely installed in steel mills, power plants, shipbuilding, and aerospace facilities, to name just a few. In 2010 it opened a second facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, to increase crane building capacity. Two years ago, a dedicated panel shop was also opened in Pewaukee, in Waukesha County, Wisconsin www.aceworldcompanies.com

Remanufactured Transmissions, Engines, Torque Converters, Steer Axles, Overhaul Kits and Aftermarket Parts for: • Material Handling • Construction • Agricultural Equipment

The Ecopoint charger from Ecotec is a full featured industrial battery charger available in 2 models for 8 hr. and 10 hr. recharge. The standard ECO-250 control offers data management normally found only in much more expensive chargers. For pallet jacks, consider the fully automatic STC taper charger. Plugs into any 120V outlet for convenience and portability. For the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility, consider the Access high frequency charger. Models are available for both conventional and opportunity charging.

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Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor


Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor

May 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

TVH announces the passing of Royce Albright, Regional Sales Manager TVH in the Americas (TVH) announced last month with the deepest regret the death of Royce Albright, Regional Sales Manager. Royce started his career in automotive parts, prior to joining the material handling industry. Royce got his start in the industry when he was hired by Hank Ogden, the Dealer Principal of Ogden Forklifts located in Atlanta. While there, he held multiple positions, which provided him knowledge in various areas of a dealership. Royce’s knowledge and personality helped him move forward as he continued his career with the Komatsu factory located in Covington, Georgia. Later, an opportunity came up at Lift Systems of Georgia where he was able to continue to develop his professional skills and increase his networking base. Royce also served as a Regional Manager for Nissan Forklift Corporation in Marengo, Illinois. Royce began his career with TVH in 2005 and quickly became an invaluable asset to the Business Development Team. He loved being a part of the TVH family and especially enjoyed getting to know each and every one of his customers. His sense of humor, dedication, and allaround amazing attitude will be greatly missed by all those who knew him. Royce spent over 30 years in the material handling industry. www.tvh.com

Vermont, and West Virginia. In Canada, Kleiner oversees the following provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. www.jlg.com

Myers Industries appoints Paul Johnson to Lead Distribution Segment Myers Industries, Inc., announced last month the appointment of Paul Johnson as Myers’ Business Vice President, Distribution Segment. Johnson will be responsible for leading Myers’ growing Distribution segment and has assumed the role on March 15, 2021. Johnson brings significant sector-specific leadership and experience to Myers across finance, operations, and sales roles. Prior to joining Myers, Johnson was the President of International Brake Industries, a private-equity portfolio company specializing in brake-related components for the North American automotive aftermarket. He also held several sales and leadership positions at the NTN Corporation, Federal-Mogul Corporation, Boeing, as well as 19 years at General Motors. Johnson received his BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University and his MBA from the University of Michigan. www.myersindustries.com

H&E opens new Lodi, CA branch

H&E Equipment Services Inc. (H&E) has announced the opening of a new branch in Lodi, CA, bringing the number of JLG Industries, Inc. has H&E California branches announced that Joe Kleiner has been to 10. The new location is at 955 N. Guild Avenue, named Regional Vice President Lodi, CA 95240-0877, phone 209-269-4200. The for the Eastern United States and 11,600-square-foot facility sits on 3 acres with a fully Eastern Canada. Joe replaces Brent fenced yard area, offices, parts warehouse, and a repair Miller who has recently been shop with six service bays. It is capable of servicing a named Vice President of Channel variety of construction and general industrial equipment Management for JLG. In his new and joins the H&E facility in Sacramento in serving role, Kleiner’s primary focus will be leading JLG’s sales Stockton and the Central Valley area. and service growth within the region. Kleiner’s region www.he-equipment.com includes the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,

JLG names Joe Kleiner Regional Vice President for Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canada



May 2021

Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Motion Industries announces two promotions to EVP

Hyundai Material Handling names VP & COO of Forklift Division

Motion Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of James Howe to Executive Vice President – eCommerce, Sales Excellence, Strategic Pricing and Corporate Accounts, and of Joe Limbaugh to Executive Vice President – Supply Chain, Operations Support, Marketing and Enterprise Excellence, effective April 1, 2021. “With their expertise and substantial achievements, James and Joe are both proven, integral leaders and the key to Motion’s success,” said Motion President Randy Breaux. “Both promotions are well-deserved, and we look forward to seeing continued Company success under their guidance. www.motionindustries.com

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc (HCEA) has announced that Lewis Byers has been appointed Vice President and COO of Hyundai Material Handling Forklift Division reporting to J.Y. Kim. The appointment will be effective April 1st, 2021. Lewis will be succeeding Chuck Leone, who sadly passed away in January 2021. Lewis has been a District Sales Manager with Hyundai for the past several years and brings over 33 years of extensive industry experience both at the dealer and manufacturer level. At the dealer level, he gained industry experience in various senior leadership and management roles for a large MCFA dealer as well as the largest HysterYale dealer in North America. Representing Nissan, UniCarriers, and Hyundai his ability to work with and grow the dealer network translates well into his new responsibilities leading Hyundai’s Forklift division. www.hyundaiamericas.com

WELCOME MONTY “I am thrilled to join Forklift International & bring my expertise of 22 years experience serving as a Senior Account Executive in the TriStates area. I am a single Father, 4 boys, 2 girls. I was a licensed foster parent that adopted my two girls out of the Iowa foster care system. I have always found it enjoyable helping individuals & companies grow their businesses over the years. I am full of tenacity and humor. Your experience doing business with me will be perpetual and memorable for years to come.”

Monty Alexander

Monty Alexander

Forklift-International National Sales Representative 877 638-6190 ext 3855 monty@forklift-int.com



May 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

CLARK Material Handling Company appoints TJ Shelters as Director of Sales and Marketing CLARK Material Handling Company has announced the appointment of TJ Shelters as Director of Sales and Marketing. In this role, Shelters will oversee the sales and marketing activities and the associated support teams in Lexington, KY related to new truck and aftermarket sales. He will report to Dennis Lawrence, president and chief executive officer of CLARK Material Handling Company. Shelters brings with him a wealth of experience in account management, team building, and sales planning & management. In his new role, TJ will coordinate efforts between manufacturing and engineering to deliver solutions that meet the needs of both dealerships and end customers. www.clarkmhc.com

Motion hires new Group VP-Automation Motion Industries, Inc., a distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts, and a premier provider of industrial technology solutions, just announced that Aurelio Banda will join the Company as Motion’s new Group Vice President of Automation, effective April 1st. Mr. Banda most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer of PHD Inc., a global manufacturer of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic industrial automation actuators of various types in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Prior to leading PHD Inc., he served as President and CEO – North America for Beckhoff Automation, a global manufacturer of industrial PCs, software, hardware, and a variety of other products, in Savage, Minnesota. www.motion.com

Raymond's David Norton named Pros to Know David Norton, vice president, customer solutions, and support at The Raymond Corporation, has been named a Practitioner Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The Pros to Know Award recognizes exceptional corporate executives who are leading initiatives that help prepare their companies’ supply chains for significant challenges. With more than 30 years of experience at The Raymond Corporation, Norton has been instrumental in furthering Raymond’s mission of solving customer challenges in the supply chain and logistics industry with smart, leading-edge technology solutions. The Practitioner Pros to Know list features executives who are recognized for leadership, vision, dedication, and commitment to helping their customers best prepare for the business demands of the future. www.raymondcorp.com

For More Shifting Gears go to

www.MHWmag.com 34


May 2021

Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

H&E opens new facility in North Charlotte area

Women In Trucking Association announces its April 2021 Member of the Month

H&E Equipment Services Inc. (H&E) just announced the opening of a new branch in the North Charlotte area, bringing the number of H&E North Carolina branches to eight. The new location is at 1150 Biscayne Drive, Concord, NC 28027-8403, phone 980-334-7200. The 8,000-square-foot facility sits on 2.5 acres with a fully fenced yard area, offices, parts warehouse, and a repair shop with five service bays. It is capable of servicing a variety of construction and general industrial equipment and joins the H&E facility in Charlotte in serving the Piedmont region and surrounding areas. www.he-equipment.com

The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has announced Reanee Swiger-Gray as its April Member of the Month. Reanee is a professional driver for Brenny Specialized, Inc. Reanee has been driving since 2012 and is well over a million miles as an OTR driver. She is consistently one of Brenny’s highest mileage drivers with an impeccable safety record. She is always looking for ways to improve skills and be a safer driver. www.womenintrucking.org

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The Superior Turret Advantage

Save 50% Space Mutiple Options ✧ camera

180 Fork Rotation Versatiltiy 0

Make unloading & loading a breeze

systems ✧ fork positioning & much more

Easy to use

800-359-3052 www.superioreng.com


May 2021


Industry Insight Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly BY RANDALL-REILLY

Lift Truck Market Trends Each month, we give you a snapshot of industry data that’ll let you see where buying activity has been so that you can proactively stay in touch with the needs and habits of your market. Due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, state filings may be lower than usual. As our team works diligently against the challenges of COVID-19, our credible and verified data can drive strategic decisions for your business during this trying time. Market Trends, Updated 3/26/21

Top 5 Equipment Buyers

Displays the top five buyers nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on distinct serial numbers of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. Schirm USA Inc Ennis, Tx Class 5 Mitsubishi Higginbotham Bros & Co Ltd Comanche, Tx Class 5 Hyster Class 5 Toyota Class 5 Yale Alan Ritchey Matl Co Valley View, Tx Class 3 Toyota S R Forwarding Inc Laredo, Tx Class 1 Unicarriers Class 5 Unicarriers Vintage Logistics Inc Laredo, Tx Class 4 Toyota

22 22 13 4 7 2 8 8 7 5 2 7 7

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit www.edadata.com/how-it-works 36


May 2021

Top 20 Equipment Lenders

 isplays the top 20 lenders nationwide for each of EDA’s eleven D industries, based on financing activity results added by EDA in January 2020. The results are based on all financing statements of sale and lease transactions for new equipment only. Toyota Inds Commercial Fin Inc......................................55 De Lage Landen Fin Svc........29 Wells Fargo Bank...................28 Truist Eqt Fin Corp...............14 Altec Capital Svc.....................5 P N C Eqt Fin Llc...................3 Fin Agent Svc..........................2 Banc Of Amer Lsg & Capital...2 B F G Corp.............................2 Vantage Bank...........................2

Tx Community Bank..............2 Tx Advantage Community Bank.....................................1 Valiant Fin Svc Usa Inc............1 U S Bank Eqt Fin....................1 Toyota Motor Credit Corp......1 Taylor Lsg Corp.......................1 Pape Matl Hndlg.....................1 Corp Svc Co...........................1 C T Corp Sys..........................1 Bank of the West......................1

Data provided by EDA, a product of Randall-Reilly. For more detailed information visit www.edadata.com/how-it-works


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May 2021


New Products

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Nomenclature change for JLG® Large Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts JLG Industries, Inc., has announced that the JLG® LRT series of large rough terrain scissor lifts will transition to new model designations to align with the entire JLG scissor lift line. Moving forward, the models — 330LRT, 430LRT, and 530LRT, respectively — will feature “RT” at the front of the model designation with the numerals to reflect maximum platform height and machine width. These JLG scissor lifts will now be known as RT3394, RT4394, and RT5394, respectively. Rental stores and operators can easily identify these updated models thanks to their refreshed decal design. www.jlg.com

The Upender, improving worker safety The Upender is an ergonomic “lifting aid” that helps prevent worker injuries, lowering the cost of claims and downtime. Ergonomic solutions in the workplace are necessary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, reported that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounted for over 30% of worker injury and illness cases involving days away from work (DAFW). The Uni-Craft Upender is an ergonomic solution with applications in manufacturing and assembly to the end of the line during palletizing and shipping. The Upender offers many benefits and can tilt loads up to 95 degrees to change the vertical or horizontal orientation of heavy, awkward products. www.uni-craftcorp.com/portfolio_entries/ upender

A new way to store press brake tools with the Press Brake Tool Storage System Scissor Dock Lifts can accommodate a Rack Engineering Division variety of truck bed heights announces their new Press Brake Tool Storage System for storing and organizing Press Brake Tools. Quickly recognize if something is missing before getting started at the Press Brake with the Press Brake Tool Storage System from Rack Engineering Division. In addition to organizing tools, the Press Brake Tool Storage System can also increase storage capacity up to 40%. These storage systems provide ergonomic access and are specially designed for heavy-duty applications with fully extendable GlideOut shelves that can hold up to 4,000-pounds per shelf. Each unit offers customizable tool holders that are removable, adjustable, and made to hold any type of American and European tooling, including CAT, HSK, and assembly tooling. Each holder is UHMW lined for added protection. www.rack-eng.com

PDL Series Loading Dock Scissor lifts from Presto ECOA allow users to quickly and safely transfer loads from a variety of truck bed heights to loading docks up to 59”. Because the lift platform is always level, transferring between truck beds and docks is easier and safer than ramps or other incline devices. Standard units are available in 5,000 lbs. and 6,000 lbs. capacities with a roll-over capacity of 10,000 lbs. Base and leg sets feature a corrosion-resistant, galvanized finish. Diamond tread steel platform sizes range from 6 x 8 feet to 8 x 12 feet and are designed for use with manual or powered pallet jacks. www.prestolifts.com

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May 2021

Largest online market for used forklifts, attachments and work platforms with 90,927 offers.

1994 Clark GPX25S The Forklift Pro Pineville, NC | 704 716-3636

2017 Toyota 8FBCU30 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

Bendi B40/48E180D Best Deal Forklifts Montebello | 805 416-4565




2011 Hyster GC050VX 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898

2013 CAT Lift Trucks EP8000 Zoom Lifts & Equipment Chester, SC | 704 975-1377


2014 Hyster E50XN The Forklift Pro Pineville, NC | 704 716-3636

2011 CAT Lift Trucks 2C5000 9 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875

Raymond 520-0601393 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

2012 TCM FCG25-7S Somerset Equipment Sales Batavia | 708 921-0751

2015 Yale GLP050VX Lift One Charlotte | 704 587-1040

2011 Hyster E30HSD2 MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123




2001 Komatsu FB20SHG-5 Discount Forklift Denver, CO | 877-779-9431


1999 CAT Lift Trucks GC30K Santana Equipment Trading Co. Chicago | 847 775-7400


2012 Hyster E65XN-36 Zoom Lifts & Equipment Chester, SC | 704 975-1377




2003 Combilift C10000 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898



2012 Toyota 8FBCU30 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746





May 2021


New Products

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TVH offers new Eco-Friendly Forklift Stabilization Kit TVH in the Americas (TVH), knows that when performing maintenance and repairs on equipment, it is important to have safe and reliable tools. While supporting equipment with wood cribbing or blocks has been the way of the past, wood breaks down over time and can fail under the weight of heavy machinery. The Forklift Stabilization Kit, now available at TVH, utilizes a variety of engineered plastic block options that can handle light to heavy load capacities and specific working load limits. This kit is manufactured in the U.S.A from recycled postindustrial PVC, LDPE, and HDPE plastics. www.tvh.com

Coval GVMAX HD, versatile vacuum for every branch of industry Vacuum handling systems in the industry must respond to very diverse requirements, gripping parts of different weights or materials, integration on machines and robots, highspeed operation. COVAL’s GVMAX HD series of heavy-duty vacuum pumps combine robustness, power, modularity, and communication, allowing them to adapt to multiple applications. And thanks to IO-Link technology, they are fully plugged-in to the Industry of the Future. www.coval-international.com

Eye Protection workers won’t want to take off We know that fogging lenses and an overall lack of comfort are the two main reasons that workers remove their eye protection. Brass Knuckle® Spectrum™ (BKFLEX-4040N) helps solve it by bringing together flexible comfort and peak antifog protection for safety eyewear they’ll never want to take off. In fact, lens fogging is the No. 1 challenge facing wearers of eye protection. It makes workers want to remove their safety glasses to wipe away the fog. That’s a hazard waiting to become an accident. Workers who aren’t wearing eye protection are out 40


May 2021

of compliance — and, in those vulnerable seconds or minutes that their eyes are exposed to potential impact or splash hazard, eye injuries can occur. www.brassknuckleprotection.com/products/ BKFLEX-4040N

Exotec Skypod System adopted by Gap Inc. to optimize returns process Advanced Handling Systems (AHS, LLC) has announced that they have been contracted by Gap Inc. to design and integrate an Exotec Skypod System to optimize its returns picking process. AHS, LLC, a systems integrator located in Erlanger, KY, is the foremost US partner of Exotec and will be completing the integration of the full system with guidance from Exotec’s execution team. Exotec Solutions, a pick system provider based out of France, utilizes its Skypod mobile robots to manufacture Goods-to-Person technology. Exotec’s material handling solution has revolutionized the fulfillment industry in Europe and Japan and is now focusing on the US market. www.ahs1.com

AFE Crane installs ACCO Monorail, Hoists for lighting manufacturer Cedar Falls, Iowa-based AFE Crane has installed a custom hoist and crane system comprised of over 1,000 ft. of monorail track and 20 custom hoists in the manufacturing facility of an outdoor lighting manufacturer. AFE Crane is a strategic distributor of ACCO Material Handling Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of material handling products and part of The Crosby Group. They were approached with a requirement to move large light stands through an assembly process. The resulting installation included 20 custom, wire rope, air-operated hoists with double sister hooks with the light stand assemblies resting on these sister hooks. Shuttle cranes were the preferred solution due to their smaller footprint and fit with the end user’s production layout. www.afecrane.com

New Products

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Pallet Truck attachment adjusts load height for improved order picking The PalletPal Walkie from Southworth Products is an automatic pallet load leveler that mounts on to any standard electric walkie or walkie/ rider pallet truck to make order picking faster, safer and easier. Built on the proven design of PalletPal Level Loaders, the PalletPal Walkie uses a calibrated spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of a pallet load as boxes are added or removed. The top layer of the load is always at a comfortable, convenient working height allowing employees to load or offload items with no bending, stretching, or awkward posture.

advanced LED and optics technology in the market today. The 12+ Pro Vantage lightbar is the ultimate dual-color warning solution. The ED3974 and ED5051VDL2 interior warning lights offer more lowprofile options while delivering an exceptional visual warning. The UltraFlex is a unique warning light that bends up to 120° to accommodate a variety of vehicle surfaces. With flexible mounting and customized designs, owners and operators can get back on the road with minimal lead time to meet 2021’s workload head-on. www.eccogroup.com

APEM introduces new ergonomic handle option for the XD Series Joystick

APEM, Inc. announces the launch of its new RT handle, an ergonomic grip offering a wide combination of pushbutton and Hall effect thumbwheel www.southworthproducts.com combinations. Designed exclusively for APEM’s XD series joystick, the Flux Power increases traction of X-Series RT grip provides IP67 above panel Lithium-ion Battery Packs with new customers sealing and is ideally suited for vehicle applications Flux Power Holdings, Inc. requiring a dedicated right-hand operation. Utilizing (“Flux Power”) just announced that detailed “voice of the customer” studies, the RT it has initiated delivery of lithiumhandle was ergonomically designed for optimal rightion battery packs for two new hand operation. Featuring both front and rear-facing customers. Working in partnership configuration plates, the handle allows users to easily with a Top-Five global forklift reach all forward-facing functions with an easy sweep manufacturer, Flux Power initiated of the thumb. Rear mounting functions can be deliveries of its LiFT Pack X48 to a actuated by the user’s index trigger without strain. leading manufacturer and distributor of paper products and related chemicals, with a fleet size of 2,000+ CLARK Material Handling Company announces forklifts. The X48, which is UL Listed, is used to new WPL40 Electric Pallet Jack product power Class I counterbalanced forklifts. Additionally, CLARK Material Handling Flux Power began delivery of its LiFT Pack X48 to a Company has launched the new ‘Fortune 500’ packaging manufacturer with a forklift WPL40 Electric Pallet Jack. Built to fleet size of 500+ units. www.fluxpower.com Last and designed to transport up to 4,000 pounds, the WPL40 features a ECCO introduces four new ways to upfit maintenance-free Lithium-Ion battery, your work vehicle for safety an ergonomic handle, and the ability to pinwheel in place with the handle In a new year of recovery and growth, now is the time in the upright position. The WPL40 complements to upgrade fleets and work the entire CLARK product line due to its lifting trucks with the latest safety capacity and use of Lithium-Ion. Designed for use in equipment, just in time for logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing. the spring and summer surge. ECCO is introducing www.clarkmhc.com four powerful warning solutions that feature the most


May 2021




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ATLAS INTERNATIONAL LIFT TRUCKS 1815 Landmeier Rd. • Elk Grove, IL 60007 (847) 678-3450 • Web: www.atlasd2d.com

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Fully automated regeneration process Improve and sustain longer run times Individual battery diagnostic report Eliminate used battery guess work Improved Customer experience Grow your business offerings

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New Prod uc : Page 3 ts

The Original Drop-In, Lift-Out Guardrail

Save Your Assets

• People • Products • Equipment • More

The Most Competitively Priced Safety Products In America! 1-877-728-3891 | www.save-ty.com

Guardrail / Hand Rail

Twin Rail

Guardrail • Original LIFT-OUT design cuts installation costs in half!

Hand Rail

•D  urable steel protection.

•F  ully welded sleeves to hold and capture rails.

•D  esigned for quick and easy release, but can be bolted together if desired.

•M  odular hand rail protects employees from entering unsafe areas.

•E  asy installation, simply assemble and anchor down. • Posts available as Inlines, Corners, •S  tronger than typical handrail. or Ends in 18”, 26” and 42” heights. • Top Rail is 42” high and MEETS • Stocked in 4’, 6’, and 8’ sections. • Rails available in 2’ – 10’ in 1’ OSHA FALL PROTECTION if • 42” tall standard. increments. used on a mezzanine. •M  EETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Rack Protection


”, 4

“V” Face Post Protectors



8” & 12”


End of Aisle Rack Protection

•R  ack protection creates a visible guide through aisles and saves thousands in damage. • Available in 36”, 42”, and 48” in • ¼” material. either single or double ends. • Four mounting holes. • Curved end has an 8” I.D. and is • Accepts ½” anchors, which 8” and 12” tall. are available upon request. • Choose floor angle thickness of ½”, 3/8”, or ¼”. •A  vailable in 12”, 18”, and 24” with 4¼”, 5½”, and 8¼” clear opening.

Flush hardware

Pallet Guide/Stop •T  wo products in one! Keeps flue space clear and prevents damage to walls behind rack. •A  vailable in 42”, 45” (42” with 3” overhang), 48”, and 51” (48” with 3” overhang). •E  asy installation and creates reinforcement for the rack. • Flush mount hardware included.

“Live chat at www.save-ty.com”

Our Products at Work Dock Safety

Fabric Gate

Dock Stop HD

• Protects against unwanted visitors, insects, birds, and debris from entering the work area while allowing air to flow through. 48” tall. • High visibility, breathable fabric. • Easy operation, requiring just 3 lbs. of pull force to extend the fabric barrier. • Accommodates doors from 8’ – 16’. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

•S  top fork trucks from driving or backing off the dock. 42” tall. • Available in 8’ – 9’ and 10’ – 12’ sizes. • Includes two 5” steel posts with 12” x 12” baseplates with gussets for strength. • Reinforced cross bar for strength behind panels. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet

Pivot Gate • Choose from 60”, 65”, 72”, 96”, or 120” clear opening. • Easily pivots to up or down position – requires only 10 - 20 lbs. of lift force. • Ships mostly assembled – minor assembly required upon receiving. Simply anchor to the mezzanine floor. • Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

PickerPal Mezzanine Gate • 6 self-closing arms that operate independently. •A  s the pallet is unloaded the top arms close, creating a safety barrier. • 6’ or 8’ width. • Includes 8’ tall rack frames and height limiter. • MEETS OSHA and IBC REQUIREMENTS

Call Toll Free to Order: 1-877-728-3891

Industrial Safety Gates

Single Swing Gate

Double Swing Gate

• Ideal for stair openings, ladders, and platforms. The “Save”ty Swing Gate bolts to existing rail opening to provide a one-way, self-closing gate. It is a simple and economical way to comply with OSHA. • Each gate has 2½” of adjustability. • Single Gate requires a post for a strike plate. • Designed to fit hand railing up to 2” O.D. • Single Swing Gate can fit openings 14” – 50½”. • Double Swing Gate can fit openings 16” – 52½”. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS


Telescoping Gate •A  djusts to fit openings from 18” to 36” and is self-closing. • Can be installed on guardrail or handrail (2” O.D. max), regardless of brand. • Can be inverted to swing either left or right. • Springs designed for over 1 million cycles. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Building Column Protectors

•S  teel bollards protect a variety of facility assets.

•P  revent damage to building support columns or mezzanine columns.

• Surface mount to concrete or direct bury.

• Impact rating: 8,000 lbs. at 5 M.P.H.

•E  conomy 4½” O.D., Yellow or Red, 5½” O.D. Yellow only, 24”, 36”, or 42” tall. • Standard 4½” O.D. 42” tall, Yellow with welded top, available with welded eyelet.

•A  vailable in Short, Slim, and Standard. Standard is 42” tall, 24” wide for 6”, 8”, 9”, 10”, and 12”. Yellow is standard, but red, lime green, and orange are available.

• Direct Bury 5½”, 6½”, and 8½” O.D., 84” tall, yellow.

•W  hite reflective band standard on lime green and orange.

• Square Bollard 4” square tube. 42” tall with painted steel cap.

PARTNER with AIT. Give Your Customers More Than They Expect. Give Them AIT’s Quality and Your Service.


American Industrial Transmission Inc.


20395 Hannan Pkwy. Walton Hills, OH




** FORKLIFTS WANTED ** We Will Buy Quantities! Call Us With Details - We Want Your Surplus Stock 2015 TOYOTA 8FGCU25

2014 TOYOTA 8BRU18


189”FSV Mast, Hours: 6,900

192” FSV Mast, Hours: 7,000

240” Mast, Hours: 5K Drive Refurbished










2016 TOYOTA 8HBW23

2009 TOYOTA 8FGU25


27X48, Hours: 1,000

189” Mast, Hours: 3,000

203” Mast, Hours: 6,000










Available Used Equipment – More in Stock, Call Omar For Listing AERIAL EQUIPMENT

2012 Toyota 8FGU15, 3,000 lbs., LP, 189” Mast, Sideshifter

2006 Genie S40, 500 lbs., Diesel

1997 Toyota 6FG25, 5,000 lbs., Gas, 132” Mast

2007 Genie Z45/25, 500 lbs., Diesel, 45’

2007 Toyota 7BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)


2010 Toyota 8BRU23, 4,500 lbs., 36V, 270” Mast, Sideshifter (4 in stock)

2012 JCB 940, 8,000 lbs., Diesel

866.506.2200 oshai@shoppas.com ShoppasMaterialHandling.com

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May 2021 Material Handling Wholesaler  

IS NOW THE TIME TO SELL THE DEALERSHIP? Sell it to any material handling company or your employees? We will look at what you should consider...

May 2021 Material Handling Wholesaler  

IS NOW THE TIME TO SELL THE DEALERSHIP? Sell it to any material handling company or your employees? We will look at what you should consider...

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