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July 2021



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JULY 2021 • VOL. 42 NO. 6

20 |  Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales success with cookies--How sweet it is

Dean Millius General Manager/Publisher

Industry News 22 Nuts & Bolts

26 Shifting Gears


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6 | Unifying your

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12 |  Bottom Line Gary Bartecki


16 |  Feature Story Edward E. Gordon

This issue will examine ways to increase sales and time efficiencies by identifying common time wasters and better strategies for sales success

What is next on the list and how to get it done Job Shock: Solving the Pandemic & 2030 Employment Meltdown Part IV: A New Time Bomb: An Explosion of Skilled Worker Shortages

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July 2021


Cover Story Dave Baiocchi

Unifying your dealership data: By ERP or SOP?

Last month we were discussing the finer points of the Service CX (customer experience). As I pointed out in the June issue, managing the CX in the service department is fraught with difficulty. This is primarily because many times the service department interfaces with customers at the point of their greatest need. There is a truck at the dock door waiting to unload, and another truck arriving in 30 minutes. Now the forklift won’t start. The call to our dispatch desk is awash in panic and fear. Not all engagements are this perilous, but many are, and attempting to draw a circle around how we want to manage customer expectations is difficult. When the stakes are high and the customer is already facing significant time pressure, the manner in which they express their urgency can be challenging. Capable dispatchers and administrators know how to carefully triage the situation in ways that assure and calm the customer, while also collecting accurate data so that the dealership can deliver on the commitment to the CX standard. If I had to define truly effective service departments, I would use the following adjectives: • Nimble • Efficient • Organized • Structured • Engaged • Committed 6

July 2021

The extent to which a dealer can rightly claim these attributes is in many ways predicated on the department’s access to and proper use of digital tools. We live in a data-driven environment, and (truth be told), the data we depend on is many times locked in an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is difficult to navigate, or, (more on-point), our people don’t have the knowledge or training that allows them to find what they need when they need it. I see many dealers across the country still using legacy systems. I have also observed ERP systems so advanced they border on the frontiers of AI. Both dealers have the same problem. People on the front lines (customer-facing employees) lack relevant, meaningful training, written SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure), and the management mandate FULLY utilize the system so that their people can attain the characteristics enumerated above. This dearth of knowledge isn’t limited just to the most complex ERP offerings. Even legacy systems have enormous capabilities that go untapped. Something as simple as applying pre-formatted work descriptions to service orders (a function even the most rudimentary systems offer), is routinely not utilized by dealers who instead invest untold man-hours keyboarding in every work description by hand. The reason for the knowledge gap is not complicated. We all have good intentions starting out. When we install a NEW system, EVERYONE gets trained by the supplier. The problem is, that these employees only really RETAIN what they REPEATEDLY USE. The training offered by the ERP supplier is formatted using wide-ranging modules. Because of the way the modules are organized, only a portion of the material is ever truly applicable to the job function of an individual employee. The balance of the data is useless because many times it’s not relevant to the individual employee’s regular duties and responsibilities. The Widening Training Deficiency The gap is widened even further when we experience turnover in our staff. This “second wave” of support team members rarely gets the benefit of original supplier training. Instead, they are trained by other employees. Depending on time constraints and workload, the second wave many times learns only “enough to get by”.

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July 2021


Cover Story continued By the time the 3rd and 4th wave of employees are added (sometimes years later), the functionality and efficiency of the system have long ago been lost to attrition. The fact is, freshly trained employees can be pretty efficient at using the system but unless they are gifted…they many times make poor trainers. Add to that the fact that some of these “employee-instructors” may be unmotivated due to the fact that they themselves are leaving the company. This is a recipe for a real mess. So, what’s the best strategy to maintain our technological edge? Sending every new employee to supplier training is not really an option. ERP suppliers are notoriously thin on offerings, and much of the training they do offer is centered on new users…. not existing ones. The expense is also prodigious, and most of the dealer management team is convinced that what they “already know” about the system can be taught by those who “know” (even if what they “know” is dubious). The most effective answer to this question is a commitment to establishing and maintaining robust, relevant, and readable SOP guidelines for critical digital functions inside the dealership. Written SOP’s that are used religiously as the STANDARD for operations creates multiple advantages: Digital SOP’s help to unify goalsetting When adopting a business system with so many tools and capabilities, one of the first steps in gaining efficiency is to DECIDE what benefits we really want. It’s common for that decision-making process to be fragmented especially when you have multiple branches, regional agendas, and employees that have varying cyber capabilities. The best way to start is by gathering the stakeholders (branches included) and unify the goals regarding the data and reporting they will all utilize. • What data do we really want to track? • What metrics do we want to measure? • What are our performance targets? • Does everyone, (including all the branches) put the same data in the system the same way? • Are there reports already in the system that will give us that data automatically in real-time? Once these things are decided it’s then possible for us to the author, step by step, tutorials for how we enter data, organize and generate reporting, compare it to our targets, and assess our progress.


July 2021

Digital SOP’s amendments must be performed GLOBALLY One challenge to using SOP-driven processes is enforcement. There cannot be exceptions, workarounds, or standalone processes. Individual branches cannot be allowed to wander off the digital reservation. Changes to the SOP will certainly become necessary as system capabilities are upgraded. When these needs arise, we must make these changes in the same way we started—TOGETHER, with all of the stakeholders. Making changes to the written standards must be done on a GLOBAL basis, with full transparency. Digital SOP’s provide continuity The first goal in producing written SOP’s is to ensure that DATA ENTRY is STANDARDIZED… in every branch. The second goal is to ensure that we all understand and agree on the reporting mechanisms. When these two goals are met, it then becomes much easier to refine our data, train proactively, and utilize personnel in cross-functional ways. It’s a daunting task, and if you don’t currently have a repository of SOP drafts, it can be downright scary. The benefits of creating these standards however are well worth the effort. Think about all of the digital entry and processing functions that really could benefit from having a written template that even an employee on their first day could navigate. • Unit records (customer, rental, new and used) • Parts inventory records • Van parts inventory records • PM data entry and scheduling • Labor rates and codes • Work description codes • Parts returns • Warranty billing • Gratis approval and billing • Employee time posting • GPS data • WIP control • Purchase orders • Vendor data (A/P) • Payment processing(A/R) • Service estimating • Telephone communication and voice mail


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July 2021


Cover Story continued • Customer account and CRM data • Lost order reporting • Equipment sales order processing I am always fond of saying that it’s impossible to hit an invisible target. This is just a partial list of processes that genuinely require SOP guidance and accountability. SOP’s serve to center your efforts with data and assessments you can TRUST. All this said I think it pays to consider that when struggling with digital functionality, it may NOT be an inefficient SYSTEM that is holding you back. It’s more likely that it’s inefficient PROCESSES that need to be reviewed, refined, and documented. Take the time, and invest some resources in SOP development. The effort will require dedicated employees whose only (short-term) task is to get these standards memorialized in writing. It will take time, focus, and effort to arrange the meetings with stakeholders, and work through every detail. This cannot be done “on the side”, or as an adjunct to other initiatives.


July 2021

Most dealers that succeed at this process tend to outsource this task to an outside firm. RDS (Resonant Dealer Services) would welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you in this effort to align your processes for efficiency and profitability. Dave Baiocchi is the president of Resonant Dealer Services LLC. He has spent 39 years in the equipment business as a sales manager, aftermarket director, and dealer principal. Dave now consults with dealerships nationwide to establish and enhance best practices, especially in the area of aftermarket development and performance. E-mail dave@resonantdealer. com or call 209 652-7511 to contact Dave.

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July 2021


Bottom Line Garry Bartecki

What is next on the list and how to get it done Every time I attend a Board Meeting or Management Meeting the participants always wind up asking “what is next on the list” and how the heck we can get it done, who is going to be responsible, how to measure progress and when to call it quits if the results are NOT what we are looking for. I expect you to go through the same process. After thinking about this I noticed that the way to manage a “Get it Done” process could parallel or maybe should parallel the process followed by professional traders, especially the process used by the most successful traders, who in many cases start with minimum funds and wind-up being millionaires. There are, of course, many unsuccessful traders who lose their shirt along with their trading equity. There is no one trading format to use. You have to pick one and stick with it until you justify changing to another method. Most successful traders keep a journal to track the good ones and the bad ones. They all figure out a process that gives them an “edge” to produce a higher win rate. Risk and equity management is a must. Stops and other “downside protection” methods need to be understood and executed to lose no more than a minimum of your core investment dollars. In terms of risk, if you are approaching your hard-line risk number what you are doing is not working. And every one of these folks has a set of GET OUT rules that are followed religiously. They may get in a trade at 1:00 pm and close it out and 1:05 pm if any of their trading expectations are not met. They will not ride a loss to see if it will turn around. In short, the entire process and trigger points are set before the trade is made. And most realize that making 2-3% (a day, a week, a month) adds up to a lot of money if proper investment is made. You will be amazed how much can be made starting with truly little. OHIO RACK I find trading fascinating, and Jack Schwager has written We BUY & SELL a book titled " UNKNOWN MARKET WIZARDS, " Portable Stack Racks Flexible Packaging which happens to be highly successful traders who all found NEW & USED the method that gives them the 800-344-4164 Fax 330-823-8136 edge they need to be successful. The bulk of the reading material Email: is interviews conducted by Mr. 12

July 2021

Schwager where he tries to get an understanding of what these individual traders do and how they manage the process. But the remarkably interesting thing is EACH PERSON HAS THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL PROCESS THEY FOLLOW. An amazing read worth your time because their process should be similar to your management process to “Get it Done” because your company and personnel overall produce an “edge” you should work with to solve problems or produce game plans for company growth. In my practice what I preach episode you are all aware of how I have been preaching about the benefits of hiring folks right out of college. And I have an example to share with you. A young lady I know recently graduated with three majors and not knowing what she wanted to do took on a part-time position filling in for company service personnel when they were needed. And as it turns out, the company also needed an AP clerk to properly account for payables, which are somewhat complicated to record properly. To make a long story short, the former AP clerk took most of a week to record the data, whereas the young lady looked over the materials and had it completed in one day. Enough said. And they can assist with computer and ZOOM systems. Part IV of Job Shock is this month’s feature story in this issue as well as on the MHW website with the previous parts of the series. More disturbing news, but also, in my mind, profit opportunities that could foster a stronger relationship with your customers. Give it a read and share with high-school and college students. On the tax front, the American Rescue Plan Act contains additional tax benefits for both employees and your company. The Employee Retention Credit is worth reviewing because even if you received both PPP1 and PPP2 funding you can still receive the Retention Credit if you qualify. The ACT also provided another $1,400 check or $2,800 for married taxpayers. You should have received two previous checks plus this $1,400 check. If you did not receive them, you can take them as a credit on your 1040. As long as we are in accounting mode let me tell you about an article in the Journal of Accountancy titled “8 WAYS TO CALCULATE DEPRECIATION IN EXCEL”. Believe it or not, there are eight ways to calculate deprecation. If you want a copy of the article let me know. Who knows,

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July 2021


Bottom Line continued one of the methods may be a better fit for the way you do business. There is a lot of talk about Inflation and Deflation, both of which could require some of that planning as discussed above. But no matter what happens every business will need to take steps to mitigate their impact

and still retain their customers. We will cover this topic next month. Garry Bartecki is a CPA MBA with GB Financial Services LLC. E-mail to contact Garry

For more Bottom Line go to

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July 2021

Material Handling Network_Full page_7.625x9.875w change.indd 1

2/22/20 July 2021

8:46 AM 15

Feature Story: Edward E. Gordon

Job Shock: Solving the Pandemic & 2030 Employment Meltdown Part IV: A New Time Bomb: An Explosion of Skilled Worker Shortages It is already apparent that as COVID-19 restrictions ease, pent-up demand for many types of goods and services will be unleashed. As businesses reopen or expand to meet this boom, the demand for skilled workers will soar. It is not likely to fall for the rest of this decade. As cited in prior "Job Shock" segments, a major demographic shift, serious education deficits, and rising job-skill demands have combined with COVID19 to undermine the quality and composition of the U.S. labor force. An April 2021 National Federation of Independent Businesses survey found that 44 percent of small businesses had job openings they could not fill, a record 22 percent higher than the 48-year average for this survey. Ninety-two percent of businesses seeking workers reported few or no qualified applicants. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were a record 8.1 million job openings at the end of March 2021. We estimate the true number to be over 11 million. Employers Face Mounting Skills Challenges COVID-19 has greatly increased the need for skills training. The shift to remote work has placed new skill demands on many employees. Because of the pandemic’s devastating effect on certain industries, about 20 percent of U.S. workers have left their former jobs for new types of work. A March Prudential Pulse of American Worker Survey found that about onequarter of the workers surveyed plan to look for a different job with another employer once the current crisis eases. All these factors indicate that employee training must be greatly increased. A significant shift in the priorities of American businesses is urgently needed. In recent years business expenditures on training and education have declined. For every dollar America’s chief foreign competitors invest in employee talent development, U.S. business invests only 20 cents. Training is mostly concentrated on managers and professionals. Only about 20 to 30 percent of U.S. employers have offered entry-level job training or provided employees with training updates. Much of what is now done is mandated by safety regulations. It is not about building new skills. A recent McKinsey Global Survey found that 69 percent of businesses were doing more skill-building 16

July 2021

than they did prior to the pandemic. However, only 28 percent of these organizations had a training department or similar facility focused on learning. The organizations that employed a variety of education/ training methods reported a higher rate of success in reskilling and upskilling their employees. Even though COVID-19 has greatly increased the need for entry-level training and reskilling, many businesses are again expanding stock buy-backs and increasing dividends rather than investing in worker skills. American companies and organizations instead need to launch new HR initiatives to fill skilled job vacancies and upskill their existing employees through a variety of means including corporate universities and training partnerships. Human and Financial Costs Job Shock will have a major economic impact in the United States and globally. In 2030 estimated U.S unfilled jobs range from 25 to 30 million. Globally over 95 million jobs could be vacant. The financial costs for individuals., businesses, and nations will be staggering. By 2030 U.S. GDP loss could be over $2.5 trillion. Global losses might reach $18 trillion. Job Shock: Where Do We Go from Here? The picture that emerges from before, during, and after the COVID-19 crisis is an American workforce with an abundance of people, but a shortfall of talent for the jobs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An analysis of the composition of the U.S. labor market at the beginning of 2020 and projecting what it might be like in 2030 if the education-to-employment system remains unchanged shows:

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July 2021


Feature Story continued Seventy percent of jobs (114 million) were high to mid-skill. Only 55 million workers were qualified. The result was a 60 million job deficit. American employers tried to fill these vacancies with retired baby boomers, workers brought from other countries, foreign students attending U.S. universities, and/or the increased use of automation. Companies unable to find skilled talent moved their jobs abroad. Thirty percent of all jobs (50 million) were lowerskilled. There were 110 million workers at that level, i.e., with limited math and reading competencies. The result was a 60 million worker surplus. Many gave up looking for a job (and thus were not counted as unemployed) because they were not offered entry-level job training. The 10.5 million estimated vacant jobs cost the United States $253 billion in lost productivity and profit.

At least 75 percent of jobs (128 million) will be high to mid-skill. Only 33 percent of American workers (about 56 million) will be qualified for these jobs, resulting in a 72 million job deficit. The U.S. skilled labor shortage will deepen because 70 million baby boomers will have aged out of the workforce, a global 50 to 95 million skilled worker shortage will limit immigration to the United States, and increased automation will demand ever higher skill levels from workers. The pace of companies leaving the United States due to skilled talent shortages will rise. In contrast, 25 percent of U.S. jobs (32 million) will remain low-skill. If education and skill upgrades are not adopted over this decade, possibly 114 million low-skill people will be in the U.S. labor force. A huge “techno-peasant” underclass will compete for a diminishing number of low-skill jobs. High unemployment coupled with mounting skill shortfalls could pose a real threat to American social stability.


July 2021

An estimated 30 million vacant jobs are possible. The economic loss to the U.S. economy will be between $ 1 trillion to over $2.5 trillion. The Job Shock Crossroad We do have the power over this decade to increase the education and skills of American workers. We can produce a workforce that meets the talent requirements of 2030. It does require coordinated actions from key sections of our society. Picture the American talent creation system as a boat with two figures pulling the oars and a third at the rudder. Parents are the rudder steering a better course for their child’s future. One oar is pulled by educators (K-12, post-secondary). The other oar is in the hands of employers providing job training and skill updates to their workers. If one or more of these parties fails at their roles, the boat goes off-course, stops, or sinks from ever-larger job shock waves. This coordinated effort needs to start at the regional level. Enlightened community leaders need to pull together to keep the boat on course. The COVID19 pandemic has produced a storm of hurricane proportions making the need for immediate action more vital than ever. Yet many people across America remain opposed to systemic social changes. They are deeply divided into multiple warring “tribes.” They remain at war with each other rather than working to reach an agreement on vital common goals. Their acceptance of the cold, hard facts of “Job Shock” remains a hard sell. The longer the United States delays making systemic changes to the education-to-employment system, the deeper the economic and social turmoil between now and 2030. As Lawrence Summers, the former U.S. Treasury Secretary said about employment, “Walk outside: labor shortage is the pervasive phenomenon.” The next segment of “Job Shock” will focus on how Regional Talent Innovation Networks (RETAINs) offers a blueprint for successfully updating local talent pipelines. We hope to move the public dialogue from confrontation to cooperation. The monthly Gordon Report Webinars will be focusing on key topics of the “Job Shock White Paper.” For more information on signing up or viewing these webinars, go to webinars or go to for parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series. Edward E. Gordon has consulted with leaders in business, education, government, and non-profits for 50 years. Ed is a big picture thought leader connecting the employment dots between business, education, and training.

July 2021


Sales Trends Jeffrey Gitomer

Sales success with cookies--How sweet it is All her life Debbie Fields wanted to be in the cookie business. She loved to bake ’em, and everyone who tasted one said it was the best they’d ever eaten. But as any entrepreneur knows, wanting to go into business, and going into business, are two different things. Debbie lacked the one ingredient to open her cookie shop: money. She went around to banks with a business plan and a plate of cookies until she found someone who believed in her product as much as she did. On grand opening day, her husband bet Debbi that she wouldn’t do $50.00 worth of business. Debbi took the bet; certain the first day’s dollar take would be in the hundreds. By 3 pm she had still not rung the register. Zero bucks. Not daunted, but slightly panicked, Debbi took to the streets and started giving the cookies away as samples. She told the people, “If you like them, go back to my store and buy a few.” She sold $75 dollars' worth by the end of the day. She won the bet from her husband and the multimillion-dollar (idea) lottery that day. There were lots of things Debbi could have done in her low moment. Cried, quit, swore, or blamed the customer. Instead, she looked for solutions, she took the obstacle and turned it into an opportunity. Passing out cookie samples not only saved the day; it went on to be the cornerstone of her marketing plan to build the business. Give away samples in the street and make them follow you back to the store. Genius is always simple in idea, it’s the execution that separates the real from the would-be. Today, there are more than six hundred Mrs. Fields Cookies stores in seven countries and growing. WOW. I saw Debbi deliver a seminar in Boston years ago. She not only told a story of how she succeeded at making big dough in the cookie business, but she also interwove her practices and philosophies into the keynote. She won the crowd in the first two seconds by giving everyone (350 people) a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie. But she kept the crowd with her wit, wisdom, and compelling story. Here are some of her business success practices and philosophies: • Pick people who love what they will do. 20

July 2021

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Set 24-hour goals. Set 2-hour goals (manage by the hour). Hire experts. Hire eagles (the best people you can find). Create systems with a heart. Don’t chase money, you’ll never catch it. Take your product to the extreme better than anyone else. • Turn change into opportunity. • Get customers and keep them for life. Here are some of her “beyond the normal bounds of business” practices that have given her the willing edge: • If her cookies are not sold within two hours, they’re donated to charity. • Her guaranty is written on every bag. • She only hires people who love cookies. • She makes people sing “Happy Birthday” in their job interviews. • Hires attitude over ability. • Only hires people who love cookies. • Gives employees all they want to take home. (She says it creates goodwill, it creates new customers, and it keeps quality high pride of workmanship) • Gives out samples in the street often. “At 13 I believed I was the best cookie maker ever.” Mrs. Fields said with pride. “I created Chocolate nirvana. When I went into business, I knew people could compete, but there would be none better. I wanted to make eating my cookies an experience and I did.” (Authors note: After about twenty minutes into her talk my cookie was eaten, I started looking around for someone who had not eaten their cookie. I wanted another one.) Everyone has a formula for success. Not Debbi Fields she has a recipe. Here’s her sixpoint success recipe: 1. Be passionate. She loved baking chocolate chip cookies. Love what you do. 2. The greatest wealth is family and friends. Enjoy their love.

Sales Trends continued 3. Every day is special. Make it the best it can be. 4. “No” is unacceptable. Don’t stop there. Go for yes. 5. Celebrate excellence. Make people feel important. 6. The greatest failure is not to try. When you dream, wake up and do. Now mix in her special success ingredients: Philosophy of excellence: Good enough never is. Attitude of excellence: When things are bad, it means that good is close by. Report card of excellence: Get wows. Achieving excellence in selling: If you love it, you can sell it. Bake it for about twenty years and voila! Success. The formula is so simple anyone could do it. True enough. Why then did Debbi succeed so well with her recipe, and others have not had it as sweet? Debbi added a secret ingredient: passion. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of twelve best-selling books including The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, and The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. His real-world ideas and content are also available as online courses at For information about training and seminars visit or email Jeffrey at or call him at 704 333-1112.


A simple, cost effective product to keep stored material out of rack transverse flue spaces • Provides 3" clearance between rack and stored material

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• Satisfies insurance guidelines and local building inspector criteria (may be required by International Fire Code®) • Allows your sprinkler system to function as designed • Easy to install





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July 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Toyota Material Handling suspends production on IC shipments in U.S. Toyota Material Handling has suspended its LPG and LPG/Gasoline-powered models due to delays in obtaining a U.S. engine emissions certification. The company will continue to manufacture electric, diesel, and heavy-duty forklifts during this suspension. Industry sources say the annual requirement for the emissions certification from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and CARB is why company officials chose to make this announcement.  TMH is actively working to resolve this issue and will seek alternative solutions wherever possible. Meanwhile, these models are currently stockpiled at the Columbus, Indiana manufacturing facility until the certification process is resolved. Dealers are informing their customers, adjusting lease extensions, stock inventory, and looking at finding alternative solutions for their clients.

OneCharge Inc. opens new facility, tripling manufacturing space OneCharge Lithium Batteries has announced the opening of its new manufacturing facility and company headquarters in Garden Grove, CA. The new building is three times the size of the former company premises. The move is consistent with our growth strategy and is a response to growing market demand for OneCharge lithium batteries. Our evergrowing product line already exceeds 600 batteries for any lift truck make and model.

Alta Equipment Company changes division name on June 1st Effective June 1st, 2021, The Alta Industrial Group has officially migrated its various businesses in the Materials Handling industry into Alta Material Handling. One brand with the focus moving what matters most. Alta is looking forward to working with all of their current 22

July 2021

customers and moving forward with new ones and the hope of fostering customers for life. They have been operating as one corporation for quite some time and it is wonderful to have all their brands together as one while still holding Alta to the highest standards of customer service and expanding their offerings throughout the country.

ARA forecast shows equipment rental moving from relief to recovery Equipment rental revenue, comprised of the construction/ industrial and general tool segments, is expected to explode past its peak totals in 2022 according to the latest forecast released by the American Rental Association. The updated forecast calls for equipment rental revenue to reach just less than $47.7 billion in 2021, up 3.1 percent after a decline of 9.1 percent in 2020. However, the forecast calls for a robust 12 percent increase in construction/ industrial rental revenue in 2022, taking the combined total for the two segments up to nearly $52.3 billion. The growth rate is expected to be consistent at between two and five percent for the next three years according to the forecast with combined equipment rental revenues reaching $57.5 billion in 2025.

Provincial Lift Truck acquired by Leavitt Machinery Provincial Lift Truck Inc. has been acquired by Leavitt Machinery based in Surrey, British Columbia. Founded by Chris Glaubitz in 2003, Provincial Lift Truck has grown to become a trusted supplier of material handling equipment in the Kitchener area. The acquisition by Leavitt Machinery, one of North America’s largest material handling equipment dealers, will increase internal infrastructure and resources to allow for future growth within Ontario.

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July 2021


Nuts & Bolts

Acquisitions, expansions & other business news

Flux Power joins Delta-Q Technologies’ Battery Compatibility Program Flux Power just announced that it has joined Delta-Q Technologies (Delta-Q)’s new partner program, “Charged by Delta-Q.” The program provides Flux Power with the tools to pursue new opportunities with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). As part of Charged By Delta-Q, Flux Power can showcase its integrations with Delta-Q in a curated network of tested and compatible battery and charging solutions. Affiliation with the program will increase Flux Power visibility among leading OEMs in search of solutions that offer electric products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life, and maximum uptime. Through the program, OEMs can view Flux Power’s tested algorithms with Delta-Q.

Toyota Material Handling surpasses new milestone: 750,000 forklifts manufactured in N.A. Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has completed the 750,000th forklift to roll off the line at the company’s 1.5 million-square-foot factory located in Columbus, Indiana. Toyota began its forklift manufacturing operations in North America in 1990, and by 2015, had produced 500,000 forklifts. TMH has increased that number by 50 percent in just the last six years.

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of the Month #24044 2017 Manitou MSI30 6,000 lb COMPACT Rough Terrain with Triple mast, Side shift and Kubota diesel

#23012 2005 Hyster S80XM-BCS with 218” Triple and Side shift Priced to sell!

#24088 2016 ERC050VG with Triple, Side shift, 36V Battery MULITIPLE UNITS AVAILABLE

#23979 2013 Mitsubishi FGC33N 3 sister units available

#23963 2014 Raymond 250-OPC30TT 4 units available with less than 2,500 hours

#24116 2010 Yale GLP060VX with Triple mast – Side shift – LP **Mechanic’s Special**

#23139 2015 Rico PG300 – 30,000 lb capacity GM V8 running on LP – SSFP



July 2021


Largest online market for used forklifts, attachments and work platforms.

2013 HOIST P550 PennWest Industrial Trucks Mt. Pleasant | 800-221-5438

2017 Linde E20 Cromer Material Handling Oakland, CA | 510 534-6566



2014 Hyster H50FT Somerset Equipment Sales Batavia | 708 921-0751

2011 Bendi B40-48IC-180D Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

CAT Lift Trucks DP135 1 Worldwide Forklifts Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL | 954 768-9875

2015 Crown SP3020-30 Best Deal Forklifts Montebello | 805 416-4565

Crown 40WTL-S MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123

2017 Linde HT25CT Supreme Forklift & Equipment Schaumburg | 866-764-5438







Yale GP040AFNUAE084 Ultimate Lift Service Pomona | 909-821-2141

2015 Hyster H40FTS MH Equipment Company Des Moines, IA | 515 288-0123

Raymond 520-0601393 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746

Toyota 7-8FBCU25 Toyota Material Handling Northern California Livermore, CA | 800 527-3746


2015 Hyster S50FT Lift One Charlotte | 704 587-1040


Bendi B40/48E180D Best Deal Forklifts Montebello | 805 416-4565


2012 Hyster H80FT 1 Alta Equipment Company Livonia, MI | 248 449-6700 ext. 1898


2016 Crown RD5225-30 Best Deal Forklifts Montebello | 805 416-4565







July 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Komatsu celebrates 100 years Komatsu celebrated their company’s 100th anniversary on May 13, 2021, followed by a series of activities over the next year centered around the company’s commitment to its new brand promise of “creating value together.” A video celebrating 100 years of creating value together can be found on the company’s website. Originally established in 1921 in Komatsu City, Japan, to sustain the surrounding community after the closure of a nearby copper mine, Komatsu has spent the past century dedicated to its founding principles of quality first, technology, and manufacturing innovation, global reach, and people development. Through the years, Komatsu’s continued investment in core capabilities and strategic acquisitions have connected smart, diverse people and cutting-edge technologies with a shared belief that partnerships are the best way to solve challenges and meet society’s needs.

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500lb Lift Table

Industrial Pallet Jack

David Bammel named Vice President of Digital Technology for JLG® and Jerr-Dan® JLG Industries, Inc. has announced that David Bammel has been named Vice President of Digital Technology for Oshkosh Corporation’s Access segment, which includes JLG® aerial lifts and material handling equipment and Jerr-Dan® towing and recovery equipment. In this role, Bammel will be responsible for the development and execution of a digital vision and strategy for each brand. Bammel will be based out of the company’s offices in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Wolter Group LLC rebrands as WOLTER To better reflect the collective offerings of its member companies and brands, Wolter Group, LLC announced it is rebranding the company and its eight sub-brands as Wolter, an industrial solutions provider focused on accelerating productivity for its customers. Sub-brands Wisconsin Lift Truck, Illinois Material Handling, Ellis Systems, Wolter Power Systems, Kensar Equipment Company, Bohnert Equipment Company, A D Lift Truck, and Fleet Services will all operate under the Wolter name. The company will transition its marketing and business materials to the new Wolter brand throughout 2021, and its new brand will become fully effective in January 2022. Wolter operates 15 locations and now serves customers in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri.

Valentine to lead Hytrol's academic partnerships

Galvanized Pallet Jack

Double Scissor Lift Table

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July 2021

Christy Valentine has joined Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. as the company's Manager of Academic Partnerships. Valentine will run Hytrol's Academic Partnership initiative, working closely with universities, colleges, vocational schools, and K-12 institutions to build a diverse influx of talent for Hytrol, helping to improve workforce development and community outreach.

The Ecopoint charger from Ecotec is a full featured industrial battery charger available in 2 models for 8 hr. and 10 hr. recharge. The standard ECO-250 control offers data management normally found only in much more expensive chargers. For pallet jacks, consider the fully automatic STC taper charger. Plugs into any 120V outlet for convenience and portability. For the ultimate in efficiency and flexibility, consider the Access high frequency charger. Models are available for both conventional and opportunity charging.

ECOTEC Ltd. LLC 150 Marybill Dr. • Troy, OH 45373 P: 937.606.2793 • F: 937.606.2026

• Adjust parameters • Test inputs • Restore settings


The Zapi 16 handset allows for compatibility with 16 different trucks!

Flight Systems Industrial Products · 1-800-333-1194 ·

July 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

CLARK Material Handling Company recognizes 2021 Dealer of Excellence Advantage winners CLARK Material Handling Company has announced the 2021 Dealer of Excellence Advantage award winners. Having achieved great success in serving CLARK customers in their respective geographic areas throughout 2020, these Dealer of Excellence Advantage winners represent the top performing CLARK dealers from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada: 2021 Dealer of Excellence Advantage Winners: • Buffalo Lift Trucks, Inc., Buffalo, New York • Material Handling, Inc. Dalton, Dalton, Georgia • Mid-West Industrial Equipment, Inc, Dayton, Ohio • Ogden Forklifts, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia • SUNLIFT SA. de C.V., Chihuahua, Mexico CLARK additionally recognizes these two dealerships for their exceptional performance in 2020: The CLARK New Dealer of the Year • Sunbelt Material Handling, Dallas, Texas The CLARK Dealer of the Year • Forklifts of Des Moines, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa

up my business. I’d only sell if it gave me a chance to do more, said Marshall Cromer “the Forklift Boss”. “The more we talked, the more I realized such a sale would work. Towlift wasn’t interested in making big changes to our team or our inventory. They want to do the same thing I want: Go Bigger!” No financial information has been disclosed of the deal.

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas celebrates the Unicarriers 2020 Premier Club winners

Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas group, the exclusive manufacturer and provider of UniCarriers® Forklifts across North, Central, and South America, has announced the winners of its Premier Club Awards. The Premier Club recognizes the top ten UniCarriers Forklift dealers throughout the Americas. The Premier Club winners set the standard to which all dealers representing UniCarriers’ brand products aspire. They create a culture of reliability and professionalism within their organizations and reflect UniCarriers Forklift’s core values. To attain status as an award winner, each organization accepted UniCarriers’ challenge, surpassing difficult goals, and ranking among the OEM’s leading dealerships. The following 10 dealers excelled in these critical areas and earned the prestigious status as a UniCarriers Premier Club winner: • Equipment Depot Wisconsin, Hartland, WI GNCO (Towlift Inc.) acquires Cromer • CFE Equipment Corporation, Norfolk, VA Material Handling • J.M. Equipment Company, Manteca, CA Cromer Material Handling has been acquired by GNCO, the • Lift Solutions, Omaha, NE parent company of several • M&L Industries, LLC, Houma, LA material handling dealerships, including Towlift Inc., • Material Handling Supply, Pennsauken, NJ a major distributor headquartered in Ohio. Towlift operates across several Midwestern states, providing • Ogden Forklifts, Atlanta, GA much of the same forklift brands and equipment that • Parkway Systems, San Antonio, TX Cromer does.GNCO also owns a range of other companies that serve the material handling industry • Select Equipment Sales, Buena Park, CA including warehousing, fleet management, forklift parts • Sunbelt Material Handling, Dallas, TX & service, technician, and forklift operating training. “I’ve known the guys at Towlift for years now; they’re www.logisnextamericas good people. When we started talking about a sale, I admit, I was skeptical. I’ve spent 30 years building 28

July 2021


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July 2021


Shifting Gears

Industry personnel and organization news

Quantum Storage expands to Portland location

Shoppa’s opens State-of-the-Art Facility to meet growing Amarillo Market demand

Quantum Storage Systems, based in Miami, FL, has opened a new distribution center in the Portland, OR area. This new facility will stock a large variety of the most popular plastic bins and wire shelving items that Quantum provides to its’ distributors.  The facility will serve the 13 western states in an attempt to decrease the cost of freight transportation and to increase the speed of delivery to these locations.  Purchase orders can be sent directly to the Miami office and they will be routed to ship from one of their three Quantum distribution centers: Miami, Chicago, and now Portland.

Shoppa’s Material Handling, the Texasbased company known for providing complete material handling solutions, announced the opening of its new Amarillo, Texas, location. Shoppa’s, which has been serving Amarillo and the surrounding area since 2006, built the nearly 30,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility to support the growing needs of the West Texas region, delivering advanced solutions to its customers, including the market’s first advanced battery facility with partner Viking Power.

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July 2021

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July 2021


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JLG expands “Access Your World” Virtual Experience

Warning System uses Flashing LED to alert workers of approaching traffic

JLG Industries, Inc., announces the expansion of its “Access Your World” virtual experience. The newest job site scenario brings visitors inside the stadium and features additional JLG® products, services, and content to explore. The initial launch focused on construction tasks on the outside of the stadium, such as site preparation and steel erection work, while the second environment focuses on truss, fit-out, and finish work to showcase multiple stages of construction. In addition to featuring virtual job site scenarios, participants have access to a wide range of content from within the “Access Your World” experience, including walkaround videos, product spec sheets, brochures, videos and more.

To help prevent accidents at aisle ends and other high-risk intersections, Rite-Hite has introduced the SafeT-Vu™ Warning System, a rack-mounted device that uses a flashing red LED-illuminated chevron to alert workers when traffic is approaching from other directions. Part of any facility’s best safety practices, Safe-T-Vu uses unidirectional microwave sensors to detect approaching traffic. When an object is within sensing range, the red LED-illuminated chevron flashes in the direction of the traffic. This warning system has an adjustable detection zone and sensitivity, depending on the workspace. Up to 10 units can run from a single power source.

Hyster introduces Innovative Operator Assist Technology for Lift Trucks

TVH Americas keeps you covered with ClearCap™ TVH in the Americas (TVH) now offers ClearCap™ Forklift Covers. These covers feature a simplistic yet effective design to keep your operator comfortable and safe no matter what kind of environment they are working in. ClearCap™ Covers are manufactured with Ultra Tuff SG weather-able polycarbonate. The low-profile dome in the viewing area ensuring the operator’s field of view stays clear as day no matter what environment they operate in. It even features ribs and gutters to prevent water from pooling and blurring the operator’s vision and eliminates cascading water during maneuvers.

Hyster Company has announced the firstof-its-kind package of technologies designed to reinforce proper lift truck operation by automatically adjusting truck performance based on real-time equipment status, location, and operating conditions. The Hyster Reaction™ solution uses breakthrough technology resulting from an investment of over 29,000 hours of research and development time in cooperation with one of the world’s largest logistics and technology companies. The robust package of technologies includes advanced dynamic stability, object detection, proximity detection, and real-time location sensing, all tailored to the complexities of operating lift trucks in fast-paced, demanding indoor environments.

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July 2021

New Products

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Hamilton introduces all-new Endurance Caster Series Hamilton’s all-new Endurance series, there is now an industry-standard-sized caster for just that. With a maximum load rating of 1000 pounds per caster, the new Endurance Series features the highest-rated industrial casters with the same critical dimensions as the industry’s highest-volume product class. Endurance is also the first and only industrial caster series designed with forged kingpinless construction and heat-treated raceways in such a small form factor. The forged steel construction is well-suited for applications that require 24/7 operation or for applications that are too critical to fail.

Industrial Scientific introduces the Tango® TX2 for Two-Gas Detection with one small, reliable monitor Industrial Scientific, has introduced the Tango® TX2, a new two-gas monitor that increases site safety by allowing users to detect two gases with one small, reliable monitor. The Tango TX2 helps organizations reduce project shutdowns from false alarms, increase worker trust in gas monitors, and minimize time spent on monitor charging and maintenance. With individual sensors for each gas, the Tango TX2 is the most accurate two-gas monitor on the market. Expect fewer shutdowns due to false alarms, enabling you to maximize productivity across your site, improve data quality and build worker trust in their gas monitors.

KEEN introduces new safety sneaker The new Vista Energy series from KEEN Utility is a standout introduction for Spring ’21, built for the rigorous indoor manufacturing environments where speed, agility, and comfort are critical. A perfect blend

of athletic performance and styling, this safety-toe work sneaker series for men and women features the lightweight, compression-resisting KEEN.ReGEN midsole that returns 50% more energy than standard EVA foam. The new Vista Energy series is available in low, low ESD, and mid-height styles for men and low and low ESD styles for women.

KION North America launches new portal for distributors and dealers The North American subsidiary of the KION Group, KION North America, has completely revamped its online portal for its dealer network. Against the backdrop of rapidly growing e-commerce, the creation of the new portal was equally important with the increased demands on warehouse management and material flow solutions. Central to this is KION North America’s online portal for its dealer network, based on the Intershop Commerce Platform. Dealers and intermediaries can place and refine their orders here according to their authority levels and contracts, check current stock availability, and track delivery status.

Invert entire Pallet loads quickly and safely with Southworth’s PalletPal Inverter The PalletPal Inverter from Southworth inverts fully loaded pallets in a matter of seconds. It is a faster, safer, and easier alternative to manual restacking which requires workers to bend, reach, stretch and lift heavy loads. Pallet inversion can be necessary for several reasons including as part of a shipping and receiving process; swapping from in-house to shipping pallets or slipsheets; or dealing with damage to pallets or goods, broken boards or boxes/bags hit by forks. PalletPal Inverters are also commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing applications to turn inventory for freshness or to prevent mixtures from separating or settling.

July 2021




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July 2021

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The Original Drop-In, Lift-Out Guardrail

Save Your Assets

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Guardrail / Hand Rail

Twin Rail

Guardrail • Original LIFT-OUT design cuts installation costs in half!

Hand Rail

•D  urable steel protection.

•F  ully welded sleeves to hold and capture rails.

•D  esigned for quick and easy release, but can be bolted together if desired.

•M  odular hand rail protects employees from entering unsafe areas.

•E  asy installation, simply assemble and anchor down. • Posts available as Inlines, Corners, •S  tronger than typical handrail. or Ends in 18”, 26” and 42” heights. • Top Rail is 42” high and MEETS • Stocked in 4’, 6’, and 8’ sections. • Rails available in 2’ – 10’ in 1’ OSHA FALL PROTECTION if • 42” tall standard. increments. used on a mezzanine. •M  EETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Rack Protection


”, 4

“V” Face Post Protectors



8” & 12”


End of Aisle Rack Protection

•R  ack protection creates a visible guide through aisles and saves thousands in damage. • Available in 36”, 42”, and 48” in • ¼” material. either single or double ends. • Four mounting holes. • Curved end has an 8” I.D. and is • Accepts ½” anchors, which 8” and 12” tall. are available upon request. • Choose floor angle thickness of ½”, 3/8”, or ¼”. •A  vailable in 12”, 18”, and 24” with 4¼”, 5½”, and 8¼” clear opening.

Flush hardware

Pallet Guide/Stop •T  wo products in one! Keeps flue space clear and prevents damage to walls behind rack. •A  vailable in 42”, 45” (42” with 3” overhang), 48”, and 51” (48” with 3” overhang). •E  asy installation and creates reinforcement for the rack. • Flush mount hardware included.

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Our Products at Work Dock Safety

Fabric Gate

Dock Stop HD

• Protects against unwanted visitors, insects, birds, and debris from entering the work area while allowing air to flow through. 48” tall. • High visibility, breathable fabric. • Easy operation, requiring just 3 lbs. of pull force to extend the fabric barrier. • Accommodates doors from 8’ – 16’. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

•S  top fork trucks from driving or backing off the dock. 42” tall. • Available in 8’ – 9’ and 10’ – 12’ sizes. • Includes two 5” steel posts with 12” x 12” baseplates with gussets for strength. • Reinforced cross bar for strength behind panels. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Mezzanine Safety Gates

Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet

Pivot Gate • Choose from 60”, 65”, 72”, 96”, or 120” clear opening. • Easily pivots to up or down position – requires only 10 - 20 lbs. of lift force. • Ships mostly assembled – minor assembly required upon receiving. Simply anchor to the mezzanine floor. • Adjustable kickplate and rubber feet. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

PickerPal Mezzanine Gate • 6 self-closing arms that operate independently. •A  s the pallet is unloaded the top arms close, creating a safety barrier. • 6’ or 8’ width. • Includes 8’ tall rack frames and height limiter. • MEETS OSHA and IBC REQUIREMENTS

Call Toll Free to Order: 1-877-728-3891

Industrial Safety Gates

Single Swing Gate

Double Swing Gate

• Ideal for stair openings, ladders, and platforms. The “Save”ty Swing Gate bolts to existing rail opening to provide a one-way, self-closing gate. It is a simple and economical way to comply with OSHA. • Each gate has 2½” of adjustability. • Single Gate requires a post for a strike plate. • Designed to fit hand railing up to 2” O.D. • Single Swing Gate can fit openings 14” – 50½”. • Double Swing Gate can fit openings 16” – 52½”. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS


Telescoping Gate •A  djusts to fit openings from 18” to 36” and is self-closing. • Can be installed on guardrail or handrail (2” O.D. max), regardless of brand. • Can be inverted to swing either left or right. • Springs designed for over 1 million cycles. • MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS

Building Column Protectors

•S  teel bollards protect a variety of facility assets.

•P  revent damage to building support columns or mezzanine columns.

• Surface mount to concrete or direct bury.

• Impact rating: 8,000 lbs. at 5 M.P.H.

•E  conomy 4½” O.D., Yellow or Red, 5½” O.D. Yellow only, 24”, 36”, or 42” tall. • Standard 4½” O.D. 42” tall, Yellow with welded top, available with welded eyelet.

•A  vailable in Short, Slim, and Standard. Standard is 42” tall, 24” wide for 6”, 8”, 9”, 10”, and 12”. Yellow is standard, but red, lime green, and orange are available.

• Direct Bury 5½”, 6½”, and 8½” O.D., 84” tall, yellow.

•W  hite reflective band standard on lime green and orange.

• Square Bollard 4” square tube. 42” tall with painted steel cap.

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