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Student-edited paper of McKinley High School Vol. 92 No. 6

Honolulu, Hawaii

April 2014

Seniors consider passions when deciding future plans

by Silvana Bautista, co-editor and Austin Watkins, reporter At the moment you wake up, you make a choice of whether or not to get out of bed. If you do get up, why? What is your motivation? Motivation is the reason one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. After graduating, seniors must decide what they are going to do. This may be continuing to go to school, joining the military or going straight to the work force. Their motivation will affect the choices that will change their lives. Questions concerning importance and fun could come from these choices. What do I have to do to reach my goals? Is this what I really want to do? Will I be able to support myself? Many young adults try to find answers to these questions by doing research, but

some forget the importance of having a passion. Passion is something someone is instinctively drawn to. This could be something that interests you, something that you enjoy doing or something that comes naturally. A passion is one of the greatest things you can possibly find. The Pinion surveyed 50 McKinley seniors about their passions. The results show the diversity of passions students have. The two largest groups, with 20 percent each, have seniors who said that their passions are in technology and military. Those with a passion in art came in at 18 percent. 14 percent of seniors have a passion in sports. Academic activities such as math and literature take up 12

percent. Those who have a passion for performing and music take up 16 percent, with 8 percent each, of the survey together. Your passion has the ability to be your reason for getting out of bed every day. It gives you the morals, values and ethics that you live by. A true passion and dream can lead your entire life. However, this does not mean that you can rely on your passion to get you through everything. You need to work hard to reach your dreams. “The day you decide to execute the steps you to, in order to achieve your dream…that’s the day you’re officially living your dream,” inspirational speaker John Baker said.



Tiger Time gets mixed reviews

Student recommends Gome Tei image from

Anchorman 2 makes you rofl

by Sean Gleason, co-editor

by Cui ying Chen, guest writer A restaurant I like is a ramen restaurant in Ala Moana Shopping Center named “Goma Tei.” The ramen is more on the healthy side and there is no MSG added. Usually MSG makes food taste better but this ramen is perfect. I’m not really a noodle or ramen lover but this restaurant is by far the only ramen restaurant I’ll go to. I like how the restaurant is set up because it’s like you’re sitting at a bar but instead of drinking beer, you eat noodles. Even though I love this restaurant, I dislike that the food takes so long to come. They serve the food you ordered all at once.

The Pinion Staff Adviser: Cynthia Reves Editors: Silvana Bautista and Sean Gleason Reporters: Isaiah Blanko-Rettig, Jane Lavea, Daniel Le, Lin Song, Keisha, Togores, Austin Watkins

Publication Information

THE PINION is published by the Newswriting Staff and printed by the Reprographics Learning Center. The Pinion McKinley High School 1039 South King Street Honolulu, HI 96814 Email comments or questions to

by Lin Song, reporter and Keisha Togores, reporter About three or four years ago, Tiger Time started. Since then, it has become an everyday part in McKinley students’ lives. The purpose of Tiger Time is to help students study better. Principal Ron Okamura said the school wants to help students who are failing. “Although we have some after-school tutoring, we want it to be during the school day. Students can take advantage of the school time and Tiger Time allows them to participate,” Okamura said. The Pinion did a survey about Tiger Time among 113 students from different grades. Percentages of students thinking Tiger Time as “absolutely a good thing” and “not helpful at all” are exactly the same, 21 percent. The remaining 58 percent view it as “kind of good.” So, Tiger Time still has room to improve. What do students do during Tiger Time? The Pinion gave students some choices and they could pick the ones they agreed with. Sixty-six percent of students surveyed said they study and 36 percent of them read books. Sixty-one percent of students who took the survey look at their phone and another 45 percent sleep. About 46 percent of students chat with

friends and 42 percent said they feel bored. Okamura said students are supposed to read AR books if they have no other work to do. He said teachers should reinforced the rules and make students focus on reading. That is one part of Tiger Time that can be improved. According to the survey, studying and using the phone take up almost the same percentage. The Pinion also asked students about opinions towards canceling Tiger Time by adding time to each class. Sixty-eight percent of students in the survey are against it. Fifty-seven percent of them said that Tiger time is useful to catch up on homework or ask questions. “Finish your work during Tiger Time, so you don’t have to worry too much about it later,” senior Cory Canite said. Those who want more class time instead of Tiger Time said studying more and doing work can be finished in class. Teachers also have opinions about Tiger Time. “I would prefer to assist my students in the subject that I teach rather than supervise them or watch them study other subjects,” Isaiah Sabey, a piano teacher, told The Pinion.

art by Lin Song

GPA should be given more attention by Lin Song, reporter

Come to class, finish homework on time and pass the test. An “A” is coming! So why do some students have a GPA lower than 3.0? GPA is like the payroll for students. The more work students do, the higher scores they get. GPA is a direct standard for colleges to choose freshmen. It can sometimes give others a first impression on a student. A good GPA can bring college acceptance, scholarships and good jobs. Actually, students with higher GPA can have a better life arrangement and a happier mood. It is because their life will have a clear schedule and they will not be bothered by various tasks. Many students complain that they do not have enough time to do their home-

work and prepare for tests. Some are really busy all the time because of extra curricular activities and housework, while others just use that as an excuse. GPA does not represent every single part of the study process. However, a low GPA shows that there must be some problems with learning methods and attitude. What about the people who ignore their GPA? People have the freedom to think that their GPA is not important but it is an irresponsible thought. Wasting time leads to nothing. Why would you spend twelve years in school to get nothing? Do not waste young energy and perfect memory cells. Start fighting for your GPA.

Ron Burgundy is back with the news team in Anchorman 2, which had to be the most anticipated sequel to a comedy up to date. In my opinion, the highlight of this movie had to be the fact that the movie acts as a sort of commentary on where news has gone. In the movie they made fun of a lot of things that news reporting has developed into. It also would not have been an Anchorman movie without all the ridiculousness and wackiness. There are a lot of cameos in comedies and Anchorman 2 does not disappoint. When you see one cameo you would expect that it would not get any better but the movie will then introduce an even better cameo. It continues cameo after cameo after cameo and it will make you jump from your seat. There are old and new jokes but they do not all work out. However, there are many other jokes that are absolutely hilarious. The actors have an amazing chemistry with their characters. It makes everything so high-quality. That high quality has become our laughter and entertainment. If you are going to go see this movie for a clear-cut story or something that makes sense, you are going to be very dissapointed. However, if you are going to laugh like there is no tomorrow, this movie is hysterical in many ways.



Tigers be ballin’ all up in the Spring Season

Upcoming Movies

Asalema Sila goes for a dig against Kalani. By Jane Lavea

Tiare Sugui at the plate. By Jane Lavea Image from

Dorothy is whisked back to Oz to try to save her old friends the Scarecrow, the Lion, the Tin Man and Glinda from a devious new villain, the Jester.

Kay Tehotu batters up. By Jane Lavea

Do you have an opinion on something in the world? Image from Jillian Cristobal at the plate. By Jane Lavea

photo by Nicole Bongo

Peter Parkers greatest battle is about to begin




League of Legends: Frustrating or rewarding?

MHS LoL team “Five Schoolers” quick tips for bronzies

image from

image from

team symbol by Lishen Ye

The “Five Schoolers” represented Mckinley High school in Esporthi’s High School Challenger where local high school eSports teams play against one another in an all-out battle of skill.

by Sean Gleason, co-editor The Pinion asked 50 people if they get frustrated while playing League of Legends. Forty out of 50 people constantly get frustrated while playing League of Legends. Only five of those 40 people do not play the game anymore. What makes all those people play LoL despite getting constantly frustrated while playing?

What is League of Legends? Welcome to Summoner’s Rift; minions will be spawning soon. From what I have seen as a gamer, the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) LoL (League of Legends) is the number one most popular video game in the world. The game consists of two teams of five champions battling to destroy the other team’s Nexus. There are many modes and ways to play within LoL. However, the most popular are normal and ranked games. In normal games, you basically do what the name says, you play a normal game. Ranked games, on the other hand, are where the hardcore gamers go for a challenging experience. Unlike normal games, if you and your team win the game, you gain league

points (LP). Lose a game and you will lose LP. If you earn enough LP, you have a chance to move up the ranked ladder to either a new division (bronze 5 to bronze 4) or tier (bronze to silver) in what is called a promotional series. A promotional series will require you to either win two out of three ranked games to place you in the higher division or win three out of five ranked game to place you in the higher tier.

Diamond 1? Skip to here Ranked games, being the most challenging mode in LoL, can either be the most frustrating rage-filled experience you have had with a video game or the most rewarding and joyous. LoL is a team-based game just like basketball, volleyball, football, etc. It requires all to work together to achieve a common goal, whether it be pwning the other team or taking objectives. Teamwork; however, is something that can be hard to come by in LoL, especially if you are in the lower tiers like bronze or silver. You will not always get the perfect teammates. You will meet peo-

ple who do not care or will deliberately help the opposing team. However, with all the strife and stress that can come with playing LoL, it is all worth it when you see that animation pop up saying congratulations on successfully completing your series. After all the times of dealing with unskilled players, hourlong games and trolls, you made it. Likewise, the same can be said when you lose. Seeing that message box pop saying you have been demoted or that you have been unsuccessful in your promotional series can be a motivator, like being promoted or being successful in your promotional series. This is the reason why people keep on coming back to League despite all; it is the frustration. People have hope that they will get to the next tier, division or professional level. People have hope and they hold onto it. They wait for one day to become more than what they currently are.

Why do you think people play LoL despite all it’s frustration? Send us your reasons to

“Master a champ” - Jason Lau, Top

“Turn off chat” - Kevin Nguyen, Jungle

“Don’t give up”

“Don’t blame the team”

“Don’t rage”

“Don’t get greedy”

- Raymond Ma, MHS Representative

- Andrew Hong, Mid

-Lishen Ye, ADC

- Tony Phan, Support


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