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School IDsarenow mandatory on campusand are required to beworn by students and staff at all timesduring school hours Sincerecent incidentsof individualswho didn't belong on McKinley campus, theprincipal and staff havemadeIDsarequirement by setting strong regulationson not having one.

"Dueto all therecent incidencesthat havetaken (place) around and on campus, wewill bereinstituting wearing theschool'sID badges,"

Thesenew regulationscan put studentsin debt and even causeSaturday school if a student doesn't haveor wear one Theseschool rulescan also ban studentsfrom attending prom, dancesand other school activities

Many studentshavemixed

MHS Requires Student IDs

feelingsabout thesenew regulations

?It feelslikeit isunnecessary If worst comesto worst, afive dollar fineisnecessary but Saturday school isjust dumb especially for an ID,?Azu Kinoshitasaid

If astudent doesn't havean ID they arerequired to besent to theofficeto get anew one, for which they haveto pay five dollarsin order to go back to class If astudent doesn't have fivedollarsthey areput five dollarsinto school debt which they had to pay in order to graduate.

In asurvey conducted by Pinion staff, out of 68 students, 54 felt either neutral or negative about thenew ID rule In the survey, studentsfelt that theID rulewasunhelpful sincethe rulecan alwaysfail likehow somestudentsdon't follow school rulesin general

Thesurvey asked McKinley

studentson how to stay safe and protect themselveson campusin situationsrevolving around atrespasser.McKinley studentsrecommend being awareof your surroundings, walking with peopleyou can trust, and not being afraid to tell staff membersabout any suspiciousbehavior

Not everything about theID requirement wasunnecessary for Kinoshitaasit wasanew way to keep trespassersoff school campuses

?I personally don't likethe ideaof mandatory IDsbut I feel likeit isdefinitely away to keep peoplewho don't belong here off thecampus,?Kinoshitasaid

Thesenew requirementsare meant to keep theschool safe and secure

?Even though I don't likethe new requirement I respect this decision and still wear my ID in school on my shirt every day,? Kinoshitasaid.

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Thoughts On ID Requirements

It hasgood intentions, but it'sjust not going to happen Half thekidsheredon't even go to classand you want them to wear their ID'severywhere


I believethat theID rulehasgood intentionsabout security and keeping studentssafeby making surethat peoplethat areon campusdo belong on campus Though I also feel it isnot being implemented very well where, myself included, teachersdon't alwayscheck for ID'sand not at all times. So even though it'sagood habit, itsahabit that should bebuilt, but it'snot built yet and thereisalack of consistency Thereis potential for it It isbetter than before, but it still could usesomework

-Math/Health Teacher Jason Yadao

I think it'sreally helpful in distinguishing thestudentsat our school, compared to studentsat Kaimuki or Roosevelt

-SophomoreKimo Isamu Quinones

Oneof thepeoplein my period 5 didn't havean ID and wasn't from thisschool And they werestill chilling in there I think this isanecessary precaution to havetheseID'sbecausewithout it you don't know who isastudent aslong asthey put on ahoodie.

-Freshman LucasA Wall-Silva

I think it'spretty good becausesomepeoplehavebeen coming into campus without ID'sand they arenot even from thisschool. So when they wear their ID, they know that you'rein thisschool

-Freshman XianneSytian

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McKinley's Alumni Educators Enlig

SinceMcKinley High School?s founding in 1865, which wasthen named Fort Street English Day School, many of itsalumni have chosen to return asitseducators. At thispresent day, therearemorethan adozen alumni who graduated from McKinley and choseto serveat their almamater Herearesix of their experiences

Joseph Cho isaninth-grade history teacher who graduated from McKinley in 1972 Hehasover 42 yearsof teaching experience, spending 30 yearsof teaching in Oregon Thisschool year ishis13th year teaching in Hawaii Hesaysthat themost rewarding aspect of hisjob isthat hecan influencestudents during their first year of high school

?If my studentscan beabetter and moreconsiderateperson than when they camein, then I would?vedone my duty,?Cho said

Onepieceof advicehewould give to current freshmen isto bediligent

?You'reat abusstop You?vegot four yearsat that busstop, and every year adifferent busarrives,?Cho said. ?If you don't get on theright bus, that ridecould belonger than four years?

Travis Watanabe isaspecial education teacher who graduated from McKinley in 2010 Heisalso a minister at alocal congregation outsideof school.Hesaysthat working with studentstaught him many things, but themost valuable lesson helearned wastheimportance of patience

"I had astudent who for along time struggled with inconsistency To get that student to work productively, it took alot of time, alot of pushing, and alot of prodding,' Watanabesaid "Working with thisstudent taught me to beflexibleand to believethat if you makesomeadjustmentswhen pursuing your goals, you can achieve them.?

After sometimeand effort, the student heworked with isnow flourishing, Watanabesaid

Valerie Dao isthisschool year's student activitiescoordinator She also graduated from McKinley in 2010 Sheregularly teachesmath but issubstituting for theposition this year Dao, along with thestudent council, isresponsiblefor organizing school eventssuch astheLighting of theM, ChristmasVillage, and theHall of Honor. Shesaid themost gratifying part of her job isseeing thejoy the studentshaveafter they?vecompleted asuccessful event.

?Theevent planning itself isvery stressful, but seeing all thehard work that I and thestudent (council) poured in isvery rewarding,?Dao said

Manuel Pulido isaretired army Lieutenant Colonel who now teaches JROTC Hehasspent atotal of 31 yearsin thearmy, with 10 yearsin the National Guard and 21 yearson active duty. Apart from instructing cadets, healso advisestheFilipino Club and theCybersecurity Club, who aremore commonly known asCyber Tigers He said that thereason hechoseto return to hisAlmamater after decadesworth of military servicewas that heliked theJROTC'smission of motivating peopleto becomebetter citizens

?I wasin theROTCprogram when I wasastudent here I felt likemy experiencewith working at the Pentagon, working with different levelsof command, and deploying overseaswould help thenext generation of students, Pulido said ?It just felt likethenatural step.? Hesaid hisjob asaJROTC instructor to beoneof thebest he's ever had Hesaid that being surrounded by apositivegroup of studentsthroughout theday keeps him motivated

"I enjoy working with thestudents here," Pulido said "I seethere'salot of hopefor our country"

Karen Mirikitani graduated from McKinley in 1980 Sherecently joined theMcKinley staff in October to becomeaparaprofessional English Languagetutor Outsideof school, she?sapracticing Methodist who has apassion for art Shesaid thereason shechoseto return to her Almamater after being away for morethan 40 yearsisthat shewanted to repay all theopportunitiesMcKinley had offered her during her timeasa student.

?McKinley prepared mewith manageablechallengesto overcome fear and theunseen,?Mirikitani said. ?I want to giveback in both tangible and intangiblewaysand means?

Asastudent, shelearned many valuablelessons, including the importanceof being open-minded

?Onecan learn to appreciatewhat onehas, by offering and sharing with others,?Mirikitani said

Imialoa'a Richardson isaspecial education history teacher who graduated from McKinley in 1998. He hasnineyearsof teaching experience aswell asover 20 yearsof experience asavolunteer coach During histime asastudent, hewon numerous athletic championships, including being atwo-timeEastern Division Champion, a160lb Individual OIA Champion, and aBruteNWCA National champion in 1998

"Asastudent, I learned that McKinley'sprideand tradition run deep I enjoyed representing McKinley and participating in sports during high school," Richardson said "My father and my previouscoaches motivated me"

Hesaid being ableto educateis something that hecherishesevery day

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?I teach my students to love and be confident with themselves," Richardson said. ?It?s very rewarding for me to see them grow.?

ighten Their Passion For Teaching

Other notablealumni who havechosen to serveat their almamater:

Milton Lau

Gigi Dhakwa Morita

Joseph Nakamoto

Leilani Okuda

Lacy Solis

Jacqueline Sumida

Robyn Tom

Ky Wong

Amie Yee

FEATURES March 2023 PAGE 5
McKinleyAlumni Staff sharedtheir lovefor their job, andhowtheyfoundtheir career asa waytogivebacktotheschool community Fromthetopleft: JosephCho, Imialoa?a Richardson, andValerieDao Fromthebottomleft: TravisWatanabe, KarenMirikitani, andManuel Pulido.
MHS Alumni

Hall of Honor Recap

On Jan 27, McKinley High School celebrated two Hall of Honor inductees, MichelleH Tucker and FrancesQ F Wong,at aceremony in theschool gym Thisuniquetradition had been withheld sincethepandemic in 2019 Asstudentsget back into McKinley routines, theunderclassmen arebeing introduced to thesetraditionsas thepandemic had shut most thingsdown McKinley High School istheonly school in Hawaii that hasthissacred tradition wherean MHSgraduateisselected to beinducted into the Hall of Honor and iscelebrated thisway asan entireschool Theseindividualshave goneaboveand beyond in their careers, familiesand communitiesand havemadea great impact, inspiring thestudentsabout what they arecapableof asMcKinley Tigers Therewereperformancesfrom thedanceclub and cheerleadersinspiring women empowerment, aswell asfrom thechoir,band and thecolorspresentation by JROTC. Each of theinducteesgaveaspeech to thestudentsduring theassembly, talking about their storiesasstudents, exciting careersor experiencesand left the studentswith apieceof adviceto succeed AsTucker said, "If hard work iswhat it takes, then giveit your best "

Photostaken by Sean Willem Giron and ShaneKaneshiro

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Cultural Disparities Pose

Barriers In Healthcare

Representation in healthcarerefersto theinclusion of healthcareprofessionalsof varied race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and sexual orientation It is important becauseit givespatientstheopportunity to share thesameor similar backgroundsastheir healthcare providers By ensuring that peopleof different groupsare represented, healthcareemployerscan better navigate barriersthat separatethem from their patients

Despitetherecognition of thevalueof adiverse workforce, thereremain obstacles Thechallengesof underrepresented groupsmay createadditional challenges, such asfewer job offers, increased risk of discrimination, disadvantaged backgroundsthat affect futureopportunities or even employersoften not apart of thesegroupswho may not understand theimportanceof diversity

According to an articleby theUniversity of St Augustine for Health Sciences, ?It?simportant for employersto understand current healthcaredemographicsand the barriersand challengesfaced by women, peopleof color, and LGBTQ peoplein thehealthcareworkforce?While current demographicsmay haveimproved slightly over the centuries, therearestill difficultiesfor underrepresented groups

A report by TheAssociation of American Medical Colleges

in 2019 revealed that morethan half of activephysicians areWhite, 17%areAsian, 5%areHispanic, and 5%are Black or African American It'sclear that certain groups dominatecertain areasof health It wasn't until 2007 that asurgein femalephysiciansrosefrom only 28%to 36% and out of every 100 promoted men, only 85 women are promoted, which can becomean even larger differencefor peopleof color Therepresentation of different races, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, and religionsis essential to not only improvecommunication between patientsand healthcareprovidersbut within workersand facilitiesaswell

Fortunately, therearewaysto lessen thesecultural disparities AAMCsharesafew thingsbeing doneto help promotediversity including ?adjusting servicesoffered to better meet theneedsof thepatient population,??hiring culturally diversestaff,?and ?removing thebiasesin policiesand procedureswhileinstituting new policies that promoteequality?By being moreinclusive, healthcarepoliciesshow it can increaseprovider comfort levels, enhanceunderstanding, improvecommunication, increasepatient trust and reducehealth disparitiesto ultimately providean inclusiveexperiencefor patientsof all demographics

Each and every healthcareprovider isavaluable member of theforce, no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. In addition, it'simportant that underrepresented groupsarealso given equal opportunitiesto berightfully represented in all areasof wellnessand health.

Read morehealthcare editorialson The WellnessMission found on ThePinion Website!
Importanceof DiversityinHealthcareart createdbyJadeBluestone. Created by JadeBluestone

Michelle H. Tucker and Judge Frances Q

Michelle Tucker wasborn in Michigan Her family later moved to Californiaand then to alittletown in Switzerland for thenext six years After that, she, her sister,DanielleTucker,and her mom returned to the United Stateswheresheand her sister attended McKinley.

Whileat McKinley, Tucker felt lost dueto recently moving to theUnited Statesand felt asthough shewasn't what sheused to be However,thestudentsand teachers werevery supportiveof her.

?I just found that everyonewasvery welcoming and very supportiveand very smart And I just felt very welcomed at McKinley,? Tucker told ThePinion.

Oneof her teachers, Neal Takamori, graded oneof her papersand wroteon it, ?You can do anything that you want to ?That noteinspired her for therest of her life

Tucker would go on to graduateafter only two yearsat McKinley Shemajored in physical education, but later found out it wasn't for her ?That didn't stay on very long becausetherewereno jobsin PE, and I quickly discovered that I needed ajob And PEwasn't taking methere,?said Tucker

Whilehaving apart timejob asabookkeeper,Tucker took someclassesin accounting which shethought would berelevant to her job Shewould find out that if shetook enough accounting classesby thetimeshegraduated from college, shecould becomeacertified public accountant.

?That'swhat happened When you put onefoot in front of theother and beforeyou know it, you'redoing all these thingsyou never knew you would,?said Tucker.

Tucker and her law school classmate, Judith Sterling, wereofficematesasaCPA and an attorney Being compatible, with qualitiesof caring, competent, passionateand very energetic toward working, they formed Sterling and Tucker

?I am theTucker and she'stheSterling Neither of usis leading thecharge,?Tucker said.

During that formation, therewerethreecompaniesthat werecreated Thefirst onewasSterling & Tucker LLP, which helpswith estateplanning Thesecond oneis Sterling & Tucker Inc. which doestax preparationsand Certified Public Accountant for individualsand small businesses Thelast oneisHawaii Partners3D Wealth Advisors, which isafirm that providesfinancial and investment planning servicesto retireesfor life

?Forget about knowing exactly whereyou'regoing,? Tucker said ?Every step you take, do it well ?

Judge Frances Q F Wong, Classof 1969 and Michelle H Tucker,Classof 1972, wereinducted into theMcKinley High School Hall of Honor on Jan. 27 along with friends and family of theinducteesand with thestudent body in attendance Edison Chong nominated both JudgeWong

and Tucker for bringing honor to theschool and community through their achievementsand contributions.

During JudgeWong?stimeat McKinley, shefound that many of her teacherswerecommitted to their subject, teaching and engaging thestudents.

?They (teachers) gavemeagreat education I thrived becauseI just loved learning and loved to wonder I thrived becauseI had astrong family I thrived with supportive friendsand I thrived becauseI waspart of theMcKinley Theater Group ?

After graduating from McKinley asavaledictorian in 1969, shewent to collegeat theUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa

JudgeWong practiced asalawyer for fiveyears ?I loved

MichelleTucker (left) andJudgeFrancesWongposeafter the rev
PAGE 8 March 2023 NEWS
ByShane Kaneshiro

Wong Inducted Into Hall of Honor

privatepractice, theway wedid it wassuch an adrenalineinfused activity. You'realwayson and wehad really great corporateclients So that wasa lot of fun,?said JudgeWong

However,shestruggled to balancework and family

?[It] meant morethan 12 hour days It meant that you didn't haveaweekend, it meant that you didn't haveholidays Wehad somereally tenseprojects,? said JudgeWong ?I can't do this, I haveto raisethe kids? it'snot thekind of mom I wanted to be?

ThereforeJudgeWong needed to back off from such intensecases At that time, shebegan branching out into smaller casesasa part time

MichelleTucker hasbeenawardedFellowof theAmericanBar Foundation, First inHawaii amongthefirst 30 nationwideto becomecertifiedestatelawplanningspecialists, Honorablemention for placinginthetop70 out of 50,000 in1977 CPAexam, As CertifiedFinancial Planner a HonoluluMagazine?andHawaii businessawardrecipient ?fivestar wealthmanager,"asa promising entrepreneur ?Finalist OutstandingYoungPeople?presentedby Hawaii Jaycees, ?YoungCareer Womanof theYear?presentedby theHawaii Federationof BusinessandProfessional Women,for communityservice?special RecognitionAward?Presentedby Hawaii CommunityServicesCouncil, and?President?sAward? presentedbyHawaii WomenLawyers.

JudgeFrancesWongwasawardedtheHawaii Women'sLawyers 2002 OutstandingJudicial Achievement AwardandTheHawaii StateBar Association?s2009 Presidential Awardfor Distinguished serviceandoutstandingachievement that best exemplifiesthe missionof theHawaii StateBar Association. In2009, JudgeWong receivedtheJurist of theYear awardfromChief JusticeRonaldMoon.

family court judge A third of thetime, shewasin thecircuit jury criminal trial and therest wasin family court. ?That madeit even moremanageable,?said JudgeWong

Upon retirement, JudgeWong attended seminary and was ordained asaminister of theUnited Church of Christ. "We can respect each other Bekind to each other" JudgeWong advised "Celebrateyour timeat McKinley and celebrate diversity?

Through life'sstruggles, shegained experience, astrong family, and supportivefriends JudgeWong said, ?It isthe stuff that helpsyou thrive; your family, closefriends, your faith, community.?JudgeWong also said, ?I haveagroup of friendsthat havebeen together sinceelementary school We arestill active; weareall 70?

NEWS March 2023 PAGE 9 s Q. F.
MichelleTucker inher junior year 1972 JudgeFrancesWonginher senior year 1969 revealing ceremonyinfront of themainoffice.PhotobyShaneKaneshiro.

Lessons Stay Relevant Beyond Campus

Lessonscan beboring, and who elseto voiceout that kind of opinion if not students Therewill alwaysbe theusual thought of if theselessons would ever even beused in our daily lives. In aworld of calculatorsand google, learning math and other subjectsmay seem pointless, asit may not be helpful in our daily lives, but they aren? t hereto just giveusahard timeat school. Theselessons, like algebraand thehistory of art havevaluesand use that extendsout of the confinesof theclassroom

Certain school lessons can teach students different values.Lessons likealgebracan help studentspracticetheir problem solving and logic skills It can help student?s figureout how to solve problemson their own with thematerialsthat they haveat their disposal Algebraic formulascan beapplied to real lifeasstudentsgrow up, and thesereal life applicationsshould be used morein thingslike word problems, likeif someonewould buy a product that would havea priceto pay per month, then how much money would they need to pay for anumber of months?Students could figureout thepayment per month and how many monthsthey would haveto pay, then by multiplying them together they would find out how much money they need If theproduct hasaflat amount when first buying it, then students could useaY=mx+b formulato find out how much money they need

Thehistory of countriesor art can help uslearn from othersand from ourselves Thebest but cruelest

teacher isexperience, asyou haveto go through itsexam first before receiving itslesson, but the advantageof documenting history is so that peopledon? t haveto learn the hard way Through theexperiencesof othersin history, studentscan learn to avoid making thesamemistakes history did Studentsmay think learning about World War II could be

taught in English classmight seem useless, but they arealso helpful to studentsbeyond just for testsor homework It teachesstudentshow to better expresstheir arguments, and makeastand for themselves Learning how to properly do an argumentativeessay teachesstudents whereto put their claim, information, and argument in amanner that helps studentsget their point through clearly and strongly Thisis especially useful when studentsapply for jobs and colleges, asthey need to know how to properly argueon why they should beaccepted for that job or college To do thisthey need to learn how to highlight their strengths, and learning essayscan help that

unnecessary,but studying how peoplelikeHitler used propaganda and censorship to push an agenda that Germansshould bethesuperior racecan help studentsrealizethat they should avoid blindly following information and to think for themselves, teaching them that studentsshould learn how to find information on their own to know what istrue It also can help them to figureout what thingsarenot right and when they should bestanding up for themselves

Argumentativeessaysthat are

Theseexamplesare only afew of thethings that seemingly useless lessonscan teach us. Theselessonscan be used in placesbeyond theconfinesof the classroom Even in complicated lessonslike trigonometry, quadratics, poetry, book analysis, history or cultureof other countries, thesecan help teach studentsdifferent qualitiesto makethem independent individuals, likehow to solve problemson their own with math, how to learn from your and others mistakesand experienceslikein history, and how to makeastand for yourself and how to better express yourself likein English class So the next timestudentscomeacrossa lesson that seemscomplicated or useless, they should approach it with an open mind, astheselessons alwayshaveasecret, and not so secret, lesson to teach

Art byCheska Orias.

Modern Studies Reveal How Having A Cell Phone Can Be A Burden

articlewritten by Jack Flynn, it said, ?Theaverage American spends5 hoursand 24 minuteson their mobile deviceeach day?That isfivehoursthat could beused to go outside, discover anew hobby, or even do something you love. Thesamearticleadded, ?On average, Americans check their phonesat least 96 timesper day, or onceevery ten minutes?It slowly addsup and can lead to more problemslikedepression

Depression isamajor issuein theworld, especially in teens Statisticsshow that morethan 264 million people suffer from depression It also showsthat thesecasesare increasing with theusageof cell phoneappslikesocial media An articlewritten by EllieZolfagharifard said, ?A recent survey hasfound around two-thirdsof peopleon social mediapost imagesto their profilesto maketheir livesseem moreadventurous.?Sincetherisein social mediausage, peoplehavefound it asan escapefrom their reality When othersseethosepictures, they compareit to their own livesand it makesthem feel their livesaren? t as exciting They may then fall into astateof depression

Did you know that thefirst phonewasaslargeand heavy asamodern day computer and wasonly used for talking? Though astheworld advanced so did cell phones Now you can carry it wherever you go and do almost anything with it Sincethen, cell phoneshavebecomeamajor part of people'slives In 2022, research showed that roughly 6 65 billion peopleowned asmartphone, and that number will keep growing When cell phonesareso useful, how isit hurting us?

Themain problem of cell phonesareaddiction In an

Feeling tired after getting enough sleep may bedueto theusageof phonesor other electronic devicesbeforebed. An articlewritten by Dr. Michael Breussaid, ?65%of smartphoneownersadmit to checking their phoneat night ?It added, ?However,our brainsarevery sensitiveto light, and thebluelight emitted from cell phonesand other electronic devicesdelaysmelatonin production Lack of melatonin can makeit difficult to fall asleep, which can lead to insomniaand fatigueover time? Insomniaand fatiguemay also lead to other health problems

Whilethey may not begreat, cell phoneswill alwaysbe apart of our lives. Theremay bemoreconsin thefuture but it'sbetter for peopleto know now rather than later It may prevent other problemsin thelong run

Americanschecktheir phonesat least 96 timesper daywhichcan causeproblemslikedepression.PhotobyTiffanyTran.
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Why Manga Exceeds Modern Comic Books

Theterm ?manga?tendsto be synonymouswith comic booksin themindsof peoplefamiliar with thelong-established history of popular movieheroeslike Superman and Spider-Man originating in comics. Asof now, only afew comic readersremain loyal to DCand Marvel Comics, purchasing multiplecopiesof a seriesor reading them online However,most comic book readers in Americahavealready ditched their former passion for alternativessuch asIndiecomics and manga

Asaformer comic book fan, what convinced meto quit reading comicsonlinewashow all superhero comicsshow no real starting pointsand thelack of self-awarenessshown by both companieswhen creating content that no onewanted.

Therearemany reasonswhy other graphic novel genresfrom mangaand other companiesare beating thepopular entertainment companiesat their own game, which may minimizethesalesof superhero comicsto thepoint of extinction if both DCand Marvel refuseto learn from thesuccessof other indiecomicsand mangaor addressthecomplaintsmadeby their fans

Even though both mangaand comicsareparallel to each other by selling graphic novels, the management of companiesand writersmaking thosebooksare what determineshow successful a

serieswill beto contributeto business Readersareeffortlessly attracted to binge-read mangabecausethey haveareal starting point and theplot iscoherent The mangaiswritten and illustrated by the samegroup or asinglemangaka They becomefamiliar with thewriter?s techniquesand theart stylethat contributesto theoverall appeal that is madeto impress All they haveto do isstart in thefirst chapter Thedialoguematters just asmuch astheart in graphic novels. Thereisalso thefact that mangahasa widevariety of genres, whereasthebig two sell mostly superhero comics, which are proneto common and repetitiveplots Comicsalso frequently swap writers, artists, color artists, variant cover artists, and editorsevery few years, asseen with many rebootsthat fansarehesitant to accept For example, DCfrequently hiresnew writers for variousBatman books, leaving fansto hopelessly attempt to distinguish Batman #1 by Bob Kaneand John Broomeand Batman #2 by Tom King Holiday specials areno better.

Such issuesperplex fansuntil they refuse to haveanything to do with theseries Quality writing isanecessary tool for any pieceof writing, beit an essay, novel, play, or TV show to keep theaudienceengaged and entertained

Theother unresolved issuemodern comicsfaceishow writerswritethe characters Mangakasknow their own creationsliketheback of their hands, which ishow important aspectslike character development and their personalitiesmakerelatableand

memorablecharactersthat feel real A well-written character actsin a believablemanner,isoriginal enough to bedistinguished from other characters,and isnot replaced or pushed asideunlessit?snecessary

Nonetheless,in theMarvel series ?What If? ??MilesMorales(ablack character similar to Spider-Man) is rewritten asThor,another superhero Theissuewith theplot ishow it feels morelikearace-swap rather than the author putting soul into their work Therearealso racist stereotypes given to theprotagonist, such as eating fried chicken and almost all charactershaving fades Being a person of color,LGBT, or disabled shouldn? t bewhat makessomeone themself Thoseminority groups aren? t seen asregular peoplewith the potential to haveinteresting stories, becauseof something that shouldn? t affect how someoneistreated Minoritiesshould not rely on hand-me-downsfrom morepopular charactersto proveapoint

In addition, thisseriessparked outragefrom fansbecausethecomic isamassivedowngradecompared to theoriginal MilesMorales It?sasif activistsarebeing hired to write, not storytellers. Whiletherewill always becriticssincewriterscan? t please everybody, an author must do what they believetheir story engages readersand keep it in their styleof


writing Audiencesmust perceive re-written changesasreasonableand exciting to theplot if aseriesdesiresa general acceptancefrom fansto stay in business.

So how can comic creatorsbring their fansback?Thebig two can learn from Eric July, thefounder of Rippaverse Comics, which garnered morethan three million in pre-salesfor hisfirst issue, Isom #1, within months According to July, thekey to successisto simply keep politicsaway from entertainment In his eyes, classic superhero action isvaluable to thegenreand attracted theattention of comic book fans.

Theneutrality of thecompany?s political stanceand choiceof appealing to fansinstead of thegeneral public affectshow theplot and charactersare written Thisway, every singlebook published by thecompany mattersand connectstheplot of thecomic series, without cheap rebootsand resets

Userson thepopular onlinediscussion forumsQuoraand Reddit concur with the importanceof writing quality From the opinionsof numerouscomic readerson both forums, themost commonly mentioned issuesabout superhero comicsareregarding how plotsare written and thedifficultiesto keep up with aseries.

Comic reader BlueMcCauley states, ?If you want to follow amangaseries, all you gottado isfollow theseries. Volume1, Volume2, Volume3, so on It?snot rocket science If you want to follow comics? God.Even if you just stick with oneor two characters you haveto ALSO track whatever teams they?reapart of, or whatever massive event may begoing on in their universe acrossmultipletitles?

Chronology isthemost basic rulein any TV show and book series. Stories progressthesameway astimegoing forward rather than backwards Modern comicsaretheday-night cycle, moving from onetimeperiod to another nonstop Why placeyour timeand energy on comicsmadewithout passion rather than exploring theother optionsavailable?

Thechoicebetween comicsand mangaisto another comic and manga reader Shinbrig Goku, ?Recently I got into mangabut even assomeonewho lovescomic booksadmitsthat getting into Superhero comicsisabit of a chorewhen most peoplejust want to read asimplestory With Mangas, I see a#1 and I know that it?sthebeginning of thestory With Superhero comics, when I seea#1, I?m not always100% sureif it ISTHEBEGINNINGor they

rebooted theseriesand they?reback at #1?

Again, it?svery important for readersto know wherethey should start reading and why they should read. Comicsserieswith multiple first issueswould repel anyoneif they read comicsor not because chancesare, it?snot worth reading somecomics UnlessDCand Marvel step up their gameand listen to critic reviewsinstead of repeating thesamemistakesover and over again, thelifespansof their businessesdon't look prosperous Asseen with thesuccessof mangain America, comic book companiesmust learn from their mistakesin order to keep up with thecompetition.In termsof business, they need to focuson what attractstheir real audienceto their work and havetheideasof the writer intersect to makeacceptable content for their longtimereaders Authorsshould bemoreawareof how thestorylineaffectsthe interest of theaudienceby mood or thoughts Engaging characters shouldn? t bepolitically correct but instead appeal to agroup of people asan audienceto preservethe purposefor which they?rewritten

GradeLevel Tiger Tally!

Class-level pointsarerecordedduring classcompetitionsandparticipation. Hereisthetotal standingpointssofar!

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 725 675 500 350

McKinley Tigers Hit The Gym

Sweat dripsdown your forehead as you clench your entirebody, benching 245 poundsoff of your chest. The peoplearound you areyelling to motivateyou asdopaminestreaks through your veinspopping out of your armsand neck You smell your handsafterward and they reek of metal Thesweat escapesyour pores asasigh escapesfrom your lips. You feel great, but you know there?smore weight and pressureto add on

Working out isapracticethat trains thebody to strengthen itsendurance, ability, and sustainability McKinley High School studentsneed onecredit of PEto graduate. Physical Education isan important skill for peopleto live healthy lifestyles

According to theCentersfor DiseaseControl, onein fivechildren in Americahasobesity Meanwhile, two out of threeadultsin Americaare obese. Thesestatisticsprovethe importanceof physical education, especially for youth

"I think everybody should work out in someform or fashion It'sgood for not only physical health, but also mental, social and emotional health," athletic director Bob Morikuni said ThePinion sent out apoll asking about thegym experience.Out of 240 responses, 148 peoplesaid that they work out Of thosepeople, 24%work out threeor moretimesaweek.

22 5%work out at agym and 24%lift McKinley isfilled with various sportsliketennis, swimming, basketball, etc. Taking into consideration thosewho do sports and thestatisticsof thepoll, those who do thesesportsareexpected to work out threeor moretimesaweek Therefore, that iswhy thosewho work out may not do it in agym Working out and being fit has alwaysbeen apart of people'sgoals but studiesshow that 50%of gym membersend up quitting in thefirst coupleof weeks They don't seethe resultsfast enough and eventually losemotivation Senior Allen Reyes talked about hispositiveexperiences

when hestarted going to thegym

"When I first started going to the gym, I ended up losing fifty pounds," Reyessaid

Though many peoplefind comfort in being homeand doing nothing, Reyessaid hefindscomfort in working out at thegym

"It'slikemy comfort spot If I feel down, I go to thegym," Reyessaid.

Why isworking out so popular among teenagersnow?Thereisalot of talk amongst teenagefriend groups about how much they lift, how many push-upsthey can do, how long they can plank, and overall how athletic they are. Although thisfriendly bickering and comparison may seem harmless, it could get toxic fast

Something that isvery common in physical-related recreational activitiesiscompetition Band director,Joseph Nakamoto, expressed hisfeelingsabout thetoxicity of competition in thegym

?Everybody isdifferent and everybody isunique, so sometimes peoplecan overthink it and say that

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ByChloe Cunningham and Jacky Oasay Senior AllenReyescurls60 poundsat 24 Hour Fitness.PhototakenbyLouieJamesMagcalas.

they?ll never lift asmuch asthat guy,?Nakamoto said

Thistoxicity of comparison and competition could lead to faltering self-esteem issuesand carelessnessrelating to working out. Morikuni said that thenegativescould berelated to thelack of knowledgeabout working out

?If you aren? t educated on what you want to do, you could start over-exerting yourself when working out,?Morikuni said

Thisdownsidecan easily beavoided with good knowledgeof working out and what your body needs Morikuni suggested to those wanting to work out to talk to their doctor and makeachieveable goals

However,every downsidehasan upside When doneright, exercise isamazing for thebody.

"When you seeyour results, it strengthensyou emotionally and socially, not only physically," Morikuni said

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ThePinion Pawdcast isaproject of ThePinion that providesconversationsbetween staff membersand guest speakerson avariety of topics So far ThePinion Pawdcast hascovered theHall of Honor assembly, given announcementson clubs, teased Pinion articles, and talked about ValentinesDay and thechickensof McKinley High School

Somemoreinformation on Episode3: Sean Willem A.Giron and JulianaRodden statetheir personal opinion about thechickens They also talked about theprosand consof thefeathered friendsof McKinley Lastly, they touch on the problemsthat arisewhen studentsdecideto feed thechickens

"Stop feeding thechickens," Sean Willem Giron said.

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