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Grad Cap Decorating:

Check out some helpful tips for decorating grad caps despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing graduation plans. (page 3).

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Advice from a Senior:

Senior Destinations:

After a rigorous four years, the class of 2020 is graduating! Check out where your friends and peers are headed. (pages 6-7).

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The Mirador gives the juniors, sophomores and freshmen advice advice as they enter a new chapter. (page 2).


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May 27, 2020

Seniors Receive Surprises From Volunteers


Between April 6 and 24, parents of the Class of 2020 delivered three surprise gifts to the home of every Miramonte senior, including a “Proud Home of a Miramonte Class of 2020 Graduate” yard sign, “The One Where We Were Quarantined” t-shirt, and Mardi Gras-themed Senior Ball masks. Other accessories included a tumbler with the design “Keep Calm and Quarantine On,” and a stress ball and credit card holder labelled “Miramonte Class of 2020 Strong”. Additionally, the Class of 2023 gifted red roses to each senior on May 9 to commemorate the orignial date of Senior Ball. Because the final quarter of the 2019-2020 school year was moved to distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been working with Miramonte Administration to provide memorable moments for the soon-to-be-graduating Mats. After noting that other schools in the Acalanes Union High School District were delivering similar yard signs, Miramonte Principal Julie Parks and Parents Club President Tricia Young decided to assemble a team of parent volunteers to provide the signs and other gifts so seniors “would know we were thinking of them during this difficult time,” Class of 2020 Parent Advisor Michelle Goldsmith said. Using residential records available through Miramonte and a mapping application called Mapline, 26 parent volunteers delivered the items to all 319 seniors in various neighborhoods around the community. Parent Denice Gant spearheaded the coordination and brainstormed the gift and design ideas. The company Just Yard Signs supplied the lawn posters, Spoken Cloth provided the t-shirts, and Any Promo produced the accessories.

Photos: Sara Lehman

Class President Ashleigh Lightbody and parent Vanessa Bell created the idea for the Senior Ball reveal. The date and location are still to be determined, but as the invitation states, “Senior Ball is happening!” In total, Parents Club and the Parent Advisors spent about $15 per student, for a sum of almost $4,800. “The school and parent community wanted the Class of 2020 to know they have not been forgotten, and that we understand this is an important milestone that needs to be celebrated. I really want to thank all of our volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make all of this happen for the senior class. We have an amazing class of parent volunteers,” Michelle Goldsmith said. The cancellation of the traditional school year challenged many seniors to adjust to a new lifestyle. “Missing the last quarter of school is really difficult because second semester senior year was supposed to be a really fun time. Also, as someone who plays a spring sport, it was difficult to hear that the last season of my high school career is cut short,” senior Eli Goldsmith said. Many seniors believe the graduation gifts helped establish a sense of community. “It was such a nice surprise to wake up to the signs, I really appreciated their outreach to the seniors. I think the t-shirts and the signs were a nice way of recognizing the seniors and what we are losing due to quarantine, while still remaining positive,” senior Ella Tierney said. “It was a cool gesture that made me remember I’m still a part of Miramonte,” senior Jackson Oxner said. “I think it was a really good idea to have some way of remembering these times that we all had to go through together as a class because this way we will never forget it and we can all come out of this stronger,” Eli Goldsmith said.

Annual Events Redesigned Due to Pandemic

ISLA BURCH & NAOMI MESFIN Amid these current unprecedented times, the class of 2020 is arguably the most affected group of students. Having possibly the most fun semester of their high school career taken away from them, is heartbreaking. During these tough times, Miramonte has stayed true to their values and tried to emulate the spirit of second semester. Whether it be dropping off new quarantine class shirts, masks, or a rose on the day of our ball, Miramonte has come together to support seniors. While the traditional events such as Post Senior Day and graduation are set up differently than in past years, members of the Miramonte community have worked hard to create experiences that are memorable regardless of the situation. May 20, Miramonte seniors made their way to the first stop of the Senior Breakfast and Cap and Gown Pick-up event at Orinda Intermediate School (OIS). There, students were met by parent volunteers who

passed out a breakfast burrito, chips, cookies, and a drink. The next stop was J-Lot at Miramonte High School. On the drive from OIS to Miramonte, students were greeted by neighbors cheering and waving in their front yards as each car went by. They held posters that read “Go Seniors” and “Class of 2020” and wore college tshirts. Upon arrival at Miramonte, cars were directed to the J-Lot where many of the teachers and other staff members lined up on either side of the parking lot. As the cars drove through the parking lot, students were able to see their teachers' faces and wave goodbye. After driving through all the teachers, students made their last stop at the end of the parking lot where they were able to pick up their senior class panoramic, cap and gown, and other accessories for graduation. Recently, Miramonte principal Julie Parks sent out an email explaining their efforts to hold a graduation that was a hybrid of virtual and in-person. For example, stu-

dents will still be able to walk across the stage and take photos. However, the senior class president’s speech, the student musical performances, the pledge of allegiance, and the Principal’s address will all be live streamed to families. On June 1, starting around 9:30 a.m., seniors will begin to walk on a stage set up in the quad. In order to stay in compliance with health guidelines, only a certain number of people are permitted to be on campus. Similarly to the cap and gown pick up, students will be assigned certain time slots. As they arrive on campus, students will be able to see their classmates' memory boards and pick up their leis. Students will finish walking at 4 and the whole event will be recorded so friends and family who aren’t physically able to there, can still enjoy this special moment. At 4:30 p.m. the senior class president, Ashleigh Lightbody, will perform the ceremonial changing of the tassels which students can do virtually.

“Going into planning our class’s graduation I was a little nervous at the task of simulating traditional components of graduation in our current circumstances, however I think the collaboration between Ms. Parks and our class officers paid off and we’re super excited at what we’ve created,” Lightbody said.

Miramonte High School 750 Moraga Way Orinda, CA 94563

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Non-Profit Organization US Postage Paid, Orinda, Ca Permit #301

2 SENIOR 05/27/20


The Mirador’s Class of 2020 Superlatives JULIET ADAMS & NAOMI MESFIN

Go missing for a year:

Shaune Lundstrom “Where’s Shaune?” is a question that is asked by many people on the daily. She could be doing anything from watching meteor showers at 3 a.m. at Grizzly Peak to painting a mural to frolicking with her dogs in the Orinda Downs park.

Become a host of America Ninja Warrior:

Chris Riney Riney already knows how to capture an audience’s attention with his witty jokes and his career as a rally leader. These skills along with her personality are applicable to a hosting gig on American Ninja Warrior. Riney will keep you entertained and on your toes as the competitors compete through the obstacles.

Have her own Food Network Show:

Anika Grimsrud There’s no question that Grimsrud spends a lot of her time in the kitchen after checking out her instagram page. Not only does she bake and decorate cakes, but she also cooks! She might just be the next face we see on the Food Network Channel alongside one of the greatest, Guy Fieri. And who knows, she may also take over Buddy Valastro’s beloved position as Cake Boss later.

Most Likely to... Become a vlogger in College:

Abigail Crinks

As she heads off to Wisconsin, everyone is going to want to see what Crinks’ college life will entail. She’ll be walking around campus with her vlogging camera in hand, documenting everything. A photo of her in her silver jeep with a jasmine green tea boba would make the fit a perfect thumbnail for her first video.

Be the next Sara Harris:

Go on Project Runway:

Shelby Tse Wondering who came to school in the yellow suit and bird beak mask before quarantine? Well, that was the one and only Shelby Tse. Her unapologetic attitude and bold outfit choices are sure to land her a spot on project runway. Her artistic eye and unique taste in fashion could even take her to the end!

Lucy Becker

Be a contestant on the Bachelorette:

Coolest adult on campus award would definitely be given to Sara Harris. But who would fill in the Queen’s shoes? Becker has already spent most of her senior year in Harris’s office just spilling the tea. Becker will always be willing to get to know her students just like Harris, and also would not be afraid to punish students when necessary.

We all know that Duncan has the qualities to be a great Bachelorette contestant. Not only does he have connections with Chris Harrison, but his confidence could take him all the way to a possible hometown date at his favorite place in the whole world, Orinda Country Club.

Go on a road trip across the US:

Ben Duncan

Isla Burch

Become a professional Hypeman:

Can’t get a hold of Isla Burch? It’s probably because she’s off exploring and she forgot her phone at home. Once quarantine is over, Burch will most definitely be packing her car full of sleeping bags and tents as she hits the road to find all of the best campsites across the states.

Need a hype man? Sean Turney is your guy. Talk about a person who can get a crowd so hyped up that you can hear cheers for miles. Turney will put his high school hyping experience to good use as a future opener at concerts to DJ Khalad anthems.

Sean Turney

Nostalgic Advice From a Quarantined Senior NICOLE VAN STRALEN While in quarantine, I have had lots of time to reminisce on my time at Miramonte. As I take a walk down memory lane, I’m hoping to inspire the remaining students at Miramonte to make the most of their time here. Dear freshmen, I hope each and every one of you had a memorable first year at Miramonte. I hope you weren’t too intimidated by the upperclassmen and managed to have a little bit of fun in all of your cute, basic freshman classes. I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday, PE with Mr. Dell, Drama 1 with Mrs. Cousins, World History with Mr. Mather, English 1 with Mr. Poling… those were the good old days. Reading Romeo and Juliet, learning about DNA and RNA, practicing simple conversations in Spanish and running the mile were the biggest and scariest problems I faced. Freshman year is full of firsts: first day of high school, first football game, first rally, first time playing a Miramonte sport, first Homecoming dance, first set of high school finals… and let me tell you, I remember it all. You will never forget your freshman year of high school and the memories you made. You’ll probably look back through your Snapchat memories sophomore year and cringe at your freshman self, but don’t! You’ll appreciate those pictures some day. I urge you all to step out of your comfort zone everyday at Miramonte. High school is a place to grow and make mistakes, and while you may disagree, no one is going to remember the small embarrassing moments you had your freshman year. I know it’s crazy to imagine that one day you will be sitting on the senior lawn watching the new freshman class eat lunch in front of the gym, but that day will be here sooner than you know it. So cherish every moment of Miramonte - the good and the bad - because it’ll be over in the blink of an eye. Dear sophomores, how was your first year of not being a freshman? Pretty cool, right? In my opinion, sophomore year is the awkward yet fun transition year of high school where you aren’t treated like a freshman, but you still aren’t an upperclassmen. You get to sit in the actual student section of the football games, you are able to take fun electives such as Law and Society and AP European History, and you get tables to sit at by the theater. Most sophomores are just cruising through their two semesters with a year at Miramonte already under their belt and no standardized tests to study for. But trust me, Miramonte only gets harder from here. The classes become more challenging and the workload becomes heavier. I hope you all cherished this buffer year and took advantage of the nights where you had no homework. However, as Miramonte becomes harder, it also becomes more fun. I advise every sophomore to be kind to their classmates and appreciate the little things that happen everyday. I hope most of you have learned that you are not confined to one specific “friend group”, reach out and be friends with everyone! This is the time where most students start to become stressed out, and you never know what your peers are going through. Have a good time, but be prepared to start cracking down on schoolwork.

Enjoy these next few years, sophomores, there’s nothing quite like it. Dear juniors, congratulations on making it out alive! Junior year if full of ACT/ SAT prep, essays after essays, loads of homework, unit tests every week and research papers to top it all off. Your first year of being an upperclassmen feels like freedom but you are soon overwhelmed with the amount of work each new week brings - and I am truly sorry for that. However, I also believe junior year is where you really start to understand who you are as a person. Many people stop following the crowd and realize that it’s ok to be yourself ! Junior year brings out a lot of emotion. Students are stressed out from their classes and sometimes talking about it with friends only makes it worse. Coming home after a long day of school only to sit at tutoring for 1-2 hours, then do homework, then drive to practice is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. The looming dates for the ACT and SAT are always on your mind and it’s hard to ever find a break. But, your time as a junior is almost over and soon you will look back at your memories from junior year and smile with nostalgia. Junior Prom was supposed to be the highlight of your school year, but it turned out to be a night spent at home wishing you were with your friends. Just be thankful you aren’t a senior during this time. You still have all of next year to create the best moments of high school. Be prepared for your first semester of senior year. Everything seems to fall into place and the worries you had about high school just disappear. But college applications come around and give you a harsh wake up call. I believe my first semester of senior year was more stressful than my entire junior year, but once you submit those applications you are smooth sailing. Good luck, juniors! I advise you all to remember that one test does not define who you are. You’re more than halfway done with your time at Miramonte and I hope you’ve made the most of it! Dear seniors, well… we never could have predicted that this is how our time at Miramonte ends. Our class has been through so much together, and I just wish we could have ended high school the way we were promised. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my years at Miramonte and I’ve come to appreciate all of the ups and downs of my high school life. During this time, I urge you all to think back and remember your freshman, sophomore, and junior year class schedule and just remind yourself of your classmates, teachers, and fun memories from each class. It’s a sad yet enlightening experience that speaks volumes on how much we have all grown as people and Matadors. It’s not going to seem right when we graduate only because we still have unfinished business at Miramonte. We were never able to experience a proper goodbye rally, senior ball, senior ditch day, senior pranks, graduation and senior sunrise. And it makes my heart hurt to think of all of the senior classes before us that were able to experience those moments, and all of the classes after us who are going to experience them. Leadership is doing an amazing job of trying to keep our class connected in this hopeless time. I hope we can all find peace by reminiscing on our time together at Miramonte and staying hopeful.


05/27/20 SENIOR 3

Tips and Tricks for Grad Cap Decorating Step Three-Assemble!

LAUREN NIXON Grad cap decorating is a super fun senior activity, and while quarantine has ruined a lot of traditions this year, this is a perfect example of something that the class of 2020 can still participate in despite the circumstances. So seniors, grab your glue and glitter and get crafting with these three easy steps to guide you through the process of creating a banger grad cap!

After you collect all of your craft materials and print out any logos or designs you need for your theme, it’s time to start assembling! Make sure to lay out your plan and feel free to try a few variations before you permanently glue anything down. The assembly step can also be collaborative! Grab your supplies and meet some friends for a social distance assembly party, but of course make sure to stay six feet apart. If meeting in person doesn’t work out, a Zoom assembly party is always another good option! Through these difficult times it is important to stay connected as much as we can, so embrace this opportunity and try to have fun and use it as a creative outlet. Happy decorating grads!

Step One-Choose a theme When decorating your grad cap, the first step is to choose your theme. Some popular options include an inspirational or funny quote, a tribute to your favorite hobbies and passions during high school, or a representation of your future path, whether it be your school logo or some other symbol of your post-high school plans. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to look at pictures of past grads for inspiration. Do some soul searching to decide what theme fits best for you and then proceed to step two!

Photo: Lauren Nixon

Photo: Lauren Nixon

Step Two-Choose your materials Choosing your materials is one of the most important parts of making your grad cap stand out. Sparkly jewels, fake flowers, colorful construction paper, glitter glue, logo decals, and many other supplies are great tools to spice up your design. All you have to do is keep your theme in mind while choosing a color scheme for your craft items, and start gathering! While the quarantine is stopping seniors from browsing for these items in person at a crafts store like Michaels, most of these materials are still available online and can be delivered right to your door. Also, don’t forget the glue, tape, and any other important products that you need to put your creation together.


25 Songs Perfect for Helpful Hacks for a the Class of 2020 Breezy College Life SALLY FELLNER


Seniors! As the year is coming to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on our Dorm room high school careers. This playlist perfectly captures the bittersweet feelings that come Closet with graduating and starting the next chapter of our lives! -Place a soda/can tab to the base of a hanger hook and attach other hangers to save space. -Attach curtain rings to a hanger to store tank tops and smaller items on just one hanger 1. “Graduation” by benny blanco & Juice WRLD* -If your closet has doors, use a command strip to attach a tap on light so you don’t wake 2. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield up your roommate. 3. “See You Again” (feat. Charlie Puth) by Wiz Khalifa 4. “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson Bed 5. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” by Green Day* -Get bed risers with a USB port (if your bed isn’t already raised). Not only does this allow 6. “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus you to obtain a ton of extra storage space but you’ll have an extra outlet or two. 7. “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey -Get storage bins to put under your bed so you have extra space for things that don’t fit in 8. “We are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)” by Fun. your closet. 9. “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox Twenty 10. “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins Classes/schedule 11. “Good Old Days (feat. Kesha)” by Macklemore -If you know your major, start taking intro classes sooner than later so you can earn credit 12. “Sixteen” by Thomas Rhett hours earlier and not have to take an extra semester or even year of classes. 13. “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts -Meet your professors and take advantage of office hours, this will help if you want to get 14. “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” by Hannah Montana involved in research or need to get a letter of recommendation for grad school. 15. “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars -Unless you have no trouble waking up at 6 or 7 a.m. don’t take 8 a.m. classes (if you can 16. “Five More Minutes” by Scotty McCreery avoid it). 17. “We’re All In This Together” by High School Musical Cast -Take minimal to no classes on Fridays to have a more relaxing weekend or Wednesdays 18. “History” by One Direction to have a break during the middle of the week to catch up or get ahead. 19. “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts -Take all classes before 4 p.m. so you have time later on in the day for yourself. 20. “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5 -Wait until the first day of your classes to buy textbooks, there may be an online version 21. “8TEEN” by Khalid that the professor recommends. 22. “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney 23. “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne Campus life 24. “Closing Time” by Semisonic -Meet everyone in your dorm, not just the people on your floor. 25. “Dancing Queen” by Meryl Streep, Julie Walters & Christine Baranski -Participate in school events, it’s a great way to meet people and schools often give free * indicates explicit lyrics food, merchandise or other incentives to participate. -If you don’t want to be involved in Greek life, at least join a club that you find interesting so you can meet people with similar interests and make connections. -Make friends with your roommate, if there’s an issue talk it out because not liking your roommate will make your year a lot harder -Try to walk everywhere and don’t rely on the trolley or bus system if there is one

Scan the left QR code for access to the playlist via Spotify and the right for Apple Music.

Food/Dining halls -Use the communal kitchen to cook yourself a meal, you will get tired of dining hall food. -If you have an unlimited plan, take things like fruit back to your dorm to save for later. -Make sure you balance your diet, just because you can eat ice cream everyday, doesn’t mean you should -Look at the menu for the week before you go to a dining hall or restaurants that accept meal points so you know what your options are and can pick healthier foods.

4 SENIOR 05/27/20


The Mirador says Goodbye to 2020 Graduates Juliet Adams, Editor in Chief

Lauren Nixon, Editor in Chief

FAVORITE ARTICLE: the 2019 senior commits and senior su-

FAVORITE ARTICLE: my favorite article that I wrote for The Mirador is my article

perlatives piece

about New Voices laws across the country. I learned a lot about how to conduct thorough research, as well as how lucky we are in California to have our voices as student journalists protected against censorship for so long FAVORITE MEMORY: my favorite Mirador memory is our D.C. field trip that we went on in November to the National High School Journalism Convention. Not only was it an amazing bonding experience with everyone, but it was also an incredibly valuable learning experience to hear the perspectives of so many different journalists and bring those ideas back to our class FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: an opinion piece about the unfortunate state of the school bathrooms at Miramonte in the first issue of the 2017-2018 school year (my sophomore year). It’s funny how some things never change… I’M GOING TO MISS: all the people that make Mirador so fun the most, we are such a unique group, and everyone is so passionate about bringing their ideas to the table in order to put out the best product possible, while at the same time constantly finding ways to have fun and mess around. Also, Mrs. G is the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I will definitely miss her daily words of wisdom and encouragement. Mirador has taught me so much, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the future!

FAVORITE MEMORY: all Mirador nights. Just loved spending

time with friends and working hard on something school related because we all were very passionate about our paper FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: September 2017 natural disasters with Anna Rei I’M GOING TO MISS: seeing my friends everyday and working as a team to publish each issue. There is something about writing about our little community that made me feel so connected to everyone on campus and I’m really going to miss that feeling in college

Ava Fischler, Veteran Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: the one about

how students lack schools spirit and never go to the dances FAVORITE MEMORY: birthday fairies and Mirador night FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: uhhh not sure lol I’M GOING TO MISS: Mirador nights

Cayley O’Brien, Opinion Editor FAVORITE ARTICLE: an opinion called “OK Boomer Fuels

Generational Battle” because it was interesting to observe intergenerational perspectives on the issue that I used to write the article and it was the piece that taught me the most about opinion writing FAVORITE MEMORY: Mirador Nights where I got to see everyone come together and work hard to put the paper together while also having a good time FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: a joint article on women’s safety in modern society. I was really excited to see it printed and it inspired me to keep working on my writing and improve as a journalist! I’M GOING TO MISS: all the special bonds I made with people in class that I normally wouldn’t see outside of a school setting! I’m very thankful for everything The Mirador gave me the last two years, from writing skills to friendship and great memories

Stewart Fetzko, Veteran Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: ent story on the

painted rocks FAVORITE MEMORY: Mirador nights FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: news on

the Village Inn Cafe I’M GOING TO MISS: the easygoing

class atmosphere

Matthew Carrington, Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: the vaping opinion piece I wrote with Peyton Smith in the fall.

We did a lot of fun investigative work and interviews to make sure it was accurate. It was the next issue’s editorial, was on the front page of the county’s teen newspaper, and we got to follow up on it with another vaping news update later when the district sued Juul FAVORITE MEMORY: Mirador nights – they were always so casual and fun and helped me get a lot closer to other staff members FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: a feature article on Miramonte senior art students published while I was still in Journalism 1 as a junior. The mirador needed another feature article on a tight deadline, and so mine made it in I’M GOING TO MISS: Ms. Gousios’s “hi you guys” and “bye you guys” at the start and end of every class, as well as the unique blend of professionalism and fun the Mirador provides. It’s been such a great experience!

Pema Duffy, Managing Editor FAVORITE ARTICLE: definitely my vaccine satire. I had a

lot of fun writing it and I’ll miss writing satires FAVORITE MEMORY: Mirador nights in general hold some of my favorite memories from the class. I loved spending time with all my fellow Mirador people and I’ll miss all of those nights, no matter how late we stayed FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: the Mats new volleyball coach sports feature. I was so excited to see it printed in the paper for the first time I’M GOING TO MISS: definitely all my Mirador ladies, goose, and pretty much every aspect. I’m gonna miss sitting at the back table getting to talk with everyone, it always made my day!


05/27/20 SENIOR 5

The Mirador says Goodbye to 2020 Graduates Naomi Mesfin, Social Media Director

Mackenzie Forkas, News Editor

FAVORITE ARTICLE: probably my article about the diversity summit.

FAVORITE ARTICLE: my opinion article on college commitments. I think my

It was really cool to write an article about an event that I was able to take part in as well as a club that I care about, BSU FAVORITE MEMORY: the trip to D.C. for the journalism conference. I have so many fun memories from that trip. It was really nice to bond with everyone who came and it was super cool to walk around D.C. and see all the monuments FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: all the Breast Cancer Awareness events Leadership was putting on for the students I’M GOING TO MISS: Ms. G and just messing around with everyone. I’m also going to miss having a class where I have the freedom to share my opinions and ideas with the school through the newspaper

writing really improved from the first time I wrote an opinion article and it was on a topic that I was really passionate about. It was a pretty controversial topic and it’s something that I would’ve steered away from my first year in Mirador FAVORITE MEMORY: all the Mirador nights and Brainstorms. I loved being able to get really close with all the other staff writers and hear their opinions on things happening in the community FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: a joint article with Cayley O’Brien on the murder of Molly Tibbets. I’ve been writing a joint article with Cayley every issue since we started taking Mirador I’M GOING TO MISS: Ms. Gousios, she cares so much about her students and gives great life advice. She deserves teacher of the year

Nicole Van Stralen, Entertainment Editor FAVORITE ARTICLE: my most recent article about

reflecting on my time at Miramonte! I wrote letters to each class giving them advice and sharing from my perspective FAVORITE MEMORY: going to Washington D.C. with some of my classmates to attend a journalism convention. D.C. is one of my favorite cities and we all learned so much and had so much fun! FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: an entertainment piece on Miramonte doppelgängers I’M GOING TO MISS: starting my mornings in The Mirador classroom with Ms. G and all of my friends because it is my favorite class!

Audrey Spindler, Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: My favorite article was the “how to

prepare for the Area 51 Raid” with Naomi FAVORITE MEMORY: My favorite memory is the D.C. trip and how much fun we had with Ms. G FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: an opinion on the senior commandments and also a new school year expectations feature I’M GOING TO MISS: Mirador nights

Sara Lehman, Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: my OPI article be-

cause it reminds me of how awesome the trip was! FAVORITE MEMORY: fun birthday celebrations for everyone throughout the year (which reminds me, we should do an online celebration for all bdays during quarantine) FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: an Opinion article that Orinda should get a frozen yogurt place I’M GOING TO MISS: Mrs. G and her awesome, funny, kind personality and sitting next to my best friend Peyton.

Sally Fellner, Staff Writer FAVORITE ARTICLE: at the end of December about the

number 1 songs from each year throughout the decade FAVORITE MEMORY: definitely just having any conversation with our HBIC, Isla Burch FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: I honestly don’t remember I’M GOING TO MISS: the people. It’s a really fun and loving group

Peyton Smith, Sports Editor FAVORITE ARTICLE: an article I wrote on weight limits in sports. It was an opinion article published my ju-

nior year that talked about the dangers of sports with weight requirements. It was one of the easiest article to write because it was something that I had to go through being a lightweight rower and it really opened my eyes to the consequences of dieting for sports. I got to interview a lot of people about their experiences and relate them to my own and it turned into a really special piece for me FAVORITE MEMORY: the day of our final my junior year when we played pin the tail on the donkey after spinning each other and running at the whiteboard. The class environment was just so fun and everyone in the class was having a good time FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: I don’t know exactly what my first article was, but I remember being very excited about being published in the school paper. One of my earliest articles was an opinion piece on the Wifi issues that helped me learn a lot more about our school’s technology and the reasons we have bad connection at school sometimes I’M GOING TO MISS: every aspect of the Mirador class from crazy long Mirador nights to studying for math tests in class. However, I think the thing that I am going to miss most would have to be Ms. Gousios and all of my friends in the class. I loved working with everyone in the class because everyone was so passionate about writing and wanted to be there. Mirador gave me the opportunity to become friends with people I wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise and I am so grateful to have been in Mirador

Isla Burch, HBIC FAVORITE ARTICLE: a news piece on the Power outages we experienced

earlier this school year. I think this was my favorite because there was a lot of tension surrounding it and it was really interesting to research and learn about the reasons behind them FAVORITE MEMORY: I can’t say I have a singular favorite memory, but rather a group of memories from each mirador night. Spending countless days at Miramonte, going well into the night to produce this newspaper, is a unique bonding experience I am so happy to have had FIRST ARTICLE PUBLISHED: I think an opinion article regarding gun control I’M GOING TO MISS: the constant collaboration and support of my peers to become a better journalist. Also, I’m going to miss seeing and talking to Ms. G, who is an awesome teacher and mentor!

6 SENIOR 05/27/20

Class of 2020Senio


Alabama A&M University Imai Jones

Auburn University Bryce Hall Faith Strumlauf

University of Alabama Sammy Simmons


Arizona State University

Harvey Mudd College

Tjaard van Loben Sels

Loyola Marymount University Caroline Andrews Krista Casimere Taylor Hernandez Tate Kreutzelman Naomi Mesfin Aki Neugebauer

Pitzer College Isla Burch

Finn O’Daniel

Saint Mary’s College of California

Katrina Schrittwieser Kaydee Tu

Santa Barbara City College

University of Arizona


California Polytechnic State University, SLO Juliet Adams Sierra Barnes Billy Beltran Kyra Bommarito Mike Giertz Hailey Nestal Cayley O’Brien Alton Schmitt Autumn Van Buren Ethan Voong Maddie Weber

California State University, Chico Alissa Beckerman Sam Camp Mackenzie Gripp Julien Marley

California State University, Long Beach Jonathan Mahoney

California State University Maritime Academy Alec Niehaus

California State University, Sacramento Jordan Goularte Rayna Landry

California State University, San Diego Ava Bartosiewicz Isabella Capozzi Gio Sponzilli Sofia Torres

California State University, San Francisco Amin Abdi

California State University, Sonoma Marcus Fritzen

Chapman University Anika Shandalov

Claremont Mckenna College Jackson Blazona Matt Meredith William Thomas

Contra Costa Community College Chris Riney

Diablo Valley College Abraham Allison Rose Marie Crowe Zachary Justus Alex Kogan Alvin Liu Dillon Randall Katheryn Roman Isadora Ruiz Anli Waters Ray Vallee

Sophia Kofoed Vasili Zigenis Brinly Bell Drake Soldis

Santa Clara University Julia Lang Liam McBride Chloe Morrison Nicole Van Stralen

Scripps College Lydia Jung

Stanford University Caroline Berg Oscar Hodder Campbell Hoskins Jackson Painter

University of California, Berkeley Kate Blanchard Marisa Chow Athena Davis Anna DeWitt Blake Hoover Brady Hoover Marcus O’Neill Jackson Oxner Amrita Pannu Elena Roth Eva Winter

University of California, Davis Alise Chavanapanit Tatiana Pechnikova Jamie Richardson Audrey Spindler

University of California, Los Angeles Nisha Andrews Kenya Bertoli Seth Carlson Sally Fellner Eric Gan Madi Lehman Sara Lehman Leo Naylor Lucy Wang Enzo Watanabe Anthony Yen Jin Mei Howell Young

University of California, San Diego Richard Gross Isabelle Krochmal Alanna Lausch Seiji Minowada Ella Say Ashton Tom Bianca Tung Tallon Ward

University of California, Santa Barbara Reed Callister

Gio Gasparini Sabrina Grant Amir Khan Benise Limon Shaune Lundstrom Julia Martin Jane Oliver Anna Pitt Bryn Severson Nicholas Wong

University of California, Santa Cruz Jeffrey Biggers Natasha Cohen Joe McIntyre Noah Packer Chinmai Srinivas

University of Redlands Annika Thomas Tanner Zwahlen

University of San Diego Julian Fairbanks Katie Ingrey Genevieve Rovetti Marius Van Dongen

University of San Francisco Vincent Collado

University of Southern California Elizabeth Becker Eavan Bronfman Ben Duncan Mackenzie Forkas Julia Lima Oliver Von Karl


Colorado College Sonya Harrison

Colorado School of Mines David Kott

Colorado State University Max Coons Justin DeBusschere Alec Garcia Anna Hyman Sasha Savar

University of Colorado Boulder Thalia Bradley Owen Kutzscher Konrad Mader Natalia Ramirez Madison Spurlock Emily Zalevsky

University of Colorado, Denver Lorelei Tavernier

University of Denver Ryan Banisadr Sean Barry Lucy Becker Tony Noyes


Wesleyan University Freddie Bell

District of Columbia American University Travis Pejza Matthew O’Brien

George Washington University Rebecca Clauson Lauren Nixon

Senior Destinations Georgetown University Peyton Kelleher


Eckerd College Mikayla Smith

Lynn University JP Nelson

University of Miami Jackson Marriner Kate Nelson


University of Hawai’i, Mānoa Johnathan Hollis Emma Kelly


DePaul University Josh Radlow

School of the Art Institute of Chicago Jenny Shen

University of Chicago Alison Gan

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Alvin Kim


Purdue University Ian Blacklock Stewart Fetzko James Neff


Iowa State University Theodore Burnick

University of Iowa Nick Watson

L ouisiana

Tulane University

Grayson Meckfessel Océane Streubel

Massachusetts Amherst College



Seamus McCarthy

Emily Cohen Aidan Collins

Macalester College


University of Pennsylvania

Washington University in St. Louis

Villanova University


South Carolina

Grant Karren Katie Pope

Creighton University Juliet Soohoo

New Hampshire Dartmouth College Claire Draeger Deborah Jung

University of New Hampshire Tess Hornbeck

New Jersey

Princeton University Ashley Abramson Margaux McDonald Hailey Mead Lauren Owens

New York Barnard College Ilana Rubin

Colgate University Sarah Stenovec Douglas Zeller

Cornell University Will Gant Shaili Lakhotia

Culinary Institute of America Lyle Pemble

Parsons School of Design Shelby Tse

North Carolina Duke University Catherine Liu

Wake Forest University

Cece Linardon

Miami University

Leo Ma Sierra Scanlan Peyton Smith

George Fox University

Ava Fischler Russell Mapaye

Natasha Ghesquiere

Boston College

Boston University Emerson College

Catherine Foy Melanie Ghesquiere

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Abby Dulski

Northeastern University Matthew Carrington Nicholas Hoeffel Andrew Patten

Williams College Kent Barbir Keshini Cardozo


University of Michigan Audrey French

Lehigh University

University of Missouri

Alex Da Rosa Anika Grimsrud

Berklee College of Music

05/27/20 SENIOR 7

Sophie Guymon


Emma Fuller


Rebecca Welsh

Reed College

Oregon State University Jameson Yee

University of Oregon Rose Bathgate Dominic Bradley Jacob Brewster Eli Goldsmith Bennett Millham John Ricksen Nick Swanson Loren Walker Chris Watson Beatrice Whitaker

University of Portland Ethan Luckenbach

Willamette University Miriam Michels

Lauren Staelin

Trevor Sidlauskas

Clemson University Greg Austin Emma Collins

University of South Carolina Grace Mills


Rhodes College Ella Tierney


Rice University Valerie Swe

Trinity University Jen Tierney


University of Utah Christian Roy


University of Vermont Erin Roemer


Gonzaga University Matt Simmons

Seattle University Erin Tarasow

Saint Martin’s University Leah Sopak

University of Puget Sound Ryan Ansel

University of Washington Declan Curran Carson Essabhoy Olivia Grillo Cayden Weiszmann

Washington State University Nick Acevedo Pema Duffy Melody Koochakkhani Sander Lagaay

Western Washington University Gunnar Holm


Milwaukee School of Engineering Stefano Farnedi

University of Wisconsin-Madison Abigail Crinks Maya Supran

Viterbo University Emery Anderson

Working Parmeet Singh Alex Metz

Gap year

Adrienne Manheimer

Undecided Isaiah Cornett Nico Hsu Olivia Means

Kaitlyn Miller

Profile for MHS Mirador

The Mirador Senior Section 2020  

The Mirador Senior Section 2020  


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