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February 17, 2011 Manhattan High volume 99 issue 16

East Campus renovations proposed Taylor Ekart staff writer

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FORENSICS Forensics season has begun, and the team, led by coach Shawn Rafferty, has hopes of taking State. At the team’s first tournament on Jan. 27 and 28, Manhattan High forensics took second at Rock Creek and took third at Shawnee Heights. There are several novices on this year’s team, but they’re already stepping up. “Really positive. They’re doing very well already. A lot of them I’ve already broke into varsity events,” Rafferty said.” And they’ll be a nice replacement for the seniors next year.” When it comes to strategy for preparing for State, it seemed simple. “To be good. I find being good really facilitates winning a championship,” Rafferty said. With a full season ahead, Rafferty is pushing his team toward more wins. “We need to be more diverse,” Rafferty said. “Our actors need to step it up, and we have to get better at our acting events.” The students know that the bar is set high to achieve this year’s standards. “He engages his students, You need to know when he is being serious and when he isn’t. It’s difficult sometimes,” freshman Kane Aguila said.

SCHOLARS BOWL The Manhattan High School Scholars Bowl team finished off the season with their first trip to the State tournament in five years. The team competed in 15 events since the season began in November, including Regionals, State, and the quiz show QUEST, broadcast on the PBS station KTWU. At Regionals the team placed second, qualifying them to proceed to State. The team then placed seventh at State. To qualify for the televised event, the team traveled to Topeka to compete against 70 other teams. The MHS team placed sixteenth. “[The televised event was] a bit more professional and definitely more organized,” junior Nicholas Donohoue said. The team had their last competition at State on Saturday, Feb. 11.


The USD 383 Board of Education is moving ahead with efforts to renovate Manhattan High School’s East campus. Students and staff agree that the need for an updated building is overdue. “It would be nice if the school wasn’t crumbling and all of the paint wasn’t falling off of the walls,” freshman Megan Ochoa said. Freshman Siera Haug agrees. “The school is an uncomfortable learning environment for everyone,” she said. “I hope that the renovations will take care of most of that.” These renovations for the school should be coming soon. The Board was presented a floorplan at the Feb. 2 meeting, with full bid approval pending. “On Thursday they’re supposed to be having a meeting to make final plans for


the renovating, but the plan right now is to start in March,” assistant principal Charlie Sprott said. The ninth graders who attend classes at East campus have noticed some of the same issues that the contractors are addressing. “The pillars on first floor are cracking and crumbling,” freshman Alex Stenberg said. This is one of the things that is being addressed throughout the renovations at East Campus. They also plan on redoing the gym, locker rooms, restrooms, exterior panels and insulation. They’re also adding air conditioning in the gymnasium and the cafeteria. Some general improvements that they are making to the exterior of the building are fixing the some of the entrances, windows, greenhouses, partial repair of the masonry, some painting, and adding more security. Some other interior


A floorplan for the first floor was presented to the Board on Feb. 2 Board of Education meeting. Full bid approval will be discussed and approved at the next meeting. Construction is planned to start in late May and finish in August. graphic courtesy of USD 383

improvements they are making are interior plaster, flooring, and full replacement of doors and hardware. There will be cosmetic improvements as well. “We need more bright colors around the school,” freshman Megan Ochoa said. They will paint as many

students at CURRENT SQ. east campus FEET AT EAST 409

rooms as possible with the paint they have until they can’t afford any more. “I suspect that we will run out of paint somewhere around the middle of the second floor.” Sprott said. Cost is definitely a factor in how much can be done. The final cost of all the renovations

is $3,042,000. On the gym alone they plan on spending $750,000. The students believe the improvements are necessary and will make a difference. “I feel like the style of the school needs more unity,” freshman Shay Hubbell said.



total cost of renovations


Former student awaits judges decision person seen with Dowling. According to police reports, Drake’s recorded confession was played during the trial. Former Manhattan High Drake was recorded saying School student Cole Drake is that he and Dowling snuck out awaiting the verdict that could potentially change his entire life. the night of April 12, 2011, to go “car hopping” in a nearby Feb. 2 was the first day of neighborhood. Drake claims the state’s prosecution against he pulled out his gun while Drake to try him as an adult in Dowling was tying his shoe the murder of MHS classmate and yelled “Boom” to frighten 14-year-old Tyler Dowling last Dowling. Drake said he didn’t April. Family and friends of know the safety was turned both teens packed the court off when he pointed it toward room both Feb. 2 and 3 during the hearing that will determine Dowling and pulled the trigger. whether Drake will serve a few He said he shot Dowling once and when Dowling said he years in juvenile detention or couldn’t breathe, Drake shot spend time in prison with the him a second time because he possibility of parole after 25 didn’t want Dowling to tell years. anyone Drake shot him. Testimony came from Drake said he ran, throwing witnesses who discovered Dolwing’s cell phone into Dowling’s body on April 13, a nearby pond and tossed 2011. Lead detective Sergeant the gun under a shed at the Brek Jager also took the stand and said that Drake was the last Manhattan Baptist Church on Cat Bridegam features editor

Tuttle Boulevard. He also said he washed his clothes when he got home to get rid of any gun residue. The recording also had Drake saying he normally carried a gun when he went car hopping but that Dowling was unaware of the weapon. In the recordings, detectives later go on to tell Drake his story doesn’t match up with the evidence. Dowling was found with socks on his hands, which Drake and Dowling allegedly used to keep their finger prints from being on the cars they broke into; officers said he could not have been tying his shoes with socks on his hands. After that revelation, detectives urged Drake to come clean about what really happened, and he changed his story. Drake said he and Dowling had another friend, Patrick Goodman, who had been fighting with Dowling, and

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Drake felt he owed it to Goodman to kill Dowling. Drake said he didn’t want to kill Dowling but had too strong an allegiance with Goodman not to. He said he started to walk slower behind Dowling in the field and shot him. A second shot was fired by Drake when Dowling tried to get up and run away, and Drake was scared he’d get in trouble. The state prosecutor declined to make any statements regarding the trial for this story. According to a news report on WIBW’s website, Drake’s defense attorney Brenda Jordan fought against the recorded confession being used as evidence because Drake was unaware of his rights before he gave his confession. Jordan also declined to be interviewed for this story. Jordan argued that had Drake known he had the right to an attorney he would

not have made a confession. Judge David Stutzman denied Jordan’s motion, saying Drake should have understood his rights while being questioned by the police. Jordan proceeded to counter the state’s position that the shooting was premeditated, claiming that Dowling was the one who contacted Drake to go car hopping and that Drake had no intention to see Dowling the night he was murdered. The state wishes to charge Drake as an adult, saying that Drake committed premeditated murder by killing Dowling in an “execution style murder” with one gunshot to the head, and one to the chest. The body was found beaten and without phone or shoes, which leads detectives to believe there was more than an accident involved in the murder.

Special release, closed lunch on Boards agenda Cat Bridegam features editor Recently there have been rumors around Manhattan High School that the School Board is discussing closing lunch and getting rid of special release and the opportunity to graduate early. While it is true that the Board evaluates these privileges each year, no significant progress has been made toward such a decision. Currently, a student must have 24 credits in order to graduate earlier than their class, but one option under discussion is to require students to have

26 credits before they are eligible to graduate. Students often complete the 24-credit requirement early, so it has always been a right of passage for rising seniors to get the option to take special release for their second semester, and most use it appropriately. “I see quite a few students who have special release sitting in the cafeteria studying, and most of the others use the time off to study for rigorous classes they’re enrolled in or they go to work,” assistant principal Dave Holloway said. Open lunch is another hot topic, as schools across the state have eliminated this

privilege for logistical or safety reasons. There have always been pros and cons to having open lunch, whether it be the potential for students to get into car accidents or come back to class late because of traffic or poor timing or students going off campus to do drugs. It has been a concern to both teachers and parents as to the amount of authority the school has over students who have the option to leave campus every day, but MHS administrators don’t think many students abuse

their right to leave for lunch. “Most students use open lunch appropriately, and I think

Closing lunch would require the cafeteria to accommodate and increased amount of students. An option under discussion is to make closed lunch a possibility is to split the current two lunch periods into three so that the cafeteria can support the large student body. As the Board deliberates, upperclassmen are surprised to hear change is even being considered. “If I was an underclassmen I would be pretty mad, knowing that people before me had the option to leave school for lunch and go home at 12:30 everyday,” senior Annissa Durar said.

“Most students use open lunch appropriately, and I think its a nice escape from classes for 30 minutes. --Holloway

its a nice escape from classes for 30 minutes. Giving the kids the choice to leave campus and get away is not a bad thing,” Holloway said.


Manhattan High volume 99 issue 16 photo by Cole Anneberg

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photo by Kori Bridegam


StuCo raises money to support a family overseas


STUCO On Feb. 298, eight Student Council members from South East of Saline High School will travel to Manhattan High School for the first ever StuCo Swap day. The students from SES will come to MHS first, following a designated representative. “It will help us see how a small scale StuCo operates and help people next year join. It will also help SES because they can see how a larger school works,” StuCo President Cole Anneberg said. The students will go through the entire school day and a StuCo meeting with one another.


On Friday, Feb. 3, a few students were caught skipping the first hour of the day and were put in In-SchoolSuspension for three days. A week before, a few students made complaints about smoke in the girls’ bathrooms; the following week when the hallways reeked of cigarette smoke, the student was finally caught and was suspended. East Campus security guard, Carlos Gonzales, said,”Our system isn’t bad, during lunch everybody just likes to talk which I’m fine with, but fighting is where I step in.” Students also have an opinion on the school’s discipline. “It could be stricter but for the most part, people would rather be out with their friends then be stuck in ISS,” freshman Connor Bliss said.


starting businesses,” the Heifer International website states. Manhattan Student CounIt was a joint decision from cil is giving back to impovall members in StuCo to help erished families all over the this charity because they’re world, one cow at a time. really keen on giving back to Starting Thursday and runpeople in need. ning until Spring Break, a “I’m really looking forward penny drive will be held in to this, it’s a pretty unique the commons to make money charity, and overall I think it’s for Heifer International, a going to be a good turnout,” charity who works to donate Cole Anneberg, student body animals to poor countries. president, said. The goal of the charity is to StuCo has a goal of $200, provide a source of food and and if they reach it by Spring income for families who oth- Break, Mike Marsh, activierwise wouldn’t have one. ties director, has agreed to “Families who for generadress up in a chicken suit and tions knew only poverty will parade around campus. be building new homes and Kayla Dieker staff writer

graphic by Cole Anneberg


Manhattan High FFA members will participate in National FFA Week Feb. 19-26. FFA used to stand for Future Farmers of America, but in 1988 the name officially changed to FFA. FFA members come from agriculture education classes at Manhattan High School and other high schools all across the nation. FFA’s mission is to make high school students more aware, interested and capable of all the jobs, hobbies and advantages involving agriculture. Doug Muller, agriculture education instructor, said the most rewarding part of FFA for him was “watching them (the students) succeed.” Dillon Short, junior in agriculture classes, said that his favorite thing about FFA is “doing all the judging and meeting all the people.” During FFA Week the agriculture education classes will have presentations at East campus. Today FFA members are helping set up the college rodeo at Kansas State University’s Webber Arena.

photo by Shawn Sheu

Board of Regents revises qualifications education. The old curriculum consisted of four units of English, three The Kansas Board of Regents, units of mathematics, three units of social science and which includes Kansas State three units of natural science, University, Wichita State which were necessary to University, Pittsburg State receive admission to these six University, Fort Hays State state universities. In addition University and Emporia to meeting those curriculum State University has changed requirements, students had to the Qualified Admissions rank in the top third of their Curriculum starting with the class of 2015. The changes were graduating class or achieve an ACT composite score of 21 or adopted in December of 2010. above or a SAT Math/Verbal The purpose of Qualified combined score of 980 or above. Admissions is to enhance success at the university level by The new curriculum, which ensuring students are prepared consists of the basic principles of the old qualifications, has for the rigors of a university Maddie Ross staff writer

both its good and bad parts. “It will make it more challenging for students, but will better prepare them for college,” junior counselor Dustin Duntz said. The new curriculum is made up of four units of English, three units of mathematics, three units of social science, and three units of natural science. Along with the

math requirements, students graduating in the top one third now must meet the ACT college of their class, electives were readiness math benchmark. also added to the requirements. The new standards were also approved for graduates of uncredited high schools including home-schooled, GED, and international students. “The new qualifications don’t really effect me,” freshman Siera Haug said. “I would’ve probably done In addition to completing the all that stuff anyway.” curriculum and achieving an Enrollment for the courses ACT score of 21 or higher, an started on Feb. 3. SAT score of 980 or higher, or

It will make it more challenging for students, but will better prepare them for college. - Dustin Duntz

Students prepare for KSPA regionals place.” This is also the second regional KSPA competition senior Lindsey Goff, the Mentor Seventeen students from the editor-in-chief, has competed Manhattan High journalism program will compete in the Re- in. “I’m doing a carry-in newsgional Scholastic Press Associa- paper design,” Goff said. “I’ve tion competition Thursday, Feb. been working on it for the past week.” Goff said she looked at 23 at Kansas State University. the Mentor’s rival paper, the Students participating in the regional competition will go up Harbinger, for inspiration. Goff against students from 14 5A/6A said that the staff has been preschools, competing to be one of paring by taking practice tests. According to the Mentor Adthe top three winners of each visor Kristy Nyp, there are a lot category and move on to the of reasons to prepare students state contest. for competition. Students will participate in “MHS has always had past either an on-site or carry-in conreputation of being really good test. On-site competitions will take place on the campus, while carry-in entries will be completed and submitted ahead of time. Charnell Hunter The on-site contest categories staff writer are Yearbook Copy Writing, Newspaper Sports Writing, Manhattan High sophomore Cutline Writing, Editing, News Writing, Feature Writing, Edito- Sarah Shi, was recently accepted into the Washington Journalism rial Writing, Editorial Cartoon and Media Conference and Yearbook Sports Writing. program. Every year the WJMC Carry-in contest categories are has a world-wide contest Advertising, Headline Writing, Infographics, Photo Illustration, for sophomores and juniors interested in journalism or Newspaper Design, Student media. A total of 250 students Life Photography, Academics Photography, Yearbook Layout, from each country could win Sports Photography and Theme a trip to Washington D.C. to visit sites such as the Newseum Development. Museum, National Press Club, “I go in and I’m given C-SPAN and the U.S. Capitol. prompts and facts about some This big opportunity allows sort of sports event, the high students to represent their school, the team. I have a cerschool and receive college tain amount of time to write a credit as National Youth sports story,” senior Cat Bridegam said. Bridegam is the Sports Correspondents. Winners will join other students from around Editor for the Mentor and will compete in the Yearbook Sports the globe and journalism leaders, CEOs, national media Writing category. “This is my figures, public relations second year, so I’m excited to Shawn Sheu entertainment editor

at journalism,” Nyp said. “Historically, lot of students place state. In recent years the numbers have dwindled,” Nyp said that she hopes to reclaim MHS’ reputation among 6A schools. “Our kids write well and are good designers,” Nyp said. “Other schools in the region and state need to recognize program is to be taken seriously.” The state contest will take place on Saturday, May 5. Nyp hopes to take several MHS stueditor in chief -dents to compete. Lindsey Goff “We’ve been working hard, really hoping to come out on news editor -top,” Goff said. Cole Anneberg

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Opinion February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

Last week, many students scrambled for an excuse to avoid having their parents attend parent/teacher conferences. Maybe they talk back in class or have a failing grade. But no matter what the circumstance, conferences can be stressful. What happened after conferences,

however, had everyone scrambling for answers. Just a couple days after conferences ended, an e-mail was sent home to parents alerting them about their child’s missing assignments. Sure, it’s great for the parents to know about this if they didn’t attend conferences, but if grades are being sent home, shouldn’t they be correct? Teachers were told to have all grades in Infinite Campus by 8 a.m. for reports and a majority of them

were not finished, throwing parents into a frenzy. Even though many of the students had actually turned the assignments in, some teachers completely skipped over them. If teachers are throwing deadlines at us and complaining when we don’t follow them, they should treat their own deadlines the same. How are we, as students, supposed to have a sense of urgency when teachers themselves don’t? The students are get-

ting in trouble for the teachers’ mistakes and it isn’t fair. Not only were a lot of grades incorrect, but there are also so few assignments in the grade book at this point in the semester. Conferences come at such an awkward time when getting a bad grade on one assignment can bring you down a full letter grade. After reading these e-mails, it’s clear that parents may have overreacted due to the poor wording. Saying the stu-

dent has “one or more failing grades” makes the parents assume that they’re failing the class entirely when in reality they may have just one missing assignment. To avoid all these mistakes and confusion, teachers need to have a more strict deadline and be more thorough about their grading. Maybe then the students would feel more inclined to respect their deadlines in class.

Valentine’s Day just for fun

Roman history also states that in 260 A.D., Claudius the Great was having trouble finding men to serve in his army. He blamed the lack of volunteers on marriage, sports editor which he said made men weak. Claudius then put a What has Valentine’s Day become? Many complain it is ban on marriage. However, too commercialized, which I the romantic temple priest Valentinus wedded couples in fully believe. secret. When he was caught The original meaning of he was jailed, beaten and Valentine’s Day was not one stoned. Before Valentinus of romance. It was a day was beheaded, it is said that honoring Saint Valentine of Rome and Saint Valentine of he sent a farewell letter to Terni, who both lived in 496 his love, signing it “From your Valentine.” This was the B.C. Pope Gelasius I established a day honoring the two world’s first “Valentine” card. Modern Valentine’s Day martyrs. Both had died hunincludes the heart shaped dred of years before defendoutline, doves and the figure ing their faith and beliefs. of the winged Cupid. Since

Kassidy Scroggs

the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards. Valentine’s Day no longer holds a special meaning other than to celebrate the love between people. It doesn’t have to be exclusively between two people in a romantic relationship, others can enjoy Valentine’s Day, too. I get that it sucks to be single and not have a romantic time on the most romantic day of the year, but it isn’t Single’s Awareness Day. Relationships you have with friends and family should be celebrated, too. In my house, Valentine’s Day has always been a pretty big holiday. It’s my mom’s

Homecoming dance brings back tradition

Manhattan High School has lost what many high schools consider a tradition: homecoming. In this school we don’t get to experience one of the basic high school rituals, the homecoming dance, and homecoming seems to have disappeared altogether. Tradition is important to any school because without it, we don’t have a heritage. Think back to all the people that have passed through the doors of Manhattan High over its almost 100-year-existence. If they came back today they would be disappointed by the loss of tradition over the past few years. Many of the high school administrators would tell you that homecoming is still vibrant here. A “homecoming” is still here, but instead of having a dance we have a fun night which most students don’t attend. A king and

queen are still elected, but to prom or Sub Deb without without a formal dance to at- being asked by an upperclasstend there is no point. There men. The homecoming dance isn’t even a homecoming would also be a major fundparade anymore. The biggest raiser for Student Council, thing that goes on during which the council could use homecoming week is a small for important things such as pep rally on paving Egypt, getting Friday. A homeschool equipTradition is better coming dance ment, or even funding important to for prom. would give the week of homeany school beHomecoming at coming a climax cause without Manhattan High is a that everyone big joke. The students it, we don’t support a formal homewill enjoy. have a heri- coming dance, but they Despite all of this the school tage. are powerless without is still against the approval of school having a formal administrators. Homehomecoming dance even if coming can be a date that most students support the everybody dreads or it can idea. One of the biggest be made into an epic event issues of not having a homethat would be fun for everycoming dance is that the one. With a formal dance freshman don’t have a dance on Friday night the king and they can attend. Formal queen would have a kingdom homecoming would give the and the freshmen would freshman a dance to go to have a dance. Then maybe, now that there is no MORP. we would finally bring back The freshman are not alsome of the important tradilowed the opportunity to go tions that we have lost.

Sophomore Lane Sorell

favorite day of the year. She fully succumbs to Cupid’s wishes of buying anything and everything that has to do with the red and pink day. Most of what she buys is entirely not useful, except for a pair of socks I get for every holiday that I find myself wearing in the middle of November. Valentine’s Day in elementary school was the best. The whole week was dedicated to making decorative envelopes to hold the approximately 26 pieces of candy you would be gathering from each of your classmates. When Valentine’s Day finally arrived, every little girl hoped she would find candy and a letter from a secret admirer in her

envelope. After candy was distributed, everybody played “Honey, if you love me won’t you please, please smile,” as if we really knew what that meant in fifth grade. Valentine’s Day isn’t about buying big gifts like a brand new laptop or a Playstation Vita. It’s about the little things. Valentine’s gifts might be a little over the top sometimes, but who doesn’t like being spoiled with large amounts of heart shaped candy and giant teddy bears with pink ribbons, not to mention the ever-romantic bouquet of flowers or balloons? Valentine’s Day should be commercialized. It’s a justfor-fun kind of holiday.

Senior life

and go home. Can any senior tell me with a straight face that they do homework or even study for a big test the next day when on early release? Maybe a few dedicated staff writer students, but for the most As a senior in Manhattan part video games and social High School there are a lot networking conquer the of things I get to participate minds of seniors. Something in. Anything from early rethat I do is do my homework lease to really easy classes. It in class or in my free time sounds like a lot of fun, yes, during the day so when I but what adds to the fun is walk into my front door at senioritis. It is the one illness one I don’t feel nearly as that anyone wouldn’t mind guilty when I indulge in the catching. delights of Xbox and FaceSenioritis is known to par- book. ents as pure laziness, which Another thing about is true in every way. Seniors senioritis is skipping. You who are graduating tend to can spot seniors from nearly think “I’m graduating in a every corner of the school few months, it’s not like what during the last half of second I do now will change that.” semester. Yes it is sad, but Seniors want that magical put yourself in our shoes. senior year that people have We have a few months left, told them about. They want we know if we are in danger the easy schedules, early of not graduating or not, release, and the ability to skip and frankly we want out of certain classes and get away high school. I will personally with it. miss this place, but no more A major cause of senioritis classes in high school every is early release. The magical day sounds pretty awesome time of day when seniors are to me. allowed to leave school early

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Hits and Misses

Miss: Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday after overdosing.

Taylor Weisman

Miss: Nicki Minaj’s offensive performance at the Grammy Awards.

Miss: Having a snow day for nothing on a finals day, but having school last Monday.

Question of the Week If you were principal for a day, what would you do? “I’d go ham on the students “Take the day off.” “Schedule a flash mob.” Keith Naranjo, senior Lexi Haus, sophomore with hot glue guns.” Makenzie Huslig, sophomore “Get an ice cream machine.” “Leave.” Brittany Jones, junior Emma Bartlett, sophomore “Put the school on lock-down to scare everyone.” Alex Booth, senior “Make all vending machines “Probably tackle some stube able to have credit cards. dents.” Then fire the newspaper ediEthan Pauls, senior “I would cancel school.” Douglass Man, sophomore tor and make myself editor.” Haley Goff, junior “Turn out all the lights and have everyone play hide-and- “I would make every Friday Muffin Day.” “I would make sure all stuseek.” Jr Davis, senior dents were on task and not Genesis Guaman, senior asking me silly newspaper “Put goldfish in the snack “Take a field trip for the questions.” machines.” Darren Allman, teacher whole day.” Mykayla Moore, sophomore Emily Cady, sophomore

Miss: The ending of “The Vow.” “I would request my yearly paycheck then spend it on Mrs. Butterworth’s merchandise.” Trevor Bashaw, freshman “Bring in lunch for every“I would get a petition to one.” extend the school day by Emilie Liebe, junior 15 minutes and add it all to lunch.” “Let kids wear hats.” Dre’vel Taylor, junior James Greiner, senior “I can do anything already. Miss: The amount of “Make school four days a Why would I want to be misses this week. week.” principal?” Amanda Frakes, junior Lane Sorell, sophomore “I would make sure we didn’t have school on Mondays. I hate Mondays.” Boston Lewis, senior

“Make everyone not wear clothes.” Hannah Ewy, sophomore


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February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

Photo by Kori Bridegam

Photo by Kayla Deiker

Students perform better with sleep

Getting a full night’s rest gives your body and brain time to renew, making it possible to With schedules jam-packed execute daily with sports, homework, clubs, routines. While music and socializing, it’s no these facts are surprise that teenagers average widely known, only 6.5 hours of snooze time many still view every night. According to the sufficient sleep National Sleep Foundation, less as a luxury than 20 percent of teenagers get rather than a the recommended nine or more necessity. hours of sleep. However, most “I just don’t have the time,” students don’t realize that getsenior Joe Ballard said. Howting more sleep does more good ever, those who skimp out on than prevent a mid-class nap. sleep will eventually face the Shawn Sheu entertainment editor

consequences. Insufficient sleep weakens the immune system by increasing cykotine molecules, changing body chemistry and causing inflammation, possibly leading to heart disease, diabetes or cancer. The mental effects are evident, as well. “When I’m tired, I can’t concentrate on anything and

6.5 the hours of sleep that the average teenager gets each night

fall asleep in class,” Ballard said. “I also get cranky and snap at people.” Losing sleep has been shown to cause possible mental and emotional problems, such as depression. When the brain doesn’t get enough rest, it processes things slower, making it difficult to learn and remember things, as well as control emotions. Even with busy schedules, there are several ways students can prepare for bed. Turning off electronics at bedtime prevents

temptation to stay up and prepares the mental state for rest. Avoid soda and coffee after 4 p.m., as caffeine can linger in the system past bed time. As hard as it sounds, avoiding long naps is a good idea; naps longer than 30 minutes can cause unbalanced sleep patterns. Even though an extra couple hours of sleep seem insignificant, they have tremendous influence over the brain and body. It’s worth giving up some time in order to have a brighter, more fulfilling day.

Social media user makes difference page dedicated to helping teens embrace who they are. Inspired by a quote by Pete Wentz, According to the National In- @herest0thekids, @infinitehanstitute of Mental Health, some- nah and highlight alone committed suicide every 14.2 seconds in 2009. Whether most every hobby, habit or issue a kid could possibly go through. it be from depression, sub“I’ve always wanted to do stance-abuse or family violence, the numbers are growing and it something that would have the has become far too common to ability to reach thousands, and I thought to myself, maybe this come across someone who has could be it,” Rine said. been affected by it. Rine has a close connection According to statisticstop10. with her followers, as she has com, suicide has become the dealt with many of the same third highest cause of death issues. She has watched through among teens in the United her 11-year-old brother suffer States. While some teens are continuously bullied for simply through more than 23 surgeries, due to being born with spina being different and think the bifida. only solution is to end every“He inspires me to keep thing, one teen is trying to pushing through, no matter how make a difference. hard times may be,” Rine said. Hannah Rine, a 16-yearShe’s motivated by the smile old from Ohio, has created a that’s always on his face. Twitter account and Tumblr Carly Tracz opinions editor

@MaybeltsMatty: “No homework #ahhhhellllyahhh” @FranciKnack: “I came home to a chocolate cake with my name all over it(: #timetogetfat“ @mollybee97: “Operation get Tyga to our Junior Prom has begun. “ @SeaTurtlesPoop: “I like having my teeth cleaned by someone else. It makes me feel like royalty. #dentistappointment “ @NadalAbuvega44: “Can’t wait for Manhattan Football next year!! Gonna be great! #TRIBE “ @VSizzle14: “I am incapable of memorizing so much crap. #failedmathtest #whaterr “ @barbieparty1: “14 days to get a Valentine before The Vow comes out. #icandothis “ @hannahHBana7: “Taking your Bus drivers Snickers. #WhatIDoBest“ @Miss_RitaB: “Smoking is not attractive. #sorryguys“ @bankboi22: “Had the same dream last night I’ve had before with an alternate ending lol #whatdoesthatmean?” @_CooJoe_: “#iGotNoRespectForYou if you don’t know the fresh prince theme song“ @PatrickGuvele: “USD 383. Y U NO CANCEL SCHOOL?!?!?“ Want to see your tweets in the paper? Tweet to us @MHSMentorOnline to get your tweets in print!

“I created [these accounts] with the purpose of opening these people’s eyes and showing them that in actuality, there are people all around them who struggle and hope for the exact same things,” Rine said. With more than 35,000 followers on Twitter (steadily growing) and more than 3,000 on Tumblr, Rine encourages her followers to retweet or reblog what applies to them, allowing them to get things off their chest and realize that they’re not alone. “All these people want is for someone to give them something to believe in,” Rine said. “And I’m so honored to be able to do that.” Having people constantly depend on her can make the accounts seem a bit overwhelming. Dedicating her time online has affected her grades as

it’s difficult to get homework finished. “There have been plenty of times where I’ve felt like deleting everything,” Rine said. “I feel like sometimes I get so consumed in trying to help others and make them happy that I forget to do things for myself.” But of course, with loyal followers come insensitive haters. “I get called fake and people make fun of me for being a ‘fake inspirational’ and sometimes it’s really hard to let go of,” Rine said. “But I know that the ratio of haters to people I’m helping is way out of the ballpark, so it makes everything worth it.” As if constant “thank you”s every day weren’t enough, Rine recently received an anonymous message on Tumblr from a girl who had been admitted into the hospital after being “extremely suicidal.” She was cut

off from any communication with friends, and her mom was the only one allowed to visit. Each day, her mom would print off and deliver to her a sheet of Rine’s tweets, knowing that it was the only thing keeping her daughter alive. She ended the message with “Your words saved my life, Hannah. And I couldn’t be more grateful.” “It was at that moment that I realized everything I’ve been doing, all of the time I’ve spent on the Internet, was worth something. Something so powerful. Saving lives,” Rine said. “I couldn’t believe it. I never imagined to be such a hero to all of these people, but truthfully it’s a blessing from God and I thank Him every day for putting me here and giving me this opportunity.”

Students participate in literary magazine Kaitlin Wichman staff writer After a one-year hiatus, This Is How I Scream is back and printing. The student-run literary magazine disbanded when the previous teacher who had been in charge of it retired. However, this year, English teacher Judy McClendon was able to revive the popular magazine. “Since the magazine has returned less people seem to care about it,” junior Naomi McClendon said. “ I think that

it’s going to look cooler than it had before.” The group meets every Thursday after school. “The purpose of T.I.H.I.S. is to allow expression amidst our unfortunately repressive society and to spread intelligence, love and ideas through the power of the arts,” McClendon said. “It’s not exactly a club - it’s just somewhere that people get together and share creative ideas. We want everyone to submit any type of art. We will accept anything. This year we are also accepting music and

digital submissions. So far we have not had very much contributed to the magazine.” This past week T.I.H.I.S. was busy selling Valentine’s Grams in preparation for Valentine’s Day. For just 50 cents you could send a sweet card and a piece of candy to your significant other or secret lover. This was a creative way for the club to make money while still appealing to the student body. The club also endured some friendly competition from the Thespian club, who were selling carnation

Seniors take advantage of special release Sarah Shi staff writer “Leaving before seventh hour is one of the best things about senior year,” senior Magda Borgarelli said. Borgarelli is one of many students who takes advantage of early release. “At first, I didn’t want to take the last hour off. I thought if you had the chance to take more classes, then why not. But after the college application process, I was really tired. My parents were actually the ones who suggested that I take early release,” she said. Borgarelli is completing her senior year with a rigorous course of five AP classes which

It’s just somewhere that people get together and share creative ideas. --McClendon

flowers at the same time. “I don’t think we hurt the Thespians carnation sales,” McClendon said. “They made more money anyways.” Students who would like to contribute to the magazine can submit artwork, photographs, poems or stories in room D036, room A103 or the box in the office. Contact the magazine or contribute digital submissions at The deadline for submissions is March 1.

New site helpful to MHS

also had the foresight to make students use their names when posting, and only let a certain amount of people use it. EdIt seems like everyone is try“is pretty stressful and taking an have to find a friend to take me ing to copy Facebook. There are modo prevents students from extra hour off helps me with my to my mom’s office and then I homework load.” take her car home,” junior Kori hundreds of knock-offs, popular posting on another students page. This was done to stop Tristan Stapely, who has a Bridegam said. “Then Cat picks video games and now even the school has jumped on the band- student-to-student bullying. younger sibling at Manhattan up our mom after work.” Students can use Edmodo wagon. High, resides at the library for Junior Haley Goff must also to message their teachers after Edmodo is a educational the last hour of the day waiting find an alternative way home school for help on homework social networking website for to send his sister, sophomore this year, as her older sister and ask questions about assignEmily Stapely, home. Lindsey Goff takes off after fifth students, teachers and parents. ments . Teachers can post polls, Students get codes from their “It would be pointless to hour for work. quizzes and bulletins in advance leave and I basically just take a “She works everyday so I just teachers to access information to students. Students can work study hall in the library,” Stapely find a friend to take me home,” on their courses. Parents can together when the teacher isn’t also see what is happening in said. Goff said. “It’s not bad at all, I there. An example is Student A Many early release students just wished I could see her more the class with a special parent asks on the algebra class page code. have siblings who rely on their often at school.” how to get to the text book “I like how kids can attach older brothers or sisters for Senior students are taking and what the homework was. files to it and how it looks like rides back home, and ending advantage of early release this their school day earlier affects year, as a little more than half of Facebook,” Journalism teacher Student B answers before the teacher even has a chance. Kristy Nyp said. their schedules. the them are taking off either The teachers have had only “My sister has a job on first, second, sixth or seventh Edmodo continued on page 6 have positive things to say. They Mondays and Wednesdays so I hour. Kane Aguila staff writer

Entertainment February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

Winter play no foreigner to Rezac Ben Shields staff writer The Manhattan High School winter play, “The Foreigner,” opened this week night. There are two separate casts; one performs on Wednesday and Friday, while the other performs Thursday and Saturday. It tells the story of two friends named Charlie and Froggy and takes place in a Georgia fishing lodge. Charlie is so shy that he almost always refuses to speak. Froggy insists on telling everyone that Charlie is from another country and thus cannot speak English. A series of comical incidents result when people feel they can speak freely around Charlie, believing him unable to understand what they are saying, one of them involving the Ku Klux Klan (yes, there will be KKK costumes). “Not only is the comedy really unique, but the writing is too,” student teacher and CoDirector Amanda Porter said. “It’s got a lot of universal ideas and breaks down racism, biases, and prejudices. “[This production] has been a whole different ballgame because of construction,” Porter continued. “It presented a lot of issues that needed taken care of before rehearsals even began.” Macy Lanceta, sophomore, and senior Kristina Armstrong admit there are challenges and that dress rehearsals have been stressful. “It’ll turn out all right,” Arm-

Movie Trivia! Seniors Hannah Atchison, Brian Burton and Felix Amanor-Baodu act in a scene of “The Foreigner.” The three are in the cast that performs on Thursday and Saturday. Photo by Kori Bridegam

strong said. “It’s really hectic, but it’ll be okay. It’s difficult working with two casts, but not unpleasant.” Lanceta and Armstrong are in separate casts and both play the character of Katherine. “I think Macy’s Katherine is nicer than mine,” Armstrong said. “Mine is sassier.” Lanceta agreed and added, “Mine is more trusting than Krissy’s. My Katherine is more open.” Due to conflicting circumstances, some students were un-

“The Descendants” descends into mediocrity times eye-roll worthy), and tagging along with them is the older daughter’s boyfriend. This is a character that is so unnecessary and distracting that it calls into question Payne’s judgement Staff writer as a filmmaker. Actually, he isn’t even a character-he’s a caricaAlexander Payne’s “The Descendants” is not a great film. ture, a surfer dude straight out of “Fast Times at Ridgemont This is frustrating, because it ought to be. Payne’s writing has High.” There are instances of real taken on a newly cynical tone bordering on self-pity that is not sincerity in “The Descendants.” But for each human moment, present in his other movies. George Clooney plays Matt King, a lawyer in Honolulu who is in a failing marriage (of course). While on one of his frequent out-of-town business ventures, his wife is in a serious boating accident that leaves her in a coma. It’s not long before the doctors tell Matt she won’t be waking up and that legally they are required to pull the plug. When he breaks the news to his oldest daughter, Alex, she informs him that her mother had been having an affair. Matt, courtesy photos being the decent-but-oh-so-trouthere is another of such contrivbled man that he his, decides ance that only someone who to find her lover and inform him that she is dying so that he shares Payne’s sense of selfloathing could possibly enjoy can say his goodbyes. While all it. This is why it is so lauded by of this is going on, Matt is also critics; like “The Artist,” it panin the midst of trying to sell 25,000 acres of land left to him ders to them. The most trivial thing about the movie is that, in a trust. The two stories inevitably collide, and in a rather while it is designed to be your standard “smart” movie, it is clunky fashion. surprisingly middle-brow. There The script is the main problem here, rather than the direc- are times when the humor is actually quite stupid. “The Detion. In some places, it almost scendants” accomplishes nothfeels like a first draft. Clooney ing other than a few heartfelt (who is in top form here) and his two kids act as a sort of team moments that get lost in the (sometimes touching, and other excess of snark.

Ben Shields

Page 5

Photos by Koroi Bridegam

able to keep their commitment to their roles in “The Foreigner.” This meant that occasional double-casting had to occur. “The students who have been double-casted have done a really great job of stepping up,” Porter said. “It’s a fantastic, very dynamic group of kids. And a huge variety of talent.” “Everyone is really great,” Armstrong agreed. “There’s been a lot of growth since rehearsals started.”

Compiled by Ben Sheilds

Above: Senior Kristina Armstrong and Junior Alex Tolar embrace during a dress rehearsal. The two will perform on Thursday and Saturday. Top right: Seniors Brian Burton and Felix Amanor-Baodu rehearse during a dress rehearsal on Monday evening. Bottom right: The cast of “The Foreigner” acts out a scene during a rehearsal of “The Foreigner.” Photos by Kori Bridegam

You can keep the pants Cole Anneberg news editor Less than 10 minutes into its first episode, I knew that amongst the dirty sex talk and casual drug and alcohol use, MTV’s “I Just Want My Pants Back,” was something I’ve seen one too many times before. Stepping into late night television on Thursday, Feb. 2, the show has been receiving generous reviews, but believe me when I say it’s not something to try on just yet. The pilot episode introduces Jason Strider (played by Peter Vack) as a out-of-college adult living in New York City who accompanies his friend Tina (played by Kim Shaw) to a downtown bar. Tina’s character is best described as a crude-humored, young, workhard play-hard adult who invites Jason to the bathroom to smoke pot. After that wild introduction, Jason met and clicked with a girl, whom he took home to hook up. Post hook-up, Jason realized that this newly found girl was one to keep around. Her personality was care-free, daring and sweet -- all of which Jason has been looking for. After getting her number, the girl borrows his black denim jeans and evacuates his apartment abruptly. Jason attempts to call her later only to find out that she listed a Thai restaurant rather than her number. Jason realizes at that point that this girl is a one-night stand, and he won’t get his pants back.

I’ve seen this before with other shows. Some guy finds a girl, one thing leads to the next and suddenly he’s in a predicament where his emotions flare, and vice-versa. This show doesn’t appeal to me, as a teenager in high school, because of the major age gap between the characters and me. I don’t see why teens would watch a show about getting into bars, getting girls and getting numbers. I don’t mind the party

courtesy photo

lifestyle; on the contrary, it’s the way that MTV presents itself to younger generations that turns me off. MTV generally attracts a younger audience, so why is it suddenly airing a show about post-college adults? Maybe I should give the show another chance. Look at “Glee,” MTV’s other hit show “Awkward,” or even MTV’s past hit “Degrassi.” They all took awhile to catch on. However, the real difference between those hits and “I Just Want My Pants Back” is that they were something teenagers hadn’t seen before. They had a fresh and creative twist which appealed to younger viewers focusing on

aspiring dreams, everyday situations and life’s drama. They had characters with detailed and dramatic lives, interesting plots and a correct portrayal of teenage life -- no matter how inappropriate or offensive the image they had. Teens want to watch things that they can connect to. A 30-minute show of young adults fresh out of college isn’t what I want to see again. I get the concept, but there’s no depth to the show. As the first episode wound down I couldn’t help but ask what was the point? I had spent the past 30 minutes watching a show about some guy’s sad sex life, and some crazy girl he met at a bar. Teens don’t want to watch this. They want to watch a young high school junior try to find herself as crazy events unfold. Not some mopey guy pick up a random chick at the bar and take her home to then realize he’s genuinely interested in her. “I Just Want My Pants Back” seems to play a repetitive note -- like something we’ve all heard before and don’t need to hear again. MTV appears to have taken that same party lifestyle of teens and just adjusted the age to post-college life. Do teens really want to watch a bunch of work-force people drink at bars and talk about their sad sex lives for 30 minutes? Nope, I don’t. That’s what I already have when I watch previously-made shows similar to this. I’m not one to double dip, you see. Rating: C+

1. For their 1968 psychedelic film “Head,” British pop group The Monkees hired Bob Rafelson and someone else to write the script. This person was relatively unknown at the time but went on to have one of the most celebrated acting careers in Hollywood history. Who was this person? 2. What was the combination of the mysterious briefcase in Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed 1994 film “Pulp Fiction?” 3. This Alfred Hitchcock film starring Janet Leigh was the first movie in which a toilet was flushed on camera. What is it? 4. This Monty Python member played a butch Little Red Riding Hood in the comedy group’s landmark film “Live at the Hollywood Bowl” and was the first person to say “f*ck” on record at a British memorial service. Who is this man? 5. This Academy Award-winning actress smacked Nicolas Cage across the face and said the famous quote, “Snap out of it!” Who is this actress, and what movie did she say this in? (Hint: this woman is also a music superstar and is the only artist to reach number one on the Billboard charts in each of the previous SIX decades.) 6. Why is Robert De Niro in such horrible movies now? 7. In what movie did overweight actor William Shatner make his debut? 8. Hitler was better-looking than Churchill, he was a better dresser than Churchill, he had more hair, he told funnier jokes, and he could dance the pants off of Churchill!” Kenneth Mars said this famous in what movie? 9. Isabella Rossellini starred in the 1986 film “Blue Velvet,” directed by David Lynch. She was in a relationship with Lynch at the time and they remained together until 1991. In addition to David Lynch, what other famous director was Rossellini romantically involved with and married to? 10. This actress and comedienne, known for her numerous cosmetic surgeries, once compared Mother Theresa to a dog and, in the same routine, said that if the Virgin Mary had been dressed better she wouldn’t have had to give birth in the stable. Who is she?

Answers to questions in Issue 15 Compiled by Taylor Weisman 1. What is the overall objective of the mission given to Ethan Hunt in the new Mission Impossible movie? ANSWER: To keep a low profile from the government, shut down a nuclear missile before it hits, and to prove that Russia and American are not enemies. 2. In “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” who is the villain and what is his plot that Holmes is trying to stop? ANSWER: Professor James Moriarty. His plot is to begin a global industrial war while selling all the weapons and bandages and all. His benefit is to get rich and to own everything. 3. In the final Harry Potter movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” why is it that the Elder Wand did not work Lord Voldemort? Was there someone who it would work for? If so who did it end up working for? ANSWER: It wouldn’t work because the wand works for the wizard who took it from it’s previous owner. Malfoy disarmed Dumbledore passing it on to Malfoy. Then Harry disarmed Malfoy so in the end it belongs to Harry Potter. 4. In the movie “The Blind Side” why was the NCAA investigating Michael’s signing with Ole Miss? And was he guilty of what they were investigating in the end? ANSWER: The NCAA was worried about families adopting kids off the streets or anywhere who are good at sports. And when they are ready to choose the college they would like to play at, they tend to influence their decisions on where they go to college. Michael was not guilty in the end and eventually proved he wanted to go to Ole Miss. 5. In the movie “Air Force One” how was the president able to survive on a plane full of terrorists? HINT: His background ANSWER: The president was a solider and won the Medal of Honor before being president. When his plane was highjacked he hid in the bottom of the plane and picked them off one by one and worked his way up.

Kesha Johnson staff writer The Manhattan High choir has been preparing for their upcoming performance. It will be on Feb. 22 at 7:30 p.m. They will be performing several numbers at Rezac Auditorium. “This performance is different from others because it comes a lot earlier in the quarter,” choir director Chad Pape said. Because the performance has come earlier it also means that they have had to prepare for the concert faster than usual. “It has not been very stressful,” said freshman Sean Fisher. “This is freshman choir’s third performance,” freshman Connor Bliss said. They have a choir performance once every quarter. “I think the most exciting part of the performance is the finale,” Bliss said. “The finale is really cool because the number ‘Into the West’ from ‘Lord of the Rings’ is going to be performed by all of the choir classes combined and the middle school choir,” Pape

added. There will be 200 to 300 students performing at one time on stage. “I chose to do choir this year because I love to sing and Mr. Pape is a great teacher,” freshman Molly Fiser said. Many have regrets about not joining the choir class this year. “I have attended a few of this years concerts earlier this year, I really wish I would have taken the class.” freshman Courtney Grice said. “I’ve sang in a few summer musicals before. I love to sing and perform. I feel like I’m missing out.” The choir students look forward to each concert. “Out of all of the performances we have had, second quarter’s performance has been my favorite because Pops Choir sang Christmas songs,” Fiser added. Agreeing with Fiser, Bliss said, “ My favorite choir performance has been the second one because I messed up really bad in the first one.” The hope is that all the hard work and rehearsals will pay off when they attend their upcoming performance.

“The Office” lacks THE MENTOR charm without Carrell

agree at all with decision to hire James Spader to play the new CEO. People liked Kathy Bates and her character Jo Bennett as “I’m an early bird and I’m a night owl, so I’m wise and I have the old CEO. Sometimes I try to go back and watch old episodes worms.” That was one of many of “The Office” and remember hilarious things said by “The Office” character Michael Scott the golden days but this new who was played by Steve Carell. season has even ruined that for Fans everywhere loved “The Of- me. I can’t help thinking that fice” and I was one of them, but there is no future. Everyone watched “The Ofevery episode after Carrell left fice” loved Michael Scott. seems to get worse and worse. We loved his quirky quotes The writers of “The Office” like when he said he wasn’t seem to be stuck in a Michael Scott limbo. It feels like they’re superstitious but a little stitious, laughed at Michael’s still writing for Michael Scott and not for Andy Bernard. The hatred for Toby, calling him the Antichrist and trying to frame thing is, it’s the writers’ fault. him for selling drugs, and loved We know the actors are good his terrible impersonations of because we have laughed with Robin Williams and his ridicuthem before, but now we’re lous costumes for Halloween. laughing at them and not in a It appears we didn’t so much good way. For crying out loud, one of the episodes ended with love “The Office” as we loved Michael Scott. Ryan and Gabe jumping into a pool in the nude with new CEO Robert California. The first couple of episodes were funny, but it still felt like a bad episode when Steve Carell was still in the show. I don’t Connor Bliss staff writer

Valentine’s Day

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1. An angel that shoots arrows of love 4. If you’re single and ready to migle check out online ____ 5. Color of love 8. Mysterious stalker 12. Girl’s best friend 15. Cheesy messages on a chalky heart 16. Cupid’s favorite dance move 17. The shape that represents Valentine’s Day continued from page 4 18. Soap and chocolate company are named Edmodo after this bird 19. If you’re alone you might call Valentine’s Sick days can be much more Day, ____ Awareness Day manageable with Edmodo be20. How many roses that come in a bouquet cause students can ask about as- 21. Every _____ begins with Kay signments while sick. Teachers can also interact with students even if they are sick. If substitutes get on Edmodo the regular teacher can tell them what to do and answer questions. Edmodo is very user friendly. Most computers, even the older ones, can run the site. Users don’t have to have Facebook to know what is happening.

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Jenny Rogers staff writer The internet has grown in popularity over the years, but now it has come to a point where teenager’s lives are revolving around the online atmosphere. Whether a teen is at home or at school, the internet is always available. The Internet is used for almost anything: school work, shopping and web searches. But more commonly for teens, the Internet is all about social networking. The problem is a teen’s filter to what he or she says or doesn’t say seems to deteriorate when they get online. “My online life is like my sober thoughts I’d blurt out if I were wasted,” sophomore Valerie Mays said. It is so easy for teens to talk openly and freely online instead of in person because they are sitting behind a computer screen as opposed to face-toface. You can talk to anyone you want with just a click of a button. “I talk to people easier online. I don’t have to hesitate on what I am going to say,” Mays said. “I can take my time to get out everything in full thought.” Other teens are more cautious about what they would say online. “I guess I’m more afraid of people having proof of what I said if it’s on the internet,” sophomore Janelle Collado said.



Freshmen look forward to choir performance



Page 6

February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

2. The city of love 3. Nothing left in a guy’s ____ after he buys gifts 6. He went to _____ 7. This store is a sexy way to woo your lover 9. Life is like a box of _____ 10. Chocolate dipped ______ 11. New love movie out 13. Sold by the thespians 14. Four letter word that every girl wants to hear


TickTock! Not purchasing your yearbook will make you forget everything that happened in high school, forgetting everything that happened in high school will make people assume you have amnesia, when people assume you have amnesia no one hangs out with you, when no one hangs out with you, you adopt a cat, when you adopt a cat you adopt more, when you have several adopted cats, you are classified as a cat person. Don’t be a cat person. Order your yearbook before Feb. 21 for $55 through Jostens.

Sports Senior looks back on swimming season Cole Anneberg news editor Fear, excitement and nervousness. These were the three feelings I had when I attended the pre-season swim meeting back in November. I didn’t know really what to expect over the next four months, but I knew one thing -- this wasn’t going to be easy. I’ve never participated in any sport at any time prior to that watery beginning in November. I’ve never even had an interest in sports to be truthful. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about football. I had even made the generalization that all athletes were self-image-lovingpricks. Yet as soon as I took my first shaky dive into that 73 degree water I, myself, was entering the world of competitive sports. I joined swimming for two reasons, the first being that

I wanted to challenge myself and be a part of something I’ve never done before. As for the second I wanted to prove to my friends, family, future teammates, myself and others that I could be active in a competitive sport and that anyone truly can do anything they set their mind to -- no matter how cliche that sounds. I’m not going to lie, my first month was rough. Being the only senior on the swim team was hard because of the feeling pressure to be that “super-swimmer” -- which I knew I wasn’t -- and it was just as challenging to bond with guys younger than me. Besides that, I felt like a sort of outcast. I was placed in lane the rest of the team knowing of my sexuality there was a bit of whispering when I left my bag in the stands that first day. Of course as with any homosexual teen on a sports team, there was a little hesitation from most of the others and myself, and the whole atmosphere was tense. Practice went on and the day’s swim sets gradually evened

out and I started to get better with my form and stroke. Yet still I felt like a senior outcast. The juniors began discussing swim captains, which made me feel more pressure because the usual with teams is that the senior is the captain of the team. But how can somebody who is a first year by default be the swim captain? I didn’t want to step on the juniors’ toes because who was I to deny them that earned title? I felt more and more out of place before our first meet. I remember vividly the way the Topeka Natatorium looked as I walked in. The crystal-mazarine-blue water caught my eye, with flags directing my sight to Topeka swim officials setting up the touch pads. I instantly felt my gut twist and my nerves flared. Later at the meet, after swim warm-ups and starting events, I was stretching over at the wall in preparation for my event. I have never felt more anxious in my 18 years of life then I did then. The siren beeped and I took the dive. Pulling up and out I glazed over the water

Indian Scoreboard

Varsity Wrestling

smooth and fast. I freestylestroked as fast as I could and landed back at the wall earning third in the event. Third. I felt like I could do anything at that time and I felt more accomplished in swimming than in than any other position with a activity I’ve earned or held while in high school. Student body president, news editor, national honor society, you name it. Nothing could compare to the feeling of placing in my firstever event. That day was also the beginning of bonding with my other teammates. That night everyone came out of their shells during the bus ride home and the team felt more like how teams are supposed to. Over the course of the time that followed I got to know some of Manhattan High Schools best individuals. I developed a bond with some freshmen and others which I won’t ever forget the memories we created together. I’m not sure what clicked during that first meet or the others that followed, but gradually I came to love swimming, it’s something I

will always remember. Through all the practices I lowered my time from 37.8 seconds on a 50 meter freestyle to a 27.7, 10 whole seconds. I remember at our first home meet ,after I got first in my heat in the 200-meter medley relay, looking up in the bleachers and seeing my mom smile at me and my performance I had just done. Believe me when I say this, nothing ever can compare to the feeling of the pride in accomplishment I felt at that moment. Here’s my advice to other students out there not involved in athletics. Go out and be a part of something similar to this. You will not regret it, no matter how tough the start is. I was at Centennial-League last Friday on the swim block, and I thought about my performance over the four-month season and how proud of myself I was. I will never forget or regret the choice I made last November when I joined the team. It truly is a highlight of my high school career.

Run Konner Run

track coach said, “He needs to be fresh for track season.” Cool has already noticed positive effects of his running, When you saw sleet earlier and plans to be ready for track December 5 vs. Junction City, this year, you were probably in- season. “I feel 10 times stron47-57 side your warm house enjoying ger than before I started,” he Loss. a cup a hot chocolate. Konner said. Studies show that running December 8 vs. Washburn Rural, Cool was out running 11 miles 46-48 higher mileage can have positive on the shoulder of the road, Loss. effects such as stronger muscles barely able to keep his eyes and bones, and reduced chance December 13 vs. Great Bend, open as the sleet stung his face. of injury. It can also have nega62-63 Loss. Cool, a senior at Manhattan tive effects such as “burning High School, had to run almost out” where the runner becomes December 16 vs. Junction City, 59-63 every day to complete his goal mentally and physically exLoss. of running 500 miles in 50 days. hausted. January 3 vs. Emporia “I took about a day off every As well as the physical 58-31. month,” Cool said. He started Win. benefits, Cool has experienced on Dec. 18 and finished last mental benefits. It has boosted January 5 vs. Shawnee Heights Tuesday, Feb. 7. He averaged 39-35 his confidence and showed his Win. 10 miles a day, and somedays he dedication. His challenge has did 16 to 20 to make up for the also effected other runners. January 10 vs. Washburn Rural 40-49. days he took off. Last Sunday he “His dedication is an inspiration Win. ran 20 miles in two hours and to our team,” Melgares said. 23 minutes. January 13 vs. Junction City His brother, his team, and his 61-57. So when the sleet started parents have all been very supLoss. Senior Konner Cool, second from right, runs in the Moonlight Mile. He takes runcoming down, Cool knew he ning very seriously and works to perfect the sport he loves almost everyday. portive of his accomplishment. still had to run his 11 miles. “It “My family supports me 100 Photo contribution felt like thousands of needles percent,” Cool said. poking my face,” he said. Sleet After a slower cross country and other weather conditions season than he would have liked, were not able to slow Cool Cool hopes that his intensive down, and he completed his off-season training will help goal. have a fast track season. He This challenge of 500 miles plans to run the 1600-meter and in 50 days was Cool’s own idea. the 3200-meter race for track. He has always enjoyed running He plans to run in college, and Lindsey Goff I who’ve been playing since longer distances, but he had he has his eyes on Kansas State, editor in chief ments and we’re nationally we were six and some who to step it up to get 70 miles a Pittsburgh State and Western qualified for a two-week-long just started this year. It’s great week. It was his special way to State in Colorado. If he can’t get Flint Hills Wind coach Rick tournament. First we have the to get us all together to bond prepare for his last high school a scholarship he may walk on. Davis has been putting his soft- and come together as a team,” 18A Gold World Series at the track season and for his running Cool was behind 15 miles at ball girls through Hell Weekend senior Cat Bridegam said. end of July in Kansas City. The future, possibly in college. day 39, but he rallied and ran for about 20 years. Hell Weeksecond one is the East Coast NaThe weekend consists of Fellow runner Chris Melextra to finish his goal, running end consists of running about tionals at Myrtle Beach, South arriving at Alta Vista on Friday gares, a sophomore at MHS, has 20 miles last Sunday. After the 15 miles in any kind of weather, night for a three hour practice, Carolina during the first week other ideas about Cool’s motiva- 50th day, Cool finally got some practicing batting and bonding of August,” Bridegam said. followed by a 3.5 mile run. tion. “I think he was inspired rest. He took 2 days of recuwith your team. The Wind has two Hell Around 12:30 a.m. the girls get by his brother,” Melgares said. peration and has now resumed This year the girls broke Weekends a year, one during a wakeup call for a 45-minute Kory Cool, Konner’s older training for track. He may run Davis’ team record of miles that practice and a two-mile run that the winter and one before the brother, ran at MHS and in with the track conditioning were run in the timespan of 24 is followed by a batting practice. summer starts. Hell Weekend college and still trains for road group after school to build hours. provides the girls an opportuThe girls then get the opporturaces today. Kory and Konner “We ran about 16 miles, it’s nity to get closer to one another often run together to keep each speed for shorter races in track. nity to sleep in until 5:45 a.m. Cool has ran through sleet, really tough. Sometimes when before softball season with and For the rest of the weekend the other motivated about the ben- snow, and even some hotter I’m going through Hell Weekimprove their talent. girls follow a similar routine efits their hard work will bring. weather, but he never quit and end I want to just quit softball of waking up, running, hitting, Other people have different never lost sight of his goal. Next altogether, but it me makes practicing, eating and heading ideas about the effects of runtime you are inside enjoying the me better and it helps us bond back to bed. ning 500 miles in 50 days. “I am sight of snow through your winas a team. You’ve got girls out “Our coach wanted us to concerned about the amount dow, look around, and you may there that are at all different be mentally prepared because of stress it is going to put on see Konner Cool run by. levels. Some like my sister and we’re going to bigger tournahis body,” Erin Spreer, assistant

The freshman boys basketball team is 3-6 on the season. They have 10 games left to play.

‘Hell Weekend’ earns it’s name

Nick Bandy staff writer


February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

Sports Notes Spring sports

Reed Wheeler staff writer Spring sports are beginning Feb. 27. Spring sports include tennis, baseball, girls soccer, girls swimming, softball, track, and boys golf The dates and locations the specific sport’s meetings will be decided by the coaches and will be said in the announcements. Not all sports will have a pre-season meeting. If you are interested in playing a spring sport will need to bring in a physical by Feb. 27 and contact the coach of the sport for more information.

Swim & dive Nick Bandy staff writer Manhattan High School’s divers, seniors Ryan Cady and sophomore Evan Olsen, may be low in numbers but they compete well week after week. Both divers competed at the Shawnee Mission Invitational two weeks ago after competing at a diving meet almost every week. Cady medaled at the State meet last year, placing eighth, and he has placed well this year and has won several meets. Last week, both swimmers and divers competed in the Manhattan Invitational. The Manhattan Invitational had 19 teams from all over the state and some of the best competition. It was the largest meet of the year besides the State meet. The divers competed on Jan. 27 at 6:30 p.m. and swimming portion of the meet started at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28. Both swimming and diving will take place at the Kansas State Natatorium.

Girls basketball The Manhattan High School girls basketball team went through a stretch of three games over the past few weeks. These games included Topeka Hayden, Salina Central and Seamen High School. During that stretch the Lady Indians went 2-1 improving their record to 15-2. Their only losses this season have come against Hutchinson and Salina Central. The Indians have been dominant during this season putting themselves in prime position to make a run in the State tournament. Sitting at 15-2, the Lady Indians have proven to be a dangerous team.

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lin g

Bowling team has busy week

W re st

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February 17, 2012 Manhattan High

Kaitlin Wichmann staff writer

Girls basketball on a roll Taylor Weisman staff writer

So far this season the Lady Indians have been very successful, going 15-2 during the regular season and undefeated at home. The Indians will look to defend the home court tonight against the Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds at 4:30 p.m. in the North Gym. The Thunderbirds have been up and down this season on both sides of the court. However this is a team that the Indians can’t sleep on. According to senior guard Jenna Crusinberry they are very quick and move the ball up court quick before the defense can set up. Crusinberry believes that team work will be the key tonight.

On Saturday, Tribe wrestlers competed at Centennial League. The team was successful with a couple first place finishes and other top finishes throughout the day. Tribe placed 11 out of 12 wrestlers at the tournament. Senior Taylor Hilgers placed third, while junior Dallas Vesta and senior Drew Unruh placed second. Junior Davis Matthews placed first along with seniors Trey Campbell, Brian Wood, and Deion Parker.

“We are better as a whole,” Crusinberry said. “We play better together.” The Tribe has been more consistent this season than Shawnee Heights. In order to win the Tribe will have to keep up and play lockdown defense. The ladies need to show the consistency that has been their hallmark all season if they want to shut down the shooting ability of the Thunderbirds. They will also have to be quick. Getting down the court will be key if they are to

come away with a win. With just three games left during the season the Indians are not playing for a spot in the State tournament anymore. Now they are just playing for the best seed they can get for an easier road to the state championship. Tonight will also be the girls basketball pink-out for fans to wear the pink shirts sold by the girls basketball team to show support and school spirit.

individually. “Both the boys and girls team did very well [at League] and got good scores but I thought Bowling had an important we all could have done better,” schedule this week. Not only Jackson said. was there a Varsity meet on The competition at League Monday, but the team also competed at League on Wednesday. was tough and scores had little deviation. The girls and boys varsity “If each of the girls had took second at Gage Bowl on Monday with an overall score of scored just one more spare then the team could have gotten 2,537 (boys) and 2,209 (girls). first,” Jackson said. “If each of Three boys scored individually the boys had gotten one more in the top 10. Chris Boydston was the top bowler for the team spare they could have placed second.” with a score of 688. He placed Next up on the for the Varsecond. Behind him was Matt sity team is Regionals. Regionals Troy in fourth with a score of will take place in the morning 635. Austin Boerger placed of Friday, Feb. 24. sixth with a 608 series. Jordan “Every member that competJackson, a junior, was the only ed in league will be moving on girl to place in the top 10 individually. She placed third with a to Regionals,” Jackson said. With just over a week until 672 series. “The team did well, but there Regionals the team is busy was a lot of tough competition,” preparing to do their best at the meet. sophomore Paul Wichmann “I feel pretty confident in said. It was Wichmann’s first both the boys and girls teams,” time bowling with the Varsity Jackson said. “We can hopefully team. attend state as a team and have On Wednesday the Varsity bowlers place individually. So team traveled to Washburn far it’s been a great year for me Rural to compete in Centenand my goal is to bowl my first nial League. Overall the team got third. Jackson placed fourth 700 series.”

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Journalist recognized

Girls basketball With just three more games six in the regular season the Tribe prepares to defend home court tonight against the Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds during senior night. Tip off is at 4:30 p.m. tonight in the north gym.

about dance and how it and other entertainment areas has evolved over the years.” I was really excited, I didn’t really expect to win anything,” she said. “Next time I’ll work harder to win a higher prize in future.”

photo by Lindsey Goff


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