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FEBRUARY 15, 2013

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PRO START competes in the state competition and represents McMinnville High School Feb. 16 Page 12, 13

For more on the PRO START COMPETITION, go to

Isaiah case/ The Bruin


McMinnville High School Students

Feb. 16

McMinnville, OR

During 5th period


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Top 10 V-Day Mistakes

The school board, for the second time this year, have decided to back science teacher Ruth Gaskin in her class cat disections. The Cat Colition was quiteted and the topic will not be discussed again by School District 40. For more , scan this QR code or go to


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hayden allen / The Bruin

THE NEWEST FAD: ELITE SOCKS Whether it’s to school or to participate in a sports event, elite socks are the choice in sockwear.

Page 6,7 PRO START COMPETITION READY Basketball Updates For pictures and updates from games on Boy’s and Girl’s basketball go to mhsbruin. com


FEBrUARY 15, 2013

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The Bruin staff puts together a list of top ten Valentines Day mistakes to avoid with your Valentine today. For the full story, go to

Cat Disection Stays

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The Pro Start team of Erica Johnson, Meagan Novak, Cydney Simpson and Miko Umagat cometes Feb. 16. Check out their food arrangements on page 7. Erik rodriguez/ The Bruin


The Bruin staff chose the best pictures for the issue. The girl’s basketball team and the wrestling team beat the odds and was chosen as our pics of the issue.


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Walnut city kitchen Review by DAVID MCMAHON

The Walnut City Kitchen has a very welcoming feel with a great set of friendly staff. For being a new restaurant it is quite packed. You walk in and you’re greeted with a rustic type Walnut City Kitchen setting with Address: 2580 SE a warm Stratus Avenue McMin- feel. nville, OR 97128 There is a huge Phone: (503) 857-0034 selection of food and Lunch Hours: Daily 11drinks. 3:30p.m. Many items are Dinner Hours: Tuesdaycreatively Saturday 5-9p.m. made and look fan tastic. I briefly talked with the manager and he said, “So far we have been doing well; we are starting to get a good customer base.” The Walnut City Kitchen is open Tuesday through Saturday. The menu features a variety of comfort food based dishes inspired by the local bounty. The restaurant is located at 2580 S.E. Stratus Avenue near the Hospital.

“So far we have been doing pretty well; we are starting to get a good customer base.” -Walnut City Kitchen manager


FEBRUARY 15, 2013



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WEAPONS “Clearly we’ve come to a place where we can’t hold the Second Amendment as some holy scripture that can’t be changed.” - Don Witten, teacher


FEBRUARY 15, 2013


“I don’t think someone should be able to buy an AR-15 at a garage sale.” - Isaac Balwitt, freshman



“we have more security than schools have ever had. having people be aware and perceptive is the best thing we can do.” - Kris Olsen, principal

by jack anderson In the wake of heart wrenching sequential shootings across the United States, the country is faced with the difficult task of deciding which approach to take to the controversial issue of gun control. Over the last five years there have been 19 mass shootings in the United States, and there has been very little change to gun

“I don’t like to buy into the argument that arming teachers or increasing the number of guns in schools is the answer.” -Don Witten control policy. With the recent string of shootings throughout the country, the question of whether or not it is time to enforce new gun regulations is at stake. The gun control issue that has recently dominated debates between Democrats and Republicans started when a masked gunman wreaked havoc and terror at the Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley, Oregon, on Dec. 11, killing three people. Within just three days, the country was terrorized by another tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman shot and killed 20 students and six staff members. Since the Sandy Hook shooting, there have been five school shootings in California, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas, with a total of eight lives lost. In order to curb gun violence, President Obama recently introduced 23 executive actions and advised Congress to make the appropriate decisions. The President’s plan requires customer background checks before all gun transactions, bans the ownership of military-style assault weapons, and limits magazine sizes to 10 rounds. The bills need to pass in the both the Democratic-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled-House in order to become law. In the Senate, where bills have a better chance of survival, they need to receive 60 votes or more, which is going to difficult with the number of senators from the West and South who it imposes on their Second Amendment rights. This debate has spurred the question of

how easily the public should be able to obtain assault rifles. While freshman Isaac Balwit does not believe in outlawing specific guns completely, he said. “I don’t think someone should be able to buy an AR-15 at a garage sale.” Balwit is among the group of people who favor required background checks before the purchases of firearms. With the recent onset of shootings across the country, many school districts, teachers, parents, and students have become more aware about the issue of gun control and the safety of our schools. The nationwide shootings have even taken a toll closer to home, instilling a need to emplace increased safety measures at McMinnville High School to ensure the well-being of the student body. As educators who care a great deal about their students, teachers naturally have a reason to be concerned and take a side in this debate at stake. MHS teacher Don Witten feels very strongly about the issue of gun control, and thinks that “increased gun control would make everywhere a safer place.” He also said, “I don’t buy into the argument that arming teachers or increasing the number of guns in schools is the answer.” Witten pointed out the problems with adhering to the centuries-old amendments made to the Bill of Rights, and mentioned that even Thomas Jefferson said that the amendments needed to revisited every 20 years.

35 The percent of Americans who have a gun in their house which is incidently lower then an October 2011 survey.

“Clearly we’ve come to a place where we can’t hold the Second Amendment as some holy scripture that can’t be changed,” said Witten. While he believes that people should have the right to own weapons for the purposes of hunting and self-defense, “There is no conceivable reason for assault rifles to be made accessible to the public,” said Witten. He also thinks that the Obama Administration’s proposition to reduce gun violence is a great start. “I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to completely make schools safe from the potential of violence,” said Olsen. Olsen used the analogy of airport security, and supposed that, while it’s unrealistic, installing a similar system in schools would be the closest way to achieve absolute protection from gun violence. “We have more security than schools have ever had,” said Olsen. “Having people be aware and perceptive is the best thing we can do.” He also mentioned that he believes we should be familiar with the safety procedures that we have in place to ensure success in the event of an emergency. BRUIN MAGAZINE

FEBRUARY 15, 2013




ARE A FASHION STATEMENT by AUDREY McMILLAN “They’re really comfortable and it’s kind of like a fashion statement. If I’m at an athletic event that’s pretty much what I’ll wear,” said freshman Drew Altringer about the latest fad in sports apparel, Nike Elite Socks. It’s almost guaranteed that walking down the halls of McMinnville High School these socks will be visible on students both male and female; whether for sports or just fashion. The difference between Elites and other socks is that Elites have more padding and are thicker than regular Nike Dri-Fit socks. Many people wear these socks not for the effect on their sport but for comfort and style. “I wouldn’t say that Elite socks enhance my sport, they are more just comfortable,” said freshman Liz Logsdon.


FEBRUARY 15, 2013

There are five different styles of elite socks and they come in many different styles. “My favorite style of Elites is the original,” said sophomore Lane Hessel. The one downfall to these socks is the price; some people have a hard time bringing themselves to pay $14 for a pair of socks. “They are definitely worth [the cost],” said senior Tre Ovalle. There are several websites that sell custom elites, such as freshswagg. com and Original patterns created by professional athletes are also sold. If you thought regular Elites were expensive, these custom socks can range anywhere from $35-$50. Overall, Nike Elite socks are the in thing to buy in the sports industry. They have more comfort and style than regular Nike socks and they have gained the approval of sports fans across the nation.



“Trying on a new pair of elites is like having jesus touch your feet!” -Lane Hessel, Sophomore


FEBRUARY 15, 2013






Valentines {WORST}


“The least romantic date I’ve been on was the time I took my date to a romantic dinner at Applebees before going for an eventful adventure at Safari Sams!” -Senior Jack Anderson

“When I was in elementry school, I painstakingly crafted a beautiful Valentine for my third grade sweetheart. He gave it back to me.” -Senior Emily Cutler


FEBRUARY 15, 2013




“Last year I planned this super nice date for my Valentine and he ditched me! I thought that was really rude!” -Sophomore Aubrey Loveall

“My worst and best date was last year’s Valentine’s Day. I spent a beautiful night watching The Vow with [seniors] Wyatt Waterbury and Bradyn Stowe. Now that was pure romance.” -Senior Will Worth


“Last year I was so depressed about not having a date for Valentine’s Day that my mother secretly paid a girl to take me out. I had a great time but later found out my date was my cousin I never met.” (This story is not true)

-Senior Isaiah Case



FEBRUARY 15, 2013



EXCHANGE STUDENTS DIVE INTO SPORTS “I have definitely not been eating very well while i have been in America, the food is very fattening. Swimming helps me burn off a few calories.” -Lea Bossard, swimmer

by CAMILLE LaROCCA This year at Mac High, we have a large group of foreign exchange students from different countries. It is a great experience to come to another country and speak a different language. Meeting new people is all a part of the journey, along with being involved in the school through clubs, activities, and sports. This winter, many foreign exchange students are involved in sports. Though they may have different reasons for doing these sports and activities, they will all take these memories with them when they return home. Foreign exchange students Lea Bossard and Jules Boudor are both involved in the Mac High swim team. Bossard explained her reasons for joining the swim team. “I am a runner, so when cross country ended, I needed another sport to do and swimming seemed like the best option,” said Bossard. Not only does Bossard enjoy swimming, she is seeking to burn off that extra fat she has gained since being in America. “I have definitely not been eating very well while I have been in America, the food is very fattening,” said Bossard. “Swim helps me to burn off a few calories.” Boudor on the other hand says his PAGE 10 FEBRUARY 15, 2013


weight has gone the other direction. “I have not gained any weight while being in America, I have actually lost weight,” said Boudor. “Swim is probably to thank for that, the practices are merciless and are every single day. I swam in France on my own for my leisure all the time, so this is good for me so I can strengthen my skills and stay in shape”. As well as swimming, there are many other sports and activities that foreign exchange students are involved in. Vanessa Torres is on the dance team and agrees with Bossard about the fat intake in America. “I went to McDonalds recently and there was so much fat in the burger, it was unbelievable,” said Torres. “I ate it anyway, and felt guilty afterwards. Since I have been in America, I have gained like twenty pounds at least. Dance helps me maintain my weight.” Torres danced in Peru as well. “When you dance you express how you feel. I feel free,” said Torres. “It’s a good feeling, and it leaves you endlessly happy.” It seems as if Mac High has a good range of activities and sports for all different types of people from different countries. The foreign exchange students this year involved in winter sports will definitely take away great memories from their experience.


Record: 11-10 (5-7) League Standing: 5th Last Game: vs. Glencoe 46-37 (L)



@ Newberg 7:15 pm

Feb. 15

Newberg HS

@ Newberg 5:45 pm

Record: 11-10 (6-5) League Standing: 4th Last Game: @ Glencoe 64-41 (W)


Feb. 15

GIRLS BASKETBALL Boy’s: 1st at Districts Girl’s: 2nd at Districts

Newberg HS

State Feb. 22-23


State Feb. 15-16


FEBRUARY 15, 2013




PAGE 12 FEBRUARY 15, 2013


The MHS Menu: Starter Course

Diver Scallop Crudo:

Shiso, Avocado Carpaccio, Puffed Quinoa, Quick Pickled Peppers, Pea Shoot Salad


Marget of Duck Breast:

Black Forbidden Rice, Sauteed Baby Bok Choy, Heirloom Carrot Julienne, Vinegar Argo Dolce


Green Tea Panna Cotta:

Honey-Orange Consomme, Dried StrawberryPistacio Salad, Candied Lemon

Isaiah Case/ The Bruin BRUIN MAGAZINE

FEBRUARY 15, 2013



BRUIN Report

School board backs DISSECTION


McMinnville school board recently voted that cat dissection will continue in Ruth Gaskin’s AP Biology class. It was argued by the Cat Coalition that the cats were being put to death inhumanly. It is an important part of AP Biology to have hands on labs, that’s why cat dissection is so important.


wrestling beats newberg

ZOE HAYS / The Bruin

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR EXTRA MINUTE? by BEN SHIEBER Since the solstice on the twenty first of December, you have been given a unique gift each and every day. From on a high comes a golden opportunity, a stellar chance to make light of secret unfulfilled wishes. What is this heavenly boon, you may ask? Well, let me tell you. Because the Earth’s axis is ever so slightly tilted, every twenty four hours (one rotation) the sun spends a little more time on our side of the planet. This tiny increment averages out to be about minute; this means that every morning when you wake up, the brand new day before you is one whole minute longer that the day before. A whole minute, just think of the possibilities; in one minute you could write a note to your parent or sibling, wishing them a good day. If you spend one extra minute in the shower you could finish that lovely song we all know you were perfecting. With a whole minute at your disposal you could read the morning comics, get the mail, clean your plate off after dinner, draw a picture (haven’t done that in a while, have you?) water your plants,


FEBRUARY 15, 2013


watch the sun rise or set, or just take a well-deserved break. The possibilities increase quickly when you consider that each day is longer than the day before. Since New Year’s Day your time spent in the sun has gotten around forty five minutes longer. With a whole forty-five minutes worth of daylight suddenly and wonderfully added to your routine why not take the chance to interrupt your dreary schedule? Go for a run, wake with the sun and cook a nice breakfast for yourself, record your day’s events (that journal will be worth a lot someday when you’re a star) call up a friend or make a new one, the options are endless. Of course, the twenty four hour period is not actually any longer, and in Oregon the extra attention paid to us by the sun is often shielded by a jealous layer of clouds. However, there is something incredibly comforting in the knowledge that that wonderful burning orb is there, warming the world and pushing us towards a summer full of bright mornings and long golden evenings.

Wrestling and swimming have gone out with a bang at their Districts last weekend. Boys swim team won first and girls second. The swim team will be competing in state Feb. 8-9 at Mount Hood Community College. Wrestling qualified nine for state, including Jared Sublet who won the District III bracket.

Boring assemblies

There has been much criticism affiliated with the assemblies here at Mac High. Many are questioning the entertainment value of watching people play ping pong and ping pong is not something most students feel the school should be spending their money on. Students want to watch something they can relate to, and ping pong does not do it.

parents yelling at refs McMinnville high school basketball games have been disrupted by obnoxious parents yelling at the referees’ calls. It is a disruption to the game for the students watching and also to the students playing. Parents need to understand their place as supporters.

lockdowns and security

Safety has become a rising concern in public schools across the nation, sparked by the shooting that went on at Sandy Hook Elementary in December. It’s not fair that our students should have to deal with mass shootings while they are in school. They should be focused on their school work and not be consumed by staying alive.

Valentine’s Day Poll What would you rather have done on Valentine’s Day? A.) B.) C.)

Eat a box of chocolate with your significant other in a candle lit room with smooth jazz playing in the background. Watch the Notebook with your two best friends, Ben and Jerry. Wait to go shopping at Wal-Mart for half off Valentines Candy.

A Valentine’s Day Message

Vote online at

“You are my sunshine.” -Steve Cooper

“My life will never be the same, I love you.” - Matt Brisbin “Your counselor is cool, your counselor is sweet, your counselor likes you. Now isn’t that neat?” -Becky Laxton “You’ve been my best friend for the last 25 years. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day.” -Kerrie Savage BRUIN MAGAZINE

FEBRUARY 15, 2012



Pictures by Erik Rodriguez

GIRL’S BASKETBALL 2012-2013 SEASON-- Record: 11-9 (4-5)

The lady Grizzly basketball season has gone well so far with a record of 11-9. “The season is going pretty good,” said senior Grace McMillan. “Our record isn’t what I think it should be, but I think we are improving as the season goes on. We have a chance to do really well towards the end of the season.” The team seems to be learning and advancing as the season goes on, giving them a great shot at more wins. “I think this has been a good season,” said sophomore Audrey McMillan. “We’ve learned a lot about working better as a team and finding our strengths and weaknesses. I think the season we’ve had so far is going to help us do really well in the coming games.” The girls all seem to work really well together as a team and they all have a great bond.


2012-2013 SEASON-- Record: 14-0

Grizzly wrestling has had an incredible season so far this year. The team as a whole is undefeated in dual meets, and many of the individual wrestlers have had a near undefeated season as well. There is a long history between Newberg and McMinnville wrestling. Recently Mac wrestled a dual meet versus Newberg. “We did great,” said senior Tiger Paasch. “We really wrestled as a team. We have become a family, and we all wrestled off of each other, [so when] one guy gets a pin it pumps the next guy up to go out and wrestle his heart out.” McMinnville beat Newberg 45-28. “It feels good to be a part of the first team to beat Newberg in 26 years,” said senior Bryce Branson. “I believe hard work begins in the practice room and our room is really elevated with our workouts right now,” said Paasch.


FEBRUARY 15, 2013


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