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Return of the MACA “


Mr. Mac High, A8

This will only make our school more crowded, and it’s crowded enough. Freshman Christian Medina

MHS students lend a hand in Mexico YAHOO, Page A2

Softball crushing the competition CRUSHING, Page B1


MACA students Devon Taylor, Nicole Spencer, Kelsey Burton and Casey Anglin contemplate their return to the MHS campus next year. MACA will return in the fall as a pathway, not a separate high school.

MHS and MACA merge after a three year divorce because of budget cuts

Where our ASB votes are going ENDORSEMENT, Page A4

by OLIVIA NILAND With millions of dollars in projected budget deficits, the future of Oregon public education is facing dramatic changes. In the McMinnville School District, administrators have already taken the first steps toward cutting expenses for 2011 and beyond. Superintendent Maryalice Russell announced in March that the Media Arts and Communications Academy (MACA) would cease to operate as a separate high school, and instead will be streamlined

into a pathway at McMinnville High School. “We’re really excited about the opportunity to welcome students back to MHS,” said MHS Principal Kris Olsen. “This gives kids the chance to experience aspects of MHS in ways that they weren’t able to before.” MACA, located across from MHS on Evans Street, first opened its doors in 2008. The school’s curriculum has continually emphasized the integration of media and technology into the classroom environment. Few non-media classes

and electives—such as art, music, or student leadership— have been offered at MACA in the past, while clubs and sports have also been relatively scarce on campus. “MACA students will still be able to retain their passion for the media pathway,” said Olsen. “But they’ll also be able to get the richness of the high school experience at MHS.” A taste of that unique high school experience has been ofPlease see MACA, Page A3


Conjuring charity

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The stories of these veterans provide insight and details that cannot be replictaed in the classroom.

Teacher ryan mcirvin talking about living history day MORE PICTURES, Page A3

Mr. Mac High hosts annual pageant to conclude fundraising for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital by GIO GALVEZ An amazing evening can be created by so many factors. A great theme, array of lights and stage presence can create a magical event. Mr. Mac High put on another one of those per- Chambers formances on Winner of Mr. April 14 at the Mac High McMinnville Community Center. The event was led by nine star-studded guys, Ryan Martin, Ian Robins, Alex Worth, Will Waterbury, Dylan Leathers, Sam Mariquez, Cesar Anguiano, Mathew Chauvin, and Kyle Chambers. “Those guys were so hilarious but very focused,” said Doern-

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becher club advisor Don Witten, “they were so very rehearsed.” Since the beginning of the school year the guys of Mr. Mac High have been hard at work trying to raise as money as they possibly could. The student body saw them throughout the halls, toting their giant water jugs, begging anyone in sight for some spare pocket change. During an assembly, the masses were asked to throw any spare coins towards the gym floor to help children in need. It’s fair to say that they succeeded in making this years’ Mr. Mac High, simply magic. The night ran as smooth as any Mr. Mac High should be expected to. There were so many things to like about this night, from all the guys talents to the sweet feeling of giving to those in need.

MUNsters take over

Please see MAGICAL, Page A8

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Senior Connor McKeegan discusses during a meeting for the Model United Nations conference.The club took over 70 students to Eugene.

Swarms of teenagers from the MUN club return to the U of O campus to solve the world’s problems by RYAN MARTIN What happens when 1,500 of the most intelligent and outgoing high school kids from around the state of Oregon are all put in one room? The Model United Nations conference of course. McMinnville High School is known having one of the best and largest MUN clubs in the state, and this year continued the legacy, with several students walking away with top awards. On April 7-9, 40 schools from all



over the state arrived at the University of Oregon to debate world topics and come up with formal solutions. This year, the MHS club was lead by senior Anthony Veith, who has been involved in MUN for three years, and grew to over 70 members, the most participants the club has ever seen. “The conference was definitely more fun,” said Veith. “I was not only proud to see how I have Please see MUN, Page A2




Partly Cloudy

Blood drive is big success, A2



Photo of the Issue

The Bruin


W E D NE S D AY. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .

CampusBeat [MARCH-APRIL]

A ballerina with chest hair Mr. Mac High was a huge success, with the event raising $100,000 towards Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. In this photo Jordan Gonzalez performs a routine with another contestant, Will Waterbury. See page A8 for story.


For tons of more pictures and coverage on the event, visit



Building for the needy The Dates. Officer Doug Cummins

High schoolers all over Yamhill County packed their bags and headed to Mexico for Spring Break by HAYDEN ALLEN


A little girl helps mix cement used to keep the walls steady during the YAHOO Mission trip. Over 300 people from around the area made the trip.

Over spring break, a group of 64 thoughtful volunteers dedicated their o w n time to buildi n g houses for und e r privileged M e x i - Farag cans in Second time a town going on trip in Mexico called Tecate. They left early Friday morning in a regular sized charter bus and a mini bus, and then arrived in Mexico Sunday. The trip was funded by Yamhill Alliance Helping Others Out, or also commonly used, “YAHOO.” While these volunteers were there, they successfully built four


An elderly woman helps cut a board for the house she is to live in. The group built four homes for four families in need.


Students take charge in commitees Continued from Page A1 grown in Model UN, but I was also very proud to see the kids in the club perform as well as they did this year.” Every year at the conclusion of the conference, awards are given out to members of each committee who have represented their countries better than all others. This year, five club members from MHS took home prizes. One winner of a “best consensus builder,” award was a first year club member, sophomore Eliza Hallet. “I was very nervous with it being my first year, but all

the work that we put into the club leading up to the conference really paid off in the long run,” said Hallet. “I had a blast getting to know everyone from all the different schools.” “This year our club was the strongest it has ever been. By adopting a Big Five country, we not only played a bigger role in the conference, but it made us work even harder to have our voice heard all weekend,” said MUN club Vice-President, junior Katelyn Harrop. “All the club members that took home awards really worked hard for them and I look forward to next year even more after how we’ve performed this year.”

Harrop hopes to become club president next year, and eagerly welcomes the prospect of leading such a popular and large club at MHS. With elections for the executive board for the club next year happening soon, Model UN club stands to be even stronger next year, and with club members bringing their skills of debate back to the classrooms of MHS, the school is set to be rampant with debate for several months to come. While there is never a shortage of world topics that seem to captivate the youth of America, look for Model UN club to only get stronger in years to come.


Students meet in the old Mac Court on the U of O campus before the start of the conference. Over 2,000 students from Oregon made the trip for the event.

whole entire houses in a week and were able to change four families’ lives forever. “By giving these people houses to live in we were giving them what they had been hoping for, in some cases, for years,” said sophomore Eliza Hallet who has participated in this trip for two years. Junior Alex Farag who has also attended for two years said, “What we may think is really small, can make a huge difference.” The locals were not the only ones who benefited from this; it also impacted the volunteers as well, emotionally, and physically. “What impacted me the most was on the last day when we were giving the family the keys to their new home, one of the little girls wiped a tear from her dad’s eyes,” said Farag. After working the houses for a week they meant something to the builders and were not just pieces of wood nailed together. “A small group of people and I started, worked on, and finished the entire roof of one of the houses. We really felt connected

to that house, we were part of it,” said Hallet. After hearing from people that attended one would of gotten all great responses referring to the experience, but there was just one minor set back from more than one of them. “It rained. A lot,” said Farag. Besides the rain the trip seemed to be full of rewarding memories and positive thoughts. “I will definitely be going again because every year it gets better and better, said Farag. “I made a lot of new friends and it is such a fulfilling trip,” said Hallet. The “YAHOO” Mexico trip is held every year and everyone has the opportunity to go. It is a great way to perform gloal service and impact the lives of many in the nation of Mexico. Anyone that is interested can find out more information online or going to First Baptist Church and contacting Georgine Benner. The trip is scheduled for spring break 2012. Don’t miss out on a great trip and a chance to help those in need.


28. Senior Class Meeting 28. ASB Elections 30. PROM MAY

7. SAT’s @ MHS 7. MEF Fashion Show 9. Progress Reports 23. Twilighter Night 30. NO SCHOOL 31. Senior BBQ JUNE

1. Powder Buff Volleyball 2. Powder Puff Football 4. SAT’s @ MHS 6-9. Senior Finals 9. Senior Honors Assembly 10. Graduation, 2011 11. ACT’s @ MHS 13-16. 9-11 Finals 16. Last Day of School Happy Summer!

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NEWS Psych! Witten decides to stay


W E D NE S D AY. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .

Beloved English teacher, yearbook adviser decides to remain at MHS another year

Photo courtesy of Megan Looney

The cheer team poses in front of Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida. They competed in nationals there.

Cheerleaders add to list of achievements Team continues competing in state and around the nation by CHAS LAUGHLIN The city of McMinnville is well known for several things: the pinot noir festival, the wonderful downtown restaurants, and of course its very spirited McMinnville H i g h School s t u d e n t Looney body. At Team captain the heart and leader of this spirit are the MHS cheerleaders. These students attend nearly every sporting event hosted at the high school while participating in their own competitions. Some of their most notable actions involve starting most of the thunderous chants that MHS is recognized for. The young students practice nearly year round, preparing for the national competitions as well as domestically hosted competitions. “We have a lot of experienced and talented girls participating on the team this year,” said the team captain, junior Megan Looney.” The cheerleaders this year have taken first in every competition they have participated in this year with the exception of state, where they placed third. With the third place score at state, the team won the right to travel to Florida to

compete at a national competition. Two years ago, during the ‘08-‘09 school year, the MHS cheerleaders placed first in a national competition, and many of the team members were glad they repeated this feat. The competition was divided into several divisions and the Grizz managed to win first in their small division. Hannah Lang also placed first in individuals, an achievement on this year’s already prestigious list of accomplishments. To pay the way for their cross country trip, the cheerleaders fundraise year round, so they do not have to be a financial burden on the school district. “My favorite part of cheer is having us be all together like a family,” said Alex Castaneda. While in Florida the team got the privilege to frolic in the magical land known as Disney World. He hopes to become a stunt man for the Portland Trailblazers in the near future. Another current cheerleader who is continuing their pursuits with the sport is senior Stephanie Sulak who is one of 9 girls and 9 boys who made the Oregon State cheerleading team. “It’s so much better than anything I’ve ever done,” said Sulak, “I couldn’t have done it without Tracy!” Every one is very proud of our cheerleaders and how they have preformed this year.

by AARON HADDELAND Despite the rumors of this year, McMinnville High School teacher Donald Witten will return for another year of teaching. Last year there was a thought that Witten would be retiring after the 20102011 school year, but this is false. “At the beginning of the year I was probably leaning 80 percent towards retirement,” Witten said. Despite early year feelings, Witten has had a change of heart and decided to return for at least one more year of teaching. Witten contributes this to a year of spectacular students. “Great classes, all of them. I would like to give a special shout out to period seven.” Students in Witten’s seventh period AP Literature and Composition have helped encourage

him to stay for at least one more year at MHS. During the spring of 2010 many sophomores signed up for the usually senior filled AP Literature and Composition, hoping to get their chance to be taught by the local legend before the opportunity slipped away. Now these students have a chance to spend one more fantastic year with Witten before they graduate. One of these juniors is Cesare Bisbocci. “I think it’s fantastic [that Witten is returning] because I want my younger sister to have him,” said Bisbocci. Students are exuberant that Witten has decided to stay. Not only a teacher of high quality, he is also a mascot of sorts for many activities around the school. Witten’s continual involvement in Mr. Mac High has helped build the event to the stature it is at today.

Of course, many students realize that Witten’s return will be a great thing for the school. “Even now in my moment of true inspiration I cannot relay the ecstasy [Mr. Witten] returning,” said Bisbocci. Witten is also excited about next year. “I’m teaching a lyricism class next year,” said Witten. Witten also is the Yearbook adviser, and is one of the reasons the series has won many awards. He has helped the yearbook move to an all colored book last year. One of the resent activities that Witten installed was the 37 day sock challenge, which encouraged students to wear mismatched socks for a little over five weeks. The chalDYLAN LEATHERs / The Bruin lenge was made to encourage students to get rid of Don Witten teaches one of his discrimination of any kind English classes. This year’s students inspired him to stay. in their lives.

Living History Day

Veterans honored by students

Teacher Ryan McIrvin wears a necklace that the Native American Indian veteran gave to him for his work with the veterans. The whole event was put on at the Evergreen Aviation and Air Museum. Many veterans were present and gave speeches to the entire sophomore class from MHS, EASA students, and a few students from the middle schools in McMinnville. This is the second year of the event, which is put on by the sophomore history teachers and a few others. All photos by BLAKE EGLI & Will WORTH/ The Bruin


Separate institution merges with MHS, Olsen excited about the addition Continued from Page A1 fered to MACA students in the past few weeks, as MHS students and staff look ahead to the integration of the schools this fall. An April 14 activity fair for incoming freshmen and MACA students showcased the variety of clubs, sports, and pathway programs offered at MHS. A few weeks prior to the fair, MHS Leadership

Adviser Kerrie Savage and ASB members also visited the MACA to peak interest in student leadership for next year. Several clubs have held meetings at MACA recently, as well. “Structurally, the MACA pathway will be similar to EASA,” said Olsen, likening the media arts pathway to the current engineering program at Evergreen Aviation, which EASA students are shuttled to on A-days. “Kids will be at MACA every other day, beginning in the

morning or after lunch.” According to Olsen, upperclassmen will also have the opportunity to try their hands at the media arts without becoming full-time MACA students. “The experience should be fun,” said MHS junior Cheyenne Kauffman. “It can be a really good opportunity for people who want to learn and succeed to do so in a different way. Plus, MACA kids can bring a lot of variety to the school.” The news that MACA

will operate similarly to EASA may help to alleviate the concerns of some at MHS, who fear that a transfer of approximately 250 extra students in the fall will overwhelm staff and inflate classroom sizes. “At any given time, only about half of the incoming MACA students will be at MHS,” said Olsen. “In reality, there will only be approximately ninety additional students in the building at any one time next year.” Given that the McMinnville School District faces a $6.5 million budget shortfall over the course of the next year, MACA’s $300,000 annual operation cost made it an obvious area for cuts. Among the possibilities proposed by the District for slashing expenses, laying off teachers and increasing class sizes have been two of the options continually on the table at budget meetings. With the closure of MACA as a full-time high school, both measures will ultimately be implemented to some extent. Still, administrators are eager to stress that the integration of the two schools will not result in numerous layoffs. “Some teachers will be teaching at the MACA pathway, and some at MHS,” said Olsen. While the McMinnville School District handles employment details, students at both high schools are more concerned about what

the integration will mean for the respective student bodies. “This will only make our school more crowded, and it’s already crowded enough,” said freshman Christian Medina. “I think MACA students will have a hard time adjusting. I do think that it’s a good idea that kids will only be here every other day though, because it will mean fewer students in the building.” Some MHS students have chosen to view the integration as a positive experience, given that the separate high schools have been


What’s really the mind of ( ( onMHS students 125 students surveyed

you think that Q: Do the integration of

the MACA students to MHS will be successful?


No, all parties will feel awkward


Maybe, but they seem to alienate themselves from all things MHS


Yes, they will fit right in!

somewhat of a barrier in some students’ friendships over the course of the past few years. “They’ll bring more diversity to the school,” said junior Evelyn Banu. “Integrating the high schools will help to reunite old friendships, too.” Throughout the years, MACA’s media-based curriculum has been the subject of scrutiny by some students, teachers, and parents alike, and some wonder whether the academic transition will be a smooth one. “I don’t think [MACA students} will be able to handle school at MHS,” said freshman Keegan Cassidy. “The curriculum here is a lot harder. Students actually have to work for diplomas.” Still, some MACA students have expressed enthusiasm about tackling a new curriculum at MHS next year, where they will have the opportunity to choose classes not offered at their current school. “I’m pretty excited that I’m going to MHS next year,” said MACA sophomore Casey Anglin. Opinion on the integration of the high schools is relatively divided, however, for MHS staff, there will remain a common goal throughout the process: “The key is to integrating kids back into MHS,” said Olsen. “That will be our biggest challenge.”



The Bruin


W E D NE S D AY. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .

A door in the face is not pleasant Bruin Reporterr

Hallways at school are already terribly crowded during passing times, and the only thing worse then when people stop in a hallway is when a door stops you in the hallway. When it’s someone stopping, the chances of being able to get

Megan O’Leary


around them are higher then they are when there’s a big wall that people are piling out of on the other side. Once you’re stuck behind the door, there is no way to get back out unless you either get lucky or offend some people and cut across the hallway. Who in the world designed to have doors that swing into a hallway where young adults would be walking? The biggest issue with the door situation is how dangerous it could be. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone were to run into one due to the lack of care most of us walk around with. People don’t always spend their time paranoid about doors flinging open when they are walking to or from class, not everyone in the school is capable of walking

carefully as if something’s going to jump out in front of you. The worst hall to walk down is first hall by Bear Hugs, that’s where you need to pay the closest attention to what’s happening around you. The hall is not only half the width of what is needed, but it’s always congested with ridiculous amounts of people. The added chance of a door flying in front of you just adds to the reasons why that hall is the worst in the school. One might argue whether the dangers are a product of your own carelessness, or if it’s a true problem. But it is a problem; it’s not uncommon to be in a big discussion or telling your friend something super important while you’re walking and not notice something in front of you. Peripheral vision can in fact fail you at times, especially if you aren’t bothering to take notice of your surroundings. Though, it would be extremely hard for the school to flip all of the doors an door hinges to go into the class rooms instead of the halls. Schools wouldn’t be able to really fund that, especially at this time. Moral of the story: be aware of your surroundings, you could very well be the victim of walking into a temporary wall if you aren’t ready!

Forecasting early with no changing possible is ridiculous

e ditorial board

in criminal justice. So if we are so quick to change are goals why would we be asked to make a permanent choice as to the classes we want to take. To make matters worse the Counseling Center has changed or taken away our ability to change our schedule after we have seen it. What if I don’t want to take that class anymore? There are so many things that could change over a summer break I really don’t see how they could expect everyone to be pleased with their schedule when the re-

turn. Its not that the we as students are brats It’s hard to make sure that everyone is hapbut we simply want the classes that we are py and I know that, but a little bit of time interested in and can help to correct some of the major mistakes us with our goals in life. made in the scheduling process I understand that everywould be nice. body can not get every class I believe that the two weeks that the wish to have, that’s a givused to be given to change things en, but most people should was best, it wasn’t asking for a scruat least get something close pulous exam of everybody’s classes to the schedule they but only the students that needed want. It only makes Giovanni Galvez something desperately enough to go sense that if you want see their counselor. to be a Journalist you get into Journalism.

Features Editor

It seems forecasting for our new school year here at MHS has swung around earlier then we are used to. Though some students are very cavalier to the new process I feel that making us decide on our next year so soon is almost asking for disaster. As teenagers we are notoriously ambivalent. Our minds can change for one minute to the next. Today a student might want to be an educator for a living and tomorrow that same student might want to peruse a career



Mr. Mac High

It was a complete sucess and a magical night indeed! All of the contestants’ performances were amazing, keeping the crowd in smiles the entire night. Kyle Chambers was the lucky man who came out on top. Everyone who was a part of Doernbecher’s club worked extremely hard and they deserve a huge pat on the back. At the end of the night, they handed a check of $100,000 over to a Doernbecher representative. Great job guys!!

Varsity girls Softball Mac’s softball team has been doing great since the very beginning of the season, winning twelve straight games in a row. However, a recent change in attitudes caused the team to perform less than their best. The Grizzlies lost to Glencoe, Tualatin and Tigard - three games in a row, causing them to drop to 2nd in state. The team will need to make an adjustment in order to come out on top.

Early Forecasting Forecasting is already stressful enough - now, with early forecasting, students are being forced to make decisions even earlier. What if someone is into art this year, but by the fall they hate it? No worries, right? You can change it - WRONG! There’s a new policy stating that no schedule changes will be allowed next year under any circumstances. MHS students - choose wisely.

No love in MacTown one thing for sure, it was not based out of McMinnville. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems that all of McMinnville is just a plain cold and mean town. Pulling up to a stop sign with a person on the sidewalk is my perception of a wild-west stare down. The person will drop whatever they are doing (texting, talking to a friend, or maybe checking their mail) to make some of the most awkward eye contact ever. Almost as if they’ve never seen a car before and they are wondering why a steel dragon is rolling down the street, they glare right at you as if they are anticipating you getting out of your car and mugging them like a mission on Grand Theft Auto. Who in this town hasn’t been looked at like a criminal for doing something as simple as sitting on a curb? If you haven’t noticed, pay more attention, people have no manners in this town. I guess it could just be all in my head, but it sure seems like people in McMinnville have nothing better to do than just be mean.

Yes, the four day weekend was nice, but have any of you looked at calendar recently? From now on, we have five day school weeks for the rest of the school year except for Memorial Day on May 30. The end of the year is hard enough with the weather getting nicer and summer approaching. The student body needs some three day weekends here and there!

Sports Rainouts It’s almost the end of April and sporting events are still being canceled due to rainouts. Games and matches are being rescheduled over and over and kids are having to play three or four a week. Occasionally, some are being rescheduled to Saturdays, taking up that valuable day off. Mother Nature, can we please have some sun?

Members of the Editorial Board include: Jessica McMillan Editor-in-Chief

Stephen Grinich Managing Editor

Layne Pendleton Opinions Editor

Nike swooshes on my feet Walking through the halls of McMinnville High School, there are many types of footwear; people rock all sorts of brands. In recent years it has been common to see a pair of classic Vans, or the occasional slipon. Even rags like Toms have sparked a trend in the daily hustle and bustle of passing periods. The thing that seems to be seen the most is that Nike swoosh. From athletic to casual, Nike offers a shoe for the whole family. When walking some distance, the arch support and comfort of the mid top dunk makes a big difference. Some kids around the school would completely disagree and say that the thin little pieces of rubber keep their feet secure. Everyone has their own preference. That being said the joy brought from opening a fresh box of white Air Force ones can’t compare. That new shoe smell gives off a tingling vibe in the nostrils. That most definitely makes an irreplaceable love for the shoe. Comfort is a major deal, but style is where consumers look for that new Nike. When browsing the Jumpman23 site, eyes light up when that new J appears on the

screen. The slightest change in design is noticed by the believers, even the dreamers. If one were to have some sense they would have a Jordan wish list. Although it appears as a totally different brand, it is as much apart of Nike as the Oreo cookie to a glass of milk. Nikes on my feet make my outfit complete, they keep me comfy when I’m walking down Evans Street. Even taking a stroll to the bathroom during class gives the wearer truancy with some style. Nikes tend to go with any fashion trend from skinny jeans to slacks, from dudes on stage spitting raps to casual Fridays in the Ryan Cornelison workplace. In the end, the Vans and the Toms and all the other plural pieces of scrap people wear will eventually fail them. The bigger picture stimulates an image of Air Jordan ones on the feet of a legend, rather than some low cut surfer dude shoes.

Photo Editor

Bruin Reporter

In the big world today, there is a lot of love to be given. Great stories of random acts of kindness headline CNN and fables that depict doing things for the common good are spread amongst the world. Where I come from, its okay to wave hello at someone you don’t exactly know and most of the time they will give a little smile and wave back. Even in the ‘Sin City’ of Las Vegas, groups of men have had entirely too Connor Farrell much to drink, lose their friend, steal a tiger, get beaten by a naked Chinese man who just jumped out of their trunk, and still manage to make friends along the way. My last example of friendliness is that of Dale and Brennan, two 40-year-old men who live at home with their parents, and are forced to move in and embrace each other as “Step Brothers.” Although I don’t know where this story is actually set from, I can guarantee you of


No Days off

The Bruin


W E D NE S D AY. A p r i l 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .



Bruin endorses Tillery and Martin The duo shows impressive qualities that can translate into leading the school and improving its condition

On Thursday, April 28, the student body of McMinnville High School will vote on next year’s ASB executive board. The most influential positions, president and vice president, will set the mood and tone of next year’s leadership organization and the activities and events they organize. The Bruin’s editorial board holds the well-being of the school at top priority, and after interviewing each of the three pairs of candidates, the editorial board has decided who we believe are the most fit and qualified for the job. For this year’s election, The Bruin’s editorial board will be endorsing juniors Blake Tillery and Ryan Martin as ASB president and vice-president, respectively. The job of an ASB president and vice president is to make the school a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. The pair has to have strong communication with the student body, clubs, administration and faculty members. The president and vice president need to have a kind attitude toward others and a strong ability to lead. The duo also needs to be creative, humorous, and intelligent; all qualities great leaders are made of.

Jessica McMillan Editor-in-Chief

The endorsement choice, Tillery and Martin, have these components of leadership in their character and would be a great pair of students to represent the student body. Tillery has been involved in school leadership for a very long time. Dating back to the days of seventh grade, he has put on school activities and come up with ideas that strengthen the unity of the student body. His outgoing personality balances humor with seriousness, which are key qualities that an ASB president of a high school must possess. For these reasons, The Bruin’s editorial board believes that Tillery is the most qualified candidate to facilitate ASB activities and be in charge of the student run aspects of the program. Running with Tillery is his vice president, Ryan Martin. Martin has been involved with ASB activities all year, contributing his creative ideas and organization. The Bruin’s editorial board agrees that they are the best qualified and would create an exhilarating and memorable 2011-2012 school year.

Stephen Grinich Managing Editor

Layne Pendleton Opinions Editor

Canidates for President and Vice President Charles Laughlin and Wyatt Waterbury Bethany Palacios and Olivia Burke



Alex Farag

Emma Pattishall

Both the treasurer and secretary (both executive board positions) ran unopposed. Therefore Alex and Emma automatically recieved their respective positions. The student body will hear their ideas and plans for the upcoming year in the assembly today through a three minute speech.

Lunch detentions need to be eliminated, demolished

The BRuin since 1918


Contact The Bruin (503) 565-4159

Program or afterschool weightlift- urday school lasts from 8 a.m. to ing, after school detentions can noon on a Saturday; that means cause quite a bit of four hours of rehabilitation for betrouble. These peoing a few minutes late to ple often cannot afclass a couple of times. ford to miss a day. The lunch detentions Should a student offered a good way for peonot be able to make ple who occasionally made it to his or her after a poor choice to serve their school detenpunishment without intion, a Saturday terfering with after school Charles Laughlin school will be activities. The school adassigned! Satministration did not put in

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a whole lot of effort to alert the student body of this new policy. Even if there was a reason, the student body should have been made aware somehow other than when they are on trial with one of many of our schools administrators. I still think lunch detentions served a purpose for many people, and it is a shame they are gone.

Best board game of all time Possibly the best board You must play with strength game known to man, The and endurance. Risk buildSettlers of Catan, is “the ing in a direction to grab an board game of our time,” ore port, or block off another named by the Washington player’s attempt for a settlePost. Originally made in ment. Whatever you choose, Germany by Klaus Teuber, it will affect you for the rest The Settlers of Catan was of the game. named the US Board Game Catan consists of 19 of the Year in tiles, 18 of them be1996. What ing resources. There could be more are 4 sheep (pasture), fun than the 4 wood, 4 wheat, 3 game itself, brick, and 3 ore. The are the people final tile is the desert, you play with. which doesn’t provide Whether any resources. The Wyatt Waterbury you go desert is also where for Lonthe robber begins. gest Road or Biggest Army, When the number 7 is rolled there are many strategies to on the two die used to allot use to your advantage. resources, the robber can With the approximate be moved to block off oppo10 minutes it takes to set nents resources. up, and the 60 to 90 minute To me, Catan started begames, “Catan” is no joke. tween my 7th and 8th year

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I do understand that it has become common place for people to suddenly get struck with illness, and are forced to return home where they miraculously recover after a healthy lunch and return to school. This disease is also known as skipping lunch detentions. Now the administration has decided to cut out lunch detentions entirely. For people who have after school activities such as sports, the Grizzly Afterschool

Bruin Reporter

I’m sitting in class grinding through my day as the daily white slips get passed out. It is no surprise that my name is on the top one, for I have been tardy to an unknown number of classes. But, to my surprise, I see an after school detention as my punishment. For a couple of tardies? It seems a little extreme to me, but so does slaughtering a barrel full of bunnies because one made a mean face at you.

in my career as a student. I was at Breakaway Lodge in Gearhart, OR and saw a few Young Life leaders playing. I took instant interest, and immediately sat down to learn the rules and study the game. Throughout the years, I have played multiple times, and having a positive winning record. No matter what the setting, as long as it isn’t at a wild crazy rave, Catan can be played anywhere. On a river, in a plane, or in a humble abode, but probably not skydiving. My advice to all: play it. Play it in person. Play it on your iPhone. Play it on your gaming system. Spread the word of Catan my friends. It’s an amazing game, and can bring joy to all who play.

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w e d n e sday. ap r i l 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .

Symphonic Choir to San Fran


McMinnville High School’s Symphonic Choir, led by Robin Pederson, traveled to San Francisco touring and participating in workshops by Mckenzie barnes And Connor FArreLL The talent at McMinnville High School is too great to keep inside of Yamhill County, so the Symphonic Choir and Twilighters took their talents on the road and san their way down to San Francisco. Director Robin Peterson raved about the trip on the school website, stating that it’s as good and as fun as a tip she has ever been on. “It was a team building activity to create a stronger choir, it was our Symphonic Choir’s 2011 Tour,” commented Kortney Martinez. The groups attended a University of Oregon workshop, and preformed an outdoor concert at South Medford High School. The group also sang at tourist hot spot Ghirardelli Square, it was a great experience for Erika Bakner because “it was fun because we got to sing outside because it was really nice and we don’t get to do that here normally.” It was fun for Megan Uhrinak because “people who were watching us and were taking out their cameras and were recording us.” Seeing a professional men’s choir group perform at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco provided the wow factor for many students, “it was really cool, but weird because there are guy sopranos. The whole experience was really cool in the cathedral,

Album Review

it was an overwhelming experience,” said Megan Bannister about visiting the cathedral. On the way to San Francisco, the group went to a Nike store in Vacaville, which is 30 miles outside of Sacramento. To add a little bit of fun to the trip, a flash mob was arranged, because “the Nike Store originated in Oregon and we thought it would be cool to sing in the store since we’re a school from Oregon,” said Erika Bakner. For the flash mob they sang the National Anthem and Jabula, and African song. “It was fun to see the startled Nike employees not really sure what’s going on. Then other people started to sing along which was odd but cool,” said Megan Bannister. To end the Symphonic part of the tour, the choirs toured the Palace of Fine Arts and Exploratorium. The Twilighters then traveled onto Disneyland, “singing at Disneyland was a lot of fun, because when we started out our performance the audience was basically empty, but by the time we finished the seats that were in the audience were full,” said Connor McKeegen. To end their state-wide adventure of singing, McMinnville High School hosted the League Choir Festival and placed third, which has them in the running to go to the state choir meet.

The Strokes are back with a hot new record

by JACK ANDERSON It’s been five long years since The Strokes have released any new material, but they’ve made up for it with their comeback album, Angles. The Strokes have been prasied for their lead singer Julian Casablancas with his sexy, raspy vocals and disheveled appearance. Angles has rebuilt the band from the ground up, experimenting with new sounds and styles that give the band a slightly different feel. The Strokes released their single “Under Cover Of Darkness” as a teaser before releasing their

album. “Under Cover Of Darkness” has some flavor of The Strokes’ old sound. As catchy as the dueling guitar leads and thought out structures are, the sound falls short of their old stuff. Like most of the tracks on the record, the song skips blissfully along and carries that shaggy, careless image the band as always been best at. With their electro-pop vibes and crisply ringing guitars, the tracks “You’re So Right” and “Games” sound as if they would fit on Phrazes for the Young, Casablancas’ solo album he released awhile back. “Two Kinds of Happi-

ten s s i L thi o t

ness” is a favorite track on the album thanks to Casablancas’ swirl of oohs and ahhs with some nifty guitar shredding and ‘80s undertones. The album closes with “Life Is Simple in the Moonlight,” with a jump in mood from soft guitar to a triumph of sound. As the curtain begins to drop, he boasts, “Don’t try to stop us, Get out of the way.” Angles takes a few repeated listens to get used to the odd-new form the band has taken. When it sinks The Strokes in, the sharp, fresh new Angles (RCA Records, 2011) Strokes’ record will leave you starving for what the band can do next.

Cover Flow Earlier Records:

The Modern Age Is This It Room On Fire First Impressions Of Earth

For Listeners Of:

Indie Rock, New Wave, and Post-Punk Revival

Photos courtesy of

Hit Songs

“Under Cover Of Darkness” “Two Kinds Of Happiness” “Games” “Call Me Back” “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight”

The Bruin


w e d n e sday. ap r i l 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .


Van Patten who will be attending Sasquatch for the first time this year. “I am going with my sister and also I have friends from all over the country coming to the festival so it will be nice to see them. As for bands I don’t know I’m super excited to discover new music.” For those that are interested and like this and would like to attend, you will have to get your tickets next year because this year they are already all sold out. From May twentyseventh until the thirtieth musical vibes will be catching wind down the Gorge. Check it out and experience Sasquatch 2012.

Photo courtesy of

Sasquatch is an annual festival that attracts indie fans from everywhere. It is held near the Colombia River at The Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. For many Sasquatch is a chance to hear their favorite bands live and at the same time hear other bands that they may enjoy just have never heard of. Some of the most favored bands that will be there are Death Cab For Cutie, Flogging Molly, Cold War Kids, Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse, and many many more. It’s going to be held Memorial Day weekend like it has been for 10

years. As far as performances go there are going to be four stages, Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, and Banana Shack. Each stage already has its designated artists that will be performing on it, so check it out online. After scoping out our high school I only found one person that was attending, and they were ecstatic for this event. “I am really excited to see my favorite bands like the Local Natives, The Head and The Heart, Pepper Rabbit, Stornoway, and many others. I love the atmosphere of music and concerts being played outdoors, and I love that I am going to be able to camp,” said Senior Kelly

Over 100 Bands WHEN: May 27-30 WHERE: The Gorge Amphitheater


REstaurant Review

Band Review

Bottle Rocket

Up and coming band from small town Salem, Oregon

Songs for Japan





The Community Plate “OLD SCHOOL COOKERY”


as a band. “We played in the Salem muBottle Rocket is a four-man sic scene for like 6 years. We all band from the Salem/Portland went to high school together exarea that has chemistry as if cept for Matt.” Said Ferrin “Matt they were all brothers or at the and I wanted to start a band and very least the best of friends. It then we added consists others.” of both Everyone Blake agreed that it Ferrin all started after and there was a Andrew strong friendTennant ship for a on lead foundation. guitar “Friends and lead first, a band vocals, second.” said Rob Ferrin “Matt HarPhoto courtesy of and I share a ris on bunk bed!” Drums, and Matthew Hall on The name Bottle Rocket and Bass. their first album’s title of “SpanThe type of music Bottle ish Dreams” both had stories Rocket plays is in the indie/alof their own. Blake mentioned ternative/punk genre. On Apr. how they originally were called 1 of this year they just released The Beach Tigers, and later he their first full album “Spanish got a call from their old drumDreams” while being signed to mer that said they should Blueberry Hill Records. A big thing to any band is the change their name to Bottle Rocket. This was actually a nod ability to be close and get along to one of Wes Anderson’s movies no matter what, how they all called “Bottle Rocket.” met is a key part to their success

by JACK ANDERSON Tired of eating in the same eatery day after day? The solution: On April 4th, The Community Plate opened on 3rd Street in McMinnville, Oregon. It is located next to Twist Salon and across from Valley Skate Shop. The Community Plate is owned and operated by the owner of the Thistle restaurant. They are open daily from 7:30 to 3:00 and will be serving breakfast and lunch. The Community Plate is not just any old restaurant serving average quality food. The restaurant works with Oregon farmers and ranchers who raise their crops and

The Davis Street String Band In the fall of 2010, the Davis Street String Band was born. At the time, the band went by another name more familiar to many: The Musical Bears. The band consists of four members: junior, and newly crowned Mr. Mac High, Kyle Chambers on the banjo, sophomore Penn Sumner on the fiddle, junior Garret Ewing on the upright bass, and junior Tim Anderson on the guitar. At McMinnville High School’s annual Battle of the Bands, three of the highest scoring bands were chosen to perform at the high school’s Spring Recognition assembly. These bands included The Davis Street String Band (The Musical Bears), The Mike Fite Band, and The Wax Man. The Davis Street String Band swept the vote from the student body, winning the Battle of the Bands with an enthusiastic standing ovation. Chambers and Anderson have been

playing together since before the birth of The Davis Street String Band. It was Kyle’s idea of making a “bluegrass band” that jumpstarted the band’s music career. When the idea settled with the other members, practice was held weekly at Chamber’s house. Practice sessions were usually one to two hours. The band’s most popular songs include covers of “Wagon Wheel” (Old Crow Medicine Show), “Kids” (MGMT), and “Kick Drum Heart” (The Avett Brothers). Chamber’s infectious vocals and Sumner’s captivating fiddle skills have been reported to be stuck in the heads of many. “We’re changing our instrumentation,” said Chambers. “And we’re thinking about getting a kick drum.” It has been rumored that Sumner might pick up the mandolin for a few songs. On July 23, 2011, the Davis Street String Band will be performing at the

livestock with strictly organic habits. 95 percent of the ingredients served in the restaurant come from local farms within a 35 mile radius. All of the dishes are made fresh in the restaurant, including freshly baked breads and morning treats. To name a few tasty dishes, they serve a toasted baguette with butter, honeycomb, and jam. For lunch they serve a variety of soups and field greens with goat cheese, pickled beets, and filberts. The Oregon Albacore tuna melt with pickled peppers, Swiss cheese, and olive oil is a delight.

Hit Songs:

“Wagon Wheel” “Kids” “Kick Drum Heart”

Upcoming Performances: Starry Night Relay For Life Art event at Linfield



Starry Night event. Starry Night is a fundraiser for the McMinnville Education Foundation at Stoller Vineyards and Winery. Lead singer Chambers has some interesting ideas for their performance. “We’re thinking about having a live bear to sing harmony and Ron Hernley on the harmonica.” said Chambers. The band is planning to put together some new material for their upcoming performances, which include the Starry Night Fundraiser, the Relay for Life, an art event at Linfield College, and several other casual performances. “We have to come up with 90 minutes of playing time for our performance at Starry Night,” said Sumner. “We plan to take our music career as far as it will take us,” said Chambers. “If it takes us, we will follow.”

Now available on iTunes! 38 songs for only $9.99! All proceeds go to Red Cross relief efforts.

“Imagine” John Lennon “Walk On” U2 “Shelter From The Storm” Bob Dylan­ “Around The World” Red Hot Chili Peppers “Born This Way” Lady Gaga “Irreplaceable” Rihanna “Talking To The Moon” Bruno Mars “Firework” Katy Perry “Only Girl (In The World)” Rihanna “Like I Love You” Justin Timberlake “Love The Way You Lie” Eminem “Human Touch” Bruce Springsteen “Awake” Josh Groban “Better Life” Keith Urban “One Tribe” Black Eyed Peas “Sober” P!nk “It’s Ok” Cee Lo Green “I Run To You” Lady Antebellum “What Do You Got” Bon Jovi “My Hero” Foo Fighters “Man On The Moon” REM “Save Me” Nicki Manaj “By Your Side” Sade “Hold On” Michael Buble “Pray” Justin Bieber “Make You Feel My Love” Adele “If I Could Be Where You Are” Enya “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” Elton John “Waiting On The World To Change” John Mayer “Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)” Queen “Use Somebody” Kings Of Leon “Fragile” Sting “Better In Time” Leona Lewis “One In A Million” Ne-Yo “Whenever Wherever” Shakira “Sunrise” Norah Jones

Upcoming Concerts Portugal. The Man - April 29 The Roseland Theater 9 p.m. show

Fleet Foxes - May 1

The Crystal Ballroom 8 p.m. doors, 9 p.m. show

M. Ward - May 3-5

single Review

Justice - “Civilization” Single

French band releases their first single from their second untitled album.

Cover Flow

by STEPHEN GRINICH With their electronichouse album released in 2007, Cross, the French electronic duo Justice has returned with their newest song in four years. “Civilization,” a single off of Justice’s upcoming album arriving later this year, calls back to the groups’ earlier work, in addition to older electronic musicians like Daft Punk. When I first heard “Civilization,” I wasn’t entirety impressed. Justice was the group that got me into electronic music, and my expectation for the single was set extremely high. Something had just seemed off with the song. In the beginning, especially, a series of the same notes are played over and over again. Even when the rest of the song changes moods and keys,

these hard-electronic chords don’t change. Although some sections of “Civilization” take time to get used to, the other great parts can’t get ignored. The chorus of the song provides a nice mixture of sounds that is signature to Justice. Even though I was first skeptical about the single, “Civilization” gradually grew on me, and I was able to appreciate the entire song. “Civilization” is a song that takes getting used to. With time, my disappointment turned into enjoyment. The single is a nice preview of what is to appear in Justice’s upcoming album. My only hope is that every song doesn’t require such conditioning to enjoy.

The Crystal Ballroom 8 p.m. doors, 9 p.m. show

Atmosphere - May 9 The Roseland Theater 8 p.m. show

Of Montreal - May 12 The Roseland Theater 8 p.m.

Iron & Wine - May 31 The Crystal Ballroom 7 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. show

Foster The People - June 1 The Crystal Ballroom 8 p.m. doors, 9 p.m. show

Adele - June 3

The Crystal Ballroom 6 p.m. doors, 7:15 p.m show


Photo courtesy of

“Civilization” - Single (Elektra Records, 2011)

Sounds like:

Daft Punk, MSTRKRFT, !!!, and Hot Hot Heat

For Listeners Of:

Disco, House, and Electro House

Cage The Elephant - June 8 The Crystal Ballroom 6:30 p.m. doors, 7:30 p.m. show

Kid Cudi - June 17 The Roseland Theater 8 p.m. show

The Bruin


w e d n e sday. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .



For full Mr. Mac High photo album go to


MAGICAL EVENING Continued from Page A1

$100,000,” said Witten. Junior Kyle Chambers, Mr. Ultimate Frisbee, was crowned Mr. Mac High for the night. He performed the song, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Chambers alone raised $2,500. “I’d have to say that my favorite part of Mr. Mac High was bonding with all the guys and raising money for a noble cause,” said Chambers.

Many thanks should be given to the boys who put in hours upon hours of time into rehearsals, money raising and visiting sick kids at the Children’s Hospital. “The support of all the community and school for one big effort of giving was tremendous,” said Chambers.

“Will Waterbury’s talent, the dance was pretty sweet,” said Witten. “Ryan Martin’s dance was awesome, but I had Lady Gaga stuck in my head all Sunday.” A lot of silly stuff goes into and makes up the entire evening, but real goal of the boys was to raise money for the children in need. “The best moment of hosting was delivering the check to Doernbecher for

The best moment of hosting was giving the big check for $100,000 to Doernbecher.

The Boys Ryan Martin - Mr. Bruin Ian Robins- Mr. Leadership Alex Worth- Mr. Tennis Will Waterbury- Mr. Basketball Dylan Leathers- Mr. Environmental Sam Mariquez- Mr. International Kyle Chambers- Mr. Ultimate Frisbee Cesar Anguiano- Mr. Drama Matthew Chauvin- Mr Swimming

The Winner

Kyle Chambers Mr. Ultimate Frisbee

Money raised - $2,500 Hidden Talent - Love story-Taylor Swift Future Fantasy - Kramer from Seinfeld

All phootos by Jack anderson & Hayden Allen / The Bruin


Girls Golf B2

Girls Tennis B2

Inked Up


Life-Like Cartoon Characters



Face B4



“Coming into the season we expected to be pretty successful.”

At a Glance


Myles Horton, Varsity Tennis

Boys tennis rained out a record nine times Cancelations don’t dampen boys’ spirits, look to get past slow start on the court by ALEX ANDERSON Much of the focus and interest at McMinnville High School for spring sports solely lies upon the shoulders of the track and baseball programs. However, the boy’s tennis team, coached by Wes Gabrielson, is off to an admirable start earning a 5-2 record league record, as of April 21, with just Tualatin in their way of a possible league title. Although the season started out with endless rainouts and cancellations the Grizzly boy’s tennis team hasn’t lost their focus on con-

tinuing a successful league run. The Grizzlies opened league play in a match-up against Glencoe High School, the score was locked up at four even and Glencoe won in sets in a heartbreaker. The Grizzlies started out 0-1 in league, but would go on to win their next six of seven games reaching a 5-2 record. After a match-up with Glencoe, MHS faced the Forest Grove Vikings and won handily 7-1 and continued their winning ways defeating Tigard 7-1 as well. After posting a record of 2-1 in league, the Grizzlies faced their toughest

test of the season. Tualatin is known for its league dominance in all sports, but none more than their superiority in High School boy’s tennis. The MHS boys were defeated 2-6 dropping the Grizzlies to a .500 record in league, a subpar result according to senior Myles Horton. “Coming in to the season we all expected to be pretty successful,” said Horton. “Our main aspiration was a league title, when we were 2-2 at one point, it was disappointing.” Although the Grizzlies struggled at one point to be above .500,

the boy’s tennis squad stepped up to the challenge, to say the least. Following up the loss to Tualatin, MHS dominated Hillsboro High School 7-1 and shut out Century High School 8-0. The most recent victory for the Grizzlies came against Newberg High School. The Grizzlies defeated Newberg 6-2. After their three game win streak two notable contributors emerged: junior Jesse Stahl and sophomore Will Worth. Stahl’s sights are set much higher than Please see TENNIS, Page B3


Softball turns the corner Athlete of the year awards are given AOY, Page A2

Geelan leads team in league title hunt HUNT, Page A3

Ryan CornelIson/ The Bruin

Jourdan Williams turns the corner heading towards home plate in a game versus Sunset while Coach Larry Nichols cheers her on. The Grizzlies dominated the home game winning 10-0.

After a disapointing season last year ending with 7-8 league record, the girls jump out quick 12-3

Horsley, Oliver set state high marks TRACK AND FIELD, Page A3

Standings Baseball Pac-8


W 8 Tualatin McMinnville 8 Forest Grove 8 7 Tigard 6 Newberg 4 Glencoe 4 Hillsboro 3 Century

L 4 4 4 5 6 8 8 9


W 10 11 8 11 9 6 5 7

L 5 6 5 5 6 11 11 10

Last Game’s Results Wednesday’s Game

add in our non-conference schedule which faces many preseason favorites for state, it sure will be a challenge.” Junior Taylor McAnally gives this team vital experience with two prior years of varsity time, earning valuable minutes as a freshman. The three sport athlete’s softball position preference includes outfield and second base. With each season, McAnally has focused on certain aspects of her game so she constantly improves. “Even though I’ve had past success with the team in prior years, I’ve strived to improve, in

Next Week’s Games

MHS at Hilhi, 5:00 pm, Tue MHS vs Hilhi, 5:00 pm, Wed

Softball Pac-8


L 1 1 3 3 4 4 5 6

Last Game’s Results MHS 5, NHS 8

Wednesday’s Game

MHS vs FGHS, 5:00 pm MHS vs TUHS, 5:00 pm, Mon MHS at GHS, 5:00 pm, Wed


W 17 15 10 8 13 10 6 5

L 1 4 8 6 4 8 10 12

order to maintain my starting spot, and get ready for conference play,” said McAnally. After three league titles in a row from 2006-2009, the Grizzlies earned a dismal 7-8 record in the 2010 season, and eventually ended with a loss to Forest Grove in their play-in game. The Grizzlies softball team is led by many underclassmen and juniors, but known for their pair of seniors. With the departure of three vital senior contributors Sam O’Leary, Chauntae Sublet, and Please see SOFTBALL, Page A8

Spectator attendance poor for spring sports Baseball by CHAD SPRINGER

MHS at THS, 5:00 pm

Next Week’s Games

were upbeat and optimistic towards the upcoming season. The season started Wednesday March 16 against the Lakeridge Pacers and resulted in a 1-0 win. This further proves how much the Grizzlies will be tested in their tough non-conference schedule, which includes numerous teams ranked in the top ten: South Salem, Forest Grove, and Glencoe who were the 5A State Champions in 2010. “League will be tough, especially with the addition of Glencoe, the prior state champions,” McAnally said. “And when you

No one is showing up to support the spring athletes, come and support

MHS 3, GHS 2

W Glencoe 6 Tualatin 6 Century 4 Tigard 3 McMinnville 3 Forest Grove 3 Hillsboro 1 Newberg 1

by Alex andersen The skies begin to clear, the sun emerges, the flowers begin to bloom and the temperatures begin to plummet. It’s spring time, and with the sudden change of winter to spring, not only does the weather change, but sporting events at McMinnville High School shift from indoors to outdoors, signifying softball is in full swing. The first practice for MHS spring sports began on Feb. 28th; and the results were gloomy conditions with steady rainfall. Regardless, moods at practice

Now that the winter season has come to a close and the fall season before that, the spring season is in full swing. Or is it? With so many rain outs and cancelations in each sport it is a constant reminder to us Oregonians where we come from. The tennis team has had 9 rainouts in this season so far. And maybe the weather is the reason that attendance has been so low for all the spring sports. The spring sports are lacking attendance except for one, track. The track interest has always been pretty high. So this year wouldn’t be much different. The Grizzly Bear Open had a ton of people there to cheer on

ten different schools. But other sports such as baseball, softball, golf, and tennis have had little support. It’s hard to actually get to the sporting events when everything but track and softball is off campus. For examChad Springer ple, baseball Commentary games are at Patton Middle School, golf meets are at Michaelbook, and tennis plays on courts near Sharies Restaurant. Students, for some reason, find it inconvenient to go off campus for sports. Even though

our McMinnville teams are doing very well, the support is still low. I feel like by the end of the year spring sport attendance will sky rocket. In baseball and golf no doubt. But the sport that will probably be filling up the most seats is softball. The team is ranked in the top 10 in State with a great record. The team impresses a lot of people all over the state. This is sure to be a dream team season for them. So if you ever find yourself bored or not doing anything come check out some of your peers playing spring sports. We all know that they would love the extra support.

works hard, it pays off

Boys work to better themselves individually, and as a team to work together

by CHad Springer The baseball season isn’t coming. It’s not on its way. It is here. It has arrived. It is now in full swing and the guys are sure playing hard and working at making a memorable season out of this one. The Grizzlies this year have been led by phenomenal pitching that has kept them deep into ball games as of late. They had a very intriguing game versus the Tualatin Timberwolves in Tualatin. The game went to eleven innings Please see BASEBALL, Page A8



The Bruin


W E D NE S D AY. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .





Football, Basketball, Baseball




Volleyball, Basketball, Track

Zev Egli plays Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Egli has been on varsity for all three sports this year. Egli has been all league for football and basketball this year. Egli is a four year three sport athlete

Carlie Price plays Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Price has been on varsity for Volleyball and Basketball the last two years Price has been on the varsity Basketball team since her sophmore year Picked by the Bruin Sports Staff


Grizzlies looking to make a run in the playoffs Continued from Page B1 Karli Olsen, one senior in particular, is taking the reigns and her talents to the collegiate ranks. Senior pitcher Jourdan Williams is looking to end her McMinnville High School stint on a good note. “I want to win league, and make a run into the playoffs,” said Williams. “Even though there’s some pressure, I feel like we’ll rise to the occasion.” Each team who has had success in prior years has prided themselves in one specific area

of the game. Third baseman and fellow senior teammate of Williams is Britnee Niehus who thinks that defense is a focal point for this year’s squad. Defense is important because defense wins championships, according to Niehus, something the Grizzlies aspire to achieve. “Our strength is definitely our defense,” said Niehus. “However, our hitting has improved admirably.” A team with contributors from five underclassmen and

strong leadership from seven upperclassmen looks to be promising for the Grizzlies. With a tough non- McAnally c o n f e re n c e Varsity Softball schedule that will only lead to a more successful run into the playoffs, the Grizzlies look to take the talented group of se-


Kayli Reeser swings at bat in the Grizzlies home game versus Sunset April 8. McMinnville is on a roll only losing against two opponets out of 15 games.


Boys on track for a league title Continued from Page B1 league play. In recent years he’s experienced an admirable amount of success in State competition. “I’ve put in a lot of work in the offseason because of my excitement to improve and get back to where I should be,” said Stahl. Will Worth is an underclassman, but the way he competes one would think otherwise. He’s anchored much of the MHS boy’s tennis team throughout the season. “My role on the team is to contribute as much as I possibly can, and improve my game while doing so,” said Worth. The weather continues to warm up, so do the boy’s tennis team. With each match, regardless of the outcome, the Grizzlies use it as a lesson. RYAN CORNELISON / The Bruin With the boys continued momentum and op- TOP: Senior Tennis player Alex Worth pretimistic placing in league, pares to hit the ball in a recent match versus its one game at a time for Century. many of the boys to con- BOTTOM: Sophomore Nathan Johnson hits the tennis ball versus a Century tennis player. The quer the league. boys won the match 8-0 in a dominant victory.


NEXT MEET: April 29th Michael Book Country Club, 12:00pm WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Look for the girls to improve their record and climb up the league rankings Left to right: Members of the girls golf team at a recent practice, work on their swing.


Track and Field

On a roll with four 2011 State records

Senior Devan Hayes has a combined 32 cummulative points with a 127’ -00” throw in the Disucs event Ariel Oliver has set a 2011 State Record with a first place 142’-11” throw in the Disucus event Ashante Horsely has set three 2011 State Records with a first place 12.24 second 100 meter time, a 2nd place 25.84 second 200 meter time, and a third place 58.70 second time in the 400 meter race. Kane Kennedy has done exceptionally well with a 11.41 100 meter time


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W E D NE S D AY. A P RI L 2 7 . 2 0 1 1 .


Girls tennis looking to continue dominating Girls work hard despite early season injuries and match cancelations by ALEX ANDERSEN With each practice the McMinnville High School girls tennis team shows up willing to work and prepare for each match. The upbeat attitude has proved to be very beneficial throughout the season, sometimes full of ups and downs. Coming into the season each girls outlook on upcoming matches was similar and simple, to top off the season with a league championship. As of April 19th the girls’ tennis team stands just above .500 with a 5-4 record, placing them in the middle of the Pacific Conference race.

There are two notable seniors that try to take leadership for the team numerous times throughout the season. Senior Jean Spalding has improved with each year and is excited for how the year is shaping up for herself. “I like where I’m at right Linder now,” said Girl’s Tennis Spalding, “and how much I’ve improved from prior years.” A team in both mens and womens tennis that year

in and year out has proved their winning prowess is the Tualatin Timberwolves. “Tualatin will definitely be some of the main competition this year in league,” said senior Erica Bowman. In years prior Tualatin has brought home numerous league titles and have become a yearly perennial powerhouse. The McMinnville tennis team has taken some recent blows. Near the beginning of the season, the Grizzlies were missing key components and contributors due in part to various off the court incidents. As the season progresses the Grizzlies improved with

each game meaning MHS won’t only have a successful run through league, but a successful run through districts and state is guaranteed.


Erica Bowman prepares to hit a tennis ball in a recent match versus Forest Grove. The Grizzlies lost the meeting 3-5.


Boys golf swinging into state With Geelan leading way, team looks to make a strong showing at state by Mac Myers After a rainy start to the season, the McMinnville High School boys’ golf team looks forward to the new s e a s o n NEXT UP: with high Forest Grove at hopes, and McMinnville, hopefully, 3:45 p.m. low scores. Jan. 6th A l though upperclassmen are few, determination and experience are not. The Grizzlies currently sit second place, only trailing Tualatin High School. “Consistency is key,” said senior golfer Tyler Dyck. “If we keep playing strong like we are, we should clinch second place.” Being the only senior on the team, Dyck is one of the leaders and is always counted on to bring home a solid score. If MHS does finish ranked in the top two in

league, they would find themselves with a spot as a team in the state tournament, which hasn’t happened in twenty years. “It’d be a ton of fun to go to state together,” said junior golfer Grant Geelan. Geelan has been to state before as a freshman and sophomore, but didn’t quite

finish how he wanted to. “I’d love to come in top five or even win state,” said Geelan. “And it would be a whole new experience with my team there too.” “My main strength is my ability to strike the ball,” said junior Tyler Snyder. “If we can capitalize on our short game, we could be a

Ryan COrnelison / The Bruin

Senior golfer Connor Owens swings at Michael Book Country Club.

big threat.” McMinnville faces Glencoe and Tigard as their main competition for second place. “I try to mentally breakdown my opponent into a pulp,” said junior Jordan Holladay. “I’m also a big fan of the big stick [Driver], but I could improve in many aspects to help our team.” “It’s always good to have a positive attitude,” said Geelan. “We feed off of each other as a team. And if I get frustrated, it could affect my game and my teammates’ rounds too. But keeping things light makes it a lot more enjoyable.” “It also brings a little intimidation into my rounds with them, which can help.”

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BASEBALL: Looking to make a run in the playoffs Continued from Page B1 and ended on a 1-0 loss for the Grizzly Baseball team. On a past ball that slipped past catcher Taylor Pfohl in the eleventh led to the defeat. When the season began there were a lot of questions about the new league and who would be contenders for the post season. The high school baseball team here is sure surprising a lot of people with its senior leadership and its pitching heroics. So far this season McMinnville has been led by one of the starting pitchers Chris Haddeland. He has started the third game every series for the team so far this season. “I am glad on how the season is going so far,” said Haddeland. “I feel like we are one of the best teams in our conference and that we will be able to make quite a run in the post-season.” McMinnville have one every series they have played in as of April 25. They beat Forest Grove, Century, and Tualatin High School in a 2-1 win series.

Jake Montgomery is a senior on the team who DH’s more then anyone else according to him. He is happy with the team’s success. “This year we have played very well, gotten a ton of support, and have won a lot of big games,” said Montgomery. “But it sure would have been nice to win the one to get the sweep over Tualatin. We let that one get away.” The Grizzlies have huge games coming up against Glencoe High School. It should be a very good game and the Grizzlies would love the support. Zev Egli will be the starter for the first game, Gage Gubrud for the second, and then Haddeland at the anchor. So get out there and cheer on your Grizzly Baseball team.

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Catcher Taylor Pfohl swings at the plate in a home win versus Century. The Grizzlies won the series 2-1.


Track and field expecting a very promising season

Discus throwers, 100 meter sprinters making strides and breaking records by CHRIS VAN CLEAVE Nearly 160 McMinnville High School athletes were in attendance for the first spring track practice in late February, showing the significance track provides for the Grizzlies. Throughout the early

weeks, a plethora of personal records have been posted, and minor improvements in technique and form have been adjusted, giving proof of a very promising year. The most recent meet for MHS was a Pacific Conference opener versus Forest Grove.


Freshman jumper Austin Bettis competes in the long jump in a recent home meet versus Forest Grove

The Grizzlies started off the season on a successful note with all JV and Varsity teams coming away victorious. MHS continued their momentum against the Century Jaguars finishing first in all but one of the Varsity categories. Senior Devan Hayes leads the men’s varsity team with 32 cumulative points and a 127’0.00 foot performance in the discus. Closing in on Hayes is sophomore Kane Kennedy with 28 cumulative points. Kennedy ran the 100 meters in 11.41 seconds against Forest Grove, the 200 meter race in 23.04 seconds, and an impressive 50.76 seconds in the 400 meter. Ashante Horsley is a vital upperclassmen contributor. Horsley has earned 43 cumulative points thus far and runs the fastest 100 me-

athlete of the issue Chris Haddeland

Each issue The Bruin Sports writers and photographers vote on an athlete for Athlete of the Issue.

ter time in the state at 12.24 seconds. The 100 meter is her favorite event and this season Horsley wants her starting personal records to be stepping stones for improvement. “Coming into this year it’s been important for me to take it one meet at a time and not get caught up on what happened in the past or what I’m doing in the fu- Ramos ture,” said Track and Field H o r s l e y. “It’s one event and one meet at a time.” Along with numerous returnees from last Track season, come many new faces as well. Senior Carlie Price is

ending her sports career doing track for the first time in High School. “I just want to have fun during track,” said Price. “I have great friends who do it and it’s great to spend time with them.” Nonetheless, to Price it’s not all about being out there with her friends. Price is also focusing on improving her time in the 100 meter, which now stands at 14.18 seconds. “It’d be nice to cut down my prior 100 meter [personal record] to less than 14 seconds,” Price said. “It will definitely be a challenge though.” Sophomore Katy Crowston is an underclassman, but one couldn’t tell based on her work ethic. At the beginning of the year Crowston was a new student from Estacada High School. Sports were some-

thing that helped her get accustomed to the students at MHS. While track may not be her forte, it’s still something to keep her in shape. “Each day at practice I see it as an opportunity to improve my stamina and endurance,” said Crowston. “Not just for races, but other sports.” The season is in progress and it appears the Grizzlies track program is headed in the right direction. They have a strong core of upperclassman anchoring the team with each meet, but complimentary underclassman to provide stability and continually help the team to flourish.

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The Bruin sat down with senior baseball athlete Chris Haddeland to discuss the success of the baseball team and what has gotten him to the level that he’s at. Here’s what he had to say. Bruin:Why do like playing baseball? Chris: I like being outside, the atmosphere is unlike any other sports. It’s laid back for the most of the time and although it can be stressfull at times, having fun makes the game more enjoyable. It also make people perform better. Bruin: What has made you who you are as a player today? Chris: I think being able to respond to adversity and stay positive has helped me out. Baseball is a sport where failing 7 to 10 times is considered pretty good, and being able to get past getting out, throuwing a bad pitch or making an error has helped me be more productive. Bruin: What coaches have helped you get to were you are? Chris: All the coaches I have had over the years, have helped me significantly. Not only with technique but also the mental side of the game. Bruin: Do like being on the mound or in the batter’s box?

Jessica Mcmillan / The Bruin

“I know if I execute, I’m going to come out on top most of the time.” Chris Haddeland Varsity Baseball

Chris: I like being on the mound because I can control what I do, and I know if I execute I’m going to come out on top most of the time.


.367 batting average .490 slugging percentage 15 runs batted in .483 on base percentage .17 earned run average


Junior Chas Laughlin long jumps during a recent track meet at MHS. Boys and girls both got wins in the meet.

What’s Br



2011 Seniors: 31 Everyone else: 34



Every spring seniors use their new found freedom of adulthood to get tattoos. See if you can guess who each tattoo belongs to.

by MAC MEYERS Many speculations have arisen concerning the recent alteration of Wyatt Waterbury’s eyebrow coloration. Expert analysis indicates that on the night of March 25, while watching a 50 Tyson rap video, Waterbury was intrigued by the pigmentaion of Tyson’s eyebrows. Sickened

with envy, Waterbury was determind to modify his eyebrows to match Tyson’s. So later, while watching “I Don’t Know How to Duggie, But I Know How to Diddy”, he took a picture of Tyson and merely zoomed in on the brow, visited a local retail store and bought a Nice n’ Easy product that matched Tyson’s eyebrows. Case closed.

Would You Rather?

Would you rather eat a turkey sandwich found on the ground, no wrapper, partially stepped on, under a bench at an inner-city bus stop or talk backwards for the rest of your life?

“I would eat the sandwich depending on the type of cheese. I only eat cheddar, nothing else.” Wyatt Bellville

“I choose the sandwich. I ate the school food in elementary school so there can’t be that much of a difference.” Olivia Burke

she’s too life-like by MAC MEYERS I’d just like to raise awareness about the increasing amount of attractiveness in female cartoon characters in the past 30 years. I believe its becoming a problem for males, particularly ages 3 to 73. Boys of all ages are getting bombarded with images of ridiculously hot girls with unrealistic features. Take the Disney princesses; for years they have consumed boys’ minds with flawless faces and voices of angels. Ariel, from the Little Mermaid, is one of the most popular. Her scarlet hair and seashell bikini might just be too much for the general public to handle. Aladdin’s princess, Jasmine, has captured the hearts of millions. Her big brown eyes and belly shirt with the shoulderless straps wreak havoc on all viewers. Is this streamline of perfection bad for our youth? Are we growing up expecting this level of beauty and then getting disappointed when we meet girls from the real world? I know

I am. Animated characters hold a certain place in my heart. I have many secret crushes on many different characters such as Ariel, Neytiri from Avatar, Katara from Avatar the cartoon, Rapunzel from Tangled, and the most concerning, Nala, the lioness from Lion King and the green M&M. Surprisingly, girls have little struggle in this area. My expertise points to the conclusion that guys in cartoon movies are no different than those in real life. We posses the same qualities and abilities as those shown in most movies, and, if in the same circumstances, men would perform similarly. Technology appears to give us the perfection in people that the world never could. However, it is the flaws that add another dimension to a person’s character making them greatly superior to anything that could be put on a movie screen. But nowadays, with 3-D movies, motion capture, and photo realistic animation, I’m sure that’s not too far off.


Our Top Write-In Candidates If write in candidates were allowed, these running mates would be the What’s Bruin top choice

Martin Jacquet and The Ready-Or-Not Tot: Being from Belgium, Mr. Jacquet has little experience with an actual government. Keeping this in mind, we think that MHS could do well with a little chaos. The Ready-Or-Not Tot would keep Mr. Jacquet in line by crying for attention every two hours.

The Grizzly Bear and Mr. Crafton’s Mustache: The Grizzly knows how dangerous a place MHS can be after experiencing the break in and destruction of its glass case last fall. Crafton’s Mustache has been around to see the good and bad for the better part of the past three millennia and knows what to expect from a school full of teenagers.

Where’s Blake?

See if you can find Blake Egli in this photo

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MHS Bruin's spring cub edition.

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