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Anderson, Sumner elected ASB president and vice president for next year FRIDAY MAY 4TH























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$30,434.54} www.mhsbr u


BY THE NUMBERS Total amount of money raised in Mr. Mac High Pageant over the years.

Mr. Mac High. 2012 was the biggest year ever for fundraising for Doernbecher Children’ s Hospital

2011 $18,861.75 Winner: Kyle Chambers

2010 $18,513.98 Winner: Austin Palacios

2009 $16,908.08 Winner: Daniel Kiser

2008 $25,995.99 Winner: Casey Winkler

2007 $25,310.99 Winner: Cameron Schmidt

by Emily Cutler

Top: Junior Zach Kizer gets crowned as Mr. Mac High.

Once a year, a few of McMinnville’s finest young men get together to put on the Mr. Mac High pageant to raise money for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The Mr. Mac High Pageant has become a tradition at McMinnville High School for the past 17 years and has

Right: Senior Mac Myers performs a group dance dressed in a orange suit. Grant Geelan and Blake Tillery are seen behind.

helped raise over $300,000 for the Hospital. This year, thanks to contestants Aaron Haddeland, Grant Geelan, Stephen Grinich, Austin Kelly, Kurtis Cooper, Ryan Haddeland, Kurtis Gilliat, Mac Myers, Ryan Martin, Blake Tillery and winner, Zach Kizer, a grand total of $30,343.54 was raised: a new Mr. Mac High record. In early October the madness began and has been a nonstop sprint up until Saturday’s show. The boys have been lugging around large water jugs begging for spare change, auctioning off dates with themselves, and coming up with other creative fundraising ideas all for the betterment of the young patients at Doernbecher. Between dance practice, fundraising, and com-


ing up with ideas for the show, the cast of Mr. Mac High has been extremely busy for some time now. Though the contestants laugh about most things that went on back stage, the show was not quite a walk in the park. “The dancing was probably the most challenging, especially the Umbrella dance,” said senior Aaron Haddeland. “Going on stage shirtless” was a comical concern for top 3 finalist, junior Kurtis Cooper. The most stressful part of the experience for most of the Mr. Mac High crew was the week


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THIS YEAR’S: President: Katelyn Harrop Asst. Directors: Eliza Hallett & Samantha Town

ADVISER: Don Witten 2007-2012

Crafton shaves bluegrass Student body elects ASB leaders mun debate mustache for makes over world Anderson, Sumner win election after long campaign comback Mr. Mac High issues by Bruin Staff Jack Anderson redefines Bluegrass and local following around the MHS campus OPINIONS, A5

HORsley & Oliver dominate MAGGIE ELLINGSON / The Bruin

Joe Crafton shaved his famous mustache in support of Dornbecher Club. The group raised over $30,000 this year.

Girls look to advance to state once again SPORTS, B1

After a three way election race, the MHS student body elected juniors Jack Anderson and Penn Sumner for ASB President and vice president for the 2012-1013 school year. The results were announced April 27, one day after candidates addressed the student body in speeches for underclassmen. Other candidates included duos Zach Kizer and Eliza Hallet and Kurtis Cooper and Molly Olsen. President elect Jack Anderson said, “I have the ability to lead othes and get people to do what I need them to do. As ASB president, I will use these characteristics to make the 20122013 school year a year that will go down in history as the best our school has ever seen.” Anderson and Sumner plan on having block parties, music and food at lunch and a YouTube channel where they will film monthly video updates.

High school students attempt to unraval real world problems of today by emily neel Year after year, McMinnville High School students join the Model United Nations club to build their awareness about world problems and understand about the read UN. This year, MUN was held April 13-15, and MHS had the countries Oman, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe. Before the MUN year can Please see MUN, Page A3

Vincent Rolleri / The Bruin

Juniors Jack Anderson (left) and Penn Sumner (right) make an entrance at the election assembly. Anderson and Sumner won the election April 27.

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F RI DAY. M AY 4 . 2 01 2 .

Computer Programming Team wins first in state

Drawing Customers

Faced with 14 difficult programming problems, team claims first

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features sports section sports


what’s bruin


CampusBeat MARCH - APRIL

dRIVING cOMPLAINT 2 Theft 8 dRUG 5 fIGHT 1 tRESPASS 1 cRIMINAL mISCHIEF 2 hARASSMENT 3 sEX cRIME 2 pROBATION vIOLATION 2 assist other agency 1 fOUND pROPERTY 1 citations / arrests 13 MInor in Possesion 4 suspicious circum- 4 stance

Top: The Aftermath Thrift Store advertises with signs posted around the area.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Scholer

MHS programming team members Dallas Sullivan, Zach Munyon, Matthew Weant, Matt Valentine placed first at state.This accomplishment leads them to nationals. by Hannah Lang verton and the metro area.

Bottom: Aftermath Thrift Store is located across from the Cook Campus and offers a variety of items.

Officer Doug Cummins

The McMinnville High School programing team took first place in the annual Willamette University computer programming contest. The team consists of four seniors, Dallas Sullivan, Zach Munyon, Matt Weant, and Matt Valentine. The team solved 12 of the 14 problems they were handed. The problems would cover a range of abilities. The abilities range from novice programmer to upper division college student. The competition this year included 17 different high schools from around the state; schools like Eugene and Bend and Bea-

hayden allen/ The Bruin

“My favorite part wslast few minutes minutes, we got the last problem summited before the timer went off,” said Munyon. “Also winning wasn’t half bad,” The team not only worked on programming in class, but after school and sometimes at lunch. In the end all the extra hours were worth the win. “If someone gave you a price you had to give exact change to pay,” said Weant. That was only one of the problems the team faced in this competition. “Solving the harder problems, that we had to work together an was my favorite part,” said Sullivan.

Kony 2012 inspires many then disappoints all

Only thirty percent of money raised to help the ‘Invisible Children’ actually made it to Uganda, causing doubt by mALORIE ROBINS

With the intention to raise awareness and to get involved with the project, McMinnville High school made a club just for Kony 2012. What’s Kony 2012? Joseph Kony is an African dictator who kidnaps, rapes, murders and brain washes thousands of children, teens and mothers every day. Kony 2012 is a great project that has reached

people from all around the world, and has inspired many to get Kony’s name out there and to do something about it. So in 2012, the goal of the club and the world is to find Kony, capture him, and help the children soldiers heal physically and emotionally from the trauma they have endured. The Kony 2012 video inspired millions and went viral on YouTube on

March 5. After only being online for one week it had 74,161,469 views. With one video, our school was inspired. The big controversy over where the money goes has been a very common story in the news. Since Invisible Children is a nonprofit organization, their finances are transparent to the public: so when it was revealed that only 30 percent of the money goes

straight to the children in Uganda, people were furious to say the least. Many doubted the project and organization as a whole and ceased any activity or donations. Understandably, people stopped giving action to the project, but didn’t stop caring. The national event that took place on April 20th, “Blanket the City,” was less than successful and

was not as promoted as Project Kony had hoped. Portland was where the big one has taken place and the streets, buildings, benches, and poles were not as “blanketed” as they had hoped. McMinnville had somewhat of a good turnout and there are a few signs around town that promote the cause with Kony 2012 signs.

Courtesy of Wikipedia CHECK IT OUT! Mac’s storytelling CASEY ELLIGNSON / The Bruin

Senior Jeannie Klein displays her flowers at a horticulture competition. The team placed fourth in the nation at a competition in Indiana.

McMinnville High School’s own FFA program places fourth in nation

FFA members traveled to Indiana this school year to compete in the National Horticulture Competition by David mcmahon

McMinnville High School has one of the best greenhouses and horticulture structure based classes in Oregon. Pass the new Commons at the far end of the parking lot and you will find a large mostly clear building that building is our schools greenhouse. That is where all the horticulture classes are held. In the greenhouse, students acquire skills of how to grow, stabilize and care for plants. The greenhouse is also the main place where students in FFA practice to compete in state competitions. MHS’ very own FFA Horticulture team attended the National Horticulture competition in Indiana Oct.19-22. The team collectively placed fourth in the nation, and its mem-

bers also won individual awards. The team included four students, seniors Jeannie Klein and Laura Ng, and juniors Gilberto Garibaldo and Miranda Gleason. The team was accompanied by Horticulture adviser Kerry Naylor. Garibaldo was the highest placing MHS FFA member at the competition, receiving a gold medal for his ranking 18th in the nation. Klein placed 19th in the nation also receiving a gold medal, Gleason took home a silver medal for her 36th place finish, and Ng won 80th in the Nation, for which she received a silver medal, as well. “It has been a very successful for everyone in the horticulture [business],” said Garibaldo. “Everyone that works in horticulture and floriculture I really enjoy and like to be with.

Right now everything is a bit slow due to winter just ending, but with spring quick on its way we will surely be busy with all the things we will need to do, such as the sale that is coming and the state competition that will test the people competing very harshly. But I’m sure everyone will do great with the right mind set and the will to win.” The Horticulture Flower Sale will be happening May 10-11 from 10a.m. 5p.m., selling a variety of plants from caneberries to anuals and perenials. It is an amazing way to support the entire plant community. It is one of the schools biggest sales and it rakes in the money for more opportunities to support our Horticulture, Floriculture, and FFA teams.

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F RI DAY. M AY 4 . 2 01 2 .



Longtime MHS staff member Duane Miller passes away by Bruin staff

Longtime McMinnville High School custodian John “Duane” Miller passed away on March 12, 2012 after a short but courageous battle with cancer. He was 60 years old. Services were held March 17 at the Church on the Hill in McMinnville, Oregon. Pastor Kathy Togstad officiated. Duane was born on June 7, 1951 in the old McMinnville Hospital, the oldest son of Tobias and Marie Miller. He was raised in McMinnville and

Amity and lived here most of his life. One set of his grandparents were Amish and were from Michigan. The other set were from Amity, Oregon. He worked for some time at Fort Hill Lumber, but the majority of his work years were spent as a custodian at McMinnville High School. This was his 20th year with the district. He took a great deal of pride in his work and was always a helpful, reliable employee and friend who would somehow fit in everything that everyone needed

done. Teachers, staff, students and administrators all said the same thing: if you needed help, Duane was your man. Always sunny in disposition, and always there to lend a hand, Duane inspired many to be more like him. Duane had many interests and hobbies outside of work, including building the house he lived in for many years. He loved classic cars and was rebuilding a 1968 Camaro that he loved. He loved camping and fishing, four wheeling and hunt-


He loved bowling and playing pool, and listening to the music of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and old time gospel. Duane loved his Blazers and would talk your ear off if you let him if they were doing well, or tell you what they needed to do if they weren’t. Duane leaves behind a stepson, Kyle, and siblings Linda, Steven, James, Nadine, and Katie. He was preceded in death by youngest brother Gary in 2011. Donations can be made to Legacy Hospice.


Courtesy of the Miller Family

Ruby Cakes serves tasty treats

Separate institution merges with MHS sends in the best resolution that they have,” said junior Zach Kizer, also Mr. Model commence, the club presiUN. “The hardest part of dent, must bid on the the conference is getting countries they want for everyone to agree on sometheir school. thing.” “Every country is what This club definitely has you make of it. What you high points, though. put into it is what you get “MUN is really imporout of it,” said this year’s tant. It gives students the president, Senior Katelyn opportunity to involve Harrop. themselves in pertinent Her other jobs this year world issues outside of the include running meetings US,” said Harrop. and communicating with MUN is something for Oregon MUN association. everyone, and openly welAt the conference, stucomes underclassmen to dents are put into rooms participate. No one is reaccording to their comquired to speak during the mittee, such as human meetings, but it is more fun rights and global terrorism. to be involved. “At first it was intimidating, but then it sank in that everyone was there for the same reason and cause, no matter the age,” said sophomore Sofia Bisbocci. This year, MHS was very strong at MUN because they had members that were the last ones to take the actual Model United Nations class. “Everyone was excited and worked really hard. It will be in really good hands with other involved members next year,” said Harrop. From researching about a country’s stance, past legislation, and more to immersing oneself into an environment of kids committed to education and debating world issues, Model UN is a great way to get involved. “I encourage all those interested in MUN to apply themselves towards it because heated debates are always fun,” said Bisbocci. “It is also wonderful to be a hayden allen/ The Bruin part of something beyond Junior Eliza Hallet speaks to a group of High School stu- yourself.” dents at the Model United Nations Conference.

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Duane Miller enjoyed outdoor activities, such as fishing, camping, and hunting. Along with the outdoors, Miller had a passion for the Blazers team.

There, students from various schools, representing various countries, will try to put together a resolution for the problems presented. However, only around five percent of the resolutions are passed, but those that are will be sent to the actual United Nations. “Model UN is a unique opportunity that allows students to act as a country, meaning we can make laws, create alliances, and yes- even “bomb” others. It’s very complex, but really fun,” said sophomore Nathan Lausmann. “Towards the end of the third day, the committee

Ruby Cakes opens up, serving gluten-free cupcakes, satisfying taste buds and providing local hang out

hayden allen/ The Bruin

Left: Cupcakes are placed in display cases and are sold in different sizes. They are also becoming well known as a gluten-free alternative. Right: Ruby Cakes employee Jocelyn Robins helps an employee purchase cupcakes. Ruby Cakes provides a friendly atmosphere to customers.

by Erik Rodriguez

Ruby Cakes, a fairly new bakery, has been up for business since midDecember of 2011. The bakery is located on the corner of Lafayette Ave and 8th street. The bakery started off with the selling of their Yummy cupcakes, but then expanded their products to bread, cakes, brownies, cookies, pies, and even wedding cakes. “It’s becoming a regular place to buy some great quality cupcakes,” said sophomore Emily Bliven. All these products are gluten-free, veganfree and nut-free and are friendly to all who are trying to find special treats that are essential to their needs. “Not only is it a place where people with dietary needs come to find their treats,” said co-owner Amy Israel, “But people that aren’t on diets have been starting to realize that our stuff can be easily enjoyed.” Amy was looking for something to get into so she approached her

business partner about a bakery. As a result, Ruby Cakes came into existence adding a new family friendly bakery to the city of McMinnville: giving the Grange District a better vibe and some constant business. “I thought it would be a great thing to start,” said Israel. Ruby Cakes has been drawing in customers of all ages with their delicious cupcakes and many other products. “Our cupcakes are probably the product that we just can’t keep on the shelf,” said Israel, “Since we have 10 flavors of cupcakes and they change every month.” Some Mac High students would agree with this. As Junior Mikalee Gilbreth put it, “The cupcakes are great, the sweet frosting and gooey dough tie together to make the perfect cupcake.” Gilbreth also said, “It’s a great idea and the frosting on the cupcakes is what makes me go back every time.”

The new bakery gives everyone of McMinnville a place to enjoy some delightful cupcakes or cookies. There’s no certain age that the bakery targets. “All age ranges come in and enjoy our products,” said Israel. Junior Alex Israel, whose mother co-owns the bakery, said, “There’s definitely some benefits in the sense of getting left over cupcakes at the end of the day.” Ruby Cakes, being a relatively new business to the town has gotten a good amount of talk circulating from homes to schools to community. On the other hand some people are just beginning to recognize that Ruby Cakes is a bakery in town. As senior Yoel Aynalem put it, “I didn’t even know this place even existed,” chuckling, “I’ll have to go try their cupcakes sometime.” Sophomore Annika Nyquist had this to say, “My mom brought me some of their cupcakes on my birthday; they were pretty good.”

What did you find most inspiring about Living History Day?

Kanne Sophomore

“When someone tells you to hustle and use your education wisely, you don’t understandwhat that means until you hustle.” Brehlie Kanne, 10

“There was a guy who lost his elbow and didn’t want a new one because he wants the people who come home now from war to get theirs first.” Anderson Sophomore

Bryce Anderson, 10

“A man named Gunning recieved three purple hearts, was shot fourteen times, and still perservered.” Austin Bettis, 10 Bettis Sophomore

“We heard a medic speak who said that because he didn’t have water to shower for two weeks, he had to scrape off the blood instead.”

Hayden Allen / The Bruin

Top Left: Junior Zach Kizer holds up his country’s sign and shows his excitement for being at the Model United Nations conference. Kizer was also Mr. Model UN this year. Top Right: Junior Faith Elmer speaks to her committee. Students discuss their opinions to create a resolution to world problems. Bottom: MUN authority recognizes new representatives of the state-wide club.

Rivas Sophomore

Daniel Rivas, 10

Alessia Caponi / The Bruin



The Bruin

What did you think of this years Mr. Mac High Pageant? “It was very entertaining, and the boys were very funny. I was very glad that I went!” Summer Gray, Junior

Social networking tears apart couples I log on Facebook to see what my friends are up to and to talk with them, not to see the recent ex’s drama and arguing. There is too much drama when it comes to break ups in high school; I believe the reason for this is Facebook and other social networking sites. Ten years ago there was significantly less drama because less people knew about your break up. All I’m saying is if Emily Gunness we didn’t have Bruin Reporter Facebook, we would have a lot less drama. I know many couples be blowing up with recent break ups. Almost every that are civil about their day there is a new couple breakups and are still that has broken up and it’s friends, so I know it is possible to do. Many couples, starting to get ridiculous.

mo n day. A p r i l . 3 0 . 2 01 2 .

Inside the Den: MR. MAC HIGH

Social Networking has a Major Say in many High School Relationships Most days I go on Facebook to see what my friends are doing or to update my status, but lately, my news feed seems to


however, feel that it’s not possible. I think many couples remain friends because they handled their break up well. If you break up with someone over Facebook, then there’s probably no chance you guys will be friends again, but if you do it face to face, you’ll have a better chance of remaining friends. In conclusion, I feel most high school relationships are pointless if you’re going to lose a good friend over a silly break up. People are going to break up: that’s just what happens in high school. When the time comes, at least try and do it face to face and please don’t post your drama on Facebook anymore.

“It was very well organized, they boys took it very serioulsy. The money went to a great cause.” Greg McAnally, Teacher

“I thought it would be a lot funnier, but it was still fun.”

Cody Thomas, Junior

“I had a lot of fun. I was stage manager, so my job was kinda stressful at times.. but it all worked out.” Anne-Marie Eggers, Junior

“The boys put in a lot of hard work, I’m glad that I went. Plus, now Crafton has to shave his mustache.” Lillian Weaver, Senior

“It was fun. I liked their acts and the talents were good!”

Erin Chitwood, Sophomore

“It was very funny and entertaining.”

Makayla Khatewoda, Freshman

Shannon bEcker/ The Bruin

Zooey Deschanel Belongs to Me Benjamin Gibbard doesn’t deserve Zooey

each other first blossomed when I was a fifteen-yearold going on manhood and she was the 30-yearold beauty still stuck in the clutches of the evil spawn, Ben Gibbard. His presence created a very dangerous love triangle. I tried to tell her I could “Take care of him,” but she wouldn’t reply to the numerous messages I left on her Facebook fan page. Vincent Rolleri Luckily she had Bruin Reporter the same idea, hence, her divorce with Ben. With him aside, we could people, however, know that she and I have been secretly finally be together! Unfortunately, we don’t live in a in love for some time now. These deep feelings for world that welcomes true

e ditorial board

Everyone knows her as the awkwardly humorous girl on New girl or the heartbreaking floosy from 500 Days of Summer. Not many

“All the guys did a really good job. The pageant went great. It was all fabulous.”

love. To this day, we still have not met. I don’t know that in due time our purely wonderful love will draw us together. There is so much love I have for this wonderful woman; it makes me short of breath. I love her 1960’s haircut. I love her strangely ironic heart-shaped birthmark. I love the way her lips press together sweetly before she begins to speak. I am in love with Zooey Deschanel. And, to my arch nemesis, Benjamin Gibbard, I have written you a poem; Roses are red. Violets are blue, I am truly a far better man than you.

Erika Bakner, Senior

“It was really fun seeing all the guys doing things they don’t normally do.”

Nattie Scott, Freshman

Photos courtesy of Grant rubado/the bruin



Mr. mac high

This year the Mr. Mac High boys raised a grand total of $30,343 to benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. This year’s total surpasses the amounts raised in the past raised by former contestants. And who could forget that they made enough for Mr. Joe Crafton to shave his mustache!

Graduation is almost here


Graduation is only six weeks away! The end of the 2011-2012 school year is coming up fast, which is especially exciting for the class of 2012. After 12 years of mindlessly sitting through classes, the time has finally come for this year’s senior class to say goodbye and finally experience the “real world.”

C is for average. Fight mediocrity. [We honestly can’t think of anything to give a “C” to this issue.]


Only one day off

Conferences marked one of the last short weeks MHS experienced this year. May 28, Memorial Day, is the last day off students get until the end of the year. No more sleeping in and enjoying a stress free extended weekend for students.


Every year around this time, upperclassmen get to enjoy a dance all to themselves, Prom. But this year, due to some annoying underclassmen, tickets have sold out early. Freshmen and sophomores do not belong at Prom, it’s not their time. Juniors and seniors have been waiting for two years to go to this dance and now some of them can’t because some freshmen and sophomores don’t know their place.

Members of the Editorial Board include: Grace McMillan

Jack Anderson

Emily Neel

Jacob Weigel


News Editor

Manager of Print

Opinions Editor

The Bruin


M o n day. A p r i l . 3 0 . 2 01 2 .


Rolling on to victory Jack Anderson & Penn Sumner elected ASB president and vice president after a speech that wowed student body

There was no stopping together in a way that the the lengths to which presi- other contestants could dent and vice president not. Therefore embrace elect Jack Anderson and your new president and vice Penn Sumner would go to president with expectancy cinch the ASB win. as they should bring about Riding in on a segway great things. machine for their speech, Being the president and there is no doubt the duo vice president brings on did not underestimate the a tremendous amount of power of an entrance. pressure, responsibility and As editor of The Bruin, expectation. When faced the staff and I chose to en- with the job some might dorse Zach Kizer and Eliza slack off and others might Hallet to be the ASB presi- shy away but Jack Anderdent and vice president of son (president) and Penn MHS. This decision was Sumner (vice president) are based o n facing the challenge with a their sense of anticipation. g re a t l y “Both Penn and I thought have 10 years of leado u t ership under our belts plans combined,” said Anderfor the son. “We will make this school school year a year that a n d will go their down enthuin hisGrace McMillan siasum t o r y Editor-in-Chief to turn as the the school b e s t problems y e a r around. our school has ever seen.” Then, once the assembly Both Anderson and came and went and Ander- Sumner are involved in son and Sumner swept the multiple clubs and sports crowd away riding in on a around the school. Andersegway, I was astonished son is the treasurer of both that the crowd favorite had Interact Club and Key Club. won the election. He also participates in the Granted Anderson and National Honor Society Sumner have great plans for (NHS) club as well as cross the student body and the country and track. Sumner school but if you take away is the president of Interact the show and the costumes, Club and involved in Key would the results be differ- Club. He is in NHS and cross ent? country also. Nonetheless Anderson Anderson and Sumand Sumner have great as- ner have big plans when it piration for next year and comes to changes made for will surely bring the school next year. While their plans

may be costly to the schools budget cuts but may bring about their goals for bringing the school together. The pair has several ideas of bringing about school spirit. They want to coordinate more dances, speakers (like Rachel’s Challenge), and block parties where music is played and students can socialize. All of these activities cost a large amount of money but may be worth it in order to increase school spirit. Another one of Anderson and Sumner’s goals is to let every student have a say in what goes on in McMinnville High School. “Over my three years at MHS, I have learned that there is an unmistakable disconnect between the leadership class and the majority of the student body,” said Anderson. “As president I plan to reconnect the student body with the leadership class.” Anderson and Sumner also plan to make a YouTube channel where they will film monthly updates. Both Anderson and Sumner have characteristics that would surely bring about the change MHS needs. “I am extremely comfortable around large audiences and I feel that this will help me greatly, as a way to connect with the student body,” said Sumner. “I have a lot of experience with public speaking and I am constantly performing with the David Street String Street Band.”

Winter Weather Still Drizzling

Cold April weather effects students, staff negatively Winter in March. Sounds great doesn’t it? Not really. March is the month where the cold weather slowly transitions to nice, hot weather. Then I

This brings me to the weather during spring break. It seemed as if the sun was going to shine the whole week when it did on the first day of spring break. However the sun didn’t shine; there was rain for most of the break. Unless you were out of Oregon during spring break, somewhere sunny, you

Moy Diaz Bruin Reporter remember we’re in Oregon. I wouldn’t mind if it just rained the first week, but it snowed in the middle of the month. Snow in March? It snowed more in March than it did in December or January. There were also lots of floods which caused some roads to close. It was horrible.

probably didn’t enjoy yourself. Winter has surely affected many things in March. One of those things is sports. Games and practices have been canceled for different sports. Bad field conditions and road conditions are mainly why sporting events are cancelled. I play club

soccer and I’m also doing track during spring but those are sports that usually don’t get cancelled for bad weather which is a benefit for me. Now if I were to play baseball, tennis, golf, etc., I would be annoyed and frustrated with all the cancellations. A lot of athletes are affected by this and some tend to post or tweet their feelings on winter during March. I enjoy winter weather in the winter. Spring weather needs to come soon. I miss waking up to sun at my window, rolling the windows down in my car and playing soccer in nice weather conditions. I hope I don’t have to wait until summer to do that. Hopefully this weather doesn’t continue into April, but it sure looks like it will. shannon becker / The Bruin

The BRuin

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Bluegrass Makes a Comeback The Avett Brothers redefine Bluegrass that appeals to younger audiences which is unusual when it comes to fiddles and banjos

through years of painstaking lessons, and plugged them in to get that rich, electric sound that Generation Z drools over. The band plays these instruments fast, hard and loud, yet with sentimental ease, to carry the robust clarity of their music. The younger crowd has become mesmerized by the quality of the music and is dumbstruck that it comes from these old-school-looking instruments. It’s the spirit of the high-energy rock and roll vibe that draws younger listeners and keeps their attenJack Anderson tion. To teenagManager of Print ers listening to radio pop day-in and day-out, The Avett Brothers have rede- Avett Brothers are a breath fined bluegrass music in of fresh air. With emotiona way that appeals to the ally appealing lyrics and harmonies, younger audience, some- Beatlesesque thing the music industry has younger fans are automatically drawn to turn up the never seen before. Armed with a banjo, gui- dial. The lyrics are simple, tar, stand-up bass, cello, and a drum set, The Avett Broth- honest, and expressive, ers are more than ready to designed so that they can fire. They’ve taken these relate to everyone. What classical instruments, which makes The Avett Brothers may once have seemed like different than radio-hit artsomething parents forced ists is that their songs exhibtheir children to learn it humanity. Younger listenIt wasn’t long ago that being able to play the fiddle or banjo was not seen as an admirable skill among the teenage crowd. A recent phenomenon, however, in the music industry has turned the tides; Folk rock, bluegrass grunge band The

ers are beginning to notice this difference and turn to this bluegrass revival for a second listen. The life of a teenager isn’t always easy, and The Avett Brothers cater to those issues. After all, who doesn’t like to know that some-

“The younger crowd has become mezmorized by the quality of music.”

one else out there has been through the same thing and is able to articulate it in a soulful way? The Avett Brothers are stunning artists, enthusiastic about their work and passionate about what they play. At the same time, however, they’re just like today’s emerging adults. They’re boys who have southern accents, have made mistakes in relationships, who love their families, who have been selfish, and who have been scared. Young people have been invited into their lives and are relishing in it.


The Bruin



F RIday. may 4 . 2 01 2 .

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE by JERIMIAH BROPHY After seven years of buildup, the superhero disaster ‘film of the decade’ has finally hit theaters. The highly anticipated action flick features marvel heroes from five separate films brought together by “Nick Fury”, Samuel Jackson, of S.H.I.E.L.D, in a collaborative attempt to save the world from a threat scaled to rival their combined strength. Never before has any studio attempted such a feat as to bring in so many different lead roles to all co-star cinematic event. Dc’s answer to the Avengers is their comic super-team the Justice League. Sadly, DC have said their Batman and Superman franchises will never intersect, leaving Marvel to stand alone in this risky venture. If it succeeds, we get films of more obscure characters from Marvel’s rich mythos. If it flops, we will be

“Never before has any studio attempted such a feat as to bring in so many different lead roles to all co-star in a cinematic event.” set back by many years and most likely get only Spiderman and a few more Iron Man films. Good thing the film is amazing in every sense of the word. It has explosions and fight scenes; one would expect this from a summer blockbuster, but it also has wit and depth to match the spectacle. Since 2005, Marvel Studios has been independently financing their own films. This gave them the legal freedom to include a multitude of heroes in one film, much like the shared universe of the comics. The leads of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America will reprise their iconic roles (Robery Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans respectively) in this film, the ultimate collaboration in superhero film history. Positively, many

reviewers state that Ruffalo’s new Hulk steals the show compared to Edward’s arguably flat performance. Renner’s short cameo in Thor as an archer for S.H.I.E.L.D gave an early hint to fans and comic buffs that Hawkeye would be one of the featured Avengers in the upcoming movie. Joss Whedon, the creative mind behind cult hits such as the Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, has taken on the daunting assignment of writing and directing this monster mashup of a movie. This in itself is a largely heroic act for fans across the globe. All of Joss’s work so far has been ensemble pieces, with unlikely teams fighting for a common goal. This is not the first time Joss has written for Marvel. The film brings back fan favorite villain, Thor’s estranged and half-frost giant brother Loki. He wields the power of the cosmic cube, a popular Captain America\Red Skull macguffin first introduced in 1966, and also an item of interest in The First Avenger (2011). Whedon was given a loose set of guidelines for writing the film, and from these we can draw some key plot insights: The heroes will fight each other in act two, and they will all have to learn to work together to save the day from Loki and his alien underlings in act three. It’s full of great emotional pull and witty Whedonisms as sharp as Wolverine's claws. And judging from the trailers and TV spots, the wit, action and visual effects of this highbudget super-film will not disappoint. So far, in their preAvengers movies, Marvel has done a decent job sticking to the story of each hero without upsetting too many comic lovers. The film has received lots of positive feedback from those who attended the pre-premiere screenings. And so the unlikely story of the irresponsible billionaire tech prodigy, the uncontrollable rage monster scientist, the Norse god of lightning, the super soldier patriot, the archer and the spy unfolds in one film that simultaneously raises the bar while laughing at it.

Joss Whedon’s take on the very popular comic universe hits theaters on May 4; Avengers is expected to be a big hit due to the multiple great reviews and action packed plot

Courtesy of wikipedia

Return of the infamous boy band, One Direction When you thought they were gone for good, they returned, with flowing locks of hair by stephanie chitwood Now, I know you all remember those classic boy bands like The Jackson 5, NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys; do those names ring a bell? Recently the era of boy bands has returned with One Direction. One Direction or “1D” is a group of boys, ranging from the ages of 17 to 20; they are bringing back the excitement of boy bands! The boys of 1D, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, were all discovered on Britain’s hit television show “The X Factor” where judges, Simon Cowell and Louis Welsh decided to put the talented voices of all five guys together, creating a brand new voice that America hadn’t heard in a while. Although the boys

of One Direction didn’t win the overall competition they still came out on top! One Direction came out with their own album called, “Up All Night”. Songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing” attract girls from all over the world to love them. “ You’re insecure don’t know what for/ You’re turning heads when you walk through the door/ Don’t need make-up to cover up/ Being the way you are is enough.” That is a passage from “What Makes You Beautiful”, the song obviously shows One Directions flirty style. One Directions Album, “Up All Night” was released on Mar 13, 2012. So for all you ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoy sweet upbeat love songs, I definitely recommend 1D for you!

They’re Back!

Above: One of the sets from the movie The Avengers. The movie will surely be a big hit with it’s great reviews.


copies sold for their debut album, charting number two in the UK.

Courtesy of wikipedia

The boys of One Direction have acquired the attention of many adolescent girls through their appearances and raw talent. Who knew Ireland bred boy bands?

Season 2: More guts, blood, and drama!

October 16th, 2011, Walking Dead aired season 2 with nearly 9.0 million viewers tuning in. Through the course of it, questions are answered and new questions are asked. A whole group of new characters are introduced, becoming a critical part of the series. Season 3 will not air til mid October, 2012. Until then, fans are left with their imaginations.

All photos Courtesy of wikipedia


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f r i day. M AY 4 . 2 01 2 .



Hunger Games makes its mark on society

“May the odds be ever in your favor.” by Jeremiah brophy

JAM SESSION grace mcmillan / The Bruin

Trinedad Ovalle raps at a recent concert on Third Street at the Mac Stage. Ovalle has been rapping for about a year.

Tre Ovalle and Conor Foley show their talent while sending a message to inspire others by Grace mcmillan On top of sports, school, and other activities, junior Trinedad “Tre” Ovalle and sophomore Conor Foley display their musical talent every Saturday at the Mac Stage. Ovalle raps along with a backup singer and Foley plays the drums and occasionally the guitar for a band of four. The concert on Saturdays is put on by Ovalle and Foley’s church the Potter’s House which includes three performing bands, drama presentations, and testimonies from church members. Ovalle has been rap-

ping at the Mac Stage for about one year following in the steps of his father, Abel Ovalle. When Abel Ovalle stopped rapping, Tre Ovalle soon stepped up and surprised everyone with his new, current, up-beat style of rapping. Ovalle soon used a singer from The Potter’s House to add to his songs. Ovalle got his inspiration from rappers he listened on his iPod and decided to give it a try. “It just happened, I decided I liked to rap and wanted to give it a try,” said Ovalle. Ovalle enjoys rap music for many other reasons

as well. “It’s a challenge,” said Ovalle. “You have to express yourself with words while staying in rhythm.” Not only does Ovalle rap for fun, but for a greater purpose that his church exemplifies through the concerts put on every Saturday. “We are trying to that there is more to life than what they are living for at the moment,” said Ovalle, “The gospel, Jesus is the only thing that can bring you satisfaction. We just share what Jesus has done in our lives and try to give hope to other people’s lives.” Foley has only been

playing the drums and guitar for a year. He picked up the two quickly and enjoys playing both. “It’s fun,” said Foley. “It’s always a challenge, everyone has to be on the same page and everyone has to be in sync.” Foley shares the same passion for sharing the gospel as Ovalle. “We want to tell people that there is hope in something other than what they are told everywhere else,” said Foley. Come check out your fellow high school musical artists, Ovalle and Foley, every Saturday at The Mac Stage on 3rd street.

The Hunger Games has made its mark in the cinematic history books. This worldwide phenomenon is a smash hit with people of all ages. As one of the most highly anticipated movies of the decade, the film broke box office records and held the number one spot for a month straight. This popular book turned blockbuster hit screens on March 23rd and has received an incredible amount of positive feedback from longtime fans of the book series and others brand new to the world of Panem. Fans of Suzanne Collins’ increasingly popular book series have little to complain about, seeing as how the movie stuck so closely to the events of the book, though a few things were cut, added or changed. Taking in 155 million opening weekend, the film broke Alice in Wonderland’s previous spring release record by nearly 40 million dollars. With suspense, drama and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire two and a half hours, it’s no surprise the movie has done so well. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s character’s onscreen

chemistry and gripping story leave audiences begging for more. Luckily, Liongate has announced three sequels in the works based off the following two books in Collins’ series. The release date for the second film (Catching Fire) is set for November 22nd, 2013. Due to Jennifer Lawrence’s contractual obligation to 20th Century Fox for a First Class sequel, Lionsgate has to work around Fox’s early 2013 filming date, leaving summer 2012 as the only time to film Catching Fire. This, in turn, leaves a mere 4 months for pre-production including the writing of the script. Hunger Games director Gary Ross leaving the franchise shortly after the release of the film greatly heightens tensions for Catching Fire to meet its 2013 release. Ross commented, “As a writer and Director, I simply don’t have the time I need to write and prep the movie I would have wanted to make”. Recently, director Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) has bravely agreed to accept the challenge. If he pulls this off and all goes well, the movie adaptations of Suzanne Collins’ dynamic series will be remembered for generations.

Grace mcmillan / The Bruin

Clockwise from middle left: Conor Foley plays the drums at the Mac Stage on third street for a band of four people. Trinedad Ovalle raps at the Mac Stage every Saturday with a singer Foley playing the drums, he also plays the guitar. Ovalle raps with a singer from The Potter’s House church.

James Mercer returns to earth with the Shins new album ‘Port of Morrow’ The Shins bring an album unlike any other far from the ‘cliche’ of todays songs and albums by Jack anderson After a little five-year break, and plenty of soul searching, Shins’ front man James Mercer finally buckled down and produced Port of Morrow, the followup album to 2007’s Wincing the Night Away. The Portland-born band has made a refreshing shift in style, which speaks to their evolutionary capability as musicians. Their signature calming stories and poetic lyrics are heavily present throughout, but have a slightly happier tinge than their past melancholic hits. Although it’s named after a boring indus-

trial port in northeastern Oregon, the album is far from mundane. The record opens with “The Rifle’s Spiral,” which immediately hooks listeners by the lip and reels them in fast. It serves as an introduction to the slightly electric direction the band has taken. The album’s single “Simple Song” follows after, starting with an anticipating build that waits for Mercer to drop with the words “Well this is just a simple song, to say what you done.” It has a pleasant harmony with clear lyrics, focusing on a romantic relationship. The song has a theme of overcoming loneliness, which shines in the arguably

catchiest chorus on the album, “I know that things can really get rough when you go it alone.” The second slow song on the album, “September,” is the most personal song on the album. Built with plenty of mesmerizing ooo’s and entrancing hushes that rise and fall, the song really ties the record together. The Shins remain a unique entity in that they have the ability to create music that is far from cliché. The stories they tell are complex, yet relatable. The album does not restrict itself to weighty love songs. “Bait and Switch” mixes things up with its

lively and upbeat pace. Images of the sea and nature begin to emerge through the quality choruses. And as the album comes to its closing, the last track, “Port of Morrow”, wraps up what’s left of this breathtaking compilation of sound. The song is absolutely genius and thought provoking. It stands out from the rest of songs, sounding almost like a soothing Native American children’s ritual mashed up with an MGMT tune. Each track on the album is surprising unique in its own way. After listening to Port of Morrow, it doesn’t sound like The Shins will be retiring anytime soon.

For fans of: The New Pornographers Spoon Of Montreal

Listen to: “New Slang” “The Rifles Spiral”

Influences: The Smiths The Cure The Zombies Courtesy of wikipedia

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f r i day. M AY 4 . 2 01 2 .


All Photos By Hayden Allen & Jack anderson / The Bruin

And the Winner is...

Zach Kizer

$30,434.54 Mr. Mac High raised for Doernbecher children

Continued from Page A1

week just before the show: setting up the stage, putting the finishing touches on performances and making sure everything –and everyone –was where it needed to be was stressful and scary, but the finished product was most definitely a hit. The lovely club adviser, Don Witten, and last year’s winner, Kyle Chambers MC-ed the show, doing their own riveting impressions of Bob Dylan and Kermit the Frog, respectively, to open the show. The pageant then burst into a well rehearsed and well choreographed dance – Thanks to their multinamed choreographer Christine Fujiki. “You get really nervous at the beginning” said Cooper, “then once you did that next dance and kinda got into the swing of things, it just became so much fun. You didn’t want it to end.”

The show had several standout talents such as Mac Myers’ musical tribute to his bed, Grant Geelan’s Celebrity Jeopardy skit and Kurtis Cooper’s hula dance to name just a few. “I’m amazed every year by the kind of talent that McMinnville High School has in music and dancing and everything else; it’s really cool” said club adviser and MC Don Witten. Possibly one of the best moments of the night was when junior Zach Kizer was crowned the winner. Crowned with his own tin hat – part of his costume from earlier in the show – and then serenaded by the lovely Megan Banister, you’d think he would be on top of the world. “It’s bittersweet,” said Kizer “I won, which is great, but I miss all the guys already! I mean not doing the show anymore… I just want us to go on tour and so the show over and over again.”

When asked about what inspired his talent – a Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls mash up – Kizer said “I was dinkin’ around on YouTube and I saw that Columbine High School, some guys did this dance and I thought It was the funniest thing ever, So I decided that I wanted to do my own version of it. I was really happy with how it turned out” “You do things in high school where you don’t really see things start to finish,” said Kizer. “You can have like coin drives and you can have like coat drives but you don’t really see anything start to finish. I think Doernbecher is a noble cause and it was nice to go to the hospital and see what we’re fighting for. Seeing the finish line and it was worth it in the end.” “Even though I may have won,” continued Kizer, “all of the guys are winners; we all fought for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, trying to make a difference

in kid’s lives. I mean I know deep down every single one of those guys is a winner because they helped a kid in some way.” According to director Anna Post, a senior at the high school, “It was a success. We raised over 30,000 dollars and nobody got hurt – which usually happens the day of or the day before the show – everything ran smoothly, there were no major glitches and everyone was happy.” Not to mention that they raised $4,000 on admission alone. This year’s Mr. Mac High Pageant is one for the record books, not just for the money raised but the outstanding talent and outstanding young men and women who put on the show. As stated by senior Ryan Martin and Cooper, “Next year’s group will have a hard time topping this group, because we put our love on top.”

TOP: All of the contestants preforming the opening dance number. MID LEFT: Kurtis Cooper and his out-of-this-world causal wear outfit. MID CENTER: Winner Zach Kizer, dressed in his formal wear, gives his little girl a rose. MID RIGHT: Austin Kelly, dressed as a character from Toy Story, speaks to the crowd. LEFT: Geeland dances in Kurtis Cooper’s talent, dressed as a fairy. RIGHT: Mac Myers preforming his song “My Queen” for the talent portion of the show.

jack Anderson & hayden allen / The Bruin


Equestrian Team B2





Would You Rather





Chasing a spot in the top three Baseball team working to get into the top of the Pac by NICK AUTENCIO & GRACE MCMILLAN


tre ovalle / The Bruin

Freshman Adrian Uscanga hits in a home game versus Tigard High School. The Grizzlies are chasing the top three in the Pac-8 in order to get a playoff spot.

In sports, a season’s success is determined by the team’s record at the end of the season. The McMinnville baseball team is lacking in that area but seem to find success in other places. Junior Spencer Payne and sophomore Gage Gubrud both agree that the freshmen are stepping up this year in a way that no one expected. [I’m surprised with] the freshman power,” said Payne.

“I’m happy with how much chemistry there is amongst the team with a lot of young individuals,” said Gubrud. The team has had many struggles this season, losing to teams like Forest Grove and other teams that they should have pulled out the win against. The team still has high goals nonetheless. “Our goal is to have a winning season in league this year,” said freshman Adrian Uscanga. “A goal we have is to make the Please see BASEBALL, Page B3


tre ovalle / The Bruin

Above: Both seniors, Ashante Horsley and Ariel Oliver are competing for the gold in their events. Horsley runs the 100, 200 and the 4x100 and Oliver throws the discus and the shotput. Both will be attending Division one colleges, Horsley to the University of Oregon in Eugene and Oliver to San Diego State University in California.

Running with the finish line in their sights the track team is looking to continue the run of gold metals and record breaking events


by Gio Galvez

Working together to win Through their ups and downs they’re beginning to find their way and work as a team to win games by trE ovalle “We’ve had a rough start,” said junior Layne Pendleton, the starting short stop for the McMinnville softball team. “I feel that when we start playing as a team we’ll be a tough team to beat.” With the toughest schedule in the state, the Lady Grizz are managing to keep their heads above water. They’ve won three out of the nine games they’ve played so far.

“We just have to eliminate our errors and score runners that are in scoring position,” said Pendleton. “Were a really young team with only three seniors,” said senior Taylor McAnally. “But we’re showing signs of improvement every game.” With two varsity starters suspended, new head coach Kylee Nicols, was forced to start two Please see SOFTBALL, Page B2

Malorie robins / The Bruin

Layne Pendelton, Mckenzie Davis, Taylor McAnally and Nicole Sitton encourage senior KayLynn Chrisman(1) with a little laughter.

Spring time in McMinnville High School is filled with schedule changes and cancelations. One of the main causes of all this spring time commotion is the Track and Field team. “Our athletes are looking pretty good,” said head coach Vic Downs. ”We have a lot of guys who are juniors and seniors who have improved a lot, on the girls side we are right about in the middle of the league, we have girls who will do pretty well at the state level.” As the year progresses a coach notices certain improving athletes. “Tanner Scanlon is a freshmen and he is doing better than I thought a freshmen could,” said Downs. “He surprises me every week, Taylor Peterson is a pretty good athlete and doing pretty good, she is doing varsity relay which is tough gig and she is holding her own really well.” Track and field usually is filled with personal goals to drive players onward, varsity athletes Filex Devara, Ashante Horsley and Kayne Kennedy all agreed that their goal was to win State. Of course with every season there are surprises and unexpected turns, according to Horsley the most surprising thing for her was getting injured. “I was suprised that I got injured because I had never been injured,” said Horsley, “I was surprised to see all the new girls we got out and just how big the team is.” The goal itself is not far off considering the numbers the track Please see TRACK, Page B2

Tre ovalle & Hayden allen/ The Bruin

Top: Senior Ashante Horsley gets ready to release off the blocks. Horsley had the highest point total of any athlete at the 6A State Championships in 2011. Bottom: Junior Kane Kennedy sprints the last 100 meters of the 4x100 relay. Kennedy also went to state last year.


A piece of a small town in a big event

Former Grizzly Alysssa Hasslen has qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics. She recently competed for Arizona State in the women’s invitational elite shot put at the Mt. SAC Relays and earned a secondplace finish. She threw a personal best mark of 60-2.5 (18.35m), also the No. 1 collegiate mark this year and the No. 2 mark in school history. Hasslen’s throw meets the Olympic “A” standard.

140-11 is Senior Ariel Oliver’s furthest throw this year in the discus which is the second furthest in State for High School girls this season tre ovalle/ The Bruin

Alyssa Hasslen competed at the state championship for shot put. Hasslen will be participating in the 2012 Olympics. Courtesy of cindy shultz



05.4.12 - Junior Kane Kennedy, varsity sprinter

Definitely the best relay team I’ve ever been on. I’m happy about being able to send a relay team to state.

The Bruin


F RIday. may 4 . 2 01 2 .

TRACK: Sprinting, throwing to success, wins Continued from Page B1 team has. Of course when personal goals are set there always is a level of disappointment if it is not met. “I haven’t gotten the times I wanted, but I’ve won most of them,” said Kennedy Of course the question always surrounding any team of athletes is how are they doing? Well according to Horsley the boys’ team is doing really well and the girls are doing better then usual. Victory in track and

field events come at daunting physical strength and as Horsley describes. “I’m usually glad it’s over,” said Horsley (laughs), “especially when I win.” When it comes to any sporting event preparation is key, Kennedy agrees. “Just know how you’re going to run and who you are running against,” said Kennedy. Although this year is still happening, eyes always look to the future for new talent and stand outs for future years. Welcoming in a big freshmen and sophomore

group the varsity athletes continue to give back to their coaches and school by giving and shred of knowledge that they have accumulated throughout their time here. Downs agreed. “I would like to say we don’t rebuild we reload,” said Downs, “because next year we are gonna graduate some kids and we have a whole bunch waiting to plug right in. We’ll be in good shape.” The Grizzlies compete today at Jesuit High School. at the Twilighter Invitational. Left: Sophmore Hunter Abbott hands the baton to Jose Pelayo during the 4x100 relay.

Pics of the Issue

Right: Ariel Oliver pulls back to launch the discus. Oliver won state in 2010 at Yamhill Carlton High School and in 2011 at McMinnville High School. vincent rolleri & tre ovalle / The Bruin

SOFTBALL: Working on coming together as a team tre ovalle/ The Bruin

Continued from Page B1 freshmen. The leadership of Taylor McAnally, Nicole Sitton, and KayLynn Chrisman is helping the team find their way. A new edition to this years squad, Makayla Khatawoda, starting catcher, has found her niche despite her small stature. “She’s actually a great catcher,” said McAnally. Her competitive spirit makes up for her lack of size. The real question is how the Grizzlies will finish in league despite their downfalls. “I think we have a good

chance in league. It’s all going to depend on how we work together,” said Pendleton. “It’s going to be tough with Century being the returning state champs and Glencoe, Tualatin, and Tigard also having really good programs,” said senior Nicole Sitton, the starting first baseman for the Lady Grizzlies. McMinnville has room to improve and they will do just that through hard work and a competitive spirit. “We’ve just have to play hard and compete,” said McAnally. We have nothing to lose and everything to

gain.” McMinnville has a new coach this year, Kylee Nicols. Fresh out of college with division one softball experience. Her father, former head coach Larry Nicols, stepped down to assistant coach to give Nicols, the job. “I think she’s a great head coach,” said Pendleton. “She knows what she’s doing because she has played the game for a long time.” “I think we have a chance at doing pretty well this year, with Kylee’s leadership,” said McAnally. Their next game is today at Tigard High School.

“Water The Bamboo!” is the Softball team’s motto this season. When you water a Giant Timber Bamboo Tree, it can grow up to 90 feet in two months; but only after its been watered for three years. The softball team has been watering the bamboo during the preseason, and are ready to shoot up during league play.

Tre ovalle / The Bruin

Top (left to right): Junior Brianna Eby, junior Marissa Dyck, freshman Austin Binz, and sophomore Tess Scott competing in Freestyle fours. They placed second in the event.

Standings Baseball Pac-8



W L W L Tualatin 11 0 15 3 Tigard 9 2 13 7 Newberg 8 3 11 3 McMinnville 5 6 6 14 Hillsboro 3 7 7 11 Glencoe 3 8 7 11 Century 3 8 6 12 Forest Grove 1 9 4 11

Middle Left (left to right): Dyck and Eby competing in Working Pairs in which they placed fourth. Middle Right: Dyck placed fifth in this event Individual Flags. Bottom (left to right): Scott, Dyck, Binz, Eby competing in the In-hand Obstacle Relay in which they placed fifth.

Last Game’s Results MHS , Tigard

Friday’s Game

MHS vs FGHS, 5:00 pm

Wednesday’s Game MHS vs THS, 5:00 pm


MHS 1, S. Salem 2 MHS 1, Wilsonville 10 MHS 2, Southridge 9 MHS 2, McNary 3 MHS 3, Grant 12 MHS 0, Roseburg 1 MHS 6, Grant 5 MHS 1, Central C. 6 MHS 3, Beaverton 5 MHS 5, Century 0 MHS 1, Century 0 MHS 2, Newberg 5 MHS 1, Newberg 5 MHS 6, Glencoe 11 MHS 10, Glencoe 1 MHS 14, Hillsboro 6 MHS 1, Hillsboro 9 MHS 1, Hillsboro 0 MHS 5, Tigard 6 MHS 1, Tigard 6



Softball Pac-8


W L Glencoe 8 1 Tigard 7 2 Forest Grove 6 2 Tualatin 6 3 McMinnville 5 4 Newberg 2 7 Century 1 8 Hillsboro 0 8 Last Game’s Results MHS 9 , CHS 0

Wednesday’s Game MHS vs GHS, 5:00 pm

Fridays’s Game

MHS vs THS, 5:00 pm


MHS 0, Barlow 10 MHS 2, West Salem 3 MHS 0, Sunset 9 MHS 0, West Salem 4 MHS 0, Pendleton 4 MHS 7, Grant 4 MHS 7, Oregon City 6 MHS 12, Milwaukie 0 MHS 10, South Salem 0 MHS 1, Jesuit 8 MHS 1, F. gorve 10 MHS 10, Century 4 MHS 0, Tualatin 3 MHS 2, Glencoe 0 MHS 2, Tigard 6 MHS 10, Hillsboro 0 MHS 7, Newberg 1 MHS 2, F. Grove 4 MHS 9, Century 0



W 16 13 12 12 9 8 4 3

L 5 4 6 7 11 8 17 16

Photos courtesy of Marissa dyck

The Bruin


F RIday. may 4 . 2 01 2 .



NBA playoffs come sooner then expected With the lockout making the NBA season shorter, playoffs are right at the doorstep by Nicolas reynaga

vincent rolleri / The Bruin

Junior Will Worth follows through on a powerful serve during practice. Worth competes in doubles along with junior Adam Kiff. The pair recently beat two Tigard High School opponents 7-5, 4-3, 6-3.

With the end of the 2012 NBA season coming up fast, one can only wonder how much different everything might be if the NBA lockout had never happened. The lockout has caused the 2012 NBA season to be different from previous seasons. The season has been condensed yet has forced players to play many backto-back-to-back games causing them to be placed under much more stress, physically and mentally. As a result teams are having trouble with keeping a full lineup because of the shortened schedule making players much more injury prone.

Almost all teams have been affected by this stressful schedule. Teams like the Chicago Bulls have been forced to play a good portion of the season without all-star Derrick Rose, their go to guy when things get tough. More drastic changes caused by shortened season include the firing of 7 year coach Nate McMillan, who was replaced with Kaleb Canales, a Trail Blazer employee who started off as an unpaid video intern in 2009. When taking a closer look at all the 30 teams in the NBA one can pinpoint an abundant amount of problems that can only be blamed on a shortened schedule.

Tennis is excelling despite game cancellations Multiple games are being cancelled but the boys’ team is doing well with a 5-1 record by bryce brooker Much of the focus and interest at McMinnville High School for spring sports solely lies upon the shoulders of the track and baseball programs. Tthe boy’s tennis team, coached by Wes Gabrielson, however, is off to an admirable start earning a 5-1 record and has a clear path to a possible league title. Although the season started out with endless rainouts and cancellations the Grizzly mens tennis team hasn’t lost their focus

on continuing a successful league run. According to senior Jesse Stahl the high hopes of winning a league title and districts this year are not out of reach and definitely possible. Stahl said, “I think this is our year to win league again and we hope to win districts as well! We get along really well and are very supportive of each other and I think that helps us a lot.” The boy’s tennis team is undefeated this year so far. Stahl has not lost a match this year and because he plays first his performance sets the tone for the rest of

the team. The rain is obviously a big factor when playing tennis and if you are a student here at MHS then you would know that. Announcements are frequently made towards the end of the day about tennis cancelations because you cannot play tennis very well in the rain. Already this year the boys tennis team has driven to Forest Grove twice and had to come back both times. That was a big let down to the whole team and a waste of time that they could have spent doing something more productive

and helpful. Junior Adam Kiff said, “Tennis is unique and you are really limited when there is rain and you don’t get to practice when it’s raining,” Kiff also said, “sometimes the gym is an option but it doesn’t have the same feel as a court so that is a disadvantage”. As the season winds down, the boy’s will rely on their conditioning days in the red gym while the rain was coming down. Tennis plays today home against Forest Grove at Cowls Courts.

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Derrick is leading the to Chicago Bulls, Chicago Rose Bull’s(1) Derrick Rosehis ledteam, his team the playoffs into the playoffs a number one seed holding as the top seededwith team but unfortunately tore histhe ACL in leagues’ best record of The 47-14. Heare unfortuanatly he tor the first playoff game. Bulls 1-1 in the playoffs. his

Rugby taking the game into their own hands Despite losing the majority of the girls’ and boys’ teams, rugby is pulling out victories emily cutler / The Bruin

Left: Senior Abby Thomas practicing her putt game at Michelbook Country Club during practice. Thomas is a leader on the girls golf team. Right: Senior Dylan Leathers looks to place at state this year.

With state on the horizon, MHS golfers finish well Despite the wet courses, they are managing to stay on top of their game for state by grant rubado It’s that time of the year again. The birds are out, the trees are blooming, and most importantly, it’s time for golf. The boys’ golf team is looking good this year. With returning varsity golfers, Senior Grant Geelan and Senior Jordan Holladay, they are looking to go to the State Championship. Senior Jordan Holladay

said, “Even though we have started out rough this year, if we get better as the year goes on, we’ll be fine.” The boys’ golf team is fourth in league right now but they will do better. “One of our goals is to make it to the State Championship. Just as a team this time,” Holladay said. The boys have not been in the state championship

as a tea in 26 years. The girls’ golf team is looking good this year sitting at fourth in league. One of their goals this year is to place top five in state. Freshman Katelyn Obregon is a first year golfer this year. “We are looking really good this year. Every practice we keep getting better

and better,” Obregon said. “This year has been really good so far. Even though it’s my first year, I am having a great time.” The girls have Districts May 7-8 at Forest Hills Golf Course and the boys compete in Districts May 7-8 at Quail Valley. The state tournament is May 14-15 at Emerald Valley Golf Club.


by Nicolas Reynaga When thinking of sports a person’s first thought might be ones like football, basketball, soccer, and most likely baseball, but how about rugby? Rugby might not be very popular in the United States but it is popular in other places of the world. Although McMinnville High School is in no way connected with a rugby team, many McMinnville High School students play for the Willamette Valley Rams, a rugby team coached by Adam Roe. The Willamette Valley Rams have played 3 games thus far in their season and haven’t gotten off to a good start. With a record of 0-3 they are looking to get off on a better foot now that most of their players are

back from minor injuries. For the first few games the Rams were faced with the problem of having to play with only enough players needed for the game because of injuries. With no substitutes for any of their players, some players still missing and the team being greatly affected because of most of the team graduating last year, it is hard to judge their season and strength as a team from their current record. “We have started out slow but we have really come together. Everybody now has a good feel for the game,” said junior David McMahon . With more practice time and the returning of their full roster, the Willamette Valley Rams can only expect to improve and grow as a team.

Working together as a team to get wins, improving Continued from Page B1 playoffs this year,” said Gubrud. Despite only winning one game in the preseason, the Grizzlies have improved tremendously in league shooing to a 5-6 record. “It’s coming along,” said Gubrud. “we’ve had our struggles but we are getting better.” McMinnville beat Hillsboro two out of three times (14-6, 1-9, 1-0) and pulled ahead of the Spartans in league. The Grizzlies are now chasing Tualatin, Tigard, and Newberg High School in order to get into the top three. McMinnville lost against Tigard (5-6, 1-6) and Newberg (2-5, 1-5) but have a chance against Tualatin High School May 8 and 9. The game is today at home against Forest Grove. Game time is 5p.m. The Grizzlies are sitting at fourth in league.

tre ovalle/ The Bruin

Junior Spencer Payne bats at a home game versus Tigard. The Grizzlies lost the close game 5-6.

grant rubado / The Bruin

Top: Senior Colby Duyn from YC trying to make a tackle. Bottom: Junior David McMahon carrying the ball through a gauntlet of opponents. He is a key player to the team.

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