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MILAN’S TORTONA Our beginning: set on a great Italian and world renown fashion icon, Ermenegildo Zegna. From their new head quarters in Milan Italy: ZEGNA!

GOODLIFE LAUNCH ISSUE COVER: Deciding on Zegna as an anchor story emphasizes the palatability of our editorial other than being a Cigar expose. We also lament the passing away of Carlos Fuente Sr. the creator of Fuente Opus X and A Fuente premium cigars. May his soul rest in internal peace.

In many instances we are driven by our aspiration: thus drawing inspiration from like minded successes. With thousands of companies owned by financial companies and a diluted leadership that changes from year to year. Putting a spotlight on Ermenegildo Zegna, Padron Cigars, Daytona and Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia emphasizes the strength of family run businesses. Through this first international issue, we focus on the values signified by our cover story: Emernegildo Zegna. Emernegildo Zegna opened the first shop in South Africa recently. GOODLIFE is also celebrating Padron’s three generations and 52 years of quality cigar making in Nicaragua. We share our interview with Jorge Padron from Miami. Padron exposes GOODLIFE Magazine readers to this new hub [NICARAGUA] of cigar making. It still amazes me how the world still knows less about this fantastic cigar region. In recent years it has become evident that the United States rates Nicaraguan cigars very high. Even higher than its Dominican rivals. More and more companies have introduced Nicaraguan blends to their lines. Otherwise Nicaragua is known for Padron Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, Don Pepins, My Father Cigars, Oliva Cigars, Nub, Brick House, CAO and Rocky Patel. The name J. J Cale has played a significant role in shaping the cigar business in South Africa. Starting with stores limited to Sandton City. Now J. J Cale is represented in almost every major mall in Gauteng, including Club Macanudo in Sandton. I visited more than half a dozen of their shops and I was spoilt for choice. From affordable cigars of below R100 to the most expensive Cohiba Behike, Gurkhas and Davidoff. Over indulging can lead to dependance and health problems. We also look at what causes alcohol dependance and also help unpack the mystery about diabetes and blood pressure. SAOTA one of South Africa’s revered architectural firms, presents two phenomenal projects: Spain, Ibiza and Cape Town, Head Road. And a profile of the floating views from The Gorge Game Lodge in Port Shepstone showcases the amazing beauty of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Welcome to the world of Cigar smoking and GOODLIFE leaving in South Africa. Don Viterelli PUBLISHER y EDITOR


A cigar which brings uncharted territories of taste, stirring the senses of those who discover them. The spice has been boosted with a fiery Esteli Ligero leaf that complements aged Jalapa, Ometepe and Condega tobaccos for a complex bitter sweet palate stimulation. A richer, sharper Habano Nicaragua Oscuro wrapper then rolls the experience into a dynamic box pressed format to liberate enhanced flavours and aromas. . . . . . . by Davidoff Cigars



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If you could have any superpower, what would it be? It would be to help heal South Africa. There are just too many people carrying hate, distrust, anger and pain in their hearts. Gisèle Wertheim Aymés - publisher ISIKO Media | on TheMediaOline 6 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Don Viterelli CONTENT




Nicaragua’s revered cigar maker discusses the future



The entire cigar world is still lamenting this legends death. Carlos died Friday 5th, August 2016 at the age of 81 years.



The journey and friendship forged between a smoker and his cigar. My first day with a cigar..... by Don Viterelli.



Beat alcoholism before it bites you.



Dawn | The rebirth of a British icon



If you have ever wonder about the real origin of your favorite Habanos. Here is six Cuba’s best cigars.



Unveiling the supremacy in the back seat war.



Grand and luxurious architecture on the otherside of the ocean. Ibiza Spain



SANCHO PANZA | This very old brand was originated by Emilio Ahmsted in 1852 and it is handmade at the Romeo y Julieta factory in Cuba. A very elegant smoke and perfect for almost any occasion.



Over looking the Indian Ocean here is another masterpiece by renowned Cape Town Based architects.



Managing and understanding Diabetes and Blood Pressure



Meet Italy’s legendary fashion house.



Showcasing the latest 116 Yacht from Sunseeker



Jaguar releases all-new SUV in South Africa.



The hotel with a floating view south of Kwa Zulu.

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n outline of one of the world's largest exporter of premium cigars, show cigars, showcases cases our our awareness awareness and and thorough thorough understanding of the trade of cigars and the new age of great life. GOODLIFE Magazine is about leisure and indulgence; cigar smokers are inspired by the lifestyle and the prestige that comes with the art of making and smoking cigars. Nicaragua is home to world renowned cigar rollers and manufacturers. With their cigars rated top of the pile by reputable cigar magazines and bloggers. What better way to establish a cigar magazine than paying respect to fellow new kids on the block? 20 years ago Nicaragua was just one of those want to be cigar manufacturers.

An influx of original rollers from inland Cuba has turned these green mountains to the world's number one cigar manufacturing country. Through this magazine we will paint an Expose’ of Nicaragua's top factories and fine cigar makers. We plan to run the Nicaraguan tobacco fields like crazy kids playing hide and seek. Share in a tradition re-invented by a brand new clan of cigar makers who now call Nicaragua home and smoke some of the world's best cigars while at it. We will see the sun set through lush tobacco slopes standing next to a proud tobacco farmer. Experience the morning breeze and Nicaraguan dews. This story is a summary of an experience and moments spent in total bliss. Nicaragua the new cigar Mecca.

GURKHA PREMIUM CIGARS One would wonder what is a Himalayan district in Nepal has to do with a cigar in the Americas, especially in Nicaragua. History has it according to British Lieutenant Frederick Young who got captured by a Nepalese troop in the Nepal war of 1812; that these great warriors were respected by their British counterparts. And according to cigar maker Gurkha it was also in this century that colonial soldiers started smoking hand rolled local tobacco which were referred to as Gurkhas. Our This next edition edition digs will deeper dig into various deeper into various GurkhaGurkha cigars mostly cigars available mostly available in SouthinAfrica Southincluding Africa including the Cellar theReserve Cellar [LEFT]. [LEFT] and an interview with the makers of Gurkha Cigars. Reserve

10| |AACigar 8 CigarAficionados AficionadosLifestyle LifestyleMagazine Magazine

AND THEN THERE WAS DAVIDOFF When Zino Davidoff was born on 11 March 1906 in the Ukrainian city of Kiev, the first smell to greet him was the aroma of the oriental tobacco from which his father Henri secretly rolled cigarettes for friends and acquaintances occassionally. At the age of five, Zino and his family fled from the pogroms in czarist Russia, reaching Geneva in 1911, where his father immediately opened a small tobacco shop on the Place des Philosophes. After leaving school, Zino decided he would prefer to see the world rather than attend university and set sail for South America, moneyless and with just a dinner jacket. Shortly after arrival in Argentina, Davidoff – a stateless person – had his “League of Nations” passport stolen. The local authorities, unfamiliar with this document, took Davidoff to be a diplomat from his easy, confident manner and issued him with new ID documents without further ado. That's how Zino gained his Argentinean citizenship that was later to be followed by the Swiss citizenship. For five years, starting in 1925, Zino worked in tobacco plantations and cigar factories in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba. In Havana he learnt everything about the cultivation, storage and exploitation of the incomparable Cuban “Puro”. On his return to Geneva in 1930, he wasted no time in expanding his father's business with a cigar department and a special cellar, in which the valuable tobaccos could be stored without loss of quality. This forerunner of today's humidor was the first of its kind in the world. In the years that followed, Davidoff's tobacco shop earned a reputation mainly through the import of Cuban cigars. In the 1930s, business was at first still slow, but the shop in Geneva was soon regarded as the world's premier address for Havana cigar lovers. During the Second World War, Davidoff benefitted from his good relationships with the Cubans. They allowed him to take charge of their large cigar warehouse in Paris before the Germans invaded France, with the result that for a considerable time Davidoff was the only dealer able to supply Havana cigars. After the end of WW2, the Cubans set out with Davidoff to conquer the European market, which was dominated by German, Dutch and Swiss manufacturers. Zino surprised his partners in Havana with the idea of naming selected cigars after the “Grand Cru” wines of Bordeaux and he

named his first line after the legendary “G.C.” appellations “Château Haut-Brion”, “Château Lafite”, “Château Latour”, “Château Margaux” and “Château Yquem”. With this began the rise of an empire that even the Cuban revolution in 1959 failed to disturb. In recognition of his great service, his Cuban business partners offered to produce his own line for him in 1970. This was the moment the renowned “Davidoff No. 1”, “Davidoff No. 2” and the “Ambassadrice” were born. Around that time, in 1967, the first edition of his now renowned “The Connoisseur's Book of the Cigar” appeared the compendium became a standard work for cigar smokers with more than 200,000 copies sold in different languages. In 1970, Zino Davidoff ensured the continuation of his company and sold the business to the oldestablished family company Oettinger from Basel. On 14 January 1994, Zino Davidoff passed away in Geneva at the age of 88 leaving a motto for the cigar connoisseurs of the world: "Smoke less, but better and longer make a cult of it, even a philosophy!” An upheaval occurred in 1990 when Cubatabaco, the state monopoly, tried to acquire control of the Davidoff trademark as part of a drive to enter cigar retailing. When refused, the Cubans threatened to cut supplies, at the same time taking Davidoff to task for its premium prices. Davidoff replied by claiming that Cuba's tobacco quality had deteriorated, alleging that the supplier was selling 'pirate' Davidoffs to export markets on its own. The row culminated when Davidoff shifted its source of hand- rolled cigars from Cuba to the neighbouring Dominican Republic. Davidoff never sold cigars to Winston Churchill, but his Geneva shop saw many other customers: Marshal Tito, the violinist Isaac Stern, the pianist Artur Rubinstein, even Orson Welles. But none matched Egypt's infamous and rotund ex-King Farouk who came into the shop after his exile in the 1950s.

“Zino spent two years in Cuba learning every aspect of tobacco cultivation and cigar making, which amounts to over 300 manual operations and about 170 processing steps. From planting, to transplanting, fertilization, barn curing, fermentation, and stem stripping, to learning how to properly bunch and roll cigars, right up to aging, sorting and boxing the cigars, Zino did it all. He even developed a talent for being able to distinguish between the different varieties of Cuban tobacco by their aroma alone.” After lengthy negotiations, Farouk ordered 40,000 Hoyo double corona cigars, complete with his own cigar bands, but not before Davidoff ran a credit check in Rome, where Farouk was living in a somewhat financially careless style. The deal was struck, the cigars were delivered over a period of months and Davidoff got paid. 'It was my biggest sale ever.' At today's prices, such a sale would be worth pounds 400,000. GL ABOVE PICTURES: Zino Davidoff

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Above is a Zegna must have to go with your casual couture. The Ermenegildo Zegna “Acqua di Bergamotto” presents that just showered clean smell all day long. Absorbs and neutralizes the sweat smell and stays fresh all day. Soil brown belt will emphasize the natural colour tone with any colour pants. Clean or with brown|tan socks depending on the temperature of the evening, the Zegna suede shoes completes a casual even look.

BRANDS | Ermenegildo Zegna & Z Zegna SANDTON CITY SHOPPING CENTRE, Diamond Walk, Sandton City U22, 1609, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA 10 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Zegna is one of the litmus paper brands you can use to measureor gauge a market’s potential. Where ever a new Ermenegildo Zegna boutique open doors. That market is either soaring or emerging and shall be a guaranteed success. Sandton City ‘Diamond Walk’ is proving to be the magic address in Johannesburg. Major brands seem not to get enough of the sub-urban city. Previously stocked by the Grays group, Zegna is now a stand alone shop with normal business hours. Sandton City doors opens at 09:00 until 21:00. Ermenegildo Zegna also has “Made to Measure” specialists at your disposal. You can schedule an appointment and be able to choose your very personal Su Misura [Tailor-Made] suit, starting from the selection of the fabric right down to defining all the details that will make it truly unique. Your Bespoke Zegna wardrobe.



SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH OMEGA CO-AXIAL CHRONOGRAPH 44.25 MM Black ceramic on coated nylon fabric strap with titanium foldover clasp

MOVEMENT : Calibre: Omega 9300 Self-winding chronograph movement with column, wheel mechanism and Co-Axial escapement. Silicon balance-spring on free sprung-balance, 2 barrels mounted in series, automatic winding in both directions. Rhodium plated finish with exclusive Geneva waves in arabesque.


MOVEMENT : Calibre: Omega 1861 Famous manual-winding chronograph movement that was worn on the Moon. Rhodium-plated finish. Power reserve: 48 hours. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides


This OMEGA Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” features a black dial covered by a hesalite crystal and graced by a small seconds sub-dial, 30-minute recorder and 12-hour recorder along with a central chronograph hand. The black bezel, with its tachymetric scale, is mounted on a 42 mm stainless steel case and presented on a matching bracelet.

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Invictus, the scent of victory, the essence of heroes. Ecstatically addictive, a powerful stimulant with an additional luminous burst. A daring smash-up of freshness and heat. Marine and grapefruit team up with gaĂŻac wood. When you're in it to win.

12 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Invictus Aqua is a masculine fragrance by Paco Rabanne. The scent was launched early in 2016. It features notes of Pink pepper, Zuzu, Grapefruit, Violet leaf, Marine accord, Ambergris, Amber wood and Guaiac wood. This sensual and fresh scent depicts a modern vision of masculinity. Invictus is an unexpected clash of worlds and sensations. Invictus Aqua enriched with energetic yuzu and grapefruit zests and a pink pepper backdrop, and the OlympĂŠa Aqua, a blend of salt vanilla, ambergris and cashmere wood, accentuated by ginger flower and Calabrian bergamo. The strength of the aroma is powered in the dry down ofall these incredible notes. Giving a lasting impression of freshness. Paco Rabanne brings back the trend of aquatic fragrances with editions inspired by the athletic spirit, competition and victory, Invictus further emphasizing the aquatic character of these compositions. Marine notes in the heart are wrapped in an herbal violet leaf accord. The powerful scent of guaiac wood is paired with ambergris and woody amber in the base. The fragrances are available in bottles of the original shape with the frosted glass effect. Housed in the familiar shaped bottles of each collection a trophy cup for Invictus, the new Aqua collection have an iced glass effect implying the aqueous nature of the new series. The bottle is a design by Cedric Ragot. If you're in need of a midday refresher, spray invictus on yourself to liven up your day. This flexible scent can be worn at the office or at an afternoon gathering of friends or family. GL


250ct Crystal Humidifier XIKAR humidifiers (crystals, jars and bars) are a two-way humidification system. XIKAR humidifiers are prefilled with PG Solution and will emit and absorb moisture in your humidor. XIKAR humidifiers with PG solution maintain a 70% RH (Relative Humidity). Varying humidity levels in a humidor can destroy cigars quickly. Proper humidification accessories will ensure consistency, which is the most important step in preserving and protecting your cigar investment.

8oz PG Solution XIKAR's Propylene Glycol (PG Solution) maintains 70% RH. Use XIKAR PG Solution every time your crystal humidifier needs fluid, not distilled water. Distilled water evaporates quickly and creates humidification fluctuations. XIKAR's proprietary mix of PG Solution is calculated to match the water absorption rate with the rate at which PG biodegrades, resulting in a humidor that will not over saturate with PG. Always maintain 70% RH for the best results. Competitive mixtures of PG Solution often contain an incorrect mix resulting in a clogged humidifier.



The HumiKit™ is the most reliable humidification system available today, and includes everything your humidor needs for an optimal "cigar fresh" environment. Digital Gauge Hygrometer The Digital Gauge Hygrometer is the modern depiction of the retro analog hygrometer. Its digital hand displays the RH level similar to a speedometer. The oversized digital display makes it easy to monitor temperature and humidity levels inside your humidor with a quick glance. Each hygrometer comes precalibrated for accuracy right out of the box.

HumiFan™ The HumiFan™ provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside your humidor, allowing your cigars to "breathe" by redistributing the air inside your humidor to diffuse inconsistent humidity levels, providing a more consistent and stable environment for your cigars.

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THE MAGIC OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT | OLED LG has started an OLED revolution, promising premium picture quality and impressive detail with its latest TVs. The secret is all about the black, as self-lighting pixels within the screens can switch off completely to achieve a perfect black background. This helps to deliver infinite contrast, making other colours appear more vibrant and detailed for a more impressive picture from any angle. To develop the technology, LG took inspiration from an experiment conducted in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2006. For one night, all of the city lights were turned off, reducing light pollution to create a blacker sky. As a result, the Northern Lights appeared brighter and more colourful in the sky above. OLED is a major step on from the LCD technology that is currently used. In simple terms, it is created from organic materials that emit light when power is passed through it. An OLED display contains thin films of organic materials placed between two conductors; as the current passes through, the display lights up. This self-illuminating function removes the need for the backlight that is an essential requirement of a traditional LCD screen. There are two kinds of OLED display, of which AMOLED (active matrix) is the most important. Designed for larger displays (of over about three inches), it allows for each individual pixel on the screen to be controlled separately. The three key benefits to OLED displays all stem from that lack of a backlight. The immediate consequence is that devices can be made thinner – a 40-inch LCD TV needs a backlight large enough to span and light the entire surface of the screen evenly. Without this problem, the same sized OLED- based TV could be little more than a inch thick, and as miniaturisation of the other components powering devices develops further, they will only continue to get thinner. The next benefit is that without that backlight, the screens draw far less power. While a black image on an LCD display is backlit to the same degree as a white screen, the light on an AMOLED display directly corresponds to the brightness of each individual pixel. For devices that run on battery power, like mobile phones, this is a massive boon. The final benefit comes in the form of a massive improvement in image quality, with greater contrast between light and dark colours thanks to the absence of the backlight that turns blacks into dark greys on a traditional LCD. Of course, thinner hardware is only the first step in what OLED technology will bring us. Through nanotechnology some companies have created screens that measure less than half a millimetre thick, making them extremely flexible. Imagine a mobile phone with a large screen that can be folded to keep it pocketable, or even wearable computers built into clothing – this is no longer just the stuff of science fiction

14 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine




HTC 10 The 10 has everything that is expected from a flagship Android phone, expandable memory, 4GB RAM, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor as well as 32GB of internal memory; all features that have been seen in a few high-end Android phones so far this year. The 5.2 inch, quad HD Super LCD 5 phone displays 30 percent more color than the previous model released last year, and HTC has optimized the 10’s software and hardware to reach a faster touch response rate of 50 percent compared to its predecessor. HTC claims that the battery is good for two days, with the measurement of 3000mAh, due to optimization of hardware and software in this new model. The 10 also sports a USB Type-C port which supports Quick Charge 3.0. The design of the device blends the design of the M9 and A9 with the brand’s signature all aluminum construction with large chamfered edges and carefully machined ports. One major change in the new model’s design is that the button below the display is gone, replaced with a fingerprint scanner with two capacitive buttons for back and recent apps. While the design of the phone is evolutionary, it is not groundbreaking in any way and it is still different enough to differentiate itself from iPhone and other Android phones. One of the major hardware upgrades in this device is its camera. HTC has a long history of trouble with poor camera performance in its flagship phones, and this year, those issues have finally been addressed. The 10’s rear camera has a 12-megapixel sensor behind an optically stabilized f/1.8 lens that will take better quality photos in low light settings compared to its previous models. The camera is also able to capture 4K video along with 24-bit high resolution

audio. The back camera is also accompanied with a dual-LED flash module and a second generation laser focus system. The front facing camera has been upgraded to a 5-megapixel sensor with an optically stabilized, f/1.8 wide angle lens, which will help take better selfies in low light. According to HTC this is a feature that is a first for front facing cameras in phones that are currently on the market. The only feature that is entirely new on the 10 is its high resolution audio system, with the headphone amp that has the ability to output twice as much power as other smartphones on the market. The device is also able to upscale audio to 24-bit quality and the brand has built a customizable audio profile feature to tune the sound specifically for the user’s ears. In addition, HTC has also partnered with JBL to produce a noise cancelling set of headphones that are powered via the device’s USB-C port. The last feature in the audio section of the phone is its new ability to wirelessly play audio through AirPlay-certified speakers, which it is the first Android phone to do so out of box. However, the biggest changes and feature with the 10 compared to previous models is its software. It is much more similar to Google’s vision of Android than with HTC’s earlier designs. The two companies worked together to reduce duplicative apps, and the 10 uses Google’s apps for key tasks such as calendar, photos and music. However, HTC’s core email, messaging, and camera apps are still present in the 10. The interface was also redesigned to something similar to a Nexus device, however the option to switch to a traditional Android interface is still present.

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Rémy Martin's Centaure De Diamant is an exquisite blend of eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne, matured for between 20 and 50 years. A rich Cognac that's presented in a diamond decanter with a cabochon stopper.

REMY MARTIN BRIDGES THE GAP Rémy Martin has used the official handover from cellar master Pierrette Trichet to her successor Baptiste Loiseau to preview a high end Cognac which is yet to hit the South African market. This Remy Martin is positioned between the house’s top end Louis XIII and XO expressions. The Centaure de Diamant was created by Trichet in 2010 and represents a selection of the top 10% of barrels from the house’s Fine Champagne Cognac stocks. Its name draws on the centaur design that forms the brand’s emblem. Already available in France, Belgium and Russia, its arrival in Southern Africa has not been confirmed. Already with a UK recommended retail tag of £800; it is designed to support a growing appetite in the international market for luxury Cognac. Anne-Laure Pressat, UK brand ambassador for Rémy Martin confirmed the importance of this cognac when launching the cognac to the bevarage’s

16 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

market in the UK.. “There’s a demand here for higher quality Cognac.” The move comes in the wake of a major slump for Rémy Martin and its parent company Rémy Cointreau last year, which saw the brand’s sales plummet by 20.8% thanks largely to a slowdown in China’s luxury market. Although the brand offers a total of around 30 different expressions or labels across its global markets, Centaure de Diamant will bring Rémy’s international portfolio up to five alongside VSOP, Coeur de Cognac, XO “Excellence” and Louis XIII. Rémy Martin claims to be quenching demand for an ultra-premium Cognac expression with the launch of the Centaure de Diamant in select European markets, China and South Africa in the near future. This will be the last expression created by outgoing cellar master Pierrette Trichet who passes the role of cellar master on to protégé Baptiste Loiseau. The fine Champagne blend of 20-50year-old eaux de vie will form the pinnacle of

the core Rémy Martin Cognac. The Centaure de Diamant is said to deliver notes of fig, prune, orange marmalade, hazelnuts and coffee beans. The expression, is presented in a diamond-shaped decanter complete with cabochon stopper, in a lined gift box. This established Cognac house has been around since 1724, for nearly 300 years, producing exquisite Fine Champagne Cognac, which is the category of highest quality in cognac production. With products such as its famous blend Louis XIII, the cognac house with the black centaur logo on its bottles has found international acclaim and saw an exciting history of family feuds, mergers and in recent years a boom in US popular culture. Today, Rémy Martin is part of the Rémy Cointreau group, a powerful company with various luxury products in their range and a large international distribution network. GL




Premium cigars are a luxurious, natural product, and they are handcrafted in a lengthy process that involves strict quality controls. To develop and retain their natural flavour, cigars must be properly stored. Cigars that have been stored correctly have a soft, elastic outer wrapper, they are pleasantly heavy to hold, and they are characterised by a succulent aroma that is typical of their region of origin.

For optimum enjoyment, cigars must age for some time after manufacture in an air humidity of 68 % to 75 % in special climatic chambers.The prerequisite for the maintenance of quality or for further aging is the guarantee of this air humidity and the maintenance of a storage temperature of +16째C to +20째C.If cigars are stored in low air humidity, they dry out and lose their aroma and quality. If the air humidity is too high, there is a risk of the valuable tobacco moulding. In the Humidor, cigars can age under the perfect climatic conditions over a longer period of time.A high-quality touch electronic control system in connection with humidity sensors guarantees that the required temperature and air humidity are accurately maintained. The two wooden presentation boxes, which vary in height, and the two wooden shelves are crafted from Spanish cedar wood. These boxes are ideal for storing loose cigars. They can be easily removed for the presentation of the cigars. The compact appliances (WKes 653, ZKes 453, CMes 502) can also be wall-mounted without difficulty as an attractive eye-catcher with convenient access for serving. Precision control: Using the precision electronic control system, the temperature can be set between +16 째C and +20째 C. The humidity can be set between 68% and 75%, as required. The temperature alarm alerts the user to any irregularities in the inside temperature. Child lock: The child lock is programmed so as to prevent the appliance being inadvertently switched off.A symbol in the MagicEye indicates when the child lock is switched on. Door alarm: The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the food. A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 17



Glenmorangie Selling Rare 1970s Whisky Sets for

$50,000 Since 1843, Glenmorangie has been devoted to crafting single malt whiskies of exquisite finesse and complexity, always a minimum of 10 years old. The 1970s was a particularly exciting decade at the distillery, which capitalized on the resurgent demand for single malt scotch after years of blends dominating the market.

18 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Avoid the chic and boisterous crowd at the bar, follow an escort through a concealed passageway, look beyond a dining room table lined with samples of the precious nectar and see that leaned against the back wall is one of only 10 sets Glenmorangie is selling from its 1970s Collection. Beloved for its exceptional single malt scotch, Glenmorangie will produce 6 million liters this year. But modern makers are always scouring shuttered distilleries for rare whisky or holding on to special batches for momentous final releases. Some of the vintages in the 1970s Collection are the last bottles remaining on Earth. Glenmorangie will sell only 10 of its 1970s Collection, including the final remaining bottles of vintages left on Earth. “It’s like tasting a piece of history,” says Dr. Bill Lumsden, the head of distilling and whisky creation at Glenmorangie. The five whiskies contained in the collection date from 1971 to 1977, spanning a period of change and evolution at the famous distillery. The 1975 and 1976 vintages have never been released before, while the remaining three (the 1971, The Glenmorangie Tain L’Hermitage 1975 and 1977) are rereleases of special edition whiskies that have been rebottled. In today’s rate to the dollar, the 70s would literally cost half a million of rands. Another question is who do you share such vintage juice with; worthy of such wealth. This can only be found in a private cellar as part of reserved vintage. The last question is: what is it like to taste R500,000 worth of whisky? It’s a hard question to answer – even once you’ve done it. But one thing’s for sure: the experience around it says a lot about the wild moment in the ultra-premium whisky market we’re living through. The distillers know the releases themselves will bring significant media attention, and will contribute to the aura of exclusivity that helps burnish their brands – even, and perhaps especially, among the overwhelming majority of whisky lovers, those for whom a bottle with a three-digit price tag can only be an occasional luxury – never mind one with a five-digit price tag. GL



Business and golf: What's the story?


hat is it about golf and businessmen? Hasn't anyone ever wondered why golf has all of a sudden become an extension of the boardroom? Well, we have. After our research, we have found ourselves still asking the question: is golf a sport exclusive to the moneyed guys? Is it a sport anyway? Unlike soccer and rugby, golf seems to require less physical energy, but certainly loads of cash, networks and mild physical fitness. Different theories explain why golf is such a big sport for the business guys. First, businessmen do business deals on the golf course. After all, this offers a relaxed environment, away from the buzzing office area, where one can mix business with pleasure at almost no pain. Golf is a way of doing business nowadays, where one meets contacts, clients and customers. As one marketing executive of a Zimbabwean-based multinational corporation, who admits he has become addicted to the sport, said: “I've become a very avid golfer and I like my golf. I found that most of our export customers play golf and they would come in and talk about golf and so on, so that's why I took it up and became addicted.” And then there is also the biggest thing that in

golf there is lots of business opportunities. Some people believe that by the 18th hole one is almost assured of a deal with a potential financier, partner, client or customer. But I can also imagine what happens if talks become sour. Does the game continues? Professor Ronald Herman, an academic from the University of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape says many business people play golf more for the opportunity to socialise than to get fit. Trust is one of the most crucial ingredients in business and businessmen are more likely to trust someone with whom they share common interests outside the boardroom. Membership to a golf club could provide a businessman with such opportunity to create a network of like minds. Says South African millionaire, Raymond Kramer: “businessmen want to know who to deal with and they want to play golf.” Then there is also a theory that with African men in particular – especially the middle class – playing golf gives one some kind of status. Belonging to a golf club or union is a status maker, regardless with or without the economic or business benefits. GL

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The Montecristo 80 Aniversario vitola is unique (55 ring gauge x 165 mm in length) and its blend, which has a special strength, has been created for smokers who enjoy intense flavours. This commemorative edition, comprising 30,000 units, is presented in an exclusive, uniquely designed box of 20 Habanos, each bearing bands with a gold finish especially for this occasion. Totally Handmade with Long Filler-, after selecting the exquisite capa , tripa and capote -wrapper, filler, and binderleaves from the best plantations in Vuelta Abajo. The Montecristo 80 Aniversario has special dimensions that cannot be found in any other standard Habanos vitola. It will particularly appeal to smokers who enjoy thick ring gauge Habanos and an exquisite blend that is balanced, and intense at the same time.


Occasionally Habanos S.A releases celebration blends of Cubas esteemed cigars. March 2015 marked 80 years of Montecristo. Unveiled at the Friday Night Gala of the 2015 Habanos Festival, the 80 Aniversario Montecristo is a special release to commemorate its age. This commemorative release comes in special lacquered boxes of twenty, with each cigar being adorned with two new bands. The Montecristo logo on the band is fully finished in a gold, with the second band sporting the wording "80 Aniversario". Although Portugal had a brief spell and taste of the 80 Aniversario apart from those that were present when it was presented in Cuba; London reported a proper delivery of the gold foiled Montecristo. A very limited boxes are now available from elite retailers of Habanos in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This is one of the rarest Habanos and the retail tag sure emphasizes that at close to 10 grand a box of 20 cigars. Laying my hands on a sampler with only 3 of the 80 Aniversario; a 55 ring gauge and 165mm long was truly unbelievable. Europe being the biggest open market for Habanos, England was sure to be the first to indulge. This Montecristo has not even reached airport duty free shops due to its limited quantity. If delayed the relevance of the cigar in future years will diminish. I am more than guaranteed that the 80 Anivesario will only be available from Habanos specialists shops. Look out for this for this wonderful cigar. A true Habano and a cut above the rest. A very good looking cigar with an impeccable medium strength and flavour. This is a cigar to collect and age. GL.

Montecristo Turns 80 | The 80 Aniversario

A three cigar sampler of the Cuban Montecristo 80 Aniversario, Vitola.

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THE QUINTESSENCE OF THE EL SEPTIMO RANGE! The Diamond series reproduces similar tastes to the brand's other Luxus collections . The perfection of this brand lies in the rigorous selection of the wrapper leaves of our cigars : shiny, dark and stain free, they are close to perfection. The latest Septimo offering has produced exceptional cigars that combine elegance with exquisite flavours ! Great art... This is an exotic cigar. At the top of the Diamond range sits elegantly the quintessence of our cigars, the Fabuloso Dark Ruby. Its size (160mm) and large ring gauge (68mm) may intimidate some aficionados, however, they would be missing out on something exceptional. The elegance of its sublime aromas, the absence of any bitterness and the controlled strength deliver an indulgent experience. Testament of its greatness, the Fabuloso Dark Ruby is our bestseller. Like all of our cigars in the Diamond Series, the Fabuloso Dark Ruby is handrolled with 4 leaves of the finest vintage tobacco and characterised by a shiny, leathery wrapper. The brand was founded in 2005 by an aficionado who had become dissatisfied with the choice and quality of available cigars on the market. He was motivated to create something exceptional in terms of the whole package the overall aesthetics, quality, size and taste. The desire to overcome perceived shortcomings in the market led this aficionado to create the El Septimo range, which now covers more than twenty cigars in two distinctive series. The El Septimo journey to cigar perfection has been achieved by combining innovation with secular traditions. Dark and oily layers, clumps of tantalising aromas, heightened by outsized modules: Explore your seventh sense through the brand El Septimo. Made from vintage tobaccos and designed by great masters of assembly, each cigar will take you beyond your desires through a unique experience: El Septimo. Our luxury cigars are family produced in a secret valley in Costa Rica using Cuban tobacco seeds. The passion and expertise of extraordinary men and women are the cornerstone of a brand that combines, for each module, creativity, tradition and sensuality. With El Septimo cigars, your pleasure is first of all ours: that of sharing something exclusive in rare and precious moments. We could not confirm blend origin. The El Septimo range is now available in South Africa. Amano Cigars are a South African based family run cigar importers. Established by Pedro and Jose Ramos. Amano is a distribution outlet in SHOP N°80, DESIGN QUARTER SHOPPING CENTER, 2191 GAUTENG. They can be contacted on +2780 024 4277. The stock Cuban Cigars (Habanos S.A.), Alec Bradley, Padron, My Father Cigars, Oliva, Gurkha, El Septimo. These are not retailer but they distribute to retailers all over Southern Africa.

EL SEPTIMO FABULOSO DARK RUBY DIAMOND SERIE Aroma Rating : 5/5 Strength : 5/5 Length : 160 mm Ring gauge : 68 Ă˜ Collection : Diamond Series Wrapper : Dark and oily 25 | Box Retail estimated : R28, 000.00 Single Retail estimated : R1, 300.00

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In addition to the Línea Clásica, the Línea 1492 and the Línea Maduro 5 it is the fourth series in the Premium Level of the Cohiba brand. The designation "Behike" is an old concept of the Tainos, the native Indians of Cuba. The Behike was a medicine man and master of ceremonies, the outstanding personality and the spiritual leader of the tribe. The series consists of three Behike launched exclusively shapes BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56. The numbers denote respectively the ring gauge of cigars. The Characteristic of this cigars is the famous Vitolas ponytail at the mouthpiece of the cigars that is already known from the Coronas Especiales and Lanceros of the Línea Clásic. Although the Behikes are an integral part of the brand, they are only available in limited quantities. The reason is the limited availability of the tobaccos used. In 2006, Cohiba released one of the most expensive cigars in the world, the Cohiba Behike to honor its 40th anniversary. Only 4,000 cigars were produced each rolled by only one person at the El Laguito factory in Havana: Norma Fernández. She also had the honor of deciding on the tobacco blend to be used for the cigars which was specifically designed to honor 40 years of the Cohiba brand. In early 2010, word came from from Habanos S.A. that they were going to produce a new blend, officially launched during the XII Habanos Festival in Cuba, using Medio Tiempo leaves, taken from the upper leaves of sun-grown tobacco plants which supposedly gives the new blend a unique, distinctive taste, the Cohiba Behike BHK, a cigar honoring its 45th anniversary. The cigar itself is a very impressive specimen, obviously well-constructed. There’s a light to medium chocolate brown wrapper that has a very strong barnyard smell with a bit of hay thrown in. The BHK is also very firm when squeezed, almost hard, really and feels almost too large to smoke when you put it in your mouth, what many would call a jawbreaker. It also has a small pigtail cap that has been perfectly applied. The band is, quite simply, the most amazing band I have ever seen on a cigar in my life, and it truly must be seen to be believed. The cigar cut easily, and the first third starts with an impressive amount of spice out of the gate, along with flavors of cedar, hay and earth. There is some sweetness as well, but not much of it, it is really more of a background note at this point. The second third of the Cohiba starts out with the spice from before winding down quite a bit. The BHK shifts abruptly to a sweeter, more creamy profile, although interestingly, the flavors are close to the same, more cedar, more earthiness, more hay, but instead of the spice from before, the sweetness is the dominant companion. There is also just a bit of dark chocolate present as well. The COHIBA Behike range is now available in South Africa. Amano Cigars are a South African based family run cigar importers. Established by Pedro and Jose Ramos. Amano is a distribution outlet in SHOP N°80, DESIGN QUARTER SHOPPING CENTER, 2191 GAUTENG. They can be contacted on +2780 024 4277. The stock Cuban Cigars (Habanos S.A.), Alec Bradley, Padron, My Father Cigars, Oliva, Gurkha, El Septimo. These are not retailer but they distribute to retailers all over Southern Africa.

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HABANOS COHIBA BEHIKE 56 Ring gauge : 56 Length Inch : 6.50 Smoking duration : 98 Wrapper origin : Cuba Binder origin : Cuba Filler origin : Cuba 25 | Box Retail estimated : R7,500.00 Single Retail estimated : R880.00


Consistently ranked among the elite, the 97-rated Padron 1926 was created in celebration of Jose Padron’s 75th birthday. This five to ten-year tobacco blend demands recognition with a full bodied-flavor that’s smooth, complex, and damn hard to resist. Whether you’re looking forward to a milestone birthday, or just anticipating another night loungin' with your feet up, it’s always a good time for a Padron 1926. Often envied but never replicated, the Padron 1926 is about as close to perfect as you’re going to get. Pricey, but well worth it. Padron 1926 earned an unheard of 97-rating, noting: "It’s a complex smoke with perfect balance, showing flavors of chocolate, coffee and nuts, as well as some black cherry. The cigar has a finish so long it seems to never leave the palate.” The Padron Serie 1926 line was created to honor Jose Orlando Padron. However, until 2002, the only regular production sold were the Serie 1964 (created in 1994) and the thousand series. The Padron Serie 1926 essentially stepped up the aging (5 years) and quality of tobacco used as compared to the Serie 1964. Since 2002 (which celebrated Orlando Padron’s 75th Birthday), Padron blended the Serie 1926 80 Years to celebrate Orlando Padron’s 80th birthday and the 40th Anniversary cigar to commemorate 40 years of being in the cigar business. While holding the No. 9 in my hand, I could immediately tell it was very squeezable. The shape is solid with semi rounded corners with a medium shade wrapper that gets a bit darker towards the foot. The wrapper has a few wrinkles on the underside with average amount of veins. The band is beautiful as usual, labeled “1926” with a serial # to prevent counterfeiting. The cigar does have some good weight behind and unintentionally perhaps conveys a more rugged appearance. The wrapper has a light cedar with aged tobacco aroma while the foot has hints of wood, cedar and some chocolate. In the initial draws, pepper is up front and strong with coffee notes on the follow through. As I enter the first third, there is a tremendous amount of flavor with notes of coffee, nuts, caramel and wood. Black pepper lingers for a while on the finish. At this point, this full bodied, strong medium cigar is firing on all cylinders. Transitioning into the second, I get some distinct black cherry flavors. This is only stays for 1/4 or so before fading. However, coffee, nuts, and wood are still there. The first third had some rough edges, but this part is smooth. The strength is definitely full and I’m certainly glad I had some food in my stomach. There also is a syrupy flavor combining with black pepper on the finish which I find interesting. The last third transitions beautifully. Cocoa and leather are the main notes with a peppery finish. I’m finding this cigar fairly balanced and enjoyable. The Padron Serie 1926 No. 9 Natural finishes as a full bodied full strength cigar. PADRON Cigars are now available in South Africa. Amano Cigars are a South African based family run cigar importers. Established by Pedro and Jose Ramos. Amano is a distribution outlet in SHOP N°80, DESIGN QUARTER SHOPPING CENTER, 2191 GAUTENG. They can be contacted on +2780 024 4277. The stock Cuban Cigars (Habanos S.A.), Alec Bradley, Padron, My Father Cigars, Oliva, Gurkha, El Septimo. These are not retailer but they distribute to retailers all over Southern Africa.


Padron Series 1926 Anniversary No. 9 (Robusto) NATURAL Strength : Full Size : 5 1/4 x 56 Wrapper : Nicaraguan Binder : Nicaraguan Filler : Nicaraguan Origin : Nicaragua Shape : Robusto Grande 24 | Box Retail estimated : R9,800.00 Single Retail estimated : R480.00

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Before 2000 (years are approximate), Opus X used to be “aged” 3 years after rolling before getting released for public consumption. However, due to the high demand of this cigar and their inability to meet it without changing current processes, they had no choice to but to start releasing Opus X without the 3 years of age. Obviously, the flavor profile was not exactly the same as a result. Some cigar smokers enjoy the “fresh” flavors while others (perhaps the majority) love how the cigar feels a bit more balanced with the 3 years on them. Either way, this is the way Opus X has been released since 2000 or so. If you truly want to experience how a Opus X was originally meant to be, smoke one with 3-4 years on them. So when new cigar smokers complain about the hype behind an Opus X, that’s because that “hype” was based upon a different “aging” process. The wrapper has a smell similar to aged tobacco and the foot is mixed with spices, leather and cedar. On the initial draw, I was welcomed with a large dose of pepper and leather. About quarter into the cigar, the flavors start to “pop”. I’m picking up rich leather, spice and some toasted flavors. While the spice has toned down a bit, the leather has a bite that lingers on the finish. The cigar feels like a solid medium that’s on it’s way to a full. In the second third, I can see what the 2 years of rest had done to the Opus X Power Ranger. It hasn’t quite reached the levels of an aged Opus, but it’s certainly on it’s way. The flavors feel like they are “married” to certain extent. Leather, toast, and a certain underlying sweetness are the main notes in this part. The second definitely does shine as compared to the other 2 thirds. The retrohale is still a spice bomb with other nuances that are overwhelmed. In the last third, the rich spicy leather becomes very prominent if you slowly allow the smoke to escape your mouth. To me, this is what smoking an Opus X is all about. Wood notes start to get stronger as we approach the last 1.5 inches and at this point, the Opus X Power Ranger is a full bodied cigar though not quite the strength when “fresh”. The cold draw felt airy and perhaps a bit too loose initially but hopefully it will tighten up. Personally, I think it takes some experience before one starts making the right cuts on a torpedo because the quality of the roll can affect the draw as well. The burn was mostly even however it was wavy at time but nothing erratic. The draw was not as full as I typically like my cigars but it was good. As for the smoke, the Opus X Power Ranger puts out plenty of it . I had to turn on the Smoke Eater because it reminded me of a dust cloud coming through otherwise. The ash lasted about 1/2 inches and it did flower a bit when sometimes occurs with Opus X.

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Fuente Fuente Opus X Belicoso xXx Strength : Full Size : 48 Wrapper : Dominican Republic Binder : Dominican Republic Filler : Dominican Republic Origin : Dominican Republic Shape : Belicoso XXX Topedo 24 | Box Retail estimated : R8,600.00 Single Retail estimated : R480.00



COFFEE THE MAESTRO I am yet to meet a person that will say South Africa’s number one live DJ and record producer Black Coffee has diva or superstar attitude. A rare quality in showbiz. Swaziland DJ One Dimensional “1D”aka Wandile Dlamini has nothing but great accolades for this music maestro. We spent a day having a listen session of various SA musicians. Landing on the latest album of Black Coffee, Pieces of Me; who plays in Swaziland now and again at least once a year and will be doing end of the year again this year. We were convinced this was the man to showcase on our GL Music Front Desk. Born to be a superstar, even after an almost fatal accident the music maestro is a work of wonder. Black Coffee was involved in an accident that left him with a brachial plexus injury back in 1990. According to the medical dictionary, the brachial plexus is a group of nerves that originate in the spinal cord in the neck and travel down the arm. These nerves control the muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, as well as provide feeling in the arm. Some brachial plexus injuries are minor and will completely recover in several months. However, other injuries are so severe and may cause some permanent disability in the arm, which explains how Black Coffee lost the use of his left arm. Being the first South African to win the BET Awards for Best International Act: Africa and SAMA Best Dance Album; confirmed his abilities as a record producer and a live DJ. [Black Coffee has 14 Awards since 2005. Including a DJ Awards for Breakthrough DJ Of The Year in Ibiza]. “Come with me” featuring - Mque was the first single of the “Pieces of Me” album. An album that has shown his growth as a record producer. This Mulazi native, tours the world over as a live DJ and playing both his music and others as he entertains masses. We are looking forward to listening to his upcoming followup to Pieces of Me. COURTESY OF | DJ 1D “One Dimensional” from Swaziland. GL

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This incredible Italian opera trio is a must have. Three months ago I played the “Live From Detroit Opera House” DVD in a cigar smoking gathering. I was amazed by the positive response of the about two dozen guests. It stayed on repeat for almost the entire occasion. This is another production by world renowned producer Humberto Gatica. Playing the Italian joyful song “FUNICULI FUNICULA” brought the house to a joyful opera session as everyone sang along. The three boys Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble also belted out my favorite “MAMMA” in this DVD. Driving under the influence of Il Volo is a journey in an opera house. Though most of the songs are in Italian or Latino you cannot help it but sing along. There are about six more releases by Sony Music available in local music dealers.

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In just a few years IL VOLO have performed worldwide, released top-selling albums, toured with legendary songstress Barbra Streisand, and taken the stage for three acclaimed PBS specials. The powerhouse trio is now returning to the States, following a prestigious win at the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy, which garnered them 3x Platinum in Italy for their latest EP and harnessed their sold-out summer tour. The trio – discovered and managed by Michele Torpedine, who’s been also talent scout and manager of Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero, Giorgia, Biagio Antonacci – features Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble. The three young singers bring American audiences their best live performances of pop and traditional English, Italian and Spanish songs, accompanied by symphony orchestras. In September 2015, IL VOLO released L’Amore Si Muove, their third studio album for Sony Music, produced by Michele Torpedine, Celso Valli, Cheche Alara, and Emilio Estefan. Radio airings of the title track are driving the lead up to the release, which will be followed by a 35-date US tour. IL VOLO will open in Buffalo, on 5 February 2016, through April, with venues that include Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities. After entrancing Ti Lascio Una Canzone fans with their cover of the Neapolitan ‘O Sole Mio, the international spotlight quickly lit up for IL VOLO. In no time they found themselves signing a worldwide deal with Interscope Records/Universal Music Group, the first Italian artists ever to be signed for a US label. The trio is now working on their debut album in Los Angeles, Rome, and London (where they recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios).

FRONT DESK In November 2010, IL VOLO released their self-titled debut – later certified platinum – album in Italy. At the time of worldwide release in April 2011, this lovely collection of classics, opera selections and soulful ballads debuted at number ten in the Billboard Top 200 chart, eventually reaching the number six slot. IL VOLO then caught the attention of Quincy Jones, who asked the trio to join superstars like Celine Dion and Josh Groban on the charity single We Are The World: 25 for Haiti. In 2011, the group was nominated for the Latin GRAMMY® Awards in two categories: “Best New Artist” and “Best Pop Album by a Duo or Group”. Released in November 2012, just as IL VOLO were wrapping up their tour with Barbra Streisand, the group’s second studio album We Are Love definitely has a more pop feel but loyal to their trademark classic sound. Backed by the finesse of the Czech Symphony Orchestra, IL VOLO performed their stunning versions of selections that feature guest appearances by the great Placido Domingo (on Il Canto, in homage to Luciano Pavarotti, an inspiration for IL VOLO) and Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti (on the tender ballad, Così). After releasing We Are Love, IL VOLO was back with two more albums: Il Volo’s We Are Love: Live from the Filmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater and Buon Natale: The Christmas Album, which were Christmas stalwarts in iTunes Top 10 Albums. IL VOLO can also boast top-selling tours in the US and in Latin America in 2013, with 50 dates in the continent’s major cities and most prestigious venues. The year ended with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca performing hymns and Christmas carols songs for the Assisi Concert, accompanied by RAI TV’s National Symphony Orchestra, against the backdrop of one of the world’s loveliest churches. This concert was recorded and broadcast on Christmas Day after the papal mass. IL VOLO were also special guests alongside Gloria Estefan, Ivette Sangalo and Miguel Bosé at Laura Pausini’s New York concert, held at the Madison Square Garden Theatre to celebrate her two decades in music.

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In 2011, IL VOLO embarked on several tours, taking in Europe, North and South America. The trio not proved their astonishing vocal talent and awe-inspiring showmanship on record and on stage, they also performed for major TV shows including The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Talk, American Idol, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rachael Ray Show and the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards, as well as appearing in the final episode of HBO’s Entourage, and starring in three PBS specials (Il Volo Takes Flight in 2012; Il Volo Buon Natale in 2013; and, most recently, Il Volo: Live from Pompeii in 2015). The ruins of Pompeii were the scenario for a concert that was the first in this legendary venue since Pink Floyd performed there in 1971. The exclusive concert was recorded and will be released as a DVD. In 2014, the trio returned to the States immediately after their first Billboard Latin Music Award win for Latin Pop Album – Artist of the Year, Duo or Group (for which they had previously received a nomination in 2013) and start their 2014 US summer tour of 15 cities. In February 2015 IL VOLO were triumphant winners of the Sanremo Festival in Italy, and on 17 February 2015 released the EP Sanremo Grande Amore (Sony/Columbia). A blockbusting success for IL VOLO, who reached the number 1 slots in the iTunes EP, single and relative video rankings, with unbelievable Web numbers: over 42,000,000 views for the Grande Amore video (the most popular Italian song viewed on Vevo Italia), going straight to the top of the FIMI/Gfk bestselling albums and singles respectively with Sanremo Grande Amore (x2 platinum) and Grande Amore (platinum). From 19 to 23 May, IL VOLO represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, achieving a runaway phone-in success, soaring up the European iTunes charts, and winning the Marcel Besançon Award 2015 from international critics. After the triumph at Sanremo

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2015, Il Volo have been unstoppable. They went straight to number 1 on iTunes with the EP, single and relative video (clocking up record-breaking numbers on the Web), and immediately garnered the FIMI/Gfk album and single bestselling positions for, respectively, Sanremo Grande Amore and Grande Amore, certified a 2x Platinum single. Il Volo was the voice of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, voted one of the top three contestants, and the most popular among phone-in voters. A tour in Italy’s most magical venues for the summer of 2015 ended with the magnificent concert-event at the Arena di Verona, where the trio debuted tracks from the international L’Amore Si Muove album, released on 25 September and certified a 2x Platinum, soaring to the top of world charts. In January 2016, the trio began its world tour of the US, Europe and Latin America, which reserved some of the globe’s most prestigious stages for the boys. Il Volo is finalized preparing for the concert-event UNA NOTTE MAGICA – Tributo ai Tre Tenori, which was hosted in 1 July, which saw them starring in Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce with special guest PLACIDO DOMINGO. From 27 to 31 July, Il Volo was in Poland at the Krakow World Youth Day, performing live for world television on July 30 and 31. A September release was scheduled by Sony Music for the CD and DVD of the concert-event and we are still looking forward to it coming to South Africa. GL

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THE PADRONS CRAFTING THE FUTURE GOODLIFE Magazine shared a moment with the Padron Family 30 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

By Don Viterelli | Publisher

Cesar introduced me to the founding father of Padron cigars Jose Orlando Padron, at the start of the interview. Who conversed in Spanish; his native language. At 90 years Jose seem to have more years ahead of him. Apart from that he now enjoys his mobile seat. It was when he explained that his new book, his memoir will be released soon and I should make sure that I get a copy. In Cesar's translation I gathered that the book was imminent and not later than December 2016. We had a great time discussing his legacy and the beauty of his cigars. His voice a melody of baritone and a marvel to listen to.

ABOVE & NEXT PAGE | Padron Cigars Headquarters. Little Havana, Miami. OPPOSITE PAGE & NEXT PAGE | Jorge and Jose Padron LAST PAGE | Padron 50th Anniversary cigar humidor.


he birth of GOODLIFE came on the 52nd anniversary of Padron Cigars. Thursday, September 8, 2016 Padron Cigars celebrated 52 years in business, same day we conducted our interview. This was not just the highlight of laying the foundation for this publication but it also allowed me the opportunity to meet the three generations of the Padron family. Present on the interview was Jose Padron the founding father, Jorge Padron Senior, Jose's son and his grandson Jorge Padron Junior. The Padrons are a Cuban American cigar making family based in Miami. The Padrons have been making premium cigars in Nicaragua for the international market for over 50 years. “This is the first time in the history of Padron that an interview is conducted in the presence of the three generations of the family” says Jorge. “Our company is run from the heart and every relationship is important to us”. These are words of Padron's marketing manager Cesar Gadea. This interview was an opportunity to meet the legendary Jose Orlando Padron, the 90 years old founder of Padron Cigars. Jose Padron is finalizing his memoirs, a book about his life and business milestone. At his age Jose qualifies for the Godfather of cigar making title. Prior to our interview, I had done an intensive research about cigars from Padron rather than the company that makes them. From the first day I saw a Padron cigar I was impressed by its entire construction. The branding and the rapper created a marvel to look at. Giving the cigar an appealing look. Cesar introduced me to the founding father of Padron cigars Jose Orlando Padron, at the start of our interview. Who conversed in Spanish; his native language. At 90 years Jose seem to have more years ahead of him. Apart from that he now enjoys his mobile seat. It was when he explained that his new book, his memoir will be released soon and I should make sure that I get a copy. In Cesar's translation I gathered that the book was imminent and not later than December 2016. We had a great time discussing his legacy and the beauty of his cigars. His voice a melody of baritone and a marvel to listen to. It was not long before we were joined by the two Jorges; senior and junior. At one point I had the three Padron generations together right in front of my naked eyes . Jorge introduced himself and his son. It pleased me to see that the seed for the future had germinated and Orlando's legacy will continue to leave on. Today, Jorge senior is the man responsible for Padron Cigars. Though based in Miami, Padron is one of the oldest cigar companies making cigars in Nicaragua. After introducing GOODLIFE Magazines to Jorge, he wanted to know if there were enough cigar retailers in South Africa. Jorge was keen to know if his brand is reaching the local consumer. Padron cigars are distributed by Amano Cigars locally and Pedro Ramos from Amano cigars had just been to Miami meeting with his suppliers; in the same week of our interview. Jorge's visit to South Africa will be paired with a local Padron expo. It was when he emphasized the importance of relationships. Saying that his main focus is building great relationships. With the hope that it will help get more people to

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enjoy his craftsmanship. Jorge attributed their success to the solid foundation that his father Jose Padron built when he founded the company. Based on sound business principles and improved working conditions for the entire company and staff. Padron has grown from strength to strength. As a family business, everyone in the family participate fully in the daily cigar manufacturing business. Except for Jose O who still remains the mentor and inspiration. The Padron brand is an international brand and Jorge believes that is the greatest achievement for the company. The highlight of the company is how customers perceive their product. Though their cigars have achieved multitude high ratings from different cigar publications, he believes they still have a responsibility to create a consistent cigar quality. And that has been the secret for the brands success. Jorge believes his father's humane leadership has helped secure the longest service from his employees. Padron staff are part of the family and their welfare is as important as their service. Padron Cigars has three major product lines. The Padron series is the oldest line which was founded back in 1964 when Jose started in the business of crafting cigars in Little Havana. This was followed by the 1964 Series in 1994, a tribute to the year Padron Cigars was founded and then the 1926 Series in 2002 which is the year Jose O Padron was born; and it celebrated his 75th birthday. These lines are marketed concurrently. Though there are a number of celebration lines, these three remain the major products for the company. The latest cigar to be introduced is the Padron Damaso. The Damaso is a much milder cigar of all the Padron cigars and is available in only four sizes. This cigar was named after Jorge's great grandfather. The first Padron to migrate to Cuba back in the late 1800s from the Canary Island. Damaso is not just honored for his ancestry but because he was the one who started the tobacco legacy. Damaso rented a small piece of land in Pinar del Rio in Cuba and started growing tobacco; which saw his grandson Jose O Padron continue the legacy today. According to Jose, Padron Cigars was started on a $600.00 saving from his carpentry work. This also gave birth to the Hammer icon on the Padron merchandises. Jose got a hammer from Raul Fernandez as a present which helped

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The Padron 50th anniversary cigar Designed by Nelson Alfonso, a visual artist and cigar manufacturer born in Havana, Cuba, the Padron 50th Anniversary Humidor was by far the most talked about release of 2014. To celebrate the ultra-premium cigar company's 50th anniversary, Padron goes all out with one of the most stunning humidors ever created, filled with 50 Padron 50th Anniversary The Hammer cigars. In typical fashion with luxury items of this caliber, only 1,000 humidors were produced and each was individually numbered. Buyers of the humidor will be able to purchase refills from the original retailer, 50 cigars at a time, when they are made available by Padron. Each humidor will come with a certificate of ownership, and a plate describing the owner registration and refill process. The Padron 50th Anniversary The Hammer contains some of the finest tobaccos ever made by the Padron family. Available in either natural or maduro, the tobaccos in these Nicaraguan puros have been aged for 10 years. One of the best cigars from Padron you'll ever lay your hands on, there's no description that could ever fully do this blend justice. An initial smooth and creamy, medium-body continues to evolve with each puff and build up in strength and complexity. The continuous onslaught of rich flavors and aromas of chocolate, black pepper, and cedar, is just the beginning. This is a cigar offering a unique experience that you truly need to experience for yourself. . . . . . . “”.

34 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

him start his carpentry work. Jose worked as a gardener by day and a carpenter at night. Apart from being a reminder of the yesteryears of hardship and dedication, this special little hammer is still in existence and forms part of the most treasured items of the family. Jorge grew up knowing the story of the little hammer that gave birth to their cigar fortune. The Padron business was started in Little Havana Miami Florida but it was only in 1970 that Padron Cigars started making cigars in Nicaragua. With their factory getting burnt down in 1978 during the civil war. Though they had a short spell in Honduras, due to conditions that had suddenly became unfavorable in Nicaragua. Padron cigars resumed full operation in Nicaragua in August 1979. This was after a number of bomb attempts at their headquarters in Miami. Between 1985 and 1990 Padron cigars moved their entire operation back to Honduras due to a Reagan embargo on Nicaragua. Even though a lot of problems faced the company in Nicaragua including an invasion and a forceful takeover of their farm in Vista Hermosa, the company celebrated their 30th Anniversary and released the 1964 Anniversary Series. This was not to be an easy road but a journey through hurricanes and counterfeiting of Padron Cigars. That forced the company to spend extensively on new anti-counterfeiting bands. It was not long until a new and more lavish building was constructed in Little Havana, Miami. Padron moved to their new headquarters in June 2004. In the following year Padron started enjoying a number of accolades for producing great cigars. Taking the “Best Cigar of the for 2004” by Cigar Aficionado a New York based cigar magazine. The company continues to celebrate the founder's birthday in style. Introducing a cigar for his 80th birthday cannot emphasize enough his importance to the company. This cigar was followed by the Padron Family Reserve which I was lucky to enjoy 2 years ago. Accolades have followed year after year from various cigar aficionados' magazines, journals and blogs. A crown by Cigar Aficionado magazine of “Hall of Fame” for Jose Orlando Padron in September 12, 2012. Today the company continues to nurture a product based on quality and consistence. This family run business prides its vertical integration. Being able to control their product from the seed up. Paying attention to every detail throughout all the steps of tobacco growing to creating a splendid cigar. As they will always say. . . . . . “Padron is on the label, Quality is a matter of family honor”. GL


Bottle Neck

“There is no known common cause of alcoholism. However, several factors may play a role in its development. A person who has an alcoholic parent is more likely to become an alcoholic than a person without alcoholism in the immediate family. . . . . . . . . “

Beat alcoholism before it bites you; an illness marked by consumption of alcoholic beverages at a level that interferes with physical or mental health, and social, family, or occupational responsibilities. Alcoholism is divided into 2 categories: dependence and abuse. Dependence: People with alcohol dependence, the most severe alcohol disorder, usually experience tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is a need for markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve intoxication or the desired effect. Withdrawal occurs when alcohol is discontinued or intake is decreased. 2 Abuse: Alcohol dependents spend a great deal of time drinking alcohol, and obtaining it. Alcohol abusers are "problem drinkers", that is, they may have legal problems, such as drinking and driving, or binge drinking (drinking 6 or more drinks on one occasion). People who are dependent on or abuse alcohol return to its use despite evidence of physical or psychological harm. Those with dependence have more severe problems and a greater compulsion to drink. Alcoholism is a type of drug addiction. There is both physical and psychological dependence with this addiction. Physical dependence reveals itself by withdrawal symptoms when alcohol intake is interrupted, tolerance to the effects of alcohol, and evidence of alcohol-associated illnesses. Alcohol affects the central nervous system as a depressant, resulting in a decrease of activity, anxiety, tension, and inhibitions. Even a few drinks can result in behavioral changes, a slowing in motor performance, and a decrease in the ability to think clearly. Concentration and judgment become impaired. In excessive amounts, intoxication may result. Alcohol also affects other body systems. Irritation of the gastrointestinal tract can occur with erosion of the lining of the esophagus and stomach causing nausea and vomiting, and possibly

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 35

bleeding. Vitamins are not absorbed properly, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies with the long-term use of alcohol. Liver disease, called alcoholic hepatitis, may also develop and can progress to cirrhosis. The heart muscle may be affected. Sexual dysfunction may also occur, causing problems with erections in men and cessation of menstruation in women. Alcohol affects the nervous system and can result in nerve damage and severe memory loss. Chronic alcohol use also increases the risk of cancer of the larynx, esophagus, liver, and colon. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects. The most serious is fetal alcohol syndrome, which may result in mental retardation and behavior problems. A milder form of the condition that can still cause lifelong impairment is called fetal alcohol affects. The social consequences of problem drinking and alcohol dependence can be as serious as the medical problems. People who abuse or are dependent on alcohol have a higher incidence of unemployment, domestic violence, and problems with the law. About half of all traffic deaths are related to alcohol use. The development of dependence on alcohol may occur over a period of years, following a relatively consistent pattern. At first, a tolerance of alcohol develops. This results in a person being able to consume a greater quantity of alcohol before its adverse effects are noticed. Memory lapses (black-outs) relating to drinking episodes may follow tolerance. Then, people may lose control over drinking and find it difficult or impossible to stop if they try. The most severe drinking behavior includes prolonged binges of drinking with associated mental or physical complications. Some people are able to gain control over their dependence in earlier phases before a total lack of control occurs. The problem is, no one knows which heavy drinkers will be able to regain control and which will not. Withdrawal develops because the brain has physically adapted to the presence of alcohol and cannot function adequately in the absence of the drug. Symptoms of withdrawal may include elevated temperature, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, restlessness, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, and rarely even death. There is no known common cause of alcoholism. However, several factors may play a role in its development. A person who has an alcoholic parent is more likely to become an alcoholic than a person without alcoholism in the immediate family. Research suggests that certain genes may increase the risk of alcoholism but which genes or how they exert their influence is controversial. Psychological factors may include a need for relief of anxiety, ongoing depression, unresolved conflict within relationships, or

36 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

low self-esteem. Social factors include availability of alcohol, social acceptance of the use of alcohol, peer pressure, and stressful lifestyles.

Alcohol and your health: Weighing the pros and cons. It is an undisputed fact that most guys will hit the bar more than they hit a water tap. For every article you read about the benefits of alcohol consumption, another seems to warn you of its risks. You might find such conflicting information confusing and frustrating. However, the next time you hook up with them boys for a quick one, two, at the joint, consider these points and weigh the risks and benefits of alcohol use. Though moderate alcohol use seems to have some health benefits, anything more than moderate drinking can negate any potential benefits. Moderate drinking is defined as two drinks a day if you're a male under 65, or one drink a day if you're a female or a male over 65. So should you avoid alcohol? Or can you continue to enjoy your glass of wine with dinner? It's up to you and your doctor. Here are some points on alcohol consumption for you to consider:

Health benefits Moderate alcohol consumption may provide some health benefits. It may: Reduce your risk of developing heart disease, peripheral vascular disease and intermittent claudication (a cramping pain). Reduce your risk of dying of a heart attack. Possibly reduce your risk of strokes, particularly ischemic strokes ~ Lower your risk of gallstones ~ Possibly reduce your risk of diabetes

Health risks ~ Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health problems, including: ~ Cancer of the pancreas, mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus and liver, as well as breast cancer. ~ Pancreatitis, especially in people with high levels of triglycerides in their blood. ~ Sudden death in people with cardiovascular disease. ~ Heart muscle damage (alcoholic cardiomyopathy) leading to heart failure. ~ Stroke ~ Brain atrophy (shrinkage) ~ Cirrhosis of the liver ~ Miscarriage ~ Fetal alcohol syndrome in an unborn child, including impaired growth and nervous system development ~ Injuries due to impaired motor skills.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 37

Who shouldn't drink alcohol? People with certain health conditions shouldn't drink any alcohol, as even small amounts could cause problems. Don't drink alcohol if you have: ~ A history of a hemorrhagic stroke ~ Liver disease ~ Pancreatic disease ~ Evidence of precancerous changes in the esophagus, larynx, pharynx or mouth. If you have a family history of alcoholism, be particularly cautious when it comes to drinking, as you are at higher risk of alcoholism. And if you're pregnant, avoid alcohol entirely because of the health risks for your unborn baby. In addition, alcohol interacts with many common prescription and over-the-counter medications. Check with your doctor, if you take: ~ Antibiotics ~ Anticoagulants ~ Antidepressants ~ Diabetes medications ~ Antihistamines ~ Anti-seizure medications ~Beta blockers ~ Pain relievers ~ Sleeping pills If you combine alcohol with aspirin, you face an increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. And if you use alcohol and acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), you increase your risk of liver damage. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (US) requires all over-thecounter pain relievers and fever reducers to carry a warning label advising those who consume three or more drinks a day to consult with their doctors before using the drug.

What to make of all the evidence Weigh the pros against the cons of moderate drinking and decide whether drinking is OK for you. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have questions or are unsure. Above all, don't feel pressured to drink. Few medical experts, if any, advise nondrinkers to start drinking. But if you do drink and you're healthy, there's no need to stop as long as you drink responsibly and in moderation. And, if you are 18 years of age or below, don't even think about it, let alone getting closer to a bar! GL

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“The Dawn is the best-looking car by Rolls-Royce since the iconic British firm came under German ownership a dozen years ago. The overall impression here is beauty and elegance, not just some designer's stylistic selfindulgence. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . “


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t has been more than eight decades since the rugged and reliable Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was proclaimed by the automaker to be “The Best Car in the World.� Since those glorious days, there followed many splendid Rolls-Royces but also some truly dismal ones, notably in the Great Depression era. And when BMW and Volkswagen were ferociously vying to acquire the R-R and Bentley brands in 1998, almost any Japanese economy car was better engineered and certainly more reliable than the revered symbols of British imperial superiority. But what can you expect from a firm on the verge of bankruptcy?

40 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine


1949 Rolls Royce | Silver Dawn

Price: R10m plus

Engine: 6.6L twin-turbo DOHC 48-valve V-12 420kW @ 5,250 rpm, 780Nm@ 1,500 rpm

Transmission: 8-speed automatic Layout: 2-door, 4-passenger, frontengine, RWD convertible

0-100 Mph: 5.0 sec (est)

Top Speed: 250km/h

e can already tell that 2017 is going to be a good year for high-rolling sunseekers (forgive the pun) , as they'll have a number of new droptops from which to choose. And unless Maybach drops another Landaulet or Bentley finally chops the roof off the Mulsanne by next year, no car company will allow the one percent to roll higher than Rolls-Royce, which is adding a second extravagant extrovert to its droptop lineup (below the Phantom Drophead Coupe). Its maker contends that the Dawn is “the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built.” The Wraith of Dawn Essentially a convertible version of the Wraith coupe, the Dawn is a lovelier creature than that fixedroof model; in terms of exterior skin, Rolls says the two cars share only their doors and rear bumper. The rear-three-quarter view of the Dawn is gorgeous, with the rear fenders rising gently to create what Rolls calls—ahem—“the feminine 'hips' of Dawn” before tapering in toward the tail. Other noteworthy details are headlamps resembling those of the Ghost II, new 20- or 21-inch wheels, and, of course, the retention of the rear-hinged coach doors. Note how Rolls applied a tasteful pinstripe to the example in these photos to accentuate the Dawn's newfound curvature. Contrary to the beliefs of most motoring journasts, few of the world's automobiles can make pinstripes work. This car can. The top is rendered in thickly padded fabric, not Laliqueencrusted beluga whale skin as we had hoped, and the design incorporates a stainless-steel band at the leading edge of the flat trunk, giving the Dawn a more traditional three-box-coupe look than the fastback Wraith. The rear window is small by design, which “heightens the sense of a private sanctuary when motoring with the roof up.” Rolls describes roof operation as “a silent ballet”—we would expect nothing less in terms of verbiage—and the automaker further claims that the Dawn is the quietest convertible in the world, with French-style exterior seams designed to eliminate wind noise. Proud that the car retains the rear-seat leg-room of the coupe, Rolls-Royce is adamant about calling the Dawn “a true fourseater,” not a two-plus-two, which the company considers “antisocial” and a “compromise too far,” according to the press release. “2+2 ≠ 4,” they say. But even if it were a little cramped in the back,

2017 Rolls Royce | Dawn

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 41

we'd still find a way to squeeze ourselves inside in order to savor the Dawn's material opulence, which can be displayed in a fashion like no Wraith possibly can given that the top goes down. The combination of “Mandarin” and black cowhides on the Dawn seen here may not float everyone's boat (which I personally adore), but no one can argue with the book-matched, herringbone-style openpore Canadel wood applied in huge swathes on the dashboard, doors, rear tonneau, and the “waterfall” panel between the rear seats. The treatment is nothing short of spectacular. Other interior highlights include wristwatch-style gauges, an audio system from Rolls' Bespoke customization outfit, and a Spirit of Ecstasy rotary controller with a touch-pad rather than a centerstack touch screen, “which might leave unsightly fingerprints at driver and passenger eye level”—the horror! Powered by a Ghost engine. The Dawn is propelled by a 6.6-litre twinturbo V-12 that is lifted pretty much intact from the Ghost II, making the same 420kW at 5250-6000 rpm and 780Nm of torque at just 1500-5000 rpm. The transmission is the same “satellite-aided” eight-speed unit found in the Wraith that will use the GPS to prepare for upcoming hills and curves and select the proper ratio. As for performance, Rolls expects the Dawn will hit 100 mph in 5.0 seconds, while top speed is limited to 250 km/h. Elsewhere under the skin, the Dawn gets the expected structural bracing to ensure adequate rigidity, while the suspension has been reconfigured for the revised weight distribution and body-stiffness properties to facilitate “the expected Rolls-Royce 'magic carpet' ride.” Despite the Dawn tipping the scales at an estimated 5700 pounds—several hundred more than the Wraith—Rolls-Royce claims that the new droptop is lighter and more fuel-efficient than the majority of “compromised” twoplus-two convertibles on the market. We were fortunate to engage with Rolls Royce South Africa about the brand and new Dawn.

42 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Visiting Rolls Royce we were met by a single desk belonging to the man tasked with moving as many Rolls Royce of the floor as possible and had just delivered the first Rolls Royce Dawn in South Africa the day before. A red Wraith and the Phantom Droptop furnished the showroom. Two years ago I was fortunate to enjoy the Phantom Droptop in Swaziland for two weeks. Rolls Royce emphasized that the Dawn is not here to replace the Phantom Droptop. “I'm confident you will see a number of Dawns on South African road very soon. And No the Dawn does not replace the Drophead Coupe.” says the current Rolls Royce general manager. He also made a strong note that though the Dawn seem to resemble the Wraith, they are not the same car nor it is the Wraith’s droptop. “Contrary to media speculation, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is not a Wraith Drophead. 80% of the exterior body panels of the new Dawn are newly designed to accommodate an evolution of Rolls-Royce's design language and to encapsulate highly contemporary, fourseat super-luxury Drophead architecture. It is a car you can drive yourself and your friends can join you in absolute comfort and luxury as all seats are full size.” he said.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 43

The Global Rolls Royce Dawn Launch in Cape Town South Africa

Questioned about the market of the Rolls Royce brand and the Dawn he said, “The Global launch of the Dawn was held in Cape Town earlier this year with an overwhelming response from press, customers and prospects. We also had the opportunity to launch it to our customers at this time. It has definitely changed the way in which the brand is perceived and we have been fortunate enough to deliver our first order to one very excited new owner already” “The car is made for the top echelon of the luxury car segment, The Rolls-Royce brand appeals to a customer that accepts nothing but the best and desires a vehicle that reflects their true personality, Rolls-Royce being a bespoke product perfectly encapsulates this. It can be noted that South Africa is a more conservative market compared to other African countries” Responding to the reason we are seeing more drivers cars within the brand, he confirmed the demand by the market for such vehicles.

44 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

“The Phantom Coupe, Drop Head Coupe, the Wraith and now the Dawn are Rolls Royce reaction to market demand worldwide? Market demand drives RollsRoyce to broaden their Model line. And yes, the demand for super luxury vehicles that are not specific to a single purpose are what drives the RollsRoyce brand into developing “Drivers Cars”. The Rolls-Royce Dawn is expected to appeal to a buyer who is looking for something that not only ticks all the luxury

boxes but also a true driving machine and work of art. There is nothing like being behind the wheel of the Rolls-Royce Dawn, the car is truly something unique to the RollsRoyce family, it provides unsurpassed comfort with breath taking performance, whilst enjoying open air driving” There is the notion that no Rolls Royces are the same. Being a bespoke luxury car, you have the liberty to express your personality through the specifications on your Rolls.

“Rolls-Royce is the ultimate in bespoke customisation. Customisation is endless and an example of this fact would be the 40 000 odd colours to choose from. Every single element is hand built which affords you the opportunity to specify exactly what finishes you would like, essentially making it an extension of your personality. . . . . . . . .�

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 45

Grant Dryden GM Daytona Group

Justin Divaris CEO Daytona Group

Rolls Royce is solely imported by the Daytona Group. An establishment that prides itself in luxury commodities. From jewelry and watches to luxury cars and yachts. In this launch issue we discuss the Sunseeker 116 which falls under the Daytona group of luxury brands. Rolls Royces GM expands in conclussion: “Justin Divaris, the CEO of Daytona has been involved with luxury brands for most of his career, so he fully understood the appetite the South African market has for premium brands. He first approached Aston Martin, who made Daytona sole importer for South Africa in 2005. As a result of the success of Aston Martin in the market, Daytona was subsequently awarded the sole distribution right for Rolls-Royce Motorcars in South Africa. Further to this Daytona was then awarded the McLaren and Brabus agencies. On launching the various luxury brands in South Africa, Daytona has managed to achieve and maintain award winning results in sales and customer satisfaction with each brand. The manufacturers have been pleasantly surprised at the results achieved. Daytona is regarded as the market leaders in luxury car sales and service. The Rolls-Royce brand sits comfortably between McLaren being a super sports car brand and Aston Martin being a luxury sports brand thus completing the Daytona stable in the Best of British luxury cars�. GL Daytona Group, Sandton Isle on Rivonia Road.

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“Habanos SA has released a number of limited brand sampler in the past years. Though five cigar brands always make each box of samplers. The fifth cigar is always alternated between the H. Upmann and the Hoyo de Monterrey. What cigar you choose always depends on brand preference. Many a time aficionados will talk of cigar architecture and origin. I have noted most frequently smokers would enjoy any well made cigar though they have a brand preference. . . . . . . . .” The Habano Denomination of Origin may be applied to all cigars in which 100 per cent of the tobacco used has been grown in Cuba. Likewise, it is an essential requirement that all cigars manufactured in Cuba are subjected to numerous quality control checks, both during the agricultural and curing process, as well as during all stages of manufacturing in the factory. The same rigorous procedures are applied to the selection of the

appropriate leaves, quality control of draw, of the true flavor of each of the brand names and finally, the quality of the cigar's appearance and presentation. The quality of the Habano Cuban cigar is the result of the mystical union of four elements: soil, varieties of Cuban black tobacco, climate and the wisdom of agricultural workers and cigar makers. Numerous attempts to achieve the standards of an authentic Cuban cigar in other areas of the world with seeds of Cuban origin have

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 47

failed to attain its unequalled quality. These elements: the harmonious combination of the sun, the average temperature, atmospheric humidity, soil and subsoil composition are those which make "the quality of the Cuban cigar, both in terms of agriculture and manufacturing, unique to Cuba". Therefore, the Habanos Cuban cigar trademark printed on the boxes of brand names is the guarantee that these cigars are backed by the Habanos Denomination of Origin Protection. This is a seal of quality and origin that is awarded to only the best cigars manufactured in Cuba under the strictest quality control measures, with the best leaves selected from the island's tobacco regions. In the eighteen years of my cigar smoking, Cuba has produced the same brands and it had been like that for at least fifty years back. Made in Cuba “Hecho en Cuba� synonymous with all boxes coming out of Cuban factories. Though in recent years with a lot of the cultural exchange between Cuba and a number of SADC countries. We see a lot

48 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

of counterfeit products with that stamp of approval from Cuba. Yes, these cigar boxes come from Cuba but have a lot of signs of counterfeiting. This includes branding and box certificates to raping and box manufacture. This is before you actually handle and look at the cigars and the cigar band. So it is not all cigars that come from Cuba that authentic. This brings us to who really is responsible of exporting Cuban cigars. Depending on each brand, Cuban cigars are manufactured by a number of factories within Cuba. During the revolution the entire cigar business was taken over by the government of Cuba. Some brands fell along the way as some farm and factory owners migrated to neighbouring countries. The Cuban government consolidated all factories and made sure that the quality of all cigars coming out of Cuba were of great quality. A company now known to the world as Habanos SA is responsible of all authentic cigars from Cuba. I am not going to bore you

with the history of Cigar making in Cuba but it dates back to 1492. When two of Columbus's sailors reported that Indians on the Cuban island were smoking a primitive form of cigars; with twisted, dried tobacco leaves rolled in other leaves such plantains. That was after the epic voyage of Columbus to South America. A number of Spanish sailors quickly caught on the habit thus the habit spread to Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe. The revolution brought a lot of changes to the business of cigars in Cuba. Independent brands like Davidoff and Dunhill also migrated as they owned the patent to their brand names. That is why we do not have these two brands in Cuba any more. Habanos SA now export twenty-seven brands internationally. Some of these names resemble cigars made outside Cuba. Should the embargo be scrapped in the USA, we are yet to see the battle of trade marks apart from the Cohiba

lawsuit between USA cigar manufacturer General Cigars and Habanos SA. In recent years we have seen 6 major brands from Cuba grow internationally. Their popularity has been based on the demand from aficionados worldwide. South African retailers stock these six brands without fail. In this issue we highlight these brands based on their popularity. The Cohiba, Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, H. Upmann and Hoyo de Monterrey respectively. The Cohiba is the pride and flagship of Cuban cigars exporter Habanos SA. In 1492, during Columbus' first voyage to the "new world", he visited the island of Cuba. His sailors were introduced to "Cohiba" by the island natives, a bunch of dried leaves that were smoked in a pipe called a "Tobacco". When Columbus returned to Spain with a sampling of the dried leaves, it is said that he mistakenly called the leafy smoke "Tobacco". And so it goes Cohiba, true to its brand, is "Tobacco", literally. If there is one Cuban cigar that is

truly worthy of it's name, it is definitely the Cohiba cigar. The Cohiba cigar brand, first introduced in 1968, was originally reserved for diplomatic use only. In 1982, three types of Cohiba Cuban cigars were introduced to non-diplomats: the Cohiba Lanceros, the Cohiba Coronas Especiales and the Cohiba Panetelas. Three more Cohiba vitolas were added to the brand in 1989: the Cohiba EsplĂŠndidos, the Cohiba Robustos and the Cohiba Exquisitos, completing what is known as "La LĂ­nea Classica". Five more Cohiba vitoles were added in 1992 creating the "Linea 1492": the Cohiba Siglo I, Cohiba Siglo II, Cohiba Siglo III, Cohiba Siglo IV and Cohiba Siglo V. Cohiba remains the "King of the Cubans". Only the finest tobacco leaves are used to create the various types of Cohiba cigars. The first Cohiba cigars were manufactured under Ernesto Che Guevara's distinction, in the 60's, when he had the position of Minister of

Industries, in the newly born revolutionary Cuban government. Che selected the most outstanding specialists in terms of Cuban habanos, as Avelino Lara and Eduardo Rivero, from LarraĂąaga. The production of the very first tree Cohiba cigar models began in 1968: the Cohiba Lanceros (great panatella), the Cohiba special Coronas (corona) y the Cohiba Panetelas (cigarettes despite their name). However, the Cohiba brand comercialization began in 1982 with an immediate success. Later on, two new series were launched for Cohiba, having the required qualities to have a softer Cuban cigar. The Classic Cohiba Branch was introduced in 1989, which included the Cohiba Esplendido (Churchill), the Cohiba Robustos (Robustos) and the Cohiba Exquisito (Panatella); in 1992 was introduced the 1492 branch, to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Colombus' first arrival to Cuba. There are five Cohiba cigar models of the 1492 branch: the so called Cohiba 1st Century (tiny corona), Cohiba the

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 49

2nd Century (petit corona), Cohiba 3rd Century (corona), Cohiba 4th Century (large corona) and Cohiba 5th Century (Lonsdale). The tobacco used for the manufacturing of this line is very special. The Cohiba is not a major production, considering it is a particular Habano. It is very limited due to the quality of the harvest. The Cohiba tobacco is harvested in Fine Vegas (plantations), selected in Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio province). A specially produced soft cape of fine texture and light color comes from the Vegas el Corojo region. In terms of the fillers, Cohiba uses the best leaves of the best fine sunny plantations in Pinar del Rio, from San Luis and San Juan. Another of the characteristic of the Cohiba brand is the so called "third fermentation. It consists in a special process of slight cigar fermentation and aging. The Cohiba branch is commercialized in Spain, France, Swiss, Great Britain, Benelux, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Brazil the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. The Cohiba cigars are manufactured in El Laguito,

50 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

(this Cuban cigar factory also produces Trinidad), and it has the reputation to hire the best cigar rollers of the region. It also employs a group of quality controllers to examine these Cuban cigars constantly, in every phase of the cigar production. Montecristo cigars are distributed widely throughout the world and were sold originally by Dunhill New York. The Montecristo cigar brand currently accounts for almost 50% of all Cuban cigars exported each year, making the Montecristo cigars the most popular Habano cigars in the world. The Montecristo cigar was originally branded in 1935 under the name "the H. Upmann Montecristo Selection". When appointed the British distribution agent, the John Hunter firm shortened this Cuban cigar brand's name to Montecristo. The John Hunter firm also redesigned the brand's logo to its distinctive red and yellow box with the triangular crossed swords. These delicious, full-flavored Cuban cigars are highly recognizable to the pallate due to

their unique tobacco blend, and their highly distinctive Cuban cigar flavor. The Montecristo cigar brand is also highly popular as the result of it's exeptionally consistent quality. Almost a century after the publication of the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, Alonso Menéndez from Asturias, who already had a cigar business in Cuba, created and registered a trade mark of cigars after the name of the main character of that novel. The Montecristo cigars, have transcended the fame of Alejandro Dumas' character, due to its aroma, flavour and exceptional strength. Menéndez associated with another Cuban cigar maker from Asturias in 1935, José García, from that union was created the Menéndez, García & Co., a new enterprise that developed the brand Particulares. This cigar brand was considered in very short time one of the first in the world. Menéndez, García & Co. created the brand Montecristo in 1935, and its launch took place in 1936, after the sale of Particulares to Cifuentes & Cia. owned of Partagas. The benefits of that sale allowed Menéndez to

adquire H. Upmann, which at that time was having a bad situation. Menéndez, García & Co. updated the cigar factory considering the rollers. In that way he recuperated the previous splendour of the H. Upmann cigars in a short time. That association adquired the Por Larrañaga cigarbrand afterwards, and became the main cigar producer of Cuba, in 1939. After the recovery of H.Upmann, Menéndez, García & Co. concentrated on developing the Montecristo, which was promoted as a prestigious Cuban cigar. Its five numbers were named: No.1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5. Montecristo cigars are strong, with a dark brown cigar wrapper; its cigar strength is present in the traditional forms, from No.1 through No.5. Montecristo No.2 cigars became famous for being the best shape in the Cuban cigar market. The Montecristo Class A, is a 235 mm cigar and stands out a little above all classifications. Montecristo tobacco comes from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). It's commercialized mainly in Spain, France, Benelux, Hong Kong, Canada, East Europe

Swiss, Germany and Great Britain. Founded in 1873, the Romeo y Julieta cigar brand once printed over 2,000 cigar bands! The Romeos cigars are one of the most well-known and popular of all of the Cuban cigar brands. Over 40 cigar shapes and sizes are produced under the Romeo y Julieta cigar brand, some of which are considered the very best cigars in their size range. Romeo y Julieta cigars have won gold medals worldwide for both Cuban cigar taste and Cuban cigar quality. With so many different sizes and so much pressure onCuban cigar production due to worldwide demand, it is especially impressive that the entire cigar brand of Romeo y Julieta continues to be appreciated as one of absolutely top quality Cuban cigars. Of particular repute are the Churchill sizes. As always, a large box (25 or 50) of untubed Cuban cigars (there are many tubed versions) is an excellent choice, although Romeo y Julieta tubed cigars are also among the best available. The Romeo y Julieta cigar brand is also credited with

introducing the "Churchill" shaped Cuban cigar, in honor of the British Prime Minister. British lore claims that when Prime Minister Churchill would meet with foreign heads of state, he would insert a straightened paperclip through the length of his Cuban cigar. As his cigar ash would grow longer and longer but not fall, it is said that Churchill would unnerve his often-hostile guests, allowing him to gain an upper hand during delicate negotiations. In 1875, the enterprise of Inocencio álvarez and Manín García created this cigar brand whose reputation as a handcrafted jewel in the art of good cigar smoking would make it one of the leaders on the international Cuban cigar market. It is said that due to its name (related to a love story) Romeo y Julieta has become one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. Romeo y Julieta brand has been awarded with several golden medals in different Universal Exhibitions as Antwerp (1885), Paris (1889 and 1900) and Brussels (1897). In 1897, the Romeo y Julieta brand was bought by the Association Rodríguez-

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 51

Argüelles & Co.; three years later, in 1903, the Association dissolved and the Cuban cigar enterprise Romeo y Julieta Cigar Factory was created. The owner José Fernández Rodríguez, a Spanish emigrant in Cuba, increased the productivity of his employees through a system of incentives, which permitted to increase the cigar's production and the cigar's quality. He also introduced cigar bands or personalized vitolas to some of his most selected clients. He had printed more than 2,000 different vitolas at one time and also used publicity tricks as to name his own racing horse after the name of the cigar brand, and took it to the most important races in Europe. On the other hand, he also opened a shop in the hotel Capulet in Verona, the city where Shakespeare's the drama, Romeo and Juliet, took place. Under the command of Fernández, the factory moved to O'Reilly Street where it is located still. The Romeo and Juliet cigar brand offers vitolas from medium to strong strength, with good combustion and brown color of the cigar wrapper. Romeo y Julieta uses tobacco from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). This Cuban cigar brand is commercialized in Spain, France, Benlux, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Middle East, Canada, East Europe, Swiss and Great Britain. In the first half of the 19th century a Catalan predicted excellent results to the hand made cigars business. In 1845, Don Jaime Partagás gave his name to a new cigar brand, the one that achieved celebrity very soon. This is how the the Royal Factory of Cigars Partagás started. And Partagás became one of the oldest and most wellknown of all Cuban cigar brands. Jaime Partagás was one of the first Cuban cigar makers who was strictly careful in improving the techniques to increase the production, mainly the fermentation area. Don Jaime was found dead in one of his plantations in Vuelta Abajo; it is said that the cause was related to love affairs, jealousy and revenge. After his deceased his descendants continued his work. Afterwards the Partagas cigar factory was sold to José A. Bances and Ramón

52 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Cifuentes, and had several owners through time. Nowadays, the Royal Factory of Cigars Partagás is still manufacturing excellent Cuban cigars, as in the times of Don Jaime. The Partagas factory is placed in a beautiful building of colonial style on Industria Street, in the Old Havana. It is the oldest cigar factory in Cuba, and one of the greatest attractions in the capital of the island. The Partagas factory is a place of obligatory visit for the Cuban cigars fans when visiting the country. In this factory they started using for first time "the reader", which is a person that read aloud the newspapers and novels to the cigar rollers while they are working. This well known Cuban Cigar brand is made out of tobacco from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). The 8-9-8 Partagás are probably the most famous ones, these fine Cuban cigars are known by their aroma and taste medium strong; rolled very carefully and generally wrapped with a light color.

The Partagas cigars are commercialized in Spain, France, Benelux, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Canada, East Europe, Hong Kong, Swiss, Germany and Great Britain. They have achieved several awards in events related with the Cuban cigars world and others. For example, in 1879 the brand PartagĂĄs was awarded with the Golden Medal of the Universal Exhibition, held in Paris. The Partagas cigar brand is produced in huge quantities in many varieties; being one of the truly great, old Habano cigar brands, the demand for Partagas cigarscontinues to outweigh the supply of these excellent Cuban cigars. All of the Partagas cigar vitoles are full, rich, with earthy cigar flavors. The Partagas brand is also strong, making it a Cuban cigar of choice for more serious Cuban cigar smokers. There is nothing quite as relaxing as lighting up a famous Partagas Lusitania after a heavy meal. As the Partagas cigar brand is consistently outstanding, most Partagas cigars are relatively expensive, particularly the most well known and sought after Partagas cigar, the Partagas Lusitania. Partagas cigars won gold medals in at least three international expositions held in Paris in the years 1867, 1878 and 1898. Also keep your eye and cutter on the Partagas 8-9-8 varnish (Barnizados), another outstanding Partagas cigar creation. In 1998 Partagas cigars were being produced in eleven different Cuban cigar factories. H Upmann is as famous a brand as there is in the world of Cuban cigars. The H. Upmann cigar brand dates back to 1844, when Herman Upmann, a German banker, began using specially imprinted boxes of Cuban cigars as promotional items for his banking firm. The combination proved successful, so the H. Upmann cigar brand was born and continues to this day. Hermann and August Hupmann, immigrants from the German city of Bremen, arrived on Cuba in 1843. As Germans, they attracted some attention, since at that time most of the island's fortune-seekers had come from Spain. In 1844, the brothers started a small cigar factory and founded their own bank in Havana. Good businessmen, the brothers

quickly became wealthy, and soon their cigars had become known for their outstanding quality and distinctive taste. The label also profited from the massive upswing in the international popularity of cigars. Consumption was at an all-time high during the 19th century, and demand from Europe, America and Asia was enormous. The success of this Cuban cigar brand was buoyed by the award of seven gold medals in seven international Cuban cigar exhibitions between 1862 and 1893; these awards still adorn the lithographed interior of the cigar box today. The Upmann cigar brand was sold to the British firm of J. Frankau in 1922 and finally in 1935 to Menendez, Garcia & Cia. prior to nationalization, continues today in the H. Upmann cigar factory, now known as Jose Marti. The famous request of President John F. Kennedy to his press secretary, Pierre Salinger, to obtain Cuban cigars on the evening prior to the declaration of the American trade embargo in 1961, was for Petit Upmanns. H. Upmann is available in

a stunning range of handmade and machinemade cigar sizes. Most of the Upmann cigars offer a mild to medium strength. Upmann is one of the most prestigious cigar's brands of all times. Its fame surpassed the expectations and dreams of its creators, the German brothers Hermann and August Hupmann, who established in Havana in 1843. The first news of the H Upmann brand, popular among strong Cuban cigars smokers, appeared in October, 15th, 1844. The origin of the name H. Upmann is in the letter H, first one of the word hermanos (brothers in English), and the last name Hupmann, in which was eliminated the H to avoid the repetition. The brand was registered in 1945. The factory was placed in 75 San Miguel Street, in Havana Cuba; afterwards, it was transferred to Carlos III Avenue, in 1891, in the Cuban capital. The brand became a property of the British company Frankau, S. A. Fortunately, this enterprise sold this Cuban cigar factory to the Association MenĂŠndez GarcĂ­a & Co., which returned the splendour it had lost, and placed it in one of the top positions at

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 53

international level. In 1944 the Upmann factory moved into 407 Amistad Street, its present location. At that time MenĂŠndez GarcĂ­a already owned Montecristo and Por LarraĂąaga. The H. Upmann is producing the brand Cohiba since 1959. H. Upmann was an innovative brand. It was one of the first to use cedar boxes to store and transport Cuban cigars. This system permits the conservation of the cigar's freshness and humidity. Another of the new actions was the introduction of the aluminium tubes to preserve the Cuban cigars. The H. Upmann cigars were very famous in Germany, they were served in silver plates. Nowadays, H Upmann cigars are commercialized in Spain, Canada, Great Britain, the Far East, Swiss, Mexico, Africa and the Middle East. These Cuban cigars are made with tobacco from Vuelta Abajo, (Pinar del Rio). The Upmann brand is very ingrained in the smokers who prefer strong cigars. Its mature cigar wrapper reinforces the cigar flavour and aroma; and provides them of a sweet and spicy touch. H. Upmann presents around 40 cigar models, many of them machine-made. The larger vitolas are outstanding, specially two churchills: H. Upmann Sir Wiston and H. Upmann Monarcas (undressed or in aluminium tubes); they also offer the light models as the Connaisseur No.1 (robusto) and Cristales (corona). These last Cuban cigars are presented in crystal tubes. Many of the vitolas coincide with the brands of Montecristo. A Spaniard Jose Gener, originally a leaf grower and eventually the founder of one of the greatest Cuban cigar factories on the Island of Cuba, began producing the great Hoyo de Monterrey cigar brand in 1960. Gener was one of the most important barons of the tobacco industry, who acquired his fortune by cigars and sugar cane. The trademark Hoyo de Monterrey (Hole of Monterrey) was registered in Cuba in 1867 by Gener. Later, the "Le Hoyo" series was added to the commercial Cuban cigar market in the mid-seventies. The name Hoyo de Monterey translates roughly as "the valley of Monterrey", which is a particularly fertile area of land in the "Vuelta Abajo" region of South West Cuba. Gener farmed in this valley for many years during the late 1800's. Hoyo 54 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

de Monterrey is known to all Cuban cigar connoisseurs due to its distinctive cigar flavor, silky richness and complexity of taste. The Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is perhaps the most sought after and coveted Cuban cigar made. Some believe "gold" really does grow from the ground! These Cuban cigars are produced in seven factories, Hoyo cigar vitoles and the magnificent Hoyo Double Corona are made with only the finest Cuban tobacco. Gener foresaw the ample potential of this trade, and in 1851 he convinced his uncle to open a factory in Havana, Cuba. He created a new trademark for this cigar industry, La EscepciĂłn, which used to try to get into the American cigar market. He gained quick success and recognition. He was a Cuban tobacconist who personally controlled both harvesting and tobacco manufacture, which is the reason why he achieved great experience in the elaboration and marketing of his Habanos. Gener invested the profits in purchasing the best farms and plantations in Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del RĂ­o, mainly the areas close to San Juan y Martinez. He acquired the Hoyo de Monterrey plantation in 1860, with which he tried to capitalize the success of La EscepciĂłn. In the United States and Europe, Hoyo de Monterrey cigars were considered the smoothest and lightest Cuban cigar trademark with cigarettes. Jose Gener started printing the initials of his most distinguished buyers in the cigar's rings (vitolas). He achieved complete control of the business from 1870 to his death in 1900. His cigar factory was one of the greatest in Cuba, with more than fifty cigar makers and more than fifty million Cuban cigars produced every year. After his death, his heirs (inclined to the sugar cane business) sold the Hoyo de Monterrey trademark to Ramon Fernandez and Fernando Palicio, co-owners of the trademarks Punch and Belinda. Hoyo de Monterrey made the trademark's most prestigious vitolas in the 30's. At present, Hoyo de Monterrey still keeps the prestige of being one of the best Cuban cigar trademarks among the smoothest cigars, offering about fifteen handmade models and about the similar number made mechanically. GL

Before nationalization Swiss number one cigar was made in Cuba. Davidoff is now made in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The Davidoff 3000 was made in Cuba before the revolution.

Cuban made Dunhill Majitos. Now most of Dunhill cigars are made in Hondurus and the Dominican Republic.. With brands like the Dunhill Signature range made in Nicaragua. Dunhill cigars are now a product of BAT

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CELEBRATING A LEGEND CARLOS FUENTE SNR BELOW: Carlos Fuente Sr., center, along with his daughter Cynthia, left, and granddaughter Liana. This picture was taken on 25th Anniversary of Fuente & Newman Premium Cigars March 2016. The Newman family arranged to rename part of 2nd Avenue [in front of the Fuente factory] as Carlos Fuente's Way. The three stood and marvel as they unveil the street sign in the Ybor City area of Tampa.

56 | Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

August 6th 2016, American cigar magazine Cigar Aficionado posted through their online update the news about the passing of Carlos Fuente Snr. The entire cigar world was lamenting this legends death. Carlos died Friday 5th, August 2016 at the age of 81 years. At the time of his death he was the leader of the Fuente family and chairman of Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. Fuente ran one of the world's largest handmade cigar companies, making many brands for a number of American cigar companies, such as Robert Levin’s Ashtons and Newmans Diamond Crowns. He worked alongside his son, Carlos Fuente Jr., president of Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, and his daughter, Cynthia Fuente-Suarez who are both still actively involved in the company today. Carlos Fuente Snr was struggling with stomach cancer before his passing. Snr. Lost

his wife of 62 years in December 2015 and he is survived by his sons Carlos Fuente Jr. and Richard Fuente; daughter Cynthia Fuente-Suarez; brother Arturo Fuente Jr.; grandchildren Liana Fuente, Rosana Fuente, Christina Suarez, Lidiana Fuente, Bianca Suarez, Sofia Fuente and Carlos Fuente III; great-grandsons Alvaro Valerio Jr. and Arturo Valerio and greatgranddaughter Anna Valentina Valerio. The Arturo Fuente cigar brand was born in 1912 in West Tampa, Florida. It was in that year that the brand was launched by a 24-year-old Cuban émigré named Arturo Fuente (November 8, 1887 – February 11, 1973) as A. Fuente & Co. Fuente had come to the United States in 1902, leaving his hometown of Güines, Cuba in the aftermath of the Spanish–American War. The original factory used by the company was a three story wooden building, one of nearly 200 cigar-making facilities in the city of Tampa alone. All of these manufacturers would import tobacco from nearby Cuba for production into finished cigars. The company was incorporated in 1924, by which time A. Fuente & Co. had grown to the point that it employed 500 workers. However late in 1924 disaster struck the company and their building burned to the ground. Production of the brand was halted; it would not be until 1946, 22 years later, that production of the brand resumed. By the end of World War II Arturo Fuente had finally recovered from the catastrophic losses suffered in 1924 fire and the Great Depression had abated, making a return to cigar manufacturing again conceivable. Fuente

Carlos Fuente Snr.

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relaunched his brand "in the garage," so to speak—adding a few rolling tables to the 160 square foot back porch of his home in Ybor City, Florida. Production was a family affair at the time of the 1946 restart, with Arturo and his wife rolling full-time, joined by a few other hired torcedores. Arturo's sons—Carlos and Arturo, Jr.—were soon drafted into the enterprise, sweeping the floors and helping with the rolling after school. Carlos Fuente, Sr., the son of Arturo, contracted polio as a boy of 12 but was fortunate in recovering well enough to walk normally, unlike many victims of the disease. He dropped out of school before graduating high school and was married at age 18. Because the cigar business struggled during the 1940s and 1950s, Carlos, Sr. took a job as a baker to help make ends meet, while his wife worked full-time in another factory while both moonlighted at Fuente. Throughout the 1950s Fuente remained exclusively a local Tampa brand, with the company's entire production sold in that city on a cash-and-carry basis. Arturo Fuente, Sr. had originally envisioned passing the small family cigar business on to his eldest son, Arturo, Junior, but it was his younger son Carlos that spent the most time working in the firm, so it was to him that it was offered in 1958. Carlos Fuente, Sr. bought the business from his father for exactly $1—purchasing $1,161 in assets and zero debt. At the time the company made only a few thousand cigars a year. Carlos, Sr. was ambitious and sought to expand the business, first seeking to establish new accounts in other parts of Florida before setting his sights on New York City. Fuente initially targeted a Hispanic market for its product. Growth was slow since cigar smokers of the era were brand loyal and not prone to the sampling of new products. The United States embargo against Cuba would change all that. Up until the 1962 embargo, cigars were typically made in the United States of Cuban tobacco. Following the embargo, access to Cuban tobacco was abruptly terminated, forcing every cigar maker to change the blends that they used. Carlos Fuente, Sr. later recalled: "In the old days, people were very brand true. Brand loyal. ... I feel the embargo put everybody level. People had to

Carlos Fuente Jnr and Snr 58 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Carlos Jnr, Sister Cynthia and Carlos Fuente Snr.


shop around to find a different taste that they liked”. Fuente shopped for new sources of tobacco, buying leaf from new regions like Puerto Rico and Colombia. Blending skills were then employed in an effort to create a flavor appealing to smokers who had developed an affection for classic Habano flavors. Rising labor costs made continued American production uneconomical. In addition, the company had increasing difficulty in finding qualified cigar rollers in Florida. Efforts were made to establish the brand's production in Mexico and Puerto Rico, but quality from these factories was deemed insufficient. In the 1970s contacts were made between Carlos Fuente, Sr. and a representative of the blossoming Nicaraguan cigar industry and the company soon moved its production to Estelí in the Northwestern part of that Central American country. Disaster again struck in 1979, however, when the Fuente factory was burned to the ground during the Nicaraguan Revolution. With Nicaragua a total loss, Carlos Fuente, Sr. mortgaged his house to raise capital and his son Carlos, Jr. added whatever money he had available and the family moved to the Dominican Republic to begin anew. "When I first started in the Dominican, all our profit, we stuck it back. All our profit was always invested in tobacco. And aged tobacco is the most important thing that you can have. We always had a lot of aged tobacco. And as we started aging more and more, we started doing better." In September 1980 Tabacalera A. Fuente opened a 12,000 square foot factory in Santiago Dominican Republic. The company scored its first success of its "Dominican Period" in the middle 1980s with the launch of the medium-bodied Hemingways line — an attempt to break new ground in the market through the use of special shapes. At the end of the 1980s the company began to grow its own tobacco on a substantial scale for the first time, investing in roads and curing barns. The company decided to take on the challenge of growing its own wrapper leaf. This is the most difficult and risky component of a cigar to produce. In 2012, the Arturo Fuente Company celebrated 100 years of hardwork and family tradition. When A. Fuente & Company was established in 1912, Arturo Fuente would have never dreamed his passion for cigars would become a global benchmark for the cigar industry. He started his company with humble beginnings, rolling and blending cigars in the back of his house with his wife Cristina and his two sons Carlos and Arturo Oscar. Four generations later, the company is still family owned and operated in the Dominican Republic. From the very beginning the focus of making a Fuente cigar was quality; quality tobacco, quality craftsmanship and taking the time necessary to make a truly remarkable cigar. “ We don't hurry things; we just do things the way they are supposed to be made”. . . says Carlos Fuente Snr. GL

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Following the acclaimed Davidoff Nicaragua line, Davidoff Cigars launches its first ever Nicaraguan box pressed line, Davidoff "Nicaragua box pressed" — An Adventure for the Adventurous This Nicaraguan Puro marks the first time Davidoff introduces a box pressed cigar.


Charles Awad | Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG said: "Davidoff's mission is to open the aficionado's world by encouraging them to venture beyond the familiar, their go-to cigars and origins, and explore new ways to fill their time beautifully. After the huge success of Davidoff Nicaragua, our master blender crafted these superb and more intense Nicaraguan Puros, in a box pressed format, to spice up the aficionados' adventurous exploration and take them on a new and more extreme flavour journey." The new Nicaraguan box pressed line follows on the heels of the acclaimed Davidoff Nicaragua range – voted as Cigar Aficionado's third top cigar of 2013 and Cigar Journal's Best Brand/DR in 2015 – and the success of the recently introduced Rio-inspired Brazilian blend Davidoff Escurio.

60 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

In our quest to showcase Nicaragua as a notable player in the cigar making industry we bring you the latest Nicaraguan made Davidoff’s cigar. The Swiss cigar maker continues to bring exquisite and gorgeous blends of Nicaraguan tobacco. Davidoff is the leading cigar maker in Europe and the biggest single brand in the world. The Davidoff Nicaragua is the eighteenth line of the Davidoff expanded variety of premium cigars. This line of Davidoff has six shapes: Toro, Short Corona, Robusto, Diadema and the two box pressed sizes. These are the shorter smoke, 48 gauge Box Pressed Robusto and the little longer smoke 52 gauge Boxed Pressed Toro. The Davidoff Nicaragua has been around for a while but the box pressed which was released in the beginning of this summer. in 2014 Davidoff released a unique shape in the Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema. This beautiful cigar provides from the beginning a complex and balanced smoking experience, offering sweet and salty stimulation with some leather notes and a long aftertaste. The new format is aligned with the other Nicaragua cigar in the line regarding the bittersweet taste experience and the peppery & spicy characteristics typical of a Nicaraguan Davidoff. Back to the Nicaragua Box Pressed is inspired by Zino Davidoff's passionate, pioneering spirit, Davidoff tobacco Masters, led by master blender Henke Kelner, were tasked with seeking out an intense, new and original type of blend that would stimulate both the bitter, and sweet, taste buds. Their relentless pursuit of perfection paid off when they discovered that a blend crafted with the finest leaves from plants grown in the fiery volcanic soil of the Estelí, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe regions of Nicaragua created just the right balance of sweet and bitter notes to tantalise the palate. The Davidoff "Nicaragua box pressed" brings uncharted territories of taste, stirring the senses of those who discover them. The unique square shape is typical of Nicaraguan cigars and provokes a larger than normal fresh air draw. The presence of additional fresh air lowers the temperature of the smoke, thus intensifying the aromas and flavours. The colour of the dark and oily Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro wrapper from the Jalapa region is a deep, rich brown with an intense peppery smell to it. From the first taste, the cigar reveals its potential with wild pepper notes, roasted almonds and a deep spicy character. The modification in grade from Estelí Visus to Ligero gives the cigar additional spice, strength and an increased stimulation in the bitter area. To complement this, the Condega leaves add the sweetness to the bitter-sweet palate stimulation. Completing the multi-layered sensation, the Habano Nicaragua Oscuro wrapper intensifies the flavours and aromas. GL

“In the beginning, I was interested in discovering tobacco from Nicaragua. And so, I explored uncharted Nicaraguan territories for almost 20 years. Thanks to my friendship with Newstor Plasencia, I was able to understand and learn more about the tobaccos and their special characteristics. Creating exquisite tobaccos requires love and appreciation. It was Don Nestor who inspired my love of these tobaccos, which sparked the idea of creating a cigar made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco. . . . . . . .” Davidoff Masterblender Mr. Henke Kelner on the NICARAGUA RANGE.

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62 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Not like a cigarette, a cigar needs plenty of your time so you can bond and appreciate one another. It is a relationship nurtured from the first day you are introduced. This is the ultimate indulgence and it comes with panache and elegance.



FORGING A RELATIONSHIP WITH A CUBAN CIGAR: DIARY OF AN AFICIONADO In 1998, clearly having risen from the knock of losing out on a post that promised to be lucrative, with a promise of a much secure career part. I dusted my old business letter heads and set to rebuild my future, now taking the longest route. Though at that time it did not seem anything like that. Exactly after four months, I bought my second car after walking for a good year and a half. That nourished my to be monthly routine; my business trips to Johannesburg. Did that mean I had reached? . . . . after such a long struggle in poverty, oh yes! . . . . .that was a new leaf. Did it mean new habits? This was one I was not going to let pass me by.

By: Don Viterelli | Publisher y Editor


walked to a tobacconist for the very first time like I had been there before. I went straight to their walk-in humidor. Glazed and furnished in wooden shelving packed with loads of closed and opened cedar boxes. My occasional dates with the Cigar Aficionado magazine and Cigar Journal equipped me with all the right questions and answers as the shop manager tried to provide some assistance. J. J Cale is a world class yet small tobacconist. Revered for its class, uniqueness and variety. A well designed shop in the center of the Sandton City Mall. Like all new players in the game I was about the Cuban cigars; Habanos. Went straight to the original black, white and gold, Cuba's pride and joy. Picked up a medium sized Corona Grande Siglo 111. Elegant pure and simple. Impeccable smell, spicy with a bit of a leathery scent. “Would you like to take it for a ride?� I was offered. The Aficionado that I am, had all the theory and now it was time to walk the talk. I burnt it like a pro, watched the flame mature and my Siglo turn reddish at the tip and took a long pull and puffed like the eldest of the Baldwin brothers, Alec. Little did I know that just in the previous couple of months, the

movie star was sited in the very same leather arm chair and offered a La Flor de Cano. Which he finally stocked boxes and boxes to take back to the US. Baldwin was in South Africa accompanying then his wife Kim Basinger here to film a movie in 1998. The La Flor de Cano, created in 1884 by Tomas and Jose Cano is a rare brand due to the small production quantities at the El Rey del Mundo factory in Cuba, but it offers mediumstrength cigars and excellent workmanship in the handmade sizes. That is how I was baptized to this elegant habit. J. J Cale is one of the few places one could enjoy a smoke within the Mall. So I sat there like there was no tomorrow. I had taken almost half of my log when I was offered a cup of percolated Brazilian coffee, black and strong from a coffee bar some twenty steps from us. Chap! . . . I was on cloud nine. Lifted and never to descend any time soon. Believe me the feeling achieved from my first Habano has stayed with me all my life. This is not a formal invitation really, but until you enjoy your first cigar you will never know what I am all about. Not like cigarette; a cigar needs plenty of your time so you can bond and appreciate one another. It is a relationship nurtured from the first day you are introduced.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 63

This is the ultimate indulgence and it comes with panache and elegance. Like the human race, you belong to a clan inherited from 'Fundadores' of cured and rolled tobacco way back in ancient times. The US enriched with a huge market have built and supported new factories away from Cuba, mostly by Cuban immigrants. The General Cigar Company Inc. in New York has build new brands through the Dominicans. Some of these brands share their names with most Cuban popular brands. The Cubatobaco company sole exporter of most Cuban brands, won a lawsuit against General Cigar in March 26, 2004 which was to be reversed by the New York Court of Appeal in February 24, 2005. We are not sure yet if that was the end of the battle or the war still continue. Though I am a Habano through and through; Nicaragua has produced amazing cigars in the recent years commanding a huge global market. That goes for Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican. These brands are not inferior in product yet they have not been able to acquire the same respect commanded by their Cuban counterparts. These Cigars offer a mild and almost accurate role. Which would be expected from premium hand rolled cigars. In other words, it means you can still ask for your Cubans without remorse or shame. On the same note you should be able to differentiate between the Cuban and the rest. There is another Monte Cristo, Cohiba, Punch, Romeo y Julieta, Trinidad and many more that are not Cuban. So knowing your Cigars will assist you pick the right smoke for the day. There are great brands like the Davidoff, Zino, La Flor, Onyx Reserve [Rated 94 by Cigar Aficionado] and Nicaraguan Padron and C.A.O. and the Te-Amo from Mexico which are not manufactured in Cuba. Like wine cigars have notes, taste and scents and through time you learn to appreciate all that difference. How you chose your ideal flavor, depends on what you are comfortable with. This will include flavor, length, size, strength and draw. Due to the fact that most Habanos are hand made, draw will vary from brand to brand. One of my favorites, the Cohiba Siglo VI, depending on its humidity, would have draw problems. Though the harder the draw the slower it burns, giving you the pleasure of controlling its burn, thus your smoke. I also personally believe that your choice of cigar

64 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

does not have to be a perfect cigar. Your choice should depend on what the cigar gives you individually. I am hooked on the strength and woody taste of my Habanos, coupled with the hard scent and sometimes the raw leathery smell. No matter how perfect any cigar could be, I am not able to compromise the flavor of a true Habano. I have a couple of good brands I smoke from the Nicaragua and the Dominican. Like Carlos Fuente's Fuente Fuente, Padrons, La Flor, Onyx and sometimes Oliva's Grand Maduro. That brings us to the issue of humidifying storage. Literally translated, the humidor will provide the safest environment for your treasured habit. Again this does not allow you to drown your collection in humidity. There is a recommended amount of humidity required to keep your stock in good shape and ready for your guests at any time. That varies from brand to brand. Off course you can enjoy your tobacco in your own private space, especially if you smoke cigars full time; which is a habit I have personally acquired. Otherwise in most cases you keep your best smoke for special occasions or friendly gatherings. For both reasons you have to get yourself a classy humidor with sufficient space to accommodate your stock. “Though elegant smoking cigars may seem, it is still a hazardous habit governed by smoking laws which vary from country to country and state to state in the USA. In New York alone many restaurants have lost patronage due to smoking laws in the state of NY. Fortunately California empowered their state by electing an aficionado who have tried to give the golden habit of cigar smoking some leeway in his state. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the movie stars that have made cigars popular within the movie industry with James Woods Jack Nicholson and many more. But who said that this was a meal meant for the masculine only. We have traditional femme aficionados; Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and model Linda Evangelista who demonstrate that, among the rich and famous, ladies enjoy cigars much as man. Schwarzenegger, as the governor of the state of California, the state of movie stars and top musicians came with a bad and expensive habit that could not just disappear because now he was governor in the USA's state of California.�

J J Cale and Club Mucanudo respectively in Sandton, Johannesburg now owned by La Toscana

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 65

Some of the Humidors available on the local market. A polished wooden table top and an ostrich travel humidors.

66 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

I burnt it like a pro, watched the flame mature and my Siglo turn reddish at the tip. Took a long pull and puffed like the eldest of the Baldwin brothers, Alec. Little did I know that just in the previous couple of months, the movie star was seated in the very same leather arm chair and offered a La Flor de Cano. Which he finally stocked boxes and boxes to take back to the US.

It is important to note: Cigars are such a delicate stock. If you are planning to collect cigars, it is imperative to understand that such raw tobacco needs to be kept humid to preserve the flavor and burning quality. You might find it hard to find an affordable humidor as a new member, with a small travel and up to 24 cigars averaging between R1,500 and R5,000 in the local South African market. Don Viterelli the sole importer of First Class Humidors in Swaziland and the only tobacconist in the country served a diverse market locally and regionally then. Again the traditional cedar wooden interior precious box comes in different qualities and designs. It is therefore very important to make sure of the materials when purchasing one. My first humidor accommodated at least 10 Corona Grandes at R1,600.00 back in 2000. It was not the best of material, ply solid wood decorated in a glossy paper veneer and synthetic leather. This was good at the time, for its portable size. It could fit under the car seat when I traveled yet it also looked good on top of the credenza. Normally your stock would determine the size of your storage. Over the years I have

found it important to keep your normal daily smokes separate from your classic and special occasion smoke. This helps preserve your classic cigars. Real connoisseurs collect a wide range of cigars from various manufacturers. Even though I am a true Habano aficionado, I keep a bit of revered rollers like Jose Padron, Don Pepin, Rolando Reyes, Carlos Fuente and Manuel Quesada all the time, who are respected Cubans who immigrated in early years. Even though the greatest honors always go to the pure Cuban cigars, the Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan are crafted in conditions and techniques that sometimes supersede a number of Cuban factories. With much improved conditions for their staff, knowing that happy rollers produce better cigars. Don Pepin Garcia produced the cigar of the year 2015, as rated by Cigar Aficionado; My Father Cigar: Le Bijon 1922. Which means that these Cuban descendants are true to the trade and are giving Cuban manufacturers a run for their money. Fifth on the list of 25 premium cigars of

the year, is old man's Jose Padron's Padron 1964 Family Reserve; both Nicaraguan smoke. The Late Carlos Fuente’s Arturo Fuente, Don Carlos Belicoso took second. A Dominican cigar. They all try hard to uphold the respect and the original flavor of the Cuban heritage out of which the original recipe was born. Personally I accumulate my smoke through ratings and references. This also helps me understand and learn more about cigars. Normally I use their comments to try and see if I can identify with what they say about the cigars; and to see if the cigars do have the characteristics they have outline on the review. That way you grow your knowledge about cigars. Just like having to understand a handicap in golf, you have to know your smoke; Robustos, Chuchills, Ionsdales, Figurados and your Coronas. I am sure there is still a lot to talk about, a lot of friends to meet and a huge variety of cigars to enjoy. GL

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 67


68 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

ROCA LLISA: LUXURY PROPERTIES IN IBIZA The urbanization of ROCA LLISA is situated half-way between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio, in particular between the villages of Jesús and Cala Llonga. It is considered to be the best urbanization of the island, being an enclave of luxury and peace, of considerable contrast to the more frantic life style of the other centers of the island. Conceived and constructed at the end of the 60s, beginning of the 70s with a Master Plan of Development, the urbanization has achieved its objectives: a high standard of building with the best infrastructure to date, exclusive clientele, houses and apartments that blend with the surrounding countryside highlighting the beauty of the coastline and the nature, ensuring enjoyment of the most spectacular view of the coast and the island of Formentera. Today ROCA LLISA is a mature urbanization offering excellent opportunities for a second or principal home. ROCA LLISA is isolated from the overcrowded tourist areas, but it’s only 7 Km from Ibiza town and 16 Km from the Airport. This makes it an ideal spot for your holidays. The geographical position of ROCA LLISA allows a relaxed holiday and a practical one being close to all tourist facilities like restaurants, bars, water sports centers, etc. ROCA LLISA is composed of two areas: The Sea Side, a hilly terrain facing southwest, towards the sea. The houses in the area have been built on high gradient terrain guaranteeing the most beautiful views of the sea and the islands. The Golf Side, amongst the beautiful hills of the only two Golf Courses on the island: Golf Ibiza with 18 holes and Golf Club Roca Llisa with 9 holes

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 69

70 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

LOCATION | Ibiza Spain ARCHITECTS | Stefan Antoni & Mark Rielly SAOTA & ARRCC INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE | Mark Rielly, Michele Rhoda & Chad Brander. ARRCC INTERIOR DECOR | Mark Rielly and Sarika Jacobs. ARRCC MAIN FURNITURE SUPPLIERS | OKHA

At ARRCC we create considered and engaging interiors at the leading edge of design. Working closely with our clients, we distil and transform their briefs to exceed original expectations. We believe in life-enhancing spaces that reflect both client and location, and through our refined approach to design, have developed a style focused on detail and substance. When ARRCC was founded as Antoni Associates, it was in answer to the need for a focused interior studio for the architecture firm SAOTA. Our portfolio of successful projects over the past decades has created a solid foundation for expanding the range of projects globally. The new name, ARRCC, reflects this consolidation into a strong and independent brand. As annual visitors to the island of Ibiza, the owners stipulated a contemporary reinvention of the classic Mediterranean villa they had purchased at the top of a wooded hill in the exclusive Roca Llisa area. The design had to mediate between the functions of family retreat and meditative space, and fully functioning entertainment venue. Roca Llisa is located on hilly terrain with spectacular views of the ocean and the island of Formentera. Half-way between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio, close to the villages of Jesus and Cala Llonga, it is ideally situated for those looking to escape the summer club scene.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 71

The house is situated on an exclusive residential estate on the island of Ibiza, called Roca Llisa. The wooded, sloping site offers panoramic views towards the surrounding islands. In contrast to the more frantic lifestyle for which the island is renowned, Roca Llisa estate is an enclave of luxury and peace. Inspired by its context and its occupation, the finished home successfully imparts a sense of calm simplicity, washed with natural light. To achieve this, ARRCC's design approach focused on the use of organic materials, including timber and stone, to embed the building into its site, while adding warmth and depth to the minimal interior. Large sliding, glass doors to the outdoor terraces blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. Bold and discreet lighting was layered to evoke contrasting but complementary moods. Subtle lighting has been incorporated in all recesses and feature bulkheads to give a warm glow to peripheral edges. Concealed lighting has also been used to highlight and accentuate the natural finishes. “This house is unique in its detail and quality of finish and reflects a living environment that is seductive and inspired by family living,� says Michele Rhoda

72 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 73

74 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

The interior design and dĂŠcor needed to be simultaneously casual and elegant, and express a modern relaxed, almost bohemian character without being cluttered or excessively layered. Each space on the three levels provides for different functions and exhibits its own particular nuances. OKHA was the main furniture supplier and provided South African-designed and manufactured pieces custom made for the clients. ARRCC used a soft, naturally inspired colour palette where the use of varying materials and textures adds depth and resonates an effortless, organic sense of luxury. Cottons, linens, raw timber, stone and marble against a backdrop of fresh white walls give the internal spaces a natural calm and serenity; the eclectic mix of contemporary designs, artisanal pieces and one off custom creations reflect the clients' broad appreciation and understanding of art and design, and their desire for luxury contemporary living where every moment counts and a home provides the literal foundations of a balanced lifestyle.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 75

76 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

ARRCC ARRCC believes in the spirited crafting of unique interiors that captivate and move. Working closely with our clients, we distill and transform their briefs to exceed original expectations. We believe in life-enhancing spaces that reflect both client and location, and through our refined approach to design, have developed a style focused on detail and substance. When ARRCC was founded as Antoni Associates, it was in answer to the need for a focused interior studio for the architecture firm SAOTA. Our portfolio of successful projects over the past decades has created a solid foundation for expanding the range of projects globally. The new name, ARRCC, reflects this consolidation into a strong and independent brand. ARRCC has consistently been at the forefront of design and has been rewarded over the years by winning numerous awards from various sectors of the design industry and from design and dĂŠcor publications, the most recent accolades being nominated as finalists for Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award. NEW YORK LONDON PARIS GENEVA MOSCOW MIAMI BARCELONA IBIZA SYDNEY SHENZHEN SEYCHELLES NASSAU DUBAI DOHA KOHSAMUI BEIRUT POINTE-NOIRE DAKAR LAGOS LUANDA

Michele Rhoda Mark Rielly & Jon Case A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 77

78 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

SAOTA SAOTA is a firm of architectural designers and technicians including in-house CGI and marketing teams, as well as a strong support staff. It is driven by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe FouchĂŠ and Mark Bullivant who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their design. This, paired with both an innovative and dedicated approach to the execution of projects, has seen SAOTA become an internationally sought-after brand. Capitalising on a unique understanding of an ever-evolving industry, SAOTA continues to build on past experiences and is well positioned to offer expert services to the corporate, institutional, commercial and residential marketplace. With strong roots in South Africa, 85 % of SAOTA's clientele is now international with cities like Moscow, Sydney, Miami, Dubai and Lagos becoming an increasing source of both interest and business. What has truly been the momentum behind this success is the meeting of function and form, the balance of the needs of their clients and the pursuit of true architectural design. Ensuring that clients see significant returns on their projects has led to not only a growing client base, but repeat commissions. The focus on achieving maximum value has also led to global invitations to design, build and create highly prestigious projects. The philosophy of practice is embodied in the spirit of enquiry that flourishes amongst its staff. This spirit not only guides the firm, but enables it to maintain its position as definitive designers in a highly competitive and fast-changing industry. Increased exposure to the global marketplace has seen SAOTA flourish as cities and contexts allow for infinite inspiration which can be seen radiating from the approach to design. SAOTA has come a long way in reducing our carbon footprint both in our office and in our design methodology. We are dedicated to Energy efficient design and have

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 79

80 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

developed design principles to ensure that new projects are designed with this in mind. We have transformed our approach to sustainability and are constantly implementing these changes in new projects and introducing new policies to strengthen this commitment. SAOTA recently completed the New Engineering Building for the University of Cape Town. The Building was designed to achieve a 4 Star Green rating. Together with a Green Consultant, a speculative rating tool was developed combining the Australian tool with the local office building rating tool as there isn't yet a developed rating tool for educational buildings in South Africa. Energy modelling and analysis show that the New Engineering Building would use approximately 50% less energy than a notional building designed in accordance with South African National Standard 204 which addresses Energy Efficiency. Two key members of our team were also involved with the BP Corporate Headquarters in the V&A Waterfront designed by KrugerRoos Architects. The BP Headquarters was one of the pioneering Green buildings in South Africa and was awarded a 4 Star Green rating. SAOTA also participated in an Architectural bid for the NMMU Business School that also required a 4 Star equivalent rating. SAOTA's bid was among the top 5 submissions of over 36 national submissions. GL

This building in the heart of Cape Town was developed to house SAOTA, ARRCC and OKHA. A mixed-use building with office, retail and residential space, it contributes to the urban rejuvenation of the city centre. A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 81

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600

82 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

2016 Mercedes Maybach S600

2017 BMW M760Li xDrive


In Africa BMW has had to fight really hard for the Super Saloon status. Yet the Benz has been the choice for Royalty and Statesman. Even with the introduction of the BMW E32, Mercedes Benz was way ahead. For many years BMW has followed behind to gain the popularity on this grand stage. We are finally seeing some change in the status quo. Is this the Seven7 to unseat the Mercedes Benz S-Class. A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine |83

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 R 2,811,100 Fuel type: Super Number of cylinders: V12 Cubic capacity: 5980 cm³ Power: 390 kW (530 HP) Transmission (series): 7G-TRONIC PLUS Acceleration: 0-100 km/h | 5.0 s Top speed: 250 km/h 350km/h | by BRABUS Seats: 4 Doors: 4

84 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Another phenomenon is that both S600 and 760Li are knocking on the R3 million door. This has brought a new market with it. This means that the amenities scale has shot up. The game has always been about comfort and prestige. The fight for the back seat crown has never been so fierce. Rolls Royce has been the leader for many years international followed by Jaguar. Bentley has always been a driver's car amongst these European icons. South Africa possesses a unique breed of executives. These two brands have always been at the fore front of luxury automotive. German engineering has always been very close to most Southern African nations. And South Africa has enjoyed the greater market and better infrastructure. 2016 sees Mercedes Benz introduces the Mercedes Maybach. This begs the question if we would ever see the Maybach revived again. It becomes very steep for other car makers when Mercedes keep moving the goal post. Though Mercedes could be shooting herself on the foot, I believe having a product above S600 leaves her at the podium to dictate terms and regulations of this game. By attaching the most expensive name to an SClass says “I am calling on the Phantom and Mulsane” not the 760Li or the Audi S8 and Jaguar XJ Autobiography. But the BMW 760Li xDrive refuses to backoff. The coming seven7 had also aimed higher than the S600 with looks, technology and luxury. The extra length enhances comfort with a much better leg room. It excites me and extremely that these cars are designed for only two back seats. As if that was not enough the 7 series now dawns the M-Power badge. We are all aware what that signifies. Though I personally feel that BMW has come finally to the party. They have come with the understanding that luxury has to have all the basics covered. That is why BMW has more option boxes ticked than the Mercedes Benz. Again you can argue the tailoring factor and personalization of your car. Mercedes has the basic luxurious features on an additional list. That means that to stay below the R3 million mark, you have to forget the empty boxes. The Maybach might still benefit from the AMG sport upgrade but not yet confirmed; to match the M Performance on the M760Li. Deciding on the back seat you want is still left to you as these German super saloons are evenly matched on elegance, luxury and prestige. Stepping out on any of these two cars would perfectly uphold your status. At this level price is not an issue; but it is about what you are getting for that price.

BMW M760Li Local Price not Confirmed Fuel type: Super Number of cylinders: V12 Cubic capacity: 6592 cm³ Power: 441 kW (600 hp) Transmission (series): Eight-speed Steptronic Sport Acceleration: 0-100 km/h | 3.9 s Top speed: 250 km/h 305 km/h (Optional) Seats: 4 Doors: 4

The BMW M760Li | with M Perfomance & xDrive The new BMW M760Li xDrive comes as standard with the full array of BMW ConnectedDrive products and services. These include the latest generation BMW Navigation system Professional with high-resolution colour touchscreen and iDrive Touch Controller. BMW ConnectedDrive Services, meanwhile, enable access to the intelligent link-up of driver, vehicle and outside world. And the SIM card integrated into the car allows those on board to make use of innovative features such as the Concierge Service and RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information).

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 85

A 12-cylinder engine traditionally enjoys a rarefied status beyond the reach of other configurations. It represents the ultimate expression of the enginebuilding art and justifies its stand-out reputation with an incomparably powerful and, at the same time, refined power delivery it alone has the means to provide. Under the bonnet of the new BMW 7 Series, the company's modified V12 once again conjures a way to cover the miles that is in many respects unique. And, in so doing, it underlines the special position occupied by a 12-cylinder model – in this new-generation BMW 7 Series, as in those that have gone before.

A unique combination of power and refinement. The M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder petrol engine in the new BMW M760Li xDrive has a capacity of 6,592 cc, develops output of 441 kW/600 hp* at 5,500 rpm* and peak torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft)* from as low down as 1,500 rpm*, and now also links up with the Auto Start Stop function (fuel consumption combined: 12.6 l/100 km [22.4 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 294 g/km)**. It accelerates the luxury sedan from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds* and on to a governed top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) – or 305 km/h / 189 mph (governed) if the optional M Driver's Package is specified. In the construction of the all-aluminium block, the engineers focused on maximising rigidity while also minimising weight. Using a closed-deck structure combined with bolts holding the cylinder head down on the floor plate of the crankcase, the engine ensures maximum stability on the cylinder liners. Double bolts on the main bearings with an additional connection to the side panels through threaded support bushes and bolts reduce the influence of lateral forces from the crankdrive on the crankcase. Further components of the engine block that serve to reduce vibrations and noise to an absolute minimum are iron-coated aluminium pistons, forged connecting rods assembled using the cracking process, and a likewise forged crankshaft. In addition, the M Performance TwinPower Turbo 12-cylinder petrol engine boasts an array of special technical features allowing even better use of the potential provided by the engine's construction principle and fundamental philosophy. Top of the pile are M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology and High Precision Injection. These features enable sharp and direct responses to even the slightest movement of the accelerator, a linear torque curve and exceptionally low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for an engine in this performance class.

86 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

The standard Mercedes Benz V12 is the same engine on the Mercedes Benz S600. The Maybach is about its limousine and grand stature. Though it drive effortlessly and carries its massive luxurious body it is not the fastest Merc. External tuner Brabus has tweaked the same engine for a much packed punch. Brabus elements and motorsport upgrades are now fully supported in South Africa by sole importer and dealer Daytona, in Sandton on Rivonia Road. Otherwise a standard kited Maybach is now available here. Development of this engine brought about a targeted increase in output. By means of new engine control and ignition systems the mixture preparation process is state-of-the-art. For you as a passenger this translates into ideal handling dynamics and peerless ride comfort and these exact Mercedes words. This engine fulfil their task to create low levels of emissions and with exemplary efficiency. The standard ECO start/stop function switches off the engine temporarily when the vehicle is stationary. Mercedes’ S-class is already one of the best cars in the world, and moving up to the Maybach amplifies most of its virtues. In particular, the V-12 that can seem like coldblooded overkill in the Sclass feels easygoing in the 390-Kw Maybach, and shifts of the seven-speed automatic transmission are somehow both firm and virtually unnoticeable. Meanwhile the coordinated operation of the Magic Body Control suspension and Road Surface Scan forward-looking-camera system gives the Maybach the most even-tempered ride of any sedan. The distant steering feel present in other S-class sedans somehow feels appropriate in the stretched Maybach. Mercedes plans to apply the Maybach treatment to other products, including (it’s rumored) the large GL SUV. Maybach seem to signify automotive couture or interior apparel which any of the Benz could wear.

Of course something that large needs a monstrous powerplant, and Benz was happy to oblige. Under the hood lies a bi-turbo V12 engine. Although we don’t necessarily expect a Maybach to be blazing fast, its 0-100 kph time of 5 seconds is impressive to say the least. The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 comes with the latest evolution of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic


A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 87

The Mercedes Maybach S600 | by BRABUS The BRABUS ROCKET 900 6.3 V12 twin-turbo increaseddisplacement engine provides the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 with an enormous rated power output of 662 kW / 900 HP (887 bhp) and a peak torque of 1,500 Nm (1,106 lb-ft). Top speed is in excess of 350 km/h (217 mph). Now available in South Africa through sole Brabus dealership Daytona in Sandton, Johannesburg.

88 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

In April 1900 the pseudonym 'Mercedes' became a product name. Jellinek and DMG concluded an agreement covering the sale of vehicles and engines, also agreeing to develop a new form of engine which would bear 'the name Daimler-Mercedes'. About two weeks later Jellinek ordered 36 vehicles for a total price of 550,000 Marks – roughly three million euros according to today’s value. This was a very large order by any standards. A few weeks later he ordered a further 36 vehicles, all with eight-horsepower engines. On December 22, 1900, DMG delivered the first car equipped with the new engine to Jellinek, a 35 hp racing car. This first Mercedes, which was developed by DMG’s Chief Engineer Wilhelm Maybach, caused a sensation as the new century began. With its low centre of gravity, pressed steel frame, lightweight yet powerful engine and honeycomb radiator it is now acknowledged as the first modern automobile. The Nice Week in March 1901, during which the Mercedes racing cars proved practically unbeatable in almost every discipline, helped to make Jellinek and the brand name extremely well-known. The 12/16 hp and 8/11 hp sister models appeared in March and August 1901. Thanks to Jellinek’s further orders, the production capacity of the Daimler factory in Cannstatt was stretched to the limit

Wilhelm Maybach | 1900 Mercedes by Daimler


2016 Mercedes Maybach S600

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 89

"A great family makes a great company, a great company makes a great family." Gildo Zegna, CEO Zegna Group

90 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Ermenegildo Zegna & Z Zegna SANDTON CITY SHOPPING CENTRE, Diamond Walk, Sandton City U22, 1609, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

The birth of this group is nothing short of awe and legendary. What the founding father created cannot be emphasized by only what the world sees and enjoys as a great fashion brand; but what it has done for the mountains of Trivero, Italy. A place that would have been an ignored village in the outskirts of Italy was turned to a remarkable tourism attraction and thriving textile industry since Ermenegildo Zegna founded his dream at the age of 18 years.

Casa Zegna, part of Fondazione Zegna, is a historical archive and cultural center in Trivero, in the province of Biella.


Emernegildo Zegna A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 91

GILDO|Ermenegildo Zegna Grandson of the founder of Ermenegildo Zegna CEO|Zegna Group, Italy.

This is how you reaffirm a legacy. Gildo Zegna followed in his name sake grandfather's [Ermenegildo Zegna] foot steps. Today leading the greatest family owned fashion house and textile company Zildo has kept his family legacy intact. This research evoked emotions I never thought existed within me. Today I fully comprehend the true meaning of wealth and how true wealth empowers an entire community. You would mistake Trivero, Biella, the Zegna's home for a family farm inhabited by descendants of Ermenegildo Zegna. The Zegna group has prioritized their hometowns development, nature conservation and social empowerment. It is a community of a proud society. Proud of their land which mostly falls under the Oasi Zegna. The Zegna Group as a business in love with nature, has reinforced a program started by their textile grandfather. Ermenegildo Zegna launched a formidable environmental reclamation program in Trivero, Biella. The factory he founded in 1910 in Trivero, sits at the gateway to the OASI Zegna Nature Park Biella, Piemonte. 92 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Oasi Zegna, a freely accessible nature park covering around 100 km2 between Trivero and Valle Cervo in the Biella Alps, in Piemonte, was created in 1993 as a natural development ofErmenegildo Zegna's “green thought”. From a natural site to a protected park capable of giving visitors an educational and unexpectedly moving experience. From an isolated mountain area to a nature oasis. Oasi Zegna is now an outdoor laboratory for the new generations and an ideal place where families, kids and sports lovers can do activities in contact with nature all yearround and with full respect for the local ecosystems. OASI ZEGNA IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENT AND PROTECTION PROJECT PROMOTED BY ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA. This initiative is in line with the sustainability principles of Ermenegildo Zegna Group, which has built this upgrading plan into its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to enable the community to see, share and improve its vision of territorial development. How best can wealth serve its community that enriching their environment and protect the nature that feeds a clean ozone. This fashion house takes its community responsibility serious as it does its business. Trivero is a manicured landscape enriched with views to die for. This includes a panoramic route founded by Zegna back in the 30s. The Panoramica Zegna is the via the community of Trivero (Biella, Piemonte), gateway to the highlands where contact with nature is really authentic. An integral part of Ermenegildo Zegna's vision of reclaiming the mountain territory around the wool mill, the Panoramica Zegna was the key to developing family-oriented local tourism. Construction began officially in 1938. Following the interruption due to the 2nd world war, work was resumed in 1947 and the road reached Bielmonte, its highest point (1,500 meters) insummer 1953. In this period work also began on the large panoramic plaza that was to be the platform for the building of skiing and hospitality facilities for tourists. The road that Ermenegildo Zegna dreamt of a century ago now reaches Bocchetto di Sessera and is thus 65 km long. Providing access to what is now Oasi Zegna and its network of paths and itineraries, it offers numerous breath-taking panoramic views of the plains of the Po Valley. The birth of this group is nothing short of awe and legendary. What the founding father created cannot be emphasized by only what the world sees and enjoys as a great fashion brand. But what it has done for the mountains of Trivero, Italy. What would have been an ignored village town in the outskirts of Italy is a remarkable tourism attraction and thriving textile business since Ermenegildo Zegna founded his dream at the age of 18 years. It was young Zegna that founded the Lanificio Zegna [Wool Mill] in 1910, in Trivero, near Biella. Ermenegildo began to produce fabrics using four looms. In his own words, these fabrics had to be “the most beautiful in the world.” Today, Zegna fabrics are still one of Italy's most acclaimed exports, identified internationally by a red seal. Before long, Ermenegildo's strategies proved a success. His international vision led to exportation of fabrics to as far afield as America in 1938, and by 1945 Zegna fabrics were sold in over 40 countries. Ermenegildo's brilliant business mind was not limited to his particular industrial field. He understood that the quality he sought for his products couldn't be separated from a positive relationship with the local territory and the community. He understood that the beauty of the natural environment and people's well being – and not just that of his own employees – were indispensable for a company aspiring to long term success. In 1932, Trivero already had a meeting hall, a library, a gym , a cinema/theatre and a public swimming pool. In the space of a few years, he built a medical centre and a nursery school. In the meantime, he was dedicating himself to the local environment and landscape, planting thousands of trees and building the “Panoramica Zegna” road a 14 km route linking Trivero and Bielmonte, a tourist

Paolo Zegna (1956), Anna Zegna (1957), Ermenegildo (Gildo) Zegna (1955) with friend Georgio Armani at the centenary celebration.

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Angelo Zegna, current Honorary Chairman Zegna Group, Italy. Angelo Zegna, current Honorary Chairman of the Group, describes his father's achievements as: “I see four forces acting throughout my father's life. First of all, he was born in the right environment to develop his business aptitudes. There were various small firms competing in a small area. Secondly, he was always determined to get the better of his British rivals, by offering creative Italian fabrics with unbeatable quality. The third force was an exceptionally open mind, especially regarding the social welfare of the territory and redistribution of value to workers. Lastly, there was his fundamentally important relationship with nature, his awareness that natural resources are limited and that we must protect them. He was an ecologist long before the term even existed!”

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resort 1,500 meters above sea level. As Ermenegildo had done with them, so Angelo and Aldo Zegna helped Ermenegildo, Paolo, Anna, Benedetta, Laura and Renata to make their way in the business and prepare to take up managerial positions. The current generation have accelerated Zegna’s global expansion. The children of Aldo and Angelo took roles with the company as well as they came of age, and by 1990 Angelo's son Gildo was head of the apparel division, his daughter Anna was head of store planning, and Aldo's son Paolo was the marketing director of the textile division. At the time, the company pledged to not drive growth through acquisitions, but instead looked to grow its main business of fashion and apparel. At the end of the 90’s a comprehensive strategy of verticalisation, shrewd diversification, brand extensions and licensing was implemented; creating a Global Luxury Brand which now ranges from clothing to accessories. The company has focused on retailing, pioneering early entry in emerging luxury markets, BRIC in particular . Zegna was the first luxury mens brand to open a fully owned store in China (Beijing 1991): Greater China is now the biggest market for the Zegna brand worldwide with over 70 point of sales across the region. Today worldwide there are 555 Ermenegildo Zegna points of sale in over 80 countries, of which 311 are direct operating stores. In 2002, Zegna took over the Longhi brand, the luxury leather apparel manufacturers, later in the same year, a joint-venture – ZeFer – with Salvatore Ferragamo Group was established, to develop a global scale footwear and leather goods business. Brand diversification was extended further with the launch of the first

Ermenegildo Zegna Fragrance: Essenza di Zegna, distribuited by YSL Beauté in 2003. A successive three other fragrances have since been added, including Z Zegna and the most recent Zegna Colonia. Ermenegildo Zegna Eyewear was then realised in 2004 with De Rigo with the first collection of sunglasses and optical frames. And then in 2006, Ermenegildo Zegna Underwear Collection with Perofil was created. Architecture and design have been important pillars of brand expansion, led in 2007 by the launch of the first Global Store design concept created by acclaimed architect Peter Marino. Global Stores in Milan, New York, Shinjuku Tokyo, Dubai and Hong Kong have since opened; Shanghai Lippo and Las Vegas will open later in 2010 Within the same year (2007) the 8000m2 Global Headquarters in Milan, designed by architect Antonio Citterio, was opened. The building blends Zegna’s understated elegance with classic modernity, housing the Groups global showrooms, product development, store planning, sales and marketing teams. Ermenegildo Zegna and Z Zegna Milan fashion week shows commenced in 2008, and have enriched the world of “Zegna Style” by combining style, excellence, quality and tradition, with the sophisticated and cosmopolitan tastes of diverse Zegna customers today. These strategies have together laid the foundation for the next chapter in Zegna history. One of the objectives of the fourth generation is to ensure continuity for the values that stem from the founder’s philosophy, which are the heritage not only of the family but of everyone working in the Group. The mission to keep alive the idea that product quality can only flourish where there is a “culture of beauty”, a culture that must also respect the environment and local communities, is carried forward by the Fondazione Zegna, set

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up in 2000, and in the establishment of the Oasi Zegna in 1993. The history of the Zegna Group is closely linked to the insights of its founder Ermenegildo Zegna, who applied to his high quality textile manufacturing a deep knowledge of the rules of communication, thus making the logo a universally recognized certificate of quality. Opening during Enterprise Culture Week, the exhibition entitled “Ermenegildo Zegna, identità del Gruppo. Evoluzione del marchio dal 1967 ad oggi” traces the Zegna logo, chronologically, in the second half of Zegna Group’s history to date, from its first successes on international markets to its consolidation as the world leader in men’s luxury. Zegna Group’s evolution from textile factory to WORLD LEADING TOTAL LUXURY LOOK can also be seen in the continual development of trademarks and communication systems reflecting the various transformations of the company. The second half-century of the HISTORY OF ZEGNA’S IDENTITY AND ADVERTISING is illustrated by original photos and objects from the archives (previously unpublished) that show how the Zegna logo evolved from the late Sixties to the present day. From Franco Grignani’s optical patterns to the first Zegna clothing logos via the graphic designs of the "Z".

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Visiting Ermenegildo Zegna’s sole outlet in South Africa on Diamond Walk at Sandton Mall exposed me to the Zegna quality products and service. The initial visit assisted me in evaluating the business culture and general customer handling. Appointing myself as the consumer eye and service evaluator. This was such a pleasing exercise. As my mission was incognito. For a high end merchandise as is Zegna fashion, your expectation are very high; extremely high. It pleases me to mention that I was not disappointed. Their customer service is prompt yet not intrusive. A laid back culture that does not overwhelm you allowing you peruse without meddling. Buying any fashion should be fulfilling and assuring of quality of your purchase. Zegna’s outlets have an non intimidating elegant interior uncluttered and clean. Emernegildo Zegna is lined among international great name; Billionaire, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This is an exclusive concourse of high end brands in the country. My second visit was more professionally engaging. Precisely this was to introduce our publication and hope to gain a detailed insight on the brand. This was a stolen moment and we were well very well received. I was introduced to the General Manager, Danish Gillani; who perused our soft copy of GOODLIFE Magazine briefly. Our meeting was very brief but well informative. The introduction of a Zegna outlet in South Africa is a bold statement about the growth of the local market for fine things. This is not only based on a singular expedition but confirmed some of the high end brands outlined in this issue. Daytona exposed us not only on Rolls Royce but also Aston Martin, Mclaren and Brabus. As if that was not enough we also highlight on Sunseeker which is also marketed by Daytona locally. Though Zegna started as a textile about 100 years ago, today it's a fully fledged fashion and lifestyle group. It has partnered with world renowned fragrance and eyewear companies to expand their products. Recently Ermenegildo Zegna and Maserati introduced the exclusive Quattroporte in its definitive form. A limited series of only 100 cars produced from July to satisfy demand from the world's most refined customers. After the success of the Quattroporte Zegna Limited Edition, release, Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna chose Ghibli as the natural evolution of their partnership, presenting an absolutely unique concept car. THE NEW EDITION OF GHIBLI S Q4: IS A NEW PRODUCT STYLE INTERPRETATION. THIS EXCLUSIVE CONCEPT CAR FEATURES A SPECIAL COLOUR SHADE FOR THE BODYWORK AND CONTRASTING PALETTE FOR THE INTERIOR COMBINING THE FINEST LEATHER AND VALUABLE ZEGNA FABRICS. Zegna has also introduced a new women’s range AGNONA Italy; only available internationally. While at the shop I was also introced to the Su Misura. This is the Made to Measure service. Suits are embellished with details chosen by you, emphasising the design and luxury fabrics selected from the Ermenegildo Zegna wool mill. In conclusion, the introduction of big brands to our market signifies how potent the South African market has become and it can only get better from here. GL

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The Resort with a Floating view When the fog lives beneath you; you cannot help it but feel life a soaring African eagle or one of the 150 Cape Vultures that call the gorge valleys home. Every view from The Gorge, Private Game Lodge & Spa is an inspiration. The only business I could take with me would be to unlock a writer’s block. Other than that, it would be a time wasted. Laying in your private balcony all day long and watching all the different birds and the distant views is the business here. They say that the world is brighter in spring and fresher is summer. The Gorge is the wilderness with a modern and luxurious nest for you to lay some golden eggs. It is the perfect getaway after a whole year of hard work, to rejuvenate and rebuild. And you have not seen spring or summer until you reach this gorge part of the world.


he Gorge Private Game Lodge & Spa is nestled in an unspoiled, 'malaria-free' part of KwaZuluNatal's South Coast, namely the majestic Oribi Gorge – a natural wonder in itself. Only a short 90minute drive from Durban, the boutique establishment is surrounded by spectacular sandstone cliffs and tropical coastal forests.

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The Amazing views from the pool side of the The Gorge

No expense or luxury is spared at this romantic destination, which is ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasion. It therefore comes as no surprise that the property was awarded the World Luxury Hotel Award in 2014 for the Best Lodge in the global category. Built with double volume glass on the edge of impressive sandstone cliffs offering limitless views of the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, the lodge's exclusive ecofriendly luxury villas and suites offer a touch of African chic. Each unit is elevated 3 to 4 metres off the ground to allow for a seamless flow from the ultra modern interior into the natural coastal forest. The owner-run lodge provides unsurpassed hospitality, world-class service and delicious cuisine with an extensive wine menu, all in a timeless environment. For the discerning businessperson, free Wi-Fi ensures much-needed connectivity to the outside world. Up to 50 guests can enjoy magnificent views of the Gorge from the restaurant, whilst the wine cellar is the perfect venue for an intimate private function or dinner. Weather permitting, dinners can also be served in the atmospheric boma. Guests may request room service for any meal at no extra charge.

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The Clivia Day Spa offers the height of pampering and relaxation with a lavish selection of treatments, done by our qualified therapists both indoors and out. High-quality Dermalogica and eco-friendly Africology products are used to take the very best care of every guest's skin. Nature lovers and birdwatchers will enjoy hiking through the indigenous coastal forest with its rich bio-diversity of plant, animal and birdlife. The Gorge is home to over 255 bird species, including the Cape vulture and African fish eagle. Most plains antelope can be spotted on daily educational game drives, or those in search of a National Geographic experience can visit the must-see vulture colony. More adventurous guests are invited to go mountain biking with over 25km of trails to ride amongst the wild life. Alternatively, a 4.5km zip line promises the thrill of a lifetime with a slide across the Gorge, crisscrossing lakes and ravines. There are several hiking trails in the

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Oribi Gorge under the canopy of our indigenous forests, along the Mzimkulwana River OR up to Hoe Poe Falls. Mountain bikers will love the various trails along the escarpment with the wildlife keeping them company. Slide across the Oribi Gorge on the 4.5km zip line – the longest, fastest and highest in Africa! GAME VIEWING. Daily educational game drives are available and the following animals may be viewed: Most antelope (including the endangered Oribi buck), Giraffe, Wildebeest, Zebra, Black Back Jackal, Leopard, Lynx, Samango Monkey (indigenous to the Gorge), Warthogs and Bush Pigs Over 255 bird species are found in the Gorge area, with a detailed list available on our homepage. A few of our favourites include: Ground Hornbill, Trumpeter Hornbill, African Fish Eagle, Martial Eagle, Crowned Eagle, The Cape Vulture, Jackal Buzzard, Yellow Billed Kite, Egyptian and Spur-winged Goose, Crowned Crane, Malachite Kingfisher. EQUIRIES: (039) 687 4000 OR 082 566 1045 OR

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AGED SMOKE This very old brand was originated by Emilio Ahmsted in 1852 and it is handmade at the Romeo y Julieta factory in Cuba. A very elegant smoke and perfect for almost any occasion.

CUBAN SANCHO PANZA ABOVE | The amazing last box of 2008 Sancho Panza Belicosos from Diamond in Mbombela. A little bruised but these torpedos will go a long way. The cigars are now fully restored and much more enjoyable.

By: Don Viterelli | Publisher y Editor

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ecently I have been enjoying Cuban cigars, something I rarely do. The petit corona of any cigar makes a good smoke for me on a busy and in the office kind of day. It is usually when I have to face the PC and hope for some creativity. So you will therefore expect an office humidor full of some petit good cigars. Yes and Yes again. Clamped on my middle and index left is a full flavored Coronas Major, a Cuban H. Upmann. As you know there is an American version rolled in different countries but Cuba. These Majors have been doing a superb job since my Romeos took

leave. About a dozen of the Romeo y Julieta petit coronas are left. While trying to restock my daily smoke of petit coronas. I visited a humidor inside one of Mbombela's [former Nelspruit, Mpumalanga] oldest cigar shop. A former Wesley's Tobacconist franchisee at the Riverside mall. Tucked at a corner inside the Diamond Liquor store is a well humidified cigar display. What a waste as they have decided to supply on order. Meaning there will be less for a walk in aficionado to choose from. As I struggled through a number of empty boxes I finally laid my hands on the beautiful Majors in my hand right now. Hoping it was a full box, got disappointed that I could only get eighteen tubed loose cigars inside. Believe me, it was worth the drive. That meant I still had a bit of my budget left; though I had to top it up for yet another almost full Habano box. For all the years I have been entering this walk in humidor, I have noticed this one box of Sancho Panza Belicosos. A name not very popular in South Africa. Though I have noticed it repeatedly, the price tag always pushed my eyes away from it to the next box. Back in 2010 just before the iconic World Cup. This box was priced R6, 300.00 and that translated to R252.00 a cigar. For a brand I was not familiar with I was not about to indulge Wesley's. Having a doted number of boxes in a rather sizeable humidor, I noticed that now the Sancho's had a R224.00 price tag for a cigar and they were opened. I decided to take a peep inside the box and it was 80% full.

About 5 or more staff members have been rotated since I laid my eyes on this box. That meant I knew more about their stock than they did. Three of the cigars had their tip split and another four hand damaged with the wrapper having visible cracks. Knowing their humidor, I knew that it was just poor handling than dryness. Still I was not willing to pay the full asking price for the box. If the attendant knew much about cigars, she should have inspected the whole lot and discounted the partially damaged cigars to me. Her ignorance became my strength and I got the whole box for half the price. The lengthy negotiations are now history. Little did I know that I was taking home a treasure. Released in June 2008, [Cigar boxes always have a release date stamped behind them together with country of origin] this partially full box was a jewel. The Delamonte Selection is a mild easy drawing campana torpedo. A 1960 pre-release cigar brand, which still forms part of the current Sancho Panza range. If I were to compare this cigar to the rest of the pyramid shaped habanos, this one is probably the mildest. So it would be quite pleasant for those who are starting with the habanos, but maybe a little bland for those called veterans. Anyway this is a very elegant smoke and perfect for almost any occasion. This very old brand was originated by Emilio Ahmsted in 1852 and it is handmade at the Romeo y Julieta factory in Cuba. Normally I would wait for at least a week or two before enjoying an open box. Have it in my humidor while observing it restore. This time I prepared one just before my voyage to enjoy through the drive back home. And the tango began very shortly there after. Looking at the aged box and the damaged half a dozen cigars in it. You would not expect a perfect burning cigar. Remember the earlier Sanchos boxes were lined with a branded paper inlay. Unlike the recent naked cedar boxes. Still this cigar was a marvel to smoke. My journey with the habano was a splendid drive. Ten of these cigars have been transferred to my reserved stock humidor and will remain my pride and joy. This will not only be because of their age but because of their beauty. Somehow this confirms that well cared cigars can and will stay for as long as you desire. The oldest opened box I have is as old as 1999. Making it exactly 17 years old today. This is a Cuban San Cristobal de la Habana El Moro. These double coronas were a gift from a lady friend back in 2002. I am sure this is one of the original and initial stock as the San Cristobal

2009 - X EDITION FESTIVAL del HABANO: Black lacquered BoĂŽte Nature Box of 10 cigars comprising 9 brands. This release is a replica of a special commemorative case gifted to attendees of the tenth Habanos festival in Cuba. The case contained a selection of standard production 20 cigars (9 brands) released in the previous ten years.

was established in 1999 post the revolution. The San CristĂłbal de la Habana, was named after the original name for Havana in honour of Christopher Columbus. This cigar is classified by Habanos SA as a Niche brand and has a minor market share. The range comprises light to mediumstrength cigars, using tobacco from the premium Vuelta Abajo region as the Sancho Panza. This brand is not related to a pre-Revolution brand of the same name. The San Cristobal is a hard rolled cigar, with a tight draw. The El Morro is a medium strength cigar and as it matures in my humidor it has got more rounded and stronger. Much different from the fresh cigars I got early 2002. There are a number of popular names stashed away in my special smoke cigar reservoir. In time we will get to discuss my other eight of the famous 2009 X Edition, Festival del Habano. GL

The San CristĂłbal de la Habana, was named after the original name for Havana in honour of Christopher Columbus. This cigar is classified by Habanos SA as a Niche brand and has a minor market share. SAN CRISTOBAL de la Habana EL MORRO

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“. . . . . The life you always dreamed about. The life you’ve worked hard to achieve. Where time spent with those you love is most important. A life filled with precious moments, far from the meddling crowd. Where unforgettable moments are upon every horizon And adventure is on every wave This is the life you promised yourself The life you deserve. Now live it. . . . . .”


This is a promise from the makers of the Sunseeker Yachts. Through this editorial we discover their latest yacht.

SUNSEEKER 116 A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 107

I cannot help it but compare the brand new Sunseeker 116 Yacht to its predecessor the Predator 115 Sport Yacht. These two accommodate almost if not identical; the same number of guests. With the 116 adding just two more guest but the same number of support crew. This is based on the standard design of the 116 Yacht. It comes with master stateroom/suite on the mid floor or the main deck. Allowing you to enjoy the entire entertainment space which is line up on the main deck. Walking into a 116 you are welcomed by serenity in elegance. From the open flybridge and fore deck. Real entertainers will opt for the spa tab on the flybridge or even at the front on the fore deck. Before we talk entertainment, imagine a 55� SUHD television bulkhead mounted. Complete with a Blu-ray media player. This allows for a private moment inside the well air conditioned Main Deck Master Stateroom. The size and heights in this gracious room makes you total forget you are floating on the wild ocean. Full-height windows lined and curtained in style. Being me I would substitute the sprung mattress for a Tempur-pedic on the double berth. Sunseeker allows you to choose the fabric used on all your chairs and private daybed in the master stateroom and other parts of the yacht. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the data point would definitely be a white elephant. This sea bedroom has more plug points than my lounge. Imagine a walk-in wardrobe with a safe deposit box. My favorite space will be the stone floored Master Stateroom en-suite. With his and her basins and one spacious therapeutic shower. What else would you ever ask for. The 116 Yacht is an entertainers boat. You travel the longest at 10 knots, giving you 1250miles. The very spacious garage can host a Williams 625 yacht tender and two twoseater Seadoo jet skis, in addition to a great selection of water toys. A Jacuzzi located on the bow is a great place to unwind while the surrounding sun pads are great for relaxation and lounging. The superyacht is currently in build and scheduled to be delivered in late 2016 and early 2017. The

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retail price starts at £12.5 million. Which definitely include other cost for our local market. The Sunseeker 116 is an evolution of its Sunseeker 115 Yacht and part of the builder’s “next generation” of 30 metre-plus yachts. The Sunseeker 116 has a sporty new exterior styling. Designed with entertainment in mind, the new yacht will have a foredeck lounge and flybridge with retractable sunroof that covers a lounge, al fresco dining spot and hot tub. A further indoor dining saloon hosts 10, while the main saloon has full height windows, which let in abundant light and provide stunning vistas. The Sunseeker 116 Yacht has a deep-V hull design and will hit a cruise speed of 16 to 18 knots and a top speed of up to 26 knots, engine option dependent. The 116 combines superb performance with Sunseeker’s Bespoke service – meaning every element of the 116’s design and layout, from

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guest cabin configuration to hot tub option, can now be individually tailored to the needs of the customer – “We’ve succeeded in creating the ultimate luxury yacht for entertaining in style.......” Gary Cleaverly from Sunseeker London said: “The first NEW 116 Yacht Hull Number 1 has successfully been sold to a Turkish client ready for launch in Spring 2016. [Not delivered when going to press]. The first 4 yachts were sold off plan and we anticipate upon launch of the NEW 116 Yacht, for it to be a successful new model in the Sunseeker range, further increasing sales into the 2017 year.” Sunseeker 116 represents the ultimate choice when it comes to entertainment and relaxation with family, friends or business

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partners and colleagues. Her foredeck has been designed with entertainment in mind based upon a 'Club' concept, also featuring a large hot tub. The flybridge has a massive retractable sunroof and an vast seating and al fresco dining area, boasting a wet bar, sun loungers, companion helm seating and a standard hot tub. Easy access for crew from the wheelhouse to the exterior side deck is provided by an electronically operated carbon fibre gull-wing door. GL Sunseeker Yachts are marketed in South Africa by Daytona Group in Sandton from both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

HEAD ROAD SPLENDOUR CAPE TOWN . . . . . . . . . . .“The clients were a young couple who wanted a dynamic and striking home, primarily for themselves, with guest accommodation separated from their own living areas. They had an architectural feel in mind that informed the design process,� says SAOTA Director and Project Partner, Philip Olmesdahl.

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The property has the fantastic dual aspects of views towards the north and west over Fresnaye and beyond, as well as at the rear of the site. Head Road does not allow dwellings on the rear side of the road, so the house enjoys dramatic views up towards Lion's Head. The site falls very steeply and due to the high elevation of the road and the restrictions on the building form the house is raised above the property on high columns. The garden below the site has been terraced with rock, partly provided from site, and landscaped with fynbos to reiterate the natural vegetation of the hillside. Head Road has its own zoning category since the road and the sites were never part of the original township plans (Head Road is accessed from Top Road, which – as the name implies – was the highest road in Fresnaye until the extension of Head Road was built). The specific zoning conditions have dictated the form of the building by limiting its overall height, the depth from the street to the sea-facing façade, as well as the number of storeys. The conditions go further to prescribe controls of the landscaping on the property too.

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The house is laid out to take advantage of its surroundings and the spectacular views. The three storeys are arranged with three en-suite guest suites on the ground floor, with a plant area and a staff flatlet accommodated at the rear. The first floor is the main living level, with a large living room and dining room opening to a covered and uncovered pool terrace. The kitchen is positioned to enjoy views through the glass roof towards Lion's Head, while being protected from the westerly sun by a large adjacent concrete wall. A media room, guest WC and utility room are positioned on a split-level between the ground and first floor. The entrance hall is mid-level between the first and second floor. It is accessed by gentle steps from Head Road, down to a second gate, and via a glass-roofed external lobby space. The second floor accommodates the master bedroom, dressing room and a light-filled en-suite with views over the pool below. A study is located on the west side of the second floor, with views over the double-volume dining room below.

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LOCATION |Fresnaye, Cape Town ARCHITECTS | Stefan Antoni & Philip Olmesdahl; SAOTA INTERIOR DECOR | Owner

The house has a number of elements which have a high level of detail and complexity. Firstly, the pool is a 13.5m long two-sided rimflow pool. It is covered with porcelain tiles and is heated by solar heating on the roof of the house. It is linked to the home control system for easy use. Secondly, the house has an advanced automation system which interfaces various aspects of the house such as audio, motorised blinds and access control. Finally, a high level of finishes has been created with the use of a fully imported German kitchen, large format granite floor and wall slabs which are used throughout, frameless glazed balustrades and floor-toceiling glazing, as well as various aluminium louvre devices. GL

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Lumma Design [Jaguar F-Pace] CLR F Sport Conversion 383kW

The F-Pace does not signify the return of Jaguar, but that it is here to stay. I have seen a number of small car wanna be big cars. The F-Pace; not at all. This is a car that will enter the market independent of its siblings. You will buy the F-Pace because you love British engineering or just a Jaguar fan. This is a car that says “you want me�. If Jaguar ever needed a product that would convince the market that they are worthy of their hard earned money. This car brings back the Jaguar that we had grown to love over the years: and this is the car Jaguar needed. The F-Pace resemble no other car, with fresh lines and amazing architecture. The F-Pace confirms that the F-Type was not a fluke. These are bold intention to break new markets and set a new standard for the brand.

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Independent car tuners like Lumma has jumped to the opportunity to personalize the F-Pace and that should tell you that Jaguar is a new player. Though Jaguar South Africa has been successful in shining the brand locally, these cars still were not the first choice. And the price tag has been a deterrent. The F-Pace enters at R778, 966.00 with a 20d AWD Pure. A four cylinder turbo diesel.

he all-new Jaguar F-PACE has been revealed to the world with a spectacular gravity-defying performance on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show. The F-PACE showcased its dynamic performance credentials by completing the world's largest 360 degree loop and - in celebration of Jaguar's 80th anniversary- lit up the city's skyline with its dramatic C-X17 inspired silhouette. The Jaguar F-PACE is a performance crossover designed and engineered to offer the agility, responsiveness and refinement that all Jaguars are renowned for, together with unrivalled dynamics and everyday usability. Developed using Jaguar's Lightweight Aluminium Architecture, the all-new F-PACE delivers on the promise of the breakthrough C-X17 concept vehicle and combines purity of line, surface and proportion with F-TYPE-inspired features such as the powerful rear haunches, fender vents and distinctive tail light graphics. The bold front grille and the muscular bonnet hint at the performance potential of engines like the 380PS supercharged V6. Elements such as slender full-LED headlights, forged 22-inch wheels and short front overhang carry the design vision of the C-X17 concept through to production. The all-new F-PACE seats five adult occupants in absolute comfort with generous head and knee room and the luggage compartment volume is an astonishing 650-litres. Infotainment and connectivity technology is industry leading. The premium InControl Touch Pro system is based around a 10.2-inch touchscreen, with a powerful quad-core processor and solid-state drive, and runs on ultrafast Ethernet. The result is a user interface which is instinctive and extremely quick with sharp and incredibly responsive graphics. Up to eight devices can be connected to the vehicle's super-fast wifi hotspot at one time. The navigation system can save you time by learning your commute, offers true door-to-door guidance and can even advise others of your arrival time. Navigation can also be shown full-screen - in 3D - in the 12.3-inch HD virtual instrument cluster. The Lightweight Aluminium Architecture gave the Jaguar design and engineering teams - now recognised globally as leaders in aluminium technology and design - the ideal starting point. It was created from the outset as a modular structure, so the wheels can be positioned exactly where they are needed to deliver the proportions, dynamics, and practicality essential for a performance crossover. The wheelbase and track are not shared with any other Jaguar. At 4,731mm long and with a 2,874mm wheelbase, the all-new F-PACE offers

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 119

the sleek profile and short front overhang characteristic of Jaguar design together with an exceptionally spacious interior. "By remaining absolutely true to our design principles the all-new F-PACE is immediately recognisable as a Jaguar. It offers all of the interior space you would expect - and more but because of our disciplined approach to surfaces, proportions, and purity of line, we have designed what I consider to be the most balanced, most attractive vehicle in its class. The Jaguar F-PACE is the ultimate practical sports car" Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar. . . . . “The light, stiff body structure comprises 80 per cent aluminium, and is the only aluminium-intensive monocoque in the segment. Additional weight savings come from the composite tailgate and magnesium for parts such as the cross-car beam. The result is that the rear-wheel drive 180PS diesel manual transmission model weighs as little as 1,665kg and achieves CO2 emissions of just 129g/km. With the 380PS supercharged V6 petrol engine from the FTYPE under its sculpted aluminium bonnet, the all-new F-PACE can accelerate from 060mph in just 5.1 seconds before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph.

120 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

The body's high torsional stiffness enables the F-TYPE-derived double wishbone front suspension and sophisticated Integral Link rear suspension to perform even better. Together with Torque Vectoring as standard and an Electric Power Assisted Steering system tuned to give the best possible feel and response, the all-new F-PACE sets the benchmark for ride and handling. Even the entry-level model benefits from monotube dampers as standard, but for even better ride and handling the electronicallycontrolled Adaptive Dynamics system measures body and wheel movement 100 and 500 times a second respectively, ensuring optimum damping forces in all conditions. For the most enthusiastic drivers there's Configurable Dynamics: first used in the FTYPE, this feature allows individual settings for the throttle, automatic transmission, steering, and, where fitted, the Adaptive Dynamics system. "The all-new F-PACE is a Jaguar that customers around the world demanded that we make. The targets we set are among the most challenging we've ever had to deliver but I'm proud to say that the all-new F-PACE meets or exceeds every one of them. "This is a performance crossover with outstanding dynamics yet also delivers a smooth, quiet ride. The F-TYPE-inspired design combines dramatic looks with a spacious interior and an exceptionally large luggage compartment. Together with our allnew infotainment system, our most advanced all-wheel drive system and an outstanding range of active safety technologies, the allnew F-PACE makes every journey a better, more rewarding experience." Kevin Stride, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar FPACE The all-new F-PACE's torque ondemand all-wheel drive (AWD) system is Jaguar's most sophisticated yet, and has the highest torque capacity. It features the advanced, in-house control system first developed for F-TYPE AWD: Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD). IDD preserves rear-wheel drive agility and handling character but can seamlessly transfer torque to the front wheels to exploit the performance benefits of extra traction, on all surfaces and in all weathers. Adaptive Surface Response

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 121

(ASR), developed from sister brand Land Rover's patented, award-winning Terrain Response technology, makes the AWD system even more effective in challenging conditions. Integrated into Jaguar Drive Control, ASR identifies the type of surface and optimises the mapping of the powertrain and Dynamic Stability Control system. First launched in the all-new XF, ASR has been enhanced by a third mode designed for deep snow and gravel. Additional technologies available to ensure for all surface performance include the existing Jaguar systems; All Surface Progress Control and Low Friction Launch. The all-new F-PACE has been engineered to satisfy the most stringent safety standards worldwide and provides exceptional levels of occupant and pedestrian protection. The standard of active safety is just as high, thanks to a suite of advanced driver assistance systems. The state-of-the-art stereo camera at the heart of the Autonomous Emergency Braking system now features a pedestrian detection function - a Jaguar-first. The stereo camera also enables Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, an Intelligent Speed Limiter, and Driver Condition Monitor systems. Key information such as vehicle speed and speed limits can be projected directly into the driver's line of sight by the laser head-up display. Compared to conventional systems, laser technology is smaller and lighter and the images remain clear even in bright sunlight. The allnew F-PACE also brings the world debut of Jaguar's Activity Key. A waterproof, shockproof wristband with an integrated transponder, this segment-first, wearable technology supports active lifestyles because it allows the keyfob to be securely locked inside the vehicle - invaluable if you're going surfing, for example, or kayaking. Locking the all-new F-PACE using the Activity Key will disable any keyfobs left inside. Jaguar has launched the | Pure, R-Sport, S and the First Edition which is the most expensive at R1, 331, 146.00. GL

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UNDERSTANDING AND MANAGING YOUR HEALTH Diabetes hypertension and gout are among the leading killers of men. Medical evidence has shown though that these can be maintained, at best, without a hectic consumption of doses of medicine. By taking care of your nutrition, emotions, physical body and psychological self, you can be assured of a long life. Knee injuries are one of the most common body damages, not only among sportsmen. And if you've ever injured your knee, you're not alone. Here are some tips on how to take care of yourself without necessarily setting up an appointment with your doctor.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 123

DIABETES | To maintain your diabetes diet, it helps to identify potential barriers and the means to break through them. Barriers to following your diabetes diet may include: Financial issues: Buying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive. But keep in mind that you're buying fewer less-nutritious foods, such as chips and sweets. You may also buy less meat. This saves you money.

“A recent survey done for the Coalition for Hypertension Education and Control has revealed that many people who are treated don't stick with their medication. Side effects lead them to skip doses or even stop taking their medicine altogether. Almost a third of the patients polled said they had experienced side effects including weakness and fatigue, not feeling like themselves, dizziness, headache, loss of sex drive, and problems with erections. Almost a third of them said they skipped some doses or stopped taking their medicine entirely. Their doctors were, if anything, even more pessimistic. Half of the physicians surveyed thought that half of their patients weren't following the instructions on their prescription. . . . . . . . . . . “

124 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Cultural barriers: From burritos to jambalaya to fry bread, food is an expression of culture. But all cuisine can be prepared in healthier ways. You can find diabetic cookbooks that focus on foods from different cultures and ethnicities. These books contain plenty of ideas for making traditional foods healthier. If you have friends with diabetes or know of someone with the condition, ask for cooking tips. Family issues: Food is often the centre of social and family life. Sometimes

family members aren't supportive of the changes you're trying to make. A family member may feel rejected if you say no to his or her special dish. Discuss your diabetes diet and your diabetes treatment goals with family members and ask for their support. Reassure family members that you're not rejecting them — just their unhealthy food choices. Let them know that your health comes first. Social pressure: It's hard to turn down a dessert or snack when it's offered to you. If you're watching football with friends and everyone's drinking beer and eating potato chips, the temptation to join in can be hard to resist. The best way to deal with potentially difficult situations is to anticipate and plan for them. Consider ways you can eat a favourite dish without totally abandoning your diet plan. For example, decide you're going to have pizza at the party, but only one slice. Another option is to bring your own healthier snacks to get-togethers, with enough to share. Think through what you'll eat and drink before you arrive, and stick to

BLOOD PRESSURE | If your hypertension medicine gets you down, don't let your blood pressure go up, medical experts have warned. Among men, high blood pressure is one of the most common life-threatening diseases and it is a major risk factor for the number-one killer, heart disease. Fortunately, hypertension (the medical word for high blood pressure) is relatively easy to treat. A combination of lifestyle changes—including exercise, weight loss, and reduction of salt, fat and alcohol intake—and low-dose medication brings most cases under control. Unfortunately, more than three-quarters of all people who have high blood pressure aren't being adequately treated. As a result thousands of people die each year at a cost to national health-care system. One reason so many go untreated is that hypertension frequently has no symptoms. Unless you've been tested, you have no way of knowing. But another cause of

inadequate treatment is even less well known. A recent survey done for the Coalition for Hypertension Education and Control has revealed that many people who are treated don't stick with their medication. Side effects lead them to skip doses or even stop taking their medicine altogether. Almost a third of the patients polled said they had experienced side effects including weakness and fatigue, not feeling like themselves, dizziness, headache, loss of sex drive, and problems with erections. Almost a third of them said they skipped some doses or stopped taking their medicine entirely. Their doctors were, if anything, even more pessimistic. Half of the physicians surveyed thought that half of their patients weren't following the instructions on their prescription. Much of this problem stems from lack of communication. More than a third of the patients surveyed hadn't been told by their doctors what side effects might be

possible. And it is suspect that a large percentage of patients didn't report back to their doctors the side effects they did experience. There are numerous medicinal approaches to treating hypertension, and no one is best for everyone. Some people do well on beta-blockers, whereas others have better luck with diuretics. For people who have problems with both, there are still other drugs. If you're taking (or have stopped taking) a bloodpressure medication that doesn't agree with you, talk to your doctor about the options. Chances are your pharmacist has a solution that will turn down the pressure without turning you off. Exercise and good, healthy eating are not a choice, they are a must. Speak to your doctor about a suitable diet if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Gout: There's no sure way to prevent initial or subsequent attacks of gout, but if you already have gout, your doctor may prescribe certain drugs to reduce the risk or lessen the severity of future episodes. These

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 125

allopurinol (Zyloprim, Aloprim) and probenecid. Taken daily, they slow the rate at which uric acid is produced and speed its elimination from your body. In general, keeping uric acid levels within a normal range is the long-term key to preventing gout. Lifestyle changes can't cure gout, but the following measures may help relieve symptoms: Maintain a healthy weight. Gradual weight loss will lessen the load on affected weight-bearing joints. Losing weight may also decrease uric acid levels. Avoid fasting or rapid weight loss because doing so may temporarily raise uric acid levels. Avoid excessive amounts of animal protein. Although medications have decreased the need for severe dietary restrictions in people with gout, some dietary changes can help lessen the severity of gout attacks. They may also serve as an alternative treatment for those who have problems with gout medications. Government guidelines advise eating no more than 5 to 6 ounces of lean meat, poultry or fish a day for nearly everyone — especially people who have gout, because high-protein foods increase the blood level of uric acid. Organ meats (liver, brains, kidney and sweetbreads), anchovies, herring and mackerel are particularly high in purines. Limit or avoid alcohol.

126 | A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine

Consuming too much alcohol can inhibit the excretion of uric acid, which in turn can lead to gout. Limit alcohol to no more than two drinks a day if you're a man and one drink a day if you're a woman. If you're having a gout attack, it's best to avoid alcohol completely. Drink plenty of liquids. Fluids help dilute uric acid in your blood and urine, so be sure you get enough water and other fluids every day. Knee injuries: One of the main reasons they're common is that with so many teens playing sports, knees can be overused, leading to several types of injuries, some of which can't be repaired. So what are some of these knee injuries and what can you do to prevent them? For injuries like mild sprains, strains, and overuse, resting your knee may be one of the first treatments your doctor recommends. Remember RICE: Rest | Ice | Compression | Elevation If your doctor recommends RICE, you should rest your knee as much as possible,

use ice packs for a couple of days to bring down swelling, use compression (ACE) bandages, and elevate the leg on pillows or other soft objects. For inflammation and pain, your doctor may prescribe antiinflammatory medications like ibuprofen. Other treatment for knee injuries may involve using a knee immobiliser (kind of like a brace or a sleeve that you wrap around your leg to keep it from moving too much), or having to wear a cast for a few weeks or months. You may also have to use crutches to get around for a while. For more serious knee injuries, your doctor might recommend you see an orthopaedic surgeon, a doctor specially trained in the care of bone and joint diseases (also called an orthopaedist). Orthopaedists take care of many kinds of knee injuries, especially those involving sports and different types of accidents. He or she will know how to treat the injury and follow your progress as it heals. GL


SHELF CIGAR TASTING The number of cigar suppliers in South Africa is very limited. Amazingly though; through the sparsely distributed cigar dealers; you always get what you are yearning for. Every issue will indulge our cigar tasters with virgin boxes and singles to ride. J.J Cale stays at the forefront of cigar retailers in Johannesburg yet . . . . . . . .


n this issue, though we had a detailed palate tasting of all the cigars we sampled. We did not include it on the tasting write-up but only details about the cigars and how we rated them. Though we researched about every cigar we tasted. Our recommendations are not biased by the different literature we acquired of each cigar. These cigars impressed the entire panel of the Don Viterelli tasting panel. Who are avid and seasoned smokers of the Caribbean crop. The results outlined with each cigar are through multiple testing. While for our initial publication we also focused on humidification and in-store storage . We will not be limited to high priced cigars in the future. All these cigars are all available in South Africa as identified . . . . . . . .

These ratings have a lot to do with the stores that retailed them. This should also assist you in choosing your retailer and stockist. The condition of the cigars when we acquired them had a lot to do with their performance. By shelf-cigar testing we mean these testing are based on retail condition than factory condition. A lot of handling has had an effect on either the box or individual cigar single. Being in South Africa we realized the importance of educating our stockist of the proper ways of storing cigars. These will be reflected on their stock tasting. Most cigar tasters refer to the quality of the cigar without including their condition when acquired and ignore the importance of handling. One major factor about cigar tasting is the fact that though factories take utmost care when sorting cigars and boxes, the fact remains that there are a lot of factors that could affect individual cigars and boxes. Not forgetting the age of the cigar since exportation. So our tasting should be able not only help you acquire your smoke but also who you decide to buy it from. Outstandingly without a match was Don Pepin Garcia’s latest release MyFather brand. The Le Bijou 1922 almost scored a perfect score at 98 considering all aspects of our tasting. This was followed by the Don Carlos Robusto from Arturo Fuente coming in with a 95 score. Both cigars are robustos. The Quorum also from Nicaragua as the Le Bijou; is an amazing affordable cigar. Though these cigars are becoming a little hard to find they offer a great and descent smoke. The La Aurora 1495 Sumo Short robusto, a wonderful cigar but no where near the the Le Bijou in construction and flavor, these are both strong cigars. A beautiful looking cigar the Sumo. Could not help it but admired it all day before actually lighting it. A little softer though, with a very quick kick. Welcome to Don Viterelli’s smoking corner.

A Cigar Aficionados Lifestyle Magazine | 127


CIGAR Montecristo No: 3

CIGAR Romeo y Julieta Petit

CIGAR Partagas Coronas Senior Tubos




GAUGE | 42

GAUGE | 30

GAUGE | 43

LENGTH | ‘6.5


LENGTH | ‘5.2

PRICE | R175.00

PRICE | R135.00

PRICE | R175.00

RETAILER : Wesley’s Diamond’s Liquor Store Riverside Mall Mbombela

RETAILER : Wesley’s Diamond,s Liquor Store Riverside Mall Mbombela

RETAILER : Wesley’s Diamond,s Liquor Store Riverside Mall Mbombela













The No:3 presents the typical Montecristo taste. Easy draw and the medium strength was lingering on the strong side. I would want to say it had also aged a bit. After acclimatization for two weeks in our humidor, the No:3 reclaimed more its original properties, though not fully but both cigars I tasted had very little variation. Not a very hard cigar but offered a wonderful draw. I took the cigar to between 1/3 and 1/4 and it amazed me with its consistency and it burn quite well.

Meant to be a quick smoke, the Petit is just that. Was very disappointed at the quality of the this lot we purchased for the tasting. It had lost most of its humidity when we bought it. Needed just above three weeks to get restored. But still for a mild cigar, the Petit had unpleasant hush tones. Off course some were acquired from poor conditions. I had five cigars and tasted 3 which had a disappointing varying burn quality and draw. Allowing more heat at its lowest draw.

Out of these Wesley’s purchased cigars, the Partagas was in great condition. I enjoyed one on my way back from Mbombela. Surprisingly it took me much further than an hour. A very solid cigar. After just a little intense tasting, the Senior stayed outstanding. A lot of its original flavors are moderate and it's a well balanced cigar. This further improved my perceptions about tubed and cellophane rapped cigars. The poor conditions had very little effect on the construction and quality of the cigar.


CIGAR: AF Don Carlos Reserva Robusto

CIGAR: Quorum Classic Corona

CIGAR: AF Opus X Fuente Fuente

ORIGIN: Dominican republic

ORIGIN: Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Dominican republic

GAUGE | 48

GAUGE | 43

GAUGE | 45


LENGTH | ‘5.5

LENGTH | ‘5.6

PRICE | R165.00

PRICE | R90.00

PRICE | R211.00

RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City

RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City

RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City

WRAPPER: Cameroon

WRAPPER: Ecuador

WRAPPER: Dominican republic

BINDER: Dominican republic

BINDER: Nicaragua

BINDER: Dominican republic

FILLER: Dominican republic

FILLER: Nicaragua

FILLER: Dominican republic




This was the second best cigar of this tasting. This is a mild cigar with a perfect draw and very smooth. It is almost tasteless after every complete puff. Very gentle on the palate. It is an amazing cigar and it is very well crafted and very good looking. I have already gone through five logs in just two days. The Don Carlos is a very good celebration cigar, it will do very well even for casual smokers. This is a box worth having for special moments. Its characteristics are presented very well.

This used to be the most common cigar and it costed around R50.00 before the dollar hike. Though affordable this is a very strong cigar. The Torpedo is even a great smoke. The corona is not an average cigar. It has quite complex notes and has a very strong kick and it never lets go. But this is the kind of cigar you will smoke only 2/3 of. The last part of the cigar loses its refinement. It draws quite well and it is well fermented thus presents less impurities.

I enjoyed this cigar after hearing the sad news about its maker. Sure it was with a heavy heart but it was worth every moment we spent together. Not my best cigar like the Don Carlos but I would recommend any day and its condition was perfect. On the upper side of mild with a strong woody and nutty taste giving its distinction as a great cigar. It is the kind of cigar that keeps giving and surprises you with great flavors. It is also very well crafted cigar.


CIGAR : Vegueros Tapados ORIGIN: Cuba

CIGAR: La Aurora 1495 Series Sumo Short Robusto

CIGAR: MyFather Le Bijou 1922 Petit Robusto

ORIGIN: Dominican Republic

ORIGIN: Nicaragua

GAUGE | 58

GAUGE | 50


LENGTH | ‘4.5

PRICE | R165.00

PRICE | R285.00

RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City

RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City

WRAPPER: Ecuador

WRAPPER: Nicaraguan

BINDER: Brazilian

BINDER: Nicaraguan

FILLER: Brazilian/Nicaraguan/Peru

FILLER: Nicaraguań



This is not a cigar for a novice. It's a mouthful draw with very strong flavors. An amazing wrapper; an oily cigar that takes you to levels beyond comprehension. I have never smoked a 58 gauge before and I must say, it was an amazing journey. The second cigar I smoked was paired with an Ethiopian mild coffee. A match made in heaven. The Sumo gets softer towards the end, but you can take it to the end. The size is cumbersome though.

To get a cigar of this quality from Cuba you will have to pay above R800.00. Hard as a rock yet it draws perfectly with very strong flavors. A smooth taste to the last 1/4 of the cigar. This is a strong cigar without the hardness on the palate. It kicks in from the first draw. It also allowed for close to 2 minutes rest, without needing a relight. A cigar you can smoke at your own pace with a perfect slow burn. A true measure of a well crafted cigar.

GAUGE | 46 LENGTH | ‘4.75 PRICE | R184.00 RETAILER : J. J Cale | Club Mucanudo Sandton City WRAPPER: Cuban BINDER: Cuban FILLER: Cubań

91 This is a very rare cigar from Cuba. I found it to be a well rounded cigar compared to some Cuban cigars I have smoked before. Not an easy draw but tasted immaculate. It is a Cuban cigar through and through and quite affordable. It did not need re-humidification. It is a very slow burning cigar with amazing notes towards the second half. Do not be fooled by the light wrapper, the Vegueros is not a mild cigar. For the size its amazing that it gives you more than an hour smoke.

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