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David Dornan

Solo Exhibition - June 16, 2017

David Dornan paints dynamic still life motifs of everyday objects; overturned paint cups, huddled vases and delicate roses are common subjects for the Utah-based artist. His paintings are free of philosophical metaphors or underlying narratives – they are simply snapshots from the artist’s mind, paint splatter and all. Dornan paints objects that are familiar to him, such as exquisite flowers from his own garden or messy paintbrushes from his studio, with the hope that the viewer will respond to their familiarity with personal associations or emotions. One of Dornan’s first still life paintings came from the midst of a mental block. Preparing for his first show and unsure of what to paint, he removed his boots from his feet and decided he would replicate the wrinkled, worn leather in an oil painting. The painting of the artist’s boots sold quickly, not to an affluent art collector but to a man who owned a local boot repair shop. “I had painted those boots straightforward enough that a guy who had repaired boots his entire life actually thought they were beautiful,” recalls Dornan. This act of truly seeing an object that we simply look at everyday is Dornan’s humble invitation to those who encounter his paintings. Dornan’s authentic connection to his subject matter and interest in the history of objects is the basic inspiration for deciding what to paint. His painterly presence is evident throughout his work, pulling the viewer back to reality when they encounter unexpected smears of paint or smudged fingerprints throughout the composition. “Beyond everything, I love the process of painting,” says the artist.

Cover image: Rangerette oil 60x48

“I think my work is most effective when it serves as a springboard for someone else’s emotion.”

Syndicate I oil 32x36

Paint Cones oil 45x40

Pollen oil 50x45

Consequence oil 40x45

Synoptic oil 60x52

Departure oil 60x48

Cream Muffin oil 22x20

Donald oil 45x36

No Thanks Pie oil 52x56

Archives oil 50x45

Acropolis oil 40x45

Arrival oil 50x45

Tare oil 32x36

Best Western oil 52x60

Dust Bowl oil 52x56

Fling oil 52x60

Solo Exhibition

Olio II oil 10x12

Opening Reception Friday June 16, 2017 5 to 7pm __________________________________________ 225 Canyon Road Santa Fe, NM 87501 505.983.1434 800.779.7387

David Dornan 2017 Meyer Gallery exhibition catalogue  

Painter David Dornan's 2017 exhibition of oil paintings. The opening reception for this show will be 5 to 7pm at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe,...

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