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Theodore Jennings is the CEO and award winning outdoor living designer who is a 14 years permanent resident of Japan.

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DEC 6-19, 2013 Web developer wanted.

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Seeking developer with extensive PHP skills for our growing team

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The Small Print By Steve Trautlein


ćć Among those honored were a lantern maker, a researcher of organic electroluminescence and “the developer of Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku.” ćć The youngest recipient was 26-year-old Yan Jun, a Chinese citizen living in Osaka who saved a young Japanese boy from drowning during a typhoon in September.


Miyatake, addressing a group of expats at the Embassy of Japan in Beijing

USELESS GESTURES ćć In response to a series of scandals involving mislabeled food at hotel restaurants, the Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine has urged its members to “change their crustacean-naming conventions.” ćć A plutonium test conducted by the US between July and September drew a letter of rebuke from the mayor of Nagasaki, who said the move was “completely unacceptable.” ćć Officials at McDonald’s issued an apology after managers at one of their restaurants in Western Tokyo posted a notice “refusing entry to homeless people.” ćć The All Japan Chefs Association invited 50 senior citizens in Tokyo to enjoy “a top-class French meal cooked by chefs who work at prestigious hotels”.

THAT TIME OF YEAR ćć The government presented its autumn decorations to 4,193 Japanese people and 49 foreigners for their contributions to society. ćć This being Japan, only 347 of the recipients—or 8.3 percent of the total—were women.



The colors of koyo at Hakone Open Air Museum, by Martin Rousseau.


Percent of Japanese men in their 60s who would remarry their wife, according to an internet survey

“and changes in the number of comments made on the internet.” ćć Officials at Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka will operate a steam locomotive “in the guise of Thomas the Tank Engine” for two months next summer.

FOREIGN DISASTER DAYS ćć In Niigata, a veterinarian and an animal trainer have teamed up to compile a guide “for people who plan to evacuate with their dogs if a major disaster hits.” ćć Officials at the Board of Audit have found that 23 percent of funds earmarked for reconstruction in northeastern Japan have been used for projects not directly related to recovery. ćć Finance ministry officials have announced that, by next October, the government will begin collecting sales tax on e-books and music purchased from overseas websites. ćć TMG officials say they’ll take a cue from London Olympic organizers and adopt a “multi-headed organizational structure” in preparing for the 2020 Games.

AND FINALLY… MILESTONES ćć Researchers at Kinki University have developed a method for manipulating a computer mouse via “a tube held in the mouth.” It’s hoped the breakthrough will help people who have limited use of their hands. ćć Two Japanese chocolatiers were among 12 people to win top honors at the Salon du Chocolat competition, held last month in Paris. ćć A professor at Tottori University has devised a formula that can be used to predict hit songs. It’s based, among other things, on how frequently the tunes are mentioned in the media


Percent of Japanese 60-something women who would remarry their husbands, according to the same survey

ćć According to a survey by food manufacturer Nisshin, nearly half of Japanese housewives cook traditional cuisine more frequently than they did ten years ago. ćć Officials at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are discussing a deal with authorities in Ankara to jointly develop tank engines for the Turkish military. ćć Meanwhile, the Diet passed a bill that allows armed security guards “to be onboard Japanese vessels in waters off Somalia and nearby areas to fight piracy.” ćć Bottom Story of the Week: “Nursing Clothes Manufacturer Lets Interns Bring Their Children to Work” (via Mainichi Japan)


Number of appearances on NHK’s year-end music show made by singer Chiyoko Shimakura, who died of liver cancer last month in Tokyo at age 78



Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist

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m os

et i


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e urg


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Quality of Akai Clinic

Akai Clinic Skincare in Yokohama. The Yokohama clinic offers specialized treatment in the areas of acne, acne scars, and sun damage.Treatments are done after careful counseling, so if you are unsure about treatments, please visit our clinic for a consultation.

DR. HIDEMI AKAI is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an associate professor of the department of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at Tokyo’s Showa University. Dr. Akai trained at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital before amassing over twenty-five years of experience. DR. KEIKO AKAI is also a board-certified plastic surgeon, and a dermatologist. The Akai Medical Clinic offers a range of cosmetic-surgery procedures, laser treatments and skin care, using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques.

• BOTOX & FILLERS: Allergan’s BOTOX, Juvederm, Radiesse etc. • ACNE & ACNE SCARS Plasma, Fractional lasers (eCO2, Affirm), INFINI (fractional RF), iClear (photo dynamic therapy), Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peeling. • LASER HAIR REMOVAL All kinds of lasers available: Alex and Long Pulsed YAG, Diode laser, etc. • TATTOO REMOVAL with Spectra (Q-YAG laser) for any color of tattoo. • CELLULITE, BODY CONTOURING & STRETCH MARKS cVela Smooth and EndyMed body (FDA Approved). • LEG VEIN, BROKEN CAPILLARY Long Pulsed YAG or VenoCare.

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Tel: 045-620-5745 Email: Clinic hours: 11AM~7PM (Tue~Fri) & 10AM~5PM (Sat & Hol)

KNK Bldg 3F 3-5-17, Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 1-min walk from Omotesando stn, A3 exit.

Quadrifoglio 4F 5-14 Kinkocho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama. 1-min walk from Yokohama stn, North East exit.

Other cosmetic procedures available. For fees and detailed information services, please refer to our homepage.

We welcome email and phone inquiries.

Upfront characters




f your little ones (or you yourself) are struggling to remember basic kanji, help is here from toy company Bandai in the form of Mojibakeru. The clever name combines the words for “written character” and “to transform” and that is exactly what these little guys do. Each toy (¥105) is shaped like a single kanji. It also comes with a stick of gum to chomp on while twisting and turning the parts to transform it into the very creature named by that character. The ryu rears its head as a ferocious dragon and the taka spreads its wings to reveal a majestic falcon. The series is not extensive enough to help you ace the JLPT, but they are ideal stocking stuffers for anyone ready to take the step beyond katakana. Available at better toy shops.





eed to cross frankincense and myrrh off your holiday shopping list? Atelier Niki Tiki is offering traditional toys, ornaments and decorations at a pop-up shop in Tokyo Midtown (B1 Galleria, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Tel: 080-6747-1852. www. The Japanese company directly imports traditional toys made by craftsmen in Switzerland and Germany with an attention to detail not found in mass produced plastic gadgets. These goodies are on the shelves of the permanent store on the third floor of Midtown, while the seasonal shop on the B1 level offers decorations including Christmas pyramids, revolving decorations powered by candle heat and hand-made nutcracker figures. There is a selection of Christmas trees and, yes, they even have myrrh-scented incense.

ith no end to the cheap plastic junk that is put on store shelves ahead of the holidays, you may find yourself looking for festive decorations with a more authentic touch. Interior goods maker T-Lab has you covered with hand-carved wooden ornaments. The Hyogo prefecture-based company has set up a special atelier in Indonesia to produce the products that combine the Japanese love for cute characters with traditional Indonesian carving techniques. The adorable polar bears in winter coats (¥998-¥1,155) a carved from light, fast-growing paulownia trees planted as part of a program to prevent soil erosion and deforestation. And in a further effort to protect the environment in the country of production, a portion of the proceeds go World Wide Fund for Nature. Available at Wise Wise Tools at Tokyo Midtown (; 03-5647-8355)





ou can give life lessons this holiday season thanks to a new bilingual book from Masahiro Fujita. Having largely grown up abroad, Hiro, as he is known to his friends, was a world-wise young man on the fast track to a successful career at a global advertising firm in Tokyo. Then in 2010 he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Now 34, he has control over only his facial muscles and left index finger and has lost his voice following a tracheostomy. Yet though it all he has continued to work and has even found time to share his thoughts about life in the book 99% Thank You - Things Even ALS Can’t Take Away (¥1,500) from Poplar Publishing. The brief, one-page entries often read like poetry and cover his stuggles with his health as well as more prosaic advice. “I never carried a bag to the office. The commute is time for observing people,” reads one missive. “More importantly, you don’t stand out if you’re late or want to sneak home early.”




he Finnish design company Golla was started by two brothers in their father’s garage in the '90s and soon their simple, handmade items were being sold at the MoMA gift shop in New York. Now the company takes a more high tech approach with functional cases and covers for smartphones, tablets and laptops—now available in Japan. Their phone wallets (¥1,980-¥2,780) make for good stocking stuffers and can hold a smartphone and have a zippered pocket on the back for coins or keys. There are slots of credit cards and IC commuter passes, so you can keep all your essentials together. Laptop bags (starting at ¥3,480) are durable and the company doesn’t shy away from using bold colors and designs. Available from Yodobashi Camera and other major electronic stores. Metropolis has 10 phone wallets to give away. To apply, email and answer the question "who created the character Moomin?"


f you are doing some holiday shopping for someone special and looking for something that is, well, special, you may want to look into glass jewelry from Sugahara. Japanese craftsmen create handmade glasses and plates at the company’s Chiba workshop. But they also spin off delicate rings (from ¥5,250), necklaces (from ¥10,500) and earrings (from ¥11,500). Most pieces are made from various colors of glass that have been blended, creating unique colors and others have been scraped and polished to create patterns below the surface. And since everything is handmade, you can be sure you are giving a one-of-a kind gift. The company also offers classes on making glass jewelry, so your holiday shopping may lead to a new hobby. Available online from and at Sugahara Aoyama (3-10-18 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku).



The cult of cute rules Japan By Cal Widdall id Yosh

O k az



n emo

B u ru


o-ku S e nt


here’s no perfect translation for yurukyara, the Kumamons and Hikonyans of Japan. The kyara is short for “character,” but the yuru part seems to be designated a different English word by everyone who tries: Weak? Soft? Gentle? None of them really fit. Perhaps the closest word we have is mascot, but suggest that to any Englishspeaking Japanese person and they’ll furrow their brow and inhale sharply, as though trying to suck the word right out of the air to avoid anyone else hearing your misguided attempt. Much like t heir name, t he concept of yurukyara doesn’t really translate to other cultures, this need for all-smiles all the time, for everything to be embodied by happy bears and cats in helmets. Their presence has seeped throughout the fabric of Japanese society and bled into more serious aspects of life where they simply don’t belong, like glitter from a Halloween costume still making an appearance on your work clothes in December. The most recent example of this mascot mania is Ashikawa Prison’s adoption of two six-foot cuddly characters to welcome convicts into incarceration. Human rights campaigners protested that harsh prison conditions were being masked by Katakkuri-chan, whose giant smiling face is topped with a purple flower, but a spokesperson explained their creation was necessary to reinforce the facility’s image as a rehabilitation institution that is connected to, and supported by, society. The underlying message was clear: regardless of any seemingly conflicting role, organizations don’t consider themselves part of modern Japanese society without a yurukyara to represent them. The reason for their saturation of anything and everything, besides bored office workers


a Kum

ra O Waku


u iko-k





am akut sen W


looking for something other than administrative duties to do, seems to be the overwhelming success of regional yurukyara in promoting tourism. The undeniable star of the past few years has been Kumamon, Kumamoto’s rosy-cheeked black bear. The winner of 2011’s Yurukyara Grand Prix and a household name in Japan, his fictitious evil alter ego has even made him into an international meme. Any English language internet search for Kumamon results in a number of pictures of him, arms held aloft in joy as he does things, “For the glory of Satan!” Of course, in real life he spends his time dancing, waving his arms around and getting irrationally excited about things rather than carrying out satanic rituals. It’s unclear what exactly drives his popularity, but his unpredictabilty seems to play more of a part than his rather unremarkable appearance.




Even Kumamon’s trademark “vague” expression—raised eyebrows and mouth slightly agape—looks strangely off. More ak in to shock and confusion, as though he’s gradually developing self-awareness partway through the performance of an embarrassing dance routine. One factor that goes part way to explaining his prevalence is Kumamoto’s relatively lax control of his image rights, which also contributed to a staggering ¥30 billion (USD $305 million) of merchandise sales last year. To put that figure into perspective, it’s $63 million more than Barbie merchandise generated in North America during the same period and equivalent to 0.6% of Kumamoto Prefecture’s entire annual GDP. With this kind of money attainable it’s no surprise every prefecture, city and ward wants their own Kumamon. Even the baff lingly

high ¥5 million spent on producing Nara’s Sento-kun was a pittance compared to the estimated ¥1.5 billion worth of PR his controversy generated. Though yurukyara are often designed by public competition winners, there’s little variation in their composition. The vast majority are a basic anthropomorphic combination of the area’s notable characteristics and a name to match (though choosing a name isn’t always so simple, just ask Fukushima Industries’ Fukuppy). For example, Yubari is famous for Yubari melons and bears, hence Melon-kuma, a partmelon, part-bear, all-terrifying monstrosity which regularly makes children cry and hide behind their parents. A not her mishmash mascot of note is Sento-kun, whose disconcerting appearance combines Nara’s prominent temples and deer to result in a young monk with antlers. Again, children cried, one Buddhist group branded it “insulting” and locals were even more disparaging, claiming that it had committed the utmost of mascot sins: that of not being cute. So repulsed were they by this deformed little boy, the people of Nara sent over 600 of their own designs in an effort to replace him. It’s debatable whether the professional desig ners responsible had an incredible amount of foresight or none at all, but the controversy lifted Sento-kun up by his awkward antlers and placed him at the forefront of national attention. Five years on, he remains one of the most well-known and begrudgingly likeable mascots in Japan. For areas without the extravagance of multiple things to boast about, creating a mascot is often a simple case of adding limbs to their famed product or tourism spot. Kodaira City, producer of blueberries, has a lip-licking blueberry named Burubeh, and an onsen egg called Wakutama-kun represents the hot spring resort of Wakura Onsen. Of course, some places are unfortunate enough to have absolutely nothing of note to brag about in the form of a giant colorful costume. If these places absolutely insist on having a mascot—and they always do—they’re left to either come up with something completely unconnected or actively search for inspiration. Nishi-Kokubunji’s Nishiko-kun, which looks like a giant gray lion pendant on legs, is a perfect illustration of the second route. His creator was walking around Musashi-Kokubunji when he came across an old stone roof with a lion pattern. In classic mascot-creating tradition, he added legs and Nishiko-kun was born. The southern prefecture of Shimane, has taken an admirably honest—and opposite— approach to the process. Often ranked bottom of “Japan’s best prefecture” lists, it bravely decided to make this the prominent feature to promote, riffing on the established rules of yurukyara culture. Yoshida-kun, a scowling boy adopted from the area’s popular anime Eagle Talon, pokes fun at the area’s unpopularity on a number of souvenirs. One cake box proclaims, “At least Shimane has decent cake,” while a pack of chocolate pies sports in big bold characters: “Shimane or Tottori, I’m not really sure which but I went to that area.”

JAPANESE IDOL By Edward Harrison

J Fuzz & Fur: Japan's Costumed Characters by Edward and John Harrison. Mark Batty Publisher, 2011, 144pp. ¥1,800.

apan’s history and religion are steeped in icons and characters. In traditional Shinto belief, spirits or gods exist in everything from animals to nature and even in nonliving objects. Buddhist images such as the red-bibbed jizo statues and the Seven Lucky Gods are commonplace. Even Japanese mythical creatures called yokai appear in 3D form. All these graphic representations of characters can be seen as a precursor to the modern mascot and indicative of why characters are so prevalent in Japan. With the many slick and polished characters used in advertising, anime and computer games; the loose and often awkward yurukyara have a unique charm: their un-sophistication. They often appeal to people who might normally be suspicious of characters’ motives. Yurukyara are undemanding, their naivety makes you feel relaxed and more open to whatever they might be promoting. Here are a few of our own faves.

Takamaru-kun To celebrate its 400th anniversary, Hirosaki Castle created the badass Takamaru-kun. The area was once called Takaoka because of the taka (falcons) that live there, but it was renamed to Hirosaki in 1603. Takamaru-kun is wearing a kabuto (helmet) that combines the shape of the castle and the helmet worn by Tsugaru Tamenobu, the first lord of the area who drafted the design of the fortress.

Unari-kun Narita is well known for its international airport, but it’s also famous for the large number of unagi (eel) restaurants. In the past, the small city had a flourishing locally caught eel trade. Now, however, the busiest airfreight hub in Japan is more likely to have the slippery creatures flown in from either Taiwan or China. Unari-kun is said to be from Unari planet: he flew to earth and searched for the best airport in world. After discovering Narita, he decided to settle there and as way of thanks to the friendly citizens he now promotes the city.

A!kanbe A mascot for Nakatsu castle in Kyushu, A!kanbe might look like a slightly mental upside-down miso bowl but he is, in fact, modeled on a kabuto—specifically, the one worn by Kanbei Kuroda who first started building the stronghold. His expression and name also come from the word akanbe, a childish Japanese gesture. To do it, use one finger to press just below your eye and pull down while sticking out your tongue and making the sound, “Behhhhhhh.”

Funassyi The unofficial mascot of Funabashi, Chiba had humble beginnings. Armed with a homemade costume and plenty of yaruki (motivation) this now international star is more famous (and possibly richer) than his kigurumiclad compatriots. One of the few yurukyara that talks, he squeals and finishes each sentence with, “Nashiiii!” This smarter-thanyour-average pear-shaped prodigy runs, jumps and shakes like a tazered would-be bag-snatcher. He jetted off to London recently, and was also the unfortunate victim of a prank involving the setting off of multiple explosions. His high-pitched voice and strange mannerisms make him a point of ridicule, but at the same time he’s just one of those characters you have to like. —Lisa Wallin



he Yurukyara Grand Prix was started in 2010 as annual competition for people’s favorite characters with the first one receiving just 169 entries and 240,000 votes. In 2011, Kumamon won in a landslide victory over 349 other contenders with 3, 330,000 people voting. In the 2012 competition, over 6.6 million voters chose Ehime’s Imabari city mascot, Bariisan, from 865 entrants. This year’s competition was held on November 24 at the Yurukyara Summit in Saitama and received 17,430,533 votes for 1,580 entrants. Here’s how it all went down:

1. Sanomaru of Tochigi 2. Shissedaimyo Ieyasu-kun of Shizuoka 3. Gunma-chan of Gunma 4. Fukka-chan of Saitama 5. Yoichi-kun of Otawara, Tochigi 6. Ayukoro-chan of Atsugi, Kanagawa 7. Choruru of Yamaguchi 8. Kawarimi Senbei of Fukuoka 9. Shippei of Iwata, Shizuoka 10. Shimanekko of Shimane (pictured, right)





Japan’s evolving love affair with Plastikman By Dan Grunebaum


etropolis tracked down pivotal Canadian DJ and producer Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman to hear about his evolving relationship with Shibuya superclub Womb’s annual big room extravaganza and get his take on the state of electronic dance music two decades after he emerged from the Detroit techno scene. How did you first become involved with Womb Adventure? I’ve been very close to the Womb gang for many years now. Six years ago they started to talk about doing a larger event, and all of Womb’s international DJ partners encouraged them as we’ve always felt there was a place for a special one-off event for techno and house in the Tokyo area. Of course there are and have been other large-scale electronic music parties in Japan, but Womb, with so many direct contacts to the international DJ community, was in a great position to offer a new type of lineup, and therefore a new type of event. How has the relationship evolved? My relationship with Womb has come full circle, starting as a business partnership when they first booked me as a DJ, then developing into a close-knit friendship with some of the core Womb team, and now again, uniting that friendship with unified business and creative ideas to bring my own special shows to Womb Adventure (ie. Contakt, Plastikman Live, Enter, etc). What have been some of the high points so far? Hahahah... they are nearly all highlights! Of course, presenting Plastikman Live at Womb Adventure was an absolute killer experience, but the most heartfelt gig was just after the tsunami when we came to do a Minus Hearts Japan benefit gig. We all wore our hearts on our chests and played music together bringing help, happiness and warmth to our Japanese fans. Tell us about your plans for this year’s Womb Adventure and the development of your Enter showcase. The Enter events are a marriage of high technology production values and the best possible DJs and music

JAPAN ACTUALLY SEEMS TO BE SOMEWHAT RESILIENT TO THE MORE COMMERCIAL FORMS OF EDM.” that electronic music has to offer. This year we’ll be combining favorite performers—like myself, Gaiser and Josh Wink—with some of the most interesting up-andcomers, including Recondite and Bella Sarris. Along with the performers, I’ll be bringing my entire audio, visual and lighting team in order to create the perfect synchronization between all the elements you need for a great experience. When we first spoke a decade ago, you were experimenting with virtual DJ gear. Tell us about your continuing relationship with technology. A decade ago I was one of two people touring the world with virtual DJ technology (i.e. the ability to play and mix digital music files). Now there’s hundreds of thousands


of people adding to the tradition of DJing and mixing music together. Today it’s common for a DJ to mix with turntables, CD players and digital controllers separately, or even in combination. The past ten years have been a truly exciting revolution, and to be part of that from the beginning has been one of the most satisfying parts of my career—to really see and be part of a technological revolution that has changed the way we play and even listen to music. Electronic music is being repackaged as EDM. How does this look to you as an early exponent? There’s always been a form of more commercial or popular electronic music. The music that I create, produce and play has maintained a certain position within the greater world of electronic music—a position that has allowed it to flow freely in creativity and continue to develop. The more visible commercial level has always been there, it’s a product of what we do... and whether they call it new beat, trance or now EDM, that component will always be there. You are a frequent visitor to Japan. What is your perception of the current club scene in Japan relative to the world? Japan actually seems to be somewhat resilient to the more commercial forms of EDM, which is exciting. The scene in Japan seems to be slowly moving towards a more “unique” sound of electronic music rather than a more homogenized EDM sound. That’s great! Why do you think music came to be? Music exists for many reasons: for transmitting messages, emotions and creating and sustaining memories. Tell us one thing we don’t know about Richie Hawtin that will help people understand what drives you to be a DJ and electronic music producer. Swimming allows me to continue to have the focus for renewed evolution.

Makuhari Messe, Dec 14. See concert listings (popular) for details.



A photographic legend exposed at MoMAT By C.B. Liddell


t’s hard to say what makes a great photographer, but it’s easy to see. A visit to the “Josef Koudelka Retrospective” at the Museum of Modern Art Tokyo will instantly demonstrate this. Based on a 2002 exhibition held in the photog raphe r ’s n at ive C ze c h Republ ic , t he show covers Koudelka’s work from his early days in Communist Czechoslovakia to the infamous 1968 Prague


Spring—when troops from the Soviet Union crushed a popular uprising—and then beyond to the work the photographer did in exile in the West. Since it follows his life story, the emotional highpoints of the exhibition are the shots he took of demonstrations and military action on the streets of Prague. This was the Tiananmen Square of its day and like that event it created many iconic

Josef Koudelka, FRANCE. Hauts-de-Seine. Parc de Sceaux. 1987.


XMAS 360

BIOSHOCK INFINITE Alternate history in a city in the sky

Gifts for the gamer on your list By Adam Bolton



hile the Xbox One and PS4 have been released in most regions, Japan has to wait until the first quarter of 2014 until the next generation consoles come this way. Not to worry, Metropolis chooses some solid stocking stuffer contenders available in Tokyo stores now.

ASSASSIN’S CREED 4: BLACK FLAG All the piracy without the scurvy

THE WOLF AMONG US Warping childhood Disney memories

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbo x One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, PC © 2013 UBISOFT ENTERTAINMENT

moments—such as the shot of two young demonstrators walking down a battle-scarred street, jointly holding a Czech flag aloft. Although this is the poignant centre of the exhibition, with photographs that capture the drama and emotion of the times, these works are less expressive of Koudelka’s true artistry. This is much more evident in his early works, where he sets figures in ominous looking landscapes and uses strong monochrome contrasts. These images have a feeling of alienation and evoke a sense of the contradictions of the 20th century. Poland 1958 shows a tangle of rusty barbed wire emerging from a beach, with the legs of child playing nearby. This contrasts the war and violence that had raged there within recent memory with the innocent pleasures of the would-be “Workers Paradise” that nevertheless had

Based on Fables, the comic book series written by Bill Willingham, and developed by Telltale Games, the studio responsible for the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead games, comes a gritty, fairy tale murder mystery. Step into the well-worn shoes of Bigby Wolf (a now reformed Big Bad Wolf) the misunderstood sheriff of Fabletown, a secretive district of Manhattan that has become the home of many characters of fairy tale lore, as he investigates the grizzly murder of one of its inhabitants. This is interactive story telling at its finest, offering a fresh spin on the relationships and dynamics of iconic characters in a way you’ve never seen them before. Once again, the familiar gameplay mechanic from The Walking Dead games makes an appearance, and much like it, The Wolf Among Us is an episodic offering where choices and moral dilemmas make a continuing impact on the story and the relationships of its characters. Though not particularly heavy on puzzles, this game tests your reflexes and yanks brutally at your emotions with its many turns and twists of the plot. A much shorter game due to its episodic style, expect the following episode to be released some time at the end of this year.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, iOS

to rely on totalitarian methods to maintain power. His fascination with contrasts fed into his most experimental work: The photos he took connected to the theatre. These include arty designs using extreme contrast, as well as grainy shots of avant-garde plays. More fascinating is his “Gypsies” series. In the EU, the movements of the Roma people from Bulgaria and Romania are now big news, so it is interesting to see Koudalka’s intimate take on this mysterious race of Indian-descended people, who have long played the role of awkward outsider in European history. In the shots, taken mainly from 1962 to 1970, Koudelka seems to have established a real rapport with them. His shots convey their humanity, sense of community and even flashes of humour, but there is also plenty of squalor and a wizened toughness about his subjects that could easily have an uglier face with a less


Partly set during the 1700s, play as the fame-hungry aspiring pirate and dashing rogue Edward Kennway as he crosses swords with the British and Spanish naval forces alongside legendary real life historical characters such as Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold and Charles Vane. Offering a classic mix of all-out close combat, athletic free-running and stealth, those familiar with the previous titles will also be happy to see a far more open, sand-box environment set in the Caribbean, visiting such locales as Havana, Kingston and the Bahamas, where you are free to plunder ships, loot wrecks with the use of the diving-bell and take part in thrilling naval battles as the captain of your own pirate ship, the Jackdaw. The fourth game in the epic tale also brings back many of the puzzles to decipher, unlocking further information on the Templar conspiracy, and collectables to find through the treasure map mechanic of the third game. And if that isn’t enough, there is also a rather solid multi-player mode to satisfy those with a competitive, if somewhat murderous, streak.

Set in an alternate 1912 during the “American Exceptionalism,” travel to Columbia, a prosperous yet surreal city perched in the clouds, as Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton agent sent to retrieve an imprisoned girl by the name of Elizabeth, to pay back old gambling debts. As straightforward as this may sound, things never go so smoothly. The true ugliness of the times rears its head on occasion, as themes of inequality, racism and the hard line between the wealthy industrialists and the impoverished working class set the scene for revolution amongst the people. Offering a rich, compelling storyline, its subtle mix of first-person gun play, exploration and plot-twists will leave you slack-jawed—this is one experience for veteran gamers that’s impossible to pass up. With a list of fascinating characters that guide the story along and deeply emotional revelations, expect an experience that never quite lets up and delivers wave after wave of adventure and unforgettable storytelling. The first storyline-based downloadable content, Burial At Sea, is also currently available to purchase online, offering players the chance to revisit the iconic underwater city of the first two games, Rapture, with two extra hours of gameplay, updated enemies and new tools to dispatch them. To fully enjoy the additional content, complete the main game first, as the DLC contains major storyline spoilers.

OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Batman: Arkham Origins. PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U 2. Call of Duty: Ghosts. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U 3. Injustice: Gods Among Us. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U 4. Battlefield 4. PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One 5. Need For Speed Rivals. .PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

sympathetic photographer. The Gypsies are perpetual exiles, and after the crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968, so was Josef Koudelka—living first in the UK and then France—but Koudelka also felt that modern man was a kind of “exile,” living a life alienated from natural reality. The section “Exiles” (1970-1994) elevates his personal experience to that of a universal statement. The photographs show odd scenes and snippets of reality—a confused child, a dog in the snow, men pissing in an alley, a watch on a hand—all poetically evocative of a world that doesn’t quite fit humanity but that remains beautiful nonetheless. Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, until January 13. See exhibition listings (Ginza/Kyobashi/Tokyo) for details.


Agenda Listings

Submit your event at



Recently reunited funlovin' punkrockers. Dec 20, 7pm, ¥4,000-4,500 (adv) +1d. Zepp Diver City. Nearest stn: Daiba. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

Ritmo Solar vol.3

Tex & Sun Flower Seed, Caribbean Dandy and others. Dec 20, 7pm, ¥3,000 (adv)/ ¥3,500 (door) +1d. Eggman. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www. COURTESY OF LAFORET

Open Reel Ensemble

Harajuku Performance + Dommune 2013 In eight years, trendy Harajuku department store Laforet’s Performance + has become one of Tokyo’s better showcases of cutting-edge music and performance art. This year, Laforet teams up with Dommune, the streaming club and promotion outfit run by digital wunderkind Naohiro Ukawa, for a look at the current state of Japanese electronic music and alternative rap. The first day’s program, “New Sound Generation,” presents the careful electronic glitch-pop of Shuta Hatsunuma and the retro-techno inventions of Open Reel Ensemble. The second day, “Nihongo Rap,” raises the bar for foreign listeners with offerings including the likes of tongue-in-cheek girl-rap duos, DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan, and Dec 21, 7pm; Dec 22, 6pm, ¥3,500 (adv)/ ¥4,000 (door). Laforet Museum. Nearest stn: Meiji-jingumae. harajuku2013

Dreams Come True

J-pop band with Fuzzy Control. Dec 20, 6:30pm, ¥5,980-6,980 (adv) +1d. Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. www.


Teeny bop trio that fuses idol music with metal. Dec 21, 4pm, ¥5,800 (adv). Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 0570-084-003. www.

Shonen Knife

All-female pop-punk veterans. Dec 21, 6pm, ¥3,000 (adv) +1d. Fever. Nearest stn: Shindaita. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

Music for All, All for One

Concerts POPULAR Namie Amuro

Okinawa pop queen. Dec 7, 6pm; Dec 8, 5pm, ¥8,500 (adv). Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Meiji-Jingumae. http://

Geki Rock X The Bonez Rock, hip-hop and electrofusion. Dec 7, 6pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-8750. www.

Artism Festa

Underground and goth-rock. Dec 7-8, 3:30pm, ¥3,000 (adv)/ ¥3,500 (door) +1d. Live Inn Rosa. Tel: 03-5956-3463.


Up-and-coming Osakan industrial metallers. Dec 8, 6pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1d. O-East. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3499-6669. www.

Country Yard

Punk rock band with After Tonight, Northern 19 and others. Dec 8, 1pm, ¥2,800 (adv) +1d. Yokohama Bay Hall. Nearest stn: MotomachiChukagai. Tel: 045-624-3900.

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Angry, emotional and energetic ensemble. Dec 11 &13-14, 7:30pm, ¥8,000 (adv) +1d. Ex Theater Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi or Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3444-6751.


J-pop idol quintet. Dec 12-14, 6pm; Dec 15, 6pm, ¥8,500 (adv). Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 0180-993-773. www.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

Electro-metalcore. Kobe kids tear up the dance floor, eardrums and more. Dec 13, 7pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1d. Zepp Diver City. Nearest stn: Daiba. Tel: 03-3499-6669. www.

The Birthday

Garage and punk rock. Dec 13, 7pm, ¥4,500 (adv) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-8750.


Band Night for TELL Vol. 3 Tokyo indie bands and artists raise funds and awareness for Tokyo English Life Line. Dec 13, 7pm, free (donations welcome). The Juke Joint. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6427-2528.

Womb Adventure

Charity event feat. Chris Hart, Vamps, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and others. Dec 21-23, 4pm, ¥7,800 (adv). Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Meiji-Jingumae. www.

Hikashu Christmas Daisakusen

Electro. DJs Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, etc. Dec 14, 9pm, ¥7,000. Makuhari Messe, Chiba. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. http://

Avant-pop ensemble and guests. Until-Dec 23. 6pm, ¥4,000 (adv) +1d. Unit. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.


The Cherry Cokes

New rave rock from Brazil. Dec 14, 7pm, ¥6,000 (adv) +1d. Ex Theater Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi or Nogizaka.

The Watanabes

Indie pop rockers' video release party and full 2-hour show. Dec 14, 8pm, free. What the Dickens. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-3780-2099.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Tofubeats and more. Dec 23, 2pm, ¥4,900 (adv) +1d. Ex Theater Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi or Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3405-9999. www. Pop princess trio. Dec 24-25, 6pm, ¥6,500 (adv). Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-57209999. J-rock band famed for multiple anime theme songs. Dec 25-26, 6:30pm, ¥6,300 (adv). Nippon Budokan. Nearest stn: Kudanshita.

Husking Bee, Asparagus and more. Dec 17, 7:15pm, ¥3,000 (adv) +1d. Fever. Nearest stn: Shindaita. Tel: 03-3444-6751.

Zazen Boys Matsuri Session

The Wanted

The Tigers

K-pop heartthrobs. Dec 19-20, 6pm; Dec 21, 4pm, ¥9,500 (adv). Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 050-5533-0888. www.

Eli "Paperboy" Reed

Juke joint rocker. Dec 19, 7:30pm, ¥3,969 (adv) +1d. Fever. Nearest stn: Shindaita. Tel: 03-6304-7899. www.

Blue Encount

Melodic J-rock. Dec 19, 7pm, ¥2,500 (adv) +1d. O-West. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Alt-rock. Dec 26, 7pm, ¥3,800 (adv). Shibuya-AX. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 050-5533-0888. 1960s J-pop makes a comeback. Dec 27, 6:30pm, ¥8,000 (adv). Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-5800-9999. www.

Countdown Japan 13/14

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Puffy, MUCC and others. Dec 28-30, 1pm; Dec 31, 3pm, ¥9,50010,500 (1 day)/ ¥18,00019,000 (2 days)/ ¥24,00025,000 (3 days)/ ¥29,500 (4 days). Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari.


Old school rock'n'roll guitarist with guests. Dec 28, 7pm; Dec 29, 6pm, ¥6,800 (adv). Ex Theater Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi or Nogizaka.

042-775-3811. www.hall-net.

Alti Quartet & Paul Meyer

Chamber music by Mozart and Brahms. Dec 11, 7pm, ¥4,800. Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Tel: 03-5803-1100.

Alternative J-rock. Dec 30, 7pm, ¥3,900 (adv)/ ¥5,000 +1d. Zepp Tokyo. Nearest stn: Aomi. Tel: 03-3499-6669. www.

Los Lonely Boys

Krystian Zimerman

American Chicano rock trio. Dec 30, 7:30pm, ¥6,500 (adv) +1d. Liquidroom. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

Crazy Ken Band

Melody makin' sound machines. Dec 31, 10pm, ¥6,300 (adv) +1d. Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka.


Redboo & The La Freak Crew, Boom Boom Satellites and more. Jan 4, 1pm, ¥9,00022,000 (adv) +1d. Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari.

JAZZ/WORLD Traditional+

Bamboo wind instrument shakuhachi virtuoso Dozan Fujiwara performs and discusses the history, present and future of this traditional piece. Dec 8, 4pm, ¥500-1,000. Spiral Hall. Nearest stn: Omotesando. http://meturl. com/shakuhach2013

Roberta Flack

Septet combines jazz standards with original compositions. Dec 12, 7:30pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +tax. Tokyo Club Meguro. B1, Chougin Meguro Ekimae Mansion Bldg., 2-18-20 Osaki. Nearest stn: Meguro.

Simon Cosgrove

feat Andrew Dickeson and Ryuichi Yamamura. Dec 20, 7:40pm, ¥3,000. Boozy Muse Okubo. B1 Kokoro, 1-8-20 Kita-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Shin-Okubo. www.

Kuricorder no Christmas

Recorder group plays "Little Drummer Boy" and other holiday classics. Dec 21, 4pm, ¥3,500 (adv). Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Tel: 03-5803-1111.


Instrumental folk-funk. Dec 21, 7pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1d. Liquidroom. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-464-0800. www.


Acid jazz unit from the UK. Dec 25, 6:30 & 9:30pm; Dec 26-27, 6 & 9pm, ¥8,400 (adv). Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando.


Performed by Bach Collegium Japan and conducted by Masaaki Suzuki. Dec 7, 4pm, ¥3,000-8,000. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi.

Alti Quartet & Paul Meyer

Chamber music by Beethoven and Brahms. Dec 8, 3pm, ¥2,000-6,000. Mori no Hall. Nearest stn: Hashimoto. Tel:

New Year's Eve Concert

Akira Miyagawa with The New Japan Philharmonic. Dec 31, 10pm, ¥4,000-6,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho.


Tchaikovsky Serenade

Overture in C Minor and other works, with a post-performance champagne reception. Dec 11, 7pm, ¥5,500 (group)/ ¥6,000 (single). Oji Hall. Nearest stn: Ginza. Tel:

Pay Money to My Pain

Tokyo Jazz Seven


Big Bang

Funky J-pop trio. Dec 29, 6pm, ¥4,200-4,800 (adv). Zepp Tokyo. Nearest stn: Aomi.

Unborde Xmas Party

Organic Groove

English-Irish boy band. Dec 18, 7pm, ¥6,000 (adv) +1d. Studio Coast. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Drunk Irish folk-punk septet. Dec 23, 5:30pm, ¥2,999 (adv) +1d. Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka. Tel: 03-34446751.


New Peace

Melodic J-rock quartet from Aichi. Dec 29, 7:30pm, ¥3,500 (adv) +1d. Liquidroom. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 050-5533-0888.

Classy and urbane soul singer from North Carolina. Dec 11-12, 7 & 9:30pm; Dec 14-15, 5 & 8pm, ¥13,000 (adv). Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-5485-0088. www.bluenote.

Groovy masters of funk. Dec 15, 7pm, ¥2,000 (adv)/ ¥2,500 (door) +1d. ACB Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Seibu-Shinjuku. Tel: 03-32050901. Antibalas, Albatrus and others. Dec 15, 5pm, ¥6,500 (adv) +1d. Unit. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.



Beethoven's last three sonatas. Dec 12, 7pm, ¥6,000-15,000. Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 045-682-2020.

The New York Harlem Singers

Jazz and R&B fusion octet takes on modern holiday classics "Winter Wonderland", "Jingle Bell Rock" and more. Dec 14, 2pm, ¥2,00-3,500 (adv). Meguro Persimmon Hall. Nearest stn: Toritsudaigaku. Tel: 03-5701-2904.

For Scotland

Traditional and contemporary ballads, songs and poems. Dec 15, 2pm, ¥2,000 (students)/ ¥4,000 (members)/ ¥5,000 (gen). Sengawa Avenue Hall. Nearest stn: Sengawa. Tel: www. japan-scotland,jp

DEC 18, 6PM Austrian Christmas Concert

New York-based Austrian singer and songwriter Elisabeth Lohninger arranges and performs Christmas songs from all over the world, including Japan. Wednesday, Dec 18, 6pm, free. Takanawa City Center, Takanawa Community Plaza, 1-16-25 Takanawa Minato-ku. elisabeth_lohninger.html

Celtic Christmas

Irish accordionist. Dec 7, 5:30pm, ¥4,000-6,500. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho. www.plankton.

Christmas Gospel Concert

Vo. Midori Karasima. Dec 15, 6pm, ¥5,000-7,500. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho.

Large gala event with singing Christmas tree, dancing and more. Until Dec 8. various times, free. Tokyo Baptist Church. 9-2 Hachiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.

Sergey Schepkin

Kiriku Handbell Ensemble

Winter Picture Book

American pianist. Dec 16, 7pm, ¥3,000-5,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho.

Rafal Blechacz

Polish classical pianist plays works by Beethoven, Chopin and more. Dec 17, 7pm, ¥2,0005,000. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi. Tel: 0570-064-939.

Vienna Glass Harmonica Duo

Schubert, Mozart and more. Dec 21, 4pm, ¥2,000-11,000. Kioi Hall. Nearest stn: Yotsuya. Tel: 03-5276-4500. www.

Twilight Special

Organist Mineko Kojima & Lutenist Akiko Sato. Dec 21, 5pm, free. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi.

Daimaru Charity Concert

Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra performs works by Beethoven. Dec 22, 2pm, ¥1,000-6,000. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-5391-2111. www.geigeki. jp/english

Beethoven's 9th Symphony Concert

Led by Philipp von Steinaecker feat. The New Japan Philharmonic. Dec 23, 2pm, ¥5,000-9,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho.

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie

Pieces from Beethoven's opera, Fidelio. Nov 28, 7pm; Nov 30, 3pm, ¥10,000-28,000. Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 045-682-2020.

Beethoven's 9th Symphony

featuring the Ukraine National Opera Orchesta. Dec 29, 2pm; Dec 30, 1pm, ¥7,000-10,000. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Hatsudai or Shinjuku. Tel: 050-3776-6178.

One of the most well-known contemporary handbell groups in the world. Dec 13, 12:10pm, ¥1,000. Saitama Arts Theater. Nearest stn: Yonohonmachi.

Mariko Senju and Suk Chamber Orchestra Christmas Concert

"Ave Maria," "Joy of Love" and other works. Dec 14, 1:30pm, ¥4,000-7,000. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Hatsudai or Shinjuku. Tel: 03-5353-9999.

Ave Maria in Christmas

The St. Petersburg Chamber Ensemble Divertissement.Dec 8 & 22, 11:30am; Dec 10-11, 7pm; Dec 23, 3pm, ¥4,500 (adv). Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Hatsudai or Shinjuku. Tel: 050-3776-6184.

Christmas Sounds from Ireland Traditional Irish dance and classic holiday songs. Dec 8, 6pm, ¥4,500. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Hatsudai or Shinjuku. Tel: 050-3776-6184. www.

Boni Pueri Christmas

"Silent Night," "Hallelujah" etc. Dec 11, 6:30pm, ¥5,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. concert/concert_2013/c04

The New York Harlem Singers

Jazz and R&B fusion octet takes on modern holiday classics "Winter Wonderland", "Jingle Bell Rock" and more. Dec 12, 6:30pm, ¥4,000 (adv). Machida Public Hall. Tel: 042-728-4300.

Christmas Gospel

The Glory Gospel Singers. Dec 17, 7pm, ¥5,000-6,500. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho.

Christmas Family Concert Seasonal pieces by Iveson, Handel and others. Dec 21, 2pm, ¥1,000-2,000 (adv). Mori no Hall. Nearest stn:




Drama, songs and more. Dec 15, 11am & 2 & 5pm, free (adv). Belle Salle Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. http:// christmas

Christmas Sounds from Hawaii

Napua Greig sings Hawaiian holiday tunes. Dec 23, 1:30 & 5:30pm, ¥5,500. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Shinjuku-ku. Nearest Station: Hatsudai, Shinjuku. Tel: 050-3776-6184.

Shinji Tanimura's Christmas Dinner Show

Gourmet dinner accompanied by a top-notch performance. Until-Dec 24. 6pm, ¥4,5000 (adv). Imperial Hotel. Nearest stn: Hibiya. Tel: 03-3504-1111.

Christmas Special Classics The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo performs "Ave Maria" and other songs. Dec 24, 6:30pm, ¥6,000-10,000. Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 050-3776-6184. www.

Saori Yuki's Christmas Dinner Show

Extravagant Christmas feast followed by a stellar performance by a veteran singer. Dec 25, 6:30pm, ¥42,000 (adv). Imperial Hotel. Nearest stn: Hibiya. Tel: 03-3504-1111.

Vistlip: Merry Bell

Visual-kei Christmas concert. Dec 25, 7pm, ¥4,500 (adv) +1d. Studio Coast. Nearest stn:

Ganesh Versus the Third Reich

Australian Back to Back Theatre presents a story rich with imagery and mythology. English with Japanese subtitles. Dec 6, 7pm; Dec 7, 3pm; Dec 8, 2pm, ¥4,500 (adv)/ ¥5,000 (door). Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-5391-2111.

Night Must Fall

Tale of suspense, dark romance and unexpected humor. ; Dec 6, 7pm; Dec 7, 1 & 7pm; Dec 8, 3pm, ¥2,500 (students)/ ¥4,000 (adv)/ ¥4,500 (door). Theater Bonbon, Nakano. Nearest stn: Nakano.

Les Contes d'Hoffmann

Opera fantastique by Jacques Offenbach. ; Dec 7 & Dec 10, 2pm, ¥1,500-21,000. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5352-9999. www.nntt.jac.


Teatro Regio Torino performs Puccini's Tosca. Dec 8, 3pm, ¥10,000-41,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-5774-3040. www.japanarts.

Tokyo Heterotopia

Visitors follow a recorded narrative while visiting various public spaces, forming a story in each area. Until Dec 8, Noon-7pm, every hour, ¥1,0003,500 (adv)/ ¥1,000-4,000 (door). various venues. www.


Dance to the Future: Second Steps

The NBJ Choreographic Group performs contemporary ballet. Dec 7-8, 2pm, ¥3,150-5,250. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5352-9999. www.nntt.jac.

Heels & Kesu Kesu

Unciauncia performs a special version of their acclaimed production, with special guest singer Arisa Kawagoe. Dec 7, 6:30pm, ¥2,000 (incl 1d). Studio and Space IVVA. Nearest stn: Meiji-jingumae or Harajuku. http://studioandspaceivva. com

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Irish music and dance show. Dec 7, 2pm, ¥4,500-7,500. Green Hall. Nearest stn: Sagami-Ono. Tel: 050-37766184.

Sheet metal work


Collaboration of prominent Israeli group Theater Clipa and Japanese butoh dancer Taketeru Kudo. Dec 11-14, 7:30pm; Dec 15, 5pm, ¥2,500 (adv)/ ¥3,000 (door). Gallery Yuudo. Shimo-ochiai, Shinjuku-ku. Nearest stn: Mejiro. tokyoguienkan@ http:// blog.yu-do.

Rabid Romantic Rhapsody

Troupe of 15 college dancers choreographed by Akiyo Fukami. Dec 12-13, 1 & 7pm, ¥3,000-3,300 (adv)/ ¥3,500-3,800 (door). Asahi Art Square. Nearest stn: Asakusa. Tel: 090-91185171. akiyogeneration


Restoration Hiroo High School



Meiji-dori Komazawa-dori

feat. The Bohemians. Dec 24, 7pm, ¥3,000 (adv) +1d. Loft. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. www.



Bring car to dealer

Car Accident



Happy Endless X'mas

Shin-Kiba. www.creativeman.

Re-interpretation of Japanese traditional taiko performances. Dec 20, 7pm; Dec 21-23, 2pm, ¥3,000-7,000. Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Tel: ticket@



Laura Fygi & Band present a holiday dinner and show to remember. Dress code: something red. Until Dec 22, various times, ¥19,000-21,500 (adv, incl dinner). Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Mystery


Merry Xmas Darling

Taiko performance, the second work directed by artistic director Tamasaburo Bando. Dec 18, KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Yokohama 6:30pm, Nearest stn: Nihon Odori or Kannai. Dec 20-23, Bunkyo Civic Hall, Tokyo. S-seats ¥7,000, A-seats ¥5,000, Students ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Korakuen or Kasuga. Tel: 0259-86-3630. http://www.



Multi-talented jazz musician influenced by modern pop music. Dec 22-23, 5:30 & 8:30pm; Dec 24, 6:30 & 9:30pm, ¥8,400. Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.bluenote.

Kodo One Earth Tour 2013: Mystery

ee air F Rep % off 20


Christmas Evening with Till Brönner

DEC 18, 20-23

Isango Ensemble's perspective of one of the world's most popular operas. Dec 19, 6:30pm; Dec 20, 2pm; Dec 21, 2 & 6:30pm; Dec 22, 2pm, ¥1,000-8,400. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 0570-010-296. www.


La Bohème


Ave Maria in Christmas

Hashimoto. Tel: 042-7429999. www.hall-net.


Drums and Voices

A collaboration between twelve performers of traditional music from seven different ASEAN countries. Dec 18, 7pm, ¥5,000. Bunkamura Orchard Hall. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-9999.

The St. Petersburg Chamber Ensemble Divertissement plays works by Bach, Mozart and others. Dec 21, 11:30am & 3pm, ¥4,500 (adv). Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 045-4535080.


A Timeless Christmas


Jonathan Swift’s 1726 novel Gulliver’s Travels is reimagined as a dreamy theater piece by French company Skappa & associés. Lying on the ground, an actor casts his shadow on a large screen, in macroscopic size. On his shadow a town takes shape, and then is bent out of shape. Taking as its cue the fantastical scale of Gulliver in relation to the Lilliputians, Swift!, in the hands of Skappa founders Isabelle Hervouët and Paolo Cardona, is a captivating reinvention of a classic that speaks at different levels to adults and children. Dec 13, 7pm; Dec 14-15 2pm. ¥1,500-3,000. Owlspot Theater. 4-5-2 Higashi-Ikebukuro. Nearest stn: Higashi-Ikebukuro.




Urban dance combined with burlesque and slapstick comedy. Dec 13, 7pm; Dec 15, 2pm, ¥1,000-4,500. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-5391-2111. www.geigeki. jp/english

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Don Quichotte du Trocadéro


Post-Fukushima fable by Toshiki Okada. Japanese with English subtitles. Until Dec 8, various times, ¥4,000 (adv)/ ¥4,500 (door). Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-5391-2111.


Current Location

Ebisu stn

JR Yamanote line

TOKYO DROP OFF Hiroo View Hills 1F, 3-1-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6419-7321. Fax: 03-3797-7321. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

YOKOHAMA HQ AND FACTORY 4460, Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Tel: 045-939-0299 Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm Sun-Hols 11am-3pm #1028 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 11

Agenda Listings The Kabuki

The Tokyo Ballet performs the tale of 47 Ronin. Dec 14, 3pm; Dec 15, 3pm, ¥2,00010,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: www.nbs.

Traditional Performing Arts × Street Dance

High school street dance performers collaborate with tsugaru shamisen artist Hiromitsu Agatsuma and dance group Dazzle. Dec 14, 1 & 4pm, ¥2,000-3,000. Nippori Sunny Hall, 5-50-5 Higashi-nippori. Nearest stn: Nippori. http:// traditionstreet2013

The Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas ballet. Dec 17-20, 7pm; Dec 21, 2 & 7pm; Dec 22-23, 2pm, ¥3,150-12,600. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. www.

The Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas ballet Dec 22-23, 2pm, ¥5,00013,000. Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 050-37766184.

The Nutcracker

Submit your event at

10pm, (m)¥3,000 w/1d, (f)¥2,000 w/2d. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban or Roppongi. Tel: 03-6230-0343. www.


Sterne. Techno: DJs Masomenos, Ishino, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039.


The Wonderland. Trance: DJs Paul Oakenfold, Protoculture, etc. From 11pm, ¥4,000. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Groundrhythm. House, techno: DJs Kaoru Inoue, Timo, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.air-tokyo. com

Double Tokyo

Ring 22nd Anniversary. From 11pm, ¥4,000 (adv). Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-6434-5544.

Sound Museum Vision

Edm Vision. Edm: DJs Spankers, Hello Kitty, etc. From 11pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Charity Christmas performance by the NBA Ballet Company. Dec 25, 3pm, ¥500-1,000. Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Tel: 03-5803-1100.

The New Matrix Bar

La Bayadère

The Room

Performed by the Kiev Ballet. Dec 26, 6:30pm; Dec 27, 6:30pm, ¥5,000-13,000. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 050-37766184.

New Year Special Ballet

Compilation of works performed by the Kiev Ballet. Jan 2, 2pm; Jan 3, 2pm, ¥5,000-13,000. U-Port Hall. Nearest stn: Osaki-Hirokoji. Tel: 050-3776-6184. www.

Clubbing FRIDAY 6 Ageha

Agepa. All mix DJs U5, Shintaro, etc: Live: Cream. From 11pm, (m)¥2,500, (f) free. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


A1. House, techno: DJ Levon Vincent and more. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Double A Side. All mix: DJs Sgr, Nk, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Sound Museum Vision

Classics. Hip-hop: DJs Jazzy Jeff, Muro, etc. From 10pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

Breakthrough. Hip-hop: DJs Jin, Ladi Dadi, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Back Channel. House, hip-hop: DJs Kenny Dope, Kensei, etc. From 10pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.


Music Sauce. DJs Cge, Paipai, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-5778-4777. www.


Fantastic. Hip-hop: DJs Hokuto, Kekke, etc. From


Saturday Night Fever. Hip-hop, R&B, reggae: DJ Ykk and more. From 6pm, ¥1,000 (after 10pm). Nearest stn: Roppongi. www. Spunky. Crossover, jazz: DJs Matsuoka, Niche, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Grand Slam. Hip-hop DJs Nuckey, Kekke, etc: Live: Marin. From 10pm, (m)¥3,000 w/1d, (f)¥2,000 w/2d. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban or Roppongi. Tel: 03-6230-0343. www.


Fabric London. Techno,house DJs Craig Richards, Seth Troxler, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039. www.

FRIDAY 13 Ageha

Scream. Edm: DJs Marc Panther, Mitomi, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. www.


David Morales. House: DJ David Morales and more. From 10pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Goodweather. Bass music, dancehall: DJs Logan Sama, Mal, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Ruby Room

No Style. DJs Kurihara, Kubota, etc. From 11pm, free. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Sound Museum Vision

Edm Music Festival. Edm: DJs Dave Aude, Daishi Dance, etc. From 11pm, (m)¥3,500, (f)¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

Sound Sanctuary. Jazz, crossover: DJ Shuya Okino(Kyoto Jazz Massive). From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Mad Professor. Dub DJs Mad Professor, Shimoda, etc Live: Dry & Heavy. From 11pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Daikanyama. www.unit-tokyo. com


New York Dance Music Premier. House: DJs Nozaki, Morita, etc. From 7pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-57784777.


Rhythmholic. House: DJs Cesare vs Disorder, Eita, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-54590039.


Harajuku Now. DJs Nakata, Kyoko, etc. Dec 14, from 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Mass Ddr. Techno: DJs Ddr, Kn, etc. Dec 14, from 10pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Sound Museum Vision

Big Groove. Hip-hop, electro DJs Daruma, Habanero Posse, etc: Live: A$ap Fergand more. Dec 14, from 11pm, (m)¥3,500, (f)¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

Black Edition. Cosmic crossover: DJs Sato, Nishida, etc. Dec 14, from 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Moshiwake Night. Hard core j-pop: DJs Okite Porshe, Gee, etc. Dec 14, from 11pm, ¥3,900. Nearest stn: Daikanyama.

Exhibitions AKASAKA/ROPPONGI 21_21 Design Sight

Toward a Design Museum Japan. Mixed media. Until Feb 2, ¥500-1,000. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 11am-8pm, closed Tue. 9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3475-2121.

Fujifilm Square

Ihee Kimura's Travels to Akita and the Ryukyu Islands. Photographer's documentation of pre- and post-war Japan. Until Dec 27, free. Two Journeys of Ihei Kimura — The Ryukyu Islands and the Akita Region. Documentation of pre-war rural life and the changes in the regions after WII started. Until Dec 27, free. Open daily 10am-7pm. 9-7-3 Akasaka, Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6271-3350.

Mori Art Museum

Out of Doubt: Roppongi Crossing 2013. Contemporary art series held triennially. This installment takes a fresh look at a familiar intersection to most Tokyoites. Until Jan 13, ¥500-1,500. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 10am-10pm, Tue 10am-5pm. 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

Mori Arts Center Gallery

Ever and Never: The Art of Peanuts. Original drawings and sketches of Snoopy & co. Until Jan 5, ¥500-2,000. 52F Roppongi Hills Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

Suntory Museum of Art

Celestial Dance: The Art of Hiten. Relics and religious artefacts on display in commemoration of the renovations of Byodoin's Phoenix Hall. Until Jan 13, ¥800-1,300. Open Wed-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun-Mon & hols 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.suntory. jp/sma



Kayabacho, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Kayabacho. www.

Suigetsu Ko Ushijima is one of the more skillful of a new generation of artists seeking to reinvent the traditions of Japanesestyle painting, or nihonga. The Kanazawa-based Ushijima applies handmade Japanese washi paper to boards, and then creates line and ink drawings that he brings to life with richly colored nihonga pigments and silver and gold leaf. His works can be seen COURTESY OF TRAUMARIS SPACE concurrently at Nadiff in Ebisu in the exhibition “Suigetsu” (Water Moon), and at the National Art Center, Tokyo, where he is a finalist in the “Shell Art Award” show for emerging artists. Traumaris Space. Dec 11-28., free. Open Tue-Sat 4pm-midnight, Sun 2-10pm, closed Mon. 3F Ebisu Nadiff, 1-18-4 Ebisu. Nearest stn: Ebisu., Shell Art Award, National Art Center, Tokyo, Dec 11-23, ¥200-400. Open Wed-Thu, Sat-Mon 10am-6pm, Fri 10am-8pm, closed Tue. 7-22-2 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Nogizaka

The National Art Center, Tokyo

Divisionism from Van Gogh and Seurat to Mondrian. Oil paintings. Until Dec 23, ¥800-1,500. The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition. Mixed media. Recent works depicting traditional themes. Until Dec 8, ¥500-1,200. Open Wed-Mon 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 7-22-2 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

GINZA/KYOBASHI/ TOKYO Bridgestone Museum of Art

Gustave Caillbotte—Impressionist in Modern Paris. Works by a leading member and supporter of the Impressionist movement. Until Dec 29, ¥1,000-1,500. Open Tue-Sun & hols 10am-8pm, closed Mon. 1-10-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-5777-8600. www.

Craft Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art Close Up Crafts. Mixed media. Until Dec 8, ¥300-500. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. 1-1 Kitanomarukoen Chiyoda-Ku. Nearest stn: Takebashi. Tel: 03-5777-8600.

Idemitsu Museum of Arts

The Kano School in Edo— Innovation toward Elegance. Traditional Japanese paintings with an innovative style. Until Dec 15, ¥700-1,000. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-7pm, closed Mon. 9F Teigeki Bldg, 3-1-1 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www. hana-hito-tokyo

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

Masterpieces from the Collection of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. Works by Renoir, Vallotton, Toulouse-Lautrec and more. Until Jan 5, ¥400-1,200. Wed-Fri 10am-8pm, Tue, Sat & Sun/ hols 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 2-6-2 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-5405-8686. www.

Mitsuo Aida Museum

Even Just One Thing. 10th anniversary special display of the calligraphy artist Aida's most important works. Until Dec 15, ¥200-800. Open Tue-Sun 10am-5:30pm, closed Mon. B1 Tokyo International Forum Glass Bldg, 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-6212-3200.

National Film Center

Iconography of Yasujiro Ozu Films. A collection of paintings, design and lettering that sheds light on Mr. Ozu's unique aesthetic sensibility. Dec

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo Crystallize. Mixed media by Tokujin Yoshioka. Until Jan 19, ¥600-1,100. Bunny Smash: Design to Touch the World. Multimedia. Design focused on changing people's perception of society. Until Jan 19, ¥600-1,100. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku. Nearest stn: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa. www.

Taguchi Fine Art

Kazumi Yoshimine: Passage of Time. Painting. Until Dec 21, free. Dai 2 Inoue Bldg, 2-17-13 Nihombashi-Kayabacho, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Kayabacho. Tel: 03-5652-3660.

SHIBUYA/EBISU Bunkamura Gallery

12-Mar 30, ¥40-200. Open Tue-Sun 11am-6:30pm, closed Mon. 3-7-6 Kyobashi. Nearest stn: Kyobashi. Tel: 03-57778600.

My Theater 2013. Oil paintings. Until Dec 11, free. Bunkamura Winter Craft Collection. Seasonal handicrafts, trinkets and sundries. Dec 14-25, free. Open daily, 10am-7pm. 2- 24-1 Dogenzaka. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.bunkamura.

Shiseido Gallery

Bunkamura: The Museum

In Praise of Velázquez : Handmaidens Reborn in the Night. Photography by Yasumasa Morimura. Until Dec 25, free. Open Tue-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-6pm, closed Mon. B1F Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Bldg, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Shimbashi. Tel: 03-3572-3901.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Josef Koudelka Retrospective. Photography. Artist's first exhibit in Asia displays his entire body of work. Until Jan 13, ¥250-850. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm. 3-1 Kitanomarukoen. Nearest stn: Takebashi. Tel: 03-5777-8600. www.

Zeit-Foto Salon

Hong Kong - Shenzen 1998. Rudai Takano's documentation of travels in China. Until Dec 21, free. Open Tue-Fri 10:30am-6:30pm, Sat 10:30am-5:30pm, closed Sun-Mon & hols. 4F Matsumoto Bldg, 1-10-5 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3535-7188. www.

HARAJUKU/AOYAMA Diesel Art Gallery

Global Photo Collaborations: Vice Japan. Photography. Until Feb 14, free. Open daily 11:30am-9pm. 1-23-16 Shibuya. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Itochu Aoyama Art Square Tomo ni Ikiru. Calligraphy art by Shoko Kanazawa. Until Dec 23, free. 11am-7pm daily. B1 CI Plaza, 2-3-1 Kita-Aoyama. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-5772-2913.

Nezu Museum

Ido Tea Bowls: Treasured Possessions of Muromachi Daimyo. Ceramics from the Korean peninsula adored by Japanese tea masters. Until Dec 15, ¥800-1,200. Tue-Sun, 10am-4:30pm. 6-5-1 MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.


Kaori Miyayama "The Way Down to the Sky -il modo di scendere al cielo-". Mixed media. Until Dec 21, free. Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, closed Sun and Hols. 1-1-6 Nihombashi-

Arcadia on the Shore: Puvis de Chavanne's Mythic World. Mural painter that combined innovation with classical style. Jan 2-Mar 9, ¥700-1,400. Open Mon-Thu & Sun 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm. 2- 24-1 Dogenzaka. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-9111.

Logos Gallery

Yotsuba & Danboard: The Exhibition. Themed around a cardboard box robot. Mixed media. Until Dec 9, ¥500. Flick Me, Every Day! More or Less?! Mixed media. Dec 7-15, free. Open daily 10am-9pm. B1F Parco Part1, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku. Nearest stn: Shibuya. web/logos

Meguro Museum of Art

Yukio Tsuchiya. Performance art and design. Until Dec 8, ¥500. Tsuchiya Yukio - Artist, Designer, Educator. Pre and post-war paintings and designs by Tsuchiya Yukio. Until Dec 8, ¥300-500. Open Tue-Sun 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 2-4-36 Meguro. Nearest stn: Meguro. Tel: 03-3714-1201. www.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

True Colors. Photography. Feb 7-23, free. Open Tue-Wed & Sat-Sun 10am-6pm, Thu-Fri 10am-8pm, closed Mon. 1-13-3 Mita, Meguro-ku. Nearest stn: Ebisu.

Yamatane Museum of Art

Jakuchu's Adorability and Shoen's Beauty : "Kawaii" in Japanese Art. Edo-period screen paintings. Jan 3-Mar 2, ¥900-1,200. Open Tue-Fri 11am-5pm, closed Mon & hols. 3-12-36 Hiroo. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-5777-8600. www.


The Collection – Artworks 2013. Mixed media. Dec 11-Jan 19, free. Open Wed-Sun 1-7pm, closed Mon-Tue. 1-30-7 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku. Nearest stn: Edogawabashi. www.

NTT Intercommunication Center

Open Space 2013. A melting pot of artists and media. Until Mar 2, free. Solaris. Works by Arata Isozaki. Dec 14-Mar 2, ¥500. 4F Tokyo Opera City Tower, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai.

FOR COMPLETE LISTINGS Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

150 Years of Modern Japanese Music. Mixed media. Dynamic view of Japan's meeting with the West. Until Dec 23, ¥600-1,000. Project N 54 Mihoko Ogaki. Mixed media. Until Dec 23, ¥600-1,000. Open Tue-Thu 11am-7pm, Fri-Sat 11am-8pm. 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. www.operacity. jp/en/ag

UENO Edo-Tokyo Museum

Ukiyo-e: A Journey Through the Floating World. Woodblock prints. Jan 2-Mar 2, ¥450-1,300. Open Tue-Fri & Sun 9:30am5:30pm, Sat 9:30am-7:30pm, closed Mon & hols. 1-4-1 Yokoami. Nearest stn: Ryogoku. Tel: 03-3626-9974.

National Museum of Nature and Science

Big Dinosaurs: Wonders of the Gobi Desert. Velociraptor and tarbosaurus bones unravel mysteries of Earth's history. Until Feb 23, ¥600-1,500. Surviving the Desert: Strategies of Humans, Plants & Animals. Investigation into survival in harsh conditions. Until Feb 9, ¥600. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-8pm, closed Mon. 7-20 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-3822-0111.

The National Museum of Western Art

Monet, An Eye for Landscapes: Innovation in 19th Century French Landscape. Some of the artist's most famous impressionist works, including "Water Lilies". Dec 7-Mar 9, ¥600-1,400. Open daily 9:30am-5:30pm. 7-7 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Turner from the Tate: the Making of a Master. British romantic landscape paintings. Until Dec 18, ¥600-3,200. Field of Painting. Mixed media. Five artists connect to the outside world. Jan 4-10, free. 8-36 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www.

Tokyo National Museum

Admired from Afar: Masterworks of Japanese Painting from the Cleveland Museum of Art. Traditional Japanese paintings return. Jan 15-Feb 23, ¥800-1,600. The 60th Japan Traditional Kogei Exhibition Engendering Beauty, Preserving Technique: Artworks by Living National Treasures. Mixed media. Artists acknowledged for their pursuit of excellence. Jan 15-Feb 23, ¥800-1,400. Japanese Masks: Noh Masks - Zekan and Kawachi. Masks by masters. Until Feb 16, ¥400-600. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm. 13-9 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Sakura. english

Pola Museum of Art

Walk Home in Delight. Photography. Images of a Scandinavian white Christmas. Until Dec 25, free. 9am-4:30pm. 1285 Kozukayama, Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi. Nearest stn: Gora. www.

Saita Museum

Tea Bowls and Calligraphy by Zen Priests of Daitokuji. Ceramics from the collections of Aizu Museum, Waseda University. Until Dec 13, ¥500. Mon-Fri 10am-1pm, 2pm-4:30pm, Closed Sat-Sun & hols. 3-23-35 Daita Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Nearest stn: Setagaya Daita. Tel: 03-3414-1006.

Setagaya Art Museum

Experimental Workshop. Mixed media by young avant-garde artists. Until Jan 26, ¥500-1,000. Open Tue-Sun10am-6pm, closed Mon. 1-2 Kinuta-koen, Setagaya-ku. Nearest stn: Seijogakuenmae. Tel: 03-3415-6011. www. index_e.html

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki

Faces and Masks. Paintings. Until Jan 13, ¥300-900. Kayo Illustrations by Taro Okamoto. Lesser known illustration work for a serialized novel in the Tokyo Shinbun. Until Dec 27, ¥300-600. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm, closed Mon. 7-1-5 Masukata, Tama-ku, Kawasaki. Nearest stn: Mukogaoka-Yuen. Tel: 04-4900-9898. www. index_english.html

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

Impressionists at Waterside-Depicting urban resorts: Paris, the Seine and Normandy. Painting. Portraying the lives of 19th-century french urbanites' pursuit of leisure. Until Jan 5, ¥300-1,200. 10am-5pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon. Yano-machi 492-1 Hachioji. Nearest stn: Tokyo Fuji Bijitsukan. Tel: 042-691-4511.


Dec 16, 7pm, ¥2,000-2,500. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-5800-9999.

BOXING Ryota Murata

Dec 6, 6pm, ¥5,000-30,000. Ryogoku Kokugikan. Nearest stn: Ryogoku. Tel: 03-36235111.

All Japan Rookie of the Year Match

Dec 22, 2pm, ¥3,000-10,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-5800-9999.

8,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-5800-9999.

Deep 64 Impact

Dec 22, 4:40pm, ¥6,00015,000. Differ Ariake. Nearest stn: Ariake-tennisno-mori.

Noah: Noahful Gift

Dec 23, 3pm, ¥4,000-7,000. Differ Ariake. Nearest stn: Ariake-tennis-no-mori.

Wrestle-1: First Winter Dec 23, 4pm, ¥4,0007,000. Tokorozawa City Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Shintokorozawa. Tel: 04-2991-1181.

Wrestling New Classic Dec 23, 12pm, ¥3,0005,000. Theater 1010. Nearest stn: Kitasenju. Tel: 03-5244-101.

Big Japan: New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 7pm, ¥4,000-6,000. Korakuen Hall. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. Tel: 03-58009999.

RUGBY Top League

–NTT – Communications Shining Arcs vs. Ricoh Black Rams. Dec 7, 12pm, ¥300-3,500. Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-34013881. –Ricoh – Black Rams vs. Kintetsu Liners. Dec 22, 1pm, ¥300-2,000. Fukuda Arena. Nearest stn: Soga. Tel: 043-208-5577.

SOCCER J. League, Division 1

–FC – Tokyo vs. Vegalta Sendai. Dec 7, 3:30pm, ¥500-6,000. Ajinomoto Stadium. Nearest stn: Tobitakyu. Tel: 04-24400555. –Kashima – Antlers vs. Sanfrecce Hiroshima. Dec 7, 3:30pm, ¥1,400-7,500. Kashima Soccer Stadium. Nearest stn: Kashima Sports Stadium. –Kawasaki – Frontale vs. Yokohama F. Marinos. Dec 7, 3:30pm, ¥800-4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. Tel: 044-722-0303. –Shonan – Bellmare vs. Omiya Ardija. Dec 7, 3:30pm, ¥600-5,500. Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka. Tel: 0463-334455. –Urawa – Reds vs. Cerezo Osaka. Dec 7, 3:30pm, ¥1,000-3,000. Saitama Stadium. Nearest stn: Urawamisono. Tel: 048-8121001.

VOLLEYBALL Emperor’s Cup/ Empress’s Cup

Crystallize. Mixed media by Tokujin Yoshioka. Until Jan 19, ¥600-1,100. Bunny Smash: Design to Touch the World. Multimedia. Design focused on changing people's perception of society. Until Jan 19, ¥600-1,100. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku. Nearest stn: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa. www.

All Japan Championship

Emperor’s Cup/Empress’s Cup. Dec 11-15, various times, ¥800-2,000. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Sendagaya. Tel: 03-5474-2112.

All Japan Medalists on Ice

Meiji Jingu Gaien Gingko Festival

National Museum of Japanese History

Asia League

OTHER AREAS Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Various Seasonal Festivals. Traditional ornaments and accessories. Until May 6, ¥250-420. Traditional Antique Chrysanthemum. Over 100 variations of classical fronds. Until Jan 26, ¥100. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon. 117 Jonai-cho, Sakura-shi. Nearest stn: Keisei-

FIGURE SKATING Dec 21-Dec 23, various times, ¥2,000-12,000. Saitama Super Arena. Nearest stn: SaitamaShintoshin. Dec 24, 5:30pm, ¥5,000-9,000. Saitama Super Arena. Nearest stn: Saitama-Shintoshin.

ICE HOCKEY –H.C. – Tochigi Nikko Icebucks vs. Tohoku Free Blades. Dec 7-8, 4pm, ¥1,000-3,600. Nikko Shimofuri Ice Arena. Tel: 0288-53-5881.

PRO WRESTLING New Japan: Road to Tokyo Dome Dec 21-Dec 23, 6:30pm, ¥4,000-

Festivals Street perfromances, tea ceremony demonstrations, ikebana exhibition and more. Until Dec 9, 10am-4:30pm, free. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-3401-0312. www.


Commemoration of the 47 akoroshi who avenged the death of their master. Dec 14, all day, free. Sengakuji. 2-11-1 Takanawa, Minatoku. Nearest stn: Sengakuji.


Since 1949




* ONE MONTH INTENSIVE * 2 DAYS & 3 DAYS A WEEK 2014 Apr term * PRIVATE & COMPANY student VISA * BUSINESS JAPANESE registration open!! * PREP FOR JLPT (N1,2,3) * COLLEGE VISA COURSE YUTENJI 03-3713-4958 JIYUGAOKA 03-3723-4785



Agenda Listings Forums & Expos Sportec

A focus on health and fitness. ; Dec 6,10am-6pm; Dec 7, 10am-5pm, free (pre-registration)/ ¥2,000 (door). Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: Kokusai-TenjijoSeimon. www.sports-st. com/en

Eco-Products 2013

Activities, products and proposals for a sustainable world. Dec 12-13, 10am-6pm; Dec 14, 10am-5pm, free (registration required). Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon. english

Jump Festa

Annual manga and anime event. Dec 21-22, 9am-5pm, free. Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. Tel: 03-32308439.

Christmas Markets Christmas Organic Market

Ikura Intersection

Onarimon Station

Sakurada Dori Kamiyacho Station

Open: Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm / Sat 10 am - 4pm 10-13, 5 chome Toranomon Minato-ku Tokyo

Until Dec 22, every Sun 11am-5pm, free. Ark Karajan Place, Ark Hills. Nearest stn: RoppongiIcchome.

Marché aux Puces Akasaka: Akasaka Christmas Flea Market European crafts, accessories and furniture. Until Dec 22, 11am-5pm, every Sunday, free. Ark Karajan Place. Nearest stn: Roppongi-Itchome. Tel: 03-6406-6663. www.

Roppongi Hills Christmas Market

German-style market with handmade crafts and imported goods. Until Dec 25, daily 11am-9pm, free. Roppongi Hills. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-64066000. www.roppongihills. com/events

Marché de Noël

Toys, treats, seasonal cards etc. Until Dec 25, daily 11am-9pm, free. Tokyo Midtown. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-34753100. midtownmarche2013

Soramachi Christmas Market

Mulled wine, European nibbles and crafts. Until Dec 25, daily 11am-10pm, free. Tokyo Soramachi. Nearest stn: Asakusa or Oshiage.

Tree of Hope

Sale of exquisite Christmas ornaments where a percentage of the proceeds go to charity. Until Dec 25, all day, ¥2,500 per ornament. The Peninsula Hotel Lobby. Nearest stn: Hibiya. www.


Winter goodies and treats. Until Dec 25, 5-8pm weekdays, 11am-8pm Sat, Sun & Hols, free. Ark Karajan Place. Nearest stn: Roppongi-Itchome. Tel: 03-6406-6663. www.arkhills. com/event

Community The Cat's Meow

Modern speakeasy presents a book reading and signing with Japantown author Barry Lancet. Hardcover book, welcome drink and snacks included. Dec 6, 8-10pm, ¥4,000. Biscotti Tapas. Nearest stn: Yoyogi Uehara. http://

Charity Concert for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Roppongi Tenmon Club

Christmas Flea City

Tel: 03-3433-6321

Seasonal Food Marché

Christmas Food Market

Trinkets, party goods and other handy things in time for Christmas. Until Dec 21, 10am-2pm, every Sat, free. Ark Karajan Place. Nearest stn: Roppongi-Itchome. Tel: 03-6406-6663. www.

Tokyo Tower

German-style huts line the plaza selling hot wine, stollen and traditional crafts. Until Dec 25, daily 11am-10pm, free. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 045-2272002.

Artists from all over the Big Mikan join to raise money for the Save The Children Foundation in the Philippines. Dec 12, 7pm, ¥2,000 (1d incl.). What the Dickens. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-3780-2099. www.

Love & Gift

5 minutes walk

Christmas Market

A holiday twist to the regular earth-friendly market. Dec 14, 11am-6pm, free. Park Hyatt Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. info@ www.facebook. com/ Seasonal delicacies from all over the world. Until Dec 20, 5-9pm, every Friday, free. Ark Karajan Place. Nearest stn: Roppongi-Itchome. Tel: 03-6406-6663. www.

We feature an extensive and affordable variety of unique and authentic objects d’art to satisfy virtually any taste guaranteeing that your Japanese memento will be distinctive.


Star gazing with other astronomy enthusiasts. ; Dec 27, 7-9pm. ¥500-1,500 (entrance fee) + ¥2,000 (seminar, optional). Tokyo City View. Tel: 03-6406-6652. http://

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School

Burlesque models pose for artstars and sketching newbies alike. Every third Wed, 7pm, ¥2,000, The Pink Cow. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-64345773. cowmail@thepinkcow. com www.drsketchytokyo.

Learning Christmas Deco Brooch Workshop

Design your own felt brooch, just in time for Christmas! For kids of all ages. Dec 7, 4pm, ¥1,000. Omotesando Hills. Nearest stn: Omotesando or Meiji-jingumae. Tel: www.

Champagne Christmas Wine Dinner

Wine seminar with a French gourmet dinner. Dec 14, 7-10:30pm, ¥10,980 (adv). Legato. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.meetup. com/wineseminartokyo/ events/150836272

Children's Gingerbread House Decoration Class

Design a candy house with afternoon tea after. For children ages 3 and over. Dec 21, 2pm, ¥8,500 (per parent and child pair). Shangri-La Hotel. Nearest stn: Otemachi or Tokyo. Tel: 03-6739-7888.

Ladies' Gingerbread House Decoration Class

Design your own candy house. Afternoon tea with champagne included. Dec 22, noon, ¥8,500. Shangri-La Hotel. Nearest stn: Otemachi or Tokyo. Tel: 03-6739-7888. www.shangri-la. com/tokyo

Fish Ornament Workshop Make your own fish-shaped ornament for this year's Christmas tree. Until Dec 25, daily from 10am, free (materials)/ ¥600-2,000 (aquarium entrance fee). Sumida Aquarium. Nearest stn: Oshiage.

Other Events British Cheese Tasting

All-you-can-eat UK and Irish artisanal cheeses and free sangria. Dec 8, 2-6pm, ¥3,500. The White Fox. 2F, Kouei Ekimae Bldg. 1-1-11 Kishimachi. Nearest stn: Oji.

Christmas Tree and City Skyline Night Cruise

Catch the breathtaking city view at dusk from the waters of Tokyo Bay. ; Dec 14 & 21-25, 5pm, ¥500-1,000. Chiba Port Tower. Nearest stn: Chiba Minato. www.

Tokyo Fashion Fuse 7

Fashion show feat Sumire and DJ Ken Ishii. Dec 14, 9pm, ¥3,000 (w flyer or Facebook click)/ ¥4,000 (door). Izumi Garden Gallery. Nearest stn: Roppongi-Itchome. info@ http://

Take a Photo with Santa Limited to 50 families by a lottery system. See website for entry details. Dec 20, 5-6pm, ¥1,000 (per group). Imperial Hotel. Nearest stn: Hibiya. Tel: 03-3539-8240.

Feed an Elephant: Christmas Version

Give an early xmas present to one of the zoo's most popular residents. Dec 21-23, 2pm, ¥200-500. Kanazawa Zoo. Nearest stn: Kanazawabunko.

Christmas Party with Santa

Children receive a toy and a photo with Santa. Dec 21, 11:30am & 5pm, ¥9,000 (4-12 yrs)/ ¥17,000 (adults). Imperial Hotel. Nearest stn: Hibiya. Tel: 0120-111-569.

Thank You Candle

Write a message of gratitude on a candle, then line up with others to create a giant heart. Dec 24, sunset-8pm, ¥1,000 per candle. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 045-2111515.

Yokohama Christmas: Singing Tree

Until Dec 25, from 5:30pm, free. Queen's Square. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai.

Whisky Hills 2013

Discounted or free whisky samples abound at participating restaurants. Nov 12-Dec 25, various times, various prices. Roppongi Hills. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Film Swedish Film Festival

Classic and new films by Swedish directors. Nov 30-Dec 6, various times, ¥500-1,500. Eurospace. Nearest stn: Shibuya. http://

Poland Film Festival

A selection of works by Polish filmmakers ranging from the 1950s to as recent as 2011. Nov 30-Dec 13, various times, ¥1,200 (adv)/ ¥1,500 (door)/ ¥8,000 (free pass to all screenings). Image Forum. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Christmas Services 0422 Citizens' Christmas Service Dec 14, 10:30am. Kichijoji Catholic Church.1-7-8 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi. Nearest stn: Kichijoji. www.

LISTINGS FOR COMPLETE LISTINGS Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service Dec 23, 4pm. St. Paul International Lutheran Church. 1-2-32 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stn: Iidabashi.

Tokyo Baptist Church Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Dec 24, 5 , 7 & 9pm. Tokyo Baptist Church. 9-2 Hachiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku. Nearest stn: Daikanyama.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service Dec 24, 4 & 6:30 & 8pm. Tokyo Union Church. Nearest stn: Omotesando or Harajuku. Tel: 03-3400-0047. www.

Sunday School Nativity Play

The Christmas story. Dec 24, 7pm, free. St. Alban's Anglican Episcopal Church. 3-6-25 Shiba Koen, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Kamiyacho. stalbans@

Christmas Day Service

Prince in Hakone. Nearest stn: Hakone Yumoto. www.tbs.

Omotesando Illumination: Let's Give Happiness Until Jan 5, from sunset, free. Omotesando area. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.

Tama Center Illumination

Until Jan 7, daily from 4:30pm, free. Tama Center. Nearest stn: Tama Center. www.

Shinbashi Christmas Illumination

Until Jan 10, from 5pm, free. SL Hiroba. Nearest stn: Shinbashi. http://

Bright Christmas

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Yokohama Landmark Tower. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. feature_jp/13xmas

Hikari no Saiten

Until Dec 25, daily from 4:30pm, free. Motofuchie Park, Adachi-ku. Nearest stn: Takenotsuka. http:// meturl. com/adachihikari2013

Dec 25, 11am. Tokyo Union Church. Nearest stn: Omotesando or Harajuku. Tel: 03-3400-0047. www.

Xmas Wonderland

Christmas Day Mass

Baccarat Eternal Lights

Dec 25, 8:30 & 10am & 6pm. St. Ignatius Catholic Church. 6-5-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stn: Iidabashi. www.

Traditional Christmas Morning Worship Service of Holy Communion Dec 25, 11am. St. Paul International Lutheran Church. 1-2-32 Fujimi. Nearest stn: Iidabashi. info@

Until Dec 25, daily from 4pm, free. Shibuya Hikarie. Nearest stn: Shibuya. special/2013/xmas Until Jan 13, daily from 4pm, free. Ebisu Garden Place. Nearest stn: Ebisu. www.

Christmas Decorations and Model Christmas Train Until Jan 13, all day, free. Hilton Tokyo Bay Lobby. Nearest stn: Maihama. www.

Tiara of Light

Holiday Lights

Until Jan 13, daily from 4pm, free. Ginza and Kasumigaseki area. Nearest stn: Ginza. http:// xmas2013_illumination

White Kitte

Utsunomiya Illumination

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. JP Tower Kitte. 2-7-2 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. http:// white-kitte

Daikanyama Dix Sept Christmas Illuminations

Until Dec 25, daily from sunset, free. Daikanyama Dix Sept. Nearest stn: Daikanyama.

British Christmas

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Marionnier Gate. 2-2-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. www.

Aoyama Christmas Circus

Until Dec 25, from 5:30pm, free. Avex Bldg Plaza. 3-1-30 MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.

Megurogawa Minna no Illumi

Until Dec 25, daily from sunset, free. Along part of the Meguro river. Nearest stn: Ozaki or Gotanda.

Winter Vista Illumination

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, ¥80-400. Showa Kinen Park. Nearest stn: Tachikawa. www.

Until Jan 14, daily from 5pm, free. Across Utsunomiya city. Nearest stn: Utsunomiya. http://

Tokyo Skytree Town Illumination

Until Jan 31, daily from 5pm, free. Tokyo Soramachi. Nearest stn: Asakusa or Oshiage.

Blue Lights Symphony

Until Feb 14, daily from 5pm, free. Keyaki Hiroba, Saitama Shintoshin. Nearest stn: Saitama Shintoshin. illumination2012

Marunouchi Illuminations Until Feb 16, daily from 5pm, free. Marunouchi area. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.marunouchi. com

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

Nov 7-Feb 16, from 5pm, free. okyo Dome City. Nearest stn: Korakuen or Suidobashi. illumination/2013


Until Feb 16, from 4pm, ¥500-1,200. Yomiuriland. Nearest stn: Yomiurilandmae. jewellumination

UDX'mas Illumination

Oto to Hikari no Omotenashi

Winter Illuminations

Night Venus - Light for Wishing

Nov 25-Dec 25, daily from 5:15pm, free. Akihabara UDX. Nearest stn: Akihabara. Tel: 03-5289-0989. Until Dec 31, from 5:45pm, free. Tokyo Diver City Plaza. Nearest stn: Daiba.

Romantic Starry Night

Until Jan 5, daily from 3:30pm, free. The Museum of the Little

Until Mar 2, from 5pm, free. Akasaka Sacas. Nearest stn: Akasaka.

Until Mar 16, daily from noon, free. VenusFort. Nearest stn: Aoumi. Tel: 03-3599-0700.

Winter Fantasy

Until Apr 9, from sunset, free. Cosmo Clock 21, Cosmo World.


Nearest stn: Minato Mirai.

Lake Sagami Illumillion

Until Apr 13, from 5pm, ¥300-500. Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest. Nearest stn: Sagamiko.

Tokyo Gate Bridge Illumination

Dec 24,from sunset, free. Iwakasu Park. Nearest stn: Iwakasu Koen Kanpujo. http:// iwakasupark

Sky Illumination

Until Dec 25, Mon-Thu & Sun 10am-11pm, Fri, Sat & before Hols 1am, ¥500-1,500. Tokyo City View. www.

Roppongi Hills Illumination

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Roppongi Hills. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-64066000. www.roppongihills. com/events

Starlight Garden

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Tokyo Midtown. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-3475-3100. www. xmas/2013/illumination

Aqua Marine Magic

Until Dec 25, daily 11am-11pm, free. Aqua City. Nearest stn: Odaiba Kaihin Koen.

Caretta Illumination — White Xmas in the Sea

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Caretta Shiodome. Nearest stn: Shiodome. Tel: 03-6218-2100. www.caretta. jp/illumi2013

Tokyo Tower Christmas Illumination

Until Dec 25, daily from 4pm, free. Tokyo Tower. Nearest stn: Akabanebashi. www.

Illumination Museum Until Dec 25, depends on location, free. Office buildings and hotels around West Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Nishi-Shinjuku. www.

Christmas Shining Lights

Until Dec 25, 11am-11pm, free. Omotesando Hills. Nearest stn: Omotesando or Meiji-jingumae. Tel: 03-3497-0310. www. event

Christmas Illumination

Nov 6-Dec 25, from 4:30pm, free. Lalaport Yokohama. Nearest stn: Kamoi. http://

Xmas Illumination

Until Dec 25, daily from 4:45pm, free. Lalaport Tokyo Bay. Nearest stn: Minami Funabashi. http:// tokyobay.



Professional step by step dance instruction in both English and Japanese. Great for fun, knowledge, self improvement, making new friends, exercise, and networking. Instructor Virg started in the entertainment business at the age of 10 and has traveled around the world working for many famous artist and major corporations. Here are some of the artist and companies that Virg has worked for: Mariah Carey, Neyo, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Ashanti, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Kat Deluna, Ciara, MTV, FOX, Coca Cola, Disney, etc...

Starts this December! Every Saturday from 5:30-6:30pm Age: 15 and older Price: ¥8,000 /month

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BungelingBay バンゲリングベイ 3F 4-22-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku 4-6-10 Nakamachi, Setagaya-ku Tel: 03-6905-6573

Christmas Illumination and Show

Until Dec 25, daily from 5pm, free. Chiba Port Tower. Nearest stn: Chiba Minato.

Mark IS Minato Mirai Christmas

Until Dec 25, all day, free. 3-5-1 Minato Mirai. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. www.

Tokyo Michi Terrace Starlight Walk

Until Dec 29, from 5pm, free. Marunouchi area. Nearest stn: Tokyo.

Towers Milight: All Office Buildings Light Up Dec 24, 4:30-9:30pm, free. Minato Mirai area. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. www.


Agenda Movies BY DON MORTON



hen their daimyo is tricked into having to commit seppuku, his now-masterless samurai get their revenge, but at the price of their own ritual suicides. This tale of honor, loyalty and sacrifice is the most famous example of the bushido code, and amounts to Japan’s “national legend.” Then there’s this movie. Granted, most Chushingura dramatizations are fictionalized, but this one takes the pink potato. A monster-slaying Keanu Reeves (and where is Steven Seagal when you really need him?), after worming his way into the title troop, proceeds to rally and reboot the retired ronin, but first must battle CG monsters and giant gladiators, and outsmart forest demons to acquire swords—all this to give the creators of the crappy 3D something to do. The sets are more Temple of Doom than feudal Japan. The dialogue’s eye-rollingly corny, and the (over)acting by a mostly Japanese cast almost makes Keanu look good. (It’s shown in two versions: Japanese and tortured English.) This is one of the worst movies ever made. Someone should do jail time for making a movie this bad. If I were Japanese I’d protest in front of the American Embassy. All that said, however, it does have hilarious bad-movie potential. A few drinks first wouldn’t hurt. (121 min)



A 38-year-old polio-paralyzed Berkeley poet with a droll sense of humor decides that he wants to lose his virginity before he hits his “sell-by” date, and engages a sex therapist (Helen Hunt). This heartwarming film treats the subject of sex for the disabled with a rare explicitness and honesty, tenderness and humor. No emotional button-pushing. Hunt is at her most engaging, but the focus is on the versatile John Hawkes. Is this really the same actor who played the scary uncle in Winter’s Bone? William H. Macy’s Catholic confessor serves mainly to save us from a continuous expository voiceover. Just see it. (91 min)


Wit h a t it le t h is gener ic , a n ensemble cast comprising some hot young actors and a few old vets, a hackneyed central conceit involving pretending to still be married and a poster with everyone smiling moronically, could this be anything but a feature-length studio sitcom? This multiplex fodder is forced, flaccid and tonally clueless, but so innocuous that it’s difficult to even bother criticizing. None of the acting is bad, but neither is anyone actually believable (though Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton at least appear to be having a good time for their paychecks). Airline movie. Japanese title: Griffinka no Wedding Note. (90 min)


Halle Berry’s a 911 operator already shaken by the recent death of a young kidnapped caller. She takes a call from a generally irritating Abigail Breslin, who’s been locked in the trunk of a car, likely by the same killer, and the game’s afoot. While Berry stays at her call-center post using only her professional smarts, this is a mildly effective suspense thriller. But then the filmmakers, unable to resist bringing their star into the action, blow the novelty of their own premise by having her leave her desk and go after the bad guy herself, and it all devolves into insultingly stupid serial-killer drivel. Japanese title: The Call: Kinkyu Tsuhou Shirei Shitsu. (94 min)




Liverpudlian Freda Kelly in the 60s had the best job a girl could ask for, as secretary to the Beatles and head of their fan club from 1963 until their breakup 11 years later. Nice lady. She still works as a secretary. Missing from this inessential account of the band’s early days are any juicy gossip tidbits or insider insights. “George was the quiet one” is as deep as it gets. The mildly interesting chronological account of the band’s growing popularity repeatedly returns to the uninteresting topic of answering all that fan mail. The vibe is positive, but soon it all begins to sound alike. Japanese title: Aishi no Freda. (86 min) SHOWING FROM DEC 7.


Paul Greengrass can craft incredibly suspenseful films around true incidents for which we already know the outcome. This you-are-there dramatization of the 2009 hijacking of an American freighter upends the conventional Hollywood idea of the action hero. Tom Hanks’s Captain Phillips is an everyman whose only weapons are guile and intelligence. The film focuses on the relationship between Phillips and the Somali pirate captain (a terrific Barkhad Abdi). In the transcendent final ten minutes, Phillips, safe at last, finally allows himself to react to four days of terror. Absolutely devastating. (134 min)


It’s real-world reassuring to know that most serial killers exist only in serial killer movies. Unless of course you’re me and have to sit through them all. So I’ve developed a grudging appreciation for the work of Adam Wingard (You’re Next) who manages to make mostly effective crime and horror flicks without resorting to excessive gore. Faint praise, but it’s better than torture porn. This charmingly titled flick, apparently shot on a handycam set on out-of-focus, follows separately an escaped SK and his former girlfriend as their paths gradually converge. Contrived, WTF twist ending. Japanese title: Beautiful Die. (87 min)



I f yo u ’ r e u p fo r s o m e t h i n g completely different, try on this visually stunning, painstakingly crafted B&W silent movie from Spa i n , w r iter/d i re ctor Pablo Berger’s knowing riff on the Grimm boys’ Snow White. (A few dialogue cards in Spanish, but you can figure them out.) With its bullfighting motif, dark wit, and a kinky dominatrix of an evil stepmother, this magical, macabre, melancholy movie is definitely not for kids. (Toto, I don’t think we’re in Disneyland anymore.) I’d call the symphonically lush, flamenco-themed score intrusive if it didn’t work so perfectly in every scene. ¡Ole! (104 min) SHOWING FROM DEC 7.


Unwarranted, inferior sequel seems unaware that it used up the novelty of gun-toting geezers in its trashy fun 2010 predecessor. A little of this stuff goes a long way. Actors Helen Mirren, John Ma lkov ich and Ma r y-Louise Parker again venture into Bruce Willis mindless movie-star land, this time pulling in Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-hun Lee with them. I’d say its attitude toward copious minion-killing is rather blasé for a comedy, but that would imply that it’s funny. And save for a few zingers from John Malkovich’s LSD-addled former agent, it’s not, really. Japanese title: Red Returns. (112 min)


Although the story of a guiltridden everyman father going undercover against the drug gangs to save his clueless son is so stale that it’s growing mold, this passable action-thriller gives Dwayne Johnson the opportunity to do more than scowl and spout one-liners. It’s his best work to date. He actually out-acts costar Susan Sarandon, but to be fair she’s just ticking over on idle here. The dialogue’s pulpy and the hand-held camerawork’s nauseating, but the story is character-driven an at least toys with moral ambiguity before getting to the 18-wheeler chase. Japanese title: Overdrive. (112 min)



The clunky plot in this blatant, southern-fried Twilight cash-in clone has this literary jock kid falling for the new girl in school. It then transpires that she’s a witch, see, but we won’t know if she’ll be a light witch or a dark one until her approaching 16th birthday. Or something. Either the film doesn’t really grasp or can’t be bothered to explain its own pseudo-lore. What does it mean to be claimed by the dark? Pretty ho-hum stuff for non-target ‘tweeners. Fortunately, pedigreed Brit actors Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson liven things up with their inspired, honey-dripped scenery-chewing. (125 min)


He designed the “ Bird’s Nest ” stadium and then denounced the Olympics as propaganda. When scrutinized by the Communist Party, he wryly turned his life into a production. This plucky, charismatic, ursine man with his deadpan, caustic sense of humor is China’s best known and the Party’s least favorite artist/dissident. His art is messing with the bureaucratic mindset. If this fine documentary by Alison Klayman has an unfinished feel, it’s because the recently arrested Ai’s life is a work in progress. Let’s hope there will be a sequel. Note: Half in Mandarin, but urgent and inspiring enough to see anyway. Japanese title: Ai Weiwei: Ayamaranai. (91 min)



Rob Schwartz


he Studio Ghibli franchise is mostly associated with superstar director Hayao Miyazaki, but the filmmaker formed the studio back in 1985 with another renowned auteur, Isao Takahata. Takahata was nearly as prolific as Miyazaki for a number of years but hasn't made a feature since 1999—until now. His latest is a wonderfully crafted fairytale piece based on the ancient Japanese story, the Tale of Princess Kaguya. Okina (Takeo Chii), an elderly forester, finds a glowing bamboo stalk in the woods and is shocked to discover a tiny girl inside (Aki Asakura), which the befuddled man takes home to wife Ouna (Nobuko Miyamoto). Reminiscent of both Miyazaki and Japanese folk tales in general, the girl shapeshifts into a baby that the couple feel obliged to raise. She grows at a flabbergasting rate and as she matures Okina finds treasures and gold in the forest. Newly rich, the couple give their daughter a mansion and servants but the girl yearns for the rough and common neighborhood of her parents’ poor birth. Aristocrats court her to no avail and even the Emperor cannot win her. The denouement reveals her otherworldly heritage. Charming, poetic and evocative, Takahata has reached into Japanese lore for a winner. English title: The Tale of Princess Kaguya. (137 min)


We’ve all seen too many sappy coming-of-age movies about fitting in and being yourself. But somehow this one from writer/ d i r e c to r S te p h e n C h b o s k y manages to take a fresh look at the positive aspects of being on the outside looking in. Charlie (Logan Lerman) is a troubled freshman who is befriended by a pair of perfectly happy senior-class outcasts (Ezra Miller & Emma Watson). Their older and artsier crowd adopts Charlie and helps him face down some dark, guilt-driven demons. This nuanced, unsentimental ode to the power of supportive friends is warm and wise, sad and amusing, and not at all unhip. Japanese title: Wallflower. (102 min)


This candid and entertaining look at the rock group’s sevenyear history, interspersed with foota ge f rom their 2007-08 reunion tour, is adapted from Andy Summers’s popular autobiography One Train Later. What makes it so much more personal than most rock docs is the inclusion of the guitarist’s own, most excellent still photography. Man has a second talent. Few talking heads, not even Sting or Stuart Copeland. Of note to us here in Tokyoland is a scene in which Summers is strolling past a tiny karaoke bar in Shinjuku’s Golden Gai district that’s belting out “Every Breath You Take.” He goes in... (82 min)


Home for the holidays? Get into the spirit of the season by taking home some holiday f i l m s on DV D. A Chr ist mas Carol: The Musical (2004) TV's Kelsey Grammer proves he can actually carry a tune in this song-filled, family-friendly take on the Dickens tale costarring Jane Krakowski and Jason Alexander...Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You (1996) follows an extended family over one year of holidays from New York to Venice to a grand musical ending in Paris....The computer animated Arthur Christmas (2011; pictured) offers a familiar story of a loser proving himself by saving Christmas, but the all-star (mostly British) voice cast gives it heart. Kevin Mcgue


hen Pablo Berger released Blancanieves, a new silent film made in the style of 1920s cinema, many critics said that he was just riding on the coattails of The Artist. What they don’t realize is that it’s not possible to plan and produce a film in under a year, especially one that transplants the fairy tale of Snow White into the world of Spanish bullfighting. “Big budget films like this move like elephants,” Berger told Metropolis from his home in Madrid. “I wrote the script in 2004 and the first page said, 'This is a black-and-white silent film.' Most people laughed in my face and didn’t read it. Those who did laughed even more because they saw how expensive it would be.” But after nearly a decade, his persistence finally paid off. When The Artist became the first silent to win the Best Picture Oscar since 1929, Berger’s film was already in the can, but he admits the buzz helped prime audiences for his film. Although the director used many of the conventions of the silent age, including a square format screen, he also allowed himself modern techniques such as spitfire editing. “I didn’t want to make a silent film for ‘20s audiences, but for audiences now,” he explains. “People can process images much more quickly now. I wanted to appeal to them, but also have them experience seeing a silent film in the cinema.” Blancanieves screens from December 7 at Shinjuku Musashinokan. KM

cinematic underground


he English-language documentary Liv & Ingmar (2012; pictured) draws on interviews, archival footage and film clips to explore the 42-year creative and romantic relationship between acclaimed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman and his frequent star Liv Ullmann. Screening from December 7 at Shibuya’s Eurospace (1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku; www.eurospace. Director Fabrice Gobert brings new edginess to French cinema with Lights Out (2010), a thriller about high school students whose weekend party takes a dark turn when they discover the body of a classmate in the forest. With a soundtrack by now defunct band Sonic Youth. Screening from December 14 at Eurospace…Prolific French director François Ozon has one film in theaters and another on the way. In the House (2012), on at Bunkamura’s Le Cinema (2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku; until December 13, tells the story of a high school teacher (Fabrice Luchini ) who falls into a trap a student sets when he hands in an essay about his taboo relationship with a classmate’s mother. Ozon’s latest, Jeune & Jolie, is due out next February. The 46-year old filmmaker has averaged one film per year since 1999. KM

Unless noted, Japanese films screen without English subtitles. Non-English language films are shown with Japanese subtitles only. #1028 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 17


Christmas Special AKAI MEDICAL CLINIC Aoyama Clinic

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Botox & fillers 50% off ▶▶ Aurora & Aurora Pro (for skin rejuvenation) 50% off ▶▶ Polaris & Refirm (for lift-up) 50% off ▶▶ Laser hair removal 50% off ▶▶ AccuSculpt laser-lipo 30% off ▶▶ Thread lift 30% off


efore heading home for the holidays, improve your appearance with a visit to Akai Clinic, which uses the latest clinical technology available in Japan. The clinic offers cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical treatments using machinery certified by the FDA. Solari, Spectra and Aurora Pro treatments address freckles, broken capillaries, large pores and sun damage. Inifini, Refirm, eCO2, Affirm and EndyMed are used for lift-up procedures and Botox, fillers and fat and stem cell injections are effective against wrinkles. A thread lift procedure can make you look younger and AccuSculpt laser lipo shapes your face and body with minimal damage. Dr. Hidemi Akai is a Harvard Medical School-trained plastic surgeon and Dr. Keiko Akai is a board-certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist.


3F KNK Bldg., 3-5-17 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku 03-5771-4114 Omotesando 4F Quadrifoglio, 5-14 Kinkocho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama 045-620-5745 Yokohama

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Therma Cool CPT: 72% off ▶▶ Photo facial trial: ¥12,500 ▶▶ Laser hair removal trial (armpits): ¥1,950 ▶▶ Body Thermacool CPT: 35% off ▶▶ Critation RF Trial: ¥7,500 ▶▶ Botox and fillers: 53-73% off


repare for Christmas and the end of the year party circuit by taking care of face and body problems at Azabu Skin Clinic. The clinic offers Therma Cool CPT, an effective treatment for saggy skin and wrinkles, Botox and fillers that work against facial furrows while Vbeam and photo facial can deal with broken capillaries that proliferate during the colder season. A photo facial rejuvenates and whitens the face and body and concentrated vitamin C drips lighten the skin. Other services include laser hair removal, hormone replacement therapy and fat cavitation. Director Dr. Kawashima is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and Surgery and offers consultations in English.

BLANL’OR NAIL SALON Shirokane-Takanawa Nails

7F Hagiwara 1 Bldg, 1-3-1, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku 0120-005-327 (clinic), 0120-890-992 (medical spa) Mon-Fri 11am-7pm (Wed until 8pm); Dec 31 10am-3pm; closed Jan 1-4 Ebisu

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ 5% off pedicure and manicure combination ▶▶ Free massage with manicure service ▶▶ Mention Metropolis and receive a complimentary foot massage (first-time visitors only) SERVICES ▶▶ Manicure* = ¥3,200 ▶▶ Pedicure* = ¥4,900 ▶▶ Color gel* = ¥5,250▶ (*incl. filing, cuticle care, buff & polish)


ust a short walk from Shirokane-Takanawa station is Nail Salon Blanl’or, a favorite with local residents who come for the attentive treatment by the Japanese staff. A warm white and brown interior with comfortable reclining sofas makes for a relaxing atmosphere, where clients can unwind and watch television or DVDs during their appointment. Friendly English-speaking staff begin all treatments with a massage from the fingertips to the wrist to promote circulation and healthy nails in the hands. For your tired and neglected feet, the team will perform a proper exfoliation to remove cuticles and dried skin from the soles—highly recommended for people who have been wearing sandals all summer.


2F Wada Bldg, 1-25-2 Shirokane, Minato-ku 03-6904-0053 10am-7pm, closed Tue


DUDE Shimokitazawa Hair

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Free consultation in English for Metropolis readers


t a typical Japanese hair salon you are confronted by an army of staff fawning over you like a movie star or minor member of the Royal Family. And instead of just getting on with the job, they wrap you up like a Victorian doll and subject you to endless interrogation about what you eat and don’t eat, where you’re from, the weather in Japan and your home country and other delightful topics. This might be great for some people, but if you just want to have your hair cut with no extra hassle, you should zero in on Dude. Located among the trendy lanes of Shimokitazawa, Dude is a salon with its priorities firmly in place. Friendly and efficient, the staff give both dudes and dudettes what they came for—the stylish haircut that suits them best. They also provide a totally relaxing atmosphere that leaves their customers in peace. So aim for a hassle-free life—and haircut—at Dude.

GOLD SALON Azabu-Juban Hair

2-26-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 03-3468-9116 Wed & Fri 10am-7:30pm, Thu 10am-8:30pm, Sat-Sun & hols 10am-7pm, closed Mon-Tue Shimokitazawa

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ 20% of the total service bill for new clients on their first visit.


old Salon’s team of hair stylists have spent years honing their skills under the direction of salon director Howard Regner and can work with all manner of hair types to provide the level of service their discerning clients demand. Over 98% of clientele, whom the salon calls “guests”, are foreign ex-pats. The team’s strength lies in the ability to communicate with clients to gain a thorough understanding of each individual’s desired look before picking up any tools. All staff adhere to the “Sticking to the Brief” policy, which means whatever the guest has said during the consultation stage will be followed to the letter. If your hair starts to behave in an unexpected way, your stylist will stop and consult with you again. All stylists are fluent in English. For Tokyo’s best crafted haircuts, beautiful, natural looking hair colors and the sleekest, smoothest Brazilian Keratin Treatments, the only choice is Gold.

INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY Akabanebashi Esthetic

6F, 4-1-9 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku 03-6436-0228 0 Mon & Wed-Sat 10am-8pm, closed Tue & Sun Azabu-Juban

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Metropolis readers can bring this ad and receive 10% off Brazilian Keratin treatment or ¥1,000 off a Brazilian wax.


here would you go to get a Brazilian wax or Brazilian keratin treatment? There are many choices, including Japanese salons and those run by expats. But if you wanted a steak dinner, you wouldn’t go to a sushi bar, you would go to a steak house. And for Brazilian treatments you should go to a true Brazilian salon with stylist trained in Brazil. Anyone can apply wax on your body or put Keratin in your hair, but the Brazilian is a special technique that leaves your skin feeling sexy and smooth. The staff at Estetica Brasil Beauty are fully trained in Brazil and keep up to date with all the new and improved techniques. Just remember: if it wasn't for the Brazilian, we would all be hairy down there or walking around with razor cuts.

3A Sanki Bldg, 2-2-12 Azabudai, Minato-ku 03-3505-2558 Open Tue-Sun 11am-8pm, closed Mon Akabanebashi



Christmas Special MAPLE ORTHODONTIC CLINIC Ningyocho Dental Clinic

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ 5% off orthodontic treatment for Metropolis readers


traightening teeth is a great way to improve smiles and self esteem. For best results it’s never too early to find a good orthodontist for the kids—like Nihonbashi’s Maple Clinic. Maple’s Dr. George Yamaguchi, a graduate of Hokkaido University School of Dental Medicine, was born in LA and lived in Toronto (hence the maple emblem). He welcomes foreign clientele and their families to his beautifully designed and friendly office. Maple Clinic specializes in low-cost, high-quality whitening and esthetic dental services with a free consultation and examination for first-time patients. If your family started treatment overseas, Dr. Yamaguchi will continue it seamlessly at his clinic. He believes everyone should have access to orthodontic treatment, so Maple Clinic provides world-class treatment in a state-of-the-art facility at a reasonable price.

MDSA Azabu-Juban Esthetic

1F Kobayashi Yoko Bldg, 1-15-7 Kakigara-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku

0120-199-053 Open Tue-Fri noon-3pm & 4-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-1pm & 2:30-6:30pm, closed Mon Suitengumae

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Men: Upper back ¥17,400 (reg. ¥20,500) ▶▶ Women: both legs ¥20,800 (reg. ¥26,000) SERVICES ▶▶ Men (per visit/per five sessions)▶ Full face: ¥29,250/¥87,750▶ "Speedo" area: from ¥8,500/¥29,000 ▶▶ Women (per visit/per five sessions)▶ Both legs: ¥26,000/¥90,000▶ Bikini area: from ¥8,400/¥28,000


hristmas is a time for celebration and the New Year is a time for fresh beginnings. Both are perfect reasons to get yourself cleaned up and looking fantastic as social occasions give you the chance to gleam in your best party gear. MDSA Hair Removal Salon, just a two-minute walk from Azabu-Juban station, offers private treatment rooms and a reservation only policy to ensure privacy and comfort. Staff can speak English and 20% of the clientele are foreigners. Tools and procedures used to remove unwanted hair from backs, shoulders, bellies and bikini lines come from the US. Head in for a free consultation and a localized hair-removal trial to see for yourself how it works. You’ll be impressed by the efficiency, minimal discomfort and the good value. Rooms can service two people, so bring friends or family along to benefit from MDSA's service.

PLAZA CLINIC Hiroo Skin Clinic

2F Ishihara Bldg, 3-7-1 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku 03-6435-1276 Mon-Fri noon-11:30pm, Sat-Sun & hols 10am-11:30pm Azabu-Juban

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ 50% off laser hair removal (one time offer, restrictions apply) plus a free book, New You With Botox


f you’re considering cosmetic surgery, why not choose Plaza Clinic this Christmas, conveniently located near Hiroo crossing? Head surgeon Dr. Robert Kure is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery—the only plastic surgeon with this accolade in Japan—and was chief resident in plastic surgery at UCLA. Dr. Kure is always working hard to ensure Plaza offers the very best in modern cosmetic care with up-to-the-minute equipment. The clinic offers Botox treatment for wrinkles, as well as hyperhidrosis for hands and migraine headaches. Fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm reduce lines and Retin-A and Obagi systems remove blemishes and wrinkles. The clinic also offers facelifts, liposuction, laser tattoo and freckle removal and double eyelid procedures. English consultations are offered and foreign insurance can be used for reconstructive and certain dermatological cases.


4F, 5-5-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku 03-5475-2345 Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 9:30am-6pm (by appointment), closed Thu & Sun Hiroo


POWERS HEALTH & BEAUTY Yotsuya Sanchome Nails

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ One color Shellac manicure, ¥3,900 (reg. ¥5,775, incl. removal)

SERVICES ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶



ave you ever felt apprehensive when making an appointment for the first time at a nail salon? After all, you don’t know what kind of people work there or what the salon is like. What if it is not a proper salon, but just one room in an apartment? Or what if you have to walk down a narrow alley to get there? Powers Health & Beauty alleviates all those worries. The salon is located less than a minute walk from Yotsuyasanchome station, which is just four minutes by train from Shinjuku. The salon is located on the first floor and surrounded by glass, so you can see how clean the space is at first glance. The staff is serious about providing a hygienic experience, sanitizing equipment and using separate files, buffs and woodsticks for each customer.

SAKAZEN Shibuya Clothing


SIN DEN Omotesando Hair

1F MK Bldg, 1-12 Funamachi, Shinjuku-ku 03-6380-1860 Mon-Sun noon-9pm Yotsuya-Sanchome


ou’re tired of trying on that classy shirt only to find that your physique defies Japanese clothing sizes—or maybe you gave up trying a long time ago. Help can be found in the heart of Shibuya. Sakazen Shibuya is the place to update your wardrobe for the New Year or pick out a holiday gift for a loved one. Offering everything from casual clothing to formal suits, the shop specializes in fashion for big and tall men and also stocks regular sizes, meaning there’s something for everyone. The Christmas sale kicks off December 6, with gentlemen’s casual and business wear up to 80% off. Suits with an extra pair of pants can be had for ¥15,000 (reg. ¥51,450) or business jackets for ¥9,800 (reg. ¥40,950). World-famous brands including Versace, Armani and Hugo Boss are available at great prices. So forget flying home to replenish your closet—just head to Shibuya.

All include cuticle care and one color Manicure ¥4,725 Pedicure ¥6,090 Shellac manicure ¥5,775 Shellac pedicure ¥7,140 Gel manicure ¥6,825 Gel pedicure ¥8,190

Large size suits from ¥19,000 Large size shirts from ¥1,900 Large size outer wear from ¥4,900 Large size jeans from ¥3,900

29-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku 03-3770-1641 Open daily 11am-9:30pm Shibuya

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Mention Metropolis and receive 20% off hair services until Dec 31* ▶▶ Shellac manicure for ¥4,500 or or pedicure for ¥6,500* ▶ (*first -time visitors only)


abio Alfano grew up and started his career in southern Italy by the Amalfi cost in his father`s salon. In 1996 he spent the early part of his hairdressing career working in Florence, Bologna and Milan. In 2001, he moved to London to work as a hairstylist in Mayfair. Alfano furthered his hairdressing skills as an educator in London’s Toni & Guy academy while also working at London Fashion Week. In 2006, he joined the Sin Den team and from early on Alfano has shared his enthusiasm and passion with the staff and clients of the salon. “Before a stylist even picks up a pair of scissors or mixes hair color, it is important to talk with customers about the hairstyle that suits their hair type, face shape and lifestyle,” he says. Alfano and his friendly, gifted team at Sin Den wish everyone a fabulous holiday season!

3-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku 03-3405-4409 Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-7pm Omotesando



Christmas Special HARBOR CIRCUIT Chiba Racing

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Two-hour passport Fri-Sat, 6-11pm ¥5,500 and free admission (reg. ¥500) PRICES ▶▶ Admission ¥500; balaclava rental ¥300; helmet and glove rental free; 7-minute ride ticket ¥2,000, 3 tickets ¥5,000, 5 tickets ¥7,500; family package ¥3,000.


2F Chiba Sports Plaza, 13-26 Dezuminato, Chuo-ku, Chiba 043-441-3243 Mon-Fri, 2-11:30pm, Sat & hols 10am-11:30pm, Sun 10am-9:30pm Chiba

f you want to fill the holiday season with thrills and excitement, get your family and friends together for a trip to Harbor Circuit in Chiba, where you can pile into go-karts and race away your pent-up stress. No driver’s license is required and safety guidelines are clearly explained to beginners. Parties of four or more can opt for a group race and burn rubber racing their friends. There are five different track plans to choose from, including a 40-lap race, and there is a real-time ranking system to record drivers’ skills. After your grand prix, you can relax track side for a snack. You are guaranteed at least four laps per ticket, no matter how crowded the track is. And once you have tried it, you will be back for more.

ROBOT RESTAURANT Shinjuku Variety show

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Each customer who brings this copy of Metropolis or displays this ad on their mobile device (one per person) will receive 20% off admittance to the show PRICES ▶▶ ¥5,000 (includes food and one drink)


ho hasn’t seen the large Valkyrie-like female robots on their truck whizzing around Tokyo to a pumping soundtrack? These pulchritudinous automatons are waiting in the heart of Shinjuku’s Red Light District at the Robot Restaurant. The venue is a dizzying design of gold, glittering mosaics, and shiny surfaces. The all-action show involves massive robots, teams of bouncy dancers, mindblowing flying machines and more. Lest you think this a guy thing, the audiences are always a merry mix of girls and boys, young and old, foreign and Japanese. Make a reservation before your visit then confirm by phone one hour before the show. The future is kaleidoscopic and robotic… and an unforgettable experience.


B2F Shinjuku Robot Bldg, 1-7-1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku 03-3200-5500 Open daily 6pm-11pm Shinjuku

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Mention Metropolis when reserving and receive ¥2,000 daily ski rentals or a one-day hot spring visit for ¥800 (reg. ¥1,000) RATES AND FACILITIES ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶


ant to spend a picture-perfect white Christmas surrounded by snow? The Sierra Resort offers skiing and relaxation just 75 minutes from Tokyo, and is ideal for couples or families. Located at the center of the Iwappara Ski Area, the resort offers skiing just outside of its doors from morning till night. Views of Mount Tanikawa and the city make for European atmosphere which is completed by the full course French dinner and extensive selection of wines available in the hotel restaurant. For breakfast, there is a Western/Japanese breakfast buffet. Take a break from the slopes by relaxing in the lobby or enjoying the hot springs with a view of the snow.


One night standard room with two meals Weekdays: from ¥9,500/person Weekend/holidays: from ¥12,600/person Rental skis, snow wear and snowboards available; English-speaking instructors can be arranged.


Iwappara Ski Area, Yuzawa-machi, MinamiUonuma, Niigata 025-787-3250 Echigo-Yuzawa


ARC ACADEMY Shinjuku Japanese school

WEBSITE COURSES ▶▶ Winter program: ¥80,000 (12 days) ▶▶ Spring programs: ¥90,000/¥98,000 (2 weeks)

7F Nishishinjuku K-1 Bldg, 7-2-6 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 03-5348-7671 Mon & Wed-Fri, 10am-6:30pm, Tue 10am-7:30pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed Sun & hols Shinjuku


RC Academy provides a good opportunity to learn Japanese language and culture at the same time, with language classes held in the morning and many activities to learn various aspects of Japanese culture are held in the afternoon. The school is located in Shinjuku, which is easily accessible from anywhere in Tokyo, and offers special programs for winter and spring. For learners who are simply interested in the language, intensive courses ranging from 4 days to many months are available at the Shibuya, Shinjuku and Yokohama locations. Whether you want to improve basic conversation or master business terminology, ARC Academy can help. Corporate training programs include custom-made curriculums to meet individual schedules and needs. Friendly teachers and staff welcome your inquiries by email, telephone or in person.


WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Bring a copy of Metropolis and get a ticket for our Christmas raffle.

COURSES ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶ ▶▶


his Japanese Language School offers courses based on everyday activities, so contents are directly linked to the learners’ life in Japan. Language is acquired when students see it in the actual context, so the school sets “real” language experiences in each course. Some classes go to a supermarket together, while others invite Japanese people to exchange opinions in vibrant, educational debates. Take a 40-minute free trial lesson before December 13 and enter the Christmas raffle for a chance to win three months of free lessons. The “Kanji Recognition Challenge” will be held on December 14 for those interested in improving their kanji skills. Everyone is welcome to this special single session, regardless of their Japanese reading level, where participants will learn 50 characters in one hour. Why not brush up on your character recognition this year?


Getting Ready! Course Let’s Hit The Street Course Talking With A Japanese Person Course Forming An Opinion Course

#603 Park Villa Kichijoji, 1-30-1 KichijojiMinamicho, Musashino-shi 0422-29-8365 Mon-Fri 9am-7pm Kichijoji

WEBSITE SPECIAL OFFER ▶▶ Christmas discount: No registration fee until Dec 25 (reg. ¥17,850) ▶▶ Free trial lesson COURSES ▶▶ Daily and business Japanese, JLPT lessons, cultural sessions, language exchange ▶▶ Flexible intensive courses available


e Japanese Language School prides itself on providing quality lessons and premium services to fulfill learners’ needs and help them achieve their goals. Its unchanging philosophy is “studentcentered and dynamic teaching.” Located just three minutes from Shibuya station, the school also offers off-site classes for those with busy schedules. There are also English and Chinese language classes, giving you the chance to experience cross-cultural communication with people from around the world through social events and a language-exchange program. This winter, the school is offering a "No Registration Fee" campaign and a new intensive course with a diverse curriculum and flexible schedule to improve your language skills quickly. Make your New Year’s resolution a reality and start 2014 in the right direction with We.

4F Higashi Nihon Bldg, 1-22-8 Shibuya 03-5489-6480 Mon-Fri 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-8pm, closed hols Shibuya


Holiday Dining SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Festive feasts

Holiday special events

Spirit of Christmas

Yuletide deals

Our gift to Metropolis readers

Shop info



Shibuya, Akasaka, Roppongi




Mexican dining

Belgian beer

British pub

Special holiday beers, both in bottles and on tap, served for a limited time during the holidays.

Enjoy Chiles joyous holiday repast while you immerse yourself in their traditional Mexican Christmas spirit.

Customers who come in on New Year’s will all receive oshogatsu gifts.

All-you-can-eat Christmas Eve buffet (7-11pm) features turkey, roast chicken and Chiles once-a-year Christmas apple salad for ¥2,500. Includes one drink and ¥500 sparkling wine all night.

A traditional Christmas theme inside with festive lights outside welcome the holiday season.

Christmas tree, lights, tinsel, garland and more will make Mexican dining festive

We are offering a special, limited Christmas menu.

Until Jan 7 order oven-cooked turkey breast marinated in a special garlic-and-pepper adobo sauce. Dec 25 celebrate with a special roast chicken Christmas dinner

New Year’s Eve countdown party with specials on champagne and no cover charge. Christmas trees with all of the festive decorations and lights, just like back home! Traditional British roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings either à la carte or buffet-style on Christmas Day.

Bring a copy of Metropolis and get your first draft beer for ¥500.

Metropolis readers reserving dinner for four or more friends receive a free bottle of cava with their meal—because it’s time to make merry! (valid Dec 26-31)

If you’re looking for a true British end-ofyear experience then look no further than Hobgoblin, which has been serving the foreign community at three locations since 2000.

B1F PCP Bldg, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Tel: 03-5220-2272. Open daily 11am-11pm; (food L.O. 10pm; drink L.O. 10:30pm); lunch 11am-2pm weekdays 11am-4pm weekends. Nearest stn: Tokyo

Mention Metropolis and get a glass of our homemade eggnog on Christmas day or a shot on New Year’s Eve.

1-8-24 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-64349693. Open Mon 11am-4pm,Tue-Fri 11am-9pm,Sat 11am-10pm,Sun 11am-8pm. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

Shibuya: 3F Ichiban Bldg, 1-3-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-6415-4244. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Akasaka: B1 Tamondo Bldg, 2-1319 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Tel: 03-6229-2636. Nearest stn: Akasaka. Roppongi: 1F Aoba Bldg, 3-16-33 Roppongi, Minato-ku. Tel: 03-3568-1280. Nearest stn: Roppongi.







Avocado restaurant

Californian grill

Japanese izakaya

Enjoy California home cooking without having to catch a flight. Californian-Mexican dishes include guacamole and chips, quesadillas, nachos, roast turkey and avocado wraps and original chicken burrito. Plus charcoal grill American rib-eye steaks or pork chops, jerk chicken, roast beef and famous hamburgers.

Eat healthy avocado and roast turkey dishes while enjoying a unique interior decorated by Tokyo artists. Two-hour party course for 30-40 people includes all-you-can-drink plus six food courses and a whole turkey—just ¥4,500 each. Plenty of avocado green Christmas decorations for the holidays! Try the avocado turkey burger (¥1,200) or roast turkey with avocado salsa (¥1,200) available in limited numbers over the holidays. Bring this copy of Metropolis and receive a signature Belgian waffle free.

2F, 5-28-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3400-1188. Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-11pm, Sun 11:30am-10pm. Nearest stn: Shibuya or Harajuku.


A large venue that seats up to 60 people in the horigogatsu style has special party courses available all December to get you in a festive mood! This holiday season enjoy the special party plan with seasonal food course and all-youcan-drink for two hours—only ¥4,000.

Whole roast chicken dinner with gravy for 2-3 people (¥2,300 ) throughout December. Please reserve three days in advance.

From Jan 4, one-10 litres taruzake (barrel) will be available free to diners while it lasts.

Mention Metropolis and get your first 250ml craft beer for ¥400 (dinner only).

Metropolis readers receive beef shabu-shabu for only ¥2,200 and half-priced charcoal grilled steak.

1F Ogawa Bldg, 2-43-11 Kami-Meguro, Meguroku. Tel: 03-5724-3330. Open Mon-Fri 11am-3:30 pm & 5-11pm, Sat-Sun & hols 11am-11pm. Nearest stn: Nakameguro.

2F Daikoku Bldg, 1-8-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-3444-5511. Open Mon-Fri 4pm-5am, Sun & hols 4-11pm. Nearest stn: Ebisu. www.

① Meguro

SEAMUS O’HARA Irish pub Enjoy the Christmas turkey breast plate with all the trimmings from December 20-25 for just ¥2,000—groups of six or more can reserve a whole stuffed bird (one week advance)—and avail yourself of 90-minute all-you can-drink Irish beers, draft cider, sparkling wine and cocktails for just ¥2,500. Or how about Xmas pudding with ice cream for only ¥500? Irish Christmas Night celebrations on Sunday, December 15 (4pm-midnight) feature live music, pub quizzes and an all day happy hour. Have a craic! The atmosphere at Seamus O’hara over the festive season is that of a true Irish countryside Christmas. Mention Metropolis when booking for dinner and receive 15 extra minutes of all-you-can-drink.

B1F Matsuda Building, 3-12-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku. Tel: 03-2760-6179. Open daily 6pm-2am (Dec 20-25 from 3pm) Nearest stn: Meguro. www.

③ Mention Metropolis and receive your choice of ☆Half-priced charcoal grilled pound steak (reg. ¥4,200)

☆Half-prced gara taki Nabe (special Japanese chicken broth) ☆Harf-priced Japanese wagyu beef shabu-shabu * * Two person serving only

Ebisu Dedesuke

2F Daikoku Bldg. 1-8-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Nearest station: Ebisu (1 min walk from West Exit) Tel: 03-3444-5511 Mon-Fri 4pm-5am (L.O. 4am), Sun & Hol 4pm-11pm (L.O. 10pm)

All-you-can-drink courses from ¥4,000 per person for two to 60 people #1028 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 25

2013 Grand Open! 8 types of draft beer and over 80 types of bottled beer ALL 14:00-19:00 HOUR! ¥500 HAPPY - VEDETT EXTRA WHITE - KRIEK BELLE-VUE - EDELPILS - COCKTAILS - GLASS WINE

Tokyo Stn

Marunouchi Central Exit

Open: 11am-11pm (L.O. food 10pm/ drink 10:30pm) Lunch time: Weekdays 11am-2pm, Sat, Sun & Hols 11am-4pm TEL: 03-5220-2272 - Email:

Yaesu Central Exit

dor i bori-

o St


Tokyo International Forum


7min from Tokyo stn. Yaesu Central Exit, 5min from Kyobashi stn (Ginza Line) Exit 5 10min from Yurakucho Stn.

Yur ak

B1F PCP BLDG, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku


Kyobashi Stn Exit 5

Special Christmas Plate

Dec 20 ~ 25 ¥2000 for a turkey breast with all the trimmings.

(If you come with a group of 6 or more, you can change to a whole turkey between you. Reservation required.)

All-you-can-drink available for 2 hours ¥2500 (L.O. 30mins before)

(including Guinness, Kilkenny, Sapporo, Draft Cider and sparkling wine.)

B1F Matsuda Building Meguro 3-12-3 Meguro-ku, Tokyo Tel/ Fax: 03-3760-6179

Homemade X'mas Pudding with ice cream ¥500

( L.O 30 mins before close )

Sun, Sat, Holiday

Tama Univ. Meguro HS

Ootori Jinja

Police Box Sunday Mart

MUFJ Bank Tokyu Metro Meguro stn.

JR Meguro stn. Police Box

• 11am - 11pm Party up to 30 people

Tel: 03-5724-3330 8 min walk from Nakameguro Stn

Enjoy Craft Beer & California style American food! Get together with your friends!

Sun 2 Diner

Komazawa Street

Nakameguro st Meguro River

Hotel Claska

ya Law l H so os n t


Seamus O’hara






15th Dec (SUN)


Open Mon-Fri • 11am - 3:30pm, 5pm - 11pm

Irish Christmas Night

Nearest stn: JR Meguro 15 min walk on Meguro-dori from JR Meguro stn West exit


on Tap & 10 Bottles of American Craft Beer.



how sweet it is


een on prolonging holiday season indulgence, but also determined to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get into shape? Check out the 17th All-Japan Sweets Marathon (well, 10k race) January 19 in Odaiba ¥5,000 (junior high and under ¥3,500). Launched in Osaka in 2010, the event elevates the traditional aid station to a delight of patisserie goodness. Japan being the land of self-restraints, it’s no surprise that the name of the game is hitokuchi (one bite) and not tabehodai. That said, with 20 confectioners participating, chances are you’ll finish your run licking your fingers. You can tackle the 10km in teams relay style or individually, but with over 5,000 runners participating, you will need to maintain a good pace to get first pick of the goodies. Your support team can even indulge if they buy a ticket for the accompanying sweets expo. The entry deadline is December 20, so register soon and get training. —Helen Langford

premium slice


ustrian native and longtime Los Angelino Wolfgang Puck famously created his smoked salmon pizza for the postOscar party he has catered for 19 years. With no melted cheese or tomato sauce, Puck’s signature dish meant all those starlets needn't worry about stains on their Dior gowns. Now the celebrity chef brings that same blend of casual and formal to Ark Hills Tokyo with the Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar (1F Ark Mori Bldg, 1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Tel: 03-5575-2100. The spacious eatery is sure to be a hit with those looking for an elegant pizzeria that boasts quality ingredients you won't get from a delivery chain. Besides the classic smoked salmon (¥2,200), try the chicken meatball (¥1,400), oven-roasted vegetable (¥1,500) or house-made lamb sausage (¥1,400) pizza. Or make 'za a starter before moving on to the flat iron steak (¥2,400) or ravioli with ricotta cheese, pine nuts and tomato cream sauce (¥1,300).

cool tool


rosumer quality food processors certainly save time in the kitchen, but they can also be more trouble than they are worth. Besides taking up a lot of valuable real estate on already cramped Japanese counters, there is the complicated cleanup after each use which more often than not will leave you with cut fingers. French appliance maker T-Fal has simplified everything with Fresh Express (¥15,750), a compact, versatile tool that will become a friend in the kitchen. The five interchangeable cutting drums handle slicing, crinkle cuts, grating, fine and course shredding and are color-coded so you so you keep them straight. A mixing bowl can be slid right under the opening keeping everything simple and clean and operation is simple with only a single button. And a plus for those with small k itchens, t he at tachments can be stacked together for compact storage. Available at major electronic stores.



hot stuff





he innovate chocolate brand Max Brenner was launched in 1996 by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. Brenner had trained Germany and France, but launching the brand in Israel allowed them some freedom to break with tradition and create a new “chocolate culture.” Shaking up the long tradition of chocolatiers, a typical branch is part Parisian sidewalk cafe and part Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now Max Brenner brings its whimsical approach to Tokyo with a location in Omotesando Hills (4-10-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5413-5888.). Joining an already crowded market, the newcomers take the brown drug to new heights with chocolate spread pizza (¥1,800) a chocolate syringe (¥500) and cocoa (¥500) served in “hug mug,” a ceramic cup that comfortably nests in two hands.

hile the holidays are a time for getting together with relatives of both the tolerable and the other variety in the kitchen and around the dining table, a 1LDK apartment doesn’t offer the room for a Christmas cookie baking marathon. Enter Shangri-La’s Gingerbread House Decorating Class, a lesson led by the hotel’s patissier en residence. Design your house any way you like under his expert advice and when your masterpiece is finished reward yourself with a delicious afternoon tea set. The event for children is open to kids 3 and up with a guardian (¥8,500 for the pair). For those who would rather do make their edible architecture free from the pitter patter of little feet, there’s a ladies-only session on December 22 that includes a glass of Laurent-Perrier champagne with tea. See listings (learning) for details. COURTESY OF SHANGRI-LA HOTEL, TOKYO

oving on from the highball craze that gripped the nation a few years ago, it seems warm booze is what’s in this season with Suntory pushing whisky served oyuwari (with hot water) and mulled wine stands popping up at Christmas markets. While the words “warm beer” are enough to put anyone off, you might want to try the hot stout (¥650) Kirin City locations have added to their menu. Served with a creamy, steaming head and a cinnamon stick, the drink is is sure to warm and cheer you in the cold months. Kirin has even published a recipe. Get a can of Kirin Stout, pour 150ml in a glass mug, leaving 3cm of space for foam. Heat for 70 seconds in a 500W microwave. Then gradually add one teaspoon of sugar, stirring gently to not destroy the head. Drop in a cinnamon stick and enjoy.

Dining Out



Enjoy various events on Friday until the year ends! All events start: 8pm and No entry fee. P.C.M. MANHATTAN WINTER in Dec!!! 12/6(FRI) CIROC DANCE CLASSIC NIGHT DJ:K+C & MORE 12/13(FRI) HEINEKEN NIGHT XMAS DJ:LAVA and musicians, dancers, and more. 12/18 (WED) kind of night DJ:LAVA, VJ:adachi Craft Beer from 12/20(FRI) POMMERY XMAS ¥500 DJ:TADAHISA SHINKAWA (SOUNDFINDER) GUEST DJ:DAVY 1F Tokia Tokyo Bldg, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stations: Tokyo or Yurakucho. Open: Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Tea 2:30-5pm, Dinner (Mon-Fri) 5pm-4am LO 3:30am, (Weekends and hols.) 5pm-11pm LO 10pm


Roppongi's famous Chinese eatery

Order 3 Tsingtao beers, and get 1 free. Post a photo

of the restaurant on Facebook, and get 1 free Tsingtao. (3 people max.) Open 24 hours • 180 people max for parties Roppongi: 2F Court Annex Roppongi, 3-2-13 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku.

Akasaka: B1F Floral Plaza Bldg, 3-8-8 Akasaka,Minato-ku.

03-5414-5708 03-6234-9788

Visit our website for info on other Chinese Cafe Eight locations | 28 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP


Dining Out

local flavors



Tokyo offers a wide array of gourmet prezzies By Yukari Sakamoto


hen it comes to Christmas shopping for food lovers, Tokyo has something for everyone. With so much on offer, knowing where to go and what to get is half of the work. Let Metropolis help you out with our selection of epicurean goodies.

A set of tasting cups from the Masumi Brewery in Nagano available at the Masumi online shop (¥1,575;, along with a set of half-bottles of sake (¥3,450) will be a treat for the nihonshu aficionado. There is no better way to taste and compare a variety of sake all made from the same brewery. Masumi's honjozo, junmaishu, junmai ginjo, and junmai daiginjo half-bottles are sold in a box set. These can be ordered online, gift-wrapped and delivered.




For fun stocking stuffers, Iwako makes erasers of different foods like sushi, ramen and bento (set of six for ¥315; html#food1) sold at several different stores in the outer market of Tsukiji. Curious where to find the regional Kit Kat (¥840) flavors like wasabi, ichimi togarashi (chili pepper) or azuki (sweet bean)? Look no further than Tokyo Station’s Shokoku Gotochi Plaza. The shop is located in the First Avenue section. It also happens to be across the corridor from Tokyo Ramen Street, so grab a bowl while in the basement arcade of Tokyo Station. While in the area, be sure to check out Morinaga’s flagship store, Morinaga no Okashina Okashiya-san, for Hi-Chew candies (¥100) in flavors like lychee, sour lemon, and golden kiwi.



For the cookbook lover, Ivan Orkin has penned an autobiography and cookbook, Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo’s Most Unlikely Noodle Joint (¥2,930). The book includes recipes for his signature ramen, so complete the gift with a ramen bowl, renga (soup spoon) and chopsticks. Nobu: The Sushi Cookbook (¥4,410) includes detailed photos on how to make nigiri zushi (hand-pressed sushi). It also includes a recipe for hako zushi, a pressed sushi more commonly found in the Kansai region. Complete the package with a wooden oshigata mold (¥3,500; http:// for making pressed sushi at home and a sharkskin grater used for fresh wasabi (¥1,313; The secret to enjoying distilled spirits in Japan is the round ice ball. The ice melts slowly and is beautiful when presented in a wide-mouth glass. Traditionally hand-carved by a bartender, plastic ice molds (¥480; ice) are practical and fun to present with a bottle of Japanese whisky. Or, for a more local flavor, head to the Okinawa antenna shop Ginza Washita (Chuo-ku, Ginza 1-3-9). The basement has a selection of awamori (from ¥1,000), the shochu from the tropical island, and colorful Ryukyu glasses that are perfect for the big ice balls.





Interesting areas to explore for gifts for the foodie in your life include Tsukiji’s Outer Market. Be sure to check the online calendar before going as it is closed on Sundays and some weekdays ( Kappabashi, the wholesale district for kitchenware and tableware is always fun to carefully peruse. A department store’s basement, depachika, has a myriad of packaged food gifts, from sweet to savory. Better yet, head to the events space in a department store, usually the top floor, for the seasonal oseibo section. Oseibo are year-end gifts that Japanese people will send to friends and colleagues. Here you will find a wide variety of gifts at different price points. At Takashimaya you can order food gifts made by star chefs like Yoshihiro Murata of Kikunoi in Kyoto. Best of all, most of the oseibo gifts will be delivered for free shipping, so be sure to bring along the address and phone number of the recipient.



A lovely set of lacquer chopsticks is something that the receiver can use almost everyday. For Tokyo’s widest selection, Natsuno in Ginza (6-7-4 Ginza, Chuoku; has hundreds of chopsticks in a variety of designs. Complete the gift with some hashi-oki chopstick rests.




6 #1028 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 29

The majority of classified ads have moved online!



Metropolis and its subsequent Classifieds section are printed every other week. The upcoming publication dates and corresponding deadlines for print are as follows. This does not affect the online Classifieds, where ads are visible immediately after they are approved.


KIMISHIMA DENTAL OFFICE, MINAMI-AZABU, MINATO-KU, TOKYO. English-speaking dentist, 3min from Hiroo stn, specializing in both cosmetic a n d g e n e ra l d e n t i s t r y. State-of-the-art facility and friendly staff. Special offer for Metropolis readers: 30% off dental check-up. 03-6277-4217

in sports injuries, p o s t - o p e r a t i v e rehabilitation, back/neck pain, running related, headaches, orthotics, ergonomic consultations and women’s health. w w 03-3443-6769 A C U P U N C T U R E , SHIATSU, MOXIBUSTION. Profe s s ion al treatm e nts offered by licensed acupuncturist trained in China, Australia and Japan. Acupuncture is ef fective for backache, sore shoulders , sciatica , headache, stomach problems, depression, colds and flu, high blood pressure, insomnia. Phone Lynne at 090-54954936.


JAPAN’S MOST AFFORDABLE H E A LT H I N S U R A N C E . If you feel like you’re throwing money away on insurance, come on over to HealthOne and start saving today! Three-, six- and 12-month plans. Inpatient/outpatient coverage for illness and injury. Online enrollment; pay by credit card or at convenience s to r e s . w w w. h e a l t h o n e . jp 0503424-6713 NAKAMARU D ENTAL , LO C AT E D I N YOKOHAMA , provides g e n e r a l dentistry, esthetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontics by a UCLA-trained and certified dentist. 30min from Shinagawa and Shibuya. nakamar-@ c a m e o . p l a l a . o r. j p w w w. english/ 045-681-3359

SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY (physical therapy) c a r e i n H i r o o . Native Engli sh - speaking therapists specializing

ENGLISH-SPEAKING HAIR SALO N IN YOKO HAMA . H a d trainin g in En glan d . C a n s u g g e s t t h e p e r fe c t hairstyle for you. Web: www. Email: mail@ fa ce s - h m Te l : 0 4 5 662-0722

O N LY C U T Z O N E s a l o n provides a hair cut service for only ¥1000. 5min walk from K i t a - S e n j u s t n . Fr i e n d l y English-speaking staf f is av a i l a b l e . C o n t a c t u s a t 03-3882-1550. Open from 10am until 7pm , 7 days a week. onlycutzone


C H E A P E S T, Q U I C K E S T AND SAFEST! Transporter To k y o s u p p o r t s y o u r moving and delivers your stuff. Moving for singles or couples from ¥12 ,000. Delivery (furniture, motorbikes, etc.) from ¥7000. English, French and Japanese -speaking staf f available. Inquiries: www. transporter-tokyo. com/english/contact Te l : 0 3 - 6 7 1 5 - 9 3 9 1 F a x : 03-6715-9392 Address: 3-29-8 Nishi-Rokugo, Otaku, Tokyo

Issue 1030 Issue 1033 FRI, DEC 20




Dec 12, 3pm

Dec 19, 3pm

available, weekly cleaning service, free internet, aircon, fridge. From ¥49,000/m. No key money/guarantor/ agent fee. 090-2405-0022

2.2 RENT UNDER ¥200,000

N A R I TA A I R P O R T C A R / MINIVAN TRAN SFER SERVICE. Cheaper than a taxi. English-speaking driver. Meet and greet. Free baby seat. Luggage assistance. Dependable-Safe-Easy-Quick Airport Transfer Service. BOOK NOW! Email Reservation@ To k yo A i r p o r t e r. c o m .


1.2 HAIR & BEAUTY SHIBAURA DENTAL CLINIC ENGLISH-SPEAKING DENTIST. General and cosmetic dental clinic. Dentist is a graduate of Harvard Dental School, with over 20 years’ experience with dental practices in the USA, Japan. Blue Shield, Japanese National Insurance accepted. 5min walk from J R Ta m a c h i s t n . O p e n M o n - S at . 03 - 5 4 4 2- 8 5 2 5


LAW OFFICE IN KAWASAKI (next to Tokyo), member o f t h e Yo ko h a m a B a r Association. Legal service in English for traffic accidents, divorce, inheritance, bankruptcy, business cases (contracts, establishing a company, trademarks, etc.) and other legal problems. Email: VISA COUNSELING: female immigration lawyer handles your visa case. Permanent residency, naturalization, e lig ib ilit y (invitin g your spouse/children/workers from your country), extension/change of visa status. Consultation ¥5000. OFFICE LIFE (Miho Fujibayashi). Te l : 0 9 0 - 8 3 3 0 - 0 6 7 0 Email: Website: http://officelife. jp/en/ TO ADVERTISE IN M E T R O P O LI S , JA PA N ’ S NO.1 ENGLISH MAGAZINE, log on at www.metropolis. or email yo u r c o m m e r c i a l a d s t o commercial@metropolis. CREATIVE SOLUTIONS. Specialists in branding, web design, photo/ vi d e o p ro d u c ti o n . D rawi n g A Crowd: a new approach in design. Get in touch. info@drawingacrowd. co SPECIAL CHAUFFEUR SERVICE: HANDICAPPED/ E L D E R LY/ S P E C I A L N E E D S . English-speaking, licensed care specialist /driver touring Tokyo and environs offers you door-to-door convenience and comfort. First hour ¥5000. Additional time ¥2500/30min. y o k o @ t o k y o s a k u r a t o u r. c o m

SMILE STAND: Japan's first and only stylish rental photo booth. An exciting addition to any party, event, etc., and the best way to get crazy, fabulous, professional photos. With this ad ¥55,000~.

THINKING ABOUT ADVERTISING WITH M ETRO P O LI S ? Platinum ¥28,928. Gold ¥23,940. Silver ¥18,953. Bronze ¥2000. Printed photos +¥2000/ photo. Prices are for one print issue, two weeks online. For details, contact commercial@

LOVI N G BABY MA S SAG E . Teaching mothers, fathers and other family members professional baby massage and child yoga techniques from internationally acclaimed Peter Walker’s “Developmental Baby Massage” and “YogaGym”. E /J . P r i v a t e s e s s i o n s from ¥4000. Small groups from ¥3000. Four-session discount. Call Shino at 080-3362-0429 or email babymassage123@gmail. com.

T H E A S P I R AT I O N O F “MIWA” IN DAIKANYAMA is to display the craftsmanship of traditional Japanese a r t i n t h e co n te m p o ra r y world. Our wish is to present dishes, art, and crafts made of urushi, gla s s an d c hina . w w w. #101, 20 -13 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

2 FIND A PLACE 2.1 GUESTHOUSE GREAT LOCATION & SUPER CLEAN. Private furnished rooms in Roppongi, Akasaka, Azabu-Juban and Minami-Shinagawa, all 2min from stn, ladies-only floor

SAKURA HOUSE. Leading multilingual real e state age ncy in Tokyo s i n c e 1 9 9 2 . O ve r 1 6 0 0 furnished apartments a n d g u e s t /s h a r e h o u s e rooms, from ¥52,000/m, utilities included. No key money/guarantor/ agent fee. Contact us: 03-5330-5250 info @ sakura - house .com

F O N TA N A , e s t a b l i s h e d over 30 years ago. With a wide range of location s at competitive prices, our apartments and guesthouses are some of the best. Let our international team find you the perfect p l a c e t o l i v e i n To k y o . fo n t a n a @ g o l . c o m w w w. 03-3382-0151

I C H I G AYA G R E E N C O R P. Fu rn i s h e d , t wo - ro o m , three-story apartment, s u n ny a n d q u i e t , s o u t h / north facing, many trees, small Japanese garden, 5min walk from subway station, 13min by bicycle to J R S h i n j u ku / Yo t s u ya ¥100,000/m. Tel/ fax: 03-3341-7875 Email: itto@itto-jinnai. com

I C H I I C O R P O R AT I O N . Over 600 affordable, quality-furnished apartments in central To k yo l o c a t i o n s . N o key m o n ey/g u a ra nto r/a g e nt fe e re quire d . N ew, clean apartments, simple contract system, full English support. Call us today! 03-5437-5233 www.

MODERN, BEAUTIFUL A N D F R I E N D LY S H A R E HOUSES IN CENTRAL TOKYO, featuring amenities such as a yoga studio, pool tables and private music rooms. All houses cleaned daily, onemonth contracts available, simple proce ss , with full English support. Call us at 03- 64 47-2201. info @ s h a re d e s i g n .co. j p w w w.

P R I VAT E F U R N I S H E D A P A R T M E N T S . Odakyu line: MukogaokaYuen/Yomiuri-Land-Mae, 20/30min from Shinjuku. Keikyu line: Hatcho-Nawate, 15minfromShinagawa.1K~2LDK ¥58,000/m~¥120,000/m. Te l : 0 4 4 - 93 3 -70 0 0 Email:mh@minowagroup. jp minowahomes

S E RVI C E D A PA RTM E NT S in a quiet residential area of Hiroo. Studios and suites. 4min from Hiroo stn. Rates: Daily ¥7800. Weekly ¥6850-/day. Monthly ¥5900-/day. Over three months ¥4950-/day. Tax, utilities included. frontdesk@ azabucour t .com www. 03-3446-8610

K I B A GO-CHOME, KOTO-KU, TOKYO, 2DK, 3 3 s q m , s o u t h -fa c i n g , newly renovated, w/ big veranda where you can enjoy BBQs, se parate bathroom and restroom, 1min from stn, first story is a convenience store, 1min to huge Kiba Park, 5min walk to Japan’s biggest Ito Yokado, w/ many restaurants, 1.5 key money, 1 deposit ¥95,000/m. No agent fee. YOKOHAMA APARTMENT, NO KEY MONEY, NO AGENT FEE. Private oneroom apartment, w/loft, small kitchen, unit bathroom, walking distance to Yayoidai stn, Sotetsu line, easy access to Yokohama and Totsuka stn ¥45,000. Private rental.

Metropolis reserves the right to refuse, cancel or edit any ad without notice. Metropolis takes no responsibility for the quality of items or services advertised. Please carefully examine vendors or items offered before commitment. Please be careful when contacting and arranging to meet people.

Visit for complete listings. 30 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP

2.3 RENT OVER ¥200,000

TO K YO A PA RTM E NT S . Corporate housing p rovi d e r of fe ri n g s h o r t and long-term apartments throughout central Tokyo. Fully customizable packages! Serviced, furnished and unfurnished apartments, relocation service, furniture rental, a n d p ro p e r ty s a l e s a n d management. Please call 0120-957-520.

EXPAT HOME , 20MIN TO ASIJ, IN GREEN KICHIJOJI. Beautiful expat-designed home, 158sqm, plus loft, two decks, European and American appliances, 40min to Roppongi, 20min to ASIJ ¥460,000/m. Key m o n ey : o n e m o n t h . D e p o s i t : two months . Pets negotiable. http://kichijojihome.wordpress. com/

2.4 HOUSE SHARE N AT I V E E N G L I S H / B I L I N G U A L H O M E S TAY L A DY s o u g h t . Furnished room, three cooked meals, heating and lighting expenses and more ¥50,000/m. Please teach English to my kids. To k yo . n u i ko 4 5 1 8 @ m a i l . g o o .

2.5 PLACE WANTED Clean, respectable male needs weekday stay near Osaki starting Jan. I just need a shower, bed, light and outlet to charge my phone. Willing to pay ¥2000/night for any Mon-Thu nights. Only 12 hours. garridosjapan@

2.6 BUY/SELL PREMISES TIRED OF PAYIN G R E N T ? Minato Asset Management Co., Ltd. can help you find properties, get a mortgage, permanent visa, etc. Diversified income properties also available. m u k a i @ m i n a to - a m . c o m 090-4123-1025 03-557982779

3 EDUCATION 3.2 JAPANESE TEACHERS WE ARE QUALIFIED TEACHERS offering lessons in your area or online. Prices from ¥1500/h , written in our re sum e s , e m aile d to you. No registration fee! japaneseanywhere@ ya h o jp ht tp : //w w w. 090-27093736 JAPANESE LESSONS for all levels fro m exp e ri e n c e d te a c h e r i n Tokyo near the Yamanote line. First and second lessons free. Let ’s e njoy Japane se le s son s and culture! Please call Setsuko at 090-1210-9285. Email:

3.5 LANGUAGE EXCHANGE DIALOGUE WITH THE WORLD! Seeking language exchange partners? Mostly Japanese and English native speakers, but other languages as well. Enjoy your conversation with other members and foster understanding of new cultures! support@ gengocros s .com www. Danish, German, Japanese. Hej and 'N Tag! JF, 30s, seeks Danes and Germans to help her with languages in Tokyo/Kanagawa through fun conversations over cups of coffee or just hanging out. Please be nonsmokers, 30s preferred. Deutsch und Japanisch. JM seeks language exchange with someone who can teach me Ger. I can teach you J in return. Prefer central Tokyo or Kanagawa. M/F ok. Native German speakers only. snowsurfsk8@yahoo. com English and Japanese. Japanese male, 41, seeks a native English speaker for E/J exchange. I like music and am interested in vegetarianism and meditation. Let's help each other and have some fun. blackstar777@ English and Japanese. Hi, I'm a JM, 23, seeking a language exchange partner in the Shinjuku area. I can help you with your Japanese! kgnshd8@ English and Japanese. Working Japanese single mother, 40s, with British accent, seeking English speaker(s) around lunchtime in Jimbocho. Prefer friends-based, fun and witty language exchange over reasonable and tasty food/tea. No smoking. English and Japanese. I'm a JF, 40s, seeking a language exchange partner. I love music and teach piano to kids and adults. I'd like to improve my English. Prefer Machida area. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! English and Japanese. I would like to improve speaking. I am Japanese and work in Tokyo. I want to study seriously. In return, I can teach you J. English and Japanese. British man, Kanagawa or Tokyo, seeks Japanese for language exchange. Prefer educated partner. English and Japanese. Hi, I'm a Japanese working for an international British company in Tokyo. I'd like to teach J in E to native or bilingual English speakers since that would be best for my English development. Please contact me. English and Japanese. Japanese seeks friends from foreign countries between Soka and Takenozuka for language exchange, movies. Let's talk over coffee. Friendship only. No sexual emails, please. language_exchange3@ English and Japanese. I'm a Japanese female, mid-30s, studying E and seeking language exchange friends. I'm an office worker living in Tokyo. I like traveling, running, films, eating out, coffee, etc. Please contact me. English and Japanese. Seeking language exchange in the Yokohama area. I am free most evenings and weekends. America kara kimashita. English and Japanese. Hi, I'm a mid-30s Japanese female seeking a language exchange partner and friendship. I lived overseas for a few years, and I'd like to share thoughts and laugh together, too. I prefer females. English and Japanese. Japanese man, 33, seeks language exchange partner for weekdays around 7pm. Marunouchi, Nihonbashi and Kiba

areas are convenient for me. Hope to hear from you soon! s_tomizawa@ English and Japanese. Seeking a language exchange partner for Japanese language help and English a r o u n d A k i s h i m a / Ta c h i k a w a . English and Japanese. Group language exchange every Wed, 7:309:30pm, at coffee shops around Ginza. Most members are 20s and 30s. We switch languages every 30min. Fun events on weekends. Free to join. ando. English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese. I'm a Japanese female, mid-30s, seeking language exchange friends. I like traveling, films, eating out, coffee, etc. Feel free to contact me. English, Japanese, French. Hi! I'm a JF, 24, living in Tokyo. I'd like to be able to speak E better. Would someone teach me? I'll teach you J in return. Please send me a reply. English, Thai, Japanese. I am a JM, 37, in Tokyo, seeking English or Thai speakers for language exchange. I can meet you in Tokyo or nearby. My hobbies are travel, watching movies, drinking. jojodio2006-game@yahoo. Fre nc h , Engli sh , Japane se . European man seeking a language exchange partner to improve his Japanese. I can teach you Fr or E. Let's enjoy sharing our cultures and interests. Machida area preferred. German and Japanese. JF seeks Ger/J language exchange partner. Seit Sechs Monaten lerne ich Deutsch aber ich spreche Englisch. F/M ok. If interested, drop me a line. gardenstate2005@ Italian and Japanese. It/J language exchange sought by a professional woman. Weekday evenings (6:307:30pm) or weekends, one lesson/ week or two. Preferably Shibuya, Ometesando, Denentoshi line areas. Serious only. ayana.sayana@yahoo. com Korean and Japanese. Japanese male, 40, seeks a native Korean speaker for Kor/J exchange. I like music, reading, cooking. I hope we can learn from each other and have some fun. Spanish, English, Japanese. Hi, there. I'm a Japanese female, late 20s, seeking someone who can teach me Sp in E. I'd be happy to help your Japanese in return. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. danae1907wien@ Swedish, English, Japanese. I'm a Swedish guy, 21, living in Tokyo, trying to learn J. I'm not a native English speaker, but I could definitely help you improve. Of course, I speak Swedish, too.

3.9 TEACH ME! Business Japanese teacher sought for regular, weekly 90min lesson. Ideally somebody who has business experience and can conduct a lesson just in Japanese. Pay to be discussed. Free trial lesson required. cy.west@ English lessons. JM, 33, seeks native English teacher for ¥1500/h around the Odakyu line. Help with photoshop/American comics. Artist working on a graphic novel seeks expert Photoshop user to help me learn how to put the finishing touches on my book. Will give you credit if published and a percentage of any profit.

4 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 4.1 FURNITURE & FITTINGS Table, wooden (H70xL90xW60cm) ¥1000. Pick up near Gotanda stn. #1028• WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 31

Many more Classified ads online! Please visit Table, glass (71x61x90cm), for computers, w/sliding lower shelf for keyboard and mouse. New ¥14,000. Sell ¥3000. Pick up Asakusa. sim o n . jam e s .wo o d @ gmail .co m 08037291807

4.2 APPLIANCES Foot spa, Panasonic, steam, w/ infrared heater ¥13,000. Pick up JR Sakuragicho. Can deliver for a fee. Fridge/freezer, 86L (fridge: 60L; freezer: 26L), works well ¥2000. Pick up Chofu or arrange delivery. vags@ 080-4007-1711 Hairdryer, Koizumi KHD-1236, w/ Turbo and ion function, in good condition ¥1000. mizi2005@hotmail. com Rice cooker, Tiger, IH, as new ¥9000. Delivery included. mizi2005@hotmail. com

4.3 SAYONARA SALE Sayonara sale! Ikea bed, dining table, big sofa, center table, washer, fridge, in very good condition. 080-4425-2400 Sayonara sale! Electric appliances, furniture, designer clothes and purses. Make an offer. Pick up only Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku. Photos available. heidi_hideshima@yahoo. com hideshima 080-3350-4343 Sayonara sale! Doll house, ski set, ski wear, homeschooling LifePac, roller skates, baby seat. Pick up Hirano area, Koto -ku. Photos available.

Accounting • Auditing • IPO Consulting • Due Diligence

Visa Attorney Tax • Corporate • Tax Preparation Services • Tax Consulting • Immigration • US Tax Filing Services • Accounting Services • Payroll Services

Sayonara sale! Pioneer 43" plasma ¥ 3 0,0 0 0. Miele wa sher/dr yer ¥50,000/both. Sanyo fridge ¥7000. Outdoor storage unit ¥8000. Wooden blinds ¥6000. Dehumidifier ¥2500. Pick up Meguro. bellnori412@gmail. com

4.5 AUDIO & MP3

More Than Twenty Years Experience

Speakers, B&W MM-1, multimedia, compact, well-balanced, in excellent co n ditio n , w/re m ote , c ab le s , documentation, original box ¥40,000. No shipping.


Bathtub, Combi, clean, wellmaintained ¥2500. preetish19@yahoo. com


For the cost of postage get Metropolis on your doorstep—and have ransom note material for decades.

Takashi Kasai CPA Firm 4-1-2-302 Honcho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo

Stroller fabric, Bugaboo, fleece, tailored, w/carrycot apron, seat cover, sun canopy. New $165. Sell ¥11,000. Breezy canopy, sand. New $75. Sell ¥5500. ¥15,000/both. victoria_ 08096896688 Stroller, Aprica, stick, cobalt, as new, very clean ¥16,000/obo. Free delivery possible depending on area.


LEGAL AND BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER a division of azuma consulting ltd.

We totally support your Visa and business needs

Our services include:  Immigration (visa) assistance

Eligibility, Visa change & Renewal, Permanent resident

 Company Foundation  Bookkeeping  Payroll (withholding taxes etc.)

 Other business documents

Rafine Higashi Ginza 209, 4-4-14, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Attn: Mr. Y.Ogawa, Representative email: | tel/fax: 03-6226-5105 | mobile: 080-1126-2293 32 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP


Train set, wooden, 70+ pieces, w/ mountain, three bridges, turntable, Thomas, Percy, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Spencer, Hiro, Diesel 10, Troublesome Truck, Giggling Troublesome Truck, generic trains/ cars, trees, buildings, people ¥8000/ obo. 09058044378

4.7 FOR FREE Range, Rinnai Gas, two burners, w/pull-out grill, three y/o, in good condition. Pick up/arrange delivery Kamino ge stn , Oimachi line . Various items. S e m i - d o u b l e bed; two singles, w/bedguards for kids; 29" TV; dining table; fridge; microwave; washer; etc. Hachioji. my- m a il - m i c h a e l @ ez we b . n e . jp h a c h i o j i s a y o n a r a .w e e b l y. c o m 09058044378 Various items. National fridge/ freezer, 404L; National washer, 6L; Daikin aircon. Pick up only Shinjuku-ku. 09040289154

5 HOBBIES&INTERESTS 5.1 CAMERAS Camera, Black Magic Design Pocket Cine, new in box ¥120,000. Details available. 09010364681 Digital camera, Canon EOS Kiss, w/ two-lens kit (EF-S18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS), battery, charger, strap, in great condition ¥30,000. Pick up Tokyo/ Shinagawa. DSLR, Nikon D7000, w/new 35mm 1.8 lens, no boxes ¥75,000. Pick up Shinjuku San-Chome. recfreq@yahoo. com

5.2 SPORTS EQUIPMENT Bindings, snowboard, K2, for beginners, 4x4, cap toe strap, women's size 6-10/men's size 5-8 ¥1000. Pick up near Yokohama. sayonara_vancouver@

5.3 MUSICAL EQUIPMENT Insect sounds. "Bugs" collection of insect sounds taken from Ric Viers’ Blastwave Sound Library, thousands of sounds pre-installed on a dedicated USB drive, brand new, never plugged in. New $249. Sell ¥15,000.

5.4 BOOKS/CD/DVD DVDs, 50 available, most bought in Japan, in excellent condition, in original packaging ¥300/each or less. Details, list available. grabthebrassring71@

Monitor, Samsung T260, wide, HDMI, in perfect working condition, no dead pixels, no scratches ¥12,500. Cash only. Pick up only Ningyocho Dec 19-21. Box available. Tablet, Sony Xperia Z 32GB, Wi-Fi, six m/o, w/original Sony leather cover ¥43,000.

10 HELP! 10.1 HELP ME BABY-S IT TER N EED ED I N JIYUGAOKA, Toyoko line, for two boys (7 and 10 years old). Mostly weekday evenings. Responsible, experienced, Japanesespeaking person (English not mandatory), over 22. ¥1000/h, plus transportation fee. Please mail introduction. minamiyama@gmail. com Audio magician: help, please. Seeking audio engineer, preferably Mac user (but not picky if it sounds good) to help remix my tracks to get them sounding more magical. 09082752381 Native English check needed. JM musician needs you to check my English lyrics. I need your help. Let’s hang out! Seeking gyoza area. Hi, I remember once there was a place that had many gyoza shops along a street, but I can't remember where it was. Either in Kanagawa or Tokyo. Anyone know what I'm talking about? hell-fire@


5.5 GAMING Board games, European-style, as new or un-played: Drakon ¥1500. Attika ¥1000. Mr. Jack ¥1000. Babel ¥1000. Settlers of Catan, Japanese ¥1500. Bohnanza ¥500. La Citta ¥4000. ¥7000/all/obo. my- m a il - m i c h a e l @ ez we b . n e . jp 09058044378 Xbox 360, UK, white, 60GB, w/13 games (Halo 1, 3, 4, ODST, Reach; Mass Effect 1-3; Fable II and III), UK power converter, unopened official Xbox T-shirt (black, size M) and baseball cap set, clean, works perfectly. taxiarkai@

N E E D T O TA L K ? W e ’ r e h e r e to listen. TELL LIFELINE: free, anonymous English counseling daily from 9am-11pm by trained vo l u n te e r s : 03 - 57 74 - 0 9 92 . TELL COUNSELING: affordable multilingual p syc h oth e rapy by acc re dite d Western-trained professionals, a CIGNA International Provider: 03-4550-1146. TELL website: www. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TokyoLifeLine.

7 GENERAL 7.2 FASHION Coat, Zara, for winter, very warm, in great condition, faux suede, size M. New ¥35,000. Sell ¥5000. Pick up Ikebukuro. Can ship via Sagawa for an additional ¥600. chemists_at_large@

7.3 MISCELLANEOUS Christmas tree, s l i m - t y p e (180cm), fully decorated, many ornaments, lights, used four times ¥8000. Photos available. my- m a il - m i c h a e l @ ez we b . n e . jp 09058044378 Christmas tree, two y/o (H150cm), from Tokyu Hands, in excellent condition, w/tree stand, skirt and decorations, no lights ¥4000. Pick up Nishi-Funabashi or pay for delivery.

8 COMPUTERS 8.2 HARDWARE iPad 4 64GB, black, no scratches, in great condition ¥35,000. Ebina, Kanagawa. 08041178302 Keyboard, wireless, 2.4GHz, w/ trackball mouse, function keys for music player, volume, etc., good grip for use without table, in good condition ¥3000. Pick up Sangenjaya or Shibuya. Monitor, ThinkVision L171p, LCD, 17", in great condition, w/manual, DB15, DVI, power cables ¥7000. nrad_bob@

THE JAPAN HELPLINE, 24 hours a d ay, fro m a ny wh e re , a b out a ny t h i n g . Fro m e m e rg e n c y assistance to simple questions. Visit and press “ he lp,” or call 0 570 - 0 0 0 -911. To volunteer or support, please contact www.

WEST PAPUA: ONE SOUL , O N E PEO PLE . Fifty years ago, West Papua should have been an inde pe nde nt countr y. Since 1969, West Papua has b e e n inva d e d a n d th e p e o p l e robbed of their rights, culture a n d c o u n t r y. H e l p s u p p o r t West Papuans’ desire to be fre e . ht tp : //t a p ol .g n . a p c .org/ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS TOKYO. If you have a problem with drinking, we can help. English-speaking meetings daily. 03-3971-1471 inquiries@ TO ADVERTISE IN METROPOLIS, JAPAN’S NO.1 ENGLISH MAG A Z I N E , log on at www. or email your commercial ads to





‘T WA S S H O RTLY B EFO RE CHRISTMAS, and all through the land, people were c u r s i n g t h e o u t ra g e o u s c o s t of C h ri s t m a s c a rd s and, Metropolis gave all a reason to hope - post one ad here for all your friends, a n d avo i d g o i n g b r o ke . http://classifieds.

MAMA-TOMO, where would I be without you? Curled up in the fetal position in a corner pulling my hair out, no doubt. You ladies and your kiddies rock K’s and my socks. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and looking forward to plenty of new adventures in 2014. Cheers!

THANK YOU, AI-SAN. You taught me French swear words, how to wrap iPhone cases, and helped me recognize the greatness of Japanese dajare. I will never forget my great experience interning with you at Metropolis!


JAPAN I NTE R NATI O NAL CHRI STMAS PARTY. Sat , D e c 21 , 6 : 3 0 - 9 p m , D evi Fusion (Roppongi). Japan’s biggest international party. 250 people expected. Allyo u - c a n - d ri n k a n d fre e snacks. Japanese men: ¥4 0 0 0. O t h e r s : ¥ 3 0 0 0. Mobile: http://getyourfriend. com/mobile/ jiparty@ 090-1735-5405 http://www.getyourfriend. com/

J O I N T H E B I G G E S T, B E S T, M O S T P O P U L A R INTERNATIONAL PARTY! Great people, drinks and food! Meet new friend s and party with nice people in a friendly atmosphere. Events in Tokyo (Ginza , Azabu, Roppongi) and Osaka. ¥1500-¥2000.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL . Nihon Unisys Bulls, X league C e n t ra l D i v i s i o n , s e e k s fit players w/ US college football experience for all positions. Practice every S at /S un from 10a m -3 p m (including meeting) in To k y o / S a i t a m a ( t i m e & venue subject to change). Attendance at practice must be over 60%. Please contact for tryout info and send your profile to team admin. http://www.unisys football/

CLUB 360 PERSONAL TRAINING, physical therapy, fitness classes, massage. Large, modern facility just 3min walk from Roppongi Hills, with experienced trainers and therapists. For all your fitness and rehabilitation needs, contact us! info@ 03-6434-9667 ALL-NATIONALITY TOUCH FOOTBALL. Non-contact tag rugby (OZ tag) and Rugby League players. We play every Sat from 10am in Tatsumi. M/F and beginners welcome! Good exercise and fun! Many other activities, such as BBQs and drinking parties! Email for details. tokyorugbyleague@ http://ameblo. jp/tokyo13warriors AMATEUR RUGBY LEAGUE PLAYERS . Japan ANZAC S Rugby League team is seeking Rugby League players for J a p a n e s e Ru g by Le a g u e official games from Apr to S e p. Eve r yo n e we lco m e . Contact for more details. PLAY RUGBY. The Tokyo Crusaders are a friendly but keen international rugby club. Devoted to the game and its social side, the “Cru” welcomes all players and supporters. Established in 1990, the Cru plays in the Shuto League 1st Division. crusaders www.tokyocrusaders. com TA M B O U R E L L I . U n i q u e n e w spor t from Scotlan d . U sing a tambourine-like instrument as a racquet, players hit a shuttlecock. We play two or three times/month on weekends in Meguro with many socials. Join us! More details: www. info@tamjapan. org Basketball in the Yokohama area. Good intermediate games every Mon and Wed night at a local school's gym. Feel free to come. It's free. Please contact for further details. satoru. Cricket. Cricket. Cricket! Play cricket with the Chiba Sharks Cricket Club! Teams in JCA Division 1, Division 2, T20 and monthly indoor training. Indoor Winter League starting soon! Men/women, all nationalities, abilities welcome. Never too late to play! http://

Don's Half-Fast Flash-Mob Weekend Urban Bicycle Rides. halffastcycling@ Football/soccer GK players. Tokyo Redstar, Setagaya League 3, is seeking soccer players for goalkeeper positions. Practice almost every Sat/ Sun in Tokyo. Attendance must be over 60%. Experienced player welcome. Please send your profile. saito987@ Futsal player. Want to play futsal on weekends in Tokyo? Please introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, where you live, whether you belong to another team). Futsal players wanted by a very friendly international team. Practice is in Tokyo and Kanagawa on Sat. Details available. Interested in tai chi? Then why not start now? Take a step to counter the stresses of daily living. Practice is in Toyama Park on Sun mornings, near Takadanobaba stn. Quality football. Interested in playing football at the weekend and training midweek? Want to enjoy a few beers after a good run out? If you consider yourself a quality player, please drop us a note. bfcvagabonds@ Volleyball Club Intervoll. Japanese and foreign volleyball players gather in Takadanobaba to enjoy playing. Have volleyball experience and want to play volleyball in a friendly atmosphere? intervollclub@yahoo.

13.2 LEISURE MCARTHUR HEIGHTS. Take a break where General Douglas McArthur did! One hour from Tokyo by car or direct train. Beautiful cabins on the ocean, w/onsen, beach, shopping. mcarthurheights@yahoo. com Free Japanese home cooking lessons. Japanese housewife offers free private home cooking lessons in English (women only) at her house near Kawasaki stn during the day on weekdays. You pay the cost of ingredients. tome.haruka-soushi@ Tokyo Snow Club. A ski/snowboard club for anyone living in, or visiting Tokyo. We go on big group trips every weekend in the winter. Powder, live music events, and parties in snow. Membership is free! info@ http://www. 050-5806-5616

13.3 ARTS American comics. Seeking fans of American comics to meet, chat and share ideas. Maybe we can work on projects to get published or just have a good time talking about comics. Independent film makers night. We want to start an independent film makers night. It will be a networking night and a chance to show your work. If you are interested, please get in touch. Love Shakespeare? Amateur group in Tokyo, meeting once/month to celebrate our love of the Bard. Come to read, or just to listen. All nationalities welcome, no experience necessary! rchrd_schwartz@yahoo. com Shakespeare-sama/

13.4 MUSIC Chorus singer/instrumentalist sought. Cover band, currently fourpiece including female lead vocals, guitar, bass and drums, is seeking an additional member. Ideally, female who can sing good vocal harmonies and play guitar or keyboard. Drum or taiko. Seeking someone to teach me taiko or the drums. I can teach you languages (English, German, French). #1028• WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 33

Many more Classified ads online! Please visit


Chika’s Special Facial Therapy: ¥15,750 (90min)

To advertise:

Includes cleansing, (exfoliation and extraction, if needed) along with a special facial massage

Chika’s Hot Stone Body Therapy: ¥12,600 (70min) Warm, stone bed massage that helps balance your energy, body and mind.

It takes you to a deeper relaxation!

10% off with this ad! B1F Sun Beauty Harajuku, 3-25-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001


This month special Brazilian wax & Under arms

Only ¥5,500!



(Lycon) Shellac for hand ¥4,800~ Brazilian ¥6,800~ Shellac for foot ¥6,800~ Bikini ¥3,800~ Under Arms ¥2,200~ Gel Nail ¥6,500~ Lower 1/2 Legs ¥4,000~ Manicure ¥4,300~ 1/2 Arms ¥3,000~ Pedicure ¥6,500~ tip–top–tap

NISSIN Akabanebashi Sta. Azabu Juban Sta.

•Akabanebashi Stn: 1 minute walk •Azabu Juban Stn: 8 minutes walk

English speaking Private Nail Salon

tip–top–tap B1F Rever Hayashi 1-18-7 Higashi-Azabu,Minato-ku

Weekday 12:00-22:00 Weekend 10:00-20:00


Strong, beautiful, flexible Transform your body & soul at BASI PILATES! Offering you “Authentic Pilates” Metropolis Campaign

Admission Fee: ¥15,750 ¥0 Trial Machine Private Lesson: ¥10,000 ¥8,400 Package 3 Machine Private Lessons

¥30,000 ¥18,000

Machine Private Lessons available at our Roppongi studio Lessons in English available Studios in Roppongi, Ginza, Nakameguro and more

03-6425-7054 •

COCO JUKU, a quickly expanding English school, seeks native English instructors. Location: Tokyo area. S a l a r y: ¥2 6 5 ,0 0 0/mont h . S o c i a l Insurance, union membership, visa sponsorship. Teaching experience and TEFL, CELTA, TESOL desired. To apply, please email CV and cover letter to METROPOLIS is seeking E/J bilingual sales executives. Base salary and attractive commissions. Experience preferred. Send E/J resume to I N T E R N AT I O N A L H O S T E S S E S WANTED! Fun and easygoing, w/ proper visa. Daily pay, starting at ¥1800-¥2500/h. No tax! Top-quality karaoke sound system. Stardust Club, 1min from Nishi-Kasai stn, Tozai line. Tel: 03-5696-5398, 03-5696-5397 or 080 -3 504 -94 54 E m a i l : liza@ Website: www. Drummer and bassist wanted around Yokohama for a band. We mainly play rock music and have rehearsals in Shin-Yokohama. Any kind of player is welcome, so feel free to contact us. m_a_b1998@yahoo. Guitarist, other odds and ends. Seeking musicians for creative projects, soundscapes to improvised rock, explorers of new sounds. Not trying to be famous, just want to create. Basically improvise around a theme. Jazz singer in Tokyo sought by Japanese guitarist. I play jazz standards in Tokyo. k.chiba106@ Seeking bassist. Are you comfortable with odd time signatures? Like progressive rock? Arthur Pentameter is seeking a bassist with attitude and skills. We play around Tokyo on a monthly basis. http:// Seeking cover band. Hey, I'm seeking like-minded musicians to start a pop-punk cover band. To k y o / w e s t e r n To k y o a r e a . Fall Out Boy, etc. I'm a bassist. N e e d g u i t a r, vo c a l s , d r u m s . Vocal coach sought for one hour of vocal training. Can exchange for one hour of piano, bass or English instruction. bradburgess1000@ Yes, another "bass player wanted" ad. Original music. Play blues/rock. Can actually "play." No slappers. No suits. Sample of playing. See online for video. You're right: we can sing a song! Seeking female singer/songwriter. I'm a Japanese guitarist. I play electric



FORE IGN AN D JAPAN E S E CAFE STAFF WANTE D. LD&K Inc . will open a new cafe in Udagawa, Shibuya at the end of Nov. We are seeking friendly, music-loving E/J speakers for the bar, kitchen and hall. Shift work paid at ¥1000 -¥1400/h , depending on experience. Transportation and staff meal provided. Valid visa required. Please contact I N T E R NAT I O NA L M A R K E T I N G MANAGER/ASSISTANT WANTED. Mirei Recruit is seeking energetic bilinguals to sell product to distributors, communicate with foreign division staff and expand our business. Experience pre fe r re d . S e nd CV, w/photo, to ADMIN INTERN. Metropolis is seeking an E/J bilingual intern for general admin duties, editing, and various other tasks. Students welcome. No pay, but transportation provided. Great chance to gain experience in an international environment. SALES INTERN. Metropolis is seeking a bilingual (E/J) intern to join its Restaurants & Bars advertising team. No pay, but transportation provided. Please email knakashima@

and acoustic guitar. Rock, pop, punk, R&B. Gigs in Tokyo. kamikaze_vibe@

13.5 MIND, BODY, SPIRIT Diamond Way Buddhism Tokyo. Do you want to explore your own mind? Guided Buddhist meditation every Sun, 6pm, near Azabu-Juban. International practitioners, beginners welcome, Japanese spoken. Please call 090 -3598-3072 for more information. Reiki share. Non-profit Reiki share group. We meet twice/ month in the Ueno area. Other healing modalities are ok, too. Zen meditation (Zazen). You’ve always thought it would be interesting to try it - why not now? Join us Fri evenings at Tokuun-in in Ueno. Make arrangements in advance by email, and check our home page. www.

14 PERSONALS 14.1 FRIENDS Around 40! JF, around 40, seeks new female friends for nights out. All my friends have gotten married, feeling a bit isolated from the dating world. Preferably around my age and not into Sex and the City, please. nmi. Danes wanted! JF, 3 0 s , into Denmark like crazy! Er der nogen dansker i Tokyo eller Kanagawa at moedes til kaffe og hjaelpe mig at laere dansk lidt? Please be nonsmokers, 30s preferred. Glaeder mig til at hoere fra jer!

Dining friends. SJF, early 40s, seeking friends who can go out for dinner on weekdays and weekends. Minato-ku area preferred. luv. Japanese guy living in Tokyo seeks friends to explore local treasures: aka-chochin, yakitori, etc. JM seeks jazz players for fun. I've been playing the alto sax for a couple of years. Still amateur, but want to play with others. yossynet@ra2. Musician? Hello, I’m a SJF. I speak English. Can any guitar players teach me? I’m free after work or on weekends. New friends. I am a Russian female, 27, living in Tokyo, married, with a young baby, seeking new friends who could meet up sometimes for a tea and chat. Prefer similar age and situation. Female only. positve@ Running mate wanted! Do you enjoy running in this perfect season, but are getting bored running alone? Same here! I'm seeking a running mate in the Ikebukuro/ Mejiro/Takadanobaba area. Let's run together and stay fit! loveurpp@ Seeking friends in central Tokyo. JF, early 30s, seeks friends to hang out with in central Tokyo. atkm92@ Se e kin g illu st rators . I ’m a Canadian writer (published) seeking Japanese illustrators who are interested in collaborating on children’s picture books. My themes are healing and peace, the kinds of 絵本 that adults can enjoy as well as children. Japanese ok. philcoecc@

14.2 MEN LOOKING FOR WOMEN HANDSOME JM SEEKS SINCERE WOMAN IN TOKYO. Successful Japane se busine s sman , early 3 0 s , b ilin gua l , go o d - lo o kin g , caring, seeks something long-term, potentially leading to marriage. If interested, please feel free to drop me a line. Photo preferred. pirlo_cucchiaio@ MARRIED MAN SEEKING WOMAN. There is something that I have missed in my life. Seeking a friend to share some good moments (talking, having romantic dinners and more). Please send your photo to SUBMISIVE SJM, 35, cute, is seriously seeking a woman who is into, or interested in, dominating men. I am so submissive, with seven years’ experience, that I am happy to take whatever and serve you in any way. 彼 女 探 して い ま す。H i ! I a m a

29-year-old guy seeking someone under 29 for a serious relationship. I can speak Japanese quite well and I have a LINE account. Waiting for your email. uniman@gmail. com

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Enjoy life. Caucasian American man seeking Japanese woman, under 27, who loves nature, Japanese food, and life, for lasting relationship. Let's enjoy it together. Serious only. I’m educated and work in Tokyo. Email, w/photo. European gentleman, mid-40s, tall, educated, good-looking, S, seeks M lady, under 30, with unusual fantasies, ready to explore the extraordinary. One mouse click may make your secret desires come true! aminimia@ European man seeking Japanese angel. European, 30s, seeking JF who likes family life and figure skating in her free time. I like to enjoy myself at home. I am a computer programer. I also like fashion design and cooking. xoxo@ French businessman, 40s, seeking his princess to share a new life. Photo appreciated. Let's get to know each other by email before a glass of wine. Friends first. JM seeks friendship or a steady relationship with English or Japanese-speaking people. Any nationality ok. I like outdoor activities, movies and music. Tokyo or Kanagawa. Friendship or more. SJM, 40s, classy and stylish, seeks sweet and intelligent woman to share feelings and a sincere friendship. Age, race and looks are not important. We can start getting to know each other by email before meeting. Good-looking British man, 39, tall, is seeking a Japanese girlfriend in/around Tokyo. Preferably 18-29, slim, with some English ability. Seeking a girl who is not tied to her work. Waiting for your email. Handsome White American new in Tokyo. I'm an educated, fit, Californialooking guy with lots of interests, hobbies. I am seeking a cute, kind, possibly slender Japanese girl. よろし くお願いします. Try me. wwooozzz3@ Hanging out on evenings/weekends. Professional, respectful male, new to Tokyo, is seeking a female for evenings/ weekends. I like chatting over coffee, movies, concerts, long walks. We can discuss more later. furugh2002@ Hotel friend. Seeking woman, any nationality ok, to share good times in a hotel.

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Make your own rules. Someone has to. Or no rules at all. You may surprise yourself. You’re expanding into areas you haven’t tried before. The unknown isn’t guaranteed to be comfortable. In fact it probably won’t be. Your chart this week has you craving freedom and yet with Jupiter and Dark Moon Lilith in your solar fourth house, you secretly want a cuddle and a cozy warm life at home.

There may seem to be less of you and a whole lot more of others this week. Obligations seem to crop up and there’s no telling what you’ll be asked to do. Part of you may want to live for fun but at the end of the day that tends not to be sustainable. Consequences crop up in larger amounts right now. When you put your energies into taking care of yourself and saying what’s real for you, you’re rewarded.

The birth of our new earth is felt by all its inhabitants. There are moments of tension, breaths of release. Pain and joy, confusion and clarity all merge. Overlapping awareness and crazy time schedules seem to go together. One minute you’re holding on, the next you’re letting go. It’s all a bit much to ask. No one can do it consistently, but as a Gemini, this week you’ll have to. Juno in Aquarius has your back.

How do you take care of yourself? Do you hide out in your crab cave? When someone gets near a soft spot, do you pinch the living daylights out of them? There isn’t much you can do other than be what you are. The tricky part is having that part exposed while still feeling safe. Venus opposite your sign says ‘just do it’. Your beauty glows this week.



Aug 23, 24~Sep 22, 23 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Sep 23, 24~Oct 22, 23 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣



Finally, a sense of comfort in your role sinks in. The Part of Fortune in your sign brings success in your current efforts. The Moon opposite Leo on Friday lends itself to your focus. It strengthens your resolve as Mars transits to your communication sector Saturday. Changes at home may seem slow but the foundation you’re creating is worth this extra time. Open yourself to new experiences.

Tread carefully over prickly details. They may blossom into warm understanding with this week’s shift of perspective. The repercussions of thought and feeling merge as harmony becomes a focus. Trying to reign in your dreamy side? It’s either going to be expressed through your artistic pursuits or those of a partner. Since inner vision has not cost, you may as well be the recipient of inspiration.

You have everything to gain. Risk a dent or two in your ego. You’ll up your chances of winning a closer connection with your divine self. Your ruling planet Venus wants you surrounded with beauty, serenity, comfort. Mars entering your sign on Saturday brings drive to make this real in your world. Don’t let a little thing like Pluto taking apart your dreams stop you from making new and better ones.

The calm you feel is the mounting of energy before your new life begins. It’s one of cutting away fears and obligations that were never yours. For so long you have tried to make your deepest desires understood, while noticing that the tides of emotion kept carrying you off to other destinations. Right now, Scorpio can create their own paradigms like magic.




Jan 20, 21~Feb 18, 19 ♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Feb 19, 20~Mar 20, 21 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Happy Birthday Sag! Whether your birthday is this week, last week or coming up, you’re in the high energy zone of your year. That may seem like a surprise when you consider the season means it’s a bit cooler. However, Sags are like pilot lights. They’re there for you to the nth degree. They keep others’ hearts warm ‘cause theirs are always sparking. Break a few rules and put yourself first this week.

You’re all about building for the future. If only you knew what the future held! You’ve come to the right place. The world is becoming more malleable, more permeable with an infusion of thought and feeling. What used to be considered a pillar of tradition doesn’t excite the nervous system the way it used to do. It’s the new lights who are sparking an interest. It’s your turn to step up to the plate and hit a home run.

You’ll have a better sense of what you’re doing as each day progresses. Juno in your sign glows with the transit of the moon in Aquarius on Friday. Translated, this is a day to feel what is important to you. It may mean rearranging your schedule or booking yourself in for a massage or an energy healing. Venus is hiding in your solar twelfth house. Love is around the corner and just about to show up.

Chiron in Pisces opposite Pallas Athene says you get what you pay for. It’s not all about money, either. Emotions run high and investments must be carefully scrutinized this week. Sure, you can gamble and shoot for the moon. But if you end up stuck on an emotional raft rather than sparkling amidst the stars, you’re going to want your investment back. And by then it may be too late.

March 20, 21 - April 19, 20 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Apr 20, 21~May 20, 21 ♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

July 23, 24~Aug 22, 23 ♥♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Nov 22, 23~Dec 21, 22 ♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣♣

Dec 22, 23~Jan 19, 20 ♥♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣♣

Metropolis Mediabox

XXXXX and I visited Japan this summer for Regarding the history,“Smokehouse” food, temples,(Restaurant nature, Review, October I have this ...etc. Pop culture25): had zeroto tothink do with is as a paid ad, not review. It doesn’t it did the lacka of women CEOs, even the seem likxxxxxx aging population and overworked salarymen.—JLR


NOT SO COOL Regarding “Uncool Japan” (The Last Word, November 8): Does it really matter as neither J-Pop or its lamer imitator, K-Pop, travel all that well? —Jenni Anderson If the point being made is that the government using Japanese pop culture to get tourists is a failure then I can see the point. My wife

May 21, 22~June 20, 21 ♥♥♥ ¥ ♣♣♣♣

Sounds like someone just stepped off the plane and looked up stuff on the internet.—John Rabbito Once again the defensive, disgruntled expats start to cry when someone dares launch a perfectly valid criticism at Japan. Funny, isn't it, how it's always the women that get most of the flack, too.—Guest To my mind, she makes five main points: 1) It's unimaginative. True. 2) Japan is not actually that cool. In many ways, it's not cool at all. True. 3) The "cool" idea has been done before. True.

June 21, 22~July 22, 23 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Oct 23, 24~Nov 21, 22 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣


4) The Japanese government is actually using "cuteness" to promote the country? True…and give me a break! 5) And this is the clincher: If you have to say "We're cool!", you're not cool. Very true.—tokyoracer

CYCLE CITY Regarding “Roads Scholar” (Feature, November 22): They spend ¥13.5 billion on removing bikes each year? Why not spend that on making parking areas? —@BenIley

BORN TO RUN Regarding “Still Fighting” (Metro Daily, November 23): February 2006 I was walking home in Meguro one eve, I suddenly found myself in an ambulance with severely bloodied face, broken nose, lost front teeth and more... After years battling with racist jingoist judges in Kafkaesque courts, with a fully incompetent lawyer [...] who quit

mid-trial, I learned the perp stalked me in his car then jumped out and attacked me from behind until I fell to the street. He kicked me in the head repeatedly as hard as he could while wearing boots—all in front of witnesses—and drove away. Meguro police did their best to conceal everything, sheltered the thug, destroyed evidence and photos, failed to give me a victim rights handbook, lied to me and didn't hold perp one night in jail. The settlement I received was equivalent to one month's pay, although I sustained permanent internal and external injuries, PTSD and loss of work income for five years. He was found guilty of assault in a sham criminal hearing to which I was not invited or informed of, fined ¥300,000 and walked away without having spent one hour in jail. —cliffintokyo

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Before rushing into Christmas, take time to savor autumn By David Chester

David Chester is a musican and filmmaker based in Tokyo.


t’s early November. You’re out for an evening stroll, reveling in the crisp autumn air. Perhaps you’re in Ginza, window-shopping at the most expensive stores on earth even though you know full well you’ll never be able to afford anything in them. But fall is in the air, and all is right in your world. Then, as it always does, your sense of selfworth gets the better of you and you boldly sweep into one of those exclusive boutiques, intending to slip on a designer jacket just for the hell of it. Then it hits you. Nay—it assaults you. From that speaker on the left—no, the right—no, it’s in surround sound! “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus!” You r e a l i z e , a s y ou f r a nt ically search for your custom f it

earplugs, that it’s already too late. The onslaught of Christmas songs (and merchandise, decorations and “Christmas cakes”) has begun— and you are powerless to stop it. And really, what’s the big deal? Everyone else clearly knows it’s a t wo-month holiday. W hat’s your excuse? I ask myself this question every year, when time-honored chestnuts like “Jingle Bell Rock” drill through my eardrums and nestle in my brain until the ornaments are back in their boxes at day’s end on December 25. The problem: I love what is commonly known as Christmas music. As a professional musician, I probably know more merry melodies than even hardcore aficionados, including many Japanese X mas tunes, such as Yumi Matsutoya’s upbeat “My Baby Santa Claus,” and Midori Karashima’s sorrowful “Silent Eve.” What I do not love, however, is having the “sounds of the season” force-fed to me any earlier than

necessary. For me, holiday music sets a tone and establishes a mood — one that should be joyous, warm, and centered around family and friends. But the insistent cheeriness or solemn beauty of some Christmas songs played before their time only makes me feel irritated or depressed. More importantly, it highlights a situation that seems absolutely out of sync with what Japan otherwise might offer. Although starting Christmas in early November (or late October) is not peculiar to Japan, what I find disturbing is that in a country where the people truly love their seasons, celebrating them with foods, festivals, art and more, why would they want to toss November to the crows for the sake of blasting “All I Want For Christmas is You” and putting up a tinseled tree? Why is the beauty of an entire month wiped out so that we can “enjoy” Christmas? What if, instead, we threw a bit more weight behind “Culture Day”

(November 3) or “Labor Thanksgiving Day” (November 23)? What if we took a step back in time and embraced what the Japanese used to call shimotsuki, the “month of frost”? Grow ing up in sunny Sout hern California, I never had an appreciation for anything in particular associated with fall or winter. But here in Japan, there’s so much! The wagashi(sweets), shaped and colored to capture the fleeting beauty of the season, the intense dreaml i ke seasona l colors of momiji, the chance to enjoy yakimo from t he street vendor who sings his mournful song. All these things are overshadowed by a mad rush to convince everyone that a Westernstyle Christmas—or a damn good imitation of it—is what the season is about.

THE INSISTENT CHEERINESS OR SOLEMN BEAUTY OF SOME CHRISTMAS SONGS PLAYED BEFORE THEIR TIME ONLY MAKES ME FEEL IRRITATED OR DEPRESSED.” I’m sorry—in my book, it is not. W hile I mulled over this article, I took a walk in my local park and I saw something I had almost forgotten about—a beautiful tree, its autumn leaves still proudly showing their crimsons and golds. A woman stood near it, gently rocking her baby back and forth. A man and his dog observed it silently. Some children gathered the fallen leaves, just to see the colors up close. I, too, stood and had a precious moment with nature, one not hampered by t he invasive strains of “Last Christmas” or “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” I had a chance to ref lect on what the season meant to me. And the only sound I heard was the wind as it rustled the leaves. How beautiful it was.

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CHRISTMAS TURKEY PLATE (Shibuya & Shinagawa only)

짜1,800/person (Conditions: must order 1 drink)

Stuffed Roast Turkey with Gravy & Berry Sauce *using beef gravy sauce

*For reservations, please contact the Shibuya or Shinagawa branches

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We welcome all kinds of parties. Please contact us.

Each branch has different hours. Akasaka

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Metropolis #1028 Dec 6-19, 2013  
Metropolis #1028 Dec 6-19, 2013  

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