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FOTOLIA IS YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR JAPANESE STOCK IMAGES 25% bonus on first credit purchase A man in yukata escapes the sun at Meiji-Jingumae temple, by Enrique Balducci


The Small Print

officials at the environment ministry withdrew their recommendation that female office workers use “antiperspirants, scented laundry softeners, cold sprays and wet tissues” to keep cool during summer.

By Steve Trautlein


MY NAME WAS “ WHEN CALLED, MY MIND WENT BLANK” —16-year-old Gyo Tanaka of Chiba, on receiving word that he had won a Best of Category award at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix




78.84 million

Estimated number of Japanese people who will take “overnight or longer trips this summer”—a record high, according to JTB

DRIVE TIME ćć According to a Tok yo government sur vey, the number of illegally parked bicycles and motorcycles at train stations has dropped for nine consecutive years. ćć The TMG found a total of 7,611 such violations in 2012. That’s a drastic decrease from 1990, when the number was around 243,000. ćć The stations with the most number of illegally parked bikes and motorcycles were Akabane, Azabu-Juban, Tokyo, Shinjuku and Akihabara. ćć According to the National Police Agency, the number of traffic fatalities in the first six months of 2013 marked a year-on-year rise for the first time since 2000.

ćć Officials at the welfare ministry say 60.4 percent of Japanese households experienced “financial hardship” in 2012. ćć The labor ministry revealed that just 1.89 percent of Japanese fathers took paternity leave in fiscal 2012. ćć Officials at JAXA unveiled a 34cm-tall robot that they claim is the first of its kind to be able “to converse with people.” ćć Headline of the Week: “Remains of Dog Given to Relatives After House Fire Turn Out to be Human” (via Mainichi Japan)

ćć Citing an inability to communicate with members of the international community, a government panel recommended that Japanese officials “use more English.” ćć Authorities at the education ministry are set to introduce a program “in which non-native Japanese speaking students can learn the Japanese language during regular class hours.” ćć Speaking at a symposium in San Diego, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that “the Fukushima disaster changed [my] view of nuclear power.” ćć After receiving complaints from the public,

Yokohama have petitioned JR East to introduce women-only cars on local trains out of concerns that students are being harassed by gropers. ćć A Japanese man who lost his son in the 9/11 attacks hosted an exhibit of Ground Zero photographs at a gallery in Inagi, western Tokyo.

STRANGE BUT TRUE ćć Law enforcement officials say a man who committed 158 burglaries in the Kanto area carried a pet leash with him so that if anyone grew suspicious, he could say he was looking for his lost dog. ćć Police say two men stole more than 150 member IDs from Kinokuniya’s online store and used them to download “36,000 e-books worth about ¥21.7 million.” ćć Of f icia ls at fou r a l l-g i rl h ig h schools i n

1.08 million

Number of “online access attempts recognized as cyberthreats” by the National Information Security Center in fiscal 2012

ćć Officials at the Meteorological Agency say western Japan received record-low levels of rainfall and record-high amounts of sunshine this spring. ćć A 70-year-old Yamagata man was killed when the hot air balloon in which he was riding crashed into a lake on the border of Gunma, Tochigi and Saitama prefectures. ćć Among the members of a health ministry panel tasked with finding “foods that promote longevity” are a division manager of the Lawson conbini chain and a dietician from household scale-maker Tanita Corp. ćć Bottom Story of the Week: “Ogasawara Bush Warblers Evolved Into 2 Distinct Types” (via The Yomiuri Shimbun)

¥20.06 million

Average income of Diet lawmakers in 2012, according to parliamentary data



Shinjuku 03-3352-6606 Ikebukuro 03-5951-3614 Akasaka 03-3539-3615

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Shibuya 03-5459-1736 Shinagawa 03-6718-2834

8/4 BEER HALL DAY!! All Draft Pint Beer ¥500 Except Akasaka as this branch is closed on 8/4

Beer Hall Day was established to celebrate the opening of the first ever beer hall on Aug 4th, 1899.


8/5~31 Pint Beer Festival!! Everyone who purchases a pint of beer gets a raffle ticket for a chance to win a 3000 yen Dubliners’ voucher.


Upfront idol worship


hether you like it o r n o t , yo u ’ l l n o doubt be familiar with at least a handful of artists or sugary pop groups managed by Avex. They infiltrate TV shows, commercials for sodas and sweets, and are to be found on every other billboard in Shibuya and Harajuku. Now you can see them all over nine days in two handy locations—Shibuya-AX and Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Performers at A-Nation Island include Korean hotties Super Junior, sizzling Crystal Kay and funky video-makers World Order. Popular girls’ mags will hold fashion shows, and there will be stalls to browse and spend money at a fair in front of Yoyogi Gymnasium. Entry is ¥500 and concerts and other events are priced from ¥4,500 (adv)—buy online via



feeling eel

nagi or Anguilla japonica, aka freshwater eel, comes into its own in midsummer with not one but two Unagi Days (Doyo Ushi no Hi) on July 22 and August 3. The day’s name translates as “late season Ox Day”—harking back to a time when the Chinese Zodiac was often used to delineate the passage of time. A custom of eating foods beginning with “u” on the day has transformed into a modern commercial success as folk bust their way into fine eel restaurants and snap up unagi bento for lunch. But don’t just do it for the tradition. Freshwater eel is also rich in protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, calcium, and fatty acids DHA and EPA. It’s also reported to combat summer fatigue, boost stamina and turn your skin shiny and waterproof.


f you want to blow away the summer sweat, there are other options available to you than the free uchiwa given out by pachinko slaves or electronics-store elves. Not only are you then staring at advertising (and foisting it upon others)—but they are also of a quite awkward shape to cart around. Instead, opt for a pocket-sized fan (¥399) from


etropolis is giving away tickets to these exhibitions for free. To claim yours, send an email to with your name, age, gender, postal address, "Art Attack" in the subject line along with your favorite and least favorite thing about the magazine. The Beauty of Japanese Calligraphy Stunning works by Fujiwara no Kozei and more. Tokyo National Museum, until Sep 8. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Birthday (1958); by Léonard Foujita, Pola Museum of Art Ghosts, Underpants and Stars Interactive show where kids of all ages can run, touch, photograph and explore art naturally. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, until Sep 8. Nearest stn: KiyosumiShirokawa. Costumes Parisienes: La Collection de Shigeru Kashima No.3 French fashion plates from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Nerima Art Museum, until Sep 8. Nearest stn: Nakamurabashi. museum Handsome Boys and Good-looking Men of Edo Woodblock prints of the hotties of the day. Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art, until Aug 25. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Leonard Foujita: Mon Paris, Mon Atelier Japanese ink techniques used to create Western-style paintings. Bunkamura the Museum, Aug 10-Oct 14. Nearest stn: Shibuya. La Méditerranée dans les Collections du Louvre An exclusive selection of works from Paris’ famous museum. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, until Jul 20. Nearest stn: Ueno.


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Dreams, whose tasteful design will cool your aesthetic sensibilities even as you reduce your temperature. Once you enter a climate-controlled environment transform your ventilator into a bookmark or coaster, slip it into a bag, or conceal it up your sleeve to whip out at a moment ’s notice.

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bo li


Keiy oH igh wa y

Admission 1 ticket (7 min)=¥2000, 3 tix=¥5000, 5 tix=¥7500

JR Keiyo




The prefecture is more than just Yokohama and surf breaks By Larry Knipfing, Todd Wojnowski and Tomoko Kamishima When Commodore Matthew Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1854, all of Japan would change forever. Perry conducted most of his official business in Kanagawa, placing the prefecture at the heart of Japan’s new age of creativity and openness to this day. Starting in its easternmost city, Kawasaki, and heading west, here are some highlights. The Kawasaki Horse Track (Keiba) is a wild ride if you’re betting on the fillies. But for nongamblers and those spending winnings or drowning sorrows alike, the course is extremely proud of the food on offer. The track’s leading jockeys can be seen on the website introducing their favorite on-track snacks, including soba, gyoza, ramen, yakisoba, and curry. The Kawasaki track may be Japan’s smallest, but that only brings the crowd closer to the action. So close, in fact, that you feel like you could reach out and touch the horses as they gallop past. Easy to reach, a day at the races is a sure bet. Entry ¥100 or free if you print out the ticket from their website. Getting there: Minatomachi station on the Keikyu Daishi line is just across the street. Or use the free shuttle bus service from pole #21 at JR Kawasaki station. 1-5-1 Fujimi Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki. JapanTourist entry: While much of Yokohama’s Chinatown activities revolve around eating, eating and more eating—and maybe a little shopping—there is actually a febrile world of activity bubbling away beneath your first impression. To attain spiritual wellbeing before starting in on the dumplings and noodles, show up early Saturday mor n i n gs for Tai chi at Ma Zhu Miao Temple (“Masobyo”). An instructor will guide you through the motions of the ancient Chinese martial art widely practiced for its meditative and health benefits. The free one-hour class starts at 9am with sign-ups at 8:30am. Getting there: Motomachi Chukagai station on the Minato Mirai (Tokyu Toyoko) line.

Hakone Open Air Museum


Just past the ancient city of Kamakura lies the beautiful seaside town and island of Enoshima. Appreciate the landscape and listen to the rolling waves from the Enospa hot spring. The upscale complex allows men and women to bathe together (with swimming costumes) in pools indoors, outdoors, and in grotto-like caves. There are also saunas, whirlpool and massage facilities to enjoy, as well as a Southeast Asia-themed spa. Book your table at the Italian restaurant in time for a spectacular sunset over the bay and Mt. Fuji. All day pass: ¥2,650 (adults)/¥1,200 (elem)/free (below elem). Getting there: A short walk from Enoshima station (Enoden line, Shonan Monorail, Odakyu line). 2-1-6 Enoshima,



Hakone Open Air Museum Tai chi at Ma Zhu Miao Temple

Ryukokuji temple



Odawara castle


Iwaya Caves

sellers’ tables spread out around the temple grounds. Goods spotted here include an immensely beautiful but prohibitively expensive temple door, noh masks, old army medals, dolls, craftsman’s tools, and much more. Getting there: Just a short walk from Enoshima, this is a great way to start off (or finish up) a day on the island. Ryukokuji Temple: 3-13-37 Katase-ku, Fujisawa. Free entry.

Aburatsubo’s Araihama Beach


Fujisawa. JapanTourist entry: The Iwaya Caves on Enoshima Island have been eroded by the tides over thousands of years, and elevated up from the sea by repeated earthquakes. The spot is still impressive, though it has lost some of its ancient wonder through redevelopment as a tourist sight by Fujisawa City. Hiroshige, Hokusai, Toyokuni, and other famous ukiyo-e artists rendered Iwaya and Enoshima in many of their woodblock prints. Getting there: A short walk from Enoshima station (take either the Enoden line, Shonan Monorail or Odakyu line to Enoshima station). Adult: ¥500/Child: ¥200. JapanTourist entry: The Shonan Tatsunokuchi Antique Fair is held every third Sunday from early in the morning until sundown at Ryukoji Temple. Depending on the season (and weather) you could find as many as 80 dealers plying their wares. As at any antique fair there’s a lot of junk surrounding the good finds, but that’s the fun of it. There’s no charge to stroll around and view the

For picturesque sunsets over Fuji-san you can’t beat the west coast of the Miura Peninsula. Aburatsubo’s Araihama Beach is a prime example. A walking course circles from in front of the Hotel Keikyu Kanchoso through Araihama and back down to the beach behind Aburatsubo Marine Park. Swim or fish for free to your heart’s delight, then stretch out on a lounger and sip an ice cold beer outside Hawaiian-themed beach house Kamaehameha (1027-2 Koajiro Misaki, Miura; drinks and food from ¥6001,500). You’ll be well placed to view “ Diamond Fuji”—when the sun sets precisely over the mountain’s peak twice a year (next one: Sep 21). Getting there: Take the Keikyu line from Yokohama (or Shimbashi, or Shinagawa) to Keikyu Misakiguchi station. Take a Keikyu bus from there to Aburatsubo bus stop. JapanTourist entry: The city of Odawara is rich in history and natural beauty, and features as its landmark t he b eaut i f u l t h re e -t iere d , f ive -stor y Odawara Castle. Visitors can find a cosplay alternative to Harajuku just outside its entrance. Rent traditional costumes from kimono to samurai armor, and spend the day inspecting the castle as the historical Japanese characters once did—with the added possibility of posting photos on your Facebook page. Getting there: A ten-m inute walk from J R Odawara . 6 -1 Jonai , Odawara-shi, Kanagawa-ken. ¥400. JapanTourist entry:



Along the route from Odawara is famous day-trip destination Hakone, crammed with hot spring baths alongside the wonderful Hakone Open Air Museum. Located in the forests near Gora, this place grabs your attention fast. More than 120 pieces of sculpture by some of the best artists in the world—including plenty by Henry Moore—are scattered around a large park. You can also view Picasso ceramics and other special exhibitions in indoor gallery spaces. Most of the art is out there under the heavens, harmonizing with the blue sky and green landscape. Tired feet will appreciate a hot-spring footbath in the grounds, seasoned with whole oranges and yuzu. Getting there: From either JR Odawara or Odakyu Hakone Yumoto, take the Hakone Tozan Line to Chokoku-no-Mori (2-minute walk). Entry ¥1,600 (adult)/¥1,100 (HS & univ)/¥800 (JHS & elem). Ninotaira, Hakone. JapanTourist entry: http://

Kanagawa is also home to several United States military bases that offer a unique experience for those lucky enough to get in. Whether it’s getting up close and personal with the massive warships on the Yokosuka Naval base or the sleek aircraft at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, visitors will get an eyeful of some impressive equipment. Though the bases are not open to the public, there are several “friendship” festivals that take place throughout the year when they open their doors to the public. They also coordinate activities that take place in the local community. For information related to the bases, please visit the Atsugi ( and Yokosuka ( community pages.




Friend of the LGBT community, friend of Japan By Dan Grunebaum


he Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) may have just been struck down, but pop icon Cyndi Lauper has been ahead of the curve on gay rights for decades. “I got into it because when I sing for people I see their faces, I hear them, it’s not like I’m blind,” she says from her home in New York City ahead of an appearance at the Summer Sonic festival near Tokyo on August 11. “I thought they [LGBTs] were a creative group of people, and as I got to know them I got to see something was wrong. It upset me that no one else was saying anything.” Lauper created her True Colors Tour for Human Rights in 2007 and 2008, named after the title track of her second album, “True Colors,” a song that had become an anthem for the LGBT community. The nationwide tour featured artists like Deborah Harry and the B-52s. She followed that up with her True Colors fund to support anti-LGBT discrimination. “One thing led to another and we did the tour,” says Lauper, who had been involved in gay rights activism for years before organizing her circuit. “Then we decided after the tour that people still needed help, so we opened the fund. Then we realized the only way we can really help is to make it bigger. Then I realized this is great, so we set up a foundation and helped HIV sufferers. Doing this makes me able to help in a way that really does help, because I don’t want to do a vanity charity project—I ain’t got time for that.” Lauper is now known globally for her LGBT activism. In Japan, however, this aspect of her career gets short shrift. Instead, she is celebrated here for her kitschy, hummable girl-pop—and her stubborn refusal to leave the country when the Tohoku earthquake struck during her 2011 tour. “We didn’t know what was going on at first,” she recalls about the harrowing day of March 11. “People kept saying, you can go home. But when I saw the airport and saw how the people were there, I felt, I’m not leaving, because maybe I could be a distraction for them. The first time I came to Japan and sang ‘True Colors’ in 1986 at the Budokan, they sang it back to me. So I felt if I left what the hell would that song really mean? So I didn’t. Not only didn’t I, but the promotion team, the Kyodo people, they stayed on the road too just like me. So in a lot of ways, I thought the people were inspiring.” Lauper’s connection to Japan long predates the disaster. With her reality TV show Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual, Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots, and bestselling autobiography Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir, 2013 has proven to be a year of remarkable resurgence for Lauper. But there were times when it seemed like Japan was the only market still standing behind her music. “The Japanese fans and companies were great people and really stuck by me,” she recalls. “When the Americans made me feel like I should crawl and fall off the edge of the earth, these people would come to me and say,



WAR/ART 1940-1950

History painted by the defeated at MoMA By C. B.Liddell


here is a common belief that history is written by—and therefore distorted by—the winners, but this is not entirely true. Japan’s experience proves that the losers do also have their say. This is apparent at the WAR/ ART 19401950 exhibit at Hayama’s Museum of Modern Art in Kanagawa Prefecture, although in this case, history is not so much written as painted. This is a good thing because words aim for a total picture that tends to weave a web of bias and deception, whereas painting is connected to isolated impressions and moments of truth where the artist connects with their emotions. So, even though this exhibition presents an extremely Japan-centric view of WWII, it is nevertheless a sincere one, and one we can all respect no matter what our historical judgment of those now distant events may be. Some of the artwork is only tangentially related

The Disintegration of America to the war, but serves to evoke a sense of the pre-war cultural milieu. This then gives way to more explicit war-themed art. Seiichi Hara’s rough, edgy sketches in pastels and ink, showing the daily life of Japanese soldiers and scenes from occupied China, are as much reportage as art. These works contrast with a series of contemporary color woodblock prints that show iconic and idyllic scenes of Japan—suggesting that the war at that time was strictly an overseas affair with minimal impact on the home front. As we progress into the 1940s, this distinction


is at f i rst ma i ntained but after a few celebratory works, like Hoshun Yamaguchi’s F i na l At tack on Hong Kong Island (1942), the mood da rken s not ice ably as overseas defeats and austerity start to bring the war closer to home. One of the most interesting wo rk s i s K i k uj i Yamashita’s The Disintegration of America (1943), a surrealistic attempt to break the spell of American and Western iconography. A city collapses in the background, while a toilet roll, the actress Bette Davis, a knight’s helmet, a tattered American flag and a collapsing Greek temple are all thrown together in a visual tirade against the West. Not surprisingly, works from the climactic year of 1945, when Japan suffered defeats in Okinawa and Manchuria, as well as the fire bombings and the dropping of two atomic bombs before surrendering, seem almost absent from the exhibition, with only a handful


‘Please make music—we love your music.’ And these are the same people that are suffering and you think I’m going to walk away? I don’t forget easily, and I was having nightmares about the Japanese.” Lauper’s book is out in Japanese (on March 11), and she believes that it has messages for Japanese women who find themselves being manipulated by powerful men—in the way that Lauper was early in her career. “I think it’s important for women to know that this is the story of someone who wanted to walk her own path and not always be told how to do everything,” she says, “because honestly, if I was the artist, it was my art, and if it was my voice it was my voice, not somebody else’s, being like a Svengali. I’m not interested. I’m interested in learning as much as I can and expressing those experiences in my own voice.” Lauper has been visiting Japan for decades (you can YouTube her 1986 Budokan performance), and counts Yoko Ono as one of her friends. Her interactions with the country provide her with a good understanding, and sympathetic view, of Japan’s strengths and weaknesses. “The great thing about the Japanese people is how caring they are for each other,” she says, “but it’s also hard to be an individual in a society where being an individual is not promoted in any part of the society.” She says Japanese artists need to think for themselves. “When you’re creating you should definitely take a step back and think about what it is you want to do,” she says. “It’s good to know you can have a vision and see what it is you need to do and start climbing Mt. Everest. If you know what you want to do and somebody tells you different, learn from them and take it and put it toward your cause. You can get there—you can do it.” Japan does seem to have embraced Lauper as an empowering role model, particularly for women. Maybe, with time, it will embrace her as an icon of gay rights —one that happens to be married and a mom—with equal passion. Summer Sonic, Aug 11. See concert listings (popular) for details.

Kanagawa has its fair share of outdoor summer entertainment. Here’s a selection of festivals to enjoy… and some beaches for the downtime.


Kawasaki Wind-Chime City Over 30,000 wind-chimes on sale—their gentle sound is supposed to make you feel cooler. Obon dance on Jul 20. Until Jul 21, all day, free. Kawasaki Daishi. Nearest station: Kawasaki Daishi. FOTOLIA

Zaimokuza Beach Events: Kamakura Fireworks Festival (Jul 23). Nearest stn: Wadazuka.

Katasekaigan Nishihama Beach Kamakura Fireworks Festival 2,500 fireworks on the coastline of the ancient capital. Jul 23, 7:20pm, free. Yuigahama and Zaimokuza beaches. Nearest stn: Yuigahama or Wadazuka.

Southern Beach Chigasaki Fireworks Tournament Boom factor: 3,000. Super shooters over southern waters. Aug 3, 7:30-8.20pm, free. Southern B each C h i ga s a k i . Nea re st st n : C h i ga s a k i .

Two separated beahes but same area that include Katasekaigan Nishihama and Higashihama beaches.Nearest stn: Katase-Enoshima.

Southern Beach Chigasaki Events: Fireworks Tournament (Aug 3). Nearest stn: Chigasaki.

Umi no Koen Beach Event: Yokohama Beach Sports Festa Jul 27-28 & Aug 3-4; Kanazawa Fireworks (Aug 31). Nearest stn: Uminokoen-Minamiguchi. COURTESY OF CHIGASAKI CITY TOURIST FEDERATION

Kanagawa Shinbun Fireworks Festival Boom factor: 15,000. Fireworks over Yokohama's stunning skyline. Aug 1, 7pm, free. Rinkou Park, Minato Mirai, Yokohama. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai.

Tatsunokuchi Taketoro Thousands of beautifully designed bamboo lanterns arranged in a long line, reminiscent of a dragon. Aug 3, 6pm, ¥1,000 per lantern. Ryukoji temple, Katase-Enoshima. Nearest stn: KataseEnoshima.

of minor works. It is almost as if art had simply ground to a halt under the pressure of war. After this artistic eye of the hurricane, Japan’s artists regained their strength and driven by feelings of horror, humiliation and self pity, created a range of diverse and unsettling works, including the exhibition’s centerpiece, Iri and Toshi Maruki’s Hiroshima Panels (1950), painted by a husband and wife team who were personally affected by the atomic bombing. Using a style of art derived from Nihonga, the panels show a hellish world full of dying and tortured figures: the ghosts of the dead exorcising the pain of the survivors; perhaps calling to mind the return of ancestral spirits celebrated during the summer obon season. Museum of Modern Art Hayama, until Oct 14. See exhibition listings (other areas) for details.

Miurakaigan Nouryou Fireworks Festival Boom factor: 3,000. Aug 7, 7:30-8:15pm, free. Miurakaigan Beach. Nearest stn: Miurakaigan.

Hakone Goura Summer Festival Daimonji Giant bonfires make the shape of the kanji meaning “large” on Myojyogatake hillside, followed by fireworks. Aug 16, from 7:30pm, free. Goura, Hakone. Nearest stn: Goura. MARUKI GALLERY FOR THE HIROSHIMA PANELS

Hiroshima Panels (detail)


N.B. Beach facilities only open during summer months.

Minato Mirai Obon Odori Traditional dance on the harborfront. Aug 17, 5:30-8:30pm; Aug 18, 4-8:30pm, free. Pacifico Yokohama. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. Tel: 045-2212155.

Zushi Beach Events: MTV’S Zushi Fes (Aug 9-11), and Marine Festival (Aug 10). Nearest stn: Zushi.

Miurakaigan Beach Nearest stn: Miurakaigan.

Oiso Beach Event: Nagisa no Saiten (Jul 27). Nearest stn: Oiso.

Yuigahama Beach Event: Kamakura Fireworks Festival (Jul 23). Nearest stn: Hase.

Shichirigahama Beach Nearest stn: Shichirigahama. COURTESY OF KAMAKURA CITY TOURIST ASSOCIATION

Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival Boom factor: 3,000. Beachside fireworks light up the autumn sky. October 19, 6pm, free. Tel: 0466-22-4141. Katasekaigan Nishihama and Higashihama beaches. Nearest station: Katase-Enoshima. #1008 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 09




Governor, Kanagawa Prefecture People say that Kanagawa Prefecture is a foreigner-friendly region. In what ways do you feel this is true? We want foreigners living in or visiting Kanagawa to become fans of this prefecture, so we established the Kanagawa International Fan Club (www. Through this site we hope to provide support to international students and expats if they come across any problems while living here. Currently, we have 1,098 members from 63 countries plus 318 support members—both individuals and groups. Kanagawa Prefecture is at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) usage and solar-power promotion in Japan. Why and what impact has this had? I became governor in the hopes of starting an energy revolution from Kanagawa. I also wanted to help overcome the energy crisis caused by the nuclear meltdown after the tragic earthquake of March 11, 2011. Kanagawa has always been a leading proponent of solar power in Japan. In Kanagawa, residents can have solar panels installed on their rooftops at no charge if they lend their power to the grid—they can also receive rental income in return. This movement spread nationwide and in 2012 Kanagawa was recognized as the biggest contributor of solar power in Japan, winning a Solar Award. Over the years Kanagawa has also been promoting the spread and use of electric vehicles to fight against global warming. What is a key project for Kanagawa? At the moment, to respond to our aging society. We are working on a project called Health Care New Frontier that we hope will serve as a model for the rest of the world. The project combines two approaches: one is to make the most of cuttingedge life science and other advanced technologies. Two "special zones"—one for life science and one for robotic industries—would be the focal areas to pursue this. The other approach is to cure people while they are in a me-byo ("pre-disease") state

through a healthy diet and exercise. You have a background in media and broadcasting. How has this helped you promote Kanagawa to the world? I value the power of the message. I put myself in other people’s shoes to figure out the best way to get my message across to that person. When I visited the United States in May, I had many opportunities to exchange views on healthcare policy with experts and politicians. Our Health Care New Frontier attracted a lot of attention. Some of these people were very interested in working with us. What does the future of Kanagawa look like? Due to higher life expectancies and declining birth rates our society is aging very quickly. If this continues, medical costs will increase rapidly and local-government finances will not be able to sustain them. By promoting Health Care New Frontier, we will be able to create a "super-aged" society with a lot of healthy and energetic people. I will do my best to fulfill my goal of a “Magnetic Kanagawa”—an attractive place to pursue health and happiness. For Metropolis readers visiting or living in Kanagawa, what are your favorite suggestions for them to see, do and try? Kanagawa is a prefecture known for its rich, clean water—making it an attractive place to live. Kanagawa’s seas are especially popular. I recently enjoyed scuba diving in Jogashima. Kanagawa isn’t famous for scuba diving, but you would be surprised at the many beautiful types of fish out here. As well, it is a hot spot for water sports such as sailing and surfing. You can also enjoy visiting the army bases, viewing the cities’

MEMORIAL SHIP MIKASA Yokosuka Attraction

illuminated nightscapes and enjoying dinners on a cruise ship. There are plenty of ways to enjoy Kanagawa. If you had a chance to talk to any world leader, who would you like to talk to and what would you tell him or her? I would like to talk to US President Barack Obama. He would be quite interested to know that the idea of Kanagawa’s Health Care New Frontier is also applicable to the US. What do you like to do during your time off? Most of the time I go out to watch musicals, ballets and concerts. For more of the Metropolis interview with Governor Kuroiwa with his thoughts on Kanagawa, his past work—and even his favorite music—visit us online at:

Menu Adults ¥400, seniors ¥400, children (9th grade and below) free.


ublished in travel bible the Michelin Green Guide, this is one of the unmissable historic sights of Japan. On May 27, 1905 at the Battle of Tsushima, Admiral Togo commanded Mikasa, the flagship of Japan’s combined fleet. Togo fought gallantly to intercept the Russian fleet and set his nation on the way to a resounding victory in the Russo-Japanese War. Marking the first time an


Asian country had overpowered a Western power in the modern era, the war symbolized a seismic shift in the geopolitical panorama. Touring the battleship, preserved in its original state, visitors can learn the background and details of the battle and get to know the characters involved. Some charming moving models bring the maneuvers and all aspects of the battle to life.

82-19 Inaokacho, Yokosuka 046-822-5408 Open daily 9am-5:30pm Yokosuka-chuo www.kinenkan-mikasa.


Special offer

YOKOSUKA PORT MARKET Yokosuka Attraction

Until the end of July, each weekday the first 50 customers can receive a 3-scoop gelato for the price of a 2-scoop. MENU • Farm House Garden: fresh farm products • Yokosuka Koushin: Butcher of Hayama beef • Nagai Fisheries-Tobu Fishermen’s Cooperative Association, Sajima-ya, Suzuki Fisheries • Koukeimaru: Fresh fish every morning • Café de Crew: Curry buns and other breads • Yokosuka Gelato Factory • Vege Chef


or the freshest of produce in the prefecture, Yokosuka Port Market has it all. If seafood is your thing, the offerings here come straight in every morning from the harbor. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance, as well as newly baked bread, pizza and gelato. If shopping there

Shinko-cho 6, Yokosuka 046-823-1967


Open Tue-Sun 10am-7pm (restaurants 11am-9pm), closed Mon (except hols) Yokosuka-chuo

makes you too hungry—you can visit one of two restaurants and eat your fill right there and then. One of them deals in seafood, and the other one is a purveyor of tasty Chinese food. Drivers need worry not about parking, making it convenient to cruise in and load up with as much as you can carry.

Special offer

ONE LOVE DENTAL CLINIC Yokosuka Dental Clinic

Metropolis readers can get free consultations, 50% off ceramics and implants and a dental-care bag


ne Love Dental is a family friendly, Englishspeaking clinic located right in the heart of Yokosuka city. In addition to general dental therapy and pediatric dentistry, the clinic also offers an impressive selection of aesthetic treatment options ranging from implants, whitening, and orthodontics, including "Invisalign" braces. All services are done with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments in a friendly environment. Foreign insurance is accepted,

including Tricare insurance used by many stationed servicemen and women, as well as Metlife, Delta, and Aetna. Aiming to provide your family with long term dental care, the doctors and professional staff are dedicated to providing you with exceptional care and assisting you from the moment you contact the clinic, and every visit thereafter. They believe that treating a single tooth is the first step in an extended process leading to greater happiness and comfort over the years to come.

5F 2-30 More’s City, Wakamatu-cho, Yokosuka 046-820-4486 Yokosukachuo english



NAKAMARU DENTAL CLINIC Ishikawacho Dental Clinic

Checkup and consultation ¥5,000 Teeth cleaning ¥10,000 (child ¥5,000) ● Panoramic X-ray ¥5,000 ● Periapical X-ray ¥1,500 each ● General dentistry ● ●


he international community of Kanagawa and further afield have been served for about ten years at Nakamaru Dental Clinic. Among the clientele of this respected bastion of dentistry, approximately 30% hail from foreign climes. The dental approach of Nakamaru comes straight from the US model. The professionals there are of the opinion that Japanese dentistry is limited—based on national health insurance, it

3F Mamebun Bldg, 1-13-5, is underpinned by principles from 50 years ago. But you’ll find none of that retro thinking at Nakamaru. The most important thing for the trained dentists here is not merely to cure your physical problems, but to fully consider how treatment will impact on your dental future. They spend a lot of time and effort updating their knowledge, techniques, and installing the latest in cutting-edge equipment. Hit them up online to discover all you need to know.

WEBSITE Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 045-664-4618 Open Tue-Fri 10am-1:30pm & 3-7:30pm, Sat 10am-4pm, closed Sun-Mon Ishikawacho english



Special offer


Mention you saw this in Metropolis and receive 10% off professional whitening. First-time patients who get a checkup and cleaning will receive a free fluoride application (reg. ¥3,520, valid until Aug 31, 2013).


Dr. Ellie Suzuki


t Womble Gate, Dr. Ellie and Akane Suzuki strive to exceed your expectations with their friendly staff, modern office and professional results for the whole family—from general dentistry to braces. While they have only been opened for a year and half, they have gained popularity because of the importance the doctors place on making you feel comfortable when visiting the office. To achieve this, they have staffed it with caring, trained professionals who will answer your questions and help you understand your dental treatment. You’ll also be comfortable knowing their goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date treatments around, to help you look and feel your best. Ellie Suzuki completed her doctorate at Kanagawa Dental College, following that with a two-years post-graduate residency program in Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) at Florida’s NSU College of Dental Medicine. After her graduation, she was involved as a full-time clinical faculty member teaching and training residents for two years in the same program. She is one of the few Japanese dentists licensed to practice in both the US and Japan. Her expertise qualifies her to present the latest techniques spanning the rehabilitative spectrum, including whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures,

root canals, extractions, implants, periodontal care and pediatric dentistry equal to American dental standards. Her approach merges science and art to ensure that your one-of-a-kind smile is all it can be. In order to ensure optimal treatment outcomes, Suzuki allows for extensive diagnostic and consultative time, so all your questions can be addressed. Her warm personality helps ease the anxiety in both adults and children produced by the prospect of dental treatment—add a US & Japan-licensed dental hygienist and the clinic’s friendly receptionist, and a visit to the Womble Gate office has the same atmosphere as an American clinic. The Womble Gate clinic accepts patients with US health insurance policies and if you have MetLife Tricare, the office staff will handle the financial details so you don’t have to.


• • • • • • • • • • • •

Checkup and cleaning Fillings Crowns Bridges Implants Dentures Deep cleaning Extractions Root canals Whitening Braces Kids dentistry

Dr. Ellie Suzuki, DDS • NSU College of Dental Medicine AEGD, FL, USA • Graduate and former clinical faculty, NSU, FL, USA • Licensed in Florida, Virginia and Japan • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry • American Dental Education Association • American Dental Association • Leading Dentists Association • Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA) English-speaking, US-trained and licensed dentist in the heart of Yokosuka Uno Bldg. 13 Ogawa-cho, 2F WEBSITE

Flash your Smile

Family, esthetic, and orthodontic care

Special offer Metropolis readers can receive a free moisture treatment with • We provide general dentistry for the entire family color treatment • American-style atmosphere just minutes away from Yokosuka US Naval(valid Base, 10 until min walkSep from 30, KQ Yokosuka 2013) Chuo stn. • Our office utilizes the most advanced technology, superior skills and best knowledge. • Dr. Ellie Suzuki is trained and licensed to practice in both Japan and the United States. • Womble Gate has fluent Japanese and English-speaking staff • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology • Flexible payment options - cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners)

10% off Professional whitening from Oct 1-Nov 2. Mention this ad and receive an additional 5% discount!

Tel: 046

We don’t carry Japanese in order to maintain the U

Open all day Mon 2F Uno Bldg. 13 O MAIN GATE R16

1F, 2-108-1 Sengencho,

et to


Nishi-ku, Yokohama.




many of her clients make the trip from Saitama, Chiba, Yokosuka and the Shonan areas to get styled with her English-speaking staff. “It can be hard to get the style you want when communication is difficult, and many foreigners have a lot of trouble at hair salons in Japan where staff don’t usually speak much English.” Obtaining that style means she carries exclusive Western hair care brands like Redken so foreign customers can use products more suited to their hair type.

Night clini Saturday clin is available request.



fter training at Vidal Sassoon in London, and with stints working at salons in New York and Los Angeles—where clientele included Hollywood entertainers and models—Yoshiko Morimoto opened Afrodita in 2001. Her idea was to offer the same Beverly Hills-style in English to foreigners in Japan- but without the huge fees charged in the most exclusive parts of Tokyo. While Afrodita is located in Yokohama (close to Yokohama station),


Yokosuka 046-874-7260 (English) Open Mon-Tue & Thu & Sat 8am-4pm, Wed 9:30am-5pm, closed Fri & Sun (appointment only)

045-311-0139 Open Wed-Sun 10am-7pm, closed Mon&Tue (appointment priority) Yokohama www.

• 5 min walk from Main Gate • 3 min walk from Womble Gate

Special offer

HAIR SALON MINMI Yokosuka Hair Salon

20% off on your first visit

MENU • • • • • • •


n Kanagawa it can be tricky for lady lookers and lavish lads to find a hair salon that matches their standards. But with four branches throughout the Yokosuka area, there’s sure to be an island of cool sophistication near you—in the form of Hair Salon Minmi. From stunning styles to classic hairdos, the salon’s staff will help you define your personal look. And as the top stylist speaks Japanese, English, Filipino, Tagalog and Spanish, you

Stylist cut ¥2,940 Perm from ¥7,350 Treatment from ¥2,100 Eyelash curl ¥2,620 Head spa from ¥2,100 Color from ¥5,770 Straight Perm ¥12,600

*Cut, color and perm include shampoo and blow dry

can ditch any worries about communication barriers. In addition to your exceptional haircut, Minmi offers other services including hair extensions, upstyling and eyelash curling. With the fireworks season hard upon us, Minmi is offering its Yukata Style Special. Spruce up your hairstyle and even get some help fitting your yukata, to make sure you look your best in the sparkling light of the hanabi. Make your reservation soon!

1F Eirin Bldg, 1-2-3 Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka 0120-18-3319 Mon-Sun 10am-7pm Yokosukachuo


Special offer

THAI ERAWAN Yokosuka Restaurant


Metropolis readers can claim one free drink

or the fragrant flavors of lemongrass and other gentle spices from the Southeast Asian kingdom, step into Thai Erawan for a meal. All dishes are prepared with know-how and confidence by the staff, many of whom are Thai—a fact you can taste in every mouthful. Recipes are guaranteed to stimulate your senses, blending spicy, sweet vibrant flavors, and bringing a plateful of Thailand to your table. Spiciness can be adjusted to taste, so let the friendly wait staff know your preference. Course menus are also available for those wanting to experience the full tastes Erawan has to offer. With a b eaut i f u l de corate d interior and Thai satellite TV, Thai Erawan is a special slice of the Southeast Asian nation in Yokosuka. Waiters speak Thai, Japanese, and English. English menus are available.

MENU • • • •

Barbecue pork ¥800 Spicy beef or pork salad ¥880 Rice noodles Thai-style ¥850 Pan-fried crab claw or shrimp with curry ¥980 • Hot and sour soup with shrimp (tom yam kung) ¥1,080

3F Mitsuhashi Bldg, 1-2

Wakamatsucho, Yokosuka 046-825-6352 Mon-Fri 11:30am-1:30pm & 4-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm Yokosuka-chuo


Special offer

MISAKIKAN HONTEN Misakiguchi Restaurant

Reserve Maguro Zukushi sets (¥5,000/6,300) for at least 15 people and get the kabuto-yaki for free!


isakikan Honten, across the water from Jogashima at the tip of the Miura Peninsula, is reportedly the first restaurant in Japan to serve maguro no kabuto-yaki, or grilled tuna head. The dish is adapted from the practice of local fishermen who traditionally used their boat engines while out at sea to steam and smoke the smiling part of their catch. The large-size heads at Misakikan come from 100kg monster

fish, and the tasty morsels carved out by your server range from lean and dark to collagen-rich and glistening. Lunch sets run from ¥2,600-9,000 and allow the sampling of different maguro dishes, including high-grade sashimi and many lesser-known treats. A large grilled head serves up to 20 people and makes a striking centerpiece at ¥17,500. The heads of smaller beasts serve up to eight and cost ¥10,500 (reservations required).

Misaki 5-2-9, Miura-shi,

Kanagawa-ken 046-881-2117 Open daily 11am-9pm (reservations only) Nearest stn: Misakiguchi (take bus to Misakiko)



Agenda Listings

Submit your event at



Park. Nearest stn: Kaihinkoen. Tel: 0180-993-611. www.

Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 050-5533-0888. http://rotten-g. com

A-Nation Island

Thirty Seconds to Mars

Music and dance fest with artists Kumi Koda, E-Girls, Scandal, etc. Aug 3-11, ¥4,5007,500 (adv). Yoyogi National Gymnasium and Shibuya-AX. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

At The Gates

Swedish melodic death metal. Aug 5, 7pm, ¥6,500 (adv) +1d. Liquidroom. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-3444-6751. www.

Garth Hudson

Very Be Careful

The Band, immortalized in Martin Scorsese's film The Last Waltz, not only backed Bob Dylan, they were also one of the most influential groups of the 1960s, and without them alt-country wouldn’t have existed. With fellow members Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Levon Helm now departed this earthly domain and Robbie Robertson mostly doing film work, Canadian keyboardist and composer Garth Hudson remains the only one to carry the torch for The Band's psychedelicized vision of roots Americana. Hudson (and his wife, the vocalist Sister Maud Hudson) will be up at Fuji Rock, but for those not headed to Naeba the chance presents itself to catch him in town. Billboard Live, Aug 2, ¥7,500-9,500. Billboard Live. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Concerts POPULAR Otohime Matsuri

One-day fest feat. only female-fronted bands, inc. i-Rabbits, Oz, Jack Pot Bell. Jul 20, 1pm, ¥3,000 (adv) +1d. O-East. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Rock-punk-reggae quartet. Jul 21, 6:30pm, ¥3,300 (adv) +1d. Shibuya-AX. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-34446751.

Mix Speaker's Inc

Cosplay visual-kei band, currently pirate-themed. Jul 21, 5pm, ¥4,000 (adv) +1d. WWW. Nearest stn: Shibuya.‎

Summer Madness

Magokoro Brothers and Andymori. Jul 24, 7pm, ¥4,200 (adv)/ ¥4,700 (door) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-34778750. com

Fermin Muguruza

Basque punk-rock legend. Jul 24, 7pm, ¥4,000 (adv)/¥4,500 (door) +1d. Club Asia. Nearest stn: Shibuya. fermin2013

Fuji Rock Festival

Mother of all J-fests feat. Björk, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Vampire Weekend, etc. Jul 26-28. ¥16,800 (1 day, adv)/¥17,800 (1 day, gen)/¥39,800 (3 days, adv)/¥42,800 (3 days, gen). Naeba Ski Resort. Nearest stn: Echigo Yuzawa. www.

Nocturnal Bloodlust

Melodic heavy metal visual-kei. Jul 26, 7pm, ¥3,000 (adv) +1d. WWW. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 050-5533-0888. http://

Tanabata Extreme

J-metal fest feat. Damage Digital, Motiveless and more. Jul 27, 4:30pm, ¥2,000 (adv)/ ¥2,500 (door). Zone-B. Nearest stn: Waseda. Tel: 03-3203-6022. www.

Tokyo Idol Festival

Slobber over your favorite celebs. Jul 27-28, ¥5,000 (1 day)/ ¥9,000 (2 days). Zepp Tokyo. Nearest stn: Aomi. www.idolfes/com/2013


’80s all-female metalers make a comeback. Jul 27, 5pm, ¥5,250. Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka.

Ayumi Hamasaki

J-pop princess. Jul 27, 6:30pm; Jul 28, 4pm, ¥8,500. Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Nearest stn: Meiji-Jingumae. Tel: 0570-550-955. www.avexnet.

What I Got

Orange Range and Good Morning America. Jul 30, 7pm, ¥3,200 (adv)/¥3,700 (door) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-8750.

Mumford & Sons

Contemporary UK folk rock. Jul 30, 7pm, ¥6,000 (adv) +1d. Studio Coast. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. Tel: 03-3444-6751.


Bewitching solo artist. Jul 30, 7pm, ¥4,500, w/1d. Mandala Minami Aoyama. Nearest stn: Gaienmae. Tel: 03-5474-0411.


Quirky Icelandic singer who fearlessly dabbles in all genres. Jul 31, 8pm; Aug 3 & 6, 8pm, ¥22,000 (adv). Miraikan. Nearest stn: Telecom Center station. Tel: 03-3444-6751.

Bull Shit Records Release Tour

Rockers Roach, Rizing 2 End, Neverlost, etc. Jul 31, 5:30pm, ¥2,500 (adv)/ ¥3,000 (door) +1d. F.A.D. Yokohama. Nearest stn: Ishikawa. www. Aug 4, 2pm, ¥2,500 (adv)/ ¥3,000 (door) +1d. Shibuya Milkyway. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Golden Bomber

Talk-of-the-nation comedic foursome with visual kei roots. Aug 1, 6:30pm; Aug 2, 6:30pm, ¥5,775 (adv). Nippon Budokan. Nearest stn: Kudanshita. Tel: 0570-084-003.

Steve Vai

Unique guitar genius and showman. Aug 1, 7pm, ¥7,000 (adv). Akasaka Blitz. Nearest stn: Akasaka. Tel: 03-34996669.

Rock in Japan Fes

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Zazen Boys, Mongol 800, etc. Aug 2-4, 10:30am, ¥11,500 (1 day)/ ¥22,000 (2 days)/¥30,000 (3 days). National Hitachi Kaihin

Colombian champs of cumbia. Aug 6, 6pm, ¥3,800 (adv)/ ¥4,300 (door) +1d. Shibuya The Game. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3409-1336. www.

Pink Floyd Trips

Tribute band plays The Dark Side of the Moon. Aug 6, 7:30pm, ¥4,500 (adv) +1d. O-West. Nearest stn: Shibuya. http://


Aerosmith and B'z reunite for a rockin' night in Chiba. Aug 8, 5:30pm, ¥12,000-15,000 (adv). QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 03-34996669.

Zushi Fes

Beach festival with Totalfat, Scandal and more. Aug 9-11, noon, ¥7,800 (one day)/ JPT23,400 (three days). Zushi Marina. Nearest stn: Riviera Zushi Marina Mae or Kotsubo. Tel: 0570-550-799. www.


Summer Sonic pre-event with The Stone Roses, Pet Shop Boys and more. Aug 9, 10pm, ¥9,800 (adv) +1d/ ¥35,000 (weekend pass, adv) +1d. Makuhari Messe. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. Tel: 03-34996669. www.summersonic. com/2013/english

Summer Sonic

Metallica, Stone Roses, Muse, Cyndi Lauper, etc. Aug 10-11. Makuhari Messe, from ¥15,500. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari.

World Happiness Festival

Kid-friendly fest with Midnight Suns, Michiko Shimizu, etc. Aug 11, 12:30pm, ¥1,0009,000 (adv). Yumenoshima Park. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba. Tel: 0570-084-632. www.

Hot Chelle Rae

Polished pop mixed with heavy dance from Nashville, Tennessee. Aug 12, 7pm, ¥5,500 (adv) +1d. Duo Music Exchange. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Palma Violets

Ramshackle pub-rock quartet. Aug 12, 7pm, ¥5,500 (adv) +1d. Club Quattro. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3499-6669.

The Hiatus

Actor Jared Leto's pet project with a cult following. Aug 21, 7pm, ¥6,3000. Liquidroom. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-3499-6669. www.

Slow Music Slow Live

Fest at a temple feat. Bonnie Pink, Caravan, etc. Aug 23, 6:30pm; Aug 24, 6:30pm; Aug 25, 3pm, ¥6,500-18,000. Ikegami Honmonji Temple. Nearest stn: Ikegami. www.

Otadama Sea Studio

Smooth jazz saxophonist. Aug 14-16, ¥6,500-7,500. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3215-1555. www.

Sumida Street Jazz Festival Free-jazz on the streets of Tokyo. Free shuttle bus between different stage areas. Aug 17-18, free. Sumida area. Nearest stn: Kinchicho and Oshiage.

Ten-time Grammy-winning jazz guitarist. Aug 30, 7pm, ¥10,000-12,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho. Tel: 03-5608-1212.

Short statured J-pop prince. Aug 24, 6pm; Aug 25, 4pm, ¥6,800 (adv). Ryogoku Kokugikan. Nearest stn: Ryogoku. Tel: 03-3623-5111.


Jazz-funk fusion from the UK. Jul 19, 7 & 9:30pm, ¥6,5008,500. Billboard Live. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Jazz Art Sengawa

Live painting accompanied by jazz music and more. Jul 19-21. Sengawa Gekijo and Jenny's Kitchen. Nearest stn: Sengawa. Tel: 03-3300-0611. ticket

Monique Dehaney

Jamaican singer joins Koonie & Company. Jul 20, 7:45pm, free. Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. www.interconti.

The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Big-band jazz outfit from NYC. Jul 25, ¥6,400-8,400. Billboard Live. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Baiana System

New territory for the Bahia guitar. Jul 29, 7pm, ¥4,500 (adv) +1. WWW. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3498-2881.


R&B trio from New York. Jul 29-30, ¥7,000-9,000. Billboard Live. Nearest stn: Roppongi.

Quincy Jones

Legend of rock'n'roll and master of musical hybrids turns 80 with a world tour. Jul 31-Aug 1, 7pm, ¥8,000-12,000. Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Live gala event with Patti Austin, Alfredo Rodriguez and more. Jul 28, ¥25,000 (adv). Blue Note. Nearest stn: Omotesando.

Yokohama Steelpan Festa


Eric Darius

T.M. Revolution

Punkafoolic! Bayside Crash

J-rock, punk and heavy metal hybrid band. Aug 20, 6:30pm, ¥2,800 (adv) +1d. Eggman.

Australian fingerstyle guitarist. Aug 12, from ¥7,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3215-1555.

Earth Celebration



Tommy Emmanuel

Summer-long festival with DJ Baku, Chara, Hybrid Human Ideology and more. Jun 28-Sep 1. Cantina-mae coastline, Zushi, Kanagawa. Nearest stn: Zushi. www.otodama-beach. com/2013

Music and art project fronted by Takeshi Hosomi. Aug 13, 7pm; Aug 14, 7pm, ¥2,500 (adv) +1d. Zepp Tokyo. Nearest stn: Aomi. Tel: 03-3499-6669.

Punk fest with some of Japan's top rockers, incl. Secret 7 Line, Hotsquall, Asshole Unite, etc. Aug 17, noon, ¥3,500 (adv)/ ¥4,000 (door) +1d. Harumi Port Terminal. Nearest stn: Kachidoki. Tel: 03-6805-3518. baysidecrash2013


Ghanian Afro-pop. Aug 2-4, ¥7,800-9,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3215-1555. www. Two days of Caribbean rhythms. Aug 10-11, 1pm, free. Yamashita Park. Nearest stn: Motomachi-Chukagai. taiki. www.

Ha’aheo Hawaiian Super Unit Peaceful rhythms from the island paradise. Aug 10-11, ¥3,000-7,000. Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-3215-1555. www.

Legendary Kodo drummers' festival. Aug 23-25. various prices. Ogi Town, Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture. www.kodo.

George Benson

Latin Festival Animate

Cuban salsa music maestros Havana D'Primera and more. Aug 31, 5:30pm, ¥7,500-8,500. Zepp Diver City. Nearest stn: Daiba. latinanimate


Mediterranean-pop with Greek folk elements. Aug 31-Sep 1, ¥5,800-7,000 (adv). Cotton Club. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.

CLASSICAL Nikolay Khozyainov

21-year-old Russian pianist plays Chopin, Liszt, etc. Jul 19, 7pm, ¥4,500. Hamarikyu Asahi Hall. Nearest stn: Shimbashi. Tel: 03-5774-3040. www.

Ongaku no Ehon with Pipe Organ

Zoorasian Brass, Tsuru Usagi and Organ Owl unite to play the Dragon Quest overture and more. Jul 23 & 24, 2pm, ¥2,000 (adv). Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5353-9999.

Japanese Serenade

All-inclusive gourmet dinner and concert. Jul 26, 6:30pm, ¥8,445-9,335. Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. www.

Ano Natsu

Summer-themed concert with compositions from Peer Gynt, My Neighbor Totoro and more. Jul 28, 2pm, ¥1,000-3,000. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho. Tel: 03-56103815.

The von Trapps

The great-grandchildren of Captain von Trapp perform songs from The Sound of Music. Jul 29, 6:30pm, ¥5,000-6,500. Sumida Triphony Hall. Nearest stn: Kinshicho. Tel: 03-56081212.

’O Sole Mio

Performed by Orchestra Italiana Napoletana. Aug 1, 12:30 & 4pm, ¥5,500. Tokyo Opera City. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Aug 10, 1:30pm, ¥5,500. Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. Tel: 050-37766184.

Rei Tsujimoto

Cellist performs Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, etc. Aug 3, 2pm, ¥4,000. Toppan Hall. Nearest stn: Iidabashi. Tel: 03-32349999.

Concert for Children

Get your kids singing and dancing at this interactive

performance. Aug 3, 2pm, ¥1,500-3,000. Sagamihara South Hall. Nearest stn: Sagamiono. Tel: 042-742-9999.

Arts Shower Summer Festival

Performances by leading international artists. Jul 23-Aug 3. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Hatsudai.

34th Kirishima International Music Festival

Kyushu-based Kirishima Festival Orchestra plays Beethoven, Wagner and more. Aug 6, 7pm, ¥4,000-7,000. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5774-3040.

Yokohama Pops Vol. 3

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra plays Italian classical tunes with a set dinner including all you can drink. Aug 10, ¥24,000 (adv)/ ¥46,000 (adv, pair)/ ¥25,000 (door). Yokohama Bay Sheraton, Yokohama. Nearest stn: Yokohama. Tel: 045-4111111.

Saito Kinen Festival

Classical music festival led by director Seiji Ozawa. Aug 12-Sep 7. 69-2 Mizukuma, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano. Nearest stn: Matsumoto. Tel: 0570-063-050. www.

The Pianist

Concert pianists Takashi Kako, Nobuyuki Tsujii and Les Frères collaborate. Aug 20-23, 7pm; Aug 24, 2pm, ¥7,350-9,450. Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. Nearest stn: Shinjuku or Hatsudai. Tel: 03-3224-9999.


Classical and pop music crossover ensemble. Aug 23, 7pm; Aug 24, 5pm; Aug 25, 4pm, ¥7,800 (adv). Bunkamura Theater Cocoon. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.kyodotokyo. com

Family Classic

Students, audience and professional musicians become one in an event everyone can participate in. Aug 25, 2pm, ¥1,000-3,500. Saitama Kaikan. Nearest stn: Urawa. Tel: 048-858-5500.

Stage Women of Ireland

Showcase of song, dance and live music. Jul 19, 7pm. Bunkamura Orchard Hall. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www. orchard

Wien Musical Concert II

Performances from Rebecca, Romeo and Juliet, and more. Jul 20, Jul 21, Jul 22, 1:30pm, ¥5,000-11,500. Theatre Orb. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-9999. www.umegei. com/wmc2013

Takarazuka Boys

Musical performance celebrating the beauty and wonder of youth. Jul 23-31, ¥4,500-8,800 (adv). Theater Crea. Nearest stn: Hibiya. Tel: 03-32017777.

The Magic Flute

New National Theatre's opera studio presents a short version of Mozart's work. Jul 27-28, 2pm, ¥2,000. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai. Tel: 03-5352-9999. www.nntt.

Les Contes D'Hoffmann

A fantastical opera by Jacques Offenbach. Jul 31-Aug 1, 6:30pm; Aug 3-4, 2pm, ¥2,00018,000. New National Theatre Tokyo. Nearest stn: Hatsudai.



Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

The Room

Wah Wah. Rare groove: DJs Kuroda, Ryuhei the Man, etc. From 10pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Fantastic. Hip-hop: DJ Hokuto and more. From 10pm, (m)¥3,000 w/1d, (f)¥2,000 w/2d. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban or Roppongi. Tel: 03-6230-0343. www.

Womb 白井剛 (Abst)

Dance ga Mitai!

The 15th edition of Tokyo's most unpredictable contemporary dance showcase gets underway next month at the tiny black box theater D-Soko in Nippori. With a program exclusively devoted to solo choreography, this year's Dance Ga Mitai! ("I want to see dance") trains its spotlight on six individual artists. The selection ranges from contemporary dance doyenne Mika Kurosawa to emerging dancers like Colonch, who won the grand prize at the festival's New Faces dance contest. Nippori D-Soko, Aug 2-28, ¥2,000-11,000. Nippori D-Soko, Arakawa. Nearest stn: Nippori. Tel: 03-5811-5399. www.

Paper World

Mimirichi Pantomime Theatre creates a magical family show with paper. Aug 3-4, 1pm, ¥2,500-4,500. Shinjuku Bunka Center. Nearest stn: HigashiShinjuku. Tel: 050-3776-6184.


Broadway musical spin-off of The Wizard of Oz. Until Oct 31, various times, ¥3,000-9,800. Dentsu Shiki Theater Umi. Nearest stn: Shinbashi. Tel: 0120-489-444.

Much Ado About Love Suicides

Traditional puppet show (bunraku) of tragic love story with contemporary elements. Until Aug 18, ¥6,000-7,500. Parco Theater. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 0570-08-4003.

Doki Doki Precure Musical Show

Animated fairy heroes fight for justice. Aug 12-18, various dates, ¥2,000-3,000. Sagamihara South Hall. Nearest stn: Sagamiono Station. Tel: 044-930-1551. www.


Get interactive with professional percussionists from South Africa. Until Aug 25, various dates, ¥5,000-8,000. The Galaxy Theater. Nearest stn: Kita-shinagawa or Tennouzu Isle. Tel: 03-3490-4949. www.

Hello, Dolly!

Broadway classic with all-Japanese cast. Aug 23-25, ¥2,000-5,000. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 0570-010296.

The Comedy of Errors

Shakespeare's classic performed by Oxford University Drama Society. Aug 24, 7pm; Aug 25, ¥1,000-2,500. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 0570-010296. theater

The Little Mermaid

Disney and Shiki Gekidan grand production of classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. Until Aug 31, various dates, ¥4,000-8,800. Shiki Theater Natsu. Nearest stn: Oimachi. Tel: 0120-489444. applause/littlemermaid


Japanese version of hit Broadway musical. Ongoing, ¥3,000-9,800. Cannon Cats Theater. Nearest stn: Shin-takashima. Tel: 03-57766730.

Dance Karei Naru Classic Ballet Highlights

The Kiev Ballet performs scenes from ballets inc. Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and more. Aug 2, 1:30pm, ¥6,000. Bunkyo Civic Hall. Nearest stn: Korakuen. Aug 3, 1:30pm, ¥6,000. Kanagawa Kenmin Hall. Nearest stn: Nihonodori. Tel: 050-3776-6184. www.

Live Bone

Dancers Kaiji Moriyama, Kodue Hibino and Kohske Kawase collaborate. Aug 7-9, 7pm; Aug 10-11, noon & 5pm, ¥1,500-6,000. Spiral Hall. Nearest stn: Omotesando.

Sleeping Beauty

Tokyo Ballet presents the classic work for children. Aug 9, ¥2,000-5,000. Meguro Persimmon Hall. Nearest stn: Toritsudaigaku. www.

Yokohama Rosa

The legend of the girl in red shoes. Aug 15-19, ¥2,7004,500. Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. Nearest stn: Minato-Mirai.

The World of Diana Vishneva

Award-winning Russian ballet dancer's magnificent life on stage. Aug 17-22, various dates, ¥7,000-16,000. U-Port Hall. Nearest stn: Osaki-Hirokoji. Tel: 03-5721-8000. www.nbs.

Clubbing FRIDAY 19 Module

Dogma. House, techno: DJs James What, Hayashi, etc. From 9pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.module-tokyo. com

Ruby Room

Micodachi. DJs Various DJs. From 7pm, ¥1,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Sound Museum Vision

Trouble House. House: DJ Emma. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039. www.womb.


The Wonderland. Techno, house: DJs Mauro Picotto, Ishino, etc. From 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shin-Kiba.


Party Jam meets Candy. Hip-hop, house: DJs Brenmar, Jommy, etc. 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Clr Night. Techno, minimal: DJs Saimura, Yamamori, etc. 10pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Sound Museum Vision

Reggae Museum. Reggae DJs Burn Down, Sunset, etc: Live: Munehiro and more. From 10pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

The Room

Magic. House, crossover. DJ Kawasaki and more. 9pm, ¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Deco. Fetish. DJs Sota, Rinko, etc. 10pm, ¥3,000 w/1d. Nearest stn: Omotesando.


Eden. Deep house, nu disco: DJs Ageishi, Kensei, etc. 11pm, ¥3,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Luxury Night Tokyo. Edm, electro. DJs Aramiy, Naoya, etc. 10pm, (m)¥2,000 w/1d, (f)¥1,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.


Rhythmholic. House, techno. DJs Frank Miller, Ueno, etc. 11pm, ¥3,500. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-5459-0039.

The Room

Champ. Funky, jazzy. Djs Tominaga, Oibon, etc. 10pm, ¥2.500 w/ 1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Sound Museum Vision

Girls Festival. Hip-hop. DJs Kango, Koya, etc. 10pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)free. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.


Lucky Release Party. House, all mix: DJs Towa Tei, Verbal, etc. From 10pm, (m)¥3,500 w/1d, (f)¥2,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Maniac Love 20th Anniversary Day 1. House, techno. DJs Wada, Yama, etc. Jul 27, 10pm, ¥2,500. Nearest stn: Harajuku. www.

The New Matrix Bar


Matrix Friday. Old school hip-hop, west side, south side, all mix DJ Ykk and more. From 6pm, ¥1,000 (after 11:30pm).

The Morning Beat. Techno, house. Jul 28, 6-9am, ¥1,000. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Since 1949




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Agenda Listings The Room


Yuragi. House. DJs Kiichiro, Gara, etc. Jul 28, 5-10pm, ¥1,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya.

Ruby Room


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Izpon’s New Fantasia. DJs Izpon, Meme, etc. Live: Karamushi. Jul 31, 8pm, ¥1,500 w/1d. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.



AKASAKA/ROPPONGI 21_21 Design Sight


Color Hunting. Directed by Dai Fujiwara. Until Oct 6, ¥500-1,000. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 11am-8pm, closed Tue. 9-7-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3475-2121.




Fujifilm Square




Car Accident

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Mori Art Museum

All You Need Is Love. Works from Chagall to Kusama. Until Sep 1, ¥1,500. Out of Doubt: Roppongi Crossing 2013. A fresh look at a familiar Tokyo intersection. Sep 21-Jan 13, ¥500-1,500. Open Mon & Wed-Sun 10am-10pm, Tue 10am-5pm. 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. museum

Mori Arts Center Gallery


Traveling Planet. Stunning travel photography from Yemen, Bulgaria, Peru and more. Sep 6-25, free. Animal Locomotion. Original stop-action prints of 1873 photos by Eadweard Muybridge. Until Sep 2, free. Open daily 10am-7pm. 9-7-3 Akasaka. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6271-3350.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition. Interactive theatrical event. Audio tour available in English. Until Sep 16, ¥1,000-2,500. Ever and Never: The Art of Peanuts. Original drawings and sketches of Snoopy & co. Oct 12-Jan 5, ¥500-2,000. 52F Roppongi Hills Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

Suntory Museum of Art


If your car is damaged and dented for any reason, please contact Special body shop - Max Craft with excellent staffs and resourced equipments.

Tani Buncho. 250th anniversary of painter, poet and samurai. Until Aug 25, ¥800-1,300. Drinking Glass. Drinking vessels from all over the world. Sep 11-Nov 11, ¥800-1,300. Open Wed-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun-Mon & hols 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.suntory. jp/sma


The National Art Center, Tokyo

Sheet metal work


Restoration Hiroo High School




Meiji-dori Komazawa-dori



JR Yamanote line

TOKYO DROP OFF Hiroo View Hills 1F, 3-1-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6419-7321. Fax: 03-3797-7321. Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

YOKOHAMA HQ AND FACTORY 4460, Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Tel: 045-939-0299 Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm Sun-Hols 11am-3pm


Andreas Gursky. A leading German contemporary photographer. Until Sep 16, ¥600-1,500. Divisionism from Van Gogh and Seurat to Mondrian. Oil paintings. Oct 4-Dec 23, ¥800-1,500. Open Wed-Mon 10am-6pm, closed Tue. 7-22-2 Roppongi. Nearest stn: Roppongi.


Craft Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art

Body x Body x Body. An eye opening exploration of the human body. Until Sep 1, ¥70-200. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. 1-1 Kitanomaru-koen Chiyoda-Ku. Nearest stn: Takebashi. Tel: 03-57778600. english


Ginza Graphic Gallery

Ellie Omiya. Mixed media. Aug 5, free. Open Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, closed Sun & hols. 1F Ginza Bldg, 7-7-2 Ginza. Nearest stn: Ginza. node_19876/hana-hito-tokyo

Maison Hermes

The Ram in the Thicket. Large-scale installations by Israeli artist Sigalit Landau. Until Aug 18, free. 5-4-1 Ginza. Nearest stn: Ginza. Tel: 03-3569-3300. com

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

Masterpieces from the Collection of Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum. Works by Renoir, Vallotton, Toulouse-Lautrec and more. Oct 5-Jan 5, ¥400-1,200. Wed-Fri 10am-8pm, Tue, Sat & Sun/ hols 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 2-6-2 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. Tel: 03-5405-8686.

National Film Center

Titled Film Stills: Publicity Photos for Japanese Cinema. Until Aug 7, ¥200. Open Tue-Sun 11am-6:30pm, closed Mon. 3-7-6 Kyobashi. Nearest stn: Kyobashi. www.momat.

National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo

Playback Artist Talk. Film digest of previous exhibitions and talks by artists. Until Aug 4, ¥130-420. Seiho Takeuchi. Traditional Japanese paintings. Sep 3-Oct 14, ¥300-1,300. Unconsciousness of the City. Painting, photography and more. Until Aug 4, ¥420. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-8pm. 3-7-6 Kyobashi. Nearest stn: Takebashi. www.


Lofty Elegance: Ink Painting from Medieval Japan. Spanning 300 years. Sep 11-Oct 20, ¥600-1,000. Tue-Sun, 10am-4:30pm. 6-5-1 MinamiAoyama, Minato-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. www.

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Pavilion. Collaboration with art group Chimpom. Painting, photograph and more. Until Jul 28, ¥600. 10am-6pm closed Tue. 6-1-19 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-34060801.

Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Handsome Boys and Good-looking Men of Edo. Woodblock prints. Until Aug 25, ¥500-700. Wild Geese and the Moon—Beauties of Nature. Paintings by Utagawa Hiroshige. Aug 31-Sep 26, ¥500-700. Open Tue-Sun 10:30am-5:30pm, closed Mon. 1-10-10 Jingumae. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

SHIBUYA/EBISU Bunkamura: The Museum

Book! Art! Book! Picture-book art by Leo Lionni. Until Aug 2, ¥400-1,300. Open Mon-Thu & Sun 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-8pm. 2- 24-1 Dogenzaka. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3477-9111. www.

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

World Press Photo. Winners of the premier international competition in photojournalism. Until Aug 4, ¥400-700. We Shall Meet in the Place Where There is No Darkness. Landscape photography by Tomoko Yoneda. Jul 20-Sep 23, ¥500-700. Open Tue-Wed & Sat-Sun 10am-6pm, Thu-Fri

10am-8pm, closed Mon. 1-13-3 Mita, Meguro-ku. Nearest stn: Ebisu.

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

Identities in the World. Five artists reflect upon “energy” and “identity.” Mixed media. Until Sep 23, free. 1-19-8 Jinnan. Nearest stn: Shibuya. Tel: 03-3463-0603. www.

Yamatane Museum of Art

Kawai Gyokudo—Depicting Japan, Heart and Hearth. 140th birthday exhibition. Until Aug 4, ¥800-1,000. Nihon no Furusato, Nihon no Kokoro. Japanese daily life pre-technology. Illustrations and paintings. Until Aug 4, ¥800-1,200. Hayami Gyoshu and the Elite of the Japan Art Institute. Nihonga paintings on silk and paper. Aug 10-Oct 14, ¥800-1,000. Open Tue-Fri 11am-5pm, closed Mon & hols. 3-12-36 Hiroo. Nearest stn: Ebisu. Tel: 03-5777-8600. www.


The Days with Flowers. Tokyo-based painter and cartoonist Yuka Goto. Until Jul 21, free. A Fantasy World Inside You. Also by Yuka Goto. Jul 26-Aug 25, free. Open Wed-Sun 1-7pm, closed Mon-Tue. 1-30-7 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku. Nearest stn: Edogawabashi. www.

Konica Minolta Plaza

Cats on the Shore. Photography. Aug 19-29, free. Open daily 10:30am-7pm. 4F Shinjuku Kono Bldg, 3-26-11 Shinjuku.

NTT Intercommunication Center

Open Space 2013. A melting pot of artists and artistic mediums. Until Mar 2, free. 4F Tokyo Opera City Tower, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai.

Sompo Japan Museum of Art

Jeux Surréalisme. Mixed media. Until Aug 25, ¥500-1,000. The Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Palazzo Pitti. Sep 7-Nov 10, ¥600-¥1,000. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 42F Sompo Japan Bldg, 1-26-1 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Shinjuku. Tel: 03-54058686. museum

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

Why Not Live for Art? Nine collectors reveal their treasures. Mixed media. Until Sep 23, ¥600-1,000. 150 Years of Modern Japanese Music. Mixed media. A dynamic view of Japan's meeting with the West. Oct 11-Dec 23, ¥600-1,000. Open Tue-Thu 11am-7pm, Fri-Sat 11am-8pm. 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku. Nearest stn: Hatsudai.

Tokyo Toy Museum

Japan Native Toys Collection. Until Sep 29, ¥500-700. Open Fri-Wed 10am-4pm. Closed Thu. Yotsuya Hiroba, 4-20 Yotsuya. Nearest stn: Yotsuya Sanchome. Tel: 03-5367-9601.

UENO Edo-Tokyo Museum

Excavations of the Japanese Archipelago. Rare objects and fossils from beneath Tokyo. Until Jul 25, ¥300-600. Open Tue-Fri & Sun 9:30am-5:30pm, Sat 9:30am-7:30pm, closed Mon & hols. 1-4-1 Yokoami. Nearest stn: Ryogoku. Tel: 03-36269974.

National Museum of Nature and Science

Deep Sea. Earth's last frontier. Until Oct 6, ¥300-600 admission, plus special exhibition fee. Open Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-8pm, closed Mon. 7-20 Ueno Park.




The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama Floating Design: Shiro Kuramata and his Contemporaries. Mixed media. Until Sep 1, ¥880-1,100. Open daily 10:00am-5:30pm. 9-30-1 Tokiwa, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi. Nearest stn: Kitaurawa.

Yokohama Museum of Art

Three Characters. Wuzhun shifan (1177-1249). 13th Century, China. Important Cultural property.

Power of Characters, Power of Calligraphy II Japan absorbed the art of calligraphy from China, and has been making its own for over a thousand years. Subtitled “The dialogue between calligraphy and painting­,” this follows a popular 2009 show in condensing the history into a digestible overview. Japanese calligraphers widened possibilities of expression with new approaches to brushstrokes ranging from bold and heavy to light and serene. In recent years, they have even explored how Western modern art can interact with the intrinsically abstract approach of calligraphy. Idemitsu Museum of Arts, until Aug 18, ¥700-1,000. Open Tue-Thu 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-7pm, closed Mon. 9F Teigeki Bldg, 3-1-1 Marunouchi. Nearest stn: Tokyo. www.idemitsu.

Nearest stn: Ueno. Tel: 03-38220111.

The National Museum of Western Art

Michelangelo Buonarroti. Painting, sculpture and more. Sep 6-Nov 17, ¥700-1,400. Open daily 9:30am-5:30pm. 7-7 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno. www.

The University Art Museum

The National Treasure Butto of Yakushi Nyorai and Masterpieces from Kohfukuji. Wooden sculptures and bronze Buddha heads from up to 1,300 years ago. Sep 3-Nov 24, ¥800-1,500. Open Tue-Sun 10am-5pm, closed Mon. 12-8 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

La Méditerranée dans les Collections du Louvre. Art and sculptures from the Louvre's Mediterranean collection. Jul 20-Sep 23, ¥600-1,500. 8-36 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Tokyo National Museum

The Beauty of Japanese-style Calligraphy. Mixed media. A stunning collection showing the evolution of kanji. Until Sep 8, ¥600-1,500. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm. 13-9 Ueno Park. Nearest stn: Ueno.

Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo

TWS-Emerging 200/201/202/203. Works by upcoming young artists. Until Jul 28, free. 2-4-16 Hongo. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. www.

OTHER AREAS Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Enoshima. Photography by Eiichiro Sakata. Until Sep 29, ¥500-1,000. Open Tue-Sun 11am-5pm, closed Mon. 4-7-25 Kita-Shinagawa. Nearest stn: Kita-shinagawa. Tel: 03-34450651.

Hoki Museum

Feeling the Light and the Wind. Realist painting by Japanese artists. Until Nov 10, ¥750-1,500. Open Mon & Wed-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm, closed Tue. 3-15 Asumigaokahigashi, Midoriku. Nearest stn: Toke. www.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Francis Alÿs. A Belgian artist's social projects. Until Sep 8, ¥600-1,100. Ghosts, Underpants and Stars. Kids of all ages can run, touch, photograph and explore art naturally. Until Sep 10, ¥600-1,000. Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm, closed Mon. 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku. Nearest stn: Kiyosumi-shirakawa. www.

The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama

War/Art 1940-1950: Sequences and Transformations of Modernism. Works by Tsuguharu Fujita, Shunsuke Matsumoto and more. Until Oct 14, ¥100-1,000. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-5pm, closed Mon. Hayama, Kanagawa. Nearest stn: Zushi. Tel: 03-58115399. www.moma.pref.

National Museum of Japanese History

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and its Recovery Efforts. Images and talks. Until Sep 23, ¥250-420. Technology that Made the Era: Production Revolution of the Middle Ages. The first step towards mass production. Artifacts and illustrations of daily life. Until Sep 1, ¥450-830. Open Tue-Sun 9:30am-4:30pm, closed Mon. 117 Jonai-cho, Sakura-shi. Nearest stn: Keisei-Sakura.

Pacifico Yokohama

The Frozen Woolly Mammoth Yuka. Info about woolly mammoths feat. a full-size frozen one. Until Sep 16, ¥900-2,200. 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama. Nearest stn: Minatomirai. www.

Sekido Museum of Art

Negoro and Lacquer Painting. Japanese lacquerware. Until Aug 4, ¥300-500. Tue-Sun, 10am-5pm, closed Mon. 23 Senjuhashido-cho. Nearest stn: Senju-Ohashi. Tel: 03-3888-7520. html

Snow Contemporary XYZ Collective Control. Contemporary art by Hisham Akira Bharoocha. Until Jul 21, free. 12pm-8pm Mon, Wed-Fri, closed Tue. 1F 2-30-20 Tsurumaki. Nearest stn: Komazawa Daigaku. Tel: 050 1148 7964. snowcontemporary

Masterpieces of French Paintings. Artworks on loan from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. Until Sep 16, Masterpieces of French Paintings from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Works by Cézanne, Renoir and more. Jul 26-Sep 16, ¥800-1,300. Fri-Wed 10am-6pm. 3-4-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai.

Sports BASEBALL Mazda All-Star Game

Jul 20, 6pm, ¥3,000-22,000. Jingu Stadium. Nearest stn: Shinanomachi. Tel: 03-3404-8999. http://

Central League

–Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Hanshin Tigers. Jul 24-25, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Jingu Stadium. Nearest stn: Shinanomachi. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Hiroshima Toyo Carp. Aug 2-4, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Jingu Stadium. Nearest stn: Shinanomachi. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Chunichi Dragons. Aug 13-15, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Jingu Stadium. Nearest stn: Shinanomachi. –Yomiuri – Giants vs. Chunichi Dragons. Aug 16-18, 6pm, ¥500-5,900. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Yomiuri Giants. Aug 21-22, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku. –Tokyo – Yakult Swallows vs. Yokohama DeNA Baystars. Aug 30-1, 6pm, ¥500-4,500. Meiji Jingu Gaien. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

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Pacific League

–Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Jul 30-1, 6:15pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: KaihinMakuhari. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Orix Buffaloes. Aug 16-18, 6:15pm, ¥800-4.800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Aug 16-18, 6pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. –Chiba – Lotte Marines vs. Saitama Seibu Lions. Aug 20-22, 6:15pm, ¥800-4,800. QVC Marine Field. Nearest stn: Kaihin-Makuhari. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Aug 24-25, 6pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Orix Buffaloes. Aug 30-1, 6pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae. –Hokkaido – Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. Sep 3-5, 6pm, ¥500-5,000. Tokyo Dome. Nearest stn: Suidobashi. –Saitama – Seibu Lions vs. Chiba Lotte Marines. Sep 14-16, 1pm, ¥600-20,000. Seibu Dome. Nearest stn: Seibukyujomae.



Agenda Listings Baseball ticket info at


CAT Ladies’ Tournament. Aug 23-25, all day, ¥2,000. Dai-Hakone Country Club. Nearest stn: Sounzan. 048-600-3001



and seats with a better view available for a fee. Jul 27, 7:20pm, free. Showa Kinen Park. Nearest stn: Tachikawa. Tel: 042-528-1751. www.tbt.

The Colors of Brazil

A full-on Brazilian carnival with dancers, singers and workshops for young and old. Jul 28, 11am-9pm, ¥1,5003,000. Salvia Hall. Nearest stn: Tsurumi. Tel: 045-511-5711.

Umi no Koen. Nearest stn: Uminokoen-Shibaguchi. Tel: 03-3226-6800.

Roppongi. Tel: 03-6434-5773.

Boom factor: 12,000. Racetrack rockets. Aug 14, 7:30pm, ¥500-2,500. Twin Ring Motegi. Nearest stn: Motegi. Tel: 0285-64-0001.

Best Flea Market

Casual street-hockey group with regular meet-ups. Every first, second and third Fri, Various venues. Check website calendar for details.

Setagaya-ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

Every Sun, 8am-4pm, Hanazono Shrine. Nearest stn: Shinjuku-sanchome. Tel: 03-3200-3093.

Asakusa. floatsumidagawa2013

Twin Ring Motegi Fireworks Festival

Jul 27, 9am, ¥1,000. Tsukuba Circuit. Nearest stn: Furukawa. Tel: 0296-443146.

Boom factor: 10,000. Lakeside sparklers and illuminations. Jul 31, 7:30pm, free. Isagahara, Mooka, Tochigi. Nearest stn: Kugeta. Tel: 0285-74-4666.

Boom factor: unknown. Fireworks in luscious green surroundings. Aug 17, 7pm, free. Tamagawa Ryokuchi Sports Grounds, Kamata, Setagaya-ku. Nearest stn: Futako-Tamagawa. www.


Takasaki Matsuri

Roppongi Hills Bon-Odori

Tsukuba Road Race Championship Series Round 3

Urawa Reds vs. Arsenal FC

Jul 26, 7:30pm, ¥1,500-8,000. Saitama Stadium. Nearest stn: Urawamisono. Tel: 048-812-1001.

J. League, Division 1

Sontoku Summer Festival

Giant floats and taiko drums, dance and daruma portable shrines. Fireworks display on Aug 3 from 7:40pm. Aug 2-4, all day, free. Yachiyomachi, Takasaki, Gunma. Nearest stn: Takasaki.

–Kawasaki – Frontale vs. Shonan Bellmare. Jul 31, 7pm, ¥800-4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. –Yokohama – F. Marinos vs. Kashiwa Reysol. Jul 31, 7:30pm, ¥900-¥5,000. Nissan Stadium. Nearest stn: Kozuke. –FC – Tokyo vs. Oita Trinita. Aug 3, 7pm, ¥500-¥6,000. Ajinomoto Stadium. Nearest stn: Tobitakyu. –Shonan – Bellmare vs. Yokohama F. Marinos. Aug 3, 7pm, ¥600-¥5,500. Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka. Nearest stn: Hiratsuka. –KAwasaki – Frontale vs. FC Tokyo. Aug 10, 7pm, ¥800-¥4,500. Todoroki Stadium. Nearest stn: Musashikosugi. –FC – Tokyo vs. Yokohama F. Marinos. Aug 17, 6:30pm, ¥500-¥6,000. Ajinomoto Stadium. Nearest stn: Tobitakyu.

Yugawara Onsen Fireworks Festival

Soccer ticket info at

Ichikawa Nouryou Fireworks Tournament

TENNIS Toray Pan Pacific Open

Sep 20-Sep 28, various times, ¥1,000-21,000. Ariake Colosseum. Nearest stn: Ariake. Tel: 03-3529-3301.

Festivals Adachi Fireworks Festival

Over 12,000 fireworks visible from a wide area around the river. Jul 20, 7:30pm, free. Arakawa riverside. Nearest stn: Kita-Senju. Tel: 03-38805853. adachihanabi

Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival

Riverside festival 12,000 fireworks strong. Jul 23, 7:20pm, free. Edogawa Riverside. Nearest stn: Shimabata. Tel: 03-38385558.

Hachiman Yakumo Grand Festival

Traditional dance and mikoshi parades around the city. Jul 23, 10am, free. Hachiman Yakumo Shrine. Nearest stn: Hachioji. Tel: 042-623-0720. www.

Hachioji Fireworks Festival

Party in the park with a boom factor of 3,000. Jul 27, 7pm, free. Hachioji Shimin Baseball Stadium. Nearest stn: Nishi-Hachioji. Tel: 042-643-3115.

Showa Kinen Park Fireworks

Boom factor: 5,000. Bento,

Second round of spectacular fireworks. Aug 3, 8pm, free. Yugawara. Nearest stn: Yugawara. Tel: 0465-632111. yugawarafire

Koga Fireworks Festival Boom factor: 20,000. Fireworks synchronized to music. Aug 3, 7:20pm, free. 10-1 Nishimachi, Koga city, Ibaraki. Nearest stn: Koga. Tel: 050-5548-8686. www.

Ageo Fireworks Festival

Boom factor:13,000. Riverside pyrotechnics with personalized messages shot into the sky. Reservations required. Aug 3, 7pm, free. 2606-1 Hirakata, Ageo city, Saitama. Nearest stn: Hirakata Elementary School. www.

Boom factor: 14,000. Different themes and launches synchronized to music. Premium seating available for fee. Aug 3, 7:15pm, free. Around Edogawa river, Ichikawa-city, Chiba. Nearest stn: Ichikawa.

Itabashi Fireworks Tournament

Boom factor: 11,000. A virtual Niagara Falls of sparklers over the Arakawa River. Aug 3, 7pm, free. Itabashi. Nearest stn: Nishidai. www.

Utsunomiya Fireworks Festival

Boom factor: 20,000. Premium seating available for a fee, reservations required. Aug 10, 7pm, free. Utsunomiya, Tochigi. Nearest stn: Yanagita Shako.

Kumagaya Fireworks Tournament

Boom factor: 10,000. Including written messages from residents shot into the sky. Aug 10, 7pm, free. Kawaracho nichome, Kumagaya city, Saitama. Nearest stn: Kumagaya.

Tokyo Wandai Fireworks Festival

Boom factor: 12,000. Stunning display over Tokyo Bay. Aug 10, 7:50pm, free. Harumi Sports Grounds, Chuo-ku. Nearest stn: Kachidoku. http://

Floating Lantern Festival Send your wishes and prayers down the Sumida River. Buy lanterns (¥1,500 each) in advance or on the day. Aug 13, 6:30-8pm. Sumidagawa Mizube Terrace, Taito-ku. Nearest stn:

Traditional obon dance with Hills restaurants putting out stalls. Until Aug 25, 3-9pm, free. Roppongi Hills Arena. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6406-6000. roppongibon2013

Super Yosakoi

Large groups in traditional costume compete in choreographed dances originating from Koichi Prefecture. Aug 24-25, all day, free. Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park and Omotesando. Nearest stn: Harajuku.

Forums & Expos Handmade in Japan Fes

Crafts, hobby goods, etc. Jul 20-21, ¥500 (adv)/ ¥700 (door). Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: Kokusai-TenjijoSeimon. hmj2013

International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific

Regional perspectives on a green economy. Jul 23-24, free, advance registration required. Pacifico Yokohama. Nearest stn: Minato Mirai. Tel: www.

Renewable Energy 2013 Exhibition Eco products and services. Jul 24-26, free. Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: KokusaiTenjijo-Seimon. www.

Healing Fair Body Mind Spirit

Holistic healing, organic cosmetics, etc. Aug 3-4, free (advance registration)/¥1,000. Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon. Tel: 03-5774-5072. www.a-advice. com/english

Bazaars & Markets Earth Day Market

Farmer's market focused on organic and fair-trade goods. Jul 21 & Aug 4, free. Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 090-3525-8481. www.

Antique Jamboree

Haggle with 500 dealers with Japanese, European, and the US vintage collections. Aug 3-4, ¥800-3,000. Tokyo Big Sight. Nearest stn: KokusaiTenjijo-Seimon. Tel: 0120-817510. jambokun/antique

Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market More than 120 vendors. Sun & hols, 9am-3pm, free. Shinagawa Intercity. Nearest stn: Shinagawa. http://meturl. com/shinflea

Iidabashi Ramla Market

Every first and third Sun, 10am-4pm, Iidabashi Ramla. Nearest stn: Iidabashi.

Umi no Koen Flea Market Every third Sun, 10am-4pm,


Every second Sun, 10am-4pm, Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-3226-6800.

Hanazono Shrine Market


Farm-fresh veg from the north. Every Sat, 7-9am, Roppongi Hills East Court. Nearest stn: Roppongi. Tel: 03-6406-5285.

Nogi Shrine Market

Every second Sun, 5:30am3pm, Nogi Shrine. Nearest stn: Nogizaka. Tel: 03-3478-3001.

Oedo Antique Fair

Japan’s largest outdoor antique market. Every first and third Sun, 8am-4:30pm, Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Nearest stn: Yurakucho. Tel: 03-5805-1093.

Aoyama Marché

Organic farmers’ market. Sat-Sun. United Nations University. Nearest stn: Omotesando. Tel: 03-34560960.

Yasukuni Shrine Antique Market Every Sun, sunrise-sunset. Yasukuni Shrine. Nearest stn: Kudanshita. Tel: 03-32618326.

Fudaten Jinja Market

Tokyo Street Hockey Association

Learning Nihonga Workshop: Shikishi Board

Design your own shikishi board using traditional Japanese painting techniques. Lessons in English and Japanese. All levels welcome. Jul 20, 1-4pm, ¥5,000. 4B Maruoka Bldg., 5-49-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku. Nearest stn: Omotesando. http://

The Art of Laughter

Differences behind comedy styles in Japan and the West, plus how to use humor in social situations. Aug 3, ¥17,500. Temple University. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban. Tel: 0120-86-1026. cont-ed/courses

Life Planning: Take Charge of Your Life Now

Interactive session of self-exploration to help move forward in life. Aug 3, midnight, ¥17,500. Temple University. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-5441-9864. cont-ed/courses

The Power of Positive Psychology


Exploring happiness and fulfillment. Aug 3-4, ¥36,200 (two days). Temple University. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-5441-9864. cont-ed/courses

Tokyo Pub Crawl Summerfest

Let’s Learn about Working in a Theater

Every second Sun, 10am-4pm, Fudaten Jinja. Nearest stn: Chofu. Tel: 04-2489-0022.

Boisterous mix of locals and expats get together for a pint or five. Jul 20, 6:30pm; Jul 27, 6:30pm, ¥2,000. Hot Rocks Roppongi Grill, Roppingi. Nearest stn: Roppongi. www.

3D Art Museum

Be a part of the art. Until Sep 1, 11am-8pm, ¥700 (adult), ¥500 (child). VenusFort. Nearest stn: Aoumi. Tel: 03-3599-0700.

Sunday Spin

Hula-hoop it up in Yoyogi, no need to bring your own. Drop in/out at any time. Every fourth Sun, Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-3469-6081. http://meturl. com/hoopinginjapan

Pause Talk

Open forum to discuss projects, ideas and cultural currents. Every first Mon, Cafe Pause. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 03-6912-7711. www.

Party and Purpose

Casual dinner for people interested in personal development, organized by Tokyo Positive Thinkers. Every third Wed, 8pm, about ¥2,000, Ikebukuro TGI Friday's. Nearest stn: Ikebukuro. Tel: 090-44406391. positivethinkerstokyo


Meet fellow knitters, crocheters and sewers to talk, share ideas, eat, drink and create. Every first and third Tue, 7pm, free, Cafe Respekt. Nearest stn: Shibuya. TokyoStitchandBitch

Half-Fast Cyclists

Bicyclists of all treads meet for slide shows, lectures, ride-planning, etc. Every second Wed, 7pm, free, The Pink Cow. Nearest stn:

Making performances run seamlessly, inc. stage crew, lighting and sound, and costume. Ages 13-18. Aug 8, free, (registration required). Meguro Persimmon Hall. Nearest stn: Toritsudaigaku. Tel: 03-3791-7000. www.nbs. org/english

Persuasive Legal Writing

Creating a strong written legal argument. Some work experience or law-related study required. Aug 10, ¥17,400. Temple University. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-5441-9864. cont-ed/courses

What is Ballet?

Yuki Nagano on the history of the dance. Aug 10, 10am, free (registration required). Meguro Persimmon Hall. Nearest stn: Toritsudaigaku. ballet_info@ english

How to Draw Manga Characters

From detailed technical advice to creative brainstorming sessions. Open to both beginners and advanced artists. Aug 24, ¥17,500 (plus ¥1,500 for materials). Temple University. Nearest stn: Azabu-Juban. Tel: 03-54419864. courses

Other Events Cursed Teeth

A terrifying haunted house experience themed on “teeth.” Ages 6 and up. Until Sep 23, 10am-4pm (scary) & 5pm-9pm (scarier), ¥800. Tokyo Dome City. Nearest stn: Suidobashi.. Tel: 03-3817-6001. www.

Disney on Ice

The characters brought to life in a winter wonderland. Jul 20-24, ¥2,900-5,800. Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Nearest

stn: Meiji-Jingumae. www. Until Aug 26, various times, ¥2,900-5,800. Yokohama Arena. Nearest stn: Shin-Yokohama. www.

Brazilian Day Japan

Performances by Brazilian artists and local samba groups, as well as food and fashion stalls. Jul 21-22, free. Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-3469-6081.

Aloha Yokohama

Fashion, food, art and cultural event from Hawaii. Jul 26-28, free. Yamashita Park. Nearest stn: Motomachi-Chukagai. Tel: 045-681-1860. www.

Kids' Cinema

Classic children's films from all over the world . Jul 26-27 & Aug 2-3, 1:30pm, ¥300-500. National Film Center. Nearest stn: Takebashi. Tel: kids-cinema2013@momat.

Warrior Dash

International mud obstacle race. Jul 27-28, 8am, free (spectator)/ ¥1,000 (festival)/ ¥8,000 (adventure run). German Village, Chiba. Nearest stn: Sodegaura. Tel: 03-4550-1199. www.

Thai Fair in Tokyo

Treats, tuk tuks, and more. Jul 27-28, free. Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-3469-6081. http://meturl. com/asianfestivals2013

Emperor Meiji Memorial Ceremony

Celebrate the shrine’s namesake. Jul 30, 9am, free. Meiji Jingu Shrine. Nearest stn: Harajuku. www.

13th World Ballet Festival Film Screenings

Screenings from performances by world stars showing their support for survivors of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Until Aug 11, free (registration required). Meguro Persimmon Hall. Nearest stn: Toritsudaigaku. Tel: 03-57012904.

Asian Festival

Fair with food from Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and more. Aug 10-11, free. Yoyogi Park. Nearest stn: Harajuku. Tel: 03-34696081. asianfestivals2013

Thai Fair in Yokohama

Muay Thai showcases, idol performances and more. Aug 24-25, free. Yamashita Park. Nearest stn: Motomachi-Chukagai. Tel: 045-681-1860. asianfestivals2013


Underground party hosted by drag queens. Every first Sat of every month. BYOB, 12am, ¥3,000(dress code)/¥4,500 (w/flyer)/ ¥5,000 (door). Tokyo Kinema Club. Nearest stn: Uguisudani. Tel: 03-38747988.

Shibuhouse Party

All-night house party with the Shibuhouse residents on the 22nd of every month, 7pm-7am. ¥1,000 w/ food & drink. Contact shibuhouseinfo@gmail. com for address/directions. Nearest stn: Shibuya. www.

Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter

Japan's biggest pret-a-porter fashion event. Aug 31, 3pm, ¥6,000-10,000. Saitama Super Arena. Nearest stn: Saitama-Shintoshin. www.


More reviews and theater details:




rom the outside, the 3,000 or so trash pickers painstakingly sifting through Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest pile of garbage, might seem a wretched bunch. But they’re happier than you might


The announcement by the cellist in a 25-years-world-famous string quartet (Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Mark Ivanir) that he has Parkinson’s and must retire opens the door to a few long-smoldering personal issues, and the quartet starts to go out of tune. You don’t need to know anything about classical music going in to this knowledgeable, deeply felt film about life and art by Yaron Zilberman, but you will take something away. Especially notable is Walken, who’s been doing wingnut roles ever since Annie Hall. Nice to see him in a more subtle, deeper portrayal. Japanese title: 25 Nenmei no Gengaku Shijuusou. (105 min)

expect. They’re tough, resourceful, creative and hard working . Nobody’s saying their lives are not hard, but they’re making the best of their options without resorting to drug dealing or prostitution. Their recycling work is indeed useful;


First, any Pixar animation featuring the voices of Billy Crystal, John G o o d m a n a nd Hele n M i r re n i s worth a look. Sigh. Never thought I’d use that word for a Pixar flick. This popsicle-hued origin story of how Sully (jock) and Mike (nerd) met at university represents the further slide of the once-great studio into Disney mediocrity. There’s no Boo (the little human girl). There’s no magic. Anyone over seven will find this to be a mildly amusing checklist of college-movie clichés. Apparently the inspiration and propulsive storytelling of the first movie didn’t graduate along with the technical wizardry. (110 min)




he Pokemon industry is one of the best-known international character and animation franchises f rom Jap a n . O r i g in a l ly a G a m e B oy role -play i n g v ide o game from the giant Nintendo, it has morphed into an anime series, manga and finally a film series. With Pokemon the Movie: Shinseko no Genosekuto Myuutsu that cinematic incarnation now moves— almost unbelievably—on to its 16th feature film. The animated stories here follow a different narrative than the game, with hero Satoshi (Rika Matsumoto), his buddy Pikachu (Ikue Otani) and a host of friends who change with successive "generations" all defending the world. Directed as usual by Kunihiko Yuyama, this film will be the last of the fifth generation Pokemon characters and features the baddy Red Genoskuto (Koichi Yamadera) and the previous evildoer turned good guy Myustsuu (Reiko Takashima). TV Tokyo aired a prologue on July 3 to prepare their diehard viewers for the story. Set in a futuristic New York City the plot is an epic battle between Satoshi and friends to defeat Genoskuto. The drawings are the usual Japanese mix of cute and surreal and this entry into the oeuvre will please long-time fans, though it may not earn the franchise any new followers. (96 min) Rob Schwartz

t hey have a com munity; they have pride. Charity, perception and a r t come together in Oscar-nominated Lucy Wa l ke r ’s comp e l l i n g documentary about this surreal world. We meet and get a peek into the homes and lives of a half-dozen of its inhabitants. The director’s focus is successful New York-based Braz ilia n “trash artist” Vic Muniz, whose own childhood was beset by poverty. M u n i z i s k n ow n fo r incorporating trash and other unconventional materials into his works. For this project, h e p h o to g r ap h s t h e d e n i z e n s , creates giant portraits (out of trash) on a warehouse floor, and then photographs those to sell at auction, with 100% of the proceeds getting pumped back into the community. For a movie so bleakly titled, it’s amazingly uplifting. Be a waste not to see it. Japanese title: Vik Muniz: Gomi Art no Kiseki. (99 min)


The world’s fastest preposteronef uele d soap op era f ra nch i se i s running on fumes, story-wise, but made up for it, annoyingly, by punching the nitro every time the dreadful dialogue put me to sleep. It’s strayed rather far from its 2001 street-racing roots, now more resembling a Bond or a heist flick as our gang of renegade peterosexuals battles a nefarious master criminal. It disinters Michelle R o d r i g u e z ’ s L e t t y c h a r a c t e r, conveniently with amnesia. But F&F knows what it is and what it is not, and it delivers the advertised goods. I didn’t much like it. Wasn’t made for me. Flying head-butts? Now that’s new. Japanese title: Wild Speed Euro Mission. (128 min)


The title mortician was a pillar of the east Texas community of Carthage. Bernie befriended the 81-year-old and astou nd in gly mean w idow Nugent (Shirley MacLaine, in full battle mode), and gained her trust and access to her millions. But as he opened her world, she closed and controlled his. When he confessed to having killed her, none of the townsfolk (actual townsfolk, in mock-doc interviews) would believe it. They still don’t. This offbeat true-crime dark comedy from Richard Linklater stars Jack Black in a groundbreaking, original role, his best since School of Rock. Tricky material, but nicely finessed. (104 min)


Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and their two young sons begin to notice odd goings-on about the house. Birds go berserk; people have bad dreams and get bloody noses; all the family photos mysteriously disappear. Ghosts? Nope. It’s not a bad movie. It’s workmanlike and spooky-ish, unsettling if not chilling. Like a weak X-Files. Brightens briefly when alien expert J. K. Simmons appears. It will appeal the most to moviegoers who have never seen Poltergeist, Signs, Paranormal Activity or The Exorcist. Warning bells: writer/director Scott Stewart previously gave us Legion and Priest. (97 min)

movie news


This is a found-footage anthology by a half-dozen young directors who thought they could squeeze a little more creepiness out of the tired and tiresome genre. Granted, they’ve done a lot with a little, but it’s all fairly pointless and plays like a film-school project. While I can’t really recommend this, the short-film format is way better for this kind of thing (don’t have to sit through a feature), and I did witness bursts of innovation amid the underlit, shaky camcorder footage (one’s done entirely on Skype). Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with when they grow up. Indie horror fans only. Japanese title: V/H/S Syndrome. (116 min)


In this riveting condemnation of mankind’s willingness to defer to those who claim authority (“just following orders”), the matronly manager of a fast-food joint (a spot-on Ann Dowd) gets a call from “Officer Daniels,” who claims a pretty blond employee had stolen money from a customer. She is asked to detain Becky (Dreama Walker), strip-search her, and then, along with others, subject her to increasingly horrific and humiliating acts of abuse. This would all seem contrived if it hadn’t actually happened—several dozen times. A potent, primal film that’s hard to watch and harder to forget. Japanese title: Compliance: Fukuju no Shinri. (90 min)

cinematic underground


ith so many White-Houseu n d e r- s i e g e movies out there, how are you to know which one is for you? Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are hoping you will choose W hite House Down. “It is an entertaining movie, although it is about something dark,” Tatum said at the recent New York premiere for the film about a massive attack on Washington D. C. The 33-year-old actor joined costar Foxx on a faux-presidential motorcade to the event, where female fans in bright red T-shirts emblazoned with his own first name overwhelmed him. In the Roland Emmerich-directed popcorn flick, Tatum plays a Secret Service agent who must think fast to protect the prez (Foxx) when terrorists take over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The plot is strikingly similar to that of Olympus Has Fallen. The Gerald Butler film has been released in Japan as End of White House, only adding to the confusion between the two would-be summer blockbusters. Tatum was thrilled with the casting of the POTUS role in his film. “There are not many people who can play the president,” he said. “We could have done the dusty version, but this is not a dusty time, when we have the first black president in office. So hopefully this will be a turn [in the way the president is portrayed]. And I got to work with Jamie, who is awesome.” White House Down opens in Japan Aug 16. Kevin Mcgue


hibuya’s Eurospace (1-5 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku; www. continues to roll out masterpieces by Ingmar Bergman with a new program starting July 20. Witness on the big screen one of the most famous images of cinema, the existential chess match in The Seventh Seal (1957; pictured), or catch Wild Strawberries (1957) and The Virgin Spring (1960)... Revel in kitsch as My Way, a biopic of French pop icon Claude François, plays at Bunkamura’s Le Cinéma (2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku; from July 20. The titular karaoke standard is most associated with Frank Sinatra, but it was flamboyant Francois who penned the equally schmaltzy original French version… A Lady in Paris, another offering from contemporary French cinema is playing from July 20 at Ginza’s Cine Switch (4-4-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku; Veteran actress Jeanne Moreau plays a stubborn Estonian pensioner who reluctantly bonds with the young woman who comes to care for her. KM #1008 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 19


& s ws Shormanceys a o perf Tuesd ays on d Frid an

Women ¥

Arrive before 19:00 and receive the special earlybird price of All you can drink Draft beer Red & White Wine Cocktails, Softdrinks for Sparkling Wine

Entry after 21:30 is only

All you can eat Main dish including meat + salad, pasta, french fries, dessert Buffet of dishes and snacks that compliment beer

*The menu is subject to change. *Due to reserved parties and events, there are days which we will be closed to the public. Please double check with us before your arrival.

APA Hotel 1F/2F, 20-1 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo



Our incredibly popular and cherished Craft & Microbrew Beers are back!! If you're waiting for a refreshing pint of microbrew, P.C.M. is the place to come. Hurry in to get your glass tonight!Enjoy a pint (510ml) from ¥900, and a glass (270ml) from ¥500. 1F Tokia Tokyo Bldg, 2-7-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Nearest stations: Tokyo or Yurakucho. Open: Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Tea 2:30-5pm, Dinner (Mon-Fri) 5pm-4am LO 3:30am, (Weekends and hols.) 5pm-11pm LO 10pm





Dining Out

rs A S o v a W l f l loca AGA LE Kanto ima

Bthern I N T A K M E Sund sou CoOshing aro N

By L


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o g, T

w ojno dd W


on’t forget to fuel up when you’re off checking out some of Kanagawa’s sights [see p6]. Here is a small taste of some of the prefecture’s eateries as chosen by our Japan Tourist contributors. Visit this story online to add your own favorites in the comment section

Kamakura SUSHI-DOKORO KIMI Just in front of the east exit at JR Kamakura, this restaurant will provide you with your dose of fresh fish before or after your local sightseeing. Not a revolving kaiten joint, Kimi costs a little extra—but it’s worth it for the quality. Ask the chef for his recommendation, or order up sets such as the 6-10 piece nigiri set (¥2,100-3,680) to make things simple. 1-4-1 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa; www. JapanTourist entry:

sk i


ko omo nd T


i sh

station, walk the tracks towards Enoshima until you see the restaurant’s sign. Then, cross the rails and start climbing the very steep steps up the cliff until suddenly the pizzeria appears in front of you. Despite the required exertion, this popular joint always has a queue for its wonderful crispy pizza accompanied by the cool Shonan-shore landscape. Pizza is available from ¥1,500, with lunch sets offering appetizer, pasta or pizza, salad and drink from ¥1,890. 1-5-10 Shichirigahama, Kamakura; JapanTourist entry:

TSUKIJI SEN SUSHI Inside Ofuna station, Tsukiji Sen Sushi is a sushi bar where customers order, devour, pay and move on—all without taking a seat. Cozy yet elegant, Tsukiji Sen Sushi serves up fresh, inexpensive fare to the steady rotation of train passengers during their line transfer. Ask for the omakase sushi for a ten-piece set of seasonal recommendations, which is a bargain at ¥690. JapanTourist entry:

and pickles) and ice cream with green tea sauce are popular pick-me ups. But they also offer a host of other refreshments like ramen and curry, or the refreshing, seaside-style kaki gori (flavored crushed ice). 2-5-5 Enoshima, Fujisawa. JapanTourist entry:

Yokohama Chinatown NISSYOU Chinatown overemphasizes the importance of dan dan noodles (tantanmen) in Chinese cuisine. But if you’re going to do it, do it right, at Nissyou, a corner dive near the Ishikawacho station gate. That’s right—leave the lavish places with red decor and gold statues for the tourists, this is the home of Chinatown’s best spicy noodles. But if igniting your tongue isn’t your idea of fun, the sanratan and ja ja noodles are not far behind. Whatever you do, don’t forget the gyoza. 1F, 215−1 Okamoto Bldg, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama; Tel: 045-633-3596). JapanTourist entry:

BRUNCH KITCHEN KAMAKURA This is a spiffy little place just off Komachi-dori. An off-shoot of the trendy Mercer Café chain, its interior and staff are chic—and so are their brunches. They’ve added some nice touches such as seating around an open fire in the courtyard, outdoor patio tables for when the weather is good, high ceilings with fans and big windows. For brunch, try their French toast—it will melt in your mouth—to complement a choice of delightful main dishes including grilled fish, chicken or sirloin steak. 2-6-28 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa; Tel: 046-724-5518

Enoshima FUJIMI-TEI There are three reasons to dine at Fujimi-tei, near the Iwaya Caves: a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji, terrace seats by the sea, and excellent seafood. Their horse mackerel set (aji-no-sashimi, rice, miso soup

AMALFI DELLA SERRA For a memorable ocean view with some traditional Italian pizza, ma ke t he t rek to Amalfi Della Serra. A f ter get t ing of f t he E noden l i ne at Sh ichirigahama #1008 • WWW.METROPOLIS.CO.JP • 21



Dining Out





f you like a bit of cold matcha but you're ashamed to buy it in public, then this posh bottled Freshie offering could be your passport to success. The matcha powder is kept in a separate, sealed capsule. When you sidle into an alleyway and twist the cap clockwise, the green dust will graciously flutter into the mineral water (with help from a hefty tap). According to the instructions, you must then shake the bottle ten times, turn the cap the other way to open, and open your gullet to a pure taste of Japan. The strongly perfumed tea comes from Hoshinomura in Fukuoka, and the water—from Ibukiyama on the border of Shiga and Gifu prefectures—is clear enough to make a merry match with the matcha. ¥500, available at Kabukiza Ginza and other fancy venues.




For those undecided about whether to plump for a pastry or a drink, Fujiya Sweets has released a holy combo of the two to give you double the sugar rush. The drinkable cream puff looks like your average pastry from the outside. But tap into it with a straw and slurp up a drinkable jelly as if you were some Nevada oil rig. Then simply eat the casing to dispose of the evidence. Available flavors are coffee jelly with milk custard or milk jelly in custard if caffeine ain’t your scene. ¥250, at Fujiya stores across Japan.


eligious Jews around the world may now drink kosher nihonshu, courtesy of Iwate Prefecture’s Kuji Brewery. Proud owners of the first license of its kind in Japan, they offer a range of rice wine and plum wine certified 100 percent kosher by Rabbi Binyomin Y. Edery of Chabad Tokyo Japan. Kuji Brewery was founded in 1912 and is the home of Japan’s oldest sake vending machine—a wooden contraption that once sold free-running wine at half-a-yen per cup. The brewers have also pioneered “clean” sake brewing (no added sugars) since 1951 and master brewer Hajime Yamaguchi was selected as one of 100 Great Craftsmen by the Ministry of Labor. The Nanbu Bijin special junmaishu (sake made without any added sugar or alcohol) is available in the 1,800ml ishobin bottle for ¥2,415 and the 720ml yongobin bottle for ¥1,365. Kuji also offers kosher umeshu in the same sizes (¥2,980/1,700). Buy online at or see for a list of vendors.

adult ice






ummer drinks aren’t necessarily all about alcohol and sweets—any chilled carbonated bevvy can go down a treat. Take some of the subtly flavored and non-alcoholic summer drinks from Kinugawa Cider. Its bottled Nikko Mineral Water is made of 100% ground water from—where else?—Nikko, and it’s subtly flavored to enhance the taste of the natural mineral water. Tochi Otome is flavored with organic strawberries grown with minimal pesticides, with no added color or flavorings. And Fuji apples from Aramaki orchards are natural source of flavor in the Ripe Apple variety. Available in 340ml bottles (¥200) or cases of 24 bottles (¥4,800). The company also crafts Kinugawa Onsen Beer (330ml, ¥580ml) for those who prefer something a little stronger.



here really is nothing cooler than crushed ice in summer, but it can seem a little childish. The garish colors can bring to mind crayons and club nights rather than the fruits they’re intended to imitate. Fortunately, The Strings by InterContinental bar has a more sophisticated solution. Located on the 26th floor of the hotel in the originally named The Dining Room, this upscale watering hole will be serving a Special Patisse Kakigori summer cocktail guaranteed to cool you down and get your spirits high. Sweltering customers can customize the icy treat by choosing from five base-flavor syrups including peach, matcha, green apple with herb, tropical curry and cassis—all garnished with a layer of fresh fruit and topped with a champagne of your choice. The “adult” afternoon tea set includes one kakigori cockgtail, a plate of biscuits and is accompanied by coffee or tea. ¥1,800, available daily 2:30-5:30pm until Sep 16. 26F The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo, Shinagawa East One Tower. Nearest stn: Shinagawa. Tel: 03-5783-1111.

oh! cha


urveyors of green gold the Nanaya Matcha Sweets Factory have diversified their portfolio to include large animals of the savannah and grassy plains. Their new Animal Tea Party set of cuddly shapes sit soaking in your cuppa while it steeps. A groovin' giraffe, happy hippo, eager elephant, movin’ monkey and laid-back lion will all kick back in your cup of matcha-infused green tea when you need something genki. For insomniacs, an almost-awake alpaca, snoozing sheep, bedded bear, and one very relaxed raccoon will soak in the caffeine-free hojicha (roasted green tea) night-time version—which is also child friendly, if you’re worried about monkeys jumping on the bed all night. Nanaya Matcha Sweets Factory also offers matcha gelato, matcha roll cake, matcha senbei, matcha cookies, matcha fresh cream daifuku... you get the idea. ¥525 per five-bag set. Or order six sets for ¥3,000.

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CLASSIFIEDS Metropolis and its subsequent Classifieds section are printed every other week. The upcoming publication dates and corresponding deadlines for print are as follows. This does not affect the online Classifieds, where ads are visible immediately after they are approved.


Ta j i m a H o s p i t a l : 2 -2 1 -1 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Issue 1010 Issue 1014 FRI, AUG 2




July 25, 3pm

Aug 22, 3pm


1.1 HEALTH F R I E N D LY E N G L I S H S PEAKIN G DENTAL CLINIC in Takadanobaba. Tra i n e d i n Swe d e n , D r. To m i o ka s p e c i a l i ze s i n implant, gum disease t r e a t m e n t a n d g e n e ra l de nti stry. Conve nie ntly located 1min from Takadanobaba stn. perio@ 03-3360 - 6480 AN Bldg., 3 - 2 - 5 Ta k a d a n o b a b a , Shinjuku-ku

K I M I S H I M A D E N TA L OFFICE , MINAMI-AZABU, M I N AT O - K U , T O K YO . English-speaking dentist, 3min from Hiroo stn, specializing in both cosmetic a n d g e n e r a l d e n t i s t r y. State - of-t h e - a r t fa c ility and friendly staff. Special offer for Metropolis readers: 30% off dental check-up. 03-6277-4217

NIJO-SEITAIIN, JAPANESE CHIROPRACTIC HEALING AND BODY CARE. Our clients are those who have not recovered from hospital or chiropractic care elsewhere. We treat backache, hernias, shoulder discomfort, etc. Our head office was established in 1970 in Kyoto. Our Tokyo practitioner is a graduate of Fordham University in New York City. ¥9000/70min. 03-3449-1880 http://kazryu. jp 2 - 1 6 - 2 - 5 0 2 Ta k a n a w a , Minato-ku, Tokyo TO ADVERTISE In Japan’s N o.1 En g l i s h m a g a z i n e , log on at www.metropolis. or email your commercial ads to commercial@metropolis.

P S Y C H I A T R Y / P SYC H OTH E R APY (心療 Dr. Ryuko Ishikawa, MD, licensed in both the US and Japan, bilingual, wellrespected by international clients, available at Tajima Hospital, located in front of Ryogoku stn. National Insurance accepted. Appointments: 03-3634-6111 内科 ).

SHIBAURA DENTAL CLINIC ENGLISH-SPEAKING D E N T I S T. G e n e r a l a n d cosmetic dental clinic. Dentist is a graduate of Harvard Dental School, with over 20 years’ experience with dental practices in the USA, Japan. Blue Shield, Japanese National Insurance accepted. 5min walk from JR Tamachi stn. Open Mon-Sat. 03-5442-8525

O N LY C U T Z O N E s a l o n provides a hair cut service for only ¥1000. 5min walk from Kita-Senju stn . Fri e n d ly En g l i s h speaking staff is available. Contact us at 03-3 8 821550. Open from 10am until 7pm, 7 days a week. http://


LOVI N G BABY MA S SAG E . Teaching mothers, fathers and other family members professional baby massage and child yoga techniques from internationally acclaimed Peter Walker’s “Developmental Baby Massage” and “YogaGym”. E/J. Private sessions from ¥4000. Small groups from ¥3000. Four-session discount. Call Shino at 080 -3362- 04 29 or email babymassage123@gmail. com.

refundable deposit only. Te l / f a x : 0 3 - 3 3 4 1 -7 8 7 5 greencorp.html

I C H I I C O R P O R AT I O N . Over 600 affordable, quality-furnished apartments in central To k yo l o c a t i o n s . N o key m o n ey/g u a ra nto r/a g e nt fe e re quire d . N ew, clean apartments, simple contract system, full English support. Call us today! 03-5437-5233


J A P A N ’ S M O S T A F F O R D A B L E H E A LT H INSURANCE. If you feel like you’re throwing money away on insurance, come on over to HealthOne and start saving today! Three-, s ix- a n d 12- m o nth p la n s . Inpatient /outpatient cove ra g e fo r i l l n e s s a n d injury. Online enrollment; pay by credit card or at convenience stores. info@ h e a l t h o n e . j p 0 5 0 -3 4 2 4 6713

CHEAPEST, QUICKEST AND SAFEST! Transporter Tokyo supports your moving and delivers your stuff. Moving for singles or couples from ¥12,000. Delivery (furniture, motorbikes, etc.) from ¥7000. English, French and Japanese -speaking staf f available. Inquiries: info@ t r a n s p o r t e r- t o k y o . c o m w w w.tra n s p or te r-tokyo. com/english/contact Tel:036715-9391 Fax: 03-6715-9392 Ad d re s s : 3 -2 9 - 8 N i s h i Rokugo, Ota-ku, Tokyo



SAKURA HOU SE . Leading multilingual real estate a g e n c y i n To k y o s i n c e 1992. Over 1600 furnished apartments and guest/ share house rooms, from ¥52,000/m, utilities included. No key money/ guarantor/agent fee. Contact us: 03-5330-5250 info @ s a kura - hou se .co m

S E RVI C E D A PA RTM E NT S in a quiet residential area of Hiroo. Studios and suites. 4min from Hiroo s t n . R a te s : D a i ly ¥ 78 0 0. Weekly ¥68 50 -/day. Monthly ¥5900-/day. Over three months ¥4950-/ day. Tax, utilities included. f r o n t d e s k@ a z a b u c o u r t . com www. azabucour t . com/ 03-3446-8610


NAIL SALON IROHA: NAIL TATTOOS IN ASAKUSA. Put Japanese kanji and beautiful art on your nails with gel nails. You can use any kanji, even your name, your country, or any words you’d like. Call Iroha at 03-6802-8383 or email!/iroha.

N A R I TA A I R P O R T C A R / MINIVAN TRANSFER SERVICE. Cheaper than a taxi. English - speaking driver. Meet and greet. Free baby seat. Luggage assistance. Dependable-Safe-Easy-Quick Airport Transfer Service. BOOK NOW! Email


LAW OFFICE IN KAWASAKI (next to Tokyo), member o f t h e Yo ko h a m a B a r Association. Legal service in English for traffic accidents, divorce, inheritance, bankruptcy, business cases (contracts, establishing a company, trademarks, etc.) and other legal problems. Email:

I C H I G AYA G R E E N C O R P. Fu r n i s h e d t h r e e - r o o m , 40m2 apartment, south/ north facing, many trees, just renovated, sunny room, fresh air, peaceful, safe residential area, good n e ig h b o r s ¥ 120,0 0 0. N o key money, commission or maintenance fee. One month

S E E KI N G RO O M M AT E I N AKIHABARA. Japanese male seeks a female roommate in Akihabara as my roommate is moving out on Aug 1. Fully furnished, bunk bed available ¥50,000/m. Utilities included. I’m rarely home, so it’s a good deal. kandasharehouse@ http://fast-uploader. com/file/6928306821412/ SHARE LUXURY CONDOMINIUM IN IKEBUKURO. Seeking female roommate fluent in English to share furnished, 14th-floor condominium (own bedroom and use of common facilities), 7min from Ikebukuro stn ¥100,000/m. Utilities extra. Plus refundable deposit ¥50,000.


EMERGENCY HOUSING. Non-profit Megumi House is available 24/7 to help the emergency housing needs of the international community. Since 1968. Donation for stay. Email for info.

F O N TA N A , e s t a b l i s h e d over 30 years ago. With a wide range of locations at competitive prices, our apartments and guesthouses are some of the best. Let our international team find you the perfect p l a c e t o l i v e i n To k y o . fo n t a n a @ g o l . c o m w w w. 03-3382-0151

2.4 HOUSE SHARE LUXURY VILLA IN ASAKA. Large, b r i g h t 8 . 5 - m a t p r i va t e r o o m and balcony, w/TV, washer, fast internet, cable, etc ., 14min to Ikebukuro ¥49,000. No key money. Share house with one Japanese and two foreign females. villa.asaka@ 09063491296

Summer vacation lodgings. Family with three kids under age 12 seeking beach or countryside cabin, pension, hotel that doesn't charge per head. Tel: 090-7729-1195 cliffworks@gmail. com

2.2 RENT UNDER ¥200,000

SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY ( p h y s i c a l t h e r a p y) c a r e in Hiroo. Native Engli sh speaking therapists specializing in sports i n j u r i e s , p o s t- o p e ra t ive rehabilitation, back/neck pain, running related, headaches, orthotics, ergonomic consultations and women’s health. www. 03-34436769

NEWLY BUILT FURNISHED 2BR IN OMOTESANDO-SHIBUYA-HIROO. 2BR, w/big balcony, aircon, floor heating, storage, two sofabeds, table and chairs, washer/dryer, o n s o l i d g ro u n d i n g o rg e o u s neighborhood, security company surveillance ¥270,000/m. ¥ 8 0,0 0 0/we e k . ka re n m ilo n @

2.3 RENT OVER ¥200,000

TO K YO A PA RT M E N T S . Corporate housing provider offering short and long-term a pa r tm e nts th roughout c e n t r a l To k y o . F u l l y customizable packages! Serviced, furnished and unfurnished apartments, relocation service, furniture rental, and property sale s and management . Please call 0120-957-520.

2.7 OFFICE SPACE STYLISH OFFICE, 2MIN FROM HARAJUKU STN. Conference room, meeting room, communication space, traditional tea ceremony room, color laser printer, triple-locking system for security, dedicated internet lines in every room. From ¥49,000/m. Mr. Matsuoka: 090-2405-0022

COMPASS OFFICES, MEGURO, SHINAWAGA-KU. Fully furnished offices for 1-100 people, virtual offices and meeting rooms. Flexible te rm s . C o - wo rki n g a n d mobile working in the largest business lounge in Tokyo. Call 03-4540-1234, email jpsales@compassoffices. com or visit www. for more info.

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English and Japanese.Japanese man seeking a language exchange partner. I can teach you J. My hobbies are dancing, eating and having parties. My English level is intermediate. Let’s get started right now! gipcompany@ atsushi.hamtaro.ishida 09074299362 English and Japanese. Can you teach me J and learn E from me in return? I have free time Mon-Fri daytime/ weekend evenings. If you have free time, let's meet and help each other. English and Japanese. Seeking a good language exchange partner in the Futako-Tamagawa or Tokyo area to help me learn J. I'll help your English. Let's meet soon. 070-5451-1960 English and Japanese. Just moved to Toyko from Maui. Hoping to meet a fun person to exchange E/J, and also a little Hawaiian if you're interested. Let's meet at a cafe or bar and have fun! Mahalo. English and Japanese. Japanese, 35, living in Tokyo, seeking a language exchange partner (native E and J). I used to teach private J lessons in the UK to children. Contact me if keen to study J. English and Japanese. Group language exchange every Wed, 7:309:30pm, at coffee shops around Ginza. Most members are 20s and 30s. We switch languages every 30min. Fun events on weekends. Free to join. ando. English, French, Japanese. Japanese male. I cannot speak Fr well. I can only speak daily E. If you can help me learn E or Fr, please drop me a line. I can help you with J.

Sending money overseas? Fly your money abroad with GoRemit

Easy to apply and remit funds Fast service to over 170 countries Bilingual customer service Free registration If you would like more information please call

0120 -227- 503 (weekdays 9:00-17:00) or apply free online, go to SHINSEI BANK, LIMITED / No.10 Registered financial institution of Kanto Local Finance Bureau / Member of Japan Securities Dealers Association and 2013-05 the Financial Futures Association of Japan


Filipino and Japanese. Filipino language speaker wanted by Japanese guy for exchange via Skype or at cafes in Yokohama or Yokosuka. I'm a complete beginner. I can speak advanced E and intermediate Sp. French, English, Japanese. I taught J to French people at a school and privately in France for two years. My methods help you explain what you want to say. I prefer to meet near Roppongi. French, English, Japanese. I am a 32-year-old JF seeking a language exchange partner, mainly for Fr. Though a beginner, I'd like to focus on conversation. Either Sat or Sun in central Tokyo area. toshiko.okabe@ French, English, Japanese. Hello, I'm Gilles, male, 33, studying Japanese in Tokyo. I'd like to exchange languages to practice a bit more J, as well as to make Japanese friends. Send me your email or your Line if you're interested. A bientôt! French, Russian, Japanese. Japanese professional male, early 30s, seeks a Russian language exchange partner in the Minato-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Bunkyo-ku, or Shinjuku-ku area. I can teach you J in return. Serious only. 090-1841-8463 German and Japanese. Hi! I'm a JF, early 30s, seeking a language exchange partner for studying Ger. Glad to help you study J. natsuki711@

3.9 TEACH ME! British English teacher sought. Fri evening and Sat in Kichijoji, or Sun afternoon in Shinjuku. I can pay about ¥2500/h. My level is intermediate. Please contact me. sepkay@hotmail.

Japanese. Need some help with my Japanese and kanji. I can help you learn English or pay you. I am friendly and like meeting interesting people. Let's be friends. Lunchtime French lesson. Seeking a professional native French teacher who can come to my office in Akasaka once or twice/week during lunch. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee. Please call/SMS for details. 08041737544 Private English teacher wanted. Japanese lady seeks private lessons to improve English ability from primary level. Prefer American English speaker. Experience not required. Wage is negotiable. Serious only. Thanks. Seeking native American English teacher who is able to teach private lessons at a cafe at Meguro stn. I will pay ¥2000-¥3000/h, depending on experience. At least one year teaching experience. zhuangqiuling@hotmail. com Seeking native Japanese speaker with high-level Japanese language skills for helping prepare a simple presentation in Japanese. English ability useful. My Japanese is intermediate. Once/week ¥2500/90min. Setagaya/Komae/ Noborito/Sengawa area. tnbms16@ Thai teacher wanted. Sawasdee krup? Seeking a patient conversational Thai instructor. Around the Shinjuku area preferred. I'm a beginner.

4 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 4.1 FURNITURE & FITTINGS Chair, Ikea Poang, light brown frame, black leather cushion, in good condition ¥10,000/obo. Can deliver central Tokyo. abel_of_abacus@

two seats for bath, baby carrier. Pick up near Kudanshita on weekends. DVD/CD-ROM drives, internal, five available, older, IDE connectors, all seem to work well. Pick up Otemachi. b l a c k n g o l d 1 97 9 @ h o t m a i l . c o m 080-2064-1094 Shelving unit, three shelves, some wear, bottom shelf has door. Shinagawa-ku. Photos available. Sofa, Muji (L152xW81cm), in good condition; fridge/freezer; washer; coffee table. Pick up only Mitaka area.

5 HOBBIES&INTERESTS 5.1 CAMERAS Camera, Fujifilm Instax mini 50S, instant camera, piano black, used one evening, as new, w/3x10 packs of film ¥8000/obo. DSLR, Canon Kiss X3 SLR, bought mid2010, hardly used, w/two kit lenses, charger, original box ¥28,000/obo.

5.2 SPORTS EQUIPMENT Golf bag, Titleist. New ¥20,000. Sell ¥3000. Firm. Pick up Hiroo stn. Paraglider, Edel Quantum, size S, for pilot weighing 65-80kg, still crispy, used once for handling, in excellent condition ¥30,000. Pick up near Yokohama. sayonara_vancouver@ Punching bag, good for ages 14-18 ¥5000. Delivery within Tokyo included.


Chairs, guest, set of four, wood and leather ¥10,000/chair. ¥35,000/all. Pick up Azabu-Juban area. chris.hath@ Closet, white (60x177x30cm), w/ sliding glass doors ¥2000. Pick up Shimokitazawa.

4.2 APPLIANCES Freezer, Electrolux, large, from Costco, still in box, w/warranty ¥50,000. Can deliver. 080-6553-6819 Fridge/freezer, Sanyo (H106cm), w/ freezer compartment, clean, works well ¥6000. Pick up only. danielbrain@ Hairdryer, Koizumi KHD-1236, w/ Turbo and ion function, in good condition ¥1500. mizi2005@hotmail. com Humidifier, Twinbird SK 4975, as new, in box ¥1000. Pick up Shinjuku. Rice cooker, Mitsubishi, '11, IH, 5.5 cups, very clean, as new ¥7000. With delivery ¥7500. mizi2005@hotmail. com Steam cleaner, for floors, w/new mats and mops ¥3000. Stove, portable, gas ¥1500. Hairdryer ¥1500. Pick up Tennocho stn. sharma16.

4.3 SAYONARA SALE Sayonara sale! Ikea sofa, bed, Sony Bravia 32", washer, fridge, microwave/ oven, etc. Cheap. Pick up only Miyamae-ku. jamescashman77@gmail. com 08032131258 Sayonara sale! DVD player ¥3000. Rice cooker ¥2000. Full-length mirror ¥1000. Sayonara sale! Sofa, curtains, lamp, DVD player, etc. Details available. for.

4.7 FOR FREE Baby items. Baby walker, small bed,

JCE AUTOS - THE AUTOMOBILE PROFESSIONALS . S p e c ializing in car buy-backs, door-to - door s h ip p in g , lo n g -te rm c a r storage and any other carrelated matters. If you need assistance with your car, we are here to help. Tel: 03-68683366 or 090 -9362- 5098 SUBARU LEGACY 2007, low mileage, pristine sky blue, 73,000km, new tires, shaken through Apr '15, all maintenance receipts available ¥490,000/obo. richardkipnis@ ht tp : //w w w.flic kr. co m /p h oto s/8 3 72 9 5 8 4 @ N 02 / sets/72157634514419852/ 090-1616-9975

6.3 BICYCLES, PARTS, & ACCESSORIES Bike, Giant 12-Cross, gray/silver, 21-speed, 430 (S), ten m/o, in very good condition. New ¥39,000. Sell ¥16,000. Road bike, Calamita Uno Steel, size 55, nine-speed, deep red, as new, B17 Brooks saddle, bullhorn bar, proof of purchase available ¥40,000. Can help w/bike registration paperwork.

7 GENERAL 7.1 PHONES iPhone 4 32GB, white, no external damage, no contract, used one year, fully paid, no charger/box ¥12,000. iPhone 4S 16GB SoftBank, white,

no scratches, w/headphones, clear blue cover, no charger ¥27,000. Mobile phones, Nokia X3, two in box, touch screen, black, hardly used, in excellent condition, w/ accessories, protective cases ¥12,000/ both. Ebisu area. Photos available. Smartphone, HTC J Butterfly, black, brand new, w/original box and USB cable, SIM-free, rooted, 5" screen, 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, SD slot, Wi-Fi tethering ¥43,700. Azabu area. 080-9440-3172 Smartphone, Panasonic 101P Lumix, 13.2-megapixel, water resistant, two m/o, w/cable, charger, earphones, receipt ¥10,000. Tokyo. shiploo2003@

y/o, E/OS, recovery CD. New ¥140,000. Sell ¥69,000/obo. mizi2005@hotmail. com

10 HELP! 10.1 HELP ME Japanese bilingual assistance needed for various chores, helping read and draft documents for court, etc. Great part-time job for legal student. Tel: 090-7729-1195

Infertlity support group. TTC Tokyo is an infertility support group in Tokyo which provides informal opportunities for women and men experiencing infertility to connect with one another. Please visit our website for more info. Sober support group. I am looking to form a small sober support group in or near the Azabu area. Non-12 Step, meet on weekends. Just to share and support. Interested? Please reply.

Please help. seeking Indian passport h o l d e r. l e e t h a i d a @ g m a i l . c o m 09084785772


Sketch artist to draw basic scenes in Meguro. Great project job for art student. Tel: 090-7729-1195 cliff@


7.2 FASHION Boots, women's, summer, brand new, made in US, size Japan 22 ¥5000/obo. 080-6553-6819 Flip-flops, Olukai brand, XL, made in Hawaii, never worn. New ¥6000+. Sell ¥3000. Pick up Shinjuku. likeme4u@ Raincoat, Cecilene, size M, ivory ¥1000. Photo available. Pick up or chakubarai. Swim trunks, Tommy Bahamas, XL, never worn ¥500. Pick up Shinjuku. Ties, Versace, two, in original gift box ¥3000/each. ¥5000/both. Pick up Shinjuku. Wedding dress, Sincerity, '12, size US 4, ivory, unaltered, imported from the UK, worn once, professionally dry cleaned. New ¥250,000. Best offer. Photos available.

7.3 MISCELLANEOUS Coffee set, Narumi, made in Japan, brand new ¥5000. Suitcase, Samsonite, 25", w/wheels, in great condition ¥1500. Pick up Shinjuku

NEED TO TALK? We’re here to listen. TELL LIFELINE: free, anonymous English counseling daily from 9am-11pm by trained volunteers: 03-5774-0992. TELL COUNSELING: affordable multilingual p syc hothe rapy by acc re dite d Western-trained professionals, a CIGNA International Provider: 03-4550-1146. TELL website: www. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TokyoLifeLine.

THE JAPAN HELPLINE, 24 hours a d ay, fro m a ny wh e re , a b out a ny t h i n g . Fro m e m e rg e n c y assistance to simple questions. Visit and press “ he lp,” or call 0 570 - 0 0 0 -911. To volunteer or support, please contact www.

WRITE A M ES SAG E FO R YOU R SPECIAL SOMEONE! Want to do so m eth in g d if fe re nt fo r your frie nd s , coworke rs , family or significant others? Write anything, from birthday messages to proposals, and so much more! Leave an everlasting message here in Metropolis Magazine and make it special! Contact us through our website at http://classifieds. TO A, MY SECRET CRUSH. Dear A: I’m sure it’s not much of a shock, but ever since we met, I’ve been the happiest girl ever. I’ve had so much fun showing Tokyo to you and your friends. Thank you for being such a good friend! I really hope one day we can take it to the next step... Hoping you feel the same way.


Tent , used once (2.5x2.5m), Japanese BBQ set (100x70cm), w/charcoal, etc. ¥5000. Can organize delivery.

8 COMPUTERS 8.2 HARDWARE HD, group of 22 internal/external, all working, mostly IDE terminal, also one SATA, one Firewire, about 4.6TB total ¥4000/obo. Pick up Otemachi. b l a c k n g o l d 1 97 9 @ h o t m a i l . c o m 080-2064-1094 iPad 1 16GB, black, Wi-Fi, w/case. http://s1320. Laptop, Sony Vaio E VPCEB11FX/BI, 15.5", gunmetal black, 2.13GHz Intel Core i3-330M, 4GB RAM, SuperMulti DVD burner, webcam/mic, Wi-Fi, Win 7, three

WEST PAPUA: ONE SOUL , ONE PEOPLE . Fifty years ago, West Papua should have been an independent country. Since 1969, West Papua has been invaded and the people robbed of their rights, culture and country. Help support West Papuans’ desire to be free. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS TOKYO. If you have a problem with drinking, we can help. English-speaking meetings daily. 03-3971-1471 inquiries@aatokyo. org

tip–top–tap English speaking Private Nail Salon Cozy, homely, friendly nail salon Play area for children

Strong, beautiful, flexible Transform your body & soul at BASI PILATES! Offering you “Authentic Pilates” Metropolis Campaign

JAPAN I NTE R NATI O NAL PARTY - Summer Special. Sat, July 27, 6:30-9pm, Devi Fusion (Roppongi). Japan’s biggest international party. 250 people expected. All-youcan-drink and free snacks. J a p a n e s e m e n : ¥ 4 0 0 0. Othe rs : ¥3000. M obile : 0901 7 3 5 - 5 4 0 5 h t t p : // w w w.

Admission Fee: ¥15,750 ¥0 Trial Machine Private Lesson: ¥10,000 ¥8,400 Package 3 Machine Private Lessons

¥30,000 ¥18,000

Machine Private Lessons available at our Roppongi studio Lessons in English available Studios in Roppongi, Ginza, Nakameguro and more

03-6425-7054 •



until August 31

Brazilian wax ¥6,800 → ¥3,400 Under arms ¥2,200 → ¥1,100 Full legs ¥8,000 → ¥4,000 Nail First visitor 20% OFF Shellac ¥4,800~ Gel Nail ¥6,500~ Foot ¥6,800~


NISSIN Akabanebashi Sta. Azabu Juban Sta.

B1F Rever Hayashi 1-18 -7 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku Weekday 12:00-22:00 Weekend 10:00-20:00 Akabanebashi Stn: • 1 minute walk from Nakanobashi exit Azabu Juban Stn: • 8 minutes walk from exit 3


Many more Classified ads online! Please visit

All seats non-smoking

J O I N T H E B I G G E S T, B E S T, M O S T P O P U L A R INTERNATIONAL PARTY! Great people, drinks and food! Meet new friends and party with nice people in a friendly atmosphere. Events in Tokyo (Ginza, Azabu Roppongi) and Osaka. ¥1500-¥2000. http ://

I N T E R N AT I O N A L PA R T Y @ LEAFCUP. Come join us and have fun. Men ¥3000. Foreigners/women ¥2000. All-you-can-drink-and-eat. Shibuya and Omiya: July 27 and Aug 10. Iidabashi and Yokohama: July 20, Aug 3 and 17. For more info: www.


AMATEUR RUGBY LEAGUE PLAYERS . Japan ANZAC S Rugby League team is seeking Rugby League players for J a p a n e s e Ru g by Le a g u e official games from Apr to S e p. Eve r yo n e we lco m e . Contact for more details. AIKIDO IN ENGLI SH. Seidokan Aikido of Tokyo invites you to practice a modern style of aikido in an international environment. Sat, 1-3pm, Itabashi-ku, Toei Mita/ Saikyo line. We welcome men and women, foreign and Japanese. www. PLAY RUGBY. The Tokyo Crusaders are a friendly, but keen, international rugby club. Devoted to the game and its social side, the “Cru” welcomes all players and supporters. Established in 1990, the Cru plays in the Shuto League 1st Division. http:// TA M B O U R E L L I . Ve r y u n i q u e new sport from Scotland. Using a tambourine -like instrument as a sports racquet, players hit a shuttlecock! We play two or three tim e s/m o nth o n we e ke n d s in Meguro with many socials. Join us! More details: en/ Children's ice hockey team seeking child members, aged 4-9, in HigashiYamato. Please drop me a line if you are interested. piyopiyotaku0605@ Diving in Izu. Get in touch to talk about scuba diving near Tokyo. Information on scuba lessons, equipment advice, dive trips, monthly social events, CPR training, etc.


Airbrush Tattoos have arrived in Tokyo! Decorate Your Hot Summer Body

Temporary tattoos that last up to five days. Authentic looking tattoos, brilliant designs that look like the real thing. Easily removable. Spray Tattoo Pop-up shop at the Pink Cow. Roppongi St.


Gaien-higashi St. Almond

MCD Roi Building

B1F Roi Bldg, 5-5-1 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo www.thepinkcow

AMERICAN FOOTBALL . Nihon Unisys Bulls, X league Central Division, seeks fit players w/ US college football experience for all positions. Practice every Sat/Sun from 10am-3pm (including meeting) in Tokyo/Saitama (time & venue subject to c h a n g e ). At te n d a n c e a t practice must be over 60%. Please contact for tryout info and send your profile to team admin. bullsxleague@gmail. com football/ ALL-NATIONALITY TOUCH FOOTBALL. Non-contact tag rugby (OZ tag) and Rugby League players. We play every Sat from 10am in Tatsumi. M/F and beginners welcome! Good exercise and fun! Many other activities such as BBQs and drinking parties! Email for details. tokyorugbyleague@ tokyo13warriors

Futsal team. Interested in futsal on weekends in Tokyo? Please introduce yourself (age, nationality, where you live, experience, whether you belong to other team). International football club. Fivea-side, 11-a-side, on grass fields. Two or three practices/matches on Sun. All nationalities welcome. Happy and friendly club! We have many socials. Sparring partner, long reach needed. I'm seeking a sparring partner with a long reach (190cm+, 72"). I've been doing martial arts for two years and I would like to knuckle up. Me: 182cm, 190cm reach. Tennis in central Tokyo! Active international group of tennis friends in central Tokyo welcomes new players. We play on weekday evenings and weekends. Different levels, fun workouts with coach, great people! Motivated players only, please. tennis. Volleyball Club Intervoll. Japanese and foreign volleyball players gather in Takadanobaba to enjoy playing. Have volleyball experience and want to play

volleyball in a friendly atmosphere? http:// Vovinam (Vietnamese martial art) in Yokohama. Seeking new friends to train with, or even just talk with about it. Contact me if you want to know more about this beautiful art. soyosan_1@ Women's football club. Five-aside, 11-a-side, on grass fields. Two or three practices/matches on Sun. All nationalities, experience levels, beginners welcome. Happy and friendly club! We have many socials.

13.2 LEISURE MCARTHUR HEIGHTS. Take a break where General Douglas McArthur did! One hour from Tokyo by car or direct train. Beautiful cabins on the ocean, w/onsen, beach, shopping.

13.3 ARTS Love Shakespeare? Amate ur group in Tokyo, meeting once/month to celebrate our love of the Bard. Come to read, or just to listen. All nationalities welcome, no experience necessary! rchrd_schwartz@yahoo. com Shakespeare-sama/ Stand-up comedy. Interested in doing or watching stand-up? Check out The Mad Cows of Tokyo for free shows, free workshops and events. If you like laughing, you'll enjoy it!

13.4 MUSIC Alternative musician wanted! I'm a JM singing original alternative music in English. I'm seeking alternative rock musicians. I'm vocals/guitar for instrumental music. Rehearsals would be in southern Saitama, with gigs in Shibuya. Bassist and guitarist wanted for an original working band. Both recording and stage experience are a must. Pro-minded musicians are welcome. Influenced by Oasis, Radiohead, U2, Coldplay, Teenage Fanclub, NIN, Evanescence, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, etc. Guitarist seeks band. I listen to jazz, early punk, No Wave, Dick Dale, Robert Quine, Robert Fripp, Keith Levene, John Zorn, etc. Instrumentalist for performing band. We're seeking someone to fill a recent vacancy (violin). Contact us if you play any alto/soprano instrument or keyboard. We're a performing/ recording band playing original instrumental music. defroged@gmail. com Multi-horn player seeks serious band. Sax (tenor/alto), flute, trombone (slide/valve) player seeking other serious musicians. Jazz, soul, R&B, etc. Check out my Reverbnation page:

Staffed by experienced ophthalmologists, we offer not only LASIK, but the examination and treatment of eye diseases.

Japanese Health Insurance Supported

4F Renai Aoyama Building, 3-3-11 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0061

For your clearer vision call 03-5772-1451



To advertise:

MODEL WANTED! Photographer is seeking nude art models for art project. Privacy is 100% respected! If interested, Please e-mail: Serious only. Willing to offer attractive modeling fee. ONLINE COMMUNITY MANAGER. Jap a n ’s l a rg e s t o n l i n e i n b o u n d travel portal, www.japantourist. jp, is seeking an editor/writer with previous experience managing online communities and curating content. Must be proactive, mission-focused and able to deal with diverse personalities. Native-level English is essential; Japanese ability is helpful. info@ SALES INTERN. Metropolis is seeking a bilingual (E/J) intern to join its Restaurants & Bars advertising team. No pay, but transportation provided. Please email knakashima@


CHAT HOSTS & TEACHERS WANTED BY LEAFCUP @ Tokyo, Iidabashi, Shibuya, Yokohama, Omiya. Seeking enthusiastic and proficient English, Korean, French, Spanish and/or German speakers who can teach and lead lively conversations. ¥1000-¥1500/h. Apply online: SALES & MARKETING POSITIONS. Metropolis is seeking motivated , bilingual (E/J) sales executives and support staff to join the most successful English-language advertising and marketing team in Japan. Experience preferred, but not required. Base salary and attractive commissions. Send your resume, in both English and Japanese, to More info online:


Smooth jazz keyboardist needed with solid chops to do some funky, cool, smooth jazz for semi-pro gigs.


13.5 MIND, BODY, SPIRIT TOKYO DIAMONDWAY BUDDHIST CENTER. Following the Vajrayana ( D i a m o n d w a y) p r a c t i c e s o f Buddhism, we focus on meditation i n a n e f fo r t to re a c h t h e ful l development of the mind. See for yourself how quickly Buddhism grows in the West . Thu, 8pm, Yoyogi-Hachiman stn. findlay65@ 080-4389-8818 Tai chi in the park. Practice on summer mornings and work up a good energy base for the day. It's a good time to get introduced to taiji chuan. Learn and practice with like-minded people. http://www. 03-3487-3011 Zen meditation (Zazen). You've always thought it would be interesting to try it - why not now? Join us Fri evenings at Tokuun-in in Ueno. Make arrangements in advance by email, and check our home page. tokyozazen@

British friends. I lived in the UK and am interested in meeting British people to hang out with on weekends. I'm a nonsmoking JF, 31. Hope to get to know some people around my age. Dance friends. JM is seeking a dance buddy. My styles are hip hop and a little break dancing. I want to make some choreography together. Let's work out in a club or studios somewhere in Tokyo. Drinks on weekends/weekdays. JM, 26. Let's go for drinks. M/F ok. I have a few places in mind. I want to go with foreigners to speak English. Thank you/ merci/gracias! Fishing. I'm seeking friends who like fishing. Let's go together. I work for a fishing tackle company. Drop me a line if you are interested. From Denmark or Germany? If so, drop me a line! JF, 30s, seeks Danes and Germans for friendship. Tell me what you would like to do. Let's have fun times together! Please be nonsmokers, under 39. Japanese guy who speaks English.

Hey, can we just have a coffee or something like that? If you want to learn Japanese, I can help you. I just want a friend to hang out with. I just came here a week ago. Jazz-playing friends. JM seeks jazz players for fun. I've been playing the alto sax for a couple of years. Still amateur, but want to play with others. Let's hang out. Japanese female seeking female friends to hang out. Prefer nice people to enjoy good times together. I like good food, parties, travel, going to bars, restaurants. Let's have good times together. Miura jogging (Kanagawa). SJM seeking friends to jog 3-5km along the Miura Kaigan, mornings preferred, but depending on the day, other times ok, too. ジョギング仲間募集三浦海岸 . Party people. Normal guy here seeking people interested in joining me for parties in the Tokyo area. Cheers. Relax with conversation. Welleducated Indian guy living near Tokyo seeking interesting friends around Tokyo who like to talk on various topics. Please be friendly and relaxed.


Many more Classified ads online! Please visit Sat evening hang out. SJF wants to explore the nightlife in Roppongi or Ginza. Need someone for company. Clubs, dancing, jazz clubs, etc. Spanish study mates sought in Yokosuka or Yokohama by JM. My level is intermediate. Any nationality ok. Por supuesto, quisiera hablar con hablantes nativos de español tambien! 英語無料教えます。 elsalvadorjapan@ 090-4419-4881 Toyoko line. JF, designer, early 30s, seeks creative friends around Yokohama and Shibuya. I like live music, rock festivals, the outdoors, Scandinavian design, photography and movies. Fluent English or Japanese speaker, late 20s-early 40s preferred.

14.2 MEN LOOKING FOR WOMEN SUBMISIVE SJM, 35, cute, is seriously seeking a woman who is into, or interested in, dominating men. I am so submissive, with seven years' experience, that I am happy to take whatever and serve you in any way. All I want and need is you! Caucasian male, 38, educated, easy on the eyes, tall, slender, attractive body, seeks a woman to love and adore. If you enjoy music, art, wine, traveling and passionate romance, please write me. American beach boy, 37, born in America, my father spoke German. Raised near Santa Monica. Live near Tokyo Tower. Enjoy dining out, fashion, R&B, exercise every day. You: live or work in Tokyo, open-minded. Artistic and good-looking SJM, 30s, seeks an attractive foreign lady with the same interests, like movies, books, music and going to cafes. Let's meet up for coffee and maybe more. Reply w/photo.

Aspiring dominant seeks aspiring submissive. Athletic white British male, late 20s, seeks an aspiring submissive for fun times. Let's start exploring our fantasies together with light bondage, and build up as we feel comfortable.

Professional SJM seeks Eastern European female. Professional SJM, 40s, in Tokyo, working hard and not good at enjoying my free time, seeking a lady in a similar situation to talk/have a good time, and make memories with.

men and Japanese women. Leave the event with a new date! Always more women than men. FREE if signing up in advance! Otherwise, ¥2000.

Attractive, cute and gentle SJM seeking foreign female. Let's enjoy new experiences and feel happier together. Nonsmoker preferred. Waiting for your response! Let's start with dialogue.

Seeking a rare and special woman. Are you attractive? Intelligent? Kind? Affectionate? With a big heart? Then I would like to meet you! I'm all of the above. SWM, 30s, professional, living and working in Tokyo. deepwatersmind@


Seeking casual relationship without attachments. Seeking lovely woman. No questions, no commitments: just enjoyment. I'm a serious guy, not a player.

L AV I S H DAT E S A N D INDULGENT NIGHTS - WE CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for elite foreign males to meet elegant Japanese females. Start with a luxurious dinner date,take the night where yo u wa nt it to g o. Fre s h , young women join our club every day. Try our free onemonth trial offer: first date is on us! 0120-675-858 (E) international@universe http://universe-club. jp/en

Could you be the one? Successful and funny American male desires a clever, funny, level-headed partner. Seeking something long-term. If you are serious, clever (and cute), please drop me a line. Exotic and bilingual JM businessman in Tokyo, early 30s, good-looking, friendly, seeking a sincere, romantic, kind woman around the Tokyo area who enjoys movies and traveling for a serious relationship. Please reply w/ details. Girlfriend. Japanese man, 45, decent, cultured, with a good sense of humor, seeking a lady around my age (35-55), Japanese or foreign, to enjoy friendship, fun and relaxation. Honest man seeking honest woman. I'm your typical American man. I know how to treat a lady. I'm attracted to Japanese women and have heard you know how to treat a man. I work in Akasaka. Please answer. klroberttj.

Single woman wanted! Single American, successful, funny, sincere, seeking a long-term relationship. Friends first. I like movies, music and cooking. Tell me about yourself. 070-5451-1960 White guy. Tall single white guy, late 40s, happy, successful, fit, seeks a bright woman, 19-23, for mutual attraction and respect. No clingers! I like good skin and wide hips. Let me lead... You are a beach and sea lover like me. Seeking a girlfriend, 20-32, who I can take to the sea and swim with all day. My purpose is to have a long-term relationship. Mail w/photos, please.


JM seeking international friend. JM, 175cm, 65kg, seeking international friend for going out in Tokyo. My hobbies are playing the alto sax, travel, drinking and new things. Contact me. One for me. American male seeking long-term relationship, but friends first. I like a girl who never forgets to smile and who has a good sense of humor. It's ok if you have a career; I have one, too.

African-American partner sought by nonsmoking Japanese woman, around 40, music lover, charming and serious, for a long-term relationship. Single, no kids, company worker, living in Tokyo, around 40 and serious. Nonsmokers only.

SINGLE? Then this is for you. Singles-only dating parties every Fri night for foreign

J-STAR PATENT, TRADEMARK & IMMIGRATION OFFICE Reasonable prices. Free first time consultation We can support you with: Visa and immigration Intellectual property rights (Patent, trademark, copyrights) Establishing a Company & Branch office Other Legal & Business matters Hiroshi Oogai,

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Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

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Imperial Palace

Aoyama Ave Akasaka Mitsuke stn

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

National Diet Library

608 Kitano Arms 16-15, Hirakawa-cho, 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku ,Tokyo, 102-0093

Tel: 03-5216-6890 Fax: 03-5216-6891 Email:

WADA Legal & Administrative Office We can help you with: • Visa & Immigration Procedures • Mixed Marriage, Naturalisation and Refugee Status • Establishing a Company & Branch Office • Accounting Services, Acquiring Business Licences • Preparation/Translation of Legal & Business Documents • Other Legal & Business Matters

For information: Tel: (03) 3345-7977 FAX: (03) 3345-5377

Mountain woman. I live in an upland forest. I’m very happy with life, but one thing is still missing. Artistic, intelligent, down-to-earth, healthy being (SJF) seeks a man who truly loves nature, possibly spiritual and creative. E-mail: 3-5-3-1402 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

28 • DOWNLOAD OUR PODCAST AT • PODCAST.METROPOLIS.CO.JP European? I'm a friendly SJF, late 30s, seeking a nice, sincere European man for a long-term relationship and/or language exchange (Ger/E/J). Single only. No playboys, please. Tokyo/Yokohama area preferred. Laid-back people with good vibes? Love to socialize over drinks and travel? I'd love to be your new friend! If things go well, a relationship's good, too. I'm a single, global and open-minded Japanese, 30s. Email me. skyaz2031@ Nature life together. SJF, mid-30s, is seeking a special man for a lot of fun times together. If you love walking in nature, beaches and forests, we will definitely enjoy each other's company. I'm waiting for your message. Only seeking serious relationship. Honest personality, 25, seeking a Japanese man for a date. Hoping for marriage one day. I enjoy traveling, nice dining, music, art, reading.

14.4 GAY & LESBIAN IntoJapanese guys? I am seeking a sex friend. I am a Japanese guy in Tokyo, 170cm, 68kg. I like drinking in a relaxed mood. I'm trying to meet someone new. Please feel free to message me. Older JM. Friendly Westerner, 24, seeking a kind, older JM bottom who wants to be friends and maybe enjoy making a younger guy feel good. If you are a nice guy, send a message and let's talk more.


Asian beauty, long black hair, smooth skin, full lips. Looks are important, but my best assets are my head and heart. Educated, classy, slightly over 40, seeks a mature single professional, fun-loving, doing well, bold, honest. Attractive SJF for SM. Seeking a serious relationship. Must be 28-40, love animals, speak some Japanese and be funny. I want someone I can share my time with and enjoy Tokyo life. Please send a photo with your reply. Attractive SJF seeks relationship. SJF, mid-30s, cute, fun, open-minded, living in Tokyo, seeks a SWM for a longterm relationship. Are you attractive, sweet, smart, with a good sense of humor? Your photo gets mine. Beautiful couple. Boyfriend sought to share and celebrate life. Seeking someone who is compatible with an attractive, educated and sensitive woman, mid-40s. Single only. before_

Cute, sexy JF for single gentleman. Still seeking a sexy-but-cute, caring JF? Get in touch with me! I'm seeking a fit single professional who is nice and knows how to respect and make people happy. Enjoy conversation? Cute, funny, educated SJF, 40, seeking a male friend to hang out. If you enjoy stimulating conversation and like design, music, film, exercise, travel, and/or nature, that would be great to start. Your photo gets mine. European woman, 28, 168cm, welleducated, working at a Japanese company, likes swimming and yoga, seeks a black soulmate for marriage.

JAPAN’S COMPLETE ADULT NIGHTLIFE GUIDE FOR FOREIGNERS! Having trouble finding a Japanese girl for fun? Come t o h t t p : //e r o l i n . n e t a n d check all possible clubs , and escorts for foreigners! When you visit, don’t forget to mention “Erolin Guide”! T O K Y O P E R F EC TG I R L . Beautiful, exclusive European l a d i e s available for meeting are waiting for calls from dear g e n t l e m a n . We b : h t t p : // Tel: 0 8 0 - 4 4 4 0 - 3 7 8 7. E m a i l : ASIAN MYSTIQUE E S C O R T S p r ov i d e s g i r l next-door type escorts for your girlfriend experience in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fu ku o k a . S e x y, f r i e n d l y Japanese escorts provide the fun, professional staff provide peace of m i n d . O p e n 2 4 / 7, s a m e day orders welcome. asianmystiquejp@yahoo. www.asianmystique. com 080-5454-9795

14.6 AND OTHERS NO.1 ESCORT CLUB IN TOKYO. G o rg e o u s a n d b e a u t i fu l yo u n g J a p a n e s e l a d i e s . Clean and discreet. Nurses, OLs, models. Over 19 years only. Call: 080-1262-8080. O p e n : 5 p m -12 a m . C h e c k out real images at www. TOKYO HIPNESS. Everyday is payday! ¥30,000-¥50,000. Seeking a sweet, sexy lady between 20 and 35. It’s a sexy job, but we have a license. Need basic Japanese, work visa. Will offer free dorm. http://www. 090-3147-0069

Best friends first. JF, late 30s, said to look young and sexy, with long hair/ legs, seeks my best friend/love of my life. I am not a typical Japanese: outspoken/tough, very affectionate/ devoted. I love climbing mountains. Bonjour, classic French pastry! SJF, well-educated, is seeking a sweet French male for a fantastic summer or life together! You are a SWM, around 45. Blond hair or blue eyes preferred.



出張が多いアメリカ人35才経営者。外 見は良い。素敵な女性と出会いたい。 経験豊富なので、経験なくても安心し てね。まずは美味しい食事・楽しいデ ートから始めましょう。全てを任したい 方に推薦。人生を満喫しようよ。宜しく ね。

Bi slave for couple. White guy, 35, 180cm, 78kg, wants to be a toy for a couple. Clean, respectful, speak Japanese. Serious replies only. I can host in central Tokyo. Male sissy maid. I am a very submissive TV maid, and I love to clean and do housework. I hope to meet a woman who could make use of my services. Free, clean, obedient, extremely hardworking. Massage exchange. European, 30s, 185cm, athletic, seeking a Japanese lady to enjoy some relaxing and sensual massage exchange. I have large, soft hands and oil from Bali.

F O R E I G N E R - F R I E N D LY, 100% LEGAL OUTCALL E S C O RT AG E N C Y. E r o t i c full-body oil massage using Japanese rejuvenation methods is a unique combination of sensual and body-to-body techniques. Sensual massage-trained Japanese female s ONLY. No sexual diseases, modification pictures. BRANCHES: To k y o , C h i b a , O s a k a , Kyoto, Ko b e , Yo ko h a m a , Kawasaki, Nagoya, Fukuoka , Hiroshima , Sapporo, Sendai. Call 06-6643-1281 (English). Business hours: 9am-5am Email:

Seeking fun girl for happening bars. Aloha! Hawaiian guy, 30s, living in Tokyo, seeking fun ladies of all ages to explore happening bars in Tokyo. I'm fun, relaxed and easygoing, so you should be, too. Mahalo. tokyoguy01@ Spanking fetish? Fit, mature guy seeking a lady who is interested in exploring erotic spanking. I like to receive, but can also give if that is your taste. Serious replies only, please. Submissive Western guy, generous, seeking a regular female partner for kinky play at a hotel. Mail for more info. Any nationality. The best combination. Are you in your 20s and attracted to older men? Then we might be the perfect match. Let's make it happen!

Horoscope BY CATHRYN MOE ♥ Love ¥ Money ♣ Luck



Life at home jumps up and down to get your attention. Either that, or it fills the nooks and crannies of your life so completely you feel like you can’t breathe. To cut and run into wide open spaces, bring a little romance on a trip. No partner to share this with? No matter. Go within. Watch a film, read a book, create an expression of how you truly feel to the outside world. Taking time out for yourself is the key.

This could be a lovely week for you in the midst of all the change your friends are experiencing. A stellium of planetary energy sits in your solar third house, bringing family communications closer to let nurturing take place. In your path towards authenticity, are you taking a poll with people who don’t understand what’s going on? If they haven’t felt it, they won’t have a clue.



Thank goodness you know how strong you are, and how your butterfly touch and lightness of thought can be a source of comfort. Income and possessions are a focus for those you care about. You can definitely make a wise investment as planetary energies gather speed. You’re likely to have a burst of confidence when you speak or share news this week.

Meteoric emotions become the norm for you, dear Cancer. There is a theory that we are living as if trapped in a mirror-image of true reality. That tenderness, previously thought a ‘weakness’, actually activates your sword of light to fight any shadow on any plane. Your heart is about to be touched by the depth of your own feelings. The Sun enters your solar second house on Tuesday to bring renewal to your income.

March 20, 21 - April 19, 20 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣

May 21, 22~June 20, 21 ♥♥ ¥¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Apr 20, 21~May 20, 21 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣

June 21, 22~July 22, 23 ♥♥♥ ¥¥ ♣♣♣♣



Happy Birthday, Leo! Your ruling planet the Sun enters your Sign on Tuesday. Loving yourself has never been easier, for Leo rules the heart. Skilled as you are at encouraging others to have confidence, it’s time to rewire routes to your inner strength so that your pure light shines through. There’s no rush, either. A lot of the shifts will be on the emotional plane so they’ll just pop through. Have fun with this one.

You have your schedule well planned, and your subconscious mind makes adjustments to fit. No worries, even if your calendar calls for a holographic re-do. Time is overlaid in magical ways and you may find yourself walking through steps between emotional dimensions this week. Luckily the Grand Water Trine continues so that celestial assistance finds you wherever you may be.



Admit that emotions have a place in your life and you’ve won half the battle. Libra doesn’t like to dispute, unless justice has not been served. You prefer the diplomatic route to create balance. The problem is that the Sun (until Tuesday), Mercury, Jupiter, Dark Moon Lilith and Mars are all highly charged in your house of career and where you stand publicly. Mass sentiment is not the same as an open heart.

You are saved by the Grand Water Trine which includes your Sign this week. In order to make it work for you, you must include your feelings. Acting on what is merely logical no longer works for those of us on this side of the zodiac. Hurt, betrayal and wounding aside, the inner cleansing from this water trine is tremendous. It’s momentous. Be sure to eat well. Saturn (now direct) lets you put your own structures in place.



You knew your vision had merit. With Saturn now direct, you’re able to take out your dream journal once more. Ideas formulating speak to you from a deep well of imagination, what some call source. The only thing you cannot do is gallop away just when your fears start to play up. Think yourself back to the thought you had just before you felt that need to escape. Settle in for the duration. It’s going to be a beautiful ride.

There is so much to do, and after that, there is more. However, you’re up to the task this week. Partnership issues include money, what you can do to move forward, and how you can make it fun (or even a bit naughty). If your heart is in it, you’re on the path to success. If not, it’s time to look at what it would take for you to feel again. Trust is one thing. Love is another. They do tend to enjoy each other.



It’s well known that we fuse with childhood experiences. Some are blissful, some are scary. When they interfere with relationships, it’s time to re-imprint. Find a gentle soul to hold your hopes with you as you reintegrate your happy childhood heart back into your everyday. Neptune in your house of finances flows like cleansing water to break apart what won’t work. As the waters recede, you can see what will.

Your soul is on overtime this week integrating all the love and nurturing you receive. You’re immersed in a comfort level previously unknown. Even if this feels overwhelming, it’s to take you to a new place that will soon become a happy norm. Body consciousness is a part of this. Treat yourself to a haircut, a make-over, a delicious swim in your pool of hopes and wishes. Your career may be in the process of receiving a make-over as well.

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Dec 22, 23~Jan 19, 20 ♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣

Feb 19, 20~Mar 20, 21 ♥♥♥ ¥¥¥ ♣♣♣



AMERICAN ANIME TOURIST UNIMPRESSED BY 3D JAPAN While Japan has become a once in a lifetime Mecca for millions of anime, manga and video game fans from across the globe, recently arrived American tourist Jill Galibrand has given the country low marks when presented in 3D. Her love of all things in 2D Japan apparently suffers in comparison to reality. The 18-year-old explained, “I had dreamed for so many years of one day standing at Hachiko station in Harajuku City and looking out at the country I planned to one day live forever in. Now I realize, you can’t smell animation.” Dressed head to toe in her Comicon award-winning Sailor Moon outfit, she lamented how few people seemed to be in the spirit of things. “I was, like, one of the only people who seemed to put any thought into my costume. Everyone was dressed like business people or just... I don’t know... people. I mean, don’t they know this is Japan?” Her hopes were brightened by the fact that day two of her tour included a visit to the world famous Akihabara district. “Akihabara sounds really awesome. Some guy who came over to compliment me on my thigh-high stockings told me all about these great places in Akihabara where I can see awesome Japanese women wearing all kinds of different outfits!"

JAPAN TO ELECT NEW GUY TO DO SOMETHING, BUT PROBABLY NOT As the election heats up between rival factions of Japan’s political elite, literally dozens of people are interested. Across the nation vans circle the streets trumpeting election messages from candidates and white-gloved women wave from the windows. One analyst explained the unique Japanese tradition by saying, “In Europe or America, political messages may be dissected on the 24-hour news channels with nothing but unhealthy vitriol and squabbles, but in Japan we know that nothing explains a complicated political platform better than a bodiless arm waving out of the side of a moving vehicle at 8am with a scratchy speaker shouting the candidate’s name.” Already accusations of election tampering are being heard from both sides, with members of the DPJ and LDP

METROPOLIS is Japan's No.1 English magazine, founded in 1994 and published for Japan’s international community. METROPOLIS is the only English-language magazine in Japan certified by ABC, Audit Bureau of Circulations. Up to 30,000 copies per printed issue guaranteed

MAN SUSPECTS HOSTESS MIGHT NOT ACTUALLY LIKE HIM A tense three-hour summit between customer Nakunaru Kane and hostess Nise Chibusa negotiating his “most favored customer” status came to a halt when Mr. Kane suspected he might not actually be her favorite customer. Citing fears over his large underwriting of infrastructure, structural reform costs for increased breast sizes, longer hair extensions and a Chihuahua, Mr. Nakunaru explained to The Negi, “While we

understand funding Ms. Nise is a benefit to all concerned, we fear that other outside parties may seek to take advantage of, or benefit from, our long term investment in this mutually beneficial relationship. We hope future negotiations will allow a longer-term strategic partnership with a better understanding of our mutually-respected goals. A spokesperson for Ms. Nisa explained, “One-hour, ¥5,000, two-drink minimum.” Talks were rescheduled for a week Saturday evening to be held at Chiba’s Innocent Sunflower Girls Bar and Karaoke Pub.

both accusing their opponents of “glove bleaching”—a process by which supporters gloves are soaked overnight in bleach to make them look particularly clean while waving. Third, fourth and fifth party candidates are also getting into the mix, with the report of yet another new party being announced, the “Uyoku Japan-First Nationalist Singles Party.” A spokesman for this new ultra-rightwing party explained to The Negi, “We stand for a strong and unified Japan with regard to the modification of the constitution and national sovereignty. So if you are single, like dancing, the emperor and want to hang out on a street corner or drive around in a black van playing nationalist songs, we’re having a party this Saturday night at The Cove Club in Yotsuya.

GROPER UPSET BY TRAIN DELAY At 7:14am this past Friday, the south bound Saikyo line express train was delayed by a suicide resulting in a 45-minute delay along one of Tokyo’s most important commuter routes. Many morning commuters expressed frustration by the extended delays, including avid train chikan Oshiri Daisuke of Saitama. Though technically not late for anything in particular, Mr. Oshiri explained that the delay meant that it would be at least 45 minutes before he would be pressed against unwilling commuters of all ages and genders. “Seriously, the selfishness of people is just amazing. Did that person think for one moment before throwing himself in front of the train the effect he would have on my day? It’s the ultimate breach of manners... I even wore my super thin sweat pants today.” The set back, however, did not dissuade the highly determined Oshiri. He even found a silver lining, telling The Negi, “With the long delay, this train will be even more crowded.”

News in Brief � Local Residents

Report Foreign Man Can Use Chopsticks � Armless Foreign

Tourist Impressed by Japanese Taxis � 22-year-old

Shopping in Forever21 Not As Sad as 42-year-old � Japan Lobbies to

Have “Walking in Ridiculous Heels” part of 2016 Olympics � “Authentic” British

Pub Doesn’t Sell Curry

Brought to you by TOKYO COMEDY STORE

Next show: July 26 at Crocodile in Shibuya

The Negi has returned to Metropolis! Look for it every other issue.

Shinzo Abe, a big fan of The Negi, both are back. Coincidence?

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Metropolis #1008 July 19-Aug 1, 2013  

In this issue: CYNDI LAUPER Fun girl gets serious for Summer Sonic | FEATURE A whirlwind tour of Kanagawa | DINING OUT Tucker south of Tokyo...

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