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Marin’s Older Adult Community Connection Since 1954

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Celebrating Many Cultures

WHISTLESTOP 930 Tamalpais Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901 Main office open M-F 9am-5pm Front Desk – 415.456.9062 Transportation – 415.454.0902 Meals on Wheels – 415.457.4636 Help Desk – 415.459.6700 To receive the Express by email sign up at For annual subscription mailed to your home, send $10 to Whistlestop. WHISTLESTOP STAFF Joe O’Hehir, CEO Yvonne Roberts Development and Marketing Director

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dennis Ryan, President Etta Allen, Vice President Karen Arnold, Treasurer Cynthia Wuthmann, Secretary Fabia Butler Sharon Jackson Beth Reizman Robert Sonnenberg PACIFIC SUN STAFF Danielle McCoy, Advertising

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Whistlestop believes we share a responsibility to ensure all Marin residents have an opportunity to age with dignity, independence and grace. Cover photo by Anna Ladyzhenskaya

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Whistlestop Perspective

Couple Finds a Common Language: Love By Val Bowman


ichèle and Hans Van Heusden live near Whistlestop in San Rafael and they are very happy with the offerings there. They have participated in the chair yoga and the Writing your Story classes. They are both multi-lingual and enjoy facilitating the French Social Club at Whistlestop’s Active Aging Center and having meals at the Jackson Café. Michèle grew up in Paris and she was invited to spend a month with friends of her parents in the seaside resort of SaintTropez when she was 16. This was in 1954 and she said it was before SaintTropez got so popular as a result of Bridget Bardot spending time there when she filmed “And God Created Woman.” As the family was packing up to return to Paris, Michèle went outside and saw a “beautiful young man who was there looking at some of the fishermen’s boats.” He was Dutch and was having trouble communicating with the fishermen. She thought to herself, “I have a chance to talk to him.” They both knew a little English and they talked and took a swim together. She was

impressed that Hans peeled and offered her an orange. Before they parted, they exchanged addresses. He planned to visit Michèle in Paris but the Army took him after his studies ended and they corresponded with each other in English for three years. Michèle visited Hans in Holland and they were engaged. Today they are about to celebrate their 60th anniversary in a house they have rented at Ft. Bragg for about 17 family members. Michèle loved Dutch and she learned quickly once she was immersed in it. The couple has lived in Holland, France, and Algeria, and their four children all have dual citizenship (Dutch and French) and know many languages. Their time in Algeria was profound for them. They were integrated into the population because they lived with a local family. Hans was pleased that his children had a chance to view another type of world

Michèle and Hans

“where you don’t go around the corner to get everything you need. You have to travel just to get water.” Hans was a civil structural engineer working for Bechtel and they traveled a great deal for his work. During a stint in Nevada, Michèle signed up for a poetry class. When she showed up, she was surprised to discover it was Cowboy Poetry she would learn. Hans and Michèle moved to San Francisco for a job in 1973. It seems this chance meeting in St. Tropez was meant to be, in any language.

Vote at Whistlestop Whistlestop, at 930 Talmalpais Ave., San Rafael, will be a polling place for both the June and November elections. Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm on both June 5 and Nov. 6.

Pacifics Pitcher From a Baseball Family By John Bowman


kid and was signed by the Giants organization when he was 16 years old. He is from a baseball family. Besides his brother, his father, a nephew and a cousin all were baseball players. Jose previously played for the Giants Triple A team in Sacramento and also for the Giants Single A teams in San Jose, CA and Richmond, VA. His best game on the mound came while he was a starting pitcher in the Summer League where he pitched six no-hit innings and struck out nine batters. He arrived in San Rafael in May, in time for the Pacifics opening game on May 20. His dream is to make it to the Major Leagues and play on the same team as his brother. He said he hopes the Pacifics play by National League rules, where pitchers get to bat. “I like to swing a bat,” he said.

Relief Pitcher, Jose Casilla

Lunch With the Players: June 12 Come have lunch with the Pacifics baseball team at the Jackson Café on Tuesday, June 12! Lunch is from 11:30am until 2:00pm. No reservations will be taken and space is on a first-come, first-served basis. See you there!

J u n e 2 018 W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s

hen asked why so many great Major League baseball players come from his native Dominican Republic, new San Rafael Pacifics pitcher Jose Casilla said, “It’s because baseball is not only our favorite sport. Baseball is everywhere, starting in the streets.” Casilla, 29, father of three children, is from San Cristobal, capital of the Dominican Republic. A 6-foot, 210-pound righthanded relief pitcher, he will live in San Rafael this summer while playing for the San Rafael Pacifics of the Pacific Association of Baseball Clubs. His brother, Santiago, 37, is an Oakland A’s right-handed relief pitcher. Santiago started out with the A’s, was traded to the Giants and now is back with the A’s. He was on three Giants winning World Series teams and was the winning pitcher in the fourth game of the 2012 series when the Giants swept the Detroit Tigers. Santiago is one of a long list of outstanding Dominican players starting with the Alou brothers and including the likes of Nelson Cruz, Sammy Sosa, Miguel Tejada, Juan Uribe and Bartolo Colon. Jose has been playing baseball since he was a


and South Africa for more than 30 years. I love the natural beauty as well as the diversity of both countries. I miss the quietness and gentleness of New Zealand, and the dynamism and wildlife of South Africa. I regard myself as a citizen of the world now, having lived in many countries. I celebrate democratic governments that protect the natural environment, protect cultural and religious minorities, and provide healthcare. Laurence Suter-Gunn, Programs Manager, from Switzerland

From left, Laurence Suter-Gunn, Sonja Botha, Bhuvana Seshadri, Anna Ladyzhenskaya, Steven Bell (not pictured, Serena D’Arcy-Fisher)

Whistlestop’s Staff Reflects Diversity

W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s J u n e 2 018



s we celebrate multicultural month in June, look no further than the staff of Whistlestop to reflect the diversity of the Bay Area immigrants from five continents who work at Whistlestop and celebrate their cultures along with the diverse older adults who visit every day. If you want to see the world, just open the door at our Active Aging Center: come hear Russian and Spanish mixed with stories of travel to the Swiss Alps and Indian temples. We interviewed six members of our international community

who shared what they miss about their homelands and what they love about their cultures. Sonja Botha, Guest Services Support, from South Africa I like the humor of the people and the beauty of nature in my country. I miss the smell of Africa and the quick visits for coffee. I celebrate the food! We braai (barbecue) whenever there is an excuse. Serena D’Arcy-Fisher, Development Strategist (not in photo), from New Zealand and South Africa I lived in New Zealand

I love the fact that Switzerland, despite its multi-lingualism, manages to forge a single, wellestablished national identity. Switzerland has four national languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh. With the appreciation of many languages comes a very unique culture and everything it has to offer. There’s no need to go very far to feel like you’re traveling – just hop from one Canton (territorial district) to another. Amazingly, that short distance is enough to experience culture shock! I miss the natural beauty. Now that I’ve been living abroad for many years and have something to compare my homeland to, I see that every inch of my country is breathtaking, no matter the weather or the season. I also miss the sense of community, grace, and civility present in daily life. There’s always

somebody greeting you warmly and saying hello, whether you’re on a hike or shopping at the local Boulangerie. Steven Bell, Guest Services, from Mexico I have lived in the US and Mexico all my life. What I like about having lived in North America is going back and forth to visit family and friends. In fact, twice I have spent Christmas Eve in Mexico and Christmas Day in America in the same year. I love all intercultural celebrations from Halloween and Day of the Dead to the famous Cinco de Mayo celebration in the States. Family and friends from the country I’m not living in is what I miss the most, so I visit often. I especially like the family gatherings where anywhere from 100 to 300-plus members come together from Europe and North America to share stories, traditional dishes and be merry. Anna Ladyzhenskaya, Guest Services, from Moldova I lived in Moldova, which was a part of Russia when my family and I left in 1989. I liked the diversity of the country; Russia had 15 culturally different republics, now countries that have their own languages and flags. I also appreciate Moldovian traditions and culture. Since then, the country has gone through drastic changes. The country I left does not exist any Continued Page 5

Continued from Page 4 longer. I believe this is the reason why my family and I became US citizens 25 years ago. I miss the simplicity of life, the depth of humor and culture, the serenity of the landscape and, of course, I miss my friends. On the other hand, Moldova is a wine country. It takes about 45 minutes to get from our home to Napa, the county that reminds us of our homeland.

Bhuvana Seshadri, Account Specialist I, from India I was born and raised in India. I spent most of my adult life in India. The culture and the spiritual life is what I love about my country. I miss being around my family and not being able to celebrate festivals with them is what I miss most. The sense of spirituality is what I most celebrate about my country. There are so many ancient temples with exquisite art and architecture that one needs a lifetime to be able to visit all of them.


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Save the Date for Whistlestock V


ommy Castro and the Pain Killers will be rocking the Marin Center, 10 Avenue of the Flags at Fairgrounds Island on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the fifth annual

415.383.2741 x223



SNF# 010000390 RCFE# 210102866

Whistlestock benefit concert and barbecue. For further information go to and watch for our Whistlestop Express issues in July, August and September.

Thank You Marin!

Thank you for your votes!

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Whistlestop has again been honored in the Pacific Sun’s annual “Best of Marin” competition. We won awards for Best Nonprofit and Best Senior 2018 Services. These awards make us especially grateful because they demonstrate your appreciation for what Whistlestop does to enrich the lives of older adults throughout the county.


Keep Learning and Have Fun at Whistlestop The following is a sampling of the events, workshops and classes at Whistlestop’s Active Aging Center. For a full list of classes, please see page 8. Visit us at For more information or to register, call 415-456-9062, ext. 100. Many of our classes are free or offered at a reduced rate, but donations are always welcome. Annual Membership is $20. Please note the Active Aging Center will be closed for Memorial Day on Mon, May 28. short questionnaire and reserve a space.

Memory Screenings in Partnership with Senior Access

Brain Fitness in Partnership with Senior Access

Wed, June 20; Starts 9am (45 minute appointments); No fee; Registration required

Tues, June 12; 11am-Noon; No fee; Registration required Foggy brain? Join us for an hour of fun, brain fitness exercises and memory activities. Then challenge yourself, at home, to complete these exercises and activities every day to improve brain fitness and health.

Bring Hoarding Out of the Closet Wed, June 13; 10-11 am; No fee; Registration required Is someone you love a hoarder? Are you concerned that you might be one? Sue Zee Poinsett, a former professional organizer and founder of The Marin County Hoarding Alliance, brings hoarding out of the closet and shares important information about this often misunderstood disorder.

Fashion Show coming

SPECIAL EVENTS WORKSHOPS Fashion Show Join us for one of the favorite events of the year! Hospice by the Bay and Whistlestop pair up to celebrate the coming summer season through fashion and food. Models showcase fashion trends available for purchase after the show.

Geriatric Care Management

Healthy Aging Workshop

Wed, June 6; 10-11am; No fee; Registration required

Tues, June 12; 11am-12:30pm; No fee; Registration required

Laurel Etheridge, a Geriatric Care Manager, will share her 30 years of experience helping seniors and families maximize their healthcare. Resources and tips for seniors in the healthcare and senior care worlds – how to maximize your healthcare, finding resources, who pays for what and how to get and apply for assistance.

Join Wells Whitney, Buck Institute Board Member, for his Healthy Aging Score Card Presentation, which measures twelve metrics, including genetics, diet, and exercise. Identify and evaluate areas of your health and lifestyle needing improvement. Visit the front desk to fill out a

W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s J u n e 2 018

Capoeira Demonstration Tues, June 26; 11-11:30am; No fee; Registration required Abadá Marin strives to preserve Capoeira, the 16th Century Afro-Brazilian Martial Art. Their exhilarating Capoeira performance combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Enjoy this 30-minute performance and understand why UNESCO granted special protected status to Capoeira as part of an “intangible cultural heritage” in 2014.

The Value of Advanced Healthcare Planning Wed, June 27; 10-11am; No fee; Registration required Teresa Tooker, Provider Relations Liaison of Hospice by the Bay, will provide information about Advanced Health Care Directives, Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), as well as a review of the End of Life Option Act passed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Sat, June 9; 11:30am-2pm; No fee; Drop-in Come learn about the diverse social groups Whistlestop offers. Enjoy a taste of what they’re all about. The French, German, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese groups are hosting a get-together, with music and dancing. Stop by and travel the world without leaving Marin!

Wed, June 6; Noon-1pm; Drop in


Multicultural Summer Potluck

Are you forgetful and concerned about memory loss? Sign up for a confidential, one-on-one screening to receive a memory loss assessment. Future screening: Dec 5.

The Ukelele Class will entertain at the Luau

Hawaiian Luau Luncheon Thurs, June 14; 11:30am-2pm; $6/10 non-members; Drop-in Aloha! Mark your calendars for Whistlestop’s most popular luncheon. Watch Lucina and Hawaiian dancer, Leila, sway to the music of Sandy Bailey’s ukulele, joined by his talented Ukulele Class.

Thanks to Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and their Funeral Home in Novato for their generous sponsorship of Whistlestop’s monthly Estate Planning Series.

Nutrition Bites Workshop Thurs, June 28; 10:30-11:30am; No fee; Registration required Join Sophia Osotio, Whistlestop’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, and learn how to improve your health by modifying your diet. Discussion topics: pre-diabetes, hypertension, and weight loss. Healthy snacks and recipes provided.

FEATURED CLASSES & SOCIAL GROUPS Summer ESL Classes Mon & Wed, June 4 -July 18; 2-3:30pm;; $25/35 nonmembers; Registration required

Technology June - July 2018 Pre-registration and payment required. 415-456-9062

Make this summer count. Join us for an innovative and interactive summer session of ESL (English as a Second Language). Our dynamic and creative teachers will help you improve your English skills in a welcoming and low-stress environment. Free parking available.

Assisted Living at its Best! ♥ 24 Hour Elder Care ♥ Family Environment 2 blocks from Downtown San Anselmo 46 Mariposa Ave. San Anselmo

Juanita says

“WE CARE” The most famous duck in San Anselmo!

Visit us today for a tour! Call 415.755.0087

Managing Your Photos Tuesdays, June 12 & 19, 10am-Noon (2 classes)

Community Breakfast in the Jackson Café First Fri, June 1; 9-10am; $3/6 non-members; Drop-in Drop in for the best deal in town! Join us in Whistlestop’s Jackson Café for a tasty, hot buffet breakfast, including a beverage, fruit, and juice of your choice.

Marin Commission on Aging Monthly Meeting

Where: San Geronimo Valley Community Center Topic: Getting Around Marin Speaker: Erin McAuliff, Marin Transit

Learn how to take and edit photos on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device (Samsung, LG, Motorola). We’ll show you how to store your photos, transfer them all into one place, organize them into folders, and how to get them printed. Bring photos on digital camera, smartphone (and all charging cords), iPad, tablet or laptop to class.

Social Media for Seniors Thursdays, June 21 & 28, 10am-Noon (2 classes) Fee: $48 Maximum 8 people Why are seniors using social media? Learn about popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and how to protect your privacy while enjoying the connection to family, friends, news, discounts, local events, and entertainment. Bring a smartphone, iPad/tablet, or laptop to class.

no gas... all electric no noise... quiet power no license, insurance, maintenance

iPad/iPhone Basics 1 Tuesday, July 10 & 17, 10am-Noon (2 classes) Fee: $48 Maximum 8 people In this two-week course, you’ll learn how to make calls, send emails, send texts, download music and add applications. Each session provides one-on-one help and comes with instructional handouts. (Bring your charged-up Apple device to class.)

ONGOING Open Lab | No Fee Every Monday and Wednesday, 10am-Noon Use our Apple and PC computers to access the Internet. Volunteers are available for problems with your laptops, tablets and software applications. Apple product assistance on Wednesdays 11am-Noon.

Sales, Service, Repairs, & Rentals

415.457.1664 1281 Anderson Dr., Ste. F, San Rafael

J u n e 2 018 W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s

When: Thurs, June 7, 10am to 12:30pm

Fee: $48 Maximum 8 people


Whistlestop Weekly Activities Please view our most recent class schedule at calendar/ or call 415-456-9062 x100 for updates to the schedule.

TIME 9:30AM-10:30AM

When it comes to family, quality is key. Hired Hands is honored to win the prestigious Best of Homecare award for our 3rd consecutive year from Home Care Pulse, a national Quality Assurance firm that gauges client and employee satisfaction with care providers across many areas, including compassion, work ethic, training and communication. This award recognizes that we greatly appreciate the feedback of those we work with, and are dedicated to the highest level of Quality, Expertise, and Professionalism in senior care. Learn more at

10:00AM-NOON 10:30AM-NOON 10:30AM-1:30PM 12:30PM-1:45PM 12:45PM-1:45PM 2:00PM-3:30PM 9:30AM-10:30AM


Quality Assured and Proven.


Double Award: Employer of Choice

10:00AM-NOON 11:30AM-12:30PM 1:00PM-2:00PM 1:00PM-3:00PM 3:00PM-4:00PM 3:00PM-5:00PM


Whistlestop 4.3438 w xTrusted 4.8438 h providers of compassionate in-home care for seniors. 6-22-15



11:15AM-12:15PM 12:30PM-1:30PM 1:00PM-3:00PM 2:00PM-3:30PM 9:30AM-11:30AM 9:30AM-10:30AM


Expore Creative 707-938-9960

11:00AM-NOON 12:30PM-1:30PM 1:00PM-2:00PM 1:00PM-2:30PM 1:00PM-2:30PM 2:00PM-3:00PM

• • • • • • • •

Light Housekeeping & Laundry Meal Preparation & Clean Up Medication Reminders Personal Care • Respite Care Wardrobe, Dressing Assistance Help with Daily Grooming Bathing & Toileting Assistance Help with Ambulation

• Bed-bound Assistance • Protective Supervision for those with Impaired Judgment • Transportation & Errand Services • Companionship, Conversation • Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping • Help with Pets And much, much more…

3:30PM-4:30PM 10:30AM-NOON 10:30AM-NOON


W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s J u n e 2 018



licensed • bonded • insured



11:00AM-NOON 1:00PM-2:30PM 1:30PM-3:00PM 2:00PM-4:00PM

(707) 931-4280 • (415) 599-4333





Zumba Gold Computer Lab German Social Circle Persian Social Group Russian Social Group Age Reversing Essentrics ESL (6/4 - 7/18) Whistlesizers* Mah Jongg French All Levels French Social Group Spanish 2* Spanish 1* A Matter of Balance Food Box for Seniors (6/20) Computer Lab Persian Social Group Beginners Ukulele (6 weeks) Inter. Ukulele (6 weeks) Knitting/Crocheting Group ESL (6/4 - 7/18) Citizenship Exam Prep Class Beginning Write Your Life Stories Zumba Gold Whistlesizers Italian 3

Drop-in $6/8 Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Drop-in $6/8 Register $25/35 Drop-in $4/5 Drop-in Free Drop-in $3/5 Drop-in Free Drop-in $3/5 Drop-in $3/5 Register Free Register Free Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Register $40/45 Register $40/45 Drop-in Free Register $25/35 Ongoing registration $30/45 Register $25/35 Drop-in $6/8 Drop-in $4/5 Register $30/35

Italian Study Group Adv. Write Your Life Stories Vietnamese Social Group Italian 2 Meditation BrightStar Health Ck (6/8 & 6/22) CalFresh Registration (6/1 & 6/15) Brown Bag Pantry Movie Club Spanish Social Group Ping-Pong Yoga with Kelly

Drop-in $1/2 Prerequisite req. $20/30 Drop-in Free Register $30/35 Drop-in $5 Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Register at 11:30AM Free Drop-in Free Drop-in Free Drop-in $2/4 Drop-in $3/5

* Please note due to the Statewide Primary Election there is no class on June 5th

Community Connections

County Fair Honors Diversity and Community By John Bowman


he 2018 Marin County Fair from June 30 to July 5 will feature a star-studded lineup of entertainers, including the Beach Boys. Be sure to stop by Whistlestop’s fair booth at PV06, near the big Ferris wheel. We will be giving out safety lights and recruiting for drivers and volunteers. The fair will have plenty of traditional entertainment like an array of barnyard animals and a petting zoo. But there will be much more: •

The Beach Boys performing on July 1;

Michael Franti and Spearhead, June 30; Eddie Money, July 2; Los Lobos, July 3, and LeAnn Rimes, July 4. •

Numerous carnival rides, including the 10-story Ferris wheel.

The 48th Annual Short Film and Video Festival.

12,000 exhibits of fine arts, crafts, photography, cartoons, floriculture and horticulture, and countless booths with delicious food and baked goods.

To purchase tickets, go online at

Age Friendly Corte Madera When: Wednesday, June 20, 1-2:30pm Where: Central Marin Police, Authority Community Room, 250 Doherty Drive, Larkspur What: Nature, Play & Aging Professor Erik Rosegard, chair of the Dept. of Recreation, Parks & Tourism at San Francisco State University, will lead a lively discussion detailing the benefits of being active in nature.

For neuropathy, for difficulty walking and getting around, for arthritis, what does The Doctor have for you? More drugs, and a walker? (A new test? A new diagnosis? What “They” have for you is neither the best, the most advanced, nor the most scientific solution. Not even close. And to tell you that there’s no hope for you, that’s just so wrong! It is scientific, biological fact that your brain and your nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. If there’s interference, from old spinal injuries healed wrong, communication breaks down. If you have interference in your neck to the blood supply to the part of your brain that controls coordination and balance, you’ll likely have problems walking, getting around. If you have a bad connection to your bladder, you might have urinary problems. If the nerve supply to your feet, and the nerve supply to the blood supply to your feet is compromised, and maybe the supply to your pancreas, might that lead to neuropathy? Sciatica? That’s easy to figure out. Depression? Anxiety? Difficulty concentrating? It’s all in the brain, right? If there’s interference to the brain, from tension on your spinal cord, from the blood getting in or out of the brain… coming from vertebrae out of place in the top of your neck, how can your brain operate well? What if that interference were to be corrected? (That is what I do.) I know that your own body (even if you’re in your 80’s or 90’s) still has the capacity to heal. Look, I don’t heal or cure any pain, or any of the diseases or conditions mentioned here. I detect these dangerous interferences, and correct them, through gentle chiropractic adjustments, allowing your own body to heal itself, naturally. My name is Dr. Harte (D.C.) I’ve been serving Marin and the Greater Bay Area since 1981. I quit med school to become a chiropractor. (Ask me about this.) I was honored by the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) in 2006 as “Chiropractor of the Year.” I’ve had articles published in the Chiropractic Journal, OMNI magazine and the SF Chronicle. “Improved overall. Neuropathy improved. Heartburn greatly improved. – Jeanine Hillebrandt, Larkspur “I thought I was on the way out. Now I feel alive again and have hope for some quality of life.” - Carol Maher, Novato “No (heart) fibrillation for five months! Physically better, and mentally about 96% better. I do feel much, much better overall.” - Hermila Gonsalves, San Rafael Here’s the AMAZING OFFER! Call me by Thursday, May 24th, and you’ll get my complete examination, three kinds of neurological scans, X-rays and Report of Findings, regularly $670, for only $170. I can just about guarantee that you’ve never had an evaluation and analysis like this before… anywhere! And you’ll find no doctor of any kind who will work harder for you than I will! You should know that I’ve taken care of people from newborns to folks in their 90’s. This is the HARTE OF CHIROPRACTIC. Our office is warm and friendly. We’re located in Corte Madera, right next to the Cinema movie theatre, same street as the DMV. 21 Tamal Vista, Suite 170. Call me at (415)460-6527. I will help you.” –Dr. Don Harte (D.C.). PS: Questions? Call me. 415/460-6527.

J u n e 2 018 W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s

Age Friendly

“Neuropathy? Difficulty Walking? Arthritis?”


Getting Around

A Licensed Homecare Agency offering

Home Care Aide Services: Agency is employer; insured, bonded, Employees registered with the state

Celebrating 20 years of service

Geriatric Care Management:

Dignity • Respect • Personal Care • Safety

RN resource specialist and advocate for seniors and their families

All services managed by owner

Nancy Mack, RN, PHN, GCM

Whistlestop Call Center assists clients in many languages.

Language No Barrier For Getting Rides

You Can Make a Difference Join the Whistlestop Family by making a gift I want to become a monthly supporter with a gift of: $10

W h i s t l e s t o p E x p r e s s J u n e 2 018



It’s a great feeling to be able to ask them if they speak Spanish and then assist in their primary language. After being offered this assistance, they often sound relieved and are grateful we were able to help. If we weren’t able to assist in this way, they might avoid using our transportation programs in the future.” For staff members who are not bilingual, we use a service that allows us to call in an interpreter on demand via phone. We simply dial a number and request an interpreter in the language that is needed. The interpreter then gets on the line and helps facilitate the conversation and requests. If an interpreter in the requested language




Or make a single donation in the amount of:

By Joanna Huitt, Mobility Manager histlestop Transportation Services strives to make our transportation programs easy to use and accessible for everyone in our community. This includes taking steps to better serve our Limited English Proficient clients. We do so by employing bilingual staff and by offering an interpreter to staff to assist in conversations with clients who do not speak English. In our Call Center, our bilingual staff consists of Spanish speakers. At least one bilingual staff member is available to assist clients with transportation needs at all times. Jennifer Munoz, a bilingual staff member notes, “Clients often call and do their best to request rides in English.






Billing Info Name Address Phone Email Payment Info MC Exp Date


CC# 3 Digit Code

Mail to 930 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael 94901 Thank You! is not available, we can coordinate to find a date and time that an interpreter will be available. Interpretation is available in 240 languages. All of our staff is trained to use this service, and to date we’ve served clients in Amharic, Creole, Farsi, Haitian, Hindi,

Mandarin, Russian, and Vietnamese. We feel that language should not be a barrier to accessing transportation services provided by Whistlestop, services that are often the lifeline that gives community members access to the things they need most.

Benefits of Intergenerational Experiences By John Bowman


been incredibly positive from both the perspective of the volunteer and the student. Our Auto Technology students were treated to a visit to a classic car garage thanks to a community member who wanted to share his lifelong classic car hobby with our students. These high school students were fascinated by the vintage beauty and technology of the cars.

‘Whistlestop is a phenomenal asset to the community.’ Through our School to Career Partnership, more than 200 companies and organizations offer student internships to expose young people to potential career opportunities. Some of the internships are with companies that serve intergenerational community members such as Kaiser Permanente, Marin General Hospital, Novato Community Hospital, Active Marin Physical Therapy, Asher Clinic, Cardiovascular Center of Marin, Asher Clinic, Deer Park

Mary Jane Burke

utilize the transportation services to help them live as independently as possible. I love seeing the Whistlestop buses making their rounds in our community on behalf of both our older adults as well as people with disabilities. When I think about some of the challenges that older adults can face related to nutrition, physical and mental health, I am grateful for Whistlestop. The services available are invaluable to our community and contribute to better health and happiness for older adults in our community.

Rotary Home Team Work Day

June 9, 9am-Noon; No fee Rotary offers free service for senior homeowners with financial or physical challenges in San Rafael. Volunteers will replace light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors, unclog drains, reset fuses, and trim bushes. Contact Christine Ness, 415-456-9068 or to schedule a service. Home Team Partners: Whistlestop, Covia, Opportunity of Independence, Marin Center for Independent Living, Rotary Club of Mission San Rafael, and Rotary International.

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ary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools, has overseen an effective Intergenerational Program that connects students with older adults. She shared the details in the following interview with the Whistlestop Express. Whistlestop: Please describe the work you have done in the area of intergenerational connections – how students can help older adults and how older adults can help students. MJB: Marin County schools have a long history of welcoming intergenerational volunteers and community programs into the classroom. Here are some examples. The Marin County School Volunteers program launched in 1997 to offer community members the opportunity to engage with students in the classroom. The program has grown to more than 300 volunteers, mostly retired, who tutor students one on one and serve as mentors and grandparent figures. The program recently merged with 10,000 Degrees to serve our high need schools. The impact has

Retirement Community, Hangar Clinic, Heartland Hospice, Aegis Living, Aging Parents, and Aldersley Assisted Living. WS: What motivated you to get involved in this intergenerational work? MJB: Growing up, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with my grandmother who instilled in me the importance of empathy and kindness. She always asked me, “Who were you nice to today?” I still live by the mantra that kindness can overcome all obstacles in life. Whether it’s a child or adult, everyone needs someone to care about them…a simple act can have a big impact on someone’s life. Programs where volunteers, mentors and children interact can change a life in the most meaningful and unexpected ways. Being nice can open many doors. WS: How do you see Whistlestop making contributions to the community? MJB: Whistlestop is a phenomenal asset to our community. Many of our special needs current and former students



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The Value of Advanced Healthcare Planning By Serena D’Arcy-Fisher, CFRE

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aving a conversation about end of life care and transitions can seem daunting. However, having the conversation while one is still able provides a shared understanding of what is important to you, and makes it easier for your family and loved ones to follow through on your wishes when the time comes. Very likely you will have a series of conversations over time. If you do, the burden of making decisions is lifted from family at a stressful time. It is recommended that everyone over 18 have an Advanced Healthcare Directive. According to a 2012 Survey of Californians by the California Healthcare Foundation posted at, a very high percentage of people surveyed acknowledged the importance of these conversations, yet only 27% indicated that they have had these conversations; only 7% had talked with their doctors about their wishes for medical treatment

toward the end of their life; and only 23% had actually put their wishes in writing. The Conversation Project website offers a free Conversation Starter Kit to help you in this process. As part of Whistlestop’s monthly Estate Planning Series, please join Teresa Tooker, Provider Relations Liaison for Hospice by the Bay, to learn more about Advanced Health Care Directives, Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), as well as a review of the End of Life Option Act passed by Governor Jerry Brown. Join us on: Wednesday June 27, 10-11am Whistlestop, 930 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael Free parking in our lot, corner of Tamalpais and 3rd Street Please register so we can plan accordingly: 415-459-6700, ext. 100

Whistlestop’s Volunteer Fair: Make a Difference Every Day Learn about many opportunities to contribute at our Volunteer Fair, every Second Thursday, from 3 to 4:30pm - June 14 930 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael We are seeking friendly and reliable volunteers who want to give back to their community. We need your help! • CarePool volunteer drivers • Meals on Wheels drivers • Jackson Café lunch servers & cashiers • General office help and parking services For more information or to RSVP, please email or call 415-456-9067

Whistlestop June 2018  
Whistlestop June 2018