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Laurence Suter-Gunn Programs Director


Jennifer Golbus

By Linda Jack Director, Agin Initiative


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Dennis Ryan, doctors, got second new neighborhood near One small part of the Help Desk – 415.459.6700 what it all means, of help the yard tha Whistlestop can Beth Reizman, Viceand President opinions, and chose San Rafael. downtown housing solution in Marin agree on a plan. you maintain your goals: To receive the Express by email the oncologist whohelp butTom I can’t wonder Bonomi,isTreasurer to support, fund, and saw, and decad sign up at For howopen much harderFabia would streamline the process eat a healthy meal at the seemed most Butler, Secretary •itExercise – walk – a bit annual subscription mailed to your be to doIthis if we were taking ato repr to create more accessory Jackson Café after home, send $10 to Whistlestop. seemed to trying things. more than you have been Jackson in our 70s or 80s?Sharon What dwelling units. 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Director, Aging Action your arms and legs. of new accessory was diagnosed with lung Programs Director grow older in their home dwelling units doubled last My lung cancer journey Now, 20 years later, I offer new, happy fam cancer in 1998 at theInitiative age and community? Danielle For those McCoy, Advertising year, and the city is on track • Cut down on carbs, add Jennifer Golbus certainly changed me. It a Healthy Aging class once facing dementia or declining of 65 when I worked as a Marketing Strategist to double that again. We need eadecided challen more and fruits, gave me a sense ofThe control monthtoat Whistlestop. health, will they have whatveggies to do this across Marin! scientist for Raychem Corp downsize this John and Val Bowman and overall, reduce your and allowed me to face the The goal is to live better they need for safety, care Marianne Misz, TheAdvertising Aging Action Initiative would we mov Whistlestop Express Editors year. Our family in Menlo Park. 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to restaurants the movies. A searching, we may be the ve unit in Marin No doubt ab process of dow daunting. It t of sorting, a m of millennials boxes to give donate things need anymore

AARP in 2012, about 90% of housing project in downtown seemed to reproduce when older adults intend to stay San Rafael. We are excited we weren’t watching. Most in their own homes for the OUR MISSION to see new housing options of all, we had a home that next 5 to 10 years. MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES WHISTLESTOP for older people in Marin,EXPRESS deserved to be full with a PACIFIC SUN STAFF People| working with ext. 176 Whistlestop believes we share a Whistlestop Nourish 415-456-9062 John and Val Bowman, Whistlestop Express Editors especially in places where new, happy family. Danielle McCoy, Advertising older Eligibility adults are aware of | 415-457-4636 Meals on Wheels (Marin County) 916-751-9189 | they can walk to services responsibility to ensure all Marin The challenge was: Where ACTIVE AGING CENTER the issues facing people as and shops and be part of the Marianne Misz, Advertising would we move to in Marin? Jennifer Golbus, Marketing & Communications TRANSPORTATION residents to age they grow SERVICES older. Will there have an opportunity 930 Tamalpais Avenue | San Rafael, CA 94901 community. We wanted a smaller place be housing for others who KaraOpen Brown,Monday-Friday Production CarePool Volunteer Driver Program 9:00AM-5:00PM with| 415-454-0927 dignity, independence and grace. Aging Action Initiative is in a neighborhood where want to downsize? Will there Travel Navigators/Marin Access Eligibility | 415-454-0902 Website: | Email: a network of more than 130 Rosemary Olson, Publisher we can walk about, close enoughRide housing for the Schedule abe Paratransit | 415-454-0964 PACIFIC SUN STAFF organizations, including Guest Services Reception | 415-456-9062 ext. 100shops, and to restaurants, people who work in Marin Cancel a Paratransit Ride | 415-457-4630 Rosemary Olson, Publisher | Whistlestop, that addresses the movies. After months of Volunteer – those who are caregivers, OUR MISSIONOpportunities | 415-456-9067 community issues through Kara Brown, Production | searching, we found what Resource Office 415-459-6700 healthcare managers, and Whistlestop believes we |share a the lens of aging. It focuses OUR MISSION be the very last new responsibility to ensure all Marin LIKE US on findingTO Covia Home Match & Social Call |may 415-456-9068 homecare experts? What ADVERTISE PLEASE CONTACT: ways to age-inresidents have an opportunity to age unit in Marin. about low-income people who Whistlestop believes we share a responsibility to Danielle McCoy, Advertising | on Facebook with dignity, independence and grace. community, and having JACKSON CAFÉ No doubt about it, theensure all Marin needresidents affordable housing, have an opportunity to MarianneaMisz, Advertising | economic security, place to process of downsizing isage with dignity, or people who need extra Monday-Friday | 11:30AM to 2:00PM independence and grace. call home, and transportation daunting. It took months care, like assisted living or LIKE US for older adults. of sorting, a moving crew memory care? The recent on Facebook Want to receive the Express at home? Send $10 to of millennials, and many report, Older Adult Housing LIKE US on Facebook! For information, check out for an annual delivered print subscription, boxes to give away andWhistlestopin Marin: Planning for Cover design by Missy Reynolds or sign up at for a free email version. 2 donate things we don’t 2030, estimated that 7,000 or contact Sami at support@ of today’s older residents need anymore. It’s been Fabia Butler, Secretary Sharon Jackson Robert Sonnenberg Cynthia Wuthmann






What are Your Resolutions this Year? By Sue McQuinn


ow, it’s a new year and time to make a resolution. Resolutions ranked nationally in order of popularity are: losing weight, eating healthier, learning a new skill or hobby, and spending time on our personal wellbeing. In a 2018 National Survey, 44% of people surveyed said they make resolutions. Alyssa Santos, our new Active Aging Program Supervisor, and I polled some of our members about the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. The results were not quite what we expected! Some folks even said they have discontinued making resolutions. Here are some thoughts from our members:

I do not make resolutions. Instead, for me, every day is a chance to be introspective of my life and change and be smarter. ~K. I have a resolution to experience more intimacy this year. ~Anon. I used to make resolutions, but not anymore. It was always the same issues year after year and then failure. Instead, I have an affirmation to accept myself the way I am. For 13 years, I have believed in daily prayer and meditation. ~A.

I don’t make resolutions. I feel resolutions are temporary. I have goals I work on all year, never giving up until I achieve them. I am continually planning new goals. ~E.

I used to make resolutions, but it was always to lose weight. The unfortunate part was I could never keep them because, if I see food I eat it! ~J.

I have made resolutions in the past, when I was young and stupid and thought they would work. Now I have resolutions to finish projects, not lose my temper and learn Italian. I have fulfilled one of these. ~D. “Yes, but I can’t tell you about them!” ~Anon. (said with a smile) My family is very close and it is easy to get caught up in their situations. I am making a resolution to do more for myself. ~Anon. What’s the point, it’s all metaphysical! ~Anon. The only resolution I made is over eighty years ago, I resolved to have a warm bottle every day. PS: My mother was pregnant with me when she crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on the second day it was open. ~Anon.

I made a resolution when I was 10 years old. I wanted to live long enough to see the year 2020. Why 2020? The year struck me as significant because I am a twin and 20/20 vision. ~F. I am always aware of my resolutions and make them every year. They are always fresh, new and health related. I keep my resolutions because I am objectivedriven. ~Anon. Another tradition some people observe on New Year’s Eve is the Burning Bowl Ceremony. This is a ritual to release old resentments by writing them down on a piece of paper and burning the paper, so you can enter the New Year with a fresh perspective and a desire to start anew. One member was putting her marriage behind her and decided to hold her own Burning Bowl ceremony in a restaurant in San Francisco. She rolled up the paper and it didn’t burn, but was instead buried in the wax of the candle. It took one month to burn the piece of paper, she said with a laugh. Have a safe and happy 2019!


I don’t want to grow; my resolution is to work on not shrinking. ~J.

I do make resolutions, but not on New Year’s Eve. I make resolutions on my birthday, as it is a time of reflection for me. I base my resolutions and changes on my life and what I need to work on. ~A.

I don’t make resolutions, because at my age, 95, the doctor says I can do whatever I want. ~A.

I do make resolutions, but not every year. I believe it is important to always try to be a better person. ~D.


Whistlestop is Your Resolution One-Stop Shop


hat are your resolutions for 2019? Whistlestop can help with something for everyone! See pages 5-8 or visit for more details on classes, workshops and special events.

I Resolve To: Get Fit Whistlestop offers different levels of fitness classes including Zumba, Matter of Balance, Age Reversing Essentrics, Tai Chi and Whistlesizers.


Eat Healthy


Whistlestop has several ongoing Nutrition Programs as well as low-cost, healthy lunches served daily in the Jackson Café and a monthly Community Breakfast. The Brown Bag Pantry and Rollin’ Root Mobile Farmers Market provide free or lowcost fresh food and produce, and our monthly Nutrition Bites workshops cover a variety of nutrition topics.

Meet New People Whistlestop’s Active Aging Center is the perfect place to meet new people! In addition to our regular social groups, there is always someone to talk to in our lounges or in the Jackson Café. Attending a class or workshop is also a great way to meet new people who have similar interests. Come on down to 930 Tamalpais Ave. and

Whistlestop offers a variety of classes, workshops, hands on crafts and mental enrichment. You could learn a new language, take up Ukulele, perfect your ping pong game, or maybe learn how to write your life story! Take a look at pages 5-8 or come in and see what we have to offer.

it can feel overwhelming for some. Whistlestop can help! At Whistlestop, you can learn computer basics, how to use an iPad or other tablet, manage your photos, iPhone basics, how to use apps, and much more. Check each issue of the Express for that month’s technology classes. Don’t forget, we also host an Open Lab every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to Noon where volunteers answer your technology questions for free.

Be More Present

Give Back

make some new social connections!

Learn Something New

Meditation is known to decrease stress and improve your overall sense of tranquility, serenity, and harmony. Tai Chi can train the body while refining the spirit and fostering a sense of peace in our lives. Both classes welcome first-timers!

Tackle Technology Technology can be a great way to stay connected, but

Many older adults find that giving back is the most rewarding thing they do to enrich their lives. This year, consider giving back to your community by volunteering at Whistlestop! Whatever your interests, skills or schedule, we know we have a volunteer opportunity that will be perfect for you. Just call Laurie Vermont, or email volunteer@

A NEW LOOK FOR A NEW YEAR You may notice that things look a little bit different on page 5. We want it to be easy for you to find out what’s going on each month at our Active Aging Center, so we’re making some changes to our format for listing classes, workshops and events. We hope you love it! Listings are now color coded, and you can remove the center section (pages 5-8) to keep as your Go-To resource about what’s happening each month at Whistlestop. Continue to visit for a full list of classes, and keep an eye out for further changes designed to make your reading easier in the months to come. Happy New Year!


Nutrition Program Coordinator

Do you have a small appetite, but know that you need to eat more? ‘Superfoods’ like berries, nuts, leafy greens, and legumes are packed with nutrients to get you the most bang for your buck! Try out this easy recipe for a quick lunch or snack.

Quinoa Black Bean Salad Cook 1/3 cup quinoa in 1 cup water. Allow to cool slightly. In a large bowl, combine 1 tsp olive oil, 4 tsp lime juice, ¼ tsp cumin, ¼ tsp coriander, ¼ tsp cilantro and 2 tbsp scallions. Stir in a 15 oz can of black beans (rinsed and drained), 2 cups of diced tomatoes, 1 cup diced bell peppers, and ½ cup diced red onion. Add the cooled quinoa. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve cold.












9:45AM-10:45AM 10:00AM–NOON 10:30AM-NOON 10:30AM-NOON 11:00AM-NOON 12:30PM-1:45PM 9:30–10:30AM 10:00AM–NOON 11:30AM–12:30PM 1:00PM-2:00PM 1:00PM–3:00PM 3:00PM-4:00PM 3:00PM-4:00PM 10:00AM–NOON 9:30AM-12:30PM 10:30AM-NOON 11:15AM-12:15PM 12:30PM-1:30PM 2:00PM-3:00PM 3:00PM-4:00PM 9:00AM-10:00AM 9:30AM-10:30AM 11:00AM-NOON 12:30PM-1:30PM 1:00PM-2:00PM 1:00PM–2:30PM 2:00PM-3:00PM 9:00AM-10:00AM 9:15AM-10:15AM 10:30AM-NOON 10:30AM-NOON 11:00AM–NOON 1:30PM-3:00PM 2:00PM–4:00PM 3:00PM-4:00PM

Zumba Gold* Computer Lab German Social Group Persian Social Group Tai Chi Russian Social Group Whistlesizers* Mah-Jongg French All Levels* Resumes 1/15 French Social Group Spanish 2* Spanish 1* Too Much Stuff? Computer Lab Monthly Food Box for Seniors 1/16 Persian Social Group Beginner Ukulele* (6 weeks) Inter. Ukulele* (6 weeks) The Art of Hula* (4 weeks) 1/9-1/30 Capoeira* Rollin’ Root Farmers Market Zumba Gold* Whistlesizers* Italian 3* Italian Study Group Adv. Write Your Life Stories Italian 2* Community Breakfast 1/4 Age Reversing Essentrics Starting 1/11 CalFresh 1/4 & 1/18 BrightStar Health Ck 1/11 & 1/25 Brown Bag Pantry Spanish Social Group Ping-Pong Yoga with Kelly

Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Register Drop-in Register Drop-in Register Register Register Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Drop-in Register Drop-in Prerequisite required Register Drop-in

$6/8 free free free $8/10 free $4/5 free $3/5 $3/5 $3/5 free free free free $40/45 $40/45 $32/36 $8/10

$6/8 $4/5 $30/35 $2/4 $20/30 $30/35 $3/6 $6/8 Reg. 415-697-7411 free Drop-in free Register at 11:30 am free Drop-in free Drop-in $2/4 Drop-in $3/5

*These classes will not occur on December 31-January 4; resuming week of January 7. AAC closed Jan. 21 for MLK Day.


For a full list of classes, visit calendar or call 415-456-9062, ext. 100

Active Aging Center Holiday Closures Mon, Dec 31: Closing at 3pm Tues, Jan 1: Closed Mon, Jan 21: Closed

Intro to Basics of Writing Your Life Story

Thurs, Jan 3; 3-4:45pm; No fee; Registration required; Maximum 12 Interested in writing your Life Stories? Meet the group leader and learn about the Birren Guided Autobiography method. Decide if you want to join the Basic Life Story Workshop Part 1, which begins Jan 10.

Basic Life Story Writing 4-week series, Part 1

Jan 10, 17, 24 & 31; 3-4:45pm; $40 /50, plus $10 textbook fee to facilitator first day of class The Basic Life Story Writing 4-week workshop will get you started writing your memoir. This course uses universal themes and sensitizing questions to help you rediscover memories and stories you may have forgotten. Weekly writing assignments will be done at home. Come to the free introductory meeting on January 3 to find out more or go to No refunds for missed sessions.

Aging in Place with Grace

Thurs, Jan 3; 10-11am; No fee; Drop-in The Marin County Commission on Aging will host Aging in Place with Grace from 10-11am. Participants can discuss plans for the future, including matters of housing, finance and health care with a presentation by Aging and Adult Services on community resources and 457-INFO. The Marin County Commission on Aging will conduct its monthly business meeting from 11am-Noon.

Older Adults Housing Info Session

Tues, Jan 8; 11am-Noon; No fee; Registration suggested: 415-456-9068 Jen Arent, director of Covia’s Home Match Marin, will discuss older adult housing options in Marin. Information about Covia’s free, Home Match Marin’s comprehensive home sharing services to older adults and the Marin Housing Authority’s subsidized and low-cost housing will be shared. CONTINUED ON PAGE 6 >










Nutrition Bites Workshop

Thurs, Jan 10 & Jan 24; 3-4 pm; No fee; Registration required Join Sophia Osotio, Whistlestop’s Nutrition Program Coordinator, and learn how to improve your health by modifying your diet. Discussion topics may include: pre-diabetes, hypertension, and weight loss.

Community Breakfast

Fri, Jan 4; 9-10am; $3/6; Drop-in Stop by and enjoy our tasty, hot breakfast buffet.

retirement funding strategy. Mary-Alice Cardenas, licensed HECM specialist with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, and David Raub, Founding Advisor, Raub-Rock Capital Management and estate planning attorney and specialist in reverse mortgages, will bring an enlightening presentation. Sponsored by Valley Memorial Park.

ESL Starting Week of Feb 4 through May 8

Monday and Wednesdays; 2-3:30pm; Sign up today and get a $5 early bird discount; without discount $40/45 We will be offering levels 100, 150 and 250.

Line Dancing with Dixie James

Mon, Jan 14, 28; 2-3pm; $5/7 each date; Registration required Don’t worry if you have two left feet – everyone is welcome to join the lineup for this 2-session dance party. Dixie James is your guide to all the line dance choreography you’ll need to know, including the Electric Glide and more. Wear your best western attire; bring a friend. The more the merrier!

Rockin’ in the New Year featuring Jonny Darlin’

Thurs, Jan 10, 11:30am-1:30pm, Lunch: Noon-1pm; Jackson Café; Advanced ticket purchase suggested $10 To kick off the New Year, join us for a Rockin’ Party featuring Jonny Darlin’! Special menu to be served. Limited number of tickets available day of event.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Homebound Older Adults/ Meals on Wheels

Thurs; Jan 17; 10am-Noon; No fee; Register Join the fun and kick off your Valentine’s Day celebrating by volunteering to join us to create cards for homebound older adults. We have all the supplies. Lynn will provide guidance and you provide the creativity.

Healthy Aging Workshop

Thurs, Jan 17; 12:30-2pm; No fee; Registration required Are you interested in evaluating and improving your health? Join Wells Whitney, Board Member of the Buck Institute, for a presentation of his healthy aging scorecard. Dr. Whitney will help you evaluate and identify the areas where you can improve your health and your life.




Age Reversing Essentrics NEW TIME

Fridays starting Jan 11; 9:15-10:15am; $6/8; Drop-in Try this slow-paced class with relaxed movement to improve your mobility, strength and balance. Instructor: Elizabeth Lynn


Mon, 11am-Noon $8/10; Drop-in No break during the holidays; class will be held Mon, Dec 31. Try something new. David Mac Lam will teach Tai Chi over the holidays.

Capoeira NEW with Abada Capoeira Marin

Starting Wed, Jan 9; 3-4pm; $8/10; Registration suggested Capoeira begins with a gentle warm-up, followed by a series of acrobatic, martial art movements, for individuals and partners, building strength, balance and agility. These movements are led by the rhythm on the berimbau, Capoeira’s lead instrument.

A Touch of Hula

Beginning Hula NEW, Wed, Jan 9-30; 2-3pm; $32/36; Registration Charlotte Kobayashi has been dancing for more than 50 years! She will teach a beginning Hula Class where you will learn the history, evolution and appreciation of Hula with five basic steps and two modern hula dances.


CarePool Information Session with Kat Filley


Tues, Jan 22; 2-3pm; No fee required; Registration suggested Have you resolved to volunteer in the New Year? Learn all about Whistlestop’s CarePool Program, where volunteer drivers take clients to medical appointments and grocery shopping, developing lasting relationships.

My Life, My Choices: Advance Care Directives

Tues, Jan 15 or 29; 11am; No Fee Speaker: Teresa Tooker, Provider Relations Liaison, Hospice by the Bay The New Year is a great time to make preparations for the future. Learn about advance care directives from Hospice by the Bay. If you can’t speak for yourself, an advance care directive will let your loved ones know your wishes. Receive a free Advance Care Planning packet with forms, articles, and worksheets. Register ahead: 415-456-9062, ext. 100.

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage/Reverse Mortgages Wed, Jan 30; 10-11:15am; No Fee Learn how HECMs and reverse mortgages can be a part of a sound



CalFresh (eligibility & application assistance)

Fri, Jan 4 & 18; 10am-Noon; No fee; Call CalFresh/SF Marin Food Bank for assistance: 415-697-7411 The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program,


CalFresh, provides qualified applicants with an EBT card to use at participating grocery stores and Farmers Markets.

SF-Marin Food Bank’s Monthly Food Box

Jan 16; 9:30am-12:30pm; Drop-in The SF-Marin Food Bank operates the Supplemental Food Program, providing a monthly box of quality U.S. Dept. of Agriculture food to low income older adults. To register, bring ID, proof of income, and proof of residency, and one of the Food Bank specialists will determine your eligibility.

Bi-Weekly Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Screenings, and Medication Reviews Fri, Jan 11 & Jan 25; 10:30am-Noon; No fee Bi-weekly blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, and medication reviews will be offered by BrightStar Care, a local agency providing home care, caregivers, and medical staffing solutions to families and businesses in Marin.

Free Legal Consultation

Thurs, by appointment only; call 415-459-6700 Legal Aid of Marin provides free 30-minute legal consultations for Marin County residents who are 60+. Local volunteer lawyers offer general advice, explain legal options and rights, and recommend referrals to attorneys who have expertise in your particular area of concern.

Covia’s Social Call Program (NEW)

Are you an older adult or a homebound or disabled person who lives alone? Register today for a free, reassuring call three mornings a week. Someone will call to check in with you. Sign up: 877-797-7299.

CREATE VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS FOR OUR HOMEBOUND MEALS ON WHEELS AND MEALS OF MARIN CLIENTS All cards should be handmade, in unsealed envelopes addressed to: Dear Neighbor/Friend. Cards are due on Monday, January 29th


MARIN COUNTY COMMISSION ON AGING MONTHLY MEETING WHEN: Thurs, Jan. 3, 10am – 12:30pm WHERE: Whistlestop Active Aging Center TOPIC: Life Care Planning SPEAKER: Jodi Timms, Commissioner, and Chloe Cook,

Aging & Adult Services

Schedule a Tour! Contact: Cheri Drees 415.383.2741 x223



SNF# 010000390 RCFE# 210102866


Whistlestop, 930 Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael Questions, contact Alyssa;


Trusted providers of compassionate in-home care for seniors. licensed • bonded • insured

• • • • • • • •

Light Housekeeping & Laundry Meal Preparation & Clean Up Medication Reminders Personal Care • Respite Care Wardrobe, Dressing Assistance Help with Daily Grooming Bathing & Toileting Assistance Help with Ambulation

• Bed-bound Assistance • Protective Supervision for those with Impaired Judgment • Transportation & Errand Services • Companionship, Conversation • Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping • Help with Pets And much, much more…

(707) 931-4280 • (415) 599-4333



NEW! Learn to Make a Photobook

Tuesday, Jan 8, 10am-Noon (1 class) Fee: $35 Maximum 8 people Learn easy ways to store, organize and arrange your photos into books or prints to preserve your memories in fun and creative ways. Make your favorites into a permanent keepsake book. You’ll get hands-on practice using photo book software and learn tips for selecting photos, layout techniques, and simple photo editing. You will leave this class with several pages of your book. Bring your laptop to class (Windows or Mac) or use one of the computers we have. Bring your photos on a thumb drive. This is a great follow up to the Managing Your Photos class (though not a prerequisite.)

Android Basics 2: Maps, Photos, Apps & More

Tuesdays, Jan 15 & 22, 10am-Noon (2 classes) Fee: $48 Maximum 8 people This course will review some of the basics of using your device and also show you some of the apps that come built in. Get the most out of your built-in apps including Photo editing, storing and retrieving photos, Calendar, E-mail, Texting, Maps/GPS, and more! Learn the steps to find and install new apps, and how to update, delete and organize your apps for easy access. (For all Android devices including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia)

iPad/iPhone Basics 2: Essential Built-in Applications

Tuesdays, Feb 5 & Feb 12, 10am-Noon (2 classes) Fee: $48 Maximum 8 people Review basics and learn about built-in apps including photo editing, iCloud, Calendar, Siri, E-mail, Texting, FaceTime and more! Please bring your fully charged device, Apple ID and Apple password to class. (For Apple devices only)

A Licensed Homecare Agency




Home Care Aide Services:


Agency is employer; insured, bonded, Employees registered with the state

Celebrating 20 years of service

Geriatric Care Management:

Dignity • Respect • Personal Care • Safety

RN resource specialist and advocate for seniors and their families

No Fee | Every Monday and Wednesday, 10am-Noon Use our Apple and PC computers to access the Internet. Volunteers are available for advice on problems with your laptops and tablets and software applications.

All services managed by owner

Nancy Mack, RN, PHN, GCM

Entrees from $6-$10 Open to the public for lunch every weekday! Located in Whistlestop Active Aging Center.

Getting Technology Advice from a 7 year old? You don’t have to wait for your grandchild to teach you how to use your computer, tablet or smart phone. We have volunteers available each Monday and Wednesday from 10am-Noon in our Open Computer Lab.

Did you know? M

any folks tell us they don’t know all of the things we do here at Whistlestop, so we thought we’d take an opportunity to share! Did you know … • We have one member who is 110 years young! • 287 Whistlestop volunteers provided 22,179 hours of service to Whistlestop last year. • Our Brown Bag Pantry, in partnership with the SF Marin Food Bank, distributes food to over 110 clients weekly. Last year, we distributed 156,618 pounds of food.


• Our Active Aging Center has a FREE open computer lab on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am to noon.

the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 10:30am, in partnership with BrightStar Care. • We host over 140 events at our Active Aging Center every month. • The Jackson Café serves seafood every Friday and members pay only $6. • Our Ukulele teacher, Sandy Bailey, has performed at Carnegie Hall. • We host Financial Presentations by subject matter experts 10 months out of the year. • One of our exercise classes is the Fountain of Youth. Can you guess which one? (Hint: the class has whistle in its name).

A Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Tea Party for 80 Whistlestop volunteers was held at the Jackson Café on November 29. This year, 287 volunteers gave over 22,179 hours of time equating to $554,480 if we had to pay staff for these services. Thank you to A Piece of Cake and Confections who made the delicious food for this event. The coffee and teas were donated by Equator Coffee and Tea.

• Whistlestop membership is only $20 per year and provides discounts on classes and lunches at the Jackson Café. • In a recent survey, Whistlestop clients reported feeling connected, independent, engaged, uplifted, hopeful, empowered, respected, supported and loved. • You can view the Express online, pick it up in the Pac Sun, subscribe to a free email copy, or pay $10 to have it mailed to your home each month. • You can rent out rooms for your next event, meeting, or social gathering in our Active Aging Center or Jackson Café at reasonable rates.

• In 2018, Whistlestop touched the lives of 14,307 older adults and people with disabilities in our community. • We offer free rides for older adults to the grocery store and to medical appointments through our CarePool program. • Whistlestop has been building connections and changing lives for over 64 years! At Whistlestop, we believe that you and I share in the responsibility to pay it forward so that every member of our community can thrive. There is something for everyone here and we can’t wait to have you join us!

THANKSGIVING LUNCH SPONSORS A beautiful Thanksgiving lunch for 120 guests was made possible thanks to our generous sponsors: San Rafael Host Lions Club Rotary Club of Tiburon-Belvedere Mission San Rafael Rotary A special thank you to Chef Luis and his staff!


• Whistlestop offers no cost blood pressure and cholesterol screenings on

• If you have a resolution to learn a language, we teach English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Assisted Living at its Best!


♥ 24 Hour Elder Care ♥ Family Environment 2 blocks from Downtown San Anselmo 46 Mariposa Ave. San Anselmo

Juanita says

“WE CARE” The most famous duck in San Anselmo!

Visit us today for a tour! Call 415.755.0087

Larry and Alison at her wedding in 1984 at a private home high in the hills of San Anselmo.


no gas... all electric no noise... quiet power no license, insurance, maintenance


Whistlestop Transportation Helps Expand His World By John Bowman


Sales, Service, Repairs, & Rentals

415.457.1664 1281 Anderson Dr., Ste. F, San Rafael

or Larry Kreshin, Whistlestop’s buses provide more than an occasional ride. “Whistlestop is a lifeline to me,” he says. Larry, 86, lives with his daughter, Alison Kreshin, and her husband in their home in Larkspur. Alison notes that she and her father are the only Kreshins in the U.S. When Larry first moved

in seven years ago, Alison’s children, Leah and Levi, also lived there. Now they are both in New York City, Levi as a sophomore at Columbia University and Leah as a high school teacher in Manhattan. Larry uses the Whistlestop bus to go to Whistlestop most Wednesdays and has lunch in the Jackson Café. He also can be seen

occasionally volunteering at the greeter desk in the lounge. “I meet visitors to Whistlestop who are asking for assistance. I answer their questions and I feel useful.” Larry had a highly successful career as a designer of bridges and tunnels. “The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel kept me busy for four years in the 1950s.” He retired from the Norfolk Redevelopment Housing Authority at the age of 65. He then went to work for Clark-Nexson, a consulting firm, and retired from there 10 years later. Larry reads the New York Times every day and the New Yorker magazine weekly, both from cover to cover. Alison says, “As an engineer, he is meticulous. He has this little book where he writes everything in perfect little cursive handwriting. He is such a sweetheart.” “Whistlestop has introduced me to people with whom I can be friends,” he says. He knows every driver by name. Alison adds, “Whistlestop has been his means of getting out into the world and being with people. My father has progressive cognitive decline and the verbal interaction and human touch helps him to stay cognitively connected.” Alison believes older adults are not touched enough. “At Whistlestop he gets a pat on the back and his hand is held. People talk with him. He enjoys meeting with his friends in his weekly group.”

VOLUNTEER FAIR Double Award: Employer of Choice

Quality Assured and Proven. When it comes to family, quality is key. Hired Hands is honored to win the prestigious Best of Homecare award for our 3rd consecutive year from Home Care Pulse, a national Quality Assurance firm that gauges client and employee satisfaction with care providers across many areas, including compassion, work ethic, training and communication.

Make a difference every day!

This award recognizes that we greatly appreciate the feedback of those we work with, and are dedicated to the highest level of Quality, Expertise, and Professionalism in senior care. Learn more at


We are seeking friendly and reliable volunteers who want to give back to their community.

DATE Thursday, January 10, 2019 TIME 3:00pm – 4:30pm LOCATION 930 Tamalpais Ave, San Rafael

Volunteer positions include: • CarePool volunteer drivers

Whistlestop 4.3438 w x 4.8438 h 6-22-15 Expore Creative 707-938-9960

• Meals on Wheels drivers • Jackson Café lunch servers & cashiers • Home Delivered Grocery Shoppers (in partnership with Covia) For more information contact: Laurie Vermont, Volunteer Program Manager Phone: 415-456-9067 or Email:

930 Tamalpais Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901 415-456-9062

Thank You Marin Home Care Association!


e extend our heartfelt thanks to the Marin Home Care Association (MHCA) for their informative visit and generous donation of $1,750! MCHA helps older adults in Marin find the right home care provider, often a daunting task. Recently, MHCA President and Founder Lorena Garbarino and other members

of MHCA joined Whistlestop CEO Joe O’Hehir for a presentation and discussion about the challenges faced by Marin’s aging demographic when it comes to home care and presented a donation to support Whistlestop’s home delivered meals program, Whistlestop Nourish. We value the discussion and are grateful for this generous donation!


• General office help and Parking Services

From left to right: Joe O’Hehir, Whistlestop; Lorena Garbarino, Bright Star Care; Carolyn Tucker, HomeWell SeniorCare; Andrea Nakagaki, Visiting Angels; Carol Parks, Alegre Home Care; Kirsten Stewart, HiredHands; Jessica Price, Right at Home; Caroline Glassell, Marin Home Care; Krystian Zebrowski,Visiting Angels; Kelley Mottola, Kindred at Home.



E PRESS Marin Senior Coordinating Council 930 Tamalpais Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901-3325

The Benefits of Reverse Mortgages Serena D’Arcy-Fisher, CFRE




f you are thinking of retiring or are retired and trying to figure out how you can afford to stay in your own home, you may want to consider a reverse mortgage. It’s not for everyone, but there are many advantages to a reverse mortgage with even more options to qualify now. A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is a type of reverse mortgage, insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) with the intention of helping homeowners 62 and over access home equity so they can live in their homes longer with an improved quality of life. A HECM can extend one’s retirement income and Social Security benefits, it provides funds for home repairs or upgrades, it increases cash flow to pay monthly bills and out of pocket healthcare costs, and it provides an alternative to (or supplements) longterm healthcare insurance. If you are planning to move, a reverse mortgage may not be worthwhile financially. However, a HECM can be used to purchase a new home. As long as you meet your loan obligations (keeping

current with property taxes, insurance, maintenance and potential HOA fees), the loan does not have to be repaid until you pass away, sell the home, or move out. Want to learn more about reverse mortgages and how they can be a part of a sound retirement funding strategy? Please join Mary-Alice Cardenas, a licensed HECM specialist with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, and David Raub, Founding Advisor of Rock-Raub Capital Management, an estate planning attorney and a reverse mortgage specialist, for a presentation on Wednesday, January 30 from 10-11:15am at Whistlestop. This free presentation is part of the monthly estate planning series generously sponsored by Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and Funeral Home in Novato. Attendees will receive an estate planning binder. Drop-ins are welcome, but it helps us plan if you register: 415-456-9062. Need help with your estate documents? Call Whistlestop’s Resource Office: 415-459-6700, to schedule free half hour appointments at Whistlestop with Legal Aid of Marin. To learn more about making charitable gifts to Whistlestop, contact Serena D’Arcy-Fisher, CFRE at sfisher@ or 415-456-9062, ext. 138.

WHISTLESTOP TO BENEFIT FROM SUBARU’S SHARE THE LOVE EVENT! From November 16 through January 2, 2019, anyone who buys or leases a new Subaru vehicle from Marin Subaru can select Whistlestop as the Home Town Charity to receive a $250 donation. Alternatively, they can select Meals on Wheels America, and Whistlestop will receive a portion of the $250 donated by Subaru of America. We are grateful to Ed Rossi and his team for their continued support of Whistlestop’s programs. To participate, simply visit Marin Subaru at 595 Francisco Blvd E, San Rafael, 415-454-9240, and select Whistlestop or Meals on Wheels America when you buy or lease a car.

Whistlestop January 2019  
Whistlestop January 2019