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NOVEMBER 3, 2017

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THE SECRETS of Katherine Filice




Successful entrepreneur and business owner Katherine Filice finds a new expression BY DEBRA ESKINAZI ILLUSTRATIONS BY KATHERINE FILICE

NOVEMBER 3, 2017



f you asked Katherine Filice a year ago whether she thought she’d be taking her art to London in her first-ever art show, she’d have said no. Before then she may have not shown it to anyone, let alone an entire contemporary art scene at Artrooms Fair London. Filice’s organic pen-and-ink designs seemingly step off their vellum homes—their depth is palpable. Just two years ago, Filice, 54, picked up a pen and began drawing these lines—crafting images reminiscent of “Bodies: The Exhibition.” Offering a startling glimpse into everyday emotions, Filice creates her art in the hopes that it resonates with others, emphasizing that we are living a shared experience. ➝ 4


in the face of adversity and harrowing loss, the pervasive message in Katherine Filice’s work is that we rise. NOVEMBER 3, 2017




Michael Hawk

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

BALANCED LIFE Business owner Katherine Filice works as a marketing professional by day and an artist by night.


Even the most well-adjusted people have fleeting moments of intense emotions—feelings of frustration, pain, sorrow or betrayal. “I’m telling a story and I’m trying to connect, and the emotions in the artwork are incredibly real, but they are the same emotions that everybody has,” says Filice. Raw and vivid, Filice’s works have a profound ability to connect with the viewers’ energies, as if in the exact moment of the experience. While many of the images convey exasperation, resentment or struggle, there are clear elements of hope in nearly every drawing. “There is some striking imagery on there, but if you look at the whole picture, there’s always a point to it,” says her husband of 18 years, Dean Filice. “That says, well this isn’t really death, it’s actually something else coming back to life.”

Different Worlds An active member in the community and executive creative director of a thriving marketing firm in the heart of downtown Gilroy, Filice has helped many to develop their brand. From multiple contracts throughout Gilroy and Morgan Hill to cities around the region, agencies and educational institutions including San Benito High School and San Jose State University, and everything from small boutiques, like San Benito Bene to large corporations like McDonald’s, Filice, through her company, Articulate Solutions has supported the marketing efforts of many entities. But what about her own brand? With so much time in the public eye, few may truly comprehend the depth of her art. Because of her commercial

work, Filice thinks people may have the impression she’s an extrovert. But after hours of meeting with the public, Filice steals away from her busy life and retreats to her home studio—an elegantly simple space with a wooden drafting table, a window and a few sitting chairs. “I draw energy from being alone, I leave this space empowered,” says Filice. “This really is church to me.” There in her studio, she reconciles her outward persona with her internal spirit—her true self. One might think as a full time owner of a flourishing enterprise, Filice would have little time to dedicate to her art, but Filice spends a good 30-40 hours each week honing her technique—drawing when she gets home from work, a full day on Friday and weekends. The expression is breathtaking and exacting.

The Process Working with tiny micro nibs, just .25mm and toothy 2-3 ply vellum, Filice says she spent a year searching for the right paper. With exceptional motor control, Filice spends at least a month working on a single design by hand—typically sketching freehand and then bringing the work to a light table. While her creations flow beautifully, from a technical standpoint, they are challenging. “Functionally to get the lines to flow over form is really hard,” she says. “Someone told me once, it looks like I’ve peeled all the skin off.” The look of the musculature in her work, she says, was sort of a byproduct of the technique rather than intentional. “I feel my compositions are really

WINGED CREATURES Drawn like butterflies or moths with little eyes, they are witnesses to the innocence of hope and transformation. lot of the symbolism in the stories.” In our lives each of us has moments of lucidity—the moment we are struck awake. The value here is in how Filice has chosen to share those moments.

Symbolism Though some of the ideas evolved over time and are based on sketches from decades past, Filice’s art is a timeless expression of pure emotion. Archetypal imagery, oftentimes religious in nature, like a snake or wings, is featured throughout Filice’s body of work. For Filice, there is a story and a language to each drawing that is consistent through all the pieces. “Something with feathers or wings in reference to the divine, an angel or spirit or [something] uplifting, something positive or transformative,” she says. “Where the serpent is typically representative of somebody not telling you the truth or not being true to themselves or not showing their true face to the world.” Filice says all of our religions are our ways of connecting and conceptualizing the relationship we have with however it’s named—it ➝ 6

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

strong and I look at this more technically,” says Filice. “Like gauging the negative space juxtaposed to the artwork. The curves of the lines, there’s a lot of [balancing],” influences she says come from her work in commercial design and illustration. Filice avoids having her designs look too controlled, but says early on she had wanted all of the lines to be precise. “I really had to fight with letting them be imperfect and sort of embracing their imperfect nature,” says Filice. “Now when I start making lines that are perfect, I go in between them because overall it makes it a prettier, more textured, more thoughtful piece.” Filice says there is even a message—a statement—in these imperfections creating perfections. “I really love the process—the tactile feeling,” says Filice. For Filice she takes something that is real and she draws it using a realist approach, but where she steps outside of that and into surrealism is where her true journey begins—this is the point of departure. “All my work is a co-mingling of those two states: the dream and the awake,” Filice says. “That drives a




NOVEMBER 3, 2017

BURGEONING CRAFT Striking and provocative, Filice’s art hits at the core of human emotion.


could be the universe, it could be God, it could be the divine. “It’s all the same in my opinion,” she says. “All of those religions ultimately are speaking to the same energy. Those frameworks are just a way for humans to connect or plug in—I just do it with a pen.” Though pained and raw at times, there are elements of liberation, of hope in her art. Often featured in many of her drawings as winged creatures drawn like butterflies or moths with little eyes, they are witnesses to the innocence of hope and growth—symbolic of awareness and transformation—they are watching. “I always believe there is always hope and the universe and God there if you can tap into it,” says Filice. “And so whatever struggle you have, if you can tap into the divine, there’s hope that you can move forward. You always see

a little bit of hope in every picture that I draw, not always, but typically there’s always a little like ‘it’s gonna be ok.’ ” Many of Filice’s works reveal a duality that is present within all of us. Humans, in any given moment, at odds with themselves, display an outward persona, which they must reconcile with their true self. One piece in particular, “Silenced,” is a manifestation of that and carries itself throughout the rest of her art. In the drawing, which Filice says brought her to tears and which she views as a breakthrough piece, features three faces or masks. “One day I just covered her mouth with a snake and I just got so emotional,” says Filice. “I realized what I was trying to say was that you have all these faces you present to the world. All of us do. We wear masks for work or whatever social ➝ 8

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

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situation we’re in. We put on a mask. And none of them is really who we are, but they’re all kind of lies and they all take away your voice.” Filice says employing these masks erodes our connection to other people. It’s in pieces like “Silenced” that Filice experienced her own awakening. A crisis, a coming of age, her search for meaning, Filice has grown up in the last few years and in a profound way. “I’m more confident about having my say, I am more defiant,” she says. “I’m more adamant.” Being kicked when you’re down, stifled expressions, obligatory masks, social pressures, ugly judgments—Filice’s response to these violations of self are fierce. Works like “Rise” speak to this rebellion. The drawing has a winged figure, looking back over its shoulder, determination in its eyes. “I like this picture because you can see the story of somebody falling and breaking and then getting that defiant look in their eyes and lifting up their wings and taking off one more time... like ‘I got this,’ ” Filice beams.

Emerging Artist “The Secrets We Keep.” It’s the first true series Filice has done. Characteristic of her field, Filice used social media to share and promote her art—but only after the urging of a close friend. In April 2017, she took the plunge and tweeted some big names in contemporary art, including London-based Be Artist Be Art magazine and Artrooms. To her elation, Be Artist Be Art picked up one of her pieces for the magazine and soon Artrooms was tweeting @katfilice to enter her application for Artrooms Fair London 2018. In an accident of fate, Be Artist Be Art had a typo in its headline: “Smoth Design.” Intended as Smooth Design. Filice began to refer to the winged creatures in her art as “smoths.” After she submitted her application to Artrooms Fair London in June, the artist graciously continued to encourage her peers in the art community to apply while there was still time. “When we find someone we like, we send them info about the fair—the rest is up to the artist,”

writes Cristina Cellini Antonini founder and director at Le Dame Art Gallery and the Artrooms Fair in an email interview. Filice learned only in the first weeks of September that she was one of the artists selected to appear. “For this edition we received over 1,150 applications from 65 countries worldwide,” writes Antonini. Once the call for artists is closed, Antonini writes, the selection committee does the hardest job—choosing the most talented 70 artists.

‘You and I are connected and you’re a projection of my illusion and I’m a projection of your illusion’ Filice along with the other selected artists benefit from free exhibition spaces and are presented to a huge network of art galleries, foundations and private collectors. On showing her work to the public: Filice says though much of her work is provocative it’s not a reflection of her mental health. “I think that's the biggest worry,” says Filice. “Is that people won’t understand how to separate that.” Filice says everyone has frustrating times or thoughts—feelings everyone can identify with. It’s all designed to make people engaged and to make them feel something, but at the end of the day it's just art. At some point, Filice says, people are going to wake up and realize that life was an intriguing illusion. “You and I are connected and you’re a projection of my illusion and I’m a projection of your illusion,” she says. “Like we’re having a shared illusion.”



HARVEST CELEBRATION Help support the Portuguese language program at San Jose State University by attending Noite das Vindimas (Night of the Harvest). The event promises to be a fabulous way to spend a Friday night. Enjoy a four-course meal, great wines from Leal Vineyards, comedy, dancing and auction. Noite das Vindimas will be held Friday, Nov. 3 from 7-11pm at Granada Theater, 17440 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill. For tickets and more information, visit


WINE BOTTLING Bottle your own red wine and experience the fun of putting wine in your own bottle, labeling it and taking it home to enjoy or gift. Bring your own clean bottles or purchase new from the winery for $1 each. Fill bottles with a delicious red blend for only $6 per bottle. Pre-ordering options available for those that cannot attend. Bottle your own wine on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 10am-3pm at Guglielmo Winery, 1480 E. Main Ave, Morgan Hill. For more information, call 408.779.2145.


GIRLS ROCK Girls Rock Women’s Mountain Biking invites women riders of all levels to their next ride at Henry Coe State Park. Participants can expect pre-ride yoga, breakfast, three hours on the trails, taco lunch and raffle. Women-specific demo bikes from Specialized will be available as well as mechanics for technical support on the trails. The group will meet Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9am-2pm at the Henry Coe State Park Hunting Hollow Entrance, Gilroy Hot Springs, Gilroy. For more information, visit



Get ready for the Holidays at the Annual Hollister Holiday Boutique. Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea and cookies while perusing the wonderful handmade items and seasonal decorations for sale. Be sure to pick up some of the delicious baked goods, jams, pickles and salsa. Join the fun, do some holiday shopping and enter to win a raffle prize at the Holiday Boutique on Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9am-3pm at the Hollister United Methodist Church, 521 Monterey St, Hollister. For more information, call 831.637.4240.



Curt Hentschke

OPEN ROAD The addition of bicycle-friendly shoulders have made roads much safer for drivers and cyclists alike.

Spoking My Mind Be Thankful Anyway

NOVEMBER 3, 2017



is November. A quick glance at our Save the Dates calendar confirms that the traditional cycling season is heading headlong into hibernation for the winter. Faithful readers like the Totmans, however, have been reminding ME to remind YOU that “cyclocross” season is fully upon us! A quick search will bring up the racing calendars in your neck of the woods. In case you missed it, registration for next April’s Sea Otter Classic opened on the first of this month. Do it now!


WOW! In the short span of time since my last column, so much sadness has occurred (due to hurricanes, wildfires and a mass shooting), making it extremely difficult to feel grateful as we enter the Thanksgiving season. I implore you to be thankful anyway. Reflect on, and give thanks for, your blessings. Share them with others! Every day, I feel tremendously blessed. “Bicyclically” speaking, I am EXTREMELY thankful... ...for the 9 percent of drivers and cyclists who truly share the road. It’s too easy to focus on the one percent who aren’t.

...for parents who don’t let their children ride bikes without helmets. It’s the law! ...for the people in charge of adding bicycle-friendly shoulders and lanes to the sides of roads. It’s much safer out there! ...for my dear family and loyal readers. It’s your support that keeps me going! Be blessed!

SAVE THE DATES Road and Mountain 11/5–Giro D’Vino–Acampo–

2/24–Pedaling Paths to Independence–Linden–

Events 11/18–Super Fun Outdoors Adventure Swap–Richmond–sfbikeexpo. com 12/17–Critical Christmas–Monterey Curt Hentschke has pedaled over 58,000 miles of South Valley and San Benito County trails. Send your cycle celebrations Check for last minute changes before attending.

Open House – November 5, 11:00am 408-847-2717 Pre/K - 12th grade

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NOVEMBER 3, 2017





NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Honor the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces at the Morgan Hill Veterans Day Run. Walk or run the 5k or 10k alongside these honorable men and women and express appreciation for their service as you cross the finish line together. The Morgan Hill Veterans Day Run will be held Saturday, Nov, 11 at 9:45am in the middle of E. First St, in Downtown Morgan Hill. Attend the Veterans Ceremony from 9-9:30am at the intersection of First Street and Monterey Road. For more information, visit


MORGAN HILL ART WALK Plan the perfect date night at Downtown Morgan Hill’s First Friday Art Walk. Take the self-guided tour through downtown

restaurants and shops to see the latest art exhibits, with new artists showcased every other month. All art venues are free and open to the public. Attend the art walk Friday, Nov. 3 from 11am-7pm in Downtown Morgan Hill. Meet the featured artist

from 5-7pm at Morgan Hill Art Gallery, 13 W. Second St. and visit the Art Walk Reception from 6-8pm at the GVA Cafe, 17400 Monterey Road B. For more information, visit COMMUNITY DISCUSSION Join three Gavilan College professors and take A Closer Look at The Russians, the second installment in a series of important community discussions on matters of historical, national and global importance. This session features highly experienced and knowledgeable experts on Russian, cyber security and the current state of the world. Join the discussion on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7pm at the

Morgan Hill Community Playhouse, 17090 Monterey Road. Doors open at 6:30pm. For more information visit, THANKSGIVING FEST Celebrate the season with the Morgan Hill Community and support Magical Bridge Playground coming to Morgan Hill at Thanksgiving Fest, a free family event. Attendees will enjoy activities including wine tasting, local gourmet food samples, hot apple cider, raffle with amazing prizes, face painting and children’s games. All ages are invited to enter the Pie-Baking contest, register to reserve your contest spot. Thanksgiving Fest takes place Saturday, Nov. 11 from

Avivi Aharon /


Embrace various cultures from around the world while attending YogaFEST 2017: Celebrating a One World Family. Learn from celebrity yoga teachers, Mariko Hirakawa and Darren Main. Enjoy yoga, meditation, artists, wellness experts, a children’s area and more. Live music performance by Freddy Clarke and the Wobbly World. Free entry for children under 12. The third YogaFest will take place Sunday, Nov. 12 from 9am-5pm at Christmas Hill Park, 7050 Miller Ave, Gilroy. For more information and registration, visit

6-10pm at The Granada Theater, 17440 Monterey Road. For more information, call 408.846.2191 or visit

FESTIVAL FUNDRAISER Kick off the holiday season and raise funds supporting the most vulnerable community members at the 15th Annual Festival of Trees: Paint the Night Away. Enjoy an auction of lavishly decorated trees, silent auction items, raffle prizes, a dining experience by Executive Chef Mark Johnson and an exclusive performance by worldrenowned performance painter, David Garibaldi. Tickets are $125, benefitting Rebekah Children’s Services. Friday, Nov. 17 from

HOLLISTER VETERANS DAY PARADE Head to the San Benito County Veterans Day Parade to celebrate and remember the courageous men and women of the armed forces who protect and serve. This annual parade gets bigger and better each year. Enjoy floats, vehicles, walkers, marchers, equestrian units, bicycles and more. The Veterans’ Day Parade will be held on Saturday Nov. 11 at 1:30pm in Downtown Hollister, Fourth Street

Experience STEAM-based learning at Yavneh Day School’s free annual “Family Day of Code, Tinkering and Play 4.0.” Pre-K through eighth grade age-specific sessions include coding, toy making, robotics and tinkering. Participants will enjoy light lunch and meaningful learning through creative play. Day of Code is Sunday, Nov. 5 at 14855 Oka Rd #100, Los Gatos. Check-in begins at 11:45am, sessions run 12:30-2:55pm. Space is limited, preregistration required. For more information and registration, visit

at San Benito Street. For more information, call 831.638.6434.

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA CELEBRATION AND PROCESSION El Teatro Campesino presents its 2017 Dia de los Muertos celebration and procession. The program kicks off on the playhouse stage with live music and dance performances by Esperanza del Valle and an original musical play will be presented during the free street procession as it makes its way through town. Don’t miss the community altar exhibit featuring

beautiful altars commemorating the lives of loved ones passed on. Don’t miss the music, laughs and spiritual offerings Nov. 3-5 at the El Teatro Campesino Playhouse, 705 Fourth St, San Juan Bautista. For more information, visit

SAN JOSE LIVE THEATRE Head to the theater and enjoy The Northern California Premiere of Mom’s Gift, written by Phil Olson, presented by The Tabard Theatre Company. Everyone deserves a do-over. In this comedy with a heart, Mom has been dead for eleven months and shows up at her husband’s birthday ➝ 14

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

2-4pm at Milagro Vineyard, 13435 Chaparral Road. For registration and information, visit http://




13 of the Old St. Mary Cemetery. Reservations are recommended, but not required. Meet in front of St. Joseph Family Center, 7950 Church Street, Gilroy. For more information, call the Gilroy Museum at 408.846.0446. OFRENDAS & ART Join the Gilroy Center for the Arts in remembering family members and friends who have passed on and helping to support their spiritual journey at the sixth annual Dia de los Muertos Community Ofrendas & Art Exhibit. The exhibit is open at the Gilroy Center for the Arts, 7341 Monterey Street, Gilroy through Nov. 4. For information, visit


NOVEMBER 3, 2017

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Started in 1999, NaNoWriMo is when thousands of people around the world try to write a novel in a month. Join writer Jordan Rosenfeld for a free, fun night of writing exercises and craft discussion. Key elements of great storytelling including scenes, tension, character development will be discussed. The workshop is Thursday, Nov. 8 from 6:30-8pm at Booksmart, 1295 E. Dunne Ave, Suite 120, Morgan Hill. For more information, call 408.778.6467.


party as a ghost with a mission. Like Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life, she has to accomplish a task to earn her wings. Now playing, the show runs through Sunday, Nov. 19 at Theatre on San Pedro Square, 29 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose. For more information and performance schedule, call 408.679.2330 or visit

EVENTS EVENING EXPERIENCE Enjoy gourmet food, craft beers, fine wines and live entertainment while strolling through Gilroy Gardens’ 26 acres of majestic trees and gorgeous

gardens at the Harvest@Night Beer, Wine & Food Fest. The gardens and waterways will be lit up with a warm autumn glow during this evening experience. Rides will not be in operation, and while children are always welcome, this event is intended for adults 21 and over. Experience Harvest@Night Friday through Sunday nights, Nov. 3-5 from 6-10pm. For more information visit CEMETERY TOUR Learn about the historic districts of Gilroy with members of the Gilroy Historical Society Saturday, Nov. 4 from 10am-noon for a free walking tour

FARMERS MARKET Get to know where your food comes from while joining more than 35 farmers and vendors at the Morgan Hill Farmers Market. The tree-ripened fruits offered at farmers markets are sweeter after ripening on the tree instead of on a shelf. Talk to your favorite farmers about harvest techniques, their family recipes and their heirloom seeds handed down through generations. Shop the farmers market at the Caltrain Station, Third Street and Depot Street in Morgan Hill on Saturday Nov. 4 from 9am-1pm. For more information, visit y8x4hrh6. VINE YOGA Breathe, stretch, twist and balance amidst the beautiful views at the oldest, continuously operating, family owned winery in Santa Clara Valley. Enjoy 75 minutes of yoga and then head to the tasting room to try award-winning premium wines on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 1pm at Guglielmo Winery, 1480 East Main Ave, Morgan Hill. the $30 per person ticket price includes yoga and wine tasting. Please remember to bring a mat. For more information, visit INDOOR PLANTS Learn how to bring the outdoors inside to make rooms or work cubicles more interesting with indoor plants. UC

Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County will present which plants are the easiest to grow and how easy it is to maintain them at this free event. Learn to choose the best indoor plants Monday, Nov. 6 from 7-8:30pm at the Morgan Hill Library, 1480 East Main Ave, Morgan Hill. For more information visit WRITE-IN! Meet with other aspiring authors for a Write-in to celebrate National Writing Month. Learn something new or share an experience between 5-7pm and the writer’s group will meet from 7-8pm, providing an opportunity to continue to hone writing skills. Join the Writein Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 5-8pm at BookSmart, 1295 E. Dunne Ave, Suite 120, Morgan Hill. For more information call 408.778.6467. CASINO NIGHT The Women’s Council of Realtors is holding their first Casino Night on Nov. 9. The event will be held at Fitz Place, a gorgeous English Country Estate offering vineyards, a bocci court, beer garden and a rustic barn where most of the fun will take place. Enjoy blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em and craps along with a DJ and dancing. Mama Mia’s will provide a buffet-style dinner and there will be a cash only bar. Enjoy the casino Thursday, Nov. 9, from 5-9:30pm at Fitz Place, 455 Fitzgerald Ave, San Martin. For more information and tickets, visit TRASH BASH County Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Greenwaste, San Martin Chamber of Commerce and San Martin Neighborhood Alliance are partnering for a volunteer community cleanup. Volunteers will be provided with water, trash bags and gloves. Check-in begins at 8am, a Veteran’s Flag Raising Ceremony at 8:30am and the cleanup will run from 9am until the dumpster is full. Students ages 16 and older may obtain school service credit hours. Help cleanup on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 8am at the Sig Sanchez Government Center, 80 Highland Ave, San Martin. RSVP required, contact events@

NOVEMBER 3, 2017



Amy Bailey, CPNP Joseph Godbout, PA-C – Family Practice/Pediatrics Marie J. Spencer, CPNP Arminda Tolentino, M.D. – Family Practice Anita Tolentino–Macaraeg, M.D. – Pediatrics Amy Underwood, PA-C, RD, CDE

Bev Stenehjem

Introducing our new Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Marie J. Spencer

BEAUTIFUL LIFE Wine writer Bev Stenehjem treats daughter Lindsey Hunt to a birthday celebration at Gilroy’s Bella Viva.

Jammy Trio Bella Viva Ristorante and Wine Bar By BEV STENEHJEM

Amy Bailey

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Junife Burguillos, PA-C—Family Practice Ray Kusumoto, PA-C—Internal Medicine


Kenneth Jiang, M.D. Internal Medicine


n a recent Friday evening, my husband and I chose Bella Viva Ristorante and Wine Bar to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. This historic restaurant is situated in a hundred year, former Gilroy landmark, the historic Steinmetz Building. Recently renovated with graceful arches, rustic wood-floors and warm colors of reds and golds, we felt instantly transported to a Tuscan villa. It was a busy night and although there is outside seating, there was a fall chill in the air and we were seated at one of the last inside tables. Having been there before, the three of us knew exactly what we would order: three wood-fired pizzas, a shared salad and a wine flight for each of us. The watermelon salad ($13) with arugula and burrata cheese,

came plated on a slab of dark gray slate, and was refreshingly delicious. Our three pizzas came out on slices of polished oak: a Margherita ($13.95), a Greek style ($14.95) and my favorite, a combination of prosciutto and goat cheese ($16.95). We each chose a different wine flight: my daughter, in a celebratory mood, chose the Classic Sparklers ($24). Being a Zinfandel lover, I chose the It’s a Jam-boree!, ($23), a jammy trio of fruit-forward wines, while my husband ordered a flight of Italian wines from Piemonte, the Bella Figura ($24). It was fun to have our very own selection of wines to enjoy— going back and forth between them to find our favorites. Clinking our glasses in a toast to Lindsey, it was a perfect celebration.

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2 Week TaeKwonDo " Intro Program



Realtor’s Corner

practicing unnecessary activities to try and gain business. The real estate profession is not just about selling and buying homes but rather providing exceptional service to its customers. I’m a Realtor that is very hands on through each and every sale—provide exceptional service to my clients, who therefore, in return, offer word of mouth referrals.

What has been your biggest learning opportunity?


NOVEMBER 3, 2017

BY REFERRAL Realtor Hayley Dowsing-Connolly concentrates on sales in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Martin and Hollister.


Finding the American Dream with Hayley DowsingConnolly By DEBRA ESKINAZI

How did you discover a career in real estate? I became intrigued with real estate after going through the process of buying and selling my own home. While dealing with those transactions I had a vision and a light bulb went off, I thought to myself “I’d be really good at this.” Prior to becoming a Realtor, I had a very successful long term career as a family law paralegal, which gave me the experience and knowledge of dealing with many different deadlines, pleadings, contracts and people in highly stressful situations. It all fell into place and I believe I was made for this profession.

What is the best thing about this industry? The ultimate final goal: finding a home for an individual or family where they will build many memories and achieve the American dream!

What can you offer your clients that other Realtors may not? I pride myself on being extremely detail orientated and strive to protect my clients in the real estate contract. I have built my business model on working by referral, which means I dedicate more of my time to my clients rather than

Real estate is forever a changing industry. I stay on top of new laws, markets and tech in order to stay up to date. Recently I closed a sale where I represented the seller in an ongoing HOA litigation. Trying to negotiate a deal for this sale was extremely difficult due to the litigation and finding a buyer who could qualify. I had to research a lot of information regarding the HOA litigation and be able to efficiently describe to the potential buyer and their Realtor what to expect. This was a big learning opportunity for me as I had never dealt with a pending HOA litigation situation before during a sale. I successfully closed this deal quickly and was able to obtain a good price for my seller.

Where would you most like to vacation? Next on my bucket list for places to visit is French Polynesia. Travel is very important—it allows people to experience different cultures, surroundings and food. I was raised in England and immigrated to America in my early twenties. I was lucky enough to be able to travel extensively in my youth, which has helped my real estate career because my knowledge of diverse cultures allows me to better serve my clients. Contact Hayley Dowsing-Connolly at 408.234.4535 or at hdowsing@

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NOVEMBER 3, 2017



REAL ESTATE APARTMENT FOR RENT Bellagio Villas 2 Bedroom apartments starting at $2045. Pool. Park like setting. Contemporary landscaping. 1129 Monte Bello Drive, Gilroy, CA 95020. Apply online: bellagiovillas. 408.847.2328.

INDUSTRIAL LAND 3.5 Acres for Sale Lease or Build to Suit Industrial Shops For Lease


HOME RENTALS IN HOLLISTER 1/1 1/1 2/1 2/1.5 2/1.5 2/2.5 2/2.5 4/3 4/3

$1,150 $1,100 $1,400 $1,750 $1,500 $2,000 $2,100 $2,500 $2,700


3 Bedroom, 2 Bath $2,100 Nice large fenced yard. Near schools. Available Nov 1

3 Bed/2 Bath Gated Area



STORAGE UNITS 127 sq. ft. to 790 sq. ft. Margaret L. Pidd, BROKER

330 Tres Pinos Rd. Ste. B-1

831.637.7337 Lic# 429006


NOVEMBER 3, 2017


MargaretProfessional L. Pidd, BROKER



Beautiful custom home with detached bonus room within walking distance to historic San Juan Bautista. Outstanding views overlooking the city and neighboring mountains can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the home. Gorgeous OPEN NOVEMBER 4, 12â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3p hardwood floors and imported 176 Lang Street, San Juan Bautista Saltillo tile flooring are present throughout the home. Remodeled baths with granite and marble. Updated kitchen offers granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Second unit offers imported Saltillo tile flooring, full bath with colorful Talavera tiled sink and shower as well as separate sink in the open space area. There are multiple outdoor living areas including expansive deck and paved patio.

CalBRE #01821492

831.524.5400 office: 831.637.8400

3 Bedroom 2 Bath $2,400 Located at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. Garage attached. New upgrades inside and out Available NOW.

Property Professional Mgmt. & Sales Property 339 Seventh St., Ste. Hollister Mgmt. &B, Sales

339CALL Seventh831.637.9273 St., Ste. B, Hollister CALL 831.637.9273

OFFICE SPACE DOWNTOWN HOLLISTER A quick walk to City and County Offices and Court House, as well as all the downtown activity. These bright, sunny offices can be rented separately or combined as one office. 357 and 361 Fifth Street, approximately 670 and 1156 sq. ft., respectively. Each have their own restrooms, separately metered utilities, air conditioning, new carpeting with parking in the rear as well as street parking. $1.25/sq. ft. plus utlities. No NNN.

HOLLISTER RENTAL PROPERTIES For more information, call


FINISHED LOTS Land Sales Built-to-Suit For Sale or Lease Select Lots Have Airport Access Financing Available 831.684.0802

TO PLACE AN AD Email advertising@

Offered at $639,995 Call Augie or Calla

4 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, $2,350 Large backyard. On cul-de-sac. Near schools. Available Nov 1

330 Tres Pinos Rd. Ste. B-1

831.637.7337 Lic# 429006

Call 408.842.0420

8715 Leavesley Rd, Gilroy CA 95020 5 beds, 6 baths, 5,403 SF, 36 AC Lot Open House – 11/4, 11/5 • 1:00-4:00 11/6 • 4:30-7:00 Luxurious Mediterranean Masterpiece is nestled on 36+ private acres of gentle hills, w/very usable 11 acres and has uncompromising elegance, baronial grace & 10 million dollars unobstructed 180 degree sweeping views of the city/mountains. The estate is ideal for equestrian facilities or a private vineyard, w/great sun exposure, it was thoughtfully integrated into the surrounding landscape, capturing astounding views & light from every room while creating privacy & the perfect place to entertain. Features include a a stunning great room, gourmet chef’s kitchen & custom bar w/grand dining room to accommodate dinner for ten guest & a four car oversized garage. Fully permitted 2/2 guest-house! Guest-house rents for $2300 plus utilities. Listed at $999,000!!! FAQ Word Doc Available Upon Request

Listing Agent •Joe Velasco •BRE#01309200 • 408.439.3915

Got a car? Got some free time? Drive with Call 866-943-9654

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Spacious backyard with room for a pool. Has large deck with newer fencing, perfect for large gatherings and entertaining!





Hauling, yard work tree & brush trimming, fence repair, vacant home & garage cleaning FREE ESTIMATES Ruben 408.310.0078

Humberto Montes Tree Services

South County Cleanup, Demo & Hauling

Pacheco Handyman & Gardening Services Valve repair, tree cutting, concrete, plumbing, drywall, demolition, roofing, cleanups, sod, window repair & stucco. Juan 408.665.2944

Adrian Urenda Gardening Service Complete Maintenance


• Hauling • Landscaping • Lawns • Yard clean-up • Aeration • Garden maint. 408.394.6824 Lic: #7921 Fully Insured

• Landscaping • Plants • Sod & seeding • Sprinklers • Hauling & yard • Lawns cleanups

Lic. #1397 Call 408.847.4337 Cell 408.314.5920

Unique Landscape and Gardening Services


J. Casalegno Concrete

Soares Lumber P.S.G. Fencing Redwood Fencing Chain Link • Decks Arbors • Hole Drilling 408.842.0260 831.726.2002

• Landscape maintenance • Lawn and sod installation • Sprinkler and irrigation systems • Tree & shrub trimming • Retaining walls, • Pavers & more...

Pablo Martinez 408.612.2812


Rianda Construction - 30 years experience Quality • Integrity New construction Additions & remodels

408.847.1490 Lic: #649968 Credit cards accepted.

NOVEMBER 3, 2017


Fences - All Types Vinyl, Redwood, Gates, Chain Link, Carpentry. Small jobs welcomed! Call 831.776.6213

Lic. #606051


LOW RATES FREE ESTIMATES CLEAN UP-Yards, homes, properties, rentals & garages DEMO-Bathrooms, kitchens, decks, patios, small buildings HAULING-Garbage, yard waste, rock, sand & mulch POWER WASHING

A+ rated BBB company 35+ years experience • Driveways • Patios • Walkways • Stamped Concrete 408.279.8036 Lic# 381833 Bonded & Insured

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Established neighborhood, popular Anderson Homes 2020 plan, 4 bedroom, 2 bath with a 3 car garage. Stucco exterior and tile roof. OPEN FLOOR PLAN, with the main focus on the kitchen that opens to living/dining room combo with easy access to family room with fireplace. Mature landscaping is low maintenance. Lot size is 6930 S.F. This home is ready to move into! Air Condition.




REDUCED: $539,999


OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1–4 Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. 1,675 S.F., 2 bdrm, 2 bath. Master bedroom bath updated. Enter through private courtyard, formal entry, high ceiling in living room/dining room features built in book shelves, unit was customized with extra storage tvhroughout, inside utility room. All appliances, paint and new flooring installed 5 years ago. Opens to private patio ideal for entertaining. Golf and tennis within minutes of your home. Clubhouse with full service restaurant and bar. Refrigerator, washer/dryer included with no warranty. ASKING: $455,800

Marilyn Ferreira 831.901.0161

Exquisite Inside & Out FALL IN LOVE ~ Gorgeous 5Br/3.5Ba w/spacious living & dining rooms. Chef’s kit w/granite slab counters & 6-burner gas stovetop. Master retreat w/private yard. Let this Beautiful Home be Yours! $950,000 Tres Pinos (831) 245-0321 NEW LISTING

Many Energy Saving Features ALMADEN WOW ~ Updated 4Br/2Ba located on quiet cul-de-sac. New flooring throughout, fresh paint in & out, remodeled baths. Expansive lawn & new fencing. Don’t Hesitate—Call Today! $1,410,888 San Jose (831) 245-0321 NEW LISTING

Lic. BRE #00409787

Perfect for First Time Buyer YES—YOU CAN ~ 3Br/1Ba on large lot w/ fruit trees. Kitchen w/granite countertops. Solar panels recently installed. Air conditioner. 2-car garage & extra parking. Let’s Get You Moved In! $640,000 San Jose (831) 245-0321



Mobile: (831) 297�2813 REALTOR® CalBRE #01370886

Full Impact Realtor

Kale was born & raised in Scotts Valley, California and moved to Hollister in 2002. She fell in love with Hollister for the beautiful mountains, the old�town feeling and as a great place to raise kids. She started her real estate career as a loan officer in 1996 and enjoyed helping buyers so much she decided to get her real estate license in 2002. After obtaining her real estate license, Kale started working in Scotts Valley and Hollister. And has served the Association of Realtors on the Ethics Board for 2 years. Kale truly takes pleasure in assisting buyers & sellers with their life investments of home ownership. She listens, doesn’t push, makes sure they get the home that meets their requirements and sellers obtain the results they’re looking for. She is a real go getter!


Views and Beyond

Couldn’t Ask for More on 5+ Acres PARADISE ~ 7Br/5Ba including guest cottage & pool house/game room. Chef’s dream kitchen. Resort-like backyard w/shade trees & palms. Bocce ball, poolside fire pit. Call Today for an Exclusive Showing! $1,177,800 Hollister (831) 245-0321

Help Local Businesses You’ll be working out of our Gilroy office. Send cover letter and resume to:

account executives to develop relationships with local merchants, understand their business goals and present cost-effective print, digital, social media and agency solutions.

Be WOWED by the Great Outdoors HOME SWEET HOME ~ 4Br/3Ba on 3+ acres in gated Stonegate. Gourmet kitchen. Workout room w/views. Oversized family room. Large master suite w/spa-like bath. No Need to Look Any Further! $899,000 Tres Pinos (831) 245-0321

We are an award winning company offering superior service in each of our five locations! 330 Tres Pinos Road, Suite D1, Hollister (831) 245�0321 1544 Constitution Blvd, Salinas (831) 800�7341 496 Pearl Street, Monterey (831) 648�7271 237 Mt. Hermon Road, Scotts Valley (831) 438�8400 13117 Highway 9, Boulder Creek (831) 338�2125 or 338�2184

NOVEMBER 3, 2017


We’re hiring highly motivated and bright

Land 10+ Acres OH, JUST LOOK AT THOSE VIEWS! Don’t miss your chance to build your dream home on the only remaining 10+ acre lot in this beautiful Gilroy neighborhood. Breathtaking views of the city lights & valley. Electricity & water are ready at lot. Property has a private gate & is completely fenced. Mostly flat land with a year round creek running through. Small pond for Koi or goldfish. Property is surrounded by custom estate homes. If you can dream it, there is space to build it here! Interested? Call for More Details! $1,300,000 (831) 245-0321


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November 3, 2017


November 3, 2017