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“The redeemer “The redeemer shall not return returrn on the last day, day, but but on the very ver e y last day, day, when when only only the most mosst unbridled individualism individualism of ffaith aitth is possib le.” TThese hese ar w words of philosopher Franz Franz Kafka K afka possible.” aree the words describing an end of the world world that thaat is brought br out by by a true trrue personal personal freedom freedom of expresexpressabout sion. TThe he cr afft-br t ewing mo vem ment em he uni verse of beer or decade es craft-brewing movement embodies this event for th the universe beer.. FFor decades indi vidualism was was held in check cheeck by by breweries the size of small sm mall planets andd the he world world was was a individualism fforced orced to drink dri beerss it mightt not no have even liked. But, alas, beer has always been a good goo od lubricant for for social intercourse, so we suffered in silence. Not so today, though. ough. So many manny dif ferent beers, beer so little time. Yet, still there is a snake in the garden. Money ney is playing a different big ger rrole ole in bbrewing. Big breweries buying the honesty of small breweries. es. There There will be b bigger br ewers that that instead inst a brewers of saying; 'This is our beer and it is who we are!', will be saying; 'Be an indi vidual, be lik ey can not li ie individual, like us!' Beware the Trojan Horse. Trust your own taste buds, they lie to you. you. Enjo j y the t beer you like for reasons that are yours and yours alone. Always Always y Think Thinnk Enjoy Globall y, Drink Locally! Good beer shall not pour on the last day, but on the very r y last day, day, Globally, w hen only only the th most unbridled individualism of flavor is possible. After first making ng a lot of o when claims to greatness, gr ent. After Afftteer it is usually a wolf's way to try as it can to avoid embarrassment. all, it has to live up to the 'what big teeth you have' line from the other story. Now, as events eventts unf old and it's best laid plans refuse to hatch as it had boasted, it finds itself the possible possible l unfold object of derision. It had tried hard and fought a good fight, what with all the huffing ing an nd and puf fing it i could muster up. Unfortunately, wriggling does not become a wolf, so it bathes bathees puffing itself in a splash of cash and deepens it's already burdensome conceit with a broadcast oadcasst display of Icarian hubris. Shouting, screaming, hurling insults thinly veiled, attempt-ing ng Su un Sun TTsu-like su-lik maneuvers, and ultimately simply wriggling in a fecund pile of it's own detritus. tus. It wonde brickks wonders what form of trickery is conspiring against it when all along it was only the bricks and mo ty mortar of honest labor and humbler aims that foiled it's most grandiose display of empt empty pomp and plumage. And so it is when the Great Pretense begins. Meanwhile, we're still br bbrewewin'. ..I leaned back with my feet up on my desk. I read my name backwards on the door or and annd in'...I wonde cam me wondered. Like a bad joke told to a brown shoed square in the dead of night, it alll came rrushing ushing back to me. I thought carefully about getting up from my desk, putting on my my new new V elarim e ame on ne Velarimosa prawn hat, opening the door to the hallway, checking the spelling on my name one mor way down dow wn moree tim time, closing the door behind me, heading down to the first floor, making my way the eevening venin street full of worn out proles and pinheads, finding the corrupt pirate pastr am mi pastrami bburrito urrito vendor ven g to a dark darrk who trades fist fulls of change for volcanic gastritis, continuing doorw ay the length of which would lead me to a knuckle worn bar top of mildew w and pine e, doorway pine, mounting a bo e. And thenn I bow-legged stool and ordering a pint of the nectaral Maximus Ale. did. “Clean this m scale... just jusst did.“Clean mess up else we’ll all end up in jail... those test tubes and the scale... gget et ‘em ‘em all outta here...” he -CO2 hop extraction extractioon He was referring to the complex super-critical-CO2 equipment set up on the th table in the lab across from the brewhouse. H op eextracts xtracts are are for for the thhe Hop BIG br ewers, he thought- suitable suit ely-passable indus sbrewers, only for crummy sub-standard and bar barely-passable industrial la gers, not the subtle and annd eelegant craft beer made here. erre. But wr ong he was. was. The The New New lagers, wrong Br ewer does not eschew eschew any any possible p possib he eextract xtract will rreplace eplace the moun nBrewer inputs. In this case the mountains of hop vvegetative egetative material maatterial in the kkettle ettl thus creating eating cle eaner hop fflavors lavors and pr eventinng cleaner preventing the otherwis herwisse spinach-lik ess of a kkettle ettle ffull ull of su u -hhhopped uper d wor w om clo gging g up a otherwise spinach-likee me mess super-hopped wortt fr from clogging pump or wor s . TThe se he sensuous honey-lik as ad dministtered intr avenously to av t th he worse. honey-likee amber ooz oozee w was administered intravenously the wor kettle and a the sacrament sacramennt was was complete. complete. Anothe err kkettle ettlle of Hop Hop Stoopid is once again agaiin wortt kettle Another rraised aised up an d ffermented ermented on high. h Qan yyou ou im agine a world world d witho ouut Beer? Ev er ything g eewe w we and imagine without Everything gnoe would w b different. be different. Phi sh might phl y, daugs m ight i uz ze pow wer touls. Pf riedae nnights ightts Phish phly, might uze power Pfriedae mite bbe spen nt bbuilding uilding tr eez out o of the day af ter tom moorrow''s psta alee sour qr eem and cheaz ze spent treez after tomorrow's pstale qreem cheaze lea vinggs. An d then their'd beaa the speling isz uues. Th hingsss wood bbee ee just plane wier d ey d, ye leavings. And iszuues. Thingss wierd, eye meenee weird. weird. Sum won once said s tha Beer is pr ooph that that God Good loves loves us and wantz wantz us too tooo bee beee thatt 'Beer prooph happ y'.. Come ttwo thin thi thinq nq off itt itt,, Ey EEyee thin tthink hi k ay t beai dl bit biit i hhapier i w write it ggnau. .. happy'. ayee coodd stand beainn a lid liddl gnau... (glug, glug, glug. .. gu u .) Mm ulp mm, aah! Once aagain gain all is righ ht with thee wor ld, thee fish are are in i glug... gulp.) Mmm, right world, their ocean, ocean, the do g will will not maim m me ve a da te for FFriday riday nigh night, ht, and I kknow now fo now for sur re dog me,, I'll ha have date sure tha fact God loves lo oves me. m . Beer. me Beeerr.. You You Yo o only only borrow borrow it. it Well, Well, e well, weell, ll well. ll The Thhe head h d brewer bbrewer we stood stoo od thatt in fact opposi te the massive massive br bbrewing ewing vvessels essels tha mand. H is mind rraced aced thr o ough thhe opposite thatt wer weree his to ccomm command. His through the possibilities. ilities. W haat is tthe tem mper p ature of the m alt in the alt t gr rist case ooverhead? verhead? Was Was the th ho ot What temperature malt grist hot liquor tank up to temp? W ouldd the ou the ambient tem peratur ture affect afffe fectt the th final final iinnall mashh temperature? t temper atur t e? e Would temperature Shouldd he compensa te ffor or thee del lta temp bbyy rrunning unning g a littlee higher m mash-in temper atur at t e? A compensate delta temperature? single dde egr g ee in either dir ecttio tio on would on w ha ve a life changing chaanging eeffect ffect on bboth oth the br ewer and a th he degree direction have brewer the br ewee. TThe he beer could be tooo sweet sweet if a de gree high, or too mild m and dry dr y if a nig gling de gree e brewee. degree niggling degree wo too low. low. TThe he char acter of the future future beer that that this batch batch would ould be hung in the balance. balance. The The h character br ewer drew drew a bead on the temp-probe, tem mp-probe, the mash tun waited, waited, and the world world held its breath... breaatth.... brewer






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SUMMER 2013 ADVERTISERS Applewood Inn and Restaurant Anchor Steam Brewing Bear Republic Brewing Co. Blue Moon Bluewater Bistro Ca’ Momi Enoteca Calistoga Balloons Chloe’s French Cafe Corks Restaurant at Russian River Vineyards East West Cafe El Coqui Forchetta Bastoni Formosa Frozen Art Gourmet Ice Cream & Paletas Haku Sushi Hess Collection Il Davide Infusions Teahouse/Sonoma Chocolatiers Jackson’s Bar and Oven Lagunitas Locals Tasting Room LoCoco’s Cucina Rustica

Newcastle Nick’s Cove Ninkasi Brewing Nonni’s Ristorante Italiano Old Chicago Pizza Rocker Oysterfeller’s Salito’s Crab House & Prime Rib Sea Ranch Lodge Seafood Peddler Sierra Nevada Social Club Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa Sonoma-Cutrer Spoonbar Stella Artois Thai House Three Squares Cafe Underwood Bar & Bistro Village Bakery Willow Wood Market Cafe Woodenhead Vintners Yet Wah

NORTH BAY BOHEMIAN 847 Fifth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Phone: 707.527.1200 Fax: 707.527.1288 Publisher: Rosemary Olson Advertising Director: Lisa Santos Advertising Account Managers: Mercedes Murolo, Lynda Rael Designers: Tabi Zarrinnaal, Jackie Mujica Sales Operations Manager: Deborah Bonar Editor: Gabe Meline CEO/Executive Editor: Dan Pulcrano


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SONOMA COUNTY CENTRAL COUNTY ABYSSINIA Ethiopian/Eritrean. $$. Authentic and filling, and a welcome culinary addition. Lunch and dinner daily; Breakfast,Sat-Sun. 913 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.568.6455. BELLY Californian. $$. When he’s not serving up crispy pork belly or healthy quinoa salads, owner/chef Gray Rollin tours with rock bands like Linkin Park as a personal chef. Lunch and dinner daily. 523 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.526.5787

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

BISTRO 29 Bistro. $$-$$$. Get an honestly prepared plate of excellence, reasonably priced, at this veritable palace of crepes. Lunch, Tues-Fri; dinner, Tues-Sat.620 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 707.546.2929.


THE BRASSERIE California. $$-$$$$. Classic country French influences that incorporate Sonoma regional products and the best of Northern California’s seafood. Dine in elegant surroundings, enjoy dinner under the stars on the outdoor patio with a fireplace, sip cocktails in the lounge. Excellent Napa and Sonoma wine list. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. In the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel, 170 Railroad St., Santa Rosa. 707.636.7388. BRODY’S BURGERS & BREWS Burgers. $. This family-restaurant-serving-beer is not to be confused with a bar. Big burgers made with quality ingredients and a kid-friendly casual dining room. Try their newest addition, Double Rainbow Gourmet Ice cream milkshakes, voted best in the world. Open daily, 11am–9pm. 3135 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.526.4878. BRUNO’S ON FOURTH American. $$-$$$. There’s real sophistication lurking in these upscale American comfort staples like flat-iron steak and fries, macaroni-ham casserole and stellar braised lamb shank. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Fri; dinner only, Sat; brunch, Sun. 1226 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.569.8222. CA’BIANCA RISTORANTE ITALIANO Italian. $$-$$$. Romantic, delightful and authentic Italian dining in historic two-story house. 835 Second St., Santa Rosa. 707.542.5800. CHELINO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Mexican. $. Standout generous taqueria fare with fresh ingredients daily. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 1079 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.571.7478. CHLOE’S FRENCH CAFE French Bakery. $. C’est simple! C’est bon! Great food is the epicenter of French life. Showcasing heirloom recipes, fine ingredients, exquisite pastries and a casual atmosphere. Consistently delicious. Lunch, Mon-Fri. 3883 Airway Dr, Ste. 145, Santa Rosa. 707.528.3095. CHRISTY’S ON THE SQUARE Eclectic small plates. $-$$. An elegant, first-class establishment showcasing wine and liquors from around the world, fabulous small bites and live jazz. A great place to entertain clients, listen to live music or enjoy an evening with friends. Mon.-Sun., 96 Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa 707.528.8565. CREPEVINE American. $. A casual spot with crepes both of the savory and sweet variety, sandwiches, scrambles, and salads, not to mention a few other categories. Delicious comfort food and a small price. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 740 Farmers Lane, Santa Rosa. 707.577.8822. 908 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.257.8822.


DIERK’S PARKSIDE CAFE American. $. Classic, fresh diner food in a comfortable diner setting. Ought to be in a movie. Breakfast and lunch daily. 404 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.573.5955. Dierk’s Midtown Cafe, 1422 Fourth St, Santa Rosa. EAST WEST RESTAURANT California cuisine. $$. Comfortable, casual, all vegetarian-friendly with Mediterranean flavor. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 557 Summerfield Rd., Santa Rosa. 707.546.6142. EL COQUI Puerto Rican. $-$$. Authentic and delicious Puerto Rican home cooking. Plan on lunching early–the place fills up fast. Lunch and dinner daily. 400 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa. 707.542.8868. FLAVOR California cuisine. $-$$. Fresh and organic white-tablecloth food at paper-napkin prices. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 96 Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa. 707.573.9695. FLIPSIDE BAR & BURGER Burgers. $$. A fun and casual place with good burgers that have everything from the classic fixin’s to the more avant garde toppings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 630 Third St., Santa Rosa. 707.523.1400. GAIA’S GARDEN Vegetarian. $. International vegetarian buffet featuring curries, soups, pasta or polenta and sauce, rice, steamed vegetables, salad bar, homemade bread and desserts. Vegan-friendly, beer and wine, live music. Lunch and dinner, Mon.-Sat. 1899-B Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.544.2491. GARY CHU’S Chinese. $$. Fine Chinese food in elegant setting. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sun. 611 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 707.526.5840. HAKU SUSHI Sushi. $-$$. Cleverly named rolls like “Jedi Mind Trick” and “Roll me a Fatty” are as flavorful as they are fun. Lunch and dinner daily. 518 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. 707.541.6359.


Savor S ainve and or u& o Share Sh are Aw wine and cculinary linary eexperience x pe r i e n c e iinspired nspired by by JJohn ohn Ash A sh $

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Plea se come Please come join join us u s for for an a n amazing a ma zing wine w ine and a nd will cculinary u lina r y aadventure dventure tthat h at w ill eexcite xcite aand nd ddelight elig ht aall ll ooff your your senses. senses. SSpecially pecia l ly selected selected artisan a r tisa n cheeses, c he e s e s , pates, p ates, chutneys, chutneys, conserves conser ves and a nd other ot her unique u n i qu e cculinary u lina r y ccreations reations iinspired nspired bbyy llegendary egenda r y chef chef JJohn oh n Ash will paired A sh w il l be be perfectly p er f e c t ly p a ired with w it h classic c l a s s ic SSonoma-Cutrer onoma- Cutrer Chardonnay Cha rdonnay and a nd Pinot Pinot noir. noir. Our making O ur ssuccess uccess ccomes omes ffrom rom yyears ea rs ooff m a k ing Chardonnay Pinot C ha rdonnay aand nd P inot noir noir that t hat pairs pa irs beautifully b e a ut i f u l l y with w it h food food served ser ved iin n the t he finest finest restaurants restaura nts iin n America. A meric a. Now Now come come enjoy enjoy that t hat experience experience here here at at winery tthe he w iner y where where we we grow grow the t he fruit fr uit and a nd create c re ate world wines. tthese he s e w orld cclass la ss w i ne s .

R e s e r v a t i on s : P Reservations: Please lea se ccall a ll 7 707.237.3489 07.237.3489 oorr vvisit isit w w w.sonomacut Offered O ff ered by by reservation reservation oonly nly oon n SSaturdays aturdays aand nd SSundays undays at at 2pm. 2pm . Limited Limited to to 12 12 guests guests per per seating. seating.


9:00 AM time for an orga organic ni coffee? Maybe breakfast? 1:00 PM just in time for a hot daily special 5:00 PM take some time of off to unwind with friends ov over ve exquisite Lebanese mezze mezzeh eh

Since 1989

Mediterranean M eedditerranean C Cuisine ui sine Downtown D owntown SSebastopol eba stopol U a stwestcafeseba



Coming to the Barlow

Sebastopol, Summer of 2013‌Come visit us! Voted Best Bakery of the North Bay Since 2008 Artisan Hearth Breads & Fine Pastry 4"/5"304"t5PXO$PVOUSZ%SJWFt 4&#"45010-t)FBMETCVSH"WFOVFt $"-*450("t-JODPMO"WFOVFt

restaurants | sonoma county

HIGH TECH BURRITO California-Mexican. $. Healthy gourmet burritos with exotic flavors. Also serving gourmet salads, burrito bowls, fish tacos and quesadillas. Try the Nuclear if you’re up to the challenge. In the North Bay, find them in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Mill Valley, Terra Linda, Napa, Novato and Windsor. HIKUNI SUSHI BAR & HIBACHI Japanese. $$$. Terrific teppanyaki plus a full sushi bar, tonkatsu, udon and bento. Lunch and dinner daily. 4100 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa. 707.539.9188. JACINTO’S KITCHEN POT OF FLAVORS Mexican. $$. Jacinto’s specializes in Mexican—with a wine country touch—from traditional family recipes, but hearty comfort classics are served as well. Lunch and dinner daily. 6576 Oakmont Drive, Santa Rosa. 707.537.8933.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

JACKSON’S BAR AND OVEN American. $$. A casual hotspot with a great comfort-food-inspired menu in a key Railroad Square location; it works so well, chef Josh Silvers reinvented his other restaurant in its image. Get “the Undecided” pizza, with mystery surprise toppings that never disappoint. 135 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.545.6900.


JEFFREY’S HILLSIDE CAFE American. $. Delicious and fresh local produce, dairy and meats. Unique menu items include banana pancakes with housemade huckleberry syrup, Seasonal grilled vegetable hash, Eggs Benedict with orange-scented hollandaise, Mixed berry cheese blintzes, seasonal sandwiches and salads. Breakfast and lunch daily; weekend brunch. Specialty coffees, milkshakes, fresh fruit smoothies, beer and local wines. 2901 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.546.6317. JHANTHONG BANBUA Thai. $-$$. Sophisticated and delicate Thai cuisine. Fresh ingredients, packed with flavor. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 2400 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.528.8048. JOHN ASH & CO. American. $$$. Casual elegance exemplifies this legendary wine country restaurant. Fresh local ingredients are put to use to create comforting and seasonably appropriate dishes. Lunch, Wednesday-Friday; dinner daily. 4350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa. 707.575.7359. JOJO SUSHI Japanese. $-$$. Hip downtown eatery features fresh sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, and innovative specials. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 645 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.569.8588. KHOOM LANNA Thai. $$. Outstanding Thai dishes and seasonal specialties with an authentic cooking style. Fresh ingredients, serene dining room, convenient Railroad Square location. Lunch and dinner daily. 107 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.545.8424. LA GARE French. $$$. Dine in an elegant atmosphere of Old World charm. Dinner, Wed-Sun 208 Wilson St., Santa Rosa. 707.528.4355. LA ROSA Mexican. $$. This Mexican restaurant is a luxurious upgrade from the location’s former party spot, the Cantina. It boasts over 160 tequilas, and has a tempting selection of classic Mexican dishes, all prepared with quality ingredients. Lunch and dinner daily. 500 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.523.3663. LOCOCO’S CUCINA RUSTICA Italian. $$$. Escape to Italy; serving lunch and dinner in historic Railroad Square. 117 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.523.2227.



Croque C roq que M Monsieur onsieur  T Tartiflette a Crepes C Cr epes  Quiche Quiche Lorraine Lorr Artisanal A rtisana nal French French Pastries Pastri

3883 Airway 3883 Air way Drive, Drive, SSte te 1145, 4455, Santa Santa Rosa Rosa 7707.528.3095 07.528.309 0 5 w w w.chloesco Mon–Fri, M o Fri, 8–5pm on– 8–5pm

restaurants | sonoma county

MOMBO’S PIZZA Pizza. $. The crust is thin and the toppings eclectic. Delivery. Lunch and dinner daily. 1800 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.528.FAST. Also, 560 Hwy 116 N., Sebastopol. 707.823.7492. MONTI’S ROTISSERIE & BAR California cuisine. $-$$. Small plates and a few larger entrées with emphasis on house-roasted meats. Lunch and dinner daily. 714 Village Ct., Santa Rosa. 707.568.4404. NONNI’S RISTORANTE ITALIANO Italian. $$. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. Authentic, fresh, top-quality homemade Italian cuisine. Generous portions that impress. House specialities include ravioli, homemade focaccia, caprese speciale, gnocchi, Mostacioli con sugo (pork). Family owned and operated. Lunch and dinner daily. 420 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.527.0222. OSAKE SUSHI BAR & GRILL Japanese. $$$. Gourmet sushi, exotic seasoned seaweed salad, robata grill specialties and premium sakes. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Fri. 2446 Patio Ct, Santa Rosa. 707.542.8282.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

PAMPOSH Indian. $-$$. Clean, fresh, exciting traditional Indian food. Chicken tikka masala is indescribably good. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sun. 52 Mission Circle, Ste 10, Santa Rosa. 707.538.3367.


RENDEZ VOUS BISTRO French $$. Before the crêpes hook you, the charm will. Bubbling over with French bistro ambiance, Rendezvous Bistro recreates a European cafe complete with a mosaic tile floor, ornate décor and delicate round tables for two. Sandwiches, salads and sweets, but its main attraction are the savory crêpes. 7 days, 11:30- midnight. 614 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.526.7700. ROSSO PIZZERIA & WINE BAR Pizza. $-$$. Friendly, plentiful staff at outstanding and creative pizzeria. Incredible crusts and inventive toppings. Excellent and affordable wine list. Futbol! Creekside Center, 53 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa. 707.544.3221. 151 Petaluma Blvd. S., Petaluma. 707.772.5177. SEA THAI BISTRO Thai. $$. The dishes of exotic Bangkok come to California with some truly soul-satisfying dishes. Lunch and dinner. Three locations: 2323 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.528.8333. 500 Petaluma Blvd. S., Petaluma. 707.766.6633. 60 Corte Madera Ave., Corte Madera. 415.927.8333. SIMPLY VIETNAM Vietnamese. $. Friendly Vietnamese for all ethnic tastes. Savory, satisfying and filling. Pho can be hit or miss, depending on the meat quality. Lunch and dinner daily. 966 N Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.566.8910. SIZZLING TANDOOR Indian. $$. A Sonoma County legend for almost 20 years, and for good reason. Of the more than 100 menu choices, all are worthwhile. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily. 409 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 707.579.5999. 1280 Healdsburg Ave. #101, Healdsburg. 707.433.2954. STARK’S STEAKHOUSE Steakhouse. $$-$$$$. Fantastic steakhouse has revamped economic menu while retaining high standards and elegance. Insanely inexpensive yet excellent happy hour, 3pm to 6pm, Mon-Fri. Dinner daily; lunch, Mon-Fri. 521 Adams St., Santa Rosa. 707.546.5100. STOUT BROTHERS PUB & RESTAURANT Irish. $$. Celtic pub meets California for Guinness, good food and friendly craic. Lunch and dinner daily. 527 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.636.0240. SUSHI TO DAI FOR Japanese. $$$. A temple of sushi cool. Regulars rave about the dragon roll. Lunch, Mon-Thurs; dinner, Mon-Sat. Two locations: 119 Fourth St., Railroad Square, Santa Rosa. 707.576.9309. 869 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.721.0392.


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Voted V ote ted Best Bes Best Italian IIttal alian ia n rrestaurant estaura estau rant nt o off tth the he North Nor No th Bay. Bay. Bay y. —North — Nortth B Bay ay B Bohemian ohemian

LoCoco’s L oC oco’s iiss everything oCoco’ everyt every r y thin hi ng an an Italian It al ian restaurant Italia restaura restaurant should shoul shou ld be—b bee—boisterous, b oisterous oistero us, busy, busy usy, y, fun, f un, with fu w wit ith excellent eexcellen xcel lent authentic aauthe uthenti nt ic ffo food ood of of the th the best b est quality: q ual it y: fresh uality ffrres esh sea seafo sseafood, eafood, meats meat m eats and aan nd pasta. pasta p a st a .

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restaurants | sonoma county

SWEET T’S RESTAURANT AND BAR Modern Comfort Food. $$. Hush puppies, fried chicken, cornbread, ribs, burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, the works. Lunch and dinner daily. 2009 Stagecoach Road, Ste. 100, Santa Rosa. 707.595.3935. THAI HOUSE Thai. $-$$. Classic dishes in fun setting (kick off your shoes for a more traditional experience) served by an always-friendly staff. The pumpkin curry and garlic catfish are standouts. Lunch and dinner daily. 525 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.526.3939. THAI TASTE Thai. $-$$. Lovely ambiance and daily specials showcasing authentic Thai flavors to warm the palate. A hidden gem in Santa Rosa’s Montecito neighborhood. Lunch and dinner. 170 Farmers Lane #8, Santa Rosa. 707.526.3888.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

THREE SQUARES CAFE Cafe. $-$$. Home-style cooking in iconic Railroad Square location. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Tues-Sun. 205 Fifth St., Santa Rosa. 707.568.4002.


VILLAGE BAKERY European-style bakery. $. Award-winning, fresh-baked breads daily. Home of the infamous princess cake. Breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, sweet and seasonal favorites. A perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth, pick up a hostess gift or nosh for lunch. Open daily. Three locations: 7225 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol; 707.829.8101. 1445 Town & Country Dr., Santa Rosa; 707.527.7654. 1353 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.1443. WILLI’S WINE BAR Small plates/wine bar. $$$. The first in the Starks’ line of top-notch restaurants is still among the best in the region. Bistro dishes and extensive wine list. A terrific place to dine before a show at the Wells Fargo Center. 4404 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa. 707.526.3096. ZAZU Cal-Euro. $$$. Perfectly executed dishes that sing with flavor. Chef Duskie Estes has gone on to win The Next Iron Chef and, with partner John Stewart, Cochon 555. Zagat-rated with much of the produce from its own gardens. 3535 Guerneville Rd at Barlow, Santa Rosa. 707.523.4814.

WEST COUNTY APPLEWOOD INN & RESTAURANT American. $$$$. A casual eatery positioned among the redwoods, specializing in local ingredients with expert preparation. Various cuts of meat and fresh fish, accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Dinner Wed.–Sun. 13555 Hwy. 116, Guerneville. 707.869.9093.

BACKYARD American. $$-$$$. Along with a 40-seat dining room, a large outdoor patio provides rustic ambiance at this spot helmed by chefs Daniel Kedan and Seth Harvey. Seasonal menus; every vegetable, fruit and animal is grown, raised or line caught locally. Breakfast, lunch and dinner; closed Tuesdays. 6566 Front St., Forestville. 707.820.8445. BAY VIEW RESTAURANT Seafood. $$$. Fresh Sonoma County ingredients. An elegant and cozy setting boasting some of the best seafood in the Bay Area. Fri.-Sat., 5-10pm; Wed., Thurs. and Sun., 5-9pm; closed Monday and Tuesday. 800 Hwy. 1, Bodega Bay. 800.547.7788. BIG BOTTOM MARKET Deli. $$. A stellar eatery in a modest storefront serving dual purposes: a market for local products, and an excellent comfort food and sandwich joint. Excellent biscuits and gravy, salads, cheeses, the works. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 16228 Main St., Guerneville. 707.604.7295.


Impressive Italian Dining

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BISTRO DES COPAINS French. $$. Homey Provençal food prepared to near perfection in cozy, romantic setting. Desserts are house-made and stellar. 3782 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental. 707.874.2436. BLUEWATER BISTRO California cuisine. $$-$$$. Homey and rich seafood with warm service. Dinner, Thurs-Sat; lunch daily; Breakfast,Sat-Sun. 21301 Heron Drive, Bodega Bay. 707.875.3513. CASINO BAR & GRILL California. $. Chef Mark Malicki is a true Sonoma County star, serving up a changing menu of locally sourced, inspired creations. Unpretentious, creative and affordable, Casino is a whispered-about landmark among locals in the know. Dinner nightly. 17000 Bodega Hwy., Bodega. 707.876.3185.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

CORKS RESTAURANT AT RUSSIAN RIVER VINEYARDS Californian. $$-$$$. Located at the Russian River Vineyards, Corks is a winery-based restaurant, pairing dishes with their wines rather than the other way around. Brunch, lunch and dinner daily. 5700 Gravenstein Hwy N, Forestville. 707.887.3344.


DRAKES/DUCK CLUB RESTAURANT American. $$$. Working with a variety of local producers for cheese, meat and produce, this scenic spot overlooks Bodega Bay serving hearty main courses of steak, lamb and duck along with sustainable seafood. Drake’s Fireside Lounge is adjacent with a separate menu. Breakfast and dinner daily. 103 Hwy. 1, Bodega Bay, 888.875.2250. EAST WEST CAFE Middle Eastern and California cuisine. $$. Comfortable, casual, all vegetarian-friendly. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 128 N Main St., Sebastopol. 707.829.2822. EIGHT Chinese. $$. Restaurant and wine bar specializing in Asian fusion, where Schezuan, Mongolian and Mu Shu come together with a modern twist. Lunch and dinner; closed Tuesdays. 7501 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol. 707.823.8189. FARMHOUSE INN & RESTAURANT California-French. $$$$. A splurge-worthy, romantic inn with an extensive wine list and highly polished service. Dinner, Thurs.-Sun. 7871 River Rd., Forestville. 707.887.3300. FORCHETTA / BASTONI Asian-Italian. $$. Southeast Asian street food is served alongside rustic Italian food in this unique two-in-one restaurant. Forchetta’s menu offers heart-warming Italian cuisine from the wood-fired pizza oven and grills, to risottos and hand-cut pastas, while Bastoni’s kitchen focuses on bringing the farm-to-table movement to Vietnamese and Thai classics such as banh mi, noodles and curries. 6948 Sebastopol Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.9500. FORMOSA BISTRO Asian. $$. Chinese, Japanese and sushi done tastily and affordably, with no MSG and an accompanying solid vegetarian menu. Lunch and dinner; closed Mondays. 799 Gravenstein Hwy. S., Sebastopol. 707.823.6688. FRENCH GARDEN French. $$$-$$$$. Classic French and California cuisine focusing on seasonal and sustainable foods, much of it grown on its own farm; also, a casual bar with small plates. Dinner, Wed-Sun; brunch, Sun. 8050 Bodega Ave., Sebastopol. 707.824.2030. GYPSY CAFE Modern Comfort Food. $$. Breakfast all day and excellent lunch featuring eggs benedict, chilaquiles and pulled pork sandwiches. Friday night dinners feature signature fried chicken, fresh local fish, burgundy pot roast, Diestel turkey meatloaf and organic spinach ravioli. Breakfast and lunch, Wed-Mon, 8:30am–2:30pm. Friday night dinners, 5:30pm–8:30pm. 162 N. Main St. Sebastopol. 707.861.3825.






restaurants | sonoma county

HOLE IN THE WALL American. $$. Very casual breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. Sandwiches, pasta and the Cajun cornerstone, gumbo. Breakfast is the show-stealer with gourmet omelettes and a puffy Dutch pancake. Breakfast and lunch, Mon.–Tues.; breakfast, lunch and dinner, Wed.–Sun. 972 Gravenstein Hwy., Sebastopol. 707.861.3777. HOPMONK TAVERN Pub fare. $$. More than serviceable tavern food with a menu that hops the globe. Lunch and dinner daily; brunch, Sat-Sun. Three locations: 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.7300. 691 Broadway, Sonoma. 707.935.9100. 224 Vintage Way, Novato. 415.892.6200. HOWARD’S STATION CAFE Breakfast and lunch. $$. Charming cash-only breakfast spot is always packed. Look for the unusual fresh juices. 3611 Bohemian Hwy., Occidental. 707.874.2838.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

INFUSIONS TEAHOUSE/SONOMA CHOCOLATIERS Artisanal chocolates. $. fine flavors of tea, chocolate and food. All chocolates comprised of 62 to 85 percent Scharffen Berger dark chocolate. Luscious and addictive. Bold flavors, low sugar, local and organic ingredients. 6988 McKinley St. Sebastopol. 707.829.1181.


JENNER INN CAFE & WINE BAR California cuisine. $$-$$$. Featuring locally caught fresh seafood, natural free-range lamb and poultry and organic Sonoma County vegetables. Make a reservation and spend the night. 10400 Coast Route 1, Jenner. 707.865.2377. K&L BISTRO French. $$$. This comfortable restaurant serves fine food with a friendly Sebastopol flair. Zagat-rated, consistently excellent and surprisingly innovative. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 119 S Main St., Sebastopol. 707.823.6614. LARRY VITO’S BBQ SMOKEHOUSE Barbecue. $-$$. Southern-style and slow-cooked from a chef who’s worked with Wolfgang Puck and Alice Waters. Zing! 6811 Laguna Park Way, Sebastopol. 707.575.3277. LUCAS WHARF Seafood. $$-$$$. Dine overlooking the Bodega Harbor. Fresh, locally-caught seafood. Next-door fresh fish market and deli. Outdoor take-out seafood bar, weather permitting. Family-friendly. Lunch and dinner daily. 595 Hwy. 1, Bodega Bay. 707.875.3522. MARTHA’S OLD MEXICO Mexican. $$. Freshly prepared favorites, along with regional house specialties. Lunch and dinner, Wed-Mon; dinner only, Sat-Sun. 305 N Main St., Sebastopol. 707.823.4458. PACK JACK’S Barbecue. $$. A casual spot to get some good barbecued grub, Pack Jack’s is anticipated to once again to be serving up authentic barbecue for a good price after a long, lamented closure due to fire. 3963 Gravenstein Hwy S., Sebastopol. PETER LOWELL’S California. $-$$. Casual, organic cuisine with a healthy twist and strong, laudable emphasis on local ingredients. All food offered as takeout. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 7385 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.1077. RIVER’S END $$$-$$$$. An eclectic spread of gourmet dishes with international influences. Focusing on locally grown ingredients with a tremendous surrounding view of the ocean. Lunch and dinner daily. 11048 Highway 1, Jenner. 707.865.2484, ext. 111. ROCKER OYSTERFELLER’S American. $$-$$$. Friendly, warm service in a spot whose menu is thick with local, organic ingredients. Great patio and fun special events. Live music on weekends. Dinner, Wed-Sun; brunch, Sun. 14415 Coast Hwy 1, Valley Ford (at the Valley Ford Hotel). 707.876.1983.


restaurants | sonoma county

SEA RANCH RESTAURANT Internationally-inspired California cuisine. $$. Dining ranges from casual tavern fare to formal small plates, appetizers and entrees. Unique, award-winning regional wines complete the spectacular, ocean-view dining experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Highway 1, the Sea Ranch. 707.785.2371. SIZZLING TANDOOR II Indian. $-$$. A coastal gem offering diners a great view on the Sonoma coast. Relax on the outside patio; come for Happy Hour and stay through dinner with extended summer daylight. Sending diners home satiated with authentic, hearty Indian cuisine. 9960 Hwy. 1, Jenner. 707.865.0625. TERRAPIN CREEK CAFE American. $$$. A casual Michelin-star cafe specializing in both local and international comfort foods. Fresh seafood dishes and inventive meat-based menu items make for well-rounded fare. If they have the game hen, get it! Lunch and dinner, Thursday–Sunday. 1580 Eastshore Road, Bodega Bay. 707.875.2700.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

THE TIDES WHARF Seafood. $$. This famous backdrop for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” offers an ocean view for every seat in the house. Fresh seafood straight from the bay. Try the clam chowder. Open daily. 835 Coast Hwy. 1, Bodega Bay. 707.875.3652.


TWIST EATERY American. $$-$$$. Quaint little spot in a quaint little town that serves satisfying, homemade plates with fresh ingredients. The pulled-pork sandwich and organic beet salad are standouts on this winning menu. 6536 Front St., Forestville. 707.820.8443. UNDERWOOD BAR & BISTRO European bistro. $$. The Underwood’s classy bistro menu and impressive bar belie its rural setting. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sat; dinner only, Sun. 9113 Graton Rd, Graton. 707.823.7023. WHITETAIL RUSSIAN RIVER WINE BAR California. $-$$. The small-plate menu is light and tasteful—crostinis, cheese plates—and a perfect complements to the eclectic local wine list. A homey, comfortable setting and friendly staff top it off. 16230 Main St., Guerneville. 707.604.7449. WILLOW WOOD MARKET CAFE Mediterranean. $$. Homey, eclectic foods, large portions and rustic, bohemian ambiance. Suddenly, polenta’s a rock star. Breakfast,lunch and dinner Tues.-Sun.; brunch, Sun. 9020 Graton Rd, Graton. 707.823.0233.

NORTH COUNTY AGAVE MEXICAN RESTAURANT Mexican. $$. Come for the authentic Oaxacan cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients; stay for the endless selection at the tequila bar. Open daily, 10am–9:30pm. 1063 Vine St., Healdsburg. 707.433.2411. BARNDIVA California cuisine. $$-$$$. Delicious food with outdoor seating great for balmy summer nights. Lunch and dinner, Wed-Sun; brunch, Sun. 231 Center St., Healdsburg. 707.431.0100. BISTRO RALPH Bistro. $$. Classic and classy–bistro food at its best. Wine bar; martinis if you ask for them. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 109 Plaza St., Healdsburg. 707.433.1380. CAMPO FINA Italian. $$. More casual than its sister restaurant, Scopa, Campo Fina is serving up Italian staples such as pizzas and wood-fired meats. The focus of the menu is on simple Italian dishes. Dinner daily. 330 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.395.4640.


restaurants | sonoma county

CATELLI’S Italian. $$. There’s a reason why Lady Gaga dined here on a recent visit: Nick and Domenica Catelli have reopened their grandparents’ Geyserville landmark, and they’ve done so with just the right amount of balance between modernity and tradition. The meatball sliders aren’t to be missed. Lunch and dinner, Tues.–Sun. 21047 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville. 707.857.3471. CHARCUTERIE French Mediterranean. $$. Intimate bistro has casual European wine-bar feel. Lunch and dinner daily. 335 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.431.7213. CHINOIS ASIAN BISTRO Asian. $$. Pan-Asian cuisine done delicious. Happy hour tapas and cocktails weekdays. Dinner daily; lunch, Mon-Fri. 186 Windsor River Rd, Windsor. 707.838.4667. DIAVOLA Italian/Pizza. $$. Artisan wood-fired pizzas and elaborate antipasti served in a rustic-chic old brick former smokehouse. House-cured meats. Lunch and dinner Wed.-Mon. 21021 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville. 707.814.0111.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

DRY CREEK KITCHEN California cuisine. $$$-$$$$. Fresh wine country cuisine from chef Charlie Palmer. Lunch and dinner, Thurs-Tues. 317 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.431.0330.


HEALDSBURG BAR & GRILL American. $-$$ Gourmet burgers, pizzas and potent cocktails from the owners of Cyrus. Lunch and dinner daily. 245 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.3333. MADRONA MANOR Eclectic California cuisine. $$$$. Romantic fine dining in grand historic landmark mansion. Seasonal menu and superior wine list. Dinner daily. 1001 Westside Rd, Healdsburg. 707.433.4321. MATEO’S COCINA LATINA Mexican. $$. Chef Mateo Granados served underground Yucatan dinners for months before opening this Healdsburg hotspot, and his craft is reflected in the menu, rife with innovation and local ingredients. Lunch and dinner daily. 214 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.1520. PARISH CAFE Cafe. $$. Authentic po’ boy sandwiches elicit the sound of a big brass marching band with every bite. Breakfast favorites include shrimp and grits, but don’t forget the beignets. Breakfast and lunch, Wed-Sun. 60-A Mill St., Healdsburg. 707.431.8474 RAVENOUS CAFE & LOUNGE American. $$$$. Returning to its original small, five-table location next to the Raven Theater, this Healdsburg mainstay continues to have inventive menus in a cozy setting. Lunch and dinner; closed Mondays and Tuesdays. 117 North St., Healdsburg. 707.431.1302. SCOPA Italian. $$. For true Tuscan flavors. Can be crowded, but you get to see what the neighbors ordered. Dinner, Tues-Sun. 109-A Plaza St., Healdsburg. 707.433.5282. SPOONBAR Regional cuisine. $$. Locally sourced dishes include sea bass, smoked bacon pork terrine, flourless chocolate torte and a Moroccan chicken that takes three days to prepare. One of the region’s best spots for cocktails. Lunch, Thurs.-Mon.; dinner nightly. 219 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.7222. THAI ORCHID Thai. $-$$. Rich Thai food made with crisp, fresh ingredients, reasonably priced. Lunch and dinner daily. 1005 Vine St., Healdsburg. 707.433.0515. UME JAPANESE BISTRO Japanese. $$. Sleek, contemporary, Japanese-accented interior. 8710 Old Redwood Hwy., Windsor. 707.838.6700.


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restaurants | sonoma county

WILLI’S SEAFOOD & RAW BAR Seafood. $$. Delicious preparations of the freshest fish and shellfish. Lunch and dinner, Wed-Mon. 403 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.9191.

SOUTH COUNTY CAFE ZAZZLE Eclectic cafe. $-$$. Colorful, tasty food cooked Mexican-, Japanese-, Thai- and Italian-style. Lunch and dinner daily. 121 Kentucky St., Petaluma. 707.762.1700. CUCINA PARADISO Northern Italian. $-$$. Petaluma’s best Italian spot, period. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily. 114 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. 707.782.1130.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

GOHAN Japanese. $$-$$$. Superb Japanese favorites with modern twists. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat; dinner only, Sun. 1367 McDowell Blvd, Petaluma. 707.789.9296.


HANA Japanese. $$$-$$$$. An oasis of cool tucked away in the atmosphereless Doubletree Hotel complex. Reservations on the weekend a must. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sun. 101 Golf Course Drive, Rohnert Park. 707.586.0270. JENNIE LOW’S Chinese. $-$$. Light, healthy, and tasty Cantonese, Mandarin, Hunan, and Szechuan home-style cooking. Great selection, including vegetarian fare, seafood, and noodles. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily. Two locations: 140 Second St., Ste 120, Petaluma. 707.762.6888. Vintage Oaks Shopping Center, Rowland Ave., Novato. 415.892.8838. LE BISTRO French. $$. A tiny space, simple menu, excellent food–and a reasonable price. Dinner, Wed-Sun. 312 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma. 707.762.8292. OLD CHICAGO PIZZA Pizza. $$. Casual rustic dining with tremendous pizza, ranging from the deepest dish to the crispiest crust. Toppings galore and history aplenty; yes, the building used to be a brothel. Lunch and dinner daily; Sunday dinner only. 41 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 707.763.3897. PRELUDE Enveloped in understated elegance and located at Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center, Prelude is open on all concert evenings and available for hosting events. Exemplary culinary creations are focused on local products with exquisite attention to detail. A bright and flavorful menu pulls from the bounty of locally grown foods from Sonoma County. 1801 E. Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park. 707.664.2747. PUB REPUBLIC Pub fare. $-$$. Pub grub from Petaluma’s southernmost tip, featuring Brussels sprout tacos and a hearty selection of brews. Lunch and dinner daily; weekend brunch. 3120 Lakeville Hwy., Petaluma. 707.782.9090. REDWOOD CAFE Cafe. $. Twenty-year institution and cultural hub in central Cotai serves coffeehouse staples plus tasty entrées. Excellent smoothies, too! Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 8240 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati. 707.795.7868. SHANGRI-LA Nepalese. $-$$. Authentic and enriching Nepalese cuisine. As its name suggests, a culinary paradise. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 1708 E Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park. 707.793.0300.


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restaurants | sonoma county

SHIGE SUSHI Japanese. $-$$. Small space in downtown Cotati has big dreams. Lunch specials in bento format, of course, but try the nigiri for dinner. Lunch, Tues-Fri; dinner, Tues-Sun. 8235 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati. 707.795.9753. SOCIAL CLUB American. $$. Rustic American food with a local slant. Hearty portions and a fine bar, with special attention to atmosphere. Mon-Thurs, 4-9pm; Fri-Sat, 4-10pm; Sun, 9:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm. 132 Keller St., Petaluma. 707.238.0158. SPEAKEASY Tapas-Asian. $-$$. Small plates with a large vegetarian selection and an Asian fusion-leaning menu. And they’re open until 2am! Dinner daily. 139 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 707.776.4631. SUGO Italian. $-$$. Bang-up fresh food at prices that seem like a steal. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sat. 5 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma. 707.782.9298. THAI ISSAN Thai. $$. Popular full-spectrum Thai restaurant. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily. 208 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. 707.762.5966. TRES HOMBRES Mexican. $-$$. It’s all about the tequilla at this fun place to hang before or after a flick.Lunch and dinner daily; brunch, Sat-Sun. 151 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma. 707.773.4500. VIVA COCOLAT Dessert. $. After dinner in downtown Petaluma, stopping at this quaint chocolate shop is very nearly required. Open late on weekends; closed Wednesdays. 110 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 707.778.9888. WATER STREET BISTRO Eclectic. $$. Homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and entrées. Breakfast and lunch, Wed-Mon. 100 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. 707.763.9563.



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SONOMA VALLEY CAFE LA HAYE California-French. $$-$$$. Chef Jeffrey Lloyd marries the very best Sonoma ingredients with nouvelle French cooking styles at this comfortable bistro. Dinner, Tues-Sat. 140 E Napa St., Sonoma. 707.935.5994. CARNEROS BISTRO & WINE BAR Californian. $$$$. As fancy as foie gras-chestnut froth parfait for dinner, as simple as huevos rancheros for breakfast,and all superb. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily; brunch, Sun. 1325 Broadway, Sonoma. 707.931.2042. DELLA SANTINI’S Italian. $$-$$$. Casual chic, family-run combination trattoria/rosticceria/pasticceria featuring traditional Tuscan fare and emphasizing spit-roasted meats and house-made pastries. Lunch and dinner, daily. 133 E Napa St., Sonoma. 707.935.0576.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

THE GIRL & THE FIG Bistro. $$$. Country food with a French passion that’s been a favorite of locals for years. Great wine bar, great patio. Lunch and dinner daily. 110 W Spain St., Sonoma. 707.938.3634.


GLEN ELLEN STAR American. $$. A comfy-casual farmhouse-style restaurant with classic American-inspired dishes. Wood-fired pizzas, roasted and grilled meats, and uniquely prepared seasonal vegetables litter the menu. This ought to be good—Ari Weiswasser, formerly of the French Laundry, is the chef. Dinner daily. 13648 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen. 707.343.1384. THE RED GRAPE Pizza. $-$$. Delectable New Haven-style thin-crust pizzas with fresh ingredients and a dazzling array of toppings. Lunch and dinner daily. 529 First St W, Sonoma. 707.996.4103. SADDLES Steakhouse. $$$-$$$$. A steakhouse in the best American tradition, with top-quality grass-fed beef. Pies are made from fruit trees on restaurant property. Dinner daily. 29 E MacArthur St., Sonoma. 707.933.3191. SANTE´ AT SONOMA MISSION INN California cuisine. $$$. World-class spa setting for Sonoma County dishes and elegant traditional brunch. Dinner daily; brunch, Sun. 18140 Sonoma Hwy, Boyes Hot Springs. 707.939.2415. SONOMA-MERITAGE MARTINI California-French. $$$. The menu, which changes daily, is well-rounded with plenty of options, thanks in no small part to the fresh seafood bar. Breakfast,lunch, and dinner, Wed-Mon; brunch, SatSun. 165 W Napa St., Sonoma. 707.996.5556. SUNFLOWER CAFE Cafe. $-$$. Excellent, satisfying food served cafeteria-style. Terrific outdoor patio. Breakfast and lunch daily. 421 First St., Sonoma. 707.996.6645. VINEYARDS INN Spanish. $$. Authentic foods from Spain, fresh fish off the fire broiler, extensive tapas, as well as paellas and more. Emphasis on organic. Open for lunch and dinner, Wed-Mon. 8445 Sonoma Hwy. (Highway 12), at Adobe Canyon Road, Kenwood. 707.833.4500. WOLF HOUSE Californian. $$. Stick with the simple, classics dishes, as they always shine. Lunch, Tues-Fri; dinner, Tues-Sun; brunch, Sat-Sun. 13740 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen. 707.996.4401.


The Drive Alone Is Worth It...

14415 Coast Highway One in Downtown Valley Ford ˆ (707) 876-1983 8LYVW*VMTQTQˆ7EXTQTQˆ7YRHE]EQTQ

True Texas BBQ Oysters Burgers Fried Chicken PoBoys Patio Dining Craft Cocktails Private Events Catered Events

Serving Marin for 37 Years *900&%6ˆ&%259)86331 (MRI-R8EOI3YX (IPMZIV] 1238 Fourth St, San Rafael 415.460.9883 |

restaurants | marin county

MARIN COUNTY CENTRAL MARIN AVA California. $$-$$$. Ingredients are sourced strictly from within 100 miles, and, wow, does the freshness shine through. Just one tempting taste: dates stuffed with St. George cheese and wrapped in Hobbs bacon. Dinner, Tues-Sat. 636 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo. 415.453.3407.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

BAY THAI Thai. $. Fresh Thai food with curries that combine the regions classic sweet and tart elements. Some of the best fried bananas to be found. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat; dinner, Sun. (Cash only.) 809 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.458.8845.


BENISSIMO RISTORANTE & BAR Italian. $$. Hearty and flavorful food in authentic neighborhood-style Italian restaurant. Dinner daily. 18 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera. 415.927.2316. CITRUS & SPICE Thai/Californian. $$. Thai meets California, with fresh fruit accents, light herbs and spices, and a great mango-duck summer roll. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 1444 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.455.0444. COMFORTS Californian. $$. The Chinese chicken salad is beyond rapturous. Excellent celebrity sightings. Eat in or takeout. Breakfast and lunch daily; brunch, Sun. 335 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo. 415.454.9840. CUCINA Italian. $$-$$$. Small but well-loved spot. Get the pizza from the wood-burning oven, the homemade pasta or the many meats and seafoods, but save room for tiramisu. Also selling wine “out the back door” from their small shop. Dinner; closed Mondays. 510 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo. 415.454.2942. IL DAVIDE Italian. $$-$$$. Sophisticated and elegant. Outdoor seating. 901 A St., San Rafael. 415.454.8080. INSALATA’S Mediterranean. $$$. Simple, high-impact dishes of exotic flavors. Lunch and dinner daily. 120 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, San Anselmo. 415.457.7700. LEFT BANK French. $$-$$$. Splendid, authentic French cuisine. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily; brunch, Sun. 507 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur. 415.927.3331. LOCOCO’S AUTHENTIC ITALIAN PIZZERIA Italian. $$. Satisfying, reliable Italian fare. Two locations: 631 Del Ganado Road, San Rafael. 415.472.3323. 638 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo. 415.453.1238. SOL FOOD Puerto Rican. $. Flavorful, authentic and home-style at this Puerto Rican eatery, which is as hole-inthe-wall as they come. Lunch and dinner daily. San Rafael locations: 811 Fourth St. 415.451.4765. 901 & 903 Lincoln Ave. 415.256.8903. Mill Valley location: 401 Miller Ave., Mill Valley. YET WAH Chinese. $$. Can’t go wrong here. Special Dungeness crab dishes for dinner; dim sum for lunch. Lunch and dinner daily. 1238 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.460.9883.


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e Waterfront in Sausalito On th 1 Lb. Steamed Maine Lobster - $2299

Full 11/2 LB. $ 3299

With Clam Chowder or Caesar Salad

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Mondays & Tuesdays

Sunday Brunch 11:30-3:00 Reservations not required

Cole Slaw & Corn on the Cob

Cole Slaw & Corn on the Cob

Live Lobsters Straight From the Tank! Come & Enjoy Indoor/Outdoor Waterfront Dining ls All Specia r fo le b a Avail Dinner & h c n u L

415.332.1492 303 Johnson, Sausalito

HAPPY HOUR Mon. - Sat. 4 pm - 7 pm

Award Winning Wines Exceptional Cuisine Wine Club member and a guest save 20% dining at Corks Restaurant.

Open 7 Days Brunch - Lunch - Dinner Tasting Room Open Daily

5700 Hwy. 116 ‹ 887-3344 ‹


Executive Chef

Ruben Gomez

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WEST MARIN CAFE REYES Pizza. $$. At the end of the main drag in West Marin’s quintessential small town sits a wood-fired oven serving piping pizzas of perfection. Beer and oysters can be had as well. Lunch and dinner, Wed–Sun. 11101 Hwy. 1, Pt. Reyes Station. 415.663.9493. DRAKE’S BEACH CAFE Californian. $$-$$$. More dinner party than restaurant, and the food is fresh and amazing. A meal to remember.Lunch, Thurs-Sun; dinner, Fri-Sat. Reservations a necessity; BYOB. 1 Drake’s Beach Rd, Pt Reyes National Seashore. 415.669.1297.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

NICK’S COVE Seafood/contemporary American. $$$$. Fresh from the bay oysters, upscale seafood, some steaks and a great burger. New local’s special Thurs.-Fri.: three oysters, a burger and fries, and a beer for less than $15. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 23240 State Route 1, Marshall. 415.663.1033.


123 BOLINAS Artisan. $$-$$$. Urban-moderne decor pairs with a locally sourced menu for a must-try highlight on the Fairfax dining scene. Pizza, soups, local cheese and charcuterie, greens and a wine bar, all done well. Dinner; closed Mondays. 123 Bolinas St., Fairfax. 415.488.5123. PINE CONE DINER Eclectic. $$. Funky diner meets upscale bistro. Ambitious dishes, like cherry-wood-smoked pork loin with lavender gastrique, and steak au poivre with peppercorn brandy sauce are served in homey atmosphere. Breakfast,lunch and dinner Tues-Sun. Cash only. 60 Fourth St., Pt Reyes. 415.663.1536. SORELLA CAFFE Italian. $$. The embodiment of Fairfax casual, with delicious, high-quality food that lacks pretension. Open for dinner, Tues-Sun. 107 Bolinas Rd, Fairfax. 415.258.4520.

NORTH MARIN BOCA South American. $$$-$$$$. Enjoy flavorful and rich regional fare in the rustic décor of an Argentinean ranch. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 340 Ignacio Blvd, Novato. 415.833.0901. CHEZ PIERRE French-Italian-American. $$. A former Denny’s turned Parisian bistro, with surprisingly competent cozy French favorites like escargot and chicken Cordon Bleu. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 7330 Redwood Blvd, Novato. 415.898.4233. THE GARDEN Mediterranean. $$. Casual environment supplying dishes with Mediterranean and Italian flair. Pastas and salads seem to be a favorite among regulars. Lunch, Monday–Friday; dinner, Tuesday–Sunday; brunch on Sundays. 333 Enfrente Road, Novato. 415.883.9277. HILLTOP 1892 American. $$-$$$$. Casual dining with panoramic Marin views and a California-cuisine take on such classic fare as steaks, fresh seafood and seasonal greens. Complete with custom cocktails. Lunch and dinner daily; Sunday brunch. 850 Lamont Ave., Novato. 415.893.1892. SUSHIHOLIC Japanese. $$-$$. A nice addition to the local lineup, with a lengthy and well-crafted repertoire including uncommon dishes like nabeyaki udon, zaru soba, yosenabe and sea bass teriyaki. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. Rowland Plaza, 112-C Vintage Way, Novato. 415.898.8500.





restaurants | marin county

TAVOLA ITALIAN KITCHEN Italian. $$. Cozy-casual dining within a stucco-clad strip mall. Thin crust pizzas, homemade pasta and sausage, meat and fish entrées, and crisp greens. An authentic gem within the Hamilton Marketplace. Lunch and dinner daily. 5800 Nave Drive, Novato. 415.883.6686.

SOUTH MARIN AVATAR’S Indian-plus. $. Fantastic East-meets-West fusion of Indian, Mexican, Italian and American, with dishes customized to your palate Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 2656 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 415.332.8083.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

BUCKEYE ROADHOUSE American. $$-$$$. A Marin County institution. Delightful food, friendly and seamless service, and a convivial atmosphere. Try one of the many cocktails. Lunch and dinner daily; brunch, Sun. 15 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley. 415.331.2600.


COPITA TEQUILERIA Y COMIDA Mexican. $$. California-inspired preparation of traditional Mexican fare, including spit-roasted chicken, homemade tamales and “eight-hour” carnitas. Some ingredients are sourced from the restaurant’s own organic garden. All dishes can be enjoyed with one of their tequila cocktails. Lunch and dinner daily. 739 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 415.331.7400. FISH Seafood. $$-$$$. Incredibly fresh seafood in incredibly relaxed setting overlooking bay. Lunch and dinner, Wed-Sat. Cash only. 350 Harbor Drive, Sausalito. 415.331.FISH. FRANTOIO Italian. $$-$$$. Perennial winner of SF Chron’s “100 Best,” Frantoio also produces all of its own olive oil. Dinner daily. 152 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley. 415.289.5777. IL PICCOLO CAFFE Italian. $$. Big, ample portions at this premier spot on Sausalito’s spirited waterfront. Breakfast and lunch daily. 660 Bridgeway, Ste 3, Sausalito. 415.289.1195. POGGIO Italian. $$-$$$. Truly transportive food, gives authentic flavor of the Old World. The cheaper way to travel Europe. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 777 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 415.332.7771. ROBATA GRILL & SUSHI Japanese. $$. Mmm. With thick slices of fresh sashimi, Robata knows how to do it. The rolls are big winners. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat; dinner only, Sun. 591 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley. 415.381.8400. SALITO’S CRAB HOUSE & PRIME RIB American. $$. Serving New American cuisine including crab and prime rib. 1200 Bridgeway, Sausalito. 415.331.3226. SEAFOOD PEDDLER RESTAURANT & FISH MARKET Seafood. $$-$$$$. West and East Coast varieties delivered fresh daily. Try the garden patio with a view of San Francisco Bay. Lunch and dinner daily. 303 Johnston St., Sausalito. 415.332.1492. SMALL SHED FLATBREADS Pizza. $$. Slow Food-informed Marin Organics devotee with a cozy, relaxed family atmosphere and no BS approach to great food served simply for a fair price. 17 Madrona Ave., Mill Valley. Open for lunch and dinner daily. 415.383.4200.


Woodenhead 5700 River Road Santa Rosa Open Thurs thru Mon 10:30–4:30

Cheers! Award Winning Hand-Crafted Pinot Noir and Zinfandel!





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SUSHI RAN Japanese. $$$$. This beautiful restaurant attracts locals and tourists with its fresh catches. A wide selection of nigiri, depending on what’s fresh. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner, Mon-Sun. 107 Caledonia St., Sausalito. 415.332.3620. SWEETWATER CAFE American. $$$. A casual, musically influenced ambiance with fresh and tasty food. A large menu includes favorites such as huevos rancheros, french toast, chicken and steak sliders and fried apple pie. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily; brunch, Sat.–Sun.19 Corte Madera Ave., Mill Valley. 707.388.1700.

NAPA COUNTY Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.



AD HOC American. $$-$$$. Thomas Keller’s quintessential neighborhood restaurant. Prix fixe dinner changes daily. Actually takes reservations. 6476 Washington St., Yountville. 707.944.2487. ALL SEASONS Californian. $$-$$$. A Calistoga institution specializing in fresh, seasonal wine country cuisine. 1400 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.9111. BISTRO JEANTY French. $$$. Rich, homey cuisine. A perfect choice when you can’t get a chance to do your Laundry. Lunch and dinner daily. 6510 Washington St., Yountville. 707.944.0103. BOTTEGA NAPA VALLEY Italian. $$-$$$. Chef Michael Chiarello steps back into his clogs for micro-regional cuisine. 6525 Washington St., Yountville. 707.945.1050. BOUCHON French. $$$. A Keller brother creation with a distinctly Parisian bistro ambiance, offering French classics. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 6540 Washington St., Yountville. 707.944.8037. BRANNAN’S GRILL California cuisine. $$-$$$. Creative cuisine in handsome Craftsman setting. Lunch and dinner daily. 1347 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.2233. BRASSICA Mediterranean. $$$. Casual vibes with good Mediterranean food. Creative tapas, sandwiches and pizzas. A large wine selection pairs well with the food. Lunch and dinner daily. 641 Main St., St. Helena. 707.963.0700. BUSTER’S BARBECUE Barbecue. $. A very busy roadside destination–for a reason. It’s the hot sauce, available in two heats: regular and hot. And the hot, as the sign says, means “hot!” Lunch and dinner daily. 1207 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga. 707.942.5606. CALISTOGA KITCHEN Cafe. $-$$. Catering since 1996, this spot recently opened a welcoming dining room. Dinner Thursday; lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday; Sunday brunch. 1107 Cedar St., Calistoga. 707.942.6500.


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restaurants | napa county

CICCIO Italian. $$-$$$. A wood-fired oven churns out simple pizzas and seasonal entrées often made with ingredients from the restaurant’s own gardens. 6770 Washington St., Yountville. 707.945.1000. CINDY’S BACKSTREET KITCHEN Eclectic. $$-$$$. Cindy Pawlcyn’s rich and varied melting pot of a menu. Lunch and dinner daily. 1327 Railroad Ave., St. Helena. 707.963.1200. CINDY PAWLCYN’S WOOD GRILL & WINE BAR American. $$-$$$. Classic fare that stays up on current mainstays like crispy pork belly, braised short ribs and crab roll but doesn’t skimp on the burger. Long wine list, kids menu, patio and more. Lunch and dinner, Wednesday through Sunday. 641 Main St., St. Helena. 707.963.0700.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

FARMSTEAD RESTAURANT American. $$$. Gourmet home-style cooking with an emphasis on local and organic ingredients. Fresh soups and salads to start. Chicken, fish and “cut of the day” grass-fed beef are only some of the entrée options. Lunch and dinner daily. 738 Main St., St. Helena. 707.963.9181.


FRENCH BLUE American. $$. Trendy but equally casual, French Blue has a menu filled with expertly prepared fish and meat, along with light breakfast dishes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 1429 Main St., St. Helena. 707.968.9200. FRENCH LAUNDRY Definitive California Cuisine. $$$$. What else is there to say? Chef Thomas Keller’s institution is among the very best restuarants in the country. 6640 Washington St., Yountville. 707.944.2380. GOOSE & GANDER American. $$. Cozy steakhouse vibes, but with a much more generous menu. Fish, pasta and steak are some of the standard dishes, but the G&G burger should not be overlooked. Interesting charcuterie and cheese lists. Dinner daily; lunch, Fri.–Sun.1245 Spring St., St. Helena. 707.967.8779. GOTT’S ROADSIDE TRAY GOURMET Diner. $. (Formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher.) Classic American burgers, fries and shakes of distinction; ahi burgers and gazpacho, too. Lunch and dinner daily. 933 Main St., St Helena. 707.963.3486. Also at Oxbow Public Market, 644 First St., Napa. 707.224,6900. JOLE American. $$$. Casual familial vibes with adventurous interpretations of already loved dishes. Crab cocktail, pork shoulder and a burger with truffle-flavored cheese. Maximize your experience by trying the tasting menu. Dinner daily; brunch, Sat–Sun.1457 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.5938. LA CONDESA Mexican. $$$. Part of a small explosion in upmarket Mexican dining in the region, this attractive location in the old Keller Bros. Meats building on Main Street serves a creative yet accessible menu of regional delights and modern dishes. The zanahoria, the bife lento, the panza de puerco—it’s all very good. Lunch daily; dinner Mon.–Sat. 1320 Main St., St. Helena. 707.967.8111. MUSTARD’S GRILL American. $$$-$$$$. “Deluxe truck stop classics” include Dungeness crab cakes with chipotle aioli, grilled Laotian quail with cucumber-scallion salad and a bacon-wrapped rabbit roulade. Lunch and dinner daily. 7399 St. Helena Hwy., Napa. 707.944.2424. REDD California cuisine. $$-$$$. Rich dishes balanced by subtle flavors and careful yet casual presentation. Brunch at Redd is exceptional. Lunch, Mon-Sat; dinner daily; brunch, Sun. 6480 Washington St., Yountville. 707.944.2222.


Chef/Owner Natta Mahana

Open 7 days a week Hours: Sun-Thurs 11:30-9:30 Fri-Sat 11:30-10:00

525 4th Street

Thai House

(Upstairs) Traditional Floor Seating and Table Seating available

Phone (707) 526-3939

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DOWN VALLEY ANGELE RESTAURANT & BAR French. $$$. Thoroughly French, but not aggressively so. Lunch and dinner daily. 540 Main St., Napa. 707.252.8115. AZZURRO PIZZERIA E ENOTECA Italian. $$-$$$. The hippest little corner pizza joint in town, with an open kitchen and always-full dining room. Salads and pastas are good here, but it’s the pizza that’s the star, boasting incredible crusts. Lunch and dinner daily. 1260 Main St., Napa. 707.255.5552. BISTRO DON GIOVANNI Italian/French. $$-$$$. Menu changes daily with an emphasis on rustic, hearty country food made fine. 4110 Howard Lane, Napa. 707.224.3300.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

BOONFLY CAFE California cuisine. $-$$. Extraordinary food in an extraordinary setting. Perfect pasta and mussels. Breakfast,lunch and dinner daily. 4080 Sonoma Hwy, Napa. 707.299.4900.


BOUNTY HUNTER Wine country casual. $$. Wine shop and bistro with maverick moxie for the wine cowboy. Premium bottles for sale, also. Lunch and dinner, Tues-Sun; open late, Thurs-Sat. 975 First St., Napa. 707.255.0622. BRIX American. $$$. Elegant but casual restaurant offers local, seasonal and sophisticated comfort foods. The charcuterie platter is a hit. Don’t skip on dessert. Lunch, Monday–Saturday; dinner daily; Sunday brunch. 7377 St. Helena Hwy., Napa. 707.944.2749.

CA’ MOMI ENOTECA Italian. $$. Great pizzas and pastas are the stock in trade for this Oxbow standout, but the secret weapon are its bignés. Traditional regional Italian with organic ingredients and a welcoming, casual atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 610 First St., Napa. 707.257.4992.

CARPE DIEM WINE BAR Californian. $-$$. Right in the heart of downtown Napa, Carpe Diem’s contemporary and innovative menu includes a variety of seasonal flatbreads, an ostrich burger, the famed short-rib sliders and much more. Over 45 wines by the glass, six draft beers and an impressive reserve wine list round out this warm, inviting space. Dinner daily. 1001 Second St., Napa. 707.224.0800. CELADON Global comfort food. $$. Relaxed sophistication in intimate neighborhood bistro setting by the creek. Superior wine list. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner, Mon-Sat. 500 Main St., Ste G, Napa. 707.254.9690. CIELITO LINDO Mexican. $$. Two words: octopus tacos. If that doesn’t tell you what you need to know about this bright spot on Napa’s dining scene, then try your luck with the bigger dishes like the chile relleno and the pan-roasted halibut—but know that the tacos are the stars here. Lunch, Thurs.–Sat.; dinner nightly. 1142 Main St., Napa. 707.252.2300. COLE’S CHOP HOUSE American steakhouse. $$-$$$. Handsome, upscale 1950s-era steakhouse serving chophouse classics like dry-aged porterhouse steak and Black Angus filet mignon. Wash down the red meat with a “nostalgia” cocktail. Dinner, Tues-Sat. 1122 Main St., Napa. 707.244.6328. COMPADRES RIO GRILLE Western/Mexican. $-$$. Contemporary food and outdoor dining with a Mexican flavor. Located on the river and serving authentic cocktails. Nightly specials and a love of the San Fracisco Giants. Lunch and dinner daily. 505 Lincoln Ave., Napa. 707.253.1111.


$10 Gift Certificate

One certificate per table. Minimum purchase of $29 or more. Cannot be combined with other special offers. Not valid for taxes or tips. Expires 11/01/2013

707.823.6688t799 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol, behind McDonald’s

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FUME´ BISTRO & BAR California cuisine. $$$. California bistro fare that nearly always hits the mark. Lunch and dinner daily. 4050 Byway E, Napa. 707.257.1999. LA TOQUE RESTAURANT French-inspired. $$$$. Set in a comfortable elegantly rustic dining room reminiscent of a French lodge, with a stone fireplace centerpiece, La Toque makes for memorable special-occasion dining. The elaborate wine pairing menus are luxuriously inspired. Dinner, Wed-Sun. In the Westin Verasa, 1314 McKinstry St., Napa. 707.257.5157. MINI MANGO Thai. $$. Casual Thai, but with unexpected gems. The Thai iced tea—out of this world. The pad Thai—incredibly authentic and balanced. A must-try for all Thai lovers. Lunch, Monday-Saturday; dinner daily. 1408 West Clay St., Napa. 707.226.8884.

Best of Winners. HIGHLIGHTED Advertisers. Cost: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$x = Over $27 Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.

MORIMOTO Japanese$$$$. Upscale meets casual with a wide range of Asian-inspired dishes from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Cold and hot appetizers, great seafood options and newcomer dishes such as tuna pizza. Perfect for the adventurous eater. Lunch, Wednesday-Sunday; dinner daily. 610 Main St., Napa. 707.252.1600.


NAPA VALLEY BISCUITS Southern. $$. A very casual diner serving up biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, and chicken and waffle sliders. And they aren’t kidding when they say “sweet tea.” Breakfast and lunch, Tuesday-Sunday. 1502 Main St., Napa. 707.265.8209. NEELA’S Indian. $$. An authentic Indian restaurant, Neela’s serves traditional and tasty Indian dishes ranging from the novice favorite, chicken masala, to lamb kabab sliders. Oh, and Neela was on Food Network’s Chopped—and won! A must eat. Lunch, Tuesday–Friday; dinner, Tuesday-Sunday. 975 Clinton St., Napa. 707.226.9988. NORMAN ROSE TAVERN American. $$-$$$. More than just suds ‘n’ grub—though that’s the name of the happy hour— this old-fashioned hangout with dark wood and rustic touches does pulled-pork nachos, wild boar burgers, osso bucco and crab-potato tots right. Lunch and dinner daily. 1401 First St., Napa. 707.258.1516. OENOTRI Italian. $$$. A casual eatery with the three P’s of Italian: pizza, pasta and panini. Delicate pizza and pasta dishes, and they butcher their own meat. These guys do simplicity well. Lunch, Monday-Friday; dinner daily. 1425 First St., Napa. 707.252.1022. TARLA MEDITERRANEAN GRILL Mediterranean. $$. Casual and trendy with a variety of Turkish and Greek options for any meal of the day. The lamb burger should not be missed. Lunch and dinner served daily. Breakfast, Saturday-Sunday. 1480 First St., Napa. 707.255.5599. RISTORANTE ALLEGRIA Italian. $$-$$$. Inside a historic 1916 building lies this Italian restaurant with music, candlelight and a robust menu. Full bar, wine list and “the Vault”—more romantic than it sounds, believe us. Lunch and dinner daily. 1026 First St., Napa. 707.254.8006. ZUZU Spanish tapas. $$. Graze your way through a selection of tasty tapas in a lively rustic chic setting with a popular wine bar. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 829 Main St., Napa. 707.224.8555.


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ALEXANDER VALLEY VINEYARDS At family-run Alexander Valley Vineyards, the Wetzels serve as curators of local history, having restored Cyrus’ original adobe and schoolhouse. 8644 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg. Tasting room open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.433.7209. ARROWOOD WINERY Most of Arrowood’s wine is done in the Bordeaux style of France. 14347 Sonoma Hwy., Glen Ellen. Tasting room open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.935.2600. BALLETTO VINEYARDS Some of the best values from the Russian River Valley, in Chard and Pinots both Gris and noir. Being out of the touring loop, it’s generally a low-key place that picks up a bit on weekends. 5700 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa. Open daily, 10am–4pm. 707.568.2455. BARTHOLOMEW PARK WINERY Nestled on a historic, organically farmed estate just a few blocks east of Sonoma’s plaza. Boutique quantities of single-vineyard wines are offered exclusively from the winery. Open daily, 11am – 4:30pm. 1000 Vineyard Lane, Sonoma. 707.935.9511. BELLA VINEYARDS Specializing in Zinfandel, Bella Vineyards farms three vineyards in Sonoma County: Big River Ranch in lexander Valley, and the Lily Hill Estate and Belle Canyon in Dry Creek Valley. 9711 W. Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Open daily, 11am–4:30pm. 866.572.3552. B.R. COHN WINERY & OLIVE OIL COMPANY This beautiful estate was founded by Bruce Cohn in the late 1980s, and doubles as gourmet olive oil company. Decadent! 15000 Sonoma Hwy., Glen Ellen. Tasting room open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.938.4064. CAHILL WINERY Sample whites, reds, distilled Chardonnay spirits and a refillable one-gallon jug wine with unalloyed lack of wine country airs in this ramshackle warehouse steps away from the West Country Trail, Green Valley’s own Weinwanderweg. Bring your dog; the cat doesn’t mind. 4950 Ross Road, Sebastopol. Open Friday, 1–5pm; Saturday–Sunday, 11am–5pm. No fee. 707.823.1335. CHATEAU ST. JEAN WINERY Take the educational tour and sample both reserve and premier wines on acres of vineyard with gardens and gourmet food. Famed Riesling and rare Malbec. 8555 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.833.4134. CLAYPOOL CELLARS That darn Les Claypool is at it again, confusing everyone and winning awards with what he deems his attempts at making “some fancy booze” of his own. 6761 Sebastopol Ave., Ste. 111, Sebastopol. Wines sold at facilities personally endorsed by Les Claypool. 707.861.9358. CLINE CELLARS Look for single-vineyard designate Zinfandels–gorgeous fruit bombs. 24737 Hwy. 121, Sonoma. Open daily, 10am–6pm. 707.940.4000. D’ARGENZIO WINERY Much like the family-run, backstreet bodegas of the old country that the decor invokes. Sangiovese, Moscato di Fresco, and Randy Rhoads Cab. 1301 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa. Daily 11am–5pm. $10 tasting fee. 707.280.4658. DEERFIELD RANCH WINERY The finest wine caves this side of the highway. Twenty-thousand-square-foot underground lair is perfect for keeping wine and wine tasters cool on a summer’s day. Watch for giraffes. 10200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood. Daily 10:30am–4:30pm. Tasting fee $10-$15. 707.833.2270.



Belgium is renowned for its vibrant and diverse beer culture. A rich tradition of culinary invention and improvisation, combined with centuries of brewing passion and expertise, helped craft a stunning variety of beer styles enjoyed around the world.

Leffe Blonde was first brewed in 1240 by the monks of Abbaye de Notre Dame de Leffe in Belgium. A spicy, faintly clove-like aroma is balanced by Leffe's creamy body and restrained dry finish. Stella Artois' rich brewing heritage dates back to 1366 in Leuven, Belgium, where it was first brewed to celebrate the holiday season. Traditional malted barley and the highest quality European hops give Stella Artois its full flavor and delicately crisp finish. Hoegaarden is the Original Belgian Wheat Beer, dating back to the 15th Century. A naturally cloudy beer, Hoegaarden features a secret to its refreshing flavor and spicy nose: real Curaçao orange peel and a dash of coriander.

Always Enjoy Responsibly. © 2012 Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A., Stella Artois® Beer, Leffe® Blonde Ale and Hoegaarden® Beer, Imported by Import Brands Alliance, St. Louis, MO


DE LA MONTANYA VINEYARDS & WINERY Small family winery turns out diverse small lots culled from the best of a large vineyard operation, just for kicks and giggles. Tucked under Westside Road in a casual barn setting, fun tasting room offers good wines and cheeky diversions: De La Montanya wine club members get both case discounts and the opportunity to pose in fishnets on “PinUp” series labels. 999 Foreman Lane, Healdsburg. Monday–Friday, 11am–5pm. Tasting fee $5. 707.433.3711. DE LOACH VINEYARDS In the 1970s, Cecil De Loach established this pioneering producer of Russian River Zinfandel and Pinot Noir par excellence.1791 Olivet Road, Santa Rosa. Open daily, 10am–4:30pm. 707.526.9111. ENKIDU WINES Savage, dark Rhône-style wines and floral, seductive rosé star in this Sonoma winery named for a supporting actor in the epic of Gilgamesh. Get introduced to toothsome Syrah and other pleasures at this comfortable tasting room located in genteel Kenwood. 8910 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. Open 11am–6pm, Tuesday–Sunday. Tasting fee $10. 707.939.3930. FERRARI-CARANO VINEYARDS Known for its world-class wines, the vineyard houses two tasting rooms and provides guided tours and private tastings, all within the heart of the Dry Creek valley. Open daily, 10am-5pm. 8761 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. 707.433.6700. GEYSER PEAK WINERY When their Shiraz won top awards at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, it was seen as a peak moment in an Aussie invasion. 22281 Chianti Road, Geyserville. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 800.255.9463 GOURMET AU BAY Wine bar and retail shop offers flights served on custom wooden “surfboards,” artisan cheese and cracker plate, and liberal bring-your-own picnic policy. Cold crab cakes and sparkling wine at sunset on the bay? Sounds like a date. 913 Hwy. 1, Bodega. Wine surfing, $8. 707.875.9875. GUNDLACH BUNDSCHU WINERY California’s oldest family-owned winery offers limited-production wines from its estate vineyard in the lively tasting room. Intimate vineyard tours and seated cave tastings are available by appointment. Music events in the outdoor amphitheater range from cutting-edge bands to the annual Mozart Festival. Open daily. 11am– 5:30pm, June to mid-Oct.; 11am–4:30pm, mid-Oct. to May. 2000 Denmark St., Sonoma. 707.938.5277. HANNA WINERY A Healdsburg, family-owned winery that was founded by a heart surgeon in Syria? Hanna may be worth the trip just for the novelty. 9280 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg. Tasting room open daily, 10am–4pm. 707.431.4310. IMAGERY ESTATE WINERY Results from a 20-year collaboration between winemaker Joe Benziger and artist Bob Nugent. The concept: Commission unique artwork from contemporary artists for each release of often uncommon varietal wines. The wine gets drunk. The art goes on the gallery wall. Not so complicated. Count on the reds and plan to take a stroll down the informative “varietal walk” on the grounds. 14335 Hwy. 12, Glen Ellen. Summer hours, Sunday– Thursday, 10am–4:30pm; Friday–Saturday, 10am–5pm. 707.935.4515. IRON HORSE Despite the rustic tasting room, Iron Horse produces sparkling wine and Pinots for the elite. A brilliant view for winetasting. 209786 Ross Station Road, Sebastopol. Open daily, 10am–3:30pm. 707.887.1507. J VINEYARDS & WINERY Save the sit-down, three-course food and wine pairing in the Bubble Room for a special occasion, like, “Hey, it’s Sunday.” Weekend program offers deceptively wee courses that change every six weeks to feature seasonal produce. Diverse and intense flavors, matched with sparkling wine, Pinot and Chardonnay, sure to amuse anyone’s bouche. 11447 Old Redwood Hwy., Healdsburg. Open daily 11am–5pm, regular tasting $20. Bubble Room, Friday–Sunday, 11am–3pm, $60. 888.594.6326. KENDALL-JACKSON K-J produces the popular wines gracing most American tables. Amazing gardens, and great place to explore food and wine pairings. 5007 Fulton Road, Fulton. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.571.8100.




Happy Hour Bar opens Dinner Sunday Brunch

Daily 4pm to 6:30pm Mon-Sat 4pm & Sun 9:30am Sun-Thu 5pm-9pm, Fri & Sat 5pm-10pm 9:30am - 2:30pm

132 KELLER ST, PETALUMA 707.238.0158 for calendar of events & information

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KENWOOD VINEYARDS Icon of 1970s wine boom remains more or less the same, a tidy but rambling barn with a modest L-shaped bar serving up ever-popular Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and exclusive Jack London Vineyard wines. Prices also frozen in time: pick up a solid, Sonoma County wine without being left wearing nothing but a barrel. 9592 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. 10am–4:30pm daily; tasting fee, $5. 707.833.5891. KOKOMO WINERY Help Kokomo Winery help the community. This critically acclaimed winery also supports community causes, like the Harmony Festival and KRCB. 4791 Dry Creek Road at Timber Crest Farms, Healdsburg. Tasting room open daily, 11am–4:30pm. 707.433.0200. KORBEL CHAMPAGNE CELLARS A large, ivy-covered winery with a huge tasting room, fun staff, excellent deli and hourly tours, a perfect stop on the way to the Russian River. 13250 River Road, near Rio Nido. Open daily, 10am–5pm daily. 707.824.7316. KUNDE ESTATE WINERY Kunde is one of 12 wineries in Sonoma County to be distinguished with Second Level Green Business Certification. It also has beautiful wine caves carved into 5-million-year-old volcanic rock. 9825 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. Tasting room open daily, 10:30am–4:30pm. 707.833.5501. LA CREMA WINERY Stylish salon offers hip urbanites limited-release country cousins of the top-selling restaurant brand. Pop in for the Pinot, stay for the Syrah. 235 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. Open daily, 10:30am–5:30pm. 707.431.9400. LOCALS TASTING ROOM Locals is a high-concept tasting room offering over 60 wines from nine wineries in varietal flights. Corner of Geyserville Avenue and Highway 128, Geyserville. Open daily, 11am–6pm. 707.857.4900. LONGBOARD VINEYARDS If serious surfers are said to anticipate an approaching wave with focused contemplation, then it only follows that they’d pursue winemaking with corresponding studiousness. That’s the case at Longboard. 5 Fitch St., Healdsburg. Open Thursday–Saturday, 11am–7pm; Sunday, 11am–5pm. 707.433.3473. LYNMAR WINERY Produces world-class Pinot and Chard in elegant rural setting. Look for fun food pairings. 3909 Frei Road, Sebastopol. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.829.3374. MATANZAS CREEK WINERY Matanzas Creek Winery features a peaceful tasting room overlooking its famed acres of lavender. 6097 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa. Open daily, 10am–4:30pm. 707.528.6464. MATRIX WINERY Taking over the former warren of Rabbit Ridge, Mazzocco Winery’s new spinoff promises (threatens?) “Wines to die for.” Pinot, Zin and Syrah are tragically good; bar stool seating and a relaxed vibe are pluses. 3291 Westside Road, Healdsburg. Tasting fee $5. 707.433.1911. MAYO FAMILY WINERY Excellent place to pair food with wine, as tastings are matched with specific food items. 9200 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. Open daily, 10:30am–6:30pm. 707.933.5504. MAZZOCCO VINEYARDS & WINERY Award-winning Zinfandels and a chic, modern tasting room north of Healdsburg. Bigger parties get dibs on the patio and a box lunch from the famed Jimtown Store. 1400 Lytton Springs Road, Healdsburg. Open daily, 11am-5pm. 707.431.8159. MEDLOCK AMES TASTING ROOM Low-key urban aesthetic meets self-conscious sustainable land stewardship, with home-grown food pairings–plus a dark and stylish, full bar in the back. Make this your last stop of the day. 6487 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg. Daily 10am–5pm. $12.50 fee. Alexander Valley Bar opens at 5pm. 707.431.8845. MICHEL-SCHLUMBERGER Highly recommended, but by appointment only. The family has been making wine in France for 400 years. Well-known for Chardonnay. 4155 Wine Creek Road, Healdsburg. 707.433.7427.



HIGH GET LETS FLY < RESERVE > 88 88 . 9 95 . 7 700 / 707.942.575 7707.942.57588 888.995.7700


MOSHIN VINEYARDS Like so many other enterprising victims littering the area, former math teacher Rick Moshin fell hard for Pinot somewhere along the way. 10295 Westside Road, Healdsburg, Tasting room open daily, 11am–4:30pm. 707.433.5499. MURPHY-GOODE WINERY Value is a premium. Be sure to try the Brenda Block Cabernet and Fume Blanc. The new tasting room is a classy, low-key experience. 20 Matheson St., Healdsburg. Open daily, 10:30am–5:30pm. 800.499.7644. PARADISE RIDGE WINERY A gorgeous, provocative sculpture garden with annually changing exhibits set amid a pygmy forest. Stay for sunset Wednesday evenings April–October. 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Drive, Santa Rosa. Open daily, 11am– 5:30pm. 707.528.9463. Paradise also offers its food-friendly wines at an accessible little shack in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 8860 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. 707.282.9020. PETERSON WINERY Owner Fred Peterson’s “low-tech, yet high touch” philosophy translates into vintage Zinfandels made in modern, environmentally sustainable ways. 4791 Dry Creek Road, Bldg. 7, Healdsburg. Tastings by appointment only. 707.431.7568. RAVENSWOOD WINERY The winery motto is “No wimpy wines,” and they make strong, much-praised Zinfandels. A great place to learn that wine is supposed to be fun. 18701 Gehricke Road, Sonoma. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.933.2332. ROBERT RUE VINEYARD A new wave of Zin specialists helped keep small, old vineyards like this in production. Now, they’re making their own; refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, too. 1406 Wood Road, Fulton. Friday to Sunday, 10am–5pm, or by appointment. Tastings $5. 707.578.1601. RODNEY STRONG VINEYARDS Strong places as much emphasis on presentation as on the wine itself, putting forth a flawless image as well as an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. 11455 Old Redwood Hwy., Healdsburg. Open 10am–5pm daily. 800.678.4763. RUSSIAN RIVER VINEYARDS The iconic, Fort Ross–styled building may have bats in the attic, but the remodeled tasting room and restaurant feature crisp, delicious libations and a new menu. Nice Chileno Valley Riesling and Sonoma Coast Syrah. Look for the Bat Blend; proceeds benefit the bats. 5700 Gravenstein Hwy. N., Forestville. 11am to 5pm daily. $5 fee. 707.887.3344. SBRAGIA FAMILY VINEYARDS Ed Sbragia makes stellar Cab in Zin country. 9990 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Open daily, 11am–5pm. 707.473.2992. SEGHESIO FAMILY WINERY Delicious Italian varietals, many of them brought directly from Italy; excellent Zinfandel. 14730 Grove St., Healdsburg. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.433.3579. SHELDON WINES Globe-trotting harvest hoboes who caught wine fever like an express train and held on tight. New, industrial Urban Winery Village location; same Rhône-style and off-beat varietals from small, family-run vineyards. 1301 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa. Friday– Monday noonish to sixish; fees $5–15. Food carts join Thirsty Thursdays, 4–8pm. 707.865.6755. SIMI WINERY Pioneered female winemaking by hiring the first female winemaker in the industry. The tasting-room experience is mediocre, but the wine is fantastic and worth the wait. Excellent Chard, Sauvignon Blanc and Cab. 16275 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.473.3213. SONOMA-CUTRER Modern and elegant (attention, weekenders: closed-toe shoes are required for all tours), this Windsor vineyard still does Chardonnay as well as it has since the late 1970s. Its flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is a topselling Chardonnay nationwide in restaurants. 4401 Slusser Road, Windsor. 877.797.3489. THUMBPRINT CELLARS Vegan wines named Arousal, Threesome and Four Play; but it all started out innocently enough. Downtown lounge offers curvaceous bar, hookah-den-styled booth, and seasonal nosh. 102 Matheson St., Healdsburg. Open 11am to 6pm Sunday–Thursday, to 7pm Saturday. Tastings $5–$10; with food pairing, $10–$20. 707.433.2393. 50



TOAD HOLLOW A humorous, frog-themed tasting room begun by Robin Williams’ brother Todd Williams and Rodney Strong, both now passed. Refreshing and fun. 409-A Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. Open daily, 10:30am–5:30(ish)pm. 707.431.8667. VALLEY OF THE MOON WINERY This winery was once owned by Sen. George Hearst. Perhaps instead of the epochal utterance “Rosebud,” we could dub in “Rosé.” 777 Madrone Road, Glen Ellen. Open daily, 10am–4:30pm. 707.996.6941. WHITEHALL LANE WINERY Family-owned winery in the Rutherford area, founded in 1979. 1563 St. Helena Hwy., St. Helena. Open 10am–5:45 daily. 800.963.9454. WILSON WINERY Scenic setting and rustic-modern tasting room makes for an atmospheric, recommended visit. Single-vineyard Zinfandels, Cabernet Sauvignons, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Petite Sirah win awards for good reason—namely, even curmudgeons take one sip and turn into believers. 1960 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Open daily, 11am to 5pm. Tastings $5; $10 for reserves. 707.433.4355. THE WINE ROOM/ADLER FELS WINERY Initially making Gewuztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc, this operation has expanded into making negociant varietals with wines from other vineyards. 9575 Sonoma Hwy., Kenwood. 11am–5pm daily. 707.833.6131. WOODENHEAD VINTNERS Burgundian done California-style, with no mechanical pumping to create small and unique lots. All in all, damn good handcrafted wine. Pinot, Zin–yum, yum, yum. 5700 River Road, Forestville. Open Thursday–Monday, 10:30am–4:30pm. 707.887.2703.

MARIN COUNTY PEY-MARIN VINEYARDS A Marin wine adventure where cow country meets conifer forest, at the historic, hospitable Olema Inn. Discover razor-lean “Shell Mound” Marin County Riesling, opaquely purple, yet eminently food-friendly “Punchdown” Syrah, and more. 10000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Olema. Open daily from noon to 4pm. $12 fee. 415.663.9559. POINT REYES VINEYARDS The tasting room features many varietals but the main reason to go is for the sparkling wines. Open Saturday– Sunday, 11am–5pm. 12700 Hwy. 1, Point Reyes. 415.663.1011. RICK’S WINE CELLAR The focus for this critically acclaimed winery is local wines in limited supply, with wide varieties of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. 207 Corte Madera Ave., Corte Madera. Monday, 4–8pm; Tuesday–Saturday, noon– 8pm; Sunday, 3–7pm. 415.927.9466. ROSS VALLEY WINERY In existence since 1987, the Ross Valley Winery produces Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Zin port wines. 343 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo. Open Tuesday–Sunday, 1–7pm. 415.457.5157. WELLINGTON’S WINE BAR A cross between a British pub and a seaside wine bar, this place has roots in North London but a view of the bay. Perfect for a laugh and a game of chess after a ferry trip. 300 Turney St., Sausalito. 415.331.9463.

NAPA COUNTY ALPHA OMEGA WINERY The youthful Jean Hoefliger and the seasoned Michel Roland have teamed up to create one of Napa Valley’s youngest boutique wineries. 1155 Mee Lane at Highway 29, Rutherford. Tasting room open daily, 10am–6pm. 707.963.9999.



Where Wine Country Meets the Live Music Every Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm Live Music Fridays through Labor Day Spectacular Panoramic Ocean Views Banquet Event Space Available Open for Lunch Daily Breakfast & Dinner Available on Selected Days Dinner served Sundays through Labor Day

1-877-DINE-144 Located a half hour from Santa Rosa or Petaluma at 21301 Heron Drive Bodega Bay, CA 94923


BERINGER WINERY A vineyard established in 1876 and on the National Register of Historic Places. Worldwide reputation for classic, characteristic wine. Open daily, 10am-5pm. 2000 Main St., St. Helena. 707.967.4412. CAKEBREAD CELLARS If there’s such a thing as an elitist, mom-and-pop winery, this is it! Cakebread Winery keeps it classy and comfortable, offering a variety of services including tasting by appointment, cooking courses and complimentary recipes. 8300 St.Helena Hwy., Rutherford. Tasting room open by appointment only. 800.588.0298. CASA NUESTRA WINERY Endearingly offbeat, with a dedicated staff and a collection of goats and dogs roaming freely. 3451 Silverado Trail N., St. Helena. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 707.963.5783. CASTELLO DI AMOROSA Not only an “authentic Medieval Italian castle,” but authentically far more defensible than any other winery in Napa from legions of footmen in chain mail. In wine, there’s something for every taste, but don’t skip the tour of great halls, courtyards, cellars, and–naturally–an authentic dungeon. . 4045 N. St. Helena Hwy., Calistoga. 9:30am–5pm. Tasting fees, $10–$15; tours, $25–$30. Napa Neighbor discounts. 707.967.6272. CHARLES KRUG WINERY Founded 1861, and owned by the Peter Mondavi family since only 1943, Krug is among Napa’s most historic wineries. Taste award-winning Sauvignon Blanc and reserve Cab in unassuming low building across from the original stone winery. Ask about the Johannesburger Riesling. 2800 Main St., St. Helena. Tasting daily, 10:30am to 5pm. Fees vary; complimentary for “Napa neighbors.” 707.967.2229. CHATEAU MONTELENA The winery triumphed at the 1976 “Judgment of Paris” tasting where French judges, quelle horreur, found that they had awarded top honors to a California contender. 1429 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga. Open daily, 9:30am–4pm. 707.942.5105. CLOS PEGASE WINERY Practically an art museum. A 2,800-square-foot “cave theater” plays frequent host to parties and more. Tasting flight of four wines, red and white, $10. 1060 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga. Open daily, 10:30am–5pm. 800.366.8583. DARIOUSH Exotic locale, with giant columns and a Persian theme, Darioush is justly famous for its Bordeaux. 4240 Silverado Trail, Napa. Open daily, 10:30am–5pm. 707.257.2345. DOMAINE CARNEROS Inspired by Taittinger’s Château de la Marquetterie of Champagne, this house of premium sparkling wine is a hard-to-miss landmark on the Carneros Highway. Luxury bubbly Le Rêve offers a bouquet of hoary yeast and crème brûlée that just slips away like a dream. 1240 Duhig Road (at Highway 12/121), Napa. Wine flights $15; also available by the glass or bottle. Open 10am–5:45pm. 800.716.2788. ETUDE WINES Inspired by Chopin, this 25-year-old winery accepts the challenge of delicacy in Pinot Noir and comes out on top. $15 tastings daily, 10am-4:30pm. $25 reserve tastings at 10am, 1pm and 3pm; reservations required. 1250 Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa. 877.586.9361. GRGICH HILLS Mike Grgich’s Chardonnays famously beat the competition at the 1976 “Judgment of Paris” and the all-estate winery is solar-powered and practices organic and biodynamic. 1829 St. Helena Hwy., Rutherford. Open daily, 9:30am–4:30pm. 707.963.2784. HESS COLLECTION An intellectual outpost of art and wine housed in the century-old Christian Brother’s winery. Cab is the signature varietal. 4411 Redwood Road, Napa. Open daily, 10am–4pm. 707.255.1144. MUMM NAPA Californian-style fizz factory, all barn and no chateau, offers a robust account of how the bubbles get in the bottle. Sparkling winetastings offered on the patio, or take it to the next level in plush love seats on the Oak Terrace. Sparkling red is novel; DVX Brut among the best in the valley. Photography gallery includes Ansel Adams prints and other exhibits. 8445 Silverado Trail, Napa. Open 10am–5pm daily. Tasting $6–$20; Oak Terrace $30. 707.967.7700.



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PLUMPJACK WINERY Part of the huge empire in part helmed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Syrah, Merlot and more. 620 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville. Open daily, 10am–4pm. 707.945.1220. ROBERT SINSKEY VINEYARDS In the lofty, barnlike hall, visitors can take in the tank room action; at least, the gleaming stainless steel, framed by wood and stonework and brewpub-style chalkboard menus imbues the space with a sense of energetic immediacy. “Gluttonous Flight” pairs savory munchables prepared in the gourmet demonstration kitchen with biodynamically farmed Careros Pinot Noir and Bordeaux varietals. 6320 Silverado Trail, Napa. Open 10am–4:30pm daily. 707.944.9090. RUBICON ESTATE Despite the celebrity hype, the wine is award-winning. 1991 St. Helena Hwy., Rutherford. Open daily, 10am–5pm. 800.782.4226. SCHRAMSBERG Sparkling wine at its best. The “tasting room” is a branch of the cave illuminated with standing candelabras. 1400 Schramsberg Road, Calistoga. By appointment. 707.942.4558. SILENUS VINTNERS A bright, airy tasting room with an outdoor patio, fountain, lawn, picnic tables, stage and bocce ball serves a selection of boutique wines produced on-site. Open daily by appointment. 5225 Solano Ave., Napa. 707.299.3930. SOMERSTON WINE CO. Ambitious ranch and winery inclues utility-vehicle “buggy” rides by appointment. The cheese shop and grocery opens in April. All that and wine, too. 6488 Washington St., Yountville. Tasting room open noon-8pm Monday–Thursday; to 9pm, Friday–Saturday; to 10pm, summer. Tastings $15–$40. Ranch tours by appointment, $50. 707.944.8200. ST. CLEMENT VINEYARDS Though the hike from the parking lot to the house can be a workout, it’s worth it. Built in 1878, the St. Clement house is a marvel. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to delight the palate. Open daily, 10am-5pm. 2867 St. Helena Hwy. N., St. Helena. 866.877.5939. T-VINE CELLARS Since only three people run the winery, getting in for a tasting may require patience. Most wines are full-bodied and fruity. 5584 Silverado, Calistoga. Tasting by appointment. 1313 MAIN Wine tasting and small plates. Light plates of cheese, meat and olives to complement the local wine. 1313 Main St, Napa. 707.258.1313. V. SATTUI Though a regular stop on the tourist circuit, it remains charming in the Italian style. With no distribution except via the Net, wines can only be purchased onsite. 1111 White Lane, St. Helena. Open daily, 9am–6pm. 707.963.7774. VELO VINO NAPA VALLEY Cycling-themed bungalow is filled with enough gear to outfit a peloton, plus wine and espresso, too. Tastings include spiced nuts and dried cherries, but sample-sized Clif and Luna Bars are readily available for your impromptu energy bar and wine pairings. 709 Main St., St. Helena. Daily, 10am–6pm. $10–$25. 707.968.0625. 56



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Old Chicago delicious deep dish pizza—the original Chicago style.

OLD CHICAGO PIZZA 41 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma 707.763.3897 OLD CHICAGO PIZZA DELIVERY 203 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma 707.766.8600 –


BEAR REPUBLIC BREWING CO. One of the originals on the North Bay craft-beer scene, this family-owned brewery only gets better with age. Most famous for Racer 5, the Healdsburg location offers a surprisingly diverse selection of beers beyond the better-known names. 345 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.2337. DEMPSEY’S RESTAURANT & BREWERY Give your palate a rest from the hopped-up West Coast ales and try the maltier Irish ales at one of Sonoma County’s oldest breweries. Or just go for it and get a Boneshaker, a big IPA at 8.7 percent ABV—but you may need to take a dunk in the nearby Petaluma River to recover. 50 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 707.765.9694. HOPMONK TAVERN Founded by Dean Biersch of Gordon-Biersch, Hopmonk offers house-brewed beers Kellerbiers and Dunkelwiezens, in addition to an impressive rotating list of seasonal craft beers from California and beyond. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.7300. 691 Broadway. Sonoma. 707.935.9100. LAGUNITAS BREWING If you haven’t hit up the beer garden at the North Bay’s most laid-back brewery, waste no time and get down there, preferably on one of the many nights of live music. Sip on a Little Sumpin,’ Hop Stoopid, Hairy Eyeball, Pils . . . you are getting verrrrrryyy thirsty . . . 1280 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma. 707.778.8776. OLD REDWOOD HIGHWAY BREWERY Now that they’ve made the leap from the garage to an actual building, this Windsor-based brewery has really taken off. Part of the appeal, beyond delicious beers, is the focus on locally sourced ingredients. 9000-A Windsor Road, Windsor. 707.657.7624. 101 NORTH BREWING COMPANY A new addition to the North Bay craft beer scene, this brewery’s Heroine IPA has 101 North winning at the beer game just out the gate. Based in Petaluma, put it on your “one-to-watch” list. 1304 Scott St., Ste. D. Petaluma. 707.778.8384. RUSSIAN RIVER BREWING CO Eclectic. $. Decent pizza and excellent brews. Two words: beer bites! Lunch and dinner daily. 725 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.545.2337. RUTH MCGOWAN’S BREW PUB Straight outta Cloverdale, Ruth McGowan’s citrus wheat ale makes summer days fly by just right. During the colder days of winter, try the dry Irish stout. 131 E. First St., Cloverdale. 707.894.9610. SONOMA SPRINGS BREWING CO. With a focus on German-Style beers (try the Uncle Jack’s kolsch or the Summer Altbier, when available) and California ales, Sonoma Springs Brewing Co. boasts a good-looking lineup of ales. 750 W. Napa St., Sonoma. 707.938.7422. STUMPTOWN BREWERY A day on the river isn’t complete without a stop at Guerneville’s best (and only) brewery. Better yet, sip ale on the expansive patio overlooking the Russian River, and let those kayakers do all the work for you. 15045 River Road, Guerneville. 707.869.0705.



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THIRD STREET ALEWORKS Third Street is sometimes overshadowed by a world-renowned brewery just around the corner, but their Bombay rouge—a malty, drinkable IPA—can hold its own in a roomful of crowded beers. 610 Third St., Santa Rosa. 707.523.3060. WOODFOUR BREWING An artisan brewery located in the Barlow in Sebastopol, Woodfour is one of the only completely solarpowered breweries in the country. 6780 Depot St., Sebastopol. 630.854.1721.

MARIN COUNTY BROKEN DRUM BREWERY & WOOD GRILL Voted Best North Bay brewpub by Bohemian readers in 2011, the time is right to stop in for a handcrafted German lager, bock or summer golden ale at San Rafael’s friendliest beer establishment. 1132 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.456.HOPS. IRON SPRINGS PUB & BREWERY Brewpub. $$. Pub grub gets a pub-cuisine facelift. Fun specials, great live music. Lunch, Sat-Sun; dinner daily. 765 Center Blvd, Fairfax. 415.485.1005. MARIN BREWING CO. Pub food. $-$$. Excellent soups, salads, pub grub and award-winning pork-beer sausage. Lunch and dinner daily. 1809 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur. 415.461.4677. MILL VALLEY BEERWORKS If there is a beer heaven, it might look a little like this Mill Valley gem of a spot. An impressive draft list is well stocked with old and new favorites. 173 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. 415.888.8218. MOYLAN’S BREWERY & RESTAURANT At Moylan’s, the M stands for malty. Hit up this Novato landmark for traditional ales that won’t fail the taste test. 15 Rowland Way, Novato. 415.898.HOPS. PIZZA ORGASMICA & BREWING COMPANY What goes together better than beer and pizza? Not much. Wash down a hefty slice of pepperoni with an Orgasmica kolsch, a cold-aged ale with a crisp, refreshing finish. 812 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.457.BEER.

NAPA COUNTY DOWNTOWN JOE’S RESTAURANT & BREWERY With a brewery built by Chuck Ankeny—the great-grandson of Adolf Hamms—this Napa mainstay has serious historical chops. Try the palate-altering Golden Thistle Very Bitter ale, and prepare to be amazed. 902 Main St., Napa. 707.258.2337. NAPA SMITH BREWERY Brewer Don Barkley was part of the revered New Albion Brewery, America’s first craft brewery since Prohibition, back in 1978. He’s now part of the team creating gold-medal winning IPAs, wheat beers, pilsners and more at Napa Valley’s only production brewery. 1 Executive Way, Napa. 707.254.7167. NAPA VALLEY BREWING COMPANY Located within the Calistoga Inn, this brewery produces an admirable Dugan oatmeal stout that just might replace your next egg-and-bacon breakfast. What’s for dinner? Why, a Calistoga porter, of course! 1250 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.4101.



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