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Wee turn our staff W staff loose looose on the best beest local gift ideas for for thee holidays holidays P13

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Lessons s Learned? L Learned d? d Re: R ee: “Un “Under der th thee Br Bridge” idge” (Cov (Cover, err, N Nov. ovv. 13): The hatred off poor peo people and T he virulent virulent h attred do ple an d people peo ple of of co color, lorr, w while hile n no o llonger onger rresulting esulting in County bridges, llynching ynching from from Santa Santa Cruz Cruz Coun ty b ridges, is still still a pparent, even even e in Santa Santa Cr uz. apparent, Cruz. W don’t have have to to look loo ok any any further further th an our Wee don’t than o wn llocal ocal radio radio station, stati t on, KSCO. KSCO. This This station stattion own h as, ffor or o yyears, eears, b road dcast bomb ast fr om a has, broadcast bombast from vvariety a ariety o olks w ho spe ew this h atred ffor or o a off ffolks who spew hatred livin g, and and make make KSCO KSCO a nice nice profit. profit. living, The Sentinel's Sentinel's attitudes atttitu udes h ave cchanged, hanged, a have att lleast east som ewhatt, d urring th terveening somewhat, during thee in intervening yyears eears since since 1877, but bu ut the the h aters o r, haters off th thee poor poor, peo ple o lor an d immigr ants in ggeneral eneral people off co color and immigrants con tinue tto o pos e h eir attred onlin o continue postt th their hatred onlinee tto Sentinell ar ticles an d edi torials. articles and editorials. I am n ot ad voca o atting an orm o o not advocating anyy fform off

cen censorship. nsorship. T The he F First irst Am Amendment endment tto o th thee U.S. Constitution Con nstitu uttion is th thee bedr bedrock ock o off our n nation. attion. I am m ad advocating dvo ocating ffellow ellow communi community ty m members embers be a aware ware th that at this fform o orm o off h hatred atr t ed is aliv a alive ve an and d ffestering es e tering am among ong a d decided ecided min minority orityy o off our po p attion. Wh pul at can w e, as in dividuals d o? population. What we, individuals do? W ell, as on ember o CCS bo oard o Well, onee m member off th thee S SCCS board off tr u tees, speakin us g onl or o m yself, I can c w ork trustees, speaking onlyy ffor myself, work tto om make ake sur suree our sc schools' hools' po policies licies rreflect, e ect, efl rrespect esspect and and celebrate celebrate th thee div diversity ersity o off our community. com mmunityy. I can w work ork tto om make ake sur suree th that at ourr S CCS ad ult ed uca attion p rogram iiss full SCCS adult education program fullyy fun nded, tto op rovide a lladder adder o pporrtunity funded, provide off o opportunity tto o th tthee poor est in our communi ty ffor orr an o poorest community eexpanded xp panded ed uca attion th at b rings m o e social or education that brings more an d econ omic o pportunityy. An dIw o d oul and economic opportunity. And would rremind em mind yyou o ou th at th ose m otions ffor or o sspending pending that those motions rrequire eq quire a east ffour o our vvotes. o otes. I am onl o ote. o att lleast onlyy on onee vvote. Iw ant tto o rremind emind th eaders th at tur rf want thee rreaders that turf w a fa ar are is sstill till aliv ve, an d iitt inf fes e ts th ang warfare alive, and infests thee ggang m e talityy, sstill en till a pparent on a regular regularr basis basis mentality, apparent

in our coun county. tyy. An And d I don’t don’t refer reffeer here here to to just just Norteños N orteños an and d Sur Sureños, reños, I al also so rrefer effeer tto o th thee movers m ovveers and and shakers shakers e in the the upper upper ec echelons helons off th o thee banking banking and an nd finance finance community community in our coun county, tyy, w who ho have have the the power po ower to to bring bring econ omic o pportunity tto o all p arts o economic opportunity parts off th thee San ta Cr uz comm munityy, an d th ntty in Santa Cruz community, and thee coun county ggeneral. eneral. Latinos, La attinos, lik llikee myself, myself, overwhelmingly ovver erwhelmingly rreject eject tur turff w warfare arfar a e an and d iits ts rresulting esulting vi violence, olence, contrary con trary tto ow what hat a surp surprisingly risingly llarge arge gr group oup in this communi community ty sstill till sstubbornly tubbornly believe. believe. As far far a as th McPherson ffamily a amily is concerned, concerned, thee McPherson I am hopeful hopeful county coun nty su pervisor Br uce supervisor Bruce M cPherson is a war a e of of his ffamily's a amily's history, history, McPherson aware an d will w or o k for for o social and and econ omic jus tice and work economic justice in his dis trict. district. L ynching can an d sshould hould be por trayed e as on Lynching and portrayed onee o any eelements lementss o ta Cr uz's p ast, bu ut off m many off San Santa Cruz's past, but llearning earning from from thi is en ormous ffailure a ailure of of our this enormous 19th cen tury soci e m ety eans that that we we are are not not century society means con demned tto o repeat rep pea at iit. t. condemned STEVE TRUJILLO Caapitola Capitola

Give Back Ba ack Santa Cruz C Re: R e: e “Pullin “Pulling gN No o Pu Punches” unches” (Cover, (Coverr, Sept. Sept. 25): T ak a ers are are the the whole whole problem problem h ere an d Takers here and eeverywhere. verywhere. P oor ttakers akers th at think th orld Poor that thee w world o wes th em, an d are arre therefore thereffo ore entitled entitled to to take take owes them, and fr om th nityy. Ri ch ttakers akers th at think from thee commu community. Rich that th at h avin v g made made a lot lot of of money money m akes th em that having makes them bett er than than an yon ne else—it else—it doesn't doesn't m attter better anyone matter h ow much much m oneyy on as or d oesn't h ave. how money onee h has doesn't have. Se lf-absor bed peo ople w ho act acct without withou ut being being Self-absorbed people who con scious o eirr effect efffeect on oth ers are are takers takers conscious off th their others an d ar blowing iitt ffor or eeveryone. o veeryon o e. An yo one and aree blowing Anyone w ho think that they th hey deserve deserve better better or more more who thinkss that th an an yone else else is i (a) wrong, wrong, (b) stirring stirring up up than anyone rresentment, esentment, disdain disdain a and and animosity, animosityy, an d (c) and pus hing ou ut th o peo ood ple—hard w orking, pushing out thee ggood people—hard working, h onest, t con siderate, h umble, con scientious honest, considerate, humble, conscientious ggood ood peo ple who who ac a tually are are o her vvalue alue people actually off hig higher tto o this or an mmunityy. anyy com community. So please, please, p lease, p lease sstop top taking taking Santa Santa please, please Cr uz. It d oesn't be elong tto o jus ou. Cruz. doesn't belong justt yyou. NICK MILLER Santa Cruz Santa


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Currents Chip Scheuer

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ON MESSAGE Joe Foster, executive director of the Santa Cruz County Business Council, believes the county needs to make a unified effort toward beating Santa Cruz stereotypes.

Re-Branding Santa Cruz Does the city need an extreme image makeover? BY JACOB PIERCE


hen Santa Cruz-based comic Richard Stockton went on tour this past fall, he got an eye-opening window into how the rest of the world sees Santa Cruz. Anytime an MC doing introductions at a club told the crowd where Stockton came from, the audience whooped hollered, groaned and made lots of noise. “That alone gets a response,” Stockton says. “You’re 2,000 miles from home, and you think no one’s heard of Santa Cruz. But no, everyone’s heard of Santa Cruz.” If his experience on the road is any indicator, Santa Cruz has indeed built a reputation as a haven for drug culture

and leftist politics. Stockton isn’t saying there’s anything wrong with that, but it surprised him to see how prevalent that image was. And it speaks to a larger discussion happening here in the county about Santa Cruz’s identity. The recent buzzword is “re-branding,” and has floated around for a few years in local business circles, although it’s picked up more lately. The question with no easy answers is: does Santa Cruz need one? Does it really have a reputation for drugs, crime and wacky politics that’s bad for tourism? Many public safety hawks also believe the city is seen as a place to hang out without any money, do bad things and get cheap scores.

Last year, at a Chamber of Commerce forum for the city council race, moderator Doug Ley asked candidates what Santa Cruz’s brand was to them. Steve Pleich and Jake Fusari both said “Surf City.” Other candidates, including the four that were later elected, gave more free-form answers—“creative,” “fun,” “incredible outdoor recreational community,” and so on. The issue came up again in public safety task force meetings, where members discussed whether or not the city should start a campaign to re-brand. The task force ultimately decided to leave the re-branding out of its recommendations, which go to city council Tuesday Dec. 3, and might

require a new tax if approved. The task force suggested the bad reputation was partly due to perceived lax sentencing by the county courts. “Many believe the civil process to be ineffective, and partially responsible for the perceived draw of criminals to Santa Cruz,” reads a narrative draft that accompanies the task force’s recommendations. But it’s still a hot topic. Civinomics posted an online forum about re-branding earlier this month, and second district County Supervisor Zach Friend has said the city needs to do a better job of getting its messages across. The ideas for how to tackle that are, like the problem, abstract. Joe Foster, executive director of the Santa Cruz County Business Council, says leaders need to work together to solve these problems and bring the public and private sectors together. “It really has to be a countywide approach,” he says. “Geographically we’re not that big, but our economy’s so diverse, and our people are diverse.” Maggie Ivy, CEO of the Santa Cruz County Visitors Council, says the CVC’s studies on recent visitors shows tourists think of Santa Cruz as a fun, laid-back unique beach town— quintessential California. Additionally, the CVC unveiled a new logo and commercial this past year. Not everyone thinks Santa Cruz is being overtaken by stereotypes. “That’s not my experience of Santa Cruz,” says Chip, executive director for the Downtown Association. “That part exists. People often talk to me about ‘Santa Cruz: that’s where the Cabrillo Music Festival is.’” He adds that it’s okay if this whole conversation stays abstract. “If you look at the taglines the Downtown Association and the community have used, they’re all innocuous,” he says. “Our last tagline was ‘It’s all right here,’ and that doesn’t mean anything because we’re trying to create a tagline that encompasses everything. The best tagline for Santa Cruz is ‘Santa Cruz.’ That does encompass everything.” 0


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Homelessness By Numbers The county’s homeless census, which is headed by the United Way and comes out every two years, showed this year that less than two out of 10 homeless people in the county have shelter. The census also showed a 28 percent increase in the homeless population over two years ago—although some of the survey techniques differed from ones used in 2011. Here are some other stats you may have missed. 425 homeless people in Santa Cruz County are children—12 percent of the total homeless population.

'21 percent of the county's homeless population are employed, a fifth of them full-time.' 165 families are homeless, 63 percent of them unsheltered. 67 percent of homeless families live in Watsonville. 133 homeless children are unaccompanied, 95 percent of them unsheltered. 814 adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are homeless, 97 percent of them unsheltered. 58 percent of people turned away from shelter in the prior month say it was because there were not enough beds. Second most common reason is drugs and alcohol at 11 percent—half of what it was in 2011. 33 percent of people report job loss as their main reason for being homeless, up from 25 percent in 2011. 9 percent of people reported domestic violence as their main reason for being homeless, up from 3 percent in 2011. 45 percent of homeless people

used the emergency room in the prior year. 55 percent of people report at least one mental illness. 21 percent of homeless people are employed, a fifth of them full-time. 23 percent of homeless people panhandle. 69 percent of people receive some kind of government assistance— nearly half of them are on food stamps. 13 percent of homeless veterans receive government assistance. 395 veterans are homeless, making up 10 percent of the homeless population. 62,619 people were homeless veterans nationally in 2012, 13 percent of the total homeless population. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a goal to end homelessness for veterans by 2015.

Market Value The official announcement came last week that New Leaf grocery stores had been purchased by Portlandbased grocery chain New Seasons— or, as the Portland Oregonian put it, “New Seasons Market is branching out a New Leaf.” We think they meant “turning over a New Leaf,” but then again that’s probably not the image that anybody involved wants to invite, considering the hyper-imageconscious world of indie markets. While Scott Roseman, founder and co-owner of New Leaf, says there are currently no plans to re-brand the predominantly natural and organic New Leaf, New Seasons carries a mix of organic and conventional products, and New Seasons chief executive Wendy Collie has said changes to the product lineup of New Leaf could eventually come. For now, one change has already taken place. Last Thursday, Roseman, a founding member of Think Local First, a nonprofit supporting local businesses, resigned from his position on the organization’s board in light of New Leaf’s change in ownership. For a business to be a part of Think Local First, it has to be at least 50 percent owned by a local company, and New Leaf is now just 30 percent locally owned, said Think Local First co-chairman Karl Heiman. 0



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t f i G e d i u G

SOME E EXP EXPERT PERT ADVICE crreedib bly specialized Our incredibly staff rrecommends ecomm mends items like (clockwi ise fr ro om left): (clockwise from the hanging terr tterrarium arium fr ro om from DIG Gar dens,, cookwar ro om Gardens, cookwaree fr from Chefworks, tu urntables fr ro om turntables from Metavinyl, y , ca atnip p seeds catnip fr ro om Staff of Lif L fe and Blithe & from Life Bonny pr odu ucts fr ro om W a ater products from Water at Morrissey y. Morrissey. ALL PHOTO OS BY PHOTOS CHIP SCHE EUER SCHEUER


INSIDERS! THE T E INS S ERS! SIDE S hese d hese days, ays, eexperts xperts ar aree eeverywhere. veryw ve ywhere. There There are are people people to tel ou w hat sto cks to iinvest nvestt telll yyou what stocks in, w hat ci ty tto om ove tto o an d what city move and w hat at n ot tto o ea att. what not eat.

Oh O h course course,, none non o e of of th those ose thin things gs ar aree n nearly early as important important as h how ow to to get get this season’s season’s holiday holiday shopping shopping d done. one. An And dw who ho d do om most ost so-call so-called ed “media “media outlets” outlets” lleave ea ave thatt to? to? “Staff “Stafff picks” picks” from from Mr Mr. r. and and Mrs. Gif Gifty-Come-Lately, fty-Come-La ately, th that’s at’ t s who. who.

They’ve what kind off They’vve got got music music editors editors telling telling yyou ou w hat kin do toy what toy robots robots to to buy, bu uy, and and ttoy oy rrobots obots ttelling elling yyou ou o w hat kind off musi musicc tto buy! kind o o bu uyy! OK, true. OK, that that last last thing thing may may not not o be tr ue. But Bu ut here’s here’s the they’re the point: point: they’r re all English h majors, people! Six dollars and their advice cup off d ollars an d th eir gift ad dvvicee will gget et yyou ou a cu po coffee—yes, thee m most delicious coffee co ffeee—yyees, th ost d elicious o co ffeee yyou’ve ou’vve ever but ttasted, asted, bu ut sstill! till! here att Santa Cruz W Weekly, we’ve one-upped So h ere a eeekly, w e’vve on e-upped them (probably more like billion-upped them all (p robably m ore lik ke a billi on-upped

them butt w wee d don’t them all, a bu on’t really really know, know, ’cause ’causse we’re we’re all English majors). picks English m ajors). For For the the staff stafff pi cks in this t yyear’s ear’s gift guide, guide, we’ve we’ve gone gone to to unprecedented unprecedented d lengths lengths by new off super kind by hiring hirin i gan ew breed breed o super eexpert, xpert, the t e kin th d of people specialized their fields their of peo ple so speciali zed in th eir fi elds th tthat at th eir ideas comee wi with incredible guarantee: gift id e com eas th an in credible gu arrantee: 60 percent off th thee tim time, they work thee tim time. per cen nt o e, th ey w ork all th me. meet thee sstaff, and out their So llet’s e sm et’ eet th tafff, an d ccheck heck ou ut tth eir incredible insider picks holiday in cred dible in sider pi cks ffor o or local local gifts tthis his h oliday season. season n.


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Busy planning for the holidays? J

Norrie s Gift Shop. UCSC Norrie’s C Arbor Arboretum. reetum. 1156 High St, UCSC, Santa Cruz $55 The The annual annual Wreath Wreath Sale Salle will be p part art o off th thee co cozy zy H Holiday oliday Open H House ouse a att th thee award-winning award-winning N Norrie’s orrie’’s Gift Shop Shop on N November ovvember e 23 and and 24, an and d wr wreaths eaths will al also so be a available va ailable thr throughout oughou ut th thee season. T This his yyear, earr, m most ost ar aree m made ade wi with th en enduring during succulents. succulents. At N Norrie’s, orrie’s, there’s there’s n no on need eed tto o ov overthink erthink giftss ffor o or p plant lant llovers. ovveers. A tterrific errific profusion profusion o off a appealing ppealing iitems tems ffor o or h holiday oliday d decorating ecoratting or yyear-round eear-round beau beautification uttifica attion support support this nonprofit: nonprofit:: planters, planters, vvases, ases, seed seeds, s, books books (so (some ome rare), rare), orn ornaments, aments, ggarden arden d decor, ecorr, h home ome d decor ecor an and d eeven veen jjewelry. ewelry. A sstroll troll ar around ound th thee llovely ovvely gr grounds ounds is plants, enjoyment. an education educa attion in native nattive p lants, labeled labeled ffor o or yyour our en njoyment.

Fresh, F rresh, h L Long-Lasting Long-La Lasting i P Poinsettias i i The Gar Garden rd den Company. 2218 Mission St, Santa Cruz. 22-4-6-8-inch -4-6-8-inch poinsettia $3.99 to $25 The poin The poinsettias settias com comee in n ffour o our si sizes zes an and d se several veeral co colors, lors, an and nd mig might ht cos costt a ttad ad m more ore than th an th thee ccheapest heapest on ones ess ar around. ound. Bu But ut th they ey al also so com comee dir directly e tly fr ec from om th thee gr grower ower in ttop op sshape, hape, ar aren’t en’t bo boxed xed d or sstored tored in ar artificial tificial lig light, ht, and and ar a aree cared cared ffor o or b by y specialis specialists ts who w ho will al also so ttake ake th thee ti time ime tto o giv givee yyou ou car caree in instructions. structions.. Ev Every ver e y in inch ch o off th thee Gar Garden den Company Com pany Gift Sh Shop op is p packed acked wi with th tr truly uly fin finee iitems tems ffor o or h holiday, oliday, ggarden arden an and dh home, ome, including in cluding dis dishes hes and and glassware, glassware, can candles, dles, special specialty ty tteas, eas,, orn ornaments aments and and so much much m more ore ffor o or th thee qu quality ality h hound o d on yyour oun our lis list. t. Livin Living g Chr Christmas istmas tr trees ees sstart tart a att on onee ggallon allon ffor or $12.99 an o and d can be tr transplanted ransplanted tto o gr grow ow llarger arger ov over er qui q quite te a ffew ew h holiday oliday season seasons; s; se seven-to-eight-foot ven-to-eight-ffo oot tr trees eees cos costt u up p tto o $149.

Let Us Bring The Party to You!

Indoor F Fountain o ountaiin Pottery Planet. 2600 Soquel Pottery S Ave, Santa Cruz. Fr From om $29 9 ffor o or a spout with pump From Fr ro om $10 ffor o or a bowl All that’s that’s needed needed to to use this striking striking ffountain oun o tain that that provides provid des in instant stant ser serenity enity an and d soothing sound outlet. bamboo spout and pump soothin g soun d tto o a rroom oo om is an eelectrical lectrical ou uttlet. A b amb boo spou ut an d pum p comee in many Use any bowl com many sizes, sizes, from from o tiny tiny to to very veery large. large. U se an y bo wl or vase va ase to to create crea ate a water water select from hundreds off cer ceramic bowls off ggorgeous ffeature, eea atture, or se lect fr om h undreds o amic bo wls in a vvariety ariety o orgeous gglazes, lazes, approximately inches three diameter. a pproximately 10 in ches e tto o thr ee ffeet eeet in diam eterr. Pottery Potterry Planet’s Planet’s scope scope of of options options breathtaking, and find affordable likee d decorative natural and is b rea atthtaking, an d yyou’ll o ou’ll fin d af ffo ordable iitems tems lik ecorativ t en attural rrocks ocks an d colored dress up potted plant add magic anyy ggarden. co lored gglass lass rrocks ocks tto o dr d ess u p a pott ed p lant or ad dm a c tto agi o an arden.

Kissandra McPaws M C ATS EDITOR EDITOR CATS Pyrhulla Bird Pillow P Natural Natur ra al Selection Furniture. Furnitturre. e 607 Soquel Ave, Santa Cr Cruz ruz $99 Got a ki kitty tty w who ho needs needs a li lil’ il’ n nudge udge tto o ffeel eeel m more ore comfortable com fo ortable sn snuggling uggling wi w with th M Mama? ama? I gget et iit, t, I’m handsy h andsy wi with th m myy ki kitties tties ttoo. o . (T oo (They’re hey’re jus justt ttoo oo d darn arn cute cute tto o rresist!) esist!) T Throw hrow on o onee o off th these ese d down-filled own-filled thr thrones ones on o yyour our llap, ap, an and d yyour our b baby aby will be a full full-time -time llap ap ki k kitty tty in n no o tim time. e. Bon Bonus: us: F For or our in indoors-only ndoors-only ssweethearts, weethearts, the the emb embroidered roidered image image of of a bir bird d creates crea ates the the illusion illusion o off hunting! hunting! 16

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Succulent W Wreaths rrea aths


16 15


Catnip Seeds

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Staff of Lif Life. fee. 1266 Soquel Soqu uel Ave, Santa Cruz $1.99 W eed a tr ea at som metimes. F or example, example, I lik o in dulge in m ore an dm ore Wee all n need treat sometimes. For likee tto indulge more and more cats ca atts w whenever henever m myy ffather atth her d does oes an anything ything to to in indicate dica ate th that at h hee doesn’t doesn’t love lovve m mee w which, hich, llet’s et’s be h onest, is p racti t cally every day urring h oliday tim e, w hich honest, practically day.. (Especiall (Especiallyy d during holiday time, which h hee spen spends ds wi with th his sec secret cret ffamily a amily in T Tampa.) ampa.) An Anyhoo, yhoo, tr treat rea at yyour our o b babies abies tto o a li little ttle lloosen-up oosen-up gr ass, b owing h eirloom ca attnip b aniical In terests! W oo h oo! grass, byy gr growing heirloom catnip byy Bot Botanical Interests! Woo hoo!

Kittenhood Bookshop Santa Cruz.. 1520 P Pacific acific Ave, Santa Cruz $2 $29.95 29.95 Allergic catt d dander? thee n next bestt thin thing: Kittenhood: Life-Size Portraits All ergic tto o ca ander?? Get th ext bes g: Kittenho ood: Lif fe-Size e P ortrra aits of Kittens in Their Firs First st 12 W Weeks, eeks, e a coffee coffee e table table book book chock-full chock-full of of pictures pictures of of kittens! personally have copies—one graces myy co coffee and thee ki ttens! I person ally h ave six co pies—one gr aces m offeee ttable, able, an d I used th others oth ers to to m make ake the the pur purr-fect rr-ffeect wallpaper! wallpaper!

Name Withhel Withheld ld By Request SURVIVALIST S URVIVALIST COMPOUND C OMPOUND E EDITOR DITOR Sugarhill Boutique e Hey Presto Dress Wallflower. W allflower. 103 Locust St, Santa a S Cruz $84.00 I’m w worried orried about abou ut the the dir direction ecti t on this country country is ttaking, aking, or if th there ere will eeven veen be an “A “America” America” lleft eft in fiv fivee yyears. ears. This This whole whole economy economy iiss about about to to come come tumbling tumbling down, down, and and there’s there’s nothing nothing an any y of of us can do do about abou ut it, it, except except be p prepared repared for for o the the inevitable. inevitab a le. While While you’re you’re buying bu uyying a year’s year e ’s supply supply of of pinto pinto beans, b bean s, you you might might also also want want to to pi pick ck u up p th thee Sug Sugarhill arhill Bou Boutique uttique “Hey “Hey Presto” Presto” dress dress at at Wallflower, Wa allfloweerr, which whi h ch is jus justt lovely. lovely. It has has little little rabbits rabbits in hats hats all over over it. it. How How adorable adorable is i th that? att?

Marvelous Pin Pinks nks Handmade Florall Arrangement Ferrari F eerrra ari Florist. 345 So Soquel oquel Ave, Santa Cruz $94.95 Really, thee bes bestt gift an anyone give once thee econ economy collapses, R eally, th yone can giv ve is ggold, old, because on ce th omy co llapses, how and keep h ow will you yo ou buy bu uy bread bread d an d water water tto ok eep your yo our family fa amily alive? a e? All your aliv yo our paper paper “money” worthless. Gold, thee oth other hand, will Justt m make “m money ey” will be w orth hless. ess Go ld, d on th er h and, d wil ll be vvaluable. aluable. Jus ake suree yyou don’t anyone have otherwise will second-best sur ou o d on’t ttell ell an yon o e yyou o ou h ave iit, t, oth errwise yyou ou wi ill gget et rrobbed. obbed. A secon d-best would onee o off F Ferrari Florist’s delightful handmade floral arrangements. gift w ould be on e ari Fl err orist’s d elightful h andmad a e fl oral arr angements. Myy person personal thee M Marvelous Pinkss arr arrangement. M al ffavorite avo orite iss th arvelous Pink angemen e t.

Healing W Wands, a and ds, 4” Stone Gaia Earth Tr Treasures. reeasures.. 212 Capitola Ave, Capitola $18$18-$45 -$45 As an anyy sm small all busin businessman esssman will ttell ell you, you, O Obamacare bamacare h has a li as literally terally pu put ut h hundreds undreds off thousands o thousands of of companies compani a es ou out ut o off busin business, ess, eeven veen bef before fo ore iitt p passed. assed. N Now ow th that at iit’s t’s becoming becomin g llaw, aw, iit’s t’s onl onlyy a m matter attter o off tim timee til w wee rrevert evert tto o com ccomplete plete an anarchy, archy, an and d then th en w where here will an anyone yon ne gget et m medical edical care? care? Might Might I suggest sugges e t one one of of Gaia T Treasure’s reasure’s healing h ealing w wands? ands? It m makes ak kes ffor o or a ni nice ce d decoration ecorati t on n now, ow, an and dm maybe ayb be a fun functional ctional healing h ealing ttool ool aft after er th thee econ eeconomy omy co collapses. llapses. T They hey ar aree cu cute ute ei either ther w way. ay.



Broadway’s Next H!t Musical



The Irish Rovers

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular



Zappa Plays Zappa: Tour de Frank

Mandy Patinkin: Dress Casual


TAO The Art of the Drum 5VFTr'FCSVBSZr1.

Ottmar Liebert 5IVSTr'FCSVBSZr1.

Ailey II Dance Company 'SJr.BSDIr1.


John Lithgow: Stories by Heart 5IVSTr.BZr1.



BROUGHT TO YOU BY SUNSET CULTURAL CENTER, INC. A NON-PROFIT 501 (C)(3) 831.620.2048 The Monterey Peninsula’s Premier Performing Arts Facility

San Carlos Street at Ninth Avenue Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Chef Robert Irvine Live!


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3





Socks Sockshop & Shoe Comp Company. pany. 1515 P Pacific acific Ave, Santa Cru Cruz uz Prices vary

Blake Pedals Pedalson son CYCLING CY CLING EDITOR EDITOR Lumina 220 Bicycle Trip. 1001 Soque Soquel el Ave, Santa Cruz $69 Each yyear, Each ear e r, bi bicycle cycle lights lights ar are a e a big hi hitt bef before fo ore Christmas Chr istmas a att Bi Bicycle cycle T Trip, rip, an and d eac each h yyear ear e th they ey gget et ccheaper heaper an and db brighter, righterr, as bik bikes es becom becomee ffaster aster an a and d lig lighter. hterr. T This his yyear’s ear’s Lum Lumina mina 220 p packs acks ov over veer 200 llumens—more umens— —more th than an en enough ough tto o k keep eep riders riders safe saffe on most most rroads—into oads—into a lig light ht ffor or lless o ess th than an n 80 bucks. bucks. The The hig higher her end end vversion, eersion, th thee Lumin Lumina a 700, 70 00, has has more more th than an thr three ee tim times es th that at ffor or o $140. “T “That hat w would ould be en enough ough tto o lig light ht a w whole hole m mountain ountain road,” road,” says sa ays N Nathan athan Sm Smith, mith, clothing clothing m manager anager ffor o or B Bicycle icyccle T Trip. rip.

Giro Winter Ca Cap ap Spokeman’s. 231 Cathc Cathcart cart St, Santa Cruz $33 There are There are several seveeral rracks acks o off cclothing lothing at at Spokeman’s, Spokeman’s, but bu ut it it was was the the ones ones that that come come from fr om within within cy cycling ycling distance disstance that that really really spoke spoke to to me. me. Giro, Giro, which whi h ch began began in Santa Santa Cruz Cr uz an and d is b based ased in Sco Scotts otts V Valley, a alleyy, h has as a n new ew lin linee o off w wool ool cclothes—many lothes—many o off th them em sewn se ew wn in Calif California—that fornia—th o at stretch stretch in vvalue a alue from from $33 tto o $130, $130 0, ffeel eeel comfortable comfo ortable and and don’t d on’t gget et ssweaty wea atty or sstinky. tink kyy. “It’s “It’s all about abou ut w working orking eeveryday veeryday ffashion ashion sstyle a tyyle in into to eeveryday veeryday rriding iding ggear,” earr,,” sa says ays Gene Gene Selkov S lkov of Se of Spokeman’s. Spokeman’s. The The new new winter win w ter cap cap will keep keep you yo ou ffeeling eeeling w warm arm an and d llooking ookiing fl fly, y, bu but ut sm smear ear som somee bi bicycle cycle gr grease e ease on ttop op for fo or extra extra color. colorr.

Ann-Marie A M i Harridaughter H id ht FEMINIST F EMINIST STUDIES ST TUDIES EDITOR E DITOR Pants MoonZoom. 813 P Pacific acific Ave, A Santa Cruz $10-20 That’s T hat’t s rright, ightt, pants. pan ntts. Preferably Preffeerab a ly vvelour, elourr, m maybe aybe b som somee p laid—bu ut,t bu uy yyourself o ourself an d all yyour o our ffemale eemale fr riends a p airr,, lladies. adies. Because iit’s t’s th plaid—but, buy and friends pair, thee 21s 21stt cen tury, and and it’s it’s about abou ut time tim me that that yyou ou o start starrt wearing wear e ing th ants t in this relationship. relattionship. An y century, thee p pants Any rrelationship. elattionship. F orget th e iitty-bitty tty-bitty strips strips of of cclothing lothing th at som me w ould call a sskirt, o kirt, an d Forget the that some would and th shorrtts” th at m ost pe eople w ear e as un derrweearr. Y ou can vvote; o o ote; yyou ou can be th o Oo thee ““shorts” that most people wear underwear. You thee CE CEO off a F ortune 500 com pany. Lea L ave th eeird ttongue-wagging ongue-wagging an nd fis hnet-unitarrds-w wear e ing Fortune company. Leave thee w weird and fishnet-unitards-wearing tto o Mil eyy. T his Chr istmass, m ake Susan B. An ntthon ny an d Ju diith Bu uttler p roud. Miley. This Christmas, make Anthony and Judith Butler proud.


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

P eople think I’m cr azy all th e. Bu ut w hat’ t s so in sane abou gp repared? People crazy thee tim time. But what’s insane aboutt bein being prepared? When Wh en th thee en end do off civili civilization zati za t on com comes es an and d I’m si sitting tting saf safe fe in m myy bunk bunker er wi with th 10 yyear’s ear’s su pply o o ood, a sstockpile tockpile of of guns, guns, enough enough gold gold tto o bu uy a sm all vill age an d supply off ffood, buy small village and three thr ee case of of m matches, atches, we’ll we’ll see who who the the rational rattional one one really rea ally is. Well, Well, okay, okay, maybe mayb be I’m a li ttle cr azyy— —CR RAZY Z FOR FOR S OCKS! Whi ch I am al so sstockpiling. tockpiling. An dn ot jus little crazy—CRAZY SOCKS! Which also And not justt an anyy soc socks, ks, s bu butt coo cool,l,l cr creative ea ativ t e an and d fun d designs, esigns, s th thee kin kind d yyo you ou can onl o onlyy gget et a att th thee Soc kshop & Sh oe Com pany. T hey h ave so m any ffantastic antastiic p a atterns, yyou ou coul o d shop shop Sockshop Shoe Company. They have many patterns, could ffor or eevery o veery person on yyour o ou ur lis listt an and dn never eveer ov overlap erlap d designs! esigns!!

20 19


BlueWater BlueW Water a F Female em emale F Force orce o Comics: Michelle M Obama

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Atlantis F Fantasyworld. antasyworld a d. 1020 Cedar St, Santa Cruz $3.9 $3.99 99 Mothers, do find crying silently when walking down thee ais aisle Dear M others, d o yyou ou eever o veer fin d yyourself ourse o lf cr ying sil ently w hen w alking d a ow wn th le marked “Girls Dolls,” horror att th those enormous m arrked “Gir rls Do lls,” rrecoiling e ecoilin g in h orror a ose tteensy eensy waists, waists, those those en ormous gglassy lassy eyes back att yyou? find part off yyou dies att an any mention off fformer ey yees sstaring tarring b ack a ou ou? Do yyou o ou fin dap arrt o o ou di es a a ny m en nti t on o orm o er Disney Aree th these thee role models that daughters Disn ey Channel Channel cchild hild sstars? tars? Ar ese th role m odels th at yyou ou o ffear ear e yyour o our d aughters has alternative thee pink will one one day day strive strrivve to to emulate? em mulate? BlueWater BlueW Water comics comics h as an al a ternattivve tto o th princesses: Obama and Caroline Kennedy. Wouldn’t have princesses: Michelle Michelle O bama an d Car oline K ennedy. W ou ouldn’t yyou ou o rather ratther h ave yyour our o kidlets about how badass Gloria Steinem and Tina Fey aree in an en entertaining, kidlets rread ead abou ut h ow b adass Gl oria St einem an d Tin aF ey ar tertaining, g action-packed comicc bu bundle? With over heroic from, accttion-packed comi undle? W ith ov veer 20 h eroic ffemales eemales e tto o cchoose hoose fr om, yyou o ou can now give those future presidents off yyours thee h heroes they need. now giv ve th ose fu utture ffemale e ale p em residen nts t o ours o th eroes o th ey n eed.

Olive Gourma Gourmand and F OOD T RENDS EDITOR EDITOR FOOD TRENDS Cocktail Classes Center Str Street reet e Bar & Grill. Grill 1001 1 Center St, St Santa Cruz $60 per person Ih have ave a th theory eory th that at the the only only reason reason we we continue continue to to pay p ay u upwards pwar a ds o off $10 ffor o or ffancy an a cy c sc schmancy hmancy cocktails cocktails is because iitt ttakes akes mad mad skillz skillz to to be able able to to concoct concocct one one of of those th ose b bad ad bo boys—and ys—and iff yyou’re o ou’re like like m me, e, yyou ou take o take yyour o our liqu liquor uor wi with th a sid sidee o off lazy. lazyy. But Bu ut no no more! m ore! Cen Center ter Str Street eet Barr & Gr Grill ill offers offeers coc cocktail-making ktail-making cclasses lasses on T Thursday hursday eevenings venin e gs with wi th b bartender artender M Mark ark Thompson. Thompson. Each Each guest guest learns learns to to make make three three unique unique cocktails cocktails tto o accom accompany pan ny their their appetizer, appeti p zerr, entrée entrée and and dessert dessert as they theyy shake, shake, mix and and taste taste their their way w ay tto o kn knowledge. owledge. As th they hey sa say, ay, w when hen yyou ou tteach each a m man an tto o mix M Manhattans… anhatt t ans…

La Chambra Clay C Cookware Chefworks. 1527 P Pacific aciffic Ave, Santa Cruz $39.95 - $199 $199.00 9.00 My llove My ove o off ffood o ood eextends xtends bey beyond ond a llove ovve ffor or coo o cooking king an and d sstuffing tuffffing m myy fface ace tto a o th thee vvessels eessels an and d accessor accessories ies e th that at m make ake iitt possib possible. le. So Solid, lid, aes aesthetically sthetically p pleasing leasing cookware coo kware and and accesso accessories ories ar aree the the tr truffle ufffl f e oil to to m my y pot potato ato gr at gratin, attin, the the crema crema fresca fresca tto om myy ttortilla ortilla sou soup. p. T This hiis yyear eear I’m dr drooling ooling ov over ver e th thee La Ch C Chambra ambra coo cookware kware a att Ch Chefworks. efworks. T The he ssleek, leek, h handcrafted andcrafted b black lack cclay lay rroasters oasters an a and d sou soup p pots ar aree sstrikingly trikingly beau beautiful uttiful and and sturdy sturdy en enough nough to to stand stand u up p tto o rregular egular use use.. And And aft after er yyour our slowly slowly car caramelized amelized rroast oast or fr fragrant agrant sstew tew h has as fill filled ed yyour our h home om me wi with th th thee lluscious uscious scent scent of of dinn dinner, err, th thee vvessel eessel d doubles oub bles as an a attractive ttr t activve ser serving ving cen centerpiece, terpi e ece, w which hich m h means eans ffewer ewer dis dishes—bonus hes—bonus poin points! ts!!

Menu Winebre Winebreather eather Carafe Cameron Camer on Marks. 402 2 Ingalls, #15, Santa Cruz $55 This a This award-winning ward-winning d decanter ecanter will ti titillate tillate th thee d dedicated edica ated e vin vino o en enthusiast thusiast in yyour our life. lif fe. Made Made b by y Scan Scandinavian dinavvian d designer esigner M Menu, enu, th thee Winebreather Winebrea ath t er Car Carafe affe ad adds ds 10 times tim es m more ore o oxygen xygen tto o yyour our o bottl bottlee o off win winee in lless ess th than an ttwo wo min minutes. utes. Aer Aeration ation allows all ows undesirable undesirable compounds com mpounds to to evaporate evaporate ffaster aster w a while hiile lleaving ea avving th thee yyummy, ummy, aromatic and flavorful ones, maximizing thee im impact off eevery sip. You serve ar omati t c an d fl avo orfull on es, m aximizing th pact o ver e y si p. Y ou o can ser ve directly dir ectly fr from om th thee eelegant legan a t gglass lass d decanter, ecanterr, or or, r, if yyou’re o ou’re o old ld sc school, hool, yyou o ou can pour th thee now-aerated n ow-aerated win winee B BACK ACK C IINTO NTO T THE HE O ORIGINAL RIGINAL BO BOTTLE. TTLE.. Min Mind db blown. lown. Wh What at can can’t’t those th ose Du Dutch tch do? do?

Chocolate Sea a Salt Caramels Boulder Cr Creek reeek Candy. Most local supermarkets (see all a locations at boulder om). $11 ffor or o a box of 6 (prices ma may ay vary)



N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

22 20


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

When in d When doubt, oubt, giv give ve the the gift of of cchocolate, hocolate, especiall especially ly if it’s it’s locally loccally crafted crraft a ed by by loving loving hands. hands. I was was a fl oorred e w hen som meone p assed on a bo xo der Cr reek Can dyy’s chocolatechocolatefloored when someone passed box off Boul Boulder Creek Candy’s covered Each piece buttery caramel was cov veered caramels. caramels. Eac h handmade handmade pi ece of of cchewy, hewy, bu utt t ery car ra amel w as ccloaked a loaked in creamy and sprinkled from cr eam my chocolate chocolate an d sp prinkled with with flakes flakes of of sea salt. salltt. After After e I picked picked myself myself up up fr om myy can candy coma, ate thee oth other five pieces thee bo box. No, didn’t m dy com a, I a te th er fiv ve pi eces in th x. N o, I didn d n’t sshare. hare.

Georgette Pe Perry erry G ENERALIZED GENERALIZED AN XIETY D ISORDER ANXIETY DISORDER E DITOR EDITOR Well W ell Within Ba e Bath ath Salts Well W eell Within Spa. 417 Cedar C St, Santa Cruz $2.50-$9 Soakin Soaking g in a h hot ot b bath ath h is one one of of the the best best ways ways tto o calm yyourself ourself d down own after after a sstressful t essful tr f ld day ay in i a ffast-paced a ast-paced d work work en environment, vir i onment, t or ju jjust ust an anyy d day ay w when hen yyou ou h have ave tto o in interact teract wi with th oth o other er h humans umans (ug (ughhh). hhh). W Well ell W Within ithin o offers ffers e dif different ffeerent combin combinations ations o off esse essential ential oil oilss an and d sal salts, ts, including including m my y ffavorite—unscented, avorite—unscented, so yyou ou d don’t on’t dr draw aw an anyy un unnecessary nnecessary a attention ttention tto o yyourself. ourself.

Hanging T Terrarium e erra arium DIG Gar Gardens. dens. 420 W Water a ater St, Santa Cruz $26.99 - $32.9 $32.99 99 DIG Gar DIG Gardens dens is a cr craft aftt llover’s over’s p paradise, aradise, ffeaturing ea e turing a n number u umber o off eexciting xciting an and d ey eyeecatching ca tching iitems tems lik likee do-it-yourself do-i o t-yourself succulent succulent gardens. gardens. s But But let’s let’s be honest, honest, when when iitt com comes es tto o ggivin giving g a gi ggift ift tto oap person with with anxi anxiety, etyy, w wee all a kn know ow a project projject lik likee that that w would ould ggo o unfinis unfinished. hed.. A llovely ovely h hanging anging tterrarium errarium is a mu much ch more more suitable suitable gift ffor or o som someone eone in this ccondition, ondition, as iitt ffeatures eeatures air p plants lants t th that at rrequire equire li literally terally n nothing, othing, asid asidee from from a spritz spritz of of water water on once ce a m month. onth.

Bucci Sunglas Sunglasses sses m $49-$170 Fact: When people can’t eyes, can’t F act: Wh en peo ple ca an’t see yyour our ey es, they they can ’t see yyour our ffear. eear. At least, least, that’s that’s what from w hat I llearned earned fr om the the two two full weeks weeks I recently recently spent speent watching watching the the complete complete Entourage series under my covers, instead off ffacing Entour age ser ies un der m y cov ers, in stead o acing my a my responsibilities. responsibilities.

Drake Palace e Sinclair EDITING E DITING EDITOR EDITOR Safari F Fountain o ountain n Pen Palace Art & Office Supp Palace Supply. ply. 1407 P Pacific acific Ave, Santa Cruz $29.99 Rewriting R ewriting w was as n never ever e so much m ch fun. Wait, mu Wait, scratch scratch that—rewriting th at—rewriting w was as seldom seld dom so much much fun. I love love editing edi ting m my y bes bestt friend’s friend’ d s research research p papers, apers, P an and nd the the F Fearless earless Fl Flyer yer fr from om Trader T rader JJoe’s oe’s eever ver sin since cee I ggot ot a Saf Safari fa ari ffountain ountain pen, w o which hich ef effortlessly ffo ortlessly gglides lides al along ong thee page th page sm smoother oother th than a an Ern an Ernest est H Hemingway emingway n novel—or ovvel—or — sshall hall I sa say, ay, a M Mark ark Twain Tw ain n novel? ovel? “T “They’re hey’re so fun, an and d yyou o ou can change change the the nibs,” n says sa ays Valarie Va alarie Jones, Jones, operations o perati t ons m manager anager a att P Palace, alace, w where here th thee pen is 40 per percent c to cen off ff thr through ough JJan. an. 1.



N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3





N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Kristen Nivala Je Jewelry ewelry Wallflower W allflower Boutique. 103 Locust a L St, Santa Cruz $38 to $50 Give Giv ve a unique unique fashion fas a hion gift th tthat at can can’t’t be ffound o ound in a d department epartment sstore: tore: th thee w work ork o off a llocal ocal d designer esigner or ar artist. tist. Eac Each h pi piece ece o off Kr Kristen isten Niv Nivala’s ala’s h handcrafted andcrafted necklaces nec e klaces an and d earr earrings ings is in inspired spired db byy an and dm made ade fr from om ffound o ound o objects bjects — n natural atural bead beads, ds, ggems, ems, sstones tones an and d vin vintage tage pi pieces. ecees. T These hese on one-of-a-kind e-of--a-kind d designs esigns ar aree anything anything but but old-fashioned. old-ffas a hioned. Shop Shop owner owner Terra Terr e a Lynn Lynn appreciates apprecia ates ttextures, extures, patterns patterns an and d well-constructed well-constructed iitems, tems, an and d carr carries ies at at least least a few few items items fr from om approximately approximately 20 0 llocal ocal d designers. esigners. R Reasonably easonably p priced riced c scar scarves, vees, handbags, handbags, jjewelry, ewelry, ar artt an and d cclothing lothin ng will d delight elight th thee ffashionable ashionable llady a ad dy in yyour o our lif life. fe.

Fashion F ashion Readin a Reading ng Glasses Pretty Pr reetty Mama. 501 41stt Ave, Capitola $9.99 to $19.99 This discount thee bes bestt p prices I’ve T his discoun nt women’s wo omen’s wear wear shop shop has has th rices I’v ve ffound ound on stylish o styylis l h reading reading gglasses. lasses. Some Some sport sport fun colors, colors, interesting interesting patterns, pattterns, shapes shapes or other other decorative decorattivve likee solid Most aree sn snazzy, but not flamboyant, and while ttouches, ouches, lik solid rhinestones. rhinestones. M ost ar azzyy, bu ut n ot fl a ambo ya an ntt, an dw hil h e eevery veery woman w om o an a appreciates pprecia ates ffashion as a hi h on o off abov above-average vee-a aveerage d design, esign, most mosst gift givers givveers appreciate apprecia ate a below-average price. b elow-avverage pr ice.

High-Comfort Office O W Wear e ear Synerrgy Synergy g Organic Orrganic g Clothing. Cloth hing. 1229 Pacific Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz Cru uz Moto Jacket $97; Bamb boo Mermaid Skirt $86. Bamboo Yoga Y oga w o wear eear h has as lleaped eaped o off ff th thee m mat at tto o infl influence uence ffashion a ashion an a and d iits ts full fullest est eexpression xpression llocally ocally can be ffound o ound at at Synergy Synergy Or ganic Cl othing, w here cclean-lined, lean-lined, eelegant legant Organic Clothing, where dresses, dr esses, sskirts, kirts, jjackets ackets an a and d lleggings eggings can ttake ake w women omen com comfortably mfo ortably an anywhere, ywhere, eeven ven e to to the the office. offfice. Whether Whetther yyour our own own fashionista fa ashionista mus show up up at at w ork llooking ooking mustt show work sophisticated sophistica ated or can get get e away away with with Synergy’s Synergy’s more more stylized styyllized San Santa ta Cruz Cruz llooks, ooks, sshe’ll he’ll neveer have have to to sacr ifice com fo ort on th ob ag ain. never sacrifice comfort thee jjob again.

Blithe and Bon Bonny nny Cedar-Sage Body y Products Water W ater a at Morrissey. 13 1315 315 W Water a ater St, Santa Cruz $9 to $17, $117, most items Ev veeryo one wi thin o lfa acctorry range range of of your yo our gift rrecipient ecipien nt will gget et to to partake partake in an ar oma Everyone within olfactory aroma high hig h fr from om th thee subs substantial tantial b bars ars o off soa soap, ap, rrich ich llotion, otion, an and d rroom-and-linen oo om-and-linen sp spray ray infused wi th essen nttial and and fragrance fragran a ce oil these locally locally handmade handmad de products. products. I’m smitten smitten with essential oilss in these wi with th th thee ced cedar-sage, ar-sage, bu but ut yyou ou mig o might ht p prefer reffeer on onee o off eig eight ht oth other e scen er scents ntts in this lin linee o off sm all eeveryday veeryday lluxuries uxurriess wi th coo abels p rinted on th a es o ag ks (f fo ounded b small with cooll llabels printed thee p pages off boo books (founded byy a llongtime ongtime San Santa ta Cr Cruz uz ffamily) am a millyy) an and dn now ow a available vail a able a att th their eir fir first rst rretail etail sstore. tore.


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Ephrem’s Bottle Cu Cutter utter Kit Mountain F Feed eeed and F Farm a arm Su Supply. pply. 550 Hwy 9, Ben Lomond $39.99 Mountain M ountain Feed Feed has has some some downright downr w ight old-timey old-timey do-itdo-itwho’s yyourselves ourselvees kits kits this yyear eear ffor o or someone so omeone w ho’s 27

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so d doggone oggone in independent dependen nt th they ey d don’t on’t n never ever e w want ant n no o on onee d doing oing n nothing othing ffor o or th them em or m making aking n none one o off th their eiir ffancy an a cy knickknacks. knickknacks. I, ffor o or one, one, have have warmed warmed u up p tto o th thee bottlee cutter people cups bottl cu uttter kit, kit, which wh hich helps helps peo ple turn their their bottles bottles into in nto cu ps or candleholders candleholders when cups thee Ben Lomond w hen they they rrun un out out of of cu ups and and candleholders candleholders they they picked picked up up at at th Lomond Market summer. Other popular kits make own vinegar, kefir M arket llast ast summ err. O ther po pular ki ts llet et ffolks olks m ake th ttheir eir o wn vin egarr, k efir and pickles. an d pi ckles.

Doggie W Water a ater Bo Bowl owl Petroglyph Ceramic Petroglyph Cerra amic Loun Lounge. nge. 125 W Walnut a alnut Ave, Santa Cruz Prices vary Nothing Nothing says sa ays “I love lovve you, yo ou u, Fido” Fido” m more ore th than an a hand-painted hand-painted d water water bowl bo owl for fo or your your o most most loyal loya al canin caninee com companion. panion n. Ev Every veery time time that that four-legged four-l o egged mate mate ben bends ds her her head head down down to to indulge indulge in some some refreshing refres e hing hydration, hyd drattion, she’ll she’ll think of of you you and and she’ll she’ll see the the long long hours hours of of planning, planning, designing desiggning and and painting painting that that went ween nt in to to this perfect perfeecct Christmas Christmas gift. What pup What better better way way to to repay repay yyour o our pu p ffor or all those o those years yeearss of of chewed-to-perfection cheweed-to-perrfec ecti t on flip-flops, flip-flops, of of long long walks walks on the the beach beach and and drool-soaked drool-soaked kisses? k Show Show your your dog dog you yo ou care. And dog hates heck, fruit something. care. An d if yyour our d og h ates iit, t, h eck, yyou ou can use iitt ffor o or fr o uit or som ething.

Cow’s T Trachea rrachea a Puppy Br Breath reeath Boutique Boutique. e. 1537 P Pacific acific Ave, Santa Cruz $5 5 When off a pe perfect pooch, cow’s trachea might not Wh en yyou ou think o erfec e t gift ffor o or yyour our ffavorite avorite pooc h a co h, w’s tr achea mig ht n ot be the the most most a attractive tttractivve vvisu visual. al. But But although although th they’re ey’re not not topped topped with with sprinkles sprinkles and and these bits off ggoodness iicing, cing, th ese dehydrated dehydrated d bi ts o oodness are are packed packed fulll of of chondroitin chondroitin sulfate sulfate an and d gglucosamine lucosamin i e ffor or o th those hose ac achy hy d doggie oggi ggie jjoints—and oin i ts—an t d th they’re eyy’r ’ ed delicious eliciious ttoo! oo!! Ju JJudging dgi g dgin by thee h happy yip-yapping the dogs eating them, not personal b y th appy yi p-yappiing ooff th ed ogs ea atin t g th em, n ot person p al taste-testing, taste-testing, o off course course… … Anyway, Anyway, Puppy Puppy Breath’s Brea atth’s most most po popular pular product, product, tr tracheal acheal car cartilage tilage has help isolate cancers, tumors and other h as eeven veen shown shown tto oh elp iso late can cers, tum ors an d oth her diseases common common to to canin canines. es. H Help elp yyour our best best friend friend a avoid vo oid a hip-replacement hip-replacement an and d ac achy hy kn knees ees with with somee chewtastic som chewtastic ggoodies. oodies. e Live Livve happy, happy, live livve healthy; healthy; eat ea at trachea. trrachea.

Dog Collars Pet P et P Pals. als. 3660 Soquel Dr, D Soquel $4-$70, most ar around round o $10 Deck the Deck the d dog og with with lots lots o off co collars! llars! It’ It’ss hard hard tto o sa say ay if an eexpressive xp pressivve d dog og co collar llar is more m ore ffor o or th thee anim animal al orr th thee o owner, wnerr, bu but ut ei either ther w way ay this gi ginormous normous se selection leccttion will llet et th thee world world kn know ow w whether heth e er yyour our pet is a sstylish tyyllish d dog, og, a h hippie ippie d dog, og, a co cowboy wb boy d dog, og, a bik biker er d dog, og, a p practical ractical d dog, og, a fr frou-frou ou-frou d dog og or sim simply ply a d dog og o off m many any m moods. oods. P Pet et Pals P als seems lik likee a m mega-national ega-n a attional sstore, tore, bu but ut iit’s t’s ac actually tually llocally o ocall y an and d in independently dependently owned, o wned, wi with th old-fashioned old-ffa ashion o ed ser service vice an and dm many any in interesting, terestin ng, special specialty ty products products in an environment en nvvironment th that at coul could d onl onlyy be created crea ated b byy someone someone who who adores adores animals animals and and the the people peo ple w who ho car caree ffor o or th them. e em.

Jamet Napol Napolijamo lijamo JA ME DITOR JAM EDITOR Jeannie’s Artis Artisan san Jams $5.5 $5.50-$8.50 50-$8.50 Folks, I’v Folks, I’vee ggotta otta be h honest on nest wi with th yya, a, I llove ove a ggood ood jjam. am. Wh What’s at’s m more, ore, I llove ovve a b blended lended jjam. am. Im mean, ean, w why hy have have jus justt on onee fl o flavor avor of of jam jam 28

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Get Certified! Many local businesses buusinesses are are becoming ggreen reen – you y can too too.. Call your local coordinator coordinnator or visit our website to find out ouut how. how. w t b b i For mor moree information information about the Mo Monterey onterey Bay Area Area Green Green Business Program, Program, contact contact your local Coordinator (831) 477-3976 477-33976 the City of Santa Cruz Coordinator Coordinator (831) 42 20-5423 or your local Santa Cruz County Coordinator 420-5423 San Benito County Coordinator Coordinator (831) 636-4110. 6366-4110. Funded by by the County of Santa Cruz, City C of Santa Cruz and San Benito Cou unty Integ rated W aste Management Agency. Agency. County Integrated Waste

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Maria W Wagsworth agsw a worth M UST L OVE D OGS MUST LOVE DOGS E DITOR EDITOR

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N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

when you can have more than just one flavor of jam? Jeannie Munson, the Master Jam Artisan™ behind Jeannie’s Artisan Jams, does not disappoint. With over 60 flavors, she’s got it all: She’s got your Apricot Pineapple. She’s got your Plum Armaretto. She’s even got a very special collection of Pepper Jellies that I am dying to get my sticky lil’ fingers on. Mmmm. Taste the Rainbow!™


We’ve Lowered our Prices And We Are Still 50% off Everything! Ever y thing! Fabulous F abulous Selection at Affordable Affordable Prices!

Adults Only Travel Book Frenchy’s Adult Books & Video. 3960 Portola Dr, Santa Cruz $21.95

Over 100,000 Sterling Silver Rings, Chains, Charms, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles, and so much more!

Find the perfect p fect holiday per holiday gift gift for for t that special someone!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen, the Love Doctor is in, and ready to help heal all your love wounds. Vacations should be a time of wild passionate lovemaking. Take it from me, the Love Doctor, if you ain’t getting any on your next outing, you might as well stay home and get some gardening done. Frenchy’s offers an Adults Only Travel Guide that lists all the kinkiest places to visit: special romantic getaways, clothing-optional destinations and other erotic locales. The Love Doctor says: If you don’t come home tired, then you ain’t doing it right!

Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game Pure Pleasure. 204 Church St, Santa Cruz $36.95 I don’t know what kinds of parties you like to throw, but over at my house, we like to keep things sexy. The best part about a sexy party game is that everyone laughs and makes jokes, but deep down underneath the surface, the party is really going on. I am the Love Doctor. I know how wild a sexy party can get late into the evening. My personal favorite is the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game. There are a lot of sexy questions. Listen as your friends reveal their deepest, darkest desires. It’ll be a party you won’t soon forget. Oh, man! I’m the Love Doctor! Santa Sant a Cruz

Capitola Capit ola Village

Capitola Ca pitola Mall

Old d TTown own Sacrement Sacremento o

1301 P 1301 Pacifc acifc A Ave. ve. Santa Cruz, Cruz, CA, CA, 95060 Santa (831) 460-9696 (831)

214 Cap 214 Capitola itola Avenue Avenue Ca pitola Village, Village e, CA, CA, 95010 95010 Capitola (831) 462 2-9696 (831) 462-9696

Across A cross from from food food court court (831) 4 77-1932 (831) 477-1932

1100 11 00 2nd Street Street Sa acramento, CA, CA, 95814 95814 Sacramento, (9 16) 443-280 1 (916) 443-2801

Visit us at www w.supersilversantacruzz . com

Jack Post SPORTS EDITOR Osprey Volt 60 Down Works. 222 River St, Santa Cruz $179 Nick Gravem, co-owner of Down Works, has an extremely special relationship with his store building and the stuff in it. At less than four pounds, the Osprey Volt 60 backpack can easily hold 60 liters and 50 pounds. Gravem, 65, was actually friends with the Osprey guys when they were all students together at UC Santa Cruz, and later when the young company started on River Street in Santa Cruz. When Osprey left in the 1980s, Gravem and his wife Shellie took over the building—where the two of them now also sell camping gear, including their own line of down sleeping bags.

Sports of Santa Cruz County Jerry’s Sports. 1148 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz $21 When athletic-minded parents get ready for the holidays, basketballs, soccer balls and baseball bats are always big hits at Jerry’s Sports, which offers free batting practice in early December to distract kids while parents shop. But this year, the store also has a hot item for the sports fans afraid of 30


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

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re-aggravatin re-aggravating t g th the e kn knees e th ees they ey h hyper-extended yper-extended thr three ee Ch Christmases hristmases ag ago o on a rrainy ainy field. Geoffrey Dunn’s new book Santa chronicles ffootball ootball fi o eld. Geo fffreyy Dunn ’s n ew boo k Sports of Sant ta Cruz County ch ronicles thee m more hardcore off a athletics, thee ggood old days when thee onl only th ore h ardcore yyears eea ars o thletics, rrecalling ecalling th ood do ld d ays w hen th y performance-enhancing drug was 24-ounce per fo ormance-enhanciing dr ug w as a 24-oun ce ssteak. teak.

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Sync Calorie Activity A T Tracker rracker Outdoor W World. orld. o 136 River R St, Santa Cruz $34 T he bes ay tto o im prove is al lways wi th a li ttle bi sitive rreinforcement, einffo orcement, and a and The bestt w way improve always with little bitt o off pos positive llosing osing w weight eight is n no o dif different. ffeerent. W With ith this ped pedometer ometer an and d cal calorie orie tr tracker, ackerr, w which hich p lugs in to yyour our sm artp phone, yyou ou can k eep eextremely xtremely in nffo ormed abou ut h ow m any plugs into smartphone, keep informed about how many calories cal ories yyou’ve ou’ve burn burned, ed d, h how ow m many any ssteps teps yyou’ve ou’ve ttaken o aken a and nd h how ow ffar ar yyou’ve a o ou’vve w walked. alked. T his w ay yyou ou o can burn no ff eeven veen m ore cal ories b g yyourself ourself a p at on th back. This way off more calories byy givin giving pat thee back.

Santa Cruz W Warriors a arriors F Foam oam o Finger Kaiser K aiser a P Permanente ermanente Ar Arena. reena. 140 Fr Front ro ont St, Santa Cruz $8 $ T he San ta Cr uz W arr a iors o b asketball season is alm ost un u derrway. An d th The Santa Cruz Warriors basketball almost underway. And thee or ganization ggave ave 120 per p cent this yyear ear tto o com p wi th hah uge rroster oster o organization percent comee u up with huge off m emorabilia bili that that includes in i cludes tt-shirts, -shir hi ts, t sweatshirts, sweats t hir hi ts, t track t ack jackets, tr jackets, t basketballs, basketb tball lls, li ttle memorabilia little b asketballs, gym sshorts horts t an db aby cclothes. lothes. (N ow if w ould onl et a bo bblebasketballs, and baby (Now wee ccould onlyy gget bobbleh ead o General M anag a er Kirk Kirk Lacob.) Lacob.) Also, Also, Hotel Hotel Paradox Parad dox will give givve you you a hand hand head off General Manager (g et it?) it?) w henever yyou ou boo o k on eir W a arriors P ackage St ays. (get whenever book onee o off th their Warriors Package Stays.

Rebecca Rose Rosenblog enblog C HANUK AH CHANUKAH C HOCOLATE EDITOR EDITOR CHOCOLATE Guilt-Free Guilt-F Free r Gelt Temple T eemple Beth El Gift Shop. 3055 3 P Porter orter Gulch Rd, Aptos $3.39 This T his yyear, ear e r, yyou’ll ou’ll get get an eextra xtrra hi hitt o off h holiday oliday ffeeleeelgoodness w goodness when hen yyou ou bu buy uy ffair a air tr trade ade Kosher Kosher ggelt elt (c (chocolate hocolate coin coins) s) fr from om Ghana Ghana for fo or the the Jewish Jew wish children children n on yyour our gift lis list. t. A p package ackage o off 12 2 coin coinss cos costs ts $3.39, w while hile a regular, regularr, guil guilty ty p package ackagge o off ffour our coin o coinss cos costs ts 90¢ (as th thee gift sshop hop sal salesperson esperson eexplained, xplained, th thee ffair air tr a trade ad de p pack ack con contains tains abou aboutt tr triple iple th thee w weight eight ffor o or tr triple iple th thee p price). rice). Other Oth er fair fa air trade trade items items stocked stocked include include beau beautiful tiful Chanukah Chanuk u ah ornaments, ornaments, cards cards and and b bead ded db racelets. T em mple Beth B h El ffeatures ea eatur t es a ni ice se lection o enorah hs, ttoo. oo. beaded bracelets. Temple nice selection off m menorahs,

Lionel Listle Listless ss SLEEPYTIME S LEEPYTIME ED EDITOR ITOR Tempur-Pedic T empur-Pedic e Neck N Pillow Senate Furnitur Furniture re and Mattr Mattress. M reess. 3651 Soquel Dr, Soquel $99 Sometimes w Sometimes when hen I’m w watching atching th thee n news ews in bed, I comee acr com across oss a sstory tory abou about ut sp space ace eexploration, xplorattion, an and d take take am moment omen nt tto o think abou about ut h how ow th thankful ankful I am ffor o or th thee com comfy fy sp space ace inn innovations ovvattions th that at llead ead to to T Tempur-Pedic eempur-Pedic ttechnology. e hnologyy. Ah, th ec thee w way ay th they ey ggently…gently…oh, en ntl tly… …gen nttly…oh, sorr sorry, y, d dozed ozed off o ff there. there. Wh What at w was as a I sa saying? ayying? O ay Oh h yyes, es, e th they ey ggently en nttlly conf conform fo orm m tto o eevery veery cr crevice evi v ce in m myy li little ttle neck. n eck. A m mere ere 13 h hours ours later, laterr, I’m wide wide awake, awa ake, rested rested an and d rready e dy to ead to start start m my yd day. ay.



N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

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N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Señora Agav Agave ve y Vino MO' M O' BETTA BETTA LIQUA LIQUA E DITTA EDITTA Corralejo T Triple riple r Distilled T Tequila e equila Ernie's Liquors. Reposado, Reposad do, $26.99, Añejo $36.99 Never mind awards N ever e min d the the world-class world-class a a wards triple-distilled triple-distilled Corralejo ttequila Corralejo equila h has as w won—in on—in a rrecent ecent inf informal fo ormal tasting tasting wi w with th friends friends of of ttop op ttequilas, equilas, thee Corralejo th Corralejo reposado reposado and and añejo añejo did very veery well well and and cost cost less less than than others others that that were weere equivalent equiv alent in quality. qualityy. The The reposado reposado is aged aged in thr three ee kinds kinds of of wood wood o for fo or four fo our months, months, and thee añ añejo American oak, but an d th ejo is aged aged for for o 12 months months in new new Am erican oa ak, bu ut this tequila tequila isn't ov over-oaked, veer-oaked, so th thee fl flavor avor o o off th thee ag agave ave com comes es thr through ough in a sm smooth, ooth, com complex plex fl flavor avor o Ernie's carries att lleast brands off ttequila att discoun discounted prices, and eexperience. xperience. Erni e's car rries a east 50 b rands o equila a ted p rices, an d al also so h has as abou about ut 35 different difffeerrent microbrew microbrew ffour-packs our-p o acks a att th thee llowest owest p prices rices ar around ound ($7.95 The friendly Boota, knows off his cus and tto o $12.99). T he fr iendly owner, ownerr, Boot a, kn ows a llot ot o ccustomers tomers an d will order order products hee d doesn't have when possible. rrequested equested p roducts t h oesn't h ave in sstock tock w hen possib ble.

Fine Local Win nes Wines Vinocruz. 725 Fr Front ro ont St, S Santa Cruz. Prices vary At some some point point during during a marathon marathon of of sshopping, hopping, dinn dinner er p planning lanning or in-lawin-lawavoiding, a voiding, a familiar fa amiliar holiday holiday feeling feeeling will creep creep into into your yourr heart: heart: “I could could really really use a glass glass of of wine.” wine.” Visit Visi i t Vinocruz Viinocruz in downtown downtown Santa Santa Cruz, Cruz, and and you you won’t won’t even even e need need tto o feel feeel guilty guilty for fo or taking taking a break break from from your your to-do to-do list. list. Sample Sam mple their their weekly weekly tasting tasting flight flig ht w while hile the the knowledgeable knowledg e eable staff stafff helps helps guide guide you you on n which wh hich bottles bottles make make great grea at gifts, an and d which which they they would would pair pair with with Christmas Christmas dinner. dinner er. You’ll Yo ou’ll be supporting supporting our ffantastic antastic llocal a ocal vintners vintnerss in the the process. process.

DJ Fisher Pric Price ce AUDIO PRECISION A UDIO P RECI C SION EDITOR E DITOR Technics T echnics SL-D2 T e Turntable u urntable Metavinyl. 320 Cedar St, t, Santa Cruz $135 As this pub publication’s lica attion’s rresident esiden ent au audio dio eexpert, xpert,t th thee moment m omen nt I w walked alked in into nto M Metavinyl ettavin v nyl an and d sa saw aw th thee rracks acks o off sstereo tereo equi equipment pmen nt on the th he w wall, all, I ffell ell tto om my y knees knees an and d scr screamed, ea amed, “HA “HAVE AV VE MER MERCY, RC CY, NE NEW W ROBOT ROBOT OVERLORDS! OVER V RLORD DS! I AM A Y YOUR OUR H HUMBLE UMBLE S SERVANT!” ER RVA ANT!” Am Amazingly, mazingly, I w was as gr greeted eeted n not ot by by sa sapphire apphire llasers asers o off pu pure ure m mechanical echanical m malevolence, alevolence, bu but ut b byy a fr friendly iendlly M Metavinyl etavvin nyl cclerk, lerk, who who explained explained that that these thesse strange strange machines machines don’t don’t actually acctu t allly want wan nt to to enslave enslave h humanity. umanityy. Rather, Ra attherr, th they ey can be used d tto op play lay circular circular wax wax discs. Wh When en n I eexpressed xpressed surprise surprise that that audio audio can be n not ot jus justt sp spoken, poken, bu but ut ac actually tuallly rrecorded, ecorded, sshe he as asked sked m mee h how ow I ggot ot this jjob, ob, and and I rreplied eplied th that at this p paper’s aper’s edi editor tor is ac actually cttually a semi-tr semi-trained aiined bear bear. r. W Wee sshared hared a laugh. laugh. Over Oveer th thee course o off a w whirlwind hir h lwin w d rromance omance th that at ttook ook us u tto oT Texas, exas, a Ar Arkansas kansas an and d Texarkana, Texarkana, sshe he eexplained xplained tto om mee th thee ffascinating ascinatin a t g his history tory o off soun sound d rrecording. ecorrding. I n now ow understand understand w why hy vin vinyl in nyl soun ssounds ds w warmer a armer th than an com compressed pressed digi digital tal fil files, es, an and dw why hy P Paul a l aul Speraw, Speraw, th thee o owner w wner o off M Metavinyl, etavvinyll, spen spends ds mu much ch o off his tim timee car carefully efully rrestoring estoring vin vintage ntage audio audio equi equipment pment ffor or o resale. resal e e. Right Right now, now, h hee h has as th thee S SL-D2, L-D2, as a w well ell as a AK AKAI AI G GX-646 X-646 X four-track four-tr o ack ($600), a V Vector eecctor Research Resear e ch AM/FM AM/FM receiver receivveer ($95), ($95 5), JBL JBL Pro Pro III speakers speakers ($90) and and a mu much ch n newer eweer Num Numark mark turn turntable ntable wi with th U USB SB ca capability pabilityy ($85). H Hee al also, so, o off course course,, has has ttons ons o off rrecords, ecords, in including cluding a d dollar ollar bin. N Now ow I rreally eallly lik like ke turn turntables, tables, bu but ut I’m sstill till glad glad they they onl only ly have have on onee arm, in case they they change change th their eir mind miind abou about ut th that at en enslaving slavin v g h humanity umanity thin thing. g. 0


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Downtown Dow D own wnto wnt ow wn Garages wn G Gaar arraages ara ag age ag ges es

AE E!!

Photo Phot o Credit C edit Cr

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


Maurice Baker Baker and Taylor Taylor Maurice Griffin pl lay? play? T hey can be b coun ted on down down They counted thee sstretch. players th tretch. h All these these p layers are are They’re sstars. tars. T heyy’re all working working toward toward onee thin thing—to thee NB NBA. on g—t — o play play in th A. A off th them aren’t thee llot ot o em m ar en’t ggoing oing tto o gget et th opportunity, butt th they o pportuniityy, bu ey can sshine hine here, h ere, and and this t is as ggood ood as iitt ggets ets ffor or o D-League. D-Leagu e. What’s life Wha t’s tthe he shelf lif e ffor or an D-League player? NBA D-L D League pla l yer? ? As llong ong ass yyou ou look look forward fo orward to to comingg to practice. comin to p ractice. You’re You’re making making sacrifice when comee h here a sacr ificee w hen yyou ou com ere the salaries aree vvery because th he sal aries ar ery llow. ow. The salary and T he highest highes e t sal ary is $25,000, an d they could make more money th ey coul dm ake a llot ot m ore m oney Europe. Butt if yyou’re thee in Eur ope. Bu ou’re in th D-League, and someone D-Leagu e, an d som eone ggoes oes down, down, immediately yyou’re ou’re imm mediately available. available.

GOLDEN ST STATE TATE OF MIND Santa Cruz’ss Geoffr Geoffrey ey Gilbert (right) interv interviewed viewed NBA legend Jerry W West est e when he Santa Warriors, visited the Sa anta Cruz W a arriors, who open their season on Friday.

Sunny Su unny Outlook O k

Santa San nta Cr Cruz-based C uz z-b based E ESPN SPN analyst anallyst an and d sunr ssunrise ise en enthusiast ntthu usiasst previews the Santa Cruz Warriors’ season p reviews th e San nta Cr ruz W arr a iors’ se ason BY JACOB PI PIERCE IERCE


anuk anukkah kkah com comes es ear early ly for fo or Geoffrey Geo ffr f ey Gilbert, Gilbert, a San Santa ta Cruz-based Cr uz--based spor sports ts an analyst. alyst. The The NBA NBA and and NFL NFL insider insider for for o ESPN ESPN radio radio endured endured e a grueling grueling summer summer offseason offseason waiting wai a ting for fo or basketball basketball to again thee to sstart tart ag gain in after aft fter watching watchin hi g th Santa Santa Cruz Cruz Warriors Warriors fall fa all in the the NBA NBA D-league D-league finals final a s last last spring. spring. When thee sea season Friday When th ason kicks kicks off off F riday at at home home against against the the Austin Austin Toros, Toros, Gilbert, Gilbert, also also a nature nature photographer photographer who who runs runs, Sun, will have have a lot lot o to to talk talk about. about. “In my my

wildest dr wildest w dreams eams I n never ever thought thought Santa Cruz D-Leaguee Sa anta Cr uz would would gget et a D-Leagu people came, people tteam, e eam, yyet et peo ple cam e, peo ple enjoyed, believe en njoyed, and and I be lieve this yyear ear will w better more people bee bett er because m ore peo ple are arre ttalking a alkin g about about it,” it,” Gilbert Gilbert says. sa ays. SANTA S A A CRUZ WEEKLY: ANT WEEKL LY: What Wha at are ar re the Santa Cruz Warriors’ Warriors a ’ chances ch hances this year? year? GEOFFREY GILBERT: Very G EOFFREY G ILBER RT: T V eer y ggood. ood. They’ve T hey’ve ggot ot a great great coach. coach. This This guy gu uy [Casey has coaching [C Casey Hill] h as been coac hing fforever. o oreverr. His ffather ather coached coached for for o the th he Knicks, thee Spurs, th thee Suns, Kn nicks, th Suns, the the

Sonics. coached Sonics. He He coac hed over ovver in Japan. Japan. This This organization organization is on o the the rise. rise. They’re They’re the the hottest hottest organization orrganization in the the NBA. NBA. Who are are you you hoping hopin ng makes makes the Santa Cruz team? tea am? I’d I’d like like to to see Kiwi Gardner Garrdner make make this team. team. He’s He’s about about 5 foot foot o 6, 5 foot fo oot 7. The The kids kids would would love love him because he’s almost he’s the the size size of of everybody. everybod b y. I alm ost had had to to look look down down to to him—of h —of course, him course, I was was standing standing on a chair. chairr. What veterans like What rroles oles will v eterans lik e

Whatt Sa Santa Warrior are Wha nta Cruz W arrior a ar e we w e going g to to miss miss the most? most? Tyler definitely JJeremy eremy Ty yler was was d efinitely a force. ball down for o ce. They’d They’d throw throw the the b all d own into and onee could into the the ggame a e an am d no no on could stop stop him. He He will be missed. The The addition addition of of Dewayne Dewayne Dedmon Dedmon will hopefully place. They’ll also hopefully take take his p lace. T hey’ll al so miss T Travis Leslie, thee MVP o off th thee ravis Les lie, th D-League You’ve D League all-star D-Leagu all-sstar ggame. ame. Y ou’v ou o ve ggotta otta love guard with firstt n names. love a ttwo wo gu ard wi th firs ames. What does Andre What do oes Andr e Iguodala bring to to the Golden State State Warriors? Warriors? The picked up The Warriors Warriors pi cked u p an all-star all-star without anybody up. He’s without giving giiving an ybody u p. H e’s a tremendous passer. averaging tremendous p asserr. He’s He’s a veraging three assists already. He’s three or ffour o our assis ts alr eady. H e’s a ggr great defensive player. onlyy eat d effen e sive p layerr. His onl weakness free throw butt weakness is fr ee thr ow sshooting, hooting, bu he’s And he’s also also a ggood ood person. An d he he has has all-around play all-around game. game. He He can p lay any any position. That was great position. T hat w as a gr eat pickup, pickup, and onee of and it it was wass on of the the first first free free agents who wanted comee tto agents w ho eever ver w anted tto o com o Golden State. Golden S ta ate.0


A E! Sa nt a Cr u z C ou nt y

SYMPHONY Daniel Stewart, Music Director



BAILEY’S CIRCUS The cast of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ in action, in the Shakespeare Santa Cruz holiday production that runs through Dec. 8.

Air Time

‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ dazzles as a staged radio show BY JACOB PIERCE


he idea of tackling It’s A Wonderful Life as a staged radio show set in the 1940s, with lots of standing around and no scene changes, might sound like an odd way for the county’s most prestigious, bestknown theater company to bow out. But something is strangely added, rather than subtracted, from the production as three chorus girls upstage ring bells, count cash and slam doors for sound effects. Six voice actors, three microphones and a band captivate their audience for an hour and 40 minutes in It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play, probably the last Shakespeare Santa Cruz production ever. The play’s showgirls, who an announcer tells us are out of Cold Spring Falls, New York, but “will warm your hearts,” are wearing Santa hats, as two holiday wreaths hang above. But make no mistake: just like the 1946 film, this stage adaptation of It’s A Wonderful Life has much deeper subtexts than the story’s Christmas-y reputation would suggest. George Bailey, played here by Lucas Brandt, routinely acts against his own self-interest, as in the film— forgoing a college education twice and even his own honeymoon to rescue Bailey Building & Loan from bankruptcy, mismanagement and

the greedy clutches of Mr. Potter. The radio-themed play, which first premiered during the late ’90s in Connecticut, opens with a choruslike montage of Bedford Falls, with residents praying for Bailey’s life and the chorus of actors switching character voices at an alarming rate, sometimes harmonizing with one another. The production is an impressive show of voice talent, with most of the actors playing several roles, with particularly gripping performances from Clarence and Uncle Billy played by Gary Wright, as well as St. Joseph and Mr. Potter played by Ted Barton—who looks suspiciously like Bill Kocher. (Did the city’s newly retired water director already pick up a dramatic hobby?) In person, this uniquely American and strongly anti-consumerist Christmas tale has all the charm, chills and ideals of the original, but it feels more alive. The finale was met with whooping, cheering and a standing ovation—something that probably wouldn’t happen in your own living room.

january 25/26 MAHLER Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer), Yunpeng Wang, baritone WAGNER Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde PROKOFIEV Selections from Romeo and Juliet march 22/23 BARTÓK Rumanian Folk Dances BACH Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor IVES The Unanswered Question STRAVINSKY Pulcinella Suite may 17/18 MOZART Ave Verum Corpus BERNSTEIN Chichester Psalms MOZART Requiem Featuring the Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus, and soloists Lei Xu, Reneé Tatum, Mario Davila and Ryan Speedo Green from the Metropolitan Opera

Call 462-0553, ext. 10 to purchase Symphony concert gift packages for your family and friends! It’s A Wonderful Life UCSC Theater Arts Mainstage Through Dec 8

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3



King Kin ng of the t Nic Nice ce Girl Girls ls Aaron Aar on n Carter’s Carrter’s Catalyst Ca atallyst show show p proves roves just ju usst how how niche niche ’9 ’90s 9 90s nostalgia n osstalgia can be BY GE GEORGIA EORGIA PERRY


est an est anyone yon o e get get the the wrong wrong idea, crowd off 300-p 300-plus id ea, the th he cr owd o lus that th at came ca ame tto o th thee so sold-out ld-ou ut Aaron Carter Carter concert concert at at the the Catalyst Catalyst Aaron Atrium llast ast W ednesday night night were were Atrium Wednesday there because beca ause th ey like like Aaron Aaron nott there they Carter’s music. music. Clad Clad in mini-skirts mini-skirts Carter’s and glittery glittery ttops, ops, ps the the ticket-holders ticket-h holders and waiting outside outsid de the the theater thea ater before beffo ore waiting the show show huddled huddled together together in the the the cold, and, and, a bit biit sheepishly, sheepishly, checked checked cold, each other other out—as ou ut—as if they they were were a bit bit each surprised anyone anyone else else was was there there at at all. surprised Ta ake, for fo or example, exa ample, 21-year-old 21-yyeear-old Take, Mariah, who who declined declined to to give givve her her last last Mariah,

name. “Guys, wee jus justt ttalk n a e. “Gu am uys, can w alk about abou ut something, interested so omething, I’m ggonna onna be rreal eal in teres e ted now,” group off h her rright ight n ow,,” sshe he said tto o a gr oup o err friends, after mee an alm almost fr riends, aft er ttelling elling m ost certainly made-up about ce ertainly m ade-up sstory tory abou ut llosing osin ng her virginity Aaron Carter song. h e vir er ginity tto o an Aar on Car ter son g “I g. little drunk now. Who cares? am m a li ttle dr unk rright ight n ow. Wh o car res? When went buy tickets was W Wh en I w een nt tto o bu b uy our ti ckets t sshe he w as like, ‘you guys thee firs firstt on ones lik ke, ‘y you o gu uys are are th es tto o eever veer buy was like, bu uy tickets.’ tickets.’ So I w as lik e, iit’s t’s ggonna onna be b literally three; we’re have li terally us thr ee; w e’re ggonna onna h ave tto o hammered more But gget e h et ammered so iit’s t’s m ore fun. Bu ut then there’s people. th hen th ere’s more more peo ple. Because iit’s t’t s Aaron Carter, Hee Aa aron Car terr, this is our cchildhood! hildhood! H was man back thee d day!” w as our m an b ack in th ayy!”

The The younger younger brother brotherr of of Backstreet Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Aaron Bo ys frontman frontman Ni ck Ca arterr, Aar on Carter first Car ter rreleased eleased his firs st album in 1997, when hee w was justt 10 yyears old. w hen h as jus ea ars o ld. Carter’s audience was and Car ter’s au dience w a as an d is highly “Myy older sister was hig hly niche: niche: “M olderr sis ter w as likee a Backstreet Backstreet Boys Boys ffan, an, so a s I ffelt elt lik needed something myself In eed ded d som ethin thi g ffor orr m o yself and, like, Carter, know?” an d, lik e, Aaron Aaron Car terr, yyou ou kn ow?” Megan, who also and eexplained xplained M egan, w ho is al so 21 an d also declined give her name al so d eclined to to giv ve h e llast er ast n ame (“It’ss a secret,” me). (“It’ secret,” she she told told m e). Now nearly grown N ow n early all gr own n up, up, the the contingent con tingent of of younger-siblings-ofyounger--siblings-ofBackstreet-Boys-fans embraces Bac kstreet-Boys-ffa ans ttoday o ay emb od races

Car ter as a w ay to to pu ut th eir own own stamp stamp Carter way put their on th ostalgia tr end. An other thee ’90ss n nostalgia trend. Another 21-y year-o e ld a tttendee made made it it clear clear 21-year-old attendee sshe he w as pu urely here here ffor or o “thr owback was purely “throwback rreasons,” easons,” ad a ding, “I don’t don’t take take him adding, ser iously rright i ht n ig ow..” seriously now.” In side th he Catalyst Ca atalyst Atrium, Atrrium, groups groups Inside the o esh-ffa acced yyoung o oung w omen mill o ed off fr fresh-faced women milled abou utt, ttaking akin ng ggoofy oo o fy p hotos o emselvees about, photos off th themselves wi th a lif fee-ssize pos ster o rter n ext tto o with life-size poster off Car Carter next th merchan a dise table. table. N ot too too long long thee merchandise Not aft er his o p penin g ac ct— —a yyoung o oung w om o an after opening act—a woman w ho ggoes oes b andy Sm ooch—Car Carrter who byy Br Brandy Smooch—Carter cam onstag age to to shouts shou utts and and cheers cheers of of camee onstage “Aa-rro on! Aa a-ron!” fr om th owd. dH “Aa-ron! Aa-ron!” from thee cr crowd. Hee sang his hi t ts—th e three three or ffour o our son gs sang hits—the songs whose music mussic vid eos gr ra aced th ey whose videos graced thee Disn Disney Channel w hen h as 11—then a 11—then spen nt th Channel when hee w was spent thee resst of of the the concert con c cerrt per rformin o gm edleys rest performing medleys of top top radio radio hits hits from frro om ttoday oday mix xeed wi th of mixed with the big hi ts fr rom o the the llate ate ’90s, including including the hits from Bruno M arss, R obin T hicke, N ellly an d th Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke, Nelly and thee Bacckstrreeet Boys’ Bo B ys’ “I W a an nt It That That W ay”— y Backstreet Want Way”— th he son g th hat m ad de his hi b ro oth her ffamous. am a ous. the song that made brother T here w as n o unfr iendly jjostling ostling in There was no unfriendly this au dien nce, sin ce iitt w a as m ade u p audience, since was made up alm ost en t ely o tir cest gir ls yyou ou o almost entirely off th thee ni nicest girls can imagine. imagin ne. The The w hole room room smelled smelled whole lik opica al-scented sshampoo. hampoo. Wh en likee tr tropical-scented When th ey w an nted e tto o gget et ccloser loser tto o th tage, they wanted thee sstage, th ese girls girls gently gen nttly tapped tapped on another these onee another on th hou ulders, lik utt t errfflies thee sshoulders, likee bu butterflies b rushing p ast. Cl oser tto o th ont, th ere brushing past. Closer thee fr front, there w as a li ttle m ore d ancing an d jjum ping p was little more dancing and jumping ar ound. (A After the the sshow, how, I ov veerheard around. (After overheard som eone ssa ay, “It w as m oshing bu ut,t lik e, someone say, was moshing but, like, po lite m oshing.”) polite moshing.”) Aft er sin nging se veeral cov veer son gs, After singing several cover songs, Car ter ttold old th owd th ext son g Carter thee cr crowd thee n next song w ould be his h llast. ast. “T his is m ew would “This myy n new son g. I rrecorded eco orded iitt ear lier this yyear,” eearr,” , h song. earlier hee said, “It’ alled ‘Wh ere Do W “It’ss ca called ‘Where Wee Begin.’” T he son g begin th u pbea at gui tar The song beginss wi with upbeat guitar sstrumming—by trumming—by his b and, all m en a band, men cou ple decades deccad des older older than than Car C ter— couple Carter— th en Car terr sin gs, “Summ er’s alm ost then Carter sings, “Summer’s almost ov ver e n ow, a an d I’m ggonna onna miss yyour o our over now, and smil e, yyou’re o ou’’re beau uttiful jus ose,” smile, beautiful justt lik likee a rrose,” an d so on. and By th me th horus hi do thee tim time thee cchorus hit,t, a thir third off th owd h ad alr eady lleft eft th ea aterr. thee cr crowd had already thee th theater. T here w as n o en core. 0 There was no encore.


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

38 List your local event in the calendar! Email it to, fax it to 831.457.5828, or drop it by our office. Events need to be received a week prior to publication and placement cannot be guaranteed.


Greeninger, the Banana Slug String Band and activist band Clan Dyken. Fri, Nov 22, 8pm. $20-$35. Kuumbwa Jazz Center, 320-2 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, 831.427.2227.


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Bellydance Showcase Ray Brown's Great Big Band

Different belly dancers each week on the garden stage. Presented by Helene. www. Sat, 1:30pm. Crepe Place, 1134 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, 831.429.6994.

The former jazz trumpet player for Stan Kenton leads his own band, playing original pieces written by Brown himself. Mon, Nov 25, 7:30pm. $20 general; $15 students. Cabrillo College Crocker Theater, 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos, 831.479.6331.

THEATER It's A Wonderful Life A live theater production in the style of a 1940s radio broadest. www. Nov. 15-Dec. 8. $10-$40. UCSC Mainstage Theater, 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, 831.459.2159.

The Crystal Download

Pump Boys & Dinettes A musical set in North Carolina about men who work at a gas station and women who work at the diner across the street. Thu, Nov 21, 8pm, Fri, Nov 22, 8pm, Sat, Nov 23, 8pm and Sun, Nov 24, 2pm. $26-$31. Center Stage, 1001 Center St, Santa Cruz, 831.425.7506.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee The Tony Award-winning musical comedy. Fri, Nov 22, 7:30pm, Sat, Nov 23, 7:30pm and Sun, Nov 24, 2pm. $9-$19. Cabrillo College Crocker Theater, 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos, 831.479.6154.

CONCERTS Anti-Fracking Benefit Featuring songwriter Keith

A musical shamanic journey with Kalya Scintilla, plus music, art and food that promise to detox the mind, body and soul. Sat, Nov 23, 7pm-2am. $20. Yoga Center Santa Cruz, 428C Front St, Santa Cruz, 831.423.6719.

Wolf Snake Sun San Jose hard rockers. Sat, Nov 23, 5pm. Streetlight Records Santa Cruz, 939 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, 831.421.9200.

Art GALLERIES OPENING Watsonville Public Library “Pop Up Museum”: Watsonville. View and share artifacts that illuminate the Pajaro Valley's agricultural history. Sat, Nov 23, noon-

San Francisco’s City Guide

Jason Moran Residency Jazz visionary plays with a quartet, two comedians, a trio and even his wife. Nov 20-25 at SFJAZZ Center.

DJ Cheb i Sabbah Tribute The beloved DJ, who died this month, is honored by fellow musicians and family. Nov 21 at 1015 Folsom.

Deltron 3030 Del, Dan the Automator and Kid Koala try to recreate the magic of their landmark collaboration. Nov 23 at the Fillmore.

Mellowhigh Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Left Brain from Odd Future raise the m’f’in’ ruckus. Nov 26 at the New Parish.

Morbid Angel If, for the past 20 years, you have been dying to hear ‘Covenant’ in its entirety, look no further. Nov 27 at Slim’s. More San Francisco events at

2pm. Free, 831.429.1964. 275 Main St, Watsonville.

CONTINUING Cabrillo College Gallery

simple life on the farm. Mon-Thurs, 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-6pm. Thru Jan. 3. Free. n/a, Santa Cruz.

David Fleming & Diane R. Ritch: Two award-winning artists selected from a juried exhibition. Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm & Mon-Tues 7-9pm. Thru Dec. 13. Free. 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos, 831.479.6308.


Felix Kulpa Gallery

A discussion of a new book each month, with copies available at the branch circulation desk. Email harbisons@santacruzpl. org for more information. Third Thu of every month, 1pm. Free. Santa Cruz Central Branch Library, 224 Church St, Santa Cruz, 831.427.7700x7616.

“New Work by a Community of Artists”: Paintings, photography, mixed media and video by 13 local artists. Gallery hours: Thurs-Sun, noon-6pm. Oct. 24-Nov. 24. Free. 107 Elm St, Santa Cruz, 408.373.2854.

Pajaro Valley Arts Council “Mi Casa es Tu Casa”: An exhibit of installations paying tribute to Dia de Los Muertos with the theme of "Passages." Gallery hours: Wed-Sun 11am-4pm. Thru Dec. 8. Free. 37 Sudden St, Watsonville, 831.722.3062.

Santa Cruz Art League “Beasts on Broadway”: Art inspired by animals of all shapes and sizes, real or imagined. Gallery hours: Wed-Sat, noon-5pm; Sun, noon-4pm. Thru Nov. 24. Wed-Sat, noon-5pm, Sun noon-4pm. 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, 831.426.5787.

Santa Cruz Central Branch Library “Libraries Inside Out— HOME”: A large-scale woodblock printmaking exhibition by Bridget Henry. Aug. 2 through the winter months. Free, 831.427.7700. 224 Church St, Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History “Journey Forth”: An exhibition that explores our complex relationships with nature in the digital age, juxtaposing the natural and artificial. Gallery Hours: Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm; Fri 11am-9pm. Thru Dec. 1. Museum hours Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm; closed Mon. 705 Front St, Santa Cruz, 831.429.1964.

Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios. “The Rock Series”: Acrylic on canvas paintings by June inspired by Janis Joplin and other rock icons. Hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-midnight. Free. 118 Coral St, Santa Cruz, 831.425.7277.

Various Santa Cruz County Bank Locations “Bank Arts Collaborative— Down on the Farm”: Seven local artists whose work represents the beauty of

LITERARY EVENTS Book Discussion Group

Storytime Former Shakespeare Santa Cruz actress Billie Harris and Book Cafe manager Jill Rose perform animated readings of children's stories. Mon, 11am. Capitola Book Cafe, 1475 41st Ave, Capitola, 831.462.4415.

NOTICES Baby Feeding Circle A chance to relax, feed your baby and chat with other new mothers. Open to all mothers and babies. Mon, 10:30-11:30am. free. Luma Yoga & Family Center, 1010 Center St., Santa Cruz, 831.325.2620.

Beat Sanctuary A dance class for exploring authentic movement as connection, exercise, prayer and spiritual practice. Wed, 7:30-9:15pm. $15. A weekly class for exploring exercise and spirituality through dance. Wed, 7:30-9:15pm. $15. Santa Cruz Yoga, 402 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz, 585.278.0080.

Computer Class Led by Computer Dave, this beginner-friendly class lets group participants pick the topics themselves. Third Wed of every month, 4-5:30pm. free. Santa Cruz Central Branch Library, 224 Church St, Santa Cruz, 831.427.7717.

A Course In Miracles Study Group A weekly meeting on learning how to forgive and live in peace. Drop-ins are welcome. Thu, 7-9pm. The Barn Studio, 104b Park Way South, Santa Cruz, 831.272.2246.

Dog Hikes Santa Cruz International Dog Owner's Community hosts a weekly one-hour, easy hike along the beach for dog lovers and their pets. www. Mon, 8:45-9:45am. Free. Aptos Beach staircase, 1049 Via Palo Alto, Aptos.

FRIDAY | 11/22 & SATURDAY | 11/23

Skin & Bones The fall open house of the UCSC Museum of Natural History Collections will feature an intriguing array of fresh fungi, insects, vertebrate skins and taxidermied animals, including a “special (re)appearance from Winston the Weasel.” (It’s a re-appearance because he used to be alive.) Friday, Nov. 22 from 11am-5pm and Saturday, Nov. 23 from 11am-6pm at the UCSC Science & Engineering Library. Free admission. Ending the Hunger Gap

Hemlock Discussion Group

A speech by Willy ElliottMcCrea, CEO of the Second Harvest Food Bank, presented by the Democratic Women's Club of Santa Cruz. Wed, Nov 20, 11:30am. $20-$25. Center Street Grill, 1001 Center St, Santa Cruz, 831.423.2356.

Discuss end-of-life options for serenity and dignity. Meets in Aptos the last Wed afternoon of every month except Dec; call for more info. 831.251.2240.

Figure Drawing Weekly drawing from a live model, facilitated by Open Studio artist Richard Bennett. Mon, 7-10pm. $16. Santa Cruz Art League, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz, 831.426.5787.

Grief Support A lunchtime drop-in support group for adults grieving the death of a family member or friend. Tues. 6-7pm at 125 Heather Terrace, Aptos; Fri. noon-1pm at 5403 Scotts Valley Dr. Ste. D, Scotts Valley. free. Various sites, NA, Santa Cruz, 831.430.3000.

Insight Santa Cruz Meditation sits, talks and discussions every day of the week. Learn the formal practice of meditation and engage with a community dedicated to reducing suffering by cultivating compassion. Visit www. for specific times and more information. Ongoing. Insight Santa Cruz, 1010 Fair Avenue, Suite C, Santa Cruz, 831.425.3431.

Leveraging Influence & Motivating Others A workshop where managers can discover their talents and shortcomings. Sponsored by the N. California Human Resources Association. Thu, Nov 21, 7:30-9:30am. $35

general; free for members. Plantronics, 345 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, 415.291.1992.

donation. UCSC College 9 & 10 Recreation Lounge, 1156 High St, Santa Cruz.

Miracle Working

Overeaters Anonymous

Spiritual teacher Dominique Free leads a weekly class on cultivating the consciousness to heal, overcome, succeed and create miracles. Thu, 7-8pm. Conscious Lounge, 1651A El Dorado Av @ Capitola Rd, Santa Cruz, 831.359.0423.

Move to Amend National spokesperson David Cobb will talk about our county initiative, plus a preview of Richard Stockton's new show about Baby Boomers. Wed, Nov 20, 7pm. Resource Center for Nonviolence, 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz.

Orange is the New Jim Crow A talk about the harms that incarcerated women and gender variant people face behind bars. Mon, Nov 25, 6:30-8:30pm. Free/

A 12-step support group for those who wish to recover from compulsive eating. Sundays 9-10:15am at 2900 Chanticleer Ave, Santa Cruz and 4-5:15pm at 115 South Morrissey, Santa Cruz. Mondays 12:15-1:15pm at 420 Melrose Ave, Santa Cruz and 7-8pm at 4951 Soquel Dr, Soquel. Tuesdays 12:151:15pm at 420 Melrose Ave, Santa Cruz. Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am at 1335 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz; noon-1pm at 49 Blanca Ln #303, Watsonville; and 6:307:30pm at 335 Spreckles Dr, Ste. A, Aptos. Thursdays 1-2pm at 301 Center St, Santa Cruz. Fridays noon-1pm at 49 Blanca Ln #303, Watsonville and 12:15-1:15pm at 225 Rooney St, Santa Cruz. Saturdays 9-10am at 532 Center St, Santa Cruz and 11am-noon


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

SATURDAY | 11/23

Planet Cruz Comedy Local comedian Richard Stockton is back, hosting his regular laughter-filled comedy and music event. Notable additions this time around include the sometimes abrasive, always hilarious Brendan Lynch, who Stockton has officially deemed “Letterman-bound.” Saturday, Nov. 23 at 7:30pm at the Rio Theater, 1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz. Tickets $18. at 75 Nelson St, Watsonville. 831.429.7906.

Postpartum Health Circle A weekly community circle offering support and information about postpartum changes for mothers. Wed, 1:30-2:30pm. $5-$10 donation. Luma Yoga & Family Center, 1010 Center St, Santa Cruz, 831.325.2620.

Qigong Flow Led by Bonnie Eskie, MFT. Tue, 10-11am. $10-$12. Louden Nelson Community Center, 301 Center St, Santa Cruz, 831.515.4144.

Resume Reviews Complimentary resume reviews by Profile of Santa Cruz, a job search association. Wed, Nov 20, 1:30-5pm. Free. Downtown Farmer's Market, Cedar St, between Lincoln St and Cathcart St, Santa Cruz.

Support and Recovery Groups Alzheimer's: Alzheimer's Assn., 831.464.9982. Bipolar: 707.747.1989. Cancer: Katz Cancer Resource Center, 831.351.7770; WomenCARE, 831.457.2273. Candida: 831.471.0737. Chronic Pain: American Chronic Pain Association, 831.423.1385.

Grief and Loss: Hospice, 831.430.3000. Lupus: Jeanette Miller, 831.566.0962. Men Overcoming Abusive Behavior: 831.464.3855. SMART Recovery: 831.462.5470. Trans Latina women: Mariposas, 831.425.5422. Trichotillomania: 831.457.1004. 12-Step Programs: 831.454. HELP (4357). Pagans in Recovery: 831.428.3024. Narcotics Anonymous: Clutterers Anonymous: 831.359.3008.

Take Back Your Power A film which explores issues around corporate practices of tapping into citizens' private information. Sponsored by the Freedom Forum. Wed, Nov 20, 7pm. Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz.

The Speaker's Gym Instructor Noel Murphy provides leadership coaching and public speaking skills every week. Wed, 7-9:30pm. Discovery Gym, 75 Mt. Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley, 831.238.1234.

Andrews, author of “Living Room Revolution,” on how to create more community in our lives. Sun, Nov 24, 2pm. Free. Dharma's, 4250 Capitola Rd., Capitola.

hosted by DNA featuring a different Bay Area headliner each week. Tue, 8:30pm. Free. Blue Lagoon, 923 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, 831.423.7117.

Yoga Instruction

Marine Mammal Research Tour

Pacific Cultural Center: 35+ classes per week, 831.462.8893. SC Yoga: 45 classes per week, 831.227.2156. TriYoga: numerous weekly classes, 831.464.8100. Yoga Within at Aptos Station, 831.687.0818; Om Room School of Yoga, 831.429.9355; Pacific Climbing Gym, 831.454.9254; Aptos Yoga Center, 831.688.1019; Twin Lotus Center, 831.239.3900. Hatha Yoga with Debra Whizin, 831.588.8527.

Zen, Vipassana, Basic: Intro to Meditation Zen: SC Zen Center, Wed, 5:45pm, 831.457.0206. Vipassana: Vipassana SC, Wed 6:30-8pm, 831.425.3431. Basic: Land of the Medicine Buddha, Wed, 5:30-6:30pm, 831.462.8383. Zen: Ocean Gate Zendo, first Tue each month 6:30-7pm. All are free.


TimeBank Mixer

Comedy Showcase

A gathering featuring Cecile

A new comedy showcase

A behind-the-scenes look at Long Marine Lab and the scientists who study dolphins, seals, sea lions and whales. Advance registration required. Sun, Nov 24, 2-3:30pm. Seymour Discovery Center, 100 Shaffer Rd, Santa Cruz, 831.459.3800.

Skin & Bones An open house with vertebrate skins from the museum plus bones from the anthropology department. Fri, Nov 22, 11am-5pm and Sat, Nov 23, 11am-6pm. Free. UCSC Museum of Natural History Collections, UCSC, Santa Cruz, 831.459.0111.

Wool, Spinning & Weaving An in-depth look at how wool clothing was made in the early days of the Mission. Sat, Nov 23, 1-2pm. Free. Santa Cruz Mission, 126 High Street, Santa Cruz, 831.425.5849.

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


Beatsc THURSDAY 11/21


TH UR SDAY 1 1 /21

T HUR SDAY 1 1 /21

F R I DAY 11/2 2

REV. HORTON HEAT T Hey look, the Rev has a new album! It’s his first in four years! Blah blah blah! Why is anyone making a big deal out of this? I’m not sure his fans really require new Rev. Horton Heat albums; s; in fact, I remember thinking that way back on It’s Martini Time! Almost two decades later, he’ss messed around with stylistic variables, but in thee end the best songs all become fresh meat for the psychobilly grinder that is his live show. “Lett Me Show You How to Eat,” the first single off his upcoming record, is a 10-course serving of culinary double-entendres that could have easilyy been on his classic 1990s albums. Catalyst; $15; 8pm. (Steve Palopoli)



The daughter of a Malian diplomat, singersongwriter Rokia Traoré traveled extensively as a youngster, soaking up the culture and music of Algeria, France, Belgium and more. But, coming from a family of nobility, local tradition forbade her from performing her own music. Lucky for us, the rules were bent in her case and she is now among the celebrated voices of international music. Blending styles that range from minimal to traditional to rock, Traoré continues to break barriers both musically and culturally. Rio Theatre; $28 adv/$33 door; 8pm. (Cat Johnson)

With a repertoire that includes uplifting tunes such as “Love is Dead,” “Bottle in My Hand,” and “Waiting Around to Die” Miss Lonely Hearts doesn’t waste time genre-hopping or fusing together elements of this style or that. They go straight for the lonely heart of barpacking, honky tonk, tear-in-my-beer music. Hailing from the Central Valley, this band is a throwback to the days when country music was as rough, honest, unpolished and totally bootscoot-able. Crepe Place; $10; 9pm. (CJ)

The Sam Chase, led by the frontman of the same name, plays rollicking, stomp-inducing music that brings to mind a good, oldfashioned porch jam complete with hoots, hollers and the occasional f-bomb. But Chase, who possesses a magnetic, rough-aroundthe-edges voice and a penchant for penning super-catchy tunes, also knows how to slow things down to explore the quieter, somewhat darker side of life. Hailing from San Francisco, this outfit is definitely one to put on your rootss radar. Don Quixote's; $10; 8pm. (CJ)

41 Celebrating Creativity Since 1975


Thursday, November 21 U 7 pm | No Comps Two of Jazz’s Most Respected Artists

SLAID BELLS Americana troubadour Slaid Cleaves plays the Kuumbwa Saturday.

RANDY WESTON AND BILLY HARPER “AFRICAN RHYTHMS” A true innovator and visionary (Weston) Post-Coltrane era saxophonist (Harper) Friday, November 22 U 8 pm

Concerts Con ncerts LA LATYRX AT TYRX X Nov. No v. 21 at at Moe’ Moe’ss Alle Alley y CAROL CAROLYN LY YN SILLS COMBO COMBO Nov. No v. 23 at at Cr Crepe epe Plac Place e SANDY BIG S AN NDY & HIS FLY-RITE FL LY-RIT TE BOYS BOYS Nov. Quixote’s No v. 24 24 at at Don Quix ote’s

cape e

RAY BROWN’S GREAT RA AY BR AY ROWN’S WN GREA AT BAND BIG BA B ND Nov. Kuumbwa N No v. 25 at at K u uumb wa ISAAK C CHRIS I AAK IS K Dec. Catalyst D ec. 1 at at Ca ta alyst

S A T U R D AY 1 1 / 2 3


With a lot of major chords, alternating basslines and rock rhythms, Slaid Cleaves’ music isn’t the thing that sets him apart in modern country music—it’s his lyrics. Cleaves’ tunes ring of heartbreak and despair reminiscent of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams. “Breakfast In Hell” off 2000’s Broke Down chronicles the tragic tall tale of Sandy Gray, who pushed his fellow lumberjacks to fix a logjam by the Chumash River in Ontario. But Cleaves often brings a 21st century edge to his music. Other common themes include being drunk and wanting to get stoned. Kuumbwa; $25-$40 adv/$29-$44/door; 7:30pm. (JP)

S A T U R D AY 1 1 / 2 3

DELHI 2 DUBLIN Talk about worlds colliding. Delhi 2 Dublin is an electronic Canadian ethnic music group that fusess Indian Bhangra and Celtic music. The group’s more adventurous mash-ups—like “S.O.S,” which h opens with reggae rhythms—sound especially mind-blowing with a fiddle, sitar and tabla. Lead singer Sanjay Seran sings in both Punjabi and English, and their Facebook page states plainly, “They invented the genre 'celtic punjabi electronica'”— yeah, like that bandwagon’s ever gonna be crowded—“which sounds pretty dumbb on paper, but is actually super badass.” Moe's Alley; $12 door/$15 adv; 9pm. (Jacob Pierce)

S U N D AY 1 1 / 2 4

THE GREEN Hawaiian reggae band the Green makes upbeat idealistic music with roots vibes, hip-hop influences and pulsing lyrical cadences older than the band itself. “From the times of ancient Hawai‘i, and even up to present day, chanting has been a part of our culture,” guitarist JP Kennedy has said. It’s hard not to nod along and listen to their three albums. Formed in 2009, the six guys are practically rookies to the touringg music scene and likely have several more years and many good vibes ahead of them. Catalyst; $18 adv/$22 door; 8:30pm. (JP)


Saturday, November 23 U 7:30 p


Tickets: Monday, November 25 U 7:30 pm


Saturday, November 30 U 7:30 pm


Monday, December 2 U 7 pm | No Comps




Sunday, December 8 U 6 pm

ZAMBOMBA GITANA! A Traditional Flamenco Holiday Celebration Direct from Spain Tickets:

Monday, December 9 U 7 pm | No Comps

PEDRITO MARTINEZ GROUP Wednesday, December 11 U 7 pm


Award Winning Crooked Still Vocalist! Monday, December 16 U 7 and 9 pm


Windham Hill Winter Solstice

BARBARA HIGBIE, LIZ STORY, LISA LYNNE, GEORGE TORTORELLI, ARYEH FRANKFURTER Unless noted advance tickets at and Logos Books & Records. Dinner served 1-hr before Kuumbwa presented concerts. Premium wines & beer. All ages welcome.

320-2 Cedar St [ Santa Cruz 831.427.2227

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Latyrx La t r tyrx




WED 11/ 11/20 /2 20 Liv Live eR Rock ock

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

923 9 23 P Pacific acific A Ave, ve, S Santa anta C Cruz ruz


THU TH HU 11/ 11/21 21

FRI 11/ 11/22 22 2

Liv Live ve C Comedy omedy

SAT 11/ 11/23 23 Liv Live eD DJ J

+8 80’s 0’s d dance ance party party

Liv Live e Music

529 5 29 S Seabright eabright A Ave, ve, S Santa anta C Cruz ruz

Rai Rainbow inbow L Lounge ounge

Liv Live eD DJ J



The Do-Rights

Alli Alli Battaglia Battaglia

Inf Infamous amous Blu Blue e Eyes Eyes

DJ DJ Johnny Johnny

1140 40 Encinal Encinal St, St, S Santa anta C Cruz r uz

Burlesque Burlesque


Phutur PhuturePrimitive ePrimitive

V Veil eiil of Ma Maya ya

Foreverland Foreverland

C Cylinder ylinder

Relient Relient K

Rev. Rev. Horton Horton Heat Heat

Barringt Barrington on L Levy evy

Asking Ale Alexandria xandria

White White Chocolate Chocolate

Mis Miss ss L Lonely onely Hearts

Mark T Twang wang

Car Carolyn olyn Sills C Combo ombo

Yuji Yuji Tojo To ojo

Beat Bea at S Street treet

G Garage arage Band

Latin Latin N Night ight

11101 101 P Pacific acific A Avenue, venue, Santa Cruz

T THE CATALYST CATAL ALYST 11011 011 P Pacific acific A Ave, ve, Santa Cruz

C CREPE PLACE PLACE 11134 134 Soquel A Ave, ve, Santa Cruz


R Room oom 9

2 2218 Eas Eastt Cliff Dr Dr,, Santa Cruz


Esoteric Esoteric Collective Collective

1D Davenport avenport A Ave, ve, S Santa anta C Cruz ruz


Pr Preston e ton Brahm es Brahm Trio Trio

Mapanova Mapanova

Isoc Isoceles eles

Randy Ran ndy Weston Weston &

Stop Stop Fr Fracking acking g

Slaid Cleaves Cleaves

11102 102 P Pacific acific A Ave, ve, Santa Santa C Cruz ruz

w with ith G Gary ar y M Montrezza ontrezza

KUUMBWA K UUMBWA JAZZ JAZZ CENTER 3 320-2 Cedar Cedar St, St, Santa Cruz

Billy y Harper



Septeto Septeto Nacional

Latryx Latry t x

Dick Dale

11535 535 C Commercial ommercial W Way, ay, Santa Cruz

de Cuba

La Lateef teef e &L Lyrics yrics Born


Space Space Bass! Bass!

Libation Lib bation Lab

11209 209 Pacific Pacific Ave, Ave, Santa Cruz

Andrew Andrew the Pirate Pirate

with h Curtis Murphy Murphy


Open Mic

Liv Live ve R Reggae eggae

Live Live Ha Hawaiian waiian n

Liv Live eR Rock ock & R Reggae eggae


Ticket Ticket to to Ride

Rokia Rokia Troare Troare

Fly Fishing

Planet Cruz Comedy Comedy

11205 205 Soquel Avenue, Avenue, Santa Cruz

Snowboard Snowboard film

Delhi 2 Dublin


1120 20 Union St, St, Santa Cruz Film tour tour


AC AC Miles

5 Seabright A 519 Ave, ve, Santa Cruz


Jam m Session Session with

3102 3 310 2 Portola Portola Dr Dr.,., Santa Cruz

Don n Caruth

Santa Cruz County County's y's only

local, independent local, indep d enden nt newspaper new spap per * A member of T Think Local First *Dis tributing c ountywide and *Distributing countywide publishing minimum 52 52 weeks weeks

Call for for more more information information 831.4 831.457.9000

Sean Chambers Chambe ers Band

Isis & the Cold Cold T Truth ruth



11/24 11/2 24

Goth/Industrial Goth/Indus trial


111/25 11/ 25

Karaoke Karaoke

TUE 11/ 11/26 26 Live Live DJ DJ S Soul/funk/rap oul/funk/rap

DJ DJ Jahi Neighborhood Neighborhood Night Night

Swytchback S wytchback

F. F. Dupp

Aerial Aerial Arts Promo Promo Night Night

Church Church of Misery

BLUE BLUE LAGOON LAGOON 831.423.7117 831.423.7117

BL BLUE UE L LOUNGE OUNGE 831.425.2900 831.425.2900

BOCCI’S BOCCI’S CELLAR 831.427.1795 831.427.1795

THE CATALYST CA ATAL LYST ATRIUM ATRIUM T 831.423. 831.423.1338 1338

The Green Green

THE CATALYST CA ATAL LYST 831.423.1336 831.423.1336

CREPE PLACE PLACE 831.429 831.429.6994 .6994

Live Liv e Comedy Comedy

CROW’S CROW’S NEST NEST 831.4 831.476.4560 76.4560

Bleu & Virgil Virgil Thrasher Thrasher

Dana Scruggs Trio Trio

Jazz by by Five Five

Barry Scott Scott & Associates Associates

Ray Ray Brown’s Brown’s

8 831.420.0135 31.420.0135 831.42 831.427.2227 7.2227

Mighty Mike Mike



Jazzy Evening Evening

831.426.8801 831.426.8801


Gr Great eat Big g Band

Rasta Ras ta Cruz Reggae Reggae


831.479.1854 831.479.1854

Eclectic Eclectic c by by

Hip-Hop Hip Hop by by

Primal Pr Productions oductions


Open Blues Jam

MOTIV MOTIV 831.4 831.479.5572 79.5572

THE REEF 831.459.9876 831.459.9876


SEABRIGHT BREWERY BREWERY 831.426.2739 831.426.2739


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Karaoke Karaoke



1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336 Wed., Nov. 20 AGES 16+


Motion City Soundtrack

!DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Wednesday, Nov. 20‹In the AtriumsAGES 18+


also MiHKAL

plus Pumpkin !DV$RSsPMPM

Thursday, 5V]LTILY‹AGES 21+

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


& His Flask

also Deke


3PECIAL!DVANCEs$RSPM3HOWPM Thursday, Nov. 21‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+

VEIL OF MAYA plus STRUC/TURES and Vildhjarta

also Northlane !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

Friday, 5V]LTILY‹AGES 16+


plus Pure


Friday, November 22‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


Asking Alexendria

plus Emmure

also For Today !DV$RSsPMPM 3ATURDAY .OVEMBER‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus Audio Waltz


Sunday, 5V]LTILY‹AGES 16+



also Folivore and

Jake Jake Nielson

A.C. A.C. Myles

David David v Paul Paul Campbell

Br Broken oken Shades

Extr Extra ra Lounge Lounge

George George Christos Christos

Roberto-Howell Roberto o-Ho Howell

Lar Price Price &

Hit & Run

V Velvet elvet Plum

Joh Johnny nny Fabulous Fabulous

Yuji Yuji

215 21 15 Esplanade Esplanade,, Capit Capitola ola



In Thr Three ee

Lenny’s Lenny’s Basement Basem ment

Tsunami Tsunami

Joe Ferrara Ferrara

Joe Ferrara Ferrara

The Joint Chiefs Chie efs

Straight Straight Up

1 Seascape S Resort Resort Dr Dr,, Rio del Mar


Don n McCaslin &

7500 7 5 500 Old Dominion Ct, Apt Aptos os

The The Amazing Jazz Gee Geezers zers


K Ken en nC Constable onstable

1750 17 750 Wharf Rd, Rd, Capit Capitola ola


Chris Christie tie McCarth McCarthy y&

4640 4 640 Soquel Dr Dr,, Soquel

Patti Patti Maxine

ZELDA’S Z ELDA’S 203 20 03 Esplanade Esplanade,, Capit Capitola ola

S SCOTTS VALLEY / SAN LORE LORENZO ENZO VALLEY D Deb Deby by Benton B ton Grosjean Bent G osjean Gr j

The Th Sam S Chase Ch se Chas

Slugs Sl N’ Roses Roses

Them Slack Jawed Ja awed

Echo Echo Street Street

6275 62 275 Hwy Hwy 9, 9, Felton Felton


Alli Battaglia Battaglia



Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating.

Hwy H wy 1, Moss Moss Landing

David David Paul Paul Campbell


Nov 30 Roach Gigz/ Husalah (Ages 16+) Dec 1 Chris Isaak (Ages 21+) Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

Karaoke Karaoke

Triple Triple Threat Threat

2591 25 591 Main S St, t, Soquel

9450 94 450 Hwy Hwy 9, 9, Ben Lomond Lomond

Rie Bad Light sPMPM

Live Live Music

783 7 8 Rio del Mar Blvd, 83 Blvd, Apt Aptos os

Tuesday, November 26‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+ plus Wizzard

SAT 11/ 11/23 23 with Eve Eve

Jack of All Trades Trades

211 2 11 Esplanade, Esplanade, Capitola Capitola



FRI 11/ 11/22 /2 22 2

110 11 0 Monterey Monterey Ave., Ave., Capitola Capitola

plus Kimie also Wheeland Brothers sPMPM


TH THU HU 11/ 11/21 /2 21

Hippo Happy Happy Hour

11934 934 Main Main St, St, W Watsonville atsonville


Mariachi Ensemble Ensemble

KDON DJ DJ Showbiz Showbiz

&K KDON DON D DJ JS SolRock olRock

Open Jam

DJ DJ Tammy Tamm a y

Steve Steve Thr Throop oop Group Group








111/24 1/2 24


111/25 11/ 25


Blues B lues Pro Pro Jam Jam

with with Eve Eve

THE FOG BANK 831.462.1881 831.462.1881



Paul Paul Butler Lara Lar a Price Price

Ken Ken Constable Constable

MICHAEL’S MICHAEL’S ON MAIN 831.479.9777 831.479.9777


SANDERLINGS SANDERLINGS 831.662.7120 831.662.7120

SEVERINO’S BAR & GRILL 831.688.8987 831.688.8987

SHADOWBROOK SHADOWBROOK 831.475.1511 831.475.1511

Open Mic c


w/ w/ Mosep Mosephus hus

831.477.1341 831.477.1341


831.4 831.475.4900 75.4900

SCOTTS VALLEY / SA SAN AN LORENZO VALLEY Baby B Bab by Gramps G amps Gr Streuth S treuth

DON QUIXOTE’S QUIXOTE’S 831.603.2294 831.603.2294

K Karaoke araoke with K Ken en

HENFLING’S T TAVERN AVERN V 831.336.9318 831.336.9318


KPIG Happy Happy Hour

Bobby Bobb y Love Love &

Karaoke Karaoke

Sugar S Sweet weet

Happy Happy hour hour

CILANTRO’S 831.761.2161 831.761.2161

MOSS MOSS LANDING INN 831.6 831.633.3038 33.3038


HOLIDAY STORE (GIFTS Cooper House Breezeway

110 Cooper/Pacific Ave, Ste 100G Nov 25 -Dec 24, 10am - 8pm closed Thanksgiving

Special Events: First Friday, Book Signings & Live Music Info:

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


Jesse Jes se Sabala

11/22 & 11/23

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3


Film BUSINESS CASUAL Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) and Rayon (Jared Leto) form a partnership to procure hard-to-get AIDS drugs.

Cowboy Up

A scrawny Matthew McConaughey brings life to ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ BY RICHARD VON BUSACK


HE RISE of a brave new actor is something to see, but second to that is the sight of an actor who had begun his career as a good-looking slouch, starting to stir himself and do things. Now, after his celebrated role in Mud as a mysterious stranger, Matthew McConaughey has a big-star performance in Dallas Buyers Club, as Ron Woodroof, a wiry, dying rebel, emaciated with AIDS to the point where his rodeo belt buckle seems heavier than he is. Director Jean-Marc Vallée’s film is set in 1986 during the worst of the AIDS epidemic. Woodroof, a trailer-dwelling oilpatch electrician, develops a cough that won’t go away and a headache that lingers like a bad hangover. After he

collapses during a workplace accident, he comes to in a hospital, where he’s informed by a pair of germ-masked doctors that he’s got AIDS. “Fuck you, I ain’t no faggot!” he protests. (When he thinks on it hard, Ron dimly recalls a scene with some kind of prostitute; that’s the best clue he has to how he got the disease.) Heterosexuality won’t save him: he’s got a T-cell count in the single digits and a diagnosis of death within a month. He learns of the murderously expensive drug AZT and buys it in the parking lot from a hospital orderly, before the supply runs out. Then he heads to a Mexican clinic where he builds up his strength with vitamins and aloe vera. Through a business partnership with a pinkly-

powdered drag queen named Rayon (Jared Leto) Ron hustles up some serious money distributing the nutritional supplements to the AIDS cases in Dallas. As he goes international in search of more serious pharmaceuticals—flying to Japan and Israel in search of Interferon—he’s harassed by one wattles-shaking FDA agent who keeps turning up, the same way that one particular Dallas policeman (Steve Zahn, squandered) also keeps turning up to save Rob from his own misdeeds. It’s two films merged messily into one. One concerns the co-ops that people with AIDS formed to get the drugs the FDA and Big Pharma dawdled over, a story told in a far better film, the documentary How To Survive

a Plague. The other, lesser movie is about a homophobic Texan who slowly learns to tolerate got-damn queers. This second movie congratulates you for your own tolerance. Dallas Buyers Club eludes realism in the character Jennifer Garner plays— she’s supposed to be a physician, but she’s such a fountain of unadulterated compassion that, in an older version of this movie, she would have been a nun. All the realism falls on Rayon; he’s shot to look as much like a Diane Arbus photo as possible, only with an oddly quiet Mrs. Doubtfire voice. He always has a few runs in his stocking, and scars from the drugs he shoots up in his rump; Rayon is always photographed in the least-alluring light as Ron scalds with insults—I think we’re supposed to think it’s cute the way they play together. Dallas Buyers Club is made for distracted home viewing. It makes its points and remakes them, so much that it’s easy to stop noticing when it contradicts itself. It’s not clear when Ron leaves his skeevy motel headquarters and takes up residence in a donated office, because he seems to be doing business in both. At his local bar, Ron gets treated as a diseased pariah, and he nearly causes a bar fight. A few scenes later he’s right back at that same bar, as if nothing happened. Still, McConaughey’s hard-edged cowboy charm reminds us that in a time of discrimination and inept response to a crisis—just as in times of wartime occupation—it’s the criminally-minded pains in the ass that survive. He’ll be at the awards shows this winter, and he’ll deserve to be there, not just for the stunt of starving himself gaunt for the part, but for making this movie live as well as it does.

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB R; 117 Min. Plays at the Nick.

Film Capsules New


threatening to fight anyone who pointed out that The Dark Knight Rises sucked, Nolan’s breakthrough film Memento gave film fans something a lot more fun to argue about. Did the reverse-narrative story hold up when considered backward (or rather, forward)? Now, of course, you can watch the movie re-edited in chronological order on YouTube, but almost 15 years later this cult favorite starring Guy Pearce as an amnesiac trying to piece together his own plotline is still a blast no matter what you think of the technicalities. (Plays Fri and Sat at midnight at the Del Mar)

Movie reviews by Steve Palopoli and Richard von Busack

Reviews 12 YEARS A SLAVE (R; 133 min) Based on an 1853 memoir, this story of a free African American kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South is easily the bestreviewed film of the year. ALL IS LOST (PG-13; 106 min) Robert Redford stars in this adventure story of a man on the open sea whose boat is damaged, leaving him in a lonely and desperate fight for survival.

BAD GRANDPA (R; 92 min) Johnny Knoxville’s obnoxious old man character from Jackass gets his own movie, which for sure nobody saw coming.

For some reason, the movie combines a fictional plot with the typical hiddencamera footage of real people being grossed out by Grandpa’s lewd behavior. THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY (R) Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall and Terrence Howard star in this story of college friends who reunite at Christmastime after 15 years. BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (NC-17; 179 min) Much buzzed-about French lesbian love story has French lesbians, love story. Also won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (PG-13; 134 min) Oscar buzz is already a-buzzin’ for Tom

Showtimes are for Wednesday, Nov. 20, through Wednesday, Nov. 27, unless otherwise indicated. Programs and showtimes are subject to change without notice.


Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa — Wed-Thu 1; 3:25; 6; 11:10; Fri-Wed call

122 Rancho Del Mar Center, Aptos 831.688.6541

for showtimes.

Delivery Man —Daily 2:30; 4:50; 7:10; 9:30 plus Sat-Sun 12:10pm. Dallas Buyers Club — Daily 1:50; 4:20; 6:50; 9:20 plus Sat-Sun 11:20am.

The Best Man Holiday — Wed-Thu 12; 3:15; 6; 9:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Thor:The Dark World—Wed-Thu 12:05; 2:45; 5:20; 7:30; 10:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Thor:The Dark World 3D—Thu 12:30; 2:45; 4:35; 7:15; 10; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.



1475 41st Ave., Capitola 831.479.3504

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire —(Opens Thu 8pm) Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Last Vegas — Wed-Thu 11:30; 2; 4:30; 7; 10; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Thor: The Dark World — Wed-Thu 11:45; 1:30; 4:15; 5:20; 7:15; 8:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.

Thor: The Dark World 3D — Wed-Thu 2:30; 9:30; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.


1124 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz 831.426.7500

Delivery Man — (Opens Fri) 1:30; 2:30; 4; 5; 7:15; 9:30 plus Sat-Sun 11:15am; 12:10pm. 12 Years A Slave — Daily 1:50; 4:40; 6:30; 7:30; 9:10 plus Sat 11am. Macbeth — Sun 11am. Memento — Fri-Sat Midnight.


Lincoln and Cedar streets, Santa Cruz 831.426.7500

All Is Lost — Daily 1:50; 4:20; 6:50; 9:10 plus Sat-Sun 11:40am. Blue Is the Warmest Color — Daily 3:40pm. Dallas Buyer’s Club — Daily 2; 3:30; 4:30; 6; 7; 8:30; 9:30 plus Sat-Sun 11:30; 1pm. Enough Said — Daily 7:10 plus Sat-Sun 11:20am. Kill Your Darlings — Daily 1:30; 9:20.


155 S. River St, Santa Cruz 800.326.3264 x1701

About Time — Wed-Thu 3:30; 7; 9:45; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Captain Phillips — Wed-Thu 12:30; 3:30; 6:30; 9:30; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Las Vegas — Wed-Thu 3:40; 6:45; 9:10; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.


1405 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz 800.326.3264 x1700

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—(Opens Thu 8pm); Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Captain Phillips — Wed-Thu 12:20; 3:15; 8:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Ender’s Game — Wed-Thu 12:45; 3:20; 6:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Free Birds — Wed-Thu 12:10; 2:25; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Gravity — Wed-Thu 12:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Gravity 3D — Wed-Thu 3; 6:20; 8:40; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.

226 Mt. Hermon Rd., Scotts Valley 831.438.3260

Delivery Man — (Opens Thu 8:30pm) Fri-Wed call for showtimes. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—(Opens Thu 8pm) Fri-Wed call for showtimes. 12 Years A Slave — Wed-Thu 12:15; 3:30; 6:45; 9:45; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. About Time — Wed-Thu 11:55; 2; 4:30; 7:20; 10; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Ender’s Game — Wed-Thu 11; 1:45; 4:30; 7:10; 10; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Free Birds — Wed-Thu 11:55; 2:20; 4:45; 7; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Gravity — Wed-Thu 11:45; 3; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Gravity 3D — Wed-Thu 4:55; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa — Wed-Thu 4:55; 10:15; Fri-Wed call for showtimes.

Last Vegas — Wed-Thu 11:30; 2; 4:30; 7:20; 9:55; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Thor: The Dark World — Wed-Thu 1; 4; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Thor:The Dark World 3D —Wed-Thu 11:30; 2:30; 5:30; 8:30; Fri-Wed call for showtimes. Gigi — Thu 7pm.


1125 S. Green Valley Rd, Watsonville 831.761.8200

Delivery Man — (Opens Fri) 1:30; 4:05; 7:10; 10 plus Sat-Sun, Wed 11/27 11am. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — (Opens Thu 8pm) 12:30; 1:50; 3:45; 4:55; 7; 8; 10:05 plus Sat-Sun, Wed 11/27 10:45am. Frozen — (Opens Wed 11/27) 10:45; 11:45; 1:30; 2:30; 5:05; 7:20; 9:45. Frozen 3D — (Opens Wed 11/27) 4pm. Homefront — (Opens Wed 11/27) 10:45; 1:45; 4:20; 7:30; 10. About Time — Fri-Tue 1:40; 4:20; 7:20; 10 plus Sat-Sun 11am; Wed 11/27 7:30; 10. Captain Phillips — Wed-Thu 1:30; 4:15; 7; 9:45; Fri-Tue 1:30; 4:15. Ender’s Game — Wed 11/27 1:30; 4:05; 7:15; 10; Thu 1:30pm. Free Birds —Wed-Thu 12:55; 3:05; 5:15; Fri-Tue 12:55; 3:05; 5:15 plus Sat-Sun 10:45am. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa — Wed-Thu 12:55; 3:05; 5:20; 7:35; 10;FriTue 7:25; 10 plus Sat-Sun 10:45am. Last Vegas — Wed-Thu 1:20; 4:10; 7:15; 9:45; Wed-Tue 7:25; 9:45. Thor: The Dark World — Wed-Thu 1:45; 4:20; 7; 9:45; Fri-Wed 1:40; 4:15; 7:15; 9:45 plus Sat-Sun, Wed 11/27 11am. Thor: The Dark World 3D — Wed-Thu 2:45; 5:20.

Hanks, who plays the titular captain in this true story of the first U.S. cargo ship to be hijacked in 200 years. DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (R; 117 min.) Matthew McConaughey continues his bizarre transformation into one of the best actors of our generation in this true story about a Texas electrician named Ron Woodroof, who took on the medical establishment after being diagnosed with HIV in the ’80s—in his attempt to get alternative treatments for himself and others, he became a drug smuggler. What has gotten into McConaughey, anyway? Remember when he was the acting equivalent of lumber back in the Contact days? Jared Leto is making a different kind of comeback, after not making films for a while—here he plays a transvestite who forms an unlikely partnership with Woodroof. ENDER’S GAME (PG-13; 104 min) There’s been a lot of LGBT supporters protesting this movie because of the despicable anti-gay views of Orson Scott Card, the author of the book it’s based on (and a producer of the film). I don’t know if the film itself should be judged on the basis of that—maybe more on the fact that Ender’s Game wasn’t a great book to begin with, certainly inferior even to Card’s short story of the same name on which it was based. (Philip K. Dick’s Time Out of Joint is a far superior take on a very similar idea.) But whether or not you think the political issues should affect whether or not you see the film, at least we can all agree the guy’s a total douche. FREE BIRDS (PG; 91 min) Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson star in this animated movie that is seriously about turkeys traveling through time. They go back to try to stop JFK’s assassination. Just kidding, of course they try to get turkey off the Thanksgiving menu. GRAVITY (PG-13; 90 min) In director Alfonso Cuaron’s much-anticipated spacedisaster flick, an accident on a space shuttle mission threatens to make Sandra Bullock and George Clooney astro-nots. HOW I LIVE NOW (R; 101 min) Action thriller is an adaptation of Meg Rosoff’s novel about an American teenager bored out of her skull while staying with

relatives in Britain, until it suddenly comes under martial law, and she has to escape a violent military dictatorship. FML! KILL YOUR DARLINGS (R; 104 min) The beat writers get tangled in a 1944 murder in this hip drama, man! Daniel Radcliffe plays Allen Ginsberg, with Kerouac and Burroughs represented as well. LAST VEGAS (PG-13; 105 min) The trailer for this comedy just makes you involuntarily smile. Is it getting to watch Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro and Kevin Kline being goofy? Yeah, and also that this old-fart version of The Hangover actually looks hilarious, when it could have been just a cash-in on its all-star cast. PLANES (G; 92 min.) This spin-off of Cars was originally supposed to go direct-to-video, but apparently theatrical audiences can’t get enough of kids’ movies about things that long to do other things, but can’t because of reasons, but then do. So here you go. RUNNING WILD: THE LIFE OF DAYTON O. HYDE (NR; 93 min) Documentary follows the cowboy conservationist as he tries to preserve homeon-the-range culture while at the same time protecting natural resources and rescuing horses. RUSH (R; 123 min) Ron Howard’s epic re-telling of the real-life rivalry between Formula 1 racers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (James Bruhl). THOR: THE DARK WORLD (PG-13; 122 min) If he had a hammer, he’d hammer in the morning. He’d hammer in the evening, all over the nine realms. Anyway, Thor is back in a plot that’s basically what you’d expect: blah blah Dark Elves, blah blah wormhole, blah blah anomaly. Thank god for the Loki comic relief. WE’RE THE MILLERS (R; 110 min.) Filling the no-doubt massive audience demand to see the last vestiges of their ’90s innocence ruined by seeing Jennifer Aniston play a stripper, this comedy stars Jason Sudeikis as a pot dealer who enlists a random group of weirdos to be his fake family so he can smuggle drugs in from Mexico.

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

DELIVERY MAN (PG13; 103 min) If you feel like the premise for this Vince Vaughn comedy—slacker finds out his sperm-bank donation accidentally fathered hundreds of children, and 142 of them are suing him—sounds familiar, it might be because it sounds exactly like the kind of comedy Vince Vaughn would have made by now. He actually didn’t, but New Zealander Ken Scott did in 2011, a movie called Starbuck on which it is based. I know some of those Kiwis have thick accents, but really, they’re remaking New

Zealand films now? (Opens Fri at Green Valley, Scotts Valley, Del Mar, Aptos) HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE (PG-13; 146 min) Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth return in the further adventures of Katniss Everdeen and friends. This time, it’s personal! Just kidding. It’s not that personal. (Opens Fri at 41st Ave, Cinema 9, Scotts Valley, Green Valley) MEMENTO (2000) A while back, Hollywood. com did a story called “Why Are Chris Nolan’s Fans Such Jerks?” That was awesome. But you know, it didn’t used to be like that. Years before fanboys were


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3



Send tips about food, wine and dining discoveries to Christina Waters at Read her blog at over. And yes, they do serve breakfast on weekends from 8am-2pm. BEAUREGARD REPORT: André Beauregard, the latest of the multi-

SO SAY OLIVE US Olive oils from Belle Farms in Watsonville are an excellent gift idea.

An Olive Branch to Gift Givers BY CHRISTINA WATERS

BELLE FARMS OIL MAKES GREAT GIFT: Nice touch, the little take-away gift for guests at last week's Farm to Table winemaker dinner at Sesnon House. A little bottle of Belle Farms

extra virgin olive oil turned out to contain a peppery, delicious oil made from orchards right here in the Santa Cruz Mountains foothills. The olive oil is one of the delicious products from Belle Farms, a family-run seven-acre sustainably farmed orchard planted 14 years ago. The results are fresh and zesty, conveying a new world

assertiveness through Tuscan olive varieties. I'm thinking a bottle of locallymade Belle Farms olive oil would make a terrific souvenir holiday gift, especially since these oils are available all over the place at stores such as Staff of Life, New Leaf and Deluxe Foods, as well as at the Saturday Aptos Farmers Market. NEW WINES IN OLD FAVORITE:

Great to see the old favorite wine bar growing more vibrant by the week. A newly updated wine list at Pizzeria

Avanti brings much to like, especially a gorgeous 2010 Villa de Geggiano Chianti ($11) that was born to meet up with red sauce. Obviously this is a go-to partner for the extraordinary house meatballs and reginetta pasta dish. But we found it a bold match for the “Avanti,” a pizza graced with a delicious, thin, crisp crust—prosciutto, tomato sauce, Parmigiano reggiano and a liberal topping of baby arugula. Owner Jeremy Federico also now offers a robust 2011 Cantine Valpane Barbera for $8 a glass. Total bargain! Come on

generational Beauregard winemaking dynasty, has created a vintage 2012 wine that is very holiday tablefriendly, a red blend called Monarch, under his festive red and gold West Cliff Wines label. For $14.99 this is a lot of easy access wine, a well-made 13.9% alcohol creation of Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that offers up plenty of berries, spice and soft tannins. Get a case and feel smug about the upcoming holiday meals. Meanwhile, brother Ryan of Beauregard Vineyards has released a lively 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Paso Robles, on offer at Shoppers Corner for $13.99—ah, that consumer-friendly bargain wine rack at Shoppers! Bright and citrusy on first sip, it opens into limestone and chestnuts, with a crisp mineral finish. The 13.5% alcohol makes this an obvious choice for either a Dungeness crab course or that baked ham with sweet potatoes. MUNS VINEYARD UPDATES: Ed and Mary Muns write to tell me that they have completed a 40-ton harvest of estate Pinot Noir, and just last month harvested 3.5 tons of Syrah. Yes, that is a lot of grapes. “This has been an incredible harvest,” they are thrilled to report. “One of the best ever.” Muns’ celebrated pinots have long been a smart choice for holiday tables, and if you need more convincing before you select your Christmas and New Year’s libations, you will want to sample Muns Vineyard wines on Sunday, Dec. 1 at VinoCruz, from 2-5pm. Here's a chance to try the new 2010 Pinot Noir, among other vintages. The $10 tasting fee for VinoCruz events is waived with the purchase of a bottle of Muns wine—now that's a sweet prospect. VinoCruz, 725 Front St., in downtown Santa Cruz (next to Lulu's Octagon and Annieglass); (831) 426-8466.0


N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

CELEBRATE THANKSGIVING Thursday, November 28th from 1 to 8:30 p.m. 3-course Thanksgiving menu, $48 (Kid’s menu available) Complimentary Valet Parking Live Jazz by the Minor Third Jazz Trio, 4 to 8 p.m. For parties up to 10, ask about our semi-private Cowell’s Cove dining room For Family Style Whole Turkey Dinners To Go, please contact Gus Siggins at 175 WEST CLIFF DRIVE, SANTA CRUZ 831.460.5012 JDVHOTELS.COM/AQUARIUS



N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

Chip Scheuer

I AM TETSUO Dustin Murata co-owns Akira, on Soquel Avenue, with Greyson Lanzarotta-Leek.

Akira Dustin Murata & Greyson LanzarottaLeek, co-owners


kira hasn’t even been open two years, but the Soquel Avenue sushi restaurant already has built a steady crowd of regulars who appreciate its vibrant atmosphere. “We don’t get a whole lot of tourists,” co-owner Dustin Murata says. “What we do get is great, but we primarily shoot for people who live in this neighborhood right here.” Akira’s modern, fusion approach to sushi incorporates flavors like basil and jalapeño, which aren’t readily available in Japan, into their rolls.

SANTA CRUZ WEEKLY: What’s the best part about running your own business? DUSTIN MURATA: Given that we’ve always been

employees, just showing employees that respect we always wanted— treating people good that work for us and putting that same energy into everyone that comes in. Does business stay steady, because you’re not relying on tourists?

DM: Summertime it pumps up even more. But it’s pretty steady throughout the winter. It fills up pretty much every night, so we can’t complain about that. How do you prepare teriyaki skirt steak?

DM: We cut it down real thin. We cut all the excess fat that’s not necessary off. Greyson Lanzarotta-Leek: And then we marinate it for the day, and then lather it with some teriyaki sauce. It’s our own marinate with soy sauce and onions, all that stuff. What’s your favorite kind of fish?

GL: Tuna family—that’s number one. And I love lobster, but we don’t have it on the menu. What dishes are you unveiling next? 8041 Soquel Dr. Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 685-9500

DM: Our Japanese curry, because it’s not something a lot of people are pushing too much in Santa Cruz right now. On these winter days, it’s super savory and warm. It makes you feel good. —Jacob Pierce

Astrology As A sttrrro ology g Free F Fr r e Will ree Will


Rob Brezsny Breezsny


For F or the the week week o off N November ovvemb e ber 20

to your conscious consciouus awareness. awareness. Your Yoour eyes are are noticing moree than they usually do. Your mor Your o memory is working at peak levels. And A your enhanced ability to entertain paradoxical par adoxical ideas ideaas is giving you special insight into the naturee of reality. natur realityy. What will you do with this influx of higher intelligence? intelligennce? I suggest you focus focus its full force force problems. on one of your knottiest k problems.

SCORPIO (O (Oct. ct. 23-Nov. 23-Nov. 21): The P Paris aaris Review interviewed Mexxican poet Octavio Paz. interviewed Mexican Paz. “Just “JJust how much revising revising do do you do?” do?” the interviewer interviewer asked. asked “II revise revise incessantly,” incessantlyy,” ,” Paz Paz replied. replied. “Some critics say too much, and they may be right. But if there’s there’s a danger in revising, revising, there there iss much more more danger in not revising. revising. I believe in inspiration, but I also believe that we’ve inspiration, a we’ve got to help inspiration, inspiratioon, restrain restrain it, and even contradict contradict it.” I bring this up, Scorpio, Scorpio, because I believe you are are ripe for for a phase of intense inntense revision. revision. Inspiration Inspiration has visited you a lot lately, latelyy, but b now it will subside for for a while so you can wrangle wranglee all your raw raw material into graceful, graceful, resilient, resilient, enduring endurinng shapes. SAGITTARIUS SAGITTAR RIUS (Nov (Nov.. 22 22-Dec. -Dec. 21): Costa Rica will be closing its zoos zoos in 2014. What will happen to the 400 or so animals animaals that are are housed there? there? They will have to be rehabilitated rehabbilitated at animal rescue rescue centers and then released released into innto the wild. I suspect there there will be a metaphorically similar process s process going on for for you in the coming months,, Sagittarius. Parts Parts of your instinctual nature be freed nature will, in a sense, s freed from from captivity. captivity. You Yoou will need to find find ways wayys to retrain retrain your animal intelligence how to function outside of the tame conditions it got used to. CAPRICORN N (Dec. 22 22-Jan. -Jan. 19): Will ffate ate kick your sweet ass sometime s soon? Quite possibly. possibly. You Yoou compelled may be compelle ed to face face up to the consequences of your unlovingg actions or unconscious decisions. tell however,r, that you might be I’m pleased to te ell you, however dramatically neutralize able to dr amaticcally minimize or even neutr alize the butt-thumping. How? Go over the events of the last 11 identify weren’t months, and ide ntify times when you wer en’t your very didn’t best self or didn ’t live up to your highest ideals. Then perform Express desiree to perf orm rituals of o atonement. Expr ess your desir correct wrong turns. cor rect wr ong tu urns Give gifts that will heal damaged urns. dynamics. AQUARIUS S (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Gr Grammy-winning ammy-winning singer-songwriter singer-songwrit ter Bill Withers became a big star in the Sunshine”” and “Lean on 1970s with hits llike ““Ain’t A Ain’t No Sunshine hasn’t Me.”” But he hasn n’t rrecorded ecorded a new album since 1985, toured. nor has he tour e What happened? In SStill ed. till Billl, the documentary film film m about his life, life, Withers says, “I watch other people show shoow off and I say, sayy, man, I used to want to show off. off. If I could couuld just get, you know, know, moved to. I need a little injection in my showin’ showin’ off gland.”” I wish you could get an injection injeection like that, too, Aquarius. I’d like to see you show off offf more. more. Not in a contrived, over-thetop, Lady Gaga-esque Gaga-esque way. way. Rather, Ratherr, the purpose would be to get more more aggressive a essive in showing people who aggr you are whaat you can do. I want your talents and are and what assets to be better better known. known PISCES (Feb.. 19-March 19-March 20): I have a ffeeling eeling that weeks. your value will bbee rising in the coming week s. An attractive active personn you thought was out of your league attr express curiosity offer ess cur may expr riosity about you. YYou oou could get an off er interesting previously estting job or task that you had pr to do an inter eviously considered unavailable. consider ed unav vailable. I bet your rreputation eputation will be growing, better.. Who knows? If you put gr owing, mostly ffor or the better piece eBay, a half-eaten pie ece of your toast ffor or sale on eBay y, it weree Justin TTimberlake’s might sell ffor or as much as if it wer imberlake’s Here’s confidence toast. Her e’s thee upshot: YYou oou should have conf idence attract moree in your power too attr act bigger rrewards ewards and mor appreciation. appr eciation.

Homework: FForget orget all you know about gr gratatitude. A ct as if it ’ss a new emotion you you’r re Act it’s you’re tuning into ffor o the first time. Then let it rip. or Visit RE Visit REALASTROLOGY.COM A L ASTROLOGY.COM ffor or R Rob’s ob’s Expanded E Weekly Weekly Audio Audio Hor oscope es and Daily Text Text Message Message Horoscopes Hor oscope es. The The audio horoscopes horoscopes Horoscopes. ar e also available available by by phone at at are 1.877.873.4888 1.877.873 3.4888 or 1.900.950.7700 1.900.950.7700

N OV E M B E R 2 0 - 2 6 , 2 0 1 3

ARIES (Mar (March ch 21-April 19): Thee poet Charles Baudelairee pr prayed not God—rather Baudelair ayed ffor or help, but no ot to God—r ather he prayed Poe. pr ayed to the writer Edgar Allan P oe. Novelist Malcolm LLowry owry sometimes pleaded with God G to give him prayed Franz insight, but he also pr ayed to the writer Fr anz KKafka. afka. approach seeking I rreally eally like this appr oach to seeki ing guidance, and coming hero, rrecommend ecommend it to you in the comin ng days. Which her o, dead or alive, could you call on too uplift you? What character you inspiration amazing char acter might bring yo ou the inspir ation you brazen imaginative. azen and imaginative need? Be br g e. The spirits p could be moree help than you can imagin imagine. afoot. of mor ne. Magic is af oot. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): U.S. U Confederate Confederate General Richardd S. Ewell (1817-1872) Gener al Richar (1817-18772) sometimes experienced episodes in which hee truly thought he bird. was a bir d. Princess Alexandria off Bavaria (1826-1875) (1826-1875) young, believed that when she was youn ng, she had eaten theree was thee Prussian military a glass piano. Then ther officer Gebhardd Leber Leberecht Blucher (1742-1819), off icer Gebhar echt von Blu ucher (17 42-1819), who imagined he was pregnant pregnant with w an elephant. Sad and funny and crazy, crazyy, right? And A yet it’s it’s my understanding that all of us havee fixed fixed delusions. bizarre They are are less bizar re than those I cited, but they can aree yours, Do you still be debilitating. What ar yours, Taurus? Taurus? a secretly secr etly believe that a certain turning turrning point in your Aree youu incor incorrectly wracked past scarred scarred you forever? forever? Ar rectly wr acked guiltt because of some with anger or guil some event that may not have actually happened the way w you remember remember Here’s it? Her e’s the good news: Now is an excellent time to shed your fixed fixed delusions. GEMINI (May 21-June 21-June 20): Philosopher Philosopher Eckhart “theree may bee one person who TTolle oolle suggests that “ther more moree rreflects eflects your love back to you mo ore clearly and mor intensely than others.”” For some of us, this numinous from om a special animal. rreflection eflection comes fr a Whatever is urge you extraa the case ffor or you, Gemini, I ur ge yo ou to devote extr thiss cr creature time to your rrelationship elationship with thi eature in the you provide next 14 days. Meditate on how yo ou could pr ovide moree nurturing and inspir inspiration. Brainstorm mor ation. Br B ainstorm about the possibility of deepening your connection. What practical actical actions could you take ttoo boost your loved pr one’s one ’s ffortunes? ortunes? CANCER (June ( 21-July 21-July 22):) The Th he Cancerian Cancerian soprano soprano great Kirsten Flagstad was rregarded egarded ass one of the gr eat operatic century. oper atic singers of the 20th cent ury. Critic Desmond Shawe-Taylor Shawe-Taaylor said that “No one within w living memory and surpassed her in sheer beauty an nd consistency of line operas and tone.”” She specialized in the oper as of German Richardd W Wagner, composer Richar agnerr, whosee master work, The Ring of the Nibelung, takes 15 hours hours to perform. perform. Flagstad was asked to name the single most important s thing she needed in order order to perform perform Wagner’s Wagner ’s music with the excellence it demanded. demaanded. Her answer: comfortable comfortable shoes. Regard Regard that as a good advice for for your own life life and work, Cancerian—both Canceriann—both literally literally and metaphorically. metaphorically. It’s It’s time to get really really well-grounded. well-grounded. LEO (July 23-Aug. 23-Aug. 22): Have youu ever been in a social situation where where you y really reallyy didn’t didn’t car ccaree what anyone y thought of you and therefore therefore felt felt absolutely free free to act on your inner promptings? promptings? When was the last time you lost all your inhibitions and self-consciousness self-cconsciousness while making love? Can Can you truly say that thhat sometime recently recently you have been totally responsive responsive to your festive festive impulses? If you have experienced experienceed any blockages in expressing expressing this type of energy, energyy, now is a perfect perfect moment to fix fix that. You Yoou have a date daate with robust, robust, innocent self-expression. self-expression. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23-Sept. 22): Nor Norwegian w wegian public television is experimenting with a phenomenon show, character called Slow TTV. V. In one rreality eality show w, the main char acter builtt a fire buil fire with logs and kept it burning burning for for 12 hours. program, viewers In another pr ogram, patient viewe ers watched ffor or ive days as a cruise ship made its ffive its way along the Norwegian thirdd show ffeatured Nor wegian coast. A thir e eatur ed a woman knitting a sweater from from start to ffinish. inish. I wish you slow-motion would get hooked on slow-motio on activities like those, Virgo. Vir go. Maybe it would help you lower lower your thoughtsper-minute rrate ate and influence you yoou to take longer, longerr, breaths that deeper br eaths and rremember emember th hat rrelaxation elaxation is an art cultivate. be in righteous you can cul tivate. And then you would w rhythms. alignment with the cosmic rhythm ms. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23-Oct. 22): YYou’re oou’re smarter than you think you are, are, and soon you will be b even smarter. smarter. Previously Pr eviously inaccessible wisdom iss seeping up from from the depths of your subconscious mind, making its way

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2-6x faster ter than DSL D No throttling hrottling or limits c Freee long-distance calling EXPIRES12/31/13







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