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It’s a Bee Beer er Issue!

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Oh Hoppy Day! The local craft beer boom resurrects a near-forgotten industry of hop growing in Sonoma County p18

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presents pr esentss the

Sonoma State University

ultimate timate M Discoverr the ult MUSIC US IC EXPER EXPERIENCE RI ENCE in the heart off wine country y

IItzhak tzhak P Perlman, erlman, violin Sat, Sep 21, 6pm

Undeniably one of the gr greatest eatest violinists violinists off our time, he’ss rreceived he’ eceived four Emmys, fifteen Grammys G and a Kennedy Center Honor for achieve achievement ement in the arts.

Indoor / Outdoor Performance

Herbie Hancock, pianoo Indoor / Outdoor Performance

Ruth R uth A Ann nn Swenson, sopra soprano no &W Warren arr a en Jones, piano Sun, Sep 29, 3pm

One of America’ America’ss most brilliant colo coloratura oratura sopranos, she’s she’s performed on manyy of the world’ss finest opera stages. Audienc world’ Audiences ces love her lovely sound & superb techniqu technique. ue.

Sat, Sep 28, 6pm

Recognized Re ecognized as a legendary pian pianist nist and composer composer, r, this icon of modern music hass been an integral part of every jazz movement since since the 1960s.

Garrick Ohlsson Ohlsson, n, piano Sat, Oct 12, 7:30pm m

The only American to o win the Chopin International Piano Competition, C he accolades has received received accolade es for his dazzling technique, spellbindin spellbinding fluidity, ng fluidity y, and sheer beauty of tone. Photograph by Kacper Pempel



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nb WHAT THE . . . ? Yep, that’s the Coddingtown sign on the back of a truck going down College Avenue. It’s out for repairs, back up and spinning in a month or so.

This photo was submitted by Brian Keegan of Santa Rosa. Submit your photo to

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or We h We have ave a H HUGE U sselection UGE election of of glass glass pipes, p ipes , pens w waterpipes, aterpipes, wood wood pipes pipes and and all all the the smoking s m ok in g a ccessories you you want! w an t ! accessories FFOUR OUR LOCATIONS: LOCATIONS: NEW N EW HOURS for SR: 9 9AM-10PM AM-10PM FRI & SAT SA AT

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‘It is conceded that Sonoma County produces the ďŹ nest quality of hops grown on the PaciďŹ c Coast.’ FEATURE P1 8 How Local Is Your ‘Local’ Beer? T H E PAP E R P 8

Jewelry Repurposing Specialist

We trade or buy gold & platinum

Expert Repairs

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Local Designers Branded Consignment Items

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Spend your day the Windsor way in Old Downtown Windsor 8JOETPS3PBEt8JOETPS $" 707 836 1840

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM



Rhapsodies Get with the Real Why drink ‘craft’ beer from Coors or Anheuser-Busch when we live right here in beer country? BY ELIOTT WHITEHURST


he other day, I was at the thrift store down the road when the woman at the register noticed my T-shirt.

“HenHouse Brewing Company,” she read, with a certain level of interest. “Yeah!” I exclaimed. “They’re in Petaluma. Have you had any of their beer?” “No, I can’t say that I have, but I’m really interested in craft beer. My sons have been turning me on to it. They brought me some Blue Moon a few months ago, and I just can’t stop drinking the stuff.” As a lover of craft beer, this is the type of statement that simultaneously warms and breaks my heart. I can’t count how many times I’ve had someone tell me that they love craft beer and at the same time tell me that their drink of choice is a beverage produced by one of the three companies that own 90 percent of the total national beer market. Blue Moon is a Belgian-style Witbier produced by MillerCoors. It’s gained real notoriety over the last decade or so, becoming one of the more standard “craft” options at any tailgate party, or Chevy’s. Shock Top, which you’ve likely seen crowding the shelf space right at eye level at your local Safeway, is Anheuser-Busch’s answer to Blue Moon. First produced in 2006 when the beer giant noticed that craft beer was starting to steal a fraction of 1 percent of its total market share, it’s another Belgian-style Witbier, produced en masse and marketed as “craft.” I don’t mind that people love Blue Moon or Shock Top. But I mind that MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch continue to dupe the public, while those crafting great beers right in our own backyards take the hit. Living in Northern California, we are literally surrounded by world-class breweries. Please do some research. We all demand quality in what we consume and, around here, we have some of the world’s best beer practically sitting on our table already. “You should try out HenHouse’s Hefeweizen if you get the chance,” I advised the woman at the thrift store. “I think you’ll like it.” “Hefe—what?” she asked. Eliott Whitehurst is a solar-power administrator, musician and beer lover living in Napa. Open Mic is a weekly op/ed feature in the Bohemian. To have your topical essay of 350 words considered for publication, write

Social Media and Privacy

Regarding Andrew Keen’s warnings of the personal costs built into social media (“You Are the Product,” Sept. 11), it should also be noted that the same basic practice has been used by commercial media for decades. You may think of yourself as part of the audience consuming radio, television or even the Bohemian, but in their basic business model, your eyeballs are actually the “product” being sold to advertisers. Yes, the heightened level of online tracking makes Facebook et al. that much creepier (if and when we actually think about it—and I’m glad Keen does), but it’s really just a hightech extension of a long-established paradigm.


love nothing more than to profit on what you give away for free. And, yes, we are essentially social animals and we like to share. But I am more confident that we will find new and better ways to deal with this than what Keen recommends.

For the record, I stopped visiting both the New York Times’ and the Press Democrat’s websites after they started charging. Ever hear of What.CD, Keen? The war over paying for content is already over.


Basically what Keen is saying is that we are sharing too much on social media and paying too high a price without realizing it. I really don’t think charging customers like the two leading newspapers are doing is the answer, but Keen makes some valid points.

ANN MULLEN Via online

News Director, KRCB-FM

Love the Uptown

Much research indicates that social media and other mediated communication actually has widened, deepened and varied our interpersonal relationships and communication. Though I would intensely agree we share too much and are often inappropriate, used responsibly and in a focused manner, social media can make and maintain relationships that might otherwise not be possible. All things in moderation, perhaps, instead of such a decisive condemnation.

My wife and I want to thank you for the tickets we won to the George Thorogood concert at the Uptown Theatre in Napa. They came at the right time, for we were so disappointed in the lies and broken promises by the promoter of the Sin City Revival in Las Vegas that we just dropped out of the whole ugly mess. You saved the day! The Thorogood concert in Napa was one of the best-produced live performances we have ever attended, complete with video and light show. The energy and professionalism, along with the rowdy crowd, made it a wonderful gift. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, George brought Elvin Bishop out to join him on a couple songs. It was swell!


When the Google sidebar ad thing happened to me for the first time a while back, it was disquieting, disturbing—full of “dis”-es, basically. However, as a musician, I have never and would never buy into that elitist Ayn Rand rubbish—amateurs and professionals, pshah. Yes, there are narcissistic individuals who think they are smarter than everyone else and

The Uptown Theatre is a great venue. There are no bad seats, and no one missed not having a dance floor because the performance was so much fun to watch. Thank you, Bohemian! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Judo Strategy It’s long been known that Vladimir Putin is quite the judo aficionado. The true judo master strives for the greatest possible advantage from his opponent’s clumsiness and impetuosity. The past few days have revealed, with startling vividness, that Putin is able to apply his sharply honed martial arts instincts to the arena of global diplomacy. Sad to say, our own leaders seem to be confused souls in comparison. So far, because of Putin’s initiatives, Washington, D.C., has had to hold off on its plans to strike Syria with cruise missiles. At least on this one issue, the force of global opinion is with Putin. Obama? He’s more into basketball.


Camas, Wash.

Write to us at

By Tom Tomorrow

Top Five 1 California Legislature

approves increasing minimum wage to $10 an hour

2 Round two for Domestic Workers Bill of Rights passes Legislature, too

3 Protesters already

planning to deface “Willie Brown Bay Bridge” signs

4 Josh Silvers to sell

his Three Squares Cafe property in Railroad Square

5 Datsun 280Z from the

1970s found underwater at Napa Yacht Club lagoon



7 NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM


Therre I w There was, as, a ssweaty w wea aty t and str strung ung g out, holed up ffor or o the thir third rd day y in a cheap hotel with a g enuine Juanita Juanita on my my lap. lap p. On the lamb lamb was was a more more than a way way of life. liffe. It had genuine a smell, and it stunk k lik ke hops s. JJuanita uanita shriek ke ed som ething a b bout an “Escoba like hops. shrieked something about gr ande con queso en mota par a la pelicula…”, b ut I w asn a ’t list tening. F o or now I grande para but wasn’t listening. For w as a focused fo ocused on the under co ove err Ale clenched between jaunita’ nees and also was undercover jaunita’ss k knees how g ood it would taste la ter w hile she cooled out in the soon to t be lock ke ed shed good later while locked out back of Palmdale Pa almdale w herre the e tur key e ffarmers armers still run. run. Ale is thick tthicker ker e than e ve en where turkey even b lood. I alr read e yk n new this and I also kne w tha at the dicks were werre not no ot far far behind and blood. already knew knew that tha at e ve er at at their distance they could smell everything ng and woul ld ne ve er let up on that ever would never me lip the dicks. Here come the bastards… Here they come…Mr. com me…Mrr. Zappa’s Zappa’s me.. F Flip w ar a ni bever e agwarnings about the ‘peculiar properties’ inherent in ‘adult-style’’ malt beverages are a excerpted here from his own book: “the REAL FRANK ZAPA BOOK” BOOK” BOOK”. g oe sumpin’ like this…”consumption of BEER leads to pseudo-militaryy behavbeha avgoes ior omeior. Think about it-winos don’t march. Whiskey guys don’t march, either (Sometimes they write wr poetry, which is often more horrible, though). BEER drinkers ers ar re into things thing that are sort of like marching- like football. Go ahead and nd are laugh…Ev ver ery major industrialized nation has A BEER, (you can’t be real county ty laugh…Every un you o have ha av a beer and an airline- it helps if you have some kind of football all unless you team, or some nuclear weapons, but at he very least you need a beer).. In contr ast to Mr. Mrr. Beer Guy, picture a guy who is religiously devoted to Chateau atteau contrast LLatour. atourr. Is he marching? m at hunter of the He ain’t marching”… Orion, the great hea ave ens, mo ove ed stealthily through the night sky with two faithful ul p at his heavens, moved partnerss at heel; Canis Mjor pleting the trio Mjoris and Canis Minorus- a binary system completing trio.. Known by by many many names, the bigger of the two dog was Sirius uss (the very ver ery name meaning ‘scorching’ ‘scorchi he brightest star in in long unspoken Latin) Being as it is the the seeable seeable hea ave it seared an x-ray hole into the inkyblacknessck kn ness- a sight both heavens, rrefreshing efreshing e e pe he two t hik ker e s lying lying and penetrating; heady and invigoration. As the hikers under the early early spring sp e eternal ete ernal hunt unfold unffo old nighttime sky saw the drama of the bef for ore them and with Sirius on point above and a Sirius in a cup p below- they too before became eternal, eternal, falling through the heavens, tumbling paws ws o ve er heels on the over long night’s night’s journey jou terr bitters bitters and blue blue into summer… And you’re full of ragwater rruin uin and y ou’ o re spilling out over the edge to anyone who’ll listen.” lissten.” T hese ar re you’re These are the words worrds d of our ou favorite Sonoma songsmith. They describe a cocktail co ock ktail t of romanromantic despair wrapped wra soulful yearning. year e ning. in red flock wall paper and marinated in a soulful On the rocks. rock o ks. s W bottle, however, however er, With a twist. We’ve all been there. The beer in thiss bottle, is none of that. th So maybe it’s a crappy name for the beer but we liked lik ke ed it, and so w hateve err. It’s I always better to be happy than right. Mostly, anyways. ways. Whatever. Wha ate t ve err. whatever. F o orget it. Never mind... Anyway, we were going out to, uh, the, uh, uh yyou o ou k now n w, Forget know, thing, an -“whoa man! and all, and when we got there, well, uh, the dude was like-“whoa I mean, a en I said to him, and we were all, uh, you know- whoa! And stuff, and when lik ke y ou o know, hey man and all, they, I mean he, was all “what?” ” and stuf ff- and like you stuffI just told h “ him what you said and all, and they were all man-- “not cool dude”, b ut whateverwhateve er- so uh, we split and went back to my lair and ju ust hung out and but just w hateve err, but but the whole whole thing was, was, like, just Such h a bummer bummerr and all but but you you o whatever, k n now w, itt w a as cool and stuf ffff, f, but but you yo yo ou just gotta, gotta, otta you you yo o know, know w, about about out the dude and all, all know, was stuff, li ke, it’s ke it’s cool and you yo you know, k kn now w, but butt what’s wha att’s up with h than “blah “blah blah blah l h blah”? blah”? Whatzit Whatzit like, g ot to do d with beer and all? I mean, m really, y, dude, dud d , whatever… de whateve verr… … It looks look kss like lik ke e thiss got really, econom e my is gonna gonna limp along for for a while, fo while, doesn’t doe e ’t it? Brings esn Brin ng gs to mind Woodie Wo Woodie e economy Gur G thrie e e…”Oh, the g amblin’ man m is rich an e wor kin’ ma ki an iss poor r,, And I ain ’t Gurthrie…”Oh, gamblin’ an’’ the workin’ man poor, ain’t g ot no home h ld an ym more.”…Tha att was was a the great great Depression… D pression… Feels Dep Feelss got in this wor world anymore.”…That li ke that ke that now, now w,, but but not as depressive. depr p esssive ve. But we do got got a home home in n this this world; world;; it’s it’s Uss like all. N a o sso bad. To To lighten your yo your load lo oad and share sharre e it a all with you yo you we we built built a T Ta apR Ro oom m No TapRoom a nd beer bee er Sanctuary Sanctuary right here here at at the the brewery. brewerry. We’re We’re pourin’ po ouriin’ and munchin’ munchin’ n and W ednessday- Friday Friday (3pm till 9p pm) and Sa atturrd da ay and Sund a day y (1 pm ttill ill 7pm). 7pm). Wednesday9pm) Saturday Sunday It’ t’s cool oll and we e hang out there therrre e too If yo y o ou’re ou re in the th Sonoma S Sonom ma County C arrre ea e a and It’s hangout too.. If you’re area w wa anna relax relaxx or ttrip out and y yo ou u wanna wanna do it where wherre e the brews brrews are arre e as fresh fr fressh and wanna you clean ean as the win ne countr ry air… …Laying ther re e, staring up a he ceiling,, head d wine country air…Laying there, att tth the pounding, ounding last n night ight w wa a as a dim m recollection. rre ecollection. ecollection e H ow did he get gett home? Was Wa W a ass he was How al lone? Looking Look king to ki to the left lefftt and right, r anssw werr was was yes, yes, maybe. ye mayb be. His His head w as alone? the answer was ffull u ull of 'r ag water, waterr, wa r, bitters, bitters, and blue blue misery'*. miserry y'*. H iss teeth ffelt fe elt lik ke e he'd been chewchew'rag His like in ng aluminum aluminu um an nd his br eath smelled s lik ke a b urning tractor tractor tire. tiirre e. There Therre e was wass a wa ing and breath like burning wr enching gk n not some wherre bet b tween his hi liv li ve er and nd East St. St Louiss and he couldn't could wrenching knot somewhere between liver be e sur re ew hether or nott he'd d we et himself f.. A ye yyellow ellow si el ine w ave av ve rra a in his ear ang s so s sure whether wet himself. sine wave rang ears lo oud it made his teeth itch i ch and itc a he h was was sure surre e that tha at if he at e touched his h skin anywhere anywherre loud it would induce a rhythmic rhytthmicc wr rre e etching jag. If all that th tha at weren't werrre en't e bad enough, enough he h wretching jag. ffound ound o himself smiling a ea alization t tha re w as a still one w ar a m, half -empatt the rrealization thatt ther there was warm, half-empty y, flat, flla att, H airy Ey yeball on the nig ghtstand. Ahhh- T herre is a God. .. W ell, e well, well. ty, Hairy Eyeball nightstand. There God... Well, T he head brewer brewer stood opposite oppositte the massive massive br rewing vvessels e essels tha at wer re his to The brewing that were comm and. H is mind rraced aced thr rou ough the possibilities. W ha at is the e temper raturre of command. His through What temperature the malt in the grist case o ve erhead? W a as the hot liquor tank k up p to tem p? W o ould overhead? Was temp? Would the ambient temper atture affect afffe ect the final final m ash temperature? temperatturre e? Should he temperature mash compensa te ffor o or the delta temp b y rrunning unning a little higher mash-in temper atture? compensate by mash-in temperature? A single degree degrre ee in either direction directiion would have ha ave a life liffe changing effect effe ef ect on both the br rewer and the brewee. brrewee. The The beer be eer could be too sweet sweet w degr gre ee high, or too brewer if a degree mild and dr y if a nig gling de grre ee too low w. T he char ra acter of the e ffuture uture beer tha at dry niggling degree low. The character that this ba atch t would be hung in the balance. balance. The The br ewer drew drrew a bead on the batch brewer temp-pr ro obe, the mash tun waited, waited, and the world world held held its breath... brrea eath. t .. temp-probe,

Paper THE

For Books’ Sake

Gabe Meline

NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


With a switch in locations, the Sonoma County Book Festival takes on a new look. Unlike previous years, when downtown Santa Rosa closed its streets to become a playground for roaming book lovers, the 2013 festival takes place this week in front of Doyle Library on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. Dorothy Allison, the Guernevillebased author of cult literary classic Bastard Out of Carolina, headlines the main stage. She’ll be preceded by Helene Wecker, author of The Golem and the Jinni, and Anthony Marra, a Stegner fellow at Stanford University, whose novel A Constellation of Vital Phenomena has brought well-deserved attention to a rising literary talent.

BOTTLED UP Among small brewers who keep their production in-house are Aron and Amy Levin of St. Florian’s in Windsor.

Brew Local

For some ‘regional’ craft brewers, outsourcing a beer’s brewing and bottling remains common BY RACHEL DOVEY


rom Russian River’s iconic redwood to 101 North’s blackand-white freeway sign, craft beer is often marketed as a regional vintage. Small by definition, artisanal malt-masters rely heavily on tasting rooms, pubs and distributors close to home, making for local, tight-knight brew scenes.

At least, that’s the mythology perpetuated by label images like Rogue—depicting balding Oregon homebrewers—and Anderson Valley, with its gorgeous background of Mendocino countryside. But small and hyperlocal don’t always go hand in hand. Take 21st Amendment. Despite its coveted location next to the Giants’ ballpark, and cans displaying the Golden Gate Bridge, most of its hoppy beverages are shipped in

from Minnesota from a brewery called Cold Spring. The company didn’t respond to interview requests for this story, but is hardly deceptive about where its libations are brewed—the info is right on the can. The practice highlights an interesting trend in a marketplace where small is big. Despite the artistic notion of your homebrewing neighbor )8 opening shop on recipes

This year’s panels include “Women in Suspense,” “Sonoma County’s Best Read,” “Morning Food Romp” with Michele Anna Jordan, and Marcy Smothers, out promoting her latest book Snacks: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle. Longforgotten stories about Sonoma County’s past are resurrected in the panel “Biting Off Chunks of Local History,” featuring historian and Press Democrat columnist Gaye LeBaron alongside Arthur Dawson, Marty Griffin and Bohemian editor Gabe Meline. “The Immigrant Experience” finds panelists Wendy Nelson Tokunaga, Aimee Phan and Emilio Gonzalez (pictured) bringing a needed touch of diversity to the day with a discussion on how being a visitor in a foreign land shapes one’s character. A young adult panel, teen poetry slam, children’s program and various exhibitors round out the event. The Sonoma County Book Festival happens on Saturday, Sept. 21, on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. 1501 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 10am-4pm. Free. —Leilani Clark

The Bohemian started as The Paper in 1978.




12:00 - 1:0 0 PM 1:00

Discover the darkk sid side de o of chocolate as James Beard A ward-winning war -w Award-winning chef Joanne W eir demonstrates dem ns te Weir how to bake with one one o of he her e er favorite ingredient s. A lon ong g-t g -t -time ingredients. long-time lover of SCHARFF FEN NB BER ER RG RGER GER GE ERÂŽ SCHARFFEN BERGER chocolate, eir will share sha are her ar he h er insigh insights s tss Chef W Weir wisd sdo om ma as sh she he e mak make e es and culinary wisdom makes c colate late mer meringue e her signature choc chocolate cookie. Complim imentary to o all guests.. Complimentary Capac acity is limite ed, d, so firstt come c Capacity limited, firstt served.

Joanne Jo oa anne W Weir eir



2S[ 3TIR

John Schar rrfffenberg f rg rger Scharffenberger


3:00 - 4:00 PM M

Learn abou about utt cacao c cao bean sourcing and the my ystique st ue of o making artisan mystique chocolate ffrom from the th original Bay Area choc co o atier. Enjoy pairings of olatier chocolatier. Beringerr V ineyards neya e Vineyards wines with three SCHARFFEN CHARFFEN BERG BERGER ERÂŽ different dif ferent ent nt S choc ocolate cola e offerings: o offerings: fe Scharffen chocolate the Scharffen Berger Be erger erge er 6 62 2% Semisweet Semisweet Chocolate,, 62% the 7 70% B Bitt it itt ittersw t sweet and the 82% Bittersweet Extra Extra t Dark D k. A perfect perfe p f t session fect i for f Dark. the e wine w an nd chocolate n cho ho ate lover. hocolat lover. and person. $25 perr pe erso so on. Please Ple lease lea e call c 708-9463 (866) 70 08--9463 for reservations 0 res es ations eservat and more re information or visitt beringer .c com for details. details.

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


Bottling ( 8 and talent alone, vats and bottling lines do not come cheap. “It’s really, really expensive to put in that kind of equipment,” says Ron Lindenbusch, CMO of Lagunitas. The Petaluma institution has historically brewed, bottled and labeled all of its hoppy suds at its Sonoma County headquarters, but Lagunitas is now opening a second brewery in Chicago to the tune of around $24 million. And loans are often hard to come by for newbies, Lindenbusch says, adding, “You need to be doing enough business to get [the banks] to pay attention.” Thus the initial dilemma of Jeremy Cowan, founder of Shmaltz Brewing Co. The kosher brewery, which boasts the tagline “Delicious Schtick” and plays on Cowan’s Jewish roots with drinks like “He’Brew: The Chosen Beer,” began in 1996, when its founder had $2,000 in his bank account. And he wasn’t a brewer—just a diehard craft beer fan. So he found a local master to make the He’Brew beer he’d been envisioning, and then bottled, labeled and handdistributed it around San Francisco in his grandmother’s car. Since, Shmaltz has continued to engage in what’s known as “contract brewing” through Mendocino Brewing Co. and its subsidiary in upstate New York (Shmaltz was finally able to open a brick-and-mortar brewhouse this summer). Contract brewing is essentially outsourcing, but Cowan would argue that the connotations—at least now—aren’t nearly as negative. “It’s pretty well-documented that in the ’80s and ’90s, contract brewing got a bad reputation from both directions,” he says, speaking of both craft and corporate brewers. But, he adds, “it’s very difficult to run a tiny brewing operation. On the very small side, contract brewing can provide a wonderful opportunity for experimentation without the incredible overhead.” Contract brewing has many shades, from hiring a brew master to develop recipes, to simply using someone else’s equipment, as 21st Amendment reportedly does. In

an interview with the website Serious Eats, founder Shawn O’Sullivan says he goes back to Minnesota monthly to brew the company’s gamut of wheats, seasonal saisons and IPAs, claiming the practice is a little like using a friend’s kitchen to make lasagna.

‘We wanted to own our own stuff. Tony refinanced his house four times.’ But although the practice is slightly more common in the Bay Area where the rent is so damn high, contract brewing only makes up about 1.7 percent of total craft production, according to the Brewers Association. Like Lagunitas, most hopsmiths still do things the old-fashioned way. “We wanted to own our own stuff without any kind of middleman,” says Lindenbusch, adding that the early years were financially tight. “Tony [Magee, Lagunitas founder] refinanced his house four times.” St. Florian’s in Windsor is a smaller Sonoma County candidate brewing and bottling on the DIY. Named for the patron saint of firefighters, the fledgling brewery opened this year after beermaker and Windsor fire captain Aron Levin had been experimenting for years. “This being Sonoma County, we would offer it to our friends who were all wine drinkers,” his business partner and wife, Amy Levin, recalls. Though originally skeptical, she says, they would always hand her back an empty glass. Now the startup has a bottling line and labels to go with its handbrewed suds. “It made more sense for us not to rely on someone else,” she says, echoing Lagunitas. “And we’ll have a higher profit margin in the end.”



$500 TO


! SIGN UP ONLINE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN 100,000 REWARDS POINTS. Knitting K n it ti ng &C Crochet ro c Classes C lass e s

1111 11 4 4th th S Street, t ree t , R Railroad a i l roa d S Square q ua re Santa Rosa 707.546.YARN S anta R osa 7 0 7. 5 4 6 .YA R N C a s t Awa yYa r n . com


The FG700S is one of the most popular acoustic guitars in the world, and it’s no wonder: a Solid Sitka Spruce top produces great tone • Rosewood fingerboard and die-cast precision tuners are unexpected extras at this affordable price!


FALL 2013





515 Ross Street, Brickyard Centerr Santa Rosa • (707) 542-5588




Complete contest rules available online. Rohnert Park, CA. © 2013 Graton Resort & Casino

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM

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NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8-24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM



Taste the New Vintage of a Sonoma Icon

20 1 0



Saturday, October 5, 2013 | 11 am — 2 pm $75 per person | $60 wine club members

Join us as we introduce our 2010 vintage of Cinq Cépages with an


exclusive vertical tasting of this iconic wine led by Winemaker Margo Van Staaveren and Associate Winemaker Bob Coleman.



8555 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452 877.478.5326 |






#&454,*/$"3&4&37*$& Sonoma County

Life is Beautiful

We Strive to Make You Feel and Look Great!® 718 E. Washington St. | Petaluma, CA 707.789.0168 |


Stephen Dinan & Rev. Devaa Haley Mitchell SJ8LI7LMJX2IX[SVO 4857 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa (Larkfield area)ć [[[9RMX]SJ7ERXE6SWESVK  [[[JEGIFSSOGSQYRMX]WV





Who will be there?



18–20 October 2013


Marin Center | San Rafael


Keynote Speaker Actor and Activist Danny Glover Bioneers Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to Joanna Macy

Any and all aspiring change-makers and global citizens who want to ensure

Featuring Janine Benyus, Annie Leonard, John Densmore,Tom B.K. Goldtooth, Nikki Henderson and many more inspiring innovators!

Bohemian Readers get 20% Discount! Register before September 30 using code BOHO13.

The Inquiry of Gaia ŠJo Whaley

a sustainable and just future for all

1, 2, 3 & Half-day Passes available.

Fine Dining For Wild Birds

Law School Informational Seminar Wednesday, September 25 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Keynote Speakers: Henry Huang, CPA, Esq. (Class of 2011) Loren Soukup, Esq. (Class of 2007)


Call today to reserve your seat!


3035 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa 95403



NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM


Join the Movement for Social, Cultural, and Environmental Justice!

NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


Dining Our selective list of North Bay restaurants is subject to menu, pricing and schedule changes. Call first for confirmation. Restaurants in these listings appear on a rotating basis. For expanded listings, visit

Left Bank French. $$-$$$. Splendid, authentic French cuisine. Lunch and dinner daily. 507 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur. 415.927.3331.

COST: $ = Under $12; $$ = $13-$20; $$$ = $21-$26; $$$$ = Over $27

Pier 15 American. $$. Fun,

Rating indicates the low to average cost of a full dinner for one person, exclusive of desserts, beverages and tip.



SRes taurant & Fishmarket We invite you to come visit us at our

NEW Waterfront Sausalito Location 1 LB Steamed Maine Lobster $22999

Full 11/2 LB $3299

Cole ole Slaw & Corn C on the Cob

With W iith Clam Ch Chowder owder or Caesar Salad, Cole Slaw & Corn on the Cob

Fri, F ri, Sa Sat at & Sun

Surf & Turf T $2599 With Clam Chowder or Caesarr Salad

Mon & Tues Voted Best Seafood Restaurant 5 Years in a Row Ro

All Specials Available Available for o Lunch Lunch & Dinner for

Weds & Thur Sunday Brunch Bruncch 11:30–3:00 Reservationss not required

Come & Enjoy Enj Indoor/Outdoor Waterfront ront Diningg

415.332.1492 ‡ 303 Johnson, Sausali 415.332.1 Sausalito ito www


service, very solid wonton soup. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat; dinner, Sun. 3080 Marlowe Rd, Santa Rosa. 707.545.2911.

Belly Californian. $$. When

Russian River Brewing Co Eclectic. $. Decent pizza

he’s not serving up crispy pork belly or healthy quinoa salads, owner/chef Gray Rollin tours with rock bands like Linkin Park as a personal chef. Lunch and dinner daily. 523 Fourth St, Santa Rosa. 707.526.5787

Happy Hour 3-5 Daily

Assorted Indian snacks, Mixed Platters $6 Samosas $3. All Bottled Beer $3

Authentic Indian Cuisine & select American Summer Fare

Bombay style Indian Chinese entrees also Open for Lunch & Dinner 11:30am–9pm

Sizzling Tandoor II 9960 HWY 1 s 707-865-0625

Simply Vietnam

Salito’s Crab House

JoJo Sushi Japanese.

Sunflower Caffe Cafe.

La Hacienda Mexican. $$. A family-style Mexican eatery with a Michoacan touch. Lunch and dinner daily. 134 N Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale. 707.894.9365.

Maguire’s Pub Irish pub. $-$$. Pub food–burgers, fish and chips, hearty salads. Breakfast, Sat-Sun; lunch, Fri-Sun; dinner, Tues-Sun. 145 Kentucky St, Petaluma. 707.762.9800.

Osake Sushi Bar & Grill Japanese. $$$. Gourmet

$-$$. Excellent, satisfying food served cafeteria-style. Breakfast and lunch daily. 421 First St, Sonoma. 707.996.6645.

Toyo Japanese Grill Japanese. $$$. Well-crafted traditional Japanese with some modern extras like deep-fried mashed potato croquettes with mayo. Lunch and dinner daily. 3082 Marlow Rd, Santa Rosa. 707.527.8871.

MARIN CO U N T Y Citrus & Spice Thai/

sushi, exotic seasoned seaweed salad, robata grill specialties and premium sakes. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat. 2446 Patio Ct, Santa Rosa. 707.542.8282.

Californian. $$. Thai meets California, with fresh fruit accents, light herbs and spices, and a great mango-duck summer roll. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 1444 Fourth St, San Rafael. 415.455.0444.

The Red Grape Pizza.

Frantoio Italian. $$-$$$.

$-$$. Delectable New Havenstyle thin-crust pizzas with fresh ingredients and a dazzling array of toppings. Lunch and dinner daily. 529 First St W, Sonoma. 707.996.4103.

Perennial winner of SF Chron’s “100 Best,” Frantoio also produces all of its own olive oil. Dinner daily. 152 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley. 415.289.5777.

Royal China. Chinese. $$. Smart décor, professional

Robata Grill & Sushi

and excellent brews. Two words: beer bites! Lunch and dinner daily. 725 Fourth St, Santa Rosa. 707.545.2337.

Standout generous taqueria fare with fresh ingredients daily. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 1079 Fourth St, Santa Rosa. 707.571.7478.

Chelino’s Mexican Restaurant Mexican. $.

tucked-away old-fashioned spot overlooking hidden harbor. Great place for breakfast at a bar, too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily; brunch, SatSun. 15 Harbor St, San Rafael. 415.256.9121. Japanese. $$. Mmm. With thick slices of fresh sashimi, Robata knows how to do it. The rolls are big winners. Lunch, MonFri; dinner daily. 591 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley. 415.381.8400.

Vietnamese. $. Friendly Vietnamese for all ethnic tastes. Savory, satisfying and filling. Pho can be hit or miss, depending on the meat quality. Lunch and dinner daily. 966 N Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa. 707.566.8910.

$-$$. Hip downtown eatery features fresh sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, and innovative specials. Lunch and dinner daily. 645 Fourth St, Santa Rosa. 707.569.8588.

unwind on the coast

dinner daily; takeout, too. 382 Miller Ave, Mill Valley. 415.383.8164.

Joe’s Taco Lounge & Salsaria Mexican. $. Mostly authentic Mexican menu with American standbys. Lunch and

Seafood . $$$. Waterfront setting with extensive marine menu plus steak and other American staples. Lunch and dinner daily. 1200 Bridgeway Ave, Sausalito. 415.331.3226.

Sorella Caffe Italian. $$. The embodiment of Fairfax casual, with delicious, high-quality food that lacks pretension. Dinner, TuesSun. 107 Bolinas Rd, Farifax. 415.258.4520. Station House Cafe American-California. $$. Innovative menu, fresh local seafood and range-fed meats. Outdoor dining; full bar. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Thurs-Mon. 11180 State Route 1, Pt Reyes. 415.663.1515.

Tommy’s Wok Chinese. $-$$. Tasty and filling Chinese fare without the greasy weigh-down. Nice vegetarian selections, too. Lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat; dinner only, Sun; closed Tues. 3001 Bridgeway Ave, Sausalito. 415.332.5818. The William Tell House American & Italian. $$. Marin County’s oldest saloon. Casual and jovial atmosphere. Steaks, pasta, chicken and fish all served with soup or salad. Lunch and dinner daily. 26955 Hwy 1, Tomales. 707.878.2403

Yet Wah Chinese. $$. Can’t go wrong here. Special Dungeness crab dishes for dinner; dim sum for lunch. Lunch and dinner daily. 1238 Fourth St, San Rafael. 415.460.9883.

Ad Hoc American. $$-$$$. Thomas Keller’s quintessential neighborhood restaurant. Prix fixe dinner changes daily. Actually takes reservations. 6476 Washington St, Yountville. 707.944.2487.

Bistro Jeanty French. $$$. Rich, homey cuisine. A perfect choice when you can’t get a chance to do your Laundry. Lunch and dinner daily. 6510 Washington St, Yountville. 707.944.4870. Carpe Diem Wine Bar Californian. $-$$. Right in the heart of downtown Napa, Carpe Diem’s contemporary and innovative menu includes a variety of seasonal flatbreads, an ostrich burger, the famed short-rib sliders and much more. Over 45 wines by the glass, six draft beers and an impressive reserve wine list round out this warm, inviting space. Dinner daily. 1001 Second St., Napa. 707.224.0800.

Celadon Global comfort food. $$. Relaxed sophistication in intimate neighborhood bistro setting by the creek. Superior wine list. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 500 Main St, Ste G, Napa. 707.254.9690.

Cindy Pawlycyn’s Wood Grill & Wine Bar American. $$-$$$. Classic American fare that stays up on current mainstays like crispy pork belly, braised short ribs and crab roll but doesn’t skimp on the burger. Long wine list, kids menu, patio and more. Lunch and dinner, WedSun. 641 Main St, St Helena. 707.963.0700.

Cole’s Chop House American steakhouse. $$$$$. Handsome, upscale 1950s-era steakhouse serving chophouse classics like dryaged porterhouse steak and Black Angus filet mignon. Wash down the red meat with a “nostalgia” cocktail. Dinner daily. 1122 Main St, Napa. 707.224.6328.

Fumé Bistro & Bar California cuisine. $$$. California bistro fare that nearly always hits the mark. Lunch and dinner daily; brunch, Sat-Sun. 4050 Byway E, Napa. 707.257.1999.



Tapped Out Taps is a successful Petaluma restaurant and beer haven, established in 2009. And their new landlord wants them out. “We’re being squeezed out of the space we’re in right now,” says Taps owner Eric Lafranchi. “The [property] owner is making it super difficult.” Since buying the building last year, Terry Andrews has kicked out tenants of the residential hotel upstairs and business owners on the street level, including a record and vitamin store, nail salon and internet marketing company. After Andrews himself called health code inspectors on Taps last month, the craft-beer hotspot started looking for a new space to call home. “It’s not a sanitary issue,” says Lafranchi of the health inspection. “With the volume of food that we put out on a daily basis, the hood system is not keeping up with it.” The health department shut down hot food service earlier this month after a visit during a busy lunch service revealed ventilation issues with the aging equipment, something Lafranchi says his lease places partial responsibility for on the landlord. For now, Taps is still serving cold foods like sandwiches and salads (and beer, of course). When asked why his well-respected hotspot was being “squeezed out,” Lafranchi said he didn’t know. But the Petaluma native wants to relocate in his hometown, even though it may take a few months. “We’re looking for some digs that will appreciate the vibe that we can bring to it,” says Lafranchi. Taps, 205 Kentucky St., Petaluma. 707.763.6700.—Nicolas Grizzle

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM


Chocolates C ho co lates & D Dessert e sse r t C Cafe afe 1 110 10 Petaluma Pe t a l u m a Blvd B l vd North N or th D Downtown ow ntow n P Petaluma et aluma w w w.v i v aco co lat .co m

707.778.9888 7 07.778.9888

Gilwoods Cafe Diner. $-$$. Classic hometown diner, specializes in the homemade. Breakfast and lunch daily. 1320 Napa Town Center, Napa. 707.253.0409. 1313 Main St, St Helena. 707.963.1788.

Gott’s Roadside Tray Gourmet Diner. $. Formerly Taylor’ Automatic Refresher. Lunch and dinner daily. 933 Main St, St Helena. 707.963.3486. Also at Oxbow Public Market, 644 First St, Napa. 707.224,6900.

Red Rock Cafe & Backdoor BBQ American.

$-$$. Cafe specializing in barbecue and classic diner fare. Messy, delicious. Lunch and dinner daily. 1010 Lincoln Ave, Napa. 707.252.9250.

Zuzu Spanish tapas. $$. Graze your way through a selection of tasty tapas in a lively rustic chic setting with a popular wine bar. Bite-sized Spanish and Latin American specialties include sizzling prawns, Spanish tortilla, and Brazilian style steamed mussels. Lunch, Mon-Fri; dinner daily. 829 Main St, Napa. 707.224.8555.


Mon–Fri 3–6pm 4 for FOUR 4oz pours

lunch & dinner every day brunch Sat & Sun 3883 Airway Drive Ste 145, Santa Rosa 707.528.3095 M–F, 8am–5pm

local, organic, fresh

angez Bien! Quiche Lorraine Squares Mini Croque Monsieurs Mini Savory Croissant Tray Pissaladiere Crotini Full Catering Menu Available

3120 Lakeville Hwy Petaluma, CA 94954 707.PUB.9090


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


691 Broadway. Sonoma.

Lagunitas Brewing If you haven’t hit up the beer garden at the North Bay’s most laid-back brewery, waste no time and get down there, preferably on one of the many nights of live music. Sip on a Little Sumpin,’ Hop Stoopid, Hairy Eyeball, Pils . . . you are getting verrrrrryyy thirsty . . . 1280 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma. 707.778.8776. Moonlight Brewing Co. Ater 20 years of brewing some of the most innovative, tasty beers available, Moonlight brewer Brian Hunt is making it easier than ever to get hold of his artisan ales. Set to open this fall, the Moonlight tasting room functions more as a growler fill-up station than a pub, though you can order a pint of Death and Taxes, Twist of Fate or Lunatic Lager while waiting for the tank to be filled. 3350 Coffey Lane, Ste. A, Santa Rosa. 707.528.2537.

Eth Ethnic hnic F oo od F air Food Fair

The 24th Annual

Wine W i net tB Beer eert t$ $SBęTt,JET'VO SB ę T t , JET 'V O &'PPE 'PPEt tN New ew W Weingarten! eingarten! n Delectable electable iitems tems ffrom rom o our ur B Bakery a k er y Church C hurch ffresco resco ttours ourstD Specialties Specia lt ies from f rom Russia RussiatG Greece reecet t It Italy a lyt tE Eritrea rit reat t Th Thee B Balkans a l ka nstć ćF.JEEMF&BTU F. .JEE MF&BTU

Dance D ance to to ÉDESSA ÉDESSA

September S eptember 21 21–22, –22, 201 2013 3


SSaint aint SSeraphim eraphim O Orthodox rthodox Church Church

90 M Mountain ountain View View AvenuF 4BOUB3PTB PČ4BOUB3PTB"WF BDSPTTGSPN'SJFENBOT  AvenuF 4BO OUB3PTB PČ4BOUB3PTB"WF BDSPTTGSPN'SJFENBOT 707.584.9491 s glend s om

Old Redwood Highway Brewery Now that they’ve


recover. 50 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 707.765.9694.

Fogbelt Brewing Co. Bear Republic Brewing Co. One of the

Discover Sea Ranch Lodge and try

everything that is new from our recent renovation. Indulge at Black Point Grill with delicious fare from local ingredients and an award-winning regional wine list.

707.785.2371 60 Sea Walk Drive, The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

originals on the North Bay craft-beer scene, this familyowned brewery only gets better with age. Most famous for Racer 5, the Healdsburg location offers a surprisingly diverse selection of beers beyond the better-known names. 345 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 707.433.2337.

Though Fogbelt’s owners Remy Martin and Paul Hawley come from wine families, it’s in beer where their hearts lie. Inspired by barrel aging and fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the Fogbelt taproom features blonde and red ales, IPA and a fresh hop saison using estate hops brewed by Martin, who completed the master brewers program at UC Davis. 1305 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa.

Dempsey’s Restaurant & Brewery Give your palate

Hopmonk Tavern

a rest from the hopped-up West Coast ales and try the maltier Irish ales at one of Sonoma County’s oldest breweries. Or just go for it and get a Boneshaker, a big IPA at 8.7 percent ABV—but you may need to take a dunk in the nearby Petaluma River to

Founded by Dean Biersch of Gordon-Biersch, Hopmonk offers house-brewed beers Kellerbiers and Dunkelwiezens, in addition to an impressive rotating list of seasonal craft beers from California and beyond. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 707.829.7300.

made the leap from the garage to an actual building, this Windsor-based brewery has really taken off. Part of the appeal, beyond delicious beers, is the focus on locally sourced ingredients. 9000-A Windsor Road, Windsor. 707.657.7624.

101 North Brewing Company A new addition to the North Bay craft beer scene, this brewery’s Heroine IPA has 101 North winning at the beer game just out of the gate. Based in Petaluma, put it on your “one to watch� list. 1304 Scott St., Ste. D. Petaluma. 707.778.8384.

Russian River Brewing Co. Home of the most famous and awarded microbrewed beer on the planet, Pliny the Younger. Sorry, you can’t get any till winter. Meanwhile, there’s an entire board of excellent brews. 725 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. 707.545.2337.

Ruth Mcgowan’s Brewpub Straight outta

Sonoma Springs Brewing Co. With a focus on German-style beers (try the Uncle Jack’s kolsch or the Summer Altbier, when available) and California ales, Sonoma Springs Brewing Co. boasts a good-looking lineup of ales. 750 W. Napa St., Sonoma. 707.938.7422. www.

Stumptown Brewery A day on the river isn’t complete without a stop at Guerneville’s best (and only) brewery. Better yet, sip ale on the expansive patio overlooking the Russian River, and let those kayakers do all the work for you. 15045 River Road, Guerneville. 707.869.0705.

Third Street Aleworks Third Street is sometimes overshadowed by a worldrenowned brewery just around the corner, but their Bombay rouge—a malty, drinkable IPA—can hold its own in a roomful of crowded beers. 610 Third St., Santa Rosa. 707.523.3060.

Warped Brewing Co. An offshoot of the popular Barley and Hops Tavern in Occidental, owned by Noah and Mirjam Bolmer, Warped Brewing Company will feature a full-production brewing facility, tasting room and patio. Scheduled to open this fall. 6790 McKinley St. #190, Sebastopol. www.

Woodfour Brewing Co. Another Barlow gem, Woodfour Brewing Company offers a solid lineup of house-brewed drafts. The strongest beer in the bunch, an Imperial saison, comes in at 8.8 percent ABV, making for a flavor-forward farmhouse ale. The Belgian dubbel, at 6.8 percent ABV, is fermented in Russian River Pinot Noir barrels, for that

Valley. 415.888.8218. www.


M stands for malty. Hit up this Novato landmark for traditional ales that won’t fail the taste test. 15 Rowland Way, Novato. 415.898.HOPS.

Baeltane Brewing Head brewer Alan Atha’s beers are as flavorful as they are creatively titled. The Frog That Ate the World is a West Coast double IPA doused with Nelson Sauvin hops, the Venus in Blue Jeans is a gold-orange Belgian-style ale, and the En Suite saison, with added sage and lemon, provides the perfect accompaniment to a late summer’s eve. 401-B Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato. 415.883.2040.

Broken Drum Brewery & Wood Grill Voted Best North Bay brewpub by Bohemian readers in 2011, the time is right to stop in for a handcrafted German lager, bock or summer golden ale at San Rafael’s friendliest beer establishment. 1132 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.456.HOPS.

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery Epitome of the neighborhood brewpub. Everything, from beer to grub, is made on the premises. Check out the live music Wenesday nights. 765 Center Blvd, Fairfax. 415.485.1005.

Marin Brewing Co. What began as an upstart brewery in the late ’80s has morphed into an institution. Pick up a Mt. Tam pale ale, Tiburon blonde, Stinson Beach peach or San Quentin Breakout stout at the brewery’s Larkspur location, and pair it with classic pub grub, like bangers and mash or meatloaf, off the extensive menu.. 1809 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur. 415.461.4677. www.

Mill Valley Beerworks If there is a beer heaven, it might look a little like this Mill Valley gem of a spot. An impressive draft list is well stocked with old and new favorites. 173 Throckmorton Ave., Mill

Moylan’s Brewery & Restaurant At Moylan’s, the

2013 2 013 01

Loo C L Coco’s oco’s

Voted V ote ted Best Bes est Italia IItalian t a l ia n restaurant restau re staurant ant of of the the th North N orth Bay. ort Bay ay y..

C u c i n a R u s t iicc a

—North — North B Bay ay Bohemian B o h e m i an

Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Company What goes together better than beer and pizza? Not much. Wash down a hefty slice of pepperoni with an Orgasmica kolsch, a cold-aged ale with a crisp, refreshing finish. 812 Fourth St., San Rafael. 415.457.BEER.

N A PA CO U N TY Downtown Joe’s Restaurant & Brewery With a brewery built by Chuck Ankeny—the great-grandson of Adolf Hamms—this Napa mainstay has serious historical chops. Try the palate-altering Golden Thistle Very Bitter ale, and prepare to be amazed. 902 Main St., Napa. 707.258.2337.

LoCoco’s L oC oco’s iiss ev oCoco’ everythi everything er y th i ng aan n IItalian t a l ia n restauran talia rrestaurant est au ra nt ssho should houl u ld b be— be—boisterous, e—boisterous oi s t er ou s , busy, b usy, usy y, fun, ffu u n, w wit with ith eexcellent excell xcel len ent aau authentic uthenti thent ic food ffoood of of the tth he best b beest quality: q quali ua l ity t y : fresh ffrres e sh sseafood, ea food eaf o d, m meat meats eat s aan and nd p pasta. a sta. as ta.

707. 7 0 7. 7. 52 5 2 3 . 2227 2 22 7 SEERVING RV V I NG L U UNCH NCH & D IINNER N N ER


Thai House

Napa Smith Brewery Brewer Don Barkley was part of the revered New Albion Brewery, America’s first craft brewery since Prohibition, back in 1978. He’s now part of the team creating goldmedal winning IPAs, wheat beers, pilsners and more at Napa Valley’s only production brewery. 1 Executive Way, Napa. 707.254.7167.

Napa Valley Brewing Co. Founded on-site at the Calistoga Inn over 25 years ago, this pioneering brewery serves wheat ale, pilsner, red ale and porter year-round, with seasonal beers including an IPA and an admirable Dugan oatmeal stout that just might replace your next egg-and-bacon breakfast. The byproducts of its seven-barrel brewhouse have won national awards, and brewmaster Brad Smisloff knows just as well as anyone that in a region full of winetasting, there’s nothing like a pint on the patio. 1250 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga. 707.942.4101. www.


Lunch specials start at $7.95 Includes soup or salad Mon-Fri only

Open 7 days a week Sun-Th 11:30-9:30 Fri-Sat 11:30-10:00 525 4th Street(Upstairs) 707.526.3939

Art, Food & Wine Experience at Kenwood Vineyards Sundays 1–3pm

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Reser vat ions ((required Reservations requir ed 7722 hhrs r s iinn aadv): dv) : 7707.282.4228 07.282. 4228 $$30 30 per per pperson er son / $25 $ 25 Club Club Members Member s


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Cloverdale, Ruth McGowan’s citrus wheat ale makes summer days fly by just right. During the colder days of winter, try the dry Irish stout. 131 E. First St., Cloverdale. 707.894.9610. www.

special wine country touch. 6780 Depot St., Sebastopol. 707.823.3144.

BEER ISSUE Anneliese Schmidt

NORTH NOR TH B BAY A Y BOH EMIA E MI AN AN | S SEP EP T E M BE R 18 1 8 –2 – 24, 4, 20 013 1 3 | BO H E M I AN AN.COM .C O M


“cones”) of “cones”) o the the vinelike vinelike per perennial ennial Humulus lupulus. Essentially, we’re witnessing E ssentiially, w e’re witn essing onee of the on the earliest earliest stages stages of beer making, onee th that, from m aking, and a d on an at, fr om a wider angle, angle g , has has been part part of this this rregion’s egion’s agronomic agronomic makeup makeup ffor or around ar ound 150 1550 years. years. And thee An d yet yet today, today, despite despite th unchecked and un checked e craft-beer craft-beer aft beer boom boom, an d despite the increased ubiquity des pite th he in creased u biquity of farm-to-table thiss an and locavorefarmto-table thi d loc avoreminded thee fa fact min ded that—even th hat—even despite despite th ct that th at ccertain ertaain ffolks olks (right here) here) will occasionally stand outside Russian oc casionally stan do utside of Russi an River Ri ver Brewing Brewin w g Co. Co. for for hours hours aawaiting waiting what’s ultimately mouthful w hat’s ult timately a m outhful of hops—the h ops—the actual actual epicenter epicenter of American hop production has Am erican nh op pr oduction h as long lon g since since shifted shifted elsewhere. elsewhere. To To understand un d stan der nd why, why, exactly, exactly, rrequires equir i es first going fir st goin g back back to to a time time when when hops grapes h ops outpaced outp paced eeven ven gr apes aass a dominant domin antt crop crop in Sonoma Sonoma County. County.

Crop Cr op pR Rotation otation

Getting Hopped Up—Again The cr craft raft beer boo boom m brings a quiet b but triumphantt return return ttoo hop p gr growing owing in Sonoma Son noma County Countty BBYY KEN WEA WEAVER VER It is conceded conceded e that Sonoma Sonoma County County pr produces odu uces the finest quality of of hops hops grown g own on the Pacific gr Pacific Coast. Coast. While Wh While the yield yield is not not sso o hea heavy avy as in ssome ome o other ther ssections ections o off the S State, tate, ther theree is mor moree lupu lupulin lin and a str stronger onger ar aroma oma in th the he S Sonoma onoma County C ounty pr product, od duct, which brings fr from om one cent cent to tw two o cen cents ts per po pound und mor more re money in the mar market. ket. —Sunset — Sunset Magazine Ma agazine Homeseekers’ Homeseekers’ B Bureau, ureau,, 1915 1915


y the the time time we we arri arrive, ve, th thee pick p pickers ers have have been at work work k ffor o hours. or hours. A worn, worn, cconstruction-yellow onstru uction-yellow backhoe backhoe lo oader silently silently block one of the the two two dri veways loader blockss one driveways le eading into Carneros Carneros Brewing Brewing Co. Co. in S onoma, its leading Sonoma, sscoop coop rreaching eachin c g up 10 ffeet eet into a ccurtain u urtain green. Turning Turning of green. into the the second sec e ond of th ewery’s inlets, in nlets, we we sspot pot thr ee of th thee br brewery’s three thee pick ers (family (faamily an d frien ds of the the company company owners) owners) w alkin ng pickers and friends walking amid aisles aislees of 20-foot-high 20-foot-high trellises, trellisess, slowly slowly fillin g th eir filling their b uckets. buckets.

Hops H ops are are on onee of the th he ffour our ccore ore ingredients in m ingredients modern odeern beer production, pr p oduction,, in addition addition to to malted malted barley, b arley, yeast yeast and and water. water. For For the the uninitiated, uniniti ated, they they resemble ressemble small small upside-down upside-do wn artich artichokes, o es, or ok ssoft oft gr green een pin pinee ccones. ones. e T To o beer ccognoscenti, ognoscenti, they’re they’re essentially essentially ssquishy quishy b buds uds of awesome. awesome. All told, told, they’re th ey’re ultimately ultimately the th he flowers flowers ((or or

We’ve W ee’ve come come to to Carneros Carneros Brewing Co., Co., in particular particular Brewing because bec ause thi tthiss is is about about as as close close thee h hop-growing heritage tto o th op p-growing h eritage Sonoma of S onom ma County County as as one one can can the craft-beer industry get. As As th he cr aft-beer in dustry ccontinues ontinuess to to grow, grow, an increasingly increasingly llarge arge percentage percentage of North North Bay Bay breweries their br eweriess are are cultivating cultivating th eir own small o wn sm all l ssub-acreage ub-acreage of hops, hops, but aree typically b ut these these ar typically used used immediately—in single batch imm ediattely—in a sin gle b atch or two beer—upon harvest. tw o of bee er—upon h arvest. Freshly picked hops, their F reshly pick ed h ops, with th eir high water water e content, content, tend tend to to go within ssouth outh wit thin 24 hours hours if they they aren’t ar en’t dried dried or tossed tossed into into a brew brew kettle, only miniscule k ettle, and and overall overall on ly mini scule amounts fresh. thee am ounts are are used used fr esh. (In th ccase ase of Carneros, Carn a eros, theirs theirs will and pelletized aactually ctually be b dried an d pelleti zed throughout thee year.) ffor or use use th hroughout th year.) Oregon and While Washington, Washington, Or egon an d produce thee v vast majority IIdaho daho pr o oduc e th ast m ajorit j y of commercial commer e cial hops hops grown grown in thee United th United e States States ttoday oday ((again, again, most aree dried), m ost off which which h h ar d d) Sonoma Sonoma County C ounty was was a significant significant hophopproducing pr oducing region region as as recently recently as as back. Vestiges our 60 years years b ack. V estiges of o ur area’s ar ea’s eearlier arrlier hop hop industry industry can can be ffound ound in the the aabandoned bandoned kilns kilns sseen een alongside alon ngside the the backroads backroads of Sonoma Sonom ma County, County, the the Walters Walters


Return Growth Carneros just opened this summer, but this is already its third hop harvest. Brewmaster Jesus Ceja, an exceptionally experienced brewer with 15 years at Anheuser-Busch (and, postmerger, Anheuser-Busch InBev), had been using earlier harvests for his test batches. The brewery launched with five core beers in its lineup—a pilsner, an amber ale, both a regular and black IPA, and (a personal highlight) a Germanstyle Hefeweizen—all of which use some of these estate-grown hops. Carneros’ plants will provide about 30 percent of the brewery’s annual requirement. Carneros currently grows four different varieties of hops: Tomahawk (used for its potent bitterness), Cascade (another American type, renowned for its citrusy flavors and aromatics), plus Hallertau and Saaz (two classic European varieties, more on the spicy-earthy side of the ) 24 spectrum). Beneath the

GLOBETROTTER Christer Blom, from Sweden, visits Carneros Brewing Co.

Harvest Beer Touring A who’s-who and where-from guide to local wet-hop beers


n line with the annual harvest, many local breweries create special beers made from freshly picked hops. These undried “wet” hops retain volatile flavor and aromatic compounds that would otherwise be lost during the kilning process, taking beers in surprising new directions.

Sonoma County At the brewpub, Russian River Brewing Co. will soon pour its annual HopTime Harvest ale, brewed with 100 percent wet

hops from Hops-Meister farm in Lake County. These hops go from the vine and into the kettle in a few hours. “Yields on this beer are very poor,” relates Russian River’s brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo, “but the aromas and flavors that come from this beer are like no other. There are so many unique characteristics that come from wet hops.” On land near the outskirts of Sebastopol, Moonlight Brewing’s Brian Hunt grows assertive varieties like Cascade, nugget, Chinook and cluster—the lattermost being descended from one of the oldest hop varieties grown in the United States. (Early cluster varieties figured ) 26

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM

the same acreage as the preceding year, dropped by nearly 40 percent. The industry would again temporarily recover in the next few years, even seeing a slight uptick in acreage overall. Nineteen fifty-one, however, brought cold weather and lower yields, and the following year’s report read: “Hop producers had a disastrous year. Prices were lower; sixty-five percent of the crop was harvested under [unfavorable terms]; and, in addition, considerable acreage was abandoned. On the other hand, hay growers had an excellent year with good yields and prices.” Hay, sadly, is for horses. Acres once allocated to hop production transitioned to crops of green beans and Fordhook lima beans (the latter proving to be an almost-immediate bust). Others returned to orchards, or grapes. Some of the silenced hop kilns, according to Tomlan, “turned into berry, fruit, or fish dryers.” By 1961, Sonoma County harvest reports ceased mentioning hop operations altogether.

Anneliese Schmidt

Ranch Hop Kiln (dating back to 1905) that now serves as the tasting room for HKG Estate Wines in Healdsburg and in the hop yard of the Windsor Historical Society, where hops engendered from 70-plus-year-old Sonoma County bines grow. A few New England states, plus scattered plots in Wisconsin, were the key U.S. hop growers around the mid-1800s, before production (like the population) drifted westward. At the heart of that shift was Northern California, particularly Sacramento and its surroundings, with Sonoma, Mendocino and Yuba counties following suit. Whole families would camp in the fields during harvest. Horsedrawn carts would pass carrying 15-foot stacks of hop bales. For the curious, Tinged with Gold: Hop Culture in the United States by Michael A. Tomlan (kindly lent to me by Moonlight Brewing’s Brian Hunt) has proven to be an exceptional resource on the subject. Tomlan reports: “From 1915 until 1922 California was the leading hop-producing state in the Union, responsible for over 50 [percent] of the total U.S. production in some years; the state’s acreage peaked in 1916.” As to the reason for this ascent, Tomlan writes that “whereas in the East or in England, growers might complain that the crop never fully matured from lack of sunshine, too much rain, or mildew, in California this never seemed to be the case.” Prohibition wasn’t especially kind to U.S. hop growers, obliging them to rely on international markets. California, in particular, took a major acreage hit. Sonoma County was one of a few to recover afterward, peaking with the 1945 harvest, when about 25,000 bales generated $2.6 million. It wouldn’t last for long. A further major setback occurred with the 1948 harvest, which saw an unhelpful triad of hop mildew, aphid infestation and weak market conditions (as highlighted by the Sonoma County Department of Agriculture’s annual harvest report). Production, with basically


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8-24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM






What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? I have always been an artist of some kind; photography, collage, etc. Being able to create a piece of art that can be consumed by the public is the ultimate. Beer is the Palette, Curiosity holds the Glass, Our senses take in the Art. The ability to brew Belgian, French and West Coast Style Ales intrigues me like no others. I have not had a particular ‘person’ as a mentor. However, I believe that books like “Brew Like a Monk” by Stan Hieronymus have led me down the path.

What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? I started brewing at home before I could legally buy beer, but could buy all the ingredients to make it. Soon after, I realized that I could make great beer at a fraction of the cost of my favorite commercial styles. Then, hobby turned to passion, then to obsession and finally into a profession. My mentors are Will Meyers, Todd Mott, and Dan Paquette, but they are all east coast icons, so may not be too familiar.



The Frog That Ate The World Double IPA

What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? The enthusiasts find that in their glass, our process of craft brewing in our humble small brewery comes out skillfully executed. What is your most coveted beer, and why? The most coveted beer currently at Baeltane Brewing is our Double IPA, The Frog That Ate The World. It has a very low-profile malt presence with a beautiful hop balance that continues into next year. What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? My favorite fall beer is our Corsair Dark Strong Ale paired with a Pork Loin with a Corsair reduction. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? This is a Yelp review: “Holy Crap, I died and went to heaven! I really love Belgian style beers. They are my favorite. I was even planning a trip to Belgium to try good ones. But now I just saved all that money on airfare and jet lag. The Luminesce Tripel is absolute nectar.” 401 B BEL MARIN KEYS BLVD, NOVATO 415.883.2040


What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? The locals, who are by far my biggest critics, would probably say it is the consistency of the house beers. Also quite notable, is the minimal physical footprint of the brewery, and it’s location right in the middle of the patio dining area. It is fairly common to see me running up and down the outside spiral staircase during a busy lunch. Our small seven barrel brew system allows me to use quality ingredients to make fresh, unfiltered beers that are only available here over the bar. What is your most coveted beer, and why? There are a few, but the first that comes to mind is our winter holiday seasonal IPA called the Blitzen. It is a nice, hoppy, higher alcohol beer that people seem to adore. The real fun is listening to everyone’s tales resulting from having a few pints of it! I also make a blackberry pale ale that customers insist I make this time of year. It is unique because it is a pale ale base, over 6% alcohol by volume, and quite dry. It has a fantastic purple hue from the 160+ pounds of real blackberrys. It is on tap now. What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? As the weather starts to cool down, I tend to like a stronger, more flavorful beer. My first inclination would be to go with my barley wine paired with a rich dessert, like our peanut butter pie. The robust flavors and sweetness from both tend to meld together and allow the subtle complexities of the beer to express themselves more on your pallet. 1250 LINCOLN AVE, CALISTOGA 707.942.4101





What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? I went to college in Portland in the late 80’s when brewpubs were starting to take off. I was already homebrewing in the dorms and after graduating decided to try brewing commercially. I was (and am) extremely fortunate to consider my first brewing boss John Harris (aka Hair Bear), formerly of Full Sail and now opening Ecliptic Brewing in Portland as my mentor.

What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? It started as a mechanical goal to make a homebrew system and then it became to master the system. After mastering the system, it turned from a mechanical to a creative process. Paddy Giffen worked at The Beverage People and I aspired to make beer as good as him. Paddy was the original Brewmaster at Moylan’s.



Bear Republic’s house ales offered year-round

Bear Republic’s house ales offered year-round

What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? I constantly hear people comment on the balance of our beer. These days there are so many great “hop bombs” on the market that I think the malt backbone of our beers really sets us apart.

What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? I don’t think that people understand it. The moment people start to understand it, they’ll find that it’s very diverse. We make more than just Racer 5, or I.P.A.’s. Our sours and lagers are very approachable.

What is your most coveted beer, and why? I typically do not covet beer and tend to drink it as soon as I get my hands on it. The exception to this has always been Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. I buy a couple of cases each year when it comes out and pop a couple of bottles when the need arises.

What is your most coveted beer, and why? Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale—and that’s what brought me to the dance, homebrewed first!

What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? My favorite fall beer and food pairing is a chuck roast braised with kimchi and Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy (like our Heritage Ale) pairing with the Wee Heavy. To me this meal really signals the end of summer. This has it all: sweet, sour, spicy, salty. And the malt and the alcohol of the beer really cut through it all, yet compliment at the same time. Yum. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? “I had a Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA the other day and it blew me away. LOVE THAT BEER!”



What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? Heritage, our strong scotch, a loaf of Cousteau’s French Bread, Red Hawk and Highway 1 cheeses, Soprasetta salami, and one of the many local Sonoma County destinations for a great picnic. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? “Hands down one of the best brewers in the country… My personal favorite is Peter Brown Tribute Ale, of course Ricardo's Red Rocket is fantastic, as are Racer 5, and the elusive Racer X…”



NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM




NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8-24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM






What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? I have always loved things that blend art and science. I have worked as a computer programmer, motorcycle mechanic, luthier, theatrical lighting designer, holographer and brewer. Beer is a delightful challenge of both art and science. Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing was an amazing influence on me and 15 years later still is. I call him the Dumbledore of Brewing. I still talk with him every week. He even performed my wedding ceremony.

What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? In the early 90s, I discovered home brewing from a neighbor and was immediately hooked. Not only was it craft beer, but it was my craft beer! I have been home brewing ever since.


What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? I am mostly known for my knowledge of water chemistry as it applies to brewing. I am the coauthor of a book called Water—A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers published by the Brewer’s Association. I am best known for my IPA and my Porter.

Tantric IPA Hop candy in a glass. Balanced sweetness and bitterness with a floral citrus aroma.

What is your most coveted beer, and why? I am very lucky to have 4 brands that are almost equal in sales. I would say the most talked about is the Tantric IPA or the Double Secret Probation IPA. There are dry and biscuity but not overly bitter.. What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? Our Tantric IPA with blue cheese. Our Cobb salad makes a great pairing with the Tantric IPA. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? “It’s the place where I can go in any mood and leave happy” —Colleen Boak 902 MAIN ST, NAPA 707.258.BEER



What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? It's perhaps a little backwards, but since I have no commercial brewing experience I will be attempting to follow the same processes I use as a home brewer. The differences are mainly scale but I imagine I'll learn more about that as I begin.

Porterluma — 5.41% abv, 33.2 bu, 30.4° srm Porters were the first industrialized beers and this Brown Porter is meant to convey the industrial side of an otherwise pastoral Petaluma. British pale and brown malts are complimented with a mixture of English and German hops. Saaz hops working their shift after the British ale yeast make Porterluma a very flavorful and easydrinking ale.

What is your most coveted beer, and why? The beer of mine that other people covet—if the speed at which kegs are emptied at pouring events is any indication—is the Big House Blonde, a Belgian Blonde Ale. It's light, slightly spicy, and a very crisp, refreshing drink. I suspect this will become the flagship beer for the brewery. What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? My favorite craft beer of mine is the Porterluma, a Brown Porter that I love to serve with brats fresh off the grill. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? I once poured six of my beers for 300 people at a holiday party. It may not have been their best experience with my beer, but it was one of my best experiences with my beer and it was the moment I knew I had made the right decision to open a brewery.






What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? I started out as a home-brewer and it was just a hobby gone out of control. I knew from my first batch of beer that I wanted to become a professional brewer. Ken Grossman from Sierra Nevada is, without a doubt, my mentor in brewing quality beer, running a very successful brewery business, and staying true to himself and his family.

What inspired you to make beer? Who was your mentor? Tasting fresh beer was pivotal for me. In the 70's I exclusively drank imported beer—but I drove through Hopland in the summer of 1982 and dropped by the newly opened Mendocino Brewing Company. I was just blown away. I got to know the owners and they really inspired me to start making my own beer.


What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? Beer enthusiasts will go to great lengths to seek out our beer. Perhaps it is our dedication to quality that enthusiasts find most exceptional about our process.


Pliny the Elder Brewed with Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops. Well-balanced with malt, hops, and alcohol. Slighty bitter with a fresh hop aroma of floral, citrus, and pine. Best Enjoyed FRESH!

What is your most coveted beer, and why? We seem to have more than one! Our most coveted beers are Pliny the Younger and Beatification, both of which are available for a brief time only once a year. Pliny the Elder is our most sought after beer that we brew on a regular basis. We hope it is because consumers like the taste of these beers!  What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? My favorite fall beer is our seasonal HopTime Harvest Ale. This is made with 100% fresh wet hops from local Hopsmeister Farm in Clearlake. While many beers pair well with food, I prefer this one on its own to really enjoy its unique and delicate flavors. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? We often hear from folks who have traveled very far to try our beer for the first time and were thrilled with the beers as well as their experience at our pub. That's the best we can ask for!

What do beer enthusiasts find most exceptional about your beer making process? Our fans appreciate that I honor a lot of classic styles but I also like to break new ground. I have pretty eclectic brewing interests—which helps. These days I'm putting a big focus on beers with complex malty backbones combined with hefty doses of late addition hops.

What is your most coveted beer, and why? "Taylor Mountain Rye IPA" is a newish beer for us but it is really gaining ground. With Citra, Simcoe, Motueka and Chinook aroma hops it has a nice hop pedigree, but it's really the combination of the hop profile and the right amount of Rye that makes it a standout. What is your favorite fall beer and food pairing? I might get called out on this for calling it a "fall pairing" but I recently paired mesquite grilled tandoori style chicken with our Puddle Jumper Pale Ale, and the complimentary flavors and aromas were really outstanding. What is your consumer’s best experience with your beer? Lots of people come in to the pub thinking they only like one particular beer or style of beer, and whenever you get those people to try something new and love it— that's always the best experience.

725 4TH ST, santa rosa 707.545.BEER

Puddle Jumper Ale A true American Pale Ale, light golden color with clean malt flavors, and the refreshing aroma of Simcoe hops. Medium in body, aromatic, and very hoppy.

610 Third Street, Santa Rosa 707.523.3060

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM



NORTH NOR TH B BAY A Y BOH E EMI MIA AN A N | SEP T E M BE R 18– 18–2 24, 4, 2 20 0 13 1 3 | BO H E M I AN AN.COM .C O M



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Loans–Consumer and Business ness Online Banking with Bill Payy aand Paperless nd P aperless Statements–It’s the Greener er way! w Youth Savings programs o ma County ono County ATM locations throughout SSonoma for your convenience A Customer Service team d dedicated edicated tto o answering your call before aand nd aafter fter business hours

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sshade hade of C Carneros’ arneros os’ o outside utside pouring po uring station—seriously, station—serriously, the the place pretty darn plush pl ace iiss pr etty d arn pl p ush ffor or a small brewery—I Ceja how hee sm all br ewery—I aask sk C eja h ow h them ccan an tell tell th em apart. apart. Even Even to to who writes ssomeone omeone w ho writ ess aabout bout beer they like ffor or a living, living, th ey aall ll look l like green pinecones me. ssquishy quishy gr een pin eccones to to m e. It’ss a matter both and It’ matter of bot th sight an d smell. hand Ceja the hop that sm ell I h ell. and C eja th he h op th at I’m Im holding, h olding, which which he he takes taakes in two two fingers and inspects, fin gers an d briefly briefly in nspects, before bef ore putting putting it up to to his his nose nose to to “Thiss iiss S Saaz,” hee rreplies, eplies, be ssure. ure. “Thi aaz, z”h without hesitation. thee “it with out h esitation. Noting Noting th lookss lik likee a pin pinecone” still look e one” ec my eexpression xpression on m y face, hee aadds that fa ce, h dds th at thiss on onee h has thi as more more threeof a thr eedimensional dim ensional than, sshape hape to to it th an, thee tight tighterssay, ay, th erclustered cl ustered Tomahawk. Then T omahawk. Th en there’s thee th ere’s th proportion pr oportion of aromatics: vegetal ar omatics: v egetal notes, grassiness, n otes, gr assiness, sslight liight citrus. I take take the the hop hop in question qu uestion over over to to where my friends have w here m y frien ds h ave ccongregated, ongregated, halving fingernails. h alvin i g it i with i h my my fi ngernail ils. It’s I ’s It’ not timee I’ I’ve n ot the the first first tim ve ssliced liced open a hop, but timee iit’s likee lookin looking h op, b ut eevery very tim t’s lik g in on a tiny, tiny, hidden world. world. Or at least tiny le ast a tin y hidden apartment apartment pockets ccomplex. omplex. Discrete Discrete po ockets aalong long both sides of the the hop’s hop p’s inner inner stem stem house what h ouse w hat aappears ppears tto o be pollen but fact aree th thee llupulin b ut in fa ct ar upulin glands; glands; i.e.,., the Thee i.e the reason reason hops hops matter. matter. Th aalpha lpha and and beta acids acids stored stored within thee glands th glands are are responsible, respo onsiblee, after aft f er they’re the hops’ main th ey’re boiled, ffor or th he h ops’ m ain bittering beer, bitt ering ccontribution ontributio on to to beer r, while thee h hop oilss ((also w hile th op oil also rresident esident in thee lupulin th lupulin glands) glands) contribute contribute myriad m yriad flavors flavors and and aromas— a omas— ar depending thee v variety, depen ding on th a y, ariet eeverything verything from from pithy pith hy grapefruit grapefruit Sauvignon Blanc tto oS auvignon Bl anc to to sspearmint. pearmint. Soft from thee S oft yellow yellow smudgess fr om th I’ve llupulin upulin dot my my notebook, noteb book, aass if I’ ve been cooking cooking with saffron. saffron. Our party party heads heads back back to to one one thee per pergola-covered tables of th gola-coverred ta bles in Carneros’ C arneros’ garden, garden, unpacking un npacking a and sipping picnic lunch lunch an d si p g ccold ppin old pints of Jefeweizen Jefeweizen and an a d Negra Negra IPA. IP A. We We can can see see the the pickers pickers they make their way aass th ey sslowly lowly m ake th eir w ay

down do wn th thee rrows, ows, s h handfuls andfuls of hops hops disappearing buckets. di sappearring into into b uckets. The The bin es (wit th a b ), aass th ey clim b th bines (with b), they climb thee tr ellises— —via scratchy scratchy h airs an d trellises—via hairs and rrobust obust stems, stem e s, differently differently th an a than true vine vine would—begin would—begin to to sslacken. lacken. W ith luck, luck k, the the pickers pickers will p ull With pull 500 po un nds aagain gain thi ear. pounds thiss y year. R elative to to m ost oth er br eweeries Relative most other breweries gr owing h ops locally, locally, that’s that at’s growing hops huge Com mpared to to ccommercial ommercial huge.. Compared h op-growiing oper ations farth er hop-growing operations farther n orth, however, howeveerr, it’ arely a dr op north, it’ss b barely drop in th buck ket. Though Though North North Bay Baay thee bucket. pr oduction n today today tends tends to to be on a production gent le upswing, upsswing, th ere’s minimal minimal gentle there’s chance of a chance return to to th return thee volume of huge volume Sonoma County’s Countty’s Sonoma heyday. Kilns Kilns are are heyday. expensive (even (even expensive Carneros simply simply Carneros hops in dries its hops the open air, airr, using using the ventilation efforts efforts ventilation instead of a fullinstead op kiln), blown h blown hop an d breweries breweries e aren’t particularly particularly and aren’t in clined to to get into into th hop-growing inclined thee hop-growing b usiness when when th eir focus focus should should be business their on the the final final outcome. outcome. B ut these these ar econdary points. But aree ssecondary E conomicc force, force, both in terms terms of Economic gr apes h e e or ec er onomies-of-scale grapes here economies-of-scale el sewhere, h as sshifted hifted around around elsewhere, has en ormoussly in the the decades decades since. since. enormously On really ccan’t an’t complain complain about about Onee really th litty of hops hops from from llargeargethee qua quality sscale, cale, m ecchanized enterprises enterprises in mechanized th Pacific Northwest, Northwest, n or about about thee Pacific nor th ose ccompanies’ om mpanies’ ccultivation ultivation and and those rresearch esearch h programs, p ograms, w pr hi h iintr hich t oduc d e which introduce eexpressive xpressive n ew v arieties each each year. year. new varieties B ut we’re wee’re b bless ed with a ssurplus urplus of But blessed gr eat local local breweries breweeries that, that, because because great th eir small-scale small-s l cale h arv vests never never see see their harvests a kiln, go all all out out in producing producing wetweeth op beers beers at h arvest, which which aff ord a hop harvest, afford fr eshness an d ar omatic quality qualitty th at freshness and aromatic that on ply doesn’ om dried onee sim simply doesn’tt get fr from h ops. W ee’ve rrounded ounded up aass m an ny aass hops. We’ve many w ould iin n th ar. wee ccould thee sideb sidebar. O On ce a y earr, at le lleast, ast, it i aalmost l ost ffeels lm eel e ls Once year, lik hop o industry industry never never left. likee th thee hop

By B y 11961, 961, harve harvest est rreports eports ep ceased d men tioning mentioning hop oper ra ation ns operations altogether r. altogether.

Ken K een Weaver Weeaver e is a pr professional rofeessional beer writer edito or bas ed in P etaluma. editor based Petaluma. His ‘North ern C aliffo ornia C raft Beer ‘Northern California Craft G uide,’ with h photography photography b nneliese Guide,’ byy A Anneliese S chmidt, iss o ut no w. Schmidt, out now. ) 26



*K *KF-#N<<B;8P * KFF -#N<<B; # N<<B;8P 8P 8=K<IEFFEJ 8 =K<IEFFE =K<I EFFEJ FE(*,'8DBJIF F E (*, *,' 8D BJ BJI IF &&A8OFE;I@M< A8O 8 OFE;I@M< F E; I@M< KfY\Zfd\X; i`m\jgfejfi KfY\Zfd\X;i`m\jgfejfi ZfekXZk:Xk_pIXkkfXk Z fekXZ k :Xk_pIXk kf Xk ZXk_p%iXkkf7pX_ff%Zfd Z Xk_p% iXk kf7pX_ff%Zfd

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@kĂ&#x2039;jc`b\EGIÂż @kĂ&#x2039;jc`b\EGIÂż fe8Z`[ f e 8Z`[

NORTH NOR TH B BAY A Y BOH E EMI MIA AN A N | SEP T E M BE R 18– 18–2 24, 4, 2 20 0 13 1 3 | BO H E M I AN AN.COM .C O M





heavily in C heavily California’s alifornia’s historical historical production long before pr oduction as as well, well, lon g bef ore thee aadvent thee citruscitrus-heavy th dvent of o th heavy v American varieties Am erican v a arieties ccommon ommon While ttoday.) oday.) Whil le details details weren’t weren’t before press, hope aavailable vailable bef fore pr ess, I h ope Moonlight’s tto o ssee ee M oon nlight’s Homegrown Homegrown thiss y year. aagain gain thi ear. Petaluma’s P etaluma’s small-scale small-scale HenHouse H enHouse Brewing B ewing ccurrently Br urrently partners with Allstar p artners wit th All star Organics Organics down Nicasio grow organic do wn in N icasio to to gr ow or ganic Cascade hops. C ascade h op ps. While they they won’t won’t officially offici ally rrelease eleease a wet-hop wet-hop beer thiss year thi year (an (an n estate estate wet-hop wet-hop ESB E SB and and wet-hop wett-hop pale pale are are slated slated into production tto o go int o pr roduction in 2014), HenHouse doing H enHouse w will be doin g a very very small—like, small—like, one-keg o e-keg small—batch on small—batch of an experimental experim mental wet-hop wet-hop Berliner Berliner Weisse, Weisse, to to be released released at an undisclosed bar Petaluma. undisclossed b ar in P etaluma. (I have have a guess.) gueess.) Omnipresent Omnipresent Lagunitas Lagunitas will be overnighting hops overnightting wet wet h ops from from Washington’s Washington n’s Yakima Yakima region region to to go into into a TBD D wet-hop wet-hop aale. le. The The batch divvied batch will bee di vvied up between between its own TapRoom and various own T apR Room an dv arious wetwethop-focused around hop-focused d ffestivals estivals ar ound the the country. country y. Owner Own ner Tony Tony y Magee Magee also also keeps keeps a small small l garden garden d off hops hops in i the the community community of o Marshall, Marshall, in Marin, Marin, slated slated tto o go into i o a separate int separate rrelease. elease. Also Petaluma, Also in P e luma, Dempsey’s eta Dempsey’s uses hops grown uses h ops gr rown on its biodynamic Ranch biodynamic Red Red Rooster Rooster Ran ch for creating thee 7707 Wet Hop for cr eating th 07 W et e H op pale pale ale, ale, to to be b rreleased eleased around around mid-September. onee of mid-Septem mber. It will be on the the few few local local wet-hop wet-hop beers beers to to be bottled bottled and and aavailable vailable throughout throughout Sonoma County. Sonoma C ount u y. The opened Woodfour The newly newly open ed W o oodfour Brewing local Brewing works works with both a loc al Sebastopol Sebastopol farmer f farm er as as well well as as another County another in Mendocino Mendocino C ounty ffor or its wet-hop needs. Brewer wet-hop n eeds. Br ewer Seth Seth Wood that Woodfour Wood o states statess th at W oodf o our will actually making three actually be m aking two two or thr ee wet-hop beers thee p pub, using wet-hop bee ers ffor or th ub, usin ga single single hop hop ttype ype ffor or eeach. ach. “We “W We plan plan to thee beer beerss aass a w wet-hop to sserve erve th et-hop flight in our our restaurant,” restaurant,” rreports eports Wood, people Wood, o ““so so pe eople can can eexplore xplore the the beers beers side by by side.” side.” These These beers beers should should be released rele e ased around around late late September. September. Heading north, Heading n orth, Ruth McGowan’s McGowan’s Brewpub Brewpub in Cloverdale Cloverdale has has procured procured Sterling Sterling


and an nd Columbus Columbus hops hops from from a local local farmer. faarmer. These These have have gone gone into into a Belgian-style Belgian-style tripel, tripel, Mighty Mighty Shillelagh, Shillel h agh, available available on-site on-site now. now. Healdsburg’s Healdsburg’s Bear Bear Republic Republic b has haas three-quarters th hree-quarters of an aacre cre of citrusy citrussy Cascade and Chinook Cascade an d Chin ook hops hops growing growin w g in n Dry Creek Creek Valley, Valley, managed managed by by the th he Enzenauer Enzenauer family. family. These These will head head into into Grandpa’s Grandpaa’s Homegrown, Homegrown n n, honoring hon o oring Phil Enzenauer Enzenauer for fo or his his commitment Sonoma commitm o ent to to S onoma County Countty hop hop o cultivation. cultivation. Look Look for for this this latest Homegrown lat a est H omegrown rrelease elease in llate ate September, Sept e em mber b r, early early October. October. Old Brewing Old Redwood Redwood Br ewing in Windsor Windsor will brew brew a harvest harvest ale alee using different ussing hops hops from from two two diff erent locations. lo ocations. The The first first is is its fully fully established esstablished hop hop field in southwest southwest Windsor, yields Win i dsorr, which which hi h yield i lds about abo b utt a hundred hu undred pounds pounds annually. annually. The The second, interestingly, by sec e ond, int erestingly, iiss run b y the the Windsor Windsor Historical Historical Society, Society, which which h tends propagated ten e ds a field of hops hops pr opagated e from vines frrom nearly nearly ccentury-old entury-old vin es in i the th he Russian Russian River River Valley. Valley. The The beer b will w be available available to to Old Old Redwood’s Redwoo od’s beer beeer club club members members (around (around midmiidOctober) and O ober) an Oct d in limited limited samples samplees to thee gen general public through to th eral p ublic thr ough the th he brewery’s brewery’s tasting tasting room room in Windsor. Windsor. Santa Santa Rosa’s Rosa’s Fogbelt Fogbelt Brewing Brewin ng Co., produce Co., opening opening soon, soon, will pr oduce a number nu umber of beers beers with hops hops grown grown in n Healdsburg Healdsburg and and Sonoma Sonoma (see (see e sidebar). siidebar).

Marin M Mar in Co County unty While Marin Marin Brewing Brewing doesn’t doesn n’t gr row its o wn h ops or pr oduce grow own hops produce an ny dedicated dedicated fr esh-hop beers, beers,, any fresh-hop br rewmaster Arn Johnson doe es brewmaster Arnee Johnson does pl lan to to h arvest some some S onoma plan harvest Sonoma C ounty hops hops and and add add them them into into County M arin’s ccask-conditioned ask-conditioned IP A. Marin’s IPA. “F For me,” me,” Johnson Johnson rreflects, eflects, “this “thiis is is “For th he best way way to to showcase showcase w et an aand d the wet w hops.” wild hops.”

Napa N ap pa Co County unty Downtown Do wntown J Joe’s oe’s h had ad its H Hay ay R ide Harvest Harvest on tap tap as as of late late Ride A ugust. It’s It’s Joe’s Joe’s seventh seventh year year August. br rewing a wet-hop wet-hop beer r, b ut its brewing beer, but fir rst usin gC alifornia h ops. Th first using California hops. Thee eexact xact source? source? An un disclosed undisclosed fa armer situated situated perhaps perhaps two two hours hours farmer eeast ast of the the br ewery.—K Keen Weaver Weeaver e brewery.—Ken

Pick Pick k of theVine theV Santa S anta Ro R Rosa’s osa’s ’ hop-harvesting hop-harv vesting pioneer, p ioneerr, F Florian lorian Dauenhauer Dauenha auer


ven though ven though large-scale large-scale h hop op pr production o oduction left S onom ma County County long l g ago, lon ago, Santa Santta Rosa Rosa remains remains Sonoma h eadqu uarters ffor or th eering ccompany ompany th at headquarters thee pion pioneering that b uilt th he first aautomated utomated h op-piicking m achine. built the hop-picking machine.

Florian F lorian Dauenhauer, Dauenhauerr, who who moved moved to to S Santa anta Rosa Rosa fr from om W Wisconsin isconsin at age age 14, first first conceived con nceived the the machine machine in 1940 1940 when when workers workers in his his hop h op field went went on n strike. strike. Seventy-three Seventy-three years years later, laterr, the the Dauenhauer Dauenhauer Manufacturing M anufacturing Company Compan ny iiss still run by by Tom Tom Frazer, Frazerr, Dauenhauer’s Dauenhauer’s grandson, gr andson, in S Santa antta R Rosa, osa, with th thee b business’ usiness’ m main ain sservice ervice an and d rretail etail ccenter enter loc located ated in h hop-heavy op-heav vy T Toppenish, oppenish, Wash. Wash. ““Over Over 90 percent percent e of the the hops hops grown grown commercially commercially in the the U.S.A. U.S.A. usee o us our ur equi equipment,” pment, eent ” bo boasts asts F Frazer, razerr, eexplaining xplaining th that at Y Yakima akima is is by b y far the the largest largestt hop-growing hop-growing region region in the the United United States, States, with Oregon’s Or egon’s Willamette Willam mette V Valley alley and and p parts arts of IIdaho daho hosting hosting farm farmss in eexcess xcess of 2,000 acres. acres. “Since “Since the the big price price runup runu up in 2008,” 2008,” says says Frazer, F razerr, “many “many growers growers h have ave been attracted attracted tto ov very ery sm small-scale all-scale h hop op farming farmin g in nontraditional nontrraditional areas areas such such as as Lake Lake County, County, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Colorado C olorado an and d Mi Michigan.” ichigan.” Frazer F razer has has nothing noth hing but but positive positive things things to to say say about about Sonoma Sonoma County’s C ounty’s brewing brewing scene. scene. “Everyone “Everyone knows knows Vinnie Vin nnie and and Natalie Natalie [[Cilurzo] Cilurzo] at Russian Russsian River River Brewing Brewing an and dT Tony ony [M [[Magee] agee] at Lagunitas. La gunitas. They They truly truly are are leaders leaders in the the craft-brewing craft-b brewing world. world. It’ss really It’ really ccool ooll th that att S Sonoma onoma C County ountty an and d its it cr creative eati tive residents residents id t aree making ar making such such an impression impression on the the minds minds of o craft craft beer enthusiasts.” enthusi asts.” Thee cit Th city y recognized recognized Dauenhauer Dauenhauer b by yn naming aming a n new ew p park ark behin behind d thee fair th fairgrounds grounds D Dauenhauer auenhauer P Park ark (th (thee playground playground iiss sshaped haped lik likee hop h op kiln kilns), s), on th thee former former sit sitee of D Dauenhauer’s auenhauer’s ranch. ranch. B But ut does D Dauenhauer auenhauer sell sell any y equi equipment pment in his his home home county, county, which which once once w was as such such a hop-growing hop-g growing mecca? mecca? “There “There are are no no hops hops commercially commercially gr grown,” own,” ssays ays F Frazer, razerr, ““that that I’m aaware ware of, off, in Sonoma Sonom o a County.” County.” F For or the the smaller smallerr operations operations outlined outlined elsewhere elsewher e e in thi thiss iissue, ssue, hops hops ar aree picked picked by by hand. han nd. But But should should some some enterprising enterprisin s g grower grower decide tto o brin b bring i gb back ack k llarge-scale arge-scale l h hop op pr production oduction d i in i S Sonoma o oma County, on County, th they’ll ey’ll likely likely have have to to call call up the the D Dauenhauer auenhauer M Manufacturing anufacturing C Company. ompany. “Th “Thee hop hop harvester harvest e er is is indispensable,” indispensable,” says says Frazer. Frazer. “There “There is is n no o way way to to be ccommercially om mmercially vi viable able with without out a sig significant gnificant le level vel of m mechanization echanization today.”—Nicolas tod o ay.”—Nicolas Grizzle Grizzle

27 NO R RTH TH BAY B A Y BO H E M I AN N | SE P T E M BE R 18 1 8-24, - 2 4, 20 2011 3 | BOH EMI A N N.COM .C O M

IN THE HOPYARD Fo Fogbelt’s F ogbelt’s Remy Rem my Martin p picks icks hop hopss b byy hand ffor o or a ssaison; aison; ev eventually entually he h and parn parnter ter P Paul a aul Hawl Hawley ey w want ant to pr produce oduce all their hop hopss llocally. ocallyy.

The N Next Next Step Ste ep Fogbelt F oogbe g lt Brewing Brewing gC Co. o. sources source c s hops hop ps from fr om Dry Creek Creek and Sonoma Sonooma valleys valleeys


hey m hey may ay both b be ssons ons of win w emakers, winemakers, b ut th at hasn’t hasn’t but that stopped R emy Remy M artin an dP aul H awley Martin and Paul Hawley fr om v enturing in nto th from venturing into thee br ewery yb usinesss. M artin,, brewery business. Martin, w hose fath er h as sserved erved whose father has aass win emaker at F etzer winemaker Fetzer V ineyards ffor or 30 y ears, Vineyards years, gra duated fr om th he UC graduated from the D avis m aster br ewer Davis master brewer pr ogram, while while H awley, program, Hawley, w hose fath er iiss a fformer ormer whose father

winemaker at Kendallwinemaker KendallJ ackson an d ccurrent urrent owner owner Jackson and of H awleey Vineyards, Vineyards, has has Hawley been h om mebrewing ffor or o ver homebrewing over 10 years years with M artin sin ce Martin since th two tra ttraveled veled togeth er thee two together to New New Zealand Zealand to work Z work in win eries. wineries. With W ith a focus focus on locally locally grown h op ps an d locally locally ssourced ourced grown hops and in gredientts, their their F ogbelt ingredients, Fogbelt Br ewing C o. iiss at th orefront Brewing Co. thee fforefront of the the latest latest wave wave in craft craft beer: utili zing h yperlocal in gredients utilizing hyperlocal ingredients

and, aass with win and, wine, e, b barrel-aging arrel-agin ng ffor or depth of flavor. flavor. Th eir BelgianBelg gianTheir st yle W itbier iiss sspiced piced with ffresh fresh style Witbier cil antro an dk affir lim aves cilantro and kaffir limee le leaves gr own right on th emises;; h ops grown thee pr premises; hops ffor or a fresh-hopped fr f eshh hopped d saison saiison ar aree h arvested fr om H awley’s 150 0-vine harvested from Hawley’s 150-vine Dry C reek V alley h op y ard. Creek Valley hop yard. “W Workin o g in win as gi ven us “Working winee h has given a perspective perspective on where where beer is is goin g,” says say ys H awley, aass h p aks pe going,” Hawley, hee sspeaks glo wingly of S onoma C ounty’s glowingly Sonoma County’s ““great” great” aagriculture griculture an d ill usttrious and illustrious hi story aass a h op-growing rregion. eg gion. history hop-growing “T Ten e years years aago, go, n obody cared cared d “Ten nobody aabout bout th ariety of h ops in a beer r, thee v variety hops beer, b ut now now people do,” do,” he he says. says. “The “The but n ext logical logical step step is is to to ccare are about abo b ut next th growing rregion.” egion.” thee growing A ewery hits full Ass th thee br brewery pr oduction in October, Octoberr, th ey’lll production they’ll churn out out a few few hundred hundred gallons gallo ons a m onth on a seven-barrel seven-barrel system, system, e month with a focus focus on four four flagship flagship beers, b s, beer

including a malty, including malty, rroasty oasty In India dia p ale ale ale an d a light t, effervescent effervescent pale and light, Am erican blonde blonde ale. ale. These These are are American prim arily h opped with w Cascade, Cascadee, primarily hopped Chin ook and and magnum magn num hops hops Chinook ssourced ourced fr om Dry Creek Creek as as well well as as from vine h op yard yarrd run b y a Ph.D a 350350-vine hop by Ph.D.. in botan y in Sonoma Sonom ma Valley. Valley. botany E ventually, they’d they’d like like to to Eventually, pr oduce all all of their theiir own own h ops produce hops loc ally, in stead of ssourcing ourcing th em locally, instead them fr om Washington, Washington,, says says Martin. Martin. from “It’ satisfying, because beccause y ou p ut “It’ss satisfying, you put sso o much eff ort int o ta king ccare are of effort into taking th em every every year,” yearr,” he he adds. adds. ““And An A d them it’ it satisfying knowing knowin w gy ou h ave a it’ss satisfying you have lot to to do with the the natural natural pr ocess.” process.” F ogbelt Brewing Brewing Company Compan ny opens opens Fogbelt in early early Oct ober. 130 05 Cle eveland Ave. Ave. October. 1305 Cleveland (f ormerly H eritagee Public Public House), House), (formerly Heritage S anta Rosa. Rosa. www og gbeltbrew Santa —L eilani Clark Clark —Leilani

) 28

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NORTH N OR TH B BAY A Y BOH E EMIA MI AN A N | SEP T E M BE R 18â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 18â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2 24, 4, 2 20 0 1 3 | BO H E M I AN AN.COM .C O M


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REACHING 200 E Erin rin Manus, left, left, travels travels the

country craft beers. co untry rravenously avenouslyy rracking acking up cr aft beer s.

Gotta G ott ta Ha Have ave IIt t Younger, Y oungerr, h hipper drink drinkers ers are are changing craft craft beerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s demographics, dem mographics, ttweet weet by by ttweet weet BBYY LEIL LEILANI ANI CL CLARK C ARK

T The T he ancient ancient Sumerians Sumerians w worshipped orshipped the the beer beer tthey hey made praised Goddess Ninkasi miracle made aand nd p raised tthe he G oddess N inkasi ffor or tthe he m iracle o ermentation. B eer iiss a sstaple taple o ivilization n. off ffermentation. Beer off ccivilization. B elieve in in the the Goddess! Goddesss! Believe NINKASIBREWING.COM N INKASIBREWING.COM


hink â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;&#x153;devoted hink devoted beer drinker,â&#x20AC;? drin nkerr,â&#x20AC;? an d and ssomeone omeone lik likee Erin M anus probably probably Manus doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ome to min m d. doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tt ccome mind. Th year-old S anta Thee 2626-year-old Santa R osa rresident esident w orks aass a Rosa works h ospitality dir ecto or in th hospitality director thee win dustry. S he h as a winee in industry. She has degr ee in gen derr studies degree gender fr om SSU. SSU. S heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s petite p and from Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and h ealthy, with ith n ary y a beer b healthy, nary beer-in duced do uble chin c in sight. induced double An d yet yet Manus Manus absolutely absolutely And aadores dores craft beer assion beer,r, a p passion eevinced vinced in th leew of thee sslew ph otos on h er In s gram sta photos her Instagram ffeed eed and and glowing glowing posts on

her blog her blog, g, SparklingLover, SparklingLoverr, aabout bout weekend weekend tr eks to new new treks br eweriees. breweries. Manus M anus and and husband husband Der Derek, ek, home a 29-year-old 29-year-old home insurance insurance aree am among ssalesman, alesman n, ar ong a new new breed enthusiasts. br eed of beer b enthusiasts. They They prized post pri zed e beer acquisitions acquisitions media hashtags on social social m edia with h ashtags likee #instabeer, lik #instaabeerr, #beertravel, #beertravel, #nowdrinking #n owdrin nking and and #drinksocially. #drinksocially. They thee latest beerss Th ey tweet tweeet th latest craft craft beer ccoming omin i g out outt off new new hotspots hots t pots t aacross cross the the United United States. States. They They wait Pliny w ait in line lin ne for for hours hours to to try Plin y thee Younger. beer-andth Younger g . They They hold hold beer -andparties. They check ffood-pairing ood-pairing p arties. Th ey ch eck in at brewpubs brewpubs and and taprooms taprooms using usin g apps app ps like like RateBeer. RateBeer. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss aabout your â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bo out ssharing haring y our beer

Get pickled, pickled, deviled, d eviled, roasted roassted at the h Barlow Barlo B l w BY B Y JAMES JAMES KNIGH KNIGHT HT


PAIRING Jamil P Peden eeden

prepares pr epares a small plate. plate. oodnight, h hot ott win wings. gs. S So o lon g, nachos. nachoss. Farewell, Farewell, long, b urger an d fries. f H ow burger and How aabout bout yyellowtail? ellowtail? w your roasted roasted padrons. padrons. Get your W ee’re goin g to W ood o dfour tonight. We’re going Woodfour

Anyone An yone famili familiar ar with th the he gemlike gemlike food food pairings pairings now now offered offered at wine wine tasting tasting salons, salons, or the the “small “small plates” plates” served served at your your better better bistros, bi stros, will recognize recognize the the fare fare at Woodfour, Wo oodfourr, the the long-awaited long-aawaited brewpub br ewpub now now open in Sebastopol’s Seb bastopol’s food food and and crafts crafts district, disttrict, the the Barlow. Barlo w. An Anyone yone lookin looking g ffor or a h heavy eav vy b basket asket of b buffalo uffalo wings, w wings, on the the other oth er hand, hand, might be disappointed. disappointed. Thee joint was Th was founded founded by by Seth Seth Wood Wo ood and and Olav Olav Vier, Vierr, whose whose name name happens h appens also also to to be Germ German an n ffor or ““four.” four.” (Thus, if they they open n up an outlet outlet in Germany, German ny, they’ll they’ll call call it “Holzvier”). “ olzvier”). The “H The interior interior is is attractive attractive an and d ccoherent, oherent, with views views into into th tthee br brewery ewery and and kitchen, kitchen, an and dah hard-to-miss ard-to-miss host h ost station under under a “wall “wall of o beer.” beer.” If there there is is a plasma plasma panel pan nel tuned tuned to to a ssports ports channel, channel, el I missed missed it ((again, again, ain n no ob buffalo uffalo wings). wings)). Instead, Instead, db by yw way ay of eexplaining xplaining the the menu, menu, our our server server eexpertly xpertly anim animates ates a m mental en ntal pictur picturee of sshepherds hepherds scraping scraping rraclette aclettte b by y th thee fir fire. e. N Now ow w we’re e’re hun hungry. gry y. Heading H eading up the the menu, menu, a decorative decorative if lightw lightweight eight pl plate atte of “b “bar ar snacks” sn acks” ($6) ($6) includes includes an O’Keeffesque O eeffesque bo O’K bouquet uquet of un undulating, du ulating, oversize o versize potat potato o chi chips, ps, di dip p an and d fried hominy homin ny corn corn nuts that, th hat, while while making m aking for for bone-jarring bone-jarring chewing, c ewing, are ch are strangely strangely aaddictive. ddictive. A bowl bowl of padrons p adrons ($6 ($6), ), the the official official pepper p of the the current current era, era, iiss aalso lso ta tasty sty an and d diverting; di verting; pickled vegetables, vegetaables, b spiced spiced nuts and and olives, olives, too. too. As As if w wary ary of the the sm smear ear of bl blue ue ch cheese eesse at th thee bott bottom, om, fig an and d arugula arugul u a salad salad ($10 ($10)) huddles against against on o the the bowl. bowl. Small Small pl ates of “animals” “an nimals” ($15 onee side of plates ($15)) pr omiise tto o simil i ilarlly aappeal ppeeal tto o on e’’s high hi her ffun ction ti s. promise similarly one’s higher functions. F or real real nourishment, nourishment, turn turn to to Woodfour’s Woodfour’s draft draft beer ((8 8 ounces, ounces, For $3.50; 13–16 13–16 ounces, ounces, $5). $5). Like L e grapefruit Lik grapefruit juic efir ccocktail, ocktail, juicee in a k kefir th tangy, prickly, prickly, low-alcohol low-alccohol Berliner Berliner Weisse Weeisse is is easily easily taken taken for for thee tangy, a probiotic probiotic health health drink. drink. The T e summer Th summer ale ale is is exceedingly exceedinglly m ellow, mellow, thick with m ango an dM eyer lem on fl avor; th oggen nbier ry e, mango and Meyer lemon flavor; thee R Roggenbier rye, clo udy and and malty; malty; the the Belgian Bellgian Dubbel, Dubbel, fermented fermented in Pinot Piinot Noir Noir cloudy b arrels; the the wheat wheat stout, stout, ch cchocolatey, ocolatey, cr eamy, with vanilla vanillla pipe pipe barrels; creamy, ttobacco obacco n otes. Br ewed wi ith Taylor Taylor M aid ccoffee off ffee fr om rig ght down down the the notes. Brewed with Maid from right str eet, the the porter porter ta stes li ike a rroot oot beer flo at with ccoffee offee ic eam. street, tastes like float icee cr cream. Al as, aask sk n ot ffor or rregular, egular ar, “beer beer ere—even th ale aale le Alas, not beer”” h here—even thee p pale iiss a “brett “b ett pale “br pale l ale,” ale l ,” and and quite q ite sour—but quit sour—b butt hopheads hoph heads craving cravin vi g an IP A might find find one one or two two am ong th arge, eclectic selection selection of IPA among thee llarge, int ernational br ews aavailable vailable b y th bottle ($4.50–$22). ($4.50–$22). ) Three Three international brews by thee bottle sn acks, four four small small beers beers an aand d on sting flight later, laterr, it’ snacks, onee ta tasting it’ss goodnight, $48—b ut we’re we’re not not too too sorry sorrry to to ssee ee it go $48—but go.. W oodfourr, 6780 6780 Depot St., the the Barlow, Barlow, Sebastopol. Sebastopol. 707.823.3144. 707 0 .823.3144. Woodfour,

NO R RTH TH BAY B A Y BO H E M I AN N | SE P T E M BE R 18 1 8-24, - 2 4, 20 2011 3 | BOH EMI A N N.COM .C O M

festtival and and beer b festival music festival festival rolled into into on e. rolled one. As Tom Acitelli writes As T om A citelli writ es in The Audacity Audacity of of Hops: Hops: The History of of America’s America’s Craft Craft Beer Revolution, Revolution, starting starting in about ab bout 2008, “craft “craft beer became talked became regularly regularly ta lked about ab bout as as ‘an ‘an affordable afforrdab ble luxury,’ luxury y,’ a status symbol sy ymbol of ssorts. orts. . . . [[Y]uppies ] pp drank drank it then; then; now now their their hipster hipster children children do.” do.” The The Sonoma Son noma County County Economic Economic Development Developm ment Board Board is is paying pay ying attention thee eexploding attention to to th xploding visibility bluevisibility of o the the formerly formerly bl uecollar collar brew brew as as well. well. In June, June, it released released its itts “Sonoma “Sonoma County County Craft Craft Beverage Report,” giving thee pieBeverage R eport,” gi ving th chart chart treatment treattment to to ccountywide ountywide artisanal beer, and artisanal beer b r, cider an d sspirits pirits sales. Thee numbers sales. Th num mb bers speak speak for for themselves. themselves. e In 2012, craft craft beer sales sales aalone lone increased increased 41 percent percent by by volume, brewing volume, and an nd craft craft br ewing in the the county county has has had had an estimated estimated $123 $123 million millio on economic economic impact. impact. Come Come November, Novemberr, the the board board will host host an an industry industry conference confference to thee opportunities ffor to eexplore xplore th or economic economic output, output, jobs and and tourism tourism surrounding surroundin ng craft craft beverages. beverages. “We’d “W Wee’d like like to to see see more more branding branding associated associated d with it,” it,” says says research research program Matt Liedtke. program ccoordinator oordinator M att Liedt ke. The The changing changing craft craft beer demographic demographic p iiss a phenomenon phenomenon that by that has has not not o gone gone unnoticed unnoticed b y Jeff Jeff Bull, Bull, a Santa Santa Rosa–based Rosa–based beer blogger. blogger g . Bull Bull established established about ab bout five five years aago. go. The The site site ffeatures eatures years reviews, s photos ph hotos and and interviews interviews reviews, peoplle like like Tatiana Tatiana Peavey, Peavey, with people the death-metal-loving death-metal-loving blogger blogger the behind Fug and and behind employee at Taphunter, Taphunterr, an employee integrated dw eb an dm obile integrated web and mobile technology pl atform for for craft craft beer technology platform beer.. “I’ve seen seeen it ch ange night an d “I’ve change and day,” says says B ull. “The “The people that that day,” Bull. know—m men, women, women, y oung, I know—men, young, turning 21—are 21—are old, peoplee just turning wanting to to try th ew stuff and and wanting thee n new not just Keystone Keystone Light. I’ve I’ve seen seen not such diversity diverrsity in th ypes of such thee ttypes that a are are willing willing to to try these these people that products. It’s It’s almost almost a paradigm paradigm products. shift shift from from where where it was was seven seven or eight years yearrs ago.” ago.”

N Nadav Soroker Soroker

with h the th he world,” world, ld ” says says Manus, Manus, checking ch ecking into into U Untappd ntapp pd fr from om o our ur location loc ation at Heritage Heritage Public P blic House Pu House aass she she sips sips on a Sonoma Sonom ma Mountain Mountain wheat from Dempsey’s. “I’ve met w heat fr om Dem psey’s. “I’ ve m et friends frien ds on Instagram Instagram m who who end end up visiting visiting Sonoma Sonoma County,” County,” sshe he meet aadds. dds. “A “A lot of beer friends friiends m eet through media. For thr ough g social social m edia. aF or example, examp ple, you y ou might introduce introduce yourself yourself to to who’s ssomeone omeone w ho’s just checked checked in at thee same th same place place where where you’re you’re at.” at.” With W ith a laugh, laugh, Erin says says her her dad, dad, Bud Light drinker, a dedicated dedicated B ud Ligh ht drin kerr, makes her documenting m akes fun of h er ffor or doc umenting “He’s like, ‘Thiss beer aadventures. dventures. “H e s lik e’ e, ‘Thi what likee an and iiss w hat I lik d this this is is what what I drink,’” drin k,’” she she explains. explains. “But “But the the millennial very millenni al generation generation n iiss v ery into new things, int on ew thin gs, and and craft craft beer iiss perfect perffeect for for this.” this.” As As a rresult, esult, has ccollecting ollecting untried beers beeers h as become bec ome something something of o a quest. and “If they they erased erased ssomething om mething an d put new there,” p ut something something n ew up u th ere,” she she pointing thee chalkboard ssays, ays, pointin g to to th chalkboard list hanging beer li st h anging above abo ove us, “I would order w ould or der it.” it.” Up U p until about about 10 years years ago, ago, the the ttypical ypical American American beer beeer drinker drinker was either middle-aged w as eith er (a) (a) middle ee-aaged and and paunchy, drowned p aunchy, who who dr owned e the the sorrows sorrows of the the blue-collar blue-collar workday worrkday with a cold cold can can of Bud Bud or Coors Coors Light or, or r, if times times were were tight, tightt, Natural Natural IIce; ce; or (b) ( b) some some ccollege olleg ge guy guy beerbeerbonging bon ging Schlitz Schlitz at a frat ffrat party. party. Like Like and Bob an d Doug Doug McKenzie McKen nzie from from ccult ult comedy comedy Strange Strange Brew, Brew, these these stalwart drinkers sta lwart drin kers of domestic d estic dom llagers agers w eren’t doin g much m weren’t doing thin king about about wild yeasts, yeasts, sts hop hop thinking ch aracter or m outhfeel. e character mouthfeel. B ut seek seek o ut an aale-drenched lee-drenched But out m ovie in 2013 and and you’ll you’ll get movie Drinking Buddies, Buddies, which which h rreplaces eplaces th pudgy M cKenziee brothers brothers thee pudgy McKenzie with foxy foxy indie indie superstars superrstars Jake Jake J ohnson an dO livia W ildee, Johnson and Olivia Wilde, w ho pl ay cr aft beer lo overs th at who play craft lovers that w ork ttogether ogether in a Ch hicago work Chicago micr obrewery. Deck e o ed ut in microbrewery. Decked out pl aid sshirts hirts and and black black k skinny skinny plaid je ans, the the two two llust ust o ver pints of jeans, over Im perial IPAs IPAs infused infused with Citra Citra Imperial h ops and and a slight slight hint hin nt of green green tea. tea. hops E ven Paste, Paste, the the indier-than-thou indieer-than-thou Even out music magazine magazine o ut of Georgia, Georgia, thee aaction, iiss getting getting in on th ction, with thiss ssummer’s Untapped, an indie thi ummer’s U ntapped, p indie

Woodfour W oodfo four r B Br ewing Brewing Company Comp pan a y


NORTH NOR TH B BAY A Y BOH EMIA E MI AN A N | SEP T E M BE R 18 1 8-24, - 2 4, 20 011 3 | BO H E M I AN AN.COM .C O M

3 30


Crush SA N R A FA E L

Time Running Out

Accomplished environmentalist author, journalist and founder of Bill McKibben found himself behind bars in the summer of 2011 after leading a large civil disobedience at the White House in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline. Now he’s ready to talk about what led him there in his new book Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, which intertwines a Vermont beekeeper with his story of leading a growing social movement. The book also ties together the fossil-fuel industry as a whole and the development of smallscale local answers. With empathy and passion, McKibben draws on why these two aspects are mutually reinforcing and must come handin-hand for success. McKibben speaks about Oil and Honey on

The week’s events: a selective guide

Wednesday, Sept. 25, at Dominican University. 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael. 7pm. Free. 415.927.0960.


Musical Gumbo If you take everything “cool” and infuse it into a single human being, you get one man: Dr. John. The legendary “Night Tripper” has played with Cher, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger—just to name a few. Quite fittingly, Dr. John’s unique musical style doesn’t fit under any one category, but is a type of hybrid voodoo-psychedelic-meets-traditional-New-OrleansR&B-and-funk. Widely considered a living embodiment of the rich musical heritage of New Orleans, Dr. John plays on Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Uptown Theatre. 1350 Third St., Napa. 8pm. $40–$55. 707.259.0123.


He’s No Schmendrik Turned away from the Ron Shulamit Conservatory because he was too small to handle a violin, the three-year-old Itzhak Perlman taught himself on a toy fiddle. Now, of course, he’s one of the greatest musical prodigies of our time. Onstage, Perlman communicates an irresistible joy of making music, while offstage, he is beloved for his charm and humanity, and a recent New Yorker piece uncovered Perlman as a closet comedian in the Borscht Belt tradition. The reigning virtuoso of the violin performs Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Green Music Center. 1801 East Cotati Ave., Rohnert Park. 6pm. $55–$125. 866.955.6040.


Blues & Jazz Trivia

CURE FOR PAIN Charlotte Sometimes plays the Sweetwater Music Hall on Sept. 18. See Concerts, p36.

It’s Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival trivia time! 1. Who backed big acts like Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and Richard Marx before a solo career? 2. Who appears unaccredited in the movie Animal House as the bassist of Otis Day and the Knights? 3. Whose name means “to bring forth” in Yoruba? 4. Who produces wine in Napa, but also met and played with Steve Miller when he was just 15? (1. Euge Groove. 2. Robert Cray. 3. Ledisi. 4. Boz Scaggs.) These acts and more serenade the riverside on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 21–22, at Johnson’s Beach. 16241 First St., Guerneville. 10am. $50–$80. 949.362.3366.

—Tara Kaveh



Iggy and The Stooges Thee Oh Sees‡4ae`[S`DS[`Tahe The Lemonheads ‡ A88 ‡ FZW >[_age[`We ‡ 6WSXZWSĂW` FZW5agb‡?a`Va9W`WdSfad‡FWdS?W^ae‡9 8 B ‡BSdfj4W` 63?8g`]6<EWf‡E^WWbjEg`‡4^SU]?[^]‡EaU[S^EfgV[We 4H?A‡FZWDWĂ[ĂS^‡FZWFd[_e‡6>D@‡B[UfgdW3f^S`f[U Fa_6[U]S`V:Sddj‡FWW]a‡Efg_T^WTg``j‡Ea`[Va5^SeZ BW`fZageWBW`fZageW‡EZWS4gffWd‡FZWBZW`a_W`Sgfe Ada##‡6WW\SjFZWadj‡5Sd^ae5‡Eag^Xg^ATeWee[a` 7^[cgSfW‡4dafZWd9dS`V‡3`jSS`VfZW9WfVah`‡7H=S[` Iad]agf6<e‡DSh9Wda`[_a‡?SdjS`VfZW?S`UZ[^V FZW 8^S_We ‡ 3XX[`[fj 6<e ‡ 8[`[eZ F[U]Wf ‡ 6[dfj 9Zaefe FZW<gdSee[U‡FZWEZW e‡FZW;USdge>[`W‡DaYUa` 5Sdfaa`4Sd8[YZf‡FadUZWe‡D[`F[`F[YWd‡5^Sh:S__Wd EaXf IZ[fWE[if[We‡4[T^WeS`V:S`V9dW`SVWe ‡ 3_a`[W FZW4gd`[`YaXDa_W‡:Sbf[UEj`SbeWe‡A`hSdV7fU EZ[`aTg‡5a`fS[`ZWd‡4 >Wh[e‡FZW3^TWdfEcgSdW FdS[^eS`VISje‡:a^j5Z[^V‡FS^]jF[`S‡8Sfea<Wfea` FZW4S`Y‡6[``Wde‡5gd[ageCgS[^‡6[dfjB[^^ahe K - V O N  ‡  F ZW @ Wh Fd g ef ‡ A UUg ^f I[eVa_    ? adW

F[U]Wfea`eS^W`ah2U$eĂ Ua_!f[U]Wfe




NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


Arts Ideas TIMELESS AMERICAN SHAME Creed Bratton’s ‘real-life’ songs come from kids’ birthdays and unemployment lines.

Manic Larceny

Another side of Creed Bratton comes to Sweetwater BY RACHEL DOVEY


hey’re both tall and balding, with the kind of devilish good looks made for Hollywood or an Old West wanted ad. But Creed Bratton is not Creed Bratton. One is a mild-mannered actor and guitarist, performing his musical autobiography at Sweetwater Music Hall on Sept. 27. The other is a quality assurance manager on The Office— a former cult leader who sprouts

mung beans in his desk drawer at Dunder Mifflin, steals cash from condolence cards and knows all the best soup kitchens in town. As the actor tells me during a recent phone interview, “If I were really Creed Bratton, I’d be in jail.” Probably so. After all, the fictional Creed Bratton is a former homeless man who once took a photo of a woman using a breast pump and then made it his workplace screensaver. But the real Creed Bratton is much less deviant. He’s done his share of LSD, sure, but he also writes heart-

wrenching songs about love and unemployment with lyrical gems like “there’s parts of my life in every pawn shop in town.” A former member of ’60s charttoppers the Grass Roots, Bratton has released six solo albums to complement his acting career; the latest is a personal medley called Tell Me About It, which rehashes his life in three meditative acts. “People know me as a funny guy from The Office,” he says. “I tell them right away: this is not just a comedy show. It’s lighthearted and

amusing but bittersweet.” There’s “Unemployment Line,” a lilting Dustbowl anthem saturated with timeless American shame. Written in his 40s, after he’d left the Grass Roots, Bratton says the song was inspired when he was out of work, waiting in a line to collect benefits, and saw a woman who looked like an ex. After a moment of panic, he realized it wasn’t her, but the song was born. “I can’t look in the people’s eyes,” Bratton sings to acoustic strumming, “there might be someone here I know.” And although Tell Me About It explores themes that are both heavy and self-aware, the fingerprints of that other Creed Bratton—the manic larcenist with a fondness for snorting coffee grounds—are visible too. For the song “Move to Win,” Bratton made a video in which he crashes a kid’s birthday party dressed like a lunatic mime in an oversized bowtie: he throws a small child in a swimming pool, elopes with a housemaid on a scooter, tosses a piñata on the grill and laughs while he watches it burn. Except it might not actually be him. “Creed saw an ad that a band was needed for this party, and it turned out to be a kid’s birthday party,” Bratton explains to me on the phone. “It seemed like something he would do.” Though the folk master has garnered a new following of “mostly college kids,” thanks to that other Creed, the show in Mill Valley will be a bluesy rumination on lost love that amps-up now and then to channel the Who. It won’t be a live incarnation of the free-lovin’ excon who hates cartwheels and asks of life, forlornly: “If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about?” But maybe, just maybe, he’ll make an appearance, too. Creed Bratton plays on Friday, Sept. 27, at the Sweetwater Music Hall. 19 Corte Madera Ave., Mill Valley. 9pm. $27. 415.388.3850.

ŵŵ 14th annual FREE Celebration of the Literary Arts


ACCLAIMED AUTHORS CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES Dorothy Allison, Helene Wecker, Anthony Marra and MANY more!

CAPTIVATING PANELS On the Historic Downtown Plaza Healdsburg, Sonoma County Saturday, September 28, 2013 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

FREE Admission. Art Exhibit & Sale, Art Activities, Food, Wine/Beer. Music/Entertainment. 707.431.1970

Michele Anna Jordan and Marcy Smothers, What Makes a Good Book Club Pick, Best Read Books, Women in Suspense, The Immigrant Experience and Biting off Chunks of Local History


Mac Barnett, Kathryn Otoshi, Natasha Yim, Janie Havenmeyer, Readers Theater, Storytellers and Puppet Art Theater


Teen Poetry Slam, the Art of the Graphic Novel and Our World and Beyond panel


Writing for Children, Publishing, Telling Your Story, The Writer’s Mary Mackey, Terry Ehret, Q. R. Hand Jr., Arisa White, Mike Tuggle Craft, Getting the Word Out: Twitter, The Best Grammar and many more! Workshop Ever and more!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 10AM-4PM NEW LOCATION: SRJC, Santa Rosa Campus. 1501 Mendocino Ave, Bertolini Student Center and Quad •

Stop by THE TAP ROOM at WHOLE FOODS MARKET CODDINGTOWN for all of your favorite rare, local, and imported brews. The line-up is always changing and the food is always fresh!

Open: Monday–Friday 12–9pm, Saturday–Sunday 11am–9pm

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM

7th Annual Healdsburg Arts Festival


NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


STELLA! ‘Streetcar’ at the Raven, where Stanley ain’t no saint.

Poor Behavior 99/20 /20 – 99/26 / 26

HHonorable onor able

Salinger PPG13 Salinger G13 (11:00-2:00-5:00)-8:00 (11: 00-2: 00-5 : 00 ) -8 : 00 Short S hort T Term er e m1 12 2R (10 : 30-1: 00-3 : 45 ) -6 : 30-9 : 00 (10:30-1:00-3:45)-6:30-9:00

Austenland A ustenland PPG13 G13 (1 (1:15-3:30)-6:45-9:05 :15-3 : 30 ) -6 : 45- 9 : 05 TThurs hur s 99/26 / 26 oonly: nly : (1 (1:15-3:30) :15-3 : 30 )

Therese NNRR (1(10:30am) Therese 0 : 30am ) Lee L ee Daniels’ Daniels’ The The G13 ((10:45-1:45-5:30)-8:15 10 : 45-1: 45-5 : 30 ) -8 :15 Butler Bu tler PPG13 Blue B lue JJasmine asmine PPG13 G13 (11:15-1: 30 - 4 : 30 ) -7: 00 - 9 :15 (11:15-1:30-4:30)-7:00-9:15 Sun 9/22 9 / 22 only: onl y : (4:30)-7:00-9:15 (4 : 30 ) -7: 00 - 9 :15 Sun Tues Tues 99/24 / 24 & Thurs T hur s 9/26 9 / 26 only: onl y : (1 (11:15-1:30) 1:15-1: 30 )

JJoin oin uuss oonn SSunday unday 99/22 / 22 aatt 11pm pm aand nd TTuesday uesda y 99/24 / 24 aatt 66:30pm : 30pm ffor or sspecial pecial ppresentations r esen t a t ions ooff CCarmen ar men ffrom r om SSydney, ydne y, Australia! A u s t r a lia ! JJoin oin us us on on Thursday T hur sday 9/26 9 / 26 at a t 7pm 7pm for f or a special s pec ial ppresentation r esen t a t ion ooff TThe he Last L as t WWaltz! al t z ! SSponsored ponsor ed bbyy The T he Last L as t RRecord ec or d SStore, t or e, pproceeds r oceeds bbenefiting ene f it ing KKRCB91! R C B 91 ! JJoin oin us us on on Thursday T hur sday 9/26 9 / 26 at a t 7pm 7pm for f or a special s pec ial ppresentation r esen t a t ion ooff YYoung oung aatt HHeart! ear t ! Special Special wine w ine reception r e c e p t io n aatt 6:15pm, 6 :15pm, with w it h proceeds pr oceeds benefiting bene f it ing Sonoma Sonoma Bach! Bac h !

551 S 551 Summerfield ummer field Road Road 3ANTA2OSAs707.522.0719 3 ANTA2OSAs 707. 522 .0719

Local theaters celebrate badness BY DAVID TEMPLETON


merican playwright Theresa Rebeck was once asked to explain what her plays, at their heart, were really all about. Rebeck, the author of Hollywood sex-satire The Scene and the post 9-11 surrealist dinner-party farce Omnium Gatherum, replied that her plays were mainly about “betrayal and treason and poor behavior—a lot of poor behavior.” Poor behavior, of course, is at the heart of some of the theater world’s greatest masterpieces. From Tennessee Williams’ volcanic Streetcar Named Desire (running through Sept. 22 at the Raven Theater in Healdsburg) to the cranky and resentful title character in Alfred Uhry’s beloved

Driving Miss Daisy (through Oct. 6 at Pegasus Theater in Rio Nido), playwrights have always produced the juiciest drama from the very worst actions of their fellow human beings. Sometimes, as in the Imaginists’ upcoming bilingual fantasy Real (Oct. 3–19), adapted liberally from Carlo Collodi’s Pinnochio, it is the bad behavior of a society gone wrong that takes the focus, with one central character trying to do the right thing in the face of others’ poor behavior. In a sense, that’s the central dilemma in Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sept. 20–Oct. 13 at Sixth Street Playhouse), with straight-laced Brad and Janet tempted by the dark side in the castle of the crossdressing, sexually omnivorous Dr. Frankenfurter. In the latter example, of course, the point is that Brad and Janet might benefit from a little taste of badness, while everyone knows that in the original Pinnochio, tasting the forbidden fruits of badness only gets you turned into a donkey. Which brings us back to Theresa Rebeck, whose 2007 Tonynominated comedy Mauritius opens next week at Main Stage West in Sebastopol. Named for an extremely rare postage stamp, the 1847 Blue Mauritius stamp, the play pits a pair of half-sisters (Ilana Niernberger and Nancy Prebilich) against one another, each of them claiming ownership of a stamp collection left to them by their recently deceased mother. The sisters, in turn, are pitted against a trio of shady stamp-collectors (John Craven, Peter Downey and Eric Thompson), who work the angles, Mamet-style, to outplay, outwit and outlast the others in their quest to acquire the collection. Directed by Beth Craven, who demonstrated a knack for onstage poor behavior with last spring’s Exit the King, Mauritius is another sharp example of why, in the theater, people behaving badly can be very, very good. ‘Mauritius’ runs Thursday–Sunday, Sept. 27–Oct. 13, at Main Stage West. 104 N. Main St., Sebastopol. Thursday– Saturday, 8pm; 5pm matinees on Sundays. $15–$25. 415.823.0177.


35 NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM

EARTH’S FOUNDATION Jaspal Singh Chattha shows off his impressive compost pile.

Global Worming ‘Symphony of the Soil’ an ode to organic dirt BY RICHARD VON BUSACK


ual! 6th Ann

Great Music | Great Food & Drink Great Vibes | & A Really Great Cause!

SEPTEMBER 28 Earle Baum Center of the Blind 4539 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa 11:30 – 6pm (Doors 11am)




$30 Advance/$35 Day of (Under 10 Free) Tickets: Last Record Store, Tall Toad Music, Peoples Music, North Bay Vitreoretinal Consultants

%,1' (5



n er

a ti o n





re e
















nd e




ra d

u a ll y

g ro w n t o t ru s t o




est 2


1' %,




fi c i a l F l

per t E


‘Symphony of the Soil’ opens next Friday, Sept. 27, at the Rafael Film Center.


The film serves as a celebration of those who like to dig up the earth with their hands, crumble it and hold it to their nose, inhaling its fragrance as if it were perfume from France. “Chocolate cake,” says John Williams of Frog’s Leap Winery in Rutherford, describing the richness of the land he’s nourished with cover-crops of peas, vetches and composted grape pomace. Koons and her crew clearly did a lot of traveling for this infopacked film. Here are farmers from Burlington, Vt., as well as Star Route Farms in Bolinas. Warren Weber, of the oldest certified organic farm in California, describes being told that California was far too arid to permit organic farming. The filmmakers visit the cradle of the revival of organic farming, the Rodale Institute, outside Allentown, Penn. At Rodale, it’s explained that returning organic nutrients to the land not only improves yields but also uses less water than conventional farming. In India, Jaspal Singh Chattha demonstrates his own organic farm, nursed back to health with compost and biodynamic methods. Interviews abound, naturally. Soil biologist Dr. Elaine Ingham’s drawling, analogy-rich explanations are the standout here, as when she describes the amount of bacteria in healthy soil as “Times Square on New Year’s Eve.” Instead of a doomsayer’s prophecy, Symphony of the Soil is upbeat in celebrating the beauty of a hill of cranberry beans, the generosity of a sunflower’s gift of seeds and the great importance of dung beetles versus the lesser significance of a few celebrities I could name. Likewise, the farmers here aren’t deluding themselves with pride or smugness; they have the awe of people who have witnessed the miraculous recovery of seemingly played-out land.


f organic farming is merely a trend, it’ll be the last one. Deborah Koons Garcia’s long, lyrical documentary Symphony of the Soil makes its case for blending old farming methods with a systematic analysis of the biology of the topsoil.




n to trust over the







NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM



AN EPIC CAUSE Boudin SF fundraiser October 3 - 4th

)RUJHW0H1RW)DUP Children’s Services

Boudin SF Montgomery Village Shopping Center Corner of Farmer’s Lane and Montgomery Drive

w w w. b o u d i n b a k e r y. c o m

Concerts SONOMA COUNTY Andre Nickatina & Krayzie Bone

NAPA COUNTY Dr John Naw’lins funk master. Jenny Kerr opens. Sep 21, 8pm. $40$55. Uptown Theatre, 1350 Third St, Napa, 707.259.0123.

Bay Area rapper teams up with a member of Bone Thugs. Sep 21, 8pm. $30. Phoenix Theater, 201 Washington St, Petaluma, 707.762.3565.

Michael Grimm

Delphi Trio

Symphony Napa Valley Debut and Gala

Chamber music presented by the Redwood Arts Council. Sep 21, 8pm. $10-$30. Occidental Center for the Arts, 3850 Doris Murphy Ct, Occidental, 707.874.9392.

The Fixx New wave group from the ‘80s. Bobby Jo Valentine opens. Sep 20, 9pm. $23. Mystic Theatre, 23 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, 707.765.2121.

Itzhak Perlman One of the greatest violinists of our time, revered throughout the world for his artistry. Sep 21, 6pm. $55-$125. Green Music Center, 1801 East Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park.

Jazz Forum

“America’s Got Talent” winner. Bill Carter opens. Sep 20, 7pm. $25. Uptown Theatre, 1350 Third St, Napa, 707.259.0123.

Mezzo-Soprano Denyce Graves and Marnie Breckenridge in program that includes Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite.” Sep 21, 7pm. $15-$60. Lincoln Theater, 100 California Dr, Yountville, 707.226.8742.

Clubs & Venues SONOMA COUNTY Aqus Cafe Sep 18, Brindl. Sep 20, Timothy O’Neill Band. Sep 21, Ironsides.

Sep 22, Gary Vogensen’s. Third Wednesday of every month, West Coast Singer Songwriter Competition. Fourth Wednesday of every month, Bluegrass Jam. 189 H St, Petaluma, 707.778.6060.

Arlene Francis Center Sep 21, Violation, Common War, the Know Nothing, Slandyr, Civilian Assault. Third Thursday of every month, Jazz & Coffee. 99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa, 707.528.3009.

Aubergine Sep 19, Lindsey Thomas Project. Sep 20, Tahoes, Steve Sutherby. Sep 21 at 10:30, Dusty Green Bones Band, Apt H. Sep 21 at 7, Uncle Wiggly. Sep 22, Nothing to Lose. 755 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol, 707.829.2722.

Bergamot Alley Sep 21, the Mad Maggies. 328-A Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, 707.433.8720.

Epicurean Connection Third Thursday of every month, words, strings and wild things open mic. 122 West Napa St, Sonoma, 707.935.7960.

Flamingo Lounge Sep 20, Groove Foundation. Sep 21, Power House. 2777 Fourth St, Santa Rosa, 707.545.8530.

) 38

Sep 18, Cliff Hugo. 1pm. Free. Green Music Center 1029, SSU, 1801 E Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park, 707.664.2122. 707.829.7300 7 0 7. 829 . 7 3 0 0 SEBASTOPOL E B AS T OP OL 230 2 3 0 PETALUMA P E TA L U M A AVE AV E | S




$$15 15 A ADV/$18 DV/$18 D DOS/DOORS OS/ DOORS 99PM/21+ PM /21+




$$10 10 A ADV/$13 DV/$13 DOS/DOORS DOS/ DOORS 8:30PM/21+ 8 : 30PM /21+





2 24 V 224 VINTAGE INTAG E W WAY AY NOVATO N OVA ATO | 415.892.6200 415 . 8 9 2 . 6 2 0 0





$$8/DOORS 8 / DOORS 7PM/21+ 7PM /21+

















$$15 15 A ADV/$20 DV/$20 D DOS/DOORS OS/ DOORS 99PM/21+ PM /21+

WWW.HOPMONK.COM W W W. H O PM ONK .CO M BBook ook yyour our

next ne x t eevent ve n t w with ith u us, s, u up p tto o2 250, 50, i m @ h o p m o n k . co m .

Sep 21, Chicago Tribute Authority. 12pm. Free. Montgomery Village Shopping Center, Santa Rosa.




Rockin’ Concerts Series





WWW.HOPMONK.COM W WW.HOPMONK.COM Book yyour Book our n next e x t eevent vent with with us, us, up up to to 1 50 p eople, kim@hopmonk .com 150 people,

MARIN COUNTY Charlotte Sometimes Teen pop singer brings bright music, dark themes to songs like “How I Could Just Kill A Man.” Sep 18, 8pm. $10. 19 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley. 415.388.3850.

Juinor Toots Son of Toots from Toots and the Maytals. Sol Seed and Iriefuse open. Sep 19, 9pm. $10-$15. 19 Broadway Club, 19 Broadway, Fairfax, 415.459.1091.

Tommy Castro & the Painkillers Local blues guitarist has had major hits in his long career. Revelations, Deanna Bogart open. Sep 22, 4pm. $20. Rancho Nicasio, Town Square, Nicasio, 415.662.2219.

THREE WISHES The Delphi Trio plays Sept. 21 at

the Occidental Center for the Arts. See Concerts, above.

žŚ NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM

Music / Events

Lydiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Organics

SEPT 26Â&#x192;7:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:30pmÂ&#x192;Â&#x201D;Donation

Evening of Satsung with Pamela Wilson

Take Refuge in the Heart SEPT 28 & 29Â&#x192;9amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;5:30pm Daily Acts Presents: Six Weekends

Permaculture Design Course Taught by Toby Hemenway OCT 2Â&#x192;7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9pmÂ&#x192;Â&#x201D;Donation Short Film, Discussion & Live Indigenous Soul Music

Buffalo Field Campaign Road Show Good Shield Aguilar & Mignon Gelli PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE AT W W W.LYDIASORGANICS.COM /.$%08&--#-7%t1&5"-6."t$"

707.792 . 530 0


5,9(57+($75( inikmÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2122;ÂĄÂŚÂ&#x2039;ÂŹd­Â?ÂŞÂŚÂ?Ž¥¤¤Â?Ă&#x2C6;Tickets at the doorĂ&#x2C6;21+ with Photo ID


:8=6?0A8BA4E84F 540CDA8=6A82:E8C>

5A830HB4?C4<14A!Â&#x201C;! '?<3>>AÂ&#x201C;>E4A! Â&#x201C;?7>C>83



Fri, Sept 20

Katie Freeman & The Incubators



Sat, Sept 21

dj wil styles TOP 40 & PARTY ROCK

Sun, Sept 22


HAPPY HOUR DAILY 4â&#x20AC;&#x201C;6:30pm 132 KELLER ST, PETALUMA 707.238.0158

for calendar of events & information

September 21 & 22 10 - 5 Old Mill Park Mill Valley

150 fine artists live music childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entertainment admission $10 under 12 free students/seniors $5 FREE SHUTTLE & PARKING ./6!4/!$6!.#%s3!.2!&!%,.%730/).4%2s2/336!,,%92%0/24%2 47).#)4)%34)-%3s-),,6!,,%9(%2!,$s3!53!,)4/-!2).3#/0%

A42:;4BB8=E460B F8C7<0A8>28?>;;8=0 5A><C747D4H;4F8B10=3

+ 05C4A7>DAB1;D4B?0ACH+ B0CDA30HB4?C4<14A! Â&#x201C;! '?<3>>AÂ&#x201C;>E4A! Â&#x201C;?7>C>83 3 >  = > C  < 8 B B  C 7 4 B 4  B 7 >F B  A82:E8C>š6D8C0A?;0H4A0=3B8=64A0=3<4<14A>510=3B5;44CF>>3<029>7= <0H0;;1>==84A08CC1>1B4464A902:B>=1A>F=A>64A<R6D8==0=3<0=H<>A4 A428?84=C>5F270=3H0F0A3

++++++++++++++++++++++ inikmÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2122;ÂĄÂŚÂ&#x2039;ÂŹd­Â?ÂŞÂŚÂ?Ž¥¤¤Â?Ă&#x2C6;Tickets at the doorĂ&#x2C6;21+ with Photo ID


NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


Music ( 37

1030 Main Street in downtown Napa

Forestville Club

Tickets & Information



Monday ~ Open Mic Night with Austin DeLone 7:30pm :HG6HSWĂŁSP

Charlotte Sometimes )UL6HSWĂŁSP

Tainted Love Sat SeptĂŁDP



ON THE WATERFRONT (1954) Tue, Sep 24, 7 PM



Documentary ďŹ lm that explores the complexity and mystery of soil

Wed, Oct 2, 7 PM




Green Music Center

Heritage Public House


Closed for Private Event


Fri, Sep 27, 8 PM

Sep 22, Hills to Hollers. 8050 Bodega Ave, Sebastopol, 707.824.2030.

Scott Cooper & Jim Lewin 6XQ6HSWĂŁDP


French Garden

Sep 21, Itzhak Perlman. 1801 East Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park.

Live Music Sunday Brunch FREE SHOW with Dirty Cello BLUES/ROCK MASTER:

Sep 20, Eric Lindell. 6250 Front St, Forestville, 707.887.2594.

Live Music Brunch FREE SHOW with

Peter Walsh and Friends 7XH6HSWĂŁSP

Jason Crosby & Friends featuring Stu

Allen, Robin Sylvester and Jay Lane

7KXU6HSWĂŁSP (((folkYEAH!))) & Sweetwater present

Michael Hurley folk legend )UL6HSWĂŁSP

Creed Bratton from â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Officeâ&#x20AC;? 19 Corte Madera Ave Mill Valley CafĂŠ 415.388.1700 | Box Office 415.388.3850

Sep 21, Molly Konzen. 1901 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, 707.540.0395.

Hopmonk Sebastopol Sep 18, R/D, Zack Darling, Dr Dylon. Sep 19, BoomBox. Sep 20, Afrolicious. Sep 21, Great Burro 10-Year Anniversary. Sep 23, Everton Blender. 230 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol, 707.829.7300.

Hopmonk Sonoma Sep 20, Muncie. Sep 22, Christopher Lods. 691 Broadway, Sonoma, 707.935.9100.

Hotel Healdsburg Sep 21, Myron Cohen Trio. 25 Matheson St, Healdsburg, 707.431.2800.

Lagunitas Tap Room

Lunch & Dinner Sat & Sun Brunch

Sep 18, Lonesome Heroes. Sep 19, Staggerwing. Sep 20, Dore Coller & Bermudagrass. Sep 21, Gold Diggers. Sep 22, Todos Santos. Sep 25, Mike Compton. 1280 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, 707.778.8776.

Outdoor Dining 7 Days a Week


BARBWYRE Sept 20 Alt Country Funk-Grass Fri

8:00 / No Cover Dance Party! Sept 21 STOMPY JONES The Coolest Swing 8:30

Main Street Station Rancho Debut!


THE MACHIAVELVETS cho Sept 27 Reckless Ran Futurism ut! Fri

Deb 8:00 / No Cover Dance Party! Sept 28 THE OVERCOMMITMENTS Rock and Funk 8:30



STUDIO E presents

Celebrating Local Farms, Vineyards and Cuisineâ&#x20AC;Ś WIT H JIMI Z AND THE GOOD TIME BAND 3:00â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7:00

REVOLVER Oct 5 Songs from â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;66 8:30 Sat


BBQs On The Lawn! 

Gates Open at 3:00, Music at 4:00

Sept 22








FOLK LEGEND & LORE Tues Sept 24 2013 7pm doors 7:30 show $ 25 DOS

Montgomery Village Shopping Center Sep 19, Nicholas Bearde. Village Court, Santa Rosa.

Murphyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Irish Pub Sep 19, David Thom Band. Sep 20, Amy Wigton Band. Sep 21, Perfect Crime. Sep 22, Shards of Green. 464 First St E, Sonoma, 707.935.0660.

Mystic Theatre


Reservations Advised


Sep 18, Pocket Canyon Ramblers. Sep 19, Susan Sutton. Sep 20, Frankye Kelly. Sep 21, Wendy DeWitt. Sep 22, Eddie Neon. Sep 23, Gypsy Cafe. Sep 24, Maple Profant. Sep 25, Dag Nabbit. 16280 Main St, Guerneville, 707.869.0501. Sep 20, Karma. 397 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa, 707.765.2515.

Rancho Nicasioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First


At the Veterans Building 282 South High St. Sebastopol, CA 95472 707.829.4797

On the Town Square, Nicasio

JOHN DOYLE PADDY KEENAN Reservations/Will Call / 707.823.5316

CRITICâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CHOICE

Sep 20, the Fixx, Bobby Jo Valentine. 23 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, 707.765.2121.

Texas Ale Robert Earl Keen rollicks through EarleFest It was about 10 years ago that Robert Earl Keen went on a tour sponsored by Shiner Bock. Driving behind him along the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highways was a truck full of the brew, which, per booking contracts, was to be sold by the tourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s venues at the promo price of just $2 per bottle. Needless to say, during â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Road Goes On Foreverâ&#x20AC;? at the end of his show at the Mystic Theatre, the crowd was completely sloshed on cheap Texas beer. Times have changed for the regional, and when Keen headlines EarleFest on Sept. 28, fans can dig his Texas twang without guzzling his Texas brew. Lagunitas is among a local food-and-drink lineup that includes Fork Catering, Rodney Strong, the BBQ Spot and more, and Hopmonk Tavern sponsors a side stage with all-local acts. Of course, the musicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the draw, and the main stage includes fellow Texan Ray Wylie Hubbard (the deft tunesmith behind Jerry Jeff Walkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Up Against the Wall, Redneck Motherâ&#x20AC;?), jaw-dropping guitar wizard Sonny Landreth with dobro phenomenon Cindy Cashdollar, and recent NorBay Awards winners Frankie Boots & the County Line. As for Robert Earl Keen, he might not serenade a crowd as drunk as they were that night 10 years ago, but the characters in his songsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x153;Merry Christmas From the Family,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Corpus Christi Bay,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gringo Honeymoonâ&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;&#x201D; never stopped throwinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;em back. Revel in the freedom of cold beer, loud tunes and an open field at EarleFest on Saturday, Sept. 28, at the Earle Baum Center for the Blind. 4539 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa. 11:30am-6pm. $30 advance, $35 door. 707.523.3222.â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Gabe Meline

Occidental Center for the Arts


CRITICâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CHOICE


Phoenix Theater

& Beer Sanctuary

Sep 21, Andre Nickatina & Krayzie Bone. 201 Washington St, Petaluma, 707.762.3565.

Listen to Live Local Music while you knock back a frosty beer & a sandwich in the Tap Room

Redwood Cafe Sep 21, Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Bunchovus. 8240 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, 707.795.7868.

Fri Sept 20

Michael Grimm -Grimmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fairytale Tour Season 5 Winner Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Got Talent

Sat Sept 21

Dr. John Fri Sept 27 Billy Cobhamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spectrum 40â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? featuring Dean Brown, Gary Husband & Ric Fierabracci

Fri Oct 4

An evening with Tainted Love

Sun Oct 6

River Theatre

Natalie Maines

Thurs, Thugz. 16135 Main St, Guerneville, 707.869.3194.

Russian River Brewing Co Sep 22, Madrone Brothers. 725 Fourth St, Santa Rosa, 707.545. BEER.

Ruth McGowanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Brewpub Sep 20, John Roy Zat. Sep 21, Lindsay Thomas Project, Jay W Watkins, the Tweeners.. 131 E First St, Cloverdale, 707.894.9610.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts Sep 20, the Farallons. 282 S High St, Sebastopol, 707.829.4797.

Society: Culture House Thurs, Casa Rasta. Sun, Church on Sundays. Wed, North Bay Blues Revue. 528 Seventh St, Santa Rosa, No phone.

Tradewinds Sep 18, Bern Man Unplugged. Sep 20, Soul Section. Sep 21, Simply Amazing. 8210 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati, 707.795.7878.

MARIN COUNTY 142 Throckmorton Theatre Sep 20, Two Grand Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Yours. Sep 22, Unfold Ordinary Mind. Mon, Open Mic with Derek Smith. 142 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley, 415.383.9600.

Club 101 Wed, 8:20pm, salsa dancing with lessons. 815 W Francisco Blvd, San Rafael, 415.460.0101.

Fenix Sep 18, Michael Grimm. Wed, Blues Night. 919 Fourth St, San Rafael, 415.813.5600.

Georgeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nightclub Sep 20, Wonderbread 5. Thurs and Fri, DJ Rick Vegaz. Third Thursday of every month, SĂŠduction FĂŠroce Deux. 842 Fourth St, San Rafael, 415.226.0262.

) 40

Fri Oct 11

LeRoy Bell and His Only Friends plus Tim Hockenberry

Sat Oct 12


Peter Murphy Mr Moonlight Celebrates 35 yrs of Bauhaus

Wed Oct 16 ^ŽůŽÄ?ŽƾĆ?Ć&#x;Ä?^Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ˝Ç Chris Cornell

Sonoma Stampede kicks up its boot heels again â&#x20AC;&#x153;This guyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an American classic, an authentic, true-to-life country singer.â&#x20AC;? So speaketh music mogul L. A. Reid, singling out Sonoma Stampede headliner Tate Stevens before he even made the cut for last seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s X Factor. In three months, the rising star went from laying asphalt for the city of Belton, Mo., to winning a $5 million recording contract in Nashville, Tenn. And beneath that ten-gallon hat, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s got one hell of a voice. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s revamped Sonoma Stampede promises an outstanding lineup of country artists, with hometown celebrities Pete Stringfellow and Shannon Rider, who now call Nashville home, sharing the stage with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Music Cityâ&#x20AC;? hopefuls like Ukiah starlet McKenna Faith and Santa Rosa honky-tonk boys JD Bauman & the Boot Band. A second stage has been added for Americana bands, including Frankie Boots and the Country Line, winners of the 2013 NorBay Awards for best country artist. Topping off killer barbecue and a wide selection of beer and wine are this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Redneck Games. Gold Digger, according to organizers, is when â&#x20AC;&#x153;a heaping nugget of 14-karat goldâ&#x20AC;? will be thrown into a pool of sloppy mud to be sought after by some of the countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fiercest cowgirls. Break out your best belt buckles, boysâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;this is gonna get messy. Sonoma Stampede kicks into high gear on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Keiser Park. 700 Windsor River Road, Windsor. 11amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9pm. $20â&#x20AC;&#x201C;$75. â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jacquelynne OcaĂąa

Sun Nov 10

Come see us! Wedâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Fri, 2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9 Sat & Sun, 11:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8

Brewery Tours Daily at 3! 1280 N McDowell, Petaluma 707.769.4495

w w w.L AGU N

SOJA Fri Nov 15

Reverend Horton Heat Sat Nov 16

Sylvia Browne Sat Dec 7

Merle Haggard Special Guest The Malpass Brothers

Sun Dec 8

An evening with The Wailinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Jennys

Planning an event? Contact us for rental info

1350 Third St, Napa | 707.259.0123


McNearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dining House "REAKFASTs,UNCHs$INNER &2)s0-$//23s NEW WAVE/ROCK



Tickets on sale now w

88 films, 63 shorts 30 W World, orld, Nor o North th American merican


and US Premieres Most ost screenings with film filmmakers akers and nd actor actors in attendance tendance Pick ick up a p printed MVFF36 fil film edule at a Peets schedule ets Coffee & Tea Tea e stores and locations ocations throughout throughout the San Francisco Bay B Area

Follow us onďŹ lmfestival ival

And @MVFilmFest







&2)s0-$//23s SKA/REGGAE/NEW WAVE








NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM

Sep 19, the Skerries. Sep 22, Blythe Klein & StreetWise. 3850 Doris Murphy Ct, Occidental, 707.874.9392.

Music ( 39

40 NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM

Hopmonk Novato Sep 19, the Jaded. Sep 20, Pepperland. Sep 21, Linda Imperial Band. Wed, Open Mic. 224 Vintage Way, Novato, 415.892.6200.

Nickel Rose Mon, Wed-Sun, DJ dance. 848 B St, San Rafael, 415.454.5551.

19 Broadway Club Sep 19, Junior Toots, Sol Seed, Iriefuse. Sep 20, Jerry Hannan. Sep 21, the Visibles, Rue66. Sep 22, JT and the Pickups. Sep 24, DJ Zelous, DJ Omatic. Mon, 9pm, open mic. Last Tuesday of every month, Radioactive with Guests. 19 Broadway, Fairfax, 415.459.1091.

No Name Bar Fri, 9pm, Michael Aragon Quartet. Sun, 3pm, Mal Sharpe’s Dixieland. Tues, 8:30pm, open mic with Damir. 757 Bridgeway, Sausalito, 415.332.1392.

Osteria Divino Sep 18, Belinda Blair. Sep 19, Lilan Kane. Sep 21, Denise Perrier. Sep 22, Gypsy Jazz Caravan. Sep 20 and , Sep 24, James Moseley Trio. 37 Caledonia St, Sausalito.



Sep 19, Danielle French, Nichole Da Luz, Jenny Allen. Sep 20, Arizona & the Ramblers. Sep 21, Honeydust. Sun, open mic. Mon, reggae. Wed, Larry’s karaoke. 41 Wharf Rd, Bolinas, 415.868.1311.

Station House Cafe Sep 22, Dorian Bartley Trio. 11180 State Route 1, Pt Reyes Station, 415.663.1515.

Sweetwater Music Hall Sep 18, Charlotte Sometimes. Sep 20, Tainted Love. Sep 21, Scott Cooper & Jim Lewin. Sep 22, Peter Walsh & friends. Sep 24, Jason Crosby & friends. Mon, Open Mic. Every other Wednesday, Wednesday Night Live. 19 Corte Madera Ave, Mill Valley, 415.388.3850.

Terrapin Crossroads Sep 21, 8:30pm, Stu Allen & friends. Sep 22, Midnight North. Fri, 4:20 Happy Hour with live music. Sun, Terrapin Family Band. Tues, American Jubilee. Wed, Terrapin Family Band Bar Show. 100 Yacht Club Dr, San Rafael.

Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant Sun, DJ Night. Wed, Jumpstart. 902 Main St, Napa, 707.258.2337.

Lincoln Theater Sep 21, Symphony Napa Valley Debut and Gala (see Concerts). 100 California Dr, Yountville, 707.226.8742.

Molinari Caffe Thurs, Open Mic. 815 Main St, Napa, 707.927.3623.

Rainbow Room Sun, salsa Sundays. Fri, Sat, 10pm, DJ dancing. 806 Fourth St, Napa, 707.252.4471.

Silo’s Sep 19, Leah Woodard. Sep 20, Zach Winningham. Sep 21, Tori Anna & friends. Sep 22, Amanda King. Wed, 7pm, jam session. 530 Main St, Napa, 707.251.5833.

Uptown Theatre Sep 20, Michael Grimm. Sep 21, Dr John. 1350 Third St, Napa, 707.259.0123.

Uva Trattoria Sun, James & Ted. Wed, Gentlemen of Jazz. 1040 Clinton St, Napa, 707.255.6646.

Panama Hotel Restaurant Sep 18, John Hoy Trio. Sep 19, Deborah Winters. Sep 24, Lorin Rowan. Sep 25, EmK. 4 Bayview St, San Rafael, 415.457.3993.

Peri’s Silver Dollar @HLFI =LCCC 98 I



=I8EBP< B<CCP J8K›J<GK)( HL<<EF=9FF>@<NFF>@<

N<E;P ;<N@KK


<;;@<E<FE 9CL<J98E;

Sep 20, Flanelhead, Knight Drive, Freight Train. Sep 21, Beso Negro. Sep 25, the Pickups. Mon, acoustic open mic. Tues, John Varn & Tom Odetto. Third Wednesday of every month, Elvis Johnson Soul Review. Third Thursday of every month, Burnsy’s Sugar Shack. 29 Broadway, Fairfax, 415.459.9910.

Rancho Nicasio Sep 20, Barbwyre. Sep 21, Stompy Jones. Sep 22, Tommy Castro & the Painkillers, Deanna Bogart. Town Square, Nicasio, 415.662.2219.

Sausalito Seahorse Sun, salsa class. Tues, Jazz with Noel Jewkes and friends. Wed, Tango with Marcello & Seth. 305 Harbor View Dr, Sausalito.

San Francisco’s City Guide

Stars Canadian indie pop group features members of Broken Social Scene. Sep 18 at Slim’s.

Color Me Badd Nineties R&B group is responsible for “I Wanna Sex You Up” and, unintentionally, the Lonely Island catalogue. Sep 20 at Yoshi’s Oakland.

The Octopus Project Instrumental rock with electronic and acoustic instruments, including a Theremin. Sep 20 at Cafe du Nord.

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club Living members of the group that redefined Cuban jazz music. Sep 22 at Davies Symphony Hall.

Jimmy Eat World Alternative rockers bring pop tunes with a tinge of sadness. Sept. 22 at the Warfield.

Sleeping Lady DLJ@:.Æ((›=I<<<EK<IK8@ED<EK›.;8PJ

(-)/'DX`eJki\\k#>l\ie\m`cc\ .'.%/-0%','(I\j\imXk`fej nnn%dX`ejkjkXk`fe%Zfd

Sep 18, Dirty Cello. Sat, Uke Jam. Sun, 2pm, Irish music. Mon, 8pm, open mic with Simon Costa. 23 Broadway, Fairfax, 415.485.1182.

Find more San Francisco events by subscribing to the email newsletter at

and Sunila Bajracharya. 1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax.


Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa. 707.527.5377.

Dutton-Goldfield Winery

RECEPTIONS Sep 21 Dutton Goldfield Winery, paintings by Barbara Kelley. 1pm. 3100 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol. 707.827.3600.

Sep 18-Nov 12, Paintings by Barbara Kelley. 3100 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol. Daily, 10am– 4:30pm 707.827.3600.

Epicurean Connection Through Oct 6, “Bird & Flower,” poetic paintings by Wu Tianyu. 122 West Napa St, Sonoma. 707.935.7960.

Finley Community Center

SONOMA COUNTY Agrella Art Gallery Through Oct 17, “Tradition of Mayhem,” themes of aggression and hostility in human nature. Gallery is free. Parking fees. SRJC, Doyle Library, 1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa. Mon-Thurs, 10 to 4; Sat 12 to 4. 707.527.4298.

Arts Guild of Sonoma Through Sep 23, “Mentor Program & Member Show,” work by Sonoma Valley High School students and guild members. 140 E Napa St, Sonoma. Wed-Thurs and SunMon, 11 to 5; Fri-Sat, 11 to 8. 707.996.3115.

Calabi Gallery Through Sep 30, “Memento Mori,” art relating to themes of life and death. 144 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. Wed-Sun, 11 to 5. 707.781.7070.

Charles M Schulz Museum Through Oct 14, “Barking Up the Family Tree,” featuring comic strips with Snoopy’s siblings. Through Oct 27, “Mid-Century Modern,” works of prominent post-war-era decorative, textile and furniture designers. 2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa. Mon-Fri, noon to 5; Sat-Sun, 10 to 5. 707.579.4452.

City Hall Council Chambers Through Sep 18, “Printmaking,” pieces by Catherine Atkinson. Sep 24-Oct 24, “Oil Paintings,” works by Mark Jacobson. 100 Santa Rosa Ave, Ste 10, Santa Rosa. 707.543.3010.

Coddingtown Mall Through Sep 22, “Aqua Areas,” watercolor paintings. Live demonstrations Sat and Sun, 1-4pm. Cleveland Avenue and

Through Oct 2, “Saints Misbehavin’,” Byzantine art of saints by Grant Greenwald. Through Oct 2, “Scrap Metal Art,” works by James Selby. 2060 W College Ave, Santa Rosa. Mon-Fri, 8 to 7; Sat, 9 to 1 707.543.3737.

Gallery of Sea & Heaven Through Oct 12, “Art Delicious,” work by artists from Becoming Independent and Studios on A. 312 South A St, Santa Rosa. Thurs-Sat, noon to 5 and by appointment. 707.578.9123.

Gallery One Through Oct 5, “Anniversary Exhibit,” works by Clark Mitchell and Olga Storms. Through Oct 25, “ARTrails 3D Showcase Exhibit,” sampling of 3D art by local artists. 209 Western Ave, Petaluma. 707.778.8277.

Graton Gallery Through Sep 22, “In Pursuit of Happiness,” new work by Susan Ball and Frances Arnold. 9048 Graton Rd, Graton. TuesSun, 10:30 to 6. 707.829.8912.

Guerneville Library Through Sep 30, “A Celebration of Creativity,” artists of the lower Russian River area. 14107 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville. 707.869.9004.

Hammerfriar Gallery Through Oct 6, “Sculpture and Works on Paper,” pieces by Jann Nunn. 132 Mill St, Ste 101, Healdsburg. Tues-Fri, 10 to 6. Sat, 10 to 5. 707.473.9600.

Healdsburg Center for the Arts Through Oct 5, “Red Dot 2013,” work by Laurent Davidson, Frieda Giolding and Michael Madzo. 130 Plaza St, Healdsburg. Daily, 11 to 6. 707.431.1970.

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts Through Sep 26, “Symbols,” abstract and expressionistic mixed-media art works. 616 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley. Tues-Sat, 10 to 2; also by appointment. 415.388.4331.

History Center Through Feb 6, “Sculpture Trail,” outdoor exhibit with sculptures along Cloverdale Boulevard and Geyserville Avenue changing every nine months. 215 N Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale.

Osher Marin JCC Through Oct 6, “StreetLight,” oil paintings by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. 200 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael. 415.444.8000.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Environmental Center Through Sep 26, “Inspired by Nature,” quilted fiber arts by the Pointless Sisters. 900 Sanford Rd, Santa Rosa. 707.527.9277.

New Leaf Gallery Through Sep 29, “Black, White, Red,” sculpture show. Cornerstone Place, 23588 Hwy 121, Sonoma. Daily, 10 to 5. 707.933.1300.

Occidental Center for the Arts Through Nov 3, “Earth, Wind and Fire,” gallery exhibit. 3850 Doris Murphy Ct, Occidental. 707.874.9392.

Petaluma Historical Museum & Library Sep 18-Nov 2, “Victorian Mourning Customs,” see how our predecessors honored their deceased. 20 Fourth St, Petaluma. Wed-Sat, 10 to 4; Sun, noon to 3; tours by appointment on Mon-Tues. 707.778.4398.

RiskPress Gallery Through Oct 6, “Impressions of India,” photos by Patrick Brinton. 7345 Healdsburg Ave, Sebastopol. No phone.

Russian River Art Gallery Through Sep 30, “Birds of a Feather,” personal interpretations of our feathered friends. 16357 Main St, Guerneville. Daily, 10 to 6. 707.869.9099.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts Through Oct 19, “ABZ Etcetera,” using letters numbers symbols and characters. Through Oct 19, “Landscape Impressions: En Plein Air,” paintings by Donna DeLaBriandais, and sculptures by Aaron Poovey. 282 S High St, Sebastopol. Tues-Fri, 10 to 4; Sat, 1 to 4. 707.829.4797.

Sonoma County Museum Sep 20-Oct 20, “Artistry in Wood,” Showcase of fine regional craftsmanship. 425 Seventh St, Santa Rosa. Tues-Sun, 11 to 4. 707.579.1500.

Robert Green Fine Arts

‘BABY WITH NECKLACE’ Heidi Endemann is among 11 artists in the provocative, topical exhibit ‘Tradition of Mayhem’ at the SRJC. See adjacent.

Sonoma State University Library Art Gallery Through Oct 13, “From Death to Life in Ancient Bahrain,” close-up view of ancient burial grounds. Gallery talk, Sep 18, 4pm. 1801 E Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park.

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art Through Dec 1, “Delicious Images: Art About Food,” paintings and works on paper by Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Goldyne. Goldyne in conversation, Oct 24, 7pm. 551 Broadway, Sonoma. WedSun, 11 to 5. 707.939.SVMA.

Steele Lane Community Center Through Oct 10, “AIARE Design Awards Exhibit,” winning entries from the Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. 415 Steele Lane, Santa Rosa. Mon-Thurs, 8 to 7; Fri, 8 to 5. 707.543.3282.

Art,” paintings by Laura Roney. 306 Center Ave (above Levin & Co bookstore), Healdsburg. Sun-Thurs, 10 to 6; Fri-Sat, 10 to 9. 707.431.4214.

Viva Chocolat Through Sep 25, “The Art of Ricky Watts,” paintings by the local artist. 110 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. Open late on weekends; closed Wednesdays. 707.778.9888.

MARIN COUNTY Art Works Downtown Through Oct 13, “Memento Mori,” art by Eddie Volla and D Young V. 1337 Fourth St, San Rafael. Tues-Sat, 10 to 5. 415.451.8119.

Marin Community Foundation Through Sep 27, “Breaking Barriers,” featuring work by Bay Area artists with disabilities. 5 Hamilton Landing, Ste 200, Novato. Open Mon-Fri, 9 to 5.

Towers Gallery

Marin MOCA

Through Oct 6, “Hidden Treasures,” variety of styles from local artists. 2 40 N Cloverdale Blvd, Ste 2, Cloverdale. 707.894.4331.

Through Oct 6, “National Photography Show,” works by Simon Pyle, Chantel Beam, Douglas Ito and others. Juror talk, Sep 21, 6pm. Novato Arts Center, Hamilton Field, 500 Palm Dr, Novato. Wed-Sun, 11 to 4. 415.506.0137.

University Art Gallery Through Oct 13, “25 Years, 25 Artists: The Painting Students of Mark Perlman,” works by SSU art teacher’s best students. Sonoma State University, 1801 E Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park. Tues-Fri, 11 to 4; Sat-Sun, noon to 4. 707.664.2295.

Upstairs Art Gallery Through Sep 30, “Wine Country

Marin Society of Artists

Sep 21-22, “The Pathway Home,” art by war veterans. 154 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley. Wed-Sun, 11 to 5, or by appointment. 415.381.8776.

Seager Gray Gallery Through Sep 29, “Awake and Away,” paintings, drawings and collages by Jane Hambleton. 23 Sunnyside Ave, Mill Valley. Tues-Sat; 11 to 6. Fri-Sat, 11 to 7; Sun, 12 to 5. 415.384.8288.

NAPA COUNTY di Rosa Through Sep 22, “External Combustion,” pieces by Sacramento sculptors Nathan Cordero, Julia Couzens, Chris Daubert and Dave Lane. Through Dec 31, largest collection of contemporary Bay Area art. Tours daily. 5200 Sonoma Hwy, Napa. Wed-Sun, 10am to 6pm 707.226.5991.

Grand Hand Gallery Through Sep 29, “Presence,” paintings by Michele de la Menardiere and sculptures by John Petrey. 1136 Main St, Napa. No phone.

Napa Valley Museum Through Sep 29, “Date with the Devil,” new work inspired by the legend of Faust. 55 Presidents Circle, Yountville. Tues-Sun, 10am to 4pm. 707.944.0500.

Comedy ‘Chicago’ Steve Barkley

Through Oct 5, “Fall Rental Show,” all pieces available to rent. 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Ross. Mon-Thurs, 11 to 4; SatSun, 12 to 4. 415.454.9561.

Winner of ABC’s “America’s Funniest People.” David Vanavermaete opens. Sep 19, 8pm. $20. Trek Winery, 1026 Machin Avenue, Novato. 415.899.9883.

MINE Art Gallery

Below the Belt

Through Sep 29, “Unframed Freedom,” works by Bob Stang

Brandon Revels hosts this evening

) 43

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM

Arts Events


NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8-24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM


It Showed Up At My Doorstep. Writers! Ever had strange things show up at your doorstep without knowing why? Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your chance to be published in our 2013 Fall Writing Contest, with a special-delivery twist: Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll send you an object in the mail, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll craft a 400word short story based on whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s waiting at your front door courtesy of the good olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; postal service. To enter, send your name, address and phone number to You have until Sept. 20 to enter, and, after receiving your object, you have until Oct. 10 to submit your story for our judging panel. Good luck! Winners will be published in the Oct. 16 issue. All objects sent in the mail will be unique and one-of-a-kind. If you sign up and receive an object in the mail but do not submit a story about it, we will print your name in a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hall of Shameâ&#x20AC;? as a freeloader. Play nice!


TOM RIGNEY with FLAMBEAU Saturday, Sept 21

Wed, Sept 18 8:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:45am; 5:45-6:45pm Jazzercise 10:15amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE Youth 12:45pm and Family 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10pm Singles & Pairs Square Dance Club Thur, Sept 19 8:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:45am; 5:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;6:45pm Jazzercise 7:15â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10pm CIRCLES Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; SQUARES Square Dance Club Fri, Sept 20 8:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:45am Jazzercise 7:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10:30pm North Bay Country Dance Society/ Contra Dance Sat, Sept 21 8:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:30am Jazzercise 10amâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;12pm DANCE YOUR â&#x20AC;&#x153;BUTSâ&#x20AC;? OFF â&#x20AC;&#x201C;799.5618 Sponsored by Braveheart Women 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;11pm DJ Steve Luther presents the ever popular TOM RIGNEY with FLAMBEAU Sun, Sept 22 8:30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:30am Jazzercise 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:25pm DJ Steve Luther COUNTRY WESTERN LESSONS & DANCING Mon, Sept 23 8:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:45am;5:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;6:45pm Jazzercise 7â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:25pm SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING Tues, Sept 24 8:45â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9:45am Jazzercise 7:30pmâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;9pm AFRICAN AND WORLD MUSIC & DANCE



&  &' ! "$ " %

ÂĄPuro Alma Apachicano! by Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, 2010

Santa Rosaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Social Hall since 1922 1400 W. College Avenue â&#x20AC;˘ Santa Rosa, CA 707.539.5507 â&#x20AC;˘

Open Wed thru Sun, 11 to 5pm 144 Petaluma Blvd North, Petaluma


( 41


Mexican Heritage Festival Mexican dancers, singers, a puppet show and a salsa contest. Sep 22, 1pm. Free. Healdsburg Plaza, Healdsburg Plaza, Healdsburg.

Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival


Over 140 fine artists from all across the country and offer live music and children’s entertainment. Music by Hot Club of Marin, Dave Getz and others. Sep 21-22, 10am. $5-$10. Old Mill Park, Throckmorton and Cascade, Mill Valley.

Art for Life

Petaluma Palooza

Lomitas SchoolHouse Sep 19, 7pm, Argentine Tango Practica. 2421 Lomitas Ave., Santa Rosa 707-523-4336.

Fundraiser for Face to Face features art, food and wine for sale. Sep 21, 2pm. $75. Mary Agatha Furth Center, 8400 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor.

Beyond the Book Bash Library fundraiser features Author Mac Barnett, slam poet Chinaka Hodge, musician James Nash and others. Sep 21, 7pm. $150. 142 Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley. 415.383.9600.

Busy Bee Dogs Canines perform stunts. Sep 21, 11am. Free. Sonoma Valley Regional Library, 755 W Napa St, Sonoma. 707.939.0379.

Community expo showcases the city’s commerce, culture, creativity and caring. Sep 21, 12pm. Free. Petaluma Arts Center, 230 Lakeville St at East Washington, Petaluma. 707.762.5600.

Petaluma Palooza– Community Expo Share info, products and ideas, enter the talent contest or speakers series, get on the soapbox, play a song or give a demonstration. It’s fun for everyone. Sep 21, 12pm. Free. Petaluma Depot Building, 210 Lakeville St, Petaluma. 707.769.0429.

from the Gatehouse Gallery to Milliken Peak, the highest summit in the Carneros region. Sun, Sep 22, 10am. $15. di Rosa, 5200 Sonoma Hwy, Napa. 707.226.5991.

Family Insect Exploration Trek through the creek in search of aquatic bugs. Sep 21, 3pm. Olive Park, 105 Orange St (near Vineyard Creek Hotel), Santa Rosa.

Harvest Moon Hike Adult-focused adventure into the twilight world of moths and other insects. Sep 20, 5:30pm. Bohemia Ecological Preserve, 8759 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental.

Film Culinary Cinema Film series shown on the river deck. Sep 19, “Mostly Martha”; Sep 26, “Kings of Pastry”; Oct 3, “Ingredients: A Documentary Film”; Oct 10, Napa Valley Film Fest short film preview. Thurs through Oct 10. Oxbow Public Market, 610 First St, Napa.

A Fierce Green Fire Documentary about grassroots and global activism spanning 50 years from conservation to climate change. Sep 19, 7pm. Free. Sonoma Valley Grange Hall, 18627 Sonoma Hwy, Boyes Hot Springs.

Duck Derby

Sonoma County Book Festival

If your rubber ducky finishes first, you win $500. Music by Tim Weed and Debbie Daly. Sep 22, 11am. Free. White House Pool Park, Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Pt Reyes Station.

Authors, readers and entertainers come together to celebrate the written word. Sep 21, 10am. Free. Santa Rosa Junior College, 1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa. 1.800.564.SRJC.

Forks Over Knives: The Extended Interviews

Floating Homes Tour

Sukkot Harvest Festival


Check out the famous community and learn about historic changes. Sep 21, 11am. $35-$40. Floating Homes Community, Bridgeway and Gate 6 Road, Sausalito.

Explore decorate, learn and celebrate the ancient harvest festival of Sukkot or “temporary shelters.” Sep 22, 11:30am. Free. Osher Marin JCC, 200 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael. 415.444.8000.

Sing along to classic songs during the screening, with lyrics onscreen. Sep 22, 2pm. $10.25. Lark Theater, 549 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur. 415.924.5111.

Wedding Expo

Rob Lowe stars in this comedic “inside look” at what happens behind closed doors in modern American politics. Sep 21, 7pm. $10. Jarvis Conservatory, 1711 Main St, Napa. 707.255.5445.

Gatsby Gala Dress in 1920s attire and enjoy dinner, music, dancing, and other spectacles. Sep 21, 5:30pm. $125. McDonald Mansion, 1015 McDonald Ave, Santa Rosa.

Gem Faire So sparkly, so shiny, so affordable! Sep 20-22. Free. Marin Center Exhibit Hall, 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael. 415.499.6800.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Learn the finer points of speaking on the high seas.

Over 140 of the top wedding vendors in the Wine Country. Sep 22, 12pm. $12-$15. Wells Fargo Center, 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa. 707.546.3600.

Field Trips

Movie’s themes explored in depth. Sep 22, 6pm. Free. Trinity Presbyterian Church, 495 Marin Dr, Novato.

Knife Fight

Mountainfilm Sep 18, “Waste Land,” “Cold”; Sep 25, “Fire on the Mountain,” “Code Red,” “Chasing Water.” $12-$15. 142 Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley. 415.383.9600.

Fall Art & Nature Hike

Project Censored: The Movie

Expert guides lead a trek


) 44

43 NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM

of standup comedy featuring local talent. Third Fri of every month, 9pm. $10. Jasper O’Farrell’s, 6957 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol. 707.829.2062.

Sep 19, 3:30pm. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, 1490 Library Lane, St. Helena. 707.963.3757.

( 43

muckraking book turned into a movie. Directors Christopher Oscar and Doug Hecker in person. Sep 18, 6pm. $5-$10. Arlene Francis Center, 99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa. 707.528.3009.

Queen of the Sun Documentary about bees and colony collapse. Sep 19, 7pm. $10. 142 Throckmorton Theatre, 142 Throckmorton Ave, Mill Valley. 415.383.9600.

Rialto Classics Sep 25, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” 7pm. $8. Rialto Cinemas, 6868 McKinley St, Sebastopol. 707.525.4840.

Sonoma Film Institute Sep 20, “TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives.” Fri-Sun, 4 and 7pm. $7. Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall, SSU, 1801 E Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park.

Food & Drink Cheese Curd Basket Making Learn to make Italian-style fiscelle baskets (cheese strainers) out of juncus. Sep 21, 9am. $65-$75. Laguna de Santa Rosa Environmental Center, 900 Sanford Rd, Santa Rosa. 707.527.9277.

Farmer Landy Dinner Five course vegetarian meal and tea. Sep 18. $40. Epicurean Connection, 122 West Napa St, Sonoma. 707.935.7960.

Paws & Pasta Food by the Pasta King. Proceeds benefit Sonoma County Animal Care & Control. Sep 22, 5pm. $50. Richard’s Grove and Saralee’s Vineyard, 3575 Slusser Rd, Windsor.

A Taste of Downtown Local restaurants and merchants offer food and drink samples. Sep 18, 4pm. $20$25. Downtown San Rafael, Fifth and A streets, San Rafael.

Lectures Embody Your Soul Calling Workshop for women seeking to succeed in business. Sep 20, 7:30pm. Donation. Songbird Community Healing Center, 8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati. 707.795.2398.

History of Rio Nido Historian John McCarthy presents the riverside town’s unique story. Sep 19, 1pm. Free. Sebastopol Senior Center, 167 High St, Sebastopol. 707.829.2440.

Reality, Truth & Conscious Light A video presentation on the life, teaching and living spiritual presence of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Sep 21, 7:30pm. $5. Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa. 707.568.5381.

Science Buzz Cafe Sep 24, Nova Science: Drones & the NSA film with conversation. Tues, Sep 24, 6:30pm. $5. Coffee Catz, 6761 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol. 707.829.6600.

Fork It Over Multi-course, family-style sit down dinner by the artisanal merchants at Oxbow. Sep 21, 5pm. $150. Oxbow Public Market, 610 First St, Napa.

Kathryn Hall Release Party Crawfish, zydeco and wine mark the release of a new cabernet. Sep 21. $100. Hall St Helena, 401 St Helena Hwy S, St Helena. 707.967.0700.

Oktoberfest & Car Show Classic American muscle cars and classic German muscle grub. Sep 21, 12pm. Free. Napa Valley Museum, 55 Presidents Circle, Yountville. 707.944.0500.

Paella Patio Party Cooking demo and tasting with the Spanish Table. Sep 22, 12pm. $10. Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera. 415.927.0960.

Kizzia. Sep 19, 7pm, Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts (Poetry). Sep 20, 1pm, “Floating City: A Rogue Sociologist Lost and Found in New York’s Underground Economy” with Sudhir Venkatesh. Sep 20, 7pm, “The Cairo Codex” with Linda Lambert. Sep 21, 1pm, “Talking Back to Dr Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology” with David Bedrick. Sep 21, 4pm, “Extra Love” with Jill Abelson. Sep 21, 7pm, “Killer Weed” with Michael Castleman. Sep 22, 1pm, Celebrate the Writing Life with Constance Hale, presented by the California Writers Club $30. Sep 22, 4pm, “Fast Lane to Faith: A Jet Jockey’s Search for Significance” with Bert Botta. Sep 23, 7pm, “Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco” with Gary Kamiya. Sep 24, 7pm, “Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Health and How We Can Save Ourselves” with Linda Marsa. 51 Tamal Vista Blvd, Corte Madera 415.927.0960.

Petaluma Copperfield’s Books Sep 18, 4pm, “United We Spy” with Ally Carter. 140 Kentucky St, Petaluma 707.762.0563.

Healdsburg Copperfield’s Books Sep 19, 7pm, “The President’s Hat” with Antoine Laurain. 104 Matheson St, Healdsburg 707.433.9270.

Sebastopol Copperfield’s Books Sep 24, 7pm, “Talking Back to Dr Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology” with David Bedrick. 138 N Main St, Sebastopol 707.823.2618.

Petaluma Library

Readings Angelico Hall Sep 25, 7pm, “Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist” with Bill McKibben. Dominican University, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael.

Aqus Cafe Sep 23, 7pm, “The Holy Universe” with David Christopher. Mondays, 9:30am, Storytelling with Phaedra. 189 H St, Petaluma 707.778.6060.

Book Passage Sep 18, 1pm, “The House in the Sky” with Amanda Lindhout. Sep 18, 7pm, “The Returned” with Jason Mott. Sep 19, 7pm, “Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier” with Tom

Sep 21, 2pm, “Professor Moriarty” with Michael Kurland. 100 Fairgrounds Dr, Petaluma 707.763.9801.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts Sep 21, 7pm, Word Temple Poetry Series with Philip Terman and Iris Jamahl Dunkle. 282 S High St, Sebastopol 707.829.4797.

Theater All’s Well That Ends Well Marin Shakespeare Company presents the Bard’s romantic comedy. Dates and times vary. Fri-Sun through Sep 28. $20-$38. Forest Meadows Amphitheatre, 890 Belle Ave,

Dominican University, San Rafael.

Chapter Two


NORTH BAY BOH EMI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8 – 24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM

44 A E

Semi-autobiographical story about love and second chances by renowned playwright Neil Simon. Presented by Ross Valley Players. Thurs, 7:30pm, Fri-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. through Oct 13. $13-$26. Barn Theatre, Marin Art and Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Ross. 415.456.9555.

A Comedy of Errors Marin Shakespeare Company’s presentation of the Bard’s classic with a Texas twist. Fri-Sun, 8pm. through Sep 29. $20-$37.50. Forest Meadows Amphitheatre, 890 Belle Ave, Dominican University, San Rafael.

The Pavilion Hailed as “Our Town” for our time, two former lovers encounter each other at a high-school reunion. Fri-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. through Sep 22. $25-$35. Cinnabar Theater, 3333 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma. 707.763.8920.

The Rocky Horror Show The sweet transvestite, Frankenfurter, dances the “Time Warp” in person with his motley crew. Thurs-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. through Oct 13. $15-$25. Studio Theatre, Sixth Street Playhouse, 52 W Sixth St, Santa Rosa. 707.523.4185.

Spamalot Musical comedy lovingly ripped from the 1975 film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Thurs-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. through Sep 22. $15$35. Sixth Street Playhouse, 52 W Sixth St, Santa Rosa. 707.523.4185.

A Streetcar Named Desire Tennesssee Williams’ classic tale of Blanche Dubois’s steamy showdown with her sister Stella’s husband, Stanley. Fri-Sat, 8pm and Sun, 2pm. through Sep 22. $20-$25. Raven Theater, 115 North St, Healdsburg. 707.433.3145.

The BOHEMIAN’s calendar is produced as a service to the community. If you have an item for the calendar, send it to calendar@bohemian. com, or mail it to: NORTH BAY BOHEMIAN, 847 Fifth St, Santa Rosa CA 95404. Events costing more than $65 may be withheld. Deadline is two weeks prior to desired publication date.

Simon Says

Charming, clever ‘Chapter Two’ at RVP Everyone knows it’s too soon. When recently widowed novelist George (David Shirk) falls for freshly divorced actress Jennie (Kate Fox Marcom), the love-struck twosome (above) believe they’re both ready to heal from their respective losses. But it turns out George is still in the throes of grief, and his impulsive marriage to Jennie is instantly complicated by his emotional instability. In Neil Simon’s brutally autobiographical 1977 play Chapter Two—now running at the Ross Valley Players’ Red Barn Theater—the famously quirky playwright mines his own troubled relationship with actress Marsha Mason, whom he married just two weeks after their first date, soon after the death of his wife Joan. In RVP’s affecting and charming—if a bit pace-challenged production—director James Nelson cleverly emphasizes the notion of two partially lived lives patched into one by dividing the stage into two halves, showing the simultaneous activities which lead to the accidental phone call that links George and Jennie together. The cast is solid, including supporters Johnny DeBernard and Jennifer Reimer. And Marcom, as Jennie, is outstanding. Chapter Two runs Thursday–Sunday through Oct. 13 at the Red Barn Theater. 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross. Thursday at 7:30pm; Friday–Saturday at 8pm; 2pm matinees on Sundays. $20–$26. 415.456.9555.—David Templeton


silicon valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE + MUSIC FESTIVAL Topics include: Gi\cf_Â&#x;Mi]c[fÂ&#x;;jj>_p_fijg_hnÂ&#x;;oag_hn_^L_[fcns <cn]ichÂ&#x;Q_[l[\f_=igjonchaÂ&#x;;lnc`c]c[fChn_ffca_h]_Â&#x;M_f`>lcpcha=[lm >cacn[fJlcp[]sÂ&#x;Nb_Mb[lcha?]ihigsÂ&#x;>cmlojncihÂ&#x;>lih_mÂ&#x;=ihp_la_h]_ =liq^miol]_^@_lncfcnsÂ&#x;Mi]c[fNl[hmjiln[ncihÂ&#x;F_[hMn[lnojm Qilembijm`il?hnl_jl_h_olmÂ&#x;P=Jcn]b=igj_ncncih


Keynote speakers and presenters: S[bii<i[l^=b[clMaynard Webb >cacn[fDiolh[fcmnRobert Scoble"Ă&#x160;M]i\f_ct_lĂ&#x2039;#Â&#x;Pc^_ia[g_chp_hnil Nolan BushnellÂ&#x;;onbilJeff Stibel"Ă&#x160;<l_[ejichnĂ&#x2039;#Â&#x;Mi]c[fG_^c[?rj_ln Brian SolisÂ&#x;Mniia_maocn[lcmnF]iaoSehhe]iokjÂĄ;hnc'pclomJcih__l FkdjI_=baaÂĄ=[om_m(]ig=?II]ppI]d]jÂĄ@ilg_lQcl_^g[a[tch_ _^cnilChris AndersonÂ&#x;;j[]b_m_lp_l^_p_fij_lBrian Behlendorf @fsqb__f=?IOparaDqildnauoÂĄ?fi[h@ioh^_l Chris Larson L_f[sLc^_m=?IAndre HaddadÂ&#x;;onbilAndrew Keen"Ă&#x160;>cacn[fP_lncaiĂ&#x2039;# Q[fg[lnF[\m=NIJeremy KingÂ&#x;M_lc[f?hnl_jl_h_olSteve Kirsch G[n]b(]ig`ioh^_lGary KremenÂ&#x;To]e_l\_laG_^c[Ă?mBradley LautenbachÂ&#x;<fiaB_l]i'`ioh^_lElisa Camahort PageÂ&#x;@ilg_l =[fc`ilhc[=ihnliff_l P=Steve WestlyÂ&#x;?\[sPc]_Jl_mc^_hn Hugh WilliamsÂ&#x;M;JMi]c[f<omch_mmB_[^Todd Wilms ;h^inb_lpcmcih[lc_m[h^ch`fo_h]_lm....

NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH E MI A N.COM


NORTH BAY BOH E MI A N | SEP T E M BE R 1 8-24, 20 1 3 | BO H E M I AN.COM





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New Patients



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Low Cost Vaccination Clinics every Sunday, 9:30-11:30am

WESTERN FARM CENTER 707.545.0721 21 West 7th St., Santa Rosa


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O]ddEYl[` Any Local Price

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Indian Head Massage

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Providing Compassionate Care and Medical Cannabis Evaluations Since 2004

> Pers Personal ersonal Service ers Se > EEveryday day low pprices > Widest st selectio selection tion of edib tio edibles dibless dib >B Bonus for or new members me s & referra referrals rrals > Disc Discounts scounts for sc fo senior seniors ors and ve veteran veteranss M, T, F 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C; M 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5; 0â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5; W, Th 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C;7,, Sat S 10â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5 â&#x20AC;&#x201C;5 Highway Highw ghway 101 ghw 01 at Steele Stee eele Lane ee ne 2425 Cle Cleveland nd Ave, Su Suite 1755

707.526.2800 70 7.526.2 6.2800 6.2

â&#x20AC;˘ improves mobility in

neck and shoulders â&#x20AC;˘ relief from tension headaches,

eyestrain, and sinusitis


Margery Smith 707.544.9642


PLACE AN AD: Phone: 707.527.1200, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm Fax: 707.527.1288 | Email:

?8E;PA@D Â&#x2019;QO`^S\b`g^OW\bW\U Â&#x2019;aSWa[WQ`Sb`]TWb Â&#x2019;ab`cQbc`OZe]`Y Â&#x2019;abcQQ]Q]\Q`SbS Â&#x2019;UcbbS`QZSO\W\U Â&#x2019;`]]TW\U



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gg General Notices Videography


Adult Massage


A Wild Irish Rose

Shoots HD video, edits, uploads and burns DVDs. 707.578.3235

Mature, Independent in Marin. Call for photos. Please call before 11pm. No calls from blocked phone #. Kara, 415.233.2769.


%% &"&'

Adult Services


8W[9S\\SRg1 /:WQS\aS%&$&'

Alternative Health Well-Being

g Chiropractic

Massage for men. Muscular, professional, mature. Clean, warm studio in the country, shower available. 707.696.1578.

Relax! Relaxing massage and bodywork by male massage therapist with 13 yrs. experience. 707.542.6856.

g Healing & Bodywork

A Safe Place To Be Real


Relax, Release, Rejuvenate

Massage & Relaxation

Great Massage




620 E. Washington St. Suite 208, Petaluma

By Joe, CMT. Relaxing hot tub and pool available. Will do outcalls. 707.228.6883.

A Finer Touch Swedish massage, body electric experience. Petaluma. Jack CMT. 707.888.8266. In/Outcall.

28 years professional experience. Swedish, sports, Trigger points. 50% off intro. 707.292.8518. Richard

Holistic tantric masseuse/surrogate. Unhurried, private, heartfelt. Women â&#x20AC;&#x201D; first time STRONG THOROUGH visit, 50% discount. Monâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Sat. INTUITIVE Please call after 10:30am. 707.793.2232. $50.00 hr. $25.00 30 Minutes back, shoulder, neck. More info. Colin CMT 707.823.2990



Finding inspiration & connecting with your community

Unity of Santa Rosa An inclusive, spiritually-minded community. All are welcome. Workshops and events. Sunday School & Service 10:30am 4857 Old Redwood Hwy tel: 707.542.7729


For the week of September 18

ARIES (March 21â&#x20AC;&#x201C;April 19) â&#x20AC;&#x153;If Taylor Swift is going to have six breakups a year,â&#x20AC;? observed comedian Bill Maher, â&#x20AC;&#x153;she needs to write a new song entitled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Maybe Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Me.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? He was referring to Swiftâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s habit of using her romantic misadventures to stimulate her lyric-writing creativity. With that as your prompt, Aries, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll ask you to do some soul-searching about your own intimacy issues. How have you contributed to the problems youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had in getting the love and care you want? What unconscious behavior or conditioned responses have undermined your romantic satisfaction, and what could you do to transform them? The next eight weeks will be prime time to revolutionize your approach to relationships. TAURUS (April 20â&#x20AC;&#x201C;May 20) Philosopher Alan Watts used to talk about how the whole world is wiggling all the time. Clouds, trees, sky, water, human beings: everythingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s constantly shimmying and jiggling and waggling. One of our problems, Watts said, is that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re â&#x20AC;&#x153;always trying to straighten things out.â&#x20AC;? We feel nagging urges to deny or cover up or eliminate the wiggling. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be orderly,â&#x20AC;? we command reality. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Be neat and composed and predictable.â&#x20AC;? But reality never obeys. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s forever doing what it does best: ďŹ&#x201A;ickering and ďŹ&#x201A;uctuating and ďŹ&#x201A;owing. In accordance with astrological omens, Taurus, I encourage you to rebel against any natural tendencies you might have to ďŹ ght the eternal wiggle. Instead, celebrate it. Rejoice in it. Align yourself with it. GEMINI (May 21â&#x20AC;&#x201C;June 20) Author Elaine Scarry deďŹ nes â&#x20AC;&#x153;the basic impulse underlying educationâ&#x20AC;? as follows: the â&#x20AC;&#x153;willingness to continually revise oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own location in order to place oneself in the path of beauty.â&#x20AC;? Consider making this your modus operandi in the coming weeks, Gemini. Always be on the lookout for signs that beauty is near. Do research to ďŹ nd out where beauty might be hiding and where beauty is ripening. Learn all you can about what kinds of conditions attract beauty, and then create those conditions. Finally, hang around people who are often surrounded by beauty. This approach will be an excellent way to further your education. CANCER (June 21â&#x20AC;&#x201C;July 22)

A Provider of Pleasure Massage Outcall


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your pleasure, my business.â&#x20AC;? Women, men, couples, a gentleman. Since 1991. Aft/eve appts. 707.799.4467(C) or 707.535.0511 (L) Jimmy.

Full Body Sensual Massage With a mature, playful CMT. Comfortable incall location near the J.C. in Santa Rosa. Soothing, relaxing, and fun. Gretchen 707.478.3952. Veterans Discount.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Life is either always a tight-rope or a feather bed. Give me the tight-rope.â&#x20AC;? So declared writer Edith Wharton. But she was an Aquarius, and more temperamentally suited to the tight-rope. Many of you Cancerians, on the other hand, prefer to emphasize the feather-bed mode. I suspect that in the next nine months, however, you will be willing and even eager to spend more time on the tight-rope than is customary for you. To get primed for the excitement, I suggest you revel in some intense feather-bed action in the coming weeks. Charge up your internal batteries with an extra-special deluxe regimen of sweet self-care.

LEO (July 23â&#x20AC;&#x201C;August 22) Half of a truth is better than no truth at all, right? Wrong! If you latch on to the partially accurate story, you may stop looking for the rest of the story. And then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re liable to make a premature decision based on insufďŹ cient data. The better alternative is to reject the partially accurate story and be willing to wait around in the dark until the complete revelation comes. That may be uncomfortable for a while. But when the full truth ďŹ nally straggles in, you will be very glad you didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t jump to unripe conclusions. VIRGO (August 23â&#x20AC;&#x201C;September 22) A Chinese entrepreneur named Nin Nan dreamed up a unique way to generate capital: he sold dead mosquitoes online for a dollar apiece, advertising them as useful for scientiďŹ c research and decoration. Within two days, he received 10,000 orders. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s make him your patron saint and role model for the next few weeks, Virgo. May he inspire you to come up with novel ways to stimulate your cash ďŹ&#x201A;ow. The planetary omens suggest that your originality is more likely than usual to generate concrete rewards. LIBRA (September 23â&#x20AC;&#x201C;October 22) â&#x20AC;&#x153;The most important thing is to ďŹ nd out what the most important thing is,â&#x20AC;? wrote Shunryu Suzuki in his book Zen Mind, Beginnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mind. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your assignment for the next

three weeks. Do whatever it takes to ďŹ nd out beyond any doubt what the most important thing is. Meditate naked an hour a day. Go on long walks in the wildest places you know. Convene intense conversations about yourself with the people who know you best. Create and sign a contract with yourself in which you vow to identify the experience you want more than any other experience on earth. No wafďŹ&#x201A;ing allowed, Libra. What is the single most important thing?

SCORPIO (October 23â&#x20AC;&#x201C;November 21)

Sometime in the next nine months you may feel moved to embark on an adventure that will transform the way you understand reality. Maybe you will choose to make a pilgrimage to a sacred sanctuary or wander further away from your familiar comforts than you ever have before. Right now is an excellent time to brainstorm about the possibilities. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel ready to actually begin your quest, at least formulate a master plan for the magic moment when you will be ripe.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22â&#x20AC;&#x201C;December 21) In the indigenous culture of Hawaii, mana refers to a spiritual power that may abide in people, objects and natural locations. You can acquire more of it by acting with integrity and excellence, but you might lose some of it if your actions are careless or unfocused. For instance, a healer who does a mediocre job of curing her patients could lose the mana that made her a healer in the ďŹ rst place. I believe that similar principles hold true for non-Hawaiians. All of us have an evershifting relationship with the primal life force. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the current state of your own personal supply, Sagittarius? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to make sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re taking full advantage of the mana you have been blessed with. Your motto: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Use it or lose it.â&#x20AC;? CAPRICORN (December 22â&#x20AC;&#x201C;January 19) Have you been getting enough? I doubt it. I think you should sneak a peek into the hiding place where your insatiable cravings are stored. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re brave enough, also take a look at your impossible demands and your unruly obsessions and your suppressed miracles. Please note: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not suggesting that you immediately unleash them all; I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean you should impulsively instigate an adventure that could possibly quench your ravenous yearnings. But I do believe you will beneďŹ t from becoming better acquainted with them. You could develop a more honest relationship, which would ultimately make them more trustworthy. AQUARIUS (January 20â&#x20AC;&#x201C;February 18)

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tape your thumbs to your hands and stalk around pretending to be a dinosaur. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t poke three holes in a large plastic garbage bag and wear it as a tunic while imagining that you are a feudal serf in a postapocalyptic, sci-ďŹ dystopia. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use a felt-tip marker to draw corporate logos on your face to show everyone what brands of consumer goods you love. To be clear: I would love you to be extravagantly creative. I hope you will use your imagination in novel ways as you have fun playing with experimental scenarios. But please exercise a modicum of discernment as you wander way outside the box. Be at least 20 percent practical.

PISCES (February 19â&#x20AC;&#x201C;March 20)

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic,â&#x20AC;? says the poet Marty McConnell. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good advice, Piscesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; not just in regards to your intimate relationships, but about all your other alliances, too. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re seeking a friend or consultant or business partner or jogging companion or new pet, show a preference for those creatures who look at you like maybe you are magic. You always need to be appreciated for the sweet mystery and catalytic mojo you bring to your partnerships, but you especially need that acknowledgment now.

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsnyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1.877.873.4888 or 1.900.950.7700.

ŜŚ NO RTH BAY BO H E M I AN | SE P T E M BE R 1 8-24, 201 3 | BOH EMI A N.COM




We’re here to help you help yourself. SUBUTEX/SUBOXONE available for Safe Oxy, Roxy, Norco, Vicodin, Other Opiate Withdrawal!

Starts in Oct. YA approved school. OR 707.239.3650

Confidential Program. 707.576.1919

• Subutex/Suboxone available • Providing Treatment since 1984 • Confidentiality assured

1901 Cleveland Ave Suite B • Santa Rosa 707.576.0818 •

BECOME A YOGA TEACHER or simply deepen your yoga practice at Ananda Seva Yoga Teacher Training.

We provide treatment for: Heroin, Oxy, Roxy, Norco and other Opiates using Methadone.

• MediCal accepted

PSYCHIC PALM AND CARD READER Madame Lisa. Truly gifted adviser for all problems. 827 Santa Rosa Ave. One visit convinces you. Appt. 707.542.9898

$99 —1 Hour Teeth Whitening

Move In Specials

Plant Based All Natural, great for Crowns, Fillings, Veneers. Erase those tobacco, wine, coffee stains! 707.318.9987

5 X 10…

starting as low as $ 30 per month

24th Annual National Bioneers Conference

10 X 10…

starting as low as $ 75 per month

We sell boxes, packaging and other moving supplies

October 18–20 Marin Center, San Rafael — Join the Movement for Social Cultural & Environmental Justice!

3205 Dutton Ave | 1435 Sebastopol Ave Santa Rosa | Locally Owned & Operated

707-546-0000 707-578-3299

GATSBY GALA at McDonald Mansion — 9.21.13 Art, Dancing, Spectacles, Decadence. Benefit NAMI Sonoma County —

Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival Sept. 21 & 22. Tickets On Sale Now! Box Office: 707.869.1595

PEACE IN MEDICINE IS NOW OPEN IN SANTA ROSA 1061 North Dutton Ave @ West College Ave. Santa Rosa CA 95401 — Great Prices! Visit our online menu at —

Win Free Stuff

B-12 Shots Happy Hour! — Thursdays 4–6pm Only $18 (30% off) DONATE A CAR Free towing. Running or not. Tax deductible. Help the Polly Klaas Foundation 800.322.4234.

Auditions for The BREAKFAST CLUB * A Modern Version * North Bay Premiere * Multi-Ethnic Cast *

WALK-INS ONLY. For energy, immune, fatigue, anxiety @ the Naturopathic Wellness Cente r@ the InteNothing to prepare simply reading from the script. grative Medical Clinic of SR — Dr. Dana Michaels When: Sat. & Sun. Oct 5 & 6, 10–6 pm at the ND and Dr. Moses Goldberg ND — Glaser Center 547 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa 175 Concourse Blvd. 707.284.9200 Show Opens Nov.22

BR Cohn Fall Music Festival Saturday, Sept 21 & Sun, Sept 22 Tickets On Sale Now 800.330.4064


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