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Thank you @metronewspaper for the shout out in your #artistic #resolutions2018 !!

Silicon Valley NEEDS better accountability. Despite the #MercuryNEws having the 5th largest circulation in the US behind #WSJ, #NYT, #USA, #LA they’ve lost any ability to retain good investigative journalists.




The cigarettes were cheap there. Didn’t they have a subway? I remember the Kodak store & renting movies from there. ANISSA LOPEZ VIA FACEBOOK

You greeted me with a vacant stare from behind the cash register at my favorite local coffeehouse. It was like you were stoned or sleep deprived or both, but clearly you weren't all there. I handed you a $10 bill for my $5.02 purchase, expecting to get a five dollar bill in return. But you proceeded to count out $4.98 just like the computer screen told you. When I said "Hey, just give me a five," you froze like your brain couldn't process the request. The guy behind me laughed and put a nickel on the counter, but you went back to counting change. Then you handed me four dollar bills, 98 cents, and the nickel! The manager came by to see what was going on, cancelled the transaction, and gave me the $5 bill. He was still there talking to you when I left. I can't imagine what he was saying. OK, so I realize you don't have the most challenging job in the world. But I hope you'll learn to think for yourself someday soon. Without good judgement and plain old common sense, we're doomed to become slaves to the machines.

RE: MERCURY NEWS REPORTER POISED TO SUE OVER JOB LOSS, THE FLY, JAN. 3 Wow. @RamonaGiwargis was the first writer’s work I’d look for and read online @mercnews.


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Running Start

San Jose Mayor SAM LICCARDO beat his own record for the opening campaign fundraising period. Though the finance reports aren’t due to the city clerk’s office until the end of the month, sources tell Fly that the first-term mayor raked in $545,000 during the three weeks leading up to midnight on New Year’s Day. Liccardo’s initial fundraising tally put They him well ahead of the Did pack back in 2014, What? too, when he reported SEND TIPS TO more than $513,000 FLY@ in contributions METRONEWS. during the same COM period. Unlike four years ago when he ran against labor-backed DAVE CORTESE and City Council colleague MADISON NGUYEN, however, Liccardo is the only serious candidate for mayor in 2018—at least so far. Far-right Republican STEVE BROWN, who lost the District 2 City Council race to SERGIO JIMENEZ in 2016, reportedly entertained the idea for a minute but never acted on it. Regardless, Liccardo’s $545,000 first haul sends a clear message to prospective challengers. Whoever jumps in the race now will have some catching-up to do. The mayor’s campaign manager, PEARL SANGHA, didn’t return Fly’s requests for comment by press time. But Liccardo’s fundraising adviser, Santa Clara County Assessor LARRY STONE, says he’s not surprised to hear that the incumbent garnered so much financial support right out the gate. “Things have turned around in the city since he took office,” he says, citing the city’s landmark pension settlement that helped mend Liccardo’s relationship with San Jose’s police unions. “Obviously there’s always disagreement on certain policy issues, but nothing major like the ones [Liccardo predecessor] CHUCK REED had.” Stone—who’s coming up for re-election himself—says he still anticipates at least one to a few mayoral contenders will put their name in the running. “I expect him to have competition,” he says. “I don’t think the mayor of the 10th-largest city in America gets a pass in the election. But the question is how formidable would the competition be?”

Courtesy of LaOferta



COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT Jail watchdogs are concerned that union chief can’t fairly oversee complaints made against officers.


Lawsuit contends jail official’s conflict of interest undermines inmate grievances BY JENNIFER WADSWORTH


ORRECTIONAL DEPUTY Rico West walked into M5-D—a mediumsecurity pod at Santa Clara County’s Elmwood Correctional Facility—with a cup holding a makeshift lighter fashioned from twisted toilet paper. “Y’all want to smoke in my dorm?” he hollered, according to some of the inmates who witnessed the commotion. “Who lit the wick? Who lit the wick?!” Like most of the 65 or so men on lockdown in the two-tiered unit, Aaron Steward peered through his cell window to see what West was doing. “Thirty-three!” the jail guard shouted

at Steward, referencing his cell number. “You wanna smoke in my dorm? Whose is this?” As Steward recalls, West bounded up the stairs toward his cell, unlocked the door and ordered him to back up. The 25-year-old inmate, jailed on burglary charges, said he complied as his cellmate DiMarco Hal scrambled up to the top bunk against the rear wall. In a pending excessive force claim against the Sheriff’s Office, the bunkmates say West wanted to fight that night of July 12, 2017, and delivered a bloody beating. For Andrew Johnson, who said he saw the scene unfold from his cell, the incident triggered flashbacks to a summer night two years before, when he heard three jailers batter the

dying breath from a mentally ill inmate named Michael Tyree. Tyree’s death in 2015 prompted a series of reforms at the local jails, including an overhaul of the way officials processed inmate grievances. Two years ago, after a pair of critical audits called the complaint system prone to corruption, Sheriff Laurie Smith installed more than 100 lockboxes so that inmates had a secure place to submit their claims. Hoping to hold West accountable for inflicting a concussion, Steward filed a grievance in one of those containers the day after his alleged attack. It doesn’t seem to have helped much. Jail observers say Steward’s case sheds light on a glaring conflict of interest that undermines reforms to the grievance system. That is, the official in charge of fielding inmate complaints also goes to bat for their alleged abusers as a union advocate. When the county Board of Supervisors created a new position to oversee the overhauled grievance system, it named veteran officer Lt. Amy Le to the role. That was in 2016, the same year Le was appointed president of the Correctional Peace

But Marinho said jail officials retaliated against Steward as well as witnesses who corroborated her client’s account. The Sheriff ’s Department referred Steward to the district attorney’s office for charges of assaulting West. Because officials deemed Steward assaultive, they relocated him from Elmwood to a higher-security unit in the Main Jail where he has less phone time and no access to rehabilitative programming such as drug treatment. His punitive classification also means he has to wear a red jumpsuit, which sends a message to judges and prosecutors that he’s a threat. “This is consistent with the sheriff’s office custom and practice of preemptively referring cases to the district attorney’s office after a useof-force incident to get ahead of any liability and dissuade the prisoners from pursuing their excessive use-of-force claims,” Steward’s lawsuit states. Retired Superior Court Judge LaDoris Cordell, who headed a jail reform task force convened in the wake of Tyree’s murder, echoed Marinho’s concerns about Le’s responsibilities seeming at odds. “The conflict is clear—you don't put the head of the correctional officers union in charge of a system in which inmates make complaints and grievances against correctional officers,” said Cordell, who also served as San Jose’s independent police auditor before retiring three years ago. “Once again, it's akin to the police policing themselves. What incentive does the head of the correctional officers union have to fairly and objectively process complaints against members of the union she leads? Her position as the union head is to look out for the welfare and rights of the officers. She can't do that and at the same time look out for the welfare and rights of the inmates who are complaining about those officers to whom she has pledged allegiance.” Cordell said the issue underscores the need to implement one of the main recommendations from her reforms task force: to establish independent civilian oversight of the county’s custody division. An inspector general would have been able to interview witnesses, watch the body camera footage and come to its own conclusion about what happened. “Instead,” she noted, “what we get is the police policing themselves, which means no accountability whatsoever.”


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JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |

Officers’ Association, which represents the county’s jail deputies. “This is the definition of the fox guarding the henhouse,” Steward’s attorney, Sarah Marinho, said in an interview. Her lawsuit calls Le “incredibly biased.” No more than four days after Steward filed a grievance against West, Le went on camera to defend the deputy and cast the incident as an example of the dangers posed by inmates. Records obtained by Metro show that inmate assaults on staff went from 46 in 2015 to 32 in 2016 and upward of 60 last year. "When the officer tried to apply the handcuffs, he turned around and he fought with the officer, and because the officer was of small stature, this inmate was able to get this officer in a chokehold, and choking him, he's almost out of breath," Le told ABC7 News in a July 17 newscast. She added: "When an officer gives you a directive to lock down due to an emergency, you need to respond to lock down.” Sheriff Smith and agency spokesman Sgt. Reggie Cooks declined to comment on the matter because of Steward’s pending litigation. But Le disputed the notion that her roles pose a conflict of interests. Though she coordinates the grievance system, Le said, she doesn’t process each individual claim and wouldn’t take the professional risk of trying to cover for an unscrupulous jail employee. “Since this is a computer database, it is protected and transparent to all involved individuals, inmate and staff,” explained Le, a 28-year custody officer. “The civilian management analysts are responsible to handle daily grievances. My responsibility is to conduct audits to ensure grievances are handled timely, appropriately, and provide early warning by producing reports.” Le told Metro that she didn’t review West’s body camera footage and that she wasn’t sure if he was even equipped with a camera as mentioned in Steward’s lawsuit. But she determined that Steward was the aggressor because of conversations she had with West and other staff before her TV interview. “Listen, three people got convicted [for Tyree’s murder],” she said. “No one here would be stupid enough to jeopardize their job, which they rely on to make a living, by assaulting an inmate. If you do crazy stuff, you get caught. There’s cameras almost everywhere. There’s also inmates who aren’t afraid to speak out.” | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


ALL AGES: NO WAITING San Jose, and the broader Silicon Valley, have been without a bona fide all ages music venue for going on 20 years.


T’S HARD TO blame Rory Koff for feeling a little boastful. What musician wouldn’t brim with pride upon receiving a platinum record? “I gotta brag a little,” he texts me, not long after we finish speaking on the phone. “Look what I just got.” Attached to the message is a photo. In it, Koff stands in his living room holding his framed metallic disc. In the bottom left of the frame is another photograph: one of Koff from 20 years earlier along with his band, No Use For a Name. As of 2017,

No Use For a Name has sold more than a million records—an incredible threshold for any artist, let alone a band from San Jose. The scrappy group started in San Jose in 1988, when Koff was just a sophomore in high school. It didn’t take long for the four-piece to hit upon a then-novel sound—mixing classic rock and ’60s AM radio melodies with punchy, precise metal riffs, and refracting it all through the prism of punk. In just a few years they were signed to San Francisco label Fat Wreck Chords. Soon after that, they were known worldwide. Palo Alto’s all-female band The

Donnas began when its members were in high school in the ’90s. They went on to land a contract with Atlantic and move to Southern California. Even as music distribution has moved to Silicon Valley with the advent of iTunes, Pandora and Google Play, the lack of a feeder system and support infrastructure often mandates a trip down Interstate 5 to make it on to the Bay Area’s digital music streaming servers. While a number of South Bayspawned acts—like Antwon and Giraffage—have relocated to Los Angeles in recent years, with the aim of building a following and making vital

industry connections, Koff credits the start of his band’s career to a show at San Jose’s now-defunct all-ages venue the Cactus Club. “We were so excited,” he says, recalling the anticipation preceding the show. That night he and his bandmates were opening for Southern California punk group Agent Orange. At the time, Agent Orange were both influential and squarely in their prime. Knowing that this was their shot at making inroads with an active and relevant band of their genre, Koff had a bit of the preshow jitters. Fortunately for him and the band, they made an impression:


“In just a year, or a year and a half, we recorded a demo and put out an album. Then [Agent Orange] invited us on tour. It steamrolled pretty quickly from there.” It was that one show at the Cactus, a 16-and-up club that occupied the space now filled by Club Miami in San Jose’s SoFA District, that kick-started No Use For a Name’s platinum-selling career. Opened in 1988, the Cactus Club was San Jose’s connection to the national music scene. Nirvana played there (check out the bootleg). Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer and No Doubt all

rocked the midsize venue when they were still up-and-comers. In recent years, any number of San Jose bands could have been the next No Use For a Name, were it not for one thing: the Cactus Club shut down in 2002. And in the 15 years since, San Jose, the self-styled “Capital of Silicon Valley,” hasn’t had a single consistent venue available to its young musicians. That’s a problem for everyone.

SHOTS & LADDERS The Ritz—San Jose’s premier full-time club venue for national rock, pop and hip-hop acts—sits just across the street

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |


A dearth of all-ages venues in Silicon Valley leaves young musicians & their fans out in the cold BY MIKE HUGUENOR

from where the Cactus used to be. While the establishment has found success bringing exciting and relevant live acts to San Jose in recent years, there’s a catch. Unlike the former Cactus Club, The Ritz allows only patrons 21 years of age or older. The same goes for BackBar SoFa, which occupies the space directly behind the former Cactus. The fact of the matter is that for venues, the money is in alcohol sales. The dependency has become more acute as the live music industry competes with new forms of digital entertainment and bands must rely on performance revenues rather than the sale of recorded media. For operators,

it’s not even about making a killing at the bar: alcohol sales are often the only thing keeping the lights on. That means that any venue owner with an eye on his or her bottom line needs to sell booze. As a result, shows with cheap tickets catering to an underage crowd are rarely a good idea from a business perspective—something Dan Vado learned the hard way. “When kids were coming to see their friends play, they weren’t buying comics,” says Vado, owner of SLG Art Boutiki—a comic book shop, cafe and live music venue located on Race Street. For the past three years, Art



11 | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


PRICKLY PUNKS The absence of an all ages rock, pop and hip-hop venue— like the former Cactus Club—hurts Silicon Valley’s music scene.

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Boutiki has been hosting shows and events in its 150-capacity room. When a live music establishment sells alcohol—especially spirits—it makes it significantly harder for that business to allow minors through the doors. Vado has beer and wine at Art Boutiki, but crucially he also sells pizza, snacks and comics. By offering food along with lower-ABV drinks, Vado can allow younger patrons in while giving adults a place where they can enjoy a few grown-up beverages. From a business perspective, though, he’s decided to largely steer clear of shows for the underage crowd. “A dollar for a bottle of water was even too much for some of these people to pay,” Vado says referring to teens. “It was very difficult to justify using the time.” The Cactus Club’s demise can be attributed in part to its failure to sell enough pizza. It was licensed to open as a pizza restaurant and its failure to comply with use permit technicalities proved a convenient way to force it out of business amidst the city’s police

crackdown on clubs and the SoFA District’s gentrification. For its entire 14-year existence, the Cactus Club had operated under a Type 47 liquor license—essentially a full-service restaurant license. This meant that the club could sell alcohol (including spirits) even with minors in the building, provided that a majority of its sales came from food. When the hammer fell on the club, food sales dipping below the 51 percent threshold were one of the nails in its coffin. Cafe Stritch has a full bar, but it also has a full kitchen. That means it can allow anyone inside, so long as servers are diligent about carding. But Stritch focuses almost exclusively on jazz. Every once in a blue moon the venue will host a rock or hip-hop show, but even calling those rare is an overstatement. For his part, owner Corey O’Brien doesn’t want to serve food at The Ritz, and therefore won't be going all ages. That’s never been his thing, neither here, nor at his previous venue, the Blank Club (now LVL 44 on South Almaden near the former


NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND Of course, just because there are no dedicated, above-the-board venues for


JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |

Greg Ramar

Greyhound station), which served up punk rock, cheap beer, stiff drinks and little else. “We have a 48 license, so it’s 21-and-over all the time. There’s no way around it,” O’Brien says. A Type 48 license (“on sale general public premises”) is a bar license and specifically designates the club as 21 and over. There are no exceptions. Even though he isn’t able to offer up his club for the cause, O’Brien still cares about the city’s dearth of spaces for young musicians and their fans. “We need all-ages venues here,” he says. “It’s part of the whole ladder system.” What O’Brien calls the “ladder system” is the heart of the issue. All-ages spaces don’t just help specific musicians like Koff and No Use For a Name. They establish a network between venues, musicians and residents, putting them all on the same ladder. Dedicated musicians and their fans are a lot like smokers: most start young. With a functioning ladder system, budding musicians can start out playing smaller rooms—all-ages spaces that

tend to be easier to book than a big club. Underage fans can attend and an underage band can stay and schmooze instead of having to leave immediately after their performance, as they would in an 21-plus venue. From there they climb the ladder, with the goal of one day reaching one of the higher rungs. There they can connect with national touring acts, which in turn can connect them to the world stage. This system isn’t just about the musicians and the fans. It’s also about training an entire generation to appreciate live music, which keeps clubs in business and gives bands a reason to make a city with a strong scene a destination on tour. This is the system in place in just about every major city around the world. But in San Jose, it’s been cut out at the root. Dan Vado states the problem clearly: “It always felt like younger people weren’t going to shows because for the most part they can’t.” Simply put, there’s nowhere for them to go. Even though Art Boutiki holds occasional shows for local bands, the venue only hosts around 10 concerts each month. It also has no connections to national booking agencies, which means that local shows are always just that: local. Besides, most shows are booked with the 30-and-over set in mind. Art Boutiki neither is, nor wants to be, the kind of place that the area’s youth need. And though things have been going well for The Ritz, O’Brien knows its continued existence hinges on people in the South Bay both seeing and playing live music. Alcohol sales may pay the bills, but if there’s no permanent culture of live music there will be no one to buy that alcohol at clubs like The Ritz down the road. “We need different size clubs,” says O’Brien. “We need all-ages clubs, we need 21-and-over, and we just don’t have it all here. That’s why the scene lacks here.”


13 | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


Murray Bowles

NEVER SAY DIE All ages shows live on in the South Bay, they’ve just been pushed underground—sometimes literally, as was the case with basement concerts at The House of the Dead Rat.

young local bands doesn’t mean young local bands aren’t playing shows. They’re just being held in the types of places minors have always congregated— basements, practice spaces and (in one case) the back of a porn shop. “Most of the shows I would go to when I was younger were at peoples’ houses,” remembers Erfan Moradi. Moradi heads local cassette tape label Fourth Row Records, and first attended a show in San Jose at the age of 14. With nowhere else to book, the show was held at a friend’s grandmother’s house. “There’s no formal all-ages spaces that I can think of,” Moradi says of San Jose. “We just completely lack spaces where we can put on shows safely without the worry of them getting shut down.” Now 20 and attending UC

Berkeley, Moradi says local shows aren’t just about seeing bands— they’re about community, and acceptance, and are critical for personal development. “Having DIY spaces was really formative for me,” Moradi says. “It allowed me to find folks that were likeminded and eager to build a space that was accessible, comfortable, inclusive, accepting. All stuff that a 14-, 16-year-old who is having a hard time needs.” “That statement is very accurate,” says Matthew Martinez. Matthew is 17 and plays in Sunday Drive, an exciting and talented young group from San Jose. He and his bandmates are part of a generation that has never had an accessible place to play in their city, or the greater South Bay. But that hasn’t stopped them from playing anyway.

“To me, live performances are everything,” Martinez writes in an email. “Finding places to host shows can be very difficult, but as a band we've always had the DIY mindset. If there aren't venues available, make one.” For 15 years now, this is exactly what San Jose’s youth have been doing: making their own venues out of houses, DIY spots and warehouse space. Places like Trash House, House of the Dead Rat, Kitty Castle, Casa Chikimalas, Texas Toast House, Gingerbread House, Playback Studios, The Dojo, The Cuddle Space, and Arrows to Eden—the back-of-a-pornshop venue mentioned above. In lieu of real venues, places like these have often become the only option available for musicians in the area. But houses and DIY spots are like a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

None of these makeshift venues can openly advertise their shows or their locations. This makes them all but inaccessible to anyone not already in the know, cutting off potential fans before they even have a chance. Spots like these are also, by necessity, transitory. People move, get priced out, and, increasingly after last year’s Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, get shut down by the police. In fact, as of the time of writing, seven of the 10 DIY venues listed with this story no longer exist. At the outset of 2018, the pool of spaces available for young musicians in San Jose is smaller than ever.

PUNK GOES PUBLIC Halfway through its second decade without a real all-ages venue, the city

15 insurance, getting the zoning, we would’ve lasted three months and all that would have been gone.” In order to make that $80,000 work for the area’s youth, Park’s dream venue needed city involvement, which was sorely lacking, he says. Park describes his experience dealing with San Jose officials as “a lot of unanswered emails and a lot of apathy.” Unfortunately, that apathy still seems to be the norm. When reached for comment on the historic lack of these spaces, the city’s cultural affairs director, Kerry Adams-Hapner, declined to speak on the issue, sidestepping it entirely by bluntly stating that it was not in the “purview of the office” of cultural affairs. For his part, Aguilar would also like to see more action from City Hall. “The city has to step up,” he says. “We don’t have anybody championing music on that city level.” That may be changing, however. Silicon Valley Creates has proposed a Japantown space for artists, a “model for supporting arts and creativity in the 21st century.” Crucially, though, current plans do not include any kind of venue space. Instead, the plan seems to double down on the city’s illconsidered decision to view artists of all stripes as “creative entrepreneurs,” rather than address the specific needs of the city’s young musicians (in this case, a place to play). Despite the cultural affairs department’s boilerplate non-answer on the subject of all-ages spaces, San Jose clearly has a related problem on its hands: blight. In November, the City Council voted to create a pilot program to address the issue of the countless blighted buildings downtown. The program creates a registry of empty storefronts and levies fines against property owners who let them sit unnecessarily empty, in the hopes that it will push them to start renting. While ostensibly unrelated to the city’s lack of all-ages venues, this initiative might just create some meaningful action. If this program leads to the creation of even one semi-permanent all-ages venue downtown, it could finally break the curse that has held the city for the last 15 years. In the meantime, see you at the house show. DM a punk for the address.

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |

and surrounding region has lost a lot of momentum and will need to play catch-up if it ever hopes to build a truly self-sustaining music scene, according to Tommy Aguilar. “We’re losing generations,” says Aguilar, a cultural producer and artist in San Jose. “How do you foster a very deep, culturally vibrant city? You gotta get the young.” For almost a decade Aguilar worked at MACLA—Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana—a Latinooriented arts nonprofit headquartered in the SoFA District. While there, he booked all-ages shows featuring young punk, metal and hip-hop groups. “I never really turned anyone away,” he says, emphasizing the important role all-ages venues play for both young artists and their fans. Playing on a real stage with a real sound system in a dedicated venue gives budding musicians a chance to learn the ropes while showing their following the value of live performance. “I’m all for the romantic idea of the garage party, the house party. But you need to be on a stage, plugged in with a sound engineer. You need to learn the ways.” These days Aguilar works solidly in the 21-and-over space with DJ collective Sonido Clash and event promoter Universal Grammar. Still, he believes something needs to be done to foster an all-ages scene—and he says nonprofits, like MACLA, will have to play a role. A little over a decade ago, local record label owner and musician Mike Park went the nonprofit route. In fact, he went 1,200 miles down that route. During the summer of 2005, the Asian Man Records founder and a number of musicians (including current Blink-182 guitarist Matt Skiba), bicycled the entire West Coast—from Seattle to San Diego— all to raise money for a nonprofit all-ages space in San Jose. It took a full month for the musicians to travel the distance. By the end, they had raised $80,000. Notably, none of the major tech companies in the area donated to the cause. After completing the ride, Park and his nonprofit began looking at what they could do in San Jose with the money. “There wasn’t much,” he says. “Even if we got a space, after paying deposits, | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018





Wed, 2pm, $54+ Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose

Wed, 8pm, $45+ Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

Every woman knows it’s coming. For some, “the change” is a terrifying point of no return; for others, its a welcome trade-off. With a half-dozen parody songs of classic tunes from the ’60s to the ’80s, Menopause the Musical confronts hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings with showtunes. The off-Broadway production, which has played for 16 consecutive years now, is a knee-slapping tribute to the feminine struggle and the bond of sisterhood. The show has been described as a “mandatory humor workshop for men.” Runs thru Jan. 21. (CM)

The life and works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky live on in this dramatization of the famed Russian composer’s life. Pianist and actor Hershey Felder has previously channeled Gershwin, Beethoven and Chopin. Now he takes on the man best known for composing Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and the 1812 Overture in Our Great Tchaikovsky, presented by TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. Written and performed by Felder, the musical tribute tells the story of Tchaikovsky and his body of work alongside Russian politics of the 19th and 21st centuries to provide historical context. The play runs through Feb. 11. (KH)

Kevin N. Hume Camille Miller





*thu *fri MATERIAL GIRL Thu, 8pm, $10 The Ritz, San Jose Calling all material girls and boys! Get “Into the Groove” and “Express Yourself” with a live tribute to the Queen of Pop. Featuring members of Oaklandbred indie-dance duo The Lovemakers and El Elle—Lisa Light’s solo follow-up to her turn fronting The Lovemakers. Supporting acts include L.A. Girlfriend, the alt-electro brainchild of Sydney Banta, which leans heavily on ’80s synth-pop textures. Banta is currently pushing her latest effort, the five-track REX EP. DJ Scotty Fox kicks off the night mixing things up on the ones and twos. (KH)

EVELYN IN PURGATORY Fri, 8pm, $30+ Theatre on San Pedro Square, San Jose

Students get detention for misbehaving. Anyone who’s seen The Breakfast Club knows that. But what happens to troublesome teachers? They too might wind up in a detention of their own. In the Tabard Theatre Company’s Evelyn in Purgatory, teacher Evelyn Reid is accused of misconduct by a failing student and finds herself holed up in a reassignment center where she waits for her case to be reviewed. The dramatic comedy is based on reportedly true tales of teacher “rubber rooms” formed by the NYC Department of Education. Runs through Jan. 28. (KH)

NEF THE PHARAOH Fri, 10pm, $10+ Pure Lounge, Sunnyvale Tonee Hayes—better known by his regal stage name, Nef the Pharaoh—is making a major mark on the Bay Area’s hip-hop scene. The young Vallejo rapper has been melding the hyphy influences of his youth with a decidedly modern sound since his 2015 breakout single, “Big Tymin”—now a well-loved regional anthem. His latest mixtape, The Chang Project, features a playful collage of Bay-centric slang and inventive onomatopoeia, as well as trap rhythms and slurring auto-tune warbles. Informed by local legends like Mac Dre and E-40, Nef puts his own whimsical twist on the 707 sound. (CM)


Jan 20 at The Ritz



Jan 21 at Flint Center


Jan 23-28 at SJ Center for Performing Arts


Jan 24 at The Ritz


Jan 25 at The Ritz


Jan 25 at City National Civic


Jan 26 at Club Rodeo


Jan 27 at The Ritz


Feb 7 at SAP Center


Feb 8 at Carriage House Theatre


Feb 9 at SAP Center


*sat *sun



Fri, 9pm, $10 Aura Nightclub, San Jose

Sat, 9pm, $46+ The Catalyst, Santa Cruz

This past summer, an explosive collaboration between rapper Lil Jon and hardstyle trap duo Skellism merged EDM and punk rock. Titled “In the Pit,” the track implores partiers to “act a goddamn fool” and erupt into a mosh pit. In a way it makes perfect sense. After all, the bombastic drops, overdriven bass and caustic screeching tones popularized by Skrillex—a.k.a. Sonny Moore, former frontman for post-hardcore outfit From First to Last—have always had more to do with heavy metal than they ever did with the moodier, reggae-influenced textures of first-wave dubstep. (CM)

Best known as one-half of legendary hip-hop duo Outkast, Antwan André Patton has enjoyed a long and successful streak in the rap game. It’s been 20 years since Patton, better known as Big Boi, blazed trails and rose to the top of the charts with his partner in rhyme André 3000—producing hit tunes like “So Fresh, So Clean” and “Ms. Jackson.” Three studio albums into his solo career, Big Boi is finding his age is a secret weapon. The veteran rhymesayer is brimming with insightful lyrics and leveraging his Rolodex for prestigious collaborations. He comes to Santa Cruz on his Daddy Fat Saxxx Tour this weekend. (CM)

Feb 12 at SAP Center


Feb 21 at The Ritz


Feb 21-25 at SAP Center



Sun, 2pm, $18+ SAP Center, San Jose

Sun, 2pm, $5+ History Park, San Jose

The Harlem Globetrotters have been making history for decades. What began as a premier attraction at New York’s iconic Savoy Ballroom in the ’20s has grown into a nationally recognized entertainment force, whose triad of sport, theater and comedy has entertained crowds for nearly 100 years. Before the NBA began fielding African-American players in the ’50s, the all-black Globetrotters made a name for themselves defeating the world champion Minneapolis Lakers—now the L.A. Lakers—in 1948. After playing more than 26,000 exhibition games, the team boasts an unparalleled legacy in the history of U.S. athletics. Shows run through Jan 21. (CM)

Photographer, journalist and activist David Bacon has spent over 30 years documenting the lives of contemporary migrant farmworkers on the West Coast. His landmark photo essay, In the Fields of the North, is a gripping chronicle of the people who put food on our tables and their ongoing fight for justice in an industry marked by illegal wages, atrocious living circumstances and sometimes fatal labor conditions. Bacon will be on hand at the Empire Firehouse at History Park this Sunday for book signing and a discussion of his latest work, which highlights resistance and humanity within a community desperate for change. (CM)


Feb 22 at The Ritz


Feb 28 at SAP Center


Feb 28 at Fox Theater (Oakland)


Mar 10 at City National Civic


Mar 15 at City National Civic


Mar 28-Apr 1 at SAP Center


May 7-8 at SAP Center

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Jan 19 at City National Civic


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MICRO MACHINES The success of Silicon Valley has a lot to do with the microprocessor—but it’s far more complex than that.

Chip History

A new three-part documentary tackles Silicon Valley’s unique past BY NICK VERONIN


SK MICHAEL SCHWARZ about the origin of Silicon Valley and he won’t point to the microprocessor industry or the hippie movement. Both were essential to shaping the region, to be sure. But if there is one event that might mark the beginning of it all, it just might be the advent of the moving picture.

It was, after all, Leland Stanford who commissioned Eadweard Muybridge to photograph his

horses on the farmland that would ultimately become Stanford University—the valley’s de-facto feeder school. At the time, Stanford wasn’t in it to kick-start a technological revolution. He just wanted to know if all the hooves of his ponies came off the ground at the same time. “That paved the way for the subsequent development of motion pictures,” says Schwarz, the director of a new three-part series titled Silicon Valley: The Untold Story. The film, slated to debut on the Science Channel on Jan. 28, will be

previewed at the Computer History Museum on Jan. 17. As a filmmaker, Schwarz boasts an extensive resume. Recently, they spent a week in Tanzania with one of the last remaining tribes of huntergatherers in the world while working on a documentary adaptation of Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. Schwarz, along with his wife and business partner, Kiki Kapany—Silicon Valley’s executive producer—have filmed all over the world with their Menlo Park-based studio, Kikim Media. But it wasn’t until recently that Schwarz realized he had a film to make his own backyard. “Nobody had really told the story of this place in full before,” Schwarz says, explaining that he believed a comprehensive history of Silicon Valley was in order. “Silicon Valley is shaping so many aspects of the world we live in today.” The documentary aims to be a definitive and all-encompassing look at how Silicon Valley became the

place it is today. Silicon Valley includes interviews with key figures, like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Chairman Eric Schmidt and a number of leading valley historians. In the first hour, Schwarz explores Silicon Valley’s “secret sauce”— namely, its unique past. “The valley tends to be obsessed with the future,” he says. “But in fact, it is precisely the past … without the past, without that history, Silicon Valley wouldn’t be Silicon Valley.” Schwarz contends that despite attempts to bottle the magic of Silicon Valley—in places like “Silicon Alley” in Manhattan, “Silicon Beach” in Los Angeles and numerous “Silicon Prairies” in Texas and elsewhere— the region has has no rivals because putting business parks and venture capitalists next to a big-name university isn’t enough. “Silicon Valley has become what it is largely because of its history,” Schwarz says, pointing to the story of Leland Stanford’s horses, the Bay Area’s status as a countercultural mecca and more. “People talk about Silicon Valley as an ecosystem. ‘Ecosystem’ is a good word, because there are a lot of interdependencies. What’s happened here is that over time a lot of conditions have evolved that support innovation and entrepreneurship.” At the preview event, the first installment of the film will be screened and a panel discussion will be held with a number of the documentary’s participants—including WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, technology entrepreneur Kim Polese, Draper Fisher Jurvetson venture capitalist Heidi Roizen, and Schwarz. Those who haven’t yet secured tickets to the sold out event, can still catch the documentary on TV. Silicon Valley: The Untold Story will be broadcast on the Science Channel Premiere in three segments on Jan. 28, at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.




SILICON VALLEY: THE UNTOLD HISTORY The Computer History Museum, Mountain View

Sold Out

11 19



ll m

ese truths h t to ld o h

a e n ar e create d e

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evident, th f l e s at


W e

Tix & info:, 408-295-4200 529 South Second St., San Jose, CA 95112

Photos: Amy Guip



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MANSPLAINING MOLLY Patronizing even while it wraps itself in girl power, ‘Molly’s Game’ and Idris Elba.

Wild Card

‘Molly’s Game’ director Aaron Sorkin loses plot in overly punchy dialogue BY RICHARD VON BUSACK


ECALLING THE DUDE’S habit of lying on the floor and listening to recordings of bowling tournaments, one wonders if Jeff Lebowski would be a fan of Aaron Sorkin scripts. Debuting as director in Molly’s Game, the eminent screenwriter (Moneyball, etc.) uses Oliver Stone- and Martin Scorsese-style visual overload to accompany all the endless proactive talk, talk and more talk. It’s reminiscent of the bowling ball’s long rumbling prelude and

inevitable crash into a pyramid of meticulously arranged pins. Jessica Chastain plays Molly Bloom. It sounds awfully like a pseudonym (who names their daughter after the most famous masturbator in English lit?), yet the movie assures us it’s on the level. In this film, based on Bloom’s memoir and its aftermath, Molly is a beautiful woman in trouble with the law. She’s been caught running ultrahigh-stakes gambling parties in Los Angeles and New York. Here, movie stars, hedge fund managers and Russian mobsters rubbed shoulders and lost fortunes—before squealers and the feds ruined the game.

Such a woman sounds like a sport. Sorkin won’t have that, laying down several inches of dramatic mortar showing us that compulsion, bad luck and poor parenting resulted in Bloom’s alleged crimes. Her debonair lawyer, Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba, squandered), tries to wring the truth out of this stubborn client, insistent on her as a victim of circumstances. If Molly is remote, it’s because she grew up with a demanding father, Larry (Kevin Costner), a psychiatry professor who groomed her to be a champion. How dare you judge me, says the script. And then it gives us excellent reasons to judge her: in narration Molly talks of her CV and her LSAT scores, her nerve as a mogul skier, the tough break she had at the Olympics (pale shades of I, Tonya), the scoliosis she triumphed over, and the gambling empire she set up using the “$1,700 I saved up from babysitting.” (Indeed?) The audience isn’t going to hate her because she’s a criminal. They’ll hate her because she’s an overachiever.

While flaunting the girl power, Sorkin is studying Chastain’s cleavage like a tourist photographing the Grand Canyon at sunset. And yet the film is devoid of sexual passion—it’s far more interested in money than bodies. Molly’s Game has a repellant counterpoint under its magazinecover feminism. It suggests women are smarter, and that’s why we men have a duty to mold them. Who will crack this brittle woman first, either Jaffey, the lawyer who acts like a shrink, or the actual shrink who sired her? If you have any friends in the psychiatric field, it’d be worth buying them a ticket, just to see the look on their faces when Larry begins a speech telling his daughter, “I’m going to give you three years of therapy in three minutes…” This awesomely patronizing incident is earlier mirrored by Molly’s story about a harlot she knew, a lady who traded a dirty weekend in London for a Chanel bag. Point being, Larry would be wise to double up on the academic pressure on his own little girl. If only Molly’s Game allowed Chastain a less bulletproof, more human touch to the role, instead of this all-u-can-stand buffet of Type-A, whip-smart dialogue. Sorkin as director shows what an Aaron Sorkin script looks like before someone takes a red marker to it. Here are lines that look great on paper and are hard to recite, speed bumps he builds on roads he seeks to race down. He finds three ways to explain something when once was enough, as when Molly describes her settings as “the world’s most exclusive, decadent and glamorous man-cave.” An Austrian blueblood gambler is nicknamed both “Captain Von Trapp” and “Otto von Bismarck”—even if that were funny, the Iron Chancellor was a Prussian. Below and above everything in Molly’s Game is the dialogue. Except for speculation over whether one of the unidentified celebs at the poker table is supposed to be Tommy Wiseau, there’s not much to the movie but the words.

120 MIN


MOLLY’S GAME Valleywide

metroactive FILM THE POST

Attempting to start with a grabber, Steven Spielberg’s The Post commences in Vietnam 1966, where by a typewriter-bearing Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys) has come to observe the troops. The trip to ‘Nam shows us the cost of the war, bringing context to The Post’s subject matter—The New York Times’ and the Washington Post’s revelations in 1971 of the leaked Pentagon Papers. The strategist Ellsberg risked jail to unleash a decades-long secret history of deception, ass-covering and refusal to read the writing on the wall. One can argue the worthiness of the war in Vietnam. The Post studies the conflict between the gruff editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks, working a shaky Boston accent) and the Post’s publisher Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep)—a patrician Washington widow who had the paper as her family business. The relatively small and “barely solvent” Post is about to be taken public on Wall Street. Moreover, she’s good friends with the people she needs to expose. The long serving Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (a well-cast Bruce Greenwood), that engineer of the war that he knew was doomed, is described by Graham as “my must trusted advisor.” But Streep can’t make Graham’s personal heartbreak and portfolio problems as interesting as the story of how the news got out, how the Post was scooped by the Times in their own turf, and how the revelations were almost blocked by President Nixon and the courts. Spielberg is never less than competent with the camera, keeping the situation in fluid motion. Even if you’d need to walk an under-50 year old through the facts of this case, The Post is first-rate newspaper porn, with its views of the old Times headquarters, with its stained glass and globe lights. There’s some fun in the scenes of the shimmer of molten lead in the fonts, the earthquake rumble of the presses and the stacks of papers hurled off the trucks. Spielberg winches up some tension as reporter Ben Bagdikian (Bob Odenkirk), later a revered journalism teacher at Berkeley, hunts Ellsberg, spilling quarters at the pay phone. It’s not often, but sometimes The Post does have a pulse. For all the information it bears, The Post sometimes seems like a senior citizens version of The Front Page. To its credit, the paper is nostalgic


for journalistic responsibility—the antithesis of the scares, halftruths and conjecture of much internet news. If we’re lucky, The Post will revive the 2010 Ellsberg documentary The Most Dangerous Man in America. (RvB)


It commences with the merciless gaze of a phone camera spying down a hallway. Michael Haneke’s first film in several years opens with 13-year-old Eve (Fantine Harduin, excellent) secretly filming her mother prepare for bed—the off-camera daughter affectionlessly describes every dull stage of her mother’s nightly preparation, in Textese. The mother, who we never meet in close-up, will later be found OD’d on her depression meds. Eve will come to live with her surgeon father, Thomas (Mathieu Kassovitz), dad’s new bride and their new baby. Time moves on, and soon Eve discovers evidence of Thomas cheating on wife No. 2, in the form of obscenely passionate love letters sent as emails. The extended family has a Calais-based construction business that’s run by Thomas’ sister Anne (Isabelle Huppert). The construction company had a major mishap while excavating a foundation for a large building. The mess is described as “a series of unfortunate coincidences”— though, considering the Laurent company’s eagerness to settle, cut-rate practices were more likely the reason. The Laurents aren’t very gentle with each other. In episodes, Anne chides her troubled son Pierre for helping himself to too deep a glass of wine. Eve tests out her mother’s prescriptions on her hamster—the animal doesn’t survive. The ancient and decaying patriarch of the family, 85-year-old Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) tells Eve the tale of a mercy killing—a reflection of the one Trintignant carried out in Haneke’s previous film, Amour. The ambient bitterness makes the film’s title a euphemism: suicide may well be some people’s idea of a happy ending. Tolerate the acidity of these episodes, and the film can seem bracingly dry, as in the way Huppert’s Anne welcomes the guests at family functions, each greeting lowering the room temperature 10 degrees. Happy End has flashes of comedy, and even a sort of dignified warmth in the scenes between Georges, with his fading memory, and his granddaughter Eve, with her own unkillable sadness. (Opens Friday at the Palo Alto Square.) (RvB)

VARIETY The rechristened 3Below opens Jan. 11 with that old Retro Dome fave, ‘The Sound of Music.’

Music to Our Ears A ONCE-LIVELY downtown theater is back from the dead. Camera 3 has a new name and a new game plan. Rechristened “3Below,” in honor of the Manhattan cabaret 54 Below, the 1980s-built threescreen downtown movie theater is being painted, refloored, and walled with acoustic tiles. 3Below will host a variety of entertainment, with revived movies of many kinds—sing-alongs, quote-alongs (in the Rocky Horror Picture Show sense), classics, cartoons and slapstick silent films on weekends. Also promised are family game nights, live theater, chamber opera, a little Broadway karaoke and a large dose of Cinequest every winter. The new managing director, Ed Sengstack is working with owners Scott and Shannon Guggenheim, former proprietors of the Retro Dome on Winchester Boulevard. “We’ll see how it all translates to downtown San Jose,” Sengstack said, as he readied the schedule. 3Below’s grand opening is slated for before Cinequest’s annual run at the cusp of February and March. Meanwhile, San Jose’s longest-running comedy troupe ComedySportz will continue performing in the space, as they’ve done all through the fall and winter refurbishment of the former Camera 3. The soft, no-limos opening of 3Below occurs Jan. 11 with a favorite of Retro Dome fans, the singalong version of The Sound of

Music (1965). The best singer in the world and the worst singer in the world are on equal footing when both are members of a crowd singing “The hills are aliiiiive…” Anyway, it gives an audience a chance to show off their anti-Nazi ardor. Rodgers and Hammerstein give way to Stephen Sondheim when 3Below goes live with Sondheim By Sondheim from Jan. 18-24. The film features a mix of interviews shot at the octogenarian songwriter’s house, with an ensemble of eight performing his tunes. Earlier this winter, Scott Guggenheim showed off the space, still under 3Below construction. The biggest theater Opens Jan. 11 of the three will have room for 221 patrons—257 if the stage is folded up. At the time of the tour, the still-empty space was being drilled and suctioned out by construction workers. The old screen still hung from the ceiling, and bits and pieces of what once was San Jose’s go-to arthouse cinema were still being carted out. “We’ve had to be very creative with the space,” Guggenheim said, showing off a narrow entryway that had been upcycled into a small storage room. The old Psycho Donuts serving space in the lobby will now host a cafe. Check Metro for the events coming up at 3Below this year. —Richard von Busack

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |


21 | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


metroactive MUSIC

MEXICAN MASHUP Bostich and Fussible, the core duo behind the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective, play The Ritz this Friday.

Tijuana Bass

The Nortec Collective continues to find success merging 808s and tubas BY YOUSIF KASSAB


EPE MOGT, FOUNDER of the Tijuana-based electronic music collective Nortec, found his way into music like so many do these days—by messing around with found sounds on his computer. However, rather than digging through bargain record crates searching for break beats and horn punches, Mogt pulled many of his earliest samples scouring local studios for scraps of audio abandoned by the tambora and norteño bands that recorded them. For the uninitiated, Nortec mixes the two genres from which it takes its

name—norteño, a traditional polkalike folk music pioneered in northern Mexico, and techno. The combination is almost obvious once a song gets going, especially for fans of Rey Resurreccion’s 2014, banda-sampling banger, “The Hometown.” The accordions, tubas, double bass and bajo sexto traditionally found in norteño reemerge warped and looped alongside synthesizers and 808s. The early 2000s saw the Nortec Collective put out a steady stream of compilations and projects before splintering. They won over fans and critics alike with albums like The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1. “Casino Soul,” an early composition of Mogt’s, encapsulates the album’s

appeal perfectly. The unmistakable sound of a tambora drum kicks the track off before some rising synths gradually intensify, threatening to drown the rest of the song out before they are cut off by modulated vocals. What follows is a jaunty track that oscillates between intricate synth progressions and sporadic bursts of trumpet. The two elements push and pull in a call-and-response until they intertwine, before fading out. That’s where we find Ramón Amezcua and Pepe Mogt, better known by their stage names—Bostich and Fussible, respectively. “It all started as me inviting local friends to create compilations and put albums out as a collective,” Mogt says. “But after we all put out a few albums, we stopped doing as much as a group, mostly because some of them don’t put out their work as quickly as we do.” As a duo, the two are definitely the most Nortec-y of the bunch. Amezcua is seen as a godfather of sorts for the movement, with his early compositions charting the path for the sounds the collective would go on to explore. His song “Polaris,” a swirl of relentless

percussion and burping horns, in particular is cited as the genesis of the Nortec sound. The track effectively fuses something ubiquitous with an aging form of traditional Mexican music. Mogt says he was inspired to start the collective in the late ’90s after hearing norteño being played at his sister’s wedding. His earliest experiments came from manipulating samples of old banda sinaloense and norteño albums before deciding to look for more obscure source material on the cutting room floor of recording studios. These days, instead of pulling samples, Mogt and Amezcua typically have musicians come to the studio and make recordings for them to chop up and manipulate later on. The duo’s innovative blend of traditional Northern Mexican music with drum machines piqued the ears of the Cirque Du Soleil team. Bostich and Fussible composed the soundtrack for the Canadian circus troupe’s recent Mexico-theme show, Luzia, which passed through San Jose last year. Mogt describes the connection as a happy accident. After playing a set at electronic music festival Mutek Montreal back in 2015, Cirque Du Soleil approached the duo about producing a song for the Luzia album. “They said they wanted the album to be different from the acoustic sound of the show itself by making it more contemporary and electronic,” Mogt says. “So they gave us the score and we made it Nortec.” Mogt says for the time being the pair is back to working on a new project between shows. “Right now we’re working on something new, but we’re still in the studio,” he says. “We’ve come back to messing around with analog synthesizers and oldschool 808 and 909 drum machines.” There’s been some talk about their next release moving away from the traditional norteño sounds they’ve been tinkering with their entire careers, but he says they haven’t ruled anything out just yet. “It’s too soon to know for sure,” Mogt says. “We’re still a little too early in the creative process.”



8pm $20


morgan hill

DINNER + SHOWS All booked reservation guest names will be on The Granada Theatre VIP guest list upon check-in. All events include a pre-fixed dinner menu. If you have any dietary restrictions, please contact us 72 hours in advance. Doors open at 6PM | Guest seating starts at 6:30PM | Booked reservations are non-refundable | Must be age 21 and over to attend.

17440 Monterey Road | Morgan Hill, CA 95037 | (408) 612-8805 |

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |


11 23 | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


metroactive MUSIC

Rock/Pop/ Hip-Hop ART BOUTIKI Fri, Jan 12, 7pm: Mighty Mike McGee’s Birthday Party Show. Sat, Jan 13, 6pm: Hip-Hop Coloring Book Release Party. San Jose.

BACK BAR SOFA Every Wed, 9pm: Open Mic Cypher, feat. Hip-hop, Jungle, Soul, Reggae, Dubstep, Trap, BreakBeat, House and more. Fri, Jan 12, 9pm: EDM w/ DJ Casp3r, Smokie, Myke Death, Villain, Crayola. Sat, Jan 13, 9pm: The Magic Touch. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Every Wed: DJ Hank. Every Thu: DJ Maniakal. San Jose.



Every Sun, 4pm: Novak-Nanni Duo. San Jose.

Jazz/Blues/ World AGAVE

Every Thu: Banda La Unica. Every Fri, 6:30pm: Mariachi Mariachismo, 9:30pm: DJ Norman. Every Sat: Las Mejores Bandas De La Bahia. Every Sun: 4pm-8pm: Edith Del Sol. San Jose.


Every Tue: Jazz Tuesdays and Open Mic Night. Every Wed: Piano Night with Rick Ferguson. Thu, Jan 11, 7:30pm: Carolee & Flashdrive. Fri, Jan 12, 8:30pm: Valerie V Trio celebrates Frank Sinatra. Redwood City.


Every Sun: Live Jazz Show. San Jose.


Every Thu: DJ Benofficial. Every Fri: DJ Radio Raheem. Every Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

Every Wed: Wax Wednesday: All Vinyl DJ Sets. Every Sunday, 7pm, The Eulipions Jazz Jam Session. San Jose.



Every Sun: Joe Ferrarra. Fri, Jan 12: Ruckus. Los Gatos.

C&J’S SPORTS BAR Every Wed, 10pm: College Night DJ. Every Thurs, 10pm: Karaoke. Every Fri & Sat: Live Music or DJ. Santa Clara.

CHARLEY'S LG Every Fri & Sat: Live Music & DJs. Los Gatos.

Every Sat, 2pm-3:30pm: Saturday Live Music Hangout. Fri, Jan 12, 7:30pm: East Side Funk. Sat, Jan 13, 7:30pm: Bruce Forman “The Red Guitar.” Saratoga.


Every Wed: Club Fox Blues Jam. Every Fri: Salsa Spot. Redwood City.


Every 1st and 3rd Wed: Jazz Jam. San Jose

JJ’S BLUES JACK ROSE LIBATION HOUSE Mon, Jan 15: Giffard Cocktail Class. Sunday Brunch: 10am2pm. Happy Hour, Mon-Fri: 4-6pm. Los Gatos.

Every Tue: MikeB Interactive Jam. Wed-Sun: Live Music. Every Fri: Latin Rock Nights. San Jose.


Every Thu, 7:30pm: Aki’s Original Thursday Night Blues Jam. Campbell.

LOUISIANA BISTRO THE RITZ Thu, Jan 11, 8pm: Material Girl, L.A. Girlfriend, DJ Scotty Fox. Fri, Jan 12, 8pm: Bostich, Fussible. Sat, Jan 13, 8pm: Saved by the ’90s. San Jose

Every Thu, 7pm: Yellow Bulb Sessions. San Jose.


Sun, Dec 17, 3pm: Will Ackerman, Barbara Higbie, Alex DeGrassi, Todd Boston. Saratoga.

More listings:

METROACTIVE.COM MOROCCO’S Every Tue, 4pm: Live Acoustic Music. Every Wed and Fri, 7pm and Sat, 8:30pm: Belly dancing. Every Sunday: Special Dinner Shows. Mountain View.

NUMBER ONE BROADWAY Every Wed night: J.C. Smith Jam. Los Gatos.

O’FLAHERTY’S Every Tue, 6:30pm: Irish Seisiún. San Jose.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO Every Tue, 8pm: Aki Kumar’s Blues Jam. Every Wed: Blues & Brews w/Sid Morris & Ron Thompson. Every Tue, 6pm: PHB Open Mic Night. San Jose.

SAM'S BBQ Every first Tue of the month, 6pm: Bean Creek. Every second Tue of the month, 6pm: Carolina Special. Every second Wed of the month, 6pm: Dark Hollow. Every third Tue of the month, 6pm: Cabin Fever. Every first and third Wed of the month, 6pm: Sidesaddle and Co. Every fourth Wed of the month, 6pm: Loganville. San Jose.

SMOKING PIG BBQ Fri, Jan 12, 9pm: Big Jon Atkinson. Sat, Jan 13, 9pm: The Amazing Chris Cain. Fremont.

Comedy CARAVAN Every Wed: The Caravan Lounge Comedy Show with host Mr. Walker. San Jose.

IMPROV Fri-Sun, Jan 12-14, 7:30pm: Bobby Lee. San Jose.

RED ROCK COFFEE CO. Every third Sat, 8pm: Comedians at Red Rock. Mountain View.

ROOSTER T. FEATHERS Every Wed, 8pm: New Talent Showcase. Thu, Jan 11 - Jan 14, 8pm: Taylor Tomlinson. Sunnyvale.


11 25








Metro Ad, Wed. 01/10

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |





CLUB | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018


EPOCH TUNES The members of post-rock trio Novela make music for the changing times.

Shifting Tides IT’S NOT OFTEN you hear an audience demand an encore from the first band of the night. But when post-rock band Novela finish up their last song on a recent Friday, chants of “O-tra! O-tra! O-tra!” fill the room while the crash cymbal is still ringing out. Though they’ve only played a handful of shows, Novela feel like a band in their moment. That’s probably because the moment we find ourselves in is their main influence. “All the social events and natural disasters, we use that in our music,” says drummer Daniel Dimas. “That’s why we decided to call ourselves Novela— it’s the dramatic changes of the Earth, Mother Nature, and just how we’re feeling it right now. We are the generation that is seeing the big change.” These paradigm shifts are at the heart of Novela’s music, even if there are no lyrics that explicitly say so. Mighty Mike Without a singer, the instrumental three-piece focus on McGee’s Birthday capturing the melancholic sound of the Anthropocene: Party Show pulsing, mournful and teeming with life. Live, they convey their message using samples and imagery pulled Jan 12, 7pm, $12 from videos of earthquakes, disasters, collapse: Art Boutiki, “Destruction videos, buildings falling,” says guitarist San Jose Tadeo R. “That’s what we’re trying to get with our music. Destruction, loudness—” “—Feeling,” interjects bassist Joshua T. “[We want to] make people feel the music.” In conversation, Novela name Mogwai and Sigur Ros as musical influences. Like Novela, both groups are known for their emotionally expansive sound, and for cultivating vast swaths of musical space in their songs. But where those bands got their start in an era when “climate change” and “global warming” were cautionary phrases—words meant to warn about possible futures—Novela enter the world when vast, irreversible environmental damage has already taken effect. Still, they’re hopeful that through music they can make a difference. “You gotta have hope,” Dimas says. “You can’t just not care about our planet.” Joshua agrees. “I have children,” he says. “So does Tadeo. I want to see them grow up in a world that’s not just totally jacked up. We want to leave the planet a little better than when we got it.” Novela play the Art Boutiki on Friday as part of a lineup of bands and standup comedians who are coming together to help local event organizer and emcee Mighty Mike McGee celebrate his 42nd birthday. They’ll share the stage with The Axidents, Adira Sharkey, Clay Moon and comics Dave Zugnoni, Faco! and Nicole Tran. —Mike Huguenor

metroactive MUSIC



Every Tues, Thu, Fri, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Milpitas.


Sun-Thu, 9pm: Karaoke. FriSat, 7pm: Karaoke. San Jose.


Fri-Sat, 8pm: Karaoke. San Jose.


Every Sun, 4pm: Spanish Karaoke. San Jose.


Nightly, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.


Fri, 9pm: Karaoke w/DJ Rob. San Jose.


Fri: Karaoke Fridays. Sunnyvale.

BOGART’S LOUNGE Wed, 9pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


Every Thu, 9pm: Karaoke w/ Tony. Los Gatos.


SHERWOOD INN THE GOOSETOWN LOUNGE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.


Wed & Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Campbell.



Sun, Mon, Thu, 8:30pm: KOR Karaoke. Mountain View.

Every Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Willow Glen.


Dance Clubs

Thu, 9:30pm: Karaoke with DJ Izzy. Sunnyvale.


DJs and dancing every night. Mon-Sat, 6pm-1am; Sun, 8pm-12:30am. San Jose.



Once a month. Call bar for details. Campbell.


Sun-Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Cupertino.

Wed-Sun 9pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.



Every Wed: Karaoke w/ Neebor. San Jose.

Tue, 9pm: Karaoke with TJ The DJ. Sunnyvale.




Mon, Thu & Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Campbell.


Thu, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.


Wed, 9:30pm: Karaoke with Jade. San Jose.


Tue-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Sun, 4pm: Karaoke. Campbell.


Thu, 8pm: Karaoke. Santa Clara.


Tue, 9pm: Karaoke with DJ Rob. Santa Clara.

Every Thu, 7:30pm-9:30pm: Karaoke Night at Treatbot. San Jose.

Every Wed & Thur, 10pm1:30am: Karaoke. Campbell.





Every Wed, 10pm: Karaoke w/ DJ Hank. Every Sun, 10pm: Karaoke w/DJ Hank. San Jose.

Sun: Sunday Fun Day Karaoke with KJ Matt. Mon: Mandatory Monday Karaoke with KJ Nik. San Jose.

Thu-Sun, 8:30pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

Fri-Sat, 10pm: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

Every Mon, 9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

O’MALLEY’S SPORTS PUB Every Thur: Karaoke. Mountain View.


Every Thurs, 7pm-9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.


Mon, 8pm: Karaoke. Woodside.

THE QUARTER NOTE Every Tue: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


Nightly Karaoke, 9pm1:30am. San Jose.

Wed-Sun: DJs and Dancing. San Jose.


Fri-Sat, 10pm: DJs and Dancing. San Jose.


Every Fri & Sat: Live Music & DJs. Los Gatos.


Thu-Sat, 10:30pm: Rotating Guest DJs. San Jose.


Fri: Crave Friday Nights with DJ Ruben R. San Jose.

LOFT BAR AND BISTRO Thu-Sun, 7:30pm: Live Dancing. San Jose.

LOS GATOS BAR AND GRILL Fri: Foundation Fridays. Los Gatos.


Every Tue: DJ Benofficial. Every Thur: DJ Shaffy. Every Fri: Live Video Mixing with VJ One. San Jose.


Every Thu: Trauma Thursdays Every Fri-Sun: DJs. Sun: Service Industry Night (Half off w/ industry card). Willow Glen.

27 JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |


More listings:


10 28


By AMY ALKON | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018

My husband and I have been married for eight years. We have a 5-year-old son, and we both work full time. We used to have these amazing crazy sex marathons, but now we’re too tired from our jobs and parenthood. We have sex about once a month, if that. I’m worried that this isn’t healthy for our marriage.—Sex Famine The good news: You two are still like animals in bed. The bad news: They’re roadkill. This is something to try to change, because sex seems to be a kind of gym for a healthy relationship. Clinical psychologist Anik Debrot and her colleagues note that beyond how sex “promotes a stronger and more positive connection” between partners, there’s “strong support” in the research literature for a link between “an active and satisfying sexual life and individual well-being.” Of course, it’s possible that individuals who are happy get it on more often than those who hate their lives and each other. Also, having an orgasm tends to be more day-brightening than, say, having a flat tire. However, when Debrot and her colleagues surveyed couples to narrow down what makes these people having regular sex happier, their results suggested it wasn’t “merely due to pleasure experienced during sex itself.” It seems it was the affection and loving touch (cuddlywuddlies) in bed that led couples to report increased “positive emotions and well-being”—for hours afterward and into the next day. The researchers found a longerlasting effect, too: In a survey of 106

couples (all parents with at least one child younger than 8), the more these partners had sex over a 10-day period the greater their relationship satisfaction six months down the road. (The researchers did report a caveat: For the bump in relationship satisfaction, the sex had to be “affectionate,” as opposed to, I guess, indifferent or angry sex.) My prescription for you? Have sex once a week—a frequency that social psychologist Amy Muise finds, for couples, is associated with greater happiness. Make time for it, the way you would if your kid needed to go to the dentist. Also, go easy on yourselves. Consider that some sex is better than, well, “sex marathon or nuthin’!” And then, seeing as affection and loving touch—not sexual pleasure—led to the improved mood in individuals and increased relationship satisfaction in couples, basically be handsy and cuddly with each other in daily life. Act loving and you should find yourself feeling loving—instead of, say, feeling the urge to sound off to strangers in checkout lanes that the last time anyone took an interest in your ladyparts, your health insurance company sent you a bill for the copay.

My boyfriend broke up with me last month. We still talk and text almost every day. We’re still connected on social media. We’ve even had dinner twice. I feel better that he’s still in my life, even just as a friend, though we don’t work as a couple. Is this healthy, or am I prolonging some sort of grief I’m going to have to feel down the road?—Clinging Your approach to a breakup is like having your dog die and then, instead of burying it, having it taxidermied and taking it out for “walks” in a little red wagon. Note the helpful key word— “break”—in breakup. It suggests that when someone tells you, “It’s over!” the thing you say isn’t “Okey-dokey! See you tomorrow for lunch!” As painful as it is to stare into a boyfriend-shaped void in your life, continued contact is the land of false hopes—fooling you into thinking that nothing’s really changed (save for your relationship status on Facebook). In fact, social psychologist David Sbarra finds that contact offline after a breakup amps up feelings of both

love and sadness, stalling the healing process. Staying in touch online —or just snooping on your ex’s social media doings—appears to be even worse. For example, social psychologist Tara Marshall found that “engaging in surveillance of the ex-partner’s Facebook page inhibited postbreakup adjustment and growth above and beyond offline contact.” This makes sense—as your brain needs to be retrained to stop pointing you toward your now-ex-boyfriend whenever you need love, attention, or comforting. Tell your ex you need a real break, and stick to it. Block him on social media. Drawbridge up. No contact of any kind.

(c)2018, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail (

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY you that life is giving you permission to be extra demanding in the coming weeks—as long as you're not petty, brusque, or unreasonable. Here are a few examples that will pass the test: "I demand that you join me in getting drunk on the truth;" "I demand to receive rewards commensurate with my contributions;" "I demand that we collaborate to outsmart and escape the karmic conundrums we've gotten ourselves mixed up in." On the other hand, Aries, ultimatums like these are not admissible: "I demand treasure and tribute, you fools;" "I demand the right to cheat in order to get my way;" "I demand that the river flow backwards."

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Are you familiar with the phrase "Open Sesame?” In the old folk tale "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," it's a magical command that the hero uses to open a blocked cave where treasure is hidden. I invite you to try it out. It just may work to give you entrance to an off-limits or previously inaccessible place where you want and need to go. At the very least, speaking those words will put you in a playful, experimental frame of mind as you contemplate the strategies you could use to gain entrance. And that alone may provide just the leverage you need. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): While thumping around the Internet, I came across pointed counsel from an anonymous source. "Don't enter into a long-term connection with someone until you've seen them stuck in traffic," it declared. "Don't get too deeply involved with them until you've witnessed them drunk, waiting for food in a restaurant for entirely too long, or searching for their phone or car keys in a panic. Before you say yes to a deeper bond, make sure you see them angry, stressed or scared." I recommend that you take this advice in the coming weeks. It'll be a good time to deepen your commitment to people who express their challenging emotions in nonabusive, non-psychotic ways. CANCER (June 21-July 22): My high school history

teacher Marjorie Margolies is now Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law. She shares two grandchildren with Hillary Clinton. Is that something I should brag about? Does it add to my cachet or my happiness? Will it influence you to love me more? No, nah, and nope. In the big scheme of things, it's mildly interesting but utterly irrelevant. The coming weeks will be a good time for Cancerians like you and me to renounce any desire we might have to capitalize on fake ego points like this. We Crabs should be honing our identity and self-image so they're free of superficial measures of worth. What's authentically valuable about you?

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): If I were your mentor or your guide, I'd declare this the Leo Makeover Season. First I'd hire a masseuse or masseur to knead you firmly and tenderly. I'd send you to the nutritionist, stylist, dream interpreter, trainer and life coach. I'd brainstorm with the people who know you best to come up with suggestions for how to help free you from your illusions and infuse your daily rhythm with 20 percent more happiness. I'd try to talk you out of continuing your association with anyone or anything that's no damn good for you. In conclusion, I'd be thorough as I worked to get you unlocked, debugged and retooled.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): "It takes an extraordinary person to carry themselves as if they do not live in hell," says writer D. Bunyavong. In accordance with the astrological omens, I nominate you Virgos to fit that description in the coming weeks. You are, in my estimation, as far away from hell as you've been in a long time. If anyone can seduce, coax or compel heaven to come all the way down to earth for a while, it's you. Here’s a good way to get the party started: Gaze into the mirror until you spy the eternal part of yourself.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In accordance with the

astrological omens, I encourage you to move the furniture around. If you feel inspired, you might even want to move some of that old stuff right out the door and haul it to the dump or the thrift store. Hopefully, this will get you in the mood to launch a sweeping purge of anything else that lowers the morale and élan around the house: dusty mementoes,

unflattering mirrors, threadbare rugs, chipped dishes and numbing symbols. The time is ripe, my dear homies, to free your home of deadweight.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): When he was 16 years

old and living in New York, Ralph Lifshitz changed his name to Ralph Lauren. That was probably an important factor in his success. Would he have eventually become a famous fashion designer worth $5.8 billion dollars if he had retained a name with "shitz" in it? The rebranding made it easier for clients and customers to take him seriously. With Ralph's foresight as your inspiration, Scorpio, consider making a change in yourself that will enhance your ability to get what you want.

11 29

don’t get HUSTLED by HIGH prices!

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |

ARIES (March 21-April 19): I'm happy to inform

By ROB BREZSNY week of January 10

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): In 1956, the prolific

Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. The award committee praised his "high spirit and artistic purity." The honor was based on his last 13 books, however, and not on his first two. Waterlilies and Souls of Violet were works he wrote while young and still ripening. As he aged, he grew so embarrassed by their sentimentality that he ultimately tried to track down and eradicate every copy. I bring this to your attention, Sagittarius, because I think it's a favorable time for you to purge or renounce or atone for anything from your past that you no longer want to be defined by.









CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Three centuries

ago, Capricorn genius Isaac Newton formulated principles that have ever since been fundamental to scientists' understanding of the physical universe. He was also a pioneer in mathematics, optics and astronomy. And yet he also expended huge amounts of time and energy on the fruitless attempt to employ alchemy to transform base metals into solid gold. Those efforts may have been interesting to him, but they yielded no lasting benefits. You Capricorns face a comparable split. In 2018, you could bless us with extraordinary gifts or else you could get consumed in projects that aren't the most productive use of your energy. The coming weeks may be crucial in determining which way you'll go.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): A rite of passage lies

ahead. It could and should usher you into a more soulful way of living. I'm pleased to report that this transition won't require you to endure torment, confusion or passive-aggressive manipulation. In fact, I suspect it could turn out to be among the most graceful ordeals you've ever experienced—and a prototype for the type of breakthrough that I hope will become standard in the months and years to come. Imagine being able to learn valuable lessons and make crucial transitions without the prod of woe and gloom. Imagine being able to say, as musician P.J. Harvey said about herself, "When I'm contented, I'm more open to receiving inspiration. I'm most creative when I feel safe and happy."

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The Kalevala is a 19thcentury book of poetry that conveys the important mythology and folklore of the Finnish people. It was a wellspring of inspiration for English writer J.R.R. Tolkien as he composed his epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. To enhance his ability to steal ideas from The Kalevala, Tolkien even studied the Finnish language. He said it was like "entering a complete wine cellar filled with bottles of an amazing wine of a kind and flavor never tasted before." According to my reading of the astrological omens, Pisces, in 2018 you will have the potential of discovering a source that's as rich for you as Finnish and The Kalevala were for Tolkien. Homework: I've gathered all of the long-term, big-picture horoscopes I wrote for you:

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EMPLOYMENT ENGINEERING Logitech, Inc. has opening in Newark, CA for Manager, Electrical Engineering (NW-TT): Define tactical direction for products, programs, processes, and plans with short term impact on results. Ref job code and mail resume to Logitech, Inc., AH/Human Resources, 7700 Gateway Blvd., Newark, CA 94560.

Engineering Boomerang Commerce accptg. resumes for Director of Product Management in Mountain View, CA. Work w/ a highpowered team to drive cmpny growth. Resp. for providing ind. expertise and guidance to prspcts. May require travel (approximately once a month) to various unanticipated work locations throughout the U.S. Mail resume: Boomerang Commerce, Staffing Dept., 1987 Leghorn St. Ste. 100, Mountain View, CA 94043. Must Ref. DPM-HJ.

Mechanic - Diesel - Gas - Electric Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso in San Jose is seeking to hire technicians at all skill levels Central location near SJ AirportFull time / Part time Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm $17 to $34 per hr - will pay for training 408-263-7300mike.tovar@

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is a busy well established repair shop specializing in Corvettes .We are looking for a mechanic. If you love Corvettes and are interested send your resume to

Lumentum Operations LLC is accepting resumes for the following positions in Milpitas, CA: Big Data Engineer (NL-CA): Utilize programming tools such as Spark and other Hadoop ecosystem tools (e.g. Hive, Pig, Sqoop, flume, MapReduce,) to bring together a diverse and massive set of data sources and make them easily accessible and useful for further analysis. Project Manager (PMAA-CA): Plan, initiate, and manage information technology (IT) projects involving business applications implementation as well as system upgrades/ enhancements. Staff Test Engineer (RA-CA): Engage with the design team to understand the product and requirements for testing the product. Develop and deliver automated software test solutions for production and flexible software test solutions for design validation tests (DVT) and Engineering validation tests (EVT). Position may require travel to various, unanticipated locations. Staff Reliability/Test Engineer (APCA): Responsible for reliability and detailed analyses of transmission optical devices, including semiconductor lasers, coherent receivers and photo diodes, used in Lumentum’s transmission products. Lumentum is also accepting resumes for the following position in San Jose, CA. Staff Laser Engineer (YZ-CA): Develop and execute high power laser component reliability and qualification tests, especially accelerated aging, high stress conditions, and test to failure. Submit resume by mail to: Lumentum Operations, LLC, Attn: 1.2.1129 VJ., 400 North McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035. Must reference job title and job code.

Machine Zone Inc provider of gaming apps has openings in Palo Alto, CA for Staff Software Engineer (SSWE1) Design, modify, and improve software applications related to the game platform, server side and client side systems; Research Scientist (RS3) Research and develop new algorithms to optimize and assess the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Mail resume & reference job code to: Machine Zone Inc. Attn L Manimalethu 2225 E. Bayshore Rd, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

ENGINEERING Principal Engineer in Milpitas, CA (PE-CA) Maint. & imprv current build & release infrastructure, which incl updating & generating scripts on Jenkins Continuous Integration. Req BS+8. Send resume: Aerohive Networks, 1011 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 Attn: Talent Acquisition/PE-CA.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER Develop and maintain software infrastructure for F5 applications. See and CA SWA Job Number 15759681 for specific details. FT, San Jose, CA. Apply to: F5 Networks, Inc., Attn Y. Malina, #SJZH12517, 401 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle, WA 98119.

Nutanix Inc. has openings in San Jose, CA:

Architect, develop, and maintain software infrastructure for testing F5 API and UI front-end applications. See and CA SWA Job Number 15759335 for specific details. FT, San Jose, CA. Apply to: F5 Networks, Inc., Attn Y. Malina, #SJZH12317, 401 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle, WA 98119.

MTS Developer (Req #7CA01); Member Technical Staff (Req #7CA02); Member of Technical Staff 2 (Req #7CA03); Systems Reliability Engineer (Req #7CA04); Staff Technical Program Manager (Req #7CA05). All of these positions will involve developing technologies for the company’s nextgeneration enterprise cloud operating system products. Specific requirements apply. Some position may have direct reports and/or require domestic/int’l travel. Mail resume to 1740 Technology Dr., #150, San Jose, CA 95110, attn. H.W. Must include Req # to be considered.




Staff Engineer - Java Developer Cloud Infrastructure in Milpitas, CA (SE-CA) Dsgn & dvlp Cloud SaaS based srvcs, components, & modules (e.g., config mgmt, identity mgmt, REST API etc.). Req BS+5. Send resume: Aerohive Networks, 1011 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035 Attn: Talent Acquisition/SE-CA.

Zscaler, Inc. accptg. resumes for Manager, QA in San Jose, CA. Hire, train & retain best talent for the Quality eng. team. Drive best practices & ensure dvlpmt. of high quality solutions. Mail resume: Zscaler, Staffing Dept., 110 Rose Orchard Way, San Jose, CA 95134. Must Ref. MQA-AK

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ELECTRONICS Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has opptys in Milpitas, CA for Sr. Engrs, Electr Dsgn Engrng. Mail resume to Attn: HR, 951 SanDisk Dr, MS:HRGM, Milpitas, CA 95035; Ref #MILARA. Must be legally auth to work in the U.S. w/o spnsrshp. EOE

HUMAN RESOURCES HGST, Inc. has an oppty in San Jose, CA for an HR Bus Partner. Exp w/ change mgmt reqd. Mail resume to Attn: HR, 951 SanDisk Dr, MS:HRGM, Milpitas, CA 95035, Ref #SJCLE. Must be legally auth to work in the U.S. w/o spnsrshp. EOE

ELECTRONICS Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has opptys in Milpitas, CA for Staff Failure Anly Engrs. Mail resume to Attn: HR, 951 SanDisk Dr, MS:HRGM, Milpitas, CA 95035, Ref #MILWYU. Must be legally auth to work in the U.S. w/o spnsrshp. EOE

Electronics Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has opptys in Milpitas, CA for Principal Engrs, Failure Anly Engrng. Mail resume to Attn: HR, 951 SanDisk Dr, MS:HRGM, Milpitas, CA 95035; Ref #MILCLI. Must be legally auth to work in the U.S. w/o spnsrshp

JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |



31 32

| | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | | NOVEMBER 2-8, 2016



Petitioner (name): ree changing Sophia Noreen Noreen Huxley. sons interested in urt at the hearing any, why the ld not be granted. e change described on that includes east two court ed to be heard o show cause why d. If no written may grant the CE OF HEARING: 107 Probate filed /11, 10/18, 10/25,


Petitioner (name): changing names Zahid Hussain. xley. THE COURT ed in this matter aring indicated the petition for anted. Any person scribed above must des the reasons rt days before the nd must appear at he petition should ction is timely tion without a nuary 9, 2018 at n: October 3, 2017 01/2017)


Engineering AdvanTel, Inc. seeks RF Engineer: perform site surveys; engineering system solutions based on RF design criteria. Mail resume to worksite: 2222 Trade Zone Blvd, San Jose, CA 95131

MISCELLANEOUS Rayford R. Wilberson Yada Software Licensce Agreement A great acquisition of a licensce Agreement for $30,000 in a potential 1.7 million royalty extraordinary return on the #1 up and coming software program: 559-369-3413


LEGALS & PUBLIC NOTICES FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #636758 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: True-Blue Translations, 6078 Monterey Hwy #207, San Jose, CA, 95138, Ana Ruth Larios De

ing business as: Way, Sunnyvale, CA, s being conducted transacting ess name or names of previous file ong. This statement Santa Clara 0/11, 10/18, 10/25,

fictitious business name or names listed herein on 06/08/2002. Refile of previous file #573949 with changes. Above entity was formed in the state of California. /s/Ilene Mindich. Vice President. #C2414630. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/18/2017. (pub Metro , 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10, 01/17/2018)




The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Storybook Connections, 1726 Fulton Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94303. This business is being conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business Engineer/Sr Design under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. AboveCA: entity was formed in the at Milpitas, state of California. /s/Judy Diggeler. Manager. Resp for design and development of the #201810910336. This statement was filed with high performance power management County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/05/2017. (pubincluding Metro , 12/20, 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10/2018) ICs DC/DC converters, Linear

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Cleo Day Spa, 2166 Story Rd., San Jose, CA, 95122, Thanh Huynh. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Thanh Huynh. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/20/2017. (pub Metro 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10, Thug World Records explosive label 01/17/2018)

CA, 95008, Monty John Lucas, Robin Paula Sedor. This business is being conducted by a Married Couple. began transacting Member ofRegistrant Technical business under the fictitious business name Staff San Jose, CA: /s/Robin or namesat listed herein on 01/01/2011. Sedor. This statementfeatures was filedfor with the County Design & develop the Clerk of Santa Clara Countyplatform on 12/14/2017. Nutanix manageability that(pub Metro 12/20, 12/27/2017, 01/03, 1/10/2018)

Naturopathic PC, 3200 Middlefield Road, Suite D, Palo Alto, CA, 94306, Peninsula Naturopathic Medicine. This business is being conducted by a Corporation. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name NOTICE TOlisted CREDITORS, NO.:Refile or names herein on CASE 11/19/2012. of previous file #571885 with changes. Above 16PR179712 wasofformed in FAMILY the state of California. Inentity re the Matter the CAPELLA REVOCABLE LIVING /s/ TRUST DATEDGreen JULY 30, 1997, by Manuel Capella, DecedentNotice Rebecca Pozin. CEO.J. #C3516350. This is hereby given to the creditors and contingent creditors of Decedent statement was filed with the County Clerk of Manuel J. Capella all persons claims against Santa Clarathat County onhaving 12/15/2017. (pubtheMetro Decedent are required to file them with the Superior Court of the 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10, 01/17/2018)

Regulators, LED Drivers, Isolated FICTITIOUS Email BUSINESS Converters. res to [ mailto:hr@ NAME STATEMENT #636823Refer to job ] The following is (are) Technology doing business #1067 when person(s) apply. ~Linear as: Created Space, 421 N. Central Ave., Campbell, Corporation.

interacts with Nutanix Core Services. Mail resumeBUSINESS to Nutanix, Inc, 1740 FICTITIOUS Technology Dr, Suite 150, San Jose, CA NAME STATEMENT #636777 95110. Attn: HR Job#1027-1.

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Lab 452, 7467 De LA Farge Dr., Cupertino, CA, 95014, Lieh-Wen Chang, Wen-Chen Ko. Hostess / Server Wanted This business is being conducted by a General Deluxe Eatery & Drinkery. looking for a Partnership. Registrant began transacting weekend host the or hostess a daytime business under fictitiousand business name or names Server listed herein 06/19/2017. server. is 3-4on days a week/s/Lieh-Wen with Chang.shifts This statement the County more availablewas overfiled thewith Holidays. If Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/13/2017. (pub interested come in with resume and Metro 12/20, 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10/2018) ask

to talk to David or Chad between 2-4. 71 E. San Fernando St. SJ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS


ENGINEERING The following person(s) is (are) doing business

as:, 155 Sanhas Pedro Cir., San Jose, Broadcom Corporation a Senior CA, 95110,, Inc. This business Manager, R&D opening in San Jose, is being conducted by a Corporation. Registrant CA to transacting provide technical began business&managerial under the fictitious business name or names on direction to projects inlisted ASICherein development. 04/01/2004. Above entity was formed inthe the state Often directs &may participate in of California. /s/Joel Slatis. President. #2715583. development This statement of wasmultidimensional filed with the Countydesigns Clerk of Santa Clara Metro involving theCounty layouton of12/15/2017. complex (pub integrated 12/20, 12/27/2017 01/03, 01/10/2018) circuits. Mail resume to Attn: HR (GS), 1320 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 BUSINESS .FICTITIOUS Must reference job code SJYAV

oing business as: 80 Senter Road, hi Pham, Vu Anh an Jose, CA, 95127. by a Married gun transacting ness name or n. This statement f Santa Clara 10/11, 10/18, 10/25,


Carpet Center



Cruz. This business is being conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 04/28/2015. /s/Ana Ruth Larios De Cruz. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/12/2017. (pub Metro 12/20, 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10/2018)

NOVEMBER 1-7, 2017 | | |

oing business d, Suite 30, San business is being strant began ctitious business 0/03/2017. Above California. /s/ This statement f Santa Clara 10/11, 10/18, 10/25,


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535B Salmar Ave,#B, Campbell Lic# 792342

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The following person(s) is (are) doing business CONTRACTOR/ as: A Stroke Of Luck, 5669 Snell Ave., #252, San Jose, CA, 95123, RitaSERVICES Louise Ecdao-Lubey. This HANDYMAN business isELECT, being conducted by an individual. PLUMB, DOORS, Registrant has not yet begun transacting WINDOWS,FULL SERVICE business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein.KITCHENS,BATH. /s/Rita Louise Ecdao-Lubey. REMODELING, This YRS statement with the County Clerk 40+ EXP.was NOfiled JOB TOO of Santa Clara County on 12/11/2017. (pub Metro SMALLCSLB#747111. 408-888-9290 12/27/2017, 01/03, 01/10, 01/17/2018)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #636904 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Bay Area Performance Cycles, 1245 Kaylene Court, San Jose, CA, 95127, Bay Area Performance Cycles Inc. Catalytic &byAutoglass This business is Converter being conducted a Corporation. Registrant began transacting business under the



based out of San Jose CA with major features lil Wayne E-40 Ghetto FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Politician Punish. Free downloads mp3s NAME STATEMENT #636866 Ringtones. Over 22 albums online. The following person(s) is (are) doing Call or log business as:on 1. Peninsula Integrative Medicine, 408-561-5458 ask2. for gp Natural Medicine, Naturopathic PC, Peninsula


State of California, County of Santa Clara, at 191 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95112, and mail or deliver a copy to David Capella, successor trustee of the Capella Family Revocable Living Trust dated July 30, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 1997, of which the Decedent was the settlor, at the Sowards Law Firm, NAME STATEMENT 2542 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 200,#636926 Campbell, CA 95008, within the later of four (4) monthsperson(s) after November 2016 (the date of the first The following is 2,(are) doing business publication of notice to creditors)26 or, ifRyland notice is mailed personally as: Focus Properties, Park orDrive, San delivered to you, sixty (60) days after the date this notice is mailed Jose, CA, 95110, Allen Maury Carroll Trustee, or personally delivered to you.LATE CLAIMS: If you do not file your Diana Trustee. Thispetition business claim withinFields the timeCarroll required by law, you must to file ais being conducted by a Trust. has late claim as provided in California ProbateRegistrant Code §19103.FAILURE begun transacting business the TOnot FILEyet A CLAIM: Failure to file a claim with the courtunder and to serve fictitious business name names listed herein. a copy of the claim on the trustee will or in most instances invalidate /s/Allen Carroll Trustee. This statement your claim.(PubMaury dates: 10/26, 11/02, 11/09/2016)

was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara

County on 12/18/2017. (pub Metro 12/27/2017, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 01/03, 01/10, 01/17/2018) NAME STATEMENT #622524 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Advanced NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER Industrial Delivery LLC, 247 N. Capitol Ave., Unit 104, San Jose, CA,ESTATE 95127. This business is being conducted by a limitedLESENDE liability OF ARNULFO VENTURA company. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business CASE NO. 1-17-PR-181854 under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Above entity washeirs, formedbeneficiaries in the state of California. /s/Gilbert Juan Garcia To all creditors, contingent Managing Member#201627010166This was filed with creditors, and persons who statement may otherwise the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/17/2016. (pub Metro be interested in the will or estate, or both of: 11/02, 11/09, 11/16, 11/23/2016) Arnulfo Ventura LesendePetition for Probate has

been filed by: Bianca Nicosia in the Superior

Court of California, County of: SANTA CLARA. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS The Petition for Probate requests that: Bianca NAME STATEMENT Nicosia be appointed #622430 as personal representative The person(s) (are) doing business as: UnionTHE tofollowing administer theisestate of the decedent. Avenue Liquors,requests 3649 Unionauthority Ave., San Jose, 95124, Kim Dao PETITION to CA, administer the Corporation, 36 Leominster Ct., San Jose, CA, 95139. This business estate under the Independent Administration is of being conducted by a corporation. Registrant has not yet Estates Act. (This authority will allow the begun transacting business underto thetake fictitious business name personal representative many actions or names listed herein. Above entity was formed in the state of without obtaining court approval. Before taking California. /s/Michael John Perazzo President #C39443143 This certainwas very important actions, statement filed with the County Clerk ofhowever, Santa Clarathe County representative will11/09, be required onpersonal 10/13/2016. (pub Metro 10/26, 11/02, 11/16/2016) to give

notice to interested persons unless they have

waived noticeBUSINESS or consented to the proposed FICTITIOUS action.) The independent administration NAME STATEMENT #622360

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Soft Touch Spa, 1692 Tully Road, Suite 12, San Jose, CA, 95122, Dai Nguyen, 650 Island Place, Redwood City, CA, 94065. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dai Nguyen This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/12/2016. (pub Metro 11/02, 11/09, 11/16, 11/23/2016)

authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: 1/24/18, at 9 a.m. in Dept. 12 located at 191 NORTH FIRST STREET, SAN JOSE, CA, 95113. IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either four months the dateThis of business first issuance of on (1) 01/28/2014 under filefrom number 587505. was lettersby:toAnaindividual general/s/Minh personal representative, conducted T. Hoang Date filed with theas defined in section of the Probate clerks office: 10/12/2016 (pub58(b) dates 11/02, 11/09,California 11/16, 11/23/2016 Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to TO youADMINISTER of a notice under NOTICE OF PETITION section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other ESTATE OFstatutes MARK and PASCOE KELLY. CASE California legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult NO. 16PR178443 with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF MARK You may the file kept by the court. If you PASCOE KELLY.examine CASE NO. 16PR178443To all heirs beneficiaries are acontingent person interested in the who estate, may creditors, creditors, and persons may you otherwise file withinthe court a formal for Special be interested the will or estate, or bothRequest of: MARK PASCOE KELLY. Noticefor(DE-154) thefiled filing of anJ. Ramoni, inventory A Petition Probate hasofbeen by: James Publicand Administrator theestate County of Santa Clara the Superior Court appraisalofof assets or ofinany petition orof California, County of Santa Clara. Petition for Probate requests account as provided inThe Probate Code section 1250. thatAJames J. Ramoni, Administrator of the County of Santa Request forPublic Special Notice form is available Clara be appointed as personal representative administer B J from the court clerk. Attorney of to petitioner: theFadem, estate of the decedent. The petition authoritySuite to 700, Esq., 111 West Saintrequests John Street, administer the estate under the Independent Administration of San Jose, CA, 95113, 408-280-1220 (Pub CC 01/03, Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative 01/10, 01/17/2018) to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before

taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested FICTITIOUS BUSINESS persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent#637243 administration authority will NAME STATEMENT be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the The following person(s) is (are) doing business petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant as: Novia Home Loans, 3111 San authority. A hearing on the petition willMcLaughlin be held in thisAve., court as Jose,November CA, 95121. is being conducted follows: 28,This 2016,business at 9 a.m. in Dept. 10 located at 191 by aFIRST Corporation. Registrant has IF not yetOBJECT begun NORTH STREET, SAN JOSE, CA, 95113. YOU to fictitious business thetransacting granting of thebusiness petition, youunder shouldthe appear at the hearing andname state your objectionslisted or fileherein. written objections with thewas court or names Above entity before the hearing. appearance may be in person or by your formed in theYour state of California. /s/Tony Dinh. attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of President. #4054496. This statement was filedthewith decedent, you must file your claim with the County court andon mail12/29/2017. a copy the County Clerk of Santa Clara to the personal representative appointed the court within the (pub Metro 01/10, 01/17, 01/24, by 01/31/2018) later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California BUSINESS Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date FICTITIOUS of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section NAME STATEMENT 9052 of the California Probate Code.#637397 Other California statutes andThe legalfollowing authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may person(s) is (are) doing business want attorney in California law. as:to1.consult Lightwith UpanYour Life,knowledgeable 2. Light-Up-Your-Life. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. If you are a person com, 20702 Locust Drive, Los Gatos, CA, 95033, interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request Ananya. business conducted for Brigit Special Notice (formThis DE-154) of the filingisofbeing an inventory and by anofindividual. not yet begun appraisal estate assets orRegistrant of any petitionhas or account as provided transacting business under the fictitious business in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form name or names herein.forRefile of previous is available from the courtlisted clerk. Attorney petitioner: MARK A. GONZALEZ, Lead Deputy County Counsel, OFFICEAnanya. OF THE This file #573490 with changes /s/Brigit COUNTY COUNSEL, 373filed West Julian Suite 300,Clerk San Jose, statement was withStreet, the County ofCA, 95110, Telephone: CC, 11/02, 11/09, 11/16/2016) Santa Clara408-758-4200 County on(Pub 01/03/2018. (pub Metro

01/10, 01/17, 01/24, 01/31/2018)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #622566 NAME STATEMENT #637358 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Van Hoa Lam,

979The Storyfollowing Rd., #7087, San Jose, Ca, 95122, Lam,business Quoc person(s) is Nuh (are)Thuan doing Anhas: Nguyen, 608Law Giraudo Dr., San Jose,Lafayette CA, 95111. This business Sutton Firm, 900 Street, is conducted by an married couple.Registrant has not yet begun #200, Santa Clara, CA, 95050, M. Dan Sutton, transacting businessDrive, under theSanta fictitious business or names 2240 Muriel Cruz, CA,name 95062. This listed herein. Refile of previous file #620681 with changes. /s/Nhu business is being conducted by an individual. Thuan Lam This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Registrant began transacting business under the Clara County on 10/18/2016. (pub Metro 10/26, 11/02, 11/09, 11/16/2016)

fictitious business name or names listed herein on 12/17/2003. Refile of previous file #571447 with changes, after 40 days of expiration date. /s/M. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Dean Sutton. This statement was filed with the NAME STATEMENT County Clerk of Santa#622752 Clara County on 01/03/2017. The(pub following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Free Spirit, 380 Metro 01/10, 01/17, 01/24, 01/31/2018) S. 1st Street, San Jose, CA, 95113, Michael R. Hill, 8093 E. Zayante Rd., Felton, CA, 95018. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Michael R. Hill This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/24/2016. (pub Metro 11/02, 11/09, 11/16, 11/23/2016)


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Your Legal Document Here call 408.200.1300

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #622523 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: KT Dental


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Countrywide Carrier, 2947 Capewood Ln., San Jose, CA, 95132, Rajwinder Singh. This business is conducted by an individual.Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name

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Gary Singh

SISTER CITY Unlike San Jose, historic Dublin properly honors its unique heritage.

Dublin Down

Trip to Irish capital spurs ideas for San Jose BY GARY SINGH


NTERNATIONAL TRAVEL tends to create a heightened sense of awareness, often leading to a productive reassessment of one’s own landscape. In regards to Dublin, Ireland, one of San Jose’s sister cities, a recent infiltration around New Year’s conjured up cosmic comparisons to San Jose, one after the other. First of all, Dublin is home to the rock band U2, where singer Bono and guitarist The Edge bought The Clarence Hotel about 25 years ago,

fully restoring the historic property to iconic status in the Dublin landscape. On New Year’s Eve, Bono’s son gigged in the bar next door, and afterward, the whole family along with lifelong friends went up to the penthouse and partied until the wee morning hours. I missed the episode by a few hours, but such things happen on a regular basis at The Clarence. U2’s connections to The Clarence go way back. Depending on who tells the story, in 1979 when the band was starting out, they’d gig across the street from The Clarence in a public market. The venue didn’t have a bathroom, so people would

sneak over to the hotel, which was then a dated property featuring tiny rooms for foreign businessmen and traveling clerics. Legend has it that, after getting hassled by the hotel numerous times, Bono said, “Someday I’m going to buy that hotel,” and he finally did. Upon hearing this story, the first thing I thought was that Greg Camp from Smashmouth should buy the old Hank Coca’s Furniture building in downtown San Jose and convert it to a rock & roll hotel. This would be a much needed improvement to the neighborhood. Such a property could appeal to business travelers while making make more room for arts and culture. What an idea. Just around the corner from The Clarence, at the Irish Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum Experience, I saw a graffitistained piece of the wall from the old Windmill Lane Studios, where U2 cut several legendary albums. It reminded me of the graffiti-stained walls of the Rock Gardens on South Market, an old condemned building that

39 JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |


was destroyed to build the luxury Pierce Apartments, but not before Jim Salata saved a few pieces of the wall. At least somebody was thinking ahead. If San Jose politicians ever pivot towards prioritizing culture and history instead of real estate, then maybe those walls will be on display in a similar local rock museum. Another Dublin legend and one of the country’s four Nobel laureates in literature, William Butler Yeats, has his own exhibit at the National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street. Numerous alcoves and glass cases showcase artifacts, notebooks, magazines, letters, photographs and other ephemera. One glass case in particular documents Yeats’ occult interests, as the poet was also a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Rosicrucian symbols and philosophies run through the entire set of artifacts. With the Rosicrucians’ presence here in San Jose going on 90 years now, I couldn’t help but think of them while exploring the exhibit. They deserve a much more mainstream exhibit somewhere. Dublin has produced so many heroes that one can’t wander anywhere without encountering a plaque of some sort. One such plaque designates Oscar Wilde’s birthplace behind Trinity College, a school he later attended. San Jose’s equivalent might be someone born in downtown San Jose who winds up attending SJSU. As I wrote once before in this space, Wilde did visit San Jose during one of his speaking tours—April 3, 1882, to be precise—but I don’t think anyone here will ever have the vision to install a plaque. Finally, the most famous Dublin hotel, the Shelbourne, features the Constitution Suite, steeped in history and bedecked with paintings worth tens of millions. It was in Room 112 that the Irish Constitution of 1922 was signed. Entering that room made me recall that San Jose was California’s first capital and site of the first state legislature, also known as the Legislature of a Thousand Drinks. “Let’s have a drink, let’s have a thousand drinks,” they famously declared, pretty close to where the Fairmont now sits. The hotel should have a “Legislature Room” or something similar. As always, I am grateful for the San Jose-Dublin sister city relationship. Dublin to me will always and forever seem like family. | | | JANUARY 10-16, 2018

John Dyke


Spot brings the kitsch with their own locally named sammys, like the Dub Nation, Silicon Crusher and the South Bay Baller. All their speciality sandwiches are priced around $10 and come with their fresh-baked bread and daily housemade sauces. Try the house favorite Beastmode sandwich ($9.50) which comes with hot pastrami, bacon, cream cheese and topped with their Bomb sauce.

‘Project Pasta takes the Chipotle-zation of America to a noodle near you’ Project Pasta 991 Saratoga Ave Ste 110, San Jose. 408.753.6623.

THE BOMB Pile on the ingredients and don’t skimp on the ‘Bomb’ sauce at The Sandwich Spot’s newest location in Milpitas.

Five To Watch

From an expanding sandwich chain to a tasty tapas bar, five new nosh spots BY JOHN DYKE


IX MONTHS IS usually considered the earliest a new restaurant, bar or coffeeshop can receive a fair review. By then the kinks should be ironed out, the bad apples fired and the dishes and drinks refined. But who’s got time for that? Each month, Metro spotlights five of the newest places we think are worth a look-see.

Spoon Korean Bistro 46995 Mission Blvd, Fremont. 510.445.0500. This unseasonably cold winter just got

a little bit easier to bear; Spoon Korean Bistro has brought their strong soup game down south a piece by opening their second location in Fremont (original is in Berkeley). Their Pork Back Bone Casserole ($35) is their house speciality and comes in a giant serving and can comfortably feed 2-3 people—depending on the size of the appetite. Its rich broth is slowly simmered for six hours and served at the table with a warmer to help keep it piping hot. Their Dolsot Bibimbop ($13) also comes hot, served in a sizzling stone bowl that’ll be music to your ears.

Braise 1185 Lincoln Ave, San Jose. 408.294.2919.

This Tapas bar is located in Downtown Willow Glen, just a few doors from The Table which, interestingly enough, one of the head chefs, Anthony “AJ” Jimenez, used to front. He and his co-head chef Josh Hanoka, of Bray Butcher Block, are blending their contemporary and old-school cooking styles to bring forth a seasonally driven menu. AJ’s kimchi ($7) and chicken liver mousse ($7) are two old Table favorites that everyone will recognize, but the braised sunchokes ($12) are a definite “must-try,” as well. Their 30day dry-aged NY strip steak with uni butter ($36) should be listed on just about every check, as well. Braise is open for dinner only and happy hours are served in the bar from 4-6pm (TueFri) and 10-11pm (Fri & Sat).

The Sandwich Spot 176 Ranch Dr, Milpitas. 408.878.1818. This sandwich, ahem, spot is slowly taking over with its fourth South Bay location. This one is located in Milpitas’ famous McCarthy Ranch Shopping Center. Seen as a strong competitor to Ike’s, the Sandwich

Taking the Chipotle-zation of America to a place it has yet to tread, Project Pasta brings the build-your-own concept to noodles. Their bowls start out with picking your pasta (spaghetti, farfalle or penne); adding a sauce (marinara, pesto or alfredo); choosing from some or all eleven of their veggies; and then selecting one of their meat options (meatballs, sausage, chicken and bacon). The prices range from a reasonable $7 for a pasta-and-sauceonly plate to $11 for a multi-meat bonanza. Customers can even add carrots, peas and corn to their pasta creations if they want to get really wild. And that’s the sound of my Sicilian grandmother rolling over in her grave.

Bezawada 544 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale. 408.524.5555. Bezwada is known for their authentic Andhra food, which originated in a coastal region in India along the Bay of Bengal. The house specialities are their all-you-can-eat Thalis, which are available in vegetarian ($13.99/lunch $15.99/dinner) or non-vegetarian ($15.99/ lunch $17.99/dinner) options. The thali is giant round dish that comes packed with rice, curries, rotis, pakoras and all manner of spicy goodness to make your taste buds sing, cry and dance. Bezwada also caters and has a banquet hall available to rent for up to 65 people.

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Kevin N. Hume

It was all smiles at JAMES GARNER’S tribute to Johnny Cash.

These two enjoy a good JOHNNY CASH beer-drinking song.


A couple of car lovers outside the SILICON VALLEY AUTO SHOW. U.S. Figure Skating

Kevin N. Hume

Kevin N. Hume

Appreciating the spacious interior of Tesla’s new MODEL X SUV at the SV Auto Show.

These junior ice dancing medalists performed well at the


Senior ice dancers MADISON HUBBELL and ZACHARY DONOHUE show off their medals at the SAP Center.

43 JANUARY 10-16, 2018 | | |

Kevin N. Hume



January 10-16, 2018