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Some simple ideas out of Silicon Valley are making a difference in far away places p16 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014



MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014


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I SAW YOU metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014

6 Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 380 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

Blowhard Units I have the misfortune of seeing you often where we work, your arrogance on full display, deigning to acknowledge others only if they address you first. If you aren't already aware, everyone knows you have less than zero knowledge about what you claim to be an expert about. And it's “Scoville units,” not “Scofield units,” Expert.


comments com mments@metr onews.coom RE: “CHE “CHECK C K M8T M8TE?” TE?” THE THE FLY, FLLY, MAY MA AY 21

Oh boy, b y, Casino boy o M8trix in the crossh crosshairs hairs and everybody's everybody y's clammed d up! @JODYMGOLD @JOD Y MGO OLD VIA TWITTER TWITTER RE: “CHE “CHECK C K M8T M8TE?” TE?” TTHE HE FL FLY, LY, MA MAY AY 21

That’s That ’ss why cities c shouldn’t shouldn’tt rrely ely on tax revenues revennues from from casinos and pot clubs. clubbs. There’s There’s too much money y, and local politicians can’t can’t money, say no to that that money. moneyy. SR RANDALL ANDALL VIA SSAN AN JJOSE O SE INSIDE INSIDE


Big thank Big thankss to @metr @metroactive oactive and an nd @garysinghsj ffor or writing ann awesome article on this Sa aturday’s Taco Taaco Fest Saturday’s @PHIL @PHILTHYDRONEZ THY DRONEZ VIA TWITTER TWITTER


TToo make my Birt Birthday thday even better,r, the articl better article le in @ metr oactive is out o today!! today!! metroactive V ery dope! Very @DJTOOTALL @D JTOOTALL VIA TTWITTER WITTER

The h mailer m il sent out by y the DSA and CPO OA was not done CPOA tastef fully and I was tastefully unhap ppy with it, unhappy but so o was Jensen. That is i a fact. What bother rs me is how bothers people le either ith love l the union un nion or hate the union un nion depending on who wh ho they are endors sing. I have endorsing. not forgotten forgotten the TV commercial com mmercial that aired 4 years ago when Calderon was runnin ng for sheriff. sherifff. A running union representative used manure m to cover a picture pictu ure of Calderon. NELLS79 NELL S79 VIA SAN SAN JOSE J OS E IINSIDE NS IDE

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Water W aater ffor or W Words oords A man is only aass good as his wor word, d,, and some South Cou unty ffarmers armers are are putting County D ENNIS KENNE EDY to the test. Last year DENNIS KENNEDY the Santa Clar alley W ater District Claraa V Valley Water had to appoint a new boar boardd member after DON DON GGAGE AGE was elected mayor of Gilroyy. Fillingg hiss seat ppr oved to be easier Gilroy. proved said than done,, as the boar boardd deadlocked more than a half-dozen votes at 3-3. 3-3. in more ndidates—Kennedyy, a The top-two ca candidates—Kennedy, former enginee gan former engineerr and mayor of Mor Morgan armer RA LPH SSANTOS—had ANTOS—had Hill,, and ffarmer RALPH equal support until u KKennedy ennedy announced erence in choosing that if it made a diff difference woould not seek rre-election. e-election. someone he would ter that statement,, board board Immediately aft after NAI H SUEEH changed chair NAI HSUEH Kennnedy her vote and Kennedy They secured the sea secured seat.t. A little Did more than a yea ar later more year later,r, What? Kennedy is now running Kennedy SEND TIPS TIPS TTO O for rre-election e-election and a for FLY@ FL Y@ folks are are furious. f some folks METRONEWS. METR ONEWS. Kennedy say ys he But Kennedy says COM CO M powwowed withh Hsueh and came away with the impression he’s he’s not a flip-flopper impression flip-flopper.. Hsueh, who spoke with Fly y, says the main reason reason Fly, her vote is she didn’t didn’t want to she changed her ol of the t decision to the county cede contr control Board of Super v visors. . ““As As a chair, chairr, I have that Board Supervisors. esponsibility to make sur personal rresponsibility suree that board makes makees a decision and is moving this board forward,”” she says. saays.. Once Kennedy, Kennedyy, who’s who’s forward,” or just abou ut every elected seat up to run ffor about Assemblyy, br oke br ead with Hsueh, state Assembly, broke bread m a move to rretain etain his he decided to make noot run if I didn’t didn’t think I had seat.. “I would not her support,”” he says.. But not everyone is board.. In the last ffew ew weeks, weeks,, Kennedy Kennedy on board. eached outt to agr o-agriculture has rreached agro-agriculture GEORGE CCHIALA, HIALA, who has an honchos GEORGE arrm; MITCH MITCH MARIANI, MARIANI, who eponymous ffarm; has an eponym mous or chard;; and he has eponymous orchard; plans to meet with w JOE AIELL O, a major AIELLO, player l iin th the ffarm a community arm it . Kennedy Kennedy d community. admits most ffarmers a armers consider him mor y, but he ’s committed moree of a city boy boy, he’s to dealing with h water issues as the dr ought rravages avagees the state. “The mor drought moree I get into the work w that we ’re doing I we’re rrealize ealize this is a good fit ffor or me,”” he says.

Frack Attack

OIL O IL FUTURE Environmentali Environmentalists ists want to halt all but conve conventional ntional oil drilling in San Beni Benito ito County County. y.

San Benito figh fight ht over fracking g and p petroleum extraction extra action goes to ballot b BY B Y JENNIFER W WADSWORTH ADSWOR RTH


HE TWO-HOUR TWO-HOUR DRIVE DRIVE E between Silicon Valley’s V alley’s southern tip and Coalinga is a descent from heaven to hell, Andy Hsia-Coron says. h says. Winding past flaxen W flaxen hills, hills, the th he occasional occasional vineyard vineyard and cattlecatttledotted dotted rranchland, anchland, Highway Highway 101 wraps w aps west around Pinnacles wr Pinnacle es National National Park Park and ends on the t brink brink of the Coalinga Oil Field. Fie eld.

“It lo looks oks lik like ke Mor Mordor, dorr,” the antipetr petroleum e oleum activist says saays y of the 124-year124--yeeaarrold ol ld derrick derrick-ridden k--ridden site site.. ““A A giant tower tower, r, these th hese b bobbing obbing machines machines,, cconvoluted on nvoluted o d pipes, pi ipes, giant dust de devils, vils, tumble tumbleweeds—it weedss—it looks lo ooks lik like ke something out of Dante Dante’s ’s nightmare. ni ightmare.” It It’s ’s a landsc landscape—stark ape—st s ark and lif lifeless— feeless— — that th hat he he’d ’d lik like ke to pr prevent eveent fr from om ttaking aking shape sh hape in San Benito C County, ountty, his hom home me off nearly thr three ee dec decades. cades a . Whether tha that’s at’s eeven veen a thr threat eat is a subject of ccontention. ontentio on. “W “We We ha have ave to think ab about out our futu future urre

and d our pr precious ecious i rresources, esources,” rremarks eemarks k Hsia-Coron, HsiaCoron, a rretired etired tea teacher acher and ccooffounder ounder of San Benito Rising o R Rising, g, a gr group oup that w wants ants a to ban what it i deems eextreme xxtrreeme oil rrecovery eccoveery metho methods ds sim similar milar to those used to siphon what what’s ’s left ft of p petroleum etroleum beneath Coalinga. “We don’t rreserves eservees b eneath C oalin nga. “W We don n’t ’ want live industrial zone..” w aant to liv ve in an indust trial zone Come hopes C ome November, Noveemberr, hee hop es vvoters oters o will pass a ccountywide ounttyywide ban b on fracking and other “high-impact “high-impact”” ffossil o ossil fuelharvesting, outlawing har veestingg, essentially ou utlaaw wing all drilling. but cconventional on nventional e oil dril lling. The fall ballot initiativ initiative ve has turned t the state’s smallest ccounty—the ountty— —the st ate’s smal llest at just 55,000 apologue 55,0 00 rresidents—into eesidents—into an a ap ologue in a broader over br oader dispute o veer oil eextraction. xtraction. x The battle property rights advocates bat tttle pits pr operty right ts adv vocaates and interests environmentalists oil inter ests against en nvvirro onmentalists politicians want protect and p oliticians who w aan nt to pr rotect o the landscape’s integrity. landsc caape’s integrit ty. San Benito County—a Countty— —a ttwo-thirdswo-thirdsw Democratic that’s Demo cratic ccounty ountty that t’s home to a growing number Silicon Valley’s gr owing numb er of Silic con V alle a ey’ ys technology workers—is technolo gy work keers—is cconsidered onsidered a bellwether state, b ellwether ffor o or the rrest est of o the st ate, giving import the cconversation on nveersation imp ort to ccommunities ommunities across California. growing number acr oss C aliffo ornia. A gr ow wing numb er of lo local governments aree cconsidering cal a go oveernments ar onsidering new laws ne w zoningg la aw ws to crack k down on oil

eextraction, xtraction, x fearing e that the st taate will fail fearing state to enf fo orce its it own rules ffor o or the industr y. enforce industry. Last wee ek, Santa Santa Cruz C ountty Last week, County b eccame a thee first in the st tate a to pass a became state fracking ban, ban an, a lar gely ssymbolic yymbolic mo ove largely move sinc h e’s no oil il de d eveelopment l planned l d sincee ther there’s development ffor or the ar o eaa. Ther e’s ttalk alk of bringing a area. There’s similar ban n to Sant ta Clara V aalleey o veer Santa Valley over ffears eears that ag ggressivve oil ac quisition aggressive acquisition rrequires equires to o much w aaterr, ccould ould trigger too water, ear thquak kees and injects toxins into earthquakes the ear th. In n San Benito C ountty, earth. County, howe ever er, a moratorium on enhanc however, enhanced ed isn’t eextraction—which xtraction— x —which includes but isn n’’t fracking—could limited to fracking— fr could o inflict economic cconsiderable onsiderablle ec conomic o rrepercussions. eperrccussions. “[The initiative] attack property “[ The initia ativvee] is an at ttack on pr operty rights,,” sa says Nahabedian, rights ayys Armen Nahab edian, CEO of Citadel Cit adel Exploration, Exp ploration, which in JJanuary anuary began drilling b egan drilli ing eexploratory xplorator x y wells 17 miles southwest Pinnacles.. “It “It’s byy south hw west of o Pinnacles ’s fueled b misinformation that’s being accepted misinf fo ormaation that ’s b eing ac ceepted as fact. scientific fac ct.” Nahabedian, Nahabedian, a charismatic ffourthour o thwas five generation oilman, w aas fiv ve when he petroleum Ass set ffoot oot on his h first p etroleum field. A Christmas wrapped a child, Chr ristmas gifts ccame ame wrapp ed maps.. Sa Save five-year in oil maps ave ffor or a fiv o ve-yeear stint in Corps partt of “Op “Operation the Marinee C orps as par eration he’s worked entiree Iraqi Freedom, Frreeedo om,” he ’s work keed his entir life navigate lif fe in an industry industry onerous onerous to na avvigate Golden State. Citadel in the Gold den St ate. But he and Cit tadel a cco-owner o-owner Phil P McPherson rrelish eelish the challenge.. challenge wasn’t “If it w as asn n’’t so difficult to get things

investments in nvestments e s for fo or already-permitted alreadyy--permitttted projects projects to le let et them rrecoup ecoup some of the costs. costs. It wou would uld also ban oil de development veelopment in rural-r rural-residential esid dential par parts ts of the ccounty, ountty, but lea leave ave mo most ost ranch and farmland op open en to cconventional drilling. Sincee the oil on nventio e onal drilling g. Sinc beneath largely inaccessible beneath thee rregion egion is lar gely inac cessible by initiative by traditional traditional eextraction, xtraction, x the initiativ ve is an eff effective ffeectivve ban. industry, prompted partly byy The indu ustry, pr ro ompted par tly b Citadel’s stake Cittaadel’s st ak ke in the rregion, egion, struck back. A rrecent letter from ecent let tter t to the ccounty ountty fr om the California Independent Petroleum Califfo ornia In ndependent P etroleum Association lawsuit over Association hinted at a la awsuit w o veer lost rrevenue. “We’ve been evenue e e. “W We’vve b een up against fear-mongering Parry says. feearr-monger ring eextremists, xtr x emists,” P arry sa ays y. “They say they don’t want fracking, they “Theey sa ay th heey don ’t w aant fracking g, the ey hold up sign signs say, ‘Don’t ns that sa ay, ‘Don n’’t frack our Pinnacles. You what?? N No Pinnacles.’ Y o know what ou o one has proposed fracking here. ”Steam injection proposed fra acking her e.”Steam is used in 6 60 percent 0p ercent of oil and gas recovery California, says. Att nearb nearby recover e y in C aliffo ornia, he sa ays y .A by San Ar Ardo Oil Field Monterey County, do Oi il F ield in Monter ey C ountty, 3,000 have been 3,000 wells ll ha h ave b een drilled d ill d with ith no reported water reported w aater ccontamination ontamination in the Salinas Riv River, adds,, p pointing ver er, he adds ointing to a list of ttalking points spelled alking p o oints sp elled out in a black pamphlet la labeled big, bold abeled “Oil Facts” in big g, b old type. type. During our ou ur cconversation, on o nveersation, a yyoung oung o man in a bla black stars-and-planet-adorned ack st ars-and-planett--adorned hoody brown hoody and a long ttangle angle of br own dreadlocks drreeadlocks saunters s into the Hollister coffee coff ffeee shop with w a clipboard clipboard and a pen. pen. He’s signatures H ’s ccollecting He ollectin ll ing signatur i es ffor o or an initiativ iinitiative i i ive to ttax medical ax medic caal ccannabis. annabis. “That’s Parry “That’s a San S Benito Rising guy, y,” P y” arry leans in and whispers. we’re d whisp ers. “See what we ’re dealing with with?” h?” San Benit Benito Rising’ss use of the wor word to Rising’ d fracking hass drawn draawn w eeye-rolling ye-rolling ridicule from local press. from Citadel Citadeel and the lo cal a pr ess. A scathing editorial Free sc athing edit torial in the Hollister Hollistteer Fr reee Lance byy the same ccompany Laancce (owned (owneed b ompan ny as Metro) slammed Hsia-Coron Mettro) slamm med HsiaCoron et al ffor or o SBR’s alarmist semantics.. SBR R’s alarm mist semantics charged “The use of the emotionally char rgged buzzword merely way deceiving buzzworrd iss mer ely a w ay of dec eiving the vvoting order oting o p public in or der to push the anti-petroleum anti-petroleu um agenda,” the Free Frreee LLance aancce opined. The ne newspaper’s positions aree wspaper’s p ositions ar developed participation deevelop e ed with w the par ticipation of a community board. communitty editorial b oarrd d. Hsia-Coron employing Hsia-Coron o admits emplo oyying the term “fracking” “frackiing” to ttap aap into a national sentiment against practice. a the practic e. It leads to conversations about methods con nversation e ns ab out other metho ds he wants ban. waants to ban n. “Sometimes Coalinga, “Sometim mes hell is C oalinga, but sometim sometimes it’s people, mes it ’s other p eople,” he sa says his critics.. “Thanks to the ays y of hi is critics initiative process, bee a dir directly initiative pr rocess, this will b ectly democratic Voters make democratic decision. V oters will mak o ke own minds..” up their ow wn minds

9 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose | metr

done in C California, aliffo ornia, I‘d ha have ave 30 T Texans exans x up her heree tr trying ying to do the same s thing thing,,” McPherson told Oil and Gas G Inv Investor, veesttoor, a trade public publication. cation. a “T “Texans Texan x ns ccome ome in and the they ey hit a brick w wall aall and the tthey ey tr tryy to br break reeak through California way thr ro ough it. The C aliffo ornia w ay is to go around like water. ar ro ound it lik ke the w aaterr.” Nahabedian says he’s driven byy a Nahab edian sa ayys he ’s driv veen b desiree ffor personal profit desir o or p ersonal pr ofit as well as creating cr reeating jobs ffor o or others while w weaning Americans Americ ans off of their fforeign orreign oil o dependence. “You drill heree dep endence. “Y Yo ou ccan an dr rill ffor or it her o there, quips. Sincee or kill ffor o or it ther e,” he qui ips. Sinc Citadel Nahabedian ffounding ounding Cit o taadel in 2011,, Nahab edian has wrangled with ccounty ountty officials they worked updated while the ey work ked e out an n up dated oil ordinance. Last secured or dinance. L ast fall, the ccompany o ompan ny secur ed permits bore p ermits to b ore wells ffor or o a vventure entur e e dubbed Project they strike dubb ed Pr ro oject Indian. Iff the ey strik ke oil, they’ll new permit byy the eyy’ll need a ne wp ermiit to eextract xxtract it b cyclic pumping scalding cy ycclic steam injection: pu umping sc caalding water vapor earth w aater vap or into the ear t to heat up oil th deposits they’re dep osits so the eyy’re liquid enough to suck surface. up to t the th sur f e. fac Nehabedian interest N ehabedian ccalls aalls his in nterest in the area opportunistic. business ar ea opp ortunistic. A bus siness ccontact onttact o a ffor or o whom he sc scouted outed oil in the t San JJoaquin oaquin Valley V aalleey basin rreferred effeerred him m to the site Monterey atop the rremunerative emunerativve Monter M ey shale deposit stretching from fformation, o ormation, a dep osit str ettching fr ro om Los Angeles oncee thought Sacramento to L os Angel les onc barrels to hold 13.7 billion barr ells of crude oil. speculative The 2011 estimate fueled a sp eculativve prompted rush that pr ompted San Benito B County, C ountty, among other h jur jjurisdictions, risdictions i di i , to update local laws keep pacee with the up date lo cal a la aw ws to k eeep p pac interest mineral rights.. That sudden inter rest e in minera al rights slumped substantially valuation slump ed subst taantially last however, week, howe eveerr, when ffederal eed deral authorities projected slashed the pr ro ojected rrecoverable ecoveerable crude byy 94 p percent. markdown b errcent. The mark kd down dealt a nation’s futures blow to the nation n’s oil fu uturrees and to boom create eexpectations xxpecttaations that a b oom m would cr reate e 2.8 million jobs and drum m up $24.6 billion in annual ttax aax rrevenue. evenue e . Citadel spokesman Robert Parry Cit taadel sp ok keesman R o ert P ob arry projection does insists the lesser pr ojectio on do es nothing affect prospects. They to aff ffeect the ccompany’s ompan nyy’s pr p ospects. The ey 1,000 barrels day still eexpect xp x ect to pull 1,0 00 barr b els a da ay at full capacity—a dramatic from capacitty— —a drama atic jump fr om 6,000 barrels the 6,0 00 barr els a yyear eear the t ccounty o ountty now produces. bring pr roduccees. That would bri ring a windfall of proceeds Benito County. ttax ax pr oceeds to San Benit to C ountty. “We’re “W We’re thinking up to o $6 million local says Parry. a yyear ear e in lo cal a ttax ax rrevenue, eveenu ue,” sa ayys P arry. “That would nearly [stop [stopgap] pgap] the ccounty’s ountty’ y s budget deficit.” Rising’s initiative But San Benito Rising g’s initiativ ve would end those plans plans,, eevaporating v orating tens vap of millions of dollars in fu future uture annual profits Citadel. measuree would pr ro ofits ffor or o Cit taadel. The measur m outlaw fracking,, but cy cyclic outla aw not just fracking yclic c steam injection, acidizati acidization any ion and an ny thereof. amortize ccombination ombination ther eoff. It would w amor tize

An inside look at San Jose politicss

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Franklin Fr anklin A Avery vvery metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014



but Smith Smith’s ’s ac accomplishments complishments far outweigh trumped-up ed-up out weigh an aanyy of the trump criticisms of o her leadership leadership..



Ro R o Khanna iss best suited to represent today today’s y’’s Silicon V y Valley. a alley y.


In her six yyears earrs on the b bench, ench, Sant Santaa County Superior Court Clara C ounty Sup erior C ourt JJudge udge Diane Ritchiee has b become ecome legend ffor or all the wr o wrong o rreasons. ong easons. Her iinappropriately inappr opriate i ely l ccasual asuall cconduct onduct d i in ccourt, ourt, her inc o etence in dealing omp incompetence with eeven ven low low-level w-level ccases ases and off offff-the the-mark -mark lega legal al interpr interpretations etations ha have ave earned her scr scrutiny rutin ny fr from om p peers eers and the press press alik e. alike. “It’s “It ’s a sup super-hard err-hard job ffor o or eeveryone, veryone,” she told us in an inter view. interview. Perhaps, P erhaps, th then, hen, it it’s ’s time ffor o or her to find a ne new w on one. ne. Fortunately F ortunatelyy ffor o or vvoters, oters, Ritchie Ritchie’s ’s storied unpr unprofessionalism ofessionalism of e pr prompted ompted some b better-qualified etttter-qualified q ccandidates andidates to step up up,, ma marking arking the first time local been in 16 yyears ears a lo ocal judge has b een challenged ffor orr rre-election. o e- election. R Running u unning against her are arre 21-year 21-year criminal defense def feense at attorney torn ney Annrae Angel and 23-year 23year pr prosecutor oseccutor Mat Matthew ttthew Harris Harris..

Harris is a vveteran eteran of the Districtt Attorney’s Office secured A ttorne t y’s O ffice who has secur ed endorsements from Santaa Clar Clara en ndorsements fr om the Sant ra County Association, local law C ounty Bar A ssociation, lo cal la aw enforcement, en nffo orcement, elected officials and eeven ven some of Ritchie Ritchie’s ’s p peers. eers. Harri Harris, is, spent w also sp who ent some of his ccareer areer in i the U.S. Attorney’s Office, possesses th he U .S. A ttorney’s O ffice, p ossessees the th he eexperience xperience and cconfidence onfidence the incumbent lacks.. in ncumbent lacks



Not N ot since since her first election has Sheri Sheriff iff L a aurie Smith fac ed this fier ce a p olitticcal a Laurie faced fierce political ba atttle t . Anon nyymous blo ggers supp battle. Anonymous bloggers supporting orrting her he er opponent, opponent, retired retired sheriff’s sheriff ’s Capt. Capt.. K evvin JJensen, ensen, ha h ave pilloried ill i d her h Kevin have character, ch haracterr, slinging cheap shots and eexploiting x xploiting high pr ofile teen deaths in n profile p o al hits olitic een a lot off dir political hits.. Ther Theree has b been dirtt bu ut lit tttle subst ance to the at ttacks. but little substance attacks. U nions rrepresenting epresenting deputies Unions and an nd jail guar guards ds ha have ave p poured oured massiv massive ve rresources e esour ces into supp orting a ccandidate andid date supporting

who work worked ed ffor o or Smith hb before effo ore rretiring etiring a yyear ear ago to run again against nst her her.. JJensen’s ensen’s a middle manager with without hout a public rrecord ecord to run on, so it it’s ’s an anyone’s nyone’s guess what kind of she sheriff eriff he he’d ’d b be. e. He’s He ’s basic basically ally let letting ting th the he unions and political p olitical cconsultants onsultants ru run un the show show.. Sincee she w Sinc was aas elected d as the state’s st ate’s first ffemale eemale sher sheriff, riff ff,, Smith has rreformed efformed o and pr professionalized offessio e onalized the department. depar tment. She hasn hasn’t ’ b ’t been een afraid to hold the rank and file fi ac accountable, countable, and that that’s ’s ruffled somee ffeathers. eeathers. Smith has deliv delivered veered ccost-effective ostt-eff ffeectivve police p olice ser services vices to Silic Silicon on nV Valley aalley ccommunities ommunities and h helped elped turn turn around arround failing agencies agencies,, includ including ding the Medic Medical al Examiner/Coroner’s Examiner/C oroner’s offi office ffice and V Valley aalley Medic Medical al C Center enter securit security. ty. She also to took ok over o ver the ccounty’s ounttyy’s jjail ssystem, yystem,, which was w as rif rife fe with dysfuncti dysfunction ion under JJensen’s ensen’s w watch atch a as assist assistant tant chief chief. f. And she’s she ’s used V Valley alle a y Trans Transit sit A Authority uthoritty offic officers ers to clean up dru drug ug dealing at light rail st stations ations when n SJPD cut positions p ositions downtown. Nobody’s N obody’s rrecord ecord is mist m mistake-free, ake-free,

Well-liked W eell-liked as he is is,, R Rep. ep e . Mik Mikee Honda hass b ecome laz y. The se venbecome lazy. seventerm Democratic Dem mocratic ccongressman ongressman rrepresenting epresentin ng the hear heartt of Silic Silicon on Valley V aalley has done lit little tle to giv givee Silic Silicon on V aalley a vvoice o e in Washing oic ton. A Valley Washington. ccenter enter of in innovative nnovative thinking deser deserves vees an active, active, engaged e legislator legislator.. That ’s wh hy we supp ort ffellow eellow That’s why support Demo crat Ro Ro Khanna, a 37-year37--yeearDemocrat awy wyeerr, fformer ormer trade o old patent la lawyer, rrepresentative epresentattivve ffor or Pr o esident Obama and President St anffor o dU niversitty ec onomics lectur er. Stanford University economics lecturer. ombines b oth so cial Khanna ccombines both social principles and a a passion ffor or o ec onomic economic de velopmeent. A development. Ass an author and officiial, he trade official, ’s pushed ffor o or he’s the rrevitalization evitaliization of Americ an American manufactu uring. manufacturing. He first ran ffor or offic o ade ago officee a dec decade tform o opp osing the P atriot on a plat platform opposing Patriot A ct and th he Iraq War in a failed bid Act the to oust R eep p. T om L o antos. Khanna Rep. Tom Lantos. has st ayed e true to those principles stayed principles,, opp osing go ggovernment vernment o verreach opposing overreach ocating a ffor or o rreform. efform. o He also and adv advocating p enned an n Internet bill of rights penned adv ocatingg ffor o or online privacy ffor or o advocating cconsumers. onsumerss. Khanna, unlik unlikee Honda, is in touch h with to daayy’s Silic on V aalley today’s Silicon Valley and would d giv givee this rregion egion the kind of rrepresentation epresentation a it deser ves. deserves.




Modification to the San Francisquito Creek Flood Protection Project Priority E0ROVIDEmOODPROTECTIONTOHOMES BUSINESS SCHOOLSANDHIGHWAYS What:

Public Hearing on Modification to the San Francisquito Creek Flood Protection Project

When: June 10, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Where: District Headquarters — Board Room 5700 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118 Due to the level of external funding available, staff recommends modifying the program document to advise the public of the level of flood protection that can be achieved at this time. As stated in the Modified Project Description, the local-statefunding-only project will be the same as the preferred project downstream of Highway 101; but upstream of Highway 101, the project will remedy channel constrictions and modify bridges at Newell Road and Pope/Chaucer Street to allow the channel to contain flood waters equal to the channel’s capacity of 7,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), approximately a 30-year flood event. Allowing this level of water to flow through the channel will protect approximately 3,000 parcels in Palo Alto from a flood event close to the February 1998 flood, the largest on record. Currently, the channel can only convey a 15-year flood event. If sufficient funding becomes available, a 1 percent (100-year) flood protection project upstream of Highway 101, including some combination of: modifications to the University Avenue and Middlefield Road bridges; upstream detention; underground bypass channels; and floodwalls, could be built.

San Francisquito Creek,1950s flood event

Proposed modifications to key performance indicators: 1. Preferred project with federal, state and local funding: Protect more than 3,000 parcels by providing 1 percent flood protection. 2. With state and local funding only: Protect approximately 3,000 parcels from flooding (100-year protection downstream of Highway 101, and approximately 30-year protection upstream of Highway 101). The full board agenda memo will be posted online on May 30, 2014 at For more information on the public hearing, please contact Melanie Richardson at (408) 630-2035, or by email at

MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr

Public hearing metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014


An inside look at San Jose politics

IN MEMORIAM John Casconcellos C was considered a ch champion hampion of social justice.

Veteran V eteran Lawmaker L Die Dies es at 82

JJohn ohn V Vasconcellos, aasconcellos, who w represented represented Silicon Valley over Silic on V alle a ey ffor or 38 yyears, o eeaars, died o ver e the weekend. week keend. The rretired etired lawmaker laaw wmaker w was aas placed hospicee care plac ed in hospic car a e last l Friday Fridaay and succumbed suc cumbed to kidne kidneyy failure f failur e ar around ound next day Santaa Clara 12:15pm the ne xt da ay in n his Sant home.. He w home was aas 82. Vasconcellos, Democrat V aasconcellos, a Demo ocrat who termed out of office office in 20 2004 04 after 30 Assembly yyears ears e in the A ssemblyy and a eight g in the Senate,, w Senate was aas known ffor o or championing mainstream, from om ccauses auses outside of the mainstr m eam, fr self-esteem self f-esteem to loweringg the vvoting o oting age to 14. He was waas widely respected resp e ected ffor o or his brilliancee and ccandor. brillianc andor. The San JJose ose native nativve made m a name ffor or o himself when he au authored uthored California legislation that fformed o ormed d the C aliffornia o Task T aask Force Force to Pr Promote Self-Esteem f-Esteem omote Self Personal Social Responsibility. and P ersonal and So ciaal R eesponsibilitty. creation 1987 The commission’s commission n’s cr eattion in 19 87 kicked frenzy brought kick ked e off a media fr en nzzy that br ought Vasconcellos ridicule to V aasconcelloss but also project. national attention attttention to his h pr oject. Doonesbury Garryy Trudeau Do onesburry ccartoonist artoonist Garr G Vasconcellos’ notion “selfturned V asc a oncellos’ no otion of “self festeem”” into a runningg jok joke. esteem e. Yet Vasconcellos Y et e V aasconcellos believed beliieveed that low

self self-esteem f-esteem mw was aas rresponsible esponsible ffor o or so social cial ills.. ills “[O]ur so ssociety cietty should get serious about understanding ab out und derstanding the rroot oot ccauses auses of violenc violence, e,” he told San JJose ose Inside during a 20 2009 interview, 009 inter view, adding that the value of o self self-esteem f-esteem had ”pr ”proven oveen to bee all we th thought was more. b hought it w aas and mor e.” V Vasconcellos aasconcellos e w was as a also a skilled strategist, tireless schools budget g stra ategist, g , a tir eless scho ols adv advocate vocate and a a intellectual. man ways, “In many ny w ayys, [he] acted as the so social cial cconscience onscience of the L Legislature, egislature,” Beall (D-San Sen. JJim iim Be eall (D -San JJose) ose) said. “He w was aas a w warrior arr a rior ffor or o so social cial justic justice. e.” Upon from office, U pon rretiring e etiring fr om elected offic e, V Vasconcellos aasconcello os ffounded ounded the P o Politics olitics of civic project Trust, a civ vic engagement pr oject to advanc advancee hi his is vision ffor or o p politics. olitics. was “He w as as one of a kind,” Beall said, always bee pr proud point “and and I willl alw wayys b oud to p oint out that JJohn Vasconcellos was from o V ohn aasconcellos w aas fr om San JJose. ose.’’ —Jennifer Wadsworth — Jeenniffeer W ads a worth

WORDS W ORDS W WITH ITH FRIENDS F "II think it’s it s ironic that a bill that was intended transparency int tended to increase tran nsparency was secretly seccretly changed. And it was altered in worrisome ways." —U.S. R —U.S. Rep. ep. Zoe LLofgren ofgren ((D-San D-San JJose), ose),, a member of the H House ouse Judiciary Committee, on the W White hitte H House ouse making last-minute increase changes to a bill that would incr e ease oversight of NSA NSA spying.


MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014



Bar Back

MARGE MAR GE IN IN C CHARGE HARGE M Marge's arge's T Tavern avern once a e occupied the corner of Alma and Almaden in the 1930s and d 40s 40s.. P Proprietor roprietor M Marjorie arjorie Bertlow is one of the two t women embracing in the middle m of the photo photo.. woman close bar. She's the wo oman on the right, standing clo ose to the bar r.

N New ew exhibition at L Los os Gatos’ F Forbes orbe o es Mill Museum M explores explorres the history off South Bay y watering watering g holes


han hanks nks to Amy Long, Long, The Forbes Forbes Mill Museum Los Mus seum in L os Gatos is now now filled up with paraph hernalia. As I bust bar paraphernalia. in for a sneak sne eak preview of Everybody Knows “Where Everybody Your N ame e: A History of Your Name: Locall W ate ering i H oles l ,”” I'm ' Local Watering Holes,” surrounded d by relics from Los Los Gatos, Cam mpbell and Sar atoga Gatos, Campbell Saratoga drinking establishments, esstablishments, all abo out on tables in strewn about front of me. me e. A ffew ew arbitrary arbitrrary knickknacks fr from om

lo long-gone ong-gone San JJose ose bars lik like ke Bini's and an nd Mar Marge's ge's also giv give ve those bars righteous ri ighteous due due.. Obviously, Ob bvviouslyy, the tiny tin ny space sp pace in the F Forbes orbes Mill showr showroom oom m ccan't a ac an't accommodate commodate a ccomprehensive omprehensivve ttaxonomy a axonom my of eevery veery single bar in the th he valle valley's eyy's histor history, y, so curator Amy Am my Long took L ong to ok a modest modest and simplified approach ap pproach when ccompiling ompiling the show show. w. Th op T The opening ening i ccelebration elebration l b i go goes es down d n this Saturday, May th his Satur daay, Ma ay 31,, 3-7pm,, making makin ng Forbes location F orbes Mill the first lo cation eever veer to o historically h historic caally ccontextualize onteexxtualize the 13 US Colonies C olonies with the Bo Bodega dega in C Campbell. amp pbell. over “When the pilgrims first ccame ame o veer h her e, the first thing the aas a here, theyy built w was ttavern, aveern,, after the theyy built the chur church, ch,,”

Long through L ong eexplains, xplains, as we sift ft thr ough piles artifacts, of ar tifacts, faded photo photto binders and other sor sordid did ephemera ephemera. a. A Att first,, I think about Los Gatos,, but then she's ttalking alking ab out L oss Gatos “There's saying she ccontinues: ontinues: “Ther e'ss a sa aying y that American Revolution was born the Americ an R evolutiion w as b orn in bar,, which is absolute absolutely true,, b because a bar ely true ecause was gathering spot. the ttavern avern w aas the gath hering sp ot.” From there, From ther e, Long Long eexplains xxplains the from timeline ffor or o the wholee eexhibit, xhibit,, fr om beginnings Colonies, the b eginnings of the US U C olonies, through wars, saloons thr ough w aars, salo ons in the Old West, Prohibition speakeasies W eest,, Pr ohibition and sp eakeasies all the w way ay up to the Salisbur Salisbury S y Steak That's right— at the Black Watch. Th hat's right — actually the Black Watch actua ally had a rrestaurant estaurant ccomponent omponentt back b k iin the h ’60s. According vintage ’6 0s. A ccording to the vint age menu Long me,, the Ch Chicken L ong shows me hicken Saute Mushrooms Sherryy W Wine [sic] with Mushr ooms au Sherr ine i was $2.25, Merchant's Lunch w as $2.2 5,, the Mer chan nt's L unch sold $1.255 including ttax, was ffor or $1.2 o ax,, and tea w aas offers $0.15. I wonder if Black k Watch off ffeers modern-day equivalent a mo dern-daay equivale ent ffor o or the

Mer chant'ss L unch? I mean,, do 40 0 Merchant's Lunch? 400 hair dresserrs fr om the surr ounding hairdressers from surrounding blo cks get discounts discounts on a no ontime blocks noontime shot of wel ll b ourbon? well bourbon? igress. Other Other L os Gatos But I di digress. Los presented in the eexhibit xhibit legends pr e esented woodworking heroes include thee wo odworking her oes Broadway who built #1 # Br oadw way from from scratch ’70s,, plus the rrole back in thee ’70s ole that stained glass accoutrements played st ained gla ass ac coutrements pla ayed architecture bars.. And in the ar ch hitecture of ffern eern bars Pet Rock storyy and its of ccourse, ourse, the t P et R ock stor Carry cconnections onnection ns to C arry Nations had bee included. to.. All of to b inclu uded. Just Just had to aree stories directly intertwined which ar s dir ectly inter twined w identity with how the t identit ty of Los Los Gatos eevolved vo olved over over e the last half of the 20th ccentury. entury. Even Evven the story story behind behind the Kamikazes infamous Kamik K azes at Black Watch bee among sordid will b am mong the sor did ttales ales of this aawesome wesome w eexhibit. xhibit. good historyy eexhibit story, ““A A go od histor xhibit tells a stor y,” Long declares. people L ong decla ares. “It's not just p eople standing there st tanding di th h e looking her l oking lo ki att things thi and d objects.. Wh When people objects hen p eople see a ccondensed ondensed wall, theyy paragraph on a ccard ard on the w aall,, the don't rrealize ealizze all the work that went into it.” Very true. Ver e y tru ue. Thankfully, Thankfullyy, the show doesn't entirely Los do esn't ffocus ocus c entir ely on L os Gatos. Gatos. gets San JJose ose ge ets mentioned as well. For knew F or eexample, xamp ple, I never neveer kne w the crossroads ccelebrated elebrated cr ossroads of Almaden was and Alma w aas once once home to Marge’s, Marge’s, neighborhood byy a neighb i hborrho h od ttavern aveern owned db Bertlow, Marjorie Ber B tlow w, 20 years years before beffo ore the occupied parcel Bear's o ccu upied the same par cel of particular land. One glorious g photo in par ticular what looks likee San JJose police shows wha at lo oks lik ose p olice officers hanging uniformed offic ers han nging out,, fully unif formed o boozing up.. Mar Marge’s was and b oozin ng it up ge’s w as an important watering hole,, says imp ortant w atering hole saayys Long. Long. those days, “In thos se da ayys, it was waas very very uncommon bar,,” unc ommo on ffor or o a woman to run a bar Long L ong tells me m me.. Also vvery eerry true true.. Some other joints getting get ttting am ample mple dedic dedication ation in the eexhibit xhibit include thee Bank in Sarato Saratoga, ga,, Bini's in San JJose ose an and nd the Bo Bodega dega in C Campbell. ampbell. Yes, Y es e , yyou ou ccan a see obligator an obligatoryy shots of P Pat at Benatar, Benat ar, Elvin Ellvin Bishop and the T Tubes, ubes, circa-’79 cir ca-’79 to o ’82,, back when C Campbell ampbell was w as the sub suburban burban world ccapital apital of Bay. classic rrock ock k in the South Ba ay. Again, Where Everybody A gain, Wher W re Ev erryb y ody Knows Your Y oour Namee is not a ccomprehensive omprehensive about eexhibit, xhibit, (I complained complained ab out the Vision, Last eexclusion xclusion of o Double V iision, The L ast Call Otto's Room), C all and O ttto's Garden Garden R oom), but anyy event, in an event, the eexhibit xhibit shall indeed attention ccall all to eeveryone's verryone's at tention the importance watering imp ortancce of w atering holes and ubiquity history. their ubiq uity in American American histor y. Good Forbes Go od on F orbes Mill.



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Bankruptcy Attorney metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014

Photo courtesy c of Beyond the Four Walls Walls


Allll Access Al Access

CONNECT C ONNECT ‘FOUR’ ‘F FOUR’ Beyond the F Four our W Walls, allss, founded by P Palo alo Alto native W Wolf olf P Price, rice, aims to elevate the status of women and girls in N Nepal epal by p providing roviding them with co computers omputers and Internet access at the organization organization’s ’s ‘‘hacker hacker centers centers,’ s,,’ as well as tuition ass assistance sistance and start-up funding.

Silicon Silico on V Valley alley a grou groups ups use tech solutions s to ccombat ombat pover poverty rty

and illiteracy i abr abroad road


HE THREE school-age Nuñez Nuñez daughters dau ughters struggled with stud studying dying at home. It wasn’t wasn’t for lack of motiv ation, nor motivation, overbooke d after-school schedules— — overbooked nor any ob bsessive relationships wit h obsessive with the Xbo x. The T girls’ home in the rur a al Xbox. rural community y of Colonet, M exico, had no Mexico, electricity rs electricity.. After sundown, the sister sisters squinted at a their homework, trying to read and write w by the dim light of a few small votiv votive ve candles. candles.

BY B Y CCAITLIN AIT LIN Y YOSHIKO-KANDIL OSHIKO-KANDIIL “You “Y Yo ou can’t can’t studyy eff effectively ffeectively if yyou’re ou’re tr trying ying to study with a candle—you can ndle—you just don’t don’t have haave the illumination. It IIt’s ’s also vvery ery eexpensive, xpensive, and kerosene k erosene and ccandles and dles ar aree a health hazar hazard d ... I thought I had to do d something ab about out it,, but I wasn’t w asn’t sur suree what iitt w was as at the time time,” ,” sa says ayys JJesse esse Salem, who b befriended efriended the N Nuñez uñez family on one of his trips to C Colonet. olo onet. Salem has tra traveled avelled to C Colonet olonet ffor o or the past 20 yyears ears to build hou houses uses with the L Los os Gatos U United nited Methodist Metho dist Chur Church. ch h. But one yyear ear he notic noticed ed that it w wasn’t asn’t just hom homes es that needed cconstruction. onstruction. He says saayys that about about o one one-third -third of the p people eople in

Colonet—a small, agric Colonet—a agricultural cultural town in the Baja California C aliffo ornia p peninsula—live eninsula—llive off off-grid, ff--grid, unable to cconnect onnect to electricit electricityy b because ecause the p power ower lines ar aree at least a half half-mile f--mile aaway. way. W Worldwide, orldwide, the numb o number er of p people eople living withou without ut electricit electricityy st stands ands ar around ound 1.5 billion, 85 p percent ercent of o whom ar aree illiterate illiterate.. For F or Salem, the cconnection onneection w was as clear clear—get —get better b etter lighting lighting,, and kid kids ds will rread, ead,, write and perform p erform o b better etter in scho school. o ol. So Salem, a rretired etired materials m engineer who spent sp ent 26 yyears eears working ffor o or IBM,, went back to his home in Cup Cupertino ertino and d in 2012,, ccame ame up with a



Rebecca Wong, Ed.D. MATHEMATICS

Faculty Focus

ABOUT: Rebecca found her calling in teaching. “I wanted a career in which I could help people and engage in meaningful work. Each and every day I have the opportunity and responsibility to have a positive impact on someone’s life, and in that way, have a positive impact on our world and our society.”

ON TEACHING AT WVC: She’s been a respected member of the faculty for over 19 years. “At West Valley I found a community of colleagues who share my passion for providing access to higher education for all our students.”

STUDENT FEEDBACK: “I truly found your approach, enthusiasm, and caring for your students profound. I feel you are a true gift to all of us who are daunted with the task and requirement of taking a statistics class.” WVC Math Student

WESTVALLEY.EDU | A California Community College 14000 Fruitvale Avenue, Saratoga, CA 95070-5698 | (408) 867-2200




Happy hour: Five till 5 It’s been a long day—you deserve a treat. Enjoy a glass of our delicious house wine, a pint of creamy draft beer or a tasty snack from our food menu for just $5.* *Offer only available in the Lobby Lounge.

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16 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014

Photo courtesy of BeaconPack BeaconPack

NET N ET PREP PR EP The sola solar-powered r-powered BeaconP BeaconPack ack is a ba backpack ckpack containing a small computer thatt serves up pre-loaded website websites. es. The project is meant to help residents of rur rural, ral, impoverished areas—whic areas—which ch may not get Internet access for another fi ve years—acclimate to using the t web ack can five web.. BeaconP BeaconPack also serve as a hotsp pot for mobile phones hotspot phones..

Create Cr eate

Tilt-A-Whirl, T ilt-A-Whirl, 2012 2012 Jan Myers-Newbury Myers-Newbur y


Explor Exploree



Witness, 2011-2012 Witness, 2011-2012 June Lee

B oken Star, Br Star, c. 1925-1930 1925-1930 Broken H County, Ohio Holmes County,

Quilt N National ational ’1 ’13 3 Now Now through through July 20, 20 22014 14

San Jose Museum M of Quilts & T Textiles extiles

520 South 1st 1st St. St. Sa San an Jose, CA A 95 95113 113 408.9 408.971.0323 71.0323

solution: solar-powered solar-powered e LED lights small ll enough h to t bring b i g with ith him hi on his ne next xt trip to C Colonet, oloneet, but p powerful owerful enough to illuminate an entir entiree room room ffor or ffour o our hours straight o straight. t. This simple solar lig lighting ghting solution sspawned pawned the nonprofit nonprofi fit Lighting for fo or Literacy. Literacy y. Salem’s Salem ’s solar units ar aaree ccomprised omprised of thr three ee main ccomponents: ompon nents: a 10-w 10-watt attt solar panel ab about out a sq square-foot quare-ffoot lar large ge ccomes omes with a steel-ang gle brack et so steel-angle bracket i ccan it an b d on nto the h rroof ooff off a bee mounted onto house to maximize sun su un eexposure; xposure; a small, gra ay plastic b oxx that holds the gray box bat tery and char ge ccontrol, ontrol, which battery charge cconverts onverts the output fr rom the solar from panel into electricity electricity to t fuel a thin, quar ter-inch b ch, 640 lumen quarter-inch byy 15-inc 15-inch, LED strip ’s almostt as go od as a strip.. “It “It’s good 6 0-watt light bulb ,” sa ays y Salem. 60-watt bulb,” says Salem, who works par p t-time at part-time San Francisc o’s Explor ratorium, Francisco’s Exploratorium, st arted d ttaking aking ki the h sola lar-powered d started solar-powered units with him each time tiime he visited Me xico, so that now th here are are 16 Mexico, there fully functioning light ting units in lighting C olonet. R eelying on funding fu unding fr om Colonet. Relying from the L os Gatos Mornin ng R o otary and Los Morning Rotary Cup ertino Electric, Electric, hee sent another Cupertino 15 to Zambia, where where he h also has

connections connection ns on the gr ground, ound, and plans to t st start tart shipping shi hiipping i i to t Gh Ghana as well. ll “The initial initiaal rreports eports ar aree that yyes, es, the children children who w have haave got gotten ttten the lighting systems systems ar aree doing b better etter in scho school, ol,” he says. saayys. “Thei “Their ir grades ar aree going up up..” Lightingg ffor o or Literacy is just one of many many Silicon Siliccon V Valley alle a y or organizations ganizations drawing draawing w on o n inno innovative vative technolo technology gy as a way way to o addr address ess pr problems oblems such as poverty poverty and illiteracy abr abroad. oad. “Because we w ’re in the Ba ay, wher “Because we’re Bay, wheree hi tha hat ar w and d eexciting xciting i i ar things that aree ne new aree alwayys at the t fforefront or o efront of p eople’s always people’s minds, I think th hink yyou ou see a lot of minds, nonprofitss doing cut ting- edge work,”” nonprofits cutting-edge saays y Brian Mat tos of the Silic on says Mattos Silicon Valle a yC ou uncil of N onprofits. Valley Council Nonprofits. Accordin ng to JJennifer enniffeer Shea,, an According assistant pr p offeessor in the public assistant professor administraation pr ogram at San administration program Francisc o St ate U niversity, these Francisco State University, echnology--based ser vice kinds of te technology-based service groups st a ted ar dp opping i up in i groups started popping mid-19 990s in an at tempt to the mid-1990s attempt pr ovide solutions so olutions to a variet provide varietyy of pr oblems in the de veloping world, problems developing from clean nw ater and sanit ation from water sanitation o ower ed o vens. Their to solar p powered ovens. emergence ccoincided oincided with the lar ger, emergence larger, more est ab blished humanit arian more established humanitarian


‘I’m really confident that if I take th the he top studen nts in students their classs and train them m in start-up culture, cu ulture, make them m read Steve e Jobs’ biography y, then biography, I can inspi ire inspire them to be e the next Mark Mark Zuckerberg rg.’ Zuckerberg.’ differentiates social “What diff ffeerentiates so ocial from nonprofits enterprise fr om ttypical ypicall nonpr ofits is they’re moree op open that the y’re mor en n to business partnering principles and par tnering with aree lo ccorporations, orporations, and ar llooking oking ffor o or a creative without worrying cr eative solution witho out worr ying about ab out the questions off whether it bee a go government, nonprofit should b vernmen nt,, nonpr ofit says or business doing it,”” sa ays y Shea. “They’re problem-focused, “The y’re vvery ery pr oblem m-ffocused, innovative inno vative risk ttakers.” akers.” growth new breed The gr owth of this ne n w br eed organization highlights of or ganization also hi ighlights between the ongoing eexchange xchange b etween technological innovation technolo gical inno vatiion and charitable organizations. charit able or ganization ns. JJust ust as the technology have started technolo gy giants ha ave st arted to address social economic addr ess so cial and ec on nomic issues poor in p oor ccountries—for ountries—ffo orr eexample, xample, Zuckerberg’s promise Mark Z uckerberg’s pr o omise last yyear ear the to bring Internet to th he 5 billion people presently p eople in the world pr resently it—so nonprofits without it —so too too are are nonpr ofits

harnessing technolo technology gy as a w way ay to solve solve problems. probllems.

Access A ccesss P Pack ack Doug McN McNeil, e , Salem eil, Salem’s ’s cco-founder o-ffo ounder o or Literacy y, sa ayys that Literacy, says of Lighting ffor technology plays critical technolo gy “absolutely”” pla ayys a critic al “speed[ing] process” rrole ole in “sp ocess”” of eeed[ing] up that pr social issues,, both abroad solving so ciaal issues both abr oad and home.. McN McNeil, at home h M Neil, il, an engineer i who h h has worked aerospace industryy ffor work ed in the t aer ospace industr or o moree than thr decades, mor tthree ee dec ades, immediately that Salem’s solar-powered rrealized ealized tha at Salem ’s solar -powered bee used not just to help lights ccould ould b Colonet, Mexico, students in C olonet,, Me exic x o, but also in Silicon Valley, Silic on V aalleey, so he cconvinced on nvvinced Salem to let lo local cal mid middle ddle scho schoolers olers cconstruct onstruct the charge controllers conttrollers ffor o or the units charge units.. Youth Y outh att their chur o church ch put to together gether the first bat batch tch of lights lights,, and sinc sincee then h they the h y ha h have ave br b brought ought h iin mor moree than 30 300 0 st students tudents acr across oss se several veral local lo cal scho schools o to build the solar ols units.. “It has units haas b been een said b both oth within the st state ate ed education ducation ssystem ystem and nationally that the U United nited St States ates needs to do o mor moree to ffocus ocus on S STEM,” TEM,”” Salem sa says ayys of the fields of scienc science, e, technology, technolo gy, engineering and math. “So we decided deccided that needed to b bee a str strong ong ccomponent omponent of Lighting ffor o or Literacy. Literacyy. The idea is to educ educate ate children childr en on nb both oth sides of the b border. order. “That’s “That ’s the th he essenc essencee of what we do in Silicon Silicon Valley—we Vaalley—we generate ideas and ha have ave a lot of ener energy gy and passion toward tow ard creating creaating ne new w technolo technology,” gy,” adds McN McNeil. e “If we w eil. want ant to mak makee the U United nited St States ates eeven ven mor moree productive, productive, we ha have ave to rreach each back and help th the he ne next xt generation. generation.”” JJen en P Padgett, adggetttt, CEO of the Community C ommunitty T Technology echnolo e gy Allianc Alliancee in San JJose, ose, relies relies e on a similar mo model del of adaptingg eexisting xisting technolo technology gy and engaging yyouth outh at home to cr create eate products pr oducts ffor o those abr or abroad oad with her innovation, inno vation n, the Beac BeaconPack. onPack. Originally ly named the S STEM TEM Sherpa,, the Beac BeaconPack onPack is a small, black backp backpack pack with a solar panel mounted o on n the outside and some basic ccomputer ompu uter par parts ts inside inside.. The idea is aimed at br bridging ridging the digit digital al divide b byy providing pr oviding ac aaccess cess to se several veeral pr pre-loaded e-loaded websites,, educational websites ed ducational to tools ols and a mini-mesh net network tw work in rural ar areas eas that currently curr ently ha have ave no Internet ac access. cess. “F “For or some, some, it it’ll ’ll b bee ffour our or fiv o fivee yyears eears until


MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose | metr

organizations—such ass Oxfam and organizations—such CARE—moving C ARE—moving aaway way fr from om dir direct ect service ser vice and tow toward partnership artnership ard a p model theyy fu fund smaller,, mo del in which the und smaller grassroots organizations grassr oots or ganization ns to do all the on-the-ground on-the -ground work. pioneering new In addition to pione eering ne w technology, manyy of these ttypes ypes of technolo gy, man m groups have new gr oups ha ave also ttaken aken n on ne w models, that business mo dels, so tha at instead of operating nonprofits op erating ti as traditiona ttraditional diti all nonpr ofits fit theyy ha have incorporated the ave inc orporated d elements of start-ups businesses.. st art-ups and ffor-profit o or-profitt businesses

19 Photo courtesy of Lighting for for Literacy Literacy metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014


FIRST F IR ST L LIGHT IGHT Lighting for Literacy has sen sent nt its solar-powered lighting units u to schools in Zambia (left (left), t), in addition to supplying g them to houses in the remote e community of Colonet, M Mexico exicco (right).

theyy have BeaconPack the haave Internet, Inteernet,, so the Beac onPack preparing them, Padgett, is pr eparing th hem,” says saayys P adgetttt, “so theyy ccan the ground running..” the an hit th he gr ound running key The k ey component com mponent is something Raspberry “It’s basically ccalled alled a Raspb berry Pi. “It ’s basic ally a credit cr edit card-sized card-sizzed computer—all computer—all the these,,” she ccontent ontent will go g on one of these eexplains. xplains. “It requires requires minimal power. power. There’s 64-gig Ther e’s a 64-g gig SD ccard, ard,, and it has a video and an audio ccard. ard. Y You o ou ccould ould j t ab just about boutt pr program ogram an Xb Xbox ox to t run on one of the these—that’s ese—that’s how p powerful owerful theyy ar the are. e.” Butt unlik unlikee a rregular egular ccomputer, omputer, thee Raspb Raspberry erry Pi has no screen—so scr een—so users ussers have haave to plug in their own de devices, vices, whether w a smar smartphone tphone or a tele television, vision n,, to vie view w ccontent. ontent. In addition addition, n, the pack includes an antenna tthat hat cr creates eates a mobile hotspot hotsp ot with h a half half-mile f--mile range range.. ““A A lot of p people eople ha have ave ccell ell phones phones,, and the theyy might i h go to the th main i town to use them, but the they ey don don’t ’t ha have ave ccoverage overage when the theyy ccome o ome back,, so the theyy ccan an hook ho ok in thr through ou ugh ther there,” e,” sa says ayys P Padgett. adgetttt. “They’d “The y’d b bee ab able ble to ccommunicate ommunicate via te text xt messa message, age, check weather information inf fo ormation and chat within their ccommunity. ommunity. It IIt’d ’d act as a mini ccell ell

ph phone hone tower within the ccommunity.” ommun nity.” BeaconPack Beac onPack w was as cconceived onceived 30,000 30 0,000 ffeet eeet off the gr ground ound on a British B ritish Air Airways wayys flight fr from om San Francisco Fr rancisco to L London ondon that double doubled d ass a brainstorming session ffor or o 100 10 00 inno innovators vators to ccome ome up with solutions so olutions to so social cial and technolo technological g al gic problems pr roblems in the de developing veloping world world. d. Padgett P adgett ccame ame up with the idea ffor o or BeaconPack B eaconP Pack k and d pitched it h d the th idea id a to o the DNA DNA—Decide —Decide N Now ow A Act— ct— Summit Su ummit in L London ondon and at the G8 8 Innovation In nnovation C Conference onffeerence last yyear. ear. For F or now now,, the Beac BeaconPack onPack pr project ojeect runs ru uns on donations donations,, but P Padgett adgettt sa says ayys she sh he hop hopes es it ccan an eeventually ventually mo move ve to o a mo model del similar to that of T Toms om oms Shoes, Sh hoes, in which the packs will b bee sold so old to backpack backpackers ers and hik hikers, ers, an and nd ffor o every or every unit sold, one will also b bee donated d do onated d to those h in i need. d BeaconPack B Beac onPack is curr currently ently in the development de evelopment stage, stage, with studentss att Santa Santa Clara U University’s niversity’s Frugall Innovation In nnovation L Lab ab working on ccoding odin ng the th he Raspb Raspberry erry Pis with st static, atic, st standan ndalone al lone pages such as W Wikipedia iikipedia an and nd rregional e egional interest inter est topics—“p topics—“perhaps erhap ps

farming inf information,” fo ormation,”” sa says ayys P Padgett. adgett. Oncee the pr Onc products oducts ar aree ccompleted, ompleted, Padgett P adgettt has a pilot sitee identified in Ghana that will rreceive ecceive the first batch of Beac BeaconPacks. onPacks.

Going Be Beyond yonnd While Salem and P Padgett ad dgett ar aree b both oth working to adapt Silic Silicon con V Valley aalley technology technolo h l gy ffor o or the h d de developing veloping l i world, ld Wolf W o olf Price, Price, ffounder o ounder off Be Beyond yond the Four F our Walls, Walls, is tr trying ying to t rreplicate eplicate Silicon Silic on V Valley alle a y abr abroad. oad. Ass a filmmak A filmmaker er and photo photographer grapher Pricee started Pric started tra traveling aveling the t world 10 yyears eears ago at the age of 17 17, 7, in sear search ch of adventure adv enture and materia material al ffor or o his work. He ffound ound o his w way ay to N Nepal epal and w was as a at onc oncee impressed impressed b byy th the he eff efforts ffo orts of fforeign o oreign aid work workers ers and d disturb disturbed ed byy the b h living li i cconditions ondition di i ns ffor o or women and girls girls.. “N “Nepal epal is onee of the worst ccountries ountries in the world to b bee a woman,” he sa says. ayys. “Fr “From om childho childhood, ood,, the girl has to clean her br brother’s other’s clothes cclothes,, ttake ak ke ccare are of the men in the fami family. ilyy. The b boys oys play, pla ay, and the girls ar aree working w in the house as domestic servants. servants v .”

Price ad dds: “Ev ery yyear, ear, women Price adds: “Every aaree b eing traffick ed into and girls ar being trafficked dN epal is the plac India, and Nepal placee that ed light districts .” fuels the rred districts.” To elevate elevaate the st atus of women To status nN epal, Pric e, who gr ew and girls in Nepal, Price, grew alo o Alto orted bits of up in P Palo Alto,, has imp imported Silicon V al alley cultur Silicon Valley culturee to giv givee them a t S TEM fields ened leg up in the STEM fields.. He op opened two hack e ccenters—one er enters— one in a deser two hacker desertt region i in i tthe th southeast th t and d another th region Bhaktap pur, outside the ccapital apital in Bhaktapur, Kathmaandu—to pr ovide fr ee of Kathmandu—to provide free computerss, Internet and workspac computers, workspacee girls, an nd also pr ovides tuition to girls, and provides assistance and st art-up funding assistance start-up funding.. reaally cconfident onfident that if I ttake ake “I’m really stu udents in their class and the top students m in st art-up cultur e, mak train them start-up culture, makee ead d Ste ve JJobs’ obs’’ bio graph hy, them rread Steve biography, an inspir then I ccan inspiree them to b bee the next Mark M kZ uck kerb berg,” P Pric i e sa ays y . “If next Zuckerberg, Price says. give wo omen a w ay to ha ave mor we give women way have moree eople ar ound knowledgee than the p people around n we ccan an change how them,, then they’re see en in so ciety pr ettty quickly y.” they’re seen society pretty quickly. For now w, Pric erating on a For now, Pricee is op operating shoestringg budget with funds he shoestring om m ccorporate orporate donations raised fr from t tnership with Americ an and a par partnership American Apparel,, in n which all the pr oceeds Apparel, proceeds from a sp e ecially designed Be yond from specially Beyond h F our Walls W ll tt-shirt -shir hi t go dir di ectly l the Four directly orgaanization. Ar tist Trina to the organization. Artist Merry use ed the image of a temple in Merry used piece shee cr eated in or der to bring a piece created order awareness to the or ganization, and awareness organization, help raise funds funds.. Merr Merryy and her team artists, mo m dels and assist ants will of artists, models assistants rketing and entr epreneurial teach mar marketing entrepreneurial skills in a visit Nepal v this fall to the N epal hacker hacker centers. cen nters. Price looking crowd Price is also lo oking to cr owd funding and investors an nd angel in vestors in California Califfo ornia to help him rreach each his goal of raising $1 $ million dollars—an amount h hee sa says ayys is enough to fund all of the pr programs ograms he has in mind,, and to cconvince Nepalese onvincce N epalese families that investing education investing in i girls’ educ ation in the STEM fields good STEM field ds is a go od idea. “I’m fr from Silicon Valley, o Silic om on V aalley, so I’m passionatee ab about out bringing this plentiful thing have— t that we ha ave— technology,” says Price. “There’s technology,” sa ayys Pric e. “Ther e’s unlimited p potential because otential now b ecause the older gene generation eration is fading aaway way and a new way new generation gen neration ccan an lead the w ay for alleviation women’s fo or poverty poverty alle viation and women ’s empowerment. We’re empowerm ment. W e’re doing it, and we’re way we’re leading leading the w ay to show how viable thiss is is.” .”

SoFA District (and beyond) on the First Friday of the month.

Charis DeRemer

JUNE 6 & 7 ART WALK 6pm–12am

Circuit design team

Anno Domini

Higher Fire Clay

KALEID Gallery


WORKS San José

366 So. First St.

499 So. Market St.

88 So. Fourth St.

510 So. First St.

365 So. Market St.

Street artist Faring Purth returns to Anno Domini with “Release the pearl.” the artist’s follow up solo exhibition since the 2012 solo “This Snow Rising.” On First Friday June 6th, Purth takes over the entire gallery with a new body of work created while on location in St. Louis, Missouri. Inspired by the ephemeral molting of a woman and the torrential powers of a river.

“Cwazy Wayz” View new works by renowned Santa Cruz artist Mattie Leeds. Giant ceramic vessels present visual manifestations of Leeds’ wild, unbridled creativity – material extensions of the artist’s soul. Leeds takes us on a journey from past to present via his narrative-based ceramic vessels. Mattie Leeds will be on hand for SubZERO at Higher Fire’s booth with demonstrations.

Join us for "What I See When I See Me" an interpretative self portraiture exhibit of how several featured KALEID artists picture their true selves beyond the exterior shell they reside in.

COSMOS CODEX Vargas-Suarez UNIVERSAL Vargas-Suarez UNIVERSAL has dedicated his artistic career to the relationship between art, astronomy and space research. For this, his first solo show in California, the artist has been in dialogue with scientists at NASA Ames research center to gather information directly informing the new artworks.

Design in Transit Seventeen SJSU advanced graphic design students developed 5 dramatic rebrand concepts for public transportation in Silicon Valley.This exhibition is presented as part of San Francisco Design Week in collaboration with AIGA SF, the professional organization for design. Visit both Works and our booth at SubZERO!

“What I See When I See Me” opens at our booth at SubZERO Festival in the SoFA District! (Gallery location will be closed on June 6th & 7th.)

First Friday June 6th & Saturday June 7th 6pm-Midnight in the SoFA District art by Michael Pauker

Art Ark Gallery

Café Stritch

First To Market

1035 So. Sixth St.

374 So. First St.

399 So. First St.

Cubberley Diaspora group exhibit. Participating Artists: Lois Anderson, Lessa Bouchard, Sharon Chinen, Ulla de Larios, Ken Edwards, Peter Foley, Linda Gass, Barbara Gunther, Inge Infante, Steve Kiser, Marianne Lettieri, Andy Muonio, Julia Nelson-Gal, Michael Pauker, Nora Raggio, Colleen Sullivan, Cristina Velazquez

Lucidity Part Deux Travel Imagery by Gary Singh One might possibly “travel” just as much in one's own neighborhood as he does anywhere else.That said, most of the images in this show are from around the world—everywhere from Switzerland to Thailand to El Salvador—but some are from right around the corner.

Photography by Patrick Lyons Patrick is a native of San Jose and studied in Santa Barbara, Ca at Brooks Institute of Photography. “My favorite technique has always been high speed photography. Catching those briefest of moments that pass us by in the blink of an eye. These are a few of my personal favorite frozen moments.” ~Lyons

Focused on emerging and present subcultures thriving in our region, SubZERO is a DIY, artistically bent, hi/lo-techno mashup where street meets geek.This year we expand to two days! Come out either night (or both!) and enjoy open galleries, 100+ artists, performers, indie businesses and live bands celebrating the creative spirit! Visit for listings.

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MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr

South FIRST FRIDAYS an eclectic evening of arts and culture in downtown San Jose’s

11 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014






23 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014

& Taproom ahead of its planned opening next month.

Striking Ahead


TRIKE Brewing Company is nearing completion on a brewery and taproom in San Jose that could produce up to 5,000 barrels of beer annually.

The idea for Strike originated in 2008, stemming from a love for home brewing and the observation that there was a dearth of options for drinkers wanting a full-flavored beer with relatively low alcohol content. Co-founders and South Bay residents CEO Jenny Lewis and brewmaster Drew Ehrlich wanted to make sure their first releases emphasized session beers with less than 5 percent ABV. Since releasing their first offerings back in December 2011 on a contract basis with Hermitage Brewing Company, sales have steadily risen, requiring more capacity to keep up with demand. Strike currently has four beers offered year-round—the session Blonde, session Brown, IPA and Imperial Red. Last month, Strike mounted a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to help furnish the taproom. Metro visited with Lewis and Ehrlich at the soon-to-open brewery site. METRO: DO YOU HAVE A BETTER IDEA OF WHEN THE BREWERY WILL OPEN? Lewis: We could soft open the taproom in mid-to-late June once we have a few new things coming out that we can pour. We’ll do a grand opening in July once we smooth everything out and know what beers we want on tap. We’ll have an eight-tap system so we want eight fun things on those taps. The first one coming out is the new pale ale that we already announced. SPEAKING OF WHICH, HOW DID YOU DECIDE ON THE “OPENING PITCH” SESSION PALE ALE AS YOUR NEXT NEW BEER? Lewis: We wanted to add to the session series. When we first launched back in December 2011, we put out four session beers and haven’t done one since. There’s clearly a huge demand for them; you have all the big guys doing it and everyone knows what that word means now. It’s just a good hoppy, summer beer. We want to eventually make it a baseball season beer. Ehrlich: We’ll continue to focus on our session and year-round beers, but we’ll be able to do more small-batch beers. I look forward to creating some more interesting seasonals, barrel aging some beers, developing a house yeast and making sours. CONGRATULATIONS ON HITTING YOUR KICKSTARTER GOAL. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THE TAPROOM? Lewis: Thank you. That was a relief. The taproom’s going to be about 600 square feet. It’ll be a roped-off area, similar to what you see in other taprooms—a couple high-top tables and a couple picnic tables. There will be a big wall of fame with all the names of the first Mug Club members on it. We have more than 150 names to put on that.—Andy Lee A June opening is planned for Strike Brewery & Taproom, 2099 S. Tenth St, San Jose.

| metr m | sanjos | metr

BRAND NEW BREWS Equipment arrives at Strike Brewery metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014


Great G reat F Food ood | S Specialty pecialty C Coffee off ffeee | C Craft rafftt B Beer eer Fast Fast & Free Free WiFi WiFi | Local Local Art Art & Music Music Happy Happy Hour Hour Everyday Everyday

Upcoming U pcoming E Entertainment nter tainment Events E vents are are for for all all ages ages

WED WEDNESDAY DNESDAY 5/28 | 9p 9pm pm Waax Wednesday: Wedn e nesday: S Soul oul | Jazz Jazz | Funk Funk with wiith Wax S trictly 7 & F riends Strictly Friends THU THURSDAY URSDAY 5/29 | 8:30p 8:30pm pm Carl Yamada Yaamada Birthday Birthday Bash Bash feat. f Carl Th Leon Joyce Joycce Trio(Jazz) Trio( Jaazzz) The FR FRIDA Y 5/30 | 8:30pm m FRIDAY Qu uasar Collective Collective (Jazz) ( Jaazz)) Quasar SATURDA T Y 5/31 | 8:30pm 8:30ppm SATURDAY Patrrick Wolff Woolff Quartet Qu uartet (Jazz) ( Jaz azz) Patrick SUN SUNDAY NDAY 6/1 | 7pm-11p 7pm-11pm pm Jeff e Denson Denson Trio Trio (Jazz) ( Jaazz) Jeff 374 S 374 South outh F First irst S Street treet Downtown D owntown S San an JJose ose | SoFA SoFA District District

Traditional T rraditional Spanish Cuisine Cuisin ne

Across A cross tthe he sstreet treet ffrom rom the the California California Theater Theater ((408) 408) 2 280-6161 80-6161 | c a f e s t ri t c h . c o m Sun S un 4 4pm-11pm pm-11pm | M Monon- T Tues ues C CLOSED LOSED | W Wed-Sat ed-Sat 4 4pm-2am pm-2am


with Mac & Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Double Toasted Sliced SlicedWheat WheatBread Breadand andFries Frie 11 am to 5:30 pm

It’s Scrumptious! Open Daily 11am to 10pm

2905 Park Ave., Santa Clara




Happy Hour 3-5pm Daily 18818 1 8818 C Cox ox Ave., Ave., S Saratoga aratoga

(408) 379-1677 379 -1677 m

Open O pen 111am 1am to to 10pm 10 pm Daily Daily


25 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014


n their own, unassuming dolmades don’t look like a dish that would draw a mob. Depending on how they’re assembled, the stuffed grape leaves can resemble little green cigars. But in their element—the San Jose Greek Festival, in particular—the dolmades do attract a crowd, as does every single one of the festival’s food booths. Every. Single. One.

The event, of course, is about more than the cuisine, but as the routinely long lines for gyros, spanakopita and everything else on the menu show, the festival is known for its food. Though assembling a meal from various booths—appetizers, main course, drinks—takes some time, you won’t miss all the entertainment: the live Greek music can be heard around the small church campus. And once you’ve snagged a plate, tables and chairs are set up near the stage to watch Greek dancing. Dessert is an assortment of Greek pastries. Most everyone knows baklava (and for a good reason), but that pastry’s gooey sweetness has nothing on loukoumades, which are small, soft fried dumplings soaked in honey. Dessert does require another little bit of a wait, but the loukoumades are worth it.—Heather Zimmerman Festival takes place May 30, 5-10pm; May 31, 11am-10pm and June 1, 11am-9pm. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 1260 Davis Ave, San Jose. Admission is free.

A First Feast

DOWNTOWN SAN JOSE eatery First to Market opened in February, and if it’s all been a bit unofficial since then, that’s only in the sense that the restaurant is now holding its grand opening. The restaurant’s Winter menu emphasized comfort food: mac’n’cheese, pot pies and gargantuan tater tots. Diners at the restaurant’s grand opening, which takes place June 4, will get a taste of about 20 new dishes from First to Market’s Summer menu, and that also includes desserts. Because it’s a tasting event, the restaurant is encouraging guests to attend in pairs. (Although larger-sized parties are welcome, it’s requested that an even number of guests attend.) —Heather Zimmerman Tickets are $100 per pair. First to Market, 399 S. First St, San Jose. Reservations required; call 408.600.2120.

| m | sanjose | metr

Freaks for Greek metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014


$25/WEEK Enjoy fresh, sustainably grown produce from June to November Support your local Community Farm!


PICK UP YYOUR OUR BO BOXX WEEKLY: WEEKLLY: At VVeggielution At eggielution FFarm arm (K (King ing and Story) Story) 10am-2pm 1:30pm-6pm TTuesdays uesdays or 10 0am-2pm Saturdays Saturdays SStudio tudio CClimbing limbing GGym ym (1stt & SSan an SSalvador) alvador) 2pm-10pm OOnn South South First First Street Street frfrom om 2p pm-10pm TTuesdays uesdays Naglee Park William) Park (18th & W illiiam) William BByy W illiam SStreet treet PPark ark frfrom om 2pm-7pm 2 TTuesdays uesdays Husted) SSouth outh Willow Willow Glen ((Cherry Cherry & Hust ed) NNear ear PPresentation resentation High frfrom om m 2pm-7pm TTuesdays uesdays

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metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICES CHOI CES B BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Stephen L Layton ayton Heather H eather Zimmerman



*wed w d *tthu h *fri hu f

Blackbird Tavern, Blackbird Taaverrn, San Jose Wed, W ed, 8pm, $5


somewheree With a voice thatt ffalls alls somewher Adele, Amy between A dele, A my Winehouse and Fiona A Apple, pple,, Santa Cruz ex-pat Moldy sings EEmily mily M oldy sing gs with a lot of soul. But her music isn’t isnn’t exactly R&B— it’s it ’s more more of a hybrid hybbrid of folk, folk, pop and Americana, electronic A mericana, with a dash of electr onic wizardry. great wizar dry. She’s She’s a gr eat singersongwriter who’s who’ss equally competent on the acoustic guitar g and the livingg in Oakland now, piano. She’s She’s livin now, with a rrelentless elentless DIY DIY can-do spirit, scheduled a full-length sch eduled ffor or later summer,, andd plans ffor this summer or world the domination on th he horizon. This is a thee talented singer in chance to see th before a small intimate setting bef ore she overthrows overthr ows the planet. p ((AC) AC)

Unsurprisinglyy, DirtyBeats and Unsurprisingly, Filthgrinder Fil thgrinder love loove the same thing: filthy, fil thyy, nasty bass. baass.. But their approach approach different: DirtyBeats is diff erent: Di rtyBeats is the kind of pr producer oducer th that’s hat’s not completely maximalism. bent on maxim malism.. He gives his songs room room too build and breathe, breathe, dubstep PegBoard like his dubste epp rremix emix of P egBoar g d Nerds’ “Hero,” N erds’ “Her o,”” which is definitely worth a listen. listen. It even has bagpipes. Filthgrinder Fil thgrinder comes coomes from from a heavy background, metal backgr o , and is definitely ound, out to mel meltt faces facces with his dubstep, it’ll so it ’ll be interesting interresting to see what happens whenn they play together. togetherr. Marcade headlines. M arcade head dlines.. (SL)


The Spot, Campbell Campbell a Thu, 9:30pm, 9:30pm m, 21+ free/18+ free/18+ $5


San Jose Rock Shop, San Jose Fri, 7pm, $6 Members/$7 Members/$7 NonNonMembers M emberss Local indi Local indie-rockers ie-rockers A Amonie monie ar aree not in any kin nd of rush: consider their kind infrequent infr equennt rreleases, eleases, occasional performances rrandom andom lilive ve perf ormances and their penchant pencchant ffor or eight-minute (or longer) longerr) songs. They take their timee or orchestrating chestrating some post-rock nuanced, instrumental post-r ock that build builds ds slowly slowly,, but explodes in proportions. It’s epic pr oportions. It ’s not overtly complex, but their music is rich with textu texturing, uring, gushing emotions and dyna dynamic mic shifts. (AC) (AC)

LAT LATE TE N NIGHT IGHT ALUMNI A LUMNI U Pure LLounge, Pure ounge, Sunnyvale Fri, 10pm, 10pm, $10-$20 The fir first rst time Late N Night ight A Alumni lumni heardd ffounder oundeer Finn Bjarnson hear Beckyy Jean Beck Jean Williams perf perform orm she singing was si nging Christmas songs, but hee was so taken with her ethereal ether e vocals he invited her to eal mellow, sing oon n ““Empty Empty SStreets,” treets,”” a mellow w, dreamy electroo tr track dr eam my electr ack that is now a Late N Night ight A Alumni lumni staple. The duo, aalong long with KKaskade askade and JJohn ohn Hancock, Hanco ock, officially became a band thereafter—and shortlyy ther eafter—and have since seen s ““Empty Empty SStreets” treets” picked commercial up ffor or a TToyota ooyota commer cial and several added to sever al dance mixes. They have h ffour our albums under their belt, bel t, all all of which encompass a particularly particu ularly gentle, lush variation house of hou use music. ((AD) AD)


Thee Blank Club, San Jose Sat t, 8pm, $12 Sat, A ar as politically char ged music Ass ffar charged goes, goe es, punk rrock ock gets a lot of the atte ention, but the Specials, who attention, kickstarted kick kstarted the ska rrevival evival in late ’70s EEngland, nggland, were were as outspoken as any spiky-haired of their t spik y-haired peers. Guitarist Rod ddy Radiation wrote wrote some of Roddy ungle,” their “Concrete the eir best tunes: “Concr ete JJungle,” g “Ra at Race” Race” and “Hey Little Rich Girl” “Rat (later covered Amy (lat ter cover ed by A my Winehouse). Sin ce the band dissolved, he’s he’s stayed Since active act ive in the music scene,, toggling bet tween ska and rrockabilly ockabilly bands. between More M ore recently recently he’s he’s taken the rreins eins as fr ffrontman ontman with his own gr oup, group, marries thee Skabilly Rebels, which mar ries

oncerts * cconcerts BRIT FL FLOYD OYD


May M ay 31 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

LLIVE IVE 10 105’S 5’S BF BFD D JJune une 1 at SShoreline horeline Amphitheatre Amphitheatre

MERLE HA HAGGARD GGARD JJune une 1 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

IILL V VOLO OLO JJune une 6 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

ACOUSTIC A COUSTIC A ALCHEMY LC H E M Y JJune une 6 aatt M Montalvo ontalvo A Arts rts Center

JEFF JE FF DUNHAM DUNHAM JJune une 22 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

MAXWELL JJune une 23 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

SSTEVE TEVE W WINWOOD INWOOD JJune une 25 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

THEE PIANO GUYS TH GUYS JJune une 27 2 at City N National ational Civic



JOAN JO AN B BAEZ/INDIGO AEZ/INDIGO GIRL GIRLSS JJuly ulyy 1 at Mountain Mountain Winery


ska ska’s ’s upbeat sound with a rrockabilly o ockabilly swing. They’ve been known to t play a ffew ew of Radiation’s Radiation’s Specials ttunes unes as well. ((AC) AC)

JULIETA JULIET TA VENEGAS V ENEG AS Club Milano, San Jose Sat, 8pm, $40-$50 multi-talented The mul ti-talented producer/ produceer/ Venegas singer/songwriter JJulieta ulieta V enegas rregularly egularly tops the charts in Mexico, Mexico, Central America, Centr al and South A merica,, though she’s widespread she ’s yet to achieve widesp pread notice stateside—this, despite desspite winning mul multiple tiple Latin Grammys Gram mmys throughout decade, thr oughout the last decade e, plus a Gr Grammy ammy ffor or Best Latin P Pop o op 2007. does album in 2007 7. While she do oes make rregular egular appear appearances ances on the U.S. U .S. Latin charts, the chances chances of a crossover cr ossover ar aree slim, as her ch charming harming electro-tinged, electr o-tinged, harmony-rich harmony-ricch pop/ anythingg like rrock ock doesn’t doesn’t sound anythin

currently USS the cur rently EEDM-saturated DM-saturrated U pop market. (SL)

KATHY K ATH Y A ADAMS DA M S SLG Art Boutiki,, San Jo SLG Jose ose Sat, 7:30pm, Free Free KKathy athy A dams is new to the th he local Adams she’s about art scene, as in she ’s abo out to hold her first-ever art show— show—but —but she she’s ’s already alr eady shown a diverse, interesting interesting style. She can dr aw a crystal crystal clear draw clear,r, rrealistic ealistic human eye, thenn turn ar ound and cr eate a bizarre bizaarre David around create LLynch-esque ynch-esque alien. She works w s work in a mul multitude titude of media: collage, c drawings, dr awings, paintings, sculptures. sculptures. Her sur real-meets-real approach a oach appr surreal-meets-real gives her work a very TTwilight w wilight Zone vibe. The show will have some live jazz by Gr Grooveyard ooveyard Shift, as well as the particularly str strange ange sideshow s of Mojag’s Mojag’s Mechanical Mechanical Marvels— Marvels— bizarre from bizarre animatronic animatronic toys made fr om found found items. (AC) (AC)

*su sunn BFD BF D2 2014 014

Shoreline Amphithe Shoreline Amphitheatre, eatre, Mountain View Sun, 11am, $35-$70 0 It ’s that time of year once o It’s again: to beer get drunk on $10 bee er in the hot sun while waiting ffor or FOST FOSTER ER TTHE HE PEOPLE YEAH PLAY PUMPED P EOPLE WOOO WOOO YEA H PL AY P UMPED U P KICKS AN DU H...THOS H EO THER UP AND UH...THOSE OTHER SONGS! Anyone nyonne listening to SO NGS! WOOO. WOOO. A Live 105 over the pas pastt six months heardd most has definitely hear m of the headliners: Foster thee P eople Fit eople, People, Fitzz Phantogram and the TTantrums, aantrums, Pha antogram and N ew Politics. Politics. And And then then there’s there’s M .I.A. New M.I.A. out of left field, ’causee hey, heyy, why not? Honestly y, the smaller stage and the Honestly, electronic-themed electr onic-themed Subsonic Suubsonic Tent Teent will be where where the real reall action is. Trap Trap masters Flosstradamus Flosstradamu us and San JJose’s ose’s own Gir Giraffage affage headline the

JJuly uly 2 at SSAP AP Center


Subsonic Tent Teent along alon ng with RAC, RAC, and Walk the Moon, Moon, MS MS MR, MR, Kongos Kongos and Walk Cherub are are all scheduled scheduled for for the smaller stage. Sann Jose’s Jose’s The TTrims rrims play the Local Local Band Bannd stage. (SL)



JJuly uly 16 aatt M Montalvo ontalvo A Arts rts Center

Back Bar (at 21 N. Third Third S St), t), San Jose noon-8pm Summer Sundayss ar pretty much aree pretty barbecues, made ffor or barbecu ues, and Back Bar is hosting on onee such summer purpose. Sly, ffete ete with a purpo ose. DJs DJs JJeno, eno, Sly y, JJymmi ymmi James James andd P ablo Picasso Pablo through spin thr ough the afternoon at this party party,, which takess it outdoors to Bar’s patio the Back Bar ’s pa atio ffor or Bloody Marys, M arys, dancing and annd barbecue fr from om Dragonfly Cookery. hundred Dr agonfly Cooker ry. One hundr ed per cent of the pr o oceeds go to percent proceeds group TTeam eam e Giselle, an eff eeffort ort by a gr oup of friends to help rraise aise funds and Ayala support Giselle A y in her fight yala against cancer (H HZ) cancer.. (HZ)

JJuly uly 1133 at City N National ational Civic

JJuly uly 1144 at City N National ational Civic



YES Y ES Aug A ug 119 9 at City N National ational Civic

ROCK R OCK ‘‘N’ N’ BL BLUES UES FE FEST ST Aug A ug 221 at City N National ational Civic

CCROSBY, ROS O BY, SSTILLS TILLS & N NASH ASH Sep 119 9 at City N National ational Civic

KATY K ATY T PERR PERRY RY Sep Se ep 22-23 22-23 at SAP SAP Center For music musiic updates and contest giveaways, giveawayys, like us on Facebook at

MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose .com | metr

GARY GAR RY ALLAN ALLAN May M ay 28 aatt the M Mountain ountain Winery

29 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014


ARTS TS metroactive metr oactive AR

Mor Moree lis listings: tings:



29. $25-$30. City Ligh Lights, hts, San Jose.

*operaa *oper




San Jose Rep pr presents e esents a omantic comedyy about rromantic two people who meet in a rrestaurant, estaurant, ffall all inn love and begin the messy pr ocess of process cr eating a lif e. Th hru Jun 1. creating life. Thru San Jose.

BONNIE & CL CLYDE LY YD DE San Jose SStage tage Company C presents musical pr esents a music cal about America's most rrenowned enowned heroes ffolk olk her oes and TTexas eexas enforcement's law enf orcementt's worst nightmare. 27. nightmar e. Jun 44-Jul -Jul 27 7. The SStage, tage, San Jose.

THE GGREAT REA AT PRE PRETENDER ETENDER TheatreWorks pr TheatreWorks presents resents a comedy about how the passing i off a cher cherished h rished i h d puppeteer consumes consuumes a childr en’s TTV V hos st. Jul 9-Aug 3. children’s host. LLucie ucie SStern tern Thea tre, P alo Al to. Theatre, Palo Alto.

THE LLANGUAGE ANGUAGEE A ARCHIVE RCHIVE City Lights Theat Theater ter company presents pr esents Julia Cho’s Ch ho’s dr drama ama about a man whoo struggles to pr preserve eserve and ddocument old languages while voicing his ffeelings eelings in Englis English. sh. May 2929-Jun Jun

A musical about two New YYorkers oorkers in their 20s who w ffall all in and out of love over the t course of five years. $35-$55 5. May $35-$55. 23 -Jun 1. Theatr S P edro 23-Jun Theatree on San Pedro Square, Squar e, San Jose.

*dancee *d *danc BALLET SSAN BALLET AN JOSE SC SSCHOOL HOOL SP RING PER FORMAN A CE SPRING PERFORMANCE Celebrate the next ge Celebrate generation eneration of classically tr ained ballet b trained dancers and witness the artistic achievement of o the school’s students. Junn 1. 2pm6pm. $20-$50. CCalifornia alifornia Theatr e, San Jose. Theatre,

*concerts *c oncertts SYMPHONY SSILICON SYMPHONY ILICON O VALLEY V ALLEY Maestro Cleve closes the Maestro season SSymphony’s ymphony’s 12th seas son on a triumphant notee with Beethoven’s Beethoven ’s mighty “Her ““Heroic” oic ” symphony.. Jun 77-8. $40-$82. symphony -8. $4 40-$82. CCalifornia alifornia Theatr Theatre, e, Sa San n Jose.


Opera Night. First Friday ooff Opera every month. San Jose.

*art MUSEUMS MU SE U MS ART M ART MUSEUM USEUM O OFF LLOS OS GATOS GA ATOS CCall all ffor or inf info. o. LLos os Gatos.

OFF THE WALL Jessica Eastburn is among the 90 different artists who

CCANTOR ANTOR AR ARTS TS CCENTER ENTER “Carleton W “Carleton Watkins: atkins: The SStanford tanford Albums,” photographs photogr aphs by CCarleton arleton Watkins Valley, W atkins of YYosemite osemite o V alleyy, the Pacific P acific Coast, Columbia Riv River ver and Or Oregon, egon, and mor more. e. Thr Thru ru Aug 17 17. 7. W Wed-Sun, ed-Sun, 11am-5p 11am-5pm, pm, Thu 11am-8pm. Thu, 11am-8pm SStanford. tanford. d

CHILDREN’S D DISCOVERY ISCOVERY MUSEU M MUSEUM CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

DE SSAISSET AISSET M MUSEUM USEUM “Mirang W “Mirang Wonne: onne: Fir Firee Script Script”” explores explor es the ffascinating ascinating me metallic etallic workss of Bay Ar work Area ea artist Mir Mirang rang W onne.. “Lasting Legacy: Th Wonne. Thee History of the de Saisset Fa mily” Family”


will be featured at Artik Art & Architecture’s 20th anniversary show.

Artik Circle WORKSPACE HAS A complicated identity here in the land of tech giants, with their sprawling offices that make room for arcade games and napping couches. Stiflingly bland cube farms also abound here—and sometimes at those same offices. In either case, though, these workplaces are far more likely to have a foosball table than a fine art collection (unless it’s in the CEO’s office). And even fewer offices hold art openings. This week, a reception marks the 20th Anniversary of gallery exhibitions at Artik Art & Architecture, a San Jose-based firm. Unique in their approach to institutional architecture, Artik strives to bring art and architecture together within the context of the community—and the firm’s office, from its angular modern interiors to its rotating art exhibits, reflects that philosophy, as well.

20th Annual Open House Reception Artik Art & Architecture, San Jose Thu, May 29, 5-9pm; free

Generally speaking, you don't find a lot of architects that bridge the form and function of architecture with the free expression of art. Bill Gould, Artik’s founder, is an exception. In his architectural work Gould brings a unique touch to buildings, injecting his own aesthetics into appendages such as fences, gates—not only in their design, but their fabrication. In fact, Gould maintains a metal shop adjoining Artik’s offices. The firm’s adherence to this vision is evident in the numerous institutions in the area featuring Gould’s distinctive work—among them, Cupertino and San Jose high schools. Gould has also been showing other artists' work in the Artik Gallery for 20 years, typically buying a piece from each show for his own collection. Once a year, he opens up the office for a one-night-only reception and art party. The gallery this year is showing 90 different artists. Local artist Kathryn Funk has curated Artik's gallery for more than a decade.

One of the artists featured in the show, Glen Rogers, worked with Gould 10 years ago at another architectural firm, before moving to Mexico. Other notable contributors to the collection include Tony May and David Middlebrook, both former San Jose State University professors. Whereas May approaches his art with a precision and meticulousness that still always leaves room for a hint of irony, Middlebrook's work explores the limits of artistic mediums, masking bronze or stone as wood, deliberately deceiving the viewer.

LOVE L OVE A AT TAD DISTANCE ISTANCE In the Stephen Son Sondheim ndheim musical ‘‘Marry Marry M Me e

Other notable artists in the collection include Katherine Levin Lau, Jessica Eastburn, Wesley T. Wright and Una Mjurka.

a Little,’ Sha Sharon ron Rietkerk and A.J A.J.. Shively star s as two lonely strangers dreaming off romance, neighbors in the sam same me apartment building. TheatreWorks show, starts Theatre Work ks presents the show w, which st tarts previews June 4 at the Mountain View Performing Arts.. M ountain V i iew Center for the P erforming Arts

The reception features food and drink, plus live music from the Jimmy Dewrance Blues Band and Unanimous. —Tad Malone


MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr

32 10 32

Moree listings: Mor

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR

metr | |metr osiliconvalley .coom MAY AYAY2828-JUNE N E13, 3, 3 2014 2014 metr| |sanjo san metr osiliconvalley . | |M .com MAY M 14-20-13, 14J-U20-

30 showcases photos of the de Saisset ffamily amily and to pay homage to their legacy legacy. y. Apr 101 Jun 15. Santa Clar Clara. a.

DISCOVER DISC OVER SSAN AN JOSE ““An An Evening in Italy”” ffeaturing A eaturiing color and black & white pho photos otos by various artists. San Jose..

EEUPHRAT UPHRA AT MU MUSEUM SEUM “De Anza SStudent tudent Art Show”” ffeaturing Show eaturing paintings, drawings, dr awings, mixed-media work s, photography, photographyy, gr aphic works, graphic design, sculptur am mics sculpturee and cer ceramics created cr eated by students at De Anza College. May 5Jun 12 5-Jun 12.. CCupertino. upertino.

Cougar Unleashed


Sammy Varela Band

“Out of the Flames Into the Fire,” Fir e,” solo exhibit by KKathy athy Adams Opening Reception Adams. Sat, May 31 w/ live music by Grooveyard Gr ooveyard Shift. San Jose.

ASIEL A SIEL DESIGN DESIGN CENTER CENTER CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

BLACK B LACK BEAN CCERAMICS ERAMICS CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.


GALLERY GA LLERY 85 “ReThinkIt “ReThinkIt” ReThinkIt” by Various Various Artists. Artists May 22 -Jul 31. Santana Row w, 22-Jul Row, San Jose.

GALLERY GA LLERY 290 2905 5 Call ffor Call or inf info. o. Universal Media Access, A ccess, San Jose.

GIFT GIF T 2 GA GAB B CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

Glaze paintings by Melissa Leeds. San Jose.

“David Levinthal: Make works B li Believe,” ” work ks by b photographer photogr apher David Levinth Levinthal. hal. May 8-Nov 30. “Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection,”” Jun 5-Sep 15. TTueu ueMon. Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon n. San Jose.


"Lucidity P "Lucidity Part art Deux, Deux,"" tr travel avel imagery by Gary Singh. San Jose.

COMMUNITY SC COMMUNITY SCHOOL HOOL OF MUSIC MU SIC AN AND D AR ARTS TS Call ffor Call or inf info. o. Mon-Fri, 9am9am-3pm. 7pm, Sat, 9am3pm. Mohr Gallery, Gallery y, Finn Center Center,, Mountain View.. View

CCUKUI UKUI “Grisaille” by Nicholas W “Grisaille” Warren arren “Natrl”.. Fri, May 9, 7pmaka “Natrl” 10pm. San Jose.

DISCOVER DISC OVER SSAN AN JOSE Vintage Signs by TTom oom Colla. San Jose.


“Quilt National,” May 3-Jul “Quilt 3-Jul 20. “Now and Then: Early Ar Art rt Quilts Quil ts by Ros Cross Cross 1973-76,” 1973-76,” 6 May 3-Jul 3-Jul 20. 20 “New New SAQA SAQA exhibit: Northern CCalifornia alifornia Inspirations,” Inspir ations,”” May 77-Jul -Jul 20.

Works cr Works created eated as part of a collaboration schoolwide collabor ation Schallenberger between Schallenber ger School in Willow Glen and Center.. San Jose. Montalvo Arts Center


Sperry Sper ry SStation. tation. San Jose.

apphy “2014 SStatewide tatewide Photogr Photography Competition/Exhibition”” an Competition/Exhibition and nd paintings by “L “Lucas ucas Blok,”” May M 10-Aug 10. Opening rreception eception ffor or both exhibits: May 23, 6pm-8pm. Santa Clar Clara. a.



”Six YYears eears Anniversary”” show show,, with works works by mor moree than 40 artists. San Jose.

FILOLI FI LO L I CCall all ffor or inf info. o. W Woodside. oodside.

GALLERIES G ALLERIES 2TWENTY5 2TWEN TY5 “The Art of Har Harv” v ” opens Ma May ay 9th, 7pm7pm-10pm. 10pm.



“The Big Picture” Picture” gallery by act acrylic ffeatured eatured abstr abstract painter Isaias Sandoval. W edWedSun, 11am-5pm. Big Basin W ayy, Way, Sar atoga. Saratoga.



June 3 at 7PM it’s Silicon Valley Blues Society with


“Broke: New Doodles,” work “Broke: workss by Joe TTo. oo. Thru May 30. San Jose.


“Zulugrass Jewelry Gallery” “Zulugrass clothing ffeaturing eaturing the colorful clothi ing and ornaments adorned by the Maasai tribe of the Gr Great eat R Rift ift Valley V alley of KKenya enya and TTanzania. aanzania.

Something Different Every Week


CCall all ffor or inf info. o. LLos os Gatos.


Free Admission Full Bar

ffeaturing eaturing sculptur es in clay y, sculptures clay, stone and glass. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.


CCall all ffor or inf infoo


CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

Jazz-related art by Bruni Jazz-related Sablan. Mon-Sat, 1-6pm. San Jose.


The Tabard Theatre Company at Theatre on San Pedro Square announces an exciting new music series



CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

FFIRST IRST TO TO MAR MARKET KET RESTAURANT R ESTAURANT “Portraits of Things,”” portraits “Portraits portraits by Samantha YYee. ee. e San Jose.

GALLERY GA LLERY HO HOUSE USE “Silicon V Valley alley Open SStudios,” tudios,” Thru May 31. Opening June 3: group “Playful Minds,” a gr oup show

CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.


KALEID K ALEID GGALLERY ALLERY “An Artist “An Artist’s ’s Trip Trip r to Baghdad,” workss by Andr Andrew work ew Heine and "TRANSITIONS," "T RANSITIONS," an evolution in the artwork of SSteven teven Reece. San Jose.


LLIQUID IQUID A AGENCY GENCY Liquid, 448 S. Market S St, t, San Jose.

MACLA M AC L A "Cosmos Codex, Codex,"" the first CCalifornia alifornia exhibition of V VargasargasSuarez Suar ez Universal. Thru Aug 2. San Jose.

MAIN GA GALLERY LLERY CCall all ffor or inf info. o. Redwood City. City.


MEZCAL M EZCAL Art by JJ.. Danniel. Mezcal Restaurant, Restaur ant, San Jose.

MONTALVO M ONTALVO AR ARTS TS CEN CENTER TER “L.O.V “L.O.V.E.: V..E.: Cr Creativity, eativityy, Connection, Community”” examines the challenges of extending ourselves to commune and connect with others, with an installation of sculpturee and video, drawings, video, drawings, awings, sculptur other work works. s.. Thu-Sun, 11am11am-3pm. 3pm. Thru Jun 8. Sar Saratoga. atoga.

PACIFIC P ACIFIC A ART RT LEA LEAGUE GUE “Photography: W “Photography: Writing riting with Light,” May 22-21. -21. “Zoya Scholis: Thirdd Wish,”” May 2-22. Thir 2-22. “L “Louis ouis Basel,” Thru May 31. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.


MetroGiveaways Me troGi G veaways WIN FREEE SSTUFF! TUFF!

MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


Win W in a $50 $ dining ccertificate ertificate to to Participant Silicon Restaurant Week Particiipant in Silic on VValley alle a y Restaur a W ant eeek COUNTER CO UNTER CULTURE CUL LTURE T E John Ediger is one the artistss participating in the

PALO P ALO A ALTO LTO ART ART CENTER “Between Dr Dreams eams and Nightmares,” N ightmares,” mixed-media dr awings by Dana Har el el. drawings Harel. Jun 13-Sep 13-Sep 77.. “Containers of Community Community,” y,” , cer ceramic amic installation by Ehren Ehren Tool Toool and and contributors, honoring local veter ans. Jul 1-Sep 77.. P alo A lto. veterans. Palo Alto.

PHANTOM PHANT OM A ART RT GALLERIES GALLERIEES FRPArt, ffeaturing FRPArt, eaturing various pieces by Brandon Brandon Anderton, Andertonn, CCarla arla Bolden, Betsy BraunBraunKKernaghan, ernaghan, A Anthony nthony Campisi, Campisi, Liz Conklin, Chasity Washam Washam m Finney, Finney y, Dyanne Hofstad, Hofstad Sedaraa Olker, Sedar Olker, Laela Ramos, Michele Rice, Michelle Rourke, Rourkke, Dee Dee Torre, Toorre, and Ann Ann Wilcox. Wilcoox. 95 South Market. San Jose.

PHO69 P HO69 Watercolors by Made’ Watercolors Made’ Sukert Sukerti ti Ber Berg. g. San Jose. PSYCHO P SYCHO DONUTS Works W orks by John Renzel, Laceyy Bryant, Nicolas Nicolas Caesar, Caesar, Murp Murphy phy Adams, A dams, Christine Benjamin, Michael Foley Foley, y, Michael Borja Borja, j , Valery V alery Milovic, CCarlos arlos Villez, EEric ric Joyner Joyner,, Laur Lauraa CCallin allin Bennett, John Hageman andd Robert McColley McColley.. San Jose.

SAN JJOSE SAN OSE INS INSTITUTE TITUTE OF OF CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORARY ART ART “Poetic Codings,” installation “Poetic installations ns by various artists. May 31-Sep 31-Seep

6. “Iterations “Iterations & Assertions,” Assertions,” works works by Amy Amy Ellingson. Ellingson. Jun 7-Sep 7-Sep 13. TTue-Fri, uue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat, Sat noon-5pm. noon-5pm noon 5pm. San Jose. Jose

SEEINGG THIN SEEIN THINGS GS GGALLERY ALLERY “Hella TTweaked,” weaked,” skateboar w skateboardd creations cr eations and more more by Israel Israel Forbes. Jun 14, 77-10pm. -110pm.. San Jose.

SSLIDING LIDING D DOOR OOR CCOMPANY OMPANY “One Thousand Thousand Project,” Pr oject,” work workss by Jason McHenry.. San Jose. McHenry

SSOUTH OUTH FIR FIRST ST BILLIARDS CCall all for for info. info. San Jose


CCall all for for info. info. Santa Clar Clara. a.

STUDIO R STUDIO ROCK OCK CCLIMBING LIMBING GYM GY M “World of Color “World Color,” ,”” photogr photographs aphs by Joe Decker . San Jose.


TECH T ECH SSHOP HOP SSAN AN JOSE “Scrap “Scrap YYard aard Printing” Printing by Colin Drake Dr ake Jar Jaramillo. amillo. San Jose.

WORKS W ORKS SSAN AN JOSE "Working P "Working Parts: arts: SSJSU JSU Animation/Illustration A nimation/Illustration BF BFA A 2014."" San Jose. 2014.

ZERO ZER O 1 GARA GARAGE GE "Data Exchange," Exchange," an

exhibition, or organized ganized by San Jose SState tate U University niversity under graduate students, which undergraduate explor es the U SB flash drive as explores USB an al ternative form form of social alternative networking and distribution. A lso on display y, the inter active Also display, interactive light installation Pulse by Scott Gorham, and the animated game Asahi Asahi by Glenn and John Pham. San Jose.

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Music of Portugal Ruben Bettencourtt, guita guitar ar

sixth annual N Naglee aglee P Park ark Open Studios Studios, s, June 1. Arti Artists ists in this downtown San Jose neighborhoo neighborhood od will be opening up their wo workspaces orkspaces on Sunday Sunday, y, 11am-5pm, for visits visits.. The event takes place betwee between n 10th and 17th, San F ernando and M argaret streets or a map p, visit na Fernando Margaret streets.. F For map,

*events *e vents REEBOK CR REEBOK CROSSFIT OSSFIT GAME GAMESS NORCAL N ORCAL R REGIONAL EGIONAL A grueling test ffor or the world’s toughest athletes in one of the ffastest astest gr growing owing sports. Fri, May 31-Sun, Jun 1, 8am. $20-$50. SSJSU JSU EEvent vent Center Center,, San Jose.

SOUTH FIR SOUTH FIRST ST FRID FRIDAY AY ARTWALK A RTWALK A self-guided evening tour through thr ough galleries, museums and independent businesses ffeaturing eaturingg exhibitions and special perf performances, ormances, including SStreet treet EEats ats & Live Beats at P Parque arque De LLos os Pobladores. P obladores. First Friday of the month, 77-10pm. -10pm. V Venues enues along S. First street street and thr throughout oughout downtown San Jose.

Conductor: Emily Ray Marcos Portugal: Il Duca di Foix Overture Tedesco: Guitar Concerto, Op. 99 Joly Braga Santos: Symphony no. 3 in C Sunday, June 8 at 3pm Five Wounds Portuguese National Church 1375 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose Tickets $10-$25 at the door or at Silicon Valley Arts Coalition Community in Arts metr | sanjo | metr | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014


metroactive FILM

Future Past Imperfect

KIDS K IDS IIN NT THE HE H HALL ALL W Wolverine olverine (Hugh Jack Jackman) kman) travels back in time an and d encounters younger version versions ns of Beast (Nicholas H Hoult) o oult) and Charles X Xavier avier (Jame (Jamess M McAvoy), cAvoy), as well as himself himself. f.

L Latest atesst X-M X-Men en outing g captures the groove e of the ’70s but not their gravity ty BY B YR RICHARD ICHA A R D VON VON B BUSACK USACK


ER ERGING RGING the plot of Ch hris Marker’s Marker’s La Chris Je tee with the usual Jetee te am of mutants, mutants, team X-M en: Days Day ys of Future Future Past Past X-Men: continues the unresolvable unresolvable debate between between the anxious liber al Charles Cha arles Xavier Xavier and liberal the radical radicall Magneto. Magneto. Director Bry an Sing ger creates a Bryan Singer tempor ally y and physically temporally spr awling blockbuster that’s that’s sprawling vivid in segments segments and then str angely remote r strangely in the intimate moments. m moments .

It’s It ’s wrong, wrongg, somehow, somehow w, to get two tw wo great g eat gr Shakespeareans like McKellen (the Sh hak keespeareans lik ke Ian McK Kellen e (t the old Patrick Stewart ol ld Magneto) and P atrick Ste waart (the (tthe frustratingly fru ustratingly b benign enign Xa Xavier) avvier) to aawait waaiit the th he end of the world to together, getherr, and then t give gi ivve them nothing Shakespearean Shak kesp e earean to t say sa ay ab about out it. And it it’s ’s strange Magne Magneto eto doesn’t do oesn’t see the humor of it all—it turned tu urned out the rrevolutionary evolutionar o y was waas right riight all al ll along ab about out the eevil vvil of the huma humans. ans. futuree of gut gutted skyscrapers In a dark futur ttted sk kyyscrap pers and humanity nd blowing ash,, most of humanit ty an and an nd d nearly l all ll off the h mut mutants ants h ha have ave been byy Sentinels—worl Sentinels—worldb e incinerated b een ldpurifying pu uriffyying killb killbots. ots. Magneto Magneto,, Xa Xavier avvier and an nd the last of the X-Men hole up in a Tibetan monastery. They T i etan monaster ib y. The ey decide to use u the th he temporal temporal phase-shifter phase-shifter Kitty Kittty Pryde Pryde d (Ellen Page, irritatingly whip (E Ellen P age, no longer irrit taatingly wh hip smart, attractively beyond mart,, now at tttractivveely wise b eyo ond her sm

Wolverine yyears) eears) to send the mind of W o olvveerine (Hugh JJackman) o 1973. They Theey ackman) back to hopee to stop a p political hop olitical assassination a that spurred administration spurr reed the Nixon adm ministration to allow the de development veelopment of the Sentinels byy the mur murdered b dered man,, Bolivar B Trask (Peter (P eter Dinklage). shapeshifting Mystique The shap eshifting My ystique ((Jennifer Jenniffeer Lawrence, film’s L awr w ence, one of the fil lm’s ttwo wo w standouts) possessed st andouts) is set to kill Trask; T p ossessed byy his futur futuree self, tries to b selff, Wolverine Wo olvverine e persuade p ersuade Xa Xavier avvier ((James Jamess McA McAvoy)— Avoy)— y layabout decaying now a ’70s la ayyabout in his dec aying y mansion—to soldier up up. p. Wolverine Wo olvveerine and Xa Xavier avvier decide to spr spring ring Magneto Fassbender) from (Michael Fassb ender) fr rom the ffederal eederal wheree he langui languishes prison wher shes ffor or o one spectacular off the h most sp ectacular l r crimes i off the h 1960s. from 19 60s. To To do it,, they they need neeed help fr om the Quicksilver vvery eery fast teenager Quick ksilvveer (Evan Peters, P eters, delightful delighttfful in the rrole; ole; eexuberant xxuberant as he uses his bullet tim time me wisely to clear pesky police.) a rroom oom of p esk ky p olice.) editor/composer San JJose-raised ose-raised editor r/composer JJohn ohn Ottman material O tttman sends the mate erial hurling

with fforward, or o war a d,, wi ith a soundtrack that rrecalls eccalls a Barry, Morricone JJohn ohn Barr y, Ennio Morric one and a bit Eno. of Brian En no. But the film stumbles over o ver e the rrelations ellations of the six or so main characters.. The rivalr rivalryy b between Xavier characters ettween w Xa avier v and Magne Magneto eto is vague: it it’s ’s lik like ke Singer would lik like ke them to b bee spurned lo lovers, oveers, bad friends friends, s, rivals in lo love ove and estranged rrelatives elativvees alll at the same time time.. When past and pr present resent is ccontrasted—as ontrasted—as the theyy wer weren’t en n’’t in the t first pr prequel—it’s equel—it’s tough to see how McA McAvoy Avoy and Fassbender Fassbender aged d to t b become eccome grand d and d th theatric theatrical. t icaal. l X-Men: Da D Days ayys of F Future uture P Past ast also do doesn’t esn n’’t seem m to ha have ave a grasp on the paranoia off the 1970s 1970s.. The era seems to b bee all ab about bout the clothes and the soul music music.. Nixon is intr introduced oduced with an old silen silent nt ccomedy omedy jok joke—we ke—we see his st staff aff lined up u eagerly eagerly, y, and then we cut to his thr three eee do dogs, gs, also lined up. up. There’s There’s terror no sense off the panic or terr or Nixon inspir inspired; ed; ass pla played ayed e b byy Mark C Camacho amacho he’s archaic h he ’s an ar ch h i joke. haic jok j ke. There’s Th e’s similar Ther i il ahistoric ahistoricality caalitty in the P Paris aris P Peace eace A Accords ccords scenes—they didn’t sc enes—theey didn n’’t represent represent the end of the V Vietnam iietn nam War War,, but a diff different ffeerent stage st age in it. The T eevent veent is there there to give givve Trask the R Rumsfeldian u umsffeeldian ttask ask of arming U.S. war. the U .S. for for or the next neext x w ar a. The pr previews evie v ws ccan an mak make ke a long longtime gttime mutant misty—they’re mut ant fan n mist ty— —theeyy’re edited ffor o or cconflict onflict and dp poignancy. oignancyy. But seen in 3D,, the film sooty, 3D m is visually so oty, and the mo movie ovvie do doesn’t essn’t rresonate—it esonate—it do doesn’t esn’t have end-of-the-trail ha ave the en nd-off--the-trail sadness yyou o ou ccan an eexpect. xpect.. Things that rreally eally hur hurtt happen happ en to characters we ccare are about— about— L Lawrence awr w ence in i all the ash-blonde ash-blonde,, baby-faced premorality bab y-fac - ed pr emoralitty of her chosen fatale fform—is orm—is o ass serious a ffemme emme e fat ale as movies have lately, the mo ovviess ha ave had lately y, and yet yeet she emotess fragilit fragility: ty: you you ccan an look look at Mystique and a ffeel eeel she do doesn’t esn n’t ’ know who she is is.. She’s She’s suddenly eexposed, xposed, scr screaming, eaming, in her true fform o orm in front front of aw wave ave of photo p photographers. graphers. W Wolverine olv o erine is b bound ound in n rrebar ebar and hurled into the sk sky—but ky— —but th there’s here’s no time to ffollow o ollow these chara characters, acters, or to ffeel eeel their panic b because ecause it it’s ’s time to cut to the p posse osse at attacking ttacking th the he ccornered ornered X-Men in the futur future. e. This Thiis isn isn’t ’t a bad diversion, diversion,, and it it’ll ’ll driv drivee all alll the thoughts out of yyour o our head ffor or o ttwo w hours wo hours,, but ultimately all yyou o ou ccan an ffeel eeeel is the pr pressure essure as it tries to br break eak yyour o ourr hear heart. t.



PG-13 P G-13

Plays P lays V Valleywide alleywide


New N ew (Not rrated; (Not ated; 109 min.) see review revview on page 36. (Opens Fri.)

FED U UP P (PG; 92 min.) A documentaryy about the A American merican ffood ood industry industry.. Hint: it it’s ’s not pr pretty. etty. (Opens Fri.)

MALEFICENT MALE FICENT (PG; 98 min.) A Angelina ngelina Jolie stars as the title witch in this livelive-action -action Disney tale that gives the Sle Sleeping eeping Beauty villainess the Wickedd tr treatment, eatment, telling her side off the story. story y. (Opens Fri.)

A MILLION MILLION W WAYS AYS T TO O DIE DIE IIN N THE WE ST WEST (R; 116 min.) Seth MacFarlan MacFarlanee is a ffarmer armer who ffalls alls ffor or the mys mysterious terious new gal in town, only to findd ried to a bad-a out she’s she’s mar ass married bad-ass gunslinger—and she might have a ffew ew other secr ets, too. Withh secrets, Ch li Ther Charlize Th on, Liam Li N eesoon, Sar SSarah ahh Theron, Neeson, Silverman and A manda Seyfried. Seyfried. Amanda (Opens Fri.)

Ongoing O ngoing THE T HE AM AMAZING AZING SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MA AN 2 (PG-13; 142 min.) It (PG-13; It’s ’s a hard hard movie m Peter to unpack. P eter Parker Parker (Andrew (Anddrew Garfield) is the cowled hero hero of NYC, NY C, but he lives humbly with witth his peskyy aunt (Sallyy Fields). Parker ppesk Parrker is overbooked—this movie knows knows how he feels. feels. He begins to learn leearn that his parents parents were were Silkwooded Silkwoooded by the evil Oscorp; meanwhile, meanwhile, he rrenews enews his friendship with the thhe troubled tr oubled young Osborn heir, heir, Harry Harry (Dane DeHaan; he’s he’s the film’s film’s ’ standout). P Peter’s eter ’s girlfriend, Gwen SStacy tacy ((Emma Emma SStone), tone), is getting getting ffed ed up with P Peter’s eter ’s inability to sshow how up on time. P Peter’s eter ’s own ffeelings eelings towardd Gwen rreveal towar eveal a fragility fragility that doesn ’t show when he ’s in ccostume. ostume. doesn’t he’s weree thought The action sequences wer t out, anyway, anywayy, expertly pr pre-vised e-vissed and Spider-Man animated to turn Spider-Ma n every which way but inside-out. In n the first fight, he’s he’s catching a dozen vials v of plutonium at once. SStill, till, Jamie Jamie Foxx’s Foxx ’s characterization char acterization of Max Dillon, Dilloon, later EElectro, lectro, isn’t isn’t much. Max is w ritten written as an under appreciated ner d Foxx d; underappreciated nerd; hammed it up with thick specs speecs and a pocket pr otector as overst uffed as protector overstuffed this plot. Rescued by Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Max becomes obsessed with h the hero, before her o, even bef ore he has his ffateful ateful industrial accident. Meanwh Meanwhile ile stalker,, Spider-Man, too, becomes a stalker ffollowing ollowing Gwen SStacy tacy around aroundd during one of their br breakups. eakups. In 3D the background blur.. It It’s backgr ound is a blur ’s strange strange a atmospheree this ccomichow little atmospher omicoperaa film has, even in the moment oper m wheree EElectro Arkham-like wher lectro is in an A rkham-like

BELLE (PG; 104 min.) Of limited ffascination, ascination, despite crystalline high-d high-def def photography torturee photogr aphy which gets the tortur test emulating Gainsbor o ough. Gainsborough. And A nd the cast is unimpeac unimpeachable, chable, including P Penelope enelope Wil Wilton ton as a Watson lady of the house, EEmily mily W atson as a wor worried ried aristocr aristocrat, at, and Mir Miranda anda Richar dson as the same sort s of Richardson quacking blueblood she assayed a so memorably memorably on Blackad Blackadder dder. Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Dido Elizabeth Elizabeth Belle, the daughter of an African African Linndsayy, who woman and one John Lindsay, annk of Rear eventually earned the rrank Admiral of the rred ed in the British N avy. Admiral Navy. As such, the girl had a tri cky social As tricky director Amma Amma Asante Asante situation; director follows the story that Did do (called follows Dido Belle her e) influenced he er guar dian here) her guardian and gr great-uncle eat-uncle LLord ord Ma Mansfield nsfield (TToom Wilkinson) to a ster rner position (Tom sterner vers than on the legal claims of sla slavers would have other otherwise wise be been een the case. This might be good young-lady fare fare ffor or the costumes, an and nd ffor or the feistiness of Belle the he iress—who feistiness heiress—who ntipathy has an unaccountable an antipathy ’s to the socially unsuitablee vicar vicar’s son (Sam Reid) who com es visiting. comes Yoou ffeel eel that so much of the undue You complications in the scrip script weree pt wer se Jane justified as “Why? Becau Because Austen Austen, that that’s ’s why!”” Mbatha-Raw Mbaatha-Raw has great great unaff unaffected ected cha charm arm that overcomes overcomes the ““As As you kn know, now, Dido…” ay not isms in the script. She ma may she’s a girl of the er a, convince that she’s era, fortunately Wilkinsonn is an actor but fortunately great ease in a periwigg and knee at great breeches. breeches. (RvB)

CAPTAIN AM CAPTAIN AMERICA: ERICA: T THE H WI HE WINTER NTER SSOLDIER OLDIER (PG-13; 136 min.) The Rus (PG-13; Russo sso br others’ CCaptain brothers’ aaptain America: Americca:: The Winter Soldierr takes up tthe he theme of Rogers Rogers’’ innocence. Thee people who made this sequel to the 2011 directors Anthony film, including the dir ectoors A nthony understood and Joe Russo, understoo od their hero ero better calmly uncomplicated he made than the people who mad de Man of SSteel teel understood the similarly s squar ational squaree Superman. The na national security agency SHI ELD is is about to SHIELD launch the ul timate drone drone program, program, ultimate the Insight pr oject. Shillin ng ffor or it is project. Shilling

HUSTLE TH THAT AT BUSTLE B Seth M MacFarlane acFarlane put puts ts the moves on new girl Ways West.’ in town Charlize e Theron in ‘‘A A Million W ays to Die in the W est.’

SHI ELD dir ector N ick Fury F (Samuel L. SHIELD director Nick Jack son) working in tandem taandem with the Jackson) pr esidential liaison A lexander Pier ce presidential Alexander Pierce (Robert Redf ord). CCaptain aptain A merica, Redford). America, alr eady rrestless estless at be ing “Fury’s already being janitor janitor”” in his various clandestine ops, is dubious. The ag gency turns agency out to be riddled with moles. moles Fury is deal Captain and dealtt with, and the Captain agent N atasha Roman noff, the Black Natasha Romanoff, Widow (Scarlett Johan nsson), flee Johansson), the capital with an ar my after army them. The common te emplate of the template action movie gets fille ed to the brim filled Marvel with Mar vel ffodder—some odder— —some of the best chor eographed fight fi scenes choreographed you get in an A mericaan movie, American explosions and flashb backs, and a flashbacks, flying battleship dogfi fight. But ther dogfight. theree is br eathing rroom oom thr o oughout. This breathing throughout. blockbuster has a sur prising amount surprising of feeling. feeling. Chris Evans Evanss isn’t isn’t a thrilling actor ggest a little actor,, but he does sug suggest lost guy caught in thee str apping strapping body y. He doesn’t doesn’t seem m to be lar ger body. larger than A lan Ladd in clos seup, and if Alan closeup, he ’s a ffearless earless battler he’s battler,r, you end up ffeeling eeling a bit pr otective of him. The protective phr ase is usually usedd as a putdown, phrase excellent listener.. A Att but EEvans vans is an excell ent listener the hospital bed of a dying d elderly lady EEvans vans keeps it tig ght. The scene tight. gets all due sting, em phasizing the emphasizing heroo as a tr tragic immortal. her agic immo ortal (RvB) ortal.

FFADING ADING GGIGOLO IGOLO (R; 90 min.) John TTurturro's uurtturro's best movie—a rrelaxed, elaxed, au autumnal utumnal rromance omance that develop develops ps savoriness as it goes along. N Newly ewly unemployed bookstore Woody Allen book store owner W ooody A llen gets a tip that a married married ffemale e emale friend

is looking ffor or a sexx worker worker,, and he decides to rrecruit ecruuit his buddy (director/writer (dir ector/writer TTurturro) u ro) into the urtur hairbrained business. The hairb brained plot works, work s, but then the th he two run into trouble from tr ouble fr om Dovi (Liev Schrieber), overprotective an overpr otective member of the Shomrim—the neighborhood Sho omrim—the omrim the para-police patrol par a-police patr ol looking out ffor or interests Brooklyn the best inter ests of the Br ooklyn throw Chassid. Scandal aaside—let's thr ow it as ffar ar aside as ppossible—Turturro ossible—Tuurturro directs Allen better Allen dir ects A llen bette er than A llen directs Allen there's dir ects A llen thesee days, and ther e's killing a particularly killin ng bit about the being brought would-be pimp be eing br ought before ("Are bef ore a council off rrabbis. abbis. (" Are you proud Jewish?" "Proud pr oud to be Jewish h?" "Pr oud and frightened.") frightened. ") This film's fi rreputation eputation generous ffor or being gener ouss to its ffemale emale antsy, stars is well-deserved; well deserrved; as an antsy well-deser y, married mar ried dermatolo dermatologist ogist looking ffor or something mor moree exciting, e Shar Sharon on moree inte interesting SStone tone is mor eresting than she's been in decades; V Vanessa anessa P Paradis, aradis, ultra-Orthodox as an ul tra-Orthoddox Jewish widow from fr om Williamsbur Williamsburg, g brings a heavy g, amount of soul to the film (it's not a bad girl-goo girl-goodd girl split in the gigolo's choice be between tween P Paradis aradis and SStone, tone, but som something mething mor moree like contrast the contr ast of thee deep and the soundtrack, shallow). The soun ndtrack, with many tracks Ammons, tr acks by Gene A mmons adds to the m mmons, comedy, y, even air of class in this sex comedy Vergara as Sophia V ergara does her best to keep her end of th the he movie lowdown. Purged Pur ged of the Daffy Dafffy Duck quality brought TTurturro's uurturro's br oughtt to comedy in moviee exudes smooth, the past, the movi melancholy, mellow melanchol y, no matter how skit-like the pr premise. emiise. (RvB)

GGODZILLA ODZILLA (PG-13; 123 min (PG-13; min.) n.) Civilization is MUTOs—ancient menaced by M UTOs—ancient hell-cr eatures that crunch nuclear hell-creatures waste tank tankss in their mandibles as if they wer weree he heirloom eirloom car carrots. rots. Who can possibly st op them? Am Am I in the stop wrong wr ong theater?? Only scientist Joe Brody Br ody foresaw foresaw the danger—he’s danger—he’s played by Brya n Cr anston as a lone Bryan Cranston



“a co comedy omedy of ideas couched d in the format format of a movie spencer tracy-katharine tracy-kkatharine hepburn hepburn mo ovvie.” Stephen Stephen H Holden olden

“a truly trulyy witt witty tyy rromantic omantic comedy withh em emotional motionall ddepthh.” “a deligh delightful htful love love stor story ry.”

worrd words ds aand nd picturess is a man man wo worth rt h m more ore tha thann hi hiss wo words, rds, ds a wo maan worth woorth m ore than than her her ppictures? icttures? woman more


MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose. .com | metr



o-tortured by a asylum being electr electro-tortured ““Dr.. KKafka.” afka.” German scientist called “Dr Peter Parker Parker here here is an emotional em motional Peter wreck, an orphan thrice over oover,, if you wreck, Uncle Ben; when unmasked, unmasked, count Uncle he’s fr equently in tears. IIn n the love he’s frequently director Mar ebb was scenes, director Marcc W Webb likely hoping ffor or something something as off the cuff as the banter be between tween Tony Tony o and Pepper Pepper in the Ir Iron ron Man films. It doesn’t doesn’t work: wh when en P Peter eter isn’t isn’t blocked, he’s he’s babblin babbling. ng. Gwen’s Gwen’s contradictory characterization characterizzation is contradictory revealed revealed by a line you’ll never n hear twice: “I got into Oxf Oxford! ord! W Woo oo hoo!” (RvB) metr | sanjo | metr | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014




A GUN AND A SON After Richard (Michael C. Hall) kills a burglar who broke into his house, his family faces threats from the thief’s father.

Pistol-Packing Papa THE TEXAS noir Cold in July unfolds its twists lazily but surely; questions of emphasis smooth the changes of mood from a decent man’s shock, to the avidness of a trio of hunters on the trail of bad men. Director Jim Mickle, working from a novel by the all-purpose action writer (and Texan) Joe R. Lansdale, starts with a troublingly calm painting of a lake on a summer night. He pulls back slowly to reveal a middle class living room. In the bed nearby Richard (Michael C. Hall, of Dexter and Six Feet Under) and his wife, Ann (Vinessa Shaw), are awakened by the sound of an intruder. Mickle stages what happens authentically, from the terror of the householders, to the pistol that goes off by accident, to the clean-up afterwards: the painting we saw ends up thrown out on the sidewalk next to the trash cans, spattered with the burglar’s brains. Richard, who has a picture-framing shop, is still in shock, and there’s noticeable friction between Ann and Richard from the aftermath of their home being violated. He can’t handle the high-fiving: “I heard you got one!” Mickle makes sure we get all this before taking a turn into more trad-noir territory. Guilty and obsessed, Richard watches the funeral of the man he killed from his car. Suddenly, Ben Russell (Sam Shepard) pops up in his window: the nearly silent, crophaired, just-out-of-Huntsville father of the dead man. He comments that Richard has

a very nice young son whose picture he saw in the newspapers. The Tangerine Dream-style keyboards on the soundtrack threaten us with the 1,000th version of Cape Fear; the cops are all hat and no protection, hands tied as always. Shepard is ominous, but he’s mannered—doing that little nervous flicking thing with the lighter Cold in July Steve McQueen used to do. We have to wonder how he Not rated; can walk through walls and 109 MIN. window bars, as when he sets Opens Fri. up a tableau of a wounded teddy bear and scattered bullets in Richard’s kid’s crib. That’s when the cops reveal themselves as not inept, but devious, and Richard starts playing offense. We noticed he drove a milquetoast Country Squire early on, now we see the lid rise over the recessed headlight of the station wagon, and it looks like the Batmobile waking up. About a third of the way in, an engagingly confident Don Johnson turns up as a smooth detective piloting a big red convertible called (according to its license plate) “The Red Bitch.” Mickle lines the film with defunct viewing formats (VHS tapes and drive-in theaters) and ominous, Lynchian elements of the evil the men are doing. Cold in July is not deep, but it’s built, and all around it looks like it was made by artisans who knew what they were doing.—Richard von Busack

crankk in crank i a smallll Tokyo Tookkyo apartment t t covered cover e with newspaper clippings. ed A brieff time of bonding between Brody Fordd Br ody and his soldier son For ((Aaron Aaronn Taylor-Johnson) Taaylor-Johnson) gives way ffast: ast: Go Godzilla odzilla is a short-attentionspanned spanne ed movie, with a lot of distance cover. Before Fordd is to cove er. Bef ore too long, For escorting from escorti ing a clockwork nuke fr om LLone one Pine P to San Fr Francisco ancisco via what lookss llike look ike the British Columbian coast. The T script has a thesis-like earnestness. earnes stness. Chief explainer is Watanabe, Dr.. Ichir KKen en W at b playing atanabe, l i Dr D IIchiro hi o Serizawa. Serizaw wa. He sets the film’s film’s tone: director dir ectoor Gar Gareth eth EEdwards dwards is solemn, too cau utionary to get much pleasur cautionary pleasuree fr om in nundating or bulldozing from inundating touristt wonderlands. If you don’t don’t get en ough of the wr ath of Godzilla, enough wrath at leas st you’ll basically understand least what ’ss going on. Godzilla is trying to what’s tr ack down d his ancestr al pr ey while track ancestral prey For ries to rreunite eunite with his wif Fordd tr tries wifee ((Elizabeth Elizabbeth Olsen, too good for for this). The Kin ng of Monsters is an excellent King examp ple l off the th old ld scr eenwriter it ’s ’ example screenwriter’s maxim m that a char acter explains character himsel lf thr ough action: a battler himself through battler,, indom itable, heedless of being indomitable, attacke ed two against one. attacked The cr e eatur e work is satisfying: the creature giant rreptile eptile has convincing density and rrage. age. I thrilled to hear him rroar. oar. Godzilla Godzill laa is often a warning against mankind’s presumption mankinnd’s ffoolish oolish pr esumption that CG is better b than the best miniatur miniaturee work. This T isn’t isn’t the case in the finale, with Godzilla Godzilla renovating renovating the San Francisco Francissco skyline; skyline; soldiers in the street from street watch fr om Chinatown, an ultimate ultimate dragon dragon parade parade against red red lanterns lanternns and pagoda rroofs. oofs. A lot of monstrous monstrous office towers get what they de deserve, eserve, as the audience gets a lot of what w they sought. (RvB)

IIDA DA (PG-133; 80 min.) P (PG-13; Poland oland in the early grain 1960s: we see the fine gr ain of ffogged oggedd br breath eath in the black-andwhite mists as a young appr apprentice entice nun A Anna n ((Agata nna Agata t TTrzebuchowska) rzebuchowska) b h k ) helps haul h a painted statue of eady to take her Jesus. She’s She’s rready vows, immune i to the grimness of the nu nunnery. nneryy. The Mother Superior informs inf orm ms A Anna nna that her only known rrelative elativee has materialized. She is an aunt, aunnt, Wanda Wanda (Agata (Agata Kulesza), Kulesza), a pr ofane but handsome middle-aged profane lady.. With lady W grim amusement, W Wanda anda decides decide es to let A Anna nna in on a ffamily amily secret: secr et:: Anna’s Anna’s birth name is Ida. A And nd she wa was as born Jewish in a land wher wheree anti-Se ti Semitism iti th thrives. i Th two The t anti-Semitism women n head out in a cr anky EEast ast cranky German-made Germa an-made W Wartburg artburg to go find the burial burial place of Roza, Anna/Ida’s Anna/Ida’s mother.r. Wanda’s mothe Wanda’s appetite ffor or drink, cigs an nd sar casm sal ts a film that and sarcasm salts in Poland’s takes place p Poland’s answer to Bela Tarr-land, Tar a r-land, complete with cows, soggy roads roads and buildings crumbling

from fr om m rising damp. Ida is a rroad oad trip, angy ffemale-bonding emale-bonding pictur e. It ’s a ta tangy picture. It’s Wanda is alsoo a detective story— story—Wanda e emorseless inquisitor former a rremorseless inquisitor,, a former state pr osecutor of capital tr eason state prosecutor treason casses, busted down to dealing with cases, flow wer-bed vandalism cases. W flower-bed Wee ell: she is a cann guess how she ffell: heaavy vodka drinker heavy drinker,, sharp-tongued, seething stress. seeething with emotional str ess. Undderneath, she has the tr aditional Underneath, traditional faith hard-drinking faitth sustaining har d-drinking dettectives: you can’t can’t find justice. But detectives: ou’re diligent, you can find out if yyou’re what happened. (RvB) what

PALO P ALO ALTO ALTO (R; 100 min.) James Franco’s Franco’s Br Bret et EEaston asston EEllis-like llis-like list of sensations in short sho ort story fform orm has been inverted G Coppola’s Coppola’s fine debut P in Gia Palo aalo A Alto lto. Maybe Maybe the pr problem oblem with reading reading it wass that it was meant to be a movie all along. a The difference difference is that the sexes sexxes have been switched: the main point point of view is not a teen boy but a teen April, teeen girl, A pril, played touchingly by EEmma mma Roberts. Dismissed by her mean, mean, popular friends as a ““sweet sweet little virgin,” littlle vir gin,”” she has the intelligence to understand what’s u what ’s going wrong wrong around here. Roberts’’ A April around o her e. Roberts pril is tremendously expressive, trem mendously expr essive, but not saltless, spineless or pathetic. April saltless, t April likes likees the shy TTeddy eeddy (Jack Kilmer) andd keeps seeing him socially socially, y, but there’s theere’s interf interference. erence. Mr Mr.. B (Fr (Franco), anco), herr soccer coach, has a thing ffor or her. promiscuous herr. And And the pr omiscuous Emily Emily (Zoe (Zooe Levin) also interf interferes, eres, helping herrself to TTeddy eeddy at a drunken herself party, parrtyy, bef before ore eventually hooking up with Fr Fred ed ((Nat Nat W Wolff). olff). Coppola handles han ndles the sex scenes above the necck, mostly. mostlyy. U nsupervised parties neck, Unsupervised hold the ffour our corners of the story hold together, toggether, but they’re they’re neutrally neutrally told: Copppola floats along with it, not Coppola judging judging it as Roman decadence, andd yet never swept away by the tides. Franco’s Palo Alto tidees. Fr anco’s legends of P alo A lto in the t 1990s have been updated to thee pr present, esent, and with maybe a bit of anachronism. anaachronism. Times Times weren’t weren’t as loose as the t ’70s, but an aff affair air between a te teacher eacher and a student some 20 years yeaars ago was still not the stuff of thee kind of scandals they have now now.. Unlike Franco Unllike the next bumper of Fr anco short shoort stories adapted into film— thee ones his company was filming locally locaally last winter—P Palo alo A Alto lto wasn wasn’t ’t filmed film med in P Palo alo A Alto. lto. But the locations are are also not noticeably not P Palo alo Alto, A ltoo, even though I thought I saw car.. an LLAPD APD medallion on a police car Coppola present Cop ppola has sanded off the pr esent rreferences; efer e ences; she shows us a high school sch hool world in which institutions andd rituals haven’t haven’t changed. She sums sum ms up the fforlornness, orlornness, the late nights nig hts and morning dawdling; she rrecalls ecalls the sad little rituals, like how thee last luck luckyy cigar cigarette ette must be inverted inve erted in the pack. (RvB)

Altered State

W WHERE HER E HAVE H AV E THOSE THOSE DAYS DAYS GONE GONE Camper van Beethoven—now B reunited long longer ger than they were initially to together—play ogether—play ogether play Bottle BottleRock, Rock, alon along ng with conjoined twin band, Cracker C Cracker. r.

Santa Cru Cruz’s uz’’s Camper V Van an an Beethoven take their California C fetish to t BottleRock BottleRock BY B Y SSTEVE TEVE P PALOPOLI AL A O POLI


OULD THERE be a better OULD act to play the e uniquely Northern N orthern California California festival festiv al Bottle BottleRock eRock than Santa Cruz’ amper V a an Cruz’ss own Ca Camper Van Beethoven, with their the eir conj conjoined oined twin band Cr acker in i tow? Cracker

After all, C Camper amper is the t gr group oup that on their 2013 album La La C Costa ost o ta P Perdida eerrdida d delivered “Northern California deliv ered “N orthern C a fo alif ornia Girls,,” p Girls perhaps erhaps the ultim ultimate mate N NorCal orCal anthem—meaning th i an anthem th that th that’s t’s way w ay to too o laid back to ac actually ctually be an anthem. seven “Right, it ttakes akes se ven n minutes to get wher wheree it it’s ’s going going,,” ad admits dmits Da David avvid L Lowery, owery, the fr frontman ontman ffor or o b both oth C Camper amper and Crack Cracker. er. “T “The The drums little likee thr three ccome ome in a lit ttle t bit lik ee times

beffor before o e the theyy finally kick in ab about out thr ee-and-aa-half minutes into the three-and-a-half song song..” Lowery L owery had h alr already eady writ written tten t his shar e C eat aliffo ornia songs ffor o or sharee of gr great California b oth hC amp per and d Crack C ker o ver the h both Camper Cracker over yyears—most ears—mosst rrecently, ecentlyy, “Wher ave “Wheree Ha Have Those Da ayyss Gone ”—in which he Days Gone”—in mist akes Good Go ood T imes’’ astr ologer R o ob mistakes Times’ astrologer Rob Br ezsny for fo orr Thomas Pynchon in a bar Brezsny in Mendo Mendocino ciino C County—but ounty— —but also “Big Dipper, Dipp er,” “M “Miss Miss Sant Santaa Cruz C County, ounty,” “C ome On Darkness”” and mor e. “Come more. But with h his latest cy cle, he ’s cycle, he’s outdone hi imselff. While LLaa C oostta himself. Costa P eerdida w ass a N orCal-influenced Perdida was NorCal-influenced album, the songs on C amper’s latest, Camper’s El C Camino aamino R Real eeal (which ccomes omes out JJune une 3),, ar et in,, or other wise rrelated elated aree all se set otherwise to al. to,, SoC SoCal. “We “W We wrote wrote o these songs at the same time tthematically ally we br oke off time,, then thematic broke most of thee N orthern C aliffo ornia ones Northern California ffor or the last album,, and then kind of o

took weree Southern to ok these songs that wer Soutthern California, C aliffo ornia,, and built another album alb bum around ar ound them,, b byy adding another anotheer fiv fivee likee that,” says songs or something lik saays y Lowery. “There’s opus L owery. “Ther e’s kind of this opu us now, going now w, this theme going. going. There’s Th here’s also a Crack Cracker er album,, which ccomes om mes next It’s disc—one out ne xt yyear. ear. It ’s a double disc —one Berkeley, Bakersfield. is Berk eley, one is Bak ersfield. One O is the punk side of the band, band, one is i the side..” ccountry ountry side So,, basic basically, So allyy, four fo our albums worth worrth California of C aliffo ornia songs. songs. And it all started star a ted because b ecause of … JJoan oan Didion? started “I think it st arted with me Victor and V iictor [Krummenacher] and an nd JJonathan onathan [Segel] rreading eading a bunch buncch of Lowery. JJoan oan Didion,” confirms confirms L owery. He ccan’t an’t rremember emember which ccollection ollection essays sparked of essa ayys specifically specifically spark ed it,, but b i would it ld almost l h ha ave to b h first fi have bee the section of Slouching T Toward ow o arrd Bethl Bethlehem, lehem, in which Didion rips to shr shreds eds the “golden dream” dream” of the Inland Inlan nd Empire—where Empir e—where L Lowery, owery, his C Camper am mper bandmates Krummenacher and d Segel,, and Crack Cracker er co-founder co-ffo ounder Johnny Johnn o ny Hickman all gr ew up. up. grew

M AY 30MAY JUNE 1 $149 ffor or 1-day pass; $279 ffor or a 33-day -day pass

BOTT BOTTLEROCK T LEROCK NAPA N AP PA Napa N apa V Valley a alley EExpo, xpo, N Napa apa

37 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3 2014 | met | sanjose. com | metr

metroactive MUSIC

essays “Those essa ayys rreally eally ccaptured aptured It’s the ffeel eeel of it. It ’s nott rreally eallyy that flattering about area, that’s flat tttering ab out thee ar ea,, but that ’s sortt of what p people from sor eoplee fr om the Inland Empiree ar aree pr proud of,” says Lowery. Empir oud of o f,” sa ayys L owery. “Theree w was sortt of “Ther as actuallyy some sor theme rreferendum effer e endum on a th heme ffor o or the Empire, likee ‘V ‘Virginia Inland Empir e, lik Vir i ginia is ffor o or Lovers’ L overs’’ or how California Califfornia o is the State. wrote Golden St ate. And we w all wr ote in: ‘We ‘W We will kick yyour our ass aass.’” .’” noticeable difference The most notic eaable diff ffeerence between Camper b etween the ttwo wo C a er albums amp overall Costa Perdida is the o verall ffeel—La eeel— —La C ost o ta P er e dida moree eas easygoing gentle,, is mor a gentle ygoing and Camino Real darker while El C amino a R eeaal is dark er and moree intense intense,, with a deep str streak mor eak of paranoia that runs thr tthrough ough songs likee “The Ultimate Solution,” lik S ” “It Likee That Whe When Wee Got Her Here” Was Lik en W e” L.A.”” Clearly Clearly, Lowery and “I Live Live In L.A. y, L owery different views has vvery ery diff ffeerent vi iews on the ttwo wo halves state. halv es of the st ate. “Yeah, likee ’’em both,” says “Y Yeeah,, but I lik em b oth,”” sa oth, ayys Lowey. L owey. Att the Bot BottleRock A tleR Rock k ffestival estival e in Lowery’s Napa May Maay 30-June 30--June 1, 1 L owery’s bands fivee will join an eclectic mix of fiv across stages, dozen other acts acr ross ffour our o st ages, Cure, Weezer, including the Cur e, OutKast,, W ee e zer, Cool Robert Earl Keen, LL C ool JJ,, R o obert E arl K een, TV on Smash the Radio and Smas sh Mouth. Some have been around of those musicians ha h ave b een ar ound Camper, longer than C amper e , while others benefited from b enefited fr om the ccollege-radioollege-radio radio to-gold-records to -gold-records traill that CVB and Cracker the ’80s ’90s. Crack er blazed in th he ’8 0s and ’9 0s. It’s likely, however, Camper It ’s very very lik elyy, howe ever, that C amper is the only band on the schedule been that has b een rreunited euniited longer than theyy wer weree originallyy to together. the gether. After Santaa rrecording ecording their firstt album in Sant 1985, band imploded Cruz in 19 85, the ba and implo ded on a European 1990. European tour in 19 90. But after early 2000s, they’ve rreforming efforming o in the ea arly 20 00s, the y’ve been together over b een back to gether now ffor o or o ver a decade. Part Lowery dec ade. P art of the rreason, eason,, L owery says, theyy all agr agreed sa ays y , is that the eed to do the moree par part-time basis,, or band on a mor rt-time basis tours, at least do ffewer ewer tou urs, which puts pressure them group. less pr essure on the m as a gr oup. But maybe it’s simpler ma ayb y e it ’s eeven ven sim pler than that. “Jonathan says it’s because “J onathan sa ayys it ’s just b ecause we’re says we ’re not in our ttwenties,” wenties,” sa ayys Lowery. it’s kind true.” L owery. “And “And A it ’s kin nd of true .” metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC


More listings: More


Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y.

ART A RT BOUTIKI Fri, May 30, 7:30pm: CCurious urious Picturee A Atlantic, Quail, Pictur tlantic, Rin Tin Tin TTiger, iger, Remi & Chloe. $10. Sat, Satt, J 14, Jun 14 7:30pm. 7 30 CCavewoman, avewoman,, Fever Charm, The Sk Skyflakes. yflakes. $10. San Jose.

THEE B TH BACK ACK B BAR AR ORIGINAL ORIGINAL May 29,, 9pm:: Fastest TTimes imes Party. Dance P artyy. May 30,, 9pm: Battle of the Bands. Sun, Jun 1,, 12pm-8pm:: Get TTogether ogether o BBQ w/ DJs Jeno V Void, ooid,, Sly Sly, y, Jymmi James,, P ablo Picasso.. Fri,, Jun 6, 6 Pablo 8pm:: Funk the Band, Year Yeear of the thhe Dragon, Dr agon, Relapse. $5.. San Jose.

BLACKBIRD BL ACKBIRD TAVERN TAV VERN Wed,, 8pm:: Fatale,, ffeaturing Wed, eaturing Emily Moldy Moldy, y, CCave ave Clove. Thu, 6:30pm:: KKQED QED Film Salon | Asian A sian Americans in P Politics. olitics. Th Thu, u, 8pm: The Residency–Brian Hoo playing Herbie Hancock.. Fri, 8pm: TTumbledown umbledown u House.. Sat, Pangilian. 7:30pm:: Oscar P angilian. Everyy TTue, ue, u 7pm:: Now Dig This! Guest DJ TTuesdays. uuesdays.. San Jose.

THE T HE B BLANK LANK CL CLUB UB Wed, W ed, 8pm: Institution, Dreadnaught, Dr eadnaught, Even Gods CCan an Die. Fri, 8pm: The Purplee Ones (a 10 piece tribute to Prince), The Jean Genies (David Bowie tribute). $10. Sat, 8pm: Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels, Monkey, Monkeyy, SSweet weet Hayah. $12. San Jose.



Sat, May 31, 9pm: Diogenes the CCynic, ynic, Them Slack Jawed Sons of Bitches. Sat, Jun 77,, 8pm: Heavy Hands, Granted Granted Earth, LLosing osing TTeeth. eeeth. San Jose.

Wed: Jam Night w/ TTony Wed: oony Project V.. Thu: Johns and Pr oject V City.. Hack Jammer. Jammer. Fri: Fog City Sat: Touch Toouch N Go. LLos os Gatos.


Thu: Halloween w/ Vicious Groove. Gr oove. Fri: Liquid P Paper. aper. $5. Sat: Wicked Fools. $5. Sunnyvale.

Wed,, 7pm-10pm: Wed, 7pm--110pm:: A Acoustic coustic Madness Music Contest. Thu, Acoustic 2am-5am:: A coustic Madness Music Contest. Fri,, 7:30pm: The Houserockers, Houser ockers, DJ B-EZ.. Sat, 2:30am:: Houser ockers. Sat, 7pm: Houserockers. Gig Garcia Garcia Band,, DJ KMA C.. Every KMAC. Thu,, 7pm:: Speakeasy Saloon w/ live Country music.. Los Los Gatos.

MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose .com | metr

Rock/Pop/ Rock/Pop/ Hip-Hop


RED R ROCK OCK CCOFFEE OFFEE Fri, May 30, 8pm: Jeff Wheeler Showcase. Sat, May 31, 8pm: Rabbit Quinn. Mountain View View..

RODEO R ODEO CCLUB LU B Jun 12, 7pm:: Joe Nichols,, Joe Bachman. $15-$20. Jun 19, 7pm:: Scotty McCreery, McCreeryy, Haley & Michaels. $15-$20. San Jose.

THEE CA TH CATS ATS Wed,, 7pm:: A Wed, Acoustic ccoustic Soul.. Fri, 8:30pm:: Johnny Neri Band.. Sat, 9pm:: Maneck.TTue, uue,, 6pm:: Dos Guys. Every Thu:: Out of the Blue.. Every Sun,, 6pm:: Joe Fer Ferrara. rara.. LLos os Gatos.

CCITY ITY NA NATIONAL ATION T AL CCIVIC IVIC Jun 27 27, 7, 7:30pm: The Piano Guys. $40-$75. Jun 28, 8pm: Mariachi V Vargas argas de TTecalitlan. ecalitlan. e $43-$153. $43 -$153. San Jose.

CCLUB LUB FFOX OX Fri,, 8pm: Native Elements, Thrive. $10-$15. Sat,, 7pm: Wild Child - A Live Recreation Recreation of a 1960’s Doors Concert.. $20$24. $2 4. Every Wed, Wed, 8pm:: Club Fox Blues Jam. Redwood City. Cityy.

SSAN AN JOSE R ROCK OCK SHOP SHOP Thu, May 29, 7:30pm: Grind Extravaganza Extr avaganza 2014. $5-$6. Fri, May 30, 7pm: Amonie, Thrones, Nerve Thr ones, Sewer Thug, Ner ve Exposure. Exposur e. $6. San Jose.

SAN PED SAN PEDRO RO SQ SQUARE UARE MARKET MAR KET Fri, 7pm: A Acoustic coustic Soul. Sat, Daydream 8pm: Daydr eam Nation ffeat. eat. The Killer Queens, cr crashfaster, ashfaster, Mitchell LLujan. ujan San Jose. ujan. Jose

SSAP AP CENTER CENTER Jun 3, 7:30pm: Lady Gaga. $45-$225. San Jose

Thursdays & Friday Night 9pm ~ 11pm

SSTREETLIGHT TREETLIGHT RE RECORDS CORDS Jun 14, 5pm: Tess Teess Dunn.. Jun 28, 4pm: The Skyflakes. Skyflakes.. San Jose.

BRIT BR IT A ARMS RMS A ALMADEN LMADEN Thu, 10pm: DJ Clay B. Fri, 10pm: p The Spazmatics. p Sat,, 10pm: The Good Guys. Every Wed W ed and Sun, 10pm: Karaoke Karaokee w/ DJ Hank. San Jose.

BRITANNIA A BRITANNIA ARMS RMS D OWNTOWN DOWNTOWN Wed: DJ 512. Thu: DJ Nico & Wed: Neeber.. Fri: DJ Benofficial Neeber Clay.. Sat: DJ Ready Rock. & Clay San Jose.

CAFE CA FE SSTRITCH TRITCH Sat, May 31, 8:30pm: Patrick Patrick Wolff W olff Quartet. Every W Wed, ed, 9pm: W Wax ax W Wednesdays. ednesdays. Ever Every ry Sun, 7pm: The Eulipions Jazzz Jam. San Jose.

CAFFE CA FFE FRA FRASCATI SCAT TI Fri, May 30, 8pm: Miena Yoo. Yooo.. Sat, May 31, 8pm: Navarone Navarone Boo. San Jose.

THEE HUDDLE TH Fri-Sat, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: Live bands. Free. Free. 21 and over over.. Fremont. Fr emont.


THREE THREE D DEGREES EGREES Every Thu 6:30-9:30pm 6:30-9:30pm & Fri, 7:30-10:30pm: 7:3010:30pm: Live music. All Ages. Free. Free. LLos os Gatos.

Thu: Ravaged. Fri: Moet. Sat, 8pm: Nini Zombi, Dezu, Jokes ForFelling, The Skunkadelics, Imposters. San Jose.



Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld

Wed, May 28, 7:30pm: Gary Wed, Allan. $45-$89.50. Sat, May 31 7:30pm: 31, 7 30 B it Floyd. Brit Fl d $35$35 $65. Sar Saratoga. atoga.

NAGLEE NAGLEE PARK PARK GARA GARAGE GE Jun 4:: Bug Horn Rex.. Jun 18: Birdd Lavay Smith Trio. Trio. r . Jul 2:: Bir Dogs.. Jul 16:: SSweet weet Hayah. Every 1st and 3rd 3rd Wed Wed May-Oct, 77-9pm: -9pm:: Live Music.. San Jose.

Every Thu: No Cover Covers night. Cupertino. Cupertino.

ANGELICA’S ANGELIC A’S BISTRO BISTRO Fri, 8:30pm: Bridget Marie Band. $15-$20. Sat, 8:30pm: The Nancy Gilliland Jazz Trio. Trrio. $12-$27. $12 -$277. Sun, 7:30pm: W World orld Class Pianist Ricar Ricardo do Scales,


90 Skyport Drive San Jose, CA (408)392-0212

metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley .co | M MAY YA28-JUNE 28N E 13 3, 3 2014 metr | san | metr osiliconvalley yom .com | AM MAY Y 14-20-13, 14J-U202014

40  10

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC 39 Byrne and Har Harriet riet Newhart Newhart.. $16-$21. Every TTue: uue: Jazz on TTuesdays. uesdays. u Every Thu, 8pm: Thursday Soul TTrain rain with Will Will Russ Jr ce of Will Jr.. & The For Force Band. Redwood City City..

BLACKBIRD BLA CKBIRD T TAVERN AV VERN Wed, 8pm: Wed, p Fatale, ffeaturing eaturingg Moldy, Emily M oldyy, CCave ave Clove. Thu, 6:30pm: KKQED QED Film Americans Salon | Asian Asian A mericans in P Politics. olitics. Thu, 8pm: The Residency - Brian Ho playin playing ng Herbie Hancock. Fri, 8pm: House. Sat, TTumbledown umbledown u Pangilian. angilian. 7:30pm: Oscar P Every TTue, uue, 7pm: Now Dig Th This! is! Jose. Guest DJ TTuesdays. uuesdays. San Jos e.

BL BLUE UE R ROCK OCK SHOO SHOOT T Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving A Artists’ rtistts’ Showcase. Sun, 4pm: Jazz Saratoga. and Blues jam. Sar atoga.

CCAFE AFE SSTRITCH TRITCH Sat, M May ay 31, 8:30pm: P Patrick atrickk Wolff Wed, W olff Quartet. Every W ed, 9pm: W Wax ax W Wednesdays. ednesdays. Eve Every ery Jazz Sun, 7pm: The Eulipions Jaz zz Jam. San Jose.

CCAFFE AFFE FFRASCATI RASCA ATI Fri, M May ay 30, 8pm: M Miena iena YYoo. oooo. Sat, M May ay 31, 8pm: Navar Navarone onee B San Boo. S Jose. J

14: A Ajavu jjavu - SSteely teely Dan/Chicago TTribute. rribute.. $10.. Summer Concert Series May May 31-Sep 20.. San P edro Square, Square, San Jose. Pedro

LLOU’S OU’S V VILLAGE ILLAGE Live music. San Jose.

LLOUISIANA OUISIANA BI BISTRO ST R O Thu, May May 29, 6pm: Dennis Dove. Fri, M May ay 30, 6pm: Jer Jerry ry May Sauceda. Sat, M ay 31, 6pm: Noel CCatura. atura. San Jose.

MOSAIC MO SAIC Fri-Sat, 66-9pm: 9pm: Jazz ffor or dinner.. San Jose. dinner

NUMBER N UMBER O ONE NE BR BROADWAY OADWAY Wed: Jam Night w/ TTony Wed: oony Johns and Pr oject V Project V.. Thu: Hack Jammer Jammer.. Fri: Fog City City.. Sat: Touch Touch o N Go. Los Los Gatos.

O’FLAHERTY’S O ’FLAHERTY’S Thu,, 9pm:: Live Music. Music.. Sun,, 5pm: Reggae music. Tue, Tue, u , 6:30pm:: Live Irish M Music. usic.. San Jose.

PEACOCK PEA COCK LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed: Jam Session. Thu: Live Wed: Band. CCall all ffor or inf info. o. Sunnyvale.


Blues and Jazz every night. CCall all ffor or inf o. San Jose. info.

Every second and ffourth ourth Thu, 77-9pm: -9pm:: Don Balistreri. Balistreri. Every Sat, 77-9:30pm: -9:30pm:: Live jazz.. San Jose.

Oppen Mic/ Open CComedy omedy d


LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS BRE BREWING WING CCO. O. Sat, M May ay 31:: Extr Extraa Lar Large ge Band Band. d. Fri, Jun 6:: Cocktail Monkeys. Monkeys. Fri, Jun Jun 13:: Jumpstart.. $5.. Sat, Ju n

IMPROV IMP R OV Wed, 8pm: Rick M Wed, Martinez. artinez. $17. $177. Thu, 8pm: A All Gonzalez. $12. Fri-Sat: Bill Bellamy y. $22. SatBellamy. Sun, 3pm: The I Hate Childr en Children Childr en’s Show Children’s Show.. $15-$35. San Jose.

ROOSTER R OOSTER T T.. FFEATHERS EA ATHERS Wed, 8pm: New TTalent Wed, aalent Showcase. $10. Thu-Sun: Don Friesen. $13 w/ twoitem minimum per person. Sunnyvale.

Karaoke K araoke 7B BAMBOO AMBOO Wed-Sat, 9pm: KKaraoke. Wed-Sat, araoke. TTue, uue, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

ALEX’S ALE X’S 4 49ER 9ER INN Nightlyy, 9pmNightly, 9pm-2am: 2am: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

AZÚCAR A ZÚCAR LLATIN ATIN B BAR AR Wed: 8pm-midnight: KKaraoke Wed: araoke plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.

THE B BACK ACK B BAR AR TTue, ue, u 9pm: KKaraoke araoke with Nick.

THE BEAR BEARSS Fri, 9pm: Dar Darryl. ryl. San Jose.

BENNIGAN’S BENNI GAN’S GRILL Sat, 9pm: August. August. Santa Clara. Clara.

Wed, 7pm: SStand-up Wed, tand-up comedy comedy.. $10-$20. San Jose. Thu, Jun 5, 7:30pm: Open M Mic ic Night. San Jose.

Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.

Fri, 9pm, Sat, 7pm and 9:15pm: Comedy Sport Sportz. z.. San Jose.







Wed, 7pm: Daniel CCastro Wed, astro Band. Fri, 8pm: Engine Room Room. m. Aki Sat, 8pm: A ki KKumar umar Band & Mon, Special Guest. M on, 7pm: TTony oony Martinez Every M artinez and Don Nick. Eve ery Aki’s Jam. Thu, 7:30pm: A ki’s Blues Ja m. CCampbell. ampbell.

Thu, 7pm: M Musical usical open mic. San Jose. TTue, ue, u 7pm: Open mic. San Jose.

Fri, 8:30pm: Kristen SStrom. trom. Colors. Sat, 8:30pm: Primary Colors s. Every 1st and 3r 3rdd W Wed: ed: Jazzz Jam. San Jose.




Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson. Wed, Thu 6pm: SSteve Thu, teve Freund Freund Blues Band. Fri, 6pm: Ron Hacker Blues Band. Sat, 6pm: CCathy athy Lemons Blues Band CD Release party party.. Sun, 4pm: Blues Jam w/ Sid M Morris. orris. Mon, Lauraa M on, 6pm: Lara Lara Price & Laur Chavez. San Jose.


More M ore listings:


Every W Wed: ed: The CCypher ypher Open M Mic. ic.

BAMBOO B AMBOO LLOUNGE OUNGE Mon, 7pm: M Mon, Musical usical open mic ffor or singer/songwriters. Sign Free. up at 7pm. Fr ee. San Jose.

BLINKY’S B LINKY’S CAN CAN’T ’T SSAY AY Sat, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar Clara. a.

BLUE B LUE M MAX AX Fri-Sat, 7pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

BLUE B LUE P PHEASANT HEASANT TTue, ue, u 7pm: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertino.



AFTER GLOW Curious Quail’s new album tells intertwining tales set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Curious Concept

THE POST-APOCALYPSE is hot, at least to judge from comics, movies and TV shows—music, not so much. Even so, Mike Shirley-Donnelly, singer for local indie-rock band Curious Quail, wasn’t sure at first that he wanted to record the band’s new concept album, the end-of-the-world-themed After The Lights Failed, because of the topic’s trendiness. Then again, he had been developing these characters and stories for more than a decade, before the genre was so popular. “If I wasn’t a musician, I would most likely go into writing, and most likely fiction, books, TV, film and so on. I have notebooks full of these stories. Most of it is connected,” Shirley-Donnelly says.

Curious Quail SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery, San Jose Fri, 7:30pm, $10

The end-of-modern-civilization-as-we-know-it concept isn’t even at the forefront of the album. To some listeners, it will sound like a collection of synthy, folky indie-rock tunes, but to those that really dig in, they will catch the narrative that Shirley-Donnelly has laid out: several interconnected stories that all take place after a single catastrophic global event, each song told from a different perspective.

“You can listen to it without knowing the story and enjoy it. But also I’ve taken a lot of time to make sure that everything sort of lines up. People that have heard the album say this sounds like a movie soundtrack. That’s definitely what we were going for,” Shirley Donnelly. Musically, After The Lights Failed encompasses more of the stylistic elements that Curious Quail have always played with. Their debut EP, The Glow—which was essentially a Shirley-Donnelly solo album—mixes a quirky blend of folk and computer sounds. The full-length Instant Gratification was a full band recording and had much more of a heavy alt-rock sound. After The Lights Failed mixes all of these elements together, with a much more theatrical vibe. “It showcases more what we’re about. You got the chiptune elements. You got the fuzzy guitars. You got the down-tempo folky thing. I’m proud of the track list, the way it flows, the ups and downs,” Shirley-Donnelly says. As diverse as After the Lights Failed is, it’s the band’s most cohesive record yet, though not their first concept album. After The Lights Failed marks the first recording Curious Quail has recorded as a band. Even with Instant Gratification, ShirleyDonnelly recorded a lot of it on his own, and would bring in band members to randomly track a guitar part here, or drums there. Before recording After the Lights Failed, the band changed up some members and solidified the lineup, which in addition to Shirley-Donnelly includes: Joey Guthrie on drums, Alan Chen on violin, Erin Keely on bass and Abe Myers on guitar. Together they successfully raised $10,000 on Kickstarter, and recorded the album in a studio as a unit. “It’s no longer just me and my computer,” Shirley-Donnelly says. “We were really anxious to get something out there that was like, ‘hey world, this is the five of us.’”—Aaron Carnes

MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose .com | metr

Jessica Shirley-Donnelly


metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley .co | M MAY YA28-JUNE 28N E 13 3, 3 2014 metr | san | metr osiliconvalley yom .com | AM MAY Y 14-20-13, 14J-U202014

42  10

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336 >LKULZKH`4H`‹In the Atrium‹AGES 21+


also Jack Rabbit Stew


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC 40

;O\YZKH`4H` ‹In the Atrium‹AGES 16+




Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. Wed San Jose.

Saturday, May 31 AGES 16+


Friday, May 30‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+


DJ Aspect

SoMo Cody Brazil also

!DV$RS$RSOPENPM3HOWPM :H[\YKH`4H`‹In the Atrium‹AGES 18+

Sun--Tuue, 10pm: KKaraoke. Sun-Tue, araoke. CCupertino. upertino.





Jarren Benton !DV$RSsPMPM

4VUKH`1\UL‹In the Atrium‹AGES 16+

MEATMEN !DV$RSsPMPM Jun 5 The Damned (Ages 16+) Jun 6 Brian Posehn (Comedy - 2 Shows) (Ages 21+) Jun 7 T-Pain/ DJ Aspect (Ages 16+) Jun 13 Sky Blue (of LMFAO)/ Dev (Ages 16+) Jun 17 Luciano/ Pure Roots (Ages 16+) Jun 19 Barrington Levy/ Tarrus Riley Morgan Heritage (Ages 16+) Jun 20 Talib Kweli/ Odious (Ages 16+) Jun 21 Fitz & The Tantrums (Ages 16+) Jul 10 Through The Roots (Ages 16+) Jul 18 Sir Mix-A-Lot (Ages 16+) Jul 19 Shwayze (Ages 16+) Jul 23 Rittz (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

THE T HE CCARAVAN ARAVAN Mon, 10pm: M Mon, Mandatory andatory Monday M onday KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

C&J’S SPORTS SPORTS B BAR AR Thu, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a. Clara.

THE T HE CCOURT’S OURT’S LOUNGE LOUNGE Thu & M Mon, on, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Darryl. Sat, 8:30pm: Joe or Dar ryl. CCampbell. ampbell.

TTue, ue, u 7pm: KJ Bob and SStarmaker. tarmaker. San Jose.

Wed & Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Wed 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.



Every Thu, 7:30pm7:30pm-9:30pm: 9:30pm: KKaraoke araoke Club. San Jose.

Thu, 9pm: DJ Davey K. CCampbell. ampbell ampbell. Thu & SunSun-Mon, Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce of KKOR OR Karaoke. Karaoke. Mountain View.. M ountain View


CCall all ffor or info. info. Cupertino. Cupertino.


Dance D ance Clubs Clubs

Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.

OASIS O ASIS Wed and Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Wed Doug. Sunnyvale.

Wed: KKaraoke. Wed: araoke. Thu, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am m: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar Clara. a.


DIVE B BAR AR Wed, W ed, 10pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jos Jose. se.


Thu, 8pm: Chris. Santa Clar Clara. a.



Wed, W ed, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed: Salsa Wednesdays. Wed: Wednesdays. Thu: Noche De Bandas. Sun: Reggae V Vybez. ybez. San Jose.




Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: View.. KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain Mountain View

Wed, 9pm to closing: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke. Free. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos.


Thu, 9pm: DJ party party.. Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: 9pm2am: Live music & DJs, salsa, house, hip-hop & mor more. e. Mon: M on: Salsa. San Jose.

Wed & Sun,, 7pm-close: Wed p KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.


EEFFIE’S FFIE’S RESTAURANT RESTAURANT Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat ue, u 9pm9pm-2am, 2am, & last Sun of every month, 22-7pm: -7pm: B&S KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

EELL T TORITO ORITO R RESTAURANT ESTAURANT T Fri, 6pm: KJ Bob and ollowed by DJ at SStarmaker, tarmaker, ffollowed a 9pm. Santa Clar Clara. a.

FIREHOUSE GGRILL FIREHOUSE RILL & BRE WERY BREWERY Sun, 7pm-close: Uncle Doug Dougie gie Show alo A lto. Show.. P Palo Alto.


Music & Comedy Lounge




Sunday, June 1‹AGES 16+

TECH N9NE Freddie Gibbs Krizz Kaliko

IISLAND SLAND CCAFE AFE & B BAR AR Fri-Sat, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

More M ore listings:


Thu, 9pm9pm-2am: 2am: A August. ugust. Milpitas. M ilpitas.

PIONEER P IONEER SALOON SALOON TTue, uue, 8:30pm: A Acoustic coustic karaoke kar aoke with Sam Marshall. Marshall. Woodside. W oodside.

Fri-Sat: DJ or Live info. Entertainment. CCall all ffor or inf o. San Jose.



Every Thu, 8pm: A Atomic tomic Dance Club. $5. San Jose.

Wed, W ed,, 9:30pm: Wildside.. No cover cover.. Clara. Sun,, 9pm:: Joe.. Santa Clar a.



Wed-Sun & Tue, Wed-Sun Tue, u 7pm: DJ and dancing. CCupertino. upertino.

Sun, 10am: Psycho Karaoke. Karaoke. CCampbell. ampbell. b ll


RED R ED SSTAG TAG LLOUNGE OUNGE Nightly kar karaoke, aoke, 9pm9pm-1:30am. 1:30am. San Jose.


Wed: A Wed: Almaden lmaden V Valley alley Beer Pong ONEmanARMY. P ong with DJ ONEman ARMYY. Thu: Vintage (80s, 90s, Pop, Pop, Q.. Rock, Hip Hop) with DJ David Q Fri: Quality Control. Control. San Jose.

Thu-Sat,, 9pm:: DJ CCurtis. urtis.. San Jose.


FREE COMEDY NIGHT 9 pm Weds Features a Headliner & Local Stand Ups

Thu-Sun, 8:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

LIVE MUSIC Thu, Fri & Sat 10 pm - 1 am Schedule on Facebook at Caravan Lounge

408-995-6220ĂŠUĂŠ"ÂŤiÂ˜ĂŠ11 am - 2 am

98 Almaden Ave., San Jose 95113

SSTATION TAT TION 55 THE GGOOSETOWN OOSETOWN LLOUNGE OUNGGE Fri-Sun, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

THE T HE H HUDDLE UDDLE Wed--Thu Wed-Thu T and Sun, 9pm: Wi Wild ld Fremont. Nights Karaoke. Karaoke. Fr emont.

Thu: JR. Sun: JR Diaz Family KKaraoke. araoke. TTue: uue: James. Gilr Gilroy. oy.

THREE FLAMES FLAMES RESTAURANT R ESTAURANT Every Mon, Mon, Wed, Wed, Sun, 8pm to closing: KKaraoke. araoke. Every TTue uue and Thu, 9pm to closing: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

BRIT B RIT A ARMS RMS A ALMADEN LMADEN Thu, 10pm: DJ Clay B. Every Wed W ed and Sun, 10pm: Karaoke Karaoke w/ DJ Hank. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS CCUPERTINO UPERTINO CCall all ffor or info. info. San Jose.


CCARDIFF ARDIFF LLOUNGE OUNGE Every second and ffourth Every ourth Sun: Return of the Boom Zap, underground underground electr electronic onicc music. CCampbell. ampbell.

CHARLEY’S CH ARLEY’S LLGG Wed: EEDM Wed: DM Music. Fri-Sat, (follows music). 10pm: DJ (f ollows live music c). LLos os Gatos.

DIVE B BAR AR Thu, 10:30pm: Rotating Guest DJs.

EL R RANCHO ANCHO SPOR SPORTS TS BAR BA R Fri-Sat, 8pm: Old School Dance P Party. arty. San Jose.

THE T HE EL ELEGANT EGANT P PUB UB Call ffor Call or inf info. o. EEvergreen vergreen Inn, San Jose. Jose

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT Fri, May 30: 2 Infinity and Beyond EEDM DM EEvent. vent. Sat, Mayy 31: Summertime Madness w/ DJ Kid Vicious. W Wed, ed, Wednesdays. Thu: 9pm: Wine W ednesdays. Thu u: Liquid Thursdays, with gues guestt DJs spinning hip-hop, TTop oop 40 0 Flashbackk and R&B. Fri, 9pm: Flashbac Fridays. $10. Mon: Industry Industry.. San Jose.

fourth Sat: Thrive. Sun: fourth Members Only. Only. San Jose.

the Coop. Live DJ and mor e. more. San Jose.



Every Thu, 9pm: Therapy Every Therapy Thursday.. EEvery Thursday very Fri, 9pm: Soul Therapy. Ther apy. San Jose.

Fri & Sat 9pm: Live music. Gilr oy. Gilroy.


Fri, May 30, 9pm: Dr Dressed essed TToo Kill ffeat. eat. DJ Spindizzy Spindizzy, y, DJ Skylin, Sk ylin, DJ David Q Q.. Sat, May 31, 9pm: HBK P-L O. Sun, Jun 1, P-LO. 9pm: San Jose TTakeover akeover a P Party arty ffeat. eat. Berner (T (Taylor Taylor a Gang), Reign. San Jose.


Fri, May 30: DemiChild w/ Josh JJ.. San Jose.

NORMANDY H NORMANDY HOUSE OUSE LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu,, 10pm:: Dancing to DJ BenOfficial & DJ Vex. Vex. ex. Santa Clara. Clara. a


PURE P URE LLOUNGE OUNGE 408 Fri, 10pm: Late N Night ight A Alumni. lumni. $10-$20. Sat, 10pm: White Saturday Satur day feat. feat. Miles Medina. free fr ee w/ guestlist bef before ore 11pm. Sunnyvale.

Fri, 9pm9pm-1:30am: 1:30am: DJDJ-JR. JR. Sat, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm1:30am: DJ John Rola. San Jose.

TRES T RES GGRINGOS RINGOS Thu: EEverybody verybody Get Get’s ’s Lei’d Saturday day with DJ Aspect. Aspect. Sat:: Satur Cooldown with DJ-L DJ-Luzion, uzion, Ill traxx, WreckaNoize WreckaNoize & HiGrade. HiGrade. Illtraxx, TTues: uues: TTWOSdays. WOSdays. San Jose.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE B BAR AR & GRI GRILL LL Wed: Wingy W Wed: Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu: TTanked aanked Thursdays w/V w/VJ VJ DVS Dave. Fri: V VJJ One. Sat: Ignition w/ DJ Omega, g , Philemonster Philemonster.. San Jose.

WILLOW W ILLOW DEN Mon: Magic Mike Mondays. Wed-Fri: W ed-Fri: DJs. Willow Glen.


San Francisco’s City Guide

JOHNNY V V’S ’S Mon: ReT ReToxx. Tooxx. Tue: Tuue: Trap Trap Shop. San Jose.

KATIE KA AT TIE BL BLOOM’S OOM’S Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs and dancing. CCampbell. ampbell.

LIQUID LIQUI D Friday: DJs & dancing. EEvery very second Sat: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR A AND ND BIS BISTRO TRO Every Fri: LLoft Every oft Fridays w/ DJ EExrated, xrated, J-Quest. EEvery very Sat: The U Upstairs pstairs P Party arty w/ DJ Howhigh, DJ RQ RQ,, DJ Sequenc Sequence, ce, DJ Christylz. San Jose.

LOS GA LOS GATOS ATOS BAR BA R AND A ND GRILL GRILL Fri, 10pm: Foundation Friday Fridays ys at LLGBG. GBG. Sat: Video Killed thee DJ.. LLos DJ os Gatos.

MILANO M ILANO Every Thir Every Thirdd Fri: SStrictly trictly Freestyle. Fr eestyle. EEvery very ffourth ourth Fri: Fuz. San Jose.


Goapele GOAPELE Sophisticated Bay Area soulstress returns with a new album and several nights of shows. May 28-31 at Yoshi’s SF.

PHENOMENAUTS Theatrical group perform a science fiction inspired mix of punk, rock and new wave. May 31 at Slim’s.

PAPERCUTS San Francisco songwriter Jason Robert Quever writes thoughtful, quietly evocative music. May 31 at the Chapel.

TECH N9NE Underground hip-hop sensation from Kansas City brings a crew of talented Midwest rappers to the Bay Area. June 2 at the Regency Ballroom.

TRANS AM Post rock trio celebrates their tenth studio album with a volume-cranking performance. June 4 at the Independent.

EEvery very Thu: DJ Mist. Fr Fremont. emont..

MOTIF M OTIF Fri: DJs & dancing. EEvery very

More San Francisco events at

43 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose .com | metr

Wed: W ed:: DJ 512. Thu:: DJ N Nico ico & Neeber. N eeber. Fri:: DJ Benofficial & Cley. Cley y. Sat:: DJ Ready Rock.. Sun: Night. 80’s Industry N ight. TTue: ue: u : College 80 ’s N ight w/ DJ David Q Night Q.. San Jose.. metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014



MAYY 28-JUNE MA 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 , 2014 | me | sanjose | metr


Nation’s largest selection of seeds !17 seed companies represented ! 256 strains available ! For grow classes, see website GR






































OAKLAND RD metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | MA MAYY 28-JUNE 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 2014



Follow us for daily clones & specials!

(888) 99-Harborside t 2106 Ringwood Ave, San Jose t&NCBSDBEFSP 0BLMBOEtBNoQNEBJMZ

Fire Stra Strain ain Sales & Oz Deals On O Mondays Mondays & Tuesd Tuesdays days Call for Details


** L Limit imit 2 $10 Gram Gram on on Top Top Shelf Shelf SSpecials pecials p per er P Patient atient YB Amber Pearl 2129 S. 10th St. San Jose, C A 95 112 CA 95112 (off T ully Rd.) (off Tully

YB Saratoga 4211 Barrymore D r. 4211 Dr. San Jose, C A 95 117 CA 95117 (off Saratoga A ve.) (off Ave.)

YB V Valley alley Fair a S Monroe St. 325 S. San Jose, Jo ose, C A 95128 CA (Off Stevens Stevens Creek) (Off

YB Bran Branham nham rl A ve. 4464 Pea Pearl Ave. A 95136 San Jose, C CA (O ff Branham Branha am A ve.) (Off Ave.)

YB Phoenix 1324 N. 10th. St. San Jose, C A 95 110 CA 95110 (Hw y. N. 880 & Gish) Gish h) (Hwy.


MAYY 28-JUNE MA 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 , 2014 | me | sanjose | metr

YBCOLLECTIVE YBCOLLECTIVE.COM E.COM 888-539-847 70 888-539-8470



A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | MA MAYY 28-JUNE 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 2014



MAYY 28-JUNE MA 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 , 2014 | me | sanjose | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | MA MAYY 28-JUNE 2 8 -JUNE 3, 3 2014





woman is rather than hot-headed. n how hot t-headed. This may while— maay work ffor o or you you u ffor or o a while — perhaps perhaps until she’s she’s melting meelting your yo our ear in the drugstore “WHERE drugstore aisle: “W WHERE ARE THE TAMPONS TOLD TA AMPONS I T OLD O YOU YO OU TO TO GET, GET T, YOU YO OU BIG MORON?” Of MOR RON?” O Of course, course o , at that point, point, there’s there’s only one thingg to say saay to her: “Sorry, “Sorry, ma’am. maa’am. I think k you’ve yo ou’ve mistaken mistak keen me for somebody else. for o someb ody else e.” I'm a 23-year-old 23--year e -old guy g dating a beautiful beautiful and exciting exxcitin ng 33-year-old 33-year e r-old woman. Because Because she’s she’s older than everybody everybody in my my circle, circle c , my my buddies have have taken ha tak ken to calling calling lli g her h “Mom” “Mom” (though not to her fa face) ace) and ripping on me for her. fo or dating her r. She rreally eally is fantastic, have fantasticc, but I ha ave to t admit this is having an impact on me—making ha aving v n me —making me both both angry angry at my my friends and embarrassed that shee and I stick out ffor or o the age difference. diff ffeerencce. —Peer-Pressured —Peer-Pressured Ten now, Ten e years years seems like lik ke a big deal now w, but when yyou're bee o ou're 139, she s won't even even b 150 yet. yeet. et It’s It’s understandable understtaandablee that yyou’re ou’re feeling feeling e all woundy from from o these razzings, razzings, but b being about being eing male is ab out b eing a competitor—ultimately competitorr— —ultimateely for for o women— down to the smallest scale. s ale. As sc As one sperm sperm taunted other,, “You taunted the other “Y You o sswim wim like like you you expect exxpect to end up in an n old tube tube sock. sock.” The power power of your your buddies’ mockery mockery isn’t surprising, isn’t surprising g, considering consid dering the finding by by UCLA’s UCLA A’s Matthew Matttthew Lieberman L erman and Lieb Naomi Eisenb Eisenberger erger that th hat our brains rreact eact to social way theyy social pain in much h the same w ay the do to ph physical sense,, hyysical pain. This Th his makes makes sense as we ar aree a so social cial species species and, early on, our sur survival vival may maay have haave depended depended on what other people people thought tho ought of us. us. But there’s there’s being being aaware war a e off people’s people’s remarks remarks there’s letting them drivee yyou likee and ther e’s let ttting the em driv ou lik a joystick. jo oyystick. Also, Also, the way way to pretty prettty much ensuree that guys keep ensur keep e p ripping on you you is showing that yyou’re ou’re vulnerable v to it, like lik ke by by dumping your yo our hott mama girlfriend so you don’t you don ’t stick out from from the pack. Remember, just number”—like Rememb e err, “age is jus st a numb er”—like zero, zero, the amount of sex seex many man ny of them are probably likee to are having haavving and would d pr obably lik see you having, too. you ha avvingg, to o.

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MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose | metr

I've been dating a fun, very attractive attra active woman for about a month, and things have been going great. However, However o r, on our our last date, we were out at dinner, dinne err, and the female server accidentally spilled an entire en ntire glass of red wine on her dress. dresss. Though the absolu server seemed mortified and apologized apologized profusely, profusely y, my date absolutely utely lost it—going into a rage and yelling at the poor poo or server, serverr, telling her she needs to learn l how to do her job, job b, etc. Except for this incident, incid dent, this woman has been sweet to t me and generally —Concerned acts like a nice person. Should I give g her some leeway on this? —C Concerned Red Reed wine and clothing have haave been been e problematic for p pr oblematic companions companions p for o centuries. centturies. Impressive water Impr essive as it is that Jesus Jesus turned turneed w ater a into wine, wine, if only he’d he’d developed deveeloped a way way to water, have turn wine back into w ater, he could cou uld ha ave opened successful dryy op ened a highly suc cessful e chain of o dr cleaners.. cleaners And while it’s it’s pretty prettty awful aw wful when wheen somebody over someb ody spills rred ed wine all o ver yyour our outfit, aree out tfi fit, it’s it’s especially especially aawful wful w when you you ar on a date and w want bee at yyour ant to b our se ssexy, exy, pulled-together 2006 pulled-to gether best. best. (If you you ffelt elt e a 20 06 Bordeaux improved Bor deaux would have haave impr oved e your your look, lo ok, you yo ou would have haave thrown thrown a glass gllass of it on yourself yourself before beffo ore leaving leaavving the house.) hou use.) But as I note in m myy ne new book, Good wb ook, G ood Manners Nice Sometimes Manner rs ffor or o Nic ce People People Who Somet times Say F*ck (June ( June 3, St. Martin’s Martin’s Press), Presss), when started yyou’ve ou’ve just st arted dating someone, someon ne, the butter-paws gives but ttterr-pa - aw ws waiter waaiter who giv es them ma probably rred ed wine bath is pr robably o doing yyou ou a favor. Significant flaws fa avor. Signific ant character fla aws w (lik ((likee aree unlik unlikely bee rrevealed rage issues) ar ely to b evealed e stages dating, in the early st ages of dating g, when n the source stress biggest sour ce of str ess yyou ou see yyour o ou ur date eexperiencing xp x eriencing is the kitchen’s kitchen’s forgetting for o geetttting to leave leaave off the parsley parsleey garnish on n their medallions of duck. If, Iff, when you’re you’re dating someonee new, new, yyou ou never neever get seated in the clumsy clumsy waiter’s together, w aiter’ a s section, go ccamping amping a to getther, project, engage ccollaborate ollaborate on a pr oject, or engag ge in stress-producing that other str ess-producing activities th hat patiencee and party strain a person’s person’s patienc party manners.. Bad personality traits,, iff an any, aree manners personalitty traits ny, ar likely scurryy ar around likee ccockroaches lik keely to scurr ound lik ockroaches o somebody on. after someb ody turns the lights o n. As doesn’t look As for for o this woman, it do esn’t lo ook good. go od. Her behavior behaavvior suggests not only o a lack of compassion compassion but poor poor “self“seelffrregulation, egulation,” psychologists’ pssychologists’ term for for o the ability abilitty to control control one’s one’s emotional emotio onal rreactions. eactions. You Yo ou also don’t don’t mention n her expressing exxpressing embarrassment or apologizing ap ologizing afterward afterwar a d as people people acting a ways out in uncharacteristic w ayys tend to do. do. around, bee w wary If you yo ou decide to stick ar ound, b ary of succumbing succumbing to “optimism bias”— bias””— our tendency to project project a rosy rosy future futture around; ffor or o ourselves: ourselves: silver silver linings all ar ou und; selective hold the clouds. clouds. This leads to selec ctive like eeyesight, yesight, lik ke ffocusing ocusing on how hott a

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Adult Ent Entertainment teerrttainment metr | sanjo | metrosiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014

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MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose | metr


11131 53 5 metr | sanjo | metr coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014

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classifieds cl lassiified ds PLACING PLA CING A AN N AD AD BY PHONE E






Call the Classified Call Classsified department at 408.298.800 00 Monday thr ough 408.298.8000 through Friday 9am to 5pm

Fax your ad to thee Classified Departm ment Department at 408.271.3520

Mail to: Metr Metroo Classifiedd 550 S. First SSt.t. San Jose, CA

Visit our offices Monday thr ough Friday y, 9am–5pm through Friday, Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx number and expiration date for payment.

For copy copy, y, playment, space rreservation eservation or cancellaion: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

EMPLOYMENT EMPL OYMENT Y Security/Bouncers Security/B Bouncers N Needed eeded wanted 5 nigh wanted nights hts a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornin ngs only y. Ale ex’ x s 49er mornings only. Alex’s L ounge 2214 Business B Cir cle, San JJose. ose. Lounge Circle, 40 8.279.9737 408.279.9737

Tempcare T e empcare LL L LLC CD DBA BA N Nursing ursing Resources Nursing R Nursing Resources eesou urces seeks a Clinic Clinical al Dir ector in Fr e emont, C A. Send rresume esume Director Fremont, CA. to 39111 P aseo P adre P ark kway, Suite 319, Paseo Padre Parkway, Fr emont,, CA CA 94538. 9 V iisit Fremont, Visit www w..baayyarean m/ for fo or details. details.

Tango T ango Systems, Systtemss, Inc. San JJose, ose, CA CA a Semi Equipment C Co, o, has op enings ffor or Mf o M fg Eng openings Mfg Eng.. to design and de v. PVD ssystems. ysteems. Resume: Reesume: dev. jobs@t

Bartender / Cocktail Servers 6 AM-10AM P Part art Time Time i shift aavailable. vvailable. Apply mornin ng’s only. onlyy. Ale ex’ x s 49er morning’s Alex’s lounge B Cir cle, (San lounge,, 2214 Business Circle, C arlos & Basc o om), San JJose. ose. Carlos Bascom), 40 8.279.9737 408.279.9737

Big Switch hN Networks etworks seeks Memb Member err of Technical Teechnical St Staff aff in

Mtn. V M View, iiew, C CA A to design net network twork w sswitch w witch ccontroller ontroller plat tfo orms & apps platforms apps.. Se end rresume esume w/ad to 10 0W est e Ev ellyn Send 100 West Evelyn A ve., #110, Mount ain V iiew, C A 94041. 9404 41. Ave., Mountain View, CA A tttn: HR/ /XW XW. Attn: HR/XW.

Pacific P acific Hand Car W Wash ash Must ha M have ave high ener energy, gy, enthusiasm,, te eam leadership and with sales team eexperience. xxperience. Apply in p erson! 16 67 S person! 1667 S.. B ascom Ave., Ave., Campbell, Campbell, 95008 95008 Bascom

TRUCK T TR UCK D DRIVERS RIVERS NEED NEEDED ED 10 0 wheeler wheeler,, and w water ater truck driv drivers ers ffor o or lo ocal cconstruction onstruction material hauling local hauling.. All w work is daily some nights and week keends weekends on n occasion occasion no long haul, yyou ou will b bee ho ome with yyour our family daily. dailyy. Must ha h ave home have cl lean DMV, DMV V, Class A or B lic read, wr rite clean lic.. read, write an nd speak speak fluent English as well as pass p and pr re emplo oyment y and random drug pre employment sc creeningg. C ompensation is ccompetitive ompettitive screening. Compensation an nd based on eexperience xxperience and and p e fo er ormance. Please ccall all 40 8.971.4430 performance. 408.971.4430 x11 ffor or immediate inter o view. interview.

Theranos T Ther anos seeeks Manufacturing Engr in P seeks Palo alo Alto A Alto,, C A to de velop manufacturing pr ocesses e . CA develop processes. Se end rresume esume w/ad to 16 01 S C alifforn o nia Send 1601 California A ve, Palo Palo Alto, Alto, CA CA 94304. Attn: Atttn: HR/RP HR R /RP Ave,

Carwash Carw ash W Washer asher and Cleaner Part time / F Part Full ull time ccarwash aarrwash w washer asher a and cleaner p osition att P acific C ar position Pacific Car Wash. C ARW WASH A EXP PERIENCE CARWASH EXPERIENCE ONL LY. Please ccall all 40 8.8 823.6699 and ONLY. 408.823.6699 ask ffor or Helen. o

Gigamon seeks St Staff aff Engr. Engr. in Sant Santa ta Clara, C CA A to de evelop p emb edded ssystem yysteem softw are develop embedded software mo dules. Send rresume esume w/ad to 330 0 modules. 3300 Olc ottt St.,, Santa Santa Clara, CA CA 95054. Olcott A tttn: HR /HG Attn: HR/HG

Karaoke K araoke DJ wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must wanted M ha have ave equipment. Apply morn nings only y. mornings only. Ale ex’ x s 49er L ounge 2214 4 Business Alex’s Lounge Cir cle, San JJose. ose. 408.279.9737 408.279 9.9737 Circle,

GENERAL Diabetic T Test est e Strip Strips ps W Wanted anted




Want a rrelationship? elationship? Kn Know now the rules! Ev ery Satur daay 3:30pm-5pm. 3:30pm--5pm. Alano Every Saturday Club 1122 Fair A ve., SJ C all 92 5.766.8136 Ave., Call 925.766.8136

Enjoy fresh, sustainably grown produce from June to November

MUSIC ThugW orldRecord Thug W Th World orld o ld R Records ec e ords d eexplosive xp plosiv l i e lab llabel bell with major ffeatures eatur e es lil Wa W ayyne g-unit Wayne E-40 fr ee downloads mp p3s Ring gttones free mp3s Ringtones lo oking ffor or ttalented o alented ar ers tiist rapp looking artist rappers singers ffemale eemale mo dels ccall a and lo all models logg on

Support your local Community Farm!

WWW.VEGGIELUTION.ORG/FARMBOX WWW .VEGGIELUTION.ORG/FARMBO A X WE WILL PROVIDE YYOU OU WITH 7-10 7-10 ITEMS EA EACH CH WEEK: W : WEEK SSummer ummer VVegetables: egetables: Basil, Basil, Beans, Beans, CCantaloupe, anntaloupe, CCorn, orn, CCucumbers, ucumbers, Eggplant, Eggplant, Okra, Okra, Sweet Sweett and Hot Hot PPeppers, eppers, SSquash, quash, TTomatillos, oomatillos, HHeirloom eirloom TTomatoes oma o toes Year-round Year-r e ound VVegetables: egetables: BBeets, eets, CCarrots, arrots, CChard, hard, CCilantro, ilantro, CCollard ollard GGreens, reens, CCurly urly and a DDino ino KKale, ale, Garlic, Garlicc, Onion, Onion, Potatoes, Potatoes, Radishes, Radishes, CCabbage, abbage, and GGreen reenn Onions. Onions.

PICK UP YYOUR OUR BO BOX OX WEEKLY: WEEKLLY: At VVeggielution At eggielution FFarm arm (K (King King and Story) Story) 1:30pm-6pm 1:30pm 6pm Tuesdays Tuesdays or 110am-2pm 0am-2pm 0am 2pm Saturdays Saturdays (1st SStudio tudio CClimbing limbing GGym ym (1s st & SSan an SSalvador) alvador) OOnn South South First First Street Street frfrom 2 TTuesdays uesdays om 2pm-10pm Naglee Park William) Park (18th & W illliam) William BByy W illiam SStreet treet PPark ark frfrom om m 2pm-7pm TTuesdays uesdays Husted) SSouth outh Willow Willow Glen (Cherry (Cherrry & Hust ed) NNear ear PPresentation resentation High frfrom om m 2pm-7pm TTuesdays uesdays

YYOU OUU ARE cordially cordiallly invited invited to


aw weekly eekklly

WEDNESDAYS W Eshshowcase EDNESDA Y S howcase with an eye eye for female talent

88-11pm 11pm

blackbird bla ckbird ta tavern vern 200 so south outh 1st street san jose ca

11115 55 5 MAY M AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 2014 | me | sanjose | metr

Will W iill pa pay ay up to $30 a b box. oxx. C Call all R Rodney odney 40 8.396.7045. 408.396.7045.

thuggw 40 8.561.54558 ask ffor o or gp 408.561.5458

110 0 56 5 6 LEGAL & metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014



The follo following wing perso person(s) on(s) is (are) (ar e) doing businesss as: 1. ZZoomApply, oomApplyy, 1150 50 PPalm allm V Valley aalley Blvd., Blv d., #11 #1123, 23, San Jo Jose, ose, CCA, A, 95123, 95123, 2. Amor Amortreffit, t effit, tr Gabriel G abriel Cuev Cuevas. as. This business is con conducted nducted bbyy an individual. Registrant R egistr i t antt began b transacting tr ansacting busines businesss under the fictitious business busineess name or names listed her herein e on ein 5/1/2014. 5/1/201 4. /s/Gabriel /s/G abriel Cuevas Cuevas This statement was filed with the County Cle Clerk rk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 5/21/2014. 5/21/201 4. (pub Metro Metro 5/2 5/28, 8, 6 6/04, /04, 6/11, 6/18/2014) 6/18/2014)


The follo following wing perso person(s) on(s) is (ar (are) e) doing busine business ess as: TTenisiTech, enisiTTeech, 4808 8 PPepperwood epperwood W Way, ayy, S San Jose, CCA, A, 95124, 95124, SCT Con Consulting. sulting. This business is con conducted nducted bbyy a limited liability company. company y. Above Abo ve entity was fo formed rmed in the state of Californ California. ia. Registrant R egistrant began transacting tr ansacting busines businesss under the fictitious business busineess name or names listed her herein e on ein 4/14/2014. 4/1 4/2014. Refile R efile of pr previous evious fil file le #571967 #5 71967 with chang changes. ges. /s/Sarah /s/Sar ah TTenisi enisi CEO #201113710183 #20111 3710183 This statement was filed with the County Cle Clerk rk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 4/21/2014. 4/21/201 4. (pub Metro Metro 5/21, 5/28, 5//28, 6/04, 6/11/201 6/11/2014) 4)


The follo following wing perso person(s) on(s) is (ar (are) e) doing busine business ess as: Sina Sina’’s Antiques And A Fine Ar Arts, ts, 119490 9490 Scotland Scootland Dr.,., Saratoga, Dr Saratoga, CA, CA, 95070, 95070, Siamak Ahghari. This business is con conducted nducted bbyy a individual. Registrant R egistrant has not yet yet begun tr transacting ansacting business b under the fictitious business name or names liste ed listed her ein. herein. /s/Siamak Ahghari This statement was filed with the County Cle rk of Clerk Santa Clar Claraa County on 5/16/2014. 5/1 6/2014. (pub Metro Metro 5/2 5/28, 8, 6 6/04, /04, 6/11, 6/18/2014) 6/18/2014)



The follo following wing person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: 1 Chinese Kitchen Inc., 55585 585 Snell Ave., Ave., San Jose, CA, CA, 95123. 9 5123. This business is conducted bbyy a corpor corporation. ation. Above Abo ve entity was formed in the state of California Registrant R egistrant began transacting tr ansacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed her herein ein on 4/16/14. 4/1 6/14. /s/Irene /s/Ir ene Do PPresident resident #3668131 #36681 31 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 5/20/2014. 5/20/201 4. (pub Metro Metro 5/2 5/28, 8, 6/04, 6/11, 6/18/2014) 6/18/2014)


The follo following wing person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: Silicon V Valley aalley Macs, Macs 211 21155 Sunstruck Ct., San Jose, CCA, A, 95125, 9 5125, Jeff Nichols. This business is conducted bbyy a individual. Registrant R egistrant has not yet yet begun transacting transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. her ein. /s/Jeff Nichols This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 5/20/2014. 5/20/201 4. (pub Metr Metroo 5/28, 5/28, 6/04, 6/11, 6/1 6/18/2014) 8/2014)


The following following person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: PPalo alo Alto Preschool Preschool Bilingual Montessori, 4232 4232 El Real, Camino R eal, PPalo alo Alto, CCA, A, 94306, Stanford 9 4306, S tanford Education FFoundation. oundation. This business is conducted bbyy a limited liability company. company y. Above Abo ve entity was formed in the state of California Registrant R egistrant has not yet yet begun transacting transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. her ein. /s/Zhen Li Manager #201025310148 #201 025310148 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Claraa County on Santa Clar 5/14/2014. 5/1 4/2014. 5/28, (pub Metro Metro 5/21, 5/2 8, 6/04 6/112014) 6/04, 6/112014)


The following following person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: Alpha Rose Rose Industries, 3637 3637 Snell Avenue, Avenue, Suite 280, 280,

San Jose, CCA, A, 94566, 94566, John Stagnaro, S taggnaro, 3800 V Vineyard ineyard Ave., A ve. e., Ap C, C Pleasanton, Pleasanton CA, CA, A 94566, 9 4566, George George Stagnaro. Stagnaro. Thiss business is conducted bbyy a limited liability company. com mpanyy. Above Abo ve entity was formed in the state s of California Registrant R egiistrant has not yet yet begun begu un transacting transacting business under und er the fictitious business name nam me or names listed herein. her e ein. /s/John /s/Jo ohn Stagnaro Stagnaro General Gen eral PPartner artner #201409700003 #20 1409700003 Thiss statement was filed withh the Countyy Clerk of Santa Sant ta Clar Claraa County on 5/12/2014. 5/1 2 2/201 4. (pubb Metro Metro 5/21, 5/28, 5/28, 6/04, 6/04 4, 6/11/201 6/11/2014) 4)


The following following person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: Christie Chri stie Chen Photogr Photography, aphyy, 11311 3111 Muench Ct., San Jose, Jose e, CA, CA, 95131, 95131, Christie (Chonglang) (Ch (Cho onglang) l ) Chen. Ch Thiss business is conducted bbyy a individual. Registrant R egiistrant has not yet yet begun begu un transacting transacting business under und er the fictitious business name nam me or names listed herein. her e ein. /s/Christie /s/C Christie (Chonglang) Chenn Thiss statement was filed withh the County Clerk of Santa Sant ta Clar Claraa County on 5/13/2014. 5/1 3 3/201 4. (pubb Metro Metro 5/21, 5/2 5/28, 8, 6/04, 6/04 4, 6/11/201 6/11/2014) 4)


The following following person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: ITECH, IT ECCH, 4969 4969 Shiloh Pl., San Jose, CA, CA, 95138, 95138, Trang Trang Pham, Pham, Minh H TTrinh, rinh, 564 McCollam, McCCollam, San Jose, CCA, A, 95127. 9 5127. Thiss business is conducted bbyy a joint vventure. enture. Registrant R egi gistrant began g transacting tr ansacting business under the fictitious fi business name or na names ames listed her herein ein on 4/28/2014. 4/2 8 8/201 4. /s/T /s/Trang Trang Pham Thiss statement was filed withh the County Clerk of Santa Sant ta Clar Claraa County on 4/28/2014. 4/2 8 8/201 4. (pubb Metro Metro 5/21, 5/2 5/28, 8, 6/04, 6/04 4, 6/11/201 6/11/2014) 4)


The following following person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: Ram R am m Images, 11892 892 Clarice Drive, Driv e, San Jose, CA, CA, 95122, 95122, Ray R ay Murillo Murillo.. Thiss business is conducted bbyy a individual. Registrant R egiistrant began transacting tr ansacting business under

the fictitious busines business ss name or names listed herein herein e on 4/23/2014. 4/2 3/2014. 4 /s/Ray /s/R ay Murillo This statement was fifiled with the County Clerk Clerrk of Santa Clara Clara County on o 4/23/2014. 4/2 3/2014. (pub Metr Metroo 5/21, 5/ 5/28, /28, 6/04, 6/11/201 6/11/2014) 4)


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The follo following wing person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: PPeacecock, eacecock, 460 Carroll Carroll S St., t., Sunnyvale, Sunnyv ale, CCA, A, 94086, 94086, Diana Blue. This business is conducted bbyy a individual individual. Registrant R egistrant has not yet yet begun transacting tr ansacting business under the fictitious name. /s/Diana Blue This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 4/25/14. 4/2 5/14. (pub Metro Metro 5/1 5/14, 4, 5/21, 5/28, 5/2 8, 6/04/2014) 6/04/2014)


The follo following wing person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as:1. s Elite R Realty ealty Co, 2. First Class LLending ending Co, 5520 5520 Almaden EExpressway, xpresswayy, San Jose, CCA, A, 95123.. 9 5123.. This business is conducted bbyy a corpor corporation. ation.

Above entity was formed in Above the state s of California Registrant R egisstrant began tr transacting ansacting business busin ness under the fictitious business busin ness name or names listedd herein herein on 1/28/08. 1/28/08. Refile R efilee of pr previous evious file #504743 #504 4743 after 40 days of expiration expir ration date. /s/Ivan /s/Iv van Caballer Caballeroo PPresident resiident This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Santta Clara Clara County on 4/01/2014. 4/01 1/2014. (pubb Metro Metro 4/26, 5/07, 5/077, 5/14, 5/1 4 5/21/2014) 4, 5/21/2014)


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Refile of previous Refile previous filee #462837 #46 2837 after 40 da days ays of expiration expir ation date. date /s/Senayit Shenkutee This statement was fifiled with the County Clerk Clerrk of Santa Clara Clara County on o 4/11/2014. 4/11/201 4. (pub Metro Metro 5/14, 5/14, 5/21, 5/21, 5/28, 5/2 8, 6/04/2014) 6/04/2014)


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/s/Steven H. Costa /s/Steven PPresident resident #1292368 #1 292368 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 5/05/2014. 5/05/201 4. (pub Metr Metroo 5/07 5/07, 7, 5/1 5/14, 4, 5/21, 5/28/20147) 5/2 8/20147)


The follo following wing person(s) is (are) (ar e) doing business as: SGN SG N Petro, Petro,, 2375 2375 Quimby Q Quimby Rd., San Jose, CA, CA, 95122, 95122, SGN SG N PPetro, etro, LL LLC. LC. C This business is conducted bbyy a Limited Liability Company. Company y. Above Abo ve entity was formed in the state California Registrant R egistrant began tr transacting ansacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. herein. /s/Rajinder /s/R ajinder Br Brar ar Manager #201400810129 #201 400810129 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of S t Clar Santa Claraa County Cl C t on 4/16/2014. 4/1 6/2014. (pub Metro Metro 5/07 5/07, 7, 5/1 5/14, 4, 5/21, 5/28/2014) 5/2 8/2014)


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Santa Clar Claraa County on 4/29/2014. 4/29/201 4. (pub Metr Metroo 5/07, 5/077, 5/1 5/14, 4 4, 5/21, 5/2 5/28/20140) 8/20140)

The follo following wing person(s) is (ar (are) e) doing business as: Hoa Beauty Supply Supply, y, 11826 826 San Carlos St., St., San Jose, CA, CA, 95128, 95128, Hoa Yu Yu Hoang. Thi business This b i i is conducted by by a individual. Registrant R egistrant has not yyet et begun tr transacting ansacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed her herein. ein. /s/Hoa YYuu Hoang This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clar Claraa County on 4/29/2014. 4/29/201 4. (pub Metr Metroo 5/07 5/07, 7, 5/1 5/14, 4, 5/21, 5/2 5/28/2014) 8/2014)

Thee follo following wing person(s) is (a (are) are) doing business as: Adv Advocali ocali Design, 11370 370 Wh Whitehurst hitehurst Ct., San Jose, CCA, A,, 95125, 95125, R Reynaldo eynaldo Lambatin. Lam mbatin. Thiss business is Thi conducted con nducted by by a individual. ind ividual. Registrant R eggistrant began transacting tr annsacting business under und d the der th fictitious fi titi business bus siness name or names nam mes listed her herein ein on 1/01/2012. 1/0 01/2012. /s/Reynaldo /s/ /Reynaldo Lambatin Thiss statement was filed Thi withh the County Clerk of wit Santa San nta Clara Clara County on 4/292014. 4/2 292014. (pub (pu ub Metr Metroo 5/07 5/07, 7, 5/1 5/14, 4, 5/21, 5/2 21, 5/2 5/28/2014) 8/2014)

Publish P ublissh Your Y our o L Legal eg gal Here Documentt Here

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FICT FICTITIOUS C ITIOUS BUSINESS B U NESS USI NAME NA AME SSTATEMENT TATTEMENT TA #591316 # 591316 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | M MAY AY 28-JUNE 28-J U N E 3, 3 2014

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I’ve noticed sometimes s colors look differen different nt when I alternate eyes eyes.. It's perceive something that’s easiest to pe erceive when looking at someth hing that’ ’s soft white. When I close c my right eye eye, e, the white has a bluish tint to o it; when I close my left eye, it has tint. a reddish tin nt. Is there a name for this? Is this t normal, am I insane, or do I special have some sp pecial kind of vision? It's been like this since I was a kid. —drewtwo99, Message —drewtwo99 9, via the Straight Dope M essag ge Board Hard Har d to say saay what’s whatt’s going on—the medical medic caal literature literatture is pretty prreettty thin. But my my guess is there’s there’s a researcher researcher or two tw wo who’d who’d love lo ve to get a look lo ook at your your eyes. eyes e. Here’s Here’s whatt we know: 1. The closest closesst I can caan find to a name for for o what you you describe desccribe is unilateral color color blindness,, a condition blindness condition in which one eye eye has normal color col olor vision and the other doesn’t. do esn n’’t. I’m farr from frro om certain cer e tain that’s that’s what Tho yyou’ve ou’ve got. Those ose with UCB tend to think one eye eye is bad and the other good, good, not that both both eyes eyes skew sk kew equally to opposite opposite ends You d off the h spectrum. spectrum. e Yo ou might i h take taak ke one of those online on nline color color vision exams, exams, testing one eye eye at a time, time, and report report back. Pending P ending further furth her insight on that score, score, we’ll we ’ll call caall your your condition condition differential diff ffeerreential color color vision (DCV). (DCV V). ) 2. UCB is generally described as rare. rare. geenerally described DCV D CV may maay nott be. be. Whenever Wheneever someone posts p osts online saying saaying y they’ve theeyy’ve got it, dozens of others chime chim me in to say, saay, “me too. too.” 3. Ther There aree se several well-established re ar eveeral wellesttaablished difference perception rreasons easons e ffor or o a di iff ffeerrenc e e in ccolor o olor p errception between involves defects b ettween w eeyes. yees. The T first in nvolves def feects lens.. One of the first of the ccornea o ornea or o lens opacity ssymptoms yymptoms of ca ccataract—an attaract a t—an — opacit ty in the objects become blurry lens—is that ob bjects b ecome blurr ry and have Typically, ha ave a yyellow-brown ellow-b brown tint. T yypiccaallyy, this affects other, both oth aff ffeects one eeye ye but not the other r, or b varying degrees. eeyes yees but to var y degr ying rees e . 4. W With age,, the lens ccommonly hardens ith i age o ommonly har dens becomes denser, scatter and b ecomes denser d r, ccausing ausing a it to sc cat atter t make blue and violett light. This will mak ke purple appear people, objects app ear rredder edder to older p eople, and appear blues will app e less vibrant. ear 5. Another thing that may t maay contribute contribute to a difference diff ffeerencce in color color perception perception is artificial an ar tificial lens, len ns, or no lens at all. I’m assuming this doesn’t doesn n’’t apply to you, you, Drew; Drew; I mention it because bec ecaause it’s it’s interesting. interresting e . The light; lens normally helps filter ultraviolet ultraaviolet v oncee it’s onc it’s gone, gone, or replaced replaced with a nonfiltering artificial artificcial lens, lens, you you can can see UV UV light, which is perceived perceived as whitish blue or violet. A famous fam mous example exxample p is the French French Impressionist Claude Monet. Impr essionist painter p Monet suffered suff ffeerred from from cataracts cataracts late in life liffe and to remedy remedyy this had the lens in his right eye eye removed remo oved in 1923. The effect eff ffeect on can his vision, it’s it’s claimed, c can be be seen in the series of paintings paintiings he produced prroduced from from 1922 to 1924 known n as The House Seen from frroom the Rose The R ose o Garden. Garrdden. Th he first works in the series

ffeature eeature warm waarm colors, colors, such as reds, reds, browns browns o and those completed an nd yyellows; ellows; e completed after the th he operation, op peration, though depicting the same sam me scene, sc cene, are are dominated by by blue and violet. vio olet. 6. Another reason reason for fo or a difference diff ffeerencce is disease-caused in n color color o perception perception e disease-caused damage da amage to one of the optic nerves. nerves. One O off the diagnostic rules of thumb taught taugght to o medical mediccaal students is that color color vision visio on anomalies an nomalies affecting aff ffeecting just one eye eye are are “acquired “a acquired color color vision defects, deffects e ,” which h generally ge enerally are are a sign of disease or somee other picked ot ther condition condition o pick keed up after birth. birth h. In garden-variety ccontrast, o ontrast, gardend -variet v i ty color color l blindness, bli d ess, blindne affects both equally, usually w which aff ffeects b oth eeyes yes e equally y, is usu ually ccongenital. o ongenit al. The importance importance of this distinction acquired vision di istinction is that ac cquir q ed ccolor olor o visio on defects likely indicate problem equ de effects e lik keely indic ate a pr oblem rrequiring uiring treatment, tr reatment, wher whereas eas ccongenital ongenital def defects fect e ts don’t. do on n’t. ’ 7. theree ar aree eexceptions, 7. But ther xxceptions, which brings br rings us back to unilateral ccolor olor blindness. number papers bl lindness. A numb er of rresearch esearch pap ers appearing through ap ppearing in the 1940s thr ough the 1970s 1 ccalled a alled at attention ttention t to ccases aases of ccongenital ongenit o a al (t that is, is, inherited) color color blindness (that aff ffeecting one eye ff eye only y. In unilateral affecting only. deuteranopia, instance, lacks de euteranopia, ffor o or inst ance, one eeye ye la acks all perceive al ll or most of the ccones ones that p erceive green, number gr reen, sharply limiting the numb er of o bee distinguished, whil while ccolors o olors that ccan an b le the other ot ther eye eye is normal. But the aff affected ffeected eeye ye ccan a b an ’s the one that t bee easily identified—it identified—it’s shades ccan’t an’t an ’ see reds reds and greens greens (the paler sh hades anyway). an nyw yway). y That do doesn’t esn n’’t describ describee yyou. ou. 8. Some,, m myy assist assistant Fierra one, 8 Some taant F ierra ffor or o on ne, ccan a induc an ffeect yyou ou o describ inducee the eff effect describee b byy lying ly ying on their sides ffor or o a ffew ew minutess and looking lo ooking at a white field. F Fierra ierra rreports eports t oun that from ground th hat fr om the eeye ye closer to the gr nd ccolors o olors seemed redder, redder, bluer from from thee other. say merely ot therr. Others Others sa ay mer ely closing one eeye ye gives ffor o or a while giv es the same rresult. esult. 9. The right/left may rightt/left split of the brain ma m ay also play For al lso pla ay a rrole. ole. F or eexample, xxample, a test off rreaction e eaction times ffound ound o subjects rresponded espon nded quicker they viewed qu q uick keer when the ey vie wed objects j displayed background di isplaayed on a rred ed back kgground with their With th heir left eeye ye than with their right. W iith objects green background, ob bjects displayed displaayed e on a gr een back kggrou und, the weree rreversed. th he rresults esults wer eversed. In sum, we ha haven’t clue.. Clearly aven n’t ’ a clue this promising th his is a pr omising field of study ffor or o an a enterprising en nterprising grad student. We We aawait waait further fu urther rreports. eports.

FREE W WILL ILLL A ASTROLOGY S TROLOGY ARIESS (Mar ARIE (March ch 21-April 19): “W “When When I was young,” wr wrote ote

French Fr ench author Albert CCamus, amus, “I expected e people to give moree than they could—cont could—continuous me mor tinuous friendship, permanent emotion.” That didn'tt work out so well ffor or over,r, he was awas awash him. Over and over h in disappointment. less "”Now I have learned to expect le ess of them than “Their they can give,” he concluded. “Th heir emotions, their gestures keep miraculous friendship, and noble gestur es ke eep their full mir aculous grace.” value in my eyes; wholly the fruitt of gr ace.” I'd love to see you make an adjustment likee this in the coming months, Aries. If you do, the astr astrological o ological omens suggest like you will experience a blessing lik ke CCamus'. amus'.

TAURUS T AURUS (April 20-May 20): Some S earthquakes happen in slow-motion. These rrare a e events occur 22 to ar 34 miles down, wher wheree tectonic plates p ar aree hotter and gooier.. Unlike the sudden, shock gooier shocking king jol jolts ts of typical gradual can temblors, this gr adual variety ca n take many days to uncoil and never send dishes fly flying ying off shelves up her heree surface. on the earth's surf ace. I suspect your destiny will have phenomenon a rresemblance esemblance to this phenomen non in the coming months, TTaurus. aaurus. YYour our o ffoundations oundations will be rustling and rumbling, but they will do so slow slowly wly and gently gently.. The energy ultimately rrelease elease of ener gy will ul timatelyy be quite massive. The rrealignment ealignment of deep structur structures es will w be epic. But ther theree will be no big disturbances or da damages. amages. GEMINI (May 2121-June June 20): I su suspect uspect that some night

dream being soon you will have a dr eam of be eing naked as you stand t d on stage t i fr in ffront ontt off a big bi audience. a di O maybe Or b nott There's strong completely naked. Ther e's a str o possibility you will ong be wearing pink-and-gr pink-and-green een strip striped ped sock sockss and a gold crown. cr own. And it gets worse. In yourr dr dream, eam, I bet you will fforget orget what you wer weree going to ssay ay to the expectant cr owd. YYour our o mouth will be movin ng but no wor ds will crowd. moving words come out. So that's the bad new news, ws, Gemini. The good news is that since I have fforewarned orewaarned you, you can now do whatever is necessary too pr prevent event anything rresembling esembling this dr eam fr om actu ually occur ring in your dream from actually occurring waking lif e. So when you ar led on to show what life. aree cal called you've got and make a splashy iimpression, mpression, you will be well-pr epared. well-prepared.

CANCER (June 2121-July July 22): W When hen I slip into a meditative state and seek insigh insight ht about your futur future, e, I have a rreverie everie about a hearty sapling s growing out growing of a ffallen allen tr tree ee that's rotting rotting on the forest forest floor. floor. I see exuber ant mushr ooms spr om a cowpie in a exuberant mushrooms sprouting outingg fr from pasture. pastur e. I imagine compost nour nourishing rishing a watermelon patch. So what do my visions me mean? ean? I'm guessing you'ree going thr you'r through ough a phase off metaphorical death and decay decay.. You Yoou are are shedding andd purging purging and flushing. In the pr process, ocess, you are are preparing preparingg some top-notch ffertilizer. ertilizer. It won't be rready eady ffor or a while, but when it is, a growth gr owth spurt will begin. LLEO EO (July 23 23-Aug. -Aug. 22): “Dear D Diary: iary: Almost everything that was possible to change hass changed these past 12 months. I am not kidding and I am not exaggerating. exaggerating. certainties destroyed Getting just one of my certaintie es destr oyed would have been acceptable; I long agoo became accustomed to the ggr gradual adual chip-chip-chippin chip-chip-chipping p p pp ngg awayy of myy secur securee ffoundations. oundations. But this most rrecent ecennt phase, when even my pr pretty etty illusions of stability go got ot smashed, truly set a rrecord. ecord. So then why am I st still till standing str strong ong proud? cowering and pr oud? Why is it I'm not cow wering in the corner muttering to the spiders? Have I somehow ffound ound some new sour source ce of power that was never n available to me defenses weree totally sstripped until my def enses wer tripped away? I think I'll go with that theory theory.” .” VIRGO VIR GO (Aug. 23-Sept. 23-Sept. 22): Abo About out 32,000 years ago, squirrels in northeast Siberia bu squirrels buried ried the fruits of a flowering plant deep in their bur burrows, rrows, below the level of the permafr permafrost. ost. Then a flood swept s through through the area. area. The water fr froze oze and permanent permanently ly sealed the fruits in a layer of ice. They remained remained preserved preseerved there there until 2007, 20077, weree excavated. A tea team when they wer am of scientists got a hold h ld off them th andd coaxedd them th m to t gr grow ow into i t viable i bl plants. Their success has a meta metaphorical aphorical resemblance resemblance project to a pr oject you will be capable of o pulling off during the next 12 months, Virgo. Virgo. I'm not sure suure what exact form form it will take. A resuscitation? resuscitation? A rresurrection? esuurrection? A rrecovery? ecovery? dream? The rrevival evival of a dormant dr eam?? The thawing of a frozen fr ozen asset or the rreturn eturn of a lo lost ost rresource? esource? LIBRA (Sept. 23 23-Oct. -Oct. 22): For German G physicist Arnold Sommerf eld, the good ne ews was that he was Sommerfeld, news nominated ffor or the Nobel Prize 81 8 times. The bad news is that he never actually won. A Actor c Richar ctor Richardd Burton

By y RO ROB B BRE BREZSNY ZSN Y week of M May ay 28

had a similar ffate. ate. He was nominated ffor or an Academy Academy Award Oscar.. If A ward seven times, tim mes, but never took home an Oscar theree is anythingg that even vaguely rresembles ther esembles that life, Libra, pattern in your own o lif e, Libr a, the next 12 months will be the most ffavorable avoorable time ever to break break the spell. In weeks, the next ffew ew wee eks, you may get a glimpse of how it will unfold. unfold.

SCORPIO SC ORPIO (Oc (Oct. ct. 23 23-Nov. -Nov. 21): “I should have kissed you longer.” longer .” I hope you yoou won't be replaying replaying that thought over and over again inn your imagination three three weeks weeks from from now now.. I hope you won't w be obsessing on similar mantr mantras, as, either,r, like “I sho should treated better”” or “I wish either ould have tr eated you better I would have listened listeened to you deeper” deeper ” or “II should have tried harder harder to be be my best self with you.” Please don't let any of that happen, haappen, Scorpio. I am begging you to act now to make anyy necessary changes in yourself so that you will be fully ready ready to give the important people in your life life the care care they deserve. deserve. If you do so, you will be free later. fr ee of rregrets egrets la ater. SSAGITTARIUS AGITT TA ARIU US (Nov. (Nov. 22 22-Dec. -Dec. 21): “L “Longing, onging, what is that? Desir Desire, what aree questions LLouise e, wha at is that?” Those ar ouise Gluck ask askss in herr poem “Prism.” Does she rreally eally not know? Has she somehow s become innocent again, fr free ee from memories desiree have from all her mem mories of what longing and desir meant to her in the past? That's what I wish ffor or you right now now, Sagittarius. w, Sagitt tarius. CCan an you do it? CCan an you enter into beginner's mind and ffeel desiree as eel your longing and desir if theyy wer weree br brand new,, jjust born,, as fr fresh annd new esh and pprimal as they wer weree at the t moment you ffell ell in love ffor or the first time? If youu can manage it, you will bestow upon yourself a big ble blessing. essing. CAPRICORN CAPRIC ORN N (Dec. 22 22-Jan. -Jan. 19): YYou oou could rreally eally

benefit fr from om eng engaging gaging with a compassionate critic— someone who would would gently and lovingly invite you to curb your excesses, excessses, heal your ignorance, ignorance, and correct correct your mistakes. Would Would you consider going out in search search of a kick-ass guide guide like that? ideally, ideallyy, this person would also motivate you yoou to build up your strengths strengths and inspiree you to take inspir take better care care of your body. body. One way or another, anotherr, Capricorn, Capriicorn, curative curative feedback feedback will be coming your way. way. The question qu uestion is, will you have a hand in choosing it, or will w you wait around around passively for for fate fate to deliver it? I highly highlly recommend recommend the former. former.

AQUARIUS A QUARIUS (Jan. ( 20-Feb. 18): Now would be an excellent time ffor o you to dr or dream eam up five new ways to there's wrong have fun. I'm nott suggesting ther e's anything wr ong existing with your existin ng methods. It's just that in the next weeks, lifee will conspiree to help you dr drop ffew ew week s, lif w conspir op some of your inhibitions and play ar around ound mor moree than usual and greater pleasure. cooperate experience gr eatter pleasur e. The best way to cooper ate conspiracy explorer with that conspi racy is to be an explor er on the frontiers amusement fr ontiers of amu sement and enchantment. What's the thing wondered most exciting th ing you have always wonder ed about interesting but never done? What inter esting experiment have you denied yourself ffor or no good rreason? eason? What excursion or adventuree wouldd light up your spontaneity? adventur PISCESS (Feb. 19-Mar PISCE 119-March ch 20): Now is an excellent time

to tr transform ansform you your ur rrelationship elationship with your past. past Ar Aree you up ffor or a concent concentrated rated burst of psychospiritual work? TToo get the party started, meditate your ass off as you ponder this ques question: stion: “What ffossilized ossilized fixations, ancient insul insults, ts, impossible impossibble dr dreams, eams, and par parasitic asitic ghosts am I rready eady to let go oof?” f?” Next, move on to this inquiry: “What ensure can I do to ensur re that rrelaxed, elaxed, amused acceptance encounters will rule my enco ounters with the old ways fforever orever after?” Her Here's e's a thir thirdd query: “What will I do with all the ener energy gy I fr free ee up by rreleasing eleasing the deadweight I had been clinging to?”

Homework: I dar Homework: d daree you to give a compliment to someone you've y never pr praised aised bef before. ore. T Tell eell me about it at at .

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