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Three years ago, a 4-year-old’s parents rejected doctor-recommended treatments for their child’s rare, very lethal cancer. The Milpitas couple sought alternative treatments from a controversial Houston clinic. Noah Stout has so far beaten the odds and is looking forward to turning 8 in September. BY JENNIFER WADSWORTH

Colin Quirt

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Noah’s Odyssey

The Stout family: Michelle, Anthony, Leila, Noah and Giana metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014



FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjos | metr | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014

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FEB FEB 21–MAY 21–MAY 25

Yoga: Y o oga: T The he Ar h Artt of T A Transformation ransformation is the the world’s world’s first major art art exhibition exhibition about yoga. yoga. It explores explo ores yyoga’s oga’s fascinating fascinating history history and its transformation transsformation into a global global phenomenon. phe enomenon. Highlights Highlights include inclu ude masterpieces masterpiec t i ces off Indian I di sculpture sculptur l t e and d painting; i ti pages from ffrom the the h first fi t illustrated ill illustr t ated t d book b k off yoga yoga o postures; Thomas homas Edison film film, Fakir movie vie e ever postur es; and a aT m, Hindoo F akir a r (1902), (1902), tthe h first American mo he ver produced pr oduced about a India. Stretch S tretch ou outt yyour our Y Yoga oga o experience experience with with two two amazing kickoff kickoff o events. events. Dance Dance the the night night awayy on Feb Fe eb 21 with with MC Yogi, Yo ogi, DJ DJ Drez Drez and DJ DJ Sol Rising. Rising. It’ll It’ll be a feel-good party party for away the the body and a soul. Bliss out on Feb Feb 22 with with our yoga yoga festival. festiival. Take Ta ake a class with with a top teacher and enjoy enjoy tours, talk art-makking. Get tick ets and det ails notch teacher talkss and kid-friendly art-making. tickets details at ASIAN ART MU MUSEUM SEUM Chong-Moon L e Center ee Center Lee for A sian Art Art & Cultur C e Asian Culture

Yoga: Y o oga: T The h he Ar Artt of T Transformation ransformation nw was as organized organized by the the Arthur Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Gallery, Smithsonian Smithssonian Institution with with support support from from the the Friends Friends of the the Freer Freer e and Galleries, Artt Ment Mentor Foundation Ebrahimi Family Foundation. Presentation Asian Artt Museum is made possible Sackler G alleries, tthe he Ar tor F oundation Lucerne and tthe he Ebr ahimi F amily F oundatiion. P resentation at tthe he A sian Ar possib ble with with supportt of Helen and Rajnikant Desai, T The Bernard Foundation, Leona Foundation, Kumar tthe he generous generous suppor he B ernard Osher F oundation, E. Rhodes and L eona B. Carpenter F oundation, K umar and d Vijaya Vijaya Malavalli, Asian Art, Walter Fund. Three from Mala avalli, Society for A sian Ar t, and W a alter & Elise Haas F und. Image: T hree aspects of tthe he Absolute (detail), page 1 fr om a manuscript of the the h Nath Charit,, 1823 1823,, by Bulaki (Indian (Indian,, activ active early 1800s). Rajasthan kingdom Marwar, Jodhpur.. Opaque w watercolor, alloyy Charit e ear ly 1800s ). India; Rajast han state, former kingd dom of Mar war, Jodhpur atercolor, gold, and tin t allo paper.. C Courtesy Trust, RJS 2399.. on paper ourtessy of the Mehrangarh Mehrrangarh Museum T rust, r R JS 2399

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FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

The art of tr transformation ransform maattion


By TOM TOM T TOMORROW OMORROW metr | sanjos | metr | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014


I SAW YOU Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

Dinner Pest When does complaining about perceived rudeness turn into rudeness of its own? You found the sweet spot. At a nice restaurant in Palo Alto, you interrupted the peace at many of the tables around you, making a big show of calling the manager over to your table to accuse the hostess of treating you poorly. Her crime? Not seating you and your companions until everyone in the party had arrived, which as the manager explained, was restaurant policy. But you just wouldn’t let it go and continued to get more agitated. How about a side of valium with that big plate of entitlement, sir?


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So importantt to embrace S e our k kids (and adu ults) for who o they adults) a N are! o such thing as nor rmal. No normal. @ANNA @ANNACOYNE74 COYNE74 VIA TWITTER

Looks likee another writer jumps Looks ship and self publishes. @ADAMHENIG @AD AM MHENIG VIA TWITTER RE: “W AKE OF O THE WEEKLIE S,,” THE FL LY, “WAKE WEEKLIES,” FLY, FEB. 12

Mercury Mer curyy controlling con ntrolling all media is not a good thing at all. The independents still were were independent moree independennt and most times told us mor of the truth to story story.. Such as they were were measure against mea asure B.. But now we will only hear what the the Mer Mercury cury wants us to hear. hear. WILLIAM M R. SMOKE VIA FFACEBOOK ACEBOOK RE: ‘SE CRET CCODE,” ODE,,” NE WS, FEB. 12 ‘SECRET NEWS,

Why @CO @CODE2040 ODE2040 came about+ho ow Fellows like about+how @br eakow wt r changing the world. @breakowt @ASCHAPI @A SCHA API VIA TWITTER


FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014


LLoose oose Lip Lipss BARRY CHANG saying something BARRY inappr opriate iin n public is har dly inappropriate hardly earth-shatterin ng news, but this time earth-shattering the CCupertino upertino councilman c may have actually broken broken n the law. law. Chang, who’s who’s running ffor or P auul Fong’s termed-out Paul SState t t Assembly tate Assembly bly District, Di t i t, showed h d up at the Feb.. 5 Sa aratoga City Council Saratoga meeting to rrail ail against the Highway 85 expr ess lanee construction. In the express course of a two o-minute diatribe about two-minute how the pr ojecct needs an independent project envir onmental rreview—a eview—a valid point, environmental we might add— —he mentioned a add—he lawsuit initiate initiatedd between the city of CCupertino alley TTransportation ransportation upertino and the V Valley Authority y, the agency a heading the Authority, highway-widen ning pr oject. There’s There’s just highway-widening project. one issue—dis scussion issue—discussion of that lawsuit was They held in closed session s a Did day prior h makes prior,, which What? it off limits ffor or public comment.. Oops. Oopss.. In his SEND TIPS TIPS TTO O FLY@ FL LY Y@ def ense,, Changg did defense, METRONEWS. METRONEWS. pr eface his sta tements preface statements COM COM by warning thee council he ’d come dow wn with he’d down a high ffever ever an nd it ’s possible he and it’s mixed up his ta alking points. Chang talking has made a $17 70 million widening a $170 ffocus ocus of his cam mpaign. But Chang’s campaign. public ffaux-pas aux-pass on envir onmental environmental issues ar e well -documented. are well-documented.. In late 2011,, County Ex xecutive Jeff Smith Executive sent him a writ tten rreprimand eprimand ffor or his written views on the P ermanente Quar ry. Permanente Quarry. A ccording to th he latest campaign According the filings, Chang rraised aised just $37 7,,250 last $37,250 year VAN LOW—the LOW—the aboutyear,, while EV EVAN to-term-out ma ayor of CCampbell ampbell and mayor an opponent in the A ssembly rrace, ace, Assembly rraked aked in rroughly oughlyy $236,000 in 2013.. Fly couldn ’t find fin nancial statements ffor or couldn’t financial Republican p cand didates CHUCK P AGE, candidates PAGE, Saratoga Coun ncilman,, and YYouTube ouTTuube a Saratoga Councilman, MICH HAEL HUNS WECK, but sensation MICHAEL HUNSWECK, ed last year that they both announce announced t district that spans plan to run in the thr oughout we st San Jose, Cupertino, Cupertino, throughout west Campbell, Saratoga, Saratoga,, LLos os Gatos and Campbell, eno. Monte Ser Sereno.

CCraig raig All Allyn y R yn Rose ose



Flame Throwers

K KEEP O ON N TR TRUCKIN’ UCKIN’ N No o plan n of action is in place more tha than an year after San Jose Fire Department orr went unreported. Department officials learned that th hat response time were slow o

P Politicos oliticos in Sa San n Jose, Santa C Clara lara barbs fire C County trade ba arbs as slow fir re attention response timess finally get att tention BY B Y JOSH K KOEHN OEHN


HE FIRST political firefight of the San JJose ose mayor’s mayor’s race race hass adopted the adage ““everything e everything old is new again.” again n.” Two T w weeks ago, wo ago, the county Board B oard of Supervisors took a bold b old vote to withhold $700,000 $700,0000 from fr rom the city of San Jose Jose due d ue to its fire department’s department’s slow—and sl low—and in some cases absent—emergency ab bsent—emergency response responsse times. ti imes. Contracted Contracted by the county co ounty y to arrive first on the e scene sc cene for high-priority “lights “ligh hts and an nd sirens” emergencies eight minutes, w within minutes, 90 percent p ercent of the time, SJFD has ha as routinely ro outinely showed up late and an nd its response times m misreported tim mes in n the last four years y

Almost eevery veery major South S Ba Bay ay media outlet took took an inter interest est in i the stor story, y, but a disconcerting disc oncerting fact esc escaped caaped the ccollective ollectivve narrative: narrativ vee: The fir firee depar department’s rtment’s dangerously danger ously delinquentt rresponse esponse times times,, which wer weree first rreported eporteed b byy Metro, Mettro, became b ecame public mor moree than thaan a yyear ear e ago ago,, ttted an eeye ye until now— and no one bat batted ffour our months o h b effor o e the h JJune une primar i y. before primary. Eschewing moree Esche wing a memo ffor or o a mor press day media-friendly pr ess cconference on nffer e ence a da ay before Santaa Clara b effo ore the ccounty’s ounttyy’s vvote, otee, Sant o County Supervisor Dave Cortese, C ountty Sup ervisor Da ave C ortese, a mayoral San JJose ose ma ayo oral ccandidate, andid date, went in front Willow fr ont of ccameras ameras in the tin ttiny ny W iillow Glen neighb neighborhood orhood and d eexcoriated xcoriated city providing service cit ty officials ffor o or not pr oviding v ser vice le vels e it pr omised when n ccontracting levels promised ontracting ountty. “My st sstatement atement w aas out to the ccounty. was to enc ourage a p osture of cr eating a encourage posture creating rremedial emedial plan and k eep e ping the do or keeping door op en to rreleasing eleasing that mone m ey to the open money cit ty,” C ortese told Met tro. city, Cortese Metro. Madison Nguy yeen, Sa an JJose’s ose’s vic Nguyen, San vicee ma ayo or and also a ma ayo orral ccandidate, andidate, mayor mayoral fir ed off a ccampaign ampaign mis ssivve in fired missive Cortese’s public tonguerresponse esp ponse to C ortese’s pu p ublic tongue g -

lashing advvising the supe supe not to sling lashing,, advising stones fr om m a glass house ountty from house.. The ccounty rrecently ecently had haad its own o veersight ccalled alled oversight i into questio ion after ft Rural/Metro, Rural/Metr u l/M o, the h question ccounty ountty ambulance amb bulance pr ovvider, ffell ell e into provider, bankruptcyy while also dealing with slow rresponse esponse tim mes. times. “W We didn’t did dn n’t ’ do this when R ural/ u “We Rural/ Metr o, the ccounty ountty ambulanc ovviderr, Metro, ambulancee pr provider, w aas missingg its rresponse esponse times yeen was times,,” Nguy Nguyen said. “It ’s ttwo w wo diff ffeerent st andards, and “It’s different standards, that’s that ’s wh why hy I disagr disagreed eed with his actions actions..” Oddly en enough, nough, so did one of C Cortese’s ortese’s ccolleagues olleagues on o the ccounty ountty b board—at oard—at least initiall initially. lyy. JJoe oe Sim Simitian, mitian, the ccounty ounty sup supervisor ervisor who led th the he char charge ge ffor or punitiv o punitivee action against thee cit city ty of San JJose, ose, b began egan studying th the he issue in N November ovember after a fir firee rreport eporrt went in fr front ont of the Health and d Hospit Hospital al C Committee. ommitttee t . “I was w as sor sortt off surprised b byy the so so-called - called grudging ac aacceptance ceptance of the st status atus quo,,” Simitian quo Simittian said. He w was as a again a ccaught aught off guar guard d when Cortese—who C ortese—w who has rreceived eceived subst substantial antial support supp ort fr from o fir om firefighters efighters during his political p olitical ccareer; arreer; the they ey ga gave ave his ma mayoral ayo oral ccampaign ampaign $14,150 $ in just Dec December— emberr— took to ok the p pole o on publicit ole publicity. ty. Simitian had ccarefully arefully cr crafted rafted a plan to fforce orce the SJFD o to impr improve, ove, and her heree w was aas C Cortese, ortese, who initiallyy bac backed ck keed a subst substantially antiallyy softer

appointment. however, attend appointmen nt.” He did, howe ever, at tttend the San Jose Fire 160th Josee F ire Museum’s Museum m’s 16 0th Anniversary Firefighters 25. Annivveersary F irefighters Ball on JJan. an. 2 5. A source source with knowledge of the machinations scoffed Cortese’s machination ns at play plaay sc off ffeed at C ortese’s claim of non non-coordination. n-coordination. “The SJFD union behind n is definitely b ehind all of this. They’re about pay this. The eyy’re pissed off ab out pa ay and benefits. benefits.” The Th he source source added that the fire fire union has been been pushing the ccounty ountty to take department operations “for tak ke over oveer de epartment op erations “f fo or more more than five five yyears. fiv eears.” bee tr better. “Thi k they’d “Think th hey’ he y’d b ttreated eated t db ettter t . It could bee done done,, but won won’t bee done could b d n’’t b during a situ situation like this..” uation lik ke this With firee chief chief,f, low W ith i an interim fir department flawed layout departmentt morale and a fla aw wed la ayo out of fir firee st stations—apparently incapable apable atio ons—apparently inc of tra traversing sprawl— aveersingg San JJose’s ose’s urban spra aw wl— the quarr quarrel over ver e SJFD rresponse esponse times el o could bee jus just beginning greater could b st the b eginning of a gr eater standoff. active being eing standoff ff. An n activ ve work plan is b studied thatt ccould broad ould lead to the br oad restructuring firee restructurin ing off who h ccontrols ontrols l the h fir fi department. departmentt. Local television station L ocal tele evvision st ation NBC has taken credit “breaking” storyy of tak keen cr editt ffor o or “br eaking” the stor slow fir firee rresponses, essponses, noting that times may have been doctored. maay ha ave b e do een ctored. While this could bee tru true, firee officials—including could b ue, fir previous firee chief W Willie previous fir illie i McDonald and interim Ruben Torres—have m chief R ub u en T orres—haave o publicly st stated moree than yyear atted ffor o or mor eear that they don’t theey don n’t ’ eeven veen know what rresponse esponse times fr from 2009-2012 be. om 20 2 09-2012 might b e. The TV st station’s ation’s latest rreport eport floated the idea that enlistin enlisting Rural/Metro bee an ng R ural/Metr u o ccould ould b option to he help alleviate overstressed elp alle viate an o veerstressed SJFD. SJFD. “Remarkably, through “R Reemark kably a y, [NBC] went thr ough the whole st story never tory and ne eveer mentioned Rural/Metro incompetent, Ru ural/Metro is inc ompetent,” said Liccardo, who Liccardo, wh ho filed a joint memo with councilman Pete Constant Tuesday councilman nP ete C onstant on T uesdaay proposing new deployment pr oposing ne n w deplo oyyment strategies that would change rrestrictions estrictions on minimum st sstaffing affing and eexpand xxpand the use of ttwo-person w wo-perso on squad ccars ars to rrespond espond to non-fire emergencies. non-fire em merrggencies. Robert was R obert Sapien, o S who w aas rrecently ecently promoted byy T Torres deputy chief,f, and promoted b orres to deput o ty chief gave post president as a rresult esult ga ave up his p ost as pr esident of the fir firee un union Local nion L ocal 230, told Metro Mettro that an activ active underway ve work plan is under way to see about services about cconsolidating o onsolidating dispatch ser vices for city firee rresponses. fo or ccounty ountty and a cit ty fir esponses. Doss confirmed staff confirmed that t senior st aff for for o SJFD has held meetings options.. meetin ngs to cconsider onsider all options However, Howe ever er, anything an nyything to come come out of those meetings unlikely meetiings seems unlik ely to rresult esult in firm action. Ass Doss admit admitted, actio on. A ttted, the department moree than yyear departmentt has had mor eear to address address slow w and missing rresponse esponse times and still hasn hasn’t together n’’t put to gether a plan.

9 FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | m | sanjos | metr

stance on withholding fu stance funds, unds, making the issue his own. own Multiple sour sources ces told Met Metro tro that was Simitian w aas livid when he learned of C Cortese’s ortese’s actions actions,, whic which ch Nguy Nguyen’s yeen n’s political ccampaign ampaign equated to p o al olitic grandstanding. grandst anding. was supervisor “I w aas pleased that su upervisor Cortese C ortese shar shared ed m myy cconcern, oncern, e ” Simitian said with a laugh. He the then en added diplomatically, it’s brought ought diplomatic cally a y, “I think it t’s br attention that have at tttention to the issue tha at might ha ave been garner..” b een difficult to garner moree difficu difficult An eeven veen mor ult challenge which bee now aawaits waaits San JJose, ose, wh hich will b money fforced orced to rreallocate o eallocate mon neey in the upcoming up coming budget ttalks alks while w the keeps $700,00 limbo. Two ccounty ountty k eeeps $70 0,00 in n limb o. T wo w similar-sized similar r-sized payments paayyments could could also be be futuree iff SJFD do doesn’t withheld in the futur esn n’t ’ get its house in or order. derr. Th The he Boar Board d city’s firee stipulated in its vvote o ote thatt the cit ty’ y s fir department depar tment must meet rresponse esponse times three months before ffor or thr o th ee cconsecutive onsecutiv tive mo onths th b effo ore over money. handing o ver e the mone y. Those demands ar aree al almost lmost ccertain ertain future, firee to go unmet in the near futur e, as fir haven’t officials still ha aven en’’t ccome om me up with a figured out poor plan, let alone figur ed ou ut how p oor have been. their rresponse esponse rates ha ave b een. “There’s specific plan, “Ther e’s no sp ecific pl lan,” said Cleo Doss,, a public inf information officer Doss fo ormatio on offic er ffor o or SJFD.. “W “We personnel SJFD We need p ersonn nel and we need meaning moree rresources—resource esources—resource mea aning mor moree fir firee en engines. You want equipment, i mor fi ngines i .Y ou w o aant that’s a definite fix, that ’s whatt yyou ou o need.” Next City Council N exxt week, the Cit ty C ouncil will next discuss ne exxt yyear’s eear’s ccontract ontraact with the firefighters fir efighters union, which h passed on offered 2-percent city an off ffeered 2-p ercent raisee as the cit ty baby ttakes ak kees bab by steps to rrestore estorre salaries to pre-recession levels. pr e-recession le veels. “Thee basic deal firee union w wanted is the fir aanted eeverything veerything Liccardo, ccontinued, ontinued,” said Sam Lic cardo, a San JJose ose ccouncilman ouncilman who is also a running ffor o or Chuck R Reed’s eeed’s termedtermed-out ou ut ma mayoral ayo oral seat. “They’re “The y’re hoping ffor o or a big bigger gger deal when someone else is ma mayor. ayo or.” C Cortese ortese told Met Metro tro tha that at he had absolutely no ccontact ontact wi with ith the fir firee depar department tment or union offi officials fficials b before effo ore his pr press ess cconference, onffeerence, whe where ere he blamed city cit ty officials ffor or o cutbackss in ser service vice le levels eveels when “human liv lives vees ar aree at a st stake. ak ke.” “It’s around ound “It ’s not up to me to sit ar tryy to figur figuree out wh whether firee and tr hether fir personnel aree going to b bee happ happy p ersonnel ar py or haven’t upset,” he said. “In this ccase ase I ha aveen’t heard theyy ar aree or not. The Theyy hear d whether the may have strong about ma ay ha ave str ong ffeelings eeling e gs ab out it, but if so I’m not aaware war a e of it.” Cortese’s plays C ortese’s public ccalendar alen ndar pla ayys close many the to the vvest, est, e as man ny of th he meetings aree noted as a “p “private he ttakes ak kees ar private


WEB:: WEB TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside

Colin Quirt metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014

An inside look at SSan Jose politics


$6,400 $6 6,400


Silicon Valley’s Valley’s executi executive ive salaries ar aree illustrate often used to illustr atee the yawning poor,r, as the gap between rich and poor post-recession egion has become a post-r rregion p ecession inequality. poster t child hild ffor or income i e iinequality lity. internship But the annual interns ship rrankings ankings from fr om salary database Glassdoor G .com entry-level show that even entrylevel coders take home a bigger paycheck p than most of the country. Administration average age individual’s country y. The U.S. Social Social Security Administr ation says thee 2011 aver year,r, which is about $2 $25,000 softwaree earnings clocked in at $42,979 a year 25,000 less than a softwar engineering intern. Google Goo ogle and Facebook top the intern pay rrankings. ankings. The tech internss $5,600 to $6,400 a month plus a $1,000-plus check to giants pay their intern coffee. cover rrelocation elocation costs. Let’s Let’s hope they still have to get the coff ee.


THE BIG PAYB PAYBACK? BACK? Sam Liccardo’s campaign campaig gn manager said that any mon money ney

collected as a result of an improperly arranged returned. arranged fundraiser will be return ned.

Liccarrdo’s CCamp Liccardo’s amp Ad Admits dmits Violation Violation, n, Promises Pr omiises to Returnn Money Sam Lic Liccardo’s cardo d ’s ccampaign ampaign admit admitted ttted occurred last week that a violation o ccurred in the ccouncilman’s man’s ccollection ollection of ouncilm ontributions ffor mayor’s ccontributions o or the San JJose ose ma ayo or’s race. rac e. Ragan R H He Henninger, enninger i , Lic Li Liccardo’s cardo do’s manager, ccampaign aampaign man nager, told San JJose ose Inside that a supp supporter’s orter’ t s email announcing before a fundraiser b efo ef ore the ccampaign ampaign began violation”” egan window b n is ““totally totally a violation “we’re going money. and “we ’re goi ing to rreturn eturn the mone y.” Henninger added that the ccampaign ampaign believes $2,200 w was improperly b elieeves $2,200 aas impr operly ccollected, ollected, but the t tot total al might b bee mor more. e. Last labor-sponsored L ast week, a lab orr-sponsored blog blog published an email e sent fr from om Ale Alex ex Tourk, T ourk, o a publi public ic rrelations elations cconsultant onsultant in San Francisc Francisco, o, asking p people eople to at attend tttend a fundraiser on n Lic Liccardo’s cardo o’s b behalf. ehalff. The email went ou out ut the da day ay b before effor o e Dec Dec.. 5, the date fun fundraising ndraising eff efforts ffo orts ccan an begin, b egin, ac according cordin ng to city citty election ccode. ode. Henninger sai said id that T Tourk’s ourk’s email o was w as a not the message m appr approved oved b byy the ccampaign aampaign and d its at attorney. ttorne t ey. “That’s “That ’s not what we ask asked ed ffor or o ffolks olks o to send out,” sh she he said, noting that the attorney ccampaign’s aampaign n’s at ttorne t ey signed off on a ccarefully arefully wor worded rded message message,, which supporters invite supp orters ccould ou uld then use to in nvvite people p eople to “e “events”—not vents”—not e fundraisers fundraisers.. delivered, perhaps, Henninger then t deliv veered, p erhaps, best we’ll the b est quotee we ’ll hear all yyear: eear: “We’re sorryy iff our opp opponents haven’t “W We’re sorr onents ha aven en’’t been b een doing eevents veents and ccampaigning ampaigning

an and nd ha have ave only raised $16 $169,000. 9,000. Thiss is do..” w what winners do The first rround ound of ccampaign ampaign disclosure became di isclosure fforms orms o b eccaame public at th the h end he d off JJanuary, anuary, and d Lic Li Liccardo’s cardo do’s many political ccampaign a ampaign surprised man ny p oliticcaal ob observers bservers e b byy hauling in mor moree than half days. a million dollars in just 26 da ayys. Thee total was moree impr impressive byy the to otal w aas made mor essivve b fact are fa act that individual ccontributions ontributions ar re ccapped a ed at $1,10 app $1,100. 0. Liccardo Lic cardo told San JJose ose Inside th that hat his ccampaign aampaign did not solicit any before Dec.. 5 an ny ccontributions ontributions b effo ore the Dec fu fundraising undraising window op opened. ened. He ad added dded th that hat his team b began egan steps to rrectify ectiffy the sit situation tuation after hearing ab about out T Tourk’s o ourk k’s em email. mail. “W “We We immediately rreached eached ou out ut to A Ale Alex ex to find out of it w was aas true and who w hee solicited, so we ccould ould rreturn eturn thos those se ch checks, hecks,” Lic Liccardo cardo said. T Tourk ourk o told San JJose ose Inside that he h ga gave ave Lic Liccardo’s cardo o’s ccampaign ampaign the list of p people e eople who rreceived eceivved e his email and ““they t ey ar the aree going to rreturn eturn all the che checks ecks rreceived e eivveed fr ec from om individuals on that lis list st and people attended an nd the p eople who at tttended the eevent. vent. e ” Henninger said she did not think k the vi violation iolation is wor worthy th hy of an in investigation nvestigati e ion byy the cit city’s which b tyy’s ethics ccommission, ommission, whi ich oversees elections,, but that ccould bee an o veersees elections ould b unavoidable next step.. un naavo oidable ne ext x step Josh Koehn —J osh o K oehn

THAT’S T HA AT ’S WHA WHAT AT HE SSAID AID "I expect one day significant sign nificant numbers of Chinese Americans wi ill show up at the will ballot box, significant enough to affect the outcome of electio ons. Then we may elections. have a Chinese Americ can president." American — San Jose City Councilm Councilman an K Kansen ansen Chu in China Dailyy. Chu,, referred referred to as a "calculated risktaker" in the story, Assembly storyy, is running running ffor or a state A ssembly seat. seat

Six Ways Ways to Cr Crazy azy San JJose ose Ma Mayor ayo or Chuc Chuck ck R Reed eeed eats eats,, sleeps and p positively spits ositivveely spit ts pension pension through rreform. effo orm. He slammed th hrough PR in San JJose ose with the help of vvoters o oters in 2012, and bee tested while Measure Measurre B ccontinues ontin nues to b Reed’s in ccourt, ourt, R eeed’s doubled d down with a proposed statewide measure being pr oposed st ateew wide mea asure (also b eing Getting money challenged in court). court). Ge ettting t the mone ey to put a PR initiativ initiative state ve on n the st taate ballot beaucoup is par partt ttakes ak kees b eaucoup bucks, bucks, which w Reed’s been speaking of the rreason eason R eeed’s b eeen sp eaking across at cconferences onffer e encces e acr oss thee ccountry ountry the o from last yyear eear while rallying supp ssupport ort fr om hedge-fund billionaires Paul hedge -fund billionair res e like lik ke P aul Singer Moritz. and vventure eenturre ccapitalist aapitalist Michael M Morit tzz. little odd Reed’s But it seemed a lit ttle t o d when R dd eeed’s showed a JJan. ccalendar alendar a an. 31 3 meeting with Tim Draper, third-generation VC T iim Drap er, the thir d-geeneration V C “viral marketing. who ccoined oined the term “v viral mark keeting.” Draper proposed Drap er has a pr oposed initiative i initiativ ve of his Californias, own ccalled aalled the “Six C aliiffo ornias,” which is the kind of perfectly perfectly e r ridiculous idea only rich p people eople ccan aan gett aaway way with. Draper splitting state Drap er suggests split tttingg the st taate into performance-art style slices pie,, six p erformanc o ce-art st tyle y e slic es of pie

ould include lea avving Silic on one that wo would leaving Silicon V alle a ey and San Francisco Francisco buddied up Valley in a b ottttle-op o ener shap ed territor y. A bottle-opener shaped territory. sp ok keesperso on ffor o or R eeed said the ma ayor o spokesperson Reed mayor often ttakes aak kees meetings with VC VC folks folks o to enc ouragge them to lo cate their encourage locate businesses in i San JJose. ose. But ccould ould it b eeeed w as a simply w aaiting ffor o or bee that R Reed was waiting Drap er to tir ttiree out on the crazy crazzy talk taalk Draper b effor o e turning turn ning the discussion to p ension before pension rreform? effo orm? Th he ma ayo or’s sp ok kesp e erson The mayor’s spokesperson simply said d that R eeed “has all sor ts of Reed sorts ir ons in thee fir e.”— Josh Josh o Koehn Koehn irons fire.

11  FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

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updated daily: www w

exactly how w many times a potential terrorist terrorist took to ook a twosie in the upstairs bathroom bathroom on o any given day. dayy. —Chris Stobing Stobing

Zuck Gives Almo ost a Billion Almost TTrack rack All thee Things Privacy advocates’ advocates’ heads heeads may have exploded a bit last month mo onth at the news that Google g had d purchased purchased the p company home automation com mpany called Nest.. But most everyone everyo one else was excited for for the acquisition. acquissition. unrelated In ffact, act, prices for for an un nrelated penny stock called NESTOR NESTOR shot sh hot up nearly 300 percent percent in a singlee day, dayy, despite having no affiliation with with Google or the company it nabbed d for for $3.2 billion. several Now sever al industry legends are are getting g g behind the idea ideea that there there ways just aren’t aren’t enough wa ays to track track John the data of your life. life.. Cisco’s C Chambers said that this th his concept, otherwise other wise known as the t “Internet of Things,”” is set to takee off in the next several sever al years, opening g up a massive company. market ffor or his compa nyy. This isn’t just about linking linking your pedometer to your freezer, freeezerr, it’s it’s about taking all the patterns we w fall fall into at home and linking them m up to dozens of profit pr ofit potentials.. But this th his new interest interest in putting computers in n our tea kettles What rraises aises the question: Wh hat exactly are are companies like Cisco and an nd Kenmore Kenmore planning to do with all that data? Tell Teell Thomas’’ English Muffins Thomas Muffin ns how many times we toasted one of o its products? products? NSA The NS A has proven proven it can weasel its way into any servers serverrs it pleases, and even if you’re you’re onlyy keeping those kinds of metrics to sell in vague packages to advertisers advvertisers at a wholesale price, there’s there’s still going to be a computer in Maryland Maaryland somewheree that can put somewher p all the pieces together. togetherr. Soon just j recording recording webcams your movements on w ebcams or cell be enough, phone conversations won’t w have and the agency will ha ave to know

Mark Zuck Zuckerberg kerberg gave away more more wealth personal weal w th to charities in 2013 billionaire than any other o billionaire in the country, according country y, ac ccording to the Chronicle Chronicle of Philanthropy. Philanthr opyy. While you might have expected moree public mor public philanthropists philanthropists like Bill Gates to take taake the list’s list’s top spot, Zuckerberg Zuckerber g surged surged ahead in the polls when n he and his wife, wife, Priscilla pled Chan, pledged dged $992 million to the Silicon Valley Vallley Community Foundation earlier in 2013. 2 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Foundation, by contrast, contrast, had only doled d out $184 million by end of last year. yeaar. —Chris Stobing Stobing

#MonetizeThis #Mon netizeThis Although anyone Although a who lived through through the tech bubble bubble of the early 2000s probably pr obably saw saw this story coming a away, mile away y, news recently recently broke broke that Twitter posted T witter w posted a net loss of nearly million $645 millio on in 2013. original The origina al valuation that put Twitter so far T witter w far ahead of the pack was based on a growth growth rate rate of around around 10 percent and per cent an nd a user adoption quota of about 8 percent. percent. That number dropped dr opped to o 3.8 percent percent by the end of last quarter. quarteer. Sharee prices Shar pricees tumbled nearly 12 percent per cent after after the news first broke broke NASDAQ, on the NA S AQ , and analysts who SD specialize in tech stocks don’t see a rrecovery ecovery effort effort on the horizon any time soon.. Despite acquiring Vine in Twitter August of 2012, T w witter has not ffound ound the 7-second a way to monetize m 7-second service, proved video ser viice, which has pr oved as popular ass cosplay at Comic Con ever since it hitt app stores. stores. —Chris Stobing Stobing

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Extended xtended due due tto o popular demand! opular d emand! Now ow through through M arch 2 3 March 23 Presented by

Explore xplore rrare are ttreasures reasures om tthe he LLucas ucas Cul tural from Cultural rts Museum Musseum archives, archives, Arts cluding more more than than including 0 authentic authentic costumes costumes 80 and nd pr props. ops.

Come ome ssee ee th the eg galaxy’s alaxy’s est bounty bounty hunter! hunter! best

New Character!

Boba oba FFett’s ett’s a arrival rrival a att T The he B@E�J>OHP�QEB�iOPQ�QFJB� 1B@E�J>OHP�QEB�iOPQ�QFJB� e renowned renowned b ounty hunter hunter the bounty as ap pea ared iin n th e 20-venue 20-venue has appeared the urney o his exhibition. exhibition. journey off tthis

Boba Fett

Downtown Do wntown Sa San n JJose ose

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Jane Says

‘BOOK’ ‘B OOK’ L LEARNING E A R NING The h arrival i l off Jane in i their h i lives li h l couple helps l Alice li (M ((Marianne arianne i Shine) hi ) and Colette (Madeline H.D.. Brown) see thin things differently. ( adeline H.D (M ngs differently y.

With W ith The Book of Jane, J e,, director Jane side Antero o Alli taps into his h feminine sid de BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


HANN HANNELING NELING Robert Anton n Wilson's E-Prime philosophy, philo osophy y, a homeless nomad noma ad on the Berkeley campus encounters en ncounters Alice, a professor professor of comparative comparative religious studies, s studies , and suggests Alice remove all A forms of the th he word 'is' from her book. book JJane ane the no nomad omad also ccarries arries a doll Little rresembling esembling Lit L tle Red Red e Riding Hood, Ho o d, performs elaborate p er fo orms elab b orate raven raaven rituals and schooled on ccampus ampus an nd seems scho oled in pre-Hellenic pr e-Hellenic goddess go ddess worship, worship, the Alice's vvery er y topic off Alic e's expertise. exper tise. As As a result, Alicee and result, Alic a her lover, lover, Colette, Colette,

bring JJane bring ane o over ver ffor or dinner at the o their eir Berkeley doubles B Berk eley rresidence, esidence, which doubl es chamber. suggests ass a ritual chamb er. JJane ane suggest ts that 2000 th h eliminating hat li i i 20 00 years years off patriarchal bee p atriarchal rreligions eligions ccan an only b accomplished byy 20 2000 ac ccomplished b 00 years years of worship.. ggoddess oddess worship Book Jane, The Bo ok of J aane, the vibrant film fi in which such glorious conversations unfold across con o versations unf fo old acr oss the wooded w oded UC ccampus, wo ampus, comes comes to us Antero u from from Anter o Alli, himself a Berkeley intricate B eley dude with intric Berk ate experience archetypes, exp x erience in JJungian ungian ar chetypes, goddess mythologies, language go ddess m ythologies, the langua age of of astrology astrology and eexactly xactly just how w being byy his mother and being raised b grandmother shaped grrandmother shap ed the ccourse ourse of his creative h own cr eative ccareer. areer. The film m screens Feb. sccreens at Anno Domini, Fri., F e . eb 28. way 28. What a w ay to get primed ffor o or Cinequest ahead of time time.. C

As wanders As she w anders around around o ccampus, ampus, Jane Jane converses converses with the t doll and we come operates come to rrealize ealize the doll d op erates as a psychic psychic cconduit onduit to t a child Jane oncee lost, when the child Jane onc was always was very ver y young. young. Alli'ss films alw ayys contain contain heavy heaavvy symbolic symb olic o elements in addition to the narra narrative ative structure structure and in this ccase, ravens appear, ase, ra aven ns often app ear, as do numerous numerous hallucinogenic hallu ucinogenic thought sequenc sequences. es. Throughout Alli's own Throughout the film, fi writings and musings, musingss, literally, literallyy, figuratively figuratively and hysterically, hysteericallyy, emerge emerge from direction. from eevery very which dir rection. In one scene, scene, Jane Jane philosophizes philosoph hizes on the subject of ssynchronicities, ynchroniccities, a phenom on which Alli rregularly waxes egularrly w axes poetic. p oetic i . “Once “O e you “Onc you believe b ellie li ve every every single coincidence coincidence is meaningful,” m ” says saayys Jane, Jane, “your “your brain n turns to mush, a smoky smoky grey grey mush m of deep and meaningless vagu vagueness. ueness. And then you become you b ecome just just another cosmic critter ter in the crack cosmic crit ccrackerjack erjack box b ox of life.” liffe.”

another scene, In anot ther sc ene, we receive receive eight-circuit Alli s eigh Alli's ht- circuit brain teachings in rregards egards to absorbing, absorbing, integrating transmitting knowledge—à and transm mitting knowledge —à Tim Leary Robert la T im L eaary and R o obert Anton Wilson. says W iilson. Jane Jane a sa ayys if one acquires acquires a mountain knowledge,, it means mount ain n of knowledge nothing iff one ccannot annot integrate and knowledge.. transmit that t knowledge “It's no not ot enough to know that happens,” says. “You shit happ e ,” JJane ens ane say ys. “Y Yo ou have havve happens to know how h shit happ ens and yyou ou have know why. hav ve to kn now wh y. Otherwise Otherwise yyour our never goldfish mind m will ne ver stop eating dataa and it from dat i will bloat and die fr om information overdose. inf formatio o on o verdose. And you you will never die ne ver knowing k what yyou ou missed but out on bu ut yyou ou will ffeel eel e that you you missed it an aanyway.” ywayy.” Att thatt p point A oint in the film, Alli's wife, Sylvi, wif fe, Sylvi i, shows up with an accordion serenade ac cordion to ser enade eeveryone ver yone Song,” with “Thee Idiot Song ,” a melodic melo dic penned herself. scene t tune she h p enned dh herself lff. The Th sc ene across ccomes omes acr oss as spicy anima/animus animaa //animus bouillabaisse Robert b ouillabaiisse with a R o obert Anton Wilson side W iilson sid de dish and JJungian-Renungian-R ReenFairee reduction. Fair redu uction. Interesting psychologies Inter estting ps ychologies themselves also rreveal eveall themselv es in the between rrelationship elationsh hip b etween Alice, Alice, a fairly distant and professor, dist ant an nd ccold old pr offeessor, sick of students, artist Colette, her studen nts, and ar tist C olette, moree vibrant and much someone mor m likee Colette's yyounger. ounger. Alice Ali e seems lik A Alic Colet l te's ' both dedicated muse and b oth rremain emain dedic ated goddess worship.. JJane, to go ddesss worship ane, as the opposite sedentary nomadic opp o osite to their sedent ary life, provides shock lif fe, pr ovid des enough sho ck and transform Alice's entiree trauma to o transf form o Alic e's entir say eexistence, xistence, if I must sa ay as much ending.. without giving g aaway way the ending Ultimately, Ultima atelyy, The Book Book of JJane ane becomes hysterical b ecomes a h yysterical ffeminist eeminist saga, three main characters with thr eee female female e says Alli sa ayys he h identifies with, as a dude byy strong originally raised b strong women. numerous throughout After num merous films thr oughout says his ccareer, areer, Alli sa ayys he now realizes realizes degree shaped the degr eee to which this shap ed his psyche. own ps ych he. “This iss the first film wher wheree I characters,” ffeatured eeatured primarily p ffemale eemale characters ,” says. Alli sa ayys. “Because “Because I finally ffelt eelt rready eady maybe brave or ma ayybe bra ave enough to risk strong characters.. writing ffor o orr str ong ffemale emale e characters that, became hat, it just b ecame rreally eally In doing th apparent I'vee appar ent that t most of what I'v know about ccome ome to kn now ab out the ffeminine eeminine psyche from ps yche and d women rreally eally ccame ame fr om being raised byy m myy mother and b eing raise ed b grandmother being grandmoth her and b eing around around their behavior theyy pla played, b ehaavior v and a the games the ayed, theyy acted how the a and rreacted.” eacted.”

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CONNECT. The Cinequest Film Festival 2014 is about connecting People and Worlds. And the power of ďŹ lm and innovations to transform us through inspiring and meaningful connections.

MARCH M ARCH 4-16 4 -16





Cinequest C inequest opens opens in grand grand fashion fashion as as the the lights lights d im, a nd w ep resent a nu proarious comedy c om e d y dim, and we present an uproarious ffrom rom director director D on M cKellar ((Last Last N Night) igh g t) and a nd Don McKellar screenwriter Michael Michael Dowse Dowse ((Goon) Goon)), starring starring screenwriter rilliant c ast tthat hat in cludes B rendan Gleeson G l e e so n ab brilliant cast includes Brendan (“Mad-Eye” M oody from from the the H Harry ar r y P Potter otter (“Mad-Eye” Moody fifilms), film s), T ay aylor Kitsch Kitsch ((Friday Friid day Night Niig ght Lights) Lig ghts) a and nd Taylor Liane Balaban Balaban ((Supernatural) Su p e r n natural)). Jo Join in u uss ffor or a an n Liane extraordinar y Opening Opening Night Night screening screening at at extraordinary the C alifornia Theatre Theatre including inclu uding a M averick the California Maverick Innovattor A ward c eremony w ith Martin Mar tin Innovator Award ceremony with Cooper. Celebrate Celebrate the the start star t of of another another great great Cooper. Cinequest Film Film Festival Festival at at the the post-screening post-screening Cinequest par ty with with cocktails, cock tails, world-class world-class food food by by party J stin’s a Ju nd great great music. music. Justin’s and




Cinequest 2014 2014 culminates culminattes w ith dynamic d y n a m ic Cinequest with energy, excitement, excitement, and and celebration. celebration. Join Join energy, writer/director Joel Joel Surnow Surnow (24, T The he he Kennedys) Kennedys) writer/director a nd star star C hristopher M eloni (L Law aw & O Order: rder: and Christopher Meloni S SV VU, T True ru ue eB Blood loo o d) ffor or a sspectacular pectacular premiere premiere SVU screening of of S Small mall T Time im i e, a also lso sstarring tarring D Dean e an screening Norris (B Breaking reakin ing Bad Bad, Un Under der the the he D Dome ome e)),, Norris Devon Bostick Bostick (D Diary iar y of of a Wimpy Wiimpy Kid Kid)),, B Bridget ridget Devon Moynahan (B Blue llue B Bloods loods)),, K Kevin evin N Nealon e a lo n Moynahan Weeds eds, SN SNL NL)),, G Garcelle arcelle B Beauvais eauvais (Fl Flight lig ight)),, ( We X Xa nder Berkeley Berkeley ( Ta Taken ken)),, and and Amaury Amaur y Nolasco Nolasco Xander Transformers ransfformers).) (T + CLOSING CLOSING NIGHT NIGHT PARTY PARTY AT AT THE T HE F FARMERS ARMERS UNION UNION AND AND LA LA PIÑATA PIÑATA

FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


Colin Quirt metr | sanjos | metr | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014


Noah’s Story “Whatt’s the alternati “What’s alternative? ive? Do I believ believe e the doctor wh who ho tells us our son s is going he’s going to die or the one who o says he ’s goin ng to live?” BBYY JENNIFER J WADSWORTH WADS A WOR O TH


nth nthony hony Stout arrives home in Milpitas after dropping dro opping off his parents att the airport. He He stretches stretche es outt on the floor and closes his eyes. eyes. It’s It’s 2010, two days day ys after Christmas. Christmas. Noah, Noah, his 4-year-old son, runss the around th e living room, room laughing and playing. playing Anthony eyes.. H He loves smiles and d closes his eyes e love es his home, his family, family y, wife—the his wife— —the things that gave him m reason to settle down yearss on the road. The Latin Grammy-winning after year Grammy-winning hiphop artist who toured all over the e world with Ozomatli prefers now prefe ers the beat of Noah, Noah, his oldest of three children, children n, stomping around the house.

“Everything “Ev erything w was as fin fine,” ne,” Anthon Anthonyy saayys. “That w says. was as ma maybe ayybe the last time I rremember emember thinking thinking,, ‘My lif life fe is at peace p eace right now now.’” .’” Noah’s N oah’s shrieks br break eak k the silenc silence. e. Th w The wails ails il dissolv di dissolve l e into i o tears and d his hi legs giv givee out. “Dad! Dad!”” N Noah oah cries ccries.. “I ccan’t an’t move.” m ove.” Anthonyy knows thi Anthon this is jok joke. e. “C “Come ome on,”” he sa says, ayys, scramblin scrambling ng up to help him. “Get up up.” .” Noah N oah rremains emains still on o the flo floor. or.

“Come “C ome on,” o ” Anthon Anthonyy sa says. ays y . “Y “You You o ccan an st stand and up u up.. Y You’re ou o ’re OK. OK.”” Anthony Anthon ny pr props ops N Noah oah back up and lets go go.. He falls again. Anthony Anthon ny calls calls his wif wife, fe, Michelle Michelle,, to ccome M ome help help.. Noah Noah says sa ays y his hi hea h head ad d hur h hurts ts and d he h ccan’t an’t ’ stop crying. cr ying. Michelle Micchelle tries to rub the cr crown own of his head head, d,, but the boy boy flinches. flinches. His scr screams eams b become e ome eeven ec veen louder. louder. “I know w with a scr scream eam lik like ke that, somethingg is seriously wr wrong, ong,” Anthony Anthon ny sa says. ays y . “Something’ “Something’ss not right. Wee couldn’t W couldn n’t touch his head an anywhere. nyywhere.”

Theyy put N Th The Noah—stiffened oah— h stiff iff ffeened ff db byy ffear eear and some unknown, paraly p paralyzing zing fforce—in orce—in the ccar o ar seat and a rush to San JJose ose R Regional egional e Med Medical dical C Center. enter. A Ass the ccar ar wea weaves aves in and out o of lanes lanes,, Noah N oah rregains egains some ccontrol. on ntrol. He writhes and shrieks in pain. Hours later in a hush hushed, hed,, white hospital hospit al rroom, oom,, now at St Stanford, anffo ord, wheree they wher they wer weree sent to t a sp specialist, ecialist, the family hears the di diagnosis: iagnosis: N Noah oah has a lar large ge tumor at attached tacched to his brain stem. Diffuse Int Intrinsic trinsic P Pontine ontine Glioma—DIPG,, which Glioma—DIPG h mak makes es up just 0.01 p percent ercent of annuall ccancer ancer ccases. ases. Surgery Sur gery isn isn’t ’t an option option. n. It It’d ’d b bee lik likee yanking thr thread ead fr from om a ssweater. weater. “Theyy told us “The us,, ‘Chem ‘Chemotherapy motherapy or radiation—we need to o do this right

now,’” now w,’” Anthony A hon Anth h y rremembers. ememb bers. “My “M whole world worlld just flipp flipped.” ed.” The doctor docttor told the Stouts that only 200 200 or so ccases a are ases are diagnosed each year, year, and they th hey are are almost invariably in nvvariably fatal. fatal. Maybe Maayybe 5 p percent ercent of sufferers suff ffeerers survive survive five fivve years. yeears. But N Noah oah lik likely keely had just six mon months nths to liv live, e, doctors doctors said. Like Like many man ny families dealt a DIPG diagnosis, diagnosis, the t Stouts had a choic choicee to make: make: conventional conventional or eexperimental xperimental therapy. therapy. Against Against g the do doctor’s ctor’s advic advice, e, the ccouple ouple ruled out chemo chemo-radiation. “I didn didn’t ’tt w want ant to p poison oison m myy little littttle boy,” boy,” Anthon A Anthonyy sa says. ays y . “I kne knew w there there mustt b bee some other rroute, oute, something the theyy weren’t weren’t telling us us.” .”

Taking T aaking Risks Dr.. St Dr Stanislaw anislaaw Burz Burzynski, zyynski,, a stou stout, ut, 71--year-old P 71-year-old Polish olish immigrant who wh ho runs an ep eponymous on nyymous alternativ alternativee ccancer ancer clinic in Houston,, bills himself ass an iconoclast. ic onoclast. His treatment, treatment,, he says, saayyss, will rrevolutionize evolutionize ccancer ancer rresearch esearch hb byy sidestepping Big Pharma and giv giving ving ccontrol ontrol to individuals individuals.. Burz Burzynski zyynskii w wants aants eexclusive xclusivve right to manufactur manufacturee and a sell his tr treatments eatments on the op open en mark market—if kett— —if they’re the y’re eever veer appr approved oved ffor o or public use use.. In the narrativ narrativee laid out in a pair of do documentaries, cumentaries, Burz Burzynski zyynskki and Burz Burzynski: zyynski: C Cancer aancer Is Serious Business Part II II,, the do doctor ctor is ccast ast as Da David, avvid, pit pitted ted against Goliath Goliath— h—

pharmaceutical the h pharmac h eutic i all industr iindustry d y and d beholden ab eholden bureaucracy. bureauccracyy. He ttalks alks about being acquitted from ab out b eing ac quitted t fr om ttwo wo wheree he would ffederal eederal trials in cases casees wher have faced 290 behind ha ave fac ed up to 29 0 yyears ears b ehind million fines.. bars and $18.5 millio on in fines Burzynski "Making the Burz zyynski documentaries was do cumentaries w aas an a eeye-opening ye-opening and ccathartic athartic eexperience, xxperieence,” says saayys filmmaker Merola, filmmak keer Eric Mer o , a Burzynski ola, Burzzyynski disciple who decided d to fund the documentaries pocket. do cumentaries out of o p ocket. “I ccame ame from having aaway way fr om the eexperience xperrience ha avving little current lit ttle t to zero zero faith in our curr ent ssystem. ystem. To To come come to rrealize ealize that this discovered effective, scientist has disc overred an eff ffeective, therapyy ffor non-toxic therap o ccancer or ancer only to bee met with harassment b harassm ment and 20 ridicule—instead ridicule —instead of praise and

FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr

FAMILY TIME Anthony Stout, left, sought out a controversial alternative treatment for his son, Noah, who was given a grim prognosis when diagnosed at age 4 with a brain tumor.


NOAH’S NO AH’S STORY ST OR O Y metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014


Peninsula Pe eni n nsula Youth Youth TTheatre heatre

A Home Company Company of the Mountain Vie Vieww Center fforor the Perf Performing orming Arts

Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II Crouse Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crou Suggested by "The Trapp Family Singers" by Maria Augusta Trapp

Su Summer ummer drama campss and weekly classes now online! w o “Oliver” auditions March 8 & 9 ww


acceptance—is quite a jarring rreality acceptance—is ealitty to ccome ome to terms with." More Mor re rrecently, eecentlyy, though though, gh,, media attention Burzynski’s at ttention t has ffocused ocused on n Burz zyynski’s questionable cr credentials edentialss and dubious damning articles rresults. esults. A series of damn ning ar ticles published in US USA SA T Today oday ha have ave ttaken ak aken e doctor selling possibly the do ctor to ttask aask ffor o or sel lling p ossibly dangerous unproven danger oveen ous and officiallyy unpr treatments. tr eatments. “For say, Burzynski “F or 36 yyears, eears, critics iti s sa ay, Burz B ynski ki been hopee to has b een selling false hop h desperate the desp he most erate families at th their lives, vulnerable time of the eir liv es,” the newspaper ne wspaper states states in a JJanuary anuary article. article. medications Burzynski The medic ations Bu urzynski first used were were reportedly reportedly ssynthesized ynthesized from from fr om urine samples ccollected o ollected from jails,, public parks and bars in the late jails 1970s.. Not began 1970s Not long after that t he b egan “antineoplastons” manufacturing his “an ntineoplastons” permission i a lab in llab. b. Granted G dp erm mission i i fr ffrom om Food Administration the F ood and Drug A d dministration (FDA) moree than 6 60 (FD A) ffor or o mor 0 randomized clinical trials,, Burzynski clinic al trials Burzynsk ki has yyet et e to publish rresults esults ffor o or any an ny of them. This is the man I’m told ccan an save saave Noah’s N oah’s life. liffe. In a rushed phone cconversation onversation between visits,, Burz Burzynski b ettween w patient visits ynski newspaper’s dismisses the national ne wspaper’s investigation smear in vestigation as a smea ar ccampaign, ampaign, the h latest l in i a li line off at aattacks tacks k that h have since began ha ave plagued him sinc ce he b egan U.S. practicing medicine in n the U .S. I why ask wh hy the media portray porrtraay him as a phony speaks phon ny and he sp eaks quickly q and in a accent. thick ac cent. USA Today articles, “The US SA T oday ar tiicles, well, theyy write ob obviously what the vio ously is not the quality. highest qualit ty. … It’s It’s sensationalism,” says, he sa ayys, dismissing his critics as “ho “hooligans” oligans”” and “chara “character acter assassins assassins..” “I wr wrote ote a letter letter in rresponse esponse that theyy did not publish.” The the T rrebuttal, ebutttal, which his assist assistant ant emails em mails me right after our cconversation, on nversation n, challenges 30 assertions asser tions made in thee ar article. ticle. “I tell them wher wheree they t y wer the weree wrong, wr ong,” Burzynski Burzynski says, saayyss, “but of ccourse ourse they they did not list listen. ten.” Few Few in the medic medical al field ar aree willing w to hear him out,, he adds, adds, and eeven ven ffewer ewer in the media. “There’s “There’s a str sstrong ong bias bias.. The critics ha have ave ne never ver seen n the rresults esults of myy treatment. m treatment.” The Stouts ffound o ound Dr Dr. r. Burz Burzynski zyynski in the week after the diagnosis diagnosis, s, right after the beginning b eginning of 2011. The They ey had summoned friends and family ffor o or ffellowship, e ellowship , and several se eveeral of them sp spent ent days daayys p poring oring o over veer their laptops laptops,, sear searching ching ffor o or tr treatment eatment

alternatives alternativves es to the toxic infusions off offered ffeered by oncologist. by the onc o gist. olo Burzynski’s Burzzyynsski’s website popped popped up on Google, Go ogle, complete complete o with testimonials from from people peop ple claiming to have haave b been een cured the cured of th he same ttype yp y e of tumor that nestled nestleed into the ccontrol ontrol center center of N Noah’s oah’s brain, b , snaked snak keed around around nerves nerves e and d rrendered endered itself inoperable. inoperable. Burzynski curee for Burzzyynski claimed a cur fo or that vvery ery same ccancer. ancer e . He H told t ld them th his hi patients ti t have percent survival haave a 30 p ercent sur vival rate. rate. “I thought, ‘Why didn’t anyone thougght, ‘Wh hy didn ’t an nyone tell us about this?’” Anthonyy sa says. about th his?’” Anthon ayys. Probably because medical Probablly b ecause the medic al establishment Burzynski establishm ment cconsiders onsiders Burz ynski a quack at b best, dangerous est,, and danger ous at worst. Wh When Anthonyy and Michelle hen Anthon told their son sson’s ’s onc oncologist ologist that the theyy wanted Burzynski, doctor wanted to see Burz ynski,, the do ctor fell fell e silent. “It looked likee he “I lo l ok ked ed lik h had h d seen a ghost, h ” Anthony Anthon ny ssays. ayys. “Then he said, ‘That man is a fr fraud. doctors] raud.’ [[All All our other do ctors] told us thee same thing thing,, almost like like they from theey were were rreading eading fr om a script.” Michellee no nods ds affirmatively. affirmativelyy. “We took “W We to o a risk, despite the ok controversy, says. controverssy,” she sa ayys. Since 1977, Burzynski—an Since 19 777, Burz zyynski—an internist without oncology w official onc ology certification doctorate degree certificatio on but a do ctorate degr ee in biochemistry—has pumped sodiumbi chemis bio h istry—has —h pump ed d so di diumsaturated, urine urine-derived -derived drugs into bodies moree than 8,000 the b odiess of mor 8,000 patients. treatment, patients. He H touts the tr eatment, made up of chemical o chemic al ccompounds ompounds called antineoplastons, called anti ineoplastons, as natural and effective, panacea eff ffeectiive, a panac ea ffor o or ccancer, ancer, AIDS and other ailments ailments.. In a public statement, doctor curee statement,, the do ctor said he ccan an cur half of thee 20 200 children 0 or so childr en a yyear ear diagnosed with brainstem tumors tumors,, or DIPG, DIPG, the t most fat fatal al ttype yype of cancer. cancer. Sur Survival rvival estimates dep depend end on whether patients p ha have ave alr already eady b been een weak weakened ened b byy chemo chemo-radiation -radiation and the stage stage of o the ccancer, ancer, but generally hover hover between bettween w 20 and 6 60 0p percent, ercent, Burzynski’s Burzzyynski’’s assist assistant ant tells me me.. “They “They wer w weree eexcited xcited to see N Noah oah because because hee hadn hadn’t ’t gone thr through ough an any ny type type of che chemotherapy, emotherapy,” Michelle sa says. ayys. “That gave gaave him a b better etttter chanc chance. e.” Three Three years years e after st starting arting tr treatment, eatment, N Noah, oah,, now going on 8 years years old,, is i p perpetually erpetually tir tired ed and almost entirely enttirely immobilized— symptoms symptomss of b both oth the tumor and his medication. medication. a But he smiles often, laughs at his h lit little tle sisters’’ antics and punctuates punctuatees his par parents’ ents’’ cconversation onversation

21 families mo ore prone prone to ccancer-cure ancer-cure more sc ams than others scams others.. “In theirr quest ffor or a cur o e, cure, DIPG child dren must mo ve fr om children move from xperim mental pr otocol to one eexperimental protocol another nduring tr eatments with another,, en enduring treatments man - eff ffeects which would manyy side side-effects b cep ptable with an ny other bee unac unacceptable any diagnosis ,” Desserich sa ayys. diagnosis,” says. F or this rreason, eason,, treatment treatment fraud For i a major is j cconcern oncern in i th the DIPG ccommunity, ommunitty, says saays y Desserich,, who lost his 6year-old o daughter Elena to the 6-year-old disease six yyears ears ago. ago. Elena died just 135 da ayys after aft fter her diagnosis days diagnosis.. Desserich ffounded o ounded the DIPG C ollaborative, Collaborative, in par t,, to guide part, families thr ough their through options options.. He helps par ents find FD A parents FDA ac cepted d tr eatment,, as accepted treatment, well as rremind emind them to enjo oy what time the enjoy theyy ha ave left with their sick have child. “P arents of childr en diagnosed “Parents children with DIPG ar eless,” aree left hop hopeless, Desserich sa ayys. “Do they they tr says. tryy those cconventional on nvention nal techniques lik likee radiation an nd chemotherap and chemotherapyy that ha ave limite ed historic al results, results, or do have limited historical the h y tr mething hi eexperimental? xperiment i al? l? they tryy som something Sadly y, whilee ther espected Sadly, theree ar aree man manyy rrespected eexperimental xperimenttal tr eatments on the treatments horizon,, th here ar there aree also those in our ccommunity ommunitty that pr ey up on these prey upon childr en cit ting unpr oven statistics, statistics, children citing unproven trials that la ack ccontrols ontrols or eeven ven lack blat ant uses uses of failed drugs blatant drugs..” L ost timee and the mone ent Lost moneyy sp spent buying falsee hop an mak hopee ccan makee these tragedies eeven ven har der to b ear, he sa ayys. harder bear, says. The Stou uts rremain emain at o dds with Stouts odds p eople lik people likee Desserich and the ccommunity ommunitty of families dealing with DIPG G in a mor onventional moree cconventional manner hey ccope op e with other manner.. Th They aff ffeected fam milies but stop shor affected families shortt of ttalking alking ab aabout out tr eatment. The treatment. Stouts sayy that others in the DIPG ccommunity ommunitty hav ve suggested that have N oah’s sur r vival must mean he w as Noah’s survival was misdiagno sed. But b oth par ents misdiagnosed. both parents insist the haave the rresults esults of a theyy have biops d cconfirmation onfirmation fr om biopsyy and from thr ee indep p endent onc ologists to three independent oncologists pr ove it. prove “N obodyy w ants to b elieve the “Nobody wants believe sur vivors,” Michelle M sa ayys. survivors,” says.

‘N ‘Nobody Nobody o wants to believe the survivors’

HopeLLeaps eaps Families facing diagn diagnoses noses lik likee DIPG learn to hop hopee ag against ainst hop hope, e, sa says ays y Keith K eith Desserich,, cco-founder o-ffo ou under of The Curee St Cur Starts arts N Now ow F Foundation, ound dation, one of the ffew ew gr groups oups that raises raises mone moneyy ffor or o rresearch esearch into pediatric pediatric brain tumors tumors.. Prognoses Pr ognoses ar aree often to too o dir diree to deal with alone or without some leap of faith,, he sa says, ays y , which mak makes es some


FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

with off off-the-wall ff--the-wall jok jokes. es. T Tubes ubes affixed to his sternum and a ccatheter a atheter tether him to a C CamelBak amelBak fulll of Burz Burzynski’s ynski’s medication. points oints out medic ation. His family p undergone chemo,, that if he had under gon ne chemo have fallen his hair would ha ave fall len out and organs may have his or gans ma ay ha ave failed faiiled or at partly decayed. Though least par tly dec ayed. Th hough the Noah survived tumor rremains, emains, N oah has h sur vived doctors Stanford, far longer than do ctorss at St anffo ord, Texas Children’s Hospital St JJude, St. ude d ,T exas Childr Child en n’s Hospit H itall University California, and the U niversity of C aliffo ornia,, San Francisco, Francisco, eever ver eexpected. xpected d. Ass a rule rule,, DIPG is a death sentence. A d sentenc e. Noah N oah is the eexception. xception. “When he was w as diagnosed, oncologists onc ologists told us make just to mak ke him happy, enjoyy happ y, let him enjo what time he has left because there was b ecause ther h ew as nothing we ccould ould keep do to k eep him,” says. Michelle sa ayys. “The people Burzynski’s p eople at Burz ynski’s clinic,, on the other han hand, theyy told us clinic nd,, the makee sure healthy, makee to mak sure he eats he ealth hy, mak suree he st stays sur ayys strong. strong. They Th hey treated treated him likee he has a futur future. lik e.” Likee man manyy alternativ alternative Lik ve ccancer ancer treatments from tr eatments ranging fr om m eexotic xotic salves teas and d salv lves e to shark h k fin fi eextracts, xtracts, Burzynksi’s Burz ynksi’s regimen regimen ccomes o omes bold, claims, with b old,, rreassuring eassuring cl laims, a vveneer eneer of marketing-speak marketing-sp peak that traditional medicine ccan’t a ’t match an crossing ethical lines.. without cr ossing ethic a lines al alternativee rremedies aree While alternativ emeedies ar advertised likee often adv ertised with phrases p lik “all natural,” “ancient rremedy” emedy”” or “secret ingredient, Burzynski “secr et ingr edient,” Bur rzynski ccalls alls product moree his pr oduct something much mor intoxicating: “Tomorrow’s intoxic ating: “T To omorrow’ o s ccancer ancer treatment today. tr eatment to daay.” Stouts,, along with network The Stouts h a net tw work across of patients acr oss the ccountry, ou untry, ccall all the doctor ahead do ctor a pioneer so far ah head of his time aree pla playing that rregulators egulators ar ayyin ng ccatch-up. aatch-up. metr | sanjos | metr | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014



scientology s ci e n t o l o g y know k no w y yourself. ourself. know know w life. life. DISCOVER PRACTIC PRACTICAL CAL SOL SOLUTIONS UTIONS TO H HELP ELP YOU: ‡ Achieve ‡ Achieve career career success success ‡‡ Better Better your your family family life life

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The Stout family w was as well aaware ware of the risks of antineo oplastons. The antineoplastons. Theyy signed Dr Dr.. Burz Burzynski’s ynski’s disclosur disclosuree fforms, orms o , which w arned of so dium warned sodium o verdoses, as well as si ide eff ffeects overdoses, side effects such as dr owsiness an d, in rar drowsiness and, raree ccases, ases, death. The Stou uts wer Stouts weree told that ffor or o a $2 5,000 up -front ffee eee the $25,000 up-front theyy would rreceive eceive trainingg on how to administer tr eatment to N oah, treatment Noah, which c would ou d ccost ost ano aanother other ot o e $8,0 00 a $8,000 month. The elied on donat tions fr om Theyy rrelied donations from family to ccover oveer the initial initiial ccost, ost,, and eeventually veentually cconvinced on nvvinced B urzzyynski to Burzynski giv ve them a disc ount. Their T insurance give discount. insurance pr ovvider also pitched in n to ccover over e 70 provider p ercent of the ccosts. osts. To To date, date, more more than percent $10 0,000 has ccome ome outt of p ock ket. e $100,000 pocket. “It is a lot of mone y,” Anthon money,” Anthonyy sa ayys. “But yyou ou ccan’t an’t pu ut a pric says. put pricee on m ’s lif fe.” myy son son’s life.” Fr om the time the FD A granted From FDA Burz ynski p ermission n to administer Burzynski permission antineoplastons as pa ar t of a part clinic al trial, he has wrangled w with clinical criminal and medic al authorities. authorities. medical But only rrecently ecently did the FD A FDA or der him to stop ttaking ak king ne w order new patients uthorities sa ay Burz ynski patients.. A Authorities say Burzynski has rrepeatedly epeatedly o verstated a claims overstated of the drug’ acyy, destr oyed drug’ss effic efficacy, destroyed patient rrecords ecords and not n b een been diligent in anticipatin ng side eff ffeects anticipating effects and o verdoses. Burz yn nski do es not overdoses. Burzynski does actually administer his h tr eatments. treatments. Rather ontracted Rather,, he has other ccontracted ph ysicians do that wo ork. physicians work. Burz zyynski claims he e’s a victim Burzynski he’s of the medic al est ablish hment,, and medical establishment, dozens of his patients patients,, including the Stouts haave come come to his h def feense. A Stouts,, have defense. Ass Anthon ny p oints out,, it’s itt’s been been more more Anthony points than thr ee yyears ears sinc oah w as giv en three sincee N Noah was given months to liv e. live. “F or us started as a mat ttter of “For us,, this started matter faith,” Anthony Anthon ny says. saayys. “But “B But the rreason eason m toda day is b ecause myy son is still aliv alivee today because of Dr ynski. We’ve We’vve had setbacks Dr.. Burz Burzynski. setbacks,, some pr oblems. My son, so on,, his tumor problems. gr ew slightly y. But he ’s still s her e.” grew slightly. he’s here. Ev ery da ay sinc Noaah h’s diagnosis, diagnosis, Every day sincee Noah’s elders fr om the Stouts s’’ church, church, Iglesia from Stouts’ ni Cristo come b Cristo,, come byy the house to anoint the b oy with oi il, Michelle sa il, ayys. boy oil, says. She cconsiders onsiders Burz ynski a go dsend. Burzynski godsend. Stephanie Y aao, a spokesperson spok o esperson ffor o or Yao, the FD A, sa ays y Burz ynsski’s clinical clinical FDA, says Burzynski’s trials ha ave been been put on n hold. A have Ass with all ne w drugs, drugs, cancer cancer treatments treatments like lik ke new antineoplastons must b personally bee personally rresearched esearched and p eer-reviewed to peer-reviewed

mak y’re saf fe and eff ffeective, makee sur suree the they’re safe effective, Y aao sa ayys. Howe H ver, Burz ynski Yao says. However, Burzynski ccontinues ontinues to pr ovide tr eatment provide treatment to patientss who wer eady weree alr already seeing him m under what the FD A FDA ccalls alls an “in nvestigational e ne w drug “investigational new applic ation n.” application. In an em mail,, Yao Yaao cautioned cautioned that email, Burz ynski has failed to pr ove to Burzynski prove ed eeven ven one authoritiess he has cur cured patient or help h ed an nyo one liv ve helped anyone live longer d his drugs peddled as longer.. And drugs,, peddled an alternat tivve to chemo-radiation, chemo-radiation, alternative ccarry arry somee of the same side eff ffeects as effects est ablished d chemic al therapies established chemical therapies.. The do ctor den nies this doctor denies this..

Closer Clo serr ttoo a Cur Curee Part P art of Burz B Burzynski’s ynski’s p popularity opularitty stems from the public’ from p public’ss gr growing owing inter interest est in alternative alternativ ve medicine medicine,, esp especially ecially when standard st andard tr treatments reatments like like chemo and radiation ar aaree highly damaging damaging,, and much mor more re so ffor or childr o children. en. “In the absenc aabsencee of widespr widespread ead rresearch, esearch,, th this his is going to b bee a ccontinued ontinued pr problem, oblem,” Desserich sa says. ayys. But a gr growing owing numb number er of p people eople aree ffed ar eed up with a lack of options options,, ccounter ounter An Anthony nthon ny and Michelle Stout, which mak makes kes p people eople lik likee Burz Burzynski zyynski an app appealing ealing last rresort. esort. t “What’s “What ’s the alternativ alternative?” e?”” Anthon Anthony ny asks.. “Do I b asks believe elieve the do doctor ctor who tells us ourr son is going to die or the one who sa says ayys he he’s ’s going to liv live?” e?” But,, ffor o or the first time in the dec decade ade sincee scien sinc scientists ntists identified DIPG DIPG,, a br breakthrough eakthrough ccould ould b bee on the horizon. R Researchers eesearchers b believe elieve stem ccells ells ttaken aken fr from om patients ccan an off offer ffeer both insight into o eevery very ttype ype of ccancer, ancer, b oth pediatric p ediatric and a adult. adult JJennifer enniffeer Lynn Lyynn Kranz,, a 6-year-old 6-year e r-old girl fr from om Gilr G Gilroy, oy, died last week fr from om DIPG.. She suc succumbed DIPG cumbed to the tumor three-and-a-half thr ee-and-aa-half months after her many diagnosis and an nearly as man ny months of radiation radiation. n. Kranz’ Kranz’ss family family, y, who ccould ould bee rreached story, not b eacched ffor o or this stor y, donated the tumor to Michelle Monje Monje,, a neur neuroooncologist Lucile Packard Children’s onc ologist at L ucile P ack kar a d Childr en’s Hospital Hospit al St Stanford. tanffo ord. Working Working o with the Collaborative, has fi figured DIPG C olla llab borativ ti e, Monje M j h figured d way grow from out a w ay tto gr ow stem ccells ells fr om tumors. time,, the hop hopee is her DIPG tum ors. In time clinical rresearch esearch ccould o ould lead to a clinic al trial and possibly advancement p ossibly thee first major advanc ement in DIPG rresearch e esear ch in yyears eears as it eexplores xplores biology, the biolo gy, symptoms syymptoms and treatment treatment disease. of the disea ase.





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AMBURGERS ARE synonymous with fast food, but the nine-hour prep time for the organic, locally sourced grass-fed hamburger at Aly’s on Main puts the dish firmly in the slow-food realm.

The new Redwood City eatery changes up its menu all the time, according to what’s in season, so there’s almost always something new. Aly’s recent offerings have included pan-seared duck, ricotta gnocchi, chicken satay, Reuben sandwich and spicy lamb meatballs. Metro spoke with executive chef Michael Mazaffari about seasonal ingredients and what stays put on an ever-changing menu. METRO: YOUR DISHES SEEM TO FALL ALL OVER THE MAP. IS THERE SOMETHING THAT LINKS YOUR CUISINE? MAZAFFARI: We call ourselves modern California because it gives us a big enough umbrella to be able to create things that are interesting, funky and different. And at the same time, not be confined to one style of cuisine. When you work 16-hour days, having fun and being creative is required. Being a seasonal restaurant, naturally there’s just going to be a lot of things that are just going to be gone when they’re gone. The window for persimmons is so small that our gem salad with persimmons and pomegranates only had a life of about a month. But now pears are in season, so we do organic bosc pears instead. YOU SERVE PASTA EVERY DAY? Our goal is to get three or four pastas on the menu nightly. They’re all made in-house. We use organic flour, organic eggs and filtered water. If someone were to come to the restaurant at 3pm, they would see the pasta rolling machine making pasta sheets and us cutting it. Sometimes we put mint in there. Sometimes we put tarragon in there. What’s going to go with them, it depends on what’s available, and what we want to play around with. The pasta tastes lively. IS THE GRASS-FED BURGER SOMETHING THAT STAYS ON THE MENU? The burger will always stay. What combination of cuts we use to prepare the burger may change. Right now we butcher in-house. We go through a long process to make a simple burger. It’s a nine-hour process. It’s three different cuts of beef: short rib, chuck, sirloin. We butcher them individually. We do a coarse-grind on them. Then we season it with salt and pepper. We take half the batch and refrigerate that for six hours. Then we grind them together again in a medium grind. This allows them to bind together so we can actually form a fairly loose patty that will hold together. The fat is not overbearing. You taste some of the grass that was fed to the cow. You taste the nuttiness of the foliage. You taste the actual flavor of the beef. And you taste very little else. We don’t do mushroom and barbecue burgers. I feel like, if you have a good piece of meat, it’s an atrocity to dress it up. My customers are paying for the beef, not all the other crap that I could put on it.—Aaron Carnes ALY’S ON MAIN 911 Main St., Redwood City. 650.995.7500


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masala sauce, cheese and not-so-naughty greens.

HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There willtrucks be wine cocktails, USION DISHES and food nowand go together likebut PB&J, thebut primary be on high-quality in fact, focus it was will the less expected pairing beers. of tikkaSteins masala will feature 30 taps and aburrito—that menu of modern and tortillas—in a curry helpedAmerican CurryUpNow comfort by executive and Bay Area build a solidfood Bay crated Area presence. Thoughchef CurryUpNow continues Reade. tonative operateColby a small fleet of trucks, it’s taken root in several brickand-mortar locations, Owner and South Bayincluding native Ted Palo Kim isAlto. a beer enthusiast; he tells me


that Steins a salute toIndian the traditional German gardens, A menu of is comforting street food staplesbeer and halls fusionand dishes whichmade he experienced duringpopular. his travels throughout premier initially the truck wildly Perhaps its bestEurope’s known item, the beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300CurryUpNow burrito ($8.50), is composed of a flour or wheat tortilla, white 8,000-square-foot domed interior andof a 4,000-square-foot or seat, brown rice, garbanzo beans, onions androom a choice fillings that include outdoor patio.tofu or beef (lamb and pork belly options are $2 extra), in chicken, paneer, Ted, with contagious positive energy, says that he can’t wait different sauceshis and preparations. folks to check outwith the “in-your-face, cooler” Ifor ordered my burrito chicken tikkacustom-made masala, whichwalk-in I found tasty, but next tonot thethat main bar. Guests can gaze the unique direct-draw honestly exciting by Indian foodatstandards. The vegan aloodraft gobi system—the tappotatoes handles are toisthe eliminating filling, with spiced andconnected cauliflower, mykegs, choice for futuredraft visits. linesburrito and helping to keep thefor beer at the highest andthali freshness The is a good option first-time visitors,quality as are the platters levels. Having 30 draft beers is a manageable number for staff, Ted says: ($11). The generously sized combo platter comes with a choice of white or “I want to know exactly we’re serving. an I want to be to brown rice,them garbanzo beans, picklewhat garlic condiment, Indian flatable bread giveparantha genuine beer recommendations, so ongoing beer education willThe be called as well as papadum, a crisp cracker made from lentils. important. ” thali platter comes with a choice of two different entrees with various protein TheI food willpaneer, have a local, to saag options. ordered a firmfarm-to-table fresh cheese, emphasis with tikkaaccording masala and chef Reade, and everything willdeep be made in-house, including breads curries. Tikka masala is a creamy, orange sauce with the sweet and and pretzels. of the generous kitchen willspinach also sauce. smoky flavor ofBecause cumin and garam masala, while space, saag isthere a spiced bethali in-house charcuterie, butchery and and pickling programs. “Wea want The platter’s many different flavors textures made for pleasing to make food as fresh as the mango beer is,”lassi sayscools Reade, embraces beer’s combination. A sweet, creamy offwho some of the heat. in food Iversatility also enjoyed one pairing. of CurryUpNow’s food truck inspirations, the Naughty examples from tidy menu of 25 items include pork belly NaanSome ($9). Described as anthe open-faced sandwich, a dinner plate-sized naan gets a smear of tikka masala sauce, onions and shaved jalapeños and a choice of protein served with a layer of bubbling cheese. Filling and certainly bursting with spice and flavor—not exactly authentic, but then what do you expect on an Indian menu with burritos and “Sexy Fries” (sweet potato fries dressed with cheese, onion and a choice of protein). Slightly more traditional: Indian street food-inspired snacks—chaat—are available for $5 each. I enjoyed the papdi chaat which can loosely be described as Indian nachos; mint-coriander and tamarind chutneys with yogurt over crackers. Slightly less traditional: kathi rolls, aloo parantha quesadillix and deconstructed samosas. Additionally CurryUpNow offers vegan and glutenfree options for most of its menu and serves organic chicken and halal beef, goat and lamb. —Jeff Cianci CURRYUPNOW 321 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto. 800.536.0000 or

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Foam Call Off T the Streets

NAAN ENTITY A Naughty Naan is loaded up with tikka

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metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Stephen Layton Layton Rachel Rachel Schemel Heather Heather Zimmerman



*th tthu hu

ANIMALL EYES EYES Café S Café Stritch, tritch, Sa San an Jose Free Thu, 9pm, Fr ee

It’s It ’s a fact, fact,, Portland Portlan nd is filled to the brim indie-rock with indie-r ock bands. b So much so art-rock quintet that art-r ock quin ntet Animal Eyes, whose members grew grew up in Homer, Homerr, (population dreamed Alaska (populatio on 4,000), dr eamed of one day rrelocating elocaating to this land of indie-rock plenty.. And they did, but indie-r ock plenty their having spent the ir fformative ormative years staree at cr crazy with nothing to do d but star azy wildlifee gave them wildlif m some offbeat ideas should approach on how they shou uld appr oach indierrock. ock. They have aallll the gleaming,, lush atmospheric guitar work, atmo ospheric synth sound and general general psychedelic psychedelic nature nature of heavyweights such indie heavyw weights as Grizzly Bear,r, Deerhunter and TTame Bear aame Impala West but they also mixx in some W est polyrhythms, African polyrhyth hms, experimental

guitar chor chords ds and bizar bizarre re time signatures. signatur es. (AC) (A AC)

THE SE SESHEN ESHEN The Blackbir Blackbird rd Tavern, Taavern,, San Jose Thu, 8pm, Free Frree Francisco San Fr anciscco seven-piece the makes Seshen make es songs with an mellow always mello ow vibe, while fusing multitude titude of a mul o genres: genres: soul, R&B, psychedelia, hip-hop and indiecomplex rrock. ock. Their co omplex soundscapes aree and smooth beats ar complemented complement ted by vocalists Lalin Orr,r, both of SSt. t. Juste andd Akasha Or from whom take a lot of influence fr om with a hint of classic jazz singers s neo-soul. (RS) (RSS)

GHOST GHOS T IDOL IDOLSS Caravan LLounge, Caravan ou unge, San Jose 8:30pm, Thu, 8:30pm m, Free Free Facebook On their Face ebook page, Ghost

genree as ““shut Idols list their t genr shut up.” This, of course, is easier moree fun) than saying that (and mor L.A.-based the L.A.-b based band occupies nebulous a nebulou us space between post-hardcore, metal, ppo st-hardcore, shoegaze, g whatever.. space rrock, occk, etc., etc., whatever doesn’t matter,, which is It doesn ’t rreally eally matter saying easier.. The why sayin ng shut up is easier got band’s go ot a sound unusual ffor or heavier the heavi er end of the spectrum, plenty with plen ty of distortion but instrumentation nimble in strumentation and melodies, clear melo odies, taking influence from everything from fr om ever rything fr om Helmet to Emperor. Godspeedd YYou! ou! Black Emper or. debut free Their deb ut EP is up ffor or fr ee on bandcamp, their band dcamp so ffans dcamp, ans can ffeel eel free make genree fr ee to ma ake out their own genr Venn diagram. V enn diag gram. (SL)


GRAPH GRA APH RABBIT Art Bo Boutiki, utiki, San Jose 7:30pm, Fri, 7:3 30pm, $10 Watching Graph Rabbit’s W atching Gr aph Rabbit ’s videos— even with w the sound muted— instantly instant tly offers offers a sense of their music. In one video the duo are are playingg at each other—one playing acoustic guitar,r, the other holding an aco oustic guitar synthesizer—in a synth hesizer—in an open field peaceful on a pe eaceful ffoggy oggy morning, while camera spirals around the cam mera spir als ar ound them in As slow motion. m As the images suggest, play dreamy, they pl lay dr eamyy, gentle ambientevery ffolk, olk, ev very song written on the acoustic guitar,r, and filled out with acoust tic guitar a xylophone, xylopphone, analog synthesizer or some other o non-digital variation surreal, of the piano. It is sur real, formless formless beauty.. (AC) waves of auditory beauty (AC)

MANUFFACTURED MANUFACTURED M SU UPERSTA ARS SUPERSTARS Stu Studio udio 8, San Jose Fri,, 9pm, $20 after 11pm There’s The ere’s only one thing that Denver electroo duo Manufactured Den nver electr Manufactured Superstars that’s Sup perstars want to do, and that ’s show sho ow people a rreally eally good time. They high-energy The ey spin high-ener gy deephouse hou use music, and wear matching NASA NA SA spacesuits on stage. Aside Aside from fr om m their own electro-dance electro-dance tunes, tun nes, they’ve been known to mashup from ma shup everything fr om top 40 pop hits to underground underground progressive pr o essive house. ogr house Videos of their livee shows show a lot of women on stage with them, wearing sexy NASA suree if that that’s NA SA outfits. Not sur ’s part show, par rt of the rregular egular show w, or just part par rt of their Vegas Vegas rresidency esidency at Wynn (AC) thee W ynn casino. (A C)

oncerts * cconcerts MILEY MILE Y CYRUS CYRUS Feb 25 at SAP SAP Center



SSAN AN JOSEE JJAZZ AZZ WINTER FE FEST ST Feb 28-Mar 28-March rch 2 in downtown San Jose

OLETA OLET TA AD ADAMS AMS March Mar ch 7 at at Montalvo Arts Center

THE TRIMS TRIMS/ANYA /ANY YA DOWN & THE GET DO WN March Ma rch 7 at the Blank Club

HABIB KHAN March Mar ch 8 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

EMBLEM 3 March Mar ch 1122 at City National Civic

HAPA HAP A March Mar ch 21 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

THE B BANG ANG March Mar c 22 at the Blank Club ch

KINGSS OF LE KING LEON ON March M Mar ch 25 at SAP SAP Center

JENNIFER NETTLE NETTLESS March Mar ch 27 2 at City National Civic




Pure LLounge, Pure ounge, Sunnyvale Fri, 9:30pm, $15$15-20 20

Johnny V’s, V’s, San Jose Fri, 6pm, $15

appearance Ahead of his appear ance aatt Coachella DJ CCarnage Coachella, arnage will be electronica, mixing electr onica, pop andd Puree dubstep beats over at Pur LLounge. ounge. On top of putting together t high-energy high-ener gy mixes, CCarnage arnagge charisma himself brings a lot of char risma to the stage, getting on thee mic crowd arnage and egging the cr owd on. CCarnage circuit is a top name in the DJ cir c cuit now.. His likeable, spir spirited right now rited energy leading ener gy earned him a leadin ng slot at another massive music ffestival, estival, Electric Daisy CCarnival, arnival, andd prime across the spots at top clubs acr oss th he nation. (AD)

Politically band Forced P olitically driven punk ban nd For ced West Reality is rreturning eturning to the W est Coast with only two dates,, one inn L.A. and first one in San Jose—their fir rst ever Area show. Bay Ar ea show w. The rrebellious ebellious punk Forced Reality spirit that fuels For ced Rea ality is best expressed Pete Morcey’s expr essed by ffounder ounder P etee Mor cey’s energetic, catchy, ener getic, catchy y, growling growlingg vocals. The band started in 1986,, part of the Oi! subgenre subgenre of punk.. Oi! started s in England in the late ’70s ass a rreaction eaction punkss began to see bands when some punk like the Sex Pistols and thee Clash as commercial being too commer cial andd not political Forced Reality, true enough. For ced Reality y, tru ue to Oi! aggressive, angry, sound,, play some aggr essive, angry y, political mid-tempo tuness with a bit of garage ’60s mod-influenced gar a rrock. age ock.. (AD)

*sa satt

FRED EAGLESMITH EA GLESMIITH Club Fox, Redwood City Sat, 8pm.. $20/$23 Fred bit Fr ed Eaglesmith is a bi it of an odd duck scene, although in the country music sc cene,, al though grouse ffans ans might gr ouse thatt pigeonholing him into one genre genre isn’t isn’t ffair air (see what birds there?). I did with the bir ds the re?).. His 18 or so albums run the gamutt of rroots oots music with his latest, TTambourine ambou a urinee, drawing drawing on Summer of LLove-inspired ove-innspired ‘60s ffolk olk and rrock Eaglesmith ock & rroll. oll.. Eaglesm mith tends to push whatever genre genre he’s h ’s working he in to interesting places, interesting places s, like his dark and muddy 2008 ““gospel” gosspel”” album TTinderbox iinderbox. His rrelentless elentlesss touring and endearing live show ha have builtt him a ave buil devoted following his following in hi is native CCanada anada and the U.S.. (SL)

PAULA P AULA CCOLE OLE March Mar ch 29 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

DOUBLE R ROAD OAD RA CE RACE 6024 Silver Cr 6024 Creek eek V Valley alley Road, San Jose Sat 7:30am. Sat, 7:30am. $45 double rrace/$30 ace/$30 Mar di Gras Gras 5K/$ 15 kids run Mardi 5K/$15 sporting Halftime at this spo orting event is not exactly a chance too go rrefill efill the chips and beer. beerr. Competitors Competitors in the Double 10K Road Race run a 10 0K and then have moree than aan a little mor n hour and half to Halftime before rrest est up during Halft time bef ore running a 5K leg.. Halftime can c be spent any offers way you want,, but the rrace ace off ers an Zone snackss and official Recovery Zo one with snack hydration, therapy. hydr y ation,, as well as a pphysical y ther apy pyy. break Just because there’s there’s a br eak between rraces aces doesn’t doesn’t meann the double rracers acers are are taking it easy:: the winner is decided by best combined c time, so using the br break eak wisely makes this rrace ace all about strategy. strateegy. The event also Mardi Gras includes a Mar di Gr ras 5K run/walk kids’’ mile run run. and a kids n.. (HZ)

NUCLEAR CCOWBOYZ OWBOYZ March Mar c 29-30 ch 29-30 at SAP SAP Center


ANTHONY ANTHON NY BOURD BOURDAIN AIN & ERIC RIPERT RIPER T April 13 at SSJJ Center ffor or Performing Performing Arts


THE PIANO GUY GUYSS June 27 2 at City National Civic

CHER July 2 at SAP SAP Center


KATY KA AT TY PERR PERRY RY Sep Se ep 22 22-23 -23 at SAP SAP Center For musi music ic updates and contest giveaway ys, like us on Facebook giveaways, at metr

FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

THE SE SECOND COND CITY Feb 22 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

29 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | FFBRUARY B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014


metroactive ARTS

Mixed Medium

SPELLING S PELLING IT IT OUT OUT Objects from Beverly R Rayner’s ay yner’’s Museum of M Mesmerism esmerism & P Psychic sychic Art include this mesmer mesmerist’s rist’’s toolkit.

W With ith i a new show h att the th T Triton, rriton, it artis artist tistt Beverly Rayner unearths Beverl ly R ayner unea rths artifacts from the Museum off M Mesmerism esmerism BY B Y GARY GARY SINGH


nside the th he Triton Triton Museum, the lights ligh hts will be dimmed for Beverly Beve erly Rayner's art reception. receptio on. Seemingly a hundred antique an ntique artifacts— conjuring and a spell-casting devices, mesmeric devicess, me esmeric and illusionist tools, t s, spirit photos, tools photoss, divination equipment, e levitation and a witchcraft witchcraft gear, gearr, g plus items related r alchemy y, to alchemy, ma atters and seances— mystical matters y one of the galleries now occupy Triton. The exhibition, at the Triton. “Beve erly Rayner: Rayner: Museum titled “Beverly Mesmeriism & Psychic Psychic s Artt,,” of Mesmerism Art,” w opens this weekend.

Rayner Ra ayyner sa says ayys the show ffeatures eeatures ite items ems from fr rom the ccollection ollection of the Museum m of Psychic Phenomena, M Mesmerism &P sychic Phenomena a, have established w which she claims to ha ave est ablisheed Bzinicaa St Stara, Poland 1999, while in n Bzinic ara,, P oland in 19 99,, wh hile ancestral rresearching e esear ching her anc estral rroots. oots. Shee says abandoned sa ays y her rresearch esearch led to an abandon ned building indicated was bu uilding that rrecords ecords indic ated w aass last owned byy her gr great-great-aunt, Bronka ow wned b eatt--great-aunt,, Br o ka onk Katarzyna. mystical K Kat arzzyyna. An ancient m ystical order the or rder of seers and cconjurers onjurers built th he structure ago,, Ra Rayner says. st tructure ccenturies enturies ago ayyner sa ayys. arrived Rayner I arriv ed to eexperience xperience Ra ayner y installing show, was already in nstalling the show w, which w as alr e eady shrouded mystery. Turned sh h ouded hr d d in i m yster y y. T urned d out she wasn't there, sh he w aasn't ther e, so I assumed it was scenario, with w as a rremote-viewing emote-viewing sc enario, wit th the artist telepathically sorting th he ar tist telepathic ally sor ting outt the text panels,, unpacking b boxes, th he te xt panels oxes, distributing arranging di istributing track lights and arrang ging Victorian-era artifacts. looked like V iictorian-era ar tifacts. It lo oked lik ke some Rosicrucian so ome strange R o osicrucian antique

shop.. I k shop kept ept lo looking oking o over ver m myy shoulder shoulder,, Blavatsky Rudolf to see if Helena Bla avvatssk ky or R u udolf was Steiner w aas lurking in the ccorner. orner. any acquaint In an ny eevent, veent,, if I am to t ac quaint myself psychic m yself y with the ps sycchicc rresidue esidue of Rayner's great-great-aunt Bronka Ra ayyner's gr eatt--greatt--aun nt Br onka Katarzyna, Kat arzzyyna,, the Triton Museum M shall bee the vvenue. display, b eenue. In one di isplaay, I see her “drawer influencee ingredients, “dra aw wer of influenc in ngredients,” a bizarree ap apothecary drawer bizarr othecary dra aw wer ccomprising omprising tiny tiny 81 tin ny cubbyholes cubb byyholes filled d with tin ny balls vials, of ttwine, wine, miniature miniature vial ls, purses and satchels,, piec pieces thread, satchels es of thr ead d,, hourglasses, hourglasses, turn-of-the-century ttalismans alismans and other tur rn-off--the-century oddities. next drawer, o ddities. Right ne xt to the t dra aw wer, I see looks like ancient what lo oks lik ke an anci ent chem lab eplete with old funnels ttable, able, rreplete ffunnels,, beakers, beak keers, tubes test tub es and other items iteems laden with Victorian-era V iictorian-era rust. Legend Legeend has it that Bronka specific Br onk ka skillfully cconcocted oncocted sp ecific essences” “influential essenc es”” from frrom the various ingredients drawer. ingr edients in this eexact xact x t dra aw wer. People People supposedly from supp osedly ccame aame fr om far and wide obtain “influences, to obt ain her “influenc e ,” which were es were believed powers over b elieveed to eexert xxert ccertain ertain np owers o veer those whom she ttargeted. arrggeteed. throughout oughout the show All thr sshow, w, one books, journals,, sees glass ccases, ases, b ooks, old o journals crystal balls,, crack cracked mirrors, cr ystal balls ed mirr m ors, spirit photographs incredibly strange photographs and incr e edibly

instruments, tools instrumen nts, to ols and ccontraptions. ontraptions. Rayner says discovered In one ccase, asee, Ra ayyner sa ayys she disc oveered traveling toolkit” “a tra aveelin ng mesmerist's to olkit” on visit her first vis sit to the building that became the b ecame th he Museum of Mesmerism Bzinicaa St Stara. in Bzinic ara. The tiny tin ny kit includes hypnotic pendulums, ttwo wo h yypno otic p endulums, a ffew ew devices, magnetism m de vices, a miniature miniature vision small aromatic ball,, a sma all vial of ar omatic fluid and spinner, a “vision sp pinner,” supposedly supposedly used ffor o or shifting quickly shi ifting ffocus ocus from from normal planes of rreality ealitty to parallel planes of Rayner toolkit eexistence. xistence. Ra R ayyner claims the to olkit belonged great-great-uncle b elonged to t her gr eat-great-uncle practiced arts Rafal,, who o practic ed mesmeric ar ts all across European over acr E opean ccontinent ontinent o veer a oss the Eur ago. ccentury entury ag go. wall presents Anotherr w all a pr esents a “magnetizing apparatus,,” “magnetiz ing hand healing apparatus Austria, ffrom om A ustria,, circa circa 1899. 1899. originally fr Rayner says discovered device, Ra ayner y sa ayys she disc overed the de vice, treat used to tr e arthritic eat arthritic hands, hands, upon upon entering first enteri ng the “chamber “chamber ffor o or cures” cures” Bzinica Stara building.. She in the Bzin nica St ara building says was manufactured sa ays y it w aas originally manufactur ed byy a discipl disciple Mesmer.. b le of Antoine Mesmer disciple, physician The discipl le, a spiritual ph hyysician sort, of some so ort,, apparently apparently ccarried arried on Mesmer's original o theories of animal magnetism, they weree magnetism m,, even even e after the ey wer develop tossed out,, and went on to de veelop devices his own therapeutic th herapeutic de vices based on Rayner Mesmer's ideas iideas.. Ra ayyner claims her great-grandfather imported gr eatt--grand dfather originally imp orted the ccontraption ontrap ption to help rrelieve elieve her great-grandmother's arthritis. gr eatt--grand dmother's ar thritis. mystified I rremained emain ned m yystified as I ccontinued ontinued eexploring xploring the t eexhibit. xhibit. An old doll, pins,, impaled with w dozens of vvoodoo oodoo pins lay attached pedestal. la ay at ttacheed to a p edestal. A nearby nearby box moree dolls dolls,, appar apparently b ox ccontains ontaiins mor ently victims of sp sspells. ells. A giant ccauldron auldron occupies spacee on the flo floor. o ccupies a spac or. A off old photos photos,, worn b byy time plethora o into that haunting h sepia ccolor, olor, are are about distributed d ab out the show. show w. Each artifact ar tifact is ttagged agged with an inventory in nveentory number, numb er, ass if still eexhibited xxhibited in the Psychic Museum of o Mesmerism & P sycchic Phenomena, Rayner Phenomen na,, a vvenue enue Ra ayyner claims open byy sp special appointment. is only op e b en ecial app ointment. Sincee I ha have Sinc ave no immediate plans project to astrally pr oject to the ccountry ountry of Poland, P oland,, I am a satisfied with the aura of mystery from walls m yystery emanating em manating fr om the w alls of the Triton Museum.

FEB. 15APR. 18


Free Fr ee

TTriton riton Museum metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014

Shane F. F. Kelly Kelly


metroactive FILM

Done With Mirrors

LENS L ENS FLAIR FL A IR Graham T Toms oms o modeled for Ti T Tim im Jenison Jenison’s ’s reproduction of V Vermeer’s ermeer’s ‘The ermeer e The Music L Lesson.’ esson ’ Jenison esson. J used effects which employed. lenses and mirrors m to reproduce the effect ts of the mechanical aids whic ch he believes the painter emp ployed.

Tim’s Tiim’s V Vermeer ermeer explo e explores ores how the painter Dutch Renaissance Renaissance p ainter might’ve e used technology to up his game BY B Y RICHA RICHARD ARD VON VON BUS BUSACK ACK


FTE FTER ER A LONG LONG career designed to of tricks t make mak ke people doubt their the ir eyes, eyes, Penn Penn Teller Jillette and dT eller made the Tim’s sweet and winning Ti m’s Vermeer. Teller V ermeer. T e eller gets the director’ss credit; director’ c Jillette narrates, naturally. narr ates, natur n ally. It actually fits fi what the magicians have stage ha ave done both botth on st age and as debunkers, mystification debunk ers, their their m yystification in demystification. the name of dem d myystification. It offers solution mystery off ffeers a solutio on to the m yystery of

Veermeer Vermeer—“a V e —“aa fathomless genius genius,, now no ow a fathomable fa athomable one, one,” says saayys the rumbustious rumbustiious Penn. beauty partt is he he’s P e enn. The b eautty par ’s a little littttlee wrong, w wr ong, and yyet eet the movie mo ovie v is right: labor artist it honors the lab or of an ar tist as w as the inspiration that ccan’t well an’t be be mechanical ccopied o opied eeven ven in an age of mechanic a al non-mechanical rreproduction. e oduction. Or the non-mechani epr ical here. ttype y e shown her yp e. inventor and San Antonio in nventor e Tim eexperimenter x erimenter T xp im Jenison Jenison tests a theory Vermeer th h y off what heor h made d JJ.. V eermeer (1632-1675), (1 632-1675),, little littttle known in his day, daay, the rhaposodized-about th he most rhap osodized-about artist artistt of the Republic. th he golden age of the Dutch R eepub blic. There’s already been movie Th here’s alr eady b een a mo vie (a bad d one) about With Pearl Earring, on ne) ab out his Girl W iith a P eearl Earr ringg,, the th he lady ccaught aught in a flash of some private surmise. prrivate moment of surprise or surm mise.

childhood JJenison, enison,, a childho od pal of JJillette’s, illettte t ’s, good made some go od money moneey in computer computer graphics,, but side projects interest graphics projeects inter est propeller-driven skates, him: pr opeller-drivven e rroller oller sk kates a , an airplane kluged fr om Home H Dep ot from Depot par ts and the thr ee pipe pip pe or gans he parts three organs grafted into one in his basement. JJenison, enison,, a bearded, bearded,, wor rk k-shirted party party work-shirted who h lo llooks oks k a lit li tttle l lik ke the th Fr ench h little like French actor Michael L read Da avvid onsdalee, read Lonsdale, David Ho ckney’s ccontroversial ontroveersiaal b ook Secr reet Hockney’s book Secret Knowledge istorian Philip Knowledge,, as well as hi historian Steadman ’s V eermeer’’s C aamera. The Steadman’s Vermeer’s Camera. b ooks ar gue V eermeer’s departure departure fr om books argue Vermeer’s from rival painters ma ay have haave been been due to may some optic al advant agee. Could Could this optical advantage. ha ave b een a ccamera amera ob bscura? That have been obscura? in nvention e is a pr ecursor of cinema; yyou o ou invention precursor ccan an see a go od demonstration demonsstration of how good it works in the Michaell P owell movie mo ovvie Powell A Mat tteer of Lif fe and Dea ath. Matter Life Death. Ha aving v time moneey and curiosity, curiositty, Having time,, money JJenison enison decided to ttake ak ke about about six yyears eears back kward engineering V ermeer’ e s The backward Vermeer’s Music LLesson eesson in a T exas w arehouse. He Texas warehouse. got a 30-minute long date d with the original,, which hangs in n Buckingham

P alace, butt other wise had to work Palace, otherwise with a rrepro. eprro. Jenison Jenison tested the ccamera amera obscura,, bu ut he got b etttter results results with but better lenses o ave mirr onc or, and another lenses,, a cconcave mirror, rround ound hand-sized han nd-sized mirror mirror on a stick,, a jumb o vversion er ersion of the one the dentist jumbo sticks in yyour o mouth to pr our ove to yyou o ou prove that yyou o ou don d ’t floss. floss. don’t The b egginning of wisdom is beginning admit ttting yyou ou don ’t know w, and Jillette Jillettte t admitting don’t know, shows a hi itherto unseen humble side hitherto (“if it wer weree up to me to mak makee paint, ther ld b ”)). Jenison’s Jenison’s theree wou would bee no paint paint”). obsession is i rremarkable—he emarkable—he learns to rread ead Du utch,, to mak ke and grind Dutch, make lenses d to mix V eermeer’s famous lenses,, and Vermeer’s lapis lazulii pigment. He builds a scrim in the shap pe of the nearb shape nearbyy buildings that would d ha ave shadowed V eermeer’s have Vermeer’s nor th-facin ng window w, and he ttalked alk ked e north-facing window, his daughter daughtter into donning a headbrac headbracee to mo del ffor or o the ffemale eemale figur model figuree in the painting painting.. A d th And the en JJenison enison i sets t to t work. k “It’s “It’s then lik ke w aatchiing paint dr y,” JJillette illettte t sa ays y, like watching dry, says, eeven veen as tha at un nw worth hy thought crosses crosses that unworthy our minds minds.. But it ge ets vvery eery mo oving v , seeing gets moving, JJenison’s enison’s mad m lonely effort eff ffo ort in video diar o orm. T im’ i ’s V eermeerr is a diaryy fform. Tim’s Vermeer cconvincing on nvincing v g ar gument that V eermeer argument Vermeer sa aw b etttter than the unaided eeye ye could could saw better ha ave seen,, thr ough the gradations have through of gr ey tha at an optic ner ve ccan’t an n’’t pick grey that nerve up h h yyper-close l d ails det il like lik ke the h up,, or the hyper-close details nap in a rug ru ug or a line of dec orativve decorative gilded sea horses h on the vir ginal (a virginal pr oto pian no). The ar gument against proto piano). argument V eermeer’s lenscrafting is eas sy: ther Vermeer’s easy: theree is no histor rical eevidence vidence of the ar tist historical artist using an ny ssuch optic al to ols, though any optical tools, naturally an a ar tist would ha ave guarded guarded artist have an ny sp eciall technolo gy fr om his rivals any special technology from rivals.. U ssing th his equipment,, a nonUsing this painter r— —aa dedic ated,, picky pick ky and vvery eery painter—a dedicated, b vant non-painter ertainly i ly— obser observant non-painter,, ccertainly— cr eated an n impr essivve replica. replica. JJillette illetttte created impressive uses this work w to suggest that the split b ettwe ween technolo gy and ar between technology artt ought to b epaired. It’s It’s a rremarkable emarkable bee rrepaired. achie veemeent. But a close looks looks shows achievement. the p erfect e tion of V eermeer’s original perfection Vermeer’s isn ’t in JJenison’s en nison n’s amazingly har d work. isn’t hard Y ou o ccan an te ell the diff ffeerence: ther You tell difference: theree rremains emains so ome irr eproducible element some irreproducible eeven veen if yyou ou u get eeverything veerything else right.


PG-13 PG13

Opens Friday

New N ew (PG-13; 113 min.) KKevin (PG-13; evin Costne Costner er stars Secret Service agent as a dying Secr et Ser vice agen nt who with sees a chance to rreconnect econnect w ith his estranged he’s offered estr anged daughter when he ’s off ered life-saving a potentially lif e-saving experimental experrimental drug—in exchange ffor or takingg one last assignment. (Opens Fri.)

OMAR (96 min.) Ar Arrested rested after an Is Israeli sraeli Palestinian soldier is killed,, a P alestinian n man informant, jeopardizing becomes an inf ormant, jeopa ardizing a romantic romantic rrelationship. elationship.(Ope (Opens ens Fri.)

POMPEII (PG-13;; 105 min.) Because an erupting (PG-13; e drama. This volcano isn’t isn’t enough dr ama. Th his actioner set in ancient Roman times finds a slave-turned-gladiator trying to rrescue escue his love, who is facing facingg marriage corrupt senator—all mar riage to a cor rupt senator— —all as Vesuvius Mt. V esuvius begins erupting. SStars tars Kit Harington (Game of Thrones Thrrones o s’ YYou oou Know Nothing Jon Snow),, Emily Browning Brow wning and Kiefer Kiefer Sutherland. (Opens Fri.)

TIM’S VERMEER (PG-13; 80 min.) See rreview (PG-13; eview on page 32. (Opens Fri.)

Revivals Re vivals THE SP SPY Y WHO LLOVED OVED ME (1977) The 10th James Bond fil film m sums up the series so ffar: ar:: Agent TTriple rripple X Barbaraa Bach)) of thee USSR ((the inert Barbar joins with 007 to find out whoo has their been helping themselves to th heir nation’s submarines. rrespective espective nation ’s submarine es.. Roger Mooree look lookss unusually alert aand nd Moor dresses production dr esses up nice; the pr oductioon design jaw-drop, is a jaw-dr op,, including what was w then the world’s biggest set, tons t of stainless steel and a 63 ffoot oot so-called s miniaturee of a supertanker supertanker.. Sc Score, miniatur core, sadly, Marvin wearing sadly y, by Mar vin Hamlisch wea aring a Barry John Bar ry mask. (Plays Feb 21221-22 -22 2 in Retroo Dome.) (RvB) San Jose at the Retr


security Bad Cop (Liam Neeson). The straightforward pleasure, film is a str aightforward pleasur e, twisty though it teases the tw wisty question of itss purpose:: solidly when a brick rreaches eaches it snapped in its place in a master plan,, or it’s in chaos? And it ’s a bit relentless, relentless,, likely moree meatt during further to make ffor or mor rrewatchings. ewatchings.. I was unsure unsuure if I saw Legocharacters, Legolas in the pit of cha aracters, though Gandalf was there, there,, and I was also bit unhappy to see Superman Superm man (Channing Green TTatum) aatum) on the outs with h Gr een Lantern (Jonah Hill). Who,, if not GL,, embodies creative potential the serious cr eative pot tential among warriors? these cartoon war riors?? (RvB)


FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr


(Bradley (Bradley Cooper), who forces forces c them to find and entrap entrap politicians politiciaans for for the Bureau. Bureau. The downside:: Onee entrapee entrapee is a South Jersey civic par paragon agoon (Jeremy (Jeremy Renner). The wild card card is Irving’s Irving’s sunlamp-toasted, stupid-like-a-fox stupid-like--a-fox wife wife (Jennifer (Jennifer Lawrence). Lawrence). Amer American rican Hustle is fast fast and loose, and it could couuld be faster faster and looser. looser. Nostalgia rules. ruless. But through through voice-over, dog voice-over, withheld info, info, shaggy s stories and flywheel-spinning actor’s flywheel-spinnning actor ’s exercises, exercises,, Russell keeps yanking yaanking the plot back like a balloon salesman sallesman grabbing grabbing fleeing merchandise. merchanddise. (RvB)


(PG;; 100 min.) What we hav have ve her heree is nothing less than a Buddhist Buddhiist debate about the polarity betweenn the fixed Batman and the mutable, with Batm man and Abraham Abr aham Lincoln in it. Certainly Certtainly the wittiest movie ever made about a movie a brick,, this toy-derived mo ovie anonymous ffollows ollows the rrevolt evolt of anonymous gentleman little yellow Lego gentlema an Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt); Pratt);; years yearrs ago,, the movie’s soundtrack composer movie ’s soundtr ack compo oser Mark described Mothersbaugh once descri bed such character DEVO song: a char acter in a DEV O song g: “Flat top, stares straight star es str aight ahead,, SStock tockk parts…”.. Under the guidance of ffemale em male warrior warrior Wyldstyle Elizabeth Banks) W yldstyle (voiced by Elizab eth Bank s) drafted multiEmmet is dr afted into a mu ultidimensional rrebellion ebellion against againnst an evil president pr esident and the leader’s leader’s head of

(R;; 121 min.) The pr pre-titles e-titlees document training aining of the Navy SEALS,, and the tr undergo the torment they under g during Hell go Week. W eek. The team is sent out o to get a leader called Sha Shah. TTaliban aliban a ah. The SEALS aree airlifted into the hillss to car carry ar ry out across the mission: when they stumble s acr oss goatherds a trio of goather ds and llet et them live,, it They'ree turns out to be a ffateful ateful decision. They'r surrounded sur rounded and picked off ooff,f, one by one. LLone one Survivor Survivorr is nothingg if not good playing looking:: the actors playin ng war die in surrounded slow-mo sur rounded byy halos of sunflares wound-spray. flar es and CCabernet-red abernet-red wound-spr ayy. expiree nobly, backss pr propped They expir noblyy, back opped against handsome cedars,, under under a spotless turquoise sky. tur quoise sk y. Even the ffateful ateful goats look like blue-ribbon prize winners. wiinners.. (RvB)




- Dorri Olds, EXAMINER.COM

Ongoing AMERICAN HUS HUSTLE TLE (R;; 138 min.) Return with us too affair: several the Abscam aff air:: In 1978, 1978, sev veral weree hornswoggledd into politicians wer believing that a swarthy FBI aagent gent with a napkin on his head was in rreality e eality a fulll of cash, rich sheikh with a suitcase ful citizenship. looking to buy U.S. citizenship p. David subject, O. Russell’s fiction on the subj ject, American Hustle, Hustle gives us an unusual u point of entrance. successful entrance. There’s There’s a su uccessful con-artist named Irving: Irving:: a charmingly chaarmingly light-comic Christian Bale. He falls falls for Adams) for a former former stripper (Amy Ada ams) who dons a bogus English acc accent cent and calls herself “Lady Edith.” The two are are busted in the act of fleecing fleecinng their clientele by a horny, hornyy, burbling FBI F agent






metroactive MUSIC

Reappearing Act PIXIES P IXIES 2.0 2 .0 Joey J Santiago Santiago, o, Black Francis Francis, s, David D L Lovering overing and P Paz az L Lenchantin encha antin are touring behind Pixies’ releases years.. b the P ixies’ first new rel leases in 20 years

The P Pixies ixies i hit the ro road oad again with Deal new material—but m w without Kim Dea al BY B Y RICHA RICHARD ARD FAULK FAULK


was at a record store was in Boston, Bosto on, and I saw a on person returning r i Come C Pilgrim,”” says Joey Joey Santiago, Santiago o, for guitarist fo or legendary indie Pixies, band the Pi ixies, recollecting EP, their debutt EP P, on 4AD 4AD records. records. Back in 1986, 19886, the British label was w as known n for its roster bands,, of ethereal gothic bands and here was was one seriously fan. unhappy fa an.

“Cocteau “C octeau T Twins w wins w was aas the sound… ame along and it w as a and then we ccame was jolting diff ffeeren nce.” difference. He pauses to laugh at the lost sale sale.. “I actually to o it as a ccompliment. ok ompliment.” took Santiago ’s anec dote encapsulates encapsulates Santiago’s anecdote the go od ne w bad ne ws/ ws saga of the good news/bad news

baand. The Pixies didn band. didn’t ’t just shake shake up u a lab el; the emors thr ough h the label; theyy sent tr tremors through lternative music sc ene. Their jagg ged al alternative scene. jagged so ound, shouty shouty vocals vocals and surr eal yet yet sound, surreal sa alty lyrics inspir ed Radiohead and d salty inspired N Nir vana and eeven ven made a fan of Nirvana D Da avvid id Bowie B i , who h ccalled alled ll d the h Pixie Pi ies David Bowie, Pixies th he gr eatest band of the ’8 0s next next to the greatest ’80s So onic Y o outh. Sonic Youth. Y eet ffor or o all their ccool ool b ona fides Yet bona fides,, no one of the Pixies’’ ffour our albums ((Surfer o Su urrfeer none R o 19 osa, 88; Do olittttle, 19 89; Bossa No va, a Rosa, 1988; Doolittle, 1989; Nova, 19 990; T roompe le Monde e, 19 91) char teed 1990; Trompe Monde, 1991) charted an nyywhere near the U .S. top 40,, and d anywhere U.S. th heir fiv -10 mo dern rrock ock singl les their fivee top top-10 modern singles in nclude no numb er ones include number ones.. A series of highly suc cessful rreunion eun nion successful to ours b eginning in 20 04 help ed tours beginning 2004 helped redr e ess this injustic ed th heir redress injusticee and secur secured their pllace in the pantheon of rrock ock go ds. place gods. Bu ut the Pixies ha aveen’t esc aped theirr But haven’t escaped crrossed st ars: In a surprise mo ove las st crossed stars: move last Seeptember, the band rreleased eleased theirr September, firrst ne w music in o ver 20 yyears—the eears—tthe first new over ap ptly titled EP 11—backed —backed b w aptly byy a ne new

tour. But the ne ws w ass o vershadowed news was overshadowed byy the announc b announcement ement that bassist Kim Deal had abruptly quitt in the midst of rrecording. ecording. Following F ollowing the JJanuary anuaary rrelease elease of EP 2,, I sp spoke with 2 oke separately wi ith Santiago and David Lovering (who’s drummer Da avvid L overring (who ’s also professional magician) about a pr offeessional magician n) ab out the into studio.. decision to get back int to the studio When I suggest thatt a 20-year 20-yeear rrecording ecording hiatus mightt imply cconcerns oncerns about theirr own legend, ab out living up to thei Lovering protracted otraacted touring L oveering blames pr moree ffor or making the decision o n seem mor was. agonizing that it rreally eallyy w as. together “When we got back k to gether in 2004, was bee a yyearlong earlong 20 04,, that w aas going to ob tour—but kept going. going,, tour —but it k eept going g. And going going.. In 20 2007, and going 077, we ccame ame up with Doolittle Tour. was the Do olittttle T our o . It w aas going to bee one yyear; turned b ear; that turne ed into ttwo wo w Wee had about yyears. ears e .…W h d ttalked alk lk keed d ab bout doing d i new wasn’t ne w material. But it w aasn’t clear if it was when Dolittle w aas just ttalk. alk. … But wh hen Dolit ttle t was done,, we ffelt touring was little w aas done eelt touri ing w as a lit tttle incomplete new inc omplete without ne ew material.” Santiago shrugs off the question. while,, we just said,, it it’s ““After After a while A ’s time entertain ourselves. that’s tto o enter tain ourselv es. And that ’s

myy goal in studio.. … It It’s m n the studio ’s a lot work—but it’s bee of work k—b —but it ’s time ffor o or us to b entertain selfish,, and d just work and enter tain ourselves. ourselv es.” No looking N o lo king back? “We “W We don’t don’t do ok sequels.. W We’re sequels e’re not milking it.” Although Althoug gh Deal has eexpressed xpressed ambivalence about ambivalen nce ab out adding to the isn’t Pixies’’ ccanon, ano on, she isn ’t ttalking alking publicly about leaving. out her rreasons ab easons ffor o or lea avving. And privacy. the band has h rrespected espected her privacy y. ask, Lovering When I ask k, L overing rresponds, esponds, “I say suree all the rreasons ccan’t an’tt sa ay ffor o sur or easons she before left. I think k that eeven ven e b effo ore that, have been she would ha ave b een done with the Pixies.. W Wee wish her well,, and we we’re Pixies ’re trying just tr o orge on ahead,, with yingg to fforge 2.0. vversion ersion 2.0 0.” Pixies But Pix xies 2.0 quickly ran into Deal’ss touring Kim-gate 2.0, 2 , when Deal’ Shattuck, was rreplacement, eplacemen nt, Kim Shat tuck,, w aas November byy P Paz rreplaced eplaced in nN ovember b az Lenchantin. Rumors circulated L enchantin n. R umors u cir culated on social media about broken promises so cial med dia ab out br oken pr omises passivee aggr aggression from and passiv ession fr om the band—claims deny, band— claiims the Pixies den y, adding permanent been that no p ermanent decision has b een made yyet. et. unalloyed success, however, One un nalloyed suc cess, howe veer, been the band’ss mo move total has b een th he band’ ve to tot al independence. Skirting labels, indep endeence. Skir ting the lab els, they’re the y’re rreleasing eleeasing their music on the Pixies’’ website as downloads special-edition vinyl. With and sp eciaal-edition vin yl. W iith no advancee pr promotion, vinyl advanc romotion, omotion, the vin nyyl edition day. of EP 1 sold d out in a single da ay. EP 2 dropped way, style dr opped the th he same w ay, guerrilla st yle prelaunch hype. with no pr relaunch h yp y e. “Exactly, it’s “Exactly y, it ’s guerrilla rrelease, elease,” says. next Santiago sa ayys. “Think of it as our ne xt joke. Wee li like play jokes. jok e. W ik ke to pla ay jok es.” new “Hey, Then hee has a ne w thought, “He y, bands time.. When yyoung oung ban nds do it all the time we ccame ame out o with our first rrelease, elease, we didn’t people. are didn ’t know wp eople. Who the fuck ar re So,, yyou way, the Pixies? So S ou know in a w o ay, we went was. kinda wen nt back to what it w as.” it’s new start Pixies.. So it ’s a ne w st art ffor or the Pixies o Can C an we eexpect xp pect a full album? Says Lovering, “Theree ma may bee Sa ays y L overing, “Ther ay b likee a rrecord future. somethingg lik ecord in the futur e. Ass a magic magician, A cian,, I ccannot annot rreveal eveal all of surprises. the surpris ses.” Santiago’s moree Santiag go’s rresponse esponse is mor “We familiar to o us non-magicians: “W We don’t know. Wee ha have Wee just don ’t know w. W ave no idea. W from day day. go fr om da ay to da ay.”

PIXIES 22 7pm FEB.

National City Na tional Civic, San Jose


FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC


More More listings:


Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y.

ART AR T BOUTIKI Fri, 7:30pm: Insha’Allah, Insha’Allah, Graph Miller,, an and Gr aph Rabbit, John Miller nd Pat P at Hull. San Jose

THE B BACK ACK B BAR AR Fri, 9pm: Complaint Box. Fri Box Wednesday Every W ednesday 9pm: Wednesday Roadhouse W ednesday with Slacker.. San Jose. Slacker

BLACKBIRD BLA CKBIRD T TAVERN AVERN Thu:: Quasar Collective –The Residency. Residency y. Fri: Jackie Gage. Tim Tim m Wat, W at,, John KKellett ellett & Ren Geisick. Geisick. Wendy Sat: W endy DeWitt - Queen off Woogie Boogie W oogie & Blues. Tue, Tuue, 8pm: Nineteen Big Band (in the Annex).. TTue: ue: u : TTaran aaran EscobarEscobarrAusman San Jose Ausman.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB Wed, 8pm: Macajey Wed, Macajey, y, Br Brooke ooke D., Thomas Sage. Fri, 8pm: The SStitches, titches, Richmond Sluts, Slutss, Action. 8pm: Modern A ction. $10. Sat, 8pm m: Adultt Club Dance Party. Adul Party. $5. San Jose.

JOHNNY V’S Wed, 9pm: CCatalyst, Wed, atalyst, Animus Anima, Flesh Assembly. Assembly. Every TTue: uue: Soul’r SSystem ystem with soul, punk, metal, and art bands/ DJs. San Jose.

Girlfriend, Li Xi. Fri, 8pm: Peppe Merolla P eppe Mer olla Quartet ffeat. eat. Larry Scheider.. Sat, 8:30pm: Lar ry Scheider Peppe Merolla P eppe Mer olla Quartet ffeat. eat. Taylor. YYancie ancie a Taaylor. Sun, 6:30pm: The Eulipiones Open Jazz Jam Session. San Jose.



Fri, 7pm: p The P Peelers. eelers. Sat,7pm: Chubby Allstars Band. LLos os Gatos.

RODEO R ODEO CLUB CLUB Wed, Feb 26, 7pm: Chase Rice Wed, and Sam Hunt. $10-$15. San Jose.

SAN PEDR SAN PEDRO O SQU SQUARE ARE MARKET Sat,, 8pm:: Daydr Daydream eam Nation with Huguenor,, The Y Axes,, and Mike Huguenor The Oarsmen.. San Jose.

FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | m | sanjose | metr

Rock/Pop Rock/P op

Every W Wed: ed: Club Fox Blues Jam with rrotating otating bands. Fri, Orqq Bembe 8pm: Salsa Spot, Or Pepin. with Christian P epin. $15. Redwood City. City.

HEDLEY HEDLE Y CL CLUB UB Thu, 8pm:: Gus KKambeitz ambeitz duo. Fri,, 8:30pm: John Worley Worley & Mo 3rdd Chi Quartet. Every 1st and 3r Wed: W ed:: Jazz Jam with drummer Marley. SSteven teven Marley y. San Jose.

SAP CENTER (F SAP (FORMER ORMER HP PAVILION) P AVILION) V TTue, uue, 7pm: Miley CCyrus, yrus, Icona Pop, P op, Sky Sky Ferreira. Ferreira. $25$105.75. San Jose

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BIS BISTRO TRO Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH TRITCH Wed, 8pm: W Wed, Wax ax W Wednesdays. ednesdays. Woolen W/The W oolen Men, Plantain,, DJ SSwellmax. wellmax. Thu,, 9pm: Animal Eyes, TTemporary eemporaryy Girlfriend, Li Xi. Fri, 8pm: Peppe Merolla P eppe Mer olla Quartet ffeat. eat. Larry Scheider.. Sat, 8:30pm: Lar ry Scheider Peppe Merolla P eppe Mer olla Quartet ffeat. eat. YYancie ancie a TTaylor. aaylor. Sun, 6:30pm: The Eulipiones Open Jazz Jam Session. San Jose.

THE CA CATS ATS Every Thu: Out of the Blue. Fri, Frri, 8:30pm: Fossil. Sat, 8:30pm: os Gatos. The Mock Ups. LLos

CITY NA NATIONAL AT TIONAL CIVIC Sat, 7pm: Pixies, Best Coast. San Jose.

FFOX OX THEA THEATRE ATRE T Mar 8, 9:30pm: TTainted aainted LLove. ove.. $19-$24. City.. $19-$2 4. Redwood City

THREE DE DEGREES GREES Every Thu 6:306:30-9:30pm 9:30pm & Fri, 77:30-10:30pm: 7:3030 10:30pm: 10 30 Li music. Live i All Free. Ages. Fr ee. Los Los Gatos

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld ANGELICA’S ANGELICA ’S BIS BISTRO TRO Wed, 8:15pm:: Cel Wed, Celtic tic Wednesday Wednesday - Caliban Caliban Show. Show. $13-$22. $13-$22.. Fri, 6:30pm:: Doris Williams - A Renaissance Revival of LLove. ove. $14-$20. $14 -$20.. 8:30pm:: Bay Area Area All Stars Stars Fundraiser. Fundraiser. $36-$46. Sat,, 8:30pm:: Octobop. $13-$19. $13-$19. Sun,, 7pm: World World Class Pianist Ricardo Ricar do Scales.. $20-$25. Tue: Tuue: City. Jazz on TTuesdays. uuesdays.. Redwood City y.

BLACKBIRD BLA CKBIRD T TAVERN AV VERN Thu, 8pm: Seshen, No W Water ater After Midnight, part of The Residency.. Fri, 8pm: Hristo Residency Vitchev.. Sat, 8pm: Lavay Vitchev Smith Trio. Trrio. Every Tue: Tue: u Guest DJJ TTuesdays uuesdays d hosted h t d by b Jeff J ff TTurner uurner of On The Corner Music. San Jose

CAFE SSTRITCH TRITCH THE HUDDLE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: Free. over.r. Live bands. Fr ee. 21 and over Fremont. Fr emont.

Wed, 8pm: W Wed, Wax ax Wednesdays. Wednesdays. Woolen W/The W oolen Men, Plantain, DJ SSwellmax. wellmax. Thu, 9pm: Animal Eyes, TTemporary eemporary


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336

Live music. San Jose.

MOSAIC MOS AIC Fri-Sat, 66-9pm: 9pm: Jazz ffor or dinner.. San Jose. dinner

Wednesday, February 19‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


4HURSDAY &EBRUARY‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


also Mountain Tamer

Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson. Thu, Wed, Lauraa Price and Laur Lauraa 6pm: Laur Chavez.. Fri,, 6pm: Adrianna Groovecutters. Marie & her Gr oovecutters. Sat, 6pm:: Charlie Owen Blues Band.. Sun, 12pm:: School of the Blues SStudent tudent Jam. Mon, 5pm: Theme Night Jam “Music Music of Doors�.�. San Jose. The Doors

ZZONE ONE 8 Sat, 8pm:Live Jazz. CCasino asino M8trix, San Jose.

plus The Bad Light $RSONLYs$RS3HOWPM

Thursdays & Friday Night 9pm ~ 11pm





plus Boostive also Strawberry Girls Me Jack $RSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

Saturday, -LIY\HY`‹AGES 18+






plus Blackbear also Cody Brazil !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

Open p Mic/ d CComedy omedy

Tuesday, -LIY\HY`‹AGES 16+

DOM KENNEDY IN!DVANCEs$RSOPENPM3HOWPM Tuesday, February 25‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+


plus Rust Belt Lights also Second To Last and Humboldt !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

BACK B ACK B BAR AR Every W Wed: ed: The CCypher ypher Open Mic. Mic

BAMBOO B AMBOO LLOUNGE OUNGE Mon, 7pm: Musical open mic ffor or singer/songwriters. Sign Free. up at 7pm. Fr ee. San Jose.

Feb 28 Dr. Dog/ Saint Rich (Ages 16+) Mar 4 G-Eazy/ Rockie Fresh (Ages 16+) Mar 5 Datsik Digital Assassins Tour (Ages 18+) Mar 6 Greensky Bluegrass (Ages 16+) Mar 7 Downlink/ Dieselboy (Ages 18+) Mar 8 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (Ages 16+) Mar 9 Rebecca & Fiona (Ages 18+) -ARMichael McDonald (Ages 21+)

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online


90 Skyport Drive San Jose, CA (408)392-0212


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014


Moree listings: Mor

METROACTIVE.COM METR OACTIVE.COM cover. Sun, 9pm: Joe. Santa cover. Clara. Clar a.

TTue, uue, 7pm: Open mic. San Jos Jose. se.




Mon, 10pm: Mandatory Monday Karaoke. Karaoke. San Jose

Sun, 10am: Psycho Karaoke. Karaoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

Fri, 9pm, Sat, 7pm and 9:15p 9:15pm: pm: Sportz. Comedy Sport z. San Jose.




Thu 8pm: Guil Guilty ty Pleasures Pleasures with DJ Dan. San Carlos Carlos

TTue: uue: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

Thu-Sun: Cor Corey ey Holcomb. $2 $20. 20. San Jose. Jose



Thu & Mon, 9pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. Sat, 8:30pm: Joe or Dar Darryl. ryl. CCampbell. ampbell.

Nightly kar karaoke, aoke, 9pm-1:30am. 9pm-1:30am. 9pm San Jose.

Every W Wed, ed, 8pm: New TTalent aalentt Showcase. Thu-Sun: John Wing. $13. Sunnyvale.


DIVE B BAR AR Wed, W ed, 10pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.



Wed-Sat & Tue, Wed-Sat Tuue, 9pm-2am, 9pm-2am, & last Sun of every month, 22-7pm: -7pm: B&S Karaoke. Karaoke. Campbell. Campbell.

Mon: Comedy open mic withh Pete Clara. P ete Munoz. Santa Clar a.


Thu, 6pm: Open Mic Night.

Karaoke Kar aoke

Thu-Sat, Th S t 9:30pm: 9 30 KKaraoke. araoke. k Gilroy. Gilr oy.

Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

Wed: 8pm-midnight: KKaraoke Wed: araokke plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.

THE HUDDLE Wed--TThu and Sun, 9pm: Wild Wed-Thu Fremont. Nights Karaoke. Karaoke. Fr emont.


Sat, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.

Thu & Sun-Mon, Sun Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce of KKOR OR Karaoke. Karaoke. View.. Mountain View




OFFICE B BAR AR Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: View.. KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View



BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Hank. Wed Dinero. Thu, 10pm: DJ Diner o. San JJose. ose.

BRIT ARMS CUPER CUPERTINO TINO Sun--Tuue, 10pm: KKaraoke. Sun-Tue, araoke. CCupertino. upertino.

BRIT ARMS DO DOWNTOWN WNTOWN N Wed, W ed, 9pm: August. San Jose Jose. e.

Thu-Sun, 8:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

SOUTH FIR FIRST ST BILLIARDS Sun: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Mon & Wed, Wed, 9pm: Dar Darryl. ryl. Milpitas.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE TTue-Thu uue-Thu & Sat: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clara. Clar a.

THE X B BAR AR TTue uue & Fri, 9pm: Karaoke Karaoke with KJ Vinnie. Cupertino. Cupertino.

Dancee Clubs Danc Clubs

Wed, W ed, 7pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

Thu: KKaraoke. araoke. LLos os Gatos. TTue: uue: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.


Wed & Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Wed 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell. Thu, 9pm: DJ Davey K. CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed, Fri & Sun, 9pmWed, 9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

Wed, W ed, 10pm: Purple. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.







Thu-Sat, 9pm: DJ CCurtis. urtis. San Jose.

Thu: JR. Sun: JR Diaz Family Gilroy. KKaraoke. araoke. TTue: uue: James. Gilr oyy.

Wed-Sat, 9pm: KKaraoke. Wed-Sat, araoke. TTue, uuee, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Nightlyy, 9pmNightly, 9pm-2am: 2am: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.






Sun-Mon, 9pm: Ryan. San Jose.


AGENDA A GENDA Wed: Salsa W Wed: Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu: Noche De Bandas. Sun: Reggae Vybez. V ybez. San Jose.


Wed & Sun, 7pm-close: Wed KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

DJs and dancing every night. night 6pm-1am; Mon-Sat, 6pm1am; Sun, 8pm12:30am. San Jose



TTue, uue, 8:30pm: A Acoustic coustic kar karaoke aoke Woodside. with Sam Marshall. W oodside.

Thu, 9pm: $5. Club Lido, San Jose.



Wed, W ed, 9:30pm: Wildside. No

Thu, 9pm: DJ party. party. Fri-Sat,


Fri, 10pm: Foundation Fridays at LGBG. LGBG. Sat: Video Killed the DJ.. LLos DJ os Gatos. Every Thir Thirdd Fri: SStrictly trictly Freestyle. Fr eestyle. Every ffourth ourth Fri: Fuz. San Jose.

Wed: Gamer W Wed: Wednesdays. ednesdays.. Thu: WreckTTanked anked a Thursdays w/DJ W reckA-Noize. A -Noize.. Fri: Video Junkie. Sat, 10pm:: Omega the Neo-tablist Philemonster.. Every second and Philemonster and ffourth ourth Sat, 10pm:: Prolific. Prolific. Mon:: Manic Mondaze. Tue: Tuue: $2 TTuesdays. uesdays. u . San Jose.

Thu, 8pm: A Atomic tomic Dance Adultt Club. $5. Sat, 8pm: Adul Party. Dance P arty. $5. San Jose.



BLUE BL UE PHEA PHEASANT SANT Wed-Sun W ed-Sun ed Sun & TTue, uue, ue 7pm: DJ and dancing. CCupertino. upertino.

Fri: DJs & dancing. Every ffourth ourth Only.. Sat: Thrive. Thrive Sun: Members Only San Jose.



BAMBOO B AMBOO LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri-Sat: DJ or Live info. Entertainment. CCall all ffor or inf o. San Jose.


Wed: Almaden V Wed: Valley alley Beer Pong ONEmanARMY.. P ong with DJ ONEmanARMY Thu: Audio Revolution with Hi-Grade. DJs Jason Dee & Hi-Gr ade. Control VJ1. Fri: Quality Contr ol w/DJ V JJ1. Dreams w/DJJ Sat: Cocktails & Dr eams w/D Aspect. A spect. TTue: uue: Irie Nights w/DJ Hi-Grade Hi-Gr ade & TTesfa. eesfa. San Jose.


Every Thu: DJ Mist. Fr Fremont. emont.

Thu-Sat, 9pm: Late Night at more. the Coop. Live DJ and mor e. San Jose.


SSTUDIO8 TUDIO8 Fri, 10pm: Manuf Manufactured actured Cobra. Superstars. Sat, 9pm: DJ Cobr a. San Jose. .

Thu: DJ Vincent Fiction. Fri: Claksaarb DJ Clak saarb Sat, 9:30pm: DJ Kmac. LLos os Gatos.

TRESS GRINGOS TRE Thu: Everybody Get Get’s ’s Lei’d Saturday day with DJ Aspect. Aspect. Sat: Satur DJ-Luzion, Cooldown with DJ-L uzion, Illtraxx, Ill traxx, WreckaNoize WreckaNoize & HiGrade. HiGrade. TTues: ues: u TTWOSdays. WOSdays. San Jose.

MYTH T TAVERNA AVERNA LLOUNGE OUNGE Every Thu, 9pm: Therapy Therapy Thursday.. Every Fri, 9pm: Soul Thursday Therapy. Ther apy. Every Sat: Social Saturdays. Satur days. San Jose.

WILLOW WILL OW DEN Mon: Magic Mike Mondays. Mondays Wed-Fri: W ed-Fri: DJs. Willow Glen.

PLAYHOUSE PLA AY YHOUSE Thu, 10pm: Ambitious Thursdays. Fri, 9pm: Playhouse Industry.. San Jose. Fridays. TTue: uue: Industry

ZEN LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu: Reverse Happy Hour Hour.. Every first Fri: Famous. Every second & ffourth ourth Fri: Diamond. Sat: Girls Night Out. View.. Mountain View


Fri, 9:30pm: DJ CCarnage. arnage. $15$20. Sunnyvale.

Thu: DJ Nico and DJ Neeber Neeber.. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS DO DOWNTOWN WNTOWN Thu: DJ Nico. Nico Fri: DJ Benofficial. Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

San Francisco’s City Guide

CARDIFF LLOUNGE OUNGE Every second and ffourth ourth Sun: Return of the Boom electronic Zap, underground underground electr onic music. CCampbell. ampbell.

DIVE B BAR AR Thu, 10:30pm: Rotating Guest DJs.




Wed, 9pm: Wine W Wed, Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu: Liquid Thursdays, with guest DJs spinning hip-hop, TTop op o 40 and R&B. Fri, 9pm:: Heitt Fridays. $10. Sat, 9pm:: Call Call for for info. Industry. inf o.. Mon: Industry y. San Jose.


KATIE KA AT TIE BL BLOOM’S OOM’S Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs and dancing. CCampbell. ampbell.

LILLY LILL Y MA MAC’S C’S Fri, 9:30pm: Phil ‘‘n Fri n the Blanks. Blank s. Every second and ffourth ourth Sat: DJ night with Latin music. Sunnyvale.

LIQUID Friday: DJs & dancing. Every second Sat: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.

The kings of metal play in SF as part of their world tour. Feb 20 at the Regency Ballroom. Israeli-born jazz composer melds myriad world music elements. Feb 23 at Yoshi’s SF.

TWO GALLANTS SF duo is matured yet still booming and cathartic in their rousing freak folk. Feb 23 at the Independent.

WATERS Former Port O’Brian front man returns with indie rock ensemble. Feb 24 at Brick and Mortar.

LORD HURON Lush L.A. folksters harmonize their hearts out. Feb 25 at the Fillmore.

More San Francisco events at

39 FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


9pm-2am: Live music & DJs, 9pm-2am: salsa, house, hip-hop & more. more. e Mon: Salsa. San Jose. metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014




After six years with a lazy and ambitionless a boyfriend, I found a funny ffunny, y, loyal, caring boyfriend I love, with a so solid ethic. He olid career and a good work ethic c. H e pays his is, 28, share of our bills and even does our laundry! The problem is s, at 28 8, he is SO parents. his incredibly spoiled by his parents s. They are well-off and pay for hi is car insurance, bank randomly deposit $200 in his ban nk account (about once monthly), ), and even bought He made up, him new snow tires! H e has mad de headway on small issues I’ve brought b up p, like pe foods and playing video games less s, but he says s, cooking more than bachelor-typ bachelor-type less, says, “I’m not calling my parents and demanding they stop paying for my insurance, if that’s do.” Well, can’t we’re marriage-potential that’ ’s something they want to do d .” W ell, e I can ’t feel we ’re in a mar rriage-potential we’ll relationship l ti hi while hil he h isn iisn’t ’t fully f ll self-sufficient. lf ffi i t I worry that th t we ’ll have h kid and kids d he’ll from daddy. independent he ’ll still be getting assistance fr rom mommy and daddy y. As an ind dependent person bills, want who pays all her own bills s, I wan nt my man to do the same and to want to be parents, well.—Mama’s Boy’s independent from his parents s, as a well.—M Mama a ’s Boy’ ’s Girlfriend d

I get wher wheree yyou’re o ou’re ccoming oming fr from. rom om. When I w was as a in m myy late teens teens,, I w was a hot as ompletely indep endent fr o m om to b bee ccompletely independent from myy parents. N ow that I’m in m parents. Now myy late 40s 40s,, I my parents parents would get high on o LSD wish my taart pa ayying m and st start paying myy bills bills.. JJust ustt b eccaause yyour our o b oyfriend’ f i d’s pa arreents t because boyfriend’s parents givve him ccash ash a and snow tir rees (and d give tires don n’t ’ eeven ven e mak ke him do tricks lik ke a don’t make like o or eevery very p enn nyy) do esn n’’t mean n he ’s seal ffor penny) doesn’t he’s McIn spoiled. Pediatrician Pediatrician Bruc J. McIntosh, ntosh, spoiled. Brucee J. coined o “spoiled child chilld who coined the term “spoiled syndr y rome o ,” eexplains xplains x ak kees syndrome, that what ma makes a kid “spoiled”—sets “spoiled”—sets him on a path patth becoming a nasty nastty and irresponsible irrespon nsible to becoming bratt—is — not parental parental indulgence indulggence adult brat—is parreental overindulgence, overindulgencce, meaning mean ning but parental parents’ failur a parents’ failuree to set clear limits and exxpectations. McIntosh writes in the t expectations. Pediatrics that o verindulg e gent journal Pediatrics overindulgent parents at tttempt ““to to meet the chil ld's parents attempt child's compleex developmental deevelopmental needs with witth complex al ac cepttance material gifts and uncritic uncritical acceptance provide essential while failing to provide for o ac ccepttaable b ehaavior v r.” guidelines for acceptable behavior. Their spoiled spoiled kids grow grow up into sp spoiled poiled adults—selff--absorbed manipulators manipulato ors adults—self-absorbed onsideration o ffor o or others ave who lack cconsideration others,, ha have difficultty dela aying y gratific cation, ation a an nd difficulty delaying gratification, and throw tantrums tantrums to get their way—not way—not — throw o ou describ e: loyal, lo oyyal, loving, lo oving v g, and the guy yyou describe: laundry-doingg, with a good good work ethic, ethic, laundry-doing, ompliantly eexpanding xxpanding his h and now ccompliantly culinary horizons beyond beyond o frozen frozen pizza, p zza, piz z culinary Pock kets e , and past ta that ccomes omes with a Hot Pockets, pasta pack keet of crack k-lik - ke p owderred e “cheese. “cheese.” packet crack-like powdered The fact that his par parents ents pa pay ay ffor o orr his car car a insurance insurance is unlik unlikely kely e to ccause ause a a go good od guyy, apparently apparently raised with appropriate approp priate guy, boundaries, to snap —to to st taart ban nging boundaries, snap—to start banging oss o ver the head with his G .I. JJoe oe to his b boss over G.I. try to get a b etttter parking spac ce. What W try better space. his par parents ents ar are re doing actually seem seems ms smar t: giving him his inherit ance while smart: inheritance

theey’r they’re y re still ar around round o to see him enjo enjoying oyying it. Y Your o our asking him to o demand the they ey stop is lik ke asking him to w alk a past a $20 bill like walk he sp ots on the side ewalk a just b ecause he spots sidewalk because didn n’t ’ earn it. didn’t Yo ou might also cconsider o on nsider wh hy yyou’re o ou’re so You why dt determined i d to t sswat wat at th h mone he ey fair ffairy i y with ith the money a rrolled-up olled-up ne wspaperr. U nffor o tunatelyy, newspaper. Unfortunately, we humans ha ave a self-image-protecting -prrotecting o sellff-image have need to justify justiffy our thinking thiinking as right, so onc ce we’ve we’ve decided The Th he Way Waay Things once Ar e, we tend to lock lock up u our minds and Are, rrefuse efuse e an ny op pposing viewpoints vieewp w oints to let in any opposing to ar rgue g their case. case a . One On ne possible possible way way to argue rremedy emedy e start from from the premise premise this is to start that yyou’re ou u’’re human an nd ther ref efor oe and therefore fallible o cconsider onsider whether fallible.. It also helps to yyour o our rreasoning easoning on a par p ticular issue particular would mor curatelly b ed as moree ac accurately bee describ described “emotioning g.” F or eexample, xxaample, ccould ould yyou o ou b “emotioning. For bee nvvy tha at yyour o our b oyfriend acting out of en envy that boyfriend has had advant taages yyou o ha ou aven en’’t? Is it advantages haven’t? p ossible yyou o ou ha ave a ffear ear hango veer fr rom o possible have hangover from yyour o our rrelationship elationship with h the slack ker e who slacker st taarted eevery ver e y da ay b ggetting ttting a head st art started day byy get start on napping? Ultimatelyy, the fairest, fairest, e most sensible Ultimately, w ay to assess whetherr you you have haave anything an nything y way to worr out is to coolly coolly examine co exxamine worryy ab about the eevidence. videnc v e. In the words w ds of F. wor F. Scott Sccot ott F ittzzgerald, ““Action Acction is character. c character r.” Look Look Fitzgerald, at the kind of guy your you ur boyfriend boyyfriend has shown himself to be, be, and a then project project that guy into scenarios scenario os in your your future future to gether. If you you can can a just ju ust crank down together. switch w n your yo our emotions, emotions, the dimmer switch on I suspect suspect you’ll you u’’ll find your yo our way way to a cconclusion onclusion o along thesee lines: that this lo oyyal, loving, lo ovvingg, hardworking hardwork king guy will loyal, ccontinue ontinue o be all of those t to be things and that yyou ou ccan an a rrest est assur red that his plan ffor o or assured pa ayying the kiddies’ private-school priivate-school tuition paying won’t won n’t ’ involve in nvolv o e a truckload trucklload of lottery lottttery scratchers or a ski mask massk and a shotgun. shottggun.

©2014, Amy Alkon, all rights rese reserved. erved. Got a problem? W Write rite Amy y Alkon, 95113, 550 SS.. First St., San Jose, CA 95113 3, or email adviceamy@aol. com.



understand suspicion. I underst and yyour our o susp picion. After once all, if a Chinese leader onc ce rrevered everreed as a demigod penchant preying demigo d had a p enchantt ffor o or pr reyying on underage girls rely e it would w ha ave b een girls,, sur surely have been well covered coveered b he Chinese pr ess. byy now in th the press. wait. Oh, hw aait. book about The Clancy b ook yyou’re ou o ’rre ttalking alking a ab out is The Bear and the Dragon n (2000), (2000), in which the U.S. U..S. and Russia Ru ussiaa team up in war waar against China. At At several seeveeral points points characters disapprovingly ccomment omment o disapprrovingly v y about about Mao’s Mao’s sexual However, let’s se exual x proclivities. prroclivities. Howe ever er, let t’s get the story stor ry straight: Nowhere does book 1. N owherre do es the b ook suggest was pedophile, pedophilia being ed Mao w aas a p edophile, p dophilia b eing understood desire sex understo od as the desir re ffor or o se ex with prepubescent children. “We dataa pr repub e escceent childr ren. en e “W We had the dat over Langley, character says. o veer at L angleey,” one char racter sa ayys. “Mao liked lik ked e virgins, virrggins, the younger younger o r the better. bettter t r. Maybe Maayybe he liked lik keed to see the fear fear e in their cute little littttle virginal aree vir rgginal eyes. eyes e .” Elsewhere Elsewhere Mao’s M ’s partners Mao parrtners t ar described but described as “barely “barreely nubile, nubiile,” i.e., i.e., young young o pubescent. pub escent. dirtt 2. Possibly Possibly Clancy really reallly did get the dir from HQ. But likely on Mao fr ro om CIA HQ QB Q. ut a lot of it lik kely e Private ccame aame from frro om The Priv vaatte Life Liffe of Chairman byy Li Zhisui, ffor Mao (1994) (1994) b or o 22 yyears ears e one of Mao’s personal physicians. says Mao ’s p ersonal ph hyysician ns. Li sa ays y Mao did have in fact ha ave a weakness ffor o yyoung or oung o women. says Li sa ays y Mao “followed “ffo ollowed thee tradition of Chinese emp emperors, one erro ors,” on ne of whom supposedly bedded thousand supp osedly b edded a tho ousand yyoung oung o virgins. bee the basis Clancy’ss vir rggins. This may maay b b ffor or o Clancy’ claim that Mao had a thing thin ng ffor or o virgins. virrgins g . doesn’t say 3. But Li himself do esn n’t ’ sa ay that. He apparently Chinese apparently means Mao followed followed o emperors sex emp errors o in thinking se ex with yyoung oung o and women would keep keep e him m young young o potent. p otent. Evidently it worked: work keed: “Mao had problems no pr oblems with the yyoung ou oung women brought bed—their numbers he br ro ought to his b ed—ttheir numb ers increasing incr reeasing and their aaverage veeraage ages declining as Mao at attempted life. tttempted to add d yyears ears e to his lif fe.” Mao’s weree 4. According Accor ord ding to Li, Mao o’s women wer unwilling. neither exceptionally exxcceeptionally yyoung ou oung nor un nwilling w g. Li writes: “The “They loved great ey lo oved him m . . . as their gr reeat leader. They were when leader r. . . . The ey wer re all vvery eerry yyoung oung o they Mao—in the ey began began serving serving Mao — their late —in teens and early ttwenties—and wenties— w —and usually unmarried. When Mao tir ttired reed of them and the was over, they h honor h w aas o veerr, the hey married i d yyoung, oung o g, uneducated peasant pasts..” uneduc caated men with p e easant pasts were 5. Some of the women, n, though, wer re women byy W Western standards. 1997 underage b eestern st tandar an a ds. In 19 97 interviewed journalist JJonathan onathan Mirsky Mirsk ky inter vieewed w a middle-aged Ms.. Chen, middle -aged woman he ccalled aalled Ms she’d chairman’s who said she ’d ccaught aaught thee chairman n’s eeye ye dancer began having sex as a danc er and b egan ha avving se ex with him

when was presumes in 1962, 1962, whe en she w as a 14. (One pr resumes e was virgin start.) Mirsky she w as a a vir rgin at the st art.) Mirsk ky ccalls alls a pedophile, Mao a p isn’t strictly true, true, edophile, which isn’t U.S. but no matter: mattter: t in many man ny U ..S. jurisdictions chairman have been guilty the chairma an would ha ave b een guilt ty of statutory st atutory rape. rap pe. wasn’t 6. The Great Grreat Helmsman w asn a ’t a one-night-stand one -nightt-sttand kind of guy. guyy. According Accorrding d Ms.. Chen, Chen to Ms n, her rrelationship elationship e with Mao was lasted five fivve yyears, e , after which she w ears as a eexiled xxiled to thee provinces, prrovinces, supposedly supposedly at insistence Mao’s wife, Qing. the insistenc ce of Mao ’s wif fe, JJiang iang Qing g. “Mao,, she cl claimed, took “Mao laimed, to ok her on his knee but nothing, and wept, bu ut said he ccould ould do nothing g,” Mirsky writes. Mirsk ky write es. Mao’s 77.. Mao ’s playmates p aymates pla y ccould ould get ffeisty, eeistty, Dr. says. Once Dr r. Li sa ays y . Onc O ce the chairman and a lover yyoung oung o lo overr got into a shouting match marryy and she when he wouldn’t ouldn’t let her marr wo accused being bourgeois accused him m of b eing a ccorrupt o orrupt b ourgeois womanizer.. She threatened womanizer threatened to go public was apologizing. but w as a talked talk ked into ap ologizingg. In short, short, the t impression impression Clancy gives little giv es of lit ttle t e girls tearfully tearfully awaiting awaaiting defloweringg seems eexaggerated. xaggerated. x Nonetheless, N onetheless, was waas Mao a dirty dirty old man? You bet. Y ou o b et. More Mo ore from from Dr. Dr. Li: Mao “was “w was as happiest and most several satisfied with h se everal young young women simultaneously bed, writes.. simult usly sharing his b ed,” Li writes aneou encouraged sexual partners “He enc ouraaged his se exual x par tners to introduce him shared orgies, intr oducce hi im to others ffor or o shar ed or rggies, interest longevity allegedly in the t inter est of his longe evvitty strength. and str enggtth h.” chose Mao chos se handsome yyoung oung o men as personal attendants, p ersonal at ttendants t , who among other weree eexpected groin duties wer xp x ected to massage his gr roin o help asleep.. “F “For nightly to he elp him fall asleep or a behavior while I took took k such b ehaavior v as eevidence videnc v e of says, a homosexual homoseexu xual strain,” Li sa ays y , “but later I was cconcluded o oncluded that th hat it w as a simply an insatiable appetite app etite for fo or any an ny fform orm o of sex. seex. x” was STD Mao w as a a ccarrier arrier of a parasitic S TD spreading but rrefused efused tr ttreatment, eatment, spr eading the among further ther disease amo ong his partners. partners. He fur genitals, rrefused efused e to bathe baathe or clean his genit taals, rubdowns rreceiving ec e eiving only on nly nightly rub downs with hot towels.. “I w wash myself bodies towels a m ash yyself inside the b odies women, For it’s of my my wome en,” he told Li. F or what it ’s worth, apparently never wor th, he ap pparrently e also ne ever brushed This may likee a kink hi teeth. his h Th hi ma his ay not sound d lik ki k to yyou, ou, o but you you o didn ’t ha ave to kiss him. didn’t have was the great sexual So,, w So as a th he gr eat leader a se exual x predator? pr edator? Yeah. Yeeah. Pedophile? Pedophile? No. No. V Virgin ir i gin deflowerer? Probably occasion, deflowerer? Pr robably o on o ccasion, but ther re’s lit ttle t eevidence videncce it w as a a rregular there’s little was egular thing. may bee fine p points, that’s thing g. Thesee ma ay b oints, but that ’s do.. what we do

FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

CECIL CE CIL@METR METRONEWS.COM ONEWS.COM In a T Tom om o Clancy nove novell I came across the repeated ass assertion sertion that Chairman Mao historical M ao was a pedophile.. Clancy seems to care about his storical detail, but I wonder about the acc curacy of this accuracy this.. Did the founder of Communist China prey —Michael on little girls? —Mich hael


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr m | FEBRU FEBRUARY AR Y 19-25, 1 9 -2 5 2014



FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr m | FEBRU FEBRUARY AR Y 19-25, 1 9 -2 5 2014


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FEBRUARY FEBRU AR Y 19-25, 1 9 -2 5 , 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


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FEBRUARY FEBRU AR Y 19-25, 1 9 -2 5 , 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


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6650.960.3986 15 Grant Rd 1521 Mtn View, 94040 40


(408) 514.1111 Palo Alto

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FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


11191 449 | | | FEBRUARY 19-25, 2014

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Call the Classified department at 408.298.8000 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

Fax your ad to the Classified Department at 408.271.3520

Mail to: Metro Classified 550 S. First St. San Jose, CA

Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx number and expiration date for payment.

For copy, playment, space reservation or cancellaion: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

EMPLOYMENT GO GREEN, EARN GREEN Green Company has Multiple Openings. Entry Level w/ Advancement Opportunity. Looking for Leaders. We will Train you. Earn $875/wk on average + Bonus Opportunity. Call to Schedule an Interview 408.273.7800

Pacific Hand Car Wash Must have high energy, enthusiasm, team leadership and with sales experience. Apply in person! 1667 S. Bascom Ave., Campbell, 95008

Synaptics, Inc. looks for IC Design Engineers, Sr.

Firmware Engineers; Staff Firmware Engineers, in San Jose, CA. www. Reply with Job Code to 1251 McKay Drive, San Jose, CA 95131.

required Worksite: Mountain View, CA. Mail résumé to Dr. Vicat-Blanc, Lyatiss, 295 N. Bernardo Ave.#200, Mountain View, CA 94043


Bartender / Cocktail Servers

IT Positions Creamos Solutions, Inc. has multiple openings for its San Jose, CA location: Software Engineer (I, II); Systems Analyst (I, II); Programmer Analyst (I, II); IT Project Mgr. Travel/ Relocation required throughout US. Fax resume to Attn: HR Mgr 815.717.9637

6 AM-10AM Part Time shift available. Apply morning’s only. Alex’s 49er lounge, 2214 Business Circle, (San Carlos & Bascom), San Jose. 408.279.9737

Lead Front End Engineer Lyatiss Inc seeks Lead Front End Engineer to develop Cloud network. MS in CS, CE, or Fore. equi. 1 yr of exp.

Learn how to GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE Learn the basics of hydroponic gardening in our weekly grow classes. Provided free of charge at I and I Collective. 1530 ALUM ROCK AVE 408.649.6925

Karaoke DJ wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must have equipment. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

Carwash Washer and Cleaner Part time / Full time carwash washer and cleaner position at Pacific Car Wash. CARWASH EXPERIENCE ONLY. Please call 408.823.6699 and ask for Helen.

Very Busy Salon In Saratoga Stations for rent. One month free. Excellent parking. Call 408.497.4081. Lots more to offer.

McAfee, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA has the following opportunities:

Security/Bouncers Needed wanted 5 nights a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

Member of Technical Staff at San Jose, CA: design & develop automated tests for storage systems to locate bugs. Req. MS in CS/CE, 3 yr exp. Req exp in the following areas: programming exp in Python & C/C++, web application development & testing exp using HTML, CSS, Java Script; exp with

GENERAL MAKEUP/MAKEOVERS FOR CDs & TGs Professional makeup artist and supportive gg specializing in transformations. 650.387.8872

13 STEP DANCE TRAINING Want a relationship? Know the rules! Every Saturday 3:30pm-5pm. Alano Club, 1122 Fair Ave., SJ. Call 925.766.8136

B-12 Happy Hour! Wed 4 - 6 PM $17/Reg $25 Fatigue obesity, pms, anxiety. David Hogg ND San Jose 408.297.6877

MUSIC Thug World Records explosive label with major features lil Wayne g-unit E-40 free downloads mp3s Ringtones looking for talented artist rappers singers female models call and log on

11 51 FEBRUARY 19-25, 2014 | | |

©DMHNQ @U@DUDKNODQ« NA½ I882165): Set technical strategies and strategic direction for products and related product families, in relation SNATRHMDRRMDDCRNQHMCTRSQXSQDMCR© NéV@QDDUDKNOLDMSMFHMDDQ« NA½ I880209): Design, develop, support, and maintain projects executed for McAfee’s consumer e-Commerce system and various internal systems. ©NéV@QDMFHMDDQ« NA½ ÌÌÆÇÅƬŽ Define and develop test plans, test cases, and other QA assessments for the testing of applications. To apply mail resume to: McAfee Inc. c/o Savannah Trakes, 2821 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. Reference applicable Job #. EOE.

operating systems including Linux, & OS internals; database exp in MySQL & exp with development tools, including GCC/GDB, source code versioning system & defect tracking system. Email res to refer to job#2014-1. Pernixdata, Inc.

10 LEGAL & 52 | | | FEBRUARY 19-25, 2014


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Runway Cafe, 1250 Aviation, STE 130, San Jose, CA, 95110, Air Culinaire Worldwide, 5830 W. Cypress St., STE B&C, Tampa, FL, 33607. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Above entity was formed in the state of Delaware Registrant has not yet begun name or names listed herein. /s/Deena Barcus VP of Finance #200832310110 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/06/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Affordable Vacations International, 2. AVI, 530 Lawrence Expressway, #513, Santa Clara, CA, 95814, The Forseti Group LLC, 1017 L Street, #278, Sacramento, CA, 95814. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Above entity was formed in the state of Delaware. Registrant has not yet begun business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Norman Brown #4779063 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/13/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Alvarez Consulting, 4281 Littleworth Wy., San Jose, CA, 95135, Ruben Alvarez. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 1/1/2013. /s/Ruben Alvarez This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/22/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Reign Clothing Company, 2. R.C.C, 2591 Pantalis Dr., San Jose, CA, 95132, Ricardo Sarabia. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Richard Sarabia. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/27/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Dr. K’s Dental Group, 1888 Saratoga Ave., STE 102, San Jose, CA, 95129, Olga Khevsurishvili, 720 Cypress Ave., San Jose, CA, 95117. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 3/1/2009. Refile of previous file #520623 with changes. /s/Olga Khevsurishvili This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/05/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: D.A. Yoder Commercial Real Estate, 900 Lafayette Street, Suite 201, Santa Clara, CA, 95050, Douglas A. Yoder, 1570 Georgetta Drive, San Jose, CA, 95125. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Douglas A. Yoder This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/11/2014. (pub Metro 2/19, 2/26, 3/05, 3/12/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Triple Win Technologies. 2200 Monroe St., #1702, Santa Clara, CA, 95050, Kelly Jaimes Heily. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Kelly Heily. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/0/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Back N Balance, 5754 Santa Teresa Blvd., San Jose, CA, 95123, Zhouran Wang, 305 E. Empire, San Jose, CA, 95112. This business is conducted by individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 4/24/2013. Refile of previous file number #577735 with changes. /s/Zhouran Wang This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/03/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)



The following person(s) / entity (ies) has / have abandoned the use of the fictitious business name(s): Back N Balance, 5754 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95123, Hong Juan Wong, 195 Blossom Hill Rd., #114, San Jose, CA, 95123. This business was conducted by an individual. Filed in Santa Clara county on 4/24/2013. Under file no. 577735. /s/Hong Juan Wong. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/03/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)


Jose, CA, 95132, Phi Chung, Phuoc Trinh, 1876 Mabury Rd., San Jose, CA, 95133. This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Refile of previous file #585338 with changes. /s/Phi Chung. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/04/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)

a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 1998. /s/San Trinh President C-2085166. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/28/2014. (pub Metro 2/05, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Lagos Auto Repair, 525 Asbury St., San Jose, CA, 95110, Juan Enrique Gonzalez Briceno, 4098 San Ramon Wy., San Jose, CA, 95111. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 01/01/14. /s/ Juan Enrique Gonzalez. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/24/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Vintellisys, 566 Balsam Ave., Sunnyvale, CA, 94085, Thornton Jacobs. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Thornton E. Jacobs. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 2/06/2014. (pub Metro 2/14, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Retrographic, 8139 Park Villa Circle, Cupertino, CA, 95014, Stepan O. Shurygin, 513 East Taylor, San Jose, CA, 95112. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Refile of previous file #552768 with changes. /s/Stepan O. Shurygin. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/17/2014. (pub Metro 2/05, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26/2014)



The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: NX Gear, 351 Chateau La Salle Dr., San Jose, CA, 95111. Linh Chau. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Linh Caau. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/31/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: National Avenue Medical Associates, 14911 National Ave., #1, Los Gatos, CA, 95032, John P. Smith MD, A Professional Corp. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 05/11/1983. Refile of previous file #303570 after 40 days of expiration date. /s/John P Smith President #C1173604 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/31/2014. (pub Metro 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/05/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Deja Vu, 989 Story Rd., #8018, San Jose, CA, 95122, Phi Chung, 1899 Westminister Ct., San



The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Fischer Health & Wellness, 1649 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Brian Fischer, 3948 Penwith Ave., San Jose, The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Julie’s CA, 95130. This business is conducted by a individual. Hair Design, 5138 Monterey Registrant has not yet begun Hwy., #C, San Jose, CA, transacting business under 95111, Vu Quoc Nguyen, 165 Blossom Hill Rd., 66, San Jose, the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/ CA, 95123. This business is Brian Fischer. This statement conducted by a individual. was filed with the County Registrant has not yet begun Clerk of Santa Clara County on transacting business under 1/13/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, the fictitious business name 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014) or names listed herein. /s/Vu Quoc Nguyen. This FICTITIOUS BUSINESS statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara NAME STATEMENT County on 1/21/2014. (pub #586744 Metro 2/05, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Blaine Burgstrom Enterprises, 1711 Hogar Dr., San Jose, CA, 95124, Blaine Burgstrom. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 4/25/13. /s/Blaine Burgstrom This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/29/2014. (pub Metro 2/05, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Main St. Bagels2. Main Street Bagels, 3. Main Street Bagel, 4. Main St. Bagel, 838 Blossom Hill, Suite #5, San Jose, CA, 95123, Main St. Bagels Inc., 4507 Middle Park Dr., San Jose, CA, 95135. This business is conducted by

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Ecological Press, 424 Fairmont Ave., Mountain View, CA, 94041, Melody Parker. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on Aug 1, 2013. /s/Melody Parker. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/09/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Orion Security Patrol Inc., 675 Gish Road, San Jose, CA, 95112, Orion Security Patrol Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 01/31/2007. /s/Yooshieh Gahramani CEO #2878092 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/23/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Fantastic Bay Builders, 675 Gish Road, San Jose, CA, 95112, Fantastic Bay Builders Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 01/01/2014. /s/Yooshieh Gahramani CEO #3090241 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara


County on 1/23/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Yosh Enterprises, 2. Orion Security, 3. Paramount Investigations, 4. Yosh Building Maintenance, 675 East Gish Road, San Jose, CA, 95112, Yosh Enterprises Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 06/15/1995. Refile of previous file #454050 after 40 days of expiration date. /s/Yooshieh Gahramani CEO #195976 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/23/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Quality Air Heating & Cooling, 4783 La Cresta Way, San Jose, CA, 95129, Superior Builders, Inc, 4789 La Cresta Way, San Jose, CA, 95129. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dave Rego President #C3635328 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/23/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are)


doing business as: Network Distributors, 1425 Koll Circle, #104, San Jose, CA, 95112, Norcal Industries, Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Jason Colyar Owner/President #C2509788 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/22/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Cash Cove, 1060 Willow St., #3, San Jose, CA, 95125, George F. Olson, 6272 Blauer Lane, San Jose, CA, 95135. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 09-1993. Refile of previous file #560120 with changes. /s/George F. Olson This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/22/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 3D.B.Tile, 3625 Clear Brook Ct., San Jose, CA, 95111, David Corena. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/David Corena This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 1/03/2014. (pub Metro 1/29, 2/05, 2/12, 2/19/2014)

‡&8672076+,576 ‡6:($76+,576

real estate SALES OAK KNOLL

‡&25325$7($33$5(/ ‡7($0:($5 ‡'(6,*16(59,&(6

Metro Classifieds To advertise call 408.200.1300 or visit

408.452.5582 17+675((781,7% 6DQ-RVH&$

Approximately 1/2 acre in Bear Creek Estates. The seller has completed almost all of the county pre-development requirements to determine buildability. PG&E and SLV water are available onsite. Property recently surveyed and the geotechnical and archaeological reports are also available. Bear Creek Estates has a shared septic system which is like a sewer system. This ag lot has a beautiful gated entrance and plenty of sun. An ideal commute location. Owner ďŹ nancing available. $185,000. Call Deborah Donner for an appointment 408.395.5754 or visit

CREEKFRONT SETTING 9+ Off Grid acres. A beautiful creek front setting with a pretty meadow. A sunny, happy place to garden. Bit of a rough road to get there. Excellent owner ďŹ nancing. $157,000. Call Deborah Donner for an appointment 408.395.5754 or visit www.

MITCH’S MEADOW 5+ Off Grid Recreational Acres on a Private Road. This sunny parcel features a year round creek and almost one at acre of land. Only 15 minutes to downtown Boulder Creek. Ask about Owner Financing, $150,000. Call Deborah Donner for an appointment 408.395.5754 or visit

FREE! Home Value Reports! Sell your home for the highest value! DRE #01046633 Call or text 408.940.5355 today!

APT FOR RENT Bascom/880 Studio. Rosegarden area, 1824 Davis St., #5. Ground oor, air conditioning. Great shape, quiet, no pets. $900, $950 deposit. 1 year lease, manager Apt 2. Water and garbage paid. 925.786.8510

FEBRUARY 19-25, 2014 | | |

Screen Printing

11 53 | | | FEBRUARY 19-25, 2014

10 54





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ARIES (March 21-April 19): A woman from New Mexico wrote to tell me that after reading my horoscopes for three years in the Santa Fe Reporter, she had decided to stop. “I changed my beliefs,” she said. “I no longer resonate with your philosophy.” On the one hand, I was sad that I had lost a reader. On the other hand, I admired her for being able to transform her beliefs, and also for taking practical action to enforce her shift in perspective. That’s the kind of purposeful metamorphosis I recommend for you, Aries. What ideas are you ready to shed? What theories no longer explain the nature of life to your satisfaction? Be ruthless in cutting away the thoughts that no longer work for you. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In Arthurian legend,

Camelot was the castle where King Arthur held court and ruled his kingdom. It housed the Round Table, where Arthur’s knights congregated for important events. Until recently, I had always imagined that the table was relatively small and the number of knights few. But then I discovered that several old stories say there was enough room for 150 knights. It wasn’t an exclusive, elitist group. I suspect you will experience a similar evolution, Taurus. You may be wishing you could become part of a certain circle, but assume it’s too exclusive or selective to welcome you as a member. I suspect it’s more receptive and inclusive than you think.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The renowned Lakota

medicine man Sitting Bull (1831-1890) wasn’t born with that name. For the first years of his life he was known as Jumping Badger. His father renamed him when he was a teenager after he demonstrated exceptional courage in battle. I’d like to see you consider a similar transition in the coming months, Gemini. You’re due to add some gravitas to your approach. The tides of destiny are calling you to move more deliberately and take greater care with the details. Are you willing to experiment with being solid and stable? The more willing you are to assume added responsibility, the more interesting that responsibility is likely to be.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): The English noun “offing” refers to the farthest reach of the ocean that is still visible as you stand on the beach. It’s a good symbol for something that is at a distance from you and yet still within view. I suggest that you take a long thoughtful look at the metaphorical offing that’s visible from where you stand. You’ll be wise to identify what’s looming for you in the future so you can start working to ensure you will get the best possible version of it.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): A large plaster Buddha statue was housed at a modest temple in Bangkok, Thailand from 1935 to 1955. No one knew its age or origins. In May of 1955, workers were struggling to move the heavy 10-foot icon to a new building on the temple grounds when it accidentally broke free of the ropes that secured it. As it hit the ground, a chunk of plaster fell off, revealing a sheen of gold beneath. Religious leaders authorized the removal of the remaining plaster surface. Hidden inside was a solid gold Buddha that is today worth $250 million dollars. Research later revealed that the plaster had been applied by 18th-century monks to prevent the statue from being looted. I foresee a comparable sequence unfolding in the coming weeks for you, Leo. What will it take to free a valuable resource that’s concealed within a cheap veneer? VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Holistic health teacher Deepak Chopra suggests that we all periodically make this statement: “Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I relinquish all regrets, grievances, and resentments, and choose the miracle.” Is that too New Age for you, Virgo? I hope you can drop any prejudices you might have about it and simply make it your own. It’s the precise formula you need to spin this week’s events in the right direction—working for you rather than against you. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): In the savannas of Africa,

waterholes are crucial for life. During the rainy season, there are enough to go around for every animal species to drink and bathe in comfortably. But the dry season shrinks the size and number of the waterholes. The impala may have to share with the hippopotamus,

By ROB BREZSNY week of February 19

the giraffe with the warthog. Let’s use this as a metaphor to speculate about your future. I’m guessing that the dry season will soon be arriving in your part of the world. The waterholes may dwindle. But that could ultimately prove to be a lucky development, because it will bring you into contact with interesting life forms you might not have otherwise met. Unexpected new alliances could emerge.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In his book The

Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, literary scholar Jonathan Gottschall muses on the crucial role that imagination plays in our lives. “[The] average daydream is about fourteen seconds long and [we] have about two thousand of them per day,” he says. “In other words, we spend about half of our waking hours—one-third of our lives on earth— spinning fantasies.” I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, because you are entering a phase when your daydreams can serve you well. They’re more likely than usual to be creative, productive, and useful. Monitor them closely.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The Russian

composer Dmitri Shostakovich wrote his Eighth Symphony in a mere two months during the summer of 1943. He worked on it in an old henhouse on a former chicken farm. The location helped relax him, allowing him to work with extra intensity. I wish you could find a retreat like that for yourself sometime soon, Sagittarius. I think you would benefit from going off by yourself to a sanctuary and having some nice long talks with your ancestors, the spirits of nature, and your deepest self. If that’s not practical right now, what would be the next best thing you could do?

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Is there one simple thing you could do to bring a bit more freedom into your life? An elegant rebellion against an oppressive circumstance? A compassionate breakaway from a poignant encumbrance? A flash of unpredictable behavior that would help you escape a puzzling compromise? I’m not talking about a huge, dramatic move that would completely sever you from all of your burdens and limitations. I’m imagining a small step you could take to get a taste of spaciousness and a hint of greater fluidity. That’s your assignment in the coming week. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): There are 15,074

lakes in Wisconsin, but more than 9,000 of them have never been officially named. That’s strange to me. In my view, everything is worthy of the love that is bestowed by giving it a name. I have named every tree and bush in my yard, as well as each egret that frequents the creek flowing by my house. I understand that at the Findhorn community in northern Scotland, people even give names to their cars and toasters and washing machines. According to researchers in the U.K., cows that have names are happier: They produce more milk. Your assignment, Aquarius, is to name at least some of the unnamed things in your world. It’s an excellent time to cultivate a closer, warmer personal relationship with absolutely everything.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): From 2010 to 2012, Eric

Garcetti worked as an actor on the TV cop shows The Closer and its spin-off series Major Crimes. He played the mayor of Los Angeles. Then in 2013, he ran for the office of L.A.’s mayor in real life, and won. It was a spectacular example of Kurt Vonnegut’s suggestion that we tend to become what we pretend to be. Your assignment Pisces, is to make good use of this principle. I invite you to experiment with pretending to be the person you would like to turn into.

You can read free excerpts of my most recent book at Tell me what you think at

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Looking for a good laugh? Cinequest Film Festival is right around the corner and all revved up with a hilarious lineup of comedies. Here are Cinequest’s not-to-be-missed giggle highlights, featuring top celebrities such as, Jude Law, Patrick Stewart and Gary Busey.




SAT 3/15 7:00pm Jude Law (Cold Mountain), Richard E. Grant (Girls), and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) star in a fast-paced, comical crime caper about a foulmouthed safecracker.

SAT 3/8 9:30pm | SUN 3/9 4:45pm | THUR 3/13 2:45pm North American Premiere – The inappropriately named "Lucky" discovers his luck's run out in this hilarious Vietnamese romantic comedy, starring Vân Trang and Khuong Ngoc from the hit Saigon Electric.

WED 3/5 7:00pm | SUN 3/9 9:00pm Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation) leads a brilliant ensemble in an exciting and hilarious crime caper about a bank heist that goes slightly awry.




SAT 3/8 9:15pm | SUN 3/9 4:15pm | WED 3/12 3:45pm

FRI 3/7 7:15pm | MON 3/10 7:15pm | FRI 3/14 NOON World Premiere – A hilarious comedy that finds a Social Media junkie (Ryan Hansen; Veronica Mars) faking his death to see how many of his thousands of Facebook friends are his real friends.

SAT 3/8 9:30pm | SUN 3/9 9:15pm | FRI 3/14 4:45pm World Premiere – “I just want to make love, not sex” becomes the anthem in this hilarious spoof of the 80s, the music, and those oh-so-regrettable fashion choices.

World Premiere – A hilarious cast that includes Andrew Lawrence (United States of Tara), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), C. Thomas Howell (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Jillian Rose Reed (Weeds) help create the tale of a man who must learn the secret to great sex…or, at least a lasting relationship.

Buy your Film Lover pass for unlimited access to all festival screenings. Available online at

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FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr


FILM FESTIVAL 2014 metr | sanjos | metr m | FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25 2014

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FFEBRUARY E B R U A RY 19-25, 19-25, 2014 | metr m | sanjos | metr

A Visionary Salon

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