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HEART MAKER 3D printers aren’t just for guns and game pieces anymore. Are living organs next? p17




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4 METRO M METR O SILIC SILICON ON V VALLEY ALLEY A A locally owned company. company.

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By TOM TOM T TOMORROW OMORROW metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 013


INTERNS WANTED INTERNS Metro’s internship program provides real-life experience and mentoring for students interested in journalism, photo journalism, marketing, social media and online publishing. Applicants must be eligible for school credit. Email with your résumé for more details.


Is Nor Noraa CCampos a ampos rreally eally a “financial institutio n,”” a political bank? institution,” W ved Mayor Reed “lending Wee obser observed money”” too Councilmember Her rera’s campaign fr om his Herrera’s from ““political political bank.”

comments com mments@metr onews.coom RE “C RE: “COOL OOL CATS,” CA ATS, S,” COVER, COVER, VER DE DEC. C 4 C.

Enjoyed d your story aboutt cool cats. cats. But how w could you have left out Henri, H enri, the t French-speaking French-speakin ng feline afflicted with existential angst? a He H e will be really depressed depresse ed at his omission n from this article. MARY MAR Y MARTIN MAR RTIN VIA EMAIL

I wonder if once elected, the politician can set up a “financial institutio n,”” a bank if you will, institution,” to off er “i interest bearing loans offer “interest loans”” or even is ssue cr edit-cards with issue credit-cards soaring in nterest rrates? ates? interest Better yye t, can the ppoliticians yet, off er a va riation of ““payday payday loans” loans” offer variation they all aare re now opposed to and ar egulate (with the aree tryingg to rregulate exceptionn of themselves)? Good job to The Fly! DAVID D AVID S. S . WALL WALL VIA SAN SAN JOSE JOSE INSIDE




We love Hamil We Hamilton!! ton!! His dad’s dad’’s pretty pretty awesom me, too. awesome,

Nice article! I just N tr reated myself to a treated H ammy T-shirt. N ow ow Hammy Now m cat is jealous my jealous.. ;)

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inside An in side look at San Jose politics

Reed’s R eed’s R Rule ule There ar There aree enou enough ugh candidates ffor or mayor of San Jose to field a ffootball ootball team with boys, entrant a ffew ew water bo oys, but no one entr ant should expect the blessing of Mayor Mayor CCHUCK HUCK REED REED just juust yet. With a year left on mayor’s his final term, the mayor ’s five pension rreform eform support supporters ters on the City City Council— Council ouncil— a.k.a. The B Team—are Tea eam—are all vying to drag dr ag their filess over to the 18th floor floor’s ’s corner office, and a he needs their support to gets things done. CCouncilman ouncilman SSAM AM created LLICCARDO ICCARDO has cr eated the most early buzz, no doubtt fueled by his massive observers kickoff party ddowntown. owntown. Some obser vers aree very inter interested ar ested to know how much pay—for he paid—or didn’t didn’t pay—f or that public shindig hi di att SP2, SP2, which hi h will ill become b bli contrast, at the end of January JJanuary.. In noted contr ast, councilman PE PETE ETE CCONSTANT ONSTA ANT and PIERLUIGI OLIVERIO barely PIERL UIGI O LIV VERIO have bar ely moved efforts. the needle in ttheir heir campaign eff orts. CConstant onstant has been b out of town much of the last month dealing with ffamily amily issues, but ther theree is yett again gr growing owing chatter that his wif e,, Ju ulie, a Campbell Campbell school wife, Julie, boar der, might run ffor or boarder, his termed-outt seat.. As As They they say y, the co ouple that say, couple Did campaigns tog ether— together— What? actually y, we’re we’re not sur actually, suree SEND TIPS TIPS TTO O what they say say.. Oliverio FLY@ FL LY Y@ announced on his METRONEWS. METR ONEWS. COM CO M Facebook pagee that he would fforgo orgo so oliciting soliciting campaign cont tributions in contributions D ecember out of rrespect espect ffor or the holidays, holidays December which his frien ds and supporters should friends see only as a te emporary gift. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, temporary Vice Mayor Mayor MADISON MAD DISON N GUYEN is looking NGUYEN ences with old ffoes—though oes—though to mend ffences doesn’t sta and to get labor ’s she doesn’t stand labor’s e if county supe DAVE DAVE endorsement, even CORTESE fails fails to make it to the runoff CORTESE runoff.. ROSE O H ERRERA’s late entry And despite ROSE HERRERA’s baacking, there’s there’s always and unclear backing, erode Cortese’s Cortese’s the chance shee could erode Evergreen support suppport base. R egardless, Evergreen Regardless, Mayor Reed Reed is expected to wait until Mayor ary to thr ow a shoulder after the prima primary throw behind one of his allies—which in recent electionn cycles hasn’t hasn’t been quite recent ss of death it once was. the political kis kiss

KK.. Brown Brown metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 013


The Producers

Georg George G ge Shirakawa Shirakaw wa Jr. Jrr. and Xavier Xa avierr Campos c create ed fictitiou us businesses created fictitious that that would w have e allowed them to to conceal con nceal political politiical finances BY B Y JOSH H KOEHN KOEHN


he Santa he Santa C Clara lara C County ounty District Attorney’ Attorney’ss office e seized documents im do cuments in a Thanksgiving Tha anksgiving eve raid raid that implicate mplicate Xavier X avier Campos’ cam campaign mpaign in funding the redred-baiting -baiting political po litical mailers that tha at helped him win a seat on o the San Jose Jose o City Council. C The searc search ch w warrant arrant at George Shir Shirakawa rakawa Jr Jr.’s .’s residence re esidence e turned up eviden evidence nce pointing to a secret printing printing operation operation n and purchases of of card stock, ink jjet et cartridges cartridges and stamps sttamps in n the days leading g up to the illegal politicall hit.

Now, N ow w, rrecords ecords obt obtained ained this week byy Metro Mettro sugg suggest gest that the District 5 ccouncilmember o ouncilmem mber engaged in a highlyy unconventional un ncon nveentio onal ccampaign ampaign financ financee practice—one pr ractice—on ne used b byy the inc incarcerated arceratted fformer o e ccounty ormer ounty sup ount supervisor—that ervisorr— —that wo would ould

haave allowed him to est have establish tablish phon phony ny ccampaign ampaign bank ac accounts countts that ccould ould have ha ave gone undetected b byy agencies monitoring election sp spending. e ending g. Santa Sant ta Clara C County ountty R Recorder’s eecco order’s databases dat taabases show that C Campos am mpos and

TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside @ j i id FFACEBOOK: ACEBOOK: SanJoseInside

Shirak Shirakawa, kawaa, who is curr currently ently ser serving ving sentencee ffor pilfering a year-long year e r-long jail sentenc o or pilf fering e ccampaign ampaign funds fu funds,, filed fictitious business statements identical al name st atem ments under the identic names as their heir p political oliticcaal ccampaigns. ampaigns. th The do documents aree traditionally used cum ments ar byy businesss entities to est b establish taablish bank accounts—not byy p political ac counts— —not b oliticcaal ccommittees, ommittttees, which mus must st rreport eport their rreceipts eceipts and different agencies.. eexpenditures xp x enditures to diff ffeerent agencies Campos C ampos o submit submitted ttted the business filings ffor orr ttwo o wo w of his ccampaigns—the ampaigns—the 2004 20 04 “X “Xavier Xaavier v C Campos ampos ffor or o Scho School ol Board” “Xavier Boar d” ccommittee ommittttee and 2010 “Xa avvier C Campos ampos o ffor or o Cit City ty C Council” ouncil” ccampaign. ampaign. C Campos ampos o is curr currently ently in the thir third d yyear eear of a four-year four o r-year e term on the San JJose ose ccouncil, ou uncil and is running ffor uncil, o or rreeelection. A According ccording d to ccounty ountty rrecords, ecords, C Campos ampos cr created eated a fictitious business name ffor o his ccouncil or ouncil run on Oct. 77,, 20 2009—a 09—a 9 full ttwo wo w weeks b before effo ore he to took o fformal ok o ormal steps to run ffor o or offi office. ffice. In his 20 2004 04 scho school ol b board oarrd “business” filing filing, g, he and Shir Shirakawa rak kawa wer were re listed as owners of th the he ccompany ompan ny along with R Rosa o osa C Campos, ampos o , mother th to t the th ccouncilman ouncilman il and St State atee A Assemblywoman sssemblywoman N Nora ora Campos. C ampos. Th That hat filing eexpired xpir x ed in 20 2009, 09, while the fictitious fi business filing ffor or his o ccouncil ouncil ccampaign am mpaign rremains emains activ active. ve. Officials O fficials with the District A Attorney’s tttorneeyy’s officee and the offic t C County ountty R Registrar egistrar e of V Voters o oters wer weree surpri surprised ised when ccontacted onttacted o a ab about out the unusua unusual al pr procedure, ocedure, in par partt b because eccause a cr creating eating a fictitious fi business with the same title as a a ccampaign aampaign ccommittee ommittttee is an unnecessary unnec essary step step—unless —unless l an individual i di id l wanted w anted to op o open en a bank ac account count under that name name.. U Under nder this lo logic, gic, it would then b bee p possible o ossible to dep deposit osit ccampaign ampaign checks into o separate separate,, secr secret et bank accounts ac counts with w identic identical al titles titles.. “There’s “Ther e’s no legitimate p political oliticcaal rreason eason to do that,” an eexperienced xperiencceed p political oliticcaal cconsultant onsultant told Met Metro. tro. “It is some somewhere where between b ettween w su suspicious uspicious and ccorrupt. orrupt.” Shirakawa Shirak kawa made similar fictitious business fili filings ings with the R Recorder’s eecorder’s office—by offic e—b by himself h himself—for f— —ffo or other ccampaigns: ampaigns: Citizens ffor or Mor o Moree Scho Schools ols in FMS FMSA SA (2 (2001); 2001); Geor George rgge Shirak Shirakawa kawa ffor o or Scho School ol Boar B Board d (20 (2002); 02); and Geor George ge Shirakawa Shirak kawa ffor or Sup o Supervisor ervisor (20 (2008). 08). A final fictitio fictitious ous business filing was w as a made ffor or Shirak o Shirakawa’s kawa’s 10

11 vta vt vta. vvta.or ta a.or .o org or rg 1311-9179 311-9179

(4 ((408) 408) 408 08) 8) 32 3 321-2300 21-2300 21-2300 230 2300 300 3

TTY (4 TT TTY (408) (40 (408) 4 8) 40 8 3 321-2 321-23 321 321-2330 21 23 330 30

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FForget Fo orget orget e the th ttr traffic raf affic ficc and parking pa n h ha hassles assles les this thi his holiday d y season s ason o and d ride d V VT VTA TA to all y u favorit your o te e shoppin hoppin p ng destinati d nations! s favorite shopping destinations! metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013


8 Sh last ccampaign, aampaign, Geor George rgge Shirakawa hirak kawa ffor o or Sup ervisor 2012, but thee owner listed ffor o or Supervisor this still-activ ve filing is Li inda Delgado still-active Linda Delgado,, the mother of one of Shirak kawa’s childr Shirakawa’s children en and a tr treasurer and Campos’ easurer ffor o or his an nd C ampos’ most rrecent ecent p olitical ccampaigns. gns. ampaign political The rrecent ecent sear rch c of Shirak S kawa’s search Shirakawa’s home onducted b A’s offic e, home,, cconducted byy thee D DA’s office, app ears to cconnect onnect somee dots in this appears home -cook keed p olitical co cconspiracy. onspiracyy. home-cooked political On N ov. 2 7, an investigator in nvesttigator for fo or the Nov. 27, D A seized laptops nters, rreceipts, eceipts, DA laptops,, prin printers, om documents flyers from ccampaign ampaign do cuments and a fly ers fr Shirak awa’s home cated a at 26 09 Shirakawa’s home,, lo located 2609 Ap ollo Dr ose. The sear ch Apollo Dr.. in San JJose. search w aarrant w as issued in cconnection onnection with warrant was Shirak awa’s up coming trial on a false Shirakawa’s upcoming p ersonation char ge. Pr o osecutors sa ay his personation charge. Prosecutors say DNA w as link ed to frau udulent mailers was linked fraudulent that p ortraayed C amposs’ 2010 ccouncil ouncil portrayed Campos’ opp onent Magdalena C onent, arrasco, opponent, Carrasco, ommunist to Eastt San JJose’s ose’s as a ccommunist V iietnamese vvoters. oters. C o arrrasco w as fforced o orced Vietnamese Carrasco was to def feend herself against againsst the mailers defend mailers,, and C ampos won b ust 20 vvotes. o otes. Campos byy ju just He later def feeated C arraasco in a close defeated Carrasco runoff election. The D Aw aas granted d a sear ch DA was search w aarrant after a rreview eview of o C ampos’’ 2010 warrant Campos’ ccampaign ampaign disclosur orms showed a disclosuree fforms $93.93 pur chase fr om a ccompany ompan ny ccalled alled purchase from KS C artridges t id , based b d att Shirak Shi kawa’s Cartridges, Shirakawa’s home addr ess. The busi iness’ legal address. business’ owner enle e ey Shirak awaa, is Geor ge’s owner,, K Kenley Shirakawa, George’s yyounger ounger o br other. The rreceipt eceipt shows brother. that HP ink ccartridges—matching artridges— —matching producing those used in pr oducin ng the fraudulent mailers—weree pur purchased byy Delgado Delgado,, mailers—wer chassed b who,, lik likee C Campos, invoked Fifth who ampos, in nvok oked e the F ifth Amendment to deflectt questions October grand juryy hearing during an Octob er gran nd jur looking matter. lo oking into the mat tter t r. Th rreceipt The eceipt i notes tha that hat the h pur purchase chase h was ffor or the ink ccartridges o artridges w aas made April little moree than 28, 2010, a lit tttle mor t ttwo wo weeks w before weree b effor o e the fraudulent mailers m wer postmarked, p ostmark ked, e ac according cordingg to the D DA’s A’s affidavit. affida avvit. O Other ther items se seized eized fr from om Shirakawa’s match paper Shirak awa’s home matc ch the pap er stock, stamps sto ck, st amps and ttype ype of equipment that would ha have ave b been een needed n to produce flyers. pr oduce the fly ers. “We Office Depot “W We ffound ound an O o ffice Dep ot rreceipt eecceipt e May 2010—only days onlly six da dated Ma ay 8, 2010— ayys prior to the p postmark ostmark on the fly fl flyers—for yeers—ffo or the purchase stock ck pur chase of ttwo wo half rreams w eaams of ccard ard sto pap er similar to that use ed ffor o or the fly yeers,” paper used flyers, DA investigator Russell Chubon wrote D A in nveestigator R ussell u Chub on wr ote in his rreport. eport. “The same rreceipt eceipt showed the pur purchase chase of ttwo wo rrolls w ollss of 10 100 0p postage osttaage st taamps. W o ound US U P ost O ffice stamps. Wee also ffound Post Office

rreceipts eceipts dat ted Ma ay 3 and Ma ay 6, 2010 dated May May seventeen 100 ‘44c ffor or se o veenteeen rrolls olls of 10 0 ‘4 4c US Flag’ stamps, st taamps, which whi hich ar aree the st stamps amps used on the illegal 2010 2 fly flyers. yers e . “Lastly, “L astlyy, we w ffound ound o an April 2, 2010 OfficeMax self-adhesive O fficeMax rreceipt eceipt ffor o or self f--adhesivve mailing lab labels bels of the size used on the illegal 2010 0 fly flyers. yeers. Although none of was associated these otherr rreceipts eceipts w aas asso ciated with GEOR GEORGE RG GE SHIRAKAWA SHIRAKA AWA’’ss home address, address, thee evidence evvidence that all of these other mate materials necessary make erials nec essary to mak ke the flyers flyyeers wer weree pur purchased chased b byy the Xa Xavier avvier Campos period Campos ccampaign mpaign during this p eriod am suggests tha that weree also at the ink ccartridges aartridges wer purchased purchased to t mak make ke the fly flyers. yeers.” The in investigator nvestigator e added that ther theree is additiona additional al eevidence vidence that Delgado carried carried outt all of the pur purchases chases for Campos’ for o C ampos’ o ccampaign. ampaign. “In “In most most campaigns, caampaigns, the tr treasurer reasur e er is the p person erson who sp spends endss mone money ey on b behalf ehalf of the committee. Moreover, handwritten committttee. Mor eo over er, a handwrit tten t note on onee of the rreceipts eceipts rreads: eads: ‘Linda, Please or order deer these ink ccartridges ar a tridges ffor o or the Xaavier v ccampaign. aamp paign. Gracias Xavier Gracias,, Enrique Enrique..’” It’s It’s uncle unclear ear who Enrique might b be, e, but the D DA’s officee is in the pr process A’s offic ocess of tr trying ying to lo locate caate him. Campos Campos rrefused efused to ttalk alk ab about out the fraudulent mailers with the grand jury j y last jur l t mo month, onth, th but b t he h later l t ga gave ave an interview interview to o NBC Ba Bay ay Ar Area’s eaa’s Damian Trujillo and d denied an any ny in involvement nvolv o vement e in the mail fra fraud aud sc scandal. candal. a Campos’ Campos’’ offic office ce did not rreturn eturn multiple ccalls a rrequesting alls equesting ccomment omment ffor or o this stor story. Political Practices y. The T Fair P olitical Practic es Commission Commissio on (FPPC) ccontinues ontinues to o investigate in nvestigate e him after Metro Mettro rreported eported in April on delinquent ccampaign aampaign filings in hiss 2010 rac race, e, and that, as with i h Shirak Shi Shirakawa, kawaa, Delgado l d ser served ved ed as his hi treasurer. treasurer. L Last ast yyear, eearr, within weeks of a Metro Mettro rreport eepor o t det detailing tailing a Shirak Shirakawa’s kawa’s campaign caampaign in indiscretions, ndiscretions, C Campos ampos installed himself treasurer insttalled a him mself as tr easurer and fforgave o orrga gave a $10,0 $10,000 00 loan l he ga gave ave the ccampaign. aampaign. In JJanuary anuarry of this yyear, eearr, C Campos ampos inexplicably ineexxpliccaablyy closed his 20 2004 04 scho school ol board board ccampaign amp a paign with the ccounty o ountty Registrar Reegistrar off V Voters. oters. Ther o There re ar aree no other forms fo orms on fil file le det detailing ailing how he raised and spent mone ey in that rac e. spent money race. Carrasco, papers Carrasco, who has pulled pap ers to fac facee C Campos am mpos in a rrematch ematch in ne next exxt year’s yeear’s prima primary, ary, told a lo local cal ne newspaper ew wspaper that if rreports eeporrts ar aree ac accurate, cccurate, C Campos ampos should order should rresign esign “in “in or der to maintain maintain any an ny sembla semblance ance of dignity dignitty for fo or this community. communitty.”


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Š SFNTC 4 2013


WEB:: WEB TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 013

A iinside An id llookk att SSan Jose J politics liti




A rrecord-setting ecord-setting cold sn snap nap claimed the lives of ffour our home homeless eless men in Santa C lara C ounty over the past couple weeks. He ealth Clara County Health officials say they ffound ound thr ee bodies outdoors in San Josee three and another in an open n gar garage age in Sar Saratoga, atoga,, as overnight temper atures dr opped to t the mid mid20s and a dusting of sn now temperatures dropped mid-20s snow settled on nearby Moun nt Hamil ton.. Santa Clara Clara County’s County’s public p Mount Hamilton. heal th office urged urged the homeless to find shelter shelter while local locaal charities urged urged the public health to donate blankets,, jackets jackkets and other cold-weather clothi ng to some of the 5,000-plus clothing people in Silicon Valley Valley who sleep on the str eets each nig ht. streets night.

SICK CALL Despite Desspite lagging on response times and a sliding into financial insolven insolvency, ncy, ambulance Rural/Metro will w continue providing ambulan nce services for the county. county

Counttyy CContinues County ontinues CContract ontract with Bankrupt Ambulance B ankr krupt A mbulancce CCompany ompany The ambulanc ambulance ce ccompany ompan ny that chauff ffeeurs San nta Clara C ountty chauffeurs Santa County rresidents esidents to em emergency mergency rrooms ooms is slo gging thr ou ugh bankruptcy and slogging through has a histor historyy of o slow rresponse esponse times ures, ffor or which it o ’s b een and other failu failures, it’s been fined $4.7 mill million. lion. Still, the Boar Board d of Sup ervisors de ecided on T uesdaay to Supervisors decided Tuesday ccontinue ontinue a ccontract on ntract with R Rural/Metro u ural/Metro C orporation b ecause it ’s rrelatively elativvely e Corporation because it’s affordable aff ffo ordable and d going out to bid b before effo ore agreement the agr eementt eexpires xpires in 2015 would hassle.. W Work ccause ause a bigger hassle ork o is the worst, amirite? The vvote ote o meant m the ccounty ountty had to fforgive orggivve a $2.6 million debt, o pay rretroactively etroactivveely pa p ay another $2 million ffor or o from $500,000 rides fr om jail with an eextra xxtra $50 0,000 a yyear eear ffor or the leng o gtth of the ccontract— ontractt— length look past a three-year three-yeear contract contract and look histor steps. historyy of miss missteps. Boar d Pr essident K en Y eeager, who Board President Ken Yeager,

op opposed pposed the ccontract ontract in 2010, sai said id hee worries ab out the futur about futuree and th the he public’ public’ss ffears eears that if the theyy dial 91 11 the ’t get to the hospit all 911 theyy won won’t hospital fa fast ast enough, though R Rural/Metro ural/Metro u pa aramedics ha ave impr oved rresponse espon nse paramedics have improved tim times mes in the past yyear. ear. “Ther e’s a lot of inst abilitty with “There’s instability th this his ccompany, ompan ny,” he said b before effo ore ccalling allingg ffor o strict o or veersight of the $375 millio on oversight million ccontract o ontract going fforward. o orwar a d. Rural/Metro’s predecessor R u ural/Metro’s pr edecessor and American Medical ccompetitor o etitor Americ omp caan Medic al Response lobbyist Yvonne R eesponse ((AMR) AMR) sent lobb byist y Y vo on nne Ryzak deliver I-told-you-so R yzzak to deliv veer an I-told-youo so admonition before saying ad dmonition b effo ore the vvote, ote, sa o ayyingg she warned before with sh he w aarned them b effo ore signing wit ith Rural/Metro R Ru u ural/Metro in 2011. “I’m so dishear tened that I ha ave to t disheartened have b daay,” she said. “Y Yo ou will se ee bee her heree to today, “You see th hat we told yyou, ou, eexactly o xactly x to the doll lar, that dollar, w what w aas wr ong with their pr oposaal.” was wrong proposal.


Dave Cortese, Cortese e, county supervisor

Lawrence O’Donn ell, O’Donnell, MSNBC TV host

Do you know someone local who looks like a celebrity? Send your suggestion to sanjoseinside@

WHO’S TO B BLAME? LAME? Sa San n Jose State enlisted outside help h to find out how the

sooner. school ffailed to stop p alleged g racial bullying y g sooner r.

SSJSU JSU laun launches nches hate cri crime me pr probe obe Perhaps the most puz Perhaps puzzling z zling par partt of the Alleged against A lleged hate crimes ag gainst a black student at San JJose ose St State a U ate University nivveersitty n this semester is how th they have hey ccould ould ha ave ccontinued, ontinued, uncheck unchecked, ed, ffor or so long o long.. To scho T o find out, the school ool launched an indep independent endent pr probe obe into the incidents,, which in N incidents November ovember led to misdemeanor bat battery tter t y and hate crime charges char ges against ffour our white o w students students.. Prosecutors Pr osecutors sa say ay the susp suspects ects affixed a bik bikee lo lock ck ar around o ound the then17-year-old 17year- old victim victim’s ’s nec neck, ck, called called him ““three-fifths” three-fifths” to implyy he he’s ’s less of ap person erson and raised a C Confederate onffeederate flag in the shar shared ed dorm m suite suite.. The Theyy also scribbled the wor word d “nigger” on a whiteb whiteboard, oard, which he h disc discovered overed after rreturning eturning fr from om a week weekend end at his parents’ par ents’ home in Sant Santa ta Cruz. For F or some rreason, eason, sch school hool st staff aff in char charge ge of rregularly egularly che checking ecking up on students who liv live ve on o ccampus ampus failed to ccorrect orrect an any ny off this this.. The flag rremained emained drap draped ed o over veer a ccardboard ardboard cutout of Elvis Pr Presley esley in the living

rroom oom desp despite pite se several veral rrequests equests to ttake ak ke SJSU President it down. SJ JSU Pr esident Mohammad Qay Qa Qayoumi yo oumi ccouldn’t ouldn n’’t quite eexplain xplain the screw-up. He’s scr ew-up. He H ’s now enlisted outside help fr from om San JJose’s ose’s Indep Independent endent Police Auditor LaDoris Cordell, P olice A ud ditor L aDoris C ordell, an Afric African an Am American merican and rretired etired judge judge.. San Franci Francisco isco at attorney ttorne t y Myr Myron on Mo Moye, ye, who sp specializes eciaalizes in discrimination ccases, ases, joins C Cordell ordell in rreviewing eviewing the inciden incident nt to determine how the univ university versit e ty failed f the victim. Early next neext x year, yeear, Cordell Cordell and Moye Mo oye will come come out o with a report report that sp spells ells out what w happened, happened, when it happ happened ened and who’s who’s responsible. responsible. They They will also figure figgure out whether the school school violated eexisting x xisting policies policies and whether a lack of policy policy o led to difficulties rresponding espondingg to the incident. In the meantime meantime,, Qa Qay Qayoumi yo oumi ccalled alled for fo or the scho school’s ol’s ne newly ewly formed fo ormed Commission Commission on Div Diversity ersitty to o meet this month to talk talk ab about out how w to pr prevent event similar incidents in the futu future. ure. — —Jennifer Jeenniffer e W Wadsworth ads a worth o







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TTangerine angeri a ine Tree Tree Photography Photography



(Ab)normal School

SUPER SU PER VISION V ISION Stephen Edwards’ sculptu sculpture ure ‘Betty’ ‘Betty’ss Glasses’ is installe installed d outside the T Triton SJSU there. rriton Museum M of Art as part of an SJS SU centennial exhibition there e.

SJSU Art A Departmen Department nt celebrates it itss centennial multiple centen nnial with mu ltiple shows BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


S YOU YOU REA READ D THIS THIS, S, a transition tr an nsition is occurring levels. on multiple m levels. On the macro level, the State San JJose ose Sta ate University Art Department celebrating Departmen nt is celebr ating its is,, through centennial.. That is v arious ins stitutional moniker various institutional changes at the university level, colleg ge level, department college level and co oncentration concentration level, a 100-year continuous 100-year milestone of o instruction has now been reached. r Ass the Depa A Department artment of Ar Artt and Ar Artt History transit tions into whate veer History transitions whatever the ne ext x era br rings, a multi-tent acled next brings, multi-tentacled outp ouring off eexhibitions xhibitions is curr ently outpouring currently

un unfolding, nffolding o , both both on and off ccampus. ampus. Att the micr A micro o le level, vel, right now now,, one currently on ne major eexhibition xhibition is curr entlyy Natalie w wrapping up in the Nat alie and Artt Galler Galleryy JJames a ames Thompson p Ar SJSU,, while another is just att SJSU beginning b e eginning at the Triton Museum m Santaa Clara. Both ffeature in n Sant eeature SJSU U graduates moved gr raduates who long ago mo ved on o accomplishments. to o intriguing ac complishments. Galleryy show The Thompson Galler number ffocuses o cuses on a small numb er of illustrious from ill lustrious alumni fr om the “middle “mid ddle period” department's history, p e d” of the depar erio tment's histo or y, including Wayne in ncluding JJay ay DeFeo, DeFeo, Wa ayne y Thiebaud, Ramos,, Robert Th hi b d Mel hiebaud, M lR Ramos Ro ob ber t Tansey Tim G Graham, Mark T aansey and T im Hawkinson. Wee see man manyy works H Ha awkinson. w W usually overlooked us sually o verlo oked in the ccourse ourse artists' Triton off these ar tists' ccareers. areers. The Trito on show, sh how, the opening op ening rreception eception of Friday w which is this Frida ay the 13th, moree rrecent graduates.. T Ted ffeatures eeatures mor ecent graduates eed

Fullwo od's pip Fullwood's pipee clean cleaner ner sculptur sculptures es grac orner, while whiile a giant L ou gracee one ccorner, Lou Bermingham work ccommands o ommands a pr esence on the back w all. presence wall. O ther deplo ymentss of historic al Other deployments historical note include an eexhibition xhib bition of design p osters on the ffourth o ourth h flo or of the posters floor MLK Librar y, Dep artment m Library, Department of Art: The Graphic Eye displayyed d until the end Eye,, displayed of this yyear. ear. In par ticu ular, one 1975 particular, p oster titled, i l d “Get Y our B .A. at San poster Your B.A. JJose,” ose,” features feeatures 50 p eop ple mo oning people mooning the ccamera. amera. On still another le vel, we also level, now ha ave a glossy glossy and d glorious have har dback tome elab orating on hardback elaborating the depar tment's ent tire eexistence. xistence. department's entire A vvailable ffor o or pur chase at the Nat alie Available purchase Natalie and JJames ames Thompson n Galler y, Gallery, Cr eativitt y, Change, Changee, Commitment: Coom mmitment: Creativity, AC eelebration of 100 Y e rs of the ear Celebration Years Dep artment of Art unfolds, unffolds o , literally y, Department literally, into a multi-le veled vvolume olume of multi-leveled inter views, essa ayys, pictorial picctorial histories interviews, essays, histories,, timelines and rreflections eflections of f, b of, byy or ab out previous previous facult ty, students and about faculty, instigators who op eraated within the operated hallowed w alls of thee ar walls artt building(s) o ver the last ccentury. entur y. over

The crowning crowning rreminder eminder one immediateely p erceives in the pages immediately perceives eativiitt y, Change e, C oommitment, of Cr Creativity, Change, Commitment, sseveral veral levels, levels, is just how again, on se much of a rrole ole the art ar t department depar tment plaayed d in the ccourse ourse of the has played university's y histor y. Just Just like like SJSU university's history. boasts a lo ong, twisted twisted and intriguing boasts long, histor y— —w which man history—which manyy students ak ke for for o granted, if they they even even simply ttake care at all— —the ar depar tment care all—the artt department likewise b oasts its own hefty lineage likewise boasts ters and crackp ots that of charact characters crackpots current e art art majors pr obably most current probably aren't fam miliar with. aren't familiar i pr ecisely wh Which is precisely whyy I eaacquaint m eaders should rreacquaint myy rreaders h involved here. here. with the histor historyy involved institu ution in question w as The institution was ablished in San originally est established Francisc o as Minns' Ev ening Francisco Evening Normal School Sccho ol in 1857 7. A ffew ew yyears ears Normal 1857. was a absorb ed by by the State State of later it was absorbed Calif liffo ornia ia, becoming becoming i nott only l th the California, ate’s teachers’ colleges, colleges, first of thee st state’s aliffornia’ o ’s first state-supported state-supported but C California’s n of higher learning institution learning.. In mo oved to San JJose, ose, where where it 1871, it moved through o a series of transitions: went through ose St ate T eeacher’s into San JJose State Teacher’s College, th hen San JJose ose St ate College College College, then State osé St ate U niversity. and finallyy San JJosé State University. ly da ayys, art art classes In the earl early days, were considered considered an imp ortant were important comp onen nt off eeveryone's veryone's ' educ d ation. i component education. Gee, whatt a cconcept. oncept. F inallyy, the ar Gee, Finally, artt depar tmen nt trac es its b eginnings to department traces beginnings Creattivitt y, Change e, C oommitment 1911. Creativity, Change, Commitment entur y into thr ee divides thee last ccentury three predomin nant eras: Early Y eears (1911predominant Years n JJose ose St ate at Mid-Century Mid- Centur y 1945), San State (1946-1970 0) and C ontemp orar y (1946-1970) Contemporary Reesponsess (1971-2013). Responses was never neever officially an art ar t I was major, butt I to ok classes endered major, took classes,, rrendered images, wrote wrrote critical critical essa ayys, images, essays, hacked in Op enGL, assisted in hacked OpenGL, group projects, projects o , applied Deleuze group tari to packet-switching packet-switching and Guat Guattari networks, rifled thr ough dumpsters networks, through dumpsters,, sound db oards, hung out, ran soundboards, philosoph hized, argued, argued, laughed, philosophized, s in the building drank or slept building,, off du uring m entire college college and on, during myy entire a a thir d-generation era. And as third-generation grad duate—my grandmother SJSU graduate—my attended San S JJose ose St ate T eeacher's attended State Teacher's College—II'll ccop op to some College—I'll sentimenttality when p erusing sentimentality perusing the man vels of Cr eativitt y, manyy le levels Creativity, Changee, C oommitment. Somehow Change, Commitment. Somehow,, m myy experiences e in that building always alwayys experiences o ome back into m fe. seem to ccome myy lif life. Here's to the t ne xt 100 10 0 years! years! Here's next





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The Organ Trail New advances in bioengineering will one day give us 3D-printed livers, kidneys and hearts—with impacts on pharmaceuticals, surgery and more BY NICOLAS GRIZZLE with additional reporting by Heather Zimmerman


HE thin thing ng hasn hasn’t ’t moved all nig night. ght. N Not ot an inch. Looped L ooped with coils of wire tha thatt wend their way w ay down dow wn to a motherboard, the machine looks like lik ke it’s it’s coursing with energy, en nergy y, but it has sat perfectly, perfectly y, maddeningly still fo forr the last two hours.. The h hours Th one sign si off life lif in i there th i the is tth brief b i f alert l t beep beep,, which is gener g generated ated by a comput computer ter and not the machine itself, when w someone plugs its i USB cable into a laptop laptop.. F For o a bioprinter—an obj or object ject meant to “print” living cells—so cellls—so far, farr, well, it’ it’ss pre pretty etty lifeless lifeless..

Half a dozen vvolunteers o olunteers ha have ave their t backs to the printer printer,, hunched around around o a laptop, laptop, patiently w watching aatching and making m suggestions as a memb member er of the gr ggroup oup spins a rrectangular ectangular object ar around ound d on the screen, screen,, refining refining its angles angles.. They’re Theeyy’re designing an object destined ffor o or the t bioprinter, bioprinter r, but it doesn’t doesn n’’t resemble resemblle the item the they ey ultimately plan to make. mak ke. The goal: printing a fully functional ar artificial tificial leaf, leaff, one actually acttually ccapable apable of photos photosynthesis. ynthesis. For For now n now, w, that’s that’s the objectiv objectivee of this biopr bioprinting rinting meetup, meetup, which takes takes place place weekly week kly at BioCurious labs in Sunn Sunnyvale. nyyvale. The thing currently currently on the screen, screen, e ,a

box b ox with cutouts on each end,, will b bee 3D-printed,, all right,, but in plastic 3D-printed, plastic.. It It’s ’s a ne new w ccomponent omponent ffor o or the bioprinter bioprinter,, a box b ox to hold ssyringes yringes of ccell ell cultur culture. e. It It’s ’s another small step in n the pr process ocess of making a machine th that hat will mak make ke a leaf leaf.f. A late arrival to th the he gr group, oup, a first first-timer,, w timer wants ants to see the bioprinter in action, action to too. o. He st stares tares down at the iner inertt machine machine,, giv ggives es it a ffew ew tent tentative ative p pokes okes and d pr prods ods and eeventually ventually ttakes akes to rreading eading the ccode ode on the laptop it it’s ’s pl plugged lugged into into.. The bioprinter will st stay ay idle tonight

18 metr | sanjos | metr | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013




as meetup memb members ers work w on upgrading up grading its ccomponents. ompon nents. Fallen lea leaves aves lit litter ter the t side sidewalk walk outside, but in the lab b, a leaf made outside, lab, fr om scratch is har derr to ccome ome b y. from harder by.

Plants and A Animals nimals

scientology s ci e n t o l o g y know k no w y yourself. ourself. know know w life. life. DISCOVER PRACTIC PRACTICAL CAL SOL SOLUTIONS UTIONS TO H HELP ELP YOU: ‡ Achieve ‡ Achieve career career success success ‡‡ Better Better your your family family life life

‡ ‡ Improve Improve your your relationships relationships ‡ ‡ Increase Increase your your happiness happiness

Visit V i s i t tthe he C Church h u rc h of S Scientology c ie ntolog y S Stevens te ven s C Creek r e e k of o S San an J Jose ose


11865 865 L Lundy u nd y A Ave., ve., San San Jose Jose ((408) 408) 383-9400 383- 9400 O pen 9 :30 a.m. a.m. tto o 110:00 0:00 p .m. M on–Fri Open 9:30 p.m. Mon–Fri p.m. & 9:30 a.m. a.m. to 6:00 6 p.m. Sat–Sun Sat–Sun © 22012 012 CSI. C SI. All A l l Rights R ig ht s Reserved. Reser ved . Scientology Scientolog y iiss a ttrademark radema rk aand nd sservice e r v ic e m mark a rk o owned w ne d b byy R Religious e l i g iou s T Technology ech nolog y C Center enter aand nd iiss u used sed w with it h its it s p permission. erm ission.

w w w. s c i e n t o l o g y - s a n j o s e.o r g

““Animal Animal ccells A ells are are finicky, finick ky,” says saayys meetup leader P Patrik atrik D’haesel D’haeseleer, eer, noting that h high-maintenanc hi high-maintenance h i e animal i l ccells ells ll would rrequire equire mor moree monitoring m than is possible possible at a ccommunity ommu unity co-op co- op lab likee BioCurious. lik BioCurious. D’haeseleer,, a rresearcher D’haeseleer esearrcher in bioinformatics bioinf fo ormatics at L Lawrence awr w ence Livermore Liv ermore L Lab, ab, takes takes on o pr projects ojects

Its original origina al model is deliberately deliberate ely DIY, DIIY Y, a Frankenstein’s Frankensttein’s monster of o parts gleaned fr from rom other machines macchines such as the bioprintingg meetup at BioCurious as a hobby. hobb by. He points points out ealm of bioprinting, biioprinting, lit tttle that in the rrealm little research been research has b een cconducted ond ducted with plant ccells. ells. The ffocus ocus iss on animal cells, with the aim of de d veloping cells, developing i i techniques h i wi h biomedic with bi di all printing biomedical applications, applications, such as printing prrinting a piec piecee ould b of tissue that ccould bee used to test new new drugs, drugs, printing new neew skin ccells ells or eventually, eventuallyy, entire entire organs. orgaans. “It’s “It’s much easier to get g stem ccells ells from fr om plants plants,” ,” he sa says. ayys. It IIt’s ’s a cconcept oncept yone who ’s trie ed to gr ow a that an anyone who’s tried grow plant from from a cut cutting ting has h emplo employed, yed, knowingly or not. Ste Stem aree em ccells ells ar present present when cut cuttings tingss ccan an ttake ake rroot. oot. The trick ffor meetup bee o or the me eetup will b oth the distribution to identif identify both fy b d methods methods and materia materials als that will allow the leaf ccells ellls to gr grow ow together ccorrectly. orrectlyy. On ne p ossibility together One possibility n molecular is a technique used in gastronomy suspends gastr onomy that susp ends a liquid within little litttle t spher spheres—in es— —in this ccase, ase,

es. So far thousandss of tin tinyy spher spheres. far,, the meetup ’s bioprinter b has had suc cess meetup’s success printing bacteria b ccells. ells. “We don’t “W We don n’t want want to ccompete ompete with the biome biomedical,” edical,”” D’haeseleer sa says. ayys. The meetu meetup’s up’s work is pur purely ely ffor o or scientific fun. f Alr eadyy, the group group has made Already, aavailable vvailable a how-to ffor o or its bioprinter (instruct ab m//id/DIY Y--BioPrinter/). ( Its original i i l mo d l is del i delib d liberately l model deliberately DIY DIY, Y, a Fran Frankenstein’s nkenstein’s monster of parts gleaned from par ts glean ned fr om other machines, machines, framework including the t frame work of an old printer from inkjet prin nter and the motor fr om drive. Cable an old CD driv e. C able ties strap parts—and down a ccouple uple par ou ts—and is that block wood a blo ck of wo w od down at the base? printer doesn’t The printe er do esn’t cost cost much to make—D’haeseleer about mak ke—D’h haeseleer estimates ab out group parts $150—and d the gr oup tried to use par ts rreadily eadily aavailable vvaailable so that others might bioprinters.. build theirr own home bioprinters sleekest The sleek kest thing about about the whole rig Plexiglas top,, laser-etched is its thick Ple xiglas top laserr-etched logo was with the lo ogo “BioCurious. “BioCurious.” That w aas custom-made Tech custom-ma ade at The T ech e Shop. Shop. first incarnation, In its fir rst inc arnation,, the printer employed emplo yed a rrecycled ecyyccled inkjet ccartridge artridge distribute However, to distribu ute ccells. ells. Howe ver, the parts the aree eevolving, par ts ffor o or th he bioprinter ar volving, partt to the cconventional thanks in par p on nventional group oup won after 3D printerr that the gr achieving success: achie ving an a initial suc cess: printing fluorescent shapee fluor escen nt E. ccoli oli ccells ells in the shap BioCurious logo. Now of the BioC Curious lo go. N ow the upgrades meetup is making up grades to some printer’s parts. Fine of the prin nter’s par ts. F ine needles have already ha ave alr eady rreplaced eplaced the inkjet head printer he ad and the ssyringe-holder yringe-holder b ox that vvolunteers olunteers just designed will box rreplace eplace an unsteady arrangement of plates screws. plastic plat tes and scr ews. about It has ttaken a en ab ak out ttwo wo yyears ears to cconstruct onstru uct a bioprinter that bacteria prints bact teria ccells—not ells—not that long,, cconsidering progress onsidering that the pr long ogress BioCurious project of the Bio Curious pr oject rrelies elies members’ strictly on n memb ers’’ aavailability vailabilit v y whatever and whate ever knowledge (whether it’s biology, it ’s biolo gy, engineering, engineering, ccomputer omputer sciencee or design) the theyy bring to the scienc lab t weekly meetup is an lab.. Plus Plus,, the all-volunteer endeavor. allll volunte l eer endea d avor. Elsewhere, Else wheere, bioprinting has already become partt of an industr industry: alr eady b e ome par ec y: biomedical engineering.. biomedic a engineering al

How Ho w IItt W Works oorks The idea of o “printing” a vit vital al or organ gan

19 candidate candidate to t b become ecome the first bioprinted ccomplex omplex or organ gan to b bee transplanted transplanteed into a human. But as Wake Forest University’s Wake F orest e U niversity’s Institute for Regenerative fo or R eegeneerative Medicine director director Anthony Atala says, Anthony A tala sa ayys, “It is rreally eally impossible predict impossible to pr edict when this technology bee aavailable technology would b vvailable to patients thr through clinical trials.” ough clinic al trials .” He estimates estimattes it will ttake ake at least a decade, likely d ade dec d , “and “ nd “an d lik ely l much h longer llonger.” .” One major hurdle majjor hur dle scientists face intricate blood face is building build ding the intric ate blo od vessel networks keep vessel net w works needed to k eep an organ efforts organ alive. alive. “In eff ffo orts to engineer solid or organs kidneyy and gan ns such as the kidne liver,” Atala, liver,” says saayys A tala, “it is a challenge to incorporate large number incorporrate the lar ge numb er of ccells ells rrequired equ uired and to engineer a vascular ssystem keep ysstem that ccan an k eep the structures theyy integrate structures aliv aalivee until the with body implantation.” i h the h b ody d after ft iimplant l ation.” i ”

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is lif lifesaving. fesa e avving. Ov Over er 120,0 120,000 000 p people eople are on the Organ are Organ Pr Procurement ocurement and Transplantation Transplant ation N Network etwork w w waiting aiting United States (98,142 list in the U nited St atees (9 8,142 need kidneys need livers), kidne ys and 15,839 nee ed liv ers),, and many moree who need transplants man ny mor don’t qualify because risks,, don ’t qualif fy b ecause of o health risks bodily such as the risk of b odily d rrejection. ejection. kidneyy fr from one’s By printing a kidne rom one ’s organ moree lik likely own ccells, ells, the or gan is mor ely to bee ac accepted byy the body t b cepted t db th b ody d and d th thus normally. function normally y. Ass rrecently fivee years A ecently as fiv years ago, ago, experts experts possibility mused on the p ossibilitty of printing structures internal structur es like like heart heart valves valves likee the pancr pancreas, or ccomplex omplex ssystems ystems lik eas, heart, or eeven ven a ccomplete omplete hea art,, on demand patient’s and with a patient ’s own ow wn ccells. ells. The technology potential technology has the p ottential to way view rrevolutionize evolutionize the w ay we w vie w not organ transplants,, but drug only or gan transplants surgery rresearch, esearch, h, ccosmetic osmetic i sur g y and ger d eeven ven spacee tra travel. spac avel. e theory, Though similar in th eory, 3D different bioprinting is vastly diff ffeerent from ff from the 3D printing which has h eexploded xplo x ded popularity past in p opularitty in the pas st ffew ew years. yeears. Standard varietyy of St andard 3D printing uses u a variet inorganic (mostly inor ganic materials (mo ostly plastics) to print eeverything from bobbleheads verything fr om mb obbleheads to handguns handguns.. One ccannot ann not simply print structure out a living tissue struct ture at home CAD drawing with i h a downloaded d l d dC AD dra d aw wing i and d MakerBot printer.. a Mak erBot home 3D printer p modern bioprinter looks A mo dern 3D bioprin nter lo oks somewhat some what similar to a cconventional on nventional it’s 3D printer eexcept xcept it ’s larger, larrger, has much moree cir circuitry mor cuitry and usess multiple nozzles—one printing noz zles—one ffor o or modeling modeling material,, ccalled alled “hydrogel, “h hydr d ogel, g ” and others ccontaining ontaining ccells ells ccalled alled “bioink. “b bioink.” Much likee BioCurious’’ printer, lik printerr, early versions veersions ccannibalized annibalized inkjet ccartridges, artridges t , which weree cleaned and sterilized, wer steriliized,, because because human ccells bee roughly ells happen happen to b roughly the droplets same size as older ink dr d oplets (new (new aree too ink ccartridges artridges ar too fine fin ne ffor o or this). Sincee living tissue is ccomposed Sinc omposed of many different man ny ccell ell ttypes, ypes, the di ffeerent print ff heads eexpel xpel the ccorrect orrectt amount of specific along a sp ecific ccell ell ttype ype alon ng with the biodegradable hydrogel bio degradable h ydrogeel to hold it in place. biogel structure creates plac e. The bio gel struc ture cr eates skeleton sorts, scaffold, a sk eleton of sor ts, ccalled allled a sc aff ffo old, oncee th the grow which degrades onc he ccells ells gr ow shape. into the right shap e. The T trick is to scaffold find the right sc aff ffo old material m that support different organ, will supp ort each diff ffeer e ent or gan, promote growth pr omote ccell ell gr owth and a degrade time.. after the right amountt of time Because Because its ccells ells rregenerate egeenerate liver likely on their own,, the liv err is a lik ely

Growing vvs. Growing s. P Printing rinting Twelve T welv w e yyears eearrs ago ago,, Wak Wakee F Forest orest University’s U nivveersittyy’s Institute ffor o or R Regenerative eegenerativve Medicine,, based Medicine b in W Winston-Salem, iinston-Salem, N N.C., .C.,, w was as th the he first gr group oup in the world to suc successfully cessfu ully implant a lab lab-grown -grown bl dde in bladder i a human. h The samee gr ggroup oup announced announc ed d in 2011 that it had gr grown own a miniatur miniaturee liv liver, er, one inch in diameter diameter,, that functio functions, ons, at least in the lab lab,, as a human liv liver e do er does. es. So if or organs gaans ccan an simply b bee gr grown own in a lab lab,, wh what’s hat’s the fuss ab about out 3D printing? Wh W Why hy not just get some ccells ells in a P Petri etri di dish ish and p pour our in the ccellular ellular Miracle Gr Grow? o ow? W Well, eell,, ffor or p o perspective, erspectivve, the first kid kidne kidneyy tran transplant nsplant l fr ffrom om a living li i donor happ happened pened a mer meree 59 yyears ears ago, ago, with se several vera e al unsuc unsuccessful cessful at attempts tttempts preceding pr eceding it it. t. Gr Growing owing a ccomplex omplex or organ gan from fr om stem ccells ells and then making it function no normally ormally when ho hooked oked up to the hum human man b body ody will ttake ake time to get right. A Ass the pr process ocess is p perfected, erfected, e it will need d to b become ecome ccontinuously ontinuously faster and mor m moree str streamlined, eamlined,, b because ecause organ-transplant or gan-transsplant patients’’ time is li i d As limited. As Wake Wak ke Forest’s Forest’s website b i puts it, “One cha challenge allenge is to learn to gr grow ow billions of li liver iver ccells ells at one time in order or der to en engineer gineer liv livers ers lar large ge enough ffor or o patients patients. s.” This is wher wheree bioprinting ccomes omes in.


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LEAFING L E A FING OUT OU T V Volunteers o olunteers in a meetup at BioCuri BioCurious ous in Sunnyvale built their own bioprinterr out of repurposed parts parts, s, inclu including uding the motor from an old CD drive. The meetup hopes to print an arti artificial ificial leaf capable of photosynthesis. photosynthesis.



Atala, A tala,, a rresearcher esearcher att the fforefront o orefront of tissue-engineering tech hnology, eexplains xplains tissue-engineering technology, the painst aking pr ocesss of the 20 01 painstaking process 2001 breakthrough. bladder br eakthrough. “The bladder scaffold sc aff ffo old w was aas fashioned b byy hand and the ccells ells wer weree applied b byy hand with a pip pipette, etttte,” he says. saayys. “W “With Wiitth 3D printing printing,, our goal is to mak ocess mor makee thiss pr process moree precise. pr ecise. The sc scaffold aff ffo old wo would ould b bee printed using dat dataa from from a patie patient’s ent’s medic medical al scans, sc ans, and the ccomputer omputeer ccontrols ontrols the placement plac ement of ccells. ells. Thiss allows ffor o or the placement multiple eexact xact plac ement of mu ultiple ccell ell ttypes. yp y es.” words, makes In other wor ds, 3D printing p mak kes e an eexact xact rreplica eplica of a pat patient’s tient’s own organ or gan using his or her own o ccells. ells. It does do es this fast,, with no br b breaks, eaks, and with precise pr ecise eexecution—like xecution—like an assembly organs. line ffor o or or gans.

Drugs & Sur Surgery rgery 15795 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos


As the only publicly trad As traded ded bioprinting ccompany, ompan ny, San Diego–based Diego–baased Or Organovo gano ovo has b been een making the most m headlines i the in h iindustr industry. d y. In I A April April, ill,l, Or O Organovo rgano g ovo announced printed announc ed it had printe ed a 1mm-thick functioning human liv liver, ver er, which had lived liv ved e ffor or o almost a week. “It gr grew ew to about have ab out ttwice w wice as thick as we w would ha ave says spokesman Mike Renard. eexpected, xxpected,” sa ays y sp ok keesmaan Mik ke R eenard. By printing ccells ells that gr grew rew into blo blood od vvessels, eessels, in addition to on ones nes that mak make ke

the liv liver veer fun function, nction, “it allowed nutrients to go deep deeper e in than would normally b er bee the ccase, aase,” says saayys R eenard. Renard. Though this is still far aaway way from from being implantable it’s b eing impl lantable in a human,, it ’s a facet big step in another fac et of bioprinting: drug rresearch. esearrch. Organovo’s Or ganovo’s ffocus ocus right now is living making liv ving tissue ffor o or use in pharmaceutical specifically pharmac eu utical rresearch, esearch,, sp ecifically about 5,000 ccancer ancer drugs. druggs. Only ab out one in 5,0 00 currently development drugs curr e ently in de veelopment will mak make ke it to mark market, et,, with an aaverage verage per product ccost ost of $1.2 2 billion p er pr oduct and development. 12 yyears ears e in de veelopment. elopment If drug weree able to test pr prototypes ccompanies ompaniess wer otottyypes specific, tissue,, on sp ecific, living human tissue money produce time and mone m ey needed to pr oduce effective pharmaceuticals bee eff ffeectivve ph harmaceuticals would b significantly. “Many rreduced educed sig gnificantlyy. “Man ny drugs after theyy get into humans humans,,” fail only aft fter the says Renard. ability sa ays y R eenard. d The abilit ty to work on living,, hum human make good living man tissue “helps mak ke go od decisions ab aabout out saf safety feetty and effic efficacy acy process. early in thee pr ocess.” TeVido BioDevices, Austin, T eV eVido id i BioDe Bi B Devvic i es, in i A ustin, u i , Texas, Texxas, area is ffocused ocused on o another ar ea of tissue structures: surgery. Led byy structur es: reconstructive reconstructivve sur gery. L ed b Dr.. Thoma Thomas University Texas Dr as Boland,, U nivveersitty of T n exas x Paso in El P aso faculty f facult ty member member and one of the ffounding o oun nding fathers of bioprinting technology, technolo gy, the ccompany ompan ny is hoping its breast pay off. work on br reast tissue will pa ay off ff.


The video shows gly a stunning stunningly lo fi versio on of lo-fi version terr, a bioprint bioprinter, literally a home rinter desktop pr printer with the cover c i removed, its guts t modifi difi ifi d ified modified to save liv ves lives instead off to print tax forms f hour,, ttaking body’s within an hour aking on o the b ody’s natural functions after implant iimplantation. ation. being byy the “The rreal eal work is b eing done d b says Collins. “We have ccells, ells,” sa ayys C ollins. “W We jjust ust ha ave to put them in the right environment so they en nvvironment o theey want do..” do what we w aant them to do This is go good news breast od ne ws ffor o or br east ccancer ancer riskpatients and those with h the risk kinherent BRCA mutation, was inher ent BR RCA mut atio on,, which w aas brought public br ought to the wider pu ublic eeye ye when actress chose have actr ess Angelina JJolie olie ch hose to ha ave preventative mastectomy a pr eveentativve double mastectom m my discovering percent after disc overing e she had d an 87 p ercent chancee of de developing breast It’s chanc veloping e br reast ccancer. ancer. It ’s good news plastic surgeons: also go od ne ws ffor o or plast tic sur geons: bee done to rreplace what’s what ccan an b ep place what ’s been bee done to add been rremoved emo oved ccan an also b what’s perceived bee lacking lacking.. to what ’s p erceivveed to b TeVido was $150,000 TeV eViido w as a aawarded waarded a $150,0 00 from Small ffederal eederal grant fr om Sma all Business

Innovation Inno ovvation nR Research eesearch this yyear. eear. It reads, reads, “The rresults esults of this rresearch esearch will help the field move mo ove tow towards ards lar larger, ger, clinic clinically ally relevant potentially relevant tissues tisssues and p otentially whole organs. organs. Thee ccommercial ommercial impacts of this rresearch bee the aavailability esearch h will b vvailabilitty of an autologous autolo ogous option ffor o or women in the lucra lucrative ativve $10 billion market mark keet for fo or breast breast augmentation. augm mentation.”

Burn V B Victims i i ictims Rejoice Rejoic ce The team at a Wak Wakee F Forest orest is also directly working on n printing skin ccells ells dir ectly onto burn victims v with se severe vere injuries who other w might need skin grafts wise otherwise culled fr om m their back or but tto t cks. from buttocks. K yyle Binder r, a lab scientist at Wak ke Kyle Binder, Wake F orest’s Armed Arm med F orces Institute of Forest’s Forces R eegenerativve Medicine, Medicine, explains explains in a Regenerative video fr om L ab TV that the pr ocess from Lab process in nvolvvees ““taking taking a a normal desktop ink kinvolves inkjet printer a yyou ou load the ccartridge artridge printer,, and with ccells ells in nstead of ink,, and just using instead the normall metho d . . . yyou ou ccan o an print method out human n tissue instead of ink.” The video o shows a stunningly lo -fi vversion eersion n of a bioprinter lo-fi bioprinter,, literally a home deskt top printer with the ccover over desktop rremoved, emoveed,, it ts guts mo dified to sa ave liv es its modified save lives i te d of tto instead o print i t ttax ax fforms. o orms. Burns B ccan an ac countt ffor o or 10 to 30 p ercent of all account percent ccasualties asualties o n a bat tttlefield,, henc on battlefield, hencee the Arm y’s inte erest in the technolo gy, but Army’s interest technology, it will also b o or tr eating bee able useful ffor treating burn victims victim ms onsite, like like firefighters firefighters or on-site, other emer rgency p ersonnel. emergency personnel. How it works w is pr ettty simple: a pretty ccamera amera sc an ns the wound,, making a 3D scans map with la asers, and a ccomputer omputer sor ts lasers, sorts out wher a what to print onto wheree and the h skin. ki Th h wound he d is i filled, fill d, and— d The pr esto—thee ccells ells gr ow into ne w skin. presto—the grow new Though thiss alr eady sounds futuristic already futuristic,, the video off this demonstration is thr ee three yyears ears e old. Si ince then,, the Wak ke F orest Since Wake Forest team has up pdated the machine and has updated had suc cess working on mic e, closing success mice, a wound in n ttwo w wo weeks that normally ttakes ak kees fiv w to heal. Most human fivee weeks victims of burns b that se ver e e will die severe within ttwo w wo weeks due to inf feection. infection.

Lifee onn Mar Lif Marss Sculptor an and nd NYU ar artt pr professor offeessor R Robert o obert Michael Sm Smith mith is also in involved nvolvveed in advancing bioprinting b technolo technology, gy, but


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Recovery R eecover e y fr from om lump lumpectomy e my or ectom mastectomy mastectom my sur surgery gery is often o a painful process, pr ocess, ph physically hyysically and emotionally eemotionally. y. A Ass far as rreconstructive econstructive surgery, surrgery, “right now, there’s good now w, ther e’s rreally eally no go ood option,” says Collins, vicee saayys Scott Scottt C ollins, TeVido’s TeV eVid ido’s vic president development. pr esident of rresearch esearch and an nd de velopment. e The b best may est scenario scenario ma ay include in nclude a tissue graft fr from patient’s om a patie ent’s belly, bellyy, but that doesn’t nipple areola doesn’t allow nippl le or ar eola doesn’t rreconstruction, econstruction, t ti , and d it do d oesn’t rreact eactt or feel TeVido feeel the same. same. T eeV Viido is working on process from a pr ocess in which livingg tissue fr om patient’s bee printed a patient ’s own ccells ells ccould ou uld b shapee sp to eexact xact size and shap sspecifications ecifications metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013



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not ffor o or obvious obvious rreasons. easonss. “I want want a to be be sculpturee on the first sculptor with a sculptur Mars,, eexcept Mars xc x ept that it willl b bee a cr created eated living fform, o orm,” says saayys the artist, artist, t , who ccounts ounts Mont gomery High H Scho ol and Montgomery School olleege among his Sant osa o JJunior unior C Santaa R Rosa College alma maters hose work w aas maters.. Smith,, wh whose was ffeatured eatur e ed at Healdsbur g s Hammerfriar g’ Hammerfriar Healdsburg’s Galler eearr, has alr eady Galleryy earlier this yyear, already designed and printed 3D D sculptur es sculptures ffor or o this thi purp ose, even eveen iintegrating in ntegrating t ti purpose, living ccells ells using a bioprinter bioprrinter lik ke the like one at Wak ke Forest. Forest. Hi is hop Wake His hopee is to use the technolo gy with hiss own DNA to technology

‘‘Medical Medical technolog technology gy is getting g g a lot more com complex mplex very quick quickly, kly y, and we we’re ’re e kind of overloa overloading ading the system system’ m’ p erform o tests on living g, human cells cells perform living, during spac t Mars spacee missions to Mars.. This would,, in a w ay, make mak ke him h the first way, human b eing to tra avel e to Mars. Mars. being travel eached out to t Dr tala, Smith rreached Dr.. A Atala, who w aas receptive receptive to the t idea. “When was yyou ou ar xploring ne w vvenues enues in aree eexploring new scienc e, yyou ou alw ays y have haave to break break science, always thr ough do gma,” sa ayys A tala in a through dogma, says Atala discussion with Smith on Y ouT o ube. YouTube. A tala sa ayys the idea is possible possible with Atala says curr ent technolo gy, th hough it would current technology, though b “expensive pr oposition.” bee an “expensive proposition. Smith sa ayys his vision n includes a says vversion ersion of Wak Foresst’s bioprinter Wakee Forest’s ffor or fur o ther eexperiments xperimen nts on the R eed further Red Planet. Like Like testing ne ew treatments treatments new in drug rresearch, esearch,, Smith Smith sees the possibilitty of evaluating evaluatin ng the eff ffeects possibility effects prolonged spac sspacee travel traavel of intense intense,, prolonged ellular le vel using usin ng living tissue on a ccellular level ssystems ystems cr eated with a bioprinter created bioprinter.. “Wh hy should an ny sentient sentient cr eature b “Why any creature bee sacrific ed when we ccan an n be be cr eating sacrificed creating ph hyysical simulators?”” he h asks, asks, citing physical rreports eports of p eople alr eaady signed people already up ffor o or a one -way “suicide “suiccide mission one-way mission”” to study the planet ’s potential potential planet’s ffor or o ccolonization. olonization. “Hum man b “Human beings eings

are are going to t do whate whatever ver human beings aree going to do do,,” sa says b eings ar ays y Smith. “Whether I’m I in involved volved or not,, this is going to mo m ve fforward. orward.” o move

LLaws aws & Regulations Regulations Due to thee U United nited St States’ ates’’ rregulatory egulatory insurancee billing ccodes, ssystem ystem and d insuranc odes, C Collins ollins sa says ayyss T TeVido’s eeV Viido’s br breast-tissue eastt-tissue likely bee implemented rresearch esearch h is i lik keely l to b i l d in the ccosmetic osm metic mark market keet b before effo ore the medical industry medic al ind dustry is able to ttake ake full advant advantage age of it. C Collins ollins estimates procedures that ccosmetic osmeetic pr ocedures using this technolo technology gy ccould ould b bee ttaking aking plac placee FDA within 10 yyears, eears, while the FD A is looking clinical lo oking at clinic al trials and making technology up its mind d on using the technolo gy medical applications. “Medical in medic al applic ations. “Medic al technology getting moree technolo gy is get ttting a lot mor quickly, we’re ccomplex omple l x vvery e y quickly er i kly, and d we ’ e kind ’r ki d overloading Collins says. of o verload ding the ssystem, ystem,” C ollins sa ayys. tortoise-like Waitingg ffor or o the tor toise-like government-approval process go vernmen nt-approval pr ocess to means meantime,, finalize me eans that,, in the meantime there’s moneyy ccoming ther e’s no mone oming in. One way license w ay to ccombat om mbat this is to lic ense the technology technolo gy ffor o or use in other ccountries. ountries. says Collins, “That is nott ideal,” sa ayys C ollins, “but it’s way many it ’s the w ay man ny ccompanies ompanies work in spacee right now. this spac r now w.” ago,, Hangzhou JJust ust a ffew ew months ago University announced Dianzi U niivveersitty in China announc ed made it had mad de a 3D tissue printer successfully that suc cessfully printed functional miniaturee liv miniatur lliver ver e samples and ear orthopedic surgeon ccartilage. aartilage. An A or thopedic sur geon in California Southern C aliffo ornia is working on a technique in iinvolving nvo olving printing ccartilage ar a tilage from patient’s fr om a pati ient’s own ccells ells that might dangerous eeventually ventually rreplace eplace danger ous and spinal-fusion surgery. limiting spi inal-fusion sur gery. And perhaps most promising, p erhaps m ost pr omisingg, a ccompany ompan ny New engineered in N ew England En ngland rrecently ecently engineer ed a kidney produced urine-like small kidne ey that pr oduced a urine -lik ke substance steer.. subst ance when w implanted in a steer technology here. It’s The techno ology is her e. It ’s just in the sure it’s safe” “making sur re it ’s saf fe” phase. phase. Oncee thee technolo technology bee Onc gy is shown to b safe, happen saf fe, which h is on track to happ en in lifetime, our lif feetim me, new new organs organs will appear appear moree often than fr from out of thin n air mor om human. another hu uman. The “organ “organ donor” drivers’ application section on a driv ers’’ license license applic ation become whimsical nod ccould ould b ecome o a whimsic al no d to the waiting past. The w aaiting list ffor o or transplants bee el eliminated. ccould ould b liminated. bioprinting,, In the world w of 3D bioprinting survival bee a p point sur vival ccould o ould b oint and click away. away y.

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Is Is your Asthma Asthma uncontrolled uncontro olled with with current medicaĆ&#x;on? medicaĆ&#x;on? If If yyes, es, your current please consider consider pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;ng pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;ng in a please clinical trial tteĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺśg eĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺśg an an clinical inveĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺ?Ä‚Ć&#x;ŽŜal oral oral medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ for for inveĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺ?Ä‚Ć&#x;ŽŜal Asthma. Asthma. Stu dy m edicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ & sstudy tudy vi sits are are Study medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ visits p rovided at n o cost. cost. provided no C ompenĆ?Ä‚Ć&#x;on m ay b e av vailable ffor or CompenĆ?Ä‚Ć&#x;on may be available your pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;Ĺ˝ĹśÍ˜ pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;Ĺ˝ĹśÍ˜ Associates ates of Santa Clara Valley Research Resea arch Center Allergy & Asthma Associa 4050 Moorpark Ave., Suite 6 6DQ-RVH&$‡(408)5530709 6DQ-RVH  &$  ‡ (408)5530709

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Henry’s Hi-Life

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Nick Rivelli



MORNING PERSON John Pol opened The Griddle to offer more breakfast options in Santa Clara.

Breakfast Club


ho’s going to skip the most important meal of the day when it’s not only easier to find, but also sharing a menu with burgers? John Pol and his family, longtime proprietors of A Good Morning in THE REAL THING The pizza at Terrone Loscomes Altos,with brought some of approval. their morning mojo east and a seal of Italian opened The Griddle. Since the beginning of October, Pol and chef Hugo Montano have been serving breakfast as well as classic and fusion burgers at the Santa Clara eatery

Pizza Purity


METRO: YOU ALREADY OWN A BREAKFAST/LUNCH OFFERING IN LOS ALTOS, LOT TO of START dishes have an organization Pol: I'm from the Midwest, WHAT MADEOT YOUAWANT THE GRIDDLE? preserving Cincinnati,dedicating and when I to moved out here their about historical five years ago there were authenticity. or atinleast no real American breakfastPizza places,does, especially SantaNeapolitan Clara. There's coffee pizza—the modern of pizzaIndian, which I love, shops, but there'soriginal no breakfast. Thereversion was Vietnamese, I like the came different cultures and cuisines, but there was The just no American. that out of Naples, Italy, in the 1800s.

Napoletana, FORorganization, THOSE WHO HAVEAssociazione EATEN AT A GOOD Verace MORNING,Pizza ARE YOU DIFFERENT? THE hands out certifications to restaurants all over the Morning A Good SAME? HOW DO YOU COMPARE TO YOUR SISTER RESTAURANT? meet their very specific guidelines as to has world a biggerthat menu, the market is a little different, the clientele is a little different, more of a breakfast-lunch place. We have a little more whatits constitutes a genuine Neapolitan pizza. Here emphasis burgers weajust happenoftorestaurants be a breakfastare place too. in theonBay Area,here, only handful so BURGERS certified. One ofOFthem, Terrone Pizzeria, a casual SO THE ARE MORE YOUR FOCUS HERE? Right. We offer traditional upscale joint, in Palo burgers, but we workwas withopened the chef a tofew makeweeks fusion ago burgers too. We have Banh Mi by burger which is like aall Vietnamese some with a Alto three friends, of whomburger. wereThere's born in Mexican influence. Just some unique ones that you wouldn't be able to get Southern Italy. from other restaurants. Generally, what defines a true Italian pizza is its lightness. The BESIDES FUSIONthe BURGERS, HOW YOU THINK YOU ARE DIFFERENT crustTHE is thinner, toppings areDO sparser and the ingredients are allTHAN For one, we don't even have OTHER BREAKFAST OR BURGER JOINTS? very basic. Rather than the heavy, doughy concoction familiar toa freezer here.Americans, Some restaurants, a lot of stuff around, butwill a lotleave of it is frozen. pizza in they Italy keep is considered a light dish that We one don'ta little freezehungry anything. We do everything house-made here. Our onion rings after leaving the dinner table. are fresh our fried-chicken is battered here, everything Tobattered, obtain the coveted certification, a restaurant must meetis our own marinades. The local farmers market is where gethow all our many criteria, such as what ingredients arewe used, thefruit pizzaand vegetables from. We also have vegan offerings, which is unusual for a burger is prepared, what kind of oven it’s cooked in and more. Terroneplace. passed tests.LIKE TheyTHAT knead dough byAS hand and letTHINGS it rise AND NOT DINERS CANall BEthe FUNNY AT their TIMES, AS FAR FREEZING naturally over a 24-hour period before popping it into a brick oven, keep HAVING THE FRESHEST FOOD. Yeah, we'd rather keep it smaller and where it is fully cooked in about 90 seconds. The crust is crispy andmore everything fresh. I'm used to the places in the Midwest that are like a farm, they have a rustic feel. And a lot of burger places are very industrial. We want it to feel more like home.—Nick Rivelli THE GRIDDLE 2209 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara. Mon-Fri, 7am-3pm, Sat, 8am-3pm, Sun, 8am-2pm. 408.988.8803.


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Events E vents aare re ffree ree aand nd ffor or aall ll aages ges uunless nless ootherwise ther wise n noted oted

Wed W eed 12 12/11 2/11 | 7:30pm - W Wax ax a W Wednesdays eednesdays - E Eclectic cclectic Vinyl Viinyl DJ Night Niight Magician, Hills, Thurs 12/12 | 9pm - Mrs. M a agician, Them H ills, i Nick Nick i Reinhart Rei einhart of Tera Tera e Melos Melos e s (Indie) (IIndie) n Fri F ri 12/ 12/13 /13 | 9pm - Rin T Tin in i T Tiger, iiggerr, The SShe's, he's, h Piranha Party Piranha i Paarty (I (Indie) Indie) n Sat S at 12/ 12/14 /14 | 8pm - M Mike iike O Olmos lmoos Q Quartet uar u tet ((Jazz) Jaazz) Sun S un 12 12/15 2/15 | 8pm - Open JJazz azz a z SSession ession e with The Eulipions Eu ulipions ((Jazz) Jaazz) Mon M on 12/16 12/16 | 7 - 9pm - SSarah aarahh A Alli lli (Folk) (F Foolk) NEW YEAR’S EVE TUES TUESDAY DAY | DECEMBER 31 31

Terrie T eerrie Odabi Odabi featurin featuring ng Steve Stev t eT Turre u urrre

(Blues (B luees / Jazz) Jazz) T Tickets iickets $15 in adv advance vaancee at or $20 at the door | 8:30 8:30pm 0pm - 12:30am

374 3 74 S South outh F First irst S Street treet Downtown D owntown S San an JJose ose | S SoFA oFA D District i s t ri c t Across A cross the the street street from from the the California California Theater Theater

((408) 408) 280-6161 280-6161 | a f e s t ri t c h . c o m Sun S un 4 4pm-10pm pm-10pm p | M Mon-Tues on-Tues C CLOSED LOSED | W Wed-Sat ed-Sat 4 4pm-2am pm-2am

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Dan Zumsteg



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Foam Call


HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent BOURBON BRANCHING chef Michael Mina in the South Bay OUT with Celebrity Steins Beer Garden & announced a partnership at the new Levi’s Stadium that will Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to include a South Bay edition of Mina’s Bourbon Steak eatery. open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American comfort food crated by executive chef and Bay Area native Colby Reade. HE 49ERS’ new home may become one of the South Owner and South Bay native Ted Kim is a beer enthusiast; he tells me Bay’sisbest restaurant rows, and remake day that Steins a salute to the traditional German beer hallsgame and gardens, fare in the process. The menu at the new Levi’s which he experienced during his travels throughout Europe’s premier Stadium SantabyClara will include such reimagined beer Designed architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300comfort foods as Wagyu dogs and peanut butter crunch seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot outdoor patio. burgers.

In the Game


Ted, with his contagious positive energy, says that he can’t wait Last week, celebrity chef Michael Mina and the 49ers announced a for folks to check out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler” partnership that will bring three restaurants-in-one with Mina’s stamp next to the main bar. Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft to the new stadium. system—the tap handles are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft The stadium will be home to Bourbon Steak & Pub, a side-by-side lines and helping to keep the beer at the highest quality and freshness pub and steakhouse adapted from Mina's award-winning Bourbon levels. Having 30 draft beers is a manageable number for staff, Ted says: Steak restaurant, and Tailgate, a backyard barbecue-themed restaurant. “I want them to know exactly what we’re serving. I want to be able to Mina is a chef and author who, through his restaurant management give genuine beer recommendations, so ongoing beer education will be enterprise, Mina Group, has opened 18 restaurants, including three in important.” San Francisco alone. He’s also a 49ers fan and a longtime season ticket The food will have a local, farm-to-table emphasis according to holder. chef Reade, and everything will be made in-house, including breads The three Levi’s Stadium restaurants aren’t positioned to cater strictly and pretzels. Because of the generous kitchen space, there will also to stadium-goers. Bourbon Steak is primarily a dinner spot and will be in-house charcuterie, butchery and pickling programs. “We want host corporate events. Bourbon Pub, with its street access, aims to to make food as fresh as the beer is,” says Reade, who embraces beer’s become a lunch spot for the tech crowd. versatility in food pairing. On game days, Tailgate will take over the other eateries to become Some examples from the tidy menu of 25 items include pork belly a giant, members-only tailgate party. And it’s equipped for quite the party, with a 1,000-person capacity, 70 HD screens and a 13-foot-high rotisserie. (Attendance at tailgate parties is a perk available to season ticket holders who buy an annual Tailgate membership.) To heighten the friendly competition, for each Tailgate party, Mina will invite a chef from the opposing team’s hometown to dish up some of their own local fare. Mina himself will also cook an all-inclusive fivecourse meal for these tailgate parties. The restaurants were announced in a press conference complete with a performance by Gold Rush, the 49ers cheerleaders. The three new Mina restaurants are the latest additions intended to distinguish the stadium as a dining destination, and not just for fans. It will certainly help that many of its restaurants, including Mina's, will be open year-round instead of just on NFL Sundays. —Tad Malone


DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr oactive com | sanjo se com | metr osiliconvalley coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013


metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Stephen Layton Layton



*wed h hu w d *tthu


SAP Center, SAP Centerr, San n Jose Wed, $41.50-$345.76 W ed, $4 411.50-$3 345.76 album Jay Z’s latest alb bum Magna CCarta arta a Grail … Holy Gr rail a l, shows shows that like KKanye anye West, moving towardd West, Jay Z is mo oving towar larger-than-life production, larger-than-life pr oduction, and amphitheater-worthy tracks—and amphitheater-w worthy tr acks—and compared compared to hiss earlier work, diving into weir weirder samples der sam mples (including referencing Nirvana referencing Nir v vana and REM in his lyrics). It makes sense. Hip-hop has become stadium m music music, and Jay Z is the icon of thi thiss movement. But at his cor core, he’s e, he ’s all about the basics of hip-hop: beats, beatts, flow and clever wordplay. wordplay. Even when w he headlined Coachella, he ma managed anaged to make everyone feel weree in an feel like likke they wer intimate club, w watching atching him rrock ock the mic like it was (AC) waas 1993. (A C)


Iguanas, San Iguanas n Jose Thu, 8:30pm, 8:30pm m, free free Valley Silicon V alleyy has the richest zip (Atherton) code in the ccountry ountry (A therton) and large ge homeless a lar homeeless population— prosperity clearly the pr rosperity of the tech not promise boom has no ot kept its pr omise to addresses everyone. Rapper Rapper Society addr esses this disparityy head-on in the single West” project oject “Gold Out W e ” from est from his pr P.A.S.T. P .A.S.TT. D.U.E.. (which dropped dropped on Dec. 9). This event celebrates e celebr ates the project’s project’s release. releease. P P.A.S.T. .A.S.TT. D.U.E. has 11 tracks—10 tracks—10 0 songs and one poem. The beats are are raw raw and immediate, and the lyricss ar aree personal, political and quite heartfelt. heaartfelt. Society and DJ Malcolm Lee open the show with poetry and a capella performances, performances, followed followed by an a open mic, then

will perform Society w ill perf orm some cuts off of P P.A.S.T. .A.S.TTT.. D.U.E. (SL)

*fri f

KYLE K YLEE PELLET Empire Seven Empire S S Studios, tudios, San Jose Fri, 7pm, free free

created LLocal ocal artist artist KKyle yle Pellet Pellet cr eated some cool album m covers and flyers ffor or punk Shinobu Party, bands Shin nobu and Lemon P artyy, and Antwon rrappers appers An ntwon and Fat Tony. Tony o y. His cartoonish, surreal style is car rtoonish,, sur real and subtly disturbing.. For instance, disturbing instance, the cover ffor or Party’s Lemon P arty’s Mannish W Water ater a r finds a band of an animal-monster nimal-monster blobs putting on a show show, apparent w, to the appar ent fright of tiny hum human presents man heads.. He pr esents his new exhibit exxhibit “Spooky “Spooky Action” Action” at Empire Empire Seven Sevven SStudios tudios (his second there) exploree memory memory, there) where wheere he’ll he’ll explor y, relationships energy relationships and ener gy in 50

gouachhe paintings. The vibrant, gouache vibrant,, velvety quality of gouache (an opaque type watercolor) of wate ercolor) emphasizes the simple bizarreness Pellet’s bizar reness e of P ellet’s work. (AC) (AC)

HANNAH MAY HANNAH MA AY ALL LISON ALLISON Red Ro Rock ock Coff Coffee ee Company Company, y, Mount tain View Mountain Fri, 8pm, 8p pm, fr free ee Nashville Nashvil lle singer-songwriter Hannah Allison May All lison brings some beautiful from genre’s countryy songs right fr om the genr e’s Area. aree capital to the Bay Ar ea.. Her tunes ar production, simple in pr oduction,, and done with Southern a South hern flair rreminiscent eminiscent of Alison Krauss. Kr auss. Like many country singers auss. before her,r, Allison sings about finding bef ore her experiencing love,, ex xperiencing loss and finding her place inn the world.. Her newest song, “Stay,” gorgeous, bare-bones, “S tayy,,”” is i a gor geous,, bar e-bones, melancholy melanc choly acoustic song about honoring honorin ng the ffew ew people that stick around person’s life, ar oundd in a person ’s lif e, when so many leave when w the going gets tough.. (AD)

*satt SO SOUR OUR MA MASH SH HUG H UG B BAND AND Blaackbird Annex Blackbird Sat, Sat t, 9pm, Old-timey Old d-timey jazz and ffolk olk music hass been making a comeback in thee past ffew ew years, but the Sour Mash already Ma sh Hug Band have alr eady been moree than a decade, bee en at it ffor or mor starting Oregon sta rting out in Or egon as a jug band, train-hopping ban nd, busking and tr ain-hopping all over the nation. These days y they’re the ey’re living in Oakland and playy actual venues. Their sets pla cabaret, now w include classic jazz cabar et, klezmer, gypsy-folk, klez zmer, gypsy-f olk, Dixieland and bluegrass. It’s blu egrass. It ’s a trip through through all traditional thee tr aditional pre-WWII pre-WWII genres genres across acr oss the American and European European musical mu usical landscape. (AC) (AC)

oncerts * cconcerts


Dec 11 at SSAP AP Center

DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | me | sanjose | metr


BLIND D BO BOYS OYS OF ALAB ALABAMA AMA Dec 12 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


THE TH HE LE LEGEND GEND OF ZELD ZELDA A Decc 14 at 7:30 7:30pm, 0pm, City National Civic (f (formerly o ormerly San Jose Civic)




WILD JJAM AM Dec 15 at SSAP AP Center

JUDY JUD Y COLLINS COLLINS Dec 16 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

THE TERRA TERRACOTTA T COTT TA PRINCE Dec De ec 1818-22 22 at Flint Center

TOWER T OWER W OF PO POWER/WAR WER/W WA AR Dec 228 8 at City National Civic

THE T HE ROADSHOW ROADSHOW 2 2014 014 Jan 16 at SSAP AP Center







Streetlight Recor Streetlight Records, ds, San Jose J Sat, 4pm, fr free ee

Hedley Club, San Jose free Sat, 8pm, fr ee

Brookings those David Br ookings is one of th ose who’s indie singer-songwriters wh ho’s got chops, everything—the musical ch hops, songwriting the voice and the songwritin ng skills—but fame. fame. He’s He’s been trucking along since his first album in n 2000, through rrecorded ecorded in Virginia, Virginia, moving thr ough wheree he was a to tour Memphis wher our guide landing at Sun SStudio, tudio, and finally lan nding sixth in San Jose in 2009. His sixt h album, The Maze, a New W Wave/ a ave/ psychedelic-pop gem, gem was released released in October. overlooked: October. And not to be ove erlooked: the man rrecorded Beatles ecorded all 209 Be eatles songs in 209 days on YouTube, YouTTub ube, some Beatlesspeculate as a gift to the Be eatlesloving Steve Steve Jobs, who hired hiredd him to build up iTunes’ iTTuunes’ early blues and a rrock ock & roll roll library. libraryy. (SL)

located The Hedley LLounge, ounge, loca ated Anza, in historic Hotel De Anz za, has rretained etained its classic art deco d charm, perfect location making it a perf ect loca ation ffor or an holiday old-school kind of holid day event: the 8th annual Swingin’ Swingin’ With Sinatra. Sinatr a. This tribute to Ol’ O Blue spinning Eyes ffeatures eatures DJs spinn ning vinyl Sinatraa and Rat Pack rrecords ecords of Sinatr R P ack crowd tunes and a dapper cr ow wd sipping aree invited to on martinis. Guests ar dress swell dr ess to the nines in sw well vintage attiree or something swa swank from attir ank fr om era—in anyy case, the the modern er a—in an dress encouraged fformal ormal dr ess code is enc couraged enforced. but not strictly enf orcedd. (AD)

*su sunn *wed w WILD JAM JAM M

SAP S AP Center C Center, t r, San S Jos JJose se Sun, 7pm, $20-$97.50 $20-$977..5 50 Anyone listening to hhip-hop ip-hop and adio in the pastt couple R&B rradio months knows how big b this show is. Cole’s been Headliner JJ.. Cole ’s bee en all over the “Crooked place with “Power “Power Trip” Trip r p” and “Cr ooked co-headliner Smile,”” and co-headli ner Ariana Grande’s Way” Gr ande’s single “The W ay” went double platinum. Pittsburgh Pittssburgh indie rrapper apper Mac Miller hass yet to have a big hit himself (he was waas featured featured on “The Way”), Way”), but with production production on from his latest album fr om m Diplo, Tyler, Tyylerr, The Creator, Pharrell, Cr eatorr, Flying LLotus otus and a Phar rell, definitely the 21-year-old is defi finitely making waves. Also playing: Iggy Igggy Azalea, Kid Ink (of “Show Me” Me” ffeat. eat. Chris Brown), Br own), Jay Sean andd The Far East Movement. (SL)

TINA’S CANCER TINA’S C BENEFIT T Blank Club, San Jose J Wed, W ed, 9pm, $10

The San Jose musicc scene and the aree band banding Blank Club ar ding together to help out longtime San S Jose resident resident Butaitis, and friend TTina ina Buta aitis, who is battling cancer.. Not stage ffour our cancer N only is cancer emotionally physically and emo tionally devastating, aree extr extraordinary. but the medical billss ar aordinaryy. order So her friends,, in or d to helpp her ffocus der ocus efforts aree helping out her eff orts on recovery, recovveryy, ar with the finances... Local Local bands Hayride Numbers to Hell,, the Odd Num mbers and Shawn Packer perform. P acker will perf orm. Also,, San Jose driving from ex-pat Joe Sib is dri iving up fr om SoCal SoCal to do some of his spoken sppoken word. word.. People People online can also donate onl line at gofundme. (AC) com/tinabfund (A C C)



SSTYX TYX Feb 6 at City National Civic



PIXIESS PIXIE Feb 2222 at City National Civic

THE SE SECOND COND CITY Feb 22 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

OLETA OLET TA AD ADAMS AMS March Mar ch 7 at at Montalvo Arts Center

ANTHONY BOURD A BOURDAIN AIN & ERIC RIPER RIPERT T April 13 at SSJJ Center for for Performing Performing Arts

CHER July 2 at SSAP AP Center For music musiic updates and contest giveaways, giveawayys, like us on Facebook at metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013


ARTS TS metroactive metr oactive AR

Moree list listings: Mor tings:


concert. Sat,, 7pm. $25$25-$35. -$35. Theatre, CCalifornia alifornia Theatr e, San Jose.

photography by Gary Singh.. Thru photography Jan 25.. San Jose.




City Lights Theate Theater er Company Company. y. Thru Thu-Sat, 8pm. Th ru Dec 22. $25$30.. San Jose.

The touring or orchestra chestra recreates recr e eates from music fr om select titles of the series. classic video games seri es.. Dec. Nationall Civic, 14,, 7:30pm.. City Nationa San Jose.

HARK! 12th Annual Holiday Show & Sale. Sale runs thru Jan 18.. San Jose.

DUKE ELLING ELLINGTON GTON NUTCRACKER SUITE NUT CRA ACCKER SU UITE TTabard abar a d Theatr Theatree Co Company. ompanyy. Fri, Sat-Sun, 3pm. 8pm, Sat 8pm, Sat-Sun Sun,, 3pm m Thru Dec 15. m. 15 Pedro $10-$35. Theatre Theatre on San P edro Square, Squar e,, San Jose.

ELVES EL VES AND THE SHOEMAKER S A new original mu musical usical fr from om Theatree Co Company. TTabard aabard Theatr ompanyy. Sat, Sun, 11am and 7pm , Su un,, 11am. Theatree on San Pedro $10-$35. Theatr Pedro Square, Squar e, San Jose.

THEEL THE ELVES VESANDT AND THE SHOEMAKER California Theatr California Theatree Center Center.. Fri,, 7pm and Sat, 11am. 11am m.. $13-$15. $13-$15. Community Theatre. Sunnyvale Comm unity Theatr e.

IT’S A WONDERFUL IT’SAW ONDERFFULLIFE LIFE San Jose SStage tage Company. Com mpanyy. Wed-Thu, Wed--TThu, 8pm. 7:30 pm.. Fri-Sat,, 8p pm.. Sun,, 2 pm. Thru Dec 22.The SStage, t , San Jose. tage,




Art Under $200 & Contemporary Contemporary Mixed Media. Thru Dec 26. Palo Alto. P alo Al to.

WHAT’S IN THAT EGG NOG? Holiday parties are a little bit wilder in


Feat of Clay

“Erased LLoop “Erased oop Random Walk,” Walkk,” sculptures kinetic sculptur es by Terry Teerry Berlier.. Thru Feb 15. “Around Berlier “Ar A oundd the Works Lasser TTable: aable: W orks by Robin Lasse er and Christopher Reynolds.” Thru T Dec 21. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm.. San Jose.

It was staring Dennis Nahat right in the face.

“Reduce, Reuse,, Re-imagine” Re-im magine” . 11am-4pm. Ends Feb.. 2. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11 1am-4pm. Clara. Santa Clar a.

LLOS OSGA GATOS ATOSCCOMPANY OMP PA ANY Y "Whimsical Christmas, Christmas,"" Patience collection by artist P atiience Brewster. Br ewster. LLos os Gatos.

MUSEUM OF AMERICA MUSEUMOFAMERICA AMERICAN AN HERITAGE HERIT TAGGE ““Annual Annual Holiday LEGO A Extravaganza.” except Extr avaganza.”” $2 excep pt ffor or museum members.. Decc 13-Jan 13-Jan 19. 11am-3:30pm. Palo Alto. Fri-Sun,, 11am3:30pm.. P alo Al to.


San Jose Reperto Repertory ry Theatr Theatre. e. Wed, Thu-Fri, W ed,, 7:30pm, Thu u-Fri, 8pm, Sat, 3 and 8pm, Sun, Sun, 2pm, TTue, uue, $10-$69. 7:30pm.. $10-$69 9. Montgomery Theatre, Jose. Theatr e, San Jose e.



The LLos os Al Altos tos Stage Stage Company. Company. Sun, Thu-Sat, 8pm, Su n,, 3pm. Thru Altos. Dec 15. $18-$32.. LLos os Al tos.


*dancee *danc BALLET SSAN BALLET AN JOS JOSE SE NUTCRACKER NUT CRA ACCKER A new pr production oduction by KKaren aren Gabay. Gabayy. Fri, 7pm, Fri, 7pm, Sat, Sat, 1:30 and a 7pm, 7pm, Sun, Sun $30-$105. 1:30pm.. $30-$105 5.. Center ffor or Performing San P erforming Arts,, Sa an Jose.

GREA GREAT ATR T RUSSIAN USSIAN N NUTCRACKER NUT CRA ACCKER Moscow Ballet. Sa Sat, at,, 3pm.. $28Center,, CCupertino. $88.. Flint Center upertino.

CHRISTMAS CHRIS STMA T SB BALLET ALLLET Smuin Ballet pr presents essents its 20th holiday-themed show.. annual holiday-th hemed show Wed-Fri, Sat,t, 2 and 8pm, W ed-Fri, 8pm, Sat $52-$68. Sun, 2pm.. $52 -$6 $6 68. Mountain the View Center ffor or th he Performing P erforming Arts.

*concerts *c oncerrts CAROLS CAR OLSINTHEC IN THE CALIF CALIFORNIA ORNIA Symphony Siliconn V Symphony Valley alley Chor Chorale ale presents annual al holiday pr esents its annu

MAIN GALLER GALLERY Y “2013 Holiday Show Show”” Ends Dec 29. Mon-Sun, 10am-3pm, 10am-3pm, City. holidayy hours. Redwood City y.

““Around Around the Table: A Table: a : Food, Foodd, Creativity, Community,” Cr eativityy, Community y,,”” an exhibition that delves iinto nto how ffood ood has shaped local cul cculture. ture. 27. Thru April 27 7. TTue-Sun, ue-Sun, u 11am5pm closed Mon. 5pm, Mon. San Jose. JJose




EMPIRE SEVEN EMPIRESE VENSSSTUDIOS T TUD DIOS “Spooky Action!” “Spooky Action!” works works by KKyle yle Pellet. P ellet. Opening rreception eception Dec 13,, 77-11pm. -11pm. p Thru Dec 28. 28 8. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri, noon-4pm noon-6pm, Sat,, noon-4 4pm or by appointment.. San Jose. Josee.

GALLERY GALLER RY SSARATOGA ARA ATOGA A “Watercolor Realism,”” and “Watercolor a “I CCarry arry YYour our o Heart,”” Artist rreception ecepption ffor or Pat 4pm-8pm. P at Evans Fri.. Dec.. 13,, 4p pm-8pm. Wed-Sun, Thru Jan 5. W ed-Sun,, 11am-5pm. 111am-5pm. Way, Saratoga. Big Basin W ayy, Sar atogaa. “The LLucidity ucidity of Travel,” Travel,””

“Lay LLow,” ow w,,”” new works works by Frances Fr ances Marin. Thru Dec 29.. TTueuue11am-7pm, Fri, 11am-77pm, Sat,, noon-6pm. noon-6ppm. 30 N. Third Third SSt,t, San Jose.

SSTUDIO TUDIO BONGIORNO T “Naughty or Nice” Nice” Ends Decc 224. 4. Mon-Wed, FriMonWed,, 10am-7:30pm, 10am--7:30pm, 7 , Fr riSat,, 11am-8:30pm, Sun, 10am10am2pm Santa Clara. 2pm. Clara.


“The Wind Whips the P Palm a alm Fronds,” workss by Megan Fr onds,”” new work M Thu-Fri, Diddie. Thru Dec.. 14 Thu-Fri,, noonSan 7pm,, Sat,, noon-5pm.. Sa n Jose.



“Eat,, Drink, Be Mer Merry!,” ry!,”” annu annual ual membership exhibition workss that tie in with ffeaturing eaturing work w the ongoing “Around “A Around the Table” Table” collaborative collabor ative exhibition. 3655 S. Market SSt,t, San Jose.

*events *e eveents ILLUMINARIES ILL UMINARIES AR ART RT SHOW SHOW A joint art show between 2twenty5 2twenty5 and CCukui. ukui. 2twe nty5 will ffeature eature work by duo collective Illuminaries, SSteve tevve Ha and Tim Tim Ho, ffamous amous 49ers’’ ffor or their work with 49ers Vernon V ernon Davis. CCukui ukui will ffeature eature artwork by artist 6pm. Sam Rodriguez. Dec 13. 6p m. Clothing. 2twenty5 and CCukui ukui Clothi ing. San Jose.

Documentarian Ken Ken Burns was at SSJSU JSU last week to rreceive eceive the SSteinbeck teinbeck A Award. ward. Read Metro’s Metro’s cover coverage age of th the he event by scanning the codee or visiting

‘The Terracotta Prince,’ an acrobatic reimagining of ‘The Nutcracker.’

The Dalian Acrobatic troupe, Nahat’s main collaborators since his 2011 departure from Ballet San Jose, had been doing bits of The Nutcracker for years. The Chinese troupe asked Nahat to help them focus the piece and his mind flashed to the Terracotta Warriors, all lined up like Nutcrackers. The vast collection of ancient statues were discovered in the tomb of China’s first emperor, arrayed in neat rows like a marching army. Thus, the classic holiday ballet became The Terracotta Prince. But the changes extend far beyond a new name.

The Terracotta Prince

Dec 18-22 As with Nahat’s last collaboration with Dalian, Yulan, Flint Center, Cupertino which was less ballet and more Cirque de Soleil, this show will be a veritable circus, with boomerangers, ice $45-$75 skaters, rope throwers, cup slingers, Chinese dragons, magicians, lights, explosions, unicyclers, jugglers and tightrope walkers. When Nahat told me about the panda they were bringing on stage, I asked, “A live one?” He laughed and told me no, just a puppet. I wouldn’t have been surprised. Of course, The Nutcracker is The Nutcracker, and one can’t mess with a classic too much, especially around the holidays. (It’s a Wonderful Life just might not be the same with an exploding acrobatic run on the bank). The music is still Tchaikovsky’s and the story is essentially the same, though the rats become ninjas and Clara, the heroine, saves her prince from the “rat king” not with a shoe as is traditional, but with a bolt of lightning. Nahat’s thoughts: “How do you kill a rat king? You slay him!” Nahat says he was not as involved with The Terracotta Prince as he was with Yulan—the choreography was all done by Dalian—but he provided basic direction, organization and new lighting. Just in terms of price alone, a show like this could not have been put together in America. But the conservatism of the U.S. ballet scene wouldn’t have helped either. Now that Nahat doesn’t have his own company to manage, he’s been free to explore new ground, though the way he sees it, he’s just doing what he’s always done. Two years on after his unexpected removal as head of the company he founded, Nahat is rather philosophical about the whole thing. “I had no dancers all of a sudden. I no longer had a company. So I started hiring totally different kinds of dancers and acrobats.” He creates for the artists he’s working with at the time. “The talents warrant what you create.” Earlier he had told me, “I just go to work every day and make ballets ...The curtain goes up at 8pm.”—Stephen Layton





Nutcracker Photos: Alejandro Gomez Pictured in top photo: Amy Marie Briones

Nearly 100 dancers fill the stage with classic holiday magic and seasonal surprises in Karen Gabay’s stylish, smart staging that brims with bravura dancing and just the right amount of gingerbread to put even Ebenezer Scrooge in the spirit. This is the traditional Nutcracker to see! All performances feature live music with Symphony Silicon Valley, conducted by George Daugherty.

All Performances at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts FRI DEC










14 G

15 G
















G Special Family-Priced Tickets Available | Group Rates Available

Tickets as low as $20!








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Focus Focus Learn L earn H How ow T To oM Meditate editate And Why! Enjoy lif Enjoy life! e! CCalm alm thee mind. Improve Improve rrelationships. elationships. decisions. Make better decisi ons.. Meditation and Buddhist Sherman. View with Reed Sh herman.. Everyone is welcome.. No previous experience necessary. evious experienc pr ce necessary y. $10 per class.. Every 7:30-9, Thursdayy evening, g, 7:309,, Unitarian Universalist 15980 Blossom Hill Rd.. LLos Fellowship of Los Los Gatos, G os Gatos,, 95032.. Call Call Kelsang Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for for information inf ormation or visitt us at www

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Sweet Spirit

RAISING R A ISING THE THE BIKINI BIKINI BAR B A R Bettie P Page age became an n icon for her pinup shots shots, s, wasn’t but wasn ’t inclined to o go on camera in old age.

Legendary Legendarry pinup Bettie P Page age was naked but never nude, ass seen in the new doc Bettie Page Reveals B P age R ev veals All BY B Y RICHARD V VON O N BUSACK BUSACK


N THE DOCUMENTARY DOCUM MENTARY Marlene, Dietrich M arlene, Dietr ich herself phoned in some som me last interviews to director/ d actor Maximilian Schell, while refusing to be seen on camera camera because “I’ve “II’ve been photographed photographed enough.” eno ough.” ough. Mark Mori’ Mori’ss labor labor off lo love ve documentary Bettie Page Reveals do cumentary Bet tie Pag ge R eveals All doesn’t the iconic model also do esn’t show us th he ic onic mo del was as she w as in her last yyears, e , but we ears Page story. hear P age narrate her lif llife fe stor y. In hundreds pictures Page looks hundr eds of pictur es P age lo oks at levelly straight, lustrous ous us le velly under her str raight,, lustr

black bangs bangs. s. “I’m an illusion, illusion,”” P Page age says over the phone, having sa ays y o ver th h phone he h , age h ha avving i have been hoarsened what w must ha ave b een a honeyed Southern drawl. hone yed So outhern dra awl. w It’s It ’s been been said that a woman first rreacts eacts to seeing seeing a picture picture of a naked naked lady by she’s by asking, asking, “I wonder if she ’s good person. Who’d a go od p ersson.” Who ’d ask that about Bettie Page? question ab bout Bet tie P age? Sarah Poulson, playing photographer P oulson,, pl laayying the photo grapher Bunny Notorious Bettie Bunn ny Yeager Yeeagger in The Not toorious Bet ttie t Page,, sa says the model was “naked Page ays y th he mo del w as “nak ed never nude..” Ev Even Page but ne ver nude n en if P age hated movie (“Lies,, lies lies,, L L-I-E-S!” that mo vie (“Lies -I-E-S!”” she during screening), shouted du uring the scr eening),, the naked/nude nak ed/nudee distinction eexists xists in the hundreds here. hundr eds of o photos we see her e. Neither clinical N either clin nical nor vulnerable, vulnerable, Page Page was multifaceted w as a mult ifaceted subject ffor o or the ccamera. amera.

The film b begins Page’s egins with P age’s funeral in the same W Westwood est e wood cemetery wheree Marilyn Monr Monroe cemetery wher roe is interred, interred, with Robert Ro obert “Crystal “Crystal a Cathedral” officiating.. Cathedral”” Schuller officiating Bettie Bettie Mae Page Page was was raised in a desperately desperately poor, poor, incest-wracked incest-wracked e Nashville Nash hvville household in the 1920s. 192 20s. She was was a smart smart student, student the Salutatorian school. Salut atorian at her high scho oll. Trained as a secretary, toosecretary, she had a to ofast WWII marriage. marriage. After a failed faailed screen scr een test in Hollywood, Hollywood, she took t ok to up a modeling modeling career. career. Following Followin ng some work with amateur camera cameera clubs,, Page clubs Page went to Florida and d did sessions with Yeager, Yeeager, who talks talkss of posing Bettie Bettie as a jungle girl with w posing rented animals from from m the the help of rented Af i a US Afric SA theme h park. k Africa USA “I love love myself myself when I am nI laughing and then again when oking mean and impr essiive,” am lo looking impressive,” Zora Neale Neale Hurston author Zora commented on a sheaf of photos phottos commented taken of her. her. The phrase describes describ bes taken Page’s duality. duality. The beachy beachy Florida Florrida Page’s

101 MIN.



Opens Fr Friday iday

35 DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | me | sanjose | metr

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photos contrast contrast with h the nocturnal nocturnal work Page Page did in New New York. Yo ork. She ho oked up with photographer pho otographer Irving Irving hooked Kla aw and his sister Paula. Paula. To To the Klaw ccamera, amera,, Paula Paula Klaw Klaaw describes describes the sesssions of rigging up mostly hilarious sessions this ccornflower-blue-eyed ornflower-blue- eyed fant asy girl fantasy ffor or o now-quaint now- quaint fetish feetish h pictures. pictures. Page Page is clad in ffoundation o oundation n garments that lo ok as tough as a su uit of armor or look suit armor.. “F “For some rreason, eason, men lik ke to see girls like spankin ,” P age chuckles spankin’’ each other other,” Page chuckles.. Go od old American American a amnesia: we Good think of the NSA’s NSA’s spying sp pying on our fant asy habits as a new new thing. thing. In the fantasy 1950s postal inspectors inspecttors could could hunt 1950s,, postal down porn porn by by opening openiing the mails. mails. The Kla aw ws had to be be careful careful e about about what Klaws the photographed. Maybe Maayybe this is the theyy photographed. k ey to why wh hy Bettie Bettie has haas held her space space key so well over over the years. yearrs. She sewed sewed her own costumes, costumes, and she s was was the star star of her show. show w. Men on n scene, scene, or nudity nudity in the b ondage phot tos, would ha ave bondage photos, have challenged the power poweer of Page—the Page—the p ower that ’s in her pr p esence. power that’s presence. Inter views here here include in nclude numerous numerous Interviews ar tists and designerss who have haave been been artists inspir ed by by Page, Page, particularly parrticularly the inspired illustrator Dave Daave Stevens. Stevens. Beyonce Beyonce rrecently ecently did a video for fo or her song “Wh hy Don’t Don’t You Yo ou Love Love Me?”” posing posing “Why as Bettie. Bettie. I may maay have haave missed it, but I didn ’t see a clip of a serious debtor to didn’t P age, Katy Katy Perry. Perry. Page, The documentary documentary has to pad its visuals with selected d cartoon cartoon images of P age, and that gets getts to be be slightly Page, cheap ening. But thee story story is so cheapening. outr é—and so rich with w outré—and images of P age—that it doesn’t doesn’t matter. matter. Fan Page—that Ste ve Brewster Brewster sent Page Page the first Steve fan letter letter she’d she’d gotten gotteen in decades, decades, a letter letter praising her “sweet “sweet spirit.” spirit.” This doesn’t doesn’t seem fulsome fu ulsome when yyou ou see Page. Page. This spirit sp pirit suffered suff ffeered terribly from from schizophrenia; schizop phrenia; she was was institutionalized afte er a br eakdown, after breakdown, and she sp ent a longg str etch in the spent stretch st ate mental mental hospital. hospital. a The film state ends upbeat: upbeat: before beffor o e her death,, Page Page rrecovered ecovered b oth sanit ty and rroyalties. oyalties. both sanity When she thanks he er public so nic ely her nicely ffor or o remembering remembering her heer and loving loving her it’s hard hard not to take take it all at face face her,, it’s value value.. metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013



New N e ew

andd Dec 14 at 7pm in San Jose at the RetroDome’s RettroDome’s new location, Century 21 Theater, T Theater r, 3161 Olsen Drive.) (RvB)

BETTIE BETTI IE P PAGE AGE RE REVEALS VEALS ALL (R; 101 min.) See rreview eview on page 35 (Openss Fri.)

THE HOBBIT HOBBIT:: THE H DESOLATION SMAUG DE SOLLA AT TION OF SMA UG (PG-133; 161 min.) See rreview (PG-13; eview this page ???? (Opens Fri.)

IS THEE MAN WHO TALL HAPPY? IS T ALLL HAPP Y? (Unrated; 88 min.) An animated (Unrated; documentary Interviews docum mentary ffeaturing eaturing Inter views linguist, with lin nguist, philosopher and activistt Noam Chomsk Chomsky. activis y. (Opens Fri.)


GETTING ELVEN A new elf on the scene, Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly), kicks orc butt and finds herself in an elf/dwarf love triangle.

Smaug Warning IT’S NARRATIVELY FRACTURED, and only in moments does the familiar WWII metaphor emerge. That happens when raffish boatman Bard (Luke Evans, proving that a mullet can be workable) tries to warn the medieval-Baltic city of Laketown of the flying wrath to come. (He gets no help from the city’s poncy, gouty Master, played by Stephen Fry.) Yet The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a huge improvement over An Unexpected Journey—it’s a well-filled smorgasboard without much starch. Its showstopper is a seriously heinous dragon: I say this as a film-watcher who’d never previously seen a dragon scarier than Agnes Moorehead. Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice, digitally augmented with bass rumbles, rises from a throat that glows when Smaug is ready to belch up a firestorm. Smaug is even bad in repose: buried in several acres of gold coins in the Lonely Mountain’s vast treasury, he twitches, and his several-hundred-foot length is revealed in eddies and currents of the coins. Bilbo (Martin Freeman) has only flattery as a weapon: “Greatest and most terrible of calamities,” he addresses Smaug, trying to butter him up. It doesn’t work. Greed and solitude has made the dragon slightly insane.

Docum Documentary mentary on the rising tr trouble ouble between betwee en China and Japan over the eight Senkaku S Islands, a potentially oil-richh but uninhabited cluster islands, of islan nds, which the Japanese consider sacred consid er their sacr ed homeland, thee Chinese consider part of and th their aairspace. irspace. (Plays Dec 18 at 2pm Milpitas Library.) in Milp pitas at the Milpitas Libr aryy.).) (RvB)


Meanwhile—Peter Jackson’s series depends on meanwhiles—Ian McKellen’s Gandalf journeys to a haunted castle where Sauron is busily coalescing himself. The flaming eye opens, revealing the figure of Sauron in the slitted pupil, then we zoom into numerous pupils and The Hobbit: The numerous Saurons, Desolation of Smaug like the “Cat on the Dubonnet PG-13; 161 min. bottle” illusion. It’s as handy a way of Opens Fri. saying “Fathomless Evil” as any ever seen. The ineptly wigged dwarves with their rhyming names continue their journey through tangled Mirkwood, where horrible spiders dwell. The questers end up imprisoned by temperamental Sylvan Elves; the group includes among their number a fair-faced but stalwart captain of the guards named Tauriel (Evangeline Lilly), who is important enough to have her own elf/dwarf love triangle. The last Hobbit was annoyingly boys-only. Tauriel is a real pest exterminator, and if you’ve been down these endless Middle Earth roads before, even just the new methods of orc-cleaving Tauriel tries out demonstrate that this series hasn’t even begun to exhaust its invention, its surprise and its delight.—Richard von Busack

A varie variety ety of unpr unpreviewed eviewed short films from the fr om th he campus and other student filmmakers. filmma akers. (Plays Dec 18 at 7pm in Jose San Jo ose at CCamera aamera 3.) (RvB)

TYLER R PERR PERRY’S Y’S MADEA CHRISTMAS CHRIS STMAS (PG-133; 100 min.) The latest (PG-13; installment cross-dressing installm ment in this cr oss-dressing comedy (Tyler Perry) comed dy finds Madea (T Tyyler P erry) dispensing dispen nsing holiday cheer in a small town—and across town— —and blundering acr oss some secrets—when old sec crets—when she agrees agrees to accompany accom pany a friend on a trip. (Opens Fri.)

Revivals Re vivals AN AM AMERICAN MERICAN IN PPARIS ARIS (1951) The T singalong version. An ex-GI turned t painter (Gene KKelly) elly) tries too avoid being a kept man while pursuing p a gamine (Leslie Paris aris may not be CCaron); aron); MGM P Parisian Paramount Paris, as P ariisian as P aramount P aris, but KKelly’s elly’s dancing seduces you ignoring self-regard, into ig noring his self-r egard, and important the im portant matter of this tony musical musica al is recalling recalling the ornaments of the Gershwin catalogue. And shine here: they sh hine her e: “I Got Rhythm,” “Embraceable Heree “Embr a aceable YYou,” ou,” o “Our LLove ove is Her admirably cranky to SStay.” tayy.” The admir ably cr anky Oscar provides Levantt pr ovides counterpoint to all prettiness. the pr e ettiness. (Plays Dec 13 at 7pm

THE HUNCHBACK THE HUNCHBACK NOTRE DAME OF NO TRE D AME (199 (1996) 96) The singalong version, ffeaturing eaturing Disney's Quasimodo: "not "no ot an Adonis/but shaped like a croissant cr oissant is." is." There’s There’s a bit of Hugo Miracles leftt in—the Court of Mir acles defends extreme def fends its turf with extr eme prejudice, and the hypocritical pr e ejudice, Frollo desiree in a way it it’s ’s Fr ollo burns in desir surprising picture. sur rprising to see in a Disney pictur e. As aree encour encouraged As ffor or the tunes: you ar aged to sing s over them and they’ll sound all the better ffor or it. (Plays Dec 14 andd 15 at 3pm in San Jose at the RetroDome’s Ret troDome’s new location, Century 21 Theater, T Theater r, 3161 Olsen Drive.) (RvB)

MIR MIRACLE RACLE OF MOR MORGAN’S GAN’S CREEK/ DUCK DU UCK SOUP (1944/1933) Indeed a mir Indeed miracle, acle, not only in the draws parallels wayy it dr aws par allels to the Nativity guffaws butt also in its guff aws over the willingness drop will lingness of a public to dr op moral moral objections presented obj bjections ti when h pr esented t d with ith a brilliant propaganda bril liant pr opaganda coup. Preston Preston SSturges, tuurges, cinema's deftest wielder comedy, of ensemble e comedyy, repeatedly repeatedly violated viol lated the rules at a time when American Am merican movies were were forbidden forbidden by the censors even to show a woman wo man whose belly was swollen withh child. Vivacious but half-bright wit small sma all town girl TTrudy rrudy Kockenlocker Kockenlocker (Betty impregnated (Be etty Hutton) is impr egnated by stranger: perfect a st tranger: it seems the perf ect rrap ap for for her yearning sappy suitor Norval Bracken, shrimpier,, Nor rval (Eddie ( Bracken, a shrimpier frailer fr aiiler Ben SStiller); tiller); too bad the lady's Sultan lady y's ffather ather (William "The Sul tan Demarest) of Snarl" S Demarest) interferes. interferes. shrewd Thee only rreally eally shr ewd person in thee film, TTrudy's rrudy's little sister Emmy (Diana (Dia ana LLynn), ynn), hints that TTrudy rrudy isn't isn 't the first person to end up pregnant at Christmas under cloudy pr e egnant circumstances. specialty ty cir c cumstances. SSturges' turges' special wass groups groups in panic, colliding into onee another with slapstick ffalls alls and boggling wordplay. Demarest bog ggling wor dplay. Demar est was always alw ways a marvel marvel in Sturges' Sturges' hands, achieving ach hieving almost W. W. C. Fields-styled levels leve els of comedic surliness. And in a speech spe eech about how long he's yearned Bracken's acken's magnificent ffor or Trudy, Trrudyy, Br cluckiness cluc ckiness is the kind of comedy that's hair’s breadth tha at's just a hair ’s br eadth from from something som mething you'd cry at. BILLED WITH W ITTH Duck Soup W Wealthy ealthy widow Mrs. (Margaret Mrss. Teasdale Teasdale e (Margaret Dumont) who who has bankrolled bankrolled the postagestamp stamp nation of Fredonia, Fredonia, insists on her own candidate as the new president. Her choice: scruffy idler president. e

december d ecember 20 0

THE R ROOM OOM (2003) Sign the petition: “I (Y (Your Yoour Here) name, Name Her e) (write your nam me, not “Your “Y Yoour Name Here”) Here”) will rrefuse efusse to see new SStar tar W Wars aarss movies unles unlesss Tommy Toommy Wiseau directs directs them.” (Playss Dec 14 at 11:55pm in San Jose at CCamera a a amer 3.) (RvB)

Ongoing BLUE BL UE IS THE W WARMEST ARMEST COLOR COL O OR (NC--117;; 179 min.) Adèle (Adèle (NC-17; Exarchopoulos) Exar chopoulos) is a northern Fr FFrench ench girl in her second year in high school s in the suburbs of Lille,, close enough en nough to nightclubbing Belgium that locals go nightclu ubbing across border. acr oss the bor der. The movie hhas as the fleshy, fleshy y, worldly style of Flemish art, glamour.. Adèle eats with stripping glamour w praiseworthy pr aiseworthy gusto, and it’s it’s gone goone to her There’ll contrast butt a little. Ther e’ll be contr astt enough later when she meets the woman wom man who moree will be her one and only—the mor cultured Seyddoux) with cool, cul tured Emma (Léa Seydoux) hair.. They becom become her blue-dyed hair me lovers, front in fr ont of us—it leads to an ecstatic, e parade, summery liaison, the gay pridee par ade, march kissing an anti-austerity mar ch and ki ssing careerism on Main Street. Street. eet. Emma’s Emma’ss car eerrism insist firms up,, and she starts to insis st that unrealized her partner Adèle has unr ealized writer.. The heartbreak, ambitions as a writer heartbreak, through ough the which waxes and wanes thr hour,r, only sometimes slac slacks next hour cks our interest— procedural, inter est— — KKechiche echiche is pr oceduural, woman workss noting the way a young woma n work she’s inside ’s aching in at her job when she nside or elsewhere. has a mind elsewher e.. Here, Here,, the thhe faces faces moree than the subtitles,, telling tell us mor couple’s us of the keenness of this coup ple’s appetite ffor or each other and when whhen it stales, telling us of the way thee heart stales, wants what it wants until it,, suddenly, suuddenlyy, bafflingly, else. bafflingly y, wants something els se.. (RvB)

THE GREA GREAT AT BEA BEAUTY UTY (Unrated;; 142 min.) Many men in their (Unrated; barely mid-50s can bar ely stand to bee in themselves, the same rroom oom with themselve es,, and Roman society journalist and flaneur fl Jep Gambardella Gambardella (Toni (TTooni Servillo) Servillo)) has just

turned 65,, so perhaps it is worse for w for him. He throws riotous party throws himself a riotous on the garden apartment th roof rooff gar d off his den hi ap partment t t directly directly across across the street street from from the Colosseum.. A stately ruin himself himself, h f, Jep was,, many decades ago, the thhe author of a single,, perhaps perf perfect ectt novelette. Now he barely barely works: works:: confronting confrronting a silly nudist/Communist pe performance rformance artist (Galatea Ranzi) or fretting gently fretting e over the Arabs aree Arabs and the Asians Asiaans who ar dining at the Trastevere Trastevere restaurants resstaurants where where Sophia and Marcel Marcel once o grazed. grazed. The idler is in no economic distress, distress,, and his correct, draws correct,, jaded pose dr aw ws women— but that sex inter interests ests him slightly s The Roman locations,, shot by Luca Luca Bigazzi, are are divine in this unauthorized un nauthorized pastiche of 8 ½ and La Dolce Dollce Vitaa,with , with nocturnes full of curvy, curvyy, chicc female female revelers revelers and head cases. The Thhe problem problem is that a man striking the pose p of the Most Interesting Interesting Man in thee World World can be a pain to be around. around. (RvB) (RvvB)

THE HUNGER GAME GAMES: S: CATCHING CA ATCHING FIRE (PG--13; (PG-13; 1 ; 146 min.) The rushed rushed, d,, jostling sequell Hunger H G Games: : CCatching aatc tching hi Fir Fi Fire re has h a severe severe case of middle-child middle-child syndrome; syndrome; it’s it’s only there there as a conduit to t the two part sequel. The military-industrialmilitary-inddustrialentertainment complex of futuristic f Panem Panem celebrates celebrates the 75th anniversary a staging of the Hunger Games by sta aging a pit-match with more more than a dozen badly-introduced previous badly-intr oduced pr evious winners. w . The traumatized Everdeen tr aumatized KKatniss atniss Ever deen (Jennifer (Jennifer Lawrence, enigmatic; Lawr ence,, still solid and enig gmatic;; an heroine action her oine to reckon reckon with) witth) must lifee she fight alongside the boy whose whoose lif Peeta, saved in the last film.. He’s He’s P eeta,, played Hutcherson. by the inert Josh Hutcherso n. The most dangerous ous game commences danger commencces in a tropical besett by mustar mustardd tr opical thunderdome, thunderdome,, bese birds purple-assed gas,, annoying bir ds and pur rple-assed Harry Potter otter films, baboons.. As As in the Har ry P it’s it ’s the character character actors that that wake this idea up. We We don’t don’t get a better ide ea of how Panem here, P anem exists her e,, except aas twittery proles standing around partygoers and pr oles stand ding ar ound giving the Boy Scout salute.. Donald President Sutherland,, as the aging Pr e esident Rose, personally glowers,, sneers and persona ally delivers information inf ormation that a smarter dictator d himself.f. Suth Sutherland would keep to himself herland honors the conventions; when whhen he’s he’s “It’s thwarted,, he gasps “It ’s not possible!” (RvB)

NEBRASKA NEBRA SKA (R;; 115 min.) Bruce Dern pla plays ays Woody Woody Grant half-senile Gr ant of Billings,, Mont., a ha alf-senile mechanic,, so gaga that his rrelatives elatives talk front sending ont of him about sendi in fr ng him to what my dad always calledd “the Home ffor or the Feebs.”The old man n rreceives eceives Publisher’s House-like a Publisher P bli h ’s ’ Clearing Cl i Hous H se-like lik that he’s solicitation and decides tha at he ’s won a million and sets out ffor or LLincoln, incoln, Neb., several on ffoot oot to claim the prize.. After A sever al Woody’s of these escapes, W oody’s sad-sack unmarried unmar ried son David (Will Forte F of SNL) decides to drive his ffather a ather on the across West. thousand-mile trip acr oss the t W est. landscapes, They see the rrawboned awboned lan ndscapes,

experience the rreliable eliable disappointment Rushmoree and no note of Mt. Rushmor ote the frontier touches of fr ontier rremaining—the emaining—the and pub-crawl monosyllabic uncles an nd a pub-cr awl Woody’s in W oody’s two-tavern home town. abandoned They rrevisit evisit the abando oned homestead. Dern’s Dern ’s moment of dimlyy rrecalling ecalling death trashed, and punishment in thiss tr ashed, vacant ffarmhouse armhouse is his single finest scene as actor,r, and he he’s an actor ’s been acting a long time.. (RvB)


OUT OF THE FURNA FURNACE ACE (R;; 116 min.) The script should s have been Actor-turnedtossed into a furnace. A ctor-turneddirector Cooper’s overwrought dir ector Scott Cooper ’s over wrought ffollow-up ollow-up to Cr Crazy raazy Heart Hearrtt is similarly big on locations and short on o originality. originalityy. It’s It’s your standard standard two-brothers two-brotthers melodrama melodrama with more more steam than just j the billowing smokestacks smokestacks of beleaguered beleagu uered Braddock, Braddock, Pa.—by Pa.—by steam, I mean the fulmination of the impressive impressive cast going g nose to nose and repeating repeating each e others’ others’ questions. (I don’t don’t meann rromantic omantic steam, though—Zoe Saldana, the S film’s speak of,f, is ther theree film’s only ffemale emale to sp eak of as a schoolmarm and baby b incubator.) incubator.) Christian Bale, with the Braddock Braddock zip code tattooed on his neck, neeck,, is one of the last of the steel wor workers rkers in that tough town. His troubled troubleed brother brother Casey Casey “The Wheedler” Iraq Wheedler” Affleckk is an Ir aq vet (scarred, diee,, government (scarred, saw babies die, does nothing) who getss involved with loan shark Willem Dafoe’s bare-knuckle Dafoe’s bar e-knuckle boxing ring. When semihuman semiihuman hillbilly gangster Woody Woody Harrelson Harrelsson wants the battling bro dive, theree isn isn’t bro to take a di ive, ther ’t a movie watcher alive wh who won’t ho won ’t know the drill even unto the point where p where lawman Forest Forest Whitaker Whitakeer tells the ensemble his hands are are tied.. (RvB)

THOR: THE D DARK ARK W WORLD ORLD (PG-13;; 112 min.) The dr (PG-13; droll o and confident oll provide such Thor movies pr ovide su ch ravishing ravishing heroism her oism that even the co-star c Natalie Portman P ortman seems to be taken taaken by it. She may have made spaniel-eyes spaniel-eyes at Zack Braff Braff in Gar Garden rdden State Sttatee, but but I can’t can’t rrecall ecall her gazing at any otherr leading man besides Chris Hemswor Hemsworth rth with such full-on rapture. aree not Gods,” rapture.. “We “We ar Anthony Hopkins’ from Hopkins’ Odin intones fr om his gilded Emerald Emerald City palace, and the mortality hanging over o the rroyal oyal family family as the nine rrealms ealm ms align, with Earth itself just one mo more ore realm realm in the cross-hairs cross-hairs of a Dark Elf Elf (Christopher Eccleston);; fortunately fortunately he’s h ’s more he more intimidating than he so sounds. ounds. Tom Toom Hiddleston’s shape-shifter oki Hiddleston’s grim shape e-shifter LLoki is the key to their def defeat. eaat.. He’s He’s a selfdescribed str stranger anger to satisfaction, saatisfaction, and if he’s needler,, he’s accurate he’s a needler hee’s as accur ate as an acupuncturist. Hiddleston Hidddleston has successfully pr promoted omoted himself from from comic book villain to antagonist. anntagonist.. Idris Elba (a specialist at mig mightiness) ghtiness) holds the line, and Rene Russ Russo so is quite queenly in the part Juliee Christie had in the first Thor.0.. Overloo Overlooking oking the boring aerial dogfights, the final final combat is rousing. rousing. (RvB)

Wednesday, Wedne sday, December 18 in San S Jose!

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37 DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | me | sanjose | metr

Rufus TT.. Fir Firefly efly (Gr (Groucho), oucho), who whho precipitates war.. Esca Escalating quickly pr ecipitates war alating aree a pair of weir weirdd agent the crisis ar provocateurs: abject pr ovocateurs: Chicolini, an ab bject figure, figur e, and his silent partnerr (Harpo) bearing the Fr Freudian eudian weapons weapons of a Harpo is horn and a pair of scissors. ((Harpo eppo can so ffast ast with the latter that ZZeppo straw enter a rroom oom wearing half a str aw hat and a look on his fface ace that thhat says, “What just happened?”) Thee film contains the ffamous amous broken broken mirror mirror three bit with two or thr ee Grouchos Grouchhos in or the nightshirts—so much ffor th he bad rreputation eputation p of mime. Is it comedy com medyy or tragedy, tr agedyy, the moment when Fir FFirefly efly insultt that starts a war over an insul thhat hasn’t uttered Seee this hasn ’t been utter ed yet? Se bit, laugh, but think, “This is the way the world ends.” (Plays Dec 12 112-15 -15 in Palo Alto P alo Al to at the Stanford Stanffoord Theatre.) Theeatre.) (RvB) metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013

TTangerine angeri a ne Tree Tree Photography Photography


metroactive MUSIC

Black Magic BENEATH B ENE ATH T THE HE M MASK A SK Mrs Mrs.. M Magician’s agician’s de debut ebut album takes an honest loo look ok at love, love loss and S SXSW. XSW W.

Mrs Mrs.. M Magician agician W Wallow all a low iin n Surf Pop’s Pop’s Dark Side BY B Y AAR AARON ON CARNE CARNESS


he title title “There There Is No No God”” hardly suggests a bright bright sunny song, but nonetheless Mrs. Mrs. Magician translates t anslates such an tr existentiall crisis into a fun, driving pop pop tune. It makes sense: the San Diego band is taking garage-rock garage-rock and surfpop p p into newer, n newer r, much darker territory. territory. Right at th the he op opening ening line in the song, singer JJacob acob T urnblo om sings song, Turnbloom o ver a ffeel-good, eel-go e o o d, poppy poppy tune the over bleak lyrics “Yo “Y ou’re all going to die, die, lyrics,, “You’re do ake yyou ou w ant to cry?” cr y?” es that ma does make want The rrepeated epeated d chorus of “There “There is

no o God, God, there there is no God” Go d”” followed followe o ed byy “na na na na na na”” begs b begs ffor o or a singalong. si ngalong. Regardless anyone’s R eegar g dless of an yone’s personal personaal beliefs, orr spiritual b eliefs, that ccertainly er tainlyy is odd transcribee in into an no dd sentiment to transcrib nto such infectious melody. su uch an inf feectious melo dyy. songs Though the rremaining emaining 12 song gs 2012’s on n the band’s band’s debut rrecord, ecord, 2012 2’s Strange Heaven, stay St trange Heav en, st ay true to the sunny garage-rock, su unny garage -ro ck, surf-pop surf--p op sound, soun nd, Turnbloom om steers clear of other T u urnblo dark philosophical ponderings onderings da ark philosophic al p and an nd instead ffocuses ocuses on his failed With humor,, angerr rrelationships. el ti elationships hi . W ith i humor h and sarcasm, an nd a lot of sar casm, he rrecounts ecountss incidents from in ncidents fr om actual rrelationships elationshiips way in naw ay he ccompares ompares to ccomedian omediaan Louis CK’ss show, L o ouis CK’ show, LLouie. ouie. “It’s look “It’s a rreal, eal,, honest lo ok at a relationship, throwing relationship e , and yyou’re ou’re thr owingg in these situations,” th hese big embarrassing situations ,”

T urnbloom sa ayys. “Y Yo ou u kind of mak Turnbloom says. “You makee fun of it, but also ttaking aking it seriously y.” seriously.” The straight for o ward garagegaragestraightforward rrocker, o cker, “Hours of the Night,”” which T urnsblo om wr ote th he da ay after Turnsbloom wrote the day b eing dump ed, deals with his being dumped, ccomplex omplex ffeelings eeelings in lin nes lik e, “I lines like, write ‘fuck yyou’ ou’ on th he notes but I the flowers,” send yyou ou flowers ,” which wh hich is a true story, part. stor y, ffor or the most pa o ar t. wrote letter ““Actually Actually I wr ote her h a let ter that was w as really really mean, and in the same day, bouquet flowers,” day y, I sent her a b ouq quet of flowers ,” Turnbloom says. song’ss just T urnblo om sa ayys. “Thee song’ about desperate was. ttalking alking ab out how de esp erate I w as. was back It w as a ridiculous ba ack and fforth o orth struggle.. I’m in love her still, struggle love with w her.” but I’m mad at her .” Turnbloom’s isn’t T urnbloom’s angerr isn ’t solely bands.. ffocused o cused on his eexes, xes, but b also bands group He and eeveryone veryone else in the gr oup weree in se several before Mrs.. wer veral bandss b effor o e Mrs have dealt Magician and ha ave de ealt with sharee of musicia musicians aree their shar ans who ar themselves, rreally eally full of themselv ves, and the aggravating aggra avvating music industry. ind dustr y. In Pain,” about ““Actual Actual P ain,”” a song ab out his profound dislikee of So South pr offo ound dislik outh By

Southwest, Turnbloom South westt, T urnblo om sings, sings, “Every “Every band’ss trying network band’ tryingg to net work or get g sheets.” Dum Dum m Girls in the sheets .” “It’s uncomfortable “It ’s a rreally e eally unc omffor o table thing to,” says. “It’s party, to go to ,” he h sa ayys. “It ’s a big par ty, You likee but I hate it. Y ou o kind of ffeel eeel lik battle yyou’re ou’re in a bat tle of the bands. bands. The rreality eality is yyou ou don’t don’t want want to be b e there. there. I’vee pla played I’v ayed d it ffour o our or five five times. times. We We always playing weird shitty alw ays y end d up pla ayying weir d shit ty shows.” shows .” Although been Althoug gh the band has b een together was to gether ssince ince 2010, it w as the act Strange Heaven of rrecording ecordin ng St range Heav en that kicked gear.. A mutual kick ed them theem into gear Reis friend had d shown JJohn ohn R eeis (Hot Snakes, Rocket from Crypt) Snak es, R o cket fr om the Cr ypt) Mrs.. Magician songs songs,, which he some Mrs liked. offered produce lik ed. He off o ffeered to pr oduce and put out their rrecord ecord on his label, lab el, Swami Swami Records—with R eecords— —with some cconditions. onditions. “We were, “W We we ere, at the time, time, super sup er lazy, lazy, says. as a band,”” Turnbloom Turnbloom sa ayys. “We “W We these weree had all the ese songs and we wer playing these shows.. We pla ayying th hese shows We were were not practicing, being super shitty practicing g, just b eing sup er shit ty about being ab out b ein ng in a band. He told us to practicee an and he’s practic nd that he ’s not going to album do an albu um track by by track, that he’s he’s live. ‘You going to do d it liv e. ‘Y Yo ou guys need bee tight tight,’ to b t,’’ he said. We We practiced practiced fuck-ton, a fuck -ton n, and just rrecorded ecorded the Wee ended up being rrecord ecord live. live. W b eing a band.” tighter ban nd.” Sincee th the Strange Sinc he rrelease elease of St range Heaven, the group B-Sides Heav en, th he gr oup rreleased eleased B-SSides weree this yyear. ear. All A the songs on it wer possible Strange p ossible ccontenders o ontenders ffor o or St range Heaven. Reis Heav en. They Th hey let R eeis pick the track Strange Heaven list ffor o or St raange Heav en (with the exception exception of “Hours of the Night,”” which T Turnbloom urrnblo om chose). So they leftover they took took the lefto ver demos and released them Records. released th hem on Thrill Me R ec e ords. Even Strange Heaven, Even compared compar o ed to St range Heav en, B-Sides aree par particularly the songs on B-SSides ar ticularly angryy and angr d dark. Examples include Friends Aree Dying,” ““All All My Fr A riends Ar Dying,” “Fuck “Fuck You Aunt Tour” Y ou A o unt Gloria,”” “I Hate T our” o Bent.”” Ev Even and “Get Bent. B en though all the Heaven B-Sides songs on St SStrange range Heav en and B-SSides weree dem demoed time,, they wer o ed at the same time they sound very very different. diff ffeerent. Reis Reeis picked picked out the ccatchiest Strange a atchiest songs ffor or o St range Heaven, weirder Heaven, leaving leeavving the weir der ones ffor or o B-Sides. B--SSides.


12 8pm Free

MRS.. MA MRS MAGICIAN GICIAN CCafé afé Stritch, Stritch, San Jose


DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjos | metr | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

More listings: More


41 11 

Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–T e uesday y.

ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’SBIS BISTRO STR T O Wed, Cel Wed, Celtic tic Wednesdays Wednesdays with O'Crave. O'Cr ave. $13-$18. $13-$18. Thu, 8pm: Molly’s Revenge Winter Dancee Co.. $16-$38. Fri, 8:30pm: Farzad Far zad Arjmand Persian Persian Music. Music. $16-$29. $16-$29 $16 $29. Sat, Sat 8:30pm:: Claes Cem. $16-$29.. Sun, 7pm: The Pole. Artistic Side of the P ole. $16City. $21. Redwood City y.

ART AR RT TBOUTIKI BOUTIKI Thu, 7:30pm:: Jazz Warehouse Warehousee Drawing Jazz Jam and Dr awing Society. Societyy. San Jose.



Fri-Sat:: Live Music.. Santa Clara. Clara.

Thu,, 9pm: Mark Arroyo Arroyo TTrio. rrio. Fri, 9pm:: Monkey. Monkey. Sat, 9pm:: Sour Mash Hug Band. San Jose.

MOJO MO JO LLOUNGE OUNGE Thur: DJ Mist. Fri: Amy Lou Lou and the Wild Ones. Sat: The Honey Wilders.. All shows 9:30pm,, $5. Fremont. Fr emont.

MOUNTAIN MOUNT TA AIN CHARLE CHARLEY'S Y'S Sat:: Daze on the Gr Green. een een. 7:30pm. Los Los Gatos.

NUMBER ONE BR BROADWAY OADWAY Thu, 9:30pm: Blind Pilots.. Fri, 9:30pm: TTouch oouch of Class. Sat, Heroes. 9:30pm: Juke Box Her oes. LLos os Gatos.

PEACOCK PEA COCK LLOUNGE OUNGE Thur, 9pm: Thursday night live Thur, bands. $5. Sunnyvale.

SAN PEDR SAN PEDRO O SQU SQUARE ARE MARKET THE BACK THEB ACKB BAR AR Thu:: Drunken SStarfighter. tarfighter. Fri: Extravaganza Black Metal Extr avaganza with Plague Phalanx and Necrogenic. Beerijuana, Necr ogenic. Dec 31: Beerijuana a, New YYear’s ear e ’s Eve. San Jose.

THE BLANK CLUB THEBLANKCL UB Wed, 9pm: The Sonic Heavy. Wed, Heavyy. Fri, Frri, 9pm:: Metalachi. $15. Sat, 9pm: 9pm m: Killer Queens. Queens $10. $10 TTue, ue ue, u 8pm: Lee Ranaldo and The Dust. $15-$20. San Jose.

Sat 8pm:: Live Music in The Garage. Gar age. San Jose.

SAP CENTER (F SAP (FORMER ORMERHP HP PAVILION) P AVILION) V Wed W ed 8pm:: Jay-Z.. $29-$1008. Sun 8pm: Wild Jam with J.Cole, J.Cole, Grande, Miller.. $36Ariana Gr ande, Mac Miller $868.. San Jose

THE CA CATS ATS Wed, 7pm:: Johnny Neri. Thu, Wed, 8:30pm:: Out of the Blue.. Fri: Severee Pleasur Pleasure. Sever e.. Sun, 8:30pm: 8:30pm: Bornia Boys.. Sun, 6pm:: Joe Ferrara. Fer rara.. LLos os Gatos

CITY NA NATIONAL AT TIONAL CIVIC Sat,, 7:30pm: The Legend of Zelda:: SSymphony ymphony of the $74.80-$134.65. Goddesses.. $7 744.80-$134.65. San Jose.

Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists’ Artists’ Showcase.. Sun, 4pm:: Jazz and Blues jam. Saratoga. Saratoga.

CAFESSSTRITCH CAFE T TRITCH Sat, 8pm:: Mike Olmos Quartet. Sun,, 9pm: Open Jazz Jam Session ffeat. eat. The Eulipiones. San Jose.

CAFFE FRA FRASCATI SCA AT TI Fri, 8pm: Bossanova and Samba.. San Jose.

CASCAL CA SCAL Fri, 9:30pm,, Sat, 9pm:: Rotating View.. lineup. Mountain View

CLUB CL UBFFOX OX Dec 18,, 6:30pm: Club Fox Blues Delta Jam with The Del ta Wires. Wires. $5. Dec 19,, 7pm: Jackie Gage, Frances Fr ances Fon, Kay Kay Kostopulous, Kostopulous, Wonder The Holiday W onder Band. $15-$20.. Redwood City. Cityy.



Wed, 8pm:: San Jose Jazz Wed, presents Aaron pr esents the Aar on Lington Show.. Fr Free. Holiday Show ee. San Jose

Sat, 4pm: David Brookings. Brookings. FFree. Fr ee. San S JJose.

HEDLEY HEDLE YCL Y CLUB CLUB Thu,, 8pm: Brian Ho Trio. Trrio. Fri, 8pm:: Modesto Briseno. Sat, Sinatra. 8:30pm:: Swingin’ Swingin’ with Sinatr a. Party. Dec.. 31:: New Year’s Year e ’s Eve P artyy. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH TRIT T CH Wed, 8pm:: W Wed, Wax ax W Wednesdays ednesdays with SSwellmax. wellmax. Fri, 8pm:: Rin TTin in Piranha Party. TTiger, iger, The SHE’s, Pir anha P artyy. San Jose.


THREE DEGREES THREEDE GREES Every Thu,, 6:306:30-9:30pm 9:30pm & Fri, 7:30-10:30pm: 7:3010:30pm:: Live music. All Free. Ages. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos




Sat, 8pm:: NVS,, Drop Drop Tank, Taank, Coree Th CCrooked The Crooked k d Hats H t andd CCor ee Hogan. Homestead Bowl, upertino. CCupertino.

Blues and jazz every night, call ffor or info. info. San Jose. Thu,, 7:30:: Aki Blues Jam. Fri, 8pm:: Beach Cowboys. Cowboys. Sat, Sat 8pm: Whiskey Pass. Pass.. Sun, 7pm:: Scarlett La Rue’s Rue’s Banjo. CCampbell. ampbell.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri: Live music. Santa Clar Clara. a.

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld AGENDA A GENDA LOUNGE LOUNGE Wed, W ed, d, 8pm: 8 S l Thu, Salsa. Th 9pm: 9 Vybez. Banda.. Sun: Reggae V ybez. Sun: Reggae Night. San Jose.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BISTRO BISSTR T O Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening San Jose. evening. Jose

ART AR TBOUTIKI BOUTIKI THE HUDDLE THEHUDDLE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: Free. over.. Live bands. Fr ee. 21 and over Fremont. Fr emont.

Every second Thu, 7:30pm:: Jazz Warehouse W arehouse Jazz Jam. Free; Free; donations rrequested. equested.. San Jose.

LLOU’S OU’S VILLA VILLAGE GE Live music. San Jose.


111-17, 1 -171,7,2013 22013 0 1 3 | metr m osiliconvalley | sanjos | metr DDECEMBER DECEMBER E C E M B E R 11-17, 11| metr osiliconvalley | san | metr

Rock/Pop Rock/P op


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013




Karaoke Kar raok a ke

Fri-Sat, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Jazz for for dinne dinner. er. San Jose.



TTue uue 8pm: Pro Pro Blues Jam Nigh Night. ht. Dec. 31:: New Years Yeears Eve with The T Honey Wilders. Sunnyvale.



Nightlyy, 9pm-2am: Nightly, 9pm-2am: KKaraoke. araoke. S Jose. San J

Fri,, 7pm:: Latin Jazz YYouth oouth Ensem Ensemble mble Francisco. of San Fr ancisco.. San Jose


Fri-Sun,, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

THE BEARSS THEBEAR Fri, 9pm:: Dar Darryl. ryl.. San Jose.

Sat, 8pm: Live Jazz.. Casino Casino M8trix, San Jose.



Fri, 9pm-1am: 9pm-1am: Danielle. Sat, 9pm-1am: 9pm1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clara. Clara.

Wed:: Jack Ripoff Wed: Ripoff.. Thu:: Sexy Back. Baack. Scratch. Fri: Scr atch Sat and Sun:: Kid atch. Dynamite.. CCampbell. ampbell.

BOGART’S BOGAR RT T’SL SLLOUNGE OUNGE Wed,, Fri & Sun, 9pmWed, 9pm-1am: -1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

BEST COAST Saturday, Feb 22 1.800.745.3000 WWW.TICKETMASTER.COM

Wed, W ed,, 9pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. Campbell. Campbell.

OFFICE BAR OFFICEB AR FFri-Sat, i S t, 9pm, 9 andd Sun, S 7pm: 7 KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View. View.

PSYCHO P SYCHO DONUT DONUTSS Sun, 10am:: Psycho Karaoke. Karaoke. CCampbell. ampbell.




TTue: uue: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose..

BRIT ARMS CUPER CUPERTINO RTINO T Sun--Tuue, 10pm:: KKaraoke. Sun-Tue, araoke. CCupertino. upertino.

Every first and thir thirdd W Wed, ed, 7pm 7pm: m: Johnny-Cat. Blues jam with Johnny-C at.. Sat, S Chris 7:30pm: Nina Gerber and Chr ris Webster. W ebster. Los Los Gatos.

Thu & Mon,, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sat, Darryl. 8:30pm: Joe or Dar ryl.. CCampbell. ampbell.

Thu 8pm:: Guil Guilty ty Pleasures Pleasures with DJ Dan.. San CCarlos arlos


THREE FLAMESSRE THREEFLAME RESTAURANT STAURA ANT Wed,, 8pm: Open-mic night with Wed, w Anita. Willow Glen.



Wed:: New Talent Wed: Taalent Showcase. FriF Sun:: Myq Kaplan. Kaplan.. Sunnyvale.

Thu: JR. Sun:: JR Diaz Family KKaraoke. araoke. Tue: Tue: u : James.. Gilroy. Gilroyy. Wed, W ed, 8pm: Chris. ed, Chris. San Jose. Jose

Wed, W ed,, 10pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.



Wed:: KKaraoke. Wed: araoke. Thu,, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: Clara. KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a.

Wed:: Deathsquad Super Show Wed: Show. w. Heffron. Jose. Thu-Sun:: John Heffr on.. San Jo ose.

Mon:: Comedy. Comedyy. No cover. cover. Sunnyvale.

Wed, 8:30pm: Vinnie.. Thu-Sat, Wed, 8:30pm: Thomas. Sun, 8:30pm: Dan. San Jose.




Nightly karaoke, karaoke, 9pm-1:30am. 9pm-1:30am. San Jose.



Sun, 9:30pm:: Comedy. Comedyy. San Jose. Joose.


Wed, W ed,, 10pm: Purple. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.

Open p Mic/ d CComedy omedy


TTue: uue: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Sunnyvale.



Fri, 9pm, Sat, 7pm: Comedy Sportz. Sport z.. San Jose.

PIXIES Plus special guest


Thu: KKaraoke. araoke. LLos os Gatos.


Feb 6

Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm:: Bruce of KOR KOR KKaraoke. araoke.. Mountain View. View.


Wed,, 7pm: Stand-up Wed, Stand-up comedy. comedyy. $10-$20. San Jose.



Thu: Karaoke. Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


Jan 21

Wed W ed & Sun Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm KKaraoke. araoke. Campbell. Campbell.

Fri,, 8pm:: Hannah May Allison with w View. Remy Felsch.. Mountain View w. Wed,, 9pm: CCalifornia Wed, alifornia Cowboy Cowboys. ys. Thu, 9pm:: Lyratones. Lyratones.. Fri, 9pm, 9pm m, Sat, 10:15pm:: Diablo Road. Sat, Saat, 7:15pm: Joshua Paige. Paige. Fremont. Fremont.




C&W/Folk C&W W//FFoolk



Moree listings: Mor


Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat uue, 9pm9pm-2am, 2am,, & last Sun of every month, 22-7pm: -77pm: B&S KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

TTue, uue, 7pm:: KJ Bob and Starmaker. Starmaker. San Jose.


FIREHOUSE GRILL & BRE WER RY BREWERY Sun, 7pm-close:: Uncle Dougie Show. Palo Alto. Show w. P alo Al to.

FLAMESSCCOFFEE FLAME OFFEESHOP SHOP Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat uue,, 9pm: Uncle Show.. No cover. Dougie Show cover. San Jose.

THE X B BAR AR TTue uue & Fri, 9pm:: Karaoke Karaoke with KJ Vinnie. Cupertino. Cupertino.

GALAXY Thu, 9pm9pm-2am: 2am: August. Milpitas.



DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7 2013


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336


Wednesday, December 11‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+

Annual Christmas Party


plus David Glasebrook also TV Mike & The Scarecrowes sPM

Thursday, December 12‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+ THE GROWLERS !DVs$RS3HOWPM Friday, December 13 AGES 18+ plus Helicopter


Come to Our

Sat., Dec. 14th at 6 PM

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC 42

Dancee Clubs Danc Clubs


also Snakeskin Heart

plus Heroes At Gunpoint !DV$RSsPMPM


Saturday, +LJLTILY‹AGES 16+


Wed: W ed: Salsa W Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu:: ednesdays. Noche De Bandas. Sun:: Reggae Reggaae Vybez. V ybez.. San Jose.

Too Short P-Lo (HBK) RGLND DJ Pony P also


!DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Saturday, December 14‹In the Atrium‹AGES 21+



Sunday, December 15‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus Strange Vine


Dec 18 Suicidal Tendencies (Ages 16+) Dec 20 Good Riddance (Ages 16+) Dec 21 Mos Def (Ages 16+) Dec 27 & 28 Rebelution (Ages 16+) Dec 29 DJ Quik (Ages 16+) $ECThe Devil Makes Three (Ages 21+) Jan 4 E-40/ A-1 (Ages 16+) Jan 11 Tribal Seeds (Ages 16+) Jan 16 Yellowcard/ Ocean Ave (Ages 16+) Jan 17 Tainted Love (Ages 21+) Jan 18 Hopsin/ DJ Hoppa (Ages 16+) Jan 24 Infected Mushroom (Ages 18+)

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

Open Daily 8 AM to 2 AM

AJ’S BAR AJ’SB AR DJs and dancing every night. 6pm-1am; Mon-Sat, 6pm-11am;; Sun, 8pm8pm m12:30am San Jose 12:30am.

“Best Karaoke & Dive Bar�


LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS BAR BAR AND GRILL Fri, 10pm:: Foundation Fridays at LLGBG. GBG. Sat: Video Killed the DJ. DJ. LLos os Gatos.

AZĂšCAR LA LATIN ATIN T B BAR AR Thu, 9pm:: DJ party party. y. Fri-Sat,, 9p 9pmpm2am:: Live music & DJs, salsa, house, hip-hop & more. more. Mon:: Salsa. San Jose.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB Thu 9pm:: A Atomic tomic with DJ Basu Basura. ura. $5.. Fri 9pm: The Purple Ones. $10. Sat 9pm:: Club Satori with DJs Vitus and KKevin. evin.. San Jose.

BLUE BL UE PHEA PHEASANT SANT Wed-Sun & Tue, Wed-Sun Tuue,, 7pm: DJ and dancing. CCupertino. upertino.

Thu, 10:30pm: Reggae Thursdays. Fri: DJ TTony. ony o . Sun, 11:30am: Bottomless Mimosa. View.. Mountain View






Thu, 10pm:: Dancing to DJ Vex. BenofďŹ cial & DJ V eex. Santa Clara. Clara.

Thu: Everybody Get Get’s ’ss Lei’d Lei d Saturday with DJ Aspect. Aspect. Sat: Satur day DJ-Luzion, Cooldown with DJ-L uzion, Illtraxx, Ill traxx, WreckaNoize WreckaNoize & HiGrade. HiGr ade. TTues: ues: u TTWOSdays. WOSdays. San Jose.




Sat 9pm:: Resident DJ Billy Vidal. Dress Enforced. Dr ess Code Enf orced. Fairmont Hotel.. San Jose.

Mon: Magic Mike Mondays. Wed-Fri: W ed-Fri: DJs. Willow Glen.


Thu: Reverse Happy Hour Hour.. Every ďŹ rst Fri: Famous. Every second & ffourth ourth Fri: Diamond. Sat: Girls Night Out. View.. Mountain View

San Francisco’s City Guide

After a free guitar clinic at Amoeba SF at 5pm, Sonic Youth guitarist plays regular show. Dec 11 at the Chapel.

JEFF TWEEDY Remember, don’t talk too loud when the Wilco frontman is gracing you with his presence. Dec 11-12 at the Fillmore.



Fri-Sat, 8pm:: Old School Danc Dance ce Party. P artyy. San Jose.


Thu, 10pm:: Ambitious Thursdays. Fri, 9pm:: Playhouse Fridays. Tue: Tuue: Industry. Industry y. San Jose.




Thu: DJ Vincent Fiction. Fri:: DJ Claksaarb Cl Clak ksaarbb Sat, S t 9:30pm: 9 30 : DJ Kmac. K LLos os Gatos..

Thu: DJ Nico.. Fri:: DJ BenofďŹ cial. BenofďŹ cial. Sat:: DJ Ready Rock. Dec. 19:: DJ D Nico.. San Jose. Fri, 10:30pm:: Guest DJs.. No cover.. Sat, 10:30pm: DJ C-Note cover C-Notte and guest DJs. TTue: uue: Turnt Tuurnt TTuesdays uuesdays y with TTechno, eechno, EDM, TTrap. rap. p

Sat, 9pm: After P Party, artyy, Donnel Rawlings of Dave Chappelle show.. Club ReMix. Four Points show Points Sheraton, Sher aton, San Jose.

Fri: DJs & dancing.. Every ffourth ourth Sat: Thrive. Sun:: Members Only. Onlyy. San Jose.


Metroactive’s clubs, music & culture coverage




Music ¡ Dancing ¡ TVs Games ¡ Pool ¡ Darts

Wed: Gamer Wednesdays. Wed: Wednesdays. Thu: TTanked aanked Thursdays w/ Wreck-A-Noize. DJ W reck-A-Noize. Fri: Video Junkie. Sat, 10pm: Omega the Philemonster.. Neo-tablist and Philemonster Every second and ffourth ourth Sat, 10pm: ProliďŹ c. ProliďŹ c. Mon: Manic Mondaze. TTue: uue: $2 TTuesdays. uesdays. u San Jose.

Every Third Third Fri:: Strictly Strictly Freestyle. Freestyle. Every fourth fourth Fri:: Fuz. San Jose.

1031 Monroe St. , Santa Clara

KARAOKE Fri & Sat 9 pm


Top Toop 40 and R&B. Fri, 9pm:: Heit Fridays. $10. Sat,, 9pm: Call Call for for info. info. Mon:: Industry. Industryy. San Jose. Friday: DJs & dancing.. Every second Sat: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.



Moree listings: Mor


David Thomas and band still make a ferocious noise from Cleveland, with a danceable edge. Dec 17 at Slim’s. Young, British and full of jazz chords—the best raspy-voiced upstart on the scene. Dec 16-17 at the Independent.

CHANCE THE RAPPER Chicago success story visits town on the heels of his phenomenal mixtape, ‘Acid Rap.’ Dec 18 at the Regency Ballroom.


Wed, 9pm: Wine W Wed, Wednesdays. ednesdayss. Thu: Liquid Thursdays, with guest DJs spinning hip-hop,

More San Francisco events at


DECEMBER 111-17, 1 -1 7, 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr

A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr m | DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7 2013



DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7, 2013 | m | sanjose | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr m | DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7 2013



DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7, 2013 | m | sanjose | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr m | DECEMBER 11-17, 1 1 -1 7 2013




palatable fantasies: have palattaable fant asies: “Iff only I ccould ould ha ave you, Swedish women’s you, yyour our sister, sister, the Sw wedish women n’s bobsled that from bobsled team, and tha at girl fr om The Weather pool Weather e Channel in a sswimming wimming w p ool of butterscotch butttersc t otch pudding!” puddingg!” Still, fant fantasizing and aree ttwo asizing an nd cheating ar w wo different things.. Sur Sure, diff ffeerent things re, some guys who go to strip clubs ar aree lo looking ooking to get some on the side, side, but a guy ccan an a do that at the office bar breaking officce or the ccorner orner ba ar without br reaking e out a w wad Benjamins. Hooters? ad a of Benjami ins. And Ho oters? Naughty placee Naughtty in cconcept, oncept, but b in rreality, ealitty, a plac to eat hea heavily battered chicken avily v bat tter t red ed chick en strips while ha having aving v platonicc cconversations on nversations with waitress a married w aitr a ess in ggym yym clothes and 1980s pantyhose. Ass ffor 1980s pant tyyhose. A o or those ccoupons oupons your boyfriend your b oyfriend y had, nothing n helps a guy seduc seducee a w waitress likee whipping out aitr a ress e lik av voucher percent off. (“Hey, oucher for fo or 10 p ercent e off ff. (“He ey, big spender!”) spender!”) Another woman ma may man’s m ay turn yyour our man n’s head (or mak make likee a turbo ke it sswivel wiv w vel e lik turbo Lazy doesn’t Lazy Susan), but that do esn n’t ’ mean she turns his ethics ethics,, to too. have o. Iff yyou ou ha ave rreason eason to b believe boyfriend good guy, elieeve yyour our b oyfriiend is a go od guy y, driven byy ethic ethical standards driv veen b cal a st andards instead of what he ccan chances an a get aaway way with, chanc es aree he he’s looking strippers from ar ’s just lo oking at a stripp ers fr om time to time instead of looking o lo oking to get strange.. R Relationships aree built some strange eelatio l ionships hi ar b il they’re on trust, but the ey’r y e also a built on white about aree and ha having lies ab out who we rreally aving v eaally ar the wisdom to lo look the way ok th he other w ay at stuff that do doesn’t mean esn n’t ’ mea an much in the things. You grand scheme of thin ngs. Y o ou and yyour our boyfriend have bedroom, b oyfriend ha ave heat in n the b edroom, and loving treats he is lo ov ving and tr eatss yyou ou well. Sounds like he’s happy. That’s probably lik ke he ’s happ y. That ’s pr robably o the best makee single b est motivator ffor o or a guy to mak visiting strip clubs not nothing moree than an thing mor occasional sightseeing—as o ccasional a fform o orm of sig ghtseeing—as much threat a thr eat to yyour our rrelationship elatiionship as a visit to the Grand T Tetons days eetons (on n one of those da ays y they’re decked the eyy’rre deck ed out in flaming nipple Lucite ttassels assels and 5-inch L uccite heels).

©2013, Amy Alkon, all rights res reserved. served. Got a problem? W Write rite Amy y Alkon, 95113, 550 SS.. First St., San Jose, CA 9511 13, or email adviceamy@aol. com..

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My boyfriend of two years has always a disparaged gentlemen's clubs. c clubs . I truly Maps believed him until he visited his hiis family and I searched Google M aps a on his predicted computer for something in his hometown. h The text box predicte ed “strip clubs” showed there. I confronted him, and looking loo oking to prove me wrong, he show wed me his history. Various searches up.. (I don't “places” history y. V a arious search hes for strip clubs showed up d think he stuff.) He didn’t understood that Google keeps track t of that stuff f.) . H e claimed he e didn ’t do these borrowed searches and suggested that hiss brother or someone who borrow wed his computer We regularly, did. W e have sex regularly y, and he is loving and treats me very well, w so I put aside understand men’s his lying and gave him anotherr chance. I should say that I unde rstand men ’s don’t it’s relationships i t interest t in i these th clubs; l b I just j t do d n’t feel f l it’ ’s right i ht for f guys in i relati l tiionships i hi to go cheating Disturbingly, because of the possibility of che eating happening. Disturbingly y, I just found some Hooters stuff. H ooters o coupons with his stuff f. I think that the fact that he may y go to these doesn’t much he’s about —Worried places doesn ’t bother me as mu ch as the fact that he ’s lying abo ut it. —W Wo orried A woman w wants believe man ants a to b elieve a ma an nasty when he claims he hates those nas stty “gentlemen’s Yeah, “gentlemen n’s clubs. clubs.” Y eeah, the last thing t any totally hot an ny man wants wants to see is a tot ally h ot 21-year-old breasts 21-year e r-old with enormous br eastss doing upside-down upside -down splits on a pole. pole. There’s There’s that line from frro om politics: politics: “It “IIt I isn’t isn n’t ’t the crime; it’s it’s the cover-up. cover er--up.” Not Not only nly on pre-lie, did yyour our boyfriend boyfriend y prre-lie, laying laayying out o the above ab ove bed bed of lies like like lettuce letttuc t e on a cottage cotttage cheese plate, plate, but he followed fo ollowed up with w obvious the ob vious honker honk ker e that it had to be be somebody someb ody else searching searching for fo or nudiee bars on his computer. computer. Yes, Yees, it was was a probably probab bly Granny, who,, like Grann ny, who lik ke many man ny women her h age, age, loves lo oves to go to strip clubs and make make it rain Social Social Security Securitty checks. checks. As As for fo or why wh hy he lied, consider consider thatt there’s ther e’s a notion that men are are pigs— — simply for fo or being being men. Men evolved evolved e to be be highly visual and variety-driven varietty-driven in n their sexual desire, se exual x desir e, while women eevolved volved e to bee mor moree emotion- and ccommitmentb o ommitmeenttdriven. sexuality isn’t wrong; it’s driv en. Male se exxualitty isn n’t ’ wr ’s ong;; it different. aree so used just diff ffeerreent. But men ar d to being attack b eing under at ttaack ffor o or what turns them many denying it. They on that man ny default to den nyying it t. The ey keep their k eep e mum to aavoid void o cconflict onflict in thei ir partt b because they rrelationships, elationships e , in par ecause the ey think they never desire the hey ccould ould ld ne ever eexplain xplain x l i male l desi d iirre in i a way woman’s w ay that wouldn’t wouldn n’’t make make a woman n’s head fly off and chase them around around the rroom. oom. is,, we all lie lie,, all da day long, The truth is ay lon ngg, and cram often think nothing of it. If yyou ou cra am goop yyour o our muffin-top into Spanx or putt go op on your yo our eeyebags, yebags e , you’re yo ou’re lying about abou ut look like. what yyou ou o rreally eally lo ok lik e. And frankly, nklyy, fran people thoughts,, most if p eople ccould ould rread ead our thoughts wouldn’t makee it to lunchtime lunchtim of us wouldn n’’t mak me bludgeoning without a co-worker’s co-work keer’s bludgeonin ng us stapler. because alone with a st aplerr. But b ecause we alon ne we’re thinking, person know what we ’re thinking g, a p erso on ccan an a say sa ay ssweet, weet, rrelationship-enhancing elationship-enhancing things to his partner—“You’re partnerr— —“Y Yo ou’re the only woman w entertaining ffor o or me!”—while enter taaining less

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Grrand Grand a Op Opening! ening! Perfect P errfect He Health! alth! Acupunctur Acupuncture A t e & Ther Th Therapeutic apeutic ti Massage. Mas ssage. Ask about our Holiday Holi iday Specials! Call for Appt. App t. 408-559-9888 408-559-9888 | sanjos | metr | DDECEMBER E C E M B E R 11-17, 11-17 2013

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Call the Classified department at 408.298.8000 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

Fax your ad to the Classified Department at 408.271.3520

Mail to: Metro Classified 550 S. First St. San Jose, CA

Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx number and expiration date for payment.

For copy, playment, space reservation or cancellaion: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

EMPLOYMENT Shivarjun Inc seeks: Job Title: Cook Location: Sunnyvale, CA Position Type: Full Time Experience: See Below Education: See Below Cook: Prepare, Season and cook North Indian dishes such as Soups and Shorbas, Meats, Vegetables, Tava Specialties and Desserts. Ensure freshness of food and ingredients. Observe and test foods. Order supplies and plan menu. Req. 2 years of experience required in respective field. Jobsite: Sunnyvale, CA. Rate of Pay: $29,494/ year. Send Resume to: HR Dept, Shivarjun Inc dba Turmeric Restaurant., 141 South Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

Security/Bouncers Needed wanted 5 nights a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

Karaoke DJ wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must have equipment. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

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Staff ASIC Physical Design Engineers (Ref #102 & 103); Lead ASIC Design Verification Engineers (Ref # 104, 105, 106, 107, 108 & 109) Multiple positions available. Detailed job description at Job Site: San Jose, CA. Job may require relocating to Employer’s branches located in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. Travel required only to the extent of relocating to Employer’s branches

located in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. Send resumes referencing job title & reference number as set out in the detailed job descriptions at www. to SmartPlay, Inc., 2680 North First Street, Suite 130, San Jose, CA 95134.

McAfee, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA has opportunities for: Lead Security Researcher (Job Code I880014) Lead fellow reverse engineers in malware analyses and guarantee reliable analysis reports, signature suggestions, blog write-ups, threat forecasts, and marketing whitepapers. Software Engineer (Job Code I882301) Deliver the next generation of security protection. Architect design and implement core parts of the MATD (McAfee Advanced Threat Defense) product. To apply mail resume to: McAfee Inc. c/o Savannah Trakes, 2821 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. Reference Job Code #. EOE.

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS Coherent, Inc. seeks Sr. Staff Equipment Maintenance Technician to perform hazardous materials abatement, & perform repair & preventative maintenance activities on Molecular Beam Epitaxy reactors. Job code:

#4058.Also seeking Sr. Staff Process Support Technician to process, qualify & characterize phosphide based materials used in high-power edge emitter semiconductor laser & related devices; and support ongoing product development including MBE wafer fabrication, packaging and device testing. Job code: #4060. Worksite for both positions: Sunnyvale, CA. To apply, reference job code and submit resumes to HR:

ENGINEER Headway Technologies, Inc. seeks Photolithography Manufacturing Engineer to support thin film head photolithography manufacturing process. Resume to worksite: 682 S. Hillview Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035

Gold Club San Jose Entertainers Auditioning entertainers nightly 7pm9pm. 81 West Santa Clara St. 408.294.6666,

Learn how to GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE Learn the basics of hydroponic gardening in our weekly grow classes. Provided free of charge at I and I Collective. 1530 ALUM ROCK AVE. 408.649.6925

Bartender / Cocktail Servers 6 AM-10AM Part Time shift available. Apply morning’s only. Alex’s 49er

lounge, 2214 Business Circle, (San Carlos & Bascom), San Jose. 408/279-9737

Massage Therapist Full time 3p.m. to 10pm. Mon-Thurs. Free training. Victorian Massage. 408.377.8800

Driver Infogain Corp. seeks Project Manager: Manage end-to-end projects for deployment. May be assigned to work at client sites in Santa Clara County, CA. Resumes to worksite: 485 Alberto Way, #100, Los Gatos, CA 95032, Attn: J. Azzam.

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Looking for a Fresh Start and $$$ for the Holidays?! Embrace a NEW and REWARDING Opportunity in the Largest Industry Paid weekly, Multiple Bonus Programs and Growth Opportunity. Earn up to $1200/wk. Training Available for Those Willing to Learn and Interact with People. Bilingual Spanish/English Candidates Welcome. Call 408.273.7801

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Engineer SW Dv Eng for LSI Corp San Jose office. Develop device drivers for PCIe SSD controllers. Reqs: MSCS+ 2 yrs exp: C C++; Des & implement hi perf apps in storage field; Multi-threaded app concepts; Linux kernel; Windows & driver stack ; PCIe protocol. Resume: LSI Corp Attn. R. Chawla 1320 Ridder Park Dr. San Jose, CA 95131 code 2013SJCPSHE

Bakery Staff Busy Los Gatos bakery hiring skilled FT/PT scratch bakers, cake decorators and customer service staff. Call 408.354.2464 for more info.

t ep cc A e W



Evicted Tenants Have you been illegally evicted by a Corporation? We can help. Please call 408.722.2170

Professional makeup artist and supportive gg specializing in transformations. 650/387-8872

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Computer Systems Analyst: FUHU, Inc. in El Segundo, CA; job site in San Jose, CA. Support urDrive user system. Master required. Fax resumes to 310-356-3656 or email

GENERAL Salon Space Open in Downtown SJ near SJSU. 800 sq. ft. includes 6 stations. Available Nov. 1. Great location & affordable, 2 FREE weeks. Call Jennifer 408.772.2209

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The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Victorian Massage, 821 Union Ave., Campbell, CA, 95008, John Scott Lavell. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Refile of previous #246907 after 40 days of expiration date /s/John Scott LaVell This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/02/2013. (pub Metro 12/11, 12/18, 12/25, 1/01/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Go Mobile Auto Detailing, 3292 Sagittarius Lane, San Jose, CA, 95111, Oscar Mancilla, Gloria Mancilla. This business is conducted by a married couple. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 07/2013. /s/Oscar Mancilla This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/05/2013. (pub Metro 12/11, 12/18, 12/25, 1/01/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Red Zone Realty 2. The Clairvoyant Group, 451 Los Gatos Blvd., Ste 105, Los Gatos, CA, 95032, Clairvoyant Capital Management. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Jamall Broussard President This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/25/2013. (pub Metro 12/11, 12/18, 12/25, 1/01/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: T-D Welding Machine, 370 Laurelwood Rd., #111, Santa Clara, CA, 95054, Tu Tb Vo, 409 Oliver St., Milpitas, CA,

95035, Danny D. Tran. This business is conducted by a married couple. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 12/04/2013. Refile of previous file #555219 with changes /s/Tu Vo This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/04/2013. (pub Metro 12/1, 12/18, 12/25, 1/01/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: GZines, 170 S. Market St., San Jose, CA, 95113, Richard Horton, 151 South 4th Street, San Jose, CA, 95113, Gayle Horton. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on Dec 1, 2013. /s/Richard Horton This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 12/02/2013. (pub Metro 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/13, 1/01/2014)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Ohara Tax Service, 1569 Willowgate Dr., San Jose, CA, 95118, Dan Ohara. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dan Ohara This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/04/2013. (pub Metro 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Out of Room, 1025 Granada Way, San Jose, CA, 95122, Out of Room Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Huy D. Mac CEO #3605937 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/08/2013. (pub Metro 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Chungdam, 3180 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA, 95051, MHS Supply Corp.. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Won Chul Kim Secretary #3443524 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/27/2013. (pub Metro 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Ephsori, 169 N. Jackson St., Unit G, San Jose, CA, 95112, Frank Soriano. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Frank Soriano This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/06/2013. (pub Metro 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Sun Lite Limo, 1979 Harris Ave., #2, San Jose, CA, 95124, Mohammad Qursehi. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Mohammad Qureshi This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/21/2013. (pub Metro 12/04, 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Ransom Press, 6369 Didion Court, San Jose, CA, 95123, MaryLu Tyndall. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 10/30/2013. /s/MaryLu Tyndall This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/21/2013.

(pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Gold And Silver Exchange, 14961 Joanne Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95127, Steven Bumb. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Steven Bumb This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/21/2013. (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Inner Poise Studio, 2. Dolce Bodywear, 3. Dolce B, 4. DolceB, 5. Dolce Body, 1629 Foxworthy Avenue, Angela L. Han Lai. This business is conducted by an Individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Refile of previous file #578682, with changes /s/Angela L Han Lai This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/01/2013. (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Studio Glam, 311 Stockton Ave., San Jose, CA, 95126, Elizabeth Damron, 307 Stockton Ave., San Jose, CA, 95126. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 2009. Refile of previous file #518055 with changes. /s/Elizabeth Damron This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/13/13. (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Kidport, 19121 Portos Drive, Saratoga, CA, 95070, Bryan Knysh. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under

the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 12/1998. Refile of previous file #517156 /s/Bryan Knysh This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/20/2013. (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)

with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/19/2013. (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Trendy Hair And Nail, 575 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS West Alma Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Jenny Lu, 1058 NAME STATEMENT N. Capitol Ave., San Jose, #585018 CA, 95133. The following person(s) is This business is conducted (are) doing business as: by an individual. Brigadeiros Margarida, 3190 Registrant began Golf Dr., San Jose, CA, 95127, transacting business under Maria Margarida Moniz. the fictitious business name This business is conducted or names listed herein on by a individual. Nov 2, 2013. Registrant has not yet /s/Jenny Lu begun transacting business This statement was filed under the fictitious business with the County Clerk of name or names listed Santa Clara County on herein. 11/08/2013. /s/Maria Margarida Moniz (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, This statement was filed 12/04, 12/11/2013) with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on STATEMENT OF 11/15/2013. ABANDONMENT (pub Metro 11/27, 12/04, OF USE OF FICTITIOUS 12/11, 12/18/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Movie Times, 2. MovieTimes, Boulevards New Media Inc, 550 South First Street, San Jose, CA, 95113. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 04/16/2004. /s/Dan Pulcrano CEO #C1960417 This statement was filed


The following person(s) / entity (ies) has / have abandoned the use of the fictitious business name(s): Underground Smoke, 120 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA, 95112, Ara Deyland, 452 Safari Dr., San Jose, CA, 95123, Saam Shahidi, 21220 McKean Rd., San Jose, CA, 95120. This business was conducted by an general partnership. Filed in Santa Clara county on 3/09/2011. Under file no. 548796. /s/Ara Deyland This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/06/2013.


(pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, 12/04, 12/11/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: TLT Construction, 3120 White Ct., San Jose, CA, 95127, Frank Kha. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 11/11/2013. /s/Frank Kha This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/08/2013. (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, 12/04, 12/11/2013)

Cydney Aperto. This business is conducted by a married couple. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 12/01/1994. Refile of previous file #516513 with changes /s/Cydney E. Aperto This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/12/2013. (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, 12/04, 12/11/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Cinee Productions, 1220 N. Bascom, San Jose, CA, 95128, Renee BartlettFICTITIOUS BUSINESS Webber. This business is conducted NAME STATEMENT by a individual. #584594 Registrant has not yet The following person(s) is begun transacting business (are) doing business as: under the fictitious business Open Circle Closed Loop name or names listed OCCL, 510 S. 6th St., #C, San herein. Jose, CA, 95112, Anthony /s/Renee Bartlett-Webber Martinez. This statement was filed This business is conducted with the County Clerk of by a individual. Santa Clara County on Registrant has not yet 11/08/2013. begun transacting business (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, under the fictitious business 12/04, 12/11/2013) name or names listed herein. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS /s/Anthony Martinez NAME STATEMENT This statement was filed #584814 with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on The following person(s) is 11/04/2013. (are) doing business as: The (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, Bob Moreno Group, 841 12/04, 12/11/2013) Blossom Hill Road, #112, San Jose, CA, 95123, Robert FICTITIOUS BUSINESS W. Sears Corporation. This business is conducted NAME STATEMENT by a Corporation. #584862 Above entity was formed in The following person(s) is the state of California (are) doing business as: Registrant began Medi Script, 165 Blossom transacting business under Hill Rd., SPC 30, San Jose, the fictitious business name CA, 95123, Osborne Gumbs, or names listed herein on



95123, Robert W. Sears Corporation. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in th ReďŹ le of previous ďŹ le #580004 with changes /s/Linda Jane Sears Vice President #C1527081 This statement was ďŹ led with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/12/2013. (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, 12/04, 12/11/2013)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Frangos Team, 841 Blossom Hill Road, #112, San Jose, CA,

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11 57 DECEMBER 11-17, 2013 | | |

6/19/2013. ReďŹ le of previous ďŹ le #580044 with changes /s/Linda Jane Sears Vice President #C1527081 This statement was ďŹ led with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 11/12/2013. (pub Metro 11/20, 11/27, 12/04, 12/11/2013) | | | DECEMBER 11-17, 2013

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I read once about a pork processing operation that supposedly was the largest in the U.S. The stockyard, according to the article, had a giant lake of pig excrement contaminated with hormones, heavy metals, and other substances so toxic that people who fell in died within minutes. That sounded wrong—surely it would take at least a few hours to die from that kind of exposure. Can you shed any light? —Mike You’re right to be skeptical, Mike. Industrial pig farming is gross, and industrial pig farm waste, which is measured in the millions of gallons, is really gross. However, it won’t kill you in minutes. Having investigated, I think we can safely conclude that somebody got their stories mixed up. I will say this: not all the gruesome things that happen on a pig farm happen to the pigs. We’ll straighten that out later. First, however, we need to get a fix on pig crap. Let’s acknowledge at the outset that animal husbandry is an inherently yucky business. Remember Upton Sinclair’s 1906 exposé The Jungle, about the Chicago meatpacking industry? Maybe you don’t, but take my word for it: conditions were vile, and they haven’t gotten much prettier since. The main change with respect to pigs is that the loci of disgustingness are now diffused throughout the countryside—good if you’re a city dweller, bad if you live next door to a pig farm. Among the trials you may have to endure: Fecal floods. A modern hog-raising operation may house tens of thousands of animals, all producing waste nonstop, which flows into a vast holding pond and mainly just stays there—when all goes according to plan. When it doesn’t, such as happened in June 1995 at Oceanview Hog Farm in North Carolina, the holding pond gives way and 25 million gallons of liquid waste inundates the vicinity, submerging planted fields and killing 3,000 fish in a nearby river. On the plus side, the soybean crop, which thrives on this kind of fertilizer, is likely to come out looking pretty good. Exploding foaming pig poop. You think I’m making this up? Sadly, no. Pig manure, like most forms of solid animal excreta, gives off methane as it decays— not a good thing for the environment, but historically not an immediate threat. That changed four or five years ago, when factory farm workers started finding a layer of foam up to four feet thick forming on top of some pig waste pits. Methane and other gases get trapped beneath, and when ignited by a stray spark they can explode with deadly effect. Since 2009 more than such 30 incidents have been reported, with barns destroyed, workers injured, and pigs killed as result of FPP

detonations. One blast in Iowa turned 1,500 hogs into premature bacon. So far the cause is unknown; speculation centers on changing pig diets or else the evolution of new microorganisms in the waste pits. The practice of feeding hogs leftover grain from ethanol production may have something to do with it: the foam primarily afflicts farms in the ethanol belt—Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa—and not so much in hog-rich North Carolina and Virginia. Others, though, say this theory is a pile of crap. Intense eau de pig. The noise and in particular the smell of hog farms can affect your health. My assistant Una, who’s been downwind of a big feedlot on a warm day, describes it as being “like a pile of burning diapers.” The gases from the urine and feces of hog farms contain ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, methane, and other chemicals so corrosive the miasma from the barns dissolves metal. A survey of residents near North Carolina hog farms found many suffered from burning eyes, scratchy throat, respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, and similar complaints. The University of Iowa found more than half of pig farmers suffer from job-related illnesses. Noise inside hog barns can exceed 110 decibels, enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Toxic waste. Thus do we arrive at your question, Mike. No question, heavy metals and other poisons readily find their way into what goes into hogs and thus what comes out. An extreme example is China, where arsenic is commonly added to pig feed to make the meat redder—a big feedlot there can add a ton of arsenic to the soil in five years. Similar problems, albeit on a lesser scale, can be found in Western countries. Extensive searching of news databases turned up no case of anyone dying purely as a result of tumbling into pig excrement. Just the same, you don’t want to lose your footing at a pig farm. In September 2012 a 69-year-old Oregon hog farmer named Terry Garner, went missing after going out to feed them. All that could be found several hours later was his dentures and some body parts. Although too little remained to permit a precise determination, apparently he’d fallen and been eaten by his pigs.

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21-April 19): Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States four times, more than any other president. We can conclude that he was one of the most popular American leaders ever. And yet he never won a majority of the votes cast by the citizens of his home county in New York. I foresee the possibility of a comparable development in your life. You may be more successful working on the big picture than you are in your immediate situation. It could be easier for you to maneuver when you’re not dealing with familiar, up-close matters. What’s outside your circle might be more attracted to your influence than what’s nearer to home. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In 2009, actress Sandra

Bullock starred in three films, two of which earned her major recognition. For her performance in All About Steve, she was given a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress. Her work in The Blind Side, on the other hand, won her an Oscar for Best Actress. I’m thinking that you may experience a similar paradox in the coming days, Taurus. Some of your efforts might be denigrated, while others are praised. It may even be the case that you’re criticized and applauded for the same damn thing. How to respond? Learn from Bullock’s example. She gave gracious acceptance speeches at the award ceremonies for both the Golden Raspberry and the Oscar.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Almost 2,000 years ago, a Roman doctor named Scribonius Largus developed recipes for three different kinds of toothpaste. One contained the ashes of burned-up deer antler, aromatic resin from an evergreen shrub known as mastic, and a rare mineral called sal ammoniac. His second toothpaste was a mix of barley flour, vinegar, honey, and rock salt. Then there was the third: sundried radish blended with finely ground glass. Let’s get a bit rowdy here and propose that these three toothpastes have metaphorical resemblances to the life choices in front of you right now. I’m going to suggest you go with the second option. At the very least, avoid the third.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Are you feeling a bit

pinched, parched, and prickly? Given the limitations you’ve had to wrestle with lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were. Even though you have passed some of the sneaky tests and solved some of the itchy riddles you’ve been compelled to deal with, they have no doubt contributed to the pinched, parched prickliness. Now what can be done to help you recover your verve? I’m thinking that all you will have to do is respond smartly to the succulent temptations that life will bring your way in the coming weeks.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Have you ever situated yourself between two big bonfires on a beach and basked in the primal power? Was there a special moment in your past when you found yourself sitting between two charismatic people you loved and admired, soaking up the life-giving radiance they exuded? Did you ever read a book that filled you with exaltation as you listened to music that thrilled your soul? These are the kinds of experiences I hope you seek out in the coming week. I’d love to see you get nourished stereophonically by rich sources of excitement. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Mythically speaking, this

would be a propitious time for you to make an offering to the sea goddess. In dreams or meditations or fantasies, I suggest you dive down into the depths, find the supreme feminine power in her natural habitat, and give her a special gift. Show her how smart you are in the way you express love, or tell her exactly how you will honor her wisdom in the future. If she is receptive, you may even ask her for a favor. Maybe she’ll be willing to assist you in accessing the deep feelings that haven’t been fully available to you. Or perhaps she will teach you how to make conscious the secrets you have been keeping from yourself.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Don’t linger in a doorway, Libra. Don’t camp out in a threshold or get stuck in the middle of anything. I understand your caution, considering the fact that life is presenting you with such paradoxical clues. But if you remain ambivalent too much longer, you may obstruct the influx of more definitive information. The best way to generate the

By ROB BREZSNY week of December 11

clarity and attract the help you need will be to make a decisive move—either in or out, either forward or backward, either up or down.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): “It’s a rare person

who wants to hear what he doesn’t want to hear,” said TV talk show host Dick Cavett. I will love it if you make yourself one of those rare types in the coming week, Scorpio. Can you bring yourself to be receptive to truths that might be disruptive? Are you willing to send out an invitation to the world, asking to be shown revelations that contradict your fixed theories and foregone conclusions? If you do this hard work, I promise that you will be granted a brainstorm and a breakthrough. You might also be given a new reason to brag.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): There are pregnant truths I could reveal to you right now that I’ve decided not to disclose. I don’t think you’re prepared to hear them yet. If I told you what they are, you wouldn’t be receptive or able to register their full meaning; you might even misinterpret them. It is possible, however, that you could evolve rather quickly in the next two weeks. So let’s see if I can nudge you in the direction of getting the experiences necessary to become ready. Meditate on what parts of you are immature or underdeveloped—aspects that may one day be skilled and gracious, but are not yet. I bet that once you identify what needs ripening, you will expedite the ripening. And then you will become ready to welcome the pregnant truths. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): “Finifugal” is a rarely used English adjective that I need to invoke in order to provide you with the proper horoscope. It refers to someone who avoids or dislikes endings—like a child who doesn’t want a bedtime story to conclude, or an adult who’s in denial about how it’s finally time to wrap up long-unfinished business. You can’t afford to be finifugal in the coming days, Capricorn. This is the tail end of your cycle. It won’t be healthy for you to shun climaxes and denouements. Neither will it be wise to merely tolerate them. Somehow, you’ve got to find a way to love and embrace them. (P.S. That’s the best strategy for ensuring the slow-motion eruption of vibrant beginnings after your birthday.) AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): According to

20th-century British author John Cowper Powys, “A bookshop is a dynamite-shed, a drugstore of poisons, a bar of intoxicants, a den of opiates, an island of sirens.” He didn’t mean that literally, of course. He was referring to the fact that the words contained in books can inflame and enthrall the imagination. I think you will be wise to seek out that level of arousal in the coming weeks, Aquarius. Your thoughts need to be aired out and rearranged. Your feelings are crying out for strenuous exercise, including some pure, primal catharses. Do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): “I am not fearless,” says Mexican journalist and women’s right advocate Lydia Cacho, “but I’m not overtaken by fear. Fear is quite an interesting animal. It’s like a pet. If you mistreat it, it will bite, but if you understand it and accept it in your house, it might protect you.” This is an excellent time to work on transforming your fright reflexes, Pisces. You have just the right kind of power over them: strong and crafty and dynamic, but not grandiose or cocky or delusional. You’re ready to make your fears serve you, not drain you. Homework: What holiday gifts do you want? Express your outrageous demands and humble requests.

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700

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