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Silicon Valley Restaurant Week

A Place in


Valley’s first major cookbook defines a where, here p19

From ‘Manresa: An Edible Reflection’ metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013



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Thank k you Ash Kalra Ka alra and M ary Goen for Mary being willing w to pay your own o way for what is i obviously a fluff tr rip/vacation If rip/vacation. trip/vacation. the only nly benefit you on get is that t you don ’t don’t have to t use your on days s, that vacati vacation days, is good d enough. It wou uld seem Baby would Huey y Campos C p didn ’t didn’t get hiss fill of tax payer free lu unches at the lunches table of o his mentor Gorgeo ous George Gorgeous Shame e-o-kawa and Shame-o-kawa now wants w to feed again at the trough of public money y. money. A AWARE WARE D5 D VIA SAN SAN JOSE JOSE INSIDE


It really iss unfortunate that the climate c of nightlife in San Sa an Jose is based on a vision visiion that's the furthest furthe est away from what San Jose really is. is. We We live in n one of the most forward forwarrd thinking cities in the th he world, but yet we lack lacck the support for music events of the same nature. natu ure. I'm not only looking looking at venue owners/managers, ownerss/managerss, but also the e folks who attend. I ask you, step outside off your musical comfort zones, z zones s, experience music again like it was the first firrst time you heard your you ur favorite song. There are are a handful of people in n this city that want to bring you all something someth hing different, something ng new, new w, support these guys/gals, gu uys/galss, you won't regret. regre et. somethin MARK GAMA GAMAB AB VIA FFACEBOOK ACEBOOK RE: SAN SAN JOSE’S JOSE SE’S LA LAWSUIT WSUIT A AGAINST GAINST MAJOR LEA GUE B ASEBALL A TAKES TAKES A BIT OF A HIT, HIT, LEAGUE BASEBALL SSANJOSEINSIDE.COM, ANJOSEINSIDEE.COM, OCT 14 OCT.. 14

A bit? Judge completely c threw threw out the antitrust aargument. argument. LLooks ooks like a major win ffor o the CS or CSJJ budget. ROBERT R OBERT MICHAEL MICCHAEL CCORTESE ORTESE VIA FACEBOOK FACEBOOK


The mere fact that they T y are being paid would d suggest that paid also and perhaps th hat many others are being b perrhaps this th his shutdown is more bluster than fact … MAR MARTIN TIN JEFFRIES JEFFRIES VIA FACEBOOK FACEBOOK


Congress ha Congress has as shown the American aree ready throw people thatt they ar ready to thr ow their trash. wishes into the tr ash. The GOP as well as Democrats th Democr the D rats t would ld do d wellll to t rreturn eturn t kindergarten to kinder garten and rrelearn elearn good oldffashioned ashioned conflict c rresolution esolution skills. the desiree In light of th he GOP's supposed desir fiscallyy conser conservative to be fiscall vative with our tax dollars, one has to wonder how wasteful of time and money it is to hold a vote on something not one but 40 times. Republicans aree akin to small House Repu ublicans ar children who childr en wh ho rrepeatedly epeatedly ask ffor or something even after being told ““no.” no.” The people of America have voted ffor or children, this. As As with h small childr en, its time to calm down, listen and accept what's being askedd of them to do. BIANCA MA MAY AY VIA EMAIL


OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013


Photo courtesy coourtesy of Pacific Pacific Asian Asian Advisory CCouncil ouncil



CFOver CF Overr CFOs ar CFOs aree dr dropping oppping like flies—well, not this Fly—o Fly—over over at the CCounty ounty of Santa CClara lara offices. offi fices. Last Friday marked hurrah tenuree of DAVE the final hur rahh in the tenur DAVE MCGREW, M CGREW, the chief c financial officer of V alley Medical CCenter enter (VM C) since August Valley (VMC) 2011 W 2011. Word ord is McGr M McGrew ew was placed on administr ative leave a couple week administrative weekss prior to his say sayonara. yonara. While McGr McGrew ew trotted tr otted out thee boilerplate goodbye in staff, moree an email to sta afff, citing a need ffor or mor time with his ffamily, amilyy, his admin leave was not voluntary voluntary, y, accor aaccording ding to sour sources ces in the county DAV VID CCLAUDE, LAUDE, the dir ector county.. DAVID director general accounting, accoounting, will take over as of general CFO, which which means the county interim CFO, now has tempss staffing its two most nce positions. In August, important finan finance County Executive Executiive JEFF SSMITH MITH tried to County demote financee dir ector V INOD SSHARMA, HARMA, director VINOD who concoctedd sever al diff erent stories several different about why his office neglected to catch GE ORGE SSHIRAKAWA HIRAK KA AWA JR. ’s misuse of GEORGE JR.’s public funds w hile pr esident of the B oard while president Board of Super visors. Smith wanted to place Supervisors. Sharma in a le sser rrole ole lesser They at VM C, but thee cagey VMC, Did CCFO FO lawyer ed up u at the lawyered What? eleventh hour so he could stay in hhis is cushy SEND TIPS TIPS TTO O nger while post a little lon longer FLY@ FL LY Y@ doing none of the work. METRONEWS. METR ONEWS. COM CO M Interim rreplacement eplaceement EEMILY MILLY H ARRISO ON has HARRISON assumed nearly nearly all of Sharma’s Sharma’s duties. A e erence ffor ef or McGr ew’ss Ass a point of rreference McGrew’s ignominious ex xit, VM exit, VMCC eats up about half of Santa CClara lara CCounty’s ounty’s $4 billionplus budget— the timing couldn ’t be budget—the couldn’t worse as VM VMCC and the county work to OBAMACARE. implement OB A CARE. “Obviously this AMA something is not somethin ng that we would plan or desiree and it it’s desir ’s not good to have those two positions being b filled on an interim told Fly, before he’s basis,”” Smith to old Fly y, bef ore adding he ’s confident Har riison and Claude Claude ar Harrison aree up to the task. But But for for o anyone wondering when order the county will gets its house in or der and send Sharm ma packing, Smith said Sharma ther e’s ““no no goo od answer there’s good answer”” on when the dispute will be rresolved. esolved.

Stamped Out

HARD H ARD TIMES Officials at Seco Second ond H Harvest arvest F Food ood Bank say th they ey are providing m ta Clara and San M ateo counti ies each month. meals for 250,000 people in Sant Santa Mateo counties

Silicon V Valley’s alley’s most vulnera a vulnerable able r id residents go hu h ungry as R epub b bli blicans hungry Republicans wage war on food f stamps BY B Y CCAITLIN AITLIN Y YOSHIKO OSHIKO KANDIL KAND DIL


HREE DOLLARS DOLLARS and eighty-three cents— — that’ss all Christina, that’ that Christina a 32-year-old single mother, m mother r, can n spend on a meal me eal for fo or herself and her six-yearsix-yearrold old daughter. daughter. This gets her the th he basics: pinto beans, beans, rice, riice, canned tuna; things like liike bacon and shredded Parmesan Parmesan cheese are only for special sp pecial occasions. occasions.

The San JJose ose rresident, esident, who ask asked ed d th hat her full name not b elies that bee used, rrelies on n ffood ood st amps, officially known stamps, ass the Supplement Supplemental al N Nutrition utrition Assistance A ssistance Pr Program ogram (SNAP), or CalFresh C alFresh in C California. aliffo ornia. The pr program ogram su upported Christina when she wen nt supported went ba ack to scho ol to earn her bachelo or s or’ back school bachelor’s

ontinues to do so now degree, and ccontinues degree, now, w, t-time e as a rregistered egistered as she works par part-time dietician. But it ’s still not n enough. it’s “My family runs out eevery veery month, and I’m pr pretty ettty go good od at planning things and not o overspending, versp e ending,” she sa says. ayys. Onc Oncee h b her benefits enefits fi ar aree gone gone,, “II ha h have ave to get help fr from om someb somebody, odyy, whether w it it’s ’s the ffood ood bank or family y.” family. A ow w, it ’s ab out to Ass difficult as it is no now, it’s about get worse worse.. St arting N ov. 1, eextra xtra x a funding Starting Nov. pr ovided b can R ec e overy provided byy the Americ American Recovery A ct, Pr esident Obama a’s 20 09 Act, President Obama’s 2009 ec onomic stimulus pac kage, eexpires, xpires, economic package, w see their so SNAP households will b enefits decr ease. F or fa amilies of ttwo w wo benefits decrease. For families lik a’s, this willl rresult esult in a likee Christina Christina’s, rreduction eduction of ab out $20 0p er month— about per which she sa ayys means her h daughter will says -packed have give healthy home-packed ha ave to giv ve up health hy home lunches in eexchange xxchange ffor or or the fr ee and free rreduced educed meals off ffeered at a scho ol. offered school. In addition, the U .S. House of U.S. Representatives R ep esent eepr e e aativvees appr app approved oved a bill last a

from month that thaat would cut $40 billion fr om the pr program ogram mo over veer the ne next ext x dec decade— ade— rresulting esulting in n 3.8 million p people eople get getting ttting kick ed off the t pr ogram ne xt yyear, eear, the kicked program next C ongressio onal Budget O ffice estimates Congressional Office estimates.. “It “It’s ’s defi definitely finitely going to mak makee lif life fe harder people, har der ffor o or a lot of p eople,” Christina sa ayys. “Our budget ffor or ttwo o wo p eople is says. people $357 p per er month. m If an anybody’s nyb y ody’s going to tr ower that, I think the tryy to lo lower theyy need to liv livee off of o that ffor o or a month and see is.. That how it is T might change their viewpoint. vie wp point..” na is not alone aliffo ornia, Christina alone.. In C California, Christin people CalFresh 4.1 million p eople use C alFresh to mak out 8 0p ercent makee ends meet. Ab About 80 percent eople in families with of them ar aree p people childr en, and an nd ab out 40 p ercent ar children, about percent aree in working families, faamilies, sa ayys K eerry Birnbach, says Kerry nutrition p olicy adv ocate ffor or C o aliffo ornia policy advocate California F ood P dvvocates. U nder the Food Policy Advocates. Under olicyy A 350,000 House bill, she estimates that 350,0 00 adults acr o the st oss ate would b ecome across state become ineligible ffor o or C alFresh, esh and that se veral CalFresh, several hundr ed ad dditional households would hundred additional benefits decrease. see their monthly m b enefits decr ease. One w ay the R eepublican bill, which way Republican w as writ tten t n under the dir ection of was written direction House Maj joritty L eader Eric C antor, Majority Leader Cantor, byy imp imposing would do this t is b osing work



OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr

10 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013







requirements, so that adults requirements, a without children must sp end att least 20 hours children spend p er week on the job or in training per training.. W iithout employment, emplo oyyment,, a p erson ccan an Without person only receive receivve b enefits ffor o thr or ee months benefits three eevery veery thr ee yyears. eears. three equirem ments wer These work rrequirements weree first ood st am mp pr ogram in added to the ffood stamp program 19 96 with Bill Clinton n’s welfar effo orm 1996 Clinton’s welfaree rreform legislation But after th legislation. he ec onomic the economic rrecession ecession hit, the ffederal edera e al go overnment government ga ave st ates the option to t fforgo orgo this rule o gave states as a w ay of helping the soaring numb er way number of unemplo oyed. The Ho ouse bill would unemployed. House ttake ake away away the abilit ates— abilityy off st states— including C aliffo ornia—tto ccontinue ontinue California—to aivveer, something implementing this w waiver, Birnbach sa ayys is “par ticcularly unfair says “particularly giv en that unemplo oyym ment is so high.” given unemployment Cindy McC own, vic esident of McCown, vicee pr president pr ograms and ser vices ffor or the Sec o ond programs services Second Har vest F ood Bank of Sant S Harvest Food Santaa Clara and San Mateo C ountiies, agr ees. “If Counties, agrees. yyou ou o ccan’t an’t find a job e that mean es job,, do does yyou ou o ccan’t an’t eat ?” McC own n sa ayys. “W We’re eat?” McCown says. “We’re dealing with a basic nee ed—ffood—and need—food—and I think ther bly other plac es obab theree ar aree pr probably places that [C ongress] needs to t lo ok at to [Congress] look mak makee cuts cuts..” While House R eepub blicans ha ave Republicans have a a nec essary touted the legislation as necessary mo ove to t rreduce educ d e ffederal eederal d l sp ending di , move spending, C aroline Danielson, a rresearch esearch ffellow eellow Caroline at the Public P olicy Ins stitute of Policy Institute C aliffo ornia, sa ays y it ’s mos stly ffor or show o w. California, says it’s mostly show. ymbolic, I thin nk, on the “This is ssymbolic, think, par eepublicanss,” she sa ayys. partt of the R Republicans, says. ““A A 10-p ercent cut to thee pr ogram is 10-percent program signific ant, but is not a lot in terms significant, of ffederal eederal sp ending or the t ffederal eederal spending deficit.” The ffood ood st p pr ogram ccosts amp osts stamp program ab out $8 0 billion annu uallyy, ab out ttwo wo about $80 annually, about p ercent off the h ffederal ederal ed l go ggovernment’s overnment’s percent endingg. $3.5 trillion in sp spending. ld also slash The House bill woul would ccosts osts b ty estricting ccategorical ategorical eligibilit byy rrestricting eligibility p olicies—which allow p eople to policies—which people apply ffor or o ffood ood st amps b effor o e the y’ve stamps before they’ve depleted all their finan cial rresources— esources— financial and b eversing eff ffo ortss to str eamline byy rreversing efforts streamline enr ollment in the pr ogram. g “What enrollment program. it ccomes omes down to is tha at households that would lose b enefits,” sa ays y Birnbach. benefits, says She points points out that ther theree ar aree other rreasons easons to opp ose the cuts c as well. oppose Although food food st amp enr eenrollment ollment stamp spik keed during the rrecession, ecesssion, the spiked pr ogram’s incr eased sp e ending will not program’s increased spending b ermanent. “It eexpands xpaands to meet bee p permanent. demand, and it ccontracts ontraccts if ther e’s there’s less demand,” Birnbach h sa ayys. ““As As the says.

ec onomy rrecovers, ecovers, as p eople get jobs economy people jobs,, we ’re goingg to see SNAP par ticipation we’re participation fall. There’s There’s an ar gument that ther e’s argument there’s uttting t it now w, sinc ’s no sense cu cutting now, sincee it it’s going to cut ut itself f.” The C ongressional cu itself. Congressional Budget O ffi e estimates that ffood ffic ood Office st amp spending spen nding will rreturn eturn to its 40stamp yyear ear average averagge b byy 2018. tion, rreductions eductions to ffood ood In addit addition, st amps could cou uld ha ave a wider impact stamps have on the ec on nom my. “Ev ery dollar sp ent economy. “Every spent using C Fresh b enefits generates alF CalFresh benefits ab out $1.7 74 in lo cal ec onomic activit ty,” about $1.74 local economic activity, Birnbach eexplains. xplains. “So that ’ll hur that’ll hurtt gr ocers, gr o owers , ffood ood rretailers etailers and grocers, growers, the p eoplee who work at those plac es, people places, b ecause th hat’s less mone because that’s moneyy going into the ec onom my, supp orting their work.” economy, supporting McCow wn sa ays y rreductions eductions to the McCown says ffood ood st amp p pr ogram will put mor stamp program moree pr essure on n the nonpr ofit sector — pressure nonprofit sector— eeven ven thoug gh it ’s not equipp ed though it’s equipped to meet th his demand. Sinc this Sincee the rrecession, ecession, Sec S ond Har vest F ood Bank Second Harvest Food has alr eadyy seen “r ecord highs” in already “record the numb e of p er eople lo oking ffor or o number people looking assist ance, so that now w, it provides provides assistance, now, meals ffor o or mor m 50,000 p eople moree than 2 250,000 people p er month, month h, or one in 10 p eople living per people in the ccounties oun nties it ser vices. services. eally critic al pr ogram “SNAP is a rreally critical program ffor or us to rretain, o e ain, et ain b ecause ther e’s no because there’s w ay the ffood ood bank or an ny other way any charit wo ould b ke up that charityy would bee able to mak make diff ffeerence,” she sa ayys. difference, says. vernment shutdown is also The go government making matters maattters t worse worse.. On top of ffederal eederal employees mployees losing pa ay, housing em pay, subsidies ar aaree also dr ying up drying up,, so that p eople are orced to pa o ay mor are now fforced people pay moree in rent. rent. “W We’re seeing an incr ease “We’re increase in our seni ior pr ogram, and when senior program, k wh hy the h y are are applying l i ffor or o we ask why they assist ance now n w, the ay that the ave assistance now, theyy sa say theyy ha have to pay paay $10 0 to $150 mor $100 moree a month,” McC own sa ssays. ayys. “Man eople McCown “Manyy of these p people ar ited, fixed inc omes, and that aree on limi limited, incomes, pushed the em to the p oint of seeking them point assist ance fr ffrom om the ffood ood bank.” assistance The shu utdown also means that shutdown C ongress iss no longer debating the Congress p otential cu uts, sinc ocus is now on potential cuts, sincee the ffocus rresolving esolving th he st andoff ff. U nder n normal the standoff. Under cir cumstan nces, the House pr oposal circumstances, proposal would go tto o ccommittee, ommittttee, wher wheree it would b d alongside the Senate ’s bee debated Senate’s pr oposal, which w suggests one -tenth the proposal, one-tenth rreduction, eduction, at $4.5 billion. U ntil th hen, ec onomic securit o or Until then, economic securityy ffor p eople lik ke Christina hangs in the people like balanc e. balance.


OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


WEB: WE B: TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013

A inside An i id llookk att SSan Jose J politics liti



FOUL TIP San n Jose’s antitrust lawsuit against again nst Major League Baseball took too ok

a hit last week, we eek, but the city, which wants the A’s to play at Cisco Field, can still sue for millions.

FField ield of o Dr Dreams? eams? A federal feederal judge jud dge last week dismissed most of San JJose’s ose’s lawsuit laaw wsuit against Major L League eagu ue Baseball, which accused ac cused the league l of flouting antitrust i llaws la aws w by by dela d delaying laying yi a pr proposed oposed mo move ove of the Oakland A A’s ’s to the South Bay. Baay. U.S U .S District Districct JJudge udge Ronald Ronald o M. Whyte Wh hyyte ad admitted dmitted that while baseball’ss ant baseball’ antitrust titrust eexemption xemption is “unrealistic, “unr ealistic, inc iinconsistent onsistent or illo illogical,” gical,”” it’s it ’s still the la law aw of the land. Only Congress C ongress ccan n amend the la law, aw, which an means fuget fugetaboutit. However, a outit. Howe ab ver, San JJose ose can can still go ahead with claims that MLB has haas ccost ost the city city and the A’s A ’s millions. millions. Ever optimist, Ev er the op ptimist, San Jose Jose Mayor Maayor Reed—who Chuck R eeed— —who filed fforms orms ffor o or o a statewide statewide pension pension rreform effo orm ballot

measure on T measure m Tuesday—saw uesdaay—saaw the sil silver lver lining lin ning in the ruling ruling.. “I am pleased that the judge ha has as allowed al llowed our ccase ase to mo move ve fforward,” o orward,” d” he said. he id “Major “ j L League eague Baseball’ B Baseball’s b ll’s unfair un nfair and antianti-competitive competitive actio actions ons are ar re ccosting osting San JJose ose rresidents esidents m millions of dollars in annual ttax ax rrevenues evenues that ccould ould go tow toward ard paying pa ayying ffor o or mor moree police police offic officers, ers, firefighters, fir refighters, libraries libraries,, rroad oad rrepairs epairs and an nd other critical critical ser services. vices. “The ccourt’s ourt’s decision brings us one paving way on ne step closer to pa avving the w ay league ffor o or San JJose ose to host a major leagu ue ball club.” ba all club .” delay Or it ccould ould just dela ay MLB Commissioner Selig’ss victor victoryy C ommissioner Bud Selig’ party. theyy ser serve beer pa arty. Do the ve b eer in hell? Jennifer Wadsworth —J eenniffeer W ads a worth

THAT’S T HA AT ’ S WHA WHAT AT SSHE HE SSAID AID “My y intent,, iff calle called ed as a witness,, is not to testify to his h character.” — Michele Lew, CEO off Asian Americans for Commun Community nity Involvement, m may ay be called by the defense att the sentencing hea aring for disgraced former cou unty hearing county Supervisorr George Shirakawa Jr. Sounds like he mig might strategy. ght want to rethink that strat egy.

Maadison Nguy Madison Nguyen, yeen, thee lone ffemale emale e running run nning ffor o or ma ayor of San mayor JJose osse in 2014, sp e five ent five da ayys spent days in South K orea last m onth. The Korea month. goal: Or ganizing a rreal-life eall-liffe “Best of Organizing the Best aek kwando ttournament. ournament. Best”” ttaekwando Kidding en’s was wass part part of Kidding.. Nguy Nguyen’s ccoalition oalition trip ccourtesy ourtesy of the cit cityy of aants K orean Air to Suwon, which w wants Korean st art flights in and outt of San JJose. ose. start Earlier this yyear, eear, All Nipp N on Air wayys Nippon Airways ((ANA) ANA A) st arted dir ect flights fl to and started direct fr om T ok o kyo, and K oreaan Air could could from Tokyo, Korean b od addit tion to SJC ’s bee another go good addition SJC’s off ffeerings. “What I sold d them on is we offerings. ha ave a huge V iietnameese p opulation have Vietnamese population her e,” Nguy en said. “Iff [passengers to here, Nguyen V iietnam] ccan an ha ave a la ayover in Seoul Vietnam] have layover and then heaad o ver to t their final over ould db destination, that ccould bee a huge mark et the an ttap ap in nto.” market theyy ccan into.

DAVE D AVE CCORTESE ORTESE Word W or o d is ccounty ounty Su upervisor Dave Daave Supervisor Cortese C o tese will or announce an nounce his plans pla ans to run for for o mayor ma ayo or in the ne next xt three thr ree weeks, weeks, but some might ha have ave thou thought ught he w was as alr already eady running based on signage seen around ar ound town. Thir Thirty ty banners b wer weree posted p osted ar around ound the ccounty ou untty adv advertising ertising the rrecent ecent “Da “Day ay on thee Ba Bay” ay” y multicultural ffestival, eestival, held h at Alviso Marina C County ountty Park. Park. C Considering onsidering Cortese’s C ortese’s name and titl title le wer weree writ written ttten much lar larger ger than an any ny other o wor words, ds, it looked lo ok keed lik likee a lit little tttle p pr pre-branding e-b brandingg w was as ttaking aking plac place. e. C Cortese’s ortese’s offic o officee said small business sp sponsors onsors and donations paid a tot total al of $2,70 $2,700 0 ffor or th o the he signs signs.. “W “We’ve We’vve been b een using the same banners banners ffor or ffour o o our yyears, ears e , adding a ffew ew eac each ch yyear, ear,” said a spokesperson sp ok keesperson ffor o or C Cortese. orteese. “W “We We just change the date. date.”

SSAM AM LI LICCARDO CCARDO Sam Lic Liccardo cardo will have haave his official ccampaign ampaign kickoff kick off Oct. 24 at downtown San JJose’s ose’s SP2 Communal C ommunal Bar Many + Restaurant. Reestauraant. Man ny of the 1980s 1980s old guard guar d will be be out in fforce, o orce, including Tom McEnery, ose T o om McEn nery, a fformer ormer San JJose o mayor Pedro Square’s ma ayor o and d San P edro Squar e’s godfather. go dfather. It should be be a hell of a party, bar.. par ty, but don’t d ’t expect don expect an open open bar Liccardo has osts Lic cardo ha as a deal to offset some ccosts ffor or o ffood ood and an nd vvenue enue based on how many booze up,, meaning man ny people peop ple b ooze it up he’ll paying out of p pocket he ’ll be be pa aying y ock keet due to ccampaign ampaign fundraising f rrestrictions estrictions from December. fr om now until Dec ember.

PIERLUIGI PIERLUIGI OL IVERIO, OLIVERIO, PETE CCONSTANT ONSTA ANT San JJose ose Councilman C ouncilman Pierluigi Oliv Oliverio veerio has b been een in a bit of stealth mo mode, de, but he rreassures eassurrees San JJose ose Inside that he still intends to run ffor or ma o ayor or. L ast mayor. Last week, he p popped opped his head out to tell SJI rreaders eaders that he opposes opposes changing la land-use and-use zoning ffor or o fat ccat at a developers. Apparently de evelop e ers. Appar ently the ssweetheart weethear w t maneuverings behind maneu uveerin ngs ccontinue ontinue b o ehind scenes. Pete Constant, the sc enes. P ete C onsttaant, the only Republican race, R epublic e caan n in the rac e, is still in as there aree whisp whispers well, but th herre ar ers he might Silicon Valley Chamber pull out if Silic p S on V aalleey Chamb er of Commerce Matt Mahood C ommerce CEO Mat tt Maho od decides not to rrenew Mahood eneew his ccontract. ontract. Maho od he’s happy, ccontinues ontinues to t insist he ’s happ py, but his does ccontract ontract do oes eexpire xpir x e at the end of this It’s secret Constant yyear. eearr. It ’s no o secr et C onstant has had interest Chamber post an inter est in the Chamb er p ost in the past.

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COMPREHENSIV COMPREHENSIVE C VE CONVENIENT T APPOINTMENTS - BOOK ONLINE NOW NO OW Eye examinations are ar r e available avail able by Sterling VisionCare, V isionCar e, a California-licensed Califo or nia-licensed Vision V ision Health Care Car e Service Se ervice Plan. EYE E YE EXAM

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updated daily: ww @sv44111 twitter: @sv411 facebook: siliconvalley411 siliconvaalley44111 facebook:


NSA NS A Addicted A Addi t d to What Whhat Your Your Data Did First the National Naational Security Agency tracked tr acked ourr phone calls. Then it social was our so ocial media profiles profiles on Facebook aand our emails on Yahoo Yahoo a it’s and Gmail. Now it ’s been revealed revealed by the W Washington ashin a ngton Post Postt that the NS NSA A has access to everyone’s e everyone ’s email contacts and instant instant messaging “buddy lists.”

How tto KKn H Know ow a Bar Sucks Sucks ahead of Time Time A new social network ca called alled BarT BarTrendr Trendr patrons vibe”” allows bar patr ons to ““share shhare the vibe of bars they visit with m mood, crowd ood,, cr owd and Area ea company people icons.. As As the Bayy Ar enters its first rround ound of seed s funding, Bergman we spoke with ffounder ounder D Devon Ber gman about the new app. SV411: BarTrendr from SV4 411: 1 What sets BarT Trendr e apart fr om nightlifee apps inc including Yelp? other nightlif cluding Y elp? e theree today DB:: All the nightlife nightlife appss out ther aree ffor ar or finding deals andd finding where where us, it’s the happy hour is.. For us s,, it ’s not about finding the cheapest drink, drinnk,, it’s it’s about finding friends and sharing shariing the vibe. With YYelp, eelp, people write rreviews eview ws after they visit, and you can check in with witth Facebook and Foursquare, you’ree nnot Foursquar e,, but you’r ot necessarily sharing what what’s ’s happening. happeninng. it’s It seems like it ’s rreally eally only o useful ffor or visiting new bars. disagree it’s I would disagr ee that it for only ’ss good for dynamics visiting new bars. The dy ynamics of a bar aree constantly changing.. YYelp ar elp e is not going tell you if it it’s ’s game night night and who’s who’s there. ther e.. Our data is seeing big swings in dynamics, not only day to day changing dynamics hour.r. but hour to hour people “Don’t So,, this could warn peop ple like,, “Don ’t heree it it’s come her ’s too crowded.” crowdded.”” How many times does a gr group comee into a bar and oup com then the whole vibe changes? channges? — Jennifer Jennifer Elias

In the wor words d of Dave Chappelle, ds “C’mon, buddy.” buddy.” All of this isn’t isn’t an over overreach. It’s reacch. ch It ’ss an overreach overreach so grotesque grotesque it deserves deserves to be called an overreacharound. overreachaaround. Using the fishnet rather fi rather than the reel reel approach—why approaach—why catch one fish when you can c gather up a giant swath of fish fish and find out who they hang out with w and their patterns of behavior?—the behavior?— —the NSA NSA has committed enough domestic domestic and international espionage that it it’s ’s now utterly absurd absurd to the guise t defend def d fendd the tth practice practice ti under d th i of anti-terrorism. anti-terrorism. The lead actress acctress in last week’s week’s theater of lies, l California’s California’s own Sen. Diannee Feinstein, took took center stage stagge when she simultaneously simul taneously said the NSA’s NSSA’’s spying, which began in 2007, 20077, would woould have prevented prevented 9/11 while admitting admittting that national security experts hadd every imaginable warning sign blinking blinking in front front of their faces. faces.. If only they’d had a computer to tell them when to pu pull ull their heads out of the oven. According According to t the Post, Post, Gen. Keith Keith B. Alexander, Alexanderr, defended defended “bulk”” collection of data thus: thuus: “You “YYou o need the haystack to find the needle.” So, to recap, recapp, as long as Silicon Valley’s Valley’s tech giantss and elected officials continue too supply the government with the drug drrug that is data, the NSA NSA will continue continuue to be addicted to your buddy list and a Facebook feed. feed. Creeps. Creeps. — Josh KKoehn oehn


SODBH@KĂ„&HESĂ„ENQĂ„Ă—QRSĂ„Ă„ 300 dressed in Star WarsÂŽ costumes. Plus grab a photo with Stormtroopers.

Presented by TM

Jedi Nights presented by ScholarShare College Savings Plan

Thursday October 31, 2013 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Find the Force Within You! p Grab

your Lightsaber and put on your favorite Star WarsÂŽ costume!

Custom baked goods for every occasion

Opens October 19 Last chance to discover the Science of Star Wars


Get your photo with Stormtroopers, Droids™, and other Star Wars characters


Special activities throughout the museum will train you for the Jedi Academy TM

p Enjoy ghoulish activities and candy, too!

Leading Local Sponsor



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Opening Day, October 19, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013



Play Time FIRST F IRST WORDS WO R D S W Writer rriter L Leah eah Griesmann will w contribute a short story inaugural Words performance to the inaug gural Play on W ords performan o nce on Oct. 24.

The new n series Pla Play ay on W Words ords o writers bringss together writ ters and actorss literary performances for li iterary perform mances BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


LA LAYS AYS YS O ON NW WORDS ORDS tend emerge to em merge in the most unexpected places.. une xpected places this In th his case, three individualss pooled their collective frustrations frrustrations with San Jose and brand Jose an nd founded a br and new collaborative literary collabo orative liter ary performance performancce series that pairs local actorss with up-andcoming and d established writers, writers, n a live performance. resulting in Blackbird Blackbir dT Tavern, aveern,, a rrelatively elativveely brand new from ne w gambit fr rom our pals at the Park Garage,, will host the series series,, Naglee P ark Garage G “Play Words. aptly titled “Pl laay on W o ords.” The first

perfo performance ormance will b bee Oct 24,, 7:30pm 7:30pm, m, absolutely free charge, ab bsolutely fr ee of char ge, in Blackbird’s Blackbirrd d’s spacee ne next door eevent veent spac ext x do or to the rrestaurant. estauraant. Anyone A An nyone o ccan aan submit writing ffor o or the series s and aree op open long an nd submissions ar en all yyear eear lo ong att pla ayo on nw three behind Play The thr ee dames b ehind Pla ay on Words from literaryy and W or o ds all ccome ome fr om literar theater backgrounds th heater back kggrounds and all seem dedicated d dedic ated to San JJose. ose. Julia Julia Halprin lives JJackson a ackson liv ves e in San JJose, ose, but received receivveed d Creative Writing from h M.A. in Cr her eativve W rriting fr om Davis. her U Da UC avvis. Melinda Marks just got he er from SJSU’ss theater pr program. m masters fr om SJSU’ ogram m. Nicole currently Acting N Nic ole Hughes is curr ently the A cctin ng Director Center Arts D Dir reector of the C enter ffor o or Literary Literary Ar A ts SJSU, from att SJSU U, fr om which she also holds M.F.A. Creative Writing. an n M.F F..A. in Cr eativve W rritingg. The

three together and thr ee ccame ame to gether an nd immediately discovered disc oveered a ccommon ommon passion p ffor o or ccollaboration. ollaboration. “W We’re a go od team,” JJackson ackson sa ayys, “We’re good says, as we all ccongregate ongregate ups sttairs a at C aff ffee upstairs Caffe Frasc caati. “This gr oup ccame aam me to gether in Frascati. group together the last ccouple ouple of month hs b eccaause we ’re months because we’re ar tists and writers in San n JJose ose lo oking ffor o or artists looking a plac ose that we w ccan an de veelop. placee in San JJose develop. W ee of o us ccould ould bring Wee thought the thr three diff ffeerent ccommunities ommunities to ttogether gether and different we w anted a to work on a ccollaborative ollaborativve wanted series series..” Marks agr eed,, vvoicing oicin o ng her frustration agreed, with tr ying to assemblee actors trying and get ttting p eople to ccommit ommit to a getting people p otential p erfo ormance idea without potential performance an ny est ablished structu ure or discipline any established structure in nvo olvved. e When she en ncountered involved. encountered JJackson ackson and b egan ttalking alk king with began Hughes h , a more more solid lid foundation fo oundation d i Hughes, emer ged. It felt felt e right. Hughes, H Hughes , of course, course, emerged. has cconnections onnections fr om her h eexploits xxploits from b ooking famous autho ors at SJSU booking authors SJSU,, so the thr ee of them bring en nough ingr edients three enough ingredients ffor or what lo o oks lik ke a brand brrand ne w ttype yype looks like new of rrecipe ecipe ffor or writer o r--performer o curation writer-performer and ccollaboration. ollaboration.

“W We’re li ik ke a mor ock vversion eersion “We’re like moree punk rrock of the C entter ffor or Literar o ts,” Hughes Center Literaryy Ar Arts, sa ayys, addingg that her inspiration ccomes omes says, fr om stuff lik llike ke The Moth in N ew Y o ork from New York and P orchllight in San Francisc o. “So we Porchlight Francisco. just w aanted d something a lit ttle t lik ke that, wanted little like wher aaudiencee is mor nvo olvveed, wheree the audienc moree in involved, wher ’s not n so fformal, o ormal,, wher wheree it it’s wheree the ccommunity ommunitty ccomes omes to gether and we together ccould ould rround oun nd up all the cr eativve p eople creative people we know in n San JJose. ose.” A gain,, an nyone o ccan an submit writing ffor o or Again, anyone cconsideration onsideratiion ffor or Pla o ay on W o ords. Being Play Words. submission n-based,, sa ays y Marks submission-based, says Marks,, is what mak kees the series diff ffeerent than most of makes different what ’s unf fo olded in San JJose ose b effo ore. what’s unfolded before. “The thr ree of us rread ead material ahead three of time and d we curate the eevent, veent,” Marks eexplains. xplains. “W We’re ttaking aking the time to put “We’re the piec es to ttogether gether and pair them with pieces actors hich I think giv vees eeveryone ver e yo one a actors.. Wh Which gives sense of ow wnership o veer the eevent veent itself ownership over itself.f. And also mak m kees us ffeel eeel lik ke we ’re rreally eally makes like we’re eexcited xcited it d ab bout o t what h t we ’ e showing ’r h i g.” about we’re showing. P airing, of o ccourse, ourse, should not Pairing, b d bee limited to just actors and wor word pr ocessors. A dT aveern, processors. Att Blackbir Blackbird Tavern, eexecutive xecutivve cchef Cur tis V aaldez (full Curtis Valdez disclosur e: another old pal) alr eady disclosure: already cconjures onjures up p sp ecific ccocktails ocktails and specific menu item ms dep ending on what music items depending unf folds o ins side the rrestaurant estaurant on the unfolds inside ccorner orner st agge—S South Americ an fla avo ors stage—South American flavors ffor or South Americ o A an music aribbean American music,, C Caribbean spic i es ffor o or Afr Af A o-Cuban C b jaz jjazz, z,, etc spices Afro-Cuban etc.. I am sur ll eexcel xc x el at various pla ays y on suree he wil will plays plates to do oveetail with Pla ay on W o ords. dovetail Play Words. F or the first fi inst allment on Oct. 24, For installment fiv ve individ duals will pr ovide v work to b five individuals provide bee p erfo ormed d on st age. L eah Griesmann, performed stage. Leah rrecipient ecipient off a 2010-2011 Steinb eck Steinbeck F ellowship p in F iction and a 2013 Fellowship Fiction D AAD gra antee in fiction in Berlin,, will DAAD grantee ccontribute ontribute a shor y. Eric Sneathen shortt stor story. will pr ovid de p oetry, R yan y Alp ers will provide poetry, Ryan Alpers supply a sh hort stor y, Marks herself will short story, p erfo orm a monolo m gue, while A dam perform monologue, Adam Magill will ccontribute ontribute a shor -act shortt one one-act pla ay. play. “W Wrritingg and other cr eative acts “Writing creative acts,, it ccan an b olating at times bee iso isolating times,,” Marks eexplained. xplained. ““And And as a writer A o ou writer,, when yyou hear yyour our work o w out loud,, rread ead back to yyou, ou,, it giv vees yyou o ou so much inf formation. o gives information. It ’s so valua able.” It’s valuable.



7:30pm Fr Free ee

PLAY PLA AY ON W WORDS ORDS Blackbirdd TTavern Blackbir avern a San Jose


OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr

:E?J M?J>J>; B?=>JIED metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013

180 10 118

d`e[Yf[pjg`i`k d` `e[Yf f[pjg g`i`k

TToo advertise in this section section call 408.200.1308. 408.200.1308.

Focus Focus Learn L earn H How ow T To oM Meditate editate And Why! Enjoy lif Enjoy life! e! CCalm alm thee mind. Improve Improve rrelationships. elationships. decisions. Make better decisi ons.. Meditation and Buddhist Sherman. View with Reed Sh herman.. Everyone is welcome.. No previous experience necessary. evious experienc pr ce necessary y. $10 per class.. Every 7:30-9, Thursdayy evening, g, 7:309,, Unitarian Universalist 15980 Blossom Hill Rd.. LLos Fellowship of Los Los Gatos, G os Gatos,, 95032.. Call Call Kelsang Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for for information inf ormation or visitt us at www

Massage By y Michael Great massage by Asian Great Asian man. $70. In $50.. Outcall $70 0.. By CMT. CMTT. For days 408-400-9088 408-400--9088 or after 7pm 408-893-1966. 408-893 -1966.




650.960.3986 1521 Grant Road Mountain View, 94040 Mo 040

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‘‘Manresa: Manresa: An Edible R eflection’ is Reflection’ a love l lletter lette er to a region, region n, expressed through the th he language off food f d


Dina Scoppettone


WELVE years WELVE yea ars ago, ago, David Kinch Kinch ran ran a Sar atoga bistro biistro so small Saratoga that regulars regula ars could coul talk to the chef from the th he maître maî d’ station. The dream dream kitchen kitc he built for Manresa Manre esa in 2002 2 seemed overambitious overambittious at the time but now looks look ks cramped. cram M ore than a dozen n culinary culina More microsurgeons stand sta and elbow-toelb elbow elbow, w, staring down dow wn a complex co assortment of tasting tastting menu me courses courses.. One member mem mber of a twoperson pastry team m pops open a plastic container container and tweezes tw a spindly herb sprig sprrig beside besi a tumble of round d objects, object squints mov ves it to the squints,, then moves plate’ plate’ss other side. 20


19 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013

Dan Pulcrano Pulcrano

BOOK B O OK O OF FL LIFE IFE Chef de cuisine Jessica L Largey arrgey calls each dish an artisticc creation with a short life. ‘It’ ‘It’ss eaten and it’ it’s ’s gone forever forever.’ r..’ “Oh, Chef ’s ’s her here, e,” General Manager Esteban Garib Garibay baay sa says ayys with just a hint of surpri surprise. ise. Kinch slipp slipped ed in unnoticed unnotic ed fr from o se om several veral da days ayys of guest guesttj d i Bra judging Bravo’s B avo’s T Top oopp Chef Ch f in i Ha H Hawaii awaii ii and is darting dartingg b between etween ttwo w wo st stations ations at opposite opposite en ends nds of the massiv massivee sto stove ve in the ccenter. enter. He landed at SJC after a five-and-a-half fivve-and-a-h half hour flight, headed straight to L Los o Gatos and tied on an os apron. apron. “It’s “It’s no normal, ormal,” Kinch sa says ayys with a shoulder shru shrug. ug. He’ll He’ll head ne next xt to the N New ew York Yo ork City City W Wine i &F ine Food ood F Festival, estival, and “we’ll “we’ll b bee back to ccook ook dinner later l this hi wee week.” ek. k ” JJet et set setting ting i b became ecame the new new norm normalcy malcy when the now 52-year-old 52-year- old ch chef hef w was as pluck plucked ed fr from om obscurity obscurity eigh eight ht yyears ears ago with a write-up write-up in L London’s ondon’s R Restaurant eesttaurant a magazine,, wh magazine which hich this yyear ear rated Manresa Manr esa the U United nited St States’ ates’’ se seventhventhbest b est rrestaurant, estauran nt, just b behind ehind Thomas

Keller’s K eller’s The Fr French ench L Laundry. aundry. Somehow, Somehow w, the lat latter ter aughts’ mo most ost fussed-over fu ussed- over culinar culinaryy inno innovator vator ha had ad cut cu ut the writ written ten eexam, xam, graduatingg to o his hi pr profession’s offeession i ’s stratospher stratosphere h e w without autographing auto graphing ccookbooks ookbookss ffor o or eevery very sou souvenir-seeking uvenir-seeking ffoodie oodie w app who appeared eared at his kitchen do door. orr. He’s H He ’s ab about out to ccorrect orrect that o oversight, versigght, in n a big w way, ay, with the public debu debut ut off Manr Manresa: esa: An Edible R Reflection eeflection ((Ten Teen Sp Speed peed Pr Press) ess) ne next xt week. Alr Already eady tr trending ending in Amazon ass a pr pre-release e-release b best est seller seller,, the much muchhan anticipated nticipated 336-page har hardcover dcover h has as b been e iin the een h works k ffor o or ttwo wo yyears ears and a d eevidences v videnc es Kinch Kinch’s ’s fanatic fanatical al at attention tentiion to o nuanc nuance, e, team teamwork, work, soulful ar artistry tiistry an and nd unc unconventional onventional thinking thinking.. En Enthusiasts nthusiasts of our rregion egion will b bee w warmed armed b byy familiar sights sights,, fr from om the t P Pacific’s a acific’ s luminous tur turquoise quoise w waves aves e w wher wheree Kinch gains his inspiration n to

the natural terrac terraces es off L Love ove Apple Farms and the Sant Santaa Clara C V Valley aalley town wher wheree diners arr arrive rive ffor or o a destination meal. I Intensely l p personal ersonall but b not self selflffindulged,, the b book ook dis distinguishes stinguishes itself fr from om the curr current entt cr crop op of bound b ound tomes of ffood ood p porn, orn, rrecipes ecipes and p personal ersonal pr promotion omotiion that aree the curr ar currency ency of th the he mo modern dern ccelebrity elebrity chef chef. f. N Never ever egomaniac eegomaniacal al or overly o verly chat chatty—he’s ty— —he’s no o Guy F Fieri ieri or Anthonyy Bour Anthon Bourdain—the dain—tthe intr introverted overted Kinch has characterist characteristically tically let his work sp speak eak ffor o or itse itself. elff. An Edible Reflection R eflection efl i ffocuses ocuses on th the h ec he ecosystem osystem of influenc influences es that bind binds ds his cuisine to the p people, eople, plants plants,, animals a and sea that surr surround ound him him. m. It It’s ’s a lo love ve letter let ter to a rregion, egion, eexpressed xprressed thr through ough the language of ffood, ood, much as Ansel Adams, A dams, JJack ack L London, ondon, JJohn ohn Muir or the 19th19th-century century C California aliffo ornia plein air

painters pa paid aid rreverence everence to N Northern orthern C California’s aliffornia o a’s mount mountains, ains, vvegetation egetation and ccoastline oastliine with photo photography, graph hy, literatur literaturee or o impr impressionist essionist b brushstr brushstrokes. h ok kes. He sa says ayys he ccalled alled the b book ook a rreflection eflection b because ecause it sp speaks eaks to “not just to wh who o we ar are, e, but to wher wheree we ar are.” e.” A par particularly ticularly inspir inspired ed touch is a b bound ound wo woodcut odcut b byy N Northern orthern C California aliffo ornia ar artist tist T Tom o om Killion, sh showing owing the Sant Santaa Cruz ccoastline oastline fr from om the P Pogonip ogonip pr preserve. eserve. I rremember emember e when Killion Killion’s ’s prints decorated dec orated the brick w walls alls of The S Sw Swan an rrestaurant estaurant a i Sant in S Santaa Cruz, C b before effor o e thee 19 1989 89 L Loma oma Priet Prietaa ear earthquake. thquak ke. Some of the dishes in the b book ook wer w weree shot on one one-of-a- off--akind cceramic eram mic b bowls owls fr from om Iw Iwasawa asaawa Orient Oriental al Art A t in Los Ar Los Gatos, Gatos, a 30-year 30-year


Good Eats, Award-Winning Beer, Nice People

Happy Hour 4-6:30, Weekdays $1 Half Pint Night 8:30-Close, Thursdays 3 for $3 Beer Flights, Weekends 954 Villa Street, Mtn View Open 7 Days a Week, 11:30am, 650-965-2739

OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr

Tied House Brewery and Cafe



20 2 EEric ric Wolfinger Wolfinger metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


FARM F ARM T TO OS STUDIO TUDIO San S Francisco photographer Er Eric ric W Wolfinger olfinger staged shoots on M Manresa’s anresa’s off days for a year-and-a-half year-and-a-half. f.

institution. Ther Theree ar aree photo photographs graphs of a curved curved mount mountain ain n rroad, oad, some abalone shells, shells, a rredwood edw wood tr tree’s ee’s bark, and the Bonsai tr tree ee an and nd ccandle-filled andle-filled fireplace fireplace at Manr Manresa’s esa’s entranc entrance. e. Visual Visual i cues like like these mak makee R Reflection eeflection not just the first majo major or b book ook b byy a Silicon Silicon V Valley alle a y chef butt a work with the rregion’s egion’s DNA stra stranded anded thr through ough its pages pages.. Would Wo ould Kinch’s Kinch’s o oeuvre euvr v e ccommand ommand as much at attention tention had d he rremained emained in the A A-list Manhattan -list kitchens of o Manhat tan and San Francisc Francisco, rather o, rat ther than abandon them to eexplore Catalonia’s xpllore C atalonia’’s backroads Chardonnay backroads and the Ch hardonnaay ccaves aves Saratoga’s vineyards? of Sarato ga’s Mt. Eden n vine yards?

Farm-to -table Farm-to-table a just ccouldn’t ouldn’t ha have ave achieved achie ved th this his le level vel of eexpression xpression in those citie cities—nor s—nor in L London, ondon, Miami or L Las as V Vegas. eg egas. The rrecipe ecipe rrequired equired a locale lo cale on the t cusp of a sunsun-drenched, drenched, yyear-round ear-round db boutique outique farming and aquaculture aquacultu re rregion egion slammed up against Sil Silicon icon V Valley’s alle a y’s deep p pockets, ockets, wheree Kin wher Kinch nch at attracted tracted patient investors in vestors willing w to bankr bankroll oll his dream dr d enough diners able to eam and spend hundreds sp end hun ndreds of dollars ffor or a meal. o Timing didn’t T iming didn d ’t cooperate, cooperate, however, however, struggled as Kinch st truggled after 9/11 and dotcom the dotc om m implosion. Throwing Throwing towel may in the towe el ma ay have haave been been the logical business lo gical busi iness ccourse. ourse. A rrestaurant estaurant


Try T rry This at Home H Manresa M Manr esa chef h f de d cuisin cuisine i i e JJessica essic i aL Largey argey edited the rrecipes ecipes and cconverted onveerted them into unif uniform form o me measurements, easurements, giving up her da ays y off to t pr epare days prepare dishes ffor o or the photo sh oots that shoots to ok o ver Manr esaa’s kit tchen and took over Manresa’s kitchen dining rroom oom ffor or o a yyear ear and a half days. 80 on its down da ayys. She says sayys about about 8 0 dishes wer weree photo photographed, graph hed,, and each

‘‘An An A Edible R Reflection’ eflection n’ is not just th the he first majo majorr book by a Silico Silicon on V Valley alley che a chef ef but a work wi with ith the region region’s n’s D DNA NA stran stranded nded through it its ts pages pages.. contained fiv contained five ve to 15 sub sub-recipes. b -recipes. “It was w as a lot of rrecipes, ecipes,” shee says. saayys. Many Man ny of the rrecipes ecipes ar aree a bit ambitious ffor or o a home ccook ook without professional pr offeessional to tools ols and a st staff aff of assistants. assist ants. “Ev “Even en if yyou ou u ccan’t an’t cr create eate the dish at home ayyb be yyou ou ccan an home,, ma maybe use the components,” components,” the t 27-year-old 27-year- old chef sa says. ays y . “The “Theyy mor moree or o less st stand and on their own. own.”” She enjo enjoyed yed the pr process ocess of do cumenting Manr esaa’s eevolving volving documenting Manresa’s menu, noting that each h dish is an artistic ar ti ti cr tistic creation eation ti with ith a shor short h t lif life. fe. “It “It’s ’s eaten and it ’s gone fforever.” o orever.” it’s “The dishes in the b book ook ar aree immortalized immor talized now now,” w,” L Largey a gey sa ar says. ayys. “It “It’s ’s nicee that something ccaptured nic a aptur ed that. that.”” book The b ook ccontains ontains a section on Manresa’s Manr esaa’s ne new w ccocktail ocktaill pr program, ogram, which b began egan ttwo wo yyears earss ago when the

restaurant added a bar argey sa ayys restaurant bar.. L Largey says “ingred dient-ffocused”” appr oach to the “ingredient-focused” approach mixology “st ““starts arts with the pr oduce mixology produce m a liquor to it.”” The and then matches staff a pr oduced ssyrups yrups and kitchen staff produced o or Be verage Dir ector JJeff eff infusions ffor Beverage Director Bareilles, al lso Manr esa’’s sommelier Bareilles, also Manresa’s sommelier.. saayys wine w is so eas “He says easyy now now.. ‘I just open the bottle bottle and that ’s it. ow he open that’s it.’’ N Now creatte things ’s a rreally eally gr eat has to create things.. It It’s great h ll ffor fo or him. hi challenge him.””

Nothinng Lik Nothing Likee New Ne w York Yoork The one thi thing ing I ffound o ound o odd dd ab about out the ccookbook ookbook w aas the seemingly out t-offwas out-ofcharacter se election of Eric Rip ert of L selection Ripert Lee Bernadin to o write the intr oduction. introduction. (His Manhattan Manhaatttan rrestaurant estaurant onc oncee handed me an ill-fit ill fitting wo ol blazer ill-fitting wool on one of th he hot tttest da ayys of JJuly uly the hottest days b effo ore I ccould ou uld ha ave lunch ther e.) before have there.) T uck keed in a L os Gatos alle ’s Tucked Los alleyy that that’s ac cessed b ve-up accessed byy passing a bank’ bank’ss driv drive-up windows, Manr M esa is the opp osite windows, Manresa opposite of N ew York-style Yo orrk k-sttyyle pretension pretension and New fformality; ormalit o ty; one o of the b ook’s signatur book’s signaturee photo graph hs ffeatures eeatures a bugeaten photographs bug-eaten char d leaf on o page 15. chard Kinch ccalls allls Rip ert “a great great old Ripert f ie d of mine friend m i e” whom ho he cr edit with edits ith mine” credits bringing Manr M esa to the at tttention of Manresa attention the interna ational culinar ds while international culinaryy go gods it w as still struggling sstruggling.. “Eric ccame ame here here was to eat. He in nvited us to ccook ook lunch ffor o or invited a bunch of influential writers in N ew New Y o ork. He op pened up the rrestaurant. estaurant. York. opened It w as a our first fi intr oduction to the was introduction national media. m ” The international interrnational acclaim, acclaim, fullyfullyyb ooked we eekends and high pric es booked weekends prices h ha ave put Manr M esaa’s cuisine ii b eyond d have Manresa’s beyond the rreach each of o lo cal diners who ccould ould local onc enjoy Kinch ’s pr eparations oncee enjoy Kinch’s preparations at a village bistr o. Manr esa hasn ’t bistro. Manresa hasn’t entir ely abandoned abaandoned its p opulist entirely populist rroots, oots, however. howeever. L ast Satu urdaay morning argey Last Saturday morning,, L Largey w as p eddlin ng brio ches and baguet tes was peddling brioches baguettes pr epared b er A Avery very prepared byy head bak baker R Ruzicka uzicka at the Campbell u Campbell farmer’s farmer’s market, market, par part rt of the Manr Manresa esa Br Bread ead Project Project j that tha hat seems to b bee going i somewhere. somewhere. Kinch als also so pr promises omises that Manr Manresa esa fans won’t won’t have have to w ha wait aait a decade decade ffor o or his next next book. book. o He isn isn’t ’t rready eady to discuss it yet, yeet,, only hinting h that “something’s “something’s in the works work ks alr already” eady”” and it will be be “sooner “sooner rather ratther than later later..”

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cconsultant onsultant would have haave told him to simplif simplify fy the menu and b become ecome a chop house,, but Kinch p house persevered. ersever e ed. “I w was aas trying, says. was going to die tr ying,” he sa sayys. “It w aas a labor wasn’t lab or of love. lo ove. I w aasn’t going go oing to quit.“ “It’s been incredible journey,” “It ’s b een an incr ediible journe y,” says. book story.” Kinch sa ayys. “The b ook is our stor y.” metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013

Alex Stover Stoover


BEET BEE T POETRY POETRY The L Lexington exington g H House ouse draws on infl influences fluences off many fl y cuisines cuisines, s, but plays up local ing ingredients, gredientss, as in this T Texture exture e Horseradish orseradish off Beet with H Pudding, Pistachio Watercress. P udding, P istachio Crumble C and W atercress a .

The Golden Goolden Plate Plate

With W ith i a div diversity versity of fresh ingredients, ingredien tss, California exerts e an importantt influence fl on Silicon Sl Valley V a alley cuis cuisine sine


OW did it happen? OW h On many a menu the avocado avocad do has become shorthand sh horthand for California.

A “C “California” aliffornia o a” omel omelette, lette, sandwich, crepe or most an crepe anyy oth other her dish invariably in variably inc incorporates orporatees the gr green een fruit, but what ab about out the rroughly oughly 400 40 0 other cr crops ops gr grown ow wn her here? e? Out of those 40 400, 0, the Gold Golden den St State ate is the nation nation’s ’s top pr producer odu ucer of ab about out 80 8 0 diff different ffeerent cr crops ops and d liv livestock— estock k— and OK,, that list do does es include aavocados. vocados. But wh why hy no o lo love ve ffor o or dates dates,, ar artichokes, tichokes, kiwi, p pomegranates omeegranates and ssweet weet ric ricee (or (or,, mor moree pr predictably, redictablyy, grapes grap es and almonds), of which, according ac cording to stats stats fr from om m the California C aliffo ornia Depar Department tmen nt of F Food ood and A Agriculture, griculture, the sstate tate is sole producer pr oducer ffor or o the natio nation? on? So no disr disrespect espect to aavocados, vocados,

which add d nut nutty tty fla flavor, avor, cr creamy eamy texture te xture an and, nd,, dep depending ending on who one believes, b elieves, a spate of health b benefits enefits dishes—but local to dishes— —but lo cal chefs and alike “California” diners alik ke know that “C aliffo ornia”” myriad is ssynonymous yynonyym mous with m yyriad ingredients inspirations.. Some ingr edientts and inspirations chefs proprietors of the chef fs and pr oprietors ttaking aking partt in Sili Silicon Valley Restaurant par icon V aalley R eestaurant Week shared W eeek shar red their thoughts on how State—in the Golden n St ate—in eeverything verything from diverse crops multifaceted fr om div errse cr ops to a multifac eted culture—has shaped cuisine.. cultur e—h has shap ed their cuisine

Scratch Scr atch c

MOUNTAIN MOUNT A VIEW AIN VIE W As far as we As w we’re ’re cconcerned oncerned our cuisine is Americ A American an cuisine cuisine.. W Wee tryy to stick tr k to that. W Wee ha have, ave, ffor or o eexample, xample, m meatloaf on the menu. It’s It ’s all-American, all-Am merican,, it it’s ’s classic classic.. W Wee put a ttwist wistt to it that that’s ’s ours ours.. W Wee tryy our b tr best est to mak makee sur suree that we

The Lexington Lexington o Housee Hous LLOS OS GGATOS AT OS

Our rrestaurant estaurant is ccompletely omp pletely ingredient-driven. ingr edient- driven. en The There’s ere’s so many man ny inuences inuences fr from om It Italy, alyy, Spain, Portugal, P ortugal, Franc France, e, JJapan. apan n. I’ I’d d sa say ay in our techniques and our ccooking ooking st styles, tyles y , we’re we ’re deďŹ nitely more more Fr F French-driven ench- driven than an anything nyything else else.. I’m m lo looking oking at a ccalendar alendar of pr productivity oducctivity of seven se ven or nine diff different ffeerentt farms and I’m doing salads on an anything nything that they’re the y’re pr procuring. ocuring. In L Los os Gatos Gatos,, we have ha ave some vvery ery adv adventurous entturous and sophisticated sophistic ated diners diners.. A lot of p people eople that ccome ome in ar aree rreally eallyy trusting us to put something uniq unique que and ne new w on the plate plate.. N Next ext wee week ek we we’re ’re doing a homemade chick chicken en liv lliver er mousse mousse.. It’s It ’s ser served ved on Watson Watsonville nvville sour sourdough dough bread. br ead. W We’re e’re doing pic pickled ckled apples from fr om De Devoto voto Farms Farms,, pl pluots luots fr from om an anyy one of se several veral diff different ffeerentt farms up in Lodi. L odi. W We’re e’re ttaking aking thes these se lit little tle things that seem inc inconsequential onsequen ntial on the dish and then making them sp special, ecial ecial, just b byy using the season seasonality. nality. —Philippee Br —Philipp Breneman, eneman, ch chef/partner hef/partner

Aryaa Ary

CUPERTINO CUPER TINO & REDWOOD R ED W OOD CITY Being a P Persian ersian rrestaurant estaurrant we we’re ’re always alw ayys tr trying ying to mak makee eeverything verything authentic b because ecause that that’s t’s what p people eople ar aree lo looking oking ffor. o or. W Wee usee eeverything verything fresh fr esh ffor or o our ste stews, ws, thee eggplant stew, ste w, the gr green een ste stew, w, al all ll fr fresh esh vvegetables. egetables. App Appetizer-wise etizer-w wise as well, we ha have ave fr fresh esh vveggies eggies ffor or eeverything o verything if yyou ou lo look ok at them. P Persian e ersian ffood ood in general is vvery ery health healthy, y, and the tr trend end just pick picked ed up on the Middle M Eastern


erranean diet. The whole and Medite Mediterranean farm-to -tab ble sc ene has pick ed up farm-to-table scene picked up,, I’d say saay in California Califfo ornia mor I’d moree than an anyy area. —F Feerah Hashemi, co-owner co - owner other area. —Ferah

California Calif orrnia Cafe Cafe LLOS OS GATOS G AT OS O

First and fforemost First o emost I’m inspir or inspired ed byy the seaso b seasons. ons. I to took ok a tour to the Salinas V Valley aalley and I w was as rreally eally inspired inspir ed b byy all the pr produce. oduce. I got to meet somee of the gr growers. owers. Right now we ha have ave a cceviche eviche that has a local lo cal sea ba bass. ass. W We’re e’re also ser serving ving a peperonata, p eperonata, a which is a traditional Italian It alian dish h that ccombines ombines p peppers eppers and oliv olives es with w lo locally cally gr grown own bell b ell p peppers. epperrs. I’m doing a truffle mushroom mushr oom m risot risotto ttto with lo local cal mushrooms. mushr oom ms. W Wee ha have ave the lib liberty erty to get our han hands nds on an anything, ything, and if we ccelebrate elebrate l b t th the h seasons we h he ha have ave the th liberty lib erty of doing d stuff that identiďŹ es with C California. aliffornia. o All the farms that we use ar aree fr from om within the ar area, ea, at the most they’re th hey’re 50 miles aaway. way. It It’s ’s a privilege.. —L privilege — —Leo eo LLopez, opez, z chef

Is Is your Asthma Asthma uncontrolled uncontro olled with with your current current medicaĆ&#x;on? medicaĆ&#x;on? If If yyes, es, please consider consider pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;ng pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;ng in a please clinical clinical trial tteĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺśg eĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺśg an an inveĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺ?Ä‚Ć&#x;ŽŜal oral oral medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ for for inveĆ?Ć&#x;Ĺ?Ä‚Ć&#x;ŽŜal Asthma. Asthma. Study m edicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ & sstudy tudy vi sits are are Study medicÄ‚Ć&#x;ŽŜ visits provided at n o cost. cost. provided no CompenĆ?Ä‚Ć&#x;on m ay b vailable ffor or CompenĆ?Ä‚Ć&#x;on may bee av available pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;Ĺ˝ĹśÍ˜ your pÄ‚ĆŒĆ&#x;cipaĆ&#x;Ĺ˝ĹśÍ˜ Associates ates of Santa Clara Valley Research Resea arch Center Allergy & Asthma Associa 4050 Moorpark Ave., Suite 6 6DQ-RVH&$‡(408)5530709 6DQ-RVH  &$  ‡ (408)5530709

Siam Or O Orchid chid Or Organic ganic Fine Dining D PPALO A L O AL ALTO TO

The ffood ood that th hat we mak makee here here is lik likee the ffood ood th that hat we eat in Thailand,, but we emphas emphasize size pr presentation. esentation. We We use some subst substitutes, itutes, but we try try to mak makee eeverything verything vvery ery close close.. F For or some of the dishes,, the sauc dishes ssaucee is very very traditional, but the me meat eat isn isn’t—like ’t—like lamb lamb,, we don’t don ’t eat la lamb amb in Thailand. We We put the lamb with w our curr curry. y. This w way ay I would sa say ay is mor moree lik like ke C California aliffo ornia style. st yle. P People eoplle ar aree mor moree cconcerned oncerned about ab out eatin eating ng health healthy hy stuff. stuff ff. Organic Organic has b become ecomee rreally eally popular. popular. Not Not very very man manyy Thai rrestaurants estaurants do the or organic. ganic. Wee serve W serve the th he ccommunity ommunity and w want ant to support supp ort thee ccommunity, ommunity, so we get the organic or ganic stu stuff ff fr from om the lo local cal farmers markets. mark ets. — —Alisa A Alisa Chotibhongs Chotibhongs, s, chef

scientology s ci e n t o l o g y know k no w y yourself. ourself. know know w life. life. DISCOVER PRACTIC PRACTICAL CAL SOL SOLUTIONS UTIONS TO H HELP ELP YOU: ‡ Achieve ‡ Achieve career career success success ‡‡ Better Better your your family family life life

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Visit V i s i t tthe he C Church h u rc h of S Scientology c ie ntolog y S Stevens te ven s C Creek r e e k of o S San an J Jose ose

El Amigo Amiigo



Wee ha W have ave much m mor moree traditional Mexican Me xican dis dishes shes so we tr tryy to ďŹ nd lo local cal produce, pr oduce, bu but ut some is imp imported orted fr from om Mexico. Me xico. Som Some me of our pr produce oduce is fr from om local lo cal ccompanies ompaanies and we deďŹ nitely


11865 865 L Lundy u nd y A Ave., ve., San San Jose Jose ((408) 408) 383-9400 383- 9400 O pen 9 :30 a.m. a.m. tto o 110:00 0:00 p .m. M on–Fri Open 9:30 p.m. Mon–Fri p.m. & 9:30 a.m. a.m. to 6:00 6 p.m. Sat–Sun Sat–Sun Š 22012 012 CSI. C SI. All A l l Rights R ig ht s Reserved. Reser ved . SScientology cientolog y iiss a ttrademark radema rk aand nd sservice e r v ic e m mark a rk o owned w ne d b byy R Religious e l i g iou s T Technology ech nolog y C Center enter aand nd iiss u used sed w with it h its it s p permission. erm ission.

w w w. s c i e n t o l o g y - s a n j o s e.o r g

OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr

use C Californian aliffo ornian vvegetables, eget g ab bles, lik likee babyy ffennel. Babyy ffennel bab eennel. Bab enn e nel is not a usual meatloaf ingr ingredient. edient. It It’s ’s different avor, local. a diff ffeerent a avor, and it iit’s ’s lo cal. Coming from Coast—I C oming fr om the East C oast—I drove dr ove here here from from Washington, Wash hington, D.C.— D.C.— it’s noticeable, difference it ’s vvery ery notic eable, thee diff ffeerence attention tomatoes, fresh in at ttention t to tomato oes, fr esh vvegetables, egetables, the use of aavocado, vocado, the plate.. Wh When it’s ccolor olor on the plate hen it ’s fall on Coast, the East C oast, eeverything veryth hing on yyour our darker, plate gets dark er, just lik llikee how it outside.. In C California, theyy still is outside aliffo orniaa, the plate.. — —Joseph demand ccolor olor on the plate p Jooseph Canlas, C anlas a , executive executive chef metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013







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University U Univ niversit ersi ty y Art


n / Sa

UArt U Art Palo Alto 267 Hamilton A Ave. ve. 650-328-3500 650 328 3500 UArt U Art San Jose 456 Meridian nA Ave. ve. 408-297-4707

Palo Alto

San Jose


Univers sityAr &




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Alex Stover Stover

NOTHING’S NO THING’S FISHY FISH Y Bushido B Bushido’s ’s menu includes plent plenty ty of fresh fish and meats meats, s, but also capita capitalizes alizes on an abundance of veg vegetables getables with Chef Kanai’s Creations.. K anai’s vegan Shojin Sushi Creations try to implement these sor try sorts ts of items through through specials. specials. We We try try to use farmers mark market keet vvegetables eegetab bles and at our Mount Mountain ain V View ie i w rrestaurant esttaurant we definitely change the menu m ab about out oncee a month. We’ve onc We’ve been been e in business ffor or ggoingg on 2 o 277 yyears, ears, we w ar aree more more of a traditional older rrestaurant esstaurant and people p eople in the ar area ea lo look ok at us that w way ay and eexpect xp x ect that fr from om us. uss. —Megan Campey, C aampey, general manage manager er

Kyusu Burmese Kyusu Burmeese Cuisine WEST WE S T SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

I mix ingr ingredients edients used in JJapanese/ apanese/ Burmese/Indian ccooking ookin ng to fla flavor avor local lo cal meats lik likee goat. I use a lot of garlic,, onion and ginge garlic ginger. er. Ev Every ery ffood ood is diff different. ffeerent. — —Susan SSusan W Wyn, yyn, chef


I’m fr from om N New ew England d wher wheree seasonalityy is mor moree ac accentuated. seasonalit centuated. I llook lo ok k fforward o orward to ne new flavors. avors. W With iith h wfl each season yyou’re ou’re passionate passsionate to create cr eate new new dishes dishes.. In C California aliffo ornia it likee eevery there’s different seems lik very yyear ear th here’s diff ffeerent ttypes ypes of squash. The lo local ocal farmers tr tryy to put a ttwist wist on so ma many any variet varietals. als. —Thomas — Thomas Ric T Ricci, ci, chef

Habana Hab anna Cuba Cuba SSAN AN JOSE JO SEE

You Y o ou try try to use u all lo local cal pr produce oduce and support supp ort thee lo local cal farmers farmers.. Cuban ffood ood is very very simple simple.. I tr tryy to go with the flow off what p people eople ar aree lo looking oking into.. The winter into w is ccoming oming so p people eople won’t won ’t be be ass activ activee so the they’ll y’ll w want ant to eat healthie healthier. er. P People eople w want ant pumpkin because b ecause that’s thaat’s what what’s ’s ccoming oming up up— — people p eople w want an nt what the seasons ar aree bringing.. —Jennifer bringing —Jeenniffeer Eche Echeverri, verri, owner


We’re W e’re mor moree of a fusion rrestaurant estaurant than the mor m moree traditional Korean K orean place placce so we ccater ater to the ttwentysomethings. wentysom methings. I b believe elieve in using the lo local cal ar areas reas as far as sust sustainable ainable ttype ype ffoods, oods, and k keeping eeping the economy ec onomy her h heree going going,, whether it it’s ’s using yyour our lo local cal fish mark market et or yyour our local lo cal pr produce, odu uce, then yyou ou definitely know it’s it’s fr from rom her heree and not fr from om somewhere some where else else.. The cr crowds owds we bring in are are definitely diff different ffeerent because b ecause they’re theey’re ffoodies oodies and the theyy may ma ay w want ant something s unusual or different, diff ffeerent, b but ut familiar at the same time.. — time —Chef Cheef R Ron oon Deleon





47) (42


27 Geoffrey Geoffr ey Smith metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


LEAFING L E A F I NG O OUT UT K Kyusu yus y su Burmese Cuisine incorporat incorporates tes ingredients from Japanese and Indian n cuisine, as well as Burmese. The T T Tea ea L Leaf eaf Salad is served with plenty y of fried garlic, roasted nuts and a seeds and pickled tea leaves leaves..

Caperss Caper SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

We’re W e’re blessed to b bee in this t ar area ea of California C aliffo ornia with the abu abundance undance of fruit and vvegetables eegetables and pr produce—and oduce—and the aavailability vvailability is endle endless ess ffor o or seafood seaffood and b beef, eeff, as opposed opposed to o other ar areas eas of the ccountry ountry wher wheree it it’s ’s har h hard d to obt obtain ain product pr p oduct on a rregular egular g b basis. asis. The fact is that we we’re ’re in the Ba Bay ay A Ar Area ea with a high population p opulation and a gr great eatt demand. The clientele and the p people eoplle in the Ba Bay ay Area Ar ea know ffood ood and ap appreciate ppreciate go good od ffood. ood. Ther There’s e’s alw always wayys a ne n new w tr trend end that eeverybody verybody is ffollowing. o ollowingg. The public is vvery eery knowledgeable an and nd that mak makes es it great. gr eat. —Adrian —Adrian J Mullen, Mulleen, chef/owner

FForbes oorbes Mill Steakhouse St eakhouse LLOS O S GGATOS AT O S

There’s rreally There’s eally ccorn orn in eeverything verything her heree in Americ America. a. In the Mi Midwest dwest it it’s ’s all ccorn-fed orn-ffeed b beef, eeff, which iss pr pretty etty unique unique.. People P eople lo love ve ccorn-fed, orn-ffeed, esp eespecially ecially in

America. I’m America. I not fr from om Americ America. a. I’m fr from om the t South of England. In England it it’s t’s all grass-f grass-fed. feed. W We’re e’re one of the onlyy rrestaurants estaurants that use C CAB, AB, which is ccertified e tified Angus prime er prime.. Then we have haave grass-fed, grrass-ffeed,, then we have haave drydryaged, then n we ha have ave Wag Wagyu, yu, which is Kobe. Kobe. Some So ome people people love love dry-aged. dry--aged. Wee don’t W don’t sell s as many man ny dry-aged dry--aged as we do the rregular egular C CAB AB prime filet. That’s Th That t’s b byy far f the th st standard tandar d d her h here. e. Everyone Ev eryone ccomes omes in ffor or that. —Brian o Weselby, W eeselbby, executive exxecutive chef

The T he T Table a able SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

At this p At point oiint when cr creating eating a dish, I’ll lo look ok att each individual ingr ingredient edient and tr tryy to ha have ave fun,, lik likee lo look ok at, sa say, ay, a beet beet as a singular g ingr ingredient g edient and rreally eally just tr tryy to highlight the actual beet b eet itself itself. f. W Wee at first wer weree just ttapping apping in into nto what the neighb neighborhood orhood was w as actual actually lly willing to eat. Fr From om there, ther e, just kind of building a ffollowing. ollowing. F o For or m myself, yselff, dining out a lot, all ar around ound the Ba Bay ay Ar Area, ea, that


Palacio P alacio LLOS OS GGATOS AT OS

What I ffocus ocus on ar aree thee traditional ffestive eestive dishes that the aaverage verage p erson eats in,, sa ay, Puer rto Ric o or person say, Puerto Rico Brazil or U ruguaay or eeven ven Me xico— Uruguay Mexico— inc orporate that with the t C aliffo ornia incorporate California ingr g edients and a little littttle French French ingredients technique her ere to apply an heree and the there ar tistic vie w to the dish h,, to fr eshen artistic view dish, freshen it up and mak ok mor like a makee it lo look moree like Silic on V alle a y dish,, whi ile still k eeping Silicon Valley while keeping the nost algic par hat dish itself f. nostalgic partt of th that itself. —L ee Hernandez, Hernandeez, z execut tive chef —Lee executive


Sincee we Sinc we’re ’rre in a hotel, hotel, we tr tryy to do a moree in the w way lot mor ay off ccomfort omffo ort ffood, ood, which means diff different ffeerentt things to different people—especially here. Wee diff ffeerent p eople— especially e her e. W have ha ave p people eople fr from om all o over ver the world stay here. Wee just tr tryy and k keep that st ay her e. W eep it simple and eas easyy to underst u understand. and. W Wee tryy to use a lot of ingr ingredients from tr e edients fr om here, local ingredients, right her e, lo cal ingr ed dients, seasonal, because have people b ecause you you ha ave p eop ple ccoming oming from the fr om eeverywhere verywhere in th he ccountry ountry around Wee w want and ar ound the world. world. W ant have around them to see what we ha h ave ar ound here, too. Depending her e, to o. Dep ending on o the season have yyou ou ha ave eeverything verything yyou o ccould ou ould eever ver want. Tomatoes time,, w ant. T o omatoes in thee summer time artichokes now. Wee do some ar tichokes right now w. W Asian-influenced things. A sian-influenced thing gs. Sometimes likee ahi we do something lik a tuna with sauce, simple ginger garlic sauc e, sim mple things speak that sp eak to eeverybody. verybody dy. —Brad Kraten, executivee chef Krat ten, e executiv

Quattro (F Quattro (Four ouur Seasons Seas ons Hotel) Hottel) PPALO A L O ALTO ALT O

What we put on the menu m is based off the seasons of whatt we find at

et. All the past as the farmerss mark market. pastas are handmade: handm made: lasagna,, rigatoni, all are a. All the past as these kindss of past pasta. pastas are made in-house. in n-house. I’v aveled all are I’vee tra traveled around thee world and I lik around likee the idea capture and learn ne w things to capture new things.. Califfo ornia is i a fant astic plac e. The California fantastic place. ery similar to It alyy, mor climate is vvery Italy, moree Mediterran nean. —Mar co F oossati, Mediterranean. —Marco Fossati, executive ch hef executive chef

presents p pr resen esents ts

SA SATURDAY S AT AT TURDA URDAY AY & SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDA AY October Octtober 19t 19th 19th h & 20th 20th 11-6 1 1-6 Sa Sat. at. • 11 11-5 1 1 Sun. 1-5 EEastt C Campbell amp pbell b ll A Ave. ve. Third to to Harrison Harrison St. St. Third LLive ive M Music usic on on Three Three Stages Stages

Spenccer’’s for Spencer’s for St Steaks eaks and Chops Chhops

fe ffeatur featuring eaturring ing SA Alpiners A lpiners UUSA & TTraditional raditional Ge German rrman man M Music usic


Wee ha W have ave things th hings that ha have ave JJapanese apanese influenc e, California Califfo ornia cuisine influence, cuisine,, classic French Fr ench cuis cuisine. sine. It It’s ’s not fusion ffood, ood,, but cclassical lassical off ffeerings and offerings internation nal ingr edients. F or one international ingredients. For of our dish hes we ha ave a saffr on dishes have saffron risot to ccake. ake. That ’s b eing ser ved with risotto That’s being served sear ed sesame sesam me ahi tuna that has an seared English p eaa and w asabi pur ee. All pea wasabi puree. of these thi ings ar oming fr om things aree ccoming from diff ffeerent areas: arreas: the Spanish saffr on, different saffron, yyou ou have haave the th he It alian risot to, yyou ou Italian risotto, ha ave the se eared sesame ahi, which have seared is mor ap panese—so it ’s all o ver moree JJapanese—so it’s over the place. place. IIn n the Ba ay Ar ea we ha ave Bay Area have mor tic palates moree eclect eclectic palates,, just based off the fact tha at we ha ave ac cess to mor that have access moree highqualitty or ganic pr oduce, and high-quality organic produce, just a market mark ket variet varietyy in general. The guests that ccome ome into our rrestaurant estaurant ar expectin ng us to ha ave nothing less aree expecting have than what the an find at a gr ocery theyy ccan grocery stor e, which h is eeverything, verything, her store, heree in the Ba ay Area. Area. e —Dinari Br own, chef de Bay Brown, cuisine

Three Thr ee Degrees Degrees in Toll T ooll House Hoouse Hot Hotel el LLOS OS GATOS G AT OS O

Right now we we’ve ’ve ccome ome out with a smoked smok ed trout trout o guac guacamole amole with pit pitaa chips and we w we’ve ’ve ccome ome out with the Philly chee cheese ese steak egg rroll. oll. Ther Theree is a big infl influence uence as far as fusion goes. go es. The public p eexpects xpects something different diff ffeerent than th han jjust basic steak and potatoes. p otatoes. Y You o ou ha have ave so much fr fresh esh fish,, vegetables, vegetables a , unlik unlikee the Midwest wheree basic wher basically cally the vvegetables egetables ar aren’t en’t aavailable. vvailable. Itt mak makes es it aavailable vvailable ffor o or us to pla play ay with w the ffoods oods a lot mor moree


Take T Ta ake a the LIGHT RAIL!


2233 Skidoo Skidoo Vintage and RRetro etro Clothing

Laurie McClellan

Allied Financial Network Insurance Services

OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr

influenc influences es some of wh what at I do do.. I tr tryy to bring that to the Sil Silicon licon V Valley, aalley, just tr trying ying to br broaden oaden the dining scene here. sc ene out her e. One off the things people weree initia initially that p eople wer ally turned off byy wer weree the b beef cheeks, it’s b eef cheek ks, now it ’s one sellers.. N Now have of our top sellers ow w we ha ave the abilityy to gain the trus trustt of p people abilit eople to tryy something that the they didn’t tr ey didn ’t think theyy would lik like. —Anthony Jimenez, the e. — Anth A hony Jimene ezz, chef h f de d cuisine ii



29 Geoffrey Geoffr ey Smith metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


MUSSEL M USSEL G GAIN A IN Liquid Liquiid Bread serves mussels with charred c octupus octupus, s, the spicy M Mexican exican sausa sausage age chorizo and pickled peppe peppers. rs.

and pla play ay with the ttastes asttes and pla play ay with the diff different ffeerent vari varieties ieties of stuff we ccan an put on the pla plate. ate. —Michael Wilson, W ilson, i director dir ector ffor oor ffood ood and bbeverage everage

Lou’’s V Lou’s Village illagee Restaur ant Restaurant SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

I ttake ak ke into cconsideration onsiderati id i the ion h sustainability sust ainability of ingr ingredients edients and the pricee p pric point oint ffor o or our cu customers. stomers. I also believe b elieve that p people eople sh should hould get what theyy pa the pay ay ffor o or as far as the t eexperience. xperience. It should b bee somethin something ng enjo enjoyed, yed, memorable and wor worth th h what the they’re y’re paying. pa aying y . When p people eople go out the theyy want w ant something wher where re the theyy ccan an ha have ave a pleasurable momen moments ts of time ffor o or their friends friends.. L Local ocal ing ingredients gredients ar aree important imp ortant with m myy ba background. ackground. If yyou ou ccan an supp support ort the lo local ocal pr produce oduce then p people eople ccan an ttake ake pride p that we use lo local cal ingr ingredients. edients. T To o me it helps the business rrelationship elationsh hip with the clientele.. —Darr clientele —Darrell ell R Rose, ose o e, chef

The T he GGrill rill on the Alley Alley SSAN AN JO JOSE SE

I think eevery ver e y classific classification ation and nationalityy that nationalit that’s ’s in San JJose ose enjo enjoys oyys beef. b eeff. I thin think nk b beef eef is alw always ays y in season. special tryy When we do sp ecial stuff we tr showcase seasonalityy in to showc asse our seasonalit California, tryy and get as man many local C aliffornia, o , tr ny lo cal products possibly Wee tr tryy pr p oducts as a we p ossiblyy ccan. an. W keep fresh to k eep everything ever e ything fr esh and eexciting xciting new. grows and ne w. A buddy of mine gr ows sprouts Moon Bay. Brussels sp prouts in Half Mo on Ba ay. we’re going charred So we ’re go oing to do some charr ed sprouts. We’re Brussels sp prouts. W e’re going to do brown butter a br own bu utttter and sage kind of spaghetti shred apart, it’s spaghet ttti squash, s shr ed it apar t, so it ’s likee no noodles, almost lik odles, do some rreally eally sage brown butter intense sag ge and br own but ttter in sauce, that. And then t the sauc e, ttake ake the brown saucee and add a lit little br own butter butttter sauc tttle sherry bit of sherr ry vinegar in it to get that acidity. —Andy Hatcher, ccontrast ontrast in n acidit y. — Andy Hat A cherr, executivee ch chef executiv hef Carnes, Aaron Car rness, Amulya Datla, Nick Rivelli an dH eather Zimmerman and Heather contributed contribut ed to this report.


OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013

Geoffrey Smith



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Foam Call Flavor T Trip

KULFI BREAK Nirvanaah serves ice cream flavors based on the spices, fruits and desserts of Indian cuisine.

HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to HE BOLD COLORS and brightly lit space inside Sunnyvale open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but ice cream parlor Nirvanaah recall a Baskin Robbins, yet the the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins offerings are quite different—for the most part anyway. will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American They offer Indian ice cream flavors such as kulfi, chickoo and comfort food crated by executive chef and Bay Area mitha pan, as well as several standard Western flavors such as native Colby Reade. strawberry, cookies and cream and caramel crunch. Thirty-odd Owner native Kimseemingly is a beer enthusiast; he tells me flavors in and theSouth glassBay case are Ted mixed randomly.


that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and gardens, Ownerhe Anu Nambakam opened Nirvanaah on El Camino in which experienced during his travels throughout Europe’sReal premier Sunnyvale in October 2010. Since then she’s opened a location in Fremont beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300- and one in 8,000-square-foot Dublin, with plansdomed to openinterior more in the Bay Originally from India, seat, room and Area. a 4,000-square-foot Nambakam started the business because she was thinking about a specific outdoor patio. dessert back home, cassata, a three-layer ice cream cake, which Ted, with his contagious positive energy, says that he can’t was waithard to find infor Silicon Valley. She chose the name Nirvanaah, because she wanted folks to check out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler”a feeling ofnext bliss to associated ice cream. the mainwith bar.her Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft Though Nirvanaah does are serve cassata (and some other Indian desserts), system—the tap handles connected to the kegs, eliminating draft it’slines the ice cream that’s the highlight, which they partner with Jersey ice and helping to keep the beer at the highest quality andNew freshness cream plant Kwality to make. A lot of the flavors are familiar in Indian cuisine, levels. Having 30 draft beers is a manageable number for staff, Ted says: even if not usually found in ice cream form. Sitaphal, for instance is a common “I want them to know exactly what we’re serving. I want to be able to tropical fruit that looks like an artichoke, tastes beer like aeducation sweet apple. give genuine beer recommendations, sobut ongoing willChickoo be is aimportant. fruit popular ” in India that tastes similar to a pear. A scoop of ice cream costsThe between $2.99 anda$3.79. food will have local, farm-to-table emphasis according to chef Kulfi is a good benchmark to made start. Nirvanaah’s selections include Reade, and everything will be in-house, including breads andplain kulfi and a handful of other kulfi combinations. In India, kulfi is a common pretzels. Because of the generous kitchen space, there will also be in- frozen dairy dessert made out of condensed milk. programs. “We want to make house charcuterie, butchery and pickling At Nambakan’s recommendation, I tried theembraces falooda kulfi, is made food as fresh as the beer is,” says Reade, who beer’swhich versatility in with rose petals, basil seeds and kulfi. The taste is light, sweet and fruity, food pairing. withSome just a examples hint of spice. Another mitha pan, ispork inspired from the tidypopular menu offlavor, 25 items include bellyby the assortment of herbs and spice commonly chewed after meals to freshen breath. As an ice cream, mitha pan is a sweet, complex treat with a lot of subtle interaction of flavors. “They are all flavors that we all grew up with. There is a rich tradition of using a lot of spices in our cuisine and our food. The same thing is true even for the ice cream. There’s a lot of flavors that are infused into each of these flavors,” Nambakam says. There is a difference, though, with all the flavors Nirvanaah serves, even the more traditional flavors like mango and vanilla. The butterfat content is high, while the sugar content is low, resulting in a less dense ice cream with a lighter, fluffy texture. The natural flavors of the fruits and spices come out and aren’t overpowered by the taste of sugar, which presumably creates that blissful feeling Nambakam is trying to create. —Aaron Carnes NIRVANAAH 1038 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. 408.781.1743 or


OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr oactive com | sanjo ose com | metr osiliconvalley com | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Stephen Layton Layton Heather Heather Zimmerman



*wed w d *tthu hu



Blank Club, San n Jose Wed, Free W ed, 9pm, Fr eee

Fahrenheit Restaur Fahrenheit R Restaurant ant & Lounge, Lounge, San Jose Thu, 9:30pm 9:30pm, m, no cover

inherently If “rock “rock & rroll” oll”” now w seems inher ently Picturebooks rretro, etro,, the Pictur ebbooks have the genree a muchpotential to give the t genr needed boost of vitality vvitality. y. Their bluesaree familiar, arranged rrock ock riffs ar famiiliarr, yet ar ranged in manner.. They boast a totally offbeat manner m leather jackets, ride ridde motorcycles, motorcycles,, hang parks, out in skate park s, sport some mean s, beards, bear ds,, and yet aren’t arren’t part of the LA or scenes—they New York York o scenes— —they call Germany home. They’ve been been quiet the last ffew ew lost player,r, years as they’ve lo ost their bass player but rrather ather than rreplace e eplace him they’ve themselves rreconfigured econfigured them mselves into a guitarduo, drums based duo o,, and have amped up well. they’ree back their sound as we ell.. Now they’r aree working on to heavy touring and a ar thirdd album.. (A (AC) their thir C)

Ass music dir director A ector ffor or LIVE 105, Aaron Axelsen builtt his Aar on Axelse en rrapidly apidly buil cutting-edge name as a cu utting-edge music connoisseur.. His two shows connoisseur on LIVE 105, Soundcheck and have Subsonic, ha ave showcased local unknown loc cal bands and aheadof-the-curve electronic of-the-cur vee electr onic music— station otherwise all on a stati on that other wise mainstream alt-rock. plays mainst tream al t-rock. He Popscene also ffounded oundedd the club P opscene in Francisco, served San Fr anciscco, which has ser ved alternative as a hub ffor or al ternative bands headlining and headlini ng DJs. He brings a catalog massive cata alog of cool music and Fahrenheit’s expertise as a DJ to Fahr enheit’s electronic new weekly electr onic dance night,

Th3rmal Thursdays. T ViLLAN and Badcat will will also be spinning. (AD)

CHROMA CHROMATIC O ATIC T 1-YEAR CCOFFEE OFFFEE 11-Y YEAR ANNIVERSARY ANN IVERSARY Chromatic Coffee, Chromatic Coffee, Santa Clar Claraa Thu, 6pm, 6pm m, free free In just a yyear ear of existence, Chromatic Chromatic Coffee hass hit on something kind Coff ee ha explosive. of explosiv ve. In addition to finding crowded Area a niche in the cr owded Bay Ar ea coffee-scape, coff ee-scaape, they have hosted crazy art-punk cr azy artpunk shows and vibrant vibrant slams—and ppoetryy sla ams—and started the Bay’s South Bay y’s own monthly Latte Art (Throwdown TTNT NT (Thr o owdown Night Thursday) that series tha at pits baristas against other create each othe er to cr eate masterpieces in espresso espr esso and a latte ffoam. oam. Chromatic Chromatic markss its first anniversary with a mark mini-Halloween mini-Hallo oween costume party and their ffourth ourtth edition of TNT. TNTT. (AD)


PARAMORE P AR RAMORE SAP Center, SAP Centerr, San Jose Fri, 7pm, 7p pm, $38-$45 Paramore's P aram more's latest album debuted to critical critical acclaim—and at No. the 1 on th he charts, their first to do departuree so. This Thiis despite the departur apparently of founding founding (but appar ently not integral) integr a members Josh and Zac al) Farro, dramatic Far ro, who left in a rrather ather dr amatic Internet Intern et kerfuffle a couple years back. The T band begins their “SelfTTitled” itled”” tour this month. itled month They They've ve broadened br oadeened their original pop-punk sound,, but retained sound retained the same high ener eenergy gy and charisma—is it enough enouugh to make ffans ans get on boardd ffor “Parahoy,” boar or “P arahoy,”” a ffour-day our-day Paramore P aram more cruise ship tour in 2014? Not everyone evveryone would sign up to trapped be tr appped on the high seas ffor or

four fou ur days with wall-to-wall Hayley Williams Williams stalkers, but Paramore Paramore fans fanns might just be the only exception excception (get it?). (SL)

THE TH HE R ROUGH OUGH & TUMBLE Red d Rock Coff Coffee, ee, Mountain View Free Fri,, 8pm, Fr ee When's Wh hen's the last time a beautiful song Fresno, son ng mentioned Fr esno, CCalifornia? alifornia? orange It's like toothpaste and or ange juice: these the ese things just should not, and together.. YYet, do not, go together et, in Sufjan SStevens tevens style, (both musically and lyrically), lyric cally), Nashville ffolk cally), olk duo The Rough off,, weaving Rou ugh & TTumble uumble pull it off harmonies har rmonies in a way that makes even Fresno—with Fr esno—with such dubious claims to ffame ame as the birthplace of KKevin evin Federline Fed derline and the drunkest city in America—sound Am merica—sound good. The intimate space coffee perfect spa ace of a coff ee shop is perf ect ffor or their the eir sound. (SL)

oncerts * cconcerts LIONEL RICHIE


Oct 17 at SAP SAP Center

ANA GABRIEL Oct Oc ct 18 at San Jose Civic


DAVE D AVE V MA MASON SON Nov 2 at Montalvo Arts Center



DARIUSH D ARIUSH N 23 at Flint Center Nov

VIENNA TENG Nov 23 at Montalvo Arts Center

SO OY YOU OU THI THINK INK Y YOU OU CAN DANCE DANCE Nov 23 at 7:30pm, 7:30pm, San Jose Civic


WYNONNA WYNONN NA & THE BIG NOISE Dec D ec 4 at San Jose Civic

CRYSTAL CR RYSTAL BO BOWERSOX WERSO OX D 6 att Montalvo Dec M t l Arts A t Center C t



Dec 11 at SSAP AP Center




The Tech, Tech, e San Jose daily, 23, $12-$22 Open daily y, thru Feb 23 3, $12 -$22

Black C Cat at Collective Vintage Vintaage Emporium, San Jose Sat, 6pm, $9

aree the droids These ar droids SStar tarr Wars Wars fans fans aree looking ffor, leastt some of ar orr, or at leas props ephemera— the pr ops and other ephe emera— costumess ffor C-3PO including robot robot costume or C3PO R2D2—from and R2D2—fr om all six of o the Wars “Star Wars: Wheree SStar tar W ars films. “S tar W a : Wher ars: Imagination,” Science Meets Imaginati on,”” delves technologies into the futuristic techno ologies seen franchise in the fr anchise and what whaat possibility they have of becoming rreal— e eal— anyone? landspeeder rraces, aces, anyon ne? The section offers “Livingg on Tatooine” Taatooine” sect ion off ers interactive an inter active rre-creation e-creation n of LLuke uke Skywalker’s Sk ywalker ’s desert homee planet. It would seem unlikely too have a long line, but the use of augmented a interact rreality eality to allow guests too inter act with a simulation of Tatooine’s Taatoooine’s environment that envir onment suggests th hat some of futuree is already here. that cool futur already her e. (HZ)

afterThis gathering isn’t isn’t an afte erparty ffor or some other eventt but its own thing: a marketplace marketplacce of everything local artists selling everyth hing from fr om patches to paintings, and an evening of live music. The lineup l 30-second-longincludes Slag (a 30-second d-longgrindcoree band), Color song grindcor Coloor (postindie-rock rrock, ock nuanced indie-r ock, ock qquartet), uartet) uartet), (’60s The English Language (’60 0s inspired psychedelic inspir ed rock rock & roll) roll) Groggs garage and the Gr oggs (Santa Cruzz gar age (AC) rrock ock trio). (A C)



SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery, SLG Gaalleryy, San Jose Sat, 8pm, $10

Blank Club, San Jose J adv/$15 v/$15 Door Sat, 9pm, $13 ad

local altMitchell LLujan, ujan, of loc cal al tConversions, rrock ock group group Conversio ons plays ons, an acoustic set alongg with performances Pet perf ormances by Myy P et Dragon Dragon and Exit 11. Conversions Conversioons have been around two ar ound for for almost tw wo years, and een exploring rrecently, ecentlyy, Lujan Lujan has bbeen direction a new musical dir ecttion with his project. own acoustic pr ojectt. His solo elements music fuses element ts of R&B, soul and jazz, along with his propensity altexisting pr opensity towar ttowards ds al t20133 solo album rrock. ock. His August 201 Contemplatee is an ec eclectic clectic gem. gem (AD)

psychobilly, On the scale of ps sychobillyy, Detroit’s Detr oit’ss Koffin Koffin Kats Kats lean much punk heavier on the pu unk side than on It’s rrockabilly. ockabilly. It ’s high-octane, high-octane, manic swinging punk rrock, o but with ock, pompadours. Likee most bands genre, in their niche gen nre, their lyrics exploree a lot of horror explor hoorror and booze themes, and the lead l singer is a evil Presley. sort of mutant ev vil Elvis Pr esley. thousands They’ve played th housands of shows, touring al almost most non-stop decade. ffor or the past deca de. KKoffin offin KKats ats aree particularly bbig Europe, ar ig in Eur ope, wheree their insan insanity properly wher nity is pr operly appreciated, appr eciated, but they hold their ock daddyown anywhere anywhere punk puunk rrock (AC) oo’s ’s abide. (A C)

Dec 12 at Montalvo Arts Center

THEE LE LEGEND GEND OF ZELD ZELDA A Dec 14 at 77:30pm, :30pm, San Jose Civic


RICHARD RI CHARD THOMP THOMPSON SON Jan 1010-12 12 at Montalvo Arts Center




PIXIESS PIXIE Febb 22 at San Jose Civic Fe

N NUCLEAR CCOWBOYZ OWBO OY YZ March Mar chh 2929-30 30 at SSAP AP Center For musicc updates and contest giveaways s, like us on Facebook giveaways, at metr

OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr

SSTOMP TOMP Oct 16 at Flint Center

35 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


Moree lis Mor listings: stings:

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactive AR

*stagee ANIMALSSOUTOF ANIMAL OUT OFFP P PAPER A APER City Lights Theater Theateer Company presents esents a drama pr drama about an opens origami artist ope ens her studio prodigy to a teenage pr oddigy and his teacher.. Thu-Sat,, 8pm, teacher 8 , Sun,, 2pm. $25-$30. Thru Oct 20.. $25-$30.. San Jose.

LESS MISÉRABLE LE MISÉRABLES É S South Bay Musica Musicall Theatre Theatre presents pr esents the ffavorite avorrite musical based on Victor Hugo’s Huugo’s novel about the poor in 19th-century 1 France. Fr ance. Thu-Sat,, 8pm. 8pm. Thru Oct 19. Theatre. $20-$35.. Saratoga Saratogaa Civic Theatr e.

MACARIO MA CARIO TTeatro eeatro Visión pr presents essents the world premiere pr emiere of a playy about a man deall with Death. who makes a dea Sun, Thu-Sat,, 8pm,, Sun n,, 2pm thru Oct $7-$40. Mexican 20.. $7 $ -$40. $ Mexic can Heritage Visit isit Plaza,, San Jose. V to rread ead a rreview. eview.

RICH AND FAMOUS RICHANDF AMOU US Dragon Productions Dragon Productions pr presents esents musical comedy about a artists pitfalls and the pitf alls of success. Thu2pm. Sat,, 8pm,, Sun,, 2pm m. Thru Nov 3. Redwood $16-$35. Redwoo od City. Cityy.

SSTOMP TOMP Percussion perf Percussion performance orrmance tr troupe. oupe. Oct 16, 16, 7:30pm. 7:30pm. $37-$62. $337-$62. $62. Flint Center,, CCupertino. upertino. Center

TRUE TR UEWE WEST ST Northside Theatr Theatree Company presents pr esents a comedy comeddy by Sam Shepardd about tw two brothers, others, Shepar wo br different very diff erent in nnature, ature, battle over a film script. Thu-Sat,, 8pm, Nov $17-$22. Sun,, 3pm. Thru No ov 3. $17 -$22. Theatre, Northside Theatr e, San Jose. e,

WARRIOR W A ARRIORCLA CLASS SS TheatreWorks Theatr eWorks pr presents e esents the tale political star.. W Wed, of a rising politica al star ed, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, 8 Sat, 2 and 8pm,, Sun,, 2 and a 7pm, TTue, uue, 7:30pm.. $19-$73.. Runs thru Nov 3. Mountain View. View w.

ZZOPPÉ OPPÉIT ITALIAN TALIANF A FFAMILY A AMILLYCIR Y CIRCUS CUS A cir circus cus in the Old W World orld Italian tradition. tr adition.. The company company was ffounded ounded in 1842,, and a features features thee ffounding descendants of th ounding 7pm, ffamily. amilyy. Fri,, 4 and 7p pm,, Sat,, noon,, 3 noon, and 7pm, p , Sun,, noo on,, 3 and 6pm. p Thru Oct 20.. $13-$25. $13-$ $25.. Red Morton Center, Community Cente err, Redwood City. Cityy.

*dancee *danc TANGO T A ANGOFFATAL FATA AL sjDanceCo pr presents esennts work workss by

Maria Bazile,, Heather Cooper CCooper,, Hsiang-Hsiu Lin, KKara ara Davis D and Margaret Mar garet Wingrove. Wingrove. Oct Occt 18-19, 18-19, $22-$45. Theatre, 8pm.. $22 -$45.. CCalifornia alifornnia Theatr e, San Jose.



*opera *oper ra

“Cement Eclipses Eclipses”” by installa installation ation street Cordal. str eet artist Isaac Cor dal. “Suicide,”” mixed-media by Barron noon-7pm, Bar ron SStorey. toreyy. Thu-Fri, noon -7pm, 7 Sat,, noon-5pm.. San Jose.



West Bay Oper West Operaa pr presents esennts dramatic P i i' dr Puccini's d amatic ti tale t l off a prima i donna,, her rebellious rebellious lover, looverr, and corrupt rupt police chief dr a cor ddrawn awn into a deadly battle of wills. Sat, 8pm. Closes Sun, 2pm.. $40-$75. $40-$ $75. LLucie ucie Theatre, Palo Alto. SStern tern Theatr e,, P alo Al too.

“My Soul Sear Search ch Thr Through ough Gy Gypsy ypsy Zamora. Flamenco,”” by Roberto Zamo ora. San Jose.



BRUNI BR UNIGALLER GALLERY RY Jazz-related art by Bruni Sa Jazz-related Sablan. blan. Mon-Sat, 1-6pm.. San Jose.


“No W Walls alls Between Us,”” port portraits traits athy of jazz musicians by KKathy Sloane.. San Jose.



"Backwar "Backward Backward is For Forward: ward:: Layer and Printmaking.”” Ends Impact in Printmaking. Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm. Jan 12. W ed-Sun, 11am-5pm. LLos os Gatos.

“Cruisin “Cruisin,” Cruisin,” new work workss by Seann Victor.... Thruu Boyles and Roan Victor Oct 31. TTue-Fri, uue-Fri,, noon-6pm,, Sat, S appointment. noon-4pm or by appointme nt. San Jose.

CANTOR CANT ORAR ARTS RTSCENTE CENTER ER “Carrie Mae W “Carrie Weems: eems:: Th Three hree Photography Decades of Photogr aphhy and Lecturee by CCarrie Video.”” Lectur arrie Mae Weems, W eems,, Oct 16, and rrelated elaated film runs ffestival, estival,, Oct 26.. Show ru uns Oct Embodied: 16–Jan 5. “Faith Embo odied: From Renaissance Saints Fr om the Renais ssance to the Enlightenment. Enlightenment.”” A show 17. of prints. Ends Nov 17 7. “Manet “ France, and the Graphic Graphic Arts inn Fr ance, 1860-1880.” 17. 18601880.”” Ends Nov 17 7. WedWed11am-8pm. Sun,, 11am-5pm, Thu,, 11 1am-8pm. SStanford. tanford.

KALEID GALLERY KALEIDGALLER RY “The Journey Journey,” y,,” new work workss byy Mariya Milovidova. “W “We We Ar Aree All Animals,”” new work workss by Mic Michelle chelle Waters. Waters. San Jose.

MACLA MA CLA “De Esper Esperanza p anza Y De LLocura,” ocura,”” a group workss byy gr oup exhibition of work Latino artists who delve intoo migration immigration migr ation and immigr ation hope issues as a flight of both hop pe insanity. and insanity y. San Jose.



“Reduce, Reuse,, Re-im Re-imagine,” agine,” Ends Feb.. 2. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-4pm. 111am-4pm. Clara. Santa Clar a.

“Mountains in My Spoon,” celebrating celebr ating the LLucas ucas Artistss Program Residency Pr ogram (LAP) exploration alumni’s explor ation of ffood. oodd. 18, Opening rreception eception on Oct 18 8, 18-Febb 9. 6pm.. Exhibit runs Oct 18-Fe 11am-3pm. Ongoing.. Thu-Sun, 11am3pm m. Saratoga. atoga. Sar

SSAN AN JOSE MUSEUM OF O AR ART RT ““Around A Around the TTable aable SStage tage One— Jitish KKallat: allat:: Epilogue.”” Ends “Breaking April 20. “Br eaking Ground: Ground:: Gifts From Gibson. Fr om KKatie atie & Drew Drew Gib son.. Ends “Timelapse: Doug Oct 20. “T imelapse:: Dou ug Hall Western Landscape.” and the W estern Lands scape.” “Swans, Ends Oct 20. “S wans,, SSwine wine and Sirens.” Sir ens.”” Artists influenced influencced by Greek Gr eek mythology. mythologyy. Ends Dec 1. closed TTue-Sun, uue-Sun,, 11am-5pm,, cl osed Mon. San Jose.


SSAN AN A JOSE INS INSTITUTE ST TITUTE OF ART CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORAR RY YAR RT “Connect & Collect,”” annual art a auction and exhibition.. Endss place Oct 26. Live auction takes pl ace Oct 26. TTue-Fri, uue-Fri,, 10am-5pm,, Sat, S noon-5pm.. San Jose.



YYori ori o Seeger Seeger,r, sculpture. sculpture. Thru T “Spiral: Dec 1. “Spir al:: Art of thee SStreet,” treet,” street from str eet art fr om Berlin, LLondon, ondon, Barcelona, Bar celona, New YYork, ork, o , LLos os Angeles Francisco. Thru 17. and San Fr ancisco. Thr ru Nov 17 7. Underwood: “Consuelo Jimenez Un nderwood: Welcome Flower-Landia.” W elcome to Flower-La andia.” Thru Nov 224. 4. TTue-Wed uue-Wed and Fri11am-9pm. Sun,, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11 1am-9pm. Clara. Santa Clar a.

“I W Want ant My MT MTV V Back!” by Haif H Haifaa TTabbara. abbar abb a.. San S Jose. J

ZERO ZER O 1 GARA GARAGE GE “Patent “P Paatent P Pending eending,”” a group group exhibition that uses patentss as a starting point to investigate investigatte the relationship artists, tists, relationship between ar ownership,, and invention. San Jose.

CONFLUENCE OF INFLUENCE The BlogHerPro conference will focus on ways that bloggers can expand their personal brands.

The Power of Pull IN THE LAND of online influence, community engagement rules all Belmontbased media network BlogHer, Inc. has harnessed that with a model that allows women to help other women create their own profitable businesses. On Oct. 22-23, the media publishing network will hold the BlogHerPro Silicon Valley conference—an event aimed at professional bloggers. The conference, takes place at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores. With some 4,250 bloggers writing on a variety of topics from marketing, cooking, DIY and entertainment to women in tech and career advice, BlogHer, Inc. reaches 92 million women in the U.S. each month. The network compensates members for their published blogs BlogHer Pro and influence, paying out more than $24 million in the conference past four years. Oct 22-23 “We are making money with women,” says COO of $204.97 (individual BlogHer, Inc. Elisa Camahort Page. “Women are the registration) most powerful consumers of the world and companies are still not reaching the core customer.” BlogHer’s model compensates women for their writing while giving them the conferences chance to grow their businesses—whether that business is blogging or other ventures, like retail or food. BlogHerPro, a one-day offshoot of the annual BlogHer conference that welcomed more than 4,000 bloggers to Chicago in July, features online marketing celebrities such as former Virgin America CMO Porter Gale and Internet music sensation Daria Huff, who utilized her Google+ network to create a huge following and gain a record deal. The speakers will discuss personal branding, business production and DIY mobile strategies. Speaker Beth Blecherman will talk about branding with use of social media. Blecherman, a Menlo Park-based BlogHer member, curates family-friendly tech products on her blog Tech Mamas. A former senior manager at Deloitte, Blecherman also consults for startups that are creating products and apps targeting families. “The fascinating thing is that women are the power users of technology and the most sophisticated users, and companies need to take this seriously. We are a huge demographic. When you're in management, you’re in an echo chamber.” Blecherman also co-founded a mom blog network called Silicon Valley Moms Group that sold to Technorati in 2010. When Camahort Page and fellow BlogHer founders began offering conferences in 2005, they were asking questions such as ‘where are the women at?’ in the White House, in the blogosphere and in technology. Today, the conversation has shifted to exploring how women can spread their influence and make it pay. And BlogHer conferences show the network knows something about having clout: recent conferences in Chicago and New York City have drawn speakers such as Sheryl Sandberg, Martha Stewart and President Barack Obama. —Jennifer Elias







ilicon V ilicon Valley alley R Restaurant estaurant W Week e off eek offers ers South Bay diners di ners a chance chance tto o sample gr ggreat eat me meals als at special prices. Here’s pr rices. Her e’s how it works: works: Go tto o one of the many par participating ticip pating rrestaurants, estaurants, choosee a thr three-course ee-course prix fixe meal and enjoy.. E Each serving three choices me al an nd enjoy ach rrestaurant estaurant is ser ving thr ee choic es of appe appetizer, etizer, entr entrée ée and dessert dessert for for Restaurant Restaurant W Week, eek, so the ccombinations ombinations ar aree eextensive. xtensivve. Diff Different erent restaurants restaurants have set seet their menus at varying varying price p e points, starting pric starting at $25, an and d all of the R Restaurant estaurant W Week eek menus rrepresent epresent temptin tempting ng disc discounts. ounts. Ple Please ase rremember emeember that drinks, ta taxx aree extra. and tips ps ar extra.

BOOK K A TABLE TABL E Silic onValle a e ants

CAMPBELL CAMP PBELL Capers C apers Eat E and Drink 11710 710 W Campbell Campb bell Ave, Ave, Campbell; Campbell; 408.374.5777 408.374.5777 Capers C apers combines combines a hand handsome some dining room and a menu of upscale but satisf satisfying ying American American comfort comfort ffood. ood. LLook ook ffor or dish dishes hes likee Cajun lik Cajun spiced spiced ahi, gri grilled lled pr prawn awn sk skewers, ewers, baby back ribs and a grilled flank ste steak. ak. The air aairyy and spacious bar off offers ers a full me menu enu of specialt specialtyy cocktails cocktails that’s thaat’s long on the martinis. martinis.

Ciano Ciano’s ’s Modern Modern Latin Flavor Flavors rs 280 E Campbell Campbell Ave, Avve, Campbell; Campbell; 408.871.1939 408.871.1939 Ciano’s Ciano ’s Modern Modern Latin Latin Flav Flavors vors in C Campbell ampbell blends the tr traditional aditionaal Mexico Central dishes of M exico and C entral America with an eexciting xciting modern ttwist wist in a ccolorful, olorful, modern n setting setting.. E Executive xecutive chef Ricardo R Ramirez am mirez enjoys an eexceptional xceptional ccooking oo oking rresume, esume, from his training training at the Culinary America Park C ulinary Institute of Ame rica in Hyde P ark tto o working with cheff Rick Bayless at his acclaim acclaimed med M Mexican exican restaurant restaurant Topolobampo. Topolobampo o o.

Liquid Bread B 3379 79 E C Campbell ampbelll Ave, Avve, Campbell; Campbell; 408.370.3400 408.370.3400 Campbell’s C ampbell’s Liquid Br Bread ead tastefully pairs the broad range range of flavors flav ors and st styles yles of cr craft aftt beer with a menu of gourmet bites and entrees entr ees set in an intimate, intimate, e unpretentious unpretentious dining room, room perfect perfecct multitude ffor or sampling the multitu de of beers on tap. The rrestaurant estaurant is a partnership par tnership bet between ween chef cheef John Burk Burke, e, propriet proprietor or Jordan T Trigg, rigg, Tyler Graham Hoang.. Chef B Burke sous chef T yyler Gr aham and a bar manager LLarry arry Hoang urke has eexperience xperience working in n Michelin S Star tar rrestaurants estaurants such as Travese T ravese in LLos os Gat Gatos, os, whe where ere he served served as sous chef. chef. LLeaving eaving tthe he world of fine dining and Michelin M stars, where where often wine pairings pairrings rreceive eceive all the attention, chef Burke Burke now enjoys preparing preparing recipes recipes beer.. tto o ccomplement omplement the manyy flavors flavors of beer

CUPERTINO CUPER TIN NO Arya Ar ya 19930 19 930 Stevens Creek Blv Blvd, vd, Cupertino; Cupertino; 408.996.9606 408.996.9606 The goal at Ar ya is to to introduc ersian ffood, ood, cultur Arya introducee Pe Persian culturee and ar artt tto o the Silic on V alley. The ir Italian ttouches ouches tto o eevery very Silicon Valley. Theyy add the their detail, ttoo. oo. Persian ffood ood is eexotic, xotic, healthy healthy and dates back many ccenturies, enturies, and is rich in tr adition. A Ar ya’s Italian side ccomes omes tradition. Arya’s from eexecutive xecutive chef Mike Mike Hashemi’s Hashem mi’s background, traveling traveling tto o Italy and bringing home his favorites favorites tto o shar amily sharee with ffamily and friends. Mik received numerous num merous aawards wards for for his Mikee has received Italian menu at Flor ence Italian C u uisine, Florence Cuisine, his fine dining Italian rrestaurant estaur t antt in i Or O ange C ountty. Arya A ya is Ar i a result result lt off his hi love lo l ve ffor or Orange County. Persian and Italian cuisines, and he h hopes to to provide provide guests with a journey journey and adventur into both. adventuree into

Park P ark Plac Placee 10030 S De Anza Blvd, Cuper C Cupertino; tino; 408.873.1000 408.873.1000 It’s It ’s unhurried sophistication. Aban Abandon ndon the tie. Cir Circle cle your friends. Relax. Relax. Inside Park Park Place Place Restaurant Restaurant & Bar, Bar, you’ll you’ll find an airy ambience, airy Mediterranean-inspired Mediterranean-inspired am mbience, one that casually combines different combines diff erent textures—high textures—high and low tables, interior lighting that subtly enhanc enhances es its eexternal xternal ccounterpart, ounterpart, the graceful graceful eleganc elegancee of wood carried throughout. throughout And outside, outside the setting pairs nicely Cupertino’s nicely with C uperrtino’s temperate temperate climate: You You can find a place place just as ccomfortable omfor o table around the outdoor fire fire pit, under an umbrella umbrella or at one on ne of the eexterior xterior cabanas. The menu itself is an arr array textures ay of te xttures and tastes as well. Chef Brad Brad Kr Kraten aten and his staff have cr crafted a afted br breakfast, eakfast, brunch, dinner and bar menus that offer offer both small sm mall and large bites. Each Each thoughtfully pr prepared epared plate incorporates incorp porates seasonal, seasonal, sustainably grown products, and, as chef Kr Kraten aten says, “is not something you’ll you’ll find down the str street.” eet.”

LOS L OS GA GATOS ATO TOS California C alifornia Café Caffé 50 University University Ave, Ave, # 260, 260 0, Los Gatos; 408.354.8118 408.354.8118 The C California alifornia C Café afé ccontinues ontinues tto o sa satisfy atisfy with its fr fresh, esh, inventive and reasonably California-meets-thereasonably priced priced menu of seasonal seasonal C alifornia-meets-theworld fare fare from chef Bobby Laggan. Laggan. Great Great cocktail cocktail list, too. too. The shaded patio and second-story dining atop Town makes second-story din ning at op Old T own mak es the restaurant restaurant feel feel like like a Santa Santa Cruz Mountains Mountains hideaway. hideaway.

Forbes F orbes Mill St Steakhouse teakhouse 206 N Santa S t Cruz C Ave, Ave, v Los L Gatos; G t 408.395.6434 408.3 08 395.6 5 6434 Forbes F orbes Mill S Steakhouse teakhouse ccombines ombines eexcellent xcellent ffood ood and distinguished ser service vice with a st stylish ylish and comfortable comfortable environment. The menu ffeatures eatures the t finest in Midwestern, corn-fed corn-fed Prime C Certified ertified Angus Be Beef eef and Tajima Tajima Black Wagyu Wagyu “Kobe Style” “Kobe S tyle” Beef, Beef, complemented complemented d by a vvariety ariety of fresh fresh seafood, seafood, succulent chicken, chicken, Australian Australian lam lamb, b, inventive salads, side dishes, decadent desser desserts ts and a Spectator S Spectat or wine list that boasts some of the finest vintages in thee world.

Los Gatos Brewing Breewing Company Company 130 N Santa Cruz Ave, Ave, ve v Los Lo os Gatos; 408.395.9929 408.3 08 395.9 5 9929 Acclaimed A cclaimed chef Jim S Stump tump rrefined efined d the microbrewery microbrewery concept concept to to an elegant sit sit-down -down rrestaurant estaurantt that that’s ’s both casual and sophisticated. The LLos os Gatos Gatos Br Brewing ew wing Company Company serves serves a menu of California California cuisine with handcr handcrafted affted ar artisan tisan br brews ews in an artfully artfully rrestored estored former former auto auto dealership dealeership building in downt downtown own Los Los Gatos Gatos that that’s ’s become become a ffavorite avorite dining spot of locals.



Juilliard Juilliar rd String Qu Quartet uartet

Friday, October 25, 2013, at 8PM Le Petit Trianon, Trrianon, 72N. 5th St., St.., San Jose Bach: The Art A of Fugue, Contra Contrapuncti apuncti I-IV Berg: Lyric SSuite (1925-26) (1925 26) Schubert: G Major Quartet, Op Op.161, p.161, D.887

The Juilliard Juiilliard at the Trianon Trian non … Music-makking doesn’t get any a better! Music-making Tickets Tic ckets at (408) 286-5111, 286-51111, 111 sjjchambermusic.orgg or att the door starting 7PPM M Roger Eman Emanuels nuels pre-concert talk taalk at 7:155PPM M

Silicon Valley Arts Coalition Community in Arts  

O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K

The San Jose Joose Chamber Music Mussic Society presents presen ts America’s legendary legeendary




S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

Palacio 115 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos; 408.402.3811 Located in the historic Coggeshall Victorian Mansion in downtown Los Gatos, Palacio offers an upscale taste of Mexico that meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. The executive chef draws inspiration from both contemporary and traditional styles of Latin American cooking to create unique, distinctive dishes that stand apart from typical Mexican fare. Enjoy a cocktail at the full bar, featuring extensive tequila and specialty cocktail selections, or their sommelier will help you select the perfect wine pairing to complement your dining experience.

The Lexington House 40 N Santa Cruz Ave, Suite A, Los Gatos; 408.354.1600 Founded by Stephen Shelton and Jimmy Marino, in partnership with chef Philippe Breneman, it was a crazy dream and aspiration to open a restaurant in the heart of Los Gatos that changes the perception of the South Bay eatery scene. The menu is dictated by the seasons and guided by the purveyors’ sense of place. Serving unique Northern California food, classic inspired cocktails, small batch spirits and craft beer , The Lexington House proudly serves products from local, organic and sustainable purveyors and farmers. Only natural products are used and served in their drinks.

Three Degrees 140 S Santa Cruz ave, Los Gatos; 408.864.1054 Three Degrees restaurant, bar and patio belongs on any short list of the best of Los Gatos. The name reflects the welcoming charm of the small-town community, while the menu reflects the best in locally sourced, farm-fresh produce. Drawing inspiration from the slow-food movement, the executive chef creates dishes focusing on straightforward contemporary grill cuisine.

Wine Cellar 50 University Ave, Los Gatos; 408.354.4808 The Wine Cellar has remained a fixture in the Los Gatos dining scene since it opened nearly 50 years ago. But the chic subterranean restaurant still feels like a secret because of its intimate location, hideaway bar and menu of upscale comfort food. Located in Los Gatos’ Old Town, The Wine Cellar continues to please with its menu of fondue, great starters like grilled artichoke and crab cakes, and satisfying main courses like fresh sauteed abalone or Painted Hills steak.

MENLO PARK LB Steak 898 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park; 650.321.8980 LB Steak is a distinctive restaurant that reflects the charm of its surroundings and neighbors, while acclaimed chef-owner Roland Passot adds a new flair to steaks. The contemporary modern American steakhouse showcases naturally raised prime meats, line-caught fish, only the freshest, local and organically grown produce, hand crafted cocktails and an elegant wine program.



O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K





191 Restaurant & Bar 191 Castro St, Mountain View; 650.961.1491 191 Restaurant & Bar is a casual dining experience that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and also offers a full bar. It sits on the corner of Castro and Villa Street in one of the oldest buildings in Mountain View. It was built in 1906 by Jacob Mockbee, originally housed a blacksmith shop and was restored in the 1980s. The owner, Huberto Acevedo, has established a restaurant that offers a variety of options to cater to every customer’s needs and also provides a welcoming ambience. The breakfast offers customer favorites like the eggs Benedict and the Mountain View omelet. The lunch and dinner provide customers with many different burgers, salads, pizzas and daily specials. Each dish is made to order from scratch using the freshest ingredients and local produce. The goal is to provide quality food, affordable prices, excellent service and a fun place to hang out with friends and family.

Bushido 156 Castro St, Mountain View; 650.386.6821 Located in the heart of Mountain View, Bushido offers Silicon Valley diners the best of Japanese izakaya dining—it is an integral part of Japanese restaurant culture where people come together at casual “watering holes” to drink and enjoy unique small plates and authentic offerings that are satisfying for one or perfect to share.

Scott’s Seafood 420 Castro St, Mountain View; 650.966.8124 Located in the heart of downtown Mountain View, Scott’s Seafood, formerly known as Cantankerous Fish, serves fresh seafood, pasta, steaks and chicken. Signature dishes range from grilled salmon and mahi mahi to Australian lobster tail and roasted chicken. For vegetarians, tofu is served as an option. There is a full bar, and wine is also available to pair with meals.

Scratch 401 Castro St, Mountain View; 650.237.3121 Scratch in Mountain View features American cookery in an elegant setting. The cuisine is based on the premise of “simple food done well” and draws from American classics reflecting today’s influences and bounty of ingredients. Menu items include Southern fried chicken with cornbread muffins, ciderbrined pork chop, Hudson Valley duck breast with a huckleberry sauce, wild rice and walnuts, and chicken fricassee, a childhood favorite of the owner’s made using his mother’s recipe.

PALO ALTO California Café 700 Welch Rd, Palo Alto; 650.325.2233 Located in the charming and historic Stanford Barn, Palo Alto’s California Café exists to provide an escape from the outside world. They feed the senses through chef-driven creations, engaging service and relaxing ambience. Their multicultural offerings feature seasonal ingredients with broad appeal. They are passionate about the guest experience, providing service that is friendly and knowledgeable. Their relaxing environment serves as a California-style oasis.




O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K


Since 1958 family-owned Paolo’s has steadfastly remained one of downtown San Jose’s most enduring and beloved Italian restaurants. Chef and secondgeneration owner, Carolyn (Aiello) Allen-Samavarchian, maintains her family’s commitment to its Italian heritage through the unique art and traditions of regional Italian cuisine. The menu offerings are diverse and interesting with California and East Coast influences incorporating the finest local and imported ingredients. Maitre d’/Sommelier Jalil Samavarchian maintains an exceptional wine list and directs a knowledgeable and professional staff in this dramatic setting overlooking beautiful Guadalupe River Park. A commitment to excellence and warm hospitality makes Paolo’s as inviting and contemporary today as it was more than 50 years ago. Carolyn Allen-Samavarchian is the daughter of Paolo’s founders Jack & Geri Allen. Besides her work at Paolo’s, Allen-Samavarchian teaches cooking classes and has served on the board of directors for the California Culinary Academy Educational Foundation.

Gravity Bistro & Wine Bar

544 Emerson St, Palo Alto; 650.327.3161 While some humans may complain about the gravitational pull of this planet, and its knack for pulling us down into the sidewalk when we trip and fall, no one can complain about the Palo Alto restaurant that shares its namesake. Gravity Bistro and Wine Bar combines boutique wine, handcrafted beers and delicious food. Beginning with the crushing of grapes, which flow down to the cellar, where they await maturity before exciting the palate of the lucky diner, Gravity Bistro and Wine Bar exemplifies the “restaurant from scratch” philosophy.






520 Cowper Cowper St, # 101, Palo Palo a A Alto; lto; 6 650.853.3888 50.853.3888 Palo P alo Alt Alto’s o’s Il F Fornaio ornaio ccelebrates elebrates th the he diverse ffood ood of Italy with an ever-changing ever-changing menu of rregional egionaal cuisine that goes well beyond beyond the same old spaghetti and an nd meatballs. meatballs. The rrestaurant estaurant surrounds diners in an elegant din dining backed ning room back ed with eexpert xpert service Italian-heavy service and an Italian-he avy wine list.

IINDO NDO Res Restaurant taurrant & Lounge Lounge 33295 295 El El Camino Camino Real, P Palo a A alo Alto; lto; 6 650.494.9184 50.494.9184 INDO Restaurant Restaurant & LLounge ounge brings ttogether ogether tr traditional aditional Indonesian flavor flavor profiles with W Western e estern cooking cooking methods to to create create a brand brand new culinar culinaryy eexperience. xperiience. Utilizing the native recipes recipes of chef de cusine, Diana Anwar, An nwar, eexecutive xecutive chef and owner Thomas Charoen's ever-changing offerings ever-chaanging off erings of small plates and entr entrees sharing ees encourage encourage sha ring in the ffamily-style amily-style tradition. craft bar,, lounge or patio from tradition. Enjoy cr aft ccocktails ocktails in the t bar the cultivated cultivated palate of owner and d restaurateur restaurateur Bryan Bryan Lew, Lew, or sample wines from the approac approachably chably eclectic wine list. The promise tto quality, great ood, uniquely o guests is eexceptional xceptional qualit q y, gr eat ffood, paired genuine hospitalityy that will mak makee paired cocktails cocktails or wine, and genu ine hospitalit you feel feel right at home.

Quattro 2050 University University Ave, Avve, Palo Palo a Alto; Alto; 650.470.2889 650.470.2889 Quattro Restaurant’s Restaurant’s contemporary contemporary setting is enhanc enhanced ed by abundant California California sunlight. On thee garden terrace, terrace, guests can dine amid the natural natural be beauty auty of their their surroundings in Palo Palo Alt Alto, o, complemented complemented by the relaxing relaxing sound d of the water water wall. wall. In the adjoining bar bar,, a seasonal seasonal ccocktail ocktail listt pr presents esents a per perfect fect way way tto o begin or end any occasion. Savor Savor tr traditional aditionaal and inno innovative vative Italian cuisine that highlights locally ffarmed armed ingredients ingredients at the height of their season. Silicon Valley. season. Quattro is located in Four Four Seasons Seasons Hotel Silic on V alley.

Reposado 236 Hamilton Ave, Ave, Palo Palo Alto; Alto; 650.833.3151 650.833.3151 Reposado R eposado ser serves ves tr traditional aditional and in inspired nspired menus of rregional egional Mexican Mexican cuisine in an upscale, beautiful beautiful a setting setting.. Chef Arnulf Arnulfo o “Arnie” “Arnie” Hernandez was was born in thee ccoastal oastal M Mexican exican state of Nayarit, Alto Reposado Nayarit, but the food food at his Palo Palo Alt A o rrestaurant estaurant R eposado explores explores a range range of cuisines from Mexico. Mexico. The menu takes takes classics of Mexican Mexican cuisine and several several lesser lesser-known -known dishes and REP R E P OSAD O O gives them a smar smart, t, urbane spin.

Si O Siam Orchid rchid hid Organic Organic i Fine Fine i Dining Dining i i 496 49 6 Hamilton A Ave, ve, Palo Palo A Alto; lto; 6 650.325.1994 50.325.1994 Siam Orchid Orchid is an organic fine dining dinin ng Thai restaurant restaurant in Palo Palo Alto. Alto. The restaurant restaurant offers offers unique modern modeern Thai fusion dishes such as Thai samosas, gung hom sabai and d nuea nuea nam tok. tok. Their goal is tto o bring diners a cutting edge culinary culinary experience experience that is similar tto o the lif estyle of Thai people. All the t selections on the menu ar lifestyle aree chosen from traditional traditional and homem homemade made Thai dishes.

REDWOOD R EDWOOD DC CITY ITY Arya A rya 885 Middlefield Rd, Redwood Red dwood City; City; 650.367.4939 650.367.4939 S tyle, comfort, comfort, distinction surroun nded by be auty, eexotic xotic Style, surrounded beauty, cuisine, and casual elegance! elegance! LLocated ocaated in the heart heart of downt own downtown R edwood Cit y, Arya Arya is a distinctivee restaurant restaurant that offers offers fine Redwood City, Persian cuisine, warm warm ambienc nd personal ser vice that is ambiencee aand service ccomfortable omfortable ffor or any event. event.



O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K

S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3





Inspired by the best of Japanese izakaya dining and a local need for a sustainable approach to Asian seafood in the heart of Silicon Valley, Bushido in downtown Mountain View has brought in executive chef Isamu Kanai and upped its game with a new array of sushi offerings. With over 15 years’ cooking experience in Japan and in the Bay Area, Kanai has proven to be a customer-driven perfectionist with a passion for inventive, seasonal fare. After training in the izakaya style for four years in the greater Tokyo area, he spent six years at San Francisco’s cutting-edge Blowfish Sushi, before heading up the kitchen at Ki Izakaya and Sustainable Sushi. His creations have been showcased at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s annual “Cooking for Solutions” and he has spoken about the importance of sustainable seafood and what chefs can do to protect our oceans at the California Academy of Sciences. “I envision a menu for Bushido that is at once casual, yet in harmony with the seasons, the environment and the palate,” said Isamu. The new menu of Izakaya dishes- often referred to as Japanese “tapas” – reinvents Bushido favorites to enjoy as one or share with many. Throughout the menu, vegetarian friendly dishes feature seasonal, local ingredients. “Just as the importance of seasonality translates to the changing décor at Bushido, we now offer impeccable Japanese flavors with a high-quality, environmentally friendly experience by using sustainable fish, seasonal and local produce, and organic, natural meats,” explains owner Steven Yen in describing the chef change. “Isamu is hoping to preserve the art of izakaya and sushi for future generations. His cuisine evokes the deep flavors of our home country with an awareness of today’s environmental concerns which we believe Silicon Valley diners appreciate.”




La Viga Restaurant

SAN JOSE (DOWNTOWN) Arcadia 100 West San Carlos St, San Jose; 408.278.4555 A subtly elegant San Jose restaurant, Arcadia is known for serving contemporary American steakhouse cuisine alongside classics like ahi tuna tartare with sesame oil and hot peppers. An exhibition-style kitchen allows patrons to watch as the chefs prepare favorites like filet mignon and bone-in specialties, and the extensive boutique wine list presents inspired pairing options.

Cafe Stritch 374 S 1st St, San Jose; 408.280.6161 Cafe Stritch is downtown San Jose’s premier live music venue. They have live jazz, indie rock music or DJs every Wednesday through Sunday night and a full bar including 10 draught beers. They serve a first-rate menu including baby back ribs with Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce, mac & cheese and lots of other American comfort food favorites. Come to Cafe Stritch for music, food and great drinks—you won’t be disappointed.

Fahrenheit Restaurant 99 E San Fernando St, San Jose; 408.998.9998 Fahrenheit Restaurant & Lounge, located in the heart of downtown San Jose, uses organic and sustainable ingredients in a farm-to-table approach featuring nothing but the best produce, poultry, fish and meat available from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen. These ingredients provide the inspiration behind their ever-evolving menu. Wild herb-crusted halibut, blackened Painted Hill Farms New York Steak, ahi tuna tartare tostada, pastrami pork belly and Kurobuta pork ribs are just some of the samples on the seasonal menu. The beverage program adopts the same philosophy, featuring boutique wines and beer from local vineyards and breweries, and delicious craft cocktails created by master mixologists.

Firehouse No. 1 Gastropub 69 N San Pedro St, San Jose; 408.287.6969 With a comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere, insanely delicious food, handcrafted cocktails and fine brews, Firehouse is simply the greatest place ever to come for food and drinks on any occasion. From succulent pork belly sliders to house-made paté on our charcuterie plate and an incredible house-made burger, this is not typical bar food. Paired with hand-made cocktails, exclusive craft beers and superb wines, Firehouse No. 1 Gastropub food offers an experience unlike any other bar. Located in downtown San Jose in San Pedro Square.


O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K

1772 Broadway St, Redwood City; 650.679.8141 Owner and master chef Manuel Martinez has a long history of creating delicious gourmet cuisine. As the executive chef of Palacio restaurant in Los Gatos and the Left Bank Brasserie in Menlo Park, the chef de cuisine for the Reposado in Palo Alto and Brigitte’s French Restaurant in Santa Clara, Martinez learned the delicate art of not only Latin foods, but also of French and Mediterranean cuisine. Praised by culinary giants like Jacques Pepin, Anthony Bourdain and Marco Pierre White among others, he has used his knowledge to create original dishes focusing on a Latin influence with a seafood flavor for his restaurant, La Viga. All of his creations showcase fresh, local ingredients skillfully combined to create unique Latin seafood dishes.



S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3






Executive chef of Liquid Bread in Campbell, John Burke brings together a resume of fine dining experience and a love for craft beer at his popular new gastropub. The South Bay native is from a generation inspired by the early days of celebrity chefs and lists Julia Child, Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck as chefs who stirred up his interest in cooking and becoming a chef. Burke said he distinctly remembers visiting Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant as an 11-year-old and being intimidated yet fascinated with the combination of flavors and culinary technique. Instead of paying the cost of culinary school, Burke started serving in restaurants and making his way into the kitchen where he was able to learn on the job. Burke worked the sous chef position at Travese where his work contributed to the restaurant being awarded Michelin star recognition. Inspired by the beer and gastropub culture of San Francisco and Portland, Burke and friend Jordan Trigg pulled funds together to purchase a location in downtown Campbell to open Liquid Bread Gastropub. While most of his past restaurants have revolved around fine wines being paired to his food, Burke said he is much more a beer fan and believes beer, compared to wine, has just as many qualities that suit it for gourmet dining and wants Liquid Bread to demonstrate that. Working with his right hand man and sous chef, Tyler Graham, Burke has developed an affordable, upscale menu that complements the beer using inspirations from American, Californian, French and Japanese cuisines.

Il Fornaio

302 S Market St, San Jose; 408.271.3366 Il Fornaio is a classy Italian restaurant providing authentic cuisine. Whether you’re craving some risotto alla Milanese, pasta arrabbiata, fine rotisserie chicken or filet mignon, this San Jose restaurant provides it all and provides it well. Il Fornaio’s elegant interior, wide windows and fully stocked bar makes it a cozy venue for curious gourmands.







Inspired by the flavors of Latin cuisine with an emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients, chef Manuel Martinez stayed true to his Mexican roots and opened up La Viga, a Latin seafood restaurant, in Redwood City last April. Born in Mexico, Chef Martinez came to the Bay Area as a teenager and spent his time washing dishes and learning how to cook in San Francisco. Although Iron Horse was the first restaurant he worked at, it was One Market where he learned important culinary techniques from the chefs. With more than 17 years of experience in the Bay Area, Chef Martinez has had a long history of gourmet cuisine. He became the sous chef at Brigitte’s French Restaurant in San Jose and Left Bank Brasserie in Menlo Park. After working for several years at the French restaurants, he decided it was time to move on and return to his roots. He became chef de cuisine at Reposado in Palo Alto and helped get Palacio Restaurant in Los Gatos going. In April 2012, he opened La Viga in Redwood City, a community he considers to be in the middle of great chefs and restaurants. “I like to have a balanced menu with something fried, something grilled,” he says. “I like grilling a lot—it brings out the natural flavors and makes my food really lean. I start balancing the flavors from sweet, sour and spicy, and I like to create an explosion of flavors.”


Influenced by eating fresh homemade food growing up, Chef Martinez emphasizes fresh local ingredients while using different techniques he has learned in his culinary experience. Fresh masa from corn, tortillas and empanadas are made daily from scratch. The menu of La Viga boasts an extensive array of seafood dishes with a delicious twist. Although the menu contains mostly seafood, there are some vegetarian-friendly options. “I believe by using sustainable ingredients, it will not only support local people but it will also show others that a Mexican diet is more than high carbs and protein. This made me want to create a new cuisine with fresh food with a twist,” he explains.

PALO ALTO 369 CALIFORNIA AVE 650 321 3900 SAN MATEO 41 WEST HILLSDALE BLVD 650 212 3200 SANTANA ROW 3055 OLIN AVE SUITE 1035 408 423 9200




S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3





Lee Hernandez is the new chef at Palácio who took over the kitchen this spring after honing his skills at the St. Francis Hotel and Concordia Argonaut Club in San Francisco, and with Stanford University Executive Services catering. Hernandez is bringing a Central and South American flavor to the menu at Palácio. “I want to get back to the roots of this cuisine,” says Hernandez. “Every country has its own influence that’s different from what we know as traditional Mexican food.”

La Pastaia Kitchen + Bar 233 West Santa Clara St, San Jose; 408.286.8686 La Pastaia’s menu reflects a commitment to the Italian lifestyle, emphasizing seasonal, contemporary cuisine drawn from the rich, varied regions of Italy and its Mediterranean neighbors while showcasing the best products that the Bay Area has to offer. A winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, the wine list highlights selections that are produced in limited quantities from unique, dynamic producers. The wines range from rustic, old world elegance to modern, vibrant and experimental. The staff encourage your questions, lively participation and adventurous spirit. Revamped classic cocktails and small batch craft beers round out a beverage program that has continued to be a favorite of locals and travelers alike.

Loft Bar and Bistro 90 South 2nd St, San Jose; 408.291.0677 Whether you’re seated inside or out, the Loft Bistro is one of downtown’s premier good times restaurants. The menu offers simple but satisfying dishes like grilled pork tenderloin, panko-crusted chicken breast and braised lamb shanks. The lively bar adds to the appeal, and on warm days and nights be sure to grab a spot on the outdoor, secondstory patio that looks over the downtown scene below. 16


O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K




S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

Mezcal 25 W San Fernando St, San Jose; 408.283.9595 Mezcal serves authentic Oaxacan cuisine in a contemporary setting in downtown San Jose. Traditional regional dishes including three kinds of mole—negro, coloradito and estofado— are on the menu, along with beef, pork and chicken dishes. Mezcal has a mezcal and tequila bar with many specialty brands and an open air courtyard patio.

Morton’s, The Steakhouse 77 Park Ave, San Jose; 408.947.7000 Downtown San Jose’s Morton’s, The Steakhouse draws upon more than 30 years of tradition. Morton’s cooks USDA primeaged beef at temperatures that reach up to 1800 degrees. It also serves fresh fish and seafood, including lobster, along with hand-picked produce, appetizers and elaborate desserts.

Paolo’s Restaurant 333 W San Carlos St, #150, San Jose; 408.294.2558 Located in a unique park-like setting in the heart of downtown San Jose, Paolo’s serves award-winning regional Italian cuisine. The menu changes seasonally, blending traditional and contemporary dishes, and has earned Paolo’s a national reputation. Attentive, Old World service and a deep wine list have made it a staple of business diners, romantic nights out, and dinners before ballet or theater. The desserts are especially memorable.

Scott’s Seafood 185 Park Ave, San Jose; 408.971.1700 Scott’s Seafood offers a variety of fresh fish, shellfish and prime dry-aged steaks with a view of downtown San Jose. Enjoy steaming bowls of Boston clam chowder with San Francisco baked sourdough bread, Dungenness crabcakes, fresh shucked oysters, fried calamari, Petrale sole, lobster and cioppino. Select fine wines and full bar. Private dining available. Conveniently located within walking distance of the San Jose Convention Center, the Tech Museum, downtown hotels and attractions. Serving lunch weekdays and dinner nightly. Reservations recommended.

SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant 72 N Almaden Ave, San Jose; 408.299.2000 SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant presents delicious, locally sourced, American bistro cuisine from premier chef Ola Fendert and house-made, handcrafted cocktails from passionate bartenders. Adjacent to the newly developed San Pedro Square Market and a slap shot away from the SAP Center. Lounge out on the open 3,500 sq. foot patio for a sunny day brunch or spend the night and enjoy the newly designed venue. From its Italian imported wood-fired oven and custom made furniture and fixtures, to the unique brick and timber design, SP2 is changing the game in downtown San Jose. Finally…

Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose; 408.437.2170 Aged, hand cut and seared to perfection. Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops of San Jose is the ultimate steakhouse restaurant. Featuring USDA prime steaks and chops, Spencer’s restaurant offers juicy filet mignons, double-cut pork chops, lamb chops, free range chicken chops and the boneless ribeye for which Spencer’s is named. If you prefer the sea to the plains, try the fresh seafood such as the scallops or sesame crusted ahi.



17 Try our J. Lohr Gesture wines,

This fall, visit our tasting room and enjoy a complimentary wine tasting. Then take home and share your favorite J. Lohr wines. J. LOHR SAN JOSE WINE CENTER          



SP2 COMMUNAL BAR + RESTAURANT Prior to opening Oola Restaurant SF, Ola worked under Alain Rondelli, a four star restaurant in San Francisco, was part of the opening team at Scala’s Bistro, then became executive chef at Plouf, voted one of the best 100 restaurants in San Francisco.

Homemade Mondays

Ola joined Plouf’s sister restaurant, Chez Papa, in San Francisco in May of 2002 where he received national recognition from The New York Times, and Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. He later opened Baraka in February 2002, featured in Time for its small plate format and creative Moroccan/ Spanish dishes.


Finally opening his own place with his namesake phonetically spelled, Ola creates dishes that he describes as “San Francisco food‌touching on the freshness and diverse choices which make San Francisco a unique place to cook.â€? Oola has received local and national press since it opened. “Top 50 new hot spots in U.S.â€?—Bon Appetit, “Best Caesar Saladâ€?—SF Weekly, “Ribs featured in Best Bar Food in USâ€?—Food and Wine magazine.

affordable comfort food MONDAYS


Steak & Jazz Thursdays THURSDAYS

Sounds of Brazil featuring Trio Passarim (“The Bird Trio�) SATURDAYS

The Grill on the Alley

172 S Market St, San Jose; 408.294.2244 Featuring classic American dishes served with modern air, the menu at the Grill on the Alley is sure to suit the tastes of every guest. Steaks from ďŹ let mignon to New York pepper steak are cooked to perfection and there is always a fresh ďŹ sh selection— even gluten-free dishes. Appetizers include fried calamari, artichoke dip, crabcakes and steak tartare. For a more nostalgic meal, chicken pot pie, meatloaf and roasted brick chicken are also on the menu.


O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K

luscious RhĂ´ne-style varietals and blends.





S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

Habana Cuba Restaurant

Small Soda with a pizza purchase COUPON

238 Race St, San Jose; 408.998.2822 Cuban food is somewhat of a rarity in the Bay Area, but San Jose’s Habana Cuba remains a perennial favorite for family style Cuban dining. Set inside a lively and colorful dining room, Habana Cuba specializes in dishes such as zarzuela de mariscos, slow roasted pork and chilidron de cordero—slow braised lamb in a spicy red wine and tomato sauce.

SAN JOSE (SANTANA ROW) Blowfish Sushi to Die For

355 Santana Row, Suite 1010, San Jose; 408.345.3848 Blowfish Sushi is part restaurant, part cool place to hang out. On an average night you will encounter a slew of pretty people, pretty cocktails and pretty eye-pleasing plates such as the “pyramid of tartare,” a towering concoction of raw salmon, tuna, avocado and potato chips. The ambience is sleek and modern with beats resonating through a state-of-the-art sound system or being spun by a live DJ, and Japanese anime streaking across the screens. Don’t miss the “oyster roulette,” a half dozen oyster shooters laden with Ikura, quail eggs and ponzu sauce.


355 Santana Row, San Jose; 408.423.5400 Citrus serves globally influenced California cuisine with respect for the land and seas. It offers the best local produce and sustainable meat and seafood in accordance with the Monterey Seafood Watch program. The menu is updated often to ensure produce is prepared in the peak of its own particular season. Flavorful and unique ingredients are sought from around the world to add a global twist to your dining experience.

Lark Creek Blue

378 Santana Row, San Jose; 408.244.1244 Santana Row welcomes a new dining destination, Lark Creek Blue, which opened its doors on August 1, 2012. The restaurant features ocean-fresh seafood, a selection of USDA Prime and grass-fed steaks and a variety of globally-inspired seasonal dishes under the direction of chef Chad Greer. Lark Creek Blue is housed in the space formerly held by Yankee Pier, which had its last night of service on Sunday, July 15, 2012. The space has been completely renovated to offer casual, contemporary dining with a circular raw bar, open kitchen and ample covered patio seating, perfect for warm summer days and nights.

LB Steak

334 Santana Row Suite 1000, San Jose; 408.244.1180 LB Steak is a distinctive restaurant that reflects the charm of its surroundings and neighbors, while acclaimed chef-owner Roland Passot adds a new flair to steaks. The contemporary modern American steakhouse showcases naturally raised prime meats, line-caught fish, only the freshest, local and organically grown produce, handcrafted cocktails and an elegant wine program.







After moving from Mexico to San Jose nearly 23 years ago, Michoacánnative chef Ramon Nava plans to stay. “I love California—the weather and the ingredients are the best. Everything you need is here,” he says. His love for California and its cuisine led him to Scott’s Seafood where he has been cooking for the past 20 years. In addition to serving traditional American cuisine at Scott’s, chef Nava has also worked at Greek restaurant Evvia in downtown Palo Alto during the day for the past 10 years. Despite spending time at both restaurants, chef Nava says he enjoys cooking American cuisine more. “American food is easy because it’s easier to come out with new dishes,” he says. Chef Nava gets inspiration from experimenting in the kitchen or from watching the Food Network. “My favorite Food Network chef is Bobby Flay,” he says. “I’ll watch him and apply what I’ve learned the next day on the daily special.” He says creating the daily special involves a lot of trial and error. The protein usually involves fish, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes to cook. “You have to experiment with flavors. You have to make your dish first, taste it and try it out. If it tastes good, we put it on the daily special and then maybe on the actual menu,” he explains. The classic dishes at Scott’s include Australian lobster tail with roasted red potatoes, asparagus and drawn butter. The seafood sauté is also popular, with scallops, prawns, Dungeness crab, white rice and spinach sautéed in a wine lemon-butter sauce. For land lovers, there is always the choice of filet mignon or roasted chicken. Vegetarian and gluten-free menu options are also available, with tofu as a protein option. The menu changes every few months due to the season. For the summer menu, chef Nava has rolled out a watermelon salad and mozzarella salad— something fresh and light and reminiscent of California. The ingredients, including produce and seafood, are sourced locally. “My goal at Scott’s Seafood is to be a better chef every day and to come out with new ideas,” he says. “I want to keep my owner and customers happy.”

O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K

Est. 1966




S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

Village California Bistro & Wine Bar 378 Santana Row #1035, San Jose; 408.248.9091 A chic bistro and wine bar at Santana Row, the Village is a popular stop for everything from mid-shopping lunches to dinner dates. The menu highlights California-inspired cuisine crafted from seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. The wine list emphasizes boutique wineries from around the world, with more than 300 selections, including many half bottles.

SAN JOSE (SOUTH) Burnt Rice Korean Restaurant 121 Curtner Ave, Suite 20, San Jose; 408.490.4776 Derived from traditional Korean rice dishes that were served in hot stone bowls, which creates a thin layer of lightly burnt rice. This not only complements the texture of the dish but keeps your meal hot while it’s being consumed. You are invited to visit sometime and try the new and different flavors of their modern Korean fusion.

El Amigo 7090 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose; 408.365.9500 El Amigo was established in 1987 in San Jose. The founder, Huberto Acevedo, was born in Paracuaro, Mexico in 1959 and came to the United States at the age of 16 in hopes of having a better life. After two years in Stockton as a farm worker, he moved to San Jose and began working as a dishwasher in a Mexican restaurant. After many years of working in the food industry, Huberto risked everything he had to open his own restaurant and El Amigo was born. With the help of his family, Huberto was able to create his vision of having a Mexican restaurant that offered the authentic and traditional foods found in his home town, using his grandmother’s family recipes. El Amigo is a family-owned and operated restaurant that strives to provide its guests homemade, authentic and high-quality food, and uses the same family recipes as it always has since 1987. Each dish is made to order from scratch using the freshest ingredients. El Amigo believes in being involved in its local community and over the years has contributed and supported many local organizations. The owners take pride in efforts to support their community while providing the delicious flavors of Mexico.

SAN JOSE (WEST) Blue Mango Fine Thai Cuisine 635 Coleman Ave, San Jose; 408.885.9222 As soon as you walk in, the painting of Wat Arun “Temple of the Dawn” makes you feel like you’ve got the best seat along the Chaopraya River in Bangkok. The cuisine and ambience of Blue Mango is a blend of tradition and trend. Take a look at the Chef’s Recommendations for renovations of traditional dishes, such as pattaya pad Thai and “cha-cha-cha of the sea.” The menu is extensive, with a separate vegetarian menu. Go find out for yourself why Blue Mango was voted “Best Thai Food 2011’” and “Best Vegetarian 2011’” in Silicon Valley by SJ Mercury News.

Kyusu Burmese Cuisine 1312 Saratoga Ave, San Jose; 408.682.0777 Co-owner Monaye Win’s menu is based on his mother’s authentic recipes, which cover an interesting blend of popular Burmese food, regional dishes particular to Shan State and some special homemade concoctions. Although influenced by its neighbors, Burmese food is entirely its own cuisine. The tea-leaf salad, for instance, a common dish all over Burma,



O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K




S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3

is quite unusual—no other country nearby uses tea leaves for eating instead of steeping. Other standout dishes include seik tar chet, or goat stew, and shan kuak swe, which is a rice noodle soup with chicken, pork, veggies, peanuts and garlic. For SVRW, Kyusu is offering a three-course meal for $30.





1580 Hamilton Ave, San Jose; 408.264.2011 Created by local residents, John and Holly Smith, Dry Creek Grill offers a unique type of upscale ambiance with a laid back comfortable feel. Featuring prime steaks, super slow cooked barbeque, and burgers that use meat ground in house. Also specializing in hand mixed cocktails, wine and beer, here you can have the best of both worlds of fun lip-smacking barbeque food, combined with an upscale ambiance. Dry Creek Grill is truly a perfect balance of a great, fun night out of town, mixed with just enough restrain and composure. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Lou’s Village Restaurant 110 Lincoln Ave #101 San Jose; 408.293.4570 Located in the Willow Glen Town Square, Lou’s Village offers the freshest in seafood, beef and pasta served in a delightful new setting. The Willow Glen location offers a variety of amenities for all. Though smaller than their previous incarnation on San Carlos St., Lou’s has comfortable outdoor dining as well as a full bar and an intimate dining room. Parking is readily available. Reservations are recommended. While you’re dining there, be sure to take a peek at the aah-inspiring aquarium that was designed by the team from the Animal Planet show, Tanked.

The Table 1110 Willow St, San Jose; 408.638.7911 Willow Glen’s newest eatery, The Table is an urban neighborhood restaurant focused on seasonal ingredients, handcrafted cocktails and progressive wines. Their contemporary American cuisine pays tribute to the people and cultures that call the valley home. Everything on The Table’s innovative menu is made from scratch using local, farm fresh ingredients—they even make their own juices, syrups and purees for the creative drink list. Pomegranate-hibiscus soda, anyone?

SARATOGA Restaurant Sent Sovi 14583 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.867.3110 Restaurant Sent Sovi is a beloved Silicon Valley favorite for intimate dining presided over by chef-owner Josiah Slone. Slone changes his menu quarterly. Cooking with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients is de rigueur in Bay Area restaurants, but Slone’s cooking takes this edict to new levels of deliciousness.

SUNNYVALE il Postale 127 W Washington Ave, Sunnyvale; 408.733.9600 In the heart of Sunnyvale, Il Postale serves Italian American cuisine in the historic brick building that was once the home of Sunnyvale’s post office. Its open kitchen, the restaurant’s centerpiece, prepares pasta, fish, meat and vegetarian/vegan options. Il Postale also has a full wine list and wines by the glass, a full bar and outside patio dining.




Chef Ricardo Ramirez brings his passion for perfection and expertise in various Latin cultures as executive chef of Ciano’s Latin Fusion in Campbell. The modern bistro is the first executive position for the San Jose native and Ramirez feels perfectly at home preparing the exciting and different flavors of Latin America. Ramirez graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and later would intern at Rick Bayless’s Michelinrecognized Mexican restaurant, Topolobampo in Chicago. Prior to going to culinary school, Ramirez said he had just been working in the kitchen going through the ranks but quickly learned he was attracted to the excitement and passion of being a professional chef. Ramirez said he not only fell in love with cooking itself but the educational aspect of knowing a dish and the culture behind it. Ramirez said that his experience at Topolobampo showed that Mexican cuisine did not always have to be rustic and traditional but rather could be manipulated and updated to a higher echelon of other global cuisines. A new course offered by the culinary institute on Latin cuisine caught Ramirez’s attention and he enrolled in the 30-week intensive course. The program spent several weeks on various regions of Latin America, where Ramirez learned not only the popular dishes for each nation but additional elements such as their history and culture. Ramirez is very excited to have the opportunity to work with a cuisine he loves and showcase his knowledge. At Ciano’s, Ramirez aims to introduce diners to new flavors and textures, while still maintaining a menu that is approachable. Dishes are beautifully plated and include traditional causitas and ceviches from Peru, Brazilian salt cod, Argentinian grilled steak, as well as new interpretations of Latin cuisine.

O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3 S IL IC O N VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K



S I L I C ON VAL L E Y RE S TAURANT WE E K O C T O B E R 1 6 - 2 3 , 2 0 1 3


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t osiliconvalley ili ll j .com | metr t com | sanjose. oactive com OCTOBER 16 22, 2013 | me tr O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-

HEAVY-HANDED RULE ’The Iron Hand in the Glove of Steel’ is the slogan of a regime pushing anti-smile legislation in Sacha Feiner’s ‘Un Monde Meilleur’ at the San Jose International Short Film Festival.

Shorts Supply A DOUBLE PORTION of film fests this week in the South Bay: The 16th Annual United Nations Association Film Fest (Oct 17-27) founded by Jasmina Bojic, is one of the Bay Area’s two or three most indispensable film events. This festival that first brought us Gasland, and thus, the awareness of fracking, to our area before anyone else did. This year’s theme is “Individual to Universal”—and if that sounds potpourri-ish, so is the fest. Dozens of documentaries featured here have an eclectic range of subjects including Gore Vidal, Nicolai Tesla, the autobiography of an East Timor resistance member, the first direct-sales comic book shop in Guatemala, uranium mining, nuclear power plant proliferation, and the government-level homosexual discrimination wrought by American evangelists in Uganda. One can learn so much from this fest: Screenings take place in Palo Alto, Stanford, Atherton, East Palo Alto and San Francisco. San Jose International Short Film Festival (Oct 17-20) is spreading to two screens this year, and offering extended programs, including a children’s section and finalists in a three-day film competition. Highlights include: “SLOMO”, about a neurologist chucking it all to become a speed skater; this just made the short list for the 2014 Oscar in short documentary. The

Chicagoland-made “Treehouse” always stays on the tearfully affecting side of cute. The material would interest Spielberg: a little boy who has just lost his mother is befriended by the weirdette next door, who claims that she knows where the dead go … and she knows this because she’s an alien. “Bad Toys” could be billed as a continuation of the famous short “Logorama” by new means: a toyroom floor shoot’ em up mixed media, begun with double quotes from Marguerite Duras and Michael Bay. It is a Belgian movie that is the knockout in this year’s San Jose ISF. “Un Monde Meilleur” (“A Better World”) is director Sacha Feiner’s ingenious and engaging spin on the traditional retro-futurist dystopian tale. A bureaucrat begins his day enforcing the new anti-smile legislation under a building covered with posters exhorting “The Iron Hand in the Glove of Steel”. What happens to this sourpuss functionary is worse than his worst nightmare. Feiner parodies the trad imagery of the 1984 knock-off; this madly clever short lampoons the unique type of person who can’t be comfortable anywhere but in a completely totalitarian state. Screenings take place at CineArts, Santana Row in San Jose. Tickets and screening schedule available at —Richard von Busack


CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013


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(R; 110 min.) Chl Chloe oe Gr Grace ace Mor Moretz etz (Kick-A Kick-Ass ss) stars as the title character character in thiss retelling retelling of the Stephen Stephen King novel noovel about a shy girl who faces faces abuse abuse from from both her classmates and her rreligious eligious zealot mom (Julianne Moore). M e). Carrie Moor Carrie discovers her telekinetic telekinetic powers

(R; 116 min.) Sly S and Ahnuld—’nuff said? Except it gets better: SSylvester ylvester Ray Breslin, structural tallone is Ra SStallone ay Br eslin, a structur al wrongfully engineer wr o ongfully convicted of a locked crime and loc cked up … in a prison design. of his own de esign. Though it seems Breslin already that Br eslin would w alr eady have an

advantagee on knowing exactly how to bust out ouut of the pokey, pokey, he’s he’s got extraa help help: Schwarzenegger extr p: Arnold Schwar zenegger Rottmayer, plays Rott tmayer, the cellmate who break. helps Breslin Bresslin plan a jail br eak. (Opens Fr Fri.) ri.)

THE FIFT FIFTH TH EESTATE STAT TE Benedict CCumberbatch umberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) stars s as journalist/ activitist/hacker—and Information activitist/ /hacker—and Inf ormation hero/antihero—Julian Age her o/ /antiheroo—Julian Julian Assange drama A ssange iin n a dr ama that tells of WikiLeaks. Peter the rise ooff WikiLeak s. With P eter (the he new Doctor Who) CCapaldi apaldi (t and Carice Caricee van Houten (Game of Thrones Thr ones)).. (Opens Fri.)







” “

++++ +++++” “++++” MARA REINSTEIN US WEEKLY





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++++” “+++++” “++++”











(Unrated; 88 min.) The San Jose(Unrated; produced oduced rraised aised Thomas Thoomas Fernandes pr knowing this know wing and often very funny character char acter study of the truculent Scott (Sam m Eidson), an Austin-area Austin-area Dragons Dr agons aand Dungeons obsessive: Circus Peanut-eater a Cir cus P eanut-eater with a master,, “Because I’m the dungeon master that’s that ’s why” whyy” sticker emblazoned on the bumper car.. Fans of bumper of his aged car playing rrole ole playin ng games—the rrattle attle of tetrahedronal the tetr ahhedronal dice, the stench of burningg troll—will troll—will rrealize ealize the title of Ze Zero ero Charisma rrefers efers not to Scott, but the character-qualities character-qualities for for which D and D players play. play. Scott tries to lead lead four four equally hapless buddies into in nto the Hall of the Goblin Queen after aftter a three three long year adventure, interrupted adventure, e but he’s he’s inter rupted by his orneryy live-in gr grandma andma (Anne Gee Byrd) Byrd) who wants him to wrest wrest the top off offf a jar of mayo. Scott’s Scott’s greatest emerges greatest opponent o emerges in the form form of o a far far more more successful nerd nerd (Garrett (Garrett Graham, Graham, not to be confused with Gerrit Gerrit Graham) Graham) who has a blogg that actually gets hits and a girlfriend girlfriend who is both good looking and annd nice. Directors Directors Katie Katie Graham Graham and and Andrew Andrew Matthews (who co-wrote) co-w wrote) previously previously directed directed the documentary docum mentary Best W Worst oorst Movie, about TTroll roll 2..;; they know this hermetic world intimately, intimatelyy, and this movie is at a its best when Eidson’s Eidson’s hulking, raging man-child gets scary raging a as well ass hilarious … during those moments,, Zer Zeroo Charisma look lookss like the harsh comedies Terry Teerry Zwigoff Zwigoff and Bobcat Bobcaat Goldthwait make. (Opens Fr Fri.) ri.) (RvB)

Revivals Re viivals ALL THE BO B BOYS OYS LLOVE OVE MAND MANDY Y LANE (2006; R; 90 9 min.) Mandy Mandy, y, a shy girl actor blew up over whose hotness hotness ffactor summer vacation vacation (being played by Amber Heard Heeard probably probably helped) is invited by some classmates to a party at a secluded house. But the

aree short lived as guests good ttimes imes ar aree pic picked killer.. ar cked off by a mysterious killer (Plays Oct 1818-24 24 at CCamera aamera 12)

KEY KE Y LA LARGO ARGO (1948)  Holed Holed up in a storm-batter storm-battered ed nowheree in hotel iinn the middle of nowher Florida, Florida a, an ex-Army major (Bogart) “fights who “fi fights nobody’s battles but own” his ow n” comes to the rrescue escue of a crippled cripple ed old man (Lionel Barrymore) Barrymore) (Lauren and hiss daughter (Laur en Bacall). Bacall) pair aree corner cornered The pa air ar ed by a gangster (Edward (Edwar rd G. Robinson) and his four four bodyguards bodygu uards (including Thomas Gomez, from Gomez z, fr om For Force ce of Evil). TTalky aalky and studio-bound, stuudio-bound, but uncannily atmospheric, atmosppheric, thanks thanks to Karl Karl Freund’s Freund’s photography; photoggraphy; the fascist fascist gangster Johnnyy Rocco is a later version of Robinson’s character Robinson’s char acter in Public Enemyy, gorged gorged on blood and rich living; he has a memor memorable able scene lookingg “like a crustacean without his shell” sheell ell” in a bathtub. bathtub (RvB) Billed with: The T Lady Fr From om Shanghai (1948) “It “It’s guilty ’s a bright, guil ty world” in Orson Orsoon Welles’ Welles’ dazzling film noir about a too-bright Irish lad (Welles (Welles himself) himself) tempted by a too-beautiful womann (Rita Hayworth) and lured lured into a murder murder scheme involving two high-profile, high-pprofile, low-ethics lawyers (Everett (Everettt Sloane and Glenn Anders). The action acction moves from from New York York o to Mexico Mexxico to Sausalito and San Francisco Francissco in a series of exquisitely photographed photoggraphed set pieces. pieces At At a beach party on Welles’ o the coast of Mexico, W elles’ character characcter delivers a memorable memorable speechh about sharks sharks circling circling in the water—while waater—while the point of his anecdote anecdoote slowly dawns on some humann sharks; sharks; two lovers meet in the Steinhardt Steinhardt Aquarium, their faces faces juxtaposed juxtaposed against magnified moray moray eels that express express in piscine terms their murderous murderous impulses; and in the justly ffamous amous finale, gunshots multiplied gunshoots shatter the mul tiplied imagess of two desper desperate ate targets targets (it was filmed filmed in the house of mirrors mirrors at the old Playland by the Sea in San Francisco). Francissco). (Plays Oct 224-27 4-27 at the Stanford Stanffor o d Theatre). Theatre). (MSG)

THE TR TREASURE REASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE/FORCE MADR RE/FORCE OF EEVIL VIL (both 1948) 1 In the oil port of TTampico, aampicco, unemployed rroughneck oughneck Fred (Humphrey Fr ed C.. Dobbs (Humphr ey Bogart), American ““an an Am merican down on his luck,” hears of o a gold mine in the Mexican mountains; mount tains; ffor or a time, time he gets his treasure hands on a tr easure that the wind will be bear ar away. away. Both the bandito Goldtooth Goldto oth (Alfonso (Alfonso Bedoya), who efusess to trust in "stinking badges" rrefuses "the and "th he Mexican standoff" became part off the stereotypical stereotypical imagery Mexico. of Mex xico. Essential viewing ffor or Breaking Br eaking Badd ffans. ans. BILLED WITH WITH

Force Force of Evil. Cool but cocky cocky John Garfield Garrfield plays Joe Morse, a lawyer who's who's helping his unsavory boss go legitimate. legitimate. Joe has one last strong strong connection con nnection to the streets streets in the form form of his brother, h dying br other, Leo (Thomas Gomez), Gom mez), who loathes him. Joe finds some som me solace with a good—but nott too good—girl, Doris (Beatrice Pearson). Peaarson). Meanwhile, a Thomas Dewey-like prosecutor Dew wey-like pr osecutor is putting thee squeeze on the "Combination "Combination." Combination." Thee film is ffast ast and expects you to be fast, fast, too; the viewer has to puff a little little to keep up. Nevertheless, thiss is a phenomenal film, one of thee pinnacles of film noir. noir. For Force ce of Evil's Evil l'ss aim isn't numbers running but capitalism itself.. YYou cap pitalism itself ou o could say the blacklisters bla cklisters understood who they were we re silencing, this time. Director Director Abraham Polonsky Abr raham P olonsky was loaded with talent, heree in the dir direction, tale ent, evinced her ection, in the t blade-sharp humor and the sharp-toothed sha harp-toothed t th d acting, ti andd the th coda: d a man m at dawn, seen on an Orpheussearch likee sear ch ffor or someone dead whom he loved. In the dialogue, lines meet grace. Theree andd match with superior gr ace. Ther isn't isn 't the tap-dancing, tutti-frutti Hollywood Clifford Hol llywood vernacular of Cliff ord Odets' prosody osody is Ode ets' scripts. Instead, pr applied problem app plied to the pr oblem of writing gangster gan ngster dialogue. Polonsky Polonsky and co-writer Iraa Wolfert weree celebr celebrated co-writer Ir Wolfert wer ated (or condemned) ffor or writing blank verse ver se in the fform orm of a script. One throwaway momentt off a criminal th thr o owaway i i l nagging nag gging his tardy tardy assistant—”This from is a fine time to be getting in fr om heree on time time”—trips now w on get her ”—trips aree on the ear like TT.S. .S. . Eliot's “What ar youu thinking what thinking what.” later,, Polonsky YYears eeaars later Polonsky described the writing process Andrew wri ting pr ocess to critic Andr ew Sarris: Sar ris: “The language almost obeyed my intention to play an equal rrole ole with wit h the actor and visual image. ... Blank Bla nk verse? No. But the babble of thee unconscious, yes, as much as I could.” cou uld.” (Plays ( Oct 17 17-20 7-20 in P Palo alo Al Alto to at the t Stanford Stanffoord Theatre.) Theatre.) (RvB)

THEE TEXA TH TEXASS CHAIN SSAW AW MA MASSACRE SSACRE (19774) Danger (1974) Dangerous, ous, extremely extremely brutal horror andd fforbidden orbidden hor ror film about a group aree lur lured gr o of hippies who ar oup ed into severely a se everely inbred inbred family’s family’s abattoir; thee huge, shambling Leatherface Leatherface (6’4” (6’4 4” Gunnar Hansen) may have been derived from der rived fr om the legend of Ed Gein, justt like Norman Bates, but Tobe jus Toobe Hooper’s pressure-cooker direction ection Hoo oper ’s pr essure-cooker dir made ma d audiences de di off the th time ti wonder d this wasn’t if th his wasn ’t some peculiar sort of a documentary. documentary. The sequels and rremakes em makes rrange ange from from ridiculous to sublimely sub blimely ridiculous (such as the irresistible ir resistible e Chainsaw II) but the original origginal still has teeth. (Plays Oct 17 at 9:30pm and Oct 19 at 11:55pm in 9 Sann Jose at Camera Caamerra 3.) (RvB)

39 OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013


’Yeezus’ Complex

THE T HE KANYE K A N Y E SHOW S H OW K Kanye anye W West’s est’s latest release, ‘Y ‘Yeezus,’ Yeezus e s,,’ marks a departure rap, delving celebrity. from luxury rap p, delv ving into questions of identity and celebrity y.

Why bein being ng Kanye Ka anye West West e t is the West biggest road roa ad block for Kanye Kanye a We est BY B YR ROD OD BASTANMEHR BASTAN ANMEHR


OMEWHERE O MEWHERE E BETWEEN ego and anxiousness anx xiousness lies Kanye Kanye West, West, the self-appointed self-appoint ted rock star of modern hip-hop. hip p-hop. His Yeezus stopping Yeezus Tour, Tourr, stopp ping at San Jose’s Jose’s SAP SAP Center on o Oct. 22, is his first solo tour tou ur in five years, years, and in a way way a this feels like the most appropriate apprropriate time for him to revisit revisit his favorite subject: subject: himself. h For F or the last ffew ew years, yearss, Kanye Kan nye has ecome his own o worst somehow b become enem my. His ener gy and enthusiasm enemy. energy ffor or b o oth his industr nd the general both industryy an and idea of cr eativity ha ave been been mist ak ken e creativity have mistaken

as the ramb ramblings blings of a megalomaniac megalomaniac,, bent selling b ent on sell ling his own genius in a bid ffor or attention, o attttentio on,, instead of what it is: a break framework challenge to o br eak the frame work of do.. what h t a “rap ““rapper” pper”” ccan an and d ccannot annott do d Kanye’s latest Yeezus, Kan nye’s la atest album, Y eeeezzus, rreleased eleased little promotion omotion and with lit tttle advanc aadvancee pr artwork is,, in man many minimalist album ar tw work is ny ways, most personal w ayys, his m ost uniquely p ersonal in way that the w ay tha at it is infused with a sense urgency. of ur gencyy. energy The ener rgy that infuses so much Yeezus claustrophobia. of Y ee eezzus is one o of claustr ophobia. production The pr oducction is minimalist and moree b bent atmospheree fforeboding; oreboding;; mor o ent on atmospher textures hyped-up and te xtures e than it is h yyped-up soul choruses.. A Ass samples and d anthemic choruses artist, invariably an ar tist,, West’s Weest’s work is in nvvariably identity, it’s tied to his own o identit ty, but now it ’s about less ab out how h he sees himself and moree ab about perception suddenly mor m out his p erception of identity listeners.. what his ide entitty is to listeners With potent W iith thee racially p otent singles

“Black Skinhead”” and “N ew Sla aves e ,” “New Slaves, and the mor ymbolic samplingg moree ssymbolic of Nina Simone ’s “Strange Fruit Simone’s Fruit”” in “Blo od on the L eaavees,” the p endu ulum “Blood Leaves, pendulum ssways wayys aaway way from from luxur eeeezus z luxuryy rap on Y Yeezus and highlights the adv ersitty (som me adversity (some orn deep int self-imposed, self f-imp osed,, other b born into to the culture) Kanye faces fabric of the cultur e) that Kan nye fac es bee mor moree than just a in his quest to b rapper cross over rapp er and cr oss o ver into fashion n and creative disciplines.. other cr eative disciplines makes West What also mak kes e W est e ccompelling ompelling e simultaneously subverts is that he simult aneously sub bverts t encapsulates and enc apsulates our ccantankerous antank ker e ous o current idea rrelationship elationship with the curr ent ide ea of it—in ccelebrity. elebritty. He sometimes rresists esists it t— —in a physical way paparazzi vvery eery ph hyysical w ay with rrecent ecent pap parazzi encounters—but enc ounters—but he must know deep inside that the simple act of rresistance esisttance i ffodder is odder dd ffor o or the h vvery ery industr iindustry d y he he laments.. So much of the thir third wave laments dw ave of narrativee is inf informed byy an ab abstract his narrativ fo ormed b bstract understanding (fathering underst anding of ccelebrity elebritty (fathe ering a Kardashian borders child with Kim Kar dashian b ordeers on performance art), what p erfo ormance ar t),, yyet eet it seems wh hat he desires ability utilize rreally eally desir es is the abilit ty to utili ize the more. privilege ffor or o something mor e.

41 OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr

metroactive MUSIC

why won’t So wh hy won ’t anyone an nyo one take take him Kanye West, seriously? When Kan nye W est est, e , who largely is lar gely to thank ffor o or shifting rap culture’s post-gangsta cultur e’s p ost-gangstta self-boasting selff--boasting more into something mor re vulnerable and introspective, says that wants intr ospective, sa ays y th hat he w ants to creative ttackle ackle other cr eativve challenges with the same sense of ccommand o ommand and music production, craft that he has mu usic pr oduction, why something wh hy is it met with so omething worse criticism—closer snickering than criticism— closer to a snick ering apathy? apath hyy? West’s S much So h off W eestt’s struggle t l seems rrooted ooted in the most invisible invvisible of racial pop culture—one tensions in p op cultu ure—one that African American allows an Afric an Am merican man become filthy to b ecome a ttastemaker astemaaker and filth hy offers limited rich,, yyet eet off ffeers him li imited vvertical eertical mobilityy when it ccomes mobilit om mes to eexploring xploring creative other cr eative vventures. entu ures. Consider Timberlake, C onsider JJustin ustin T i erlake, who imb free shuttle between is fr ee to shut ttle t b ettw ween mediums industries,, or T Tom and industries o Ford, om Ford,, who beyond the eexpanded xpanded d db eyo ond d th h fashion he f hi world ld became Academy Awardand b ecame an A cad dem my A warddirector. largely nominated dir ector. West West e is lar gely is,, in rreacting eacting to what is i fact,, gold-plated shackles—a sense that th hat his rrole ole as an artist already been Ass ar tist has alr eady b eeen defined. A West interview: W eest put it in a rrecent ecent inter view: Truman boat His T ruman r Show b o has hit the oat painting.. painting West become So much of what W eest has b ecome outrage.. His known ffor o or is his general gen neral outrage dubbed byy ccomments, omments, often ft d du ubb bbed d “rants” “ ”b ardent supporters, eeven veen his most ar dentt of supp orters, aren’t most articulate ar en’t always alwayys the mo ost ar ticulate ailments presentrresponses esponses to the ailm ments of pr esentday ramblings—lately da ay ccelebrity. elebritty. His ram mblings—lately inabilityy to br break ffocused ocused most on his inabilit eak industry hip-into the fashion indu ustry despite hip hop’s overwhelming influencee on st style hop ’s o veerwhelmingg influenc tyyle —have prompted many West’s —ha ave pr ompted man m ny to pin W eest’s sense of self as far too to oo inflated ffor o or his good. own go od. Maybe is.. Or ma maybe he’s Ma ayb y e it is ayybe he ’s just that good. maybe it’s about good. Or ma ayybe it ’s not n actually ab out any West’s ego an ny of that. W est e ’s eg go is without a moree pr present (“Jesus doubt mor esent than eever veer (“J esus beginning West Walks”” marks the b e eginning of W eest self-praising as we know him; thee self f--praising of “I God” Yeezus Am a Go d”” on Y ee eezzu us ccatches atches him at a different rremarkably emarkably diff ffeerentt end of the same spectrum), theree is a sense that sp ectrum),, but ther being moree as his ego is now b eingg used mor “more” eevidence vidence in his fight ffor o or “mor e” than impulse project it is an actual impuls se to pr oject his mythology onto us.. m ythology back ont to us his power His wealth and hi is p ower used to be now,, it moree ab about be enough; now iit’s ’s mor out moree fully defined rreaching eaching ffor or a mor o spheree of b being—a spher eing—a spac sspacee in which he isn’t byy anything isn ’t restricted restricted b an nyything but the impulses. limits of his own im mpulses.


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

Moree listings: Mor

METROACTIVE.COM METR OACTIVE.COM metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013

Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–T e uesday y.

Rock/Pop Rock/P Pop o 9LIVESS 9LIVE Fri, 8pm:: Daniel V Vera, eera,, Raquel Arts Mattice,, Jake SStreete, treete, Illicit Ar rts $5-10. $5-110.. Sat, 8pm:: Cruella,, All Female Motley Crue TTribute, ribute, r SSteel teel Horse,, Bon Jovi TTribute. rribute. $10-$15. Gilroy. $10-$15 $10 $15. All 21+ Gilr oyy.

8pm:Foreverland,, 21+,, $18-$20. 8pm:Foreverland, City. Redwood City y. .

THE HUDDLE Wed--Thu, Wed-Thu, T , Sun,, Evening: KKaraoke. araoke.. Free. Free. 21 and over. over. Fri-Sat,, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm--1:30am: 1 Free. Live bands. Fr ee.. 21 and over. over. Fremont. Fr emont.

Thu,, 9pm:: Gr Great eat Wilderness, Oddly Even,, M.. Lockwood Lockwood Porter. Porter. Fri, 9pm:: Same Sex Mary, Maryy, Elli Perry, P erryy, James Maple.. Sat, TTerri eerri Odabi and Evolution Blues.. San Jose.

CAFFE FRA FRASCATI SCA ATI T Fri,, 8pm:: P Paolozzi aolozzi TTango aango TTrio. rrio.. Sat, 8 : Basic 8pm: B i Elements El t San S Jose. J

ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’SBIS BISTRO ST TRO Wed, 7:45pm:Micheal Mulle Wed, Mullen en TTrio rrio of One. $13-$18. $13-$18. Fri, Wells. 6:30pm: Samantha W ells. $12-$17. $12 -$177. Sat, 6:45pm, Ghanbari 10:30pm: Shahyar Ghanbar ri Farzad & Far zad Arjmand. $50-$65. $50-$65. Big Sun, 7pm: MIke Galisatus Bi ig City. Band. $16-$21. Redwood Ci tyy.


CASCAL CA SCAL MOJO MO JO LLOUNGE OUNGE Thur:: DJ Mist. Fri:: Amy LLou ou and the Wild Ones.. Sat: The French. TTreacherous reacherous Fr ench.. All shows 9:30pm,, $5. Fremont. Fremont.


Fri, 9:30pm, Sat, 9pm:: Rotating lineup. Mountain View. View w.

CLUB CL UB FFOX OX Wed, 6:30pm:: Club Fox Blues Wed, Freund, Jam:: SSteve teve Fr eund,, 21+, $5.. Sat, 8pm:Foreverland, 8pm:For everland,, 21+, $18-$20. City. Redwood City y.


Wed, W ed,, 7pm:: Monkey Monkey. y. San Jose.


Thu, 7:30pm: p : Jazz W Warehouse arehousee Drawing Jazz Jam and Dr awing Society. Societtyy. San Jose.

NETO’S NET O’SMARKET&GRILL O SMARKET&GRILL MARKET & GRILL Fri,, 8:30pm:: Pacific Pacific Standard Standard TIme. Santa Clara. Clara.

Second Mon of everyy month,, 7pm:: Ukulele jam. View.. Mountain View




Wed,, 9pm:: Pictur Wed, Picturebooks. ebooks.. Fri, Prom. 9pm:: Newave Pr om. $5.. Sat, 9pm: The Koffin Koffin Kats. Kats. $13-$15. $13-$155. San Jose.

BOSWELL’S BOS WELL’S Wed:: Jack Ripoff Wed: Ripoff.. Thu:: Sexy Ba Back. ack. Shop. Fri: Night TTrain. rain. Sat:: Metal Sho op. Sun:: Kid Dynamite.. CCampbell. ampbell.

Fri: TTebo eebo Howlin Wolf. Wolf. $5. Sat: Paper. Liquid P aper. Sunnyvale.

SSTREETLIGHT TREETLIGHT T RE RECORDS CORDS Thu,, 5:30pm:: Indubious. Sat, 5pm: Wolf Wolf Snake Sun CD Party. Release P artyy. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Wed:: Brittania’s Wed: Brittania’s Got TTalent, alent, a , sixx Thu:: week talent competition. Thu FF.I.U. ..I.U.. Fri:: Spazmatics.. Sat:: Autoo Replay. Replay y. Sun:: Sunday Funday day. Football,, All day y. 10pm:: KKaraoke. araokke. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH T TRITCH Thu,, 9pm:: Gr Great eat Wilderness, Porter. Oddly Even,, M.. LLockwood ockwood P orter. Mary, Perry, Fri, 9pm:: Sam Sex Mary y, Elli P erryy, James Maple. Maple. Sat, Sat TTerri eerri Odabi and Evolution Blues.. San Jose.

THREE DE DEGREES GREES Every Thu 6:306:30-9:30pm 9:30pm & Fri, 7:30-10:30pm: 7:3010:30pm: Live music. All Free. Ages.. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos

THE X BAR THEXB AR Sat, 8pm:: Baeza and Exxtraordinary. Exxtr aordinaryy. Homestead Bowl,, CCupertino. upertino. p

Fri, 8pm:: P Paolozzi aolozzi TTango ango a TTrio. rio. r . SSat, at, Jose. 8pm:: Basic Elements San Jose e.

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld




Wed,, 7pm:: Duo Br Wed, Brothers. others. Thu, Walter 8:30pm:: Adam W alter Band.. Fri, F 8:30pm: 9pm:: Bone Drivers. Sat,, 8:30p pm:

Wed,, 8pm:: Salsa. Thu,, 9pm: Wed, Banda. Sun:: Reggae Vybez. Vybez.. Sun: Reggae Night San Jose.

Thu, 8pm:: Gus KKambeitz. ambeitz. Fri, 8:30pm:: Kristen SStrom. trom. Sat, 8:30pm:: Primary Colors. San Jose.

JJ.J.’S .J.’SBL BLUES UESCAFE CAFE Wed, 9pm:: Joanne LeBlanc Wed, and the Fugitives Blues Band. Thu,, 9pm:: Madylan Rose.. Fri, Riley. 9pm:: Dog House Riley y. Sat,, 7pm: Special Guest with Charles LLyons yons y Band.. 9pm:: Sammy Varela. V aarela. $10.. Sun,, 5:30pm: Michael TTurner. uurner. San Jose.

LITTLE LOU’S LITTLEL OU’S BBQ Every W Wed, ed,, 8-11pm: 8--11pm: Jazz jam. Wed, Fred W ed, 7:30:: Fr ed McCarty. McCartyy. Fri, 8pm:Sound Decision Band. Sat,, 8pm:: John Garcia Garcia Bandl. CCampbell. ampbell.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BIS BISTRO TRO Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.


Ferrara. Maneck. Sun, 6pm:: Joe Fer rara. a LLos os Gatos

CLUB CL UBFFOX OX Wed,, 6:30pm:: Club Fox Blues Wed, Freund, Sat, Jam:: SSteve teve Fr eund,, 21+,, $5. Sa at,

Thu,, 9pm: p : Brian Ho, The Residency. Residency y. Fri,, 8pm:: Cado Cado and Friends.. Sat, 9pm:: Michelle Pollace P ollace Latin Jazz Quartet. San Jose

BLUE BL UER ROCK OCKSHOO SHOOT OT Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists’ Artists’ Showcase.. Sun,, 4pm:: Blues jam. Saratoga. atoga. Sar

LLOU’S OU’S VILLA VILLAGE GE Live music. San Jose.

NUMBER ONE BR BROADWAY OADWAY Wed:: JJ.C. Wed: .C. Smith Jam. Thu:: Blind Pam Pilots.. Fri:: P am Hawkins and Back 2 LLyf. yf. Sat: TTouch oouch n Go.. All




Making a Scene KAYTRANADA’S BEATS immediately bring to mind the L.A. scene that blew up a few years ago with Flying Lotus, Free the Robots, Daedelus and the Glitch Mob. The diversity of these artists created a sound that pushed the boundaries of instrumental hip-hop at its intersection with electronic music—precisely what Kaytranada is doing now. Though never part of the L.A. scene, the 21-year-old producer remains connected with a production style that fuses hip-hop, house and R&B into tight, progressive beats—and through his L.A.-based label Huh What & Where. Meanwhile, he’s gaining momentum among his peers Tommy Kruise, Rami.B(izzle) and Hesk in Montreal. This past year he released the Kaytra Todo EP on HW&W to positive reviews. Soon after, French electronic label Bromance took an interest after hearing his remix of Danny Brown’s “Lie4” and approached him about releasing the single “Free Things in Life” (his update on Janet Jackson’s ’90s hit “If ” is required listening, as well). He’ll release the Hilarity Duff EP on Oct. 16 with HW&W while he works on a full-length instrumental release.

Kaytranada Fri 18 Pagoda Lounge, San Jose

“The last six months have been great for sure,” Kaytranada says. “I feel like I haven’t even blown up yet; I’m definitely not satisfied.” Kaytranada had plans to release a full-length instrumental album this year, but it was pushed back to 2014 to allow for more production time. He doesn’t want to release anything prematurely. “I’m finding it more difficult because people are watching me, but the process hasn’t changed,” he says. “I’m busting my ass to make instrumental songs. If it needs vocals, I usually don’t release it, that’s why I have so few originals out. I’ve got tons of instrumentals that need vocals hidden away,” Kaytranada says. “With Hilarity Duff, there was no direction. I made that beat when I was high, thinking of a dark music video like ‘Stressed’ by Justice.” As with most electronic music, the goal remains to get people dancing, but with Kaytranada and the artists affiliated with him in Montreal (as well as the L.A. beat scene producers), dancing remains a secondary goal to the act of manipulating sound and creating subtly complex and unique soundscapes. “They can dance or not dance to my music,” Kaytranada says. “Songs are danceable nowadays, but a bit forced. I want to make people dance naturally.” —Aaron Carnes


OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr

NATURAL PROGRESSION Kaytranada’s beats blend hip-hop, house and soul. metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013




MAY 29-JUNE 4, 2013 | | |

BIN THERE ’Ravens,’ riding cargo bikes fitted with trash and recycling bins, are intended to help make San Jose Bike Party a leave-no-trace affair.

Party On

WHEN CARLOS BABCOCK organized the first San Jose Bike Party rides from downtown Campbell, it was a paltry crew of cycling enthusiasts looking for something to do and somewhere to go. Six years later, the group’s become a South Bay institution, a third-Friday-of-the-month event that often draws more than 5,000 people and, in symbiotic conjunction, a handful of food trucks. The sheer size of it means Babcock et al have to think about the logistics more than they initially anticipated. Cleanup is an inherent part of the mix now, given that a parade of thousands of food truck-dining cyclists leaves behind a fair bit of trash. To keep up, Babcock Dia de los Muertos invested $36,000 in eight trash-can-toting bikes, paid 6th Anniversary Ride for by some generous local cyclists. A few of those trash bikes will debut at the Dia de los Muertos-themed sixth Oct 18, 8pm anniversary bike party ride this Friday, Oct. 18 (location is announced 24 hours in advance via Twitter or Facebook). Route info will be posted Thu at “Bike party’s grown up now,” says Babcock, an commercial banker who gave up corporate life around the same time he forswore all but public or pedal-powered transportation and founded the local bike party. “We need to take on more responsibility to reflect that.” With elected leaders and even the Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, a fan of the South Bay’s monthly bike ride, organizers feel compelled to make a point of giving back to the community that helped it grow into the largest bike party in the nation. The new cargo bikes carry full-sized trash and recycling bins—the kind used for residential curbside pick-up—and first aid kits. The bikes—pedaled by a crew the bike party calls “ravens”—will follow other cyclists to make sure the procession is a leave-no-trace affair. Proceeds from recyclables will be donated to charity. In addition to the monthly events–each of which features a theme, from the pants-off ride to the mustache and jungle rides—core members of the bike party get together for neighborhood blight cleanups. Babcock credits the bike party with really establishing South Bay’s bike culture, turning a little club into a political force to be reckoned with. In the past year, he’s seen city leaders step up to make parts of town, downtown especially, more bike friendly. “We plan to get more involved in politics in the future,” he says. “That’s sort of the next step for us.” It’s a next step he’ll take with a bike party offshoot: the United Bicyclists of San Jose.—Jennifer Wadsworth

OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr


Aron Cooperman metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013



IN THE MIX Starting in November, Pagoda Lounge will host Vegas-style lounge DJ parties.

Pagoda Finds a New Groove AFTER A THREE-YEAR RUN at Pagoda Lounge, Universal Grammar promoter Tommy Aguilar announced online he is parting ways with the Fairmont Hotel nightclub. “We are saddened to say that our programming within the Pagoda will now be over. However, we are also excited for the future as for the mission that Universal Grammar and NewSense (Michael Grammer) set out to accomplish,” Aguilar wrote on Facebook. Filling a much-needed niche in the San Jose scene for touring performers from what Aguilar calls the “global soul” spectrum, the list of past acts that touched down at Pagoda is impressive, considering the intimate setting: Little Dragon the same week as two sold-out shows in San Francisco, veteran rapper Talib Kweli and soul singers Cody ChesnuTT. “Our influences in what we book and bring to shows is what we listen to and that stems to a common denominator of soul music,” Aguilar says. “The idea we tried to put out there was this global groove idea with no boundaries. … We also wanted to bring out what was next, emerging artists.” But that “global groove” wasn’t accompanied by big profits, a motivator for the new food and beverage director Christopher Pageaud to make a change, according to Aguilar. “The Fairmont just pretty much stepped to me, new management in place, and said we need to move on and we’re going to bring in something else,” he says. Pageaud could not be reached for comment about plans for the space, but local promoter Mauricio Mejia confirmed he is taking over with Saturday night events. “We’re going to create more of a consistent weekly lounge type of environment, with open format music and DJs,” Mejia says. Mejia owns Detox Sundays pool parties, last held at the Fairmont’s pool, and formerly owned the Vault nightclub and consulted at Axis. His first parties at the Pagoda next month include regulars in the Las Vegas scene DJ Zhaldee (Nov. 9), DJ Mike Carbonell (Nov. 16) and DJ Fabian (Nov. 23). Local DJs will be booked in the weeks that follow. Aguilar's run at Pagoda will end with three more shows: Kaytranada on Oct. 18 (see page 70), Hiatus Kaiyote on Oct. 31 and finishing with a Day of the Dead party on Nov. 1 with the last of his Sonido Clash series, featuring Tijuana band Los Macuanos After that, he says the Universal Grammar mission will continue with occasional shows at Café Stritch and Blackbird Tavern. “We just have to create a new outlet, which is building a new venue or finding a team that will work with us,” he says.—Matt Crawford


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metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | sanjo | metr | OOCTOBER C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22 2013

42 shows 9:30pm,, $10 Fri and Sa Sat. at. LLos os Gatos.

O’FLAHERTY’S O’FLAHER RT TY’S Thu,, 9pm:: Live Music.. Sun,, 5pm 5pm: m: Reggae music. TTue, uue,, 6:30pm:: LLive ive Irish Music.. San Jose.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO POORHOUSEBIS ST TRO Wed, W ed, 6 6-9pm: 69pm: The Kid Anderso Anderson on Show.. Thu,, 66-9pm: Show 9pm:: Sammy Varella. 6-10pm: V aarella.. Fri,, 610pm: James Harman Band.. Sat,, 6-10pm: 6--10pm: 1 School of Blues Fall Concert. Sun,, 22-6pm: -6pm:: Sunday Afternoon Afternoon Andrew Jr.. Boy Jon Jones Blues with Andr ew Jr nes Band.. San Jose.


Delicious D el liic ciiou ous s Recipe R eci pe IIdeas d eas ea s IInside! ns

Give G ive ((or or get) get) Ni Ninkasi nkasi Wi Winter nter 22oz. 22oz. 4-Packs 4-Packs aand nd find find staff staff favorite favorite bbeer/food eer/ r/fo food pairing pairing rrecipes ecipes iinside nside the the box. box.



RED R ROCK OCK CCOFFEE OFFEE CCO. O. Fri,, 7pm:: My TTeen eeen Open Mic. Mon, 7pm:: Cavin Cavin and King’s View. Open Mic. Mic. Mountain View w.

ROOSTER R OOSST TERT T T...FEA FEATHERS ATHER T S Wed: New TTalent Wed: alent a Showcase.. ThuDarren Sun:: Dar ren CCarter. arter. Sunnyvale.

Karaoke Kar raok a ke 7B BAMBOO AMBOO



Sun,, 7pm-close:: Uncle Dougie Show.. P Palo Alto. Show alo Al to.

THE GOOSETOWN THEGOOSET OWNLLOUNGE OUNGE Fri-Sun,, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: -11:30am: KKaraoke. araoke.. Willow Glen.

THE HUDDLE Wed--TThu and Sun, 9pm: Wild Wed-Thu Fremont. Nights KKaraoke. araoke.. Fr emont.

JOHNNY V’S Sun:: Sunday Funday kar karaoke. aoke. No cover. cover. San Jose.

KATIE KA AT TIE BLOOM’S BLOOM’S Wed & Sun,, 9:30pm-1:30am: Wed 9:30pm--1:30am: 1 KKaraoke. araoke.. Campbell. Campbell.




Fri-Sat, 8pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Thu,, 9pm:: DJ Davey K.. Campbell. Campbell. Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm:: Bruce of KOR KOR KKaraoke. araoke.. Mountain View. View.

MOJO MO JO LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, W ed, 9pm: Vic.. Fremont. Fremont.

NORMANDY NORMAND DY HOUSE LLOUNGE OUNGE ALEX’S ALEX ’S4 49ER 9ERINN INN Nightlyy, 9pmNightly, 9pm-2am: 2am:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Fri-Sat,, 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. Santa Clara. Clar a.

O’FLAHERTY’S O’FLAHER RT TY’S IRISH PUB Sun-Mon, 9pm:: Ryan.. San Jose.

Fri, 8pm: The Rough and TTumble. uumbble. Sat, 8pm: William Robert. Sat, Robert View. Mountain View w. Wed, 7pm:: Country Get Down Wed, House. w/DJ TTony oony LLoco, oco,, Rodeo House e. Thu:: DJ Nathan Dias, The CoolTones CoolT Toones Big Band. Fri-Sat: Also Diablo Road.. DJ TTony oony LLoco. oco.. Als so Fremont. emont. Sat:: Rodeo House.. Fr


Wed-Sat,, 9pm:: KKaraoke. Wed-Sat, araoke. Tue, Tue, u 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.



Thu,, 8pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose.


CLUB CL UB FFOX OX Wed, 6:30pm:: Club Fox Blues Wed, Freund, Sat, Jam:: SSteve teve Fr eund,, 21+, $5.. Sa at, 8pm:Foreverland, $18-$20. 8pm:For everland,, 21+, $18-$2 20. City. Redwood City y.


Thu, 7pm:: Musical open mic. San Jose.

Wed:: The SStowe Wed: towe Show Show.. Thu: Perez’ Squaree Bear Victor P erez’ Squar Comedy. Comedy y. Fri-Sun:: Michael Yo Yo Hot Comedy. Mess Comedy y. Tue: Tue: u : Save the TTaa TTas as a Comedy Event with Sarah Sarah TTiana. iana. San Jose.

Wed, 7:45pm:Micheal Mullen Wed, TTrio rrio of One.. $13-$18. $13-$18.. Fri, Wells. 6:30pm: Samantha W ells. $12-$17. 10:30pm: $12 -$177. Sat, 6:45pm,, 10:30pm m: Sh h Ghanbari Shahyar Gh b i & Far FFarzad zadd Arjmand.. $50-$65.. Sun,, 7pm: MIke Galisatus Big Band. $16-City. $21. Redwood City y.

Thu,, 9pm:: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Santa Clara. Clara. Wed, 9:30pm:: Karaoke. Wed, Karaoke. San Jose.



TTue: uue:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose.


Fri,, 9pm, Sat, 7pm:: Comedy SSportz. Sport tz.. San S Jose. J

C&W/Folk C&W W//FFoolk

Thu:: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Los Los Gatos.



Sat,, 8pm:Live Jazz. CCasino asino M8trix, San Jose.


BAMBOO B AMBOOLLOUNGE OUNGE Mon, 7pm:: Musical open mic ffor or singer/songwriters. Sign up at Free. 7pm. Fr ee.. San Jose.

Thu,, 10:30pm:: Reggae Thursdays. Tue, Tue, u , 7:30pm:: Irish View.. music. Mountain View

Every first and thir thirdd Wed, Wed, 7pm: 7pm m: Johnny-Cat. Blues jam with Johnny-C at. TTue: u ue: Gypsy Ukulele Club.. Sat,, 7:30pm:: Gyp psy Soul.. Sun,, 7pm:: Doug YYoung. ooung. LLos os Gatos.

Wed, Fri & Sun,, 9pm-1am: Wed, 9pm--11am: KKaraoke. araoke.. Sunnyvale.





Wed,, 7pm:: SStand-up Wed, tand-up comedy comedy. y. $10-$20.. San Jose.

TTue, ue, u , 7pm:: Open mic. San Jose.


Great G reat at G ift! Gift!


Live music.. San Jose.

Fri, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Live blues,, rroots oots an and nd Morgan Americana.. Mor gan Hill. Tickets are available at and select Walmart locations. To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

Open p Mic/ d CComedy oomedy

Moree listings: Mor



Wed, 9:30pm: Wildside.. No Wed, cover.. Sun,, 9pm:: Joe. Santa cover Clara. Clar a.

Fri,, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am:: Danielle. Sat, 9pm-1am: 9pm-1am:: Karaoke. Karaoke. Santa Clara. Clara.

THE QU QUARTER AR RT TERNO NOTE OTE T TTue: uue:: KKaraoke. araoke.. Sunnyvale.

BL BLUE UE MAX Fri-Sat, 7pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.



OCTOB O C T O B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336 Wednesday, October 16‹AGES 21+ Pulse Productions presents


!DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Thursday, October 17‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus Ghost Town Hangmen also Murphy’s Wagon and The Sea Wolves $RSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

Friday, October 18‹ AGES 16+

ZION I plus Clyde Carson !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Friday, October 18‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+

LOS SHAKAS plus Fiera Nortena !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWSTARTSPM Saturday, October 19‹AGES 16+


plus William Control !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Saturday, October 19‹In the AtriumsAGES 18+



Sunday, October 20‹In the AtriumsAGES16+

CHERUB plus Mansions on the Moon !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWSTARTSPM Oct 25 Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang (Ages 21+) Oct 26 Rap Artist Riff Raff (Ages 16+) Oct 27 Earl Sweatshirt (Ages 16+) Oct 28 AFI (A Fire Inside) (Ages 16+) /CTPaul Oakenfold (Ages 18+) Nov 1 The Story So Far (Ages 16+) Nov 2 Andre Nickatina (Ages 16+) Nov 7 Dev/ Drop City Yacht Club (Ages 16+) Nov 8 Macy Gray (Ages 21+) Nov 9 Soja/ Common Kings (Ages 16+) Nov 10 Crizzly/ Figure (Ages 18+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC REDI R ROOM OOM Thu-Sat,, 9pm:: DJ Curtis. Curtis.. San Jose.

RUDY’S R UD DY Y’S PUB Wed, W ed,, 10pm:: Purple. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.

TEQUILA SHO TEQUILA SHOT’S OT T’S B BAR AR & GRILL Mon & W Wed, ed, 9pm:: Dar ed, Darryl. ryl ryl. Milpitas.



Fri-Sat, 8pm:: Old School Party. Dance P arty. San Jose.

Thu, 8pm: Noches de Banda 300 & DJ Adrian. Fri, 8pm: DJ Adrian. Sat, 8pm:: DJ Adrian. Sun, 7pm: Latin Beat. Sonideroo Night. Sun, 9pm: Sonider Sunnyvale.

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT Wed, 9pm: Wine Wednesdays. Wed, Wednesdays. Thu: Liquid Thursdays, with guest DJs spinning hip-hop, TTop op o 40 and R&B. Fri, 9pm: Heit Industry. Fridays. $10. Mon: Industry y. San Jose. Jose

PLAYHOUSE PLA AYHOUSE Y Thu, 10pm:: Ambitious Thursdays Fri, Thursdays. Fri 9pm: Playhouse Industry. Fridays. TTue: uue: Industry y. San Jose.



Thu-Sat, 9:30pm:: DJs and dancing. CCampbell. ampbell.

Thu, 10:30pm:: Reggae Thursdays. Fri: DJ TTony. oonyy. Sun, 11:30am: Bottomless Mimosa. View.. Mountain View

LILLY LILL LY YMA MAC’S C’S THE X BAR THEXB AR TTue ue u & Fri, 9pm:: KKaraoke araoke with KJJ Vinnie.. CCupertino. upertino.

DanceeeClub Danc Clubs Clubs

Fri, 9:30pm: Phil ‘‘n n the Blank Blanks. s. Every second and ffourth ourth Sat: DJ night with Latin music. Sunnyvale.

SSTUDIO8 TUDIO8 T Thu: Mass Bass. Fri: Dr Drop op City YYacht aacht Club. Sat: DJ Guzie. San Jose.

LIQUID Friday: y: DJs & dancing. g Every second Sat:: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.

SUMMIT LOUNGE SUMMITL OUNGE Sat, 9pm: After P Party arty - Donnel Rawlings of Dave Chappelle show.. Club ReMix. Four P Points show oints Sheraton, Sher aton, San Jose.


AGENDA A GENDA Wed: Salsa W Wed: Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu: Noche De Bandas. Sun: Vybez. Reggae V ybez. San Jose.

Every Thir Thirdd Fri: Strictly Strictly Freestyle. Fr eestyle. Every fourth fourth Fri: Fuz. San Jose.



Mon: Magic Mike Mondays. Wed-Fri: W ed-Fri: DJs. Willow Glen.

Thu:: DJ Vincent Fiction. Fri: Claksaarb DJ Clak saarb Sat, 9:30pm: DJ Kmac. LLos os Gatos.

ZEN LOUNGE ZENL OUNGE Thu: Reverse Happy Hour Hour.. Every first Fri: Famous. Every second & ffourth ourth Fri:: Diamond. Sat:: Girls Night Out. View.. Mountain View

NORMANDY NORMAND DY YHOUSEL HOUSE LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu, 10pm: Dancing to DJ Ben Vex. Clara. Official & DJ V ex. Santa Clar a.

AJ’S B BAR AR DJs and dancing every night night.. 6pm-1am; Mon-Sat, 6pm1am; Sun, 8pm-12:30am. 8pm12:30am. San Jose

San Francisco’s City Guide


Forward-thinking pianist teams with stars of rap and R&B on newest, ‘Black Radio II.’ Oct 18 at SFJAZZ Center.

TREASURE ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL Atoms for Peace, Beck, Animal Collective, Haim, Danny Brown and many, many others . Oct 19-20 at Treasure Island.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Thu: DJ Nico and DJ Neeber Neeber.. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN Fri: DJ Benofficial. Benofficial Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

CARDIFF LOUNGE LOUNGE Every second and ffourth ourth Sun: Return of the Boom electronic Zap, underground underground electr onic music. CCampbell. ampbell.

PASSION PIT After their frontman went public with mental illness, band’s pop carries dark shadows. Oct 21 at the Fox Theater.

OKKERVIL RIVER Will Sheff is indie rock’s literary troubadour, penning clever lines with a limber twang. Oct 22 at the Fillmore.

KANYE WEST He who needs no introduction tours behind ‘Yeezus,’ his most fearless, experimental album yet. Oct 23 at Oracle Arena.

More San Francisco events at

51 OCTOBER O C TO B E R 16-22, 16-22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr


Moree listings: Mor

METROACTIVE.COM METR OACTIVE.COM metr | sanjos | metr | OOCTOB C T O B E R 1616-22, 22 2013



OCTOB OC T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 , 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | OC OCTOB T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 2013



OCTOB OC T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 , 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | OC OCTOB T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 2013



OCTOB OC T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 , 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | OC OCTOB T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 2013



OCTOB OC T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 , 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | OC OCTOB T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 2013



OCTOB OC T OB E R 116-22, 6 -2 2 , 2013 | metr m | sanjos | metr


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How did the joke about sending a prisoner a cake with a file baked inside it originate? Did people ever actually try this, or was there a particular movie or book it occurred in? —Terey

You think this is a joke? Actual escape tools have been hidden in actual cakes and the like so often you have to wonder why wardens ever allow prisoners to take receipt of baked goods. Sneaking things to prisoners via cake has surely been done throughout history, but early reports are sparse—the first we found was in a compendium of criminal biographies published in the UK in 1804. William Blewitt, a minor-league pickpocket and housebreaker, had been sentenced to seven years’ transportation to Australia. Placed aboard a ship in the Thames to await the trip to the land down under, he learned that several of his fellow prisoners had acquired gingerbread cakes with saws and files baked inside them. Blewitt promptly passed word of the impending breakout to the ship’s captain, who seized the cakes and released Blewitt as a reward. Other would-be escapees had better luck: In 1899 four prisoners escaped from jail in Frederick County, Maryland, using saws concealed in pies plus ropes made from blankets. In 1912 Charles Adams, a trusty who was allowed limited leave, received a pie with $200 inside it. He fled, using the money to pave the way. The most creative cake-mediated breakout we heard about was that of Eamon de Valera, the Irish nationalist leader, who’d been imprisoned in England for his role in the 1916 Easter Rising. De Valera got his hands on the prison chaplain’s master key while assisting at mass and made a wax impression using candle stumps melted with his body heat. He then got another inmate to draw a cartoon postcard: one side showed a drunken man outside a door holding a precise depiction of the master key and saying “I can’t get in,” and on the other side the same man, now jailed and sober, peering through an accurate sketch of the keyhole, accompanied by the words “I can’t get out.” Miraculously this got past the authorities and was delivered to de Valera’s confederates outside, who made a duplicate key and smuggled it into prison in a cake. It took two tries and two cakes before a key arrived that would work, but on February 3, 1919, de

11 67

Valera made his escape. Other successes: “Lucky Tommy” O’Connor broke out of Cook County Jail in Chicago in 1921, just days before he was supposed to hang, reportedly by using a gun and bullets smuggled into a loaf of bread and a cake. In 1934 Robert Mais and Walter Legenza escaped from jail in Richmond, Virginia using guns smuggled inside cans of baked chicken. Mais’s mother was later accused of having opened the cans, placed the guns inside, and soldered the lids back on, but was released for lack of evidence. During the same era, two Georgia prisoners, Aubrey Smith and Leland Harvey, obtained guns and hacksaws that had been factory-sealed into cans of peaches by Harvey’s girlfriend, a cannery worker. Smith put his peaches to good use, but Harvey was foiled and had to find another way out—which he did, by attacking a guard and taking his gun, one of numerous escapes in his colorful career. I concede, however, that failures are more common. Examples: In 1909 Frank Humely hatched a daring plan to escape from jail in Los Angeles: an associate was to hide a gun and ammunition in two sugar-frosted pound cakes and mail them to Humely, who would shoot the guards, take their keys, release all the prisoners nearby, and escape in the melee. The plot was foiled when the sheriff noticed the cakes seemed unusually heavy and found they’d been carefully hollowed out to conceal a .38 revolver, 12 cartridges, a sack of tobacco, and, for some reason, a dollar bill. In 1906 Thomas Stuart twice failed to smuggle carbon rods into jail to spring his brother Benjamin—the first time in an immense chocolate cake, the next day in a package of cigars. The idea apparently was to somehow hook the rods to the wiring for the cell’s electric lights and use them like welder electrodes to cut through the bars. While the Stuarts deserve credit for boldness, their scheme had little chance of success (these guys never heard of blowing a fuse?) even if the jailer hadn’t become suspicious of the high-carbon dessert.

OCTOB E R 16-22, 2013 | | |

Test 10 traits that determine future success and happiness, and find out how to improve them. Scientology 408.383.9400

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PUBLIC FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583641 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The BBQ Boys, 830-2 Jury Ct., San Jose, CA, 95112, The BBQ Boys LLC. This business is conducted by a limited liability company. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 5/89. /s/Robert Peterson President. #201233310335 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/08/2013. (pub Metro 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/06/2013)

NOTICE OF SALE – LIQUOR LICENSE Pursuant to Bus. & Prof. Code §24049.5 and Rev. & Tax. Code §6796, the State Board of Equalization (BOE) will sell Type 21 Liquor License No. 448020 issued in Santa Clara County. A public auction will be held at 250 South Second St, San Jose, CA 95113 on November 6, 2013 at 10:00 am, unless the sales & use tax liability of $586,539.10 is paid by the licensee Kimomex Markets Inc. Transfer of the license is contingent upon approval by the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Minimum bid: $12,000. Contact BOE at (408) 938-7782.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583095 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Sweet Brigade, 1721 Rogers Ave., Suite S, San Jose, CA, 95112, Sweet Brigade LLC, 1212 Jardin Ct., San Jose, CA, 95126. This business is conducted by a limited liability company. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Lisa Nguyen CEO #201323310097 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/23/2013. (pub Metro 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/06/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583132 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Vitamin Shoppe, 5592-A Santa Teresa Blvd., San Jose, CA, 95123, VS Direct Inc., 2101 91st Street, North

Bergen, NJ, 07047. This business is conducted by a Delaware. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 4/28/2007. Refile of previous file #493877 after 40 days of expiration date. /s/Brenda Galgano CFO #C2710681 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/24/2013. (pub Metro 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/06/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583619 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: You Plus Us Fundraising, 1498 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA, 95126, Peter Stoll. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Peter Stoll This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/08/2013. (pub Metro 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/06/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583165 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nutrishop Bay Area, 15466 Los Gatos Blavd Ste 108, Los Gatos, CA, 95032, Nutricenter, 19431 Dougherty Ave., Morgan Hill, CA, 95037. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 9/02/2013. /s/Behnam Halali President #C3598000 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/25/2013. (pub Metro 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/06/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583322 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Giovanni’ized, 1082 Lincoln Av., San Jose, CA, 95125, Joseph DiGiovanna, 1143 Lincoln Ct., San Jose, CA, 95125. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Joseph DiGiovanna This statement was filed with the County Clerk of

Santa Clara County on 9/30/2013. (pub Metro 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582623 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Spoil Me Rotten Designing Baskets & Event Planner, 3435 White Oak Ct., Morgan Hill, CA, 95037, Mildred A. Evans. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Mildred A. Evans This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/10/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583472 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: X Fire Protection, 1398 Cherrywood Sq., San Jose, CA, 95117, Michael Serman. This business is conducted by a individaul. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Michael Sherman This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/03/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583441 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: San Jose Auto Exchange, 1574 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA, 95126, San Jose Auto Exchange Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 1/12/05. /s/Ali Hazrati President #262985 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/03/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582650 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Headbone Unlimited 2.Khameleon Hides 3. Khaos Brands 4. Da Vida Spirit 5. Indelible Cause, 2844 El Monte Way., San Jose, CA, 95127, Richard Noll This business is conducted

by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 9/10/13. /s/Richard Noll This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/10/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583053 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Signs of Success, 802 Delmas Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Tim Carrasco. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 6/24/07. /s/Tim Carrasco This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/23/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583368 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: GMI, a division of AVAR, 47375 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA, 94538, Avar Construction, Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Michael A. Pagano President #C2931278 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 10/01/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582827 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Little Hearts Daycare, 2110 Morrill Ave., San Jose, CA, 95132, Mariam Younathan. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Mariam Younathan This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/16/2013. (pub Metro 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582936 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 101

Mobility, 2109 O’Toole Ave., Ste C, San Jose, CA, 95131, Now Voyager LLC. This business is conducted by a limited liability company. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 08/31/2013. /s/Virgil Moore Member/Manager #201311310081 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/19/2013. (pub Metro 10/02, 10/09, 10/16, 10/23/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583123 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Smitten Ice Cream, 4800 El Camino Real, Los Altos, 94022, Smitten Ventures, Inc., 225 Downey St., #1, San Francisco, CA, 94117. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of Delaware Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Robyn S. Fisher Founder and CEO #C3150181 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/24/2013. (pub Metro 10/02, 10/09, 10/16, 10/23/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583182 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: AIND, 1840 S. 7th St., #29, San Jose, CA, 95112, Merrill Gibson.

This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Merrill Giubson This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/25/2013. (pub Metro 10/02, 10/09, 10/16, 10/23/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #583058 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Mack Consulting Group, 7062 Webb Canyon Drive, San Jose, CA, 95120, Annette Mackaness. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Annette Mackaness This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/23/2013. (pub Metro 10/02, 10/09, 10/16, 10/23/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582334 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Left Coast Baggers, 2. Left Coast Custons, 650 Elden Drive, Campbell, CA, 95008, John R. Valle. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/John R. Valle This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 8/30/2013.


(pub Metro 9/25, 10/02, 10/09, 10/16/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582901 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Lili’s Sweet Memories, 881 S. 1st St., San Jose, CA, 95110, Liliana Medel, 3242 Brigadoon Wy., San Jose, CA, 95121, Michael Corrales. This business is conducted by a Married Couple. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Liliana Medel This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/18/2013. (pub Metro 9/25, 10/02, 10/09, 10/16/13)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582871 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Advanced Restoration DKI, 1177 N. 15th St., San Jose, CA, 95112, Advanced Restoration, Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Richard Schaper President #3369482 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/17/2013. (pub Metro 9/25, 10/02, 10/09, 10/16/2013)


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #582501 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Maid2Klean, 279 Esteban Way, San Jose, CA, 95119, Ken Strouse 339 Avenida Arboles, San Jose, CA, 95123, Carolina Castono. This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Ken Strouse This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 9/05/2013. (pub Metro 9/25, 10/02, 10/09, 10/16/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #581841 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Zenning, 92 S. 15th St., San Jose, CA, 95112, Freddie Vega, Michael Denning, 22 S. 10th St., San Jose, CA, 95112. This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/31/13. /s/Michael Denning This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 8/19/2013. (pub Metro 9/11, 9/25, 10/02, 10/09/2013)


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BAVARIAN SKIES Private driveway to 145 Acres, consisting of 8 parcels. Spectacular ridge top, Pristine, Untouched, Quiet, Serene, & Off-The-Grid. Potential for solar or wind power. Access off of Logan Creek Rd. Owner Financing. Offered at $495,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408.395.5754

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10 70




50 ! %




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EXPIRES 10/31/13

BALLYFITNESS.COM/SPORT | 1.800.FITNESS To activate, must be at least 18, sign guest register, & take club tour and receive presentation. Must be a resident or employee of local area where redeemed with valid ID. Limit 1 pass redemption per person in any 6-month period. Cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash. Membership valid at club activated for 7 consecutive days from activation date. Additional charges for some classes and services.

8 convenient Bay Area locations including: Alemany | 650.985.2400 Hayward | 510.727.6778 San Jose South | 408.267.1900

ARIES (March 21-April 19): This is an indelicate oracle. If you're offended by the mention of bodily functions in a prophetic context you should STOP READING NOW. Still here? OK. I was walking through my neighborhood when I spied an older woman standing over her aged Yorkshire Terrier next to a bush. The dog was in discomfort, squatting and shivering but unable to relieve himself. “He’s having trouble getting his business done,” his owner confided in me. “He's been struggling for ten minutes.” I felt a rush of sympathy for the distressed creature. With a flourish of my hand, I said, “More power to you, little one. May you purge your burden.” The dog instantly defecated. Shrieking her approval, the woman exclaimed, “It’s like you waved a magic wand!” Now I am invoking my wizardry in your behalf, Aries, although in a less literal way: More power to you. May you purge your psychological burden.

your life; you can't imagine what it is. But just recently a door to that unknown realm has become visible to you. I suggest you open it, even though you have almost no idea what's on the other side.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “You won’t do it at

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “I need a little language such as lovers use,” wrote Virginia Woolf in her novel The Waves. “I need no words. Nothing neat . . . I need a howl; a cry.” If I'm reading the astrological omens correctly, Sagittarius, Woolf is speaking for you right now. You should be willing to get guttural and primal . . . to trust the teachings of silence and the crazy wisdom of your body . . . to exult in the inarticulate mysteries and bask in the dumbfounding brilliance of the Eternal Wow. Are you brave enough to love what can't be put into words?

the right time,” warns writer Kate Moller. “You'll be late. You'll be early. You'll get re-routed. You'll get delayed. You'll change your mind. You'll change your heart. It's not going to turn out the way you thought it would.” And yet, Moller concludes—are you ready for the punch line?—”it will be better.” In describing your future, Taurus, I couldn't have said it better myself. Fate may be comical in the way it plays with your expectations and plans, but I predict you will ultimately be glad about the outcome.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In the coming weeks, you Geminis could be skillful and even spectacular liars. You will have the potential to deceive more people, bend more truths, and even fool yourself better than anyone else. On the other hand, you will also have the knack to channel this same slipperiness in a different direction. You could tell imaginative stories that rouse people from their ruts. You might explore the positive aspects of Kurt Vonnegut's theory that we tend to become what we pretend to be. Or you could simply be so creative and playful and improvisational in everything you do that you catalyze a lot of inspirational fun. Which way will you go? CANCER (June 21-July 22): I'm all in favor of you


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By ROB BREZSNY week of October 16

indulging your instinct for self-protection. As a Cancerian myself, I understand that one of the ways you take good care of yourself is by making sure that you feel reasonably safe. Having said that, I also want to remind you that your mental and emotional health requires you to leave your comfort zone on a regular basis. Now is one of those times. The call to adventure will arrive soon. If you make yourself ready and eager for changes, the changes that come will kick your ass in mostly educational and pleasurable ways.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Who exactly do you want to be when you grow up, and what is the single most important experience you need in order to make that happen? What riches do you want to possess when you are finally wise enough to make enlightened use of them, and how can you boost your eligibility for those riches? Which one of your glorious dreams is not quite ripe enough for you to fulfill it, but is primed to be dramatically ripened in the coming weeks? If I were you, Leo, I would meditate on these questions. Answers will be forthcoming. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): At an elementary school

festival some years ago, I performed the role of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. One of my tasks was to ask kids to make a wish, whereupon I sprinkled their heads with magic fairy dust. Some of the kids were skeptical about the whole business. They questioned the proposition that the fairy dust would make their wishes come true. A few were so suspicious that they walked away without making a wish or accepting the fairy dust. Yet every single one of those distrustful kids came back later to tell me they had changed their minds, and every single one asked me to bestow more than the usual amount of fairy dust. They are your role models, Virgo. Like them, you should return to the scene of your doubts and demand extra fairy dust.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): “The door to the invisible must be visible,” wrote the surrealist spiritual author Rene Daumal. This describes an opportunity that is on the verge of becoming available to you. The opportunity is still invisible simply because it has no precedents in

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In Tim Burton's film Alice

in Wonderland, Alice asks the White Rabbit, "How long is forever?" The talking rabbit replies, "Sometimes, just one second." That's an important piece of information for you to keep in mind, Scorpio. It implies that "forever" may not necessarily, in all cases, last until the universe dies out five billion years from now. "Forever" might actually turn out to be one second or 90 minutes or a month or a year or who knows? So how does this apply to your life right now? Well, a situation you assumed was permanent could ultimately change— perhaps much faster than you have imagined. An apparently everlasting decree or perpetual feeling could unexpectedly shift, as if by magic.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): “I get bored

with the idea of becoming a better listener,” writes business blogger Penelope Trunk. “Why would I do that when interrupting people is so much faster?” If your main goal is to impose your will on people and get things over with as soon as possible, Capricorn, by all means follow Trunk's advice this week. But if you have other goals—like building consensus, finding out important information you don't know yet, and winning help from people who feel affection for you—I suggest that you find out how to have maximum fun by being an excellent listener.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The last time meteorologists officially added a new type of cloud formation to the International Cloud Atlas was 1951. But they're considering another one now. It's called “asperatus,” which is derived from the Latin term undulatus asperatus, meaning “turbulent undulation.” According to the Cloud Appreciation Society, it resembles “the surface of a choppy sea from below.” But although it looks rough and agitated, it almost never brings a storm. Let's make asperatus your mascot for the next few weeks. Aquarius. I suspect that you, too, will soon discover something new under the sun. It may at first look turbulent, but I bet it will mostly just be interesting. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Should you try private experiments that might generate intimate miracles? Yes! Should you dream up extravagant proposals and schedule midnight rendezvous! By all means! Should you pick up where your fantasies left off the last time you got too timid to explore further? Naturally! Should you find out what “as raw as the law allows” actually means? I encourage you! Should you question taboos that are no longer relevant? Most assuredly! Should you burn away the rotting pain with a show of liberated strength? Beyond a doubt! Should you tap into the open secret at the core of your wild beauty! Of course! Homework: What would be the title of your autobiography? What's the name of the rock band you'd be in? Testify at

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


C.J.. C.J

C.J.. C.J


TRES GRIN GRINGOS GOS 10-ye 10-year ear anniversary on Friday Friday. y.

TRES GRINGOS GRINGOS 10-year anniv anniversary versary on Friday Friday. y.

OCTOBER O C TO B E R 1616-22, 22, 2013 | me | sanjose. .com | metr

Alex SStover tover

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