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The internet is the global mind.

BRAIN BUSTER Jeff Stibel believes it’s at the breakpoint. p16 metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013



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silicon valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE + MUSIC FESTIVAL Topics include: Gi\cf_Â&#x;Mi]c[fÂ&#x;;jj>_p_fijg_hnÂ&#x;;oag_hn_^L_[fcns <cn]ichÂ&#x;Q_[l[\f_=igjonchaÂ&#x;;lnc`c]c[fChn_ffca_h]_Â&#x;M_f`>lcpcha=[lm >cacn[fJlcp[]sÂ&#x;Nb_Mb[lcha?]ihigsÂ&#x;>cmlojncihÂ&#x;>lih_mÂ&#x;=ihp_la_h]_ =liq^miol]_^@_lncfcnsÂ&#x;Mi]c[fNl[hmjiln[ncihÂ&#x;F_[hMn[lnojm Qilembijm`il?hnl_jl_h_olmÂ&#x;P=Jcn]b=igj_ncncih


Keynote speakers and presenters: Mniia_maocn[lcmnJames WilliamsonÂ&#x;S[bii<i[l^=b[clMaynard WebbÂ&#x;>cacn[fDiolh[fcmnRobert Scoble"Ă&#x160;M]i\f_ct_lĂ&#x2039;#Â&#x;Pc^_ia[g_chp_hnilNolan BushnellÂ&#x;;onbil Jeff Stibel"Ă&#x160;<l_[ejichnĂ&#x2039;#Â&#x;Mi]c[fG_^c[?rj_lnBrian SolisÂ&#x;@ilg_l Qcl_^g[a[tch__^cnilChris AndersonÂ&#x;;j[]b_m_lp_l^_p_fij_lBrian BehlendorfÂ&#x;L_f[sLc^_m=?IAndre HaddadÂ&#x;;onbilAndrew Keen "Ă&#x160;>cacn[fP_lncaiĂ&#x2039;#Â&#x;Q[fg[lnF[\m=NIJeremy KingÂ&#x;M_lc[f?hnl_jl_h_ol Steve KirschÂ&#x;G[n]b(]ig`ioh^_lGary KremenÂ&#x;To]e_l\_laG_^c[Ă?m Bradley LautenbachÂ&#x;COG;`ioh^_lJon R. LuiniÂ&#x;<fiaB_l]i'`ioh^_l Elisa Camahort PageÂ&#x;@ilg_l=[fc`ilhc[=ihnliff_l P=Steve WestlyÂ&#x; ?\[sPc]_Jl_mc^_hnHugh WilliamsÂ&#x;M;JMi]c[f<omch_mmB_[^Todd Wilms ;h^inb_lpcmcih[lc_m[h^ch`fo_h]_lm....

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By T TOM OM T TOMORROW OMORROW metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 013


HEY, COLLEGE STUDENTS! Why sit in a boring class when you can be hanging out in a real newsroom, getting job experience and training and learning the digital media skills of the future? We’re accepting applications from students eligible for school credit seeking a career in journalism, photography, marketing, social media or a related field. Contact us at editor@metronews. com for more info.



Cause that Cause that’s ’s the t worst thing they can think of fixing fi around here? here? around P lease do something som mething productive productive and Please quit showboating showboaating and acting like you’r s productive you’ree doing something productive when you’re you’re just j wasting taxpayers’ taxpayers’ money and time. time. I say we need a new

laaw that fines councilmembers that that law w propossals waste their time on idiotic proposals likke this. like How How about this: The The city should stop sttop selling anything at these ven venues nues and annd let people bring their own food foood annd drinks. drinks. and

“Guyss, stop “Guys, p the Internet! Internett! My hometown n of San Jose is i having a bacon festival fe estival this Saturday!” Sa aturday!” RED RE D THE IIMPALER MPALER ((BEN B EN OR ORTIZ) RTIZ) VIA TWITTER



This story y makes you go like, “YES, “Y YES S, there is hope for Africa a in technology innova innovations!” ations!” Kudos Kudos Kamil Kamil Nabong, N abong, David D Osei and Effah Mensah Mensah and God blesss our homeland home eland Ghana! JJCC MANTEY M ANTEY VIA SV411 SV411

The vegans who pr The protested oteested the San Jose Bacon Festival Festivval appeared appeared San heal thy and fit. The The bacon bacon festival festival healthy attendees .... not so m uch! Eating Eating much! dead flesh is linked to o obesity, obesityy, heart disease and dia abetes.. Animal diabetes. agricul ture does not care c e about car agriculture

animals, and a it does not care care about consumer consumers. rs. It It car cares es about profit profit at the expen expense nse of lives.. People People who say they love lo ove animals but who support their th heir exploitation, suff suffering ering and death h for for no reason reason other than palate pleasure pleeasure should reconsider reconsider and expand expan nd their definition of love. LAURIE LA URIE PO POWELL W WELL VIA EEMAIL MAIL






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LLunch unch T Time ime San Jose rrequires equiires its elected officials to make their calendars public. The idea is a little sunshine on day-to-day REED activities holdss Mayor CCHUCK HUCK R EED and Council the City Counc cil accountable. After an extensive rreview evieew of public calendars ffor or it’s all 11 elected officials o in San Jose, Jose it ’ss clear that no one o loves a working lunch moree than Councilman mor Cou uncilman XA XAVIER AV VIER CCAMPOS. AMPOS. Unfortunately, Unf ortunately, it doesn’t doesn’t seem like he’s he ’s actually doing d much work during snacks. his midday sna acks. CCampos’ ampos’ calendar notes 107 sepa separate arate lunches/luncheons eight year.. in the first eig ht months of the year By comparison comparison, n, District 1 Councilman PETE CCONSTANT ONSTAN NT came in second with a distant 55 lunches, luunches, while Vice Mayor MADISON M ADISON N NGUYEN GUY YEN has been the least enthusiastic lu unch lady with just ffour our lunch meals tallied on o her calendar. calendar. So, why does CCampos ampos have h so many lunches on his schedul schedule? le? It could be to beef up his calendar and and make it seem like he’s he’s actually doing something. Sadly, Sadly, all too often the coun ncilman dines councilman alone. If his ca alendar is calendar Don’t to be trusted, Campos Campos forget ate with otherr people to tip! just 15 times iin n his 100-plus meal ls. That meals. FLY@ sounds depr esssing, depressing, METRONEWS. but taxpayers who get COM a mer m ffeel eel meree hour may broo of worse. The lil’ br SState tate Assemblywoman Assemblywoman NORA NORA CAMPOS, CAMPOS, formerly oversaw o District 5 bef ore who formerly before FREDO inherited FREDO inherite ed East San Jose, managed stretch 93 of o his 107 meals longer to stretch —generally he rreserved eserved than an hour— hour—generally b to nosh and digest. a 90-minute block It’s possible Campos Campos a It’s is simply omitting the names of people he meets with, est to the Fair which could bee of inter interest Political Practices Practices Commission. Word Word Political state’s political p watchdog is still is the state’s a ampos ’ ties to admitted looking into CCampos’ felon and fformer orm mer county super visor felon supervisor GEORGE SSHIRAKAWA HIRA AKA AWA JR. The FPPC audit GEORGE ampos is now n in its fifth month of CCampos evious investigator on the after the pr previous case died.

Josh Koehn Koehn o



Part of the Club?

W WILL TRAVEL TRAVEL Chuck Jagoda lives l out of his car in P Palo alo Alto Alto, o, often sleeping at night in the e backseat.

Palo P alo Alto drawss hard line on Cubberley Co Community ommunity Center Cen nter homeless population population B PAM By PAM M MARINO ARINO


alo Alto plans to evict eviict Chuck Jagoda. Jagoda. A oneone etime New New York York City schoolteacher, schoolteacher r, Jagoda, Jagod da, 70, came to Silicon Valley’s Valley’s 70, tech te ech burb four years ago to o b closer to his five young be grandchildren. That plan grandchildren. h been a work in progress, progresss, has a he’s he’s currently estranged estranged d as frrom his daughter and hass from liimited access to his son’s son’s limited children. Jagoda Jagoda spends most mo ost children. o his days at home: a faded fade ed of b d blue ’89 Dodge Spirit, filled w boxes of clothes, clothes, bagss with boxes a canisters of grains grains and d and frruit and protein shakes, shakes, and a fruit n abou ut. ut newspapers scattered about.

The aaverage veerage rrental ental in P Palo alo Alto ccosts osts moree than $2,6 $2,600 mor 00 a month—probably mo onth—probably about ab out 10 times the pric pricee of JJagoda’s agodaa’s ccar, ar, if K Kelly eelly Blue Bo Book ok still plac p placed ed a value on it—but it t— —but this isn isn’t n’’t a stor storyy simply ab about out money. mone ey. A long-simmering long-simmerin ng community communitty fi h over fight oveer homeless h l p people eo ople l living li i in i their hi RVs ccars, aars, vans and RV Vs in thee parking lots of P Palo alo Alto Alto’s ’s Cubb Cubberley erleey C Community ommunitty Center C enter has turned nast nasty, ty, and JJagoda agoda and like dozens of other vvehicle ehicle e d dwellers ffeel eeel lik ke the eyy’re b eing driv ven e outt of town. they’re being driven On Aug. Palo City Augg. 5, the P alo Alto A Cit ty Council C ouncil passed an or ordinance din nance that bans people from p eople fr om sleeping in their ccars, ars a , with enforcement enf for o cement rrolling olling outt over oveer the ne next ext x five fiv ve months months.. T Two w wo weekss later later,, on A Aug. ugg. prohibit people eople 19, the ccouncil ouncil vvoted o oted to pr p ohibit p fr om setting settting t ffoot oot without ut permission permission from withou any city’s on an ny of the cit tyy’s ccommunity omm munitty ccenter enter ccampuses aampuses b ettw ween the hours h of 10:30pm between sunrise.. and sunrise vo otes ccame aame in rresponse essponse to The votes neighb ors and ccommunity ommun nitty ccenter enter neighbors visitors who vvoiced oic o ed alarm mo ver e a rrecent ecent over

jump in thee numb er of homeless p eople number people ccamping aamping at Cubb erleey, ccoupled oupled with Cubberley, incr easing rreports eports of fighting g, public increasing fighting, urination and a def feecation, drinking and defecation, drug use ut the sho ck and outrage use.. Bu But shock outrage,, to some eextent, xten nt, has b een disingenuous been disingenuous.. R eesidentts, cit ty st aff and elected Residents, city staff officials ha ave known ffor o or mor have moree than ttwo wo w yyears eears th hat homeless p eople wer that people weree ccamping aamping at Cubb erleey to ttake ak ke advant age Cubberley advantage e ooms, showers and fr estr ee of public rrestrooms, free W iiFi eman nating fr om the branch librar y. WiFi emanating from library. But thanks to what one homeless ad adv vocate ccalls aalls “a ccompassionate ompassionate cultur advocate culturee of lo looking number oking aaway, way, y” y” the numb er of ccampers amp a ers grew many about gr ew to as man m ny as 40, with ab out half their Now city living in the eir vvehicles. eehicles. N ow cit ty officials aree b being accused ar eing ac ccused c of turning their back in a diff ffeeren nt w ay. different way. bedroom bee ffound JJagoda’s agodaa’s b edroom ccan an b o ound in his pillow, back seat. He H rrolls olls up a rrobe obe as his pillow w, and a par cel e shelf acts as a b edside ttable parcel bedside able wheree JJagoda keeps wher agoda k eeeps rreading eading material and a cup of o w aater at night. The driv veer’s water driver’s serves office, where seat ser vees as a an offic ffi e, wher h re he h works k laptop day. on his lapto op during the da ay. He adm admits mits things ha have ave got gotten tten t lately. have stayed rrougher ougher lat telyy. “I ha ave st ayeed at Cubberley, frankly, Cubb erleey, and, frankly y, I’m happier else where,” JJagoda agoda sa ayys, noting that elsewhere, says, sometimes stays armoryy he sometim mes he st ays y in the armor shelter or sl sleeps leeps on a park b bench. ench. But ench

creation. And decades creation. An nd yyet, eet, despite dec ades of concerted byy a lar large number concerted eff eefforts ffo orts b gge numb er of ccommunity players, ommun nitty pla ayeers, homelessness remains dirty secret remains a dir d ty secr et in one of the affluent most afflue nt areas areas of the ccountry. ountry. Richardson, Eileen Ri ichardson, CEO of Downtown Str Streets Team, says eets T eeam, sa ayys her organization about $50,000 orrgganization n will ask ffor o or ab out $50,0 00 of the cit city’s tyy’s funds f to ccover oveer the ccost ost of a case manager, directly case manage err, who will work dir ectly with ab about out 20 2 homeless individuals to get them int into housing. says to housing g. She sa ays y one ccase aase manager people a age ffor orr eevery o veery 20 0p eoplee is a ttried eop ed and true fformula. o orrmula. InnVision’s Zelkha says InnV Viision n’s Z elkha sa ayys other ideas include eexpanding xpa x anding the ccapacity apacitty of the rotating shelter rottating a she lter Hotel de Zink, which now ccan only temporarily about an onl ly temp orarily house ab out 15 individuals. Churches around Palo individuaals. Chur ches ar ound P alo Alto ttake turns offering beds, aak ke tu urns off ffeering b eds, meals and access services. access to ser v cees. vic County Supervisor C ountty Sup S errvisor v JJoe oe Simitian has proposed the Palo proposed th he ccounty ountty and P alo Alto ccome ome together partnership sorts. together on a par tnership of sor ts. “Some Some people say Palo city, people sa ay P alo Alto is just a small cit ty, and ccan’t alone,, and fair enough, an n’’t do o it alone I think on on one level that’s perfectly ne le veel that ’s p erfeectly obvious, says. being ob bvvious,” he sa ayys. “But that b eing said, each and eevery ver e y one of the ccommunities ommunities in the rregion have part, eegion n ha ave to do their par t, and I think p people Palo want eop ple in P alo Alto w ant a to do their par part. t. says city open Kniss sa ayys the cit ty is op en to participating, adds,, ““At participatingg, but, she adds At the end of the da day the safety ay th he ccounty ountty is the saf fet ety net. net”” Away from government offices A way fr o the go om oveernment offic cees and b boardrooms, Palo Pastor oardrooms, East P alo Alto P astor Paul Bains,, of Project WeHOPE, hopes Paul Bains o Pr oject W eeHOPE, hop es that ttalk more aalk of ccollaboration ollaboration is mor re than simply just that. t “The solutio solution on is not going to b bee rremeemedied b byy an anyone nyone o entirely, entirely, y,” Bains says. y” saayys. “It “It’s t’s going to ttake ak ke a ccollaborative ollaborativve eff effort, ffo ort,, and it it’s t’s going to ttake aak ke the cit city, ty, the ccounty ountty and the st ate to do d all the hea avvy lifting state heavy lifting..” O t on th Out h str he t eet, t JJagoda agoda d sa ays y he h and d the street, says other “unhoused” “unho oused” ffolks o olks ha ave cr eativve have creative that range fr om the cit ty solutions that from city h parking pr ogram, adopting a homeless program, similar to on ne used in Sant ta Barbara, to one Santa St anffor o d and d other landowners op ening Stanford opening up spac or tee o -pees and yur ts. He sa ays y spacee ffor tee-pees yurts. says he will ccontinue ontiinue to fight the vvehicle eehicle dwelling ban n, and has eeven veen ttalked alk keed to ban, at tttorneey W iilliam Saff ffo ord ab out assisting attorney William Safford about an nyo one who o gets cited b ty. anyone byy the cit city. “I am pio ioneering i metho h ds d ffor o or pioneering methods futur meless p eople, and securing futuree hom homeless people, their rights agoda sa ayys. “Y Yo ou ccan’t an’t rights,,” JJagoda says. “You just thr ow p eople away away just because because throw people be inconvenient. incon nvenient. You Yo ou can’t can’t we might be throw us u away. away. That’s That’s not what just throw country is about about and not what this country Palo Alto iss about. about.” Palo

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after one drunk drunken ken e ccamper amp per rrousted ousted him while sleeping p g on a p picnic ttable, able, he decided to find other pla places aces to park. C ouncilmember Liz Kniss K Councilmember Kniss,, who rreturned eturned to the ccouncil ouncil after a 12 yyears ears e on the ccounty ountty Boar Board d of Sup Supervisors, e visors, sa er says ayys city protect the cit ty had to act to pr ottect rresidents. eesidents. “More anything else, “Mor re than an nyything else e, this is a public problem, we’ve health pr oblem, and we ’vve said that from beginning, Kniss says. fr om the b eginningg,” Kni iss sa ayys. wanted city While rresidents esidents w ante a ed cit ty officials to fix the situation at Cub Cubberley, bberleey, no happy policy one seems happ py with a p olicy that say “criminalizing” some sa ay is akin to “crimi inalizing” homelessness.. JJagoda, emerged homelessness agoda, who ho has emer wh ged as an unofficial sp spokesperson ok kesp e erson e of the says he’s heard homeless ccommunity, ommunitty, sa ays y he ’s hear d from apologetic fr om ap ologetic rresidents. esidentts. “There’s good morality heree “Ther re’s a lot of go od moralit m ty her Palo Alto,, a lot of P Palo Altans in P alo Alto taans who ffeel eeel alo Alt byy the ban,” he sa says. embarrassed b ayys. several weeks, local In the last se veral we eeks, lo cal nonprofits have nonpr ofits ha ave fformed o ormed d a ttaskforce askffo orce look varietyy of st strategies to lo ok at a variet trategies to Cubberley assist Cubb erley rresidents, esiden nts, including $250,000 the how to use $2 50,000 th he ccouncil ouncil toward helping vvoted oted to put tow ard he elping ccampers ampers shelters,, ser services and possibly find shelters vices an nd p ossibly permanent housing.. C Convened byy p ermanent housing o veened b on Community Working Group, key C ommunitty W orking o G Gr oup, a k ey nonprofit player Palo Alto,, other nonpr ofit pla ayer in P alo o Alto players InnVision pla ayers include: InnV Viisiion Shelter Network, Streets Team, N etwork, Downtown Str S eets T eeam, Mental Momentum ffor or o Ment a Health, al Peninsula Healthcare Connection, P eninsula Healthc are C onnection onnection, Palo Corporation P alo Alto Housing C orp poration and Project WeHOPE. County Pr oject W eeHOPE. C oun nty officials have dropped ha ave also dr opped in. been “The rreal eal push has b eeen ffor or o the dialogue about need ffor or a multi-agency dialo o d gue ab out what strategies we would d rrecommend, ec eco ommend,” says member Zelkha, sa ayys ttask aask fforce orrce memb o er Mila M Z elkha, a InnVision. strategic rrelations elations ffellow eellow ffor or InnV o Viision. “Otherwise keep “O therwise we ccould ould k ee eep going to this cycle band-aid annual cy yccle of one band d-aid solution another. after ft another th .” Off the cit city’s $150,000 O tyy’s ccontribution, ontributtion, $150,0 00 bee used b byy the non nonprofits ccould ould b nprofits ffor or o services $100,000 toward ser vices and $10 0,000 would w go tow waard subsidized housing.. But, 10 vvouchers ouchers ffor o or subsidize o ed housing advocates point there’s currently as adv vocates p oint out, th herre’s curr ently place Palo no plac ce in P alo Alto to use u the vvouchers. ouchers o . wait Opportunity Center The w aait list at the Opp o tunitty C or enter on Encina A Avenue—which provides veenue—whiich pr ovides v showers,, lo lockers, medical help,, ffood, ood, showers ck keers, medic m caal help 88 permanent ccounseling ounseling and 8 8p ermaanent housing single units i ffor o or families f ili and d sing i gle l adults— d l applicants. ccould ould ttake ak ke yyears eears ffor or o somee applic caants. five-story The fiv ve-story ccenter, enter, built in 2006 20 06 at a ccost ost of nearly $24 million funding,, is a using public and privatee funding source sour ce of pride ffor or Knisss and others o who fformed ormed o a homelesss ttask ask fforce o orce 20 yyears ears ago that led to the ccenter’s enter’s


WEB:: WEB TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside metr | sanjos | metr | SEPT SEPTEMBER E M BER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 013

A inside An i id llookk att SSan Jose J politics liti



3 to 1 FOSSIL, FOO FOOL OL The county’s water agency rid r its portfolio of fossil fuels, wo experts which our ex xperts believe will save the world orld .03 seconds.

A Mid Middle ddle Finger too Fossil Fuelss Cllara V The Sant Santaa Clara Valley alle a y Water becam me the first w District became water ater agency in thee nation to join a mo vement to o div est from from ffossil o ossil fuels movement divest fuels,, rretracting etracting in investments veestments last week fr from om ccompanies ompanies cconsidered o onsider ed to ccontribute ontribute to climate cha change ange and harm the world’ waterr supply y. world’ss water supply. onfronting and adapting “We “W We are are cconfronting ange impacts on w ater to climate cha change water supply, supply y, flood flood ccontrol ontrol and w watershed atershed rrestoration, estoration, so o we shouldn’t shouldn’t b bee funding the ssame ame ccompanies ompanies that aree the ccause ar ause of these pr problems, oblems,” said Brian Schmidt, Schmid dt, w water ater district dir director ector and author off the ne new wp policy. olicyy.

The district delivers delivers billions of ga allons of drinking w ater and flo od gallons water flood protection pr rotection ffor or o 1.8 million South Ba B Bay ay rresidents e esidents and some of the nation ’s nation’s top to op tech ccompanies. ompanies. A Agency gency offici officials als sa ay the y’re incr easingly worried say they’re increasingly about ab bout the rreceding eceding Sierra snowpa snowpack ack an nd the b ooming demand ffor o or w atter and booming water ccaused a aused b byy the planet planet’s ’s warming. warming. F or now, now w, we ’ll cut the District — For we’ll District— a.k.a. a. k.a. The Golden Spigot ffor or its o w asteful sp ending—a lit tttle slack, wasteful spending—a little eeven ven if the div divestment estment is mor moree public pu ublic rrelations elations than rrevelatory. evelatory. —J Jennifer eenniffeer W Wadsworth ads a worth

THE T HE SI SSILENT LENT T TREATMENT REA ATME ENT asking figures SSilent ilent TTreatment reatmen nt is a new ffeature eature dedicated to ask king questions of public figur es us.—Editor who rrefuse efuse to talk to us.— Editor

Supervisorr Chavez, you made crime in y yo your our district (East ( San Jose) the biggest biiggest issue in your campaign. Now that you’ve been what elected, wh hat exactly will the county do to prevent crime in East San Jo Jose? ose? Cindy Chave Chavez ez

A poll rreleased eleased last week weeek found found that U.S. Mike Honda, U .S. Rep. Rep. M ike H onda, liliberal beral stalwart and master of kar karaoke, aoke, held mor moree than a 3-to3-to-11 lead over challenger Ro year’s congressional R o Khanna in next year ’s congr essional Polls push election. P olls always p ush our buttons,, but Two groups then came the cold water: watter: T wo gr oups that support Honda’s paid Perhaps figures moree important H onda’s rre-election e-election pai id ffor or it. P erhaps dollar figur es will be the mor Honda’s number to consider as Khanna looks to cut into H onda’s name rrecognition. ecognition. A darling and of the tech investors an nd people who use the word word “paradigm” “paradigm”” a little more more than is healthy, heal thyy, Khanna had more mo ore than $1.7 million in his campaign campaign war chest as of June, Honda than while H onda had less th han $400,000.

THAT’S T HA AT ’S WH WHAT HA AT HE HE/SHE / S HE SSAID AID We believe that t the question before the U.S. U S Congress is not, “Can the Obama Administration Administrat tion prove that used the Syrian government g chemical we weapons?” eapons?” Rather, paramount the paramou unt question is, “ se for the United if that is true, “What is the best cours course States to take, and why?” — U.S. Congresswom Congresswomen g men Zoe Lofgren fg ((right) g ) and An Anna na Eshoo in a jjoint statement about aut authorizing thorizing a strike on Syria.

2014: When Wheen the Money’ Money’s ’s Gone All the mone moneyy sp spent ent el electing lecting Cindy Chavez Cha avez to a ccounty ountty sup supervisor pervisor seat will undoubtedly ha have ave an impact on the 2014 elections. elections. Thee Democratic Democratic Party start P arty is i going i to st art the th ccampaign ampaign i cycle little cy cle with lit tttle in the bank,, during an election season in whic which new mayor ch a ne w ma ayo or of San Jose bee elec elected Jose will b cted and at least three Council bee thr ee seats on the City City C ouncil will b grabs.. The ccounty Democratic up ffor o or grabs oun ntty Demo cratic Party have defend U.S. P arty will also ha ave to def feend U .S. Rep. Mikee Honda fr from R eep. Mik om m challenger

Ro R o Khanna, Khannaa, and C Councilman ouncilman Xa Xavier avvier Campos C ampos fr from o the ensemble ccast om ast lining up to ttake ake him on. The eexpectation xpectation is that the party party will sp spend end big ffor or o both b oth men, men esp especially ecially after Honda did so much to o help get Cha Chavez avez elected. Ass for A for o C Campos, am mpos, his older sister sister,, st state ate Assembly A ssembly Sp S Speaker eaker Pro Pro T Tem em e Nora Nora Campos, C ampos, iss not lik likely ely to allow the party par ty to skimp sk kimp on his re-election re-election just because b ecause th they hey have haave bigger issues to deal with. —Nic —Nick ck Drap Draper er


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Andr Android A d oid id VP Ditches Ditch hes Google China ffor or Ch hina Google Vicee Pr President esident of Android Android pr oducts Hugo Huugo Barra Barra has left the products company for for o Chinese smartphone maker Xiao omi. Bar ra, who was with Xiaomi. Barra, Google for for five years and has played a major role role in the development of the Andr oid op erating system, will likely lead Android operating Xiaomi’s development deevelopment efforts efforts as that company se eeks to expand its Android Android seeks smartphone es into multiple multiple markets. smartphones


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Xiaomi is tthe leading maker of mobile phones in China, surpassing Apple after just two t years. —Dan Holden Steve W Westly estly

Q&A: SSteve tevee Westly, W estlyy, CleanCleantech Indus Industry try VC Most Californians Californians mightt recognize recognize fformer ormer eBay exec Steve Steve W estly fr om his Westly from run for for governor in 200 2006 6 and his tenur tenuree as SState tate Contr oller of CCalifornia, a ornia, but alif Controller since then he he’s ’s moved out o of politics and into The W estly Gr o the ventur oup, Westly Group, venturee 2007. capital firm he ffounded ounded in 2007 7. Westly Sept.. 26 at the W estly will speak Sept C2SV Technology Technology e Conf e ence with er Conference political rreform eform activistt Josh Silver on how digital technologyy can reform reform government and improve improve o the world. Metro ro is a sponsor of C2SV.) C2SV V..) (Metr

What ar are re you up to these th hese days? My partners and I havee buil builtt one of larger the lar ger clean-tech ventur vventuree firms in the country We justt raised raised our country.. We thirdd fund and are thir are proud prouud to have had ffour our of our companies go public on NASDAQ NA SDAQ including Tesla Teesla Motors. What tech innovation are are you most no ow? excited about right now? I’m intrigued with bothh Uber and oP ower. I think both off these firms oPower. aree fundamentally changing ar changing an industry and they will both have very —Stephen teephen Layton successful IPOs. —S

McAffee McAfee Gonee Wild As a ffollow-on As ollow w-on to the inf infamous amous (and very NSFW) NSFW) W guns-and-girls video lampooningg press lampoonin press char characterizations acterizations of his lif n the last ffew ew years, tech lifee iin industry bad baad boy John McAfee McAfee has rreleased eleased a new video called John McAffeee TTells el ells All/ Raaw w. McAfee All/Raw With a cast cast that includes many of the same P Portland, ortlland, Or Ore.-area e.-area “dancers” “dancers” who graced gracedd his first video, McAfee McAfee launches into in nto a marginally marginally different different story about about his life life on an exclusive island off tthe coast of Belize where, where, a year ago found dead ago, a neighbor was found in his own home of a gunshot wound. The new vid deo appears mor video moree than anything else elsse to be a fond fond reflection reflection on his previous previouss exploits,, including plenty of of—and photos of— —and stories about—his toohot-to-han dle girlfriends. —Dan Holden hot-to-handle

John McAfee McAffee


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Checking In POST P OST PARCEL PA RCEL F Facing acing St. James P Park, ark, the St. James H Hotel otel stood on the land now occupied by the San Jose main post office.

Ex Exhibition xhibition at ML MLK LK Library explores explor res heyday of Downtown D San Jose’s Jose’s historic hisstoric hotels by GAR GARY Y SINGH S


HE FIFTH FLOOR FLOOR of the Martin Mar rtin Luther Luther King, Jr., Jr., Main Mai in Library Library already comes com mes fully packed with historical historrical treasure troves. troves. Now, thanks N ow w, thank ks to the Sourisseau Academy for fo or State and Local Local History, one straight aight History y, on ne hundred str g years of San Sa an Jose Jose hotel history presents itself ittself upon arrival. arrival. ““A A Century y of Hospitality: Hospitality: San Hotels JJosé osé H otelss 1840-1930,” covers the entire foyer area, that is, is, past the doors do oors and in front of Special Collections. Colllections.

A mammoth amount of information secret historyy ar aree in nffo ormation and secr et histor Even it’s what rrevealed. evealed. e Ev en if it ’s just to see wha at looked like D Downtown lo ok ked e lik ke at the turn off the ccentury—with o entury— —with a hotel on seemingly is,, whe when se eemingly eevery veery ccorner, orner, that is en San was both Sa an JJose ose w aas b oth a supply hub and da transportation thriving tr ransportation ccenter enter with a thrivin ng tourist industryy and eff effective ways to ourist industr ffeective w ayys to brand leisuree tra travelers—then b rand itself ffor o or leisur aveelers—th hen visitors walk vi isitors will w aalk aaway way from from the eexhibit xxh hibit wholly satisfied. Or sad-isfied. w Upon opening Upon entry, entry, beyond beyond o the op eningg placard, placard,, one sees period period costumes costumes behind Victorian behind a glass ccase. ase. V ictorian i and Edwardian present E waardian get-ups Edw gett--ups pr esent a view view of o what people w p eople in San Jose Jose wore wore during durin ng those th hose eras. eras. From From there, there, viewers viewers ccan an n

traaveel thr travel through ough the eexhibit, xhiibit,, vie viewing wing plac ards ffor or diff o ffeerent dec d ades fr placards different decades from om 1840 to 1930. A ccomprehensive omprehensive amount of te xt and inf formation o text information should k eep par ticipan nts o ccupied ffor o or keep participants occupied quite a while while.. F orggottten t landmark ks lik ke the Forgotten landmarks like St. JJames ames Hotel,, the P a acific Hotel, Pacific the A uzerais House an nd the Hotel Auzerais and V eendome are are no longe er with us Vendome longer us,, but through through their phot tos we rreceive eceive photos ccosmic osmic transmissions of o an older older,, mor osee. F illed with moree jubilant San JJose. Filled rretail etail and ser vice indus stry work keers, service industry workers, tourists, theater r--goers and a tr olleeys y tourists, theater-goers trolleys b effor o e the tracks wer ed up before weree ripp ripped up,, the str eets of San JJo o du uring that era streets during am om all wer li veely ly. P eople l ccame me her h ffrom ll weree liv lively. People heree fr o veer the California Califfo ornia uni iverse. The St. over universe. JJames ames Hotel sat right acr aacross oss fr om the from park of the same name e, right wher name, wheree the p ost offic w. The T A uzerais post officee is now now. Auzerais House o ccupied par o the blo ck on occupied partt of block Sant ettw ween Mark M keet and F irst Santaa Clara b between Market First Str eet. The V eendome w as a a Queen Street. Vendome was

ther up on Anne V iicto orian mansion far Victorian farther N orth F irstt Str eet eet. North First Street. Some off these buildings do still eexist xist an nd the stories ccan an b and bee transdimen nsionally eexperienced xp x erienced b transdimensionally byy shat ttering t the t spac e-time ccontinuum ontinuum shattering space-time to daay in 20 013. Right now w, ffor or eexample, o xample, today 2013. now, the buildin ng housing the St arbucks building Starbucks on Sant C Str eet at San P edro Santaa Clara Street Pedro Squar ed to b amolle House Squaree use used bee the L Lamolle House,, a rit zy Fr en nch ac commodation and ritzy French accommodation rrestaurant estaurant 10 0 yyears ears e ago 100 ago.. This is one of the buildin ngs still st anding, one easily buildings standing, rrecognized ecognized d in the eexhibit. xhibit. One glass ccase ase in par t ticular eeven ven ffeatures eatur e es p eriod particular period china and ttableware ablewaare originally used in the L amollle House Lamolle House.. Quite a sight. T wo w hot tels depicted in the eexhibit xhibit Two hotels ar viou usly still with us: The aree ob obviously Mont gomeery and the De Anza. In Montgomery the show w, one o ccan an p eer b eneath and show, peer beneath b ehind gla ass ccases ases to see original guest behind glass rregisters, egisters, le etttterhead,, p ostcards, fly yers e , letterhead, postcards, flyers, b br ochur h es, maps and d ccorrespondence orrespondenc d e brochures, fr om b oth pr operties, 8 0 yyears ears ago from both properties, 80 in their he yd daayys, b effo ore the eell into heydays, before theyy ffell disr epair de ecades later disrepair decades later.. Lick Obs servatory also pla ayys a huge Observatory plays rrole ole in the eexhibit, xxhibit,, not just b ecause it because w as the firs st p ermanently o ccupied was first permanently occupied obser vatorry in the world,, but also observatory b ecause the ere eexisted xxisted sp ecifically because there specifically designed st tagecoaches to ttake ake stagecoaches tourists on n a 26-mile rroute oute fr om the from V eendome d S St ables bl , all ll the h w ay up to the h Vendome Stables, way obser vatorry. One of the stops w aas the observatory. was Smith Cr eeek Hotel op erated b Creek operated byy Mrs Mrs.. Hat tttie Gar rnosset. If tra avelers in 18 90 Hattie Garnosset. travelers 1890 w anted to st ay at the obser vatory after wanted stay observatory dark to vie w the sk ky thr ough the ne wview sky through newfangled 36-inch rrefracting efracting telesc ope, 36-inch telescope, the ould then sp end the night at the theyy ccould spend Smith Hot tel. Hotel. In anoth her classic stor y, Amadeo another story, P eter Gian nnini,, ffounder o ounder of the Bank Peter Giannini, of It alyy— —n now known as Bank of Italy—now Americ a— —was b orn in the Swiss Hotel, America—was born on N orth Mark M keet Str eet,, in 1870. His North Market Street, dad manag ged the hotel and the yyoung oung o managed A.P P. eeventually ventu e ually mo ved e to San Francisc o moved Francisco wher m into a banking wheree he married family y. He then op ened the world's family. opened first branch h bank,, in San JJose, ose, in 19 09. 1909. Lik ewisee pr ominently ffeatured eeatured in Likewise prominently the show iss the original inc arnation incarnation of the Hote el Sainte Clair e. A Hotel Claire. Ass with other pr op perties, we see dec adesproperties, decadesold ccorrespondence, orresp pondence, let tterhead t and letterhead br ochures. Sinc xhibit only ccovers oveers brochures. Sincee the eexhibit the era thr ough 1930,, ther e’s nothing through there’s fr om when n the Dead K ennedys e pla ayed e from Kennedys played ther 82,, after the hotel had fallen theree in 19 1982, into disr ep pute. But all in all,, ttwo w wo big disrepute. thumbs up p ffor or this one o ocks! one.. Histor Historyy rrocks!


PHOTO: Jeff Shanes

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rrecycle ecy your


1959 WEST SAN CARLOS 408.292.6100 BLOSSOM HILL RD 408.269.1000 1008 BLOS buy / sell / tr trade ade / consign metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 013


Point Guy Jeff S Stibel tibel thinks the t Internet has h hit its limits. lim mits. That’s That’ ’s not necessa necessarily arily a bad th thing hing BY B YD DAN AN N HOLDEN HOLD EN


But, he adds adds,, that sh shouldn’t houldn’t anyone who’s been around surprise an yone who ’s b een ar ound because it’s happened ffor o or a while, while, b ecause it ’s happ ened before. Lots times.. b effo ore. L ots of times Stibel, scientist Stib el, a brain scient el, tist and entrepreneur, author entr epreneur, is autho or of the bestseller eevocatively vocatively titled b estsseller Breakpoint: Web Will Implode, Br eakpoint: Why the W eeb W iill Implo dee, Search Will Obsolete, Everything Sear ch W iill Be Obsolet e, and Ev errything y You About Else Y ou o Need ttoo Know Ab A out Technology Your Brain. Stibel T eechnology Is in Y oour Br rain. Stib el will book Sept. 277 at the discuss his b ook on Se pt. 2 C2SV Technology Conference, C2S VT eechnology C on nffer e ence, an byy Me Metro. eevent vent sponsored sponsored b etro. entrepreneurial side,, On the entr epreneu urial side he’s president he ’s the pr esident and CEO of the Bradstreet Credibility Dun and Bradstr eet Cr redibility Corporation, new C orporation, a rrelatively elatively e ne w D&B vventure enture that helps ccompanies om mpanies improve credit ratings impr ove their cr edit ra atings and credibility. their online cr edibility. side,, he he’s On the brain studiess side ’s written number writ ten a numb er of ac aacademic ademic papers, pap ers, mostly dealingg with how ategorizes the brain absorbs and ccategorizes information, inf fo ormation,, and is ch chairman hairman of BrainGate, B BrainGate i G t , a ccompany ompany whose h “b i “brain chip”” technolo chip technology—recently gy—recently ffeatured eeatured on 60 Minut Minutes—allows es—allowss the se severely verely disabled to ccontrol ontrol ele electronics ctronics with nothing but their thou thoughts. ughts. Although these ttwo wo o ar areas eas of expertise expertise ma may ay seem wi wildly ildly div divergent, ergent, Stibel Stibel b believes elieves that the there ere is a deep connection connection b between etween so social ocial media startups startups and brain rresearch eseearch that has esc escaped aped the entr entrepreneurial ep preneurial community communit i y ffor o or to too o lon llong. ng.

Overgrowth O vergrowth “The Internet and the brain b both oth work in similar w ways, ays y ,” sa ssays ayys Stib Stibel, el,, in a easy-going eas y--going st style yle charact characteristic teristic of the orhood wher Malibu neighb neighborhood wheree he liv lives es

works. “Both ccan an deal with an and works. aw wful lot off inf fo ormation,, both both ccan an awful information, process it an nd use it and work with it, process and ttheree is to o much going on, but when ther too people giv mo ove on. on people givee up and move Zuck u erberg’s announc ement “Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement trrying to get ttwo w wo and a half that he is trying morre p eople onto the Internet billion more people could end up u b eing an eexample. xample.” could being oth her p ossibilities, says saays y Stibel, Stibel, Among other possibilities, “Adding a ffew ew billion mor people “Adding moree people rnet ccould ould ccause ause an epic to the Inter Internet failure of th he ener gy grid.” failure the energy issue, he says, saayys, is that Another issue, scaling up simply s ffor o or the sake sak ke of scaling growth ccan an n lead to an inf fo ormation growth information overload th hat will turn p eople aaway. way. overload that people Evveen more more to the p oint,, he sa ayys, to o Even point, says, too many entrepreneurs entrepr e eneurs giv many givee up when en ns. that happ happens. “W We are are so wrapp ed up as “We wrapped entrepreneeurs thinking ab out size entrepreneurs about scale, but b sc ale isn ’t alw ayys a and scale, scale isn’t always good thing g. T eechnology, and our good thing. Technology, ability to pr p ocess it,, is as much a ability process gy as technolo gy. function off biolo biology technology. Yees, size i do d oes mat tter t , but b t sometimes ti Yes, does matter, etter,” Stib el sa ayys. smaller is b better,” Stibel says. elieves technolo gists and He b believes technologists entrepreneeurs need to rrethink ethink their entrepreneurs assumption ns ab out sc ale and the assumptions about scale Internet—tto lo ok at each fr om a Internet—to look from diff ffeerent pl lane. different plane. ou ask a p eople how much “If yyou people Interneet is gr owing yyear ear o ver the Internet growing over year, typically typically a p eople will ans wer year, people answer 100 p ercent, 20 0p ercent,”” sa ays y with,, 100 percent, 200 percent,” says S ibel. Stib l “But “B t last l yyear ear Internet I gr owth h Stibel. growth by 9 p ercent. The W o orld slowed by percent. World Wide i W eeb is actually shrinking; Wide Web year it shrunk ffor or the first time o last year ever. Wikipedia Wiikip pedia has st arted to slow ever. started slow.. Facebook has h st arted to slow w. Facebook started slow. on nicallyy, in that slower “But ir ironically, growth,, tha at’s wher ou ccan an st art to growth, that’s wheree yyou start

make the rreal eal mone y, b ecause those t make money, because e ested that ar aree left ar aree the most inter interested users, the p ower users users, power users.. veragge V C “That idea is lost on the aaverage VC entrepreneur, and frankly that’s thatt’s or entrepreneur, wh hy so many man ny companies companies blow up, up p, like like why Myspace for fo or example, example x ,” says saayys Stibel. Stibel. “God “God Myspace fo orbid if you you ccame ame in late to Mysp pace forbid Myspace o our name w aas JJohn ohn Smith.” and yyour was Stibel says saayys Fac ebook runs thee Stibel Facebook

‘When you y get to the g h p i t where h e point i ’s easier it’ i it’s ffor me to h off ff ffrom m shut b k Facebook Fa acebook than to shu shutt ff from f thiis off this th n person,, then you’ve y ’ got g bl a problem.’ problem. ’ ecoming another Mysp pace, risk of b becoming Myspace, because the mor because moree users and connections it has the mor eople connections has,, ““the moree p people ar ontent ab aabout out aree going to b bee seeing ccontent ousin’s sister’ oth her’s how their ccousin’s sister’ss br brother’s cat had a hairball… who needs to cat that? know that? ou get to the p oint wher “When yyou point wheree it’s easier ffor or o me to shut off fr om m it’s from Facebook than to shut off fr om m this Facebook from person, then yyou’ve ou’ve got a pr obllem,”” person, problem,” saays y Stibel. Stibel. says

CCultural ultural N Network etwork Stib Stibel el enjo enjoys ys ha having avving the abilit ability ty to build a bridge b between etween ac academic adem mic brain studies and entr entrepreneurial epreneurrial approaches appr oaches to the Internet. “If yyou o ou w want ant to be be a go good od eng engineer, gineer,

yyou o ou have haave to study b biology. iology. Biolo Biology gy been around is engineering that has h b een ar ound ffor o or hundreds hundreds of mill millions lions of yyears. eears. been around Engineering has b eeen ar ound ffor o or a ccouple ouple of hundr hundred ed d yyears ears and sciencee eeven ccomputer omputer scienc veen less than that.” The media indust industry try in Hollywo Hollywood od understands this,, St Stibel believes, underst ands this tibel b elieves, but hasn’t hasn ’t adequately implemented im mplemented it technologically. technolo gicallyy. “When yyou o ou lo ok at it in terms of look rreal eal gr owth ar eas to odaay—big dat a, growth areas today—big data, media,, ccontent ontent and technolo gy— —the technology—the epic enter of all of th hat is L.A.,” sa ayys epicenter that says Stib el,, adding that “it ““it’s ’s the rresult esult of a Stibel, ccombination ombination of fact tors. Most not ablyy, factors. notably, I guess i the ccontent ontent guess,, is that L.A. is ccapital apital of the world,, lar gely b ecause of largely because the entertainment entertainment industr iindustry. y.” In addition,, he sa ayys, “N ow the says, “Now media guys ar v ving aaway way fr om aree mo moving from the ccore ore media ccompanies om mpanies to ne w new technolo gy pr esentations, ne w technology presentations, new plat forms o . Right no ow a lot of this is platforms. now st arting in the Bay Baay Ar A ea,, but it will starting Area, b ecome a dominan nt mark et her become dominant market heree onc ture is built out. oncee the infrastruct infrastructure out.”” The cconvergence on nvergence of adv ertising, advertising, so cial media, and streaming sttreaming ccontent ontent social deliv ery net works will w b ecome delivery networks become far mor obust, pa articularly in moree rrobust, particularly cconnection onnection to the media m industr y. industry. “It ’s a vir tuous cir clle when it rreally eally “It’s virtuous circle works well. Onc o get a dominant ou Oncee yyou ffoothold oothold on one pla attfo orm, eff ffeectively platform, effectively that b ecomes a cult tural net work. becomes cultural network. “Ev entually this is i all going to “Eventually cconverge. on nverge. It ’s not go oing to b It’s going bee all ab out NBC or the other o big net works about networks pushing ccontent, ontent,, it ’s ab out JJoe oe Smith it’s about uploading his own pr p oduction.” production.

Jeff Stibel Stibel will keyn keynote note on C2 C2SV’s SV’s second day day, y, Friday, Friday, Sept. Sept. 27, 277, at 9am. Other keynote spea speakers akers include Robert R obert Scoble, Scoble, Nolan Nolaan Bushnell, Bushnell, Brian James B rian SSolis olis and Jam mes Williamson. More M ore infomation infomation ab about bout the C2 C2SV SV TTechnology echnology Conf Conference erence e can be ffound ound at www


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HEN N Mark Zuckerberg announced an nnounced an initiative init iative to bring Internet Intern net access to the 2.5 billion b people not yett connected, Jeff Jeff Stib bel’s first thought was wass that Zuckerberg Stibel’s just put the Internet Intternet on a fast-track fast-track to implode. metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013




@Breakpoint @ Breaakpoinnt Nature N ature has a way of regu regulating lating system systems ms t that grow too o big. The Int Internet ernet has hitt that p point, and th e recognition n of that is th he key the the t its evolutio to on. evolution. BY B Y JJEFF EFF SSTIBEL TIBEL


n 1880, 18880, the United States brought b together the world d’s leading experts to o determine what world’s New N ew York York City would look k like in 100 years years.. At th the e time, N New ew Y York ork w was ass a fast-growing hub of entrepreneurship entrep preneurship and inno ovation. The city had innovation. launched d the first elev elevated ated tr train, a w ain, was as experimenti experimenting ng with an under u ground subw ay y and w as on the verg ge subway was verge of a maj o feat, launching the or e first skyscr aper. major skyscraper. After some som me deliber deliberation, ation, the tteam eam came back with unanimo ous consensus: N ew Y ork City would be unanimous New York destroyed years.. destroye d within 100 years Why? Why? ut that ther as a It turns ou out theree w was massive massive p population opu ulation b boom oom in N New ew York o City. City. Th he net work of p eople York The network people om m 30,0 00 in the early had gone fr from 30,000 1800s to near rly ffour o our million p eople, 1800s nearly people, doubling in ssize ize eevery very ten yyears. ears. A Att rate, the eexperts xperts cconcluded, oncluded, that rate, ld need mor the cit cityy woul would moree than six es to transp ort all of million horse horses transport those p eople b 80. people byy 19 1980. New New York, York, o , though, t , already already had an maanure problem. problem. bl E h one enormous manure Each cittyy’s ne early 20 0,000 horses of the city’s nearly 200,000 was waas excreting excreting rrough oughly 24 pounds pounds of manure and a quar urine…every manure quartt of urine…every daay. With With the increased increased need of single day. eep p up with the p opulation, horses to k keep population, even 20 yyears ears of gr owth would put the even growth citty knee-deep knee-deep p in shit. city

Predicting Pr edicting the futur futuree is har hard d ffor or o a numb er of rreasons. easons. F or one thing g, number For thing, m p most eople just assume mor e, mu uch people more, much m mor e, of the same ak ke what iss more, same.. W Wee ttake cu urrent and pr oject into the futur e. current project future. But Bu ut ther theree is another appr approach. oach. Inst Instead tead off trying trying to pre predict the futur e, we ccan an future, us se hindsight to see if ther ny use theree ar aree an any hi istorical or biolo gical parallels historical ological parallels.. The Internet is p pervasive ervasive and itt is gr rowing at an eever ver faster pac e, ttaking ak king growing pace, up p more more ener gy, mor h, energy, moree bandwidth bandwidth, m mor i . But B it i will ill not just j yie ield ld moree time time. yield m mor ust as moree manur manuree and urine urine.. JJust N ew York York o Cit voided its horse New Cityy aavoided br reakpoint with the in vention off breakpoint invention ccars a and mass transp ars ortation, so to ttoo o transportation, w the Internet b will benefit enefit fr from om ne new w in nnovations, novations, the lik es of which wee likes ccan’t a ’t yyet an et fathom.

Signs of the web ’s b br eakpoint web’s breakpoint haave b een ar ound ffor or a ffew o ew yyears. ears. have been around The most significant, significant,, though t rar ely rarely rreported, eported, sign is that the t gr owth of growth the web is actually slo owing down. slowing While gr owth in the numb n er of growth number websites w as o ver 8 00 p ercent in the was over 800 percent first ten yyears, ears, it slowe ed to a paltr slowed paltryy 19 p ercent in 2012 and d is pr percent projected ojected to b or the ne xt fiv bee less than that ffor next fivee yyears. ears. The numb er of users is also number slowing; ther ercent ffewer ewer theree wer weree 4 p percent p eople using the web on their PCs people in 2012 than the yyear ear b effor o e. In before. addition, the amount of time p eople people ar ending on the web w is dr opping: aree sp spending dropping: fr om 72 minutes p er da d ay in 2011 to from per day 70 minutes in 2012. This T is a small change end will ccontinue. ontinue. change,, but the tr trend Be yond the br eakpoint o lie ne w Beyond breakpoint new ideas w technolo giees and ne w ideas,, ne new technologies new opp ortunities. opportunities.

Overload Ov erload Our minds ccan an only digest d so much. Sur e, knowledge is a go ggood od thing Sure, thing.. But ther theree is a p point oint att which eeven ven knowledge is bad. P Psychologists sychologists ccall all this “inf formation o o verrload,”” and it “information overload,” h b has become ecome an incr iincreasing eassing i pr problem oblem bl in the inf information fo ormation ag age. ge. Ev Even en the sturdiest crumbles stur diest shelf crumbl les under the weight of to too o man manyy b books. ooks. Growth Gr owth is a ccore ore ten tenet net of suc success. cess. But we often destr oy o eatest destroy our gr greatest innovations inno vations b byy the constant con nstant pursuit of gr growth. owth. An idea em emerges, merges, ttakes akes

hold,, cr crosses osses the chasm,, hits a tipping point p oint and then st starts arts a meteoric rise with seemi seemingly ingly limitless p potential. otential. But mor moree often o than not,, it implo implodes, des, destroying destr oyingg itself in the pr process. ocess. Technology T eechnollogy to too o has limits limits.. Energgyy is an imp important o tant cconsumption or onsumption limit and we ar aree seeing the en environmen vironmenttal al effects eff ffeects of iignoring gnoring that. U Usefulness sefulness i also is l ak key ey limit: li i often ft times times, i , the h moree som mor something ething gr grows ows b beyond eyond a ccertain ertain p point, oint, the mor moree cumb cumbersome ersome it is to use use.. W With iith net networks, works, such as the Intern Internet, net, Fac Facebook ebook and T Twitter, witter, w the users themselv tthemselves es ar aree often the problem. Too manyy p people pr oblem. T oo man eople on network create one net wo ork cr eate ccongestion ongestion unlikee that of a bus busyy high highway: not unlik way: entiree net network eeventually ventuallyy the entir work gridlocks. gridlo ck ks. Rather than endless growth, bee to gr owth, the th he goal should b grow quickly possible—what gr ow as qu uickly as p ossible—what technologists hypergrowth— technolo giists ccall all h ypergrowth— breakpoint until the br b eakpoint is rreached. eached. Then benefits scale stop and rreap eap the b enefits of sc ale alongside st sstability. ability. often It is ofte en thought that ffor o or an economy bee health healthy, bee ec onomy to t b y, it must b growing; otherwise gr owing; other o wise it is in rrecession. ecession. Inflationary growth become Inflationar ry gr owth has b ecome proxy economic a pr oxy ffor orr ec o onomic health, growth aree not but gr owth h and health ar Few aree ssynonymous. ynon nymo y ous. F ew ccompanies ompanies ar maintain hypergrowth able to ma aintain the h yypergrowth economic rrequired equired in n this ttype ype of ec onomic environment. en vironmeent. Only 65 of the New York ccompanies ompaniess listed on the N ew Y ork o Stock Exchange 19255 still eexist Sto ck Exch hange in 192 xist as independent today. indep endeent businesses to daay.


Remember R eemember the early da d days ayys of the Internet?? It st Internet started arted as a net network work of only a ffew ew cconnected onnected ccomputers, omputers, growing gr owing slowly in the early da days ayys but eexpanding xpanding rapidly ther thereafter. eafter. ARPAnet, ARP PAnet, A ffor o or its par part, t, w was as cr created eated to enable ccommunication ommunicattion b between etween ARPA’s ARP PA’s full-time f ll i scient scientists i tists i and d scientists fr from om univ universities erssities and private rresearch esearch institu institutions. utions. The first ttwo wo mainfr mainframes rames wer weree cconnected onnected in 19 1969; 69; thee first let letters, ters, L, then O O,, cr crossed ossed the Internet I so soon on

A recent survey found that tha at the average avera age person iss more willing willling to forgo f g coffee, c ff sleep, TV, sleep p, TV V, even sex, than n to give up o online nline access. access. ther eafter; a thir d let teer— G—led to thereafter; third letter—G—led the first Internet crash h minutes later (so much ffor or o lo gging on). o Ethernet logging w as in nvented in 1973; T CP w as was invented TCP was adopted in 19 83; the fir rst use of the 1983; first smile ame in that t same yyear. ear. smileyy fac facee :-) ccame Ar ound the yyear ear e 20 00,, the number number Around 2000, of de vices cconnected onnected to the t Internet devices eexploded, xxploded,, gr owing to fiv ve billion within growing five eight yyears. eears. There There ar no ow mor devices aree now moree devices cconnected onnected to the Intern et than ther Internet theree ar eople on ear th. If yyou o own a ou aree p people earth. smar tphone or a laptop to daay, you yo ou are are smartphone today, as much a par nternet as is the partt of the In Internet mainframe at MIT T. MIT. The Internet w as cr e eated in the was created 1960s 19 60s but didn didn’t ’t gain widespr w widespread ead adoption until the ons onset set of the World W orld W o Wide ide i W Web eb e in 19 1993. 993. It is har hard d

to believe believe how h yyoung oung the Internet is fr om an eevolutionary volutionary p oint of vie w. from point view. Most p an’t imagine living people eoplle ccan’t survey without it: a rrecent ecent sur vey ffound ound o person moree that the aaverage verage p erson is mor willing to forgo fo orgo coffee, coff ffeee, sleep, sleep, TV, TV V, even even sex, givee up online ac access. se x, than to o giv cess. Some psychologists psychologists claim that created technology we cr eated a technolo gy that is brains.. Despite now rrewiring ewiriing our brains lives its impact on o our liv es and our businesses,, vvery people businesses ery ffew ew p eople understand underst and d what the Internet actually is or o how it is eevolving. volving. Internet scaled The Inte rnet has sc aled to epic proportions. Theree ar aree 2.4 billion pr oportion ns. Ther people online, surfing over 600 p eople onli ine, sur fing o ver 6 00 websites. alone,, million we bsites. One site alone YouTube, Y o ouTube, did d more more traffic last yyear ear entire 2000. than the en ntire Internet did in 20 00. Facebook moree users than Fac ebook now n has mor 2004. the entire entire Internet I had in 20 04. Even Netflix, local Ev en N etfliix, our online lo cal video shop,, drives between shop drives b etween 20 and 30 percent traffic.. p ercent of all Internet traffic web, The web b, along with the ideas grown enormously. it spreads, spreads, has h gr own enormously y. Theree were 1993, Ther were no websites in 19 93, 2002 20 million websites in 20 02 and 600 byy 2012. This is 6 00 million n sites b astounding growth number: an astound ding gr owth numb er: a person growing large from birth p erson gr ow wing that lar ge fr om bir th bee able moon byy would b a to touch the mo on b was the time hee w as ten. Networks rarely approach N etwork ks rar ely appr oach their measured, orderly limits in a measur m ed,, or derly fashion. Theree are this.. Ther are ttwo wo rreasons easons ffor or o this First, growth hard F irst,, exponential expon nential gr owth is har d Second, networks to control. control. Sec ond, net works often don’t don ’t know w the ccarrying arrying ccapacity apacity environments they’ve of their en v onments until the vir y’ve it. eexceeded xceeded d d it t This t. Thi is i a characteristic h t i ti way of limits in n general: the only w ay to rrecognize ecognize a limit is to eexceed xceed it. It is breakpoint ffor or this rreason o eaason that the br eakpoint network—the of a net worrk k— —the time at which it eexceeds xceeds thee ccarrying arrying ccapacity apacity of the environment—is critical. en vironmeent—is so critic al. grow The web b ccontinues ontinues to gr ow but utilityy iss falling falling.. It It’s its utilit ’s a classic ccase ase much good thing.. The of too too muc ch of a go od thing network whole net w work is set to ccollapse ollapse if we don’t don ’t cull itt down.

From Jeff Stibel. Fr om Breakpoint Break kpoint bbyy J eff e Stib el. Copyright C ooppyyright © 2013 bbyy the author and Palgravee rreprinted eprinted bbyy ppermission ermission of Palgrav Macmillan, a division of Macmillan Publishers Publisher rs Lt LLtd. d.

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Exceeding Ex xceeding th the he Limits metr | sanjos | metr m | SSEPTEMBER E P TE M B E R 4-10, 4 -10 2013

110 0 220

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TToo advertise in this section section call 408.200.1308. 408.200.1308.

Focus Focus Learn L earn H How ow T To oM Meditate editate And Why! Enjoy life! Enjoy life! CCalm alm thee mind. Improve Improve relationships. relationships. Make better decisi ons.. Meditation and Buddhist decisions. View with Reed Sh herman.. Everyone is welcome.. No Sherman. pr evious experienc ce necessary y. $10 per class.. Every previous experience necessary. Thursdayy evening, g, 7:309,, Unitarian Universalist 7:30-9, Fellowship of Los Los Gatos, G os 15980 Blossom Hill Rd.. LLos Gatos,, 95032.. Call Call Kelsang Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 ffor or inf ormation or visitt us at information www

Massage By y Michael Great massage by Asian Great Asian man. In $50.. Outcall $70 0.. By CMT. CMTT. $70. For days 408-400-9088 408-400--9088 or after 7pm 408-893 -1966. 408-893-1966.




650.960.3986 1521 Grant Road Mountain View, 94040 Moo 040

Tucked away in Palo Alto’s Town and Country Village, Tin Pot Creamery might prove hard to find if not for the long line of customers. But the line did move quickly. Tin Pot’s ice cream flavors aren’t completely out-there, but they are outside the traditional run-of-the-mill ice cream shop and characterized by seasonal ingredients. Some seven to nine flavors are seasonally set, while three to four flavors change, allowing for creative whims. On my venture there I was nursing a cold and tried the sweet cream with honey balsamic swirls ($3.50 for one scoop, $4 for two). It was the texture that won it for me. The spoonfuls were heavy and rich; the cold honey swirls were calming and full-bodied. Other flavors that looked enticing: their Earl Grey, Four Barrel coffee with cocoa nib toffee and roasted banana fudge ripple.

On the Wing I was excited to see two culinary factions converge—the American chicken wing and the Asian style of cookery—at LOL Chicken on East Capitol Expressway. The menu includes traditional Korean favorites and combination platters, but the distinguishing edge of LOL is its Asian-inspired wing offerings and pairings with yogurt soju, a blend of yogurt, alcohol and lemon lime soda. The wings are tossed in sauce—options include spicy garlic and honey lemon—and served with sticks of fried rice cakes and a choice of two sides. The restaurant has been open for about a week now. They’ve certainly placed themselves in a community hub, with East San Jose at their beck and call and Andrew Hill and Silver Creek high schools a stone’s throw away. —Kristine Bautista Read more about new spots in town and share tips on the latest in food news with

A New Leaf FOR THE FIRST TIME in San Jose history, a Nepalese tea visionary will set foot in a British-style tea atelier with a Japanese name, Satori. It doesn't get any more “half-Eastern, half-Western” than that, now does it? In Nepal, Parshu Dahal runs the Society Development Center (SODEC), a grassroots nonprofit striving to reduce poverty via sustainable organic agriculture and other programs. On Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11am, he will descend upon Satori Tea Company for a special and serene get-together to share stories about farmers in remote communities of the Himalayan foothills. He will discuss the impact of organic cash crops on that part of the world, and share his ongoing projects and future plans. Organic tea from Nepal will be served along with light tea treats. Dahal helped start SODEC in 2001, attempting to address local poverty by growing and processing organic tea for the export market. Realizing that tea could grow on otherwise useless land, he organized villagers and trained them on the planting, care and harvest of tea. Now he oversees a factory, collectively owned by 155 farming families, the first of its kind in Nepal. At Satori Tea Company, he will share his visions, including a five-year project of planting organic almonds in rural Nepal and helping farmers in a new area start an income-generating industry for their future.—Gary Singh SATORI TEA COMPANY Saturday, Sep 7, 11am, Free of charge

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Pot of Gold


21 metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013



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Foam Call T Souped Up

FULLY LOADED Shin Shin Men Men’s ramen—bowls of broth and noodles topped with pork and lots of veggies—could become a college student staple. its ascent HE BETTER-BEER scene continues




in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but theILICON primary focushas willits befair on share high-quality beers. Steins VALLEY of ramen noodle willhouses—and feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American quite good ones at that—but for someone comfort food crated byfood executive chefoptions, and BayitArea unfamiliar with the and menu might be native Colby Reade. a little confounding at first where to start and what to order. ShinOwner Shinand Men Men, new Ted restaurant in Cupertino, South Bayanative Kim is a beer enthusiast; heserves tells me as that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and gardens, a great starter ramen noodle house because of its very limited whichand he experienced during his travels throughout premier menu casual ambience. Located across Europe’s the street from De beerCollege, cities. Designed by architect Dimalanta, features a 300Anza it’s also a greatMarc lunch optionSteins for students—the seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot restaurant serves food quickly and for a reasonable price.


outdoor patio. Ramen, not to confused positive with theenergy, 25-centsays instant is a hearty Ted, with hisbe contagious thatsoup, he can’t wait Japanese noodle soup dish. The main components are the broth, which is for folks to check out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-ingenerally cooler” a meat or fish base, and the noodles, which tend to be a thick, Chinese, wheatnext to the main bar. Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft based variety. Shin Menare Men certainlytosucceeds with the noodles, which system—the tapShin handles connected the kegs, eliminating draft arelines plentiful and have satisfyingly chewy bite. As farquality as broth, offer three and helping toakeep the beer at the highest andthey freshness choices. best,30 and most popular, is tonkotsu, anumber pork bone broth. Every levels.The Having draft beers is a manageable for staff, Ted says:ramen house includes variations add-ins, veggies. “I want themitstoown know exactly on what we’regenerally serving. Isliced wantmeats to be or able to Shingenuine Shin Men Men’s ordering processso is just threebeer There arewill no servers give beer recommendations, ongoing be and diners order important. ” at the front counter. The first step is choosing the broth base— options tonkotsu, soyasauce miso. Second up is the spicinesstolevel, Theare food will have local,and farm-to-table emphasis according chefwhich onReade, a scale and of 0-6, ranges from to very hot (“eat at your breads own risk, ” the menu everything willmild be made in-house, including and warns of level 6). Lastly comes the choice of add-ins, such as cha-syu pretzels. Because of the generous kitchen space, there will also be(pork), in- corn or house kimchi.charcuterie, There is already plenty in the soup: two hunks of succulent pork, butchery and pickling programs. “We want to make a soft-boiled egg, seaweed, bean sprouts, green onions and bamboo shoots. food as fresh as the beer is,” says Reade, who embraces beer’s versatility in Anything additional doesn’t seem necessary, unless someone was really having a food pairing. hankering some corn orthe kimchi. Soups of range between $9.45-$10.95. Add-ins Somefor examples from tidy menu 25 items include pork belly are extra and priced from 99 cents up to $4.50. The bowls are so big that only a single one can fit on a tray. The food looks more exotic than it tastes. The flavors are actually quite simple and satisfying. I tried both the tonkotsu and the miso broth bases and found the miso somewhat flavorless—I ordered it at a spiciness level of 0, which didn’t help the situation. As for the tonkotsu, I ordered that at spiciness level of 2, which was surprisingly hot. I was sweating with each spoonful. It was worth it, though. The flavors of the hot sauce, especially when combined with the tonkotsu, were really delicious. Shin Shin Men Men’s space is small, and the restaurant has just a couple tables. It was packed. I ate there on a Saturday night, a time I figured would be slow since there’d be no De Anza rush, but people love their ramen noodles.—Aaron Carnes SHIN SHIN MEN MEN 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste 200, Cupertino. 650.450.6765


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metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla



*th tthu hu *ffriri LIQUID GOLD G


Liquid LLounge, ounge, San Jose Free Thu, 10pm, Fr eee

Agenda LLounge, ounge, San Jose Fri, 9pm, $15 5

Electronic CASP3R Electr onic DJ CA ASP3R has already impressive alr eady created created an impr essive underground dance under ground da ance party at everyy Monday called Johnny V’s V’s ever Retoxx. Now he’s he’s ’ teaming up with ViLLAN on Thursday Thursday nights to bring a more more upscale uppscale electronic electronic dance party to the t Liquid Lounge. Lounge. They’ree calling it They’r it Liquid Gold, and it will ill offer off ffer a lot l t off new, new, cuttingtti edge, high-energy high-enerrgy EDM, similar to Retoxx in its fun, funn, unpretentious unpretentious vibe, but less free-form free-f e orm and more more unilaterally unilater ally upbeat upbeat and dancey. dancey. CASP3R CA SP3R and ViLLAN ViLLLAN will spin this Thursday,, along with Cr Crayola. (AC) Thursday ayola. (A C)

Classic ’90s R&B R rreturns eturns to captivate hearts in San Jose as quartet Shai sings all its hhits its at Agenda LLounge. ounge. doubt three They’ll no dou ubt be playing the thr ee brought songs that br rought them success day—“Baby, back in the da ay—“Babyy, I’m YYours,” ours,” “Comforter” infamously “Comf orter ” aand the inf amously heartbreaking heartbr eakingg “If I Ever Fall In LLove.” ove.” The original members m of Shai success. h tl d ffor hustled or su uccess. Their Th i first fi t album lb meree thr three weekss was rrecorded ecordedd in a mer ee week and rreached eached triple platinum status. It’s It ’s hard hard to believe beelieve that album has already anniversary. alr eady rreached eachhed its 20th anniversary y. Those early hits h rremain emain the staple ’90s nostalgia of ’9 90s R&B. (AD)

KITTENHEAD KITT TENHEAD Caravan LLounge, Caravan ounge, San Jose Fri, 8pm, Free Free Kittenhead Kittenhea ad guitarist DD has played in the White Whhite Trash Trash Debutantes, Debutantes Butt Trumpet, Trum r mpet, Superkill and Lisafer. That serve Lisaf er. Th hat should ser ve as a solid reference reference point as to what from to expect fr om her latest band: unadulterated, unadul terrated, tongue-in-cheek, rraunchy aunchy rrock ock & rroll. oll. Lead singer trained Kivi is a cclassically lassically tr ained vocalist. Kittenhead interesting Kittenhea ad plays an inter esting combination combinat tion of heavy rrock ock and garage it’s gar age rrock, o but rreally ock, eally it ’s the lyrics campy lyr rics and stage show that them. DD andd Kivi d fi defines th h hem. Ki i make k core up the co re of the band and the aree kindr kindred rremaining emainingg members ar ed willing spirits wil lling to get down and dirty withh them. (AC) (AC)



Anno Domini, San Jose 7p Fri, 7pm, pm, free free


Cordal celebrates Artist Isaac I Cor dal celebr ates his debut exhibition in the United SStates tates with an opening rreception eception Gallery, at AD Gallery G y, held as part of South First Fridays. Fridays. All over the world— including Jose—Cordal includi ing San Jose—Cor dal has miniaturee sculptur sculptures placedd miniatur es of humans human ns in rremote emote city locations, grave, one overlooking ovverlooking a gr ave, or looking picturee fr frame at an empty e pictur ame on a blank wall, w even rowing rowing a tiny boat puddle, in a pu uddle all of which looks uddle, looks highly solitary. solitary y. He did this to comment social on soc cial mass—how people have disengaged environment. diseng gaged with their envir onment. LLooking ookinng at the photos of his pieces gives the t ffeeling eeling that humans play a much h smaller rrole ole in the world typically perceived. than ty ypically per ceived. The show runs uuntil ntil Oct. 19. (AD)

Red d Rock Coff Coffee ee Company Company, y, Mo ountain View Mountain Sat, Sat t, 8pm, fr free ee tiny A ti iny bit of the TTexas exas country spirit spi rit resonates resonates in Amanda Mora’s Mora’s songs. son ngs. She skillfully blends in multiple life, mu ultiple influences from from her lif e, which wh ich rresults esults in rich, layered layered albums. alb ums. “Water “Water & Love” Love” is a fun, ’20ss swing tune with a country/ ’20 ffolk-styled olkk-styled solo off her first album, Thee Ribbon. Ribbon Her most rrecent ecent rrelease, eleease, Awaiting Awaiting The Sound, has earned ear rned rradio adio play and also led to her h being ffeatured eatured at a SXSW show Records. sho ow ffor or Red House Recor ds. Mountain Mo untain View is one of the Moraa as she ffew ew w places to catch Mor travels. tr avvels. (AD)

oncerts * cconcerts ROCK R OCK THE BELLS BELLS Sep 14 14-15, -15, Shor Shoreline eline



Sep 20 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

THE PRICE IS RIGHT LIVE Sep 20, San Jose Civic



JOSH GR GROBAN OBAN Oct 7 at 7:30pm, SAP SAP Center


PINK Oct 15 at 7:30pm, SAP SAP Center




DAVE D AV VE MASON MASON Nov 2 at at Montalvo Arts Center


VIVAFEST! VIV VAFE A ST! SAP Center SAP Center,r, San Jose Sat, 8pm, $43-128 $43-128 The 22nd San Jose Mexican n with Heritage Festival rreturns eturns wi ith a September, handful of shows in Septem mber, different all at diff erent venues and on o different diff erent days. The first (andd the biggest) takes place Sept. 7 at the Center.. It It’s SSAP AP Center ’s a night of tender teender love ballads. Headlining is Fernando F De La Mora Mora who is Mexico’s Mexico’ss most operatic tenor—and well-known oper atic tenor— —and boy, boy y, can he croon. croon. He’ll He’ll be backed b by SSymphony ymphony Silicon Valley Valley heart-wrenching singing some heart-wr enchhing sentimental tunes. Also performing perrforming Mexico, will be Mariachi Sol De Mex xico, one of the most ffamous amous mariachi maariachi ensembles of all time. Led by b Jose group brings L. Hernandez, the gr oup bri ngs the mariachi authentic heritage of maria achi to pretty the stage—and sings somee pr etty rromantic omantic songs, as well. (AC) (AC) C

SHAHRAM SHABPAREH SHABP AREH H Club Illusions, P Palo alo Al Alto to o Sat, 8:30pm, $40 Shahram Shahr am Shabpareh, Shabpareh, thee King of Persian Pop, performed P ersian P op, last perf orm med in the Area Bay Ar ea 10 years ago. And A ffor or been some 40 years, he’s he’s bee n singing catchy, heartfelt catchy y, heartf elt dance-pop dance-pop songs. His music borders borders on electroniceleectronicpop, but retains retains some off the traditional tr aditional sounds of thee Middle career, East as well. For most off his car eer, he’s Iran he ’s lived in the U.S. He fled Ir an several other (along with sever al othe er pop stars) Iranian in 1979 after the Ir anian Revolution, Revolution he’s but he ’s still maintainedd his status Iranian as an Ir anian pop icon while w living all these years in the SStates. taates. Even in cranks rrecent ecent years, he still cr an nks out the (AC) hits. (A C)


Mountain Winery Winery, y, Saratoga Saratoga $39.50-$79.50 Sun, 7:30pm, $39.50 0-$79.50 isn’t When Ryan Tedder Tedder e isn’t’ writing hit band, or his own ban singles ffor nd,, OneRepublic, he’s he ’s out penning hits ffor or other pop stars,, like Adele, Beyoncé, Beeyoncé,, One Direction, Clarkson Dir ection,, Kelly Kelly Clark son and B.o.B.. So are, people chances ar e, even peop ple who claim probably to not like OneRepublicc pr obably have been humming along to t a couple written. songs TTedder’s edder e ’s written n. OneRepublic got its start in the mid-’90s, midmid-’90s 90s, but didn’t didn’tt attention rreally eally get any major at ttention until 2006 with the single “Apologize” “Apologize A ” (remixed (r emixed by TTimbaland). imbalandd).. Their sound somewheree betwe between Maroon ffalls alls somewher een Mar oon Coldplay, 5 and Coldplay y, but alsoo with subtle influences hip-hop and dance infl fluences to heart-on-the-sleeve balance out the heart-on-the-sleeve amphitheater ballads. (AC) (AC)


Rockstar Ener Energy gyy Upr Uproar oar Festival Shoreline Amphitheater, Shor eline Amphi itheaterr, Mountain View Wed, 2pm, W ed, Sept 11 2pm m, $20-69.50 The Rockstar Rockstar Uproar Uproaar Festival rreturns eturns ffor or its fourth fourth year with w a lineup that lookss to tower overr all the prior years look three combined.. In thosee first thr ee years, Uproar brought alt-metal ought such big al Upr oar has br t-metal Avenged Sevenfold, acts as Godsmack, A vvenged Sevenf old, year’s Disturbed and SStaind. tainnd. This year ’s main include stage performers performers in nclude Alice in Addiction, Chains,, Jane’s Jane’s Addi ction,, Coheed and Circa Survive. CCambria, ambria, and Cir ca Sur vive. The ffestival estival offers three from off ers thr ee stages,, up fr om two last year.r. Plus,, ther theree ma may free year ay be some fr ee Rockstar (AC) Rock star at the ffestival. estival.. (A C)

Nov 3 at at Montalvo Arts Center


VIENNA TENG Nov 23 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

SO Y YOU OU TH THINK HINK Y YOU OU CAN D DANCE ANCE Nov 23 at 7:30pm, San Jose Civic



THE TH HE LEGEND LEGEND OF ZELD ZELDA A Dec 14 at 7:30pm, San Jose Civic

R RICHARD THOMPSON THOMP SON Jan 1010-12 12 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


GEORGE GE O GE KAHUMOKU OR KAHUMOKU JR, LED LEDWARD WA ARD KAAP KAAPANA ANA Jan 30 aatt Montalvo Arts Center For music musiic updates and contest giveaways, giveawayys, like us on Facebook at

SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 4-10, 4 -1 0 , 2013 2 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr

EEARTH, EAR TH, WIND & FIRE Sep 8 at 7:30pm, San Jose Civic

27 metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013


metroactive ARTS

Setting the ‘Table’ BREAD B R E A D OF OF LIFE LIFE This weekend, the San Jo Jose ose Museum of Art opens ‘Epilo ‘Epilogue,’ Epilo ogue,’ artist Jitish K ogue, Kallat’s allat’s colle collection ection of digital images his father’ss life. imag ges of progressively eaten roti (flatbread) that symbolize the more than 22,000 moons of hi is father’

San Jose Museum of Art launche launches es course wide-ranging first co ourse of wide-r ranging collective colle ective exhibit about a food BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


MUS MUSIC SIC PRO PROFESSOR FESSOR once onc e told me that composing com mposing a piece of music m and cooking Indian In ndian food were essentially y the same process. process. However, Howeverr, he h never said that orchestrating orchestrating an elaborate elaborate partnership partnershiip with 30 different arts institutions institu utions could be like sharing a banquet together. b together. The w way ay I see seee it,, just such a banquet is ab out to b eggin. A w, the about begin. Ass of right now now, San JJose ose Museum Museeum of Ar neew Artt launches a new ccollective ollectivve eexhibit, xxhib bit, Ar round o the T aable: F ood, Around Table: Food,

Creativity Cr reeativitty and C Community. oommunitty. It arriv arrives vees in n three beyond th hree ccourses ourses and eextends xxtends far b eyo ond d the cconfines o onfines of Downtown San JJose. ose. A wide ccommunity o ommunitty of partner partner organizations participate or rgganizations will par ticipate in the creativity. Activities include ffood ood and the cr eativitty. A cctivities inc clude gleaning tours,, farm visits visits,, p performances, gl leaning tours erfo orman nces, initiatives in nitiativvees and eexhibitions, xxhibitions, all eexploring xxploriing the plays lives. th he rroles oles that ffood ood pla ayys in our liv vees. That molecular Th hat means ffood ood trucks and molecu ular gastronomy aspect ga astronom my and eevery ver e y asp ect of ffood ood anywhere between, slow. Fans an nyywhere b ettw ween,, fast or slow w. Fan ns of hot dogg stands Chezz P Panisse h ho ot do d stands d or Che Ch anisse i will ill find fi d something to,, um,, che chew so omething to w on. The first ccourse ourse ccomes omes in the fform o orm m of epilogue. why not?? Sometim Sometimes an n epilo gue. And wh hy not mes piecee of music music,, it it's w when ccomposing o omposing a piec t's helpful start And he elpful to st taart with the end first. An nd since pieces sin nce a ffew ew piec es of rroti o i (the rround, oti ound, traditional Asian flatbread) trraditional South A sian flatbr ead) ccan a an

ac compan ny virtually virtually an nyythingg, Epilo ny ogue g accompany anything, Epilogue (2010 – 2011) op ens thiss week keend at the opens weekend San JJose rt. In the eexhibit, xxhibit, ose Museum of Ar Art. Mumbai ar tist JJitish itish Kal llat honors artist Kallat his late father in a seriess of intensely p ersonal photo graphs of o pr ogressivveely personal photographs progressively eaten roti. roti. o Each digit allyy made image digitally rrepresents epresents one of the 22 2,000 mo ons 22,000 moons that bore borre witness to his father’s father’s 62-year father 6262-year e lif feespan. The mo on is no o longer made of lifespan. moon gr een cheese o garlic green cheese.. It's made of garlic,, whole wheat flour and ghee in nstead. instead. Ar round o the T aable ccoordinator oordinator d R o obin Around Table Robin Tr een sa ayys the ubiquit ty of rroti oti o i in man ny Treen says ubiquity many cuisines mak kees it a p erfect e intr roduction makes perfect introduction and pr elude to the lar rge ger show, show w, which prelude larger op ens in N oveemberr. opens November. “Some fform o orm of bread bread d is made in eevery veery cultur th,” she sa ayys. “It also culturee on ear earth, says. sp eaks k to the h whole h l cconcept on ncept off ffood ood as speaks ritual,, and the passing of o time time,, all the milestones of lif fe, all thee rituals that we life, pass fr om the vvery eery b egin nning to the from beginning vvery eery end. And then ther re's that tie -in there's tie-in of br eaking br reead to geth herr, and all the breaking bread together, rituals in nvolv o veed with ffood ood and eating involved and br eaking br ead to geether.” breaking bread together.

C ome N oveemberr, the second second Come November, and main ccourse ourse b egins g , with the begins, ccommencement ommencement e of the title eexhibit, xhibit, Ar roound the T aable: F ood, Cr reeativitty and Around Table: Food, Creativity C oommunitty. More More than 30 ar tists will Community. artists par ticipate, including 17 that wer participate, weree ccommissioned ommission ned just ffor o or this show. show w. Or ganic wh hite b eets gr own in P etaluma Organic white beets grown Petaluma ha ave b een cconverted on nveerted into pulp -lik ke have been pulp-like material ffor o one ar or tist to mak ke pap pyyrus. artist make papyrus. Another ar rtist will mak ke furnitur om artist make furnituree fr from ccompacted ompacted d mushr ooms. A lending mushrooms. librar eeds, some curr aallpaper libraryy of se seeds, curryy w wallpaper or a kitchen n cconverted on nveerted into a p edalpedalp owered,, low-rider lo ow-rider ttaco aaco ccart art ar powered, aree also planned. The thir d ccourse, ourse, T aalk Ar roound the T able a , third Talk Around Table, transf fo orms the museum's Da avies v Galler transforms Davies Galleryy into a cconstantly onsttantly changing gathering spac hich obser vers/par e ticipants spacee in wh which observers/participants ccan an engagee in handson activities, activities, view view hands-on do cumentaries a , shar cial documentaries, sharee ideas via so social media,, and d disc over e facts and m yyths discover myths ab out ffood. ood. dA sssisttant a curator R o ory about Assistant Rory P adek keen sa aid that with ffood ood b eing such Padeken said being an imp ortant a topic in C aliffo ornia these important California da ays y , the tim me w aas right to in nvolv o ve a days, time was involve net twork w off institutions and mak ke it a network make banquet,, so o to speak. speak. “W We thought tho ought that ffood, ood,, b eing “We being something that we ccan an all rrelate elate to to,, in one fform o orm or o another r, would be be a p erfect e another, perfect w ay ffor or o oth her or rgganizations to ccome ome o way other organizations on b oarrd w with us and ccontribute ontribute in board whate ever e w ay p ossible, to the eexhibition xxhibition whatever way possible, and the community-wide com mmunitty--wide ffestival, eestival,” P adak keen sa ayys. Padaken says. A eesu ult,, a wide variety varietty of Ass a rresult, par ticipantts fr ro om diff ffeerent fields of participants from different eexpertise xxpertise ar re now ccoming oming to getherr. are together. Fr om San Francisc F o down to From Francisco Watson nvvillle, the ey include visual Watsonville, they and p erfo orm ming ar ts organizations, organizations, performing arts urban farm ming and gar dening farming gardening or ganizatio ons, the Second Second Har vest e F ood organizations, Harvest Food Bank, P Bank, enin nsula Op en Spac Trust Peninsula Open Spacee Trust, V eeggielutio on,, Palo Palo Alto Ar Center and Veggielution, Artt Center man ny mor e, pr oviding v eeverything ver e ything fr ro om many more, providing from eexhibitions xxhibitionss and p erfo ormances to panel performances discussions that addr ess all kinds of issues address ancillar o ffood ood and cr eativitty. ancillaryy to creativity. “Ev ver e yo on ne has a place place at the ttable, able,” “Everyone cconcludes oncludes P adak keen. Padaken.

‘AROU ‘AROUND UND THE THE TABLE’ TA ABLE’ ST STAGE TAGEE ONE: ONE: ‘‘EPILOGUE’ EPILOGUE’ Sept. 6-Ap 6-April pril 20, TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-5pm $8 adul ts/$5 students and seniors adults/$5 sjmusart.o org


ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR AND MIS MISSS REARDON DRINK DRINKS KS A LITTLE Dragon Pr Dragon Productions oductions pr presents esents a three dark comedy about thr ee sisters sisters coming to grips with their mother’s number ’s loss—and a numbe mother er secrets. of dark secr ets. Thu-Sat, 8pm, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Thru Sep 22. $16-$35. $16-$335. City.. Redwood City

THE DRUNKEN THEDR UNKENCITY CITY Renegade Theatr Theatree Experimen Experiment nt presents comedy/drama pr esents a comedy/dr ama three about thr ee brides-to-be aree turned upsidee whose lives ar down after one of them has an a encounter with a handsome stranger. 6-28. str anger. Sep 628.. $10-$25. San Jose.

ONE NIGHT WITH JJANIS ANIS JOPLIN San Jose Rep pr presents esents a mus musical ical lookss at the lif lifee of rrevue evue that look legendary singer Janis Joplin. Previews 5-10. Pr eviews Sep 510.. Opens Sepp $12.50-$74. 11. Thru Sep 29. $12.50-$7 744. San Jose.

OTHER O THER DE T DESERT SER RT CITIE CITIESS TheatreWorks pr TheatreWorks presents esents play about a holiday ffamily amily gettogether at a Hollywood star star’s ’s desert estate. But home ffor or the thhe Brooke, holidays is daughter Br ooke, a ooke, memoir novelist whose tell-all memoi ir threatens politicallythr eatens to rip the politically ydivided clan apart. Wed, Wed,, 7:30pm, 7:30ppm, Thu-Fri,, 8pm, Sat,, 2 and 8pm,, Sun, 2 and 7pm, TTue, uue,, 7:30pm. $19-$73. Runs thru Sep 15. View.. Mountain View

SPAMALOT SP PA AMALOT Hillbarn Theatr Theatree pr presents esents the inspired musical inspir ed by Monty Python and the Holy Grail Grraail. Thu ThuuSat, Sat, 8pm, 8pm Sun, Sun 2pm. 2pm Thru Sep 22. 22 $21-$38.. Foster City. Cityy.

*concerts *c oncerts OPERA NIGHT Favorite arias and duets performed Area perf ormed by top Bay Ar ea operaa singers. Pr Presented oper esented as part part of South First Fridays.. Fri,, 8pm. 8pm m. Frascati, CCaffe affe Fr ascati, San Jose.

CANTOR CANT OR AR ARTS RTS CENTER “Faith Embodied:: Saints From Fr om the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.”” A show of prints. 17. Ends Nov 17 7. “Manet and the Graphic France, Gr aphic Arts in Fr ance, 186017. Wed-Sun, 1880.”” Ends Nov 17 7. W ed-Sun, 11am-5pm,, Thu, 11am-8pm. SStanford. tanford.

CHILDREN’S DISC DISCOVERY OVER V RY MUSEUM “Curious Geor “Curious George.” ge.”” Also interactive interactive exhibits.. Closed Mondays.. San Jose.

HISSTOR HISTORY RY MUSEUM OF LLOS OS GATOS GA ATOS “Evolution of Gr Green: een: Environmental Activism Envir onmental A ctivism in the Claraa V Valley.” Santa Clar alleyy..”” Ends Sep 30. LLos os Gatos.

HISTORY HIS STOR RY P PARK A ARK SSAN AN JOSE “Shaped Shaped by Water: Water:: Past, Past, ast, Pr Present esent & Future,” Future,”” the story of water in this rregion, egion,, from from the indigenous present day. Ohlone people to pr esent day y. “Bear in Mind: The SStory tory of the Grizzly.” CCalifornia alifornia Grizzly y..”” A show of historical materials rrelated elated to the ursine symbol of the state. Ongoing. McKay McKay Gallery. Galleryy. History Park P ark San Jose.

SSAN ANJOSEMUSEUMOFAR JOSE MUSEUM OF ART RT “Breaking Ground: “Breaking Ground:: Gifts From From KKatie atie & Drew Drew Gibson.. Ends Oct “Timelapse: 20.. “T imelapse:: Doug Hall and Western the W estern Landscape.”” Ends From Oct 20.. “Questions Fr om the Sky: Sk y:: New Work Work by Hung Liu.” Ends Sep 29. “Swans, “Swans,, Swine Swine Sirens.” and Sir ens.”” Artists influenced by Greek Greek mythology. mythologyy. Ends Dec From 1.. “New SStories tories Fr om the Edge of Asia: Asia: This/That.”” Ends Sep 15. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF QUIL SAN QUILTS LTS & TEXTILESS &TEXTILE “Collecting New York York o Beauty Quilts: Quil ts:: Bill Volckening’s Volckening’s Passion.” Passion.” 27. Ends Oct 27 7. “Out of Chaos,”” in the newly named “Yvonne’s “Yvonne’s Place” Place” gallery, gallery y, a group group of asymmetrical quilts quil ts by Linda Toeniskoetter. Tooeniskoetter. Wed-Sun, W ed-Sun, 10am-5pm. San Jose.



Works by W Works West est Valley Valley a and Faculty. Mission College Facul tyy. Ends Sep 8. TTue-Wed uue-Wed and Fri-Sun,, 11am11am-9pm. Clara. 5pm, Thu,, 11am9pm.. Santa Clar a.





“Picturing Place: Photogr Photographs aphss Gregory Schaffer by Gr egory Schaff er and Mikee Williams.”” Ends Sep 8. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm.. LLos os Gatos.

“Cement Eclipses Eclipses”” by installation street Cordal. str eet artist Isaac Cor dal.. Thu-Fri, noon-7pm, noon-77pm,, Sat,, noon-5pm. San Jose.

ART AR RT TARKGALLER ARK GALLERY RY “Disappearance,”” a two-person “Disappearance,” art exhibition ffeaturing eaturing prints and mixed media artwork by Pantea P antea KKarimi arimi and Robynn Smith.. An opening rreception eception 6-9pm. takes place Sep 6,, 69pm. San Jose.

BRUNI BR UNI GALLER GALLERY RY Jazz-related art by Bruni Sablan. Jazz-related Mon-Sat,, 1-6pm.. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH T TRITCH “No W Walls alls Between Us,”” portr portraits aits of jazz musicians by KKathy athy Sloane.. San Jose.

COMMUNITYSCHOOLOF COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ARTS MUSIC AND AR RTS “Cartography of LLonging,” “Cartography onging,” BarreraInstallations by TTessie eessie Bar reraScharaga. Schar aga. Ends Sep 28. Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm, 9am-3pm. 9am-77pm,, Sat,, 9am3pm. Gallery, Mohr Gallery y, Finn Center, Center, View. Mountain View w.

CUKUI CUK UI “Face Value,” Value,” a workss by KKamea work amea Hadar.. San Jose. Hadar

DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWNY Y YOGA O OGASHALA SHALA “SHIFT,,”” new work by Melissa “SHIFT,” Kreisa. Kr eisa.. San Jose.

FILOLI FIL OLI “Hidden Beauty Beauty.” y..”” A photography photography workss fr from show with work om two dozen Northern CCalifornia alifornia photographers, photogr aphers,, plus a display of cameras vintage camer as and handmade pinhole cameras cameras by Judith Hoffman. Woodside. Hoff man.. W oodside.

GALLERY GALLER RY YSSARATOGA ARA ATOGA “Southwest Gour Gourdd Show Show,” w,,” work workss by Jo Cooley and guest artist WedCCyndee yndee Newick. Thru Aug. W edWay, Sun,, 11am-5pm. Big Basin W ayy, Saratoga. atoga. Sar

HIGHER FIRE CLA CLAYSPACE AYSP PACE Sculptural Sculptur al work workss by local artists Phyllis Lee,, Guo Feng,, and Ginger YYee. ee. e . San Jose.

KALEID GALLERY KALEIDGALLER RY “What’s Under the Bed,” a joint “What’s exhibition by gallery artists Mark Damrel Foley. Damr el and Donny Foley y. San Jose.

MACLA MA ACCLA “De Esperanza Esperanza Y De Locura,” Locura,” a group workss by gr oup exhibition of work Latino artists who delve into migration migr ation and immigration immigration issues as a flight of both hope insanity. and insanity y. San Jose. Sep artists’’ 6,, 6:30–10pm:: An artists performance perf ormance in which visitors can apply and win different different passports and citizenships,


SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 4-10, 4 -1 0 , 2013 2 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr

*stage metr | sanjos | metr | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013



SEE THE LIGHT ‘Routed by Light’ is among the paintings that Bryson Bost will show at Pho 69.

CURIOUS CURI OUS TU TURN URN O OF F EVENTS Curious Quail is among the bands playing STR STREET REET MRKT, nighttime part Fridays.. The eve event MRKT T, a nigh httime urban fair offered as par rt of South First Fridays ent local artists, features loca al artists s, independent retailers and live music. Sunrunners are e also lineup. on the lineup p. A free event, the market takess place in the evening of Sep 6, on o Street streets.. South First S treet between San Carlos and San S Salvador streets

29 envisioned and cr created reated by Harrsch artists Erika Har rssch and Omar Pimienta.. Music perf pperformance ormance from 8-10 fr om 810 pm by Raul y Mexia. San Jose.

METRO METR OLLOBBY OBBY “Simply Put.”” artwork artw work by Mr Mr.. Jeremiah Harada. Jer emiah Har ada.. San Jose.

MEZCAL MEZ CAL “My Last Frida,”” art a by J. J. Danniel. Restaurant, Mezcal Restaur annt,, San Jose.

MONTALVO MONT TAL A VO ARTS AR RTS CENTER “Come Healing.”” A new show about by six artists abou ut healing and wholeness. Ongoing. Ongoiing. Thu-Sun, 11am-3pm. 11am3pm. Saratoga. Saratooga.

PALO P A ALO AL ALTO LTO AR ART RT CENTER C “Sky Is Falling:: Paintings “Sky Paintings by Heffernan.” Julie Heff ernan ” Ends ernan. E Sep 11. Palo Alto. P alo Al to.

PHANTOM PHANT OMGALL GALLERIES LERIES “Window Shopping,” Shoppinng,”” rrecent ecent workss by Fernand Fernando work do "FORCE129" Amaroo Jr Jr.. 95 S. Market Amar Maarket SSt,t, San Jose.

PHO69 PHO6 9 “Everyone Gets a Piece!”” by Bryson Bost.. San Jose.

PSYCHO P SYCHO DONUT DONUTSS Works by John Re Works Renzel, enzel,, Lacey Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Caesar a , Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Foley, Michael Michael Foley y, Mic chael Borja, Valery V alery Milovic,, CCarlos arlos Villez,, Eric Joyner,, Laur Lauraa CCallin Joyner allin Bennett, and John Hageman an nd Robert McColley. Jose. McColley y. San Jos e.


John Mer Merchant, chant, and Daniel Merchant. Mer chant.. San Jose.

“NextNewCA.” Works Works bbyy new “Mari talents. Ends Sep 14.. “M Mari Andrews: Andrews:: Over, Over, Under and a Inside Sculptural installations. Out.”” Sculptur al installa ations. 10am-5pm, Ends Sep 77.. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri,, 10a am-5pm, Jose. Sat,, noon-5pm.. San Jos se.


SEEING THING THINGSS GALLERY GALLLER RY “Second TTime's ime's a Charm Charm,” m,”” a exposuree photography double exposur photoography show, workss by Mi Michael show w, with work ichael Crabtree, Cr abtree,, Carson Carson Lancaster, Lancaasterr, Beau Roulette,, Joe Brook, Brook, Jai TTanju, aanju, Hirano Sam Milianta, TTaro ar a o Hir ano and Greg 11am-7pm, Gr eg Hunt. Tue-Fri, Tue-Fri, u 11am m--77pm, Sat,, noon-6pm. 30 N. Thir TThirdd SSt,t, San Jose.

SOUTH FIR FIRST ST BILLIARDS BILLIAR RDS ““All All in One,”” a collabor A collaborative ative art exhibition between artists amily members Cristina and ffamily Crristina Velazquez, V eelazquez, Pedro Pedro A.. AlvarezAlvvarezVelazquez Efren V eelazquez and Efr en Alvarez. Allvarez. San Jose.

“Cloud Machines Machines”” by KKarolina arolinna Sobecka. San Jose.

*events *e eveents THE NIGHT MARKET Food truck trucks, s live music. s, music Fri-Sat, Fri Sat, FriSat 6-11pm. 611pm. Thru Sep 29. San Jose Joose Flea Market Mabury Road parking lot.

S. FIR FIRST ST FRID FRIDAYS AYS A self guided, fr free ee art walk in i SoFA beyond). nd). the SoF A District (and beyo galleries, The event includes galleries s, rretailers etailers and rrestaurants. estaurants. W/ W SStreet treet Market, an outdoor DIY D urban ffair air on S. First St. St. Fri, 77-11pm. -111pm.. Downtown San Jose. Jose.


“Four Gener Generations ations of W Weston eston Photography: Photogr aphy:: Edward, Edward,, Brett, B ett, Kim Br and Zach.”” Ends Aug 10. 10 0. Santa Clara. Clar a.

W/local authors Janice T and an nd motherEmily Thompson. This moth herhand daughter team will be on ha and ead excerpts and sign to rread books. copies of their book s. Guests Guestts aree invited to wear steam punk ar p costumes ffor or this high Tea Teea event—complete with finger fingger sandwiches—during Southh Walk. Discover First Fridays Art W alk. Disco over San Jose shop, San Jose.



SSTUDIO T TUDIO R ROCK OCK CLIMBI CLIMBING NG GGYM Y YM Excerpt of CCatalogue atalogue byy Jordan Jordan Maliksi. Malik si.. San Jose.


Woodworking by Doug Dodd. Woodworking San Jose.

WORKS W ORKSSSAN ANJOSE JOSE “Those Who Bear Witne Witness,” ess,” sculpture, photography, aphyy, and sculptur e, photogr installation site-specific installatio n by Guy Pederson, Benjamin, P ederson,, Eisabeth Ben njamin,

During South First Fridays, Sep 6, the space will be filled filleed with open box and gently uused sed electronic kinds— electr onic items of all kinds s— televisions, speakers, dvd cords, more. players, cables,, cor ds, and mor m e. Zeroo 1 Gar Garage, Zer age, San Jose.

Divine Inspiration BRYSON BOST loves soap operas. “I like that thought that it’s kind of a wild cast of characters. ... It’s kind of a drama of sorts between everyone. Certain characters are having affairs, certain ones have a mysterious past.” But Bost’s characters are colors, not people. In his paintings, swooping globs of color overlay intricate pen patterns like those one might find in a mosque, or a distant map. “The color is really doing all the work. Then I just kind of have to go about listening to the color itself,” which tells him how to fill in the patterns, he says. Bryson Bost When talking about his paintings Bost often casts himself as passive, and the painting—with its busy colors and characters—as active. He doesn’t feel responsible for them most of the time. “Any time like this that I get an interview or a sale, I’m absolutely surprised,” he says.

Show opens Sep 6, part of South First Fridays

Pho 69, San Jose The riotous color and shape of his paintings come as much as a surprise to anyone meeting Bost as they do to him. Sitting in his Santa Cruz home, one might take him for a local surfer: light shaggy hair, tan, laidback. But a local he is not. He only arrived a few months ago from Oakland, following his fiancée. Their engagement fell apart soon after the move. When asked if any paintings resulted from this time, he pointed to Light Mother Light, a triptych viewable on his website. The emotion this viewer gets from the piece is not typical following a serious break-up. It is certainly not calm, but not angry or sad either. Blue, yellow and red dashes catch the eye, and only upon further viewing do the large black splotches become apparent throughout. Women, along with music, play large roles in Bost’s work and life. “As you can see,” he says, leading the way into his home, “this is a goddess household.” Pictures of Hindu goddesses and Christian saints adorn the walls throughout his house. In his bedroom, a photo of his girlfriend sits on shelves that also hold pictures of Saint Theresa and the Virgin Mary. It is the approachability and nurturing of goddesses that attracts him, in contrast to the stern authority of most male deities. Bost credits his father, an artist and writer himself, with encouraging his art through this kind of nurturing, rather than dictating his son’s style, method or even medium. For a good seven years Bost thought he was meant to be a writer. But the five novels he wrote never received much response. When he moved on to art, the response was much more positive. “I had to surrender to the fact that you don’t get to choose what you want to do. Sometimes you have to choose what other people believe you are best at,” he says. “You could be bitter about it or you could say, ‘Well, I guess that’s my calling. It’s just a sign.’”—Stephen Layton


SHARE S HAR E AN AND DS SHARE HAR E AL ALIKE IK E R Robin obin W Wright right r and N Naomi ao omi W Watts atts play BFF BFFss who have e affairs with each other’ other’ss son sons. s.

Because audiences nee need ed Adore turkey like an axe e needs a turke ey BY B Y RICHARD V VON O N BUSACK BUSACK


T TIMES, TIMES, Adore Ad dore is almost like e a new The Room. R oom. The perfect viewers could cou uld be camp-seeking gay y men, or sarcastic gals who o like to the see an art movie under u chardonnay. influence of chard donnay.

It’s It ’s a go good-looking od-looking bad b time: Two top-rate actresses, T wo top w -rate actr essess, glorious Australian beachfront, A ustralian t li b eachfr hf ontt, t Christopher Ch i t h Liaisons)) Hampton ((Dangerous Dangerous Liaisons H on rewrite riskyy Doris Lessing rewrite and a risk Do oris L essing novelette behind novelette b ehind it. It is a howl from glances: xchangge of glanc from the first eexchange es: a couple couple of teenage girlss racing to the surf wooden sur f ffor o or a dip. dip. Seated on o a wo oden raft, they they eexchange xchange glances glaances of

glorious fri friendship, iendship, and it’s it’s way, wayy, way way to o intense e, like like a pair of hungr too intense, hungryy ccannibals annibals eexamining xamining each other other.. And the gi rls gr ow, and they they ha ave girls grow, have sons and d th h th hen the sons sswim wim i outt to t then the raft an d lo ok at each other lik and look likee to o. that, too. N eighb ors o and friends sinc Neighbors sincee childho od,, Lil (Naomi Wat ts) and childhood, Watts) R oz (R o Ro obin nW rright) are are as close as Roz (Robin Wright) a brace brace of clones cclones.. Lil’s Lil’s husband is b eing buried burieed just as we meet him, being and R o oz’s husband h Harold (the Roz’s Harold Warr en Oa ates-ish Ben Mendelsohn) Warren Oates-ish seems lik x-husband likee he will b bee an eex-husband vvery ery shor tllyy. Lil’s Lil’s husband’s husband’s funeral shortly. o verlo oks the t same glorious overlooks cur ve of beach beach e wher oz and Lil o curve wheree R Roz fr olicked together to ogether as childr en— frolicked children— one gets th he chur ch-giggles fr om the church-giggles from rrecalling ecalling th he ashes of Donn the Donnyy the Bowler flyi ing in Dude L ebowski’s flying Lebowski’s fac e. We We can’t can a ’t get in the mo od to face. mood

e’s not enough h mourn, and ther there’s ector, Annee emphasis b byy the dir director, Fontaine, when Har old tells th hat Fontaine, Harold that oldie -but-go odie jok out th he fine oldie-but-goodie jokee ab about the Well, e give giive turnout of mourners: “W “Well, eople what the ant, an nd the p people theyy w want, and they’ll show up .” they’ll up.” old ttakes akes up a job b in When Har Harold Sydney, the ttwo wo women ar one Sydney, aree alo alone at last with their sons sons.. It helps to remember which son is which remember through hair ccolor. olor. The y’re equ ually through They’re equally braaw wn-b ombs. Tom, To om, Roz’s Ro oz’s stunning brawn-bombs. ed and pla ayed d son, is black hair haired played by JJames ames Fr echeville. Ian (Xav viier by Frecheville. (Xavier L Samuel, blonde) is the son of Lil. During the ccourse ourse of what lo oks looks like an endless summer our like summer,, the ffour os hang tight, admiring the photo photos ggirls.. of the moms when the theyy wer weree girls Goblets aree drained, and bl off wine i ar d i d an nd d one torrid night Ian lur lures mom’s es his mom m ’s best best friend into bed. bed. Then, ssweet weeet revenge byy T Tom. revenge b o om. The quartet quar tet ccovers overs their secret secrret affair—Harold’s affair—Harold’s bald-headed mate m Saul (Gar (Garyy Sweet) who has alw always wayys been been ffond o ond of Lil, decides that the t

100 MIN



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31 SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr

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two aree involved two women ar involved with each other. other o e . “We’re “W We’re not o lezzos!” leezzos!” os thee two two o agree later,, while lolling agree later lo olling on the beach. b each. OK, so they’re secretly they’re not no ot secr etly making love love to each eacch other using their sons as proxies, proxiees, but the two aree one flesh alr two ar aalready—two eady—two halves sensibility. Adore halves of one sensib bility. A dore is a beach-novel b each-novel fantasy fantasy of liberty, lib erty, but it takes seriously. takes itself so ser iouslyy. There There is a long rroster oster of female feemale film fe directors directors who eexcel xcell at divining the secret secret cconflicts onflicts of women w ((Alison Alison Maclean, Gillian Armstrong, Armstrong, Jane Jane Campion…). whatever Campion…). For For whate w ver reasons reasons of financing, theyy exported financing, instead insteaad the expor ted Luxembourger Fontaine direct Luxemb ourger F on ntaine to dir ect this: a wit witty ty but so far minor director director of farces. farces. The weighty weighty talent taleent of the ttwo wo lead actors presses farce presses all the far ce out of this, farce this, even even though h far ce is the perfect p erfeect way way to finesse finesse the kind of relationship bound makee relationship that iss b ound to mak most viewers open viewers op en their mouths and p point uvulas oint at their u vulas with their index index fingers. fingers. Wright Wrright may maay be be a better b etter actor than her eex-husband Penn, x-husban nd Sean P enn, but she’s she’s serious down do own to the beautiful Nordic bones. b eautiful N ordic b ones. When we see her her,, we’re we’re not allowed a to doubt the wisdom of the affair affair.. The ttwo wo women have under haave it und der ccontrol; ontrol; when theyy line up side b byy side, the side, yes, yes, they they are are wise. wise. When thee arrangement hits the skids, skids, the color color goes go es faded and dusty dusty so that they th hey look look like like the lamenting Trojan Women. Trojan W o omen. In this film, the only jokee is o jok the one ab about out the funeral f at the b beginning. eginning. Thee young young men are fantasy are such gloriouslyy built fant asy objects, objects, such blinding blindiing ssymbols ymb ols of undifferentiated undiff ffeerentiated d yyouth. outh What outh. makes notable makes Adore Adore one off the not able yyet et watchable movies watchable bad mo v of the yyear vies ear is something satisf satisfying fyying to male viewers. fantasies and the vie wers. Male fant a asies male gaze ar aree castigated castiggated ffor o or their stupidity: stupidity: and here here we are, are, given given a female such fantasy, feemale version version of su uch a fant asy, and yes, yes, it’s it’s just as magically magiically dumb. dumb. metr | sanjos | metr | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013


metroactive metr oactive FILM

New N ew (R; 100 min.) Seee rreview eview on page 31 (Opens Fri.)

antihero antihero Riddick Riddiick (Vin Diesel) ďŹ nds himself stranded strandded on a planet with alien predators, predators, butt his distress distress signal only brings more more trouble. trrouble.. Perhaps Perhaps Katee Katee Sackhoff, Sackhofff, channeling channneling her toughest Starbuck, Starbuck, can help. (Opens Fri.)




(R;; 119 min.) In this thiis latest entry in the Pitch Blackk franchise, franchise, a , sur survivalist vivalist

(Unrated; 110 min.) See rreview (Unrated; eview on page 33 (Ope (Opens ens Fri.)

Revivals Re viivvaals FIRST FIR STLLOVE/CHRISTMAS OVE/ V CHRISTMASHOLID HOLIDAY AY (1939/19444) Deanna Durbinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (1939/1944) Durbinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ rst kiss (from (fr om the stalwart s Robert SStack) tack) in this version of Cinder CCinderella ella in which Durbin â&#x20AC;&#x153;Un warbles â&#x20AC;&#x153;U Un Bel Diâ&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? in English.. BILLED WITH W ITH Chris Christmas stmas Holidayy (1944) Durbinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Durbinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s memorable direction memorablee ďŹ lm noir under the dir ection of Robert Siodmak: S : sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lounge singer who uses the t holidays as a cover to ďŹ&#x201A;ee her wastrel elley). (Plays wastrel husband (Gene KKelley). Palo Alto Sept 44-6 -6 inn P alo a Al to at the Stanford Stanf t foorrd Theatre.) Theatr re.) e (R (RvB) RvB)

ITSSSTARTED IT TAR ARTEDWITHE T WITH EVE/100 VE/100MEN MEN GIRL AND A GIR RL (19441/1937 (1941/1937) 1 7) Deanna Durbin as a hat check girl asked a to pose as a ďŹ ancĂŠe to please a dying old man (Charles Laughton) wor worried waywardd ried about his waywar works, son.. It work ks, but then the old man â&#x20AC;Ś BILLED WITH rrecovers ecoversâ&#x20AC;Ś WITH 100 Men and a Gi l. Her Girl Here, H e,, Durbin, D bi , the th classically l i ll tr ttrained ained i d

â&#x20AC;&#x153;FASCINATING â&#x20AC;&#x153;F FAS A CINAT A ING AND AND PROVOCATIVE. PROVO OC CATIVE.â&#x20AC;? Damon D amon W Wise, ise, The G Guardian uarrdian d

â&#x20AC;&#x153;TABOO-BREAKING. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright have rarely been better.â&#x20AC;? - John Powers, Vogue

â&#x20AC;&#x153;ONE LONG ACT OF SEDUCTION.â&#x20AC;? - Fan Zhong, W

sopranoo,, plays a ffaithful soprano, aithful daughter gets who ge ets work ffor or her father father (Adolphe Menjou) Menjou u) and 99 other unemployed musicians, orchestra musicia ans,, including or chestra conductor Leopoldd SStokowski. tokowski.. Beginning Sept 14: Noir.. (Plays Sep 77-10 Bogart and Film Noir -10 in Palo Alto P alo a Al to at the Stanford Stanffor ord Theatre.) Theatrree.) (RvB)

ROCKY R OCKYHORR Y HORROR ORPICTURESHO PICTURE SHOW W (1975) Bar Barely B ely Legal ar aree your hosts during this one-way ride into the maw decadence. of deca adence (Plays Sep 7 at 11:55 at adence. CCamera amer a ra 3.)) (RvB)

Reviews R evviews 20 2 0FEE FEET ETFR FROM OMSSTARDOM TA ARDOM (PG--113;; 90 min.) The glorious 20 Feet (PG-13; from frroom Stardom Star t rdom d m is the surprise of the summer summeer season.. It audits some 60 years of the very through v best pop music thr ough an unexplored unexploored angle:: the history of the backupp singers who rremained emained unknown while around hil chilling chilling hilli spines i ar oundd the th world. ld The singers sinngers hereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Claudia hereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Claudia Lennear, Lennearr, Merry Merry Clayton, C Darlene LLove ove and the almost tangibly warm Lisa Fischerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ar Fischerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;aree most frequently heardd giving a dose frrequently hear of soul to white headliners.. P Positively ositively exhilarating is the scene where exhilarating a where Clayton revisits revisits a certain rrecording ecording studio. The way Cla Clayton itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ayton tells it,, it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear people have been beeen leaning in to hear the story for decades. pregnant, for deca ades. Clayton was pr egnant,, her hair in curlers under a scarf scarf.. SStill, didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t c till,, it didn â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take her heer long to warm up and wail: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rape! Murder! â&#x20AC;&#x153;R ! Mur M d ! ItItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s der! â&#x20AC;&#x2122; just â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s j t a shot h t away.â&#x20AC;? awayy..â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? We We seee her face face as the studio echoes with th that track more. at vocal tr ack once mor e.. Mick Jagger, Jaggerr, Bruce Springsteen and SSting ting are interviewed are inte erviewed not as stars but as

FFor showtimes, sh ti , advance d titix andd more,, go tto i

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;A GREAT FILM.â&#x20AC;? - Krista Smith, Vanity Fair

CAMERA CAM ERA 12 EE ( :1(?( E 


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collaborators ffans, anss,, collabor ators and industry insiders bafďŹ&#x201A;ed baf ďŹ&#x201A;ed by the algebra algebra of success. TTalent aalent is nnot ot enough,, self-promoting self-promoting force force is not enough. These singers never made current it ass solo artists;; and the cur rent studio technology tech hnology that can make any schlub singer nger can also make any schlub a a si back-up singer.. If this profession bac ck-up singer profession has more present, mo re past than pr esent,, these women aree jewels who ďŹ nally get a setting. The ar movie mov vie answers the question: When a song son ng comes on the rradio, adio why do we adio, singg the chorus instead of the lead? ItItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s part of the song. son ng. (RvB)

AINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T AIN Nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T THEM BODIES BODIES SSAINTS AINTS (R;; 105 1 min.) The moony, moonyy, off-putting CCasey assey AfďŹ&#x201A;eck as a rred-handed ed-handed rrenegade enegade in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;770s Texas. Teexas.. He breaks breaks out of jail intending inte ending to rretrieve etrieve three three things:: a stash stas sh of money, moneyy, the woman he loves (Rooney (Ro oney Mara) Mara) and the daughter whom he fathered, fathered,, but never saw. saw w. The director director David Lowery, is D Loweryy, not to be confused with the Cracker Cracker lead singer;; the standout is aann ageless, subtle Keith Keith Carradine Carradine as the moral moral center of the ďŹ lm.. Carradine Carradine does doe es what Ben Johnson did in The Last Lasst Picture Picturre Show w, embodying a ďŹ rm purpose purrpose in slippery times.. Ben Foster, Fosterr, wearing weaaring a Sam Elliott mustache,, is a lawman protect law wman out to pr otect Ruth from from the man man who loves her most. Ain Ainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Them Bodies Boddies Saintsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Saintsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ponder ponderous, ous,, boutiquey title says sayys it all. ItItâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s made with sensitivity and thoughtfulness, thoughtfulness,, and the ďŹ nal shootouts have itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s havve impact, impact, but it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss unignorably unignorably derivativeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s derivativeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like Americana Night at an a expensive art-ghetto nightclub. Thee writing is probably probably worth the paper it was w printed on (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Well, (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Well, I guess you cann tell I got shotâ&#x20AC;?), shotâ&#x20AC;?),, so it may be Maraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Maraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance performance as the earthy, earthyy, Malickesque waiting-woman waiiting-woman who lets the movie down pretending etending dow wn the most:: sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an Audi pr to be b a battered battered pickup truck. (RvB)

BLUE BL U JJASMINE UE ASMINE (PG-13; (PG G--13; 1 ; 98 min.) Blue Jasmine is mor moree ambitious ambitious than Woody Woody Allenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Allenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss recent recent rom-com travelogues, rom m-com tr avelogues, a tragi-comic tragi-comic rephrase rephrase of SStreetcar trreetcar e Named Desir Desire re set in San Fr Francisco. ancisco. The rreferences eferences to Tennessee Teennessee Williams are are doubled in the titleâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blue Rosesâ&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? was the nickname titleeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x153;Blue Roses of Laura L a in The Glass Menagerie. Cate Laur Cate Blanchett, Blannchett, who recently recently toured toured as Blanche Blannche Dubois in revivals revivals of SStreetcar tr treetcar e r, is the thhe penniless Jasmine. Without choices chooices left,, she descends into the ďŹ&#x201A;at of her h all-forgiving all-forgiving sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins), Haw wkins),, a friendly grocery grocery store store clerk in the Mission. Mission. Allen shuttles in time so we cann see Jasmine when she was riding highh a few few years previouslyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;when previouslyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;when shee was the pampered pampered wife wife of a Wall Wall Street Street e baron baron called Hal (Alec Baldwin). Jasmine Jasm mine works works her way back from from this plummet, plum mmet,, ďŹ nding a last chance at love withh a gentleman caller:: the new man is a Tiburon Tiburon princeling with political

FRUITVALE FR UITV VALE A SSTATION TAT TION (R;; 90 min.) The accomplished Bay B Ar Area ea filmmaker Ryan rreminds eminds the kneekn needisorderly jerkers that being drunk and dis sorderly isn’t’t a capital crime.. AsOscar isn AsOscar Grant, Grrant, good lookss Michael B.. Jordan’s Jordan’s stunning go ood look and immaculately restrained restrained acting accting affects aff ects even those who don’t don’t want w to be manipulated.. Jordan Jordan gives us u the charisma of the unlucky unlucky man from frrom Hayward—a Haywar d—a cherished father father to his daughter Tatiana Taatiana (played by a prodigy pr p odigy named Ariana Neal). But we seee the sinner in him. We We meet his cheated-on cheaated-on girlfriend Sophina (Melonie Diaz), Diaz),, and hear how Grant Grant lost his job at Farmer F Joe’s Joe ’s Market in Oakland ffor or lateness, lateeness, threateningly and then how he acted thr eateeningly to his fformer ormer manager ffor or hiring someone s Jordan’s else.. Jor dan’s acting matches Coogler CCoogler’s ’s unfussy, direction. Wee can unfussy y, sensitive dir ection. W man’s confusion ffeel eel ffor or this young man ’s confu sion desperation. Spencer’s and desper ation.. Octavia Spenc cer’s Grant’smother excellence as Gr ant’smother will wiill dazzle even people who remember remember how hoow good she was in The Help. Most of th thee film is shot on location, which makee the screenplay-lab screenplay-lab added details seem seeem falser: falser:: the detail of Tatiana Taatiana having havinng a prophetic prophetic fear fear of her father father going goinng out on the bad night,, for for instance.. (RvB) (RvB B)

THE GRANDMA GRANDMASTER STER (PG--113;; 130 min.. )Ip Man’s (PG-13; Man’s car career eeer fits in with Subject #1 in the current current Chinese C cinema. That subject:: how a fractured fractured nation (symbolized on screen screen by b feuding feuding schools of martial arts) binds together toogether in the face face of foreign foreign aggression. aggression.. One of the best films of 2013, The Grandmaster Grraanndmaster by Wong Wong Kar-Wai Kar-Wai is a triumph of o the genre, genre,, but also a triumph of subversion subbversion by this ardent ardent disciple of Josef von v Sternberg. Sternberg. The poetry of rain rain and annd unrequited unrequited love is as importantt as the rousing, rousing,, sensationally edited physical phhysical stunts organized organized by Yuen Yuen u Woo-Ping. Woo--Ping. The fight scenes are are anatomized in exquisite slow-mo, with a sense of tension tensioon and weight in every smashed window windoow or body blow. courtshiip of the blow w. Such is the courtship (almost) lovers:: one is Ip,, playedd by the suave Tony Toony Leung,, dressed dressed in a scholar’s scholar’s robe robe and a spotless Panama Panama hat. haat. The only woman in the world for for him—and him m—and too bad he he’s married someone ’s mar ried to someon ne else— is Gong Er (Ziyi Zhang),, the heiress heirress to an ancient school of martial arts. A smirking,, pencil-thin-mustachioed pencil-thin-mustacchioed villain (Jin Zhang), who has collaborated collaaborated with the invading Japanese,, is trying to t get the secret secret from from her. her. The fights fighhts are are

more more like dances than brawls. braw wls. They take place on an icy rail rail platform platform m far far too close to a speeding train. train.. Earlier, Earlierr, a dueling Gong and Ip agree agree that whoever whooever breaks breaks anything in a room room full of carved caarved screens screens and delicate furniture furniture will be be the loser— it’s it’s the almost-ness,, the brinksmanship brinksmanship of this fight,, that that’s ’s a perfect perfectt image of Wong’s Wong’s fascinating fascinating restraint. restraint.. (RvB)

33 3 3


LEE DANIELS’ LEED ANIELS’THEBUTL THE BUTLER LER (PG--13, (PG-13, 1 , 132 min.) ItIt’s ’s alwayss a pleasure pleasure to see a character character actor take takke a lead in a film—producers film—pr oducers can only get g away with this kind of casting during the t course of a star-studded, lengthy story. s y. Forest story Forest Whitaker’s asymmetry Whitaker ’s ffascinating ascinating asym mmetry and dignity saves this bulky, bulky, fictionalized fictionalized true story. storyy. Whittaker is Cecill Gaines, an African-American butler who whho served served presidents, weree decades worth of pr esidentts,, who wer civil-rights ffacing acing the decades-long civ vil-rights crises. When there’s there’s Martin LLuther uther Nelsan King himself (played by Nels san Ellis) they-also-serve-whoendorsing the they-also-se erve-whoviewpoint, it’s only-bear-cups-of-tea view wpoint, it ’s liberal purview: easy to accept this film’s film’s lib beral pur view: that steadiness and discretion discretiion is better than radical radical action.. Danny Strong’s Strong’s shameless script Forest Forest Gumpizes Gum mpizes the Civil Rights era era by having it be all about Oprah Winfrey’s one man’s man’s ffamily; amily;; Opr ah Wi nfrey’s bulldozing,, Oscar-seeking acting a as disorderly wifee Gloria Cecil’s drunk and disor derlyy wif embarrassing. is often embar rassing.. And Daniels some is blind to the way that som me of the characters—such minor char acters—such ass Colman House’s sardonic Domingo (as the White Hou use’s sar donic maitre’d) maitr e’d) and YYaya aaya DaCostaa (as ffemale emale Panther) screen Black P anther) hold the scr e better een like than the leads.. One ffeels eels lik ke a pig ffor or because it’s complaining about this,, bec cause it ’s a terrible Blackk epics made, ter rible struggle to get Blac heroism and the memory of the her o of the oism the Freedom lunch-counter sitters and th he Fr eedom deserves commemoration. Riders always deser ves com mmemoration. (RvB)

THE SPE SPECTACULAR CT TACULAR NO NOW W (R;; 95 min.) Convincing and tender study named of a 17-year-old 17-year-old glibster nam med Sutter (the highly John CCusack-like usack-likee Miles TTeller) eeller) slightly who is picked up by the slig ghtly plain Aimee but good-to-the-bone Aim mee (Shailene Woodley). keeps W oodley).. Her kindness kee eps Sutter afloat as his drinking starts to get the best of him.. Based on TTim im Tharp TTharp’s ’s wellrreceived eceived YYA A novel, The Spec Spectacular ctacular Now is (happily) not another movie movvie about recovery. recoveryy. Director Director James Ponsoldt Ponsoldt is more more interested interested in the cracks crackks in Sutter’s Sutter’s character character than the way he tries t to patch them.. ItIt’s ’s buoyed with sturdy sturdy d supporting acting by Jennifer Jennifer Jason Leigh, Leigh,, Bob “Saul Goodman” Goodman” Odenkirk and a Andre Andre Royo. The movie beautifullyy evokes the mile-wide,, inch-deep feelings of feelings e adolescence.. Its greenery, greeneryy, its its almost total absence of violence,, its finely-wrought fineely-wrought love scene, and its handsome, handsom me,, simple compositions make up for for way-home w second thoughts. A sweet,, humane film, h reminding reminding some of us ex-teenagers ex-teeenagers of how we were were at our very worst woorst when we thought we wer weree at our most suave. (RvB)

AMELIE’S EVIL TWIN? Audrey Tautou is considerably less bubbly as the unhappily married title character who wonders ‘is that all there is’ in ‘Thérèse.’

La Misérable WE GET FILMS of nostalgia, or films that critique the past, but very few that do both at the same time. Thérèse is the late Claude Miller’s adaptation of Francois Mauriac’s Thérèse Desqueyroux, filmed some 50 years ago by the master poisoner Georges Franju. Then, Emmanuele (Amour) Riva was Thérèse, “an Emma Bovary who strikes back,” as Franju said at the time. There is a noticeable physical resemblance between Philippe Noiret in the Franju version and the very good Giles Lellouche, here as Thérèse’s stuffy, propertied husband Bernard, whose only indication of having a heart is his persistent angina.

work afterwards. She’s quite a not-nice female antagonist: mean, grasping, disapproving, with no interest in sex because “my head is too full of ideas.” But this isn’t a desiccated movie; it’s more of a cold-fusion version of Bette Davis in rebellion (Beyond the Forest, with Thérèse its pines and its blazing Unrated; 110 min. kiln, comes to mind). Opens Fri. The Catholic qualities of the source novel take a backseat to a hard, ardent feminism—the peeling yellow wallpaper in Thérèse’s cell-like room could be from the famous Charlotte Gilman story.

It’s the late 1920s. After an unspeakable honeymoon, Thérèse is impregnated. Her discontent grows after she has a child. Her restlessness is symbolized in the images of the forests of valuable timber owned by their conjoined families, trees as dry as tinder and waiting for the spark of destruction.

Some have been dismissing Thérèse as Masterpiece Theater, and the framing is often televisionistic; it’s likely Thérèse Desqueyroux would never be popular cinematic material, even though it’s more tangy than dusty. Tautou’s precision lures you in. She’s impressive as a climber. With her impassive black eyes, bobbed hair and air of callousness, this Thérèse looks a bit like Ayn Rand. Tautou’s real skills show in the transformation, in her death-warmedover scenes close to the finale.

In the lead role, Audrey Tautou may be a bit old for the virginal early scenes, but she’s not a star because of eternal youthfulness. Tautou made the world fall in love with her first via Amelie, and then commenced more ambitious

Richard von Busack

SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjos | metr

Peter Sarsgaard ambitions.. In the rrole, ole,, P eter Sar rsgaard it’s ’s because has never been worse,, and it b the part gives him nothing to grasp, grasp, it’s it’s the way that it ’s written. But it ’ss not Ginger’s low-rent lifee is fle fleshed that Ginger ’s low-r ent lif eshed convincingly, either.. Blanche Blanchett’s out convincingly y, either ett’s acting will be aptly described ass fforceful orceful awards when awar ds season comes. YYet eet maybe analyzed the word word “forceful” “forceful”” isn’t isn’t analyze ed define like it ought to be:: doesn’t doesn’t it defi fine a performer perf ormer taking something unworkable unnworkable and trying to beat it into submission? submission? (RvB) metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013

Sandy Carson Carson


metroactive MUSIC

‘The Train’ Keeps on Rolling TRAIN T R A IN OF OF THOUGHTS T H OUG H T S W Wayne ayne ‘The T Train’ rain r ’H Hancock’s ancock’s newest album, ‘Ride,’ shares shares a more personal side of his songwriting. s

Americana R Americana Road oad W Warrior ar arrior Wayne Hancock Returns With ‘Ride’ W ayn a ne H ancock R a eturns W ith i ‘Rid de’ BY B Y SEAN MCCOURT MCCOURT


ULLIING a wide variety ULLING variety y of influences, in nfluences, sounds and styles out of his musical mus ical roundhouse, Wayne “The Train” W ayne “Th he T rain” Hancock barreled has barrele ed across stages for now.. nearly 20 years y now With W iith songs songs that include elements of country, country, blues, blues, rockabilly rockabilly and moree from mor from the th he early days daays y of American Americ an music, mu usic, Hancock’s Hancock ck’s newest newest album,, Ride (Bloodshot (Bloodshot Records), Reecords), was as released w released this past February February and shows him hiim revealing revealing a more more personal songwriting, p ersonal sidee to his song writing, something that th hat was was naturally born born out of what had h happened happened to him over o ver the pastt ffew ew yyears. ears.

“Me and my my wife wiffe got separated d at th he time; we’re we’rre kind of on the mend mend the right ri ight now, now, but we’ve we’ve been been separated separaated ffor o about or about two two and a half years,” years,” says sayys H Hanc ock. “A “A lot of the inspiration n Hancock. ffor o the songs came or came from from what I was was go oing thr ough, and on Ride welll, going through, Ride,, well, w when yyou’re ou’re on a Harle ou u’re Harleyy and yyou’re go oing that fast, it clears yyour nd our min going mind ou ut.” out.” Though songs like like “Best To To Be A Alone ”—with lyrics such as “I swear swear w Alone”—with to o the h mo on and d the h st ars ab bove// moon stars above/ It t’s best best to be be alone than to be be in n It’s lo ove,” and its potent potent steel guitar guitar love,” ac ccompaniment—might give give accompaniment—might so omewhat of a dour impression impression of o somewhat h is current current outlook, outlook, Hancock Hancock says saayys his hat isn ’t necessarily necessarily the ccase. ase. th that isn’t “Ther aren’t really really any any sad “Theree aren’t

songs—I guess it just depends depends on the listener’s listener’s interpretation,” interpret e ation,”” says saayys Hancock. Hanc ock. “Some people peop ple might hear they’re songs,, them and think the y’re sad songs listen while others might lis sten and think it’s song.” it ’s a healing song .” guittarist started started The singer and guitarist penning age and p enning tunes at an early e played pla ayed honky honky tonks and a juke juke joints in his native native Texas. Texas. After Aft fter a stint in the military military took took him h away away for for o several se veral years, years, he returned returrned home and began playing wherever b egan pla ayying wher ever he ccould, ould, framework building the frame wo ork that has led to eight albums, albums, countless coun ntless shows and a devoted devoted fan base basse around around the world. Rightfully Right fully earning the reputation reputation ffor or o being being one of the hardest h dest working har and constantly constantly touring tourin ng musicians on the road road today, todaay, Hancock Hancock makes makes the most of his time, time, including inclu uding taking taking some time to do an interview in nterview over over the phone while driving driviing through through Illinois last month. He H even even had to going pause for fo or a moment while w through gate.. thr ough a toll gate today’s drivee is likee 220 “Oh,, to daay’ y s driv i only lik

miles,, that’s miles thatt’s like like a walk walk in the park, I ccould ould do that t with m myy eeyes yes closed— but I don’t don’t ’ want want to cause cause any any major wr wrecks,” ecks,” Hanc Hancock H ock sa says ayys with a laugh. When it i ccomes omes time to rrecord ecord an album,, Hancock Hancock doesn’t doesn’t like like to w waste aste time time either—in either—in fact, Ride was was rrecorded ecorded in i just a da dayy and a half with his lo longtime ongtime pr producer oducer Llo Lloyd yd Maines an and nd a handful of friends friends.. “When we record, record, everybody’s everybody’s in the studio o at the same time; these da days ys with w t the computer computer software software the theyy ha have, ave, a lot of guys will suggest, ‘Oh, why wh hy don’t don d ’t you you go ahead and mail this over over to me and I’ll play play on it,’’ and I’m just not into that,”” Hanc Hancock ock says. sa s ys. “If you you can’t can’t be be in the same room room m with me, me, then you you ain’t ain’t sa savvy avvvy enou enough ugh to b bee on m myy rrecording. ecording. “W “We’ll We’ll do d three three or four fo our takes takes of the same song, s song , and every every take take is diff different,” ffeerent,”” he continues. continues. Then we’ll we’ll just pick the t b best est one one,, and that that’s ’s what we use u use.” .” One aspect asp pect to Hancock’s Hancock’s music that often n sets him apart apart from from other lik like-minded e-mindeed artists artists is the fact that he cho chooses oses to o not use drums most of the time time.. “In general geneeral I don’t don’t use drums,” drums,” he sa says. ayys. “The rh rhythm hyythm is alr already eady ther there, e, it works for fo or me; if you’ve you’ve got a solid upright ba bass, ass, and yyou’ve ou’ve got a go good od band you’ve band, you’vve got rhythm. rhythm. ythm I think adding drums dru ums would just make make me sound like like everybody everybody else. else. I’m a big fan of drums, drums, just not on what I do do—it —it doesn’t do oesn’t give give this kind of music rroom oom o to br breathe.” eathe.” That independent ind dependent spirit and attitude has attitude has informed inffo ormed both both his writing and an nd his outlook outlook on playing plaayying music as a ccareer, areer, something he sees himself doing do oing for fo or a long time to co come. me. e “I’v “I’vee b been een doing this m myy whole lif life—it’s fe—it’s a decent decent living—maybe living—maayybe I ccould ould have have made a lot more more money money if I wanted wanted d to, to, but to me it was was more more imp important ortantt to have have integrity integrity in what Iw was as pla playing. yiing. I didn didn’t ’t w want ant to b bee one of tho those ose guys that go goes es back and listens to my my records records and cringes eevery very timee the theyy hear one one.” .”



8pm $12-$15 $12 -$15




Iggy and The Stooges Thee Oh SeesÂ&#x2021;4ae`[S`DS[`Tahe The Lemonheads Â&#x2021; A88 Â&#x2021; FZW >[_age[`We 6WSXZWSÄ&#x201A;W`Â&#x2021;FZW5agbÂ&#x2021;?a`Va9W`WdSfad FWdS?W^aeÂ&#x2021;9 8 B Â&#x2021;BSdfj4W`Â&#x2021;E^WWbjEg` 63? 8g`] 6< EWf Â&#x2021; 4^SU] ?[^] Â&#x2021; 4Ä&#x201A;?a FZWDWÄ&#x201A;[Ä&#x201A;S^Â&#x2021;Fa_6[U]S`V:SddjÂ&#x2021;Ada## Ea`[Va 5^SeZ Â&#x2021; Efg_T^WTg``j Â&#x2021; FZW Fd[_e 6 W W \ Sj  F Z W a d j  Â&#x2021;  B [ U f g d W  3 f ^ S ` f [ U Eag^Xg^ATeWee[a`Â&#x2021;FZWBZW`a_W`Sgfe

4dafZWd9dS`VÂ&#x2021;7H=S[`Â&#x2021;6>D@Â&#x2021;3XX[`[fj6<eÂ&#x2021;Iad]agf6<e 6[dfj9ZaefeÂ&#x2021;FZW<gdSee[UÂ&#x2021;The Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;sÂ&#x2021;BW`fZageWBW`fZageW 5Sdfaa`4 Sd8 [YZfÂ&#x2021; 8 [`[eZF [U]WfÂ&#x2021; F adUZWeÂ&#x2021; 5 ^Sh: S__Wd 4[T^WeS`V:S`V9dW`SVWeÂ&#x2021;3_a`[WÂ&#x2021;:Sbf[UEj`SbeWe FZW;USdge>[`WÂ&#x2021;A`hSdV7fU Â&#x2021;EZ[`aTgÂ&#x2021;FZW8^S_We 5a`fS[`ZWdÂ&#x2021;FZW3^TWdfEcgSdWÂ&#x2021;FdS[^eS`VISjeÂ&#x2021;:a^j5Z[^V FS^]jF[`SÂ&#x2021;8Sfea<Wfea`Â&#x2021;FZW4S`YÂ&#x2021;6[``WdeÂ&#x2021;5gd[ageCgS[^ K-VON Â&#x2021;6[dfjB[^^aheÂ&#x2021;FZW@WhFdgefÂ&#x2021;AUUg^fI[eVa_?adW

F[U]Wfea`eS^W`ah2U$eÄ&#x201A; Ua_!f[U]Wfe




SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 2013 2 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjo | metr



metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

Moree listings: Mor

METROACTIVE.COM METR OACTIVE.COM metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2014

Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y.

Rock/Pop Rock/P Pop o

Soul Night.. $5:: Sat: Led Zeppelin tribute band, Physical Graffitti, Gr affitti, Traffic. Traffic.. $8. San Jose.



Sat, 6:30pm: P Paperback aperback Riders, acoustic Beatles and Americana. $10-$16. Pack Sat, 8:30pm: The Rat P ack show, Live! Dinner show w, $26-$60. City. Redwood City y.

Fri,, 9:30pm: The Goodz. Sunnyvale

MARIANI'S Fri-Sat:: Steve Steve Edwards. Edwards. Claraa Santa Clar



Fri, 8pm: W Wayne ayne Hancock, the $12-$15. Gillbilles. $12 -$15.. San Jose.

Thurr, 9:30pm:: DJ Mist. $5. Thur, Fremont. Fr emont.



Wed,, 10pm:: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke.. Fri: SStompbox. tompbox.. Sun, 10pm:: KKaraoke. araokke. San Jose.

Live music.. LLos os Gatos..



Sun, 9pm:: Rock Sundays. Santa Clara. Clara.

Thu, 11pm: P Parasites, arasites, TTalky alk a y TTina. ina. San Jose.



Thurr, 9pm: Thur, Th 9 Thursday Th d night i ht live li bands.. $5. Sunnyvale.

Live music Fri & Sat.. CCall all ffor or info. Clara. inf o. Santa Clar a.


Tickets are available at and select Walmart locations. To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

Fri:: Mar Marvin vin Bank Bankss $5. Sat: Party Rachael's P arty w/Pacific w/Pacific Soul. Sunnyvale.

THE CA CATS ATS Wed, 7:30pm:: Johnny Neri Ban Wed, Band. nd. Thu,, 8:30pm:: Out of the Blue. Amy Sat. 9pm:: Bone Drivers.. Sat:: Am my LLou ou and the Wild Ones. Sun, Ferrara. 6pm:: Joe Fer rara. Tue, Tue, u , 7pm:: Joel Joeel Nelson. LLos os Gatos


Lil’ Easy Backyard VIP Party Saturday September 7, 2013 10AM – 8PM

Chr is Cain

2 Stages 9 Bands!

Ron psonh it ThoGm ary Sm (W/

& ) orris Sid M

r Junio n o s Wat Gino Mat teo & Jad Benn e ett


d un Ho gs ike, Kin ma M e

l a lab y Pau /A n (W tho ) & An ton ren tB o Sc

Lara Pric e

e th

y s a E ’ il



V rd

Pa r P I


Wed,, 7pm: Club Fox Blues Jam Wed, Jam: m: Aki KKumar. umar. 21+,, $5. Redwood City. City y. Fri, 6pm:: Native Elements. City. Redwood City y.


Wed,, 5:30pm: The Hitmen. as Wed, part of the Summer Music series.. Sunnyvale.

t y Johnny s

Delgado Brothers Advance Reservations Required

at Poor House use Bistro 91 S. Autumn um m Street S San an Jos an Jo Jose, CA 95110 Phone: (408) 292-5837


Fabulo u

Wed--TThu,, Sun,, Evening: Wed-Thu, Free. over.. KKaraoke. araoke. Fr ee.. 21 and over 9:30pm-1:30am: Fri Sat, 9:30pmFri-Sat, 9:30pm 1:30am: Free. over.. Live bands. Fr ee. 21 and over Fremont. Fr emont.

JOHNNY V’S Wed:: The CCypher, Wed: ypherr, w/special guests Maqsteez. $5 after Theraa P Pence, Iron 10pm.. Thu:: Ther ence, Ir on after Mike, Dimes,, DJ Bates.. $5 afte er Northern 10pm.. Fri:: LLucabrazzi, ucabrazzi, Norther rn

CAFFEFRA CAFFE FRA FRASCATI SCA ATI T Sat,, 8pm: KKavanaugh avanaugh Brothers Brothers Celtic Cel tic Experience. San Jose.

DIO DEKA Fri, 5:305:30-10pm: -110pm:: Rodrigo TTeague eeague Paul and P aul Renslow. Renslow. LLos os Gatos.

DONATO DONA ATOENO ENOTECA OT TECA Thu, 6pm:: Live jazz.. Redwood City. City y.

GOOD KARMA GOODKARMA CCall all for for into.. San Jose.

THE GRAPE GRAPEVINE VINE Sat,, 77-9pm: -9pm:: Hootenanny Hootenanny. y. San Jose.

LITTLE LOU’S LITTLEL OU’S BBQ Every W Wed, ed, 88-11pm: 11pm:: Jazz jam. 7:30-10:30pm: Thu, 7:30-110:30pm:: Scarlett La Rue’s 8-11pm: Rue ’s Revival Band. Fri,, 8-111pm: The Jokers.. Sat, 7-10pm: 7-10pm: TTony ony o ampbell. Song Jazz TTrio. rrio. CCampbell.


Fri:: Live music music.. Santa Clar Clara. a a.

an Adri a Cost

Wed: Ron Geisick Duo. Thu: Wed: Peppe Merolla P eppe Mer olla Quartet.. Fri: Eulipions Quartet. San Jose.

Every Thu 6:306:30-9:30pm 9:30pm & Fri, 7:30-10:30pm: 7:3010:30pm:: Live music.. All Free. Ages.. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos





Thu, 9pm:: Cover bands. Fri,, 9pm: DJ Music. $5.. Sat,, 9pm:: Live Music.. Mon-Wed Mon-Wed KKaraoke araoke 9pm. Homestead Lanes,, Cupertino. Cupertino.




BLUE BL UE ROCK ROCK SHOO SHOOT OT Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists Artists’’ Showcase. Sun,, 4pm: Blues jam. Saratoga. Sar atoga.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AND BIS BISTRO ST TRO Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.

LOS GA LOS GATOS ATOS CIVIC CENTER PLAZA Sun,, 5pm:: Music in the P Park ark os Gatos. series. All ages.. Free. Free. LLos

LLOS OSGA GATOS ATOST TOWN OWNPLAZA PLAZA Wed, 6:30pm:: John Pr Wed, Proulx. oulx. Fr Free. ee. Jazz on the Plazz series.. LLos os Gatos.

Wed, 8pm:: Salsa. Thu, 9pm: Wed, Banda.. Sun: Reggae Vybez. Vybez. San Jose.

ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’S BISTRO BISST TRO Wed, W ed, 8pm:: Salsa Party. ed, Partyy. $16 $16-$20 $16-$20. $20. Thu, 8pm:: Dee Coco Johnson. $10-$15.. Fri, 8:30pm: Top Toop Shelf. Shelf. $20-$26. Tue, Tuue,, 7pm:: Jazz Jam. Sun,, 7pm:: Mike Gallestus Big City. Band. $16-$22.. Redwood City y.

BLACKBIRD BLA ACCKBIRD T TAVERN AV VERN Fri: The B-S B-Star tar TTrio. rrio.. Sat: Jazz Mechanics.. San Jose.

LLOU’S OU’SVILLA VILLAGE AGGE Fri:: Live music w/T w/Tom Toom Muller & West. R b Rebecca W est.t San S Jose. J

MOROCCO’S MOR OCCO’S Wed and Sat, 5pm:: Belly Wed dancing. Mountain View. View.

MOSAIC MOS AIC Fri-Sat,, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Jazz ffor or dinner dinner.. San Jose.



SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 2013 2 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjo | metr metr | sanjos | m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2014


EASY DOES DOES IT Bay Area A acoustic blues trio the H Hound o ound Kings are among the Poor House day’ss worth of music at bands that will fill P o H oor ouse Bistro with a whole e day’ Festival. takes the Lil’ Easy F estivall. This backyard VIP party take es place Sep 7, 10am-8pm, stages includes Ron and features two sta ages of music. music The lineup inclu udes blues legend R on Cain, Watson, Lara Price. Thompson, Chris Ca in, Junior W atson, the Delgado o Brothers and L ara P rice. Reservations required; New R eservations are req quired; $60 admission includess N ew Orleans brunch limited buffet, T-shirt and lim mited VIP seating.

36 MURPHY’S LAW MURPHY’SLA AW CCall all ffor or inf info. o. Sunnyvale.

McCain McC ain & Cole.. Mountain View View. w.

Fri,, 6-9pm: 6-9pm:: Live blues, roots roots and Americana. Morgan Morgan Hill.





LLos os

O’FLAHERTY’S O’FLAHER RT TY’S Thu, 9pm:: Live Music. TTue, uue, 6:30pm:: Live Irish Music.. San Jose.


Every second and ffourth ourth Thu, 77-9pm: -9pm: Don Balistreri. Balistreri.. Every Sat, 77-9:30pm: -9:30pm:: Live jazz. San Jose.

WINE AFF AFFAIRS AIRS Wed,, 7:30-10pm: Wed, 7:30--110pm: Paulo Paulo Renslow.. San Jose. Renslow


Wed: Jam Session. Thu:: Live Wed: info. Band. CCall all ffor or inf o. Sunnyvale..

Every first and third third Wed, Wed, 7pm: Blues jam with Johnny-Cat. Johnny-Cat. TTue: uue: Ukulele Club. Los Los Gatos.



Wed, 6Wed, 6-9pm: 9pm:: Ron Thompson Thompson. n. 6-9pm: Thu 6 Thu, 69pm: Cee Cee James. James 6-10pm: Get-Down Fri, 610pm:: Guitar Get-Dow wn Watson, w/Junior W atson, Mighty Mike Schermer and Gino Matteo. Sat: Little Big Easy Party. P arty. Private event; advancee rreservations eservations rrequired, equired, $60. Sun, 22-6pm: -6pm: Soul Sunday w/ / Andrew Jr.. Boy Jones Band. Andr ew Jr San Jose.


Sat, 8pm:: Live jazz. Casino Casino M8trix San Jose. M8trix, Jose

C&W/Folk C&W W//FFoolk

SSAM’S AM’S BBQ Wed, 6pm:: Loganville. Wed, Loganville. TTue, ue, u 6pm: Crow. Leftover Cr ow. San Jose.

THE WOODSHED THEW OODSHED Mon:: Bluegrass Bluegrass jam. Gatos.

LLos os

Open p Mic/ Karaoke K Kar arraaokkkee 7 BAMBOO BAMBOO


Wed-Sat,, 9pm: Karaoke. Wed-Sat, Karaoke. Tue, Tuue, 9pm:: Karaoke. Karaoke. San Jose.

Fri,, 8:30pm:: California California Cowboys. $12-$18. City. $12 -$18. Redwood City y.



Fri-Sat, 8pm:: Karaoke. Karaoke.. San Jose.

CCall all for for info. info. Saratoga. Saratoga.

Live music. San Jose.



Thu, 9:30pm:: Country night w/ Thu Pilgrim. Campbell. Campbell.

Live music. San Jose.



Thu, 7pm: Mill Creek Creek Ramblers. Fri,, 7pm: Prairie. Prairie.. Sat, 7pm: Beargrass Creek. Fremont. Bear grass Cr eek. Fr emont.

Thu, 10:30pm: Reggae Thursdays. TTue, uue,, 7:30pm:: Irish View.. music. Mountain View

Wed, 7pm:: Country Get Down Wed, w/DJ TTony oony LLoco, oco, Jason Buell. Thu:: DJ Mike Quebec,, Rhythm Roustabouts. Fri-Sat:: Diablo Road. DJ TTony oony LLoco. oco.. Also Sat: Creek Chris Cr eek Band. Fremont. Fremont.

RED ROCK REDR OCKCCOFFEE OFFEE Fri,, 8pm: Laura Laura Meyer. Meyer. Sat:

ALEX’S ALEX X’’S4 49ER 9ERINN INN Nightlyy, 9pm-2am: Nightly, 9pm-2am:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

APPARITION APP PA ARITION Even second Thu: Gothic,



SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 2013 2 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjo | metr



metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | sanjos | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2014

38 industrial kar karaoke. aoke. Club Lido, San Jose.

AZÚCAR LATIN AZÚCARLA AT TINB BAR AR Wed:: 8pm-midnight:: KKaraoke Wed: araokee plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.



Fri, 6pm:: KJ Bob and SStarmaker, tarmaker, ffollowed ollowed by DJ at 9pm. Santa Clara. Clar a.

TTue: uue: Karaoke. Karaoke. San Jose.


MARIANI’S Thu, 8pm: Chris. Santa Clar Clara. a.


Sun,, 7pm-close: Uncle Dougie Show.. P Palo Alto. Show alo Al to.

Wed, W ed, 9pm: Vic. Fr Fremont. emont.

Fri,, 9pm: p Dar Darryl. ryl. y . San Jose.


Sat: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.


Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat uue,, 9pm: Uncle Show.. No cover cover.. San Dougie Show Jose.



Sat, 9pm:: August.. Santa Clar Clara. a a.




Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.

Thu,, 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View.. View



Wed and Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Wed Doug. Sunnyvale.

Fri,, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am:: Danielle.. Sat, 9pm-1am: Clara. 9pm1am:: KKaraoke. araoke.. Santa Cla ra.

Thu,, 9pm9pm-2am: 2am: August. Milpitas.



Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: View.. KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Gilroy. Gilr oyy.


Fri-Sat, 7pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

BLUE BL UEPHEA PHEASANT SANT TTue, ue, u , 7pm:: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertinno.

Sun-Mon, 9pm: Ryan. San Jose. Wed & Sun, 7pm-close: Wed KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

TTue: ue: u : DJ Davey K.. CCampbell. ampbell.






Thu:: KKaraoke. araoke. Los Los Gatos.



Fri-Sun,, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: -1:30am: 1 KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

TTue, uue, 8:30pm: A Acoustic coustic karaoke kar aoke with Sam Marshall. Woodside. W oodside.



TTue: ue: u : KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN BRITARMSALMADEN Wed & Sun, 10pm:: DJ Hank. Th Wed Thu, hu, Dinero. 10pm:: DJ Diner o. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS CUPERTINO BRITARMSCUPER RTINO T Sun--Tuue,, 10pm:: KKaraoke. Sun-Tue, araoke. CCupertino. upertino.


Wed--Thu Wed-Thu T and Sun, 9pm: Wild Fremont. Nights KKaraoke. araoke. Fr emont.





Wed, W ed,, 9pm:: August. San Jose.



TTue, ue ue, u , 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. aoke. San Jos Jose. se se.

Wed W ed & Sun, Sun 9:30pm9:30pm 9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. CCampbell. ampbell.

Thu,, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke.. Santa Clar Clara. ra.



Wed,, 8pm: DJ Desmond. San Wed, Jose.

Thu & Mon, 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Darryl. Sat, 8:30pm:: Joe or Dar ryl. CCampbell. ampbell.

DASILVA’S D ASILVA’’SBR BRONCOS ONCOS Wed:: KKaraoke. Wed: araoke. Thu,, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am:: Clara. KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a.

KHARTOUM KHAR RTOUM Thu, 9pm:: DJ Davey K. CCampbell. ampbell.



Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm:: Bruce of KKOR OR KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View. View w.

Wed,, 9:30pm: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke. San Jose.


EFFIE’S RE RESTAURANT STAURANT Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat uue, 9pm9pm-2am, 2am,, & last Sun of every month,, 22-7pm: -7p 7pm: B&S KKaraoke. araoke.. CCampbell. ampbell.

Wed, 9:30pm: Wildside. No Wed, cover.. Sun, 9pm: Joe. cover Clara. Santa Clar a.

Fri-Sat,, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale. Sun: Sunday Funday kar karaoke. aoke. cover.. San Jose. No cover


Tickets are available at and select Walmart locations. To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

Moree listings: Mor


Wed, W ed,, 7pm: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Sunnyvale.

KOJI K OJI SSAKE AKE LLOUNGE OUNGE First & Thir Thirdd Thu, 7pm:: KJ Bob and SStarmaker. tarmaker. San Jose.

TTue: uue: Karaoke. Karaoke. Sunnyvale. Nightly kar karaoke, aoke, 9pm-1:30am. 9pm-1:30am. San Jose.

REDI R ROOM OOM Thu-Sat, Thu Sat 9pm: DJ CCurtis. urtis urtis. San Jose.

SSTATION TAT TION 55 Thu: JR. Sun: JR Diaz Family Gilroy. KKaraoke. araoke. TTue: uue: James. Gilr oy.

THREE FLAME FLAMESS Wed, W ed, 8pm: Chris. San Jose.

TORTUGA T ORTUGA ISLAND T TAVERN AV VERN TTue, uue, 7pm: KJ Bob and SStarmaker. tarmaker. San Jose.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE TTue-Thu uue--TThu & Sat: Karaoke. Karaoke. Santa Clara. Clar a.

X-BAR X -BAR TTue uue & Fri, 9pm: Vinnie. CCupertino. upertino.




SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 2014 2 0 1 4 | metr m | sanjos | metr

MAKING A SCENE The Parasites came to the East Bay in time to be part of the area’s pop-punk explosion that included Green Day.

Power Pop-Punk According to Dave Parasite, his band the Parasites were one of about three poppunk bands in all New Jersey in the late ’80s. “There wasn’t even enough to have a four band pop-punk show,” he says. Things turned around in 1992, when Parasite moved to Berkeley to be part of the bubbling pop-punk scene that would eventually give birth to Green Day. He reformed the band with all new members and jumped right into the East Bay scene like it was his hometown. “I saw which way the wind was blowing,” Parasite says. “I moved across the country and it was the best decision I ever made for the band.” Parasites Parasite had a label friend in Berkeley that set this new band up for him. He even booked several shows before Parasite arrived in Café Stritch, town. Right off the bat, they were playing with NOFX, the Mr. T San Jose Experience, Green Day and a bunch of other noteworthy bands. As the scene got bigger, so did the Parasites, but they also would Thu, 11pm, suffer a backlash from the punk community when pop-punk went Free mainstream—even though they were never mainstream.

MetroGiveaways M etroGiveaways WIN FREE F R EEE STUFF! STUFF!

“When Green Day hit, we were a band that sounded like them, from the same town, it couldn’t have been better,” Parasite says. “When the punk people went against Green Day, they also went against us. That’s how it was.” But they didn’t sound exactly like Green Day or the other East Bay pop-punk bands. Yes, they played fast, energetic pop songs, but they broke the Ramones’ three chord mold and added a lot of subtle, complex changes and structural oddities, taking elements from ’70s power-pop groups like Cheap Trick and the Beat. “I don’t want to be a Ramones-core band,” Parasite says. “It’s like you got to move on from that. I never know what I’m playing and I actually make up weird chords I can’t find on the chord charts.” While most of the other ’90s pop-punk bands have broken up, the Parasites have plodded along, touring and releasing material on a consistent basis. They have a total of 10 albums and 22 singles under their belt. Other than Parasite, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, the members change frequently. Current members David Delarosa (guitar), Jason Duarte (bass) and John Perrin (drums) have all been in the band between two months and a year-and-a-half.

Win W in a pair pair of C2 C2SV 2SVMusicF Music Festival estivvalP a PPasses aasses

When the Parasites tour these days, the turnouts are hit and miss. But even at poorly attended shows, Parasite often meets at least one kid that is obsessed with the Parasites and has waited for years to see them play.

Scan this QR ccode ode withh your your smartphone or visit

“That happens all the time. It shows that I didn’t waste my time that much,” Parasite says.—Aaron Carnes




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Dancee Clubs Danc Clubs

Moree listings: Mor


Fridays. $10. Sat, 9pm: Call Call for for info. info. Mon: Industry. Industry. San Jose.

Playhouse Fridays. Tue: Tuue: Industry. Industry. San Jose.

KATIE KA AT TIE BLOOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BLOOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S


Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs and dancing. CCampbell. ampbell.

Fri, 10pm:: Nu W Wave ave Friday Friday.. Sat, Thirdd Annual 10pm: Aqua's Thir Party. White P arty. Sunnyvale.

LILLY LILL LY MA MACâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S AGENDA A GGENDA Thu:: Jueves Shakalosos (Ladi (Ladies es D-Loo aka Night).. Fri,, 7:30pm:: D-L Mr.. No Hoe.. $15-$20. (Most Mr hits.).) Fri:: Hip-hop, TTop op o 40,, club hits. TTue: uue:: 4 the LLove ove of TTuesdays. uuesdays. San Jose.

APPARITION APP PA ARITION Thu,, 9pm: LLuum, uum, Slow CCult, ult, Breathing Patterns, Br eathing P atterns,, Kadoom. Kadoom. $5. Club Lido, San Jose.

AXIS NIGHTCLUB AXISNIGHT CLUB Fri-Sat: Fri Sat:: DJs and dancing. dancing Sun Sun,, Project party. 7pm:: Pr oject X. TTeen eeen party y. Clara. School ID rrequired. equired.. Santa Clar ra.

AZĂ&#x161;CAR LA LATIN ATIN T B BAR AR Thu,, 9pm: DJ party party. y. Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: 9pm2am:: Live music & DJs, more. salsa, house,, hip-hop & mor e. Mon: Salsa. San Jose.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB 1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336 Wednesday, Sep. 4Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+

HEAD CASKET plus The Atomic Aces

also The Thirsty Three and Them Creatures ATTHE$RSONLYs$RSOPENATPM3HOWPM

4HURSDAY 3EPÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


plus Hatchet also A Thousand Shall Fall and Warcorpse $RSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

Friday, September 6Â&#x2039; AGES 16+


Thu 9pm:: A Atomic tomic with DJ Basuraa & DJ TTraci. Basur raci. . San Jose.

BRANHAM LOUNGE BRANHAML OUNGE Wed:: Almaden V Wed: Valley alley Beer Pong ONEmanARMY. P ong with DJ ONEmanARMY Y. Thu:: Audio Revolution with Hi-Grade. DJs Jason Dee & Hi-Gr ade. Control VJ1. Fri:: Quality Contr ol w/DJ V JJ1. Dreams Sat: Cocktails & Dr eams w/DJJ Aspect. A spect. TTue: ue: u : Irie Nights w/DJ Hi-Grade Hi-Gr ade & TTesfa. eesfa.. San Jose.


Monday, September 9Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


also Lost

Boy and Wildmoth !DV$RSsPMPM

3EPThe Expendables (Ages 16+) 3EPCurren$y (Ages 16+) Sep 19 Krewella/ Seven Lions (Ages 18+) Sep 20 IAMSU (Ages 16+) Sep 21 Jimmy Eat World (Ages 16+) Sep 22 Tech N9ne (Ages 16+) Oct 4 Jayco/ Pilo (Ages 18+) /CTTesla/ 6 Weeks Sober (Ages 21+) Oct 16 Steve Vai (Ages 21+) /CTLes Claypoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Duo De Twang (Ages 21+) Oct 28 AFI (A Fire Inside) (Ages 16+) Nov 1 The Story So Far (Ages 16+) Nov 2 Andre Nickatina (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

Thu: Good Vibes (Reggae & from Hip Hop). Fri: Ben J fr om New Boyz. San Jose.



Thu: DJ Mist. Fremont. Fremont.

Sat, 9pm: Club ReMix. Four Points Sheraton, P oints Sher aton, San Jose.



Fri: DJs & dancing. Every ffourth ourth Sat: Thrive. Sun: Members Only. Only. San Jose.

Thu: Every Get Getâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Leiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d with DJ Aspect. Aspect. Fri:: Finally Friday Saturday with DJ Aspect. Aspect. Sat: Satur day Cooldown with DJ-Luzion, DJ-Luzion, Illtraxx, Ill traxx, WreckaNoize WreckaNoize & HiGrade. HiGr ade. Tues: Tues: u : TTWOSdays. WOSdays. San Jose.

MOUNTAIN MOUNT AIN CHARLE CHARLEYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Wed, 9:30pm: W Wed, Way ay Back Wednesdays. W ednesdays. Thu-Fri: DJ Vincent Fiction. Sat, 9:30pm: Saturday. Smoking Hot Satur day. Los Los Gatos.

WILLOW WILL OW DEN Wed-Fri: DJs. Sat, 10pm: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;90s Wed-Fri: Party. Dance P artyy. Willow Glen.



Thu, 10pm: Dancing to DJ Ben Vex. Clara. OfďŹ cial & DJ V ex. Santa Clar a.

Thu: Reverse Happy Hour Hour.. Every ďŹ rst Fri: Famous. Famous Every second & ffourth ourth Fri: Diamond. Sat:: Girls Night Out. View.. Mountain View

PLAYHOUSE PLA AY YHOUSE Thu, 10pm: Ambitious Thursdays. Fri, 9pm:

San Franciscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s City Guide

Brian Moss, the brains behind â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Jahbreaker,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; fronts with excellent new album, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Thread.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sep 7 at Bottom of the Hill.


plus Toy Called God !DV$RSsPMPM


Friday: DJs & dancing. Every second Sat: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.



Sunday, September 8Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+

also ZED also Demacia


Thu, 10:30pm:: Reggae Thursdays Fri: DJ Tony.. Thursdays. Toony.. View.. Mountain View

Jazz trumpeter plays with Ravi â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Royal Bloodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Coltrane and fearless guitarist Lionel Loueke. Sep 5-8 at SFJAZZ Center.

Saturday, September 7Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+




Friday, September 6Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


Fri, 9:30pm: Phil â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n n the Blanks. Blank s. Every second and ffourth ourth Sat: DJ night with Latin music. Sunnyvale.


BRIT ARMS DOWNTOWN BRITARMSDO WNTOWN Fri:: DJ BenofďŹ cial. Sat:: DJ Rea Ready dy Rock.. San Jose.

BRIX Thu:: Pr Progressive ogressive P Power ower Hour Hour.. Flirty. Fri:: Flirty y. Sat: Brick House. Sann Jose.

GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR Ear-piercing one second, quiet enough to hear the ďŹ lm projector the next. Sep 9-10 at Great American Music Hall.

NEKO CASE Sing a song, break your heart, show you how to make borschtâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;what canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t she do? Sep 10 at the WarďŹ eld.

JIMMY CLIFF â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Harder They Comeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; reggae legend whose latest album â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Rebirthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is produced by Rancidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tim Armstrong. Sep 11 at the Fillmore.

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT A Wed, 9pm:: Wine W Wed, Wednesdays. ednesdayss. Thu: Liquid Thursdays, with guest DJs spinning hip-hop, Heit TTop oop 40 and R&B.. Fri,, 9pm:: He it

More San Francisco events at



unpredictable reinforcement—a guy you can’t have who occasionally surprises you by throwing you a bone of hope: telling you that he isn’t ready to give up his girlfriend but “may feel different when your divorce is final.” Sure, and the moon may grow a mustache and start orbiting your dentist’s office. So, no, you aren’t stuck on him because it’s so darn enjoyable being with him. It’s because he’s turned you into a lab rat frantically pushing a bar for a hit of rat chow that only sometimes comes. The way to kick the habit is to recognize this, detach, and have the self-discipline to stay detached. Send him a message that it’s over and not to contact you again, and then do everything in your power to keep that from happening: Mail your phone to a stranger in China, and hole up in an out-of-the-way motel. Of course, you could just change your number and not answer your door, but going to at least a little more effort might help reinforce that you have a new policy: No matter how handsome, amusing, and compelling a man seems, you will chase him only if he also happens to be sprinting away with your purse.

I am 18 and took a baking course at a cooking school, where I met this dreamy 19-year-old guy. We both constantly found lame excuses to be around each other, so I was fairly positive our attraction went both ways. I get that men need to show their interest by asking you out, so I flirted and flirted and waited and waited for him to ask me out, but he never did. Now the course is over, and I’m wondering what I did wrong and whether I missed out on the love of my life! —Confused Perhaps he was hoping he could get a girlfriend the way a dog gets food scraps: just wait for a woman to fall on the kitchen floor and then carry her off in his teeth. He may now be hitting himself upside the head with a wire whisk for showing all the mojo of garnish. This also may have been a situational crush—one that he couldn’t follow through on outside the test kitchen due to his having a girlfriend or even a boyfriend. Or maybe he’s just being 19. At 24, with a little more experience, he might do more than make

like a kid staring into the bakery window. Sadly, all that matters now is what he didn’t do. But you did the right thing by not making up for a guy’s inability to squeak out a request for a date. Keep on flirting, and stop fretting that you may have “missed out on the love of (your) life!” Sure, you may have—if you’ve always dreamed of a day when you’d spot a white horse galloping toward you in the distance and, as it drew closer, see that there’s no prince, only a bag of frozen vegetables duct-taped to the saddle.

©2013, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 550 S. First St., San Jose, CA 95113, or email

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I’ve been separated from my husband for two years. (Our divorce isn’t yet final.) A terrific man sought me out when he was breaking up with his girlfriend, but then he got back together with her and said we could only be friends. We still get together at times, and he told me, “I’m just not ready to give up my girlfriend, although I may feel different when your divorce is final.” I’ve tried moving on, but whenever I get to a good place, he calls and is interested again! I normally wouldn’t allow this behavior, but I enjoy his company so much! —Crushing The fact that a man calls for you to come running isn’t necessarily reason to do it, unless you’re a golden retriever and he’s got a dirty tennis ball to throw you. Assuming you live in North America and not a culture where marriage is a big tent filled with lots of wives, a man’s involvement with another woman should immediately disqualify him from consideration. Accepting continued contact with a downgrade to “only friends” works if you can shift the man into the friends-only slot, but it seems you can’t, and it seems that’s just how this man likes it. You’re now his ego’s girlfriend and his backup entertainment when his girlfriend’s getting her nails done. Okay, so technically you’re not yet available, but that’s just a matter of paperwork; you aren’t romantically attached to another person. What’s keeping you stuck on this man is a psychological fishhook called “intermittent reinforcement.” When rewards for our behavior (like affection or attention we’re shown) come regularly and predictably, we relax and take them for granted. But the stuff that sods the ground for an obsession is random,

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Some of my associates at work are talking about adjusting their diets based on their blood type. I was shown articles out of The Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia, but to me it seems like they’re concluding too much from too little. Is this nonsense, or does blood type tell about a person’s most suitable diet, disease resistance, etc? —Dan Teal, Tampa

If you think basing your diet on your blood type is out there, you haven’t heard anything yet. In Japan, where this daft business started, some people organize company work teams, segregate school classrooms, and even choose their dream date by blood type. And if you get lucky on that date, not to worry—in Japan, vending machines sell condoms by blood type too. The most vocal American booster of blood-type theory is Peter D’Adamo, who has written or co-written dozens of works on the subject, his magnum opus being the one you reference. His major contentions: The three most common blood types—A, B, and O—developed at different points in human evolution. (D’Adamo’s theory is relatively quiet about type AB blood.) Type O showed up first, allegedly when we were hominids with a high-meat diet. Type A blood initially appeared among Neolithic farmers, supposedly because it increased their ability to tolerate a high-grain diet. Finally, 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, type B blood emerged—the result, somehow, of climate change and increased availability of dairy products. The logic of why this matters is a little intricate, but here goes: (a) red blood cells of each different blood type have a characteristic mix of antigens on their surfaces; (b) antigens provoke immune responses from corresponding antibodies in the blood; (c) among these antibodies are food proteins called lectins; (d) different foods contain different types of lectins; (e) if you eat the wrong foods and thus take in the wrong lectins, said lectins will stick to your blood cells and cause them to clump together; and (f) this is bad. Therefore, you should eat more of certain foods and shun others based on your blood type. According to D’Adamo, O types do best eating lots of meat but few grains; type A individuals should emphasize grains and vegetables; and type B should avoid grains but can load up on meat, greens, and dairy.

D’Adamo downplays the blood type = personality school of thought. Nonetheless, he claims type O individuals are prone to bipolar disorder, whereas type A people are more likely to be obsessive-compulsive. Holes might be picked in D’Adamo’s theory, the main one being that it doesn’t square with pretty much anything we know about evolutionary physiology. Geneticists think the blood types diverged millions, not thousands, of years ago. Type O is the most recent evolutionary mutation, not the oldest. Which brings us to the core question: Will D’Adamo’s dietary recommendations do you any good? The bulk of Eat Right for Your Type is a massive collection of every ailment you ever heard of and a recommended dietary treatment for each based on blood type. In fairness, researchers have found links between certain diseases and blood types. For example: People with type B blood may have a lower incidence of Type 2 diabetes than the A, O, and AB groups. One study found a weak connection between gallstone formation and blood type, with type O folks being slightly less susceptible. A recent study of a million Scandinavian blood donors found type AB folks were 26 percent more likely, and type B folks 8 percent less likely, to develop gastric cancers than O types. Still, concluding from the above that a diet based on blood type will improve your health is a long leap. A 2012 review of 1,415 articles about blood-type diets found exactly one that met all the criteria for sound research, and that one didn’t examine the ABO blood typing D’Adamo focuses on, but rather a different system of blood classification known as MNS. For what it’s worth, the study found some MNS blood types responded better to a lowfat diet than others. So it’s not out of the question you may someday get legitimate diet advice based on some form of blood typing. But avoiding poultry to cure AIDS, as D’Adamo claims? I’m sorry, that’s nuts.


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A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013





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    1+ 1+ 6   1 6      !"  !"  #  # $7( 6 22 8 9: * $7( 6 6 6 22 8 9: 6 2

SEPTEMBER SEPT EMBER 44-10, -1 0 , 22013 0 1 3 | metr m | sanjo | metr

FREE Pre Preroll & 15% off for al allll new members


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the Metro photo exhibit

featuring local photographers

Illustration by Chris Hack

South First Fridays @ 550 S First


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A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose | metr m | SEPT SEPTEMBER EMBER 44-10, -1 0 2013




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50 52 10 10 2 metr | sanjos | metr m | SSEPTEMBER E P TE M B E R 44-10, -10 2013

Phone Ph one Entertainment Ent errtainm t entt ALL K ALL KINDS INDS OF SINGLES! INGLES! Listen sten to ads & Reply Reply FFREE! REE! 408-514-1111, 408-5 14-1111, Us Usee FR FREE REE CCode ode 5990, 18+ 18+

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ENGINEERING Volterra Semiconductor Corp in Fremont, CA is seeking a qualified Applications Engineering Manager, Senior Product Engineer, and Staff Design Engineer for the design of high performance analog and mixed-signal power mgmt semiconductors. Send resumes to

QA Engineer 3: Fortinet, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA. Perform QA testing. Bachelor and 2 years exp. req. email resume to glee@ or fax HR 408.486.7848

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Engineer: IC Des Eng Principal for LSI Corp San Jose CA. Develop scalable test plans, test benches, checkers, trackers for IP. Reqs: BSEE + 10 yrs in des verification incl: Verilog, SystemVerilog, scripting, verif methodology & environments, test plan/test bench/checkers/trackers development, debug; formal functional verification tools/methodology; leadership in IP, SOC, FPGA systems verification. Resume: LSI Corporation Attn: T. Zhou 1320 Ridder Park Dr. San Jose CA 95131 must ref code 2013SJCSMUR

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Artwork by Michael Wertz

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Fatigue obesity, pms, anxiety David Hogg ND San Jose 408.297.6877

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San Jose, CA, 95126. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Above entity was formed FICTITIOUS in the state of California BUSINESS Registrant began transacting business NAME STATEMENT under the fictitious #580006 business name or The following person(s) FICTITIOUS names listed herein on BUSINESS is (are) doing business FICTITIOUS 5/17/2011. as: Luther Burbank NAME STATEMENT BUSINESS Refile of previous file Mortgage, Suite 150, #551635 with changes #580829 Santa Monica, CA, NAME STATEMENT /s/Victoria Velazquez The following person(s) 90401, Luther Burbank President is (are) doing business #580442 Savings, 804 Fourth as: Clever Machine The following person(s) #201211710110 Street, Santa Rosa, CA, This statement was filed Shop, 1697 Ponona Ave., is (are) doing business 95404. with the County Clerk of San Jose, CA, 95110, as: R & M Rentals, 22 This business is Santa Clara County on Maria Alvarez, 1039 S. S. Santa Cruz Avenue conducted by a 8/05/2013. Almaden Ave., San Jose, 2nd Flr, Los Gatos, CA, Corporation. (pub Metro 8/14, 8/21, 95030, Ronald M Tate, Above entity was formed CA, 95110, Daneil Diaz. 16679 Madrone Ave., Los 8/28, 9/04/2013) in the state of California This business is conducted by a married Gatos, CA, 95030. Registrant has not FICTITIOUS couple. This business is yet begun transacting Registrant has not conducted by a BUSINESS business under the individual. fictitious business name yet begun transacting NAME STATEMENT business under the Registrant began or names listed herein. fictitious business name transacting business #579958 /s/Laura Tarantino or names listed herein. under the fictitious The following person(s) SVP & CFO /s/Maria Alvarez business name or is (are) doing business #Fed Charter as: The Frangos Team, This statement was filed This statement was filed names listed herein on 841 Blossom Hill Rd., with the County Clerk of with the County Clerk of 09/01/2002. Santa Clara County on /s/Ronald M. Tate #112, San Jose, CA, Santa Clara County on 7/22/2013. This statement was filed 95123, Jeannie Frangos, 6/26/2013. (pub Metro 8/21, 8/28, with the County Clerk of 423 Curie Dr., San Jose, (pub Metro 7/10, 7/17, 9/04, 9/11/2013) Santa Clara County on CA, 95123, Pete Frangos. 7/24, 7/31/2013) 7/11/2013. This business is FICTITIOUS (pub Metro 8/07, 8/14, conducted by a married FICTITIOUS 8/21, 8/28/2013) couple. Registrant began BUSINESS BUSINESS transacting business under the fictitious NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT STATEMENT OF business name or #581308 ABANDONMENT #582071 names listed herein on The following person(s) The following person(s) OF USE OF 6/14/2013. is (are) doing business is (are) doing business /s/Jeannie Frangos/Pete as: Santa Barbara FICTITIOUS as: NorcalVRG, 642 Frangos Candles & Angel Spa, Blythe Ct., Apt 27, BUSINESS NAME This statement was filed 3321 Quinto Way, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085, with the County Clerk of #581472 San Jose, CA, 95124, Virgil Cacdac, Kari The following person(s) Santa Clara County on Bridgette Gutierrez. Amaral. 6/26/2013. / entity (ies) has / This business is This business is (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, have abandoned the conducted by an conducted by a 8/07, 8/15/2013) use of the fictitious individual. individual. business name(s): Registrant has not Registrant has not FICTITIOUS HMC Productions, 359 yet begun transacting yet begun transacting Avenida Arboles, San business under the BUSINESS business under the fictitious business name fictitious business name Jose, CA, 95123, Helen M NAME STATEMENT Camua. or names listed herein. or names listed herein. This business was /s/Bridgette Gutierrez #581399 /s/Virgil Cacdac The following person(s) This statement was filed This statement was filed conducted by an is (are) doing business with the County Clerk of with the County Clerk of Individual. Filed in Santa Clara Santa Clara County on as: Chilly Dan’s, 355 Santa Clara County on county on 2/08/2008. 8/02/2013. Umbarger Rd., San Jose, 8/23/2013. CA, 95111, Danny Fowler. (pub Metro 8/28, 9/04, (pub Metro 8/21, 8/28, Under file no. 505265. /s/Helen M Camua 9/04, 9/11/2013) This business is 9/11, 9/18/2013) This statement was filed conducted by an with the County Clerk of individual. FICTITIOUS FICTITIOUS Santa Clara County on Registrant began BUSINESS BUSINESS 8/08/2013. transacting business NAME STATEMENT NAME STATEMENT (pub Metro 8/14, 8/21, under the fictitious 8/28, 9/04/2013) business name or #581678 #581794 names listed herein on The following person(s) The following person(s) FICTITIOUS 8/6/2013. is (are) doing business is (are) doing business /s/Danny Fowler as: Kali Smog Test Only, BUSINESS as: Tailored Janitorial This statement was filed Service, 194 Pecan Grove 1665 Alum Rock Ave., NAME STATEMENT with the County Clerk of San Jose, CA, 95116, Ct., CA, 95123, Barbara Santa Clara County on #581368 Nhu Hien Bui, 13014 Patterson. Wool Ave., San Jose, CA, The following person(s) 8/06/2013. This business is (pub Metro 8/14, 8/21, is (are) doing business 95111. conducted by a as: Petals and Peacocks, 8/28, 9/04/213) This business is individual. 2261 The Alameda, conducted by an Registrant has not Santa Clara, CA, 95050, individual. yet begun transacting Petals and Peacocks LLC, Registrant has not business under the 88 Bush St, Unit 1131, fictitious business name yet begun transacting | | | SEPTEMBER 4-10, 2013


or names listed herein. /s/Barbara Patterson This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 8/16/2013. (pub Metro 8/28, 9/04, 9/11, 9/18/2013)

business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Nhu Hien Bui This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 8/14/2013. (pub Metro 8/21, 8/28, 9/04, 9/11/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Second Hand Hustle, 855 South 5th Street, San Jose, CA, 95112,

Jaypee Inguito, 5330 Monterey Hwy C-2, San Jose, CA, 95111. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name

or names listed herein. /s/Jaypee Inguiton This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/18/2013. (pub Metro 8/14, 8/21, 8/28, 9/04/2013)

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Permits approved for 2,500 SF house & workshop. Create your dream home in a good neighborhood! Peacefully private, pretty Meadow-like setting. Potential horse property. Good well with solar pump. Close to Aptos Village. Good Access, Easy terrain. Power at street. Private: Locked gate. Shown by appointment only. Broker will help show. Offered at $396,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754 www.donnerland. com

2 LEGAL PARCELS, END OF ROAD, RIGHT IN TOWN Garden paradise w/SW exposure & End of Rd. privacy. Sunny side of Hwy 9 w/ tons of trees & good balance of sun/ shade. Dual access from Fairview Rd & Highland Dr. Adjacent, contiguous parcel 090-061-37 also avail. Both have survey of record. Just minutes to town. View of Coastal Mtns., Near Camp Joy neighborhood. Fire Hydrant at lot line, each parcel $119,000 or both $180,000. Owner ďŹ nancing avail. Call Debbie @ 408-395-5754 or visit: www.

BAVARIAN SKIES Private driveway to 145 Acres, consisting of 8 parcels. Spectacular ridge top, Pristine, Untouched, Quiet, Serene, & Off-The-Grid. Potential for solar or wind power. Access off of Logan Creek Rd. Owner Financing. Offered at $495,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-3955754

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real estate

11 57 | | | SEPTEMBER 4-10, 2013

10 58



ARIES (March 21-April 19): “No regrets? Really?” asks author Richard Power. “I have regrets. They are sacred to me. They inform my character. They bear witness to my evolution. Glimpses of lost love and treasure are held inside of them; like small beautiful creatures suspended in amber.” I think you can see where this horoscope is going, Aries. I'm going to suggest you do what Powers advises: “Do not avoid your regrets. Embrace them. Listen to their stories. Hold them to your heart when you want to remember the price you paid to become who you truly are.












ENJOY UNLIMITED GROUP FITNESS CLASSES & CLUB AMENITIES BALLYFITNESS.COM/SPORT | 1.800.FITNESS To activate, must be at least 18, sign guest register, & take club tour and receive presentation. Must be a resident or employee of local area where redeemed with valid ID. Limit 1 pass redemption per person in any 6-month period. Cannot be sold, reproduced or redeemed for cash. Membership valid at club activated for 3 consecutive days from activation date. Additional charges for some classes and services.

EXPIRES 9/12/13

1 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION Limit 1 Free Personal Training Session per person in any 6 month period. Approximate length of Personal Training Session is 30 minutes. Valid for guests only. Must be at least 18, sign guest register and take club tour and recieve presentation.

8 convenient Bay Area locations including: Hayward

South San Francisco (650) 583-4247

The Pavilion

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San Jose South

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*$0 Enrollment Fee, 1st and last month of $9.99 and a Processing Fee of $39.99 at time of joining. A prorated usage fee through 1st scheduled payment date may be added. Recurring Credit Card (RCC)/ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions only. Additional charges for some programming. Offer subject to change or termination without notice. Visit club for full details. Offer ends 9/30/13. **New members who join September 1st - September 30th, visit the club 36x in 90 consecutive days from join date and complete their complimentary Best Start fitness assessment and workout within 30 days of joining and pay dues through the 90 day promotional period, receive January, February and March 2014 dues waived. Member must be in good standing per Bally’s Membership Contract on the date the free months are awarded. Member must provide a valid E-mail address at time of entry as Challenge winners will be notified by E-mail. Offer ends 9/30/13. © 2013 Bally Total Fitness Corp.

”TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Urbandictionary. com says that the newly coined word "orgasnom” is what you call the ecstatic feelings you have as you eat especially delectable food. It's derived, of course, from the word “orgasm.” According to my reading of the astrological omens, you are in an excellent position to have a number of orgasmic-like breakthroughs in the coming week. Orgasnoms are certainly among them, but also orgasaurals, orgasights, and orgasversations—in other words, deep thrills resulting from blissful sounds, rapturous visions, and exciting conversations. I won't be surprised if you also experience several other kinds of beautiful delirium.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you were about to

run in a long-distance race, you wouldn't eat a dozen doughnuts. Right? If you were planning to leave your native land and spend a year living in Ethiopia, you wouldn't immerse yourself in learning how to speak Chinese in the month before you departed. Right? In that spirit, I hope you'll be smart about the preparations you make in the coming weeks. This will be a time to prime yourself for the adventures in selfexpression that will bloom in late September and the month of October. What is it you want to create at that time? What would you like to show the world about yourself?

CANCER (June 21-July 22): The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. It's the foundation of the most politically powerful nation on the planet. And yet when it originally went into effect in 1789, it was only 4,543 words long—about three times the length of this horoscope column. The Bill of Rights, enacted in 1791, added a mere 462 words. By contrast, India's Constitution is 117,000 words, more than 20 times longer. If you create a new master plan for yourself in the coming months, Cancerian—as I hope you will—a compact version like America's will be exactly right. You need diamond-like lucidity, not sprawling guesswork. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): There are two scientific terms for tickling. “Knismesis” refers to a soft, feathery touch that may be mildly pleasurable. It can be used to display adoring tenderness. The heavier, deeper kind of tickling is called “gargalesis.” If playfully applied to sensitive parts of the anatomy, it can provoke fun and laughter. Given the current planetary alignments, Leo, I conclude that both of these will be rich metaphors for you in the coming days. I suggest that you be extra alert for opportunities to symbolically tickle and be tickled. (P.S. Here's a useful allegory: If you do the knismesis thing beneath the snout of a great white shark, you can hypnotize it.) VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In his “Song of the Open

Road,” Walt Whitman wrote some lyrics that I hope will provide you with just the right spark. Even if you're not embarking on a literal journey along a big wide highway, my guess is that you are at least going to do the metaphorical equivalent. “Henceforth I ask not good fortune—I myself am good fortune,” said Uncle Walt. “Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing. Strong and content, I travel the open road.”

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Mystical poet St. John of the Cross (1542-1591) was one of Spain's greatest writers. But not all of his work came easily. When he was 35, a rival religious group imprisoned him for his mildly heretical ideas. He spent the next nine months in a 10-foot by 6-foot jail cell, where he was starved, beaten, and tortured. It was there that he composed his most renowned poem, “Spiritual Canticle.” Does that provide you with any inspiration, Libra? I'll make a wild guess and speculate that maybe you're in a tough situation yourself right now. It's not even one percent

By ROB BREZSNY week of September 4

as tough as St. John's, though. If he could squeeze some brilliance out of his predicament, you can, too.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The American naturalist John Burroughs (1837-1921) traveled widely and wrote 23 books. “I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think,” he testified, “all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.” Let's make that longing for abundance serve as your rallying cry during the next two weeks, Scorpio. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you have a cosmic mandate to push to the limits—and sometimes beyond—as you satisfy your quest to be, see, and do everything you love to be, see, and do. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Punk icon Henry Rollins did an interview with Marilyn Manson, rock & roll's master of the grotesque. It's on Youtube. The comments section beneath the video are rife with spite and bile directed toward Manson, driving one fan to defend her hero. “I love Marilyn Manson so much that I could puke rainbows,” she testified. I think you will need to tap into that kind of love in the coming days, Sagittarius: fierce, intense, and devotional, and yet also playful, funny, and exhilarating. You don't necessarily have to puke rainbows, however. Maybe you could merely spit them. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): If you want to know a secret, I talk less crazy to you Capricorns than I do to the other signs. I tone down my wild-eyed, goddessdrunk shape-shifting a bit. I rarely exhort you to don an animal costume and dance with the fairy folk in the woods, and I think the last time I suggested that you fall in love with an alien, angel, or deity was . . . never. So what's my problem? Don't you feel taboo urges and illicit impulses now and then? Isn't it true that like everyone else, you periodically need to slip away from your habitual grooves and tamper with the conventional wisdom? Of course you do. Which is why I hereby repeal my excessive caution. Get out there, Capricorn, and be as uninhibited as you dare.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Germany's Ostwall Museum displayed a conceptual installation by the artist Martin Kippenberger. Valued at $1.1 million, it was called “When It Starts Dripping from the Ceiling.” Part of it was composed of a rubber tub that was painted to appear as if it had once held dirty rainwater. One night while the museum was closed, a new janitor came in to tidy up the premises. While performing her tasks, she scrubbed the rubber tub until it was “clean,” thereby damaging the art. Let this be a cautionary tale, Aquarius. It's important for you to appreciate and learn from the messy stuff in your life—even admire its artistry—and not just assume it all needs to be scoured and disinfected. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): In her novel White Oleander, Janet Fitch suggests that beauty is something to be used, “like a hammer or a key.” That's your assignment, Pisces. Find practical ways to make your beauty work for you. For example, invoke it to help you win friends and influence people. Put it into action to drum up new opportunities and hunt down provocative invitations. And don't tell me you possess insufficient beauty to accomplish these things. I guarantee you that you have more than enough. To understand why I'm so sure, you may have to shed some ugly definitions of beauty you've unconsciously absorbed from our warped culture. Homework: If you could make money from doing exactly what you love to do, what would it be? Testify at

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


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