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Diversity Div ersity FFails aails I’v ve lo ng b een n sk keeptical of the left’ I’ve long been skeptical left’ss elebrate “celebrate eexhortations xxhortations ffor o or us all to “c diversity” (“The Redemption div veersitty” y (“Th he R eedemption of Cindy Chavez, Cover, Cha avez,” C over, JJuly uly 31). The shamefully low 18 p percent ercentt vvoter oter turnout in o

Saanta Clara C Santa County’s ounttyy’s “most div diverse verse e di istrict” vindic caates m keepticism. district” vindicates myy sk skepticism. A ccording di to t the th p opular l pr ogressiv ive According popular progressive m yythology these div erse p eoples ha ave mythology diverse peoples have b e longing ffor een o or a chanc ace been chancee to embra embrace fr e eedom and our Americ an ideals of o freedom American de emocracy and fr ee elections d sa ay democracy free elections.. I’ I’d say th his election pr ettty much blows up this pretty th hat m yth. y Div veersitty fails—at least in n that myth. Diversity th he sense that it ’s b een pitched to us u the it’s been us.. The apath hy and selfishness apathy de emonstrated b verse e p eoplee demonstrated byy the div diverse people off District o c 2 works o go od ffor or C o Cindy’ dy s good Cindy’s am mbitions though. And the unions ambitions unions.. I ho ope the y’re all happ py. hope they’re happy. JOHN GAL GALT LT

Pot P ot Calling the K Kettle etttle L aw wyers questioning ethic al st andaards? Lawyers ethical standards?

Sorry, Really? (“So Sorr y,” News, News, JJuly uly 31.) R eally? e Thanks ffor o or the quick laugh! laaugh! C Coming oming up later llater, t , the th Americ A i an n So S ciet i ty off American Society C olon and R eectal Sur g geons will b Colon Rectal Surgeons bee addr essing how this cit ty is managed. addressing city MARIE

Take T aake Respon Responsibility nsibility Tr ooking at it fr om m another Tryy llooking from p erspective. Ma ayb y e, ju ust ma ayb y e, the perspective. Maybe, just maybe, intended cconsequence onsequence should b bee simpler (“So Sorr y”) y”). Sorry”). “If yyou ou do somethin ng wr ong, admit something wrong, it. A ssume rresponsibility esponsibiliity ffor or o yyour our Assume actions and their cconsequences. onsequences.” But I guess that is somethin ng [so ciettyy] fails something [society] to teach our yyoung. oung. In nstead, we drill Instead, into them that some other o m yystical mystical rreason eason is to blame ffor or their p o oor poor

choic choices es and d bad b behavior. ehaavior v . I have haave ffound o ound o ver the ccourse ourse of over m areer that some p eople truly myy ccareer people ar emorsseful and w ant eevery veery aree rremorseful want opp ortuniity to eexpress xpress that b effo ore opportunity before b eing stiff ffeed e b torney. L etters being stiffed byy an at attorney. Letters of rremorse emorsee or ap ology ar ways y apology aree not alw always enter ed in as eevidence; vidence; howe ver, entered however, [the y] ar ayys disclosed to the [they] aree alw always def feense an nd ccan an b defense and bee used b byy the judge when wheen deciding appr opriate appropriate sentencingg terms terms.. Ther re actually go od things that Theree ar are good ccan an ccome ome fr ffrom om a simple imple ap ology in apology tr ying to rectify rectiffy a bad situation. C ase trying Case la aw has sett the frame work ffor or o which law framework the an b ven e ask ed theyy ccan bee used and eeven asked ffor. or. The all o leged wr ongdoer is the alleged wrongdoer w ccan an giv ter an only one who givee the let letter anyy weight or subst ance. substance. OFFICER OFFICE ER Z


AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013




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Dayy and Night Da Nighht


MIKE M IKE PO POTTER, TTER, husband off SSanta anta Clar Claraa Photo Illustration Illustration

County SSupervisor-elect upervisor-elect CINDY CINDY CHAVEZ, CHA AV VEZ, appears neither rready eady to fforgive o give nor or forget imagined forget slights rreal eal and imag gined in the lead-up to last week’s elec election. Att last ction. A Democratic Centr al Committee week’s Democratic Central otter blasted thee SSilicon ilicon V alley meeting,, P Potter Valley Commerce ffor or its eff orts to Chamber of Commerce efforts eat his wif e,, and/o or support her help def defeat wife, and/or TERESA A LVA ARA ADO. O ut of opponent, TERESA ALVARADO. Out otter stepped to thee fr ont of the turn,, P Potter front room,, took the micr ophonee fr om DCC room, microphone from STEVE PREMINGER and a excoriated Chair STEVE ’s actions as iindefensible ndefensible the Chamber Chamber’s thi l. P otter tt ’s ’ rrage agee appar ently tl andd unethical. Potter’s apparently from allegations fr om Chavez’ camp stems from from mber ’s political that the boar boardd of the Cham Chamber’s action committee illegally coor ccoordinated dinated Alvarado campaig gn. TThere’s here’s just with the Alvarado campaign. ation—Potter’s one issue with this indigna indignation—Potter’s mental aff airs job as a state and governm governmental affairs

OUT THE DOO OUT D DOOR R San Jose Fire Chief W Willie illie i eM McDonald cDonald (inset) leaves the department d this week for L Las as V Vegas, egas e s, where he will w oversee fire and ambulanc ambulance ce services services..

rep ffor or Cisco,, one of the lar rgest members rep largest Chamber, of the local Chamber, requires him to work requires directly with the Chamber directly and its policy makers. There is some concern There within the businessganization boosting or organization

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CEO JOHN that Cisco CEO CHAMBERS, a Republican who w co-chair ed CHAMBERS, co-chaired CCAIN’s presidential presidentiaal run,, doesn’t doesn’t JOHN M MCCAIN’s realize Potter, Potter, his hir ed han nd,, is also firmly realize hired hand, ’s pocket.. But P otteer isn ’t the in labor labor’s Potter isn’t only government rrelations elations gopher who outh h Bay political moonlights with the SSouth ther labor alliess whose day machine. O Other hetical to their jobs could be a little antith antithetical J AT JONA THAN political affiliation include JONATHAN NOBLE, a ggovernment affairs affairs a manager g ffor or NOBLE, Microsoft who pr eviously ser sserved ved as Chavez’ Microsoft previously San Jose Joose City Council, chief of staff on the San JAVIER V GGONZALEZ, ONZALEZ, a former former GEORGE GEORGE and JAVIER SHIRAKA AWA JR. cr ony wh or the SHIRAKAWA crony whoo work workss ffor California Restaurant Restaurant Association. Assocciation. California

SStop, top, p, Dr Drop op an and nd G Goo BY JOSH H KOEHN KOEHN


FU FUNNY UNNY thing happened h appened after Willie McDonald M cDonald announced in n a June 10 email to San Jose Jose Fire Fire Department staff thatt he was was staying on as fire chief. ch hief. He He decided to send another ano other email, only in this message, messsage, dated June 13, M cDonald thanked everyone McDonald for their hard work and abruptly informed them he w as leaving leaviing for Las Vegas, Vegas, was where he e would oversee Cou Clark County’s unty’s fire and ambulan ce services. services. ambulance So,, wh So why hy would w a fir firee chief lea leave ave ffor o or xxpecteed to pa ay him less and a job eexpected pay demand more? mo ore? And what would mak make ke him change g his mind?

“I w was aas thinking ab about out this this,,” McD McDonald Donald sa ayys last week fr om a b oardroom ttable a able says from boardroom in his office officce on Senter R Road. oad. “I ccould o oulld giv ve you yo ou a flippant ans sw wer or … he give answer …”” Th The chief hi f stops and d laughs l h when h a reporter repor o ter grimac es in pr reeffer e ence of whate eveerr the grimaces preference whatever lat ttter will be. be. latter “Ther aas a numb er of cconversations on nveerssations “Theree w was number that were werre held from from the time that I sent out the first [email] to the [sec cond [second one],” he ccontinues. ontinues. “Most of those cconversations on nversations e took plac ccity ty took placee with the cit of L as V eegas, rreally eally making me ffeel eeel that Las Vegas, the opp ortunitty w aas p erfect e ffor o or me e, that opportunity was perfect me, I could could lead the depar tment and ha ave a department have gr eat deal of autonom my. y” y” great autonomy. L ess mone ey, mor esponsibilitty and Less money, moree rresponsibility 40 degr ees mor re heat in the summ mers— degrees more summers— n’’t eexactly xxactly fforced orced or although McDonald isn isn’t ed-pound gear ar ou und to hump hundr hundred-pound around these da ayys—and the ab ove ans swer w only days—and above answer begs b egs mor more re questions questions.. It It’s ’s the sec second ond d time this year yeear San JJose ose has lost the leade er leader

off a ssworn worn offic officer fficer e bran b branch, nch, h ffollowing ollowing oll i Chris Mo Moore’s ore’s JJanuary aanuary depar departure ture fr from rom o the San JJose ose P Police olice De Department, epartment, and generally been the rreaction eaction has gener rally b een one of disapp disappointment. ointment. “I think eeveryone veeryo one has h tr tremendous emendous rrespect espect ffor or W o Willie, iillie,” sa says ayyss Da David avvid V Vossbrink, ossbrink, o City’s director. the Cit tyy’s ccommunications ommuniccations a dir ector. “He “He’s ’s done a lot ffor or Sa o San an JJose. ose. I think ther there’s e’s some sadness on o seeing W Willie iillie decide to lea leave. ave.” The change of hear heart rt fits a pat pattern, tttern, as McDonald, lea leaving aving v a job he st started tar a ted three ago,, has rar rarely almost eexactly xxactly thr ee yyears ears e ago reely stayed long. He’s firee st ayeed put ffor or o long g. He e’s now left fir chief p posts osts in Fr Fremont, emon nt, F Foster oster Cit City, ty, San Mateo and Sc Scottsdale, ottttsdale, Ariz., an unusual numb number er of top top-level -leveel le leaps eaps ffor or o someone just 55 yyears eears old. But the th cir circumstances rccumstances of McDonald’ McDonald’ss depar departure t re fr tur from om San JJose ose app appear ear to b bee mor moree ccomplex. om mpleexx.

10 0

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An inside look at SSan Jose politics metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


9 His public p persona—quick ersona—quick to laugh with a must mustachioed taachioed smi smile; ile; think Dann Danny ny Glover Roger Murtaugh picked Glo over e if R oger Mur tauggh had pick keed lethal weapon— up a hose instead of a let thal weap on— always accusations has not alw wayys ssynced yncced e with w ac cusations leveled way. le eveled e his w ay. Ass one of se several firefighters, A eveeral fir efi fighters, with a more 60 ccombined ombined rrecord ecord of mor re than 6 0 yyears eears SJFD, Metro of eexperience xxperiencce within SJF FD, told Met tro anonymity on the ccondition ondition of anon nyymitty ffor or o ffear ear e portrays of rretribution: eetribution: “What hee p ortraayys of opposite himself is absolutely thee opp osite of who behind doors he is b ehind closed do orrs and how he

Why wou would uld a fire chi chief ief leave forr a job expected expeccted to pay him hiim less and demand more? people. He’s sheep’s manages p eople. He ’s a wolf w in sheep ’s clothing. clothing g.” Staffing levels have increased sincee St affing le vels e ha ave in ncreased sinc beginning McDonald’s tenure the b eginning of McDon nald’s tenur re starting August cuts,, st taarting in A ugust 2010.. Budget cuts labor impasses, layoffs lab or negotiation impas sses, la ayo offs and early rretirements etirements ccontributed o ontributed to a drop firefighter staffing dr op in fir efighter st affin ng to its lowest levels firefighters le evels e in yyears: eears: 612 fir reefigghters as of February Through F ebruary 2012. Thr ough h the use of a FEMA-sponsored FEMA A-sponsored grant, grant, however, howeeveer, the department increased its depar tment incr reased e it ts ranks back to 679 as of the end of last month. m “We’re better “W We’re in a b etttter ccondition on ndition to provide services, McDonald says, being pr ovide v ser vices,” McDon nald sa ayys, b eing saying the department ccareful ar a eful to aavoid vo oid sa ayying th he depar tment better “I’d say is b etttter off in general. “I I’d sa ay [morale] low. morale is vvery eery low w. … The mora ale is rreally eally byy all the thin things impacted b gs that go on around organization, ar ound this or rganization g n, whether it’s economy it ’s the ec onom my or the challenges c of pension p ension i rreform. effo orm.” department And yyet, eet, while the dep partment has moree fir firefighters added mor efighters to the fforce, o orce, the department’s inability properly depar tment’s inabilit ty to o pr operly rreport eport rresponse esponse times ffor or much o h of the last ffour o our problem yyears eears rremains emains e a pr oblem m that has still been properly not b een pr ro operly vvetted. et ettted d. In JJanuary, anuary, department informed City the depar tment inf fo ormeed Cit ty Manager

Debra F Figone igo one that it has no idea how long it has ttaken ak ken e fir firetrucks—the etrucks—the first emergency emer rggency rresponders esponders in San JJose—to ose—to arrive scene three-and-aarriv ve on sc cene ffor or the last thr o ee-and-ahalf yyears. eears. Five F ivve months mon nths after that admission, Safety Finance at the JJune une 20 Pubic Saf fet ety & F inance Committee meeting, gave C ommitttteee meeting g, McDonald ga ave breezed through a vverbal erbal e rreport ep port that br eezed thr ough department’s shortcomings. the depar tm ment’s shor tcomings. When took over department, McDonald to ok o veer the depar tment, the rreview eview ffound, ound, SJFD met its ttarget o arget goal of rresponding scene esp ponding on sc ene within minutes, 80 percent time.. eight minu utes, 8 0p ercent of the time later, percentage dropped A yyear eear later r, that p ercentage dr opped percent, to 79.3 p ercent, instead of the rreported eported fiscal 82. And in fisc cal a yyear ear e 2011-12, the department arrived scene byy its depar tmen nt only arriv veed on sc ene b desired time somewhere between 63-69 desir ed tim me some where b ettween w 63-6 9 percent time.. p ercent of the t time numbers persist today, Those nu umbers p ersist to daay, and yyet eet firee chief has b been somehow the t fir een able to telling people ccontinue ontinue te elling p eople with a straight face the problem was face that th he only rreal eal pr oblem w aas time,, and that ser service the rreporting eporting of time vice levels logic, le veels rremain emaain top notch. By this lo gic, aree rrendered of ccourse, ourse, rresponse e onse times ar esp endered irrelevant person’s irr eleevant v a a house or p and erson n’s physical health ph hyysical he alth rreceive eceivve no ttangible angible benefit from b enefit fr om m a sswift wift rreaction. eaction. was notable It w as a no otable when McDonald skipped over point skipp ed o veer the bullet p oint in his stated: JJune une ccommittee omm mittttee rreport eport that st ated: “Improvement “Impr ovem ement to rresponse esponse time will improve No impr ove outcome ou utcome eexperience. xp x erience.” N o from the department been one fr om th he depar tment has b een oversight, according disciplined ffor o or the o versight, e ac cording to bee due to the McDonald,, and this ccould ould b it’s point fact that it ’s easier to p oint a finger at a glitchy glitch hy ccomputer-aided om mputerr-aided dispatch ssystem ystem y was installed 2009, that w as a ins sttalled a in 20 09, or shadowy number crunchers. numb er cru unchers. don’t was incompetence. “I don n’’t know k if it w aas inc ompetence.” says interview. don’t McDonald sa ays y in our inter view. “I don n’’t was poor know if it w as a p oor ccommunication. ommuniccaation. I don’t was somebody don n’t ’ know w if it w aas someb ody working out of [rank [rank]. don’t was k]. I don n’t ’ know if it w as a somebody was someb ody who w w aas an analyst who had they some ccomputer omp puter knowledge and the ey helped write helped writ te the rreport. eport. I just think that was number it w aas a num mber of things that ccame aame together that bee to gether th hat ccaused aaused the rreport eport to b wrong. wr ongg. And A d it to ttook ok k us a while hil to t ccatch aatch t h it. it”” Anotherr issue that ccontinues ontinues to dogg the dep department policies, do partment is its p olicies, unwritten, some un nwr writtten, t on rrecruitment ecruitment and promotion. Victor pr omotion n. V ictor i Garza, ffounder o ounder Laa Raza R Roundtable, of L oundt o able, has met McDonald several with McDo onald on se eveeral



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FALL 2013 metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


10 occasions occasions a to enc encourage co ourage the hiring and d advancement Latino, ad dvancement of L atino, Hispanic and d ffemale e emale fir reefighters. While Garza sa ayys firefighters. says th he ttwo wo men ha w ave a ccordial ordial rrelationship, elationsh hip, the have lik ke man ny who ccome ome into ccontact ontact wit th like many with M McDonald, his pleas ha ave gone ignor red. have ignored. “Y You o ha ave the opp ortunitty to hi ire “You have opportunity hire p e eople and pr omote p eople and tr rain people promote people train th hem and pr epare them,” Garza sa ays y. them prepare says. “T That w as one thing I alw al ays ys w antted “That was always wanted hi im to do ’s something he him do,, and it it’s di idn’t do didn’t do..” A lit tttle mor ear ago little moree than yyear ago,, in a la aw wsuit filed b wo ffemale emale e fir lawsuit byy ttwo firee ccaptains a ains against McDonald, in his apt p e ersonal and official ccapacity, apacitty, the issue i personal ccame a ame h to a head. The fir firee chief and his to op deput uben T u orres, who wil o ll top deputyy R Ruben Torres, will ttake a eo ak ver as interim chief this week k, over week, w wer cused of gender and rreligious eligio ous weree ac accused di i i i i iscrimination, amongst other h discrimination, ch harges, in the pr ocess of rreviewing eviewingg charges, process ap pplications b d and applications byy Debra War Ward P a atricia T aapia ffor o or bat ttalion chief Patricia Tapia battalion p o ositions . Both women rank ed in the t positions. ranked to op 10 of applic ants, the ccomplaint omplaintt top applicants, no oted, with War d ccoming oming in first. noted, Ward Bo oth were were passed o ver. Both over. In the legal ccomplaint, omplaint, which rresulted e esulted in a $40 0,000 set tlementt $400,000 settlement w wher ty nor McDon nald wheree neither the cit city McDonald ad d i ted dmit d guilt, il T orres allegedly o ll dl admitted Torres to old War d that her inter view w as a told Ward interview was in nconsequential in the selection inconsequential pr rocess, and “Go d has a diff ffeerent plan p process, “God different ffor” o her or” o orres w as not mad de her.. While T Torres was made aavailable v vailable ffor or o ccomment omment ffor or this ar o tiicle, article, M McDonald denied an ny eexclusion xclusion off any to op-ranking ffemales eemales ffor or gender or o top-ranking rreligious e eligious rreasons. easons. T orres w o as noted d Torres was in n the ccomplaint omplaint as the leader of an n insular rreligious eligious sect within thee de epartment ccalled alled F irefighters of department Firefighters Ch hrist. McDonald sa ays y he at tttended d Christ. says attended a ffew ew meetings but is una aware of it ts unaware its rreach e each or or ganizational structur e. organizational structure. “On the issue of whether ther a as theree w was an ny discrimination against women, I any b e eve ther elie aas not,” McDonald sa ays y. believe theree w was says. “M My eevaluation valuation is strictly based on merit m “My an nd yyour our qualific o ations ffor or o the p ositio on.” and qualifications position. The cit ays y it will ttake ake that cityy sa says ap pproach in its own national sear c ch approach search ffor o ap or ermanent fir f, but no permanent firee chief chief, tim metable has yyet et b een solidified. timetable been “It ’s not ur gent we do it tomorr ow, ow “It’s urgent tomorrow, an nd it ’s not ur gent we do it b and it’s urgent byy the end off Septemb er,” V o ossbrink sa ays y . “Wh hat September, Vossbrink says. “What is imp ortant that we get right p ersson important person ffor o the job or job..”

TOO BI TOO BIG GT TO OF FAIL AIL Developer Developer John V Vidovich idovich i might be b the only thing keeping Jr. defender. George Shirakawa Jr r. from using a public defender r.

Developper Vidovichh Pays Developer Pays Shirakawa’s Shir akaw wa’ss Legal Bills BY JO JOSH S H KOEHN KOEH N George Geor ge Shirak Shirakawa hi kawa JJr. r. onc oncee ccounted d ounted Santaa Clara C County on Sant ounty taxpayers taxpaayers and ccampaign ampaign contributors contribu utors to b bee his benefactors, spent en moneyy b enefactors, as he sp nt public mone and ccampaign ampaign funds on n luxury luxury rrental ental ccars, ars, gambling junkets, junkets, vac vacations ations and lavish la avish v dinners for for o staff staff and p political olitical allies.. N allies Now, ow w, it seems seems,, hi high-profile igh-profile developer de veloper JJohn ohn V Vidovich iidoviich has assumed the rrole ole of financier financier.. In a rreport eport filed last week w with the ccounty ountty R Registrar eegistrar of V Voters, ote o ers, the Geor George ge Shirakawa Shirak kawa L Legal egal Def Defense fens e eF Fund und lists just one donor in the first sixx months of the yyear: eear: a $10,0 $10,000 00 ccontribution onttribution fr from ro om De Anza Building & Ma Maintenance, aintenance, Inc Inc.. The ccommittee ommittttee filing no notes otes that the same amount was waas then giv given veen to JJohn ohn o Williams, W illiams i , Shirakawa’s Shirakawa’s at attorney, tttorneey, in a ccase ase a that alr already eady has rresulted esulted d in the disgrac disgraced ceed fformer ormer county o countty sup supervisor erviso or pleading guilt guilty ty to fiv five ve ffelonies eelonies and se seven veen n misdemeanors rrelated elated to his misuse of ccampaign ampaign funds.. Shirak funds Shirakawa kawa is also facing f another another,,

unr unrelated elated l d ffelony el ny char elon charge, h ge, and dh hee h has as hi hir hired ed d defense attorney Rorty def fense e at ttto orneey JJay ay R orty to rrepresent o eepresent him in thatt ccase. aase. While De D Anza Building & Maintenance, Maintenan nce, Inc Inc.. has a rrelatively elatively low profile, pr ofile, thee Secr Secretary etary of St State’s ate’s website lists Vidovich Viidoviich as the agent ffor o or ser service vice of pr process. ocess. A fformer o ormer emplo employee yee of the ccompany ompany sa ssays ays y it sp specializes ecializes in land use and de development evelopment deals in involving nvolving eeverything verythingg fr from om mobile home parks and lar large ge apar aapartment tment ccomplexes omplexes to vineyards vine yards and a pist pistachio achio farms farms.. Vidovich V iidovich h said in a vvoicemail oicemail message th that hat he ga gave ave the mone moneyy to Shirakawa Shirak awa because because he empathizes with the fformer o ormer sup supervisor’s ervisor visor’s struggle with addiction. addicction. Pr Prosecutors osecutors sa say ay Shirakawa Shirak awa created created a secret secret bank account ac count to o which he funneled ccampaign ampaign ccontributions ontributions to cconceal onceal his gambling pr p problem. oblem. “I think Geor George ge has an addiction,”



AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr metr | sa | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


12 Viidovich said Vidovich said. d. “He “He’s ’s a go good od p person. erson. A ddiction ccontrols on ntrols yyou ou and he do esn’t Addiction doesn’t rreally eally ha ave a [lar [[large] ge] supp ort ssystem, ystem, have support so I’m just tr y ying to help him out a trying lit tttle bit,” little The de veloper ccould ould not b eached developer bee rreached ffor or o ffollow-up ollow-up o ccomments, omments, but the new charge against Shirakawa ne w char ge ag gainst Shirak awa has ccast ast some dou doubt ubt on whether his activity was ill l activit illegal i ity w as eexclusively xclusiv l i ely l fueled f l d byy addiction. Shirak b Shirakawa awa allegedly took partt in a fraudulent p political to ok par olitical mail scheme to t at attack ttack Magdalen Carrasco, was C arrasco, who ow aas running ffor o or a San JJose ose Cit City ty C Council ouncil seat against fformer ormer o Shirak kawa st aff ffeer and now Shirakawa staffer C ouncilman Xa X avvier C ampos. Councilman Xavier Campos. A lit tle mor re than a week after little more V iidovich ga ave mone awa’s Vidovich gave moneyy to Shirak Shirakawa’s def feense fund,, a stor curry defense storyy in the Mer Mercury

News rreported News N eported that the de developer veloper pl lanned to ccontribute. ontribute. planned “I’m pr proud oud of my my rrelationship elationship with w G Geor ge, and I will do what I think is George, ap appropriate, ppropriate,” V Vidovich iidovich said. “Geor “George g ge is disor ganized and he is slopp y, bu ut disorganized sloppy, but —and his effective district—and hee is eff ffeective ffor or o his district di istrict is not welloff ff.” ff” district well-off. Two T wo yyears w eears before beffor o eV Vidovich’s iido ovich v ’s ccomments o omments t to t the th Mer M rc in i F ebruar b y, the th Merc February, Board Bo oard of Sup Supervisors ervisors app appointed ointed him m to o the county countty planning ccommission. n. ommission “That “T That app appointment, ointment, rrecommended ecommended d b ervisor Da ave Cortese, Cortese, a high byy Sup Supervisor Dave school sc chool chum, w was as ccalled alled ‘unf ‘unfortunate’ fo ortunaate’ byy one lo local environmental group, b cal en nvir v onmental gr oup,” the newspaper ne ewspaper rreported. eported. C ortese’s offic ervissor Cortese’s officee said the sup supervisor has ha as no ccomment omment on V Vidovich’s iidovich’s rrecent eccent ac actions. ctions.

County Coun nty W Workers orkerss Call Call in Sick Sickk

D A-OK District Attor rney Jeff R osen, center r, did not thing illegal when DA-OK Attorney Rosen, center, nothing op prosecutors time off f. giving some of his to top off.

Attorney G Attorney General eneral Clears C D A Jeff R osen DA Rosen BY JENNIFER WADSWORTH WADS W ORT H


Almost ttwo wo wo weeks b effor o e she won before o Sant or ountty the election ffor Santaa Clara C County Sup ervisor’s District D 2 seat, eex-labor x-labor Supervisor’s leader Cindy Cha C avez said she would not Chavez cr oss a pick keet line lline.. cross picket “T To m owledge, I ha ave ne ever “To myy kno knowledge, have never cr ossed a pick ket e line crossed picket line,,” she told bankruptcy ju udge Ar thur W eissbr e odt, judge Arthur Weissbrodt, who mo derateed a debate b etween moderated between Chavez then-opponent Teresa Cha avez and th hen-opponent T eeresa Alvarado.. ““And don’t Alvarado And I don A n’’t fforesee oresee a time I o t.” would do that that. That pr omiise ma ay get tested early promise may since since SEIU 521 521, 1, the 8,0 8,000-employee 00-emplo oyeee ccounty ountty union whose ccontract ontract is up ffor o or rrenewal, enewaal, str strategically rategically p postponed ostponed negotiations until u A ug. 11, after the Aug. sp special ecial election election, n, in hop hopes es of gaining a mor avorablle outc ome. Ab out 6,40 0 moree fa favorable outcome. About 6,400 of those union n memb members ers work at the Sant a ey Medic alle caal C enter. The Santaa Clara V Valley Medical Center. day da ay after Cha Chavez avez w was aas vvoted oted o in, some technicians in the hospit al’s radiolo gy hospital’s radiology depar department tment st staged taged a “sick out,” which is not quite a strik sstrike ke but a ccoordinated oordinated eff ffort to ffo t ccall all ll in in sick i k to t work k to t mak ke a effort make st atement. Enough Eno ough par ticipated that it statement. participated left the hospit a scrambling to schedule al hospital rreplacements. eplacements. A sour ce ins side the hospit al sa ayys the source inside hospital says union w aas em mboldened b avez was emboldened byy the Cha Chavez win to go ahead aheaad with the “sick out,” which is illegall under the eexisting xisting lab or labor

ccontract o ontract that bans strik kees or work strikes in nterruptions unless granted eexpress xpresss interruptions p e ermission b ay L abor permission byy the South Ba Bay Labor C ouncil Cha o ouncil. avez did not rreturn eturn a ccall alll Council. Chavez ffor o ccomment, or omment, and SBLC sp ok keesperso on spokesperson St tacey Hendler R oss o declined ccomment. omm ment. Stacey Ross “Whene ever e ther e’s a lab or ccontract ontract “Whenever there’s labor in n plac ountty lik ke this placee with the ccounty like this,, thee un nions ar ed fr om striking or unions aree barr barred from ttaking a aking job actions to stop work,” sa ayyss says ccounty o ty sp ount okesperson Gwen Mitchell. Mitchelll. spokesperson “S So our ccontract ontract is still in eff ffeect. W “So effect. Wee do on n’’t eexpect xpect an nyone o to go on the rrecord eccord don’t anyone an nd sa ay that this w aas or ganized b ecause a and say was organized because th h t would hat ld b ill l”” that bee illegal. An ny SEIU memb er who ccalled alled in Any member sic ck will b keed ffor or a do o ctor’s note sick bee ask asked doctor’s note,, M Mitchell sa ays y . If the n’’t ha ave one says. theyy don don’t have one,, th heir pa ay gets do ck ked e ffor o or that da ay. A their pay docked day. ho ospital emplo oyee e sa ays y that ’s unlik keelly hospital employee says that’s unlikely to o happ en, based on the laxness of past p happen, di isciplinary practic es and rampant sick s disciplinary practices le eaave abuse leave abuse.. U nion n leaders denied knowledge of Union th he sick k-out, which w aas a big enough h the sick-out, was sh h ke-up to pr hak ompt VMC ’s CEO a l aul shake-up prompt VMC’s CEO,, P Paul L o enz, to send an email to st or aff ffeers. Lorenz, staffers. ouple of da ayys at VMC “The past ccouple days ha ave b een a challenge due to the have been in ncreasing numb er of ‘sick ccalls, alls,’” he increasing number w wr ote on A ug. 1. “It is imp erativve tha at wrote Aug. imperative that w ccontinue we ontinue to pr ovvide ac cess to hig gh provide access high qu ualitty and saf fe patient ccare. are. quality safe

The offic officee of A Attorney ttorney General Kamala Harris has inf informed formed o the ccounty ounty that Sant Santaa Clar Clara ra C County ounty District A Attorney tttorney JJeff eff R Rosen osen o br broke oke no la laws aw ws when giving some so ome of his top deputies eextra xtra adminis administrative strative lea leave ave to makee up ffor mak or lost w o wages. agess. In a let letter ttter to C County ounty Executiv Executivee JJeff eff Smith, who ask asked ed the A AG G to st start art a civil in investigation nvestigation in April, Alicia Fowler, F owler, a senior assist assistant a at ant attorney tttorney general in the Emplo Employment oyment and Administrative A dministrative Manda Mandate ate division, wrote: wr ote: “Based on all th the he inf information fo ormation that the ccounty ountty pr provided ovvid ded to us us,, includingg extensive extensive do ocumentation documentation and in-p erson interviews, interviews w , we have haave in-person cconcluded oncluded that ther h b een no theree has been violation of la aw.” law. St arting ttwo wo yyears eears ag go, R osen b o egan Starting ago, Rosen began granting eextra xtra admin lea lleave ave to his sup ervising deput ty dis strict at tttorneys supervising deputy district attorneys (SuDD As), who then had h the abilit (SuDDAs), abilityy to use that time ffor or o da ays y off and ccash ash days out vac ation time king up ffor o or an vacation time,, mak making eextra xtra fiv ercent in w a ages SuDD As fivee p percent wages SuDDAs gga ave aaway—compared way—compar p ed d to other union gave memb ers— during thee Go vernment members—during Government A tttorneys A ssociation’s (GAA A) Attorneys Association’s (GAA) lab or negotiations with h the ccounty. ounty. labor R osen o def feended the ac ction as a w ay Rosen defended action way to ccompensate ompensate his top pr osecutors prosecutors who work eextensive xtensive o vertime hours overtime hours,, but Smith and the GA AA said it GAA

w as an end d-run ar ound negotiated was end-run around cconcessions. oncession ns. GAA Pr esident Max Zarzana President rrepeatedly epeatedlyy criticized R o osen’s admin Rosen’s lea ave p oliccyy, and Christopher p Plat tten, t , leave policy, Platten, an at tttorney who rrepresents epresents the GAA, attorney osen o went so farr as to claim that R Rosen ma ay ha ave br b oken the la aw. may have broken law. In a pho one cconversation on nversation with San phone JJose ose Insidee on Monda ay afterno on, Monday afternoon, R osen than o nked Harris’ offic o or the Rosen thanked officee ffor rreview eview and d noted that the decision rreaffirms eaffirms the t D A’s abilit ty to grant DA’s ability admin lea ave, “a practice practice that goes goes back leave, 30 yyears, ears,” he h said. ou “The ccounty untty Boar d of Sup pervisors Board Supervisors is not auth horized to go vern e the action authorized govern riff or the district at torney,” of the sher sheriff attorney, R osen ccontinued. o onttinued. “The ay grant Rosen “Theyy ma may me m dget, but how I sp end m myy bud budget, spend myy rresources esources within w the budget t— —that’s budget—that’s up to the discr d etion of the D A, and discretion DA, that was was rreaffirmed e eaffirmed to daay.” today. Ther e’s some s suspicion that the There’s at ttacks on R osen ar o esponse to attacks Rosen aree in rresponse the D A’s di isciplinary actions tow ard DA’s disciplinary toward pr osecutorrs who hold back eevidence vidence prosecutors p ocedures. Zarzana and or violate pr procedures. other unio on leaders seem to w ant a union want changing of o the guar d, and Chuck guard, Gillingham m JJr. r. has b een rumor ed to been rumored b oten ntial challenger to R o osen in bee a p potential Rosen ne xt yyear’s ear’s election. next


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Photo by b KKathy athy Sloane



Tribute to a Patron Saint

ON O N THE THE KEYS KEYS AT AT THE THE KEYSTONE KEYSTONE Photo Photographs ographs by K Kathy athy Sloane, such h as this shot of pianist Cecil T Taylor aylor a from Keystone 1970s, showing featured Keysto one Korner Korner in the 1970s s, are sho owing at Cafe Stritch and feat tured in her new book.

Cafe Stritch marks the birthday of o Rahsaan ahsa Roland Kirrk with a long R aan R oland Kirk weekend festivities week kend of festivit ties concurrentt Summer Fest est with h the Jazz Summ mer F BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


IITH THE San Jose Jose JJazz azz Summer Fest F est upon us, us, o particular one unofficial microcosm will evince e a mystical convergence convergen nce of space-time continuum-shattering continuum m-shattering trajectories, tr ajectorie es, all settling into play around aroun nd Cafe Stritch in downtown n San Jose. Jose. Throughout Thr oughou ut the entir entiree week weekend, keend, beginning Wednesday, b eginning as early e as W ednesda e ay, Aug. present A ugg. 77,, Stritch will pr esent a Rahsaan Roland Week, R oland Kirk Tribute o T W eeek,, ccelebrating elebrating

th the he legendar legendaryy multi-instrument multi-instrumentalist’s alist’s birthday. b irthdaay. The ccelebration eelebration includes Walls Between Us, fantastic N W No alls a Bet tweeen U s, a fant astic show w historical jazz photographs byy off historic cal a jaz zz photo graphs b Kathy Sloane,, whose rrecent book, K Kath hy Sloane ecent b ook, Keystone Korner: Portrait Jazz K eyysttoone K oornerr: P ort o trrait of a J aazzz Club, documented C Club b, do cumented her time hangingg out legendaryy San Francisc Francisco ou ut in that legendar o joint 1970s.. Kirk figur figures jo oint during the 1970s rees prominently book. photos, p rominently in the b ook. All photos s, book, ass well as ccopies opies o of the b ook,, will be be ffor o or sale, bee pr present during sa ale, and Sloane will b esent durin ng the Saturday, Aug. th h rreception, he eception, ti , Satur S t rd daay, A u ugg. 10, 10, 3-6p 33-6pm. 6pm. Kirk’ss ccollaborators decades O of Kirk’ One ollab o orators dec caades ago aago,, Steve Turre, perform sets St teeve T urre, will also p erfo orm ttwo w wo se ets Thursday through Saturday, att Stritch Thursda ay thr ough Satur daay, beginning b eginning at 8pm. That’s aspect That ’s only one asp ect of the current-era slicee off eexperience, xperience, one curr entt-era slic from eevidence v videnc e fr om a multidimensionall

web.. Sinc Sincee histor historyy is ne never web ever linear anyway, an nyw y ay, allow me to point point out that C affe Stritch,, fformerly o ormerly the t Eulipia Cafe ed in Kirk Restaurant, already R eestaurant,, is alr eady steep ssteeped lor e—the owners cconsider onssider Kirk to lore—the b o saint on t— —and bee their in-house patr patron saint—and the cconnections onnections unf fold o d on multiple unfold le vels. Stritch ttakes akes its name n fr om levels. from Kirk’ phone, and Kirk’ss trademark saxop saxophone, the plac eady ffeatures eeatu ures a mural of placee alr already hi on the him th left l ft w all, all, ri i ht inside ight i id the th wall, right do or. The Bork enhagens first op ened door. Borkenhagens opened their rrestaurant estaurant Eulipi ia in 1977 7, in this Eulipia 1977, same building s, building,, namingg it after Kirk’ Kirk’s, “Theme ffor or o the Eulipions. Eulipio ons.” According According to the owners rit of Rahsaan owners,, the spir spirit has always alwayys linger ed,, esp pecially now lingered, especially that a ccomplete omplete rreinvention ein nvention e of their business has emer ged. When T urre emerged. Turre sets up shop this week tty N eals week,, Bet Betty Neals eeven ven will sit in ffor o or “The eme ffor or o the “Theme Eulipions Eulipions..” U p pstairs in the secr e offic et es at Upstairs secret offices C affe Stritch,, Max Bork keenhagen,, son Cafe Borkenhagen, of original owner Ste ve, ar ticulated Steve, articulated a quantum field of jaz jazzz trajectories and impr ovvised histor y, all of which improvised history, he sa ayys will sswirl wirl together togetther like like a fine says ccappuccino appuccino this week. A ked, e Ass we yakk yakked,

a ccopy opy of Sloane's S b ook o ccupied a book occupied music st an nd ne xt to me stand next me.. It seemed aliv ve, as did d a ccopy opy of Kirk’ P, The alive, Kirk’ss LP R eturn e of the t 50 00 Lb Return 5000 Lb.. Man—the one with “T Theme ffor or o the Eulipions”— “Theme sit tting t on Bork B keenhagen’s desk. Since Since sitting Borkenhagen’s our lo cal ja azz ffestival eestival is no longer local jazz a suburban n ccommuter ommuter eevent, veent,, sinc sincee man ny ccomponents om mponents of it ar many aree now integrated into the lo cal indep endent local independent andscape, with patr business la ons landscape, patrons lingering ar aaround ound into night ttime t , nighttime, Bork kenhag e gen said his hop es wer high. Borkenhagen hopes weree high “Eulipia a,, when m ents op ened “Eulipia, myy par parents opened it in 1977 7, w aas vvery er e y similar to what 1977, was we ’re doin w,” he eexplained. xplained. “It w as a we’re doingg now now, was mor affe, a galler y, a dynamic moree of a ccafe, gallery, sor t-b bohemian spac e. Bringing sortt of ar art-bohemian space. to gether al ll this histor y, this week,, is together all history, sor gical ffor or o us egan sortt of mag magical us.. This plac placee b began as just one idea m ents had and myy par parents now ther e’s a cconnection onnection b ettw ween there’s between Rahsaan,, who w ’s sor on who’s sortt of our patr patron saint, i t, and d the tth ar d music i cultur lt es artt and cultures of this neig ghborhood. And it just neighborhood. happ ens th hat his bir thdaay is the same happens that birthday week as th estival. e ” thee jaz jazzz ffestival. Kath hy Sl loane, whose atmospheric Kathy Sloane, photos now w grac alls gracee all the w walls of Stritch,, b oth downst airs and both downstairs upst airs, pr rovides yyet eet another human upstairs, provides dimension n to the quantum field rrevealing evealing it tself this week end. Both she itself weekend. and her ph hotos ar onnections photos aree living cconnections to the h llega acy that h jaz jjazzmen zmen lik ke legacy like Rahsaan R oland o Kirk fforged, o orged, Roland esp ecially in i rregards egards to the civil rights especially mo vementt. movement. “What struck s me as so on as I first soon w alked int to K eystone K o orner, w aas walked into Keystone Korner, was that this w as a a met aphor ffor or o the civil was metaphor rights mo ovement,” Sloane told me movement, me.. “It w as a ano other w ay of ttalking alking ab out was another way about fr eedom. I w as a rreally eally struck b freedom. was byy that, and inter essted in learning mor out interested moree ab about the p eoplee who wer people weree making this music ere the music ccame ame fr om, music,, whe where from, what theirr liv es wer ying to lives weree lik likee tr trying pla ay this music m nott-so-welcoming play in a not-so-welcoming en nvvironmeent. The jaz fe is an environment. jazzz lif life impr ovised d lif fe. It ’s a difficult one improvised life. It’s one.. The eated lik ke ssymphony ymphon ny Theyy don'tt get tr treated like musicians musicians..” F or Rah hsaan’s bir thdaay week For Rahsaan’s birthday ccelebration, elebration n,, guests will aawaken wak a en to an inter conneected multidimensional interconnected multi-dimensional web of hist tory, as only C affe Stritch history, Cafe ccan an pr ovid de. What mak es an ny gr eat provide. makes any great ffestival eestival is all a the sp ecific sub cultures, specific subcultures, micr ocosm ms and utopias (Eulipias) microcosms within the lar ger ffestival eestival itself larger itself.f. Thanks to the patr ron saintho od of Rahsaan patron sainthood R oland o Kir rk,, we ha ave a p erfect e Roland Kirk, have perfect eexample. xample.


AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr



AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | | metr

Make Ma ake It Funky Funk u ky

Lyrics L yrics Born Fuses y Fuses Funk, Funk,, Hip-Hop Hip-H p op p and Jazz J With Wiith a Tribute Tribute r e to James Brown B at Jazz Jazzz Summer Fest Fest e BBYY DAVID DAVID MA


AZZ AND AND D FUNK, of course, share similar qualities, qualitie es, anchored by musicianship musiicianship notion of utilizing and the notion e. L ongtime Bay musical space space. Longtime rapper T o Shimur om a, Area rapper Tom Shimura, known by his handle L Lyrics yrics Born, overtly highlights this connection in n his songs and shows. live shows.

LB’s LB’ ’s crew, crew, Quannum, has produ producers ucers of astounding influenc influencee musicality; livee p performances and music m ality; his liv erfo ormances aree in ar internationally nternationally ccelebrated elebrated ffor o or their eexuberance. xuberance. “My “M My p perspective erspective on jaz jazzz and funk,, especially esp pecially fr from om a hip hipphop back b background, ground, is that it it’s ’s the musicianship, music cianship, plain and simple,” simple,” he says, sa ays y , rrelating elating his own output to his performance August p erfo orrmance A ugust 9 at the San Fest. JJose ose JJazz a z Summer F az est. ““All All I listened A to wh when hen I w was as yyounger ounger w was as music

that w was as sampled and pr programmed. ogrammed. When I st started arted to dig dee deeper eper and was being actually listen to what w a b as eing sampled,, the jaz jazzz and fun funk nk asp aspects, ects, of ccourse, ourse, st stand and out. Ther Theree is a cconcept oncept of to togetherness, getherness, ccooperation, ooperation, eexploration xploration p and defianc defiance. e. Ther There’s e’s also both.” a rrebelliousness ebelliousness to b oth.” Lyrics emerged stable L yyrics Born emer rgged from from m a st able 1990s Davis of ccollege ollege kids in the 19 90s at a UC Da avvis make who went on to mak ke somee of the adventurous most adv veenturous and ccolorful olo orful hip-hop hip-hop Bay Area produced. the Ba ay Ar ea has eever ver e pr odu uced.

Collectively C ollectivelyy known as Solesides (currently bra (currently branded nded as Quannum, both b oth a crew crew an and nd functioning lab label) el) theyy shar the shared ed a ccollege ollege radio show show,, dorm-r dorm-room oom music m equipment and unyielding un yielding dri drive. ive. The Theyy rrecorded ecorded songs together togetherr but their rrep ep snowballed aft after fter branching out as individual ar artists tiists and sub-groups. sub -groups. Key K ey memb members, ers, after all, include DJ Shadow, Shadow w, Black Blackalicious kalicious and L Latyrx, atyrx, of

20 metr | | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013




which L Lyrics yrics Bor Born rn is a memb member er with Lateef L ateeff the h Truth T Truthspeaker. h eak hsp ker. “It’s “It ’s pr pretty ettty am amazing mazing to think weree just all in a dorm rroom we wer oom together that’s took to gether and tha at’s all it to ok ffor or o us successful to turn this into o suc cessful ccareers,” areers,” says. “We’re LB sa ayys. “W We’re all a vvery ery ffortunate. ortunate. I o look I’vee b been lo ok back now and a I’v een making haven’t.” rrecords ecords longer than th han I ha aven’t.” There’s Ther e’s a ccertain ertaiin sense of kismet to intertwining histories,, all of which their inter twining w g histories aree undersc underscored Bay ar ored by by the Ba ay Area. Area. LB is pictured DJ Sh Shadow’s pictur i ed d on the h ccover over e off D Shadow’ d ’s

‘I didn’t didn’t really see the e way I grew up as uniq unique que until I left,’ he says. say ys. Endtroducing, gamechanging, Endt troducingg, a ga amechanging, instrumental instrument al record recor o d that transcended transcended hip-hop, where Shadow’ss legacy hip -hop, and whe ere Shadow’ from. will fforever o oreveer stem fr om. Blackalicious’ wonderful Melodica Black alicious’’ wonder ful Melo dica was engineered byy EP w as rrecorded ecorded d and engineer ed b Automator, Bay Dan the A utomaator, another Ba ay successful producer. rresident esident turned suc cessful pr oducer. And the ccatalyst atalystt ffor or Solesides’’ initial o was Zen, fforay o oraay w as DJ Z en n, now most widely Chang, known as JJeff eff Ch hang, author of perhaps most p erhaps the mos st vivid and telling book written hip-hop, Can’t b ook eever ver writ teen on hip -hop, C an’t a Stop, Won’t Stop. St toopp, W oon’t St op. pride especially Hometown pr ride is esp ecially poignant songs likee “The Ba Bay” p oignant on son ngs lik ayy” wheree LB rhymes: “We wher rh hyymees: “W We hold a love ccertain ertain lo ve ffor or o o our own, known as Bay-love. shove Ba ay--love. But if push p ccomes omes to sho ve won’t hesitate raise-up.” we won ’t hesit atte to raise -up.” didn’t way grew “I didn ’t rreally eallyy see the w ay I gr ew until says. up as unique un ntil I left,”” he sa ayys. “Oncee I tour toured “Onc ed d the world and other cities and ccame ame back, I rreally eally saw special placee this w was. sa aw how sp pecial a p plac as. I growing mean, gr owing up u as an aspiring rapper wasn’t JJapanese apanese rapp er w asn’t a big deal at LB,, who started all,”” says saays y LB o st arted his ccareer areer as Asia A sia Born. grew seeing “I gr ew up see eing JJapanese apanese producers, African American pr oducers, Afric a Americ an an rrock ock

band bands, ds, Filipino Filipino DJ DJss and eeveryone veryone j just d doing i their h i thing thing, hi , so to me it i w wasn’t asn n’t unusual,”” LB sa says. ayys. “It “It’s ’s this climate,, cultur culture, cconcoction oncoction of climate e, politics, artt and music; it it’s perfect p olittics, ar ’s a p erfeect progression.” storm m of pr ogression.” Regarding Bay, R eegarding the South Ba ay, LB is moree of a native mor native tongue than a native nativ ve son. “Oh, man, San JJose ose has best Vietnamese You the b est V iietnamese ffood. ood. Y ou o ccould ould d blindfold point put on o a blindf fo old and p oint to a placee and it will b bee b better pho plac p etter than 99 anyy plac place anywhere 9 9 percent per e cent off an l e an ywher h e else.. Forget about else Forget ab out it. One thing I know w I’m gonna do when I go to eat.”” San JJose, ose, I have haave to go eat. Another An nother South Bay Baay tie-in tie-in is his heroes, rrecent ecen nt work with hometown her oes, For duo’s EP, The Bangerz. B F or the duo ’s latest EP P, Latryx beats produced byy the L atryx y used b eats pr oduced b crew who,, as ccomparatively cr ew who omparatively yyounger oungerr weree underst understandably rap ccats, ats, wer andably thrilled. thrill led. Says “Working Sa ayys a humbled Cutso: “W Wo orking was surreal because with LB w as surr eal at first, b ecause grew this is i someone I gr ew up listening to.. Itt was intimidating,, to was also kind of intimidating way, because worked in a w ay, b ecause he work ed a lot with DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, myy fa favorite producers. ttwo wo of o m avorite pr oducers. When n Lateef jumped sessions,, it L ateeef jump ed into the sessions was dream true.” w as like l e a dr lik eam ccome ome true .” LB’s LB B’s take take on the eexperience xperience working work king with the Bangerz is equally positive: p osittive: “Man,, those Bangerz trackss aree some myy pr proudest ar so ome of m oudest rrecent ecent says. rrecordings,” ecorrdings,” he sa ayys. Lyrics L y yrics Born headlines this yyear’s ear’s Summer Fest Friday, Sum mmer F est on Frida ay, lending his gravelly rhymes energy gra avelly e vvoiced oiced rh hyymes to the ener gy Brown show—complete of a JJames ames Br own show— complete livee backing band and with a liv backup singers.. back up singers “The moree of a fusion of “T The show is mor rap,, funk and jaz jazz,” says. “We rap f z,”” he sa ayys. “W We do both Brown b oth h JJames ames Br own songs as well as it’s minee but it ’s more more paying paaying y homage and mixing m things up rather than a straight Anyone straig ght tribute set. An yone who is student hip-hop a stu udent of hip -hop rrecognizes ecognizes that Brown was JJames amees Br own w as the trunk of the tree. about tr ee. And when yyou ou think ab out it in n was perfect rretrospect, etrosp o ect, it w as just p erfeect ffor o or rap music; groove, over musi ic; same gr oove, rrepeated epeated o ver over. visceral, and o ver. Sparse yyet et visc eral, simple and sophistic ssophisticated.” p ated.”





Flexible Class Schedules with Day D and Evening Classes


Financial Aid and Scholarshipss A Available, vvailable, if you qualify

Call (650) 735-2989 w

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*Offer subject to credit approval. $77 per month for 48 Months / $500 Down. Other financing offers are available. Rates : 1.9% for 36 Months, 6.9% for 48 Months and 7.9% for 60 Months, Zero Down Payment Option. See dealer for details. Offer effective on all new KYMCO Scooters purchased by 9/30/2013. Example: 2013 Kymco Like 200i -10 at this price - $3,695 includes all fees and taxes. Amount Financed is $3,195, your Down Payment is $500 with 48 monthly payments of $76.36 each. Interest Rate is 6.9% [ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is 8.18%] KYMCO© registered trademark of Kymco USA. Obey local traffic safety laws and always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear and proper apparel.

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THE T HE IMPROV IM P ROV C CLUB LUB Dafnis P Prieto rieto P Proverb roverb T Trio r improvises every rio performance, live performance li ve and recorded. recorded

Stagee Mak Makee Up


HERE’S NO HERE’S NO WAY WAY to know what exactly exactly to expectt from Proverb Trio—the T rio—the latest proj project ect by renowned ren nowned LatinAfro-jazz drummer drum mmer Dafnis Prieto—becau Prieto—because use even the band members members don’t don’t know. know. The trio trio,, which h ffeatures eeatures Prieto on drums, JJason drums, ason Lind Lindner dner on k keys eys y and Grammy-nominated Gramm my--nominaated vvocalist ocalist and rapp rapper er Kokayi K ok o kayyi on vvocals, ocaals, is i so cut cutting-edge tttingg edge g that they the ey cr create eate ccompletely omplletely impr improvised, ovvised,, fr freeeefform orm songs o songs,, but ar are re able to quickly find patterns pat ttterns in the mu music usic and cr create eate what sounds almost lik like ke pr prewritten ewrit w ttten songs songs.. “The whole ide idea ea is impr improvisation ovisation v as spontaneous sp ontaneous ccomposition om mposition as though it was w as a pr preconceived, econceivveed d,” Prieto sa says. ayys. “W “We We just look lo ok at each otherr and who whoever ever e ffeels eeels likee starting lik starting it st starts. arrts. We We like lik ke to stretch stretch out as much as p possible. o ossible . We We stretch stretch out in man many ny different diff ffeerentt styles sttyyles or genres. ggenres.” Ass go A good od as the they ey ar aree in cr creating eating order or der out of thin n air air,, what makes makes it unlikee w unlik watching atching a st standard andard gr group oup is that eevery very mom moment ment is ccompletely ompletely spontaneous. sp ontaneous. The The p potential otential ffor o or anything an nyything to happen happ pen exists exists in eevery very moment. In othe other er wor words, ds, it’s it’s about about as vibrant as yyou ou ccan a get. an “It alw always ways y ccomes omees out diff different. ffeerent. It It’s ’s a vvery eery eexciting xciting eevent, ven ent,, as much ffor or o us the performers p erfo ormers [as] ffor o or the audienc audiencee as well. They The ey ar aree eexperiencing xp x erien ncing something that is vvery er e y unique at that t eexact xxact moment as well b because eccause a we don d don’t n’’t ha have ave an anything nything y planned. W Wee ar aree ccompletely ompletely o op open en to anything an nyything that hap happens. ppens. W Wee ccover oveer a lot of

diff different ffeerrent music and st styles tyyles when we pla play, ay, but alw aalways ways y fr from om a vvery eery p personal ersonal p point oint of o view, vie w, fr from om our p point oint of vie view. w. W We’re e’re not trying tr yingg to imit imitate taate anyone, an nyone o ,” Prieto sa says. ayys. Proverb Pr overb Trio rrecorded ecorded an album in 20 2012 012 titled Dafnis Prieto Pr Proverb overb e Trio,, which,, lik Trio likee their shows shows,, w was as ccompletely omp pletely made up in the studio whilee ttapes apes wer weree rrolling. olling. A oncept is ’s Ass strange as the cconcept is,, it it’s rreally eallyy not that unusual ffor o or Prieto Prieto,, who ver sinc ved to the who,, eever sincee he mo moved st atess fr om Cuba in 19 99,, has b een states from 1999, been impr ressing p eople with his inno vative impressing people innovative fusio n drumming st yles and unusual fusion styles musi ical philosophies musical philosophies.. W When leading his own band, he sees his h rrole ole as something mor moree than just k eeeping the b eat. He is ther keeping beat. theree to als so ccompose ompose music. music. He pla ayys also plays b eatss as though the dic beats theyy wer weree a melo melodic instrument, instru ument,, whether influenc influenced ed b byy Latin, L atin n,, jaz jazz, z, Afric African an b beats eats or eeven ven sounds soun nds at atypical typic y al to drums drums.. “For “F o me, or me, cr creativity eativity isn isn’t ’t a fformula o ormula that yyou o ou just put a lit little tle bit of jaz jazzz and a lit little tle bit of punk or a lit little ttle t bit off this and a lit little tttle bit of that. That’s That ’s a vvery ery ob obvious vious pr process. ocess. It It’s ’s obviously ob vio ously easier easier,, but in m myy w way, ay, I tryy to tr op personalize ersonalize that. So when it ccomes omees out it it’s ’s sinc sincere. ere. I’m not ccopying opyingg something. some ething. I internalize the music music.. I tryy to tr o ccapture apture the meaning of it. I tr tryy to ccapture ap pture the essenc essencee of the music music,, moree than just the rh mor rhythm, hyythm,” Prieto says. sa ayys. “Sometimes I pla play ay rh rhythms hyythms I don don’t n’t eeven ven know wher wheree the they’re y’re ccoming omiing fr from. om. It It’s ’s irr irrelevant elevant to me in the moment. m I am tr trying ying to cconvey on nvey whatt the music means ac according cording to myy p m point oint of vie view. w.” — —Aaron Aar A ron o C Carnes arnes a SSATURDAY ATURDAY


110 0 noon no oon


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Playing Pla yingg to to Bass the Bas ss




AZZ BASSIST T Derrick Hodge’s H odge’s debut debu ut album, Live Today, To oday y, contains c a hodgepodge hodgepodg ge of influences, influences, but rather rath her than creating jarring fusion, fussion, he takes all these elements elem ments he grew up with—R&B, with—R&B, hip-hop, hip-hop p, rock, folk, gospel—and gospel— —and mixes mixes them elegantly with witth jazz, creating a stylized and modern sound, which he will w bring to the San Jose Jose Jazz Jazz z Summer Fest on the Fest on Aug. 11 at 4pm 4 Adobe Blackbird Tavern stage, Tavern a stage and 8pm on the RBC RB BC Jazz Jazz Beyond stage at the the Pagoda. Pagoda. “Music should b bee a rreflection eflection times.. I think Liv Live Today of the times ve T oday is a melting p pot ot of sound sounds. ds. Ther There’s e’s new thee sun. It It’s nothing ne w under th ’s how p people eople ttake ake these elements and together. That’s always put them to gether. Th hat’s alw ays y unique.. The ccore elements aree unique ore elem ments of it ar way another,, ha have things that, that one w ay orr another ave have from eexisted xisted or ha ave eevolved volved d or ccame ame fr om something else else,” ,” Ho Hodge dgee sa says. ayys. Ass much as the elem elements A ments and styles aree eclectic and st yles on the album ar creative ways—there’s mixed in cr eative w ayyss—there’s a Common rapping song with C ommon ra apping on it, and another song with w Alan Hampton singing on it it—Live t—LLive T Today oday uniform overall has a unif fo orm o verall sound s that transcends genre. It’s smooth, transc ends genr e. It ’s sm mooth, ccool ool uplifting. and d eeven ven a bit upliftin lifti g. “It’s myy first album. It It’s myy “It ’s m ’s m baby. bab y. The album is rreally eaally just me attempting bee hone honest myy at tempting to b est with m influences, bee honest ab myy ttake influenc es, b aabout out m ake anyy giv given on music at an en moment,, on any given day,” Hodge says. dge sa any giv en da ay,” Ho ayys. jazzz is the pr prevailing While jaz evailing v sound wasn’t on the album,, it w asn’tt rreally eally till Hodge truly discovered ccollege ollege that Ho dge trul ly disc overed great jazzz w was. Growing how gr eat jaz aas. Gr o owing up in Hodge Philadelphia, Ho dge cconsumed o onsumed all sorts musical genres around sor ts of music al genr es ar ound him,, as Livee T Today demonstrates. jazzz Liv oday demonstrate es. When jaz overwhelmed ccame ame to him,, it o verwh helmed him. was like, ‘Where “It w as a vvery eery much lik ke, ‘Wher re has been myy whole lif life?’ hadn’t this b een m fee?’’ I just hadn n’’t been like that. b een eexposed xp x osed to it lik ke th hat. It has such a great historyy and traditio tradition, Hodge says. gr eat histor on,” Ho dge sa ayys.

STAND S TA ND U UP PG GUY U Y From a young bassist Hodge age, bassis st Derrick H odge had drummer, planned to o become a drummer r, but an imp impressive pressive performance by a bass play player yer at church changed his tune. Sincee the then player Sinc en his ccareer areer as a bass pla ayeer has led him m to work with the R Robert o obert Glasper Experiment, Q-Tip, Scott, Glasp er Exp periment,, QQ Tip, JJill ill Sc otttt, Maxwell an and nd other div diverse verse e ar artists. tists. interest was His inter rest in the bass w as much lik likee his disc discovery covery of jaz jazz. z. Fr From om a age,, he w was bee yyoung oung age as determined to b a drummer drummer, r, but when he witnessed Ruffin, church, play JJoel oel R u uffin, a guy at chur ch pla ch, ay the bass so fla flawlessly, aw wlesslyy, it ccompletely ompletely his musical trajectory. changed hi is music al trajector y. “My mom m br brought ought me to chur church ch keep trouble. to k eep mee out of tr ouble. I literally did not mo move, ove, fr from om when ser service vice started service st arted till the t ser vice ended. I just sat theree and st stared was ther tared at him,, when he w aas playing, when wasn’t playing. pla aying y , wh hen he w aasn’t pla ayying. He was amazing. That’s why tryy to w as that am mazing. That ’s wh hy I tr makee sur suree I’m possible mak I as honest as p ossible drew to what dr ew me to the instrument. instrument about way played Somethingg ab out the w ay JJoel oel pla ayed instrument, was simple,, he the instrum ment,, it w as that simple was that good, Hodge says. w as just tha at go od,” Ho dge sa ayys. Hodge started playing bass,, When Ho H dge st arted pla ayying bass gave lessons.. no one ga ave him fformal o ormal lessons learned byy doing and b byy He just lear rned b watching w atching other o string instrument players around pla ayers ar ound him. “I’m kind d of an op open en palet palette, te, an op open en ccanvas anvaas with ideas ideas,, op open en to so man manyy diff different ffeerrent w ways ayys of eexpressing xpressing on st stage. age. I lo love ve the sound of bands and I lo love ve the fe ffeeling eeeling of a band’ band’ss sound o overtaking vertaking a rroom, oom, just making p people eople ffeel eeell go good od ab about out lif life, fe, ab about out whate whatever. ver. I tr tryy to ha have ave that op openness enness when it ccomes om mes to m myy own thing thing,” ,” Ho Hodge dge sa says. ayyss. — —Aaron Aaron C A Carnes aarnes



If you have uncontrolled asthma, you may qualify for a clinical trial evaluating an investigational medicine. Local doctors are currently conducting a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational asthma medicine in people with uncontrolled asthma, despite taking medication. To qualify for this clinical trial, you must: t Be between 18 to 75 years of age t Have a medical diagnosis of asthma t Have used an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) for at least 3 months prior to the trial, and be on a stable ICS dose for at least 30 days prior to the trial t Meet other criteria Trial-required visits, tests, and study medicines may be provided to participants. In addition, reimbursement for travel may be provided.

For more information about this trial, please contact: Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center 4050 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 6, San Jose 408.553.0709 metr | | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



AS SOLID OLID BASS B A SS R Rebirth ebirth Brass Band starts wit with th bass notes as the foundation of it ts bass-heavy and brassy soun nd. its sound.

FFunkin’ uunkin’ It Up


AREERS AREERS S CHOSEN CHOSEN while in high h school don’t don’t always alw ays prove to be long-liv ved choices— long-lived e founders of but then, the New Orleans’’ Rebirth Brass Brass New Band, which marks its 30th t yearr, didn’t didn’t anniversary this year, grou up as a longstart the group range career move. They did range it just to play y music. The band’ band’ss orig original ginal memb members ers wer weree all in high scho oll when the egan school theyy b began performing p erfo orming to together getther in the summer of 19 83. 1983. “When we firstt st started, arted,, we were were just pla ayying ffor o or fun, fu un,, just going down playing to the Fr French ench Qu Quarter uarter in N New ew Orleans playing pla aying y ffor o or tips tips,, just ju ust something ffor or o us to do during the ccourse ourse of the summer summer.. And during the sc school chool year, year e , we’d we’d go out to the Fr French ench h Quar Quarter ter as well,” sa says ayys drummer K Keith eeith Frazier F Frazier. r. Rebirth R eebirth Brass Band B mak makes kees their first appearance appearance at a the San JJose ose JJazz azz Summer F Fest est Main Maain St Stage age on A Aug. ug ug. 10. Those high sch schoolers—who hoolers—who included Frazier and his br brother, rother, Phil,, the band’ss tuba band’ tuba/sousaphone a//sousaaphone pla player, ayeerr, as well as trump trumpeter eter K Kermit eerm rmit R Ruffins—have u uffins—haave gone on to become becom me a fforce o orce in the New N ew Orleans mu music usic sc scene. ene. The band has eeven veen p performed—and erform o med—and acted a bit—on bit t—on Tr Treme, eme, th the he HBO series ab about out the rrebuilding ebuilding of N New ew Orleans after Hurricane Hurric ane Katrin Katrina. na. Last L ast yyear, ear e , the they ey b became ecame Gramm Grammy my winners ffor or o Best R Regional eegional R Roots oots Album ffor or The R o Rebirth eebirth of o N New ew Orleans Orleans.. Rebirth R eebirth b began egan b byy pla playing ayying a lot of

tradittional jaz z,, and o veer the years years traditional jazz, over has built b on that genr genre, e, adding new new influeences, and cr eating man ny original influences, creating many tuness with a bass-hea bass-heavy, avy vy, brassy brasssy sound. “N Now our rrepertoire epertoire of songs has “Now really reallyy gr grown own since since we first st started arted out. We We do d a lit little tttle bit of eeverything—R&B, veerything—R&B, hip-hop, New way, hip-h hop, all in a N ew Orleans w ay, so we we’ve e’vve gr grown own music musically ally that w way, ay,” Frazier says. Frazier sa ayys. Strong Strong bass Str b and d rh rhythm hyythm th are are what h t drive group’s drive the gr oup’s sound. Brass creates creates the undeniably u showy top notes in thiss music, it’s heavy, musicc, but it ’s the hea avvyy, insistent bass notess that get p people eople dancing. dancing. And partt is wher wheree the band An nd the bass par begins begin ns when writing songs songs.. “The bass is thee rroot song,, the tuba par part, oot of the song t, we try trry to get that par partt of the song first. Without Wiith hout the ffoundation, o oundation,, you you o have haave nothing, nothiing,” Frazier says. saayys. The brotherly otherly Th h br he b h l d dynamic i iis at work k here, here, to too, o, with K Keith eith pla playing ayying bass drum, tuba/sousaphone. drum m,, and Phil on tuba a//sousaphone. Ruffins Ruffins u went solo in the early ’9 ’90s, 0s, but still occasionally sttill o ccasionally ccollaborates ollaborates with the band. b In fact,, in recording recording mor moree than a dozen albums (13,, not ccounting ounting compilations), brought comp pilations),, the band has br ought more more than a ccouple ouple dozen musicians through lineup—and throu ugh its lineup —and they they all bring their own influenc influences es to the mix. “A “A lot l off these h yyoung o oung guys get into the band there’s New b and ther e’s all ttypes yypes of N ew Wave electronics different Waave music, music, electr onics and diff ffeerent things like thing gs lik ke that,, so it brings a different diff ffeerent kind of fla flavor music,,” avo or to an old fform o orm of music Frazier says. Frazier sa ayys. “Jazz been “Jaz a z has b een around around ffor o or hundreds hundreds of years, little yea ears, but we’ve we’vve added just a lit ttle t bit off a ne new w take tak ke on it [that] brings something new keeps someething ne w to it,, k eeps e it lively livveely and d fresh, adds.. —Heather Zimmerman fresh,,” he adds SSATURDAY ATURDAY


110 0 9pm 9p pm

REBIR T H REBIRTH BRASS BRA SS BAND Main Stage Stage $20 festival festival admission


AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


Great G reat F Food ood t SSpecialty p pecialty y Coffee t Free Freee W WiFi iFi Craft Beer Music Craft B eerr t Locall Art Art & M usiic Happy Happyy H Hour our Everyday Everyday

Entertainment E ntertainment C Calendar: alendar: All Events Free All A Ages unless l otherwise h noted. d

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Tribute Week Rahsaan Roland Kirk Birthday Party | Aug 7 @ 6pm (No admission charge)

Steve Turre | Aug 8, 9, & 10 @ 8pm Headlining a Rahsaan tribute sextet featuring Betty Neals performing “Theme for the Eulipions” $15 per night | Tickets available at Wed 14 | 9pm - Sourpatch, Dream Decay, Useless Children (Indie/Punk) Thurs 15 | 8pm p - JJazz Cartel ((Jazz) J ) Fri F Fr ri 16 | 8pm 8 - Dinners, Di Amonie, Amonie, m i Plantain, Pllantain, ti G Gentle eentle tl E Everything verryth ythhing hi (I (Indie) Indie) ndi ) SSat at 17 | 8pm - T Turn ur urn M Mee O Onn D Dead, ead, Body P Parts aarrtst (I (Indie/Electro) Indie/E n Elect l trro) o SSun un 18 | 6pm - SSpeak peak p E Easy asy a featuring f The E Eulipions uulipions JJazz azz a JJam a am

SoFA SoF A District | Downtown D San Jose Across the street from the California Theater

(408)280-6161 | 374 South First Street Strreet


MORE M OR E T THAN H A N PUFF PUFF PIECES P I EC E S P Profiteroles rofiteroles are much h like cream puffs puffs, s, but at Dolce e Bella Chocolate Cafe, they

homemade vanilla pastry are elevated by y home emade chocolate sauce,, vanill a bean ice cream and p puff ff p pas stry y that has a crunchy y edge. g

Sweet thi things ings are the sta stars ars at Dolce Bella Cafe, Bellla Chocolate Cafe C e, but there’s also there ’s a lso light fare with w veggies cafe’s plot from the e cafe ’s own plo ot BY B Y KRIS KRISTINE TINE BAUTISTA BAUTISTA


T DOLCE DOLCE BE BELLA ELLA Chocolate Café, C owner Audrey V Vaggione ag ggione knows how w to indulge the taste buds. buds. H Her er perfected recipe for molded chocolates sell by the thousa thousands nds d i the th holiday h lid ys, have h during holidays, captured sever several al awards a ards aw reccently and have most recently Vaggione the t title of earned Vaggione err, a coveted Master Chocolatie Chocolatier, rnational name by the Inter International Chocolate Salon.

Besides ch chocolate, hocolate, Dolc Dolcee Bella also serves serves e up sm small mall plates and light far fare, e, as diners pr prepare e e themselv epar themselves vees ffor o or some truly stunni stunning ing desser desserts. ts. Pr oduce ffor or o the rrestaurant estaurant is or rgganic Produce organic and much of o it is pick ked e right fr om a picked from ccommunity ommunitty gar garden den nearb nearby. by. Our st starter arter was w aas the Bak Baked ked e Goat Cheese Salad ($7): a medle ey off fr esh gr eens, dried cherries, cherries, medley fresh greens, ffennel ennel e and white w balsamic vinaigr etttte. vinaigrette. Cub es of he erb-crusted goat cheese la ay Cubes herb-crusted lay in a pla playful ayyful jumble on top and rreally eally lifted the sp spirit pirit of the salad. The fairly simple elem elements, ments, combined, combined,, were were go od and al lso sor etro (see: bak keed good also sortt of rretro baked goat cheese 0s). The Quinoa Salad cheese,, ’9 ’90s). ($7) with cr anberries, almonds ale, cranberries, almonds,, k kale, scallions sc allions and d gr greens, eens, had a clean,, fr fresh esh ttaste, aste, but ccould o ould ha have ave used a lit little tttle mor moree dressing dr essing to ac aaccent cent the ingr ingredients. edients.

The Mediterranean P Panini anini ($8)) w was aas more up m more myy alle alley. ey. Made with hou houseusebak ed ffocaccia, ocaccia,, it w aas pack keed with h baked was packed fla avor o and had a b eautiful crunch h. F or a flavor beautiful crunch. For vvegetarian eegetarian sandwich,, it w was aas sa savory avo ory and satisfying. satisf fyying. The Meatball P Panini anini ($ ($8), $8), house-made meatballs,, marinara with house -made meatballs mariinara and moz zarella w aas just as pr omiised— mozzarella was promised— a meatball sandwich. N o ccomplaints omplaiints No there. ordered ther e. My dining ccompanion ompanion or deered garden pastaa ($9) ffeaturing the summer gar den past ea eaturing array fresh-picked an arra ay of the ccafé’s aaffé’s fr esh-picked vvegetables eegetables and an heirlo heirloom om toma tomato ato sauce. sauc e. Unfortunately, Unffo ortunatelyy, the vvegetable eegetab ble portions p ortions wer weree a lit little tttle sparse and le left eft bee desir desired. something to b ed. weree clear cleared The plates wer ed and thee desser omed. Usually, Ussuallyy, I meet m dessertt menu lo loomed. this moment with a lit little tttle woe: woe: at an any ny giv veen rrestaurant estaurant one is often pr essented given presented with i h a vvery eery pr edict di able bl , uninspir i i ed ed predictable, uninspired desser chocolate ccake, ak ke, a dessertt menu: a chocolate cheesecake, maybe cheesec caake, fruit ccompote, ompote, ma ayybe some homemade ic eam. I w aas pleas santly icee cr cream. was pleasantly surprised to find some things diff ffeerent ff different her e, fr om ffondue o ondue to aff ffo ogato, all of here, from affogato, them made in-house in-house.. I had the chili hot cho colate ($ $4) as chocolate ($4)



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Room for Dessert

oduction. No No whipped w whipp ed cr eam, an intr introduction. cream, rgganic pr esen ntation with a just an or organic presentation delicate la ayeer of cho colate o fr oth. The delicate layer chocolate froth. more pur e, cacao cacao fla avors o wer vvident: more pure, flavors weree eevident: it had a rrobust obust chocolate chocollate flavor flaavor with a spicyy, peppery peppery finish. It w aarmed slightly spicy, warmed the b body leaving little ody while lea avvin ng a lit tttle sass on the tongue tongue.. I’m still th thinking about hinking ab out it daays y later days later.. keed ffor o or a unique u desser t, When ask asked dessert, server suggested the pr p ofiteroles (1 ffor o or server profiteroles for o $8). “I’ll ttake ak ke one o of those $3,, 3 for those,,” I effor o e asking herr ab out the P ot de said,, b before about Pot Crème ($5). Crème yes e ffor o or a brief sec ond. She closed her eeyes second. “It’s very very good. good.” “It’s That w aas the b est mark m keer of ser ver was best marker server cconfidence onfidence I’ d seen in a while ordered I’d while.. I ordered that,, too. too. In a ffew ew minutes a ser sserver ver sswung wung thr ough the kitchen do d ors with our ttwo w wo through doors cr eations. The P ot de Cr C ème ccame ame as creations. Pot Crème pr omised,, a chocolate chocolatee cust ard,, topped topped promised, custard, with cho colate sha avvin ngs and ser veed with chocolate shavings served a toff ffeee shor tbread ccookie. ookie. The cust ard toffee shortbread custard w as a supple and light,, but b infused with was a deep arresting flavor flaavo orr that made it a deep,, arresting vvery eery tasty tastty contradiction. contradictio on. But the st ar of star this dish w aas the toff ffeee shor tbread that was toffee shortbread w as a but tttery and smo o and wildly oth was buttery smooth addictiv ve. (The (The ccookies ookies ccan aan b purchased addictive. bee purchased à la ccarte arte ffor o or $1 each.) The towering pr ofitterole w aas mor profiterole was moree pr edictable—it is essen ntially a cr eam predictable—it essentially cream puff ff— —except that it w aas stuff ffeed with puff—except was stuffed vanilla b ean ic eam m and the “puff” “puff ” bean icee cr cream had a crunch hy edge to o it that made it crunchy mor xxciting to eat. The T homemade moree eexciting cho colate sauc n’’tt hur t,, either chocolate saucee didn didn’t hurt, either.. It ffelt eelt go od to see d essert tr eated as a good dessert treated serious ccourse ourse Ser vice ccan an b ottty, Service bee a bit sp spotty, as the rrestaurant estaurant is a h yybrid of order-up orderr--up hybrid ccafé affé and ttable able ser vice, but the desserts desserts service, ar ertainly wor th th he w aait. At At other aree ccertainly worth the wait. hours Dolce Bella also o hosts br eakfast, hours,, Dolce breakfast, with morning pastriess fr om their o ven, en e from oven, and in the late afterno oons, b eer and afternoons, beer wine to pair with thei ir plates their plates.. I hear that the rrestaurant estaurant is eexpanding, xxpan nding, opening opening another dining rroom oom up and char ging charging up a ne w culinar am. new culinaryy tea team. The desser ts wer d strong desserts weree definitely its strong suit,, but I lo ok fforward o orwaarrd to seeing how look Dolc volv o es as a unique entit ty in Dolcee Bella eevolves entity the Sarato ga ar ea. Saratoga area.

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2013 Best Chinese Restaurant Palo Alto Weekly Mountain View Voice Metro Newspaper Stt #107 150 S First S Jose,, CA San Jose CA (408)-292-7222

3139 Mis Mission ssion College Blvd. Santa Cl Clara, lara, CA (408)-986-9800 (408)-98 86-9800

Westt Lake Lake Center Ave. 137 N. Santa Cruz A ve. 314 West Daly City, City y, CA CA L Los os Gatos Gatos,, CA (650)-758-4577 (650)-75 8-4577 (408)-395-1784 Ave. 365 California A ve. Palo Alto,, CA P alo Alto CA (650)-324-2111

Pruneyard Shopping Center Pruneyard 1875 S. Bascom B A Ave. ve. Campbell, Campbe ell, CA (408)-559-3885 (408)-55 59-3885 thetando

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SWEET BOOTH Renisa Satrijo sells her handmade ice cream at the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market every Saturday.




Cream of the Crop


COUPLE YEARS AGO, Renisa Satrijo found a hobby that was quite different from her biotech career in Silicon Valley: making ice cream. Initially, she made small batches for friends and family. She was so passionate THEitREAL THINGspend The pizza at Terrone about she would hours upon hours tweaking the comes with a seal of Italian approval. recipes to get them just right for her family to enjoy.

Pizza Purity

She, for instance, really wanted her cousin to have a delicious scoop of strawberry ice cream and went through 15-20 batches perfecting the blend. What she realized was that a lot of fresh strawberries made the ice cream taste really good. She ended putting a half-pound them into every pint of ice cream. OT Aup LOT of dishes haveofan organization Her family dedicating loved it because tasted like theytheir were historical eating fresh ripe strawberries toitpreserving plucked right out of the ground. authenticity. Pizza does, or at least Neapolitan Last year she was given the opportunity to sell her ice cream at the Castro pizza—the original modern version of pizza Valley Farmer’s Market and she chose the name Sugar Mama Desserts. The first that came out of Naples, Italy, in the 1800s. The day she went out there, she sold out of all the ice cream she brought. Associazione Pizza Napoletana, Asorganization, of July 20 this year, she’s also beenVerace selling her ice cream at the Sunnyvale hands out certifications to restaurants all over the FarmFarmer’s Market. Both Farmer’s Markets are on Saturday. The Sunnyvale worldgoes thatfrom meet specific guidelines asMarket to goes er’s Market 9amtheir until very 1pm. The Castro Valley Farmer’s fromwhat 10am constitutes till 2pm. a genuine Neapolitan pizza. Here Inin thethe short time Satrijo has been selling ice she’s concocted Bay Area, only a handful ofcream, restaurants are upwards of 24 different flavors, though she only brings three at a time to a farmer’s so certified. One of them, Terrone Pizzeria, a casual market. When I went to the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market, she was serving strawberry, canupscale joint, was opened a few weeks ago in Palo taloupe sorbet and green tea. The cantaloupe tasted like I was literally biting into Alto by three friends, all of whom were born in a juicy piece of cantaloupe. The green tea was really bold and tasted like a strong Southern Italy. cup of green tea. Satrijo makes her green tea ice cream with matcha, which is a Generally, what defines afrom trueJapan, Italianwhich pizza is itssays lightness. The deal.” All finely milled green tea powder she is the “real is thinner, the toppings are sparser and the ingredients are all threecrust flavors were delicious. very basic.isRather than the heavy, doughy to from cows Everything made from scratch. Satrijo’s iceconcoction cream basefamiliar uses dairy Americans, pizza in Italy She is considered lightwith dishsugar that will not given growth hormones. mixes theabase andleave other natural one a little hungry after leaving dinner What struck me ingredients, which is often fresh fruitthe from a farmer’s To obtain the was coveted restaurant must meet really stand about her ice cream thatcertification, the flavors ofathe individual ingredients out.many criteria, such as what ingredients are used, how the pizza is prepared, what of of oven it’s cooked in and more.(dark Terrone Her flavors run the kind gamut standard ice cream flavors chocolate, peach passedto allless thetraditional tests. They ones, kneadtypically their dough by hand let it rise Asian nectarine) influenced by and her Southeast naturally over a 24-hour popping it into a brick oven, heritage (flavors like avocado period or blackbefore sesame). it is fully in about 90 seconds. The crust isstore, crispy and Inwhere the future, she cooked might open her own brick-and-mortar but for now she is just enjoying the process of selling once a week at the Farmer’s Markets. She also sells ice cream by the pint ($7.50) and 1.5-gallon bulk containers ($65), and she hosts ice cream socials. “I like the physical aspects of it, too. Sometimes in a profession where you’re sitting in a cubicle all day, you don’t get to interact with people. It’s a totally different experience,” Satrijo says.—Aaron Carnes



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metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Heather Heather Zimmerman



*th tthu hu


Lido’s, San Josee Thu, 9pm, $5 They’ve been a band b less than year,r, but already a year alreaddy Southern CCalifornia’s alifornia’s LLuum uum m have released released an impressive handful impr essive handf ful of rraw, aw w, art-punk EPs.. One, titled simply siimply ““demos” demos” unsettling has the unsettlin ng album cover of extremely an extr emely emaciated em maciated man in a hospital bed with h the text that says It’s “Bryan Died Age 34”.. It ’s the same uncomfortable, provocative uncomf fortable, t bl , yet y t pr ovocative ti ffeeling eeling that this image i stirs up, that produces. the music also pr roduces. It’s It’s loud, angry, it’s dark and angry y, but b it ’s not clear aree so angry about. what exactly theyy ar enough They weave in en nough distorted chords unfiltered minor chor ds andd unfil tered rage rage to cause internal di dissonance ssonance in anyone (AC) C) with a soul. (A

SSTEVE TEVEE TURRE Café S Café Stritch, tritch,, San Jose Thu, Fri, Sat,, 7pm, $15 prolific CCafé afé SStritch tritch is i bringing pr olific trombonist jazz/Latin tr rombonist (and SNL ensemble pla player ayer of 29 years) Steve Steve Turre Tuurre and a his sextet to pay tribute ttoo the late har hard-bop d-bop legend Rahsa Rahsaan aan Roland Kirk, who was known ffor energetic, or his ener getic, spontaneouss sets and ffor or playing several several instruments instruuments at once (sax, clarinet, flute). flutee). Turre Turre is doing two sets on Thursday, T Thursday , Friday and Saturday. Saturday. On Wednesday Wednesday there there will be a spe special cial Rahsaan Roland Kirk birthdayy celebr celebration ation at Stritch Stritch with cake, a panel discussion and a screening screenning of Adam Kahan’s Kahan’s Rahsaan documentary, doccumentary, The CCase ase a of Dream the 3 Sided Dr D eam. (AC) (AC)

*fri f

THE GODDAMN G GODD AMN GALLOWS GALL LOWS Blank Clu Club, ub, San Jose Fri, 9pm, $10 particularly What part icularly distinguishes the from Goddamn Gallows fr om the rrest est of punk-Americana groups—of the punk-A Americana gr oups—of there aree many—is the which the re ar creepy dark, cr eeppy vibe they bring. Their singer lead singe er can sing in a hushed that whisper th hat sounds as though it from Waits came fr om m some shady TTom om o W aaits character. char acter. In ffact act the entirety entirety of their psychobilly spin on ps sychobilly sounds a bit carnival-esque. carnival-e sque. It evokes images of decaying shack sshackss and aging carnies. authentically drawing from It is authe ntically dr awing fr om traditional aditionall Southern music, but fused tr with punkk rrock, ock, sass and played up irony. (AC) with a bit of theatrical ir onyy. (A C)



Red Ro Rock ock Coff Coffee, ee, Mountain View Fri, 8pm, 8p pm, Free Free

Filip Filipino pino Community Center Center,r, San Jose Fri,, 6:30pm, $6

Make no n bones about it: Austin’s Austin’s Susanne Susann ne Abbott is an intense, singer-songwriter,r, highly evocative singer-songwriter particularly particu ularly in terms of her singing, which bor borders ders on oper operatic atic at times, generally thoughh gener ally stays closer to songwriter,r, she soul and annd roots. roots. As As a songwriter creates textured, cr eatess very textur ed, serious songs span traditions that sp pan the tr aditions of blues, ffolk, olk,, rroots oots and pop. But rregardless egardless of from style,, sshe he sings fr om her soul, way deep down, ddown with no frills, frills and just It’s honestt emotions.. It ’s hypnotic. Her 2010 album a No History of Pr Prevention evention lingers in the listener listener’s ’s heart. In addition additioon to her own music,, she also acts in live theater. performed theater. She’s She’s perf ormed in productions prodductions of Hedwig and the Angry Inchh and Speeding Motor Motorcycle cycle. (AC) (AC)

ItIt’s ’s not often that Pitchf Pitchfork fork o k reviews reviews grindcore grinndcore albums on its website, but Mammoth Mammoth Grinder’s Grinder’s third third album, Underworlds Und derworldss, got rreviewed, eviewed,, and they they even gave it a 77.3, .3, . which is good by Pitchf Pitchfork P fork o standar standards. ds. ItIt’s ’s not like Mammoth Mammoth Grinder have any sort of crossover crosssover appeal for for non-punk/metal fans—far fanss—far from from it. They go heavy and they they go hard hard and they don’t don’t rrelent. elent. They Theey just do it well. They do manage to pulll fr from different om all the diff erent heavy niche subgenres: subbgenres:: punk,, sludge,, death metal, black blacck metal.. ItIt’s ’s all there. there. Whatever they they play, playy, whatever tempo they play it at, iit’s t’s at full throttle throttle and it’s it’s nothing if nott intense.. (AC) (AC)

oncerts * cconcerts CHRIS BO BOTTI TTI Aug 23 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


BLACK BLA CK SSABBATH ABBAT TH Aug 26 at Shor Shoreline eline

BRIAN RE REGAN GAN Aug 29 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


EEARTH, EAR TH, WIND & FIRE Sep 8 at 7:30pm, San Jose Civic

ROCK R OCK THE BELL BELLSS Sep 14–15, Shor Shoreline eline

BLONDIE BL ONDIE Sep 20 aatt Montalvo Arts Center



JOSH GR GROBAN OBAN Oct 7 at 7:30pm, SAP SAP Center


PINK Oct 15 at 7:30pm, 7:30pm SSAP AP Center


A YAWN YAWN W WORTH OR RTH YELLING SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery SLG Gallery, y, San S Jose Fri - 7:30pm; $10 that’s July has been the month that ’ kept ’s San Jose indie pop rrock ock band A YYawn awn a Worth Early rly July W orth YYelling eelling on their toes.. Ea guitarist, they said goodbye to their gui tarist, Joey Pisicane,, bringing them down d however, to ffour our members. This,, howeve err, has bit. not slowed them down one bi it.. In AYWY three July alone A YWY rreleased eleased thr e new ee carry enthusiastic singles that still car ry their ent thusiastic energy from previous ener gy fr om their pr evious rreleases. eleeases. singles On top of their summer single es they’ve covers been rreleasing eleasing a series of cove ers online “Yawn (playfully titled “Y Yaawn Sundays”), Sundays”),, of Hunter,r, V Vampire Weekend, The Dear Hunter aampire W eeekend, LLocal ocal Natives and others.. Now w with their latest summer single rreleased, eleeased, there’s ther e’s so much to look fforward orward to in seeing them live and back at a the Weekend, Art Boutiki, with KKoruscant oruscant W e eekend, Livewires Livewir es and Mitch LLujan. ujan.. (AD) (AD D)


Studio S t di 8, tudio 8 San S JJose Sat, 9pm, Free Free before before 11pm/$20 1 after 11pm Ass one half of the SF/Oak SF/Oakland crew A kland DJ cr ew Rock-It! Scientists,, DJ Solarz Solaarz brings a dancing lot of fun and plenty of da ncing (and bent towards music with a particular be nt towar ds they weree EDM).. In their early days th hey wer it’s all about mashups.. Now it ’s all about rremixes. emixes. They take a lot of well-known tracks hip-hop,, R&B and pop tr accks and moree inf infectious. make them even mor ectious. “Party TTake aake their version of “P artyy Rock Anthem”— Anthem ”—who knew it was w possible more to make that song into mo ore of a guilty guil ty pleasure pleasure booty-shaker? booty-shakker? They non-remixed hits, also spin non-r emixed hits s, forgotten forgotten old school tunes and whatever whattever they never ffeel eel like playing. They neve er fforget orget to (AC) make it a good time.. (A C)


J BOOGIE Pagoda LLounge Pagoda ounge at Fairmont F Hotel, San Jose Sat, 10:30pm;; $20 ffestival esstival admission with A late-night party wi th San Francisco’s award-winning Fr ancisco’s awar d-w winning DJ J perfect Boogie is the perf ect way to end Saturday a Satur day night ffor or the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest. J Boogie has around DJed all ar ound the world w but still strong maintains str ong tiess to the Bay Area, Ar ea, with his own rradio a show, adio show, KUSF. “Beatsauce,”” on KUSF F. His latest album, Soulful Vibr Vibrations rat ationss, released released in 2008, (f (featuring eaturing LLyrics y yrics Born, Zumbi of Zion I and mor more) m e) blends hip-hop, electronica electronica and soul into a laid-back summer mix. For this summer, summer, however, however, he’s hee’s rreleasing eleasing a series of ““moombasoul” moombasoul”” and “moombathon” “moombathon” rremixes. emixxes. (AD)

NEW W NEW WORKS O S ORK FESTIVAL FE STIV VAL A Lucie S Lucie Stern tern Thea Theatre, atre, P Palo alo Al Alto to Sat, 8pm;; Sun, 2 and 8pm Through Th Thr ough h Aug A 18 show/$65 $19 single show /$65 pass year, TheatreWorks’ Marking its 12th ye arr, Theatr eWorks’ Works Festival already New W orks Festiva al alr eady has a track good tr ack rrecord ecord of o giving a boost plays to musicals and pla ays with serious potential—the TTony-winning on ony-winning Memphis is the ffestival’s esstival’s best known alum.. Audiences watch waatch staged readings progress in pr readings of works works in ogress and share share feedback feedback with witth writers and composers. upcomposers This year’s year’ss slate of up and-comers includ includes es musicals about Sylvia Sylvia y Plath and cross-cultural cross-cul o tural love in Havana, and plays that t tackle the rred ed state-blue state div divide, vide, or offer offer a dose of 1920s-era 1920s-era slapstick. slapsttick. The ffestival estival makes a party of it,, with food food trucks trucks and live music on selected nights.. (HZ) s

DAVE D AVE V MA MASON SON Nov 2 at at Montalvo Arts Center





BLIND D BO BOYS OYS OF ALAB ALABAMA AMA Dec 12 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


GEORGE GE O GE KAHUMOK OR KAHUMOKU U JR, LEDWARD KAAPANA LED WA ARD KAAP ANA Jan 30 aatt Montalvo Arts Center For music musiic updates and contest giveaways, giveawayys, like us on Facebook at metr

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LEWIS LE WIS BLA BLACK CK Aug 15–16 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

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in color, color,” hee writes, writes, “reminds “reminds me of the dir ect cutting cuttttiingg of sculptors p . This b ook direct sculptors. book w aas cconceived onceivveed in the same spirit.” was

metroactive ARTS

Jazz V Visions isions Even Ev ven e tho though ough Matisse Matisse,, then in his seventies World se veenties during d W o orld War II,, still rretained etained a quintessential q Fr French ench h joie j vivre, de vivr re, it to ttook ok two two w yyears eears to produce produce the final rresults. e esults . He rrefused efused to let the war creativity w aar drag him h or his cr eativitty down. Att the time A time, e, Matisse eeven veen wrote wrote that jazzz eevoked the ccontext ontextt of jaz vo ok keed ffor or him o a liv liveliness, veliness e , a cconnection onnection with the audiencee and free-form audienc a a fr ee-fform o celebration celebration of the une unexpected, exp x ected,, borne borne fr from om improvisation. Cut-ups, impr ovisattion. Cut -ups, interruptions and eeven ven e ac aaccidents cidents b became ecame par partt of the process. p rocess.

‘It’’s a vibrant, ‘It’s multisensory multtisensory bouillabaisse, bouiillabaisse, cooked cook ked up with h Matisse’s Matisse’s own n text.’

True Colors

CUT C UT IIT TF FINE INE H Henri enri M Matisse atisse ‘painted with h scissors’ to create the vibran vibrant nt collages that form that would be printed in book for rm as ‘‘Jazz.’ Jazz J .’

The Cantor C Arts Cen Center nter shows Matisse prints the 200 M atisse print ts that made up the artist’ss book book, th he artist’ k, ‘‘Jazz’ Jazz’ J BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


S THE TH HE protective t ti black bl k tarp p lifts from the glass cases cas es before opening time tim me at the Iris and B. B. Gerald Cantor Ger ald Can ntor Center for Visual Arts,, the im images Henri Arts mages of H enri (1869-1954) Matisse (18 869-1954) appear in front me. In n the forms of jazz, clowns,, nig nightmares, circuses,, clowns ghtmares, circuses throwers, funerals knife throw wers, funer als and lagoons,, th these lagoons hese 20 spirited block-like representations r what occupy wh hat looks like a secret room m off one corridor. corridor. Normally N ormally under u wraps in o ollection Sp ecial the Gunst C Collection in Special C ollections at the St anffor o dU niv n versit e ty Collections Stanford University

Liibrary acr Library across oss ccampus, ampus, these origina original al pr rints ser ve as eevidence vidence of a later prints serve p e d in Matisse erio ’s life, liffe, when he w aass period Matisse’s was b e edridden, , convalescing con nvvalescing from from cancer caancer e bedridden, an nd limited in his mobilit ty. He ccould oulld and mobility. n ot work with brushes or p encils in n the not pencils ormal fashion. Originally publishe ed n normal published azzz, a b ook with his own te xt an nd ass Ja Jazz, book text and eexplanations, x xplanations , the colorful colorful prints dep pict depict a cr oss-pollination of fr ee musical musical cross-pollination free im mprovisation v and visual ar ce. improvisation artt practic practice. Th he trademark Matisse vibrancy The rremains. e emains .

BookkIIt B BookIt For F or these works works,, which might rresemble e esemble silkscr eens of element ary silkscreens elementary sc chool cconstruction onstruction pap er projects projects school paper to o the mor ver e, moree unimaginativ unimaginativee obser observer, M Matisse instructed his assist ants to ccover over e assistants pa aper with glorious gouache ccolors olors paper

so he ccould ould then at ttack k the rresults esults attack b ors.” The final byy “painting with scisso scissors. ccollages ollages wer nted into limited weree then prin printed edition b ooks and sets books sets.. Although these print ts ar recognized prints aree recognized thr oughout the univ veersse, seeing them throughout universe, up close in p erson cconfirms onfi firms a degr ee person degree of jo oyo ous cr eativitty on Matisse M ’s part. part. joyous creativity Matisse’s He did not let his ph hyysiical disabilities physical impair his in nventive spirit. spiirit. The w ay inventive way I see it,, the titles impart impart a whimsic al whimsical ccelebration elebration of the muse e, inspired inspired by by the muse, activ ve cultur es of cir cuss and theater —LLe — active cultures circus theater—Le Clown (The Clown ), LLee C aauchemar de Clown), Cauchemar l'Eléphant Blanc (The Nig ghttmar m re of the Nightmare Whit te Elephant ), L'Ent terr e reement de Pierr root White Elephant), L'Enterrement Pierrot ((The The F uneral of Pierr u roott) and a L'A Avaleur de Funeral Pierrot) L'Avaleur Sabrrees ((The The Sw woorrd Sw waalloow wer e ),, to name Sabres Sword Swallower), w wisted ffew. ew. but a ttwisted As the high-spirited high-spirited colors colors vibrate As onsciousness, I p eruse a into m myy cconsciousness, peruse op py off the h 19 980s edition di i off museum ccopy 1980s accompan nyying b ook, Ja azzz, while the accompanying book, Jazz, sittting t on a puffy puff ffyy black kb ench in sitting bench oom m. Featuring Featuring a the middle of the rroom. nal Fr ench,, the translation of the origin original French, vo olume contains contains Matisse’s Matissse’s musings on volume liffe, love lo ove and happiness jazzy in life, happiness,, almost jazzy presentation. “To “T To cut to the quick their presentation.

All off thi this hiis i is i eevident vvident id in i this hi classic l i set of 20 ja jazz azz visions visions.. And the they ey ar aree visions,, nott just prints or ccollages. visions ollages. The term “s “synesthesia” ynesthesiaa” ccomes omes to mind upon up on viewing viewiing them in this lit little tttle rroom. oom. One ccan an almost alm most smell the music and ttaste aste the ccolors. o . It olors It’s ’s a vibrant,, multisensoryy bouillabaisse, sensor bou uillabaisse, cooked cooked up with Matisse’s Matisse ’s ow own wn te text xt supplying a viable ccounterpoint. ounterpoiint. He hand-wr hand-wrote ote 16 pages of te ext x and intersp ersed them text interspersed b etween the th he images between images,, but not solely to words. function ass wor ds. He eexplained xplained that large handwriting was the lar ge ha andwriting w as a intended to function n visually as well,, sort sort of like poetry. theree lik ke cconcrete oncrette p oetry. As As I sat ther padded bench, on the pad dded black b ench,, finishing text, the te xt,, it cconcluded oncluded with eexactly xactly x the musical ttype yp y e of mu usical passage one should ccontemplate ontemplatte when ingesting this set of prints: JAZZ. Th hese images s, with their These images, liv vely e and vi iolent ttones, ooness, deriv ve from frroom lively violent derive cr ryysttallizatio a ons of memories of cir rccusess, ffolk oolk crystallizations circuses, ttales, aaless, and voyages. vooyyages. I'v ve writ tteen these ppages ages I've written ttoo mollif fy th he simult taneous a eff ffeects of my mollify the simultaneous effects chr roomatic and an nd rhythmic impr rovisations; chromatic improvisations; ppages ages fforming oormin ng a kind of ‘‘sonorous sonor s roous gr roound’ ground’ that supp ortts them, enf foolds them, and supports enfolds protects pr rootteects them, them m, in their pparticularities. articularities.

FESTIVAL FESTIV VAL A GUIDE GU UIDE Jazz, Salsa, R&B, New Neew Orleans & more 100+ Acts on 11 Sta ages Stages Do wntown San Josee Downtown

A UG 9-11 9-11 AUG jazzfest.sanjose

Branding & Design | Morgan Smail


9 pm

8 pm

Dave Koz & Friends

Dave Koz & Friends

Javon Jackson w/ Les McCann and Dr. Lonnie Smith

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Yosvany Terry Quartet

Pink Martini

Pink Martini

Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

Rebirth Brass Band

Big Easy Parade

Mingo Fishtrap

Lyrics Born presents Continuum




Hotel De Anza, Hedley Club 233 West Santa Clara Street Fri Aug 9: Kat Parra Sat Aug 10: Jessica Johnson, Times 4

Hilton Hotel, Affinity Lounge 300 Almaden Boulevard Fri Aug 9: Anton Schwartz Quintet Sat Aug 10: The Bad Five

Fri Aug 9: Edgardo Cambon and Latido Sat Aug 10: Alfie Dreifuss Ensemble w/Tony Lindsay Fri Aug 9: Kristen Strom Quartet Sat Aug 10: Masha Campagne Quartet


VCHS Jazz Combo


The California Honeydrops

Motordude Zydeco

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

Yosvany Terry

Frank Bey w/ Anthony Paule

Zydeco Flames

Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88’s

Barracuda Big Easy Stage

Rebirth Brass Band

The JurassiC

Natalie Cressman

Times 4

Gordon Biersch Big Band


Dara Tucker

No Bones About it

Sammy Miller & the Congregation

Slide Madness

Summer Fest Allstar Big Band

The Commanders

Round Midnight

Pandit Habib Khan

Metro Gordon Biersch Stage

More special events at

Drum! Night Fri Aug 9 @ 5-9:30pm San Jose Rep Stage Tickets: $20–$40 at

Jazz Mass Sat Aug 10 @ 4:30pm Sun Aug 11 @ 11:30am Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Latin Jazz Jam with The John Santos Sextet Sponsored by Mister Latin Jazz Sat Aug 10 @ 9pm–midnight Bank of the West Next Gen Stage

Big Easy Parade Sat Aug 10 @ 1:30pm Main Stage area to Big Easy Stage


San Jose Jazz High School All Stars

Room 107 Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Kind of Blue

Archbishop Mitty Jazz in the AM

Monta Vista High School Jazz Combo

Latin Jazz Jam w/ John Santos Sextet

SJSU Combo

Folsom High School Jazz Choir

Monterey Jazz Festival Honor Vocal Ensemble

Monterey Jazz Festival High School All-Star Band

Midnight River

Mr. Clifford’s Young Jazz Allstars

Dixie Dominus Traditional Jazz Band

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Bank of the West Next Gen Stage

The Fairmont, Lobby Lounge 170 South Market Street

Scan for times

The Cookers


Derrick Hodge

Tammy Hall Quintet

Aaron Lington Quartet Plays Stevie Wonder


Yosvany Terry Quartet

Laila Smith Quintet


Raq Filipina

San Jose Jazz High School All Stars

$5 Clifford Brown / Max Roach Project

Gypsy Allstars: Bamboleo to Bollywood

Adobe Blackbird Tavern Stage

Hyatt Place Hotel, Gallery Lounge 282 Almaden Boulevard

Don’t want to go home yet? The festival lights up downtown San Jose with great music on Friday and Saturday night from mid evening ‘til the wee hours.


7:30 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm

5 pm

4:30 pm

4 pm

3 pm

2:30 pm

2 pm

1:30 pm

1 pm



11 am


11:30 pm

10 pm

9 pm

8:30 pm

8 pm

7:30 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm

5 pm

4:30 pm

4 pm

3 pm

2:30 pm

2 pm

1:30 pm

1 pm



11 am


11 pm

10 pm

9:45 pm

9 pm

8:30 pm

8 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm


Main Stage


Wil Campa Y Su Gran Union

Pellejo Seco

Carlos Caro – Vissión Latina

Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of SF

Ricardo Lemvo Y Makina Loca

Edgardo & Candela

Pa’l Bailador

Orquesta Saboricua

Futuro Picante



more Latin jazz and salsa than any festival in the West. In 2013 we’re presenting major Latin jazz artists on stages throughout the festival. Highlights include Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra; MacArthur “genius” grant recipient Dafnis Prieto; Brazil’s Transcendental Ensemble;

Every year, Summer Fest features


This year, we’ve upgraded the roster at the San Jose Rep Stage to include even more world-renowned artists. A special wristband is required to enter this stage (see back cover). We’ve added Jazz+ concerts that allow you to see some of Summer Fest’s brightest stars a second time in intimate club settings. The YP Blues Stage and the new Big Easy Stage will be located together near the heart of the action, on leafy Post Street.

NEW IN 2013

Derrick Hodge

Dr. Lonnie Smith

10 am Conversation with Yosvany Terry

J Boogie


Wil Campa

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents CHURCH

Miles Bonny + B Lewis

Josh Jones Ensemble

RBC Jazz Beyond Kaiser Permanente Stage Salsa Stage

The Lyratones

South Bay Big Band Jazz

Swing Dance Lessons

Footnotes Big Band

Swing Dance Lessons

Full Spectrum

The lineup on the Kaiser Permanente Salsa Stage will transport you to three major centers of salsa culture. On Friday, you’ll experience the New York salsa dura sound of Louis Romero’s Mazacote and the Josh Jones Ensemble performing a tribute to Ray Baretto. Saturday, it’s Puerto Rico with Edgardo & Candela and Orquesta Saboricua, playing Puerto Rican-influenced New York salsa. Saturday’s closer Ricardo Lemvo combines classic salsa with pan-African styles. On Sunday we travel to Cuba, birthplace of son, rumba and the contemporary timba, headlined by Cuba’s greatest dance band, Wil Campa Y Su Gran Union. While the styles may differ, every band plays exciting, danceable music, so get out there!

Fountain Blues All Stars

Paula Harris & the Beasts of Blues

Lyrics Born

Blues Contest Winner: Livia Jean Slingerland

Rebirth Brass Band

Le Jazz Hot

Tony Furtado Trio

Murali Coryell

Ricardo Lemvo

Legally Blue


YP Blues Stage

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Stacey Kent

The Cookers

Le Jazz Hot

Ben Vereen

#sjjazzfest #sjjazzfest /sanjosejazz

Jazz+ concerts allow you to see some of Summer Fest’s brightest stars a second time in intimate settings later the same day. Priced from $5-20 per ticket, these events are not included with festival admission. Performances include Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Derrick Hodge, Yosvany Terry, Gypsy Allstars, The Cookers, Ben Vereen and Scotty Barnhart’s Clifford Brown/ Max Roach Project. What will your favorite artist do in a small, club setting?


Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio

Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola

Grace Kelly Quintet

Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio

A special wristband is required to enter the San Jose Rep Stage ($10 per day; included with VIP festival admission)

San Jose Rep Stage


Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra $20

NASA Ames Jazz Band

Millennium Sounds Orchestra

Swing Dance Lessons

Ron Gariffo Orchestra

Swing Dance Lessons

Los Gatos-Saratoga Big Band

Top Shelf Big Band

Swing Dance Lessons

Sons of Jubal

Swing Dance Lessons

Verizon Swing Stage

Colombia’s Audiotrópico; and Cuban saxophonist Yosvany Terry. The great John Santos Sextet will preside over our Latin jazz jam that you can take part in.

Sasha Dobson Duo

Joe DeRose and Amici

Touch of Brass Big Band

Big Easy Parade

Primary Colors w/ Nate Pruitt

Jim Norton and Brilliant Corners

Joel Behrman Quintet

Brian Ho Trio

Mark de Clive-Lowe

Cisco Silicon Valley Stage

VIP Pavilion


Main Ticket Booth / Will Call






Jazz Store Bike Valet





PREMIUM SEAT TICKETS Premium seating upgrades for specific performances at the Main Stage may be available. Check the website or watch our Facebook feed. PARTY LIKE A VIP VIPs have unlimited access to the Main Stage premium seating area and the VIP Pavilion with a delicious buffet and hosted bar. VIPs also have access to the San Jose Rep Stage (does not include Jazz+ concerts). HOTELS Visit the website for deals at luxury hotels near the festival grounds. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Jazz up your ride by taking VTA to the festival! VTA Light Rail and many bus routes serve the festival (; 408-321-2300). Capitol Corridor (; 877-9-RIDECC), ACE Rail (; 800-411-RAIL) and Caltrain (, 800-660-4287) serve San Jose Diridon station. VTA Light Rail & Bus #64 connect the station to the festival grounds. PARKING

See the map for nearby parking. More info at Summer Fest also offers free valet bike parking, courtesy of the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition.





Restroom Beverages Food

M GETTING IN Tickets are available at, on our Facebook page and at any of the five festival ticket booths. Booths accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.


JAZZ+ CONCERTS Tickets $5-20; festival admission not required; available online and at any festival ticket booth

Bank of the West ATM



VIP ADMISSION $150 per day; includes San Jose Rep Stage VIP services available Sat-Sun

First-Aid Station



SAN JOSE REP ADMISSION $10 per day, + GA wristband


Parking Entrance



GENERAL ADMISSION $20 per day adult $5 per day child, aged 5-12




Light Rail Stops

1st ST.



Wristband Entry (No Sales)







SUMMER FEST: POWERED BY SAN JOSE JAZZ Founded in 1986, San Jose Jazz is dedicated to promoting music through education and performance. High School All Stars is our high quality regional, audition-based big band. Summer Jazz Camp is a two-week learning lab for middle and high school students. Progressions is our rigorous youth development program for underserved youth. Winter Fest, the cool counterpart to Summer Fest, includes legends and fresh, emerging artists. Our monthly Jazz Beyond Series, co-presented by Universal Grammar, showcases emerging artists in the Pagoda at The Fairmont San Jose. We also present over 100 free concerts a year through our Free Jazz Wednesdays and Music at the Market series. JOIN US! San Jose Jazz members receive free admission to the festival and other benefits. For more information visit | #sjjazzfest | #sjjazzfest Get festival updates! Sign up on our website.

145 West San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95113 408.288.7557

Main Stage (Outdoors) Plaza de César Chavez Headliners; family-friendly

Sa Kaiser Permanente Salsa Stage (Outdoors) San Fernando St. at Almaden Dancing and great vendors

B YP Blues Stage (Outdoors) Lightston Alley near Post Craft beers; SJ Made vendors

BE Barracuda Big Easy Stage (Outdoors) Post Street at First New Orleans & zydeco; Creole food

SV Cisco Silicon Valley Stage (Indoors) Club Regent, The Fairmont Straight-ahead; seating

JB RBC Jazz Beyond Stage (Indoors) Pagoda, The Fairmont Electronic, hip-hop, R&B, Curated by Universal Grammar

R San Jose Rep Stage (Indoors) Paseo de San Antonio at 2nd Straight-ahead; great acoustics $10 per day + GA wristband; incl. in VIP admission

Bk Adobe Blackbird Tavern Stage (Indoors) Paseo de San Antonio at 1st National and international groups; intimate space

Nx Bank of the West Next Gen Stage (Outdoors) Patio between Mezcal/Billy Berk’s Family-friendly; site of Latin Jazz Jam

GB Metro Gordon Biersch Stage (Outdoors) Patio, Gordon Biersch Restaurant Big bands and breaking artists on a shaded patio; craft beers

Sw Verizon Swing Stage (Indoors) Theatre on San Pedro Square (behind Peggy Sue’s restaurant) Lively big band scene; swing dance lessons

Focus Focus Learn L earn H How ow T To oM Meditate edittate And Why! Enjoy lif Enjoy life! e! CCalm alm the mind. Improve Improve o relationships. relationships. Meditation Make better decisions.. Meditatio on and Buddhist View with Reed Sherman.. Every Everyone one is welcome.. No previous necessary. pr evious experience necessary y. $10 $ per class.. Every Thursdayy evening, g, 7:307:30-9, 9,, Unitarian Unitaarian Universalist Fellowship of LLos os Gatos, 15980 Blossom Hill Rd.. LLos os Gatos,, 95032.. Call Call Kelsang Kelsang Gam Gamo mo 408/226-0595 ffor or information inf ormation or visit us at www

Massage By Michaell Great massage by Asian Great Asian man. In $50.. Outcall $70.. By CMT. CMTT. For days 408-400-9088 408-400-9088 or after afteer 7pm 408-893-1966. 408-893 -1966.




650.960.3986 1521 Grant Road Mountain View, 94040 Mo 040

TToo advertise adverttise in this section call 408.200.1308. 4 408.200. 1308.

AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr

d`e[Yf[pjg`i`k d`e e[Yf[ [pjg`ii`k

11 11 37 3 metr | sa | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



metroactive ARTS

“The Facets of Our Aggr Aggregate egate LLore.” ore.” A show about mythology.. San Jose. mythology

BRUNI BR UNI GALLER GALLERY RY Jazz-related art by Bruni Jazz-related Sablan. Mon-Sat, 1-6pm. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH TRITCH “No Walls Walls Between Us,” portraits portr aits of jazz musicians by KKathy athy Sloane. San Jose.

CCOMMUNITY OMMUNITY SCHOOL OF ARTS MUSIC AND AR TS “Cartography of LLonging,” “Cartography onging,” BarreraInstallations by Tessie Tessie e BarreraScharaga. Schar aga. Reception Aug 16, 6-8 pm. Ends Sep 28. Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm, 9am-3pm. 9am7pm, Sat, 9am3pm. Mohr Gallery, Center,, Mountain Gallery y, Finn Center View.. View

DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN Y YOGA OGA SHALA “The Shor Shores es Wither the SStorms torms photographs TTossed oossed Them,” photogr aphs by Dewrance. James Dewr ance San Jose. ance. Jose

EMPIRE SE SEVEN VEN SSTUDIOS TUDIOS “Cross Process,” “Cross Process,”” new works works Marcotte by Josh Mar cotte and KKori ori Thompson. Opens Aug 9, w/ a rreception, eception, 77-11pm. -11pm. Ends Aug 30. Tue-Fri, Tue-Fri, u noon-6pm, Sat, noon-4pm or by appointment. San Jose.

HAVE H AV VE A H HART’S ART’ R S N New ew works by photograp photographer pher Josh M Marcotte arcotte and painterr K Kori ori Thompson are featured in


Process,’ Seven Studios.. ‘Cross P Process’ opens 7-11pm. ‘Cross P rocessss,,’ a new show at Empire Seve en Studios rocess’ ope ens Aug 9 with a reception, 7-11 1pm.

*stagee HEIDI Children’s Musica Children’s Musical al Theater Theater.. 8-9, Aug Aug 89, 7pm, Au ug 10, noon, 4 and 8pm, Aug 11,, 1 and 5pm. San Jose.

IOLANTHE Lamplighters Mu Music usic Theatr Theatree presents Gilbert pr esents a Gilber rt & Sullivan musical. Aug 10, 8pm, Aug 11, 2pm. $15-$59. $ $ Mountain M View Performing Center ffor or P erforrming Arts.

LOS GA LOS GATOS ATOS SHA SHAKESPEARE AKESPEARE FESTIVAL FE STIV VA AL Opera Night, ffeaturing Opera eatturing LLyric yric Theatre, Wed, 8pm. Theatr e, W ed, 8p pm. $10. The Errors, Comedy of Er rorss, Sat, 8pm. Adventures The Further Adve entures of the Three Musketeers, Thr ee Musketeer rs, Thu, 8pm. The TTragedy ragedy of Hamlet, Hamlet, Fri, Oak 8pm. $15-$22. O ak Meadow Park, P ark, LLos os Gatos.

THE MER MERCHANT CHANT T OF VENICE San Jose YYouth oouth Shakespear SShakespeare. e. Sat, 2 and 7pm, Thu-Fri, 7pm, Sat, $8-$10. Sun, 3pm. $8-$1 0. Ends Aug 11. San Jose.

THE R ROCKY OCKY HORROR HOR RROR SHO SHOW W City Lights Theat Theater ter Company

presents Richard presents Richard O’Brien’s O’Brrien’s musical spoofing on B movies, which spawned the ccult ult film. 2ppm. Ends Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Aug 25. $19.95-$34.95. $19.95-$34.9 95. City Lights Theater, Theater, San Jose. Joose.

THE W WORLD ORLD GOE GOESS ROUND ROUND O TTabard aabard Theatre Theatre Company Company presents pr esents a revue revue of Kander Kander a Thu-Sat, & Ebb music. Thu-Sat t, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. Runs thru Aug A 25. $12-$36. Theatree on San Pedro $12 -$36. Theatr S P edro SSquare, Squar e, San S Jose. J

*concerts *c oncertts SUMMER SING SINGSS Presented by Schola CCantorum. Presented antorum. Audiences sing. The series s “BROADWAY closes with “BRO ADW WAY A TTO O Z,” with conductorr Dawn Reyen (Schola CCantorum, antorrum, Aurora Adults Aur ora Singers). Adul ts $15. Altos Mon, 7:30pm. $15. LLos oss Al tos Church. United Methodist Chu urch. ch

*art MUSEUMS ART AR T MUSEUM OF LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS “Picturing Place: Phot Photographs tographs Gregory Schaffer by Gr egory Schaff er and a Mike

Williams.”” Ends Sep 8. W WededdSun, 11am-5pm. LLos Gatos. os Gatos s.

CANTOR CANT OR AR ARTS TS CENTER “Faith Embodied: Saints From Fr om the Renaissance to the t Enlightenment.” A show ooff 17. “Manett prints. Ends Nov 17 7. “Mane Graphic France, and the Gr aphic Arts in Fr a ance, 1860-1880.” 17.. W Wed18601880.” Ends Nov 17 ed11am-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am 8pm. SStanford. tanford.

CHILDREN S DISC CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY OVER RY MUSEUM “Curious Geor “Curious George.” ge.” Also interactive inter active exhibits. Closedd Mondays. San Jose.

DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN CAMPBELL Third Friday Artwalk. Visit with Third exploree boutiqu boutiques artists and explor ues 6-9pm. and galleries.Fri, 69pm. E. E Ave. CCampbell ampbell A ve.

EUPHRAT EUPHRA AT MUSEUM CCall all ffor or inf info. o. Mon MonMon-Thu, -TThu, 10am-3pm. College, 10am3pm. De Anza Colleg ge, CCupertino. upertino.

HISTOR HISTORY RY MUSEUM OF LLOS O OS GATOS GA ATOS “Evolution of Gr Green: een: Environmental Activism Envir onmental A ctivism inn the Claraa V Valley.” Santa Clar alley.” Ends Sep S 30. LLos os Gatos.

HISTORY HIS TOR RY P PARK A ARK SSAN AN JOSE “Shaped by W Water: ater: P Past, ast, Present Future,” Pr esent & Futur e,”” the storyy from of water in this rregion, egion, fr om m the indigenous Ohlone present day.. “Bea “Bearr people to pr esent day in Mind: The Story Story of the Grizzly.” CCalifornia alifornia Grizzly .” A show of o historical materials related related to the ursine symbol of the McKay Gallery. ay Galle state. Ongoing. McK eryy. History Park Park San Jose.

LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS CCOMPANY OMP PA ANY "Lake and Seacloud Views, Paintings Gatos,"" P aintings of LLos os Gatos, new paintings by artist Riki R Nelson. Ends Aug 30. LLos os Gatos.

MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HERITAGE HERIT TAGE “From Fiber to Fabric: A “From History of American TTextile eextile Production.” Pr oduction.”” Ends Aug 18. FFririPalo Alto. Sun, 11am-4pm. P alo Al to.

SSAN AN JOSE MUSEUM OF AR ART RT “Breaking Ground: “Breaking Ground: Gifts From Drew Fr om Katie Katie & Dr ew Gibson. “Timelapse: Ends Oct 20. “T imelapse: Western Doug Hall and the W estern Landscape.” Ends Oct 20. Leibovitz: ““Annie Annie Leibovit A z: Pilgrimage.” Pilgrimagee.” Images of personal eff effects ects oof

ffamous amous people. Ends Sep 3. From Sky: “Questions Fr om the Sk y: New Work W ork by Hung Liu.”” Ends Sep “Swans, Sirens.” 29. “S wans, SSwine wine and Sir ens.” Greek Artists influenced by Gr eek mythology.. Ends Dec 1. “New mythology SStories tories From From the Edge of Asia: Asia: This/That.” Ends Sep 15. TTueueu Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.


“Hidden Beauty Beauty.” .” A photography workss pphotogr g aphy p y show with work from fr om two dozen Northern CCalifornia alifornia photographers, photographers, plus a display of vintage cameras cameras and handmade pinhole cameras camer as by Judith Hoffman. Hoffman. Woodside. W oodside.

GALLERY GALLER RY SSARATOGA ARA ATOGA “Southwest Gour Gourdd Show Show,” ,” workss by Jo Cooley and guest work artist CCyndee yndee Newick. Thru Wed-Sun, Aug. W ed-Sun, 11am-5pm. Big Way, Saratoga. Basin W ayy, Sar atoga.

“Collecting New YYork ork o Beauty Quilts: Quil ts: Bill Volckening’s Volckening’s Passion.” P assion.” Opens Wed. Wed. Ends 27. Oct 27 7. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm. San Jose.

“De-Docs.” Documentary photos by Silicon V Valley aalley DeBug magazine. San Jose.



Works by W Works West est Valley Valley and Faculty. Mission College Facul ty. Ends Sep 8. Tue-Wed Tueu Wed and Fri-Sun, 11am-9pm. 9pm. 11am-5pm, Thu, 11amSanta Clara. Clara.

“Fabulous Finds.” P Pots ots at low prices and tea-themed creations. cr eations. San Jose.

GALLERIES ANNO DOMINI “Wes Smoot and the 49ers.” “Wes The story of E.O. 49 told in illustrations, illustr ations, paintings and sculpture. noon-7pm, sculptur e. Thu-Fri, noon-77pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.


KALEID GALLER GALLERY RY “Minoule,” paintings by Nadja Martens and “Paradigm Martens, “P Paradigm Shift,” Shift ” Shift, Perea. new works works by Joe P erea. San Jose.

LLGBTQ GBTQ Y YOUTH OUTH SPACE SP PACE “Hairstyle Themed Gallery Gallery.” .” Ends in Aug. San Jose.


Laura Glass



DRUMMING UP SUPPORT FOR SCHOOL MUSIC Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith credits school music programs for his musical career.

Beat the Drum CHAD SMITH never took private music lessons. He didn’t have the luxury. The Red Hot Chili Peppers percussionist picked up drumming first at age 7 on a makeshift kit of Baskin-Robbins ice cream cartons, then at 9 in Michigan public schools, learning the art in every music class on the roster: marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, you name it. “I’m a living, breathing example of the value of a public music education,” says the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and father of five who this spring went to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf arts funding for public schools. That’s why Smith, 51, so looks forward to performing at Drum! Night, a charity event that supports the Lincoln High School music program, this Friday at the San Jose Repertory Theatre. The event, hosted by Drum! Magazine, boasts a lineup that includes the Street Drum Corps, Lenny Kravitz drummer Cindy Blackman-Santana, and Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall and Anthrax. The performances and workshops will be accompanied by a gear expo, silent auction and a raffle.

Drum! Night 5-10pm Friday San Jose Repertory Theatre, 101 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose $20-$40 408.971.9794 or drum-night

Smith says he’ll play on the main stage, talk, perform, collaborate with other drummers, improvise some, and play along to some pre-recorded tracks from his bands Chickenfoot and the Chili Peppers, which plans to release their 11th studio album in 2014. “It’s interesting to experience drums without all the other stuff going on,” says Smith of Friday’s drum-fest. “The audience gets to talk to us and ask questions, so it’s a really unique type of performance. It’ll be a long night of a lot of banging and loud noises.” Hopefully that intimacy will give people a sense of what drives him, Smith says. “I hope to show people that music is fun and they’ll think that, ‘Hey, this guy really loves what he does and he’s passionate about it … he’s not weird, fucked up or high,’” he says. “I’m just lucky enough to have discovered early on something I love to do.” Drum clinics like the one in San Jose this week hold a special place in Smith’s heart because he gets to hang out with other drummers, a rare, strange breed: a little nerdy, a little eccentric. “We’re kind of weird,” says Smith. “We like to celebrate our weirdness together. We like to meet up and share ideas with no egos involved. There’s a real sense of camaraderie amongst the guys in the back. I’m very proud to be part of that.”— Jennifer Wadsworth

Back a 10 ye fter ars! Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

JULY 18 – AUGUST 25, 2013 Directed by Lisa Mallette and Kit Wilder Musical Direction by Gus Kambeitz Choreography by Lori Martinez

Tickets and information: (408) 295-4200 529 South Second St. San Jose, CA 95112 Sponsored p in part p by y Hitachi Data Systems y and Riley y Productions, LLC

39 AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr

Pay W T hat Y $19 .95 hursda ou Ca n Pre view y, July Nigh Frid 18th t ay, July 19t h metr | sa | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


Moree listings: Mor

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR


GIRLS NEXT DOO DOOR R ‘‘Minoule,’ Mi Minoule,’ M l ’ an exhibition hibi i off pa paintings aintings i i Nadja Martens, shows Kaleid Gallery. by N adja M artenss, sh hows at K aleid Gallery y.

38 LIQUID A GENCY AGENCY “On the Road: Double Centenary.” Centenary .”” An installation by b Sabine Reckewell is part of a traveling shows new series of tr aveling show ws from fr om SSJICA. JICA. Liquid, 448 S. Market SSt, t, San Jose.

MACLA MA CLA “Pop to the Rescue.”” A gr “Pop group ouup show ffeaturing eaturing artists who use pop-culture Latina pop-cul ture themes and images. Ends Aug 224. 4. SSan an Jose.

MAIN GALLER GALLERY RY “Dancing on the Edge.”” End Endss Wed-Sun, 10am-3pm. Aug 4. W ed-Sun, 10am3pm m. City.. Redwood City

METRO METR O LLOBBY OBBY “Simply Put.” artwork by Mr Mr.r. Jeremiah Harada. Jer emiah Har ada. San Jose.

MEZCAL MEZ CAL “My Last Frida,” art by JJ.. Restaurant, Danniel. Mezcal Restaur ant, San Jose.

MONTALVO MONT TA ALVO ARTS ARTS CENTER R “Come Healing.”” A new show w by six artists about healing Thuand wholeness. Ongoing. Th hu11am-3pm. Saratoga. Sun, 11am3pm. Sar atoga.

PALO P ALO AL A ALTO LTO ART ART CENTER “Sky Is Falling: P “Sky Paintings aintings by Heffernan.” Julie Heff ernan.” Ends Sep 1. 1 Palo Alto. P alo Al to.

PHO69 PHO6 9 “Everyone Gets a Piece!”” byy Bryson Bost. San Jose.



Works John Renzel, Lacey Works Bryant, Nicolas Caesar, Caesar, Murphy Adams, Christine Benjamin, Foley, Michael Foley y, Michael Borja, Valery V alery Milovic,, Carlos Carlos Villez, Eric Joyner,, Laura Joyner Laura Callin Callin Bennett, Michelle Waters, Waters,, John Hageman McColley.. San Jose. and Robert McColley

“Art from “Art from the Incendiary Union”” gr group Union oup exhibition. San Jose.

SAN JOSE INS SAN INSTITUTE TITUTE OF ART CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORAR RY AR T “NextNewCA.” W Works orks by new talents. Ends Sep 14. Andrews: “Mari Andr ews: Over, Over, Under Sculptural and Inside Out.” Sculptur al installations. Ends Sep 77.. TTueuueFri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.

SEEING THING THINGSS GALLER GALLERY RY “Here She Comes.” P “Here Paintings aintings Aaron Frisby. by Aar on Frisby y. Plus guest Brad artist Br ad Hayes above the 11am-7pm, shop. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri, 11am7pm, Sat, Thirdd SSt, noon-6pm. 30 N. Thir t, San Jose.

SOUTH FIR FIRST ST BILLIARDS “All in One,”” a collaborative “All collaborative art exhibition between artists and ffamily amily members Cristina Velazquez, Pedro AlvarezV elazquez, P edro A. Alvar ezVelazquez Efren V elazquez and Efr en Alvarez. Alvarez. San Jose.

SSTUDIO TUDIO R ROCK OCK CLIMBING GGYM Y YM Untitled work workss by KKyle yle Huntington. San Jose.

SUNG K JUN AR ARTS RTS “Four Gener Generations ations of W Weston eston Photography: Edward, Brett, Photogr aphy: Edwar d, Br ett, Kim and Zach.” Ends Aug 10. Clara. Santa Clar a.

ZERO ZER O 1 GARA GARAGE GE “Cloud Machines” Machines” by KKarolina arolina Sobecka. San Jose.

*events *e vents FIESTA FIE STA DE DESS AR ARTES TES 150 artists selling fine art and handmade crafts. crafts. Wine, beer,, and gourmet ffood. beer ood. Live rrock, ock, jazz, and country music. Children’s 10-11, Childr en’s activities. Aug 1011, 10am-6pm. LLos os Gatos Civic Center

MONT MONTALVO TA ALVO SUMMER LLUNCHEONS UNCHEONS The Montalvo Ser Service vice Gr Group oup hosts weekly luncheons. Wed, W ed, noon. $38. Ends Aug Center,, 28. Montalvo Arts Center Saratoga. Sar atoga.

THE NIGHT MARKET Food trucks, trucks, live music. FriSat, 6-11pm. 6-11pm. Thru Sep 29. San Jose Flea Market Mabury Road parking lot.

SPIRIT OF ’4 ’45 5 1945 Dance P Party arty w/live band, ffood, ood, dance lessons with dance floor.. Aug 9, 7-10pm. floor 7-10pm. Spirit of Celebration—parade, '45 Celebr ation—parade, live music, ffood, ood, WWII WWII rre-enactors, e-enactors, memorabilia, vehicles, memor abilia, and ffashion. ashion. Aug 10, noon-5pm. History San Jose.

Movie Violence

HEAD H E A D SHOT S HO T H Herman erman nK Koto, oto o, who donned drag for th the he reenactments of his crimes crimes, s, had a little too much fun with the H Hollywood props. ollywood props s.

Death squad squ uad leaders reenact reen nact their cinematic crimes in different d cinema atic genres in the documentary docum mentary ‘The Actt of Killing’ BY B Y RICHARD V VON ON BUSACK BUSACK


HE D DEATH EA AT TH by garrote Luca Brasi, of L uca Br a acted asi, out by the corpulent Lenny Montana L enny M on ntana in The Godfather, isn’t something Godfather r,, isn ’t so omething The you forget fast. Th he thought made that someone mad de a way way of kind lif outt off this life thi kin ki nd d off killing, killi thousand that he killed a th housand way—is men in this w ay— —is the stomach-churning most stomach-chu urning documentary part of the docum mentary The Act of Killing by JJoshua oshua Oppenheimer.. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer Opp enheeimer inter interviewed viewed se several veral e of now-elderly paramilitary the noweld derly heads of paramilit ary groups North gr oups in N orth Sumatra, Indonesia. 1960s, participated In the 19 60ss, these men par ticipated in the killing of o some 2.5 million Chinese and Communists. Suharto’s nationals an nd C ommunists. Suhar to o’s military government encouraged milit ary go overnment e enc ouraged this bloodbath. U.S. government, blo odbath. So S did the U ..S. go oveernment, was Vietnam war which w aas cconducting onducting the V iietnam w aar 1,100 1,10 0 miles aaway. way. So did the editorial page of the Ne New York Times. N wY oork T imes i . In their ccountry, ountry, the old men are are considered considerred heroes. heroes. The Act Act of Killing show shows vicee pr president ws us the vic esident of Indonesiaa visiting the Pancasila, Pancasila, a paramilitary paramilitary army arm my dressed dressed in tigertigerrpattern pattttern camouflage caam mouflage uniforms. uniffo orms. The politician politician encourages en ncourages their “great “great work” in Tea Tea e Party Party terms, terms, contrasting contrasting private initiative effort. initiativve versus veersus government go overnment e eff ffo ort.

Anwar An nwar a Congo, Congo, a killer who is now n a slender old man in a double-breasted double-breassted tropical-weight tropiccaal-weight suit, talks taalks about about the th he kind of life liffe he once once lived livveed as a moviegoer mo ovviegoer and a ccarouser. dances arouserr. He danc es a bit, recalling recalling his yyouth, outh, and yyou o ou think o k of Alex Droog someone’s Aleex the Dr oog kicking someone ’s teeth “Singin’ Michael out to “Singin n’ in the Rain,” or Mi ichael Madsen shuffling o over torture veer to tor ture a ccop op in Reservoir Reeservoir o Dogs. Dooggs. Oppenheimer Congo Opp enheimer encourages encourages C on ngo and a ffew ew of his ccomrades omrades to rrestage estage a the killings. it’s ordinary killings. First, First, it ’s an or dinary re-enactment. Congo re-enactment. Then, when C ongo o critiques what he sees on video ass fak fake, ke, production the team rreaches eaches ffor or o higher pr odu uction values, lighting, values, with lighting g, ccostuming, ostumingg, prosthetics location shooting. Stars prosthetics and lo cation sho otingg. St ars arrive Congo’s old arrivve from from elsewhere: elsewhere: C ongo’s ol ld pal and fellow dapper feellow eexecutioner, xxecutionerr, the dapp e er Adi person Ad di Zukadry, Zukadry, who is the one p erso on in the film who seems to fforesee oresee the o t self-examination that’ll selff-examination and pain that ’ll rresult esult from from this cinematic eexperiment. xperiment. Some of what must ha have ave led Alamo Drafthouse to pick up thiss documentary psychotronic documentary is the ps sycchotronic


Not Rated


Opens FFriday riday

41 AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr

metroactive FILM

aspect: asp ect: the startlingly startlingly ccorrupt orrupt Herman Koto, obese would-be Ko oto, an ob e would ese would-b be parliamentarian, parliamentarian, thinks think ks he’s he’s in a Jodorowsky playfully pretends Jodorowsk ky movie. mo ovvie. Hee pla ayfully y pr etends pal’ss liv liver. (“Look to eat a pal’ veer. (“L ook what I ffound ound o in your Ugh! It’s yo our stomach! U gh gh! It ’s rrotten!”) otttten!”) In Divine-like Koto directs Divine-lik ke pink drag, dragg, K o oto dir ects a line of depressed girls they emerge depressed chorus gi irls as the ey emer rgge from maw giant metal from the ma aw of a gia ant met al ccarp. arp. These bizarre images from om bizarre image es distract fr the confessional atrocities. conffeessional rrestaging estagging of atr ocities. They from om Theey also distract fr m the question at the center center of The Act Act of Killing: Killingg:: whether it was film-watching itself waas film-w waatching it tself that ccarried aarried cruelty. Like the seed of all this cru ueltty. Lik ke the repulsive repulsivve Ariel Castro, Castro, the elders here here use a monk monkey-see, defense. key-see, monkey-do monk key-do def feense. The Communists killed boycott Communists they theey kille ed led a b oycottt against American films, interfered American film ms, which inter feered with the living C Congo ongo o and his ccomrades omrades made as movie mo ovvie ticket tick keet scalpers. scalpers. What Oppenheimer Oppenheimeer wants waants to ccapture apture is the old men mourn mourning ning at midnight what they midday theey did in the midda m ay of their youth. yo outh. This rremorse emorse almost a eludes him. It’s narrative Congo It’s outside of the narr rativve C ongo and company mind. member compan ny have haave in min nd. A memb er of the crew shoot tells storyy of crew on a sho ot te ells the stor the gangster mur murder stepfather, der of o his stepfather r, dangerous smiling as he tells it, to o aavoid void o danger ous impoliteness well-connected impoliteness to a still wellw connected hit man (“I pr promise I’m omise I’ ’m not criticizing you”). yo ou u””). Congo story, Congo considers considers thee squalid stor y, the dumped byy the rroadside dumped body body buried b oadside “like “lik ke a dead goat.” He judges j it all wrong movie: “Your storyy is to too wrong for for o a mo ovvie: “Y Your o stor o complicated. compliccated. a ” Oppenheimer Oppenheimer lets a lot of questions hang in the air air, one r, but on ne of them is what Congo’s grandkids Congo o’s grandki ids think of the getting beaten eateen up in a film, old man get tting t b when he rreverses places everses e plac e and is ccast es ast as a victim instead of a torturer. to orturerr. The kids walk don’t they’re waalk off, off ff,, and we don n’’tt know if the y’re grossed embarrassed bored byy grossed out, out embarras sed or b ored b the amateurishness. amateurishness. This T vision of the them—why past doesn’t doesn’t engage th hem—wh hy should it? have been movies about it? There There ha ave b een mo m ovvies ab out the impossibility holocaust impossibilitty of recapturing reccaaptturing a holo caust on film—Atom Egoyan’s film— —Attom Ego oyyaan n’s Ararat is one— one— but even prosecutorial director eveen as pr osecutorrial a dir ector as Oppenheimer answer Oppenheimer can’t can n’’t an nssw wer the question of why, wh hy, after a ccentury entury of cinema, the world’s empathy isn’t getting world’s sense of empa ath hy isn n’’t get ttting any an ny stronger. stronger. metr | sa | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


M metroactive m etroactive FILM


New N ew w

are, are,, as acted here, here,, cable-TV cable--TV ready ready and firmly firm mly within the dusty trench trench dug by all a the many showbiz bios leading up to t SStar ttar ’80 0 and Boogie Nights. Thee much-praised much-praised (why?) scenes of Robert Sharon Robbert Patrick Patrick and Shar on Stone Stone as the unfortunate parents unfortunate woman’s woman’s par ents make thiss film a warning to all CCatholic atholic school girls. girlss. The parents parents do serve serve the purpose of blaming Lovelace’s b Lovelace’s plight on the cultural cultur t al dictate that women should obey their th ir the i husbands. h b d . Directors Di ectors Dir t Rob R b Epstein E ti andd Jeffrey Jeffrey Friedman need that solid ground—Lovelace’s lifee is a still-slippery ground—Lovelace’s lif subject. subbject.. As As a view of the ’70s,, this has all the t studied,, photographically photographically prepreflashed flasshed realism realism of an Instagram. Instagram. (Opens Fri.)) (RvB)

THE A ACT C OF KILLING CT (Not rrated; atted;; 115 min.) See rreview eview on page 45. (Op (Opens pens Fri.)

ELYSIUM EL LYSIU UM (R;; 109 min.) See rreview eview on this page. (Openss Fri.)


DAMON, HEAL THYSELF Max (Matt Damon), struck by quickly spreading cancer, has five days to escape the disease-ridden slum that is Earth and find a way to get to the orbiting utopia, Elysium, where he can be cured.

Satellite of Hate HUGELY LEFT-WING parables don’t come along every day. Elysium’s healthcare reform allegory is so strident that all the hacks in the Hoover Institute, working in tandem, couldn’t produce an essay that deliberately misinterpreted this movie as an anti-government, freeenterprise lauding epic. Elysium’s problem isn’t that a bird can’t fly on only one left wing, though— despite some of the best future/third world landscapes this side of Children of Men, it’s graceless and blocky. Director Neill Blomkamp seems completely dead to wit. Max (as in Mad Max), is Matt Damon, a denizen of Los Angeles 2154, which looks like the worst of Mexico City. A felon on parole, he suffers first (robot) police brutality, then a severe (and unlikely) industrial accident, Max is sent by a criminal overlord on a suicide mission to Elysium, an orbiting satellite that hangs in the sky like a corporate logo. There, the hyper-rich live in a state that must mimic immortality. They are the jealous guardians of those automatic surgery tubes (as in Prometheus) that can cure everything up to and including cancer. By amazing coincidence Max runs into an old childhood sweetheart (Alice Braga) who has reasons of her own for wanting to get to this fabulous off-world colony.

Elysium has problems: rocket-loads of boat people, arriving to be dealt with by Homeland Security. The head of that department is the ornery Delacorte ( Jodie Foster). Class war brews, but Elysium Blomkamp (District 9) backs off from the ultimate Rated R; battle. We get fight scenes 109 min. and explosions, shot in the Hong Kong-in-decline style, Opens Fri either too fast or too slow. Blomkamp is relentless in cutting away from action to something preposterously calmer; he has a serious talent for killing the tension. Foster, dressing down the Elysium elite in what sounds like a Margaret Thatcher accent, seems ready for a mad-scientist speech. We wait in vain for the confrontation between her and Max. Damon is a buff, bland action hero, but the poor people have such unimpeachable reasons for their squalor and the rich people are so coldly formal. You wish for the dirty fun Paul Verhoeven would have had in his RoboCop days, making the former riotous and the latter shamelessly decadent.—Richard von Busack

(R;; 92 min.) m SStrip trip away the yar yards ds of synthet synthetic tic ffabric abric (LLove-polyester ove-polyester might have been beeen a better title),, muffle the irritatingly irritatin ngly frequent frequent needle-drops needle-drops and what remains is a twofold remains e twofold biopic of the famous famouss fellatrix fellatrix “Linda Lovelace,” Lovelace,”” played by a game game but miscast Amanda Seyfried. First wee see the story as Playboyy told it to us;; then,, it’s it’s retold retold as the sordid sordid and agonized agoonized personal history Linda Boreman Boremaan sold in two volumes,, fueling America’s A ica’s Americ ’ never-ending di war on smut.t . Lovelace’s Lovelaace’s rrevelations evelations of how she was tormented torrmented by her husband Chuck Traynor Peter Traynorr (an uberskeevy P eter Sarsgaard) Sarsgaard)

PLANES PLA ANES (PG; (PG G;; 92 min.) First ther theree was CCars a s, ars andd now set in the skies of the same animated anim mated world is a tale about Dusty, Dustyy, a cropduster crropduster who longs to take part in an air (What’s ai rrace. ace.. (Wh (What t’s ’ next,t TTrains raains i ?) With the voices of Dane Cook,, Cedric the Entertainer, Entertainerr, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Louis-Dreyfus and John Cleese. Cleeese. (Opens Fri.)












SAN JOSE JOSE Camera 12 (408) 998-3300


Alec Baldwin

Cate Blanchett

Louis C.K.

Bobby Cannavale

Andrew Dice Clay

Sally Hawkins

Peter Sarsgaard

“Grade A. Powerful and Enthralling.” (Highest Rating)


Written and Directed by Woody Allen

Filmed in San Francisco


CAMERA 7 PRUNEYARD CENTURY CINEMAS 16 CINÉARTS@SANTANA ROW 1875 S. Bascom Ave, 1500 N. Shoreline Blvd, 3088 Olsen Dr, San Jose Campbell (408) 559-6900 Mountain View (800) FANDANGO (800) FANDANGO

The New York Times


Michael Stuhlbarg


WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE THE MILLERSS WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RETHEMILLER (R;; 110 min.) A rroad-trip oad-trip comed comedy dy about a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis) tasked transporting amount ansporting a massive am with tr mount from of marijuana fr om Mexico into the guise U.S. Needing a convincing guis se to get through thr ough customs without arousing arouusing hires (Jennifer suspicion,, he hir es a stripper (J Jennifer Aniston) and two misďŹ t teens (Emma Poulter) Roberts, Will P oulter) to pose as a his ffamily. amilyy. (Opens Fri.)

THE R ROOM OOM (2003) â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why do ffools ools fall fall inn love? theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ree fools, Because theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;r fools,, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; why.â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;&#x201D; whyy.â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;&#x201D; . Groening. Matt Gr oening. (Plays Aug 10 1 at 11:55pm in San Jose at CCamera aamerra 3.)) (R (RvB) RvB)

THE WICKED LAD LADY/BANK DY/B BANK HOLID HOLIDAY AY (1945/1938) The sul sultry try James J sultrier Mason meets the sul trieer Margaret Margaret born-in-Karachi LLockwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a ockwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a born-in-Karachi beauty Thomson whom critic David Thom mson claims rivaled Vivien Leigh;; she plays an aristocrat aristocr at who becomess a highway rrobber obber ffor or the fun of it.. Mason M plays the way. dashing bandit she meets meeets along the way y. Billed with Bank Holidayy (1938;; Sept.. 19â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 21),, an early CCarol arol Reed neodocumentary n drama drama about a long weekend weeekend in London. London. (Plays Aug 77-9 -9 in P Palo alo a Al A Alto to at the Stanford Theatre.) SttanffoorrddTheatr re.) e ) (RvB)

DIR ECTOR R OF OF â&#x20AC;&#x153; THE DIRECTOR â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE 9â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HAS DONE D ISTR R I C T 9 H AS D O ON E IT â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;DISTRICT â&#x20AC;&#x2122; T STI STICKS CKS WITH WIT TH YOU. YOU.â&#x20AC;? AGAIN. AG GA IN. IIT PETER TRAVERS,



â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;&#x153;A A cin cinematic nem mat tic m masterpiece. aster rpiece.

A game ga ame m changer changer g â&#x20AC;?. JAAKE HAAMILTON / F FOX OX TV

Revivals Re eviv v vals a FERRIS BUELLERâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S D DAY AY OFFF (1986) The ďŹ lm that immortaliz immortalized zed the hookey. art of playing hookey y. (Plays Au Aug ug 14 Pedro at sundown in San Jose at Sann P eedro Square. Free. Part Squar ree.. Fr reee. P aart of the SStarlight tarlig t ght Cinema series.)) (RvB)

LLOVE OVEINAB IN ABSENTIA SENTIA Kate Melia dir Kate directs ects herself in a rromance omance agoraphobic discovered about an agor aphobic artist dis scovered (Jerry by a blogger (Jer ry McDaniel). (Plays ( Aug 8 at 8pm in San Jose at CCamera a ra amer 12.) (RvB)

RANDOM HAR HARVEST/THE VEST/THE / LA LATE AT TE GEORGE APLEY GE ORGEAPLE Y (1942/19447) (1942/1947) 7 Gr Greer eer Garson and Ronald R drama Colman star in a dr ama of an amnesiac am mnesiac soldierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s soldier â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rreturn eturn and his love ffor or a musichardd to rremember hall singer whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so har em member and so easy to fforget. orget.. A popularr upperstiffener. WITH lip stiff ener. BILLED W ITH The Late L

FFor showtimes, h tii , advance d tix tii andd mo more, ore,, go to t i om

Best Theaters -- SJ Mercury and Met Metro ro Readers Always Plenty of Free V Validated alidated a Parki Parking ng All Sites All Shows Before 12 noon Only Only $5.00 Senior TTuesdays uesdays -- $6 all day (63 and a older) Wednesdays after Student Night W ednesdays -- $6 afte er 6pm w/ID Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$7.50 (C12/ (C12/C7) /C7) / $7 (C3) Mats: $7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) b4 6pm M-F & 4pm Sat-Sun  Sony 4K Digital D  Final W Week eek D * No N Passes



CAMERA 7DDPruneyard/Campbel *EL *ELYSIUM LYSIUM Y (R) *PLANES (PG) *WEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;RE THE MILLERS (R) *2 GUNSS (R) Screeens! *BLUE JASMINE (PG-13) -- On 2 Screens! THE WOL WOLVERINE LVVERINE (PG-13)

CAMERA 12 DD ( 90(>(



( (1/:90 (  (1/:90 (

( D  0








OPENS 8/2!





43 AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr

(PG;; 106 min.) In this sequel to the 2010 live-action ďŹ lm P Percy eerrccy Jack Jackson son and the Olympianss, P Percy ercy (L (Logan ogan Lerm Lerman) an) and search his friends must sear ch ffor or thee missing Golden Fleece. (Opens Fri.)

George Georrge g Apleyy Joseph Manki Mankiewiczâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s iewiczâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s softened version of a J.P. J.P P. Marquand Maarquand novel about the demise of a Boston Bostoon Brahmin, Brahmin, dealing with such ffamily amily matters maatters as a daughter (Peggy (Peggy CCummins ummins of o Gun Cr Crazy razy a ) who wants to marry marry (shudder) (shuddder) a Yale Yaale man. (Plays Aug 10-13 10-13 in Palo Palo a Alto Alto at the Stanford Sttanffoorrd Theatre.) Theatrree.) (RvB) metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



SEPT 26-29, 2013 )"3Ufe #$HW`gWe &VSje #hd[efTS`V

4^SU]?[^]Â&#x2021;5^ShZS__WdÂ&#x2021;FZW5agb 5jZ[fZWBdj`UWÂ&#x2021;6S_8g`]6<eWfÂ&#x2021;6WSXZWSÄ&#x201A;W` 8Sfea<Wfea`Â&#x2021;FZW;USdge>[`WÂ&#x2021;FZW>W_a`ZWSVe FZW>[_age[`WeÂ&#x2021;A88Â&#x2021;?a`Va9W`WdSfadÂ&#x2021;FadUZWe S`V_S`j_adWfaTWS``ag`UWV F[U]Wfea`eS^W`ah2U$eÄ&#x201A; Ua_!f[U]Wfe

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC


Moree listings: Mor


Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y. with DJ Vincent Fiction. Los Los Gatos.


ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’S BIS BISTRO STR T O Wed, 7pm: W Wed, Wednesday ednesday Salsa Party. Wed, Belll P artyy. $10-$20. W ed, 8pm:: Bel Supper Club 2. $5-$10. Thu, 8pm:: Bell SStage tage Dining Room. $10-$16. Thu,, 8pm:: Bell Diningg $6-$11. Room 2. 2 $6 $6-$11 $11. Fri, Fri 8:30pm: $16-$20. Fri, 8:15pm:: Friday Show. Comedy Headliner Show w. $10-$20.. Sat,, 7pm: Uptown, Downtown Motown Madness. $20-$26.. Sun,, 7pm: Pianist Ricardo Ricar do Scales with Byrne andd Harriet Har riet Newhart.. $15-$25. City. Redwood City y.

ART AR RT BOUTIKI Thu,, 7:30pm-10pm: 7:30pm-10pm:: Jazz Warehouse W arehouse Jazz Jam.. Free, Free, donations accepted.. Fri, 7:30pm-11pm: 7:30pm11pm:: KKoruscant oruscant Weekend, Worth W eekend, A YYawn aawn W orth Yelling. Yeelling. NTNT@Big Show.. $10. NT NT@Big Rock Show San Jose.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB Wed, 9pm:: Dustonious Wed, Free. Maximus.. Fr ee. Thu, 9pm: Atomic, Basura. A tomic, with DJ Basur a. $5. Free before ( Fr ee bef ore 10pm).. Fri, 9pm: The Goddamn Gallows, CCalamity alamity CCubes ubes and Hot Rod $10. Sat,, 9pm: CCarl. arl.. $ p : Bibles and Grenades, andd Hand Gr enades, Dark Earth an Slack Jawed Sons of Bitches. $8. San Jose.

BOSWELL’S BOS SW WELLL’S ’ Wed, 9:30pm:: DJ Rotation. Wed, SugaDaddy. Fri,, 9:30pm: SugaDaddy y. Sat, 9:30pm:: Sext Back. Sun, 9:30pm:: RB3. TTue, uue, 9:30pm. KKaraoke araoke TTuesdays. uesdays. u CCall all for for info. info. CCampbell. ampbell.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN BRITARMSALMADEN Wed, 10pm:: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke. Fri, Evening:: Fast TTimes imes 80s Dancee Party. Replay. P artyy. Sat,, Evening: Auto Repla ayy. Sat, 10pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose. Britannia Arms Downtown info. CCall all ffor or inf o.. San Jose.

CAFE SSTRITCH CAFES TRIT T CH Thu-Sat, 8-11pm: 8-11pm:: A tribute to Rahsaan Roland Kirk with trombonist tr ombonist SSteve teve Turre. Tuurre. $15. San Jose.

CAFFE FRASCATI CAFFEFRA SCA AT TI Thu,, 7pm: Wiggler Wigglerama ama monthl monthlyy DJ night.. San Jose.

THE CARAVAN THECARA AVA AN CCall all ffor or inf info. o.. San Jose.

C&J’S SPORTS C&J’SSPOR RTSB BAR AR Live music Fri & Sat. Call Call for for info. Clara. inf o.. Santa Clar a.

AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr

Rock/Pop Rock/P op THE CA CATS ATS Wed,, 7:30pmWed, 7:30pm-11pm: 11pm: Johnny 8:30pm-12am: Neri. Thu, 8:30pm-12am:: Out of 6pm-9pm: the Blue. Sun, 6pm9pm:: Joe Ferrara. Fer rara. a LLos os Gatos Gatos.

CENTRAL P PARK A ARK Sun, 2:30pm: Concerts in the Park. Green.” Free. P ark. “Daze on the Gr een.”” Fr ee. Clara. Santa Clar a.

CLUB CL UB FFOX OX Wed,, 7pm:: Club Fox Blues Jam, Wed, Laraa Price.. 21+,, $5.. Redwood City City. Lar y.

DA D A KINE CAFE Call ffor Call or inf info. o. Sunnyvale. Downtown Sunnyvale Wed, W ed,, 5:30pm:: Radio R&B, TTop op o 40.. part of the Summer Music series. Sunnyvale.

Wed,, 7:30pm: LLyle Wed, yle LLovett ovett & Large His Lar ge Band. $45 - $95. Fri,, 7:30pm: TTony oony Bennett. $55-$155.. Sun,, 7pm: LLos os onely Boys/ LLobos/ obos/ LLos os LLonely Alejandroo Escovedo.. $35-$85. Alejandr Franti TTue, ue ue, u , 7:30pm:: Michael Fr anti & Saratoga. Spearhead. $45-$85. Sar atoga.

NINE LIVESS NINELIVE Thu,, 8pm: Summer Battle of the Bands Dimidium CD Warcorpse, Release, Hate FX, W arcorpse, CCali ali Nation.. Fri, 8pm:: Private Gilroy. Event. Gilr oyy.

NORMANDY NORMAND DY HOUSE LLOUNGE OUNGE Sun, 9pm:: Rock Sundays. Clara. Santa Clar a.

ORCHARD OR CHARD CITY GREEN Thu,, 6:30pm:: Cocktail Monkeys. Free. ampbell Fr ee.. CCampbell



Thur, 5:30pm-8:30pm: The Bek Thur, TTrio, rrio,, music on the patio.. Call Call ffor or info. Altos. inf o. LLos os Al tos.

Thurr, 9pm: Thursday night live Thur, bands.. $5. Sunnyvale.


Call ffor Call or inf info. o.. Sunnyvale. Redwood City Downtown Wed, Park. W ed,, 6pm:: Music in the P ark. Puree Ecstasy Ecstasy. Free. City. Pur y. Fr ee.. Redwood City y.

Every TTue, uue,, 6:30-8:30pm:: Live jazz. Thru Aug 27. 277. Santana Row, Row w, San Jose.

FFOX OX XTHEA THEATRE AT TRE Sat,, 8pm:: Here Here Comes the Sun. info. CCall all ffor or inf o. Redwood City. Cityy. Gilroy Gilr oy City Hall


SANPEDR SAN PEDRO O SQU SQUARE ARE MARKET Fri,, 7pm:: Dar Daraa TTucker. ucker u . Sat,, 8pm: Manek. TTue, ue, u 10:30am:: Music Movement. San Jose.

SAP CENTER (F SAP (FORMER ORMERHP HP PAVILION) P AV VILION) CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

THE HUDDLE THEHUDDLE Wed--TThu,, Sun, Evening:: KKaraoke. Wed-Thu, araoke. Free. over.. Fri-Sat, Fr ee. 21 and over 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm 9:30pm-1:30am: 1 : Live bands. bands Free. over.. Fr Fremont. Fr ee. 21 and over emont.

JOHNNY V’S JOHNNYV’S Fri 9pm: Terminally Teerminally Ill. Sun, 9pm: Earlybirdz Earlybir dz and the Bees. Mon, 8pm:: Sean Black.. San Jose.

SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE SHORELINEAMPHITHEA ATRE T Fri,, 7pm:: LLuke uke Bryan, Thompson Squaree & Florida Geor Georgia Squar gia Line. Line View.. $37 and up. Mountain View

SSTATION TAT TION 55 Live music most Fri-Sun. CCall all info. Gilroy. ffor or inf o. Gilr oyy.

LILLY LILL LY MA MAC’S ACC’S Wed,, 5:30pm-8:30pm: Wed, Sunnyvale Summer Music & Market Series. Sat, Jazz and Beyond Series.. Sunnyvale.

MARIANI’S INN CCall all ffor or inf info. o. Santa Clara. Clara.

MOJO MO JO LLOUNGE OUNGE Thur Thur,, 9:30pm: DJ Mist.. $5. Fremont. Fr emont.


THREEDE THREE DE DEGREES GREES Fri,, 7:30pm:: Exit 52. LLos os Gatos.

XB BAR AR Thu,, 9pm: Cover bands. upertino. Homestead Lanes, CCupertino.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri:: Live music.. Santa Clar Clara. a.


Tickets are available at and select Walmart locations. To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges. metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld AGENDA A GGENDALLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, 8pm:: Salsa. Thu, 9pm: Wed, Banda.. Sun: Reggae Vybez. Vybez. San Jose. Jose

ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’S BIS BISTRO STR T O Wed, 8pm:: Salsa Dancing. Thu,, Wed, 8pm: Idaho Muscle Band. Fri, 8:30pm:: Mike Galisatus Big Shelf’s ’s Band.. Sat, 8:30pm: TTop oop Shelf Uptown.. Sun,, 7pm: Ricardo Ricardo Andrew ew Lloydd Scales TTribute rribute to Andr Weber. City. W eber. Redwood City y.

ART AR RT TBOUTIKI BOUTIKI Every second Thu, 7:30pm:: Jazz Jazzz Warehouse W arehouse Jazz Jam. Jam. Free; Free; donations rrequested. equested. San Jose. Josee.

BLACKBIRD BLA ACCKBIRD T TAVERN AV VERN Wed, 9pm:: San Jose Jazz Wed, Summer Fest Kickoff w/ Wayne Waynne Wallace Thu, W allace Latin Jazz Quintet. Thu u, Andree Thierry. 6pm: Andr Thierryy. Fri, 7pm: Brown Gypsy Allstars, Clifford Clifford Br own Project. & Max Roach Pr oject. Sat, 12pm:: San Jose Jazz Allstars, Raq Filipina,, Audio Tropico Tropico and Laila Smith. 9pm: YYosvany oosvany TTerry eerry Quartet. Sun, 112pm: pm:: San All-Stars, Jose High School All-S tars, Derrick rick Hodge andd TTammy aammy Hall,, Der TTranscendental ranscendental Ensemble.. 9pm: 9pm m: Cookers. San Jose.

DONATO DONA ATOENO ENOTECA OT TECA Thu, 6pm:: Live jazz.. Redwood City. City y.



Fri-Sat,, 6-9pm: 6-9pm:: Jazz ffor or dinner dinner.. San Jose.



Thu:: Acoustic Acoustic music. San Jose.

Thu, 9pm:: Live Music. TTue, ue, u 6:30pm:: Live Irish Music. San Jose.

THE GRAPE GRAPEVINE VINE Sat,, 7pm:: Frank Frank Sor Sorci. ci.. San Jose.

HEDLEY HEDLE Y CLUB CLUB Wed,, 7:30pm:: Jazz Jam.Thu, Wed, 5pm:: Brian Ho TTrio. rrio.. Fri,, 8:30pm: Parra. KKat at P arra.. Sat,, 8:30 pm:: Jessica Johnson.. 9pm:TTimes imes 4.. Mon,, 5pm: Gus KKambeitz ambeitz Duo.. 8:30pm:: Doug Ellington.. San Jose.


Thu:: Ron TTomasello. oomasello.. Fri:: Mark Project. English Pr oject.. Sat: Special Guest with the Charles LLyons yyons Band. Sun:: Michael TTurner uurner with Special Guests,, Cougar Unleashed. Mon:: Noel CCatura. atura. TTue: uue:: Blue J. J. San Jose.

LILLY LILL LY MA MAC’S ACC’S Sat:: Dave Rocha Quartet. Sunnyvale.

DANA D ANA SSTREET TREET T CCOFFEE OFFEE Second Mon of every month, 7pm: Ukulele jam. View. Mountain View w.

Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson.. Thu, Wed, 6pm:: Livia Slingerland Band. Mofoo P Party Fri, 7pm: Mof arty Band.. Sat, Patrick Project. 2pm: p : Daryl yP atrick Jazz Pr oject. j Woods 6pm:: Mitch W oods & his Rocket 88’s. Sun, noon: TTribute ribute r to Smith Dobson. Mon, 6pm:: Dave KKeller. eller. San Jose.


Every Thu: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.

CCall all ffor or inf info. o.. Sunnyvale.


Fri, 7pm: Dar Daraa TTucker. uucker. Sat, 8pm: Maneck.. San Jose.



Wed:: Jam Session. Thu: Live Wed: info. Band.. CCall all ffor or inf o. Sunnyvale.



Wed, 7pm:: Blues jam with Frank Wed, Frannk Bey. Bey y. $5.. Fri,, 9pm:: Salsa, bachata, bachatta, merengue, mer engue cha cha cha, engue, cha City. rhumba.. $15. Redwood City y.



CCall all ffor or inf info. o.. CCupertino. upertino.


Thu, 8:30pm:: Ron Mathews. Sun, 4pm:: Live blues. San Jose.

Fri-Sat,, 8pm: Hawaiian music. San Jose.



Fri,, 9:30pm & Sat,, 9pm: Live View.. world music. Mountain View


Fri, 9pm:: B.Lewis x Miles Bonny Bonny. y. Clive-Lowe 11pm: Mark de Clive-L owe presents pr esents Church. Church. Sat,, 10:30pm: Crate Full Cr ate & Mar. Mar. Sun Sun,, 9pm: Derrick Der rick Hodge (Robert Glasper Experiment). Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.

Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists Artists’’ Showcase.. Sun, 4pm:: Blues jam. jam m. Saratoga. Sar atoga.



CCall all ffor or inf info. o.. San Jose.


Sat, 8pm:: TTango aango TTrio rrio with Gianfranco, Nancy. Gianfr anco,, Griff and Nancy y. San Jose.

Music. Fri, 5pm:: Surprise entertainment.. Sat, 5pm:: Belly dancing & world music.. Sun, Moroccan 11am & Mon,, 5pm: Mor occan music. TTue, uue, 6pm:: Jazz Music. View. Mountain View w.

AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr



More More listings:


Thu, 10:30pm:: Reggae Thursdays. TTue, uue,, 7:30pm: Irish View.. music. Mountain View



Fri, 6-9pm: 6-9pm:: Live blues, roots roots and Americana.. Morgan Morgan Hill.

Sun,, 5pm: Music in the P Park ark Free. os Gatos. series. All ages.. Fr ee. LLos


LLOS OSGA GATOS ATOST TOWN OWNPLAZA PLAZA Wed, 6:30pm:: John Proulx. Wed, Proulx. Free. Free. Jazz on the Plazz series. Los Los Gatos.

LLOU’S OU’S VILLA VILLAGE AGE G Fri:: Live music w/Tom w/TToom Muller & West. Rebecca W est.. San Jose.

Every first and third third W Wed, ed, 7pm: Johnny-Cat. Blues jam with Johnny-C at. Sat, Nygaardd and 7:30pm:: Claudia Nygaar Jay Howlett.. LLos os Gatos.

C&W/Folk C&W W//FFoolk BLUE BL UE R ROCK OCK SHOO SHOOT T Fri, 8pm:: Music showcase.. Sat: presents Thriving Artists pr esents live Saratoga. music. Sar atoga.

MOROCCO’S MOR OCCO’S Wed, 5pm:: Belly dancing. Thu, Wed, 5pm:: Live Acoustic Acoustic Guitar


RAISE YOUR GLASS RESPONSIBLY ©2013 Band of Brewers Company, Fort Worth, Texas metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



LL & presented pr esented by


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC BOSWELL’S BOS WELL’S Thu,, 9:30pm:: Country night w/ / Pilgrim.. Campbell. Campbell.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Wed, W ed, Country night. San Jose.

MIS MISSION SION PIZZA Thu,, 7pm: Mill Creek Thu Creek Ramblers. Ramblers. Prairie. Fri,, 7pm:: Pr airie.. Sat, 7pm: Beargrass Creek. Fremont. emont. Bear grass Cr eek. Fr




Fri, 7pm:: Open mic.. San Jose.

Even second Thu:: Gothic, karaoke. industrial kar aoke. Club Lido, San Jose.

IMPROV IMPR OV Wed, 8pm:: American Me Wed, Comey. Comey y. $12. Thu, 8pm,, Fri,, 8pm & 10 pm, Sat,, 7pm & 9pm, Sun,, 7pm: DJ Cooch. $18.. Sun, 2pm:: Bill Philipps. $25. San Jose.

LIQUID Wed: P Wed: Poetic oetic Justice. Fr Free. ee.. San Jose.

Fri,, 8pm: The Night Quintet. View. Mountain View w.




Fri,, 7pm:: Due W West, est, Charlie Worsham W orsham and Austin Web. Web. San Jose.

THE SSADDLE ADDLE RA RACK ACCK oco, Wed, W ed, d 7pm: 7 : DJ TTony oony LLoco, Country Get Down,, and Wild Margot at Heart. Thu,, 9pm: DJ Mar got Helm.. Fri, 7pm:: DJ TTony oony LLoco oco and Diablo Road. Sat, 7pm:: DJ TTony oony Loco, Loco, Wild at Heart,, and Fremont. Diablo Road.. Fr emont.


BLINKY’S BLINK KY Y’S CAN’T SSAY AY Fri,, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am:: Danielle. Sat, 9pm-1am: Clara. 9pm1am:: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a.

Mon,, 7pm:: Open mic. Fr Free. ee. Downtown San Jose. TTue, ue, u 6pm:: Open mic.. San Jose.



Mon:: Comedy Comedy. y. No cover cover.. Sunnyvale.

TTue, uue,, 7pm: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertino.


Wed, W ed 8pm:: New TTalent ed, aalent Showcase. $10. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 9pm,, Sat,, 8 & 10:30pm, Dore. Sun,, 8pm:: Jimmy Dor e. $13. Sunnyvale.

BOGART’S BOGAR RT T’S LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed,, Fri & Sun, 9pmWed, 9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Wed & Sun, 10pm:: DJ Hank. Thu, Wed Dinero. 10pm:: DJ Diner o.. San Jose.



Sun--Tue, Sun-Tue, u 10pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. CCupertino. upertino.

Wed, 8pm:: Open-mic night with Wed, Anita.. Willow Glen.


WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE Mon:: Comedy open mic with Pete Clara. P ete Munoz.. Santa Clar a.

Wed, W ed,, 9pm:: August. San Jose.

BRIX TTue, uue,, 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose.



Karaoke Kar raaokke

Wed, 7pm:: SStand-up Wed, tand-up comedy. comedyy. $10-$20.. San Jose.



Wed-Sat,, 9pm:: KKaraoke. Wed-Sat, araoke. TTue, ue, u 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Mon, 7pm:: Musical open mic ffor o or singer/songwriters. Sign up at at Free. 7pm. Fr ee.. San Jose.

BLUE BL UEMAX UE MAX Fri-Sat, 7pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.



Wed, W eed,, 8pm:: Dan SSt.t.. P Paul aul Comedy Proo Workout. Pr Woorkout.. $5-$10.. Fri,, 9pm: Marcc YYaffee, Headliner Show with Mar aaffeee, Meeker.r. Matt Balaker and Sam Meeker $10 $20 TTue, $10-$20. uue,, 77-10pm: -10pm: 10 1 : Open O Mic Mi Peter Hosted by P eter Sommer. Sommerr. No Charge. City. Cover Char ge.. Redwood City y.

Fri,, 9pm: Dar Darryl. ryl.. San Jose. Bennigan’s Bennigan ’s Grill Clara. Sat, 9pm:: August.. Santa Clar a.





CCall all ffor or inf info. o.. Morgan Morgan Hill.

Mon,, 7pm:: CCavin avin and King’s View.. Open Mic. Mountain View

Open p Mic/ d CComedy oomedy

Wed:: 8pm-midnight:: KKaraoke Wed: araoke plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.

Sun,, 9:30pm: Comedy Comedy. y. San Jose.

Wed, 6pm:: Loganville. Wed, Loganville. TTue, uue, 6pm 6pm: m: Crow. Leftover Cr ow. San Jose. Sat, 7:30pm:: The TTuttles Sat uuttles with AJ A Lee.. LLos os Gatos.


7 SSTARS TAR A S BAR BAR & GRILL Fri-Sat,, 8pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Thu, 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. Santa Clar Clara. a.

THE COURT’S THEC OUR RT T’SLLOUNGE OUNGE Thu & Mon,, 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Darryl. ryl. Sat, 8:30pm:: Joe or Dar CCampbell. ampbell.

DASILVA’S D ASILLVA’’SBR BRONCOS ONCOS Wed:: KKaraoke. Wed: araoke. Thu, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: Clara. KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a.


BL BLUE UE R ROCK OCK SHOO SHOOT OT Thu,, 7pm: Musical open mic. San Jose.

Wed,, 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke. San Jose.



TTue, uue,, 7pm:: Open mic. San Jose.



Nightlyy, 9pmNightly, 9pm-2am: 2am:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Fri,, 9pm,, Sat, 7pm:: Comedy Sportz. Sport z. San Jose.

Wed-Sat & TTue, Wed-Sat uue, 9pm9pm-2am, 2am,, & last Sun of every month,, 22-7pm: -77pm: B&S KKaraoke. araoke.. CCampbell. ampbell.


49 AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | m |


Moree listings: Mor

METROACTIVE.COM METR OACTIVE.COM metr | sa | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013

Matt Crawford



SO FUNKDAFIED The sweet and savory combo of chicken and waffles from Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet pairs perfectly with Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk.

Musical Feast SAN FRANCISCO’S Outside Lands Music Festival has earned a reputation for bringing some of the biggest names in music to Golden Gate Park and recruiting some of the best restaurants and food trucks San Francisco has to offer to feed attendees. This year, the sold-out festival welcomes Paul McCartney, Nine Inch Nails and Red Hot Chili Peppers as headliners Aug. 9-11, with more than 50 other acts performing on six stages throughout the weekend. We’ve paired some of the bands performing this year with some of our favorite menu items at the festival.


CHRIS PO CHRIS POTTER/LARRY T TER /L ARRY GR G GRENADIER/ ENADIER / ERIC E RIC HAR HARLAND/BRIAN L AND/BRIAN L LYNCH/ YNCH/ LARRY L ARR RY KOONSE KOONSE Wednesday, W ednesday, August August 7 “Alexander “ A l ex a n nd der champions champions the the cause c ause like like no no other ot h e r iinstrumentalist.” ns tr umentalis t.” ” —All — A ll A bout JJazz az z About


ALL-STAR JJAM ALL-STAR AM Thurs. T hur s. August Aug us t 9


ffor or details details on on all all our our great great shows show ws and and to to purchase purchase tickets tickets STANFORDJAZZ.ORG 650-725-2787 S TANFORD RDJAZZ.ORG or 6 50 -725-2787

NINE INCH NAILS WITH PORK BELLY BURGER FROM BIG CHEF TOM’S BELLY BURGERS Connection: A dark, complex band bursting with energy meets a complex burger bursting with flavor. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS WITH SPICY PORK FRIES FROM BACON BACON Connection: A band that brings the heat, in performance and name, with a dish that does the same. IVAN NEVILLE’S DUMPSTAPHUNK WITH CHICKEN AND WAFFLES FROM FARMER BROWN’S LITTLE SKILLETConnection: There’s something inherently funky about the chicken and waffles from Farmer Brown’s Little Skillet—syrupy with a hot sauce kick and a side of cornbread to mop it all up—and Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk is about as funky as it gets on the bill this year at Outside Lands. BAAUER WITH GOURMET FUNNEL CAKES FROM ENDLESS SUMMER TREATS Connection: The man behind “Harlem Shake” grew up in Pennsylvania, where the popular festival item was first introduced. Tip: Don’t attempt to eat while doing the “Harlem Shake.” WILLIE NELSON WITH GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH FROM AMERICAN GRILLED CHEESE KITCHEN Connection: An American music classic meets an American food classic. VAMPIRE WEEKEND WITH ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK PIZZA Connection: New York’s reigning champs of indie rock with San Francisco’s best attempt at New York pizza. ZEDD WITH BRATWURST FROM ROSAMUNDE SAUSAGE GRILL Connection: Zedd was raised in Germany, famous for its wonderful sausages. Rosamunde is just about as good as it gets in San Francisco. KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS WITH PHILADELPHIA CHEESESTEAKS FROM EARTHLY DELIGHTS Connection: Mellow stoner rock from Philly paired with a hearty stoner meal (also from the City of Brotherly Love) from a festival regular with a very mellow name. —Matt Crawford Keith Mizuguchi contributed to this report.


AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336

and Fatality

plus Fast Asleep also Zombie Holocaust $OORSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

Thursday, August 8Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


also Obliterations

plus Mammoth Grinder !DV$RSsPMPM


Friday, Aug. 9 AGES 16+ !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Friday, August 9Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus El Viejon y Sus Sycarios !DV$RSs$RSOPENPM3HOWPM

Saturday, August 10Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+



Aug 14 Tha Alkaholiks/Casual/ Cali Agents Atrium (Ages 16+) Aug 15 Priceless Da Roc Atrium (Ages 16+) Aug 16 Chris Rene (All Ages) Aug 16 From Santa Cruz Riff Raff Atrium (Ages 16+) Aug 17 Tainted Love (Ages 21+) Aug 17 Los Cadetes De Linares Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 18 Les Claypoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Duo de Twang (Ages 21+) !UGEliquate/ Forest Day (Ages 16+) Sep 6 Brother Ali/ Immortal Technique (Ages 16+) 3EPThe Expendables (Ages 16+) Sep 19 Krewella/ Seven Lions (Ages 18+) Sep 20 IAMSU (Ages 16+) Sep 21 Jimmy Eat World (Ages 16+) Sep 22 Tech N9ne (Ages 16+) Oct 5 Tesla (Ages 21+) Oct 16 Steve Vai (Ages 21+) Oct 28 AFI (A Fire Inside) (Ages 16+) Nov 10 Crizzly/ Figure (Ages 18+) Nov 21 Reverend Horton Heat (Ages 21+) Dec 20 Good Riddance (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online


AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr

Wednesday, Aug. 7Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+




metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013

52 WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE TTue-Thu uue--TThu & Sat:: KKaraoke. araoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.



Thu,, 10pm:: P Pawkit awkit DJ. DJ. San Jose.

Call for Call for info. info.. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.



Thu:: Jack Rip-Off. Rip-Offf. Fri:: DJ Benofficial.. Sat:: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

TTue uue & Fri,, 9pm: Vinnie. CCupertino. upertino.


DanceeeClub Danc Clubs Clubs AGENDA A GGENDA Thu:: Jueves Shakalosos (Ladi (Ladies es D-Loo aka Night).. Fri,, 7:30pm:: D-L Mr.. No Hoe.. $15-$20. (Most Mr hits.).) Fri:: Hip-hop, TTop op o 40,, club hits. TTue: uue:: 4 the LLove ove of TTuesdays. uuesdays. San Jose. Jose


Thu:: Progressive Progressive Power Power Hour Hour.. Fri: Flirty. Flirty y. Sat:: Brick House.. San Jose.



Fri-Sat,, 8pm:: Old School Dance Party. P artyy. San Jose.

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT A Wed, 9pm:: Wine W Wed, Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu,, 9pm:: Liquid Thursdays.. Fri, 9pm:: Heit Fridays.. $10.. Sat,, 9pm: Industry. DJ TTone. oone. one. Mon:: Industry y. TTue, uue,, 10:30pm:: Poetic Poetic Justice Party. After P artyy. San Jose.


Thu,, 9pm: DJ party party. y. Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: 9pm2am:: Live music & DJs, more. salsa, house,, hip-hop & mor e. Mon: Salsa. San Jose.

Thu-Sat,, 9:30pm:: DJs and dancing.. Campbell. Campbell.

CCall all ffor or info. info.. Mountain View. View w.


Sat, 9pm: Thick & Sexy Saturdays. Satur days.. $10.. San Jose.

Fri,, 9:30pm:: Phil ‘‘n n the Blank Blanks. s. Everyy second and ffourth ourth Sat: DJ night with Latin music. Sunnyvale.



Thu 9pm:: A Atomic tomic with DJ Basuraa & DJ TTraci. Basur raci. San Jose.

Friday:: DJs & dancing.. Every second Sat:: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.

BRANHAM LOUNGE BRANHAML OUNGE Wed:: Almaden V Wed: Valley aalley Beer P Pong onng ONEmanARMY. with DJ ONEmanARMY Y. Thu: Jason Audio Revolution with DJs Jaso on Hi-Grade. Dee & Hi-Gr ade.. Fri:: Quality Control DAVE. Contr ol with DJ DvS D AV VE.. Sat: Dreams Cocktails & Dr eams with DJ SNARE. Tue: Tuue:: Irie Nights with DJss Hi-Grade Hi-Gr ade & TTesfa. eesfa.. San Jose.

LLOFT OFTB BAR ARANDBISTRO BISST TRO Call for Call for info. info.. San Jose. LLos os Gatos Bar and Grill BeatzBoutique Fri,, 9pm:: Beat zBoutique with Fly School Rucus.. Sat: Video Killed DJLos th DJL the os Gatos. Gt

MILANO Every Third Third Fri:: Strictly Strictly Freestyle. Freestyle. Every ffourth ourth Fri:: Fuz.. San Jose.

MOTIF MO OT TIF Fri:: DJs & dancing.. Every ffourth ourth Only. Sat: Thrive.. Sun:: Members Only y. San Jose.


BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Thu,, 10pm: W Wee LLove ove the 90’s. Peelers (Top Fri,, 10pm: The P eelers (T Toop 40 0 Back. Covers). Sat,, 10pm: Sexy Back k. San Jose.




Wed-Sun & TTue, Wed-Sun uue,, 7pm: DJ and dancing.. CCupertino. upertino.

Thu,, 8pm:: Noches de Banda 300 & DJ Adrian.. Fri,, 8pm:: DJ Adrian. Sat,, 8pm:: DJ Adrian.. Sun,, 7pm: Sonideroo Latin Beat.. Sun,, 9pm:: Sonider Night.. Sunnyvale. Thu,, 10pm:: Ambitious Thursdays. Fri,, 9pm:: Playhouse Fridays. TTue: ue: u Industry. Industry y. San Jose.




Wed,, 7pm:: Hope in Disguise. Wed, San Jose.

Fri-Sat:: DJs and dancing. Sun Sun,, Project party. 7pm:: Pr oject X. TTeen eeen party y. Clara. School ID rrequired. equired.. Santa Clar ra.


More listings: More


Wed,, 9:30pm: W Wed, Way ay Back Wednesdays. W ednesdays.. Thurs, 9:30pm: Beauty Bar LLG. G.. Fri,, 7pm:: Johnny Pool Neri Live.. 10pm:: Summer P ool Party. P artyy. Sat,, 9:30pm:: Smoking Hot Saturday. Satur dayy. LLos os Gatos.

NORMANDY HOUSE NORMANDY LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu,, 10pm:: Dancing to DJ Ben Vex. Clara. Official & DJ V ex. e . Santa Clar a.

Thu,, 10pm:: Pur Puree ESM with Haley. Puree Ladies Haley y. Fri,, 10pm:: Pur Puree Night Fridays.. Sat,, 10pm:: Pur Saturdays Satur days ffeat. eat.. the LES 99.7. 99.77. Sunnyvale.

SSAN A ANJOSEB JOSEBAR AR&GRILL &GRILL Wed: W eed: d Gamer G W Wednesdays. ednesdays. d d . Thu: Th WreckTTanked anked a Thursdays w/DJ W reckA-Noize. A -Noize.. Fri: Video Junkie.. Sat, 10pm:: Omega the Neo-tablist Philemonster.. Every second and Philemonster Prolific. and ffourth ourth Sat,, 10pm:: Pr olific. Mon:: Manic Mondaze. TTue: ue: u : $2 TTuesdays. uuesdays.. San Jose.

SONOMACHICKENCCOOP OOP Thu-Sat,, 9pm:: Late Night at more. the Coop.. Live DJ and mor e. San Jose.

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AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr

A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013



AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | sanjose.c om | metr

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A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | san | metr | AAUGUST U G U S T 7-13, 7-13 2013





Bitcoin virtual currency, Bitc co oin is a vir rttual curr reencyy, but that tthat’s t’s like saying lik ke sa ayying ccomputers omputers add ones and d zeros—you don’t any the zer os— —yo ou don n’’t get an ny sense of th he thing. give ccomplexity o ompleexit x ty of the thing g. I’ll giv ve it a shot below. myy initial rreaction b elow w. I should tell you you m e eaction was Bitcoin was impossible w aas that Bitc co oin w as a an imp ossible techno fantasy was anyone fant tas asy that w as a ccertain eerrtain to ruin an nyone ffoolish oolish enough to put their trust in it. But I’d say there’s chancee it it’ll become now I’ d sa ay ther re’s a chanc ’ll b ecco ome times.. the Krugerrand of our times Virtual currencies aree familiar to V iirrttual curr rencies e ar o those play massively multiplayer online who pla ay massiv veely multipla ayeer onl line games,, or who maint maintain rrole-playing ole o -plaayying games tai ain a cyber-presence cyb err-pr - esence in online ccommunities ommunitties like Second Life. For partt these lik ke Sec ond Lif fe. F or the most par t virtual currencies aree div divorced from vir tual curr encies ar vo orrced fr om m the become virtual rreal eal e world—you world— —yo ou ccan an b ecome a vir tu ual millionaire virtual estate millionair illi i e selling lli vir irttuall rreal eall est taate te in i Second Life bee sleeping on yyour Sec co ond Lif fe and still b o our mom’s rreal-life eal-lif e fe mom m’s rreal-life eal-lif e fe ccouch. o ouch. Bitcoins are different. They’re virtual Bitc co oins ar re diff ffeerent. The eyy’rre vir rttual they in the sense that the ey eexist xist x solely in cyberspace, they’re designed cyb erspace, but the eyy’re eexpressly xxpressly des signed world—specifically, ffor o or the rreal eal world— —sspecificcally a y, any an ny form fo orm where anonymity of ccommerce ommerrce wher re anon nymit y ty and d untraceability aree essential. F Funds untrac ceeabilitty ar unds ccan an a bee sent digit digitally across borders without b tally a acr ross o b orrd ders with hout physical transfer anyone looking over ph hyysiccal a transf fer e or an nyo one lo okingg o veer shoulder, theree are yyour o our shoulder r, and ther are no ffees eeess or worry international eexchange xxchange rates to wor rry about. For Bitcoin originally ab out. F or these rreasons easons e Bitc co oin ori iginally appealed anarcho-utopian app ealed mainly to anar cho-utopiaan dealers,, gamblers gamblers,, and ttypes, yypes, plus drug dealers a thieves. thie eves e. Once Bitcoin Onc ce the eexchange xxchange rate ffor or Bitc o o oin speculators shot up in 2011, sp eculators got into o the too, say act to o, which I ccan’t an an’t ’ sa ay classed up the Bitcoin situation much, but it did put the Bitc B co oin map.. A Att the mome moment on the financial map ent Bitcoins the 11 11-plus plus million Bitc co oins in eexistence xxisteence are worth To bee fair fair, ar re wor th rroughly oughly $1.2 billion. T ob r, Bitcoins aree used in a gr growing number Bitc co oins ar owing num mber transactions,, although of legitimate transactions h I still wouldn’t pizza break one.. wouldn n’t ’ ask the piz za guy to br eak k one Att a ccertain level A errtain le evel of abstraction, the t idea behind Bitcoins isn’t b ehind Bitc oins isn n’’t that ccomplicated: o ompliccat ated: aree p peer-to-peer—that is,, Transactions ar eerr-to - -peerr—t —that is directly between online, dir ectly b ettween w ttwo wo w ccomputers omputers on nline, intermediary. There’s with no intermediar ry. Ther re’s no ccentral eentral authority Bitcoins authorit ty and no rrecourse. ec e ourse. If Bitc co oin ns get it’s happened), they’re stolen (and it t’s happ ened), the eyy’re gone ggone.. There’s Bitcoin. Ther re’s nothing backing up Bitc co oin. Value dependent entirely what V aalue is dep endent entir ely on wha at people agree worth. p eople agr reee one is wor th. doesn’t trust, The ssystem yystem do esn n’’t work on trus st, Bitcoin logg though. Each Bitc co oin includes a lo previous of all pr revvious transactions in which h it’s hands.. When a Bitc Bitcoin it ’s changed hands co oin is transferred between parties, transf feerred b ettween w ttwo wo w par ties, itss

logg is br broadcast Bitcoin transaction lo oaadccast a to all Bitc co oin participants. group, par ticipants. A subset of o this gr oup, ccalled alled a Bitcoin miners,, ccompetes perform Bitc oin miners o ompetes e to p errfo orm validation what amounts to a val lidation test on the transaction lo log. This g. Th his ttask ask a rrequires equires a special sp ecial high-powered high-powered ccomputer o omputer rig to processing involved. do the vvoluminous oluminous o pr ocessing in nvo olvveed. Whichever first successfully Whiche ever miner is fir rst to suc ccessfully transaction logg notifies the validate the transactio on lo Bitcoineurs, rrest est e of the Bit tcooineurrs, and a the transaction is cconsidered onsiderreed valid. For trouble, successful Bitcoin F or their tr ouble, su uccceessful Bitc co oin new Bitcoins. That’s miners earn ne ew Bitc o . That oins ’s how new Bitcoins are created, ne w Bitc co oins ar re cr reat e ted, ensuring the number increases slowly. Crucially, numb er incr reases e slow wlyy. Crucially y, the ssystem yystem is designed so tot ttotal tal a ccoinage o oinage will top about million. Bitcoins aree thus out at ab out 21 million n. Bitc oins ar i immune t inflation. to i fl ti strengths Bitcoin, One of the str enggtth hs of Bitc oin, quantity namely that the quant titty is limited, is weakness.. The mone money also a weakness m ey supply has grow more proportion to gr row o mor re or less in n pr oportion to the underlying ec economy have onom my lest we ha ave depression. Regulating deflation and depr ressio e on. R egulating e the money why mone ey supply is wh hy yyou o ou need ccentral entral bankers, though they bank kers e , ffeckless eckless e thoug gh the ey sometimes are. For Bitcoins currently ar e. F or that rreason eason e Bit tcoins as curr ently never government cconstituted o onstituted will ne eveer rreplace eplace go overnment backed back ked e money. moneey. That’s say Bitcoins have That’s not to sa ay Bit tcco oins ccan’t an an’t ’ ha ave a supplementary currency. God rrole ole o as a supplement encyy. Go d arry curr we’d knows we all engage in n transactions we ’d knew To just as soon soon no one kn neew about. about. T o the become acceptable eextent xxtent Bitcoins Bitcoins b ecom me ac cceeptable tender ffor o or eeveryday veeryda day ccommerce, ommerce, we ccan an a also aavoid void o ttaxation, axation, a eeventually ventually transforming trransffo orming our overregulated like o verregulated society societty into i a paradise lik ke Greece. Gr eece. A dra drawback being, however aw wback for for o the time b eingg, howe ever e is that the eexchange xxchange ra rate ate b between ettween w Bitc Bitcoins oins money and conventional con nventional e mon neey fluctuates wildly. wildlyy. worth around In 2013 a Bitcoin Bitcoin started sttar a teed off wor th ar ro ound $13, shot up to $26 $266 wake 6 in n the w aak ke of the crisis,, dr dropped Cyprus bank crisis ropp o ed within a week $68, since ping-ponged between to $6 8, and has sinc ce pi ing-ponged b ettween w there ther re and $154. ((As As I write w it it’s ’s at $103.) Bitcoin, words, aren’t Bitc co oin, in other wor rds ds, ar reen n’’t a rreliable eliable e storee of value but a speculative stor speculativ e ve ccommodity ommoditty like lik ke gold. On steroids. sterro oids. Sure, may stabilize Sure, things ma ay st a abilize eeventually; ventually e y; Bitcoin been around since 2009. Bitc oin has only b een ar ound sinc ce 20 09. scary itself. But that’s thatt’s sc arry in itsel lff. The tech world is byy the full of brilliant inventions in nventiions that ffell eell b wayside. worry: Bitcoin w ayyside. Another wor rry: the Bitc co oin rrealm ealm gets hacked, hack ked, e although it it’s ’s pr proven roven rresistant esist e taant far. thus far r. Me, Bitcoin never Me, I’m cconfident onfident Bitc B co oin will ne ever become worthless. bet b ecome wor rthless t . I’ll b et yyou o ou a million BTC. B TC.

AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr | s | metr

Recently you mentioned Bitcoin Recently n as being a popular medium of exchange e in the deep p, dark Web. We eb b. A couple friendss have tried to get me to invest in n Bitcoin because deep, it’ ’s supposedly the “currency “ccurrency off the future.” What’s What’’s the deal? —Josh —JJosh Draper it’s

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Online dating isn’t isn’t go going oing so well. I’m a 34-year-old pro professor ofessor seeking a relationship a age range of 18 to 35 on my profile, prrofile, not because I relationship.. I listed an 18-ye particularly like 18-year-olds ear-olds but simply to avoid limi iting my options limiting options.. I messaged a 24-year-old 24-year-olld woman, noting that I loved that th hat she ““enjoys enjoys e supporting people who have a purpose pu urpose and a passion.” She wrote e back: “You “Y Yo ou seem really cool, but the fact thatt you're considering dating wom men as young as 18 is a women deal-breaker r. 18-year-o olds aren't people yet. You're You're o a professor p r. Y ou o know that.” deal-breaker. 18-year-olds professor. You She then scolded me for f failing to admire that she clearly cle early has purpose and passion—she passion she doesn’t doesn’t just support those things—but things but considering my interest in 18-year-olds s, purpose and passion probably don ’t mat tter much to me anyway y. 18-year-olds, don’t matter anyway. Huh?! Should I really be faulted for being open-minded? ed? --Reprimanded --Reprimanded open-minde Online dating can can be be so efficient. It be that yyou’d ou’d ha ave to w ait a to sa ay used to be have wait say hello to ha ave yyour our first ar aargument. rgument. g have probablly couldn’t couldn o n’’t go out This woman probably with you you an nyyw way, as bus sy as she must b anyway, busy bee get ttting the ignition lock lock k rreplaced eplaced on her getting br oom. Howe ever, she ma m ay ha ave done broom. However, may have yyou o ou a fa avor. Although most m women favor. won n’’t turn online li datin d ing into i li won’t dating online obablly shar b erating, man ny pr berating, many probably sharee her anger and suspicion at the low wer end of yyour our lower listed age range. range. But, bu ut…you pr otest, but…you protest, yyou’re o ou’re just tr ying to b o en instead of trying bee op open assuming that eevery very sin ngle 18yeearr-old single 18-year-old equiv will be be the dating equivalent valent of going out with a steak in a sho ort skir t. short skirt. Your o open-mindedness open-mindedneess seems to b Your bee a rational approach. approach. Thee pr oblem is problem is,, we ar en n’t ’ the rational animals anim mals we smugly aren’t insist we are. are. Research Resear e ch by by evolutionary evolutionar o y ps sychologists Martie Martie Ha aselton and psychologists Haselton Da av vid Buss suggests tha at we eevolved volv o ed to David that

oteective err mak ors in judgment t— makee pr protective errors judgment— erring on th he side of p erceiving whate ver the perceiving whatever would ha ave b een least ccostly ostly ffor o or our have been sur vival an d mating inter ests back survival and interests in the anc nvir v onment. In the estral en ancestral environment. mating sph here, women eevolved vo olved to b sphere, bee “c ommitm ment skeptics, skeptics,” prone prone to overoverr“commitment p erceiv ve m en as hookup-seeking hookup-seeking cads cads perceive men until il they the hey pr p ove other h wise i .F or men, prove otherwise. For it would have haave been been costly costly to miss any an ny mating opportunity opp portunitty … leading to a 34-yearr-old d man b eing “op en n” to a wide 34-year-old being “open” wo range of women, omen, including a woman only slightl ly older than some of his slightly so cks. socks. Y ou o ccan an turn this into a p ositive You positive eexperience xxperience in ttwo wo w w ayys: b ways: byy thanking yyour o our luck ky st ars that yyou ou won n’t ’ b lucky stars won’t bee the b oyfrien nd she ’s ripping into at the boyfriend she’s sup ermark ket ffor o or eeyeing yeing the wr ong supermarket wrong p otato and db ’s potato byy listing an age range that that’s less ir e-producing d . ire-producing.

I’ve saved some mon money ney to get my girlfriend someth something ing special for her birthday y. I know wha at she likes at REI, P ottery Barn n, and W illiams-Sonoma, birthday. what Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, but nothing feels special spe ecial enough. Perhaps Perhaps I’m an idiot id diot for asking you, a stranger r, what to gett the woman I know and love, but b maybe you can point stranger, me in the right direc tion.--Stumped direction.--Stumped Too bad the ttwo w wo of yyou o ar ou en n’t ’ ccats, ats a , Too aren’t or yyou ou could co ould just come co ome by by with a dead crick et b ettween w your teeth. teeeth. But yyou ou cricket between your ar ardboard aree wise to think outsidee the ccardboard b ox. R eesearchers Elizabeth Elizabeth e Dunn and box. Researchers Michael Norton Norton write in n “Happ ey: “Happyy Mone Money: The Scienc ce of Smar ter Sp S ending” that Science Smarter Spending” the pur chases that ultim mately mak ke us purchases ultimately make the happiest ar aterial things but aree not ma material eexperiences. xp x eriencces e . They Theey cite research resear e ch showing that ne w “stuff ” so on sto ops giving us the new soon stops same zing g, while eexperiential xp x erieential pur rchases c zing, purchases not only ccontribute o ontribute to our o sense of self and our cconnection onnection with h others but get mor i f l over over e time ti through thr h ough h the h moree meaningful stories we tell ab out the em. Also ey about them. Also,, the they ne ever need dusting. dustingg. never So, instead of decidingg b ettween w So, between the espr resso e machine th hat’ll guess her espresso that’ll

able a , weight and the one that gets basic ccable, eally aboutt an eexperience xp x erience she ’d rreally think about she’d love. It could coulld b p g ballo on love. bee a Champagne balloon driviing a racecar racceecar around around a track ride or driving (nascarracin ngeexp x But fr reet ( fret re to o pric cey. The rresearch eesearch not if these ar are too pricey. at even even when p eople sp end suggests tha that people spend few dollars, do ollars, the ey get more more lasting just a few they pleasure from from o an experience exxperience than a pleasure thingg. And even even when eexperiences xp x eriences go thing. wrongg, like like a rromantic omantic picnic that ends wrong, poison oak, the ey tend to in horrible poison they be viewed viewed fondly fondly fo o in hindsight. Y o our be Your may not have ma haave ask ed ffor or o a series girlfriend may asked hydr drocorrtisone i i j i ffor o or her h off hydrocortisone injections birthdaay, but bu ut years years e later, laterr, she’ll she’ll b birthday, bee laughing you o and an nd friends ab out that and not with you about story off how yyou ou o onc owl the story oncee got her a b bowl from Pottery Pottter t ry Barn. from

©2013, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? W Write rite Amy Alkon, Jose, 550 SS.. First St., San Jos e, CA 95113, or email adviceamy@

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Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx number and expiration date for payment.

For copy, playment, space reservation or cancellaion: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

EMPLOYMENT Engineer, Process Development - Electrical Engineering (Sunnyvale, CA): Dvlp/propose to mgrs, fabrication processes/techniques for electrical lighting solutions. Build up operation procedures to meet stds. Maintain process controls to ensure qlty. Process wafers for dvlpmt activities. Use statistical methods to analyze results. Master’s in Electrical Engg or related & 2 yrs exp as Process Dvlpmt Engr or related reqd. Resumes: Lightera Corp:

Marketing Aruba Networks, Inc. has multiple openings at all levels for its Sunnyvale, CA location for Product Manager: Req#PM2, Req. MS or equiv & 2 yrs exp; Technical Marketing Engineers: Req#TME1 & TME2, Req. MS or equiv. & 6 mo exp.; Req#TME3, MS or equiv. & 3mo exp To apply, send cov ltr/ Resume w/Re # to Aruba Networks, Inc. ATTN: HR 1344 Crossman Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 or Fax to HR: 408.752.0626. EOE M/F/D/V

Engineer Physical Ds Eng for LSI Corp San Jose, CA. Resp for RTL to GDSII of blocks in complex processes. Reqs: BSEE + 5 yrs

exp: ASIC Physical des w/ PNR tools; synthesis, global route, signal integrity; signoff STA; TCL, Perl. Resume: LSI Corporation Attn. J. Tseng 1320 Ridder Park Dr. San Jose CA 95131 ref job code 2013SJCAM

Karaoke DJ wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must have equipment. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

Carwash Washer and Cleaner Part time / Full time carwash washer and cleaner position at Pacific Car Wash. CARWASH EXPERIENCE ONLY. Please call 408.823.6699 and ask for Helen.

VENDORS/SPONSORS/ VOLUNTEERS WANTED IT’S NOT TOO LATE! 38th Annual San Jose Pride Festival August 17th - 18th Noon–7PM Food, Artisan, Commercial, Imports, Business, Corporate Spaces Available Email or Gary at 408.505.1725

Bartender / Cocktail Servers 6 AM-10AM Part Time shift available. Apply morning’s only. Alex’s 49er lounge, 2214 Business Circle, (San Carlos & Bascom), San Jose. 408.279.9737

Masters with No experience Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst Analyze science, engineering, business & other data processing problems to implement & improve computer systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, & problems to automate & improve existing systems & review computer system capabilities, workflow, &scheduling functionalities. Work w/ web based reporting softwares & analytical models using Oracle/Sybase, SQL and PL/SQL. Travel/ relocation to various unanticipated locations to interact w/ clients & train end users for various short term & long term requirements. Req. Masters Degree in Engineering/ Science/ Commerce/ Management w/ no experience. Jobsite: Sunnyvale, CA. Rate of Pay: $99,653/year. Send Resume to: HR Dept, Horizon Technologies Inc, 1270 Oakmead Pkwy, Suite # 115, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Email:

Field Application Engineer III, Salaried, F/T. Design custom antenna components, create/implement simulation models for antennas to allow the customer to simulate antenna in their product design to reduce customer production time. Masters, Electrical Engineering, Technology or Related Field, 3 years experience as Antenna/RF Engineer/similar occupation. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience. Job Location: San Jose, CA. Travel 20% domestic and 10% international travel, when required. Mail resume to Laird Technologies, Inc. Attn: Jessica Duffey, Recruiter, Laird

Engineering Aruba Networks, Inc. has multiple openings at all levels for its Sunnyvale, CA location for:· Software Engineers (Req:SWE13; SWE12; SWE11; SWE10; SWE9; SWE8; SWE7; SWE6; SWE5; SWE4; SWE3; SWE2; SWE1)·Network Engineers (Req: NE5; NE6; NE11)· QA Engineers (Req:QA9; QA11)· RF Design Engineers (Req:DE3; DE11)· Sr. SAP SD/MM Analyst (Req:SDA3)· Test Engineers (Req:TE1; TE2; TE11; TE12)Jr. Positions req. BS or equiv. &/or exp.; Sr. Positions req. MS or equiv. &/ or exp. To apply, send covltr/Resume w/ Req # to Aruba Networks, Inc. ATTN: HR 1344 Crossman Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 or Fax to HR: 408.752.0626. EOE M/F/D/V

Engineering Cadence Design Systems, Inc. seeks candidates for EDA engineering positions in San Jose, CA office (All Levels – multiple openings): Support Application Engineer (SJ-8101); Member of Consulting Staff (Job Code: SJ-7877); Member of Technical Staff (Job Code: SJ-7674; SJ-8014); Design Engineer (Job Code: SJ-8099; SJ-8103; SJ-8029); IT Sr. Web Technologist (Job Code SJ-7876). Reqs: MS/BS degrees may be in CS, EE, Eng or related field. To apply, email resume to Must mention Job Code in subject line. EOE M/F/D/V

Test Engineer in Santa Clara, CA. Design, develop & implement cost-effective methods of IC wafer sort on Nextest-Maverick and Agilent-Versatest test systems. Masters+2 yrs rltd exp. Mail resume to ON Semiconductor, Attn: Oona Crusell, 5005 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix AZ 85008. Must ref job title & code: TE-CA.

Engineer: Senior R&D Electrical Engineer (Newark, CA) Dsgn & dvlpmt of electrical circuits & products for consumer, industrial & medical applications. Contribute, supv & subcontract the product dsgn & dvlpmt thru’ whole cycle (h/ware, s/ware & firmware segments). Mentor dsgn team & dvlp & implmt plans for dsgn projects, & manage project. Team build up & related duties. Master’s deg in Electrical or Comp Engg, & 2 yrs related exp. in related position reqd. Send resume: HR, Thin Film Electronics Inc., 39899 Balentine Dr., #200, Newark, CA 94560

requirements. Req. Bachelors Degree in Engineering/ Science/ Commerce/ Management with 5 years experience. Jobsite: Sunnyvale, CA. Rate of Pay: $115,669/year. Send Resume to: HR Dept, Horizon Technologies Inc, 1270 Oakmead Pkwy, Suite # 115, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Email:

Security/Bouncers Needed wanted 5 nights a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737



Cash for your Gold

Sys Apps Eng Sr for LSI Corp San Jose site. Resp to provide customer SSD firmware & support field engs. Reqs: MSCE + 2 yrs embedded FW dev exp incl: SSD firmware; sata & pcie protocol. Resume: LSI Corporation Attn: M. Law 1320 Ridder Park Dr. San Jose, CA 95131 code 2013SJPNAL

110% Trade in on all your scrap gold, silver and other precious metals. The Jewel Box Jewelers. 350 E.Campbell Ave. Campbell. 408.377.9898

Bachelors with 5 years Systems Analyst Company: Horizon Technologies Inc Location: Sunnyvale. CA Position Type: Full Time. Experience: See Below. Education: See Below. Horizon Technologies Inc seeks: Systems Analyst Analyze science, engineering, business & other data processing problems to implement & improve computer systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, & problems to automate & improve existing systems & review computer system capabilities, workflow, &scheduling functionalities. Work w/ web based reporting softwares & analytical models using Oracle/Sybase, SQL and PL/SQL. Travel/ relocation to various unanticipated locations to interact w/ clients & train end users for various short term & long term

CASH FOR CARS: Any Car/Truck. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Call For Instant Offer: 1.888.420.3808 (AAN CAN)

FREE PERSONALITY TEST Test 10 traits that determine future success and happiness, and find out how to improve them. Scientology 408.383.9400

B-12 Happy Hour! Wed 4 - 6 PM •$17/Reg $25 Fatigue obesity, pms, anxiety. David Hogg ND. San Jose 408.297.6877

St. Clare’s Bible Chapel (Old Catholic), San Jose, welcomes all orientations and faiths. 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass, Bible study. 408.286.7357.

MUSIC Thug World Records explosive label with major features lil Wayne g-unit E-40 free downloads mp3s Ringtones looking for talented artist rappers singers female models call and log on 408.561.5458 ask for gp

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Company: Horizon Technologies Inc] Location: Sunnyvale. CA Position Type: Full Time. Experience: See below. Education: See below. Horizon Technologies Inc seeks:

Technologies, 3841 Rider Trail South, Earth City, MO 63045

10 LEGAL & 68 | | | AUGUST 7-13, 2013


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: DRG Recycling Inc., 215 Leo Ave., San Jose, CA, 95112. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Tri Luu CFO n#3475697 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/19/2013. (pub Metro 8/07, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28/213)


Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority of section 24049.5 of the Business and Professions Code, the State Board of Equalization will sell the following described liquor licenses, at public sale at 250 South Second St, San Jose, CA 95113 on August 20, 2011 at 11:00 AM. LIQUOR LICENSE NUMBER: 47-486118 LIQUOR LICENSE NUMBER: 47-373317 COUNTY IN WHICH ISSUED: Santa Clara TYPE OF LICENSE: Type 47 Said liquor license was seized by the State Board of Equalization to recover delinquent sales and use taxes, interest and penalties incurred by •Rahi Entertainment, LLC. TAX: $19,160.00; INTEREST: $1,546.35; PENALTIES: $3,832.00; COSTS: $3,722.00; TOTAL: $28,260.35 •Los Gatos Restaurants, Inc. TAX: $14,612.98; INTEREST: $4,143.49; PENALTIES: $2,349.72; COSTS: $4,469.00; TOTAL: $25,575.19 The license is to be sold to the highest bidder. The bidding process will be opened. Prospective bidders should refer to sections 701.510 to 701.680, inclusive, of the Code of Civil Procedure for the provisions governing the terms, conditions, and the effect of the sale and the liability of defaulting bidders. The bid must be in the name of the applicant(s) and cannot be in the name of the nominee. The transfer of said license is contingent upon approval of the applicant by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in accordance with the law, rules, and regulations administered by that department. The successful buyer, within 48 hours of the sale, excluding weekends and holidays,

will e required to open an escrow account with a Board of Equalization approved escrow company, deposit in escrow, in lawful money of the United States of America, an amount representing the full sale price of the license and, within 30 days of the date escrow is opened, apply for the transfer of the license and pay transfer fees to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Applicant must receive Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control approval within 75 days from the date of the application and the escrow must close within 120 days of opening, otherwise, the sale may be cancelled. Buyer is to pay all escrow fees. MINIMUM OPENING BID FOR EACH IS: $11,000.00 The licensee may redeem the license at any time prior to the date of the sale by conforming to the requirements for reinstatement of a license pursuant to sections 24048.0 or 24048.3, Business and Professions Code. For additional information, contact Elizabeth Nguyen at 408-938-7782 or Jared Riedel at 408-938-7781.


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Beija Flor Cafe, 19622 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA, 95014, 2. Beija Flor Coffee & Wine, Young Joo Seung, 700 Agnew Road, Apt 424, Santa Clara, CA, 95054. This business is conducted by a individaul. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/31/2013. Refile of previous file #575924 due to publication requirement not met on previous filing. /s/Young Joo Seung This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/31/2013. (pub Metro 8/07, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Queen of Hearts Boutique, 7433 Monterey Street, Gilroy, CA, 95020, Elsa Quintanilla LeDon, 8420 Wayland Lane, Gilroy, CA, 95020. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Elsa Quintanilla LeDon

This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/23/2013. (pub Metro 8/07, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: HC Dental, 2593 S. King Rd., Suite #9, San Jose, CA, 95122, Javier Guizar-Alvarez, 4144 Arezzo Point Ct., San Jose, CA, 95148. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Javier Guizar-Alvarez This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/29/2013. (pub Metro 8/07, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Smart Steps Tutoring, 855 El Camino Real, Ste 13A395, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, Staricase Books, Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dorothy Glusker Co-President #3567189 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/24/2013. (pub Metro 8/07, 8/17, 8/21, 8/28/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Exceptional Cleaning Services, 123 Flintwell Ct., San Jose, CA, 95138, Tanisha Butler. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/25/2013. Refile of previous file #579453 due to publication requirement not met on previous filing. /s/Tanisha Butler This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/25/2013. (pub Metro 7/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: BC Exports, 246 Cresta Vista Way, San Jose, CA, 95119, Benjamin Corrales. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/15/2013. /s/Benjamin Corrales This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/26/2013. (pub Metro 7/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Morgan Hill Life, 16360 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037, Life Media Group LLC, 16360 Monterey Road, Suite 240-B, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 5/01/2013. /s/Martin Cheek President #201308010447 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 5/01/2013. (pub Metro 5/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Calitaly Stone, 1720 Rogers Ave., San Jose, CA, 95112, Roxana Sarji, 6683 Elwood, San Jose, CA, 95120. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Roxana Sarji This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/18/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #580569 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Quik Enterprises, 2729 Suisun Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95121, Roop C. Walia,

Sachin Walia, Reema Walia, 1612 Hermocilla Way, San Jose, CA, 95116. This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 07/01/2013. /s/Roop S. Walia This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/15/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Bos Embedded, 1278 Tea Rose Circle, San Jose, CA, 95131, Dongwen Wang. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dongwen Wang This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/18/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Encore Pilates, 1045 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Jennifer owens, 798 Pershing Ave., San Jose, CA, 95126. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business

name or names listed herein. /s/Jennifer Owens This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/25,2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Mobil Stop, 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA, 95129, Sergio Miranda, 2390 Lucretia Ave., #1716, San Jose, CA, 95122. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Sergio Miranda This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/19/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Be The Change Yoga & Wellness, 50 S. 1st Street, Suite 320, San Jose, CA, 95113, Michelle Linane, 1220 Vienna Dr., #555, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Michelle Linane This statement was filed


with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/26/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)

Santa Clara County on 7/09/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Bob Moreno Group, 841 Blossom Hill Rd., #112, San Jose, CA, 95123, Robert (Bob) Moreno, 5630 Calpine Dr., San Jose, CA, 95123, Sharon Moreno. This business is conducted by a Married Couple. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 6/19/13. /s/Robert Moreno This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/27/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nugen Nail Painting, 6063 Cahalan Ave., San Jose, CA, 95123, Liem Ung, 908 Delta Ct., San Jose, CA, 95122. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Liem Ung This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/01/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)



The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Jade Beauty And Barber College, 1045 E. Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA, 95121, Raymond Tran, 2740 Glen Ferguson Circle, San Jose, CA, 95148. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 11/14/2005. Refile of previous file #470899 after 40 days of expiration date. /s/Raymond Tran This statement was filed with the County Clerk of




The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nerd Bird, 157 N. 9th St., San Jose, CA, 95112, Shaun Nurrenbern. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Shaun Nurrenbern This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/05/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)

SALES 2 LEGAL PARCELS, END OF ROAD, RIGHT IN TOWN Garden paradise w/SW exposure & End of Rd. privacy. Sunny side of Hwy 9 w/ tons of trees & good balance of sun/ shade. Dual access from Fairview Rd & Highland Dr. Adjacent, contiguous parcel 090-061-37 also avail. Both have survey of record. Just minutes to town. View of Coastal Mtns., Near Camp Joy neighborhood. Fire Hydrant at lot line, each parcel $119,000 or both $180,000. Owner financing avail. Call Debbie @ 408-395-5754 or visit:

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Garden paradise w/SW exposure & End of Rd. privacy. Sunny side of Hwy 9 w/ tons of trees & good balance of sun/ shade. Dual access from Fairview Rd & Highland Dr. Adjacent, contiguous parcel 090-061-37 also avail. Both have survey of record. Just minutes to town. View of Coastal Mtns., Near Camp Joy neighborhood. Fire Hydrant at lot line, each parcel $119,000 or both $180,000. Owner financing avail. Call Debbie @ 408.395.5754 or visit:

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real estate

11 69 | | | AUGUST 7-13, 2013

10 70

ALWAYS KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING For 15 years SF Station has been San Francisco’s premiere city guide to the best in Arts & Entertainment. SF Station is the place for locals to find out what’s happening tonight, tomorrow and beyond. Find us on Facebook & Twitter

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21-April 19): "You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings," says author Elizabeth Gilbert. I recommend that you experiment with this subversive idea, Aries. Just for a week, see what happens if you devote yourself to making yourself feel really good. I mean risk going to extremes as you pursue happiness with focused zeal. Try this: Draw up a list of experiences that you know will give you intense pleasure, and indulge in them all without apology. And please don’t fret about the possible consequences of getting crazed with joy. Be assured that the cosmos is providing you with more slack than usual. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): “I am not washed

and beautiful, in control of a shining world in which everything fits,” writes Taurus author Annie Dillard, “but instead am wandering awed about on a splintered wreck I’ve come to care for, whose gnawed trees breathe a delicate air.” I recommend you try on her perspective for size. For now, just forget about scrambling after perfection. At least temporarily, surrender any longing you might have for smooth propriety. Be willing to live without neat containment and polite decorum. Instead, be easy and breezy. Feel a generous acceptance for the messy beauty you’re embedded in. Love your life exactly as it is, with all of its paradoxes and mysteries.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Studies show that when Artwork by Michael Wertz

you’re driving a car, your safest speed is five miles per hour higher than the average rate of traffic. Faster than that, though, and the danger level rises. Traveling more slowly than everyone else on the road also increases your risk of having an accident. Applying these ideas metaphorically, I’d like to suggest you take a similar approach as you weave your way through life’s challenges in the coming week. Don’t dawdle and plod. Move a little swifter than everyone else, but don’t race along at a breakneck pace.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): The key theme this

week is *relaxed intensification.* Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to heighten and strengthen your devotion to things that are important to you—but in ways that make you feel more serene and self-possessed. To accomplish this, you will have to ignore the conventional wisdom, which falsely asserts that going deeper and giving more of yourself require you to increase your stress levels. You do indeed have a great potential for going deeper and giving more of yourself, but only if you also become more at peace with yourself and more at home in the world.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Last year a young Nebraskan entrepreneur changed his name from Tyler Gold to Tyrannosaurus Rex Gold. He said it was a way of giving him greater name recognition as he worked to build his career. Do you have any interest in making a bold move like that, Leo? The coming weeks would be a good time for you to think about adding a new twist to your nickname or title or self-image. But I recommend something less sensationalistic and more in line with the qualities you’d actually like to cultivate in the future. I’m thinking of something like Laughing Tiger or Lucky Lion or Wily Wildcat. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): African-American jazz

singer Billie Holiday was the great-granddaughter of a slave. By the time she was born in 1915, black people in the American South were no longer “owned” by white “masters,” but their predicament was still extreme. Racism was acute and debilitating. Here’s what Billie wrote in her autobiography: “You can be up to your boobies in white satin, with gardenias in your hair and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation.” Nothing you experience is remotely as oppressive as what Billie experienced, Virgo. But I’m wondering if you might suffer from a milder version of it. Is any part of you oppressed and inhibited even though your outward circumstances are technically unconstrained? If so, now’s the time to push for more freedom.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): What resounding triumphs and subtle transformations have you accomplished since your last birthday? How have you grown and changed? Are there any ways you have dwindled or drooped? The next few weeks will be an excellent time to take inventory

By ROB BREZSNY week of August 7

of these things. Your own evaluations will be most important, of course. You’ve got to be the ultimate judge of your own character. But you should also solicit the feedback of people you trust. They may be able to help you see clues you’ve missed. If, after weighing all the evidence, you decide you’re pleased with how your life has unfolded these past ten to eleven months, I suggest you celebrate your success. Throw yourself a party or buy yourself a reward or climb to the top of a mountain and unleash a victory cry.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Monmouth Park in New

Jersey hosts regular horse races from May through November. During one such event in 2010, a horse named Thewifenoseeverything finished first, just ahead of another nag named Thewifedoesntknow. I suspect that there’ll be a comparable outcome in your life sometime soon. Revelation will trump secrecy. Whoever is hiding information will lose out to anyone who sees and expresses the truth. I advise you to bet on the option that’s forthcoming and communicative, not the one that’s furtive and withholding.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You have both a poetic and a cosmic license to stretch yourself further. It’s best not to go too far, of course. You should stop yourself before you obliterate all boundaries and break all taboos and smash all precedents. But you’ve certainly got the blessings of fate if you seek to disregard some boundaries and shatter some taboos and outgrow some precedents. While you’re at it, you might also want to shed a few pinched expectations and escape an irrelevant limitation or two. It’s time to get as big and brave and brazen as you dare. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): When I was 19,

a thug shot me in the butt with a shotgun at close range. To this day, my body contains the 43 pellets he pumped into me. They have caused some minor health problems, and I’m always queasy when I see a gun. But I don’t experience any routine suffering from the wound. Its original impact no longer plagues me. What’s your own personal equivalent of my trauma, Capricorn? A sickness that racked you when you were young? A difficult break-up with your first love? The death of someone you cared about? Whatever it was, I suspect you now have the power to reach a new level of freedom from that old pain.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Want to take full

advantage of the sexy vibes that are swirling around in your vicinity? One thing you could do is whisper the following provocations in the ear of anyone who would respond well to a dose of boisterous magic: 1) “Corrupt me with your raw purity, baby; beguile me with your raucous honesty.” 2) “I finally figured out that one of the keys to eternal happiness is to be easily amused. Want me to show you how that works?” 3) “I dare you to quench my thirst for spiritual sensuality.” 4) “Let’s trade clothes and pretend we’re each other’s higher selves.”

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Some people put their

faith in religion or science or political ideologies. English novelist J.G. Ballard placed his faith elsewhere: in the imagination. “I believe in the power of the imagination to remake the world,” he wrote, “to release the truth within us, to hold back the night, to transcend death, to charm motorways, to ingratiate ourselves with birds, to enlist the confidences of madmen.” As you make your adjustments and reconfigure your plans, Pisces, I suggest you put your faith where Ballard did. Your imagination is far more potent and dynamic than you realize—especially right now.

Homework: Make a guess about where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing ten years from today. Testify at

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


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Geoffrey Geoffrey Smith Smith II

SUMMER S UMMER KRAFT KRAFT F BREW FEST FEST wrapped up SV S Beer W Week e eek on Saturday, Saturday y, with more than 45 craft beers on tap for tasti ng ng. tasting.

Jay from POO POOR RH HOUSE OUS SE BISTRO shares his favorite e IP IPA PA for SV Beer W Week. eek.

CAMPBELL MPBELL E BEER WALK. WALK. Guests strolled through t downtown Campbell on o W Wednesday ednesday e for the CA

AUGUST A U G U S T 7-13, 7-13, 2013 | metr o osiliconvalley .com | om | metr

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Flexible Class Schedules with Day and Eve Evening ning Classes


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