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COSTLY COMEBACK How Cindy Chavez fought— and bought—her way back to elected office p19 metr | sanjose. .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013



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By T TOM OM T TOMORROW OMORROW metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013


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On the Cheap C No surprise, given Ha! N o surpr rise, giv en how Rural/Metro R ural/Metro low-balled their bid u (“Ambulance Alert,” Fly, uly (“ “A Ambulance Aler t,”” The Fly y, JJuly “you 24). The old adage “y ou get what

you you o pa pay ay for” for” o rings so true her here. e. It I m mak es no sense wh vernmentt makes whyy go government al lwayys cho oses the lowest bid, bid an nd always chooses and ne ever cconsiders onsiders an never anyy other factorss ot ther than cost cost with the attitude: attitudee: other “H Hey, the ted the cheap e est “Hey, theyy submit submitted cheapest bi id, let ’s giv ontract to the m.” bid, let’s givee the ccontract them.” I work w in go vernment and get government pu ushed b y’s b ean- counters pushed byy the Cit City’s bean-counters to o alw ayys ac cept the lowest bid always accept rregardless e dless of other factors—I gue egar ess guess ccounting o ounting b eans is mor ortant beans moree imp important th han ensuring efficiency y. I am a big b than efficiency. ffan fa an of going back b k to the da d ayys of days ho ow the Sant ounty EM MS how Santaa Clara C County EMS w as run using SCV and Mede vacc was Medevac ba ack in the 19 8 0s when I work ed d as back 1980s worked a medic ne, medic.. Things wer weree running fin fine, o pr oblems. If it ain ’t br oke don n’t no problems. ain’t broke don’t fixx it it!! LLOYAL OYAL PUBLIC SER SERVANT VA ANT

Big City Sou Soul? ul? I’m al I’ ll ffor o or it i (“Gentle (“G leman’s all (“Gentleman’s Club C oming to Dow wntown Coming Downtown San JJose,” ose,” San JJose ose In side, JJuly uly 24). Inside, San JJose ose is a big cit y. If downtown city. Seat tle, Montr eal and d SF ha ave this Seattle, Montreal have kind of upsc ale strip club cclub,, San JJose ose upscale should ha ave it downt town, to o. San have downtown, too. JJose ose must stop actingg lik likee a suburb uff and allow big cit cityy stu stuff in its downtown. CITY BL BLUE UE

Lapping SF Sinc ayor R eeed an d the majorit Sincee M Mayor Reed and majorityy ouncil clo owns w ant of the cit cityy ccouncil clowns want San JJose ose to gr ow lik grow likee the cit cityy 50 miles to our north nor th h and have haave

a major le league eague baseball team, airp ort an nd mor ay we airport and moree … I sa say ntleman’s club or ttwo wo need a gen gentleman’s to help ccomplete o omplete that fant asy fantasy (“Gentlem man’s Club C oming to (“Gentleman’s Coming Downtow wn San JJose”). ose”). And, what Downtown ab etter pl lace than just ttwo wo blo cks better place blocks fr om cit ay cit from cityy hall. That w way cityy leaders ccan an go ha ave lunch and get a lap have danc ile the are at it. dancee whi while theyy are MICHAEL MICHA AEL R

Stripped-down Stripp ped-downFFForce or o ce This club won w ’t last if it ’s a legit won’t it’s club (“Gen ntleman’s Club C oming to (“Gentleman’s Coming Downtown n San JJose”). ose”). The only way way it will sur v e is if it is ccorrupt, viv orrupt, which survive won ’t b d —jjust lo ok at all the won’t bee difficult difficult—just look pr ostitutio on downtown and at the prostitution ccard ard clubs. clubs. It ’s nic ty It’s nicee to see that the cit city yes to it. The cit ty manager closes its eeyes city manager,, ma ayo or and d ccouncil ouncil ha ave stripp ed the mayor have stripped p olice department depaartment fr om b eing able to police from being [stop] it. It will only get worse! CALIFORNIA CALIF O ORNIA KID






10K » Halftime » 5K

A race for everyone! Â&#x2021;'28%/(5RDG5DFH® ..




Benefits non-profit youth running programs locally and nationally.

JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr

Make your next running challenge a DOUBLE! Thousands are. metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013



EElection lectionn Detection Detection Election ection nightss have morphed into a game of cat an nd mouse between Fly and and SSTACEY TACEY HENDLER HEN E DLER ROSS, ROSS, PR flack ffor or the SSouth outh Bay B LLabor abor Council.. In the county super vissor primary and then supervisor the runoff ch took place Tuesday, Tuuesdayy, runoff,f, whic which Hendler Ross hhas as taken to her new rrole ole as bouncer bouncer.. No mor moree than a minute into this week’s elec ction night party ffor or new election county SSupervisor upervissor CINDY CINDY CHAVEZ, CHA AV VEZ, Hendler Metro etro reporter reporter and an intern Ross gave a Me the boot.. Notingg that it was a private party and only “legitimate media media”” could enter R once again stifled the enter,, Hendler Ross fr ee pr ess.. Or soo she thought. While the free press. PR dr agon and an aggr essive bear ded dragon aggressive bearded companion thr e eatened to call the cops, threatened other Fly spies managed to enter the LLabor abor Temple’s Teemple’s sacred sacred confines, where where SSan an JJose ose counc cilmen KANSEN CCHU HU and councilmen A SH KALRA a ampbell Mayor EEVAN VAN ASH KALRA,, CCampbell LLOW, OW, per ennial candidate P ATRICIA T perennial PATRICIA M ARTINEZ-ROACH and others loyal to the MARTINEZ-ROACH cause huddled ar ound tables and dined around on hot sausage e,, grilled chicken and garlic sausage, br bread ead bef before ore moving m on to the chocolate ffondue ondue ffountain. ountain n.. First poll rreturns eturns gave Ch havez a Chavez Don’t commanding le lead ead with forget mor ppercent cent moree than 56 per to tip! of the vote,, leav leaving ving opponent T EREESA TERESA FLY@ METRONEWS. A LVA ARADO wit h an ALVARADO with COM insurmountablee deficit. Once again hold holding ding her election night party p at downtown Alvarado Flames in down ntown SSan an JJose, ose, A lvarado off ered a SSpartan partaan mix of cheese, crackers crackers offered and the rrestaurant’s estaurrant’s signature signature hot wings. SSan an JJose ose Counc cilman and futur mayoral Councilman futuree mayoral candidate SSAM AM LLICCARDO ICCARDO made the rrounds ounds and trie ed to keep spirits high, while tried other supporter rs fr equented the cash bar supporters frequented bar.. A Alvarado lvarado ar arrived rivedd nearly an hour after her ffate ate was alr eaddy written,, but the party already DJJ spun some M MICHAEL went on as a D ICHAEL JJACKSON ACKSON class sics and D AFT PUN K’s ““Get Get classics DAFT PUNK’s LLucky.” ucky..”” Conside ring Chavez had a near Considering limitless amoun nt of funding with the help amount of her coor coordinated dinated partners at the county Democr atic P arrty and the SSouth outh Bay Labor Labor Democratic Party Council, A lvaraddo likely would have needed Alvarado mor moree than luck to scor scoree the upset.


So Sorry

THE T HE HEA HEAT T IS O ON N Two San Jos Jose se police officers run a compan company ny called Third Degree Commu Communications, unicationss, which recently re ecently offered fellow cops som some me unusual tips on how to gai gain n evidence through letters of apology apology. y.

Defense attorney D attorneys ys voice concern n about S Jose P San Police olice Department’s D Department’ ’s tactics ta actics to g gain letters of apology a uspects from su suspects BY B Y JOSH K KOEHN OEHN


he San Jose Jose P Police olice Department’ss duty Department’ manual serves as a bible of sorts when itt comes to the h rules l and d re egulations for officers regulations officers.. In the th he 756-page tome that lays out procedures and protocol, protocol, out five fi pages are dedicated to in nterviews and interrogations interrogations interviews of of witnesses and suspects. suspects. Nowhere Nowhere in the duty manual, manua al, h however r, is there any menti ion however, mention of of an interrogation technique techniqu ue th hat is now receiving critici ism that criticism from frrom the Santa Clar Clara a County y Public Defender’ d Public Defender’ss office and local letters lo ocal defense attorneys: lett ers of apology. apology. of

In the JJuly uly edition of V Vanguard, aanguarrd, a ne n newsletter wsletttter ffor o or the San JJose ose P Police olicce

Officers A Officers Association, ssociation, thee union ffor o or SJPD,, ttwo officers SJPD wo offic w ers who run r an outside cconsulting onsulting business det a their metho ail ds detail methods to obt ain an ap ology let tter tt t r— —ffo ollowing obtain apology letter—following a cconfession—that onffession—that o e “r efu utes the ccoercion oercion “refutes ar gument and is one mo ore nail in the argument more ccoffin offin ffor o or yyour our ccase. o ase a .” A L P aul Franç ois Ass Lt. Paul François and offic er Enrique Gar cia pr cia, oprietors officer Garcia, proprietors of Thir d Degr ee C ommu uniccations a , Third Degree Communications, eexplain xxplain in a ““training training bu ulletin n” that has bulletin” b een cir culating among gst the rank and been circulating amongst file feense at tttorneeyys hate h to see an file,, “Def “Defense attorneys ap ology let tter t included as a eevidence. vvidence.” apology letter While this ma ay b ue, public may bee tru true, def fender e Molly O’N eal sa ssays ayys she is mor defender O’Neal moree cconcerned oncerned with practic e laid out b es practices byy ttwo w wo of SJPD’ hich ar SJPD’ss own—wh own—which aree also b eing ttaught aught to other la aw enf fo orcement being law enforcement agencies i across acrross o the th state sttate t and d country— countr t y— that ccould ould cr oss ethic al li ines. cross ethical lines. “It t’s a vvery er e y shor cu ument, but it ’s “It’s shortt do document, it’s vvery eery upset tttingg,” O’N eal sa ssays. ayys. ““Almost A Almost upsetting, O’Neal eevery veery sentenc ce is disturb bingg.” sentence disturbing. Franç ois and Gar cia, who w did not François Garcia, rreturn eturn multiple ccalls aalls ffor or ccomment, o omment, tell offic ers in their ap olo ogy let ttter officers apology letter

instruction nal to “[s]ell the let ttter as a instructional letter howing rremorse emorse ffor or act(s)” o means of sh showing and “p ersuaade the subject to write the “persuade let tter t to cconvince on nvinc v e others he is truly sorr letter sorryy eal, ffor or his actio o ons.” But ac cor o ding to O’N actions. according O’Neal, the sc ope an nd language of the training scope and bulletin go well b eyo ond pr otocol and beyond protocol rouble eeverybody. veerybodyy.” “ought to tr trouble In one off eight bullet p oints, the points, tutorial advises ers to lie to susp advvises offic ects officers suspects and sa ay, ““‘I’m ‘I’m m going to giv ve yyou ou o an say, give opp ortunitty that I’v ve giv ven e eeveryone veeryo one opportunity I’ve given that has satt in the same chair yyou’re ou’re o sit ttting [in], and the ey’v y ve all ttaken aak keen me sitting they’ve he authors add, “This is a up on it.” Th The technique used u b ro offessionals e . byy sales pr professionals. Y o ou’re plan nting the seed that if ‘e ver e yone o ’ You’re planting ‘everyone’ ne this ’s a go od idea ffor or him o else has don done this,, it it’s good w ” to do it as well. Plantingg the seed is ccertainly eertaainly a dubious w ay to put it, but it falls in way line with SJ JPD’s o ccasional a practic SJPD’s occasional practicee of temp orarilyy submit ttting false eevidence vvidence temporarily submitting into the rrecord eccord in the hop hopee that it will rresult esult in n a susp ect’s cconfession. onffession. e suspect’s que not ably went aawry w wry in This techni technique notably the pr osecu ution of Michael K eerk keeles, prosecution Kerkeles, who w aas ac ccused of raping a ment ally was accused mentally disabled wo oman in 20 05. woman 2005. San JJose ose p olicce detectiv ve Mat ttthew police detective Matthew Christian cl laimed to ha ave ffound o ound a claimed have blank keet ccovered oveered with K erk e keeles’ semen blanket Kerkeles’














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and submit submitted ttted it into eevidence, v videnc e, but when the ccase aase went to tr rial he fforgot or orggot in trial ssworn worn w testimon ny that hee had cconjured onjured testimony the eevidence vidence and the nam me of a fak ke lab name fake Attorney’s technician. The District A ttorne t eyy’s ccase aase against K eerk keeles, which lik llikely kely e would ha ave Kerkeles, have b een enough to gain a cconviction, onvviction, w on aas been was dismissed in 20 077, and th he cit ty of San 2007, the city JJose ose w aas forced for o ced to pa ay hi im a $150,0 00 was pay him $150,000 set tttlement as a rresult esult of a civil suit. suit settlement Another worrisome note n fr om from ers’ ap ology tutorial the SJPD offic officers’ apology depends interprets dep ends on how one int terprets an act as vvoluntary. o oluntary. After instructing offic cers to giv ve officers give susp ects a p en and pap e b er effo ore lea aving v suspects pen paper before leaving the rroom, oom, Franc ois and Gar G cia note that Francois Garcia “lea avving the rroom, oom, mor nyything “leaving moree than an anything else o oluntariness of else,, demonstrates the vvoluntariness the let ttter and his st atem ments. This giv vees letter statements. gives the pr osecutor the amm munition to prosecutor ammunition demonstrate vvoluntariness—while olunt o ness—while the arin subject w aas alone in the rroom, oom, he ccould ould was ha ave writ tten t ANY YT THIN NG (or nothing have written ANYTHING at all, ffor o or that mat ttter). Th he fact that he matter). The writes an incriminating st atementt—on statement—on his own— —sshows he did so s of his own own—shows fr reee will.” free Sg gtt. JJason ason Dwy yeer, a p o ce inf olic formation o Sgt. Dwyer, police information offic er ffor o or SJPD ettro that the officer SJPD,, tells Me Metro depar tment in no w ay funds fu or endorses department way Thi Thir rd Degr D ee C ommun nic ications’ ati ’ ser vic i es, Third Degree Communications’ services, and an ny at tttempts to cconnect o on nnect depar tment any attempts department pr otocol and rrecommendations ecommen ndations made protocol in the ar ticle b oiss and Gar cia—a article byy Franç François Garcia—a patr rol o lieutenant and rrobbery o ery unit obb patrol detective, detectiv ve, respectively—are respectivveelyy— —are misguided. aree ttalking “I think we ar aalkingg apples and oranges,,” he sa says, “because oranges ayys, “b ecausse this (training heree is ttalking style bulletin) her alking ab aabout out a st tyyle about persuade issue ab out how yyou ou p o errsuade someone to write a let letter, ttter, and we stick to the good go od b books: ooks: k our dut d duty ty manual m l and d the h California Peace Officer’s source book. C aliffo ornia P eacce O fficer’’s sour ce b ook.” Dwyer SJPD policy Dwy yer e notes that SJP PD p olicy is to get waiver suspects have aw aaivveer acknowledgingg susp ects ha ave been b een rread ead their Mirandaa rights and agr agree ee to ans answer swer w questions questions,, b before effo ore gaining a statement without vvoluntary o oluntary st taatement wit thout ccoercion. oercion. theree is ambiguit ambiguity But ther ty with w no clear department depar tment p policy olicy on ob obtaining btaining ap apology ology letters, interrogations let ttters, and not all SJPD interr ogations aree rrecorded. ar ecorded. Dwyer says Dwy yer e sa ayys that SJPD D has no documentation do cumenttaation of pa payments ayym ments made Third Degree Communications to Thir d Degr ee C ommu unications or officers who pay rreimbursing eimbursing offic ceers wh ho pa ay out of pocket p ock keet ffor or the ccompany’s o ompan nyy’s seminars/ workshops,, but “our p workshops policy ollicy do does es allow ffor or rreimbursement o eimbursement ffor o or training t subject to authorization thr through ro ouggh the chain of

ccommand. ommand.” SJPD P olicce Chief L arry Police Larry Esquivel and Attorney’s Esquiv veel an nd the District A tttorneeyy’s officee b offic both oth declined inter interviews views ffor or this o story. stor y. Defense Def feense at aattorney tttorneey Dan Bar Barton, ton, a partner with Palo law Nolan, par tner wit th P alo Alto la aw firm N olan, Armstrong Armstr ongg & Barton Barton LLP P, sa says ays y ap apology ology letters let ttters ar aree “aa rreally eally manipulativ manipulative ve w way ay to from “naive get a cconfession, onffes ession,” generally fr om “naiv ve or ine inexperienced” exxperieenced ed” susp suspects. ects. “The rreal eall danger of these ap ology apology letters let ttters is tha that at the susp suspect ect is not encouraged enc ouraged d to ac accurately curately rrecount ecount the eevents, vents e ,” he ccontinues. ontinues. “Ther “Theree is always alw ways y a fals false se suggestion that ac accepting cepting rresponsibility esponsibiliitty will b ewaarded with bee rrewarded leniency. satisfy supposed osed leniency y. In n order order to satisf fy the supp audience, the apologies audienc e, th he ap ologies ffocus ocus on the suspect’s susp ect’s rresponsibility. essponsibilitty. The susp suspect ect has no rreason eeason to o parse the facts and pr ovvide a provide moree balan mor balanced ncceed ac account count of eevents. vents e . school way was “The old d scho ol w ay of doing it w as a yyou ou got p o eo ople to cconfess onffess e b people byy telling them have fingerprints,, video video,, yyou ou ha o ave eevidence, v videnc e, fingerprints etc.. That us etc used sed to b bee the end game game.. Giving person apology ap erson a let lletter ttter to write an ap ology is an dance. end-zone da ance.” The Publ Public lic Def Defender’s feender’s biggest Third Degree cconcern oncern rregarding eggarding the Thir rd Degr reee Communications C ommuniccations let letter tter t ccomes omes in an endnote,, which advertises endnote wh adv veertises “unique situations it ti a d other and th strategies t t i ffor or o obt obtaining aining and a k keeping eeeping incriminating statements admissible”” ffor people st atements admissible o or p eople who speak ccannot annot sp eaak or write in English. “We “W We w want aan nt to mak make ke sur suree that rights ar aree protected educated pr otected ffor o or the most educ caated in our society so cietty and the most mar marginalized rginalized g in our so society, O’Neal says. laws cietty,” O’N eal sa ayys. “The la aw ws apply equally to eeveryone. veeryo one. The idea that yyou’re ou o u’’re going to ttake ak ke p people eople whose language skills ar are re no not ot par particularly ticularly de developed, velop e ed, or perhaps p erhaps h ccompletely om mpletely l l uneduc uneducated, d caated, d and d trying keep statements atements tr ying to k eeep ‘incriminating st admissible,,’ to me sounds lik admissible like ke yyou’re ou’re o ttaking aking adva advantage anttaage of vulnerable p people eople in so society. cietty. y” y” In addition on to a ccalendar alendar of up upcoming coming additio workshops and seminars seminars,, Thir Third Degree’s rd Degr reee’s website pr provides ovvides ar articles ticles on various ccase ase la law aw and d pr procedures, ocedures, testimonials testimonials,, suggested rreading e eading links and mer merchandise rchandise c sale.. A ccommon logo shirts, ffor or sale o o ommon lo go on the shir ts, ballcaps, mousepad, ballc aps, mo ousepad, ccalendar alendar a and ccoffee off ffeee mugs ffor or sa o sale ale is a ccartoon ar a toon that ffeatures eeatures a detective detectiv ve sh shining hining an interr interrogation rogation lamp on a susp suspect, ecct, who is ffeeling eeeling the heat to point that fire. the p oint th hat his pants ccatch atch on fir e. Other O ther sh shirts hirts ccome ome with a ccolorful olorful drawing dra aw wing of an electric chair and the phrase,, “N phrase “Nothing o othing but the truth!”

-53)# &%34)6!,

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Steve Lippia sings this stylish songbook

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Open Open Go Government vernment C Committee ommittttee meeting,, the meeting t day daay before beffo ore the club op ens: asse essing a fee fee e on adult clubs opens: assessing to pay paay for fo or a greater greater police police presence; presence; strict ruless on patrons patrons touching danc ers, ass well as restrictions restrictions dancers, on dancing dancing platform platfo orm heights and lighting; early early closing hours, hours, with midnight suggested on the late end of thee spectrum; spectrum; and zoning rrequirements equiremeents that would keep keep from schools, daycares, clubs aaway way fr om scho ols, da aycares, libraries,, parks libraries p and similar vvenues. enues.

Water W ateer War War BY JENN JENNIFER NIFER WADSWORTH WADS W OR T H NOT N OT SO FAST San Liccardo, a San Jo Jose ose councilman and mayoral can candidate ndidate in next year’s ye ear’s election, says a gentlemen’ss club has no place in the heart off downtown.

SSam am Liccardo: Liccardo: Upp in the CClub U lub B JENNIFER W BY WADSWORTH ADS W OR T H ot club After voting A voting o to raise ttaxes axes on p pot cclubs ea arlier this year, yeear, San JJose ose C ouncilm man earlier Councilman Sam Liccardo new vicee to Sa am Lic cardo has ffound ound a ne o w vic ttackle: a ackle: nudie bars bars.. eniing Spurred byy the imminent op opening Spurr ed b off a gentlemen gentlemen’s ’s club in downtown downtown, n, Liccardo impose Li iccardo has asked ask keed the city citty to imp o ose moree rrestrictions m mor estrictions on San JJose’s ose’s adu adult ult establishments. es stablishments. The cit city ty alr already eady ba bans ans nudity businesses,, which nu uditty in downtown businesses w leaves le eaaves e us to pr presume esume that the Gold d Club,, slated to op open Aug. C Club en up A ug. 8 in the t historic hi istoric 81 W W.. Sant Santaa Clara St. build building, ding, w operate will operate as a bikini bar. bar. Liccardo wants bee clear that But Lic caardo w ants a to b at cracking cr racking down on pseudo strip clubs and an nd medic medical caal marijuana disp dispensaries ensaries is i not no ot par part rt of some purit puritanical aniccaal crusade crusade.. Se exxuallyy--themed businesses ar e, after all, Sexually-themed are, entitled en ntitled to their F First irst Amendment rig rights. ghts. “Thi has “This h nothing hi to do d with i hm myy personal p ersonal vie views, ws,” sa says ays y Lic Liccardo, cardo, who whose se di istrict covers covers downtown and nor t th district north San point theree ar Sa an JJose. ose. “The p oint is that ther aaree bu usinesses that are are more more crimino geenic businesses criminogenic th han others ettty clea ar than others.. The dat dataa is pr pretty clear that th hat this type typ y e of business is violent and th heft-related.” theft-related.

Liccardo byy ttwo Lic cardo points points to a study b wo University Louisville social U nivversit e y of L ouisvillee so cial scientists “secondary who found fo ound that the “se econdary effects” eff ffeects” of strip clubs clubs,, ccompared ompared e to normal bars,, results of robbery, bars results in higher rates r robbery, assault and theft crime crimes. Off ccourse, es. O ourse, may not bee a true th Gold the G ld Club Cl b ma ay no ott b t strip ti club,, but that that’s there. club ’s neitherr here here nor ther e. thiss cit city's police ““At At a time when thi tyy's p olice department strapped depar tment remains remains st trapped ffor o or afford stretch rresources, esources, we ccannot annot aff ffo ff ord to str etch further poorly them any an ny fur ther with hap oorly rregulated egulated club that will willl become become an attractive nuisancee ffor crime,,” Lic Liccardo at ttractiv t e nuisanc or o crime cardo writes in a memo. memo. With city trying luree W iith the cit ty tr ying to lur investors to commit in nvestors e commit $100 $1100 million to new $150 million illi for for o every eveery ne w high-rise hi h i in i 23-story, downtown—a 23story, $130 million apartment broke apar tment tower rrecently ecen ntly br ok ke ground blocks gr ound two tw wo blo cks from from m the soon-tosoon-tobee Gold Club Club—there’s lose,, b —there’s a lot to lose Liccardo Lic cardo continues. continues. “We hopee that moree “W We ccan an only hop t mor groundbreakings gr oundbreakings will ffollow, ollow o w, but we investors developers ccan't an't expect expect in nveestors and a de velop e ers their to continue continue to risk thei ir $130 million bee rroutinely on towers that will b outinely surrounded surr ounded by by 24-year-old 24--yeearr-old men with elevated levels testosterone ele vated le evels of testos sterone and intoxication, says, from intoxic ation,” he sa ayys, clearly c fr om the believes ccamp amp that b elieeves nott eeveryone veeryone o who frequents bee a fr equents the Gold Club Clu ub will b gentleman. Among the ideas Liccardo’s Liiccardo’s proposing pr oposing to the city’s city’s Rules Ru ules and

Almaden L Lake, ake, one of the filthiest bodies water Bay Area b bo dies off w di ater iin n the h Ba B ay Ar A ea possibly state, steeped and p ossib bly the st ate, is steep ed in element elemental al mer mercury cury and p polluted olluted byy blue b blue-green -green algae blo blooms oms and from bird droppings. bacteria fr rom bir d dr oppings. But how to cle clean ommunity ean up this ccommunity ccesspool esspool has h raised a fair bit of ccontroversy. ontroverssy. 32-acre, lakee lies The 32-a 32 a e, man-made acr man made lak under the pur purview Santaa Clara view of the Sant Valley Water faces V aalley Wa ater District, which fac es pressure from pr essure fr rom the rregion egion and the state water’s methyl st ate to remove rem move the w ater’s meth hyyl mercury deposits over from mer cury dep d osits left o ver fr om the now-defunct Quicksilver defun nownct Almaden Quicksilv er operations. Mining op perations. The private gravel quarry began gra avel qua arry b egan eexcavating xcavvating at Los 1940s,, L os Alamitos Alamittos Creek Creek in the 1940s nearbyy gradually transmo ttransmogrifying griffying y a nearb field murky 35-footgrazing i fie fi eld ld into i a murk ky 35-f foottlake. over spot deep lak e. San JJose ose took took o ver the sp ot 1982, opening in 19 82, op pening it up as a public pedal park ffor or fishing, o fisshing, sswimming wimming and p edal boating. But pollution have b oating. B ut years years of p ollution ha ave uses, rrestricted estricted those t uses, rrendering endering the benefit lakee aesthetic aesthetic.. only b enefi fit of the lak district presented several The dist trict has pr esented se veral options to deal with the lak lakee toxicit toxicity, y, affects birds: which aff ffeects e plants, plants, fish and bir ds: about drain the lak llake’s e’s depth to ab out 10 ffeet eeet and split sp plit the lake lake in ttwo; wo; fill in parts the lakee either east or west of par ts of th he lak channel grassyy fields the channe el and top with grass (maybe soccer entiree (ma ayb y e so ccer fields); fill in the entir lake way several lake to make maake w ay for for o se veral fields soccer (includingg so ccer fields). there’s theyy lo love If ther e’s one thing the ve in it’s soccer fields.. Almaden, it ’s so ccer fields


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updated daily: www twitter: @ @sv411 sv411 ffacebook: acebook: siliconvall siliconvalley411 ley411 Football.. After this inf information ormation is analyzed,, a new jury w will ill be impaneled to determine what rroyalties oyaalties Antonick may be owed.

IN THE GAME GAME M A former Electronic Arts prog programmer grammer won a multi-million do dollar llar lawsuit against Madden Football games.. again nst the company for his work on n the M adden F ootball games

Boom Boom! m! Madden Football Programmer Wins Pr ogrammer Win ns Lawsuit A jury sided sided last week with Electr Electronic onicc Arts developer Robin that giant Antonick in n his lawsuit contending th hat the game industry gian nt dollars ppotentiallyy owes him millions of dolla ars in rroyalties oyal y ties stemmingg from development Football franchise. fr om devel opment of the Madden Fo otball video game fr anchisse. Insiders estimate estim mate that the company could bee liable for for $11 million initially, initiallyy, with w potentially significant significant additional liabilities if Antonick can show that Madden Maddeen games made after 2000 are are still based on his his code. Antonick,, fformer orm mer EA CEO Trip Trip r Hawkins and football footb ball great great John Madden were were the original three th hree co-creators co-creators of the Madden Football Fo ootball Game, which ran ran on the Commodor 6 , Apple II,, SEGA Genesis and MSDOS MSD DOS operating operating platforms. platforms.. Antonick’s Antonick’’s Commodoree 64, contr act stipulated stipu ulated that he was due royalties royalties for for o the game,, but EA has contended d contract that it signific cantly redesigned redesigned Madden Football, Football,l, thereby thereby nullifying the royalty royalty significantly ar rangement. arrangement. The jury disag greed,, but its ruling does not speci fy exactly how ffar ar the rroyalty oyalty disagreed, specify ar rangement extends. e arrangement Antonick’s att torneys say they will pursue all ver rsions of the Madden Football gam me. attorneys versions game. “Now that wee have this liability finding,, it ’s goin ng to be pr etty easy ffor or our expertt it’s going pretty to link all the other games,”” S tuart P ainterr, Anto onick’s attorney y, told GamesIndust ry Stuart Painter, Antonick’s attorney, GamesIndustry International. A spokesperso on ffor or EA said the company conte nds that the ruling doesn’t doesn t rreach each iinto spokesperson contends later pr opertiees. properties. ”While we’r d with the jury’s ver dicct and will appeal, this has always we’ree disappointed verdict been a case aabout bout games fr om the early 1990s,, and it has no impact on today’s from Madden NFL fr ffranchise,” anchise,”” the company said. Antonick’s att torneys will now seek to pr ove oth herwise,, by issuing a series of attorneys prove otherwise, discovery mot tions rrequesting equesting sour ce code and sales s data ffor or all versions of Madd den motions source Madden

Antonick played college college football, football, and he says y he was rresponsible e p esponsible programming ffor or the pr ogramming innovations players that allowed 22 playe ers on the field and the execution of a rreal eal NFL playbook, as well as algorithms a that would rreplicate playerr attributes. eplicate playe The lawsuit alleged that th hat Antonick publishing signed a series of pub blishing and development contracts contractts with EA publisher that rrequired equired the pub blisher to pay Antonick rroyalties oyalties on any derivative version works related related to the original o of Madden Football, Football including in ncluding annual rreleases.—Dan eleases.—Dan Holden n

For a company comp panyy that has struggled gg with T TV V devices, deevices, Google’s latest creation comes creation co omes across across as simple and, perha perhaps importantly, aps more more importantly y, inexpensive. inexpensivve. The downside is Chromecast Chromecasst currently currently only pushes content from from a limited number of contentt providers: providers:: the abovementioned d services, services, plus Google Play and the Chrome Ch hrome browser. browser. But fear Chromecast fear not, not, iOS users. Chr omecast also workss with certain iPhone apps including the t YouTube YouT Tu ube app. — Jennifer Jennifer e Elias

Startup Watch: Startup Watch: 23 23an dM dMe 23andMe In the tr traditionally adiitionally slow and ar archaic chaic process that pr ocess tha at is genetic rresearch esearch testing, and testing g,, Mountain View startup 23andMe iss filling in the blanks of some of the the biggest medical mysteries.

STICK STI CK UP Google’s Google’s latest little reinvent dongle could reinven nt the way TV. people watch TV V.

The Memo ory Memory SStick tick to Ru ule All Rule Memory Sticks Stick t s Google announced itss solution last multiple week to mul tiple device device television in the fform orm of a little dongle called Chromecast. It’s Google’s Chr omecast.. It ’s Goog gle’s supposed solution to seamlesslyy storing video electronic content on all electr onic devices, including the television. televisio on. The USB-like TV’s device plugs into a T V’s HDMI port and str streams from eams content fr om a Wi-Fi enabled cloud via mobile mob bile devices. Chromecast For just $35, Chr omeccast will enable any phone, tablet or computer c t b to become a rremote emote t for for certain t i services. ser vices. Content providers provviders will have “Cast”. a new in-app option called c “Cast”. Cast YouTube Once the C ast is enabled, enab bled, Y ouT Tube u videos, Netflix movies, moviess, Pandora Pandora music and other content content can be controlled contr olled by a phone, phonee, tablet or laptop.

simple With a sim ple saliva test,, the company probes approximately pr obes app proximately one million specific locations loccations in genes whose variant fforms orm ms have been confirmed “We’re by rresearch. esearch h.. “W e’re looking at very specific locations loccations rather rather than looking at everything,” everything, ,”” the company says. The test is a saliva bottle in a box. Participants articipantts use the bottle to collect P their salivaa and send it back to the Mountain View V lab. The company moree than 2240 health rreports eports on mor 40 heal th moree conditions and traits, traits,, testing ffor or mor inherited than 40 inh herited conditions.. It also over survey collects ove er 2 million sur vey answers average in an aver a week. age One of the challenges of disease prevention pr evention is lack of people participating surveys, participatin ng in research research sur veys,, but survey 23andMe ccross-references cross-references sur vey questions with w test rresults esults to identify the situations. situatio ons. Thousandss of active Facebook page sharee members post, p comment and shar discoveries, their discov veries, fforging veries, orging common amidst bonds amid dst a vast pool of users. high With the hi gh volume of customers and an early round rou und of big investments,, the company has has kept the DNA test price, more, which traditionally tradiitionally runs $300 or mor e, down to a modest m $99.— — Jennifer Jennifer Elias

11  The San Jose Cooper o ative Brewerry & Pub

Inco c rporated in January 2013, 3 t he Co oop Brewpub is a memberowned, democratically managed busin u ess located right here in the sou uth bay area. Our 225 memberown w ers are currently in a membership drive to reach 3,000. For a one-time membership fee of $150, memberowners receive one sh s are of the Co-op Brewpub and a vote on Board electtions, referendums and input on many of the Co-op decisions such as location, the kinds of beer and food it will serve, and the ove erall culture of brewpub. Benefits also include dividends of profit is based on each PHPEHU·V patronage at the Co-op Brewpub.

For more in nffo orma atiion, come meet us us at the 2013 Kraftbrew Hom o e Brew Co om mpetition Aug gust 3, 2013




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Viva el Fest

YOUTH Y OU T H V VOICES OICES Claudia Estrada of Mund MundoFox doFox celebrated the SpanishSpanish-language language network’ network’ss partnersh partnership hip with Mexican Heritage festivities performance Ordonez. the M exican nH eritage corporation at festi ivities that included a perform mance by young Daniel Ordone ez.

In jju just ust a little more e than 20 years, Mariachi Festival years s, the M ariachii F estival e has blossomed blosso omed into a wide-ranging wiide-ranging celebration cele ebration of Mexican Mex xican culture BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


SO ORCHESTRATORS RCHESTRA ATORS of the t gargantuan VivaFest, Viv vaFest, the San JJose ose e Mariachi and Mexican Heritage Festival M exican H e eritage F estival that unfolds in San JJose ose all through September, Mexican September r, the M exican Heritage Corporation (MHC) H eritage Co orporation (MH C) celebrated celebr ated the beginning era of a new er ra last week. A MundoFox, partnership p with Mundo Fox, Spanish-language the new Sp panish-language American broadcast b network, was announced w as annou unced during a grandgrandscale fundr fundraising celebration raising celebration Campbell at a new Ca ampbell restaurant, restaurant, Ciano’s Modern Flavors.. Ciano ’s M odern Latin Flavors

Att the par A party, ty, the anti-manabout-town ab bout-town slid into a ttable able with bigwigs from MundoFox, b igwigs fr om MundoF ox, ESPN Deportes Mexican Consulate D Dep ortes and the Me xican C onsu ulate General’ss offic office. G General’ e. Mariachis filled the th he rrestaurant, estaurant,, sangria flowed and d devoured Latin American eeveryone veryone de voured L atin Americ a an delicacies. about passerby d delic acies. JJust ust ab out eevery very passer rby on sidewalk stopped watch o n the side walk stopp ed to w atch h the through open m music thr ough the op en rrestaurant estauran nt facade. played fa acade. The band eeven ven pla ayed ““Ai Ai A M Manera,” the Spanish-languagee Mi Way. vversion e ersion of “My Wa ay.” Sinatra and the Gipsyy Kings would ha have been proud. G Gips ave b een pr o oud. Now, N ow w, off ccourse, ourse, some lo llocal call context. conttext. Initially mariachi-dominated In nitially a mariachidominated ago,, the whole ffestival e estival 22 yyears ears ago shebang, VivaFest, sh hebang, now branded as V iivaFesst, manyy fla flavors Mexican ccelebrates e elebrates man avors of Me xican a heritage ways many h herit age in w ayys that man y ccan an enjoy. facultyy fr from en njoy. Mariachi facult om far and a arrivee to teach educ educational ational w wide arriv

workshops and help im implement mplement K K-12 -12 pr p oggrams a .G Gigs g unf u fo old d in plac p acees as a programs. unfold places lar ge as the Shark T an ank and as small large Tank as a str eet ccorner. orner. Parks, Park ks, theaters street theaters,, classrooms, libraries m and classrooms, libraries,, museums the C onsulate Genera al’s offic Consulate General’s officee all ser ve as vvenues enues duringg the monthserve long ccelebration. elebration. And d with tons of ar chived video mat terial fr om archived material from pr evious ffestivals eestivals rip or disp o ersal, previous ripee ffor dispersal, long-term supp orters of MHC, MHC, as supporters well as its b oard, ar umping ffor o or board, aree ju jumping jo ox par tnership. A joyy at the MundoF MundoFox partnership. ccorner orner has been been turned. turneed. Andr ew Hill alumnus alumn nus Mik Canul, Andrew Mikee Canul, now MHC Chairman of the Boar d, Board, sa ayys that after financial financiaal uncertainties uncertainties says had put the ccorporation’s orporatiion’s futur futuree in limb o, he was was blown blow wn aaway way b limbo, byy the ccelebration elebration at Cia ano’s last Ciano’s week and at the pr ogrress now progress b eing made being made.. Seeing a huge media par tner lik o step up and ox partner likee MundoF MundoFox par ticipate i i almost l ma ade d hi him cr y. participate made cry. All those in at tendancce, Hispanic attendance, and non-Hispanic ere ther non-Hispanic,, we were theree to supp ort music and ar t educ ts ation. support arts education. Ev en though a TV net twork is now Even network par tnering with MHC C, the fundraiser partnering MHC, did not seem lik o orate orp likee a ccorporate schmo oze b ny str eryone ettch. Ev schmooze byy an any stretch. Everyone

seemed to b y. bee par partt of one big family family. A 1010 year- old o kid eeven ven sang a ffew ew 10-year-old mariachi numb n ers. numbers. “Ther w eople in ther “Theree wer weree p people theree that didn ’tt ha ave a GED didn’t have GED,, ther theree wer weree eople in ther p ttheree with a Ph.D .,” C anul people Ph.D., Canul sa ayys. ““And A And eeveryone veryone w as interacting says. was on a p ositiive high note as so positive note.. It w was rrefreshing efreshing fr om all these eevents vents that from ar muck ky-muck, where where you’re you’re sitting sitting aree mucky-muck, ther ’s the same old p eople, theree and it it’s people, with the sa ame old sp eeches, and yyou ou same speeches, don ’t know w wher y’s going don’t wheree the mone money’s going.. Ma ayybe we ’re mo ving on into a ne w Maybe we’re moving new era.” R egar e din ng V iivaFest itself f, the Regarding VivaFest itself, anti-man-a about-town ccan an at tttest to anti-man-about-town attest the ener gy eexemplified xemplified b energy byy these eevents vents o ver e the yyears. ears. F or a ffew ew over For seasons inda R onst o adt w as eeven ven seasons,, Li Linda Ronstadt was in nvolved as a ar tistic dir ector. One involved artistic director. yyear, ear, a sma all pr ess cconference onffer e ence to ok small press took plac er house near the Seacliff placee at he her neighb i hborh h od off S ho San F Francisc i o. A neighborhood Francisco. Att that eevent, ventt, legendary legendary activist Dolores Dolores Huer ta satt in on the cconversation on nversation Huerta and we alll ffelt eelt in the pr esence of presence rroyalty. oyalty. An nother yyear, ear, C arlos Sant ana Another Carlos Santana showed up p to giv ess cconference onffer e ence givee a pr press in the Fair rmont. Listening to Fairmont. Sant ana em mphasize the imp ortance Santana emphasize importance of music ffor o yyouth or outh educ ation while education bashing R o onald R eeagan and Arnold Ronald Reagan Sch hwarzen negger w as lik atching Schwarzenegger was likee w watching hi pla him lay an a elaborate elab l borate mystical mystic i all guitar guit i ar play solo of som me sor t. Ev erybody in the some sort. Everybody rroom oom w as in tune was tune.. This yyear’s eaar’s V iivaFest pr omises VivaFest promises to off ffeer another an nother eclectic variety variety of offer activities Folklorico dance dance workshops activities.. Folklorico and films will w unf fo old at the T ech e unfold Tech Museum. The T C onsulate General's Consulate offic xhibit a show dedic ated officee will eexhibit dedicated to legenda ary Me xican illustrator legendary Mexican JJose ose Guada alupe P osada. The main Guadalupe Posada. outdo or mariachi m ffestival eestival will ttake ake outdoor o ver Ar enaa Gr een on Sunda ay, Sept. over Arena Green Sunday, 15. St ay tun ned ffor o or mor overage as Stay tuned moree ccoverage the eevents vents dra aw closer. closer. draw After th he variet the varietyy of music and educ attional pr ograms ha ave educational programs have cconcluded, oncluded d,, V ivaF i est eexecutive xecutive VivaFest pr oducer Mar M cela Da avvison A vvilés producer Marcela Davison Avilés sa ayys rreturning eturn ning music and ar says artt to element ary scho ols is k ey. It ’s a bat tle elementary schools key. It’s battle aged. that must b bee w waged. “P art off what we w ant the ffestival eestival “Part want to do is to ccontinue ontinue to put a sp otlight spotlight on how music m educ ation ccan an change education liv es and how h it ccan an cr eate an impact lives create on our ccommunity, om mmunity,” she sa ays y . ““And A And says. wh hy it ’s im mportant to include a music why it’s important educ ation and an ar ts educ ation into education arts education a whole cu urriculum.” curriculum.





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Z Clinic Clinical al TTrials, rialss, Regulatory Regulatory Affairs, Affairs, and Medical Medical Devices Devices ZS Software oftware De Development velopment

6–8:30 6–8: 30 pm ZA Administrative dministrative and Executive Executive Assistants Assistants Z In Information formation Technology, Technology, Database Database and Dat Dataa Analytic Analytics cs

6:30–8:30 6: 30–8:30 pm Z Web Web and Interactive Inter e active Media Design Design

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SSeptember eptember 116—November 6—November 24 24 Enrollment Enr ollment accepted ac a cepted thr through ough Nov. Nov. 22. 22. uc u//events Copyright © 20133 TThe he Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. reeserved.

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SEPT 26-29, 2013 )"3Ufe #$HW`gWe &VSje #hd[efTS`V

4^SU]?[^]Â&#x2021;5^ShZS__WdÂ&#x2021;FZW5agbÂ&#x2021;6S_8g`] 6WSXZWSÄ&#x201A;W`Â&#x2021;8Sfea<Wfea`Â&#x2021;;USdge>[`W FZW>W_a`ZWSVeÂ&#x2021;FZW>[_age[`WeÂ&#x2021;A88 ?a`Va9W`WdSfadÂ&#x2021;FadUZWeÂ&#x2021;S`V_S`j _adWfaTWS``ag`UWV F[U]Wfea`eS^W`ah2U$eÄ&#x201A; Ua_!f[U]Wfe

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LIFE L IFE OF OF T THE HE P PARTY A RT Y Cindy Chavez Chavez, z, center center, r, poses for f photos with supporters an and nd volunteers after first poll re results esults showed her in the lead for the co county unty supervisor supervisor’ supervisor’ss election T Tuesday. ue esday y.

The Redemption R mption of Cindy Redem Cinddy Chavez Chavez Or, Orr, the buying b of an a election BY BY D DAN AN PUL PULCRANO LCR ANO


N WHAT WHAT may turn out to be one of the e most expensive rraces aces ever for a local county office, Cindy Cin ndy Chavez has captured the District D 2 Supervisor seatt held by her disgr aced form mer ally, ally y, George Shir akaw wa, Jr. Jr. T he victory disgraced former Shirakawa, The places the largestt county government in the t global home of leading edge technology—from tech hnology—from T eslas to Google G Glass—firmly Teslas in the hands of an n old-fashioned political p machine;; a classic one that delivers votes, votes, wins elections, elections, rewards rew wards its followers and dispenses benefits. benefits. Over the next two years, years, the board will vote on billions billio ons of dollars in employee ee compensation employe contr contracts—the acts—the co county ounty spends $3 billion a year on salaries, salaries, benefits and pensions—for penssions—for the members of o the unions who returned the former form mer San Jose Jose city official to t public office.

Well W ell e o over ver $1 million w was as sp spent en nt in the p political olitical sprint,, the majorit majorityy b byy Chavez’s Cha avez’s ccampaign ampaign and a net network wo ork of public emplo employee yee union-align union-aligned ned ccommittees. ommittees. A According ccording to a rreview evie v w of the latest ccampaign ampaign disclosur disclosuree filings fi with the ccounty ounty and Secr Secretary etary of State’s St ate’s offic office, e, the Cha Chavez avez ccampaign ampaaign and the ccommittees ommittttees it ccoordinated oordinaated with sp spent ent no less than $752,0 $752,000 00 on the primar primaryy and runoff runoff, ff,, and d that total tot al should b bee much, much hi higher igher when all fforms orms o ar aree ccounted. ounted. Th This his tot total al do does es not include an anyy mon money ney spent sp ent on mailers b byy the South Ba B Bay ay Labor L abor C Council’s ouncil’s C Committee ommittttee on n

P Political olitical Educ Education ation (C (COPE), OPE), which has aggr aggressively essively ccampaigned am mpaigned on Cha Chavez’s avez’s b behalf. ehalff. Cha Chavez avez b benefited enefited d fr from om a ccompressed ompressed election n cy cycle cle or orchestrated chestrated b byy herr allies on the Boar Board d of Sup Supervisors ervisorrs o over ver the objections of ccommunity omm munity memb members ers who app appealed ealed ffor or an o nA Aug. ug. 20 election. A Activist ctivist Om Omar mar T Torres o orres ar argued gued ffor or the thr o three eee eextra xtra weeks weeks,, sa saying, aying y , “Our ccommunity ommu unity is ffed eed up up.. .... .. W Wee w want aant a ccandidate andid date who will b bee b beholden eholden to the ccommunity om mmunitty rresidents esidents of District 2,, not to the t p powerful owerful


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1959 WEST SAN CARLOS 408.292.6100 BLOSSOM HILL RD 408.269.1000 1008 BLOS buy / sell / tr trade ade / consign

THIS T HIS THING THING ON? ON? So South outh Bay L Labor abor Council chief Ben B Field will likely continue to work clo closely osely with his former boss and new county Supervisor Cindy Chavez Chavez..


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interests inter ests who ha have ave lon long ng dominated Santaa Clara C Sant County ountty p politics. o olitics .” The brief brief,f, low-turnout low-turnou ut balloting during the do dogg days daays y of summer s benefited b enefited the ccandidate andidatee with an or organization ganization at the rready eady and inter interested ested parties parties to to ttap ap for for o ccontributions. ontributions. It’s It’s a machine macchine that has its roots roots in the 19 1990s, 90s, when w Chavez’s Chaavez’s mentor, mentor r, Amy Am my Dean,, rose rosse to the helm of the South Ba Bay ay Labor Labor C Council. o ouncil. T To ob boost oost the lab labor or ccouncil—a ouncil a measly ouncil—a m six-figur six six-figure figure operation—Dean op eration—Dean inc incorporated orrporated a ttaxaxeexempt xempt non-pr non-profit ofit to sq squeeze queeze mone moneyy out of the ffoundation o oundation ccommunity. ommunitty. The 501c3 W Working o orking Partnerships Parrtnerships USA USA would bring in mor moree than th han $2 $255 million in donations o over veer the ne next n xt 15 yyears, eears, according ac cording to ttax ax filings filings..

“Our Our firs first st big win with a lo local cal candidate candidate w was as the election of Cindy Chavez Chaavez to the Cit City ty C Council ouncil in 19 1998, 98,” Dean wrote wrotte in a 20 2003 03 essay essaay titled, “Taking “T Taaking Over Ovver City City Council. Council.” “In 2001, 20011,, we continued continued to organize organize for for o working workin ng class p power ower on the City Citty Council Council b byy thr throwing owing our ener energy gy behind behind N Nora o C ora Campos, ampos, a young young o Latina Latina from from the East E Side (the low-inc low-income ome district of San S JJose), ose),, who won a three-candidate three-cand didate rac racee outright with over over 50 p percent ercent of the vvote. ote.” C Campos ampos is now Speaker Speak e ker e pro pro Tempore Teempore of the California Califfo ornia St State ate Assembly Assembly and her brother, brother, Xavier, Xaavvier, sits on the San Jose Jose City Citty Council. Counccil. Dean ccalled a alled the ffollowing o ollowing yyear’s eear’s



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20 South Ba Bay ay L Labor abor C Council, ouncil,, wher wheree she been political director being had b een p o al dir olitic ector prior to b eing elected to Sa San an JJose ose Cit City ty C Council ouncil in 19 1998. 98. succeeded Ellis-Lamkins amkins She suc ceed ded Phaedra Ellis-L as CEO of th the he lab labor or gr group oup and its sister organization, Working Partnerships. or rganization g n,, W orking P o artnerships. For F or ttwo wo yyears, eears, Chavez Chaavez also ser served ved as Team cco-chair o-chair of T eeam San JJose, ose, the hotel labor-business ttax-funded ax-funded lab or-business ccoalition oalition operates that op erattes San JJose’s ose’s public theaters, th theaters t , convention con nvention e ti center center t and d visitor i it marketing bureau. mark keeting bur b eau. Losses Losses shot up to $8.5 million n during one yyear ear during period, city that p eriod, d, fforcing or o cing the cit ty to ccall all a default and d oust management and board leadership. b oard leade ership. Labor suffered L abor suff ffeered other setbacks in San ff pension JJose, ose, as p ension rreformers effo ormers won ccouncil ouncil seats and al allies llies def defected, feected,, costing costing it the majority. pension ccouncil ouncil maj jority. A series of p ension measures further eroded rreform efform o ballot ballot measur es fur ther er oded power. llabor’s lab bor’’s p ow wer. Att the ccounty level, however, A o ty le ount veel,, howe veer, labor maintained the lab or ccoalition o oalition maint ained its majority, Dave Cortese, Ken majorit y, with w Da ave C ortese, K en Yeager Shirakawa Y eeager and Shirak awa championing initiatives byy Working initiativ es crafted crafted b Wo orking Partnerships strategists.. P artnership ps strategists supervisors approved The ccounty oun nty sup ervisors appr oved a poured moneyy series of ccontracts on ntracts that p oured mone Working Partnerships. WPUSA into W o orkin ng P artnerships. WPUS A was lobby w as paid to lobb by ffor or municipal o ordinances outdoor or di dinanc es to ban b smoking ki iin outdo d or dining ar areas; serve healthy eas; to ser ve health hy meals juicee dr drinks and juic rinks at union halls; to rregister egister vvoters; o oteers; to advise the ccounty ounty policy. Hundreds on health ccare a ep ar olicyy. Hundr eds of thousands of o dollars flowed into WPUSA pay WPUS SA to pa ay for fo or programs, programs, as well staff salaries.. as st aff and eexecutive xecutive salaries SBLC-The ccounty oun ntty also funded SBLC non-profits ccontrolled ontrolled non-pr n ofits such as the Sant Santaa Claraa Family Health F Foundation, oundation, which steer steered e monies to W ed Working o orking Partnerships P artnership ps and L Labor abor C Council ouncil ccampaigns ampaigns and a cconsultants onsultants during ttwo w wo attempts, at tttempts, on one ne suc successful, cessful,, to raise ccounty ountty sales ttaxes axes b byy half a billion dollars dollars.. Supervisor Sup erviso or Shirak Shirakawa’s kawa’s arr arrest est ffor o or using publi publicc funds and ccampaign ampaign moneyy to su mone support upport his fr freewheeling eewheeling lifestyle lif fest e yle putt lab labor’s or’s p power ower at risk and dr drew ew at attention tttention to the county countty ccontracts. ontracts. L Labor abor had lost San JJose’s ose’s 18th flo floor or and a ccould ould not aff afford ffo ord to lose Hedding St Street. treet. SBLC to took o the biggest risk a chess ok player pla ayer ccan an ttake: ake: It thr threw ew the queen into pla play. ay. Th The he most p powerful owerful actor ccan an kno knock ck out o other pla players ayeers mor moree


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campaign to elect T campaign Terry eerry Gr Gregory egory “our important race. most imp ortant rac e.” “In N November oveember 2002, 2002,, a decade decade political strategizing of p olitical work and str rategizing byy the South Ba b Bay ay L Labor aborr C Council ouncil of California C aliffo ornia culminated in n the election of ccandidate andidate T Terry err e y Gr Gregory eggory to the San City became JJose ose Cit ty Council. Council. Gregory Grego ory b ecame the sixth member member of the 11-seat 11-seat council council support elected on the basis of their t supp ort Labor Council's progressive ffor or th o the L ab bor C ouncil's il' pr ogressiv i e working class agenda. For For the first nation’s eleventh largest time the nation ’s ele ven nth lar gest city bee go governed byy a ccouncil cit ty would b veerned db ouncil issues..” ccommitted ommittted t to working class issues Adept A dept at ccounting ounting vvotes o and otes majorities,, Cha Chavez served marshalling majorities avez ser ved Mayor Ron Gonzalez’s as Ma ayor o R o on Gonzale z s de facto z’ whip on the ccouncil, ouncil,, leading leaading to her appointment vicee ma mayor. app ointment as vic ayor o. labor’s gloryy But lab or’s momentss of glor bee shor short lived. Two would ld b h t liv li ed. d T wo yyears w ears after ft Gregory was Gr egory joined the ccouncil, ou uncil, he w as gifts ccensured ensured ffor o or ttaking aking gift fts and not officee and rreporting eporting loans while in n offic partt rresigned esigned a ffew ew months later as par Chavez of a plea deal. Cha avez meanwhile m while mean became embroiled the Norcal b ecame embr oiled in th he N orcal scandal trash sc andal when shee vvoted oted to approve rretroactively etroactively appr ove $11 $ million in wages sorters additional w ages a paid to t trash sor ters negotiated secretly in a union deal negotia ated secr etly byy Ma Mayor earlier. b ayor Gonzales l ffour o ou ur yyears ears earlier li . Chavez was before Cha avez w as ccalled alled b effore the grand juryy thr three answered jur ee times and an nswered “I don’t know,,” “I don don’t don ’t know ’t recall” rec e all”” or “I don’t moree than 75 times don ’t rremember” emember”” mor questions about in rresponse esponse to question ns ab out what knew about trash she kne w ab out the tra ash pact. Chavez’s credibility was further Cha avez’s cr edibilitty w as a fur ther damaged ttwo wo w yyears ears later lateer when she introduced give intr oduced a plan to giv ve $4 million to the San JJose ose Grand Prixx a da day ay b before effo ore a ccouncil ouncil vote, vote, eeven ven though tho ough she had met with rac racee officials to t discuss the subsidy fiv five ve months ear earlier. rlier. The sc scandals candals a ccost ost Cha Chavez avez her opportunity opp ortunitty to b become ecome ma mayor ayo or in 20 2006. 06. She w was as a soundly def defeated feeateed b byy Chuck Reed, R eeed,, who st stayed ayeed on me message essage with a ccampaign ampaign that pr promised omiseed honest honesty, ty, accountability ac countabilitty and fisc fiscal all rresponsibility. esponsibilitty. Chavez Cha avez then st started arted a p political oliticcaal cconsulting onsulting firm that w was aas hired hired in 2007 2007 byy the East Side U b Union nion n High H Scho School ol District,, then chair chaired red e b byy Shirak Shirakawa, kawaa,, to organize or ganize a charitable charittaable ffoundation. o ou undation. She was w aas paid $79,0 $79,000 00 but did didn’t dn n’t ’ file the incorporation inc orporation pap papers ers or seat a full b board. oarrd d. The ffoundation oundation o raised ffew eew w donations and later lost its nonpr nonprofit ofi fit st status. taatus. In 20 2009, 09,, Cha Chavez avez returned returrned to the metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013




eff effectively ffeectively than other b board oard piec piece, e, but if the queen is ccaptured apttured in a miscalculation, misc alculation,, the gam game’s me’s o over. ver. Chavez declared Cha avez declar ed ffor or o District 2 and social hit quickly with a sswarm waarrm of so cial buys,, lawn precinct media buys laaw wn signss and pr ecinct armies.. She got ffour pieces armies our o pie eces into district mailboxes before Alvarado mailb oxes b effo ore Alvar rado had her stamped. first one st amped. “Labor race. Theyy “L abor needs this ra ace. The desperately,” said Dr.. L Larry need d it d desp erately t ly,” sa aid id Dr D arry State University Gerston,, a San JJose ose St a U ate niversity political p olitical scientist and TV T election days preceding ccommentator ommentator in the da ayys pr eceding balloting. days the District 2 balloting g. “The da ayys in

SBLC too SBLC took ok the bigge est biggest risk i k a ch h hess chess player ca an can take: It threw t the quee en queen into play y. play. was dominant Silicon which hi h lab llabor bor w aas d domin inant in i Silic ili on Valley aree far b behind us..” V aalley ar ehind us u believes that labor tryy Gerston b elievees tha at lab or will tr Chavez’s victoryy to “help rreto use Cha avez’s victor eenergize springboard ener gize and use it as a springb oard ffor or o 2014,” meaning the contest con ntest to succeed succeed Reed mayor R eeed as ma ayor of San JJose. ose. supervisor racee pr proved If the 2013 sup erviso or rac oved anything, it’s Chavez an nything y , it ’s that Cha avez and her understand allies underst and how to t get eeveryone veeryo one page.. The ccampaign, on the same page ampaign, working in ccoordination oordinatio on with the Santaa Clara C County Democratic Sant ounty De emocratic Central Committee and C entral C ommittttee an nd the South Bay Labor Council’s Committee Ba ay L abor C ouncil’s C o ommit tttee Political Education, on P olitical Educ ation,, ttargeted argeted Democratic Demo cratic District 2 vvoters oters with precision. pinpointed studied pr ecision. SBLC C pinp ointed members their union memb ers and th heir families rarely with ttargeted argeted mailers that t rar ely went negative—except suggest negativ e—except to su uggest that her opponent was Republican opp onent w as a closet R eepublican being backed byy unnam unnamed shadowy, b eing back keed b med shadowy y, tie-wearing special interests. headless tie -wearing sp pecial inter ests. (Chavez ensured opponent (Cha avez ensur ed her op pponent would have ha ave to fform o orm uncomfortable uncomffortable alliances alliances byy absorbing Alvarado Alvarado’s base.) b ’s natural base .) Meanwhile, DCC’s Mean nw while, the D CC’s vast email address database, and home addr ess dat a abase , honed during its rrecent ecent ccounty-funded ountty--funded vvoter oter

outreach and outreach a rregistration egistration initiativ initiatives, es, allowed it to t ttarget arget anyone an nyo one who rregistered egistered as a a Demo Democrat, crat,, rregardless egardless of they whether th hey were were fformally o ormally affiliated. then The trio th hen hit the phones and doorbells workforce do orbells with w a cconsistent onsistent workf for o ce outflanked that easily out tfl flank keed Alvarado, Alvarado, whose may ccampaign ampaign ma m ay have haave had outside spending behalf ccommittees ommitttteees sp ending on her b ehalf lacked Chavez’s but lack ed Camp Camp Cha avez’s ccohesion. ohesion. Firefighters, F i efighter ir fi ht rs, nurses and d county countty attorneys at tttorneys unions u fformed o ormed their own independent indep endeent eexpenditure xpenditure committee committttee support Chavez, flooding to supp ort Cha avez,, flo oding websites banner with banne er and sidebar ads that ffeatured eatur e ed a cconsistent onsistent message in English and d Spanish. machine’s The mac chine’s ability ability to stay stay on and drown opponents message an nd dr own out opp onents worked flawlessly has,, work ed as fla aw wlessly as it eever veer has leveraging allegiances from California le veraging allegianc es fr om C aliffornia o Democratic Party Burton D Demo cratiic i P arty Chair Ch i John John h B Bur ton Gavin Newsom to Lt. Gov. Go ov. Ga avin v N ewsom making weekend week end visits v ffor o or fundraisers. fundraisers. Even Laurie Ev veen Sheriff Sheriff L aurie Smith,, a Republican, spending R epublic e an n,, got into the act,, sp ending doorthe ccampaign’s ampaiign’s final day daay going do orrto-door Chavez’s behalf. to -door on n Cha avez’s b ehalff. Smith facee a serious challenge in her rreccould ould fac enext election bid d ne xt yyear, ear, as peace peace officer officer have started behind unions ha ave st arted to rally b ehind her challenger.. But while Smith Smith’s challenger ’s efforts eff ffo orts in supervisor racee may keep the h sup ervisor vi rac maay not k eeep the h side,, ha having Chavez SBLC base on her side avving Cha avez support theyy to supp ort her budgets when the before board ccome ome b effor ore the b oard can’t can n’t ’ hurt. hurt. With Chavez’s victoryy now secur secure, W iith Ch haavez’s victor e, machine from the machin ne has deftly shifted fr om dominating nation’s largest dominatin ng the nation ’s 10th lar gest cityy to now America’s cit w ccontrolling ontrolling Americ a’s populous Chavez 16th most p opulous ccounty. ounty. Cha avez labor-aligned supervisors, and her lab bor-aligned sup ervisors, Cortese and Yeager, C ortese an nd Y eeager, will find ffew ew disagreements, Supervisor disagr eements, while Sup ervisor JJoe oe Simitian iss not so ffoolish oolish as to rrock ock boat, futuree ccongressional the b oat, with w a futur ongressional mind moneyy to b bee raised. run in min nd and mone With decades baree knuckles W iith ttwo w dec wo ades of bar political abilityy p olitical eexperience x erience and the abilit xp overcome scandals setbacks,, it to o vercom me sc andals and setbacks bee onl only before will b ly a brief moment b effor oe Chavez grabs Cha avez gra abs the steering wheel from cutthroat fr om her lless ess cut throat ccolleagues. olleagues. Josh Koehn piece. J ooshh K oehn hn ccontributed ontribut ib edd ttoo this hi piec i e. More information Working M ore info ormation on W orking Partnerships, Labor P artnersh hipss, South Bay L abor and Council an nd Cindy Chavez can be found at SanJose S (enter into a term int to the search box for full archives).


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If you have uncontrolled asthma, you may qualify for a clinical trial evaluating an investigational medicine. Local doctors are currently conducting a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational asthma medicine in people with uncontrolled asthma, despite taking medication. To qualify for this clinical trial, you must: t Be between 18 to 75 years of age t Have a medical diagnosis of asthma t Have used an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) for at least 3 months prior to the trial, and be on a stable ICS dose for at least 30 days prior to the trial t Meet other criteria Trial-required visits, tests, and study medicines may be provided to participants. In addition, reimbursement for travel may be provided.

For more information about this trial, please contact: Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center 4050 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 6, San Jose 408.553.0709

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ON THE RISE Fluffy, Malaysian-style roti prata, slightly sweeter than the Indian original, stands up alongside a dipping sauce with Indian flavors at Mango Garden.

Foam Call Under T the Influence

HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March There will be wine and cocktails, USION ISN’T uncommon component in any but thecountry’s primary cuisine. focus will be onimmigrate, high-quality beers.conquer Steins People nations will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American other nations, spices get traded with neighboring comfort food executive chef andfood Bay has Area countries. It all crated affectsby the food. Malaysian native Colby Reade. major elements of Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai and others. The are all over the Considering Owner andflavors South Bay native Ted Kim is amap. beer enthusiast; he tellshow me that Steins is the a salute to the beer halls and gardens, interesting food is, traditional it’s a bitGerman underrated compared to which he experienced his travels throughout Europe’s premier get. the attention Thai during and other Southeast Asian cuisines


150 S First S Stt #107 San Jose Jose,, CA CA (408)-292-7222

3139 Mis Mission ssion College Blvd. Santa Cl Clara, lara, CA (408)-986-9800 (408)-98 86-9800

Westt Lake Lake Center Ave. 137 N. Santa Cruz A ve. 314 West Daly City, City y, CA CA L Los os Gatos Gatos,, CA (650)-758-4577 (650)-75 8-4577 (408)-395-1784 365 California A Ave. ve. Palo Alto,, CA P alo Alto CA (650)-324-2111

Pruneyard Shopping Center Pruneyard Ave. 1875 S. Bascom B A ve. Campbell, Campbe ell, CA (408)-559-3885 (408)-55 59-3885 thetando

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beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300San Jose’s Mango Garden is oneinterior of a handful restaurants in the South seat, 8,000-square-foot domed roomofand a 4,000-square-foot Bay that prominently serve Malaysian food. They also advertise Thai and outdoor patio. Singaporean foods, though Malaysian is the focus. My only complaint Ted, with his contagious positive energy, says that he can’t wait is how large is. There’s a lot to take in, and it’s not clear where forand folksdaunting to checkthe outmenu the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler” to next the main bar. Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft I don’t normally tooare much on the service, but Mango Garden has system—the tap focus handles connected to the kegs, eliminating draft probably one of the friendliest, most helpful staff I’ve ever encountered. lines and helping to keep the beer at the highest quality and freshness The appetizer is short, ataleast, and a little easier to levels. Having menu 30 draft beers is manageable number fornavigate. staff, TedI started says: with the Roti Prata ($3.25) which is one of the most popular dishes at Mango “I want them to know exactly what we’re serving. I want to be able to Garden, as well as in Malaysia. The roti is so a thin flakybeer breadeducation that camewill by be way give genuine beer recommendations, ongoing of important. India. Malaysia’s roti is a little thinner and slightly sweeter than the Indian ” style.The It’s served fluffed upa and standing almostemphasis upright, with a delicious dipping food will have local, farm-to-table according to chef sauce with flavors very much Indian. My other appetizer, Gado Gado ($7.95) was Reade, and everything will be made in-house, including breads and another classic Malaysian street dish. This one borrows more from Thai cuisine. pretzels. Because of the generous kitchen space, there will also be inIt’shouse a saladcharcuterie, with jicamabutchery as its baseand veggie, alongprograms. with hard-boiled eggs, pickling “We want to homemade make tofu andaspeanut mixed food fresh assauce the beer is,”in. says Reade, who embraces beer’s versatility in The menu is divided between different meats, veggies and noodle dishes. Under food pairing. the chicken menu I tried thethe Rendang Curry another Some examples from tidy menu of Chicken 25 items($9.95). includeIt’s pork belly dish with distinctly Indian influences. The sauce is gravy-like and the chicken is tender. It doesn’t come with rice, but it’s wise to order some to accompany the chicken. Off the noodle menu, I ordered the Singapore Bee Hoon ($8.95). This dish centers around small, thin noodles, chicken, shrimp and flavors reminiscent of China. It is smooth and addictive. Off the beef menu I tried the coffee short ribs ($13.95), which isn’t a Malaysian dish at all, but rather one of the chef’s specialties. Short ribs in general aren’t particularly common in Malaysia. The sweet and tangy barbecue chicken tasted like it could be served at a Chinese fast food eatery, and the subtle blending of coffee gave it an odd but delectable flavor. Shaved ice is the highlight off the dessert menu. This is actually a Taiwanese dessert, not Malaysian. The mango shaved ice ($4.50) is a good place to start. It’s served with ice shavings and fresh mango slices, sugar and milk. It is a no-nonsense crowd pleaser.—Aaron Carnes MANGO GARDEN 6154 Bollinger Road, San Jose. 408.446.4440


Entertainment E ntertainment C Calendar: alendar: All Events Free All Age Ages es unless otherwise noted. Wed July Wed July 31 | 8pm - M Michael iichhael Koppy, Kopp o py, FFrank rank a L Lindamood indamood (F (Folk) Folk) o Thurs Aug Au ug 1 | 8pm - T Table able a eT Trio rio r ((Jazz) Jaazz) Fri Fr ri 2 | 8pm - Monkey, Moonkeyy, P Piranha irranha a P Party ar artty (S (Ska) Skka) SSat at 3 | 8pm - The Bang Bang a (So (Soul) ul) SSun un 4 | 6pm - SSpeak peak p Easy Easy a featuring fe The E Eulipions ulipions u Jazz Jazz a JJam am am Aug Aug u 7-11 R Rahsaan ahsaan a R Roland oolandd K Kirk iirrk T Tribute ribute r Week Week e Wed Wed 7 | 6pm - Rahsaan Rahsaan a B Birthday irtthday P ir Party!! ar arty!! t Aug Aug u 8, 9, 10 | 8pm - SSteve tev t eT Turre urr u re R Rahsaan ahsaan a T Tribute rribute Sextet Seextet $$15 15 per per nnight ight Wedd 14 | 9pm - Sourpatch, We h, Dream Drreeam D Decay, ecayy, Useless Useless s Childr Children ren e ((Indie/Punk) Indie/P n Punk u k) Thurs 15 | 8pm - JJazz aazz Cartel Car artel t ((Jazz) Jaazz) Fri Fr ri 166 | 8pm - Dinners, D A Amonie, m monie, P Plantain, llantain, G Gentle eentle l E Everything verryt ything h (I (Indie) Indie) n SSat at 17 | 8pm - T Turn ur u nM Mee O Onn D Dead, ead, Body P Parts aarrtst (I (Indie/Electro) Indie/E n Elec l ctrro) o SSun un 18 | 6pm - SSpeak peak p E Easy asy a featuring f The E Eulipions uulipions JJazz azz a JJa Jam am a

SoFA SoF A District | Downtown D San Jose Across the street from the California Theater

(408)280-6161 | 374 South First Street Strreet

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express! of the original Asian t & delicious flavors Enjoy the fresh, fas MOUNTAIN VIEW

286 W. El Camino Real


397 Saratoga Ave.


695 N. Fifth St.


3015 McKee Rd.

11.99 11.99 2-MEAL 2-MEAL DEAL! DEAL!

#4 Teriyaki Trio

#3 Chicken Teriyaki



133 Ranch Dr.

#11 Katsu Chicken

Two Special Plates

(#1-4 or Katsu Chicken)

& 2 Soft Drinks just $11.99 + tax



5353 Almaden Expwy

With coupon. Not valid with other offers or discounts. Exp: 8/31/13

Two Special Plates

#2 Pork Teriyaki

(#1-4 or Katsu Chicken)

& 2 Soft Drinks just $11.99 + tax

With coupon. Not valid with other offers or discounts. Exp: 9/30/13




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WOOD WORKS Lots of natural wood surfaces give the interior of SP2 a warm feel.

Squared Away


ITH ITS repurposed forest-green wine bottle chandeliers, exposed brick and cement walls, and cultivated Cali-Euro bistro cuisine, SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant, adjacent to San Pedro Square in the spot once THEoccupied REAL THING The pizza at Terrone itself as a little slice loudly by Sabor, has positioned comes with a seal of Italian approval. of the San Francisco dining scene in the South Bay.

“There’s a need for this here,” says Ben Schwartz, spokesman for the justopened restaurant. “San Jose is either super upscale or super trendy. There’s not much in between.” SP2 meets middle, between Silicon range of restaurant chains OTinAthe LOT of dishes have anValley’s organization and quadruple dollar-sign steakhouses, offering up casual yet sophisticated fare dedicating to preserving their historical that’s moderately priced (up to $8 for sides and $15 to $24 for an entrée). authenticity. Pizza does, or at least Neapolitan The look and feel seems transplanted from that city to the north because pizza—the original modern version of pizza the menu and management actually are. Those sticky-sweet ginger and soythat came out of Naples, Italy, in the 1800s. The glazed baby back ribs that slide cleanly off the bone are the same creation that organization, Associazione Verace Napoletana, garnered chef Ola Fendert critical acclaim. It’s aPizza recipe the Stockholm native hands out certifications to restaurants all first invented for staff at his almost-eponymous S.F. eatery,over Oola.the SP2 imported world that meet their very specific guidelines as ($12 to and $24, it with Fendert to San Jose, where it’s served for a half rack or full respectively) alongside a small heap of apple red-cabbage coleslaw. what constitutes a genuine Neapolitan pizza. Here Side include slender-cut truffle oil of friesrestaurants topped with aare crisped-up web in dishes the Bay Area, only a handful of thinly grated parmesan. so certified. One of them, Terrone Pizzeria, a casual The bar, a striking of polisheda wood, is a prominent upscale joint,beam was opened few weeks ago invisual Palofixture, and offers a setting to complement an array of appealing cocktails. Bartenders finish Alto by three friends, all of whom were born in off a cucumber basil gimlet with a slap-bruised basil leaf floating on top—the Southern Italy. basil releases an herbal aroma with each sip. Simple syrup for all the cocktails Generally, what defines a true Italian pizza is jalapeno-ginger its lightness. Thetincture is mixed daily with fresh ingredients, including the thinner, theSpice toppings are sparser and the ingredients are all thatcrust heatsisup the Cool Squared, a muddled-cucumber-gin-and-lime drink veryover basic. than the heavy, doughy concoction familiar to poured iceRather in a Collins glass. Americans, pizza in Italy is considered a light dish that will leave SP2’s ambience alone should attract walk-in customers—some of the 12,000 littleSan hungry after leaving dinner table. or soone thata visit Pedro Square on athe weekly basis. Communal tables in the theallow coveted certification, restaurant meet middleTo of obtain the space guests to dine inalarge groupsmust or with strangers. Natural criteria, as what ingredients are used, the pizza lightmany streams fromsuch skylights in the vaulted ceiling andhow a massive sliding glass door is prepared, what kindSan of oven cookedopen-air in and more. Terrone opens to live music from Pedroit’s Square’s stage—a backstage pass. passed all thedeparture tests. Theyfrom kneadSabor. their Instead dough by and let it rise It’s a dramatic ofhand the club’s cordoned-off patio, naturally over aleaves 24-hour periodAn before popping it intoguests a brickseated oven, on lowthe new restaurant it open. outdoor bar serves where it is white-cushioned fully cooked in about 90benches. seconds.Terrariums, The crust is gnarled crispy and to-the-ground wood driftwood, cacti and the occasional pop of orange flowers accent the décor inside and out, giving it an earthy California vibe. Schwartz boasts of it as the best patio in San Jose.—Jennifer Wadsworth

Pizza Purity


SP2 COMMUNAL BAR + RESTAURANT 72 N. Almaden Ave., San Jose (adjacent to San Pedro Square).


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metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICESS B CHOICE BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Amulya Datla Tim Tim Reynolds Reynolds



*wed wd


Johnny V’s, V’s, s, San n Jose Wed, before W ed, 9pm, No Cover C bef ore 10pm/$3 afterr 10pm tracks Whether he’s he’s pproducing roducing tr acks ffor or Extremities, his hip-hop duoo the Extr emities, collaborating collabor ating with w other notable TToronto oronto rrappers apperss or just making Fresh instrumental bangers, baangers, Fr esh Kils funk.. His beats are brings the funk are an infectious melding inf ectious meld ding of ’90s heyday classic hip-hop and cla assic ’70s funk. It’s It ’s no wonder he’s he h ’s the go-to producer pr oducer for for thee biggest names underground in Toronto’s Toronto’s und derground hip(Ghettosocks, Moree or hop scene (Ghe ettosocks, Mor Fester, Wordburglar). Les, Uncle Feste er, W ordburglar). crazy, funkyy Solo, he’s he’s done some cr azy, funk everything from rremixes emixes of ever rything fr om the A-Team A -Teeam theme song to James Brown’s “Funkyy Drummer Drummer.” Br own’s “Funk .” He’s He’s

currently on tour currently to with Ottawa from rrapper apper TTragic ragicc fr om the Philly crew. Moves cr ew. (AC) (AC)

*tthu hu


Fahrenheit LLounge, Fahrenheit ounge, San Jose Thu, 10pm, $10 $ there awardd Who knew th here was an awar Apparently ffor or best stripper strippper DJ? Appar ently San Francisco Franciscco DJ Hell Rell has three won it thr ee years in a rrow ow in SSFF Weekly Weekly e y. Whether Wheether he’s he’s DJing ffor or strippers or just j us rregular egular ffolk, olk, his sets tendd to include plenty of hip-hop, electroo and R&B, hip-ho p, house, electr dubstep, tho though ough his heart is in hip-hop, so that tthat’s ’s where where his focus focus will be. As DJ,, he was As a stripper DJ noteworthy ffor or assembling some funky, thought-out, creative funky, thoug ht-out, cr eative mixes

where contemporaries where most aries moost of his contempor simply press play,, have a beer press play and watch watch the performers. performers. He’s He’s playing one creative one of his equally cr eative non-stripper non-strippper sets this Thursday at Fahrenheit Fahrenheeit in San Jose. (AC) (AC)

*fri fi

APPLETATS APPL LET TATS Discover San Jose, San Jose Fri 7pm;; fr ffree ee First South Firs st Fridays welcomes a venue, new venu ue, Discover San Jose, to monthly the mont hly artwalk. artwalk TToo kick off its participation participation in the event, the Myers’’ shop presents pressents Michael Myers Appletats, lasercut Appletats s, special laser cut designs. average engraving This isn’t isn’t the aver age engr aving station: Myers M takes rrequests equests special ffor or specia al custom artwork that engraved backss of can be en ngraved on the back

iPhones, iPods iPhone es, iP ods and other t devices. offer demonstrations Myers will off er demonstr ations of engraving. his en graving. (AD)

RABBIT RABBIT QUINN QU INN Red R Rock ock Coff Coffee, ee, Mountain View Fri, 8pm 8p pm Francisco San Fr rancisco songwriter Rabbit Quinn’s training Quinn ’s classical piano tr aining is evident textured eviden nt in how smooth, textur ed fluid are. and flu uid her songs ar e. Originally from fr om Sar SSaratoga, atoga, Quinn has been playingg the piano since she was playin a childd and had a classical pianist ffather atherr to lead the way. way. Rather th compose than c concertos, t she h weaves weave es elements of theatrical balladss and pop music with her ballad penchant pench ant ffor or classical music, not unlikee TTori ori Amos. Her music is haunting, haunt ing, gentle and catchy all once. at onc ce. She rrecently ecently rreleased eleased her debut deebut album LLost ost Childr Children en, a

labbor labor b of love that has taken a her years yea ars to finish. Currently Currently she’s she’s playing percussionist pla aying with per cussionist Beth Wiesendanger Wie esendanger and cellist Natasha Littlewood, Litt tlewood, creating creating a somewhat different what’s diff ferent live sound than what ’s on her album.(AC) album.(A album (AC)

O DD ODD N UMBERS NUMBERS Thee Blank Club, San Jose Fri 9pm; $10 Forr 25 years the Odd Numbers have hav ve been a huge sensation. Thee mod/punk band rrarely arely plays shows, it’s sho ows, but when they do, it ’s always alw lways to t a ffullll hhouse off lloyall ffans. an ns. Dave Baisa, Dave Miller, Miller, andd John CCummings ummings formed formed Odd Numbers Nu mbers in 1988, and in a special hometown hom metown show Friday night, they the ey celebrate celebrate 25 years of playing together. tog gether. (AD)

oncerts * cconcerts Aug 4 at Shoreline Shoreline



Aug 15–1 15–16 6 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

CHRIS BO BOTTI TTI Aug 23 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


BLACK BLA CK SSABBATH ABBAT TH Aug 26 at Shor Shoreline eline

BRIAN RE REGAN GAN Aug 29 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

EEARTH, EAR TH, WIND & FIRE Sep 8 at 7:30pm, San Jose Civic

ROCK R OCK THE BELLS BELLS Sep 14–15, Shor Shoreline eline

BLONDIE BL ONDIE Sep 20 aatt Montalvo Arts Center



JOSH GR GROBAN OBAN Oct 7 at 7:30pm, SAP SAP Center



PINK Oct 15 at 7:30pm, SAP SAP Center

wordplay clever wor dplay lost byy a lot of mainstream modern mainstr eam rrappers. appers. He’s celebrating He ’s celebr ating the rrelease elease of his latest album, Classi Classic, ic, which is packed with some heavy heeavy funk beats and that classic KKanetic anetic flow. flow. (AC) (AC)

hip-hop-head back iin n the ’90s) latest, and some, like his lat test, TTomorrow oomorrrow w, which he rreleased this Saturday, eleased th his Satur dayy, mix computers and live liive guitars to create create a truly eclectic eclecctic sound. TTomorrow oomorrrow w is easily on one ne of his most accessible albums too date. date (AC) (AC)

Pagoda LLounge, Pagoda ounge, San Jose Sat, 8:30pm



Source (a.k.a. Rapper KKanetic anetic Sour ce (a. k.a. Sauce) only just rrecently ecently played p San Jose—on stage with Park. Ozomatli at Music in the P ark. currently Though he’s he’s not cur rently an collective, active part of the LA collec ctive, he was ffeatured eatured on their 2001 2 Embrace album Embr ace the Chaoss and th 2003 EP Coming the C i U Up. He’s H ’s He ’ also from from San Jose, which might explain why he joined Ozo Ozomatli omatli for Park ark gig. for the Music in the P g Whether solo, with Ozoma Ozomatli atli or when collaborating collaborating with JJurassic urassic 5’s Chali 2na, KKanetic anetic has an old school flow and an aptitud aptitude de ffor or

Blank Club, San Jose Sat, 9pm, $8

Post S Post Street, treet, between betweeen First and S San Pedro Pedro str eets streets Sat, 2-7pm, 2-77pm, $10-$50 0


Seabright LLocal ocal one-man band Sea abright Morales) creates (Justin Mor ales) cr eates an interesting chillwave, inter esting fusion of chi llwave, shoegaze and beach-pop. beach-poop. He’s He’s also rreleased eleased a lot of albums albums.. Though he doesn’t tour,r, he he’s little doesn’t tour ’s ggot litt tle ppockets of fans thankss fans all over the worldd thank to a lot of international blog love. While the music is gene generally rally for for a niche crowd, crowd, there there is a ffair a amount air of variety in how Mor Morales alees composes each album. Some are are strictly strictly laptop albums, some are are very sample-oriented (he was waas a local

Valley Week Silicon V alley Beer W eek comes to KraftBrew a close with Summerr Kr aftBrew Fest, an annual ffavorite avorrite of San Jose’s The brainchild Jose ’s beer lovers. Th he br ainchild of Brendan rrestaurateurs estaurateurs LLouis ouis Silva, S Br endan Esparza, Rawson and Chris Es parza, the outdoor ffestival estival ffeatures eatuures more more from than 70 beers fr om ddozens of breweries, from br eweries, food food fr om Harry’s Harry’s Hofbrau Park Garage, Hofbr au and Naglee P ark Gar age, homebrew live entertainment, and and homebr ew from demos fr om Silicon Valley Valley Sudzers Brewery and San Jose Co-Op Br ewery and

PARAMORE P ARAMORE A year,r,, thee most avid of Pub. This year purchase Pass,” beer lovers can pu urchase a “Z P ass,” granting early gr anting them ea rly admission to the ffestival estival andd 40 ffood ood and beverage (TR) bever age tickets. (T R)

SSAN AN JOS JOSE SE RENAISSANCE RENAIS SANCE FFAIRE AIRE A Guadalupe River P Parkway, arkwayy, San Jose Sun Sat 10am-6pm,, Su un 10am-5pm; $14 $14-$38 -$38 Shakespeare’s England Shakespear e’s En gland comes to Jose downtown San Jo ose with the rreturn eturn Renaissance Faire. of the Renaissanc ce Fair e. This year three the ffaire aire brings th hree stages of storytelling, staged stageed battles, music show off and dancing. Merchants Merchants c wares—jewelry, woodcrafts, their war es—jew welryy, woodcr afts, ceramics, artwork, cer amicss, clothing, historic leather weapons and leat ther goods. This weekend will be the weeke nd to bust out the peasant tops, eat,, drink and be in merriment. mer riment. (AD)

Oct 18 at SSAP AP Center





BLIND D BO BOYS OYS OF ALAB ALABAMA AMA Dec 12 aatt Montalvo Arts Center


R RICHARD THOMPSON THOMP SON Jan 1010-12 12 aatt Montalvo Arts Center

JJUSTIN JUS TIN TIMBERLAKE Jan 19 at SSAP AP Center a For music musiic updates and contest giveaways, giveawayys, like us on Facebook at

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metroactive ARTS

South First and Beyond

UP U P IIN NT THE HE A AIR IR K Karolina arolina Sobecka Sobecka’s ’s ‘Cloud dM Machine’ achine’ at the ZERO1 Garag Garage ge features devices for weather modification and includes the balloons.. e launch of weather balloons

Sou South th First Friday Fridays ys has become Fridays, extending First Fridays F s, extend ding to venues throughout downtown throu ughout downto own San Jose BY B Y GAR GARY Y SINGH


HIS AUTHOR AUTHOR can remember rem member when First Firs st Fridays started eight eigh ht years ago. ago. It comprised comprised just about a handful of galleries, galleries, a offering paltry offe ering at best. Now, Now w, at least this thiis time around, the event incorporates i incorpor ates artist weather modification, m piñata beatings bea atings and jazz photographs. photogr aphs.

Somewhere Some where in the vicinit vicinity ty of 2 255 participate, vvenues e enues now par ticipate, eextending xtending beyond First Street beyond b eyond South F irst Str eet and b eyond o just galleries.. Kaleid Galler Galleryy at F Fourth ju ust galleries ou urth and Fernando longtime an nd San F ernando is now a long tim me hotspot. Other places ther plac es off the main h otspot. O strip Good Vegan Cafe st trip include Go od Karma V egan e C affe and Mezcal, latter an nd Me zcal,, the lat ttter of which thiss time around provides byy J ti ime ar ound pr ovides v paintings b legendaryy Frida Kah Kahlo, D Danniel of the legendar hlo, bitchin’’ ac accompaniment a bitchin companiment to yyour o our plates grasshoppers. pl lates of salmon and grasshopp ers. Good likewise present esent a G Go od Karma will lik ewise pr array byy Omar Omar, rrocking ocking arra ay of paintings b r, describes “beautiful w describ who es his work as a “b eauttiful from m of ccolors mess olors deeply rrooted ooted fr om the t soul. bee a fant fantastic way so oul.” That should b astic w ay to o harmonize with plates of JJamaican amaiccan

Jerk T Jerk Tofu o ofu and a fine Be Belgian elgian Ale Ale,, or tea fr om Satori,, which the joint so from pr oudly displa ayys on top p of the ccounter. ounter. proudly displays sense, to b h , it ’s often In that sense, bee honest, it’s imp ossible to hit eevery very single plac impossible placee during F irst Frida ayys, wh hich is pr ecisely First Fridays, which precisely the idea now adaayys. Thi is signifies nowadays. This gr owth,, ffor o or cr ying out loud. Instead growth, crying of just a ffew ew local local characters charaacters pr owling prowling ar ound South F irst Str reet,, one often around First Street, witnesses a thr ong of brand b ne w throng new cconnoisseurs, onnoisseurs, maps in hand, h , lo oking looking to in nvestigate whate verr cr eative ttalent alent investigate whatever creative happ ens to emer ge. It ’s eas y: One just happens emerge. It’s easy: p eruses the map anss the website peruses map,, sc scans ffor or o the inf fo, and voila, voila,, it turns into a info, wonder ful night. And did I sa ay the ar wonderful say artt sells? This time of yyear, ear, th ere’s also the there’s S TREET MRKT T, the tit tle of which STREET MRKT, title cconstitutes onstitutes eexactly xactly the ttype ype of strange and intriguingg urbanstreetturban-streetar t--nomenclature that cconfuses onfuses the art-nomenclature mor ow ttypes. yypes. A et, moree highbr highbrow Att the mark market, cr eativve indep endent businesses b ha aw wk creative independent hawk

their w aaress. Artists Artists sell their paintings wares. paintings.. Dudes w aallk ar ound on stilts There’s walk around stilts.. There’s eeven ven a ffew ew hippies hippies.. It do esn n’t stop there. there. Cafe Caffe Stritch, doesn’t the b est rreincarnation e arnation of a naturally einc ybest naturallydying blue ehair eater y, now functions bluehair eatery, as a de fact to headquar ters ffor o or the main facto headquarters F irst Frida ay strip. strip. Interesting Interesting p eople First Friday people o veerflow out o onto the side waalk,, the overflow sidewalk, b eer flows and the cr eativve energy energy beer creative is simply in nffeectious. This month,, ffor o or infectious. eexample, xample, Stritch S off ffeers a ne w twist twist w to offers new F irst Frida ayys. No No Walls Between Bettw ween Us, Us, an First Fridays. eexhibit xhibit of jaz jjazz-musician z-musician photo graphs photographs b hy Sloane S appears just in time byy Kath Kathy Sloane,, appears to advanc e-celebrate R oland o Kirk’ advance-celebrate Roland Kirk’ss bir thdaay week, w , and just in time to birthday advanc e-prromote the San JJose ose JJazz azz advance-promote Summer F est. This is imp ortant ffor o or Fest. important se veeral reasons, reasons, primarily b ecause it several because demonstra ates how much b oth F irst demonstrates both First Frida ayys and d the JJazz azz F estival ha ave Fridays Festival have eevolved. volvveed. The Th he Jazz Jazz Fest Fest is no longer a suburban ccommuter ommuter ffestival; eestival; rather rather,, it ’s fully int tertwined with the ar ts and it’s intertwined arts music and nightlif fe goings-on goings-on in the nightlife ccommunity ommunitty itself itself.f. Down th he the blo ck at the ZERO1 ZER RO O1 the block Garage t Karolina tist Karolina Sobecka Sobecka Garage,, ar artist will showc case Cloud Machines showcase Machines,, a public hea aring, pr esentation,, balloon balloon hearing, presentation, launch and d workshop fo orming workshop,, transf transforming the vvenue enue into a Cloud L ab wher Lab wheree the public ccan an eexamine xamine de vices ffor or o devices weather mo m dification and ccollecting ollecting modification cloud mois sture. A highlight of the moisture. pr oject is the t launch of ttwo wo weather project ballo ons. balloons. A thaat w aasn’t enough,, MA CLA Ass if that wasn’t MACLA will ffeature eeature work by by Las Las Hermanas Iglesias ho ar in nvviting Iglesias,, wh who aree officially inviting eeveryone veryone o to t b eat up ttwo w wo piñatas piñatas that beat lo ok lik ke the th he ar tists. look like artists. Simply put, p , one ccannot annot find this cconglomeration onglomerration of cr eativitty an nywher y e creativity anywhere else in the South Ba ay. And unlik ke Bay. unlike the JJokeland ok kelan e nd Ar Murmur, this First First Artt Murmur, Frida ay at tttrracts p eople that actually Friday attracts people w ant to lo o at the ar ok t. It is vvery ery saf fe want look art. safe to sa ay thatt if not ffor o or First First Fridays, Fridaays y, say the entir irst Street Street ar ea entiree South F First area would ne ver ha ave gr own into the never have grown cr eative, synergistic syynergistic web of je wels it is creative, jewels to daay. Some Som me of those je wels may maay be be today. jewels ttarnished, arnished,, but I lik ke it that w ay. like way.


2 77-11pm -11pm

FIRST FRID FRIDAYS AYS S. 1st SSt. t. and various venues in downtown San Jose

Fort Bragg, CA

Old Rasputin Pranqster

Anderson Valley Brewing

Boonville, CA

The Bruery Uinta Brewing

Portland, ME


Dogfish Head Brewery 2:30

Salt Lake City, UT

Petaluma, CA San Diego, CA


Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

Capitola, CA

Brouwerij Huyghe

Melle, Belgium Davis, CA

Allagash Brewing Company

Portland, ME

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Dexter, MI

Baudelaire IO Saison

Milton, DE



Davis, CA

Chambly, Canada

La Fin Du Monde

Belhaven Brewery

Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

Black Stout

Greene King Brewery

Middlebury, VT Minneapolis, MN N/A Tieton, WA

Special Collection

American Craft 4 Cider and Amer AAmerican ican Cr Craft aft 5

Apricot Cider Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider Cherry Cider

Evil Twin

Yakuza Tripel

San Diego, CA

Redd’s Apple Ale

Tieton Cider Works

Pittsburg, CA

One Hit Warrant 5:30



Heretic Brewing Company

Drakes Brewing

Paso Robles, CA

Woodchuck Amber Cider

Crispin Cider Company

Salt Lake City, UT

La Guillotine

1500 Denoggonizer Hefe

Vermont Hard Cider Company

Uinta Brewing

Unit 101

Aprihop Namaste

Drake’s Brewing

Bend, OR

Labyrinth Barrel Aged Black Ale

Tower 10 Red Trolley

Dogfish Head Brewery

Ipswich, MA

Fresh Squeezed 3:30

Solace Union Jack

Karl Strauss Brewing Co.

Clown Shoes Brewery Deschutes Brewery

West Coast IPA Hop Head Red

Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Milton, DE

Crunkle Sam Barleywine

Ipswich, MA

IPA Little Sumpin’ Wild

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Placentia, CA

Sixty-One Minute

Clementine” White Ale Tramp Stamp Belgian IPA Galactica IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Co.

The Bruery Beauregard Blueberry Sour

Placentia, CA

Dubhe Imperial Black IPA

Clown Shoes Brewery

Hopland, CA

Red Pale Ale Talon Double IPA

Mischief Golden Ale Tradewinds Belgian Tripel American Craft 2

Mendocino Brewing Company

Summer Solstice Heelch o Hops Double IPA

Allagash Brewing Company

Los Altos, CA

Brown Ale Blonde Ale

White Belgian Wit Black Belgian Stout

American Craft 3

Strike Brewing Company


American Craft 1

North Coast Brewing Company

Bury St. Edmunds, England

Old Speckled Hen

21st Amendment

San Francisco, CA

Hell or High Watermelon / Bitter America

Deschutes Brewery

Bend, OR


Anchor Brewing Company Zymaster

San Francisco, CA

FESTIVAL FESTIV VAL A GUIDE GU UIDE Jazz, Salsa, R&B, New Neew Orleans & more 100+ Acts on 11 Stages Staages Do wntown San Josee Downtown

A UG 9-11 9-11 AUG jazzfest.sanjose

Branding & Design | Morgan Smail


9 pm

8 pm

Dave Koz & Friends

Dave Koz & Friends

Javon Jackson w/ Les McCann and Dr. Lonnie Smith

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Yosvany Terry Quartet

Pink Martini

Pink Martini

Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

Rebirth Brass Band

Big Easy Parade

Mingo Fishtrap

Lyrics Born presents Continuum




Hotel De Anza, Hedley Club 233 West Santa Clara Street Fri Aug 9: Kat Parra Sat Aug 10: Jessica Johnson, Times 4

Hilton Hotel, Affinity Lounge 300 Almaden Boulevard Fri Aug 9: Anton Schwartz Quintet Sat Aug 10: The Bad Five

Fri Aug 9: Edgardo Cambon and Latido Sat Aug 10: Alfie Dreifuss Ensemble w/Tony Lindsay Fri Aug 9: Kristen Strom Quartet Sat Aug 10: Masha Campagne Quartet


VCHS Jazz Combo


The California Honeydrops

Motordude Zydeco

Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

Yosvany Terry

Frank Bey w/ Anthony Paule

Zydeco Flames

Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88’s

Barracuda Big Easy Stage

Rebirth Brass Band

The JurassiC

Natalie Cressman

Times 4

Gordon Biersch Big Band


Dara Tucker

No Bones About it

Sammy Miller & the Congregation

Slide Madness

Summer Fest Allstar Big Band

The Commanders

Round Midnight

Pandit Habib Khan

Metro Gordon Biersch Stage

More special events at

Drum! Night Fri Aug 9 @ 5-9:30pm San Jose Rep Stage Tickets: $20–$40 at

Jazz Mass Sat Aug 10 @ 4:30pm Sun Aug 11 @ 11:30am Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

Latin Jazz Jam with The John Santos Sextet Sponsored by Mister Latin Jazz Sat Aug 10 @ 9pm–midnight Bank of the West Next Gen Stage

Big Easy Parade Sat Aug 10 @ 1:30pm Main Stage area to Big Easy Stage


San Jose Jazz High School All Stars

Room 107 Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Kind of Blue

Archbishop Mitty Jazz in the AM

Monta Vista High School Jazz Combo

Latin Jazz Jam w/ John Santos Sextet

SJSU Combo

Folsom High School Jazz Choir

Monterey Jazz Festival Honor Vocal Ensemble

Monterey Jazz Festival High School All-Star Band

Midnight River

Mr. Clifford’s Young Jazz Allstars

Dixie Dominus Traditional Jazz Band

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Bank of the West Next Gen Stage

The Fairmont, Lobby Lounge 170 South Market Street

Scan for times

The Cookers

Transcendental Ensemble

Derrick Hodge

Tammy Hall Quintet

Aaron Lington Quartet Plays Stevie Wonder


Yosvany Terry Quartet

Laila Smith Quintet


Raq Filipina

San Jose Jazz High School All Stars

$5 Clifford Brown / Max Roach Project

Gypsy Allstars: Bamboleo to Bollywood

Adobe Blackbird Tavern Stage

Hyatt Place Hotel, Gallery Lounge 282 Almaden Boulevard

Don’t want to go home yet? The festival lights up downtown San Jose with great music on Friday and Saturday night from mid evening ‘til the wee hours.


7:30 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm

5 pm

4:30 pm

4 pm

3 pm

2:30 pm

2 pm

1:30 pm

1 pm



11 am


10:30 pm

10 pm

9 pm

8:30 pm

8 pm

7:30 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm

5 pm

4:30 pm

4 pm

3 pm

2:30 pm

2 pm

1:30 pm

1 pm



11 am


11 pm

10 pm

9:45 pm

9 pm

8:30 pm

8 pm

7 pm

6:30 pm

6 pm


Main Stage


Wil Campa Y Su Gran Union

Pellejo Seco

Carlos Caro – Vissión Latina

Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of SF

Ricardo Lemvo Y Makina Loca

Edgardo & Candela

Pa’l Bailador

Orquesta Saboricua

Futuro Picante



more Latin jazz and salsa than any festival in the West. In 2013 we’re presenting major Latin jazz artists on stages throughout the festival. Highlights include Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra; MacArthur “genius” grant recipient Dafnis Prieto; Brazil’s Transcendental Ensemble;

Every year, Summer Fest features


This year, we’ve upgraded the roster at the San Jose Rep Stage to include even more world-renowned artists. A special wristband is required to enter this stage (see back cover). We’ve added Jazz+ concerts that allow you to see some of Summer Fest’s brightest stars a second time in intimate club settings. The YP Blues Stage and the new Big Easy Stage will be located together near the heart of the action, on leafy Post Street.

NEW IN 2013

Derrick Hodge

Dr. Lonnie Smith

10 am Conversation with Yosvany Terry



Wil Campa

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents CHURCH

Miles Bonny + B Lewis

Josh Jones Ensemble

RBC Jazz Beyond Kaiser Permanente Stage Salsa Stage

The Lyratones

South Bay Big Band Jazz

Swing Dance Lessons

Footnotes Big Band

Swing Dance Lessons

Full Spectrum

The lineup on the Kaiser Permanente Salsa Stage will transport you to three major centers of salsa culture. On Friday, you’ll experience the New York salsa dura sound of Louis Romero’s Mazacote and the Josh Jones Ensemble performing a tribute to Ray Baretto. Saturday, it’s Puerto Rico with Edgardo & Candela and Orquesta Saboricua, playing Puerto Rican-influenced New York salsa. Saturday’s closer Ricardo Lemvo combines classic salsa with pan-African styles. On Sunday we travel to Cuba, birthplace of son, rumba and the contemporary timba, headlined by Cuba’s greatest dance band, Wil Campa Y Su Gran Union. While the styles may differ, every band plays exciting, danceable music, so get out there!

Fountain Blues All Stars

Paula Harris & the Beasts of Blues

Lyrics Born

Blues Contest Winner: Livia Jean Slingerland

Rebirth Brass Band

Le Jazz Hot

Tony Furtado Trio

Murali Coryell

Ricardo Lemvo

Legally Blue


YP Blues Stage

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Stacey Kent

The Cookers

Le Jazz Hot

Ben Vereen

#sjjazzfest #sjjazzfest /sanjosejazz

Jazz+ concerts allow you to see some of Summer Fest’s brightest stars a second time in intimate settings later the same day. Priced from $5-20 per ticket, these events are not included with festival admission. Performances include Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Derrick Hodge, Yosvany Terry, Gypsy Allstars, The Cookers, Ben Vereen and Scotty Barnhart’s Clifford Brown/ Max Roach Project. What will your favorite artist do in a small, club setting?


Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio

Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola

Grace Kelly Quintet

Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio

A special wristband is required to enter the San Jose Rep Stage ($10 per day; included with VIP festival admission)

San Jose Rep Stage


Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra $20

NASA Ames Jazz Band

Millennium Sounds Orchestra

Swing Dance Lessons

Ron Gariffo Orchestra

Swing Dance Lessons

Los Gatos-Saratoga Big Band

Top Shelf Big Band

Swing Dance Lessons

Sons of Jubal

Swing Dance Lessons

Verizon Swing Stage

Colombia’s Audiotrópico; and Cuban saxophonist Yosvany Terry. The great John Santos Sextet will preside over our Latin jazz jam that you can take part in.

Sasha Dobson Duo

Joe DeRose and Amici

Touch of Brass Big Band

Big Easy Parade

Primary Colors w/ Nate Pruitt

Jim Norton and Brilliant Corners

Joel Behrman Quintet

Brian Ho Trio

Mark de Clive-Lowe

Cisco Silicon Valley Stage

VIP Pavilion


Main Ticket Booth / Will Call

VIP ADMISSION* $150 per day; includes San Jose Rep Stage

Parking Entrance

JAZZ+ CONCERTS Tickets $5-20; festival admission not required; available online and at any festival ticket booth

First-Aid Station Bank of the West ATM

Online Discounts Through July 31 $45, GA 3-Day Pass $250, VIP 3-Day Pass*


*VIP services available Sat-Sun


GETTING IN Tickets are available at, on our Facebook page and at any of the five festival ticket booths. Booths accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.


ONLINE DISCOUNTS Purchase online by July 31 and save $15 off combined gate admission on a three-day GA pass; Save $50 on a VIP pass. PREMIUM SEAT TICKETS Premium seating upgrades for specific performances at the Main Stage may be available. Check the website or watch our Facebook feed. PARTY LIKE A VIP VIPs have unlimited access to the Main Stage premium seating area and the VIP Pavilion with a delicious buffet and hosted bar. VIPs also have access to the San Jose Rep Stage (does not include Jazz+ concerts). HOTELS Visit the website for deals at luxury hotels near the festival grounds. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Jazz up your ride by taking VTA to the festival! VTA Light Rail and many bus routes serve the festival (; 408-321-2300). Capitol Corridor (; 877-9-RIDECC), ACE Rail (; 800-411-RAIL) and Caltrain (, 800-660-4287) serve San Jose Diridon station. VTA Light Rail & Bus #64 connect the station to the festival grounds. PARKING

See the map for nearby parking. More info at Summer Fest also offers free valet bike parking, courtesy of the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition.















M SUMMER FEST: POWERED BY SAN JOSE JAZZ Founded in 1986, San Jose Jazz is dedicated to promoting music through education and performance. High School All Stars is our high quality regional, audition-based big band. Summer Jazz Camp is a two-week learning lab for middle and high school students. Progressions is our rigorous youth development program for underserved youth. Winter Fest, the cool counterpart to Summer Fest, includes legends and fresh, emerging artists. Our monthly Jazz Beyond Series, co-presented by Universal Grammar, showcases emerging artists in the Pagoda at The Fairmont San Jose. We also present over 100 free concerts a year through our Free Jazz Wednesdays and Music at the Market series. JOIN US! San Jose Jazz members receive free admission to the festival and other benefits. For more information visit | #sjjazzfest | #sjjazzfest Get festival updates! Sign up on our website.

145 West San Carlos St. San Jose, CA 95113 408.288.7557


Light Rail Stops




SAN JOSE REP ADMISSION $10 per day, + GA wristband

Bike Valet



Jazz Store




GENERAL ADMISSION $20 per day adult $5 per day child, aged 5-12


1st ST.



Wristband Entry (No Sales)







Main Stage (Outdoors) Plaza de César Chavez Headliners; family-friendly

Sa Kaiser Permanente Salsa Stage (Outdoors) San Fernando St. at Almaden Dancing and great vendors

B YP Blues Stage (Outdoors) Lightston Alley near Post Craft beers; SJ Made vendors

BE Barracuda Big Easy Stage (Outdoors) Post Street at First New Orleans & zydeco; Creole food

SV Cisco Silicon Valley Stage (Indoors) Club Regent, The Fairmont Straight-ahead; seating

JB RBC Jazz Beyond Stage (Indoors) Pagoda, The Fairmont Electronic, hip-hop, R&B, Curated by Universal Grammar

R San Jose Rep Stage (Indoors) Paseo de San Antonio at 2nd Straight-ahead; great acoustics $10 per day + GA wristband; incl. in VIP admission

Bk Adobe Blackbird Tavern Stage (Indoors) Paseo de San Antonio at 1st National and international groups; intimate space

Nx Bank of the West Next Gen Stage (Outdoors) Patio between Mezcal/Billy Berk’s Family-friendly; site of Latin Jazz Jam

GB Metro Gordon Biersch Stage (Outdoors) Patio, Gordon Biersch Restaurant Big bands and breaking artists on a shaded patio; craft beers

Sw Verizon Swing Stage (Indoors) Theatre on San Pedro Square (behind Peggy Sue’s restaurant) Lively big band scene; swing dance lessons



Freising, Germany

Vitus Weizenbock Hefe Weissbier


Cologne, Germany



Meschede-Grevenstein, Germany


Erdinger Weissbräu

Erding, Germany

Dunkel Weisse Weissbier

Bayreuther Bierbrauerei

Bayreuth, Germany


Erzquell Brauerei Bielstein Haas & Co.



Alken Maes

Kobbegem, Belgium

Mort Subit White Lambic Belgian

Brouwerij Het Anker

Mechelen, Belgium


Brouwerij Huyghe

Melle, Belgium

Delirium Tremens

De Halve Maan

Brugge, Belgium

Straffe Hendrik Bruges Quadrupel

Brouwerij Verhaeghe

West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Duchesse de Bourgogne Echt Kriekenbier

Brouwerij Bosteels

Buggenhout, Belgium

Tripel Karmeliet

Brouwerij Affligem

Opwijk, Belgium


Brewery Ommegang

Cooperstown, NY



Oudenaarde, Belgium


American Craft 6

Coronado Brewing Company

Coronado, CA

Islander IPA Mermaid’s Red American Amber Ale

Lost Coast Brewery

Eureka, CA

Great White Tangerine Wheat

Port Brewing Brewing CO.

San Diego, CA

Mongo Double IPA Hot Rocks Stein Bier

Uinta Brewing Root Beer

Hoodoo Kolsch Tied House Root Beer and Treat Ice Cream

Salt Lake City, UT

Panelist / Home Brew Competition / Live Music 1:30- 2:30pm Cado and friends 2:20- 2:50pm Panel #1 Globalization of Craft BeerGrowing the Craft Beer “Bubble” 3:00- 3:15pm Home Brew Tasting #1 3:00- 4:00pm Anya and the Get Down 3:20- 3:50pm Panel #2 Cooking with Beer and Beer/Food Pairing Ideas 4:00- 4:15pm Home Brew Tasting #2 4:20- 4:50pm Panel #3 How Beer has evolved 4:30- 5:30pm The Inciters 5:00- 5:15pm Home Brew Tasting #3 5:30- 5:45pm Winners announced from Home Brew

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR

More More listings:


Pay W T hat Y $19 .95 hursda ou Ca n Pre view y, July Nigh Frid 18th t ay, July 19t h

THE CCOLOSSAL OLOSSAL SHO SHOW W Ben DelC DelCastillo astillo hosts a lineup that includes comedians Davidd Claree O'K O'Kane, Nguyen,, Imran Imran G-i,, Clar anne, Aragon. and Nick Ar agon.. Musicians Brooke Shaanz and Br ooke D will also sharee the stage. Sat, 8-10pm shar 8--110pm $10. $ MACLA, MA CLA,, San Jose.

LOS GATOS LOS GA ATOS SHAKE SHAKESPEARE SPEAR RE FESTIVAL FE STIV VA AL The Comedy of Er Errors, rors, Fri,, 8pm 8pm. m. Adventures The Further Adventur es of the Three The Thr ee Musketeers,, Sat,, 8pm. Th he TTragedy ragedy of Hamlet, Sun, 8pm. Park, $15-$22.. Oak Meadow P ark, LLos o os Gatos.

JESUS JE SUSCHRIS CHRIST ST TSUPER SUPERTAR RTA AR Children’s Musical Theater Children’s Theater.. Runs Run ns thru Aug 4. Thu-Fri, 7pm, Sat, 2 & Montgomery 7pm,, Sun,, 1pm. $18. $ . Montgome ery Theatre, Theatr e,, San Jose.

REEFERMADNE REEFER MADNESS: SS:THE THE MUSICAL San Jose SStage. tage. W Wed-Thu, ed--TThu, 2pm. 7:30pm, Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm m. $17.50-$50. Jose. $17 7..50-$50. The SStage, tage,, San Jos se.

THE ROCKY THER OCK KY YHORR HORROR ORSHO SHOW W City Lights Theater Company Company. y. Thu-Sat,, 8pm,, Sun,, 2pm.. Ends Aug 25.. $19.95-$34.95.. City Theater,, San Jose. Lights Theater Jose

SHAKESPEARE SHAKE SPEAREINTHEP IN THE P PARK A ARK K Macbeth, pr presented esented by the Sann Francisco Francisco Shakespeare Shakespeare Festival. Festivaal. Fri-Sun, 7:30pm.. Free. Memorial Free.. Memoria al Park, Park, Cupertino. Cupertino.


FAMILY F AMIL LY A AFFAIR FFAIR P Paintings ainting gs by Efren Alvarez show as part of ‘All ‘All A in One,’ a family fa amily art show that also features mixed-media work wo ork by his wife, Cristina Velazquez and photography Velazquez e photograp phy by his son, son Pedro Pedro A. Alvarez-Velazquez. Alvarez-V Ve elazquez. ‘All ‘All A in One’ One’ shows at South First Billiards on Aug 2 ass part of First Fridays. Fridays. ago in a galaxy ffar, arr, ffar ar away …” Sun, 5:30pm. SSJSU JJSU Tower Toower Lawn, San Fernando and S.. Fourth SSt,t, San Jose.


Silent auction fundr fundraiser aiser ffor or CCatalyst atalyst for for Youth Yoouth to benefit young artists and incarcerated incarcerated aree youth. Items to be auctioned ar donated visual art pieces by local artists.. Sat,, 6-8:30pm. San Jose.




Jazz-related art by Bruni Sablan. Jazz-related Mon-Sat,, 1-6pm.. San Jose.

“Picturing Place:: Photographs Photographs by Gregory Gregory Schaffer Schaffer and Mike Williams.”” Ends Sep 8. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm. LLos os Gatos.


TTabard aabard Theatr Theatree Company Company. y. ThuSat,, 8pm,, Sun,, 2pm.. $12 $12-$36. -$36. Theatree on San P Pedro Square, Theatr edro Squar e, San Jose.

“Faith Embodied:: Saints From Fr om the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.”” A show of prints. 17. Ends Nov 17 7. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun,, 11am5pm, Thu, 11am-8pm. SStanford. tanford.

*concerts *c oncerts


SUMMER SINGS SUMMERSING GS Presented by Schola CCantorum. Presented antorum m. choral works. Audiences sing full chor al work ks. Vance George V aance Geor ge conducts CCarl arl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.” Orff ’s “C armina Bur ana.”” Mon, 7:30pm. $20. Mountain View Performing Center ffor or P erforming Arts.

SSTANFORD TA ANFORDJJAZZ AZZFE FESTIVAL ST TIV VA AL Eric Alexander Alexander,r, Har Harold old Mabern, LLouis ouis Hayes, SSteve teve Davis. Sun, 8pm.. $15-$45.. Dinkelspiel Auditorium, SStanford. tanford.

TARGET T ARGETSUMMERPOP A SUMMER POPSS Symphony Silicon V Symphony Valley alley pr presents esennts a series of pops concerts. Big Bad B Voodoo V oodoo Daddy. Daddyy. Fri,, 7pm.. Simplyy Sinatra. Sinatr a.. Sat,, 7pm.. ““A A long time


“From Fiber to Fabric:: A History “From Production.” of American TTextile eextile Pr oduction.” Ends Aug 18. Fri-Sun, 11am-4pm. Palo Alto. P alo Al to.

EMPIRE SE SEVEN VEN SSTUDIOS T TUDIOS ““A A Thousand Words,” Words,” photography photogr aphy by Max Thompson. Wed, Ends Aug 2. W ed, Fri-Sat,, noon5pm.. San Jose.

PALO P ALO ALTO A ALLTO ART AR RT CENTER “Sky Is Falling:: Paintings “Sky Paintings by Julie Heffernan.” Palo Alto. Heff ernan.”” Ends Sep 1.. P alo Al to.


Works by W Works West est Valley Vaalley and Faculty. Mission College Facul tyy. Ends Sep 8. TTue-Wed uue-Wed and Fri-Sun,, 11am11am-9pm. Clara. 5pm, Thu, 11am9pm.. Santa Clar a.

This event includes music, exhibitions, ffood, ood, carnival rides, the Renaissance Kingdom,, a War Civil W ar display and a petting 1-9pm, zoo. Thu,, 19pm,, Fri,, noon,, 9pm, noon-1pm, noon-9pm. Sat,, noon-11pm,, Sun,, noon9pm. 6-11pm. Fri-Sat, 6-111pm. Thru Sep 29.. San Jose Flea Market Mabury Road parking lot.




ANNO DOMINI “Wes Smoot and the 49ers.” “Wes The story of E.O. 49 told in illustrations, illustr ations,, paintings and sculpture. noon-7pm, sculptur e. Thu-Fri,, noon-7pm, 7 , Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.

A self guided, fr free ee art walk in the SoFA SoF A District and beyond. The event includes galleries,, rretailers etailers and rrestaurants. estaurants. W/Street W/Street Market,, an outdoor DIY urban ffair air on S.. First SSt.t.. Fri,, 77-11pm. -11pm. Downtown San Jose.

Back a 10 ye fter ars! Book, Music & Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

JULY 18 – AUGUST 25, 2013 Directed by Lisa Mallette and Kit Wilder Musical Direction by Gus Kambeitz Choreography by Lori Martinez

Tickets and information: (408) 295-4200 529 South Second St. San Jose, CA 95112 Sponsored p in part p by y Hitachi Data Systems y and Riley y Productions, LLC

35 JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanjo | metr



36 metr | sanjose | metr m | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013

Metro + South First Fridays Presents


SIMPLY PUT Artwork by Mr. Jeremiah Harada

DON’T FRET Guitarist Steve Lin performs for the Aug 2 Lunchtime@Trianon concert.

Lunch Break There aren’t many churches that have been built to resemble a royal mistress’ dwelling. But that’s how downtown San Jose’s Le Petit Trianon theater began its existence—as a church, with architecture patterned after Madame de Pompadour’s house at Versailles. In its origins, as well as in its current incarnation as a theater and office complex for small arts groups, the Trianon seems unique.

Friday, Aug 2nd 7-11pm Metro Gallery 550 S. FirstStreet Downtown San Jose

Some of those groups are seeking to showcase both the Trianon and themselves with a free monthly concert series. The latest installment of the Lunchtime@ Trianon series takes place Aug. 2 with a concert presented by the South Bay Guitar Society, featuring Fri, Aug. 2, 12:1012:50pm. Free. classical guitarist Steve Lin. Listeners are invited to bring their lunches to the concert. Le Petit Trianon, 72 N. “One of the things I noted with the guitar society Fifth St., San Jose. over the years, is that people would come into Le Petit Trianon, look around with wonder, and say ‘why didn’t I know about this place?’ It struck me that there are a lot of people who don’t know about the venue, and therefore don’t know about the activities going on within the venue,” says Tom Ingalz, a member of the South Bay Guitar Society who organized the concert series.

We ar e cur r ently seeking adult volunteer s for a voluntar y AS T HMA r esear ch study testiing an investigational medication for AS T HMA!!! Is your Asthma uncontrolled with your current medicaƟon? If yes, please consider pĂƌƟcipaƟng in a clinical trial teƐƟŶg an inveƐƟŐĂƟŽŶal medicĂƟŽŶ for Asthma. Study medicĂƟŽŶ & study visits are provided at no cost. CompenƐĂƟon for expenses and travel is available.

4050 Moorparkk Avenue, v Suite 6, San Jose 40 08.553.0709

Guitarist Lin focuses on outreach for audiences new to classical guitar. Lin’s program is designed to introduce the breadth of classical guitar. “I’m playing two Bach arrangements, and I’m playing Taiwanese folk music arranged by a friend. There’s also Argentine tangos. It shows off the guitar in different ways, adapting music from old music,” Lin says. Lunchtime@Trianon launched in May and each month has offered performances by some of the theater’s regular users, who are mostly smallerbudget musical organizations, drawn to the acoustics of the Trianon’s concert hall and its manageable, 340-seat house. Although the need for visibility among smaller arts groups is ever-present, there’s urgency behind such efforts at the Trianon. The theater has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a little more than a year. Le Petit Trianon owner Keith Watt says the building is worth $4 million, but he still owes $2.1 million on the mortgage, which he had to refinance not long after the economy bottomed out in 2007. Watt has operated the theater for 30 years. He’s exploring several different options. Le Petit Trianon has been up for sale since summer 2012, but no buyers have come forward, and Watt expresses the concern that most buyers would be unlikely to keep Le Petit Trianon as a theater. “I guess churches converted into theaters are not a good thing to deal with,” he says, though he jokes this experience may help him find religion again.—Heather Zimmerman

metroactive FILM

Heady Jasm Jasmine mine

Strayed Cate Strut

BLANCHED BL A NCHED O OMENS MENS The pampered Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), prone to mixing booze and p pills, recalls Tennessee Williams’ Blanche Dubois.. pills s, recall ls T ennessee W illiams’ Blanch e Dubois

‘Blue ‘‘B Blue Jasm Jasmine’ mine’ transpla transplants ants a fragile flow flower Francisco wer to San Fran ncisco BY B Y RICHARD VON VON N BUS BUSACK ACK


ike a venerable venerab ble old musician n on a world tour, tourr, Woody Woody Allen returns, returnss, and it doesn’t doesn ’t matter that tha at the original excitement excitemen nt of his art has long fled—the fled— —the old up for professionalism makes m notes. the lack of new no otes. Blue J Jasmine i is i more ambitious am mbitious biti than his recent rom-com rom-com tr avelogues, a tragi-comic trag gi-comic travelogues, rephr ase of Street car Named Named rephrase Streetcar Desire set in San Fr F ancisco. Francisco. The pla play ay means a lot to Allen. Forty Forty yyears eears ago, ago, Allen personally personaally burlesqued

Blanche Du Dubois ubois in Sleep Sleeper. er. The Tennessee Williams aree rreferences effer e ences to oT eennessee W illiams i ar title—“Blue Roses” was doubled in the t title —“Blue Blue R o oses”” w oses aas nickname Laura the nicknam me of L aura in The Glass Menagerie.. Menagerie Cate Blanchett, C ate Blan nchetttt,, who recently recently toured toured Streetcar as Blanche in i rrevivals evivals of St reeettccar from fr om Sydney Sydneeyy to NYC, NY YC, is the penniless penniless Without choices JJasmine. asmine. W i ithout choic es left,, she descends into desc ends int to the flat of her allsister Hawkins fforgiving orgiving sis o ster Ginger (Sally Ha awkins w Happy-Go-Lucky), grocery of Happ py-Goo-Luckkyy), a friendly gr ocery storee clerk in stor n the Mission. Allen shuttles shut h tttles tl in i time tti so we ccan an see JJasmine asmine i was when she w aas riding high a ffew ew previously—when was yyears ears pr evio ouslyy— —when she w aas the pampered, bubble-bath soaked wife pamp ered,, bubble b -bath soak ked e wif fe of Street baron a Wall Str eeet bar on ccalled alled Hal ((Alec Alec utterly, Baldwin). JJasmine a asmine trusted him ut ttterlyy, eeven ven as an Alec A Baldwin character is never bee trusted. ne ver to b

way from JJasmine asmine works her w ay back fr rom chance this plummet,, finding a last chan nce love at lo ve with a gentleman ccaller: aller: the t new Tiburon ne w man is a T iburon princeling princelingg with political ambitions.. In the rrole, Peter p olitical ambitions ole, P eter Sarsgaard never been worse,, and Sarsgaar d has ne veer b een worse it’s because partt giv gives nothing it ’s b ecause the par vees him no othing grasp,, the w way to grasp ay that it’s it’s written. writttten n. But it’s Ginger’ss low low-rent life it ’s not that Ginger Ginger’ low-r rent lif fe is either.. fleshed out cconvincingly, on nvincingly v y, either

Mismatches Mismat ches The Spanish ccinematographer inematographer JJavier avvier Aguirresarobe the A guirresarobe tries to visualize th he Allen’s characters dull ccompliments ompliments Allen n’s charact ters pay city: pa ay the cit y: “It’s “It’s so Mediterranean, Mediterraneaan,” theyy eexclaim. love the xclaim. “If yyou ou o ccan’t an’t fall in lo ve here, love anywhere. her e, yyou ou ccan’t o an’t fall in lo ve an nywh y here.” bayshore, When h on the h Marin i b ba ayyshor h e, Allen All has the sense to turn the ccamera amera ffor o or appreciative water. a long appr eciativve view view of the w ater a . from But he gets no eexcitement xcitement fr om the t it’s envisioned Mission: it ’s as if Allen en nvvisioned d the Queens,, and onc oncee he did, Mission as Queens d , he ccouldn’t ouldn’t unsee that vision. Any director Streetcaresque An ny dir ector of a St reeettccarreesquee

Coming C oming out of Blue J Jasmine, aasmine, I imagined teaching St Streetcar treeettcar c r to a gr group oup of yyoung o oung students an and nd hearing “Why “Wh hy didn didn’t ’t Mitch just Go Google ogle Blanche and find out ab about out her p past?” ast?”” This stupid question is unans unanswerable werrable in a mo moderndernday da ay vversion. ersion. And still still, l,, Jasmine Jasmine is rich material ffor o or Blanchett. Blanchettt. She do doesn’t esn’t have ha ave T Tennessee eennessee W Williams’ iilliiams’’ language, language, or the thr throbbing obbing ac accent, centt,, or the iridesc iridescent ent ccobwebs obwebs on her her—though, r— —tho ough,, as in L Leigh’s eigh h’s Blanche,, the lownesss in JJasmine’s Blanche asmine’s vvoice o oice ccomes omes out when she she’s ’s mixing the pills and the b booze. ooze. She cconfides onfides that when she w was aas under ps psychiatric ychiiatric obser observation, vation, she had a ttaste aste of “Edison’s “Ed dison’s Medicine. Medicine.” She gets to seethe wi with ith craziness—to mutter mut tter t with it,, to ssweat w through weat through her Chanel suits suits.. If JJasmine asmiine isn isn’t ’t crushed, she gets mauled a lit little ttle t by by a drippy drippy pawing pa aw wing dentist,, pla played ayed e richly b byy Michael Stuhlbar Stuhlbargg off A Serious Man: “Y You o ccan an learn l an aawful w wful f l lot l t ab boutt “You about p eople b oking at their mouths people byy lo looking mouths..” Such gags work k— —tthey’re what work—they’re Allen do es b est. And d Blanchet tt’s does best. Blanchett’s acting will b d ed as bee aptly describ described fforceful or o ceful when aawards waards d season ccomes. omes. Y eet ma ayybe the wor d “f fo orceful”” isn ’t Yet maybe word “forceful” isn’t analy yzzed lik ough ht to b e: doesn’t doesn n’’t it analyzed likee it ought be: define a p erfo ormer taking taking a performer something un nw workable and tr yiing to b eat it into unworkable trying beat submission?


PG-13 PG13


Opens FFriday riday

37 JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanjo | metr

storyy fac faces problem: potential stor es a pr oblem m: the p otential unevenly matched of an une venlyy matc hed Blanche Stanley. and St anley. One actor acto or ccan an consume consume they’re the other if the y’re not n of equal some say fighting weight; som me sa ay that’s that’s what happened happ ened in the 19511 film,, that Brando overpowered Vivian Leigh. o veerpowered V ivian i L eigh. Perhaps Perhaps to highlight his ffemale eemale st sstar, ar, Allen splits Stanley the apish St anley into o ttwo w wo separate Ginger’ss first hu husband played men. Ginger’ usband is pla ayeed byy Andr Andrew Dicee in a ccomeback omeback rrole ole b ew Dic Clay: improved, he’s Cla ay: impr oveed,, but he h ’s still Andrew Andrew Dicee Cla Clay. beau, Dic ay. A later b eaau,, Chili ((Bobby (Bobby Cannavale Italian C annaavale v with an It talian vversion ersion of League haircut) a Human L eague hai ircut) is a garage mechanic who sees thr tthrough ough JJasmine’s asmine’s airs,, Fr French perfume fancy airs ench p errfume and vodkavodkacharacterization sswilling. willing. The characte erization of Chili aree antique: it’s like and his buddies ar a it ’s lik ke watching Honeymooners. w atching The Hone eyym moonerrs. metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


M metroactive m etroactive FILM


New N e ew 2 GUN GUNSS (R; 109 9 min.) Denzel W Washington ashington Mark and Ma ark Wahlberg Wahlberg star as a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officerr who end up on the run after infiltrating a ffailed ailedd try at infil trating a drug cartel. (Opens Fri.)

BLUE BL UE JJASMINE ASMINE (PG-133; 98 min.) See rreview (PG-13; eview on page 37 (Op (Opens pens Fri.)

HANNAH HANN AH AREND ARENDT T (Not rrated; a ated; 109 min.) See rreview eview this page. (Opens ( Fri.)


ARENDT SWAYED Hannah Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) attends the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann. As she reported on the trial, Arendt coined the phrase ‘the banality of evil.’

Trial Separation Marguerite von Trotta’s Hannah Arendt is the only film you’ll see this summer with the noted philosopher/historian playing “truth or dare” billiards with Mary McCarthy (played by Janet McTeer, trying some strong-arm scene stealing). It’s the first time in a long while that the movies have revisited the Eichmann trial. This, even though the war criminal’s glass booth haunts our epics, in the form of the clear bulletproof cells in which many super-villains are caged: Dr. Lecter, Magneto, Loki, Silva and the rest. This biopic follows a turning point in the career of Arendt (Barbara Sukowa) who travelled at the New Yorker’s behest to observe the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961. Arendt was a German who fled with her husband in 1933. She claimed had never even seen a Nazi in the flesh: not quite true, since she was taught by one, her mentor and perhaps lover Martin Heidegger, played by Klaus Pohl. Not to steal the thunder of her book Eichmann in Jersualem, but Arendt’s breakthrough was deducing that even if the SS Lieutenant-Colonel was the living representative of a nightmare, he was also a consummate bureaucrat. He was “no Mephistopheles,” she says, during the musings that led to Arendt’s irreplaceable four-word description of the spirit of the Nazis’ rule.

As do today’s war criminals, Eichmann used passive sentences: the slippery “one” when describing how he conducted his obscene duties. But he was all too human, griping about the inconvenience of the trial, wearing a wry half-smirk at Hannah Arendt the indignity of the questions, wiping his Not rated; leaking nose with a 109 min. hanky. Opens Fri. The mirror of this bland monster is a humane, lovable, brave woman of middle age facing the pressure from the middle-brow New Yorkers she knows. She refuses to cast Eichmann’s life as a common study of evil in the realm of good. And she also refuses to ignore the shame of Jewish collaboration with the Nazis. For the most part, Sukowa’s inner strength conquers the problem of a bio-pic about a person who vegetates on sofas, smokes cigarettes and stares at the ceiling. The script may have carved up too much history to chew, though— there are numerous “as you know, Bob”-isms to keep the viewer up to speed in ’60s politics, as well as scene-changing lines of great unfortunateness: “Israel has aged faster than you, my little Hannah.” Richard von Busack

(Not rrated; a ated; 79 min.) Cullen Cullen Hoback’s so-so documentary on the near complete erosion privacy, comple ete er osion of public privacy y, from CCTV fr om tthe he CC T V cameras cameras in London London Google tracking, credit to Goo ogle tr acking, to the cr edit cardd co companies car ompanies that sell your information, inf orm mation, to smartphones that aree sm smart ar mart enough to squeal on you. Hobackk meets with advocates on Hobac left (Margaret Atwood) the lef ft (Mar garet A twood) and the right (O (Orson Orson Scott Card). Card). The director director does brief,, bootless ambush also do oes a brief interview Zuckerberg, inter view with Mark Zuckerber g, emerges who em merges as the Bond villain of the piece … Facebook being the wheree people love to let it all place wher w out h hang o t about b t their th i social i l diseases di thee stupidity of their bosses. and th (Maybee Z. shouldn’t shouldn’t have posted comment that co omment “They trust me. Dumb fucks.”) illustrates, ates, fuck s.””) What Hoback illustr talking heads and a with many m whimsical ffew ew wh himsical bits of animation, ought to be basic knowledge. Everyone Everyo one is clear that you don’t don’t post anything ng on the Internet that you anythi wouldn’t billboardd wouldn n’t want to see on a billboar above your mom's house? No, of they’ree not clear on it, but coursee they’r director maybe be hearing h i deputy d t CIA dir di ector t Christopher Sartinskyy calling social Christo opher Sartinsk networking dream netwo rking ““aa dr eam come true ffor or CIA” the CIA A” will help stir some useful paranoia par anooia about the lack of a place to hide hide. e. (Opens Fri.) (RvB)

THE W WOLVERINE OLVERINE (PG-133; 126 min.) Surprisingly (PG-13; good. Handsome, H full of lavish locations locatio ons and a lot closer to Sam Fuller than it seems. The seemingly immortal immor rtal mutant LLogan, ogan, known as The Th Wolverine Wolverine l i (Hugh (H h JJackman, k brood with aallll the br ood and muscle of Eastwood greater Eastwo ood and a gr eater capacity emotion) from ffor or em motion) is in retreat retreat fr om the literally world, still liter ally haunted by the Grey gentle ghost of Jean Gr ey (Famke Janssen). Jansse en). Logan Logan is coaxed to Japan to the deathbed of an old friend in electronics TTokyo, ookyo, the tycoon of an electr onics

corrporation; he’s corporation; he’s unwillingly dr drawn awn intoo a dynastic war involving the dead dea ad friend’s innocent pawn of a daughter (Tao dau ughter (T Taao Okamoto), a sinister physician phy ysician (Svetlana (Svetlana Khodchenkova) fuchsia-haired andd a fuchsia-hair ed bodyguard bodyguard (Rila (Ril la Fukushima in what is, astonishingly, ast onishinglyy, only her first ffeature eature film). film m). Mayhem ensues, particularly on top of a bullet train train at 300mph. Director James Mangold (W Dir e ector Walk aalk the Line Line) helps Lin h l himself hi lf to t the th occasional i l Bond trope Bon nd tr ope (including the perhaps third, sillyy last thir d, and Lana Wood’s Wood’s exit from fr om m Diamonds Ar Aree Forever Forever); yet even eveen when it goes over the top, The Wolverine Woolverine always seems gr grounded. ounded. PG-13 Thee PG13 rating rating must have been gotten gunpoint—it’s ’s quite got tten at gunpoint—it seriously ser iously violent. (Plays locally locally.) y..) (RvB) (Rv vB)

Revivals R Re vivals 48 HOUR FILM PR PROJECT OJECT Finalists from Finalists from the annual 48 Hour Project, Hou ur Film Pr oject, in which teams compete com mpete to complete a film within twoo days. Unpreviewed; Unpreviewed; two separate sep parate admission programs. programs. (Plays Jul 31-Aug 1 at 7pm in San Jose at Camera Caam mera 12). (RvB)

FLYING FLYING Y DO DOWN WN T TO O RIO/FOOTLIGHT RIO/FOOTLIGHT PARADE P A AR RADE (booth 1933) TTwo (both wo bottom of the Depression Dep pression musicals, rich with the tension ten nsion underneath the escapism, though tho ough the escapism itself is rich, strange and psychedelic. Playboy str a ange song-and-dance son ng-and-dance man Gene Raymond Dolores Ray ymond loves Dolor es Del Rio, unhappily unh happily affianced to a Brazilian Brazilian tycoon. tyc oon. It all gets sorted out during thee flight to Brazil; Brazil; fortunately, fortunatelyy, Raymond’s Ray ymond’s plane is equipped with a ppiano iano so he can work on some songs, “Orchids son ngs, including “Or chids in the Moonlight.” accordionMo onlight.” g ” As As his accor dionplaying pla ying “assistant “assistant loafer,” loafer,” Fred Fred Astaire A sttaire meets Ginger Rogers ffor or thee first time, and they learn a fforehead-bumping orehead-bumping e dance called “The “Th he Carioca.” Carioca.” The famous famous finale—a squadron squ uadron of strippers wing-walking on low-flying planes—suits Del Rio’s Rio ’s sole wish ffor or ““crazy crazy beautiful happiness.” hap ppiness.” BILLED WITH WITH Footlight Parade Parrade. Unmissable. San Jose-born Lloyd Llo yd Bacon directs directs James CCagney agney creator as a besieged cr eator of live musical prologues curtain-raisers ppr o g ologues staged g as curtain-r aisers at movie m theaters, with the sparky, sparky, shrewd shr ewd Joan Blondell as his right hand han nd girl. As As ffor or the numbers: Waterfall” “Byy a W aterfall” is staged in a 20,000-gallon 000-gallon tank and capped 20, with 70-foot-high wit th a 70-f oot-high wedding cake of fountains fountains and chorus girls; “Sittin’ “Sittin’ irresistible on a Backyard Backyard Fence” Fence” is ir resistible kitsch kits sch (kind of what you hoped the


metroactive metr oactivve FILM

MEET ME IN SST. T. LLOUIS/AN OUIS/AN APARTMENT PEGGY AP ARTMENT FFOR OR PE GGY (1944/1948) Vincente Minnelli's Minneelli's about justly cherished musical abo out the Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 1903 W orldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fair in SSt. t. LLouis ouis and a ffamilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s amilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss awakening to the new amily century.. Nostalgia, but it itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s century â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nostalgia n with shadows, emblematic of o the bleak year in which it was made m overheardd iinn its hit, (the darkness is overhear Christmas the diminuendo wartime Ch hristmas carol car ol â&#x20AC;&#x153;Have YYourself oourself a Merry Merryy Little Christmasâ&#x20AC;?). offers Christmas â&#x20AC;?). The ďŹ lm off ers a pleasantness lot: not just the pleasantnes ss of watching unrufďŹ&#x201A;ed lives butt an sequence inďŹ&#x201A;uential Halloween seque ence thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a highlight of 1940s ďŹ lm. ďŹ Minnelli claimed he was trying tryiing to capture captur t e a child's hild' â&#x20AC;&#x153;wistful â&#x20AC;&#x153; i tf l lon llonging nging i ffor or horror.â&#x20AC;? ever-debonair hor ror.â&#x20AC;? Includes the ever-de ebonair Powell, William P owell, Judy Garland's Garlandd's best performance irresistible perf ormance and the ir resistible Margaret Mar garet O'Brienâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the goldd standardd of child actorsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a actorsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;as standar as the sister.. BILLED WITH ffamilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s amilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kid sister WITH An Apartment ffor oor P Peggy eggyy Du During ring the housing shortage at thee end of WWII, (William W WII, a young couple (Wi illiam Holden and Jeanne Crain) in Crain) move m as lodgers with an old and lonely loonely professor professor (Edmund Gwenn).. (Plays Aug Palo Alto A 3-6 3-66 iin P alo l Al t att the to th SStanford t foord tanf Theatre.) Theatre.) (RvB)

MI MAMBO (2006) Pr Preserving eserving the soundd of bigband mambo, Manhattanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Manhattanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Harbor H Conservatory Performing Conser vatory ffor or the P erform ming up-and-coming Arts instructs up-and-comin ng music traditions students on the tr aditions of o Latin brassy documentary music. This br assy documen ntary careers students ffollows ollows the car eers of ďŹ ve st tudents Preceded free of the school. Pr eceded by a fr ee performance Jose perf ormance by the San Jos se Jazz High School All SStars. tars (Playss Jul 31 at tars. sundown in San Jose at Sann Pedro Pedro Square. Square. Part Part of the Starlight Starlightt Cinema series.) (RvB).

THE WICKED LAD LADY/BANK Y/BANK HOLIDAY HOLID AY (1945/1938) The sul sultry try James James sultrier Mason meets the sul trier Margaret Margaret born-in-Karachi LLockwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a ockwoodâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a born-in-K arachi a Thomson beauty who critic David Tho mson claims rivaled Vivien Leigh; she aristocrat plays an aristocr at who becomes becoomes a highway rrobber obber for for the fun n of it. it bandit Mason plays the dashing ba andit she way.. Billed with meets along the way Bank Holidayy (1938; Sept. 19 19â&#x20AC;&#x201C;21), 9â&#x20AC;&#x201C;21), an early Carol Carol Reed neodocumentary neodocumeentary drama drama about a long weekend weekennd in London. London. (Plays Aug 77-9 -9 in P Palo a Al alo Alto to at the Stanford Stanffoord Theatre.) Theatre.) (RvB) (RvvB)

Reviews R eviews 20 2 0FEETFR FEET FROM OMSSSTARDOM TA ARDOM M (PG-13; 90 min.) The glorious (PG-13; gloriouus 20 Feet from frroom Stardom Starrddom m is the su surprise urprise of the summer season.. It audits audiits some 60 years of the very best pop poop music through anggle:: the through an unexplored unexplored angle: history of the backup singe singers ers who remained spines remained unknown while chilling c around around the world. The singers singeers hereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; hereâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Claudia Lennear, Lennear, Merry Merry Clayton, Clayyton, Darlene Love Love and the almost tangibly tangibbly warm Lisa Fischerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;are Fischerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;are most frequently frequently e heard heard giving a dose of soul to white headliners.. Positively Positively exhilarating exhilaarating is the scene where where Clayton rrevisits evisitts a certain recording tells recording studio. The way Clayton C it, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clear people have been beeen leaning in to hear the story for for decades. decaades. Mick Jagger, Jaggerr, Bruce Springsteen and a Sting Sting are are interviewed interviewed not as stars starrs but as fans, fans, collaborators collaborators and industry induustryy insiders bafďŹ&#x201A;ed by the algebr algebraa of success. su uccess. Talent Talent a is not enough, self-promoting self-promoting force force is not enough.. If this profession professioon has more more past than pr present, esent,, these women woomen are are jewels who ďŹ nally get a setting. settting. The movie answers the questio question: on: When a song comes on the radio, radio, why w do we sing the chorus instead of the t lead? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; part of the song. (RvB)

THE CONJURING THEC ONJURING (R;; 112 min.) Paranormal Paranormal inv investigators vestigators terrorized help a ffamily amily being ter rorizzed by an evil fforce. orce.

DESPICABLE DE SPICABLE ME 2 (PG;; 98 min.) Reformed Reformed baddie badddie Gru by (voiced by SSteve teve Carell) Carell) is enlisted e Anti-Villain the AntiVillain League to take t on a this powerful new criminal in th his animated sequel. With the voices of Kristen K Wiig Brand. and Russell Br and.

FRUITVALE FR UITV VA ALE SSTATION TAT TION (R;; 90 min.) The accomplished accomplishhed Bay Ar Area ea the ďŹ l ďŹ lmmaker k Ryan R rreminds eminds i d th h kneehe k and disorderly jerkers that being drunk an nd disor derly isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Oscar Grant, isn â&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a capital crime.. As As Osc car Gr ant, stunning lookss Michael B.. Jordanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jordanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stunnin ng good look and immaculately restrained restraineed acting affects aff ects even those who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t donnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be manipulated.. Jordan Jordan gives givves us the charisma of the unlucky unlucky man maan from from Haywardâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a Haywar dâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a cherished father fatther to his (played byy a prodigy daughter Tatiana Tatiana a prodigy named Ariana Neal).. But we we see the sinner in him. We We meet his cheated-on girlfriend Sophina (Meloniee Diaz),, and h how hear h Grant Gr G antt lost l t his hi job j b att Farmer F Joeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Joe â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market in Oakland ffor orr lateness, to and then how he acted threateningly threateningly e his former former manager for for hiring hiriing someone matches Cooglerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s else.. Jordanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jordanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acting match hes Coogler unfussy, unfussy y, sensitive direction. direction. We We can confusion ffeel eel for for this young manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s co onfusion and desperation. desperation. Octavia Spencerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sppencerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s excellence as Gr antâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother moth her will dazzle

even people who rremember mber how good emem she was in The Help. Mo Most ost of the ďŹ lm is shot on location, whic which ch makes the screenplay-lab screenplay-lab added details d seem falser: falser:: the detail of TTatiana atia a ana having a prophetic prophetic ffear ear of her ffather ather going out on the bad night,, ffor instance. or ins stance. (RvB)

GROWN GR OWNUP W UPSS2 2 (PG-13;; 102 min.) Adam (PG-13; m Sandler Sandler,, Chris James and KKevin evin Jamess star in this ďŹ nds Sandlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comic sequel, sequel which ďŹ n ds Sandler â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss character char acter moving back to his old home town and discovering you y can never maybe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go home againâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or ma aybe it â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a anyway. smart idea,, anyway y.

THE HUNT (R;; 115 min.) Mads Mikk Mikkelson kelson (CCasino aasino Royale) plays a fformer ormer school sschoolteacher teacher efforts lifee after whose eff orts to rrebuild ebuildd his lif divorce threatened a divor ce and job loss aare re thr eatened sparkss a by an untruthful rremark emarkk that spark witch hunt in his small town.

ONLY ONL LY GOD FFORGIVES ORGIVES ( R;; 90 min.) Ryan Goslin Gosling ng is a drug hunt smuggler who must hu nt down brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s esponsible ffor whoever is rresponsible or his br otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s murder. mur der.

PACIFIC P ACIFIC RIM (PG-13; 131 min.) Guillermo (PG-13; Guillermo del Toro, Tooro, directed co-wrote who dir ected and co-w wrote this 21ststory, century Godzilla story y, answers the question of what he would woould rather rather horse-sized ďŹ ghtâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;one horse-size ed duck or 100 horsesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ďŹ rmly duck-sized horsesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;ďŹ ďŹ rmlyy on the ducks. side of horse-sized duc cks.. And to ďŹ ght ducksâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;actually the horse-sized duck sâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x201D;actually skyscraper-sized sk yscraper-sized alien monsters called KKaijuâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;humans aijuâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;humans in the very near future future builtt skyscraper-sized have buil skyscraper-ssized piloted Destroy rrobots obots of their own. A dash d of Destr oy with healthy All Monsters mixed wit th a heal thy dollop of Neon Genesiss Evangelion produces interesting pr oduces some inter essting additions giant-monster to the modern giant-m monster canon, notably the KKaiju aiju organ organn black market stances (reminiscent and the ďŹ ghting stance es (r eminiscent synchronized swimming) of synchr y onized swimm ming) g) that each rrobotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s obotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dual pilots must musst make. The extraa points ffor movie gets a ffew ew extr or a strong (Rinko str ong ffemale emale lead (Rin nko Kikuchi) whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s around whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just hangingg ar ound ffor or rromance, omance, and ffor or a scene that offers unusualâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and off ers an unusualâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;an nd goopyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; giant perspective on the gian nt monsters. The atmospheree of doom iss lifted by some atmospher performances from good perf ormances fr o Idris Elba, om key Charlie Day and two ke ey members of the cast of Sons of Ana Anarchy archyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;that showâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s showâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lead, Charlie Hunnam, Huunnam,, is a little stiff here here in a leading rrole ole as a robot robot pilot.. Is it the armor he wears, or just an underwritten underwritten character? character? The 3D isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t distracting isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as distr acting as itt could be, and does its job in enhanci enhancing ng some of the big battle scenes. (Johnn Briere) Briere)

RED 2 RED2 (PG-13; 116 min.) This sequel (PG-13; sequel ďŹ nds a fformer ormer CIA black-ops agent a (Bruce

operatives. Willis) rreuniting euniting hiss team of oper atives. Mirren, Freeman With Helen Mir ren, Morgan Morgan Fr eeman Hopkins. and Anthony Hopki ins.

R.I.P.D. R.I.P P..D. (PG-13; 96 min.) Rya (PG-13; Ryan an Reynolds stars deceased as a rrecently ecently decea ased cop who joins an undead police fforce. o ce. or

an ascot with ann aloha shirt.. Now manned-up with ole model, witth a positive rrole capable Duncan is capab ble of a half-written romance romance with the thhe nextdoor neighbor girl (AnnaSophia (AnnaSophia Robb) which mirrors mirrors Owenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unresolvable esolvvable rrelationship Owenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unr elationship with his co-worker co-worrker (Maya â&#x20AC;&#x153;The EverPouterâ&#x20AC;? Pouter â&#x20AC;? Rudolph). Rudolph h). (RvB)

THIS IS THE END (R;; 107 min.) Jamess Franco, Franco, Paul Paul Rudd, Watson Emma W atson and Seth Rogen star in about a black comedy abo out friends stuck in a house while L.A. falls falls to pieces.

THE W WAY, AY, WAY WAY BACK BACK C (PG-13; 103 min.) Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (PG-13; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; hard hard to see what Way, Way The W aayy, W aay Backk demonstr demonstrates ates more more than Fox Searchlightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Searrchlightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stillunmatched skill at rolling rolling out a little movie. Writer/directors Writer/direcctors Nat Faxon and Joe Rush Rushâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ lm m is a puzzling mix of Meatballss and â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70s 0s loco par parentis entis drama, parents. drama, with authentic authenntic loco par ents.. All meeting at a CCape ape Cod C beach house: newly divorced divorced mom m (Toni (TTooni Collette), her stinky, stinky, car-peddling car-pedddling boyfriend (Steve (Steve Carell Carell at his most wormish), wacky wacky drunken neighbor neigghbor (Alison Janney) and the upset uppset 14-year-old 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James). Jamees). There There are are shades of Adventur Adventureland relandd, with its healing amusement amusemennt park:: Duncan is rescued Owen, rescued by Owen n, played by Sam Rockwell, in one of the two or three three tastiest parts he heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ever e had. Owen is the Bill Murray-like Murray-like manager of a water slide park ca called lled Water Water Wizz, Wizz and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s debonair heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so debona air that he wears

FFor showtimes, h tii , aadvance d tix tii andd more,, go to t camera i

Best Theaters -- SJJ Mercury and Metro Readers Always Plenty of Free Frree Validated Validated a Parking All Sites All Shows Be Before efore 12 noon Only $5.00 Senior Tuesdays Tuesdayss -- $6 all day (63 and older) Student Night Wednesdays Weddnesdays -- $6 after 6pm w/ID Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$7.50 Seniors/Kids/Students s/Military--$7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) Mats: $7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) b4 6pm M-F & 4pm Sat-Sun  Sony 4K Digital E  Final W Week eek E * No Passes






 ( :1 (? ( CAMERA 12 EE  ( :1(?(




( (20;:1(

 ( (20;:1(


E  0







OPENS 8/2!

â&#x20AC;&#x153;BLISTERING...CREEPILY UNNERVING.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Jeannette Catsoulis, THE NEW YORK TIMES

I Agree Q&A w/ filmmaker filmmak er Cullen Hoback H obac k & Matt Cagle (Volunteer (Volunteer Attorney, Attor ney, ACLU of Northern Norther n California Califoor nia â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Technology Tec hnology & Civil Liberties Project) and Aleecia Internet A l e e c i a McDonald M c D o n a l d (Director (Dir ector of Privacy, Priv acy, Stanfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Stanfor dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Center for Inter net & Privacy) Priv a cy) following follo wing Saturday Satur day 6:50 show! sho w!


288 South Second St. s ((408) 408) 998-3300 $!),90-s!$$,3!435.0$!), ,9 0- s !$$, 3! !435. 4 0-

JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanjo | metr

musical CCats ats a would have be been en like). Unauthorized sequel: Guy Maddinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s M Maddin â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Saddest Music in the World Woorld (2003). (Plays Jul 31-Aug 2 in i P Palo alo Alto Alto at the Stanford Stanffoord Theatre.) Theatre.) e (RvB) metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013

Cory Schwaderer Schwaderer


metroactive MUSIC

Manak Energy IIN N HIGH H IG H G GEAR E A R Classic rock from the ’50s to the ’70s inspires the music of Jonny M Manak anak and the Depr Depressives. essives.

Wheth Whether her it’ it’s ’s writing for f TV and movie e soundtracks, recording sound trackss, or record ding an album, it’s day’s Manak it’’s all in a day’ ’s work for Jonny M ana ak BY B Y AARON AARON N CARNE CARNESS


ONN ONNY NY MANAK MANAK has always alw a been a busy ays guy.. It used to be that guy in addition ad ddition to fronting his own group, gro oup p, Jonny Jonny Manak and the Depressives, De epressives, he was was playing l i in i every other th local l l punk rock band (Odd (Odd Numbers, Numbers, Texas Thieves, Thiev ves, the Forgotten, Forgotten, Texas f to name a few), and would ever instrument that whate play whatever filliing, all while being needed filling, professio onal skateboarder. skateboarder. a professional Those da days ayys ar aree past. He still has his oup, but bu ut instead of playing plaayying in own gr group, eeveryone veeryo one else ’s band,, he ’s funneling else’s he’s that ener gy in nto writing original music energy into ffor or MTV pr o ograms g lik ke LLawyer aawyer Squad, programs like Ridiculousness and a eeven veen J aackass rreruns. eruns. Jackass Plus he holds down d a full-time job in sales sales.. stop fullC onsideringg all this nonConsidering non-stop thr ottttle ener gy, not to mention his throttle energy, animated p erssonalitty, it would seem the personality,

best b e p est possible ossible made made-up -up up st stage age name ffor o or hi im would b e, well, “J onn ny Manak.” him be, “Jonny “It tot taally sounds lik ke a fak ke st age totally like fake stage na ame,” Manak sa ays y . “My rreal eal name iss name, says. M Manak. It ’s on m th ccertificate. ertificate.” It’s myy bir birth The Depr essivvees, though,, w aas a Depressives, was rresponse e onse to eeveryone, esp veeryo one, eeven veen cco-workers o-work keers un naawar a e he w aas a musician,, alw wayys unaware was always ccalling a alling him “J onn ny Manic -Depressivve.” “Jonny Manic-Depressive. Ther aas no gr oup, howe ver e , on n the Theree w was group, however, fir rst JJonny onn ny Manak and the Depr essivvees first Depressives al l lb lbum, , 20 06’s R eebboundd T oown. Mana M ak k album, 2006’s Rebound Town. Manak pu ut it to gether in a month—he put together w wr ote eeverything ver e ything and pla ayeed all the wrote played in nstruments himself ow w, se veen yyears ea ears instruments himself.f. N Now, seven la ater, he ccelebrates elebrates the rrelease elease of his later, ffourth o th LP our P, Primitiv ve Sounds ffor oor a Mo de dern Primitive Modern W oorld, which as Manak eexplains, xxplains, fits him World, b e ause, “I pla ec ay primitiv ve music ’s a because, play primitive music.. It It’s m mo dern world.” modern By primitiv ve, Manak is rreferring effeerring to t primitive, cl lassic rrock ock & rroll, oll,, eeverything veerything fr om classic from C Chuck Berr ock Berryy to the late ’70s punk rrock eexplosion, x xplosion, , but that ’s ab out as far as he h that’s about go oes. goes. “I lo ove ’50s rrock ock & rroll. oll. I lo ove earlyy love love ’6 60s white -boy rrock, ock,, wher ’s the ’60s white-boy wheree it it’s So onics tr ying to do Chuck Berr y. I lik ke Sonics trying Berry. like th he late ’6 0s acid ps ycchedelic tripp py the ’60s psychedelic trippy ga arage punk that ’s rreally eally fucking garage that’s

obnoxious eally lik ke the t 1977 dir ty obnoxious.. I rreally like dirty rrock ock & rroll oll lik ke the Dea ad Bo oyys and like Dead Boys JJonny onn ny Thunders an k eeep going Thunders.. I ccan keep fforever, oreveer,” Manak sa o ays y. says. Despite how diff ffeeren nt a lot of these different old sc enes might app ear arr, the ey all shar scenes appear, they sharee a similar lineage anak p oints out, lineage.. A Ass Ma Manak points started Berry, Little i all it ll st arted d with i h Chuck Ch k Berr B y, Lit Li tttle l Richard Lee Lewis. Richar d and JJerry erry L ee L ewis. This trio of artists influenced loves. ar tists influenc ed eeveryone veeryone o Manak lo ovees. like “I just lik ke to put all that t shit in a blender and what ccomes omees out is what play. don’t want sound like I pla ay. I don n’’t w aant to so ound lik ke a new don’t want like ne w band. I don n’’t w aantt to sound lik ke anybody else’s but want an nyybody else ’s band,, bu ut I w aant to like sound lik ke a tribute to an a era,” Manak ssays. ayyss. Manak’ss albu albums have Each of Manak’ ums ha ave had somewhat different sound, a some what h diff ffeerent so ound, d, which hi h is i partt to a near near-constant due in par r-const o ant rrotating otating members, but each album ccast ast a of band memb ers, b ccombines ombines elements of these t old rrock ock sub-genres. sub -genres. Manak’ss lo love being Manak’ ove ffor or o era rrock, ock,, and b eing effectively precisely able to eff ffeectivveely rrecreate ecreaate it,, is pr ecisely prolific side what led to a pr olific sid de ccareer areer selling shows.. It al all started 2002 songs to TV shows ll st arted in 20 02 through when,, thr ough the help p of his older brother, Peanut Butter Wolf, br other, P eanut But tter t W o olff, he got a episode Viva Cliftons song into an ep pisode of Viv va LLaa Bam.. Manak work worked hard keep Bam keed ha ard to k eeep that cconnection, onnection,, and others that ccame aame as a gotten moree than rresult esult of it. He has got ttteen mor 100 byy his variouss bands into TV 10 0 songs b shows,, mo movies, skate shows ovvies, ccommercials ommerrcials and sk kaate videos.. videos For soundtrack or most of this soun F ndtrack work,

was he’d already Manak w aass selling songs he ’d alr eady written writ ttten and d rrecorded, ecorded,, but the p past yyear eear half,f, h he’s been and a half he ’s b een ccommissioned ommissioned original specifically to write ori iginal music sp ecifically ffor o or shows,, and will rremain TV shows emain in the TV Studio’s library futuree use use.. In rreruns Studio ’s lib brary ffor or o futur eruns Jackass wheree ther theree onc oncee of J ackass a o MTV, on V,, wher V may have been song,, ther theree is ma ay ha ave b een a Ramones song song.. now a JJonny onn ny Manak song licenses have ““All All the music A m lic enses ha ave eexpired. xpired. about we’re Think ab ou ut it. ‘Hi,, we ’re going to start show. It’s bee ccalled st art a show w. It ’s going to b alled Jackass. Wee w want music,, J aackass. W aant to use yyour o our music Ramones. ‘Yeah, $1,000. the Ramon nes.’ ‘Y Yeah, e , ok,, $1,0 00.’ Then Jackass ‘Hey, J aackass eexplodes. xxp plodes. Fast fforward: o orwaard: ‘He ey, we need to license. ‘That’ll o rrenew enew that lic ense.’ ‘That ’ll bee $50,0 $50,000, Jackass. theyy ccall b 00, 0, yyou’re ou o u’’re J ackass a .’ So the all me.. ‘W ‘We want like me We w a yyou ant o ou to write a song lik ke Ramones’ ‘‘Psychotherapy’ Psycchotherap pyy’’ to rreplace eplace ‘Psychotherapy, says. ‘P sycchotheerap py,’” Manak sa ayys. For Jackass, they gave specific F or J aackkass, the ey ga ave him sp ecific instructions instruction ns on what the song should like, scene sound lik ke, and what sc ene it would bee ffor. For song,, ffor instance, they b orr. F o or one song or o inst ance, the ey asked ask keed him to write a fast punk tune “That’s To Leave ccalled alled “Tha at’s Going T oL eaave a Mark” montage Jackass ffor o or a mont age of the J aackass ccrew rew getting rakes get ttting hit in the heads with rak kes e and suffering other “mark-leaving” accidents. suff ffeering ot ther “mark k--leaavving”” ac cidents. Primitive The rrelease eleaase of Primitiv ve Sounds ffor oor a Modern World Mo dern W oorldd will be be on vinyl, vin nyyl,, something important seven imp ortant to Manak. Side A has se veen new guitar, ne ew songs with w Manak on guit arr, drums and vocals vocals a and a Bobby Bobb by Wilcox Wiilcox on bass. bass. older, unreleased Side B has some s older r, mostly unr eleased live 89.7 songs rrecorded ecco orrded d liv ve on the air on 8 9.7 FM guitar/ (KFJC) in 2013 2 with Manak on guit ar/ Wilcox new member vvocals, ocals a ,W iilccox on bass and ne w memb er drums.. Thor DSR on o drums “Vinyl “V Viin nyyl to o me is something yyou ou o You have beautiful ccan an hold. Y o ou ccan an ha ave this b eautiful artwork. It’s that’s ar twork. w It ’s something that ’s an It’s ‘double-click eexperience. xxperience. It ’s not just ‘double -click iPhone’ on yyour our o iPh hone’ and music ccomes omes on,” says. Manak sa ayys. Saturday’s raree opp opportunity Satur daayy’s show is a rar ortunitty Manak, to ccatch atch Ma anak,, who only a ccouple ouple was playing yyears eears ago w as a pla ayying shows as often possible. Now plays as p ossible. N ow he pla ays y a ccouple ouple of shows a yyear. eeaar. don’t myy house house.. I mak make moree “I don ’t lea lleave ave m ke mor money I’ve made,, mone ey off of music than I’v ve eever veer made have walk and all I ha ave to do is w aalk 10 fucking steps.. Pla Playing steps ayyin ng shows is fun and all when people aree into it. I would rather just p eople ar time heree with N Neil Young, use that tim me in her eil Y oung o ,” says. Manak sa ayys.






Blank Club, San Jose

The Britannia Arms

11  JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr


ERIC ER IC C ALEXANDER ALEX ANDER R Sunday S unda ay August August 4

“Alexander champions “Alexander champions the the cause c ause like like no no other ot h e r iinstrumentalist.” ns tr umentalis t.” —All — A ll A About bout JJazz az z ITA Z GUIT ZZ AZ JA GENIUS






TAYLOR T AYLOR RE EIGSTI IGSTI T ues. A Augus t 6 Tues. August

CHR CHRIS RIS PO POTTER OT TER W e d. A ug us t 7 Wed. August

CH CHUCHO C HU UCHO V VALDÉS ALDÉS Sat. August 10 S at. t Au gus t 1 0

ffor or details details on on all all our our great great shows show ws and and to to purchase purchase tickets tickets STANFORDJAZZ.ORG or 650-725-2787 STANFORD RDJAZZ.ORG 650 -725-2787 metr | sanjose. .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC


Moree listings: Mor


Rock/Pop Rock/P Pop o ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’SBIS BISTRO STR T O Thu, 8pm:: For Force ce of the Will Band. $10-$16.. Fri,, 8:30pm: Ricardo Ricar do Scales with Byrne and Harriet Har riet Newhart. $15-$30. Sat,, $15-$21. 8:30pm: TTortilla oortilla Soup. Soup. $15 $15-$21 $21.. Overgrown Sun, 7pm:: Over grown Band. $13-$19. City. $13 -$19.. Redwood City y.

ART AR RT TBOUTIKI BOUTIKI Every ffourth ourth Fri,, 7:30pm: Midtown Beat.. Live music, art more. Free. and mor e.. Fr ee. San Jose.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB Fri,, 9pm: The Odd Numbers, Jonny Manak & The Depressives, Derek Depr essives, Der ek See & The Gentle CCycle. yycle.. $10.. Sat,, 9pm: p Pictures, Silent Pictur es,, Seabright.. $10. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN BRITARMSALMADEN Wed, W ed,, 10pm: The Heist. San Jose. Josee.

CAFFE FRA FRASCATI ASSCA AT TI Wed,, 7pm:: Hope in Disguise. Wed, Sat,, 8pm:: Brian CCallahan allahan and Friends. San Jose.

FLAVORS FLA AVO ORS OF JJAZZ: AZZ: Every Tue, Tuue, 6:30-8:30pm:: Live 27. Row, jazz. Thru Aug 27 7. Santana Row w, San Jose.

Wed--TThu,, Sun,, Evening: Wed-Thu, KKaraoke. araoke.. Free. Free. 21 and over. over. Fri-Sat,, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm--1:30am: 1 Live bands.. Free. Free.. 21 and over. over. Fremont. Fr emont.

JOHNNY V’S Wed, 8pm:: Playa Rae X TTrey Wed, rey C. Mon,, 8pm:: Sean Blak. San Jose.

LILLY LILL LY YMA MAC’S ACC’S Wed, 5:30pm-8:30pm: Wed, Sunnyvale Summer Music & Market Series. Sat, 5:30pm: Dave Rocha Quartet. Sunnyvale.

MOJO MO JOLLOUNGE OUNGE Thurr, 9:30pm:: DJ Mist. $5. Thur, Fremont. Fr emont.


Live music Fri & Sat.. CCall all for for info. inffo. Clara. Santa Clar a.


THECA THE CA CATS ATS Wed,, 7:30pm:: Jamb Sesh w/ Wed, Henrick. Thu, 8:30pm: Out of the th he Blue. Fri,, 9pm:: Fishhook Band. Sat,, 9pm:: Erica Sunshine Lee. LLos os Gatos.

CENTRAL P CENTRALP PARK A ARK Sun, 2:30pm:: Concerts in Park the P ark - “Big Mike & the HartBeats.”” Free. Free.. Santa Clara. Clara.

CLUB CL UB FFOX OX Wed, W ed, 7pm:: Club Fox Blues Jam:: ed, Laraa Price.. 21+,, $5. Sat, 9pm: Lar Joy. 7pm: Pride & Joy y. $18-$20.. Sun,, 7pm m: Wild Child (The Doors Tribute). Trribute). City. 21+,, $18-$21.. Redwood City y.

DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN SUNNYV SUNNYVALE VA ALE Wed,, 5:30pm: Touch-N-Go. Wed, Toouch-N-Go.. Part Parrt of the Summer Music series. Sunnyvale.




Thu, 8pm:: M.O.T M.O.T.O. T..O.. Sat, 9pm: 21+. SSweet weett H HayaH. H Both B th shows h 21 . 21+ San Jose.

Jam hosted by Vicious Gr Groove. oove. No cover cover.. Sun:: Pr Proo Jam. No Cover Cover.. Sunnyvale. Fri, 6pm: The Mashtones.. Free. Free. City. Redwood City y.

Mountain Charley’s Wed, W ed, 9:30pm: Way Way Back Wednesday W ednesday with DJ Radio Raheem. Thu,, 9:30pm:: Beauty Bar LLG G with DJ Vincent Fiction. Fiction Fri-Sat:: Live music,, 7-10pm, 7-110pm, ffollowed ollowed by DJ go-go dancers. LLos os Gatos.


JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanjo | metr

Metro’s M etro’s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y.

Thu,, 7:30pm:: SStyx. tyx. $49.50 and oggins. up.. Fri,, 7:30pm:: KKenny enny LLoggins. $35 and up.. Sat,, 7:30pm:: Gladys Knight and the O’Jays.. $59.50 and up. TTue, uue,, 7:30pm:: Chicago. $46.00 and up.. Saratoga. Saratoga.

Fri, 7:30pm: Rotting Out. Fri Out. CCall all ffor or info. inf o.. CCupertino. upertino.

SSAN AN PEDR PEDRO O SQU SQUARE ARE MARKET Fri, 7pm:: Music at the Market. Sat,, 8pm:: Live in the Gar Garage. age. San Jose.

SHORELINE AMPHITHEA AMPHITHEATRE ATRE T Sun,, 5:30pm:: Americanar Americanarama ama Festival with Bob Dylan, Wilco & My Morning Jacket. $43 and up. Mountain View w. View.

SSTAFFORD TA AFFORDP P PARK A ARK Wed,, 6pm:: ZZydeco Wed, ydeco y Flames.. P Part art of the Music in the P ark series. Park Redwood City y. City.

SSTATION TAT TION 55 Live music most Fri-Sun.. CCall all ffor or inf o.. Gilr oyy. info. Gilroy.

THREE DE DEGREES GREES Live music. LLos os Gatos

XB BAR AR Thu, 9pm:: Cover bands. Homestead Lanes,, CCupertino. upertino.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMSLLOUNGE OUNGE Fri:: Live music. Santa Clar Clara. a.

Thu,, 8pm:: Summer Battle of the Bands. Sat, 8pm:: Lannie Gilroy. Flowers Gilr oyy.

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld




Sun,, 9pm:: Rock Sundays. Santa Clara. Clar a.


Wed,, 8pm: Salsa. Thu,, 9pm: Wed, Banda.. Sun:: Reggae V ybez. Vybez. San Jose.

Wed, 9:30pm:: Jam with JC Wed, Smith. No cover. cover. Thu-Sat TBD. TBD. CCall all for for info. info.. Los Los Gatos.




Thu,, 6:30pm:: Cr Crocodiles. ocodiles.. Free. Free. ampbell CCampbell


TTue, ue, u 7pm: Thuy Linh jam.. No cover y. cover.. Redwood City City. Every second Thu,, 7:30pm:: Jazz W arehouse Jazz Jam.. Fr Warehouse Free; ee; donations rrequested. equested.. San Jose

Thurr, 9pm: Thursday night live Thur, bands.. $5.. Sunnyvale.



Sun,, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Hot KKugel. ugel.. LLos os Gatos.

Wed: W ed:: Pro Pro Jam.. No cover. cover. Thu:: Pr Proo


Tickets are available at and select Walmart locations. To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges. metr | sanjose. .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


Rahsaan R ahsaan R Roland ooland K Kirk irk Tribute Week T rib r bute W eeek k

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

Moree listings: Mor


August 7-11, 2013

August 7 | (No admission charge) Rahsaan R ahsaan R Roland olaand Kirk Kiirk Birthday Birthday P Party arty Panel P anell discussion d i l d D including Dorthaan orthaan h K Kir Kirk, k SSteve k, teve Tuurre, Betty Betty Neals, Neals, e and others. Scr eeningg of Turre, Screening A dam Kaha an’s Rahsaan documentary documentary Adam Kahan’s “The Case of the Three Sided Dream”

Steve Turre | August 8, 9, & 10 Headlining a Rahsaan tribute sextet featuring Betty Neals performing “Theme for the Eulipions” Tickets available at

August 10 | (No admission charge) Artist s rreception Artist’s ecepttion for Kathy SSloane’s loane s jaz jazz zz photography exhibit “Noo Walls Us” exhibit “N Walls a Between Between U s” Dorthaan D orthaan Kir K Kirk rk will attend all festivitiess

WHAT WH AT A TRIP DJ Z T Trip rip r heads up a day party Taverna Lounge at Myth T averna a &L ounge on Aug. 4, 2-10pm.

43 BLACKBIRD BLA CKBIRD T TAVERN AV VERN Thu, 8:30pm:: Barber-Davis Andre Blues Band. Fri, 9:30pm:: And dre Thierry. Thier ryy. San Jose.




Fri, 8pm:: Bossa Blue. Sat, 8pm 8pm: m: Brothers Celtic KKavanaugh avanaugh Br others Cel tic Experience. San Jose.


CASCAL CA SCAL Fri, 9:30pm & Sat, 9pm: Live View. world music. Mountain View w.

CLUB CL UBFFOX OX Wed, 7pm: Blues jam with AM Wed, AMy My LLou ou and the Juke Junkies. $5. Fri, 9pm:: Salsa, bachata, merengue, mer engue, cha cha cha, Mosaic rhumba. $15. Sun, 6pm: Mosa aic City. of Dance.. $10. Redwood City y.

CUPER CUPERTINO RT TINO MEMORIAL PARK P ARK A Thu, 6:30-8pm: LLong ong TTrain rain Runnin’.’. P Part Runnin art of the Summerr Free. Concert Series. Series Fr ee CCupertino. ee. upertinno. no


SoFA SoF A Districtt | Downtown San Jose

374 So. First Street | (408)280-6161 | cafest

Flamenco guitar music. Los Los Gatos.

Second Mon of every month month,, 7pm:: Ukulele jam. View.. Mountain View

DIO DEKA DIODEKA Fri, 5:305:30-10pm: 10pm:: Rodrigo Paul Renslow.. Live TTeague eeague & P aul Renslow

Thu,, 6pm: Live jazz. City. Redwood City y. Thu:: A Acoustic coustic music. San Jose.


Wed, 8pm:: P Wed, Peppe eppe Merolla. Merolla. Thu, 8pm: CCathy athy Lemons. Fri, 8pm: Jinx Jones. Sat, 8pm:: Spencer Jarrett. Jar rett. CCampbell. ampbell.

Every Thu:: Live jazz in the evening. San Jose.


Fri,, 7pm:: Call Call for for info. info.. San Pedro Pedro Square, Squar e,, San Jose.

Sat, 7pm:: Monica Marquis. Marquis. San Jose.

HEDLEY HEDLE YCL CLUB UB Every first & thir thirdd W Wed: ed:: Jazz jam. Every second & ffourth ourth Thu: Brian Ho Trio. Trio. r Fri, 8:30pm: Wally Wally Schnalle.. Sat, 8:30pm:: Primary Colors. Mon: Gus KKambeitz ambeitz Duo. Hotel De Anza,, San Jose.



LOS GA LOS GATOS ATOS CIVIC CENTER PLAZA Sun,, 5pm:: Pacific Pacific Mambo Orchestra. Or chestra.. Music in the Park Park Free. series.. All ages.. Fr ee.. LLos os Gatos.

LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS T TOWN OWN PLAZA Wed, 6:30pm:: Beegle Adair. Wed, Adair. Free. Fr ee.. Jazz on the Plazz series. LLos os Gatos.

Fri-Sat, 8pm: Hawaiian music. San Jose.

JJ.J.’S .J.’SBL BLUES UESCAFE CAFE Wed:: Suska. Thu:: Jimmy Wed: Dewrance. Dewr ance. Fri: Whiskey Poets. Poets. Sat, 9pm:: Dave Gonzales Band. $10. Sun:: Alvin Draper. Draper. Mon: Isabella Rivera. Rivera. San Jose.

LLOU’S OU’SVILLA VILLAGE GE Live music.. Call Call ffor or info. info. San Jose.



JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336

Moree listings: Mor


Wednesday, July 31Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+


also Jackson

plus Murphyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wagon Danny $RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

Thursday, August 1Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+

TY SEGALL plus Daughn Gibson also Mike Donovan and William Tyler !DV$RSs$RSOPENPM3HOWPM

William Claxton metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


Friday, August 2Â&#x2039; AGES 16+


!DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Friday, August 2Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+


also Head

plus Stormy Strong Casket !DV$RSsPMPM

Saturday, August 3Â&#x2039; AGES 16+


!DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Tuesday, August 6Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss also Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band and The Calamity Cubes!


Aug 7 Pisshorse Atrium (Ages 21+) Aug 9 Chimaira (Ages 16+) Aug 16 Chris Rene (All Ages) Aug 17 Tainted Love (Ages 21+) Aug 18 Les Claypoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Duo de Twang (Ages 21+) 3EPBrother Ali/ Immortal Technique (Ages 16+) 3EPThe Expendables (Ages 16+) 3EPJimmy Eat World (Ages 16+) 3EPTech N9ne (Ages 16+) Oct 16 Steve Vai (Ages 21+) Oct 28 AFI (A Fire Inside) (Ages 16+) .OVCrizzly/ Figure (Ages 18+) Nov 11 Reverend Horton Heat (Ages 21+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

AMERICANA A MERICANA D DREAM REAM Bob Dylan and his band head headline dline the Americanarama festival Aug. Aug 4, 4 5:30pm m at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Amphitheatre Wilco, Wilco i o, My Morning Morning Jacket and Ryan Bingham are are also on the bill.

44 MOROCCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MOR OCCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Wed,, 5pm:: Belly dancing. Wed, Fri, 5pm:: Belly dancing.. Sat, 5pm:: Belly dancing & world music. Sun, 11am & Mon,, 5pm: 5pm m: Moroccan Mor occan music. Tue, Tuue, 6pm: Johnny Williams. Mountain View. View.


Fri,, 7pm:: J.C. J.C.. Smith Band.. Free. Free. San Jose.

C&W/Folk C&W W/F /Foolk




TTue, uue,, 7:30pm:: Irish music. View.. Mountain View

Wed, W ed, Country night. San Jose.


Thu, 7pm: Mill Cr Creek eek Prairie. Ramblers. Fri, 7pm: Pr airie. Beargrass Creek. Sat, 7pm: Bear grass Cr eek. Fremont. Fr emont.

Fri,, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Live blues, roots roots and Americana. Morgan Americana. Morgan Hill. Hill


Fri-Sat, 66-9pm: 9pm:: Jazz ffor or dinne dinner. er. San Jose.


MURPHYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LA LAW AW


Fri, 8pm: The Night Quintet. View.. Mountain View

Wed:: Jor Wed: Jorge ge Faustmann.. San Jose.


Wed: MOFOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S. Thu:: The Honeyy Wed: Wilders. Fri: Charles Wheal Band.. Sat:: Johnny Neri. Sunnyvale.

OLD W WAGON AGON SSALOON ALOON Sun, 4pm: Live blues. San Jose. Jose.

POORHOUSEBIS POOR HOUSE BIS BISTRO TRO Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson.. Thu, Wed, Thhu, Chrome 7pm: 6pm:: Chr ome Deluxe. Fri, 7pm m: Con Chris CCain ain Band. Sat, 6pm:: Co on Brio. Sun, noon: School of thee ďŹ rst Blues SStudent tudent Jam.. Every ďŹ rs st thirdd Mon,, 6pm: Ukulele jam & thir m with SSteve teve Martin.. San Jose.

Sat, 7pm:: Live jazz. San Jose.

THE W THEW WOODSHED OODSHED O Every ďŹ rst and thir thirdd Wed, Wed,, 7pm: Johnny-Cat. Blues jam with Johnny-C at.. Sat, 7:30pm:: KKeith eith Greeninger. Greeninger. LLos os Gatos.

VASONA V ASSONAVIBRA VIBRATIONS AT TIONS Sat, 5pm:: 10th Avenue Avenue v Band. Free. Park, Free. Vasona Vasona Lake County P ark, LLos os Gatos.

ZZONE ONE 8 Sat, 8pm:: Live jazz. Casino Casino M8trix,, San Jose.


Fri, 7pm: Due W West, est, Charlie Worsham W orsham and Austin Web. Web. San Jose.

THE SSADDLE ADDLE RA RACK CK Wed, 7pm: DJ TTony Wed, ony o LLoco, oco, C t Get Country G t Down, D andd Wild Margot at Heart. Thu, 9pm: DJ Mar got Helm. Fri, 7pm: DJ TTony ony o LLoco oco and Diablo Road. Sat, 7pm: DJ TTony oony LLoco, oco, Wild at Heart, and Diablo Road. Fremont. Fremont.


11  JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr

variety var vva ari riety SSummer umme mme mm mer 22 22oz oz. o z. FOUR FOU FO OUR packs ppaaaccks ks aare rree hhe here! ere re! LLook ook iinside nside tthe he bo boxx ffor or tthe he ffree ree

Better B etter er LLiving iv vin ing dow own w loa oad a download Com Co o pilat ation Compilation Volume Vo lume 2




metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC metr | sanjose .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


Open p Mic/ d CComedy oomedy ANGELICA’S ANGELICA A’’SBIS BISTRO ST TRO Wed,, 8pm: Dan SSt.t.. P Wed, Paul aul Comed Comedy dy Proo W Workout. 9pm: Pr orkout.. $5-$10. Fri,, 9pm m: Marcc Headliner Show with Mar YYaffee, aaffee,, Matt Balaker and Sam Meeker.. $10-$20. TTue, Meeker uue,, 77-10pm: -110pm m: Peter Open Mic Hosted by P eter Sommer.. No Cover Char Charge. Sommer ge. City. Redwood City y.


Moree listings: Mor


9pm-1am: 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Karaoke. Santa Clara. Clara.

Wed, 9:30pm:: KKaraoke. Wed, araoke. San Jose.

BLUE BL UEMAX MAX Fri-Sat, 7pm: Karaoke. Karaoke. Sunnyvale.




Thu,, 8pm:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose.

TTue, uue,, 7pm:: SSteve teve TTiger. iger. CCupertino. upertino.

Sun,, 7pm-close:: Uncle Dougie Show.. P Palo Alto. Show alo Al to.

BOGART’S BOGAR RT T’SLLOUNGE OUNGE Wed, Fri & Sun, 9pmWed, 9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

BOSWELL’S BOS WELL’S TTue: ue: u : DJ Davey K. Campbell. Campbell.


BRANHAM LOUNGE BRANHAML OUNGE TTue: ue: u : Karaoke. Karaoke. San Jose.

Fri-Sun,, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: -1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

TTue, uue, 7pm:: Open mic. San Jose.




Wed--Thu Wed-Thu T and Sun, 9pm: Wild Fremont. Nights KKaraoke. araoke.. Fr emont.

Fri, 7pm:: Open mic. San Jose.

Wed W ed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Uncle Hank. Thu, 10pm: DJ Dinero. Dinero. San Jose.



Fri-Sat,, 9pm:: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.

Wed,, 7pm:: SStand-up Wed, tand-up comedy comedy. y. $10-$20.. San Jose.


Wed,, 8pm: Matty "Ballgame" Wed, Balaker.. $12. Thu,, 8pm, Fri,, 8pm Balaker m Sun, & 10 pm, Sat, 7pm & 9pm,, Sun n, 2pm:: 7pm:: DJ Cooch.. $18.. Sun,, 2pm Bill Philipps.. $25. San Jose.


Sun--Tuue, 10pm: KKaraoke. Sun-Tue, araoke. CCupertino. upertino.


Wed, W ed, 9pm: August. San Jose.

Sun:: Sunday Funday kar karaoke. aoke. cover.. San Jose. No cover




Mon,, 7pm:: CCavin avin and King’s View.. Open Mic. Mountain View

TTue, ue, u 9:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.

Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm:: Bruce of KKOR OR KKaraoke. araoke.. Mountain View. View w.




Wed,, 8pm: New TTalent Wed, aalent Showcase. $10. Thu,, 8pm, Fri, 9pm, Sat, 8 & 10:30pm, Wang. Sun,, 8pm:: Sheng W ang.. $13. Sunnyvale.

Thu, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Clara. Santa Clar a.


First & Thir Thirdd Thu,, 7pm:: KJ Bob and Starmaker. Starmaker. San Jose.

WOODHAMS W OODHAMS LLOUNGE OUNGE Mon:: Comedy open mic with Pete Clara. P ete Munoz.. Santa Clar a.

Karaoke Kar raaokke

San Francisco’s City Guide

SEBADOH Amidst a sea of ‘90s reunions comes Lou Barlow & Co., hair hanging in front of their eyes. Jul 31 at Cafe du Nord.

EL-P & KILLER MIKE Both released hot albums last year, now touring on new collaboration, ‘Run the Jewels.’ Jul 31 at the Independent. .ALEX ALEX’S X’’S4 49ER 9ERINN INN Nightly, Nightly y, 9pm9pm-2am: 2am:: KKaraoke. araoke. San Jose.




Even second Thu:: Gothic, karaoke. industrial kar aoke. Club Lido, San Jose.

The world’s favorite sneering East Bay punks headline a two-night stand. Aug 2-3 at the Warfield. A new album winning critics, performing with the expert rhymesmith Chance the Rapper. Aug 4 at the Warfield.

PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ Mexico City’s biggest ska band blends punk, salsa and mestizo for energetic live sets. Aug 6 at the Fillmore.

BLINKY’S BLINK Y’S CAN’T SSAY AY Fri, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: Danielle. Sat,

More San Francisco events at

LILL LILLY LY MA MAC’S C’S Thu:: KKaraoke. araoke.. Sunnyvale.

salsa,, house, hip-hop & more. more. Mon:: Salsa.. San Jose.



NORMANDY NORMAND DY YHOUSEL HOUSE LOUNGE OUNGEE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm:: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Santa Santta Clara. Clar a.

OFFICE BAR OFFICEB AR Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: View. KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View w.

PLAZA GARIB GARIBALDI ALDI Wed W ed & Sun, Sun 7pm 7pm-close: close:: Karaoke. Karaokke. ke San Jose.

RED SSTAG TAG LLOUNGE OUNGE Nightly kar karaoke, aoke,, 9pm9pm-1:30am. -11:30am. San Jose.

REDI ROOM ROOM Thu-Sat, 9pm:: DJ Curtis. Curtis.. San Jose.

Sat,, 9pm: Thick & Sexy Saturdays. Satur days.. $10. San Jose.

THE BLANK CL CLUB UB Thu 9pm: A Atomic tomic with DJ Basuraa & DJ TTraci. Basur raci.. San Jose.

BLUE BL UE PHEA PHEASANT SANT Wed-Sun & Tue, Wed-Sun Tue, u , 7pm:: DJ and dancing. Cupertino. Cupertino.

BRANHAM LLOUNGE OUNGE Wed:: Almaden Valley Wed: Vaalley Beer Pong ONEmanARMY. P ong with DJ ONEmanARMY Y. Thu:: Audio Revolution with Hi-Grade. DJs Jason Dee & Hi-Gr ade.. Fri: Control Quality Contr ol with DJ DvS DAVE. D AV VE.. Sat:: Cocktails & Dreams Dreams with DJ SNARE. Tue: Tue: u : Irie Nights Hi-Grade with DJs Hi-Gr ade & Tesfa. Tesf e a. San Jose.




Thu, 10pm: W Wee LLove ove the 90’s. Peelers (Top Fri, 10pm: The P eelers (T Toop 40 Covers). Sat, 10pm: Sexy Back. San Jose.

TTue-Thu uue--TThu & Sat:: Karaoke. Karaoke.. Santa Clara. Clar a.


Dancee Clubs Danc Clubs

Thu, 10pm: P Thu Pawkit awkit DJ DJ.. San Jose.

BRIT ARMS DO DOWNTOWN WNTOWN Thu: Jack Rip-Off Rip-Off.. Fri: DJ Benofficial. Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.


AGENDA A GENDA Thurs:: Jueves Shakalosos (Ladies Night).. Most Fri:: Hiphop, TTop oop 40, club hits. TTue: ue: u : 4 thee LLove ove of Tuesdays. Tuesdays. u . San Jose.

APPARITION APP PA ARITION Thu,, 10pm:: Underground Underground goth deathrock deathr ock tunes.. Club Lido, San Jose.

AXIS NIGHT NIGHTCLUB CLUB Fri-Sat:: DJs and dancing.. Sun, party. 7pm:: Project Project X. TTeen eeen party y. Clara. School ID rrequired. equired. Santa Clar a a.

AZÚCAR LA LATIN AT TIN B BAR AR Thu,, 9pm: DJ party. partyy. Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: 9pm9pm 2am:: Live music & DJs, DJs

CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Jose.

LLOS OSGA GATOS ATOSB BAR ARANDGRILL AND GRILL Fri, 9pm:: Beat BeatzBoutique zBoutique with Fly School Rucus. Sat: Video Killed DJLos the DJL os Gatos.

MILANO Every Thir Thirdd Fri:: Strictly Strictly Fr Freestyle. eestyle. Every ffourth ourth Fri: Fuz. Fuz. San Jose. Jose

MOTIF MO OT TIF Fri:: DJs & dancing.. Every fourth fourth Only. Sat: Thrive. Sun:: Members Only y. San Jose.

MYTH T MYTHT TAVERNA AVERNAL V LOUNGE OUNGE Sun,, 22-10pm: -10pm: DJ Z TTrip. rrip. San Jose.



Wed, W ed, 8:30pm: Vinnie.. Thu-Sat, 8:30pm: 8:30pm: Thomas.. Sun,, 8:30pm m: Dan. San Jose.

Mon & W Wed, ed,, 9pm:: Dar Darryl. ryl. Milpitas.


Thu, 10pm:: Ambitious Thursdays.. Fri,, 9pm:: Playhouse Industry. Fridays. Tue: Tuue:: Industry y. San Jose.

Wed, W ed,, 10pm:: Purple.. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.


Friday: DJs & dancing. Every second Sat:: Girls & Champagne. San Jose.

Thu: Pr Progressive ogressive P Power ower Hour Hour.. Flirty.. Sat: Brick House. Fri: Flirty San Jose.

FFAHRENHEIT AHRENHEIT Wed, 9pm: Wine W Wed, Wednesdays. ednesdays. Thu, 9pm: Liquid Thursdays. Fri, 9pm: Heit Fridays. $10. Sat, 9pm: DJ TTone. one. o Mon: Industry.. Industry Poetic TTue, ue, u 10:30pm: P oetic Justice Party. After P arty. San Jose.

LILLY LILL LY MA MAC’S C’S Fri, 9:30pm: Phil ‘‘n n the Blanks. Blank s. Every second and ffourth ourth Sat: DJ night with Latin music. Sunnyvale.

Thu, 10pm:: Pur Puree ESM with Haley. Puree Ladies Haley y. Fri,, 10pm:: Pur Puree Night Fridays.. Sat,, 10pm:: Pur Saturdays 99.7. Satur days ffeat. eat.. the LES 99.7 7. Sunnyvale.

SSAN ANJOSEB JOSE BAR AR&GRILL & GRILL Wed: Gamer W Wed: Wednesdays. ednesdays.. Thu: WreckTTanked anked a Thursdays ft.. DJ W reckA-Noize. A -Noize.. Fri: Video Junkie.. Sat, 10pm:: Omega the Neo-tablist Philemonster. andd Philemonster Phil t . Every E secondd Prolific. and ffourth ourth Sat,, 10pm:: Pr olific. Mon:: Manic Mondaze. TTue: uue:: $2 TTuesdays. uuesdays. San Jose.

SST. T. SSTEPHENS TEPHENS T GREEN Thu, 10:30pm:: Reggae Thursdays.. Fri & Sat, 10pm: Peruvian Party P eruvian P arty Night. Sun, 11:30am:: Bottomless Mimosa. Mountain View View. w.

SSTUDIO8 TUDIO8 T Thu:: Good Vibes (Reggae & Hip Hop).. Fri:: Kirko Bangz. Wekfest Party Sat: W ekfest After P arty with Christine Mendoza.. San Jose.

WILLOW WILL OW DEN Wed-Fri:: DJs.. Sat,, 10pm:: ‘90s Wed-Fri: Party. Dance P artyy. Willow Glen.

ZEN LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu:: Reverse Happy Hour Hour.. Every first Fri:: Famous. Every second & ffourth ourth Fri:: Diamond.. Sat:: Girls View.. Night Out. Out Mountain View

The deadline for music listings is nine days prior to Wednesday’s publication. Send information to Music Listings, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113 or to Please do not send email attachments.

49 JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanjo | metr

TTue: uue:: KKaraoke. araoke.. San Jose.

LIQUID metr | sanjose. .com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013



JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose. com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013


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JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose. com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013



JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose. com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013



JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 | metr | sanj | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjose. com | metr | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013





No figur es, but we ’ve got plent ty of No figures, we’ve plenty reports of GPS bum steers that sen nt reports sent users into harm harm’s way. You look m’s w ay. Y o ou ccan an lo o at ok that in one of ttwo ways. glass-halfwo w w ays y . The glass-halffempty navigation emptty vversion ersion e is that GPS na avvigattion has h turned d us into a nation off lem llemmings, mmings, blindly allowing our faith in techn technology nology to o override sense.. The ha halfverride common common sense alfffull vversion day miraculous ersion is that each da ay miracu ulous technology from technology ccombines ombines signals fr om m satellites 11,0 11,000 overhead with 00 miles o verhead e wi ith detailed globe’s detailed knowledge of the glob e’s 63 6 million miles of rroad give oad to giv ve ccountless ounttless travelers simultaneous turn-by-turn traavelers simult aneous turn-b y-tur - rn guidance navigating busy, unfamiliar guidance in na avvigating bus sy, unfam miliar streets, speed. hardly streets, often at high sp eed. And ha ardly any an ny of them get killed! You Yo ou ccan an guess which side I line up u on. But judge ffor or o yyourself ourself based on o n the following dataa p points, starting following o dat oints, st tar a ting with h personal encounters personal enc ounters and workingg up: “Let about party “Let me tell yyou o ou ab out a par ty I threw myy assist assistant Una threw last yyear, eear,” m ant U n na said. s “My house is in the 9 9000 block, 000 blo ck, but b Google thinks it’s Google Maps ffor or o some rreason eason thin nks it ’s in the 10300 block. myy eexplicit 10300 blo ck. Despite m x xplicit warnings myy intelligent, motivated waarnings to m motivaated guests that online and GPS maps wer weren't w en'tt en to b bee trusted, mor moree than half of th them hem listened to the computer computer anyway an nyyw way and a couldn’t place, couldn n’’t find the plac e, in some ccases aasses driving right past it.” My comment commentt to Una: Not saying don’t throw great Un na: N ot sa ayying yyou ou don n’’t thr ow a gr eat party, suree we ccan party, but yyou ou sur an blame this t on GPS? Dex My assistant assistant De ex rreports eports that his h GPS rroutinely make outinely advises him to mak ke a 145-degree 145-degree right turn off a ffour-lane our o r--lan ne overpass drivee the overpass near his house and driv wrong way one-way on-ramp. wrong w ay down the one -way on-ramp. Then ther there’s me.. L Lacking decent e’s me acking a dec e map ent in pre-smartphone days, was lulled byy pre-smartphone da ayys, I w aas lulle ed b my success my rental-car renttala car GPS ssystem’s yystem m’s suc cesss in steering me out of lower Manhat Manhattan ttan into a state sheeplike state of sheeplik ke ccompliance ompliance as it i led me to Philadelphia b byy w way fricking ay of frick king Wilmington, Delaware, and Wiilminggtton, Dela awaare, an hour an nd a half out of the w way. let’s ay. And let ’s not fforget o get or that U-turn acr across West oss four four o lanes on the th he W est e Side High Highway New York rush ghway duringg N ew Y o ork ru ush hour, possibly have been hour, which ccan’t an an’’t p ossibly ha ave b e legal een but w was, have pretty aas, I ha ave to admit, a pr ettty go ggood od shortcut. shortcut. Now news Now ffor or o the ne ws rreports: eports: A woman ffollowed past ollowed o her GPS pas st a “Do Not wrong Not Enter” sign and down the wr o ong way highway Scranton, way on a divided high hway near Scr ranton, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, ccausing ausing a headhead-on on ccollision. o ollision.

oro, N ew JJersey e ey teenager erse r, A Marlb Marlboro, New teenager, byy his GPS,, made an told to ““turn turn left” b h GPS 90-degree turn illegal 9 0-degree left tu urn into the path oncoming traffic,, in instead of onc co oming traffic nstead of the leftturn-via-270-degree-right-loop turn-vvia-270-degrree e -rigghtt-lo - op the road road o was w aas designed d i d ffor, orr, and o d ccaused aused a d a ffour-car ourr-car o a accident. ac ccident. c Several Seeveeral tourists get badly b lost in Death Valley directed Vaalleey each year yeear after being being dir rected e onto defunct or nonexistent byy their noneexxisten nt roads roads o b GPS. GPS. In one incident a mother and son on a ccamping wound amping a trip wou und up stuck on an abandoned mining road five days. road o ffor or fiv o ve da ays y . The son didn didn’t survive. n’’t sur vivve. A charter driver Seattle was charrtter bus driv veerr in Seat tttle who w as a relying on his GPS to rroute relying e oute him under bridges with ith sufficientt clearance clearancce slammed the 12-f 12-foot-high into foott--high bus in nto a bridge with just nine ffeet headroom, eeet of headr room, sending 22 passengers to the hosp hospital. pittal. a Numerous motorists N umerrous o motoris sts ffollowing o ollowing bad GPS dir directions have driven rections e ha ave dr rivveen their vvehicles ehicles into b bodies odies of water. waater. Three T ee Japanese Thr Japanese tourists in A Australia were persuaded ustralia wer w re p ersuaded by they drive by their GPS that the ey ccould ould driv ve to North Stradbroke Island (it’s Norrtth Stradbr rok oke Isla and at low tide (it ’s actually ac accessible byy fferry) ccessible to ccars a only b ars eerry) and got stuck in the mud Moreton m flats of Mor eton Bay. before Baay. They Theey abandoned the t ccar ar a b effor ore the returning submerged returning e tide submer rged g it. Belgian A 67-year-old 67--yeearr-old Belgia an woman traveling from Brussels— traaveling e to Brussels—38 —38 miles fr ro om her home—trustingly incorrect home—trustingly ffollowed o olllowed inc orrect GPS directions more 800 directions on a detourr of mor re than 8 00 miles, days Zagreb, miles, arriving ttwo wo w da ayys later in Zagr eb, Croatia. Croatia. Were drivers involved Weerre the driv veers in nvolved in these ccases, ases a , to one degr degree another, ee or anoth herr, knuckleheads? Absolutely. myself.) However, Absolutelyy. (I include m yself y f.) . Howe eveerr, the world is full of knu knuckleheads, uckleheads, and if fixing mist mistaken directions save tak akeen dir recti e ions ccan an a sa ave them from themselves, seems incumbent frro om themselv es, it see ems incumb ent on the na navigation avvigation ccompanies o ompaanies to fix them. I admit they theey try. try. The Th he other day daay I beefed beeffed e to Google Google that their transit trransit directions directions from fr om O’Hare O’Harre airport airport to t Chicago’s Chicago’s near north nor th side had you you changing hanging trains ch that weren’t at stations sttations a weren n’t ’ free-transfer free-transffer e points, p oints, meaning you you had h to pay paay a double fare. far e. Google Googgle said they’d theey’d get g right g on it. Apparently Appar reently they theey did: now n they’ve theey’v y ve got you you changing at a free-transfer free-tran nsffer e point, point, but it’s it’s the wrong wrong one, one, taking taakingg you you several seeveral stops way. As As a result result e supposedly out of the way. the supposedly fastest transit route route has haas you you getting getttting off the train and taking taking a neighborhood neighborhood bus, bus, which no one with a clue c would actually do.. But at least it’s do it’s nott a cliff. cliff ff.

JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 2013 2 013 | metr | | metr

Are there any figures for people peoplle seriously injured or even killed kille ed by bad GPS abo out distracted drivers, driverss, but rather rathe er schlubs that directions? I’m not talking about followed GPS instructions off a cliff or something. —Jason, Sacramento Sa acramento

511 59 119

60 10 10 metr | sanjose. .com | | JJULY U LY 31-AUGUST 31- A U G U S T 6, 6 2013

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AdviceAmy Advi

I've been dating an am amazing mazing guy for a month. Our first amazing a date turned into an We amazing night, which turned into an amazing month. W e completely adore each other r. Every time we hang h out feels like the greatest day y with a best friend. The other. is, wasn’t problem is s, I work and go to college full time, and I really y wasn ’t ready for anything sex. “more”” is freaking me ou out. we’d more than fun and sex x. In fact, “more ut. Because we ’d initially only agreed that we were on nly looking for something casual and a short-term, I told him away, that I was developing feelings f for him and gave him the e option of walking away y, but he actually seemed d happy to hear how I felt. I have such s jitters now because I getting studies. this, cannot afford to risk ge etting distracted from my studies s. When I think about this s, I anxious guy, sometimes get so anxio ous that I feel I need to ditch this amazing guy y, which is the want.—Good Reasons To Serious last thing I want.—Goo od R easons T o Avoid Getting Serio ous Love upon people allss up Love sometimes ccalls on p eople to moree than just show do mor w up to bask in glow. Take emperor, way its glow w. T aake that emp peror, w ay back when, in India. When he h w anted to wanted memorialize his b eloved e wif fe, he built beloved wife, the T aaj Mahal, not the T aj a Ma lean-to Taj Taj lean-to.. Luckilyy, Mr ’t ha ave to Luckily, Mr.. Amazingg won won’t have muster 20,0 00 work errs to sp end 20 20,000 workers spend yyears ears building an “eleg gy in marble “elegy marble..” What yyou ou need is a b oyfriend y who ’s boyfriend who’s willing to ha ave what am mounts to a longhave amounts dist ance rrelationship elationship while w living only distance a shor ance away. away. In In other words, words, shortt dist distance he ’ll ha ave to b o or long l w alks on he’ll have bee up ffor walks the b each—by himself—while himselff— —while yyou’re ou’re beach—by back in yyour our dorm rroom, oom m, in b ed with bed b oth Geoffrey Geoffrey Chauc err and W illiam i both Chaucer William Shak espeare. And as lo vely as it is when Shakespeare. lovely a man “sa ayys it with flow wers,” when yyou ou “says flowers, need to pr ourself aaway way fr om him to pryy yyourself from get back to yyour our studie s, he should show studies, yyou ou that he lo ves yyou ou b ou a loves byy handing yyou single rred ed cr owbar. crowbar.

It ’s p ossible that sp ending the ne exxt It’s possible spending next ffew ew yyears ears as a yyour our sainted b oyfriend will boyfriend wear on him m and ccause ause him to w alk. walk. If f, howe verr, he do es stick ar ound, it ’s If, however, does around, it’s either b ecause a he pr effeers mar tyrdom to because prefers martyrdom check ers orr Ultimate Frisb ee or b ecause checkers Frisbee because yyou ou ttwo wo ha ave something sp ecial. It ’s have special. It’s eas ssupportive ortive when a big b ed easyy to b bee supp bed and a ccouple oup ple of mai ttais ais ar ’s aree all that that’s on the agen nda, so it sa ayys a lot when a agenda, says guy’ ayys got yyour our back, and not just guy’ss alw always b ecause he ’s lo oking to unho ok yyour our because he’s looking unhook bra. Be sur ou don ’t ttake ake this ffor o or suree that yyou don’t granted an nd that yyou ou rregularly egularly eexpress xxpress and yyour our appr e eciation. It won ’t b appreciation. won’t bee eas easyy to maint ain yyour our job olwork, and maintain job,, scho schoolwork, eeven ven a mut ted fform o orm of a rrelationship elationship muted simult aneo ouslyy. The str ess ma ay lea ave simultaneously. stress may leave yyou ou needin ng to lose the fr eshman needing freshman 15 p ounds, but if yyour our amazing pounds, elationship is as amazing as yyou rrelationship ou sa ay, say, ther e’s a go ood chanc ou won’ ’t need to there’s good chancee yyou won’t lose the fr e eshman 165. freshman

My girlfriend is a sma smart art and accomplished 33-year-ol 33-year-old ld woman who wears little girl-type clothes y, but there are a times I wish she would clothes.. She always looks pretty pretty, dress more like an ad dult. F or o instance, last week, we e had dinner with my boss s, adult. For boss, and she wore a pink H ello Kitty T-shirt and pigtails ow does a man ask a Hello pigtails.. H How sophisticated?—Eggshells woman to sometimess dress a little more sophisticate ed?—Eggshells I used to worship He Hello Kitty, ello Kit ty, and then I turned 77.. Some women w do work head-to-toe little look the head-to -toe lit ttle t girl g lo ok longer others,, but 33 sou sounds little than others unds a lit tttle late ten ffor o or it. Ma ayb y e yyour our girlf friend has got Maybe girlfriend gotten in a st yle rut and hasn ’ notic ’t ed that style hasn’t noticed she isn ’t pulling off 22-going- on-12 lik isn’t 22-going-on-12 likee she used to n, she might b to.. Then again again, bee wearing these clothes b ecause she ’s because she’s aged out of them. (P agging Alanis (Paging Morisset tte t ,b ecause isn n’’t it ir onic?) Morissette, because isn’t ironic?) ay a lot ab o ap out erson, but Clothes sa say about person, ther our sh hirt or skir theree ar aree times yyour shirt skirtt or whatever whate ver rreally eally needs to t shut the hell up ou’re ac ccompan nyying up,, lik likee when yyou’re accompanying yyour our b oyfriend to dinn ner with his b oss. boyfriend dinner boss. This would b ess to bee the tim timee to dr dress

make him lo llook ok go od (mor make good (moree business casual than n monk ey bars ccasual). asual). casual monkey ourr girlfriend that yyou Teell yyour ou alw ayys Tell always okin love lo ng at her and that yyou ou ar en’t love looking aren’t t change her st tyyle entir elyy, asking her to style entirely, esss mor ated on just to dr dress moree sophistic sophisticated occasion, especially esspecially o ccasions ffor o or yyour our occasion, occasions p obably has something work. She pr probably ou might passable in her closet, but yyou off ffeer to ttake ak ke her shopping ffor o or a ffew ew offer additio new additions ons to her w ardrobe. If she ’s new wardrobe. she’s o orgotten t to lo ok up and notic just fforgotten look noticee she’s 33, a ne n w lit tttle black dr ess might she’s new little dress ealize it ’s time to sa ay lead her to rrealize it’s say Goodbye, Kit K ty, and st art dr essing in a Goodbye, Kitty, start dressing way that su uggests she got out of ccollege ollege way suggests about 10 yyears e ago ears oller. about ago,, and not the str stroller.

Asian Lady Awaits you Awaits you an ex exciting citing massage in N. San Jose. 408-545-8 189 408-545-8189

©2013, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? W Write rite Amy Alkon, Jose, 550 SS.. First St., San Jos e, CA 95113, or email adviceamy@

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China Ch hina Is Here!

Cute ladies offer offering ring a full body massag massage ge in clean priv private ate rrooms. oooms. 2 251 51 O’Connor Dr. Dr. #2 SJ, 95128 95128 or 11080 080 Scott Bl Blvd. vd. #2. Santa Clara, Clara, 95050. 950 050. Open 7 days, 9a.m.-10 9a.m.-10 p.m. p.m. 408260-9148. 2609148. 408-289-1516 408289--1516

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Miscellaneous Miscell aneous

Friendly, attr Friendly, attractive active Asian aree waiting l di ar ladies iti to t give giv ie yyou ou a rrelaxing elaxing massage. For For nice Gentlemen only! 408-372-7662 408-372-77662

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GAY-BI GA AY-BI -BI Meet singles in-person in--person in arcade our 63-screen 63-screen ar rcade Adult World, singles W orld, where where sin ngles meet. 3435 34 35 East El Camino Cam mino Real Real in Clara, near Lawrence Santa Clar a, nea ar Lawr ence EExpwy., xpwy., next to carwash. c



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Software Project Manager (San Jose, CA). 8-5pm (40 hours). Manage projects to architect new features and product lines Requires Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent degree) in Software Engineering, Computer Science or related with 2 years experience in job offered, Web Applications Developer, Systems Analyst and/or related. Alternatively, 4 years experience in job offered, Web Applications Developer, Systems Analyst and/or related. Experience to include writing web applications using ASP.NET, ASP, VBScript, Javascript, SQL Server database integration with the web application utilizing ADO.NET, design SQL schema and implement and execute Stored Procedures. Mail resume to: K. Nichols, ExactBid, Inc., 6399 San Ignacio Ave, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95119

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Part time / Full time carwash washer and cleaner position at Pacific Car Wash. CARWASH EXPERIENCE ONLY. Please call 408.823.6699 and ask for Helen.

wanted 9pm-1:30am. Must have equipment. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408.279.9737

Sunnyvale, CA seeks Programmer Analysts. The position may require travel, that is, relocating to various unanticipated client locations throughout the USA. Resumes –HR, 1286 Kifer Rd., #101, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. Job details: www.sicherglobal. com/artical/programmer-analysts. Job site: 1286 Kifer Rd., #101, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 AND various unanticipated client locations throughout the USA.

Engineering Headway Technologies, Inc. seeks Sr. Hardware Engineer to design, develop & characterize nanophotonic components & systems. Resume to worksite: 682 S. Hillview Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035

Member of Technical Staff: Staff: Resp for all back-end systems including core data path, clustered systems/platform, Linux Kernel, and Data Protection. resume to Nutanix, Inc, 1740 Technology Dr, #400, San Jose, CA 95110. Attn: HR Job#102.

VENDORS/SPONSORS/ VOLUNTEERS WANTED IT’S NOT TOO LATE! 38th Annual San Jose Pride Festival August 17th - 18th Noon–7PM Food, Artisan, Commercial, Imports, Business, Corporate Spaces Available Email or Gary at 408.505.1725

Member of Technical Staff, Quality Assurance: Design & develop test cases for a highly distributed system that manage data for virtual machines in a cloud computing environment. Resume to Nutanix, Inc, 1740 Technology Dr, #400, San Jose, CA 95110. Attn: HR Job#100

Bartender / Cocktail Servers

Member of Technical Staff, UI Designer: working closely with the UX & visual design team to build a highly engaging UI that predicts and exceeds user expectations in HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Resume to Nutanix, Inc, 1740 Technology Dr, #400, San Jose, CA 95110. Attn: HR Job#101

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St. Clare’s Bible Chapel (Old Catholic), San Jose, welcomes all orientations and faiths. 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass, Bible study. 408.286.7357.

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The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Exceptional Cleaning Services, 123 Flintwell Ct., San Jose, CA, 95138, Tanisha Butler. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/25/2013. Refile of previous file #579453 due to publication requirement not met on previous filing. /s/Tanisha Butler This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/25/2013. (pub Metro 7/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: BC Exports, 246 Cresta Vista Way, San Jose, CA, 95119, Benjamin Corrales. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 7/15/2013. /s/Benjamin Corrales This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/26/2013. (pub Metro 7/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Morgan Hill Life, 16360 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037, Life Media Group LLC, 16360 Monterey Road, Suite 240-B, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037. This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 5/01/2013. /s/Martin Cheek President #201308010447 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 5/01/2013. (pub Metro 5/31, 8/07, 8/14, 8/21/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Calitaly Stone, 1720 Rogers Ave., San Jose, CA, 95112, Roxana Sarji, 6683 Elwood, San Jose, CA, 95120. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Roxana Sarji This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/18/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Quik Enterprises, 2729 Suisun Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95121, Roop C. Walia, Sachin Walia, Reema Walia, 1612 Hermocilla Way, San Jose, CA, 95116. This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 07/01/2013. /s/Roop S. Walia This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/15/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Bos Embedded, 1278 Tea Rose Circle, San Jose, CA, 95131, Dongwen Wang. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Dongwen Wang This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/18/2013. (pub Metro 7/24, 7/31, 8/07, 8/14/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Encore Pilates, 1045 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Jennifer owens, 798 Pershing Ave., San Jose, CA, 95126. This business is conducted by an individual.

Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Jennifer Owens This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/25,2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Mobil Stop, 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA, 95129, Sergio Miranda, 2390 Lucretia Ave., #1716, San Jose, CA, 95122. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Sergio Miranda This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/19/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Be The Change Yoga & Wellness, 50 S. 1st Street, Suite 320, San Jose, CA, 95113, Michelle Linane, 1220 Vienna Dr., #555, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Michelle Linane This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/26/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Bob Moreno Group, 841 Blossom Hill Rd., #112, San Jose, CA, 95123, Robert (Bob) Moreno, 5630 Calpine Dr., San Jose, CA, 95123, Sharon Moreno. This business is conducted by a Married Couple. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 6/19/13. /s/Robert Moreno This statement was filed with the County Clerk of

Santa Clara County on 6/27/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Jade Beauty And Barber College, 1045 E. Capitol Expressway, San Jose, CA, 95121, Raymond Tran, 2740 Glen Ferguson Circle, San Jose, CA, 95148. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 11/14/2005. Refile of previous file #470899 after 40 days of expiration date. /s/Raymond Tran This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/09/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nugen Nail Painting, 6063 Cahalan Ave., San Jose, CA, 95123, Liem Ung, 908 Delta Ct., San Jose, CA, 95122. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Liem Ung This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/01/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #579497 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Reflection, 925 Blossom Hill Rd., Suite 1457, San Jose, CA, 95123, Charina Pedron, 2073 Solothurn Way, Manteca, CA, 95123. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Charina Pedron This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/13/2013. (pub Metro 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #580232 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Nerd Bird, 157 N. 9th St., San Jose, CA, 95112, Shaun Nurrenbern. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Shaun Nurrenbern This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/05/2013. (pub Metro 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/07/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Luther Burbank Boulevard, Suite 150, Santa Monica, CA, 90401, Luther Burbank Savings, 804 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA, 95404. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Laura Tarantino SVP & CFO #Fed Charter This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 6/26/2013. (pub Metro 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: South Bay Medical and Inventory Services, 6165 Lavendula Way., San Jose, CA, 95119, Jason D. Wettig. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Jason D. Wettig This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 7/02/2013. (pub Metro 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31/2013)





The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Bob’s Home Maintenance And Repair, 16148 Cypress Way., Los Gatos, CA, 95030, Robert E. Olson. This business is conducted by an individual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Robert E. Olson This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 5/28/2013. (pub Metro 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 7/31/2013)



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Garden paradise w/SW exposure & End of Rd. privacy. Sunny side of Hwy 9 w/ tons of trees & good balance of sun/ shade. Dual access from Fairview Rd & Highland Dr. Adjacent, contiguous parcel 090-061-37 also avail. Both have survey of record. Just minutes to town. View of Coastal Mtns., Near Camp Joy neighborhood. Fire Hydrant at lot line, each parcel $119,000 or both $180,000. Owner financing avail. Call Debbie @ 408.395.5754 or visit:

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By ROB BREZSNY week of July 31

ARIES (March 21-April 19): To add zest to mealtime, you might choose food that has been seasoned with red chili peppers, cumin, or other piquant flavors. Some chimpanzees have a similar inclination, which is why they like to snack on red fire ants. Judging from the astrological omens, I’m guessing you are currently in a phase when your attraction to spicy things is at a peak—not just for dinner but in other areas of your life, as well. I have a suggestion: Pursue rowdy fun with adventures that have metaphorical resemblances to red chili peppers, but stay away from those that are like red fire ants.

skateboarding tricks is called the 1080. To pull it off, a skateboarder has to do three complete 360-degree revolutions in mid-air and land cleanly. No one had ever pulled it off until 12-year-old Tom Schaar did it in 2012. Since then, two other teenage boys have managed the same feat. But I predict that a Scorpio skateboarder will break the record sometime soon, managing a 1260, or three and a half full revolutions. Why? First, because your tribe is unusually geared to accomplish peak performances right now. And second, you have a knack for doing complex maneuvers that require a lot of concentration.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The 19th-century English artist John Constable specialized in painting landscapes. The countryside near his home especially excited him. He said, “The sound of water escaping from mill dams, willows, old rotten planks, slimy posts, and brickwork, I love such things. They made me a painter, and I am grateful.” Take a cue from Constable, Taurus. Spend quality time appreciating the simple scenes and earthy pleasures that nourish your creative spirit. Give your senses the joy of getting filled up with vivid impressions. Immerse yourself in experiences that thrill your animal intelligence.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Can you think of ways that you have been colonized? Have any powerful institutions filled up your brain with ideas and desires that aren’t in alignment with your highest values? For instance, has your imagination gotten imprinted with conditioning that makes you worry that your body’s not beautiful enough or your bank account’s not big enough or your style isn’t cool enough? If so, Sagittarius, the coming weeks will be an excellent time to get uncolonized. There has rarely been a better time than now to purge any brainwashing that puts you at odds with your deepest self.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This is Grand Unification

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): An old Chinese

Week for you Geminis. If your left hand has been at war with your right hand, it’s a perfect moment to declare a truce. If your head and heart have not been seeing eye to eye, they are ready to find common ground and start conspiring together for your greater glory. Are there any rips or rifts in your life? You will generate good fortune for yourself if you get to work on healing them. Have you been alienated from an ally or at odds with a beloved dream or separated from a valuable resource? You have a lot of power to fix glitches like those.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): In an episode of the TV show Twin Peaks, special agent Dale Cooper gives the following advice to his colleague Harry: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen.” Now I’m passing on this advice to you, Cancerian. It’s a perfect time for you to try out this fun game. You are in a phase of your astrological cycle when you’ll be wise to intensify your commitment to self-care . . . and deepen your devotion to making yourself feel good . . . and increase your artistry at providing yourself with everything you need to thrive LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Sergei Diaghilev was a Russian ballet impresario who founded Ballets Russes, one of the 20th century’s great ballet companies. At one point in his career he met French playwright Jean Cocteau. Diaghilev dared Cocteau to write a piece for a future Ballets Russes production. “Astonish me!” he said. It took seven years, but Cocteau met the challenge. He created Parade, a ballet that also featured music by Eric Satie and sets by Pablo Picasso. Now let’s pretend I’m Diaghilev and you’re Cocteau. Imagine that I’ve just told you, “Astonish me!” How will you respond? What surprising beauty will you come up with? What marvels will you unleash? VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Since 1948, the chemical known as warfarin has been used as a pesticide to poison rats. Beginning in 1954, it also became a medicine prescribed to treat thrombosis and other blood ailments in humans. Is there anything in your own life that resembles warfarin? A person or an asset or an activity that can either be destructive or constructive, depending on the situation? The time will soon be right for you to employ that metaphorical version of warfarin in both capacities. Make sure you’re very clear about which is which. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): “My heart was a hysterical, unreliable organ,” wrote Vladimir Nabokov in his novel Lolita. We have all gone through phases when we could have uttered a similar statement. But I doubt that this is one of those times for you, Libra. On the contrary. I suspect your heart is very smart right now—poised and lucid and gracious. In fact, I suggest you regard the messages coming from your heart as more trustworthy than any other part of you—wiser than your head and your gut and your genitals put together. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The Holy Grail of

poem tells us that “the true measure of a mountain’s greatness is not its height but whether it is charming enough to attract dragons.” You and I know there are no such things as dragons, so we can’t take this literally. But what if we treat it as we might a fairy tale? I suggest we draw a metaphorical meaning from it and apply it to your life. Let’s say that you shouldn’t be impressed with how big and strong anything is; you shouldn’t give your mojo to people or institutions simply because they have worldly power. Rather, you will be best served by aligning yourself with what’s mysterious and fabulous. You’re more likely to have fun and generate good fortune for yourself by seeking out stories that appeal to your soul instead of your ego.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The questions you have been asking aren’t terrible. But they could be formulated better. They might be framed in such a way as to encourage life to give you crisp insights you can really use rather than what you’ve been getting lately, which are fuzzy conjectures that are only partially relevant. Would you like some inspiration? See if any of these inquiries help hone your spirit of inquiry. 1. What kind of teacher or teaching do you need the most right now? 2. What part of you is too tame, and what can you do about it? 3. What could you do to make yourself even more attractive and interesting to people than you already are? 4. What is the pain that potentially has the most power to awaken your dormant intelligence? PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): “There are some enterprises in which a careful disorderliness is the true method.” So says Ishmael, the hero of Herman Melville’s 19th-century novel Moby Dick. He is ostensibly referring to whale hunting, which is his job, but some modern critics suggest he’s also talking about the art of storytelling. I suspect his statement applies to a certain enterprise you are currently engaged in, as well. Can you wrap your mind and heart around the phrase “careful disorderliness,” Pisces? I hope so, because I think it’s the true method. Here are some other terms to describe it: benevolent chaos; strategic messiness; purposeful improvisation; playful experiments. Homework: Compose a love spell to get more of the intimate connection you want, but without manipulating anyone’s free will. Tell me about it at gy

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