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JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr metr | sanjo | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013

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By T TOM OM T TOMORROW OMORROW metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013


Changes Way back in 1989, I was hired to be Metro’s Arts Editor. I can still recall the first time we attempted to receive an article using the file-transfer program Kermit. The process took three of us a couple of hours and a dozen phone calls, but it was worth it: At last, we thought, freedom from floppy disks. After nearly 24 years as Arts Editor and Managing Editor at Metro (and a few years at Metro Santa Cruz, now Santa Cruz Weekly, as well), I am retiring from the steady drumbeat of deadlines. Heather Zimmerman, an 18-year veteran of the local newspaper scene, will be taking over as Managing Editor. As always, Metro remains committed to the ideals of independent alternative journalism. With the greatest of thanks to all the people I have worked with over the years: a fond farewell. Michael S. Gant, Managing Editor


Alvarrad Alvarado ado FFor or Supervisor Suppervisor The District Di t i t 2 county count o ty sup supervisor’s ervisor’ i o ’s racee is one off the most imp rac important ortant in history. Two-thirds this region’s region’s histor h y. T wo -thirds of w the county county bu budget—about udget—about $3 billion annually—goes annually y— —go oes to ccompensation ompensation and retirement retirement b enefits. V ir i tually benefits. Virtually all of the public pub blic emplo yee union employee ccontracts ontracts ar aree up ffor or o negotiation in the next next ttwo wo yyears, ears, and ther there’s e’s an $1.77 billion liabilit liabilityy ffor unfunded $1. or o rretiree etiree health h ccare. are. The election will determine wh whether hether those issues ar aree ttackled ackled b byy a b board oard majorit majorityy firmly in the pocket pocket off the South Ba Bay ay L Labor abor Council—or bee a C ouncil— or one that might b little lit tle mor moree in independent. ndependent. Cindy Chavez, Chaavez, who heads SBLC sister or organization rganization Working Working o Partnerships P artnerships USA, U A, is running against US

Teresa T e esa Alvarado ffor er or the seat vac o vacated ateed byy Geor George was b ge Shirakawa, Shirakawa, JJr., r., who w as cconvicted onvicted on v of five fivve ffelonies eelonies and now faces fa aces electionelection-stealing stealing charges. charges. The special sp pecial election is b being eing held JJuly uly 30, 3 and an nd ballots will b bee mailed out shor shortly. rtlyy. The Th he last da day ay to rregister egister to vvote o ote is JJuly ul 15. uly 5 Chavez says racee is ab about Cha avez sa ayys the rac out eexperience. x erience. Lik xp Likee Shirak Shirakawa, awa, she was w as vic vicee ma mayor ayor of San JJose ose under Ron R o on Gonzales Gonzales.. Shirak Shirakawa awa ser served ved 14 14 Cityy C Council; yyears e on the San JJose ears ose Cit ounciil; Chavez C haavez eight. If b being eing one of 11 people p e eople on the Cit Cityy C Council ouncil dais iss the m main qualification qualification ffor or the job o job,, the then en Shirakawa Sh hirakawa w was as even even b better etter equipp equipped ped than han Cha Chavez avez ffor or the offic o officee he scr screwed ewed w th badly. up p so badly y. And now ttaxpayers axpaayers have have ha spend moree than $1 million to to o sp end mor choose ch hoose his rreplacement. eplacement. The election is rreally eally ab about out transparency, tr ransparencyy, rreform efform o and an end political Chavez hass to op olitical ccorruption. orruption. Cha avez ha aligned al ligned herself with the p politicians olitician ns local att the ccenters enters of the biggest lo cal

political the decade p olitical scandals scandals of th he past dec ade and a half half. She’s been f. She ’s b een allies with Gonzales,, who ac accepted Gonzales cepteed golf games and gifts while in offic office; Terry ce; of T err e y Gregory, officee in Gr egory, who rresigned esigned d his offic disgracee and was disgrac was cconvicted onviicted of graft; of Shirak Shirakawa; awa; and of Xavier Xavier Xa v Campos, Campos, was operating officer who h w as a chief hi f op erati ting offic ffi er off MACSA teachers’ pensions ensions MA CSA when teacher rs’ p weree stolen, and who failed to file wer p olitical disclosure disclosure st attements. Her political statements. operatives anonymous op erativvees ran anon ym mous websites that endanger ed the sa affeetty of gang endangered safety prosecutors byy publish publishing pr osecutors b hing their home addr esses and hack ed the t email addresses hacked ac counts of Cit ty Hall emplo eemployees yees to accounts City embarrass p olitical op ponents. political opponents. Cha avez failed to ans w Grand wer Chavez answer about JJury ury questions ab out her h rrole ole in the N orcal garbage sc an ndal and Norcal scandal to pass a hamp ered at ttempts t hampered attempts Ordinance Sunshine Or dinance in n San JJose. ose. She rrefuses efuses inter views, do essn't rreturn eturn interviews, doesn't media ccalls alls and has jou urnalists journalists thr own out of election n eevents. veents. Her thrown ccampaign ampaign at tttorney rrecently ecently e attorney sued

the county countty to k keep eeep it from from releasing releasing documents, public do cu uments, and her handlers harangued d a radio st station ation that ran a story story ab about o that. In an era when out the public expects expects transpar transparency ency from fr om electe elected ed rrepresentatives, epresentatives, Cindy Chavez Cha avez is ccompletely ompletely unqualified public office. t hold to h ld pu ublic bli offic ffi e. Electing El ti her h pretty bee a disaster ffor would pr ettty much b or o accountability. ac countabiilitty. Teresa T eeresa Alvarado A has advanc advanced ed pr proposals oposals to mak makee ccounty ounty government moree transpar transparent go vernmen nt mor ent and ethical. ethic al. Ha Having avving held a variet varietyy of management manageme ent p positions ositions in the private sector and d non-pr non-profit ofit ccommunities, ommunities, she has th thee br breadth eadth of eexperience xperience needed to scrutinize tough questions independent. and remain remaiin indep endent. Electing a candidate candidatte who’s who’s ccommitted ommitted to will rreform efform o wil ll send a clear message to Hedding Str S Street eet that public mone moneyy spent honestly, must be be sp pent frugally and honestly y, supporters likee and Shirakawa Shirak kawa supp orters lik Chavez Cha avez sho shouldn’t ouldn’t b bee trusted with public’s checkbook. the public c’s checkb ook.


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The only thing to make for dinner this week is reservations. metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013


Cats Kill Birderrs and shelter officials Birders o say fferal eral cats c endanger other o species By GE GEORGIA ORG IA PERR PERRY Y


OR four fo our years, years, Leslie Leslie w atcched the rats rats take watched over.. The owner of a over horse e stable, Leslie Leslie (who declined declin ned to provide her last name) felt powerless to e scourge of vermin, combat the each aboutt the size of a soda a ating can, infiltr infiltrating her barn.

“There wer “There weree so man many ny rats rats.. If yyou o ou ccame ame a in the dark and d yyou ou turned on the lights o lights,, they the hey would ld scu scurry urry down d the h tops off the h water w aater pip pipes es ru running unning b both oth sides of the hallway. They’d pipes es hallw way. The ey’ y d ccome ome o down the pip and then drink k out of the horses’ w water aater bowls, b owls, and fall into the buck bucket keet and die and yyou’d ou o u’d get dead d rats in yyour o our w water aater bucket, grimace. buck ket, e ” she rrecalls eccalls with a grimac ce. In addition to the skincraaw wling eff ffeect skin-crawling effect

off the rats rats,, the ec economic onomic cconsequences onsequen nces started st tarted to ttake ak ke a toll as well. “Onc our bag o “Oncee a rat gets into yyour off ffeed, eeed, yyou ou thr ow out a $20 bag of ffeed. eeed. throw Th hey che w a hole in the b ottttom, and a They chew bottom, yyou’re o ’r ou ’ e lik e, ‘oh ‘ h the h whole h l bag’ b ’s toa ast.’ like, bag’s toast. Y o know? Ther ou e’s rat p oop in m You There’s poop myy ffood, ood,” she sa says. ayys. oison, eeven ven going as far f She tried p poison, ass pr ying op en the barn ’s w alls a and d prying open barn’s walls dr ropping it in to tr ake out th he dropping tryy to ttake the ra ats living inside them. rats “We “W We tried and tried and tried,” sh she he sa ayys. “But we ccouldn’t ouldn’t get them.” says. That ’s when a friend told her ab bout That’s about Pr roject Purr ganization that Project Purr,, an or organization rrescues e escues aggr essive, unadopt able fferal eerral aggressive, unadoptable ccats a destined ffor ats or euthanasia at the o ccounty o ount y animal shelter and finds th hem them ou utdoor homes in barns d outdoor barns,, farms and ur rban gar dens to liv ve as working ccats, ats, urban gardens live a kind of all-natural rrodent odent ccontrol. ontrol. o eratte That w aas eight yyears eears ago was ago.. Desp Desperate ffor o a solution, L or eslie adopted thr ee Leslie three

kit ttens— t —S Spank ky, Darla and a Alfalfa— kittens—Spanky, fr om Pr oject Purr r, and after a an initial from Project Purr, ac climation p eriod, set them t lo ose on acclimation period, loose her pr operty. T odaay, she sur veyys her property. Today, surveys barn, out tfi fitttted in an offi fficial Pr oject Purr outfitted official Project T -shirt ffeaturing eeaturing a dra awi wing of a ccat at with T-shirt drawing ed off ff— —the tellt ale the tip of its ear clipp clipped off—the telltale sign of a fferal eeral ccat at that ha as b een fixed. has been “Y Yo ou didn n’’t see an ny rats ou? Y o o ou see “You didn’t any rats,, did yyou? You any an ny rat p poop? oop? N No. o. So no not ot only did the they ey kill them all…the smell of the ccats aats tells other rats n’t ’ w an ant to b e.’” rats,, ‘we don don’t want bee her here. “Ther e’s no deterr en nt lik at. “There’s deterrent likee a liv livee ccat. Ther ’t,” she sa ays y . “The Theree just isn isn’t, says. “Theyy kill eeverything. verything.”

Cats vvs. s. Bir Birds d ds While ccats’ ats’ natural hun hunting nting instincts aree a go ar godsend dsend to some some,, man manyy b believe elieve outdoor outdo or ccats ats do mor moree harm than good—killing go od—killing d killi sp species ecies i of of bir bi birds d and ds d small mammals that we w w want ant to k keep eep around, somee that ar aree on ar ound, and eeven ven som endangered species the endanger ed sp ecies list. In rrecent ecent yyears, eears, the debate d b between etween lovers birders escalated, ccat at lo vers and bir ders has h esc alated, thanks in par partt to a stud study dy published this JJanuary anuary in the jou journal urnal Natur Naturee

Communiications claiming that fferal Communications eeral and domes stic ccats ats ccollectively ollectively kill domestic b etween 1. .4 and 3.7 billion bir ds a between 1.4 birds yyear ear in thee U United nited St States, ates, blowing the esstimate of 50 pr evious estimate 0 million out previous 500 of the w ateer. F eral ccats, ats, the study sa ayys, water. Feral says, ar espon nsible ffor or o the majorit aree rresponsible majorityy of the bir d deaths s. bird deaths. This spar rked a huge backlash against sparked fferal eral e ccats, ats, with w man ny ccalling alling ffor o or an many euter ontroversial e Trap end to the ccontroversial Trap,, N Neuter and R eleas e e ((TNR) TNR) pr ograms that Release programs man ny nonp profits facilit ate b many nonprofits facilitate byy means of trappingg fferal eral e ccats, ats, fixing them and wheree the theyy then rreturning eturn ning them to wher from, hopee that the ccame ame fr om m, with the hop population naturally. p opulation n will die out naturally y. To some,, the trade trade-off isn’t worth T o some -off isn n’’t wor th it. Bird lover says Bir d lo oveer Cliff C Bixler sa ays y he rregularly egularly sees fferal eeral ccats aats “out cruising and hunting” areas where birds warblers in ar eas wh here bir rd ds such as w aarblers and flycatchers breed fly ycaatchers br b eed each season. “Cats trees. They’re “C ats ccan an n climb tr ees. The y’re quite well-equipped well wellequip pped ffor or o slaughtering other creatures, says. cr eatures,” he sa ayys. says prefer He sa ayys he h would pr effer e to see all safe, indoor homes,, but if that that’s ccats ats in saf fe, indo or homes ’s not an opti option, theyy b bee ion, he would rather the loose euthanized d than let lo ose in the wild. “People say “P eople sa ay we should fix them and let them liv ve out o the rrest est of their liv ves e . But live lives. ma ayb y e the ey kill 50 0 bir ds during that maybe they 500 birds time w th it ot to me time.. Is it wor worth it?? N Not me..” Indeed, lo llocal cal wildlif fe rrescue escue wildlife or ganizatio i tion Nativ N ti e Animal A i lR eescue organization Native Rescue rreports eports tha at appr oximately 20 that approximately p ercent of the injur ed animals it ttakes akes percent injured in wer ounded at the pa aws w of ccats. ats. weree wo wounded paws “R Really e s small bir ds will pr etty “Really birds pretty i the y’ve b een near a ccat at at much die if they’ve been all,”” sa ays y L u upin Egan, a st aff memb er, says Lupin staff member, who sp end ds par ayys ffeeding eeeding spends partt of her da days bab dss with an eeye-dropper ye- dropper eevery very babyy bir birds half hour hour..

Bl Cat Blair C P Project roject Among th thee sp species ecies listed as endanger e in our rregion ed egion is the endangered California C aliffo ornia Clapp Clapper er Rail, a rrelatively elatively large, lar ge, henli henlike ike bir bird d with oliv olive-colored e-colored ffeathers eeathers th hat rresides esides yyear-round ear e -round that in ccoastal oastal wetlands w edators, wetlands.. Its pr predators, according ac cording to t the C California aliffo ornia Department Depar tmen nt of F Fish ish and Game Game,, include thee non-nativ ed ffox ox o and the non-nativee rred fferal eeral ccat, at, which, w if we ’re going to go we’re there, ther e, is als also so technic technically ally a non-nativ non-native, e, in nvvasive sp pecies in N orth Americ a. invasive species North America. ““Any An A ny sp e ecies that isn n’’t a nativ ve species isn’t native pr predator edator he here ere is cconsidered onsidered in invasive, nvasiv v ve, wh why hy wouldn’t wouldn n’’t a ccat at a b be?” e?” sa says ayys K Kerrie eerrie Ann L Loyd, oyd d, a wildlif fe ec cologist who sp earheaded wildlife ecologist spearheaded the Kit tty C a Pr ams oject at the U niv n veersitty Kitty Cams Project University

Cat House House Lynne L yynne A Achterberg, chterberg, the ffounder ounder of o Pr oject Purr es in a home h that is Project Purr,, liv lives practic ally o verrun with h ccats—but ats—but she practically overrun wouldn ’t ha ave it an ther w ay. The wouldn’t have anyy ot other way. stuffing bursts out of th he scratchedscratched off the scratched-off ouches an d armchairs arms of her ccouches and armchairs.. Ab ove the garage ther e’s a small Above there’s rroom, oom, which she sa ayys w as originally says was intended to b bee storage but now is a “kitty “kit ty rroom. oom.” The back yar yard d is filled d with fiv fivee hutches housing fferal eeral ccats ats she has rrescued escued fr om the shelte er, in addition from shelter, to “some of m myy own kin kinda sketchy nda sk etch hy have over guys that ha ave ttaken aken o ver the sswing, wing, as yyou ou ccan o an see see.. This Thi is i a ccat at house h house,, what ccan an I sa say?” ayy?” ffeect off fferal eeral ccats aats on Studying the eff effect the en environment nvvironment has b been een difficult because b ecause of their ffearful, eearful, aggr aaggressive essivve behavior b ehaavior v tow towards waards huma humans, ans, as well as the treacherous locations they tr eacherous lo cations th heey sometimes ccall all home home.. A Achterberg chterberg p perhaps e erhaps knows this b better etttter than an anyone. nyo one. She has discovered disc overed fferal eeral ccat at ccolonies olon nies in plac places es like yard, wheree a mother ga gave lik ke a scrap yar d, wher ave birth bir th to a lit litter ttter of kit kittens ttens t s inside the metal met al crusher; a landfill;; and b behind ehind a wheree she claims a ccolony park, wher olon ny of 33 ccats ats sur survived vivveed on no nour nourishment rishment aside from fr om licking the gr grease ease off o the b bottom ottttom of garbage trucks trucks.. When A Achterberg chterberg di discovered iscovered the latter group, her lat ttter gr oup, she and he er husband

trapp ed the em all b trapped them byy hand using wo oden fru uit b oxes, had all the ccats ats wooden fruit boxes, spa ayed and neuter ed, then ffed ed e and spayed neutered, monitor ed the ccolony olon ny diligently monitored ffor o or eight yyears. e . She sa ears ayys the ccolony olon ny says gradually fa aded aaway, way, with the last ccat faded at last dying just la ast yyear. ear. proponent A pr opon nent of TNR who has seen it work k, A chterberg b elieves the work, Achterberg believes animal shel shelter lter should not ac accept cept ccats ats it ccan an tell ar are re fferal. eeral. “The y’re thr owaway ccats. ats. F or “They’re throwaway For dec ades we ’ve b ’v een just trapping and decades we’ve been killing them m at the shelters shelters,, which ob viously hasn h ’t solv ed the pr obviously hasn’t solved problem oblem b because ecause p people eo ople don don’t ’t w want ant to do that —it do esn’t ffeel eeel go od. It ’s not that that—it doesn’t good. It’s we’re We’re we ’re ccausing ausin ng these ccolonies. olonies. W e’re trying prevent don’t tr ying to pr revent them. But we don ’t think that ccats ats need to die in the pr ocess,” shee sa ayys. process, says.

FFeral eeral Freedom Freedom In animal ccontrol o ol cir ontr circles, cles, TNR has its supp supporters orteers and its sk skeptics. eptics. The San JJose ose ani animal imal shelter is par partt of a growing gr owing tr trend e across end across the nation, a sor sortt of shelter shelter-sponsored -sp ponsored TNR called called Feral Feral Freedom. Fr eedom. When W fferal eeral ccats ats (though theyy pr prefer “community the effer e to ccall all them “c ommunitty ccats”) ats”) ccome omee in, the shelter checks them to mak make ke sur sure re the they’re y’re ar aren’t en’t diseased or to o skinn ny, and if the too skinny, theyy pass pass,, the theyy ar aree vaccinated, vac cinated, i d micr microchipped, i ochipp hi ed, d fixed fi d and d wheree the theyy wer weree ccaptured rreturned eturned to o wher aptured place. in the first plac p e. Sinc egginning the pr ogram in Sincee b beginning program 2010, the Sa San an JJose ose shelter has tr treated eated about 10,000 and rreleased out 10,0 00 ccats ats back eleased ab into the ccommunity om mmunitty “It ’s ccompletely om mpletely rreasonable easonable that “It’s ccats ats ar tside and rroaming. oaming. I mean, aree out outside that ’s what ccats ats ar e,” sa ayys St acey that’s are, says Stacey Daines e ector of the Sant Daines,, dir director Santaa Cruz Animal Ser rvices A uthority. Sinc Services Authority. Sincee b eginning the t pr ogram she sa ayys the beginning program says theyy ha ave seen a 2 ercent rreduction eduction in have 255 p percent ccats ats b eing br b ought into the shelter being brought shelter.. The adop ptable ccats ats that ar ept adoptable aree k kept er b enefit, to o. The y’ve at the shelte shelter benefit, too. They’ve noticed percent notic ed a whopping w 70 p ercent rreduction eduction in n upp er-respiratory disease upper-respiratory disease.. “W Wiith ffewer ewer w ccats ats ther e’s less “With there’s germs,, less str germs sstress, ess,” she sa says. ays y . “It has also made other o pr programs ograms p possible ossible ffor or o us that ne n never ver would ha have ave b been een possible before. dental al p ossible b effo ore. If a ccat at needed dent work fiv fivee yyears e ago ears ago,, we would just euthanize it. i N Now ow we would giv givee it dental dent al and put it up ffor or o adoption. Kittens Kit ttens t und under der ttwo wo w p pounds ounds would


9 JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr

of Geor Georgia, rgia, g which is the first fi study to actuallyy track outdo outdoor behavior. Kitty or ccat aat b ehaavvior. Kit tty Cams attaches tiny C ams at ttaches tin ny ccameras aamerras to the ccollars ollars of domestic outdo outdoor or ccats atss and rrecords ecords uncovering late-night the ffootage, ootage, often unc oveering late -night shaky-cam encounters shak ky-cam enc ounters with w opossums, opossums, birds lizards bir ds and lizar ds rreminiscent eminisccent of the Blair Witch Project. W iitch Pr oject. Loyd L oyd and her team aare re sending proposals thiss spring out grant pr oposals thi hopee to ccontinue project and hop ontinue the t pr oject byy ffocusing next. b ocusing on fferal eral e ccats atts ne xt. She says she’s unsuree of wha what theyy will sa ayys she ’s unsur at the sincee no one has find, and sinc h studied directly it’s hard them dir ectly it ’s har d to t know their environment. impact on the en vironm ment. On one spend day hand, fferal eral e ccats ats sp end 24 2 hours a da ay outside,, ccompared the outside ompared to th he 5 or 6 hours do.. Howe However, says domestic ccats ats do ever, she sa ayys theyy tend to b bee mor moree di diseased the iseased and weaker may weak er than domestic ccats ats and ma ay have harder prey. ha ave a har der time ccatching atcching pr ey. “There’s argument “Ther e’s no ar gumen nt that ccats ats animals,,” L Loyd says. kill other animals oyd sa ays y . “The The arguments aree how ofte often, ar guments ar en, what they’re whether it’s the y’re killing and whe ther it ’s rreally eally difference. making a diff ffeerence.”


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June Ju une 19), 19) the S State tate of California California is sued a cease-and-desist letter issued to o the Bitcoin Foundation, alleging allegin ng th hat organization organization was engaged in n that unauthorized un nauthorized money transfers. transfers.

Reading Readin ng Videos Menlo P Park–based ark–based W Watchup atchup has established a new videocentric category t off newsreaders n newsr eaders d with ith W atchup 2.0.. A news reader reader for for Watchup multimedia mul timedia consumption c in what many are are calling calling the age of context, W atchup 2.0 delivers a “watch and Watchup rread” ead”” experience, experieence, aggregating aggregating video and rrelated elated articles a and “learning” the user’s user ’s preferences. preferences.. Unlike such emer emerging gin ng “second “second scr screen” een” video-cur atio on tools as streaming streaming video-curation TV, T V, movie startup staartup Boomtrain Boomtrain and iP ad app Vido ora, a W atchup 2.0 20 iPad Vidora, Watchup ffocuses ocuses exclu usively on “meaningful, “meaningful, exclusively pr ofessional video news content.” professional CEO and cofounder cofounder o Adriano Farano Farano said that Watchup Wattchup “restores “restores the informative inf ormative power p of the newscast by redesigning redesignin ng the way news is deliver ed in the t 21st century:: realrealdelivered time, immersive, immerssive, nonlinear yet contextual an nd based on a selection and of quality reporting.” rep porting.” —Dan Holden

Champping at the Champing Bitcoinn Shortly after we published our historical perspective perrspective on the Bitcoin economy econo omy (Cover Story, Storyy,

Th he order order may have been somewhat somew what The m misplaced, nonprofit Bitcoin Bitcoin as the nonprofit Foundation’s Fo oundation’s charter is not to involve in nvolve itself in Bitcoin exchange activity ac ctivity per se, but to “standardize “standardizze and an nd promote promote the open source source Bitcoin Bi itcoin protocol.” protocol.” Still, S t Bitcoin Foundation board till, board Jon Matonis, writing in m member Forbes Fo orbess, said the or order der char charges ges th h Foundation he F d ti with ith allegedly ll dl the “engaging “engaging e in the business of money mon ney transmission without a license orr transmission proper prroper authorization.” M said the ffoundation oundation Matonis “does “does d not engage in the owning, co ontrolling, or conducting of money mon ney controlling, transmission Furthermore, transmission business.. Furthermo ore, that th hat activity would also be against ag gainst the original charter of the the foundation.” foundation.” o —Dan Holden

T P The Pay ay ‘Wall’ ‘Wall’ Piink Floyd Pink is back together to ogether but bu ut they’re th hey’re not m making m music. . In a surprise op-ed op p-ed published pu ublished in US USA SA T Today o oday titled “P Pandora’s Internet Radio Royal tyy “Pandora’s Royalty Rip-Off,” Riip-Offf,,”” the band accuses Pandora Pando ora off “trying to trick artists into supporting su upporting their own pay cut.” “It’s a matter of principle for for us,”” “It’s wrote w ote band members Roger Waters, wr Wateers, Daavid Gilmour and Nick Mason David collectively. co ollectivelyy. “We “We hope that many online on nline li and d mobile bil music i services services i s can caan give fans fans and artists the music mussic they th hey want, when they want it, at price prrice points that work.. But those saame services services should fairly fairly pay same th he artists and creators creators who make makke the th he music at the core core of their the businesses.” bu usinesses.” —Dan Holden



have been euthanized without a second thought. Now we put them up for adoption.”

Local Approach Some Northern California communities pass out cat traps to community members, who can borrow them and use them either to surrender cats to the shelter, or to do TNR through Project Purr’s low-cost program, which offers $25 spays and neuters. Melanie Sobel, general manager of Santa Cruz County’s shelter, says she is against the shelter-facilitated TNR program in San Jose, saying the shelter has to serve its human constituents. “The majority of our traps are used for nuisance cats, cats on people’s property that they don’t want,” she says. “We have an obligation to deal with these cats. If that means euthanasia, unfortunately, that means euthanasia.” Daines says they’ve had the same complaints from San Joseans, but that hasn’t stopped her. The shelter offers counseling on how to make homes less hospitable for outdoor cats, but when all else fails, the neutered cat is going to be released to the property it came from, whether the owners like it or not. “We’re the animal welfare professionals and we are in charge of managing these welfare issues, and it’s our prerogative to put the cat back,” she says.

Claws Out Santa Cruz’s Sobel says the fragile coastal ecosystem is harmed by the abundance of feral cats. “Because cats are one of the main pets of American society I think there’s too narrow of a view with this. We have to look at the whole picture as far as all life that’s out there,” she says. For now, when a cat is surrendered to the Santa Cruz shelter that cannot be put up for adoption, the shelter is required to hold it for five days, giving rescue organizations like Project Purr

a chance to save it. Achterberg tries to rescue as many of these cats as she can, hopefully placing kittens in foster situations that may turn them social and available for in-home adoption, and funneling the older cats into the barn cat program. “They do organic, green, non-toxic rodent control. Mother Nature made them that way. It’s a win, win, win, all the way down the line,” she says. But Sobel believes there actually are some losers. “It’s so hypocritical. They constantly talk about, ‘oh the rat populations are getting killed,’ but just completely ignore all the other populations that are getting killed,” she says. Indeed, cat advocates tend to gloss over or dismiss the whole “bird issue.” But when pressed, Achterberg will admit, “Yes, cats get birds. But I think they probably get the old ones, the sick ones, the dumb ones, and so in a funny sort of way I think they’re actually strengthening the bird population. Do you know what I mean? The strong survive, the smart, strong ones survive,” she says. Inside one of Achterberg’s backyard hutches is a snow-white adult cat, crouched in the back of the hutch with her ears folded down, emitting a low, steady growl. Alongside her is her kitten, climbing up the walls, mewing sweetly at her, whom Achterberg has named Fluff, “as in marshmallow.” She holds the kitten in her arms and nuzzles him. “This little monster, I rescued him and his mom— it’s OK, honey—I’ve had him for going on seven weeks now. He was rescued as just an eye-opening white kitten with her, surrendered to the shelter. She’s quite feral—hi, sweetheart. See those ears going down and the unfriendliness? I almost didn’t rescue them both from the shelter—they were going to be euthanized, of course. But I’m so glad I did,” she says. “I get teary eyed—Hi, you’re gonna get a home.’ Yeah, it’s the best thing that happens to kitties. ‘Yeah, you’re gonna get a home.’”

Fly is on vacation and will return next week.


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THE EYECARE STORE NEXT DOOR. metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013

Courtesy Courtes sy Ray Slade



Stones Angels SHARPSHOOTER SH A R PSHOOTER Jerry Garcia shows off another a side of his personality y for the benefit of R Ray ay Slade of o the Pleasure Crew (center (center) r) and Stones manager Jay Cut Cutler tler (far right), while P Peter eter Coy Coyote yote looks the other way way. y.

One-ti One-time One time Dead and Stones S manage manager er Sam m Cutler comes to new Studio Bongiorno what Bongiiorno to tell wh hat really happened Altamont hap ppened at Altam mont By GAR GARY Y SIN SSINGH GH


PON CROSSING PON CROSSING the threshold thre eshold at StudioBongiorno Bon ngiorno at Bellomy and d Lincoln streets, streets, a soft Sant Santa ta Clar Clara a breeze follows me e in. Eclectic artwork ha hangs angs on the w wall. all. Vintage ro rocking cking chairs sit idle. H Homemade ome emade candles offer themselvess at various themselve various prices. prices.

The coffee coff ffeee bar, b , surrounded bar surrounded by by more more artwork, ar twork,, sits behind behind the original teller window from from m San Jose’s Jose’s Bank of Italy Italy Building.. Classic Building Classsic rock rock blares blares from from the stereo. ster eo. Custom m soaps and postcards postcards

occupy o ccupy spinning cir circular cular wire wire racks. rack ks. Phil Bongiorno g op operates perates the jo oint,, housed in the building joint, fformerly o ormerly o occupied ccupied b byy the C California aliffo orn nia M Monument C ompany, which Company, m manufactur ed headstones ffor o or the manufactured gr raaveyard acr oss the str eet. In fact,, graveyard across street. sh hattttered granite rremains emains of ccemetery emeetery shattered st tatuettttes, gra ave-marker stencils and an nd statuettes, grave-marker sl abs of marble rremain emain in the storage storage slabs ya ard outside ws of rust rrustyy yard outside,, along with sle slews pa aint ccans ans fr om dec ades gone b y. paint from decades by. E Ev entually t lly, Bongiorno B i shepher h h ds ds me Eventually, shepherds in nto the ccourtyard ourtyyard ar ea,, wher ze at into area, wheree I gaz gaze an nother homemade bar eplete wit th another bar,, rreplete with w wine antiques, rusted artifacts artifacts and wine,, antiques, va arious donated materials fr om friends, frieends, various from ar rtists and other ec centrics. artists eccentrics. A cross the yar d, I ccan an see mor Across yard, moree ga allery spac e, another ffew ew rooms rooms gallery space,

and still more more donated d materials, materials, including a killer spinet spinet piano. piano. P eople just seem to bequeath bequeath e People their un waanted furniture furniture and an nd ephemera to unwanted Studio -Bongiorno, hoping hoping it will add Studio-Bongiorno, to the creative creative and beautifully beautifully junky junk ky atmospherics of this wonderful w wonder ful place. place. “Random stuff shows show ws up daily, dailyy,” Bongiorno tells me. me. “People “P People dig the energy, ener gy, and they they just give g e me stuff, giv stuff ff,, eeverything verything from from handbags hand dbags to watches watches to sheet music. music.” Bongiorno himself cr ccreates eates works out of found found o materials.. If someone materials so omeone donates rusty stovepipe, may a rust ty old sto ovepipe, well, w , it just ma ay wind up in one of his ccollages. ollages. getting Sanford “I’m get ttting a little littttle Sanf foorrd and Son -esque with all the junk, but if Son-esque something ttalks alks to mee in a w way, ay, I ccan an makee art mak art with it.” Hearing Bongiorno o sa say ay that the Sanford immediately brings th he Sanf for ord and Son theme h into i m myy he head, h ead, d and d the h Chico only missing ccomponent omponeent is Chic o the goat w wandering andering o over ver from from ne next xt do door. or. Studio Studio-Bongiorno -Bongiorn no has that kind of eff effect. ffeect. It It’s ’s lik likee an antique shop shop,, a galler galleryy space, space, a meeting sp spot ot ffor or cr o creative eative outc outcasts asts an and nd a ssystemic ystemic otlatch all in potlatch rrecycling ecycling p i the same

gorgeously habitat. It’s gor geouslyy ramshackle habit at. It ’s eexactly xactly wh what hat San JJose’s ose’s ar artt sc scene ene is desperately eratelyy missing missing,, to b bee honest. desp Go Good od on Sant S Santaa Clara. Artt show shows Ar ws ttake ak ke place place each month, many man ny of wh which hich ffeature eeature artists artists eexhibiting xxhibiting ffor or the vvery o eery first time, time, although the work is nott junk in the least bit. There’s degree Ther e’s obviously ob bviously v a degr ee of curatorial standards st andards employed. e emplo oyeed. L Last ast month,, for for o the eexample, xample, th he highest amount a work ffetched eetched w was a $1,200. as $1,200. So far this month, says Bongiorno, number sa ayys Bongio orno, that numb er is $675. And the there’s ere’s mor more. e. Sinc Sincee the area about ccourtyard ourtyard ar ea holds ab out 50 to 75 people, Bongiorno stages numerous p eople, Bo ongiorno st ages numer ous between artt op openings, eevents vents b etween w ar enings, blockbuster hoedown including a blo ckbuster ho edown set Saturday, to erupt on n Satur daay, JJuly uly 6. Cutler, Sam Cut tler, former former o tour manager Rolling ffor or the R o o ollling Stones and the Grateful byy to ttalk Dead,, will stop s b alk about about his book, You Can’t Always 2010 b ook k, Y oou C an’t a Alw waays Get What You Want: Life With Rolling Stones, Y oou W ant: a My M Lif fe W ith i the R oolling St tooness, Grateful Wonderful the Grat teefull Dead and Other W onder o rful f Reprobates. United States R eeprroobattes e . Cutler is in the U nited St ates many ffor or the firstt time in man o ny yyears, ears e , and any the stories will w undoubtedly please an ny rrock ock & rroll olll fan. Cutler,, o Cutler of ccourse, ourse, is the dude most demonized American often demo onized in the Americ an 1969 media ffor o or the t 19 69 fiasco fiasco at the Altamont wheree the Stones Alt amont ffestival, eestival,, wher played their legendaryy free pla ayed e thei ir legendar free cconcert oncert that audiencee rresulted esulted in the death of an audienc member memb er att the hands of a Hells Angel. have only parts book, I ha ave on nly rread eead par ts of the b ook, does present but Cutler do es pr reesent his side of the sordid details. sor did det a . In one ccase, ails ase, he rrelates elates a Garcia soon cconversation on nversatio e on with JJerry erry Gar cia so on afterward; Garcia after war a d; Gar G cia told him that none Garcia knew of the Hellss Angels Gar cia kne w in San Francis Francisco sco wer weree in involved nvolv o ved e with the violenc violence. e. In Instead, nstead,, those rresponsible eesponsible wer were re outsider ru rural ural rub rubes es with no cconnection o onnection to the Ba Bay ay Ar A Area, ea, who ccame ea, ame just to b beat eat the cra crap ap out of the hippies the they ey despised. They Th heey ccame ame fr from om San JJose, ose, San Bernar Bernardino dino o and Fr Fresno, esno, Garcia Garcia told him. Ther Theree yyou o ha ou have ave it. Eclectic ar artwork, twork, w soap soap,, inc incense, en nse, ccoffee, off ffeee, tea,, b booze, ooze, rust rustyy sto stoves, ves, clow clown wn paintings paintings,, aging rrock ock legends an and nd a gr great eat piano that that’s ’s eeven ven in tune tune.. In Inspired nspired b byy it all,, I ffound o ound m myself yself pla playing ayying Stones tunes without eeven ven tr trying. yingg.



SSAM AM CCUTLER UT LE R SStudio-Bongiorno tudio-Bongiorno

7:30pm 500 Lincoln Lincoln SSt., t., Santa Clar Claraa


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If you have uncontrolled asthma, you may qualify for a clinical trial evaluating an investigational medicine. Local doctors are currently conducting a clinical trial to evaluate an investigational asthma medicine in people with uncontrolled asthma, despite taking medication. To qualify for this clinical trial, you must: t Be between 18 to 75 years of age t Have a medical diagnosis of asthma t Have used an inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) for at least 3 months prior to the trial, and be on a stable ICS dose for at least 30 days prior to the trial t Meet other criteria Trial-required visits, tests, and study medicines may be provided to participants. In addition, reimbursement for travel may be provided.

For more information about this trial, please contact: Allergy & Asthma Associates of Santa Clara Valley Research Center 4050 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 6, San Jose 408.553.0709




) 247

(4 AIR

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Street View Wellington W ellington W Welch elch e is one o of the many homeless who o congregate in San Jose Jose’s ’s St. Ja James ames P Park. ark.

A first-ha first-hand and account of o surviving in i San Jose Jose’s ’s hardscrabble h e homelesss camps BBYY RIC RICHARD CHARD X | PHO PHOTOGRAPHS TOG O RAPHS B BY Y CCHIP HIP SCHEUER S SCHEUE R


RECENT AUTOPSY AUT U OPSY rreport eport on a homeless man found dead on Cottle Road near Highw ay 85 revealed revealled that Highway he was was stabbed repeatedly rep peatedly before being set on n fire. His killers w killers,, two men, were also homeless homeless.. A ccouple ouple weeks later later, r, a man who lived on the str lived streets eets of downtown d San JJose ose went to the to top op of a garage

and thr threw ew himself off of it. These ar aree do documented cumented ccases. ases. The Sant Santaa Clara C C County ounty homeless scene scene teems teem ms with horrific horrific,, often unreported unreported d violenc violencee and crime of all sorts. sorts. The mixtur m mixturee of insanit insanity, y, drug addiction, rrecently ecently rreleased eleased violent and se sexual xual off offenders, ffeenders, and a general freedom freedom to o act in an any ny w way ay a p person erson pleases makes mak kes all but the most heinous incidents inccidents in invisible visible to the local local p population. opullation. I know, know w, b because ecause I ha have ave liv lived ed it.

The Descent Descent My desc descent ent into homelessness w was aas as at tyypiccaal as it w aas ccommon. ommon. I had a gr atypical was great eat job,, nic job nicee ccar, ar, b beautiful eautiful wif wife—in fe—in ge general, eneral, I was waas li living i the h A American Americ i an Dr Dream. eam m. But I shar sharee a characteristic ccommon omm mon among the homeless: a desir desiree to liv llive ve ccompletely ompletely b byy my my own rules rules.. This more more or less sociopathic sociopathic desiree has laid w desir waste aste to the lives lives of those ar around ound me me,, and driv driven en m mee further fur ther and fur further ther into the hom homeless meless

culture. My path is not culture. n the only one one,, but it do doesn’t esn’t rreally eally mat matter ttter how yyou ou get down and out. Onc O Oncee yyou’re ou’re out, yyou’re ou’re in ffor o or some bad b times times.. I was was placed placed on paid p lea leave ave six yyears ears ago fr om m -school from myy job as a grade grade-school teacher in San JJose. ose. My b ehaavior v behavior had b ecome erratic due to hea avvy become heavy subst ance abuse h eeven ven driv en substance abuse.. I had driven aaway way even even the ccolleagues olleagues that lik ed liked to get down with me m as me,, and I w was also in the pr ocess of o sc aring off m process scaring myy


15 JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr

LLife fe fe Liiif ife On the the he On EEdge Ed ddgggee Wellington W ellington W Welch elch e is one o of the many homeless who o congregate in San Jose Jose’s ’s St. Ja James ames P Park. ark.

A first-ha first-hand nd account of o surviving in n the hardscr hardscrabble rabble home homeless less camps off San Jose BBYY RRICHARD ICH ARD X | PH PHOTOGRAPHS OTO GRAPHS B BY Y CCHIP HIP SSCHEUER CHEU ER


RECENT AUTOPSY AUT U OPSY report on a homeless man found dead on Cottle Road d near Highw ay 85 revealed revealed that Highway he was was stabbed repeatedly repeatedly before being set on on fire. His killers w killers,, two men, were also homeless homeless.. A ccouple ouple weeks later later, r, a man who lived on the str lived streets eets of downtown d San JJose ose went to the to top op of a garage

and thr threw ew himself off of it. These ar aree do documented cumented ccases. ases. The Sant Santaa Clara C C County ounty homeless scene scene teems teem ms with horrific horrific,, often unreported unreported d violenc violencee and crime of all sorts. sorts. The mixtur m mixturee of insanit insanity, y, drug addiction, rrecently ecently rreleased eleased violent and se sexual xual off offenders, ffeenders, and a general freedom freedom to o act in an any ny w way ay a p person erson pleases makes mak kes all but the most heinous incidents inccidents in invisible visible to the local local p population. opullation. I know, know w, b because ecause I ha have ave liv lived ed it.

Drugged Out My desc descent ent into homelessness w was aas as at tyypiccaal as it w aas ccommon. ommon. I had a gr atypical was great eat job,, nic job nicee ccar, ar, b beautiful eautiful wif wife—in fe—in ge general, eneral, I was waas li living i the h A American Americ i an Dr Dream. eam m. But I shar sharee a characteristic ccommon omm mon among the homeless: a desir desiree to liv llive ve ccompletely ompletely b byy my my own rules rules.. This more more or less sociopathic sociopathic desiree has laid w desir waste aste to the lives lives of those ar around ound me me,, and driv driven en m mee further fur ther and fur further ther into the hom homeless meless

culture. My path is not culture. n the only one one,, but it do doesn’t esn’t rreally eally mat matter ttter how yyou ou get down and out. Onc O Oncee yyou’re ou’re out, yyou’re ou’re in ffor o or some bad b times times.. I was was placed placed on paid p lea leave ave six yyears ears ago fr om m -school from myy job as a grade grade-school teacher in San JJose. ose. My b ehaavior v behavior had b ecome erratic due to hea avvy become heavy subst ance abuse h eeven ven driv en substance abuse.. I had driven aaway way even even the ccolleagues olleagues that lik ed liked to get down with me m as me,, and I w was also in the pr ocess of o sc aring off m process scaring myy

17 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013





Gimme Shelter Sheltter The shelters in San JJose osse ar aree ccomplex omplex places. plac es. The Theyy ffollow o ollow thee general rule that some of the emplo employees, oyees, due to

JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr

family and friends friends.. This is an essential ccomponent omponent of becoming b ecoming truly homel homeless. less. Y You ou need o drivee aaway potential to driv way all p oten ntial rresources. esources. No N o mor moree spar sparee b bedrooms edrooms o to crash. No moree ffolks N o mor o olks willing to loan yyou ou money. mone y. It is this isolati isolation ion fr from om eeverything verything other than yyour our ffellow eellow sociopaths, so ciopaths, that allowss the homeless scene become out sc ene to b ecome so ou ut of ccontrol. ontrol. Theree is disappoint. Th Ther i no one tto di disa appoint. i t was asked leave myy When I w as ask ed to o lea ave m job,, there was plenty moneyy job there w as still plen nty of mone bee had. That That’s started to b ’s when n I st arted Eventually, doing lots of ccocaine. ocaine. Ev E entuallyy, I supplemented that habit h with whatever speed whate ver ttype ype of sp eed d I ccould ould was soon lost find, and I w as so on lo ost in a toxic mix of amphet amphetamine mine and am methamphetamine. methamphet amine. street, On the str eet, yyou ou are arre always alwayys money, detoxing, running i out off mone y, detoxing d i , then h scoring trying OD.. But sc oring and tr ying not to OD time,, I had a ste steady at that time eady flow of whatever wanted. lost whate veer I w anted. I lo ost thousands street sold to str eet dealers who so old me bags sugar,, but sp spent of salt or sugar e tens of ent moree on thee rreal thousands mor eal stuff. stuff ff. Off ccourse, was untenable,, and O ourse, this w as untenable u stopped myy as I stopp ed eating and d sleeping m behavior became moree and mor moree b ehaavvior b ecame mor unacceptable myy wi wife, good unac ceptable to m iffe, a go od person, that didn’t p erson, so trusting i tha hat she h didn did ’ ’t any was know an ny of what w ass going on. degenerated When I finally degen nerated into maniac,, yyelling a paranoid maniac ellling and arguing ar guing ffor o or no rreason, eason, cleaning and organizing or ganizing at all hourss and generally bizarre, acting ccompletely ompletely biza arre, she did smartt thing: she le left the smar eft with the orders. kids and got rrestraining estrainin ng or ders. Divorce Div orce quickly ffollowed, o ollo owed, and I set ab about out sab sabotaging otaging what w was as oncee a rrelatively onc elatively lar large ge amount of money. mone y. Sp Speed eed and alc alcohol o ohol ar aree not an original ccombination, ombination, but the theyy wer weree myy go m go-to -to choice. choice. My mone m moneyy and job opportunities opp ortunities ran out ar around ound the time of m myy sec second ond DU DUI, UI, but with this loss ccame ame a gr greater eaterr sense of freedom, fr eedom,, alb albeit eit at a se severe vere ccost ost to qualityy of lif qualit life. fe. N Not ot longg after I hit the str streets eets of San JJose—the ose—the — parks parks,, the shelters shelters,, the rrehabs, ehabss, the soup kitchens,, the riv kitchens river. er.

Nicole Jack Jackson kson finds temporary shelter in i the homeless encampment near the 880 freeway known as a Jurassic P Park. ark.

exasp peratio on with their clientele and exasperation ower o ver the p owerless, a sense of p power over powerless, become dis srespectful and abusiv e. become disrespectful abusive. (The client ele, of ccourse, ourse, ccan an giv (The clientele, givee it right back.)) insstitutions drastic ally These institutions drastically seervices on April 1, as cut back services warm weather weatther arriv es, and the warm arrives, theyy ar aree invariably lous llousyy in dealing with invariably people who o ar people aree drunk and high. ncommon to see p eople It is not un uncommon people e a y fal a lingg do down drunk. du Been ee literally falling-down there m yseelff. there myself. There ar ehabs, plac es There aree also the rrehabs, places like the Salvation Sallvation Arm y’s six-month like Army’s e esidential pr ogram. Some working rresidential program. insstitutions ar esting of these institutions aree inter interesting end on the fr ee lab or in that the theyy dep depend free labor tiicipants in or der to fund of the par participants order

the or organization. gganization. Thus Thus,, yyou ou ha have ave people p eople desp desperate erate to kick their habits h or please their par parole ole agents agents,, yyet e et fforced o orced to ac accept cept what is essentia essentially ally indentured indentur ed ser servitude. vitude. What’s What ’s most imp important ortant to cconsider onsider is that the shelters and rrehabs ehabs are arre largely lar gely unimportant unimportant in the overall overrall scheme of homelessness in this ccounty. ounty. A According ccording to the 2011 Sa Santa anta Clara C County ounty Homeless C Census ensus and Survey, Sur Su vey, 77,045 ,,045 p people eoplee wer eop were e e ccounted ountted ou ed homeless in this ccounty ountty over over a somewhat some what laughable ttwo-day wo -daay p period e d erio in 2011. About About 73 p percent ercent of the these ese people p eople rreported eported b being eing ccompletely ompleteely unsheltered, unshelter ed, with the rrest est in pr provided ovided housing,, crashing on a friend’s housing friend’s couch couch and so on.

Setting Set ting aside the ob obvious vious conclusion that the conclusion these se numb numbers ers woefully wo efully underst understate atee the numb number er of people p eople actually on the t str street—after eet—after all,, it is their liv livelihood eliho ood to esc escape ape as much notic noticee as p possible—that osssible—that still gives giv es us 5,16 5,169 9 chr chronically on nically homeless individuals.. individuals What ar aree these 5, 5,000-plus ,000-plus p people eople doing da day ay to da day, ay, ni night ight to night night?? Many Man ny ar aree just tr trying yingg to get b by. y. Others O thers ar aree ccommitting ommitting t eevery very kind of crime imaginablee against one another while at attempting tttem mpting to p police olice themselves. themselv es. Homeless p people eople stick up civilians at A ATMs T TMs or break break in into nto vac vacant ant homes


18 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013



PHOTO: Jeff Shanes

San Jose Jose’s ’s homeless often set up substantial mak makeshift keshift campgrounds campgrounds..

rrecycle ecy your


1959 WEST SAN CARLOS 408.292.6100 1008 BLOS BLOSSOM HILL RD 408.269.1000 buy / sell / trade trade / consign

to smok smokee crack, but th this his sor sortt of behavior b ehaavvior cries out ffor o or a rresponse esponse from fr om the civilized wor world. rld. Most of the homeless. crime i is i h homeless l on h homeless l . From Fr om the st stabbing/burning abbingg / burning eexample xample mentioned ab aabove, ove, we already alr eady know how p people eople with nothing to lose ccan an fforfeit o feeit their or humanity, humanit y, but that is just j what makes news. Name mak es the ne ws. Nam me the crime: rape, torture, kidnapping, theft, rap e, tor ture, kid dnapping, stalking, murder. These st alking, mur der. Thes se crimes aree happ happening ar ening right now n in our population. homeless p opulation. spoke I sp oke with a man who showed burns.. me his chest, ccovered overed in burns been down byy thr three He had b een held dow wn b ee other homeless men and a burned pipe. rrepeatedly epeatedly with a rred-hot ed--hot crack pip e. givee an anyy motiv motivee ffor He ccould ould not giv or o actions,, but an anyone their actions yone o who knows people doesn’t p eople that deep into crack do esn’t need an eexplanation. xplanation. All so social cial cconsiderations onsiderattions melt into madness with cra crack, ack, her heroin, oin, meth and ccocaine—combined ocaine— combined o with whatever whate ver madness w was a ther as theree to begin b egin with. After fiv fivee or six da days ays y of steady use without ffood ood or sleep sleep,, people p eople b become ecome somet something thing else else,, something subhuman subhuman. n. Even Ev en those who stil still ll ha have ave mone money, y, ccars, ars, clothes and a hou house use b become ecome this

way. But the way. th he homeless homeless,, thr through ough the anonymity lifestyle, have anon nyymity of their lif feestyle, ha ave the opportunity opp ortuniity to go b beyond eyond an anyy so social cial Silicon Valley norm that h t the h aaverage verage Silic Sili on V alle all y rresident esident ccan a imagine an imagine.. Besides theft,, some fform orm o of rapee is thee most ccommon rap ommon horr horror or I encountered. Hard enc ounterred. Har d drugs turn just about ab out an anyone yone into a se sexual xual de deviant, viant, vulnerable and vulner rable women, either high their desperate out of thei ir minds or desp erate to become so, aree eas easyy ttargets. b ecome so o, ar argets. I ccan’t an’t number rapee stories I ccount ount the numb er of rap have heard. oncee sp spoke ha ave hear d I onc d. oke with ttwo wo byy the Guadalup Guadalupee Riv River women b er that was way life, said it w as a cconstant onstant w ay of lif fe, theyy had been many that the h b een violated so man ny theyy had lost ccount. times the ount. Unconscious, U nconsccious, cconscious, onscious, with degree allowance, some degr ree of allow ance, often unrealized, promises substances unr ealized d, pr omises of subst ances shelter,, ccompletely byy fforce, or shelter ompletely b orce, one o man,, fiv fivee or o six—the stories ar aree all too to o common. comm mon. Str Street eet wisdom sa says ays y that a wom woman man needs to get with a strong str ong ma man n and stick with him. This ccan an bring its i own set of pr problems, oblems, given giv en the men m to cho choose ose fr from. om. But thes these se pr problems oblems ar aren’t en’t just limited to women,, though this segment off the homeless p population opulation gets the wo worst orst of it b byy far far.. Men get violated ass well. A shor shortt time ago a


CCold old Realitie Realities es Circumstances mak Circumstances makee ra rape, ape, as well as most other crimes crimes,, mo more ore rampant. Remember R eemember the ccold old sn snap nap back in late Dec December, ember, earlyy JJanuary? anuary? Temperatures T emp e eratures got as lo llow ow as 31 degrees degr ees at night. This cr ccreates eates chaos in the homeless ccommunity. omm munitty. An Anyy aavailable vvailable b beds eds fill up up,, and a plac places es lik likee the riv river er and St. JJames amess P Park ark b become ecome desperate desp erate dwellings dwellings.. Keep K eep in mind that w walking alking fr from om yyour our ccar ar to the sup supermarket erm market in 31-degree 31degree temps is one thing thing.. But the longer yyou ou ar aree outside outside,, the lower yyour our ccore ore temp temperature erature dr drops, ops, and it is difficult to describ describee what w it is lik likee hour after hour hour,, shiv shivering erring so har hard d that yyou ou lo look ok lik likee yyou ou might as well bee ha b having avving a seizur seizure. e. This is when p people eople ar aree the most vulnerable,, par vulnerable particularly ticularlyy if the theyy start st art the night loaded and slowly lose their high and gett ccolder older and ccolder. older. P People desperate perate and ar aree eople get desp givee or get an willing to giv aanything nyything to placee inside som someone’s find a plac meone’s tent or bag.. A Att this st stage, people sleeping bag age, p eople get raped rrolled, olled,, rap ed or killed. particularly Things get par ticulaarly intense new when the first to the fifth fi of a ne w around. people month rrolls olls ar ound. Most M p eople moneyy ar around get their aid mone o ound this time,, and eeven sanest time ven the san nest among us General Assistance ccould ould get $150 in Gene eral A ssistance (GA)) fr from (GA om the ccounty. ounty. Those with significant signific ant ment mental al illne illness ess or ph physical hyysical disabilityy get ar disabilit around ound $ $900. 900. Ev Everyone eryone gets $20 $200 0 in ffood ood st stamps am mps on an EBT manyy p people, ccard, ard, and man eoplee, if not most, stamps 2-for-1 sell the ffood ood st amps 2fo or-1 in ccash. ash. period becomes This p eriod of the month m b ecomes especially crazyy and da dangerous, esp ecially craz angerous, aforementioned as the af fo orementioned d cconflicts onflicts increase Even incr ease eexponentially. xponentiallyy. Ev en shelters

take on thee app earance of some kind take appearance dru ug par ty during this time of wild drug party time.. walk through th hrough the EHC shelter A walk in south San Saan JJose, ose, ccommonly ommonly known as Little Orchard, present Little Or rchard, will pr esent a miniparadee of p people kites.. eople high as kites The ccourtyard easyy ourtyar y d outside is an eas place score, start place to sc o e, and the st or art of the month seess a kind of farmer’ farmer’ss mark market et of pills and hard sale.. This d har d drugs ffor o or sale is true around Cityy i just j t as tru t ue in i and d ar ound d Cit Team bee true Teeam Ministries. Miniistries. It would b of the Emmanuel House,, a shelter Emm manuel House byy the Salvation Arm Army, run b y, but St. James Park street, James P ark k is just up the str eet,, and anything anyone wants there. anything an nyone w ants is ther e. hom meless get their ccash, ash,, make mak ke The homeless ores and then,, mor their initiall sc scores moree completely o verdo it. often than not,, completely overdo throes of to o much first -off--theIn the throes too first-of-theug cconsumption, onsumption,, the mone month dru drug moneyy starts to flo fl ow mor ffreely, eely ly, mor starts flow moree fr moree people get ripp rripped ed off ff,, mor eople people off, moree p people an nd mor people ar robbed. pass out and moree people aree robbed. en nd of the week,, many man ny By the end people are are completely completely broke, broke, people regardless of o how much mone ey the regardless money theyy received. Whether W it’s $150 or $10,000, $10,000, received. it’s o get blown in a haz zy way. way. it is going to hazy There are are mellow m p eople that just There people ttheree are are violent criminals lose it,, and ther where each h stor oke has its where storyy of going br broke i e trail il off senseless l violenc i l e own unique violence crazzy circumstance. ciircumstance. Everyone Everyone and crazy feeds e everyo one feeds off of each other other,, and everyone witth nothing ends up with nothing.. One wou uld think par ole offic ers would parole officers cial work w ers would ccontrol ontrol and so social workers etter. But these p eople know this b better. people ts and the str eets. It isn ’t their client clients streets. isn’t even a wink-and-a-nod wink k--and-a-nod situation. even They have haave client lists ox gets They lists.. A b box checked. Cl lients ar ose. checked. Clients aree then let lo loose.

Cheapp Drugs There ar There aree go good ood p people eople on the str streets, eets, but it it’s ’s har hard d to rremain emain so ffor o or long long. g. Even Evven e if yyou ou don’t o don n’’t ha have ave subst substance-abuse ance-abuse issues issues,, drugs ar aree vvery e y cheap er cheap,, and yyou o ou don don’t n’’t feel feel e ccold old or lone lonely ely after yyou o ou inhale crack or meth,, or sho shoot oot some her heroin, oin,, or tilt a vvodka odk ka bottle bottttle until it’s it’s empty. emptty. If you you do on’t ha ave a habit,, yyou’ll o ou’ll don’t have lik ely pick one o up ou fur ther likely up,, driving yyou further down the sp spiral piral and incr increasing easing the chances chanc es tha that at yyou’ll ou’ll b become ecome a victim of a crime crime.. C Common om mmon practic practicee is to w wait aait until someo someone one is ccompletely ompletely scr screwed ewed up and then n rroll oll them,, administering


Someone you know needs a check-up. we’re here for you.

Visit for more information and to request* your appointment. *Online appointment requests are available for select health center locations

We ar e cur r ently seeking adult volunteer s for a voluntar y AS T HMA r esear ch study testiing an investigational medication for AS T HMA!!! Is your Asthma uncontrolled with your current medicaƟon? If yes, please consider pĂƌƟcipaƟng in a clinical trial teƐƟŶg an inveƐƟŐĂƟŽŶal medicĂƟŽŶ for Asthma. Study medicĂƟŽŶ & study visits are provided at no cost. CompenƐĂƟon for expenses and travel is available.

4050 Moorparkk Avenue, v Suite 6, San Jose 40 08.553.0709

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man sit sitting ttting next next to mee said, “Y “Yeah, Yeeah, dopee mak makes es me sexsmoking dop m fucking se xcrazyy man. I eeven craz ven rap raped ed d a dude once. once.” Not just happened Isolated? N ot rreally. eallyy. I ju ust happ ened to ccasually asually o overhear verhear e this thiis one one.. The eexpectations xpectations of normal ffolks o olks do not apply in this wo world. orld. An Anything ything goes, omanticcized idea of go es, and the rromanticized hobos sitting around hob os sit ting ar ound making m some stew, around ste w, passing ar ound a jug of cheer and d hopping h i a fr ffreight eight i ht train t i ffor or the o th next bee fur further ne xt adventure adventure ccould ould not n b ther from hard, fr om rreality. ealitty. This is a ccold, old, har d, predatory subculture. violent and pr edatory sub culture. metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


Steps St eps ttoo a Solu Solution ution


VERY TW VERY TWO WO YEA YEARS, RS S, Santa Clara Clar a County Cou unty does a Homeless H omeless Census and Survey. The most m recent Survey. was was January January 2013, 2 but the y av ailable. data are not yet available. Hom meless Census The 2009 Homeless co ounted 7,067 and Survey counted homeless people, peo ople, with only , 9 individuals individu uals occupying py g 1,898 emergency shelters, sh helters, domestic sheltters and violence shelters transitional housing. h Families transitional Families ercent of the made up 12 p percent homeless population 2011 homeless accounte ed for 1 percent and accounted tered homeless of the unshel unsheltered an nd 41 percent of population, and the sheltered population. S JJose San ose had h d 33,698 ,6 698 individuals i di id l and 336 family in individuals ndividuals ffor or o a total tot al 4,034 home homeless eless individuals individuals,, with 3,057 home homeless eless individuals unsheltered. unshelter ed. Thee most ccommon ommon ccause ause of homeles homelessness ssness b byy rrespondents espondents was 277 percent, w aas job loss at 2 percent,, while 20 percent p ercent cited alc alcohol o ohol or drug use as a primaryy ccause primar ause off their homelessness homelessness.. Homelessnesss is a ccommunity ommunity problem San Santaa pr oblem that Sa an JJose, ose, and Sant Clara C County ounty go government overnment and nonprofits nonpr ofits ccannot ann not or should not bee expected byy themselv themselves. b expected to solv ssolvee b es. Wee are W are all aff affected ffeected b byy the homeless problem pr oblem either dir d directly ectly or indir indirectly, ectlyy, with incr increases eases in go government oveernment costs costs

needed d d to rreduce educ d e and d tr treat eat the h homele ess p opulation. Silic on V aalleey homeless population. Silicon Valley is know wn ffor o or inno ovvativve solutions known innovative solutions.. Heree ar Her are re a ffew ew ideas that ccan an start start a ccommunity ommu unitty cconversation on nveersation to de veelop develop and app apply ply inno innovation ovvation to rreducing educing homele essness. homelessness. 1) Most Most appr oaches to dealing approaches with th he homeless in nvolve tr ying the involve trying to mo ve them out of illegal move encampments enc am mpments wher wheree the theyy ar aree living rather r than pr oviding providing “urban n ccamping” amping” ar eas that ha ave areas have toilets,, sanit toilets sanitation, ation, dumpsters dumpsters,, ac cess to t so cial and medic al access social medical ser vices e , and impr oved individual services, improved saf fet e y wher w eople ccan an liv safety wheree p people livee temp o orarily until the temporarily theyy ar aree able to find ho housing. ousing. Valley San JJose, ose, the V aalley Water District and San Santa nta Clara C County ountty spend spend million ns each yyear eear mo oving v the millions moving homele ess out of illegal enc ampments homeless encampments over over only to o do it o veer and o veer again, month h after month. Est ablishing Establishing multiple multip le urban ccamping amping ar areas eas throughout best thr ougghout the ccounty ountty is the b est interim m solution,, if done right, and is b etttter than current current illegal better enc camp a pments. This has b een done encampments. been both b oth su successfully uccessfully and unsuccessfully unsuccessfully in othe er cities est practic es other cities,, so the b best practices will ill ha have h ave to t b bee used d and d mo modified difi d as dified bee suc successful. needed d to b cessful. 2) Ther re is a gr eat need ffor or o There great small,, low-cost, l lowcost,, effective eff ffeectivve first-step firstt-step transitional transiti ional housing units with ser vicess. The Sacramento Saf fe services. Safe


Re-entry parolees, newly 3) R e- entry par olees, ne ewly rreleased eleased Megan’s sexual eex-offenders x-off ffeenders and Megan n’s list se xual offenders—based California off ffeenders—based on a C aliffornia o Department Corrections Depar tment of C orrecttions study areas—have of major urban ar eas— —haave as high percent homeless rates.. as 30 to 50 p ercent hom meless rates Homelessness is ccommon ommo on among parolees sincee the theyy ha have little par olees sinc ave lit tle or income, criminal no inc ome, and their cr riminal makee it difficultt to obt obtain rrecords ecords mak ain (especially h i ((esp housing ecially i ll in i an a eexpensive xpensiv i e market). Research housing mark et). R eeseaarch shows maintain that individuals who maint m ain supportive ccontact ontact with supp ortive family or have stable housing friends ha ave st able hou sing and employment theyy rreturn emplo yment when the eturn to their ccommunity. ommunity. 4)) Man Many livee 4 ny homeless ccannot ann not liv shelters,, transitional in homeless shelters traansitional housing, sincee housing or assisted hous sing, sinc behavior their b ehaavvior violates drug d g and alcohol their mental alc ohol abuse rules or th heir ment al others.. They aree illness disturbs others T y ar The futuree often eevicted victed and denied d futur theyy liv livee in ccars, RVs housing so the ars, RV Vs and outdoors, crime,, outdo ors, subjecting them theem to crime medical problems. medic al issues and otherr pr oblems. needs Our ccommunity ommunity nee eds to develop permanent de velop transitional orr p ermanent solutions,, sinc sincee 34 p percent housing solutions ercent have of the homeless ha ave drug d and alcohol problems percent alc ohol pr oblems and 19 1 p ercent have mental-health issues, ha ave ment al-health issu ues, based 2009 survey. better on a 20 09 sur vey. This is b etttter having bee than ha avving them ccontinue onttinue to b homeless,, which is a sig significant homeless gnificant problem been pr oblem that has not b een successfully addressed. suc cessfully addr essed. have better If yyou o ou ha ave b etttter ccommunity om mmunitty solutions to rreduce educe homelessness hom melessness aree legal,, rreasonable that ar easonablee and ccostostteffective, eff ffeectivve, please offer off ffeer them. theem.

EED D RA RAST ST United Neighb United Neighborhood’s orhood’’s member—2005 memb err— —2005 Sant Santaa Cl Clara lara County C oountt y T Task ask a F Force or o ce ttoo Endd Homelessness

whatever bl whatever blows lows ar aree needed until there’s moree rresistance. ther e’s no mor m esistance. The p people ple ccompletely ompletely fr free eop ee of substances bee so insane subst ances tend to b that the theyy si simply imply don don’t ’t need drugs drugs.. They’re known J-cats, The y’re kno own as Jcats, after the Category C ategory J classific classification ation of the C aliffo ornia P enal C ode. Bec ause California Penal Code. Because the y’re lik e rreceiving ely eceiving disabilit y, they’re likely disability, the y’re also o ttaken aken advant age of most. they’re advantage The cit cityy of San JJose ose rrecently ecently stated goal st ated a goa al of ending homelessness byy 2020. B b But ut lik likee an anyy addict, the cityy and Sa Santa County cit anta Clara C ounty ccan’t an’t ttake ake the fir first rst step in addr addressing essing problem properly the pr oblem m without pr operly acknowledging acknowled ging just how out of become. ccontrol ontrol thee situation has b ecome. Heinrich h Böll wr wrote ote that when most p eople br eaak a hear t,, the people break heart, theyy do so lik likee a plate dr opp ping and snapping cleanly dropping i ttwo. in wo w . But B t when h Böll br b ok ke th the plate l t , broke plate, he wr ote, h wrote, hee put it in a burlap sack and p oundeed it with a hammer until pounded it w aas dust. That ’s wher was That’s wheree we ar aree in Sant ountty. Everything Everything is so Santaa Claraa C County. hop elessly disassembled, d , with such hopelessly ridiculous h f--hearted attempts attttempts to ridiculous,, half half-hearted solv roblem,, that it is difficult to solvee the pr problem, know wher re to b egin. where begin. F irst,, the ere is an issue of First, there abandonm ent at eevery very le vel. Those abandonment level. rreleased eleased l d ffr o prison om i need d to b more from bee more closely mon nitored. At At least 1/10 of monitored. the 5,0 00-p plus p eople on the str eets 5,000-plus people streets ar offo oun ndly ment ally ill and need aree pr profoundly mentally to b omm mitted into lo ckdown bee ccommitted lockdown facilities here their ccare are and facilities,, wh where medic ation n ccan an be be monitor ed. P olice medication monitored. Police pr esence needs neeeds to b increased and presence bee increased ccounty ounty dru ug tr eatment ccenters enters need drug treatment to b en pr esence. bee mor moree than a tok token presence. ers often lament Decision mak makers the pr oblem m of homelessness b effo ore problem before turning a blind b eeye—because ye—because it ’s it’s easier to ign nore all but the most ignore heinous o ccurr c ences. A esult,, daily occurrences. Ass a rresult, crimes on the t str eets or in the cr eeks streets creeks ar ontain ned rather than addr essed. aree ccontained addressed. Ther eal homeless pr oblem Theree is no rreal problem in Los Los Gato os, Sarato ga, Monte Gatos, Saratoga, Ser eno or similar s plac es. These Sereno places. neighb orin ng towns shift the bur den neighboring burden into cconcentrated oncen ntrated p ockets of our pockets ccounty, ounty, such succh as downtown San JJose. ose. In or der to t change something order something,, the first thing to o do is truly obser ve the observe pr oblem. U nfo nf ortunatelyy, the ccounty ountty has problem. Unfortunately, yyet eet to admitt it ’s hit rrock ock b ottttom. it’s bottom. The author’ author’s ’s name has bbeen een changed protection. ffor oor his pr ottection. e

21 JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr

Ground nonprofit Ground nonprofit is par partnering rtnering with ccommunity ommunitty gr groups oups lik likee L Loaves oaaves & Fishes, F ishes, Sacramento Hou Housing using Allianc Alliancee and Habit Habitat at ffor o or Human Humanity nitty to create create wheree unsheltered rregional egional solutions wher unsheltered homeless adults sign ccovenants ovenants e to bee alc alcohol-, violence-free, b ohol-,, drug- and vi iolence-free, occupy small and o ccupy individual sm mall sleeping dignity. ccabins abins ffor o or privacy and di ignitty. Each have ccabin abin will ha ave solar power pow wer and will adults. house one or ttwo w wo adults s.

19 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


Great G reat F Food ood t SSpecialty ppecialtyy Coffee t F Free ree e W WiFi iiFi C raft B eer t Local Ar ussic Craft Beer Artt & M Music

JJune une E Entertainment ntertain nment C Calendar: alendar:

Foam Call

LOOK AT THE BIRDIE Blackbird Tavern includes a restaurant, scene continues its ascent bar and HE liveBETTER-BEER music. in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins LENDING A CASUAL menu of California freshness and will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American New Orleans zing against a backdrop of live music, comfort food crated by executive chef and Bay Area Blackbird Tavern is ready to bring a new concept to native Colby Reade. San Jose for what a local restaurant and tavern can be for and South Bay native Ted Kim is a beer enthusiast; he tells me the Owner community.


Blackbird Takes Flight

that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and gardens, As a San Jose native, during owner his Chris Esparza is already familiar with the which he experienced travels throughout Europe’s premier sounds and tastes of the city, where he Dimalanta, has been previously involved in beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Steins features a 300several restaurants, including Naglee Park Garage. He also serves as a seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot San Jose arts commissioner. With Blackbird Tavern, Esparza is excited to offer outdoor patio. a new spot forhis San Jose, where he hopes tosays havethat a local gathering Ted, with contagious positive energy, he can’t wait place for good food,tomusic casual hangout.custom-made walk-in cooler” for folks checkand out athe “in-your-face, Esparza describes theGuests menucan as gaze beingatsimilar to that of neighborhood next to the main bar. the unique direct-draw draft eateries or a typical bistro, but with influences of the fresh ingredients of system—the tap handles are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft California, French bistro classics and flavors from the American South. lines and helping to keep the beer at the highest quality and freshness “We really wanted to play with wider net, with both classic new levels. Having 30 draft beers is aamanageable number fora staff, Tedand says: approach to dishes,” Esparza says of Blackbird’s menu, “while “I want them to know exactly what we’re serving. I want to be avoiding able to some are just and you neededucation to [visit us.]” givethat genuine beereverywhere recommendations, sowouldn't ongoing beer will be Clams with chorizo and wine sauce, curried short rib over house fries important.” and The smoked salada are just a small sample of the dishes Esparza is foodtrout will have local, farm-to-table emphasis according to excited for. The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner, as well as brunch chef Reade, and everything will be made in-house, including breads onand thepretzels. weekend. Additionally, there will be outside patiowill seating Because of the generous kitchen space, there also along Paseo de San Antonio. be in-house charcuterie, butchery and pickling programs. “We want The bar food at Blackbird will California artisan spirits,beer’s such as to make as fresh as theshowcase beer is,” says Reade, who embraces products from Alameda’s St. George Spirits and Hangar 1. Beer available versatility in food pairing. on tap will be a mix of Belgian and German brews and American craft seSome examples from the tidy menu of 25 items include pork belly lections. Blackbird will also have a wine tap system, featuring wines from local vineyards. A special attraction at Blackbird Tavern will be live music featured on weekend nights. Esparza says he hopes to establish a spot where food, drink and music lovers can enjoy themselves late into the evening. Whether it be New Orleans jazz, alternative rock or mariachi, Esparza says guests can expect to have drink and food specials that are directly connected to the featured music that evening. At the end of the day, Esparza hopes that Blackbird Tavern will be much more than a bar and restaurant. “We want to be the epicenter for the creative folks who want to see their downtown reach the urban potential that it could be … that is just as important to us as the music, food and drinks.” —Jeff Cianci

BLACKBIRD TAVERN, 200 S. First St., San Jose. Opens June 28.

All Events Free All Ages unless otherwise noted. nooted.

Every E ver e y Sunday Sunday | 6pm Speak Jazz Sppeak Easy Eaasy featuring featuring The Eulipions Eulipions u Jazz a Jam Jam a Wednesday Weednesdayy June Jun ne 26 | 8pm Marone Maarroone DJ Sets Seets Thursday June June 27 | 8pm Jason Jason a Bellenkes Bellenkes Band Baand Friday Frriday June June 28 | 8pm Matthew Maatthew Joseph Joseph o p Payne, Pay A Yawn Yaawn Worth Woorthh Yelling, Yeelling, Containher Containhher & the Star St Star People People e e Saturday Saturday June June 29 2 | 7pm Benny Benny Green Greeen Trio Trriio | $22 Advance Advance $255 Door Door Battle Baattle Hooch, Hoooch, Andy Andy n Barnes Baarnes Experience Exxperiencce 10:30pm Free Free Wednesday Weednesday July Julyy 3 | 8pm Autumn Politoski (of Animal Autumn Pie, Piie, Matthew Matthew a Politoski o Animal Flag Wargo Flag l from from NY), Jackson Jackson a Wargo a Friday Frriday July July 5 | 8pm 8 Geonrales, Geonr e rales, a John John o Henry Heenrry Spencer Sppencer (Maxwell (M Maxw a well of Ugly Ugly g Winner) Wiinner) Saturday Saturday July July 6 | 8pm Damien Damien Carter Caarter Tuesday July Tuesday u July 9 | 8pm The New New e Trust, Trust, You You o Are Are Plural, Plur l ral, a Hard Har ard Girls Gir irlsl Wednesday Weednesday July Jully 10 | 8pm Marone Maarroone DJ SSets eets SoF SoFA FA District | Downtown San Jose Joose Across the street from fr the California Theater Thheater (408)280-6161 | 374 South First Street

JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr

XXXXXX xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

Aron Cooperman


23 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


11  JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr

%-,/'47"!-#-#"-# % %-,/'47 %%-, , ,/ ,/ /''447 / /'4 47" " "! "! !-#- -# -##- #- #"-# #"# #" # "" "-# -# # -30!(4"-#*+4"$/71*3*0-3DC7-/3# -3 -30! -3 0! 0 !( 4" "- #* "#*+4"$/71 +4" +4 4 $/ /7 7 1* 1*3* *3*0*3 0-3 0-3 0-3 -3 DC7-/3 -3 DC DC C77-/ /3# /3# /3

restaurant & lounge

414 BLOSSOM HILL 4 ˆd?CEd>>AdACFC  ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ       d ? ?C ?CEd>>AdA CE C Ed>> Ed d>> d> >A > AddA dAC CF C CFC FC FC

!-!d/)-*+4d -'0-37

! - ! d / /)- *+4 d -'0-37

    >>E=  ˆ  > >>E= >> >E > E= E =  =          ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ     d?CEd>FAd@CFF              d ?C ? ?CEd CEd CE Ed>F d>FAd@CFF d> >F >F FA A Add@C d@ @C CF FF F

%-/3'30-3,"!-#-,* %%-/3 -/ /3'3 /3 '3 '3 30-3," 30 0-3, 0-3, -3 3," "! " "! !-#-,* -# ##-,* , ,* * metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013



Winging It


LOVE short and simple menus, especially when everything offered XXXXXX xxx xxx isxxxx worth ordering. xxxxxxx xxxxx It’s particularly nice when a restaurant offers a sampler plate that features a little bit of everything on HE BETTERthe menu. I went BEER scene to the Asian-fusion continues chicken restaurant SAMPLE PLEASURES Wing Box’s its ascent in for sampler includes every flavor of chicken Wing Box and, on the menu. the South Bay $22.80, ordered the with Steins Beer wing box sampler, Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set which included two pieces of every flavor of chicken on to menu, open March 28. There willand be wine andveggies. cocktails, the four scoops of rice pickled The but items the primary focus will be sampler on high-quality beers. only not included in the box were the three Steins will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern seemingly random side dishes: garlic noodles, fries and American comfort sweet-potato fries. food crated by executive chef and Bay Area native Colby Reade.

Foam Call


Wing Box doesn’t actually serve wings, at least not in Super Bowl Owner and South native Kim is a beer enthusiast;and he tells me finger-food sense. TheBay place sellsTed fried chicken: drumsticks full-sized that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beerEveryone halls and gardens, wings, with five different flavors, all of them Asian. at Wing Box, which he experienced duringthe hiscounter, travels throughout Europe’s both in front of and behind were in their early premier 20s. There beer cities. Designed Marc Dimalanta, Steins features 300are a couple tables to by eatarchitect at, but mostly people were ordering toago. Even seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot my order was packaged to go, and no word was every mentioned on the outdoor patio. I did order enough food for four people, so maybe “to subject. Granted, Ted,awith contagiouson positive energy, says that he can’t wait go” was safehis assumption their part. for to check out the “in-your-face, walk-in cooler” Thefolks chicken, regardless of flavor, wascustom-made very succulent. It was greasy, but next the main bar. Guests gaze at direct-draw draftthose not in to a KFC or Popeye’s way,can though it the wasunique actually messier than system—the tap handles are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft chains due to the sticky sauces that covered the wings. Each piece of chickand helping to keep the at the and freshness enlines came with a complexity of beer flavors nothighest found quality in traditional American levels. Havingwhich 30 draft beers is aexperience manageable number for staff, Tedstomach, says: fried chicken, made the one that pleased the “I want them to know tongue and brain alike. exactly what we’re serving. I want to be able to give genuine beerflavor. recommendations, ongoing beerVietnamese education will I enjoyed every Even my leastsofavorite—the fishbe important.still ” quite good. The Korean red sticky wings, the only version sauce—was The food will have a local, farm-to-table emphasis according advertised as spicy, wasn’t quite as spicy as its flaming-red colorto might signal. The Thai chili basil wings, which were actually hotter than the red sticky wings, exploded with spicy, savory and sweet flavors and were topped with chili, peanuts and basil chips. The Singaporean style was perhaps even more complex; it consisted of sweet soy, ginger, sesame and garlic. My personal favorite, however, was the caramelized Tamarind, the only one not specifically associated with any country. It burst with tangy sweetness in the best way possible. Each flavor can be ordered as a four-piece meal with rice and pickled veggies for $9.80. One final pleasant surprise was the beverage offerings. If you look past the soft-drink dispenser, Wings has far superior sparkling fruit drinks. The choices are Meyer lemon, guava, lychee and candied kumquat. For $3.50, they are a little bit steep, but they are still really good. —Aaron Carnes

WING BOX 1715 Lundy Ave., Suite 162, San Jose; 408.437.6225


3139 Mis Mission ssion College Blvd. Santa Cl lara, CA Clara, (408)-98 86-9800 (408)-986-9800

Westt Lake Lake Center 137 N. Santa Cruz A Ave. ve. 314 West Daly City, City y, CA CA L Los os Gatos Gatos,, CA (650)-75 8-4577 (650)-758-4577 (408)-395-1784 365 California A ve. Ave. P Palo alo Alto Alto,, CA CA (650)-324-2111

Pruneya rd Shopping Center Pruneyard 1875 S. Bascom B A Ave. ve. Campbe ell, CA Campbell, (408)-559-3885 (408)-55 59-3885 thetando

Hear Our Story

JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr

150 S First S Stt #107 San Jose Jose,, CA CA (408)-292-7222

metroactive m metr troacctive ttive

CHOICES CHOI CES B BY: Y: Aaron Carnes Michael S S.. Gant Amulya Datla

Tasi Albastro metr oactive com | sanjo ose com | metr osiliconvalley coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013




City Lights The Theater ater Company Wed W ed – 7:30pm; $12/$14

..:Instant :Instant Gr Gratification:. ratifica a ation:. isn isn’t ’t just a great indie-rock it’s gr eat indie-r ock rrecord, ecord, it ’s Curious Curious Quail’s concept album a that tells a loosely stitched tale t of a man and a woman who fin find nd themselves in some sort of afterlife/limbo. afteerlife/limbo.. As As they tryy to figure figur g e out just just how theyy died, they learn specifics specifi fics of how they knew each other when they were were still among the living. living. City Lights Lights Theater Company asked Curious Curious Quail to present pr esent the album m in its entirety, entiretyy, accompanied by projected projected Polaroid Polaroid images and lyricss to better focus focus on the story side of the album (as

urious Quail opposed to ju just ust having CCurious which rrock ock out, whic ch they do quite well). They will playy their EEP P The Glow in its entirety opener.. (A (AC) entir ety as ann opener C)

A MINI MINISTER’S ISTER TER’SS WIFE San Jose Repertory Repertory Theater Opens W Wed, ed, 7:30pm; runs through thr ough Jul 14;; $29-$74 $29-$74 TTurning uurning G.B.. Shaw S plays into musicals out—witness has a way of working w the transmutation transmutaation of Pygmalion into My Fair LLady adyy. Shaw’s Shaw’s 1894 comedy CCandida aandida gets the same tr treatment eatment in the musical A Minister Minister’s ’ss Wif Wife fe, which gets its West West Coast premiere premiere from from San JJose ose Repe ertory Theatr e. The story Repertory Theatre. poses some critical c questions about lateVictorian n marital strictur es. The late-Victorian strictures. wifee is mar married clergyman titular wif ried to a cler gyman but wooed byy a dashing young poet from who has ffollowed ollow wed CCandida andida fr om LLondon ondon to thee suburbs in hopes

which is that particularly funk funky, y, soul-drenched soul-drenched subgenr subgenree of house music— —and he does it well. YYou’ll ou’ll music—and feel feel th those ose beats fforcing orcing your hips to cut loose, even when he goes into hi hiss str stranger anger material, like his remix of Johnny Johnny Cash’s Cash’s cover dance remix of Nine Ninee Inch N Nails’ ails’ “Hurt.”” San JJose ose Bass Club’s C ’s Ben Davidson will be Club openin ng things up with some mor opening moree underground undergr g ound electronic electronic music. (AC) (AC)

Daf Daft ft Punk) mentioned Velcro Velcro in an New ew YYork oork TTimes imes i interview inte erview with The N as a young gr group oup he liked a lot, onee that inspir inspired ed him. He rightly pointed poi nted out that their music was rreminiscent em miniscent of the ’90s house sound (although they tweak it in surreal (al t though surreal They’ree part andd psychedelic ways). They’r of a bigger ’90s-thr ’90s-throwback owback wave going underground goi ng on right now in under ground electronic before elec ctronic music. CCatch atch them bef ore they (AC) the ey blow up. (A C)



Los Gatoss Bar & Grill Los 10pm; free before Thu – 10p pm; fr ee bef ore 10pm/$5 5 after

Liquid d Restaur Restaurant, ant, San Jose free before Thu – 9:30pm; fr ee bef ore 11pm/$5 11pm/ /$5 after

EEvery very ffourth ourrth Thursday of the month, LLos os Gatoss Bar & Grill brings a night of unique dance music, ffood ood and drinkss to what what’s drink w ’s called Block Party. Party. month, aree ffeaturing DJJ This mont th, they ar eaturing D LLukas ukas Fel Felt, t who arrives t, arrives from from San Francisco Paulo, Fr ancisco by way of São P aulo, Brazil. Br azil. He specializes in deep house,

electronic Velcro LL.A. .A. ele ectronic duo V elcro may not be tita titans ns in the electr electronic onic music scene just j yet, but they got a pretty pr etty major shoutout earlier this year.. Famous producer year Faamous house pr oducer TTodd odd o EEdwards dwards (known ffor or his influence on the U U.K. .K. gar garage age scene and ffor or his fr frequent eqquent collabor collaborations ations with


of prying her h loose fr from om what considers bourgeois he conside ers a kind of bour geois bondage—and bondage— —and fforcing orcing her to make a choice between between rrespectability espectability and (MSG) passion. (M MSG)

*thu t

MATTHEW M AT TTHEW JO OSEPH PAYNE PAYNE Y JOSEPH Caffe S Cafe Stritch, tritch, San Jose Fri – 8pm; free free By now, now w, the chiptune scene has

oncerts * cconcerts





JJun un 29 at 8pm, Dinkelspiel Auditorium


CLAIRDEE AIRDEE WI WITH ITH K KEN EN PE PEPLOWSKI PLOWSKI Junn 30 at 7:3 7:30pm, 30pm, Campbell Campbell Recital Hall, Stanford Stanford


BEYONCÉ BE YONCÉ JJul ul 2 at HP P Pavilion avilion

AJA AJ A VU JJul ul 5 at Los Los Gatos Br Brewing ewing Co.

NEW N EW KIDS KIDS ON THE BLOCK BLOCK JJul u 7 and 12, HP Pavilion ul Pavilion

SMASH SM ASH MOUTH Jul ul 11 at 6:30 6:30pm, 0pm, Mountain Winery

WHIZ K KHALIFA, H FA, A HALI A$AP $AP R ROCKY OCKY JJul ul 17 at 6pm, Shoreline Shoreline

MUSIC IN THE P PARK A ARK WIth h Ozomatl Ozomatli,i, JJul ul 19, 5:30–9pm, SSt. t. Park, JJames ames P ark, San JJose ose

FFOUNTAIN OUNTAIN A BL BLUES UES FE FESTIVAL STIVA AL Withh JJohn ohn May Mayall, yall, JJul ul 20, noon–8pm, Park, SSt. t JJames t. ames P ark, San JJose ose

DAVID D AVID B BYRNE/ST. YRNE/ST. VINCENT crossbred with so many othe crossbred other er genres characteristic genr es that the only char actteristic bands shar sharee is that their mu music usic has old video-game bloops and beeps in it. Otherwise, Otherwise, anything goes. gooes. As As a Payne, solo artist, Matthew Joseph Joseph p P ayne, y fformerly ormerly of Glowing SStars, tars, ha has as been genree on the fforefront orefront of making the t genr weird. plucking weir d. He started out by pluc cking his sounds distorted banjo to chip soun nds at shows and has expanded too include cellists horn players, violinists, cellis sts and flutists—making his music a sort Americana, of chamber-pop, Americana a, noisechip amalgam. The ffact act thatt he and jumpsuits his band wear all-white jum mpsuits with scr scrambled ambled video-gamee images projected their pr ojected on them makes th heir act moree sur surreal. that much mor real. (AC) (AC) C

FREE THE ROBOTS R OBOTS Pagoda, San Jose Pagoda, Fri – 9pm; $5/$8

garnered LL.A.’s .A.’s “beat scene” scene” has ga arnered global attention as the eepicenter picenter of electronic Att experimental electr onic music. m A the heart of it is the weekly weekly Low Low End End Airliner, Theory night at the Airlin ner, where where DJs producers D Js and ppr oducers congregate congr gregate g and do their best to out-do each e other with innovative beats. Ins Instrumental strumental producer Free hip-hop pr oducer Fr ee the thhe Robots Alfaro) (Chris Alf aro) has been ppart art of this now.. His scene ffor or a while now Hiis music is cr crazy, azyy, mind-mel mind-melting, ting, jazz-infused, jazzz-infused, psychedelic hip-hop. He puts so mashes many nuances and mash hes up so beats many styles into his beat ts that his epeat liste listens, songs beg ffor or rrepeat ens, even without any vocal accompaniment. accom mpaniment. (AC) (A C)

CCLYDE LYDE Y CCARSON ARSON S Agenda LLounge, ounge, San Jo Jose ose Fri – 8pm; $20-$25 In celebr celebration ation of YYoung oung Gunnz’s mixed-martial-arts (San Jose’s Jose’s mixed-mart tial-arts

fighter) 21st birthday birthday, y, Oakland rapper Clyde CCarson arson leads a local rapper star-studded show at a the Agenda, ni, TTurf urf u Feinz with Sage the Gemin Gemini, and mor more. first e. CCarson arson fir st started as ontman of hyp yphyy rrap app ggr oupp the fr frontman hyphy group the Team venturing Team e before before ven turing into a oject. Right af fter his state solo pr project. after tour with Big K.R.I.T K.R.I.T. T. and Smoke arson officiallyy stated that DZA, CCarson he would collabor collaborate atee with Snoop Lion and Master P ffor o his next or Lion album, Playboyy. Although Although he’s he’s moving up in his car career, eer, CCarson arson still finds small wayss to tie his songs back to his rroots. Unknown ooots. U nknown to many, many, Carson’s Carson’s lat latest test single, “Slow Slow Down” Down” came fr ffrom om an almost unknown EEP P he rreleased eleaased with the Team, source Team, e even hinting at a the sour ce with their appear appearance ancce in the music video. Many of the st stars tars at this show ar aree also basedd in the Bay Area. Area. (AD)

*su sun un

EELECTRONIC LECTRONIC O MUSIC FESTIVAL FEESTIVAL Los Gatos LLodge, Los odgee, LLos os Gatos Sun – 1pm;; fr free ee

The South Bay EElectronic lecctronic Music Fest thirdd year year.. Ther Theree ar aree just is back ffor or its thir so many rreasons easons yo you ou should go:: ItIt’s ’s free day—that’s fr ee and lasts all da ay—that’s nonstop electr onic music fr o 1pm until om electronic from Theree will be a full bar bar,r, a pool 11:30pm. Ther to swim in,, bocce ball, b horseshoes and a photo booth. For music,, ther theree ar aree two stages wher wheree aartists—who ar aree local—will performing, primarily local—w will be perf orming, including D .B.E.,, Haptic DJJ Spun, EE.B.E., SSynapses, ynapses, y LLethal, ethal,, SSmizzle, mizzle, Sideburn ry Slim,, Dr ops Househ hold,, D Drops Household, DJJ Miico,, Har Harry Who?,, Robbie Durh Durham, Who? ham,, Dru-Deep, JJymmi ymmi JJames ames and RogCon. R . (A C) (AC)

JJul ul 20 2 at Mountain Winery

AMY AM Y GRANT GRANT JJul ul 23 at 7:30pm, San Jose Jose Civic

BRUNO BR UNO MAR MARSS JJul ul 25 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion Pavilion

BOB BO BD DYLAN, YLAN, WIL WILCO CO Aug 4 at Shoreline Shoreline


BLACK BLA CK SSABBATH ABBATH T Aug 26 at Shor Shoreline eline

EEARTH, ARTH, WIND & FIRE Sep 8 at 7:30pm, 7 San Jose Jose Civic.

ROCK R OCK THE BELLS BELLS Sep 14–15, Shor Shoreline eline

For musi music ic updates and contest giveawayys, like us on Facebook giveaways, at

JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr

JJun un 28 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013

10 30 310

d`e[Yf[pjg`i`k d` `e[Yf f[pjg g`i`k Focus Focus Learn L earn H How ow T To oM Meditate editate And Why! Enjoy lif Enjoy life! e! CCalm alm thee mind. Improve Improve rrelationships. elationships. decisions. Make better decisi ons.. Meditation and Buddhist Sherman. View with Reed Sh herman.. Everyone is welcome.. No previous experience necessary. evious experienc pr ce necessary y. $10 per class.. Every 7:30-9, Thursdayy evening, g, 7:309,, Unitarian Universalist 15980 Blossom Hill Rd.. LLos Fellowship of Los Los Gatos, G os Gatos,, 95032.. Call Call Kelsang Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for for information inf ormation or visitt us at www

Massage By y Michael Great massage by Asian Great Asian man. $70. In $50.. Outcall $70 0.. By CMT. CMTT. For days 408-400-9088 408-400--9088 or after 7pm 408-893-1966. 408-893 -1966.

TToo advertise in this section section call 408.200.1308. 408.200.1308.

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR 9T TO O5

Theatre, Theatr e, San Jose.



“Faith Embodied: Embodied: Saints From Fr om the Renaissance to the EEnlightenment.” nlightenment.” A show of 17. prints. Ends Ends Nov 17 7. “Manet Graphic and the Gr aphic Arts in France, 1860-1880.” Fr ance, 18601880.” EEnds nds 17. Nov 17 7. “Hauntings: American Photographs, 1845-1970.” Photogr aphs, 18451970.” “Moree Than Fifteen EEnds nds Jul 77.. “Mor Warhol Minutes: Andy W arhol and Celebrity.” WedCelebrity y.” EEnds nds Jun 30. 30 W ed edSun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am8pm. SStanford. tanford.

The Dolly P Parton arton musical presented West Valley pr esented by W est V alley Light Oper Opera. a. Runs Jun 2929-Jul Jul 77.. Opens Sat, 8pm. Also this week: Sun, 2:30pm. $18-$33 $18-$33.. Saratoga Sar atoga Civic Theater Theater..

A tune-filled rreboot eboot of the anti-marijuana cul cultt film of the 1930s, fr from om San Jose SStage. tage. Wed-Thu, W ed--TThu, 7:30pm, Fri-Sat, $17.50-$50. 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $17 7.50-$50. . The SStage, tage, San Jose.



A musical based on Geor George ge Bernardd Shaw’s Bernar Shaw ’s “Candida” “Candida” about a mar married ried woman in a love triangle; pr esented by SSJJ presented Rep. Runs thru Jul 14. Wed, Wed, 7:30pm (plus 2pm Jul 3), ThuThuuSat, 8pm (no show Jul 4), Sa Sat, t, 3 and 8pm, Sun 2 and/or 7p 7pm. m. $29-$74. $29-$7 74. San Jose Repertoryy Theatre. Theatr e.

A comedy by TTracy racy Letts about a P Polish-American olish-American draft dr aft rresister esister and an AfricanAmerican man who wants to be a writer writer.. Runs Jun 2828-Jul Jul 14. Pr Preview eview Thu, 8pm. Opens Fri, 8pm. Also this week: Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $15-$30. P Pear ear Avenue Theatre, A venue Theatr e, Mountain View.. View



A ffast-paced ast-paced ast paced ffarce arce about a bachelor’s bachelor ’s attempts to keep his thr ee mistr esses at bay; three mistresses from fr om P Palo alo Al Alto to Players. Runs thru Jun 30. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. $16-$29. LLucie ucie SStern tern Theater Theater,, P Palo alo Al Alto. to.

CALIFORNIA T CALIFORNIA THEATRE HEAT TRE CCENTER ENTER Three plays in rrepertory. Three epertoryy. Thiss week: “The Women,” Women,” Thu-Sa Thu-Sat, t, 7:30pm. $10-$26. Sunnyvalee Theater.. Theater

CCITY ITY LLIGHTS IGHTS A Red and Black Birthday Bla Blast ast to celebr celebrate ate 30 years. Sat, 6:30pm. $130 and up (may be sold out). Fourth SStreet treet Summit Center Center,, San Jose.

FFIDDLER IDDLER ON T THE HE R ROOF OOF Presented by South Valley Presented Valley Civic Ciivic Theatre. Theatr e. Runs thru Jun 29. FriFriSat, 8pm. $15-$22. Mor gan Hill H Morgan Community Playhouse.

FIVE D FIVE DEADLY EADLY IMPROVISORS IM PROVISORS A new impr improv ov ensemble performs Sat, perf orms kung fu movies. Sa at, 11pm. $10. Dr Dragon agon Theatr Theatre, e, Redwood City City..

THEE GR TH GRAND AND D DUKE UKE A Gilbert & Sullivan oper operetta etta from fr om LLyric yric Theatr Theatre. e. Runs thruu Jun 30. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $11-$37. $11-$377. Montgomery Theater,, San Jose. Theater Jose

THEE LITT TH LITTLE LE D DOG OG LLAUGHED AUGHED A comedy about a movie star who won’t won’t stay in the closet; presented presented by Northsid Northside de Theatree Company Company. Theatr y. Runs thru u Jul 14. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 3p 3pm pm (no show Jul 4). Northside

TheatreWorks delivers the TheatreWorks W est Coast pr emiere of West premiere Colman Domingo’s Domingo’s comedy about a most unusual rroad oad trip. Runs thru Jun 30. W ed, Wed, 7:30pm, Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat 2 and/or 8pm, Sun, 2 and/or or 7pm. $31-$51. Mtn View Ctr ffor the P erforming Arts. Performing

WONDERLAND! W ONDERLAND! A fun-filled ffamily-friendly amily-friendly adaptation of “Through “Through the LLooking ooking Glass,” pr presented esented by TTabard aabard Theatr Theatree Conser Conservatory. vatory. Thu, 7pm, Fri, 11am and 7pm, Sat, 2 and 7pm, Sun, 11am and 7pm.$10-$30. Theatr Theatree on San P edro Squar e, San Jose. Pedro Square,

*concerts *c oncerts KIDCHELLA K IDCHELLA A new series of kids kids’’ concerts begins with Alison Faith Levy’s Big TTime ime TTot oot Rock. Sun, 11am1pm Fr 1pm. Free. ee Courthouse Squar ee. Square, e e, Redwood City. City.

REDWOOD R EDWOOD SSYMPHONY YMPHONY The symphony perf performs orms classical ffavorites avorites with guest violinist SStephen tephen W aarts ffor or Waarts an outdoor music series. W Wed, ed, 6-7:30pm. 7 Fr ee. Courthouse 6-7:30pm. Free. Square, Squar e, Redwood City City..

*art MUSEUMS MU S EU MS A RT M ART MUSEUM USEUM OF LLOS OS GATOS GA ATOS “Picturing Place: Photogr Photographs aphs by Gr Gregory egory Schaff Schaffer er and Mike Williams.” EEnds nds Sep 8. W WededSun, 11am-5pm. LLos os Gatos.


CHILDREN’S D CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY ISCOVERY MUSEUM MUSEU M “Curious George.” “Curious George.” Also interactive inter active exhibits. Closed Mondays. San Jose.

DOUGH NUTS Psycho Donuts’ Ron Levi competed for $10,000 on a Food Network Canada show.

DE SSAISSET AISSET M MUSEUM USEUM “Seeking Answers: Photographs Photographs by W Wynn ynn Bullock.” “Face: Face: P ortraits by V alentin Portraits Valentin Popov.” P opov.” “Henrietta Shor Shore: e: Understanding U nderstanding Natur Nature.” e.” All three thr ee end Jun 30. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-4pm. Santa Clar Clara. a.

EUPHRAT EUP HRAT M MUSEUM USEUM Call ffor Call or inf info. o. MonMon-Thu, -TThu, 10am-3pm. 10am3pm. De Anza College, CCupertino. upertino.

HISTORY H ISTORY P PARK ARK SSAN AN JJOSE OSE “Bear in Mind: The SStory tory of the CCalifornia alifornia Grizzly Grizzly.” y..” A show of historical materials rrelated elated to the ursine symbol of the state. Ongoing. McK McKay ay Gallery Gallery.. History P Park ark San Jose.

MUSEUM OF AMERICAN MUSEUM AMERICAN H ERITAGE HERITAGE “From Fiber to Fabric: A “From History of American TTextile eextile Pr oduction.” EEnds nds Aug 18. FriProduction.” Sun, 11am-4pm. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE M MUSEUM USEUM OF A ART RT ““Annie A i LLeibovit Annie Leibovitz: ib itz: Pilgrimage.” Pil i ” Images of personal eff effects ects of ffamous amous people. EEnds nds Sep 3. “Questions Fr From om the Sk Sky: y: New W ork by Hung Liu.” EEnds nds Sep Work 29. “S “Swans, wans, SSwine wine and Sir Sirens.” ens.” Greek Artists influenced by Gr eek mythology.. EEnds mythology nds Dec 1. “New SStories tories From From the Edge Edge of Asia: Asia: This/That.” EEnds nds Sep 15. TTueueu Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE M MUSEUM USEUM OF Q UILTS & TEXTILES TEXTILES QUILTS “Milestones: TTextiles eextiles of TTransition” ransition” and “Thr eads of “Threads LLove: ove: Baby CCarriers arriers Fr From om China ’s Minority Nationalities.” China’s EEnds nds Jul 21. W Wed-Sun, ed-Sun, 10am5pm. San Jose.


Psycho Kills It WHEN PSYCHO DONUTS head chef Ron Levi and his assistant Joe Cloutier were tapped to compete in TV show Donut Showdown, the bakery’s Bay Area following had no clue. The six episodes aired in April on Food Network Canada. “It was this huge accomplishment that our local fans and customers had no knowledge of,” says Psycho owner Jordan Zweigoron. “When the show was first created, there was a very good prospect for the show to get licensed to air in the U.S., but we never knew if this would happen, or when.” Psycho Donuts Now, it’s happening. At 7pm on July 3, chefs Levi and is featured Cloutier duke it out in front of a national audience on on 'Donut the Cooking Channel in an episode titled “Fire and Ice.” Showdown' “The experience for us was surreal,” Zweigoron says. July 3, 7pm on After watching Levi’s (deliberately) cheesy audition the Cooking video, producers Architect Films asked the quirky Silicon Channel. Valley donut chain, which has stores in San Jose and Campbell, if they could fly Levi and his culinary sidekick up to Toronto last October to compete in the series. “Ron was wildly excited, but it was a lot of work preparing for the unknown of such an intense experience,” Zweigoron says. “His job at Psycho Donuts is pretty demanding also, so there wasn’t much time for Ron and Joe to practice together.” A lot of time and sugar-fueled energy go into creating unconventional donuts like the Foie Bomb (which recently riled up local vegans and animal rights groups) or the bacon-cheddar-flavored cricket-topped Chirp Derp, so Levi and Cloutier didn’t get to brainstorm before their whirlwind trip for the television showdown, where they faced limited ingredients, time restrictions, cutthroat competition and the constant watch of TV cameras. In the first round, Levi cooked up a batch of vanilla cake donuts with chocolate hazelnut icing, candied walnuts and fruit-flavored popping candy. In round two, competitors were asked to make six dozen raised donuts in three improvised categories. Levi nailed it, whipping up a Mayan hot chocolate s’mores donut with a caramel halo, a salted caramel chipotle apple fritter with hot cinnamon crackle and a margarita bullseye donut with tequila-chantilly cream filling, margarita icing and a salted key lime drizzle. Spoiler alert: Psycho Donuts beat 42 contestants from around the world, leaving the battle with the $10,000 grand prize. —Jennifer Wadsworth

311 3 JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr


Mor Moree listings:


ARTS TS metroactive metr oactivve AR

Moree listings: Mor



Dana Grover Grover metr | sanjo | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


TRITON TRIT ON M MUSEUM USEUM O OFF AR ART T “Patrick Surgalski.” “Patrick Surgalski.” Abstract Abstractt paintings. EEnds nds JJul ul 77.. TTue-Wed uue-Wed and Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu Thu, u, 11am9pm. Santa Clar a. 11am-9pm. Clara.

GALLERIES G A LLERIE S ANNO A NNO D DOMINI OMINI “W “Wes Wes Smoot and the 49ers. 49ers 49ers.”” The story of EE.O. .O. 49 told in illustrations, illustr ations, paintings and sculpture. sculptur e. San JJose. ose.

ART AR T AR ARK K GGALLERY ALLERY “The Facets of Our Aggr Aggregate egaate LLore.” ore.” A show about mythology.. San JJose. mythology ose.

B BRUNI RUNI GGALLERY ALLERY Jazz-related art by Bruni Jazz-related San Sablan. Mon-Sat, 1-6pm. Sa an JJose. ose.

CAFE CA FE SSTRITCH TRITCH “Momentum.” W Works orks by MaryAnne De CCarolis. arolis. San JJose. o ose.

COMMUNITY SSCHOOL COMMUNITY CHOOL OF OF MUSIC M USIC A AND ND AR ARTS TS “Gone to the Wild.” Prints bbyy KKathryn athryn KKain. ain. EEnds nds JJul ul 28. Mon-Fri, 9am9am-7pm, 7pm, Sat, 9am 9amm3pm. Mohr Gallery Gallery, y, Finn Cen Center, nter, View.. Mountain View

CCUKUI UKUI “Omeyotlan.” N New ew pieces byy Drew Flores. tattooist Dr ew Flor es. San JJose. ose.

DOWNTOWN D OWNTOWN Y YOGA OGA SH SHALA ALA “Stages.”” Photogr “Stages.” Photographs aphs fr from om m abroad home and abr oad by Selina G. YYoung ooung and Gary Singh (off “Metro”). “Metr o”). San JJose. ose.

EECO CO MO MONSTER NSTER “Little Fish in a Dirty Small “Little Pond.” P ond ” Gr ond. Graphic aphic arts by N Nak ak Boul. Sper Sperry ry SStation. tation. San JJose. ose.

EMPIRE EM PIRE SSEVEN EVEN SSTUDIOS TUDIOS “Mass Pr Produce oduce Original Thought!” W Works orks using ffound oun nd and artist-made objects by JJoe oe Miller.. EEnds Miller nds JJul ul 6. W Wed, ed, Fri-S Fri-Sat, Sat, noon-5pm. San JJose. ose.


BARK BA RK CODE CODE N Northside orthside Theatre Company presents ‘The Little Dog L aughed,’ a comedy Laughed,’ about a movie star who can can’t ’t seem to stay in the through closet; the show runs th rough July 14. Thomas Ar Arakawa. akawa. JJul ul 22-27. -277. Reception R eception JJul ul 12, 6-8pm. TTue-Wed, ueu Wed, d 11am-4pm, 11 4 Th S t Thu-Sat, 11am-3pm. 11am-8pm, Sun, 11am3pm. Palo Alto. P alo Al to.

Wed-Sun, W ed-Sun, 10am10am-3pm. 3pm.



Artwork by Sk Skylar ylar Gr Grove. ove. San JJose. ose.

“The Shape of Things: Sculptural Sculptur al and Functional Works.” W orks.” EEnds nds Jun Jun 29. Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, Way, 11am-5pm. Big Basin W ayy, Saratoga. Sar atoga.

“From the Earth “From Earth to the Spirits.” A show by photographer photographer and artist Alejandr Alejandraa CCano. ano. EEnds nds JJul ul 5. Mezcal Restaurant, Restaurant, San JJose. ose.

GGOOD OOD K KARMA ARMA CA CAFE FE “De-Docs.” Documentary photos by “Silicon Silicon Valley Valley DeBug”” magazine. San JJose. ose.

“Come Healing.” A new show by six artists about healing and wholeness. wholeness Ongoing. Ongoing Thu ThuSaratoga. Sun, 11am-3pm. 11am-3pm. Sar atoga.




“Fabulous Finds.” P Pots ots at low prices and tea-themed creations. cr eations. San JJose. ose.

“Sky IIss Falling: Paintings “Sky Paintings by Heffernan.” JJulie ulie Heff ernan.” EEnds nds Sep 1. Palo P alo Al Alto. to.


PHO69 PH O 69

“Vanitas.” A gr “Vanitas.” group oup show about transient naturee of lif life. the tr ansient natur e. San JJose. ose.

Works depicting illusion by Works Saraa TTomasello. Sar oomasello. San JJose. ose.


Works by Christine Benjamin. Works S JJose. San ose.

“Hairstyle Themed Gallery Gallery.” .” EEnds nds in Aug. San JJose. ose.

LLIQUID IQUID A AGENCY G E N CY “On the R Road: oad: Double Centenary.” Centenary .”” An installation by Sabine R Reckewell eckewell is part of a new series of tr traveling aveling shows from fr om SSJICA. JICA. LLiquid, iquid, 448 S. Market SSt, t, San JJose. ose.

“Hidden Beauty Beauty.” y..” A photogr aphy show with wo rks photography works fr om two dozen N orthern from Northern CCalifornia alifornia photogr aphers, pplus lus photographers, a display of vintage camer as cameras and handmade pinhole camer as by JJudith udith Hoff mann. cameras Hoffman. W oodside. Woodside.



“Climate Crisis: An Artistic Response.” R esponse.” W Works orks by eight gallery members. EEnds nds JJun un 30.

“Season.” Photos and cer ceramics am mics Narasimhan by Vidya N arasimhan and


“Pop to the R “Pop Rescue.” escue.”” A gr group oup show h ffeaturing eaturing t i artists ti t who h use LLatina atina pop-cul pop-culture ture themes and images. EEnds nds Aug 224. 4. San JJose. ose.



SAN JJOSE SAN OSE INSTITUTE INSTITUTE OF OF CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORARY AR ART T “NextNewCA.” W “NextNewCA.” Works orks by new talents. EEnds nds Sep 14. Andrews: Over,, Under “Mari Andr ews: Over Under and Inside Inside Out.” Sculptural Sculptural installations. EEnds nds Sep 77.. TTueueu Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San JJose. ose.

SSEEING EEING THINGS THINGS GALLERY GALLERY “Her “Here Here She Comes. Comes.”” P Comes Paintings aintings by Aar on Frisby y. Plus guest Aaron Frisby. ad Hayes above the artist Br Brad shop. Tue-Fri, Tue-Fri, u 11am7pm, Sat, 11am-7pm, noon-6pm. 30 N N.. Thir Thirdd SSt, t, San JJose. ose.

SSTUDIO TUDIO B BONGIORNO ONGIORNO “Stray.” W “Stray.” Works orks by Mary W Waclaw, aclaw w, EEric ric Shaff Shaffer, er, Harmony Beckett, metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


metroactive FILM

The Bright Side THE T HE S SKYPE’S K Y PE’S THE THE LIMIT LIMIT An American h hacker acker and a N Nepalese epalese woman bridge the cultural divide in L Lenni enni N Nelson’s elson’s documentary ry ‘L ‘Love ove H Hacking.’ acking.’

Some positive p news fo for or a change from m the film filmmakers mmakers at the e Windrider Windrider i Film m Forum F orum o m in Menlo-Atherton Menlo-Atherrton By RICHA RICHARD R D VON VON BUSACK BUSACK


N EMPHASIS E EMPH ASIS on megadeath meg gadeath in the summer sum mmer blockbusters suggests sug ggests that there might be a niche for some positive cou counterprogramming. unterprogramming. There’ There’ss a rraging a aging debate on Internet the Interne et about whether Superman should have broken his time-honored time-ho onored rule not lives, to take live ess, although the friendly fire e in the fight scenes Man in M an of Steel S must have killed 50,00 50,000 anyway. 0 people anyw ay. It’s It ’s all the rresult e esult of fan-b fan-boy oy tunnel vision: thinkin thinking ng of the ar artistic tistic eff effects ffeects of people buildings,, yyou p eople flying thr tthrough ough buildings ou o don’t don n’’t think th through hrough the natural w way ay

to o ensur ensuree that buildings get smashe smashed ed w while people people ar aree spar spared ed is b byy ha having aving v g a ccouple ouple of sc scenes enes of a cit city ty being being eevacuated. v vacuated. Running 27–29 Atherton R unning JJune u une 2 7 29 in A 7–29 ttherton n att the Menlo Menlo-Atherton -Attherton High Scho School o ol auditorium, au uditorium,, the W Windrider iindrider F Film ilm F Forum o orum Bay B ay Ar Area ea highlights an eever-improving veer-improving v se election of mor fe-affirming far e. selection moree lif life-affirming fare. Th he films ar essaarily The aree uplifting if not nec necessarily spiritual sp piritual (e (even veen if one of the dir directors ectorrs rrepresented, e esented,, Lauralee epr Lauralee Farr Farrer, er, sp spent ent three th hree yyears ears e in a Benedictine rretreat). etreat)). The unpr eviewed headliner is Ev van unpreviewed Evan JJackson a ackson Leong’s L eong’s do documentary cumentary Linsa Linsanity anitty ((June June 29,, 7pm),, about about the JJeremy erem my Lin L phenomena. ph henomena. L Leong eong w was aas ther theree at thee right ri ight plac placee at the right time to ffollow ollow o w a rreal-life eal-liffe Cinder Cinderella ella stor story. y. Lin,, the son son off T Taiwanese aaiw wanese a immigrants immigrants,, w was as a a st star arr ffor or o the th he P Palo alo Alto High Scho School ol bask basketball keetbaall team, Vikings, te eam,, the V iikings, who went on to Harvard. New York decided H Har vard. The N ew Y o ork Knicks deci ided

to give givve Lin a tr try, y, and the th he p point oint guard guard made sports historyy in 2013. How Lin’s sports histor Lin n’s family handled the ccelebrity—and eleebritty—and — how Lin handled the vicissitudes viicissitudes of his career—is already career—is the subject of o this alr eady celebrated celebrated do documentary. cumentarry. The shor short-films placee t--films program program gr ttakes ak kes e plac June View’s June 29 at 2:30pm. Mountain Mo ountain V iiew’s Hacker Hacker Dojo is one of the t set settings tttings for Hacking, Stanford student/ for o LLove ove Hacking g, St anffo ord student t/ Santa Santa Cruzan JJenni enni N Nelson’s e n’s short elson short documentary documentary on a cr crosscultural ossscultural courtship. courtship. Tim, Tim,, a Mormon Morm mon programmer, Skype-courts Nepalese pr ogrammer, Sk kyp y e-cou urts a N epalese lady named Sarit Saritaa whe when n not working on a small flying platform plattfo orrm rreverseeveerseengineered engineered from from a ccellphone. ellp phone. “In programming, programmingg, you you o have haave an entire entire world yyou ou o ccan an control, contr o ol,, but that’s that’s not the ccase aase in the rreal eal world,” Tim Tim tells the ccamera. amera. Meanwhile, Mean nwhile w , in N Nepal, epal, Sarita’s Sarita’s fatherless familyy pr prepares epares ffor or o the h unknown k (“Ma (“Maybe (“Mayyb be he h don d don’t ’ ha ’t h have ave legs?”” her mother worries). worrries). Nelson Nelson flies to the p poor oor A Asian sian nation natio on to see the results results in this ccompassionate ompassio onate but not sappy short. sapp py shor t. No No one is going to ccall a me all Nostradamus Nostradamus ffor o or pr predicting ediccting that Julian Julian Higgins is going to t b bee a name

filmmaker. filmmak keer. I was waas a little littttle ahead of the storyy in hiss shor shortt film because, stor because, rather despite of,f, the blunt title, than despit te of title, Thief energetic (not that I am an ener getic Michael Mann fan,, but there’s there’s a passel of Mannheads who o might ar gue that this title argue has b een ttaken). akeen). ak been Thief hass alr eady made its impact already on the stud dentt--film circuit circuit due to its student-film gr eat ambi ition,, the challenges Higgins great ambition, set up ffor o or himself h ye for fo or décor décor himself,f, his fine eeye and ccontrast ontraast (the smudge of a blo ody bloody thumbprin nt glowing on a milk b ottttle), thumbprint bottle), and the cr e ve use of Southern eativ creative C aliffo ornia lo llocales cales to st and in ffor o or Iraq California stand (the Salton n Sea ar ea,, ffor o or instance, instance, lo oks area, looks plausibly Mesop M otamian). Mesopotamian). It ’s often n har d to drum up menac It’s hard menacee in a student film, fi , and yyet eet Muneer Katchi is cconvincing on nvincin v ng as a highly danger ous dangerous visitor stop pping to str stopping strong-arm ong-arm some ffood ood fr om a solit ary goat farmer from solitary farmer.. Ultimately y, the essenc omise Ultimately, essencee of the pr promise that Higgin ns shows her isn n’’tt Higgins heree is that isn’t uiet,, intense moments afraid of qu quiet, moments.. Among the other shor shortt films is Hark fr om JJonathan onatthan F ung, professor proffeessor at Santa Santa from Fung, Clara U n nivveersitty and a self f-described University self-described “ab olitioniist.” A so cial-issues film ab out “abolitionist. social-issues about the ccontinuing ontinu uing pr oblem of human problem trafficking g, the drama is ccontrasted ontrasted trafficking, with the st truggle b ettw ween brothers. brothers. struggle between Sur ely A ustin is such a desirable Surely Austin plac ve that eeven veen the sanitation sanitation placee to liv live work keers must m b y? Andr ew workers bee happ happy? Andrew Garrison n’s full-leng ffull-length gtth ffeature eeature T rrash Garrison’s Trash Danc Jun ne 28,, 7pm) ffollows ollows the o Dancee ((June making of a p erformanc o e piec performance piecee st arring—P Pina Bausch–wise —an starring—Pina Bausch–wise—an ensemble of o nonpr os in the danc nonpros dancee business who w ar pros in the garbage aree pros business n ride-alongs, ride-alongs, chor eographer business.. In choreographer Allison Orrr learns as much ab out the about p people eople who o clean the cit city ty up as the theyy do ab out th he ar e—which we about the artt of danc dance—which eeventually veentually see p erfo ormed, one night ormed, performed, only y, at an abandoned airstrip only, airstrip.. Farr er’s ffeature, eeature, Not That F unny u ((June June Farrer’s Funny 2 7, 7pm),, iss a rromcom omcom st arring T on o ny 27, starring Tony Hale (of Ar rrrest e teed De veelopment) as a Arrested Development) serious sing gle man who decides to work single on his ccomedic om medic side side.. T ick keets are a e aavailable, ar vvailable, but Linsanit ty Tickets Linsanity (making itss lo cal debut) is eexpected xpected to local sell out.



Menlo-Atherton Menlo-Atherton High School Auditorium


metroactive metr oactivve FILM BERBERIAN BERBERIAN SOU SOUND ND STUDIO STUD DIO (NR; 92 min.) A hor (NR; horror ror ďŹ lm about abbout a hor horror ror ďŹ lm turning into rreal-life eaal-life horror; hor ror; dir directed ected by P Peter eter SStrickland. trickland. (Opens Fri at CCamera amer a a 3 in Sa San an Jose.) Jose.)

DIRTY D IRTY W WARS ARS (NR; 90 min.) JJournalist (NR; ournalist JJeremy eremy S hill’ beat Scahill’s b t is i the th ever-esc calating l ti ever-escalating war on ter ror. Our tr oops ar terror. troops aree coming home, but we’re we’re hiring pr oxyy armies proxy and playing dr drone-powered one-powered whacka-mole. Dirty W Wars aars is at its best b at analyzing the dark-siding off the war. TTake aake the 2010 Gar dez ni ight war. Gardez night raid in Af ghanistan that tookk out a raid Afghanistan policeman on our side and le left eft half family dead. The raid raid was w ďŹ rst of his family branded a TTaliban aaliban assassinat tion. branded assassination. revealed by Scahill Scahhill as Then it was revealed et strike force for o ce the work of a secr secret ointt Special within the military: the JJoint Operations Command ((JSOC). JSOC)). (Plays Operations at CCamera aamera 3 in San JJose.) ose.) (Rv (RvB) vB)

THE T HE H HEAT EA AT (R; 117 min.) An odd-couple police p comedy with Sandr Sandraa Bullockk and Melissa McC arthy. (Opens Fri.) McCarthy. Frri.)

PANDORA’S P ANDORA’S PR PROMISE OMISE (NR;; 86 min.) The essence of a (NR; journalist’s journalist ’s duty:: never use rhetoric rheetoric to lur whhere they luree people into situations where might be killed. killed The daffy post poster ter ffor or Robert Stone’s Stone’s documentary shows s a gleaming cube:: “What if thiss cube could power your entir entiree life?â€? life?â€?â€? (If you br eathed next to it,, your entir life isn’t isn’t breathed entiree life going to last all that long anyw anyway.) wayy.). Heree ar Her aree inter interviews views with ďŹ ve fformer ormer extolling anti-nuke activists now extoll ing power, the possibilities of nuclear pow wer, among them SStewart tewart Br Brand and of o the Whole EEarth aarth CCatalog aatalog. The argument arguument is that designs have impr improved ovedd since the lethal leak ttles of leakyy atomic tea ke kettles the 1950s (such as the happilyy closed San Onofr e);; smaller effective Onofre); smaller,, mor moree effective rreactors eactors ar aree purported as the futur futuree of ener gy in a world heading towar ttowardd energy climate change. KKennette ennette Benedict Bennedict of the Bulletin of A Atomic tomic Scientists Scienntists has alr already eady criticized the way Stone Stone and company have exchangedd fforms orms of naivetĂŠ:: from from ’60s idealism to fullthr oated pr aise of the most da angerous throated praise dangerous technology ther theree is. (Opens Fr Fri ri at Camera Caamera 3 in San Jose.) Jose.) (RvB)

WHITE H HOUSE OUSE D DOWN OWN (PG-13; 137 min.) Roland Emmerich (PG-13; Emm merich directs dir ects and JJamie amie Foxx and Ch Channing hanning TTatum aatum star in a thriller about an a attack on the White House. (Opens Fri.) F

WORLD W ORLD W WAR AR Z (PG-13; 116 min.) Br (PG-13; Brad ad Pitt pl plays ays Gerry Ger ry LLane, ane, a dr drop-out, op-out, a rrebel, ebbel, a fformer ormer hellhole-inspector ffor o the or

United Nations. United Nations. After dow downtown wntown Philadelphia explodes an and nd turns into a zombie volcano, LLane a and his ane ffamily amily escape this urban holocaust Newark, and drive right into N ewaark, strictly to get the kind of asthmaa inhaler New sold all over the state of N ew JJersey. ersey. South LLater, ater, LLane ane is sent to Sou uth KKorea orea Israel, pickss up and then to Isr ael, where where he pick Israeli Defense Force a shell-shocked Isr aeli De efense For ce companion named Segen n (Daniella effects, KKertesz). ertesz). With its busy ef fects, ďŹ ght scenes and antlike swarms s of zombies, W World oorld W War aar Z isn isn’t n’t about anything but our stalwar stalwartness tness in the fface ace of zombie attack. Me Mentions entions of EEarth’s arth’s degr aded ecology y, the hor rors degraded ecology, horrors weirdly dly Cric Crichtonesque of war or the weir chtonesque monologues about the wanton w killing power of natur naturee ar are re ludicr ludicrous ous in the fface ace of this str street-maniac’s eet--maniac ’s story. story y. Killing the metapho metaphor, or, it may also kill off the genr genree ffor or a ffew ew years. (RvB)

THE T HE GA GAY AY D DIVORCEE/TOP IVORCEEE/TOP H HAT AT (1934/1935) You Yoou don’t don’t have to be gay to love it. Fred Fred Astaire Astaire and Ginger Rogers star in an excellent introduction intr oduction to the voodoo vooodoo that they Aboardd ann ocean liner liner,, did so well. Aboar Fred Ginger Fr ed is mistaken by G inger ffor or a professional divorce pr ofessional divor ce ““co-respondent� co-respondent� (see Evelyn Evelyn Waugh’s Waugh’s A Handful of Dustt ffor or a detailed description of that occupation). LLater ater come the immortal dances, particularly the acme of elegant rromanticism omanticism onscreen, onscr een, ““Night Night and Day Day.� .� For from thee rromantic comedy rrelief elief fr om th omantic tension: crypto-Italiann EErik rik Rhodes,

ever-forward Alice A Br adyy, the ever-forward Brady, drawling Eric Eric Blore, Blore, e the shivering drawling Edward EEverett verett Ho orton and the Edward Horton nubile Betty Gr Grable. WITH ablee. BILLED BILLED W ITH Top Top o Hat. Ginger Rogers Roogers skips out ffor or Europe avoid Europe trying to av void the advances of a married thinks) married (or soo she think s) dancer (Fred (Fred Astaire). Astaiire). Songs include “Cheek to Cheek,� “Isn’t “Isn’t This a LLovely ovely Day?� and “Top “TToop Hat, Haat, White TTie ie and Tails.� Palo Alto Taails.�� (Plays JJun un 229-Jul 9-Jul 2 in P alo Al to att the Theatre.) th Stanford Stanf t ford Th eatr t e.)) (RvB) (R B)

HOME H OME A ALONE LO N E (1990) Memor Memorable ablee ffor or the double palms to the fface ace of Macaulay CCulkin; ulkin; physical comedy rrank a enough to ank

eee SStooges tooges br eak their make the Thr Three break slapsticks over their knee and take slapsticks e. (Plays JJun up Oscar Wilde Wilde. un 26 at Sann JJose Pedro sundown in Sa ose at San P edro Square. Squar e. Part Paart off the Starlight Starlight Cinema series.) (RvB)

IW WALKED ALKED WIT WITH TH A ZZOMBIE/ISLE OMBIE/ISLE OFF THE D O DEAD EAD (1943/1945) A brilliant backlot rredo edo of Jane Jane Eyre. Eyyre. A Canadian Canadian nurse (Fr (Frances ances Dee) comes c to a CCaribbean aribbean caretaker island as the ca aretaker for for a woman rrendered endered mindless—likely mindless—likely by a zombie curse. Director D ector Jacques Dir Jacques TTourneur oourneur estab establishes blishes a mood of rretribution, etribution, of colonialism c poisoning

Revivals R evivals BACK B ACK T TO O THE FUTURE (1985) EEngaging ngaging chr chrononaut ononnaut comedy whacked too har hardd by libe liberals erals as pr omoting Reagan’s Reagan’s rretro-’50s etro-’50s o promoting values (when ther y, theree wer weree so many many, many more more worthy cinem matic cinematic tar gets.) (Plays JJun targets.) un 27 att sundown in Redwood City in Courtho Courthouse ouse Squar Square.) e.) (RvB)

FFor showtimes, h tii , advance d titix i an and ndd more,, go tto cameracinemas i

Best Theaters -- SJ Mercury andd Metro Readers Always Plenty of Free V Validated alidated a Parking All Sites All Shows Before 12 noonn Only $5.00 Senior Tuesdays Tuesdays -- $6 all day (63 and older) Student Night W Wednesdays ednesdays -- $$66 after 6pm w/ID Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$7.500 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) Mats: $7.50 M $7 50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) b4 6pm 6 M-F M F & 4pm 4 Sat-Sun S S  Sony 4K Digital F  Final W Week eek e k F * No Passes




 $ (.:?.=@EF   $ (.:?. =@E F    LOS GATOS FF CAMERA AMERA Closed For 12 Renovation, Ren Re-opens Re-ope ens Fall 2013  ( :1(?(

?( F 


( (20;:1(

( (20;:11( F  0

F   0 CAMERA 3 F



OPENS 7/3!





JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr

New N ew metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


FILM metroactive metr o oactive thee colonizers. SStars tars TTom oom Conway Conway, y, George eorge Sanders Sanders’’ look-alike and act-alike t-alike br brother, otherr, in the Rochester rrole ole and the imp posing Darby JJones ones imposing as the mute CCarrefour. arrefour. BI LLED BILLED W ITH Isle of the Dead. A Gr WITH Greek eek gener al nicknam med “The Watchdog” Watchdog” general nicknamed arloff) is mopping up after (Boris KKarloff) the Balkans war of 1912. A Att the suggestion of an n American rreporter eporter

3 35

Goree look-alike named Davis (Al Gor Marcc Cr Cramer), Mar amer)), the two go to a nearby cemetery island islaand to visit the grave grave of the general's general's wif e. Ther e, they and wife. There, some others ar anded because aree str stranded of a septicemia septicem mia plague outbr eak, and outbreak, they die one by one. One old woman, Madame Kyra Kyra (Helen Thimig), believes that the rreal eal culprit is a “vor volaka”— —a vampir e/succubus. “vorvolaka”—a vampire/succubus.

Karloff rrarely Karloff arrely had such deep material to work with. w He’s He’s made to believe in the uncan nnyy, and then he's br oken uncanny, broken by it. The film also stars EEllen llen Dr ew Drew as the sus spected vampir rnst suspected vampiree and EErnst Deutsch as a the cold yet her oic Dr heroic Dr.. Dr ossos. (Plays Drossos. ( Jun Jun 26-Jun 26-Jun 28 in Palo Palo Al to at the thhe Stanford Stanffoord Theatre.) Theatre.) (RvB) Alto

OF HUMAN HUMA AN B BONDAGE/FOG ONDAGE/FOG O VER FFRISCO R O RISC OVER (Both 193 1934) 4) SStarring tarring Bette Davis in her first big b perf ormance. She plays performance. Mildred, Mildr ed, tthe he mean little whor whoree who kickss around kick arouund a striving, clubf clubfooted ooted medical sstudent tudent ((Leslie Leslie Howar d) in Howard) this sexy y, pr e-Code adaptation of W sexy, pre-Code W.. Somerset Maugham’s Maugham’s magnum opus.

Cockney, Davis does d Cockney y, which is slightly risible,, but she’s she’s sensationally anti-heroic anti-h eroic and lascivious. And the cruelerr part of one’s one’s heart agr ees agrees with hher er that the young student needs to wise up. BILLED BILLED WITH WITH Fog Over Ovver Frisco. Davis stars as a sociali te who hangs out with colorful socialite under w world underworld types while her halfsister (Margaret ( (Mar garet LLindsay) indsay) fr ets and, frets eventu uallyy, must come to the rrescue. escue. eventually, as a Sa San Francisco F ancisco Fr i socialite i lit gone San bad. LLyle y TTalbot, yle aalbot, in his early dashing leadingg man period, plays Davis’ Davis’ haples ss boyfriend caught up in some hapless eerily rrelevant elevant financial doubledealing g. Along ffor or the ride is the dealing. usual snappy ssnappy, y, cynical news rreporter eporter

A New Comedyy From Th St di That Th t Brought B ht You Y The Studio &



(Donald Woods) (Do onald W oods) that populated so many ma any ’30s movies. Features Features some wo nderful location work in the city, cityy, wonderful eve en if the title might off end today’s even offend rresident essident of Baghdad by the Bay Bay.. (Plays (Pla ays JJul ul 33-5 -5 in P Palo alo Al Alto to at the SStanford taanffor o d Theatr e.)) (RvB/MSG) Theatre.)

THE T HE SOUND SOUND OF OF M MUSIC USIC (1964) “The LLonely (1964) onely Goatherd” Goatherd” and oth her titles fr om a more more innocent other from era. er a The a. Th Retro R t o Dome Retr D in i exile il pr presents esents t thee sing-along version. (Plays JJun un 27 at 7pm and JJun un 30 at 3pm in Campbell Caam mpbell at Camera Camer a a 7, 7, Jun Jun 28 at 7pm andd Jun Jun 29 at 3pm in San Jose Jose at Caam mera 3.) (RvB) Camera






Soundtrack Available Avvailable at THIS T HIS F FILM ILM IIS SR RATED ATED P PG-13. G -13. Passes received Passes received through through this this promotion promotion ddoo nnot ot guarantee gu arantee admission. admission. EEXCEPT XCEPT FOR FOR MEMBERS MEMBERS O OFF TTHE HE RE REVIEWING E VIEWING P PRESS. RESS. TTheatre heatre iiss ooverbooked verbooked to to eensure nsure a ffull ull hhouse. o u s e. N Noo oone ne will will bbee admitted a d m i t te d w without i th o u t a ticket ticket or or after af ter tthe he screening screening begins. begins. Fox Fox Searchligh S e a r c h li g h Pictures, P ictures, San San JJose ose M Metro, etro, A Allied-THA, llied -THA , G o f o b o .c o m aand nd their their affiliates af filiates aaccept ccept nnoo rresponsibility esponsibility or or liability li a b ili t y iinn cconnection onnection with with aany ny lloss oss oorr aaccident ccident iincurred ncurred iinn cconnection o n n e c ti o n w with ith uuse se ooff a pprize. rize. TTickets ickets ccannot annot bbee eexchanged, xchanged, transferred transferred oorr rredeemed edeemed ffor or ccash, ash, in in whole w hole oorr in in part. par t. We aare re nnot ot rresponsible esponsible iif,f, ffor or aany ny rreason, eason, winner winner is is unable unable to to use use his/her his/her ticket ticket in in whole w hole oorr in in ppart. ar t. VVoid oid w where here prohibited prohibited by by law. law. No No ppurchase urchase nnecessary. ecessar y. NO NO PHONE PHONE CALLS! CA L L S!





September 26-29, 2013 C2SV.COM FACEBOOK:





JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr

OT EX HS HIB AV IT AI LA BL metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


metroactive MUSIC

Back to Boutiki

PICTURE P ICTUR E THIS THIS Nikolaus Bartunek of P Picture icture Atlantic often played the Art Boutiki Boutiki’s ’s old location.

Local L ocal music returns at SLG SLG Art A Boutiki Boutiki’s ’s new n location on The Th he Alameda BY B YA AARON A RON N CARNES CARNES


HEN Dan Vado H Vado first g word he would got h have to close his shop and c comic local musicc venue the Art Boutiki on Market Street in San Jose, Jose, he e figured he’d he’d just move all the th he graphic graphic novels to his garage garag ge and continue to run the publishing publishing part of his business business,, Slave Slave Labor Graphics. Graphics.

But then hee ffound o ound a new new lo location cation on 4 44 4 Rac Racee Street. Sttreet. He has transf transformed fo ormed the ne w building build ding into a spac new spacee that is much ccozier ozier than the downtown location, lo cation,, plus it’s it’s situated just off The

Alameda wher A wheree he he’s ’s get getting ttting mor moree ffoot oot traffic before. tr raffic than eever ver b effo ore. “We “W We would go da days ayys without see seeing eing someone so omeone w walk alk in the fr front ont do door or place, whereas have att the old plac e, wher eas we ha ave customers cu ustomers ccoming oming in her heree eevery very da d day ay now,” n ow w,” Vado Vaado says. saayys. The fr front ont rroom oom of the ne new w buildin building ng is now a small,, but spacious spacious,, in inviting nviting v g rretail e ail stor et storee with graphic no novels, ovels e , ccomics, omiics, local lo ocal music and o oddball ddball gifts gifts.. The ba back ack rroom oom doubles as a tiki-themed loung lounge ge and an nd a liv live-music ve-music vvenue, eenue, which will b bee te ested ffor o or the first time on JJune une 29 with w tested Artt Boutiki fa A Ar favorites avo orites Pictur Picturee A Atlantic, ttlanticc, C artoon Bar F ight and C old Eskimo o. Cartoon Fight Cold Eskimo. V aado has alr eady plac ed se veral Vado already placed several ccouches o ouches in the lounge o lounge,, and plans to in nstall a ccoffee off ffeee bar, bar, as well as several severa e al install shelves packed books sh helves pack ed with ccomic omic b ooks and a gr raphic no ovels. “People “People ccan an just ccome om me graphic novels.

in her off ffeee and sit heree and buy some ccoffee ar ound and rread ead ccomics omiccs all da ay if the around day theyy w aanted to aado says. saayys. wanted to,,” V Vado A ffeerent as the ne n w spac Ass diff different new spacee is is,, ther emains the ic onic w aall of theree still rremains iconic wall vin nyyl rrecords, ecords, which is situated dir ectly vinyl directly b ehind the st age. This time t ar ound, behind stage. around, V ado a has added a rrow ow of enlar ged CD Vado enlarged ar veral of the lo cal and national artt b byy se several local bands that pla ayed the Ar A played Artt Boutiki on a egular basis during th rregular the he Mark Market ket e Str Street eet lo cation n’s four-year fo our-yeear run n as a music location’s vvenue: eenue: Curious Quail,, C artoon Bar Cartoon F ight,, Dr op Dead Sixt ty, Do gcatcher Fight, Drop Sixty, Dogcatcher and Pictur tlantic t . Ther T e’s eeven ven e a Picturee A Atlantic. There’s fak jazz-sttyle y cover coveer of Zen Zen Zenith, Zenith, fakee jazz-style singer of the nowdefu unct Please Do now-defunct N ot F ight,, who w aas a big b par Not Fight, was partt of the club ’s music sc ene. club’s scene. The other side of Ar rt Boutiki’ Art Boutiki’ss liv e-music sc ene is jaz z. V aado br ought live-music scene jazz. Vado brought in jaz e fo er orm during jazzz musicians to p perform some F irst Frida ayys, whi ich w as the Ar First Fridays, which was Artt Boutiki’ ay off the month, Boutiki’ss busiest da day and monthly jaz s. W ith i the ne w jazzz jams jams. With new vvenue, eenue, he will ccontinue ontinuee to do jaz jazzz eevents, veents, but he hop es to o eexpand xxpand into hopes eeven veen mor al gen nres as well. moree music musical genres “Ther e’s not a lot of vvenues eenues ffor o or rrock ock “There’s

music e’s really really not a lot of music,, but ther there’s vvenues eenues ffor o or music beyond beyond o that,,” Vado Vaado sa ays y . “Bluegrass? “Blueggrass? C ountry W eestern? says. Country Western? Americ caanaa? Who o’s b ooking that kind Americana? Who’s booking of stuff ? I’ d lik ke to tr art to build I’d like tryy to st start an audienc ce that will do stuff lik ke that.” audience like This is ju ust one of the man ny ideas just many V aado has floating fl ar ound his head. He Vado around w ants a to ccontinue o ontinue to b ook only ab out wants book about thr ee to ffour ou o ur rrock ock shows a month, three lik ke he did at the old lo cation,, but he ’s like location, he’s cconsidering onsideringg adding ccomedy omedy nights and sshows o s ffor o or so ssongwriters song gw writers te s to p plaay so songs gs, and a d play songs, then do a Q&A Q with their audienc audiencee eexplaining xxplaining what inspir ed songs inspired songs.. In 20 09, 9, when V aado started started 2009, Vado b ooking liv ve music booking live music,, he got a lot of diff ffeerent kinds k of bands efined different bands.. He rrefined his booking bookin ng to include mostly indie rrock. ock. The Ar A eally b ecame a Artt Boutiki rreally became mainst ay in n the lo cal indie-rock indie-rock sc ene mainstay local scene onc enitth and Pictur ttlantic’s oncee Z Zenith Picturee A Atlantic’s Nik olaus Bar B tunek st arted to curate Nikolaus Bartunek started the suc cesssful bi bi-monthly monthly R ock Hop successful Rock series, which whicch st arted in 2011. series, started Though h the R ock Hop is no Rock mor e, Z en nith and Bar tunek ar more, Zenith Bartunek aree also floating around arround ideas ffor o or the ne w new Ar ki spac e. Artt Boutik Boutiki space. “W We ha ave a lot of plans of curating “We have ther e, eevents ven nts that ar elated, there, aree music rrelated, but don ’t nec n essarily alw ays y ha ave a don’t necessarily always have band pla ayyiing,” Bar tunek sa ayys. playing, Bartunek says. One ne w idea V aado has alr reeady new Vado already implement ted is Midtown Beat, Beat, held implemented eevery veery ffourth ourth o t Frida ay with liv ve jaz zz and Friday live jazz lo cal ar t—The T Alameda a’s ans sw wer to F irst local art—The Alameda’s answer First Frida ayys in the t SoF FA District. This Friday, Fridaay, Fridays SoFA the sec ond Midtown Beat will ffeature eeature second ccomic omic b ook k ar tist Mick Gra ayy’s work. book artist Gray’s V aado is tr ttrying ying to ttalk alk the rrest est of the Vado businesses in the ar ea to par ticipate in area participate Midtown Beat. B So far ttattoo attto t o shop the Arsenal an and nd clothing and b boutique outique stor storee the U Usuals suals ha have ave joined in. “It It’s vvery ery difficult in to daayy’s “It’s today’s en environment nvir v onmeent to sell an anything ything b because ecause p eople ccan an n find it ultimately cheap er people cheaper online a sa ado ayys. “What yyou ou need online,,” V Vado says. to b xperience—a bee able to sell is an eexperience—a neat plac ome to ’s placee to ccome to,, a plac placee that that’s not going to chase yyou o ou out,, a plac placee that w antss p eople to ccome ome in and wants people get into th his stuff ff,, music or ccomics omics this stuff, or whate ver e .W e’re tr ying to sell that whatever. We’re trying eexperience. xperience.”






11  JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr Jello Shots Domestics–All Day Yankee Doodle Drink Specials “Juiced” Watermelon $2.50




2942 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose 95124

& the delta rhythm kings



“SEXY” ISN’T A “SIZE!” Plus Size Lingerie

Admission: $15 Advance (Online) $20 GA (At the Gate) $50 VIP (Advance only) Children under 12 free with adult

“Red, White & Sizzle”

$ 15 Off any purchase Wee aare W re of $75 or more Specialists Sp e cia list Thru 7-20-13 in Lingerie, Lin g e rie with ad Bustiers, Bustie rs, Panties P and an d Corsets C o rs e Open: M-F Sizes 14 to 6 X Noon to 7pm,

Saturday July 20 Noon – 8 pm Downtown San Jose

Produced By: 11535 535 Meridian Me ridian Ave., Ave., Ste. Stee. 30 in S San a n Jose C urvy GirlI n c. c om m

Sponsored By:

Sat Noon to 6pm

Dr. Thomas Bloink, D.C.

3090 South Bascom Avenue San Jose, California 95124 (408) 377-5864 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC


Moree listings: Mor


JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose .com | metr


STYLE ELEMENTS CREW It was a family affair on Saturday for the dancers and spectators who celebrated the 19th anniversary of the Style Elements Crew with a breakdancing jam at Roosevelt Community Center.


Beyoncé fans who didn’t get a ticket to her sold-out show at HP Pavilion on July 2 will have another chance to catch Mrs. Carter in San Jose, at a new show announced for December.


Celebrating 19 years of punk rock and teenage angst, the Warped Tour was back at Shoreline Amphitheatre over the weekend with the latest crop of punk rockers, alt hip-hop acts and, new for this year, EDM acts.

Metro’s M etro s music calend calendar dar runs W Wednesday–Tuesday. ednesday–Tuesday y..

Rock/Pop Rock/P op ANGELICA’S ANGELIC A’S BIS BISTRO T RO Thu, 8pm: Force Force of the Will Band. $10/$15. Redwood Cit tyy. City.

ART A RT BOUTIKI Every ffourth ourth Fri, 7:30pm: Midtown Beat. Live music, art arrt and mor more. e. Fr Free. ee. San Jose

THE T HE B BLANK LANK CL CLUB UB Wed, 8pm: Big Business, Wed, Amonie. $12/$15. Fri, 9pm: The Limousines, Anya and the Get Down. $12/$15. Sat, 9pm: The Purpose Ones, Rock Rock SSteady. teady. $10. San Jose.

Good. San Jose.



Wed, 6:30pm: Megatones. Wed, Part P art of the Concerts in the P Park ark series. Fr Free. ee. Santa Clar Clara. a.

Thu: Jack Rip-Off Rip-Off.. San Jose.

CAFE CA FE SSTRITCH TRITCH Fri, 8pm: Matthew Joseph Payne, P ayne, A Yawn Yaawn Worth Worth Yelling, Yelling, e Containher and the SStar tar People. P eople. San Jose.

CAFFE CA FFE FRA FRASCATI SCAT TI Fri, 8pm: Hope in Disguise. San Jose.

CCLUB LUB FFOX OX Sat, 8pm: P Powerage. owerage. $12/$14. Redwood City. City.

DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN SSUNNYVALE UNNYV VALE Wed, 5:30pm: Entour Wed, Entourage age Band. P Part art of the Summer Music series. Sunnyvale.

HP P PAVILION AVILION Sat, 7:30pm: Super Fr Freestyle eestyle Explosion. $30-$52.50. TTue, uue, 8pm: Beyoncé. $48 and up. San Jose.

BOSWELL’S B OSWELL’S Th 9:30pm: Thu, 9 30 Li id Cour Liquid CCourage. agee. Fri, 9:30pm: SStompbox. tompbox. Sat, 9:30pm: Sexy Back. Sun, 9:30pm: RB3. Mon, 9:30pm: Jack Rip-Off ampbell. Rip-Off.. CCampbell.

BRIT BR IT A ARMS RMS A ALMADEN LMADEN Wed: The Heist. Fri, 10pm: Wed: Neon Velvet. Velvet. Sat, 10pm: Hellaa

THEE CA TH CATS ATS Wed, 7:30pm: Johnny Neri. Wed, Thu, 8:30pm: Out of the Blue. Fri, 9pm: Soul Burst Band. Sat, 9pm: Maneck Band. Sun, 6pm: Joe Fer rara. TTue, ue, u 6pm: Ferrara. Blackouts. LLos os Gatos.

THEE HU TH HUDDLE DDLE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm9:30pm-1:30am: 1:30am: Live Wed-Thu bands. Also W ed--Thu T & Sun: KKaraoke. araoke. Fr Free. ee. 21 and over over.. Fremont. Fr emont.


RAISE YOUR GLASS RESPONSIBLY ©2013 Band of Brewers Company, Fort Worth, Texas metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


0!5,-C#!24.%9„2%$(/4#(),)0%00%23„�.).%).#(.!),3„0(/%.)8 +!3+!$%„6!-0)2%7%%+%.$„02%449,)'(43„9%!(9%!(9%!(3 $!.'%,/„4(%.!4)/.!, „*52!33)#„7),,)%.%,3/.&!-),9 GRIZZLY BEAR„$!29,(!,,*/(./!4%3„9/5.'4(%')!.4 "!.$/&(/23%3„! 42!+„4(%(%!$!.$4(%(%!24„9%!3!9%2 -!44+)-„:%$$„4(%4!,,%34-!./.%!24(„�&/!,3„$!7%3 42/-"/.%3(/249/2,%!.3!6%.5%„RHYE „9/54(,!'//.„'!29#,!2+*2„BAAUER *%33)%7!2%„�$),,/.&2!.#)3„+5246),%!.$4(%6)/,!4/23„%-%,)3!.$b „�GRIZ 4(%-/4(%2()03„�352&%2",//$„�#(2/-!4)#3„4(%'2/7,%23„�25$)-%.4!, 4(!/4(%'%4$/7.34!9$/7.„�#!-0%26!."%%4(/6%.„3-)4(7%34%2.3 "/-")./„7!66%3„�&)3("/.%„-),/'2%%.%„!4,!3'%.)53„!.5(%! 47%.49/.%0),/43„�4(%(%!69„$!5'(4%2„)6!..%6),,%3$5-034!0(5.+ 7),$"%,,%„�+).'45&&„4(%,/.%"%,,/7„-3-2„,)44,%'2%%.#!23 *!-%3-C#!24.%9„4(%3/&47()4%3)84)%3„$%!06!,,9„4(%-%. -)$)-!4),$!„CHERUB„+/0%#+9&!-),9"!.$„�(/5.$-/54( &/96!.#%„BHI BHIMAN„,/#52!„.!)!+%4%„4(%%!39,%!6%3 34!.4/.7!22)/23„4(%0,5-0$*3„+2!&49+543„$*0)%22%„,!:92)#( '%.%&!22)3„$*3!-30)%'%,.!3! „!,,'//$&5.+!,,)!.#% $*3(/4.%:"!,+!."%!4"/8 „-/4)/.0/4)/.„$5"'!"2)%, 3,%)'(4/&(!.$3„7()4%./):%„'2)&&).#!-0%2„,%8%, GO TO


61 Local Restaurants, 36 Bay Area Wineries & 16 Breweries AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

*Lineup subject to change without notice

metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC JOHNNY V’S Fri, 9pm: Dime Runner Runner.. Sat: Protest Authority, Crooked Pr otest Authority y, Cr ooked ass Fuck. San JJose. ose.

SHORELINE SHORELINE AMP HITHEA AT TRE AMPHITHEATRE Sun, 11am: Rock Rockstar star EEnergy nergy Drink Mayhem Festival. Mountain View View..



Fri, 9:30pm & Sat, 9pm: LLive ive world music. Mountain View View..

Fri, 9pm: Duvets Band. Sunnyvale.


MOJO MO JO LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri, 9:30pm: RevT RevTones. Toones. $5. Sat: NY NYCC Mul Multiple tiple Organisms. Organisms. $5. Fremont. Fremont.


CCAFFE AFFE FFRASCATI RASCA AT TI Fri, 8pm: Bossa Blue. EEvery very first Sat, 8pm: KKavanaugh avanaugh Brothers Br others Cel Celtic tic Experience. Experience. San JJose. ose.

SSTATION TAT TION 55 Live music most Fri-Sun. CCall Live all ffor or inf o. Gilr oy. info. Gilroy.

Wed,, 7pm:: Blues jam with Wed, Amy LLou ou and the JJuke uke JJunkies. unkies. $5. Fri,, 9pm:: Salsa,, bachata, mer engue,, cha cha cha, merengue, rhumba. $15.. Sun,, 6pm:: Mosaic of Dance. $10.. Redwood City y. City.

Fri, 8pm: Cor Corduroy duroy JJim im Band and D DJJ Radio Raheem. LLos os Gatos.

SSTREETLIGHT TREETLIGHT R RECORDS ECORDS Sat, 4pm: LLate ate N Night ight District. San JJose. ose.




Thu,, 6:30-8pm: Long Long Train Train Runnin art of the Summer Runnin’.’.. P Part Concert Series. Fr ee. CCupertino. upertino. Free.

Wed, 7:30pm: Bar Wed, Barenaked enaked LLadies, adies, Ben Folds Five. $69 and up. up Fri, Fri 7:30pm: Smokey Robinson. $49.50 and up. Sa Sat, t, 7:30pm: EErykah rykah Badu. $49.50 0 and up. Sar Saratoga. atoga.

Sat, 8pm: Mary EEllen llen Duo. The Pruneyard, Pruneyar d, CCampbell. ampbell.

DANA D ANA SSTREET TREET CCOFFEE OFFEE Second Mon of every month, Ukulele 7pm: U kulele jam. Mountain View.. View

NETO’S N ETO’S GGRILL RILL Fri, 8pm: Skinner Skinner,, My Heavy Memory and Klank. Sat, 9pm: 9pm: The Hormones and LLiquid iquid Sky. Sk y. Santa Clar Clara. a.

NINE N INE LI LIVES V ES Thu, 8pm: Summer Battle of the Bands, w/Dave’s w/Dave’s Wasted’d W asted’d Rudeboys. Fri, 8pm: 8pm m: JJake ake Nielsen’s Nielsen’s TTriple rriple Thr Threat. eat. Gilroy. $5/$10. $5. Gilr oyy.

NUMBER NU MBER ONE B BROADWAY ROADWAY Wed, 9:30pm: JJam Wed, am with JC JC Noo cover cover.. Thu, 9:30pm:: Smith. N Blind Pilots. N Noo cover cover.. Fri, 9:30pm: KKool ool U Under nder Pr Pressure. essure. Chiefs. $10. Sat, 9:30pm: JJoint oint Chiefs s. $10. Los Los Gatos.

ORCHARD O RCHARD CCITY ITY GGREEN REEN Thu, 6:30pm: Th 6 30 JJesse esse Ch Charles l Band. Fr Free. ee. CCampbell. ampbell.

PAGODA P AGODA LLOUNGE OUNGE Thu: AM and Shawn LLee. ee. Fairmont Hotel, San JJose. ose.

REDWOOD CCITY REDWOOD ITY DOWNTOWN DO WNTOWN Fri, 6pm: Pride & JJoy. oy. Fr Free. ee. Square, Redwoodd Courthouse Squar e, Redwoo City.. City

RODEO R ODEO CL CLUB UB Fri: N Nazareth. azareth. San JJose. ose.

SAN PE SAN PEDRO DRO SSQUARE QUARE MARKET Sat, 7pm: Daydr Daydream eam N Nation ation presents pr esents the Bang! and Plantain. San JJose. ose.

DIO DEKA THREE T HREE DE DEGREES GREES Thu, 66-9pm 9pm & Fri, 7:3010:30pm: LLive ive music. All ages. Free. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos.

WOODHAM’S W OODHAM’S LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri: LLive ive music. Santa Clar Clara. a.

Jazz/Blues/ World W oorld AGENDA A GENDA LLO7UNGE O7UNGE Wed, 8pm: Salsa. Thu, 9pm: Wed, Vybez. Banda. Sun: Reggae V ybez. San JJose. ose.

ANGELICA’S A NGELICA’S BIS BISTRO TRO Fri, 8:30pm:: P Pete ete EEscovedo, scovedo, JJuan uan EEscovedo scovedo and Ray Obliedo LLatin atin JJazz azz Sextet.. $35/$4 411. Sat, $35/$41. 9pm:: Fiesta Flamenca.. $15/$21. TTue, uue, 7pm: Thuy LLinh inh jam. N Noo cover.. Redwood City cover City. y.

Fri, 5:30pm: Rodrigo TTeague eeague & Paul Renslow.. LLive P aul Renslow ive Flamenco guitar music. LLos os Gatos.

DONATO DONA ATO EENOTECA NOTECA Thu, 6pm: LLive ive jazz. Redwood City.. City

GRAND GRAN DD DELL ELL SSALOON ALOON Wed, 8pm: Wed, 8pm:Live Live music. Thu, 8pm: LLadee adee Chico. Fri, 8pm: JJoint oint Chiefs. Sat, 8pm: JJohn ohn Garcia. Gar cia. CCampbell. ampbell.

HEDLEY H EDLEY CL CLUB UB Every first & thir Every thirdd W Wed: ed: JJazz azz jam. EEvery very second & ffourth ourth Thu:: Brian Ho TTrio. rrio. Fri, 8:30pm: EEdd JJohnson ohnson and N Novo ovo TTempo eempo Quartet. Sat, 8:30pm: Octobop. Mon: Gus KKambeitz ambeitz Duo. Hotel De Anza, San JJose. ose.

JJ.J.’S .J.’S BL BLUES UES CAFE Wed: Suska. Thu: JJimmy Wed: immy Dewrance. Dewr ance. Fri: Whiskey P Poets. oets. Sat: Mike Osborn. $10. Sun: Alvin Dr Draper. aper. San JJose. ose.

ART A RT BOUTIKI Every second Thu,, 7:30pm: Jazz Every Jazz Warehouse W arehouse Jazz Jazz Jam. Jam.. Fr Free; ee; donations rrequested. equested. San Jose Jose

BLUE B LUE R ROCK OCK SSHOOT HOOT Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists Artists’’ Showcase. Sun, 4pm: Blues jam. Sar Saratoga. atoga.

CCAFE AFE SSTRITCH TRITCH Sat, 7pm: Benny Gr Green een TTrio rio r with KKenny enny W ashington. Washington. $22/$25. San JJose. ose.

LLOFT OFT B BAR AR AN AND D BIS BISTRO TRO Every Thu: LLive Every ive jazz in the evening. San JJose. ose.


43 JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | me | sanjose | metr


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METROACTIVE.COM M ETROACTIVE.COM metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013



Please join Kenny and Bonnie for an anniversary party on Saturday June 29. And a tribute to Hit Man Dave for over twenty years of music, mirth, and merriment. Outside Bar Specials and Live Music Bud draft $2.50, Hornitos shots $6.00, Hornitos girls 4:00-6:30 Hit Man Dave in and out all day 3:00-5:30‌Jake Morgan Live 5:30-7:30‌Hit Man Dave 7:30-10:30‌Hip Shake with Rachelle 5:30-7:00 BBQ, Ribs, Chicken, Bonnie’s Chili Beans, Salad, and Garlic Bread. Compliments Hit Man Dave

1933 - 2011

A good old fashioned corner bar A.P.P.

Corner of Montgomery and San Fernando



metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC 43 LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS BRE BREWING WING CCO. O. Fri, 7pm: CCall all ffor or inf info. o. San Pedro P edro Squar Square, e, San JJose. ose.

LOS GA LOS GATOS ATOS CIVIC CIVIC CENTER R PLAZA P LAZA Sun, 5pm: Long Long Train Train Runnin’. Runninn’. Music in the P Park ark series. All Free. ages. Fr ee. LLos os Gatos.

LLOS OS GA GATOS ATOS TOWN TOWN P PLAZA LAZA A Wed, 6:30pm: CCatherine Wed, atherine Free. Russell. Fr ee. JJazz azz on the Plazz series. Los Los Gatos.

Friday, June 28‹In the AtriumsAGES 16+


plus Trice Haze also Sarah Mays & the Hooping Healer and Cali King !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM


Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson. Wed, Thu, 6pm: Chrome Chrome Deluxe. Fri, 7pm: Chris CCain ain Band. Sat, 6pm: Con Brio. Sun, noon: School of the Blues SStudent tudent JJam. am. Every Every ďŹ rst & thir thirdd Mon, 6pm: U kulele jam with Steve Steve Ukulele Martin. San Jose. Jose.

Wed, 6pm: Loganville. Wed, Loganville. TTue, uue, 6pm: Bean Creek. Creek. San JJose. ose.

Fri, 7pm: JJ.C. .C. Smith Band. Free. Fr ee. San Jose. Jose.



Wed: Jorge Wed: Jorge Faustmann. San JJose. ose.

Fri: Rebecca W West est and local artists. San Jose. Jose.



Sat, 8pm: LLive ive jazz. Casino Casino M8trix, San Jose. Jose.


plus Dirt Track

Heroes also Hot Stone Stars $RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

3UNDAY *UNE‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+



Tuesday, July 2‹AGES 16+

FACE TO FACE plus Teenage Bottlerocket also Blacklist Royals and Joshua Black Wilkins !DV$RSsPMPM *ULYOctopus Nebula Atrium (Ages 16+) July 5 Banda Escuela De Rancho Atrium (Ages 21+) July 6 Larry Hosford Atrium (Ages 21+) July 11 Weedeater Atrium (Ages 21+) July 12 Cylinder Atrium (Ages 21+) July 16 Black Flag (Ages 16+) *ULYSanta Cruz Music Fest (Ages 18+) July 25 Guttermouth/ Agent Orange (Ages 16+) July 26 Del The Funky Homosapien (Ages 16+) Aug 2 Xavier Rudd (Ages 16+) !UGAndre Nickatina (Ages 16+) Aug 17 Tainted Love (Ages 21+) Aug 18 Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang (Ages 21+) Sep 21 Jimmy Eat World (Ages 16+) Sep 22 Tech N9ne (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online



THE SADDLE SADDLE RACK RACK Wed, 9pm:: DJ Wed, DJ TTony oony LLoco, oco, and Country Get Down. Thu,, 9pm: Roy Rapid and the Rhythm Rock TTrio. rrio. Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Fremont. Fremont.

Saturday, June 29‹AGES 16+


Mon, 7pm: Musical open mic ffor or singer/songwriters. singer/songwriters Sign up at 7pm. Fr Free. ee. San JJose. ose.



plus Rodeo Ruby Love also Empty Orchestra !DV$RSs$RSOPENPM3HOWPM Saturday, June 29‹In the AtriumsAGES 21+


Thu, 7pm: Musical open mic. San JJose. ose.

Sat, 8pm: Mokai. Mountain View.. View

Thu: Maya Victoria. Sun, 4pm 4pm: m: LLive ive blues. San JJose. ose.

Wed, 8pm: Dan St. Wed, St. Paul’s Paul’s Pro Pro Comedy W Workout. orkout. $5/$10. Fri, Nina 9pm: Kellen Kellen EErskine, rskine, N ina G, JJason ason Armenio comedy night. $10. Tue, Tue, u 7pm: Open mic with P Pete ete Sommer Sommer.. N Noo cover cover.. Redwood City. Cityy.

Sat, 7pm:: Given to Fly Fly. y. San JJose. ose.



Sat, 8pm: P Petty etty CCash ash JJackson. ackson. Mountain View View..

Oppen Mic/ Open dy CComedy omedy


Wed: EEmphatics. Wed: mphatics. Thu: The Honey Wilders. Fri: Isis and the Cold TTruth. rruth. Sat: Chr Chrome ome Deluxe. Sunnyvale.



Fri, 6-9pm: 6-9pm: LLive ive blues, rroots oots and Americana. Mor Morgan gan Hill.


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336



Wed, W ed,, 5pm:: Belly dancing. Fri,, 5pm:: Belly dancing.. Sat, 5pm:: Belly dancing & world music.. Sun,, 11am & Mon,, 5pm: Moroccan Mor occan music. TTue, uue,, 6pm: JJohnny ohnny Williams. Mountain View. Vieew.

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San Francisco’s City Guide

TYRESE, GINUWINE & TANK If you want it, you got it: Three veterans of 1990s R&B ride the pony once again. Jun 26 at the Paramount Theatre.

MYKKI BLANCO Self-declared “illuminati prince/ss� embraces the freaks, slays the haters and rules the club. Jun 27 at Mezzanine.

Wed, 8pm: N Wed, New ew Faces Showcase. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 8 & 10pm & Sat, 7 & 9pm, Sun, 7pm: Joey Joey Diaz. $18. San JJose. ose.

JOHNNY V V’S ’S Wed: W ed: The Cypher. Cypher. San JJose. ose.

ROOSTER R OOSTER T T.. FFEATHERS EA AT THERS Wed, 8pm: N Wed, New ew TTalent aalent Showcase. $10. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 9pm, Sat, 8 & 10:30pm, Sun, 8pm: Arj Baker. Baker. $14-$20. $14-$20. Sunnyvale.

THREE FL THREE FLAMES A M ES RESTAURANT R ESTAURANT Wed, 8pm: Open-mic night Wed, with Anita. Willow Glen.

Karaoke K araoke

DeďŹ ance, Ohio Preciously DIY acoustic punk band raises ďŹ sts and voices; with Japanther. Jun 28 at Bottom of the Hill.



Reverb-drenched girl group from Seattle creates intoxicating dream-pop. Jun 30 at Hemlock Tavern.

Nightlyy, 9pmNightly, 9pm-2am: 2am: KKaraoke. araoke. San JJose. ose.



Azz everywhere azz everywhere azz everywhere azz everywhere azz everywhere azz everywhere. Jun 30 at Public Works.

Wed: 8pm-midnight: KKaraoke Wed: araoke plus DJ DJ party (English (English and Spanish). San JJose. ose.

BLINKY’S BL INKY’S CCAN’T AN’T SSAY AY More San Francisco events at

Fri, 9pm9pm-1am: 1am: Danielle. Sat,


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC

Moree listings: Mor


Badu, Beyoncé and Mayhem South Bay’s summer musical lineup heats up this week with the arrival of the interesting mix of one of pop music's biggest divas, tripped-out R&B and eardrum-blasting metal.

HEAVY METTLE Creative songstress Erykah Badu comes to Mountain Winery June 29.

JUNE 29: ERYKAH BADU AT MOUNTAIN WINERY Inspired by hip hop, R&B and jazz, iconoclast Erykah Badu championed the neo-soul movement with her debut in 1997. The eccentric balladeer, with her Billie Holiday-textured voice and self-chosen surname inspired by her favorite scatting sound, has been redefining modern soul and her image ever since. The four-time Grammy award-winner comes to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga this month just after a critically acclaimed collaboration with the Brooklyn Philharmonic and just before heading to SoCal to perform at BET Experience at L.A. Live. Judging by reviews from her shows earlier this spring, expect a lot of throwback Badu favorites, like “Tyrone,” and “On and On,” but also freestyling and psychedelic jams with her electro-funk band The Cannabinoids. June 29, 7:30pm; from $120; The Mountain Winery, Saratoga

JUNE 30: MAYHEM FESTIVAL AT SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE A legion of metalheads will flock to the Shoreline for the second stop of the Mayhem Festival 2013, a hard-and-heavy rock event whose acts include Five Finger Death Punch, Mastadon and Amon Amarth. Rob Zombie is the biggest draw this year, riding the high from the April debut of his fifth solo studio album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which landed at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart the first week of its release. The 18-band lineup also includes Children of Bodom, Shores of Acheron, Attika 7 and Thrown Into Exile. Sunday, June 30, 1:10pm; from $31.50; Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View

JULY 2: BEYONCÉ After a jaunt across Europe, where she stunned the world with sequin-splashed, golden-nippled costumes and explosive pyrotechnics, Queen Bey comes full circle back to Cali this summer to kick off the North American part of The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Beyoncé et al touch down at San Jose’s HP Pavilion July 2—an already sold-out show—in her fourth global concert tour. Critics have praised the Carter Show for its mash-up of old-world grandiloquence, Broadway-style dance numbers, big-budget special effects and a whole lot of ass shaking. All the focus on areola-accentuating get-ups and elaborate fireworks displays has overshadowed any mention of the pop queen’s voice, a less-miasmic but no less commanding counterpart to a lot of leading R&B divas. A second Beyoncé show was just scheduled at HP Pavilion for December 2. Tickets go on sale July 1 at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 2; 8pm; sold out; HP Pavilion, San Jose —Jennifer Wadsworth

JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | met | sanjose.c com | metr


45 metr | sanjo | metr osiliconvalley.coom | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


metroactive metr oactivve MUSIC 44

9pm-1am: KKaraoke. 9pm-1am: araoke. Santa Clara. Clar a.

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Wed, 9pm: Cabaret Wed, Cabaret KKaraoke araoke with D R. Los Los Gatos. DJJ JJR.

Wed-Sun & Tue, Wed-Sun Tue, u 7pm: D DJJ and dancing. CCupertino. upertino.



Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: View.. KKaraoke. araoke. Mountain View

Thu, 10pm: D DJ. J. San Jose. Jose.


Thu, 10pm: P Pawkit awkit D DJ. J. San JJose. ose.

Wed, 9:30pm: Wildside. N Wed, Noo cover.. Sun, cover Sun 9pm: JJoe. oe Santa oe. Clara. Clar a.



Nightly kar Nightly karaoke, aoke, 9pm9pm-1:30am. 1:30am. San JJose. ose.

Wed, Fri & Sun, 9pmWed, 9pm-1am: 1am: KKaraoke. araoke. Sunnyvale.



Wed, W ed, 10pm: Purple. P Palo alo Al Alto. to.

Thu: KKaraoke. araoke. LLos os Gatos.



Thu: JJR. R. Sun: JR JR Diaz Family KKaraoke. araoke. TTue: uue: JJames. ames. Gilr Gilroy. oy.

Wed & Sun, 10pm: D Wed DJJ U Uncle ncle Hank. Thu, 10pm: D DJJ Diner Dinero. o.. San JJose. ose.



Mon & W Wed, ed, 9pm: Darryl. Darryl. Milpitas.

Wed, W ed, 9pm: August. San JJose. osee.



TTue, ue, u 9:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San JJose. ose.

Mon: Comedy open mic with Pete P ete Munoz. Tue-Thu Tueu -Thu T & Sat: KKaraoke. araoke. Santa Clar a. Clara.



Thu & Mon, 9pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Sat, 8:30pm: JJoe oe or Dar Darryl. ryl. CCampbell. ampbell ampbell.

EELL R RANCHO ANCHO SP SPORTS ORTS B BAR AR R Thu, 8pm: KKaraoke. araoke. San JJose. osee.

Mon & Fri, 9pm: Vinnie. CCupertino. upertino.

Dance D ance Clubs Clubs


AGENDA A GENDA Most Fri: Hip-hop, TTop oop 40, club hits. Tue: Tue: u 4 the LLove ove of TTuesdays. uesdays. u San JJose. ose.

AXIS A XIS NI NIGHTCLUB GHTCLUB Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: 9:30pm-1:30am: KKaraoke. araoke. Willow Glen.

HUDDLE H UDDLE Wed-Thu and Sun, 9pm: Wil Wed-Thu Wild ld Nights N ights KKaraoke. araoke. Fr Fremont. emont.

JJOHNNY OHNNY V V’S ’S Sun: Sunday Funday kar karaoke. aokke. Noo cover N cover.. San JJose. ose.

MARIANI’S MAR IANI’S Thu, 8pm: Chris. Santa Clar Clara. a a.

Fri: DJ DJ Benofficial. Sat: D DJJ Ready Rock. San JJose. ose.

JJOHNNY OHNNY V V’S ’S Thu, 9pm: Slap!. Fri-Sat, 9pm: TTraffic. raffic. Mon, 9pm: Retoxx with D Casp3r. TTue, uue, 9pm: TTrap rap DJJ Casp3r. Shop & Pop Pop Roxx. San JJose. ose.

MOTIF MO TIF Fri: DJs DJs & dancing. EEvery very ffourth ourth Sat: Thrive. Sun: Members Only. Only. San JJose. ose.

MOUNTAIN MOUNT AIN CHARLEY’S CHARLEY Y’S Thu: DJs DJs and dancing. Fri: ‘80s Night. Night. Sat, 9:30pm: Smoking Hot with DJs DJs Racha, Heady, Heady y, Kid Vicious. LLos os Gatos.


Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: KKaraoke. araoke. Gilroy. Gilr oy.



Fri-Sat: D DJs Js and dancing. Sun, 7pm: Project Project X. TTeen eeen party party.. School ID rrequired. equired. Santa Clara. Clar a.

AZÚCAR AZÚ CAR LLATIN ATIN B BAR AR Thu, 9pm: DJ DJ party. party. Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: 9pm2am: LLive ive music & D DJs, Js, salsa, house, hip-hop & more. more. Mon: Salsa. San JJose. ose.

THEE B TH BLANK LANK CLUB CLUB Thu, 9pm: Atomic. Thu Atomic. tomic $5. $5 San JJose. ose.

Thu: Red Cup. Cup. Fri: Soul Therapy. Ther apy. Sat: Social. Second & fourth fourth Sun: Sunday Service. Service. TTue: uue: I Heart TTuesdays. uuesdays. San JJose. ose.

PAGODA P AGODA LLOUNGE OUNGE Fri: Free Free the Robots. Fairmont Hotel, San JJose. ose.

PURE LOUNGE LOUNGE 408 Thu: Pure Pure ESM. ESM. Fri: Customer Customer Appreciation Appr eciation Night. Night. Sat: Pur Puree Saturdays: Paula Satur days: P aula DeAnda. Sunnyvale.

SSTUDIO8 TUDIO8 Fri: Amy Robbins. Sat: Afterparty ffor or Fit Expo. Expo. ffeat. eat. DJJ Weapon. D Weapon. San JJose. ose.

The deadline for music listings is nine days prior to Wednesday’s publication. Send information to Music Listings, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113 or to Please do not send email attachments.


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A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


SALE JUNE 28- 30



$20 Half Ha alf Gram $35 Fu Full ull Gram ALL ALL AL LL TOP TOP TO OP SHELF SHELF LF S TRAI AINS STRAINS $1 G 12 2 Gram $35 5 8th

BBuy uy 1, 1, Get Get 2nd 2nd HHalf alf PPrice rice PLUS Edible Sampling Edible Sam pling


Receive with Purchase

Free Cavi Cone or 1/4g of Wax



2630 Union Ave., San Jose 95124

While e supplies last!


JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013



JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr


Home of ShatterDay


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE Open: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun 11am-4pm


Illustration by Chris Hack

A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013


the Metro photo exhibit

featuring local photographers

South First Fridays @ 550 S First


JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanjos | metr | JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2 2013



JJUNE U N E 26-JULY 26-J U LY 2, 2013 | m | sanjos | metr


56 10

Fetish | | | JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2013

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I’m a single dad of three children, who are my world, and it was a battle to get custody of them. For three years, I’ve dated a woman with grown children, and on our shared birthday (Valentine’s Day), I proposed, and she accepted. Two days later, she ended everything via text and hasn’t spoken to me since. She claimed she wants to come first in someone’s life, and my kids and dealings with my ex-wife took priority. Didn’t she figure this out earlier? Three weeks after she broke things off, I learned she was “in love” with an older rich guy with no children and that she’s spreading lies about me to mutual friends. We had a great relationship, and using her words, were “total soulmates.” Now she tells people how miserable she was. Even her friends are confused.—Baffled It seems she’s got a new take on a classic soulmate anthem: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, except, hey, check out that old rich guy over there!” What a lucky lady. No sooner did she realize that her current soulmate was no longer working for her than another popped up. The truth is, even nice, wellmeaning people can go floating along thinking they’re in a relationship they want until their partner says, “Hey, wanna make it for realsies?” Chances are, your girlfriend long resented your prioritizing your kids but just sucked it up—until you got down on one knee and presented her with the fork in the road. With the prospect of permanence on the horizon, everything suddenly became clear: One road leads to a lifetime battling for your cash and attention, and the other has Snow White awakening from her coma and realizing she could get a better deal. A partner’s use of the term “total soulmates!” suggests that one is either dating a 14-year-old or somebody about as emotionally and romantically mature. The idea of soulmates actually traces back to Plato. He wrote about a “symposium” (ancient Greek for “kegger”) at which an apparently tanked Aristophanes claimed there were once three sexes—male, female and this weird he/she thing, round like a soccer ball, with four hands, four feet and two faces. According to Ari, humans got power-hungry and attacked the gods. The gods contemplated annihilating humanity with thunderbolts and then realized there’d be nobody left to leave them offerings. Zeus instead punished the humans by hacking the he/shes in two—male and female—and after Apollo reshaped them to look like we do now, the gods dispersed them, compelling them to forever be searching for their “other half.” Supposedly, those few who are lucky

enough to find theirs spend the rest of their lives making goo-goo eyes at each other on a picnic blanket while all the other couples are taking turns sobbing into a pillow in marriage counseling or sex therapy. Ironically, back here in the real world, a person who believes she’s your soulmate is actually a flight risk. Social psychologist Dr. C. Raymond Knee has explored the effect on relationships from “destiny belief”—the belief that have “soulmates,” that relationships are either fated to be or they’re not—vs. “growth belief,” the belief that successful relationships don’t just fall out of the sky; they take work. Partners with growth belief think that relationships are “cultivated and developed” over time, that problems are a natural part of them, and that working through them is a way to build a closer and stronger bond. A destiny believer, on the other hand, tends to see problems as a sign she’s in the wrong place and as reason to bail. As for why your self-proclaimed soulmate dumped you via text, well, some women are into shoes that match their handbag; yours turned out to have a cold heart to go with her cold feet. This strongly suggests that what she felt for you was not love but “love the one you’re with” (a.k.a. adventures in mercenary pragmatism). A romantic partner might need to end things with you, but if she ever loved you, she doesn’t turn on you the moment you’re no longer of use to her. In trashing you now, chances are she’s trying to punish you for her failure to figure out what she really wanted. The way for you to go forward is by looking backward. Explore whether you bought into the idea that she was loving and didn’t allow yourself to see the woman she appears to be—one who’s looking for that special someone to take her hand and walk off into the sunset with her toward his bank’s nearest ATM.

©2011, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved. Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 550 S. First St., San Jose, CA 95113, or email

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China Is Here! | | | JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2013

10 58







Call the Classified department at 408.298.8000 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm

Fax your ad to the Classified Department at 408.271.3520

Mail to: Metro Classified 550 S. First St. San Jose, CA

Visit our offices Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm Please include your Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx number and expiration date for payment.

For copy, playment, space reservation or cancellaion: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm

EMPLOYMENT Bartender / Cocktail Servers 6 AM-10AM Part Time shift available. Apply morning’s only. Alex’s 49er lounge, 2214 Business Circle, (San Carlos & Bascom), San Jose. 408.279.9737

Computers Core Education & Technologies Ltd., seeks Software Engineers for our Santa Clara Ofc. - Dvlp. functional dsgn. specs. & work w/tech. team to dvlp. tech. dsgn. specs.; Plan, test, & impl. changes; work with Process and App. Leads to anlyz. & validate dsgn. decisions, funct. approaches & propose changes to SAP tech. config. settings; support SAP FSCM and FICA mods. Mail resumes to HR, 3350 Scott Blvd, Bldg 34A, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Complete Job Details:

Carwash Washer and Cleaner Part time / Full time carwash washer and cleaner position at Pacific Car Wash. CARWASH EXPERIENCE ONLY. Please call 408.823.6699 and ask for Helen.

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Ross Gardening

IP Infusion Inc., a provider of intelligent network software is seeking a qualified Sr. Software Engineer, Systems for its Sunnyvale, CA location. Send resumes to:

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Š GK@LXCH@B@MADROQD@CAXNQ@KRDW and cause tonsillitis. So there’s a maybe. Š DMHMFHSHRB@MADROQD@CAXNQ@KRDWÂŒ although the proven route is fellatio, and it generally causes headaches, not sore throat. We’ll cross this off the list. Š @MCHC@HMEDBSHNMRB@MADROQD@C from mouth to vagina, but evidently not the other way, and sore throats aren’t a symptom. Another no. Š @BSDQH@KU@FHMNRHRÂŒRNLDQDRD@QBGDQR think, can readily be spread by oral sex. The most noticeable symptom is a rotten-ďŹ sh smell in the vagina of the recipient. The other party presumably carries the responsible bacteria in his or her mouth, but evidently they don’t cause sore throat. Š SQ@MRLHRRHNMUH@NQ@KRDWHRÂŒENQ the record, rare.

Š SGDQCHRD@RDRROQD@C@AKDAXNQ@KRDW include herpes, urethritis and varieties of hepatitis. Herpes often manifests as cold sores in and around the mouth, but not, so far as I know, sore throat. Š GDMSGDQD—RFNMNQQGD@� DQDVD must linger. Transmitted bacterially, gonorrhea is especially amenable to oral sex. Symptoms appear four to six days after contact and commonly include mouth infections. Fellatio is the most common route for these infections, which often afflict gay men. However, cunnilingus is also up there. One study found parties ministering orally to women were four times as likely to contract an oral gonorrhea infection. Now for the really bad part. Gonorrhea can infect your tonsils as a result of oral sex, and when it does can be tricky to cure: a study of Danish patients suffering from tonsillar gonorrhea found 11 of 13 had recently engaged in oral sex, and half the cases needed several courses of antibiotics. We’re not done yet. Human O@OHKKNL@UHQTR HMEDBSHNMHR commonly associated with genital warts, but also has a more sinister effect—it has become the chief cause of a type of throat cancer that’s showing up more often in American men. Between 1988 and 2004, the rate of

‘B@TRDCSGQN@SB@MBDQRHMBQD@RDC by 225 percent. Largely for this reason, after a steady decline in throat cancer since the 1980s, the trend reversed itself in the 2000s. Those who have ever performed oral sex have more than double the risk of

HMEDBSHNMÂ?MDGHFG‘OQNĂŚKDB@RD L@XAD@BSNQHBG@DKNTFK@RÂŒVGN AK@LDRGHRRS@FD‘ SGQN@SB@MBDQNM cunnilingus, although without more information about his use of tobacco and alcohol, such factors can’t be ruled out. Getting back to you, Justin, you probably don’t have any of the above, although if that sore throat or other symptoms linger, see a doctor. As for how you might persuade your partners to disinfect their genitals, I have no idea. But I’d love to hear you try.

JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2013 | | |

I have noticed a high positive correlation between muff diving and a sore throat. Within a few hours, I develop throat pain and sometimes, like now, a full-blown u. Am I correct in assuming this must be from ingesting streptococcus or staphylococcus bacteria in mass quantities? Is there any way to sanitize the organ in question—say, a bath in Lysol or hydrogen peroxide? And how would one go about asking one's partner to do it?—Justin Caise Uh, Justin. Lysol? Hydrogen peroxide? I assume these are attempts at humor. On to your question. Before we talk prevention, we need to ďŹ gure out what you’ve got. Do you have one oral-sex partner, or several? Has the alleged high positive correlation been statistically demonstrated, or did you have a sore throat the other day and the u now, and from this you conclude that cunnilingus = world of woe? If you have one partner, and she’s also monogamous, you may get what she’s got, but then you’ve got it—you’re not going to get it multiple times. If, alternatively, you’re into frequent oneoff sex with partners who are similarly disposed, thereby exposing yourself to every bug variant on earth, I suppose you could get repeated infections marked by sore throats, but probably you’d also exhibit numerous other symptoms you don’t mention. So what follows is, of necessity, speculation. First we need to distinguish infections transmitted while having sex from sexually transmitted infections. You can pick up all sort of germs from mere physical contact or proximity, including the rhinoviruses that might cause a sore throat. STIs, however, are transmitted primarily through sexual activity. We’ll discuss only the latter here:

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as: Silicon Valley Estate Planning, 25 Metro Drive, Sixth Floor, San Jose, CA, 95110, Jenny Alberts, FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 255 S. Rengstorff Ave., 15, Mountain View, CA, NAME STATEMENT 94040. #579653 This business is conducted The following person(s) is by an individual. (are) doing business as: Registrant has not Silicon Valley Business yet begun transacting Center, 1900 Camden business under the Ave., San Jose, CA, 95124, fictitious business name Gregg Bunker. or names listed herein. This business is conducted /s/Jenny Alberts by an individual. This statement was filed Registrant has not with the County Clerk of yet begun transacting Santa Clara County on business under the 6/13/2013. fictitious business name (pub Metro 6/26, 7/03, or names listed herein. 7/10, 7/17/2013) /s/Gregg Bunker This statement was filed FICTITIOUS BUSINESS with the County Clerk of NAME STATEMENT Santa Clara County on #579415 6/18/2013. The following person(s) is (pub Metro 5/26, 7/03, (are) doing business as: 7/10, 7/17/2013) Emit Mini Market, 1492 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Almaden Rd., STE C, San Jose, CA, 95125, Carmina NAME STATEMENT Rivera, 1501 Almaden #579330 Expway, Apt 6157, San The following person(s) Jose, CA, 95125. is (are) doing business This business is conducted as: Tim’s Cars, 838 by a Individual. Independence “B” Registrant began Mountain View, CA, transacting business 95032, Timothy T. Evjenth, under the fictitious 134 Altura Vista, Los business name or Gatos, CA, 95032. names listed herein on This business is conducted 6/01/2013. by an individual. /s/Carmina Rivera Registrant began This statement was filed transacting business with the County Clerk of under the fictitious Santa Clara County on business name or 6/11/2013. names listed herein on (pub Metro 6/26, 7/03, 5/01/2006. 7/10, 7/17/2013) /s/Timothy T. Evjenth This statement was filed FICTITIOUS BUSINESS with the County Clerk of NAME STATEMENT Santa Clara County on #579513 6/07/2013. The following person(s) is (pub Metro 6/26, 7/03, (are) doing business as: 7/10, 7/17/2013) Concrete + Silk, 328 North FICTITIOUS BUSINESS Market Street, Apt. 344, San Jose, CA, 95110, Diva NAME STATEMENT Winje. #579676 This business is conducted The following person(s) is by an individual. (are) doing business as: Registrant began HS Sandwiches & Juice, transacting business 2133 Morrill Ave., San under the fictitious Jose, CA, 95132, HS Deli business name or Investment Corporation. names listed herein on This business is conducted 5/24/2013. by a Corporation. /s/Diva Winje Above entity was formed This statement was filed in the state of California with the County Clerk of Registrant has not Santa Clara County on yet begun transacting 6/13/2013. business under the (pub Metro 6/26, 7/03, fictitious business name 7/10, 7/17/2013) or names listed herein. /s/Andrew Danh STATEMENT OF President ABANDONMENT #3566549 OF USE OF FICTITIOUS This statement was filed BUSINESS NAME with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on #579436 6/18/2013. The following person(s) (pub Metro 6/26, 7/03, / entity (ies) has / have 7/10, 7/17/2013) abandoned the use of the fictitious business FICTITIOUS BUSINESS name(s): Bella Aroma, NAME STATEMENT 1765 Scott Blvd., #105, Lisa Nguyen, 211 #579510 McDonnel Rd., Alameda, The following person(s) CA, 94502. is (are) doing business | | | JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2013


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Plaintiff’s claims are stated in the written complaint, a copy of which was filed with the above-entitled Court. You must “appear” in this case or the other side will win automatically. To “appear” you must file with the court a legal document called a “motion” or “answer.” The “motion” or “answer” (or “reply”) must be given to the court clerk IN THE CIRCUIT COURT or administrator within 30 days of the date of FOR THE STATE OF first publication specified OREGON IN AND herein along with the FOR THE COUNTY OF required filing fee. It must DESCHUTES be in proper form and have proof of service on CASE NO. 13CV0609 the plaintiff’s attorney or, SUMMONS BY if the plaintiff does not PUBLICATION have an attorney, proof of U.S. BANK N.A., AS service on the plaintiff. TRUSTEE FOR CITIGROUP If you have any questions, MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST you should see an INC., its successors in attorney immediately. If interest and/or assigns, you need help in finding Plaintiff, v. an attorney, you may UNKNOWN HEIRS contact the Oregon State OF SUE ANN SMITH; Bar’s Lawyer Referral BRYAN C. SMITH; KEVIN Service online at www. P. SMITH; THOMAS or by ANDRADE; KAREN calling (503) 684-3763 (in ANDRADE; CITIBANK the Portland metropolitan SOUTH DAKOTA; STATE area) or toll-free elsewhere OF OREGON; OCCUPANTS in Oregon at (800) 452OF THE PREMISES; THE 7636. REAL PROPERTY LOCATED This summons is issued AT 1333 NORTHEAST pursuant to ORCP 7. DEMPSEY DRIVE, RCO LEGAL, P.C. BEND, OREGON 97701, Michael Botthof, OSB Defendants. TO THE #113337 DEFENDANTS: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF SUE ANN Attorneys for Plaintiff SMITH: 511 SW 10th Ave., Ste. In the name of the State 400 of Oregon, you are hereby Portland, OR 97205 required to appear and P: (503) 977-7840 F: answer the complaint filed (503) 977-7963 against you in the aboveentitled Court and cause FICTITIOUS BUSINESS on or before the expiration NAME STATEMENT of 30 days from the date #579157 of the first publication of The following person(s) is this summons. The date (are) doing business as: of first publication in this matter is June 19th, 2013. Garden to Table Silicon If you fail timely to appear Valley, 651 Mercedes Ave., San Jose, CA, 95116. and answer, plaintiff will apply to the above-entitled This business is conducted court for the relief prayed by a Corporation. Above entity was formed for in its complaint. This is a judicial foreclosure of in the state of California Registrant has not a deed of trust in which the plaintiff requests that yet begun transacting the plaintiff be allowed to business under the fictitious business name foreclose your interest in or names listed herein. the following described /s/Zach Lewis real property: Executive Director LOT NINETEEN (19), #3548174 BLOCK ONE (1), This statement was filed NORTH PILOT BUTTE ADDITION, CITY OF BEND, with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on DESCHUTES COUNTY, 6/03/2013. OREGON. (pub Metro 6/19, 6/26, Commonly known as: 1333 Northeast Dempsey 7/03, 7/10/2013) Drive, Bend, Oregon FICTITIOUS BUSINESS 97701. NOTICE TO DEFENDANTS: NAME STATEMENT READ THESE PAPERS #579380 CAREFULLY! The following person(s) A lawsuit has been is (are) doing business started against you in the as: Tram-Anh LK Designs, above-entitled court by 1276 Lincoln Ave., Suite U.S. Bank N.A., as trustee 104, San Jose, CA, 95125, for Citigroup Mortgage Tram-Anh Chau, 2230 Loan Trust Inc., plaintiff. Stokes St., #1, San Jose,

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herein. /s/Sangam V Patel Treasurer #3526008 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 5/22/2013. (pub Metro 6/05, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26/2013)

real estate SALES



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in the state of California Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. Refile of previous #571418 with changes /s/Sangam V Patel President #20115110136 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 5/22/2013. (pub Metro 6/05, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26/2013) | | | JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2013

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ARIES (March 21–April 19): “To know when to stop is of the same importance as to know when to begin,” said the painter Paul Klee. Take that to heart, Aries! You are pretty adept at getting things launched, but you’ve got more to learn about the art of stopping. Sometimes you finish prematurely. Other times you sort of disappear without officially bringing things to a close. Now would be an excellent time to refine your skills. TAURUS (April 20–May 20): “The problem with

quotes on the Internet is that it’s hard to determine whether or not they are genuine.” So said Joan of Arc back in 1429, right before she helped lead French troops in the battle of Patay. JUST KIDDING! Joan of Arc never had the pleasure of surfing the Web, of course, since it didn’t exist until long after she died. But I was trying to make a point that will be useful for you to keep in mind, Taurus, which is: Be skeptical of both wild claims and mild claims. Stay alert for seemingly interesting leads that are really timewasting half-truths. Be wary for unreliable gossip that would cause an unnecessary ruckus.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20): French Impressionist

painter Claude Monet loved to paint water lilies, and he did so over and over again for many years. Eventually, he created about 250 canvases that portrayed these floating flowers. Should we conclude that he repeated himself too much? Should we declare that he was boringly repetitive? Or might we wonder if he kept finding new delights in his comfortable subject? Would we have enough patience to notice that each of the 250 paintings shows the water lilies in a different kind of light, depending on the weather and the season and the time of day? I vote for the latter view, and suggest that you adopt a similar approach to the familiar things in your life during the coming weeks.

CANCER (June 21–July 22): “In order to swim one takes off all one’s clothes,” said 19th-century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. “In order to aspire to the truth one must undress in a far more inward sense, divest oneself of all one’s inward clothes, of thoughts, conceptions, selfishness, etc., before one is sufficiently naked.” Your assignment in the coming week, Cancerian, is to get au naturel like that. It’s time for you to make yourself available for as much of the raw, pure, wild truth as you can stand. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Gertrude Stein was an innovative writer. Many illustrious artists were her friends. But she had an overly elevated conception of her own worth. “Think of the Bible and Homer,” she said, “think of Shakespeare and think of me.” On another occasion, she proclaimed, “Einstein was the creative philosophic mind of the century, and I have been the creative literary mind of the century.” Do you know anyone like Stein, Leo? Here’s the truth, in my opinion: To some degree, we are all like Stein. Every one of us has at least one inflated idea about ourselves—a conceited self-conception that doesn’t match reality. It was my turn to confront my egotistical delusions a few weeks ago. Now would be an excellent time for you to deal with yours. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. Just recognize the inflation, laugh about it, and move on. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): When I close my eyes, I

get a psychic vision of you as a kid playing outside on a warm summer day. You’re with friends, immersed in a game that commands your full attention. Suddenly, you hear a jingling tune wafting your way from a distance. It’s the ice cream truck. You stop what you’re doing and run inside your home to beg your mom for some money. A few minutes later, you’re in a state of bliss, communing with your Fudgsicle or ice cream cone or strawberry-lime fruit bar. I have a feeling that you will soon experience an adult version of this scene, Virgo. Metaphorically speaking, either the ice cream man or the ice cream woman will be coming to your neighborhood.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): During the past 10 months, you have been unusually adventurous. The last time you summoned so much courage and expansiveness may have been 2001. I’m impressed! Please accept my respect and appreciation. You’ve had a sixth sense about knowing when it’s wise to push beyond your limitations and boundaries. You have also had a seventh sense about intuiting when to be crafty and cautious as you wander through the frontiers. Now here’s one of your assignments for the next 12 months:

By ROB BREZSNY week of April 21

Distill all you’ve learned out there in the borderlands and decide how you will use your wisdom to build an unshakable power spot back here in the heart of the action.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Michael Faraday (1791–1867) was one of the most influential scientists in history. He produced major breakthroughs in both chemistry and physics. Have you ever used devices that run on electricity? You can thank him for playing a major role in developing that wonderful convenience. And yet unlike most scientists, he had only the most elementary grasp of mathematics. In fact, his formal education was negligible. I propose that we name him your role model of the week. He’s a striking example of the fact that you can arrive at your chosen goal by many different paths. Keep that in mind if you’re ever tempted to believe that there’s just one right way to fulfill your dreams. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): “The only thing that we learn from history,” said the German philosopher Georg Hegel, “is that we never learn anything from history.” I’m urging you to refute that statement in the coming weeks, Sagittarius. I’m pleading with you to search your memory for every possible clue that might help you be brilliant in dealing with your immediate future. What have you done in the past that you shouldn’t do now? What haven’t you done in the past that you should do now? CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): According to my

analysis of the astrological omens, now would be a pretty good time to talk about things that are hard to talk about. I don’t necessarily mean that you’ll find it easy to do. But I suspect it would be relatively free of pain and karmic repercussions. There may even be a touch of pleasure once the catharsis kicks in. So try it if you dare, Capricorn. Summon the courage to express truths that have previously been hard to pin down. Articulate feelings that have been murky or hidden. For best results, encourage those you trust to do the same.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Are you familiar with Quidditch? It’s a rough sport played by wizards in the fictional world of Harry Potter. All seven books in the series mention it, so it’s an important element. Author J.K. Rowling says she dreamed up the sport after having a quarrel with her boyfriend. “In my deepest, darkest soul,” she reports, “I would quite like to see him hit by a bludger.” (In Quidditch, a bludger is a big black ball made of iron.) I bring this up, Aquarius, because I suspect that you, too, are in position to use anger in a creative and constructive way. Take advantage of your raw emotion to make a lasting improvement in your life. PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20): In his erotic poem “Your Sex,” Joe Bolton exults: “My heart simplified, I touch the bud of happiness—it’s in season. And whatever grief I might have felt before simply dies inside me.” You might want to write that down on a slip of paper and carry it around with you this week, Pisces. According to my understanding of the astrological omens, the bud of happiness is now in season for you. You have good reason to shed the undertones of sadness and fear you carry around with you. I’ll tell you the last lines of Bolton’s poem, because they also apply: “Sometimes I think it’s best just to take pleasure wherever we want and can. Look: the twilight is alive with wild honey.” (The full poem: Homework: Each of us has a secret ignorance. Can you guess what yours is? What will you do about it?

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


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Alex Stover Stover

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