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ISAWYOU @ METRONEWS.COM Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen— or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, CA 95113, or via email.

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Beyond Defeat President Obama pledged to bring the perpetrators of the bombing in Boston to justice. That doesn’t comfort me. If my wife had been killed or my child maimed what I’d

want is for my wife to be alive and my child whole. President Bush said, “They hate us for our freedoms.” That’s absurd. They hate us because we invade, drop bombs, kick in their doors, shoot them down, destroy their countries and lock up their resources. What arrogance! What stupidity! If anyone did to us what we do to others, we’d hate and fight them, too. Safety will never come out of the barrel of a gun. To live by the sword is to die by the sword or live in endless fear. I say to my fellow citizens, turn off FOX News and hate radio. Our children deserve better. If we make war, we get war. To have peace, we must make peace. MOSS HENRY | SANTA ROSA

Home Run I applaud your editorial about baseball (“Base-opoly,” Cover Story, April 17); you hit the nail right on the head. I hope this city sues and brings this to light. SEAN PIKE | SAN JOSE, FROM METROFB.COM

Unleashed Let me steal from the Tom Petty song for a moment and ask people to “stop draggin’ your dog around.” Stop dragging your dog behind bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and your own fleet feet. Asphalt is unforgiving; if that’s the way you get your cardio workout in,

wonderful. But don’t try to kill two birds with one stone by subjecting your companion to a joyless romp through a harsh landscape. A dog’s nature, lest we forget, is to engage with and relish the million bits of information he encounters in his environment—and to do so on doggy time, not on human beat-theclock time. So unless your dog actually enjoys getting tethered and towed around like a water skier on pavement—and I don’t dispute that those dogs are out there—take him to the park or the beach. Then just sit back and “be the dog.” It’s really quiet instructive. TIM RUDOLPH | SANTA CRUZ

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Allen A llen Wrench Wrench CINDY CHAVEZ CINDY CHA AVEZ V is a people-uniter people-uniter.. How else couldd one explain why so incongruous many incongru uous political actors of varying stripess ar aree singing KKumbaya umbaya defeat as they work ttoo def eat her in the county super supervisor viisor rrace ace to rreplace eplace GEORGE GE ORGE SSHIRAKAWA HIRAKA AWA JR. JR Progressives Progressives and conser conservatives vatiives in Silicon Valley Valley ar aree teaming up to battle the Chavistas, it’s and it ’s causing causing some friction for for top TERESA ALVARADO opponent T EREESA A LVARA A DO as she stitches togeth together her a coalition. Apparently, Apparentlyy, Commerce some Chamberr of Commer ce partisans wer weren’t en’t thrilledd with Alvarado’s Alvarado’s choice of political or organizer, ganizer, former former Labor TTemple emple soldier and occasional San Jose Inside columni columnist st PETER A ALLEN LLEN as her campaign man manager. ager. A Allen llen had butted heads with ind ependent expenditur tree independent expendituree tree shaker VIC VIC AJLOUNY AJLOUNY during the 2012 acce in Almaden. Almaden. The two City Council rrace were were on opposite opposite teams in the JOHNNY KHAMIS-ROBERT KHAMIS-ROBER RT BRAUNSTEIN BRAUNSTEIN battle,, but in this go-ar go-around, ou und, both ffell ell into the antiChavez axis.. Since Sin nce labor pushed Alvarado Alvarado out of its campp with sole endorsements, TTeresa eresa Don’t has been court courting ting the forget business comm community munity vote. She’s since She’s sinc ce slid to tip! Allen Allen aside,, choosing chooosing MAGDALENA MAGDALENA CCARRASCO, A ARRA SCO, FLY@ METRONEWS. an East Side sc school chool COM board board member and fellow Democrat fellow Latina Democr D at who’s who’s also ffallen alleen out of favor favor with the South S Bay Labor Council. A ffew ew weeks weeks ago, aggo, Allen Allen was rreassigned eassigned to work on oth other er campaigns with Alvarado’s consultant, Alvarado’s cons sultant, LEO LEO BRIONES, BRIONES, a strategist noted political str ategist and part-time poet. Allen, Allen,, however, how wever, says that any talk of calamity cou couldn’t from uldn’t be further fr om the truth, as tit titles aree ir irrelevant tles ar relevant in a compacted rrace ace and he still holds a rrole ole in the campaig campaign’s gn’s communications work. But Allen’s continued presence Allen’s con ntinued pr esence could continue to ir irritate ritate the Chamber and San Jose M Mayor REED, ayoor CHUCK CHUCK R EED, both of whom endorsed endorseed Alvarado Alvarado and have little affection affection for for council coouncil aspirant aspirant Allen’s Allen’s outspoken views view ws and former former association with the labor union or organization. ganization.


Without Merit

H HYPOCRISY BADGE BADGE A resolution resolu ution to allow openly gay Boy Bo oy Scouts will be voted on May May a 23.

Boy Scouts of America B A could accept a o openly gay sco scouts—with uts—with a ca catch atch By DOMINIC FRACASSA FRACASSA


n May 23, more than th han 1,400 delegates who wh ho make up the Boy Scouts of America’s America a’s N National ational Council will vote w whether to end one type o off discrimination based on n sexual se exual orientation—but leave le eave another in place. The T he proposed resolution, w which will be discussed at th the he palatial and fittingly n named d Gaylord G l d Texan Texan re resort esort in Grapevine, Grapevine, Texas, Texas, w would officially open up m membership to gay scouts u nder the age of 18. under In a let letter ttter sent last month to delegates, de elegates, Bo Boy oy Sc Scouts outs of Americ America’s a’s

national pr president, esident, Wa Wayne ayyne P Perry, erry, cited the eevolving volving o at tttitudes to ow war a d ga ays y and attitudes toward gays lesbians among sc scout out pa parents arents under “We believe BSA 50. “W We b elieve the BS A ccan an no longer sacrific t yyouth outh o sacrificee its mission, or the ser veed b oveemen nt, b served byy the mo movement, byy allowing the or organization ganization to b bee cconsumed onsumed b byy a single ontroveersial an nd unr esolvveed single,, ccontroversial and unresolved societal so cietal issue issue,,” P Perry erry wr wrote. o . ote While the landmark rresolution, esolution, if appr approved, oved, e would op open en n sc scouting’s outing’s doors do ors to ga gay ay b boys, oyys, the o organization rganization would ccontinue ontinue to bar ga ggay ay and lesbian from serving scoutmasters. adults fr om ser ving as sc coutmasters. Critics on b oth sides of the t issue see the both baby-splitting attempt rresolution esolution as a bab by-spliitttting at ttempt t at ccompromise ompromise that that’s ’s desti destined ined to fail. fail GLAAD (the Ga Gay ay an and nd L Lesbian esbian Alliancee A Allianc Against gainst Defam Defamation) mation) has actively activ ely ccampaigned ampaigned ffor o or a ccomplete omplete BSA’s gay rrepeal epeal of the BS A’s ban n on ga ay and lesbian par participation. ticipation. F Following ollowing Perry’s P erry’s April 19 let letter, tter t , GLAAD G V Vice iice President Communications Pr esident of C ommuniications Rich

Ferraro issu Ferraro issued ued a sc scathing athing st statement atement admonishing admonishi d i hiing BS BSA A ffor o or cho choosing h osing i to maintain maint ain th the he ga gay ay adult ban. “Yet “Y Yet e agai again, in, the Bo Boy oy Sc Scouts outs of Americ Americaa has failed it its ts memb members, ers, ccorporate orporate sponsors, sp onsors, donors d and the millions of Americans Americ caans who agr agree ee that the time discrimination throughout to end discr rimination thr oughout scouting now, Ferraro sc outing is now w,” F erraro said. “By rrefusing efusing to cconsider onsider an end to its ban on gay lesbian parents, Boy Scouts outs ga ay and lesb bian par ents, the Bo oy Sc have ha ave missed d an opp opportunity ortunitty to eexercise xxercise l d hi and leadership a d usher h the h or organization ganization back to rrelevancy. eleevancyy.” Ass it st A stands an nds to today, daay, BS BSA Ap policy olicy prohibits pr ohibits what w it ccalls alls “se “sexual exxual adv advocacy” vocacy” of all kinds kinds.. Simply put, that means discussions ab about out se sexx and se sexuality xualitty ar aree absent fr from om m the sc scouting outing curriculum altogether. alto gether. Mar Margaret garet C Caldwell, aldwell, dir director ector services of field ser v es ffor vic or the San JJose-based o ose-based Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Boy Silic on V aallleey Monter ey Ba ay Bo oy Scouts Council, serves 23,000 Sc outs C ou uncil, which ser vees 23,0 00 scouts Santa County sc outs in Sa anta Clara C ountty and three neighboring says thr ee neigh hboring ccounties, ounties, sa ayys that “sexuality partt of our pr program. “se exualit x ty is i not a par ogram. “We’re heree to ttalk about “W We’re not n her alk ab out a matter believe belongs subject mat atttter that we b elieve b elongs home education in the hom me or in the educ ation ssystem ystem however or howe veerr that works ffor or individual o families,,” C Caldwell says. families a aldwell sa ayys.

helped Scouts Equality, helped ffound o oun nd Sc outs ffor or Equalit o y, an advocacy group promoting policies advocacyy ggr roup pp pr omotingg p olicies of nonnon-discrimination tolerancee discrrimination and toleranc within the BS BSA. says B A. He sa ayys that Stembergerr and others’ opp Stemberger opposition osition to the pr proposed bee trac traced oposeed rresolution esolution ccan an b ed to anxiet anxietyy and ignorance. a ignoranc e. “What ‘o ‘out proud’ out and pr oud’ means is showing p people picturee of yyour eo ople the pictur our o significant wallet, significcaant other o in yyour our w allet, a ” Wahls sa says. having ayys. “It means ha avving yyour our o partner there son’s scout partner ther re at yyour our o son n’s eagle sc out ceremony. That’s bee an ceremon ny. That T ’s what it means to b ‘out’ gay person ‘out’ ga ay p errson in the 21st ccentury. entury.” Wahls sa says BSA’s ays y that the BS A’s rresolution esolution is a step in th the direction, he right dir ection, but it sends a par particularly t ticularly cconfusing onfusing message to sc scouts about placee in the outs ab out their plac organization birthday. orrgganization n after their 18th bir thdaay. “This is th the decades he first time in dec ades that the Bo Boy Scouts oy Sc o has eever outs veer cconsidered onsidered lifting this p policy any olicy in an ny rrespect, espect, and we have acknowledge says. haave to ackn nowledge that,” Wahls sa ayys. “But have understand But we also o ha ave to underst and that somehow te telling scouts day elling sc outs that the da ay you aree a ga gay scout yo ou turn 18,, if yyou ou ar o ay eagle sc out you aree no longer bee a b boy yo ou ar l qualified to b oy scout, scout, that iss just as damaging a message that he’s as telling tha at kid when he ’s in the program he’s good bee a program he e’s not go od enough to b scout. Interesting note,, Wahls and scout.” Inter resting to note Stemberger agree point. Stembergerr agr ee on this p oint. Francisco Bay Area Boy The San Francisc F o Ba ay Ar ea Bo oy Scout Council, Pacific Skyline Council, Scout C oun ncil, P acific Sk kyyline C ouncil, Piedmont C Council, Council ouncil Marin C ouncil, ouncil and Golden Emp Empire Council pire C ouncil all rrefused efused comment proposed comment on o the pr oposed rresolution esolution or didn didn’t ’t rreturn etturn rrepeated epeated rrequests equests ffor or o interviews. Democratic state interviews. But B some Demo cratic st ate legislators su suffer indecisiveness. uff ffeer no indecisiv veeness. Senate Bi Bill ill 323, also known as the “Youth Equality Act, deny ax“Y Yo outh Equ ualitty A ct,” would den ny ttaxexempt status Boy Scouts exxempt st attus to the Bo oy Sc outs and other yyouth groups outh o h gr oups that discriminate on the basiss of se sexual orientation, exxual orient ation, gender identity, nationality race. d iden id ntit ity, nationalit i lity or rac e. The Th bill has b been way through n winding its w ay thr ough een the Senate F Finance Appropriation inance and Appr opriation Committees sincee it w was introduced Committttees sinc aas intr oduced in February, and bee headed back February, an nd it ccould ould b to the Senat Senate floor May te flo or as early as Ma ay 2. Not local BSA sitting Not eevery veery lo cal BS A chapter is sit ttting on the sideli sidelines, ines, though. Redwood Empiree ccouncil president Reedwood Empir ouncil pr esident Herb W Williams 1,400 iilliaams is one of the 1,40 0 delegates he heading Gaylord eading to Ga ayylord to ccast ast a vote May vo ote on Ma ay 23. Though he chose his words say proposed words ccarefully, arefu fullyy, he did sa ay the pr oposed resolution from resolution iss far fr om ccomplete. omplete. “I’m sorr sorry, it’s half-baked, y, it ’s only half f--bak keed,” he sa says, it’s positive ayys, “butt it ’s still a p ositivve step forward. That being Williams fo orwaard.” Th hat b eing said, W illiams i would not divulge d how his ccouncil ouncil intends to vvote. ote. o

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This st stance taance has led to an a atmospher atmospheree scouting similar in sc outingg rremarkably emark kaablyy si imilar to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t fformer ormer tenets of “Don o n’’t A ssk, Don n’’t Tell” T eell” in the U U.S. ..S. milit military. ary. Ir IIronically, oniccaallyy, man ny of those who rremain many emaain adamantly opposed opp osed to an any ny kind of in institutionalized nstitutionalized acceptance gays DADT justify ac cceptance of ga ayys use D ADT to justif AD fy position. Stemberger, their p osition. JJohn ohn S temberger,, ffounder ounder of onm o myyhonor.n net, an online dedicated opposing “open hub dedic ated to opp osiing “op en homosexuality Scouts, says homose xualitty in the Sc o ,” sa outs ayys that accepting openly gay members ac cepting op enly ga ay me embers into the BSA’s bee ttantamount BS A’s ranks would b an ntamount to entirety endorsing the entir etty of o what he rrefers effeers “gay to as the “ga ay agenda.” gay are, “Being ga ay is not who o yyou ou ar o e, being gay political movement, b eing ga ay is a p olitical mo m veement,” Stemberger says. Stemb erger sa ayys. While he h admits gay scouts scout aree that ga ay sc outs and sc outt leaders ar already involved undoubtedly alr eady in nvo olvveed in scouting programs over sc outing pr ograms all o ver the ccountry, ountry, Stemberger believes BSA’s Stemb erger b elievees thatt the BS SA’s current policies prevent from curr ent p olicies pr eveent them fr om organization’s “hijacking” hijacking the or ganizaation n’s national agendas.. agendas about is,, the they’re “The thing ab out it is y’re discreet, they’re personal, they’re discr eet, the y’re p ersonaal, the eyy’re appropriate, they’re appr opriate, the y’re not acting out; they’re the y’re not engaging in ga ggay ay activism, that’s about, and that ’s what this is alll ab out,” Stemberger says. “Membership Stemb erger sa ayys. “Memb bership in full good is not go od enough ffor o or them, t and full participation isn’t good par ticipation isn n’’t go od enough. e What gay want promote ga ay rights activists w ant a is to pr omote gay scouting. the ga ay agenda in sc outin ng.” Two players inform T w wo other big pla ayeers inf fo orm the god money. discussion: go d and mon ney. Approximately percent Appr oximately 70 p errceent of all scouting across aree sc outing units acr oss the ccountry ountry ar chartered byy faith-based or organizations. char tered b o ganizations. Stemberger Stemb errgger is cconvinced on nvvinced that the goes through, rresolution, esolution, if it go es thr ou ugh, would fforce orrce o churches sever ties BSA. chur ches to se eveer their tie es with the BS SA. A “There’s way “Ther e’s just no w ay that the [Latter-day [L atttter-daay Saints] Church, Chu urch,, the Baptist Church, Catholics Ch Chur ch, h the h C atholics h li and a d eeven ven some Methodists aree going to Methodists ar o allow that ffor or o chartered church, a char tered unit within n their chur ch,” says. so,, I pr predict theree he sa ayys. ““And, And, so A ediict that ther bee a mass eexodus heartt and will b xodus of o the hear scouting, parents, scouts soul of sc outing, par entts, sc outs and scout masters..” sc out masters Stemberger’s speculation about Stemb erger’s sp eculaation ab out the Church Latter Day Chur ch of JJesus esus Christ of o L atter Da ay however, unfounded. Saints (LDS), howe ver, is unf fo ounded. largest charter Boyy Sc Scout out The single lar gest char t of Bo ter troops tr oops in the ccountry, ountry, the t Mormon Church announced 255 that it Chur ch announc ed on April 2 support BSA’s would supp ort the BS A’s rresolution. esolution. Wahls,, an eaglee sc scout Zach Wahls out and product pr oduct of a ttwo-mother wo -moth her household, Stemberger’s is familiar with Stemb e ger’s er positions. the have p ositions. In the past, th he ttwo wo ha ave debated one another on CNN.. Wahls n CNN


WEB: W E B: metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013

An in inside nside look at San Jose politics

W WHO ME?! Cindy y Chavez met with wiith

DA A Jeff Rosen in an effort to stop p him hi im from prosecuting George Sh hirakawa Jr. Shirakawa

CChavez Admits Pressing P Pr essing Rosen BY SSILICON B ILICON V VALLEY ALL EY NEWSROOM N NE W S R OOM County C ounty sup supervisor ervisor ccandidate andidate Cind Cindy dy Chavez C Ch Cha avez has h cconfirmed onfirmed fi d that th t she h rai raised i ised cconcerns o erns ab onc about out pr prosecuting osecuting Geor George g ge Shirakawa Sh hirakawa JJr. r. during a luncheon w Sant with Santaa Clara C County ountty District Attorney A ttorne t y JJeff eff R Rosen osen o at P..F .F. F. Chang’ Chang’ss in JJanuary. a anuar y. Despite the inter intervention vention b byy Chavez others,, Shirak Shirakawa was C Cha avez and others awa w ass charged ch harged fiv fivee weeks later with fiv fivee seven ffelonies eelonies and se ven misdemeanors and immediately from office. im mmediately rresigned esigned fr om offic e. He subsequently guilty su ubsequently pleaded guilt ty to alll of th he char ges. the charges. Chavez Cha avez describ described ed the enc encounter ounter to o the San J Jose oose Mer Mercury rccurry Ne News ws as “very direct “v very ccordial, ordial, dir ect and honest attempt cconversation” onveersation” rather than an at on tttem mpt pressure to o apply pr essure ttactics actics to cconvince on nvvince th the he ccounty’s ounttyy’s head pr prosecutor osecutor to lea leave ave Shirakawa officee ffor another Sh hirak kawa in public offic or anoth o her ffour o yyears. our ears e . During the h cconversation, on nversation e n, C Cha Chavez avez ask asked ed ab about out R Rosen’s osen’s plan o plan’s ’s to t run ru un ffor o or rre-election e-election and hinted that charging supervisor ch harging the fformer ormer sup o ervisor with h crimes hurtt R Rosen’s standing cr rimes ccould ould hur osen’s st o anding minority w minorit with ty vvoters. oters. O Other ther than the admission b byy Chavez, doesn’t C Cha avez, who do esn’t rreturn eturn San JJose osse

Inside’s Mercury Inside ’s calls, calls, the item in n the Mer rccurry News’ “Internal Ne ws’ April 28, 2013 “In nternal Affairs” was largely ccolumn olumn w aas lar gely a rrewrite ewrite of a byy “The Fly” th that appeared ccolumn olumn b hat app eared in Metro Met tro last week. Consistent daily’ss rrecent C onsistent with the daily’ ecent practice, practic e, the IA item rrefashioned, eefashioned efashioned, Metro ro’’s attribution, without at tttribution, much m of Metr reporting, reportingg, including th the he timing and location meeting, naturee location of the meeting g, the natur of the cconversations, the on nversations, th he mention of Chaavez’s support support for for o Rosen’s Rosen o ’s 2010 Chavez’s Republican Reepublican opp opponent onent and a even eveen The Fly’s Fly’s descriptions of Chavez’s Ch haavez’s remarks remarks as “veiled “vveiled e threats” threats” and of o Shirakawa Shirakawa as Chavez’s Chaavez’s “political “political ally. allyy.” P.F. ..F F. Chang’ Chang’ss pr previously evioussly figur figured ed in tttributed Mercury M rccurry Ne Mer ws another unat unattributed News use of original rresearch. esearch h. L Last ast Octob October, er, Metro Met tro p posted osted a ccopy op py of a F Feb. eb. 17 rreceipt eceipt to its website showing that t Shirak Shirakawa kawa Artois beers, had paid ffor or o ttwo wo Stellaa Ar w tois b eers, a De Devil’s vil’s C Canyon an nyon o Amb Amber e draft and a er piña ccolada olada with his ccounty o ty char ount charge ge false ccard ard and then filed a fa alse declaration claiming no alc alcohol had been served. ohol ha ad b een ser ved. e The rreceipt eceipt obt obtained ained b byy Metro Mettro b became ecame ak ey piec vvidence in the District key piecee of eevidence Attorney’s A tttorneeyy’’s case case against i t the th supervisor. supervisor i r. News The Mercury Merrccurry Ne ws cropped c opped cr out the o URL on the document, document, ran a copy cop o y of the rreceipt eceipt without disclos disclosing sing its sour source ce and published an editorial edito orial on Nov. N ov. 19, 2012, in which h the paper paper ccongratulated ongratulated itself for fo orr do documenting cumenting eexamples xamples of Shirakawa’s Shirakawa’s sp spending ending abuse “in a Page Page One story s y Sunday stor Sundaay b byy Mercury Mer rcur c ry News News reporters. reporterrs.”

Fake Lab Report R Could Net A Alleged Rapist $150K $150K $ BY JE JENNIFER NN I F E R W WADSWORTH A DS W O R T H A fak fake ke crime lab rreport eport that alr already eady ccost ost the cit city ty of San JJose osee yyears ears e of ccourt ourt battles bat tttles and lost time will wi now ttake ak ke $150,000 $150,0 00 to set settle. tttle. San JJose ose will lik likely ely pay Kerkeles, 2005 pa ay off Michael K eerkelees, who in 20 05 was accused mentally ally w as a ac cused of raping a ment disabled woman with the t ccognitive ognitive ccapacity apacitty of an 8-year-old. 8-yeearr-olld.

TTWITTER: W ITTER: @sanjoseinside FFACEBOOK: ACEB OOK: SanJoseInside

The ccase asee ffell eell flat b because ecause a San JJose ose police officer about fake p olice offic cer testified ab out a fak ke eal. piecee of eevidence piec viidence as if it wer weree rreal. eparin Pr ng to question the susp ect Preparing suspect back in 20 0 detectiv 05, ve Mat tthe t w 2005, detective Matthew Christian ttyped y ed up a rreport yp eport b byy a fictional Sa anta Clara C ountty Crime Santa County L ab technic cian named R eebecca Lab technician Rebecca R oberts, wh o ho claimed in her fictional Roberts, who rreport eport thatt semen w aas ffound ound on a o was blank keet ttaken ak keen fr om K eerk keeles’ garage blanket from Kerkeles’ garage.. K erk e keeles in nvo oked his Miranda rights Kerkeles invoked rights,, rremaining ypassing y an ny emaining silent and b bypassing any questions C ne ever got his questions.. Christian never chanc u fak ke rreport, eport, and he filed chancee to use fake it away away with witth the rrest est of the eevidence. vidence. Fast t--ffo orwaard 16 months: The ccase ase Fast-forward made it to a pr eliminary hearing and preliminary witnesses wer w alled to the st and. weree ccalled stand. estified under oath that the Christian ttestified lab rreport eport w aas the whole truth and was nothing bu ut the truth. It just tot ally but totally slipp ed his mind that he do ctored the slipped doctored whole thin ng, the cit ty sa ays y . The only thing, city says. rreason eason an nyo one ffound ound o out is b ecause anyone because K erk e eles’ at tttorneey ccalled alled the crime lab Kerkeles’ attorney to ask ffor o or the t technician ’s rresume— esume— technician’s only to lear rn she didn ’t eexist. xist. learn didn’t It sound ds outrageously sounds unc onstitu utional, this whole makingunconstitutional, up -evidencce-as--you-go o business up-evidence-as-you-go business.. But Cit ty A tttorn neey Richar d Do oyyle sa ayys it ’s City Attorney Richard Doyle says it’s actually OK K as long as it ’s used as an it’s interr ogation to ol and it ’s not ccoercive. oercivve. interrogation tool it’s P olice sa ay it iit’s ’s a rar actic. R eegardless, Police say raree ttactic. Regardless, the cit ty eexpects xxp pects to set tttle to aavoid vo oid mor city settle moree legal back k-a -and-ffo orth. back-and-forth. But the at tttorneey who won the civil attorney suit ffor or K o eerrk keles e sa ayys that San Jose Jose Kerkeles says offic ers “r o outinely cr eated false crime officers “routinely created lab rreports eportss and ther een other theree had b been inst ances where w e fake wher fak ke reports reports had instances b een presented presented in court court as genuine, genuine,” been ac cording to t a ttwo-year-old wo-yearr-old st w atement. according statement. The justices justiices unanimously agreed agreed to let K erk e keles e s sue Christian ffor o or cconspiring onspiring Kerkeles with JJamie amiee Stringfield, a fformer ormer o Sant Santaa Clara C ntty deput ty district at tttorneey, oun County deputy attorney, to pass off a fak ke rreport eport as the rreal eal deal, fake the st atemeent added. statement St Stringfie i field ld told t ld the th Mer M rcur c ry Ne N ws Stringfield Mercury News after the ccase a got dismissed in 20 ase 07 2007 that she sti ill b elieved e K erk keeles w aas “in still believed Kerkeles was no w ay … factually inno cent.” way innocent. Thanks to t the sloppily eexecuted xecuted and ethic allly questionable —though ethically questionable—though technic allyy legal—p olicework, that ’s technically legal—policework, that’s now fforever o oreveer rrelegated elegated to sp eculation. speculation.


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TTECHNOLOGY ECHNOLOG GY & CUL CULTURE LT URE IN N SILICON V VALLEY ALLE Y DonnkeyHotey DonkeyHotey metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013

updated daily: www twitter: @sv411 @sv411 facebook: facebook: siliconvall siliconvalley411 ley411 the company’s p y 2012 IPO, IPO, for for example, p netted him some $2.3 3 billion, and he still has 60 million sh shares hares left over over.. “I think everyone seess it for for what it Gerald is, a PR move,”” said G Gerald Francis Francis Corbett, CEO of Redphlag Redph phlag g LLC LLC and past chair and CEO off the Public Relations Society of America. A . “It’s “It’s aimed at all constituencies, constitueencies, it makes everyone think betterr of him.”— Dan Holden

Shazam Ch Changes hanges Its CEO WHAT, WH AT, ME WORRY WORRY ABOUT AB OUT MONEY? MONEY? M Mark a Zuckerberg works cheap— ark — if you don don’t ’t count c the stock options options..

One Dollar and Billions B Ch hange In Change A recent recentt Fa FFacebook acebook b k filing fili with ith the th Sec Securities S curities iti andd Exchange E h Commission Zuckerberg Commissio on let slip that CEO Mark Zu uckerberg is taking a cash salaryy of just $1 this year ng him in a small gr oup of year,, puttin putting group CEOs hopin ng to cul tivate an image off modesty while car rying hoping cultivate carrying stock portf portfolios folios worth billions of dolla dollars. ars. The image-b image-building uilding tactic cropped cropped up in the tech industry after the initial meltdown of the 1990s shook several core. Internet mel t tdown severral tech giants to their cor e. The idea has resurfaced resurfaced as companies have faced faced criticism in the press press from shareholders overcompensating and fr om sha areholders ffor or over compensating g their executives. executives Steve S teve Jobs probably prrobably started the ball rolling rolling when w he took a $1 salary on his return return to Apple as CEO in 1998. Other notables notables who have at one time or another joined joineed the club include Sergey Sergey Brin, Larry Larry Page Page and Eric Schmidt of Larry Tesla HP. Google, Lar ryy Ellison of Oracle, Oracle, Elon Musk of T esla e and Meg Whitman of HP P. Still, S till, each of these execs earned considerable considerablle income from from stock options worth millions, million ns, if not billions, of dollars. Zuckerberg’s Zuckkerberg’s exercised exercised share share of

Shazam,, an early musicc ser service vice successfully ffor or SMS phones that su uccessfully tr transitioned ansitioned into the app ap pp era, era,, has hired hired Riley, Yahoo’s Rich Riley y, Y aahoo’s fformer orm mer executive VP ffor or the Americas as its new CEO. Andrew Fisher,, who Riley replaces replaces Andr ew w Fisher was appointed CEO in n 2005 to strengthen strengthen industry partnerships p and increase increase the userr base. During his tenure, created strong tenure, Fisher cr eaated a str ong following ll i ffor or Shazam Sh i il as following primarily an iPhone and then Android A oid app. Andr Fisher now becomes the company’s first executive chairman. According chairm man. A ccording to a company news release, release, e he will work on prepping prepping thee company for for a public offering. offering.

Shazam reportedly moree than reportedly ep y has mor 300 millio million on users and tens of millions off songs in its database. —Dan Holden Hold den

Search Sear c ffor ch or ‘Resignation’ ‘Resiggnation’ There’s never There’s nevver a dull moment at Yahoo. Yaahoo. Fred Amoroso Last week,, Fr ed Amor oso announced his rresignation esignaation as chairman of the board, although company’s boar d, al though he will through continue to o serve serve thr ough the next shareholder shareholdeer meeting on June 25.. A Yahoo statement Y aahoo state ement said Maynard Maynard Webb Webb Jr. serve Jrr. will ser vee as interim chairman of the board boar d untill a full rreplacement eplacement is named. Amoroso that he did not Amor oso maintains m serve intend to sser ve as chairman ffor or moree than one year year.. During that mor Amoroso time, Amor roso led the investigation surrounding Yahoo sur roundin ng fformer ormer Y aahoo CEO Scott Att Thompson’s departur departure, Thompson.. A e, Amoroso board Amor oso aand the boar d appointed Levinsohn Ross Levin nsohn as interim CEO, and sources Amoroso ces indicate sour ind dicate now that Amor oso mayy have wanted w Levinsohn to be thereafter. appointed full CEO ther eafterr. However,, the However t hiring committee bypassed Levinsohn, instead thee stunning appointment making th of Marissaa Mayer as CEO of the struggling tech giant. Mayer,r, wh who Yahoo Mayer o stepped over to Y aahoo from fr om Google, Goog gle, was effusive in her praise Amoroso: “Fred pr aise of Amor A oso:: “Fr ed has been a Yahoo wonderful chairman for for Y ahoo a over the past year yyear,, and I’m personally grateful gr ateful ffor o his trust and guidance or Yahoo as I took on o the rrole ole as Y aahoo CEO.” —Dan Holden Hold den

Shazam started in 199 1999 99 as the brainchild brainchild of UC-Berkeley UC-Berkeeley students Chris Barton and Philip p Inghelbrecht, Inghelbrecht, who h were were later l t joined j i d by b audio di specialist Avery Wang, Stanford Avery v W ang, a S tanford Ph.D. The company’s core product core pr o oduct is a software software service service that captures caaptures snippets of rrecorded searches ecorded music and then t searches the company’s database database for for a match.

Fred Amo Amoroso roso

HONORING CINDO DE MAYO r%08/508/.06/5"*/7*&8$"4530453&&5r'3&&"%.*44*0/

Presented by the Central Business Association

17th Annual


*/'0-*/&rXXXNJSBNBSFWFOUTDPNrOPQFUTQMFBTF Silicon Valley Community Media

MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

.BZmr am to 6 pm

11  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013

Aron Cooperman



Tiki Time Two JG8:<@E$M8;F G8:<@E$M8;FJC>Êj;XeMX[fgi\gXi\j_`je\ncfZXk`fefeIXZ\Jki\\k]fiJXkli[XpÊj^iXe[fg\e`e^%

JcXm\CXYfi>iXg_`Zj^\kji\X[p Jc C Y > _` [ kfYi`e^Xjc`Z\f]9f_\d`Xkf `kje\n_fd\feIXZ\Jki\\k 9pGARY SINGH


LJK@EK@D<]fi=i\\ :fd`Z9ffb;Xp# fe\f]JXeAfj\Êj c\^\e[Xiple[\i^ifle[ YXjk`fejf]qfeb\[$flkaXqq# K`b`Zlckli\Xe[^iXg_`Z$ efm\c`ejXe`kpj_Xcci\m`m\ `kj\c]Xe\nfeIXZ\Jki\\k# aljkf]]K_\8cXd\[X%K_\ Z`iZljY\^`ejk_`jJXkli[Xp X]k\ieffe% For a decade or more, Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) and its own Siamese Twin (a la Basket Case), Art Boutiki, operated on Market Street near Metro’s offices, providing lounge lizards and comics aficionados a warehouse space

in which to slither around and soak it all in. The publishing company operated out of the warehouse, while the bands gigged on a temporary stage in the back. The gallery doubled as a retail store where said lizards could skulk around and peruse a plethora of kooky comics, plus T-shirts and other souvenirs. At that building, Slave Labor also staged workshops, mini–flea markets and numerous other sordid affairs for discerning connoisseurs of high camp. The joint was a fixture during South First Fridays, and they even sold hockey jerseys with logos from the old Flying Pig Pub on First Street. If that’s not local flavor, I don’t know what is. Now, at a prime, gritty new locale at 44 Race St., at The Alameda, SLG Art Boutiki just might possibly

is a help anchor a new idea—that is, reconsidered stretch of road. Two years ago, in this space, the anti-manabout-town philosophized that, with the arrival of boutiques like the Usuals as well as Black and Brown, an awesome new rebirth of that ignored thoroughfare was about to begin—that a tiny new appendage of artsy Bohemia could be in the works. Of course, he was not the only one to make this observation. It turned out quite a few others had similar visions in mind. The Art Boutiki, in its new space, will help move that idea forward. We hope. With that perspective in mind, the anti-man-about-town creeped into the new spot last week to bask in the dust and pizza boxes while honcho Dan Vado, et al., were building the place out. His yellow Labrador, Homer, jumped leaped about, greeting whoever decided to show up announced. As Vado walked me through the 7,000-square-foot facility, it became apparent that the building is a much better space than the previous ramshackle establishment on First

Street. There is more retail area in the front, a much larger space for the gigs in the middle and gargantuan amounts of office and storage space. In the middle space, everything was still being constructed. Various couches lay strewn about, vinyl LPs were stacked in boxes, pieces of microphone stands and amplifiers occupied various sections of the floor, and the portable stage was folded up. Plastic containers overflowed with Star Wars toys; oddball Tiki sculptures appeared in various stages of functionality; the back wall was freshly painted with the SLG Art Boutiki logo; and bamboo siding hung in front of another wall. Miscellaneous potted plants, jars of spackling and gloriously unmatched sets of chairs sat around, as if waiting for a party. A tuned piano held its own in one corner, while a scissor lift seemed ready for action on the other side of the room. Natural light streamed in from the roll-up door, which also allowed traffic noise from Race Street to filter through. The anti-man-about-town felt excited to see the guts of a new place from the ground up. Contemplating the entire stretch of The Alameda, one can easily envision a new Whole Foods, post-arena-artsy-madness-turned-SanJose-Made-Boutiki, vintage clothing and comic subculture stew beginning to cook on the burner. Vado says that unlike before, the publishing company can operate separately from the band space and vice versa. The footprint of the building facilitates his operations much better. “Before, the bands would be in our order department. Now they can store their stuff in the back, and it’s locked up. Everything is more compartmentalized. People who frequented our space will be happy to know that there are now two restrooms instead of one.” All in all, Tiki now reigns free on Race Street. Take your maroon fez and your soft blue blazer out of the closet and slither on over. “It’s Tiki but not tacky,” Vado says. “We’re trying for a Polynesian theme, but not to where it’s overwhelming everything in the store, the stage and everything.” Saturday

May 4 Noon

SLG OPENING PARTY 44 Race St., San Jose


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Bon Qui Me Comedie Comedienne enne Anjelah h Johnson Johnson’s ’s un uniquely niquely San Jose-style J mashup ma ashup of cultur cultural ral influencess created a b breakout reakout vira virall sensation BY B Y JENNIFER R WADSWORTH WADS A WORTH


NJELAH JOHNSON NJELAH JOHNSON wo would uld almost always alw ways show up late to t Bachrodt Elementary Elem mentary y School in San JJose ose even house literally eve n though her hous se sat liter ally about 100 feet With feet away. away. Blame it on o Live W ith i Regis Regis and Kelly, Kelly e y, which started at 9am, just 15 minutes before bell. b the first bel l.

The sec second ond bell bell would send herr sh shuffling huffling acr across oss to school, school, reluctant reluctan nt to o ttake ake an early b bow ow fr from om family ritual rit tual and the h hypnotic yypnotic pull of her heer favorite fa avorite ttalk-show alk-show personalities. personalities. “I lo lloved ved d that h show h b because ecause m myy m mom would w watch atch it it—she —she loved loved it,” it, ,”” rrecalls ecalls JJohnson ohnson with a laugh. ““So So I would w want w ant to see it with her her.. Itt m made me late eevery very day daay of m myy life.” liffe.” She rrecognized ecognized early on the p power ower off stor storytelling ytelling as enter entertainment, tainment, drawn dr raaw wn to ttalk alk shows and the

hip -hop cultur hip-hop culturee ccomedy omedy of BET BET. T. In cconversation, onversation, in lif life, fe, JJohnson ohnson gravitated gra avvitated tow toward ard centerstage cen nterstage in pursuit of the thrill off ccommanding ommanding attention. at tention. Now, N ow w, the h S San JJose ose na native ativ ive is i a nationally touring st standup an ndup ccomedian, omedian, a ttwo-time w wo-time viral Intern Internet net sensation, a MADt MADtv v ccast ast memb member, er, a writer, writer, an actress—and actr ess—and she is back k ffor or o ttwo wo w shows this Satur Saturday daay at the San n JJose ose C Center enter ffor or o the P Performing erforming o Arts. Arts t.


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ROLE R OLE MODEL MODEL Anjelah Johnson Johnson’s ’s creation Bon Q Qui ui Qui stars in some of YouTube’s Y ouTube’s funn o funniest niest videos videos..

“It’s “It ’s alw always wayys ggo good od to ccome ome home home,,” saayys JJohnson, says ohnson,, a gregarious gregarious oliveolivveskinned b beauty eautty with the ph physique hyysique of a danc dancer er and a name that b belies elies her Mexican–Native Me xican–Natiive Americ American an rroots. oots. “I have ha ave a lot of pride p in wher wheree I gr grew ew up up..” The show iiss par partt homec homecoming oming and partt fundraise par fundraiser. er. Some of the pr proceeds oceeds will go to Cit Cityteam, y yteam, a national Christian non nonprofit nprofit that helps the homeless and d imp impoverished overished find work,, addictio addiction on tr treatment eatment and other services ser vices to pu pull ull them out of a bind. Sincee Ma Sinc May ay 14 marks JJohnson’s ohnson’s 31st birthday, bir thdaay, she w wants ants to raise enough moneyy ffor mone or Ci o Cityteam ityteam to ffeed eed e needy children. childr en. “This is m myy city, city, so I w want ant to giv givee back,” she sa says. ayyss. “I tr tryy to ccome ome home

ass much as I ccan an to see m myy family, familyy, but to o ccome ome and do a show in San JJose osee is always al lwayys cool cool b because ecause p people eople I wentt to high hi igh scho school ol and element elementary ary scho school o ol w show up and sa with say, ay, ‘Hey, ‘Hey, I’m really really e proud pr roud of yyou; ou; I’m rreally eally happ happyy about about o w what yyou’re o ou’re doing doing..’ It feels feels e great, great, like liike they th hey get to share share in what I’m up to to. o. M Ba My Bay ay Area Area p people eople ar aree always alwayys so proud pr roud and eexcited. xcited. I just ffeel eeel the love. lo ove.”

B to Born to P Perform erform When a stranger on a plane asks her W h w what she do does es ffor o or a living living,, Johnson Johnson n pauses pa auses to cconsider onsider how ttalkative alkative she sh he ffeels. e . She ccould eels ould claim an any ny number numberr off rroles; oles; it it’s ’s alw always ways y been been that w way. ay. Actor. A ctor. C Comic. omic. W Writer. rriter. Maybe Maayb y e it’s it’s more m e mor

accurate to ccall accurate all her a p personality ersonality or a triple-threat triple -threat scene-stealer. scene-steaaler. “Overall, “Ov erall, I guess jus just st an entertainer,” enter tainer,” she muse muses. es. Att age 8, she b A became ecam me a P Pop op Warner cheerleader; she s then to took ok up so soccer, ccer, softball and d track. She practiced practic ed a mix of dan dance nce styles, styles, including hip hip-hop -hop and d br breakdancing. eakdancing. Ass a senior at San JJose’s A osee’s Linc Lincoln oln High Scho School, ol, she enr enrolled o olled in an acting class class.. She b began egan n to eexperiment xperiment with various ac accents, cents, which w ccame ame naturally giv given en her up upbringing pbringing in a multicultural South Ba B Bay. ay. “My ccomedy omedy in involves nvolvves a lot of storytelling stor ytelling and chara characters, acters, so I find a lot of inspiration fr from o p om people eople around ar ound me and lif life fe eexperiences, x eriences, xp

includingg fr ffrom om ggr growing owingg up p in San JJose,” ose,” Johnson John nson sa says. ays y. Fame ccould o ould have ha ave sc scouted outed her in anyy numb an number ber of hobbies—and it did to som some me eextent. xtent. While studying speech sp eech ccommunications om mmunications at De Anza College C ollege in Cup Cupertino, ertino, JJohnson ohnson became b ecame a cheerleader c ffor o or the Oakland Raiders R in 20 2002. 02. The team named herr rrookie ookie Raider Raiderette etttte of the yyear ear and pick p picked ed her to p perform erfo orm in Super Sup er Bow Bowl wl XXXVII. “I dabbl dabbled led in a bunch of things things,” ,” says sa ays y JJohnson, ohnson, one of fiv fivee kids kids.. “My whole fam family mily is vvery ery creative. creative. I grew grew up ar around ound d it. it.”” In her eearly arly 20s 20s,, Johnson Johnson was was



‘…–‘”‘ˆ…—’—…–—”‡ Ƭ”‹‡–ƒŽ‡†‹…‹‡ ƒ•–‡”‘ˆ…‹‡…‡‹ ”ƒ†‹–‹‘ƒŽŠ‹‡•‡ ‡†‹…‹‡

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595 Lawrence Expressway, Expressway, Sunn Sunnyvale y ale C yv CA 94085


CHINA’S TERRACOTTA WARRIORS THE FIRST EMPEROR’S LEGACY ASIAN ART MUSEUM FEB 22 — MAY 27, 2013 This exhibition was organized by the Asian Art Museum in partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre, People’s Republic of China. Presentation at the Asian Art Museum is made possible with the generous support of East West Bank, Fred Eychaner, Education Programs Sponsor Douglas A. Tilden, Robert Tsao, Joie de Vivre Hotels, United, Silicon Valley Bank, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Media sponsors: ABC7, San Francisco Chronicle,, KQED Public Broadcasting, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco magazine, Sing Tao Daily, World Journal, Art: Armored military officer, Light Infantryman, Armored infantryman, Qin dynasty (221–206 BCE). China. Terracotta. Excavated from Pit 1, Qin Shihuang tomb complex, 1976, 1980, 1978. Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Shaanxi. Presenting Sponsor

Asian Art Museum Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art & Culture 200 Larkin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 415.581.3500


coupon. treattment hments h es fr re t Ligh d.. rv rveed se be b ill w

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Featuring Odeum in Morgan Hill, Birk’s Restaurant, Flea Street Cafe, Laura Stec – Innovative Cuisine, Mission City Creamery, Rock Bottom Brewery, The Table, Zona Rosa, Barefoot Coffee, Cafe 152 Burger Co. and Columbia Gorge Organic

Coyote Valley

Family Farm Feast

Guided hikes and family entertainment

Saturday, May 11th, 2013 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve 550 Palm Avenue • Morgan Hill Register for this free event at:

Beautiful 348-acre Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve

Free admission & parking All green & zero waste PRESENTED BY


Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority


ANJELAH ANJEL A H JOHNSON J OHNSON O already a pr already pro o cheerlea cheerleader ader who mastered ed what sh she alls the had master he ccalls “perma-smile”—the “p erma-smile”—the grin g yyou keep ou k eep plastered facee while signing plaster ed on yyour our fac autographs, auto graphs, dancing a rroutine outine or posing photos—and p osing ffor o or photos—an nd had honed a stage presence. dynamic st age pr esencce. But egging on the fans f in the wasn’t Black Hole w asn’t herr end-all. Divine guidancee dr drew Hollywood, guidanc ew her to Hollywo od, says. To anyone else she h sa ayys. T o an yone els lse it would ld have ohnson ha ave seemed a whim, but JJohnson strongly about herr mo move ffelt elt e str ve to L.A. ongly ab out he Between and gigs,, Bet ween auditions an nd acting gigs improv she ffound o ound time ffor o or an n impr ov class at church, Christian Center. her chur ch, Oasis Chr istian C enter. improv A ccomic omic in the imp rov troupe troupe encouraged enc ouraged JJohnson ohnson to t ply her open character bits at somee op en mics, mics, try try standup thing. the whole st andup thi ing. standup,” “I kind of just ffell ell e into in nto st andup,” says there sa ayys JJohnson. ohnson. h “I went down d ther h e to wound onstage pursue acting and wo und up onst age microphone.” with a micr ophone.”

A Running SStart tart Chris Storin rremembers emembers e the first time he met JJohnson: ohnson: it was was at some open-mic op en-mic session in L Long o Beach. ong JJohnson ohnson w was as only mon months nths into her standup st andup ccareer, areer, if it ccould o ould eeven ven b bee ccalled alled that at the time time, e, making the rrounds ounds at op open-mics, en-mics, and—at aand—atypical ypical ffor or o a ccomic omic so wet wet-behind-the-ears— -beh hind-the- ears— absolutely sla slaying ayying audiences. aud diences. ““All All the ccomics A omics wer were re go good, od, but the standout st andout of the night,, the one that rrocked ocked it, w was as Anjelah Anjelah,” h,”” sa says ayys Storin, an Oakland-based ccomedian. om median. “She probably pr obably do doesn’t esn’t rremember. emeember. W Wee ttalked alked briefly after tha that at show show. w. That w as the first time we met. m was met.”” Unlike U nlik ke a lot of b beginning eginn ning ccomics omics who fight to get st age time, tiime, Johnson Johnson stage quickly graduated to leg legitimate gitimate ccomedy omedy clubs Book keers sa aw thatt her character clubs.. Bookers saw bits wer weree so p popular opular shee ccame aame with a built t--in audience. audience. Herr immediate built-in success suc cess wounded a ffew ew egos. egos. Stepping on older ccomics’ omics’’ toes toes wasn’t w asn’t intentional, shee later noted. If an ything, she w as th he ttype ype to anything, was the bring others up with her h her,, says saayys Storin, who got ask asked ed to hostt ffor o or her first headliner gig at the Sa San an JJose ose Impr Improv ov ab about out eight yyears ears ago ago—a — sold—a sold-out out show.. Fr show Fremont-born emont-born ccomedians omedians Kabir “Kab “Kabeezy” eezy”” Singh h and Samm Sammyy Obeid Ob eid rregularly egularly op open en ffor o or her her,, to too. o. There’s Ther e’s a Ba Bay ay Ar Area ea rrotation ottation going going..


CComedy: omeddy: Remix Remixed ed Think of JJohnson’s o ohnson ’s act as a sk sketchetchmeets-standup meetsstan ndup with a hip-hop hip -hop rremix emix profanity. and no pr o ofanit y. grew watching “I gr ew up w atching a lot of black “Even ccomedy,” omedyy,” sshe he says. saayys. “Ev en though other word was bleeped eevery very othe er wor dw as bleep ed out, that’s what was me.. I was that ’s wha at w as funny funny to me was influenced byy the st style, keep influenc ed db yle, but I k eep it cleaner. don’t a lot l clean l ner. … I don d ’ cuss in ’t i rreal eall life, there’s lif fe, so the re’s no rreason eason ffor o or me to

‘I fi find fin nd a lot of iinsp inspiration pi ti piration mp people pl ffrom arou und d me around and d life f expe periences, i s, experiences, iincl luding including di g ffrom mg growing up p iin n San S Jose JJose’ e’’ e drop dr op an ff-bomb --b bomb onstage.” onstage.” She’s not She ’s no ot a patently “Christian Latina ccomic,” omic,” or a L atina ccomic, omic, though that she’s the fact th hat she ’s Christian and Latina appeals L atina app peals to those rrespective espective audiences. unlikee a lot of audienc es. And unlik ffemale eemale ccomedians om medians who rrely ely on shock sho ck value, valu ue, self-deprecation selff- deprecation or hypersexualization h ypersexualization to stand stand out in predominantly the pr edom minantly male world of seems ccomfortable ccomedy, omedyy, Johnson Johnson o omffor o table in her own n skin. Moree th than anything, Mor han an ything, she says, saayys, her observational. ccomedy omedy is obser vational. Acting Acting out likes truth,, she lik es to ccall all it. It’s style hardly It ’s a st y that,, though har yle dly unique,, ea earned unique arned her a national sincee her breakout ffollowing ollowingg sinc o breakout YouTube 2005 Y ouTube hit o h in 20 05 of a bit in plays inquisitivee which she pla ayys a shrill,, inquisitiv Vietnamese lady. V iietnamesse nail salon lady y. Someone organized else who or o ganized a ccomedy omedy show video,, unbeknownst uploaded the t video unbeknownst her.. to her “Eventually, people “Ev entu uallyy, enough p eople were were

21 freshman ccast ast memb er managed the freshman member create an nother viral hit: Bon Qui to create another alls--it-like-she-sees-it fast Qui, a ccalls-it-like-she-sees-it fast-food employee emplo oyee with an elaborate elaborate food up - do and ghet ttto -fabulous sswag wag up-do ghetto-fabulous inspired b Johnson’s little little br other inspired byy Johnson’s brother e-through ccashier ashier she onc and a driv drive-through oncee encountered e in Memphis Teenn. encountered Memphis,, Tenn. charracter adopts a ttake-noake-no The character approach o grief approach to customers who i t t her h phone h cconversations onversations ti interrupt attttempt a ccomplicated omplicated order—if order—if or attempt they dare dare object, o she’s quick to ccall all they she’s security on n them. That at titude security attitude ms up the sur vival tactics tactics neatly sum sums survival g thr ough a day daay of lowneeded to get through wage ser vicce work with one ’s dignit wage service one’s dignityy unsullied. MADtv. Bon Qui Qui outlasted MADtv. characcter with a lif fe of her own The character life about to rrelease elease her first single: is about “I’ a Cut C Y o ou,”” a hip-hop hi hip -hop h Find Find i d It I on “I’m You,” iTunes thiss summer or on Y o ouTube iTunes YouTube now w. right now.

Homecoming Homec coming When C Comedy om medy C Central entral appr approached oached her ab about out doing d an hour sp special, ecial, she pick picked ed the San JJose ose Impr Improv ov as the st stage agee to rrecord ecord it. JJust ust last April,, she filmed fi her sec second ond hour, hour, which is sett to air in JJuly uly on L Latino atino entertainment enter tainm ment channel nu nuvoTV. voTV V. That sam same me hour of ne new w material will mak makee up u the show this week weekend, end, she sa says. ayys. While W her early ccomedy omedy was w as just as obser observational, vational, her sec second ond act pulls it in a lit little tttle closer. closer. Since Since marrying marr ying Man M Manwell well R Reyes, eyes, a memb member er of Christian n hip hip-hop -hop band Group1 Group1 Crew, Cr ew, thosee obser observations vations have haave become b ecome mo more ore p personal. ersonal. A Adjusting djusting to married lif life fe has given given her a lot of jokee fodder. jok fodderr. “It’s “It ’s eevolved vollved sinc sincee I’m at a different diff ffeerent pl place lace in life,” liffe,” she sa says. ayys. “But I still br break eak out some favorite faavorite characters onc o oncee in a while.” while.”

FFrom rom Stage to to Scr Screen een Online fame fame,, howe however ver unplanned, didn’t didn ’t ccatch atch JJohnson ohnson off o off-guard. ff--guard. She seized what ccould ould have haave been been fleeting and turned it into lasti lasting ing suc success. cess. In 20 2007, 077, the up up-and-comer -and-- comer got her big br break; eak; she w was as added to the ccast ast of MADt MADtv v for for o its 13th 133th season. JJohnson ohnson didn didn’t ’t earn mor m moree than a ffew ew lines during her tim time me ther there, e, but



8 and 10:30pm

San JJose San ose Center ffor or the P Performing erforming Arts Arts


Almaden 255 A lmaden Blvd. SSan an JJose ose


MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

coming up to me quot coming quoting ting the nail salon bit,”” JJohnson ohnson rrecalls. ecalls a . “It slowly occurred o ccurred to me that th this his w was as get getting ttting pretty popular.” pr etty p opular.” sketch Inspiration ffor o or the sk ketch ccame ame from fr om an Eastside salon n and another Stevens Creek Boulevard on Ste vens Cr eek Boul levard that frequent she used to fr equent with w her mom. accents weree The ac cents and rre-enactments e- enaactments wer from jokee eextrapolated xtrapolated fr om an inside i jok between b ettween friends f i d and d fa ffamily amily il after ft from her she ccame ame back fr om he er salon visits imitating imit ating her ttalkative alkative manicurist. aree in Some of her biggest fans ar local Vietnamese American the lo cal V iietnamese Americ A an ccommunity. ommunity. “OMG ... love l ve that girl,”” lo texts Vice te xts San JJose ose V ic i e Mayor Maayor Madison Nguyen hears Nguy en when she hear rs of JJohnson’s ohnson’s ccoming. oming. “Will “W Wiill definitely definitelly check it I’vee always out. I’v alwayys wanted wanted d to see her perform p erfo orm in her hometown.” hometo own.” “Th nail “That il salon l bit bi to ttook ok k off ff because was b ecause it w as spot-on,” spot- on,”” says saayys Ben DelCastillo, Bay DelC astillo, a South Ba ay comic comic who performs rregularly egularly p erfo orms and d sometimes produces Improv. pr oduces shows at the Impr ov. cultural ““Anyone An A nyone living in a cul ltural melting pot Vietnamese p ot ccan an rrelate elate to the V iietnamese nail salon eexperience. strikee a chord xperience. It did d strik chord because was familiar, especially b ecause it w as so famil liar, esp ecially anyone grew to an yone who gr ew up u in San JJose.” ose.” Audiences weree drawn A udiences wer draaw wn to uncanny JJohnson’s ohnson h ’s unc ann ny ability abi biilit ili y to cconjure onjur j e personalities up familiar p ersonalitiies and cultural idiosyncrasies. idios yncrasies. JJohnson’s ohnson n’s is a tough sincee so act to pin down sinc s much of it body language rrelies elies on b ody languag ge and vvocal ocal inflections.. inflections jokes In one bit,, she jok es ab aabout out church church gossip.. “One thing the theyy ttalk about gossip alk ab out at church gossiping, chur ch is gossiping g, how w gossiping is says. bad,” she sa ays y . “Don’t “Don’t do it,, nothing good from like go od ccomes omes fr om it. Butt I lik ke how people church some p eople in the chur rch try try to prayer disguise their gossip as a pra ayer rrequest. equest.” isn’t particularly quotable. The riff isn ’t par ticularly quot able. Likee much of her ccomedy, Lik omeedyy, the joke joke telling,, with on-point lies in the telling h on-p oint accents affectations. ac cents and aff ffeectation ns.  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013

Andy Lee



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Foam Call


HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent NEW BREW Dorado is the latest addition Hermitage with Steins BeertoGarden & in theElSouth Bay BrewingRestaurant Company Single Hop Series. in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins will feature 30 taps and a menu of modern American chefthe and Bay Area comfort crated OREfood BEER FANSby areexecutive discovering delights of the Reade. native Colby Single Hop Series from Hermitage Brewing Company, established in native San Jose in 2009. The Singlehe Hop Owner and South Bay Ted Kim is a beer enthusiast; tells Series me is that a line of IPA offerings that seeks to inform beer drinkers Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and gardens, about one of during the essential ingredients in beer that whichhops, he experienced his travels throughout Europe’s premier beer cities. Designed Marc Dimalanta, a 300produce many of by itsarchitect aromas and flavors.Steins The features first Single seat,Series 8,000-square-foot interior a 4,000-square-foot Hop beer wasdomed released inroom 2010.and Each of the beers in outdoor patio. the series focuses on one particular hop varietal, and by Ted, with contagious energy, says that hesame, can’t wait keeping thehisrest of thepositive brewing recipe the drinkers for folks to check out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler” can get a better sense of the particular characteristics of next to the main bar. Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft the selectedtap hop. system—the handles are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft

Finding El Dorado


lines helping keep the beerthat at the highest quality and freshness Lead and brewer GregtoFilippi shares it was the Citra Single Hop IPA levels. Having draft beersto is put a manageable staff, Tedon says: debuting in 201130 that helped Hermitagenumber Brewingfor Company wantCitra, themwith to know exactly what we’re I want to beand able to the“Imap. its predominantly floralserving. and citrus aromas give genuine ongoing beer education will be citrusy, resinousbeer pinerecommendations, flavors, has been asopopular choice among hopheads; important.Citra ” fortunately, is now made year round. The food will have areleases local, farm-to-table emphasis according chef Recent, well-regarded have showcased the Galaxy andto Simcoe Reade, everything willned be made including breads and both in hops. Theand Galaxy IPA is defi by its in-house, ripened grapefruitlike qualities of the generous space, there alsocombined be inthepretzels. aroma Because and flavor, while Simcoekitchen has a tropical fruit will aroma with house charcuterie, butchery and in pickling programs. “We want to make citrus flavors. The newest product the Single Hop Series features the El food ashop, fresh as thehas beer is,”been says Reade, who embraces beer’s versatility in Dorado which only around since 2010. During a recent tasting of food the Elpairing. Dorado IPA from a bottle taken right off the bottling line, tropical examples fromwere the tidy menu of 25 items include porkIbelly fruit Some aromas and flavors abundant. I knew right away that had just discovered one of my new favorite IPAs. Filippi noted that the El Dorado profiles a high alpha acid content, giving this hop a healthy dose of bitterness punctuated by tropical fruit flavors. Brewmaster Peter Licht observed “hard candy” flavors. A special El Dorado cask, in which the beer is naturally carbonated, will be tapped at Mountain View’s Tied House on Friday, May 3, at 5pm. In addition to finding it on tap at Tied House, many of the local stores that carry craft beer currently stock 22-ounce bottles of El Dorado, Citra and Simcoe. Later this summer, these and other Hermitage brews can be enjoyed directly at the source: Hermitage plans to open a tasting room at its current brewery location. Licht hopes that the tasting room will be ready by the end of June.—Andy Lee BEER TASTING Friday, May 3, 5pm; Tied House, Mountain View

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always been good to go... now weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re good to get. Willow Street Willow Glen now delivers. 1072 Willow Street Street, t, Willow Glen

408. 971. 70 7080 080

MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

We Now Deliver


24  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013


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Foam Call Burma T Crave


version adds lettuce to the traditional mix.

HE BETTER-BEER scene continues its ascent in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open Marcha 28. There be wine cocktails, but INDING new typewill of cuisine is and equivalent to fi nding beers. Steins theaprimary focus will be on high-quality new adult playground. There is rapture involved in and a menu will feature 30 of taps of modern American the pursuit nondescript hole-in-the-wall places with by executive chef and Baypays Areaoff comfort food crated uncharted taste profiles. This exploratory spree Colby Reade. native when one discovers a dish whose flavors hit the tongue


and South Baybeing native Ted Kim is a beer enthusiast; tells me likeOwner fireworks. That said, while Indian andhe Thai that Steins is asettled salute to into the traditional Germanmainstream, beer halls and gardens, dishes have the culinary diners which he experienced during his travels premierof are begging for a new cuisine tothroughout break theEurope’s thresholds beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300the foodie landscape. Burmese food—which balances rich, seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot tangy and spicy—is one of the top contenders.

outdoor patio. It was then, that Ienergy, steppedsays into Sweet Mango Ted,with withenthusiasm, his contagious positive that he can’t waitin Willow Glen antointroduction of “in-your-face, this sought-aftcustom-made er cuisine. Thewalk-in sign said “Chinese for for folks check out the cooler” and Burmese Food” which is typical, as Burma is wedged between China and next to the main bar. Guests can gaze at the unique direct-draw draft India and twiststap facets fromare both into its cuisine. system—the handles connected to the kegs, eliminating draft First up the Tea Leaf Salad ($9.95). “Thoke” “toe”), or lines andwas helping to keep the beer at the highest(pronounced quality and freshness salads, areHaving distinctive in Burma. ingredientsnumber are arranged in ,separate levels. 30 draft beers isThe a manageable for staff Ted says:piles on“Ithe plate andto abundantly seasoned—a smorgasbord of raw andable cooked want them know exactly what we’re serving. I want to be to vegetables, herbs, toasted nuts, seeds, andsoeven driedbeer porkeducation cracklingswill or shrimp. give genuine beer recommendations, ongoing be Sometimes these important. ” ingredients are mixed with lettuce or cabbage, which remains an area controversy food lovers. Sweet Mango’s Theoffood will haveamong a local,Burmese farm-to-table emphasis according torendition chef lostReade, someand points because,will although it seemed impassioned, I couldn’t everything be made in-house, including breads andget over thepretzels. fact that its main llergenerous was iceberg lettuce. Luckily, tea Because offithe kitchen space, therethe willsalty, alsofermented be inleaves added that littlebutchery combativeness that I programs. craved. The lettuce forgivable house charcuterie, and pickling “We wantwas to make because I was the Reade, intermingling of consistencies; each bite food as freshsoasenchanted the beer is,by ” says who embraces beer’s versatility in had exciting architecture. It was addicting and I’d order it again—and I’m not even food pairing. a salad lover. Some examples from the tidy menu of 25 items include pork belly Next came the Burmese fried rice ($8.95) and the cumin lamb ($12.50). The Burmese rice, radiantly yellow from the turmeric, was good but not especially titillating. For those who love intensity, the generous portion of lamb was nutty, peppery and an aromatic must for the table. I don’t know how you could not like this dish. The mango chicken at $9.95 was saucy and resplendent with thick slices of ripened mango—Burmese proverbs exalt mango. It was tasty, but if I didn’t know what it was, I don’t think I’d immediately think “that’s mango chicken.” I guess I was looking for something that crystallized the mango flavor in a new way. We left markedly full with plenty to take home, as Sweet Mango is big-hearted with its portions. The meal was a fun glimpse of a new cuisine, anchored with some foundational Burmese dishes, but a desire for more definition in the South Bay looms.—Kristine Bautista SWEET MANGO 1040 Willow St., San Jose; 408.293.2268


MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013


ALL WEEK LONG Full Bar s Taco Feast Tequila Shooters Margarita Specials Lunch Special $6.95 Happy Hour 3-7P M-F


408 408-293-4321 293 293-4321 888777EE.EE...San Fernando aannddooSt., SStSt., ananJose JJose eseest 2293-4321 ooseseeettCh oossRRest 408-293-4321 408 8---293-4321 293 4321tt87 Saan Fe San Fe Fernando errnnan Stt.t.t..,,San San Jose Ch haacchhos stta taauurraanntt.t..ccoomm


MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

Amy Buchanan  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013



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Foam Call


HESPECIAL BETTER-BEER scene continues its falls ascent KOREAN The beef bibimbap at K Zzang with Steins Beer Garden & in the South Bay somewhere between a salad and a stir fry. Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins and a menu$20-a-head American willHERE feature 30ataps of modernKorean ARE lot of sit-down, by executive chef and Bay Area comfort food crated restaurants in the valley, but not so many places Colby Reade. native on the quick, inexpensive end of the spectrum.

Korean Food: A to Zz


andof South Bay native Ted Kim a beerthis enthusiast; he tells me TheOwner owners K Zzang decided tois take less-traveled that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and casual route, though their motivation was largelygardens, due to which he experienced during hisdowntown travels throughout Europe’s premier the restaurant’s location: San Jose, where they beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300anticipated a majority of their business would be working seat, 8,000-square-foot domed interior room and a 4,000-square-foot people with only an hour or less for their lunch break. outdoor patio. They designed all theirpositive food energy, choices behefast, Ted, with his contagious saysto that can’tconvenient wait and easy to take out. for folks to check out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler”

next to the main bar.includes Guests can gaze the unique draft The menu actually only twoatmeal choicesdirect-draw (along with a few system—the tap handles are are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft The sides options), both of which very basic, traditional Korean dishes. lines and helping thenearly beer atanywhere the highest first, bibimbap, can to bekeep found in quality Korea. and The freshness other, dosirak, levels. Having 30 draft beers is a manageable number for , Ted says: which is like a Korean bento box, is more of a traditional staff home-prepared “I want to know dish. exactly what we’re serving. want toprotein be able options. to lunch thanthem a restaurant They both come withI several give genuine beer recommendations, ongoing beer education will be The bibimbaps are $7.99; the dosiraks, so $8.99. important. ” Each bibimbap comes in a large bowl with warm white rice, cucumbers, Theand emphasis according to chef food will fresh have aveggies local, farm-to-table carrots other along with protein choices of beef, chicken, Reade, and everything will be made in-house, including breads and tofu, spicy pork and shrimp. A raw egg is a common addition in Korea, but pretzels. of the generous kitchen theresomewhere will also bebetween inthat optionBecause isn’t available at K Zzang. Thespace, dish falls a house and pickling programs. to make salad andcharcuterie, a stir fry. I butchery ordered beef, which was tender,“We but want not too soft. All as fresh as the is,” says whocontaining embraces beer’s versatility thefood flavors are all verybeer simple andReade, delicious, just the taste ofinthe food pairing. ingredients: the meat, veggies and rice, and not any added sauces. Some from the 25 Korean items include examples tidycommon menu of in pork belly The dosirak is probably more restaurants in America than in Korea, since, like the bento box in Japan or the lunchbox in America, dosirak describes how the food is presented. At K Zzang, the components include rice, veggies (in my case a serving of broccoli in hot sauce), an egg roll (with is literally an egg roll, like an omelette almost), a noodle dish and the protein. The options are the same as with the bibimbap, except no tofu. I ordered mine with chicken. While I liked all the sides, I thought the chicken was a little dry. Off the side menu, I ordered pajeon, which was translated on the menu as “seafood pancake.” It actually seemed more like a seafood pizza or a crab cake, but with shrimp and calamari, and a bit on the greasy side. It was surprisingly delicious, though probably not as healthy as the other two plates.—Aaron Carnes K ZZANG 78 S. First St., San Jose; 408.975.6677

11  Celebrate Mother’s Day Brunch at TusCA Restaurant May 12, 2013 11:00am – 2:00pm. The menu is complete with a display of salads, soups, omelet station, waffle station, spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken, grilled rib eye with whiskey butter and a dessert table to finish it off. $45.00 Adults $22.50 Kids 5-12 Free Kids 4 and under

for reservations 408 510 6480 $45 per person price includes brunch. Brunch valid on May 12th, 2013 only. only. Price does not include 8.75% sales tax t or gratuity. gratuity. Hyatt reserves reser ves the right to alter or withdraw this program at any a time without notice. Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, design and a related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. ©2013 Hyatt Hotels H Corporation. All rights reserved. reserved.

Open Open daily daily 11am-10pm 11am--10pm

Serving S erving g gourmet our rm me et hand-crafted h and--c cr ra afte ed d ice ice cream crea r am Ice I ce cream cr rea am of of the the month: month: Red velvet Red v ellvet cake cake with wit h bittersweet bit t e erssweet chocolate chocolate

2905 2 905 P Park ar rk A Avenue ven nue Santa Santa Clara Cllara r ht ttps::////w www.faceb m// MissionCi CityCrea ame ery MissionCityCreamery

MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

mother’s day brunch s s  metrosilic icon onva s  MAY 1-7, 2013





*wed *thu



Blank Club, San Jose Wed – 9pm; free

Tech Museum, San Jose Thu – 7pm; $8/$10

Indie-folk can sometimes be so serious. The local duo Delemma does in fact write heartfelt, meaningful songs, but the result is anything but stuffy. They are obviously having fun, and the audience is having fun listening—and most likely singing along—to these songs. Hell, I’m having fun just thinking about their songs. With Della Z on drums/percussion, Emily Octopys on guitar and both on vocals, it’s toe-tapping folk, with a little bit of a ’60s Summer of Love vibe, some punk rawness and a swinging beat. Delemma mix it up with gorgeous originals and some folk-bluegrass covers. They’re always smiling during their shows. (AC)

The Tech After Hours party is quietly becoming the coolest party in town. Booze, music, dancing, science exhibits—what’s not to like? This time around, Casp3R—who hosts RetoXx, the underground electronic and hiphop night at Johnny V’s—will be providing the tunes. Star Trek is this month’s theme. Casp3R plans to enhance his already cuttingedge electronic mix with some space-themed tracks and maybe even don a Star Trek Enterprise outfit (or at the very least, a NASA jumpsuit). After his appearance at the Tech, he goes back to RetoXx every Monday (which has two stages now), plus he opens for

CHOICES BY: 8Xife:Xie\j DXkk:iXn]fi[ 8dlcpX;XkcX 8cIfY\ikj

rapper Locksmith at the Agenda on May 10, and rappers Qwel & Maker at Johnny V’s on May 27. (AC)


SOUTH FIRST FRIDAY SoFA District, San Jose Fri – 7-11pm; free The monthly art walk returns with receptions, live music and intriguing shows—not to mention a new venue. Joining the aesthetic fray is Umpqua Bank (225 W. Santa Clara St.), which hosts a show of Pokemon art organized by SJSU students Peter Le and Amy Him; the exhibit also functions as a charity auction for Canines for Disabled Kids. SJSU’s busy students are all over SoFF, with a show of MFA graduate

thesis work at Art Ark Gallery, and a Cooperative Gaming Coop presentation at the ZERO1 Garage with the university’s Game Developers Club. The live music options include singer/songwriter Freya Seeburg outside at San Jose Stage, and the Eulipions at Cafe Stritch. (AR)

COWBOY JUNKIES Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga Fri – 8pm; $38 – $47 In the late ’80s, Cowboy Junkies’ fusion of laid-back Americana, folk and psychedelic rock came out of left field. Yet their second album, The Trinity Session (1988), developed a strong cult following and is one of the best albums to come out of the decade. It also produced the modest hit “Sweet Jane,” a trancelike version of the Velvet Underground song. Cowboy Junkies’ take was modeled after

a lesser-known live version of the song rather than Velvet’s more famous studio recording. While the Junkies never topped the success of The Trinity Session, their following grew because, basically, the rest of the world was catching up to them. (AC)


SOUTH BAY DUB ALLSTARS 9 Lives, Gilroy Sat – 8pm; $10/$15 For traditional reggae fans, there is nothing better than watching a full 10-piece reggae band live, complete with horn section. The South Bay Dub Allstars (formerly known as Dub FX) deliver that experience with some serious players long connected

* concerts




With M Macklemore, May 9 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

D@I8E;8C8D9<IK With Dirk Dirks Bentley, May 11 at Shoreline

K?<=FLIKFGJ May 17 at 8pm, Campbell Heritage Theater

=C<<KNFF;D8: May 22 at 8pm, HP Pavilion

AL8E<J May 24 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

CC:FFCA May 25 at 7pm, Shoreline

9@CCP@;FC May 26 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

A<N<C Jun 2 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

K?<9<8:?9FPJ Jun 9 aat 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

G@K9LCC&B<?8 Jun 14 at Shoreline

:PE;@C8LG<I Jun 19 at 7:30pm, Mountain Winery

M8EJN8IG<;KFLI Jun 22 at 11am, Shoreline

D8I@8EE<=8@K?=LCC Jun 28 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

M@:KFI@8ALJK@:< Jun 29 at 7pm, SJSU Event Center

IF:BJK8I<E<I>PD8P?<D IF: =<JK Jun 30 at 1:10pm, Shoreline

to San Joseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reggae scene. Their Nation, members come from Dub Nation Inka Inka and the Brownies. They play regional reggae festivals and have opened for acts like Yellowman, Toots and the Maytals, and Pato Baton. They take the classic â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70s sound associated with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and mix in some dub, soul, pop and even a little hip-hop. Militia of Love open. (AC)

9C8:B=<JK Levin Field, Stanford Sat â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2pm; free Interesting things are happening at â&#x20AC;&#x153;the farm.â&#x20AC;? Stanford takes a break from its normal lineup of classical and jazz shows for a free show with one of rap musicâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rising emcees, Future. The Atlanta rapperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest hits include a syrupy and ďŹ&#x201A;ashy slow jam (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Turn on the Lightsâ&#x20AC;?), a gangsta rap homage to Scarface (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tony Montanaâ&#x20AC;?) and tracks with some of the biggest names in rap, including

2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and T.I. Campus dance groups performing this year include Alliance, HD Crew, Jam Pacâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d and Catch a Fyah. Blackfest has a history of bucking Stanfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s normally conservative music bookings, bringing top-tier acts to the university since its 2003 debut. Previous headliners Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Wale and E-40. (MC)

JLEEPM8C< JB8K<G8IB Fair Oaks Park, Sunnyvale Sat â&#x20AC;&#x201C; noon For those looking to grind and grill, the Sunnyvale Skatepark is turning 10 this year, and Sunnyvale Skate Supply is hosting a barbecue and skate jam to mark the occasion. The well-loved park was built in 2003 by venerable Santa Cruz skatepark design ďŹ rm Wormhoudt Inc. and ranks as one of the best parks in Northern California. The event is also sponsored by skate

companies Creature, SpitďŹ re and Thrasher, among others others, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s likely a Thrasher few local pros will be out for the party. The city of Sunnyvale recently moved its annual Fit & Fun Fair to Fair Oaks Park on the same day, so arrive early to ďŹ nd parking. (MC)


;8M@;BE@>?K& 9IFFB<;% City Lights Theater, San Jose Sun â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3:30pm; $12/$14 San Jose ambient/alternative musician David Knight teams up with San Francisco songwriter Brooke D. for a live performance. After three years in Malayasia, Knight makes the ďŹ rst San Jose show since his return. Brooke D. and Knight will share the stage for many of Brooke D.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest songs, joined by guests Day One

Symphony, Steve Barry and Danny Hellevig. Fans of Brooke D D.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hellevig â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s live looping and beatboxing will not want to miss this show. (AD)

;AC<FE<;A 8ID8E;F Agenda, San Jose Sun â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9pm; free on guest list before 11pm Sundays at the Agenda are â&#x20AC;&#x153;Reggae Vybezâ&#x20AC;? night with DJ Leone and DJ Armando. They spin both reggae and hip-hop. That means you might hear a little bit of Snoop Dogg and some Snoop Lion all in the same night. How many clubs would do that? That said, Sunday nights at the Agenda do lean a little heavier toward the reggae realm than the hiphop side, as both the name and the Jamaican ďŹ&#x201A;ags on the ďŹ&#x201A;yers indicate. (AC)

9<PFE:y Jul 2 at HP Pavilion

E<NB@;JFEK?<9CF:B Jul 7 and 12, HP Pavilion

I8E;PE<ND8E Jul 18 at 7pm, Montalvo Arts Center

;8M@;9PIE<&JK%M@E:<EK Jul 20 at Mountain Winery

9ILEFD8IJ Jul 25 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

AF?ED8P<I Jul 26 at Shoreline

FE<;@I<:K@FE Jul 30 at 7pm, HP Pavilion

9F9;PC8E#N@C:F Aug 4 at Shoreline

9C8:BJ8998K? Aug 26 at Shoreline For music updates and contest giveaways, like us on Facebook at

MAY 1-7, 2013 s s s

May 8 at 8pm, HP Pavilion metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013


Moree list Mor listings: tings:

ARTS TS metroactive metr oactive AR

*stage BABES B ABES IN HOLL HOLLYWOOD LY YWOOD TTabard abar a d Theatr Theatree bri brings ings the music of Judy Garland an and nd Mickey Rooney to the sta ge. Runs thru stage. May 5. Fri-Sat, 8pm m, Sun, 2pm. 8pm, $10-$35. Theatr edro Theatree on San P Pedro Squar e,, San Jose. Square,

DEATH D EA ATH T TRAP RAP A mystery fr from om So South outh V Valley aalley Civic Theatre. Theatr e.. Runs thruu May 4.. Fri$15-$22. Morgan Sat,, 8pm.. $15-$22 2.. Mor gan Hill Community Playh Playhouse. ouse.

THEE HOU TH HOUSE SE OF BL BLUE LUE LLEAVES EA AV VES John Guare’s Guare’s com comedy. edyy. Runs thru May 5. $2 $24-$30. 4-$30. W Wed, ed, 7:30pm, Sun, Thu-Sat,, 8pm,, Sun n,, 3pm. Bus Barn Theater Theater,r, LLos os Al A Altos. tos.

LLES ES LLIAISONS IAISONS D DANGEREUSES A ANGEREU SES Dragon Dragon g Theatr Theatree of offers ffers Christopher Hampton’s Hamppton’s tale of seduction and cru cruelty uelty among aristocrats. aristocr ats. Runs thru t May 12. Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, S 2pm. $15-$25.. New Dr Dragon a Theatr agon Theatre, e, Redwood City City. y.

MISS M ISS SSAIGON AIGON A version of “Mad “Madame ame Butterfly” War; set in the Vietnam mW ar; presented pr esented by P Palo aloo Al Alto to Players. Runs thru May 12. Thu-Sat,, 8pm, Sun,, 2:30pm.. $23-$32. $23-$32. LLucie ucie SStern tern Theater Theater,r, P Palo aloo Al Alto. to.

PROOF P ROOF A young woman copes c when her her estranged ffather ather dies and he er estr anged sister shows up;; presented presented by Theatre. Northside Theatr e. Runs thru e. May 12. Thu-Sat,, 8pm, 8 , Sun,, 3pm. $15/$20. Olinder Theatr TTheatre, e, San Jose.

*concerts *c oncerrts ANJELAH A NJELAH JO JOHNSON HNSON Hometown conce concerts rts ffor or the popular comedian comedian. n.. Sat,, 8 and 10:30pm.. $5.. San Jose J Center ffor or the P Performing erforming Ar Arts. rts.

THEE N TH NEXT EXTBING BING TH T THING ING A student showca showcase ase with musicians and dan ncers, including dancers, Basmati Raas andd HD Cr Crew. ew w. Sun, 7:30pm. $20 (fr (free eee ffor or SStanford tanford students).. Bing Co Concert oncert Hall, SStanford. tanford. d

SAN JO SAN JOSE SE CH CHAMBER AMBER ORCHESTRA O RCHEST TRA A classical rrecital ecital with w the orchestra or chestra and the Delphi Piano TTrio rrio kick kickss off a new w concert series.. Fri, 12:1012:10-12:50pm. -1122:50pm. Fr Free. ee.. Le Petit P etit TTrianon, rrianon,, San Jose.

SSJJSSSYMPHONIC Y YMPHONIC CH CHOIR OIR R The choir and Sar Saratoga atoga SSymphony ymphony ’s Ni perform Beethoven’s Ninth. perf orm Beethoven nth.. Sun, 3pm.. Fr ee,, SSt.t.. Andr ew’s Episcopal Free, Andrew’s Chur ch,, Sar atoga. Church, Saratoga.




The gallery pr presents esents a thesiss exhibition ffor or SSJSU JS J U MF A MFA gr aduates.. Reception for for Sou uth graduates. South First Friday y. San Jose. Friday.



CANTOR CANT OR AR ARTS RTS CENTER CENTEER “Revisiting the South:: Richard R Richar d Misrach’s Misr ach’s CCancer ancer Alley Alley.” y..”” Ends Jun 16.. “Lee Friedlander: The The Cray Cray Photographs.” WedPhotogr aphs.”” Ends Junn 16. W edSun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11 11am-8pm. am-8pm. SStanford. tanford.

DEE SAISSET D SAISSET M MUSEUM USEUM M Phootographs “Seeking Answers:: Photographs by Wynn Wynn Bullock.”” “Face” “Facee” P ortraits by V alentin P o v..” opov Portraits Valentin Popov.” “Henrietta Shor e: Understanding Undeerstanding Shore: Natur e.”” All thr ee end Jun Jun 30. Nature.” three TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-4pm. Sa anta Clar a. Santa Clara.

SSAN AN JJOSE OSE MU MUSEUM SEUM OF O AR ART RT “Swans,, SSwine “Swans, wine and Sir Sirens.” e ens.” Greek Artists influenced by Gr reek mythology. mythology y. Ends Dec 1. “New SStories tories From From the Edge of o Asia: Asia: 15. This/That.”” Ends Sep 15 5. “Rising Dragon: Dr agon:: Contempor Contemporary ary Chinese Photography.” Photogr aphyy..”” Ends Junn 30. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-5pm,, clo osed Mon. closed San Jose.

TRITON TRIT ON MUSEUM MUSEUM OF AR ART A RT “2013 Photo Competitio Competition on & 23. Exhibition.”” Ends Jun 23 3.. “Clark Gussin.”” Realist paintin paintings. gs.. Ends Jun 23. TTue-Wed uue-Wed and Fri-Sun, Frri-Sun, 11am-9pm. 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am9 9pm. Santa Clar Clara. a.


Jazz-related art by Bruni Sab Jazz-related Sablan. blan. Mon-Sat,, 1-6pm. p . San Jose.

KALEID GALLER GALLERY RY “The W Weird eird and the W Wonderful.” onderfful.” workss by Christine New work Adams. Benjamin and Murphy Adam ms. Friday. Reception ffor or South First Fri dayy. San Jose.

MACLA M ACCLA “Latino Art Now Now.” w..”” Exhibit lea leading ading up to annual auction.. Live performances Firstt perf ormances ffor or South Firs Friday. Friday y. Ends May 18. San Jose. Jose.

METRO M ETRO LLOBBY OBB BY Photos by Daniel V Valencia. aalencia.. SSan an Jose.

MEZCAL M EZCAL “From the Earth to the Spirits.” “From Spiritts.” A show by photogr photographer apher an and nd artist Alejandr Alejandraa Cano. Cano.. Ends Jul J 5. Mezcal Restaur Restaurant, ant, San Jose Jose. e.

SAN JOSE SAN JOSE INSTITUTE INSTITUTE T OF CCONTEMPORARY ONTEMPORAR RY AR RT ART “P “Parallax Parallax Views.” Views ” A gr Views. group oup sh show ow of photographers photogr innovative ative aphers using innova techniques.. Ends May 25. Ends Ennds May 18. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri,, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose.

SEEING TH THINGS INGS GGALLERY ALLER RY “The Out of TTowners.” oowners.” W Works orks by Jason Arnold,, Andr Andrew ew Mecum m and Michael Hsiung. Tue-Fri, Tuue-Fri,, 11am-7pm, 11am-77pm, Sat,, noon-6pm. 30 3 N. Thirdd St, Thir St, San Jose.


A chance to see art inn the making at work space es in the spaces valley.. W valley Weekend eekend 1 ffeatures eattures Atherton, studios in A therton, Menlo M Park, P ark, P Palo alo Al Alto, to, Redwood Redwoood City (See www.. and more. more. Sat-Sun. (S See www svos.orgg ffor svos.or or details.)

“Revolve.”” An artists artists’’ salon with w workss by Emily Bones, Robin work n Freeman, Fr eeman,, Asha Asha and mor more. e.. M MononWed, 10am-7:30pm, W ed,, 10am-77:30pm, Fri-Sat, 11am-8:30pm,, Sun,, 10am10am-2pm. 2ppm. Santa Clar Clara. a.


“The Mutability of Being.” W Works orks by self-taught artist Jon Ser Seri.i. Ends May 17 17. 7. Art Building, SSJSU. JJSSU.

A gallery walk with rreceptions, e eceptions, exhibits and live mus music ic at galleries and museum museums ms in and ar around ound South Fir First st SStreet treet in San Jose. Fri, 77-11pm. -11pm m. (See www ffor or details.)



UMPQUA U MPQUA B BANK ANK “Rare CCandy: “Rare “R andy: d : A Pokemon Pokemon k G Ga Gallery ll llery ffor or Charity Charity.” y.” .” By SSJSU JJSU Animation Animation and IIllustration llustration students.. Live Livve music by Super Soul Br os. ffor o or Bros. South First Friday y. 225 W. W. Santa Santa Friday. Clar St, San Jose Claraa St,

ANNO DOMINI ““Art A Art of Zines 2013.”” Rec Reception ception “Death ffor or South First Friday. Fridayy. “D Death Will


TTear eear Us Us Apart.”” A solo show by Mike Egan. Ends May 11. Sann Jose.


THE LIZARD KING Free Comic Book Day’s freebies include a new collection of vintage ‘Prince Valiant’ strips.

Strip Joints THE GLOBAL EVENT Free Comic Book Day, which began in Concord about a decade ago, is now what Mountain View’s Lee Hester of Lee’s Comics calls it: “the world’s biggest comic event, bigger than the SanDiego Comic Con or any comic con.” This year, the comic-book shop near you will be disbursing one of 50 titles with an array of samples. While mentioning a free comic by Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Hester is also enthusiastic this year about the reprints of classics that fans would have been far too young to see the first time around. Take Brian Bolland (of pretty much the tangiest Jokergraphic novel ever, The Killing Joke) demonstrating his formative work on England’s Judge Dredd. Dredd is known to us as spawner of two movies that weren’t as good as the original series. Hester explains: “What we’ve got here is Judge Death, Dredd’s nemesis. Judge Dredd of course is the judge, jury and executioner of the future. But Judge Death’s idea is that all life is a crime.” On a different note, the trove of free pulp includes reissues of Prince Valiant, Hester’s all-time favorite, by one of Sir Walter Scott’s most hardworking and ardent disciples, Hal Foster. “The stories are even better than the art,” Hester says.

Free Comic Book Day Saturday, May 4 SpaceCat, San Jose; Hijinx Comics, San Jose; Heroes, Campbell; Illusive Comics and Games, Santa Clara; Lee’s Comics, Mountain View

Comics are called to the attention of the Powers That Be right around May 1, the beginning of Superhero Spotting Season, with Iron Man 3 and the actually goodlooking Man of Steel coming soon. The synergy between comics and movies will be amped-up May 18–19 by Big Wow! ComicFest. This San Jose comic convention is now the Bay Area’s largest—big enough to lure Marvel Comics luminary Stan Lee. Another major name at Big Wow: the DC Silver Age’s renowned action cartoonist Neal Adams, who will also make appearance at Lee’s Comics for Free Comic Book Day. Consider artist Dan Clowes’ idea that there’s something in the DNA of words and pictures that preserves it even as cinema and downloadable content should have killed it—something that dwells in the pictures, as unkillable as Batman, who is served up these days in every graphic texture from bloodstained leather to cuddly terrycloth. Meanwhile, I’m poring over the corners and cubbyholes of a great comics edifice: Chris Ware’s Building Stories, which shouts defiance to the general publishing trend to go simple, accessible and young adult. It’s like The Magnificent Ambersons as told from the point of view of the dying mansion. I can’t overpraise Ware’s lapidary skill as an artist, his ability to slice a century’s worth of moments of Chicagoland loneliness and chagrin, cutting them so small and fine that they glow like gemstones.—Richard von Busack



     f    [ C /

HEROIC SALE! 10 AM-7 PM Collecting donations for Autism Speaks

‡ FFree ree CComics ommics ‡ SStorm torm Troopers Trooper ‡ SSwag wagg BBags aggs ‡ AArtist rtisst Sketches Sketche ‡ FFace ace PPainting ainntingg anandd BBalloons allooonns


22725 725 EEll Camino Cammino Re Realala ‡ 4408-985-7481 08-985-7481 08

MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr


34 metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013



NATIVE SON San Jose’s Jeffrey Pew takes a major part in the upcoming Broadway San Jose presentation of ‘Billy Elliot the Musical.’

In the ‘Billy’ Club

Seven for Cinco THE CROWDS in San Jose and surrounding cities aren’t as wild as they used to be for Cinco de Mayo, but it remains a stronghold for holiday festivities, which mostly revolve around consuming Mexican beer, margaritas and the finest cuisine our local taquerias have to offer. EL JARDIN TEQULIA BAR, SANTANA ROW; MAY 5, NOON–11PM, NO COVER The bar promises mariachi music by Mariachi Tapatio, salsa by Son de Kali and beats by DJ SS, along with a surprise Latin musical guest. Other holiday events include piñatas plus food and drink specials.

UNIVISION FESTIVAL CINCO DE MAYO, SANTA CLARA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS; MAY 5, NOON–6PM, $10/ KIDS UNDER 6 FREE Radio station Estereo Sol and Univision 14 are hosting a Cinco de Mayo music festival at the fairgrounds. Mexican star Roberto Tapia will headline, with Noel Torres, Nena Guzman, Roberto Junior, Los Canarios Michoacan, Raul y Mexia and El Conjunto Nueva Ola as supporting acts.


STUDIO 8 NIGHTCLUB, 8 S. FIRST ST., SAN JOSE; MAY 3, 9PM–2AM, MAY 4, 9PM–2AM The club brings two up-and-coming Bay Area hip-hop artists for their weekend celebration. Fachento Boss will be performing Friday along with San Jose dance crew Silhouette. On Saturday, the Gemini will be throwing down some tracks including his Bay Area club hit “Gas Pedal.”

PLURPATH 2 CINCO DE RAGER RAVE, MAY 3, 8PM, $5/$10 Ragtag San Jose rave producers SurfaceLights and KDR are coming together to put on the Cinco de Rager in the Alpha Printing warehouse in San Jose.

COURT’S LOUNGE, 2425 S. BASCOM AVE., CAMPBELL Saturday’s enticements include a fiesta and taco bar with drink specials. On Saturday, DJ Wendel spins.

The Tres Gringos website celebrates the holiday all week.

32 WORKS/SAN W ORKS/SAN JO JOSÉ SÉ “From P “From Pencils encils to Pixels: P : Art and Science for for the thhe Screen” Screen” Reception ffor or Sou South th First Friday Friday. y. San Jose.

*events *e eveentss BET BETA TA T TASTING ASTING New dishes fr from om popular p ar area ea ffood ood truck truckss ar aree upp ffor or tasting;

pr esented by Bay Ar ea Mobile presented Area Association Food Vendors Vendors e Association and Dishcr awl. Thu,, 69pm.. $2/$5. Dishcrawl. 6-9pm. LLocation ocation to be announced announcced (see dishcr

CCOMMUNITY OMMUNITYD DAY AY A fr free ee event featuring featuringg lots lots of live performances art-making perf ormances and artmaking opportunities. The San Jose High School All-Stars All-Stars will perform perform at San 1pm. Sat, 11am-5pm. Sa an Jose Museum of Art.

—Stephen Layton

CCOOK OOKIT IT U UP PW WITH ITHIC ICCC The event is a celebr celebration ation off from cooking and includes a visit fr om Iron Ir on Chef Maneet Chauhan.. Fri, F 6pm. ICC,, 525 Los Los Coches SSt,t,, Milpitas.

REVELATION R EVELA ATION ONOF OF H HOPE OPE A seminar series with speak speaker ker Pacleb. Free. W.. TTaj aaj P acleb. Fri,, 7pm.. Fr ee.. 600 0W CCampbell ampbell A Ave, vve, CCampbell. ampbell.

For complete Art, Stage and Events listings, go to

Billy Elliot the Musical, the Tony Award–winning stage adaptation of the film about a boy’s love of dance and the struggle with his family’s expectations during a coal miners’ strike in northern England, arrives in San Jose May 7. What makes this Silicon Valley run presented by Broadway San Jose especially memorable is that one of the cast members, Jeffrey Pew, is a San Jose native. “I’ve always been involved in the arts,” says Pew. “I grew up in San Jose and come from a musical family. My dad is a pianist, and I started learning piano from a young age. I went to Castillero Middle School, and then Lincoln High School, where I did music and theater.” He attributes “a lot of my early success to some excellent training from my teachers in San Jose. After that, I went to college at Brigham Young University.” Pew was raised a Mormon and did his two-year mission in Madrid. “Then I moved to New York. I don’t exactly how I got here, but I was passionate for it, and had a lot of support along the way.”

Billy Elliot the Musical May 7–12 San Jose Center for the Performing Arts www.broadwaysanjose. com for tickets

Unlike most Broadway hopefuls, Pew says that even as he was auditioning for parts, he also managed to build a second career as a piano accompanist, most notably for the American Ballet Theater and the Mark Morris Dance Group. “It’s something where I can be master of my own artistic piano thing,” he explains. “The only thing that I have to do is make sure the time signature is right and the feel of the song is right to facilitate the dancers. It’s turned into something I really love that allows me to make some money on the side.” Pew says that he had just finished working the summer series at the Sacramento Music Circus, when he went to an open call for Billy Elliot the Musical. He got the offer on a Sunday night and started rehearsals the next morning in Manhattan. Normally, he is a singer/dancer in the show, but he also understudies the role of Tony, the older brother and one of the leads. Lucky for local audiences, Pew will be playing Tony in San Jose on Thursday, May 9 and the matinee on Saturday, May 11. “I love the role,” he says, “and I don’t get to do it very often, but I’m really glad I get to play it in San Jose. To have a load of friends and family come see, will just be awesome.” He adds, with a sense of relief, “and after being in Canada for a month, where it was freezing, it’s good to be back in California.”—Tad Malone


LOVE AND WAR Katherine Dela Cruz and Danny Gould star in ‘Miss Saigon.’

Money Time HYPED AS a rematch of David vs. Goliath, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero plays the role of an unassuming, God-fearing underdog when he takes on the motormouth king of boxing, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Their Las Vegas superfight, this Saturday at 6pm on Showtime (pay-per-view), has been in the making ever since Mayweather signed a new contract in February with the cable network. But for Guerrero, a South County native of Gilroy, landing a bout of this magnitude has been an elusive quest. Now 30, Guerrero was supposed to arrive at this point in his career years ago. When I first met him in 2007, he was still a kid. He hadn’t yet dealt with his wife, Casey, nearly losing her life to leukemia; or sitting out a year in a contract dispute with a former promoter; or having talking heads question his toughness after a cut prematurely ended a title fight at HP Pavilion; or relinquishing his title belt to take care of Casey and their two children; or suffering a torn labrum in his southpaw shoulder just weeks before the biggest fight of his career. Over the course of several years, he went from a lightweight to man carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. And he never stopped. Instead, Guerrero and his support system, which includes his father, Ruben, as his trainer, devised plans to claim titles—in four different weight classes, so far—and steadily move up divisions. When Casey’s cancer went into remission, Guerrero recommitted himself to the sport. When it became clear that premier fighters wouldn’t come to him, Guerrero bulked up to welterweight (140–147 pounds) and approached them. So, now, when the Showtime cameras flick on and Mayweather confronts Guerrero like fresh meat in the prison yard (and Mayweather knows how this plays out, having spent last summer behind bars for beating his ex-girlfriend in front of his children), the confidence and patience of the latter is as laid-back as a sling. “Act all crazy, say what you want. You’re not intimidating me,” Guerrero says. “And that’s what he’s all about. In this game, psychological warfare is big. You can break a fighter in press conference, and you’ve already won.” Guerrero’s record is almost as good as it gets—31-1-1, with 18 knockouts—while Mayweather’s record IS as good as it gets: 43 wins, 0 losses and 26 KOs. Even at 36, Mayweather is considered a sure thing, and he makes sure to let everyone know it. A Guerrero victory would be an upset of Davidian proportions, only David was wise enough to stay the hell out of arms’ reach. The Ghost, by contrast, will only win this battle by fighting inside-out. And yet, while admitting that Mayweather is “one of the best pound-forpound fighters ever,” Guerrero is confident his past has prepared him for the present. “It prepares you for life, it prepares you for everything,” he says. “When you’re ready mentally, nothing can stop you.”—Josh Koehn

Miss Saigon SCHÖNBERG AND BOUBLIL’S Miss Saigon was immensely popular in the 1990s despite some harsh backlash, and the fine local treatment it has received at the hands of Palo Alto Players proves just how well it holds up today. This tale of ill-fated romance between Vietnamese bargirl Kim and American G.I. Chris borrows its basic, glaringly Orientalist premise from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly—selfless, devoted Asian woman falls in love with an American man, only to be abandoned. (David Henry Hwang, around the time of Miss Saigon’s original run, eviscerated this trope with his own M. Butterfly, in which a Western diplomat sleeps with a beautiful Chinese woman for years without noticing that she is really a man.) Exoticism aside, Miss Saigon is a very strong work. The songs, nearly on par with those of Miss Saigon Schönberg and Boublil’s Les Misérables, are nicely rendered by the talent that P.A. Players Runs through May 12; $32 has assembled. With Katherine Dela Cruz as Kim Lucie Stern Theater, 1305 and Danny Gould as Chris, you feel that the love Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto story is real and not just another case of “yellow fever.” Cruz’s Kim is powerful and nuanced, and she shines in her duets with Gould. Even the rather dated “Last Night of the World” becomes absolutely charming. Brian Palac is a brilliant “Engineer,” more or less an East Asian counterpart to Cabaret’s Emcee with something of the Thénardiers from Les Mis thrown in. He’s probably the show’s most difficult character to pull off, but Palac hits it on the head, especially during his gaudy signature number, “The American Dream.” Paul Villareal, meanwhile, makes an appropriately menacing, though not cartoonish, villain, and Adrien Gleason plays Chris’s army buddy, a party guy sobered by war—both articulating, in their own way, the suffering on all sides of the Vietnam conflict, and the plight of mixed-race “Bui-Doi” children left behind by Americans. The stunt-show effects of the initial West End and Broadway productions, which included a life-size helicopter touching down onstage, can’t be reproduced here. Still, the staging is quite lavish by regional standards, thanks largely to Kuo-Hao Lo’s vivid set designs. From the smoky club where the ensemble delivers the sexy number “The Heat Is On in Saigon” to the solemn pageantry of “Morning of the Dragon,” where victorious North Vietnamese march about in traditional masks, the visuals are continually striking, with just enough spectacle to evoke the great historical shifts enveloping the musical’s tragic love story.—Sean Conwell

MAY 1-7, 7, 2013  s   metrosiliconvall y  s   sa j   s

THE LONG REACH OF THE GHOST Robert Guerrero delivers a hard right to Andre Berto in 2012.

Joyce Goldschmid



35  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013


metroactive FILM

Scorcery N?<I<ÊJKI@GC<$8N?<EPFLE<<;K?<D6 ?<I<ÊJKI@GC<$8N?<EPFLE<<;K?<D6 Roy Scheider pays ays a really steep bridge toll in William Friedkin’s ‘Sorcerer.’

Director N`cc`Xd=i`\[b`ebrings a rare 35mm print of ‘Sorcerer’ to San Jose’s Camera Club. By RICHARD VON BUSACK


@CC@8D=I@<;B@E# \ogfe\ekf]k_\ Yfc[\jk[\ZX[\`e k_\_`jkfipf]k_\ dfm`\j#Zfd\jkfJXeAfj\ n`k_X*,ddgi`ekf]_`jY\jk Ócd]fiX]i\\jZi\\e`e^%K_\ [`i\ZkfiÊj]fccfn$lgkf_`j Y\jk$befneÓcd#The Exorcist (0.+ #jfle[jc`b\Xefk_\i kXc\f]k_\jlg\ieXkliXc#Ylk `knXjeÊkhl`k\% Sorcerer (1977) is a remake of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s French classic The Wages of Fear (1953). It’s a phantasmagorical epic of doomed men languishing in a Central

American backwater. The exiles (Roy Scheider is the best-known actor among them) are given a suicide mission hauling rotting, volatile nitroglycerine over hundreds of miles of bad road to an oil derrick fire. Friedkin’s work often has a scary side, as seen in his new memoir, The Friedkin Connection (Harper; $29.99). But Friedkin notes that Sorcerer was “the most difficult, dangerous and frustrating film I’ve ever made.” He explains, “It’s a miracle no one was seriously injured or killed. I was much younger, and I had no fear, but I did things I wouldn’t do today—a number of things that put people’s lives in danger.” I ask if he’d ever seen the late Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams about Werner Herzog’s similar jungle-filmmaking mania on Fitzcarraldo. He admits, “In watching

that movie, I thought Herzog was crazy. But I did all of that, and worse.” The screening of Sorcerer was facilitated by Tim Sika of KSJS’s long-running Celluloid Dreams show as a sort of field trip for the longlived Camera Cinema Club. Seats are limited, but the club is accepting reservations at sorcererscreening@ Friedkin started lawsuits to be able to get a 35mm print of Sorcerer. After this screening at downtown San Jose’s last remaining theater with a 35mm projector, “I’m putting the print to bed,” Friedkin declares. It’s not the end for Sorcerer, however, which will be released in a Blu-Ray version this fall. Friedkin will be watching a screening of the digital version on his birthday (Aug. 29, 1935), which coincides with his appearance at the Venice Film Fest. Sorcerer is as relevant today as the news of the West, Texas, fertilizer plant disaster or the latest first-person tale of running the roads of Iraq in a U.S. Army convoy. Why the film failed at the box office is a matter of opinion.

Sorcerer opened at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for one week, batting cleanup behind the far more chipper Star Wars. It’s thought the critics and public alike were too grimmed out by the story to handle it. Friedkin has his own theories. “I don’t think it was the downbeat ending; it could be any number of reasons. When a film fails at the box office it might be no good or it didn’t capture the zeitgeist. Citizen Kane never made money, but the numbers aren’t important.” After Sorcerer, Friedkin never had another hit as big as The Exorcist. “The tunnel at the end of the light” he calls the aftermath in The Friedkin Connection. But that hasn’t stopped him; his recent films are good ones: Bug—a pressure-cooker about a folie a deux of Morgellons Syndrome, starring Ashley Judd and the everrising Michael Shannon (Man of Steel and Boardwalk Empire). Most recently, Friedkin made the highly well-received and shocking Killer Joe, an unrated neo-noir with Matthew McConaughey. Friedkin will show up for the San Jose screening to talk about his career and sign copies of his memoirs. See the movie and read the book, but note that there is a warning in the book that Friedkin isn’t talking about who slept with whom. Instead, the fluids that fly are creative juices. A huge bribe facilitated the subway chase in The French Connection; the sequence was unstoryboarded, he claims. For Cruising, he researched mafia-owned gay sex clubs dressed only in a jockstrap. Friedkin’s fine ear—he’s a frequent director of operas in Los Angeles—is reflected in Sorcerer’s soundtrack, with its use of Tangerine Dream. This electronic score predates Blade Runner’s Vangelis score by several years. Cruising finishes with one of my all-time-favorite soundtrack segues: a string quartet bumping up against Willy DeVille’s “It’s So Easy.” No song could be less appropriate to describe Friedkin’s half-century-long film career.


May 5 2pm, Free Camera 3 San Jose

WILLIAM FRIEDKIN sorcererscreening@ to reserve


metroactive metr oactivve FILM

Revivals R eviv v vals a



(R; 105 min.) A ffatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ather â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pass passion ion ffor or ffarming arming clashes with his sonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s son nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s desir desiree making to race race cars (weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re (weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not makin ng this drama up) in a dr ama with Dennis Quaid, Q Zac Efr Efron on and Heather Gr Graham. ahaam. (Opens Fri.)

IN THE H HOUSE OUSE (R; 105 min.) A Among mong the pr problems oblems ffacing acing a lit teacher is the que estion question of whether a certain studentt is a phenomenon or a sociopath sociopath.. Fabrice LLuchini, uchini, who excels at playin ng playing undersized, fussy Fr enchmenn, Frenchmen, stars as Germain, a rigid high h Gustave school teacher at Ecole Gust tave Flaubert. Claude (Ernst Umh auer) Umhauer) is a student who car ries out a carries polite slow-speed home inva asion invasion of an upper-middle-class ffamily. amily. Claude appears most inter essted interested in the mother: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most m bor ed woman,â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;? Esther (Emm manuelle bored (Emmanuelle Seigneur aviest Seigneur,, with two of the he heaviest eyelids in the movies). Descr ribing Describing this ffamily amily in classr oom essa ays classroom essays that ar ead aloud, Claude Claude aree never rread hook q hookss his teacher with the question of his motives and the qualit ty quality of his writing; the teacher be ends bends the rules of appr opriatenesss as a appropriateness way of fulďŹ lling his own thw warted thwarted ambitions. A nd we see how little the And rules and fformulas ormulas matter co ompared compared to the fforce orce of such a dr asticc young drastic pupil. This witty y, seriously M arxist witty, Marxist and mean-f or-the-fun-of-itt comedy mean-for-the-fun-of-it by Fr ancois Ozon shades thee story Francois with subplots: a glancing rref eff to P asoliniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s TTeorema Pasoliniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eeorema, a runnin runningg gag about an awful banality-of-s banality-of-shock shock art gallery, cranky wifee gallery y, where where Germainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Germainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cr anky wif (Kristin Scott Thomas) tries to t work. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s It â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sinister and funny ďŹ lm by the director dir ector of SSwimming wimming P Pool ool, though t is an impr improvement ovement over thatt earlier piece (Opens Fri at CCamera piece. amer a a 3 in San Jose.) (RvB)

IIRON RO N M MAN AN 3 (PG-13; 130 min.) One mor (PG-13; moree chance c ffor or the superher superheroo to vanquish, vanquissh, or neutralize, at least neutr alize, his manyy evil enemies. With Robert Downe Downey ey Jr.,., Guy P Pearce, Jr earce, Don Cheadle and Gwyneth P Paltrow. altrow. (Opens Fri Fri.) i.)

THE R THE RELUCTANT ELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST FU NDAMENTALIST Guyy (R; ( ; 128 min.)) Kief Kiefer er Suth Sutherland, herland,, KKate ate Hudson and Om Puri st star ar in a thriller about a P Pakistani man an caught akistani ma Wall in a hostage situation on W a SStreet. all treet. (Opens Fri.)

(1955/1954) Both a gr gratifying atifying dr drama ama of cor corruption ruption in the laborr unions and a honeyed message ďŹ lm in ffavor avor of snitching. A Att thiss point, all thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s remembered remembered is how w powerful Marlon M arlon Br Brando ando look lookss with h a scar in his eyebr eyebrow. ow. LLongshoreman ongshorem man TTerry er e ry Malloy M alloy (Br (Brando) ando) is caught caught between the gangster-led union of o his brother br other (Rod SSteiger, teiger, never never better) and the civilizing missionn of his schoolmarm-in-training girlfriend, schoolmarm-in n-training Marie much-imitated Eva M arie Saint. The muc ch-imitated taxi scene demonstr demonstrates ates the motto that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no such thingg as post-Brando post-Br ando acting: an example example of the wounding and wou unded wounded quality of the incomparable incomparabble actor. actor. BILLED WITH WITH Guys and Dolls D . Fr Frank ank Loesserâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Loesser â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss unparalleled unparalleled handiness haandiness with every kind of tune te tends ends to make him unappreciated, unappreciatedd, compared compared to composers who can co come ome up with the same kind of thing ev every very time. They wanted Gene Kelly, Kellyy, but they got Br Brando, acquits ando, and he acqui ts himself whenever he doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thin think nk about the fact fact that heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s singingg against a miscast Sinatra Sinatra (as good old rreliable eliable Detroit). The plot involves the Nathan Detroit). seduction of a Salvation Army Army ofďŹ cer (Jean Simmons). (Plays May May 44-5 -5 in P Palo alo A Alto lto at the Stanford Stanffor o d Theatre.) Theatre.) e) (RvB)

SSORCERER ORCERER (1977) See story on page 36. (Plays M May ay 5 at 2pm in San Josee at CCamera amer a a 3.) (RvB)

WAR O WAR OFF THE W WORLDS/ ORLDS/ 20 2 0 MILLION MILLION MILE MILESS T TO O EA EARTH RTH (1953/1957) SState tate of the art in its day y, still unsettling in ours: day, green our gr een world is under siege by saucers equipped with de eath rrays. ays ays. death The actors arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t much: Gene G Bar Barry ry plays Dr. Dr. Clayton Forresterâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a Forresteerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a name adopted by M MST3K ST3KK to honor the doctor â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s squar eness: but the doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s squareness: gorgeous gor geous miniatures miniatures of Los Los Angeles Angeles getting what whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coming too it have been imitated ever since (a straight straight line connects this to Inde Independence ependence Day..)) BILLED W WITH ITH 20 M Million i illion Miles to Earth. In a comp Miles compact act 82 minutes, animator Ray H arryhausen Harryhausen shows that he learned th the he most important lesson fr from om Willis W Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien O Brien, animator of King KKong oong: make m the monster a misunderstoodd cr eature. creature. A n egg fr om V enus is salv vaged An from Venus salvaged by a ďŹ shermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ shermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s child; Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eaarthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s atmospher atmospheree makes the hhatchling atchling gr ow into a colossus. Harryhausenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Harrryhausenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grow much-imitated gifts withh stopmotion give this rreptilian eptiliann monster a

soul as well as a belie believable evable surf surface. ace. (Plays M May ay 22-3 -3 in P Palo aloo A Alto lto at the SStanford tanffoord Theatr e.) (Rv Theatre.) (RvB) vB)


Reviews R eviews


42 (PG-13) Chadwick Bose (PG-13) Boseman man stars in the story of Jackie Robinson Robinsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s car career. eer. A Also lso Harrison stars Har rison Ford, Ford,, Nicole Nicole Beharie and Christopher Meloni. Meloni. eloni

ADMISSION AD MISSION (PG-13;; 113 min.) Dir (PG-13; Director ectoor P Paul aul W Weitz eitz has made movies as go ood as A good About bout a Boy and as bad as Littlee Fockers. H Hee more re inter interesting esting certainly has made mor ďŹ lms than his debut, A American m merican Pie, allowed anyone to expe expect. ect. This time ar ound, he teams two her hheroes oes of geek around, culture, cul ture, Tina Tina Fey and Paul Paul a Rudd, ffor or a comedy about an uptight uptight Princeton admissions ofďŹ cer (play yed byâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;oh, (played ccâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;mon, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;mon, mon, guess who!) wh ose lif whose lifee is shaken up by a devil-may-care devil-may-care alternative alternative school principal (again,, guess who) and a student who might bee the son she gave up for for adoption.

(PG-13;; 104 min.) A Spanish (PG-13; S version of Snow Whitee done inn silent-ďŹ lm ffashion. ashion. (R;; 125 min.) Robert Redf Redfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Company YYou oou KKeep eeepp chews over the deeds of the W Weathermen, eathermen, but it undercuts under cuts the rrevolutionary evoluutionary ar ardor dor of rreal eal ďŹ ghters in ffavor avor of a glum, mistakes-were-made approach. mistakes-wer e-made appr oach. Redford Redf ord plays small-time small-time lawyer Jim Grant; Gr ant;; Grantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s involvement involvvement with Solarz Solarz attr acts the attention attentioon of Ben (Shia attracts LaBeouf), a hungry Albany Albany newspaper writer.. The rresulting writer esultingg public exposur exposuree Grant â&#x20AC;&#x153;Grantâ&#x20AC;? causes Gr ant to run ffor or it.. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gr antâ&#x20AC;? is actually an alias;; thee lawyer is still wanted ffor bu ungled bank rrobbery obbery or a â&#x20AC;&#x2122;70s bungled during which a security secuurity guar guardd was killed. On the lam, G Grant rant rreacquaints eacquaints himself with old com mrades,, including a comrades, cynical pr ofessor (R ichard Jenkins) and professor (Richard a lumberman (Nick Nol Nolte). te). The surfaces surfaces aree modern,, but thee rhetoric is antique. ar q One doubts the ďŹ lm ďŹ lmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s appeal to anyone under 50.. (RvB)


for the deconstructionist for deconstrructionist 21st century century, y, this animated ffamily a amily ďŹ&#x201A;ick has a pr ehistoric clan leaving the saf ety of prehistoric safety their cave ffor or thee proverbial proverbial incr edible incredible journey y. With lots lotts of hip modern journey. rreferences eferences of course, coourse,, and Nick CCage age as ffather ather Grug.

EEVIL VIL DEAD DEAD (R;; 91 min.) A remake rem make of Sam Raimiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s horror-in-the-woods hor ror-in-the-w woods classic.. Diablo Cody, Cody y, of all people, peopple,, is one of the coscreenwriters. scr eenwriters.

FILLY FILL Y BROWN BROWN N (R;; 101 min.) A hip-hop hip-hop artist wants success to achieve succe ess without selling outâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;good luck. luckk.. Stars Stars Gina Rodriguez, LLou ou Diamond Phillips Phhillips and Edwar Edwardd James Olmos.

MUD (PG-13;; 130 min.) (PG-13; min..) Two Tw wo young boys strange man ((Matthew encounter a str a ange Matthew McConaughey) M cConaughey) in i the wilds of Mississippi. M ississippi Somehow, ississippi. Som mehow w, a ffemale emale bounty hunter becomess part of the mix. Also Also stars Reese Witherspoon Withherspoon and Sam Shepard. Shepar d.

(PG;; 98 min) Sort off like The Flintstones

THE T HEA ANGELâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NGELâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SSHARE HARE (NR;; 101 min.) KKen en LLoachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oachâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new ďŹ lm is a comedy about Scottish youths who ďŹ nd a novel way to get ahea ahead. ad.

THE T HE BI BIGG WEDDI WEDDING NG (R;; 88 min.) Susan Sar Sarandon, andon,, Diane KKeaton, eaton, TTopher oopher Grace, Grace,, Katherine Katherine Heigl and Robert De Nir Niroo starr in a comedy about all the things tha that wrong at can go wr ong when two people get hhitched itched in a fformal ormal cer emonyy. ceremony.

FFor showtimes, h ti , advance d titixx andd more,, go g to t cameracinem i

Best Theaters -- SJ Mercury and Metro Readers Always Plenty of Free V Validated aalidatted Parking All Sites All Shows Before 12 nnoon oon Only $5.00 Senior TTuesdays uesdays -- $6 all day d (63 and older) Student Night W ednesdays -- $6 after 6pm w/ID Wednesdays Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$7.50 Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$ 7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) Mats: $7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) b4 6pm 6 M-F & 4pm Sat-Sun  Sony 4K Digital F  Final W Week eek F * No Passes




 $ (.:?.=@EF   :?.=@EF   LOS GATOS F $ (.: CAMERA 12 Closed For Renovation, Renov Re-opens Re-op pens Summer 2013  ( :1(?(

1(?( F 


A SMART, PROVOCATIVE FILM.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;


â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES


( (20;:1(

( (20;;:1 ( F  0









MAY M AY 1-7, 1-7, 2013 | metr | | metr

New N ew

metroactive metr oactive FILM Quantrell Quantr ell Colbert metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013


outt by what seems like the skeeviest pimp Harvey pim mp since Har vey Keitel Keitel in TTaxi aaxi Driver (James (Jam mes Franco). Franco). His is an impression impression mo re than a performance; performance;; there’s there’s no more rreal eal menace under this criminal shell. Butt then,, surf aces dazzle KKorine—the orine—the surfaces film m glows with a hypnotic pixie-barf poly ychrome of neon and dayglo in polychrome whi ich even a bag of Fruit LLoops oops looks looks which dulll as a lead pipe.. It’s It’s the conviction of banality b that makes the middle sag: a street sttreet lif lifee in which even the pitbulls lookk bored, bored,, and the question of whether or not n to gamble with life life repeats repeats itself cold dly and endlessly like a loop of hipcoldly hopp music. (RvB)


BEFORE BEF ORE TH THE E ST STORM ORM Changez (Riz Ahme Ahmed) ed) and Erica (K (Kate ate Hudson) en enjoy njoy a private moment before things t go very wrong Reluctant Fundamentalist,’ opening Friday. in ‘The The R elucctant F undamentalist ’ openin undamentalist, ng Friday y.

37 OBLIVION OBLIVI ON (PG-13; 12 (PG-13; 1244 min.) TTom oom Cruise,, an experienced sci-fi perf performer, ormer, plays the part of a dr onee rrepairman epairman on the drone devastated planett Earth. But when woman Cruise finds a wom man in a downed spacecraft, starts spacecr aft,, he star rts questioning his bosses and his ow own wn acting skills.

OZZ THE GREA O GREAT AT AN AND ND P POWERFUL OWERFUL (PG;; 130 min.) Thee mor moral al of the story: not that ther e’s noo place like home, there’s but there’s there’s no bus siness like show business business. Seeing anyone a work with this material make es one want to quote makes the YYeats eats e line abo about ut tr treading eading softly softly. y. Being a blockbust ter of 2013, ther e’s blockbuster there’s little softness to th he film ’s tr ead,, and the film’s tread, the tr ead gets hea avier with a Sept. tread heavier orget). W e’re told 11 allegory (never fforget). We’re aree that in the Land ooff Oz, “the people ar united.”The exception exceppption to the bombast is an extr emely to uching sequence in extremely touching a por celain villagee blasted by the wr ath porcelain wrath of a witch.. Ideally someone like Burt Lancaster is what was needed in the rrole ole of the Wizar d—a trifling KKansas ansas Wizard—a mountebank fforced orceed by cir cumstance circumstance to battle ffor or the pe eoples of Oz. James peoples Fr anco is neither beguilingly b slimy nor Franco rreally eally terrifying terrifying when whhen he thunders—it’s thunders—it’s

elemental mis miscasting. scasting. With so much power in the hands h of good and bad witches—a never-better never-better M Mila ila KKunis, unis, Rachel Weisz Weisz and a M Michelle ichelle Williams strain among them—you them— —you have to str ain to see the mis misogyny ogyny some critics aree complaining ar complaininng about. Maybe Maybe the script is a bit insistent innsistent on the twopartner ffamily? amily? Ther Theree ar aree too many panoramas panor amas (yo (you ou can get bor bored ed looking thirdd pays off at waterfalls), waterfalls), alls) but the last thir in the siege off the Emer Emerald ald City, Cityy, with attack-wings of o flying baboons and the happiness-inducing happiness-inducing fury of KKunis’ unis’ shrieking Witch Witcch of the W West. est.. (RvB)

by a ffellow ellow w biker/mechanic (Ben Mendelsohn). M endelsohhn).. In midmovie, the ffocus ocus changes,, aand nd we meet a local cop (Bradley (Br Cooper), ooper), a judge judge’s ’s son who adley Co joined the fforce orce to br break eak away fr from om his father’s father’ss influence. It’s It’s up to the actors to figure fi e all of this out, and they figur try. try y. Cooper, Cooperr, in particular, particular, goes from from wounded to t wounder with ease. As As a tone-poem m,, the film has some aff ect, tone-poem, affect, but the sel ff-conscious conscious mythologizing self-conscious becomes alienating: a we ar en’t certain aren’t the dir director ectoor understands the world of criminals and a cops beyond what he’s he’s seen in thee movies.. (RvB)



(R;; 108 min.) Dwayne D Johnson and M Mark ark Wahlberg pump iron mired W ahlberg pum mp ir on and end up mir ed in a lif lifee of crim crime me in a M Michael ichael Bay thriller thriller..

(PG, 103 min.) min.) Dumb yet quite irresistible. It’s ir resistible.. It ’s a musical about a quartet of A Aborigine borigine country girls who aree shapedd into a sequin-wr ar sequin-wrapped apped group girl gr oup to t play the clubs of Saigon and the fir firebases e ebases of Vietnam during the war war.. Th The he period is seen fr from om the rrear-view ear-view window w of history as if the 1960s hap happened pened in one day day, y, and it strangely str angely skims s over A Australia’s ustralia’s rrole ole in the conflic conflict.t.. But the M Motown/Ike otown/Ike and TTina ina soundd of the gr group oup gets you past that ffeelings eelings th at you never wanted to hear soul musicc used to fluff a movie again. The tunes sound new in the context of this kindd of sweet,, slangy ffemale emale

THE T HE PLACE PLA ACCE B BEYOND EYOND THE PINE PINESS (R;; 140 min.) Der D Derek ek Cianfr Cianfrance’s ance’s film seekss to captu seek capture p ure a working-class g world with diff diffused fused camer camerawork awork and a soundtr soundtrack a of beyond-eclectic ack Gosling music.. Ryan Go osling plays LLuke, uke,, a carnival motor motorcyclist. rcyclist.. He meets up fling, Mendes) with an old flin ng,, Romina (Eva M endes) who has been rraising aising his child with Ali, the help of KKofi ofi fi ((Mahershala Mahershala A li,, the film’s standout). film ’s standou t). LLuke uke is rrecruited ecruited for for child-support-related a child-suppor rt-related bank rrobbery obbery

energy. prove ener gyy. The years will pr ove this,, but seems it’ll it seem ms it ’ll be hard hard to get too much of Debo Deborah orah M Mailman—she ailman—she plays the short but b pugnacious Gail, the most practical Sapphires, perfect pr acticaal of the Sapphir es, and a perf ect rrepresentative epreseentative of an island continent containing fiercest contain ning the fier cest women on the pla planet. net. This hit should also make a huge star out of Chris O’Dowd. He plays th the he Dave Seville/Reuben Kincade manager, manag err, seldom sober and always off bias bias; s;; alr already eady having been the funniest funnies st thing in This Is 40 besides Albert A lbert Br B Brooks, ooks, O’Dowd makes the kind of br breakthrough eaakthrough Bill M Murray urray made in SStripes ttripess. (RvB)

SPRING SP RIN NG B BREAKERS REAKERS (R;; 94 min.) m Dir Director ector Harmony KKorine orine tries too link up an audience of bitter old men, gi girls irls gone wild, and sensationseekingg young guys, with pr predictably edictably mixed results. results. A quartet of bored bored college hussiess violently heists a rrestaurant estaurant and he heads ads to SSt.t.. P Petersburg. etersburg. The springbreak br eak cr ccrowd owd is a siphonophor siphonophoree of slow-mo bikini-diapered slow-m mo shaking,, bikini-diaper ed asses and wide widde open mouths;; it it’s ’s as if these thousands aree capable of sexual thousa nds of kids ar signal but b not sexual rresponse. esponse. The ffour our protagonists pr otagoonists (including Selena Gomez and thee slink slinkyy and debauched Vanessa Vanessa Hudgens) aree bailed Hudgen ns) end up in jail and ar

(R;; 113 1 min.) Sometimes exasperatingly exasperatingly beautiful, bea autiful, Terrence Ter e rence Malick’s Malick’s lesser ffollow-up olloow-up to his monumental The Tree Tree ee of Lif Life fe continues that great great film’s film’s indirect, indi irect,, simple storytelling,, featuring featuring startling prairie star rtling vistas of the pr airie and of Paris Marina P arris alike. alike M arina (Olga KKurylenko) urylenko) is born bor rn when Neil (Ben Affleck) Affleck) kisses her her,, her life life taking place between the emergence em ergence of the Eurostar Eurostar from from the darkk Chunnel and a final departure dar departure dow down wn the darkening cor corridor ridor of a jet bridge Marina brid dge at the airport. M arina is a blithe spirit, rit, whose love ffor spir or her man is love withh a capital L. Without reservations, wit reservations, sacrifice—trading shee makes the sacrifice—tr ading Paris Paris ffor or northern Oklahoma to be with him. Eros CCan ann this overpowering spirit of Er os be con contained ntained by a Ben Affleck Affleck character? character? A Affleck ffl fleck cuts a fine silhouette silhouette—it silhouette—it’s it’ss whe when en Malick Malick gets closer to the cha character aracter that the trouble trouble begins, A per perfectly fectly turned subplot concerns a hea artsick priest (Javier Bar dem) trying heartsick Bardem) to fake fake his faith faith into lif life. e.. Bardem Bardem keeps the subplot from from being a minor part of the t film, whose point is that divine lovee is just as withheld as rromantic omantic love e. (RvB) love.

TRANCE T RA ANCE (R;; 101 1 min.) Overposh yet sleazy, sleazyy, noisy andd seriously misogynist to boot.. Simon (Jam mes McAvoy) McAvoy) is a security person (James at a fancy fancy art auction house. He’s He’s also the inside man during the theft of a Goy ya. He gets knocked on the head and Goya. fforgets orgets g where where he stashed the loot.. His par tners in crime at first pr opose to partners propose car v the secret ve secret out of him, but then carve the hypnotherapist (the theyy send him to a hypnotherapist eve er-squandered Rosario Dawson). ever-squandered Thee colors ar overamped like the aree overamped sou undtrack—McAvoy’s bulging soundtrack—McAvoy’s eyeballs eye eballs glow as if they had ul ultraviolet traviolet ligh hts in them. them. He needs all the sincerity lights he ccan muster to make the cavalcade of rrepressed epressed inf ormation in the last thir information thirdd beli ievable—here’s the desper ate pitch believable—here’s desperate to make m this essentially rratty, attyy, graceless graceless heis st film believable.. It may cool off heist dir e ector ’s car eerr, but mor director Danny Boyle Boyle’s career, moree like ely it’ll it’ll be a blow to Dawson, who has likely too much pr esence for for the boy’s-club presence mov vies of today. todayy. (RvB) movies

metroactive MUSIC

M@JK8M@J@FE @JK8M@J@FE 9c\XZ_\[kXb\XYi\Xb]ifdC%8%kfm`j`kk_\9cXeb:clYk_`jn\\b\e[% 9c\XZ_\[kXb\XYi\Xb]ifdC%8%kfm`j`kk_\9cXeb:clYk_`jn\\b\e[%

J`jk\ijA\ee`]\iXe[A\jj`ZX J`jk\ijA\ee`]\iXe[A\jj`ZX :cXm`ei\klie]ifdk_\Xj_\jf] D`bXD`bfn`k_Xe\nYXe[ 9p AARON CARNES


@JK<IJA\ee`]\iXe[ A\jj`ZX:cXm`e_Xm\ gcXp\[dlj`Zkf^\k_\i ]fiXcfe^k`d\#Ylk fecpn`k_k_\]fidXk`fef] k_\`ie\n^iflg9c\XZ_\[ `ecXk\)'('_Xm\k_\pkXb\e jfe^ni`k`e^j\i`fljcp%

When they started playing music in high school, Jennifer and Jessica were more interested in getting together with friends and figuring out Slits covers. Those jam sessions eventually turned into the surprisingly successful Mika Miko, a five-piece L.A. post-punk band

formed in 2003. The resemblance of Mika Miko’s music and presentation to the Slits’ minimalistic, artsy sound and outrageous live shows generated an early buzz. Shortly after Mika Miko broke up, in 2009, Jennifer and Jessica regrouped as Bleached, a noticeably different, eclectic indie-rock band with both sunny pop elements and dissonant avant-garde undertones. The band performs at the Blank Club Saturday in support of its debut album, Ride Your Heart, released in April on Indiana-based indie-rock label Dead Oceans. “With Mika Miko, we were just learning to play our instruments,” Jessica says. “We were having fun, but I feel like with Bleached there’s a lot more musical influences going through us when we write a song.”

The biggest change in musical influences for Bleached came by way off the ’60s. Th They take decade’s h ’6 k the h d d ’ garage rock, surf-pop and psychedelia and combine them with a tampeddown version of the ’70s art-rock and punk-rock influences that fueled Mika Miko. “We evolved. It wasn’t just one day we were listening to something else,” Jessica explains. “We were always listening to new music. We’re always looking up bands and watching videos, and it’s just like it gradually happened.” Bleached has been touring heavily and is getting some noteworthy attention in the process. But most of the press, so far, focuses on the surfpop side of their songwriting, missing the darker, dissonant elements that align them just as much to dreampop bands like Vivian Girls and, to some extent, Galaxie 500. Bleached’s entire songwriting process is different, in that Jessica and Jennifer actually have a songwriting process now, and they spend time envisioning what they want the songs



4 9pm $10/12

BLEACHED The Blank Club, San Jose

39 MAY 1-7, 2013  s s  s

Sun Bleached

to sound like instead of just letting what comes out, come out. “With Mika Miko, we weren’t really thinking that much about what we were wanting to sound like,” Jessica says. “It was just that we were playing what we knew how to play. At that time, we were just listening to a lot of punk.” Mika Miko’s breakup was a natural conclusion to a band that never intended to be anything but a fun outlet. Most of the members wanted to do other things like go to college, get married, have kids and, in Jennifer’s case, move to New York and study fashion. Despite living at opposite ends of the country, Jessica and Jennifer continued to write music together. This collaboration, which they called Bleached, became something they wanted to make into a serious band, so Jennifer moved back to L.A. to give it a shot. They shopped their demos around to different labels and settled on Dead Oceans—also home to Akron/Family, John Vanderslice and the Tallest Man on Earth—after a meeting with founder Phil Waldorf. “He kind of stood out to us as just being really passionate about his label and our music, and it just felt like it was going to work,” Jessica says. While part of Bleached’s dissonant edge came from the fact that the sisters were consciously mixing different influences, it was also due to their choice of producer, Rob Barbato, a friend of theirs who plays in L.A. psychedelic band Darker My Love. Barbato listened to their demos and worked with them to create an eclectic, edgy sound that complemented their songwriting style. Now they have a bass player and drummer backing them up for tours. While their shows probably won’t create that same over-the-top infamy that Mika Miko’s frenetic live shows did, they have already achieved something that Mika Miko weren’t able to pull off—an album that does their talent justice.

More listings:

metroactive MUSIC  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013




MUSIC IN THE PARK RETURNS WITH OZOMATLI After a one-year break, Music in the Park returns to San Jose for one night with Latin fusion band Ozomatli, and this time it’s not free.

PHOTOS: 49ERS DRAFT BASH The 49ers Draft Bash at San Pedro Square proved that there’s no off-season for the 49ers faithful, who kept the square packed for a daylong pigskin party.

COMIC BOOK GREAT STAN LEE TO VISIT SAN JOSE The most famous man in comics, Stan “the Man” Lee has been confirmed to attend the 2013 Big Wow! ComicFest at the San Jose Convention Center. The co-creator of Spider-Man and the X-Men, among other big-name superheroes, is scheduled to spend May 19 hobnobbing with fans at the festival.

D\kifÊjdlj`ZZXc\e[XiilejN\[e\j[XpÅKl\j[Xp% D\kifÊjdlj`ZZXc\e[XiilejN\[e\j[XpÅKl\j[Xp%


Fri, 9pm: Eddie Toro Band. Sat, 9pm: Dutch Uncle. Sun, 6pm: Joe Ferrara. Tue, 6pm: Blackouts. Los Gatos.

Fri-Sat: Steve Edwards. Santa Clara.


Wed, 9pm: Delemma. Free. Fri, 9pm: Northern Son, Cova, Light the Rocket. $10. Sat, 9pm: Bleached, Ex-Cops, Dirty Pillows, Spirit on the Water. $10/$12. Tue, 9pm: Amonie, Minot, Hawk Jones. Free. San Jose.




Fri-Sat, 10pm: Live music. San Jose.

Thu, 6pm: Hookslide. $10/$14. Fri, 8pm: Pop Fiction. $13/$15. Redwood City.



Fri, 8pm: Eulipions Sextet. Free. Sat: Live music. San Jose.

CITY LIGHTS THEATER Sun, 3:30pm: Brooke D, David Knight. $12/$14. San Jose.

Fri, 9:30pm: Hales Machine. $5. Sat, 9:30pm: Bay Area Record Rockers. $5. Fremont.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER Fri, 8pm: Cowboy Junkies (sold out). Saratoga.

NETO’S GRILL Fri, 8pm: Corduroy Jim, Grampa’s Chili. All ages. $8/$10. Sat, 9pm: Zebop. $10. Santa Clara.


Thu: Jack Rip-Off. p San Jose.

Sat, 8pm: Dub FX, Militia of Love. $10/$15. Gilroy.

NORMANDY HOUSE LOUNGE Sun, 9pm: Rock Sundays. Santa Clara.

THE CATS Wed, 7pm: Dr. Mojo Band. Thu, 8:30pm: Out of the Blue.

JOHNNY V’S Live music some nights. Call for info. San Jose.

NUMBER ONE BROADWAY Wed, 9:30pm: JC Smith jam.




9l`ckkfJg`ccJligi`j\ SAN JOSE music fans enjoyed a rare surprise Monday thanks to a secret appearance by indie-rock veterans Built to Spill at Cafe Stritch; it was one of the coolest shows to happen in San Jose in the past decade. The event was not publicized beyond word of mouth, but it still drew more than 200 people to the new eatery and bar on South First Street. The secret show landed between Built to Spill’s two sold-out San Francisco dates at Slim’s and a show Tuesday in Santa Cruz at the Rio. The San Jose gig was supposed to be Built to Spill’s only day off during their three-week tour. But when they found out that Slam Dunk, who were opening several of their shows, were doing a small show at Stritch, they volunteered to play it as well, not even knowing where the show was at or any details about it. “We’re doing this shit because it’s fun to do,” said Built to Spill lead singer/guitarist Doug Martsch. “It’s still a job and all that, but we’re lucky we get to do this. We still think of ourselves as a young punkrock band. We’re all in our 40s. We made a bunch of records. We happen to be on Warner Brothers, but this is fun.” Built to Spill went on after opener Andy Barnes (of Worker Bee and Dinners) and then Slam Dunk, and played a set entirely of covers, which Martsch explained to me he felt OK with since no one was actually paying to see them. The band ran through classics, including “Beast of Burden” by the Rolling Stones, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Öyster Cult featuring a member of the audience on cowbell, “Here” by Pavement, “How Soon Is Now” by the Smiths, “Abba Zabba” by Captain Beef heart and the closer, “Age of Consent” by New Order, which turned into a psychedelic jam that lasted 30 minutes. The crowd was all smiles. The couple hundred people who packed the small performance space danced, sang along and even occasionally crowd surfed. —Aaron Carnes

MAY 1-7, 2013  s s  s


41  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013


More listings:

metroactive MUSIC 40 Thu, 9:30pm: Velvet Plum. Fri, 9:30pm: Fast Times. $10. Sat, 9:30pm: Touch N Go. $10. Los Gatos.

THE QUARTER NOTE Wed: Pro Jam. No cover. Thu: Pro Jam hosted by Vicious Groove. No cover. Fri-Sat, 9pm: Live music. Sun: Pro Jam. Sunnyvale.

THE REFUGE Fri, 6pm: Zombie Pool Party, the Dialed, Safety Hazard, Born to Be Rad, Cactus, Green State. All ages. Sat, 6pm: Look a Flying Pig, the Rest Will Fall, As Small As Giants, Murder My Hero, Walk the Atmosphere, Opus Day, Soon We Fall, Bred to Survive. All ages. Cupertino.

SAN PEDRO SQUARE MARKET Sat, 8pm: Live in the Garage music series. San Jose.

BRITANNIA ARMS CUPERTINO Every first Sun, 6pm: Carolyn’s Jazz. Cupertino.



Fri, 8pm: Music showcase. Sat: Thriving Artists presents live music. Saratoga.

Wed, 7pm: Blues jam with Frank Bey. $5. Sat, 7pm: Los Cochinos, Lumbre. $12/$15. Redwood City.

Sat, 7pm: Peter Chung. San Jose.


HEDLEY CLUB Every first & third Wed: Jazz jam. Fri, 8:30pm: Live jazz. Sat, 8:30pm: Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums. Mon, 5pm: Gus Kambeitz Duo. Hotel De Anza, San Jose.






Thu, 8pm: Blues jam with Eric Selenger. Fri, 8pm: Live music. Sat, 8pm: Alastair Greene. Campbell.

Wed: Live jazz. Fri: Late Night at Lou’s. San Jose.

Sat, 8pm: Star Wars Day, hosted by the Angel & Robot Show. Feat. Curious Quail, Gnarb00ts, Blammos!, Cartoon Violence, Petriform, DJ Mr. Smith. All ages. $8. Homestead Lanes, Cupertino.



Live music most Fri-Sun. Call for info. Gilroy.


Wed, 7pm: Janet Thompson. Thu, 7:30pm: Piano sing-along with Ingrid. Sat, 8pm: John Garcia. Morgan Hill.


Nightly: Live blues. San Jose.

Sat, 7pm: Laurence Juber. All ages. Free. San Jose.


Every first Sat, 8pm: Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience. Sun, 6:30pm: Sunday Jazz Jam. San Jose.



Fri, 9pm: Sonido Clash feat. DJ Lengua, Buyepongo, Souleros Ball Revue. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson. ThuSat, 6pm: Live blues. Sat, 1pm: Blues band competition. Every first & third Mon, 6pm: Ukulele jam with Steve Martin. San Jose.


First three Fri of month: Live music. Santa Clara.

Fri, 7pm: Sabrosito. Free. San Jose.



Thu, 7pm: Mill Creek Ramblers. Fri, 7pm: Cimarron Rose Band. Sat, 7pm: Mill Creek Ramblers & Friends jam. Fremont.

RED ROCK COFFEE Fri, 8pm: The Chandra Concept. Sat, 8pm: Libertine Circle. Mountain View.

THE SADDLE RACK Wed, 9pm: California Cowboys. Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Sat, 7:15pm: The Wild West Show. Fremont.

SAM’S BBQ Wed, 6pm: Sidesaddle & Co. Tue, 6pm: Bean Creek. San Jose.

THE WOODSHED Fri, 7:30pm: Kathy Kalick Band. Los Gatos.

Open Mic/ Comedy BAMBOO LOUNGE Mon, 7pm: Musical open mic for singer/songwriters. Sign up at 7pm. Free. San Jose.

BOSWELL’S Sun, 10pm: Open mic with RB3. Campbell.

Fri: Kathy Kallick Band. Keith Holland Guitars . Los Gatos.

Tue, 6pm: Bluesday with Dan Goghs. San Jose.

Jazz/Blues/ World


Fri, 7pm: Open mic. San Jose.

Tue, 7:30pm: Irish music. Mountain View.


AGENDA LOUNGE Wed, 8pm: Salsa. Thu, 9pm: Banda. Sun: Reggae and hiphop. San Jose.

BLUE ROCK SHOOT Fri-Sat 8pm: Thriving Artists’ Showcase. Sun, 4pm: Blues jam. Saratoga.


Fri, 8:30pm: South City Blues Band. Sat, 8pm: Michelle Polace Trio. The Pruneyard, Campbell.

Wed, 8pm: American Me Comedy. $12. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 8 & 10pm & Sat, 7 & 9pm: Ralph Harris. $18. Tue, 8pm: Nurses Night Out. $12. San Jose.



Fri, 6-9pm: Live blues, roots and Americana. Morgan Hill.

Wed: The Cypher. Hip-hop open mic. San Jose.



Sat, 7pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

Wed: Poetic Justice. Open to




MUSIC MAY 1-7, 2013  s s  s

KFGG@:B<I9fY9ifqdXe^l`kXijb`ccj dX[\_`d`ek\ieXk`feXccp]Xdflj%

Jk\\cXe[Jflc SANTA CRUZ guitar master and musical ambassador Bob Brozman died at age 59 last week, leaving a legacy of incredible skill and intellect. By the time he died on April 23, Brozman had said and taught so much, both as a guitarist and an ethnomusicologist. With his sharp wit, his trademark National steel sound, his global sonic vision and an approach to his instruments that balanced wild-man blues with methodical logic, he transformed so many people’s thinking about music, just as he did mine. “Everybody’s one of a kind, but Bob took it to another level,” says his longtime friend John Sandidge of Snazzy Productions. “You can talk about talent all you want, but he’s somebody where it goes far beyond how well he could play guitar.”

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On Sale Now!

“Bob was a force of nature when he performed, with an energy, focus and musicality that few musicians ever achieve,” says multi-instrumentalist David Lindley, who collaborated with Brozman and shared his eclectic musical sensibility. “We have all lost a great talent and a great human being.” Brozman’s steel-trap personality, bold style and easy wit masked some things, in particular the chronic and debilitating pain he suffered from a 1980 car accident on Highway 9, after which he had to reteach himself how to use his fingers. That is the tragic side to this story, which ultimately led him to take his own life at his home in Ben Lomond last week. This first full understanding of how much he struggled just to keep playing has done nothing to blemish his memory among the legions of fans and friends who have extended their support and love to his family. On the contrary, many seemed relieved to know the whole story. “I can now realize there was a lot of pain for many years that he never talked about,” says George Winston, the acclaimed Santa Cruz pianist who put out Brozman’s collaborations with Hawaiian artists on his Dancing Cat label. “He had a great will, and he could make it seem like nothing was happening, to the outside world.” Of course, that does little to ease the shock that so many have expressed over losing a musical genius and true Santa Cruz icon, who seems to have left his mark on everyone he encountered. There are still a lot of people like Winston, who says Brozman’s death doesn’t yet seem real: “Every day, I wake up and think, ‘What a weird dream that was.’”—Steve Palopoli

Saturday, May 11 • 11 am & 2:30 pm VISIT THE FLINT CENTER BOX OFFICE • TICKETMASTER.COM For the Performing Arts



Come to Our  s s s   MAY 1-7, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

TACO FEAST! Margaritas & Tequila Shooters Specials

1031 Monroe St. , Santa Clara


Open Daily 8AM to 2 AM KARAOKE Fri & Sat 9 pm

Music · Dancing · TVs Games · Pool · Darts “Best Karaoke”

all forms of expression. Free. San Jose.

PHILZ COFFEE Mon, 7pm: Open mic. Downtown San Jose.

BOGART’S LOUNGE Wed & Fri-Sat, 8pm-2am: Wildside Karaoke. Sunnyvale.

BOSWELL’S Tue: DJ Davey K. Campbell.

Mon, 7pm: Cavin and King’s Open Mic. Mountain View.

BOULEVARD TAVERN Thu: Karaoke. Los Gatos.


KYOTO PLACE Wed, 7pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.

KOJI SAKE LOUNGE First & Third Thu, 7pm: KJ Bob and Starmaker. San Jose.

Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Uncle Hank. San Jose.





Wed, 8pm: Open-mic night with Anita. Willow Glen.

Karaoke 7 BAMBOO Wed-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

Tue: Karaoke. San Jose.


Sun-Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Cupertino.

BRIT ARMS DOWNTOWN Wed, 9pm: August. San Jose.


Thu & Mon, 9pm: Karaoke. Sat, 8:30pm: Joe or Darryl. Campbell.


Wed-Sat & Tue, 9pm-2am, & last Sun of every month, 2-7pm: B&S Karaoke. Campbell.



BENNIGAN’S GRILL Sat, 9pm: August. Santa Clara.

Sailor Jerry 4 Rum Drinks $ 350 Bottle Beer $


Thu, 8pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

Sun, 7pm-close: Uncle Dougie Show. Palo Alto.


Wed and Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Doug. Sunnyvale.

PEACOCK LOUNGE Thu, 9pm: Matt. Tue, 9pm: DJ Ryan. Sunnyvale.

POINCIANA LOUNGE Wed, 9:30pm: Wildside. No cover. Sun, 9pm: Joe. Santa Clara.

PSYCHO DONUTS Sun, 10am: Psycho Karaoke. Campbell.

QUARTER NOTE Mon: Ed. Tue: Sue and Sherrie. No cover. Sunnyvale.

RED STAG LOUNGE Nightly karaoke, 9pm-1:30am. San Jose.




Thu, 9pm-2am: August. Milpitas.

Wed, 10pm: Purple. Palo Alto.



Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Gilroy.

Wed, 8:30pm: Vinnie. Thu-Sat, 8:30pm: Thomas. Sun, 8:30pm: Dan. San Jose.

Thu-Sat, 9pm: DJ Curtis. San Jose.

STATION 55 Thu: JR. Sun: JR Diaz Family Karaoke. Tue: James. Gilroy.

BLUE MAX Fri-Sat, 7pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale. Tue, 7pm: Steve Tiger. Cupertino.


Wed-Sat & Tue, 9pm: Uncle Dougie Show. No cover. San Jose.

Fri, 9pm-1am: Danielle. Sat, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.


Wed: Cabaret Karaoke. Los Gatos.

Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: Karaoke. Mountain View.


Fri, 9pm: Darryl. San Jose.

Tue: Karaoke. San Jose.


Nightly, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.


Thu: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.



Wed: 8:30pm-midnight: Karaoke plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.


Tue, 9:30pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

Wed, 9:30pm: Karaoke. San Jose.


Always Open 6am-2am

Thu & Sun-Mon, 8:30pm: Bruce of KOR Karaoke. Mountain View.

Wed, 8pm: New Talent Comedy Competition. $12. Thu, 8pm, Fri, 9pm & Sat, 8 & 10:30pm: Ben Gleib. $13-$19. Sun, 8pm: Cream of the Comp pro showcase. $13. Sunnyvale.


COCKTAIL LOUNGE 2306 Almaden Road San Jose 408·266·2415



It's Derby Time!


Sun: Sunday Funday karaoke. No cover. San Jose.


Fri-Sat, 8pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

PRIZES & Drink Specials





More listings:

metroactive MUSIC

THREE FLAMES Wed, 8pm: Chris. San Jose.

THE GOOSETOWN LOUNGE Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.

TORTUGA ISLAND TAVERN Tue, 7pm: KJ Bob and Starmaker. San Jose.


Mon & Fri, 9pm: Vinnie. Cupertino.

Fri: DJ BenofďŹ cial. Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

School Ruckus. Sat, 9pm: BeatzBoutique, DJ Goldenchyld. Los Gatos.

Dance Clubs



Thu: Contest Thursdays. Fri: Flirty. Sat: Brick House. San Jose.

Fri: DJs & dancing. Sun: Members Only. San Jose.

CARDIFF LOUNGE Thu: Foxy. Campbell.

Fri: DJ Vision-One. Sat: DJ ToneSOL. Los Gatos.


COURTâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOUNGE


Most Fri: Hip-hop, Top 40, club hits. Tue: 4 the Love of Tuesdays. San Jose.

Fri: Cinco de Mayo fun. Sat: DJ Wendel. Campbell.

Thu: Therapy. Fri: Soul Therapy. Sat: Social. Tue: I Heart Tuesdays. San Jose.

THE BLANK CLUB Thu, 9pm: Atomic. $5. Sat, 9pm: Adult Club. $5. San Jose.

BRANHAM LOUNGE Thu: Audio Revolution with DJs Jason Dee & Hi-Grade. Fri: Quality Control. Sat: Cocktails & Dreams. Tue: Irie Nights with DJs Hi-Grade & Tesfa. San Jose.


Fri-Sat, 9pm: DJ Checo. Evergreen Inn, San Jose.

Fri: Video DJs. Every ďŹ rst Sat: Soul Affair. Sun: Island Rock Sundays. Wed: Inked Out with DJ Jason Lee. Sunnyvale.



Wed, 9pm: Wine Wednesdays. Thu, 9pm: Liquid. Fri-Sat, 9pm: DJs & dancing. $10. Mon: Industry. Tue, 9pm: Turn Up Tuesdays. San Jose.

Sat: DJ dance party. Gilroy.

THE ELEGANT PUB Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am: Live music & DJs, salsa, house, hip-hop & more. San Jose.


CREEKSIDE LOUNGE Thu: DJ Pagame. Fri: DJ Orion. Sat: DJ Phil. San Jose.


 MAY 1-7, 2013  s s  s


JOHNNY Vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Wed, 9pm: The Cypher. Hiphop open mic. Thu, 9pm: Slap!. Sat, 9pm: TrafďŹ c. Mon, 9pm: Retoxx with DJ Casp3r. Tue, 9pm: Trap Shop. Hiphop, reggae, rap, retro, R&B. San Jose.

STUDIO8 Thu: Viva 5 de Mayo precelebration. Fri: Cinco de Mayo weekend with Fachento Boss. Sat: Cinco de Mayo weekend with Sage the Gemini. San Jose.

TRES GRINGOS Fri, 10pm: Coyote Ugly with DJ Aspect. San Jose.


KATIE BLOOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

Wed-Fri: DJs. Sat, 10pm: â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;90s Dance Party. Willow Glen.

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs and dancing. Campbell.




Thu, 10pm: Lucky with DJ Dinero. San Jose.

Thu, 9pm: EDM with DJ Scotty Boy. Fri: Fly

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336

Thu: Reverse Happy Hour. Every ďŹ rst Fri: Famous. Sat: Girls Night Out. Mountain View.

Thursday, May 2Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+


plus Silly

Creature $RSsPMPM

Saturday, May 4Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+

ANGEL ORTIZ plus Banda La Batalloza !DV$RSs$RSOPENPM3HOWPM Sunday, May 5Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


also Dun

San Franciscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s City Guide

PEACHES Pants down, pelvis thrusting, booty dropped; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like electroclash never went away. May 1 at Mezzanine.


JULY 28-AUGUST 3, 2013

With guests Amanda Palmer, Colin Meloy, Rhett Miller, Sean Nelson and more. May 2 at the Fillmore.

OS MUTANTES No one else on Earth sounds like this group of psychedelic Brazilian Tropicalia royalty. May 4 at the Independent.

JASON MORAN & SKATEBOARDERS Moranâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s jazz trio plays with a miniramp in front of the stage featuring live skating. May 4 and 5 at SFJAZZ Center.

G\XZ_\j Find more San Francisco events by subscribing to the email newsletter at

STEVEN WILSON Cerebral founder of Porcupine Tree plays songs from â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Raven That Refused to Singâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for free in-store. May 8 at Amoeba SF. @svbeerweek

plus Blackbird Raum Bin Had $RSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

-AYLos Cadetes De Linares Atrium (Ages 21+) May 11 Sin Sisters Burlesque Atrium (Ages 21+) May 12 Rehab/ BNMC Atrium (Ages 21+) May 14 Pepper (Ages 16+) May 15 Big Boi of OutKast/ Killer Mike (Ages 16+) May 15 Tess Dunn Atrium (Ages 16+) May 16 Dub FX Atrium (Ages 21+) May 17 A-1/ Rey Resurreccion Atrium (Ages 16+) May 18 Mobb Deep Atrium (Ages 16+) May 19 Tyler The Creator (Ages 16+) May 22 Cold War Kids (Ages 16+) -AYAtriarch Atrium (Ages 16+) May 24 Kylesa Atrium (Ages 16+) May 25 Tumbleweeds & Tiaras Atrium (Ages 21+) May 26 Opeth/ Katatonia (Ages 16+) May 26 David Ramirez/ Jay Nash Atrium (Ages 16+) -AYDecapitated Atrium (Ages 16+) -AYStarting Six (Ages 16+) -AYThe Billy Martini Show Atrium (Ages 21+) June 1 The Holdup (Ages 16+) June 5 New Found Glory (Ages 16+) June 6 Juicy J/ ASAP Ferg (Ages 16+) June 29 Streetlight Manifesto (Ages 16+) July 16 Black Flag (Ages 16+) Aug 2 Xavier Rudd (Ages 16+) Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online metr | | metr | M MAY AY 1-7, 1-7 2013



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They make it look so easy on Doctor Who. Everyone hops into a time machine with a madman at the controls and travels through time, creating paradoxes and rewriting history, and somehow everything works out. Only rarely does anyone get sick or spread disease to their unfortunate ancestors. It’s conceivable, I suppose, that not only does the time-travel rig come equipped with a universal translator, it’s also got a universal inoculator. We’ll have none of that. Instead, let’s approach the subject in a spirit of pessimistic realism. Limiting the discussion to time-travel destinations predating the discovery of antibiotics and vaccines, we find there are two types of health trouble the temporal explorer could be setting herself up for. The first possibility is falling prey to ancient diseases. Life during the Middle Ages, and during pretty much any other era until quite recently, was incredibly dirty, and depending on the time and place, clean food and water were more or less unknown. Water and food contamination from lead dishes might be a problem, although that would require lengthy exposure. Simply eating or drinking anything prepared before about 1900 would present more immediate risks— our time traveler would have a fair chance of acquiring intestinal worms, trichinosis, giardia or other parasites. Anthrax, tuberculosis and botulism can all be spread by eating the flesh of infected animals. In early urbanized areas, dysentery, cholera and typhus were the rule rather than the exception. For most of human history, it would be difficult for our traveler to avoid smallpox, cowpox and variations of influenza unknown to modern times; lepers and plague victims would warrant a wide berth. It’s true that the modern suite of inoculations would likely protect our time traveler from many common diseases, unless of course she was some kind of anti-vaxxer. Of course, food variety and balanced diets weren’t the norm for most of

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Secession Arms, 1713 Little Orchard Street, San Jose, CA, 95125, Secession Arms LLC, Inc., 532 Brooks Avenue, San Jose, CA, 95125. This business is conducted by a limited liability company. Above entity was formed in the state of Wyoming. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed on 3/5/2013. /s/Todd Chipman CEO. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/19/2013. (pub Metro 5/01, 5/08, 5/15, 5/22/2013)


Registrant has not yet began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Christopher J. KIm President #2794254 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/10/2013. (pub Metro 4/24, 5/01, 5/08, 5/15/2013)


To all heirs beneficiaries creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both The following person(s) is of CLAYTON J. DEGENHARTD (are) doing business as: 1. has been filed by PATRICIA Affordable Express Legal LIN in the Superior Court of Document Assistance, 2. California, County of SANTA Affordable Legal Document CLARA. THE PETITION Assistance, 3. Express Legal requests that PATRICIA LIN Document Assistance, 111 be appointed as personal N. Market Street, #300, San representative to administer Jose, CA, 95113, Emerald the estate of the decedent. Enterprises LLC. This THE PETITION requests business is conducted by a the decedent’s WILL and Limited Liability Company. codicils, if any, be admitted Above entity was formed in to probate. The will and the state of California any codicils are available Registrant has began for examination in the file transacting business under kept by the court. THE the fictitious business name PETITION requests authority or names listed herein to administer the estate 2000. Refile of previous under the Independent file #502184 after 40 days Administration of Estates Act. of expiration date. /s/Toni (This authority will allow the Greene. Operating Officer/ personal representative to Managing Director take-many actions without #101998362080 This statement was filed with obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very the County Clerk of Santa important actions, however, Clara County on 3/22/2013. (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, the personal representative will be required to give notice 5/08/2013) to interested persons unless they have waived notice or FICTITIOUS consented to the proposed action.) The independent BUSINESS authority NAME STATEMENT administration will be granted unless an interested person files an #577488 objection to the petition The following person(s) is and shows good cause why (are) doing business as: the court should not grant Dream Flowers A&G, 1211 authority. A hearing on the Park VAe., #104, San Jose, petition will be held on May CA, 95125, Bahare Bahrami, 16, 2013 at 9 a.m. in Dept. 501 Granger Ter., #2, 3 located at 191 NORTH Sunnyvale, CA, 94083. FIRST STREET, SAN JOSE, CA, This business is conducted 95113. IF YOU OBJECT to the by a Individual. Registrant has not yet began transacting granting of the petition, you business under the fictitious should appear at the hearing and state our objections or business name or names file written objections with listed herein. the court before the hearing. /s/Bahare Bahrami This statement was filed with Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. the County Clerk of IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or Santa Clara County on a contingent creditor of the 4/18/2013. deceased, you must file your (pub Metro 4/24, 5/01, claim with the court and 5/08, 5/15/2013) mail a copy to the personal representative appointed FICTITIOUS by the court within four BUSINESS months from the date of issuance of letters as NAME STATEMENT first provided in section 9100 of #577150 the California Probate Code. The following person(s) is The time for filing claims (are) doing business as: will not expire before four Mountain View Dental Group, months from the hearing 2486 West El Camino Real, date noticed above. Mountain View, CA, 94040, YOU MAY EXAMINE the file Christopher J. Kim, DDS, Inc. kept by the court. If you are a This business is conducted person interested in the by a Corporation. estate, you may file with Above entity was formed in the court a formal Request the state of California for Special Notice of the

filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in section 1250 of the California Probate Code. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petitioner: HARVEY H. EAVEY. 411 BOREL AVENUE, SUITE 600, SAN MATEO, CA, 94402. 650-343-1500 Pub CC 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #576469 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: EMG Handyman Service, 327 Vista Roma Wy., San Jose, CA, 95136, Maria Victoria Ortiz. This business is conducted by a indvidual. Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Maria Victoria Ortiz This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 3/25/2013. (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #577203 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Real Property Management San Jose, 1060 Willow Street, Unit 5, San Jose, CA, 95125, Next Step Properties, Inc. This business is conducted by a Corporation. Above entity was formed in the state of California Registrant has not yet began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein. /s/Chi Zhang. Vice President #3538251. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/11/2013.

(pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013)



The following person(s) / entity (ies) has / have abandoned the use of the fictitious business name(s): Manley Donuts, 1592 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA, 95125, Soppany Yong, 226 Lynn Ave., Milpitas CA, 95035. This business was conducted by an Individual. Filed in Santa Clara county on 11/09/2009. Under file no. 531198. /s/Soppany Yong. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/10/2013. (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013)

The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: 1. Smilewire Orthodontic Lab, 2. Smilewire, 1111 Elko Dr., Suite G, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089, Esperanza Hempel. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 10/05/2006. Refile of previous file #484251 after 40 days of expiration date /s/Esperanza Hempel This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/10/2013. (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013)

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #577071 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Manley Donuts, 1592 Meridian Ave., Milpitas, CA, 95125, Peter Yong, 226 Lynn Ave., Milpitas, CA, 95035, Supoeurn Yong . This business is conducted by a general partnership. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 01/01/2013. /s/Peter Yong. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/09/2013. (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, 5/08/2013)



Mendez. This business was conducted by an Individual. Filed in Santa Clara county on 4/16/2012. Under file no. 563868. /s/Elizabeth Ann Hudson M Mendez. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 3/26/2013. (pub Metro 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/01/2013)


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Adage Baking Company, 1058 South 5th Street, #327, San Jose, CA, 95112, Elizabeth Hudson. FICTITIOUS This business is conducted BUSINESS by a individual. Registrant NAME STATEMENT began transacting business under the fictitious business #576955 name or names listed herein The following person(s) is on 3/19/2013. /s/Elizabeth (are) doing business as: Mai Hudson. This statement was Travel & Tour, 2114 Senter filed with the County Clerk Rd., STE #18, San Jose, CA, of Santa Clara County on 95112, Danny Kiet Le, 107 3/26/2013. Azalea Lane, Egg Harbor (pub Metro 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, TWP, NJ 08934. This business 5/01/2013) is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting FICTITIOUS business under the fictitious BUSINESS business name or names listed herein on 1/08/2013. NAME STATEMENT /s/Danny Kiet Le This statement was filed with #576703 The following person(s) is the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/08/2013. (are) doing business as: BB (pub Metro 4/17, 4/24, 5/01, Salon, 564 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA, 94087, Xuan 5/08/2013) Thi Bui Wood, 1207 Pamoche Ave., San Jose, CA, 95122, STATEMENT OF Phoung Kieu Lu, 18851 Loree ABANDONMENT Ave., Cupertino, CA, 95014. This business is conducted OF USE OF by a general partnership. FICTITIOUS Registrant has not yet begun transacting business under BUSINESS NAME the fictitious business name #576501 or names listed herein. The following person(s) /s/Xuan Thi Bui Wood, / entity (ies) has / have Phoung Kieu Lu abandoned the use of the This statement was filed with fictitious business name(s): the County Clerk of Santa Belong Vegan Bakery, 331 Clara County on 4/02/2013. Briar Ridge Dr., San Jose, CA, (pub Metro 4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 95123, Elizabeth Ann Hudson 5/01/2013)


11 61 MAY 1-7, 2013 | | |


The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Game On Apparel, 2081 Bering Dr., San Jose, CA, 95131, Mark Pacheco, 94 Alta Vista Way., Daly City, CA, 94014. This business is conducted by a individual. Registrant began transacting business under the fictitious business name or names listed herein on 3/20/2013. /s/Mark Pacheco. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 4/23/2013. (pub Metro 5/01, 5/08, 5/15, 5/22/2013) | | | MAY 1-7, 2013

10 62




ARIES (March 21–April 19): Are you afraid that you lack a crucial skill or aptitude? Do you have a goal that you’re worried might be impossible to achieve because of this inadequacy? If so, now is a good time to make plans to fill in the gap. If you formulate such an intention, you will attract a benevolent push from the cosmos. Why spend another minute fretting about the consequences of your ignorance when you have more power than usual to correct that ignorance? TAURUS (April 20–May 20): Imagine you’re in a large room full of costumes. It’s like a masquerade store at Halloween plus a storage area where a theater troupe keeps the apparel its actors use to stage a wide variety of historical plays. You have free reign here. You can try on different masks and wigs and disguises and get-ups. You can envision yourself living in different eras as various characters. If you like, you can even go out into the world wearing your alternate identities. Try this exercise, Taurus. It’ll stimulate good ideas about some new self-images you might want to play with in real life.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Ray LaMontagne sings these lyrics in his tune “Empty”: “I looked my demons in the eyes. Laid bare my chest and said, ‘Do your best to destroy me. I’ve been to hell and back so many times, I must admit you kind of bore me.’” I wouldn’t be opposed to you delivering a message like that to your own demons, Gemini—with one caveat: Leave out the “Do your best to destroy me” part. Simply peer into the glazed gaze of those shabby demons and say, “You bore me, and I’m done with you. Bye-bye.” And then walk away from them for good.









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CANCER (June 21–July 22): I know a devotee of Tibetan Buddhism who got an unexpected message from her teacher. He told her she has made such exemplary progress in her quest for enlightenment that she has earned the ultimate reward. When she dies many years from now, the teacher said, she will enter nirvana! She will have no further karmic obligation to reincarnate into a new body in the future, and will be forever excused from the struggle of living in the material world. Although her teacher meant this to be good news, she was heartbroken. She wants to keep reincarnating. Her joyous passion is to help relieve the suffering of her fellow humans. Can you guess what sign she is? Yes: a Cancerian. Like her, many of you are flirting with an odd and challenging choice between selfishness and selflessness. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): A lawyer named John Keogh filed an application with the Australian Patent Office. It was for a “circular transportation facilitation device.” His claim was approved. He thus became the owner of the world’s first and only patent for the wheel. So far, he has not tried to collect royalties from anyone who’s using wheels. I nominate him to be your role model, Leo. May he inspire you to stamp your personal mark on a universal archetype or put your unique spin on something everyone knows and loves. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): This may be the best week in a long time to practice the art of crazy wisdom. And what is crazy wisdom? Here’s how novelist Tom Robbins described it to Shambhala Sun: It’s “a philosophical worldview that recommends swimming against the tide, cheerfully seizing the short end of the stick, embracing insecurity, honoring paradox, courting the unexpected, celebrating the unfamiliar, shunning orthodoxy, volunteering for tasks nobody else wants or dares to do, and breaking taboos in order to destroy their power. It’s the wisdom of those who turn the tables on despair by lampooning it, and who neither seek authority nor submit to it.” And why should you do any of that weird stuff? Robbins: “To enlarge the soul, light up the brain, and liberate the spirit.”

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): “Why should we honor those that die upon the field of battle?” asked Irish poet William Butler Yeats. “A man may show as reckless a courage in entering into the abyss of himself.” A woman may show similar bravery, of course. In my astrological opinion, that’s the noble adventure beckoning to you, Libra: a dive into the depths of your inner workings. I hope that’s the direction you go; I hope you don’t take your

9p ROB BREZSNY n\\bf]DXp(

stouthearted struggle out into the world around you. All the best action will be happening in that fertile hub known as your “soul.”

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Historical records suggest that ancient Greek philosopher Democritus went blind late in his life. There are different stories about why. According to one account, he intentionally did it to himself by gazing too long into the sun. That was his perverse way of solving a vexing problem: It freed him from the torment of having to look upon gorgeous women who were no longer interested in or available to him because of his advanced age. I hope you won’t do anything like that, Scorpio. In fact, I suggest you take the opposite approach: Keep your attention focused on things that stir your deep attraction, even if you think you can’t have them for your own. Valuable lessons and unexpected rewards will emerge from such efforts.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Search your memory, Sagittarius, and recall a time when you pushed yourself to your limits as you labored over a task you cared about very much. At that time, you worked with extreme focus and intensity. You were rarely bored and never resentful about the enormous effort you had to expend. You loved throwing yourself into this test of willpower, which stretched your resourcefulness and compelled you to grow new capacities. What was that epic breakthrough in your past? Once you know, move on to your next exercise: Imagine a new assignment that fits this description, and make plans to bring it into your life in the near future. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and home of more than 3 million urbanites. A few minutes’ drive from the city center, there’s a 45-square-mile national park teeming with wildlife. Against a backdrop of skyscrapers, rhinos and giraffes graze. Lions and cheetahs pounce. Wildebeests roam and hyenas skulk. I suggest you borrow the spirit of that arrangement and invoke it in your own life. In other words, be highly civilized and smartly sophisticated part of the time; be wild and free the rest of the time. And be ready to go back and forth between the two modes with grace and ease.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): In the wild, a tiger’s diet consists entirely of meat. The big cat loves to feast on deer and wild boar, and eats a variety of other animals, too. The hunt is always solitary, never done in collaborative groups. That’s why the creature’s success rate is so low. A tiger snags the prey it’s seeking only about 5 percent of the time. It sometimes has to wait two weeks between meals. Nevertheless, a tiger rarely starves. When it gets what it’s after, it can devour 75 pounds of food in one sitting. According to my astrological analysis, Aquarius, you’re like a tiger these days. You haven’t had a lot of lucky strikes lately, but I suspect you will soon hit the jackpot. PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20): The French word flâneur is a meme that refers to a person who strolls around the city at a leisurely pace, exploring whatever captivates her imagination. To the casual observer, the flâneur may seem to be a lazy time-waster with nothing important to do. But she is in fact motivated by one of the noblest emotions—pure curiosity—and is engaged in a quest to attract novel experiences, arouse fresh insights, and seek new meaning. Sound fun? Well, congratulations, Pisces, because you have been selected as the Flaming Flâneur of the Zodiac for the next two weeks. Get out there and meander!

Go to REALASTROLOGY.COM to check out Rob Brezsny’s Expanded Weekly Audio Horoscopes and Daily Text Message Horoscopes. Audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700


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