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Taking a Stance Metro headlines such as “Nonprofits Funded Labor Council Political Campaigns” imply that nonprofits are doing something wrong (SanJoseInside. com, March 13). The IRS does permit nonprofit organizations to be active

on state and local ballot measure campaigns. Numerous local nonprofits take stances on ballot measures, and they are meticulous about complying with the related laws and regulations. I hope that nonprofits continue to speak out on issues of concern; we need more voices in policy debates, not fewer. MICHELLE LEW sJ8EAFJ<

Get a Job I just read your article on Ro Khanna and couldn’t say no loud enough. While Metro did an excellent job at throwing Mike Honda, a truly beloved California native who has done wonders for our state, under the bus only [because] he’s old, Ro doesn’t actually appear to have any clue how start-ups and tech

companies work other than give a long track record of working for the president, and although your fancy speeches may bedazzle the puppets on Capitol Hill, what many Silicon Valley residents and tech businesses don’t need is more taxes, “dividends” I believe he called them, when dealing with foreign markets. That will be the coup de grace for start-ups who have adapted to using cheap foreign manufacturing in order to save the customers money and be able to compete here in the United States. My advice for Ro is to actually pick a district (that really bugged me—he hasn’t even declared a district yet the cover insisted that he was the next face of Silicon Valley), buy a home in that district and get a job at a struggling start-up company so that

you can actually get the feel for what it’s like here in the South Bay. LEON HARRIER sJ8EAFJ<

CORRECTION: In last week’s Best of issue, the photograph of Philz Coffee (page 92) was misattributed. The photographer was Geoffrey Smith II.

INTERNSWANTED Metro’s summer internship program provides real-life experience and mentoring for students interested in journalism, photo journalism, marketing, social media and online publishing. Applicants must be eligible for school credit. Email mcrawford@metronews. com with your resume for more details.


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When T TERESA ERESA A ALVARADO LVA ARADO O announced that she was running ffor orr GEORGE GEORGE county supervisor SSHIRAKAWA’s HIRAKAWA’s vacated co ounty super visor seat, county executive JEFF JEEFF SMITH SMITH helpfully fforwarded orwarded the email e to Working Working Partnership USA’s executive P artnership US A’s execut tive team: BOB BOB BROWNSTEIN BR OWNSTEIN and CINDY CINDY CHAVEZ. CHA AV VEZ. The latter,, of course, was preparing latter preparing for for her District own run ffor or the same Di strict 2 seat. “I knew knnew Cindy was also allso thinking about abbout running,” Smith Sm mith says, ““so so I just j thought I would w let her know knnow somebody else ellse would jump inn the race.” race.” Jeff Smith Smith Sm mith was also thoughtful thhoughtful enough to fforward orward Bob and a Cindy every announcement related related too Shirakawa’s Shirakawa’s statements rresignation esignation and public st tatements by YEAGER supes KEN Y EAGER and DAVE D AV VE CCORTESE. ORTESE. But Don’t just in case Bob and forget Cindy didn’t didn’t ffeel eel like to tip! weree pr properly they wer operly in the loop, Smith FLY@ graces had the good gr aces METRONEWS. to fforward orward them a COM number of internal staff memos. “We’ve “We’ve been working with Working Workiing Partnerships Partnerships on a stakeholders heal health thh care care reform reform group,” gr oup,”” he says, “so “so I justt thought it was significant enough to t let them know what was going on.” onn.” Working Working P Partnerships artnerships has been th the he rrecipient ecipient of $518, 163 fr om the cas sh-challenged $518,163 from cash-challenged county in the past two yyears, ears, performing performing a gr ab bag of ser vices rranging anging fr om a grab services from ““collaborative collaborative partnershi partnershipp to develop business plan ffor or ener gy rretrofit etrofit pr oject” energy project” to employment tr aining, providing providing training, nutritional advice to coun nty workers, county undertaking voter rregistration egistrration drives and perf orming flash mob sk its at Santana performing skits Row to discour age tobac cco use. discourage tobacco



APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

CClipping lipping Service Servic e e

Sing Tao Tao a Daily


The Cover-Up ENABLED EN ABLED DM Many any people helped George e Shirakawa Jr Jr. r. keep up years of o deception related to his mis misuses suses of county funds and campaign contributions—inc contributions—including cluding the county’ county’ss top financ finance ce administrators administrators..

How H ow county financ finance e officials and exe executives ecutives enabled enable ed the profliga profligate te ways Jr. way ys of George Shirakawa Sh hirakawa Jr r. By JOS JOSH SH K KOEHN OEHN


HILE MUCH MUCH attention has been focused on admitted gambling addict George Ge eorge Shirakawa Shirakawa Jr.’s Jr.’s flamboyant flamb boyant ex excesses, cesses, questions questions remain about who knew of, enabled and failed to stop his his criminal activity activity.. Interviews Interview ws and newly uncovered uncovere ed documents show that decisions decisions made by the county’s county’s top finance officials were key y to facilitating and covering up Shir Shirakawa’s akawa’s misdeedss. misdeeds. The rresults esu ults of those bad decisions will ccost ost Sa Santa anta Clara C County ounty

taxpaayers millions b taxpayers byy the time vvoters oters elect and seat a ne w Dist trict 2 new District rrepresentative. epresentative. What ’s now clear is that the What’s ccounty’s ountyy’s top financial officials officials— — entrusted with pr otecting the protecting public’ money—were either as sleep public’ss money—were asleep ocused on ot ther at the wheel or so ffocused other issues that basic ac counting ccontrols on ntrols accounting wer ed, allowing Shirak awa to weree ignor ignored, Shirakawa ystem ffor or ffour o our yyears o ears and game the ssystem bee rre-elected b e- elected without opp opposition. ositio on. C ounty financ ors County financee administrato administrators ha ave so far esc aped rreprimand eprimand ffor or o have escaped their ineptitude ineptitude.. In fact, the they’ve y’ve actually ll b been een praised i db byy sup superiors erio iors ffor or o rreforming effo orming a ssystem ystem that should d ha ave have been b een wellwell-equipped equipped to ccatch atch sim simple mple eexpense xpense abuse sc ams in the firstt plac e. scams place. The ccounty’s ounty’s $4 billion annu annual al financee machine is managed b financ byy V iinod Sharma, the chief financ ial Vinod financial o offic cer e (CFO) (C O) and a d dir d ec o of ector o officer director

financ e, and C ontroller o -Treasurer finance, Controller-Treasurer Ir ene L ui, the sec on nd in ccommand. ommand. Irene Lui, second T ogether, Sharma an nd L ui rrepeatedly epeatedly Together, and Lui cconcocted oncocted eexcuses xcuses to o ccover over their tracks ooling the ccounty o ount y Boar d of tracks,, ffooling Board Sup ervisors and publ lic into b elieving Supervisors public believing that budget cuts - equipped cuts,, illill-equipped auditors and rreprisal-fearing eprisaal-ffeearing underlings allowed the jail-b ound jail-bound fformer o ormer sup voiid detection supee to aavoid ffor o or so long long.. The rrecord, ecord, however, however, do es not does supp ort their explanations. explan nations. support Based on numerous numerous o interviews interviews and an extensive extensive rreview evie v w of do cuments, Met ro has h learned that documents, Metro Sharma and L ui dec cided on their Lui decided own to dir ect rresources esourrces aaway way from from direct rreviewing eviewing char ge ccard ard eexpenses xpenses to charge ffocus ocus on lar ger-scalee audits in hop es larger-scale hopes of pleasing their sup periors. And b superiors. byy blaming their sub orrdinates and subordinates makingg cconfusing—if onfusing— g—if not cunningly gy ccalculated—statements alculated—statemeents at public hearings nd L ui seem to b hearings,, Sharma an and Lui bee mor olitically astu ute than some of moree p politically astute the elected and app ointed officials appointed who listen to their eexplanations. xplanations.

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SVNEWS 2013/2014


Superiorss Alerted Superior Alerted

Groundwater Production and Surface Water Charges NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That on the 22nd of February 2013, a report of the SANTA CLARA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT’S activities in the protection and augmentation of the water supplies of the District has been delivered to Michele L. King, CMC, Clerk of the Board, in writing, including: a financial analysis of the District’s water utility system; information as to the present and future water requirements of the District; the water supply available to the District, and future capital improvement and maintenance and operating requirements; a method of financing; a recommendation as to whether or not a groundwater charge should be levied in any zone or zones of the District and, if any groundwater charge is recommended, a proposal of a rate per acre-foot for agricultural water and a rate per acre-foot for all water other than agricultural water for such zone or zones; That on the 9th day of April 2013, at 9 a.m., in the chambers of the Board of Directors of Santa Clara Valley Water District at 5700 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, California, a public hearing regarding said report will be held; that all operators of water producing facilities within the District and any persons interested in the District’s activities in the protection and augmentation of the water supplies of the District are invited to call at the offices of the District at 5750 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, California, to examine said report; That at the time and place above stated any operator of a water producing facility within the District, or any person interested in the District’s activities in the protection and augmentation of the water supplies of the District, may, in person or by representative, appear and submit evidence concerning the subject of said written report; and That based upon findings and determinations from said hearing, including the results of any protest procedure, the Board of Directors of the District will determine whether or not a groundwater production charge and surface water charge should be levied in any zone or zones; and that, if the Board of Directors determines that a groundwater production charge and surface water charge should be levied, the same shall be levied, subject and pursuant to applicable law, against all persons operating groundwater facilities and diverting District surface water within such zone 2/2013_AY_met

Vinod V iinod Sharma’ Sharma’s ’s han hands nds ar aree dir dirty ty when he w walks alks into th thee sec secondondfloor flo or ccounty ountty cconference onffeerencce rroom oom ffor or o an inter interview. view. He ha has as spilled hee sa says, something on them, h ayys, and eeven ven after wiping them m he seems hesitant before agreeing shakee hesit ant b effo ore agr eein ng to shak hands.. Ir Irene Lui walks hands ene L ui w alks briskly into later the rroom oom a moment la ater and the egins—butt not until b interview begins—but both inter view b oth individuals st ate that the ttheyy won ’t agr ee state won’t agree to a rrecorded ecorded cconversation. on nversaation. This is unusual, but it fits a pa attern. pattern. The ne xt 30 minute oyage y next minutess is a vvoyage wers illogical, where answers into the illo gical, wher re ans change ontradict and d eeventually, ventuallyy, change,, ccontradict this rreport eport will show mplode on show,, iimplode themselv es. themselves. Sharma and L ui wer re b oth sent Lui were both audits of Shirak awa’s P -Card activit Shirakawa’s P-Card activityy in his first ttwo wo yyears ears ass a sup ervisor, supervisor, st arting in 20 09. Thesee ttwo wo audits starting 2009. noted missing itemized d rreceipts eceipts and non-appr oved bus siness meal non-approved business eexpense xpense vvouchers. ouchers. Thee audits wer weree “lous y,” ac cording to A ssistant District “lousy, according Assistant A tttorney Kar yn Sinun nu--To owery, who Attorney Karyn Sinunu-Towery, headed up Shirak awa’’s pr osecution. Shirakawa’s prosecution. She ’s right, of ccourse. ourse. She’s Ob bvious vi rred ed d flags fl lik ke ccasino asino i trips i and d Obvious like luxuryy rrental unremarked. luxur ental ccars ars went unr emark keed. audits,, cconducted byy emplo employees But the audits onductted b oyees e says weree not qualified Sharma now sa ayys wer embezzlement, to ccatch atch the emb ezzlem ment, did in Shirakawa’s fact note that some of Shirak S awa’s purchases violated pur chases clearly violate ed ccounty ountty policy. Reference was p olicyy. R ef efer e ence w as a made m to such purchases HDTV unauthorized pur chasees as an HD DT TV Southwest Airlines ticket and a South hw west Airline es plane tick et have been bought from that should ha ave b een b ought fr om ccontracted ontracted ccounty ountty vvendors eend dors rather than channels.. cconsumer onsumer channels audits—unlike The audits—unlik ke rreviews evie v ws of other sup supervisors’ ervisors’ eexpenditures xpen nditures at the time—called problems same time —called out pr p oblems in Shirakawa’s Shirak awa’s sp spending ending ac activity. ctivitty. But at a JJan.10, an.10, 2013 F Finance inance and d Go Government overnment e Operations Committee (FGOC) Op erations C ommitttteee (FGO C) meeting, meeting g, Sharma and L Lui ui testified that theyy wer the weree ne never eveer pr properly operrly inf informed. fo ormed. “Most of these thing things gs wer weree p perhaps erhaps looked lo oked at cleric clerical al le level vel and wer weree not cconsidered onsidered serious eno enough ough to bring to attention higher-ups, that’s the at tttention of higher r-ups, and that ’s wheree the training ccomes wher om mes in,” Sharma told sup supervisors ervisors K Ken en Y Yeager eager e and Da Dave ave Cortese. C ortese. The thr three ee men n thank thanked ed each other rrepeatedly epeatedly ffor or o th heir diligent their ystem. work in rrehabilitating ehabilitating the ssystem.

staff looked “Some of those t things st aff lo oked at, perhaps they weree ne never brought p erhaps th hey wer ver br ought to attention. the at tttentiion.” Sharma was When S harma w as shown paperwork pap erwork k that he did, in fact, rreceive eceive didn’t the rreports, eportss, he deflected. “It didn ’t occur myy mind,” he o ccur as a big b deal in m said in an inter iinterview view last week. theyy issued, “If yyou ou see s the rreports eports the theyy did no not state the ot st ate the magnitude of issue,, what percent the issue w p ercent of [missing

‘‘Most Mosst of these thes se things were e not considered cons sidered serious seri ious enough eno ugh g to bring brin b ing to higher-ups,’ high gher-ups,’ s, Sharma h rma told Shar l supervisors. supe pervisors. things likee that,” Sharma rreceipts,] eceipts,] th hings lik “These weree not pr professional said. “Thes se wer offeessional auditors.. The Theyy wer weree mor moree lik likee semiauditors T professional accountant assistants pr offeessionaal ac countant assist ants or accountants. junior ac count o ants.” true, This is tr rue, in the sense that Sharma Lui assigned people from and L ui ass igned p eople fr om the less-qualified Unit qualifieed Claims U onduct lessnit n to cconduct instead audits inste ead of the ccontroller-treasurer ontroller-treasurer department’s Audit depar tmen nt’s Internal A udit Division. Division Larry Stone,, the ccounty’s But as L arry Stone ounttyy’s assessor and one of the most vvocal ocal critics of financee adm administrators County financ ministrators and C ountty Executive pointed Executiv ve JJeff eff Smith, p ointed out: “The policy says, says p olicy sa ayys, and it said then and it sa ayys today, it to daay, thee ccontroller-treasurer ontrollerr--treasurer has authority appropriateness final autho oritty of the appr opriateness That’s been of rreimbursement eimburrsement rrequests. equests. That ’s b een theree sinc sincee 20 2001. hasn’t ther 01. That hasn n’’t changed.” asked Lui why P-Card When I ask ed L ui wh hy the P -Card Shirakawa audits dit off Sh hi kawa and hirak d all ll other th supervisors mysteriously stopped sup ervisorrs m ysteriously stopp ed 2011—when theyy should ha have in 2011—w when the ave occurred o ccurred eevery very six months—the second-highest ccounty’s ounty’s se econd-highest ranking financee offi official appeared financ fficial app eared unfamiliar



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coupon. treatment hments es fr re t gh Li ed. will be serv

APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

”‘‰”ƒ•ơ‡”‡†ǣ metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013




with her own handb w handbook. ook. don’t don’t “I don ’t rrecall ecall how often—I don n’t rreally e eally know what ’s the p olicyy,” she sa ayys what’s policy, says in n slightly br ok keen English. “When I broken rread e the rreport ead eport it seems lik very six likee eevery m months ly months.. It seems lik likee the theyy normall normally sixx months months..” R eegarding the plane tick et noted d Regarding ticket in n Shirak awa’s 2010 P -Card audit, L ui Shirakawa’s P-Card Lui ad dds that it ’s “not not a big deal if the yy’rre adds it’s they’re do oing rreal eal business tra avel”—which h doing travel”—which ag gain is ccontrary ontrary to ccounty ountty p olicyy. again policy. But while the pair ma ay b may bee shor shortt on n sur wers, ther arcity suree ans answers, theree is no sc scarcity off eexcuses. xcuses. Sharma and L ui advanc ce Lui advance ot ther rreasons easons ffor or the failed o o versig e ght other oversight off Shirak awa’’s illegal eexpenditures. xpenditures. Shirakawa’s “W We wer xtremely bus “We weree eextremely busyy with rredevelopment, e velopment,” Sharma said. “Thi ede is “This ccounty o ount y has ttaken ak keen a leadership rrole ole in n the rredevelopment edevelopment issues issues.. W Wee w wer esources and d weree using all of our rresources b o owing fr orr om other sections st to borrowing from sections,, jus just ccover over the rredevelopment. edevelopment.” The dissolution of C aliffo orniaa’s California’s 40 00-plus rredevelopment edevelopment agencies 400-plus agencies,, ho owever, didn ’t o ccur until late in however, didn’t occur 20 011, b 2011, byy which time the financ financee de epartment had alr eady stopp ed department already stopped au uditing elected officials’ P -Cards. JJeff eff auditing P-Cards. Sm mith, Sharma a’s b oss, disputed thee Smith, Sharma’s boss, R RD A pr ete t xtt in i a telephone t l h iinterview inter t vie vi w RDA pretext an n hour after Metr Metro ro’’ss inter interview view with wiith Sh Sharma. harma. “I ccan’t an’t rreally eally ccomment omment to too o muc much ch on n what [Sharma] said,” Smith prefaced, “except say pr refaced, “e xcept to sa ay that I’m theyy wer weree not using all of th their aaware ware the heir rresources e esour ces on rredevelopment. edevelopment.” Shar Sharma rma ne never ever ccame ame to his b boss oss and ask asked ed ffor o or m mor moree rresources, esources, Smith added. “Ev “Every ey er department give de epartment head is eexpected xpected to giv ve the how th h ccounty he ountty eexecutive xecutiv i e an idea id off ho h ow many theyy need to get th the m man ny rresources esources the he job done..” jo ob done Sharma then assigned blame to others department. ot thers in his depar tment. Also ccopied op pied Shirakawa’s P-Card on n the audits of Shirak awa’’s P -Card 2009 weree Brian Mar Mark in n 20 09 and 2010 wer k and Perrone, latter an nd Bill P errone, the lat ttter of whom m oversaw o versaaw the ccontroller-treasurer ontroller-treasurer department’s Audit Division. epartment’s Internal A udit Divisi ion. de “There weree also emails going to “There wer o the Audit staff, th he Internal A udit st aff ff,,” Sharma noted. “That’s myy eeyes. see,, Bill no oted. “That ’s m yes. If yyou ou see B Perrone [aree ccc’ed P e one and Brian Mark [ar err c’ed d was getting on n the audit rreports]. eports]. He w as get tttiing these theyy do? Bill th hese rreports. eports. What did the B Perrone aree supp supposed P e one and his team ar err osed d to look say lo ook at these things and sa ay if thesee risks aree big enough to do an audit audit. ris sks ar t.”

The Oversight Oversigght Stops Stops Bill P Perrone errone in invites nvvites me m into his home on a mugg muggy, y, o overcast ver e cast Satur Saturday daay morning.. W morning Wee sit at his dining rroom oom ttable, able, which is ccovered overed d with pink and purple plastic bags fille filled ed with Easter No was made ccandy. andyy. N o ccall all w aas mad de ahead of time,, but P Perrone—a time errone—a grandfather g whose balding white hair h matches his

‘When V Vinod iinod became controller, controlle err, he wanted more m macro-audits. macro macro-au au udits. He H e want wanted ted the H Harvey arv vey R ose-typ pe Rose-type audits done. d done.’’ musttache mustache—gives h —giv i es off ff th the h impr he iimpression ession i that he some somewhat what eexpected xpected e this visit. A pr professional offeessional ac accountant coun ntant and auditor ffor o or nearly 30 yyears, e , up until ears his rretirement etirement fr from om thee ccounty ountty last April, P Perrone, errone, 6 69, 9, 9 is tho thoughtful oughttfful and thor thorough—and ough—and fier fiercely celyy pr proud oud of his ccareer. areer. He joined the ccounty ou untty as a senior accountant ac countant in 19 1999, 99, a yyear e after Sharma ear board. climbed ccame ame on b oard. The ttwo wo o each climb ed the financ financee agency’ agency’ss run rungs, ngs, with Sharma a step ahead, h d going i fr ffrom om m ccontrollerontroller ll rtreasurer tr easurer to CFO in N November oveember 2010. A ffew ew months later later,, Sha Sharma arma pr promoted omoted Lui L ui to his pr previous evious job job.. “Vinod’s “V Viinod’s vvery ery p politically oliticcally sharp sharp,, and he’s he ’s vvery ery cconscientious onscientiouss of the upp upper er rreview, eview,” P Perrone errone said. ““And A Ir And Irene ene is a ttalented, alented, vvery ery har hard d wo worker. orker. But she she’s ’s just ffocused ocused on the fir firee drill now now. w.” The ccounty ountty fac faces es a $9 $90 90 million deficit this coming coming fiscal fisccal a year, year e , after a a one-year one-yeear rreprieve eprieeve ffollowing ollowing o ll i 11 str straight raight i h yyears eears off balancing shor shortfalls. tffalls. Thee pr pressure essure to increase investment yields incr ease in nveestment yiel lds and manage argue, never been ccosts, osts, one ccould ould ar rggue, has h ne veer b een greater. scarcer gr eater. And yyet, et, e with sc caarcer rresources, esources, ethically manage the need to ethic ally ma anage eexpenses xxpenses attention. demands at tttention. According Perrone, A ccording to P erron ne, Sharma and

Lui don Lui don’t ’t fit fi the pr profile. ofile. “The “They’re y’re ‘y ‘yes’ es’ people, p eople,” hee said. “Y “Yes. Yees. Y Yes. ees. Y Yes. ees. Y Yes. ees.” This hun nger to please errone sa ays y, hunger please,, P Perrone says, led to a sha arp change in the ccounty ounty sharp financ partment’s dir ection in the financee dep department’s direction last ffew ew yyears. eaars. Rather than maint ain maintain ccomprehensive omprehen nsive rreviews eviews with checks and balanc ces, at a time the ccounty ounty balances, w as cut tting t g st aff ff,, Sharma pushed ffor o or was cutting staff, b older aud dits that would show how bolder audits well the ccounty o ty ccould ount ould k eep its house keep in or der wi ith ccost ost sa avvings. order with savings. “When V iinod b ecame ccontroller, ontroller, Vinod became he w aanted mor o -audits,” wanted moree macr macro-audits, P errone sa aid. “He w aanted the Har vey Perrone said. wanted Harvey R ose o -type audits a done Rose-type done..” Har vey R ose is the ac o claimed Harvey Rose acclaimed auditor ffor or or the San Francisc o Boar d Francisco Board of Sup erviisors. His firm also rreviews eviews Supervisors. the p erform o mance of Sant performance Santaa Clara C ountty’’s V aalle ll y Medic M di all C enter t and d County’s Valley Medical Center the health and hospit al ssystems, ystems, hospital which ccomprise om mprise almost half the ccounty’s ounty’s $4 4.1 billion budget. $4.1 A ccordin ng to P errone, Sharma According Perrone, made a un nilateral decision near the unilateral end of 20 09 to ttake ak ke Internal A udit 2009 Audit Division st taff off of P - Card rreviews eviews staff P-Card and ffocus ocus on o large-scale, large-scale, “Harvey “Harvey RoseRo osettype” ype” audit ts that Sharma ccould ould show audits his b osses: JJeff eff Smith and the Boar d bosses: Board of Sup ervissors. A rreview eview of P errone’s Supervisors. Perrone’s workplan ffor o or the 2010-11 fisc al yyear, ear, fiscal which wen nt in fr ont of the FGO C went front FGOC ccommittee ommitttteee on JJune une 10, 2010, st ates in states plain langu uage that an ny st aff shor tages language any staff shortages would b overed “b educing bee ccovered “byy rreducing Internal A udit time wher eelt Audit wheree it is ffelt that ther ant theree will not b bee a signific significant incr ease in n risk to the C ountty.” increase County. “Dat nalytics [f fo or P -Cards] to ok “Dataa an analytics [for P-Cards] took one work da d ay p er month,” P errone said. day per Perrone “[Sharma] said, ‘Y Yo ou ha aven’t pr oduced ‘You haven’t produced an nything y . Don D n’t ’ do that one anything. Don’t one’.’.” P errone ask ed that his name b Perrone asked bee ttaken aken off th he distribution list of the P - Card aud dit rreports, eports, he sa ayys, but P-Card audit says, his sup erio ors ignor ed his rrequest. equest. superiors ignored Instead, wi ith Sharma now head of the with F inance A g y, the CFO’ gency as Finance Agency, CFO’ss name w was rremoved emoved fr rom the audits avving his from audits,, lea leaving sub ordinattes to ttwist wist in the wind if subordinates an nyything went w wr ong. anything wrong. “I w as a p ositive ccash ash flow errone was positive flow,,” P Perrone said, his vvoice o e rising with emotion. “I oic ost pr oduced o ver $120 million in ccost produced over sa avings v dur ring m ears ther e, and savings during myy 12 yyears there, m as ne ver o ver $1 million. myy budgett w was never over And those ar aree facts facts..



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TTanya aanya Robinette Robinette o



CALL CA LL ME M MAYBE, AYBE, N NOT OT EMAIL EMAIL Countyy CFO V Vinod iinod Sharma, left, and Controller-T C Controller-Treasurer reasurer Irene L Lui ui have made an assortme nt of excuses about how Georg ge Shirakawa Jr r.’. s misuse of fu unds escaped their attention. assortment George Jr.’s funds

“He told me m to dr drop op it. That w was as a priorities..” management decision of priorities Att the JJan. A an. 10 F Finance inance and Government Operations Committee, Go vernment Op erations C ommittttee, it’s it ’s instructiv instructive ve to lo look ok at Sharma Sharma’s a’s answer direct from first ans wer to o a dir ect question fr om Supervisor Yeager. Sup ervisor Y e eager . “Had someone in officee see seen yyour our offic en those eexpenditures xpenditures waited before anything was and w aited b efo ef ore an nything y w as said?” Yeager Y eeager ask asked. ed. “I think eeveryone veryo one is a little why wasn’t lit tttle cconfused onfused d wh hy it w aasn’t ccaught aught why wasn’t earlier and wh hy something w asn’t said Supervisor Shirakawa. to Sup ervisorr Shirak awa.” “The imp important orrtant thing is going fforward, o orward,” Shar Sharma rma rreplied. eplied. He then pr proceeded oceeded to thr throw ow his staff the bus,, sa saying were st aff under th he bus ayying ing things wer ere kept “clerical level. k ept at a “cler rical le vel.”

Speciall T Treatment reatment In rresponse esponse to o ttwo wo in w investigative nveestigative rreports eports of Shir Shirakawa rakawa last yyear eear in Met Metro, tro, picked ked e up b byy other subsequently pick outlets,, the ccounty media outlets ountty is estimated to ha have ave sp spent moree than a half half-million f-million ent mor auditing supervisors dollars in audi iting sup ervisors and rresponding esponding to o public rrecord ecord rrequests. equests. detailed In the ccounty’s oun nttyy’s det ailed audit of Shirak Shirakawa’s kawa’s p personal e ersonal and st staff aff P P-Cards -Cards use use,, rreleased on n Dec Dec.. 3, 2012, L Lui ui writes eleased o was dependent that the ccounty ountty w aas ““too too dep endent on the [financial] ccontrols ontrols to b bee p performed erfo ormed b byy depar departments. tmen nts. F For or eexample, xample x , the Controller’s Office performed C ontroller’s O ffice has not p erfo ormed

an any ny P P-Card -Card audit after after-the-fact r--the-fact ffor o or an any ny Board officee after 2010.” Bo oard offic Lui’s does include What L ui’s rreport eport do es not inclu ude is who made the decision to stop auditing 700-plus P-au uditing the ccounty’s ounty’s 70 0-plus P Cards. doesn’t emails C a ds. It also do ar esn’tt mention ema ails she staff earlier sh he sent to her st aff a month earlie er that was th hat suggest a ccover-up over-up w aas well underway oncee the pr problems became un nderway onc oblems b ecame a public. Lui pu ublic. In ttwo wo separate emails L ui sent Nov. on nN ov. 77,, 2012, she instructed her staff Shirakawa’s officee st aff not to email Shirak awa’’s offic about proof ab bout missing rreceipts eceipts and pr oof of o rreimbursements. e eimbursements . why The messages do not eexplain xplain wh hy staff shouldn’t Lui st aff shouldn ’t use email. But L ui mi ht do might d well ll to t ffollow ollow oll h own her advice, ad dvice, cconsidering onsidering a litigation hold d has been emails.. ha as b een put on all of her emails about getting In one email ab out get ting information from Shirakawa’s staff in nffo ormation fr om Shirak awa’’s st ff aff aide Rocha, Lui ai ide Kim R ocha, L ui instructs her own o staffers Irene Yang Minato: st aff ffeers Ir ene Y aang and Alan Minat to: “Please “P Please ccall all (not email) Kim then. Thanks. Th hanks.” Later day, about L ater that da ay, in an email ab outt Shirakawa rreimbursements e eimbursements ffor or Shirak o awa charges from ch harges ccoming oming fr om individuals outside Lui ou utside of the ccounty, ounty, L ui writes Yang, Minato,, Sharma, senior to oY aang, Minato accountant Perez deputyy ac ccountant JJesus esus P erez and deput Swain: “We ccounty o ount y ccounsel ounsel Susan Sw ain: “W We rreceived e eived another check yyesterday ec esterdaay that bee dep deposited today. There’s th hat will b osited to daay. Ther e’s no accompanying describing o ac compan nyying memo describin ng

the det details. ails. JJesus, esus, pleasee help us lo locate cate which pa payment ayyment should d this b bee used to offset when yyou ou rreview evie v w the P P-else,, aask ccard ard rreceipts. eceipts. Or else sk D2 ffor or o the payment bee applied applied. pa ayment y to b d. Please do not Thanks..” email them. them Thanks So,, wh why someone want So hy would some eone not w ant an email rrecord? ecord? time,, b because theyy asking ““At At the time ecausse the Lui before questions—” L ui said, b effo ore Sharma “Let this,,” he interjected. “L et me rread ead this instructed. emails,, neither After rreviewing eviewing the emails Lui Sharma nor L ui ccould ould eexplain xplain why wh hy st staff aff would b bee tol told d not to use email. The ccounty ountty eexecutive xeccutive had no eexplanation xplanation l ti as well. ll “It’s policy. email “It ’s not a p olicyy. I em mail things all time,,” Smith said. “This the time “ is the first I’vee hear heard that say, ‘Don’t I’v d of emails tha at sa ay, ‘Don ’t anybody. have email an nyybodyy.’ I guesss I’ll ha ave to look out was lo ok into it and find ou ut what w as a Certainly have paper going on. C ertainly yyou ou u ha ave a pap er trail ffor or almost eeverything o veryth hing yyou ou do do.. Hearing that fr from om yyou u mak makes es me ou wonder what w was as goin going ng on.” Stone seems to ha have ave no delusions delusions.. “We “W We ha have ave alw always ways y ffelt eelt th that hat some decision w was as made at a high le level vel to treat tr eat Geor George ge Shirak Shirakawa awa diff differently ffeerently than the other se seven ven (e (elected) elected) officials at the ccounty, ountty,” he said. In a rreport eport publishe d Sunda ay b published Sunday byy the San J oose Mer curry Ne N ws, other Jose Mercury News, depar tments under Sh harma and L ui’s departments Sharma Lui’s

control, su control, such ch as the Depar Department tment Revenue (DOR), ignored of R evenuee ((D OR), ), also ignor g ed the signals— signals—and —and ga gave ave Shirak Shirakawa awa special treatment. sp ecial tr eaatment. While the ccounty ounty Registrar R egistrar e o V of Voters oters failed to notif o notify fy the Political oliticcal Practic Practices Commission Fair P es C ommission of Shirak Shirakawa’s awa’s missing ccampaign ampaign disclosuree fforms—as byy disclosur o orms—as mandated b law—the la aw w—the D DOR OR kne knew w in A August ugust 2011 Shirakawa that Shirak kawa had a delinquent bill moree th than $1,800 school of mor han $1,8 00 ffor or an old scho o ol board b oard ccampaign. am mpaign. thread between DOR But in an n email thr ead b ettw ween D OR officials,, R Revenue Collections Director ector officials evenue C ollections Dir Wong Susan Pingg W ong writes that she will o speak before any sp eak with Sharma b effor o e ttaking aking an ny From point, little was done.. action. Fr m that p oint, lit tttle w aas done om stood byy as his debt Sharma rreportedly ep portedly sto od b worked agreement ccollectors ollectors work w keed out an agr eement Shirakawa pay ffor or o Shirak kawa to pa ay the bill without interest inter est or a ccollections ollections agency get getting ttting involved—a in nvolvveed— —a deal no other rresident esident in the ccounty ountty would rreceive. eceivve. DOR staff Had D O st OR aff or Sharma directly approached Registrar dir ectly ap proached the R eegistrar of Voters, it’s possible supervisor’s V oters, it o ’s p ossible the sup ervisor’s embezzlement emb ezzlem ment of ccounty ounty funds and may have hidden ccampaign am mpaign slush fund ma ay ha ave light before ccome ome to lig ght long b effo ore he earned byy running opp opposed rre-election e-election nb osed in last primary. JJune’s une’s prim mary. institutionally, “I think the ssystem, ystem, institutionally y, wasn’t wrong w asn’t eexpecting xpecting to see the wr ong things,,” Sm Smith things mith said. “Some things slipped through cracks..” slipp ed thr rough the cracks and Stone an nd other ccounty ounty officials aren’t sure, prosecutor ar en’t so su ure, including pr osecutor Sinunu-Towery, Sinunu-Towery, who knows the details Shirakawa’s betrayal better det ails of Shirak S awa’s b etraayyal b ettter t anyone. than an nyon ne. theyy wer weree all “I know JJeff eff Smith said the byy [Shirak [Shirakawa], don’t intimidated db awa], but I don ’t believe that’s true,,” SinunuSinunu-Towery b elieve tha at’s true -To owery says. “Theyy wer weree ccorrecting sa ays y . “The orrecting other people p eople lik likee [f [former fo ormer Sup Supervisor] ervisor] Liz Kniss and others o others.. I don don’t ’tt underst understand and why wh hy he gott an any ny sp special ecial tr treatment eatment or why wh hy these audits a wer weree so lous lousy. y.” Stone oft often ften lik likes kees to tell rreporters eporters ab about out the time t in 20 2007 07 that internal auditors ccaught au ught one of his st staffers aff ffeers overcharging o verchargin ng the ccounty ountty 12 ccents ents on a rreimbursement eimbursem ment fform. orm. When ask o asked ked e how Stone’s Stone ’s p people eo ople ccouldn’t ouldn n’’t get aaway way with 12 ccents ents butt Shirak Shirakawa awa made thousands of dollars of o inappr inappropriate opriate char charges, ges, Sharma dem demurs. murs. “I don don’t ’t know k what L Larry arry Stone is ttalking alking ab about o 12 ccents, out ents, but our st staff, aff ff,, they’re the y’re doin doing ng a go good od job job,,” Sharma said. “Good “Go od jo job, ob, but nob nobody’s ody’s p perfect, erfeect,” Lui L ui chimed d in. Sharma then leaned o over ver to her her.. “You “Y Yo ou don don’t ’tt ha have ave to sa say ay that.”


PHOTO: Jojo Serina

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OPEN TO ALL: show sho ow the world your fashion fashio on vision!






16  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013


It Takes a Village ?FD<F=K?<?FD9I< FD<F=K?<?FD9I< =ifek`\iM`ccX^\\ekiXeZ\[]Xejn`k_`kjN\jk\ieXek`Zj% =ifek`\iM`ccX^\\ekiXeZ\[]Xejn`k_`kjN\jk\ieXek`Zj%

8e\ng`Zkli\Yffb\mfb\jk_\ _\X[p[Xpjf]=ifek`\iM`ccX^\# JXeAfj\ÊjY\cfm\[Xdlj\d\ekgXib 9p GARY SINGH


IFEK@<IM@CC8>< nXjk_\^i\Xk\jk Xdlj\d\ekgXib`e k_\_`jkfipf]k_\JXe Afj\le`m\ij\%JfdlZ_jf k_Xk\m\ij`eZ\`kZcfj\[`e J\gk\dY\if](0/']fid\i \dgcfp\\jXe[]XeXk`Zj_Xm\ Zfe^i\^Xk\[#kiX[\[jkfi`\j Xe[i\d`e`jZ\[%8=XZ\Yffb ^iflg#I\d\dY\i`e^=ifek`\i M`ccX^\#YlYYc\jn`k_XZk`m`kp Xe[k_\cli`[pXiejZfek`el\ kfjli]XZ\% For those who weren’t there, Frontier Village was a Western-style theme park with staged gunfights

in the streets, a Victorian-style train station, the Silver Dollar Saloon, animal games, kids’ games, water activities, a train ride, a roller coaster, magic shows and all sorts of “cowboy and injun” shenanigans. You’d see mock shoot-outs with guys falling off roofs and crashing through windows. Celebrities who visited the place included Lorne Greene, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Tennessee Ernie Ford and vice-presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey. Epstein and Washington from Welcome Back, Kotter even gigged at Frontier Village. In short, if you thought Palo Alto never recovered after losing the Barbie Museum, well, San Jose never really recovered after losing Frontier Village. The place just ruled.

Now, thanks to Bob Johnson, a retired librarian who ran the California Room at the Main Library for years, a new Frontier Village photo book has emerged from Arcadia Publishing. More than 120 pages of black-and-white shots illuminate the 20-year story of the park, from beginning to end. Allen Weitzel, who worked at Frontier Village from 1966 until 1980, wrote the foreword. Johnson has already compiled two photo books for Arcadia, one on San Jose’s historic downtown, which I praised in this space years ago, and another, a postcard history of San Jose, in 2010. He says the idea for the Frontier Village book originally emerged when he was doing the postcard book. “Included in there were about a dozen postcards from Frontier Village,” he recalled. “The people that saw and read the book, those were the postcards they most remarked upon, most talked about. So I knew there was a reservoir of interest out there, and I knew the California Room had a good collection that

would form the basis of the book. So, after many months of thinking and thinking and thinking, my wife encouraged me to start it.” The book took eight months from conception to sending it off to the publisher. Throughout the process, Johnson says he discovered legions of former employees and attendees, all with fond memories. Originally, Frontier Village opened in 1961 at what’s now Edenvale City Park. At that time, there wasn’t much else in the surrounding area, except the Hayes Mansion. Even though Frontier Village enjoyed immense popularity, the emergence of Great America, combined with the real estate greed of suburban developers eventually forced it to close in 1980. Chapters in the book highlight multiple facets of the entire place. “Good Guys, Bad Guys and Fall Guys” includes multiple shots of the staged gu gunfights in the streets that were so ccommon. “Costumed Characters” fe features legends like Theodore the Bear, Tumbleweed and Kactus K Kong. “Indian Island” concentrates on one section of the park that sho showcased crackpot Native American–th American–themed amusement on a man-made la lake. Frontier Vi Village, above all else, was about the people and the employees. The “Village People,” chapter presents photos of teen pageants, bicycle events, weddings and other community affairs. And in the introduction, Weitzel tells of the rigorous screening and training processes the workers had to go through. “Even 30 years later, people still remember Frontier Village,” Johnson said. “People who worked there told me it was one of the best experiences of their lives. They learned so much about business, customer service, working with people, and that it was good family. It served families, but the workers were also part of one big family.”



3 7pm Free

FRONTIER VILLAGE BOOK SIGNING Rooms 225/229, Martin Luther King Jr. Main Library, San Jose

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18 Readers Choice Our ann annual ual Bes Bestt o off San Santa nta Cl Clara ara V Valley alley a issuee w issu was as so big, so full o off gr great ea at peo people ple and an dp places laces th that at w wee didn didn’t’t h have ave qui quite te enough en ough room room ffor or all o o off iitt a att on onee tim time. e. Below Be low ar aree th thee rrest est o off th thee R Readers eaders Ch Choice, oice, plus p lus a bon bonus us Edi Editors’ tors’ Pi Pick. ck.

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Palo Al Palo Alto. to. With With its its new new wings, wings, it’s it’ t s possible possible tto o miss som some me o off th thee ar art rt a att th thee al always-free lways-free Cantor Museum. You enter thee R Rehmus Can ntor Muse eum. Y o ou en nter th ehmus Family F amily Gall Gallery e y thr er through ouggh a disp display lay o off rreligious eligious paintings pain a nttings o off the the Spanish Spanish colonies: colonies: rrare are an and d ffascinating, asscinatting, a g bu but ut ffans a ans o off m more ore modern art might justt gglance down thee m odern ar rt mig ht jus lance d own th aisle ais le an and dd decide e e tto ecid op pass ass iitt b by. y. P Persist, ersist, though. th oug gh. You You ou can can’t’t miss Cal Calvin vin Hun Hunt’s nt’s 14-foot-tall 14-f foot o -tall P Pacific acific N Northwest orrth hwest por portal, rtal, emb lazoned d wi ith th eraldry o emblazoned with thee h heraldry off his thee cced cedar cross postt is car carved into ffamily: amil a y: th ar cr oss pos rved in nto th orm o o S uttl, th wo-headed serpen nt. t thee fform off Sisiu Sisiutl, thee ttwo-headed serpent. Hunt Hun nt is o off th the he K Kwagiulth-Kwakwaka’wakw wagiullth-K Kwakwaka’wakw people—the peo ple—the m most ost “l “lavish” avvish” car carvers vers e o off th thee Pacific Northwest, says onee boo book. Among P acific N orrthwest, sa ays on k. Am ong thee F th First irst N Nations, ati t ons, th they ey h had ad th thee llongest ongest tradition tr adition of of diso disobedience bedience tto o th thee Can Canadian adian llaws aws b banning annin ng th thee p potl potlatch atch cer ceremonies, emonies,, that once celebrated rrites ites th at on nce ce lebrated and and consecrated consecrated these th ese ttotem otem car carvings. rvvings. Hun Hunt nt is al also so on onee o off off ar artists whose masks aree on a ffamily amily o a a rttists w hose m asks ar display disp lay n nearby. earrby. R Rodin’s odin n’s “Ga “Gates ates o off H Hell” ell” may m ay be the the better-known b er-known gateway bett gateway at at museum, but piece this museum m, bu ut this sstunning tunning pi ece transports thee ti titanic north. The tr ansporrtts yyou o ou tto o th tanic ffar ar n a orrth. t T he figures serene, and figur es are are fforeboding or o eboding yyet eet ser ene, an d pregnant p regnan nt with wiitth meaning. meaning. (RvB) (R RvB) v


APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013



APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013


DEAL OF THE YEAR Large 1 Topping Pizza & 2-Liter Soda + tax


Fresh! HOT!


1290 S. Bascom Ave San Jose, CA 95128 7 Days a Week 11am - 10pm Not valid for delivery. One pizza per customer, per visit. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Coupon required.


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Foam Call T Rethinking Ice Cream

A DIFFERENT TREAT The mochi ice cream at Jimbo’s HE BETTER-BEER scenedessert continues combines Japanese and American ideas. its ascent in the South Bay with Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant in downtown Mountain View set to open March 28. There will be wine and cocktails, but the primary focus will be on high-quality beers. Steins OCHI ICE is aa menu fusionof dessert that binds the modern American will feature 30CREAM taps and traditional Japanese dessert—mochi (rice Area comfort food crated by executive chef and Baycake)— with theReade. quintessential American dessert—ice Colby native cream. Its roots can be traced to Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, Owner and South Bay native Ted Kim is a beer enthusiast; he tells me where feisty Japanese pastry chef Frances Hashimoto that Steins is a salute to the traditional German beer halls and gardens, invented, distributed and the wrapped which he experienced during hislater travelsmarketed throughout Europe’s premier ice cream balls to big-name American supermarkets. beer cities. Designed by architect Marc Dimalanta, Steins features a 300-


seat, 8,000-square-foot interior and a 4,000-square-foot Making mochi ice creamdomed is simple. Sweetroom rice powder is made into dough, outdoor patio. out into round sheets. These round sheets are then carefully cooled and rolled Ted,around with his contagious positive energy,for says that heEating can’t wait molded balls of ice cream and frozen later use. mochi ice for folks to checkexperience. out the “in-your-face, custom-made walk-in cooler” cream is a dynamic Fine sugar dusting provides traction to the next to thethe main bar. Guests can biting gaze atcold theice unique draft mouth while gummy layer and creamdirect-draw have textures that system—the tap handles are connected to the kegs, eliminating draft mutate as they thaw. lines and helping to keep thewhich beer atopened the highest qualityisand freshness One local restaurant, Jimbo’s, last August, bringing the levels.ofHaving draftJose’s beersJapantown. is a manageable for stafffl,avors Ted says: artistry mochi30 to San Jimbo’snumber carries 10-plus of mochi want all them to know exactly what we’re serving. want to beproducers, able to ice“Icream, through the distributor “Bubbies, ” one ofIthe leading give genuine beer so in ongoing beer education will($4.95), be located in Hawaii. Therecommendations, treat can be ordered increments—three pieces important. ” six pieces ($8.95) and 12 pieces ($14.95)—and are served inside on bamboo slims. have ahad local, farm-to-table emphasis according to chef AllThe the food ones will I sampled that mocha mouth feel, but some were especially Reade, and will be made was in-house, including andwith distinctive. Theeverything chocolate chip coconut a standout. The breads chocolate pretzels. Because the generous kitchen space, therecoconut will also be can in- seem coconut filling, as inof a box of See’s, had tendrils of dried that house butchery andfor pickling programs.from “We the want to make chalky incharcuterie, the mouth, which made a nice departure norm while still food asthe fresh as theofbeer ” saysflReade, who embraces versatility inwas retaining essence the is, classic avor combination. Thebeer’s chocolate outside food pairing. delicate and semisweet; the coconut ice cream was velvety and ripe with specks Some meat. examples the tidywas menu 25 items pork of coconut Alsofrom memorable the of lychee, withinclude a perfect levelbelly of burst and linger; and the guava, which provided a gentle translation of the taste of the fruit. For those who want something cold for dessert but not necessarily mochi, Jimbo’s serves Marianne’s ice cream from Santa Cruz. It’s one of the only places to offer such a wide selection without the drive over the hill. Insider’s tip: Try it with Jimbo’s special “Kurogoma” sesame seed sauce, an Asian rendition of caramel that adds vibrancy to the current sweet-salty trend. Jimbo’s also offers “made from scratch” comfort food items ($6–$7) and beer, for only 3 bucks or so. I tried the Jimbo dog ($6.95), which is similar to a spam musubi but with a hot dog (or hot link). You can also order a hot dog with chili, fritos or cream cheese. A lot of nostalgic, kid-friendly references there—if mochi and ice cream weren’t already alluring whimsicalities.—Kristine Bautista JIMBO’S 170 Jackson St., San Jose; 408.271.9588

APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s

Kristine Bautista





<O@:F_XjkXZfj%<e^cXe[_XjÓj_Xe[Z_`gj%@ek_\ G_`c`gg`e\j#k_\\hl`mXc\ek`j`jkXgj`cf^#Xm\ip j`dgc\#Zfddfe[`j_f]^Xic`Zi`Z\#\^^jXe[kXgX Zli\[Y\\] %8ck_fl^_Zfej`[\i\[XYi\Xb]Xjkd\Xc#`k`j Xcjf\Xk\e]ficleZ_Xe[[`ee\i#Xe[XjXgfglcXicXk\$ e`^_kjeXZbÆgi\kkpdlZ_Xepk`d\f]k_\[Xpjfd\fe\ `j_le^ip%K_\i\Xi\j\m\iXcmXi`Xk`fejf]kXgj`cf^#Xccf] n_`Z_i\kX`ek_\^Xic`Zi`Z\#\^^jXe[k_\j`cf^jl]ÓoYlk jnXgflkk_\d\XkXe[Z_Xe^\k_\gi\ÓoXZZfi[`e^cp#c`b\ k_\Çcfe^j`cf^#Èn_`Z_lj\jk_\=`c`g`efjXljX^\cfe^Xeq`X `ejk\X[f]kXgX#fiÇJG8Dj`cf^Èn_`Z_`jj\im\[n`k_JG8D% Pfl^\kk_\`[\X%K_\j`cf^jXi\=`c`g`efZfd]fik]ff[Xk `kjdfjkYXj`Z%K_\p_Xm\e`Z\#\XjpÔXmfijXe[dXb\]fiX _\Xikpj\im`e^f]gifk\`eXe[ZXiYj%

Tapsilog Bistro owner Ed Sanchez, who was born in the Philippines, wanted to open a Filipino restaurant in Campbell. His idea was to make the tapsilog (and 15 other silog variations) his flagship dish. The menu also features a handful of appetizers, most of which are specific to Manila, and a couple Americanized Filipino breakfast foods. @JC8E;98:FEK_\kfZ`efXkKXgj`cf^ The bistro 9`jkifZfd\jn`k_^Xic`Zi`Z\Xe[dXi`eXk\[# has a casual jn\\kYXZfe% but lively atmosphere, somewhere between a diner and a brewery. The space is perhaps too small for the scale of business Tapsilog Bistro has already managed to attract in a mere 10 weeks since opening day. Some people have complained about the long wait, which is at its worst on the weekends, but that’s because Sanchez makes sure his kitchen cooks everyone’s meal to order, with nothing prepared in advance. I ordered the standard tapsilog and the tocilog ($9 each). Quite often, tapa consists of several thin strips of beef. Tapsilog Bistro instead serves a full flat-iron steak. The tocilog comes with tocino, which is Filipino thickcut, marinated, sweet bacon. The rice on both dishes was quite garlicky. I particularly liked the tocino. From the appetizer menu, I ordered the crispy pata ($16), a twice-cooked pig’s leg. It is boiled, then cooled down and seasoned—and then deep fried and served with a dipping sauce made from soy sauce and vinegar. The tender meat had a crispy skin. It’s a little shocking when you are served, literally, an entire leg (and the pig’s knuckles to boot) along with a knife to slice off your own portion. It can easily fill an entire table before anyone even starts on the tapsilogs.— Aaron Carnes Amy Buchanan  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013


K8GJ@CF>819 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell; 408.412.8926


APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013


11  APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

A second secon nd se seasonal asonal week ďŹ xe menus of prix ďŹ

April 24-May Ap ay 1, 2013 3 View menus menus at SiliconValleyRestaurantW a


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Tracy Martin s s  metrosilicon onva valllley s  AAPRIL 3-9, 2013




Lester Barrows




Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts Runs Apr 3-28; $31-$51

Montalvo Arts Center Thu – 7:30pm; $43–$48

Oscar Wilde’s comedy The Importance of Being Earnest is so sturdy a vehicle that it can—like Shakespeare’s plays—accommodate some extreme staging. The newest production from TheatreWorks is Being Earnest, Paul Gordon and Jay Gruska’s musical walk on the Wilde side. The action has been updated to Carnaby Street and the Mod era of swinging London in the 1960s. The costumes alone make the transplantation worth it; even Lady Bracknell looks stylish. The play previews Wednesday–Friday at 8pm, and opens Saturday at 8pm. (MSG)

Traditional flamenco guitar is an amazing spectacle that requires some nimble fingers, technical precision and a strong, intuitive sense of groove. Canadian Jesse Cook, one of the main figures in “new flamenco,” does all that and more—mixing in jazz, rhumba and world beat. He’s currently touring on his eighth album, The Blue Guitar Session, which represents a complete 180-turn for him, evincing an almost smooth-jazz take on flamenco guitar; he was inspired to make the record after he heard Adele’s sophomore effort, 21. Emma-Lee sings lead on some of the tracks. (AC)


NEW YORK POLYPHONY Bing Concert Hall, Stanford Fri – 8pm; $12/50–$60 Stanford Live welcomes the vocal ensemble New York Polyphony to the new Bing Concert Hall for a program called “My End Is My Beginning.” The male quartet dabbles in all kinds of vocal styles with a distinct bias for early works from the Renaissance, although they are open to contemporary commissions and collaborations. For this concert, New York Polyphony will perform Antoine Brumel’s Missa pro defunctis, Thomas Crecquillon’s Lamentations of Jeremiah and a new work, My End Is My beginning, by Jackson Hill. (MSG)


SLIME GIRLS Homestead Lanes, Cupertino Sat – 8pm, $8 The whole chiptune genre is really quite simple—it’s a matter of using old video-game bloops and bleeps in place of standard keyboard sounds. And it’s been taking off as bands have gone off in different directions with the basic premise. Crashfaster plays an industrial version of chiptune. Glowing Stars were the indie-rock types in the scene. (And guitarist Matt Joseph Payne’s solo material has gone into art-rock territory). Anamanaguchi are like the instrumental-pop version. But relative newbies Slime Girls, who hark from San Juan Bautista and Hollister, play a bit more punk, ska

and surf than the other chip bands. They show serious creativity in a niche scene. (AC)

RIHANNA HP Pavilion Sat – 7:30pm; $35–$150 Forget about the Chris Brown craziness for a moment. Rihanna’s career is much more interesting. In under a decade, she’s made herself into a genuine pop icon. And really, who more wholly symbolizes pop music in our era? She’s already released 47 singles (including others’ songs she is featured on) and is one of the top-selling artists of all time. That’s 25 million records and 75 million singles sold; and they say people don’t buy music anymore. She fuses hip-hop, R&B, pop and even some really gorgeous piano ballads. But part of what makes her singles chart song after song is how amazing her voice is, which she never overdoes. (AC)

oncerts * cconcerts JESSE COOK

THE B BANG ANG Apr A pr 6 at 8p 8pm, pm, LLandmark andmark Ballr Ballroom, oom, San Jose

THE EENGLISH NGLISH BEA BEAT AT Apr A pr 6 at 8p 8pm, pm, Montalvo A Arts rts Center

KRAZY 2 LLIVE IVE Apr A pr 7 att 7pm, SJSU SJJSU Event Center

LLATE ATE N NITE ITE CATECHISM CA ATECHISM Apr pr 12–14,, Campbell Campbell Heritage Theatre Theatre

KATHY KA ATHY MA MATTEA AT TTEA Apr A pr 12 at 8p 8pm, pm, Montalvo A Arts rts Center

RIHANNA R IHANNA Apr A pr 1133 at 7:30pm,, HP HP Pavilion Pavilion

JOE BONA BONAMASSA MASSA Apr A pr 18 1 at 8pm,, San Jose Civic

LLAURIE AURIE A ANDERSON NDERSON With th the Kr Kronos onoos Quartet, A Apr pr 20 at 8pm, Apr 21 at 7pm, p , Bing B g Concert Hall,, SStanford tanford

BON JO JOVI VI Apr A pr 25 at 7:30pm,, H HP PP Pavilion avilion

CHRIS T TOMLIN OMLIN Apr A pr 25 at 7: 7:30pm, :30pm,, SJSU SJSU J Event Center

HUGH H UGH MA MASEKELA SEKELA Apr A pr 26 at 8pm, 8 , Montalvo A Arts rts Center

LLADY ADY A ANTEBELLUM NTEBELLUM Apr A pr 26 at Shor Shoreline eline

MIRANDA MIRAND A LLAMBERT AMBERT With th Dirk Dirkss Bentley, Benntleyy, May 11 at Shoreline Shoreline

ALFARA A LFAR RA SSTRING TRING QU QUARTET ARTET With th the Cecili Cecilia ia SString tring Quartet,, May 19 at 2:30pm, Bin Bing ng Concert Hall,, SStanford tanford

MORNING MORNING ABLAZE AB LAZE San Jose Rock Shop Sat – 7:30pm; $5 These guys know slow slow,, droning dronning sludge metal, metal but they also know hyperkinetic grindcor grindcore. e. And Andd they wrap around wr ap their arms ar ound thee two genres genr es with the confidence of genuine experts. They sometimes someetimes play authentic moments of each style, while at other times tthey hey create weirdd hybrid blast of rrage. cr eate a weir age. Ablaze Saturday, CCatch atch Morning A blaze on Sa aturdayy, as this is billed as their last show ever.. The singer is moving ttoo Texas, ever Texas, e though the rremaining emaining mem mbers members aree planning ar l i on rreforming efforming i into i t a new band in the near futur future—plus e e—plus Mikee you can catch guitarist Mik project, McClatchey’s solo pr oject, Lament Lament somee mindCityscape, which plays som melting mel ting feedback feedback and noise. noisee. They aree opening the show show.. (AC) ar (AC)

VA V AV VA A BOO BOOM M San Jose Women’s Women’s Clu Club b Sat – 9pm;; $10/$15 Long bef Long before ore strip clubs installed moree dex dextrous poles ffor or their mor xtrous dancers, a little old bum bump mp and way.. A Athleticism grind went a long way thleticism is one thing, but Gypsy R Rose ose LLee ee had a touch of artistry with w just the right amount of tea tease. ase. Holding the torch torch high while swinging sw winging their hips, San Jose’s Jose’s Bi Bionic onic Vixens Revue heyday R evue rrevisits evisits the heyda ay of burlesque, with guest sstar tar Melody Malice and emcee Bob Ueckerlele. The vixens bar baree almost all starting the at 9pm; dancing with th he girl group ggr oupp the Bangg ((see sto story oryy on page p g 37) ffollows. ollows. ((AR) AR)

*sun n


FFLEETWOOD LEETWOOD MA MACC playback singer iss someone who actually sings thee songs in the movies that the actors aree lipa ar a common her e, synching to (not as here, but rreally eally popularr in India). India). Each performer will bring briing his performer own ensemble ba band and and backup dancers dancers. IIt’ll t’llll be a fun time for for sure. sure. (AC) (AC) C

SJSU Event Center SJSU Sun – 7pm; $49–$200 $49–$2200 TTwo wo of the biggest sstars tars in aree perf performing Bollywood ar orming across across the SStates tates in what th hey ar they aree Krazy calling the Kr azy 2 Tour. Toour. Ali Ali Zafar Zafar is a Pakistani Pakistani model turned actor star,, while turned pop star whille Sunidhi Chauhan has made a name or herself as one th thee biggest ffor playback singers in India. India. A

May Ma ay 22 at 8pm,, HP HP Pavilion Pavilion

LL CCOOL OOL J M 25 at 7pm,, Shoreline May Shoreline

PITBULL/KE$HA P ITBULL/KE$HA Jun 14 at Shor Shoreline eline

VANS V ANS W A WARPED ARPED T TOUR OUR JJun un 22 at 11am,, Shoreline Shoreline



BEYONCÉ BE YONCÉ Jul 2 at HP HP Pavilion Pavilion

NEW N EW KIDS ON T THE HE BL BLOCK OCK Jul 7 and 12,, HP HP Pavilion Pavilion


BRUNO BR UNO MAR MARSS Jul 2255 at 7:30pm,, HP HP Pavilion Pavilion

JOHN MA MAYER AY YER Jul 26 at Shor Shoreline eline

ONE O NE D DIRECTION IRECTION Jul Ju ul 30 at 7pm,, HP HP Pavilion Pavilion For music updates and contest giveaways, like us on Facebook at

DAVE D AVE V MA MATTHEWS AT TTHEWS BAND BAND Sep 8 at 7pm,, Shoreline Shoreline

APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

BLUE BL UE MAN GR GROUP OUP Apr A pr 2–7 2–7, 7, San Jose Center for for the P erforming Arts Arts Performing

29  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013



metroactive ARTS


More listings:


Tremors Reading Thursday at 7pm; King Main Library, San Jose A land of poets. A blinkered, chained nation, exciting the ignorance of the warmongers who occupied Iraq. Tremors: New Fiction by Iranian American Writers (University of Arkansas Press) contains 28 tales of what it means to be from Iran. Here are denunciations of the theocracy, but here also are reveries of youth and fierce sexual passion in a disintegrating grandfather in a story by Erika Abrahamanian. Celebrating the publication are coeditors Anita Amirrezvani and SJSU professor Persis Karim, as well as contributors Abrahamanian, Ari Siletz and Shideh Etaat.

Come to ArtHouse! An art and art-making block party

Saturday, April 27 12pm – 4pm South First & Market Streets in downtown San Jose’s SoFA Arts District (Between William and Reed Streets)

Dana Gioia Wednesday at 7pm; free; SJSU Engineering 189 Critic and arts booster (he served a stint as chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts), Dana Gioia is also a major poet, having won an American Book Award for his volume of verse, Interrogations at Noon. His career is all the more remarkable given that he started out as a Harvard MBA. He reads on Wednesday, then appears in conversation with Samuel Maio on Thursday (1pm in SJSU’s Engineering 285/287). The events are sponsored by the SJSU Center for Literary Arts.

FUN FOR ALL AGES! FREE Admission FREE Parking Information and event details: or call 408.283.8155

Blue Man Group Wednesday–Thursday, 7:30pm, Friday, 8pm, Saturday, 2 and 8pm, Sunday, 1 and 6:30pm; San Jose Center for the Performing Arts; $20-50–$82.50

Presented by: San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, Notre Dame High School, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles,

They’re blue; they’re men (or appear to be); they’re bald. Beyond that, the antics of the Blue Man Group are unpredictable. From its inception at the hands of Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, BMG has expanded to be a theatrical/musical production outfit that rival Cirque du Soleil for codified spectacle in Las Vegas. Their valley stop is presented by Broadway San Jose.

Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI), Higher Fire Clayspace, San Jose Jazz, ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network

*stage * BEINGEARNEST A new musical version of Wilde, from TheatreWorks. Runs Apr 3-28. Previews Wed-Fri, 8pm. Opens Sat, 8pm. Also this week Sun, 2 and 7pm. $23-$73. Mtn View Center for the Performing Arts.

BRIGADOON A version by Lyric Theater. Runs Apr 6-14. This week: Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $11-$37. Montgomery Theater, San Jose.



Broadway by the Bay presents the famous feline musical. Runs Apr 6-21. This week: Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $35-$55. Fox Theatre, Redwood City.

A drama about an Indian call center by Anupama Chandrasekhar. Runs thru Apr 14. Wed, 7:30pm (plus 11am, Apr 3), Thu-Fri, 8pm, Sat, 3 and 8pm, Sun, 2pm (plus 7pm, Apr 14), Tue, 7:30pm. $10-$74. San Jose Repertory Theatre, San Jose.

THE COLOSSAL SHOW Local comedians hosted by O.J. Patterson, with Jules Posner, David Nguyen, Imran G. and Sean Keane; plus music by the Parade and other guests. Sat, 8:15pm. $10. MACLA, San Jose.

HEDDAGABLER City Lights presents the Ibsen classic. Runs thru Apr 21. ThuSat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm (starting Apr 7). $24.95–$39.95. City Lights, San Jose.


PEAR P EARSLICE SLICESS Short plays. R Runs uns A Apr pr 44-28. -28. $15Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $15 5$30. Pear Pear A Avenue venue Theater, Theater, Mountain View View..


R eception Fri,, 44-6pm. -6pm. W ed, Reception Wed, noon-4pm,, Thu-Sun, noon-77pm. noon-7pm. Big Basin Way, Waayy, Sar atoga. Saratoga.

Magic.”” Mezzotints. Thru May 18. TTue-Fri, uue-Fri,, 10am-5pm,, Sat,, noon5pm.. San Jose.



“Death Will TTear ear e U Uss Apart.” Apart.” A solo show by Mike Egan. Egan. Reception Reception ffor or South First Friday. Fridayy. San Jose.

THEA ARSENAL RSENAL ““Just JJust My IImagination.” magination.” A sitespecific installation of mixedworkss by FORCE129. media work FORCE129. Thru Apr A pr 23.. San Jose.

A new adaptation d t ti off Jane J Austen’s A usten’s novel. Runs Runs Apr Apr 3328. W Wed-Thu, ed-Thu, 7:30pm, Fri-Sa Fri-Sat, at, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $115-$40. The SStage, tage, San Jose.


*concerts *c onccerts e

“Mind,, Body Body, y, Soul:: Collabor Collaboration.” ation.” Paintings P aintings by A Anthony nthony TTrayer rayer and Ariga. Reception TTracey racey A riga. R eception ffor or South First Friday Friday. y. San Jose.

ART A RTOFSOUND WIth the Chor WIth Choral al Project. Project.. Sun, 2pm.. $15-$25.. Mission Santa Claraa de Asis, Clara. Clar Asis,, Santa Clar a.

PALO P ALOA A ALTO LTOPHILHARMONIC PHILHARMONIC Featuring the world pr premiere emiere of Lee Lee Actor’s Actor’s SSymphony yymphony no.. 3. Sat,, 8pm.. $10-$20.. CCubberley ubberley Theatr e, P alo A lto. Theatre, Palo Alto.

SJCCHAMBER SJ HAMBERO ORCHESTRA RCHESTRA The or orchestra chestra pr presents esents the Petit Delphi TTrio. rrio.. Sun,, 7pm. LLee P etit TTrianon, rrianon,, San Jose.. $10-$60.

*art MUSEUMS MU SEUMS CANTOR CAN NTORAR ARTS RTSCENTER CEN NTER “Revisiting the South: Richard “Revisiting Richard Misrach’s Alley.” Misr ach’s CCancer ancer A lleyy..”Thru Jun Jun 16.. “Lee “Lee Friedlander: The Cr ay Cray Photographs.” WedP hotographs.”Thru Jun 16. W eddSun,, 11am-5pm, Thu,, 11am-8pm 11am-8pm. m. SStanford. tanford.

DEESSAISSET D AISSETMU MUSEUM SEUM “Henrietta Shor Shore: e: U Understanding nderstandinng Nature.” Natur e.””Thru Jun 30.. TTue-Sun, uue-Sun, 11am-4pm.. Santa Clar Clara. a.

SSAN ANJJOSE OSEM MUSEUM USEUMOFAR ART RT “New SStories tories From From the Edge Edge of A sia:: This/That.””Thru Sep 15. Asia: ““Rising Rising Dr agon:: Contempor ary Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography.” Photographyy..”Thru Junn 30. Tue-Sun, Tuue-Sun,, 11am-5pm,, closed Mon.. San Jose.

SSAN ANJO JOSE SEMU MUSEUM SEUMOFQUIL QUILTS LTS For South First Friday Friday, y, demonstrations demonstr ations of Indian Indian Dance Dance. e. “Folk Indian Indian Textiles Textiles e Fr From om the Collection of CCarol arol Summers.” Thru A Apr pr 28. W Wed-Sun, ed-Sun,, 10am5pm.. San Jose.


“Glyph.” A show about text and art. R Reception eception ffor or South First Friday. Friday y. San Jose.


EECO COMON MONSTER STER “Fruits and V Vegetables eegetables A Art.” rt.”” By Geraldine Adams. Runs Apr Ger aldine A dams. R uns A pr 555-29. 29. Sper Sperry ry SStation. tation.. San Jose.

GGALLERY ALLER RYH HOUSE OUSE “Channelling P Picasso.” icasso.”” W Works orks by Charlotte Coqui. Thru A Apr pr 27 27.7. R eception A pr 6,, 6-8pm. TTueueu Reception Apr Wed, W ed,, 11am-4pm, Thu-Sat,, 11am8pm,, Sun,, 11am11am-3pm. 3pm. P Palo alo A Alto. lto.

GOODKAR KARMA MACAFE “From Chaos.”” New works “From works by Dylan KKelly, ellyy, a.k.a.. Chaos938. A Apr pr 531.. San Jose. 5-31.


“Friendly Fire.” Fire.”” Featuring collaborative collabor ative pieces by Jason Adams, Russ Pope, A dams, R uss P ope,, Noah Olmstead and mor e.. Open ffor or more. South First Friday Friday. y. Thru midmid-Apr. Apr. 11am-7pm, TTue-Fri, uue-Fri,, 11am-77pm,, Sat,, noonThirdd SSt,t,, San Jose. 6pm.. 30 N. Thir

SSOUTH OUTHFIR FIRST RSTFFRIDAY RIDAY Monthly art walk. walk. Musical acts include Billy Sheen with Jesse Huelsenkamp,, Justin Huelsenkamp and Benji R enard Renard at San Jose SStage tage Courtyar d; Courtyard; and live jazz at P Pagoda. agoda.. Fri, 77-11pm. -111pm.. Downtown San Jose along South First SStreet treet and sur rounding ar ea. surrounding area.

SSTUDIO TUDIOB BONGIORNO ONGIORNO “Impulse.” W “Impulse.” Works oorks by SSyd yyd Dunton, A sha,, Gary David, R obin Costa Asha, Robin Fr Freeman eeman and P Peter eter CCatalfo. atalfo. A Apr pr 629. R eception Fri,, 77-11pm. -111pm. 6-29. Reception Mon-Wed, MonWeed,, 10am10am-7:30pm, -77:30pm,, FriSat,, 11am-8:30pm,, Sun,, 10am2pm.. Santa Clar Clara. a.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MEDIA OF THE MOMENT? My favorite media to use currently are photography and mixed-media.


MACLA MA ACCLA “Latino A “Latino Art rt Now Now.” w..”” Open ffor or South First Friday Friday. y. San Jose.

METRO ME TROLLOBBY OBB BY Photos P hotos by Daniel Valencia. Valencia. alencia a . Open ffor or South First Friday. Fridayy. San Jose.

SAN SAN NJJOSE OSEIN INSTITUTE STITUTEOF CCONTEMPORARY ON NTEMPORAR RYART AR RT “Parallax Views.” P “Parallax Photographers hotographers using innovative techniques. Thru May 25.. “Val “Val a Britton: IIntimate ntimate Immensity.” Immensityy..”Thru May 18.. ““Judith JJudith R Rothchild: othchild:: Black

THIS MONTH’S South First Friday art-about features new shows and receptions at the galleries in and near the SoFA district. One of the more intriguing shows, “CHILD-SIGHT,” brings colorful new works in a fantastical vein by local artist Leah Jay. One of Leah’s mixed-media pieces, “Yesterday’s California,” graces our cover this week. She exhibits at Kaleid Gallery, 88 S. Fourth St., and her creations can be found at her Etsy Shop and at

“See YYour oour Self Sensing.” W Works orks by Madeline Schwart Schwartzman. zman Thru zman. Apr Art A pr 5. A rt Building,, SSJSU. JJSU.

New works works by Terenia Ter e enia Offenbacker. Off enbacker. San Jose.


““All All I See, A Are re TTrees, rees, That Will Be.” R eception ffor or South First Friday. Fridayy. Reception

South First Friday





VALLEY CLOSE UP Artist Daniel Valencia focuses on San Jose.

Another artist of note this month is Daniel Valencia, whose works will be on display in the Metro lobby. Born in San Jose and currently living in Seven Trees, Daniel Valencia’s black-and-white photos introduce an interesting perspective of the neighborhood. Valencia recently shared more details with us about his artwork, what motivates him as an artist and some South First Friday of his favorite Silicon Valley galleries.

“Inspired Clay.” “Inspired Clayy..” A juried show of workss by artists from work from Orchard Orchard V aalley Ceramic Ceramic A rts Guild. Valley Arts Reception R eception ffor or South First Friday. Fridayy. San Jose. “Child-Sight.”” New pieces by Leah Leah Jay. Jayy. ““Light Light and Soul EExperiences xperiences in Natur al and Natural CCultural ultural Landscapes.” Landscapes.” Works Works by San Jose artist LA uruS Myth. LAuruS R uns A pr 526. R eception ffor or Runs Apr 5-26. Reception South First Friday Friday. y. San Jose.


“Residues of TTime.” “Residues ime.” A gr group oup photography show. Reception photogr aphy show w. R eception ffor or South First Friday Friday. y. San Jose.

A South First Friday evening with ZZERO1 ERO1 ffellows. ellows.. San Jose.

Friday, April 5, 7–11pm; free


Downtown San Jose

of inspiration usually comes from walking around my neighborhood or anywhere really. I also find inspiration from meeting new people, looking at artwork and just talking with people. It’s really hard not to get inspired on a daily basis. WHERE ARE WE MOST LIKELY TO SEE YOU TAKING IN ART IN SILICON VALLEY? Some of

*events *e events e

my favorite places for art in the Silicon Valley are galleries such as Seeing Things Gallery, Anno Domini, Empire 7 Studios, MACLA—and there’s a lot of others.



A spring concert with the rresident esident vocalists of the senior center ed,, noon.. Fr ee. A vvenidas center.. W Wed, Free. Avenidas (450 Bryant SSt), t), P Palo alo A Alto. lto.

making art I am usually hanging out at the Seeing Things gallery, but usually my mind is always thinking of making new photos, so I guess I’m hardly ever not making art.

SSAN ANJO A JOSE SEB BEET THE HEMA MATCH ATCH W ALK+RU A UN WALK+RUN An event to help people An find mar marrow row or cor cordd blood transplants. tr ansplants.. For details,, see BeTheMatch.or g.. Sat.. Guadalupe Gardens, Gar dens,, San Jose.

SHAWN SHA AWNTHO THOMAS MAS Concert show by Christian singer ation of singer.. Sat,, 7pm.. Celebr Celebration Faith P raise and W orship Center, Centerr, Praise Worship DeFr ank Community Center DeFrank Center,r, San Jose..


haven’t stopped shooting since then. If I wasn’t an artist, I really don’t know what I would be doing. I don’t want to imagine myself without photography, but I think I would just be skateboarding with friends. WHERE CAN WE FIND YOUR WORK NOW? I have a door for the Downtown Doors contest right before South First Billiards, or you can check out my Wordpress:

(For details on the shows and receptions at South First Friday, see the Art Calendar on page 31.)—Matt Crawford

311 3 APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

Katori Hall’s dr Katori drama ama about a woman who worked as a maid ffor or Martin LLuther uther King Jr uns thru A pr 77.. Thu, 8pm Jr.. R Runs Apr 8pm,, Sat 8pm, Sun, 2pm. $31-$51.. LLucie ucie SStern tern Theatr e, P alo A lto. Theatre, Palo Alto. metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013


metroactive FILM

:FEM<EK;8PJ:fjd`eXJkiXkXeXe[:i`jk`eX=clklijkXiXjkiflYc\[cfm\ij`eÉ9\pfe[ :FEM<EK;8PJ :fjd`eXJkiXkXeXe[:i`jk`eX=clklijkXiXjkiflYc\[cfm\ij`eÉ9\pfe[k_\?`ccj%Ê

Cristian Mungiu’s 9\pfe[k_\?`ccj is willing to explore everyone’s reasons in a tough case By RICHARD VON BUSACK


?<9<JK<lifg\Xe Z`e\dXÆXe[9\pfe[ k_\?`ccjYp:i`jk`Xe Dle^`l`jÓidcp`e k_XkZXk\^fipÆ`jXjc`gg\ip i\Xcd%PflZXejkXikflk nXkZ_`e^XÓcd]\\c`e^ dfiXccpZ\ikX`eXe[k_\e c\Xiepfl[feÊk_Xm\Óid ^ifle[kfjkXe[fe%K_\ Zfdgc\o`k`\jdlck`gcp%K_\ gifm\iY`Xc\m\ipfe\_Xj_`j fi_\igifm\iY`Xci\Xjfej%

Mungiu deservedly won the Palme D’Or at Cannes in 2007 for 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, but Cannes takes away what Cannes gives sometimes. Beyond

the Hills was booed by a crowd that didn’t feel (it seems) that the boom had been lowered hard enough on the ostensible villains of this piece. In Beyond the Hills, Mungiu, a journalist turned filmmaker, takes a searching documentary approach to an investigation. He gives us long takes and self-acknowledged “dead spots” when little is going on for a minute or two. His sources are “nonfiction novels” by Tatiana Niculescu Bran, who apparently does exposés of the politically well-connected Romanian church. The subject of the film, the Maricica Cornici case, is well-known there—and it could easily happen here. This fictionalized version has an angle—it’s a love story between two young women. The small, quiet Voichita

(Cosmina Stratan) has apparently been less than frank with her friend and lover, Alina (the smoldering Cristina Flutur). Alina has fixed them up with restaurant jobs in Germany, but what Alina doesn’t know is that Voichita has joined a nunnery. It’s run by a bornagain convert, a former electrician who saw an angel. Where did he see it? “He doesn’t talk of such things with us”—us meaning women. Romania is, like the French countryside 50 years ago, a place where you can still see pieces of the woodfire and candle-lit world of the Middle Ages. There are strict guidelines— penances of a thousand kowtows to the Virgin Mary, a list of 441 sins to be memorized. Menstruating women are considered unclean. Alina follows her friend to the place and shares her room, but she’s surprised to be sexually rejected. The two women had grown up together in an appalling orphanage, and Alina had protected her until they left. As someone raised in institutions, Alina tries to manipulate the rules so that she can stay by the side of the only person she’s ever loved.


33 APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s

Old-Time Religion

Then comes the fork in the story. Furious at Voichita’s adherence to this backward way of life, Alina has a meltdown. She’s taken to the hospital. The ineptitude there is counterpointed by a kind, scruffy doctor with enough time to take short breaks at his desk with the worried nuns—even for what seems to be an ordinary hysteria case, complicated with some respiratory troubles. (“These goddamn illnesses, they won’t kill you but they won’t let you live.”) When the ill and unstable Alina returns to the monastery, just so she can be with her beloved, Beyond the Hills becomes a species of those exorcism movies that audiences gorge on, only done with a realism and ambiguity usually missing from the genre. There’s no room for doubt about what’s going on, thanks to the calm, understated acting. The movie encapsulates many of the themes in the other first-rate films from Romania: the hospital bureaucracy of The Death of Mr. Lazarescu and the cop-shops full of jesting-Pilate-type officers in Police, Adjective. Alina’s ordeal winds up the audience. Flutur (who resembles the spiky Katrin Cartlidge of Mike Leigh’s Naked) shows us a one-person wrestling match, the stubbornness of a survivor in mortal conflict with a lover who can’t let go. The film’s last shot sums up the off-handed, bitter, but intelligent way Mungiu makes his real-life tragedies. We look out on a street through a police van’s windshield and see a gruff cop telling his partner the winter will end soon. The frost clears to something pretty: children crossing the street in the snow, the colors of their coats glowing in the clarity of freezing air. Then, as if a rebuke to this sense of rightness, to our belief in knowing what we see: a virtual slush ball is thrown at the camera as a bucketful of gutter water churned up by the wheels of a passing car obscures our view.

New  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013

6SOULS (R; 112 min.) Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers star in a thriller about a woman studying a patient with multiple personalities. (Opens Fri at Camera 12.)

BEYONDTHEHILLS (NR; 150 min.) See review on page 33.



(R; 91 min.) A remake of Sam Raimi’s horror-in-the-woods classic. Diablo Cody, of all people, is one of the coscreenwriters. (Opens Fri.)

GREATEXPECTATIONS (NR; 145 min.) A meta-film about Charles Dickens’ novel made from a live performance at London’s Vaudeville Theater. (Opens Thu at Camera 3 in San Jose.)



(PG, 103 min.) Dumb yet quite irresistible. It’s a musical about a quartet of Aborigine country girls who are shaped into a sequin-wrapped girl group to play the clubs of Saigon and the firebases of Vietnam during the war. The period is seen from the rear-view window of history as if the 1960s happened in

one day, and it strangely skims over Australia’s role in the conflict. But the Motown/Ike and Tina sound of the group gets you past feelings that you never wanted to hear soul music used to fluff a movie again. The tunes sound new in the context of this kind of sweet, slangy female energy. The years will prove this, but it seems it’ll be hard to get too much of Deborah Mailman—she plays the short but pugnacious Gail, the most practical of the Sapphires, and a perfect representative of an island continent containing the fiercest women on the planet. This hit should also make a huge star out of Chris O’Dowd. He plays the Dave Seville/Reuben Kincade manager, seldom sober and always off bias; already having been the funniest thing in This Is 40. (Plays at the Aquarius in Palo Alto; opens Fri at Camera 7 in Campbell.) (RvB)

Revivals THEBIRDS/PSYCHO (1963/1960) On one level, a terrifying thriller about nature on the warpath; on another, an often almost avant-garde tale of karmic payback for a family that has lost the ability to understand one another. Hitchcock’s still-influential disaster film is innovative in a number of



realms, but it transcends its gimmick. You expect the birds. What you don’t expect, upon rewatching, is how the film stings you with instances of communication breakdown within a Bodega Bay family. Tippi Hedren’s peculiarly cold persona is cracked into hysteria by the assault of beaks and claws. Rod Taylor plays the man attracted to her but repelled by unfinished business with his mother (Jessica Tandy). The electronic chirps and screeches on the soundtrack—there is no music—are by Bernard Herrmann. BILLED WITH Psycho. “To me, it’s a fun picture” (Hitchcock to Andrew Sarris). And yet Anthony Perkins gives it a tender side; he’s a tormented Universal Pictures monster of the old school. Perkins plays a mother-fixated loner, operating a moribund motel in the lower San Joaquin valley (Hitchcock later told Andy Warhol it was meant to be Redding). Janet Leigh plays the guest who checks in but doesn’t check out. Shot on the cheap with a small crew and a stringquartet soundtrack, this powerful—and fun—thriller continues to influence hundreds of much lesser films. (Plays Apr 4-7 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

For showtimes, advance tix and more, go to

Best Theaters -- SJ Mercury and Metro Readers Always Plenty of Free Validated Parking All Sites All Shows Before 12 noon Only $5.00 Senior Tuesdays -- $6 all day (63 and older) Student Night Wednesdays -- $6 after 6pm w/ID Seniors/Kids/Students/Military--$7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) Mats: $7.50 (C12/C7) / $7 (C3) b4 6pm M-F & 4pm Sat-Sun ◆ Sony 4K Digital • ✔ Final Week • * No Passes


LOS GATOS • 41 N. Santa Cruz • 395-0203 Closed For Renovation, Re-opens Summer 2013 CAMERA 12 CAMERA 12 • 201 S. 2nd St, S.J. • 998-3300 ◆*JURASSIC PARK 3D (PG-13) ◆*6 SOULS (R) ◆*EVIL DEAD (R) ◆*OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (R) ◆*G.I. JOE: RETALIATION (2D/3D) (PG-13) ◆*T. PERRY’S TEMPTATION (PG-13) ◆THE CALL (R) ◆*THE HOST (PG-13) ◆CROODS (2D/3D) (PG) ◆SPRING BREAKERS (R) ◆EMPEROR (PG-13) ◆OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (2D/3D) (PG)

Evil will rise.








F R O M T H E P R O D U C E R S O F “T H E R I N G”





SAN JOSE Camera 12 (408) 998-3300



288 S. 2ND STREET (408) 998-3300 SAN JOSE S U N DA NC E S E L E C T S . C OM


Invite you and a guest to win passes to see


For your chance to win a pass to see the film during its


theatrical run, send an e-mail



to Deadline for entries is Monday, April 8, 2013 at 3:00 PM. Be sure to type PINES in the subject line so we can fi nd your entry. Limit one pass per person/household. Passes and prizes are limited and available while supplies last. NO CALLS regarding this promotion will be taken by Metro.

THIS FILM HAS BEEN RATED R. RESTRICTED. FOR LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT, SOME VIOLENCE, TEEN DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE, AND A SEXUAL REFERENCE. Run-of-engagement passes received through this promotion do not guarantee admission to the theatre. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Theatre is open to paying customers. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Focus Features, Metro Newspapers, Allied-THA and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. NO PHONE CALLS!





FRIDAY, APRIL 12 #BeyondThePines

APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s


10 36

d`e[Yf[pjg`i`k Focus Learn How To Meditate And Why! Enjoy life! Calm the mind. Improve relationships. Make better decisions. Meditation and Buddhist View with Reed Sherman. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience necessary. $10 per class. Every Thursday evening, 7:30-9, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos, 15980 Blossom Hill Rd. Los Gatos, 95032. Call Kelsang Gamo 408/226-0595 for information or visit us at

Massage By Michael Great massage by Asian man. In $50. Outcall $70. By CMT. For days 408-400-9088 or after 7pm 408-893-1966.

To advertise in this section call 408.200.1308.

metroactive MUSIC

APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s

Geoffrey Smith II


Big Bang Theory I<8;PKF9CFN 8;PKF9CFNK_\9Xe^i\m`m\XZcXjj`Zjfle[n`k_Zfek\dgfiXipjXjj%

K_\^`ic$^iflgm`Y\f]k_\(0-'j `ji\Yfie`ek_\jfle[f] k_\Jflk_9XpÊjk_\9Xe^ 9p AARON CARNES


?<E;\i\bJ\\ Xe[8e^\c`e\B`e^ jkXik\[k_\Jflk_ 9XpI9^`ic^iflg k_\9Xe^`ecXk\)''/#`knXjeÊk Y\ZXlj\k_\p_X[jfd\Ô\\k`e^ `ek\i\jk`e(0-'jdlj`Z2k_\ gifa\ZknXjk_\Ypgif[lZkf] Xc`]\k`d\ÊjfYj\jj`fen`k_k_\ ^fc[\e[\ZX[\% See, notably, has been running a website for the past six years called “Derek’s Daily 45,” which presents and reviews a different ’60s/’70s 45

record nearly every day, something he does because “the music is too good to not share.” Before starting the Bang, King sang in a ’60s girl group in Chicago called the Deccas. It was an experience she says was “far more rewarding than anything else that had ever happened to me up to that point.” Though, more revealing is an admission that she always secretly wanted to be Tina Turner. “This is not some schlocky, makefun-of-the-’60s kitschy band or being ironic,” King says “It’s respecting the decade, because it’s such great music, and it has such great artists.” King’s introduction to the music of the era actually came via her

father, who had been in bands ever since she can remember. He was in one group in particular called the Id that released an obscure single called “Stop and Look” in 1967. And yes, See has reviewed this 45 on his blog. One thing King’s father never got to do was cut an LP, though he told Angeline that she fulfilled his dream last November when the Bang released their debut album, Soul Shangri-La, appropriately on vinyl. “He couldn’t believe it,” King says. “It blew his mind.” The album is the perfect introduction for anyone yet unfamiliar with the Bang’s music. Shimmy Soul Shangri-La displays the wide range of content the Bang uses in its live sets. The ratio of covers to original material is about 70/30. The Bang’s current crop of covers ranges from recognizable classics like “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes to completely obscure tracks that only obsessive record collectors like See and his bandmates would ever recognize.

Besides King (vocals) and See (guitar), the lineup also includes Rachel Mae Havens on vocals, Tish Peterson on vocals, Richard Gutierrez on drums, Jafar Green on bass and Curtis Meacham on keyboards. What is most impressive about the LP is how solid the original material sounds next to the covers. Listeners without some serious archivist’s knowledge of the music wouldn’t be able to pick out which songs were written by the Bang and which were penned back in the day. The only real giveaway is the content of the lyrics. The Bang original “Drink in Hand,” for instance, includes clever stanzas in which singer Mae describes the ways that different alcoholic beverages affect her. Otherwise, this is precisely the kind of tune that could have been penned and released by a Phil Spector–produced girl group almost 50 years ago.


THE BANG 37 Geoffrey Smith II  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013

K?I<<FE8D<CF;PK_\9Xe^Ă&#x160;jmfZXcgfn\iZfd\j]ifd8e^\c`e\B`e^ c\]k #IXZ_\cDX\?Xm\ejZ\ek\i Xe[K`j_G\k\ijfe% What makes the Bangâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original work so effective at evoking the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;60s spirit is due, in no small part, to their fanaticism. These armchair experts own 15,000 45s and 3,000 LPs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a criteria for songs from the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;60s: Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re short, they move, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re interesting and they have hooks,â&#x20AC;? See explains. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just getting you in the gut. Even if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a ballad, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still moving.â&#x20AC;? They also give the covers their own personality. While remaining faithful in their renditions, they transcribe the songs with a rhythm, pacing and overall feel that ďŹ ts their distinctive groove, rather than trying to play all notes exactly as they sounded in the original. Of all the work that went into Soul Shangri-La, a good portion was devoted to the recording method. See, along with recording engineer friend Brad McGowan, worked diligently to use, whenever possible, the same kind of equipment and techniques that were used by the bands they were covering. The rhythm section, for instance, recorded all its parts live. When the girls overdubbed

their vocals, they did so all at once, in the same room with only two microphones for the three vocalists, the way they did it in the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;60s. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Every other recording situation Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been in, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve compromised my vision. But this was the ďŹ rst time I said, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;No. It has to be done this way,â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;? See tells me. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brad had done a bunch of research about the Motown micing techniques. He was ready, and he was in our corner and just a great cheerleader for the whole thing.â&#x20AC;? When the Bang make their next record, they plan to record mostly, if not exclusively, original material. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never stop playing covers in their live set entirely, however. As See points out, the covers have their own spin to them. They are just Bang songs. SATURDAY





The Landmark Ballroom


San Jose Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club


Adapted by Brian Friel Directed by Virginia Drake

March 21, 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; April 21, 2013 For tickets and information call (408) 295-4200 or visit 529 South Second St. San Jose, CA 95112

APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

By Henrik Ibsen  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013


More listings:

metroactive MUSIC



MGMT TO PLAY STANFORD FROST MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL Stanford will celebrate the end of the academic year this spring with MGMT, Delorean and Kuroma at the Frost Music and Arts Festival.

VIDEO: KUNG FU VAMPIRE ‘LOVE BITES’ Kung Fu Vampire’s video output has been sporadic these past couple years. That’s something he plans to change in a major way by releasing a video for every song on his new album, Love Bites, which came out on Halloween last year. He starts things off with his first video for the title track.

D\kifÊjdlj`ZZXc\e[XiilejN\[e\j[XpÅKl\j[Xp% D\kifÊjdlj`ZZXc\e[XiilejN\[e\j[XpÅKl\j[Xp%


DAKINECAFE Sat, 7pm: Ka Nalu. Sun, 6pm: Doug Young. Sunnyvale.

DJ Sake One. No cover before 11pm; $5 after 11pm. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.




Sat, 7:30pm: Rihanna. $35$150. San Jose. Sat, 9pm: Dementhia, Grace Bones. San Jose.

Fri, 6pm: In Your Silence, Dakota, She Walks Among Ghosts and more. Sat, 6pm: Miracle Me, Cactus, WithoutSpaces, Hope in Disguise, Open Curtain Clinic, 37th Parallel. Cupertino.



Fri, 9:30pm: Cadillac Jack. Sunnyvale.

Sat, 8pm: The Bang, Bionic Vixens. $10/$15. San Jose.

Tue, 7pm: Ashylus, A Sight for Sore Eyes, Anchors, For a Better Kind, Nerves Like Atlas. All ages. San Jose

THEBLANKCLUB Wed, 9pm: Super Soul Bros., Jack Evan Johnson, Chandelle. No cover. Fri, 9pm: Dash Rip Rock, Heavy Hand. $10. Sat, 9pm: Sentry, At Least We’re Drowning, Behold the Desecration. $10. San Jose.

BRITARMSALMADEN Fri-Sat, 10pm: Live music. San Jose.

THECARAVAN Sat, 7pm: The Flesh Hammers, Rock & Roll Villain Society, The Rinds. San Jose.


MONTALVOARTSCENTER Thu, 7:30pm: Jesse Cook. Sat, 8pm: The English Beat. Saratoga.



Fri: Hatex, Skinner, My Heavy Memory. Sat, 8pm: Madman’s Lullaby, Road Vikings, Pushing the Sun. $8/$10. Santa Clara.

Sat, 8pm: Bobby Love and Sugar Sweet. Gilroy.


Sat, 4pm: February Zero. San Jose.

Sat, 8pm: Zebop. Santana tribute. $10. Gilroy.


Wed, 9:30pm: Tsunami. Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: Live music. Los Gatos.

Sat, 8pm: Slime Girls, Piranha Party, the Forbin, Boboso, On the Mend, DJ Coco. All ages. $8. Homestead Lanes, Cupertino.



NUMBERONEBROADWAY THECATS Wed, 8pm: Johnny Neri. Thu, 8:30pm: Out of the Blue. Fri, 9pm: Chris Gardner Band. Sun, 6pm: Joe Ferrara. Tue, 6pm: Johnny Fabulous. Los Gatos.


Fri, 8pm: Den of Antiquity. Gilroy.

PAGODALOUNGE Thu, 10pm: Philthy Dronez,

First three Fri of month: Live music. Santa Clara.


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336





Thursday, April 4Â&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 21+



Friday, April 5 AGES 16+




plus DJ Fresh also Alexander Spit !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM &RIDAY !PRILÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+


and Hatchet

plus Dusted Angel $RSONLYs$RSPM3HOWPM

3ATURDAY !PRILÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 18+



;Xj_I`gIfZb BACK IN the early â&#x20AC;&#x2122;80s, a handful of bands emerged with a new punk-rock subgenre called cowpunkâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;basically revved-up country mixed with elements of rockabilly and performed with wild energy. Some of the best-remembered artists from that scene were the Meat Puppets, Mojo Nixon and, a little later, Social Distortion and the Reverend Horton Heatâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and here in San Jose, the Frontier Wives.

Friday, April 5; 9pm; $10 Blank Club, San Jose

One of the less-remembered early purveyors of cowpunk was the New Orleans trio Dash Rip Rock, which didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t invent the genre (Jason and the Scorchers arguably did) but was early to hit the road and introduce other bands and audiences to the soundâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;artists like Social Distortion and Reverend Horton Heat, who played blues-rock before he heard Dash Rip Rock. There was a moment in the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;90s when Dash Rip Rock enjoyed an odd brush with fame that had nothing to do with cowpunk. As a joke, they made the song â&#x20AC;&#x153;Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Go Smoke Some Pot,â&#x20AC;? a parody of the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;50s hit â&#x20AC;&#x153;At the Hop.â&#x20AC;? The intention was to poke fun at the recent explosion of jam bands, like Phish and Widespread Panic, and neo-hippy groups, like Blind Melon and Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. But somehow, the song actually got embraced by the very pot culture they were making fun of. High Times interviewed the band, and they were invited to play the High Times stage at South by Southwest. There are still radio stations that play it at 4:20pm. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It elevated us to places we never expected to go. But at the same time, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a novelty song,â&#x20AC;? says guitarist Bill Davis. The band had a resurgence of sorts eight years ago, when it signed with the San Francisco label Alternative Tentacles, which ďŹ rst reissued several of Dash Rip Rockâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old albums, then began releasing their new albums, including 2007â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hee Haw Hell, a bizarre concept album based on Danteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inferno that takes the listener on a twisted tour through the South. Black Liquor, from 2012, is a straightforward, well-produced, roots-rock album, more mature than anything theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever released. But donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect crossover success any time soon. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Americana movement is exploding,â&#x20AC;? Davis says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would love to be a part of Americana, but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been so punk and so novelty that Americana sort of looks down their nose at us. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s any way weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to repair that. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just their attitude towards Dash Rip Rock. Truth is, this record really would ďŹ t that division of music.â&#x20AC;?â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Aaron Carnes


plus Zoogma also Little John !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

!PRE 40 (Ages 16+) !PRDropkick Murphys (Ages 21+) !PRTwiztid (Ages 16+) !PRHieroglyphics (Ages 16+) !PRAndre Nickatina (Ages 16+) -AYPepper (Ages 16+) -AYBig Boi (Ages 16+) -AYTyler The Creator new show! (Ages 16+) -AYCold War Kids (Ages 16+) -AYOpeth/ Katatonia (Ages 16+) *UNENew Found Glory (Ages 16+) June 6 Juicy J/ A$AP Ferg (Ages 16+) *UNEStreetlight Manifesto (Ages 16+) *ULYBlack Flag (Ages 16+)

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-987-6487 & online

APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s

Trinidad James

Wednesday, April 3 AGES 16+ !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM 7EDNESDAY !PRILÂ&#x2039;In the AtriumsAGES 16+

41  s s s   APRIL 3-9, 2013


metroactive MUSIC 40


featuring Little Charlie Baty. Fri, 6pm: A.C. Myles. Sat, 6pm: Annie Sampson Band. Sun, 2pm: Blues jam. Mon, 6pm: Adrian Costa Show. San Jose.


More listings:


ALEX’S 49ER INN Nightly, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.

Fri, 8pm: Acoustic blues jam with Joanne LeBlanc. Sun, 4pm: Blues and jazz jam. Saratoga.

Sun, 7pm: Krazy 2: Sunidhi Chauhan & Ali Zafar. San Jose.





Fri, 8pm: Legally Blue. San Jose.

Sat, 9pm: August. Santa Clara.

First Sat of every month, 8pm: Kavanaugh Brothers Celtic Experience. Sun, 7pm: Jazz jam. San Jose.

Fri, 9pm: Darryl. San Jose.

THESMOKINGPIG Tue, 6pm: Bluesday hosted by the Dan Goghs. San Jose.



Sat, 9pm: South City Blues Band. Los Gatos.

Fri, 9pm-1am: Danielle. Sat, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

CLUBFOX Wed, 7pm: Blues jam. $5. Fri, 9pm: Salsa, bachata, cha cha. $10. Sat, 9:30pm & Sun, 4:30pm: Raksa by the Bay. Dance and drumming workshops. $15$200. Sat, 8pm: Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, Dakila. $16/$20. Redwood City.

TESSORA’S Fri, 8:30pm: Wendy DeWitt. Sat, 8pm: Fenny & Rossi. harp and guitar. The Pruneyard, Campbell.




Fri, 6-9pm: Live blues, roots and Americana. Morgan Hill.

Tue, 7pm: Steve Tiger. Cupertino.

Fri-Sat, 7pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.



Thu, 8pm: Blues jam with Daniel Castro. Fri, 8pm: Jake Mackey. Sat, 8pm: Adrian Costa. Campbell.

Wed & Fri-Sat, 8pm-2am: Wildside Karaoke. Sunnyvale.

HEDLEYCLUB First and third Wed, 7:30pm: Jazz jam. Fri-Sat, 8:30pm: Live jazz. Mon, 5pm: Gus Kambeitz Duo. Hotel De Anza, San Jose.

J.J.’SBLUESCAFE Wed: The Dan Goghs. Thu: Dennis Dove. Fri: Dog House Riley. Sat: OGR. Sun: Ruckus, Flyte Boyz. Mon: Noel Catura. Tue: Dennis & Stuart, Blue J. San Jose.

LILLYMAC’S Sat, 9pm: Tekila Rock. Live Latin music. Sunnyvale.

MOUNTAINCHARLEY’S Fri: Live jazz. Los Gatos.



Wed, 7pm: Janet Thompson. Thu, 7:30pm: Piano sing-along w/Ingrid. Fri, 7:30pm: Poppy Jasper Jazz Trio. Sat, 7:30pm: John Garcia. Tue, 5:30pm: Live jazz. Morgan Hill.

Tue: Karaoke. San Jose.


BRIT ARMS DOWNTOWN Wed, 9pm: August. San Jose.

DASILVA’S BRONCOS Wed: Karaoke. Thu, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

REDROCKCOFFEE Fri, 8pm: Laura Meyer. Sat, 8pm: Dogcatcher. Mountain View.

RODEOCLUB Wed: Jerrod Nieman. $10/$15. San Jose.

Fri, 8pm: Kamakakehau. $20/$25. Gilroy.


Fri, 8:30pm: The Shotgun Wedding Quintet. Free. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.

Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ Uncle Hank. San Jose.

Thu, 7pm: Frank Sorci. Sat, 7pm: Hootenanny. San Jose.




Wed, 9pm: California Cowboys. Thu, 9pm: Le Jazz Hot. Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Sat, 7:15pm: Rodeo House. Fremont.

THE GOOSETOWN LOUNGE Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.

JOHNNY V’S Sun: Sunday Funday karaoke. No cover. San Jose.




Thu, 9pm: Pure Roots. Sun: Island Rock Sundays. Sunnyvale.



Wed: 8:30pm-midnight: Karaoke plus DJ party (English and Spanish). San Jose.

Wed: Cabaret Karaoke. Los Gatos.

POORHOUSEBISTRO Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson. Thu, 6pm: Organ Grinder Swing

Wed, 8pm: DJ Desmond. San Jose.

REDI ROOM Thu-Sat, 9pm: DJ Curtis. San Jose.

Quality Control. Sat: Cocktails and Dreams. Tue: Irie Nights with DJs Hi-Grade & Tesfa. San Jose.

‘80s, ‘90s and house. Mon, 9pm: Retoxx with DJ Casp3r. Tue, 9pm: Trap Shop. San Jose.


Wed, 10pm: Purple. Palo Alto.

Wed: XXcape. $5-$10. Fri: Revenge of the Video DJ. San Jose.

STATION 55 Thu: JR. Sun: JR Diaz Family Karaoke. Tue: James. Gilroy.


WOODHAM’S LOUNGE Tue-Thu & Sat (plus fourth Fri of month): Karaoke. Santa Clara.

Dance Clubs

BRIT ARMS ALMADEN Thu, 10pm: DJ Dinero. San Jose.


Fri: Prive with DJ Ms Manya. Most Fri: Hip-hop, Top 40, club hits. San Jose.

AZÚCAR LATIN BAR Fri-Sat, 9pm-2am. Live music and DJs, salsa, house, hip-hop and more. San Jose.

MOTIF Thu: Rewind. Fri-Sat: DJs Sun: Members Only. San Jose.

Thu, 10pm: Pawkit. San Jose.



Fri: DJ Vision-One. Sat: DJ ToneSOL. Los Gatos.

Fri: DJ Benofficial. Sat: DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.


Fri, 9pm: DJ Claksaarb. Sat, 9pm: DJs and dancing. Los Gatos.

CARDIFF LOUNGE Thu: Foxy. Campbell.

FAHRENHEIT Wed, 9pm: Wine Wednesdays. Thu, 9pm: Liquid. Fri-Sat, 9pm: DJs. $10. Mon: Industry. Tue, 9pm: Turn Up Tuesdays. San Jose.


NORMANDY HOUSE LOUNGE Sun, 10pm: DJ Battle. Santa Clara.

PEACOCK LOUNGE Fri: Video DJs. Every first Sat: Soul Affair. Sun: Island Rock Sundays. Wed: Inked Out with DJ Jason Lee. Sunnyvale.



Thu: Wreck-A-Noize. Fri: Video Junkie. Every second and fourth Sat, 10pm: Prolific. San Jose.

Sat, 9pm: Thick & Sexy Saturdays. $10. San Jose.



Sat, 9pm: Club ReMix. Four Points Sheraton, San Jose.

Thu, 9pm: Atomic. $5. San Jose.

BRANHAM LOUNGE Thu: Audio Revolution. Fri:

Call for info. Mountain View.

JOHNNY V’S Wed, 9pm: The Cypher. Thu, 9pm: Slap!. Sat, 9pm: Traffic.

WILLOW DEN Wed-Fri: DJs. Sat, 10pm: ‘90s Dance Party. Willow Glen.

San Francisco’s City Guide

TRINIDAD JAMES Gold-bedecked rapper has a song called ‘My Last Molly Song Ever I Promise.’ Apr 4 at the Mezzanine.

HIROMI Japanese-born jazz pianist settles in with trio for fournight residency. Apr 4-7 at SFJAZZ Center.

SYD THE KID Odd Future’s resilient DJ plays small club show with Trev Case and Koslov. Apr 5 at the New Parish.

HOW TO DRESS WELL Chamber music in space zapped by silk raygun and transformed into pulsing R&B. Apr 9 at Rickshaw Stop.


ALT-J Find more San Francisco events by subscribing to the email newsletter at

Britain’s latest invasion comes live from Leeds with Mercury Prize-winning ‘An Awesome Wave.’ Apr 10 at the Fillmore.

APRIL 3-9, 2013  s s  s

RUDY’S PUB metr | | metr | AAPRIL P R I L 33-9, - 9 2013

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On the scale scale of weir weird d things women have themselves haave done to themselv ves e in the name of b beauty, eautty, high heels surely su urely come come in well below below ffoot oot binding, bindingg, rib-crushing rib-crushing corsets corsets and bathing in crocodile c ocodile cr excrement. exxcrement. (I found fo ound that thaat last one on the Internet, so you know it’s gotta you kno ow it ’s got tta be be legit.) I also acknowledge acknowlledge the scientific fact that high heels displa display ay the female advantage. feemale form fo orm to advant a . That said, I age gods male, because no thank the go ds I’m mal le, b eccause a way getting me to way you’re you’re get tting t t wear those thumbscrews thumbscrews ffor o or the feet. feeet. Before Bef fo ore we get into the th he biomechanical specifics, bi biomechanic h ical al sp ecifics ifi s, let’s l t’s stipulate let ti l t that, from from a health standpoint, stan ndpoint, virtually admits virtually eeveryone veryone adm mits high heels are article are a scourge. scourge. I quote from frrom an ar ticle in a law laaw journal: “By one on ne rrecent ecent estimate, estimate, 75 percent percent of the t problems problems eventuating 600,000 eventuating in the more morre than 6 00,000 bunionectomies, bunionectomies, hammer-toe hamm merr-to - e repairs, repairs, neuroma neuroma excisions excisions x and bunionette bunionettte t corrections in the corrections performed perfo ormed annually a United from United States States ‘either rresult essult fr om or are are greatly byy the greatly tl aggravated aggraavvated t db th h use off highhe hi h fashion footwear. foottwear w r.’” And now to the lab lab.. An Any ny wearer wearer of high-heeled shoes shoes knows ws the root root cause caause know discomfort to of the disc omffor o t is, is, in addition a the unnaturally pointed pointed d shape shape of the typical typic y al shoe’s shoe’s toe, toe, the shift sh hift of weight to the fr front ont part part of the foot. foot. o Una and Fierra My assistants assistants U na an nd F ierra obtained obtained two two w identical identiccaal scales scales and rigged up a system system whereby wheereb by they theey ccould ould balance b l e with balanc i h the h front f ont of fr of their h i feet feeet on one sc scale other. caale and the rrear ear on o the other r. They closets,, ffound They then raided their closets o ound 33 pairs of sho shoes es with heel h rises ranging from inches from a 1/4 inch to 4 inc ches and put them to the test. Ass expected, A expected, the higher high her the heel, the more more weight was waas shifted shifteed onto the ball of the ffoot. oot. When barefoot, bareffoot, an average average e of 6 68 body 8 percent percent of b ody weight w rrested ested on the heels heels.. A Athletic shoes thletic t shoes shifted eeven ven e more heels. more weight i h onto the h heels h l . But with i ha 2.75-inch lift, the aaverage verag e ge weight on the heels had been been rreduced educed d to 52 percent. percent. With percent Wiith a 4-inch lift only 30 3 p ercent of the weight was waas on the heels. h . heels didn’t was What we didn n’t ’ eexpect xp x ect e w aas the wide range in weight shift among different am mong diff ffeerent styles sttyles y of shoes shoes having haavving the th he same heel

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APRIL A P R I L 3-9, 3 - 9, 2013 | metr | | metr

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YB V Valley alley Fair a 6 60RQURH6W 60RQURH6W San Jo Jose, ose, CA A 95128 2II6WHYHQV&UHHN



YB Branham  3HDUO$YH  3HDUO $YH Y San Jo Jose, ose, CA A 95136 2II%UDQKDP$YH


YB B Phoenix 1324 N. 10th. St. San Jo Jose, ose, CA A 951 95110 10 +Z\1 *LVK

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M YB Monterey 0 0RQWHUH\5G 0RQWHUH\5G Jose, San Jos se, CA A 95111 95111 0RQWHUH\ \ &DSLWDO([



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or names listed herein on 3/1/13. /s/Maria Kohayan This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 3/14/2013. (pub Metro 3/27, 4/03, 4/10, 4/17/2013)



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11 57 APRIL 3-9, 2013 | | |


/s/Sandra Dowell CEO #201307810425 This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Clara County on 3/27/2013. (pub Metro 4/03, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24/2013) | | | APRIL 3-9, 2013

10 58

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY ARIES (March 21–April 19): “Art cannot be modern,”

said Austrian painter Egon Schiele. “Art is primordially eternal.” I love that idea. Not all of the artifacts called “art” fit that scrupulous definition, of course. Katy Perry’s music and the film Wreck It Ralph may have some entertainment value, but they’re not primordially eternal. I bring this up, Aries, because I think you have entered a particularly wild and timeless phase of your own development. Whether or not you are literally an artist, you have a mandate to create your life story as a primordially eternal work of art.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20): “All my best ideas come from having no answer,” said pioneer filmmaker John Cassavetes, “from not knowing.” I hope that testimony cheers you up, Taurus. As hard as it may be for you to imagine, you are on the verge of a breakthrough. As you surf the chaotic flow and monitor the confusing hubbub, you are brewing the perfect conditions for an outburst of creativity. Rejoice in the blessing of not knowing! GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Sant is a Hindi word that comes from a Sanskrit verb meaning “to be good” and “to be real.” Personally, I know a lot of people who are either real or good. But few are both. The good ones tend to be overly polite, and the real ones don’t put a high priority on being nice. So here’s your assignment, Gemini: to be good and real; to have compassionate intentions even as you conduct yourself with a high degree of authenticity; to bestow blessings everywhere you go while at the same time being honest and clear and deep. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you have the power to pull off this strenuous feat. CANCER (June 21–July 22): Let’s take a look back at the first three months of 2013. How have you been doing? If I’m reading the astrological markers accurately, you have jettisoned a portion of the psychic gunk that had accumulated in you during the past six years. You have partially redeemed the shadowy side of your nature and you have to some degree ripened the most immature part. There’s also the matter of your heart. You have managed some healing of a wound that had festered there for a long time. So here’s my question for you: Is it possible for you to do more of this good work? The target date for completion is your birthday. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Naturalist Charles Darwin

formulated the theory of evolution, which has been one of history’s most influential hypotheses. A crucial event in his early development as a scientist was a five-year boat trip he took around the world when he was in his twenties. The research he conducted along the way seeded many of his unique ideas. The writing he did established his reputation as a noteworthy author. And yet before his journey, his father tried to talk him out of embarking, calling it a “wild scheme” and “a useless undertaking.” Did your parents or other authorities ever have a similar response to one of your brilliant projects? If so, now would be a good time to heal the wound caused by their opposition.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): I’ve got three sets of affirmations for you, Virgo. Say them out loud and see if they might work for you. 1. “I will be engrossed in fascinating experiences that feed my curiosity, but I will not be obsessed with grueling frustrations that drain my energy.” 2. “I will be committed to love if it opens my eyes and heart, but I will not be infatuated with maddening conundrums that jiggle my fear.” 3. “I will give myself freely to learning opportunities that offer me valuable lessons I can use to improve my life, but I will be skeptical toward rough-edged tests that ask far more from me than they offer in return.” LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): “Pole of inaccessibility” is a term that explorers use to identify places on the Earth that are hard—and interesting!— to get to. On each continent, it’s usually considered to be the spot that’s farthest from the coastline. For instance, there’s a pole of inaccessibility near the frozen center of Antarctica. Its elevation is over 12,000 feet, and it has the planet’s coldest average temperatures. As for the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, it’s an area in the South Pacific that’s most remote from land. By my reckoning, Libra, you would benefit from identifying what your own personal version of this point is, whether it’s

9p ROB BREZSNY n\\bf]8gi`c*

literal or metaphorical. I think it’s also a great time to transform your relationship with it.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Every April, the ancient

Romans celebrated a festival known as Robigalia. Among the rites they performed were ceremonies to exorcize the god of rust and mildew. I suggest you consider reviving that old practice, Scorpio. You would benefit from spending a few days waging war against insidious rot. You could start by scrubbing away all the sludge, scum, and gunk from your home, car, and workplace. Next, make a similar effort on a metaphorical level. Scour the muck, glop, and grime out of your psyche.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): “You know that

place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” Tinkerbell says that to Peter Pan in J.M. Barrie’s famous story. Sometime soon, I think you should whisper words like those to a person or animal you love. It’s time for you to be as romantic and lyrical as possible. You need to bestow and attract the nourishment that comes from expressing extravagant tenderness. For even better results, add this sweetness from French poet Paul Valéry: “I am what is changing secretly in you.” And try this beauty from Walt Whitman: “We were together. I forget the rest.”

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Naturalist John Muir (1838–1914) had an ecstatic relationship with the California wilderness. He studied it as a scientist and he worshiped it as a mystical devotee. During the course of his communion with the glaciers and peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, he came close to seeing them as living entities that evolved over long periods of time. “Glaciers move in tides,” he wrote. “So do mountains. So do all things.” With Muir as your inspiration, I invite you to identify the very gradual currents and tides that have flowed for years through your own life, Capricorn. It’s prime time to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the big, slow-moving cycles that have brought you to where you are today. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): American author William Faulkner won a Nobel Prize for literature, an indication that he had abundant talent. The prose he wrote was often experimental, cerebral, and complex. He was once asked what he would say to readers who found it difficult to grasp his meaning “even after reading it two or three times.” His reply: “Read it four times.” My counsel to you, Aquarius, is similar. When faced with a challenging event or situation that taxes your understanding, keep working to understand it even past the point where you would normally quit. There will be rewards, I promise. PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20): “Dear Rob: I just consulted an astrologer, and he told me that my planets are very weak because they’re in the wrong houses and have bad aspects. Please tell me what this means. Am I cursed? Is there any way to remedy my afflictions?—Paranoid Pisces.” Dear Pisces: Whoever told you that nonsense is an incompetent astrologer. You shouldn’t heed him. There’s no such thing as one’s planets being weak or being in the wrong houses or having bad aspects. There may be challenges, but those are also opportunities. Luckily, the coming weeks will be prime time for you Pisceans to overthrow the influence of inept “experts” and irresponsible authorities like him. Reclaim your power to define your own fate from anyone who has stolen it from you. Homework: Imagine a bedtime story you’d like to hear and the person you’d like to hear it from. Testify at

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