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MARCH 13, 2020




Water-wise rebates offered San Benito County rebates

LITTLE WATER NEEDED Residents can get money back from converting their lawns into drought-tolerant landscapes.

MARCH 13, 2020

Residents encouraged to take advantage



esidents in Santa Clara and San Benito counties are encouraged to ditch their thirsty lawns for landscapes that only need a sip of water or none at all. While such an endeavor can be costly, there are rebates available to help those on a tight budget. Valley Water, which serves the Santa Clara Valley, offers a program that is designed to encourage residents and businesses to convert approved high water use landscapes, such as lawns and pools, to low water use landscapes as well as to retrofit existing irrigation equipment with approved high efficiency irrigation equipment.

Residents may qualify for rebates valued up to $3,000. All customers must submit an application and receive written approval in the form of a Notice to Proceed before starting any work on their project or purchasing any qualifying equipment. Rebates average $1 per square foot of landscape converted for single family households. Landscapes eligible for the rebate must use plants from the list of qualified species found at tinyurl.com/v9v8xzt. Valley Water also offers rebates for drip irrigation conversions, rainwater capture systems and more. For information, visit tinyurl. com/v9v8xzt.

The Water Resources Association of San Benito County (WRASBC), which represents the City of Hollister, City of San Juan Bautista, Sunnyslope County Water District and the San Benito County Water District, offers a number of incentives. Those include the toilet replacement program, landscape hardware rebates, free water-wise landscape plans, water softener assistance and rebate program, and free home water checkups. The association offers a rebate program to purchase new/replacement landscape irrigation hardware/equipment to reduce the amount of water waste. The program includes MP Rotators by Hunter Industries, and hose timers and/or rain sensors which are on the list provided by WRASBC. The WRASBC offers a maximum $100 rebate for materials purchased per household. Customers served by private wells are not eligible. WRASBC also offers a rebate program to eliminate pre-1992, 3.5–7 gallons per flush toilets with new high efficiency 1.28–1.6 gallons per flush toilets. It offers a free high efficiency toilet in exchange for an old pre1992 toilet. Participants can also apply for a $75 rebate if they choose to purchase their own toilet. These rebates have proven effective in reducing water usage. According to the 2015 Hollister Urban Area Urban Water Management Plan, water use in the Hollister area has gone from 212 gallons of water use per day per person in 1998 to 105 gallons per day. The WRASBC has also replaced more than 12,000 high consumption toilets since 1999 with lowflow models. For information, visit wrasbc.org or call 831.637.4378.

MARCH 13, 2020



MARCH 13, 2020

Homeowners have been increasingly turning their yards into “hardscapes,� consisting of rocks, pavers and droughttolerant plants.



Gardeners share thoughts on creating an outdoor oasis


Turfgrass also purifies water as it leaches through the root zone down into underground aquifers, which is one of the reasons it’s used to recycle effluent. Grass also mitigates heat. On a sunny summer day, grass will be 10-14 degrees cooler than concrete, asphalt or artificial turf. Sure, grass takes water, but let’s be sensible about it. “Let’s stop the social shaming of lawns,” Gil said Grass Farm raises and sells the most water-efficient and disease- and pest-resistant turfgrass available: It puts down deep roots and only needs watering every fourth day. When established, it can survive a month without water, and reduces chemical inputs, too. Gil and his sister, Debbie Barncord are the second-generation owner/operators of Grass Farm in Morgan Hill, established in 1969, along with their sister company, Garden Accents, in Gilroy. ➝8

MARCH 13, 2020

e all need more green in our lives. On so many levels, this is true, whether your thoughts turn to leafy kale, a verdant lawn, a pile of cash or saving water. So says longtime sod farmer, Erin Gil, an ardent advocate for green spaces. “Kids need grass,” Gil said. “They need a surface where they can have fun and not get hurt. Kids need to get outside more. Green spaces play a key role in the urban community. They improve people’s lives.” California’s drought conditions zeroed in on lawns as water guzzlers, and prompted a wave of stone-and-cactus replacements. In defense of sod, grasses trap dust and dirt, along with atmospheric pollutants such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and peroxyacetyl nitrate. Grasses also produce oxygen and reduce erosion. According to thelawninstitute.org, a 50-by-50-foot plot of grass produces enough oxygen for a family of four.




HEALTHY LANDSCAPE Bioswales can keep rainwater

MARCH 13, 2020

in and filter contaminants.


They’ve been providing turf to golf courses, parks, schools, cemeteries and private homes for decades. Garden Accents is filled with patio furniture, fountains, statuary, pottery and plants. In the end, it’s all about water, Gil said. He urges homeowners to have a water audit performed by Valley Water, so they know exactly how much water they are using and where it is going. Being informed drives better decisions. Gil recommends Western Tree Nursery in Gilroy as a source of drought-tolerant plants. “Make sure you know how tall a tree or bush will grow,” he said. “Do research on what is required to maintain whatever landscape you are installing.” As water resources become more precious, homeowners have increasingly been converting their lawns into rocks and dirt, known as ”hardscapes.” Eric Jardine of Earthworks Landscape has been providing landscape services for more than 20 years.

“I like working outdoors,” Jardine said. “I love flowers and plants and taking a piece of dirt and turning it into someone’s vision.” But he said many of his clients also have scaled down yards in favor of hardscapes and garden boxes, with succulents in pots and everything on drip irrigation. “Lighting is huge,” he said. “So is color. People are going for Spanish lavender and salvia and nice ground cover like African daisies. They come in purple, yellow and burgundy and look great on hillsides.” Ryan Dinsmore of Alpine Landscapes said that on the corporate campus of Sakata Seed America in Morgan Hill, his company removed tens of thousands of square feet of existing turf and installed drip irrigation and low-water-use plants, including: • Carex pansa—a popular sand dune sedge • Festuca “Elijah Blue”—bluegreen ornamental grass that grows in clumps ➝ 10

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MARCH 13, 2020

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IN DEFENSE OF GRASS While thirsty grass has a bad reputation in a time of water conservation, sod does have a number of benefits, including producing oxygen.

Located in Historic Downtown Gilroy

MARCH 13, 2020

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• Dietes iridioides—a common blooming ornamental called African Iris • Abelia kaleidoscope—versatile variegated foliage that changes color seasonally • Nandina domestica “Gulf Stream”—compact shrub with year-round color; red in winter • Loropetalum chinensis—Chinese fringe flower, a white-flowered broad-leaved evergreen shrub of the witch hazel family The Gilroy-based company earned a top honor at the California Landscape Contractors Association’s Annual Convention in 2019 for its work at Sakata Seed. Horticulturist Harvey Sandoval said bioswales look simple but are important. “They are meant to keep rainwater on the property and filter out contaminants,” he said. Some of the common plants for bioswales include Carex pansa, along with: • Carex divulsa—tough, versatile

and carefree evergreen clumping grass • Chondropetalum tectorum— clumping, reed-like plant from South Africa • Achillea “Moonshine”—aka Fern Leaf Yarrow, silver-green foliage and flat yellow flowers • Calamagrostis “Karl Forester”— the world’s most popular ornamental feather reed grass Sandoval loves experimenting with new plants, especially semidwarf and dwarf rootstocks. “Having a garden means bounty: you are always sharing,” he said. “It goes out in one form, and might come back to you in another. That’s the whole sharing thing. It all goes back to my grandmother. None of this is new.” Sandoval admits he’s still in awe of planting a seed and watching it grow. Yet he knows his obsession for gardening isn’t for everyone. “I admire the lawnmower jockey on the block—his whole life revolves around that lawn. Whatever you do, you have to own it.”

MARCH 13, 2020



MARCH 13, 2020


10 % OFF Labor on your next plumbing service

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Suit up in something green and head to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations throughout South Valley and San Benito Mar. 14 and 15.









The public is invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Operation Freedom Paws at the OFP St. Patrick's Day 2020. Dine on traditional corned beef and cabbage, or Chicken Cordon Bleu, with all proceeds benefiting OFP. This non-profit organization matches disabled veterans, adults and children with rescued dogs and trains them together. Saturday, Mar. 14, 6-9pm at Old City Hall Restaurant, 7400 Monterey St. For tickets and information, visit operationfreedompaws.org.

Ridgemark Golf Club and Resort is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a dance party. Glory, a tribute band with a feminine twist, will feature songs by female artists. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early for dinner and experience the updated menu at the newly renovated clubhouse before dancing to the music. The party is 21 and over only. Saturday, Mar. 14, 9pm-midnight at Ridgemark Golf Club and Resort, 3800 Airline Highway. For information, visit tinyurl.com/sm6uwkk.

Verde Vineyards presents a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on the Green. Two corned beef slider sandwiches will be served with each bottle purchase. Enjoy wines created in small lots, using traditional techniques and specializing in handcrafted Bordeaux varietals from Verde Vineyards’ estate vineyards in the Santa Clara Valley. Saturday and Sunday, Mar. 14 and 15, noon-5pm each day at Verde Vineyards, 2143 Buena Vista Ave. For information, visit verdevineyards.com.

Hovering Breadcat Folk Ensemble, featuring world champion whistler Derek Bodkin, will perform boisterous St. Patrick’s Day songs, thought-provoking originals and creative covers at Credo Studio Community Art & Cultural Center. Guests will also enjoy corned beef and cabbage stew, available for a suggested donation of $5 for a “hot cup.” Sunday, Mar. 15, 4-6pm at Credo Studio, 1 Polk St. For tickets, visit tinyurl.com/w7soohq. MARCH 13, 2020




MARCH 13, 2020

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will host the Celebrate Gilroy! Community Bike Ride. Riders of all levels are encouraged to dust the winter cobwebs off their bikes for this family-friendly bike ride through Gilroy. This casual-paced ride will showcase eight miles of bike trails, bike lanes, local parks and feature three stops for free sample sized treats and engagement with community partners. Saturday, Mar. 14, 1-3:30pm, start and end the ride at the Gilroy Library, 350 W. Sixth St. Children are welcome, but riders that require training wheels are not permitted. For information, visit tinyurl. com/um9zsor.


GILROY MURDER MYSTERY Friday the 13th is a fine night for a murder, and Gilroy Sunrise Rotary Club

invites guests to don their most fabulous 1920s attire and assist in solving “Murder on the Boardwalk: A 1920’s Mystery.” Tickets are $60 per guest, and space is very

limited. This murder mystery dinner also features a cocktail hour. Friday, Mar. 13, 6:30-10pm at Old City Hall Restaurant, 7400 Monterey St. For information, visit tinyurl.com/tmhhuo3.

also be offered. Saturday, Mar. 21, 10am-2:30pm at Centennial Recreation Center, 171 West Edmundson Ave., Morgan Hill. For information or to RSVP, visit bit.ly/2RrSUWV.

YOUTH EMPLOYMENT WORKSHOP Youth ages 14-24 years old are invited to join the Youth Employment Workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to create a cover letter, build their resume, practice interview skills, receive career advice and explore local employment opportunities in this free professional development workshop. Space is limited. A free breakfast and lunch will

BACH TO BLUES Bach to Blues 2020 is Gavilan College’s annual faculty concert with special guests. This fundraising concert showcases regional talent with performing artists including the winner of the Marian Filice Youth Piano Competition, Gavilan Performance Ensemble and guest artists. All proceeds benefit the Gavilan College Music Program. Bach to Blues 2020 will be held Saturday, Mar. 14, 7pm



at the Gavilan College Theater, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd. For information, visit gavilan.edu/ bachtoblues.


Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area’s Safety Speaker Series features safety clinics for each of its recreational opportunities. A Hollister Hills SVRA Park Ranger will speak on 4x4 safety and how to prepare for a family outing with a 4x4. Trail etiquette and trail conservation will also be discussed. Saturday, Mar. 14, 2-3pm at the School House in the Upper Ranch Area, 7800 Cienega Road. Park day use fee is $5; the event is free. For information, call 831.636.2065.


WATSONVILLE AGRICULTURAL HISTORY The Agricultural History Project presents Spring on the Farm, a free family event. Attendees can fly kites, snuggle baby animals and visit baby chicks and lambs. Other activities include crafts, a puppet show, tractor driving and hayrides. Saturday, Mar. 14, 11am-3pm at Agricultural History Project, 2601 East Lake Ave. For information, visit aghistoryproject.org or call 831.724.5898.

LEPRECHAUN LEAP Hollister Recreation invites adult and youth runners to celebrate the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and participating in the 1K Leprechaun Leap and Doggie Dash Fun Run. An obstacle course at Dunne Park will be featured and responsible dog owners are welcome to register dogs on leashes for an additional fee. The 1K Leprechaun Leap Pet Show will follow the race, featuring prizes for best trick, pet and owner look alike and most festive. Saturday, Mar. 14, 11am at Veterans Memorial Building, 649 San Benito St. To register, visit tinyurl.com/rvlgcw3.

VETERAN’S APPRECIATION American Legion Post 69 is presenting its annual Veterans’ Appreciation Dinner. Attendees will enjoy a menu including tri-tip or chicken, beans, salad, dessert and a beverage. Veterans may attend free of charge; friends and family tickets are available for $20 per person. Saturday, Mar. 14, 6pm at the Hollister Veterans’ Memorial Building, 649 San Benito St. For information, call 831.637.7011. TEA AND TREASURES The 10th Annual Tea and Treasures Luncheon benefits the San Benito County Free Library. This lighthearted afternoon of tea features ➝ 16

MARCH 13, 2020

STARRY SKY Astronomy docents will share the view during an evening under the stars at Starry Nights March. Attendees are advised to dress in warm layers and bring drinking water and a sense of wonder for the night sky; telescopes will be provided. Space is limited; registration is required. Saturday, Mar. 14, 8:15-10:15pm at Rancho Cañada del Oro Open Space Preserve, 4289 Casa Loma Road. Arrive before the gates close

at 9pm to allow for undisturbed viewing. For information, visit openspaceauthority.org.

Nature lovers are invited to California Wildlife Day in North Coyote Valley, a day celebrating the native animals that call Santa Clara Valley home. This family-friendly event will feature docent-led walks and activities, arts and crafts, speaker workshops, a live animal presentation and more. Saturday, Mar. 21, 11am-2pm. Free shuttles will transport attendees to and from the celebration from the Santa Teresa Light Rail Station, San Jose. Registration is required. For a full schedule of events and to register, visit tinyurl.com/rbdemat.





MARCH 13, 2020

The San Benito County Office of Education along with students from several different schools present the San Benito County STEAM and Science Fair 2020. This year’s event will showcase student talent in areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Demonstrations, community and school booths, activities and more will also be featured. Thursday, Mar. 19, 3-7pm at Veteran’s Memorial Hall, 649 San Benito St., Hollister. For information, visit www.sbcoe.org.


a brunch, silent auction and raffle. The Friends of the San Benito County Free Library is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers devoted to providing support to enrich the library’s resources. Sunday, Mar. 15, 12:303:30pm at San Juan Oaks Golf Club, 3825 Union Road. Tickets are available for $40; purchase in person at Postal Graphics, or by calling 831.205.1373. For information, visit sbcfriends.org.

EVENTS LADIES NIGHT Fortino Winery is holding a Groovy ‘70s Ladies’ Night. Attendees are encouraged to get dressed up in ‘70s attire and have a fun night with the ladies. Entry and appetizers are included in the $10 ticket price. The first glass of bubbly is on the house and additional wine will be available for purchase by the glass or bottle. Friday, Mar. 13, 7-10pm at Fortino Winery, 4525 Hecker Pass ➝ 18

MARCH 13, 2020


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O& A CALENDAR ROCK MUSICAL The teens of South Valley Community Theater are bringing the story of a smalltown girl, a city boy and a rock n’ roll romance on the Sunset Strip to local audiences with its production of Rock of Ages. This performance features a score including hit rock anthems and power ballads such as “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “I Wanna Know What Love Is” and more. Performances run through Saturday, Mar. 14 at Morgan Hill Community Playhouse, 17090 Monterey Road. For tickets, visit svct.org. SHAMROCK SHAKING Soul Kiss will perform a variety of top pop, rock, country, hip-hop, old school, classic rock and R&B hits from today and yesteryear for St. Patrick’s Day at Grillin & Chillin Alehouse. Green beer and corned beef and cabbage will also be featured. Tuesday, Mar. 17, 7-10pm at 401 McCray St., Hollister. For information, visit soulkissband.com.

MARCH 13, 2020

KICKOFF PARTY San Benito County Arts Council will host its Open Studios Kickoff Party featuring a sneak peek of artwork from all 34 artists on this year’s Open Studios Art Tour. The community will have the opportunity to view artwork, enjoy food and drinks and celebrate this year’s group of artists. The kickoff party is free and open to the public Friday, Mar. 20, 6:308:30pm at ARTspace Annex, 217 Fifth St., Hollister. The special Open Studios Preview Exhibition is also free and on display through Saturday, April 4. For information, visit sanbenitoarts.org.


MAKERS’ FAIR The public is invited to participate in the art of bringing wool from the sheep to the shawl, with all the steps in between, at the Sheep to Shawl Fair. Participants will be guided through all of the hands-on steps to turn sheep’s wool into clothing, toys and accessories by experts,


local businesses and organizations. Enjoy fresh, local food and drinks, booths demonstrating sustainable crafts and face painting at this zero waste event. Saturday, Mar. 21, 10am-2pm at Live Earth Farm, 1275 Green Valley Road, Watsonville. For tickets, visit farmdiscovery.org. PREVIEW EXHIBITION San Benito County Arts Council will host its Open Studios Preview Exhibition. This preview is an opportunity for the community to view samples of artworks from the group of diverse artists participating in this year’s Open Studios Art Tour. This year’s tour features 34 local artists and artisans. This special exhibition is free, open to the public and on display through April 4 at ARTspace Annex, 217 Fifth St., Hollister. For information, visit sanbenitoarts.org. COMEDY THEATER Limelight Actors Theater will present its first show of the year, Tigers Be Still. Follow the misadventures of Sherry Wickman, who recently moved back home after earning her master’s degree in art therapy and retreated to her childhood bed until an unexpected employment opportunity gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Guests are invited to bring their own dinner and wine to performances Fridays and Saturdays, Mar. 20-Apr. 11 at Limelight Actors Theater, 7341 Monterey St., Gilroy. For information, showtimes and tickets, visit svct.org/limelight. FAMILY PLAY DATE Gilroy Premium Outlets presents the “Disney Junior Play Date: Discover Fun with Mira.” Disney Junior’s newest series, Mira Royal Detective, will be featured along with family activities, photo opportunities and more. All attendees at the Play Date will have a chance to win a $50 shopping spree from the Disney Store. Disney character appearances are not a part of this event. Saturday, Mar. 21, 11am-1pm at 681 Leavesley Road, Building C, near guest services. For information, visit tinyurl.com/wewumxs.

MARCH 13, 2020



Toxic soil

PHYTOEXTRACTION Barley roots can absorb toxins in the soil and distribute it throughout the plant.

Find the right plants to clean your soil

MARCH 13, 2020




rowing leafy greens and other edibles in toxic soil can make you sick. In some cases, it can kill you. Often found under landfills, junkyards and factories, toxic soil is increasingly found in urban areas. Unfortunately, fill dirt used when building homes in years past may have been brought in from questionable locations. Without a soil test, you don’t know what is in your soil. Healthy soil contains a balance of organic matter, air, water and minerals used by plants as food. Some of those helpful minerals, such as boron or molybdenum, can reach toxic levels. So can organic

pollutants, including creosote, fertilizers, herbicides, industrial solvents, pesticides and petroleum products. You may even have radioactive materials in your soil. Soil toxins leach into groundwater. They can become part of the dust that you inhale and the foods you eat. These toxins can be absorbed through your skin and may coat produce you grow or buy. To be safe, leafy greens and root vegetables should be rinsed before using. The only way of knowing whether or not you have toxic soil is with a lab-based soil test. They are inexpensive and extremely valuable, especially if your soil is toxic. Contact local Master Gardeners or look online for soil test labs.

If a soil test indicates the presence of toxins, you have options. Traditionally, toxic soil was dug up and buried somewhere else. Today, researchers are looking to plants for a solution. As plants absorb water and nutrients, they also take up some of these toxins. This is called phytoremediation. Soil toxins may be absorbed by roots and distributed throughout the plant (phytoextraction) or released into the atmosphere through transpiration (phytovolatilization). Root secretions can stabilize some soil toxins (phytostabilization) while other root secretions can break down organic toxins (phytodegradation) and others stimulate soil fungi to break down organic fungi (phytostimulation). Only specific varieties of certain plants are good at dealing with toxic soil. For example, willow is considered to be very good at removing and neutralizing toxins, but not all willow species. Studies have shown that “Salix matsudana” and “S. x reichardtii” are far more effective than other species. Barley, beets, hydrangea and sorghum are excellent phytoextractors. Many trees can accumulate radioactive particles. Just remember that plants used in phytoextraction should be removed from the site and disposed of safely. Contact your local waste authorities for more information. Using plants to clean toxins from soil may take longer, but it’s inexpensive, environmentally safe, and it preserves topsoil. Did you know that some companies extract these toxic and sometimes valuable minerals from plants? This is called phytomining. Get your soil tested and find out which plants can help you clean your soil. Kate Russell is a UCCE Master Gardener in Santa Clara County. For more information, visit mgsantaclara.ucanr.edu or call 408.282.3105 between 9:30am-12:30pm, Monday through Friday. Be sure to stop by the Spring Garden Market on April 18, 9am–2pm at Martial Cottle Park, 5283 Snell Ave. in San Jose.



MARCH 13, 2020



Top trends for 2020

STANDOUT SPACE Customizable features in a bathroom can simplify life.

MARCH 13, 2020

Ideas for a bathroom remodel



dding or remodeling a bathroom is a popular home improvement project in 2020. Whether it's a simple powder room, a useful three-quarter or a grand master bath, it's worthwhile to research the top trends so you can create a space that is functional while also increasing your home's overall value. Sensational showers: When it comes to bathing options, showers are the focus. For instance, four in five homeowners upgrade the shower during a master bathroom renovation (83 percent) and over half increase the shower size (54 percent), found the most recent U.S. Houzz Bathrooms Trends Study. Some homeowners are eliminating the tub altogether, adding multiple showerheads and steam features for maximum relaxation. Unique locations: A homeowner's bathroom location desires are no longer limited to the property's

existing plumbing and drainage systems. Saniflo technologies use above-floor plumbing with features such as a macerating toilet and drain pumps that can be hidden in closets or behind walls. This means previously impossible spaces—such as in garages, pool houses and attics—can now be transformed into stunning bathrooms. The Saniaccess3 is a smart choice for full baths, and the Saniaccess2 is ideal for powder rooms. Freestanding tubs: For those homeowners who still enjoy a good soak, say goodbye to jetted tubs with apron surrounds. Freestanding tubs are the ultimate in luxurious bathing, providing a focal point that draws the eye in any bathroom while also creating an airy feeling in the space. If a homeowner wants to install a freestanding tub where no drainage currently exists, a Saniflo system is an affordable way to complete the project in less time. Learn more at www.saniflo.com.

Color and styles: After avoiding white color palettes for some time, white on white is back in 2020, offering a clean look with sleek appeal. Mixed materials are often used to add visual interest, such as a tasteful blend of wood and metallics in the vanity or hardware choices. Contemporary styles with clean lines and open spaces are key characteristics of the modern bathroom. When a splash of color is called for, blues dominate the cool tones and salmons often infuse warm hues. Flooring: Ceramic and porcelain tile is often the choice for the modern homeowner who can customize tile with any design they want. Large tiles are less desired, with smaller mosaic options a common choice for personalization. For those who feel tile is too hard or cold, engineered vinyl is a leading choice. It can be made to mimic the look of wood surprisingly well, but can handle the moist environment that typically comes from a bathroom. Smart technologies: Technological enhancements have entered virtually all aspects of life, and the bathroom is no exception. This is more than just streaming music to water-resistant speakers. In 2020, more homeowners desire digital shower controls allowing temperature adjustment and flow of the water through voice commands. Another growing tech trend is chromatherapy—the use of color to enhance and inspire mood— with technologies used to illuminate tubs and shower spaces. Every year brings with it trends in home design. For 2020, the bathroom is a standout space with customizable features that simplify and beautify life. If a bathroom addition or remodel is in your future, keep these ideas top of mind. —Brandpoint

MARCH 13, 2020



Top-down approach on the DaVinci Roofscapes site include a Color Visualizer offering users the ability to see how different colors may look on their home exteriors, as well as a variety of free e-books with project inspiration and advice. To learn more, visit www.davinciroofscapes.com. “Using these free color tools can be both fun and empowering,” Smith said. “They take the guesswork out of crafting a pleasing exterior color palette for the home and help create increased curb appeal.”


AESTHETIC VALUE It’s important to know how the roof, siding and walkways can create a unified look for a home.

MARCH 13, 2020

Ideas for home exterior updates


(StatePoint) Whether you want to boost the beauty of your home for your own enjoyment or you’re looking to sell in the near future, experts recommend taking a top-down approach to evaluate the outside of your home.


hen making updates to your home exterior, it’s helpful to think of how all the parts of the whole work together to create a unified look,” said Kate Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color. With that in mind, here are a few remodeling ideas to get you started:

The Roof A new roof not only adds aesthetic appeal, it can add value too. Indeed, Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value 2020 report shows that

a roof replacement can have a return-on-investment of over 60 percent. Composite roofing is particularly durable, long-lasting and low-maintenance, and an allaround smart investment. Not only does a high-quality roof help home-sellers get foot traffic, but the low-maintenance aspect really resonates with house-hunters. An attractive, more affordable alternative to the real thing, the composite slate and shake roofing options available from manufacturers like DaVinci Roofscapes, for example, reduce pesky maintenance concerns, offering impact-, fire- and wind-resistance, as well as the peace of mind that comes with a strong warranty. This is also a good choice for both those with a clear color palette in mind, and those who might need some direction, as free resources

If your home sports traditional siding, you may have noticed that the tiles contract and expand in fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures. What’s more, the color of these often thin and flimsy materials can fade quickly. Rather than replacing siding with more of the same, consider composite siding built to resist impact, fire, mold, algae, insects, salt air and high winds. The handsplit shake siding available from DaVinci Roofscapes is made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, plus a highly-specialized fire retardant. Whether you add accent panels with composite siding or go for the whole house, this can add a hassle-free aesthetic benefit to your home and boost its value.

Walkways Cracked or uneven walkways and steps are not only an eyesore, they can present a tripping hazard to you and guests. Evaluate whether it’s time to give yours an overhaul. Be sure to select low-maintenance materials that complement the look of the other elements of your exterior. This is a good time to consider lighting that adds drama to the walkway at night and makes for safer walking. Sprucing up? Go for high-impact projects that boost curb appeal and add value to the home.

 

  

 


 

 



⦁⦁  


Garden Red, Helen Bellaver, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24

Dancing with the River, Laurie Barmore, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40

  

⦁⦁ ⦁⦁ Moon Glow, Helen Bellaver, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 48x36

Garden Black & Red, Helen Bellaver, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24


Safari, Jennifer Blalack, 2018. Acrylic on Canvas, 48x30

MARCH 13, 2020



Kitchen remodeling trends

REFRESHED LOOK Common stylistic threads are critical in making the overall look of a kitchen succeed.

MARCH 13, 2020

Creating visual interest through hardwood and paint



ear after year, the most popular home improvement project for American families remains the same: remodeling the kitchen. Today, kitchen makeovers are more ambitious than ever, with homeowners willing to spend larger budgets to upgrade both the aesthetics and the functionality of what is, after all, the most used room in the house. "Many architects, designers and homeowners are specifying hardwood as an essential part of any kitchen refresh," said Linda Jovanovich of the American Hardwood Information Center. "That's because wood not only offers a wide variety of looks and design possibilities, it also exemplifies the kind

of material today's environmentally conscious consumer wants: One that's renewable, sustainable, plentiful, durable and easy to work with—all of which makes it an excellent return on investment." Replacing tired old kitchen cabinets with stylish new ones is a favorite starting point, but there are several strategies to help maximize their impact. "I like to specify one type of wood for an entire kitchen—cabinetry, furniture, millwork and flooring—but use different stains and finishes on each element," said designer Laura Bohn. "That creates visual interest without losing a sense of overall unity." In one all-walnut kitchen project, for instance, Bohn painted

the Shaker-style cabinets a putty tone for a serene background. But she stained the wide-plank floor a darker shade than the granite-top island so that the latter stands out like a beautiful piece of furniture. In a similar vein, a recently completed 1920s Bungalow house renovation had quarter-sawn white oak used throughout for floors, interior doors and kitchen cabinets. While the floorboards were lightly white-washed and given a protective coating to create the look of bare wood, the base cabinets, supplied by Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, received a slightly darker cerused finish just different enough to distinguish them from the rest of the woodwork. The oak wall cabinets were painted white to match the kitchen's shiplap ceiling. "It's peaceful rather than exciting," said the homeowner. "And that's exactly what we wanted." If you're after a livelier effect, you might consider another emerging trend: mixing up wood species and cabinet-door styles. Wellborn Cabinets demonstrated this strategy at a recent kitchen and bath show where their Rustic Global Spice Kitchen incorporated not only two types of hardwood—oak and maple—but also three door styles each with its own stain. "To make this look succeed, you or your designer will need to find common stylistic threads running through the various elements— underlying kinships of shape, color, texture and proportion that will pull the disparate parts together into a unified whole," advised designer Melissa Morgan. "It takes a certain amount of confidence, but the results can be spectacular." Visit www.hardwoodinfo.com for more about kitchen remodeling and other applications and products using American hardwoods. — Brandpoint



• Conserves natural resources • Reduces greenhouse gases • Decreases waste going to landfills

• Improves soil quality • Reduces methane emissions in landfills • Decreases waste going to landfills

Recology is proud to be a part of your community. Recology is 100% employee owned, which gives us a heightened sense of commitment to customer service and the communities we serve. MARCH 13, 2020






Growing knowledge

Robert Eliason

PLANT-FRIENDLY Cole Smith goes over the basics of composting hay during a “Manure Composting Made Easy” workshop in Gilroy in January.

MARCH 13, 2020

A workshop that teaches gardeners the benefits of composting is scheduled in Morgan Hill on March 21.


Garden workshops and tours lined up


o matter how green their thumbs may be, most gardeners agree that sharing their knowledge with each other can help themselves and their plants grow. Plenty of organizations in the area offer such tips for a thriving landscape. This spring, there is also a slew of garden tours to give beginning and veteran gardeners a source of inspiration.

Build Your Soil UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County will present “Build Your Soil” in the boardroom at St. Louise Hospital, 9400 No Name Uno in Gilroy, on March 21 from 10-11:30am. Presented by UCCE Master Gardener Glenn Lattig, the class will attempt to do three things: explain what soil is, what you can do and cannot do with it, and how to “build” it into a rich, plant-friendly medium. Attendees

will learn why the Santa Clara Valley clay soil is a gardening gold mine. The class will also discuss fertilizers, both organic and inorganic, and about creating your own compost.

Integrated Pest Management This integrated pest management class will be held March 21 from 10am to noon at the UCCE Extension Office Auditorium, ➝ 30

Sharks Fou




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Code: DIS


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FEBRUARY 21, 2020

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GET INSPIRED Garden tours are scheduled throughout the region.


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1430 Freedom Blvd., Suite E in Watsonville. Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a process you can use to solve pest problems in your garden while minimizing risks to people and the environment. This class will focus on a handful of common invertebrate pests—aphids, thrips, caterpillars and snails—that can do significant damage in a short period of time in your spring garden. The class will be led by UC Master Gardeners Delise Weir and Trink Praxel. This class will include classroom time and hands-on activity in the Demonstration Garden to find and identify insect and snail damage. A portion of the class will be outside, so a hat, sunscreen and layered clothing are advised. The cost is $5. For information and to register, visit invertebrateipm. bpt.me.

Starting Vegetables from Seed Transition Aromas will host a gathering of gardeners on Wednesday, March 25 at 7pm at the Aromas Grange, 400 Rose Ave. A panel of local experts will share how they

grow their own vegetable starts from seed.

Seedling Swap Transition Aromas will hold a seedling swap at the Aromas Grange, 400 Rose Ave., on April 19 from 10am to noon.

Spring Plant Sale UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County will present its annual Spring Plant Sale on April 25 from 9:30am to 1pm at Guglielmo Winery, 1480 E Main Ave. in Morgan Hill. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and more will be available for sale. Attendees are encouraged to visit with UCCE Master Gardeners and get their gardening questions answered. There are a limited number of plants available.

Compost Basics The Compost Basics workshop will take place on April 25 from 10am to noon at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, Diana Murphy Room, 17000 Monterey Road. Backyard composting not only cuts the amount of waste

Art & Craft Festival

LISTEN TO EXPERTS Gardeners will share their tips with

others on how to grow a thriving garden.

that goes to landfills, but it also helps you conserve water and build healthy soils that stores carbon. At this workshop, Santa Clara County Master Composters will show you how to build, manage and utilize a home compost pile. For information and to register, visit tinyurl. com/gu3zby6.

Going Native Garden Tour

native plants. To register, visit tinyurl.com/t78kgyd.

Aromas Country Garden Tour The public is invited to tour gardens throughout Aromas on May 9 from 10am to 3pm. Members of the Aromas Hills Artisans will be at each garden. Tickets are $15 and $10 for seniors 65 and over. Check-in at the Aromas Grange, 400 Rose Ave., where tickets will be available.

Family Fun! Live Music! Fantastic Food! Come join us for two fun-filled days! Downtown will have bountiful food and drink and live music all weekend long! Shop, browse, feast and discover thousands of quality treasures! Kids will love the pony rides, face painting and more! u

For more informaton call: (775) 324-6435 www.sanjuanbautistaartandcraftfestival.com

UC Master Gardener Garden Tour UC Master Gardeners of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties will hold its popular Garden Tour on June 6 in Santa Cruz County. Gardens in the mid- to south county, Soquel to Watsonville areas, will be on this year’s tour. The UC Master Gardener Program educates home gardeners on sustainable garden practices—those that manage water wisely, build healthy soil, use chemicals infrequently, and encourage pollinators. For information, visit mbmg.ucanr.edu.

MARCH 13, 2020

A free tour of native gardens in Santa Clara Valley and Peninsula, organized by the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, in association with the Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County, is scheduled for May 3 from 10am to 4pm. Since 2003, the Bay Area's pioneering native garden tour has showcased gardens featuring California native plants. Each tour features over 50 gardens, most of them private home gardens, open on tour day in a do-it-yourself, open house format. The gardens demonstrate reduced water use, reduced chemical and pesticide use, improved habitat, and the unique aesthetic appeal of gardens designed with California

March 28th & 29th

Saturday 10a.m. - 6 p.m. & Sunday ~ 10a.m. - 5p.m.


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Ways to de-stress through design


MARCH 13, 2020

his year you might have goals like ramping up your workout routine, increasing your self-care regimen or finding time to de-stress. The EPA reports we spend 90 percent of our time indoors, but most people feel that spending time in nature has a positive effect on their mental well-being and stress level, according to a recent YouGov study commissioned by Velux. So, if your goal is to de-stress, here are some healthy behaviors and design tips to help you bring nature's sanctuary indoors.


that exposure to natural light helps to sync your circadian rhythm, allowing for better sleep at night.

Fill your home with natural scents Up your chef game by using fresh herbs in your cooking that will fill your kitchen with natural fragrance. Making an indoor herb garden ensures you'll always have some on hand. You can also incorporate fresh herbs into bouquets or wreaths for a natural air freshener throughout your home.

Let in more fresh air and natural light

Use natural cleaning products

Today's homes are built tighter and more sealed, which means they can trap toxins from daily living— such as cooking, cleaning, pets and more—inside. Adding skylights that can open is a simple home renovation project to improve fresh air flow, helping rid indoor air of pollutants. Additionally, studies show

Many common cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed into your skin. Combat the dangers of these toxins by switching to natural cleaning products. You'll feel safer and more relaxed when your home is chemical-free. —Brandpoint


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MARCH 13, 2020

Dwelling protection

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This is one of the most important and least appreciated forms of protection offered through homeowners coverage. It protects you if you're found to be at fault for someone's injury or property damage. It even covers you for non-automobile incidents away from your home. Generally, it also covers your legal costs associated with such claims against you. As a rule, your liability coverage should at least be equal to the total value of your assets for both your homeowners and auto insurance. If your assets are higher than the maximum coverage allowed under the policy, consider purchasing umbrella insurance to cover the difference. This is important to protect the savings and other assets you've worked hard to acquire.


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Sun 12-3pm Charlene King (831) 801-5464 SANTANA RANCH W/VIEWS ~ Spacious 1story 3Br/2Ba, 1850 SqFt, Anderson-built in 2017 w/all the upgrades. Kitchen open to family room. 1642 Sunflower Dr, Hollister $615,000 NEW PRICE

Sat 1-4pm Tammy Davis (831) 801-3179 IMPRESSIVE ~ Custom 4Br/2.5Ba w/no HOA on fully fenced 5 acres.. Formal living & dining rooms. Expansive brick patio & in-ground pool. 820 Heatherwood Estates Dr, Hollister $1,199,000

Sun 12-3pm Shannan Matthews (209) 410-8078 STONEGATE STONEGATE~ ~4Br/2.5Ba 1-Story 4Br/2.5Ba w/private w/private views on 3 views acres.on Formal 3 acres. LR/DR Formal & FR. LR/DR Enjoy & FR. gorgeous Enjoy gorgeous landscaping landscaping & sunsets &from sunsets 2 covered from 2 covered patios. 5624 Sundown Lane, patios. Tres Pinos $1,099,999

A shlin Braddock

Mobile: (408) 582Ͳ4840 REALTOR® DRE #02110008

I grew up in Hollister and today my husband and I are raising our two beautiful boys here. I’ve watched the town grow and am in love with the beautiful hills, open space and amazing sunsets. I take pride in hard work, excellent communication and negotiating skills, and partnering with my clients. I’m here to help with all your real estate needs – whether it’s a dream home, investment home, property for your business. My hope is to grow with you and your family for years to come. My primary goal is your success and I always have your best interests at heart. Going Above and Beyond with  Service You Deserve!

Featured Property NEW LISTING

Sat 12-3pm Charlene King (831) 801-5464 SIX-YEARS NEW ~ 3Br/2Ba boasts living room w/cozy fireplace, spacious dining area, glam kitchen open to FR. Eco-friendly yard. 1990 Morning Glory Dr, Hollister $597,000

Who Needs a Shop Let’s Make it Two! Open Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm Tammy Davis (831) 801-3179

MARCH 13, 2020

Sun 12-3pm Jose Vargas (831) 524-1559 WOW VIEWS! ~ Light & bright 4Br/3Ba w/ large master suite. Outdoor kitchen in gorgeous backyard w/view of golf course & hills beyond. 1252 Ridgemark Dr, Hollister $844,900



Sun 12-3:30pm Ana Milenewicz (831) 595-2036 GREAT LOCATION ~ 3Br/2.5Ba built in 2017 w/energy saving features. Chef’s kitchen. Large master suite w/walk-in closet. 2-car garage. 2110 Heartland Court, Hollister $529,000

Great family home in well established neighborhood. Big lot - 3x the size of new home lots. Ranch-style floorplan w/gas fireplace in the living room & lots of wood work, extensive cabinetry. Spacious bedrooms w/good sized closets. Master bedroom has it's own private retreat area w/built-in desk & wet bar. Central heat & A/C plus central vacuum. Attached tandem garage fits 3 cars easily & has a storage area complete w/large safe. The driveway leads to a huge RV garage 20.5x45, tall enough for your Class A Motorhome, complete w/automatic door & 50 amp plug. There is also a "hot rod" garage that is 50x24 & has room for 4 cars easily & a work area complete w/workbenches & cabinets.

1311 Bonnie View Road, Hollister Offered for $675,000

We are an award winning company offering superior services across  San Benito, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties! And we are the only real estate company in  San Benito County that is worldwide! DRE #01879796

HILL VIEWS This Morgan Hill home sits on a large lot with no rear neighbors.

Executive home living Morgan Hill home located in exclusive Alicante community


his home in the exclusive The Ranch at Alicante community is up for sale for the first time since it was built in 2007. Located at 18780 Alicante Circula in Morgan Hill, the 4,059-square-foot home includes four bedrooms and four baths. The single-story home features a guest suite with its own full bathroom. An office with a built-in bookcase could be a fifth bedroom.

The formal dining room opens to the center courtyard with its own fireplace. The backyard features a flagstone patio that surrounds a pool and spa, as well as an outdoor kitchen. The home sits on a halfacre lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. The home is listed at $2,149,000 by eXp Realty of California Inc. For information, visit tinyurl. com/wxb9325.

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RENTALS $2,650 Month/$3,150 Deposit 4 Bed 2 Bath, 2 car garage. Great neighborhood, near shopping and schools AVAILABLE NOW

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$2,700 Month/$3,200 Deposit 4 Bed 2 Bath Nice home in a nice neighborhood. AVAILABLE MID-MARCH

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$2,800 Month/$2,800 Deposit 3 Bed 1 1/2 Bath Located on a working farm in Gilroy. Nicely Updated, clean and quiet. AVAILABLE NOW


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FIRST-PHASE PRICING AT CAROUSEL FROM THE LOW $500,000s Mark your calendar: Hollister’s newest masterplanned community opens with models at Carousel next weekend. Don’t miss it!

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• Hollister’s best commute location • Near shops, schools and recreation • Landscaped park with basketball court • No HOA

1421 Cavalier Lane, Hollister, CA 95023 (Corner of Buena Vista Rd and Gonzalez Dr) Call 831-207-4020

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Charming single family homes 1,900–2,367 sq ft NOW SELLING FIRST PHASE

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Offers vary by communities. Prices, terms and conditions subject to change. All square footages are approximate. BRE #01187018

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