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Computerized programs have created volatility in financial markets and enriched the 1 percent at other investors’ expense. Here’s a way to stabilize the economy and reduce the federal deficit. A MODEST PROPOSAL


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6 Send us your anonymous rants and raves about your co-workers or any badly behaving citizen—or about citizens you admire. I SAW YOU, Metro, 550 S. First St., San Jose, 95113, or via email.

Mr. Impatient I saw you behind me in line at the War Surplus on Stevens Creek Boulevard, in your starched white shirt, crowding so close to me that I could smell your overpriced cologne. You stamped your foot and sighed and snorted with impatience, as if your purchase was more important than anybody else’s, and no one had a right to be in front of you, Mr. Important. We all have places to go and people to see. Take a deep breath and try not to give yourself a heart attack over the small stuff.

COMMENTS Metro welcomes letters. Like any great work of art, they should be originals—not copies of material sent elsewhere. Please include your name, city of residence and daytime telephone number. (Phone number will not be published.) Letters may be edited for length and clarity or to correct factual inaccuracies known to us. = SanJoseInside

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worker hours and benefits, freezes hiring and cuts services to mitigate the existing city debt. The Santa Clara City Council thinks strapping $850 million, plus $35 to $50 million interest to our existing debt will help? Santa Clara voters need to sign referendum petitions to renegotiate or stop this stadium nonsense now. MICHAEL BELEF | SANTA CLARA

Playing Ball

Enough Clubs

The 49ers refuse to play ball. San Francisco sent the 49ers packing because the 49ers refused to support the city and assume some risk for a new stadium. Santa Clara cuts

Why do we need yet another nightlife place on this four-block street we call downtown Campbell (“Where’s the Fire?,” SVNews, Dec. 28)? We have Cardiff, Khartoum,

Katie Blooms and the English Pub, which has changed hands a couple times in the last few years, and all those have dancing and DJs after 10pm and are open till 2am, if that’s your thing. Plus there are the other places like Tigelleria and Sonoma and Aqui for those just looking for drinks in the evening. MICHAEL G. HURSTON | METROFB.COM

Page Count Plenty of people in San Jose use libraries in part because they cannot afford a computer to go online (“Volunteers for Our Libraries,” SanJoseInside, Dec. 28). Many are disadvantaged youth, the primary

constituency of our neighborhood libraries. They would find it far more difficult to access libraries if they were all consolidated in a single place clear across town. Further, the expansion of San Jose’s branch library system over the past decade-plus was specifically endorsed and funded by the San Jose electorate. We have made a sound investment in our neighborhood libraries. We need to protect that investment by keeping our branch libraries open and operating on a daily basis. DON GAGLIARDI | SAN JOSE

Staging Zone The Gaslighter was a theater; it should be reopened as a theater— plays, live music, comedy, not just another place to dance and drink. MIKE SHIRLEY-DONNELLY | METROFB.COM

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Be M Myy Neighbor? Neighbor? Some me rresidents esidents iin n SSan an Jose Jose were were ssurprised urprised ttoo rreceive eceive a holidayy card card last month fr om STEVE ST TEVE from KLINE ho iiss running running for for a City City Council Council seat seat KLINE,, w who in District 6 against against incumbent PIERLUIGI PIERLUIGI O LIVERIO. KKline line ssays ays tthe he ccard ard was was nnothing othing OLIVERIO. mor a his husband wishing moree than him and a hhappy appy hholidays olidays to to a ffew ew ooff ttheir heir cclose lose friends and neighbors. neigghbors. How many friends aand nd neighbors? neighbors? Oh, Oh, Kline’s Kline’s bballpark allpark fi gure iiss figure about ... 1,000. Some S recipients of the card card recipients hhappen appen to to be be Oliverio Oliverio supporters, supporters, which which left left them a little unclear uncclear about what to think. But Kline assures assures e Fly that the gr eetings had greetings nnothing othing to to do do with with his his campaign. campaign. “Let’s “Let’s put put it this way, wayy, I’m not n under DEB DEB FIGONE’s FIGONE’s rule, ssoo I can can send send a holiday holiday card card to to w hoever whoever I llike,” ike,” he he ssays. ays. “ I think think that that kind kind of of free free sspeech peech is is important.” important.” Kline, Kline, of of course, course, was was taking a poke att Figone’s Figone’s handcuffing of Councilmember XA AVIER V CAMPOS, CAMPOS, w hen hhee XAVIER when w anted ttoo send send out out his his own own ppersonal ersonal wanted holiday greetings. greetinggs.

CCop op Out Outt

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People w People within ithin tthe he San San JJose ose P Police olice D Department epartment FLY@ aare re keeping keeping close close ttabs abs METRONEWS. on CHRIS CHRIS M MOORE, OOR RE, as as an an COM iimportant mportant m milestone ilestone aapproaches pproaches ffor or tthe he ppolice olice cchief. hief. A Att the the end end of of January, January, 12 12 months months will will have passed since sin nce Moore Moore was officially nnamed amed the the San San JJose’s ose’s ttop op ccop op bbyy CCity ity Manager DE DEBRA BRA A FFIGONE. IGONE. The year mark means that Mo Moore’s oore’ss rretirement etirement pay and sick-time buyou buyout ut can be cashed out at the highest possiblee levels when he decides to call it quits. A nd that could be soon. By And around, Mooree runs the risk of sticking ar oundd, Moor six-figure losing a six-figu ure sum as the city works works ttoo eeliminate liminate sick sick lleave eave buyouts buyouts for for all all eemployees. mployees. Some Some people people are are questioning questioning if his short-term m status could explain his rrecent ecent clashes clash hes with public officials. PETE CONSTANT, CONSSTA ANT T, a police li officer ffi before b fore bef jjoining oining tthe he CCity ity CCouncil, ouncil, has has sparred sparred with with M oore oonn a nnumber umber of of issues, issues, including including Moore tthe he aallocation llocation ooff oofficers fficers aand nd the the reserves reserves pprogram. rogram. A nother constant constant Constant Constant Another that complaint is tha at the department is too top-heavy y, but it might not be for for long. top-heavy,

JJessica essica Shirley-Donnelly S



Bagging Out EF9@>>@< E F 9@>>@< N`k_k_\e\ngcXjk`ZYX^YXe`ed`e[#B`dMfjk\idXej#c\]k#Xe[E\m`e\8Y[\c$DXc\bYfk_Z_fj\kf N`k_ k_\ e\n gcXjjk`Z YX^YXe `e d`e[#B`d Mf fjkk\idXejj##c\]k# Xe[ E\m`e\ 8Y[\ \c$DXc\b Yfk_ Z_fj\ kf Yi`e^k_\`ifnejYX^jkfj_fgXkJXekXeXIfn% Yii`e^ `e^ k_\`i fnej YX^j YX^jkf j_fg j_fgXk X JXekXeX Ifn% fn n%

JXeAfj\aldgjkfk_\]ifekf] JXe Afj\ aldgj kfk_\]ifek f] f  kk_\c`e\f]cfZXcZ`k`\jk_Xk k_\ c`e\ f]cfZXc Z`k`\jk_Xk YXe YXe Xe   gcXjk`ZYX^j gcXjk`ZYX^ ^j]fij_fgg\ij ]fij_fgg\ij BY B Y JOSH K KOEHN OEHN


XeAfj\ÊjgcXjk`Z XeAfj\ÊjgcXjk`Z YX^fi[`eXeZ\n`cc Y X^fi[`eXeZ\n`cc jjXm\cfZXcZi\\b Xm\cfZXcZi\\b Y\[\Zfjpjk\dj# Y\[ \Zfjpjk\djj# YXebilgkdfd$Xe[$gfgj_fgj# YXebilgk dfd$Xe[$gfgj_f fgj# [iXjk`ZXccpXck\iZfejld\i [iXjk`ZXccpXck\iZfejld\i _XY`kj#jgXib^ifZ\ipjkfi\ _ _XY`kj # jgXib ^ifZ\ip jkfi\ i`fkjfeK_Xebj^`m`e^#Yi`e^ i``fkjfe K_Xebj^`m`e^# Yi`e^ ^ [fnek_\gcXjk`Zj`e[ljkip [fnek_\gcXjk`Zj`e[ljkip Xe[[\jkXY`c`q\k_\^cfYXc Xe e[ [\jkXY`c`q\ k_\ ^cfYXc \ZfefdpÆXccXkk_\jXd\ \ZZfefdpÆXcc Xk k_\ jXd\ k`d\%Fi`kZflc[aljk]fiZ\ k``d\% Fi `k Zflc[ aljk]fiZ\ j_fgg\ijkfYi`e^k_\`ifne j_fgg\ijkfYi`e^k_\`ifne YX^jkf Xmf`[ X ('$Z\ek ]\\ g\i g  YX^jkfXmf`[X('$Z\ek]\\g\i gXg\ijXZb% gXg\i jXZb% The T he ttruth ruth iis, s, tthe he ccomplexity omplexity o off tthe he neew la new llaw, aw, which hi h went into i effect eff ffect JJan. ffe an. 1, 1 has h as lless ess tto od do ow with ith aany ny p potential otential ffallout allout aass w where here aand nd h how ow tthe he b ban an iiss b being eing implemented. im mplemented. The bag ban’s ban n’s impact is b best est ffound ound in the in o invisible nvvisible b boundry oundrry lline ine tthat hat iintersects ntersects V Valley alley F Fair air M Mall all o on n Stevens S tevens C Creek reek B Boulevard. oulevard. T The he S San an JJose ose ccity ity llimit imit ccannot annot b bee sseen een o orr ffelt, elt, b but ut tthe he

divide d ivide b between etween S San an JJose ose aand nd S Santa anta C Clara lara iiss sstark. tark. T he S anta C lara sside ide sstarts tarts n ear The Santa Clara near Gap G ap aand nd rruns uns tthrough hrough tthe he M Macy’s acy’s m men’s en’s department, depar tment, ac according co orrd ding to t L Laura aura V Vestal, est e tal, a marketing director. the mall’s mall’s mark keeting dir reectorr. Customers C ustomers aatt M Macy’s acy’s w women’s omen’s department, depar tment, which rresides esid des on the Valley Fair, weree seen San JJose ose side of V aalleey Fa airr, wer ccarrying arr a ying out ne new ew clothes clothes on hangers if the theyy fforget o orrgget bags bags,, while so some ome stor stores es on the Santa Santa Clara side ha have avvee no intention off cchanging o hanging ttheir heir h habits abits o orr m may ay n not ot underst and the ccomplexity ompleexxitty of the la aw. understand law. “The ban didn ’t affect aff ffeecct us at all, didn’t because b ecause we don don’t ’t ha have ave plastic p bags bags,,” says sa ayys a woman b behind ehind th the he ccounter ounter at Louis L ouis V Vuitton. uitton. No No one one bothers bothers tto o ttell ell her h er tthat hat tthe he eexpensive xpensive h hand and b bags ags tthe he sstore tore ssells ells are are ccovered overed iin n ssome ome ttype ype o off polyurethane may p olyurethane ccoating, oating, which w ma ay or may ma ay not fall under the ordinance. o dinance. or was never The rreality ealitty is the bag ban w as a ne veer designed d esigned to to pit pit stores stores against aggainst o one ne another; nudge an nother; iitt was waass tto on udge other other ccities ities wants local into action. San Jose Jose w a to set a lo ants cal trend already spreading across tr end that alr eady is spr reading acr oss the ccountry. ountry. “Palo was ahead us,, “Palo Alto w aas a bit ah head of us Sunnyvale on our heels, Milpitas S unnyvale iiss rright ight o no ur h eels, M ilpitas

bag ban], other iiss llooking ooking at at [[aa b ag b an], aand nd o ther ccities ities but hard aare re llooking ooking aatt iitt b ut iit’s t’s h ard tto o ssay ay iiff iit’s t’s Liccardo, San ggoing oing to to move, move,” ssays ays Sam Sam L iccardo, a S an off JJose ose ccity ity ccouncilmember. ouncilmember. “I “I tthink hink a llot ot o back wait how ffolks olks aare re ssitting itting b ack tto ow ait aand nd ssee ee h ow out Wee rrecognize it works ou ut in San JJose. ose. W eccognize San plays tthe he lleadership eadership rrole ole tthat hat S an JJose ose p lays iin n would tthe he rregion, egion, aand nd it it w ould be be vvery ery difficult difficult persuade dip tto op ersuade any any ssmall mall ttowns owns tto od ip ttheir heir toee in the w water to aater first.” Councilmember Kansen JJoining oining C ouncilmember K ansen was person Chu, who w aas the first p erson in San suggest JJose ose to sugg gest a ban back in JJanuary anuary 2008, Liccardo helped 2 008, L iccardo h elped sshepherd hepherd tthe he ccity ity tthrough hrough a ttwo-year wo--year sstruggle truggle tto o ccraft raft ordinance an or dinance while ccoming oming into the crosshairs cr osshairs of o paid lobbyists. lobb byyists. off ttime ““They’re They’re sspending pending a llot ot o ime iin n off plastics iindividual ndividual cities, cities,” Liccardo Liccardo says says o plastics worried iindustry ndustry lobbyists. lobbyists. ““They’re They’re w orried But hope aabout bout tthe he ccontagion ontagion eeffect. ffeect. B ff ut tthe he h ope when have iiss tthat hat w hen sseveral everal llarge arge ccities ities h ave moved together initiatives like this,, mo oved e to geether on initiativ vees lik ke this Sacramento will not bee ffar behind. Then S acramento w ill n ot b ar b ehind. T hen won’t bee aan on off tthis his w on’t b n iissue ssue o n which which sside ide o on, but tthe he ccity ity llimits imits yyou ou llive ive o n, b ut tthat hat tthis his bee a st statewide issue..” will b a wide issue ate opponents The ttwo wo w biggest opp onents of the plastic bag ban San 2008 p lastic b ag b an iin nS an JJose ose ffrom rom 2 008 2010 were Manny tthrough hrough 2 010 w ere llobbyists obbyists M anny Diaz Ed D iaz aand nd E d McGovern. McGovern. According According to to website, which does not have tthe he ccity’s ity’s w ebsite, w hich d oes n ot h ave online,, Diaz w was all rrecords ecords aavailable vvailable online aas minimum $80,000 byy the paid a mini imum of $8 0,000 b American Chemistry Council his A merican C hemistry C ouncil for for h is lobbying city lobb byying off cit ty officials during a ttwo wo w

Bags That Bad? Stephen Joseph, the lead counsel for the website Save the Plastic Bag, says that arguments about plastic bags harming the environment are overblown and in many cases outright fabrications. Dismissing the Great Plastic Garbage Patch—a floating island of plastic trash said to be in the Atlantic Ocean—as a myth, the San Francisco–based attorney with an English accent says that baseless claims by politically motivated environmentalists threaten the public more than the products they target. “We’re supposed to be the corporate bullies who lie and deny, and they’re whiter than snow and they would never tell a lie and never make up any statistics,” Joseph says. “That’s the problem— anything they say, the congregation has to say, ‘Amen!’ Anything we say, it mustn’t be true because we’re saying it. But that’s the way it is on the left. By the way, I’m a Democrat.” Joseph’s arguments against plastic bag bans are passionate and thorough. He’s done this before, pushing back against a growing number of cities across the country considering bans. Santa Cruz County is considering scaling back its ban to allow restaurants to distribute single-

use bags for take-out customers, which is how San Jose’s ban is structured. A threatened lawsuit from Joseph inspired the change of heart. “The reason I’m doing this is because I consider myself the ultimate environmentalist,” he says. “You cannot make environmental policy based on lies. If we environmentalists are not true, we’re not honest, what good are we?” But the logic of plastics industry advocates starts to wear thin when one wonders how to argue that reusable bags are worse for the environment than single-use plastic and paper bags. “Reusable bags don’t come from Heaven,” Joseph says. “Nearly all the reusable bags that are replacing the plastic bags come from China. The plastic bags we use in America, 85 percent are made in America.” And then: “The problem with people reusing reusable bags, they’re so large you can’t really carry them around everywhere.” According to city officials in San Jose, not only are businesses overwhelmingly complying with the plastic bag ban, customer complaints have also been nearly non-existent. Jennifer Garnett, a spokesperson for the city’s Environmental Services department, says more than 5,000 retailers were sent returnable certificates detailing the ordinance, which forbids handled plastic bags and forces stores to charge a 10 cent fee for paper bags. (The fee goes up to 25 cents in 2014.) About a third of those businesses responded by returning the certificates and selfregistering, Garnett says, and since the ban went into effect, only eight citizen complaints have been voiced to the city about stores not abiding by the ban. The domino effect continues to take shape. Sunnyvale is currently crafting its own ordinance, made easier by the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that San Jose conducted. Melinda Hamilton, Sunnyvale’s former mayor, sent a letter thanking the city for its guidance. Milpitas took its own steps in October of last year, and Monterey is now on its way to banning single-use plastic bags as well. The hope at San Jose’s City Hall is that the rest of the county is on its way to joining the ban, if for no other reason than to avoid more Valley Fair Mall situations. “We want to push it countywide,” Chu says, “so we don’t have people confused if they live in San Jose and they cross the street and there are different rules governing them.”

9 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

year period ending in October 2009. Online records show the same group paid McGovern at least $21,000 in 2010 to lobby city officials to reject enactment of a similar ban aimed at Expanded Polystyrene, otherwise known as singleuse Styrofoam containers, for San Jose restaurants this summer. “They definitely spent a lot of time and money,” Chu says. “I know they came and talked to me many times over the years, and I know they were also definitely influencing the state legislature.” Merchants in San Jose had a full year to prepare for compliance with the ban, and the clamor over the change has been meek. But the debate on the harm plastic bags cause the environment has intensified as other areas consider implementation of similar bans. Seattle recently approved a bag ban similar to San Jose—except the fee for paper bags is 5 cents each instead of 10—which now faces a referendum-like effort to repeal the law. The opponent in that effort is reportedly a private citizen, but plastics manufacturers have heavy pockets in a fight to save an industry that in 2007 employed a million people and created $374 billion in plastics.




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Privacy Is So 2011

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A quick note to UK and French Facebook junkies: you’ve been targeted. There’s a piece of malware out there called Ramnit that was discovered back in 2010 and piggybacks on Windows .exe files, HTML coding and Office documents. The worm can then use Facebook to propagate itself further. Thankfully, although 45,000 accounts and passwords were gathered, Facebook announced that these logins were old or invalid and likely useless. You got off easy this time, Facebook. It’s only a matter of time until a virus renders the social network inoperable. At the rate that logins are compromised (600,000 accounts hijacked each day) this is just the beginning for users’ security woes.

Steve Jobs Immortalized (Again)

Tesla’s SUV Is Right Around The Corner

It’s been making the rounds for a few days but there is a hyper-detailed and poseable action figure of the late Apple messiah in the works—though not if Apple has anything to say about it. The Silicon Valley legend would have been yours to purchase for a cool Benjamin, but now Apple has sent the company a cease and desist letter. Reportedly the letter says that any toy that infringes on Apple copyrights is unlawful. Unsurprisingly, the legal threat hasn’t stopped some of the dolls from making their way to eBay.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk dropped a new piece of information in an interview with GigaOM on Jan. 6: their next model is right around the corner. Called the Model X, it’s a new car based on the same underpinnings as the electric automaker’s Model S sedan, which is finally ramping up production a little later this year after a long period of development and testing. Piggybacking on the research and development poured into that project, Tesla’s Model X SUV design will be unveiled on Feb. 9, though it isn’t set to hit the road until 2013.

If, however, you need your Steve Jobs fix wherever you can get it, look no further than the graphic novel that explores the in-between period of Jobs’ life—before getting booted from Apple in the mid-’80s and after. It’s called “The Zen of Steve Jobs,” and it is a story told in an intentionally minimalist style. The comic even details Jobs’ relationship with famous Zen Buddhist Kobun Otogawa, the impact he had on the tech revolutionary and how Jobs recentered himself before reclaiming Apple and later the technology world. It’s available now on Amazon.

K\jcXÊjJLMX`djkfki`Zbg\fgc\ `ekfk_`eb`e^k_\ZXi`jf`c$ [\g\e[\ek#jfk_Xkfne\ijZXe k_\eYiX^fk_\in`j\%

Hopefully Tesla will let the public know about the upcoming SUV’s specifications, like whether or not it will have four-wheel drive, what the range is like for a heavier, larger electric car and, of course, its pricing. Bet your bottom dollar the Model X will be built alongside the Model S in Fremont at the former NUMMI plant.

Netflix’s Presents 2B Hours of Content Even though the company has never been lower going into a new year, Los Gatos-based content provider Netflix has been successful in remaining a leader in the streaming market. After failed plans to separate the DVD mailing system that jumpstarted the company from the ever-growing library of streaming content that’s come to dominate its earnings, the company saw a loss of 800,000 customers. Netflix knows a rough year is coming in 2012, due in large part to resources needed to make its UK and Ireland expansion work while still dealing with the aftermath of users jumping ship in droves. In spite of this, Netflix is also continuing plans to offer up exclusive content, starting Feb. 6 with mob show “Lilyhammer.” Eventually, David Fincher’s “House of Cards” and a new season of cult classic “Arrested Development” will be available only via Netflix streaming. Expect 2012 to be an interesting year for the big red company.

Thailand Floods, But Seagate Stays Afloat The disastrous flooding in Thailand claimed another casualty when it made 2011 a tough year for hard drive manufacturers. The dangerously wet monsoon season closed hard drive factories and caused around $45B in damage to the Southeast Asian country. Seagate Technology, however, managed to remain remarkably


K_\_Xi[nXi\dXel]XZkli\iÊj XY`c`kpkfi\kX`ek_\`iY`cc`fejX[[j Xj`cm\ic`e`e^k_XkefYf[pZXi\j XYflk`eK_X`cXe[ÊjkiX^`ZÔff[`e^ k_`jgXjkp\Xi%

unharmed even after the supply chain required a stall on computer shipments. Sales for the fiscal second quarter of 2011 were in the neighborhood of $3.1B when analysts were counting on only $2.79B. Not bad, Seagate. On word of this news, shares of Seagate (STX) went up 7.9%, reaching a high of $18.15 on the Jan. 3. As of this writing, STX remains healthy at $17.90 per share.

Yahoo! Finally Finds Its New CEO Yahoo!, after months of hemming and hawing over CEOs, has finally made its choice public. Scott Thompson, a former president over at PayPal (and not the comedian from Canada’s iconic sketch show “The Kids in the Hall,” unfortunately), is the man who’s been chosen for the job. Although he headed PayPal under eBay (a notoriously questionable merger), he helped drive the company to ubiquity in the online sales sector. With this latest move, Yahoo! seems like it isn’t ready to give up the ghost quite yet. Although Jerry Yang, Yahoo!’s co-founder, has danced around the issue of selling the company to a holding firm or a competitor, perhaps they’re readying a new direction.

Apple Genius veteran Chad Ramey has decided to leave his store in Arizona after four years repairing and troubleshooting Apple devices. Although this wouldn’t be news ordinarily, Ramey has taken it upon himself to publicly post a letter he sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding his qualms with where the retail empire is going. Ramey calls out Apple Retail as no longer being concerned with customers or employees. He describes his store as “a place that leeches and drains everything from their employees,” more focused on “enriching pocketbooks” than providing a quality retail experience. Apple Retail employees are notoriously guarded about their training and the inner workings of the retail stores due to the NDAs that they sign. This is not the first time a former employee has voiced an opinion against the policies of Apple Retail, but it is certainly the most public demonstration thus far. After all, Apple is notorious for refusing to allow employees to unionize, and although they do not pay commissions, the company closely monitors statistics to make sure employees are pushing products like the AppleCare extended warranties. We shall see if this is the first major crack in the seemingly perfect facade of aluminum that Apple presents its customers.

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JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Apple vs. the Genius | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012

12 An inside look at San Jose politics

his way for the pension he receives from his time as a San Jose police officer, Constant added that he suggested eliminating pensions for the council as far back as last January when meeting with the council salary committee. “For all the people who complain about double dipping, this isn’t something I just did now,” he said. “This had been in the process for a year.” —Josh Koehn <>FJ?FN;FNEG\k\:fejkXekc\]k Xe[mX^l\cp]Xd`c`XieXk`feXcgfc


Council Could End Own Pensions COUNCILMEMBER Pete Constant is leading the charge to terminate the CalPERS pension program for the mayor and the City Council. Originally asking City Attorney Rich Doyle to study the proposal in June, Constant’s Dec. 19 memo, which suggests Doyle draft a resolution that gives notice of the city’s intention to terminate its contract with CalPERS, went in front of the Rules and Open Govt. Committee last week and was unanimously approved. The council will now consider a resolution at its Jan. 24 meeting. While the move seems to have the support of Mayor Chuck Reed and councilmembers Pierluigi Oliverio and Madison Nguyen, who are on the Rules Committee with Constant, the entire council isn’t necessarily on board. Councilmember Kansen Chu told the Mercury News he has concerns that the move would be mostly symbolic and might end up actually costing the city money. That could be true. The city is still waiting on a detailed report from CalPERS, which “will not prepare a preliminary valuation report for the city until the City Council adopts and delivers to CalPERS a resolution of its intention to terminate its contract,” according to Constant’s memo.

“Quite frankly, if we’re going to save $160,00 a year, but it costs us $5 million to get out, that would be a stupid financial decision,” Constant told SJI. “But if it’s going to cost us $400,000 to get out, that would be a good financial decision.” According to numbers Constant received from CalPERS, “The city has an unfunded liability of $432,000 for just the 11 positions of mayor and council, as well as the people already retired on the system,” he said. “If we’re going to reform pensions, we need to start with us. We’re a pretty young council right now,” Constant said. “The day we turn 55, we would get a pension check for the rest of our lives.” Well aware of the criticism some website commenters—ahem!—direct


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Open Top to Bottom with some of Tahoeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best conditions

from Reno Just 25 min. hoe Ta 10 min. from



Jennifer Anderson



Auto Pilot CODA SILVER One of the big attractions at the auto show was the new electric car, the Coda, designed in California.


AST WEEKEND’S Silicon Valley International Motor Show featured the big guns of the auto industry and some surprising guests.

The automobiles on display gave potential consumers the opportunity to sample hundreds of options without having to visit an auto mall. That seemed to be the main focus of the show, and it was a bit disappointing that dealerships and not actual manufacturers took up a large portion of the real estate at the Convention Center. Although it was a delight to see a BMW M3, carbon-fiber roof, matte paint and all, available for purchase, it would have been more of an “Auto Show” if attendees could see some of the new BMW technology everyone’s been hearing about. Supposedly, the upcoming year will bring a 4-cylinder engine that can put out 240bhp at 5000rpm, a hybrid, a full electric and Advanced Diesel technology. Unfortunately, the Bavarian company did not ship any of their new toys. Ford, too, neglected to deliver any showstoppers, even though the Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake has been on everyone’s mind (who wouldn’t want a 200-plusmph Mustang). Ford did bring the 2012 Focus Electric, and stuck it between a 302 Boss Mustang and the Taurus SHO. The placement made Ford’s electric vehicle look like the quiet kid at the party.

A surprising model on display was the new Coda electric. It’s a vehicle designed in California, partially assembled in China and brought to Benicia for final assembly. The Coda promises better range than the Nissan Leaf but it won’t be until early spring 2012 until the cars are delivered to Bay Area lots, and consumers can test those claims. The electric Fisker Karma supercar was also on display. The model created a bit of a stir after the SoCal company took federal stimulus dollars and decided to invest it in manufacturing in Finland. The Karma is an impressivelooking car, the styling is very aggressive, and its roof has an imbedded solar array, but the company’s decision to use homegrown tax dollars to pay Finnish autoworkers does taint the otherwise handsome appearance of the vehicle. The show also featured a collection of fine machinery and a chance to see car models side by side, without the car-lot pressure. The functionality, comfort, safety and performance of cars has grown exponentially in the past century, and all major manufactures have an answer to anyone’s laundry list of features. In a way, this is great, but don’t you wish you could still get a Land Rover without leather appointments and a metal grille?—Tomek Mackowiak

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16 | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


Glen Grammy PAY AY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE GUITAR, KIDS Even in his own wn neighborhood, David Sharpe can’t compete with a giant kangeroo.

David Sharpe recorded his Grammy-nominated kids’ album at Open Path Studios in Willow Glen By



HE ONLY BAND ever to perform on a Willow Glen sidewalk with a giant kangaroo is now nominated for a Grammy award. Local musician and songwriter David Sharpe, along with his band, PapaHugs, will take an entourage down to L.A. next month, because his CD, Are We There Yet?, is up for Best Children’s Album in the 54th Grammy Awards on Feb. 12. Entirely self-taught, Sharpe never took formal music lessons for a second, but over the course of his first career as a doctor, he wrote

and played songs for his children and grandchildren. Eventually, it led to the recording of his first CD in 2006, which, in turn, led to the formation of a band and public performances. Are We There Yet? is his third CD, recorded at Open Path Studios in the back of the mythical Gordon Stevens building at 1202 Lincoln Ave. in Willow Glen. As we talked in a secret upstairs office at the rear of the complex, Sharpe told me it wasn’t easy getting his music to the right people in the Recording Academy. It took a major effort. “I’d been working very hard, campaigning and getting it to the right people, so they could listen to it,” he said. “In the Recording Academy there are voting members—that’s how the Grammys are decided. The big names win and

get nominated because their record companies always promote them and get the votes for them. But we were able, as an independent, to spread the word with social media and other outlets, to get enough votes to get nominated.” The band includes Sharpe’s nephew Jeremy Hoenig on drums, plus Tim Volpicella on guitar, both of whom produced the CD at Open Path. Carole Mayedo contributes fiddle parts while Ed Ivey plays bass and tuba. All the music is original— Sharpe wrote every song—and characters depicted in the lyrics appear on stage with the group, including Wonder the Kangaroo, Fitness the Frog and Stinky Beetle. All together, they perform on a regular basis at schools, libraries, children’s theater festivals, a zoo or two, kids’ retail outlets and anywhere else where children are present. On Jan. 21, the band will play at the Children’s Discovery Museum, with two shows, at 1 and 2:30pm. Sharpe says he doesn’t try to preach to the kids; rather he touches lightly on specific issues

like nutrition, fitness and the environment. For the gigs, the band focuses on engaging the children, proving them with visuals and lyrics they can remember. The kids tend to sing, jump around and supply more than enough reciprocal energy. “With some children, this might be the first time they’ve ever seen live instruments,” said Sharpe. “It creates an impact on them that they might remember for the rest of their lives, so we do a lot. We have our characters, we give out things, kazoos, glow sticks—everything I give out is related to a song we have. We want it to be fun. I don’t care if the kids make noise or run around. Just like an adult show, where you want to feel the energy back from the audience, we want to feel it back from the kids.” One of the remarkable elements of this story is that Sharpe originally didn’t even know Open Path Studios existed, essentially right around the corner, in his own neighborhood of Willow Glen. One day, he randomly noticed their sign at 1202 Lincoln and wandered in to see what was available. There he met Volpicella, who wound up playing in the band and co-producing the music. The rest is history and San Jose will represent at the Grammys in February. Volpicella and Hoenig can officially claim to be Grammynominated producers. “The whole band’s going down,” Sharpe said. “They all got invited. My family’s going. We’ll be down there for a few days and hopefully come back with the award.” Volpicella said Sharpe’s music has no pretense at all: “He writes for the kids. There’s no ego involved. That’s one thing I like about David. It’s just doing the music and doing it for the kids. There’s no ulterior motive, like there is with other entertainers.”

PapaHugs Jan. 21, 1 and 2:30pm Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose

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19 JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr

he Economy H

<I<ÊJ8M@K8C@JJL<le[\i [`jZljj`feXkcXjk feYfk_j`[\j f]k_\8kcXek`Z%>fm\ied\ekj# i`Z_Xe[gffi#li^\ekcpe\\[knf k_`e^j1Xd\k_f[kfZXcdjg\ZlcXk`fe`e k_\ÓeXeZ`XcdXib\kjXe[e\nnXpjkf iX`j\i\m\el\% @ecXk\)'((#k_\<lifg\Xe:fdd`jj`fe gifgfj\[XkXofi]\\feÓeXeZ`Xc kiXejXZk`fej%K_`jdfm\Xgg\XijkfY\ gXikf]k_\e\ncpXeefleZ\[<lifg\Xe Le`fegcXe#n`k_9i`kX`ek_\jfc\ [`jj\ek\i% K_\`[\XnXj\e[fij\[`eXefg$\[g`\Z\ `eK_\E\nPfibK`d\jfeJ\gk%)/#)'((# YpG_`c`gg\;fljk\$9cXq\p#X]fid\i =i\eZ_]fi\`^ed`e`jk\i%

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K_`jp\Xi#X K _`jp\Xi#X e \n#jlg\ g\i$]]X Xjk e\n#jlg\i$]Xjk kc ek`Z k`  kiXejXkcXek`Z kiXejXkcXe ÓY\iZXYc\ Ó Y\iZXYc\ \ jY\`e^cX`[## ``jY\`e^cX`[# n`k_aljkf fe\ n`k_aljkfe\ g g Æ gligfj\Æ \eXYc`e^X Yc` ^ X]\n ]  \eXYc`e^X]\n Yifb\iX^\ Y b \Óidj Ó Yifb\iX^\Óidj  kkf^X`eXZflgc\ f^X`eXZflgc\ d `cc`j\Zfe[j d`cc`j\Zfe[j X [mXekX^\ ^\`e X[mXekX^\`e ÔXj_$kiX[ Ô [ [`e^2 ÔXj_$kiX[`e^2 kk_\pÊccdXb\ _\pÊÊccccdXb Xb\ Y`cc`fej c` % Y`cc`fej% Read R eead the article. article. Butt note that it does do es not mention the top reason reason for fo or might such a tax—that tax—that it mig ght benefit benefit real real byy slowing human investors investors b slo owing finance finance equityy trading back and equit bacck down to the speed sp eed of human thought. thougght. We’ve W e’ve come come a long way, way, in our modern sincee Grampa used mo dern world, sinc G to drop drop by by his stockbroker stockbrok o er once-aonce-amonth,, clutching somee news news articles, articles, intent on buying a ffew ew blue chip shares shares of IBM or Kodak Kodaak or Polaroid. Polaroid. Today, T odaay, things are are both both better betttter and investors. worse ffor or o private in vesstors. You Yo ou can can do yyour our deeply considered consideered stock stock or commodities commodities tradess over over the Internet, at much lower loweer commission commission rates than in those olden old den times. times. And has access a serious day-trader daay-trader ha as ac cess to lots moree inf information. mor formation. o Has this shifted the advantage a advant age favor in fa avor of the little little guy? gu uy? Hardly. Hardlyy. The big boys boys on Wall Street S eet Str

have haave computers, computers, too, too, and faster Internet access acccess than you you can can afford. aff ffo ord. Sophisticated Sophisticatted software software lets them track the orders orders and activities of millions off market market participants participants in fractions off seconds seconds and leap upon upon opportunities opportunitties to profit profit from from the predicted of others. predicted actions a others. Now, Now, in fairness, fairness, these practices practices do have haave defenders deffeenders who cite a rationalization rationalizat ti li ttion ti called called ll d “market “ “mark kett efficiency.” efficiencyy.” According According to this liturgy, liturgy, any any process processs or innovation innovation that allows eever-smaller verr-smaller increments increments of trade to happen happen ever ever faster will automatically autom matically lead to better betttter allocation allocation of o society’s society’s capital, capital, and thus a skyrocketing skyrocketing economy. economy. As As incantation/rationalizations incantation/rationalizations go, go, this is a doozy. doozy. Some very very high-IQ boffins boffins recite recite it with the hushed h h d reverence reverence off medieval medie di vall monks—despite monks— deespite the fact that almost no reputable reputab ble economists economists support support it. More More significantly, signifi ficantlyy, the flourishing of fast-cybernetic fast- cybern netic trading has directly directly correlated correlated with w the steepest steepest decline in the health healtth of capital capital markets markets in a century. century. Indeed, the t increase increase in market market volatility volatility that th hat we have haave seen lately, latelyy, with sudden suddeen spikes spikes in apparently apparently random directions, d directions dir i , can can be be generally ll attributed attributed to t this trend. trend. When asked asked to appraisee why why markets markets experience experience sudden crashes craashes without any any apparent Wall Street apparent reason, reason, e Street analyst Peter Peter Cohan Cohaan explained explained the reason reason such thingss are are happening happening more more often,, and in i wilder swings: swings: “... 70 percent per e cent of the volume volume of trading on the stock stock exchanges exchanges these days daayys is done don ne by by something called called flash traders, traderrs, and that’s that’s basically basically computers computers that buy and sell stocks stocks and hold them th hem for fo or about about 11 seconds seconds on average. average. So all of the discussions that we have haave [about] [about] the economy, economy, politics, politics, regulations, reggulations, company company earnings—all earnings— —all that stuff—there’s stuff ff— —there’s just no way way that thaat a computer computer holding and selling a stock sto ock in 11 seconds seconds is going to be be able to t do all of that analysis. analysis. So it’s it’s really reallyy all out the window. window. And there’s there’s really really no clear-cut clear- cut explanation explanation n for fo or why wh hy stocks stocks move move up and down every every day.” daay.” Flash-trading Flash-traading not only gives gives major houses an advantage a advant age in the short short term, it hass exacerbated exacerbated the problem problem


JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose. com | metr

Douste-Blazey Douste -Blazey laid out o the basics: ““A A ttax ax of just 0.05 percent percent levied levied on each sto stock, ck,, b bond, ond,, derivative derivative currency or curr ency transaction n would be be aimed at financial institutions’ institutions’ helped ccasino-style asino -style trading, trading, which wh hich help ed precipitate pr ecipitate the economic econom mic crisis. crisis. Because Bec ause these markets markets are are so vast, the ffee ee e could could raise hundreds hun ndreds of billions of dollars a year yeaar globally ffor or ccash-strapped o ashh strapp t ed d governments goverrnments t and d increase ccould ould incr ease development develop pment aid.” aid.” metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012

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of bubbles—in which market m et trends mark trends get amplified and infla inflated, ated, propelling propelling massivee swings massiv swings of capital capittal that have haave nothing to do with thee needs of real real businesses or real real consumers. consumers.

Take T aake a Seat Then there there is the small small matter matter of “seating.” “seating .” Historically, Historicallyy, stock stock m markets arrkets (and bourses, bourses, or eexchanges, xchan nges, for fo or ccommodities ommodities an and nd credit credit instruments) instruments) began b egan g with some fellows fellow e ws gathering g g at an inn or under a tree tree to t regularly regularly sell or trade shar sharee certificates certificattes with each other other,, or on b behalf ehalf of other o folks. folks o . When this trading became became big business and moved moved into in nto dedicated dedicated buildings,, these members buildings memb bers held “seats” and practiced practiced the th he standard standard methods metho ds of guilds everywhere, everrywhere, limiting who ccould ould come com me to the table table and buy or sell. All outsiders had to hire hire seated members memb ers to trade for fo or them, t while paying pa ayying ccommissions—collusive ommissions— — collusive club practices practic es that ha have ave been beeen banned (as rrecommended ecommended by by Adam Adam m Smith) in most other parts parts of thee economy. economy. Yes, Y ees, a little little market market competition competition arrived arriv ed recently, recentlyy, as E-Trade E-Trade T and other

online member-brokers mem mber-brokers slashed commission commission n prices prices for fo or retail retail folks fo olks like like you you and an nd me. me. New New electronic electronic methods that possible. methods made m possible. But, also, also, the sheer sh heer volume volume of retail retail trading increased inccreased greatly, greatlyy, making up the difference. diff ffeeren nce. So the firms profited profited overall. overall. What the th he seated members members don’t don’t want want us to notice notice is that flashcomputerized computerizzed trading gives gives them a new, new, incredible incred dible insider advantage. advantage. Even Even if you you u or I had a computer computer and program proggraam as good p ggood as the systems syystems owned by by Goldman-Sachs, G GoldmanSachs, we could could never never do what w they they do, do, because because they theey are are on the inside, in nsidee, making millions of flash tradess for for o free. free. You, Yo ou, on the t other hand, would pay paay a commission commissiion on every every flash trade and—no matter m ttter how advanced mat advanced or clever clever or wise w your your program—you program— —you would lose. lose. In other words, words, the Transaction Tax Taax proposed p prop possed by by the Europeans Europ peans and others already alreaady exists. exists. It is levied levied by by members members of o an insider-guild insider-guild elite who use it to prevent prevent anybody anybody else from from doingg what they they can can do with new new technology. techno ology. This is not no ot “market “market efficiency.” efficiencyy.”


JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr

@ek_\[XpjY\]fi\Zf @ek_\[XpjY\]fi\Zfdglk\i`q\[kiX[`e^#Yifb\ijfek_\Ôffif]k_\ fdglk\i`q\[kiX[`e^#Yifb\ijfek_\Ôffif]]k_\  E\nPfibJkfZb<oZ_Xe^\dfm\[jkfZbj`eXdfi\c\`jli\cp]Xj_`fe% E \nP PfibJkfZb<oZ_ f _Xe^\dfm\[jkfZbj`eXdfi\ \c\`jli\cp]Xj_`fe%


23 metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012


Kf[Xp#Zfdglk\ijflkeldY\ijYifb\ijXkk_\E\nPfibJkfZb<oZ_Xe^\% K f[Xp f p##Zfdglk\ijfl lkeldY\ijYifb\ijXkk_\E\n n Pf fibJkfZb<oZ_Xe^\%

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It is the kind of mark market-warping e -w et warping influencee manipulatio influenc manipulation on that Adam Adam Smith despised. But absolute refutation refutation a of the argument from “efficiency” ar gumentt ccomes omes fr om a diff different ffeerent dir direction: ection: fr ffrom om ph physics, hysics y , biology biolo gy and thermo thermodynamics. dyynamics.

Computers and Computers a Markets M arkkets Emulate Emulat l e Lifee Lif Living cr creatures eatures thriv thrivee b byy finding a steep gradient — or slop ssloped ed gradient—or diff ffeerence— of usable ener gy. Gr een difference—of energy. Green plants utilize the fact that incoming incoming

sunlight iss thermodynamically thermodynamically clean and much h less entropic entropic (filled with entr opy) tthan han the surr ounding entropy) surrounding en vironmeent. (Gr eenhouse rretention etention environment. (Greenhouse of Ear th’s infrared i infrar ed radiation is thus Earth’s intrinsic allly entr opic.) intrinsically entropic.) Some off this gradient is used by by the plant to t gr ow and reproduce, reproduce, or grow else gets st tored aaway, way, while some is stored lost as a tr ransaction cost. cost. transaction Animalss in turn consume consume plants adv to ttake ak ke advantage dvantage off that h stored stored d useful ene rgy, in nvesting the time and energy, investing eff ffo ort to b ite and chew chew and digest in effort bite or order der to b benefit enefit from from some of the rremaining emainingg gradient. Pr edators then p ounce and Predators pounce bite and digest diigest in the next next stage. stage. Ther ayys losses with each Theree ar aree alw always


Returnning to Returning to Capitalism Capita alism

transaction,, henc hencee the number number of predators pr edators who can can be be supported s supp orted at each scale scale gets smaller and smaller. smaller. Each plant, herbivore herbivorre and ccarnivore arnivore also has parasites, paraasites, intestinal worms and bacteria, b etc., etc., stored energy energy who grab some of thatt stored too along the way. way. If they they steal s too much, the animal can’t can’tt get a steep enough or plentiful enough en nough energy energy gradient, and it dies. dies. C an you you see it i yet? yet? Beyond B yond Be da Can ccertain ertain level, level, increasing increasingg the total total number numb er of transactions transaction ns does does not makee living systems mak systems more m e efficient. mor It flattens flatttens t all energy energy gradients grradients and makes mak es lif life fe unhealthy unhealthy ... .... even even dead. Oh, I can can hear the objections. ob bjections. “Biolo gy has no relevance relevaance to “Biology

Yes, Y ees, the existence exiistence of a stock stock mark market et does create do es cr eatee a habitat-ecology habitat- ecology ffor o or living companies comp panies to ccompete, ompete, to alliances, prey other,, fform orm allian o nces, to pr ey on each other theyy need in to seek outt the capital capital the order grow. or der to gr ow w. Stock aree vastly o overrated Sto ck markets maarkets ar verrated in the last category, category, since since companies companies themselves little from themselv ess benefit benefit very very lit ttle t fr om price, wild swings swingss in share share pric e, eexcept xcept offering new shares. when off ffeerring ne w shar es. should bee subst substantial ((There There sh hould b antial difference diff ffeerence in i the capital-gains capital-gains ttax ax ffor or o new ne w shares sharess than there there is ffor or gains in o the simple i le trading t di g of old shares, shar h es, an activityy that activit thaat only helps capitalism capitalism at efficiency.) vvery ery low effi fficiencyy..) Still,, yyou ou u do get ssynergies ynergies that does show how Wall Street Street ccan an and do es serve ser ve Main n Street. Street. When a human investor new in vestor looks looks o at a ccompany’s ompany’s ne w product new pr oduct and an nd bets bets that ““this this ne w service gizmo or se ervice is gonna go big!” E-Trade, and orders orders 1,000 1,000 shares shares on ETrade, there’s at a low commission, com mmission,, then ther e’s a good chance go od chanc h ce that h capital capit i all will ill flow fl to placee thatt can a plac can benefit benefit and use it, motivated nicee all motivat ted by by the hope hope of a nic profit pr ofit “meal.” “meaal.” Buyers B uyers always always believe believe tthat hat the the ““true” true” value value of of tthe he share share is is higher higher seller than the se ller thinks, thinks, and yes, yes, one off tthem bee p proved wrong. o hem will will b roved w rong. That Thatt iiss tthe he Darwinistic Darwinistic aaspect spect of of equities equities markets. No one’s heartt should bleed. mark ets. N o one ’s hear certain Indeed, under u certain conditions— conditions— aree get getting when h all ll the th h he players pla layers ar ting i access fair ac cess to t all the information infformation o and nobody’s that they they need n nobody’s doing insider deals—it deaals—it is good. good. Can bee said of C an the same b programs ccomputerized omputerizzed flash pr ograms that divee in and div d pounce pounce on any an ny detected

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Ryan R yan Lawler

economics and finance.” finance.” Well, Weell, we economics could argue arguee about about that endlessly, endlesslyy, but could doesn’t matter, m ter, because mat because entropy— entropy— it doesn’t indeed, all of the things I described described above, like like energy energy gradients—are gradients—are above, vital vital factors factorrs in modern modern information inffoormation theorry. And d information inffo ormation theory theory is the theory. exact exact basis that fast-traders fast-traders claim to haave underlying underrlying everything everything they they do. do. have They They bandy ban ndy words words like like “thermo th dynamics” dy i ” with ith great greatt “thermodynamics” abandon. But B it is lip service. service.


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JkfZb\oZ_Xe^\jXif JkfZb\oZ_Xe^\jXifle[k_\nfic[#`eZcl[`e^k_\fe\`e?fe^Bfe^#Xi\ fle[k_\nfic[#`eZcl[`e^k_\ \fe\`e?fe^Bfe^#Xi\ [fd`eXk\[Ypk_\jXd\j\Xf]Zfdglk\ik\id`eXcjXjkiX[`e^Y\Zfd\j [fd`eXk\[Ypk_\jX Xd\j\Xf]Zfdglk\ik\id`eX XcjXjkiX[`e^Y\Zfd\j ]Xjk\iXe[]Xjk\i% ]Xjk\iXe[]Xjk\i i% market tr market trend, end, makingg millions trades,, detecting of automatic trades d or anticipating the decisions decisiions of human traders? Someb Somebody ody is making lots money. actual of mone y. Is it the act ual buyers buyers and sellers of equities or th the he companies companies involved? in volved? This vvery ery yyear, ear, a wh whole hole ne new, w, super-fast sup er-fast transatlanti transatlantic ic fiber fiber ccable able is being b eing laid, with just one o purpose— purpose— enabling a ffew ew br brokerage okerrage firms to gain a ccouple ouple millisec milliseconds o onds advant advantage age they’ll makee billions billions.. in flash-trading; the y’lll mak But do yyou ou see how th that hat helps our market mark et ec economy? onomy? I ccan’t. a ’t. an

The Supreme The Suprem me Rationalization Rationaliz attion Heree is the ccore Her ore ar article ticle of faith

among tho those ose pushing flash trading, trading, as expressed expresseed to me in a note from from a senior Wall W Street Street partner. partner. (Who (Who happ happens ppens to o lik likee my my b books.) ooks.)) “Theree is between “Ther i a gap b etween the p perceived erceived vvalue alue o off tthe he sstock tock aass d desired esired b byy the buy buyer yer and p perceived erceived b byy the seller seller.. Thatt means the true and ccorrect orrect val value lue isn isn’t ’t b being eing ac accurately curately p egged. By By jjumping umping iin nb etween b uyer pegged. between buyer and seller seller,, we help eliminate this gap gap,, ccausing au using tthe he iinefficient nefficient d isparity tto o ggo o disparity aaway, way, h elping tthe he m arket ssettle ettle o n tthe he helping market on price. true pric e.” Yee-god. that? Y ee e -god. d Did yyou ou grasp that h ? He H that makes byy admits tha at he mak es his living b leaping b e ween buyer et buyer and seller between seller,, snapping up u the value gradient that motivated d the buy er to mak buyer makee an off offer ffeer in th the he first plac place. e. And he manages to rationalize that he is doing d od” thing a “go “good” thing..


@@efk_\infi[j% efk_\infi[j% kk_\KiXejXZk`fe _\KiXejXZk`fe K KXogifgfj\[Yp Xogifgfj\[Yp p kk_\<lifg\Xej _\<lifg\Xej X e[fk_\ij Xe[fk_\ij Xci\X[p\o`jkj% Xci\X X[p X[p\o`jkj p \o`jkj% @@k`jc\m`\[Yp @k k`jc\m`\[Yp p d \dY\ijf]Xe d\dY\ijf]Xe `ej`[ [\i$^l`c[ ^ `c[ `ej`[\i$^l`c[ \c`k\ c`k n_flj\ _ \c`k\n_flj\  `kkfg gi\m\ek g `kkfgi\m\ek XepYf[p\cj\ XepYf[p\cj\ ]]ifd[f`e^ ifd[f`e^ ^ n _Xkk_\pZXe n_Xkk_\pZXe [fn`k_e\n [fn`k_e\n k\Z_e efcf^p p% k\Z_efcf^p% Good ffor Good or o buy buyer er and se seller. eller. Go Good od for fo or markets. mark ets. Good Good ffor or o capitalism. capiitalism. Go Good od ffor or o himself f. Well Well e ... onee of the ab ove. himself. above. Some ha ave likened likened the t ruthless have vvoracity oracity of these trading tradin ng systems systems to the ““tragedy tragedy of the commons.” commons.” Others O thers suspiciously seee the blizzard blizzard of computer computer trading ass a way way to create cr eate a vast ffog og behind behin nd which a ffew ew oligarch thousand oligar ch golff buddies can can hide insider deals. deals. Both h views views have haave some merit. But ther theree is another that go goes es deep deeper er to thee heart-essence heart- essence of the matter. matter. Want W ant tthe he exact exact parallel parallel in in nature? nature? It is those gut parasites or E. coli coli or salmonella or typhus tyyphus th hat nibble away away that off eenergy meals aatt tthe he ggradient radient o nergy g iin n tthe he m ealls animal tthat hat an n an nimal cconsumes—or onsumes—or the the ggradient radient o potentiall p rofit that that tthe he off potential profit h uman n ttrader rader perceives perceives be tween the the human between current curr ent asking price price and d what he or

ec onomy that th hat made huge bonuses bonuses economy while wr eccking our economy. economy. wrecking And yyes, es, it will damp down the sp eculaative swings swings that have haave speculative made equit ties mark ets wildly equities markets unpr edictable a dangerous for fo or unpredictable and dangerous human in vestors. Such a fee feee will investors. rrestore estore an emphasis e on those pr oviding new, n w, ccompetitively ne ompetitively providing inno vative goods goods and services. services. innovative But the biggest b reason is that reason human in vestors won’t won’t care care about— about— investors or eeven ven be be aware aware of—a off— —a small,, say saay 0.1 p ercent, trade traade fee. fee e . percent, But thos se ccomputerized omputerized parasitical parasitical those ssystems ystems will willl howl in agony. agon ny. Thus the transaction n ffee eee will giv you a better betttter givee you chanc g from your your own savvy saavvvy chancee to gain from and insightt when yyou ou log log into your your E-T Trade account. account. E-Trade


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she ffeels eeels thee stock stock may maay soon soon be be worth. worth. It is the ccore ore logic logic of parasitism. If yyou ou ever ever read read e Douglas Adams’ Adams’ The Hit Hitchhiker’s chhiker’’s Guide to to the Galax Galaxy, xy, these ar errfect e passengers ab oard the aree the p perfect aboard Golgafrinch Golgafrincham ham BB-Ark. Ark. Henc e, my my complaint complaint about about the Hence, pr proposed oposed transaction transaction tax tax or fee feee is that it is b eing justified ffor o or the being wr wrong ong rreasons. eassons. Sure Sure it will bring i rrevenue in evenue from f om the fr th sector t off the th metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012



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56 Saratoga Sara Sar Sa ara rato rat ato tog oga ga Ave., Ave. A ve. e.,., Santa San Sa an nta a Clara Cllar Cla lara ara ra 56 (ooff ff Stevens Stte Ste tevven ens enns Creek Cre Cr reek ree eek ek Blvd.) Blv B lvd. lv vd. d.) .) (off

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Larg arrg g Variety ge Variety Va Vari arie iety ty Large of Lingerie Linge Lin in nge gerri geri riie e of

The P The Past aast andd The T he FFuture utur u e In fact, this kind of tax taxx or ffee ee e is wellprecedented, plenty historyy pr ecedented,, with ple nty of histor and tradition behind behind it. Enacted pay World to help pa ay ffor o or W orld o d War II, the “Securities T Turnover urnover Excise E T Tax,” aax,”” or STET, S TET T, work worked ed just finee in the United United States from 1966. St ates fr om 1914 to 19 66. From 1960 1966, stocks Fr om 19 60 to 19 66,, sto cks were were ttaxed axed at the rate of 0.1 0.1 percent percent issuancee and 0.04 percent at issuanc percent on transfer. weree ttaxed transf fer e . Bonds wer axed at the percent issuancee and rate of 0.11 p ercent at issuanc percent transfer. 0.05 p ercent at transf fer e. theree is a w way Indeed, ther ay that bee able cconservatives onservativ i es might i h b bl to rationalize a “f “fee” feee” inst instead tead of a ““tax,” tax,”” if all of the funds thatt it generated paying went first into pa aying y g the eexpenses xpenses various insurancee of the S.E.C., S.E.C.,, the vario ous insuranc programs pr ograms and other regulatory regulatory theyy rrely upon apparatus that the e up ely on ffor o or the smooth smo oth functioning of o their markets. markets. ((Thus Thus rremoving emoving thesee entities fr from om treasury.) the shoulders of the public p treasury..) pay-toIt can can be be viewed viewed as a basic b paay--to play, pla ay, and thus not a tax tax a at all. Insurancee funds ccould bee gr greatly Insuranc ou uld b eatly provide eexpanded xpanded to pr ovide a cushion next market against the ne xt mark ket ccontortion. ontortion. Especially, bee sp spent Esp eciallyy, funds ccould ould db ent on balancing and fairness fairn ness on the international sc scene. ene. theree ar aree som some In fact,, ther me eeven ven in the

he Beast who ha ave ccome ome Belly of th the have ar around ound to supporting supporting a rreturn eturn to this sensib sensible ble measure. measure. For For eexample, xam mple, Da David avid v Har Harding, ding, CEO of W Winton inton i C Capital, apital, a $26 dge fund, the world’ billion hed hedge world’ss largest qua antitative- calculation,, or largest quantitative-calculation, quant-based, quant-baseed, ed fund, fund, w was as quoted in inanccial T iimes: “I would be be in the F Financial Times: faavor of a low [financial transaction favor tax] if par was used to finance finance tax] partt of it was more supr ra-national regulation regulation of more supra-national markets.” markets.” Moreover, already Moreover, such a ffee eee is alr eady the m advanced ccountries. ountries. norm in most advanced The EU is apparently apparently instituting STET acr ross the b oard in the a STET across board Eurozone, Eurozone, and Brit Britain, ain, whose “cit “city” y” bankers ru nevertheless b kers rule bank ule l the th rroost, oost, t, ne vertheless th l has a S STET. TET T. For U.K.’s STET For ccomparison, om mparison, the U .K.’s S TET is about Taiwan about .25 .2 25 percent, percent,, and T aaiwan just dr dropped from .60 opp ped theirs fr om .6 0 to .30 percent. Kong Singapore, percent. Hong H K ong and Singap ore, the ttwo score wo ccountries o ountries that sc ore highest on the He Heritage Foundation’s Indexx ritage F oundation’s Inde of Economic Econom mic Fr Freedom, eedom, also imp impose ose transaction n fees. fees e . Sen. T Tom (D-Iowa) om om Harkin (D -Iowa) and Rep. Peter Reep. P eter DeFazio (D-Ore.) (D - Ore.) recently introduced Street recently in ntroduced The Wall Street Trading and Act, an nd Speculators Speculators Tax Tax a A ct, which would impose wou uld imp ose a minuscule tax tax of 0.033 percent percent on financial transactions, ns, meaning that longtransaction term in investors noticee vesstors would barely barely notic it. Even moree than Even so, so o, it ccould ould raise mor


The Real Reason Reaason to to W oorry Worry So,, what does So does all of thi this is have haave to do Terminator? saved with The T erminat e toor? (OK, (O OK,, I sa aved the last. sci-fi perspective perspective till las st. But it has a terrifying plausibility.) terrif fying y kind of plau usibility..) You’ll by-now Y ou’ll rrecall o ecall the b y--n now clichéd premise pr emise of that film—it film— —it supposes supposes that (sometime in the future) future) the U.S. military develop super U .S. milit ary would de evelop a sup er ccomputer/program/system omputer/program m/s / ysstem ccalled alled “Skynet” “Skynet” that gradually gradually becomes becomes self-aware self f-a -aware through through a process process that theoreticians “emergence theor eticians call call “eme ergence from from ccomplexity.” omplexity.” This idea is actually taken taken vvery ery seriously by by deep thinkers think kers about about artificial our ar tificial Intelligence. Intelligence. Indeed, I first encounter encounter with AI A may maay come come eexactly xactly that way way ... by by surprise. s surprise . Only—supposing that Only y—supposing th hat this malevolent male volent AI comes comes from f om a military fr military source? That’s sour ce? That ’s pure pure Hollywood. Ho ollywood. Military aree built Milit ary AI systems systems ar with i h high hi h priority priorit i i y to ssystematic y ystematic i rreporting, eporting, accountability, accountability, multiple fail-safes rredundancies, edundancies, failsaffeess and obedience ob edience to chain of ccommand. ommand. No, theree ar aree other complex N o, ther complex ccomputer omputer systems systems thatt seem far moree lik likely suddenly mor ely to suddenl ly become become selfselffdangerous ways. aaware ware in powerfully powerfully da angerous w ayys. Take high-speed T ak a e those highspeeed trading we’ve been discussing. ssystems ystems we ’ve b een dis scussing. They They aree growing sophisticated, ar growing incredibly incrediblyy sophistic ated, at a very very rapid rate, rate, absorbing ab bsorbing incorporating models and inc orporating mo dels of with human psychology, psychology, wi ith one goal in mind: To To appraise aand predict predict behavior patterns order b ehaavior v pat terns in o rder ffor o or the program pr ogram to track and to t pounce pounce on opportunities trading.. opp ortunities for for o predatory pred datory trading Competitive C ompetitive fferocity er e ocity is the only criterion ffor or o success. success. Indeed, In ndeed, if you you weree to even wer even propose propose inser iinserting ting balancing factors like like ethics e or moralityy or accountability moralit accountability into such a project, project,, you’d you’d at-minimum at-min nimum be be fired. laughed down and probably probably o fired. notion? A bizarre bizarre sci-fi notion n? MIT Alexander rresearcher esearcher A lexan nder Wissner-Gross Wissner- Gross ssuggested uggested tthat hat tthe he first first true true AI AI could could on planetary eemerge merge o nap lanetary sscale cale from from interlocked the developing developing ssystem ystem of interlo cked

exchanges for exchanges for high-frequency high-frequency financial fi nan ncial trading, trading, which which could could be be seen seen aass a d developing eveloping global global “brain” “brain” already alread dy operating op erating at a relativistic relativistic speeds. speeds. Moreover, aree Mor eover e , these systems systems ar in funding rreceiving eceiving billions b (including their own new new transatlantic fiber transatlant tic fib er cable) cable) entirely entirely in secret. secr et. There Therre are are no public agencies involved. in nvolved. No No third-party third-party observers. observers. No N o Congressional Congressional e i l oversight oversight i h ccommittees. ommitteees. No No supervision supervision whatsoever. whatso everr. Laboratories developing new L aborato ories de veloping ne w off w wheat are under ggenetic enetic strains strai ains o heat ar re u nder ccloser loser accountability accountability than than cryptic cryptic Wall Street W alll S treet think think tanks tanks that that may may unleash u nleash the the first first fully fully autonomous autonomous AI—programmed AI—pr ograammed deliberately deliberately to have ha ave only the th he behavior behaavvior patterns, patttterns, goals, goals, attitudes at tttitudes and an nd morality morality of parasites. parasites. And so we w see the ultimate reason reason Att low to demand d a Transaction Fee. Fee. A levels, bother le vels, it would wo ould never never b other private optimizing citizens opt timizing their portfolios portfo olios on E-Trade, E-Tradee, especially especially if each trader hundred “freebies” gets a hund dred or so “fr eebies”” each exempt from yyear ear that come come o exempt fr om the ttax. ax. But it would wo ould remove remove the incentives Wall Street inc entives that t Street “geniuses” now feel feeel compelled compelled by, by, to invest hyper-fast in nvest in these th hese monstrous, monstrous, h yyper-fast trading programs programs that swamp swamp the market mark et in a blizzard blizzard of uncountable uncountable mosquito bites. b . bites The T he fee fee (which (which could could also also help help balance b allan nce our our budget) budget) can can be be tuned tuned to to give giv ve that human hu uman a fighting chance chance aand nd to to discourage discouragge the the very very worst worst kind kind off artificial o artificiall iintelligence ntelligence ffrom rom lleaping eaping upon out of the dark. on our necks up n :fgpi`^_k :fgpi`^_kŸ)'((%8cci`^_kj gp ^ Ÿ )'((% 8cc i`^_kj ^ i\j\im\[% ;Xm`[9i`e`jXjZ`\ek`jkXe[ ;Xm`[ 9i`e e`j X jZ`\ek`jk Xe[ Xlk_fin_fj\]lkli\$fi`\ek\[ Xlk_fi n_ _fj\ ]lkli\$fi`\ek\[ efm\cj`eZcl[\É<Xik_#ÊÉK_\ efm\cj `eZZcl[\É<Xik_#ÊÉK_\ GfjkdXeÊXe[?l^f8nXi[ G fjkdXeÊ Xe[ X ?l^f 8nXi[ n`ee\ijÉJkXik`[\I`j`e^ÊXe[ n`ee\ij ÉJ JkXik`[\ I`j`e^ÊXe[ ÉK_\Lgc`]kNXi%Ê9i`e`jXcjf ÉK_\ Lgc`]kk NX Xii%Ê % 9i`e `jXcjf befneXjXc\X[`e^Zfdd\ekXkfi befne Xj X c\X[`e^Zfdd\ekXkfi fek\Z_efcf^`ZXcki\e[j% k\Z_efcf^`ZXc ki\e[j% fe ?`jefeÓZk`feYffbÆÉK_\ ?`j efeÓZZk`feYffbÆÉK_\ KiXejgXi\ekJfZ`\kpÊÆnfek_\ K iiXejgXi\ \ekJfZ`\kpÊÆnfe k_\ =i\\[fdf]Jg\\Z_8nXi[f]k_\ =i\\[fd f Jg\\Z_8nXi[ f]k_\ f] 8d\i`ZXeC`YiXip8jjfZ`Xk`fe% 8d\i`ZXe C`YiXip8jjfZ`Xk`fe% 9i`eÊje\n\jkefm\c#É<O@JK<E:<#Ê 9i`e Êj e\n n\jk efm\c#É<O@JK<E:<#Ê \ogcfi\jk_\d`e\Ó\c[f]jlim`mXc \ogcfi\j _\ d`e\Ó\c[f]jlim`mXc k_ k_XkZfe]ifekjXep`ek\cc`^\ek k_Xk Zfe]iifekjXep `ek\cc`^\ek jg\Z`\j%@kn`ccY\glYc`j_\[YpKfi jg\Z`\j % @k n`cc Y\ glYc`j_\[ Yp Kf fi 9ffbj`eAle\%?\ZXeY\]fle[fe 9ffbj `e Al le\% ?\ ZXe Y\ ]fle[ fe k_\n\YXknnn%[Xm`[Yi`e%Zfd% k_\ n\Y Xkknnn n%[Xm`[Yi`e%Zfd%

JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr

$350 billion to reduce reduce the budget deficit over over the next next nine niine years, years, according ac cording to an analysis analysis by by the Tax JJoint oint T ax a Committee, Committttee, a nonpartisan nonpartisan ccongressional ongressional scorekeeping scorekeeeping panel. metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012

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What’s happening in Santa Cruz County this week Floyd plays original set lists from actual Pink Floyd concerts; at others, the band performs custom House of Floyd mixes. House of Floyd’s repertoire ranges from Piper at the Gates of Dawn all the way to The Division Bell. Although Dark Side of the Moon may be an allusion to lunacy, the listener doesn’t have to be crazy to be captivated by timeless psychedelic overtones. Don Quixote’s; $16 adv/$18 door; 8pm. Vetiver performs at the Catalyst this Friday at 9pm.


VETIVER Collaborating musically with Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom is a good way to get lumped into the freak folk category, and initially that’s where Vetiver landed. But the San Francisco-based band didn’t stay there for long. Over several albums, songwriter and frontman Andy Cabic steered the band into the gently rolling dreampop waters where slow and swirling melodies, blissfueled vocals and catchy rhythms bob around in a sea of pleasantness. The band’s latest

release, 2011’s Errant Charm, carries Vetiver deeper into dreamy territory and furthers Cabic’s reputation as a unique voice in indie music, famous freaky friends or not. Catalyst; $12 adv/$15 door; 9pm.


HOUSE OF FLOYD This Pink Floyd cover band comprised of veteran San Francisco Bay Area musicians uses 21st–century technology to recreate the complete Pink Floyd experience of the therapeutic trip. At some shows, House of

TÉA OBREHT AT BOOKSHOP TEA OBREHT’S first novel had not even been published when the 24-year-old was named by The New Yorker as one of the 20 best writers under 40. Those squirrelly Manhattanites were on to something, though—upon its publication nearly a year later, The Tiger’s Wife scooped up the Orange Prize for Fiction and was named a finalist for the National Book Award. In The Tiger’s Wife, written over three years as she completed an MFA in creative writing at Cornell, Obreht traces a young doctor’s journey to understand the mysterious circumstances

of her grandfather’s death. Obreht began writing the story just a year after the death of her own grandfather. “The forty days of the soul begin on the morning after death,” Obreht writes. “That first night, before its forty days begin, the soul lies still against sweated-on pillows and watches the living fold the hands and close the eyes, choke the room with smoke and silence to keep the new soul from the doors and the windows and the cracks in the floor so that it does not run out of the house like a river.” Téa Bajraktarevic was born in Belgrade (what was then Yugoslavia) in 1985. War drove Bajraktarevic, her mother and grandfather to Cyprus and then to Cairo before they settled in America. He was on his deathbed, the story goes, when her grandfather requested that she write under his surname, instead of her absent father’s. (Tessa Stuart)

TEA OBREHT will read from The Tiger’s Wife on Friday, Jan. 13 at 7:30pm at Bookshop Santa Cruz, 1520 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz. 831.423.0900. Free.

Adrian Cruz, Brad Briske & Gema Cruz

Beefing Up PATTY ATTY PARADISE Main Street’s Nirvana Burger comes with smoked cheddar and bacon-onion jam.

The meat at Main Street Burgers is a cut above in taste and eco-goodness By



AIN STREET BURGERS is both the antidote to the classic American meal and its champion. If state and federal governments weren’t so corrupted by money from the meat industry, hamburgers would be illegal.

The fast-food burger is a quadruple threat: to animals, the environment, workers and public health. The cattle are raised in feedlots so crowded and filthy the animals must be administered antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to make it to slaughter. Overuse of these drugs lessens their effectiveness for humans by breeding antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Mountains of manure from feedlots are piled into oceanic,

untreated “lagoons” that poison lakes, rivers and the air. Workers for industrial meat processors like ConAgra and Tyson labor in dangerous and inhumane conditions. Feces contaminated beef sickens and kills thousands of people every year. Do you want that burger for here or to go? In spite of these crimes against humanity, the industrial hamburger remains as popular as ever. Americans ate about 9 billion burgers in 2010, an average of about one every two weeks for each person in the country, according to the research firm NPD Group. Burgers aren’t going anywhere. Los Gatos’ Main Street Burgers has recognized that fact and has opted to serve a better burger. I reviewed Main Street Burgers when it opened, back in 2005. I’m pleased to see the business has thrived and that it even underwent a recent expansion. I’m also happy that Main Street has upgraded its burgers. When the place first opened, it served

Harris Ranch “natural” beef burgers, factory-farmed burgers that made loose claims to being antibiotic-free. Now, Main Street serves Niman Ranch beef. While Niman Ranch isn’t as good for the environment and public health as pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, it is antibiotic-free and light years better than industrial grade beef that goes into 99.999 percent of the beef Americans wolf down. The restaurant also gets points for using Diestel turkey, a California company that produces humanely raised, antibiotic-free birds. They also uses wild salmon in their salmon burgers and compostable cups, a great alternative to plastic as long the cups are properly composted and don’t get buried in landfills where they’ll live side by side with their plastic brethren for eternity. On the downside, Main Street Burgers used to serve Rocky Jr. chicken in its chicken sandwiches, a step above the factory-farmed chicken that dominates the market. The restaurant has since switched to Koch Foods for its chicken, a company that makes no claims about the absence of hormones or antibiotics.

Main Street Burger 20 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos 408.354.1881

31 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Zach Davenport


That’s too bad. Customers obviously appreciate the provenance of the burgers. A factory-farmed, feedlot cow is just as bad as a factoryfarmed, feedlot chicken. OK, enough with the food politics. The Main Street Original burger ($5.99, $6.99 with cheese) is the classic burger served on an excellent egg bun with the restaurant’s signature sauce (basically thousandisland island dressing). My favorite is the Nirvana Burger ($9.50), smoked cheddar, house-made bacon-onion jam and mildly spicy Sriracha mayonnaise. So much better than a Big Mac. If beef isn’t your thing, the wild Alaska burger ($8.99) served with sliced cucumbers and standard toppings on a nine-grain bun is a good choice. g In addition to the restaurant’s expansion, Main Street Burgers has e improved its beer and wine and i dessert selections. It still serves great d milkshakes ($4.50 for small, $6 for m large) made with Treat Ice Cream, l a San Jose company that’s been around since 1951. Go for the salted a caramel. You won’t be sorry. c What has been around that long is the restaurant’s anti-grill,” a quick chill machine that hardens ice cream and anything else you put on it. Main Street uses it to make ice cream sandwiches ($5). Choose a flavor and either a graham cracker or brownie cookie crust. The wines and beers on tap are a step up. Main Street serves chardonnay and pinot noir from Parducci and Paul Dolan, two green wine producers as well as beer from Trumer Pils, Blue Moon and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. If you want to go in a different direction, there’s Pabst in a 16-ounce can. At Main Street Burgers, you can enjoy the classic American meal without contributing to our collective demise in the process. A milkshake or glass of good beer or wine makes it go down even better.

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Our selective list of area restaurants includes those that have been favorably reviewed in print by Metro food critics and others that have been sampled but not reviewed in print. All visits by our writers are made anonymously, and all expenses are paid by Metro. Updates from vigilant readers and listed restaurateurs are heartily encouraged; please submit via email to

Alviso ¿book online at

VAHL’S CONTINENTAL $$$. Since 1941, Vahl’s has served a wide variety of old-style favorites in warm Alviso comfort. Steaks, lobster and squab are specialties. Full bar. Closed Mon-Tue. El Dorado and Taylor. 408.262.0731.

Gilroy/ Morgan Hill ¿book online at

MAURIZIO’S AUTHENTIC ITALIAN RISTORANTE Italian. $$. You don’t dine here for a quick upscale fix, you dine here for down-home atmosphere. Tender vitello saltimbocca tops the menu. 11:30am-2pm, 59pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-2pm, 5-10pm Fri, 5-10pm Sat. Closed Sun. 25 E. First St, Morgan Hill. 408.782.7550.

Milpitas ¿book online at

ABC SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Chinese. $$. ABC is a Hong Kong-style restaurant, and that means dim sum and lots of fresh, fancifully prepared seafood. At lunch the place is a traffic jam of dim sum carts proffering an assortment of little snacks. 11am-2:30pm, 59:30pm daily. 768 Barber Lane. 408.435.8888.

BANANA LEAF Southeast Asian/Malaysian. $$$. A charming, exotic gem of a place with some of the best Southeast Asian food in the county. Sauces are masterfully crafted and reduced to glossy consistencies. 11am-3pm,

5-9:45pm Mon-Thu, 510:30pm Fri-Sat. 182 Ranch Dr. 408.719.9811.


¿= book online $ = $10 $$ = $11-$15 $$$ = $16-$20 $$$$ = $21 and up Ranges based on average cost of dinner entree and salad, excluding alcoholic beverages

CHILI GARDEN Szechuan. $$. There’s a lot to recommend at this Szechuan standout. Mapo tofu is a classic that rules here. For sheer fireworks, go for the Chongqing spicy chicken, a fearsome-looking dish of chicken lightly battered and crisp. 10:30am-2:30pm and 4:30-10pm Mon-Thu, 10:30am2:30pm, 4:30-10:30pm Fri-Sun. 210 Barber Lane. 408.526.9888.

DARDA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Islamic Chinese. $. Darda serves halal meat and draws parts of its menu from western China, a region that borders the Muslim countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Seafood and noodle dishes are particularly good. No alcohol served. 11am-2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 10:30am3pm, 4:30-9:30pm Sat-Sun. 296 Barber Court. 408.433.5199.

DING SHENG Chinese. $$. Bustling Ding Sheng restaurant specializes in Shanghai-style Chinese food but features a wide variety of regional dishes. Shanghai dishes include cold weather fare like dumplings, braised meats and sweet and savory meats. 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-midnight daily. 686 Barber Lane. 408.943.8786. LIOU’S HOUSE Chinese. $$. A shopping center next to a miniature golf course is an unlikely place to find a classically trained Chinese chef, but Silicon Valley offers good food in unexpected places. Check out the Hunan tofu, kung pao chicken and stir-fried pea greens. 11am-2:30pm, 4:309:30pm Tue-Sun. 1245 Jacklin Rd. 408.263.9888.

SAVORY CHICKEN Filipino. $. Savory Chicken offers a Filipino take on fried poultry. The chicken is tossed in a

proprietary blend of herbs and spices and fried in soybean oil. No flour or bread crumbs are used. The result is an almost translucent skin that is so crisp it shatters on contact. 11am8pm Tue-Sun. 1557 Landess Ave. 408.945.8616.

SOUTH LEGEND SICHUAN RESTAURANT Szechuan Chinese. $. The menu of this Milpitas standout reads like an encyclopedia of Szechuan food. The kung pao chicken and Chen ma pa tofu are great. 11am2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 11am-9:30pm Sat-Sun. 1720 N. Milpitas Blvd. 408.934.3970.

SWAGAT Indian. $. Swagat explores both southern and northern Indian cuisine in its traditional and extensive menu. Beer, wine. Buffet daily 11am3pm, 5:30-10pm. 68 S. Abel St. 408.262.1128. TIRUPATHI BHIMAS Indian. $$. Tirupathi Bhimas specializes in vegetarian food from south India, particularly that of Andra Pradesh, a spicy and aromatic cuisine, as well as a few north Indian dishes and “Indo-Chinese.” 11:30am-2pm, 6-9:30pm Sun and Tue-Thu, 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-9:30pm Fri-Sat. 1208 S. Abel St. 408.945.1010.

Redwood City OLD PORT LOBSTER SHACK New England. $$. Made with lobster flown in from Maine, the lobster roll is simple but good: a toasted, buttery




CHEF TO WATCH Sachin Chopra brings his reputation for innovative Indian food to Arka in Sunnyvale.

New Indian Cuisine


F THERE IS a thread running through the rise of modern Indian food in Silicon Valley, it’s chef Sachin Chopra. In 2003, Chopra moved from New York to California to be part of the launch team and executive sous chef for Santana Row’s Amber India, arguably the first contemporary Indian restaurant in Silicon Valley.

From there, he went on to be executive chef at Palo Alto’s Mantra for two years. In 2009, he was the opening chef at SAKOON, a contemporary Indian restaurant in Mountain View. His stay there didn’t last long, and he decamped to open ALL SPICE in San Mateo in 2010. Now, he’s got his hands in ARKA, a new modern Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale. Esquire magazine named Chopra one of four “chefs to watch” in 2011 for his cooking at All Spice. As consulting chef at Arka, he and executive chef SURBEER RAWAT have created a menu of traditional Indian food with a hip sensibility sourced from local ingredients. The restaurant is one of a growing number of high-style Indian restaurants in Silicon Valley. Arka’s menu draws on all regions of Indian with standards like tandoori kebabs, biryanis, curries, dosas and uthappams. Looks for dishes like mahi mahi with lemongrass and kaffir lime served with roasted portobello mushroom fritters, eggplant dosa stuffed with eggplant and chile peppers flavored with tamarind, coconut and peanuts, and butter chicken in a fenugreekflavored creamy tomato sauce. The 200-seat restaurant distinguishes itself from the most Indian restaurants with its sustainable-seafood choices, organic ingredients and a wine list that features biodynamic and sustainably produced West Coast wines. There’s an inventive cocktail list, too, with drinks like the Smokey Bandit, with mezcal, muddled pineapple, brown sugar and lemon; and the Farmer’s Market cocktail, a drink that showcases seasonal produce.—Stett Holbrook

Arka 725 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Sunnyvale. 408.733.2752.

M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 1 1 -1 7, 2 0 1 2 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M | SA N J O S E . C O M | J A N UA R Y 1 1 -1 7, 2 0 1 2 | M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y



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hot dog-style bun cradles fresh, juicy lobster meat. The Gruyère-laced lobster mac ’n’ cheese and lobster bisque are good, too. 11am-8pm MonFri, 11am-9pm Sat-Sun. 851 Veterans Blvd. 650.366.2400.

What makes Birk’s stand out from the rest is a commitment to quality, freshness and hygiene. Concentrate on the specials, or enjoy creative selections from the appetizer menu. Full bar. 11:15am-2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 5-9pm Sat-Sun. 3955 Freedom Circle. 408.980.6400.


BY-TH-BUCKET American.

$. Aside from owner Kelli Manukyan’s pastry skills, the cafe offers a number of tasty sandwiches, soups and quiches. 7am-7pm Mon-Thu, 7am-9pm Fri, 8am-7pm Sat, 8am-5pm Sun. 2401 Broadway St. 650.599.9714.

$$. All walks of humanity rub shoulders here, enjoying just about everything that can be baked, fried, broiled or steamed. Full bar. 11:30am9pm Sun-Thu, 11:30am-10pm Fri-Sat. 4565 Stevens Creek Blvd. 408.248.6244.

RED LANTERN Southeast Asian. $$. Scattershot panAsian restaurants often falter because their menus offer tepid examples of each cuisine, but Red Lantern shows confidence and mastery of a variety of cooking styles. Lunch 11am-2pm Mon-Fri; dinner 5-10pm Sun-Wed, 5-11pm Thu-Sat. 808 Winslow St. 650.369.5483.

CHALATECO Mexican and Salvadoran. $. Chalateco, a San Jose-based six-restaurant chain, serves Mexico Citystyle Mexican food and a few Salvadoran dishes. That makes the food unlike the Mexican food typically served in Silicon Valley, but it’s definitely typical Mexican food. 10am-11pm daily. 2323 The Alameda. 408.243.1357.


Santa Clara ¿book online at

ANDY’S BAR-B-QUE Barbecue. $$. Andy’s Bar-BQue is the reincarnation of one of the South Bay’s best barbecue joints. Originally located in Campbell, Andy’s is still serving great oak-smoked meats to a dedicated following. Lunch 11am-3pm Mon-Fri; dinner 3-9pm Mon-Thu, 310pm Fri-Sat, 3-9pm Sun. 2367 El Camino Real. 408.249.8158.

ATHENA GRILL Greek. $$. The Santa Clara restaurant serves the standards you’d expect, but the menu goes deeper and offers authentic Greek dishes you’re not likely to find elsewhere at bargain prices. 10:30am-9pm Mon-Fri. 1505 Space Park Dr. 408.567.9144. BEQUE Korean. $$. Beque stands out on El Camino Real’s Korean restaurant row for its high style and modern design, but it’s the Korean barbecue, soups and noodles dishes that are the main attraction. 11am10pm daily. 3060 El Camino Real. 408.260.2727.

BIRK’S American grill. $$$.

DONG TOFU CABIN Korean. $. This is the real deal, priced to keep patrons coming back for bowls of spicy beef, seafood, pickled vegetables, chili soup and, yes, bean curd in its many permutations. 1484 Halford Ave. 408.246.1484.

HATCHO Japanese. $$. Santa Clara’s Hatcho restaurant offers a little bit of everything. Restaurants that strive to be jacks-of-all-trades often end up being masters of none, but Hatcho displays a wide range of talent. 11:30am-2pm, 5:30-10pm Mon-Fri, 5-9:30pm Sat-Sun. 1271 Franklin Mall. 408.248.8500. KABAB AND CURRY’S Indian-Pakistani. $. Because it’s tucked into a quiet, semiresidential side street, Kabab and Curry’s feels like a neighborhood secret. The Indian and Pakistani restaurant serves a good lunch buffet, and at dinner try the butter chicken, choley and tandoori chicken. 10:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-10:30pm Tue-Sun. 1498 Isabella St. 408.247.0745.

KABAB HOUSE HALAL Middle Eastern. $. Santa Clara’s Kabab House Halal, a spare, eight-table restaurant, serves a pan-Middle Eastern menu


that leans toward Iran. As the name implies, Kabab House is basically a kebab house. 11am9pm Mon-Sat. 2521 Newhall St. 408.984.2204.

99 CHICKEN Korean-style fried chicken. $. The simple restaurant specializes in Korean-style fried chicken. Korean chicken is rendered of its fat and produces smooth pieces of meat with a taut, shatteringly crisp epidermis. Noon-midnight daily. 2781 El Camino Real. 408.244.5599.

PARCEL 104 New American. $$$$. Parcel 104 casts a spell with its stridently seasonal, ingredient-driven menu of new American food. The restaurant is one of the South Bay’s must-eats. Breakfast 6:30-11am Mon-Fri, 7-10am Sat-Sun; lunch 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri; dinner 5:30-9pm Mon-Fri. 2700 Mission College Blvd. 408.970.6104. PHO #1 NOODLE HOUSE Asian noodle house. $. A good and friendly destination when one’s stomach screams for a three-course meal but one’s wallet has but $10, Pho boasts an ambitious menu of nearly 100 Vietnamese and Chinese items. 10am-9pm daily. 5025 Stevens Creek Blvd. 408.249.1111.

PHO THANH LONG Vietnamese noodle house. $. This diner’s pho rates among the Top 3 in the South Bay. Beer. 9am-9pm daily. 2450 El Camino Real. 408.983.0888.

SABOR SALVADOREÑO Salvadoran. $. One of the few outposts for Salvadoran food in the South Bay, Sabor Salvadoreño serves excellent pupusas, soups, tamales and other standards from the tiny Central American nation. 9am9pm daily. 2045 White Oak Lane. 408.985.6464.

SHAN Pakistani and Indian. $. Shan serves a mix of northern Indian and Pakistani food. Unlike India, most of which is Hindu, Pakistan is Muslim, and that means that meat— chicken, beef, lamb and goat—plays a starring role. Kebabs, Tandoori and curries all shine here. 11:30am-3pm, 5:30-10pm daily. 5251 Stevens Creek Blvd. 408.260.9200.


11 35

JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012

36 10

SVDINING Soup stars at this casual, popular stop. To tofu soups, add mushrooms, beef, pork or seafood—plus scores of condiments like daikon, cucumber, radish. Hot stuff! 11am-9pm Mon-Thu, 11am10pm Fri, 11am-9pm Sat. Closed Sun. 3450 E. El Camino Real #105. 408.261.3030.

YAN CAN FRESH ASIAN COOKING Chinese and panAsian. $$. At Yan Can you can have chicken satay, wonton soup, chicken teriyaki and Korean barbecue beef all in one sitting. This outpost of celebrity TV chef Martin Yan’s growing empire does a reasonably good job with all those cuisines. 11am-9pm daily. 3927 Rivermark Plaza. 408.748.3355.

YOYO SUSHI BAR & GRILLE Japanese fusion. $$. The fusion-friendly menu features such expertly realized creations as the deep-fried California Roll and the Fisherman Roll, crab and avocado wrapped in rice, topped with salmon and rich masago sauce and then baked. Weekday happy hour. 11am10pm daily. 3958 Rivermark Plaza. 408.213.9696.

YUKI SUSHI Japanese $$. A family-friendly ambience prevails here, full of community hubbub, good food, generous portions and super chefs. Yuki keeps it simple but always interesting with dishes that are well thought out and presented. 11:30am-2pm, 59:30pm Tue-Fri, 5-9:30pm Sat, 5-9pm Sun. Closed Mon. 1827 Pruneridge Ave. 408.248.9144.

ZAFRAN Northern Indian and Pakistani. $. Zafran serves northern Indian and Pakistani food, a muscular, hearty cuisine that revolves around meat: chicken and beef but also lamb and goat, lamb brains and other organ meats. 11am-11pm daily. 1855 El Camino Real. 408.247.9998.

Sunnyvale ¿book online at sunnyvale. net

BAY LEAF Indonesian and Thai. $$. Bay Leaf’s menu is divided

into Thai and Indonesian food and it’s the latter that stands out. While Thai food is characterized by bright, high notes, Indonesian food strikes a lower bass note. 11am-3pm, 59:30pm Mon-Thu, 11am-10pm Fri-Sat, 11am-9pm Sun. 122 S. Sunnyvale Ave. 408.481.9983.

CHELOKEBABI Persian. $$. Go straight for the baghali ghatogh, a fantastic appetizer made from delicate but rich baby lima beans, scrambled eggs and lots of garlic. Just as good is ghaymeh, a daily special made from tender chunks of beef, split peas, eggplant and tomato sauce. 11am-10pm daily. 1236 Wolfe Rd. 408.737.1222.

DISHDASH Middle Eastern. $$. Dishdash celebrates the culinary glories of the Middle East beyond falafels and hummus. The menu is made from traditional recipes and ingredients but presented with a contemporary flourish. There’s also a small but wellchosen wine list to match. 11am-2:30pm, 5-9:30pm Mon-Fri, 10pm Sat-Sun. 190 S. Murphy Ave. 408.774.1889.

IL POSTALE Italian American. $$$. Its previous incarnation as a post office lends this space eccentric charm, and the food delivers full-bodied taste in generous portions. Veal marsala, thin-crust pizza and New York steak are featured. 11am-1:30pm, 4-9:30pm TueSun. 127 W. Washington St. 408.733.9600.

LUCKY DHABA Indian. $. A dhaba is a roadside fast-food joint in northern India. We’ve got our own version here at Sunnyvale’s Lucky Dhaba. Located off busy El Camino Real, Lucky Dhaba offers a wide variety of good Indian food. 11am-10pm Sun-Thu and 11am-10:30pm Fri-Sat. 1036 El Camino Real. 408.617.0660.

PEZELLAS Family Italian. $$. Serves popular Italian dinners with rich sauces and generous portions. East Coast seafood dishes like linguini and clams and calamari sautéed in tomato, garlic and basil stand out. Pizza and pasta abound. Full bar. 11am-2:30pm Tue-Fri, 5-10:30pm Tue-Sat. Closed Sun-Mon. 1025 W. El Camino Real. 408.738.2400.


SAIZO Japanese. $$. Part bar, part eatery, Saizo served small plates of grilled and fried dishes made to go with sake and beer. It’s all good. Open daily for lunch and dinner Mon-Sat. 592 E. El Camino Real. 408.733.7423. SENZALA Brazilian. $$. Senzala restaurant is like a Brazilian cultural center that also serves food. Brazilian art and photographs cover the walls. Go for the feijoada, a hearty, smoky black bean stew made with chunks of beef and pork. 11am-10pm Mon-Sat. 250 E. Java Dr. 408.734.1656. SHALIMAR Indian-Pakistani. $. Walk up to the counter, grab a menu and place your order. One of the best dishes is the plain-looking haleem, a lentil and barley stew available with chicken or beef. Nihari, a rich beef shank stew, is also great. 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-10:30pm Sun-Thu, noon-3:30pm, 5:30-11pm Sat-Fri. 1146 W. El Camino Real. 408.530.0300. SUGAR BUTTER FLOUR Bakery. $. Sugar Butter Flour’s desserts and pastries go well beyond the humdrum sweets found at most restaurants and bakeries. The bakery’s chocolate skills are particularly strong. 7am-7:30pm Mon-Thu, 7am-8:30pm Sat, 8am-5pm Sun. 669 S. Bernardo Ave. 408.732.8597.

TAVERNA BISTRO Old Mediterranean/Turkish. $$. Mustard and ruddy pomegranate hues warm the restaurant’s interior; zesty Arabic infusions warm the food. Choose from mezes such as hummus or tabouli. Entrees include lamb, beef or chicken gyros or lamb kebab. 11am10pm daily. 133 S. Murphy Ave. 408.735.9971.

UDUPI PALACE Indian. $$. Udupi Palace, a south Indian vegetarian restaurant, specializes in dishes—dosas and uthappams. Dosas are long, thin crepes made with rice flour. Uthappams are pancakes made with rice and lentil flour. 11:30am-10pm Mon-Thu, 11:30am-11pm Fri-Sat, 11:30am-10:30pm Sun. 976 E. El Camino Real. 408.830.9600.

37 M E T R O S I L I C O N VA L L E Y | J A N UA R Y 1 1 -1 7, 2 0 1 2 | SA N J O S E . C O M | M E T R OAC T I V E . C O M

34 TOFU HOUSE Korean. $.

More dining coverage metroact com | sa | metrosiliconvall lley ey.c .com om | JANU JANUARY 11-17, 2012



Thursday. liar s Th uth First Billiards South aw and rolll at S LTY rawk W D ROYALTY ACKWOO BLACKWOOD B


SAD BASTARD BOOK CLUB Blank Club, San Jose Wed – 9pm; free

Alternate names for Sad Bastard Book Club: the Moaning Groaners, the Pale Ailers, the Complaint Department, the Good Ol’ Charlie Browns. The album, You Gave It Your Best … Unfortunately, That’s Not Saying Much, is a celebration of defeatism and pining, recorded in a shack made out of matchwood and alive with rats. Outtakes include my fave, “It’s Touching Moments Like This That Remind Me Why We Don’t Talk Much,” an acoustic guitar and


South First Billiards, San Jose Thu – 8pm; free What the Stooges did to the Stones, the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs did to the Stooges. It’s an semi-natural history that perhaps proves Devo’s theories of reverse evolution—each band strips the sound of its predecessor down to its most iconic parts, and then blows those up into mythic, amp-rupturing

Aaron Carnes Beau Dowling Steve Palopoli Richard von Busack



funereal organ dirge for one of those instances of dad and son sincerity that make you flinch just to think about. (RvB)


decibels. Blackwood Royalty takes its place somewhere near the end of the line—giant, swinging riffs uncluttered by the psychedelic fuzz of the early ’70s or the faux-punk amateurism of the ’90s. Like the Black Keys, they’re at their best stomping through a remarkably pure and heavy revisionist history of blues-rock. Vocalist SteveO (formerly of the Fourfits) can yell through the noise or sound remarkably like Bowie on a ballad. (SP)


MELTED HORSES 9 Lives, Gilroy Fri – 9pm; $5/$10 There are some things that

SAD BASTARD BOOK CL LU UB do d es some lligh befo orre o e th he eiir sh t reading ho ow w Wednesday .

won’t be missed from the ’70s: the gaudy home décor, the pet rock, Gerald Ford. But the Me Generation did manage to turn out some great rock & roll, and San Jose’s Melted Horses captures that sound. Built on the swampy, big-bottomed blues that the great guitarists of that era tapped into, their songs conjure up memories of the Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin. For this show celebrating the release of their Live Burnin’ EP, they’ll do a two-hour set of originals and covers. (BD)

START THE FIRE UP The Refuge, Cupertino Fri – 6pm; $10 The South Bay metalcore revolution can’t be stopped, and

judging from the sound of Start the Fire Up, it’s not so much knocking on the door of the local scene as recruiting an army of orcs to bash through it. STFU—hmm, who thinks they chose the name based on the acronym—is sharp, brutal stuff powered by nail-gun guitars and wicked drumming. They’re coming up the San Jose metal underground’s Hellacrazy Fest, an event that is notorious even in its second year (it helps if you get shut down in your first one). Helm’s Deep, Ecophagy, Atlas, Noir and the Scarlet Ruse open. (SP)

PANTHEON Art Boutiki, San Jose Fri – 7pm; $10 There are a number of bands currently going by “Pantheon,” and for the most part, they’re a

* concerts





Jan 13 at Studio8, San Jose

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Jan 13-15 at HP Pavilion

SIMONE DINNERSTEIN Jan 14 at 8pm, Montalvo Arts Center

THEATRE OF VOICES Jan 25 at 8pm, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford

DIAVOLO DANCE THEATRE Jan 28 at 8pm, Memorial Auditorium, Stanford

WILCO Jan 28 at the San Jose Civic

ST. LAWRENCE STRING QUARTET Jan 29 at 2:30pm, Dinkelspiel, Stanford

RICHARD EGARR, BACH RECITAL Feb 1 at 8pm, Dinkelspiel, Stanford

ERIC BIBB Feb 4 at 8pm, Montalvo Arts Center

SOCIAL DISTORTION Feb 9 at Santa Cruz Civic

WILLIE K Feb 10 at 8pm, Montalvo Arts Center

SPENCER DAY Feb 11 at 8pm, Montalvo Arts Center

. l yourself DJ SPLYCE, too

hael Eisner, you might cal

If your real name was Mic

SUPER LOVE JAM Feb 11 at 7:30pm, HP Pavilion

KRONOS QUARTET grim bunch. bunch There’s a death metal band in England, and a blackmetal band in Arizona. But San Jose’s Pantheon chose an entirely different route. Rather than take their cues from Dimmu Borgir, they prefer heavy doses of Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie and the Killers. It’s guitar-driven alt-rock with lush harmonies and a broad range of dynamics. What holds it all together is the singer’s confident, bold vocals—he shoots out clever pop hooks and doesn’t sing one song about Satan. (AC)



Studio 8, San Jose Sat – 10pm; $20 after 11pm Sort of a Girl Talk Lite, DJ Splyce

is known for clever and funny mixing—not mashups, exactly, but the kind of interplay between turntables that can entertain both the kids on the dance floor and the kids standing at the bar making fun of them. There’s plenty of both in L.A., where Splyce has made a name as a DJ to the stars. Too bad he didn’t stick with his real name, which would have made him DJ Michael Eisner (yes, really, but no, of course not that one). He was also the only DJ ever to be interviewed by Larry King, and the clip is hilarious. “Tell me about this new computerized program they tell me is called Serratooooooo.” And they said Larry King never prepped for interviews! (SP)



Johnny V’s, San Jose

Café Frascati

Sat–9pm; $5

Sat–8pm; free

Down for the Count is the kind of sweaty, no-frills, slop-rock punk band that used to tour the country in their moms’ mini vans all across the country back in the ’90s, playing skateparks, basements and teen halls. I didn’t know bands like this still existed. Their unpretentious, fast hardcore songs are filled with screaming verses and shout-a-long choruses (and the occasional “Woah woah woah” sections). It’s raw and edgy. The lyrics are honest and straight to the point. It’ll take you back to that pre-MySpace era of punk rock when bands still used the phone to book shows. (AC)

If They Might Be Giants had been a rootsy folk-rock band, they might have sounded like the Ghost of Wrights. It’s quirky and offbeat, yet authentic. Finding the meaning in the song requires a little bit of digging. The band has gone through a lot of changes over the past year—they started out as just a folk-duo, but grew into a full rock band with a saxophone, drums and a dulcimer, giving their music an even weirder sound. But their backup band began to drop off and now they are back to the core duo. (Though they still have that dulcimer in their arsenal). This is their first show in a few months; maybe they’ll build a whole new backup band this year. Hint: More dulcimers! (AC)

Feb 12 at 7pm, Dinkelspiel, Stanford

EDDIE PALMIERI Feb 12 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center

CHUCHO VALDÉS Feb 19 at 7pm, Dinkelspiel, Stanford

ANGÉLIQUE KIDJO Mar 3 at 8pm, Dinkelspiel, Stanford

RICARDO ARJONA Mar 14 at 8pm, HP Pavilion

BLAKE SHELTON Mar 16 at HP Pavilion

LADY ANTEBELLUM Mar 23 at 7pm, HP Pavilion

PHILIP GLASS Apr 7 at 8pm, Montalvo Arts Center

COLDPLAY Apr 27-28 at 7pm, HP Pavilion

VAN HALEN June 5 at HP Pavilion Join Metro on Facebook at

JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Jan 11 at 7:30pm, Montalvo Arts Center metr || sanj || metr osiliconvalley.ccom || JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17 2012

40 10 40

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Kf K f f 8[m\ik`j\ 8[ m\ik`j\ ?\i\ ? \i\ :Xcc :Xcc D`Z_X\c D `Z_X\c Xk Xk +'/%)''%(*'/ +'/ %)'' ) %(*'/

metroactive ARTS

More listings:


Andy Warhol: Polaroids and Portraits Exhibit runs Jan. 13–July 1; de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University; free

Chris Bennion

Of course, Andy Warhol, king of pop art, would be enamored of instant photography. The Polaroid would be a perfect way to turn a person into a duplicate in a few seconds. The de Saisset, which received a cache of Warhol’s polaroids from the Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, is now exhibiting Warhol’s pictures of famous people “doing something unfamous.” (Pictured is Andy Warhol, Albert and Pearl Nippon, 1976, de Saisset Museum permanent collection, Gift of Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts 20th Anniversary Photographic Legacy Program.)

Double Indemnity Show runs Jan. 12–Feb 5; San Jose Repertory Theatre; $29–$74

Jennifer Anderson

The newest production at San Jose Rep brings back a classic noir story in its original form. Most people know Double Indemnity from the Billy Wilder film with Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck, but David Pichette and R. Hamilton Wright’s play returns to the source: James M. Cain’s bestselling novel of 1936, with a leaner plot, slightly different names (Walter Huff, not Neff) and fewer Chandleresque bon mots (the creator of Philip Marlowe tinkered with the film script). The play runs in preview this week and opens on Jan. 18.

FurCon Thursday–Monday; San Jose Convention Center, Marriott and Hilton Some call it anthropomorphics; and some call it dressing up like your favorite furry animal. Fans of the movement gather this weekend at Further Confusion (or FurCon) to immerse themselves in the various fictional worlds of creatures where the animal meets the human and vice versa—as expressed in graphic novels, costume design, books and performance.

Symphony Silicon Valley Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2:30pm; California Theatre, San Jose; $39–$75 The symphony’s program is titled “Mozart & Tchaikovsky” and features, naturally, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony no. 5 and Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola. The soloists for the latter come from the orchestras ranks: viola player Patricia Whaley and violinist Robin Mayforth. Also on the bill (but not in the title) is John Corigliano’s To Music. The conductor is Mitchell Sardou Klein of the Peninsula Symphony.


A play from Palo Alto Players about the fallout from the ab day that American troops da invaded Iraq. Runs Jan 13-22. in Shows this week: Fri-Sat, Sh 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. (Fri show 8p is a preview.) $20-$29. Lucie Stern Theater, Palo Alto. St

DOUBLE INDEMNITY D A stage adaptation by David Pichette and R. Hamilton Pi Wright of the famed James W M. Cain story about a M not-so-bright insurance no salesman and a sultry siren sa with a husband in need of w eliminating. Presented by San el Jose Rep. Previews this week Jo Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2 and 7pm, Th Tue, 7:30pm. Opens Jan 18 Tu and runs thru Feb 5. $29-$74. an San Jose Repertory Theatre. Sa

M MICHAEL JACKSON, THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR IM By Cirque du Soleil. Fri-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 4pm. $53-$178. HP 8p Pavilion, San Jose. Pa

A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN M Pe Avenue presents the Pear Eugene O’Neill drama about Eu the troubled Tyrone family. th Runs Jan 12-Feb 5. Shows this Ru week: Thu-Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2pm. w (Fri show is a preview.) $15(F $30. Pear Avenue Theatre, $3 Mountain View. M

WEST SIDE STORY W Th Jets and the Sharks The square off in Broadway San sq Jose’s presentation of the Jo classic musical. Runs Jan 17cl 22. Tue-Thu, 7:30pm, Fri, 8pm, 22 Sat, 2 and 8pm, Sun, 1 and Sa 6:30pm. $20-$82. San Jose 6: Center for the Performing Ce Arts. Ar

C Classical CConcerts PATRICK BALL PA An evening of Celtic music with Ball, Lisa Lynne and w Aryeh Frankurter. Sat, 8pm. Ar $22/$28. Sunnyvale Theater. $2

CA CALIFORNIA CONCERTO WEEKEND W A showcase event for amateur pianists accompanied by local pi orchestra players. Sun, 2pm. or

SIMONE DINNERSTEIN A recital by pianist known for her recordings of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.” She will perform selections by Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and Bach. Sat, 8pm. $32-$42. Carriage House Theater, Montalvo Arts Center.

CHARLES FOX An evening with songwriter Charles Fox, noted for “Killing Me Softly.” He plays his hits and talks about his career. Thu, 7pm. $10-$18. Oshman Family Jewish Community Center, Palo Alto.

SYMPHONY SILICON VALLEY Mitchell Sardou Klein leads the symphony in Mozart’s Sinfonia concertante for violin and viola (with Patricia Whaley and Robin Mayforth), Tchaikovsky’s Symphony no. 5 and Corigliano’s “To Music.” Sat, 8pm, Sun, 2:30pm. $38$74. California Theatre.

THREE DUOS AND A TRIO The chamber group performs contemporary works. Sun, 3pm. $5/$15. Grace Lutheran Church, Palo Alto.

THE TINCTORIS FIVE A capella music from the 15th century. Sat, 8pm. Free. Memorial Church, Stanford.

Comedy ANGELICA’S BISTRO Wed, 8pm: Comedy night hosted by Dan St. Paul. No cover. Redwood City.

COMEDYSPORTZ Fri, 9pm and Sat, 7 and 9pm: Live improv comedy. Fri, 11pm: The Midnight Show. Inside the Camera 3 building, San Jose.

ROOSTER T. FEATHERS Thu, 8pm, Fri, 9pm, Sat, 8 and 10:30pm, Sun, 8pm: Darren Carter. $12/$18. Sunnyvale.

SAN JOSE IMPROV Wed, 8pm: Unfiltered Underground. $12. Thu, 8pm: Chicano Kings. $10. Fri, 8 and 10pm, Sat, 7 and 9pm: Richard Lewis. $22. Sun, 7pm: Big Bad and Sexy Comedy Tour. $12. San Jose.



Museums OPENING ART MUSEUM OF LOS GATOS “Source Material: Works by Darla McKenna, Jeanne Tillman and Josette Urso.” Assemblage pieces. Jan 12-Mar 9. Reception Jan 29, 4-5pm. Wed-Sun, 11am5pm. Los Gatos.

DE SAISSET MUSEUM “Andy Warhol: Polaroids and Portraits.” Jan 13-Jul 1. “Golden States of Grace: Prayers of the Disinherited.” A documentary photo exhibit by Rick Nahmais about marginalized communitys and spirituality. Jan 13-Mar 28. Tue-Sun, 11am4pm. Santa Clara University.

CONTINUING CANTOR ARTS CENTER “The Legend of Rex Slinkard.” Oils and works on paper by the influential California artist of the early 1900s. Thru Feb 26. Wed-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am-8pm. Stanford.

CHILDREN’S DISCOVERY MUSEUM “Mammoth Discovery!” Plus activities and hands-on fun for kids. Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm, Sun, noon-5pm. Discovery Meadow, San Jose.

DE SAISSET MUSEUM “Hobos to Street People: Artists’ Responses to Homelessness From the New Deal to the Present.” “Between Struggle and Hope: Envisioning a Democratic Art in the 1930s.” “This Camera Fights Fascism: The Photographs of David Bacon and Francisco Dominguez.” Thru Feb 5. TueSun, 11am-4pm. Santa Clara University.

HISTORY PARK SAN JOSE “Pioneering the Valley: The Chinese-American Legacy in Santa Clara Valley.” A new historical exhibit. Pacific Hotel Gallery, San Jose.

MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HERITAGE “A Child’s World: Antique Toys, 1870-1930.” Thru Apr 29. FriSun, 11am-4pm. Palo Alto.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF ART “This Kind of Bird Flies


JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |



$8/$10. West Valley College Theater, Saratoga. | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


metroactive ARTS 41 Backward.” A retrospective of paintings by Bay Area figurative artist Joan Brown. Thru Mar 11. “Book-ish.” A show about how the printed book has influenced visual artists, featuring works from the permanent collection. Thru Jan. 15. “So, Who Do You Think You Are?” Portraits of various kinds address the issue of personal identity. Thru Jan. 15. “Bill Owens: Ordinary Folks.” A selection of photographs taken by Owens in the 1970s. Thru Feb 5. Works by installation artist Anna Sew Hoy in the Beta Space. Thru Feb 26. Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm, closed Mon. San Jose.

SAN JOSE MUSEUM OF QUILTS & TEXTILES “Invisible Lineage.” Works by a quartet of mid-20th-century artists in conjunction with four contemporary textile artists. Thru Feb 5. Tue-Sun, 10am5pm. San Jose.

TECH MUSEUM “Islamic Science Rediscovered.” A show about technological advances in the Islamic world before the Renaissance period in the West. Mon-Wed, 10am5pm, Thu-Sun, 10am-8pm. San Jose.

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART Works by Eve Page Mathias. Thru Feb 12. Department of Art Faculty show. Thru Feb 5. Statewide Painting Competition and Exhibit. Thru Feb 12. TueWed and Fri-Sun, 11am-5pm, Thu, 11am-9pm. Santa Clara.

Galleries OPENING PARC GALLERY A show about information culture by L.A. artist Katie Herzog. Jan 13-Mar 30. MonFri, 8am-5pm. Xerox, Palo Alto.




“Fresh Produce.” Annual group show and holiday sale. Thru Jan 14. San Jose.

A booksigning with National Book Award finalist and author of “The Tiger’s Wife.” Tue, 7pm. Free. Books Inc., Palo Alto.

BRUNI GALLERY “The Jazz Masters Series” by BRUNI. San Jose.

COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND ART “To Great Lengths.” Installations by Esther Traugot. Thru Jan 22. Finn Center, Mountain View.

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER “Soil to Site.” A look at the relationship between nature and culture with video artist Richard T. Walker and Bay Area artist Mari Andrews. Thru Jan 15. “Sculpture on the Grounds: Traces, Twigs and Time.” Ongoing. Thu-Sun, 11am-3pm. Saratoga.

NEXTSPACE COWORKING Featuring work by Phantom Galleries artists Michele Guieu, Katie Guiterrez and Jeanne Yee. Thru Feb 1. San Jose.

SAN JOSE CITY HALL “City of Champions: 2001, a San Jose Soccer Odyssey.” An exhibit of photos and other historical items relating to the history of soccer in the city. Thru Feb 29. Wing of San Jose City Hall.

SAN JOSE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART “One Thing Leads to Another.” A group show about process and repetition in prints and drawings. Thru Feb 25. “Dos Mundos.” Works by Tim Craighead. Thru Feb 18. Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat, noon-5pm. San Jose. Mixed media by Kathryn Dunlevie, paintings by Brian Huber and Leo Posillico. Thru Feb 25. Weekdays, 8:30am5pm. Allen Art Spaces Gallery, Stanford.



Meet the man who wrote “The Orphan Master’s Son,” about a journey through North Korea. Thu, 7pm. Free. Books Inc., Mountain View.

“Waterforms.” Paintings and prints by Sukey Bryan. Thru Feb 3.Palo ALto.

LINDA GRAY SEXTON A book event with the author of “Half in Love,” by the daughter of poet Anne Sexton. Wed, 7pm. Free. Books Inc., Palo Alto.


THE RANSOM OF RED CHIEF A family show from California Theatre Center. Sat, 11am. $12/$14. Sunnyvale Theatre.


A discussion with curator Preston Metcalf about “Hidden Symbols in Art.” Thu, 7pm. $20. Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara.

DOWNTOWN ICE A holiday tradition. Rink is open daily thru Jan 29. Circle of Palms, downtown San Jose.

FUR CON A convention for people who like to go anthropomorphic; features music and speakers. Thu-Mon. San Jose Convention Center.

THE FUTURE OF FOOD A documentary about genetically engineered foods. Thu, 7pm. $5-$10 donation. San Jose Peace and Justice Center.


“Self-Help Book Club.” An exhibit of new works by firstyear MFA students. Jan 17-Feb 26. Reception Jan 20, 5:30pm. Tue-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun, 1-5pm. Stanford.


More listings:



The touring basketball comedians dribble into town. Mon, 1pm. $18 and up. HP Pavilion, San Jose.

ROLE OF WOMEN AND MEDIA IN THE ARAB SPRING A discussion plus video with Noura Khouri and Shimaa Helmy. Fri, 7pm. San Jose Peace and Justice Center.

SINGLES PARTY On Friday the 13th, just for luck. Aimed as single professionals, with dancing and progressive dinner. Fri, 8pm. $20. Los Gatos Lodge.




N CELEBRATION of one of the greatest performers of all time, Cirque du Soleil salutes Michael Jackson in its Immortal World Tour, which comes to HP Pavilion this weekend. The production, complete with circus acrobatics, flashy visuals, live music and an abundance of dancing is a loving tribute to Jackson and a realization of his desire to collaborate with Cirque du Soleil.

“Michael was a huge Cirque fan,” says Maxime Charbonneau, spokesperson for the tour. “He saw all the touring shows in L.A. and most in Vegas. He loved the artistry and all the design put into the productions.” Although a collaboration between Jackson and Cirque du Soleil didn’t happen in The Immortal Tour Jackson’s lifetime, the team behind The Immortal respectfully included him in the Friday–Saturday, 8pm, production, not by trying to impersonate Sunday, 4pm; $53 and up him, but by letting Jackson speak for HP Pavilion, San Jose himself. “The show is driven by his voice,” says Charbonneau. “[Writer and director] Jamie King didn’t want to try to duplicate Michael Jackson,” he says, explaining that the production features recordings of Jackson talking, his videos and his singing. Being the first estate-authorized tribute to Jackson, Cirque du Soleil had access to never-before-heard recordings. The music designer isolated Jackson’s voice from the tracks and updated the music for a sound that Charbonneau calls “much more crisp and clear.” Describing the show as “a hybrid between Cirque and a pop-rock concert” Charbonneau advises Cirque du Soleil fans to come to the show with an open mind because, while there are circus elements, the show is closer to a pop-rock concert. While the show introduces some new material and choreography, it is primarily a celebration of Jackson and his unique contributions to pop music and culture. “You don’t want to change too much of what is almost perfect,” says Charbonneau. “The fans that are coming to the show want to see those iconic moves. The dancers spent hours and hours perfecting the moves. There’s only one right way to do a moonwalk.” —Cat Johnson

JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

THE THRILLER IS BACK Michael Jackson’s spirit lives on in new Cirque du Soleil Tribute.


44 | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


ART MOVEMENT San Jose painter Ben Alexy’s works are designed to make large-scale statements.

Thinking Big BEN ALEXY likes to juggle. While that may seem like a moderately interesting endeavor, it’s the things he likes juggling that make him extraordinary. The triptych he enjoys working with is “ambition in scale, concept and execution.” His chosen profession is not that of a carnival sideman; he is a painter. His large-scale works combine realistic images atop abstract landscapes, which convey their meaning gracefully. Alexy’s work is world-class, large in scale, ambitious and made in San Jose. “Painting is about, in some ways, a competition among other artists,” says Alexy, whose studio, located at the Citadel in Martha’s Gardens in downtown San Jose, is bursting with his canvases.


MetroGiveaways M etroGiveaways KraftBrew KraftBrew GGlass l andd lass $20 $2 0 iinn ttasting asting ttickets ickets AAtt the Landmark Ba Ballroom allroom on Jan 28

Wilco W ilco T Tickets ickets AAtt San Jose Jose Civic on Jan J 28 Scan this QR Q ccode ode with yyour our smartphon smartphonee or visit


When your work stands 10 feet tall and approaches lengths that dwarf SUVs, space is sometimes a problem. The paintings’ sheer vastness demands attention. Alexy focuses on critical moments in human development, sets them against a background of angular, abstract movements and paints his protagonists as they would exist in our real world. That tactic translates to images like The Joy of Life, which shows a man entering his twilight years, sword in hand, about to battle with a mounted Teutonic knight while floating in some kind of nebulous cloud, yet still bound by the laws of our familiar gravity. Another one of his large-scale, multipanel works, Heaven, the Myth and Manifestation of Absolute Happiness, shows a group of kids spray-painting the word “heaven” on the side of a 1970s Trans-Am muscle car. The original concept was to show the camaraderie shared by kids involved in skateboarding. The piece explains complex ideas about “this feeling you have of some kind of self-righteousness that you have when you’re younger, and you’re doing something you believe in and everyone tells you it’s something not worth doing. But to you, it’s the most important thing in the world,” Alexy says. Working on a large-scale canvas creates unique challenges for Alexy. “It’s just very physical, on the verge of feeling like sport sometimes,” he says. The extra effort is not often lost on his audience, Alexy says. The scale isn’t just for the sake of size; it’s also an element that helps the artist translate human emotion more accurately. “Having that much space helps me to really do action paintings,” Alexy tells me. The images, frozen on the canvas, precipitate the idea of action. They sit somewhere on an obvious timeline that engages the viewer to ponder their past and future. That ability to engage the imagination is probably Ben Alexy’s greatest skill.—Tomek Mackowiak

Roman Woolf GET ET THE GUEST John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and Kate ate Winslet spend time turning on each other in ‘Carnage.’

In Polanski’s Carnage, two couples battle like Albee characters in Brooklyn by way of Paris By RICHARD VON BUSACK


QUARTET of nasty bourgeois, played by four top-drawer actors with crack timing, make Roman Polanski’s Carnage a civilized entertainment. Based on Parisian author Yasmina Reza’s play God of Carnage, the film is about an afterschool mediation session that goes bad. In the prologue, in the distance, one bad little boy hits another bad little boy in the head with a tree

branch. Aside from that scene, we never leave the living room and kitchen of a couple in the high-rent part of Brooklyn. They possess all the trimmings: coffee-table books, African artifacts and a vase full of out-of-season tulips. The man of the house, Michael, is a gregarious but lumpy executive at a household hardware company; he’s played by a lively John C. Reilly, who here has the shape, heartiness and accent of Fred Flintstone. Meet his wife, Penelope ( Jodie Foster), whose upcoming book about Darfur makes her particularly ready to forgive and forget playground violence. The father of the offscreen bullying boy is Alan (Christoph Waltz), a snide lawyer.

In the aftermath of the rounds of apologies, acceptances and coffee drinking, Alan’s phone starts ringing ceaselessly. The sound heralds the renewed aggression to come. He turns out to be one of those dolts who presumes that the world is his phone booth. If the out-of-control games of Get the Guests that ensue remind one of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, certainly Alan’s wife, Annette (Kate Winslet), is the group’s Honey—with a bit of brass to the gold hair and more than a touch of incapacitating nausea. Three of the four having at each other are evenly matched. Waltz, who reminds one of Jason Robards during that actors’ best days, knows how to inject a word with poison, or how to smile like a cobra. Foster satirizes the kind of do-gooder she probably encounters a dozen times a day—many of those times in the mirror. It’s wisdom and an actor’s sense of self-preservation to parody their

Carnage R; 79 min. Opens Friday

45 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Guy Ferrandis, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

metroactive FILM

persona, but you can see the strain in Foster. Janet McTeer, who played the Honey role in one of the many stage productions, might have been closer to perfection: someone bigger, a human auger, a guilt-whipper. Interestingly for a play written by a female playwright, the tale seems to have more sympathy to the two men. They turn the sofa into their own personal man-cave once the single-malt gets broken out. And they’re in good spirits, compared to the ailing moaners they married. The strange thing is that the more Carnage flaunts the idea that man is a wolf to man, the cozier it finally gets. Reza’s play is uneasily translated into New Yorkese, with the mannerisms and reactions off about 10 degrees. A play doesn’t take the world by storm these days unless it’s essentially safe entertainment. Carnage is made for audiences of married people who know what it’s like to live with someone who can look like a ninny or a hog in social situations. In the film’s attack on “nice” people, I’m reminded of Orwell’s description of Charles Dickens as a man beating the conservative elephant with a cane, and the beast feeling it as a delightful tickling. In this case, it’s the weepy liberal getting thwacked. Being 78, and having seen what he’s seen, Polanski is likely sharing every old man’s feelings that the struggle against injustice is doomed. But is Penelope such a phony? Those who are trying to rescue Africa aren’t opposed by some evil deity; it’s not some gory Kronos who put AK-47s into the hands of 8-year-olds. Something in Carnage’s argument bypasses the real story of postcolonial Africa, of what got stolen or sold off. And in laughing at all that, it’s as if you were complicit in making a man a beggar—and then you mocked him for his filth, his poverty and the bloodiness of his life.

metroactive FILM who makes new strides in wifely requests by asking him to risk his life on behalf of her brother’s. When she and their sons get kidnapped, Wahlberg has to use his network of criminal connections to track him down. Just in time for awards season. (Opens Fri.)

New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (G; 84 min.) The Disney Vault opens once again and releases a classic work from its wretched grasp. Beauty and the Beast became the first animated film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and helped bring about the Disney Renaissance, and now it returns to the big screen for roughly the 58th time, though in an entirely new dimension. The story is by this point, as the titular song promises, a tale as old as time. And in the age of Pixar, revamping arguably the most beloved film in the Disney filmography offers a chance for everyone to rediscover the magic, the power and the ability to refill Michael Eisner’s wallet. Happily Ever After indeed. (Opens Fri.)

K?8K:?<I@EK?<NIPD\ipcJki\\ggcXpjk_\gi`d\ d`e`jk\in_f[`m`[\[XeXk`fe`eÉK_\@ifeCX[p%Ê

Stand Down, Meryl THE NEW Meryl Streep film The Iron Lady fails even as a handkerchief-soaker for an audience of wonks from the Hoover Institute. Banking on historical amnesia, The Iron Lady transcends its surpassing political naiveté by trying to sleaze its way into Margaret Thatcher’s personal life.

The film presents Thatcher in her senility as being haunted by the prankish specter of her late husband, Denis (Jim Broadbent). Just what we needed: a Tory version of Topper. In the fullness of time, you do feel some compassion for Thatcher, thanks to the tastelessly invasive way director Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!) presents the doddering old lady. Parts of The Iron Lady are just what they look like from the previews: a grateful celebration of a politician who really knew how to spread misery around. Abi Morgan’s script trumpets the feminism of Thatcher’s rise from cloth-coat suburbia to #10 Downing Street, where she tamed the unions and conducted the triumphant war in the South Atlantic. The Falklands War between the U.K. and Argentina, characterized by Jorge Luis Borges as “two bald men fighting over a comb,” is portrayed in thundering

HIPSTERS (Not Rated; 130 min.) Valeriy Todorovsky’s energetic hit musical about the “stilyagi,” the few but proud counterculturists of Moscow in 1955. In Moscow, clean-cut Mels (Anton Shagin) meets scenester “Good Time Polly” (Oksana Akinshina) and drops out to join her and her gang of mohair-clad loungers with skyhigh pompadours. The king of the gang is Fyodor, who calls himself Fred (Maksim Matveev); he’s the pampered son of diplomats. Eventually, their escapades attract the ever-watching government. Todorovsky shoots with a lot of visual verve, honoring Scorsese and De Palma, though this anatomyof-a-scene movie bears the most comparison to Julian Temple’s Absolute Beginners. Todorovsky calls this “the first real Russian musical since the 1940s”; he could be forgetting the cinematic tradition of Communist musicals, analyzed in 1997’s documentary East Side Story. I liked the details of how the other half lived; the

CARNAGE (R; 79 min.) See review on page 45.

terms; the film makes Thatcher look like Elizabeth I conquering the Spanish Armada. Americans can get a little irritated during the scene where Thatcher has the last word to an American ambassador trying to stave off war. What is the attack on the Falklands if not England’s Pearl Harbor, Thatcher asks—a political K_\ analogy in need of a @ifeCX[p challenge.

CONTRABAND (R; 110 min.) This remake of a 2009 Icelandic thriller features Mark Wahlberg as a former drug-runner who has to get back in the game to save his brother-in-law after a botched run puts him in debt with a brutal drug lord (Giovanni Ribisi). The film also stars Kate Beckinsale as Wahlberg’s tough-as-nails wife,




PG-13; 105 min. Opens Friday

The Iron Lady reverses the angle on the way Thatcher worked, making her a besieged woman encircled by furious crowds and mad bombers. Her Labor opponents shake their heads at her, or else have to pull back ruefully, amused at being bested by her wit. This unusually meretricious biopic has been called worth seeing for Streep. It’s a tribute to her that the movie isn’t worse. She coasts on her gift for accents and mimicry, but this is hardly an example of a peerless actress playing a really once in a lifetime part. The Iron Lady’s bottom-line offensiveness goes beyond the strangebedfellows situation of its making. Here’s a noted lesbian director honoring the politician who helped bring about the homophobic Section 28 amendment. —Richard von Busack






(COMEDY) | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012















CAMERA CINEMAS LOS GATOS CENTURY CINEMAS 16 CINÉARTS@SANTANA ROW 41 North Santa Cruz Ave, 3088 Olsen Drive, 1500 North Shoreline Blvd, Los Gatos (408) 395-0203 Mountain View (800) FANDANGO San Jose (800) FANDANGO



IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY (R; 127 min.) See review on page 48. (Opens Fri at Camera 12 in San Jose.)

JOYFUL NOISE (PG-13; 188 min.) Todd Graffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sometimes appealing vision of the no-color-line town of Palaschau, Ga. The only local energy is in the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s church choir, perennial semiďŹ nalists in a national competition. Dolly Parton, rendered strange by plastic surgery, is â&#x20AC;&#x153;G.G.â&#x20AC;? (it stands for â&#x20AC;&#x153;Gorgeous Grandmaâ&#x20AC;?); sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the rich church lady who was married to choir director Kris Kristofferson, who drops dead during the title sequence. G.G. contends for leadership with her rival, tough Vi Rose (Queen Latifah), who is single

and overparenting her children. One of the kids is Dexter Darden as Walter, an Aspergerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s case, and the way this movie plays with questions of acceptance and Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will, Walter may well have been gay in the ďŹ rst draft of the script. Meantime, Vi Roseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 16-year-old daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer), just happens to fall for G.G.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grandson, the aptly named Randy (Jeremy Jordan). Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a ďŹ&#x201A;imsy musical plot, and the music is pretty ďŹ&#x201A;imsy itself; however it includes a couple of showstoppers: Ivan Kelley Jr.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s powerful Michael Jackson-style attack on Billy Prestonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Way God Planned Itâ&#x20AC;? and Latifahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s solo version of the spiritual â&#x20AC;&#x153;Fix Me, Jesus.â&#x20AC;? (Opens Fri at Camera 12 in San Jose.) (RvB)

THE IRON LADY (PG-13; 105 min.) See review on page 46.

crazier than the source novel. The unnamed Narrator (Edward Norton), an exhausted businessman who bleats for reparenting, gets the Big Bad Daddy of his wildest dreams: the slobby but charismatic terrorist Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). Helena Bonham Carter is a stitch as Maria, the transient girl Durden picks up, sleeps with and drops. Pitt and Norton change the mood of the ďŹ lm, letting the humor of the book move to the forefront, allowing the novelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s endorsement of the violent life look more like a ridiculous pose and less like a stab at philosophy. (Plays Jan 13-15 in San Jose at the Retro Dome.) (RvB)

NILES FILM MUSEUM Regularly scheduled programs of silent ďŹ lms. Jan 13 at 7pm: The Grapes of Wrath (1940) In connection with the Alameda

Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;One Book, One Communityâ&#x20AC;? program. A story of California in the 1930s. John Fordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sentimentalized version of John Steinbeckâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s novel still has considerable punch, thanks to Gregg Tolandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s photography and Henry Fondaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s indelible Tom Joad. Jan 14 at 7:30pm â&#x20AC;&#x153;One A.M.â&#x20AC;? with Charlie Chaplin; Charlie Chase in a tinted print of â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Caretakerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Daughterâ&#x20AC;? (1925); Buster Keaton wrestles a pre-fabricated house in â&#x20AC;&#x153;One Weekâ&#x20AC;? and Laurel and Hardy co-star in â&#x20AC;&#x153;Love â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Em and Weep.â&#x20AC;? Greg Pane at the piano. (Plays Jan 13-14 in Fremont at the Edison Theater.) (RvB)

THE PHILADELPHIA STORY/ MIDNIGHT (1940/1939) An idealistic novelist-turned-reporter (Jimmy


Revivals FIGHT CLUB (1999) David Fincherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s violent, hideocomic parody of the menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s movement is both subtler and

For your chance to receive a pass to a special advance screening on Tuesday, January 17 in Santa Clara, stop by the Metro office


Stewart) attempts to cover a high-society Philadelphia wedding. A fellow employee vouchsafes his entry to the wedding: the brideâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s self-amused, dissolute ex-husband (Cary Grant). As for the bride, the frigidness and brittleness of heiress Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is all too well known. In critiquing her image as a slender art deco vial of box office poison, Hepburn saved her movie career. While essentially a slice of cake, it is the essential film about Hollywoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conflicting attitudes toward the class structure in America. Figures of leisure confront the discontent of people who had to fight their way up from the bottom. BILLED WITH Midnight. Mitchell Leisenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sophisticated triangle: a penniless chorus girl (Claudette Colbert), a


   -Kenneth Turan,

/ (+,)(%+$%(#.*%,%(# (  %*!,)*%& !-,"*)'(#!&%()&%!0 -Pete Hammond,

/ 0 -Caryn James,


     0 -Dennis Harvey,

550 S. First Street, San Jose between 9AM and 5PM



and donate a non-parishable food item to

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Passes are limited and available while supplies last. Limit one pass, good for two, per donation. THIS FILM IS RATED R. RESTRICTED. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian. Passes received through this promotion do not guarantee admission to the theatre. Seating is on a first come, first served basis, except for members of the press. Not responsible for lost, delayed or misdirected entries. Passes are limited and available while supplies last. NO PHONE CALLS!


CENTURY CINEMAS 16 CAMERA 12 SAN JOSE 201 South Second Street, 1500 North Shoreline Blvd, San Jose (408) 998-3300 Mtn View (800) FANDANGO


JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

tips of how to bootleg a jazz album using a discarded X-ray photo might come in handy if Santorum is elected. Still, the lyrics lose something in subtitling, and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a low ratio of tunes that really get under the skin, versus the ones that are quaint imitations of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;50s musical modes. (Opens Fri at Camera 3 in San Jose.) (RvB) | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012

Dean Semler



?8I;K@D<J8acXQXeXDXiaXefm`Z#Z\ek\i \e[j

lg`eXgi`jfeZXdg`e8e^\c`eXAfc`\ÊjÉ@ek_\CXe[ f]9cff[Xe[?fe\p%Ê

Atrocity Exhibition AFTER THE American Civil War, politicians used to make hay by reminding the crowd of Confederate atrocities. “Waving the bloody shirt” was the expression. Whatever the Bosnian word for “shirt” is, director/writer Angelina Jolie windmills it for In the Land of Blood and Honey. The title’s awkwardness is well matched in the script. Ante-(Balkan)-bellum, a secular Muslim artist named Ajla (Zana Marjanovic) enjoys some time at a nightclub with a Bosnian Serb policeman, Danijel (Goran Kostic). The two reencounter each other once the ethnic cleansing begins in the 1990s. Ajla is transported with a crowd of other women to a prison/bordello. Danijel is now an army officer—and is revealed to be the son of a racist general in the Serb forces (Rade Serbedzija). Actors who turn to directing always revenge themselves for every time some other director asked them to turn it down and bring in less. It’s clear Marjanovic, with her curvy frame and generous lips is Jolie’s surrogate.

metroactive FILM Parisian tax driver (Don Ameche) and a wealthy rogue (John Barrymore) who hires the girl to lure away his own wife’s lover. This is the movie that gives the best idea of what audiences of of long ago saw in Barrymore. (Plays Jan 14-19 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)

THE ROOM (2003) It’s so easy to mock someone’s film, isn’t it. To jeer at their cherished little celluloid baby. But it’s hard to go out and get the cameras and rent the billboard and four-wall the


theaters. Have a great big laugh, you monsters. (Plays Jan 14 at 11:30pm in San Jose at Camera 3.) (RvB)

TO BE OR NOT TO BE/ CASABLANCA (Both 1942) Ernst Lubitsch’s keen comedy likens the occupation of a country to the cuckolding of a proud man. The Shakespearean Joseph Tura, “that great Polish actor” (Jack Benny), should have followed Iago’s advice: “Look to your wife.” His own spouse (Carol Lombard) is being courted by a callow pilot (Robert Stack), and


@ek_\CXe[ f]9cff[ Xe[?fe\p


R; 127 min. Opens Friday

While the Story of O thing between captor and captive has a twist, the incidents of romance aren’t enough honey to sweeten the movie. Jolie pumps us to the max with the horrors committed by shaven-headed goons. We aren’t redeemed by romantic relief. What we really end up desiring is to see Belgrade bombed all over again.


Some viewers have seen the film as a valid critique of the United States’ “pacifism” (to quote one reviewer) in the Balkan War. Let’s remember that many pacifists were fooled into supporting the Iraq invasion by tales of Saddam’s rape camps. Give some credit to the nonviolent movement Otpor! and how it helped send Slobo on his one-way trip to the Hague. Jolie strives here, but in the arts, the race is not to the striver. In the Land of Blood and Honey is filmed like an updated Holocaust movie, with loads of shocks and a Good German (or Bosnian) lead, with mouthfuls of historical exposition and, finally, with the vain hope that underwritten characters will look as elemental as silent movie figures.—Richard von Busack

when war intervenes, the ham turns patriot. In the person of the glamorous yet fetchingly self-aware Lombard (it’s her best film) we get one of the most affectionate treatments of an adulterous woman in studio-movie history. BILLED WITH Casablanca. Club owner Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) is confronted by his old lover (Ingrid Bergman) and her husband (Paul Henreid), who try to shake the isolationist Rick into action against the Nazis. (Plays Jan 713 in Palo Alto at the Stanford Theatre.) (RvB)


43KIX (43549) BY MONDAY, JANUARY 16 AT 10AM.

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metroactive MUSIC

KINGS NGS OF TUESDAY NIGHT DJ Clint Westwood (right) and Ben Bremer (second from right) were longtime friends and d band mates in Language Arts Crew and Trashkannon when they started Terrible Tuesdays at Johnny V’s.

‘Terrible Tuesdays’ at Johnny V’s has blown up by changing the rules for DJ nights By STEVE PALOPOLI


ometimes Tuesdays are downright terrible. That’s how DJ Clint Westwood remembers them being in downtown San Jose last spring.

“The Sharks were losing the playoffs,” he says. “All of downtown was in a lull.” He and his friend Ben Bremer were feeling a bit down themselves. The VooDoo Lounge, which they’d both been involved with, had closed in February. “We kind of needed something to do after Voodoo closed. We were bored out of our minds, and wanted to do something cool,” says Westwood. What they ended up doing is currently the hottest thing going on Tuesday nights in the South Bay. But it started inauspiciously enough, when Johnny V’s owner Johnny Van Wyk offered them Tuesday nights to build a weekly event around.

“It was an off night, so he said ‘do whatever you want,’” recalls Westwood. They could have chosen any one theme, but instead they did what no one else dares to do: they chose every theme. More specifically, they decided to change the theme every week, which for reasons that are probably obvious, is the exact opposite of the strategy that dance nights normally take. A hardcore dubstep following can be counted on to show up at a regular dubstep event. Clubgoers quickly learn where to go for top 40, house or hiphop nights. But who’s going to show up every week to a dance night that could be old-school funk one week, reggae-ska the next, then mod-rock, then punk rock? The truth is, neither Westwood nor Bremer had any idea. They didn’t care. They even counted on shaking up the status quo a little bit, dubbing their night “Terrible Tuesdays.” “It was a counterculture kind of thing,” admits Westwood. He and Bremer have been friends as well as bandmates for a decade, in Language Arts Crew and its many

offshoot bands—last year they even recorded as a duo—so grassroots promotion was nothing new to them. “The first couple of nights we bombed everyone’s Facebook, to the point that we annoyed them,” says Bremer. It worked, and Terrible Tuesdays took off quickly. They had some ups and downs, but unexpectedly people did start to respond to the utter disregard for continuity, and most weeks it seems to be packed now. “We have our regulars, but we get different crowds in there,” says Westwood. To a certain degree, their success is part of a bigger picture that has seen DJ nights keeping some clubs afloat at a time when the success of live music is hit or miss. But no one has gone about it like they have. Other quirks include their habit of waiting for inspiration to strike for their themes. “Sometimes I don’t know what they’re doing until the day of,” says Van Wyk. “Sometimes I don’t think they know.” Westwood laughs. “Sometimes. We try to do a little more planning now,” he says. “But I’m a go-on-the-fly kind of dude anyway.” Part of the reason is that a couple of months into their experiment last year, Bremer—who bartends at both Johnny V’s and San Jose Bar

Terrible Tuesdays 9pm; Johnny V’s; San Jose

49 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

The Terrible Truth

and Grill—began booking live bands for some of their Tuesday events. He started with friends’ bands, and friendsof-friends’ bands, and now books out-of-town bands as well. He tries to make the bills cohesive, and they build the themes around the bands. Bremer wants his bookings to get more and more out there. He just set a blues night—“we’ve never done blues before, so I don’t know what the hell’s going to happen—and is looking into doing a goth night and a bring-yourown-instruments theme. “I want to think way out of the boundaries,” he says. As a DJ, Westwood has to keep up with all of this, which is even more impressive when you realize he never Tuesdays DJed at all before Terrible Terr self-described music started. But as a self-d into his collection, nerd, he simply dug in and then saving up starting with vinyl an turntable. for a Serato turntable He admits it can be tricky trying to impose a different theme on every night. “The whole concept concep of reading the room, you have to know your audience,” he says. “You can’t totally be in your own little world. You don’t want to clear the room out, which I can definitely do.” In fact, he’s known for doing it at last call, when he’ll blast grindcore and death metal to get people out the door. Bremer explains that if a theme isn’t working on a particular night, they won’t so much abandon it as enhance it. “We’ll throw other themes into the mix,” he says. In another unexpected twist, Terrible Tuesdays has become something of an industry night, helped by the fact that it’s an off night for the bars and clubs. That’s one of many reasons they never want to move what they’re doing to a marquee weekend night—Bremer and Westwood both say it just wouldn’t work. For now, they’ll continue making Tuesdays less terrible—but they’ll keep the name. “Alliteration,” says Westwood. “That always helps.”

50 10

MONTALVO ARTS CENTER me oac e. e com m | sanj sa | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012

Carriage House Theatre Concert Series ERIC BIBB February 4, 8pm “Bibb may be the quietest blues player out there, but he is also becoming one of the best.” - Billboard Eric Bibb’s unique talent as a performer and songwriter continues to draw critical acclaim around the world. He has been recognized with a Grammy Award nomination, four W.C. Handy Blues Award nominations, and won the “Best Newcomer” title in the British Blues Awards. Bibb has been described by critics as “a total original” and The London Times raves, “A voice to die for.”

SPENCER DAY February 11, 8pm Vocalist-songwriter-pianist Spencer Day brought down the house when he performed at the Carriage House Theatre in February 2011. At 29, he has enjoyed a musical career remarkable for someone twice his age. His voice inspires comparisons to that of Harry Connick Jr. and his compositions to those of Cole Porter, Paul Simon and Rufus Wainwright. His latest release, Vagabond, is a genuine crowd pleaser and demonstrates Day’s eclectic taste and remarkable ear for music. Call box office for information on pre-concert Valentine’s dinner in the Villa.

EDDIE PALMIERI February 12, 7:30pm “Lynch and Palmieri are arguably each the most important Latin Jazz voices of their respective generations...” - ALL MUSIC GUIDE Nine-time Grammy Award-winner, Eddie Palmieri (with a successful musical career that spans over 50 years) is known for his distinctive blend of jazz piano with Latin rhythms. Brian Lynch is a Grammy Award-winning, New York based jazz trumpeter who is celebrated internationally.

Free on-site parking!

Presented by

Box Office, 408.961.5858, M-F, 10am-4pm or 15400 Montalvo Road, Saratoga, CA 95070

Celebrating 100 Years! 1912-2012


More listings:

metroactive MUSIC


John Nemeth & AC Myles Duo Thursday at Poor House Bistro in San Jose, 6pm; free Perhaps the only soulful thing to come out of Fresno, AC Myles can play the hell out of a guitar, and he’s growing as a songwriter. And John Nemeth has one of those classic R&B voices that can turn “heart” into a 14-syllable word. (SP)

Lisa Lampanelli Friday at Fox Theatre in Redwood City, 7pm, $42.75 Lisa Lampanelli’s claim to both pull no punches and be a “lovable” queen of mean seems an awful lot like Ghostbusters-style crossing the streams, but she’s made her comic career having it both ways. If she doesn’t make a joke about having sex with a black guy, I’m pretty sure you get your money back. (SP)

Tommy Castro

Buy tickets at To charge by phone (800) 745-3000. Limit 8 tickets per person. All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable service charges.

Saturday at Club Fox in Redwood City, 9pm; $20/$23 Singer/songwriter Tommy Castro grew up on the soul music blasting out of lowriders in East San Jose; years later, he mixed those influences with his first love, blues, to make a sound that won him four national Blues Awards in 2010. (SP)

Metro’s music calendar runs Wednesday–Tuesday. LILLY MAC’S


Fri: Savoir Faire. Sat: SugaDady. Sun: The Gents. Mon: Matt Bolton. Campbell.



Fri-Sat: Live rock bands. Los Gatos.

Fri, 10pm: Sugadady. Sat, 10pm: Superbad. San Jose.




Fri, 6pm: Pantheon, Lakes, I Swallowed an Owl, Conversions. All ages. San Jose.

Fri, 9:30pm: Big Cat Tolefree. $5. Fremont.

Fri, 8pm: Naked Walrus. Sat, 8pm: Ghost of Wrights, Shanty Shack, Adira Shark. San Jose.




Sat, 8pm: English Beat. $20. Santa Clara.

Fri, 8:30pm: Live music. Campbell.

Sat, 8:30pm: The E-Ticket Band. Classic rock & roll. $10/$14. Redwood City.

THE BLANK CLUB Wed, 9pm: Sad Bastard Book Club, Ghost and the City, T.I.E. Free. Fri, 9pm: Strangelove (Depeche Mode tribute), Spellbound (Siouxsie & the Banshees tribute). $10. San Jose.

BOSWELL’S Wed: Jack Rip Off. Thu: Sexy Back.

Sat: Goodz. Sunnyvale.


Fri, 9pm: Symphony Overdose, Dimidium, Vanishing Affair, Stat. San Jose.



Sat: Megatones. Santa Clara.

Thu, 7pm: Mark Rodriguez. Sat, 7pm: Ashley Mendez. Willow Glen.


JOHNNY V’S Fri: The Mengz, Five Fingers of Death, Oneyeding. Sat: Late Night District, These Are the Results of a Thousand Electric Volts. Tue: Trashkannon, Go Time. San Jose.

Fri, 6pm: La Montagne, Leviathan, the Lazzari Experiment, Don’t Fight the Giant, Seventh Day Breakdown, Southerland Nights, Hope in Disguise. All ages. Sat, 6pm: Ignite the Raid, Kill the Messenger, Silly Creature, Look a


JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |



metroactive MUSIC | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012

51 Flying Pig, Autumn’s First Fire, Brave New World. All ages. San Jose.

NINE LIVES Fri, 8pm: Melted Horses, the Honey Wilders, Chunky Turtlenecks. $10. Sat, 8pm: Abbey Road. Beatles tribute. $12. Gilroy.

NUMBER ONE BROADWAY Wed-Thu, 9:30pm: Live music. No cover. Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: Live music. $10. Los Gatos.

THE QUARTER NOTE Wed-Thu & Sun: Pro jam. No cover. Fri: Mukagee, Seventh Union, Sludgebucket. Sat: Plush, Ghost Children. Sunnyvale.


Fri-Sat, 8pm: Live music and belly dancing. Cupertino.

Wed: Cathy Lemons. Fri: Stan Erhart Band. Sat: Second Story Band. San Jose

AZÚCAR Thu, 9pm: DJ Che live video mixing. Fri, 9pm: Latin rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban & Latin fusions. Tue, 9pm: Salsa. San Jose.




Fri, 9:30pm & Sat, 9pm: Live music. Mountain View.


Thu, 8pm: Blues jam with Aki. Fri, 8pm: Duke Mantee & the Gold Money Band. Sat, 8pm: Scott T. Miller. Campbell.

Fri, 9pm: Hard Salsa. $10. Redwood City.


HUKILAU Fri: E Ono Kane. Sat: Na Kalohe Kane. San Jose.


Fri, 8pm: Christina Li, Blake McMurray. Sat, 8pm: Los Altos High Jamnesty Open Mic. Mountain View.

Tue: Irish dancing. Sunnyvale.



Fri, 6pm: Start the Fire Up, Helms Deep, Ecophagy, the Scarlet Ruse, Atlas, Anchors, the Human Contortion. All ages. $10. Sat, 6pm: Wake Up Dolly, Adventure Book, the American Scene, Common Crooks, Belle Noire, Hotel Island Breakdown. All ages. Cupertino.

Wed & Fri-Sun, 6pm: World music. Mon, 6pm: Moroccan music. Tue, 6pm: Flamenco music. Mountain View.

Thu, 8pm: Usurpervong, Blackwood Royalty. Fri: Steve Duchardt. San Jose.

STATION 55 Fri-Sat, 9pm-1am: Live music. Gilroy.

TEMPLE BAR & LOUNGE Sat, 8pm: Live music. San Jose.

WOODHAM’S LOUNGE Fri: Pro Jam with local rock musicians. Santa Clara.

X-BAR Sat, 8pm: Skinner, Bad Boy Eddy. All ages. Homestead Lanes, Cupertino.

World AGENDA LOUNGE Wed, 8pm: Salsa. $5. Thu, 8pm: Banda nights. Fri, 8pm: Rock en Español. San Jose.


Ph: (408) 916.4644




Wed: Bachata. Thu: Salsa with Pantea. Fri: Salsa. Sat: Latin night. Mon: Argentine Tango. Tue: Salsa with Pantea. Mountain View.

More listings:


LIQUID Tue: Rock en espanol. San Jose.

MOROCCO’S SJ Wed, 6pm: Flamenco music. Fri, 6pm: World music and belly dancing with Adriana. Sat, 6pm: World music. Sun, 6pm: Moroccan music. Mon, noon-midnight: French music. San Jose.

Wed, 7pm: Blues Jam with Macy Blackmon. $5. Sat, 8pm: Tommy Castro, Bluestate. $20/$23. Redwood City.

Every first and third Wed, 7:30pm: Hedley Club Jazz Jam. Thu, 8pm: Russo-Alberts Trio. Fri, 8:30pm: Kat Parra. Sat, 8:30pm: John Worley. Hotel De Anza, San Jose.

J.J.’S BLUES CAFE Wed, 9pm: Ron Tomasello & Friends. Thu, 9pm: The Dan Goghs. Fri, 9pm: Liars Club. No cover. Sat, 7pm: John Lee Hooker Jr., Gene Washington. $20. Sun, 6pm: Gene Washington, Ruckus. Mon, 9pm: Waynes Way. Tue, 7pm: Dennis & Stuart, Blue J. San Jose.

LIQUID Wed: JC Smith Band. San Jose.

LOFT BAR AND BISTRO Thu, 7-10pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

LOS GATOS BREWING CO. Fri: Dueling pianos. Los Gatos.



Thu-Sat: Live music. Sunnyvale.

Thu & Sat: Dueling pianos. San Jose.

STEPHENS GREEN Tue, 7:30pm. Irish music. Mountain View.

SUNNYVALE THEATRE Sat, 7:30pm: Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter. Celtic harpists. $22-$28. Sunnyvale.


MONTALVO ARTS CENTER Wed, 7:30pm: Maceo Parker. $40$49. Saratoga.

MURPHY’S LAW Thu: TJ the DJ. Fri: Charles Wheal Band. Sat: Smokin’ King Snakes. Mon: Pro blues jam. Sunnyvale.

ORCHARD VALLEY COFFEE Sat: The Jazz Nobodies. Campbell.

AFFINITY Wed, 7pm: Kristen Strom Quartet. Hilto Hotel, San Jose.

ANGELICA’S BISTRO Thu, 7pm: Blues talent contest. Fri, 6pm: Carl Tilchen. $5/$9. Redwood City.

ART BOUTIKI Every second Thu, 7pm: Jazz jam. $5. San Jose.

A PERFECT FINISH Fri, 9pm: Quasimodal. Sat, 9pm: Amy Dabalos. San Jose.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO Wed, 6pm: Ron Thompson & Friends. Thu, 6pm: John Nemeth & AC Myles Duo. Fri, 6pm: Anthony Paule Blues Band. Sat, 6pm: Laurie Morvan Band. Sun, noon: Gail Dobson Jazz Band & Student Performance. San Jose.

BBC GASTROPUB Fri, 6:0pm: Live jazz. Menlo Park.



Maceo Parker MACEO PARKER has played with some of the most iconic and eccentric personalities in music history. As James Brown’s sax man, he helped write the rules of modern R&B. As the musical director of George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic, he led a sonic revolution in the ’70s. As part of Prince’s band, he’s helped him become one of the most in-demand live acts of this century. He’s worked on projects with everyone from Keith Richards to Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction. The question is: how does he do it? How does he collaborate with pop’s oversized personalities without setting off a war of egos? Duh, he’s Maceo. “I’m easygoing,” said Parker by phone after winding up his extended New Year’s Eve duties. “I’ve got a real long, long, long, long chain before you get me out of my thing. I’m just one of those guys, I’ll open the door for you, you can go in the elevator first. If there’s a long line of cars, I’ll stop and let you in. I just do that.”

Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga 7:30pm; $44/$49

If Parker’s cool runs deep, it has also spread wide. “One of the things I never envisioned really is so many parents naming their kids Maceo,” he says. “Man, all over the world, I’m telling you. It’s crazy, really crazy. There was one time I had three little Maceos on stage. One of the left side of the stage, one in the center, one on the right. None of them knew each other, but they were all Maceo because of me.” Parker has been recording with his own various bands off and on since the early ’70s, winning a “Jammie” for Best Jazz Album in 2009 for his most recent album, the Ray Charles tribute Roots & Grooves. When he comes to Montalvo in Saratoga on Wednesday, he brings a reputation for transcendent live shows that can stretch on for hours. He’s so known for epic partying he had to do four straight nights through New Year’s Eve last month, at Yoshi’s in San Francisco. “People know what we’re going to bring, they know what we do. You’re going to get your party on, your dance on. That’s what we’re about,” says Parker. “I’m there for the people. They made a choice to come where I am, and I want to make it really worth their while. I’m there trying to give one hundred percent.”—Steve Palopoli

JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

BRASS MASTER Maceo Parker plays Montalvo in Saratoga Wednesday.

53 | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ 831-423-1336


Thursday, January 12Â&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 16+ EQUIPTO plus -AC*ARs-ONIKAPE also Otayo Dubb and Alwa Gordon !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM

Friday, January 13Â&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 21+ (((folkYEAH!))) presents (Sub Pop recording artist)

VETIVER plus Magic Trick Deep Ellum !DV$RSsPMPM Saturday, January 14Â&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 21+




:\UKH`1HU\HY`Â&#x2039;AGES 16+

SLIGHTLY STOOPID plus The Aggroiites also Perro Bravo !DV$RSs$RSPM3HOWPM Sunday, January 15Â&#x2039;In the AtriumÂ&#x2039;AGES 16+


plus PaciďŹ c


SEVENTH HOUSE Cupertinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Seventh Day Breakdown play Nickel City Friday.

*ANIsadoraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Scarf Atrium (Ages 21+) Jan 20 Dan Potthast Atrium (Ages 16+) Jan 21 Too Short (Ages 16+) Jan 21 Voodoo Glow Skulls Authority Zero Atrium (Ages 16+) Jan 24 Wolves in the Throne Room Atrium (Ages 16+) *ANBuckethead (Ages 16+) Jan 28 Jackie Greene (Ages 21+) Feb 4 Marianne Aya Omac (Ages 21+) Feb 6 Groundation (Ages 16+) Feb 11 Y & T (Ages 21+) &EBRebelution (Ages 16+) Mar 2 Lagwagon (Ages 16+) Mar 8 SOJA (Ages 16+) -ARIration (Ages 16+) Apr 10 Dark Star Orchestra (Ages 21+)

Seventh Day Breakdown DESPITE their coveted spot as one of the greatest indie bands of all time, HĂźsker DĂźâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inďŹ&#x201A;uence continues to be like the weatherâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;everyone talks about it, but no one Fri, Jan. 13 does anything about it. Maybe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because Bob Mouldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mix of gruff punk anger and unďŹ&#x201A;inching Nickel City, raw emotion confounds most bands. Cupertinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s San Jose Seventh Day Breakdown are the rare alt-rockers to actually get it, and not just because of Max Sorgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 6pm; $10 gravelly vocals. Their â&#x20AC;&#x153;Parting Wordsâ&#x20AC;? is a song Mould himself would have been proud to write. La Montagne, Leviathan, the Lazzari Experiment and Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Fight the Giant also perform.â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Steve Palopoli

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating. Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 866-384-3060 & online

52 TESSORAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Fri, 8:30pm: Live music. Campbell.


THREEFLAMES THREE FLAMES RESTAURANT Thu, 9pm: Bit & Spur Band. Sun, 8pm: Rebecca West. San Jose.

Open Mic




Tue, 7pm: Open mic. Free. San Jose.

Wed-Thu, 7:30pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

Tue, 7pm: Open mic. Redwood City.




Thu & Sat, 7pm: Live jazz. San Jose.

MISSION CITY COFFEE ROASTING Fri, 7:30pm: Maybe Tuesday. Sat, 8pm: Saddle Cats. Santa Clara.

Mon, 7pm: Musical open mic for singer-songwriters. Sign up at 7pm. Free. San Jose.

BAREFOOT COFFEE ROASTERS Wed, 7pm: Musical open mic. Sign up by 5pm. Santa Clara.



Wed, 9pm: California Cowboys. Thu-Fri, 9pm & Sat, 10:15pm: Diablo Road. Fremont.

Thu, 7:30pm: Open mic. Saratoga.

SAMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BBQ


Wed, 6pm: Dark Hollow. Tue, 6pm: Cabin Fever. San Jose.

Wed, 9:30pm: Open mic. Cupertino.

Fri, 7pm: Open mic. San Jose.

DA KINE CAFE Tue, 6:30-9:30pm: Open mic. Music, poetry, etc. Sunnyvale.

HOT JAVA COFFEE ROASTING Tue, 6:30pm: Hot Acoustic Tuesdays. Open mic for instrumentalists, vocalists, poets and more. Morgan Hill.


11 55

JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com m | metr m o tive. oactive.c t com


metroactive MUSIC | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


EL RANCHO SPORTS BAR Thu, 8pm: Karaoke. San Jose.



Wed: The Cypher. Hip-hop open mic. San Jose.

MISSION CITY ROASTING CO. Thu, 7pm: South Bay Folks Open Mic. Santa Clara.

MOUNTAIN CHARLEY’S Wed, 8-11pm: Live music, comedy and poetry. Los Gatos.

POOR HOUSE BISTRO Tue, 6pm: Open-mic night. San Jose.


BLINKY’S CAN’T SAY Fri, 9pm-1am: Danielle. Sat, 9pm1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

BLUE BONNET BAR Wed-Thu and Mon, 8pm: Karaoke. No cover. Sunnyvale.

Wed, 8:30pm: Open mic. Campbell.

SUNNYVALE ART GALLERY First and third Thursday of every month, 7pm: The Canvas. Open to all performers. Sunnyvale.

THREE FLAMES RESTAURANT Wed, 8pm: Open-mic night with Anita. Willow Glen.

Karaoke 7 BAMBOO Wed-Sat, 9pm: Karaoke. Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. San Jose.

FAHRENHEIT ULTRA LOUNGE Tue, 9pm: Partyoke. Beer pong and karaoke. San Jose.

FIREHOUSE GRILL & BREWERY Sun, 7pm-close: Uncle Dougie Show. Palo Alto.



Tue, 7pm: Steve Tiger. Cupertino.

Wed-Sat and Tue, 9pm: Uncle Dougie Show. No cover. San Jose.

GALAXY Thu, 9pm-2am: August. Milpitas.



Fri: KJ Bob and Starmaker Karaoke at 7pm, followed by DJ at 10pm. Santa Clara.

Fri-Sat, 7pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


Sun & Wed-Thu: Pro jam. Sunnyvale. Mon, 7pm: Cavin and King’s Open Mic. Mountain View.

More listings:


BOGART’S LOUNGE Wed, Fri and Sun, 8pm-2am: KJ Dennis. Sunnyvale.

GILROY BOWL Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Gilroy.

BOSWELL’S Tue: DJ Davey K. Campbell.

BOULEVARD TAVERN Thu: Karaoke. Los Gatos.

BRANHAM LOUNGE Thu and Mon: Karaoke. San Jose.



Fri-Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Willow Glen.

Wed & Sun, 10pm: DJ UncleHank. San Jose.

BRITANNIA ARMS CUPERTINO Sun-Tue, 10pm: Karaoke. Cupertino.


JERSEYS Sat: Karaoke. Campbell.

JOHNNY V’S Sun: Sunday Funday. Karaoke. No cover. San Jose.


Wed, 9pm: August. Mon, 9pm: Comedy w/ Mr. Walker. San Jose.

Sun, 9:30pm-1:30am: Karaoke. Campbell.




Thu, 10pm: Melissa and Heather. Santa Clara.

Wed, 8pm: DJ Desmond. San Jose.

Nightly, 9pm-2am: Karaoke. San Jose.



Thu, 9pm: Vinnie. Sat, 9pm & Mon, 9:30pm: Joe. San Jose.

Thu, 9pm: DJ Davey K. Campbell.

AZÚCAR Wed, 9pm: English and Spanish karaoke and dancing. San Jose.



Wed, 7pm: Karaoke. Sunnyvale.


Wed, 8pm, and Sat, 8:30pm: KJ Bob and Starmaker Karaoke. San Jose.


Mon, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Menlo Park.



Fri, 9pm: Ryan. San Jose.

Wed: Karaoke. Thu, 9pm-1am: Karaoke. Santa Clara.



Sat, 9pm: August. Santa Clara.

Wed, 9:30pm: Karaoke. San Jose.



Thu, 8pm: KJ Bob and Starmaker Karaoke. San Jose (upstairs at El Palenque Restaurant).

Wed-Sat and Tue, 9pm-2am, & last Sun of every month, 2-7pm: B&S Karaoke. Campbell.

Mon: Karaoke. San Jose.

MOJO LOUNGE Wed, 9pm: Vic. Fremont.

NORMANDY HOUSE LOUNGE Fri-Sat, 9:30pm: Karaoke. Santa Clara.

OFF THE HOOK Sun, 8pm: Joe. Campbell.

OFFICE BAR Fri-Sat, 9pm, and Sun, 7pm: Karaoke. Mountain View.

Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;FLAHERTYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S IRISH PUB Sun-Mon, 8pm: Matt. San Jose.


PIONEER SALOON Tue, 8:30pm: Acoustic karaoke with Sam Marshall. Woodside.

QUARTER NOTE Mon-Tue, 9pm: Karaoke. No cover. Sunnyvale.

RED STAG LOUNGE Nightly karaoke, 9pm-1:30am. San Jose.

REDI ROOM Thu-Sat, 9pm: DJ Curtis. San Jose.

SAN JOSE BAR & GRILL Tue, 10pm-close: Kamikaze Karaoke. San Jose.


THREE FLAMES RESTAURANT Mon, 8pm: Chris. Tue, 9pm: Randy. San Jose.

WOODHAMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LOUNGE Thu & Sat, 9:30pm: Wild Side. Santa Clara.

Dance Clubs AGENDA Wed, 8pm: Salsa Wednesdays. Thu: Antromix. Banda nights. Fri: Rock en EspaĂąol. San Jose.


LOFT BAR AND BISTRO Fri-Sat, 10pm: Live DJ. San Jose.

Thu: VJ mixing with DJ BenofďŹ cial. Fri, 10pm: DJ Radio. Sat, 10pm: DJ BenofďŹ cial. San Jose.


C&Jâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SPORTS BAR


Wed & Sat, 10pm: DJ. Fri, 8:30pm: Sizzling. Salsa night. Santa Clara.

Thu, 8pm: DJ Akustik. No cover. Fri, 8pm: DJ Mayo. Sat, 8pm: DJ Mayo and DJ Akustik. Sun, 7pm: Latin Beat. Sun, 9pm: Sonidero Night. Sunnyvale.

Thu: Therapy. Fri: Soul. San Jose.

CAFFE FRASCATI Thu, 7pm: Wigglerama, DJ Night. San Jose.

JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Thu, 8:30pm-midnight: Karaoke with Jordan River Productions. San Jose.




Thu-Sat: DJs and dancing. Sun: Reggae. San Jose.

Fri-Sat, 6pm: DJ or live band. No cover. Santa Clara.



Wed: Wingy Tango night. Thu: SoFA King Thursdays. Fri: Video Killed the DJ. Sat: Sapphire Saturdays. Sun: Sinful Sundays. Mon: Manic Mondaze. Tue: Buck Wild Tuesdays. San Jose.

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs. San Jose.

FAHRENHEIT ULTRA LOUNGE Wed, 9pm: Wine Wednesdays. Thu, 9pm: The Heit Thursdays. Fri-Sat, 9pm: DJs & dancing. $10. Mon, 9pm: Industry. Tue: College Night. San Jose.

STUDIO8 Thu: $3 Thursdays. Fri: Gloria of Basketball Wives. Sat: DJ Splyce. San Jose.

JOHNNY Vâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S Wed: The Cypher. Thu: Thumpinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Thursdays. House, D&B, electro. No cover. Mon: Retox. Hip-hop. Tue: Terrible Tuesdays with DJ Westwood. San Jose.


KATIE BLOOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S

Wed: RedRun with D. Luzion and Illtraxx. Thu: JazBiz and Dave Dynamix. Fri: Video Mixing, then DJ Radio Raheem and DJ Ready Rock. San Jose.

Thu-Sat, 9:30pm: DJs and dancing. Campbell.

WILLOW DEN Wed-Sat, 10pm: DJs. Willow Glen.



Thu: DJ Tesfa and rotating DJs, reggae, hip-hop. Fri-Sat: Rotating DJs, including Remedy, Goldenchyld and others. Sun: Live music. San Jose.

Wed: Lil Saturday. House & electronica. Thu: 24 Thursdays. Fri: Fabulous Fridays. Mountain View.



AZĂ&#x161;CAR Thu, 9pm: DJ Che live video mixing. Fri, 9pm: Latin rock en espanol. Sat, 9pm: Salsa, merengue, cumbia, urban & Latin fusions. Tue, 9pm: Salsa. San Jose.

San Franciscoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s City Guide



Sat, 9pm: Thick & Sexy Saturdays. $10. San Jose.

Adroit and inventive jazz trumpeter adds Latin, R&B and hard-swinging bop. Jan 12-15 at Yoshiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SF.



Thu, 9pm: Atomic. $5. Sat, 9pm: Club Satori. $5. San Jose.

Loud, many-tentacled two-piece plays multiple instruments at once. Jan 13 at Hemlock Tavern.



Wed-Sun, Tue, 7pm: DJ and dancing. Cupertino.

Gospel songstress belts earthy civil rights anthems for Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Jan 15 at the Paramount Theater.

WET T 3()RT S(OW THUrsdays 11 pm

VETIVER Singer / songwriter Andy Cavic trafďŹ cs in dreamy folk-rock on new album, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Tight Knit.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jan 15 at the Independent.


 OFF $2).+3

"EFORE 6 pm

Fridays, 9OU+EEP THE'LASS!

 'Ordon "IErsch


Garage-rock belle du jour joins Shannon and the Clams in beneďŹ t for Jonathan Toubin. Jan 18 at Mezzanine.

Thu, 10pm: Live DJ. San Jose.

BRITANNIA ARMS CUPERTINO Thu, 10pm: Live DJ. Cupertino.

More San Francisco events at



Open Mon-Sat 10am to 11pm


 Lincoln !VEAT!UZERAIS San *OSEs me oac e. e com m | sanj sa | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-177, 2012

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JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr

A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 1111-17, 17 2012

60 10

Welcomes 2012 Sale ends on January 15, 2012 Bronze Sale: Snake Bite, Casey Jones, Blazin Pistol, RockLock 2gm = $15 4gm = $30 1/4 =$65 1/2 =$120 1oz = $200

Silver Sale: Alaskan Ice, Sour Diesel, Hindu Kush, Afgoo 2 Gm = $25 4 Gm = $35 1/4 Oz = $75 1/2 Oz = $135 1 Oz = $240

Gold Sale: Purple Diesel, Purple Monkey Balls, Trainwreck 2 Gm = $30 4 Gm = $50 1/4 Oz = $90 1/2 Oz = $175 1 Oz = $285

YB Fire Sale: Purple Snow, Purple Berry, Purple Gorilla 2 Gm = $34 4 Gm = $60 1/4 Oz = $100 1/2 Oz = $200 1 Oz = $300

Concentrate Sale: .5 gram Magic Hash on Sale for $5.00 each Reg is $7.00

Cheeba chews in stock as well as Gentleman Brand sticks Edibles Sale: Edibles buy One for 15% off, Get the second for 30% off

6 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU THROUGHOUT SAN JOSE Over 50 Strains, 55 Concentrates,150 types of Edibles, 15 Topicals. Find everything you need.


YB Amber Pearl 2129 S. 10TH ST. San Jose, CA 95112 (Off Tully Rd.)

YB Saratoga 4211 Barrymore Dr. San Jose, CA 95117 (Off Saratoga Ave.)

YB Bascom 2630 Union Ave. San Jose, CA 95124 (Union & Bascom)

YB Valley Fair 325 S. Monroe St. San Jose, CA 95128 (Off Stevens Creek)

YB Blossom Hills 4464 Pearl Ave. San Jose, CA 95136 (Off Branham Ave.)

YB Capital 459 S. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95127 (Capital Exp & Capitol Av.)


Visit Us at Become a friend of Yerba Buena on facebook and receive a free gift A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION OPERATING IN STRICT ACCORDANCE W/ CA PROP 215 & SB 420 CA HS.11362.5 & HS11362.7

11 61




Mix & Match 20 Indoor Strains At $45 Cap For 1/8ths

JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr



3851 Charter Park Drive · Suite Q · San Jose 408.912.1780 · Mon-Fri 12-7 · Sat 12-5 · Closed Sundays




Change of Heart :8EÊKN<8CCALJK><K8CFE>68kkfie\pAXd\j8ek_fep#i`^_k#`jnfib`e^feXZfdgifd`j\fed\[`ZXc ZXeeXY`ji\^lcXk`fen`k_JXeAfj\f]ÓZ`XcjX]k\iXjlZZ\jj]lcg\k`k`fe[i`m\kfi\g\Xck_\Z`kpÊjfi[`eXeZ\%


N<<BY\]fi\_\ n\ekfemXZXk`fe]fi k_\\e[f]k_\p\Xi _fc`[Xpj#JXeAfj\ DXpfi:_lZbI\\[jXk[fne n`k_d\[`ZXcdXi`alXeX X[mfZXk\jAXd\j8ek_fep Xe[A\iipJkiXe^`j%K_\ I\^`jkiXif]Mfk\ijIFM ]fi JXekX:cXiX:flekpnXjjk`cc `ek_\gifZ\jjf]Xggifm`e^ j`^eXkli\j]ifdXg\k`k`fe [i`m\]fiXi\]\i\e[ldkf i\g\Xck_\Z`kpÊji\^lcXkfip gif^iXd#Ylk\m\ipfe\Xkk_\ d\\k`e^\og\Zk\[k_\IFM kf^`m\`kjXggifmXckfk_\ i\g\Xc\]]fik% On Dec. 30, it became official. Enough signatures had been gathered. The City Council could discuss the matter at a Jan. 31 meeting; eventually, though, the city must decide whether it wants voters to approve or deny its ordinance or find a compromise with medical marijuana advocates. For now, the latter course seems more likely. Since the referendum could go to the ballot, the mayor says he would be happy with 25 dispensaries instead of a cap of 10, a number that opponents have called arbitrary. Reed also says he’s considering allowing clubs to cultivate off-site and scrapping the Black Friday first-come, firstserved approach to collectives filing applications.

Anthony, who is co-chairman of Citizens Coalition for Patient Care, the group that organized a petition drive to repeal the ordinance, sounded weary when talking about the negotiation process, but he says he’s grateful for the city’s willingness to compromise. “The mayor is a smart guy,” Anthony says. “I think he can probably come up with something workable. This stuff is really boring. We talk about commercial zoning. It’s like, ‘Really? This is what it’s come to?’” But plodding negotiations may be necessary when it comes to regulating the quasi-legal industry so that cities can fly under the federal radar. In Long Beach, an appellate court recently voided the city’s decision to issue permits to dispensaries, ruling that by doing so, the city was regulating a criminal activity. Meanwhile, in Oakland the IRS ruled that dispensary Harborside Health Center owes millions in taxes because they can’t deduct standard businesses expenses (like payroll and rent) as a business involved in “the trafficking of controlled substances.” “In my view, the federal government has abdicated its responsibility to regulate drugs here. It’s the source of the problem,” says San Jose Councilmember Sam Liccardo. “This discrepancy between state and federal law has caused cities like Los Angeles— where hundreds of pot clubs operated last year—to consider banning medical marijuana altogether.”

That option isn’t off the table for San Jose, and would be just fine with San Jose Councilmembers Kansen Chu and Xavier Campos, who think marijuana collectives shouldn’t exist at all. But outlawing clubs isn’t likely to happen when the city has invested so much time and money into an ordinance—and when San Jose voters overwhelmingly approved taxing dispensaries to bring in millions annually in tax revenue. Still, city staff must bring back recommendations for a compromise to the council no later than March 6, and there will be pushback. In addition to Campos and Chu, who can be counted as two “no” votes on a compromise, other “no” votes could come from Nancy Pyle (who previously suggested an all-out ban) and Rose Herrera, who’s working to be re-elected and might not want to support this issue. Madison Nguyen and Sam Liccardo have been adamant about a cap of 10 and on-site cultivation, but they, like the mayor, may change their minds in light of the referendum. That’s somewhere between two and six “no” votes on a compromise. On the other hand, City Councilmembers Ash Kalra, Don Rocha and Pierluigi Oliverio have been arguing for restrictions based on zoning for months. After all the disagreements that went on between those three and Reed last year, seeing the mayor enlist their help on a compromise would be a pretty big turnaround.—Alyssa Kies

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JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 1111-17, 17 2012

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JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr


A LLT TERNA AT TIVE MEDICINE metr | sanj | metr osiliconvalley.ccom | JJANUARY A N U A RY 1111-17, 17 2012

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JJANUARY A N U A RY 11-17, 11-17, 2012 | met | sanjose.c com | metr




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$10 off First Time

408.996.9348 6Yjai 6Yjai:beadnbZci




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Amazing Massage


650.960.3986 1521 Grant Rd Mtn View, 94040

408.626.9688 2604 Union Ave. & S. Bascom Ollen Health Care

69 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

Real hook ups, real fast.



510.859.0780 EgdhiViZBVhhV\Z

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8 =KX 4Y]O )%-"*)*"-&-.

Susanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Massage Local #s: 1.800.210.1010 Ahora en EspaĂąol 18+


BZZiGZVaAVi^cd H^c\aZhCdl

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L REA0(1

San Jose

(408) 514.1111 Palo Alto

(650) 223.0505 FREE CODE: METRO SAN JOSE Other local numbers:


E to Listen & FRE Reply to Ads! Tell-AFriend




get on to get off

24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1-888-634-2628 18+ Š2011 PC LLC 2225

L]ZgZ=diBZc =dd`Je

>\c 0<// -KVV " # Y\ "!!!"


Real hook ups, real fast. TRY FOR


408.342.4129 More local numbers: 1.800.777.8000 / 18+ Ahora en EspaĂąol /



510.859.0782 Local #s: 1.800.210.1010 18+ Ahora en EspaĂąol



     | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


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ZcXjj`Ó\[`e[\o Single Services 69 Employment 71 Family Services 73 Music 73


Legal & Public Notices 75 Home Improvement 74 Real Estate 74

EMPLOYMENT KIL:B;I@M<IJE<<;<; Bay Area Trucking and Construction Company is seeking 10 wheeler, transfer and double bottom and end dump drivers for local construction material hauling. All work is daily some nights and weekends on occasion no long haul, you will be home with your family daily. Must have clean DMV, Class A lic. at least 2 years experience, read, write and speak fluent English as well as pass pre employment and random drug screening. Compensation is competitive and based on experience and performance. Please fax resume as well as current (less than 30 days old) DMV print out to 408-971-9942. No phone calls please!

DX^dX seeks Principal Product Engr to develop new physical design flows & methodologies for Design Implementation Tools in San Jose, CA. Mail resume w/ad to 1650 Technology Dr, San Jose, CA 95110. Attn: PM Nguyen. Must reference job code 2011

í Call 408.298.8000 Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm í Email Please include your VISA, MC, Discver or AmEx number and expiration date for payment Fax í your ad to 408.271.3520

í Mail to Metro Classified, 550 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

í Visit our offices Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm í Deadlines: For copy, payment, space reservation or cancellation: Display ads: Thursday 3pm, Line ads: Friday 3pm




MQR Technologies, LLC, San Jose, CA, seeks 1) Sr. SAP Manager (job code SAP1). Supervise process & functional design activities; Create functional rqmts as an input to app. design; Dvlp & test detailed functional designs for business solution components & prototypes; Supervise application build, test, & deploy activities; Plan & execute data conversion activities; Drive test planning & execution, etc. 2) SAP SCM Analyst (job code SAP2). Configure SAP APO/ SCM modules Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Prod. Planning & Detailed Scheduling, Deployment, Global Available to Promise & Core Interface; Create Master Data for Supply Network Planning, Interchangeability & Shelf Life; Compare different Planning methods, etc. Job site: San Jose, CA AND various unanticipated locations throughout USA. Resumes w/ job code to HR, 4100 Moorpark Ave, #107, San Jose, CA 95117. Complete job details:

leader in the development of semiconductor technology and products focused on flatpanel display manufacturers, has engineering opportunity in Sunnyvale, CA for ASIC Design and Verification Engineer (IM1028): Participate in various steps of the ASIC design and verification process. Verify high level architecture of ASIC using high level behavioral modeling in C++ or Verilog. Sr. Design Engineer (IM1030): Design and verify the digital blocks implementing wireless communication algorithms such as FFT, filtering, tracking loops, error correction using Verilog-2K RTL and System Verilog. If interested, ref job code and send resume to: Silicon Image, Inc. Attn: C. Stouffer, 1140 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

wanted 5 nights a week 9pm-2am. Apply mornings only. Alex’s 49er Lounge 2214 Business Circle, San Jose. 408/279-9737

KfnKilZb;`im\i DMV printout. 2 years experience. Immediate hire. Live in North San Jose area. Flat bed experience. 408970-0634.

GX`[@e8[mXeZ\ Make $1,000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! www.

JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

ZcXjj`Ó\[j | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


@ejkilZk`feXc:fXZ_XkJXe Afj\#:81 provide support to elementary teachers in use of instructional strategies and data to improve English learner studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; achievements. fax resume to 408 535 2377. Attn: Ms. Azevedo. San Jose UniďŹ ed School District.

?<CGN8EK<; Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450



Lumileds Lighting, LLC has the following job opportunity available in San Jose, CA : Product Marketing Engineer (PMECA) - Develop and manage product line strategies for existing and future products. Manage product life cycles, identify new product opportunities, create a product deďŹ nition, and conduct market and product analysis. Submit resume by mail to: Philips People Services, International Mobility, 200 Minuteman Rd, MS 5303, Andover, MA 01810. Must reference job title and job code PME-CA.

Dance studio in Campbell seeking a mature, responsible and ďŹ&#x201A;exible individual to greet & check in customers, answer phones, sell studio dance programs, book lessons, maintain instructor calendars, etc. Sales/retail experience is required and must be available Mon-Sat. This is a part time position. Please fax resume to [ tel:408.626.7107 ]408.626.7107. OR call 408-371-9722.

?@I@E>I<8CKFIJEFN 80% commission No desk fees No boring oďŹ&#x192;ce meetings Work from home with complete broker support Must have current real estate license and dues paid Call Broker Rich Rodino Cal Estates Realty 408-260-2740


NVIDIA Corporation, market leader in graphics & digital media processors, has engineering opportunities in Santa Clara, CA: Research Scientist (RS02), develop algorithms and design HW and SW extending the state of the art in computing, graphics, and media processing surrounding NVIDIA's business; Sr. Product Engr (PE16), engage in yield analysis and improvement for sustaining products and processes, and cost reduction implementations; Business Systems Analyst (BSA01), engage in business process design, documentation and reengineering of the product lifecycle management business areas; Sr. Systems Software Engr (SSWE124) and Systems Software Engr (SSWE127), design, implement and optimize all of the multimedia drivers for NVIDIA's processors; Sr. SOX Compliance Analyst (SOX02), collaborate with process owners, process managers and IT owners, and ensure proper documentation of all procedures applicable to the key controls of significant processes; ASIC Design Engr (ASICDE109), as a member of Tegra ASIC team, work on verification of NVIDIA IPs; Engr II, Systems Design (SYSDE24), design, develop and debug of state-of-the-art board level product designs using NVIDIA's latest GPUs; Sr. ASIC Design Engr (ASICDE108), determine microarchitecture design and verification strategy; Systems Software Engr (SSWE125), support NVIDIA's new high performance chipset business; ASIC Design Engr (ASICDE107), design and implement the industry's leading Graphics, Video / Media & Communications Processors; and System Design Engineer (SYSDE18), develop cutting-edge PC systems and graphics products. If interested, ref job code and send to: NVIDIA Corporation Attn: MS04 (J. Goodwin) 2701 San Tomas Expressway Santa Clara, CA 95050 Please no phone calls, emails or faxes.

Hewlett-Packard Company has an opportunity for Software Designer in Cupertino, CA. Reqs: MS & 2 yrs exp & exp w/ Java & Web UI devâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t on J2EE platforms; Web devâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t using AJAX, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, ExtJS, GXT, CSS/HTML; Web 2.0 technologies; Logs mgmt; Design patterns & performance tuning. List full name, address & email address on resume. Send resume & refer to Job# CUPMUT2. Please send resumes with job number to Hewlett-Packard Company, H1-6E-28, 5400 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024. No phone calls please. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.

9Xik\e[\i&:fZbkX`c J\im\ij Full Time or 6 AM Part Time shift available. Apply morningâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only. Alexâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 49er lounge, 2214 Business Circle, (San Carlos & Bascom), San Jose. 408/279-9737

8^`c\ekK\Z_efcf^`\j#@eZ% has the following job opportunities available in Santa Clara, CA: R&D Hardware Engineer (Req #2017308): Design highly complex missed signal circuits and specify the components. Sr. IT Specialist (Req #2029162): Perform technology and architecture scans in the market place to propose, develop, and implement the next generation global HR IT platform. Applications Development Scientist, Advanced (Req #ADSA-CA): Partner closely with the bioNMR Product Marketing Manager and with R&D to ensure a diďŹ&#x20AC;erentiated Agilent product through applications solutions. Mail resumes to Agilent Technologies, c/o Pinstripe, 200 South Executive Drive, Suite 400, BrookďŹ eld, WI 53005. Must reference job title and Req # to be considered. EOE.

8Zk`m`jkj Earn $300+ per day gathering signatures. Unlimited income potential, ďŹ&#x201A;exible hours. 408/8304164; 954-616-7736


:fdglk\iĂ&#x2026; NeoPhotonics Corp. seeks Manager, Business Systems to analyze business requirements & implement solutions throughout NeoPhotonics. Send resume to worksite: 2911 Zanker Rd., San Jose CA 95134

FAMILY SERVICES Gi\^eXek6 :fej`[\i`e^8[fgk`fe6 Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Call 24/7 Abbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s One True Gift Adoptions 866-413-6293 (Void in Illinois)





Conveniently located downtown in a professional setting. We record all genres, voice overs, commercials etc. oďŹ&#x20AC;ering production, mixing, and mastering also. 518.496.5703

Any Car/Truck. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Call For Instant OďŹ&#x20AC;er: 1-888-420-3808

K_l^Nfic[I\Zfi[j%Zfd Thug World Records explosive label with major features Lil Wayne, G-unit, E-40. Free downloads, mp3s, Ringtones. Looking for talented artist rappers. singers. female models. Call and log on: 408-561-5458 ask for gp

HOME SERVICES Gffc&JgXDX`ek\eXeZ\ I\gX`i Free Service for a week! Also specializing in solar. Equipment upgrade saves $ on energy bill. Call for a FREE estimate. Serving the Peninsula for 16 years. Quality Pool Service, 650-575-2511




People needed now to stand in the background for a major ďŹ lm Earn up to $300 per day. Exp not REQ. CALL NOW AND SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON 877-824-7260

)-,&:FI; ),&;<C@M<IP ),&JK8:B@E> HELP US CONTROL CALIFORNIAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BIGGEST WEED! MICHAEL (831) 750-7076


Orchids & Chrysanthemums Please call Angelic to order

408.476.7153 We deliver or pick up for wholesale price email:

73 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |

U.S., Inc, supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, has opening in San Jose, CA for a Product Manager, responsible for RF power ampliďŹ er product line for cellular handset applications. Req. 20% domestic and intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l travel to visit customers and the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s R&D center. Ref. job title and send resumes to Avago Technologies U.S. Inc, Attn. C. Gardanier, 350 West Trimble Road, MS 90MG, San Jose, CA 95131. | | | JANUARY 11-17, 2012


i\Xc\jkXk\ SALES ;<<I:I<<BD<CF;P


Come Play on the easy terrain at DEER CREEK MELODY. 10 Acres, just 2 miles in, on a well maintained private road, off the grid, lots of sun, and plenty of water with approx. 200 ft. of accessible year around creek frontage. Recreational Parcel. Offered at $212,000. Broker will help show. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754

Feel the breeze through the trees from these Breathtaking Sanctuary Acres. Flat and spacious with Beautiful Oak trees, Giant Redwoods, Turkeys and Deer. It’s just too pretty to describe. Excellent location, just minutes to town. Already has Well, Phone & Power. Septic Perc. test completed. Offered at $750,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754



12 Gorgeous AC, Off the Grid, in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mtns. Beautiful spot for a Large house. Comes with a stage that opens 40’ by 16’ +, (great for storage, the owner was thinking about an amphitheatre). The amazing landscape in a dreamlike environment, surrounded by Redwoods, Madrones, Oak Trees, and friendly terrain. You’ll never stop exploring & enjoying this unique piece of land, just 8 MI from town. Water & nice neighbors! Great Investment. Approx. 90 member, private Road Assoc. Broker will help show. Offered at $450,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754

Come explore 290 acres consisting of 11 meandering parcels varying in size from 18 acres to 40 acres. This sprawling land is rough and rugged, ideal for your quads and dirt bikes or saddle up the horses and have your own Lewis and Clark Expedition. Massive, yet pretty much untouched acreage with Timber possibilities. If you appreciate land that is sprinkled with springs, warmed by lots of sun, and has views as far as the eye can see, consider this beautiful spread. Excellent owner financing is available with just 20% down, the seller will carry at 6%. Inquiries welcome. Offered at $850,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754

IFL>?8E;KLD9C< Bring your dreams. Travel 3 miles in, on a private road to a bit of the forest to call your own. This 8 AC parcel is pretty much untouched. Approx. 90 member, private Road Assoc. Broker will help show. Offered at $350,000. Broker will help show. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754

G<I=<:KG<I:? Approx. 1/2 acre located in Boulder Creek with Stunning Views and many lovely Redwoods. Design your dream home for this unique property. Already has water, power at property line, Approved septic plan, soils report, and survey. Plans Approved & Building permit ready to issue. Easy drive to town, yet feels private. Shown by appointment only. Offered at 140,000. Call Debbie @ Donner Land & Homes, Inc. 408-395-5754

RENTALS 8CC8I<8J$ IFFDD8K<J%:FD% Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: (AAN CAN)







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aS^R ^RO -Y_X^c -VO\U YP

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! :_L 7O^\Y  "


75 JANUARY 11-17, 2012 | | |



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VS]^ON RO\OSX YX  ]8K^RKX 7YY\O >RS] ]^K^OWOX^ aK] Ã&#x2021;VON

aS^R ^RO -Y_X^c -VO\U YP

=KX^K -VK\K -Y_X^c YX

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LOQ_X ^\KX]KM^SXQ L_]S XO]] _XNO\ ^RO Ã&#x2021;M^S^SY_]





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aS^R ^RO -Y_X^c -VO\U YP

=KX^K -VK\K -Y_X^c YX

 Z_L 7O^\Y  "




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Waking up in the home of your dreams. Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fastest Growing Mortgage Company


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We know what makes you smile :)

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Factory showroom now open!

1931A Old Middlefield Way

Mountain View 94043

Weekdays 10 to 5

or by appointment



Christine Kellyt

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Christine Kelly

Jessica Shirley-Donnelly

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8kk_\>iXe[Fg\e`e^ GXikp]fi8IB8 i\jkXliXek`eJleepmXc\ feN\[e\j[Xp%

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YXZbgX^\ THE CABLE LEADER e s, O t h e r s M a t c h We S et Low Pric !


Cables & t Laptops Adapters p tDesktops




tGame Consoles t iPhones & iPads

iPad & iPhone Accessories Cases

$ Unbeatable Prices Factory Direct Volume Discounts


.95 & Up






& Up


5.95 $5.95 & Up

& Up S. F. 415-495-5888 Newark 510-793-5555 Sunnyvale 650-988-8886 THE TECH STORE 25 YEARS OF San Mateo 650-345-5888 RETAIL & REPAIR Santa Clara 408-248-5888

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